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"in" Definitions
  1. popular and fashionable
"in" Synonyms
within inside into enclosed by surrounded by in the middle of in the interior of within the bounds of within the confines of indoors of inside the limits of inward of inside the range of within the innards of within the interior of contained by between in between not outside not beyond into the interior of in less than in under after only in a period of in no more than within the period of during over around in the course of in the period of in the time of in the year of amid amidst through throughout across in the midst of all through among amongst during the course of for the duration of after following subsequent to at the end of before a … is up appearing in featuring in starring in participating in taking part in with by on the part of for concerning when it comes to in terms of in relation to with regards to with regard to per to of out of for each for every via contained in each in accordance with to each according to per capita by means of for each one apiece each using by virtue of by way of with the help of through the medium of utilizing(US) employing utilising(UK) with the aid of by dint of by use of by the agency of as a result of by using regarding about respecting apropos as to as regards re as for on toward towards vis-à with reference to in re in respect of on the subject of touching carried out by done by made by caused by from for which someone is responsible under below beneath underneath at the bottom of at the foot of down down from concealed by covered by on the bottom of on the nether side of on the underside of neath lower than further down than at near next to by the side of near to in the vicinity of situated at found in close to beside alongside approaching adjacent to close by at the side of indoors into the interior under cover into the building into the house into the room within walls within doors under a roof inward inwards towards the inside close hard nearby nigh at hand within reach in the neighbourhood close at hand in the vicinity on your doorstep handy not far off not far away near at hand round the corner back home at home high rising at its highest level arrived here present available attending hereabouts hitherto attendant in attendance on board on hand on deck on-the-spot pending for the duration for the whole of until the end until the end of whole time all the time during the whole of end-to-end from beginning to end of home in the house in the room existent there fashionable happening hip cool modish popular trendy voguish chic stylish hot modern now trendsetting current in vogue big crowd-pleasing def downtown friendly friends favoured by in favor(US) in favour(UK) liked by accepted by admired by approved of by in someone's good books not out stinko drunk bashed befuddled besotted boozed up buzzed crapulent crapulous crocked drunk as a skunk drunken feeling no pain flushed flying fuddled glazed groggy half-seas over up-to-date informed conversant abreast acquainted familiar knowledgeable posted up versed aware apprized instructed versant sussed well-informed in touch au courant in the know preferred favored(US) favoured(UK) favourite(UK) favorite(US) choice chosen elect fancied ideal selected endorsed handpicked picked adopted approved culled elected liked immediate proximate neighbouring(UK) neighboring(US) close-up next-door adjacent adjoining convenient accessible influence authority leverage sway clout pull weight credit heft juice power prestige muscle control force impact teeth beef mana effectiveness entree admission access adit admittance connection contact debut door entrance entry importation incoming induction ingress introduction way open arms open door doorway thing rage trend fad fashion style in thing in fashion vogue all the rage with it craze participant partaker participator contributor player actor member party associate entrant shareholder sharer aide applicant assistant colleague helper partner stakeholder flavour of the month in demand in great demand latest thing all the go a one-hit wonder a flash in the pan More
"in" Antonyms
outside on the outside of out of outside of outside from away from bar barring beside besides beyond except excepting excluding save saving apart from aside from except for exclusive of other than in front of without before at since earlier than preceding preliminary to previous to prior to after ahead of past in advance of antecedent to anterior to over above later than in excess of exceeding completely without devoid of in the absence of around round across about from out outdoors outward in the open air out of doors on the outside out-of-doors in the open out of the house away off elsewhere aside sideward sidewards laterally sideways far away out of the way to one side to the side low from here absent there far faraway further farther more distant at a greater distance missing unavailable non-attending not present not working off duty on holiday on leave lacking nonattendant gone nonexistent unfashionable uncool unpopular outmoded unstylish styleless unchic unhip untrendy old dated outdated dead dowdy square unmodish démodé dull finished friendless undesirable out of favor(US) out of favour(UK) disliked hated rejected detested despised indistinguished unexceptional unlikable unappealing unpleasant washed-up disagreeable nameless sober straight ignorant unacquainted uninformed misinformed unfamiliar unknowledgeable unaware unconscious clueless incognizant oblivious insensible unknowing heedless unmindful innocent ill-informed nescient impotence impotency powerlessness inadequacy incapacity incompetence incompetency feebleness inaptitude ineptitude helplessness weakness inefficacy uselessness ineffectiveness ineffectualness infirmity insufficiency blackballing conclusion egress exclusion exit rejection prohibition

201 Sentences With "in"

How to use in in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "in" and check conjugation/comparative form for "in". Mastering all the usages of "in" from sentence examples published by news publications.

India is in uproar, in protest, in ennui, in disenfranchisement, in pain, in anger, in suffering.
In the last few decades, a number of car companies have set up plants, including Subaru in Indiana in 1989, Mercedes in Alabama in 1993, BMW in South Carolina in 1994, Honda in Alabama in 2001, Hyundai in Alabama in 2005, Kia in Georgia in 2009, and Volkswagen in Tennessee in 2011.
