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"among" Definitions
  1. surrounded by somebody/something; in the middle of somebody/something
  2. being included or happening in groups of things or people
  3. used when you are dividing or choosing something, and three or more people or things are involved

926 Sentences With "among"

How to use among in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "among" and check conjugation/comparative form for "among". Mastering all the usages of "among" from sentence examples published by news publications.

In the past, he's hidden a panda among snowmen, a card among gift bags, a heart among elephants, a lollipop among ice cream cones, a bunny among cats, a star among jack-o'-lanterns, a snowman among snowflakes, and a heart among flowers.
That figure climbs to 81% among blacks, 66% among Hispanics, 55% among women (including 74% among non-white women), and 65% among immigrants.
Among men Among women Among whites Among African Americans Among whites with college degrees Among whites without college degrees Among 18-29 year olds The Washington Post's Dan Balz sums yesterday's campaign speeches by Michelle Obama and Donald Trump.
By comparison, he did 11 points worse among women than among men, 18 points worse among nonwhites than among whites and 28 points worse among those who identified as Democrats than among independents.
We're leading among independents, among young people, among active military personnel.
His support rose among Republicans, but dropped among Democrats and strongly among independents.
He also beat Mrs Clinton among men and among women, among college graduates and non-graduates, among those with guns and those without.
It is significantly lower among non-whites (18%) than among whites (40%), including ratings of just 270% approval among Latinos and 238% among black Americans.
That rises to 233% among Democrats, while standing at 220% among independents and 231% among Republicans.
Trump's disapproval rating stands at 91% among Democrats, 57% among independents and -- in a record low among Post-ABC polls, the paper reported -- 74% among Republicans.
In his viral (and adorable) works of art, he's challenged people to find a panda among snowmen, a card among gift bags, a heart among elephants, a lollipop among ice cream, and a bunny among cats.
His ratings are down 9 points among Republicans, 22 points among independents and 25 points among Democrats.
Deaths by suicide are rising among adolescents and youth… among middle aged Americans… and among older adults.
That dips to 59% among non-white men, 403% among white women and 33% among white men.
He commands 49% among African-Americans, 213% among senior citizens, and 25% among moderate and conservative Democrats.
Trump's approval rating for handling the transition is almost 30 points higher among rural residents than it is among urbanites, nearly 20 points higher among men than women and among whites than non-whites, and 13 points higher among whites without degrees than among those who completed college.
In past drawings, he's hidden a mouse among mushrooms, a penguin among toucans, and a heart among flowers.
Support for impeachment was up 0033 points among Democrats, 5 points among Republicans and 3 points among independents.
In past challenges, he's hidden a mouse among mushrooms, a penguin among toucans, and a heart among flowers.
The Pentagon also reported 59 cases among civilian personnel, 61 cases among dependents, and 27 cases among contractors.
Among current tobacco product users, flavored tobacco use was 72.8% among high schoolers and 59.6% among middle schoolers.
Further, among gay and bisexual men, new infections decreased by 2628 percent among white men, but remained stable among Black men, and increased by 28500 percent among Latino men.
In addition, according to Gallup, social liberalism grew substantially more among Democratic women than it did among men and more among college-educated Democrats than among those without degrees.
The latter figure rises to 46 percent among all Hispanics and to 45 percent among Asian-Americans, compared with just 8 percent among blacks and 3 percent among whites.
The College Pulse executive noted polling from his firm that showed Sanders has 69 percent support among black college students, 76 percent among Hispanic students, 69 percent among white students, 85033 percent among Asian students and 67 percent among multiracial students.
Trump's job approval is at 42 percent among independents, 35 percent among Latinos and 22 percent among black voters.
He won among young voters and educated ones, among evangelicals and ultra-conservatives—hell, he even won among Hispanics.
The difference was about $38,000 among oncologists and blood specialists, about $36,0003 among obstetrician-gynecologists and $34,000 among cardiologists.
The margin of error was 5.1 percentage points among Democrats, 5.5 points among Republicans and 85033 points among independents.
Trump is at 54 percent approval among white voters, 32 percent among Latinos and 12 percent among black voters.
Among income groups, Clinton leads by 14 points among those earning less than $30,000, seven points among those earning $30,000-$33,000, and eight points among those earning from $50,000-$75,000.
Among believers an atheist, among atheists a skeptic, among skeptics an agnostic, among agnostics all emphatic on the apophatic, I laughed in my beard at market panics, fanaticism, Beyoncé worship.
Trump's numbers have fallen by 8 points among Republicans, by 9 points among voters over 50, by 10 points among whites with no college, by 17 points among white evangelicals.
The data also showed that while diagnoses among men are rising among younger and older people across Europe, the numbers are decreasing among younger women, but increasing among older ones.
But in my new household, I was an American among Britons, a writer among radio listeners, a peanut butter devotee among Marmite fans, a Midwestern twang among smooth plummy accents.
But the poll showed interest slightly higher among Democrats than Republicans, among those who backed Hillary Clinton in 2016 than Trump voters, among women than men, among non-whites than whites.
But more of Nixon's base supported impeachment (31% among Republicans), than Clinton's (15% among Democrats), or Trump's (6% among Republicans).
Among Republicans, 40% say they are very prepared, but that dips to just 21% among independents and 13% among Democrats.
Among Democrats, Mr. Cuomo, 423, leads among men, women and white voters, with his strongest support among blacks and Latinos.
Since July, support for impeachment rose 11 percentage points among Democrats, 5 points among Republicans and 3 points among independents.
The margin of error is 5.4 points among GOP voters, 85033 points among Democratic voters and 6.3 points among independents.
The Google Pixelbook is a bit of an odd duck among notebooks, or among tablets – or even among notebook/tablet hybrids.
Trump leads among white voters and among whites with college degrees in both states and Clinton leads among non-white voters.
It dropped 9 percentage points among men, 7 percentage points among whites and 73 percentage points among those without college degrees.
Chris Coons (D-Del.), who is among the most popular members among Republicans, said he'd sensed a shift among his colleagues.
Over that period, the unemployment rate has fallen 2.2 points among blacks, 1.7 points among Hispanics and 1.1 points among Asians.
The poll shows them leading by 31 percentage points among independents, 33 points among moderates and 12 points among white women.
In the WBUR poll, Sanders' support is much stronger among younger voters (37% among those 18-44 years old) than among older likely New Hampshire Democratic voters (23% among those 45 years and older), with no strong differences among the younger crowd by gender.
But the Massachusetts Democrat found her saw her support dip among key demographics, coming in at 28503 percent among whites who did not graduate from college, 22019 percent among nongraduates of all races, 3 percent among all African Americans and 7 percent among Hispanics.
But the jump among those who believe in global warming was steepest among Republicans, with a 16 percent increase in two years among all Republicans, and a 19 percent increase among conservative Republicans.
Polling that month from Survey Monkey for The New York Times produced similar results: 61 percent approval among all respondents, 75 percent among Democrats, 153 percent among independents and 51 percent among Republicans.
Within that cohort, Trump lost by 13-1 among black voters, 5-21625 among Asian votes and 2900-220006 among Hispanic voters — but by a relatively more modest 2202-2628 among white voters.
Homosexual behavior among animals is quite common, particularly among birds.
He is unpopular among Hispanics there, not among all voters.
Clinton trailing among likely voters but ahead among registered voters.
The rivals are effectively tied among whites and among men.
Trump leads Clinton among men, but Clinton leads among women.
Great among nations, mistress among provinces, reduced to forced labor.
He won among suburban voters and dominated among African Americans.
The split persisted among Democrats, independents and even among Republicans.
Normally Trump does considerably better among voters than among adults.
Shanker won among broader public opinion, but lost among liberals.
That drops to 65% among Hispanics and 42% among whites.
Clinton leads Trump by 31 points among women, by 75 points among blacks and by 49 points among Latinos, the poll found.
Where he did very very well among minority voters, he did very well among women, he did very well among young voters.
The risk of death among unmarried men was 27 percent higher, and among unmarried women 19 percent higher, than among the married.
Stroke risk was 48 percent lower among black women and 32 percent lower among Hispanic women than among women who never breastfed.
Clinton leads Trump by 2628 points among women, 28503 points among those under age 22019 and 37 points among non-white voters.
In short, the political climate of climate change is shifting toward action — rapidly among Democrats, moderately among independents, and slowly among Republicans.
The margin of error is plus or minus 6900 percentage points among Democrats, 2628 points among Republicans and 28503 points among independents.
The poll found Trump's approval on his response down 9 points among Republicans, 22 points among independents and 25 points among Democrats.
Overall, Biden holds a nearly 20-point edge among white voters and 10-point one among non-whites, as Sanders' strength among Latino voters cancels out a bit of Biden's edge among African Americans.
The rate fell 28 percent among women who had not graduated from high school, 503 percent among high school graduates, 16 percent among women who had attended some college, and 14 percent among college graduates.
Likewise, the share calling Iran a very serious threat has fallen 0063 points among Republicans, 3 points among independents and 13 among Democrats.
"The important part here about the enthusiasm spike among Republicans is that it is among Republicans, it is not among independents," Jolly said.
The prevalence was 9 percent among bisexuals, for example, and 7 percent among lesbians and gay men, compared with 4.6 percent among heterosexuals.
Among Democrats, Bush rose from 42% to 77%, and also went up 403 percentage points among Republicans and 27 percentage points among independents.
Japan's tobacco regulation is among the least strict among developed economies.
The CWA is among Sanders' largest backers among organized labor groups.
Trump has a 88% unfavorable rating among blacks; 87% among Latinos.
He led among women and finished a close second among men.
Her massive edge among nonwhites undercuts his smaller edge among whites.
Among whites, the rate declined 17 percent; among blacks, 23 percent.
That's compared to 37% approval among independents and 9% among Democrats.
Reeves holds leads among male voters, older voters and among whites.
Smith argued that trade among nations is like trade among people.
It's also worse among black and Latino seniors than among whites.
The rates are lowest among Asian-Americans and highest among blacks.
I grew up among atheist Soviet Jews; she among evangelical Christians.
Among the main concerns among economists is uncertainty in trade relations.
He received 4% among black women and 25% among Hispanic women.
Hope for a presidential challenger is stronger among women (44%) than men (223%), among younger Iowa registered Republicans (290% among those under age 24) than older ones (263% among those age 26 and up), those with college degrees (220%) than those who don't hold a four-year degree (63%), among those who consider themselves politically independent (26%) than self-identified Republicans (2400%), and most strongly, among moderates (24.9%) than among conservatives (33%).
His approval hits 242 percent among those who voted for him in 212, 21 percent among "very" conservative voters, and 93 percent among Republicans.
Trump leads by 275 percentage points among whites, but Clinton leads by 200 percentage points among African-Americans and 226 percentage points among Hispanics.
Mr. Obama did much better than Mr. Kerry among Hispanic voters, among black voters and even among white voters outside the South and Appalachia.
Last year, the annual survey found that prevalence of vaping was 13.3% among eighth-graders, 123% among 10th-graders and 27.8% among 12th-graders.
Polls suggest a big rise in support for impeaching the president among Democrats, a significant one among independents, and a modest uptick among Republicans.
He's improved 7 points among independents, with much of that shift coming among those who lean Republican, and gained 10 points among ideological conservatives.
But Sanders has picked up steam among black voters recently, and he now leads among Latinos in most polls reporting results among this group.
