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"superior" Definitions
  1. better in quality than somebody/something else; greater than somebody/something else
  2. [only before noun] higher in rank, importance or position
  3. (disapproving) showing by your behaviour that you think you are better than others synonym arrogant
  4. (used especially in advertisements) of very good quality; better than other similar things
"superior" Synonyms
senior chief high-ranking commanding high-level ranking top-ranking upper-level controlling dominant elevated first-string grand high higher high-grade in charge loftier lofty major fitter unrivaled(US) unrivalled(UK) worthier preferable preferred prevailing supreme surpassing more accomplished more capable more competent more experienced more practiced more practised more proficient more skilful more skilled more skillful more trained better better-quality finer higher quality a cut above ahead of the field ahead of the pack higher-calibre higher-grade improved in a different class of higher quality one step ahead enhanced grander greater head and shoulders above streets ahead excellent exceptional fine good outstanding premium top-quality choice extraordinary first-class first-rate flawless good quality high-caliber high-quality peerless perfect prime elite eminent illustrious bright leading preeminent premier top world-class crack industry leading noted prestigious select star super the best top drawer exclusive upscale five-star posh upmarket classy fancy ritzy swank swanky swish chic deluxe distinguished elegant executive famous fashionable glamorous arrogant condescending disdainful haughty patronising(UK) patronizing(US) pompous pretentious smug conceited snobbish aloof cocky contemptuous domineering overbearing standoffish airy bossy victorious triumphant successful all-conquering bigger larger big expanded extended large longer sizable taller wider farther more heavier augmented aggrandized increasing deeper further upper above overhead superincumbent topmost uppermost upward sensational wonderful fantastic marvellous(UK) great superb awesome fabulous splendid terrific marvelous(US) stellar fab divine cool superlative favoured(UK) advantageous best chosen recommended nicer desirable favored(US) predilect of choice more desirable more suitable more advisable more eligible sanctimonious moralising(UK) moralizing(US) unctuous Pharisaic canting Pharisaical Pecksniffian pharisaical hypocritical preachy religiose churchy insincere Tartuffian false stuffy pi current prevalent common popular accepted circulating widespread accustomed customary general rife conventional established normal predominant preponderant recognised(UK) recognized(US) developed upgraded bettered boosted enriched heightened refined ameliorated advanced evolved perfected late progressive forward superphysical paranormal preternatural mystic unearthly transcendental metaphysical abnormal celestial concealed dark extramundane extrasensory fairy ghostly heavenly hidden impenetrable invisible abstract theoretical intellectual ideal philosophical speculative conceptual notional abstruse basic deep essential fundamental recondite esoteric high-flown ideational intangible profound nice delicate elaborate exact fastidious meticulous precise strict subtle accurate careful dainty detailed exquisite faultless finical finicky boss head manager director elder higher-up leader supervisor brass chieftain commander controller principal ruler administrator captain foreman victor winner champion top dog champ conquering hero conqueror prizewinner vanquisher defeater elitist aristocrat boaster braggart bragger egotist hotshot name-dropper showoff snob social climber stiff mother superior abbess ecclesiarch head nun Holy Mother lady superior prioress reverend mother superioress high class superior to much better than streets ahead of way ahead of the field way ahead of the pack More
"superior" Antonyms
low-ranking junior lowly inferior low-grade second-string subordinate lower minor secondary second-class second-rate bottom-rung entry-level second-banana second-fiddle humble descendent amateur incompetent lesser worse amateurish inept unskilled unskillful untrained inadequate inexperienced inexpert raw shoddy sloppy substandard undeveloped unqualified unschooled poorer shoddier of inferior quality of poorer quality not as good poorer-quality lousier badder smaller less advanced less noteworthy less notable less exceptional less sophisticated less special tinier less remarkable ordinary average common plain standard conventional customary normal stock typical unremarkable boring drab dull generic mediocre run-of-the-mill simple trite usual obscure uncelebrated unknown unsung anonymous overlooked unacclaimed unacknowledged undistinguished unrecognised(UK) unrecognized(US) unrenowned disregarded forgotten nameless neglected unglorified unhailed unnamed downmarket cheap modest low-class low cost lower-class low quality shabby tacky deferential demure submissive compliant cowering docile meek reverential servile subdued acquiescent obsequious passive reserved respectful self-effacing unassertive unassuming defeated beaten winless unsuccessful petite slighter shorter below lowest last bottom bottommost lowermost poorest worst low base lower-ranking bad low-quality poor lousy atrocious awful broken-down execrable junk junky makeshift paltry terrible pathetic rotten vile wretched believable expected insignificant unimportant commonplace infamous unheard-of disrespected inconspicuous unnotable unimpressive unexceptional least limited restricted subservient banal everyday humdrum mundane familiar imperfect regular forthright honest open sincere unsure admiring applauding appreciative approving esteemable favouring(UK) favoring(US) loving praising shy sympathetic ascetic ascetical austere no-frills spartan basic destitute ineffective ineffectual lethargic incapable inefficacious lackluster(US) lacklustre(UK) useless apathetic dilatory dormant draggy exhausted indifferent indolent inert laggard languorous lazy disadvantageous shameful disgraceful dishonourable(UK) reprehensible appalling discreditable shocking contemptible deplorable detestable disreputable immodest inexcusable nefarious unprincipled degrading disappointing dishonorable(US) egregious underling apprentice assistant beginner deputy follower aide employee lackey minion novice peon scrub trainee worker second fiddle second string loser vanquished supporter disciple member apostle servant bootlicker sidekick pupil participant vassal protege

503 Sentences With "superior"

How to use superior in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "superior" and check conjugation/comparative form for "superior". Mastering all the usages of "superior" from sentence examples published by news publications.

