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"about" Definitions
  1. to be close to doing something; to be going to do something very soon
"about" Synonyms
around hereabouts near nearby close by about the place at hand in the neighbourhood in the vicinity not far away not far off within reach around the corner in reverse on your doorstep just around the corner close nigh round the corner close at hand through throughout across everywhere here and there abroad all over back and forth passim in all parts of in every direction any which way to and fro hither and thither in all directions from place to place round far and wide from pillar to post approximately roughly almost borderline fair fairly feckly most nearing practically somewhere virtually well-nigh approaching circa like much back backward backwards in the opposite direction in the reverse direction to face the other way to the rear the other way rearwards rearward away off abaft towards the back aback behind one towards the rear astern current prevailing prevalent widespread endemic happening pervasive going on in circulation in existence in the air circulating without out outside astir hereof from this in this regard of this on this subject helter-skelter wildly frenziedly frantically berserk amok frenetically amuck wild berserkly hectically madly recklessly rashly impulsively carelessly impetuously incontinently incautiously unmindfully anyhow haphazardly haphazard erratically randomly irregularly aimlessly anywise desultorily heedlessly negligently willy-nilly hit or miss in a muddle every which way at random in a disorganized manner over encircling surrounding on all sides on every side of enclosing encompassing all around framing covering circling on all sides of on the periphery of concerning regarding on respecting re touching apropos vis-à anent of referring to toward towards dealing with relating to touching on with reference to apropos of as for as respects beside bordering by close to adjacent adjacent to alongside of next to contiguous to not far from within reach of a short distance from a stone's throw away from in the vicinity of not far away from conducting following practicing(US) practising(UK) pursuing absorbed in busy with concerned with employed in involved in occupied with taken up with in the course of in the midst of in the process of in the throes of nearly round about something like or so or thereabouts plus-minus more or less in the region of in the area of of the order of there or thereabouts amid amidst among within amongst past inside between into in in and out in the middle down along from one side to the other of present active stirring in motion on the move brewing afoot looming going about on the horizon on the way in the offing fitting ready fixing going preparing fit disposed prepared primed set likely all set geared up psyched up up for in a fit state on the point of organized(US) equipped organised(UK) prepped arranged poised in position immediate proximate neighbouring(UK) neighboring(US) next imminent impending upcoming coming next-door close-up existent existing remaining alive surviving living extant abiding enduring undestroyed being lasting standing continuing as to in connection with in respect to with regard to common popular accepted accustomed customary general rife conventional dominant established normal predominant preponderant recognised(UK) recognized(US) relative pertinent relevant apposite germane applicable appropriate appurtenant material pointed contingent dependent pertaining referring related relating in regard with respect as far as as regards as concerns in regard to insofar as in view of More
"about" Antonyms
nowhere not anywhere no space exactly precisely accurately correctly strictly bang on dead on smack-dab spot on squarely specifically literally absolutely totally explicitly entirely completely positively definitely thoroughly straight linearly rectilinearly straightly truly undeviatingly already now earlier previously antecedently anteriorly preliminarily by now ahead forwards forward on onwards forth frontwards towards the front along onward further far directly right unswervingly in a beeline straight ahead without deviating despite regardless of notwithstanding in spite of irrespective of far from beyond past distant from remote from ahead of away from clear of further than outside of far apart from faraway from off side off malapropos at onto by atop alongside aboard beside upon above against sitting on resting on lying on on to on top of on the top of outside exterior to external to from in distinction to out of possession of unrelated to incompatible with not resembling unsuitable to inappropriate for around over out of in opposition to opposed to set against averse to in competition with main principal in within inside empty abandoned bare barren clear dead depleted desert deserted desolate destitute dry evacuated exhausted forsaken godforsaken uninhabited unoccupied untenanted vacant arrested ended halted stalled stopped completed finished unprepared indisposed underprepared unready unadapted flat-footed half-baked half-cocked away deep distant faraway far-off remote extinct nonextant non-existent false imaginary destroyed lost

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How to use about in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "about" and check conjugation/comparative form for "about". Mastering all the usages of "about" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"We'll be getting new information coming back to earth about composition, about atmosphere, about satellites, about geology, about topography, about color, about rings, about moons, about every aspect of it," Stern says.
Talk about braggadocio, talk about arrogance, talk about shouting, talk about demeaning, talk about insulting.
It&aposs really about the storytelling, about journalism, about truth, about telling people stories about making people care about things that they wouldn&apost necessarily care about.
He talked about Obamacare, about China, about immigration, about Iran.
They were asked about Tom Kite, about David Duval, about Jim Furyk, about Phil Mickelson, about Dustin Johnson and about Sergio García.
It's about life, it's about finding agency, it's about mortality, it's about aging, it's about the existential condition of marriage, it's about lots of things.
I've read, a lot — about protest, about training, about volunteering, about resistance, about running for office, about registering voters, about keeping our focus on 2018 to flip the Senate and the House.
It's about immigrants, it's about Mexicans, it's about women, it's about everybody else.
"Everyone's nervous about the virus, about oil prices, about their job, about everything."
It is a set of feelings—about patriotism, about who is a proper American and who is not, about foreigners, about elites, about sovereignty and about power.
It's more about learning about the world as such, about your friends, about yourself.
"He was passionate about everything — about tea, about food, about life," Mr. Roma said.
"Especially about commitment, about kindness, about hard work, about the pursuit and achievement of dreams and mostly, about love," he continued.
"People have to stop saying hateful things about refugees, about Jews, about Latinos, about transgender people, about the other," he continued.
And you said it right: it's about sales, it's about service, it's about marketing, it's about commerce, it's about analytics, it's about applications, it's about building community, or, in the case of one great customer that we have, DuPont, it's about integration.
What Google knows about you What Facebook knows about you What Amazon knows about you What Tesla knows about you What Internet people finders know about you What your hospital knows about you What Intuit knows about you What Axios knows about you
Questions about ethics, questions about privacy, questions about cyber security, questions about folks with disabilities.
We have a relationship about speaking and about offering and about giving and about receiving.
I love just talking to him about movies, about fashion, about life, about the theater.
Talked about love, about the myriad stories to tell, about the future, about her life.
"Think about the carpets, think about papers, think about books, think about the furniture," she says.
It's about the infrastructure; it's about the heart; it's about the heritage; it's about the culture.
"It's not about knowledge, it's about learning, it's about assimilating, it's about letting go," Ghinsberg said.
We care about human rights, we care about women's rights, we care about LGBT rights, we care about health care as a human right, we care about our environment and how we leave the planet for our grandchildren, we care about Social Security, we care about justice for all, we care about black lives, we care about immigrants, we care about refugees.
It's a show about power struggles; it's a show about women; it's a show about aggression; it's a show about the mob; it's a show about business; it's a show about the seventies; it's a show about New York; it's a show about an entire world.
Talk about why you care about this issue, share stories about why your classmates care about this issue, talk about why this matters now.
And what he has said about African-Americans and Latinos, about Muslims, about POWs, about immigrants, about people with disabilities, he's never apologized for.
Suffice to say, these women know a lot about farming, about milk, about the ageing process, about happy customers and—most importantly—about cheese.
And what he has said about African-Americans and Latinos, about Muslims, about P.O.W.S, about immigrants, about people with disabilities, he's never apologized for.
"This pilot is about vehicles, about infrastructure, about pedestrians, and eventually, about bicycles as well," he said.
They spoke about their future — about moving to a bigger place, about their honeymoon, about having kids.
"Everybody had great words about Vegas, about the city, about the team, about the fans," Fleury said.
They talk about deportation, about race, about finding employment, about how to cope with a toxic environment.
He didn't change any of his positions about the environment, about women, about war, about income inequality.
"We're talking about education, we're talking about criminal justice, we're talking about housing, we're talking about loans."
She also reads about sports and thinks about sports and talks about sports and writes about sports.
"This is about unification, this is about solidarity, this is about normalization, this is about protection, and the last thing it's about is politics — period."
"It's not about politics in the partisan sense — it's about democracy, it's about freedom, it's about individual liberties, it's about pursuit of happiness," Hoyer said.
CNN's Gregory Krieg and Juana Summers have each examined some of his comments about Andrew Jackson, about Frederick Douglass, about Napoleon, about Nazis in Stalingrad, about Harry Truman, about Richard Nixon and more.
"It's less about performance, about delivery, about citizens," Karamagi said.
It's not about about the law, it's about human decency.
What he knew about Naomi, about Alex, about Fred Johnson.
It's nothing about race, nothing about gender, nothing about ethnicity.
I learned about myself, about our group, and about life.
It's about time It's about time … and it's about you.
It's about us, it's about life, it's about our project.
It's about psychological abuse; it's about neglect; it's about exploitation.
He spoke about Hillary Clinton, about himself, about his victories.
Worry about the economy, worry about wages, worry about jobs.
The answer isn't about just about truth; it's about values.
In short, the project was never about actually existing; it was about ideas, about labor, and about art.
We talked about Israel, we talked about insecurity for Israel, we talked about Syria, we talked about Ukraine.
It's about motivating employees to be really passionate about their jobs and about really caring about the guests.
So 'Aida' can tell us a lot about our world — about hierarchies, about social situations, about religious situations.
Survivors, women and men, spoke out — about Matt Lauer, about Kevin Spacey, about Roy Moore, about Al Franken.
There's the ongoing simmering outrage about the current administration interspersed with posts about kids, about books, about yoga.
There's about a thousand movies about it, there's about a thousand articles about it, and it doesn't lie.
What Google knows about you What Facebook knows about you What Amazon knows about you What Tesla knows about you What Internet people finders know about you What your hospital knows about you What Intuit knows about you Axios Deep Dive: Data privacy
Ben, who is trying to conceal an affair from his wife, Miriam, thinks about Miriam, thinks about thinking about Miriam, and then thinks about the way that he thinks about how he thinks about Miriam.
About IQ, about the validity of testing for it, about its importance in the real world, about its heritability, and about its differential expression in different populations.
The story sparked fraught conversations about consent, about celebrity, about the court of public opinion – and about what there is to be done about men like him.
There was this night where we were talking about about it and talking about it and talking about it.
There's lots of conversation inside the space, inside games, about organization, about unionization, about crunch, about work-life balance.
I think that just says so much about a person, about their passion, about their interests, about their goals.
In her new office, we talked about Wheaton and about Jesus, about her evolving faith and about Donald Trump.
Father and son fight about pocket money, about race, about music, about Murdo's tendency to disappear into his bedroom.
The reporting raised questions about data privacy, about cybersecurity, about law enforcement security, about the integrity of our investigations.
We have a lot to talk about, about the economy, about the banking business, about Washington, so much more.
"This isn't about Democrats, it's not about Republicans, it's not about race, it's not about free speech," he said.
I hear from business people around the district about concerns about uncertainty: uncertainty about trade, uncertainty about global events.
And so our questions, our questions about our institutions, about our colleges, about our churches, about our government continue.
We've been talking about a lot of things, about Snapchat, about Twitter, about stories, innovation, how to do things.