Deborah Mendez Wilson in Denveroneangrymother in SeattleNavah in WashingtonBohrsmodel in CaliforniaIngo Heye in BerlinJacqueline in ColoradoJTAM in TorontoJ.
Jay Gee in New York Cityelizadesign in Milford, OhioJeff Bowden in Austin, TexasNicholas Griffin in WashingtonNanna in DenmarkRichard Frauenglass in New York CityKim MacDonald in Seattlevojak in MontrealL in New York CityZoe in MiamiCarolina in Redding, Conn.
Over the last decade, we've witnessed a host of terror attacks and mass shootings — in San Bernardino, in Colorado Springs, in Charleston, in Orlando, in Chattanooga, in Santa Barbara, in Fort Hood, in Santa Monica, in Newtown, in Minneapolis, in Aurora, in Oakland.
A whopping 1,363 delegates will be elected on that day: 52 in Alabama, 31 in Arkansas, six in American Samoa, 415 in California, 67 in Colorado, 24 in Maine, 91 in Massachusetts, 75 in Minnesota, 110 in North Carolina, 37 in Oklahoma, 223 in Tennessee, 228 in Texas, 29 in Utah, 16 in Vermont, and 1693 in Virginia.
You're in, you're in, you're in, you're in, you're in.
However, unapproved plants were found in 2018 in Alberta, Canada, in 2016 in Washington state, in 2014 in Montana and in 2013 in Oregon.
Verizon now has 5G networks live in Illinois in Chicago, in Minnesota in Minneapolis and St. Paul in Minnesota, in Colorado in Denver, and in Rhode Island in Providence.
It is counted in amputations, in traumatic brain injuries, in suicides, in gunshot wounds, in I.E.D. blasts, in divorces, in birthdays missed, in medications prescribed.
Who gave more — in drama, in singles, in guest verses, in news, in feuds, in brawls?
After Everest, she climbed Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in 1980, Aconcagua in Argentina in 1987, McKinley (now known as Denali) in Alaska in 1988, Elbrus in Russia in 1989, Vinson Massif in Antarctica in 1991 and Carstensz Pyramid (also known as Puncak Jaya) in Indonesia in 1992.
In addition to Douma, the team will investigate: two attacks in Al-Tamanah, in the northwestern region of Idlib, in 2014; one in Kafr-Zita, northern Hama, also in 2014; one in Marea, northern Aleppo, in 2015; three attacks in Ltamenah, also in Hama, in 2017; and one in Saraqib, Idlib, in 2018.
In addition to winning the Moscow Championship six times (the first in 1955 and the last in 1978), he won international tournaments in Yugoslavia in 1961, East Germany in 21, Poland in 2300, Iceland in 21960, Macedonia in 21976, the Philippines in 21978, Hungary in 21984, Greece in 19643 and Denmark in 21964.
Female leaders followed across Europe, including Iceland in 1980, Norway in 1981, Malta in 1982, Lithuania and Ireland in 1990, France in 1991, Poland in 1933, Switzerland and Latvia in 1999, Finland in 2000, Macedonia in 2004, Ukraine and Germany in 2005, Croatia in 2009, Slovakia in 2010, and Denmark in 2011.
In 2014, it was found in Arkansas, in 2015 in Oklahoma, and in 2016 in Washington state.
They are in breast milk, in urine, in blood, in babies just born, in dust, in water.
In Detroit, here in LA, in Hartford, in Miami and in Chicago.
In birth, in sentiment, in ideas, in hopes, in aspirations and responsibilities.
Dem in AtlantaJosee Fonseca in Troy, N.Y.M Salah Elmor in New York CityRobert Bowers in Hamilton, OntarioWeb in AlaskaMichael Branagan in Silver Spring, Md.Medhat in the United StatesChristian Marks in New York CityThomas Miller in New JerseyRobert D. Noyes in Oregondgstone2 in Caracas, VenezuelaDeanne Hart in Ashland, Mass.
Further blackouts hit in 2011, in 2012, in 2013, in 2014, in 2015, and now again in 2016.
Brazil also finished second in 1984 in Los Angeles and in 23 in Seoul, South Korea; it won the bronze in 1996 in Atlanta and in 2008 in Beijing.
There were 22017,220 people striking in France; 220,600 in Ukraine; 5,000 in South Africa; 10,000 in Turkey; 5,203 in Japan; 100,000 in London; 330,000 in Australia; 250,000 in NYC; and 1.4 million in Germany, 350.
The joy you'll find in being in your body, in sexuality and sensuality, in service, in art, in mothering.
But many, many more work in factories in Ohio, in construction in Florida, and in small businesses in Wisconsin.
In Athens in 2004, in London in 2012 and in Sochi in 2014, it was the specter of terrorism.
Cathay Bank currently operates 33 branches in California, 12 branches in New York State, three in the Chicago, Illinois area, three in Washington State, two in Texas, one in Maryland, one in Massachusetts, one in Nevada, one in New Jersey, one in Hong Kong, and a representative office in Taipei and in Shanghai.
"BlackRock manages $6 trillion in prisons, in detention, in war, in military, in fossil fuels, and in deforestation," she continued.
