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"designated" Definitions
  1. logic
  2. (of a truth value) corresponding to truth in a two-valued logic, or having one of the analogous values in a many-valued logic
"designated" Synonyms
allowed set aside allocated allotted left reserved earmarked spared devoted deducted gave provided remitted afforded apportioned made available assigned dedicated appropriated set apart made appointed elected named nominated ordained delegated selected chose decreed entitled established christened constituted denominated employed enlisted enrolled installed created conferred accorded bestowed granted awarded presented vouchsafed installed as offered imparted gifted bequeathed entrusted dispensed endowed with stipulated specified demanded instructed postulated stated determined imposed required agreed arranged conditioned contracted detailed guaranteed insisted on insisted upon ordered finalized(US) resolved confirmed agreed to concluded ruled on adjudged adjudicated arbitrated authorised(UK) decided on deemed finalised(UK) judged settled on agreed on shown indicated displayed signaled(US) signalled(UK) revealed read readen recorded marked showed denoted illustrated demonstrated exhibited pointed out pointed to evinced signified called labelled(UK) labeled(US) termed dubbed styled pronounced tagged branded classified baptised(UK) baptized(US) classed defined described fixt fixed pinpointed set particularised(UK) particularized(US) marked out made known categorised(UK) categorized(US) characterised(UK) characterized(US) graded ranked grouped sorted catalogued(UK) filed organised(UK) organized(US) systematised(UK) systematized(US) systemized commissioned placed posted hired authorized(US) voted meant meaned conveyed connoted expressed spelled out spelt out stood for represented symbolised(UK) symbolized(US) implied purported suggested alluded to distinguished identified betokened tabbed typified equalled equaled announced evidenced differentiated individualised(UK) individualized(US) individuated singularized signalised(UK) signalized(US) stamped highlighted peculiarized personalised(UK) kept consecrated flagged saved hypothecated kept back laid aside transferred surrendered diverted relinquished referred charged redirected channelled(UK) channeled(US) devolved intrusted tasked vested cast cited referenced mentioned disclosed divulged noted quoted acknowledged communicated declared dropped given articulated voiced intimated phrased said sayed worded couched enunciated uttered aired asserted spoke listed list recited rehearsed related delineated enumerated itemised(UK) itemized(US) narrated recounted elaborated explained emphasised(UK) emphasized(US) spotlighted spotlit adverted called attention to drew attention to drawn attention to attributed ascribed accredited imputed applied associated connected reattributed consigned laid lay put putten invested with predestined destined fated foreordained predetermined preordained doomed foredoomed intended prescribed willed directed addressed addrest sent mailed dispatched routed superscribed inscribed registered scribbled documented entered transcribed wrote writ written logged notated scrawled set down pencilled(UK) penciled(US) quantified settled decided laid down alleged supposed ostensible assumed apparent professed claimed pretended reputed reported suspect suspicious rumored(US) rumoured(UK) suspected presumed chosen picked out voted in prearranged select certain elect particular preferred favored(US) favoured(UK) handpicked choice culled favorite(US) favourite(UK) picked preferable numbered counted totalled checked contained included told reckoned heading scheduled booked bound designed en route known as appellated so-called titled described as by the name of under the name of special exclusive privileged private unique restricted specialised(UK) specialized(US) prefered preferential code-named alias or a.k.a. identified by also known as otherwise called known also as identified as better known as also called otherwise known as aka AKA otherwise More
"designated" Antonyms
unstated unspoken unexpressed unsaid silent unspecified undeclared unuttered unarticulated unvoiced unavowed unmentioned inarticulate unacknowledged muted certain confirmed definite sure elected unchosen ignored omitted overlooked disregarded excluded snubbed neglected unnoticed unsung uncertain unpredictable precarious undecided unstable unreliable doubtful unsettled unsteady unforeseeable dicey fickle hanging by a thread in the balance touch-and-go infinite unlimited unnumbered avoidable nameless unnamed innominate unknown anonymous untitled unidentified incognito mysterious pseudonymous faceless undesignated unlabelled no-name shadowy unrecognised(UK) unrecognized(US) untagged retained kept withheld held maintained preserved held on to hung on to demoted dismissed fired dropped discharged disqualified ousted sacked axed booted canned deposed terminated kicked out let go threw out revoked denied refused lowered vetoed annulled canceled(US) cancelled(UK) expunged invalidated negated nixed nullified quashed removed renounced repealed rescinded prevented banned opposed barred rejected censured disallowed hindered disapproved forbade interdicted prohibited ruled out blackballed declined discountenanced outlawed dithered wavered equivocated fluctuated hesitated oscillated vacillated blew hot and cold dilly-dallied doubted hedged hemmed and hawed pussyfooted around ran hot and cold sat on the fence shilly-shallied waffled whiffled waffled obfuscated suppressed clouded obscured concealed complicated muddied confused expelled disliked hid hidden lost refuted

487 Sentences With "designated"

How to use designated in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "designated" and check conjugation/comparative form for "designated". Mastering all the usages of "designated" from sentence examples published by news publications.