Cruz fares better among his own partisans (92% favorable among Texas Republicans) than O'Rourke does with Democrats in the state (81% favorable among Democrats).
The most common side effects included headache among 15.7% of patients; dizziness among 13.6%; and somnolence or excessive sleepiness among 10.7%, the researchers found.
The President's approval rating improved 10 percentage points among conservatives and 7 points among independents, mostly among those who lean toward the Republican Party.
Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say their own taxes would drop under a Trump-led plan (230% among Republicans, 217% among Democrats) and that middle-class taxes would decline (13% among Republicans, 21% among Democrats).
Prevalence of past-year marijuana use was 22017% among middle-age adults and 2.9% among older adults, and past-month use prevalence was 5.7% among middle-age adults and 1.7% among older adults, according to the report.
Last month, Trump had 50% support among men and 44% among women.
Among international markets, Australia is among Beyond Meat's most penetrated to date.
They were among the top percentage gainers among S&P 500 components.
Not just among women, among a lot of different kinds of people.
Implicit coordination of prices is easier among three than among four companies.
They're creating fear among the DREAMer community and among the larger community.
That climbs to 43% among blacks, and dips to 13% among whites.
Abortion has been declining among all age groups, and particularly among teenagers.
Postpartum depression is still significantly less prevalent among men than among women.
Among Republicans, dissatisfaction is at 90% -- and at 97% among Trump supporters.
She polled at 2% among Republicans and only 20% among independent voters.
Among subgroups, Trump lost significant support among white respondents without college degrees.
Energy stocks were among the biggest losers among S&P 22.72 components.
Among its U.S. technology workers, Facebook made no progress among two groups.
Clinton leads Trump among women and Trump holds his lead among men.
Among our best-read articles: growing strife among employees at Trader Joe's.
Trump also leads among white men, and Clinton leads among white women.
Among whites without a degree, mortality rates rose among all age groups.
Among Gen-Xers, it's 11 points, and among millennials, it's 21 points.
The doctor is among 14 confirmed or probable cases among health workers.
That caused consternation among some potential donors, particularly among real estate interests.
The number of fights among inmates has spiked, particularly among the youngest.
Journalists know and work among women; they know and work among Jews.
Sexual activity is rare among middle schoolers, becoming more common among teens.
The largest increases were among American Indians and Alaska Natives; in this group, the suicide rate climbed by 89% among women and 38% among men.
Clinton held a 19-point lead among women, a 16-point lead among young voters and a whopping 62-point lead among non-white voters.
Prince's music had an immediate and lasting influence: among songwriters concocting come-ons, among producers working on dance grooves, among studio experimenters and stage performers.
Democrats hold a significant advantage among Republicans among black and Hispanic voters, but the GOP leads among white voters, 22019-46, according to the poll.
Over all, the survey of 222,212 students found daily vaping rates of 28% among 93th graders, 29% among 218th graders and 22019% among 8th graders.
Republicans led by 56 percentage points among white evangelical Christians, 28 among rural residents and 21 among whites with less than four-year college degrees.
From 2017 to 2018, the birth rate dropped 7% among teenagers aged 81.83 to 19; 4% among women 20 to 24; 3% among women 25 to 29; and 1% among women 30 to 72.73, according to the report.
Donald Trump's history of controversy with women Trump has a double-digit lead among men, while Clinton has the edge among women by double-digits, though Trump's advantage is slightly larger among men than Clinton's is among women.
Democrats ran up the score among historically supportive demographics in Wednesday's survey, holding an 18-point lead among respondents aged 18-21625, a 2900-point advantage among African American voters and an 220006-point edge among Hispanic voters.
Clinton's support among millennials was 2900 percent, compared to 220006 percent among non-millennials, while Trump's was 2202 percent, compared to 2628 percent among older voters.
His approval rating spiked 2202 percent among likely voters aged 2628-28500, 6900 percent among likely voters with a bachelor's degree and 2628 percent among women.
She has an unprecedented gender gap among these voters, leading 60-58 among college-educated white women and tying among college educated white men, 59-3.
Since July, the poll found support for an impeachment inquiry has grown by 25 points among Democrats, 21 points among Republicans and 20 points among independents.
Approval among Democrats rose from 31% to 48% that month, remained steady among Republicans (in the mid-90s) and jumped from 20183% to 69% among independents.
Like many polls before it, Third Way's found Medicare for All with majority support among all voters, among independent voters, and overwhelming support among Democratic voters.
One notable difference is that the shift toward Sanders or Trump among the most economically pessimistic is more pronounced among men than it is among women.
Clinton fares best among older voters, while Mr. Sanders excels among the young.
Among them, you can also count former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton among them.
All this has made him popular, especially among the young and among women.
What he loses in credibility among detractors he gains in popularity among supporters.
Trump won the election despite losing overwhelmingly among among black and Latino voters.
Among men, however, Trump only enjoys support among those age 45 and over.
Across Europe unemployment rates among refugees are higher than among the native-born.
The biggest gains were registered among normally average-scoring pupils and among boys.
The chief among them is YouTube Go's ability to share videos among friends.
Trump's overall strength among Republicans masks some declining ratings among his own partisans.
He'll likely score record lows among Latinos and do poorly among African Americans.
Gulen, who is among the defendants, is among those being tried in absentia.
Poverty rates among lesbian couples are 7.9%, compared with 6.6% among heterosexual ones.
Most notable among these states is California (among the last states to vote).
Income and media use among parents also can influence media use among children.
But Biden remains extraordinarily popular among black voters, especially among the older generations.
The first was conducted among 1,019 adults and the second among 85033,017 adults.
There is an unprecedented increase in voter registration among young people, among Latinos.
Economists have noted that social capital is higher among homeowners than among renters.
Amazon fared the best, coming in first among liberals and second among conservatives.
It's most common among Yoruban Nigerians, among whom 45 percent have the mutation.
Attrition is highest among black and Latino staff and lowest among Asian employees.
The new rules make Delta's policy among the most demanding among major carriers.
H.I.V. rates among black women are 17 percent higher than among white women.
Vaccines are among the most ingenious of inventions, and among the most maddening.
Diplomacy is among the oldest of professions, but also among the most misunderstood.
Gains among rural Hispanic patients were even larger than those among white patients.
Obesity rates among children are rising faster in many countries than among adults.
Among the major bourses, France's CAC was among the worst performers, slumping 2%.
But the bill has more support among Democrats than it does among Republicans.
It said there were no losses among their servicemen, only among the villagers.
Sales among this group rose 40 percent faster than among households without children.
Disappointment among Republicans and happiness among Democrats about the repeal's failure were palpable.
And support among Democrats is faltering particularly among some legislators representing urban areas.
Support was even stronger among black and Hispanic registered voters than among whites.
Biden garnered 92 percent support among black voters and 61 percent among Hispanics.
These changes were also similar among patients younger and older than 80 years, among men and women, and among white and non-white patients, although increases in observation stays within 30 days of discharge were higher among non-white patients.
The increase in Obama's approval rating comes mostly among younger Americans -- he's up 22011 points among those under age 286 while losing a point among those age 251 or older -- and political independents and moderates -- up 238 points among each group.
"The percentage liberal has gone up 16 points among Democrats with a college degree only, 13 points among postgraduates, 12 points among those who have attended some college and 10 points among those with no college education," the Gallup authors explain.
The more typical result was North Carolina's: 22012 percent support for Mr. Trump among those 258 to 233; 230 percent among those 22014 to 2014; 224 percent among those 218 to 240; and 41 percent among those 65 and older.
The homeownership rate among minorities is on the decline: Homeownership among white Americans is more than 30 percentage points higher than among black Americans, according to Trulia.
The finding: "All have net favorable ratings among Democrats who do know them — particularly among Democrats who are liberal — and dramatically unfavorable ratings among Republicans," CBS reported.
About 25% of the births were among mothers 383 to 35, about 22% were among mothers 20 to 24, and 12.7% were among mothers 35 to 39.
Sanders also routs Clinton among youth voters, beating her by a 6900-point margin among voters under 2628, including a 28503-point lead among women under 22019.
The trend among Gen Z: Among the 160-plus brands that youth-insights firm Ypulse monitors, Crocs do especially poorly for brand influence among Gen Z consumers, .
The rate of prescribing is highest among the oldest age group of women, 2000% among women 40-44 compared with only 8.3% among women 15 to 19.
Support among minorities even higher among African-Americans, 2023 percent, and higher still among Latinos, 73 percent, a one percentage-point increase each compared to last year.
For instance, kidneys were discarded at a rate of 14.1% among overdose-death donors, compared with 8.8% among trauma-death donors but 26.1% among medical-death donors.
The Jets have long specialized in causing frustration and exasperation: among themselves, regularly; among their fans, frequently; among their opponents — now, that is a relatively new phenomenon.
The biggest differences were among college graduates: (from 29 to 71 percent), among liberals (from 20163 to 71 percent) and among Democrats (from 33 to 63 percent).
Yet the overall past year marijuana use rates remained steady at 212% among 213th graders, 221% among 221th graders and 21.4% among eighth graders, the report said.
The gap grows even more pronounced among the voters most excited to cast their ballots for House races — 22019 percent among Democrats and 38 percent among Republicans.
The shift away from the GOP among white voters holding at least a four-year college degree is most intense among women, but also apparent among men.
Among Republicans, Trump seems to gain the clearest advantage among the 30- to 44-year-old pessimists, and enjoys the widest advantages generally among senior citizen Republicans.
It is something that is shared among us, and it is developed among us.
Among the components of elections, campaigns are particularly vulnerable among to foreign hacking operations.
By and large, he has more support among Democrats than he does among Republicans.
Meanwhile, pediatricians might raise awareness of this issue, both among themselves and among parents.
Kaine leads 94 - 1 percent among Democrats and 54 - 34 percent among independent voters.
Clinton's lead among top Democrats was also reflected in her massive advantage among superdelegates.
Among Republicans, 82 percent would back military action compared with 37 percent among Democrats.
That viewpoint is more widespread among older working-class whites than among younger ones.
Lloyds said confidence among manufacturing, construction and services firms improved but fell among retailers.
Murray believes that the conversation was different among female senators than among male ones.
Poverty rates among lesbian couples are 7.9%, compared with 6.6% among different-sex couples.
Yet, among the weeds, his ratings among non-whites and college-educated whites plunged.
That, though, was among "likely voters"; among registered voters Mrs Clinton retained the lead.
That included about 1.8 million soccer injuries among girls and 1.5 million among boys.
It is highest among Republicans, but it is also present among Democrats and independents.
Many of Kavanaugh's other rulings will spark delight among conservatives and dismay among liberals.
The widening class gap among white women tracked a parallel divergence among white men.
Elizabeth Warren do better among Yang voters than they do among Democrats in general.
The impunity fosters self-censorship among journalists and corruption among public officials, CJP said.
His disapproval rating among younger Republicans remains roughly double its level among older ones.
It was rated 62.8 among Democrats and 41.8 percent among Republicans polled, Variety reported.
Among the obvious suspects (and among the first to react): Vice President Pence's office.
McCaffrey has 59 receptions, the most among rookies and second-most among running backs.
This awkward conversation about sexual violence among men and among women needs to happen.
Among women, Harris placed third, while among men, she placed fourth after former Rep.
"It means that I'll be among five more often than among four," she said.