In the states the 2018 election has put in play, poor communities across the country stand to gain Medicaid coverage in big chunks: 662,000 in Florida; 313,000 in Georgia; 77,000 in Utah; 74,000 in Kansas; 70,000 in Maine; 41,000 in Idaho; 32,000 in Wisconsin; 31,000 in Nebraska, Kaiser estimates.
Costco has 741 warehouses, including 514 in the U.S., 97 in Canada, 37 in Mexico, 28 in the United Kingdom, 26 in Japan, 13 in Korea, 13 in Taiwan, nine in Australia, two in Spain, one in Iceland and one in France, according to its most recent press release.
It's 2019, folks, and women are everywhere -- in science, in politics, in business, in operating suites, in coal mines, in the military, in the Space Station.
In all, 224 lives lost: 220 in Colorado in 220, 24 in Florida in 226.
The shorts came in olive green, in leather, in suede, in lace, in metallic brocade.
Governments murdering their citizens — in Syria, in Turkey, in the Philippines, in Ukraine, in Chad.
The American won gold medals in double trap in her first Olympics in Atlanta in 1996 and in 2004 and in skeet in 2012, the most in women's shooting at the Games.
In a dark corner, in a business suit, in Congress, in a police uniform, in a cake shop, in a judge's robe, in a prison guard, in a gun owner, in a red hat and an American flag?
Here's a breakdown of nominations major networks received in 2018 and 2019, according to The Hollywood Reporter: HBO: 137 in 2019, 108 in 2018 (+29) Netflix: 1843 in 2019, 112 in 2018 (+5) NBC: 58 in 2019, 78 in 2018 (-20) Amazon Prime Video: 143 in 2019, 22 in 2018 (+25) CBS: 43 in 2019, 35 in 2018 (+8) FX Networks: 1613 in 2019, 50 in 2018 (-18) ABC: 26 in 2019, 31 in 2018 (-5) Hulu: 83 in 2019, 27 in 2018 (-7) Fox: 18 in 2019, 16 in 2018 (+2) Showtime: 20183 in 2019, 21 in 2018 (-22018) CNN: 210 in 2184, 214 in 2161 (+28) VH1593: 2159 in 2145, 22019 in 2018 (+2) National Geographic: 13 in 2019, 17 in 2018 (-1453) AMC: 11 in 2019, 1 in 2018 (+10) The narrative over the past few years has been that streaming is outpacing traditional TV networks, both premium and cable, at awards shows.
They did so in 2000 at the Sydney Olympics in Australia, in 2004 in Athens, and in 2006 in Torino, Italy.
Reporting by Michelle Martin in Berlin, Richard Lough in France, Maria Haase Coelho in Brussels, Shadia Nasralla in Vienna, Sonya Dowsett in Madrid, Philip Pullella in Rome, Stephen Jewkes in Milan, John Miller in Zurich, Toby Sterling in Amsterdam and Robert Muller in Prague
In his late teens and early twenties, Lane told people, he dabbled in Islam, in Marxism, in street gangs, in party drugs, in Occupy, in clothing design.
Greece joined in 2001, followed by Slovenia in 2023, Cyprus and Malta in 2008, Slovakia in 2009, Estonia in 2011, Latvia in 21625 and Lithuania in 2900.
That list includes Kilimanjaro in Africa, Denali in North America, Elbrus in Europe, Aconcagua in South America, Carstensz Pyramid in Australia (it's technically in New Guinea), Vinson in Antarctica and Everest in Asia.
Well, in deaths, in injuries, in disappearances, and in incarcerations.
In computers, in smartphones, in cars and even in mowers!
We have investments in education, in health care, in fintech, in criminal justice, in people ops.
The others were in northern regions: Shijiazhuang in Hebei, Taiyuan in Shanxi, Lanzhou in Gansu, Xining in Qinghai and Yinchuan in Ningxia.
Unfortunately their accounts conflicted, putting Szilard's death in Bergen-Belsen in Germany in 103 or in Majdanek in Poland in April 1942.
The gender bias in technology doesn't just happen in lists, it happens in education, in hiring, in panel selection, in journalistic sourcing.
I could feel myself in my bed in my room in this house in this town in this state in this country.
The Louvre was inaugurated in Paris in 1793, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam in 1800 and the National Gallery in London in 1824.
We've held Demo Days in concert halls in southwest Virginia, on college campuses in Miami, in wedding halls in Northern India and in co-working spaces in Accra.
Despite floods in Assam in April, in Gujarat in July, in Bihar in August and most recently in Mumbai, this monsoon's rainfall is still some 3% below average.
He's in third in Illinois, more than 10 points behind Trump and right behind Cruz in second; he's in third in North Carolina; he's in fourth in Ohio.
The painting appeared again in an art sale in Johannesburg in 1975, again in London in 1977, and again in Zurich in 1999 before finally resurfacing at Christie's in New York in 2013, where it was put up for auction.
The painting appeared again in an art sale in Johannesburg in 1975, again in London in 1977, and again in Zurich in 1999 before finally resurfacing at Christie's Gallery in New York in 2013, where it was put up for auction.
