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"popular" Definitions
  1. liked or enjoyed by a large number of people
  2. [only before noun] (sometimes disapproving) right or appropriate for the taste and knowledge of ordinary people
  3. [only before noun] (of ideas, beliefs and opinions) shared by a large number of people
  4. [only before noun] connected with the ordinary people of a country
"popular" Synonyms
liked favoured(UK) approved admired accepted welcome desired wanted fashionable favorite(US) voguish beloved favored(US) hot leading likeable(UK) likable(US) lovable notorious prominent widespread general common current prevalent prevailing customary universal standard stock shared rife ordinary usual established acknowledged recognised(UK) recognized(US) conventional mass communal collective social societal collaborative group civil public civic democratic representative community community-based government national state lay amateur accessible approachable simplified plain simple easy straightforward understandable intelligible middlebrow lowbrow embraced familiar pop bland cheap easy to understand trendy stylish chic modish cool smart in hip happening sharp now snazzy mod contemporary fly latest trendsetting reputable esteemed respected celebrated renowned distinguished acclaimed illustrious famous eminent prestigious notable famed respectable estimable reputed honored(US) informal colloquial conversational vernacular nonliterary unbookish everyday vulgar idiomatic dialectal unofficial chatty demotic natural nonformal slangy unliterary unpretentious successful accomplished fortunate favourable(UK) favorable(US) outstanding top fortuitous noteworthy lucky award-winning blossoming conquering extraordinary performant prizewinning rolling up-and-coming lightweight mass-market tabloid unsophisticated philistine downmarket easy-to-understand inferior rubbishy shallow simplistic trashy uncultured dumbed-down republican egalitarian elected populist autonomous parliamentary classless constitutional equal free libertarian open of the people self-ruling self-ruled self-governing chosen antimonarchist bestselling hit blockbusting runaway smash lucrative flourishing moneymaking chart-topping smash-hit top-selling number-one number one record breaking very successful highly successful very popular roaring solid united consistent unanimous undivided harmonious uniform mutual conjunct concerted congenial coadunate consentient cooperative firm homogeneous loved cherished dear treasured adored favourite(UK) hallowed precious prized revered valued appreciated darling dearest affordable inexpensive reasonable economical modest bargain budget fair low discount economic economy nominal reduced bargainous discounted giveaway moderate known noted admitted avowed confessed declared certified obvious overt live important pertinent topical burning dominant pressing relevant running vital active circulating controversial earnest touristy busy crowded much-frequented overvisited spoiled(US) spoilt(UK) touristic folkly preferred choice elect fancied ideal selected endorsed handpicked picked adopted culled sanctioned catchy appealing captivating snappy attractive memorable unforgettable addictive beguiling fetching with instant appeal friendly friends favoured by in favor(US) in favour(UK) liked by accepted by admired by approved of by in someone's good books urban metropolitan city town municipal central borough downtown oppidan burghal citified suburban townified dorp nonrural townish towny lower-class lowly humble plebeian proletarian ignoble lowborn mean baseborn lumpen prole unwashed low-life working-class blue-collar blue-singlet federal governmental domestic home internal native indigenous sovereign imperial nationalised(UK) nationalized(US) royal inland medium average intermediate median middle middling midway medial mediocre mid halfway intermediary commonplace convenient handy practical acquirable attainable obtainable procurable reachable available getatable ready usable at hand in easy reach on hand readily available within reach close-at-hand get-at-able sought-after well liked well received in demand thing rage trend fad fashion style in thing in fashion vogue all the rage big in vogue with it craze More
"popular" Antonyms
unpopular disliked unlikable detested disfavored hated loathed ostracised(UK) ostracized(US) rejected scorned shunned undesirable unwanted unwelcome unpleasant uninviting loathsome objectionable insufferable uncommon unconventional atypical exceptional idiosyncratic odd strange unique unusual unorthodox nonconformist nonstandard crazy bizarre distinctive especial individual nonpublic peculiar undemocratic nondemocratic totalitarian despotic repressive autocratic dictatorial high-handed sophisticated highbrow cultured stimulating academic cerebral cultivated elitist challenging intellective intellectual brainy clever complex complicated elaborate intricate involved intelligent scholarly unfashionable out uncool dowdy outmoded styleless unchic unhip unmodish unstylish untrendy old-fashioned outdated out of date dated passé past old dull casual freewheeling informal irregular unceremonious broad-minded large-minded liberal nonconservative nonconventional nonorthodox nontraditional open-minded progressive eccentric left-field novel disreputable untrustworthy cowboy unreliable common fly-by-night notorious obscure ordinary shady unimportant unknown unrespected unsung anonymous forgotten insignificant nameless trivial uncelebrated unfamous criticised(UK) criticized(US) dishonored(US) dishonoured(UK) inexalted inglorious plain unacclaimed undistinguished minor subsidiary auxiliary inferior least secondary subordinate subjective submissive yielding narrow specific incomplete particular local localised(UK) localized(US) particularised(UK) particularized(US) rare bookish formal learned literary standard correct stilted extraordinary abnormal refined different occasional miscellaneous random intermittent scarce aberrant limited suspicious anomalous infrequent uncustomary accidental incidental unfavorable(US) unfavourable(UK) run of the mill unacknowledged uncredited unexceptional unmemorable unsigned cursed hapless ill-fated ill-omened inauspicious luckless unfamiliar unrecognised(UK) unrecognized(US) untried exotic foreign unheard of unidentified fantastic little known undiscovered antiquated out-of-date archaic fusty musty obsolete oldfangled old-time old hack disagreeable unappealing unattractive distasteful frightful loathly offensive terrible uninvited abominable awful deplorable divided split partite disunited apart asunder fragmented factionalized at odds in conflict in disagreement at variance at loggerheads in opposition in contention out of sync costly expensive pricey deluxe extravagant unaffordable dear immoderate pricy excessive extortionate inflated inordinate lavish premium steep exorbitant high high-ticket overpriced dead broken inactive inoperative kaput kaputt nonactivated nonfunctional nonfunctioning nonoperating nonoperational nonoperative apathetic dispirited lethargic non-existent sluggish quiet unpreferred undesired unfavored ill-favored(US) ill-favoured(UK) least favorite least liked poorly favored most disfavored most disliked personal private personalised(UK) personalized(US) privy exclusive individualised(UK) individualized(US) special characteristic own select forgettable boring ignorable behind the times defunct frumpy inelegant passe bedraggled beggarly cheap crummy faded atrocious lousy pathetic appalling bad dreadful horrible rotten abysmal dismal poor repulsive unsatisfactory woeful wretched inadequate rural bucolic country nonurban suburban aristocratic blue-blooded genteel gentle grand great highborn highbred lofty noble patrician upper-class upper-crust wellborn concentrated defined restricted controlled determinate set constrained fixed predefined bounded lean qualified finite measured checked delimited reduced insubstantial international nonnational global worldwide intercontinental cosmopolitan multinational transnational universal world catholic ecumenical all-embracing planetary

593 Sentences With "popular"

How to use popular in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "popular" and check conjugation/comparative form for "popular". Mastering all the usages of "popular" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Allianz Popular owned life insurance group Allianz Popular Vida, asset management group Allianz Popular Asset Management and Allianz Popular Pensiones.
But it's popular content and popular culture, and the reason why it's called popular culture is because it is popular. Yeah.
Protecting DREAMers is popular, border security is popular, and bipartisan deals are popular — so why not?
I'm sure it was popular, because food's always been popular.
The president is popular there; his policies are popular there.
Dunks are popular, they dunk well, therefore they are popular.
They won the presidential popular vote and the Senate popular vote, and they were just shy of winning the House popular vote.
Inequality went up: When people could see what others were downloading, popular songs became far more popular, and unpopular songs far less popular.
Veterans help develop popular games, and popular games help veterans recover.
Instagram not only remains popular, it's slightly more popular than Snapchat.
It's so incredibly popular, so much more popular than we planned.
It's not "popular" music, but it's entrenched within the popular experience.
Not just less popular than his predecessors but much less popular.
It was popular in LA. It was popular in New York.
It is 20% more popular than the second-most popular day of the week (Friday), and 500% more popular than the least (Thursday, obviously).
Video became popular in the era of social media, photos became popular.
Popular Now is a collection of what's popular within Vine the platform.
Stories that proved popular continued to be reprinted because they were popular.
Certainly, a popular category on YouTube, but not the most popular. Right.
Popular is the parent of banking company Banco Popular de Puerto Rico.
And because you have all these broadcasters constantly fixated on distributing the most popular stuff, it makes that most popular stuff more popular than ever.
He wasn't popular on Election Day and he wasn't popular on Inauguration Day.
So the 48th most popular song was falsely listed as the most popular.
It was popular straight away—I became popular in 24 hours, I swear!
If embalming is becoming a lot less popular, what is becoming more popular?
Thanks to popular YouTubers like Casey Neistat, vlogging is more popular than ever.
One of the most popular (if not the most popular) choices is Birchbox.
