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"around" Definitions
  1. approximately
  2. on every side; surrounding somebody/something
  3. (especially North American English) (British English usually round) moving in a circle
  4. (especially North American English) (British English usually round) in a circle or curve to face another way or the opposite way
  5. (especially North American English) (British English usually round) measured in a circle
  6. in or to many places
  7. used to describe activities that have no real purpose
  8. present in a place; available
  9. active and well known in a sport, profession, etc.

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"around" Synonyms
throughout about everywhere round over through all over encompassing neighbouring(UK) neighboring(US) on every side to and fro all over the place any which way in all directions in this area on all sides here and there across passim near nearby close nigh accessible convenient handy by close by hard in within reach at hand hard by in the neighbourhood in the vicinity on your doorstep round the corner within easy reach back backward backwards the other way to the rear in the reverse direction to face the other way in the opposite direction rearwards rearward away off abaft towards the back aback behind one towards the rear astern approximately like roughly say some more or less plus or minus nearly almost just about practically close to circa in the region of virtually approaching in the neighbourhood of current prevailing prevalent widespread abroad endemic happening pervasive going on in circulation in existence in the air circulating without out outside astir helter-skelter wildly frenziedly frantically berserk amok frenetically amuck wild berserkly hectically madly recklessly rashly impulsively carelessly impetuously incontinently incautiously unmindfully anyhow haphazardly haphazard erratically randomly irregularly aimlessly anywise desultorily heedlessly negligently willy-nilly hit or miss in a muddle every which way at random in a disorganized manner surrounding framing encircling enclosing circling environing covering all around on all sides of on every side of on the periphery of upon straddling everywhere in here and there in in all parts of to all parts of amidst amid among all across within throughout the extent of throughout the width of plus-minus round about something like next to or so or thereabouts in the area of after concerning regarding with regard to with respect to with reference to referring to as to in connection with in regard to in relation to on the subject of pertaining to relating to dealing with in respect to in the matter of apropos relative to during all along during the course of in the time of right through all through at the time of during the time between in the course of until at the same time as for the duration of to deal with to handle to manage to confront to contend with to cope with to face to grapple with to come to terms with alive existing existent living extant remaining surviving present abiding undestroyed enduring continuing contemporary lasting active operative afoot brewing stirring ongoing operating proceeding hatching looming up afloat under way at large cooking close at hand adjacent local within spitting distance just a stone's throw away on hand going strong energetic vigorous alive and kicking alive and well all right hale and hearty still with us available acquirable feasible attainable gettable obtainable offered usable achievable derivable from doable employable exploitable fit functional getatable ready unoccupied contactable in attendance not busy unengaged idle on call on duty online on stand-by open-door reachable near at hand a hop, skip and a jump away easy to get to adjoining immediate proximate close-up next-door bordering abreast within range vicinity area district environs locality neighbourhood(UK) purlieus locale vicinage neighborhood(US) precincts region surroundings territory backyard domain local area matter place quarter More
"around" Antonyms
ahead forwards forward on onwards forth frontwards towards the front along onward further precisely exactly strictly literally specifically accurately absolutely just squarely explicitly definitely totally smack-dab methodically entirely correctly completely positively truly fully nowhere no space not anywhere endlessly continuously perpetually neverendingly constantly continually incessantly regularly repeatedly ceaselessly eternally indefinitely interminably repetitively unendingly always consistently forever frequently infinitely straight directly right unswervingly in a beeline straight ahead without deviating linearly rectilinearly straightly undeviatingly locally here nearby provincially regionally at this location at this place at this spot in this location in this place in this spot on this spot away off out elsewhere aside sideward sidewards laterally sideways far away out of the way to one side to the side far far afield far remote far off farther more distant at a greater distance faraway at onto atop by aboard alongside beside above upon against lying on on the top of on to on top of resting on sitting on in within inside within the confines of inside the limits of within the bounds of outside outside of exterior to external to away from far from beyond out of past beyond the limits of on the outside of clear of ayond out of reach of far away from distant from remote from ahead of further than far apart from faraway from off side main principal unrelated to incompatible with not resembling unsuitable to inappropriate for prior to before previous to earlier than pending until antecedent to anterior to before the coming of in advance of just before pre- preceding sooner than till up till up until down to ere dead deceased extinct fallen lifeless spiritless breathless demised inanimate perished cadaverous departed killed murdered slain slaughtered cold exanimate late lost arrested ended halted stalled stopped completed finished inactive inoperative inoperable nonfunctional nonfunctioning nonoperating obsolete broken disengaged dormant latent nonactivated nonoperational unused down idle inert empty abandoned bare barren clear depleted desert deserted desolate destitute dry evacuated exhausted forsaken godforsaken uninhabited unoccupied untenanted vacant unavailable inaccessible unobtainable unreachable absent impracticable limited missing nonexistent not available scarce unattainable unemployable unusable deficient in use lacking rare gone over defunct done nonextant worn bust ineffective defective flat useless spent busy engaged occupied tied up engrossed on assignment on duty unapproachable up to one's ears with a customer in a meeting in conference remote distant isolated outlying removed backwoods jerkwater obscure secluded cut-off far-flung far-off out-of-the-way beyond reach

908 Sentences With "around"

How to use around in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "around" and check conjugation/comparative form for "around". Mastering all the usages of "around" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Or sit around, or hang around, or stand around—really, anything around—with weapons that aren't yours.
Even if we just go around and around and around.
It honestly turns my head around and around and around.
"Turning it around, turning it around and turning it around – it's just constant, like, turning it around!" brightcove.
So along the way, things around data, things around news, things around elections, things around fake accounts and content.
I'm interested in bringing people together who are thinking creatively about resistance: around food, around housing, around education, around health.
"I thought to myself, turn around, turn around, turn around," Huffman said.
I drove around and around and around and couldn't find a spot.
Around and around and around she goes, where she stops, nobody… oh. There.
There's lots of issues around regulation, around safety, around all kinds of stuff.
Particularly around the misinformation stuff that's happened, around privacy and around search bias.
"What goes around slides around, and what slides around slips around," he once told the Times-Picayune in typical Dr. John-speak.
And the second one is on-demand jobs, which have all kinds of problems around them, around health care, around rights, around protections.
Around and around and around, and she would never forget the joy of it.
My wife bosses me around, my kids boss me around, my boss bosses me around.
DAVID FABER: Now, you're giving more financials around – or more financial specifics around classified, around StubHub.
You're filming around the clock, production is around-the-clock and it's around-the-clock partying.
The moon around the earth, the earth around the sun, even the sun around the galaxy.
My homegirl was from around his way, and I was around there one time walking around.
Tumblr was built around community, around fandom, around viral absurdist meme blogs and street fashion bloggers.
"Ain't going let Hoover police turn me around, turn me around, turn me around," they sang.
Yeah, but they are doing that right now around the billionaire stuff, around the taxing, around the Green New Deal, around a lot of these issues.
A lot of these innovations ... you should see the stuff they're doing in China, it's insane, around buses, around small cars, around rickshaws, around ... and it's all private.
"We are growing value in key high value areas around cloud, around data and AI, around digital, and around security," Kavanaugh said on CNBC's "Closing Bell" on Wednesday.
"Listen, we can go around like a hamster wheel, around and around, about what really happened," she says.
Dwight knows if Daryl spins around, he's not spinning around to say something; he's spinning around to attack.
Emily: As you know, I have gone around and around and around on this question all season long.
"To go around the State Department, to go around the Pentagon, to go around the CIA …," he answered.
Around CEO Dominik Zane Around CEO Dominik Zane Around was born out of frustration with remote work collaboration.
On the technicals front, support lay around $1,475 and resistance, around resistance, around $0.23,515, MKS SA's Nabavi said.
In oil markets, Brent crude traded at around $54.45 a barrel on Wednesday, up around 0.52 percent, while U.S. crude was around $51.23 a barrel, up around 0.39 percent.
Let's talk about what's coming next, because I think what Hilary referenced a little bit was the idea around automation, around robotics, around self-driving cars, around artificial intelligence.
And because he couldn't sort of answer that question, it just stuck around and stuck around and stuck around.
Brent traded at around $71.75 on Thursday afternoon, up around 0.2%, while WTI stood at $63.94, around 0.3% higher.
There are around 40m commercial flights around the world every year, around twice the number of a decade ago.
Infection rates vary widely around the world, from around 9 percent in Norway to around 60 percent in Brazil.
"We were looking around, looking around, looking around," James Moody, chief of the bureau's organized crime section, told Friedman.
When Collins sang her "Highwayman" — "I am still around, and I'll always be around, and around, and around" — I felt transported, not into the past, but into Judy Collins's present.
"This conversation and debate around human rights for everyone, this conversation around what that looks like, is not centered around hate, it's actually centered so much around love," she said.
The core of that issue is around exposure, around access, around what societal norms are being reinforced for young kids.
In addition, KWG's leverage of around 40% is slightly weaker than CIFI's at around 35% and Aoyuan's at around 35%.
So around and around we go, drunkenly reeling around the track in an effort to knock over more pins, faster.
In addition, KWG's leverage of around 7503% is slightly weaker than CIFI's at around 35% and Aoyuan's at around 35%.
In the hills around Deya, Spain, he encountered flocks of goats who roamed around with bells tied around their necks.
Groupon opened around $26 a share and now trades around $3; Snap opened around $27 and now trades at $9.
And some of the issues in Europe are really around particular issues around auto production, around some regulatory changes and things.
There's a ton of them around privacy, around net neutrality, around what your role is and what you think you represent.
This power bank can fully recharge an iPhone 6 around 8 times, Samsung S6 around 6 times and iPadAir around twice.