I cared about money, I cared about girls, I cared about all the wrong things—not about the music.
He's optimistic about the country, about the future and about you.
They ask about loneliness, about grief, about the voice of God.
They do not care about stories, about content, about true connection.
He said things about family, things about religion, things about race.
About our days, about our feelings, about what's really going on.
Our movie is about empathy, about people coming together, about unity.
About voter fraud, about wiretapping, his repeated lies about those issues.
It's more about writing about music that I feel passionately about.
It was about Juan, it was about Chiron, it's about Paula.
I started learning about the environment, about plastic, about carbon dioxide.
She lied about the story about rape -- about rape, she lied.
They told me about me about my wife about my family.
New York (CNN Business)In the Trump age we often talk about "alternative universes" of information -- about the administration, about impeachment, about the economy, about pretty much everything.
Survivors, women and men, spoke out with allegations — about Matt Lauer, about Kevin Spacey, about Roy Moore, about Al Franken.
She wrote volumes, about the role of women, about compassion, about the power of art, about living through dark times.
We've had lots of conversation in the industry this year about labor, about organization, about crunch, about work-life balance.
When will we get real numbers — about tax reform, about repatriation of foreign earnings, about fiscal stimulus, about reduced regulations?
Radiohead worries throughout the album: about environmental devastation, about mass thoughtlessness, about love gone cold, about finding some way forward.
It's never about scoring, about points, about wins or losses; it's about showing up, playing your hardest and having fun.
This is about media, this is about politics, this is about hubris.
He kept his promise about Jerusalem, about taxes, about the Iranian deal.
It's about job creation, it's about equality, it's about all 50 states.
Aziz is someone we can email about copy, about voice, about brand.
I think about silence; I think about shame, I think about loneliness.
It was about angst, it was about will, it was about determination.
He wrote about it, he talked about it, he preached about it.
It's going to be talked about, and talked about, and talked about.
India are more and more about money, about spectacle, about controlling the
This is a subject I've since written about, spoken about, shared about.
He made 16 about health care, 15 about trade, 14 about China.
Ball knows about adversity, about expectations and injuries, about critics and cynics.
What about asking each candidate about specific issues Black folks care about?
So there's been extensive concern about misunderstanding, about overinterpretation, about false reassurance.
We didn't talk special about me, about my game, about the Sixers.
When you think about gaming communities, you think about forums, about meetups and casual tournaments, about collaborative efforts to solve mysteries and take down obstacles, about streamers and speedrunners.
What the company stands for is not just about clothes, it's about freedom of expression, it's about creativity, it's about community.
Meanwhile we are not talking about jobs, not talking about poverty, not talking about solutions, not talking about the addiction crisis.
And when you talk about the East, you are talking about 70 percent about China and 30 percent about everybody else.
How about — how about this guy, how about Obama, of course, he's the one, but how about $1.8 billion in cash?
We are constantly seeking to learn more about our business, more about ourselves, more about others, and more about the world.
After years of complaining about commentators talking about her hairdos, she did an about-face and began to joke about it.
A. About $15,000 B. About $30,2102 C. About $2102,22 D. About $22,21 E. More than $2401,203 The correct answer is C: about $220,227, assuming a 230 percent rate of return.
They are stuck in a "bubble," unable to recognize any new information that doesn't match their convictions — about life, about America, about politics, about the value of notional currencies, about the relative values of tulips and houses, about anything.
She has spoken out about about President Elect Donald Trump's comments about Mexicans.
Everyone was talking about it and talking about it and talking about it.
They care about animal rights, about war, about love and death and pain.
Learn about the consumer, learn about the customer, and learn about the shopper.
We've talked about Eutropics, we've talked about fasting, we've talked about consumer wearables.
We talked about politics, we talked about their kids, we talked about music.
"It's not just about language, it's about culture, it's about communication," she said.
This isn't about me, this isn't about a bookstore, this is about everyone.
They care about safety, they care about inclusion, and they care about accountability.
They learn about different kinds of sex, about sexual practices, and about themselves.
"It's about compassion and it's about dignity and it's about respect," Krauss said.
Photojournalism is about fulfilling your expectations about what you are about to see.
"It's not about punishment, it's not about retribution, it's about changes," she said.
This is going to be talked about and talked about and talked about.
It teaches me so much about myself about capacity, patience and about consciousness.
I ask him about Trump, about South Carolina, and about the Civil War.
Forget about the ayahuasca, forget about the tropical vistas, forget about all that.
SCOTT These movies have always been about war, about combat, and about conflict.
It was a story about segregation, about busing, and about Ms. Harris herself.
Let's talk about that, about what's going on, how you feel about this.
"I'm going to talk about patriotism, about security, about service," he said Monday.
We've talked about early detection, we've talked about testing, we talked about containment.
"When we talk about sexual harassment, it's not about sex, it's about power."
Talk about the things you like about the person you're about to marry.
People don't ask us about our sex lives, about our relationships, about all these things—and there's so much to talk about.
"My hope is that it'll spark conversations about identity, about race, about sex, about high school and college sports," Diggs, 47, says.
What Google knows about you What Facebook knows about you What Tesla knows about you What Internet people finders know about you
"These days I'm thinking about rest... about peace... about safety... about feeling reassured..." She was never to find that rest and peace.
Like for example, Paul Manafort, there is nothing about Russia, nothing about the president, nothing about the campaign, and nothing about collusion.
"He's talking directly to the American people about their concerns about trade, about immigration, about a foreign policy that's restrained," Sessions added.
People think about code, about pitches to investors, but not necessarily about language in the way that a writer thinks about language.
Before you worry about what others might say about you, or what you say about others, think about your own sharing habits.
It's less about you arguing about facts — it's more about how they respond to the person they care about (you!) in pain.
Fans yelled insults about his backside, insults about his front side, insults about his tender parts and insults about his mental health.
What makes America great is, therefore, less about productivity than about population, less about Google and Stanford than about babies and immigrants.
"We talk about educating people about handmade, I think it's also about educating people about good practices for small businesses," Cummings says.
Studios will begin at about $650,000, one-bedrooms at about $1.11 million, two-bedrooms at about $1.85 million, three-bedrooms at about $2.6 million, and four-bedrooms at about $5.42 million.
But huge questions hang over its future: about its energy supplies, about its business model, about the euro zone, about its defence responsibilities, about its infrastructure and about the very fabric and identity of the country in an age of migration.
Go deeper: What Google knows about you What Facebook knows about you What Amazon knows about you What Tesla knows about you What Internet people finders know about you What your hospital knows about you Axios Deep Dive: Data privacy
He speaks for the majority of the people in this nation, his attitudes about black people, about Muslim people, about women, about just about every sort of political group you can name.
There were arguments about chopping down a tree, about the acquisition of a sofa, about the advisability of getting a television, about window washing, about cigarette smoke wafting in from the porch.
It's embedded in my DNA of what I think about when I think about art and when I think about music and when I think about film, when I think about Africa.
We're gonna care about Google, we're gonna care about Pinterest, we're gonna care about Apple News, we're gonna care about Flipboard, we're gonna care about building our own primary audience- Google, right?
It launched the vertical Verywell (about health), then The Balance (about money management), followed Thoughtco (about learning stuff) and Lifewire (about using technology).
But I do care about corruption, and this whole thing is about corruption ... This is about corruption, and this is not about politics.
But I do care about corruption, and this whole thing is about corruption... This is about corruption, and this is not about politics.
We often drive together, talk about all sorts of things—about life at home, about our problems, and about what's next for us.
"That assumes a pessimism about America, about the economy, about the people, about its culture that we're simply refusing to accept," Mulvaney said.
" She continues, "talking about my body, talking about blackness, talking about womanhood, and talking about disability as a whole, I take very seriously.
It's not about who your parents are, it's not about your color, it's not about your sex, and it's not about your religion.
He traded his annual pay of about $100,000, or about $880,000 today, for an initial salary of about $5,19863, or about $44,000 today.
In the end, I'm forever hopeful about the conversations Crawley's season, when it airs, will likely spark -- about age, about women, about dating.
There are also a lot of videos about immigration, about how the media is attacking Donald Trump, about "political correctness" and about Islam.
This is not about politics; it's not about the Supreme Court, and it's not about the #MeToo movement -- it's about seeking the truth.
"I was taught nothing about foie gras, nothing about confits, nothing about magrets, nothing about carcasses," he told Mr. Daley of The Times.
We talked about their lives, about music and about the dangers in their neighbourhood.
Stop what you're doing and think about the greater good, about America, about unity.
He asked Hayes about the flag, about the racial epithets, and about the drinking.
I learned about Confederate the way I learn about just about everything: through Twitter.
He's incredibly passionate about art, about photography, about acting, and I really admire that.
He feels — good about that, I feel good about that, very good about that.
"We're not about fear, we're not about force, we're not about intimidation," he said.
It's about the patina; it's not about the soul, it's not about the core.
Netflix is core to what I think about and write about and talk about.
She was happy about it and talked about how happy she was about that.
It's all about Hillary Clinton saying something bad about, and making commercials about, Trump.
And everything, you're right, about guns, about all kinds of things, about all kinds.
"Let's talk about it, and cry about it, and laugh about it," she says.
These men taught me so much about them, about myself and about the world.
They listen to how we speak about ourselves, about each other, and about women.
A case not about Russia, not about the 143 campaign, not about President Trump.
It's about longevity, it's about momentum, it's about balancing those things with one another.
"For us it was about whimsical — it's about fun, it's about family," says Leatham.
And it was all about Alaska, all about Alaska issues, all about our priorities.
It's sad that we can't talk about diplomacy, about foreign aid, about soft power.
"Grotesque lies, lies about immigrants, about crime, about costs to the community," said Biden.
"Everything I wrote about wasn't about me, but about the people listening," he said.
He talks about Josh and Sitara, about Marcus and Wrench, about DedSec in general.
You really get to know about somebody, about human nature, about how somebody is.
"It's not about the World Cup, not about stadiums, not about architecture," she said.
Gravity is about survival; Arrival wasn't just about aliens, it was about being human.
I've talked about and written about and responded to tweets about it for years.
This is something that these youth are insistent about, consistent about, and persistent about.
It's not about self anymore; it's about relation, it's about the giving yourself away.
And there's been so many studies about video games, about Twitter, about everything else.
They talked on the phone about their work, about their lives, about their families.
What do their choices say about their own taste, about fashion, and about presentation?
"The bridge was about collaboration, about neighborliness, about doing the right thing," he said.
And I'm talking about education, I'm talking about regulation, I'm talking about more competition.
Think about Black Lives Matter, think about the Dakota pipeline, think about police brutality.
There's rumors about cellphones, there's rumors about cell signals, there's rumors about Wi-Fi.
It's about hearts and minds, it's about doing it yourself, it's about showing them.
Stories about splitting the sea, about flooding and arcs, about enslavement in ancient Egypt.
We are weird about what we censor and weird about what we care about.