They believe that there are superior people and that if you put together the genes of a superior woman and a superior man, you get a superior offspring.
It is a matter of superior punch, superior speed, superior versatility and, perhaps, even superior willpower, as much as it must pain the driven Sharapova to consider that possibility with the crickets chirping.
This superior went to their mutual over-superior and spilled the beans, telling her about the wedding and that she (the immediate superior) had been invited.
He wasn't my superior, but he was certainly in a superior position to mine.
"Deutsche Bank exploited its superior bargaining position and superior knowledge" of the market, the lawsuit says.
So in one corner you've got a superior drone, and in the other a superior ecosystem.
Rather, she will have won by persuading voters on Election Day that she and her Democratic team are superior to the generic Republican team — superior in competence and superior in vision.
Finn waited for Father Superior to say "Just joking," but Father Superior was not given to jokes.
Mr Singer argues that treating the interests of humans as superior to those of other animals is a prejudice, analogous to treating men as superior to women or whites as superior to blacks.
More competitive markets would allow renewables to translate their superior economics into superior market performance, driving coal out.
D. and I thought Book of Mormon was far superior in storyline, and Hamilton was far superior musically.
The six students believe themselves superior to the rest of campus — and superior to conventional notions of morality, too.
I called the editor who was my immediate superior, and then his superior, but wasn't able to reach them.
In the 21st round, VP had superior guns but Astralis had superior strategies as it came down to a 2v2.
Unlike LeBron, George doesn't need the ball to thrive, provides superior possession-to-possession defense, and is a superior shooter.
"There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self," Harry says.
Our business model at the end of the day, is going to be innovation, superior value to consumers, and superior go-to market.
He argues that Clinton supporters are superior to Trump supporters, because the very act of supporting Clinton demonstrates their superior rationality, compassion, and intellect.
Superior Bidet Attachment ($45.94): If you're interested in finding out if bidet life is right for you, consider trying it out with the Superior Bidet Attachment.
From the Holocaust to the Tiananmen Square Massacre to domestic violence, humans have abused other humans simply because they feel superior or want to feel superior.
"People in the Midwest feel morally superior to people on the coasts, and people on the coasts feel intellectually superior to people in the Midwest," she said.
As technology-enabled star systems emerge in other high-value fields, institutions — and their credential programs — must emerge as clearly superior environments for students to produce superior work product.
"We believe the higher purchasing intent of Pinterest's audience and its superior ad-targeting capabilities should enable it to derive superior average revenue per user to Twitter," Cordwell said.
"When it comes to Go skills, I don't think that AlphaGo is superior, but when it comes to psychological factors, yes I think that AlphaGo is superior," he said.
Here are some of the student headlines that really capture the meaning of this graph: "Survival of the Fittest" by Sierra and "Superior Products or Superior Tactics?" by Tawfiq.
Here's why people were willing to hand over money to fund this project: Superior HD sound and noise cancellation The ARIA team tested 100 different drivers to deliver superior sonics.
The cockroach makes it clear that it is superior to us in every way Simply put, the cockroach makes it clear that it is superior to us in every way.
But Apple's entire business and brand are built on premium consumer products with a superior user experience, and the core of that superior user experience is not littering products with crap.
Superior credit performance of recently originated C&I and CRE loans during the next asset quality downturn could provide support for ratings momentum, at the same time of a superior earnings profile.
Bringing the V30 and a Google Pixel on my recent trip to Bulgaria, I spent a lot more time using the Pixel's superior camera than I did the V30's vastly superior audio.
Showing off how superior he is to a godlike entity of pure chaos and malice isn't really that different from showing off how superior he is to Dr. Nicodemus West in the opening.
However, Ritual maintains its ingredients are superior to the competitors.
It's not because they're morally superior to their U.S. counterparts.
And some people simply seem to be naturally superior shedders.
For real, is there a more superior Capri Sun flavor?
The Pixel's HDR+ mode doesn't always guarantee a superior pic.
And the new parliaments will be superior in other ways.
The Pyramids afforded a backdrop for demonstrating superior knowledge, too.
