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"common" Definitions
  1. happening often; existing in large numbers or in many places
  2. [usually before noun] shared by or belonging to two or more people or by the people in a group
  3. [only before noun] ordinary; not unusual or special
  4. (of an animal or plant) found or living in quite large numbers; not rare
  5. (British English, disapproving) typical of somebody from a low social class and not having good manners

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"common" Synonyms
ordinary average normal regular simple standard conventional familiar plain routine stock unpretentious customary commonplace generic humble modest pedestrian unexceptional unnoteworthy frequent repeated prevalent recurring typical universal habitual persistent prevailing recurrent constant natural perpetual predictable usual continual everyday extensive incessant popular general shared accepted mainstream mutual ubiquitous well-known widespread across the board current collective joint composite cumulative combined overall assembled broad collated communal concentrated consolidated cooperative public social socialistic unified pooled communistic community united collaborative conjoint for all concerted conjunct multiple coordinated synergetic low-class lowly plebeian inferior middling baseborn bourgeois ignoble second-class lowborn low-born lower-class low-ranking philistine proletarian second-rate undistinguished declassé déclassé unrefined crass coarse crude ill-mannered rude uncouth uncultivated uncultured boorish impolite rough uncivilised(UK) uncivilized(US) vulgar graceless gross ill-bred lowbrow mannerless endemic garden-variety household pervasive a dime a dozen bog-standard garden rife rampant sweeping mediocre banal characterless hackneyed low-grade nondescript passable stale trite wearisome worn-out formulaic insipid so-so stereotypical tedious tired unexciting unimaginative low-quality lousy paltry shabby substandard tawdry bad bargain-basement bum cheap cruddy execrable junky miserable shoddy sorry solid consistent unanimous undivided harmonious uniform congenial coadunate consentient firm homogeneous concordant vernacular colloquial informal conversational idiomatic nonliterary unbookish dialectal local native nonformal unliterary folk domesticated indigenous goodish adequate decent fair moderate okay fairish kosher admissible copacetic delightful big cool hep hip large all right hunky-dory trivial insignificant trifling petty inconsequential negligible unimportant inconsiderable minor slight piddling minute measly piffling niggling nugatory footling nominal picayune famous prominent renowned celebrated famed acclaimed important known notable noted notorious distinguished eminent esteemed great influential leading available unrestricted free-for-all free for use furnished omnipresent open provided rentable supplied appropriable free gratis between engagements live pertinent topical burning dominant pressing relevant running vital active circulating contemporary controversial earnest low-minded dirty base contemptible currish despicable detestable disgusting dishonourable(UK) dishonorable(US) foul ignominious low in season obtainable abundant growing on offer plentiful readily available readily obtainable on the market to be had purchasable in stock on sale for sale being sold buyable available for purchase accessible attainable down-to-earth matter-of-fact practical realistic sensible no-nonsense pragmatic sane rational reasonable hard-headed logical responsible sober sound balanced businesslike common-sense commonsensical earthy provincial suburban propertied shopkeeping Pooterish Victorian middle-class property-owning small-town parish-pump traditional conformist petit-bourgeois middle-England open space green park playground playing field recreational area recreation ground commons lawn sward grass turf grassplot mead lea greensward grassy area plaza field terrace pleb populace commoner commonality bourgeoisie citizen civilian crowd mass mob peasant ruck hoi polloi third estate the masses commonalty masses gender neuter feminine masculine animate inanimate gender-specific norm convention rule custom measure moor savannah savanna prairie grassland steppe heath tundra pampa downs veld champaign campo veldt llano upland ley moorland central location mall marketplace piazza square court village green quadrangle courtyard place close arcade quad galleria center(US) forum precinct wit intelligence wisdom shrewdness acumen astuteness sharpness understanding sense cleverness discernment sagacity nous insight canniness perception smarts intellect perspicacity ingenuity gardens grounds estate lawns greenery botanical gardens manicured gardens country park plot yard patch orchard allotment nursery oasis parkland garth More
"common" Antonyms