Around the European market close, Brent jumped around $56.70 per barrel in later trade, while U.S. WTI rose to around $50.80.
I did similar things growing up, sometimes strutting around my room, whipping around the towels I had wrapped around my head.
Towing capacity for the single motor version is around 7,500 pounds, dual-motor around 10,000 pounds and trimotor around 14,000 pounds.
"Around the taste, around the brand recognition, around the price, all those things were important factors in choosing Impossible," he said.
You can learn the value gap by simply driving around the United States, driving around local neighborhoods, driving around your city.
I went round, and around and around in my head.
Basil writhed around while staff desperately cast around for painkillers.
The currency fell overnight from around $0.6550 to around $0.6525.
"What goes around comes around," he tells a shocked Cam.
"Look around you," he says, gesturing around the busy market.
At around 240am more ice is put around Joy's body.
Looking around here everyone is carrying around these plush pangolins.
"You forget that what goes around comes around," Christie continued.
When we looked around, we noticed people rushing around us.
He's just getting slapped around every time you turn around.
Around 11AM they turn it around for the first time.
Maybe that's around magical trips, maybe it's around something else.
The squirrel ran around, by, through, up, down, around, etc.
But they should remember that what goes around comes around.
There's one around $50 billion and one around $70 billion.
Unfortunately, it was around something negative and around something destructive.
Stuff that Laurene Jobs did around art and around immigration.
There was not a sophistication around the discussions around it.
Any time we're around each other, we're around the kids.
For around three years, she visited hotels around the world.
"I remember thinking: Turn around, just turn around," she said.
Unemployment staying hopefully around where it is now, around 3.5%.
You want to keep circling around, then keep circling around.
Does it change this idea around simplicity around your service?
I kept walking around the kitchen, moving stuff around aimlessly.
Was it overwhelming for you, like the issues you all faced there around hate, around President Trump, around ... mostly President Trump, really.
In a setting as turbulent as the dark web, this pattern of migration will keep coming back around, and around, and around.
Grown men in the stands, of varying ages (and weights), stripped off their shirts and waved them around and around and around.
Conversations we've never had before around race or around gender, around discrimination, immigration, we're having those conversations we've always managed to circumvent.
Whether that was around youth sports, whether it was around the Get Involved program, around the Sports Matter Foundation, the gun piece.
Brent crude traded at around $79.78 on Tuesday morning, up around 0.7 percent, while WTI stood at $72.68, around 0.6 percent higher.
So the fewer opossums you have around and the more white-footed mice you have around, the more ticks you have around.
Prices in Polanco are around $5,0113 per square meter, or around $465 a square foot, compared with around $4,000 a square meter, or around $372 a square foot, last year, Ms. Peters Romero said.
But it's also the smallest, with around 9.2 million subscribers, compared to others like Vodafone (around 18 million) and O2 (around 25 million) and EE (which says around 31 million across mobile, fixed and wholesale).
Brent crude traded at around $58.28 on Monday, up around 2 percent, while WTI stood at around $49.07, more than 2.3 percent higher.
The men, for all they want us around when they want us around, sure don't want us around the minute we turn inconvenient.
I think our system has a lot of great things to it around innovation, around access, around -- creating the best providers and care.
So again, around professions around these cliche stereotypes around gender and race, you keep seeing them get reflected and try to fix it.
Apple Music for Artists has been around in beta since mid-2018, and much of what was around then is still around now.
Refinitiv data shows some large options of around $1.5 billion around $1.31, which could mean that sterling may hit resistance around that level.
Around 20 police officers, donning riot shields and helmets, stood around the area, and metal barricades created a wide border around the pedestal.
But it was very evocative around the country lanes around there.
In many ways, questions around EVs parallel questions around renewable energy.
Evacuees walked around in the dark, or huddled around their beds.
At around $6.2 trillion, nonfinancial corporate debt is around record levels.
We have around 13,000 guards in the north covering around 1,100km.
Some say £953,829 (around $1.25 million), others £860,000 (around $1.1 million).
The number of locations is something around 3,203 around the country.
Obviously, Sam is a very controversial figure around issues around Islam.
"What goes around, comes around," said one of Washington's Republican pillars.
Muslims around the world, like all people around the world, matter.
Around highways for long distance support, sure, but not around town.
Since then, around 500 immigration agents around Mexico have been fired.
Everybody that was around him was glad to be around him.
This time around, the show is set in and around Georgia.
Dear Mike Flynn & Mike Flynn Jr.,What goes around COMETS around.
Slutbot does not mess around, but also very much messes around.
"Bernie is spinning around out there around Pluto somewhere," he said.
Heatwaves around the planet burn hotter and hang around for weeks.
Protruding ribs, wrinkles around my hips, loose skin around my abdomen.
The stock was down around 1% after bouncing around Tuesday evening.
All around me, people on their phones, looking around, nothing landing.
And when you turn around, your co-workers have moved around.
You might go around and around on one seemingly impossible poser.
It's not even around anymore—not many bookstores are around anymore.
"There's an old saying, 'What goes around comes around,'" he added.
I think Ted was still around, Ted Leonsis was still around.
Both bottles are around 12.5 percent alcohol and cost around $20.
Jamie spread it around all over ... up, down and around town.
It is projected to win around 33 seats this time around.
Around us, in active warehouses, workers were moving around on forklifts.
"You look around and you have sippy cups around," she said.
Banks were bidding around 15.60 per dollar and offering around 16.00.
"It felt like I was flying around and around," Hinze said.
Things started turning around for vegetables around 2010, according to Nielsen.
For Soleimani, the idiom "what goes around comes around" held true.
The stock was up around 2% on Wednesday, trading around $30.
CNN employs around 3,000 people across 38 locations around the world.
The bank has around 240 branches and units around the country.
Democrats around the country were rallying around her history-making candidacy.
Around 900 million people are eligible to vote this time around.
Nestle does R&D around the world, involving around 5,000 people.
He is happy, despite being bossed around by everyone around him.
Shares of Kajima and Toda closed down around 4 percent, Maeda was down around 2 percent while JR Central was down around 1 percent.
So it appears that a lot of the controversy around Facebook actually doesn't revolve around what Facebook does but around, like, your personal life.
Last February, Twitch changed its policies around harassment, enacting stricter rules around "hateful" behavior on and off the site and around sexually suggestive content.
The phone displays a circular border around your face, and you simply move around until a series of lines around that circle turn green.
The world isn't quite ready to let go of fidget spinners, the time-wasting stress relief that you spin around and around and around.
I think there's some basic things that could be done around housing, around policing, around helping with mental health or other aspects of homelessness.
So I chase that around my hands, uprooting it and stripping it and following it around and around, keeping the whole act going indefinitely.
So to my original question, do we have people coming in that understand these massive issues that are about to roll through society, around self-driving cars, around privacy, around encryption, around ... these are not photo apps.
Sterling plunged to $1.2833 from around $1.2994 at around 9:00 a.m.
"I was mesmerized by the turntable going around and around," he says.
Wrap your hand around my throat as I wrapped mine around yours.
How does the panic around chemsex compare to the panic around HIV?
I turned around and saw a couple of guys around a camera.
Ciudadanos is seen with around 15% and Podemos with around 12-13%.
We can turn it around and we can turn it around fast.
There's a whole kind of interest around them and subculture around them.
We built the business around our relationships, not the other way around.
I'm just curious why everybody sort of has to skulk around around.
Around the time of its banning, the community had around 90,000 subscribers.
Clicking around WarGames feels a lot like clicking around on my desktop.
An explosion was heard around the studio at around 83AM local time.
He'd be an intellectual around one person, but a bro around others.
We snack while bullshitting around and decide to walk around the building.
If you're there, if you're around, they know that you are around.
Several universities around the world run similar services for students around campuses.
There was an energy around coming out that hadn't been around before.
Around the time of conception, it looks like she was around 1,545.
Modern humans emerged around the horn of Africa around 200,000 years ago.
Golfing becomes year around in locations where it wasn't year around before.
There are around 4.5 million victims of sexual exploitation around the world.
You went around – on camera you're going around saying she stole me!
Instead, it means waiting around for water and working around the system.
Sterling is currently worth around $1.45 and the euro around 77 pence .
Things are branded around men, and banking is oriented around men. Yup.
It's around $5,700 whereas a low-level hot tub is around $4,000.
The skin has healed around the metal like bark around a nail.
"When things turn around they tend to turn around fast," Hevert said.
ISIS combatants killed around 200 civilians, and the fighting displaced around 100,000.
But when big money comes around and pressure comes around, people shrink.
The cost is around five million yen (around forty-seven thousand dollars).
Today it is around £120 billion, or around 7.1 percent of GDP.
AROUND THE WEB:  Following the latest string of earthquakes around Edmond, Okla.
"I mean, he would ride his bicycle around, play around the neighborhood."
Ultimate Software has around 4,100 customers, which represent around 38 million employees.
The silverware will go around the globe to embassies around the world.
Otherwise, we anticipated lots of questions around puberty and around those changes.
It was spreading all around the country and all around the world.
Around half the population follow indigenous beliefs while around 40% are Christians.
Especially around the anti- … the stuff around George Soros, and the sliming.
At around 6:222am Thursday, only around 22016 Democrats remained, including Pelosi.
At around 6:30am Thursday, only around 16 Democrats remained, including Pelosi.
Her systems are not designed around individual clients, but around relational networks.
Truth and lies slide around each other, tying knots around children's lives.
Then I could hear people upstairs moving around, and moving things around.
They're also the unseen guardrails around what's expected when you're not around.