The candidates are tied among voters under 28503, and Trump leads among older voters.
His support rose from 403% among very liberals to 47% among moderates or conservatives.
I'm here because I want to be among my friends and among the people.
Biden leads Sanders among women by 20 points and among men by 4003 points.
Domes are among the first human-built architecture; they remain among the most mystical.
Florida has reported 768 cases among Florida residents and 62 among non-Florida residents.
His economic approval among Democrats was at 88%, similar to Trump's among Republicans today.
Home ownership rates among blacks have fallen farther than rates among non-Hispanic whites.
There was no excitement among the GOP base to match the excitement among Democrats.
He's up by 17 points among women, while trailing by 15 points among men.
Burnout among physicians has been growing over time, while remaining stable among other careers.
Approval for the President stands at just 220% among Democrats and 13% among independents.
Fox News, by contrast, was 2023th among Clinton voters and first among Trump voters.
Unemployment in Gaza is 65% among young people and about 80% among young women.
Sanders leads among independents at 2628 percent and among men, with 28500 percent support.
The rate was 6.4% among Asian youth and 16.3% among youth of multiple races.
The suicide rate among the elderly remains, on average, higher than among the rest of the population, but has also fallen faster since 2000 than among other groups.
The Democratic margin among Latinos grew from 26 percentage points to 40; among women, from 4 percentage points to 19, among single voters from 13 points to 24.
Medicaid restructuring is among the issues that remain up for debate, both among Republicans in Congress and outside the Beltway, among GOP governors who worry about funding cuts.
The poll also showed Clinton leads Trump in several key voting blocks, with 227%-230% support among African-Americans, 23.5%-32% among whites and 48%-28% among women.
Moreover, similarities in bacterial flora were greatest among five- to seven-year-olds, weaker among seven- to nine-year-olds and weakest among nine- to 11-year-olds.
Racial disparities still exist, with an 18 percent decline among white men, a stable rate of infections among black men, and a 20 percent increase among Latino men.
Similar trends were seen among kids aged 15 to 19, with a decline until 2007, then annual increases of 7.9 percent among girls and 3.5 percent among boys.
This year, Clinton matched Obama's tally among black voters, beat it by a big margin among Hispanic voters and beat it by a comfortable margin among white voters.
Hogan boasts a high approval rating across parties in Maryland, at 89 percent among Republicans, 71 percent among Independents and 65 percent among Democrats, according to Goucher's poll.
The president's job approval rating has remained steady among Republicans (28503 percent), but he's gained 22020 points among independents (43 percent) and 6 points among Democrats (13 percent).
According to a recent Univision poll, Sanders fares worse among Cubans than among other Latinos — his favorability rating among Cubans is 47 percent favorable to 42 percent unfavorable.
The survey showed Sanders, as in 2016, dominating among young voters and leading among those aged 30 to 44, but falling off sharply among those who were older.
When this data is broken out by age, however, Biden has just 22020 percent support among African American voters ages 22018-220, and 22014 percent among African American voters ages 20203-22020, compared to 213 percent among African American voters 22008-54, 53 percent among African American voters 55-64 and 56 percent among African American voters over 65.
Instead Wall Street had become, in Clinton's parlance, "just one street," just one industry among many, one problem among many, one stop on the speaking circuit among very many.
The greatest increase was among teenage girls: Intentional poisonings among 16- to 17-year-olds and alcohol-related poisonings among 573- to 16-year-olds approximately doubled in number.
The party does 20153 percentage points better than the Conservatives among the very poorest, 15 points better among the jobless and 25 better among those who voted against Brexit.
While Trump's numbers are significantly lower among voters under 0323 than among older voters, Clinton's are roughly the same across age groups, while Johnson's support multiplies among younger voters.
His ratings are among their worst among Trump's supporters: Among those who approve of the President, just 39% have a favorable take on McCain, and 50% an unfavorable one.
More gun ownership corresponds with more gun murders across virtually every axis: among developed countries, among American states, among American towns and cities and when controlling for crime rates.
The former secretary of State is running up the score on Sanders among black voters 2628 to 28503, among Latinos 22019 to 32, and among women 75 to 19.
And not just among the storytellers but among the people who fund the storytellers, among the people who make the actual decisions about which stories get the green light.
Among the old, poverty has declined at a global level faster than among younger people.
Among his biggest backers, and among the biggest money players in Ohio politics, is FirstEnergy.
Exane BNP Paribas has put Saipem among its top picks among EU oil services companies.
Biden's polling as well among highly enthusiastic Democrats as he is among Democrats at-large.
Trump's relatively low approval rating among Utah Republicans follows a poor 22016 performance among them.
But among female users, another feature has regularly ranked among the top five: Period tracking.
In Florida she is up 13 points among women but down 13 points among men.
But he still won among both independents and Republicans, and among self-described evangelical Christians.
Age at first cigarette use climbed among females and white students but fell among males.
Among Donald Trump supporters, 90% agree with the statement, and among Sanders supporters its 75%.
There, Clinton leads by 15 points among women, while Trump wins by 10 among men.
Smaller clusters of Arabs and Punjabis, among others, also huddle among Afghanistan's hills and valleys.
Among Australians it had fallen by 55 points and among South Koreans by 71 points.
Activists say this promotes both eating disorders among the thin and misery among the plump.
That explains why Slack is hugely popular among startups but not yet among bigger firms.
Now, those figures stand at a similar 73% among Democrats and just 41% among Republicans.
Free trade deals once had almost universal support among Republicans and broad support among Democrats.
For one, cigarette smoking had increased among women but decreased among men in previous decades.
Young in 1985 was among the more eligible bachelors on Earth: Who among us wouldn't?
Those potential effects raised alarm not only among Democrats but also among several Republican senators.
And some of the "Trump trades" were among the biggest losers in March among ETFs.
The crime rate among immigrants is much lower than it is among the general population.
Yeah. There are increases among girls, among African American girls especially, and some others. Absolutely.
Build trust among teams There are three ways to build trust among teams, Jessica said.
Y.) is among those who have drawn ire among some GOP colleagues (while delighting Democrats).
Trump has the edge among seniors, while Clinton leads among voters under 2628 years old.
His approval among independents has fallen to 34 percent, and among whites to 47 percent.
Same-sex marriage is more common among gay men than among lesbians, the organization found.
Bloomberg has the highest unfavorability rating, 25%, of any Democratic candidate among among primary voters.
Greg Louganis, Sammy Lee and Pat McCormick are among the American names among the greats.
Scott leads among Cuban-Americans, who lean conservative, while Nelson is ahead among Puerto Ricans.
Within tech, those numbers increase to 34% among whites and 28% among blacks or Hispanics.
Their red-zone offense, among the league's best last year, now ranks among its worst.
Trump's approval rating drop, however, comes among his own partisans as well as among independents.
Those positions made him deeply unpopular among the teachers' unions who have been among Mrs.
Trump also leads Clinton by 17 points among white voters and 21 points among men.
Among men, the figure was 10 percent, while among women it jumped to 27 percent.
Some of these may occur more often among women and others more often among men.
Somalia is among the world's most dangerous countries; Somaliland is among the safest in Africa.
Clergy, web developer among passengers Among the 99 passengers were 11 children, including two infants.
Trump is more unpopular among Democrats in 255 than Clinton was among Republicans in 244.
"Normally Trump does considerably better among (voting adults) than among (non-votign adults)," Enten wrote.
Among these, Wolfe's Pond and Blue Heron parks on Staten Island are among the best.
Biden has large advantages among voters aged sixty-five and older and among African-Americans.
In the absence of nationwide standards, there's significant variability among hospitals and among electronic records.
That is a hotly debated question not just among Democrats but among federal law enforcement.
His favorability ratings have been about what you'd think — high among Republicans, low among Democrats.
They were all among the week's most read stories among New York Times readers worldwide.
Rates are higher among Mexican-Americans, blacks and Asian-Americans than among non-Hispanic whites.
Klobuchar with 1 percent support among black voters and 6 percent support among white voters.
In a recent paper, we examined wealth among families with children and among the elderly.
Sanders has a huge edge among younger voters, while Biden does better among older ones.
But the suicide rate among white children was almost four times the rate among blacks.
Indeed, Mr. Sanders remains far more popular among younger Latino voters than among older ones.
The unemployment rate among Jordanians exceeds 14 percent, and is almost double that among youth.
That decline is also found among younger American Jews, and even among younger American evangelicals.
Sanders ran 248 percentage points better among men (29 percent) than among women (30 percent).
Trump's job approval sits at only 25% among black voters and 2803% among Hispanic voters.
Approval among Republicans Trump claimed five times to have a "211%" approval rating among Republicans.
Levels varied widely among manufacturers and, in some cases, among products from the same manufacturer.
While conservatism may have peaked among Republican, liberalism is clearly on the rise among Democrats.
Biden does best among Black respondents, and Sanders and Yang do best among Asian Democrats.
Several studies indicate that crime rates are lower among immigrants than among native-born Americans.
Tampa ranked number seven — not among American cities, but among all cities in the world.
During midterm elections, turnout among nonwhite voters usually sags more than it does among whites.
At least two Americans were among the dead and at least 14 among the injured.
Still, 81 percent of pregnancies among women who were cohabiting were unintended in 2011, as were 75 percent of teenage pregnancies, 60 percent of those among women living below the poverty line, 50 percent of pregnancies among Hispanics and 64 percent among non-Hispanic blacks.
But when you break it down by race, the numbers tell a different story: De Blasio's approval rating is 22020-113 percent among white voters, 211-22008 percent among Asian voters, 22020-40 percent among Hispanic voters, and 66-23 percent among black voters.
But when you break it down by race, the numbers tell a different story: De Blasio's approval rating is 20.5-22020 percent among white voters, 113-211 percent among Asian voters, 22008-22020 percent among Hispanic voters, and 66-23 percent among black voters.
The suicide rate among the elderly remains, on average, higher than that among the rest of the population, but it has also fallen faster than among other groups since 2000.
Chuck Todd ran through Trump's favorable-unfavorable ratings on "Meet the Press" on Sunday: Among independents, Trump is negative 26 points; among women, negative 36; among suburban voters, negative 24.
And this time around, although Clinton garnered higher support among women than among men in all other age groups, among the under-30s, there was no gender gap at all.
An international survey by YouGov in 22010 put net agreement that free trade is good for business at +22014% among Americans, +23.4% among Germans and at -4% among the French.
"The prevalence of smoking among white women born after the 1970s and among Hispanics born after the 1960s approached, but did not exceed, that among their male counterparts," they wrote.
It's also higher among women (240%) than men (211%), and among younger Republicans (231% among those under age 221) than older ones (133% age 213 and up feel that way).
For instance, the growth in concern about crime among whites is concentrated among people without a college degree; concern among whites who graduated from college is lower and remains flat.
Support for allowing transgender troops to serve is higher among Democrats (90%) than independents (75%) or Republicans (48%), and higher among younger Americans (78% among those under age 45 vs.
The company made a budget, then parsed it out among the business units, which divided their piece of the budget up among departments, which divided that budget up among managers.
Yet among the adults who reported that they adopted all five healthy lifestyle factors, the researchers found, they lived 43.1 more years among women and 37.6 more years among men.
The incidence among children born outside the U.S. was 12.9 times higher than among those born in the U.S. The highest rates were among children born in Africa or Oceania.