unconventional unique unorthodox special strange unusual atypical curious different novel original peculiar quaint unfamiliar abnormal bizarre exceptional fantastic fantastical odd rare infrequent occasional irregular uncommon chance incidental intermittent isolated periodic periodical punctuated sporadic scarce scattered sparse spasmodic cyclic insular anomalous unpopular extraordinary seldom unaccustomed individual personal own distinct divisional individualistic lone private respective select selfstanding sole unilateral constituent cross-sectional distinctive especial express local localised(UK) proper separate specific exclusive independent reserved single solitary one-man one-sided one-way unshared disjunct aristocratic elite noble genteel highborn highbred privileged courtly dignified elegant gentle grand great haughty high lofty patrician rich superior titled refined cultivated cultured courteous polished polite posh sophisticated well-bred well-mannered civilised(UK) civilized(US) classy graceful gracious nice ultrarefined endangered disappearing dying out excellent outstanding sensational splendid stellar sterling superb terrific brilliant exquisite fabulous first-class first-rate marvellous(UK) marvelous(US) notable noteworthy peerless high-quality fine choice premium high-grade luxury prime quality top-drawer top-notch precious valuable good sound solid casual freewheeling informal unceremonious broad-minded large-minded liberal nonconservative nonconventional nonorthodox nontraditional open-minded progressive eccentric left-field nonconformist fresh active energised(UK) energized(US) invigorated lively new refreshed unused unhackneyed innovative refreshing imaginative current underused deluxe high-class grandiose lavish luxurious upscale luscious lush opulent pretentious chic elaborate fancy luxuriant unknown unrecognised(UK) unrecognized(US) untried obscure exotic foreign unheard of unidentified little known undiscovered disapproved refused uncertain divided split partite disunited apart asunder fragmented factionalized at odds in conflict in disagreement at variance at loggerheads in opposition in contention out of sync minor subsidiary auxiliary inferior least secondary subordinate unimportant subjective submissive yielding inspiring unprecedented raw absorbing engaging engrossing gripping interesting intriguing involving riveting alluring amazing

471 Sentences With "common"

How to use common in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "common" and check conjugation/comparative form for "common". Mastering all the usages of "common" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Check it out ... Marco's advice seems like common sense, but common sense isn't so common these days.
We need common-sense gun laws, common-sense gender equality and religious pluralism and common-sense privacy laws.
"Common understanding and a common picture of the situation is a precondition for common action," Mr. Stoltenberg said.
But if neighbors with a common language, a long common border and common enemies cannot work together, who can?
This experience taught me that beneath the surface differences of people that there were common hopes, and common dreams, and common aspirations, common values that stitched us together as Americans.
Much of the early work on conflict resolution in psychology was geared around this idea of bringing people together to find common ground—common goals, common identity, or common enemies.
Not just common goals, but a common heart and soul.
Grace Jones performs at Common People Festival at Southampton Common.
Sometimes common sense just ain't all that common, is it?
It is about common sense, common decency and public safety.
While this should be common sense, it isn't common enough.
The common themes in these bills are also common sense.
This experience taught me that beneath the surface differences of people that there were common hopes and common dreams and common aspirations.
But the other side is maintaining the common ones as common.
KAYE: Special relationships only strengthened by common enemies and common goals.
"  "The only problem with common sense is that it's so common.
Discounts are more common, and bidding wars have become less common.
What's common in Congress is now common in every public forum.
Common sense should be common, but it's damned elusive in Washington.
Still, we would need a common vocabulary, a common morality, a common vision—all seemingly impossible in a country as extremely divided as America.
In my experience, working toward a common goal doesn't require common beliefs.
It's a common story, so common that there's a name for it.
We have problems in common and responsibilities to solve them in common.
And on Common Core, Common Core has been eliminated in New Jersey.
It's common because the phenomenon that the word represents is so common.
Sun also self-publishes an equally disruptive, colorful magazine called Common Common.