Much of the controversy around the rules centered around access versus privacy.
Each night, around 2m people around the world stay in an Airbnb.
These trainings work around officers' busy schedules, not the other way around.
The TV industry and fans around the world have rallied around Trebek.
People are walking around town with name badges draped around their necks.
Dubin said the facility has around 108 residents plus around 180 staff.
The planes used to go around and around -- 'Don't land, don't land.
The break occurred around 62nd Street and Broadway at around 5 a.m.
She looked around as a police car drove repeatedly around the square.
"There's a lot of hope around and consensus around value-based care."
Uber transformed the way 75 million people around the world get around.
I trust him to turn it around and turn it around quickly.
The issues around trade are causing investor sentiment to be moving around.
"He wasn't throwing cash around with women all around him," Cardillo recalled.
With a flight time of around seven hours starting around 7 p.m.
KS: I do like all his money throwing around, washing all around.
What goes around comes around, and the temptation for schadenfreude is great.
Typically, each edition features around 217 performances of around new 22018 productions.
It's great, you're in New York, just around, running around, meeting people.
I'm traveling around the country, now a little more around the world.
Do you wander around with a paddle around the streets of Manhattan?
As the conversation persisted around loot boxes last year, legislators around the world began proposing laws around loot boxes and their perceived connection to gambling.
International benchmark Brent crude traded at around $82.03 on Friday, up around 0.38 percent, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) stood unchanged at around $72.13.
Both grades were slightly lower around noon Tuesday in Asia, with Brent moving around $51.20 a barrel, while U.S. crude was around $53 a barrel.
International benchmark Brent crude traded at around $2800 Friday morning, up around 2000%, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) stood at $20203, around 22020% higher.
The monitor says that QuadrigaCX owes 76,000 users around $215 million CAD (or around $163 million USD), but investigators have only recovered around $33 million.
Benchmark U.S. West Texas Intermediate were traded around $47.10 a barrel and European Brent crude moved around $48.60 a barrel around 11am HK/SIN time.
NSO Group sells hacking and surveillance technology to around 60 government agencies in around 30 countries around the world, according to recently published financial audits.
For context, the average man has around 13 drinks per week at his peak, around age 25; women peak at around four drinks per week.
"There must be something about relationships that are built around eating, around food, around the dinner table, and we have just desegregated that," she said.
But it's all in the same, getting back to geography, it was all in the same geography around Palo Alto, around Berkeley, around different universities?
In the app, you can move your phone around in the air, looking all around and up and down, as you slide your viewpoint all around the scene, seeing the actors and the set wrapping all around you.
Our favorites this week Get going with some of our most popular good news stories of the week 50 states, hundreds of good deeds Rodney Smith Jr. has been around the country ... and around ... and around ... and around again.
Brent crude traded at around $76.91 a barrel on Tuesday morning, down 0.6 percent, while U.S. crude was around $66.68 a barrel, around 0.5 percent lower.
And I think that trying to create excitement around the book awards, around 5 Under 35, around books at large, is about not condescending to people.
If Drake is around 366 centimeters when seated — which is 54 percent of around 678 centimeters — then, scientifically, Drake is around 22 feet tall while standing.
In Florida, around 550 people used the app before polls closed; in Pennsylvania, it was around 600, and around 250 people signed up in North Carolina.
Divide current total US personal income, around $13 trillion, by current population, around 320 million, and we get a universal basic income around $40,000 per person.
So the fewer woodpeckers and rails you have around, and the more robins and crows you have around, the more West Nile virus you have around.
At around 1.63 pounds each, that's nearly 133 million pounds of fucktoy floating around, taking up space in closets, nightstands, and under beds around the world.
When the index did open, stocks were trading down around 2,290 points, or around 11% lower, and by late afternoon the index was down around 9.5%.
But some trips involved more running around: driving a circle route around Scotland and the nonstop, even frenzied train journey around Japan, rail passes in hand.
What goes around comes around: last year Coutts' hives yielded 12kg of honey.
ET, U.S. crude stood around $46.89 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $48.97.
UNICEF estimates around 150 million girls around the world have been sexually assaulted.
But the buds themselves last around 3 hours with the volume around 75%.
Big changes are coming around your finances and your ideas around self-worth.
Vettel, who had been third fastest, retorted that "what goes around comes around".
Did you build the track around the sample or the other way around?
You can see me sometimes in frame, just lying around around them somewhere.
Time is a flat circle and what goes around comes around, I guess.
GUTFELD: A lot of running around, and I don&apost like running around.
A pop-up store in Manhattan was lines around and around the block.
He also moved around 000 kilos of Sinaloa heroin worth around $10 million.
My journey around healing, which is still ongoing, is centered around finding joy.
Around the end of September, fresh must is cooked for around 24 hours.
The consortium had anticipated issues around SK Hynix, though largely around antitrust clearance.
And around the country, he still sees a lot of stigma around HIV.
Press, staffers and lobbyists began crowding around the committee room around 7 a.m.
We had the opportunity to fly the drone around a bit around Manhattan.
"Around the year 2000, businesses around the country went 'business casual,'" she said.
KS: When you pal around ... I mean, I didn't pal around too much.
As you were doing increasing things about climate change, around Duterte, around everything?
ET, U.S. WTI stood around $51 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $52.30.
Yet what goes around may also come around, to affect the American economy.
Around 250 fans stuck around and watched on, and yeah, they looked tired.
Such rates will rise from around 2% to around 3.5% on most metals.
Originally, Ford only intended to build around 500 GTs — around 250 per year.
The pandas bounced around their enclosure, rolling around in the freshly fallen snow.
It ended up needing around 70 watts — around the same as a lightbulb.
The event killed around 32,000 people in and around the city of Avezzano.
Kristall cuts around 300,000 carats annually and generates revenue of around $200 million.
ET, U.S. WTI stood around $50.76 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $51.57.
ET, U.S. crude stood around $49.19 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $49.97.
ET. The euro fell around 238 percent versus the dollar, holding around $1.092.
She was not a leopard in a cage, pacing around and around again.
Last night, I was going around offering free beers to players around me.
ET, U.S. WTI stood around $50.73 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $52.10.
U.S. WTI last stood around $50.60 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $52.80.
We'll be sitting around at a family barbecue, joking around about cooking somebody.
Just tie a rope around something, cinch it around your neck, and jump.
Grocers' margins are around 1% and convenience store margins come in around 2%.
Last year, around 700,000 migrants entered Austria and around 90,000 applied for asylum.
This might make them fearful around other people or anxious around law enforcement.
Nobody tells me who to bring around and who to not bring around.
Now, though, they've averaging around 100,000 classifications per day from around 6,000 players.
This year around 1m Japanese will be born, and around 1.3m will die.
Low point: At around 1:40pm, the Dow was off around 610 points.
Around one-third of the suspected cases are in Pernambuco state around Recife.
What was your thinking around the film's romantic angle, and around unrequited love?
In politics as in life, it seems that what goes around comes around.
ET, U.S. crude traded around $49.29 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $55.34.
Giuliani tweeted that there were enemies around — enemies of the President around Zelensky.
ET, U.S. crude traded around $50.27 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $56.75.
Dance music has always been around and festival culture has always been around.
Right from the beginning, it's always been around kids and around the community.
AND FINALLY ... Round and around Dogs spin around all the time on command.
Ladbrokes operates around 13,227 betting shops in the UK and Coral around 1,850.
Around Town As an institution, the Met has been around since the 1880s.
ET, U.S. crude traded around $50.06 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $56.12.
ET, U.S. crude traded around $50.22 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $56.31.
Ladbrokes operates around 2,227 betting shops in the UK and Coral around 1,850.
Right there all the neighbors that was around here was around here, too.
Exciting news and ideas around money or self-worth will arrive around midday.
You're not into running around and fighting; you're into sitting around and eating.
He can definitely move around and jump around more than he did before.
During trading today, shares were up around 4%, to around $15 per share.
NexGenT charges a tuition — around $12,000, which with maximum discounts hits around $6,500.
People around me had begun real careers and were traveling around the world.
I became aware of it around the time I graduated, around early 2016.
Mutual antagonism is increasing around abortion, as it is around nearly everything else.
It's about putting great people around you, and I've great people around me.
Tensions around identity have swirled around the Women's March from its earliest days.
Listen to "Whiplash" around 52:00 and "Only You" around 55:00 here.
So I start from the bottom, making a snail, going around and around.
TAVERNISE: Going around and around, backing up really quickly, tearing through an alley.
I'm walking around with a sporty backpack and a camera around my neck.
Around 22021m new jobs have been added, or around 22% of total employment.
As we looked around, we saw confused dogs, cats, and pigs roaming around.
"Our world revolves around intoxicants, but it also revolves around flavor," he said.
The issue around terrorism, the issue around the geopolitics going on right now.
We've designed our workspaces around computers, instead of designing the computers around us.
He drove around the area for a while, and around 1:33 a.m.
We can turn it all around - and we can turn it around fast.
In the scene, Buddy runs around and around in the building's revolving door.
" He said: "I watch you buzzing around and running circles around everybody else.
ET, U.S. crude hovered around $49.40 per barrel, while Brent stood around $52.27.
ET, U.S. crude hovered around $49.06 per barrel, while Brent stood around $51.86.
It's a party built around him at this point, not around any idea.
The story radiates around him, jumping around time, perspective, and even narrative format.
ET, U.S. crude hovered around $47.68 per barrel, while Brent stood around $51.01.
ET, U.S. crude hovered around $46.56 per barrel, while Brent stood around $50.09.
It is around $23 million for a married couple, not around $11 million.
EJ: They're all around the world, they have installations all around the world.