This single photograph could be supported by a shelf's worth of books: about the history of Nicaragua, about right-wing regimes, about South America in the late '70s, about leftist dreams of revolution, about American foreign policy, about the sense of smell, about the personal courage of a woman photographing in a war zone, about the political economy of Estelí and so on.
"I'm seeking answers just about the human condition, about life, about the past, present, and future, about space and time, and just about the way we are with each other," she tells me.
In recent decades, we've protested about it, marched about it, organized in our communities about it, written about it, sung about it, and developed art and comedy routines to soften its psychological blow.
We have grave disagreements about social issues, about important foreign policy questions, about tax policy, about whether entitlements should be reformed or expanded, about what sort of judges should serve on our courts.
He told me about some of it—about who he thought the snitches were, about how he had known about them even back then, and about why he didn't resent them for it.
"This is not about greed or dictatorship, this is about a plot, this is about a conspiracy, this is about a backstabbing," Ghosn said.
He talked about things that people cared about in a political system that seemed organized not to talk about things that people cared about.
Boss Baby learns a lesson about family, about forgoing the corner office, and about sticking your neck out for the people you care about.
They complained about the food, about the noise, about the difficulty of studying German, about how weeks stretched into months at this "emergency" center.
The next day she would wake up, uncertain about what happened — uncertain about her motives, uncertain about his motives, and uncertain about the world.
"That assumes a pessimism about America, about the economy, about the people, about its culture that we're simply refusing to accept, " Mulvaney said Monday.
It's about helping; it's about healing; it's about giving people hope; and it's about not underutilizing any resource to do that at every level.
He loved to boast, about his wealth, about his children, about his position in life, and about his connection to powerful and famous people.
It's not so much about government policies, but about philosophy, about bigger picture issues, about what kind of world, system, and society we want.
In the first examples we talked about the role of regulation, we talked about consumers, we talked about innovation and we talked about education.
Lee's work is about wrongness: about being the wrong kind of man, woman, Asian; about saying the wrong thing; about getting other people wrong.
If season one was about how Barry feels about being Barry, then season two is about how we in the audience feel about that.
When we talk about trust, when we talk about growth, when we talk about innovation — we have to talk about it in that order.
But I do think that it's really important to talk about and think about what we're talking about when we talk about self care.
Since his death last week, Don Rickles — the man Johnny Carson nicknamed Mr. Warmth — has been tweeted about, talked about, written about, cried about.
It's about helping, it's about healing, it's about giving people hope and it's about not underutilizing any resource to do that at every level.
Well, this, this hateful talk about immigrants, about Muslims about women, I mean, enough, enough.
Lately, Assemi's name has been bandied about in debates not about development but about immigration.
This song is about love and it&aposs about unity and it&aposs about hope.
Why don't we start talking about the latest about what you wrote about this week.
Things about sexism, and misogyny, about a business that endemically does not care about women.
"This wasn't about private sex lives — it was about hypocrisy," Rogers wrote about his project.
But elections are about choices and they are about differences and they are about distinctions.
No books about health, about history, about almost anything inside or outside the prison walls.
MOHAMMAD ALI ELAHI: What about Joseph Christian, what about James (inaudible), what about Stephen Paddock?
It's about knowing how to escape, about contingency plans, about how to read a situation.
"When we talk about sexual harassment, it's not about sex, it's about power," she explained.
Groene talks about reading, about drawing, about running software applications like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
I talk a lot about race, a lot about body image, a lot about relationships.
There is something thrilling about being excited about a game and knowing nothing about it.
Condom ads are not about titillation, they are not about sex but about safe sex.
Arguably, the concerns about binge drinking are concerns about how society thinks about controlling itself.
It led to more banter about how art isn't about the awards, it's about creating.
I have advice about his swing, about his club choice, and about his target line.
Who cares about societal norms, who cares about tradition, who cares about spurious legal queries?
"I want to make images about people of substance, about the issues they care about."
Everybody's talking about Gillette's new ad, which isn't really about shaving but all about #MeToo.
You care about yourself, but it's more about you as a woman, not about men.
It's not about the look, it's not about the dress, it's about being somebody worthwhile.
"For us, it's ideas about surveillance, ideas about privacy, ideas about justice," Greenspan tells VICE.
It was all about the life, all about the music, and all about the art.
The lettuce brought her about $70, the tomatoes about $80 and the cabbage about $40.
The report analyzed responses from about 27,000 adults (about 24,000 nonveterans and about 3,200 veterans).
I talk about crime, I talk about lack of education, I talk about no jobs.
"Every year you learn more about yourself, about the game, about the players," Dimitrov said.
We would talk and debate about physics, and about how best to write about it.
There were questions about a murdered journalist, about election interference, about how much Facebook knew.
I don't want to read about writing about Green; I want to read about Green.
They spent hours talking about philosophy, about literature, about the role of arts in society.
Well, I worry a lot about—people worry about jobs, but I worry about education.
Trump made 16 false claims about Ukraine, 13 about impeachment and nine about the economy.
Ratifying the amendment isn't about politics; it's about the law and about basic human rights.
For Afghanistan, it's about money on the table; it's about infrastructural development; it's about sovereignty.
It's not just about us, it's not just about me, it's not just about Rappler.
She tweets about Trump, she tweets about the environment, she tweets about her own life.
She writes honestly about feeling hopeless, about struggling with trauma, about leaving the industry behind.
The thing about Jim Crow is that it's not about shopping, it's about white supremacy.
I did one about the rats, about a chauve-souris — a bat — about a vulture.
We're writing op-eds about op-eds about op-eds about tweets at this point.
We're talking about politics, about his past investments, let's talk about the now in tech.
"It has never been about me; it's never been about Roy Moore; it's about you."
Readers, I could tell you about hemp seed oil, about Alima Pure mineral makeup, about the Clarisonic, about distracting myself from touching my face, about learning that most consumer hygiene goods cause comedogenic nightmares.
It's a show about sisters; a show about depression; a show about coping with grief; a show about self-acceptance; a show about celebrating female rage; a show starring a very, very hot priest.
There are essays in "Somebody With a Little Hammer" about sex and gender, about music (Talking Heads, Björk, Celine Dion), about writers (Norman Mailer, Joyce Carol Oates, Nicholson Baker), about travel and about politics.
Encapsulated in that iconic "I'mma let you finish" speech are America's ideas about race, about gender, about wealth, about what kind of music we are allowed to applaud, about who gets to win and why, about whom we are willing to love and why.
"[This] book teaches about magic tricks, about the ideas behind magic, but also about inclusion, about being powerful within yourself, embracing your differences," he says.
"The whole conversation is about the way we think about things in the universe, so it's about us, it's not about the object," Weintraub said.
In Blue, we hear a new artist from the South with something to say—about love, about heartbreak, about loss, about Atlanta—saying it well.
From there, she started to rant about men—about how filthy they are, about their small penises, and about how they like to lick her.
To me, Gay Pride is not about being gay; it is about being accepted as me, about being all of me — about just being Jeremy.
"Climate change is not about polar bears, not about 2100, and it's not about a country no one cares about, like New Zealand," he joked.
As we peppered him with questions — about Vance, about Sarai, about Herb's unstable stable boy — I found myself thinking about California as a character, too.
Still, "Nanaville" serves up enough vivid anecdotes and fresh insights — about childhood, about parenthood, about grandparenthood and about life — to make for a gratifying read.
D.P. ratio is about 11 percent, compared with about 14 percent for Brazil, about 26 percent for South Africa and about 35 percent for Denmark.
What about all the hours we spent speculating about the Mueller report, fantasizing about the Trump ruin or watching and reading speculation about these things?
Changing your luck is about changing the way you think about yourself, or changing the way you think about what other people think about you?
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"This is about people, so it's not only about one dimension of stereotypes which is gender, it's about sexual orientation, it's about religion, about everything that puts people in boxes," Santos told CNBC by phone.
"I think it might be a good idea to go work for another company first and learn about sales, learn about marketing, learn about accounting, learn about compliance, learn about human capital practices," Siebel said.
"This case is not just about Jordan, it's about Tamir Rice, it's about Walter Scott, it's about Alton Sterling, it's about every African-American ... who has been killed and has not gotten justice," Washington said.
" He wrote, "We have grave disagreements about social issues, about important foreign policy questions, about tax policy, about whether entitlements should be reformed or expanded, about what sort of judges should serve on our courts.
"It's not about reservations, it's not about a quota, it's not about token service," he added.
Much of my work is about creating conversations about the stuff that we don't talk about.
It's a game about optimism, hope, and about acquiring knowledge about how our country was formed.
We also talked about Canadians, particularly that old trope about how little Americans know about us.
I think it is about making a film that is not about immigrants but about people.
It's a book about being soft, about being true, and about finding yourself in your family.
They're concerned about election security, they're concerned about content, they're concerned about privacy and data portability.
Here's how he's thinking about what just happened, about social media, and about, uh, nuclear proliferation.
Many of the candidates were talking about building walls, about building double walls, about electric fences.
About them, about the use of them, about them being on the streets in San Francisco.
Now I care about the griffin, because I care about the people it's about to pulverize.
Hollywood continues to be proven wrong about these old preconceptions about which audiences care about what.
The next president needs to know about Aleppo, and about Syria, and about a lot more.
" I thought about writing about it, headline: "Why the fuck are we still talking about this?
This is a show about love, so it's about damn time they started talking about sex.
They were searching for information about getting tested, about how to prevent HIV, and about condoms.
It really ... People really had not been thinking about it, talking about it, writing about it.
We talk about black folks, we talk about women, but we don't talk about Black women.
Taught by his father about business, about thriftiness, about using his sizable inheritance to make billions.
Lessons about hope, about strength, and about the light in us that will not be extinguished.
As of March 29, Handel raised about $463,000, Hill garnered about $473,000 and Moody about $603,000.
Jordyn didn't think about me, she didn't think about Kylie … she didn't think about my daughter.
We know an enormous amount about the natural world, about the cosmos, and about our bodies.
As of March 29, Handel raised about $463,603, Hill garnered about $473,000 and Moody about $108,000.
The crucial feature about negative partisanship is that it isn't really about policy; it's about identity.
"She lied about her emails, about her server, about Benghazi," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell attacked.
That is not about resourcing; it is about safety and it is about leadership at sea.
It's a smart show about women, about families and, somehow, also about the stand up world.
There are versions that talk about temperance, about women's suffrage, about presidential campaigns, including Abraham Lincoln's.
Negotiations aren't about "winning" but more about fostering a deal that both parties feel good about.
Putin said about me — I didn't say about Putin — Putin said very nice things about me.
Bond spoke about movingly about appropriation and about the need to continue to represent Black womanhood.
You can read a lament about DC here, one about Denver here, one about Seattle here.
I talked about it onstage, I talked about it online, I talked about it in conversation.
It's about "love and about tolerance and about truth," according to producer Cathy Schulman's acceptance speech.
I told them, 'Don't talk about Trump, don't talk about impeachment, talk about kitchen-table issues.