And so he speaks in a common sense way to common people.
And a common thread between Obama and Trump was a common touch.
Most significantly, tribalism prevents finding common ground because it rejects common decency.
If you make common choices, you'll end up with a common life.
Common criminals who wave around a pocket Constitution are still common criminals.
Together, we will channel our common pain back into our common purpose.
Should it include both common law and legislation, or just common law?
An ever-changing "mosaic" of features—some more common in females, others more common in males, some common in both—guides both men and women.
"It is my faith in us — my faith in us together as a nation that we share common pain and common problems that can only be solved with a common purpose and a sense of common cause," Booker said.
I hope other states will join us in applying pressure on North Carolina to recognize common sense, common decency, and common humanity and repeal this law.
"People can sit down and find common subjects, find common ground," she said.
Best known for Common Fate, Common Bond: Women in the Global Economy (1986).
Currently, Braskem has common and preferred shares, and would have only common shares.
Common language is getting hard to come by as common ground gives way.
Nobody stood to gain by re-engineering for common workflows or common infrastructure.
"And Common Core — Common Core has been eliminated in New Jersey," he said.
Within that group I think you can talk about common beliefs, common practices.
A shocking number of Americans are willing to reject common citizenship, common humanity.
The most common eye color changeBrown is the most common eye color worldwide.
He is a common man or he could not go among common people.
This is common-sense economics -- it should be common-sense policy and politics.
In such a union, Berlin might be willing to accept a limited common euro zone budget and common bank deposit insurance but probably never common debt issuance.
Lebanese are unified by a common language (Arabic), a common ethnicity (mostly Arabs and some Armenians) and common values in support of freedom, equality and civil rights.
Modern white nationalism has a common history and a common language that transcends borders.
Instead of appealing to a common meme formula, POVs appeal to a common humanity.
Working toward these common goals, the pragmatists and the visionaries can find common ground.
By supporting this journey, we are working toward a common goal of common good.
Eventually, they agreed on common paintings, with some local differences, and a common catalog.
You would think common sense is common, but in many instances it really isn't.
I wouldn't say there that there's one common [mistake], but a couple common [ones].
Common sense dictates the answer, but musicals, and love, don't run on common sense.
It's like Pres says — Barstool is by the common man, for the common man.
He was speaking to the common man, but he didn't know a common man.
Which is very common in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, becoming more common elsewhere now.
Instead, what's most common in both females and males are brains with "mosaics" of features, some of them more common in males and some more common in females.
And we just bonded over a number of things, common interests, common desire to create great things, a common desire to wow people, you know, to surprise people.
"It is my faith in us, my faith in us together as a nation that we share a common pain and common problems that can only be solved with a common purpose and a sense of common cause," he said in the video.
And that as Americans, we share not just a common land, but a common life.
"It wasn't as common as the common cold, but it certainly did happen," said Shorter.
All humans should work together to protect their common values and advance their common interests.
Newfield shareholders will receive 2.6719 Encana common shares for each share of Newfield common stock.
The most common health risk from flying: the common cold, flu, and similar viral infections.
A group of people who have a common set of values and a common destiny.
The practice isn't common in the United Kingdom, Coomarasamy said, but much more common globally.
You and I have more in common than I have in common with a robot.
The common threads In looking at these candidates as a whole, some common threads emerge.
" In the end, she finds, the story of her abuse is "common, common as dirt.
I believe he can repair international relationships and solidify common ground for the common good.
Common responsibilities and problems, histories and futures spill across those borders and demand common action.
Thus, constipation is common at home and is even a bit more common while traveling.
"These are your average common people carrying firearms that are in common use," he said.
Reinfections are common among people who have recovered from coronaviruses that cause the common cold.
"He takes three common prescription medications and two common over-the-counter medications," O'Connor wrote.
According to his plans, the Eurozone should be completed with a common budget and a common finance minister and the Schengen area should be protected with a common border police.
Icahn currently owns 17 million common shares, or about 18 percent of Herbalife's outstanding common shares.