A designated coordinator ushers them into the designated meditation room.
Designated Survivor "Designated Survivor" has found its sweet spot: nonstop, soapy, chaotic.
Both are designated by the United States as a Specially Designated National (SDN).
Designated Survivor "Designated Survivor" is moving at two simultaneous but very different rhythms.
Its emir, Asim Umar, was also designated as a specially designated global terrorist.
They were designated as Specially-Designated Global Terrorists (SDGTs), pursuant to Executive Order (E.
Before the game, Boston designated ex-All-Star first baseman/designated hitter Hanley Ramirez for assignment.
Alcohol will not be available in public, only in "designated areas", which have yet to be designated.
Some of these banks have been designated for proliferation activities, including providing support to U.N.-designated entities.
I would just set designated times to check email, or conversely, set designated times to be off email.
The prodigy: Jungkook Depending on when and whom you ask, Jeon Jungkook is either the designated "face" of the group, the designated beauty, the designated main singer, the group's centerpiece member, or all of the above.
A designated working space tells your body that it's time to work and keeps your bed as your designated sleeping space.
Or their violation is inadvertent--not knowing that their employment visa is valid only for a designated employer and designated time.
Bears Ears was designated by former President Obama in 85033 and Grand Staircase was designated by former President Clinton in 1996.
In January 2628, the State Department designated Hamza bin Laden as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT) pursuant to Executive Order 28500.
Both Su and FTB had been previously designated for sanctions by the US. Su was also separately designated by the United Nations.
The signings occurred shortly after the United States designated Sechin a Specially Designated National, which prohibits U.S. persons from dealing with him.
The United States first designated Hamza bin Laden as a specially designated global terrorist in January 2017, freezing any assets he has in the country.
While that wasn't an option for me, I decided my desk chair would be my designated workspace, while my bed was my designated relaxing space.
When TPS was designated: March 2012 Number of people with TPS: About 23,200 Cause: Syria was designated for TPS because of the ongoing armed conflict.
It is the first time since the inception of the designated hitter 25 years before that a pitcher has started a game as the designated hitter.
Officially, China describes "shuanggui" as an internal disciplinary practice that requires officials under investigation "to cooperate with questioning at a designated place and a designated time".
The Stone Crabs use a six-man rotation, and this is McKay's six-day routine: pitcher, designated hitter, first base, bullpen session, first base, designated hitter — repeat.
Designated Survivor "Designated Survivor" keeps its political leanings close to the vest, perhaps in order not to alienate any one piece of its prime time network audience.
White sharks were designated as a protected species in federal waters beginning in 1997, and Massachusetts designated them as a protected species in state waters beginning in 7483.
OF Matt Tuiasosopo was designated for assignment and RHP Jim Johnson as placed (right groin strain) on the 23.23-day DL. OF Matt Tuiasosopo was designated for assignment.
The State Department designated Jawad Nasrallah, the son of Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist and described him as a "rising leader of Hezbollah".
The Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) designated Job, Ismael and Ruben Laredo Donjuan as Specifically Designated Narcotics Traffickers, along with the Laredo Drug Trafficking Organization (Laredo DTO).
The U.S. Department of Treasury designated Tajideen, a Lebanese and Sierra Leonean national, a Specially Designated Global Terrorist in May 2009, calling him "an important financial contributor to Hezbollah".
S. persons who conduct business with individuals and entities on its designated persons lists, including the specially designated nationals (SDN), foreign sanctions evaders, and non-SDN Iran sanctions lists.
The core of the controversy is the power of the party's anticorruption offices, called discipline inspection committees, to detain party members at a designated time and a designated place.
Japan on Tuesday designated illness caused by the new virus as "designated infectious disease", which would allow compulsory hospitalization and the use of public funds to treat such patients.
Qatar must also be incentivized to draft, publicize and maintain a list of designated terrorist entities and submit designated entities to the ramifications outlined in Qatar's existing counterterrorism legislation.
The designated survivor must be eligible to be president, and if a higher-ranking successor survives a potential incident, that person would become president ahead of the designated survivor.
The remaining sanctions on Iran bar transactions with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and with more than 200 other groups or individuals categorized as designated entities or specially designated nationals.
This is vastly better than current car-sharing services which require drivers to find and leave the car at designated pick-up points (or at least within a designated area).
The total tax is 20 cents, with 5 cents designated for taxis, 10 cents going to cities and towns, and the final 5 cents designated for a state transportation fund.
