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"extra" Definitions
  1. more than is usual, expected, or than exists already synonym additional
  2. (slang) behaving in a way that is too dramatic or shows too much effort
"extra" Synonyms
additional more added excess further redundant supplemental supplementary surplus extraneous superfluous fresh needless unnecessary leftover inessential supererogatory supernumerary unneeded optional spare reserve ancillary auxiliary other second secondary subsidiary accessory new unused another in reserve in store in addition one more substitute a new an additional a farther a further a fresh something else alternative another one a different yet another any more superabundant excessive in excess overabundant profuse abounding a dime a dozen alive with ample aplenty bounteous bountiful copious crawling with extravagant extreme exuberant fulsome galore odd lone single solitary remaining unpaired individual separated sole uneven unitary unmatched alone lonely orra left alone voluntary discretionary volitional elective discretional unforced nonobligatory facultative permissive uncompelled noncompulsory unrestricted arbitrary open possible non-compulsory non-mandatory not required up to the individual especially exceptionally extremely particularly specially uncommonly very greatly highly considerably extraordinarily fully heavily remarkably unusually awfully ever incredibly really so additionally furthermore on top too also as well along with it besides that into the bargain on top of that over and above that to boot forbye withal likewise then moreover even more increasingly doubly all the more more notably twofold double as much again for two in double measure in two ways twice twice as as … again once over over again twice over twice the amount doubly so over beyond left left over over and above late overtime after hours after office hours till all hours past the usual closing time past the usual finishing time past the usual stopping time addition supplement adjunct bonus addendum add-on appendage complement attachment extension accompaniment additive affix companion appurtenance peripheral retrofit trimming optional extra amenity frill indulgence comfort luxury extravagance superfluity treat non-essential nicety creature comfort affectation privilege pleasant thing convenience nonessential gratuity perk gravy lagniappe perquisite tip cumshaw dividend donative throw-in gravy train benefit reward advantage plus additional benefit fringe benefit premium sweetener backup replacement standby alternate stand-in fill-in relief cover sub locum locum tenens pinch hitter designated hitter part new part walk-on redshirt bit part minor role non-speaking role walk-on part spear carrier non-player character NPC supe super understudy walking part actor trouper player performer thespian entertainer artiste artist actress star thesp mummer Thespian comedian theatrical ham histrionic lead luvvy stager extra charge surcharge price padding additional charge extra payment hidden extra tax fee surtax cost expense payment overcharge overload extra amount additional fee residue remainder remnant rest balance leftovers remains leavings residuum dregs lees remnants grounds sediment overage part leftover precipitate remaining part spinoff derivative follow-on follow-up incidental offshoot sequel spin-off byproduct by-product derivation descendant outgrowth wave result consequence derivate aftermath afterthought postscript reflection reconsideration review sidenote second thought appendix subscript P.S. coda codicil afterword postlude refinement self-indulgence icing on the cake delight hedonism leisure pleasure satisfaction enjoyment makeweight compensation offset reinforcement share cut gain portion return divvy payback percentage profit rake-off take pickings whack allotment allowance double time time and a half extra pay overtime pay rate encore repetition repeat performance curtain call repeat acclamation additional performance cheers extra performance number plaudits praise reappearance replay reprise rerun response impromptu item bit player mute spear-carrier supporting actor supporting actress supporting player point man underling flunky minion newspaper journal paper magazine periodical tabloid gazette organ press rag book bulletin diurnal mag print serial sheet weekly zine margin scope latitude space leeway room play slack elbowroom compass field room to spare extra room room for manoeuvre freedom free rein liberty independence a greater amount a greater number a greater quantity a larger amount an addition an additional amount an additional number an increase a gain an increment a rise a step-up a supplement a boost a complement an augmentation an expansion an extension an uptick fitting equipment furnishings furniture fixtures accouterment feature appointments extras appointment fixture paraphernalia accessories accouterments(US) accoutrements(UK) appurtenances conveniences fitments trimmings unit role character portrayal piece representation stint act bit guise hero impersonation performance personification title acting appearance aspect heroine a second helping a further helping some more enough adequate acceptable sufficient abundant decent plenteous plentiful substantial suitable complete replete much satisfying satisfactory full exo extra- exo- outer outer- More
"extra" Antonyms
required obligatory compulsory mandatory necessary normal basic needed requisite common main essential usual commonplace permanent allocated designated earmarked chief principal body important superior primary major leading central head prime nonreciprocal noncomplementary foremost dominant focal pre-eminent prominent insufficient deficient inadequate lacking limited scant scanty scarce needing wanting falling short imperative indispensable vital wanted reasonable useful called for needful crucial fewer less reduced smaller a lesser amount of a reduced amount of a smaller amount of diminished lower not as much of lesser negative core principle adequately sufficiently satisfactorily suitably modestly abundantly decently fittingly acceptably appropriately capably competently nicely respectably serviceably well creditably tolerably passably presentably little negligibly nominally slightly somewhat moderately marginally scarcely lightly mildly reasonably faintly narrowly barely obscurely hardly fairly relatively commonly a little deficiently inadequately insufficiently necessity requirement need prerequisite essentiality must precondition must-have essential requirement vital part fundamental sine qua non original source master lead protagonist hero heroine headliner central character female lead lead character leading lady leading man leading role leading woman lead role main protagonist main role male lead principal character principal part star part starring role penalty loss punishment disadvantage decrease lessening reduction subtraction detriment enemy foe hub main part central part major part regular nonactor audience fan omission absence elision missingness diminution exclusion abatement deletion diminishment elimination exception removal withdrawal deduction drop noninclusion non-inclusion base lack want deficiency insufficiency deficit dearth undersupply shortage paucity shortfall relief minimal poor inconsiderable negligible unsubstantial meagre(UK) meager(US) insignificant paltry unsuitable barely any hardly any not much scantly any

775 Sentences With "extra"

How to use extra in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "extra" and check conjugation/comparative form for "extra". Mastering all the usages of "extra" from sentence examples published by news publications.

For $5 a month each, you can add mini-bundles like Sports Extra, Kids Extra, Comedy Extra, News Extra, Lifestyle Extra, Heartland Extra, or Hollywood Extra.
You are going to have extra protection, extra seams, extra material, extra linings.
But this spring, jewelry is enjoying an extra fun, extra colorful, extra "extra" revival.
She made her hit extra shot, extra shot, extra shot.
"We've got to be extra, extra, extra vigilant," she said.
SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: Shaq-Aroni pizza: extra big-sized sausage, big extra pepperoni, extra cheese, so.
Nah. All of that costs extra money, causes extra hassle and means extra tossing around.
Extra batting practice, extra this, extra that, doesn't happen unless someone else is insisting on it.
"Duncan grapefruit … with extra seeds … give extra vitamin C … and extra flavor!" it proclaimed in a 1961 newspaper ad.
Extra, Extra — More Free Stuff • The pools are open!
From here you still have the option to include extra add-on packages, such as Sports Extra and Lifestyle Plus Extra.
Sizes range from extra small to extra-extra large, and you can choose the regular or busty option in each size.
In economic terms, you are now rewarded for the extra hour worked, for the extra investment, for the extra risk taken.
O'Brady had one extra ski pole and one extra ski binding, and an extra stove, but his repair kit was extensive.
"I hired extra people, I ordered extra stuff," he said.
Twist some extra lemon juice if you're feeling extra citrusy.
I'm going to take extra, extra good care of it.
The extra energy that you have and the extra bandwidth.
The extra space leaves room for some extra features, though.
"You work extra, you should be paid extra," Perez responded.
Extra, extra: Raiders win with no time left OAKLAND, Calif.
"When you work extra, you should be paid extra," Rep.
"In the winter, shelters get extra, extra packed," he said.
You can snag like, four extra games with that extra hundo.
Properly disclosing extra charges would give passive funds an extra boost.
Extra weight means extra fuel use, which means more expensive fares.
The C.E.O.s got some extra gravy on their extra helpings, too.
"That extra chromosome certainly made her EXTRA cute," Campos-Duff wrote.
They don't know, and they don't know that it's actually an extra-large person and not an extra-extra large person buying the shirt.
He led the nation in extra-point attempts, extra points made, and extra point percentage with a perfect 94 for 94 on the season.
All that extra power is leading to extra seats in the audience.
Cutting, drilling and machining require extra work and thus incur extra cost.
It gives us the extra boost and the extra energy we needed.
For example, the additional cash can prompt extra spending and extra hiring.
For them its extra work and extra security risk for their employees.
Plus, it's available in every size from extra small to extra large.
"It's meant extra resources, extra overtime, to get it done," he said.
So every round I made was an extra plus, an extra opportunity.
So they designed extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra large suits.
Transactions typically involve extra parties and extra steps, compared to conventional financing.
For example, the additional cash can prompt extra spending and extra hiring.
Finding those extra dimensions, in my experience, requires spending a little extra.
The extra -ed is the extra shielding, you know what I'm saying?
"I'm trying to get footage of the famous Marque Lynche and sell it TMZ or extra extra extra... I'm just kidding," joked the YouTube poster.
She shared a snap of the back view of her look with the words "Extra, Extra, Extra" written on her Instagram story showing off her extensions.
Very pleased with his initial grid that had the LATIN LOVER and EXTRA EXTRA, as I am a sucker for both Italian men and extra X's.
Plus, your genitals are extra-sensitive and period blood means you're extra-lubricated.
You'll pay £0.20 per extra local transfer, £3 per extra international transfer, etc.
Go on, take some extra work and responsibility on for no extra pay.
That's why Blair Witch Project and Cloverfield are extra scary, and extra-convincing.
I'm a helper, an extra pair of hands, an extra pair of eyes.
You could be extra chatty, which could be moving extra air inside you.
An extra "Fly More" package comes with extra propellers and starts at $999.
"It's meant extra resources, extra overtime, to get it done," said one executive.
So these new set of shapewear is our extra bonded, extra snatching shapewear.
Some even have extra coupons that'll save you up to an extra $2124.99.
Some even have extra coupons that'll save you up to an extra $210.
I saw that it was extra, extra large and I love large clothing.
Some even have extra coupons that'll save you up to an extra $260.
For budget reasons, the extra-small, small and extra-large suits were cut.
For budget reasons, the extra-small, small and extra-large suits were cut.
The extra-long (but extra-good) episode is obsessed with parents and children.
An American couple that forgoes a child might take an extra vacation, say, a road trip across Peru — burning extra fossil fuel for airfares and extra driving.
Taco Bell wants to make this day extra special — and extra cheesy — for you.
"I'm not sure if you can become extra nervous or extra excited," he said.
When I started making music again, I wanted to go extra raw, extra hard.
So frankly, I'm not surprised that giving animals extra calories gives them extra weight.
Phrases like "designated worrier" or "extra responsibility gene" make Hillary sound, well, extra responsible.
"There's always the extra, extra large fuchsia sweater in the bargain bin," he said.
That equates to four extra meals per month at no extra cost to you.
There are extra L.I.R.R. and extra Metro-North trains running to accommodate the parade.
Extra, Extra • Free yoga tonight at Pier 46, Hunters Point South and Prospect Park.
Now we must be sure to go extra, extra hard on the cloud, right?
As a result, Agarwal reeled in an extra couple hundred extra bucks each month.