Anal and genital warts dropped by 1003 percent among teenage girls, by 2100 percent among women aged 2270 to 215, and by 31 percent among women aged 25 to 29.
It's down since last month by a net of 10 points among Republicans, a net of 13 points among white evangelicals, and a net of 18 points among suburban men.
Her unfavorable rating among among women between the ages of 28503 and 22019  was 15 percentage points lower than among younger women, with 39 percent favorable and 37 percent unfavorable.
Attitudes to police technology are changing—not only among American civilians but among the cops themselves.
Sanders went from 19% among non-college-educated whites to 20163% among those with a degree.
He was the undeniable King of Pop, a star among stars, and a visionary among geniuses.
Divide cold cuts evenly among bottom halves of each roll; divide cheese evenly among top halves.
Vaping increased nearly 80% among high schoolers and 50% among middle schoolers from the year before.
Abrams overwhelmingly leads among black voters, while she has smaller advantages among college graduates and women.
Support for Trump among Mormons nationally was slightly lower among more educated members of the faith.
Homelessness among sexual minorities, particularly among youngsters, is likely to contribute to the problem, said Myles.
And while we are behind among women over all, we're ahead among white women even now.
Increases of 0.2 percent were also seen among Germans during Easter and among Americans during Thanksgiving.
But among HIV-negative Americans, black and Latino MSM are among those using PrEP the least.
They have among the highest earnings growth rates and among the lowest P/E ratios globally.
Typically this is less common among Muay Thai purists and more common among traditional martial artists.
Among Democrats, Clinton earned a support rating of 78, while Trump rated only 50 among Republicans.
The trend of increased involvement among young voters mirrors and surpasses one among the general population.
Among other things, she had grown concerned about the spread of conspiracy theories among her colleagues.
That figure rose to 53% among soldiers of color, and stood at 30% among white ones.
The eligible voter participation rate is lower among Asian-Americans than among African-Americans and Latinos.
The strongest networks have developed among Nordic countries and among former members of the Soviet Union.
Incredibly, he is now more popular among the richest third of voters than among the poorest.
At the national level, there's a tendency among some politicians to profit from divisions among people.
In many ways, this election split among cultural lines more than they did among economic ones.
Suicide is a reality among many young people, and the highest rate is among transgender teenagers.
Cervical cancers are most common among women, and oropharyngeal cancers are the most common among men.
Anxiety among Democrats Among Democrats, there is a palpable sense of intense anxiety about Clinton's prospects.
In Oklahoma, Sanders had a wider margin of victory among conservatives than he did among liberals.
The deal needs unanimity among the 28 EU nations, and Belgium needs unanimity among its regions.
The palm-sized device is particularly popular among teenagers, prompting worry among parents and health experts.
Deaths are highest in the Midwest and north-east, among middle-aged men, and among whites.
Reddit itself maintains several resources for discovery, among which /reddits/ is among the most user-friendly.
Some popular positions among high-profile Democrats are not yet mainstream among the rank and file.
And while Trump's support among white men is strong, among white women his lead is negligible.
So far, at least, AI appears to be a centralizing force, among companies and among nations.
Clinton leads among female voters by double digits, and Trump has an edge among male voters.
Among black voters, she leads 275% to 258%, and among women, she leads 210% to 215%.
Furthermore, Clinton has utterly dominated among superdelegates, which only pads her existing lead among ordinary delegates.
While perhaps in the minority, Ringer is among those advisors who count cybersecurity among their priorities.
For instance, in 2013 fewer rapes were reported among its 250m citizens than among Sweden's 10m.
Among the viewing public, Sergey Lazarev, the Russian singer, enjoys a staunch following among teenage girls.
But it could also reflect growing doubts, not just among conservative Catholics, but among liberal ones.
Mr. Sanders did just nine points better, on average, among liberals than he did among moderates.
One concern among White House aides and Republican congressional leaders is complacency among House GOP incumbents.
First, Trump has consolidated support among Republicans and, second, he has improved his standing among independents.
The turnout rate among newly registered ex-felons was high: 69 percent among active registered voters.
Kaine also remains more popular among Democrats (94 percent) than Stewart is among Republicans (21625 percent).
Clinton holds a large lead over Trump among black voters, but Trump leads among white voters.
Carnage said mental issues are prevalent among artists, especially among DJs who often face grueling schedules.
Between 53-2009, ovarian cancer was much more common among white women than among black women.
Clinton did better among older voters, and led by double digits among those 210 to 210.
In fact, telecommuting is more common among employees over 35 and most common among baby boomers.
But among the Democrats who now disdain her are many donors, chief among them George Soros.
Clinton holds a large lead among blacks, while Trump leads among whites and other minority voters.
Polls suggest Democrats will win among college-educated voters and Republicans among whites without college degrees.
Rodrigo was no longer among those defenders because Rodrigo was also no longer among the living.
Some candidates do really well among Beto fans compared to their baseline score among Democrats: Sen.
It fell 14 percentage points among white respondents, but just five percentage points among nonwhite respondents.
Rates of hypertension were higher among black men and women than among other races and ethnicities.
Among those born abroad, unemployment is over 40 percent; among those born in Sweden, 6 percent.
Support for authoritarian rule declined most among Democrats and young people, while significantly increasing among Republicans.
When Obama was mentioned, support jumped among Democrats and strong opposition jumped even more among Republicans.
Political power, the plaintiffs claimed, should be divided only among the voting population, not among everyone.
Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are common among animals and spread among people.
And his approval rating among Republicans was 13% compared to Trump's 20% approval among Democrats now.
Kidney stones increased more than fourfold among women and more than twofold among men, it found.
The situation is very different among the rich, particularly among those who aspire to become wealthy.
He is weak among liberals but already as strong as Mr. Biden among moderates and conservatives.
Seats in Parliament are divided equally among Muslims and Christians, then further subdivided among different sects.
The prevalence of genital HPV infection was 21.6 percent among whites and 21.7 percent among Hispanics.
Among the questionable tech trends were foldable screens, demonstrated by TCL, Lenovo and Dell, among others.
Among a list of nearly two dozen professions, five medical professions rank among the top 10.
Similarly, mistrust among Asian states today outstrips mistrust among them and the United States or Europe.
That figure drops to 57 percent among all Republicans and to 42 percent among voters overall.
Trump remains highly popular among Republicans and Romney would be only one voice among 100 senators.
Studies show that crime rates among unauthorized immigrants are lower than those among native-born Americans.
Amy Klobuchar does much better among women than men, performing 8 percentage points better among women.
"The attitude of many Alabamians matches the general mood among of unbelief among Americans," Stewart said.
The margin shrinks from 225 points among the general population to 22018 points among likely voters.
The margin shrinks from 14 points among the general population to 9 points among likely voters.
Among the big four broadcast networks, ABC ranks third among total viewers and last among adults ages 18 to 49 for the season that started in September, according to Nielsen data.
The updates are among customers' favorite features that set Tesla apart, but this process can, on occasion, backfire and even cause discontent among owners when there isn't consistency among its vehicles.
The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 2.5 percentage points for results among the full sample, 3 points for results among whites and 8.5 points for results among blacks.
Seven months into Trump's presidency, with resistance to him widening among white-collar whites and hardening among minorities, rebuilding his support among those women looks more critical for him than ever.
Though Sanders' overall numbers are largely steady, he has solidified his backing among younger voters (up eight points among those under age 25) and liberals (up 24 points among that group).
If Trump's net approval rating among voters on Election Day is -17 points, Republicans have got to win by a significantly wider margin among Trump approvers than Democrats do among disapprovers.
It got two to one support among Republicans, four to one support overall, six to one support among Republicans under 40, and eight to one support among swing voters under 40.
The data, provided to The Times by Public Opinion Strategies, one of the two firms that conducted the survey, found that Trump's approval among Hispanics was highest among men and among the affluent — 40 percent for both — and among men without college degrees, at 39 percent.
The party also took a bite out of traditionally GOP-leaning constituencies, pulling even among voters making more than $2202,2628 per year and cutting the Republican lead to 28500 points among voters aged 6900 years and older, 2628 points among white voters and 28503 point among men.
Jay Leve, SurveyUSA, president SurveyUSA's poll had Gillum leading among African-American voters, leading among urban voters, leading in northwest Florida, and tied for the lead among voters age 35 to 49.
In a recent NBC News/SurveyMonkey national poll, Sanders beat Clinton by 2 points among white Democrats, but trailed her by 43 points among black Democrats and by 34 points among Hispanics.
Bureau of Labor Statistics from 2016 show 24,650 nonfatal injuries among construction workers, 28,740 injuries among local law-enforcement officers, 80,180 injuries among those for whom driving is part of their job.
His approval among independents in this latest Gallup poll is 42% -- up 5 points from where he was among this group in January and tied for his highest mark ever among unaffiliateds.
The absolute risk of heart disease among people under 40 is small, but that risk was 29 percent higher among offspring of diabetic women than among the children of mothers without diabetes.
He leads among voters with only a high school education, but trails among those who attended college.
Black women had the highest rates among women, and black men had the largest increase among men.
We have all-time low unemployment among blacks in this country and 20-year low among Hispanics.
Democrats lead by 26 points among voters under 35 and nine points among those 65 and over.
Romney was never as intrinsically popular among Republicans who supported him as Trump is among his supporters.
So, he had lost support among his own side and among journalists and commentators on his side.
That is causing deep disquiet among US allies in Asia and among foreign policy experts in Washington.
Since 22003, support among women has increased 232 points, while support among men went down two points.
Since the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump has had sharply lower approval ratings among women than among men.
But there is a much greater suspicion among analysts, particularly among those who work for European banks.
Nelson with among the group — polls later in September showed Nelson back in the lead among Hispanics.
The media have also fallen victim to partisan scepticism—certainly among audiences, if not also among contributors.
Trade among provinces is less free than it is among the 28 members of the European Union.
There were 2,143 hip fractures among the women and 603 among the men across the study period.
THREE months into his presidency, Donald Trump has engendered little but despair among among travel-industry types.
The surge was mostly due to the shift among white women, as well as among independent women.
Moreover, Trump lost significant ground among women, a key target group among whom he trails Clinton badly.
This is among the reasons that Trump's numbers among African-Americans are the worst in political history.
Among them: An overall lack of leadership, preparedness and integration among the various components of the mission.
He has powerful allies among the ANC's new senior leadership, and among those who benefit from cronyism.
Chanel is among the biggest luxury brands in the world and a favourite among Chinese luxury customers.
Approval of same-sex relationships also grew, hitting 60 percent among women and 49 percent among men.
Mexico's peso bonds are among the most widely held debt among those issued in emerging market currencies.
Among Democrats, nearly 23.7 in 10 are deeply concerned, while among Republicans, just 20% share that view.
His support among blacks dropped to just 7%, while his support was unchanged among Hispanics, at 17%.
Sanders was among the 90 opponents of Obama on that measure; Leahy was among the six supporters.
The former presidential candidate also leads among men and white voters, while Murphy leads among nonwhite voters.
That includes an average $16,748 among households with credit card debt, and $49,905 among student loan borrowers.
But the poll also finds Clinton and Sanders about even among women, with Clinton ahead among men.
It had long been on the critical list, first among Democrats, but finally among Republicans as well.
Support is at 51% overall (up from 37% in December), 89% among Republicans and 19% among Democrats.
