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"aspect" Definitions
  1. [countable] a particular part or feature of a situation, an idea, a problem, etc.; a way in which it may be considered
  2. [singular, uncountable] (formal) the appearance of a place, a situation or a person
  3. [countable, usually singular] (formal) the direction in which a building, window, piece of land, etc. faces; the side of a building that faces a particular direction synonym orientation
  4. [uncountable, countable] (grammar) the form of a verb that shows, for example, whether the action happens once or repeatedly, is completed or still continuing see also perfect (7), progressive (3)
"aspect" Synonyms
appearance look air bearing manner cast countenance expression mien quality demeanour(UK) atmosphere attitude condition deportment effect feature features figure guise side facet angle point characteristic dimension detail hand ingredient particular phase regard slant strand factor respect sense perspective standpoint exposure view direction outlook position situation frontage orientation scene location prospect point of view setting elevation facade face façade front frontispiece forepart front view building front frontal fascia exterior front part plane eye gape gaze scrutiny stare observation observance contemplation peep peek fixed look intent look glare glance glimpse sight carriage comportment conduct demeanor(US) behavior(US) behaviour(UK) manners actions posture stance etiquette address peculiarity attribute trait property character hallmark mark stamp particularity attribution marker note specific affection criterion diagnostic flavour(UK) flavor(US) aura mood ambience ambiance feeling climate tone vibrations temper feel spirit tenor smell vista panorama landscape scenery lookout spectacle command vision seascape cityscape townscape outline riverscape snowscape likeness form semblance shape image contour delineation silhouette profile shadow contours figuration configuration curves component part element constituent piece unit section bit portion member item fundamental integrant makings thing making viewpoint opinion belief judgement(UK) judgment(US) thought estimation interpretation stand conviction corner area segment fragment installment(US) instalment(UK) sample slice subdivision tier bite chunk essence nature core heart life soul crux kernel principle quintessence substance being ethos gist lifeblood meat nucleus root basis surface outside veneer skin covering shell coating cover exteriority externality finish periphery superficies external externals role portrayal lead representation stint act hero impersonation performance personification title acting extra heroine phenomenon happening fact occurrence circumstance event case episode experience incident actuality reality affair occasion eventuality hap health fitness fettle state constitution order trim kilter nick build estate keeping status repair physical fitness More
"aspect" Antonyms
whole entirety body entity package combination conglomeration ensemble unit foreign land set collection assemblage whole thing total totality wholeness allness aggregate composite aggregation sum integral gross conglomerate pile blindness reality middle torso inside extremity stigma shame humiliation scar stain odium reproach besmirchment black mark disgrace dishonor(US) dishonour(UK) lost face mark onus slur taint back rear absence leaving concrete character personality difference unlikeness dissimilarity nonfeature missing element overview entireness fullness generality outline lack nonexistence deadpan lack of expression abnormality dislike hate hatred inability unimportance disfavour(UK) disfavor(US) rejection verity exactness truth truthfulness authenticity honesty sincerity genuineness trueness truism veracity veridicality accuracy exactitude fact factuality factualness legitimacy precision commonality parallel resemblance similarity commonalty similitude indifference past constant given certainty absolute invariable fundamental established fact unchanging factor unchanging situation blemish deformity blotch blight mar fault defect flaw imperfection bulk brunt majority most preponderance weight core mass best part better part greater number greater part larger number larger part main body main part blinking blink winking closing shutting abstract exterior exteriority outside top cloudiness fogginess haziness duskiness fuzziness haze mistiness murk murkiness darkness indistinctness lack of clarity obfuscation obscurity opacity smogginess vagueness skyscape seascape marinescape auxiliary trivia interior centre(UK) center(US) inner part inner portion recesses midpoint nucleus heart central part

868 Sentences With "aspect"

How to use aspect in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "aspect" and check conjugation/comparative form for "aspect". Mastering all the usages of "aspect" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The economic aspect supports the political aspect and the political aspect supports the economic aspect.
"There's the strategic aspect, core legal aspect and presentation aspect," said Consovoy, who is himself an accomplished appellate attorney.
The arts aspect, the hands-on aspect, is something that's important to us.
"Drill instructors cover the discipline aspect, we cover the lethal aspect," said Coup.
" Wells explained that one aspect is informational privacy, but a more striking aspect is "visual privacy.
The social aspect of VR is, if anything, the most underplayed aspect of the whole thing.
" She added: "It's a great bonding experience for both the spiritual aspect and the physical aspect.
The commercial aspect, the operational aspect we've been dealing with all the course of the year.
We understand that if the political aspect does not work, the economic aspect will not create peace.
"Our program includes two aspects: a psychosocial aspect and a resilience aspect," said Anne Vincent of UNICEF.
"The visual aspect of it is strong, but the sensorimotor aspect of it is conflicting," Kishore said.
Let's begin with the nastiest, most offensive aspect of this -- the knocking-a-woman-to-the-ground aspect.
I like playing instruments, I like thinking about the musical theory aspect of it, and not the technical aspect.
"But I always tell them that, while tax is an important aspect of business decisions, it's only an aspect."
I really wanted to embrace that performative aspect and theatrical aspect of the character that is about to do something.
I feel like the mental aspect of growing has become more complicated, while the basic, physical aspect has become easier.
And additionally, because of the native aspect of the Alexa, we got more resolution by shooting in its native aspect ratio.
"There is an anti-submarine warfare aspect to it as well as an anti-surface warfare aspect of it," Denison said.
The way I practice communing with this other aspect, this intimate aspect, is forever changing, Sometimes it's just talking to my mother.
Katz has no quarrel with decoration; it's an aspect of art, he says, and only suspect when it becomes the main aspect.
And the reason for that was because your feed has a particular aspect ratio, which is different from your Stories aspect ratio.
Instead of talking about the cultural ramifications of immigration, the religious aspect, the economic aspect, the philosophical aspect, you have these old white men sticking their fingers in their ears screaming, 'NO, NO, NO, we're not going to talk about it.
DJ: I always explain to the person that there's a physical aspect and an emotional aspect, and we work on the physical first.
Part of that was how it was covered and the celebrity aspect, the sensationalist aspect, in terms of how we all absorbed it.
This speaks to the most important aspect of our national conversation about opioids, the aspect that we are unfortunately not discussing nearly enough.
" The second aspect to the project is "the Southern California car culture aspect, and it's sort of this mashing of these two aspects.
For Khrushchev, the problem of Vietnam was only an aspect of his broader struggle with China, and a rather peripheral aspect at that.
That's because Sanders, while no doubt a good mother and kind person in the private aspects of her life, occupies a job that is inseparable from the aspect of the Trump presidency that even people who agree with some of his policymaking should find deplorable — the communicative aspect, the rhetorical aspect, the aspect that deals with public truth and falsehood.
Take the Galaxy Fold: It has an outside display with a 21:16 aspect ratio and unfolded interior display with 226:22 aspect ratio.
" He further accused Clinton of wanting to "unleash the (Environmental Protection Agency) to control every aspect of our lives and every aspect of energy.