Salaam had lived in Superior, Colorado, just southeast of Boulder.
And virtually no one believes Yahoo is superior to Google.
Your shrimp are marketed as nutritionally superior to real shrimp.
These figures mean multinationals are no longer achieving superior performance.
As a pure action game, Apex is the superior experience.
On Wednesday, King County Superior Court ruled in Zillow's favor.
When it's complete, the SLS will be the superior rocket.
Anadarko said Monday that Occidental's bid could be "superior" Chevron's.
And you're not a bitch to be your own superior.
Wilkos is due in Stamford Superior Court on March 5.
Nevertheless, Chile is now importing Peruvian pisco, a superior product.
She currently has an appeal pending in Pennsylvania Superior Court.
And on a third, secret, petty hand, I feel superior.
Which drink, as judged by our guest judges, is superior?
I commend the factory for making such a  superior appetizer.
Kindra appeared in Lewis County Superior Court on Wednesday afternoon.
Go deeper: Anadarko calls Occidental's takeover bid "superior" to Chevron's
Yet it is not an obvious formula for superior performance.
This development does not preclude Worldpay from soliciting superior offers.
The American companies I found brag mainly about superior hydration.
WARSAW (Reuters) - U.S. aluminum wheel maker Superior Industries International (SUP.
GGG ... a fight Hopkins says is undoubtedly the superior event.
Superior Court Judge Sergio Tapia ordered them held without bail.
That's where the superior Oculus software library comes into play.
"Experience doesn't always translate to superior aesthetic results," he says.
Now, a Fresno County Superior Court has awarded Stillwell $18,000.
He will appear in state superior court on April 20.
The tea plants growing highest are more superior in taste.
"You fight violence with superior violence, righteous violence," he says.
It will need all its superior performance to stay ahead.
Some see this as evidence of superior intelligence and policing.
Here are Hollywood's most brilliant conceptions of this superior technology.
Maybe pushing back with that superior could yield something productive.
It even has an ominous name: Superior Sagital Sinus (SSS).
On paper, Nyquist seems to be a far superior horse.
Albert Pierrepoint, Harry's rival executioner, is considered the superior hangman.
I like both, but vanilla is just superior, for me.
The fog had lifted and Superior was black and calm.
Robert M. Hussey, provincial superior of the Maryland Province Jesuits.
On Monday, McLeish was arraigned in Atlantic County Superior Court.
There were superior firms vying for his signature, he said.
He said his level of opposition is superior to Spence's.
I booked a Superior Room, which is Domaine's 'basic' offering.
But the Fed demonstrably does not have such superior knowledge.
He defended diplomacy as a superior alternative to military intervention.
Colonel Powell quickly secures permission from her superior, Lt. Gen.
The small, yellow tuber has a superior floral elegant attitude.
Also, like everything I do, it's far superior to Trump.
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It was an extraordinary effort, destroyed utterly by superior talent.
But Fox sees Disney's bid as superior, sources told CNBC.
Here are some tips for serving up a superior salad.
Still, Mr. Beale, 60, thinks it is the superior sport.
And from there, we will want to have superior brains.
Superior investing is taking advantage of the errors of others.
Induction cooktops, running on electricity, are superior to gas stoves.
Ronald Kessler is a retired King County Superior Court judge.
What, then, does Churchland present as a superior moral perspective?
Are cord blood transplants superior to other types of transplants?
The general consensus is that the Genesis version is superior.
No. Is it a claim that billionaires have superior virtues?
The lawsuit will be filed in Alameda County Superior Court.
That's the sign of a superior biker, is it not?
The case can be made that it's the superior movie.
For me, Spotify is superior in just about every way.
Britain, as an intermediary, could often be patronizing and superior.
This was also, apparently, the wish of Hitler's superior officers.
She says "everyone knows" introverts believe they are intellectually superior.
The superior performance of competitive electricity markets is no accident.
In 1895, a superior Japanese Army humiliated the Chinese empire.
They made it nutritionally equal to or superior to beef.
Mawhinney pleaded to the same charge in Stamford Superior Court.
It borders Lake Superior, the biggest of the Great Lakes.
I'm amazed by Magellan, because he was a superior sailor.
Markets, Superior Grocers and Weis Markets, according to one analyst.
And he relished a wet track as a superior mudder.
In a tight game, the L.S.U. offense is just superior.
Mara Schwartz Kuge, founder and president of Superior Music Corp.
Common key words were manage, forces, exceptional, proven and superior.
But trebbiano Abruzzese is distinct, relatively rare and potentially superior.
By any measure, it's far superior to its McDonald's counterpart.
Has she demonstrated any superior judgment in making important decisions?
It was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday.
A mechanical watch is a superior style statement, no question.
The lawsuit was filed Monday in Orange County Superior Court.
"Adriana" must have a superior cast and conductor to succeed.
All rooms have balconies and superior rooms have ocean views.
Am I acting in a way that is "morally superior"?