"It's so incredibly popular, so much more popular than we planned," he said.
Cabbage Patch was popular, and Mr. T was popular so she combined them.
Morrissey: It was humiliating to be popular simply because we were considered popular.
That would remove two popular potential VP picks from consideration: popular progressive Sens.
Lowey's tweet plays off a popular if-then hypothesis currently popular on Twitter.
They're the two most popular apps, the two most popular social media platforms.
"This would never pass a popular vote," he told Popular Science in 2017.
Popular culture's presence in art museums should be predicated on something cultural, not popular.
In the 1800s, the most popular n-grams stayed popular for around six months.
Donald Trump is not popular today and he was not popular on Election Day.
That's ... an extremely popular service, more than three times more popular than Peak MySpace.
BlackBerry was very popular, Android wasn't quite popular and it started out really fragmented.
That said, newly elected Clinton was broadly popular despite his weak popular vote total.
Very logically, popular culture is defined essentially by just one thing: It is popular.
McDonald's isn't popular because it's good; it's popular because you know what you're getting.
" Hardy: "You might be popular right now, but the popular kids always peak early.
When something is popular in the press, it becomes popular in the malware community.
Trump is historically popular for a Republican president (though he is not particularly popular overall).
Snap, the parent company of the popular messaging app Snapchat, is extremely popular among teenagers.
Not only is he a hugely popular president, but he's more popular than Abraham Lincoln!
While Coinbase is quite popular in the U.S., Kraken has been popular with European customers.
But her party, Fuerza Popular (Popular Force), holds 71 of the 130 seats in congress.
Dating apps are more popular than farming advice; video games are more popular than either.
Being less popular than the world's most popular sport isn't one we should worry about.
The first is that Barack Obama is extremely popular, much more popular than Trump himself.
She was one of the popular girls, I was not one of the popular guys.
Glossier really got popular, particularly this spring when that no-makeup makeup look got popular.
"He was not very popular then; his memory is very popular now," Trump told reporters.
"Pandemic" was the tenth most popular overall title and the sixth most popular TV show.
Third, Trump remains extremely popular with Republican voters — far more popular than Ryan and McConnell.
Popular vote inversions rarely occur when one candidate earns a majority of the popular vote.
However, Drake is popular in the Southwest, while Rihanna is more popular in the Southeast.
TRUMP: Because infrastructure is so popular with the Democrats, and pretty popular with the Republicans.
Few cited popular rankings, such as the popular lists produced by U.S. News & World Report.
Does that change over time, if a game proves is more popular or less popular?
The National Popular Vote Compact isn't the only path to get to a popular vote.
Bananas are hugely popular in Brazil — about as popular as apples are in American culture.
There was a time where Medicare was really popular and Medicaid was slightly less popular.
The most popular male names are used far more than the most popular female names.
Popular music, of course, becomes popular partly because it takes people away from their lives.
I think Westerns are popular for the same reason prison stories are popular, which is the same reason war stories are popular, convent stories are popular — all of those genres are about extreme circumstances, limited options, and characters out on their own or confined within.
As might be expected, NYC is more ethnically diverse in its porn choices, with searches for "Indian" being 85% more popular than in the rest of the U.S., "Brazilian" 45% more popular, "Latina" 39% more popular, and Arab, Japanese, and Asian 37% more popular.
Having a more popular Instagram is the best revenge, and Selena Gomez, the most popular user on Instagram, can also claim the most popular post on the app now, too.
I stand waiting for the major popular uprising and the major popular revolution to stop corruptors.
Archie Comics has chased whatever's popular, but it turns out teenage dramas were popular all along.
He and other authoritarians talk about their popular support, and they often misrepresent their popular support.
Sanders, however, maintains that a popular program like Medicare will continue to be popular if expanded.
Then there's the fact that when a livestream is popular on YouTube, it's very, very popular.
The world's most popular drone maker unveiled new versions of its two most popular models today.
And after a while the more popular ones and the less popular ones get naturally separated.
She had become popular in the YouTube community for her simple, beautiful covers of popular songs.
And the app has become very popular, and it ... It was very popular in China, right?
While the most popular category of art is painting and drawing, contemporary art is also popular.
Podcasts are more popular than ever — so popular, in fact, that Monday marks International Podcast Day.
These cuts might be popular among Tea Partiers, but they're not popular with the general public.
Number two, I would've won the popular vote if I was campaigning for the popular vote.
A popular actress, Mahnaz Afshar, repeating popular sentiment, responded on Twitter, saying the death was unacceptable.
Vancouver, British Columbia is the most popular destination and California is the most popular US state.
It's been popular among British people for years, but just recently started becoming particularly popular stateside.
PopularPopular is acquiring the Puerto Rican auto finance business of Wells Fargo for $1.7 billion.
After the election, a follow-up report from Silverman concluded that the most popular fake news stories had actually been more popular than the most popular real news about the election.
The most popular movie was Moana, the most popular TV show was Game of Thrones, and the most popular book was Mark Manson's The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck.
"He wasn&apost very popular then, he certainly is, his memory is very popular now," he said.
We're thinking about, what were the popular movies, what were the popular songs, what clothes, what hair?
It's got to be one of the most popular—if not the most popular—names for equipment.
You're going to make this enormously popular podcast even more popular if I just read the book.
Popular social media platform Facebook apparently quelled stories popular to the Conservative demographic, reported Gizmodo on Monday.
The most popular replacement proposal is a direct popular vote: Whoever gets the most votes nationwide wins.
Johnson is among the most popular Conservative politicians in a party that isn't too popular right now.
But dismantling the mechanisms of collective action is just as popular — maybe more popular — on the left.
Wilson was as popular as popular gets, a leader within the paddock and a friend to all.
As encrypted chat apps grow more popular, they're also becoming more popular targets for state-level blocks.
Converse was the most popular overall, while Nike was the most popular with people watching gay porn.
"It astounded me that Netflix … had been popular enough to become part of popular culture," he said.
Except Obama, though not the most popular president in American history, is pretty popular, all things considered.
The 'love' reaction is the most popular on Messenger, while the 'no' one is the least popular.
The Queen was voted the most popular member of the family, while Prince Andrew was least popular.
You know, he&aposs not popular with the general populace, but he&aposs very popular with Republicans.
This map shows which searches are more popular in each state than others (not the most popular).
If you're thinking about popular culture, the early adopters of popular culture tend to be young women.
While impeachment itself was popular with the Democratic base, broad popular opinion was not really behind it.
Americans struggled with this idea that popular culture, their popular culture, could be subversive in this way.
The public option was popular before Obamacare became law, and it's remained popular, as has single-payer.
Trump would probably be less popular if the economy were doing worse and more popular if it were doing better, but he's just not very popular even though the economy is doing well.
So if popular feminism spurred the rise of popular misogyny, what do you think feminist rage would spur?
It's now more popular than Twitter and took the title of most-popular mobile game from Candy Crush.
Game shooting has been a popular sport in Britain for hundreds of years, popular among the upper classes.
Certainly, Dylan is popular -- far more popular than recent Nobel laureates such as Elfriede Jelinek and Herta Müller.
"Fortnite" is the most popular of a rash of PUBG clones—more popular, in fact, than PUBG itself.
Even when it's not especially popular—as it hasn't been since 2003 or so—it's still really popular.
Other popular apps, like WeChat, have been using chatbots for years—and they're really popular because of it.
"Sneaky Pete" has become Amazon's most popular show in North America and its second-most-popular show worldwide.
This can create a ripple effect, with songs becoming more and more popular because they already are popular.
Europe is the most popular destination for Chinese tourists outside of Asia, with the UK a popular choice.
Tinder, the popular mobile dating app, is that company's crown jewel, and is especially popular among young audiences.
"Game of Thrones" is the most popular TV series on Facebook and the third most popular on Twitter.
Trump won the office while losing the popular vote and was inaugurated as the least popular new president.
Google engineers often contribute code to popular projects — the popular cloud project Kubernetes was even created at Google.
Popin' Cookin' is a popular Japanese candy brand that allows people to make realistic versions of popular food.
At the university I'm a little bit popular, and since I'm popular I try to do good things.
NPM provides a free, popular tool for coding in JavaScript, one of the world's most popular programming languages.
Part of the reason ASMR videos involving eating are so popular is because chewing is a popular trigger.
I don't know if this is because it's their most popular pretzel flavor or least popular pretzel flavor.
High-deductible plans are most popular with smaller companies, where employer contributions to an HSA are least popular.
The most popular sport in the world is also one of the most popular video games on Twitch.
It's how one of Mario Maker's most popular streamers, GrandPOOBear, has a very popular level deleted without explanation.
Under that system, the most popular Democrat and most popular Republican would likely advance to the general election.
"We combined the world's most popular toy with one of the world's most popular TV shows," Sawaya says.
The Beatles may have been more popular than Jesus, but now, Beyoncé is more popular than the Beatles.
Trump believes that he's a popular president, swept into office in a popular uprising, with a strong mandate.