"We share a common ecosystem, and we share common mountains, rivers, history and culture," Singh said.
A common interest can bind us as friends , but a common Father binds us as family .
There's a common language with Latino Americans, and a common history of colonialism, a shared religion.
Sometimes we disagree, but we always think and sure -- I think, common concerns and common values.
CORKE: Common concerns and common values, so says Emmanuel Macron, the president, of course, of France.
What if... a people that share a common and rich heritage can find a common future?
Typically this is less common among Muay Thai purists and more common among traditional martial artists.
The common thread of the Trumposphere is that there doesn't need to be any common thread.
Kepler and K2 helped researchers discover that planets are incredibly common, even more common than stars.
We have to use common sense… Somebody the other day called me a common-sense conservative.
Having a lot in common is really important and we definitely have a lot in common.
Cervical cancers are most common among women, and oropharyngeal cancers are the most common among men.
In the 1950s the Germans got the common market in exchange for the common agricultural policy.
Over a generation or two, these common experiences may grow into a common foreign policy culture.
"I think there is a move towards a common position, towards a common effort," he said.
Vomiting and elevated heart rate were fairly common; while neurological issues (agitation, restlessness) were less common.
"The common denominator is the smartphone, and even more common is the messaging app," Jameson notes.
Seeking common ground and common sense reforms is what contrasts the pragmatic environmentalist from the rest.
What if, a people that share a common and rich heritage, can find a common future?
The president can't end the Common Core, because the federal government didn't create the Common Core.
Trying to find some common ground, some common understanding that perhaps can make me more empathetic.
In fact, telecommuting is more common among employees over 35 and most common among baby boomers.
And they are astonishingly common—perhaps the single most common organic "entities" in the entire biosphere.
Disagree by finding common groundIn most disagreements, there is generally common ground where you can start.
Here, we describe some common themes from those replies: This was perhaps the most common response.
It can just be a common practice, as common as asking someone what their name is.
Washington needs, once again, to reflect the common sense and common decency of the American people.
If we all do our part we can restore our common faith in our common future.
And even though a majority of Republicans said expressions of racist views were about as common or less common, a significant minority of 42 percent said that they have become more common.
Despite never having met, Jo and Olivia already have something in common — or, rather, someone in common.
To find our common purpose, we must define our common ground and then consciously build upon it.
Unless humans realise their common predicament and make common cause, they are unlikely to survive this crisis.
Common tweeted it, too, so now he's one of those guys who interacted with Common one time.
There is a tremendous amount of common ground, things that can be done for the common good.
Both sides sliced their way through the interpretive thicket by appealing to common language and common sense.
"A nation-state needs to have a sense of a common history and common culture," he said.
Government won't make America great, but her people in common cause, in common service, can and will.
As Burke put it, their faith is in natural wisdom; the common sense of the common man.
I agree with the governor's call to put politics aside, use common sense, and find common ground.
Most economic literature suggests that requires a common budget and some sort of common safe debt instrument.
The fourth most common cancer in women Worldwide, cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women.
At 3Q17, tangible common equity and common equity tier 1 (CET1) capital ratios were 11.8% and 17.7%, respectively.
February 16, 13 - Booker's memoir, "United: Thoughts on Finding Common Ground and Advancing the Common Good," is published.
I have nothing in common with the people out there and they have nothing in common with me.
"Have we gone too far in the world of political correctness that we've forgotten common sense, common decency"?
As a hub for increasingly common smart home devices, Alexa is a great choice and a common one.
" After the audience reacted to Sheen's choice of words, he added, "She abandoned common courtesy and common sense!
What becomes of us as inhabitants of a common world that no longer seems a world in common?
Stock-outs were most common in sub-Saharan Africa, where bungled procurement and tracking of vaccines is common.
Maybe it's through using common internet services, or maybe it's just common social norms as you travel around.
Worse, if these outcomes stem from a common cause, some fear they might coalesce into a common threat.