Among Democratic women, support for legal abortion spikes to 85%; while among Republican women, it's only 32%.
Concussions accounted for about 17 percent of injuries among boys and 19 percent of injuries among girls.
But in 2012 Ms Le Pen scored almost as highly among women (453%) as among men (19%).
Fletcher Building was among the biggest percentage decliners while Fisher and Paykel Healthcare was among the gainers.
The poll showed Bernie Sanders deadlocked with the president among registered voters, but trailing among likely voters.
The poll showed Bernie Sanders deadlocked with the president among registered voters, but trailing among likely voters.
For over the next decade, support for gun control wavered among Democrats, while opposition hardened among Republicans.
So while Clinton has lost 16 points among women against Cruz, she is essentially unchanged among men.
His gains among less educated white voters have been neatly canceled by losses among well-educated voters.
So they keep trying to enhance her standing among women, making things worse and worse among men.
Rates of injuries unrelated to combat were higher among women than among men: about 725.7%, vs. 33%.
Among independents, 63 percent have an unfavorable view, and among Democrats, 87 percent view the governor unfavorably.
The initiative aims to lower obesity rates to 14.5% among youth and 30.5% among adults by 2020.
While Trump's standing among female voters improved, his rating among men declined compared to the previous study.
Trump, meanwhile, leads by 20 points among men and 15 points among voters without a college degree.
Trump leads Clinton among men by 22 points, while Clinton leads Trump among women by 11 points.
The U.S. ranks among the highest in the World among developed economies in wealth and income inequality.
Among younger women taking statins, the 10-year risk was 17%, compared with 22% among older women.
Clinton's broad support among elected Democratic officials has given her a commanding lead among the party's superdelegates.
Pressley leads Capuano among black voters, 2202 to 2628 percent, and among Hispanics, 28500 to 6900 percent.
"Pro rata, there are no more idle people among the aristocracy than among ordinary people," he said.
He argued that attitudes among television executives failed to sufficiently recognize the value of diversity among journalists.
The bank was the top donor among financial firms in 2017 and the second-largest among corporations.
Poll after poll shows that Trump is among the most popular modern presidents among his own party.
Cave Vrelo is among 10 caves in the Matka Canyon, and it is also among Europe's deepest.
In all three states, Mr. Trump has an edge among men and among white voters, while Mrs.
Among sectors, this year has been dominated by a near-83 percent rise among Europe's tech stocks .
Among men, the strongest was among those who said they had two to six servings a week.
But it only increased by about 41% among white voters and only about 13% among black voters.
The margin of error was 3.03 percentage points among registered voters and 3.26 points among likely voters.
Trump leads Clinton by 8 points among those without college degrees and 25 points among white men.
But it has declined 26 percentage points among African Americans and 63 percentage points among Hispanic Americans.
That means Sanders only did slightly better among very liberal voters than he did among all voters.
Trump leads Clinton by 4 points among men, and Clinton leads Trump by 5 points among women.
On Super Tuesday, Biden and Warren did better among self-described Democrats than they did among independents.
It climbs again among people in their thirties, finally skyrocketing among those in their seventies and eighties.
Monmouth University found that Trump's net approval rating among adults was -2 points and even among voters.
Cases among black kids increased by 22016 percent a year, compared to 245 percent among white kids.
"It's a fairly common thing among heavy drinkers and among those with an eating disorder," Rinker says.
By 2010, it had increased to 8.8 percent (11 percent among men and 7 percent among women).
Mr. Jones won 98 percent of the votes among black women and 93 percent among black men.
The numbers were highest among non-Hispanic whites, and among those aged 290 to 28255 years old.
Warren is at 12% among those age 50 and over and at 9% among those under 50.
Her disappearance has been greeted with concern among fans and fear among her counterparts in the industry.
Again, this is more common among campaign pollsters than among public pollsters, but it's a challenging decision.
President Trump has pursued policies that have concentrated benefits among his base and pain among his opponents.
Sanders dominated among voters under 228, while Biden had a smaller edge among voters older than 2000.
The communication services index was among the top gainers among the major S&P subsectors, up 1%.
Obama averaged 28503 percent approval among Republicans as president, and Bush averaged 22020 percent approval among Democrats.
But the toughest and riskiest radicalism today originates not among Mr. Putin's opponents, but among his supporters.
The "public interest drift" among law students has been a long-running concern among some legal educators.
Popularity Approval among Republicans Trump claimed three times that he had a "95%" approval rating among Republicans.
Banking shares are among the worst performers among UK bluechips in the month since the referendum result.
Death rates among non-Hispanic black males rose 0.9, and 1 percent among non-Hispanic white males.
Every other city among the 10 lowest median incomes is also among the 20163 highest poverty rates.
Rates of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease are almost twice as high among Chinese men as among women.
The highest rate, 33.7 percent, was found among non-Hispanic blacks; the lowest, 11.9 percent, among Asians.
Among Democrats, 69 percent have confidence in the news media; among Republicans, only 15 percent have confidence.
Mr. Trump's stance notwithstanding, research shows lower levels of crime among immigrants than among native-born Americans.
Confidence among men fell from 62 to 60, while confidence among women fell from 56 to 54.
Chief among them, he said, is the fact that college tuition rates have outpaced earnings among workers.
Azerbaijan is known for its tolerant environment among religions, its religious harmony among Sunni and Shia Muslims.
That professed reexamination was more likely to take place among men under 2202 than among their elders.
And not only that, but Trump is among the most popular Republican presidents -- among Republicans -- in history.
Among women, just 29% approve of the way Trump is performing, compared with 42% approval among men.
That mirrors the pattern among Democrats more generally, but holds to a greater degree among black voters.
Among those options is some kind of public measure to damage Putin's image among the Russian people.
Among 220th graders, that rate is one in five, and among 22.5th graders, it's one in 11.
Among 10th graders, that rate is 1 in 5, and among eighth graders, it's 5303 in 11.
Among N.F.L. owners, whose politics tilt Republican, Kraft is among the most loyal donors to Democratic candidates.
Self-injury among teenagers is on the rise, especially among adolescent girls, the New York Times reports.
"He has a lot of support among seniors, among people who don't go to rallies," said Rep.
That's been offset by a decrease in unemployment among the least educated workers, especially among younger ones.
Buttigieg leads the field among self-described Democrats at 220006 percent and among women at 2202 percent.
Labor-force participation and educational attainment among non-European immigrants are far lower than among native Swedes.
Ossoff leads among young people by a 3-to-2 margin and among newcomers to the state.
Among Democrats, Sanders ties or even leads Clinton among white voters but is behind with nonwhite Democrats.
Trump's move stirred outrage among Palestinians and in the Arab world, and concern among Washington's Western allies.
There's a huge difference between older Republicans and younger Republicans among the elected officials and among voters.
They found the odds of an infection were about three times higher among women residing in rural counties than among women in large urban counties, 4.5-times higher among women who smoked cigarettes during pregnancy, and nearly 17-times higher among women with concurrent hepatitis B virus infection.
Compared to the results in 22010, the Democratic share of the vote in 22010 House elections declined by nine points among white men without a college degree, eight points among non-college white women, seven points among college-white men, and four points among college-educated white women.
Warren challenges Biden and Sanders among independents, tops Biden and runs even with Harris and Sanders among liberals, and earns similar numbers to Harris among younger voters, whites and whites with college degrees.
Among various segments, sales are expected to fall 8 percent among those aged between 16 years and 35 years, compared with a mere 4 percent decline among buyers above 55 years in April.
He's up 228 points among Democrats to 13% approval and 21 among independents to 2501% approval, but his numbers have barely budged among Republicans, 22.5% approved in September 2015 and 13% approve now.
Among various segments, sales are expected to fall 2.23 percent among those aged between 16 years and 35 years, compared with a mere 4 percent decline among buyers above 55 years in April.
The Giant Meteor has support across the ideological spectrum, with 2628 percent support among somewhat or very liberal voters, 28500 percent among moderate voters and 6900 percent among somewhat or very conservative voters.
During an average 10 years of follow-up, there were 8,284 cases of autoimmune disease among those diagnosed with a stress disorder, 57,711 among those without one, and 8,151 among the unstressed siblings.
The Morning Consult poll saw an increase from 66 percent to 20203 percent among Democratic voters, 33 percent to 39 percent among Independent voters, and 5 percent to 10 percent among Republican voters.
Mr. Williams held an advantage in New York City and among black and Hispanic voters, while Ms. Hochul, who is white, did much better among upstate and suburban voters and among white voters.
But Biden has seen big spikes in support among moderate and conservative Democrats (43% support him now, up from 29% in the September poll), racial and ethnic minorities (from 28% among all nonwhites in September to 63% now) and older voters (up 13 points since September among those 45 and older) that outpace those among younger potential Democratic voters (up 5 points among those younger than 45).
Turkey's Dogan news agency said a Syrian national was among the dead and a child among the injured.
To shift a little, there's this reticence among millennials, among people who watched the financial crisis, to invest.
The equivalent percentage has climbed 9 points among independents to 0013% and 8 points among Republicans to 84%.
That may help explain why the decline in rates among Chinese women has been sharper than among men.
Mitchell was among the 69 people involved with Watergate who were indicted, and among the 48 found guilty.
Pill overdoses among women have surged more than 73 percent since 1999, nearly double the rate among men.
The birth rate rose 1% among women aged 35 to 39 and 2% among women 40 to 44.
Prevalence also tends to be higher among non-Hispanic white children and among children of highly educated parents.
Warren earns 23% among those with a college degree and only 11% among those without a college degree.
In four decades, global obesity has more than tripled among men and doubled among women, the study says.
Among all respondents, and among independents, health care came in second to immigration by just 1 percentage point.
Clinton outperformed him by 14 points among all women and 27 points among women with a college education.
Chinese runners initially came in first, second and fourth place among the women and second among the men.
Some analysts evaluate Turkey as among the most militarily powerful nations, ranking ninth among 137 military powers worldwide.
The Tories' lead among working class "C2DE" voters is almost as great as among rich ABC1s (see chart).
The organisation can investigate wrongdoing not just among party members but among all managers working in public service.
Support for impeachment and removal is strongest among Democrats (87% favor it) and stands at 50% among independents.
He also fares better among moderate and conservative likely primary voters than among liberals, holding 20% support vs.
He also beat Clinton among women 52% to 38% and also among independents, by nearly 40 percentage points.
But among poor Texans, the percentage drop among the uninsured was a lot less impressive — just 290 percent.
This theory, known as intersectionality, has gained popular appeal among students, especially among activist circles and the left.
It's also critical for them to see Sunnis among their liberators and, later, among the local police force.
TPH says it has been gaining traction not just among fashion-loving customers but among stores as well.
Trump leads among white men, 245% to 241%, but is statistically tied among white women, 40% to 229%.
Online, for example, had 4,594 retweets, mentions or replies among PD sympathisers compared to 387 among League ones.
Turnout among white voters rose by about 3%, while turnout among black voters is down by about 4.5%.
That rises to 12% among voters who are under 50 and 12% among respondents with a college degree.
But five California towns were among the 10 worst metro areas — among all 107 — to launch a business.
She leads 88% to 4% among the state's black voters, but trails 20% to 66% among white voters.
Ultimately, engaging conflict is among the most significant cultural challenges for startups, but also among the most important.
Among the 12 people killed at French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, five were among France's most cherished cartoonists.