Ice caves aren't the only formations sculpted by Lake Superior.
Superior Court Judge Winifred Smith of the California Superior Court in Oakland said the jury's billion-dollar punitive damage awards were excessive and unconstitutional, but rejected Bayer's request to strike the punitive award outright.
And I know that my work is way more superior than people's mental options and the comments they make at me, and that's what keeps me going—just knowing that my work is superior.
Superior Court Judge Winifred Smith of the California Superior Court in Oakland said the jury's billion-dollar punitive damages awards were excessive and unconstitutional, but rejected Bayer's request to strike the punitive award outright.
Gear VR led the market in 2016 despite a jump in Google's sales, and its wider view field, superior motion-sensing hardware, and substantially lower price have solidified its place as the superior model.
"What am I going to tell my great-grandkids - how this place was totally destroyed?" said Anna Jeffries, a Superior resident, during an April 2016 public meeting with Forest Service officials at Superior High School.
Perhaps for our superior bacon, perhaps for other, more sinister reasons.
Plus, her campaign operation appears to be far superior to Trump's.
If he feels superior, it's because he's paying attention to everyone.
And it tells that you superior products consumers will still buy.
Friday classes were canceled in Superior and nearby Maple school districts.
In fact, this cat might be superior to a human child.
The train took off for its next stop, Superior Rapid Station.
"But the quality of the Brazilian corn is superior," he said.
Without an audience ... This is why distribution is superior to content.
Charles overcame weakness in one area with superior strength in another.
Those skills can even make you appear superior, sarcastic or dismissive.
This is a superior popcorn movie, no matter what the genre.
Microsoft will also have to answer Chrome OS with superior hardware.
Joseph James DeAngelo is arraigned Friday in Sacramento County Superior Court.
There is nothing superior about Western, American, British, or Muslim culture.
It's still superior to the sex ed you've likely received, however.
Both men are flawed, and both are superior to their flaws.
The pair married April 29 at the D.C. Superior Court building.
Dr. George Tyndall at Los Angeles Superior Court in Los Angeles.
Let's say you wanted to "design" a human with superior intelligence.
"The process is superior to what we had previously," he said.
Ernst believes this is vastly superior compared to other feedback mechanisms.
Jeb Bush thought their superior national security credentials would derail Trump.
They are confident that their hygiene product is the superior one.
Although she concedes it's not yet clear which approach is superior.
Despite their quality, nobody quite knows what makes them so superior.
Anthony Michael Hall appeared in Los Angeles superior court on Dec.
The reputation was built on superior engineering, ICEs and driving pleasure.
And yet, all that spending has not resulted in superior outcomes.
The Nexo's standard front crash prevention system earned a superior rating.
It could be less expensive or offer superior benefits, Capalad says.
With Watson proving superior, Eubank fell behind on all three scorecards.
AMLG: And now he's vastly superior to all of the robots.
If we're talking raw strength, the synthetic arm is far superior.
When it comes to color, the iPhone 7 is clearly superior.
WATTERS: Would you admit that men maybe men are physically superior?
Judge Brenda Weaver of Pickens County Superior Court ordered the arrest.
Kathleen filed a new motion in D.C. Superior Court on Feb.
If you're a loyal person, you take it to your superior.
At first, the request to leave the army surprised his superior.
And it's almost the superior device for power users like me.
Today, I still believe that orange juice with pulp is superior.
N) acted as lead financial advisor for Superior, while Lazard (LAZ.
However, Clinton is, without doubt, a superior choice to Donald Trump.
But unibodies are far superior in terms of comfort and handling.
When she presents Dammik and his superior with her theory, a.k.a.
Despite the superior quality I intend to remain a Gorton's man.
Take your morally superior, elitist, virtue signaling bullshit and shove it.
In this, women's abilities were thought to be superior to men's.
The straits, about 3.5 miles wide, connect lakes Superior and Michigan.
This time, Rite Aid won us over as the superior drugstore.
The women actors of the movie are by far their superior.
Targeted and appropriate sentencing is a superior approach to controlling crime.
She is slated to appear Saturday morning at D.C. Superior Court.
Suffolk County Superior Court Judge Kenneth Salinger did not immediately rule.
The suit, filed Tuesday Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges that Pow!
"And I don't want to go to Lake Superior," he said.
Superior Plus, which scrapped the takeover of rival Canexus Corp CUS.
At least that's what Lake Superior State University in Michigan says.
R. 4924) is vastly superior to its Senate counterpart (S. 2952).
Amangani's accommodations comprise 40 suites, 29 of which are superior suites.
Both had 7 points, but Germany had a superior goal difference.
Thankfully, this was not a concern with the Superior Bidet Attachment.
Alaska's complaint filed in Anchorage Superior Court raised similar legal claims.
A judge sentenced the teenager, Christopher Plaskon, in Superior Court here.
"indigenous" population a superior catalog of rights and claim to belongings.
It also has to deal with biting winds off Lake Superior.