"It makes me feel better about not making mistakes about things I just don't know about."
The exhibition portrays Wood as a deeply ambivalent person — about Iowa, about his sexuality, about politics.
He thought, night and day, about Madrid, about Tottenham Hotspur, and about the Champions League final.
It's not all about dunking, it's about fundamentals, it's about skills, and they have all those.
"It's not only about fun, it's actually about being part of the community, and about inclusion."
We talked about issues that we were worked up about, but we weren't talking about ourselves.
Every time you talk about policing, and they talk about statistics, this is about money, period.
It's about how you feel about yourself, about how you feel going out on that court.
Twenty-three percent were at least in part about Democrats, 18% about trade, 16% about China.
"He's here to talk about the game, not about his family, about Real Madrid," Santos said.
From July to August, Ohio gained about 6,400 jobs; Michigan about 3,1143; and Pennsylvania about 4,700.
Little sets of songs about falling in love, about weddings, about mourning: You get the gist.
"It's not about economics; it's about racism," Ms. Black told Mr. Casavis about the president's rise.
He made the argument about democracy, about Trump's being a threat to everything America is about.
There'd be fights about politics, about morality, or just about some chore that hadn't been done.
This is not about being polite, this is not about being pretty, this is about feeling.
"Socialism is not about the environment, it's not about justice, it's not about virtue," he said.
He feels very warmly about the Jewish state, about the Jewish people and about Jewish people.
It's about parenthood, and it's about marriage, and it's about how truly terrible house parties are.
"We remain concerned about fuel, about water, and about the overall power supply situation," Bash said.
Yes, this is about about hope—but not in the way we often talk about it.
We're concerned about them, we're not concerned about headlines, we're not concerned about Fox News hits.
They talk about their mood, they talk about their pain, they talk about their sex lives.
This isn't about a live version; this is about the recording, so don't worry about this.
REPORTERS CONTINUE YELLING INDISTINCTLY TRUMP: How about, how about, how about a couple of infrastructure questions.
"Conversations about police reform and accountability are about systems and structures, not about individuals," said Lowery.
It's mostly about getting through the day, about getting through the week, about getting through life.
They lied and then they lied about lying and then they lied about lying about lying.
Taboos about sex, fears about desire, and squeamishness about discussing our bodies have led to an abundance of whispers about sex and everything that surrounds it.
People brag about it, people make fun of people who brag about it, people brag about making fun of people who brag about it — it's exhausting.
"A good impression isn't about how you make people feel about you, it's about how you make them feel about themselves," he writes in the book.
"When people think about logistics, they think about routing, they think about package deliveries, they might think about some ships or freight crossing companies," he concludes.
Of those participating, about 5% drank exclusively non-cow's milks, and about 84% drank only cow's milk; about 8% drank both and about 3% drank neither.
But the thing about this, and about your letter, and about this whole column, is that I don't really care about your ex at this minute.
Blonde is an album about aging, about bad-fit desire and being alone, about coming to know yourself and your past while wondering about the future.
You could make a whole film about Julie, you could make a whole film about Danny, you could make whole film about Kyle, about Father Leviathan.
In past years, participating agencies have increased: About 12,503 submitted data in 2001, about 12,400 in 238, about 22012,212 in 238 and about 2800,22012 in 20123.
Answering a question about Aleppo by talking about US military operations in Mosul is a little like answering a question about Israel by talking about Afghanistan.
I'm not just talking about Hammond in general––I'm talking about Hammond, I'm talking about Gary, I'm talking about [East Chicago], the 219 as a whole.
There's been a lot recently about this idea around phone addiction, just relatively recently about people worried about it and bugging companies about what they're doing.
While we worked, we talked: about fashion, about school, about the demise of the latest Politburo leader, and about which banned samizdat book we were reading.
You might find a book about bicycles next to a book about birds next to a book about shells next to a book about space exploration.
They teach us about life, about motive, about our own darkness, about why we act as we do, and they give us back real live language.
When we don't have ownership, then it's all about how something looks, it's about the patina, it's not about the soul, it's not about the core.
Is it a story about self-realization, or about feeling conflicted about a parent, or about how parents mess up their kids, or about realizing that your parents were right all along, or something else entirely?
It's very true and it's not just about our reproductive freedoms: It's about pay equity, it's about family leave, it's about affordable childcare, it's about lifting the minimum wage that so disproportionately would impact women beneficially.
At present, you can read about Mountains and Deserts but not about Ecology, about the American West but not the American South, about Shakespeare's Comedies and Shakespeare's Tragedies and Shakespeare's Sonnets but not about Shakespeare's Histories.
He then linked that geographic information to data about the decline in manufacturing, about how affected each area was by the rise of Chinese imports, about intergenerational mobility, about racial segregation, and about white mortality rates.
"Although she made art in Iran and about Iran, her art spoke to more universal issues — about gendered representation, about the politics of the everyday, about urban life, about the beauty industry and consumerism," she said.
But still, the New York Times writing about you, and people would write stories about the New York Times' profile about you, and then they'd write stories about the stories about the New York Times' profile.
Science was laughing with my labmates about television the night before, about the song of the summer, about tennis, about the unruly nature of mold growing on our plates, about cheap wings at Buffalo Wild Wings.
"One Man, No City" really does say something about urban alienation, "Captive of the Sun" about megapolitan avantism, "Steady on My Mind" about long love, "Berlin Got Blurry" about missing someone, "Two Dead Cops" about police brutality, "Paraphrased," I mean it, about signification and its disconnects.
" He explained, "While the book has three hundred families and the movie has six, those six convey what I intended and discovered and so much more: about love; about the complexity of parenting; about identity; about grace; about faith; about optimism; about how people come to be grateful for lives they would have done anything to avoid.
"It really is about taking what is extraordinary about Miami and about culture and about global art and infusing it into an environment that most people wouldn't really think about," Ms. Srebnick said in a phone interview.
Reseda, Mulholland, Ventura Boulevard, Tom Petty had people all over the world singing about my hometown and it felt like they were singing about me, about my own experiences, about my first boyfriend, about horse-loving me.
The convergence of history, celebrity and glamour should be a fertile area for one-off TV specials, and there's plenty of genuine information — about rituals, about rites, about politics, about tiaras, about dads — worth acknowledging or exploring.
He spoke about the mysterious nature of women, about learning about sex as a teenager (introducing "Descaração Familiar," or, "Familiar Audacity"), about pagan deities who unite masculine and feminine (introducing "Ogodo, Ano 2000") and about pinball ("Fliperama").
He says he's learned a lot this election cycle about politics — about how the economy is rigged, about political power, about Sanders's plans to tackle wealth inequality.
And thus does Bowie make a truly big statement — about performance, about tropes, about presentation, and, that's right, about death, and the need to leave something behind.
I think just with any relationship, just in life, I think it's about chemistry and about values and about you know, about how two people get along.
"Through my career and through my travel experience I've learned so much about me, about my body and about life — about being present in life," she said.
One of your first books was about — we talked about it just earlier — it was about the science around obesity and about fat and thin essentially, correct?
"I think just with any relationship, just in life, I think it's about chemistry and about values and about you know, about how two people get along."
" Rick Tyler told CNN's Erin Burnett that Trump says "nothing about immigration, nothing about job creation, nothing about what's going on in North Korea, nothing about ISIS.
So McBride and I talked about the angry national mood, about the criticism of the show, and about what he thinks Hollywood gets wrong about the South.
Put another way, trust in government is less about what government is doing and more about what is being said about it and reported on about it.
It is about the Scottish peasantry, about the land, about the family, which is the greatest source of joy and terror; all tragedies are about families really.
His book is about links and associations rather than about definitive proof; it is about networks and shifts in intellectual mood, about correlations as much as causes.
This is a movie about polyamory, about bisexuality, about queer love and family, about bondage and consent, and it is set in the 20s through the 40s.
I hope it makes people start asking more questions: about having babies, about how we feel about disability and disease, about where to draw those red lines.
We talked about how overworked we felt, about our growing discontent with medicine, about our detachment from our patients and about our fraying relationships with other doctors.
Three students approached me — one about a poetry fellowship, another about a poem about trampolines and the Nigerian student about a poem she was writing on womanhood.
For many, the public debate about what to do about the building was as much about architecture as it was about grappling with the G.D.R.'s legacy.
I hope to have a lively question and answer session – about being Muslim in America, about poverty and class, about the power of forgiveness, about Fort Smith.
" Because games "turn insights into habits," and "habits bore through our defenses," Clune writes, "they teach us about death, about character, about fate, about action and identity.
And then I do want to get into talking about Snapchat, for you to talk about how you feel about what people say about borrowing their things.
Educators worry as well: about our students, about ourselves, about our own children, if we are parents.
TB: It's not so much about the moments; it's more about thinking about photography and the medium.
But, like the song about Chris Farley or the song about his wife, it's not about him.
So far, Jillian hasn't asked her parents about the accident, about the Big Kid, about her life.
We learn a lot about womanhood and we make incredible discoveries about how women feel about themselves.
This is about family acceptance, this is about talking to your child about being accepted and loved.
" He added, "The cartoon about Serena is about her poor behavior on the day, not about race.
Caramanica Iggy Azalea is not rapping about whiteness, or about anxiety about participation in hip-hop culture.
I&aposve read about it, spoke about it, heard about it, studied, but I haven&apost seen.
He taught us about Judaism, about Israel, and about not being silent in the face of injustice.
Two worries about the state of American democracy—one about elections, another about courts—animated the hearing.
His "what about..." implies that there's something about Jamie's living situation we don't quite know about yet.
Your ideas about a person reflect nothing about them and everything about how limited your worldview is.
Women worry about upending their families, about their appearance being picked apart, about their qualifications being questioned.
A1: The next election is going to be about the economy, about jobs and about disposable income.
I'm concerned about housing and I'm concerned about the comments that Warren made about your highest fees.
It&aposs about ideas and it is about- it is about getting out and turning out votes.
I was feeling anxious — about money, about my body, about something I couldn't put a name to.
I spoke with him about why he's so optimistic about the future and about why I'm not.
The most exciting thing about Apple's WWDC keynote wasn't about new hardware, it was about old iPhones.
Some of them about the Tesla Model 3, some about the car wrap and many about both!
He knew about Margeary's death, he knew about Tommen's death, and yes, he knew about Jon Snow.
I learned a lot about running a campaign, about what it takes -- about how hard it is.
"Look at the comments he's made about women, about Muslims, about reporters," she told CNBC in March.
"For some, it's about sexuality; for some, it's about freedom; for some, it's about loneliness," he says.
This battle is not just about  LGBT people, it's about race, it's about women's rights, immigration rights.
They talked plainly about faith, about instilling good family values, about the uniqueness of the American experiment.
"It's not about velocity, it's about making balls move — it's about command," Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said.
California wouldn't need to worry about its poor, about Medi-Cal or about low-income housing again.
What do we do about changing the conditions we complain about, rather than just yelling about it?