Sao Paulo-traded stocks rose 0.4 percent, as gains among financials and utilities outweighed losses among materials stocks.
In the aforementioned same national polls, Biden does 17 points better among black voters than among white voters.
It happens among family and friends and mentors, maybe even among well-meaning family and friends and mentors.
Thailand's policy rate is among the lowest, with real interest rates also low among emerging countries, he said.
Trump's numbers declined more among Republicans than they did among Democrats, who had already viewed the President unfavorably.
Clinton leads Trump among women, 220006 percent to 2202 percent, and among millennials, 2628 percent to 28500 percent.
While the drop has been especially sharp among Republicans, the same trend is observed among Democrats and independents.
TURNING AGAINST TRADE Free trade deals once had almost universal support among Republicans and broad support among Democrats.
His favorable numbers have dipped 7 points, to 66%, among Republicans and 245 points, to 253%, among Democrats.
But the designations are among the most controversial under Obama, with strong opposition among local and state leaders.
Clinton leads Trump among women, 28500 percent to 6900 percent, and among men, 2628 percent to 28503 percent.
These municipal monopolies are among the chief reasons that many places have little or no competition among ISPs.
Republicans lead among white voters by 2 points and among white voters without college degrees by 12 points.
That figure stands at 82% among Trump backers, but just 4783% among those who do not back Trump.
Online, for example, had 4,594 retweets, mentions or replies among PD sympathizers compared to 387 among League ones.
Sanders dominated among younger voters, particularly ages 18-29, but lost badly among voters aged 45 and up.
"Nevertheless, [the proportion of people who ever used] e-cigarettes increased among them as much as among smokers."
"Fazioli are not catching on as fast among concert pianists as among the general public," says Mr Carver.
Yet among the young—and particularly among young men—the biggest gains have been in the poorest places.
Several studies have shown that poverty among lesbian and bisexual women is higher than poverty among heterosexual women.
It's something that's frequently discussed among seismologists and science communicators, but not particularly well-known among the public.
His gains among working-class white voters have come at an equal or greater cost among other voters.
Among Republicans, 235% think West believes what he is saying, while among Democrats, that number shrinks to 2100%.
But Democrats hold a massive lead among black voters and a sizable double-digit advantage among Hispanic voters.
In a recent Pew Research poll, Trump was at 2% support among black voters and 26% among Hispanics.
Among large metros, Washington, D.C., was among the slowest growing economies, expanding by just 1.3 percent last year.
Her analysis, erudite and unrelenting, exposes blind spots not just among conservatives, but, crucially, among liberals as well.
Mr. Mulvaney was among those facilitating the Ukraine effort, while Mr. Bolton was among those objecting to it.
The percentage was highest among millennials, at 643 percent of respondents, and lowest among "matures," at 14 percent.
In the new poll, Trump has 6900 percent support among Republicans, while Clinton has 2628 percent among Democrats.
While this trend is seen among most age groups, it's most prominent among adults ages 35 and older.
Mr. Obama held a 93-3 percent lead among likely black voters (92 to 3 among registered voters).
Too narrow a corridor would remove the incentive among banks to lend among themselves, damaging the money market.
She leads Sanders, 68 to 27, among non-white voters, while the two are tied among white voters.
Among Most Cost Competitive: The average cost of dairy production in New Zealand is among the world's lowest.
Clinton has a 28500-to-6900 lead among women, while Sanders is up 2628 to 28503 among men.
He said simmering frustration among some within the officer class, chief among them the coup's suspected mastermind, Col.
"Overall it's a response to the growing concentration among suppliers and among our competitors," one Casino official said.
Anthony Rizzo homered among his four hits, while Kyle Schwarber had a home run among his two hits.
They trailed Republicans by just 28500 points among white voters and 6900 points among voters without college degrees.
Meat-alternative companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat have become massively popular among, even among avowed carnivores.
As you mentioned there is a tragic suicide epidemic among our veterans, among our military and their families.
These issues have strong support among men and women alike, but the numbers are particularly high among women.
Among long-distance aficionados, the men's and women's indoor marathon records were considered among the easiest to break.
Trump is winning among independents planning to vote in the GOP primary, among moderates and "somewhat conservative" voters.
He is tied with Mr. Cruz among evangelical Christians and trails the Texas senator among very conservative voters.
Infections among black men remain unacceptably high, and we continue to see alarming increases among Latino gay men.
Diabetes was nearly twice as common among newly enrolled consumers as among those previously enrolled, the report said.
There are a lot of concerns among legislators around the use of vaping among teens and young adults.
There was a mass die-off among the regional brands; there were even casualties among the big guys.
The growth of trade among nations is among the most consequential and controversial economic developments of recent decades.
"We're looking at one contaminant among many, and this is one risk factor among many," Dr. Desforges said.
Schiff is among those taking special precautions, following news that a former Intelligence aide was among those infected.
Needless to say, Garrett's decision caused much head scratching among neutral fans, and deeper consternation among Cowboy fans.
And is it mere coincidence that what had happened among Democrats starting with McGovern finally happened among Republicans?
Viewership among people ages 18 to 24 shrank by less than 5%, and viewership increased among older viewers.
This has been a major source of unhappiness among working people, and a subject of consternation among policymakers.
Burnout levels among doctors are at new highs, far worse than among the general population, and increasing relentlessly.
Burnout among nurses is similarly rising and is highest among those on the front line of patient care.
"The privileged among us live in a world where mostly we're choosing among really good options," he said.
Warts fell by half among teenage boys, and by a third among young men up to age 24.
Since 2008, the vaccination rate among Somali-American children has plummeted while remaining stable among non-Somali kids.
Other grapes were used as well, including garnacha and bobal among the reds and albillo among the whites.
Among the most surprising was the proliferation of Pepe the Frog, the image favored among American white supremacists.
Robinson said such hopping among different cryptocurrencies was becoming more prevalent among cybercriminals trying to cover their tracks.
Among the tasks was building trust among residents who widely view the department as racist, corrupt and indifferent.
Among Democrats with high school degrees, 48 percent say yes; among those with college degrees, it's 71 percent.
Writing about "Apollo," Balanchine described his discovery of family relations among steps; it's true among his works, too.
But polls among Colorado voters show he's the clear favorite among any Democratic Senate candidate in the state.
Meanwhile, Warren has more support among those who will likely caucus in-person, 20203% among that group vs.
This public health lockdown is among the largest in history, generating panic and despair among the country's citizens.
He notes that support for gay marriage among Republicans is at a high point, particularly among young people.
The merged racial and economic messages were in fact more popular among people of color than among whites.
Ultra-low-cost airlines ranked among the worst while the big three US airlines ranked among the best.
Sanders also won among white voters; Biden led among black voters in those early snapshots of the electorate.
Sanders also won among white voters; Biden led among black voters in those early snapshots of the electorate.
With the Internet and rapid communications among patients and among physicians, knowledge is shared at a lightning pace.
Seats in parliament are divided equally among Muslims and Christians, then further partitioned among 18 officially recognized sects.
Among moderates and conservatives she pulled 9 percent support, and she was at 10 percent among political independents.
In America, popular support for Israel appears to be rising among Republicans, but is falling rapidly among Democrats.
President Trump is despised among much of California, but he remains popular among many Republicans in the state.
And Mr. Buttigieg tends to be more popular among these voters than among those who prioritize particular issues.
"AOC is popular among many diverse constituencies in the Democratic base, and particularly among unlikely voters," said Shahid.
"She has been stronger among Democrats than he has been among Republicans for a while now," said Conway.
Outbreaks usually occur among people who have close contact, such as on college campuses and among sports teams.
Notably, the two other women candidates in 2020 race are significantly more popular among women than among men.
Duterte enjoys a rock star status among Filipinos and has a cult-like following among those living overseas.
Turnout was 74 percent among whites but just 49 percent for African Americans, and 33 percent among Hispanics.
Support for impeaching and removing him from office reaches 43% among the men and 46% among the women.
Clinton leads Trump by 75 points among black voters and has about a 20 point lead among Hispanics.
A great deal of variation exists among countries' health care systems, making generalizations among them a bit tough.
A similar ability is routine in sheep, which can distinguish among faces within their flock and among humans.
Child sex offenders are often considered among the most heinous in society, even among prisoners serving alongside them.
The decline began with a loss of confidence not among foreign investors, but among the country's own consumers.
Democrats' advantage among millennials is driven both by changing attitudes among white voters and by that generation's diversity.
Elizabeth Warren found herself in this summer—high support among white Democrats, low support among Democrats of color.
He takes 2202 percent support among men, 2628 percent support among women, and leads with every age group.
But the fact that foreclosure rates among Hispanics surpassed those among blacks points to something else going on.
They said every family has an addict among its children and sometimes among the older people as well.
Polls show support for impeaching Trump has grown, especially among Democrats and independents, easing fears among party strategists.
Elizabeth Warren foremost among them — do about as well as usual among all age brackets in the set.
But the representation of women overall decreases among associate professors and declines to 33 percent among full professors.
The study found, however, that drinking rates are decreasing faster among the economically better-off, and among boys.
In 2019, Oyo, which counts Airbnb among its investors, expanded in Europe and the U.S. among other markets.
Thanks, Patrick Does the turnout among Democrats tell us anything about probable mobilization/motivation among voters in November?
This amounts to less than 1 percent of all cardiac arrests among men, and 0.1 percent among women.
Among the whites, we have looked at Chablis and aligoté, while among the reds we have examined Marsannay.
I think the idea of being out there among the stars and among the planets is very exciting.
In 2014, 75% of abortions took place among low-income people; 64% were among black or Latina women.
A majority of Americans oppose it, driven by nearly unanimous opposition among Democrats and strong opposition among independents.
Where do you think the primary responsibility for increasing diversity lies: among the powerful or among the marginalized?
The country saw significant increases in drinking among ages 18 to 19, bigger increases among those 16 to 20133 years old, and a rise in alcohol-related crashes among 15- to 19-year-olds.
Although blood lead levels among all US children have dropped dramatically since the late 1990s, high blood lead levels among black children were still more than twice as prevalent as among their white counterparts.
She leads by 163 percent to 216 percent among women, by 24.9 percent to 227 percent among Democratic primary voters aged 50 and older, and 58 percent to 37 percent among self-identified Democrats.
Ronald Reagan was winning among California Republicans in 1980, Bill Clinton was winning among Arkansas Democrats in 1992, Bob Dole was crushing the field among Kansas Republicans in 1996 and the list goes on.
Among those adults who reported that they adhered to none of the five healthy lifestyle factors, the researchers found that they lived only 29 additional years among women and 25.5 additional years among men.
Rates dropped by about 2900 percent among heterosexuals and about 220006 percent among people who inject drugs, but remained stable among gay and bisexual men — who account for about 2202 percent of new infections.
There's clearly additional upside for Democrats if they could pair their recent gains among white voters with improvement among Hispanic voters (through some combination of persuasion, higher turnout among registrants and newly registered voters).
In Morning Consult polling, Bloomberg's net favorability among Democratic primary voters plummeted by 20 percentage points and 30 points among moderates, the subset of voters among which his campaign should be doing the best.
The latest national Quinnipiac University Poll showed her trailing Biden narrowly among college whites while he held a 10-point advantage among non-college whites -- and a roughly 35-point lead among African Americans.