The bikes are much the same, but Pace bikes require that you lock them to a designated bike rack or pole, while Lime bikes must be left in designated zones.
It fears being designated legally as a news site, or even worse, designated by the FCC or other regulators in the same way as TV broadcasters, cable networks, and radio stations.
One particularly telling statistic is that population growth in designated zones is one-third of that in non-opportunity-zone tracts; in fact, 45% of zone-designated areas have lost population.
The State Department designated the Tariq Gidar Group, which it described as a Pakistani Taliban-linked group based in Darra Adam Khei in Pakistan, as "specially designated global terrorists" in May.
He wound his way to Cleveland in 2015, but was designated for assignment last July and picked up by Boston, which also designated him for assignment less than a month later.
Peralta was designated for assignment on Friday after hitting .
Refuge -- legal process against designated terrorists living in Qatar.
This included 250 facilities designated as major teaching hospitals with membership in the Council of Teaching Hospitals, 894 hospitals with medical school affiliations designated as minor teaching hospitals, and 3,339 community hospitals.
Travelers from the designated areas will be asked to provide officials with quarantine locations, Abbott said adding that the Texas Department of Public Safety will visits the designated locations to verify compliance.
Indiana, for example, designated much of downtown Indianapolis as an opportunity zone — an area already experiencing a multibillion dollar building boom — while ignoring several lower-income neighborhoods around the designated downtown area.
"MetLife is no longer designated as a systemically important financial institution in the United States, and believe we should not be designated as a global systemically important insurer, either," MetLife said on Monday.
But in Orange County, a major commuter hub northwest of New York City, voters cannot go to any of the county's seven designated early polling places; each voter will have a designated site.
NOTES: Boston 3B Pablo Sandoval was designated for assignment Friday.
Those properties also have designated areas for smokers on site.
NOTES: Los Angeles OF Carl Crawford was designated for assignment.
In others, the money is specifically designated for certain needs.
That included designated hitter Albert Pujols, who is batting just .
In April, Washington designated the IRGC a foreign terrorist organisation.
About 75% of the studio is my designated painting space.
The United States has also designated the rebels as terrorists.
It is designated a terrorist organization by the United States.
Elmo Zumwalt designated October 2191 as the Navy's official birthday.
He led me back to the designated psych patient room.
RHP Steve Delabar was designated for assignment following Saturday's game.
Kids playing in their special area, designated by colorful carpet.
Are these designated targets or the ruins of the targeted?
A designated beneficiary can only have oneaccount at a time.
The U.S. designated Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist group.
Its members are designated as Naxi, a culturally distinct ethnicity.
The Red Sox designated Hanley Ramirez for assignment on Friday.
The government of Myanmar recently designated ARSA a terrorist organisation.
President Trump designated 8,700 neighborhoods as Opportunity Zones last week.
He was designated for assignment by the Twins on Friday.
Escobar was designated for assignment by Boston on April 33.
Soleimani is the first designated terrorist to join their ranks.
It is designated as a North Korean "natural monument" animal.
Both groups are designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations in the report.
But the child never got off the designated JetBlue flight.
Plouffe was designated for assignment by Oakland Thursday after batting .
But how many designated national parks have you been to?
But apparently, the two designated villains are getting along famously.
INF Sean Coyle was designated for assignment by the Angels.
Aiguillette, "a shoulder cord worn by designated military aides" 213.
Encarnacion had made 11 consecutive starts as the designated hitter.
Place yourself in the designated spaces for fun more often.
Brian Callanan has been designated as Treasury's regulatory reform officer.
The Federal Reserve has not designated a regulatory reform officer.
Holland was designated for assignment by San Francisco on Sunday.
The ring buzzes when a designated loved one is calling.
Kaine: Will you be the designated driver after this debate?
Gonzalez was designated for assignment on June 25 after batting .
Are we going to need designated drivers for "vapers" now?
The Ukrainian government has designated the DPR a terrorist group.
OF Matt den Dekker was designated for assignment on Friday.
Polanco was the Pirates' designated hitter the previous two games.
FYI, Egypt has designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terror organization.
" Likewise, the European Union limits what can be designated "Parmesan.
The utility infielder was designated for assignment on July 23.
Shares of other insurers designated systemically important rose, as well.
"The designated President's comments don't make us optimistic," he said.
The Angels' designated hitter now has 92 RBIs this year.
The minority party can no longer filibuster designated cabinet secretaries.
Trump on Monday designated Iran's Guards a foreign terrorist organization.
Prior to being designated for assignment on Wednesday, Hechavarria hit .
Waymo cars will operate in designated areas on familiar roads.
Those designated areas will widen over time covering more places.
Lin Biao was minister of defense and Mao's designated successor.
And, of course, there are 64 bedrooms designated for guests.
She became, as she often said, our family's designated worrier.