No matter how you choose to use that extra pass, you'll reap extra value.
At best, the dancers provide extra bodies, extra limbs through which to thread juggling.
People can be extra generous when they're drunk, and extra regretful when they're sober.
Extra Extra • In Long Island City, celebrate the Solstice in Socrates Sculpture Park. Today!
It gets him some extra space and some extra time, and he needs it.
Get an extra 15% off select furniture by Corvus, an extra 10% off select furniture by Christopher Knight Home, and an extra 603% off select rugs by Nourison.
She shared a snap of the back view of her look with the words "Extra, Extra, Extra" written on her Instagram story showing off her blonde-highlighted extensions.
"However many data sets there are the only thing it can reveal extra is whether every extra data has an extra bit of knowledge," he responds on that.
It often leads to extra stress, extra worry, and extra judgment about things that have very little to do with the reality of what is happening right now.
If you're someone for whom an extra 256GB of storage, an extra 4GB RAM, 13G, a fancy camera lens, or a half inch of extra screen space makes a big difference, the Note 10 Plus may be worth a few hundred extra bucks.
One hundred additional targets will cost $800,000, 50 extra targets cost $500,000, 20 extra will cost $250,000 and 10 extra costs $150,000, according to an NSO Group commercial proposal.
That's why Saturday's win over Germany, Brazil's first Olympics gold, was extra sweet, extra symbolic.
The extra equipment didn't bother me, but the extra attention did—at least at first.
"I think concert tees either have to be extra small or extra big," she advised.
The speaker defaults to EXTRA BASS which is indeed a little extra, in my opinion.
Upgrading to 64GB costs an extra $400, and upgrading to 128GB costs an extra $2,000.
In a second acetaia, the Pedronis keep older barrels to become extra vecchio, extra old.
"It's not extra wide, it's not extra deep to give you more room," she explains.
That will cost an extra $40,000 that won't go to paying extra graduate student researchers.
His latest novel, Super Extra Grande, concerns a biologist who specializes in extra-large organisms.
Drink extra water — the burn will draw extra fluid to the surface of the skin.
It can be tempting to use extra detergent — the shoes are extra dirty, after all!
"He also joked that he frowns upon extra martial relations because they need "extra action.
Nobody carries enough extra ammo to operate for long without the support class's extra ammunition.
Most game developers in the United States do not receive extra compensation for extra hours.
Extra, Extra • Today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day, and from noon to 2 p.m.
I was very happy to work in LATIN LOVER and EXTRA EXTRA as bonus Downs.
Every extra day they stay in this country is an extra day of dire risk.
The SSL 2+ has extra options for those looking to collaborate or connect extra gear.
I tossed out four options: longer legs, really wide hips, extra legs, or extra knees.
Buttigieg has to muster extra poise, extra confidence, lest any deficit be interpreted as immaturity.
We each put in an extra $2129 for household expenses and a little extra savings.
Anything that takes an extra step or costs extra money didn't sound compelling to me.
No, they do not order an extra side dish; and no, they don't order a single extra beer or cocktail; and no; they definitely do not leave any extra tip.
The Chris Gethard Show's extra interactive, extra live episode airs Thursday, September 14 at 11 p.m.
There were extra sheds and extra outbuildings and even a couple of small, well-built cottages.
If you've already subscribed for this extra storage, you'll automatically get the extra 50GB for free.
But on Love, those extra minutes hang like extra weight the characters have to drag around.
Schaaphok recommended asking for extra lettuce and protein (or extra guac!) instead of rice and beans.
Brush the tops of the scones with extra buttermilk and sprinkle generously with extra sugar. 4.
This squeezes extra evening daylight during the warmer months and extra morning daylight when it chills.
It's also not geared toward moms hoping to make a few extra bucks on extra gear.
All the extra steps are just to make us feel like we're partaking in extra luxury.
The Excursionist Perk adds an extra flight to a multi-city itinerary for no extra miles.
"This study shows that extra risk doesn't come with any extra benefit," Krebs said by email.
Extra, Extra • The Yankees play the Braves in an afternoon game starting at 1:05 p.m.
"We had to pay for the extra big coffin for his extra big ass," joked Alegria.
Extra Extra • Watch street artists live-paint murals en masse at the Bushwick Collective Block Party.
Extra Extra • Actually celebrate Memorial Day at the 91st annual Little Neck-Douglaston parade in Queens.
" Ms. LeaMond noted that while people like the extra cash, they also appreciate the "extra engagement.
No, his extra power was just making him extra mean, and what we saw before Nov.
Extra customers paying a few bucks each is better than no extra customers paying you nothing.
We're hopelessly atomized, urged on to leave our friends and family behind every few years to get a little extra money for a little extra house and a little extra car.
They can't get any extra points if they do more than the set elements, but they can get extra points if they attempt an extra rotation on their jumps or turns.
That tube eventually comes in three sizes: large, extra-large and extra-extra-large; the first run, in small, medium and large, unaccountably saw some astronauts fitted with the wrong size.
Your kit should also contain blankets and extra clothes, your medical insurance or Medicare or Medicaid cards, a flashlight with extra batteries or chargers, a battery-powered radio and extra cash.
The selection of deals is massive; Some of the brands you'll find on sale include Adidas (extra $20 off of $100), Dell (extra 20% off), LG, KitchenAid, Hanes, Dyson (extra 20% off with couponJOY4DYSON), Puma (extra 30% off steals under $50), and Reebok (up to 60% off).
Caucasian children who didn't drink water got an extra 122 calories from sugary beverages, while Hispanic children consumed an extra 61 calories from these and African American kids an extra 93 calories.
But even that extra spending and expanding yard capacity can't guarantee Trump will get any extra submarines.
But is all the extra hands-on attention worth it (and the extra 15 cents per egg)?
Looking for some extra cash this upcoming holiday season and got some extra time on your hands?
Both the extra additions include bonus G-Coin and extra in-game rewards, and preorders begin today.
Gap — Save up to 240% sitewide, plus save an extra 210% on your purchase with code EXTRA.
But weather is an extra $1.50 per year, and interesting calendars are an extra $3.50 per year.
There are plenty of ways to earn extra money that don't require any extra education or training.
She is always extra, and now Tiffany Haddish is adding a little extra flavor to bland food.
An extra $10 a month adds up over time, and every little bit of extra cash helps.
So to get an extra 1,000 cars of grain you got an extra $2.93 million of revenue.
"Some guys will get an extra day's rest and some will get two extra days," Green said.
If you burn extra calories, you'll have more wiggle room to consume extra calories without weight gain.
They are just two black watercolor lines, extra-long and extra-skinny, even as bird legs go.
Short rest, normal rest, extra day, two extra days, you have to go out there and produce.
United's Excursionist Perk lets you add an extra flight in your destination region for no extra miles.
Think of the extra hotel and concession revenues that Disney would generate from those extra family trips.
"Two large coffees, extra sugar, extra cream," I said and pointed to Reva to repeat the order.
They could show up late or leave early, or punch in extra early or leave extra late.
I'd only dissuade shoppers from getting the Supreme if they prefer extra soft or extra firm beds.
Extra, Extra • The sixth annual New York Women's Surf Film Festival starts Friday night at Rockaway Beach.
Cheltenham provided extra hand sanitizer stations and extra toilet facilities in an attempt to contain any spread.
Andrew Das: A reminder that both teams have an extra sub available to them in extra time.
The extension allowed an extra six months to file a return but no extra time to pay.
She's like 'Erick, make sure you put extra,'" he recalled, putting an emphasis on the word "extra.
Stylists will sometimes upcharge you $25 to $50, claiming that it'll take extra time and extra work.
"Kohl's has extra space and Amazon has extra physical ambitions," said Oliver Chen, retail analyst at Cowen.
A pro-Beijing lawmaker defended the overtime payments, saying police should be paid extra for extra work.
Democrats have also dug in their heels, but the presidency comes with extra power -- and extra responsibilities.
The selection of deals is massive; some of the brands you'll find on sale include Adidas (extra $20 off of $100), Dell (extra 20% off), LG, KitchenAid, Hanes, Dyson (extra 20% off with coupon JOY4DYSON), Puma (extra 30% off steals under $50), and Reebok (up to 60% off).
And we say that with utmost love and respect: In fact, her level of extra is so fabulous, it's basically globally understood that no one can do extra like Donatella Versace does extra.
Book your $249 Early Bird tickets today and save an extra 20% as an Extra Crunch annual subscriber.
I order a steak bowl with brown rice, extra pico, and extra cheese with chips and hot salsa.
All those extra earnings translate into billions of dollars in extra local, state, and federal tax revenues, too.
Any design-related gig requires knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, which makes this course extra-extra important.
Imagine I had extra apples and you had extra oranges; we could simply exchange fruits with one another.
After extra chlorine was added to treat that bacteria, levels of a contaminant from extra chlorine also increased.
You can go down to your local military surplus store and buy extra pockets for extra tactical goodness.
You can pay an extra $400 for 643GB of RAM or an extra $3,200 for 4TB of storage.
It wasn't that same buzz of making money, every night counting the extra £150, counting the extra £200.
Everyone make an extra cranberry dish this year or toss an extra handful of craisins on your salad.
Pick a width: Sizes start at 10 inches (extra narrow) and go up to 22 inches (extra wide).
Tiffany is pregnant and being extra "extra," according to the Season 2 finale and the Season 3 preview.
Just think, you can use that extra $125 to splurge on buckets of Coronas and extra suntan lotion.
There are 450 lights woven throughout the tree for extra sparkle — you might not even need extra decorations.
Give your vehicle extra time before you get on the road and build extra time into your commute.
The extra scrubbing needed to get rid of every trace of it could cause extra wear on enamel.
By "extra hours" they mean the extra time spent traveling at congested speeds rather than free-flow speeds.
Sizing, fit, and color optionsThe jackets come in a range of sizes from extra small to extra large.
You get some extra quality, and without the masses of extra data that 8K is going to bring.
Mosques are taking extra precautions The attacks in Christchurch have mosques around the world taking extra security measures.
The camera system that Huawei calls Master AI is trained to go beyond merely taking the most faithful photo: it works overtime to make grass extra verdant, skies extra blue, and food extra yummy.
And while a rewards credit card might net you extra points or miles and some extra consumer protections, charities pay extra fees to accept credit cards, so your contribution may not stretch as far.
For me, it's easier to put that extra effort into the gym instead of putting the extra effort into the gym instead of putting the extra effort into: 'Oh no, I can't eat that.
Chef knows that some of the newer, inexperienced cooks will occasionally undercook them and the artichokes will oxidize and have black spots at the center of their hearts; so, for Chef, it means extra work, extra waste, extra manpower, extra vigilance required when that home-run dish goes on the menu.
In addition to getting the computers extra-tiny, IBM intends to make them extra-cheap, perhaps 10 cents apiece.
It's an extra half an hour of walking, but it's nice to get some fresh air and extra exercise.
The city has purchased extra supplies including 10,113 sets of extra plastic handcuffs and 2,000 sets of riot gear.
That extra time might be spent with their children, earning extra money, or just improving an otherwise stressful life.
Walt Disney World recently announced new 'Extra Extra Magic Hours' will be coming to the Orlando resort this fall.