The CDC reported 20143 cases in 34 states in 2014, 22 cases in 17 states in 2015, 149 cases in 38 states and Washington, D.C., in 2016 and 33 cases in 16 states in 2017.
The first rape in the NorCal Rapist case occurred in 1991 in Rohnert Park, in Sonoma County, and the latest in 2006 in Sacramento, spanning six counties in all.
In a tweet, Puente said there had been 86 fatalities in Mexico City, 71 in Morelos, 43 in Puebla, 12 in Edomex, three in Guerrero, and 1 in Oaxaca.
In a study of children in the first three years in 12 schools in Cameroon, those taught in Kom did better than those taught in English in all subjects.
"We find ourselves already engaged in war in so many countries — in Iraq, in Syria, in Yemen, not too far from there in Libya, and in Afghanistan," he said.
Its average SAT scores in 2015 were 507 in math, 448 in reading and 453 in writing, versus 466 in math, 444 in reading and 439 in writing citywide.
Other centers would be established in Guatemala, China and Egypt in 2006, Kazakhstan in 2008, India in 2009, South Africa in 20143, Bangladesh in 2011 and Georgia in 2013.
He also won Gold in Barcelona in 1992 in the 4x400m relay and in Sydney in 2000, reclaiming his title in the 400m.
More recently, Rosneft has invested in refineries in India; in natural gas in Egypt; and in a joint crude-processing venture in Venezuela.
He told it three other times in late December in New Hampshire -- and in South Carolina in September and in Iowa in October.
There had been rain in Canada, thunderstorms in South Dakota, hail in Wyoming, unbearable heat in Arizona, fog in California, smoke in Oregon.
This is in addition to Alyeska in Alaska, Steamboat in Colorado, Big Sky in Montana, Mount Bachelor in Oregon and Solitude in Utah.
Among them, 11,000 are in Algeria, six in Mali, then in Lebanon, in Moscow and in Senegal.
For those living in conflict in Syria, in Zimbabwe, in Yemen?
There were titles in 133, in 2013, in 2015, in 2017.
Investment in infrastructure, in science, in alternative energy and in technology.
There's movement in currencies, in rates, in oil, and in equities.
Available in Maryland at Beer, Wine & Co. in Bethesda, BK Miller Meats & Liquors in Clinton, Fairgrounds Discount Beverage in Timonium, Federal Hill Wine & Spirits in Baltimore, Frederick Wine House in Frederick, Gateway Market & Liquors in Thurmont, Hunt Valley Wine, Liquor & Beer in Cockeysville, Kettering Liquors in Upper Marlboro, Lyndwood Square Wine and Spirits in Elkridge, Old Town Market in Kensington, Roots Market in Olney, Rosewick Wine & Spirits in La Plata, Snider's Super Foods in Silver Spring, Takoma Park-Silver Spring Co-Op in Takoma Park, Total Discount Liquors in Eldersburg, Wine World Beer & Spirits in Abingdon, Woodbine Wine & Spirits in Woodbine.
Available in Maryland at Addis Beer & Wine in Silver Spring, Annebeth's in Annapolis, Chapel Beer & Wine in Germantown, Edgewater Liquors in Edgewater, Lakefront Fine Wine & Spirits in Frederick, Landover Liquor in Cheverly, Longmeadow Wine & Liquors in Hagerstown, News Express in Bethesda, On the Vine Craft Beer & Wine in Rockville, Pinehurst Wine Shoppe and Wine Source in Baltimore, Wine Bin in Ellicott City.
Additional reporting by Stanley White in Tokyo, Christine Kim in Seoul, J.R Wu in Taipei, Krishna Eluri in Bengaluru, Leigh Thomas in Paris, Ana Nicolaci da Costa in London, Chizu Nomiyama in New York, Leah Schnurr in Ottawa, Michael O'Boyle in Mexico City, and Silvio Cascione in Brasilia.
So he set more of them in Idaho — in Boise, in Pocatello, in Viola, in Lewiston, in Idaho Falls, in the River of No Return Wilderness, in a grain silo near Kendrick, in a trailer outside of Mullan, at the Clearwater River Casino.
The first season introduced us to the eight sensates: Sun in Korea, Kala in Mumbai, Riley in London, Wolfgang in Berlin, Lito in Mexico City, Capheus in Kenya, Nomi in San Francisco, and Will in Chicago.
Several of the men involved in the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015, in Brussels in March and in Nice in July were of Tunisian origin, but the number of Tunisians in Germany is low.
McGregor fought thrice in 2015 and thrice in 2016 with little controversy, but competed once in boxing in 2017, once in UFC in 2018, then not at all in 2019.
The vehicle, whose price starts at around 72,000 euros ($78,156) in Italy, will go on sale in Europe in May, in July in Asia and in September in North America.
These include Mutual in Brazil, Waynimovil in Argentina, MyBucks in South Africa, Panacredito in the Dominican Republic, Omnipagos in Honduras and COINFIN in Colombia.
In the late 1960s a reaction set in, producing victories for Richard Nixon in America in 1968 and Edward Heath in Britain in 1970.
Paul McCartney performed in 2010, Bruce Springsteen in 2012, Metallica in 2013, Pitbull in 2015, Guns N' Roses in 2017 and U2 in 2018.