The applicant must have been born in a designated country.
Houston secured that designated spot last year, beating Florida State.
Canby designated it a "workable possible impression," but worth checking.
Dear Watchers, Are we going to get into "Designated Survivor"?
He became the instrument with which American culture designated itself.
Each pavilion or ward was designated for a specific disease.
The home was designated as a historical site in 2013.
A portion of these lands are designated for energy development.
INF Colin Walsh was designated for assignment Tuesday by Milwaukee.
The Braves designated him for assignment and later released him.
New York City designated the tavern a landmark last June.
NOTES: Pittsburgh CF Andrew McCutchen served as the designated hitter.
It was the designated hitter's 21st homer of the year.
To make room, INF Pete Kozma was designated for assignment.
Breslow was designated for assignment by Minnesota on July 24.
It was designated the UK's City of Culture in 2013.
Nearly all states permit designated poll watchers to observe voting.
Several banks were designated as part of Pyongyang's financial industry.
The state has designated the monster as its official fossil.
And this country has six designated "bee cities," including Toronto.
It was designated as an experimental place for fruit farming.
Kozma was designated for assignment by New York on Friday.
In fact, China designated the date Seniors' Day in 1989.
He leaves them in a designated section of his apartment.
That same year, the government designated Pumalín a nature sanctuary.
In the first two games, he was the designated hitter.
Upon confirmation, Simons will be designated chairman, the official said.
Judge was the designated hitter and went 0 for 4.
The federal government designated it a "threatened" species in 1978.
The United States designated Hamas a terrorist organization in 1997.
Most spaces accommodate queer people but aren't designated that way.
The [British] common law designated homosexuality as an inherent evil.
The airlines may reassign planes originally designated for different routes.
Of Denizen's 911 apartments, 183 will be designated as affordable.
In 1987, Congress designated the P.L.O. as a terrorist organization.
Only a small percentage of markets are designated mandatory pullouts.
The Security Council has not designated them a terrorist group.
Having a designated workspace is something I cannot stress enough.
Everyone else stakes tents at designated sites beyond the gates.
In August Megvii and Yitu were designated as national champions.
President Trump designated him to the position in January 2017.
LHP Brett Oberholtzer was designated for assignment before Tuesday's game.
The 15 areas designated as "hard ghettos" have serious problems.
To date, he has designated or expanded 2628 national monuments.
Ships often do not stay in designated traffic separation zones.
Amnesty International has designated her as a prisoner of conscience.
Last year, the city established a designated feces cleanup crew.
The state's public health department designated Parkview, a Bakersfield, Calif.
Entire stretches of German waterfronts are designated as nudist beaches.
A qualified hazardous duty area, which is designated by law.
Above, the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, a designated Superfund site.
Some are straightforward — lawmakers designated more spending for various programs.
"The guy was nasty," Detroit designated hitter Victor Martinez said.
Facebook says it bars Hamas and other designated terrorist groups.
The islands have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Intense monocropping of blue agave, the designated source material, began.
The designated shopping day is fading after years of hype.
For identifying information on the entities designated today, click here.
Summits this major are typically designated National Security Special Events.
The United States has designated Hezbollah as a terrorist group.
The State Department has designated both groups as terrorist organizations.
Designated Survivor airs Wednesdays on ABC at 10 pm Eastern.
A designated CIA analyst gives the PDB to the president.
The rest of the men continue along our designated path.
Whatever has been designated to it should probably be reversed.
Part of Budweiser's Imgur ad celebrating designated drivers Part of Budweiser's Imgur ad celebrating designated drivers So far, Imgur's community has been remarkably receptive to the ads because they adhere to its zany culture.
RHP Logan Ondrusek was designated for assignment off the 40-man roster Saturday, a day after being designated for assignment off the 25-man roster to make room for LHP T.J. McFarland to be activated.
The interior secretary is currently reviewing public lands designated under several recent presidents, setting the stage for a potential shrinking of federal holdings -- possibly including the controversial Bears Ears National Monument designated by President Obama.
A DESIGNATED PITCHER San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner batted ninth in the lineup against the host Oakland Athletics after Manager Bruce Bochy decided not to use a designated hitter at an American League park.
The remaining $1 million will be designated for a memorial to the victims as well as future educational efforts related to the attack, now designated as the deadliest anti-Semitic hate crime in American history.
For example, Sudan was first designated in 1997 and was re-designated in 1999, 2004 and 2013, meaning people had opportunities to apply if they've been living in the US since any of those dates.
Designated firms are subject to stricter oversight by the Federal Reserve.
Each square corresponds to a menu item at the designated restaurant.
Tebow started as the East Division's designated hitter and batted ninth.
OF Daniel Robertson was designated for assignment by Seattle on Friday.