There is no secret about my evolving feelings about Hillary Clinton, about my criticisms of Hillary Clinton.
"This is about jobs, it's about math, and it's about the Tennessee we can be," says Haslam.
If she slept with Jack Black, she talked about it onstage, then wrote about talking about it.
"I thought about Althea Gibson and about Zina Garrison and then about Venus and Serena," Blackman said.
Occasionally, he is right: about what is happening, about what should happen, and about what it means.
He didn't ask about "passion," or about "love for the country," which is what Trump talked about.
Trump made 23.43 false claims about the economy, 21 about trade and 23.7 about China in particular.
It was about me learning more about what it is about conservative messaging that resonates with people.
"Saying ISIS is defeated means you know nothing about terrorism, nothing about incursions, nothing about insurgent activity."
Exposure is about truth, sure, but it's mostly about power — about the relationship of truth to power.
This is a novel not so much about war as about the exhaustion of thinking about war.
Often, the way people talk about surgery is that it's not about sex, it's about gender dysphoria.
Anything in the group about skinniness, about punishment, about self-denial was simply to help members evolve.
MR. REARDON: The future of our industry is all about information: It's about databases, it's about scholarship.
I wanted to tell him about the labyrinth, about festina lente, about the Dictaphone in his glovebox.
It's not just about changing our attitudes about rural America, it's also about how we hear others.
WM: We're talking about being brave enough to talk about stuff that you're afraid to talk about.
We haven't really sat down and talked about what we're talking about when we talk about empathy.
"We are about the families we employ, about the environment, about the people around us," he says.
The youth looked in, forgot about the cold and rain outside, forgot about essence, forgot about time. . . .
Psychologists care about human behavior; marketers care about consumer behavior; Nike marketers care about their consumers' behavior.
"The hat is no longer about prestige; it is about looking cool, about looking now," he said.
"So I'm worried about the economics, I'm worried about the health, and I'm worried about global complacency."
So it's about shopping, but it's also not about shopping, but it's also not not about shopping.
I can recall comments about my skin or comments about my size or comments about my hair.
We're talking about taxes, we're talking about wages, we're talking about what you lobby for in Washington.
Five seasons gave the characters time "to understand about compromise, about change, about relinquishing control," he said.
I'm very bullish about our traditional business and I'm very bullish about how we're thinking about mobility.
Perhaps theories about the multiverse aren't the first thing you think about when you think about Veep.
What does that say about us, about our psychology, about our susceptibility to this kind of violence?
They are, in some ways, arguing not just about Azaria or about al-Sharif, but about themselves.
I had more trepidation about writing in the first person than I did about writing about sex.
We're gonna talk about Tesla, we're gonna talk about SpaceX, we're gonna talk about this year, we're gonna talk about The Boring Company, and anything else Elon wants to talk about, because people like to hear you talk.
I definitely had a lot to say about the period, about what the characters would say, about how they would say it, about what the world was like.
I think it's just about empowering yourself and making sure there's a discussion about it — and [to] not being shy [about] talking about how much you're getting paid.
About 70 missiles would be with all of these trucks out here and which one would be about like this, about 20 feet long, weigh about 2,103 pounds.
I want it to be somewhere where it's about community, about the trees, about the sea, about our relationship—I just want the shift that I dream of.
A narrative about special powers can't be a narrative about solidarity, and a narrative that isn't about solidarity can't really be a narrative about change, justice, or hope.
And as everywhere, it was impossible to talk about Sessions without talking about Trump — and it was impossible for Sessions to talk about himself without talking about Trump.
One of the beautiful things about the film is that it's not just about the performance, it's not just about the dance, it's not just about the costumes.
But it's certain that after bullshitting about Trump, dissembling about Pryor, misleading about Miranda, and offering an implausible plea of ignorance about Kozinski, Kavanaugh isn't a trustworthy figure.
"It's not advisable to expand on this," he says when asked about his tastes, about whether he watches TV, about what he eats, about his day-to-day.
So it's absolutely reasonable to talk about eating patterns, about family meal times, about what foods kids choose at home and at school, about screen time and exercise.
"We may be talking about a very different world in terms of how we think about cars, how we think about airplanes and how we think about gasoline."
My Moroccan experience, however, showed me that stressless cooking is not always about "easy," but about "ease"; it's not about a dish but about a state of mind.
My neighbors tell me about who these faces replaced, about how much they pay in rent, about how rude they are, about the complaints they lodge with management.
Presidential candidates have been asked about the World Series, about cursing in movies, even about flag lapel pins more recently than they have been questioned about child poverty.
It's much easier to say that Carrère writes about darkness, about tragedy, about villainy, murder, sorrow and loss, about tortured people and torturers, with the torturer sometimes himself.
Horizontal in the sense of learning more about the world, about others, and about a craft; vertical in the sense of learning more about who you really are.
Every time we talked, I learned so much about her, about our potential as partners and about myself.
"The thing about being magnanimous about keeping a secret is you don't say anything about it," she explained.
I am private about certain things in my life and public about the things I'm intensely passionate about.
Here are the details about the conversations that you want to know about and ask the president about.
We talk about the book for about 20 minutes then socialize and talk about all sorts of things.
But we do have in-depth conversations about what we think about, just not about our personal lives.
He cared about bigness because he cared about democracy, and it was connected to his ideas about privacy.
We talk about books; we talk about our families; we talk about the people we've thought we loved.
Right. That's about you and about the competitor and it's not really thinking about the streamer at all.
"The show will be about his life, recovery — all about him," the source says about the new series.
It's more about what their looks are, and less about what they think or what they care about.
An independent investigation is underway about those claims and about whether the university knew of concerns about Strauss.
"There were kids who asked about fracking, about the border wall, about fossil fuels," she told Colorado's 9News.
She was very passionate about the song, about Katy's journey and about what this song means to Katy.
"The show will be about his life, recovery — all about him," the source said about the new series.
"It's about health, it's about keeping up with our kids, it's about longevity," continued the mother of three.
We asked them about their lives now, about their families and about their hopes for the new year.
Because, no matter what, this is about asking about sex and about why are the [sex workers] involved?
The fact is they care about their taxes, they care about their paychecks, they care about their jobs.
When we think about the occupation, we think about people being killed in raids, we think about prisons.
I think a lot about two things, I think about the what, and I think about the how.
Twitter is thinking about labeling bots; it's thinking about conversational health; it's thinking about rethinking the entire service.
"We move on, because it's not about me, it's not about Mr. Trump, it's about America," Carson said.
I think that they write about about real stuff, a lot about what's going on in the world.
It's really about adopting it, it's really about understanding it and more importantly, it's really about accepting it.
Don't worry about what anybody has to say, don't worry about what anybody thinks about what you're doing.
Jeff Fortenberry asked Pence about concerns his daughter has raised with him about some Trump comments about women.
For me, it's a movie about women and about womanhood, and about how women are these secret societies.
So it's about war and about you know about killing everything on the planet actually through climate change.
We must have talked for three hours about our lives, about our children, about growing up in Texas.
It's not just about representation—it's about white people writing, starring in, and claiming stories about Asian culture.
They are worried about their marriages, anxious about their futures, and ambivalent about their families, chosen or otherwise.
Carriers hate to talk about floors, but consumers complain about floors much more than they complain about peaks.
Google's definitely thinking about tablets, definitely thinking about augmented-reality glasses, definitely thinking about wearables, and many more.
It's not about not wanting to talk about race—every single show that we did talks about race.
But if you're someone who cares about food, when you think about NOLA, you think about the cuisine.
We don't talk about last year, we don't talk about next week, we don't talk about next year.
It was probably about 4.5–5 feet tall by about 10 feet wide by about 53 feet deep.
" * "How about -- how about all week they're talking about the massive crowds that are going to be outside.
It's also about other things, you know the things you write songs about, but mostly it's about aliens.
We talk about the Romans, about Columbus discovering America, and about the first American Congress and the colonies.
Swing Time is a book about dance, and about female friendships, and about living life as a shadow.
"The president is not hearing about the remote areas, only about the tsunami and about Palu," he said.
Reuters asked 2,989 respondents about Medicare for all, 5,339 about free college tuition, and 85033,737 about abolishing ICE.
But I actually really appreciate knowing about the crew, knowing about their families, knowing about who they are.
Or perhaps he'd questioned Robyn about her mother, or ranted on about her, or talked about his work.
Enterprise employs about 22001,21945 people with about 21978,21979 branches in the United States and about 22008 other countries.
Wade is about, or what the E.U. regulations are about, or even what Katz and Carpenter are about.
He lied about Ben Carson in Iowa, he lies about marriage, he's lying about all sorts of things.
" "Let's be clear: This is not about mental health, it's not about video games, it's not about movies.
"It's not about getting victories, it's about surviving and thinking about the rest of the fall," Mackowiak added.
The routine captures many of Ingalls's central concerns—about art, about chance and fate, about love and aggression.
Right now I'm doing a quest about beans, a quest about frogs, and a quest about car parts.
But even in that case, why would Trump lie about it, then lie about who lied about it?
Conversations about consent shouldn't ruin the mood; they should get you excited about what you're about to do.
And What Can We Learn—About Ourselves, About Others, About Humanity as a Whole—from Those Shameful Emissions?
Instead, he was peppering Hoffman with questions about himself, telling stories about users, and talking about work ethos.
They're too self-conscious about their bodies and have anxiety about others seeing whatever parts they're insecure about.
About a rose bush, about grafting a pear tree to a citrus tree and about Keeping Austin Weird.
About Kyle Richards and her sister Kim; about Erika Girardi and her alter ego, Erika Jayne; about brands.
What does it say about us, or about how we see the world, or about what we want?
They do care about the stories, they care about a lot of things that I've always cared about.
Well, we talked about what Hollywood gets wrong about Christians, so what do Christians get wrong about Hollywood?
People are concerned about that, about having their pensions caught or about having their access to medical care.
My parents, Al and Kathy, taught me about hard work, and about kindness, and most importantly, about faith.
We've heard a lot about what some Americans think about Mexico, but what does Mexico think about America?
But what is the story that the Oscars are trying to tell about Hollywood, about culture, about us?
I worry about getting older, about the fate of the earth, about the presidency of this terrible man.
What Trump Did Talk About Now, let me say a few words about what Trump did talk about.
First of all, we talk about A.I., we talk about machine learning; we don't talk about real intelligence.
Rural places like this one are facing countless questions about the economy, about identity and about the environment.
" For Mr. Kaasche, the current hysteria about wolves "says nothing about wolves and a lot about human nature.
He's very earnest about what he's doing, but he doesn't know enough about farming and about the soil.
They spoke about the clothes Kanye was finding, about Drake, about the colors of the "Ye" album cover.
I was more worried about what bullies would think about me owning a doll than about not winning.
"It's not just a message about Dr. Blasey Ford, it's about survivors and about women," Ms. Graves said.
Many people thought about ideas, or learned about writers, or considered perspectives, that they didn't know about before.
Justice Kagan asked about restaurants and dry cleaners, Justice Sotomayor about corner grocers and Justice Breyer about publishers.