The most common virus detected in samples taken from security trays was rhinovirus, a common cause of colds.
If you have some of these SNPs in common with another person, you may share a common ancestry.
It means our most common letters (E, A) are used exponentially more often than our least common letters.
But this is only possible if these nodes conform to both common data standards and common networking protocols.
Common was actually known as Common Sense before a reggae band sued him ... because they had the rights.
It fell from the third most common reason for not initiating vaccination to the fifth most common reason.
"It's not just about one community — we're all facing one common hate and one common intolerance," she said.
Clinton said that the rollout and implementation of Common Core was problematic, but that common benchmarks were important.
And action only comes when we all seek the common good, finding common ground through such bipartisan efforts.
We may have a common European currency, but we still do not have a common European terrorism database.
With such enabling common data structures, multiple financial institution systems can be built using common industry infrastructure specifications.
And it's also a story about people who have nothing in common, finding they have something in common.
A bit of common sense and common decency intruded on Tuesday into the crazy world of Donald Trump.
They were common Muslim names, whereas her client was a Spanish speaker with a very common Latino name.
"I think you take a look at those elections, the common thread was pragmatic, common sense," he added.
We will bring America together as one country again – united as Americans in common purpose and common dreams.
Extreme cold waves, it says, are less common since the 1980s, while extreme heat waves are more common.
"Together, we will channel our common pain back into our common purpose," Booker said in his kickoff message.
"We believe Poles and Hungarians have a common path, common fight and common goal: to build and defend our homeland in the form that we like it ... Christian and with national values," Orban said.
He touched on immigration reform, told a classic dad joke about Ginger Rogers' dancing prowess, and painted a picture of an America united by its common toughness, its common strength, and its common hope.
" He then addressed his daughters' interactions with their white friends, noting they have a "common culture and a common language and common perspectives that were far more segregated even when I was growing up.
He said unlike with the trade of goods, services are about ensuring common rules, common supervision and common enforcement and that is why free trade agreements do not have detailed rules for financial services.
The issues facing two countries, and two peoples, with a common heritage, a common language, a common home and an unsure future helped all of us understand and value our political relationships back home.
But I do believe that the more federal Europe, with a common finance policy and fiscal policy, with a common defense policy, with a common foreign policy is the only Europe can succeed, truly.
Common cause, in turn, leads to common ground (both aspire to be writers), common ground to friendship, and friendship, for Casement, to a misty-eyed amour fou that will long outlast Ward's youthful handsomeness.
Sometimes left and right converge on a common cause out of common sense; sometimes left and right converge on a common cause out of a reluctance to face the inherent contradictions in a problem.
Prices public offering of common shares * Says offering of 44.4 million common shares priced at $6.75per share * Says offering of 44.4 million common shares priced at $6.75per share Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
" Smart investing is "all about common sense," Bogle preached in his book "The Little Book of Common Sense Investing.
"What binds us to our neighbors is our common geographical destiny and common interests," he said in a statement.
Both of you are older, both of you are changed, but you still have a common language, common experience.
Prostate cancer is the fourth most common cause of cancer worldwide, and the second most common cancer among men.
The tools he used were pretty common, too: a rotary, a heat gun, and common hand tools like screwdrivers.
It is the fact that a group of people, united in common cause, are united in a common shade.
They discovered that the Indian capital's most common female name was Sunita and the most common male name Mohammed.
We can envision a common future together based on common values rather than a future of animosity and hatred.
His last diagram showed Opdebec's design, "the common wooden clothes pin in common use", as he scornfully described it.
" Apparently it's pretty common — common enough for him to joke that he wants to rename it "Kim Kardashian Wrist.
Nine common mistakes to avoid when filing The IRS recommends avoiding these 9 common mistakes when filing your returns.
In the fluid is a virus, specifically an adenovirus, a common variety of pathogen that includes the common cold.
Twitter's lowest common denominator Twitter parody accounts are the average sum of Twitter itself, and its lowest common denominator.