Nor has his Treasury Department designated China as a currency manipulator.
I fantasized kissing you as they designated us man and wife.
If you're not the designated driver, you'll need to amuse yourself.
They were not designated as a source of immigrant-related terrorism.
" She even calls herself a DUFF — "the Designated Ugly Fat Friend.
And this play typically happens outside of designated work hours, too.
Congress designated $1.375 billion for border barrier construction earlier this year.
White was in the starting lineup as the Astros' designated hitter.
We were stagnant and they were all in their designated roles.
Wade, that were designated as confidential but leaked to the Times.
An area the size of Italy was designated as environmentally protected.
The object was designated as a comet because it appears fuzzy.
In 27 states, fire stations are also designated as safe havens.
The U.S. State Department currently lists 59 designated foreign terrorist groups.
RHP David Goforth was designated for assignment following Thursday night's game.
Additionally, the U.S. designated Iran's Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist group.
RHP Jordan Lyles was released after being designated for assignment Friday.
Some of Jokowi's designated spots are nature reserves with fragile ecosystems.
De Vauban's "designated moment" could soon become a constantly updated one.
He was the designated hitter Tuesday after playing right field Monday.
Teams will compete to win each quarter for their designated charities.
His expected successor and designated heir is Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn.
RHP Jeff Ferrell, designated for assignment by the Tigers on Aug.
"I've got the cutest designated driver EVER!!!" she captioned the photo.
John Hussey has been designated acting commander, according to the release.
He was designated for assignment by the Royals on July 24.
That would push Cano toward a first base/designated hitter role.
In 1999, Kirkwall was also designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Nickel West has since been designated "non-core" by BHP's board.
The designated line for children disappeared shortly after registration began Monday.
Wojciechowski was designated for assignment by the club on May 17.
It was later designated as PDVSA's main hub for naphtha imports.
Ban books, and you'll inspire a week designated to reading them.
He was designated for assignment at the end of spring training.
Watch out Chadwick Boseman — Black Panther has a designated scene stealer!
Designated Survivor has all the makings of an irresistible network drama.
Building designated waste repositories like latrines doesn't make waste disappear either.
Some operators were unaware that they were city-designated cooling centers.
The district designated some of these new schools as Dream Schools.
EU, Vote Leave was designated as the official campaign for Brexit.
Here's the full list of all 10 pilot designated proving grounds:
Instead, he spent some time at first base and designated hitter.
The station was designated as a shelter during the zombie outbreak.
The Ukrainian government has designated the DPR as a terrorist group.
As noted, this technology is only for designated no-fly zones.
S. insurers designated as a global systemically important insurer (G-SII).
The United States last year designated JuA as a terrorist group.
She and McInerney then set off for the next designated spot.
LHP Paul Fry was designated for assignment by the Seattle Mariners.
Even the type of meal you eat has a designated space.
He will bat second as the Mets' designated hitter Friday night.
San Clemente, California, designated a campsite for homeless people in May.
Previously, 12 other delegates had been designated at county-level conventions.
RHP R.J. Alvarez was designated for assignment Tuesday by the Cubs.
He went hitless in three at-bats as the designated hitter.
RHP Neftali Feliz was designated for assignment Wednesday by the Brewers.
The United States has designated Hezbollah as a foreign terrorist organization.
Matthew Smith-Meck is a designated Whistleblower and retired Marine Officer.
INF Nick Noonan, designated for assignment by the Padres on Sept.
Then a guest vocalist designated Roshi turns out to be female.
She was designated male at birth, but she is a woman.
"Designated Survivor" on ABC!); trot out their biggest stars (Jennifer Lopez!
The Tasmanian Wilderness was designated as World Heritage Site in 1989.
It was designated a terrorist group by the government in 2008.
The designated event space is Lafayette Park, near the White House.
Smith-Meck is a designated Whistleblower and a retired Marine Officer.
In late 2012, the panel designated the $10 note as next.
In 1987, it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
INF Johnny Giavotella was designated for assignment by the Baltimore Orioles.
There are exceptions based on other connections to the designated country.
Once untaggable, it is now on land designated a national monument.
Arizona, Idaho, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont don't have designated mansions.
"Designated Survivor" was canceled by ABC in 2018 after two seasons.
The three pitchers had been designated for assignment on Nov. 27.
Duffy was designated for assignment on July 260 by the Astros.
Some 20183 acres of that are designated as a science preserve.
OLD WESTBURY Spring Dog Festival, leashed dogs allowed in designated areas.
Leashed dogs will be allowed on designated areas of the grounds.
Any petition that is not designated for discussion is automatically denied.
The explanation is simple enough: Freret was designated a "cultural district"
The United States designated it a foreign terrorist organization in 1997.
McDonald's American franchises also must buy all ingredients from designated suppliers.