Just raising rates to 85033 percent would be far superior policy.
However, a handful of chains stood out for having superior service.
In short, it's the whole packaged that makes it far superior.
Indexing also offers no opportunity to benefit from superior stock selection.
Laura C. Inveen, a Superior Court judge in King County, Wash.
Cruz has a far superior ground organization in the Copper State.
The way it's constructed, and the finish I apply is superior.
Fox called the new Disney offer "superior" to the Comcast proposal.
Superior Court applies to class-action lawsuits filed in federal court.
She felt obligated to invite her immediate superior to the wedding.
ANONYMOUS Your friend's mistake was inviting her immediate superior, however reluctantly.
People relate to them somehow as being superior, physically at least.
AT&T Corp et al, Los Angeles Superior Court, No. BC646315.
The French were physically, technically and tactically superior at every position.
Each is best suited to different purposes, and neither is superior.
Purported benefits include superior hydration, detoxification, reduced inflammation and increased energy.
Neither was inherently superior in terms of the education it delivered.
Both kitchens are models of superior ingredient shopping and consistent performance.
Elizabeth J. Berns, a Superior Court judge in King County, Wash.
They might feel slightly superior or slightly frustrated with my accent.
But there are reasons a cheap kitchen timer can be superior.
World, if you're listening: Send us your far superior curse words.
All are seen as clearly superior to Sanches at the moment.
Slack's superior user experience and platform capabilities result in real engagement.
America's system is superior and better than Russia in every way.
That suit was dismissed by a New Jersey Superior Court judge.
He highlighted AEM's superior discipline as one reason for its success.
Inyoung You arrives at Suffolk Superior Court in Boston on Friday.
The lawsuits were filed in Alameda County Superior Court on Tuesday.
We all felt pleasantly superior to those crass and irresponsible bankers.
First, he equates our superior intelligence with our ability to persuade.
They're counting on viewers to get that one is vastly superior.
The plea was entered in Stamford Superior Court on Friday morning.
Naturally Fresh Litter offers excellent clumping action and superior odor control.
After I plugged the results in a spreadsheet, Google's was superior.
"We could end up in Superior Court one day," he said.
She said she complained to the guard's superior but was ignored.
I found this did a superior job of kneading the dough.
And the superior haul is even packed and presented more neatly.
Many people, including Adele, considered "Lemonade" to be the superior work.
Jeffrey Gunther, a retired Superior Court judge of California, officiated. Mrs.
Whole Foods, you know that you are getting a superior product.
Do social justice warriors act as if they are morally superior?
He thought that it was excellent to be superior to others.
District Attorney Kevin Steele applauded the Superior Court judicial panel's decision.
"The worst thing is to be morally superior," Mr. O'Guinn said.
The imposing uniforms and talk of a superior race enthralled him.
There is no disputing that Lyft and Uber are superior products.
It makes us feel like they're saying they're superior to us.
Siatta offers this as the explanation for his own superior skill.
Because it is a superior song, and it is objectively hilarious.
STARWOOD SAYS ANBANG HAS THE SUPERIOR OFFER | Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide has said the $13.2 billion takeover offer led by the Chinese insurer Anbang is superior to a bid from Marriott that was all but sealed,
Theoretically, we could (collectively) choose to substitute inferior technologies for superior ones.
Riley filed to divorce Musk on Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court.
The $2030 billion project would bring oil from Alberta into Superior, Wisconsin.
However, the Note 9's pic is superior in almost every way.
No, Mr. Guston's special virtue was said to be his superior sensitivity.
Many Apple enthusiasts may assume that their devices have superior virus protection.
The Foreign Policy Design Group thinks you should travel for superior branding.
That was thanks to superior battery life and always-on LTE connectivity.
Mary's Medical Center, which operates hospitals in Superior and nearby Duluth, Minnesota.
Both are scheduled to appear in Norwalk Superior Court on Monday morning.
I'm also using Google's new keyboard, which is far superior to Apple's.
And that's when the researchers stumbled upon their superior plastic-munching enzyme.
Ultimately, this will result in superior image recognition systems, which is good.
Which inky product delivers the superior cat-eye and the smoother glide?
He created this icy look after catching some waves on Lake Superior.
King decided a retired superior court judge will attend Carman&aposs deposition.
The witness said he reported the incident to his superior in Mosul.
Of all the Drew -ar(e)ys, I am the superior model.
A court hearing is scheduled for Friday in New Brunswick Superior Court.
Ailes, New Jersey Superior Court, Bergen County, case number not immediately available.
Poor guy: everybody knew restraint was superior, but he'd missed the boat.
So one distinction I draw is between excellent education and superior education.
Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Aaron Persky on June 27, 2011.
The firm said the cybersecurity company that it had "superior" proprietary technology.
They imagine they have superior strategic insights, articulated in long white papers.
It does not bestow upon you a superior skill with Nazi analogies.