For brands, spending extra money on packaging and product development may be worth the extra sales generated through Amazon.
To get the extra funding, Congress labeled the extra $15 billion as war funding, outside of the base budget.
An extra pound in your midsection will be less of a hindrance than 50 extra grams on your shoe.
You can have it in white (at no extra charge) or black, gray, or blue for an extra $550.
In Iowa, the rule is: Spend the extra time with us, and we'll spend the extra time on you.
Making an AMP version of a webpage is extra work — sometimes significant extra work, depending on a website's backend.
I had big plans for the week: I was going to spend all my extra time — 30 extra hours!!
Visitors can buy extra tokens at the arcade so bring some extra cash and plan to stay a while.
The group ends with an extra loud, extra fast version of "Make Time 4 Love", and are received rapturously.
She told Insider that extra "to-go items" like paper bags and plastic utensils cost businesses extra money, too.
RESULTS: When it comes down to it, McDonald's is the only chain where extra money gets you extra quality.
Obviously I'm also jealous of their extra income: Who wouldn't want an extra thousand dollars (at least!) a month?
These extra districts have no function but to levy extra taxes and transfer them back to the main district.
It could go extra innings, if the bulk of the stimulus has yet to deliver some extra base hits.
A. MILLS: We have extra cameras, extra eyes for us, at places we can't stand, like the finish line.
Bring an extra pair of nitrile gloves, and an extra gauze pad or cravat you can toss to someone.
Papers, nudie pics taped to walls, extra sheets and blankets, and extra commissary items are tossed out of cells.
Evercare's Pet Hair Extra-Sticky Lint Rollers use an extra-sticky formula to remove stubborn pet hair and dander.
Because of extra subsidies, you'll end up with the equivalent of a more generous "gold" plan without paying extra.
But for mid-market companies especially, extra money in the pocket can help provide an extra shot of confidence.
The general aim is to provide extra evening daylight in the summer and extra morning daylight in the winter.
It had already announced extra cash for local authorities to meet the extra costs of healthcare during the crisis.
You're better off if you pay an extra $7 for the Seagate to get an extra 1TB of storage.
The Rockay Accelerate socks are available in multiple colors, and range in sizes from extra-small to extra-large.
It has two extra shoulder buttons for Game Boy Advance games, and a couple of extra face buttons, too.
The meal deal comes in four options: new boneless breast filets, Original recipe, Extra Crispy or Extra Crispy Tenders.
But because this required extra staffing and thereby extra funding, it meant that the program could only operate intermittently.
Apple's spec sheet:- Fast charging (if you buy an extra accessory)- Wireless charging (if you buy an extra accessory)- Headphone compatibility (if you buy an extra accessory) But the environmentally conscious reasoning only stretches so far.
For "non-compact" extra-dimensional theories of gravity—basically those that aren't string theory, where the extra dimensions coil in on themselves—gravitational waves "leak" into these extra dimensions as they propagate through space and time.
EditorsNote: Edit 1: Deleted extra word in fifth graf; Corrected time in 10th graf; Eliminated extra reference in 11th graf.
That you should make sure the cat has multiple litter boxes, one per floor, and extra ones for extra cats.
"It assists people that need extra force or extra assistance in their daily life," says Jaime Duarte, CEO of MyoSwiss.
BuzzFeed News followed up to make extra, extra sure West did not mean to reference any other school or entity.
Getting a extra yolk in your egg is an unexpected, delicious surprise, but a whole dozen with extra yolks inside?
Extra Crunch First of all, if you still haven't signed up for Extra Crunch, I'm not sure what you're doing.
Collaborating with others costs an extra $2 per extra user, and the app is available on both desktop and mobile.
Resort guests who are interested in purchasing the 'Extra, Extra Magic Hours' benefit can visit Disney Parks for more information.
There's a bunch of extra stuff we splurge on this week, so it ends up costing a little extra today.
You'll be paying an extra $216 for the Pro Vega 220, and an extra $22.2 for the Pro Vega 27.
Size options range from extra small to double extra large, and a majority of shoppers say it fits as expected.
For the extra bucks, users get an extra 2GB of RAM, for 6GB in total, over the standard Evolve's 4GB.
While these two retrogrades overlap, be extra, extra careful with the plans you make in your relationship or dating life.
To prepare, she says she's being extra cautious about spending and setting aside extra time to build her side hustle.
Those extra pounds mean extra fuel costs, which require airlines to do some cutting in order to avoid raising prices.
The extra expense also gets you a nice big 1TB hard drive, an extra USB plug, and optical audio out.
But from a U.S. policy perspective, it matters greatly whether Tehran accumulates an extra gram or an extra hundred kilograms.
"When you have your national flag on your chest, it gives you extra motivation, extra nerves and everything," Park said.
The inventory is in sizes 25-230 and there is no extra charge for large sizes or extra-length gowns.
Yet on Mr Johnson's instructions he announced an extra £13.8bn ($16.9bn) in election-friendly giveaways, paid for with extra borrowing.
"We might order a few extra meat and cheese trays just in case we have some extra people show up."
If you're making mistakes in your copy, take a few extra minutes and look it over a few extra times.
Often, that extra time does not turn into extra money—it's just what's necessary to get the original job done.
And better yet, they're cheaper than ever, leaving you with extra cash to buy some extra accessories for the road.
So spending an extra hour or waking up an extra hour early, it's something I've been really dedicated to do.
I give my face an extra healthy spritz of my rose toner because I'm feeling extra dry from the weather.
For no extra charge, a lucky traveler might wind up with some extra legroom in an exit or bulkhead row.
These four extra minutes spent on commuting equates to eight minutes a day (193 x 2) round trip, 40 (8 x 5) extra minutes each week and 2,080 (40 x 52) extra minutes of commuting each year.
So, you know we spent the 900 million extra -- not 900 billion -- 20153 million extra in 2019 where the extra four billion to get to the 5.8 billion that they will announce come from God only knows.
These four extra minutes spent on commuting equates to eight minutes a day (4 x 2) round trip, 40 (8 x 5) extra minutes each week and 2,080 (40 x 52) extra minutes of commuting each year.
These four extra minutes spent on commuting equates to eight minutes a day (216.9 x 20173) round trip, 22017 (16.9 x 2444) extra minutes each week and 2080 (40 x 52) extra minutes of commuting each year.
This extra speed will give you extra distance versus other irons, according to Worldwide Golf Shops reviewer Erob, who says he received 10 extra yards per swing, calling them the best set of irons he has ever owned.
Overstock: During the semi-annual sale, get up to an extra 70% off home decor, up to an extra %20 off rugs, and up to an extra 30% off living room furniture, garden and patio, and bedroom furniture.
An extra half hour in the air, repeated over the course of a year, means millions of dollars in extra costs.
Four of the seven hits allowed went for extra bases, the second time this season he's allowed four extra base hits.
Bose claims a fully charged case will provide two full extra charges, or up to ten extra hours of battery life.
"Where we are now, to be frank, it is not extra time that we need; it is extra decisions," Barnier said.
Diplo even sounds extra Diplo thanks to the EXTRA BASS™, one of several branded audio features available on the speaker.
A bunch of extra-short, extra-tough levels — stuff I haven't even dreamed of touching yet, as you can probably imagine.
This is the Taylor Swift who's dealt with so many extra-extra-XXL-dramatic headlines over the past few years — feuds!
He's always just played ball but if people want to add a little extra, he'll add a little extra right back.
Continenza recently snagged an extra-legroom seat for no extra charge by waiting to pick her seat until the last minute.
VC partners with one extra daughter rather than an extra son employed on average almost two percentage points more women managers.
The trade association said airlines are preparing to accommodate the 85033,000 extra daily passengers by adding 110,000 extra seats per day.
When the sun is high and UV radiation is at its peak, the dust is extra charged, and thus extra sticky.
Rainey, who owns the firm, said more paperwork could mean extra staff and extra cost for a small business to absorb.
On Labor Day weekend,  Extra Crispy will host the Extra Crispy BreakFestival—a two-day food festival in New York City.
Those fees are still around if you want extra LTE data, but you'll still be paying $15 for every extra gigabyte.
As the flu drew near, they added extra precautions, like extra boot dips and parking cars farther away from the barns.
If you have an extra bedroom or can convert an extra room or basement into a livable space, rent it out.
To prepare his body for the extra workload, Smith says he is having extra gym sessions and massages twice a day.
Extra pints of water beyond your basic need won't somehow search out and eliminate extra toxins and leave your body purer.
"With that extra discretionary, you're basically funneling that extra money into these buckets that you categorize on your own," Pak says.
Kim Kardashian West, who until recently had been showing off an extra-glossy, extra-ironed version, credits Cher as an inspiration.
Potentially, it could add two extra hours to an average work day, or the equivalent of an extra workday per week.
But because the villain isn't visible to anyone, not even the characters in the film, it's extra creepy, and extra effective.
They scheduled an extra doctor without any extra nursing support so I know that it's going to be rough for them.
We're democratizing information about startups with Extra Crunch The Daily Crunch includes links to Extra Crunch stories just about every day.
That extra Hamilton only buys you the ability to play high-resolution 4K content with HDR323—great for extra vibrant colors.
For millions of Americans, there will be no extra pay for extra work anytime soon — unless Mr. Trump makes it happen.
But with the iPhone 11 your options are limited to 128GB for an extra $50, or 256GB for an extra $150.
Here's how income-based phaseouts work: When a taxpayer earns extra income, she pays extra tax based on her tax bracket.
Perhaps a fairer comparison is across the 256GB models—starting with the iPhone 73, you pay an extra $150 for the iPhone XR, an extra $400 for the iPhone XS, and an extra $500 for the iPhone XS Max.
On stage, she wore a dizzying makeup look with four extra eyes and two extra lips painted on her forehead and cheeks.
The combo comes with a lot of other stuff that you'll definitely want, like propeller guards, extra propellers, and an extra battery.
Make Extra Money Online Q: I want to make some extra money online while I am watching my kids over the summer.
It takes that extra effort because we're starting from a homogenous nucleus and you have to try extra hard to break through.
On average, they find that $1,000 of extra fracking production per person was associated with an extra six births per 1,000 women.
You don't necessarily need another device to keep tabs on a lot of these extra measurements, but you do need extra apps.
If you're paid on an hourly or daily basis, then an extra day of work is truly an extra day of pay.
The Je Joue MiMi Soft is made with an extra layer of silicone for extra plush pressure that is soft and smooth.
This will make life harder for those who need the extra hours and the extra pay in order to make ends meet.
Eloquii offers a knee-length dress in the same '70s-inspired print for $139  (plus an extra 40% off with code EXTRA).
According to the estimates in the paper, criminals worry about the extra five years four times as much as the extra ten.
The whole point of Title I is that low-income children have extra barriers to learning that require extra resources to overcome.
Women by up to 11% -- equivalent to a year-and-a-half extra education and nearly a full year's extra workforce experience.
And that doesn't take into account extra bases taken by runners, extra batters faced by pitchers and plenty of other hidden consequences.
Russell added the extra layer of cotton to absorb sweat and give a little bit of extra stretch in the neck collar.
But if you don't spend the extra money, you won't get that warm glow of knowing you've, um, spent the extra money.