A couple staffers were "running around with their heads spinning around," she said.
All my life I've been around people that I wanted to be around.
Brent crude traded at around $85.30 on Wednesday, up around 0.6 percent, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) stood at around $75.55, more than 0.4 percent higher.
Archaeological and genetic evidence suggests Neanderthals were romping around Eurasia around 2000,2800 years ago, and that modern humans, Homo sapiens, emerged in Africa around 2000,2300 years ago.
"We know we've got some issues that we've got to deal with around pricing, around availability, around operation and we are on to those," he told reporters.
We look at things like pollution, which used to be an issue around the environment, now it's issues around basic health in certain cities around the world.
Bank withdrawals remained limited, with account holders only able to remove around 7.53,000 rupees a week (around $353), or around 2,500 rupees a day from cash machines.
That compared with the U.S. 10-year Treasury yielding around 1.58 percent, the Japan 10-year bond around a negative 0.7 percent and the at around negative .
There are around 109 manicured acres around the home, 116 acres of planted longleaf pines, and around 3.5 miles of access to Juniper Creek and Pond Creek.
One. But hey, maybe Trump will get around to hiring more, when he gets around to raising money, when he gets around to running a real campaign.
International benchmark Brent crude traded at around $78.14 Thursday lunchtime, around 0.1 percent lower, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) stood at around $74.48, up 0.4 percent.
They lay across it, lunge on, around and over and even sit in the middle on the scratcher and attempt to bat the ball around and around.
We were talking about what the big issues have been in the past couple of years around encryption, around how jobs are classified and [around] net neutrality.
Swae Lee walks around the video holding a golden pineapple, Slim Jimmy dances around with a small dog, and everyone stomps around while lightning strikes behind them.
The kids run around while I straighten up around the house a little bit.
LaTonya Yvette built a brand, not only around her lifestyle blog, but around herself.
The handwriting loops around and around, and the words do too, in heartbreaking ways.
The going rate is now around $10,173, up from around $7,000 a decade ago.
Bitcoin crossed the threshold around 11:40pm GMT and is currently trading around $815.
And there are questions around whether the company's leadership will be around much longer.
It's something you've been doing around the country and even around the globe. Why?
It's about changing the culture—not just around BDSM, but around sex in general.
Those in Germany could drop by around 323 degrees and in France around 232.
She felt like she was walking around with a scarlet letter around her neck.
Software companies average around 80 percent gross margins and around 15 percent net margins.
How do we create more energy around and jobs around universities across the country?
We see opportunities around all those dimensions to add more clarity around our actions.
The euro near session lows around $24.1 after earlier rising to trade around $29.
But everything revolves around that mystery, and not around the characters caught inside it.
" He added, "What's the sense in sitting around and waiting around to be married?
It sits around bitcoin in a way that cryptocurrency is going to sit around.
There are now around 340,000 monthly active users and around 80,000 daily active users.
Drake didn't just spread around his money; he spread around his sense of hope.
ET, U.S. WTI stood around $49.33 per barrel, while Brent crude hovered around $50.16.
ET, U.S. crude stood around $48.19 per barrel, while Brent crude hovered around $49.07.
That will keep inflation around the central bank's target of around 2% in check.
I got in his car around ten o'clock, and we just started riding around.
You may be able to push around nations around you, but this is America.
We usually play around our house until my husband gets home around 6:30.
A few children can be seen walking around and climbing around on the pews.
The man, who was around 35, had been stumbling around drunkenly the night before.
Plus, trips around scenic Hawaii led to some of the best adoption photos around.
"Because the water is so consistent—around eight degrees—all year around," says Clugston.
We lie around watching YouTube for a while and go to sleep around midnight.
We were still going around and around on the engineering analysis at 7 a.m.
As dishes travel around the table, open a bottle and pass that around, too.
U.S. WTI last stood around $49.69 per barrel, while Brent crude hovered around $51.82.
U.S. WTI last stood around $49.79 per barrel, while Brent crude hovered around $51.78.
He's just an all around great dog who wants to love everyone around him.
Expect issues around intimacy to come up, as well as complicated stuff around money.
In other words, you can move around your virtual environment, not just look around.
Around 299 other women lay burning and unconscious around her as she crawled out.
I fall asleep around 278.25 and hear him crawl into bed sometime around midnight.
Understandably, most of the discourse around harm in relation to sex centers around consent.
U.S. oil last stood 250 percent higher around $22, while Brent was around $4.43.
This implies that around ISK237bn (around 20153% of GDP) remain subject to capital controls.
It's fun watching him swing around the city and flip and leap around enemies.
"We have been going around and around with this for months," Nathan tells Meredith.
The euro hovered around $1.1620, having gained around 0.6 percent so far this week.
Rather than wrap around your head like other headphones, N sits around your neck.
Instead, happiness began to decline around 2000 for adults and around 2012 for teens.
Hundreds of people around the globe reported issues with the app around 1 p.m.
ET, U.S. crude traded just around $51.61 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $57.45.
Also, remember that in Senate politics, what goes around comes around every six years.
"In my time around him, he was a joy to be around," Collins said.
Ashmore has around 250 staff globally, of which around 150 are based in Britain.
The world has a way of making sure that what goes around, comes around.
Those have been around ... Bank robbers have been around since the beginning of time.
ET, U.S. crude traded just around $52.22 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $58.25.
It's bizarre — the crowd will part around you like a river around a stone.
Facebook, in its IPO, raised around $16 billion, while Twitter raised around $1.8 billion.
ET, with U.S. crude trading around $52.11 per barrel and Brent hovering around $58.19.
The maintenance unit has around 850 full-time equivalent positions, or around 1,200 staff.
Youth unemployment in Spain is running around 45 percent, in Italy around 37 percent.
ET, U.S. crude was trading around $54.98, while Brent hovered around $61.50 per barrel.
ET on Thursday, U.S. crude was trading around $45.21, while Brent hovered around $47.81.
Move your cursor or thumb around the screen to look up, down and around.
Many Republicans have praised the president's deregulatory push especially around rules around the environment.
ET on Friday, U.S. crude was trading around $45.20, while Brent hovered around $47.56.
It is currently trading around $0.7000, compared with around $0.90 during the mining boom.
He thinks the "races up" toward around 2,600 before correcting, perhaps around 15 percent.
If you want to see more goodness around you, create more goodness around you.
Sika has made around 90 acquisitions in the last five years around the world.
So for now the radioactive waste is either lying around or being moved around.
Bitcoin Cash is up around 50% in the last few hours, trading around $3,300.
Mine average around 200 watts apiece, which puts the total rig around 800 watts.
Centene's shares are up around 272 percent, while WellCare shares rose around 228 percent.
ET on Tuesday, U.S. crude was trading around $46.75, while Brent hovered around $49.20.
She looped it around each pupil, then wrapped the end around her own body.
I shouldn't wait to sit around and have Delta Air Lines kick me around.
They leave their home around 10 each morning and return around 10 each night.
Overall, there are around $16 trillion of negative-yielding debt instruments around the world.
Now, governments around the world are looking into whether loot boxes should stick around.
CHALK IT UP Around 10 I go to the gym around the corner, Chalk.
For family plans, the premium is around $19,000 with employees responsible for around $5,200.
The best bet to catch Pokémon comes from leaving, driving around, walking around, etc.
Around 50,000 people visited the museum in 2019, up from around 28,000 in 2017.
Around 50,000 people visited the museum in 2019, up from around 28,000 in 2017.
I have around $30,6 in there and around $15,8 in my actual savings account.
We're going to continue to identify supplies around the country and around the world.
You can try to talk those around you into solidarity, spreading the wealth around.
The notion that someone around my age, from around my background, joined the Mossad.
My dad was a baseball coach, he was driving us around, chauffeuring us around.
The compound covers around 100 acres, around the same size as the Vatican City.
The sculpture, which weighs around three tonnes, depicts 15 bodies twisted around each other.
Published estimates have SAP at around 100,000 employees, while ServiceNow now has around 10,000.
It was listed at around $2.18 million, with taxes of around $3,800 a year.
And the US economy is built more around highways than around train lines today.
Around that time, the brothers started noticing fencing going up around their parents' land.
It said its headcount would be cut to around 400 from around 900 currently.
This is a fight that has been around and will continue to be around.
ET on Thursday, U.S. crude was trading around $47.41, while Brent hovered around $50.08.
So far, around 15,000 shoppers have browsed the site, amounting to around 500 purchases.
It never feels overburdened or bloated around bends, shrinking around you as you drive.
It's around the corner, up a hill, around another corner, on a different street.
ET on Wednesday, U.S. crude was trading around $46.40, while Brent hovered around $48.90.
The "fully-loaded cost of bitcoin" around the world, Lee said, is around $8,000.
And the consumption around the content is somewhere around 500 million views a month.
ET, U.S. crude hovered around $46.01 per barrel, while Brent last stood around $51.53.
Until Cox and Trump came around, none of this activity was organized around politics.
ET on Friday, U.S. crude was trading around $46.52, while Brent hovered around $48.92.
Catalonia's debt level — at around 2.43 billion euros — is around quarter that of Greece.
Sears' stores average around 159,000 square-feet and Kmart averages around 94,000 square-feet.
Around that time, Rogers says populations of elk started to grow around the area.
ET on Monday, U.S. crude was trading around $46.55, while Brent hovered around $48.99.
That's because they aren't just going up around countries — they're going up around us.
The cat's around for more than companionship; it's moving illegal drugs around the prison.
Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier top, $650, What Goes Around Comes Around, (212) 343-1225.
The temperature dropped to around 25, tiny flurries whirled around in the light wind.