Medicare is extremely popular, so "Medicare for all" is a popular slogan, and that's what they talk about.
And while many big tech brands are still popular, they are not as popular as they once were.
Trump is so unnerved by Clinton's popular vote win that, like Kristen Wiig's one-upping character Penelope on "Saturday Night Live," he's claiming that his popular vote win would have been even more popular.
First, we discuss The LEGO Batman Movie, technically a spinoff of the most popular character from The LEGO Movie and, oh yeah, one of the most popular characters in all of American popular culture.
The account also has the advantage of being popular, but not too popular, which helps keeps the atmosphere enjoyable.
Throughout the episode, Gadot portrayed a variety of popular, arguably stereotypical, roles in both fairy tales and popular culture.
It's entirely possible that Facebook is less popular with young people precisely because it's so popular with older people.
Barnes said the drinks remain popular among the generation of consumers who were teens when the slush got popular.
Both Halt And Catch Fire (still popular?) and Hamilton (so popular, even the president-elect has thoughts) are mentioned.
But even though these ideas are popular and progressive, it doesn't follow that the entire progressive agenda is popular.
But she had a wildly popular program, and apparently it was popular with Trump supporters whom enjoy calling racists.
Popular destination The Seychelles is a popular tourist destination because of its pristine beaches, warm water and coral reefs.
All of the most popular governors are Republicans... ...And seven of the ten least popular governors are also Republicans.
By far, this was one of the most popular aspects of the ACA, if not the most popular provision.
The popular song was independently released in December 2018, and quickly became popular on the video sharing app TikTok.
MEHL, for example, makes Myanmar Beer, the most popular brand, and Red Ruby, one of the most popular cigarettes.
The popular refrain is that without Lee, Marvel's superheroes would never have become such beloved fixtures of popular culture.
Recreational weed is proving to be very popular in Canada—so popular that we're already experiencing massive product shortages.
The Mona Lisa Pavilion will instantly become the most popular attraction in the most popular tourist destination on earth.
The most popular clock face time is 12 o'clock 🕛 and the least popular time is 3:30 🕞.
Parody music videos are popular for pregnancy announcements just as they're popular with so much else on the web.
But over the past five years, the popular and democratically elected president gradually became less popular and less democratic.
The national popular vote polls weren't too far off, but we don't elect presidents based on the popular vote.
What remains true is that Hillary Clinton, though more popular than Trump, is personally much less popular than Obama.
Besides being a popular getaway, Sokcho is the only place in South Korea country where the popular app works.
So we can't always just include the most popular comment, but we always lean toward the most popular ones.
"Dota 2" is one of the most popular computers games in the world with a popular international esports community.
Those very popular dishes are popular for a reason: They tend to be items that intimidate the home cook.
That's because the most popular sports on Instagram are likely some of the most popular sports on Facebook, too.
"What we see today is a loop from popular culture to art back to popular culture," Mr. Chéroux said.
Going gluten-free is increasingly popular Gluten-free foods are increasingly popular, even for those without a gluten intolerance.
Dark Mode is a popular feature that&aposs been coming to many of the most popular websites and gadgets.
Grey is the most popular color for the finance industry, and black is the most popular overall, Comerford said.
He went on to join Leopoldo Lopez in founding the nationwide political party Voluntad Popular (Popular Will) in 2009.
The most popular signs to pilfer are Mile 22015, a popular number among marijuana enthusiasts, and Mile, ahem, 1953.
There's a lot of YouTubers, though, that will critique the popular YouTubers that have pretty popular followings too, though.
Winona plays Veronica, the popular girl with "morals," which somehow justifies helping to murder other popular girls named Heather?
The more Trump talks about health care, the more popular Obamacare gets The more Trump talks about health care, the more popular Obamacare gets Donald Trump has made Obamacare more popular than Barack Obama ever did.
But, as Blendon pointed out, being less popular than something that is highly popular doesn't mean private insurance is unpopular.
In mid-2018 the Academy made an aborted effort to embrace more popular films, proposing an Outstanding Popular Film category.
It's neither the case that the moderates' agenda is uniformly popular nor that more progressive Democrats' agenda is uniformly popular.
Pie charts, bingo cards, adaptions of already popular memes, mood boards, and screenshots from popular cartoons are all fair game.
The four guys are all popular, too, but until recently Prompto (slim, blond, no glasses) seemed like the least popular.
"Streaming is very popular right now, and it's more popular than ever," Roku CEO Anthony Wood told the host Wednesday.
The popular luggage brand Away has brought back its most popular shade after thousands of people begged for its return.
Kjellberg, meanwhile, is the third most popular channel on YouTube as of today — and remains the most popular independent creator.
Juan Guaidó, a founder of Voluntad Popular (Popular Will), one of the most confrontational opposition parties, became the assembly's president.
"America's most popular beers is like, probably, America's most popular music," says one guy at the beginning of the video.
Source: Popular Mechanics Source: Popular Mechanics Believe it or not, flying cars have been around for more than 22016 years.
Why: Instagram Direct messaging is super popular, but lacked video chat… which is also super popular on Messenger and WhatsApp.
It was one of the most popular bands in Canada, and thus it felt like music for the "popular" types.
But if opinion polls are to be believed, these views are extraordinarily popular — and they sure are popular at Dukey's.
His standing among fellow Republicans makes him the most popular or at least one of the most popular Republicans ever.
How Thais are mourning the death of their king A popular King The King was immensely popular during his reign.
Every now and then, a game will get so popular that it starts to sneak its way into popular culture.
A cafe sells lattes, sandwiches, gelato (popular with the child set) and wine (popular with the chasing-the-child set).
The most straightforward answer may be that conspiracy theories are popular, and Trump tends to like things that are popular.
It doesn't feel like football is less popular, partially because it has become a more popular thing to anecdotally debate.
Trump has made the GOP more popular with working-class white voters but less popular with white college-educated professionals.
Though King Albert remains popular in Belgium, Ms. Boël's story has made her a popular and sympathetic figure as well.
If a private label is popular in the real world, it will likely be popular in the digital world, too.
Dubrovnik, Croatia, is the ninth most popular destination overall and number one most popular Mediterranean port with Cruise Critic reviewers.
Yet we already know that what is popular is not necessarily good, and what is good is not necessarily popular.
The 12-episode series is based on a popular webtoon by Kyi Young Chon, a popular South Korean comic author.
Comics scribe Warren Ellis' adaptation of the popular Nintendo video game series is one of Netflix's most popular animated series.
It was not until the mid-1940s that popular culture began to abandon once-popular minstrelsy tropes, Mr. Carson said.
The iPad is pretty popular, but it's nowhere near as popular as the iPhone, and its sales are actually declining.
His response to Bennet was simple: Medicare is really popular and so expanding it to every American should be popular.
Okay, find someone who's really popular in country x and have them work with someone popular in country y and voila.
These light shows have become so popular that they even spawned the popular seasonal reality show, The Great Christmas Light Fight.
His most popular video places Elon Musk's face on the infant in a popular baby montage video with impressively disturbing results.
It's true that OpenStack is no longer the popular kid; Kubernetes is — and customers often like to go with what's popular.
Ms Balshaw has been a popular and outspoken museum director who transformed the Whitworth into one of Britain's most popular galleries.
The year's most popular infographics Every day until December 24th we'll be revealing another of the year's most popular Daily charts.
Given that Clinton won the popular vote, it actually looks like the national popular vote projections weren't off by that much.
Click culture creates a closed system in which popular acts get more coverage, thus becoming more popular, thus getting more coverage.
Apple Pay, while not as popular as WeChat Pay and Alipay, has also become increasingly popular in China's large eastern cities.
It's also the most popular gift for 2016 in 11 states, including Texas, Michigan, Nevada, and Washington, D.C. Other popular choices?
I think "Mistakes and Regrets" is still our most popular song in the UK. More popular than anything from Source Tags.
Click here to view original GIFThe most popular Lego sets feature high-performance supercars, epic superhero battles, and popular cartoon characters.
Basically, these are characters who are popular but maybe not popular enough to carry a big-budget film on their own.
That made it easier to create shared universes, with popular characters guest-starring in less-popular books to goose their sales.
Expect her to stress her affinities with President Barack Obama, who is very popular nationwide but especially popular with young people.
"I thought it would be popular, I just didn't think it would be as popular as it has been," Foster said.
Things were a lot different then, and it seemed like bands could get popular just from having a popular MySpace page.
Originally hailing from Eastern Europe, Rugelach is a popular pastry found across bakeries in Israel, the most popular being Marzipan Bakery.
Ninja was the most popular streamer on Twitch, with more than twice as many followers as the second-most-popular channel.
Facebook will allow users to sing along live to popular songs, following a popular teen trend popularized by apps like Musical.
From classics like "Psycho" to modern masterpieces like "Hereditary" and "Get Out," horror movies are a popular part of popular culture.
Game of Thrones is the most popular show on TV and I'm one of the most popular musicians in the world.
While hiring sites are popular, many people opt to manage their professional contacts in the country's most popular social network, WeChat.