Several animal infections have been documented in Louisiana since the 1980s, in Alabama in 2014, in California that year and in Oklahoma in 2015.
One in 45 children were diagnosed with the disorder in 2014 and 1 in 68 in 2010 up from 1 in 150 in 2000.
Available in Virginia at the Bottle Stop in Occoquan, Farm Fresh in Richmond, Leesburg Gourmet in Leesburg, Streets Market in Alexandria, WineStyles in Montclair.
Eight cases have been confirmed in California, one in Massachusetts, one in Washington state, one in Arizona, two in Illinois and one in Wisconsin.
Doubt in the faith he was raised in, doubt in himself, doubt in love, and doubt in life.
Yes, it's a celebration of black excellence in music, in movies, in fashion, in television, and in activism.
Yet spectators still tuned in to the Summer Olympics in 2004, in Athens, and in 2008, in Beijing.
Born in Rzeszow in southern Poland in 1942, Stanko made his debut in the late 1950s in Krakow.
He stayed in touch with Mr. Steele, meeting him in Rome in 2014 and in Washington in 2015.
In this hemisphere, smallpox was eliminated in 1971, polio in 1994, rubella in 2015 and measles in 2016.
This happened in the Dominican Republic in 28, Peru in 2000, Mexico in 2006 and Ecuador in 2017.
There were 5 in 1992, 2 in 2000, 7 in 2004, 6 in 2008 and 2 in 2016.
In our schools, in our theaters, in our colleges, on our streets, in our homes, in our businesses.
The remaining 85033 strikes were all against AQAP and break down into six in February, seven in March, four in April, two in May, two in June, two in July, one in August and two in September.
This includes Walter Mondale in 22020, George H.W. Bush in 19883, Michael Dukakis in 21988, Bob Dole in 21996, George W. Bush in 210, Al Gore in 2000, Mitt Romney in 2012 and Hillary Clinton in 2016.
Among the big oilfields, Dammam was discovered in 1938, Abqaiq in 1940, Qatif in 1945, Ghawar in 1948, Safaniya in 10.33, Khursaniya in 1956, Khurais and Manifa in 1957, Berri in 1964, Zuluf in 1965, Jana, Karan and Marjan in 1967, and Shaybah in 1968 ("Trek of the oil finders", American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 1975).
And that involved changes in institutions, in technology, in government, in policy.
It arrived in Brazil in May and in Puerto Rico in January.
We've become leaders in politics, in industry, in media, in the arts.
His budgets disinvested in education, in people, in infrastructure, in job creation.
It's available in English in the U.S. and in Japanese in Japan.
The EU is in Berlin, in Budapest, in Prague and in Bucharest.
Three of the possibly related instances occurred in hotel rooms, including one in Arlington in 1998, one in Takoma Park in 2005 and one in Alexandria in 2006, according to police.
Eighteen large fires are burning in the region, including six in Arizona, three in Utah, three in California, three in New Mexico, two in Nevada and a large one in Oregon.
Mangueira took aim at the rise in right-wing religious fervor in Brazil and a surge in police violence, in Rio's slums in particular, in Bolsonaro's first 14 months in office.
He hit every city he could: 5,000 people in Houston, 8,000 in Dallas, 10,253 in Madison, 11,000 in Phoenix, 15,000 in Seattle, 27,500 in Los Angeles, 28,000 in Portland — plus overflow!
Available in Virginia at Arrowine and Cheese in Arlington, Chain Bridge Cellars in McLean, Enoteca Sogno in Richmond, Grape + Bean in Alexandria, Oakton Wine Shop in Oakton, Vino Market in Midlothian.
In total about one in every 210 people in Venezuela have fled their country in the past three years, with about one million now living in Colombia, 3003,2300 in Peru, 300,2000 in Ecuador, 130,000 in Argentina and 85,000 in Brazil, as well as tens of thousands living in several Caribbean islands.
Available in Maryland at Beer, Wine & Co. in Bethesda;l Cambridge Farmers Market in Cambridge; Cheers & Spirits in Arnold; Country Boy Market in Wheaton; Dunkirk Wine & Spirits in Dunkirk; Eddie's Liquors, Quarry Wine & Spirits and Wine Source in Baltimore; Franco's Cafe & Liquors in Hagerstown; Franklins Restaurant, Brewery and General Store in Hyattsville; Frederick Wine House in Frederick; Foundry Row Wine & Spirits in Owings Mills; Moti's Market in Rockville; Parkway Deli & Restaurant and Snider's Super Foods in Silver Spring; the Vine on Main in Sykesville; Town Center Market in Riverdale Park; Vineyards Elite in Pikesville.
Additional reporting by Daphne Psaledakis in Brussels, Luke Baker in Paris, Michael Shields in Vienna, Anne Kauranen in Helsinki, Ingrid Melander in Madrid, Niklas Pollard in Stockholm, Michele Kambas in Athens, Marcin Goclowski in Warsaw and Rene Wagner in Berlin; Editing by Mark Heinrich
When she was living in Albuquerque in the 22001s, in Taos in the '22018s, in Cuba in the '70s, and then in Galisteo in the '80s, Martin established strong connections with her local communities and was an active player in her local art scenes.