One of the waves LIGO heard (around Christmas 22) was around 2100 attometers tall.
It was around midnight when I began running naked laps around the Quad Yard.
Arianna is floating around, so Arianna Huffington is floating around out there making trouble.
Too often, the discourse around depression is around "battling" the illness, then getting better.
He barely even turned around… as soon as he turned around he just dropped.
Easy energy flows today around finances, and on an emotional level, around feeling valued.
Brian and his friends would gather around the TV, watching him explore around Cyrodiil.
It's estimated around 40% of ships in the waters around Somali contract PCASP groups.
Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now.
Around 36,500 US service members died during the Korean War, but America has yet to account for around 7,700 of them, with around 5,300 lost in North Korea.
Because if we can create many manufacturing jobs around — those manufacturing jobs create more jobs around them, because you have a service industry that builds up around them.
The new contract will cover around 13 million doses at a price of around $48 per dose, Larsen said, underlining that uncertainties around price and volume still remained.
International benchmark Brent crude traded at around $83.38 on Monday, down nearly 1 percent, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) stood at around $73.81, around 0.7 percent lower.
Avastin costs around 28 pounds ($37) per injection, according to the judgment, while Eylea costs around 816 pounds per injection and Lucentis costs around 551 pounds per injection.
Because if we can create many manufacturing jobs around, those manufacturing jobs create more jobs around them because you have a service industry that builds up around them.
"Because if we can create many manufacturing jobs around–those manufacturing jobs create more jobs around them, because you have a service industry that builds up around them."
In oil markets, Brent crude traded at around $51.99 a barrel on Tuesday, up around 0.91 percent, while U.S. crude was around $49.14 a barrel, up 0.61 percent.
The line would give Lebanon around two thirds and Israel around one third of a disputed triangular area of sea of around 860 sq km (330 square miles).
If everyone around Weinstein knew about his inappropriate conduct around women, why were so many Democratic politicians willing to pal around with him and/or accept his money?
How to use Look Around in Apple Maps on your iPhone, by navigationYou can also access Look Around by navigating around on the map and zooming in.1.
"Because if we can create many manufacturing jobs around — those manufacturing jobs create more jobs around them, because you have a service industry that builds up around them."
If spot LNG prices stay around $6.50 per mmBTU, plus freight of around 50 cents/mmBTU, regasification cost with an FSRU of around 40 cents/mmBTU and crude prices around $50 a barrel, imported LNG could compete with domestic gas, Støhle estimated.
"A lot of the sticking points focus around Aleppo, around Nusra, around delineating between where Nusra is and the opposition is, and around ... the next steps and how we get to a nationwide cessation of hostilities," a senior State Department official told reporters.
Tesla&aposs stock price (around $2200, as of Monday afternoon) is significantly higher than those of General Motors (around $2000), Ford (around $9), or Fiat Chrysler (around $15), despite the fact that all three of those companies make more money than Tesla does.
He was known mostly as a boastful rich guy, the dude who had had successes and failures and rode the real estate roller coaster around and around and around.
International benchmark Brent crude traded at around $56.61 on Wednesday, up around 0.6 percent, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) stood at around $46.59, more than 0.75 percent higher.
International benchmark Brent crude traded at around $2383 on Thursday, down around 2000 percent, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) stood at around $21.2, more than 3.3 percent lower.
International benchmark Brent crude traded at around $81.44 on Thursday, down around 2 percent, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) stood at around $71.85, more than 1.8 percent lower.
Crypto prices are near rock-bottom prices, with Bitcoin hanging around $4,000 and Ethereum around $113, down from their highs earlier this year of around $16,13 and $1,400, respectively.
International benchmark Brent crude traded at around $83.01 on Monday, up around 0.34 percent, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) stood at around $73.42, more than 0.2 percent higher.
But with gift-giving season around the corner, what's the perfect present for a lover you don't plan on keeping around once spring, AKA slutty season, rolls back around?
International benchmark Brent crude traded at around $66.84 on Friday, up around 0.7 percent, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) stood at around $57.69, more than 0.8 percent higher.
"They started selling dollars when the market opened, at firmer than the 6.91 level, then around 6.9120, then at around 6.9050, and now at around 6.9020," the trader added.
At end-1Q16, CASA provided around 303% of the company's total funding either directly (around 40%) or through guarantees on most loans from international financial institutions (IFIs; around 22%).
It's so funny to think that while we wanted to win the around-the-world race, everyone else just wanted us to get around to get around without dying.
Diaz, 46, was spotted walking around New York City on Wednesday carrying around some purchases.
Servas testified that she found McKenzie wandering around the neighborhood at around 10:18 a.m.
Schumer parades around stage for about 10 full seconds, angling her body around the theater.
One guy is passed out, sliding around the slippery deck, while another maniacally parades around.
Many of the items ranged from tees for around $60, to jackets for around $350.
Cairn's share price rose around 5 percent on Tuesday, BP's was up around 1 percent.
Spot gold was up around 0.3 percent to $1,225.89 per ounce at around 1 p.m.
The left-wing incivility has been around before Donald Trump and around for a while.
Bauer allegedly targeted seven women in total, from around February 2015 through around June 2018.
Speakers will make remarks around noon and the marchers will begin walking around 1 p.m.
What goes around comes around, and in the world of trade, reciprocity rules the day.
By mid-December, daily highs hover around 23 degrees on average, with lows around zero.
Over, under, around, over, under, around — it's almost impossible not to fall into a trance.
People were running around trying to grab fire extinguishers that we had around the event.
They run around $17 million each and cost around $12,255 per flight hour to operate.
It has annual turnover of around 27 million euros ($32.3 million) and around 200 employees.
In America the forecast is around 2.1%; in the euro zone it is around 1.7%.
"It's fun when everyone's running around, cutting, and we're whipping the ball around," Curry said.
Instead of running circles around them, I BAMFed my way around each space, Nightcrawler style.
Around 38,000 people have been evacuated and around 150 structures have been destroyed, officials said.
At the close Brent was slightly higher, around $218, while U.S. WTI hovered around $21.6.
This impressive discount won't be around for long, so you can't afford to hang around.
Pardoe spends around $5,000 on travel annually, which averages out to around $420 per month.
Available highly liquid assets (around EUR700 million) at end-13H17 covered around 49% total deposits.
Around 15 years ago radar sensors were specialised pieces of kit and cost around $3,2503.
I hop on the tube around 8:40 today as I messed around too much.
We'd walk around campus and jump out from underneath the dresses and dance around people.
They navigate around people and other objects thanks to cameras embedded around the robot's exterior.
I have a personal passion, as you may know, around products, around innovation and design.
Walking around all day, not admitting the reality of his life to those around him.
We both get in bed around 9:15 to read and doze off around 10ish.
The company, who's market value is around $60 billion, is trading around $140 per share.
In their first week, they receive around 5 matches, and average around 15 in total.
I walk around with blankets wrapped around me while brushing my teeth and checking Tinder.
Around 400,000 cases are filed yearly in the federal system, which has around 1,700 judges.
I think if they want to be cozy around me, then they're comfortable around me.
Around 280% of the airline's flights have been canceled since then, affecting around 26.3,28.4 passengers.
Brent and U.S. crude were higher around Europe's close, hovering around $49.47 and $47.04 respectively.
Instead, it can pull aliens around the map and erect protective shields around human buildings.
You move around in an underwater world, and there's a special controller around your belly.
Apple wants to keep the premium perception around its brand and especially around this product.
ET, U.S. WTI stood around $50.54 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $52.25 a barrel.
At Europe's market close, Brent hovered around $51.31, while U.S. WTI last stood around $49.64.
After all, they say what goes around comes around and becomes more expensive (or something).
Paint circles around your eyes pushing as hard as you can around the orbital area.
The pores around my nose appear smaller and I've noticed fewer blackheads around my chin.
Waymo CEO John Krafcik said that around 20,000 people around Phoenix, Arizona had signed up.
And around and around it goes, a vicious cycle of keeping up with the Joneses.
You'll learn a lot about yourself this February, especially around this complex you carry around.
U.S. West Texas Intermediate last stood around $44.86 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $47.02.
The oldest dates back to around 500 BC, while the youngest is from around 1800.
ET, U.S. WTI was trading around $50.85 per barrel, while Brent crude hovered around $52.70.
Treasury yields traded slightly lower, with the around 1.32 percent and the around 2.50 percent.
That goes up to around $2,500/pm in Lagos and around $3,000/pm in Nairobi.
Polling around the time it was implemented was around 21 percent positive for the public.
This Laser Camera Can See Around CornersHow can a person see around a blind corner?
We go to bed around 10:30, and I finally fall asleep around 11:30.
Around 1909, 1910, you have some people establishing production companies and little lots around Gower.
Or throw props around as a distraction and stealthily make their way around a corner.
Just like I wouldn't smoke tobacco around my parents, I wouldn't smoke weed around them.
You walk around and you're hearing probably every foreign language being spoken around this campus.
The same thing around ... We published a memo by Travis Kalanick around a work event.
This should add around 500,000 tonnes this year, rising to around 800,000 tonnes in 2020.
Summit was designed not around a traditional conference theme, but to stoke camaraderie around curiosity.
After all, "beards have been around since men have been around," he told CNBC recently.
This year, bitcoin has surged by around 125%, and on Friday was trading around $8,300.
Around 22017 people sustained injuries as a result of being tossed around like rag dolls.
It has helped raise around $2.5 million in pledges for around 150 cases to date.
The design can work around a name, but the name can't work around the design.
I sell cannabis in its many forms, around the city or sent around the country.