So this is a story about American capitalism, about the foundations of American capitalism, about the American economy.
This is a story about stories, a puzzle about puzzles, a game about games, gamers and game pieces.
"If people get salty about it, it says more about them than it does about you," he said.
Loesch said that the issue isn't about deciding whether people care about others' lives or care about firearms.
He tells her about their youth, about her father's fear and paranoia, about his undimmable love for her.
It wasn't always about him, it was about trying to bring attention to causes he was passionate about.
This isn't a game — it's about real people's real lives, about the rule of law and about democracy.
It should be about a subject the student knows, cares deeply about and wants to think further about.
"It's about equity, it's about fairness, and it's about time," Newsom said the day he announced the signing.
Raisman wrote about thinking about what she would tell her younger self about the abuse her team experienced.
"It's not about the empire anymore, it's not about Lucious anymore, it's not about our kids," she said.
Then came the bad headlines, followed by worse headlines — about the industry, about the country, about the world.
" When I asked Bolton about it, he said, "I care about Iran because I care about nuclear weapons.
"There's nothing delicate about it, there's nothing fragile about it," Rihanna said about the choreography of the show.
"People think about water scarcity and they think about Africa—they think about the Third World," Hertz said.
I rise today to say that this is not about Democrats, it's not about Republicans, it's about fairness.
Trump does not care about Alice Johnson; he cares about having Kim Kardashian say nice things about him.
Even today, I am torn about writing about Loujain, scared that speaking about her ordeal might harm her.
It's about courage and about a changing America and, at the same time, about how little has changed.
Statements about Russia, about this re-Sovietization of post-Soviet space, about Putin, that demonstrated her real feelings.
When people talk about cost in this way, it's not really about absolute cost, but about opportunity cost.
"This issue is all about three fundamental things: It is about safety, it's about reliability and it's about affordability," Newsom told reporters Monday afternoon after spending the day in and out of meetings with lawmakers about the pending bankruptcy.
But what we shouldn't lose sight of in this thorny debate—about Israel and its government, about Palestine, about anti-Jewish hate, and about lobbying in Washington—is that Donald Trump does not give a shit about anti-Semitism.
The problem is Mr. Trump at the moment seems, dare I say, to be a bit of a loose cannon whether it becomes about the Iran deal, about G7, about cop 21, about free trade, about tariffs as well.
People are beginning to think of this as being about much more than just economic practicalities, and are thinking of this as being about legitimacy, about independence, about who actually runs the country, about whether the elite is legitimate.
The defining sociological condition today, especially among millennials, is arguably anxiety: anxiety about our political dysfunction, anxiety about terrorism, anxiety about climate change, anxiety about student loan debt, even anxiety about artificial intelligence taking away all the good jobs.
School supplies are just the start of it — let's talk about further education and professional development, about college application fees, about extra sandwiches, about books, about winter clothes, about eyeglasses, about curriculum (yes: curriculum — many districts forgo textbooks, or supply decades-old textbooks, or provide only the most bare-bones of worksheets, leaving it on teachers to cobble together their own instructional materials).
Of the 2,288 sexually active girls in the survey, about 2 percent used LARC, about 22 percent used birth control pills, about 41 percent used condoms, about 12 percent used withdrawal or other methods, about 16 percent used no contraceptive method and about 6 percent used the shot, patch or ring.
"I spoke about it as something that we all need to be thinking about and asking our elected representatives about," O'Rourke said of how he talked about impeachment previously.
It's not just about skinny jeans now, it's about creating a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that is just as much about mental and physical health as it is about appearances.
How do you write about it with passion, how do you write about it fairly, how do you talk about it fairly, how do you talk about it passionately?
What he's saying: "This is about a plot, this is about conspiracy, this is about backstabbing — that's what we are talking about," Ghosn says in the pre-recorded video.
A tablespoon (about 12 grams) of sugar has about 50 calories, and a typical serving size of traditional gummy bears (about 15 pieces) has about 19 grams of sugar.
For coal generation, it is about $2202, for natural gas it is about $2628, for nuclear power it is about $28500 and for hydroelectric power it is about $6900.
Instead of talking about concepts the computer cares about (like variables and servers), programming tools should talk about things the programmer cares about (an image or a cloth order).
That left press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to field questions about who knew about the Porter allegations, when they found out about them and what was done about it.
"We can do that about vaccines, we can do that about gay rights, we can do that about bathroom laws, we can do that about Roy Moore, " he said.
That is, the reason we care about disease is because we care about the people it may harm, and therefore epidemiology is as much about people as about disease.
He did not start digging for information about Nike bases until about 20 years ago, after he discovered documents about a base in Franklin Lakes, about 30 miles away.
In an interview with Insider in January, Hemmer was enthusiastic about his role but careful about talking about whether he was nervous about taking over Smith's high-profile slot.
"The cartoon about Serena is about her poor behavior on the day, not about race," Mr. Knight said in an article on the Herald Sun website about the backlash.
But Ad Astra gets bigger and more significant when you think about it as a movie about God, or rather about the way we feel about God in modernity.
And you notice -- and you notice all the time, for weeks and weeks they're debating my plan, debating about it, talking about it, what about this, what about that.
When you look at polls, Neil, Americans care more about health care and about the -- and about jobs and the economy than they do about the Mueller investigation, about a lot of the things you see on the news all day.
What we got excited about is that TSA was leaning in to risk-based screening, that TSA was thinking about the future, about it's not just about the items but it's about the person and creating that known traveling program.
"The next president will be able to make decisions about women, about their bodies, about how they are treated at work, on university campuses and at school, about how men treat women, and about their rights as citizens," Watson wrote.
"I think now that we've proven that anything is possible, it just doesn't matter about gender anymore, it just matters about ability, it matters about heart, it matters about caring about this business, and being passionate, and being good," she says.
I know you're going to feel good about it too, it's not just about me, fuck me, it's not about "Dylan, Dylan, Dylan," it's about you receiving the music and interpreting it in your own way and feeling good about it.
We were activists; we realized the government was lying about pot, and that led us to disbelieve so much of what they told us about race, about the war in Vietnam, about political assassination, and about the war on drugs.
With shades of Superbad, it's a movie about friendship and being a good person, about speaking up for what you want, about revising your prejudices and assumptions about others, and about being brave enough to own up to who you are.
This is a film about love, about dreams and about this lovely city we call home, Los Angles, California.
We have fun gossiping about our love lives, venting about work issues, and complaining about how hungry we are.
GIGOT: What about security guaranties that the North Koreans are talking about -- have talked about for Kim Jong Un?
I didn't know about microaggressions until Mike told me about that, because his daughter had informed him about them.
I don't know about you, but I didn't care about myself, so I definitely didn't care about anybody else.
All this is, and what you&aposre talking about, what Jesse is talking about, is about safety and deterrence.
I wanted a real space, so that it wasn't about being cyborg, or about being blank, or about Minimalism.
Our parents never talk about mental health, and our family is really weird about being open about our feelings.
Every modern couple needs to have conversations—early on in the relationship—about sexuality, about infidelity, about sexual boundaries.
And then it will become either meetings about today or meetings about tomorrow or maybe meetings about next week.
Broadly believe that we need to do something about chain migration, about catch and release, about the visa lottery.
They were terrible things, talking about Jewish, talking about race, talking about atheist, trying to pin labels on people.
They don&apost care about ideological diversity, which is what the left is about, it is about ideological oppression.
The Trump campaign featured an overwhelming barrage of angry and derogatory messages about women, about immigrants and about Muslims.
Open Up About Your Debt One thing many couples often overlook when talking about finances is talking about debt.
When we do talk about competition, it tends to be about fights between giants, usually about little stuff. Hey!
I want to say things about my body, about the history of the black body, and about immigrant suffering.
They were about $225K at graduation but locked at about 2522% interest, so they just recently hit about $232K.
I griped about remembering birthday presents, nagged about cleaning dirty toilet bowls, and complained about making holiday travel plans.
They also pilfered the credit card numbers of about 209,000 people and documents about credit disputes for about 182,000.
It wasn't about being nervous, it was about going about it the right way, making sure it was professional.
You worried about your kids, but you didn't worry about them the way people worry about their kids now.
And I didn't know about tampons — my mother just didn't know about tampons and didn't teach me about them.
Fed officials have occasionally talked about those issues — I talked about inequality, and Janet Yellen has talked about inequality.
Policymakers, though, may care more about what tattoos say about the future than what they reveal about the past.
Right about now, the world could use a break from stories about males thinking about — and with — their junk.
We are talking about ports of entry, we are talking about fully funding customs, we are talking about detentions.
"It's less about revenge and more about specific deterrence," Thiel previously told CNBC about his backing of the lawsuit.
I want to talk about education, about tech, about how to essentially fix democracy and what's going on. Yeah.
It's less about about snack foods, and more about the physics of so-called granular materials, like sand piles.
"I've thought about it, yeah — talked about it," the father of eight said about the possibility of an engagement.
She doesn't know anything about her family, about her roots, making Horizon very much a game about self-discovery.
It's about tolerance, it's about diversity, it's about interpretation, and that to me is what … that's what politics is.
"We hear their concerns about safe environments, about standards, about measurement, and this is critical to us," she said.
It's not about the price, it's not about where you get it, it's just about what works for you.
And again, because you're writing about media, other high-profile media people are reading about you, talking about you.
Even if people aren't buying them, they're talking about them and writing about them and asking questions about them.
"These jokes are not about Mr. Cosby, not about assault, and not about rendering anyone unconscious," his lawyers wrote.
These people are learning about licensing, learning about publishing, learning about all the other aspects of running a label.
You can buy a pass for 238 hours (about $250), 48 hours (about $47) or 72 hours (about $57).
It's all about just being honest and talking about money and being open about, how do you do this?
We believe it is about decency, about cooperation, or about voters rewarding what we think is a better vision.
I've written about it, I've been pretty open about it, certainly the last year I've been open about it.
" Draper said, "It's not just about the calls; it's about increasing awareness about suicide, and suicide prevention in particular.
"It's about fear and it's about love and it's about wanting more for all of us," wrote the duo.
We cannot solve the problem without talking about labor, without talking about jobs, without talking about health and equity.
We're more about getting the interest of other people than we are about thinking deeply about the actual problems.
They care about coal companies, they care about profit, and they care about using these people as political props.
I don't know about you, but I'm really bad at being self-disciplined about things I don't care about.
"All of the stories I write are about being seen, about light hitting people, about sequins," Red told me.
Maggie Pierce Age: About 34-35If Meredith is about 39, that makes her 1983-born little sister about 34.
Not everyone is as excited about talking about their political views as they are about voting on them, however.
We would talk about policy and we'd talk about family and we'd talk about the state of our politics.
Clinton lied: about her finances, about "sniper fire in Bosnia," about Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation, her private email server.
Auto-Tune was a tool for singing about partying, about popping bottles, about falling in love with a stripper.
See, another thing about life, and also about yoga, is that it's easy to make it all about yourself.