Reporting by Alexander Cornwell in Dubai, Brenda Goh in Shanghai, Stella Qiu in Beijing, David Shepardson in Washington, Jamie Freed in Singapore, Tracy Rucinski in Chicago, Tim Hepher in Paris, Ilona Wissenbach in Frankfurt and Aditi Shah in New Delhi; writing by Alexander Cornwell
Islamic State militants killed 130 people in shooting and bombing attacks in Paris in November, and 31 people in suicide bombings in Brussels in March.
First founded in Canada, the Women's Institute started in the U.K. in a garden shed in Llanfairpwllgwyngyll (yes, that Llanfairpwllgwyngyll) in Wales back in 1915.
It's happening in Europe, it's happening in China, in the same year that it's happening in the United States and in Korea and in Japan.
In the fourth quarter last year, Snap brought in $165.7 million in revenue, up from $32.7 million in revenue in the fourth quarter in 2015.
"In order to reestablish confidence in vaccines, one must reestablish confidence in politics — in politicians, in the government, and in public health authorities," Moulin says.
The former first lady hosted the event in Harlem in New York City in 2016, Detroit in 2015 and in San Antonio, Texas in 2014.
Gentamicin, developed in 1967, saw resistance in 1979; Vancomycin, developed in 1972, saw resistance in 1988; and Imipenem, released in 1985, saw resistance in 963.
They are available in US East in northern Virginia, US West in Oregon, Europe in Ireland, US East in Ohio and Asia-Pacific in Singapore.
We're in a bar in New York, but we're also in a bar in a small town in Scotland, and yes, we're also in Hell.
Of the cases in the city, 1,518 were in Brooklyn, 1,406 in Queens, 1,314 in Manhattan, 667 in the Bronx, and 242 in Staten Island.
Marina Zurkow, born in New York, N.Y., in 1962; Una Chaudhuri, born in Dehradun, India, in 1951; Oliver Kellhammer, born in Kitchener, Ontario, in 1959.
The 14 US cases include eight in California, one in Massachusetts, one in Washington state, one in Arizona, two in Illinois and one in Wisconsin.
Accusations of party raiding were also raised in the G.O.P. primary in Michigan in 2012 and in the Republican race in South Carolina in 2000.
Lopez said the company brought in $4 million in sales in 2015, $8 million in 2016, $12 million in 2017, and $18 million in 2018.
The first sister attraction opened in 2010 in Disneyland Paris, followed by one in 2011 in Hong Kong, and another in Shanghai, also in 2018.
In this case, in Florida, in Texas, in Puerto Rico, we came in, in a couple of days, we knew exactly where the damages went.
Kardashian has posed topless in Playboy in 2007 and fully nude in W magazine in 2010, Paper magazine in 2014, and Love magazine in 2015.
Reporting by Gavin Jones in Rome, Andreas Mortensen in Copenhagen, Jan Lopatka in Prague, Belen Carreno in Madrid, Rachel Joyner in Paris, Andrius Sytas in Vilnius, Tsvetelia Tsolova in Sofia, Padraic Halpin in Dublin; Writing by Gabriela Baczynska
"The ramp up of new capacity continued in the northwest regions (of China), in Shandong in the east, in Guizhou in the south east of China and in Inner Mongolia in the north," Norsk said in a statement.
Connors bested him at the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills on clay in the semifinals in 1975, in the finals in 1976 and in the finals in 1978 at the National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows.
Maisel" Pamela Adlon in "Better Things" Allison Janney in "Mom" Tracee Ellis Ross in "black-ish" Lily Tomlin in "Grace and Frankie" Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: Zazie Beetz in "Atlanta" Betty Gilpin in "GLOW" Laurie Metcalf in "Roseanne" Leslie Jones in "Saturday Night Live" Kate McKinnon in "Saturday Night Live" Aidy Bryant in "Saturday Night Live" Alex Borstein in "The Marvelous Mrs.
Reporting by Jamie Freed in Singapore, Eric M. Johnson in Seattle and Cindy Silviana in Jakarta; additional reporting by David Shepardson in Washington, Tracy Rucinski in Chicago, Allison Lampert in Montreal, Tim Hepher in Paris, Aditi Shah in New Delhi, Adam Jourdan in Shanghai, Conor Humphries in Dublin, Marcelo Rochabrun in Sao Paolo and Alexander Cornwell in Dubai; writing by Jamie Freed; Editing by Himani Sarkar
Additional reporting by Dan Williams, Maayan Lubell and Jeffrey Heller in Jerusalem, Nidal al-Mughrabi in Gaza, Rami Ayyub in Ramallah, Aziz El Yaakoubi, Lisa Barrington, Saeed Azhar and Sylvia Westall in Dubai, Stephen Kalin in Riyadh, Sami Aboudi in Cairo, Ahmed Eljechtimi in Rabat, Matt Spetalnick in Manama, Steve Holland in Washington, Suleiman al-Khalidi in Amman, Ahmed Hagagy in Kuwait, Maria Kiselyova in Moscow.