Likely, Juengst said, the Guangala hoped this "mortuary headgear" would ensure that these infants had extra protection or extra links to ancestors.
Some people will go to great lengths to get a job, but this person went the extra mile — well, two extra miles.
They were just so kind and went extra, extra out of their way to make me feel better with an open heart.
You can drill an extra hole in your door to keep the lock extra secure, which is unusual for a smart lock.
He offered extra storage space for referrals, and there was no upper limit of how much extra space a user could get.
As you watch the sunset from the rooftop, you will likely want to stay for an extra night, or an extra week.
And it took me back to my childhood where my mom and dad both had to work extra jobs for extra income.
"What that extra length in the colon does is create this redundancy, these sort of extra twists and turns," she has said.
Extra virgin olive oil: Extra virgin olive oil contains a special compound called oleocanthal which exhibits similar anti-inflammatory effects as ibuprofen.
However, I strongly recommend spending the extra $13.49 to get the Botley Activity Set or the extra $13.80 for the Accessory Set.
Now, more than ever, we must be extra wary of false equivalence, extra attuned to the insidious process of normalizing the abnormal.
Anker offers tips in extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and other sizes, giving wearers plenty of options to choose from.
She usually works four days a week, but is adding extra hours during the furlough and thinking about adding an extra day.
In extra-dimensional theories of gravity, the propagation of light through space isn't affected by these extra dimensions, but gravitational waves are.
No word as of yet, but with those extra innings compiled due to a lengthy postseason run, any extra hydration could help.
Globally, women spend twice as much time as men on unremunerated tasks, ranging from 45 minutes a day extra in the Scandinavian countries that are the world's most egalitarian to three hours extra in Uganda and five hours extra in India.
"If it brings four or five families to the town, that means we might have an extra schoolteacher, an extra nurse at our hospital, extra staff at the shop," said Ian Carpenter, a member of the Hawker Community Development Board.
Fubo offers a few unique packages — like International Sports Extra and Fubo Cycling — that Sling doesn't, but Sling's packages (stuff like Comedy Extra and Kids Extra) make a little more thematic sense and probably appeal more to the average viewer.
Besides squeezing in extra or backup clients when they can, beauty providers can use the app traveling to make some spontaneous extra cash.
Last month brought us the Super Worm Equinox Moon, an extra-bright, extra-close full moon that fell right on the spring equinox.
The company's other subscribers will pay for services such as extra data, microfinance loans, online security and the purchase of extra phone numbers.
"We assume there's something extra out there, some extra source of brightness," study author Randy Gladstone from the Southwest Research Institute told Gizmodo.
Ahead, we've rounded up some of our favorite camp nail looks that you'll want to screenshot for when you're feeling extra — really extra.
And more importantly, would you pony up the extra cash if Apple limited the extra camera to the pricier models with more storage?
But if you have a Target card, you can save an extra 5% on your purchase and take an extra three bucks off.
It took me a few years to become a version of myself where I wasn't overdoing everything — the extra eyelashes, the extra jewelry.
In that case, Goodcover will take on the extra cost, eliminating the dividend to policy holders but also not costing them any extra.
According to ProPublica, "main cabin extra" seats cost an additional $8 to $159 in 2013; now they cost an extra $20 to $280.
The new chicken will be available in the form of a Crispy Colonel Sandwich, Extra Crispy Tenders, Chicken Littles and Extra Crispy Chicken.
When she happens upon a mystery block that would normally spit out an extra life, she gets three extra lives instead of one.
And, not one to voluntarily give up extra time under the covers, I'm one of those who sleeps extra on the weekends, too.
Extra monies will be handed out for exceeding the basic requirements, such as travelling extra distance, detecting water ice, and visiting Apollo sites.
All through school, if you finished lessons early, your teacher would let you draw, at an extra table, or in an extra notebook.
In her research, Wang found that extra virgin olive oil doesn't actually stay extra virgin forever — it loses flavor and eventually becomes rancid.
But those of us who're working with a little extra material up top have some extra challenges when finding the support we need.
If he gets his way, employees may work an extra 24 hours a year for no extra pay but with increased pension contributions.
And, of course, cutting expenses or earning extra income are ways to try coming up with extra cash to throw toward the balance.
And in any case, she added, "if I have extra money, I can always apply it to the principal" as an extra payment.
You then pay €0.01 per month for every extra GB of storage and €0.02 per month for every extra GB of outgoing transfer.
It means the players have to be committed to that extra bit of travelling, to training more and putting in those extra hours.
For years Australia has been handing extra cash and extra powers to its police and spy agencies to bolster their counter-terrorism abilities.
"We want to tell everybody that we're working extra, extra hard from time to maintain confidence," Warjiyo told an online briefing.
Since this was the last wine night before we all disperse for the holidays, it was extra fun but also went extra late.
A big lid pocket held my headlamp, extra snacks, sunscreen, and wallet while a tip to tail front stuff pocket held extra layers.
Plus, he has a favorite splurge: "The thing I spend most of my extra, extra money on is, I like wearing nice clothes."
Benchmark Mineral Intelligence expects 150,000-170,000 tonnes of extra anode grade graphite will be needed by 2020, worth an extra $1.125-1.275 billion.
The clever charger dock doubles as an extra battery so that you can charge them on the go, and even squeeze a few extra hours of use if you can stand the extra weight of the dock while you're wearing the earbuds.
So people on the low-carb diet burned more than 200 extra calories each day, while people on the moderate-carb diet burned about an extra 100 calories per day, and people on the high-carb diet didn't burn any extra calories.
So anytime the weather is bad, head to the airport extra early; if you normally set aside an hour, add an extra 30 minutes.
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The gang label helps to persuade juries when evidence is weak, and carries extra jail time—perhaps, for the "Gremlins", an extra 40 years.
She also added a little something extra to make the recipe complete: "Honey goes on top just to make it extra sweet!" she said.
It's also the time of year where all of your most unapologetically extra friends will be even more extra in honor of their birthdays.
Oh, and about those sets: They're made to look extra-large so that the human actors will look extra-small — that is, cat-sized.
The tiny amount of extra cash granted to the driver for waiting a few extra minutes might not incentivize patience to wait for you.
All of Paws' extra nubs are due to polydactyly, a congenital physical anomaly that causes felines (humans and dogs too!) to grow extra digits.
The Corsair One Pro Plus runs for $163,799, while the Elite, with its extra RAM, will set you back an extra $200 at $2,999.
Otherwise, the question comes down to whether or not the extra features available to Android users are really worth the extra heft (3.5 ounces).
Golf Monthly says the thin steel face generates extra ball speed, which is the key to the extra distance you'll receive with these clubs.
For the early adopters from 2008-20133, that's about an extra possession every five games, or 15 extra over the course of the season.
While river views sometimes cost extra, low inventory at the time meant the front desk switched us to a view at no extra cost.
The extra sauce left over at the end makes a really good dinnertime dip for extra carrots and absolutely for big hunks of bread.
They decided to try gifting him with his beloved toy again, and say that he's been taking extra, extra good care of this one.
"I get this extraextra- burst of excitement especially when those little tummy flutters catch me by surprise in the middle of the day!!"
Rockets that launch heavy payloads or go to a high orbit need extra speed during the initial ascent, and extra speed needs more fuel.
But extra money is extra money, and a 10-minute wait for a flat white when you're already late for work is the worst.
A father explaining to his son that Grandma wanted extra dry Champagne tried to teach the boy the difference between extra dry and brut.
That bit of extra cash was used to "get ahead" on saving for small trips, and to make extra payments on my student debt.
I finally said to myself, this is not worth the extra headache dealing with all of these upset people for hardly any extra money.
The sizes currently run from petite to extra-large; Cosabella's size chart says the extra large is meant for 38-40 G-H busts.
Normally, Yi says, she would sleep in an extra 30 minutes, but since today is the first day she wants to be extra prepared.
"I was always trying extra, extra hard beyond my exhaustion to prove that I could be pregnant and I could do this," she recalls.
If a 40-year-old starts investing an extra $500 a year, it could mean an extra $4013,712 in retirement, versus $13,500 in cash.
If a 50-year-old starts investing an extra $500 a year, it could mean an extra $15,202 in retirement, versus $8,500 in cash.
And having someone back there that is going to get you a couple extra inches or a couple extra calls per game helps tremendously.
Another way they can make money is by selling extra life, so if you miss one question, you can currently get an extra life.
"We found managers leading by example and making an extra effort to get to know distributed team members can be extra impactful," Gilrane said.
The mouse also features a few extra bells and whistles – like two extra buttons on the side, which can be used for other functions.
Looking back at this puzzle now with an extra year of constructing experience, there are some sections I wish I filled with extra sparkle.
These include a 72-hour waiting period, onerous building requirements like extra wide hallways, and, until just last year, extra medically unnecessary pelvic exams.
That extra time wasn't enough, especially since her disability and chronic pain make it difficult for her to earn extra cash through side jobs.
"We have reason to believe the suspect was heavily armed with a lot of extra ammunition, a lot of extra magazines," the chief said.
However, witnesses, including a Reuters reporter travelling on the train, said rail workers had added extra carriages to accommodate extra passengers before its departure.
"You need extra heat, extra gasses, to make things blow," Einat Lev, a volcanologist at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University, said.
A hundred extra will get you the Touch Bar/Touch ID, a better processor, improved graphics and two extra ports, just to name a few.
It's terrific if you're a student who wants cash on the side, or you have extra time and want to earn a few extra bucks.
I got into the habit of requesting extra homework from my teachers, not because I wanted the extra credit but to keep my mind busy.
Baker originally planned to use an extra starter Saturday and employ a six-man rotation to give the regular starters an extra day of rest.
Verizon also chose to charge $10 extra for 5G over 4G, while Vodafone customers will get access to the new network at no extra charge.
For one, the keyboard doesn't contain an extra battery, so it can't be charged up to give the 7285 some extra juice on the go.
This simple expedient would have eliminated the extra-point try and left the scoring unchanged, except for the couple of missed extra points each year.
How do we create extra, like we did in '18 with tax reform and some of the regulatory reform, how do we create extra stimulus?
"Plan extra -- and fun -- activity into your itinerary so you can have extra delights at your destinations to fully enjoy your travel experience," Newgent says.
But more often than not, formulas need an extra something to really work — and what that extra ingredient is can be hard to pin down.
Granted, creepers are a lot less intimidating to style than, say, the extra-long-sleeved and extra-cropped sweatshirts we saw on the Fenty runway.
In addition to the cost of installing an extra camera, Johnson said that the mobile view requires three extra production staff to each game's broadcast.
Paws' eight extra toes are spread across her four feet, with three bonus toes on each front paw and one extra on each back paw.
While the $2 extra per month may not sound like much, it's an 18 percent increase that works out to an extra $24 per year.
The extra $50 will snag you a USB Type-C port, an extra hour or so of battery life, and a slightly more streamlined design.
No.If the user is going to take an extra step, why not make the extra step toward far more effective tool of multi-factor authentication.
That way if you want extra views or to include friends who aren't Insta-addicts, you can show them your Story with no extra uploads.
The trouble is that at local level there is often a mismatch between the extra resources that immigrants add and the extra demand they create.
For an extra $5 each month, you can add HBO and Cinemax, and for an extra $8 each month, you can add STARZ and SHOWTIME.