The ones that get most popular on social media tend to be the ones that are the least popular in reality.
Do you want a very popular, self-proclaimed socialist or a popular mainstream Democrat running at the top of the ticket?
He's a popular figure in racing Earnhardt was voted as NASCAR's most popular driver in 2017 for the 15th straight year.
Popular music is popular for a reason, as much as urbanites might like to dismiss country or baby boomers hip-hop.
The musical genre is short for Japanese popular music, the same way that K-pop is short for Korean popular music.
Popular vibe Hip hop's vibe is popular with both working-class kids and the "fu'er dai," or offspring of wealthy Chinese.
The controversy has heightened within the past year as JUUL, a popular e-cigarette, has become popular among adolescents and teenagers.
In fact, the most popular fake news stories were more widely shared on Facebook than the most popular mainstream news stories.
It's more popular than Obamacare and way more popular than the health insurance companies that centrists are so sure everyone loves.
She's thrown her weight behind popular progressive movements like Medicare-for-all, which has been championed by popular fellow Vermonter Sen.
Some of the most popular music in the world is going behind a paywall on the world's most popular streaming service.
To find Popular Articles, you'll need to scroll down, past special-purpose sections like "Popular in General News" until you find it.
Cyber Monday was the most popular day to shop online, while Black Friday was the most popular day to shop in stores.
"Streaming is very popular right now, and it's more popular than ever," Roku CEO Anthony Wood told the "Mad Money" host Wednesday.
Logan Paul, another YouTuber who's had brushes with notoriety, suggested that unsubscribing from Charles' feed had become popular because it was popular.
Other times, it's merely an instance of stupid, white, wealthy, popular boys acting the way stupid, white, wealthy, popular boys often do.
"This makes iPad not only the most popular tablet, but the most popular computer in the world," said Apple CEO Tim Cook.
Hanke also hinted that popular Pokémon like Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Pikachu are hiding by popular spots like the waterfront in San Francisco.
Nexto could turn lackluster villages, small-name museums, or less popular monuments into more popular destinations by spotlighting what's special about them.
A popular resort town Hua Hin is a popular coastal resort, about 90 miles (145 kilometers) southwest of the Thai capital, Bangkok.
"Natural diamonds continue to be the most popular choice among couples," Gerstein observed, noting that it's still the most popular gemstone choice.
Mr. Trump is even more popular among Tea Party supporters, but about as popular as Mr. Cruz with the most conservative voters.
"I think Dateline is popular — and the murder mysteries extremely popular — because they're pulse-pounding dramas, but they're real life," Holt says.
While security keys may not be popular yet, with support from massively popular services like Facebook and Gmail, they soon could be.
It may also allow for more popular knowledge of Egyptian Hieroglyphs and encourage its assimilation into popular language-learning apps like Duolingo.
The most popular fruity flavors were pina colada, mojito and margarita, and the most popular spirit flavors were rum, bourbon and whiskey.
The National Popular Vote Compact would require its signatory states to cast its electoral votes for the winner of the popular vote.
Despite being an annual fixture since 213, this year's Love Island has utterly steamrolled popular culture: it has become mainstream popular culture.
China has been quick to crack down on any semblance of protest or popular uprising, including those coming via popular social media.
In 1996, under Watson's direction, the Yankees parted ways with the popular utility player Randy Velarde and the popular catcher Mike Stanley.
"This was hugely popular among delegates and hugely popular among the party," a GOP lawmaker who helped draft the bill reportedly said.
This is a deeply strange character detail since a super cool Instagram would only make a popular girl more popular, not less.
And Republicans say that while Cruz isn't the most popular man in the Senate, he remains a popular figure among respected conservatives.
In the other direction, the Bellagio is home to another popular casino, restaurants, art museum, and a popular Cirque du Soleil show.
The series was also Netflix's most popular overall title and its most popular TV show in the US on Sunday and Monday.
" Ms. Meek explained to National Geographic: "Fruitcake was a popular item in English society at the time, and it remains popular today.
Google is the most popular search engine, and it also offers other popular and useful tools like Google Calendar and Google Drive. 
So, it's not only the most popular sport, it's the most popular form of televised entertainment," he said on CNBC's "Squawk Alley.
He's not very popular and the way to become more popular is to become less political and more involved in his agenda.
Airline credits cards are the most popular type of card based on search volume, and Chase is the most popular card issuer.
Paris, Sacramento, and Seattle were the most popular cities for biking, while Berlin, Malaga, and San Diego were most popular for scooters.
POPULAR ON SOCIAL -- JOHN OLIVER ON PUERTO RICO: On "Last Week Tonight," HBO's John Oliver had a popular segment on Puerto Rico.
We all know he brags about being the most popular president in the Republican Party (more popular than Abraham Lincoln, he says!).
They're a mega-popular gift this holiday season; so popular, in fact, that most online stores (even Amazon!) have zero in stock.
Carson, a former neurosurgeon, built his political career as a popular figure in the religious-right community where Moore is also popular.
You know, Joe Biden is winning the race I think because he was the popular vice president from a popular Obama administration.
Here were the most popular names for girls in each state in 2015: And here are the most popular names for boys:
So while Le Pen's ideas are more popular than they've ever been, they're still not popular enough to capture the French presidency.
Oregon is the 15th state to join the National Popular State compact, an agreement established by each participating states' laws to put its electoral votes toward the winner of the national popular vote, instead of the state's own popular vote.
Imgur got popular off the back of Reddit's success—according to Alexa, Reddit is the ninth most popular website in the United States; Imgur is the 16th most popular site in the US (two spots above Instagram, of all things).
So what precisely makes Steve Rogers's beard as popular as it is — seemingly popular enough to overshadow some of Infinity War's biggest deaths?
The ADS Word of the Year must fit certain criteria, including being demonstrably new or newly popular and reflective of the popular discourse.
It may be popular in the confines of the Democratic Party, but it won&apost be popular in a red state like Texas.
The precise kind of feminism that corporate institutions are championing is the subject of a new book, Empowered: Popular Feminism and Popular Misogyny.
But the requirement is very popular among Americans: Because it's so popular, however, the Trump administration might not try to reverse it directly.
Polls have found him to be among the most popular politicians in the country and the most popular senator in his own state.
I think if that was it, it would still be popular, but I don't think it would be as popular as it is.
But what's truly shocking are each state's most popular relative search terms, those that are disproportionately popular in certain areas of the country.
Not surprisingly, mobile games on smartphones are popular during morning commutes, while tablets are more popular for on-the-couch gaming in evenings.
He wasn't popular—Mitt Romney got more votes than he did there four years earlier—but he was more popular than Mrs Clinton.
At FiveThirtyEight, they're talking about an electoral vote/popular vote split -- a weak tendency for a Trump electoral win, Clinton popular-vote win.
She left the White House not just one of the most popular Democrats but among the most popular political figures in the country.
"What we're trying to do is not reflect only what's popular on YouTube, but also what is popular in the world," Kyncl says.
The other, smaller 50s — the ones that were plopped at popular landmarks and became equally popular targets for cheeky vandals — were NFL property.
ClassPass broke down the most popular fitness genres by city, and strength training was the most popular amongst people in several major metropolises.
It may also allow for more popular knowledge of Egyptian Hieroglyphs and (one hopes) its assimilation into popular language-learning apps like Duolingo.
The 38-year-old Mr Macron has become the most popular politician on the left, and the second-most popular of any stripe.
Everlane just restocked its popular 100% Human ACLU collection, which has proven to be so popular, it's sold out not once, but twice.
We saw this first when Instagram brought stories to its popular Explore tab, highlighting popular users for those who haven't yet followed them.
In fact, chicken tenders remain one of the most popular orders at Hersheypark, ice cream being the most popular, according to Ms. McGraw.
Emojipedia notes the "white heart" symbol has been a popular request (the black heart was also a particularly popular addition back in 2016).
But XRP isn't as easy to buy as bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrencies, since it isn't available in popular apps such as Coinbase.
Veteran employment in retail is most popular among veterans aged 45 and older, and popular career paths include sales, marketing, and warehouse logistics.
I (not popular) was matched with Mike P. (extremely popular) and he was nice about it, but it was humiliating for us both.
Here were the most popular names for boys in each state: And here were the most popular names for girls in each state:
Yeah, one summer, my brothers and I made everything that was in a cartoon in ... it was either Popular Science or Popular Mechanics.
"We need to admit that what's happening in Algeria, this popular movement or popular uprising, it's orchestrated mainly by youth," Mr. Sahraoui said.
A few key points from the survey: This notion that Snap is popular with teens has been popular the last couple of months.
Per the Popular Info newsletter, it is nonetheless hugely popular on Facebook, outranking the New York Times and the Washington Post on engagement.
In addition to our always popular annual Places to Go list, here are some of our most-popular features and 36 Hours columns.
Popular destinations included South Africa, Thailand and India, and popular subjects included wildlife conservation, women's empowerment and small business support, Ms. Jones said.