The aspect screen's aspect ratio is 19.5:73, which is the same as the iPhone X's and taller than last year's 2:1 G6.
You know, America's got to get used to the fact that it's a major leader in every aspect, but not every aspect is emulatable.
"We laid the blueprint out in the wintertime, as far as understanding there's a run-producing aspect and a run-prevention aspect," Eppler said.
"Nearly every aspect of a modern workplace, and for that matter nearly every non-workplace aspect of employees' lives, can be monitored," it added.
"We need a significant amount of rain across New South Wales, not from just the drought aspect but also from the fire aspect," he said.
There has always been a campy aspect to Bond's world, and monster budgets have only heightened this caricature aspect, which increases as the franchise ages.
Thick Dutch poffertjes, which look like coin-sized pillows, had an aspect ratio of 3, while parchment-thin crêpes had an aspect ratio of 300.
There's another aspect to it—the pleasure he takes in engaging with characters whom he meets is, for me, always a notable aspect of him.
But if there was nothing special, legally speaking, about the man-­woman aspect of traditional marriage, what was so special about the two-person aspect?
"Nearly every aspect of a modern workplace, and for that matter nearly every non-workplace aspect of employees' lives, can be monitored," the filing says.
"First, nearly every aspect of a modern workplace, and for that matter nearly every non-workplace aspect of employees' lives, can be monitored," Strzok says.
In one aspect, it's a story about love, and in one aspect, it's a story about gender-bending and exploring different ideas of femininity on screen.
Technology is embedded in every single aspect of our lives, which gives it a significant opportunity for make every aspect of our lives go horribly wrong.
Mars, in Gemini, squares (a stressful astrological aspect) Neptune, in Pisces, and Mercury, in Aries, trines (an easy astrological aspect) your ruling planet, Saturn, in Sagittarius.
So, that is one aspect of it, and the other aspect of it is that I was treated with so much care and respect on this movie.
"There's definitely the aspect of where are my friends and what's happening around them, but then there's a greater aspect of what's happening globally," Brody told Refinery29.
It&aposs interesting because before, you would consider those things so discreet from each other, the social aspect, the buying aspect, ne&aposer the twain shall meet.
"I didn't want to take time off, but looking back, it was necessary for my health — both the medical aspect and even the mental aspect," she tells PEOPLE.
And the liberal aspect of the European system wouldn't be under such strain if the imperial aspect hadn't been exploited unwisely by leaders in the empire's German core.
With the new Camera app on iPhone 11 and 11 Pro, aspect ratio settings are grouped into a single mode, and there's a new 133:9 aspect ratio.
I think there's a sentence on it in the book, but I think it's the free speech aspect and not the public accommodations aspect that's the problem there.
The FW216's big selling point, Taylor said, is its 29:228 aspect ratio, which is much wider than the 296:224 aspect ratio of most CRT monitors.
Groene said they had 20-to-30 mock-ups of varying sizes and aspect ratios, including 163- and 27 inches and 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratio screens.
The monkeys in the newly published research did not exhibit every aspect of autism or even every aspect of the genetic autism-like disorder the scientists were seeking to mirror.
Mornings involve Aspect Vitamin B serum, Aspect Vitamin C serum, Cosmedix moisturizer with sunscreen (gotta respect the Australian sun), and Genesis eye cream that is supposed to reduce dark circles.
Neutralizing Russia The most extraordinary aspect of Mueller's indictment is that it lays out, in great detail, one aspect of a large-scale Russian intelligence operation against the United States.
What the team found was that small, thick pancakes like Dutch poffertjes had the lowest aspect ratios (3) whereas large, thin pancakes like French crêpes had the largest aspect ratios (300).
The decision on how to dispose of the money "has a political aspect and has a legal aspect, it will be taken in conformity with Iraqi law," he said, without elaborating.
It's 2800 x 1920 pixels, which means it maintains the classic 3:2 aspect ratio Microsoft has gone for on many of its devices (and which is the Correct Aspect Ratio).
I'm not separating the marriage from the political aspect, I am separating my vows to my wife from the political aspect, because it's about love, not about any of this mess.
It's electronic jazz that you can dance to, and that's a beautiful thing these days because it's a nice change from the purely soulful aspect, and the harder, tech-ier aspect.
So the communication aspect — clearly saying "yes" — is crucial.
Every single design element has to be marching in lockstep with every aspect of the performance and every aspect of the rate of the cutting, and how the sound's going into it.
Using examples (an important debating tool), Biden explained how his approach to dealing with both the health aspect and the financial aspect of the crisis would get us through this tough time.
"I love the direct aspect of it," Mr. Marclay said.
That's another aspect of the record Marshall can revel in.
What aspect of the climate challenge drives you the most?
Not every aspect of FFXII has aged quite so gracefully.
It destroys every aspect of all the people around you.
The aspect ratios, however, are the more interesting specs here.
The confidential aspect to the report is not an afterthought.
The aspect ratio has also changed for this new dimension.
"Let's not forget the ideological aspect of this," Graham said.
Is there a homosexual aspect to his conception of masculinity?
The quality and aspect ratios were all over the map.
I love every aspect being an artist has to offer.
As an outsider, the most interesting aspect is the playfulness.
She has failed in almost every aspect of the job.
The most remarkable aspect of Jobs was his singular obsessiveness.
Cox represents a key aspect to the company's culture: Loyalty.
Luckily, most magical practices involve some aspect of protection spells.
Hodel controlled nearly every aspect of his teenage daughter's pregnancy.
The food aspect of parental visits is always a bonus.
And I think the religion part of it, one aspect.
That aspect of deception is still prevalent in South Africa.
I guess I bashed the therapeutic aspect of pottery prematurely
The OS is remarkably straightforward in every aspect I encountered.
The life simulation aspect and the RPG gameplay aren't separate.
I think there is a romantic aspect to space travel.
Esposito admits that the business aspect isn't always her favorite.
But, their size is only one aspect of their cleverness.
The sets were designed to work with the aspect ratio.
To me it has an aspect of hopefulness of it.
Today, our climate focus touches every aspect of our work.
Bloomberg has previously reported on this aspect of the meeting.
Bonni Cohen: There's definitely a presentational aspect to the film.
Game's become a little bit more crazy in this aspect.
The most interesting aspect is there's an eclipse chaser log.
That's an important aspect of what the assistant director is.
There is an aspect of cows he finds very amusing.
The music side, the aspect ratio, and the lenses converge.
Baby fever is just one aspect of that, Brase says.
What differentiates Propel's Star Wars drones is the combat aspect.
Unfortunately, the "education" aspect is still lost in those initiatives.
For Zume, robots are just one aspect of the business.
This is one very important but small aspect of it.
Content safeguards are a challenging aspect of operating scaled platforms.
But that aspect of the world never comes up again.
"It's good for our health in every aspect," he says.
Like every other aspect of dying, it can be costly.
Fallen Kingdom leans hard into that aspect of the series.
The other key aspect to all of this is price.
"There's definitely a thriller aspect to this one," he said.
We're not kidding about the international aspect of Startup Alley.
That is one positive aspect of this new interconnected reality.
You don't just dismiss that aspect of being a woman.