Basically, if you can afford to spend the extra money, we don't know how much extra money, to get the Pro, I'd strongly recommend it.
Breeds with short hair or slim builds may require extra insulation while long-haired breeds need a little extra space inside the jacket for comfort.
Of course, finding extra money to funnel into those retirement accounts often means changing your spending habits or squeezing extra money out of your budget.
The Shea Moisture Mango and Carrot Extra-Nourishing Conditioner is a gentle and safe conditioner perfect for curly locks and zapping hair with extra moisture.
Capito and Portman hoped that extra money for the opioid epidemic could help add a buffer as extra funds for Medicaid expansion are slowly eliminated.
Instead of cutting costs by laying off staff, Mr. Grove demanded that Intel employees work an extra two hours a day — for no extra pay.
Landing a vehicle propulsively requires a lot more extra weight than previous landing methods, because extra propellant is needed to fuel the engines during descent.
"Queer is an extra layer on top of being gay just like Satan is an extra layer on top of being an atheist," Astaroth said.
"Then again, if you are building a housing complex, you don't really want to add that extra cost of an extra deep foundation," he added.
But unlike cocaine, weed buyers can increasingly nose around and figure out where their weed came from, meaning your conscience can be extra-extra-clear.
Those few extra months on the job are likely to raise your retirement income by the same amount as those 30 years of extra savings.
I will need to use up some of the extra butter I buy (for the extra pies I will run out of time to make).
But try to build a cushion into your budget so that you have a little extra left in the quiver, should you need extra cash.
Or even better, walk up to your crush, extra drink in hand, and say the barista made a mistake and gave you an extra drink.
It pairs people who have extra living space — but want company, help with chores, extra income or all three — with those desperate for affordable housing.
Extra perks to help you protect your familyIn addition to its life insurance product, Fabric offers a couple of extra services that families will appreciate.
He'll come prepared to share tactics — and because this is on the Extra Crunch stage, the audience will have extra time to ask questions themselves.
"It's meant extra resources, extra overtime, to get it done," said one executive of an auto parts factory in the Midlands of England, pictured above.
I took an overload almost every quarter because extra courses didn't cost anything extra, and it was impossible to choose from among all the offerings.
It's not exactly the same thing as the classic Airbnb which is rent your extra room, so to speak, or your extra bed, or whatever.
That's not to say that other offerings have poor bass, but Sony gives it a little extra love on all their Extra Bass speakers and headphones.
On our way, I make a quick Starbucks mobile order and grab myself an iced passion tea with no sweetener, extra ice, but no extra water.
But at Walt Disney World in Florida, Star War's: Galaxy Edge will be a part of the Extra Extra Magic hours, which feature a 6 a.m.
Authorities found the makeshift rope under Bundy's mattress on April 8, along with six extra pillowcases, a chair, two extra pairs of boxers, and unauthorized food.
Now, like any high-quality shirt with the extra buttons on the tail, we provide four extra turds on the back with explicit turd attachment instructions.
In fact, she doesn't just have an extra mouth to feed, but a whole extra person to spoil with the same luxuries she spends on herself.
Extra toes also means extra nails to clip too, but Martin says this isn't a problem since her vet trims the eight bonus digits pro bono.
The creation is topped with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and finished with garlic flowers that give an extra pop of color and flavor.
"She made me feel extra extra special, and she's really just a lovely person, aside from being completely gorgeous and enviable in all aspects of life."
Some people sleep better on extra firm mattresses that offer more support, while others prefer to have a little extra cushioning underneath them as they sleep.
For now, the item is only available in Birmingham, AL. Let's hope this extra affordable and extra portable menu item expands to Taco Bell locations nationwide.
The extra charging only applies one week out of every month, and is voluntary: Men who object to the extra cost will have the surcharge waived.
All three of Croatia's knockout games in Russia have gone to extra time while France, who also have an extra day's rest, completed theirs in regulation.
The first step is to focus machine learning on applications where people stand to gain—extra help at school, say, rather than extra time in jail.
Because plants absorb carbon dioxide, they suck up some of the extra CO2 in the air and can even buy us extra time on global warming.
Smartphones help to make this extra discreet — just jot down some basics in the notes section (or a calorie-tracking app, if you're feeling extra dedicated).
Alphabet, a software company with a few extra hardware bets, shares have dramatically outperformed those of Apple, a hardware company with a few extra software bets.
Thorpe also argues that Sanders's proposed 28503 percent in extra payroll and income taxes would instead have to rise to a 22019 percent combined extra tax.
Specs and sizingThe 37.5 Oxford comes in standard alpha sizes (small through extra-extra-large) and it isn't particularly stretchy, similar to a classic Oxford weave.
Smaller companies say they simply do not have an extra $100,000 to spend on an infrared camera, or the personnel to do extra inspections and paperwork.
"Later this year, all this extra dead vegetation may provide extra fuel during California's normal fire season," which is typically late summer and fall, Miskus said.
"We know that we can't give them extra base runners or extra outs, because they can turn that into big innings," Yankees manager Joe Girardi said.
"There's nothing better for a guy having a shitty day than an extra shrimp on his plate, or an extra scoop of hearty stew," he says.
There's no reason to fear those cold winter mornings when you can wrap yourself in the extra-warm, extra-long Alexander Del Rossa Fleece Hooded Bathrobe.
There are extra charges to start college, such as orientation fees and freshman fees, and extra charges to finish, such as senior fees and commencement fees.
And after he died I had extra appointments and scans (at no extra cost) to reassure me that the stress and emotions hadn't affected the baby.
U.S. soybeans, already subject to a 25% Chinese tariff, are subjected to an extra 5% tariff, while U.S. beef and pork get an extra 10% tariff.
They are effectively doing with storage what Airbnb does with an extra bedroom, enabling people and organizations to sell that excess capacity to make extra money.
Sometimes extra cocoa butter is mixed in to give creaminess to dark chocolate, or to mellow the flavor of extra-bittersweet chocolates without much added sugar.
That extra time, even if it's just one year, will not only provide extra income, but also help you delay withdrawing money from your retirement savings.
For Monday, I'm thinking, you could make takeout-style sesame noodles, with extra peanuts strewn across the top for protein and crunch, and extra cucumber, too.
Size:The Landon Carryall comes in five sizes: extra small (your purse), small (your commute), medium (the gym), large (travel), and extra-large (a lot of travel).
We call this the Extra Crunch stage, in a tip of the hat to TechCrunch's Extra Crunch subscription service, which has the same, founder-centric mission.
Barbara DeLollis, a spokeswoman for Marriott, said housekeeping managers could assign extra help or extra time if an excessively dirty room was brought to their attention.
We have examples of a T-shirt vendor who has, for years and years, sold into traditional retail, and until they were working with us, they didn't realize that their — it was a men's brand — their extra-extra large was actually fitting like an extra-large.
Juicy J" 24hrs - "Extra Extra Extra"24hrs - "Gucci Flame / 12:AM In The 6 " JPEGMAFIA Devon Hendryx "The Rockwood Escape Plan" - Operation Kill Chet Haze JPEGMAFIA - "I'll Never Forgive Hipsters For What They Did To Brooklyn" JPEGMAFIA - "Man Purse" *World Premiere* Kranium Kranium - "Can't Believe feat.
"There's lots of extra streams, there's lots of extra passwords, there's lots of people who could get free service," Rutledge said at an industry conference this month.
If you're somewhere that has a rainy season, you have extra humidity to worry about — and if you're in a dry state, well, that's just extra sweat.
" And because Bruno is such an extra cat, Paris made a truly extra plea to the shelter by performing a personalized song called, "Gimmie That Fat Cat.
With this schedule-scrambling influence hovering over Labor Day, make extra extra sure that everyone has directions dialed in — and for best results, keep those plans simple!
Mr Hammond offered a smidgen of extra NHS funding and channelled an extra £1.2bn in 2017-213 towards social care, which will ease the burden on hospitals.
Plus, the available sizes range from double extra small to triple extra large, so you can find the perfect fit for your pup, no matter their size.
It's housing some drawing stuff like a compass, some hearing aid batteries and an extra hearing aid, a little camera tripod for my phone, and extra flashlights.
Double Duty If your legs are extra sensitive to the cold, you'll want to layer up on long johns, but also consider adding an extra-long coat.
The bigger our phones have gotten, the more we appreciate having a little extra grip on the device that's basically become an extra appendage at this point.
But it wasn't enough to push women to go out, buy extra fuel and run their stoves longer than needed to rack up extra credits, Ramanathan said.
Between 1996 and 173 an extra ten percentage points on the aggregate critics' score on Rotten Tomatoes was associated with just $4m in extra box-office takings.
But let's get real: it's the holiday season, which calls for at least six extra servings, so go ahead and raise a glass to the extra calories!
For some, though, the news is worse than extra noise: a number of villages are scheduled to be partly or wholly demolished to build the extra runway.
As for Roberson ... reports say he was working extra shifts at the bar in order to have some extra money to provide for his son at Christmas.
In fact, the extra digit works like an extra thumb, complete with its own bones, cartilage, a trio of surprisingly strong muscles and even its own fingerprint.
The Pixel 3's photo reveals just how much extra processing the Note 10 adds to photos, and there's no option to turn off that extra processing.
To close the cylinder, he presses extra hard where the two corners of the sheet of pasta overlap, giving each piece an extra little flair of sophistication.
Users customize their Sling lineup through various add-on packages that start at $5 per month for bundles, like a "lifestyle extra" or "kids extra," for example.
All that extra care, all that extra market testing, focus groups, that all goes into the budget of what it costs to be sorry as an organization.
That finding suggests that, when doctors do extra treatment or testing to avoid liability, they are not necessarily taking extra steps that make their patients any healthier.
More than a year after the Extra Extra host's wife Sydney Davis filed for divorce, the couple is officially divorced, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.
Japanese utilities are expected to face hundreds of millions of dollars in extra fuel costs in 2020 as they buy extra liquefied natural gas (LNG) and coal.
The Astros (6-13) lost their first extra-inning game of the season, while the Red Sox (9-9) moved to 1-1 in extra-inning games.
The cognitive impairments induced by lead exposure likely cost the country vast sums of money in extra health care treatments, extra crime, and increased special education needs.
After all, Medicare Extra itself should maintain Medicare's low administrative overhead, and in a system where any individual or employer can opt into Medicare Extra, if private administration boosts costs without improving quality, won't people just switch to Medicare Extra, which will see the benefits of those savings?
"We got used to the Croatia football team winning in extra time and what we did here was not one, not two but 10 extra times," Krajan said, referring to how the soccer team won its first three knockout matches after they had all gone to extra time.
Mr. Nelson says that "to be fair," he will allow 10 extra minutes for the O'Malley group to find the three extra votes they need to stay viable.
One extra person meant a need for extra storage, requiring creative solutions to the open layout to make room for the books, gear, and clothes he brought in.
Players will still be able to use an extra life during Hart's game, but extra lives will no longer be accepted if/when the game reaches question 15.
"Ancient DNA gives us these extra internal calibration points, we get an extra dimension of time in our research, checking in on biology long after death," Duggan said.
Extra extra: There's a dizzying array of safety assistance features, and a lot of them are adjustable by sensitivity (low / med / high) rather than binary on / off functions.