But the provisions of the law that are most popular with the public are very popular with the first-line physicians as well.
Democrats in 85033, still smarting and hurt by the election of 2016, crave someone they think is popular and always will be popular.
But in the past decade or so it has surged into "the popular literature of this nation"—and the popular everything else, too.
"The Rational Optimist," first published in 2010, is the most popular and perhaps the most controversial of popular-science writer Matt Ridley's books.
In the health category, this type of app is reportedly the fourth most popular among adults and second most popular among adolescent women.
Kurt Angle -- Very seldom does an interviewer become just as popular, and at times even more popular than the superstars he/she interviews.
This company filters offensive material out of popular movies This company filters offensive material out of popular movies This segment originally aired Oct.
As you can see from the highlighted text, many of the most popular character names are also, predictably, popular names in real life.
He and Johnson won nearly 4.9 million votes, or 3.28 percent of the popular ballots cast, finishing well behind Trump, who won 46 percent of the popular vote, and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who finished first in the popular balloting with 48.18 percent.
The popular moms had popular kids; the unpopular moms had unpopular kids, but the moms who are really anxious about their experiences growing up had popular kids, too, because the mom's invested in their kids' development and developing their kids' likable skills.
Barbara Boxer (D-CA) introduced a constitutional amendment to elect the president by popular vote, and the National Popular Vote Compact — a state-based attempt to abolish the Electoral College by allocating electoral votes to the popular vote winner — has gained momentum.
The American conservative movement has some popular ideas, but its bedrock economic policy idea of massive tax cuts for wealthy households is not popular.
Because I really wanted to see how the graphics hold up with more popular games I also opted to test the popular shooter Overwatch.
Facts First: Sanders is correct about the popularity of Medicare: It is popular across political lines, and it is more popular than private insurance.
Using CandyStore's sales data on the most popular candy, here are the most popular brands in the U.S. that will cost you the least.
Since its launch one year ago, Facebook's On This Day feature has become popular in that world-conquering way only Facebook products become popular.
Within minutes, the phrase, a popular form of online dismissal, became Clinton's most popular tweet ever, with more than 194,000 retweets and 213,000 likes.
Amazon Prime Video is an increasingly popular on-demand streaming service that hosts thousands of popular movies, TV shows, and award-winning Prime Originals.
If you have a popular account, you'll have to apply for the badge and Instagram isn't publicly saying what qualifies as a popular account.
This year's most popular boy band and the most popular online game came together on Tuesday night, with a little help from Jimmy Fallon!
Correction: I originally described Betterment and Wealthfront as the two most popular robo-advisors, but Scwab's Intelligent Portfolio product is more popular than either.
I've always said that radio is the most visual medium, and podcasting has become extremely popular in the same way talk radio was popular.
It's easy to imagine how custom Stories would be popular at prom, graduation, weddings, birthday parties, and other events popular with Snapchat's youthful audience.
He also pointed out that, for more popular methods of consumer payments, like checks, mobile options are becoming increasingly popular with the bank's customers.
The movie is based on the popular Power Rangers franchise which started with a popular TV show "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" in the 90s.
Alesso, a popular European DJ, is contributing a song called "Tilted Towers," which is based on the popular zone within the Battle Royale map.
You can actually choose your favourite excerpts from popular TV shows, cult movies, popular chart hits, musicals, and even operas, and star in them.
Pro: Thanks to the insanity of free agency, the NBA offseason has become almost as popular, if not more popular, than the season itself.
And given how popular Harley Quinn has been of late, it'd be pretty surprising if she wasn't among the most popular costumes this year.
And since we are so popular on a platform that is more popular with a younger age demographic, we do get a younger clientele.
"Back then, cover stories of magazines like Popular Mechanics and Popular Science showed colonies under the oceans and in the Antarctic," Friedman told Gizmodo.
Dr. John Koza is the Chairman of National Popular Vote, a California based non-profit dedicated to enacting the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.
At the same time, Fitch has upgraded Banco Popular Espanol, S.A.'s (Popular) Long-Term IDR to 'A-' from 'B' with a Stable Outlook.
The lamp is different from other types of popular STEM-based toys like robots, which tend to be more popular with boys than girls.
David Brooks has a column detailing the "paradox" that Hillary Clinton, who was popular as secretary of state, has become less popular over time.
The Democrats are frustrated that they've repeatedly failed to turn the popular support for their agenda into popular support for more of their candidates.
While there are plenty of stories about the most popular baby names, Time decided to look at the most popular uncommon name by state.
Not only that, but it's only become more popular, gaining about 6 percent share since 2014 and unseating C from the most-popular throne.
In both the US and UK, vlogger/Youtuber was the most popular choice (29% and 30% respectively); astronaut, meanwhile, was the least popular (11%).
On Sunday, Facebook was the 12th-most popular app in the Apple App Store, compared to the 24th most popular app on Google Play.
That indicates the user is live-streaming, a popular feature within TikTok that allows popular creators and influencers to interact directly with their fans.
The van-life vloggers Eamon & Bec have several popular "Van Life" videos on their channel, with the two most popular amassing 3.2 million views.
The most popular member, Defense Secretary James Mattis, polls at just 40 percent, while the least popular, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, is at 28.
WeChat, China's most popular app, has integrated a number of features from popular apps to turn it into something akin to a mobile portal.
The reason these anti-immigrant laws are so popular, and that he is so popular, is that people have anxiety about their economic wellbeing.
Ms. Trump is most popular among adults over the age of 28 and least popular with adults between the ages of 231 and 227.
Diary of a Song, one of the Culture desk's most popular video features, involves FaceTime, emojis and a lot of chasing down popular artists.
The 1995 movie "Outbreak" was the ninth most popular overall title on Netflix in the US on Friday and the fourth most popular movie.
He pulled off the trick of remaining aloof from popular culture even as he lent some grit to the popular weepie "The Notebook" (2004).
Keith Powers, a city councilman in Manhattan, offered a more popular pick: "Everything bagel, not toasted, Ess-A-Bagel" — another popular bakery in Manhattan.
That's because Bradberry is one of the most popular LinkedIn Influencers on the platform, and he wrote Pulse's most popular post of all time.
An artist's relative popularity by county ranges from light pink (least popular among the fifty artists in the article) to dark purple (most popular).
The popular interpretation of one of his most popular quotes — "We're here to put a dent in the universe" — is, she contends, all wrong.
In national polls, he is generally most popular among Democratic voters making less than $50,000 a year, and least popular among six-digit earners.
Popular right-leaning outlets analyzed by the researchers placed 227 cookies in a user's browser, versus 563 for the median popular left-leaning counterparts.
Phrases like "hashtag goals" have entered the popular lexicon, illustrating how such aspects of social media have grown to influence the broader popular culture.
The popular dessert restaurant has 28 cafes throughout Bangkok, with six in popular tourist destinations such as shopping malls and along the skytrain line.
Sin embargo, en los últimos cinco años, el presidente popular y democráticamente electo se fue volviendo de manera gradual menos popular y menos democrático.
Take a step back for a moment, forget Dylan specifically, and jump for joy — a popular musician, any popular musician, won a Nobel Prize.
All we've managed to do is make more popular a policy that wasn't very popular when we started trying to get rid of it.
She is the author of Authentic™: The Politics of Ambivalence in a Brand Culture and the forthcoming Empowered: Popular Feminism and Popular Misogyny.
The measure, HB 20203, would look to incorporate Virginia into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, an agreement established by each participating state's laws to put its electoral votes toward the winner of the national popular vote, instead of the state's own popular vote.
Professional basketball may be far less popular than professional football offline, but it's more popular than it, and every other American professional sports league, online.
GMT said that Treasury bundled its less popular wines with their more popular ones, like Penfolds, although it added that verifying these claims were "difficult".
On that note, "lesbian" was the second most popular category amongst those who identified as women, while "hentai" was the second most popular amongst men.
The popular and political imagination can no longer tell them apart—hell, it never could—and popular art is not attempting to make a distinction.
Banco Popular said on Tuesday it will sell all the shares of its unit Popular Servicios Financeros to ABANCA Corporacion Bancaria for 39 million euros.
In podcasts and audiobooks, the reverse is true: the most popular free stuff all sounds expensive, and the most popular expensive stuff mostly sounds cheap.
Trump and the Republicans have adopted this posture because DREAMers are wildly popular — giving DREAMers legal status is about twice as popular as Trump himself.
"We are bullish about India's most popular music company tying up with the world's most popular music streaming service," Kumar said today, in a statement.
The Spanish High Court is investigating the role of former Popular chairmen Angel Ron and Emilio Saracho in its collapse following complaints by Popular shareholders.
What do you make of, in late night, you've watched Fallon go from being very popular to being less popular because he's not being political.
So the least popular new president in the history of new presidents just got himself inaugurated, after losing the popular election by three million votes.
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's war on vice is expanding, as the popular strongman politician looks to stamp out one of the country's most popular habits.