Trump designated her to be chairwoman of the NRC on Jan.
Catcher Dan Butler was designated for assignment in a corresponding move.
Non-designated Korean banks are still not precluded from using SWIFT.
LHP Raudel Lazo, designated for assignment by the Marlins on Sept.
He made his major league debut Sunday as Houston's designated hitter.
There's no way Publix has some kind of designated porno aisle.
RHP Alexei Ogando was designated for assignment Monday by the Braves.
First of all, this notebook has a designated place for everything.
The only days he took off were those designated for rest.
OTA is a spending authority designated for research and prototyping efforts.
Those paragraphs were designated as confidential, the lowest level of classification.
The United States government has designated the group a terrorist organization.
When complete, it will have two floors designated for product fulfillment.
It was formally designated as a recurring national holiday on Oct.
A productive school environment would have designated places to do so.
"It's obviously a thought; it's reality," designated hitter Giancarlo Stanton said.
We stood in the designated area and waited for the plane.
Outside, smokers would be restricted to specially designated shelters or zones.
Officials also designated André Breton's "Surrealist Manifesto" as a national treasure.
Auschwitz was one of six killing centers designated by the Nazis.
The U.N. recognized this back in 1966, when it designated Sept.
That Andujar was in the lineup at designated hitter was planned.
The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated it a hate group.
The dome was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.
Twenty percent of the units, or 56, are designated affordable housing.
They are clearly designated, and fellow racegoers are easy to spot.
Gates may be designated for airlines' common, preferential or exclusive use.
Toward its own goals, SportsTech has designated several preferred startup categories.
Each school has been designated a set budget by the government.
Hao, the designated driver, had barely sipped any beer at all.
Such designated areas already receive preferences for some federal grant programs.
The suits will be handled by 45 designated, specially-trained judges.
But the Europeans did not act on the mission designated them.
The site had no designated section directing me toward the service.
In 2014, the government officially designated the Brotherhood a terrorist group.
They were designated Patrol Craft Fast, or PCFs — the Swift boats.
But from a young age, she was also designated as gifted.
When President Roosevelt designated the Grand Canyon National Monument on Jan.
AIG was one of two non-bank SIFIs designated by FSOC.
The memo was held in a room designated for classified material.
He designated the historic A. G. Gaston Motel in Birmingham, Ala.
The statue has been designated an important cultural asset in Japan.
Most policies designated caregivers for the animals and had vaccination requirements.
Now, the work environment remains collaborative, but everyone has designated roles.
He was a designated driver all weekend, since he doesn't drink.
In 2015, the commission designated the Stonewall Inn on Christopher Street.
When we went out for dinner, I became his designated driver.
Mr. Coben has an officially designated office on the second floor.
The next year it was designated a National Historic Landmark District.
Both men have been designated foreign terrorists by the United States.
Hopefully, Designated Survivor engages with all of these questions going forward.
In a corresponding move, the team designated Odrisamer Despaigne for assignment.
We demand audits, by independent third parties designated by this coalition.
The same year, the U.S. designated him as a global terrorist.
Formed in the wake of Iran's 1979 revolution, the deeply ideological IRGC was designated by Washington as a specially designated global terrorist (SDGT) and sanctioned under the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) in 2017.
The Astros could use McCann as their primary catcher and an occasional designated hitter, with the right-handed power hitter Evan Gattis, who was Houston's main designated hitter last season, as his backup behind the plate.
The State Department also said on Friday that it had designated Qais al-Khazali, leader of Asaib Ahl al-Haq, and his brother Laith al-Khazali, another leader of the group, as specially designated global terrorists.
Two US laws stipulate that any "uniforms, fabrics, gear, and other specifically designated items" sold to the military must be manufactured within the US, or within a Trade Agreements Act-designated country, of which China isn't included.
However, because of an NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement rule, the Celtics can't trade for Davis this season because he and Kyrie Irving are both on "designated" contracts, and teams are prevented from trading for two "designated" players.
Designated chief executive Eibensteiner has been working for the group since 1989.
Federal officials designated the site as a National Historic Landmark last year.
A condition is designated a mental illness when it causes significant distress.
President Donald Trump has designated Wednesday as a national day of mourning.
The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated the organization a hate group.
The center also has 21 trustees ex officio as designated by Congress.
It also designated Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization. 3.
Nasrallah's group is designated as a terrorist organization by the United States.
Barbosa's absence has made McCaw much more than the designated towel waver.
Fentanyl has been designated as a controlled substance in China for years.
It said about 750 military personnel would be designated to provide support.
The US State Department designated him a global terrorist in September 2015.
To make room for Jeffress, Texas designated RHP Ernesto Frieri for assignment.
The Department of Corrections said Adams wasn't designated as seriously mentally ill.