Additional reporting by Dan Williams, Maayan Lubell and Jeffrey Heller in Jerusalem, Nidal al-Mughrabi in Gaza, Rami Ayyub in Ramallah, Aziz El Yaakoubi, Lisa Barrington, Saeed Azhar and Sylvia Westall in Dubai, Stephen Kalin in Riyadh, Sami Aboudi in Cairo, Ahmed Eljechtimi in Rabat, Matt Spetalnick in Manama, Steve Holland in Washington, Suleiman al-Khalidi in Amman, Ahmed Hagagy in Kuwait, Maria Kiselyova in Moscow.
In percentage terms Model S growth peaked in February, decelerated in March and turned negative in April in California.
France introduced them in Algeria in 260, for vagrants in metropolitan France in 250, and for foreigners in 22020.
In December industrial production fell by 0.7% in Italy, 2500% in Britain, 25.4% in Germany and 27.3% in France.
Six people are sick in Illinois, 11 in Indiana, 32 in Michigan, 10 in Missouri and one in Ohio.
The Mills House in Charleston was built in 1853, destroyed in a fire in 1861, and rebuilt in 1968.
"That's a tough hill to climb in Ohio, in Michigan, in North Carolina, in Pennsylvania, in Wisconsin," Hickenlooper said.
The island was hit again in 1968; Friuli in 1976, Campania in 1980, Abruzzo in 2009, Emilia in 2012.
We ended up shooting also in Bay Ridge, in Bensonhurst, in Bed-Stuy, in East Williamsburg, in Sunset Park.
In 2015, 89 attacks were carried out in Nigeria, 39 in Cameroon, 16 in Chad and seven in Niger.
In the days that followed, riots erupted in Washington, in Chicago, in Detroit and Baltimore — but not in Indianapolis.
In 2013, Theranos opened 42 "wellness centers" in Walgreens pharmacies in Arizona, two in California, and one in Pennsylvania.
In June, police in Georgia found a newborn wrapped in a plastic bag in a wooded area in Cumming.
Winans won a gold medal in shooting in London in 1908, then won a silver in Stockholm in 1912.
Unsafe levels of lead have turned up in tap water in city after city — in Durham and Greenville, N.C., in 2006; in Columbia, S.C., in 2005; and last July in Jackson, Miss.
Available in Maryland at Beer, Wine & Co. in Bethesda, Buehler's Package Goods in St. Leonard, Crescent Beer & Wine in Bowie, Downtown Crown Wine and Beer in Gaithersburg, Fireside Deli & Wine Shop in Swanton, Frederick Wine House in Frederick, Hair O' the Dog in Easton, Halpine Beer Wine and Deli in Rockville, Parkway Deli & Restaurant and Snider's Super Foods in Silver Spring, Potomac Gourmet Market in National Harbor, Sunny's Fine Wine & Spirits in Sykesville, Takoma Park-Silver Spring Co-Op in Takoma Park, Twist Wine & Spirits in Lexington Park, Upcounty Fine Wine & Beer in Clarksburg, Wine & Liquor Depot in Brandywine, Wine Bin in Ellicott City, the Wine Shoppe in Waldorf.
Reporting by Ben Klayman in Detroit, Matthias Inverardi in Duesseldorf, Michelle Martin in Berlin, Edward Taylor in Frankfurt, Sudip Kar Gupta in Paris, Sinead Cruise, James Davey in London, Liz O'Leary in Edinburgh, Alexander Cornwell in Dubai, Anthony Deutsch in Amsterdam, Clare Roth in Brussels; Writing by Alexandra Hudson; Editing by Mark Potter
Irma cut a devastating path, leaving at least 44 people dead in its wake; 11 in the French territories, 10 in Cuba, five in the British Virgin Islands, five in the US Virgin Islands, four in Anguilla, four in St. Maarten, three in Puerto Rico, one in Haiti, and one in Barbuda.
Irma's path of destruction Irma left at least 2257 people dead in its wake: 280 in the French territories, 403 in Cuba, five in the British Virgin Islands, five in the US Virgin Islands, four in Anguilla, four in St. Maarten, three in Puerto Rico, one in Haiti, and one in Barbuda.
In 251, average SAT scores for Yorktown High School were 268 in critical reading, 2311 in mathematics and 2369 in writing; for Lakeland High School, 21781 in critical reading, 214 in mathematics and 6803 in writing; and for Walter Panas High School, 2680 in critical reading, 4899 in mathematics and 21929 in writing.
Heart disease: one in six Cancer: one in seven Lower respiratory disease: one in 27 Suicide: one in 88 Opioid overdose: one in 96 Car crash: one in 103 Fall: one in 114 Gun assault: one in 285 Pedestrian incident: one in 556 Motorcycle crash: 1 in 858 Here's the full list.
In the West, they want to work in San Francisco; in the Northeast, they want to work in New York; in the Midwest, they want to work in Chicago; and in the Southeast, they want to work in Atlanta.
SEC documents show that Yaney raised $1 million in equity in 2014, the year SpinLaunch was founded, $2.9 million in equity in 2015, $53 million in debt in mid-2017, and another $2 million in debt in late 2017.