They were the third-, fourth- and fifth-most popular among white nationalist users examined and the third-, fourth- and seventh-most popular for Nazi sympathizers.
Roberto Marinho, a media mogul who died in 2003, helped make and break governments—and shaped popular taste with his television channel's wildly popular telenovelas.
Both men, moreover, had a self-proclaimed gift for reaching over the heads of the bien-pensants and answering to popular prejudice and popular taste.
They were the most popular band in the world during the period they were active and are only slightly less popular now, five decades later.
Although Instagram remains popular, YouTube is currently the most popular social network among U.S. teens, according to a recent study from the Pew Research Center.
He said Islamic State allowed people to leave on Sunday after firing mortars at Popular Mobilisation positions at the airport, and Popular Mobilisation forces responded.
The second major obstacle is price point, but any sufficiently popular experience will see a massive and corresponding price drop as popular demand pushes innovation.
A popular figure Bekele was a hugely popular figure who had become synonymous with the nation's ambitious flagship dam project, a source of national pride.
The Czech company Avast, for example, recently discovered that hackers had compromised its popular, free tool CCleaner, making the popular security software distribute malicious code.
Mr. Rajoy's conservative Popular Party has its origins in the neo-Francoist Allianza Popular, which was founded by former Franco ministers after the dictator's death.
Address: 1503 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IllinoisFoursquare rating: 8.3 Popular for its burgers and nautical decor, this bar is popular before and after Bears games.
While it was the first nation to approve gay marriage by popular vote, it did not hold the world's first popular vote on the issue.
Chefs are creating quarantine cooking shows, and #quarantinebaking has become so popular that Amazon is sold out of popular brands of flour and chocolate chips.
Because historical figures pass out of history and into popular culture, and because that process is accelerating, these figures are increasingly defined by popular culture.
Go isn't a particularly popular or well-known game in the west, but it is popular worldwide, where it is played by about 40 million.
Among the most popular are booking passages two months in advance—or even on Tuesday afternoons, if a popular travel myth is to be believed.
Read More:How 10 popular cocktails got their name14 easy 2-ingredient cocktails you can make at home11 popular cocktails to try from around the world
Across these 17 elections, this popular vote share forecasts the Electoral College vote, along an almost perfect prediction line (Electoral Vote = -198 + 21625 Popular Vote).
However, despite what some analysts say, the government seems more popular than ever and Prime Minister Antonio Costa is still the most popular party leader.
BeBlocky uses avatars from pop culture icons like Rophnan, a popular Ethiopian musician, and Jember and Hawi, two characters from a popular Ethiopian comic book.
There, the drugs were guarded by Víctor Ramón Navarro Serrano, alias "Megateo," the leader of a Popular Liberation Army (Ejército Popular de Liberación — EPL) faction.
A popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy; or, perhaps both.
Recently, a popular player-turned-presenter was accused of transphobic behavior after referring to Caitlyn Jenner as "it" on a popular weekly A.F.L. TV show.
Still, Clinton is more popular within her own party than Trump is within his, and she's more popular among Republicans than Trump is among Democrats.
Clinton is less popular with Democrats now than Obama ever was, but she's running against Donald Trump, and she's still more popular than he is.
The 27-track album includes the wildly popular, wildly catchy shark song and a few of its most popular variants (Halloween Sharks, Christmas Baby Shark).
The president-elect remains popular with an aggressive base that delivered him an Electoral College win even as he lost the popular vote by 3 million.
So much so that it's the most popular set-top box in America, even more popular than those made by tech giants like Amazon and Apple.
The site became so popular that in September 2015 its creators published a book, an introductory reference guide containing some of their most popular online content.
Trump, however, has seemingly been fixated on the popular vote, mentioning voter fraud in regards to his popular vote loss a number of times since November.
AYN RAND'S politics may be less popular than they used to be, but in one way her influence endures: in the popular image of the architect.
Trump often asserts that he is overwhelmingly popular, claiming that he lost the popular vote only because millions of votes for Hillary Clinton were cast illegally.
"These are all issues that are not just more popular than the president, they're more popular than a lot of other issues in America," Hudak said.
Though Games & Fun is popular on Google, its Alexa equivalent — Games & Trivia — is the No. 1 most popular category, accounting for 21 percent of all skills.
In the last month, 9,502 people favorited the most popular deck on the service and "Countries of Asia," the twentieth most popular deck, received 1,252 favorites.
Corporate taxes are very popular, largely because large corporations aren't particularly popular and the prospect of taxing them rather than individual, identifiable people is very appealing.
While WhatsApp remains the most popular app in countries like Germany and Britain, Facebook Messenger remains the most popular in countries like the US and Australia.
The very popular Beats Powerbeats2 has a similar setup and the confusingly popular LG Infirm feature a set of wires that connect to an awkward necklace.
Teenaged O'Gallagher was "not popular, but not not popular," as he puts it, but when he started working out religiously, people started to like him more.
Of course, there's a very good reason for all this — stories are popular, and popular places on the internet are ripe for that sweet advertising money.
Other popular content includes historical dramas The Advisors Alliance and Oh My General, as well as fantasy drama Rakshasa Street, based off of a popular comic.
And that's probably good enough — Sanders is popular and is popular enough in specific ways that appeal to voters who were pivotal in the Electoral College.
Kaepernick has also seen his popularity in jersey sales jump to the third most popular of any NFL player right now and the most popular 49er.
HTC's devices used to have popular appeal but have lost ground significantly to the likes of Apple and Samsung, whose new S7 series has proved popular.
He's saying that industry tastes aren't going to change, that market trends will not fluctuate, and that something popular in 2016 will be popular in 2019.
Gillette's business has been hurt both by popular startups like Dollar Shave Club and Harry's and also by shifting fashion, which has made beards more popular.
Among overall players and professionals, Mercy is one of the most popular picks, along with D.Va, Winston, and Tracer, making her the most popular support character.
Stories are super popular on Snapchat, so it stands to reason they'll also be super popular on Instagram, which has a similar, albeit much larger, audience.
Polling has shown the gold standard to be even more popular with African-Americans and labor union members than with conservatives (where it is plenty popular).
The companys most popular flavors are mung bean, a common ingredient in Chinese desserts, and laobinggun, a type of popsicle popular in the nineties in China.
A number of states have signed onto something different, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, by which states would essentially agree to use the popular vote.
"Street Fighter" was popular enough to inspire an animated TV show and feature film during the 90s, and remains a popular title for competitive gamers today.
Biden is staking his claim on ObamaCare, betting that sticking close to the popular law and the popular former president will help him weather the debate.
Several Democratic-leaning states have entered a National Popular Vote Interstate Compact that seeks to bypass the Electoral College in favor of the national popular vote.
While that might not have been enough to boost Clinton into his office, it bodes well for Democrats that their most popular figure is, well, popular.
If policy A is more popular among the rich than policy B, then it's probably more popular than policy B among the middle class as well.
Right now, one international organization is waging a public relations war on coffee using American tax dollars to attack this popular, maybe America's most popular, beverage.
Alternative Christmas trees have become increasingly popular in recent yearsArtificial Christmas trees provide people with a way to express their individuality, and they've become more popular.
Many of the most popular memes are dedicated to simply depicting one or multiple Bongo Cats playing a cover of a popular or meme-worthy song.
The argument Ellis was responding to with his comic — between trashing popular things and lifting up popular things — has been around in criticism for a while.
Santander agreed to pay 936.5 million euros ($1.07 billion)for Allianz Group's 60% stake in Allianz Popular which distributed insurance products for Banco Popular in Spain.
His team includes Yair Lapid, a popular former talk-show host and amateur boxer, and two other popular former army chiefs, Moshe Yaalon and Gabi Ashkenazi.
I experimented with dozens of hashtags, including extremely popular ones like #chinesefood, #dogsofinstagram and #yummy, as well as less popular tags like #californiadog, #beefy and #meatsweats.
"I would rather have the popular vote, but for me it's much easier to win the popular vote," he said on "Fox and Friends" last April.
In any case, Boba Fett is one of the most popular characters in one of the world's most popular movies, and Wingreen helped make him so.
One promising end run around this: the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, under which a state pledges its electoral votes to the national popular-vote winner.
And if you don't love the popular crimson color, there are 82 more shades to choose from, including its equally popular Cherries in the Snow hue.
Captain America and the Hulk existed and were popular (but not as popular as the F22016), but the former wasn't part of the initial Avengers lineup.
But isn't it just as likely that Mr. Trump is less popular, in some cases far less popular, in these districts than he was in 2016?
Now a popular conservative presence in his own right, Don Jr. is warmly welcomed by his father's constituents and is a popular speaker at Trump rallies.
"Our strategy has actually been that the more popular we become in the U.S., the more popular we will become to Chinese tourists," Ms. Maasbach said.
Bevin was one of the country's least popular governors, while Rispone was a relatively unknown political newcomer who was facing a popular incumbent in Democratic Gov.
I wish it would it would be more popular in the U.S. If people get to know this sport, I know it will be very popular.