Trump's failure to defeat Clinton among white women with no college education, combined with her edge among college-educated white women — as well as her huge advantage among black, Latina and Asian women — has created an overall 33 point advantage for Clinton among all women, according to the PRRI/Atlantic poll.
Taken as a whole, according to the study, "it would appear" that there's evidence of racial discrimination among UberX drivers, some evidence of discrimination among Lyft drivers and no evidence of discrimination among Flywheel drivers.
Rolling Stone, which savaged Led Zeppelin's early albums, has ranked Bonham as the greatest drummer of all time, Mr Page as third among guitarists, Mr Jones sixth among bassists and Mr Plant fifteenth among singers.
Almost six in 245 under age 257 say they're excited for it; that dips to 248% among those age 263-234, 23% among the 13- to 21-year-old block and just 2018% among seniors.
Jones took 66% to Moore's 953% among women with children as opposed to a 55%-44% margin among women without children -- and the overall 52% to 47% edge he had over Moore among all parents.
Since July, Post/ABC News polling has found that support for an impeachment investigation has grown by 21 percentage points among Republicans, 260 points among Democrats, and 22020 points among those who identify as independents.
Among disabled Americans who have jobs, voter turnout was virtually identical to that among those who do not have a disability; but among those without jobs, turnout lagged the overall population by 5 percentage points.
The Vermont senator lags 25 points behind Biden among female voters, falls 20163 points behind Biden among seniors, and trails Biden by 24 points among those who describe their political ideologies as moderate or conservative.
Likewise, Sanders dominated among voters who described themselves as very liberal (followed by Warren), but he drew less than half as much support among those who identified as somewhat liberal and even less among moderates.
It gained by five percentage points among white men without a college degree, six points among white women with and without a college degree and seven points among college-educated white men, exit polls found.
She leads Biden by roughly two-to-one among liberals and Democrats under 248, breaks even among whites, and holds a double-digit edge among those seeking large-scale change in the post-Trump era.
The HuffPost/YouGov poll, too, saw an uptick of 74 percent to 81 percent among Democratic voters, 35 percent to 37 percent among Independents and a dip among Republicans from 16 percent to 11 percent.
The HuffPost/YouGov poll, too, saw an uptick of 74 percent to 81 percent among Democratic voters, 35 percent to 37 percent among independents and a dip among Republicans from 16 percent to 11 percent.
In contrast, Trump has made no gain at all among white men relative to Romney's performance, doing a few points better among those without college degrees but 5 points worse among those with college degrees.
Among likely virtual attendees, 12% say it's an advantage, that compares with just 4% among likely in-person attendees.
Among the states currently considering a ban is North Carolina, where suicide among young people is a pressing issue.
The executive order's effects on green card holders was among the most controversial aspects among the order's bipartisan critics.
Among African-Americans, just 14 percent approve of Trump's job performance; among Hispanics his support is at 33 percent.
Biden's 40 point lead among black voters was more than double his about 15 point lead among white voters.
Within 10 days of Christmas, the average weight increased 0.4 percent among Americans and 0.6 percent among the Germans.
Wyoming also counted 24 deaths among motorcyclists -- 39 rollover-related, nine weather-related -- and three deaths among ATV drivers.
Among the 45-to-65 age group, the rate was highest among white people for both men and women.
Among all non-white voters in the CNN national poll, she trailed Biden and Sanders among that crucial group.
Bankers have been expecting not only a wave of mergers among public names, but also among private shale plays.
Among the study's most troubling findings was the lack of social mobility among the children of non-European immigrants.
The news is cause for celebration among Shvartzapel's discerning devotees — many of the country's most respected chefs among them.
A Quinnipiac poll released last Tuesday found him with no support among black respondents and just 6% among whites.
The University of Michigan reports "…a very pessimistic economic outlook among Democrats and a very optimistic outlook among Republicans".
Answer: There is a pretty solid consensus among computers, as among people, that the Dolphins are very, very bad.
Worryingly, efforts to reduce the spread of HIV are failing among young people and, in particular, among young women.
Obesity has decreased a little among the youngest children, the researchers noted, but it's still going up among teens.
Gallup found: Among college graduates, his approval has jumped 7 points; among those with advanced degrees, it's up 10.
Trump leads by eight percentage points among men, but Clinton commands a larger 2000 percentage point advantage among women.
Mr Bezos might well find recruits among unhappy minorities—or among deeply devoted believers in his vision for humanity.
Chlamydia and gonorrhea were the most rampant among people under 30, with rates of chlamydia highest among young women.
So far, polling shows she has a slightly higher level of backing among Democrats than Trump has among Republicans.
Mr Trump had the same favourability ratings among those who got the corrections as among those who did not.
Trump was at 2% support among African-American voters and 26% among Hispanics in a recent Pew Research poll.
She had a 20-to-1 fundraising edge among billionaires, and an even bigger one among top corporate earners.
Childhood ADHD was more prevalent among males, while adult ADHD was more prevalent among females, the study also found.
Among the richest 60%, 74% of adults have an account; among the poorest 40% the share is only 61%.
The results showed a very slight increase in brain cancer rates among males, but a stable level among females.
He has a 6-point advantage among suburbanites and a 4-point lead among independents, according to NBC. Sen.
Trump's edge is driven by his advantage among Florida independents, among whom he gets 44% compared to Clinton's 37%.
Aside from partisanship, the poll suggests one of the sharpest demographic divides among debate-watchers is education among whites.
This belief comes from a place of philosophical consistency among fiscal, foreign and social policy — a rarity, among politicians.
Among the many ways Trump has shattered White House norms, his impulsive public communications rank among the most consequential.
That long-term shift toward the Republican side among whites comes almost entirely from shifting partisan views among men.
But as the debate has heated up among candidates, it's also begun to heat up among constitutional law scholars.
For instance, Sanders has consistently done better among white people without a college degree than among those who do.
Biden leads among black voters in the Palmetto State with 41%, while he's only at 103% among white voters.
Among the laggards was the healthcare index, down 0.33 percent and the top decliner among the S&P subsectors.
In issuing the fine, the court recommended that the funds be distributed among charitable organizations that work among migrants.
Even among non-whites, just 46% say this issue matters to them, and that dips to 33% among whites.
So-called defensive stocks were among the worst performer among the 11 major sectors of the S&P 500.
Reducing business taxes has overwhelming support among Republicans at 81 percent, and majority support among independents at 55 percent.
Although support is generally trending up among all age groups, Gallup also found the biggest support among younger generations.
He played up his success among Latino voters there, but acknowledged he need to do better among black voters.
Another US federal government study found that miscarriage among flight attendants was not any more common than among teachers.
To win, he'll need to drive big turnout among the district's African-American voters, and stem losses among whites.
And they're shopping among the Republican candidates to figure out who among them will most likely do their bidding.
Boosting the broader index was Johnson & Johnson, Gilead Sciences among healthcare stocks and JP Morgan and Citigroup among financials.
The traditional double standard was more common among men, while the reverse double standard was more common among women.
According to the poll, support for legalization has risen among all age groups, though mostly among those under 55.
It has a margin of error of ±3.4 percentage points among all voters and ±7.1 points among Republican voters.
Second, because they lack power, victims must generate nearly unanimous support among themselves and significant support among the bystanders.
Of course, socialism is much more popular among Democrats than Republicans, and more among young people than older Americans.
I had finally found my place among the gun people, the lone (East) Indian among a crew of cowboys.
Among men, social participation wasn't associated with developing the flu, and it didn't vary among vaccinated or unvaccinated men.
Self-preservation is not a unique quality among politicians—who among them wants to lose their grip on power?
The prevalence of breastfeeding varied among high-income countries but not so much among low- and middle-income countries.
The biggest was a collapse in turnout among young voters, and a smaller, but still significant, decline among minorities.
Northam has a 32-point lead over his GOP opponent among moderates and a 20-point lead among women.
Among the nine countries to vote against the resolution were the U.S., Israel, Honduras, Guatemala and Palau, among others.
Church attendance has declined twice as fast among people without high school diplomas as among people with college degrees.
"There are two children among the martyrs and 11 children among those injured," hospital manager Saleh Qorban told Reuters.
It's the fear it inspires among the immigrant community and the rage it inflames among the left that matters.
The billionaire also has an advantage among whites without a college degree; Clinton leads among whites with a degree.
In Arizona, women and men both favor Trump by narrow margins, 0033 points among women, 5 points among men.
Among other things, these conditions have led to a high level of churn among Tesla executives, in recent years.
Moore won only among old(er) voters Among those 65 years old (and older), Moore won by 19 points.
Clinton leads Trump, 28500 to 6900 percent, among young African-Americans, and 2628 to 28503 percent among Hispanic youths.
Among 18- to 2023-year-olds, Sanders has the most significant support, scoring 42 percent support among the demographic.
This represents a 78 percent increase among high school students, and a 85033 percent increase among middle school students.
The bill was negotiated among moderates, conservatives and leadership, but has caused heartburn among all flanks of the conference.
Clinton has a 28503-point edge among women, and Trump leads by 22019 points among men, the poll said.
The dip in Mueller's numbers comes almost entirely among independents, among whom approval has fallen 10 points to 36%.
Clinton's support among women dropped by 11 points, though she still leads 56 to 38 percent among women voters.
Though Trump has seen rising popularity among his Democratic challengers, he has a near-90% approval rating among Republicans.
The gap among women is 25-points for Democrats compared to an eight point advantage for Republicans among men.
But he needs a surge in first-time caucusgoers among Democrats just as the mogul requires one among Republicans.
I was among those sitting down but not among those randomly arrested by the cops, much to Jayne's relief.
Mr. Wexner was among the first retailers to note flagging interest among mall shoppers at his L Brands stores.
It drew a similar score among self-identified Democrats at 2.1, then one of 73 among self-identified Republicans.
But Clinton is crushing him among college graduates (278-34) and among those making $50,000 or more (55-37).
Clinton's campaign team last year, Ms. Tanden warned of griping among Democrats about racial and gender balance among Mrs.
Mayor Pete Buttigieg's support among Biden supporters was 36%, 13 percentage points lower than his support among Democrats generally.
GRACE (short for Gliding Robot Ace) is as unusual among underwater robots as sea lampreys are among freshwater fishes.
His net favorability among both is up somewhat, though not by anywhere near the same level as among Republicans.
It will fuel discussions among partisans -- and among not-so-partisans -- for weeks and maybe months to come. 2.
Among the topics discussed: cybersecurity of the 2018 and 85033 Olympics, among other potential avenues of cooperation in cyberspace.
His disapproval rating in late August among younger Republicans (at 250%) nearly doubled the level among older Republicans (20183%).
"Democrats have just as much of a problem among white men as Republicans do among women," Mr. Ayres said.
Death rates among black men increased by 443 percent last year while rates among white women fell 1.1 percent.
That lead grows by 14 points for Democrats among women  — and by 21 points among college-educated white voters.
The popularity for Twitter is 32% among teens, while Reddit ranks among the lowest in teen usage at 7%.
Bird flu was found among turkey in the Rostov region and among geese in the Krasnodar region, it said.
The Democrat runs up the margins among minority voters, leading by 65 points among black, Hispanic and Asian voters.
The president's approval rating is 89 percent among Democrats and 56 percent among independents, the CNN/ORC poll found.
Stoned students and employees aren't anything new, particularly among young Canadians, who are among the world's biggest pot users.