Prior to the game, Cleveland designated struggling outfielder Leonys Martin for assignment.
Adeiny Hechavarria, who was designated for assignment by the Mets on Aug.
Hamilton was designated for assignment by the Kansas City Royals on Aug.
But the rest of the pieces didn't have designated rockets just yet.
He had designated her as "royal noble consort" only three months ago.
The United States designated the charity a "foreign terrorist organization" in 2010.
The United States has designated Islamic State as a foreign terrorist organization.
The menu designated spicy dishes with one, two or three chili peppers.
Each profile can be designated with the Disney avatar of your choice.
IS has been designated by the United States as a terror group.
Just one family who occupies what is still designated as a town.
Ankle and shoulder injuries had temporarily turned him into a designated hitter.
Since the series shifted to Washington, both teams lost the designated hitter.
They accord each of eight "major national ethnic races" a designated statelet.
A tree with bark beetle holes that has been designated for removal.
At least one sign near the construction zone designated a blast area.
OF Matt Tuiasosopo was designated for assignment by the Braves on Monday.
Orioles designated hitter Tim Beckham recorded his second career multi-homer game.
Earlier this week, Zika was designated a health emergency by the WHO.
Additionally, certain elections must be designated on a timely filed tax return.
IF Chase d'Arnaud was designated for assignment by the Braves on Tuesday.
Turns out he is, of course; he's the designated human being hunted.
The U.S. Treasury has designated Soleimani under multiple authorities since October 2007.
Diaz, the Indians' designated hitter, scored three runs and drove in two.
Under Booker's proposal, Election Day would be designated as a national holiday.
According to the rules, all MPs must vote from their designated seats.
INF Dean Anna was designated for assignment by the Cardinals on Sunday.
CGML is designated a Material Legal Entity in the Citigroup's Resolution Plan.
In 1970, the city's designated the Hunterfly Road Houses a protected landmark.
The U.S. government designated FARC as a foreign terrorist organization in 1997.
These souls inhabit the part of the village designated for the dead.
Prior to the game, the Royals designated reliever Wily Peralta for assignment.
"Before the investigators arrive, they have already designated the guilty," Mende said.
At the time, Sessions suggested they could be designated a terrorist organization.
The system is in a "superposition" of these states, designated |19743⟩ + |111⟩.
He went 0-for-3 with two walks as the designated hitter.
There are no designated crime labs, no special training protocols for witnesses.
There is even a designated pasta drawer that is all beautifully arranged.
In a corresponding move, infielder/outfielder Cory Spangenberg was designated for assignment.
It's also designated as an emergency evacuation route for the nation's capital.
Bears Ears National Monument, as Obama designated it, was 1.35 million acres.
Labeled storage is the ultimate weapon in giving everything a designated home.
OF Kirk Nieuwenhuis was designated for assignment by the Brewers on Monday.
Josh Donaldson, who had been the designated hitter, moved to third base.
Another one is Hatem Ahmad Barakat, whom Treasury designated in December 2006.
They set up no barriers to guide people to their designated entrances.
Once designated, a company faces an extra level of regulations and oversight.
Herzer, 51, had sued to be reinstated as his designated healthcare agent.
Representative payees can be designated either by the beneficiary, or the agency.
The World Bank designated Kenya a low-middle income country in 2014.
It was designated as a national monument by President Obama in 2016.
In a corresponding move, right-hander Brad Brach was designated for assignment.
Its designated recipient, Mr Rubio, had suspended his campaign the day before.
In 2015, it sued the FSOC, claiming it had been improperly designated.
Chicago designated SS Jimmy Rollins for assignment to make room for Anderson.
Such zones are listed as "low income" and designated by census tract.
Markel, 28, had been designated for assignment by the Mariners on Tuesday.
In 13 games at designated hitter in Rodriguez's absence, Beltran was hitting .
He will be considered for depth at first base and designated hitter.
The U.S. declared him a "specially designated global terrorist" in August 2014.
Novocure was also designated Category 1 by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.
INF Danny Worth was designated for assignment by the Astros on Monday.
The waits at designated ports of entry can sometimes extend for weeks.
The Mexican government has designated more than four million acres as protected.
As designated leaders, legislators, governors and others, they qualify simply by title.
Her official title was designated federal officer for the Defense Innovation Board.
In North Carolina, designated bingo halls are strictly forbidden from selling alcohol.
As a result, these entities will no longer be designated for sanctions.
Angel, 33, was designated male at birth but had transitioned years earlier.
RHP Carlos Frias was designated for assignment by the Indians on Tuesday.
HLF was designated a terrorist organization in 2001 and has since disbanded.
Meanwhile, areas designated for housing would remain unused for years, Kahloon said.
Smoking is banned throughout the city, except in a few designated areas.