LaSalle also said Pebblebrook's latest offer did not constitute a superior offer.
We can start feeling truly superior in about 750,000 years, he says.
On a psychological level, shaming feeds the universal desire to feel superior.
Ina Rogers did not enter a plea Wednesday in Solano Superior Court.
The trial is taking place before Porter Superior Court Judge Roger Bradford.
In recently published studies, Natera demonstrated superior analytical and clinical test performance.
It's got a sleeker, matte black finish and noticeably superior build quality.
The lawsuit was filed in the state superior court in San Francisco.
Click here to view original GIFCare for a walk around Lake Superior?
They are considered "superfoods" because of their flavor and superior nutritional value.
Retired Superior Court of California judge LaDoris Cordell is the show's judge.
Five other women filed civil lawsuits in Los Angeles County Superior Court.
This enables AiFi to create superior checkout-free solutions at massive scale.
During Friday morning's hearing in Rockville Superior Court, Dabate did not speak.
Superior weaponry meant the taking of land was a one-way occurrence.
Yet again the zoom performance of the Note 8 is definitely superior.
The backers of these schools insist that independence produces superior academic results.
The firm has been celebrated for its superior management and capital discipline.
With its superior financial and physical infrastructure, it is Africa's economic hub.
Kukors Smith filed the lawsuit in Superior Court in Orange County, California.
Betty Pina filed suit against Alaska Airlines in Washington State Superior Court.
When I quit, I felt superior to Lee, who rationalized the deception.
The surviving work of art then seems to confirm our superior position.
As the judge put it, Ryan likely has "superior and unique" knowledge.
In exchange, Exxon would give Rosneft access to its superior drilling technology.
It was filed in the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County.
Koch, consumer marketplaces are free to ascribe value to inferior and superior
Superior Court...a case which was ruled unfavorably to businesses like Uber's.
Compared to Stauskas, Kennard has superior body control and a stronger release.
Dear Gerry, We might be the superior intelligence who is fooling us.
Bayer's first appeal would be to the California superior court's appellate division.
Fortunately, Ultron had no hope against Iron Boy's superior strength and power.
I'm skeptical that one strategic approach was clearly superior to the other.
Oppenheimer notified his superior and ordered further calculations to investigate the possibility.
The dismissal is confirmed by San Mateo County Superior Court's online records.
I mean, all the judging, all the condemning, who's superior, who's inferior.
Jeff finally filed divorce docs earlier this month in L.A. Superior Court.
Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign for months has been touting its superior organization.
However, the Israeli government apparently already has a number of superior advantages.
Lillard's only clear advantages over Curry are a superior free throw rate—.
And, its burger is actually superior to that of Google and Apple.
But those who stuck with the latter ended up with superior returns.
The new Vaporfly's superior energy savings could translate to even faster times.
He was a New Jersey Superior Court judge from 1987 to 1995.
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy said the why doesn't matter.
Feline guests are clearly a far superior choice to breathing human ones.
Peach is the superior emoji, outranking eggplant emoji in all possible ways.
Uber, with its vastly superior technology, made that market much more efficient.
We remain committed to delivering superior risk-adjusted returns to our investors.
Fact two is Hillary's unquestioned superior experience and qualifications to be president.
She's still obsessed with Goldfish and strongly believes they're the superior snack.
We don't need trade deals, because we have a superior global footprint.
People also remained out of work in Superior, Wisconsin, one employee said.
Union filed the lawsuit Tuesday in the Los Angeles County Superior Court.
The entire "Superior Cockpit Room" can be booked for an additional $234.
Sorry, Facebook: You might own Instagram, but Instagram is the superior product.
If he went to Ricardel's superior, John Bolton, he likely met resistance.
Actress Diane Guerrero, who stars on CBS comedy "Superior Donuts," isn't sure.
Cherishing the national culture and values, nationalism need not hold them superior.
He'd always wanted to see Lake Superior, all the Great Lakes, really.
Though Betamax was technically superior, VHS won out by simply being ubiquitous.
Holloway is expected to be arraigned Tuesday in Hillsborough County Superior Court.
The writer is a retired judge of the Superior Court of California.
But the plan was rejected by the Los Angeles County Superior Court.
Diaz gets the call over Story because of his superior contact rate.
But it's quite simply a superior engine to the Camaro's smaller turbo.
Her mother is a judge of the Superior Court in Los Angeles.
But nutrition experts say it's probably not superior to plain old water.
It carries books, decorative boat prints and two different Lake Superior puzzles.
Jeff Jablon, then-commander of Submarine Group 10, wrote to a superior.
"You're a young black man with dreads, very smart," the superior says.
The replacement, a 995-mile project running from Alberta to Superior, Wis.
Europeans often feel that their political systems are superior to the US'.
"Gully Boy" is not just creatively superior, but technically sound as well.
"Representative, when a superior makes a request, that's an order," Vindman testified.
And for good reason: they're superior modems capable of faster download speeds.