Nobody was talking about youth, nobody was talking about unmarried women, nobody was talking about boys 26 years ago.
But I've never been excited about a show, or been excited about something like I am about this show.
Complaining about refs, about injuries that altered the course of several series, and especially about all the damn blowouts.
This is a song about about marginalization, abuse, and shame, but also about empowerment and ultimately, resilience and survival.
It wasn't about an individual video, it wasn't about an individual recording act, it was all about the brand.
It's about emotional and physical health and wellness; it's about exclusivity; it's about having experiences off the beaten path.
President-elect Trump was explicit — about women, about certain races and religions, about the dubiousness of some Americans' patriotism.
There are three plays about journalism, one about Hillary Clinton, and one about snooker (naturally, it's imported from Britain).
I have been thinking about this and talking about this and yelling at the TV about this for years.
We talk about the Kardashians, we talk about Wendi Deng going to Burning Man, and we talk about politics.
"It is the exact opposite of what the Bible preaches about treating the poor, about justice, about responsible service."
And that's when I realized something about her and, really, about all great teachers: It's always about the connection.
"A founder cares about details, about people, things that maybe big corporations don't care as much about," she said.
When we talk about abortion, for example, what is more important, talking about the minimum wage or about life?
We talked about how she was doing, about how I was doing, about what I was playing for work.
He spoke about human nature, about philosophy and democracy and about what he had learned in the detention center.
We would talk about policy, and we'd talk about family and we'd talk about the state of our politics.
Imagine swapping stories about how we coped, about absurd situations, about how we made alternative sense of the world!
He said the website he runs about Queensbridge featured information about the rally about a week before it occurred.
Is it about the tech, is it about the IP, is it about having an illusionist as a cofounder?
He obsessed about the competition, about his compensation, about the clients, their demands and his fear of losing them.
This is a conversation about climate change and about political organizing, but it's also about finding agency amid despair.
The world used to know that we cared about our allies, about the rule of law and about democracy.
Books about Abraham Lincoln often tell us as much about the authors and their times as about their subject.
Gombiner acknowledged his client, worried about potential repercussions, lied to JPMorgan about telling his father anything about that deal.
Along with questions about vaping and smoking, the surveys asked about kids' socioeconomic backgrounds and their attitudes about smoking.
So much about working in Washington is about loyalty, and you are supposed to shut up about these things.
It is about cleaner air right now, about a healthy domestic economy and about controlling our own geopolitical strategies.
I hardly wanted to think about that, about the dark cloud hovering over my feelings about my time there.
There has been much made about whether Democrats are as enthusiastic about their nominee as Republicans are about theirs.
Since then, he said, about 450 have been eliminated, leaving about 3,200, with about 12,000 people living in them.
"For Travis, it's always about the customer, it's always about the employee, it's always about the company," Lemonis said.
I was moved that she'd tell me about her life, about how she feels about what's happening to others.
We'll tell an adult story about growing old, about paying for your sins, and about what it really means.
But that was as much about continuity — about a predictable rhythm, with reliable ornaments — as it was about creed.
They had these grave misgivings and doubts about the strategy, about the mission, about how things were being portrayed.
"We'll do it in a speedily fashion," said Dion when asked about about the timeline about dropping the sanctions.
The most damning thing Comey could have revealed about Trump was never about Russia — it was about Trump himself.
And also, then it becomes about the work [itself], about the film, about what's going on in the film.
Not just about myself, but about a species that I had known relatively nothing about before all of this.
The effect is elliptical: Jarman is not asserting anything, per se; it is not a film "about" him, about AIDS, about politics, it is not even "about" the color blue.
You see — for all of my questions about the universe, about blackholes, about the creation of space as we know it — I had hundreds, if not thousands more about bugs.
Trump's next most tweeted about topic is the media, with 11 tweets about The New York Times, another six about CNN and an additional two about other media-related topics.
"If you're going to overlook what he said about women, if you're going to overlook what he said about African-Americans, what about what he said about you," she asked.
OS: At this stage we are discussing about regulation and we have a lot of regulation about how to use the street, about insurances, about all the fields of life.
I've talked to the band before about songs and about the narrative within the song and they all have very different opinions about what they think the songs are about.
"This is a conspiracy ... this is not about greed or dictatorship, this is about a plot, this about a conspiracy, this is about a backstabbing," Ghosn said in the video.
"I talked to Ivanka about it, I talked to Melania about it, I talked to Karen Pence about it, I talked to Kellyanne [Conway] about it," the congresswoman told Politico.
Season 210 is more about sex whereas Season 1 was more about gender, but the bigger shift is that Season 1 was about groups and Season 2 is about individuals.
"If you think about the traditional strategic advantages of the mass e-tailers, it's about price, it's about convenience and it's about selection," Silverman said in an interview with Cramer.
The company said after the initial investment of about $25,000 and about three to six months of transition, most cafes are about to tally about $5,000 a week in sales.
They look at me with empty, exhausted eyes which seem to say this isn't about geopolitics, this is about escaping hell, this is about human dignity, this is about survival.
"It's to create a fantasy that you really understand about your character — what Warlocks are all about, what Hunters are all about, and what Titans are all about," he said.
"If you think about the traditional strategic advantages of the mass e-tailers, it's about price, it's about convenience and it's about selection," Silverman told "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer.
We care about books, about their textures and smells, so why shouldn't we also care about the beauty of this document whose job it is to care about other books?
I'm so happy to read about these people I didn't know about so I can learn about new things instead of reading even more about those we all already know.
"It's about the franchise, it's about education, it's about people having a voice, and it's about people with power and wealth and people without power and wealth," Mr. Leigh said.
Fashion ought to be about those memorable moments — about dislocation, the unexpected, about weirdness, emotion, provocation, even discomfort — as much as it is about garments, Thom Browne said this week.
If you think about how they're impacting, how I talk about things, you talk about them, we all talk about things, how we're all digesting news, information, it's really widespread.
I think what people need to understand — especially your listeners who ... I think folks who listen to you are all about American competitiveness, about technology, about innovation, about staying ahead.
"I think now that we've proven that anything is possible, it just doesn't matter about gender anymore, it just matters about ability, it matters about heart, it matters about caring about this business, and being passionate, and being good," Lynch told PEOPLE.
So I spent about a year just reading his stuff ... reading his essays about rationality, about human psychology, about science, and about AI. And why we need to put effort into making sure that the long-term future is going to be good.
"All of the data points very, very clearly about incredibly low levels of awareness about open enrollment, about what's available, about how much it costs, about when it is," said Joshua Peck, the group's co-founder and a former Obama administration official.
Look at them graze the table, laughing as they eat, talking of art and politics and family and fishing, about tomorrow's soccer game, about yesterday's dance, about next month's vacation, about last week's horrors, about nothing of importance, which is very important indeed.
A. About 10 more years B. About 15 more years C. About 20 more years D. About 25 more years E. About 30 more years According to data from the Social Security Administration, men can expect to live to around 84 years old.
"We want to show what this is about, it's about democracy, it's about freedom, it's about freedom of the press, freedom of justice and all that is seriously endangered," he said.
"Lingerie is not just about exploiting the female body, it's about celebrating it and that's what Savage x is all about," the star told Vogue in an interview about the collection.
It was about not being strong enough, about falling down, about doing it wrong, about how you even get into that pose and I would never be able to do it.
"Yesterday, I am thinking about (one of her friends) ... I cried about that girl, about her, and I am thinking about her mother," said Stephens, in a voice quivering with emotion.
The real story is about the Johns, about bodily autonomy, about accepting other people's rights, and about how easy it is to fight with people while still loving and needing them.
" Warren said the early coverage of her campaign was "about what I'm wearing, it's about my hair, it's about my voice, it's about whether or not I smile enough -- I didn't.
He thinks about how much money the new supplies cost, about the pastor's kindness, and about the lies he heard for so many years about evil people in the United States.
Anyway, enough about the US; let's talk about you: The new moon is all about you connecting deeper with yourself about your feelings, your goals, how you present yourself, your identity.
If you&aposre skeptical about the Paris accord, if you&aposre skeptical about Iran, if you&aposre skeptical about communism, socialism, Venezuela, if you&aposre skeptical about that, you&aposre heartless.
And I think one of the classiest things about what she did last night was that it wasn't about drama – it was just about music and just about a beautiful song.
"I know that there are those who are talking about censuring me, talking about kicking me out of Congress, talking about shooting me, talking about hanging me," Waters said last month.
Over the course of the study, in-hospital deaths fell from about 69 percent to about 61 percent in women and from about 67 percent to about 57 percent in men.
For our small Central Texas meat-market tradition, it's really about the beef, it's about the smoke, it's about the simple seasoning, and it's about the love that goes into it.
The poll finds 2628 percent of voters think Trump is talking about the issues he cares about while 28500 percent think the GOP nominee is talking about issues they care about.
Brat. We'll talk about what Brat is, we'll talk about your last company, we'll talk about your first company, we'll talk about why you started making companies on your own. Welcome.
By comparison, 7 percent say the same about an African-American candidate, 8 percent about a female candidate, 18 percent about a Mormon candidate and 24 percent about a gay candidate.
I guess what I would say about this, and how I feel ... Obviously, life is not about making money, life's not about winning awards, it's not about winning competitions or whatever.
"It's not a partisan issue, it's about right and wrong, it's about behavior, it's about decorum, it's about statesmanship," said Janine Fields, who traveled from Philadelphia with a friend to demonstrate.
About 1 percent of the studies included only men, about 3 percent included only women, about 78 percent included both sexes and about 17 percent didn't document the sex of participants.
There's something about writing about this world that enables you to write about the sort of things that novelists usually write about — loyalty and love and betrayal and romance and adventure.
What really are we talking about when we're talking about — both conceptually and practically, what are we talking about when we talk about taking care of yourself in this particular way?
This managed to ignite furious back and forth about the role of comedy (and journalism) in the current political climate — a debate also about truth, about collegiality, about gender and more.
When they did not post vlogs they posted Q&As about their life, or informative videos about topics their audience cares about like how to study well and about hookup culture.
"That assumes a pessimism about America, about the economy, about its people, about its culture, that we're simply refusing to accept," White House budget director Mick Mulvaney told reporters on Monday.
" Asked again, Abrams said that she's "had conversations with Joe Biden about him running for president, about me running for president, about me running for Senate, about me running for dogcatcher.
In "Myroporyadok," there is a lot of discussion about new rules and institutions, about Yalta and about the United Nations.
I hired people to care about clothes, because I cared about clothes so little; I cared about fashion so little.
Decent odds you know little about about Qualcomm and nothing about Broadcom, so time to fix that with this explainer.
A couple of things though, you talk about indictment counting and you talk about the investigation being about collusion originally.
"When we talk about defeating poverty, we're not talking about impoverishing the rich, but about enriching the poor," Petro said.
We're real people and it's not about acceptance and it's not about tolerance, it's about demanding respect for our humanity.