Bees are endangered now, so there is a tragic aspect.
But platforms are exploiting that innate aspect of our character.
Another aspect where the BlackBerry Key22000 shines is battery life.
I think it really encapsulates every aspect of the neighborhood.
What was the toughest aspect of training for the kids?
So I've had that service aspect since I was young.
Why did you want to make that aspect so public?
"Improving the news feature is just one aspect of that."
On economy aspect, the most direct impact is on agriculture.
They prided themselves on the musical aspect of the venue.
It's a pretty straightforward narrative, apart from the mysticism aspect.
The "refundable" aspect of Ryan's bill is even more important.
"A 'team' aspect is deeply rooted in Activate," Atkins said.
That's before the human aspect of the service is considered.
It turns out to be a fundamental aspect to music.
Every aspect of Google's Night Sight is dynamic and automatic.
Cyber and intelligence, in this aspect, is no different then.
ADMIRAL ROGERS: I mean, there's an aspect of it there.
How do you regard this aspect of Japanese culture, personally?
He helped me with the mental aspect, with my chest.
The answer is provided by another aspect of Kizilcec's experiment.
The one aspect that sets her apart is her gender.
The notice also ignored the fair use aspect, he added.
Tesla did not comment on this aspect of Ozguz's account.
Pterosaurs, they're developed with the same aspect ratio of adults.
That's the business aspect of the game that takes place.
Another aspect is automating the whole expense and auditing process.
To be sure, foreign policy always has an economic aspect.
And that's probably been the funniest aspect of all this.
It brings a healing aspect in so many different situations.
The social media aspect of it is my biggest challenge.
And it has taken over every aspect of our lives.
That's why I'm focusing more on the technical aspect now.
Nope, it's Wolf and CNN that are the controversial aspect.
Chatbots and the interfacing aspect of AI isn't going anywhere.
And I'm not opposed to investigating that aspect of myself.
Where did the idea for the flying aspect come from?
The most difficult thing for me was the social aspect.
That is not the only positive aspect of 23D printing.
Then there's also the pollution aspect, or grey water footprint.
There's a real mean aspect at a lot of places.
Carine Roitfeld has conquered every aspect of the fashion industry.
Many centered on the controversial whitewashing aspect of the film.
It's like Cheaters but there's no cheating aspect to it.
Simon Reynolds: I got fascinated by the aspect of business.
The camping aspect is what really does it for me.
The latter aspect applies to Corey Lewandowski, also of CNN.
For Trella, minimal FDA regulation is the most troubling aspect.
Not because of an implementation aspect that could be fixed.
Guai Li's version expresses more from a guitar rock aspect.
I think that was the most challenging aspect of it.
The Internet has revolutionized nearly every aspect of our lives.
That disclosure aspect could complicate what's allowed under state laws.
"There is certainly an emotional aspect to this," she added.
Bixby should ultimately be a major aspect of this smartphone.
But one aspect that's conspicuously absent from the latest clip?
Some agreements have yet to be reached in this aspect.
BSI declined to comment on any aspect of Yak's case.
Can you say a bit more about that journalistic aspect?
What's your favorite aspect of Halle's MTV Movie Awards look?
There's an aspect of Elizabeth Holmes that's very much mainstream.
That can be done in any aspect of our lives.
The other big aspect of the video is shared experiences.
Have you changed your mind on any aspect of Facebook?
Collaboration is probably the most important aspect of my work.
One aspect of the product to watch: the user profile.
"There may be a sort of bluffing aspect," Shapiro said.
In fact, the fundamental aspect of economics involves marginal analysis.
Problems plagued every aspect and every stage of Georgia's elections.
Is there an aspect of intelligence that is truly universal?
I learn how to better every aspect of my life.
This was a complete multidomain -- it had a technical aspect.
Shaggy cloaked Boreas had just one aspect, which was cold.
It's important to be a strong presence in any aspect.
It depends on the particular aspect of life in question.
Preventing burnoutImproving cybersecurity also has a cultural aspect, Forsgren says.
And virtually every aspect of the unfolding calamity was predicted.
My favorite aspect of this Seville unit is its flexibility.
Another aspect of life that they all share is parenthood.
Sweeney considers that the most important aspect of his program.
Cohen's pitch, however, highlights a troubling aspect of these campaigns.
That obsession with secrecy extended to every aspect of Theranos.
Learning from others is a critical aspect of professional development.
"Two, there's an extraterritorial aspect to her case," he continued.
And sexual abuse is only one aspect of organizational harassment.
She said she's enjoying every aspect of motherhood so far.
"In terms of the security aspect, I'm worried," he said.
It makes the whole immersion aspect that much more intense.
That aspect of tradition carries over to Pad & Quill's suppliers.
"I had more concerns about the retaliation aspect," David said.
It's this aspect of him that can seem magically inspired.
"Being trans is only one aspect of me," Sophia said.
Scully leavened the valedictory aspect of the broadcast with humility.
One aspect of Stadia that requires no caveats: the gamepad.
She also talked about the aspirational aspect of a dollhouse.
The coal aspect (of the business) is going to diminish.
This last aspect, in particular, is a really good idea.
However, the team aspect was really important in my journey.
It's this latter aspect that has drawn the Commission's ire.
There's also a political aspect to the tests, analysts say.
This is a rarely discussed aspect of subsidizing green technology.
"Health care affects every aspect of our lives," Kim says.
The color, not the form, is the most contentious aspect.
But the bus is just one aspect of the action.
Rather than cravings, meal planning has been the toughest aspect.
What has been the most traumatising aspect of this weather?
Brooke: He's got a very crackhead aspect to his dancing.
Don't like a tiny aspect of an otherwise perfect design?
A social network isn't very fun without the social aspect.
The cooking aspect was added on top of all that.
What's the most dangerous aspect of anosmia that you've experienced?
And the other side of it is the monetization aspect.
Not just cancer, but in every aspect of daily life.
Maybe. She definitely has this manipulative aspect to her personality.
But oftentimes, it's harder because you're involved in every aspect.
How did you research the boxing aspect of your film?
Maybe you realize you completely misjudged some aspect of this.
That aspect of the service will be sunset in March.
The first aspect is the timelessness of the songs themselves.
On March 23 Jupiter squares (a tense astrological aspect) Saturn.
Are you in control of every aspect of this release?
Similarly, the other lucrative aspect of festivals is obviously branding.
Taking a step back to the loneliness aspect you mentioned.
"I don't like the entertainment aspect of MMA," she said.
"This isn't some weird aspect of the process," he says.
This is an aspect that I don't mind at all.
There is an unusual aspect to the state's election process.
Perhaps the creepiest aspect of the news conference was subtle.
" He added, "It expresses a fundamental aspect of liberty somehow.
"There's often a rebellion aspect among teens," Mr. Swart said.
It's an aspect of that, it's not just a vagina.
No, because I'm interested in the scientific aspect of it.
Is there an aspect of Kendall that's the "real" him?
Has the destructive aspect of capitalism reached a tipping point?
Mr. Sessions is recused from any aspect of the investigation.
And I find that cultural aspect of science most fascinating.