So a rocket launching on the equator gets an extra speed boost, making it easier for the vehicle to reach the extra high velocities needed to achieve orbit.
Device makers like Nest and Amazon know that without forcing users to take the extra precaution, many will not seek out these extra security settings on their own.
They found one person who was billed an extra $19,603 after going to an emergency room where the extra costs were added in and not covered by insurance.
That's not just extra tuition and mounting student loan interest, it's also the lost value of retirement savings and wages from two extra years out of the workforce.
In NerdWallet's analysis, two extra years at a private college would add another $38,115 in out-of-pocket tuition costs, and at a public college, an extra $25,375.
But it goes the extra mile, and that extra bit comes almost entirely from how it compresses Noomi, our main character, and the player into one composite being.
The chain is known for chili cheeseburgers, serving up food in large portions, and offering heaps of extra toppings like onions, chili, and tomatoes for no extra charge.
To finish off the look, she applies a bright berry lip, a few swipes of mascara, and some extra highlighter on the cheekbones for a little extra shimmer.
Finding a workplace with great culture is totally worth going the extra mile — even if that extra mile means a longer commute and spending more money on gas.
The extra bodies will help the company add an extra shift of work for "general assembly, body and paint," allowing it to produce Model 3s around the clock.
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If Facebook and Unity can make it simple to port games to Facebook's platforms without a bunch of extra coding, devs might as well gain some extra exposure.
A KERS system, which is a racing technology that temporarily stores extra power in a flywheel and gives an extra burst of speed on demand, also seems likely.
With Wi-Fi in my home, office and pretty much every street corner, thanks to Starbucks, I decided there's no reason to spend extra money on extra data.
According to sports historian Nigel B. Crowther, extra sand would be laid down upon the track in order to provide an extra bit of cushion for the fighters.
My findings: women have up to one-and-a-half year's extra education, and nearly a full year's extra workforce experience, than what is required for their job.
The addition in the postseason of extra cameras at the blue lines and in the crossbars of nets added an extra layer of sophistication to the review process.
"It got me thinking that there might be some guys that want a little extra attention or extra thoughts, depending on their schedule," Oates said of N.H.L. players.
But if something comes up and I need extra money, I can increase my income by 50% almost immediately by simply working an extra 20 hours that week.
The length and the light weight makes it easy to maneuver without bending or adding extra stress and the teardrop-shaped shaft also provides extra comfort and control.
Think not just about what you need now, but also what you will need in the future, to determine whether the extra services are worth the extra cost.
We've played best-of-three since we were kids in all competitions, so in the best-of-five, the extra training and extra effort helps in those scenarios.
The former "Today" and "Access Hollywood" co-host will be back on the airwaves as the host of "Extra Extra," People magazine was first to report on Wednesday.
"We also have the target of almost 100 extra personnel at Enstone this year as well as over 30 extra personnel at Viry," Stoll told the official Formula1.
It can be things such as extra costs in logistics, it can be extra staff that you added because you needed to ramp up quickly, and other things.
It's extra-sized, has great battery life, vastly improved processor power from the original model, and sports an extra analog stick that comes in handy for action games.
They're even offering extra savings on some with their own coupons, like the eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C MAX that's an extra $35 off, bringing it down to $224.99.
Extra Extra • On Saturday, the fifth anniversary ride of the Cyclones, a bicycling club, promises to include a picnic on a lake, an old boathouse and new friends.
Sony MDR-XB450AP Extra Bass™ Headphones (Open Box) Designed to blast the bass, the MDR-XB450AP Extra Bass™ Headphones deliver impressive sound without breaking a sweat.
Colorado, for example, took advantage of its estimated $200 million in extra revenue to pass a budget that included extra funding for roads, public education and school security.
The Survival and Cross rope doesn't come with an extra cable, but it does come with extra hardware, a carrying bag, and plenty of online manuals and ebooks.
"I think it's okay to follow a recipe and have extra ingredients left over, but what's not okay is to let those extra ingredients go bad," he says.
To access these extra settings, go to Facebook's Settings page, select "Security and Login" from the left side and scroll down to the "Setting Up Extra Security" section.
Spend money, in other words, but only do so when extra money is likely to generate extra ridership — primarily by making the key connection as fast as possible.
In a document setting out risks linked to Brexit, the company said it would need a 1-billion-euro extra stockpile of parts to cope with extra disruption.
"Etsy began as a way for people with a little extra time and a lot of extra skill could make a couple extra bucks while juggling everyday jobs and responsibilities," Olatiwa Karade, the designer behind Splendid Rain Co., an Etsy shop that sells "pro-Black, anti-bullshit" clothing, tells Refinery29.
About half the extra $19bn would thus be absorbed by the extra personnel costs and the higher operational and maintenance costs that are the consequence of a larger force.
Next, Fitzsimons sprays texturizing spray all over to add extra volume, and finishes by applying oil into the strands in a massaging motion, which adds shine and extra texture.
Because of the dim lighting, Curiosity's cameras require extra exposure time, and extra exposure time means the optical equipment is more vulnerable to all the dust that's blowing around.
Their parents were paying for everything, and they would never be willing to pay an extra dollar or two for a longer book, with its extra printing and binding.
"With the Cup now adopting a straight knockout format from the quarter-finals onwards, the introduction of a fourth substitute in extra time will bring extra intrigue," Glenn said.
If they don't match — even because of something like a missing hyphen, an extra space, or a typo — the applicant has to take extra steps to verify their identity.
Also, I imagine someone with $400 to spare on a bong has another $20 for an extra USB-C cable, or at least an extra $5 for an adapter.
Earth's gravitational pull is pretty strong, so sending heavy equipment far away from our planet requires a lot of extra power, and, in turn, a lot of extra fuel.
And here I'm reminded of the higher standards applied to women in the public eye, the extra hoops women must jump through, the subtle ways they face extra scrutiny.
The scale runs from extra-small to extra-large, and then, if you're lucky, 1X, which corresponds to a women's size 23 to 25, and 2300X (2500 to 28).
French Connection Enjoy an extra 60% off sale prices using code F60SBR Lou + Grey Take an extra 25% off everything plus free shipping, from September 1 to September 5.
The new case is reminiscent of Mophie's Space Pack, which provides both extra storage and extra battery life at the same time, but with less capacity on both fronts.
According to the new research, an estimated 240 extra tons of nitrogen and 39 extra tons of phosphorus are plopped into these water systems each year across North America.
The new iPhone is rumored to include a number of changes, including an extra camera lens, an extra speaker replacing the headphone jack, and a new home button technology.
Visitors who take advantage of the 'Extra, Extra Magic Hours' will have first crack at the 14-acre land from 6AM to 9AM from September 1 to November 2.
This on-sale bundle at Walmart will get you a pair of Sony Extra Bass Wireless Headphones and a pair of Sony Extra Bass sport earbuds together for $178.
"This is the time of year to be that extra bit vigilant, that extra bit cautious," said Geoff Webb, vice president of strategy for information technology firm Micro Focus.
For $203 extra you can upgrade from a 7-mile to a 12-mile battery, or you can buy an extra standard battery for $299 or extended for $399.
Instead, she's turned to retailers like Swimsuitsforall, which serve customers beyond the limited extra-small-to-extra-large range and design with different fits and body types in mind.
Russian banks could pledge eligible corporate loans to receive extra funding from the CBR, and larger institutions could benefit from extra liquidity support aimed at preventing wider systemic stress.
Of course, traveling is definitely worth the extra cost — especially when you have those extra days off — so you just have to save a little money wherever you can.
Although Tunisia's extra-virgin olive oil is still sent in bulk to Europe for anonymous blending, production rules and labeling certifications for extra virgin and organic have been tightened.
DigitalOcean's Spaces costs $5 per month for 250 GB of storage, 1TB of outgoing transfer and then $0.02 per extra GB of storage, $0.01 per extra GB of transfer.
We're giving you a few extra days to get your hands on deeply-discounted extra early-bird Disrupt tickets, so you now have until Friday, March 3 to purchase.
What if having extra time at home allows you to write letters to loved ones, have an extra-long phone call with a friend or start a gratitude journal?
Extra Extra • On Canal, a project that places interactive art installations and pop-ups in vacant storefronts along Canal Street, is in the final days of its current program.
And if I ask the hummingbird to do extra, if I give it a little bit of extra weight to wear, that can go up to well above 60.
You'd need to upgrade stations, and it might be necessary to add extra tracks to the Long Bridge that connects DC to Arlington, Virginia, to accommodate the extra traffic.
Why it matters: I am trying to squeeze in extra seat time in the nine finalists that were announced in November, and my driveway has been extra crowded lately.
The star was all bundled up in a beanie, scarf, and puffy jacket, and had a filter over the video making her cheeks extra rosy and lips extra plumped.
The blogger recruited her close friend, social media star Ryan Dziadul from Extra Extra Style, to step in as Prince Harry for the final two looks — both shirt dresses!
Having extra doctors sign off on each late abortion safeguards against (mythical) cavalier terminations, but it means that women in anguished, urgent situations need to jump through extra hoops.
Those who don't meet their fitness goals would have to pay an extra $25 for their premiums and an extra $500 deductible if they wanted to opt out altogether.
Boeing this week announced that it was planning to install an extra warning system on all 737 Max aircraft — a feature which airlines previously had to pay extra for.
Amazon has all these extra features — Subscribe & Save!
BodyBoss 2.0: Portable Home Gym + Extra Bands — $155
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Right-wing UBI supporters like it because an unconditional payment does not affect people's incentives to work; an extra job, or an extra hour at work, does not reduce benefits.
Farmers prepared as best they could — putting down extra bedding behind wind breaks, placing extra bales of hay in front of calf bungalows and in places where snow typically accumulates.
I chose bundled spinach (which means extra time for washing, chopping and cutting) and put items like apples and tomatoes directly in my shopping cart (extra washing on those too).
In fact, the oh-so-"overwhelming" response left thousands of dollars extra in the fund, which would be used to surprise the families with extra money on their last check.
Siemens said Dresser-Rand would now generate an extra 100 million euros in synergies, with Rolls-Royce Energy contributing an extra 65 million by its fiscal year ending September 2019.
Once Gregory raises the money needed for a therapy dog, he plans to use any extra funds and his extra to time to help other veterans find the same comfort. 
That honor would go to Sasha Velour, the cerebral and idiosyncratic queen who had slayed all season—a winner perfectly on beat with this extra-activist, extra-alt drag season.
Pay an extra $35 to engrave the bottle or an extra $25 to engrave the glasses — trust us, that attention to detail will get you brownie points in the bedroom.
That is about 10 extra penalties per week on just those two categories, and I'm not even getting into all the extra penalties for taunting and hurting players fee fees.
Dutch oven originally $460, now $340 (get an extra 20% off when you use the code EXTRA at checkout.) A daily latte at your favorite cafe can quickly add up.
However, the Gamepad does offer some extra conveniences like an integrated battery and a direct, lag-free connection to your phone, which might be enough to justify the extra cost.
The Astros (33-36) improve to 7-4 in extra-inning games and tied the Braves for the major-league lead in playing their 11th extra-inning game this season.
With V-Moda, you accept the trade-off of extra weight for the benefit of extra durability and you take a little less comfort for the sake of compact portability.