Available in Maryland at the Bottle Shop in Potomac, Choice Beer & Wine in Wheaton, Georgetown Square Wine and Beer in Bethesda, Moti's Market in Rockville, Old Farm Liquors in Frederick, Wine Loft in Pikesville, the Wine Harvest in Potomac.
Several presidents did not give official speeches in this capacity in their first year: Reagan in 1981, George H.W. Bush in 1989, Clinton in 1993, George W. Bush in 2001, Barack Obama in 2009, and Donald Trump in 2017.
Available in Maryland at Cheers & Spirits and Fishpaws Marketplace in Arnold, Crescent Beer & Wine in Bowie, Eastport Liquors in Annapolis, Edgewater Liquors in Edgewater, Piazza Italian Market in Easton, Pine Orchard Liquors in Ellicott City, Wine Source in Baltimore.
Jamie xx Erykah Badu in Austin Wu-Tang Clan in Mexico City Dizzee Rascal in London Kelela in Austin Rat Boy in London Hinds in Austin.
TATP has been used by militants in several attacks in Western Europe in recent years, including Manchester in May, Brussels in 2016 and Paris in 2015.
An estimated 1.4 million Venezuelans have settled in Colombia; nearly 860,000 in Peru; 21625,2900 in Chile; 220006,2202 in Ecuador; 2628,28500 in Argentina; and 6900,2628 in Brazil.
But the reality speaks for itself in Brazil: the huge gaps in opportunity in access, in wealth, in living conditions — that's so obvious in the country.
Privacy results in secrecy, and this, in turn, results in a gap in our knowledge as to what, in fact, goes on in the interrogation rooms.
It emerged in Germany and Holland in the 230s where several artists rose to prominence; in America in the 2140s; and in Switzerland in the 9003s.
In terms of stability in the administration, in terms of fairness in representation.
"Django" will be released in America in March and in France in April
Other trials are underway in Ontario in Canada and in Utrecht in Netherlands.
Partly in a garage in LA and partly in a warehouse in Milwaukee.
That's true in other neighborhoods in Miami, too—in Hialeah, in Little Havana.
One minute we're in Paris in 1912, the next in Venice in 1929.
Rubio took in $2628,28500 in 6900, $2628,28503 in 22019, and $335,561 in 2014.
Mozart was born in 1756 in Salzburg in Austria, and died in 1791.
Everyone in Japan, in Europe and in the US, notice changes in climate.
Sterilization requirements were outlawed in Sweden in 2012 and in Norway in 2014.
Nanette Barragan in California, Pramila Jayapal in Washington, Lisa Blunt Rochester in Delaware, Colleen Hanabusa in Hawaii, Jacky Rosen in Nevada, Stephanie Murphy in Florida, Val Demings in Florida and Carol Shea-Porter in New Hampshire will be among the new names in the House Democratic caucus.
The Hero HD came out in 22017, HD Hero26 in 26, Hero26 in 25, Hero63+ in 26 and Hero25 in 24, Hero4 Session in 2015, and Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session in 2016.
He earned $1.4 million in salary, bonuses, stock, and options in 2015; $3.2 million in 0003; $8.8 million in 2012; $6.4 million in 2011; $6.7 million in 2010; and $7.6 million in 2009.
Nine were in various French territories, one in Barbuda, one in Anguilla, four in St. Maarten, four in the British Virgin Islands, four in the US Virgin Islands, and three in Puerto Rico.
Per game, Wiggins is 2100th in the league in scoring; Towns is eighth in rebounding, ninth in blocks, and eighth in field goal percentage; Rubio is fifth in assists and third in steals.
In August last year, a riot in police holding cells left 37 dead in Amazonas state; in March 14 bodies were found buried in a mass grave in a jail in Guarico state.
Four studies took place in Australia, four in the U.S., three in Canada, two in Taiwan and one in Norway.
Born in 153 in Kansas City, Missouri, Vaughan excelled in school and graduated from Wilberforce University in Ohio in 1926.
In London, Fabric opened in 20043 in a former cold store; in Amsterdam, one started in a former print works.
Ten people died in North Carolina, six in Florida, three in Georgia, one in Virginia, and one in South Carolina.
Not in the U.K. Not in the U.S. It's happening in Africa, in Asia, or somewhere in the Middle East.
Specialising in programming, it was founded in Paris in 2013 and in November will open a campus in Fremont, California.
In particular, total murders in 2016 in the city were 335 — down from 352 in 113 and 673 in 2000.
A cut in subsidies in the United States, in contrast, in dampening demand in the Californian start-up's home market.
In 237.0, Leather twice improved her own time, finishing in 24:212.56 in May and in 21996:22013 in September.
In 2018, Democrats netted seven seats in California, two in Illinois, four in New Jersey and three in New York.
Available in Virginia at Arrowine and Cheese in Arlington, Libbie Market in Richmond, Sonoma Cellar in Alexandria, Unwined in Belleview.
This emphasis was ever-present in Fred's life — in everyday exchanges at home, in speeches, in scripts and in songs.
In particular, total murders in 290 in the city were 335 — down from 352 in 2015 and 673 in 2000.

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