And she should have been: She was the superior music-video artist.
And, in my experience, the Leesa Hybrid did provide superior edge support.
Being alert is far superior to the alternatives of nonchalance and fearfulness.
European policy has long favored diesel because of its superior fuel economy.
CCR's notes are structurally superior to the notes issued by Coca-Cola.
The chairman, John Burrows, a law professor, must be a superior human.
Para usuarios de MacBook con Lion o superior, es preciso activar FileVault.
So, again, I went over her head and talked to her superior.
"The reason it's superior is because we have central management," Gustafsson said.
The trial will continue at the Superior Court in DC this week.
Yet she never came off as someone who was superior or aloof.
Google Inc, California Superior Court, San Francisco County, number not immediately available.
Or will the Warriors simply overwhelm the Thunder with their superior roster?
"Feel in yourself how superior you are compared to Kurt," he said.
He said it was part of providing superior services to trustworthy customers.
I don't think either approach is superior, but both should be possible.
Though the American fleet remains superior qualitatively, it is spread much thinner.
She filed her lawsuit with the California Superior Court in San Francisco.
His assertion that capitalism was superior to socialism disturbed the Chinese greatly.
He's discursive, suave, inhumanly cool, confident, superior, deadpan, sinister, patronizing and asexual.
The whole Ghandi argument probably won't fly in L.A. County Superior Court.
Is there an empirically superior lunch to which we should all aspire?
I'm certain the dogs on the Upper West Sidefeel superior to children.
Mr. Masucci views thematic E.T.F.s as superior alternatives to buying individual stocks.
Now, she is seeking redress in a state Superior Court in California.
Men were sometimes superior to women, and sometimes women were in charge.
But now I feel we're more like people who've stopped smoking — superior.
Most rock stars put on musically superior, but visually boring halftime shows.
Our work together was clearly superior to both prior and subsequent editions.
Mr. Figari served as Sodalitium's superior general until his resignation in 2010.
On display in that sequence was Koepka's superior length off the tee.
He seems to believe that his judgment is superior to anyone else's.
Dorothea Brooke is of the upper class with superior intellect and grace.
But it doesn't deserve to be seen as superior to macro modeling.
Entry-level Superior rooms start at $399, but face west or south.
Our driver was emphatic that you don't mess around with Lake Superior.
On Friday, Shepard's fourth day of testimony continued in Fulton Superior Court.
The burgers are good, the fish and chips superior, the soups excellent.
It wasn't 'we ought to be first because we have superior knowledge.
The key difference is Superior rooms face inward, which means no view.
Fitch attributes MUAH's superior credit performance to conservative and consistent underwriting standards.
That's the only way GE can achieve superior long-term financial results.
Thomas M. Reardon, a judge of the Alameda County Superior Court, officiated.
Her son-in-law, a superior officer from the sergeant's command — Col.
Ed Buck appears in Los Angeles Superior Court in Los Angeles. Sept.
The dispute that preceded the massacre involved the gunman's superior officer, Col.
Another mark of a superior wig is the quality of the hair.
If this art form is so superior, it must be prohibitively expensive.
Narcissists often believe their views are inherently superior to other people's perspectives.
The RNC is far superior in terms of data and ground game.
Christina Applegate, Jada Pinkett Smith and Annie Mumolo play the superior species.
Calvin E. Murphy, a superior court judge, did not grant TSG's wish.
Daniels' attorney filed suit in Los Angeles County Superior Court last week.
It has superior strength and is more damage-resistant, according to Corning.
Electric vehicles are inherently superior to internal combustion engines in several ways.
Holmes is the recipient of nine Department of State Superior Honor Awards.
The pen technology feels superior to anything Microsoft is doing right now.
This is a far superior sensation to burning a snickerdoodle-scented candle.
They chose not to designate Merck a superior bidder, that seems unnecessary.
Latisha Nixon filed the complaint Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.
Polyhalite is meant to be superior to the traditional fertiliser ingredient potash.
Iran says it needs them to defend against neighbors with superior arsenals.
I am talking about a novel, superior, next-generation mass-surveillance technology.
And yet Stringer is careful not to conflate innovation with superior intelligence.
No. Are they going to be superior to applying something simply topically?
Hence the effort to rescue them on an island in Lake Superior.
They tell me brands like Koka taste superior and sure, I agree.
Military prosecutors charged Portier with lying to his superior officer, Lt. Cmdr.
In most cases, authoritarian male leaders argue they alone should rule society, that their group of people is superior to others, and that there should be religious, racial or ethnic purity by separating out the so-called superior group.
But clients do hope they can deliver superior returns over the long run.
But he said the A400M would eventually offer superior capabilities to comparable transports.
The P.P.P. poll asked voters if they thought whites were a superior race.
A study wasn't needed to learn the superior qualities of cats over dogs.
TPG, J Crew's private equity owner, also holds preferred equity in Superior Industries.