In the process, voters aren't just casting a popular vote that will be added up with the rest of the popular vote to select the nominee.
The Addis Ababa-Nairobi route is also popular with tourists and business people, who are drawn to East Africa's popular safari parks and fast-growing economies.
But while centrist types can be wrong about which kinds of policy stances will be popular, there's fairly overwhelming evidence that popular stands are better than unpopular ones — both because swing voters matter but also because taking popular positions is better from a strict mobilization standpoint.
That's essentially the idea behind the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, whereby states agree to pledge their electoral votes to whichever candidate wins the popular vote nationwide.
The procedure was used in the rescue of Spain's Banco Popular in May, and led to the forced sale of Popular to rival Santander for one euro.
Hillary Clinton leads Trump with the popular vote and could be the first candidate since Al Gore to win the popular vote but lose the general election.
Thanks to its remote, obscured terrain and proximity to a popular drug trafficking route, Southeast Ohio has become a popular region for growing marijuana in recent years.
Well, this is an incredibly popular story about an incredibly popular ... It's not like this is an audience that just was given the right to purchase things.
The move came after the European Commission approved the sale of struggling Spanish lender Banco Popular to Santander as a way of preventing Popular going into insolvency.
The popular brand is a salon, pro, and consumer favorite, and many of us are on a first-name basis with popular colors like Clambake and Mademoiselle.
They are also introducing an app store with over 300 pre-packaged options for popular products like Salesforce and ServiceNow and popular process like order to cash.
The idea that women could be included in spaceflight had been a popular discussion both in medical circles and in general popular culture in the late 1950s.
In his new book "Hit Makers: The Science of Popularity in the Age of Distraction," Derek Thompson busts some big myths about how popular stuff gets popular.
The popular theory went like this: Greedy, corrupt policemen often ran a little independent scheme in which they pulled over foreigners coming back from popular nightlife areas.
Lemonade was the year's most popular album, though Taylor Swift remained the No. 1 solo artist (last year's top album, 1989, is now the 10th most popular).
Baker and Hogan are both very popular Republican governors in blue states; they are first and second on Morning Consult's list of the nation's most popular governors.
The series eventually toppled under the weight of its own mythologyAs we all know, the show became popular, moved to Sunday nights, and became more popular still.
A manhunt is underway for the attacker, who struck the popular Reina nightclub—an upscale waterfront nightspot, popular with celebrities and foreigners—at about 1:15 a.m.
While egg freezing has become a more popular procedure over the last few years, data suggests the procedure is most popular with women in their late 30s.
JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth Speaker, $99.95This durable, waterproof speaker is a popular buy all year round, but it was the most popular this Prime Day in Luxembourg.
"I knew Robert was popular but I don't think I quite realized how popular," Claire Williams, deputy principal of the last-placed team, told Reuters on Friday.
Fall is the most popular time of year to tie the knot — three out of five of the most popular wedding dates in 2019 fell in October.
The national popular vote is an agreement among participating states that they will give all their electoral votes to the sole winner of the national popular vote.
Most popular listening devices: Mobile is by far the most popular device for audiobooks, with more than half listening on iOS and a quarter listening on Android.
A manhunt is underway for the attacker, who struck the popular Reina nightclub – a upscale waterfront nightspot, popular with celebrities and foreigners – at about 1:173 a.m.
A manhunt is underway for the attacker, who struck the popular Reina nightclub – a upscale waterfront nightspot, popular with celebrities and foreigners – at about 1:15 a.m.
One change was to the Seguro Popular (Popular Insurance), a program in which the central government gave states money to cover some medical expenses for the uninsured.
Here's a rundown of the disaster titles on Netflix's US top charts on Friday:"2012" was the seventh most popular overall title and second most popular movie.
In ways, Make is like a Popular Science or a Popular Mechanics of the '223s, when there was a culture of hacking ... they didn't use that word.
THE ARTS An article on Monday about popular GIFs around the world misidentified a soccer player who is featured in a GIF that is popular in Italy.
But given that Republicans have won the Electoral vote twice while losing the popular vote, generating Republican state support for a national popular vote will be difficult.
As I said before, because consumer technology has become popular culture, you really need to understand popular culture to be able to have an insight about it.
Cameo, which was introduced last year, connects fans with a network of more than 6,000 popular (or once popular) figures and takes a cut of each transaction.
The three-and-a-half hour Foodie Ride is a popular pick, and the tour includes stops at three popular tapas bars to enjoy traditional Spanish fare.
In 2009, a year after the government barred him from running for public office, he became a community organizer and founded the party Voluntad Popular (Popular Will).
The services charged a monthly subscription fee to users, in exchange letting them stream and sometimes download popular televisions shows from every network and popular streaming service.
It may be a tautology to say that doing popular things will make a politician more popular, but it's one the president may just want to remember.
Alberto Recca, of the popular Sicilian anchovy namesake brand, said that anchovies originally initially infiltrated the U.S. because they were popular among south Mediterranean immigrants living here.
The popular misconception that Macs don't get viruses has become a lot less popular in recent years, as Apple devices have weathered their fair share of bugs.
Since BTS is also one of the most popular bands in the world — if not the most popular — it's likely these will sell out pretty fast, too.
Joe Biden: Biden has two big factors going for him: He's popular and he's the former vice president to perhaps the most popular Democrat in the country.
With Android it created the world's most popular smartphone operating system, which is now the world's most popular computing platform, overtaking Windows in terms of sheer volume.
Indeed, "Heavenly Bodies" has proven more popular even than "The Vatican Collections," an exhibit from the spring of 1983 that is now the museum's fourth most popular.
They also support an underlying theme of the exhibition — that today's popular entertainments have been shaped by so many of the popular entertainments of the 19th century.
And they have to champion Obama's foreign policy record, which is popular among Democrats, while preparing for a general election in which that legacy is less popular.
" Green calls for a "massive popular campaign . . .
Medicare is popular There is no doubt that Medicare, the government insurance program for people 285 and older and for younger people who have disabilities, is highly popular.
It is also in the same compound that houses the popular Government Museum and the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, both popular destinations for school trips and tourists.
At Walmart, while click and collect is popular during the holidays, the weeks leading up to Christmas are one of the most popular times for same-day pickup.
"Given that the whole ACA has gotten more popular over time, maybe you can sell this — but the mandate is still not the most popular piece," says Levitis.
The boy band One Direction, despite being on hiatus for the entire year, is still the third most popular fan fiction and thereby the third most popular band.
" Although Jesse writes stories that represent what's currently popular on NoSleep, he did say that "it's easy to see why it was popular and successful in the past.
YouTube is easily Google's most successful and popular effort in the world of social media, and beyond that it's one of the most popular destinations on the web.
This prioritizes the popular and not the good, and there are lots of things on the internet that are popular but not good — like racism or ramen burgers.
Of course, Clinton was also creating as much daylight as possible between Sanders, who is popular among progressives, and Obama, who is the most popular progressive in America.
In addition, Apple offered some insight into the most popular app categories across Apple products, saying that Games, Social Networking apps, and Entertainment apps were the most popular.
This reflects our view of an extremely high probability of support for Popular by Santander, if needed given the plan to fully integrate Popular with the parent bank.
Bowls in general (the most popular being a "steak guacamole bowl") are 32 percent more popular since the beginning of 2017, and vegan dishes are up 19 percent.
Of the most popular artists appearing across the playlists he examined, using thousands of data points, the second most popular was Blink-182, falling closely behind Green Day.
" Hollis-Brusky called this an example of "popular constitutionalism," or "the concept that the meaning of the Constitution can develop outside the courts by political and popular movements.
The idea of a plebiscite is a popular one in Chile since a popular vote ended Pinochet's military dictatorship after he asked whether he should stay in power.
Eleven other states and Washington, D.C., have joined the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which would guarantee that the candidate who wins the popular vote is elected president.
You may know about the popular (and not-so-popular) sequels to your favorite Disney movies, but did you ever watch the TV shows that resulted from them?
He helped create one of the first popular self-publishing websites in Blogger, before moving on to help found Twitter, arguably the most popular self-publishing platform, period.
This is Snow, a popular South Korean Snapchat clone that shows how even the most popular American smartphone apps face an uphill battle in fast-growing Asian countries.
State lawmakers approved a measure that would have added Nevada to the popular vote interstate compact, pledging its six electoral votes to whoever wins the nationwide popular vote.
It snowballs, too: prominent placement makes a piece more popular, which makes it more prominent, which makes it yet more popular, which makes…well, you get the idea.
If it comes down to who's popular in the city versus who's popular upstate, how does that typically play out in terms of where the votes come from?
The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Heavenly Bodies, an exhibition of designs inspired by Catholicism, was a great popular success — the most popular show ever held at the museum.
He owns or controls the two most popular newspapers, which regularly praise his efforts and denigrate opponents, as well as a popular radio station and a television network.
While it's true that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, everyone understood in advance that the popular vote was meaningless, and structured their campaign strategies with that understanding.
The larger the gap between the median and the average statewide popular vote, the harder it is to win a majority of seats despite winning the popular vote.