They currently have around 30,000 subscribers that mostly pay around $10 monthly for TYT's content.
The manufacturing processes around OLED displays are generally more expensive than those around LCD displays.
" My peers around the world ask, "Who will speak for women around the world now?
The battery replacement kits cost around $40, while the screen kits cost around $100-$200.
HK/SIN time, compared with levels around 0.7421 around the time of the Fed decision.
It dumped around 23 trillion gallons of water in total and destroyed around 29,230 homes.
This would mean around 2.16 billion euros for Spain and around 358 million for Portugal.
"There's less stigma around plastic surgery and almost none around double-eyelid surgery," says Willa.
Just don't let Thanos see you walking around with the Time Stone around your neck.
In October it sacked around 10% of its global workforce, which now numbers around 2,200.
As I had built an identity around alcohol, I had built an identity around running.
And that is what strikes you most moving around Raqqa and the neighborhoods around it.
Gutenberg invented his printing press around 1440; the modern paper jam was invented around 1960.
Outposts around Mosul (or locals who enjoy running in close circles around their houses): pic.twitter.
Draper also suggested that the intense scrutiny around Facebook's handling around user data was hypocritical.
Collins and Murkowski around the defunding of Planned Parenthood, around the protection of Roe v.
I've seen it traveling around the country in the last few days, traveling around Wisconsin.
Widodo said current fishing production around Natuna was only around 9 percent of its potential.
The block of around 142 million shares is expected to be priced around July 15.
The decision will revolve in great part around Mr. Poroshenko and the men around him.
" He also raised the spectre of revenge, warning Democrats that "what goes around comes around.
Biles was the reigning world all-around champion, not the defending Olympic all-around champion.
The currency has breached support around $1.233, and is now eyeing a level around $1.2172.
"Whoever has been around the block, that's who I want to be around," Varner said.
" Around noon, while Robbins and Ruffalo were horsing around between takes—Robbins: "You were horrible.
"We're not just going to sit around and let them push us around," Taylor said.
"So long as our armed forces are around, Taiwan will surely be around," she added.
As we previously reported, Jennifer's cup cost around $600 ... and A-Rod's runs around $500.
ET, U.S. crude fell slightly, trading around $50.41 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $55.89.
It may be all around us, but there's only so much spectrum to go around.
Today, the discussion around concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) revolves largely around professional football.
I walked around in my underwear (okay, okay, I walked around naked) and blasted music.
Positive reassessments started trickling in around 2010, but swelled to a full flood around 2016.
LG: That's kind of amazing, because Sonos has been around for around 15 years now.
Around the airport, another Naver robot — aptly called "Around" — will circulate to keep information updated.
These center around the issue of liquidity, which is spread unevenly around the euro zone.
The dollar hovered around 107.80 yen, bound between support around 106.80 and resistance at 108.98.
I have done a lot of traveling around the United States and around the world.
An unclear situation around who owns what or around a debt will get addressed today.
That would mark a fall of around 3% from its current level of around $1.2860.
For now, donations average around 500 roubles ($8.87) and around half are from grassroots supporters.
It was around here that the Mississippi started to expand into the land around it.
The hotel company employs around 130,000 people around the world, a spokesperson told the Journal. 
If they land in your boat, they'll be flopping around, and they'll get slime around.
The company operates around 275 imprints worldwide, and its sales total around 4 billion annually.
Homes in the South End district typically start at around 185,22769 Canadian, or around $510,000.
I have around 15-20 pairs of shoes yet only use around 12 of them.
Our civilization has always had people moved around, kicked around, rejected, put in desperate situations.
Its shares traded at around 28.9 riyals on Sunday, around 0.3% below the previous session.
One good draft, the collective belief around here goes, and it could all turn around.
"Often concerns initially expressed around people become concerns around traffic," as Ms. Quinn put it.
Mr. Koenig arrives around noon, leaves around midnight, and examines every plate of food served.
When autonomously driving around, there's no need to look at the shabby world around you.
Under Armour's stock peaked around $52 in September 2015, but is currently trading around $20.
By the time the Series B rolls around, though, that should probably be swapped around.
Lower-ranking army officers are paid around 400 euros and mid-officers around 550 euros.
"If you know he's not around and nobody's around, sneak your way out," she said.
She also threw around several serious claims about his alleged inappropriate behavior around straight men.
He'd been around forever, and when leaders are around forever they start doing stupid things.
"People who have been around for awhile, they know their way around," Mr. Lewis said.
Prices start at around $1,900 a month for studios, and around $23,300 for one-bedrooms.
I prefer going to bed around midnight and getting up at around 8 or so.
The average price sits around $45, so your savings should be around $10 to $15.
It carried out five strikes around Mosul and four around Ramadi, focusing on similar targets.
We both fall into bed around 10:30 and go to sleep around 11:30.
Treasury 10-year yields were around 1.63%, off Tuesday's three-month lows around 1.57% hit.
As you walk around on the grid, life springs up around each of your footfalls.
Now 4, she gets around in a wheelchair, or by scooting around on the floor.
After all, President Obama came in with unemployment around 10, left with it around 5.
The Hart family was in and around the Newport, Oregon area around 8:15 a.m.
There is a set of questions around it, around what should technology companies' responsibility be?
They are also more affordable: the least expensive around $20, and the average around $60.
Around that time, my son started kindergarten, which saved us around $500 on daycare expenses.
Brent crude futures, the international benchmark, traded at around $63.87 on Wednesday, down around 1%.
When Westbrook is around, everyone is aware of him, and he is never not around.
Markets around the world on alert Stock markets around the world reacted to the news.
Around 85033,000 people a year take the LSAT; around 700,000 a year take the GRE.
Voting is expected to take around two hours, with the result due around 2100 GMT.
Right now, Brent is trading around $68 a barrel and WTI is bouncing around $64.
It dumped around 27 trillion gallons of water in total and destroyed around 30,000 homes.
The people around him are hardly even paying attention: They mill around, discussing other things.
"This platform story centers around Helix and early data points around customer adoption are positive."
But that's another issue around AI. We have to start to create guardrails around these.
By around 10:00 PM, I got sick of lurking around and went to bed.
We were entertaining at our kitchen island and she would crawl around and around it.
And Stan Van Gundy is building around Drummond like he built around Howard in Orlando.
And you guys know your way around Washington, you know your way around regulatory agencies.
The yen was down by about 0.3% around 25 per US dollar around 211 a.m.
Other times, just on my feet—twirling me around and around until I was disoriented.
Since they learned to walk they have been doing little other than kicking a ball around, or watching other people kick a ball around, or listening to people who used to kick a ball around explaining the subtle nuances of kicking a ball around.
Toy trains, my first toy train probably the circle was about a three foot circle, and I would sit there and this thing only went around and around and around.
"There are these really deeply entrenched cultural value systems around hierarchy in the workplace, around not complaining, around being a team player and not taking things too seriously," Alemzadeh said.
The fund bought around 267,000 MasterCard shares, valued at around $27.57 million at the end of the quarter, and added 1.52 million shares in Visa, valued at around $118.77 million.
You brought formal antitrust charges against Google and a number of issues around Android, around its services, antitrust issues around its services, and then most recently about its advertising practices.
In London, I saw them around the postdocs at the FIL, around the black-clad protesters at an antifascist rally, and around the people living in boats in the canals.
In oil markets, Brent crude traded at around $54.86 a barrel on Wednesday, up more than 1 percent, while U.S. crude was around $51.68 a barrel, up around 1.3 percent.
The settlement highlights the knock-on effect of the recalls, which began around 2008 and covers around 693 million inflators around the world used in vehicles made by 19 automakers.
Recent vintages of Vieux Château Certan start around $175 and Château Trotanoy around $200, and forget about Pétrus (you can probably find a bottle of the 2011 for around $2,000).
"One going around the block?" could be a pedestrian walking around the block, or it could be a SCULPTOR going around a block of material as the sculpture is born.
"They want to be able to stir up a lot of controversy around your lightbulbs, around your straws, and around your cheeseburgers," Elizabeth Warren said of the fossil-fuel industry.
The Pelicans paid Jrue Holiday to stick around so he could help convince Boogie Cousins to stick around so that they can then help convince Anthony Davis to stick around.
The company tells me it's currently testing with around 25 drivers around San Francisco, with earnings working out to around $300 a month for those driving 40 hours a week.
Remember, Conor says he made around $50 million from the Khabib fight -- and around $100 mil for the Mayweather fight -- so it's nice to see him spreading the wealth around.
"So we&aposre going to compost all those flowers out there and spread them around the plants in and around L.A. Live and in and around Staples Center," he said.
Phoenix's fixed-charge coverage was around 3x in 2015 and 1H0003 (2014: around 6x), in line with the 2011-2015 average of around 4x, which is weak for the rating.
He was rarely seen around our office, or around town, without a large binder of materials under his arm, and he was always eager to learn from those around him.
Tempting as it is, you can't just drive around and around (it shunts you off) but you can walk around and take in the views of the kitesurfers practicing nearby.
She hit the reset button and I think has kept the pressure on and has really pushed the conversation in Europe around antitrust, around search bias, and around privacy, frankly.
When China took off, their average GDP per capita was around $4000, India's was around $1800.
"When waterway swells around rainstorms, remind your children to not get around those pipes," Morgan said.
And overall, the scenes revolved around this DISC theory, around dominance and submission and so forth.
On Monday afternoon, sterling was down around 0.1 percent against the dollar, trading at around $1.2831.
He liked to wear chinos and moccasins around the house and hang around and watch television.
The minister claimed that would save around 2000 percent of small shopowners around £22020,000 a year.