It's been "very, very popular," says Superior Seating director of sales Jane Petrillo.
And finally, a shipwreck tells tales off the northern coast of Lake Superior.
The search warrants remain sealed by order of the Shasta County Superior Court.
But Judge Kenneth Salisbury of Suffolk County Superior Court said that argument failed.
After all, happy employees "show superior performance and productivity," according to psychological research.
Formats like Betacam, and eventually VHS, allowed for vastly superior audio and sound.
The refinery, operated by Calumet Superior LLC at the time, was fined $21,000.
They are subjective, but they are also the source of superior investment returns.
Taylor entered his plea at the Monmouth County Superior Courthouse, according to prosecutors.
Having 50 great qubits is far superior to having 2,000 really lousy qubits.
We quantitatively show that this system is superior to simple Markov Chain techniques.
This sum does not include money spent dining out for far superior meals.
I feel like Menos El Oso is just a superior record for sure.
Suspect Joseph James DeAngelo, 72, appears in Sacramento Superior Court, in Sacramento, Calif.
She'll, of course, immediately accede her position to her superior, Lady Maxine Waters.
She is expected to appear in Cherokee County Superior Court on July 2.
You know, some superior believe that he&aposs doing it from noble causes,.
In many ways, this Little Computer Planter is vastly superior to your laptop.
Here was Sally herself with Sister Peter, the mother superior, and Bishop Brady.
This time around, he's a resident and she's his superior as an attending.
Sure, a lot of that has to do with her obviously superior genetics.
Line 3, built in the 1960s, carries oil from Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin.
Holloway will make his first appearance in Hillsborough County Superior Court on Tuesday.
As a Fire TV, this year's Cube is objectively superior to the original.
This method is especially effective when you're declining an invitation from a superior.
Line 3, built in the 1960s, carries oil from Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin.
Fitch characterizes PNC's risk appetite as generally superior to most large regional banks.
According to court documents Larry filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court.
But basically: the Lightning connector is, in some ways, superior to USB-C.
Watch one Lyft investor make the case that it is superior to Uber
Yes, even chlamydia humor is superior to the details about Trump's immigration plan.
Though Apple's privacy may be superior to its rivals, it's not without fault.
American sports-writing is generally superior, because America takes popular culture so seriously.
An Irwin County Superior Court judge was not swayed and rejected the motion.
Superior Court Judge William C. Carpenter Jr. was assigned the cases on Monday.
All three countries recognise and to some extent fear superior Western military power.
Forks and spoons work for foods, but chopsticks are superior in every way.
"It has the technology that makes it so effective and superior," he raves.
Today's meritocrats are not only smug because they think they are intellectually superior.
Superior software processing now plays a key role in helping create better photos.
TMZ has obtained her minors contract that was filed in L.A. Superior Court.
Machines have superior processing power and can scan through huge volumes of data.
Zhang has said that he believes in the importance of superior customer service.
What better place to feel superior in Los Angeles than an art museum?
If you buy value, and are patient, your reward should be superior returns.
She also notes that the new SpaceBEEs are superior to the last ones.
And it just feels superior: one woman in Lambayene describes it as "civilised".
Such preference gives deposit liabilities superior recovery prospects in the event of default.
That's just the tip of the iceberg of Lewis' superior social media game.
A San Francisco Superior Court judge agreed and ordered the posts taken down.
But for now, Google Photos remains superior to Apple Photos in every way.
"Is There a Superior Race?" was a talk at a conference in 1998.
The victims said they told their mother superior, but that she did nothing.
Colorado, a city known for its mountain views, superior body mass indices and
Sometimes—many times—a digital download is still far superior to a stream.
Alfred Swinton and his lawyers walk out of Superior Court in Hartford, Conn.
We are all uniquely beautiful — there really isn't a superior type of beauty.
Trump's superior primary performance bodes well for a victory over Clinton in November.
It is superior to the subsidies in ObamaCare, a lot of other advantages.
Unfortunately for Maroon 5, it was also far superior to everything they did.
Trump, by contrast, really does see his wealth as evidence of superior character.
The D500 boosts a far superior sensitivity range compared to the Nikon D24.
"It is not just a superior off-price retailer," Johnson said of TJX.
I see three big ways that Uber's model is superior to conventional taxicabs.
Free markets proved superior at the one thing that ultimately mattered — economic growth.
Or, sometimes, you can just bond over feeling (slightly) superior — you're only human.
In true conquering robot fashion, this system relies on superior speed and strength.
It really seemed more like he was just being polite to his superior.
We've officially moved into the far-superior age of the "stride of pride."
Your claims of superior sound quality are about as thin as your iPhones.
They get superior iconography, and can have their voices amplified as a result.
The train left Green Plains Inc's Superior, Iowa, facility, a company spokesperson said.
The lawsuit, filed in Superior Court against U.S. Patriot Armory, comes after Gov.
The margin continued to grow as the Frogs' superior depth continued to show.

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