"Scare drag" was a very important aspect of that world.
The culinary aspect of the images is the bigger draw.
This, like every aspect of VR World, is by design.
I believe in forever altering one's aspect to the sun.
They exuded a warm cedar glow, and an ancient aspect.
This is the most revolutionary and innovative aspect of blockchain.
The girl is a reflection of some aspect of Harry.
The plane is designed to have redundancy in every aspect.
There is one more tragic aspect to all of this.
He provided advice on one aspect of the Stanford project.
Until then, it was another aspect of myself to hate.
The challenge is but one aspect of the foundation's philanthropy.
Another tricky aspect is the large number of rocket engines.
Salman, it rejected one aspect of the appeals court's ruling.
"Every aspect of their life is on mobile," O'Brien said.
" There is a moving memoirish aspect to "The Dairy Restaurant.
But Sachs' order doesn't block every aspect of the law.
Trying to improve any one aspect can make others worse.
Every aspect of "Fairview" has a slyly manipulative raison d'être.
But my favorite aspect of the SX12 is the keyboard.
Her win over like, a whole aspect of consumer culture.
Reflect on the aspect of your life that it represents.
I was not expert at any aspect of this procedure.
Senator McConnell is worried about the political aspect of it.
I never wanted to intensively draw attention to that aspect.
But then it always has a funny aspect to it.
Too often, I think, this aspect to rivalry is overlooked.
"There's a kind of kinetic aspect to it," he said.
Scale is a critical aspect of The Breast Portrait Project.
Political polarization seems to permeate every aspect of our lives.
"She's helped me in every aspect, for sure," he said.
You have to involve Daniel in every aspect of that.
There isn't an option to change the aspect ratio, either.
We didn't realize the catering aspect would be so lucrative.
EAMON JAVERS: But the technical aspect wasn't all that sophisticated.
Yet the terrorism aspect, for now at least, overshadows all.
That is evident from a strange aspect of those classes.
After Monday's announcement, Krafcik stressed that aspect of Waymo's mission.
My favorite aspect of the villa was the marble bathroom.
Gerard Alexander forgot the most important aspect: They're also wrong.
I never dwelled much on that aspect of The Jesus.
But another aspect helped, too, his daughter Janet Jun said.
The probe reportedly includes a "counterintelligence" aspect, CNN reported Wednesday.
There is an aspect of Florida that's a rotting jungle.
We apply it daily in every aspect of our lives.
We leaned toward the performative aspect and the found families.
The author unearths a mostly buried aspect of Russian history.
Your article could be on any aspect of British politics.
"It's really an important aspect," said GOP pollster Chris Wilson.
The one aspect that still worried me was client meetings.
The community aspect helped us navigate this totally uncharted territory.
"I don't like the tribal aspect of Deadheadism," he said.
One thing to be mindful of is the aspect ratio.
Reading is probably the most studied aspect of human learning.
We are world leaders in every aspect of our system.
And terrorism is only one aspect of the department's focus.
One aspect of customer service is the availability of products.
Bench organization, Lavin said, is just one aspect of preparation.
There is no store of value aspect to a cryptocurrency.
People may not always want the social aspect of shopping.
Brilliance being assured, I studied every aspect of his life.
Another aspect of the Clinton policing policy is very relevant.
It has significant repercussions for nearly every aspect of governing.
We do it in every other aspect of our lives.
And now for the most interesting aspect of this chart!
"It's all about getting better in every aspect," he said.
And as with "GG," not every aspect has aged well.
I can use that in any aspect of my dancing.
The aspect of everyday politics in art is absolutely necessary.
What many people love about baseball is its ritualistic aspect.
But it's not just the collection aspect that inspired Pokémon.
But there is an educational aspect missing in those videos.
Deutsche isn't the only aspect of Trump's finances facing scrutiny.
The second aspect of the executive order targets deceased donation.
A sextile aspect is a communicative, creative, and helpful energy.
So because IQ can be thought of like a trait, in a similar way to personality, there's an aspect of it that's based on your genes and an aspect that's based on your environment.
See LIBRARY OF THE PRINTED WEB The Creators Project is VICE's arts and culture online publication, covering every aspect of the creative process, including at least one aspect that you've probably never heard of.
I think there's a healing aspect to this story, as well.
But its strongest aspect is the most important one — the dancing.
Mr Pinney enjoys this sharper political aspect of his misty subject.
For Fisher, the most difficult aspect to write about was loss.
It's by far the most technologically innovative aspect of the phone.
Every aspect, from the menu to the decor, is perfectly executed.
I've learned and grown from every aspect and experience of it.
And I certainly think this aspect is not very female-friendly.
All will be themed around some aspect of von Däniken's work.
I'm curious what your favorite aspect of what you do is.
The weight loss aspect is not something that Project HEAL supports.
That aspect of the injustice of it is rarely pointed out.
Inflation predictions are also a significant aspect of stock market speculations.
That educational aspect is literally how Doctor Who was first conceived.
But profiles are only one aspect of the online dating process.
The economic aspect is the weakest part of the Leave case.
According to Sirer, price is the least important aspect of Bitcoin.
One aspect of preparing for baby that didn't require much thought?
" More specifically: "In one aspect, it's a story about sexual assault.
There's more of this idea of a family aspect of downtown.
But that's an aspect of me that I'm always looking at.
For Australian photographer Gil Gilmour, that aspect is his country's form.
You have to account for every little aspect of the device.
What's been the most challenging aspect of the business so far?
And they tried to focus in on that one specific aspect.
It's the metaphysical aspect of the body that I have portrayed.
First, even more than usual, there's a performative aspect to it.
The other aspect of that tweet, he went after Angela Merkel.
One heartening aspect of today's bans is the reasoning behind them.
" He added, "Civility is one really important aspect of [healthy conversations].
The musical aspect was brought by the producers of Legs Benedict.
Aside from the paid aspect of Reefill, it's a helpful thing.
The screens also come in an unfamiliar aspect ratio, 18.5:9.
It had spin-off effects on every aspect of my life.
She's been hands-on in designing every aspect of the collection.
This is probably the most politically sensitive aspect of limbic capitalism.
McAuliffe gets worked up about nearly every aspect of the job.
H: Do you feel comfortable with that aspect of the industry?
The story, she said, "has a whole medical aspect" to it.
"But they're buying into the fantasized aspect of it," Vanna insisted.
Another aspect of baths that can put your skin in danger?
Other times, the human aspect of the series is more obvious.
Because corruption holds back every aspect of economic and civil life.
Which gives TMCM that magical "nonstory aspect of Seinfeld,' " Hack reasons.
My subjects seemed genuinely excited to share this aspect of themselves.
There is one aspect of his context, though, that matters: fun.
It was unclear if that aspect of the probe remains active.
Even the aspect ratio changes depending on the stakes at hand.
Loop will handle the cleaning and reuse aspect of the packaging.
What makes the Labo VR kit different is the "play" aspect.
The flawed data related primarily to this aspect of the proposals.
IoT is poised to dramatically transform virtually every aspect of medicine.
While the price cuts remain, the subscription aspect is gone entirely.