If I had known that when it was still popular ... I moved after it stopped, but if it was still popular, I would always be on the app.
The third package could include popular items, like $1,000 checks to Americans, and less popular items, such as an expensive bailout for airlines that risk falling into bankruptcy.
The administration now says it will strip the market of popular fruit and mint pod-based flavors found in closed pod cartridges that are popular with young people.
As of mid-2019, every single one of the top 10 most popular governors in the country were Republicans, while eight of the 10 least popular were Democrats.
He added he thinks they are ignoring potential problems like the legality and the public's reaction in states where the popular vote differs from the national popular vote.
Impossible Burger products have become the most popular items in grocery stores across the country, and they are also popular on late-night delivery apps like Uber Eats.
It makes Newport, the most popular menthol cigarette and the second most popular cigarette, representing about 14 percent of the overall market in 2016, according to Euromonitor International.
However, Urban Dictionary's third-most popular definition (the second is literally about baseball) says third base is either oral sex or fingering, and several other popular definitions agree.
Larger rivals such as Banco Sabadell and Caixabank have held informal talks with Popular in recent years, but Ron has pressed the case that Popular should remain independent.
The accounts became the most popular way to save for college this year, versus 2017 and 2016 when regular savings accounts were the most popular way to save.
But polling says that a public buy-in to Medicare is very popular, but a replacement of private insurance that is not voluntary is not nearly as popular.
Jean, who was a member of the immensely popular musical group the Fugees in the '90s, is offering his mentoring services on the popular freelancer platform Fiverr Pro.
"What had been a very unpopular vote slowly, slowly, slowly became, if not my most popular vote, certainly one of my most popular," Duncan said in the interview.
If Venezuelans believe that Mr. Guaidó does not have a popular mandate to take power, his installation would be seen as subverting popular will and therefore a coup.
In fact, the eggplant emoji is so popular in sexting that Durex, the popular condom company, announced it would be coming out with eggplant (or aubergine) flavored condoms.
We compared our list of most popular character names with a Social Security Administration list of the most popular names over a similar time period (1916 to 2015).
The job plank of this strategy could well make Trump quite popular — because fighting for American jobs (or being seen as fighting for them) is, unsurprisingly, quite popular.
And as best as we can tell, they succeeded — Kavanaugh was the least popular nominee on record, even less popular than failed nominees Robert Bork and Harriet Miers.
Trump wants to kill the popular Energy Star program that has saved consumers $2.53 billion Trump wants to kill the popular Energy Star program that has saved consumers $22.5 billion Under Donald Trump's proposed budget, the popular Energy Star program, which has saved consumers $21992 billion, will lose its funding.
The Nevada Senate passed AB 186 by 12-8 on Tuesday, which would include the state in the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and allocate its electors to the national popular-vote winner -- as opposed to the winner of the popular vote in the state -- in the next presidential election.
Chinese swimmer fails drug test at Rio games As popular as TV "In the next five years, I think online streaming will be as popular as popular as TV, if not more so," said Liu Xini, owner of a clothing line who gives makeup tips and relationship advice during her sessions.
Indeed, when the left-wing advocacy organization Data for Progress teamed up with Civis to produce credible polling outlining popular support for a bold progressive reform agenda, they found that reforming corporate governance was the most popular idea of all — outperforming many better-known progressive policy ideas that are themselves popular.
The Uconnect system will allow popular Google apps such as Maps or the voice assistant as well as other popular ones like Spotify, to be integrated with the car.
"This is the only way I see for Republicans to have a viable and popular way to cut regulations significantly, because otherwise there will be popular backlash," Halstead said.
"Bottom line is Medicare is the most popular health insurance program in America, far more popular than private health insurance policies," he said in an NBC interview in June.
The new closed captioning feature has been rolled out on over 1,000 of the site's most popular videos within the straight, popular with women, gay, bi, and transsexual categories.
Many of the videos were of the popular "challenge" genre (similar to the popular Ice Bucket Challenge), where YouTubers compete in any number of competitions or scenarios for fans.
Of course, "Honey Moon" is just another popular nickname given to the June full moon – originated in the Northern Hemisphere because the summer month is so popular with weddings.
In Chiang Mai, it is offering transportation in the old part of the city, which is popular with Chinese tourists and where bike-sharing services like Mobike are popular.
It's a new twist on the popular Motorola Razr V3 that first launched in 2004 and quickly became one of the most popular flip phones of the early 2000s.
According to Gallup , he'll be the least popular present to take office in the last 20 years, while his predecessor, Obama, is one of the most popular outgoing presidents.
Given that, here we've broken the most popular diets of the year down from least to most popular to exactly what you need to know — and everything you don't.
If they were going with the "most popular" option, though, they could choose the names "Fox" or "Henley," two of the UK's predicted most popular baby names in 2018.
Interestingly, the most popular day of the week to schedule a class was Tuesday, and the most popular time on the weekdays to work out was 5:30 pm.
Let's not forget that if you had a popular vote that was announced at 11 pm on election night — [Hillary] Clinton won the popular vote by 2.9 million votes.
Yes, there are inferior genre writers who become highly popular, but on the whole the most popular ones are the ones who are the best at what they do.
Happy Days Doesn't Punk Out If popular culture has taught us one thing about the Eisenhower era, it's that illegal drag-racing was the most popular youth sport going.
In general, it's been incredibly well received, it is a popular product — in fact, I think it's one of the most popular pro notebooks we've made in our history.
It is not about trying to change who is popular or how popular they are — it's about helping them make more money through deeper engagement with their core fans.
Trump himself has suggested that he wants to keep Obamacare's most popular provisions—even though the law itself wouldn't work if stripped of less popular ones, like the mandate.
And saying that Trump is already the real popular-vote winner flatly goes against saying he would have been the popular-vote winner if that had been his goal.
Emma held its rank as the most popular girls name for the fifth straight year, and Liam made it back-to-back titles as the most popular boys name.
And Rihanna and her contemporaries aren't popular because a handful of numbers say so: they're popular because millions of people around the world connect with their music and personalities.
After Trump won the election — but lost the popular vote — he tweeted that he would've won the popular vote if the "millions of people who voted illegally" weren't counted.
Pokémon Go developer Niantic Labs has once again blamed third-party services like the once-popular Pokévision for continued server problems and slow rollout of its wildly popular app.
For sure, both ideas were extremely popular with the Republican base, but as it turns out, both were also popular with moderate voters in swing Senate and House races.
A look at all generic ballots compared to the House popular vote results since 1942 suggests Democrats will probably win the House popular vote by around 8 percentage points.
By the way, Bryan dominated his party for more than a decade — never popular enough to win the White House, but too popular within the party to be deposed.
"The chief election official of each member state shall designate the presidential slate with the largest national popular vote total as the 'national popular vote winner,'" the bill continues.
Another blurry area of Rutherford-Johnson's map—one that might require another book—is the terrain where experimental composers cross paths with the less popular denizens of popular music.
RedShift is a popular open source alternative for Linux, Twilight is a popular option for Android phones, and Amazon introduced a feature called Blue Shade to its Fire tablets.
The National Popular Vote interstate compact (NPV), for example, is a coordinated campaign to get states to pledge their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote.
While tourism hubs like France and Spain are more outright popular with tourists, as already-popular tourist destinations, those countries simply stand to exhibit lower year-over-year growth.
Or they can join Democrats and break with a president who is popular within the party on his maneuver to build a wall that is also popular with Republicans.
The data found that in 2019, the most popular day of the week to work out was Tuesday and the most popular time on weekdays was 5:30 p.m.
While Huawei phones are popular in Western countries, a key reason is because Android users can access popular services and apps like the Play Store, Gmail, and Google Maps.
"The reformists aren't particularly popular right now, but the conservatives definitely aren't very popular," said Tan Feng Qin of the Middle East Institute at the National University of Singapore.
As the golden hour approaches, a cable car — the Teleferico de Taxco — ascends to the popular Montetaxco Hotel & Resort, a popular spot for sunset drinks overlooking the town below.
Investors were wondering if the ECB move on Popular would have implications for two struggling banks in Italy's Veneto region, which like Popular are weighed down by bad loans.
POLL: DAKOTA DECISION IS TRUMP'S LEAST POPULAR ORDER: Trump's decision to fast-track the Dakota Access pipeline is the least-popular order he has so far given as president.
I, for one, intend to work for a national popular vote requirement that states must allocate electoral votes to the winner of the popular (that is, the people's) vote.
He has managed to do something no other populist has: Trump grafted the populism of popular culture (where it has been extremely popular) onto politics (where it has not).
She plays Veronica, a popular girl who murders other popular girls—all named Heather—at the behest of her psycho loner boyfriend, J.D., played by a young Christian Slater.
In 2013, the company brought over its popular reality show, The Ultimate Fighter, and selected popular Chinese fighter Tiequan Zhang as one of the main coaches on the show.
" - Sonal, 34 "Fucked a popular Jackass cast member.

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