Essentially, you walk around looking at your phone, further isolating you from the world around you.
She met with schoolchildren and teachers as they toured around they showed her around the grounds.
Some colleagues came around to fill sandbags and put it around the house to any floodwaters.
Shares of GE were under more pressure on Monday, trading around $8 per share around midday.
I've spent a lot of time thinking about different options around amplification in particular around that.
Country Garden's leverage rose to around 45% at end-1H270 from around 29559% at end-219.
Apple employs around 6,500 people in the U.K. and has around 1.76 million employees across Europe.
Then we head to his place at around midnight and go to sleep at around 3.
"I think the issues obviously have been around open civic dialogue around certain issues," Knell said.
Being around this case and around these people who've had to experience has certainly changed me.
The U.K. currency was trading at around 1.53 against the dollar at around 4:00 p.m.
Play around with what you have around you to create a unique setting for your subject.
To be scoffed at and thrown around the way we're being thrown around is absolutely unthinkable.
The artifacts of her work are currently spread across around 60 different archives around the world.
RealDolls cost around $6,000, and the Realbotix head would come at an additional cost—around $10,000.
People in high school didn't want me around; people in New York didn't want me around.
I'm definitely ready to start learning and being around the guys and being around you guys.
Apple's got their issues around manufacturing, they've got some issues around addiction and things like that.
Around two-thirds of respondents cited heavier workloads and around a fifth blamed pressure to perform.
The greenback stood at around 96.851 against a basket of rivals at around 1:10 p.m.
Around the open, Brent and U.S. crude posted sharp gains, trading around $48.20 and $47 respectively.
Delft says its carbon fiber pod is around 15 feet long and weighs around 320 pounds.
Tony is amiable enough, but awkward around people — brusque to the postman and helpless around Susie.
Every day, I see tourists walking around Manhattan with large, DSLR cameras slung around their necks.
Enter Salley ... who says Zion can turn the ship around if he turns his diet around.
Around 500 jobs could be affected, or around 3 percent of Uber's total 15,000-employee workforce.
They then turned around to walk and find their seats with their arms around each other.
I know I threw my arms around Jonathan, I know Jonathan threw his arms around Tom.
Trump appeared to find a way around Kelly's attempts at control: just working around him entirely.
ICA is Sweden's market leader with around 1,300 stores and a share of around 36 percent.
Fuggetta glances around at the dozen or so people around her who are cheering for her.
"Turn around," he told her, grabbing her shoulders in order to swivel her body back around.
Now, the honey goes for around $104 per kilogram and a hive is worth around $1,390.00.
On a Sunday, I'm sitting around the table, and there are 25 lawyers around me. Right.
A: Let's say that we give Iris 1,000 papers around a specific challenge around climate change.
The dominant story around Dragonfly to date has been around employees' resistance to the search engine.
Around 50 demonstrators begin to walk slowly around the perimeter of the farm, singing and drumming.
I glanced around at the other women seated around me, listening attentively from their folding chairs.
Paycheck Amount: Invoices paid around the 28th and 15th, the bulk of it around the 28th.
Between sets, they turned around in their seats to chat with Invictus Games fans around them.
They have a top speed of around 15 mph and a range of around 15 miles.
ET, U.S. WTI stood around $50.20 per barrel, while Brent crude hovered around $51.75 a barrel.
That helped the single currency bounce by around half a cent from day's lows around $1.1160.
Around the world, the average wage for a female professional footballer is around $20173,000 a year.
Flexible sheet cameras can be wrapped around objects, like a lamp post or around a car.
"The idea around pickup is around expanding the retail experience to our merchants," the spokesperson said.
When we move our bodies around a room, it interacts with the wireless signals around us.
At around noon on Sunday, it became clearer to those around him what Duda might decide.
A lot of conversations around beauty today revolve around what is natural versus what is cosmetic.
Group capex will be around USD212001m in 2016 before reducing to around USD500m during 2017-18.
The closest region the fluke could've come from is around 1,500 kilometers (around 932 miles) away.
At around 10:33 pm local time, Abedi blew himself up, murdering the people around him.
ET, U.S. WTI stood around $51 per barrel, while Brent crude hovered around $52.65 a barrel.
Around 100,000 mourners had arrived at the complex around the Grand Palace by early Thursday morning.
Without cranking your head around to see what's around you, you can keep your eyes forward.
The yen also rose around 0.4% versus the pound and around 0.5% against the Australian dollar.
The New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd milled around, along with reporters from around the world.
We did cartwheels around his living room, bumping into furniture and rolling around on the floor.
ET, Brent crude was down around 3.8 percent on the day at around $34.60 per barrel.
Brent last stood at Europe's close around $34.29 a barrel, while U.S. oil was around $31.42.
Building Block prices start around $50, while the regular collection starts around $100 for a shirt.
The employees have around 12 percent, and my wife and I only have around 10 percent.
It all started around noon, when police got a call about a "large bird" walking around.
Its main rivals are CSC, with around 10% of the market, and TLScontact, with around 7%.
Each image boasts around 80 million pixels, and each RAW image file takes up around 70mb.
Safe to say many around town (and indeed around America) are rooting for a quick resolution.
"I play around with him, he plays around with me, and that was it," Beltre said.
Regulations and technical requirements around 5G are still being determined in various countries around the world.
We estimate Elli's EBITDA margin at around 8.5% in 2017, compared with around 13% in 2013.
" Nonetheless, "you better stop the hate around there / before Tommy, Mack, and Nina debate around there.
I've danced around the subject with my mom and she's danced around the subject with me.
There are a lot of different kind of funds now being created around women, around diversity.
A few technicians watched from a control room as I drove around and around, occasionally crashing.
Overall, Lydia processes around 1 million transactions per month, or around €25 million in monthly volume.
Last time around, around $370 million of the $525 million was allocated for fund-of-funds.
So our premise was that rather than design around the authoring experience, design around communication exclusively.
A lot of the debate around vaccines has centered around information and where people get it.
Lauren Spierer was last seen walking barefoot around her college town at around 4:30 a.m.
The stock market was at around 11,000, while the GDP growth rate was around 2.4 percent.
A: The companies we've been working with so far are around 200 to around 1,000 employees.
"We were finally able to move around this morning around 6:30 am," Kretschmer told CNN.
This work has changed the discussion around innovation as well as around economic mobility and inequality.
You don't get to screw around with Carmen, and you better not screw around with me.
They tied their arms around me, they crossed their legs around me to keep me safe.
In time, the monthly rent on her one-bedroom climbed to around $1,600 from around $103,400.
Around 46 million turkeys are eaten around Thanksgiving, according to the US Poultry and Egg Association.
My intuition rode around me in small and dizzying circles, her shadow riding circles around me.
The weather in Bangkok around December is warm — the average temperature falls around 89 degrees Fahrenheit.
Then, too, there's not a movement built around bladed weapons the way there is around firearms.
"It's nice to have him run around without me having to run around," Ms. Turner said.
Police first received a call about a child running around in Strongsville, Ohio, around 1 p.m.
Net debt to EBITDA remains low at around 6x and interest cover comfortable at around 4x.
Officials confirm 44-year-old R.J. Adelman was walking around downtown Houston around noon on Feb.
"When you walk around here and you get stuck (in traffic), you look around," he said.
Around me, hundreds of people stared into their headsets, swiveling around in wonder, like drunk cyborgs.
For volunteers, Thread defines success not around how their students behave, but around their own behavior.
It was found that most human beings are walking around with around 2.7 percent Neanderthal DNA.
It was around 20033:00 PM in the afternoon and the temperature was around 95°F.
Brent has popped 1% to around $34.40, while WTI is also up around 1% to $31.20.
Jobs walked in the room, was walking around with Walt and me looking around at everything.
Countless companies have sprung up around the Bay Area focused on the challenges around the industry.
Around 25, Z-Axis felt it wasn't enough just to ride around a level scoring points.
They run around and group together and jump, and messing around with them is surprisingly fun.
"I stopped around that time, around the time the nature of the contactees changed," Womack said.
The warrior was buried around 1450 B.C., a date derived from pottery found around the grave.
Fitch expects leverage to progressively decline to around 4.0x in 2019, from around 5.0x in 2017.
Around the same time, heartbreaking photographs of children born with the condition shot around the globe.
Penguin Random House's sales total around 4 billion annually, and they operate around 275 imprints worldwide.
Winds blow from the northwest around 5 to 10 mph as highs rise to around 50.
CPS removed her around 11:30 AM ... and cops responded for the white powder around noon.
A lot of things were happening around the team and around the manager, which isn't good.
There have been shootings seemly around every corner and words of hate tossed around too easily.
Around 10,000 soldiers have been deployed around the island as the authorities hunt for more suspects.
It's not just kids just running around, we just running around with guns, shooting, shooting, shooting.
Microsoft is way back at around 17% with Google in third with around 8 or 9%.
The conversation seems to go around and around just like many of his others with her.
Weinstein walked around her apartment, looking around to see if anyone else was there, Sciorra said.
He's the one that's turning it around, trying to turn it around and help us out.
At bitcoin's current price of around $7,200, miners produce bitcoin worth around $4.7 billion every year.
On average, around 40% of Israelis think Netanyahu is to blame, while around 5% blame Gantz.
Details around the incident are sketchy, but police confirmed it happened around 9:58 London time.
The base model starts at around $1,500 and the high-end models MSRP at around $2,500.
It's being cognizant of the world around you, and that it is not revolving around you.
The expansion will increase Bapco's refining capacity to around 400,000 barrels per day, from around 270,000.
"Throwing the word 'treason' around is as dangerous as throwing the word 'impeachment' around," he said.