Aspect primarily does early-stage investments but has already had exits.
Aja: I had mixed reactions to this aspect of the film.
It helps that virtually each aspect is strong on its own.
Why was that an important aspect of her character to showcase?
What was your initial reaction to that aspect of the project?
But let me -- look at another aspect of this tax reform.
The difficulties come in the political aspect of the ECB presidency.
What's been the most challenging aspect of filming in New York?
This is where a crowdsourcing aspect of the app comes in.
Yes, every aspect of Cruz's performance was calculated and self-serving.
So there's kind of a whole socialization aspect to the clothing.
Of course, there's always been another darker aspect to America's story.
The management aspect of edge computing is hugely important for security.
The "visual line of sight" aspect still makes that pretty tough.
Stranger Things was shot in the new 18:9 aspect ratio.
Every aspect reflects a pantheon of practices and ways of being.
But in one crucial aspect, the comparison could be quite apt.
Consider this one more aspect that makes your astrological identity unique.
The whole problem with a Trojan horse is the switcheroo aspect.
On this aspect, the impacts are different to countries and regions.
Female vocals are an especially disappointing aspect of the M2s' sound.
He came to Aspect with the acquisition of LinguaSys in 2015.
Lifeprint is also pushing a social networking aspect within the app.
Mobilizing early voters is thus an increasingly important aspect of campaigning.
So we know every aspect of every script, of every arc.
I wanted to incorporate every aspect — fashion, music, beauty, and lifestyle.
Hickenlooper: That depends on what, what aspect of socialism they embrace.
With every episode, another aspect of the show sets itself apart.
Styles' musical pursuits are only one aspect of his busy 2017.
Most have a sort of novel aspect while still being utilitarian.
The unique aspect of the patent involves the infill and surface.
I was more wondering about that aspect of manipulating the image.
And yet there is another, darker aspect to Ms. Baer's work.
One area where this aspect is being used is in IoT.
His embrace of glut is another essential aspect of his method.
This aspect suggests that collaboration may come easily to the couple.
Every aspect of the game was now bent toward facilitating microtransactions.
"They are involved in every aspect of the business," she explains.
Every aspect of her journey to the Olympics was fast-tracked.
Interactions between women are crucial to every aspect of the film.
This aspect of MiFID II needs to be reviewed and adjusted.
Eleanor's fat is not really a crucial aspect of her being.
A4: Yes, intelligence is one aspect of every security-related decision.
But will creativity remain a seemingly untouchable aspect of human intelligence?
The aspect of Cruz that had appealed to me—the awkward
Another aspect of the mind-body connection comes through your actions.
"There's a mild aspect of principle behind that motivation," he says.
A critical aspect of study is a concept known as habituation.
I won't get into yet another aspect of this open vs.
But Macquarie analyst Vivienne Lloyd said that aspect had been exaggerated.
I just wanted to cut off the shame aspect of it.
That aspect of Gilmore Girls' insertion fantasy is alive and well.
We wanted to go see this aspect of production on site.
Loneliness is a particularly challenging aspect of the caregiving role too.
What was the most challenging aspect of the Regalia to create?
So Aspect is a little different in a couple of ways.
In this aspect it is completely different from the average film.
But it is a curious aspect of an increasingly strange story.
EP: We focused initially on the tech aspect of the industry.
Almost every aspect of the game feels bigger and more refined.
Sounds like it's sticking to the coed aspect in there too.
Others, though, were focused on a different aspect of Williams' tweet.
They're getting a lot of replayability out of the adventure aspect.
We didn't feel that these things would serve the horror aspect.
Some groups really like the mystery aspect and the problem-solving.
When someone retires, the professional aspect of their identity is altered.
So when I heard about that aspect, it was really important.
The most dynamic aspect of the collection other than the footwear?
The ultimate outcome of this aspect of war can be suicide.
What is your favorite aspect about the unique grammar of ASL?
"We're talking about a pretty important aspect of survival," said Widder.
That is one particularly ugly aspect of what he is doing.
But that is not the only surprising aspect of this killing.
KELLY EVANS: But what about the whole Philidor aspect of this?
But what do users actually gain from that unusual aspect ratio?
But the critical aspect of battery life remains pretty much unchanged.
I think the briefing is one aspect of what we do.
"The Five" is the best example of this personality/bench aspect.
The screen is the same 3:2 aspect ratio as well.
Did the musical aspect feel integral in constructing a queer narrative?
This aspect of the inner-psyche that requires playing out violence.
Motorcycles have always been a core aspect of the Bimmer business.
One aspect of President Trump's economic policy is easy to foresee.
Is there any aspect of that life that you still miss?
But, without any multiplayer aspect, it can get … a bit lonely.
The most important aspect of the game, though, is its sound.
Reagan's words point to an important aspect of what has changed.
Were there specific movies you watched that fed into that aspect?
The most surprising aspect of the book, however, is Sandberg's openness.
It's the one aspect I side-eye most about the show.
What do you think was the most redeemable aspect of it?
It wasn't a good day for St. Louis in any aspect.
Elaborate on that human being aspect, especially as a black woman.
There's also the medical-legal aspect that's awkward to talk about.
It was a cool visual aspect, but it didn't promote gameplay.
They are not interested in the sexual aspect of the assault.
The lack of trust permeates and taints every aspect of life.
This is an aspect in which Trump very much is normal.
How did you end up with the 4:3 aspect ratio?
Was that more serious aspect of the project important to you?
There is another aspect of racing that we'd like to explore.
There was also a social aspect of it that was fun.
TV's "Boundless" that 2202G is a fundamental aspect of city modernization.
But the more troublesome aspect for many Democrats was Trump's showing.
Finding and eradicating those vulnerabilities is an important aspect of cybersecurity.
"People talk about the whole aspect of nudity," Mr. O'Steen said.
The magnitude of the disaster was compounded by its political aspect.
That sort of risk-averseness now pervades every aspect of childhood.
I think the majority of my success comes from that aspect.
It's this aspect that has unsurprisingly opened Davos up to attack.
What's more, the button aspect of each dial is too sensitive.
There is a very incongruous aspect to all this for me.
These are very, very long aspect ratios of, like, a million.
Hand off a single aspect of a project to a colleague.
" He told Mr. Scurvin: "That's just a small aspect of me.
Being a founder means balancing every aspect of running a startup.
How are you preparing for the political aspect of your job?
Which aspect of transcendentalist thought is reflected in Lines 12-19?
Just don't count on that aspect of the story repeating itself.
Indeed, the social aspect of Pokémon Go is a big draw.
"That is a deeply frustrating aspect of it," Mr. Kaye said.
It's just one aspect of the no-frills grocery shopping experience.
Otherwise, the presentation leans heavily on the social media influencers aspect.
The ideological aspect is gone, but the tensions have been reformatted.
If we change jobs, every aspect of our health insurance changes.
He quickly got involved in every aspect of the paper's production.
""I think people historically were always focused on the consumer aspect.
Imagine the power to customize every aspect of a child's education.
With very fast growth, a business takes on an entrepreneurial aspect.