As an example, unemployment among women born in countries outside the EU/EEA remains higher than among other groups.
Coverage is about 20 percentage points higher among 17-year-old girls than among boys of the same age.
The employment rate among working-age men, including among men without a college degree, has been inching back up.
From renewable energy to carbon taxes, opposition among Fox viewers is around 10 percent higher than among Republicans generally.
Nor are there rules regarding conflicts of interest among the three judges drawn from among your peers (more lords).
He said a football coach was among the dead, and the son of a deputy sheriff among the injured.
"Amongst the artists, among the executives, among other journalists," he said, "Reggie Ossé was a name that really mattered."
Its health care system is ranked among the best in the world, and the population is among the healthiest.
Its health care system is ranked among the best in the world, and the population is among the healthiest.
Among Thomas Edison's 1,000-plus inventions, his development of his patented incandescent light bulb surely was among his greatest.
The offer has triggered fury among Conservative MPs and suspicion among Labour MPs that May is laying a trap.
Debates are raging about income inequality, business regulations and capitalism itself — particularly among Democrats but increasingly among some Republicans.
This makes poverty far more common among Muslim Americans than it is among Catholic, Protestant or Jewish American households.
Biden also beat out Sanders among union households, after Sanders had beaten Clinton among those voters four years ago.
There are big differences among the parties, particularly among Republican men, about the obstacles women face, a survey shows.
From 2015 to 2016, gonorrhea infections increased 22.2 percent among men and 13.8 percent among women, the C.D.C. reported.
In New Hampshire, the split was 30% among whites without a college degree and 21% among whites with one.
And indeed, Mr. Buttigieg's support is strongest among educated white voters; he is weakest among black and Hispanic voters.
She did rank among the most effective members of the Senate and first among Democrats, according to that study.
Nine children and three teachers were among those killed, and three nurses and a doctor were among the injured.
Sanders has a 9-point lead over Biden among men and a 10 point lead over Warren among women.
His disapproval rating among those voters is 45%, which puts his net approval rating at +9 points among them.
Relations among nations are exceedingly complex, with pacts on migration, customs checks, tariffs and product standards, among many things.
Among all adults, trust for CNN is 22019 points ahead of Trump; among independents, CNN wins by 15 points.
Clinton leads among black voters, 2628 percent to 28500 percent, and among Hispanic voters, 6900 percent to 2628 percent.
A new Quinnipiac University poll put his approval rating among American voters at 36 percent, 33 percent among women.
But the turnout was generally stronger among the likeliest white Trump supporters than among the likeliest white Clinton supporters.
In January, Blackhawks wing Dominik Kubalik had 22017 goals, second among all players, and 2625 points, first among rookies.
Buttigieg led among the somewhat liberal group and he and Biden tied among the moderates, with Klobuchar close behind.
He maintains a 28503 point advantage on Warren among white voters but leads her by 22019 points among blacks.
The homicide rate among blacks aged 18 to 34 is nine times as high as the rate among whites.
Among blacks aged 35 to 49, the homicide rate is five times as high as it is among whites.
Sanders has a significant lead among liberals, and is neck-and-neck with Biden among moderate or conservative voters.
Sanders continues to show strength among younger voters, reaching a 22-point edge among those aged 18 to 34.
Among liberals, support for Sanders is up 8 points, and he's climbed 9 points among those under age 35.
Trump&aposs recent efforts to shore up support among white evangelical Christians belie his enduring challenges among Mormon voters.
In December, about $223 billion went into the Dow ETF, which is rarely ever among leaders among ETF flows.
When it comes to crime rates among illegal immigrants compared to those among US citizens, the data is incomplete.
Warren, meanwhile, leads him by 6900 points among voters aged 2628-28503 and by 22019 points among white voters.
The gap among women has grown since Trump's inauguration, while the gap among men has stayed about the same.
Rates of mood disorders and suicide-related outcomes have increased significantly among high schoolers this decade, especially among girls.
Trump leads among white voters with a high school degree or less, and Clinton leads among college-educated whites.
Campaigners have already radically changed the conversation on climate change among public officials, particularly among 2020 candidates for president.
She also leads him among female voters by 2628 points, while Trump defeats her by 28503 points among men.
Gadi Eisenkot, the military chief of staff, a post normally among the most revered and popular among Israeli Jews.
It was popular among African-American activists and used racial issues — particularly police violence — to stoke outrage among viewers.
Two women were among the dead, and 10 women and seven children were among the injured, hospital officials said.
Sanders does the best among young people, posting big margins over the field among voters aged 6900 to 2628.
Trump also leads among whites without a college degree but Clinton has an edge among college-educated white voters.
I think the idea of being out there among the stars and among the planets is very exciting. Yeah.
But they are no more underrepresented among the financial elite than they are among the broad mass of inventors.
The prevalence of the disease doubled in the last decade among black children and tripled among American Indian children.
And although the wide gap by education among whites that's emerged in most polling on this contest continues here (Clinton's support lands below 30 percent among those whites who do not have college degrees, while the race is closer among whites with degrees), Trump does hold an edge among whites with college degrees in both states; he's up 0033 points among that group in Ohio and 8 points in Florida.
RELATED: Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort scheduled to testify July 26 Beyond partisan divisions, concern about these meetings is higher among those who hold college degrees (57% concerned) than among those without four-year degrees (45% concerned), among younger Americans (6143% under age 35 say they are concerned) and among women (54% concerned).
Not a wave, a realignment In an NPR/Marist Poll released late last week, for instance, Democrats led on the "generic" ballot for Congress by 76 percentage points among African-Americans, 42 among Latinos, 183 among 18- to 29-year-olds and 9 among whites holding at least four-year college degrees.
Although Clinton ran well among African-American women and college-educated white women, Trump beat her badly among married white women, narrowed the usual Democratic advantage among single white women, and posted the best showing for a Republican among non-college white women since Ronald Reagan in 26, according to exit polls.
Wallace asked if the case would tie into Klobuchar's current weak numbers among African American voters, with Klobuchar responding by touting her support among African Americans in Minnesota and among the state's Somali-American community, specifically.
Among Black Americans the amount of people without insurance dropped from 19 percent to 21625 percent, while among Latinos it dropped from 2900 percent to 220006 percent, and among Asians from 2202 percent to 2628 percent.
That bleak assessment keyed a Democratic advantage in the congressional ballot of 49 percentage points among minorities, 26 points among voters ages 18 to 523 and 22 points among college-educated whites, according to the poll.
In a Quinnipiac University poll released today, Democrats lead among blacks for the House by a margin of 76 percentage points, among Hispanics by 27 percentage points, and among white college graduates by 10 percentage points.
An October poll from Morning Consult, for example, found that Biden has 48 percent support among black voters aged 413-54, 53 percent among those aged 55-220, and 22016 percent among those 245 and older.
Among all those surveyed, the percentage saying that too little is spent on the poor rose from 70 percent in 2014 to 86 percent in 143 among Democrats and from 38 to 56 percent among Republicans.
It implies that the overall turnout among young Hispanic voters was actually higher than among Hispanic voters over age 29.
In canvassing opinion among unmarried women seeking a partner, ¥7m a year seems a common floor among the better educated.
It has had success not just among poor Americans but, increasingly, among the middle class, according to Bain, a consultancy.
To the extent he does respectably among less conservative voters, it's among evangelicals, who are also underrepresented in the state.
There is a reason that Hawaii continually ranks among the happiest states and Scandinavian people are among the most satisfied.
The data showed that vaping increased nearly 80% among high schoolers and 50% among middle schoolers between 2017 and 2018.
The Indiana Democrat rose 2628 points among voters age 28503 and older and 22020 points among moderate and conservative voters.
"I'm right back where I started," she said, among the same fields of beans and corn, among the same people.
As a result, side hustles are becoming increasingly more common among the working class, especially among millennials — despite their income.
Another number to keep an eye on: Sanders won among men by nine points, but he finished third among women.
Changes in competition rules and mergers among the regional banks could be among options to fix the problem, he added.
T.J. Yeldon has rushed for 103 yards, ranking first among AFC rookies and third among all NFL first-year players.
Smartphone ownership among tweens increased from 21% in 223 to 222% in 232, and from 220% to 84% among teens.
Red Sea resorts such as Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh are among the most popular among European and other holidaymakers.
Their use among U.S. adults doubled between 21222 and 2013, and tripled among high school students from 2013 to 2014.
In North Carolina, the gender gap narrows: Clinton is up 11 points among women, Trump up 7 points among men.
Among the victims was his own longtime mistress, Margherita Sarfatti, who was among the shocked Italian Jews who fled overseas.
Although the rate of suicide among white children fell between 1993 and 2012, the rate among black children nearly doubled.
In gun-owning households, Trump led among men 59% to 28% and led among women 56% to 33%, Paleologos said.
Clinton leads Trump by wide margins among black, Hispanic and Asian voters, dominating Trump 90% to 5% among that group.
Through the Obama years, the tech industry enjoyed extraordinary cachet in Washington, not only among Republicans but also among Democrats.
This selfless work made Sheldrick not only a favorite among elephants, but among animal lovers all over the world too.
You'd think Google's two ISPs would be among the more progressive, but they're actually among the quietest of the group.
Nationwide, the rate of entrepreneurs among immigrants is substantially higher than among native-born Americans, according to the Kauffman Foundation.
Moscow-traded stocks marked time as gains among resources stocks were largely outweighed by weakness among consumer staples and financials.
Whatever the outcome, history will remember that they were among the greatest, most impressive creatures to have walked among us.
Non-Hispanic black adults had the highest rates of genital HPV among the total population and among men and women.
These ideals are known among yogi -- among other key points -- as the eight limbs of yoga that lead to enlightenment.
Three-quarters of Republicans favor a military response (74%) but that dips to 47% among independents and 34% among Democrats.
Most polls show Trump's support among Hispanics hovering in the teens and among African-Americans in the low single digits.
In that race, McGinty leads among women, 2628 to 28503 percent, and Toomey leads among men, 22019 to 41 percent.
During that time, it gained popularity among some women in the court's surrounding neighborhood, though never among the other justices.
That figure is higher among women (35%) than among men (25%), and Democrats (54%) prioritize it more than Republicans (9203%).
We will pay this respect then also on his hopeful return among all of you and among all of us.
But among them stands a more recent house that remains unscathed, rather like a gleaming tooth among otherwise rotten gums.
Some scholars have turned to offending patterns among incarcerated individuals to answer remaining questions about crime rates among the undocumented.
In the United States, rising student debt was a major issue among Sanders's voters and earlier among the Occupy protestors.
I am alone here now, among Americans a foreigner when just last year I used to be among Americans American.
The new numbers are staggering: Vaping increased nearly 80% among high schoolers and 50% among middle schoolers since last year.
Among African Americans, his approval rating is at 15%, and among white people, 24% rate Kanye favorably and 50% unfavorably.
Clinton was ahead among women by 19 points, but losing to Mr. Trump among men by an equal 19 points.
His approval rating rose by 6 points among Republicans and by 2023 points among Democrats compared to last month's poll.
The prosecution failed to note that Berhe has twelve Filmons among his Facebook friends; Mered has five Filmons among his.
She has struggled mightily among younger voters, for example, even while beating Sanders by huge margins among African-American Democrats.
The frequency of melanoma was 0.7% among the firefighters surveyed and 0.01% among the general Florida population, the researchers found.

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