Extra security measures The Prime Minister said extra security measures have been in place at Sydney Airport since Thursday and have since been put in place at other major airports.
The extra work calls for some extra cash, and Glu Mobile's CEO and Chairman Niccolo de Masi explained that the option to acquire makes sense given QuizUp's current monetization strategy.
It'll be a couple decades before you can actually spend that extra $20-$40 per month, but then again, saving a little extra for retirement is never a bad idea.
If I can give her whatever extra tools she needs to feel comfortable to take the extra time to prepare to return to sex, I'm fine to be the scapegoat.
If opting for the pepper-and-citrus heavy togarashi, you might not need extra hot sauce, but you could amp up the citrus notes with an extra squeeze of lime.
Assuming you bought a smartphone in the last few years, don't bother packing an extra camera like a GoPro — that's just extra space and another power cable to carry around.
So that extra layer of attention, that extra layer of messages from friends and family, it's overwhelming, and I'm really appreciating that and feel really lucky to be doing it.
LG has updated one of the most portable Bluetooth keyboards available with an extra row of keys so that it no longer requires an extra key press to type numbers.
Alone, the speakers will sound good, but if you want that extra oomph, then you'll need a subwoofer, and it's well worth the extra cash if you can afford it.
A student who spends two extra years at private school, therefore, can accrue extra costs of nearly $300,000 over all, factoring in tuition, debt and missed income and retirement savings.
Both the Echo and Home record audio interactions already — but adding the extra wrinkle of personal conversations to the mix could make consumers extra leery of Big Brother listening in.
The extra time between seasons also gives Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin extra time to wrap up his sixth book in the series, The Winds of Winter.
"My thought is that if we have the exclusive rights, why not give guys the extra time, an extra hour, to go through the brackets," McManus told The Daily News.
Mr. Abdulhaq showed a picture on his phone of the boy lying on a bed with an extra half-torso extending from his chest, with two extra arms and legs.
So having extra time often doesn't make a difference, and those reporters who've used the extra time to do a better job could have spent it doing more enterprising work.
Extra Small Landon Carryall, available at Dagne Dover, $95Dagne Dover excels at making functional and versatile bags like work totes and this extra small version of its popular neoprene duffel.
Oh, and because we live in 2020 and everything is extra these days, you'll also get Super Street Fighter II: Turbo ROM loaded on the machine for extra gaming action.
His classmates nicknamed him Bucky; he had four extra upper back teeth that pushed his front teeth into an extreme overbite, and also, he believed, gave his voice extra resonance.
Then there's the extra laundry, the extra food prep and the firm commitment to making sure everyone gets to sleep on time to keep their immune systems in high gear.
The strength of the law has been whittled away over recent decades, however, to the point that millions fewer Americans are guaranteed extra pay for extra work than in 1979.
Silicon Valley software companies can often "scale up" from thousands to millions of customers in a matter of weeks simply by renting some extra servers and writing some extra code.
Shoppers should know that an extra $3,600 buys the larger X3, and while it's not as flingable as the X2, the X3's extra space could be worth the expense.
" Asked if she is concerned about the House plan, which would repeal the extra federal money for Medicaid expansion, Capito said, "Yeah, I mean we need the extra federal money.
Under the plans, the elderly will receive an extra monthly pension at the end of the year, while widows, people on disability payments and others will also receive extra cash.
The Morning After Shower Cap looks more like a traditional shower cap you'd buy at the pharmacy, but the extra attention to detail makes it worth a few extra bucks.
With an extra $229 million cash in her pocket after selling Coty the majority stake in her beauty brand, it seems Kylie Jenner is feeling extra generous this holiday season.
For a limited time, the boho-chic retailer is offering an extra 40 percent off its entire home sale section and an extra 25 percent off of all sale furniture.
To make it extra pretty, and extra nutritious, go ahead and steal a technique from the pastry chef Natasha Pickowicz: Cover the whole tart with big, juicy dressed radicchio leaves.
In its place, they tried to pass "the American Health Care Act," which would have gutted protections for pre-existing conditions and forced people to spend thousands more for the care they need: an estimated $4,270 extra for asthma,$17,060 extra for pregnancy, $26,85033 extra for rheumatoid arthritis and $140,510 for metastatic cancer.
The extra week, Democrats and Republicans say, will give them the extra time they need to complete the delicate negotiations on how to fund the government through the end of September.
"The more people we can get to say, 'No, I'm not going to pay extra for these products,' then the companies won't make them — or they won't charge extra," Whelan said.
Keynes thought we'd trade the extra income for time but we trade the extra income for things, we trade it to keep up with each other, we trade it for status.
For example currently those trying to work extra hours or take extra stress will inevitably get ahead and if we try to change that too much, it may have disastrous consequences.
Take extra steps to demonstrate your lack of conflicts of interest, since that's extra important at a time when the public takes such a dim view of politicians' integrity and effectiveness.
They scraped through the group stage with three draws, then beat Croatia in extra-time, Poland on penalties, Wales with two second-half goals and France with another extra-time winner.
To ease their minds, EVGA embedded nine extra thermal sensors onto the PCB (printed circuit board) that'll pick up on extra heat and direct the asynchronous fans to cool things down.
He gets a smaller trash can to pay less to the city, but then puts all his extra trash in our bin, so ours overfills and we have to pay extra.
For instance, a 15-minute catnap might give Sally the salesperson three extra hours of battery life, but it will only provide Mary the marketer with one extra hour of productivity.
As if getting an extra day off work to beach and barbeque wasn't great enough, retailers are here to make your Memorial Day Weekend even more exciting with extra-sweet sales.
And if you don't want the added weight of an extra battery in your pocket, SanDisk's iXpand can easily shed that extra power, without separating you from all of your files.
There's also an "exclusive" tour, which costs an extra an extra $33, but grants access to the Cornwall Room, which has walls covered in original watercolors done by Prince Charles himself.
When you add a couple of extra miles an hour, or three extra miles an hour, it's a little easier to make a mistake up there and get away with it.
And extra hungry users can pay extra for "instant delivery" option, in which Uber's couriers drive around packing pre-made meals that they can deliver in as little as 10 minutes.
It might be just an extra five pounds on the scale but it is always fascinating to see how shedding that extra weight and sacrificing some mass can change a fighter.
They originally thought consumers would spend their extra dollars at the shopping mall, but instead many people have saved their extra cash, although others are buying bigger and less efficient vehicles.
While you may not need a high impact bra with extra padding and underwire, a medium impact compression style bra that helps restrict any extra movement is always a good idea.
An extra toe means an extra toenail, and can a country in straits as dire as ours suffer a commander in chief whose pedicure takes minutes longer than the average American's?
Personal Capital also has financial advisers on call if you need any extra help deciphering what your dashboard means, or if you want some extra help making plans for your future.
Each shipment includes a themed selection of treats, toys, and a limited-edition bandana in your choice of three sizes: extra small dog, small-medium dog, or large-extra large dog.
Your grandmother would have had to fit in an extra 195 minutes of chores a day in the 60s, compared to the extra hour a day presently faced by American women.
You can also earn extra "tips" or encourage others to go to your private room for extra cash, Hart notes — though how you want to motivate people is up to you.
For example, currently those willing to work extra hours or take extra stress will inevitably get ahead and if we try to change that too much, it may have disastrous consequences.
The standard iPhone 11 will get an extra hour of battery life and the 11 Pro models will get four extra hours of juice per charge compared to last year's model.
The Grand Deluxe bumps you up to 400 square feet with a King bed for $450, but the extra space doesn't make enough of a difference to warrant an extra $100.
They'll be the ones studying that extra in the library, taking some extra grounders when practice is done, or working at a part-time job in addition to going to school.
It costs more to run the extra press, but Mr. Weitzel said the extra press would make it possible to get papers to subscribers on time and so was worth it.
In preseason, he missed two field goals and an extra point, and coming into last night's game, he was 1-13 on field goals and had bricked yet another extra point.
" She added, "Hug your loved ones extra tight today.
A loss by three points — that sucks extra bad.
VIPix / Splash News Kendall Jenner: Dazed and Confused extra
" Brosnahan concluded, "Hug your loved ones extra tight today.
" For his part, Seinfeld later told Extra, "I'm 63.
" For some extra spice, he added the hashtag "#youknowyouwantthis.
Giorgio Moroder - "Evolution (Roger Sanchez Extra Terrestrial Mix)" 11.
" Brosnahan added, "Hug your loved ones extra tight today.
Up to 70% off any order + extra 10% off
We don't need -- we don't need that extra speed.
You're a gopher basically — an extra pair of hands.
" .... (sigh.) "Pepperoni, sausage and extra cheese would be fine.
These rather anemic extra contributions led to a sad .
BodyBoss 2.0: Portable Home Gym and Extra Bands — $134.99
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It'll only cost a little extra — about 98,000 bells.
BodyBoss 2.0: Portable Home Gym and Extra Bands — $155
So to our early Extra Crunch members — thank you.
The Extra , by A. B. Yehoshua (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) .
" Milian: "It was gross, and they added extra dirt.
You'll never have to take the extra 10 or 20 minutes to run to the cheap Trader Joe's, where you'll stand on an extra-long line so you can buy an extra-cheap bag of expired Brussels sprouts on the discredited theory that if you save money on food, you can one day retire.
Our plan is to push the extra money we were saving for the house down payment into our new mortgage and continue to stick to our budget to free up extra money.
I do some last minute review of the week ahead and add an extra face mask in my usual 5-step skin care routine for some extra pampering before the night ends.
And since charcoal is one of the buzziest ingredients in beauty right now — known for its potent detoxifying properties — the thought made me feel extra on-trend, which I find extra satisfying.
The French government is in the process of hiring 700 extra customs agents and looking to invest millions of euros in extra border control facilities in preparation for a no-deal Brexit.
His previous 12 hits all went for extra bases, the longest stretch of that kind since Jim Edmonds whacked 13 straight extra-base hits while playing for the Chicago Cubs in 2008.
After purchase, if buyers decided they wanted the extra range that the full battery pack could give them, they could "unlock" the extra battery capacity through a sort of in-app purchase.
Pet owners can also take extra precautions (in addition to handwashing) while cleaning up after their pets, like using latex or vinyl gloves and an extra bag if it's a ~messy situation~.
" For extra potency on Colbert, Heems and Riz tacked extra verses on the end of the track to address the current state of things, and as Riz muses "Banning me from traveling?
In reality, the 2010 UC-Davis study found that 69% of samples taken from 14 brands of imported extra virgin olive oil on sale in California failed to meet extra virgin standards.
One of the Lenovo reps here at CES asked me if I'd trade some extra thickness and weight in the machine to accommodate that "extra" slot and my answer is absolutely yes.
From the NYT:Farmers prepared as best they could — putting down extra bedding behind wind breaks, placing extra bales of hay in front of calf bungalows and in places where snow typically accumulates.
I started last year when I was unemployed and looking for some ways to make extra cash, but I continue because it's great for extra money and I really like the kids.
Another dollar on the oil price would add $79 million to EBITDA in the current financial year, while an extra $1 per ton for iron ore means $217 million in extra profits.
But for a phone that started at $800, it would have been nice to get a few extra bonus features like reverse wireless charging or an extra camera or two in back.