Both the stems and leaves have a refreshing juicy, sour aspect.
We are riveted -- concerned about every aspect of their well-being.
Every aspect of my day revolved around gambling in some way.
So any and every aspect can be part of your brand.
The conspiracy theory aspect has particular currency with the yellow vests.
"There was no business aspect, no training, for example," he said.
The Commerce Department will oversee the joint venture aspect, Mnuchin said.
He might have been talking about every aspect of his life.
The support is probably the most important aspect of these groups.
You were very much involved in every aspect of this country.
That makes the cultural aspect of the shift even more important.
The most revealing aspect of this memo is what it excludes.
And then the next aspect is that those ballots are counted.
An important aspect of using a vape is the cleaning process.
Brunch is an occasion to Snapchat every aspect of the conversation.
This aspect can also correspond with a money-making artistic venture.
AEP cites work preparedness as one key aspect of arts education.
So they're on borrowed time in every aspect of their lives.
The customer service aspect prompted her love affair with the job.
But one aspect of the event was less fun for viewers.
Are we really so surprised by this aspect of human nature?
I really like what school represents and every aspect of it.
Technology has penetrated every aspect of life, even your sweet tooth.
"We shall not tolerate this aspect at all," he allegedly said.
This aspect of the show is one of its chief delights.
Ahmed wanted viewers to feel each aspect through its visual texture.
And so maybe even the making-of aspect is really fascinating.
It's like the regular Nintendo 3DS consoles, minus the 3D aspect.
Why is there so little research on this aspect of cannabis?
Apple could move away from the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio.
Then there's elegance, the third and most elusive aspect of beauty.
In almost every aspect, Warby Parker should probably have you covered.
Showing off lavish items is an undeniable aspect of American culture.
And price isn't the only aspect of trading that has changed.
Elizabeth Warren's critique of an aspect Twitter's new political ad policy.
That, of course, has always been the amazing aspect of Ortiz.
Bannon: I think these cryptocurrencies have huge aspect in the future.
Widespread media coverage has been an essential aspect of any epidemic.
One unusual aspect of the trial raised questions for some experts.
What may appear absurd today will assume a serious aspect tomorrow.
And I know you're involved, Ken, in every aspect of this.
His eviction might address an aspect of the Harvey Weinstein problem.
The Wonder Woman aspect of the story seems an easy sell.
That last aspect is as bracing as it can be frustrating.
They increasingly control every aspect of the waste and recycling system.
There's also another aspect to a smart home assistant worth mentioning.
But I've been using my Apple Watch for the fitness aspect.
The truth, he says, changed almost every aspect of his life.
SA: One other significant aspect of all this is the timing.
Yet Dr. Roberts remained philosophical about this aspect of his life.
Mr. Mueller took over that aspect of the inquiry in 2017.
FG: The most important aspect of our residency is the encounters.
The overlapping flight paths are the most difficult aspect to model.
To this day, every aspect of his process is self-taught.
That's an aspect of the work that is Magda's entire life.
"That is a less satisfying aspect of this ruling," said Hein.
The LIFT Act doesn't challenge this aspect of the tax code.
Apple had no comment on any aspect of its streaming plans.
The aspect ratio of the vertical video should be 9:16.
The social aspect of KoHub has been crucial to Abbott's vision.
The misleading statement is but one aspect of Mr. Mueller's investigation.
The coronavirus pandemic has touched every aspect of each American's life.
"He did not in any aspect get desperate," Ms. Demirtas said.
You use it to start chronicling the game aspect of politics.
The Page warrant is just one aspect of the broader investigation.
There is that aspect of me being trapped in this thing.
"It adds to the communal aspect of this company," French said.
I'm really interested in the ways it's playing with aspect ratio.
Open your NookPhone's passport app and edit any aspect of it.
On this aspect alone, race has nothing to do with it.
"I think that's a fun aspect of the game," Brunson said.
"'Saving face' is an important aspect of Chinese culture," she explained.
"It is a whole different aspect of law enforcement," he said.
But what does she lose by erasing an aspect of it?
Then came the financial aspect, which made planning seem like cake.
Is that why you played with the aspect ratio, for example?
For progressives, examining every aspect of the federal budget is unbearable.
An important aspect of doing so is addressing agrarian research funding.
The jury is still out on the sleep aspect for me.
The human aspect of this seems entirely lost on these people.
But one aspect of wellness is often overlooked: your sex life.
They offer to manage every aspect of a restaurant's labor force.
But there's also a fundamentally creepy aspect to much of this.
A: Every aspect of my life should be informed by yoga.
"That is a really motivating aspect of the search," Thévenot said.
It is one aspect of the political climate that offers hope.
Greta uses this aspect of her Aspie profile to her advantage.
He thinks about every little aspect of a photo, every detail.
That I had assembled every aspect of the production was intoxicating.
The one aspect of sleep that you do have control over?
Another aspect of the Voter's Choice Act impacted mail-in ballots.
I find the angle of the image its most significant aspect.
Judaism was just one aspect of what she was talking about.
These recurring patterns exist in almost every aspect of a business.
An aspect of our study put this idea to the test.
This tree uses the candy aspect of Valentine's Day for inspiration.
And that's just an aspect of what we have to worry.
His death drives the murder mystery aspect of the graphic novel.
The biggest and most confusing missing aspect on Byte is links.
Mexican archeologists don't know much about that aspect of the civilization.
Every aspect of who I am is tied in with nature.
"I'm exhausted, frankly, of the Biden aspect of this," he said.
He had this aspect of a country doctor, very empathetic, sensitive.
Thus; any updates on this aspect draw attention from the market.
"I'm exhausted, frankly, of the Biden aspect of this," Booker said.
But, Amrita Sen, a chief oil analyst at Energy Aspect, disagrees.
What is the most unromantic aspect of collecting Mexican folk art?
The press treats me horribly with almost every aspect of life.
Not every aspect of the growing economy paints a rosy picture.
And they helped illustrate a crucial aspect of Florida's seeming capriciousness.
Here that critical aspect of their dynamic becomes flesh and blood.
But then there is that intriguing aspect of fighting legacy preferences.
And it's been an important aspect of fan culture for decades.
The most striking aspect of the release was Mr. Trump's weight.
Strapping and intimacy became a regular aspect of post-show conversations.
What aspect of the travel industry won't wellness touch in 2018?
So it's inevitable that there will be some aspect of nostalgia.
Since you're new to this, how does that aspect affect you?
But this leads to a strange aspect of discussions about Hamilton.
We are planting the seeds, and in that aspect, I'm optimistic.
Don: The two of them brought the computer aspect into it.
But that isn't even the most challenging aspect of a prequel.
I have never once considered the dialog aspect of Medium. Seriously?
So you're focusing not on the entertainment aspect of it now?
But they face huge disparities in nearly every aspect of society.
Vince McMahon exerts controls over just about every aspect of WWE.
The secrecy is an important aspect of Sisi's relationship with Israel.
The Honor 8.03C's 5.99-inch FullView display features an 18:9 aspect ratio (versus the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio), which means users have more screen space for gaming, watching videos, or viewing and editing photos.