When people think about tech innovation, they tend to think about the former, about scientists and engineers in government labs.
We write about contraception, we write about sex, we write about, you know, what will — So light, fun … Light, fun.
He isn't a well-programmed robot but a human who believes things about God, about marriage, and about the world.
When we talk about Kamala Harrison and Barack Obama, it&aposs not about race, it&aposs not about their background.
Diversity everywhere should become the norm, and it's not just about plus size, it's about trans models, it's about everything.
I've obviously made jokes about Indians, but I make jokes about all countries, and this is not what I'm about.
Still, Porowski emphasizes that Queer Eye isn't about him, or his reputation, or even about cooking — it's about helping people.
The thing about bias — the thing about racism, about fear — is that it contorts itself to the moment and time.
It's less about stats for your breathing and more about giving you information about things like pollen or pollution warnings.
The James children were raised not to think about careers, nor about grubby moneymaking nor about doing anything in particular.
They wrote about how much they missed each other, about classical music and gardening and, of course, about their children.
That people get so upset about Ball's nonsense says more about the people getting upset than it does about him.
I talked to her about Leah's sexuality and about her drug use that perhaps I don't know as much about.
So, it is about rebellion, it is about fashion, it is about music, and it also wrecks all those things.
I've done a number of sponsored posts related to campaigns about changing narratives in society, about sustainability, about women's empowerment.
She added that the collection evoked young generations that change "our point of view about sexuality, about women, about men".
But then gay humor is also about hiding, or about drag, about dropping a feather and letting the secrets out.
As for the title, "Obviously all the songs were about her or about how I feel about her," he continued.
Competence: Increasingly, Republican officeholders' complaints about Trump seem less about ideology than about his total inability to do his job.
I joke about the streets, I joke about addiction, I joke about abuse and rape and homelessness and mental illness.
You know all about the heat of battle, but forget about temperature for a moment and think about the sound.
I'm not talking about something small that you don't know about yourself—everybody has something you don't know about yourself.
"It's not about a diet, it's not about an exercise – it's about a little bit of few things," he says.
So it's a film about watching someone have emotions about a book, and think about the emotions that inspired it.
I've been dreaming about and thinking about and wanking about being beaten and aggressively fucked since I was really young.
" For Apple, he said this means they "typically speak about education, privacy, about human rights, about immigration and the environment.
He can wax philosophical for hours about the significance of just about any hardcore record or reminisce about that pg.
For me, I'll speak up about something if I know what I'm talking about and am truly passionate about it.
About eight years ago, she teased him about it at a birthday party, where his pals swapped stories about Reynolds.
"Most of the time it isn't about policy, it's about thinking about politics," billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer told Axios.
There is just a shortage of data and information and transparency about these drugs, about companies, about their track records.
This writer said that literature about historical facts is about one person, but literature in general is about human beings.
It was about being smart—about staying ahead and thinking about what might come back to potentially cause us problems.
This is about the alliance, this is about safeguarding the alliance this is about ensuring our readiness as an alliance.
I moaned last week about not knowing anything about Naz and wanting to know more about him as a person.
We need to start asking some serious questions about how this came about and what can be done about it.
"It's about patriotism, it's about the sanctity of the Constitution and it's about the future of our nation," she added.
And he wrote about it in a note about the shame and stigma he felt about being a 'bad kid.
It also is about gun control, and it's about people feeling helpless to be able to do something about it.
"When you talk about European countries, when you talk about Greece, you talk about democracy and freedom," Mr. Omar said.
There's an old question in criminology and gender studies about whether rape is a crime about power, or about sex.
"This isn't about politics, it's not about passion, it's not about prejudice," she said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" on Tuesday.
I think he's wrong about that but that's what he believes … this is not about politics, this is about principle.
Their work suggests strange and surprising things about our origin and evolution, about health and disease, about symbiosis and risk.
I'll also ask about their families, about work-life balance, about the successes that they've had, both personally and professionally.
Collecting the World is about the torment of slavery, and it's about buttered muffins and about snakes shot on boats.
It all means there is more uncertainty in the market, uncertainty about trade wars, about technology and about regulatory actions.
Again, it goes back to, this isn't about concession, this isn't about conciliation, this isn't about capitulation or even compromise.
When talking about 'boxing' it's easy to obsess about a fighter's hands, but boxing is as much about the feet.
" Without one right now, it "raises questions about where does the responsibility lie about where to report about software liability.
"I don't talk about it because if I talk about that, your whole thing will be about that," Trump said.
I learned a tremendous amount from him about working with investors, being a great CFO, about leadership, and about life.
Everyone worries about jobs, but people who worry about robots and people who worry about immigrants propose very different solutions.
" He added: "The conversations were always about science and about experiments, never about the movie someone saw the previous night.
So many movies are about love, but they're about the beginning of love or sometimes about the middle of love.
Because this isn't really about one cash payment to Iran — it's about the fundamentally broken way we talk about Iran.
He entered the play about the time I started talking about my own abortion and about violence in my family.
LG: We've heard about iOS 11, we've heard about Mac OS High Sierra, we've heard about the new Watch software.
When Jeff figured out the future was mobile, he understood about screens, he understood about processors, he understood about memory!
"Even today, I am torn about writing about Loujain, scared that speaking about her ordeal might harm her," she wrote.
It's about other Spider folks getting home, and it's about Miles learning about what it means to wear the suit.
Critics have raised questions about what Trump's tax returns say about his net worth and about his various business ties.
The rate for whites has dropped about 4 percent, for blacks about 11 percent and for Asians about 5 percent.
Of course I worry about what all of you think about me and what the press will write about me.
I talked about what I would have talked about in my presentations, but I also talked about our current situation.
He tried to think more about that, about the wonder of it, and less about the reason he was here.
"Girls Auto Clinic" is not about how we feel about our cars; it's about what we can learn to do.
"He told me about New Jersey, about the whole organization, and about the city, and all that stuff," Hischier said.
But the secretary of state's question about whether Americans care about Ukraine certainly doesn't message that he cares about it.
"It's not only about the writing, it's about choosing the right director, it's about unbelievable care and casting," Curtis said.
They care about health care, they care about education, they care about safety, and all of those kinds of things.
Surely, he suspects that I'm writing about him, about what he did to me, about what it did to us.
"This is not about me or the Academy Awards, it's about having a discussion about this decision," Ms. Alidoosti said.
We should be talking about the economy, we should be talking about Syria, we should talk about the drug crisis.
About 4 percent were in rural areas, about 88 percent in suburban areas and about 8 percent in urban areas.
And I thought about it – I haven't thought about it with any real official investigation -- Cramer: How about an unofficial?
It's about our humanity, about doing what's right, and about who we are as a country and as a people.
"Women are gathering into groups, teaching each other and getting smarter about investment, about finance, about funding," Ms. Dunaway said.
Had a chance to introduce myself, asked questions about the program they're in, about Tucumcari, about where they're originally from.
"I think about it like, I think about straws and stuff, but I don't think about it enough," she said.
What about all those health benefits we'd been hearing about for years in the arguments about why "breast is best"?
So I asked them how they decided to write about her and about different ways of thinking about historical figures.
They're having different conversations about privacy that realize that it's not just about individual privacy, it's about our collective privacy.
Remember the famous line, because I talk about crime, I talk about lack of education, I talk about no jobs.
It's also about how we learn about the world around us, and who gets to tell us about that world.
What are you worried about when you think about those inclusions, and what should the broader public be worried about?
When we talk about Amazon, we're talking about the future of the economy, we're talking about the future of jobs.
" Obama explained: "Talking about kids; talking about the future.
Forget about media outlets and Facebook — worry about readers.
I want to talk about life — about anything else.
It's about him being duplicitous … about not including her.
It is not about politics – it is about patriotism.
My reaction wasn't about him — it was about me!
This show isn't about these men — it's about her.
I didn't know anything about the world — about anything.
It's not about saving energy — it's about spending it.
Think about it — when have they typically come about?
It's not about red or blue -- it's about green.
"He added: "It's not about issues — it's about Trump.
How about every — how about five times a day?
How about every — how about five times a day?
I've heard that about several ... I've heard about you.
The audience posed questions to Ric and me about history, about war, about patriotic sacrifice, about American identity, about the meanings of life and death and human mortality — and about how all those things were both different and the same across the century and a half that separated us from our Civil War ancestors.
It's venerable, understandable, to be passionate about something that you care about—to work on it too much, to spend time thinking about it, to care about its future success or failure.
He keeps obsessing about the past-tense about his election, about how many people did or didn't come to the (inauguration), anybody who points out facts about anything he labels 'fake news.
So that's a question for you: How much are arguments about antitrust about companies versus how much are they about ideal functionings of markets applied irrespective of how we feel about them?
About the laughter, about the commitment, about the thick silver band that still hangs from my key ring — about all of the things I no longer want but can't seem to shed.
It's a feedback loop: The media talks about what Trump is thinking about, and Trump thinks about what the media is talking about, and the two quickly converge on a single obsession.
Ashley cried about Jared, then she cried about the fact that she was crying about Jared and then she cried about her dead dog Lucy because once Ashley starts, she can't stop.
Now it&aposs about winning, it&aposs about winning on taxes, it&aposs about winning on your business, it&aposs about winning on a prolife judge agenda, saving infants in the womb.
He lies about the number of votes he received, about the size of his inauguration crowd, about his own achievements, about Muslims cheering in the streets after 9/11, and so on.
And not just all races, either—it's also about gender, it's also about the differently abled, it's also about sexual orientation, it's also about indigenous communities... I've given specific examples of that.
That people write about and read about their improved graduation rates, about the good they have done in the community, about the wins they have piled up, even in this tumultuous season.
Yeah, about working parents, about the difficulty of finding great childcare, about young girls being put in positions they really had no experience and weren't ready for, about the American justice system.
"We talked about our interests, our lives, our hobbies, a lot about politics, a little about my love of sports, a little about Julie's love of film, and career aspirations," he said.
When asked about the risks of low-dose CT scans, 88% expressed concern about unnecessary diagnostic procedures, and about half said they worried about exposing patients to stress and anxiety or radiation.
It is a book about insomnia as much as it is about art, and it is a book about being alone as much as it is about relationships with family and community.
"I went into the academic world under the illusion that it was a place where people cared passionately about ideas, about teaching, about discourse and about reflecting critically," he told The Post.
I was in the system where it's not about the truth, it's about winning, it's about confession, it's about, 'I think you are guilty, so I'm going to prove you are guilty.
We've been making discoveries right alongside the hosts — discoveries about their origins and creators, about their capabilities, about their evolving sense of awareness about their true selves and the world around them.
He frets about homelier things: about his responsibilities to his family and his job, about the day-to-day irritants of office politics, about the nature and strength of his various loyalties.
In the news he read about the war, senior officers said what they needed to say — about Americans coaching Afghan forces, about winning over the Afghan population, about the Taliban losing ground.
What I love about this story is that it's story about the First Amendment and the Fourth Estate, and it's a story about feminism, but really it's a story about moral decisions.