The traditional double standard was more common among men, while the reverse double standard was more common among women.
Lyme is the most common vector-borne disease in the US, more common than West Nile or Zika virus.
It depends on some common assumptions about what's right and wrong, admired and not admired — a common moral ecosystem.
After all, they say that the best relationships come from those who share common values, not necessarily common interests.
They gave names common to black Americans to some fictitious applicants, and names common to whites to the rest.
And then parks and public space are something that we all have as common, you know, civic common areas.
Hepatitis C was more than twice as common, and H.I.V. was more than three times as common, it said.
Mutations that are common in cancer genes were remarkably common in these healthy skin cells, too, the researchers found.
Lyme is the most common vector-borne disease in the US, more common West Nile or the Zika virus.
These behaviors were very common, with some actions (hitting or smacking someone) much more common than others (hurting animals).
But vaccine skepticism is more common in the United States than in Israel and much more common in Britain.
Coaches often prepare students using mock interviews where they ask common — and not so common — questions students may face.
It's a misconception that nasal symptoms are common — instead, the most common symptoms are fever and a dry cough.
BARBARA P., CHICAGO Of course one should exercise both common sense, and common ethical decency, in crafting a résumé.
It&aposs the most common type of tachycardia in children and also more common in women than in men.
Announces public offering of common stock * Says offering 50.0 million common shares Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
Announces secondary common stock offering * Says secondary offering 6.24 million common shares Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
This is common in cats......tuxedo cats, and it's also common in horses and pigs and even in humans.
Another common proposal seeks to ban "dilation and extraction" abortions, the most common procedure used during the second trimester.
"And yet here we are nearly 100 years on; we still have a common free movement zone, common social security claims, common voting rights, because it didn't suit either party to unpick that deal," he said.
MetLife common shareholders will receive one share of Brighthouse Financial common stock for every 11 shares of MetLife common stock they own as of the close of business on July 19, assuming SEC approval, MetLife said.
Common job titles: administrative assistant, executive assistant, scheduler Companies hiring: Delegate Solutions, Robert Half International, SAP Common job titles: data administrator, data entry clerk, data processor Companies hiring: Kforce, OfficeTeam, Randstad Common job titles: program manager, project manager, technical project manager Companies hiring: Motorola Solutions, Mozilla, Syneos Health Common job titles: content writer, copy editor, copywriter Companies hiring: Creative Circle, The Hustle, Vitamin T Common job titles: customer advocate, customer service representative, inbound customer service Companies hiring: CVS Health, VIPdesk Connect, Wayfair Common job titles: data engineer, senior network engineer, technical lead Companies hiring: Citizens Bank, Concentrix, VMware Common job titles: curriculum developer, online teacher, tutor Companies hiring: American InterContinental University, Strayer University, VIPKID Common job titles: business consultant, finance consultant, solutions consultant Companies hiring: Clarity Insights, Ellucian, Red Hat Common job titles: accountant, bookkeeper, financial analyst Companies hiring: JPMorgan Chase, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers Common job titles: digital marketing analyst, marketing coordinator, SEO specialist Companies hiring: Auth0, GitLab, Zhivago Partners
Under the terms of the agreement, Andeavor public unitholders will receive 1.135 of MPLX common units for every common unit.
Also, hyperpigmentation in general is more common in darker skin-toned women, so dark circles are a more common complaint.
Above, a look at the common (and not-so-common) ways your imagination can take over in the waiting room.
TH: By volume, more common stock sellers, just because there are many more common shareholders, including current and former employees.
This makes it about as common as tin in the Earth's crust, and about 19943 times more common than silver.
"I think there is a move toward a common position, toward a common effort," he told an event in Tokyo.
Anadarko shareholders are receiving $59 in cash and 0.84 shares of Occidental common stock per share of Anadarko common stock.
Eight strangers with virtually nothing in common find they have one very basic thing in common: They can share senses.
"The relations between Turkey and the United States have been erected upon common democratic values and common interests," said Erdogan.