I couldn't run around the demo area — but I did shake my head around (video below).
Chip (Mark Duplass) acts more decisively and professionally around her than he ever did around Mitch.
Around this point in the 2016 cycle, Hillary Clinton enjoyed an approval rating of around 60%.
After peaking around 15% in national polls, she's been hovering around 5% in recent months. Sen.
The 10-year Treasury yield Monday morning was trading around 2.8 percent, around four-year highs.
I think we're up around -- somewhere around 80, 85% top performing company over 50 billion dollars.
Roberts' 1,212 shares are worth around $175,000 based on the current share price of around $145.
Ramya: There's a conversation around sustainability in fashion, but also a conversation around brands with purpose.
Squid and octopus species number around 300 each, and there are around 120 species of cuttlefish.
The US conducts around 10 missions per day on the continent, or around 3,500 per year.
Under Trump, Democrats haven't had to build meaningful consensus around policies — only rally around vague slogans.
We were paying €35 (around $40) a liter in February but now it's €76 (around $85).
You jump around like that and we lose ... people don't wanna be around you like that.
But right now it's all organizing around circling the wagons, around people who bear data. Right.
She rightly recognizes that the North might not rally around Jon but will rally around her.
Right, so I keep going back in my head around and around on this question, right?
ICAN is a coalition of non-governmental organizations from around 100 different countries around the globe.
That would give Sheikh Salman around 85 votes, Mr. Infantino around 75 votes, and Prince Ali around 35 to 40 votes, with the other two candidates taking the small fraction remaining.
The 30-year JGB was yielding only around 0.49 percent on Wednesday, not far above the 10-year JGB's around negative 0.056 percent and the two-year's around negative 0.261 percent.
Silicon Valley has gotten its head handed to it, recently, because of some of these issues around social progress, around stuff that they've been doing, around the bubble and everything else.
"There is a myth running around that lots of people aren't in equities, there is a myth running around there is lots of cash hanging around on the sidelines," he said.
Shop here for work clothes, outerwear, and basics; prices start around $68 for a T-shirt (or $39 on sale), around $200 for a dress, and around $883 for a coat.
The young players seemed to enjoy being around a player of his stature, laughing as he joked around on the field, some of them sneaking peeks at him around the backstop.
In the evening, there was a party at Dämba, and the girl danced at full speed around and around and around until she had hardly any clothes left on her body.
"OK, look around everybody, look around, ladies and gentleman, because we all have stories to tell and projects we need financed," she said, as women around the room took a stand.
J005311 is around 20193,000 times brighter than the Sun, and based on its emission lines, the scientists were able to infer that it is extremely hot, around 200,000 degrees Kelvin (around 360,000 Fahrenheit) spewing stellar winds at 16,000 kilometers per second, around 10,000 miles per second.
Around 50 sets of craniopagus twins are estimated to be born around the world every year, of which only around 15 are thought to survive beyond the first 30 days of life.
We piled in and Franz tried to get the ceiling fan working but the motor was shot and all it seemed to do was push hot air around and around and around.
Read more:The most popular snack in 25 countries around the worldWhat bakeries look like in 15 places around the world22 photos that show what royal wedding dresses look like around the world
Each household owns around 1.7 devices, which leads a Google Home install base of around 43 million in the U.S., and around 9 million in other Google Home markets, the forecast said.
"There's a lot of excitement and a lot of hype around VR these days, and what we're trying to think about is the big story around narrative and around storytelling," Koblin says.
With cases around affirmative action, around women's health care, around desegregation of voting rights, sitting before the court, there is no doubt that who those justices are will impact our everyday lives.
" Mayor Peduto talked of driving anti-Semites "back to the basement on their computer and away from the open discussions and dialogues around this city, around this state, and around this country.
Interestingly enough, the market share breaks down somewhat like worldwide market share, where Amazon leads with around 34%, with Microsoft in second with around 15% and Google in third with around 8%.
I actually think that's why Slack has emerged as a social network around your office or around topics, Nextdoor has emerged as a social network around your common interests in a neighborhood.
One of the issues ... We've talked a lot about issues that are happening now around Russia, around legislature on ads, around ... You mentioned James Damore and diversity and other kinds of issues.
Unfortunately, the app is still around, and Black Mirror may have framed an entire episode around it.
She's been wanting him to come around and I'm not really sure why he hadn't come around.
They have masses around that of the Sun but are only around the size of the Earth.
Other auto-rickshaw drivers crowd around us, excited at the prospect of a TV crew around them.
"All infinite processes [in math] pivot around, dance around, the notion of zero," Robert Kaplan says. Whoa.
We kind of let them hang around, hang around, and we found a way in the end.
The U.K. currency was trading at around $1.2512 against the U.S. dollar at around 4:30 p.m.
In the fourth weekend of demonstrations on Saturday, around 125,000 were estimated to have protested around France.
Defective inflators have been linked to around 13 deaths around the world, mainly in the United States.
While Tumblr thrives on strangers coming together around shared obsessions, Cabana is designed around people you know.
We arrive late, around 117.403:30, have another drink, then all go to bed around 1 a.m.
But the sentiment around the stock shifts around, so we're relatively nimble in our approach to Apple.
Nominally, the United States accounts for around 25 percent of global GDP and China around 15 percent.
We're all sitting around, he's talking and talking, he starts looking around and is like, Somebody's missing.
Mammals first evolved around 200 million years ago, spending around 130 million years amongst non-avian dinosaurs.
MSI received around $30 million a year, around 9 percent of its total funding, before the cut.
The harder it is to find a place to park, the more cars circle around and around.
Around the close, Brent hovered at $50.44, while U.S. crude was trading above 2.5 percent, around $49.30.
If HTC can design around that, logic dictates that it can also design around a headphone jack.
Mandatory evacuations have been issued for Collier County around Naples, Hillsborough County around Tampa, and the Keys.
Priced at around $35,000, the new car will cost around half that of the other two models.
U for Useful Educational Film, taught surreptitiously in schools around the world, probably starting around age 14.
I get a lot of inspiration when I have conversations around Christmas time and around the holidays.
Around 60% of Americans say they are in favour of legalising pot—including around half of Republicans.
Still, around 90 percent of Rippling's investors also invested in Zenefits — which happened around two weeks ago.
Exciting shifts around money take place today—surprises will pop up, but support is all around you.
You click and drag a 3D globe around, and zoom in on local stations around the world.
The epicenter was around 13 miles north of Borrego Springs, which has a population of around 3,500.
The loans/deposits ratio dropped to around 78% at end-2016, from around 94% at end-2014.
Around the same time the city began renovating a famous fountain protesters had planned to gather around.
The deal covers around 15,000 pensioner members and around 7,200 deferred members, it said in a statement.
For one thing, building society around work instead of around the people who work is terrible policy.
The arcs are thin rings, like those around Saturn, that don't connect all the way around Neptune.
In September, Apple Music had around 17 million subscribers, while Tidal was still hovering around 23 million.
And I've, again, I've met with those moms in and around Georgia or in and around Tennessee.
The industry employed around 100,000 people in the 1950s but this has since dwindled to around 2,000.
To get on her Story for 25 hours costs around $2000; for 22 hours it's around $2000.
Soldering has been around for thousands of years: it's an essential component to electronics around the world.
The crown gained around 6 ore after the inflation figures standing at around 9.48 to the euro.
In high yield, Rolta's 2019s were seen at around 30 mid, having been around 42 last Thursday.
As I propped myself upright and looked around, I realized none of my friends were around me.
The archaeologists also found fur skin wrapped around the spearhead, and textile around the pin and sheath.
Lydia and I spent a good 10 minutes laughing, "splashing" around and throwing around pink beach balls.
The metal coil was created by elongating the spike and wrapping it around and around a mandrel.
Germany's 10-year, the benchmark for the region, opened at around 0.54 percent, down around 1 bp .
"Our teams around the world review these reports around the clock and take swift action," she said.
Numbers bounce around but overall the Saudis are exporting around 7 million barrels per day of crude.
U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude futures last stood around $50.12 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $51.04.
These assets are estimated by market commentators to generate around USD460m in EBITDA and worth around USD6bn.
Warner says it's probably around $5 a month, while other estimates put it around $20 a month.
The R-43 (pictured above) will ship around Q2 of this year and are priced around $1,799.
October 8: The number of reported incidents around problematic replacement phones now numbers around half-a-dozen.
I could make the robot follow me or turn around as I turned around my whole body.
Vanuatu's stands at around a third of GDP, and around half of that is owed to China.
Tempers flare, resources become scarce, and being around people becomes more dangerous than being around the undead.
U.S. West Texas Intermediate last stood around $43.63 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $45.94 a barrel.
U.S. West Texas Intermediate last stood around $44.61 per barrel, while Brent hovered around $46.73 a barrel.
It's that final shot, though, of the two spinning around and around, that stuck out to us.
They know how to use the movement around the rim, how to get position around the rim.
The ad addresses all the noise around modern media, particularly the arguments around bias and alternative facts.
I started by pushing my wheelchair around, then by walking around the household holding on to furniture.
"On the way back, they took a different road and they went around and around," Ma said.
ADNOC has output of around 3 million barrels per day, or around 3 percent of global production.
"There is high alert around various installation around the Niger Delta due to recent attacks," Onuegbu said.
And AMC announced that select theaters around the country will stay open all weekend around-the-clock.
Davis's paintings quiver around the sculpture like ghosts around a maypole, or a totem whom they venerate.
Her social media stardom follows her around the web, sucking an entire news cycle in around her.
I wrestled around America, Japan, around Europe, and that was how I got my start in this.

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