He induced designated hitter Hanley Ramirez into an inning-ending double play.
His LNA did eliminate Ansar Al-Sharia, a U.S.-designated terrorist group.
He went 0 for 3 with two strikeouts as the designated hitter.
Mural painting, billboard-big and bold, was designated the official art form.
Its historic town center was even designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
In the newly designated opportunity zones, investors get a trio of subsidies.
Saudi Arabia and the UAE have designated the Brotherhood a terrorist organization.
Rodriguez was limited to playing designated hitter during his last two seasons.
I am buzzed, stuffed, and happy not to be the designated driver.
And Skaf designated another room for instruments, which he builds and repairs.
Eight of those classified emails included material that was designated top secret.
Eveland has been designated for assignment by the Rays twice this season.
The WHO designated the novel coronavirus a PHEIC in late January 2020.
In the solitary confinement typical of "designated locations," there are few constraints.
The council conducts an annual review of firms that have been designated.
It's almost like you're the designated driver, even if you're not driving.
He also tried to sit in a chair designated for the president.
Four glasses of wine with dinner in Britain, you're the designated driver!
The World Health Organization designated the coronavirus a pandemic on March 11.
You don't put this type of facility in a designated community watershed.
In his time, he was designated the former, a label he rejected.
The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated them as a hate group.
The details: Mr. Trump has designated today a national day of mourning.
But just 20173 percent of the executives studied were designated as Democrats.
Mr. Meredith then designated her as a recruit for the soccer team.
He was promoted on Sunday when Travis d'Arnaud was designated for assignment.
The United Nations recognized this back in 1966, when it designated Sept.
Yes, dear fathers and others born with the appurtenances generally designated male.
From 22012 to 22013, nations designated an astonishing 22016,000 new protected areas.
Few supplies had been stored beforehand at designated shelters like the Superdome.
In 2004, the museum designated the Florence and Herbert Irving Asian Wing.
" Sunday, the last day of the program, was designated as "Healing Day.
Twenty-six cities have been designated by Congress as Coast Guard Cities.
Yes. The best hospitals were designated just for Covid, severe and critical.
Interior Secretary David Bernhardt was announced to be this year's designated survivor.
In 2010, an unusual circumstance meant that two designated survivors were selected.
Earlier this year, the FBI designated QAnon a possible domestic terrorism threat.
The aircraft designated on Tuesday were not only used for transportation, however.
Ms. Hoydick said 6.4 percent of Stratford's housing stock is designated affordable.
Holliday, the designated hitter, has not played in the field this season.
Its light gradually fills the room and peaks at the designated time.
LHP Adam Wilk was designated for assignment to make room for Mejia.
Baseball already screwed up a hallowed sport by allowing the designated hitter.
A few international airlines have designated kid-free zones on their planes.
JPMorgan moved to transfer the case to Manhattan, the contractually designated forum.
But it is a designated terrorist group, and supporting it is illegal.
First, they could monitor communications between people connected to the designated groups.
Over two rounds, voters make their choice by congregating in designated sites.
Any major changes to the designated spaces need approval from the commission.
In a corresponding move, Kansas City designated RHP Andrew Edwards for assignment.
The landmarks commission has designated buildings over owners' objections many times before.
"Every weekend we have designated for family or friends," Mr. Wolk said.
It said designated targets had been hit and were still being targeted.
A direct support area, which has been designated by the Defense Department.
The train was designated a National Historic Landmark after its brief comeback.
There are no designated areas to play with dolls or building blocks.
The Framers had no delusions about the jurors designated in the Constitution.
Designated hitter Matt Holliday is a distant third behind Seattle's Nelson Cruz.
The U.S. government hasn't even formally designated it as a terrorist organization.
No longer will private spaces be designated men-only or women-only.
The Marine Corps variant was the first to be designated combat ready.
OF Collin Cowgill was designated for assignment by the Indians on Thursday.
C Anthony Recker was designated for assignment by the Braves on Saturday.
The White Sox also designated right-handed reliever Chris Beck for assignment.
These are designated by B, C, or X zones on a FIRM.
Improved units, which were designated rent stabilized, remain affordable to this day.
Customers receive boxes that contain portioned ingredients to cook a designated recipe.
Earlier this year, the FBI designated QAnon a possible domestic terrorism threat.
President Barak Obama designated 1.4 million acres of ANWR as protected wilderness.
Among clonal raider ants, there are no permanently designated workers and queens.
Last year's designated survivor was Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin.
Chavin de Huantar was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.
There are no designated trails, so visitors just sort of wander about.
The regulator designated Huawei and ZTE as companies covered by this rule.
Some states hold a state convention where the delegates are officially designated.
The 11th floor was designated for victims' families to wait and grieve.
Some buildings in those neighborhoods had been designated as potential quarantine sites.

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