Most of that extra spending is in-person payments to providers — in other words, people are mostly using their extra cash to go to the doctor, not just to make other payments.
The Impossible Whopper will cost about a dollar extra, but Finazzo said that research found that customers do not mind paying extra and like the plant-based burger for its health benefits.
In the second half of extra time in the quarterfinal match between Poland and Portugal at Euro 2016, a fan ran onto the pitch, providing the only real action in extra time.
The NFL Tried To Make The Extra Point Exciting Exciting isn't the word I would use for it, though the extra point was at least less rote of a procedure in 2015.
On the other side of the divide, the Republican senators that wanted the bill to be more fiscally generous get zero extra dollars for premium subsidies and zero extra dollars for Medicaid.
If you're planning a longer stay, want extra space for your family, or simply want extra amenities, a timeshare or vacation rental could be a better option than a standard hotel room.
"You're really seeing folks pull back on extra spending, pull back on extra drilling and focus on being resilient," said Matt Gallagher, president of Parsley Energy, who will become CEO in January.
Buying a product using Apple Pay on a Mac still requires you to authenticate the purchase by putting your finger on your iPhone — an extra step and extra device to pull out.
The extra focus on reality television appears to be in line with the broadcast regulator's tendency to apply extra scrutiny to video personalities who go viral or to programs with large followings.
The next day, I did have to bring out the extra extra hold gel to get my puffy edges back into a bun, but it was clear my entire mindset had changed.
Bonci calls it the "Barista Effect," of mixing together sports drinks and gummies and other snacks, much like asking for a drink with extra flavor shots and extra foam on the top.
Seibel and Rowghani will also be available for an extra-long question-and-answer portion of the talk with attendees as a part of our Extra Crunch-themed stage at the conference.
Their anger was directed primarily at a piece of legislation that allows companies to force employees to work up to 400 extra hours a year, or roughly one extra day per week.
Extrapolated to the whole population, the Medicaid expansion appears to have resulted in about 427,000 extra visits for depression and 457,000 extra visits for high blood pressure in rural health centers alone.
The purpose of a move-in fee is to compensate a co-op for any extra wear and tear on the building and extra use of the building's elevators and its staff.
The Game of Thrones star was all bundled up in a beanie, scarf, and puffy jacket, and had a filter over the video making her cheeks extra rosy and lips extra plumped.
Thomas had to watch Reed have two putts at the win, a 123-foot eagle putt on the first extra hole and a 12-foot birdie putt on the second extra hole.
Old stars and galaxies were Spitzer's specialty, as well as extra cold objects that may be cold by human standards, but are actually warmer than the backdrop of our extra cold Universe.
But some critics think it could backfire, since only sick people would be willing to pay the extra fee, which might not be enough to cover the extra cost of their care.
Abortion providers will probably have to take on extra costs and administrative burdens for all of those extra burials and cremations, and those costs would probably get passed on to the patients.
Makes 1 cocktailPrep: 10 minutesTotal: 20 minutes ½ cup water plus 400 grams½ cup honey8 g fresh mint, extra flowers for garnish23 g fresh Mexican mint marigold, extra flowers for garnish1 g dried rosella, extra flowers for garnish1 ½ oz Capitoline Rose Vermouth¼ oz Baltimore Whisky Company Charles Street Apple Brandy½ oz verjusfresh alpine strawberries for garnish 1.
I let mine go 3903 seconds longer, which meant the Cinder readout changed to let me know I was going on an extra-long sear, counting each extra second of my cook time.
If all 250 players in the Cardinals' organization received an extra $10,000 per year—a significant increase over Chinea's current $6,500 salary—the Cardinals would only owe an extra $2.5 million per year.
With money for policing in short supply (the Met's budget has been cut by almost a fifth since 2011), those paying for extra officers want to make sure they are exactly that—extra.
Most of its pairs came in some combination of narrow, medium, and wide, but the expansion has also made extra-narrow and extra-wide options available for some of its most popular styles.
So, if you have a bit more time and extra resources, you might find it worthwhile to set up on the side, so extra income can roll in in while you're at work.
We're extending the deadline on our extra early-bird tickets to next Wednesday, February 24, so you have a few extra days to save $200 before early-bird pricing takes effect next week.
The base model Huntsman offers the opto-mechanical switches and the standard Chroma lighting for $149.99, but there's also the Huntsman Elite model, which adds a few extra features for an extra $199.99.
Some banks will charge extra for information ($25 for a childhood picture and so on) or sell premium subscriptions—giving extra information and early access to new donors—for hundreds of dollars more.
It's also possible to install special items at PokéStops that lure extra Pokémon, which also make the stops glow pink on the map so players know that hanging around will attract extra Pokémon.
"The costs of maintaining extra inventory, or the view that extra inventory may be wasteful are considered to be reasons not to hold more stock," said Hiroaki Mochida, an analyst at Marusan Securities.
Getting extra RAM sticks inside your machine isn't that expensive or that difficult to do, particularly if you're using a desktop computer with an extra memory slot or two free on the motherboard.
A little bit about my foot anatomy: I have flat feet and an extra bone on the side of my left foot so my main concerns revolve around extra support and strap placement.
So in that spirit: Take an extra-long nap, whip up your favourite meal for one (and eat it in your pajamas, duh), and get that spa pedicure with all the extra accouterments.
GILT: On the morning of Black Friday, take an extra 50 percent off select categories such as outerwear and cold weather accessories, and an extra 40 percent off boots, footwear, dresses, and more.
The 73-inch OLED screen could tack on an extra $35, while 3D-sensing tech and advanced memory features might bump the cost up an extra $20 and between $16 and $29, respectively.
Picking up extra shifts during his already hectic six-to-seven-day work weeks, Smith was able to make the extra money ahead of the big dance and buy the dress for Nevaeha.
J.C. Penney: The deal available to online shoppers on Cyber Monday—an extra 173% off purchases under $100, and an extra 35% off purchases of $100 or more—is still valid on Tuesday.
In these households, people tend to have less access to developmental resources–such as music lessons, extra tuition or just extra hours of social interaction–and so spend more time with digital media.
It is actually cochon de lait, or roasted whole suckling pig—but with an extra pork tenderloin attached at the snout as a trunk and two extra pork chops serving as oversized ears.
I know I should be preparing my own lunches to save an extra bit of cash, but the effort required to save an extra dollar a day doesn't quite cut it for me.
At the time, Chan's lawyer, Peter Horstmann, called the matter an unfortunate misunderstanding, saying his client's wife had reserved an extra seat in his name because she wanted extra room on the flight.
CF Kevin Kiermaier did not have an extra-base hit in his first 10 games of the season, but has 10 extra-base hits (seven doubles, three homers) in his last 15 games.
Yet employers break even if workers stay just two extra months, and get a 2000X return if they stay an extra year because it costs so much to hire and train replacement staff.
On  Tuesday, May 3rd, Genius resolved the issue by changing the web annotator to restore the original Content Security Policy, with a few extra modifications which allow the extra annotation code to run.
I live in a high-tax state and pay extra for earthquake insurance (thanks California!), and skipping escrow on my property taxes gives me an extra $8,000 per year in credit card spend.
She also took on side hustles to help earn a few extra bucks by babysitting and walking dogs, once even taking a role as an extra in a TV show that filmed overnight.
"The systems we have are so fragile that trying to have extra keys, or extra ways in, or ways to take them apart is asking for all kinds of trouble," Mr. Rivest said.
White people get really sensitive when you're talking about them and to them in a harsh way, where they feel like they just need all this extra context and all this extra explanation.
It's also possible to install special items at PokéStops that lure extra Pokémon, which also make the stops glow pink on the map so players know that hanging around will attract extra Pokémon.
The season didn't just seem extra long, it was extra long, because the Oscars were moved to the first weekend in March to avoid conflicting with the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics.
Extra Extra — All Free • You have three more Fridays nights to really check out the stars, thanks to a local group of amateur astronomers setting up high-powered telescopes at Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Suffice it to say that things are a little off-kilter lately — but that's never stopped the cast of Vanderpump Rules from cheering us up with their extra (actually, very very extra) lives.
It also wasn't a big deal since I only had to withdraw the extra money plus the earnings, but it was a hassle and a few extra hours of work to figure out.
While her complaints were fairly successful, leading the airline to refund her the extra $30 it cost to sit an a row with extra leg-room, the carrier also labeled her actions inappropriate.
"I don't get extra personnel, given to me for the humanitarian mission, nor do I get extra personnel for the actual rescue operations, so all of those things are very taxing," said Karisch.
That makes the moon look extra-close and extra bright — up to 14% bigger and 30% brighter than a full moon at its farthest point from Earth, known as the apogee, NASA said.
There's an extra layer to her performances, in that we're supposed to be in on the joke — she actually is this person, and yet she's also aware of it, so it's extra funny.
And Syrians are subject to an extra degree of vetting.
My pet peeve was when people asked for extra biscuits.
That label brings with it extra regulation and capital constraints.
What's completely unclear is what that extra sensor might be.
So the team's solution was to be a little extra.
Cardi B trimmed all that extra stuff from the story.
The O'Malley gang has collected the extra votes it needed.
That price gets you an extra controller, but fewer games.
The unloved green sort could bring the island extra cash.
Like most police, he says extra funds are also needed.
To be fair to advisers, such regulations mean extra bureaucracy.
You'll burn some extra calories and probably communicate more effectively.
He even brings some extra red lights for dramatic effect.
This means that communication and starting slow are extra important.
He already had the A+ without the extra point though.
It's extra satisfying when you think of it that way.
I'm considering canceling it, though, to save some extra cash.
Women with darker skin tones need to take extra care.
Did some extra scans of the southeast main continent today.
Adding extra weight also helps keep your heart rate up.
That's the equivalent of an extra working day per week.
Unfortunately, these extra colors often stay limited to certain markets. 
Plus, that's not including Peloton's extra $40 per month subscription.
Worst case scenario: Apple makes you pay extra for it.
Also, its hardshell adds some extra durability for rougher journeys.
Also, I'm usually really clumsy, so it feels extra good.
Dry skin soaks up extra product, which can cause patches.
But it turns out I didn't need that extra push.
Unfortunately, Cassidy was not prepared for the extra $50 expense.
The baby had a custom suit, which is extra fly.
Drizzle both sides of bread with extra virgin olive oil.
Both will have more expensive versions with extra storage available.
I would always allocate an extra hour for the drive.
I guess he's too small to carry any extra weight.
I'm sweating profusely and I didn't bring an extra shirt.
In every single home they examined, they found extra residents.
"That's very flattering," the Extra host said with a laugh.
Despite the extra costs, captains have mostly obeyed the rule.
Cardi B's fiancé Offset is making their love extra permanent.
And Rousteing went all out for the extra special occasion.
The extra money allowed him to quit the side gigs.
The average worker, meanwhile, just got a few extra pennies.
"It was a challenge," she told Extra in early April.
Put an extra pair of gym shoes by the door.
Obscuring addresses will give riders an extra layer of protection.
But that's not the reason for all the extra security.
Fancy sex in the shower with a little something extra?
If the extra mess is cool with you, shortcake away.
One thing that signifies us is making the extra pass.
My whole thing is it just takes one extra step.

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