EDN's sources echoed another recent leak claiming Apple will make the move to a larger aspect ratio from its current 16:9 setup, shifting to an 18:5:9 aspect ratio, just like the Galaxy S8.
The Mate X has a 6.6-inch (2,480 x 1,148) front display with 303:9 aspect ratio and a 6.38-inch display (2,480 x 892) with 25:9 aspect ratio on the rear when folded up.
"It was the aspect of the future of gamification in terms of having these different types of badges and the aspect of how it evolves and takes telemedicine to the next level of medicine itself," Jhaveri said.
"It was the functional look of having something that tied the mystical aspect into the technological aspect," Alan Johnson, one-half of the husband and wife team behind lightsaber manufacturer Vader's Vault, tells me over the phone.
I asked Tomkinson if the decision to set Breakpoint in a fictional place was in response to that criticism, if it was meant to allow them to focus more on the gameplay aspect than the societal aspect.
Another way to understand this is in the difference between old, box-like standard-definition televisions, which had an aspect ratio of 4:3, and modern, high-definition TVs, which have an aspect ratio of 16:9.
JS: Your work can also have a map-like or diagrammatic aspect.
This should, in theory, render the assassination market aspect of Augur void.
How do you think cancer affected that social aspect of your life?
What do you think was the most successful aspect of the revival?
Wasn't really ... exactly, the cognitive aspect was not really under threat, right?
This astrological aspect is especially lucky for your friendships and social connections.
The agencies say every aspect of the investigation will be thoroughly reviewed.
The medical and scientific aspect has always been very important to me.
For centuries, inbred weirdos in castles ruled every aspect of our lives.
I don't care about gamification but the social aspect can be nice.
Can you talk about including this second-screen aspect of the show?
But for me as a kid, I loved every aspect of it.
Some Republicans have already expressed concerns over this aspect of the plan.
Because, after all, menstruation is just another very important aspect of health.
Another aspect workers are likely to rave about is the work perks.
In Florida, there is a significant political aspect to this situation. Sen.
The most important aspect of his workout routine, Branson emphasizes, is consistency.
In a sense, there is an autobiographical aspect to the whole piece.
Plaintiffs believe the new evidence could sway that aspect in their favor.
That multi-cultural aspect seemed to resonate in a post-#OscarsSoWhite era.
TC: What was the most rewarding aspect of your experience at Baruch?
But, that is not the only aspect that sets the film apart.
They are meant to cover nearly every aspect of North Korean life.
The most redeemable aspect has nothing to do with family at all.
But he&aposs always talked about the relational aspect of the negotiations.
"Companies have essentially forgotten the human aspect of human resources," Cho said.
This overabundance of good feelings often creates an artificial almost creepy aspect.
The opportunity arises from an aspect of the party's presidential nominating rules.
There is one aspect of Smith's gift that should prompt some concern.
And this message is supported by nearly every aspect of American society.
He still reflects on that aspect of the mission 50 years later.
Chicago Police said it is looking into every aspect of this incident.
Software is permeating every aspect of the production process of a company.
Then film plays in wrong aspect ratio and Grand Lumiere almost rioted.
I think that she's interested in the world-building aspect of games.
"Definitely the DIY aspect saved the house," he told Business Insider Today.
"I think the voluntary aspect of this has been underemployed," Valenstein said.
Almost every single aspect of this family's existence is just absurdly fascinating.
"And I think it's an important aspect of the story to tell."
The eating aspect involves opening your mouth and trying to catch fruit.
Meanwhile, another aspect of their alleged influence campaign has gone relatively unexamined.
Another common aspect of all those universes is that they're low magic.
That predicament leads to perhaps the harshest aspect of today's confidentiality clauses.
A key aspect of Ethereum is the so-called smart contract functionality.
Namely, the "game" aspect of our theme is in the word MATTEL.
The worst aspect of other climbers was that they held him back.
Casey Newton's article on The Verge obviously illustrates one aspect of it.
No aspect of the business' data funnel goes to waste, it seems.
Another interesting aspect of this options trade is that 120-strike price.
I wanted to explore her from that aspect There were two challenges.
"Surveillance is a foundational aspect of public health," Ciccarone told BuzzFeed News.
The cloud industry is impacting nearly every aspect of business, he added.
He's just changed every aspect of the way we approach our rugby.
That may be the most subversive aspect of Trier's superhero movie riff.
We were ignorant to every aspect of real estate that there is.
Another aspect of Nikoladze's music box sounds almost like prepared piano notes.
Mars will make a harmonious aspect to Neptune on this day, too.
It's the one really inelegant aspect of an otherwise extremely elegant system.
I love every aspect of seeing a young person accomplish their dreams.
For Shell, there's a definite self-serving aspect to all of this.
GUY HALLOWESSydney There is also an emotional aspect attached to German exports.
That said, there is a certain aspect of self-fulfilling prophecy involved.
The 3D printing aspect was particularly important to making a convincing painting.
I think it's a part of all the conversations, with every aspect.
You can control every aspect of the camera short of the aperture.
The second aspect is what I call the curse of low expectations.
Thankfully, you can "Pause" this slightly unsavory aspect of the company's services.
" "The nomination is not the only aspect of what politics is about.
Almost every aspect of the past and present is still argued over.
This can be explained by the display's weird 26:26 aspect ratio.
Each one is taken from an aspect in Kory and Mallory's life.
That is the aspect of grief I had no idea was coming.
Recall the company's recent forays into dual-lenses and new aspect ratios.
The most vital aspect of this overview is the customer acquisition strategy.
But there's also an aspect of rivalry, of possessivity bordering on covetousness.
And to me, that&aposs like kind of the most compelling aspect.
The one positive aspect of the movie was her friendship with Tatum.
But Brown's hair wasn't the only standout aspect of her look tonight.
So that was a fun aspect of the film, playing with that.
One aspect they are very particular about is working with "honest" ingredients.
They had one aspect in common with the real cupping group, though.
Full repeal would mean that every aspect of Obamacare no longer exists.
Kaitlyn: It's sad that that's the only social aspect of Spotify now.
Also, hopefully, most of them won't have a horseshoe aspect to them.
And it's this aspect that benefits from a "deep neural network" approach.
Amazon wants to be part of every single aspect of your life.
When the romantic aspect of the relationship soured, Meehan took to extortion.
That could speak to a fundamental aspect of the outer planets' atmospheres.
All the works in this show exemplify some aspect of media archeology.
And I'm sure many games haven't been optimized for this aspect ratio.
One unusual aspect of the Line IPO: the procedure follows Japanese rules.
Each face represents a different aspect pious life for followers to observe.
I understand these arguments, but the most important aspect here is safety.
The chairman said there was "definitely an insurance aspect" to the cut.
Maybe the educational aspect could be teaching kids about the Malthusian model?
The Doctor is usually disappointed by some aspect of his new form.
Financial services are a famously strong aspect of the United Kingdom's economy.
Another aspect to consider is how you communicate through what you write.
That might prove to be the series' most innovative aspect, in fact.
Finally: There is an aspect of this that will rely on transparency.
The team focused on every aspect – like  fabric, color, pattern, and cut.