Touchscreens weren't common when the DS came out, and motion controls weren't common when the Wii came out, he noted.
"We literally get reduced to our lowest common denominator, to appeal to the lowest common denominator," Knight tells the camera.
It's common for games to go through massive changes during development, but it's not common for us to see them.
As common as pregnancies are, the loss — whether intended or unintended — of a pregnancy is more common than many expect.
Lack of physician recommendation was the fourth most common reason in 2014, up from the fifth most common in 2010.
Both common sense and common morality (as well as judicial ruling) say we cannot use free speech to yell Fire!
"This is a dictionary that starts with the most common word and goes to the next common word," he said.
PhoneSoap kills 99.9% of common household germs, including bacteria that leads to E.Coli, Salmonella, Staph, Flu, and the common cold.
Dialog and its parent have moderate linkages, which include sharing key management personnel, a common brand name and common creditors.
Unfortunately, the Republican hierarchy again lacks the common touch and common sense understanding of those not already in the boat.
While nutritional deficiencies are common in the general public, they are more common among those with celiac disease, Whitcomb said.
Part of the answer is very simple: the two sides share almost no common premises and very little common language.
They fall into the following camps: This is the most common response — so common it seems to be mostly automatic.
Silberman said the most common way people heard about Pinterest — and still most common today — was through word of mouth.
We face a common threat, and it would be dangerous to take for granted our common front in fighting it.
Common, along with a talented group of students from his Common Ground Foundation, is giving back in a heartwarming way.
Those are common talking points for Democrats, but Casey's forum was far from common: A live shot on Fox News.
He claims that his donors' most common employers are Starbucks, Amazon and Walmart, and the most common profession is teaching.
The textbook definition of nationalism is a distinct people united by a common culture, common history, governing a distinct territory.
" He called for "European forces to think about common concern, a common response, and to deliver a response if necessary.
But it's the idea that people who share common values or common views sometimes will pick apart these tiny differences that they have, rather than focusing on someone who has nothing in common with them at all.
And so, even as PESCO was being finalised, in a two-hour address at the Sorbonne in September 2017, Mr Macron demanded something meatier: a "common intervention force, a common defence budget and a common doctrine for action".
The euro was a political masterstroke, but he ignored warnings, prescient in retrospect, that a common currency needed common political foundations.
These were grassroots efforts, often local and decentralized, that eventually gained strength and solidarity based on common identities and common goals.
The bank also said it repurchased $5.1 billion in common stock and paid $2.6 billion in common stock dividends in 2016.
It's common these days to hear complaints that texting, typing, or Common Core are killing off kids' ability to write cursive.
"Sometimes even proposing legislation reminds people of common sense things to do and common-sense things not to do," Liu said.
The most common cause of hyperthyroidism is an autoimmune disorder called Grave's disease, which is more common in women than men.
Women can say, 'Look, here's our common interest,' and use that space where there's an understanding of common interest and connection.
In summary, this is the phase where, on top of common protocols, distributed systems also got common standards and contracts definitions.
There was not one word which was party speak, it was common words that a common man uses on the street.
Until then, shares of common stock, to use a precise though rarely used term, may have less and less in common.
While power lines are a common risk to balloons, court cases involving power lines and balloons are not a common occurrence.
NOAH ROTHMAN, COMMENTARY: Yes, they have become so common at this point, so tragically common, that our response is almost ritualized.
It can result in HPV-related cancers, with cervical cancer most common among women and oropharyngeal cancers most common among men.
They would just be doing so under a common banner, a common understanding of the imperative to reduce carbon emissions quickly.
Common Core standards are one way to qualify for those grants and the states get incentives to implement Common Core standards.
Under the terms of the deal, Newfield shareholders will receive 2.6719 Encana common shares for each share of Newfield common stock.
"What's interesting is now people are moving beyond more common things like depression and anxiety to less common conditions," Regan said.
"McCarthyism" has become a common—indeed too common—accusation today, wielded across the political spectrum whenever there's a whiff of overreach.