Integrating security into each aspect of your business could mitigate this stressor.
But the worrisome aspect of Ginsburg's remarks is where it might lead.
Gates&apos testimony also touched on an aspect of the Trump campaign.
Slipping from end to end like a bullet caught in cetacean aspect.
All of this is a key and dangerous aspect of Trump's presidency.
Yet I can't be too upset by the marketing aspect, not really.
But the tapping aspect takes a little getting used to at first.
I also love problem solving, which is a huge aspect of teaching.
Legal questions aside, the religious aspect of the Kunkels' claims are dubious.
Money, or our lack of it, affects every aspect of our lives.
"We think navigation is a fundamental aspect of our intelligence," he said.
You haven&apost seen the media coverage of that aspect of it.
So that's an awesome thing, it's an awesome aspect of her character.
Because every aspect of my life will make its way into lyrics.
I think this aspect of the work should have been dramatized more.
JB: And how do you describe that time/space aspect of painting?
Salinity and other savory flavors are simply another aspect of wine's complexity.
I also found the blinding aspect of the glasses very anxiety reducing.
Also it turns out launching Aspect then, I am now an entrepreneur.
Real estate risk management is but one aspect of housing credit pricing.
Saying yes all the time is just an aspect of inner hate.
Aspect Ventures has another lady atop its female-led venture investment team.
After stints at Google and Cowboy Ventures, Kolodny followed Gouw to Aspect.
" He adds, "I think that's where the real-time aspect stemmed from.
Spiri's most interesting aspect might be that it's using its own cars.
Just think — you could use your phone in a vertical aspect ratio.
And then the social aspect of it, which are real social interactions.
It's a lovely aspect of the show, an ingredient of the show.
The works balance color and form perfectly, paying each aspect due respect.
The only ostentatious aspect of the getup is her long, white nails.
What's the kind of most important aspect of living an ethical life?
A hallmark of modern political science is the scientific aspect of it.
So in other words in design, green is only one small aspect.
The third aspect of design is that it must be immensely beautiful.
"Obstruction is criminal -- there's a criminal aspect to that," committee Chairman Sen.
Likability is crucial in every aspect of our lives, professionally and personally.
But the most controversial aspect of the unit was the decoy squads.
And campaigning is the aspect of politics closest to such media spectacle.
It's violent video games, music, movies, or another aspect of American culture.
However, the one galling aspect to Cyborg's performance was after the fact.
But Story of Your Life diverges from Arrival in one key aspect.
The best aspect of the Xperia X hardware is undoubtedly the display.
But the less-talked-about aspect of the show is the music.
Venus, in Pisces, will square (a stressful astrological aspect) Saturn in Sagittarius.
In fact, her family is her "fave altogether" aspect of her life.
TikTok's inappropriate content was a dangerous aspect of the app, it added.
"I love the fairy-tale aspect of it all," she told me.
The charging case may be my least favorite aspect of these headphones.
"Michael Sheen and the light comedy aspect in the show," said Payne.
We tried to keep any aspect of human culture very, very stylized.
I said, 'What part of me didn't pass the Italian identification aspect?
Making tough calls for your children is a vital aspect of parenting.
But another aspect of this larger shift is more cultural and psychological.
We rely on them to bring a certain aspect to our game.
"What we lost in some aspect we gained in independence," she said.
The game has become a little bit more crazy in this aspect.
We see the impact of technology in every aspect of our lives.
This is where the "partially generative" aspect in the title comes in.
The one aspect of pregnancy that Duggar isn't a big fan of?
Another hugely important aspect is whether the asylum seeker has an attorney.
"We're focused on the comprehensive health care aspect of this," Hyden said.
For competitors, he says, it's only one aspect of what they do.
Nevertheless, this aspect of the novel makes it feel a little restricted.
Another important aspect of sleep trackers is the app they connect to.
Plus, retirement savings is only one aspect of our larger financial picture.
That aspect of Taiwan's criticism was not widely acknowledged by China, however.
Every aspect of the Brianna character seems to followed by exclamation marks.
The logistics of "Bandersnatch" thus become the most intriguing aspect of it.
Little humans are universally devoid of this aspect of the human experience.
I'm really a true believer on the whole community aspect of healing.
"Everybody's got a different aspect they bring to the game," Coates said.
I always think about the business aspect tied into the creative decisions.
So, what does the "performance" aspect of these shoes' description actually mean?
The challenges are absolutely enormous in every aspect of their lives, globally.
Laura Kelly, who made it a key aspect of her election campaign.
How aware were you of that aspect during the making of it?
Then, there's the ideological aspect, which is more difficult and long-term.
I delighted in playing every aspect of this extraordinary and iconic character.
The sound system was very good — an underappreciated aspect of many clubs.
And that may be the most shocking and bizarre aspect of all.
The acceptance, that aspect of his music is not a new thing.
Customer service:The best aspect of Chewy hands down is its customer service.
NAFTA benefits us all and impacts every aspect of our daily lives.
Audio, she learned, allowed her to embrace the cerebral aspect of sexuality.
"You're trying to put a moral, ethical aspect to it," Sekulow said.
Having grandchildren is totally fun because you don't have that neurotic aspect.
"Predictable scheduling is a critical aspect of these workers' lives," Patel said.
What later opera lost was the rhetorical aspect of the human voice.
Sexism is a poison that seeps into every aspect of her life.
There are heavy bags below his eyes, giving him a weary aspect.
That ultimately may be the most resonant aspect of this shallow biopic.
The cleverest and most troubling aspect of the film is its empathy.
"Aside from the novelty aspect, they do taste very good," Cimarusti said.
You have the aspect of perpetuating this kind of inequality over time.
Throngs of technology entrepreneurs are reshaping, "disrupting," every aspect of our economy.
Today's Moon in Pisces will really highlight this aspect of your personality!
However, like Jyst, there's an anonymity aspect at play, and it helped.
The malleable aspect allowed this bag to basically fit more stuff. Period.
Many employers are now aggressively focusing on the return-to-work aspect.
In that, games are also reproducing a pernicious aspect of Western culture.
This piece explains a key aspect of what makes bitcoin's economy tick.
I chose this profession because every aspect of the work fascinates me.
Often people feel being autistic is a fundamental aspect of their identity.
Jennifer Fonstad is a co-founder and managing partner of Aspect Ventures.
At VICE, cannabis has long been a central aspect of our journalism.
There seems to be a joyfulness and playful aspect in their skating.
I'm into booze so that aspect of nightlife never appealed to me.
I didn't want the conversation to come down to the economic aspect.
Therapy sessions revealed a disturbing aspect of her relationship with her mom.
Resizing my image while keeping the same aspect ratio isn't completely obvious.
It has to be universal that deals in an aspect of humanity.
Nobody else, though, made the collaborative aspect of the work so clear.
And you do have the gelatinous aspect of it that people love.
I still find myself using that aspect of the Internet a lot.
Embracing this aspect of myself has helped my family, career, and network.
It's fun to see how the game's changed in that aspect, too.
Medicare, meanwhile, saw at least one aspect of its finances improve slightly.

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