The most common deaths are accidental or natural; the least common are undetermined in cause or manner of death, or both.
But what good does making a golden version of a common person's food do if said common person can't enjoy it?
Brexit was the next most common answer among the global council and, not surprisingly, the most common response among EMEA CFOs.
"They never permit you to have as robust a response to common adversaries or common challenges as you might," he continued.
Herman Talmadge (D-Ga.) "I applaud any effort to work across party lines around common goals and common interests," Harris said.
The common currency, the euro, imposed a common monetary policy and a fixed exchange rate, but without fiscal integration among countries.
"Voters across the political spectrum want common sense limits on money in politics," said Karen Hobert Flynn, president of Common Cause.
Improvements were also seen for astrocytoma, the second most common childhood cancer, and acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the most common childhood cancer.
But pro-growth, responsible government policies such as entitlement reform, while common sense to Ryan, aren't that common in Washington anymore.
"Water pollution is very common, it's very common around the world, but it never receives any special attention," Brother Nut said.
I think that's kind of just a common, you know, a common universal experience for kids, and specifically for immigrant kids.
The use of hatred as a provocation tactic may not be that common among American presidents, but it is common elsewhere.
From an identity politics that emphasized our common humanity, we've gone to an identity politics that emphasizes having a common enemy.
Yet, biliary atresia — the most common condition that necessitates pediatric liver transplants — is slightly more common in girls than in boys.
"They never permit you to have as robust a response to common adversaries or common challenges as you might," he added.
The hands tingling is one, the most common one is the pain in the arm, but what's really common is queasiness.
So in the absence of written rules and/or in the interpretation of them, there's one common barometer: your common sense.
Most species are not common, but within many animal groups most individuals — some 80 percent of them — belong to common species.
The species expected to do well in this year's survey include the holly blue, common white, common blue and red admirals.
These include the four coronaviruses that cause the common cold, which tend to be way more common in children than adults.
Thus, from what we know and can infer from observation, planets are common, life is probably common and intelligence is rare.
These communities should be based on common values and passions, not on common privileges of sexual orientation, race, religion or gender.
Adler pointed out her name was extremely common in China--one of the three most common last names in the country.
Often, the only guiding principle on how venture capitalists should behave toward female entrepreneurs has been common decency and common sense.
" Common, Andra Day and activists share stage Common and Day performed the song "Stand Up for Something," from the film "Marshall.
Also, if you're going to remix "In Common" with Kanye, shouldn't you just go ahead and be obvious and get Common involved?
"No country must have a right of veto, no country must exempt itself from the common rules or common authorities," he said.
But it didn't matter — he and his supporters share a common language, and common codes, and everyone knew what he was saying.
And some structures are more common than others: "noun verb noun noun" may be much more common than "noun noun verb noun".
In raw numbers, this phenomenon of return migration isn't common, but that's the most common type of in-migration for small towns.
He had Big Rig, which maybe played three shows, then he did Common Rider, and I didn't like Common Rider at all.
The most common change was forest loss due to agricultural development, and the second most common was the reverse—farms to forests.
Both iOS and MacOS share a common kernel and have common sets of frameworks for things like graphics, audio, and layout display.
"We think there's certainly a common interest in doing things on energy, a common interest in doing things in agriculture," she said.
Kind of like the idea of a common sound rather than a individual sound, which is a common goal when doing music.
Finding solutions to the common hangover and the common cold both come down to having a better understanding of our immune systems.
Our culture, institutions, and common practices help ingrain bias into us, but our biases also reinforce the common practices that institutionalize bias.
Culturally these families may not have a lot in common, and traditionally they may not have worked together on common political targets.
Announces public offering of 6,100,000 shares of common stock * Says offering 6.10 million common shares Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
That seemed really bad: Staph is one of the most common bacterial infections in humans, and vancomycin its most common antibiotic adversary.
If you're having trouble making them out, the entire list of theme entries is: 17A: COMMON ERA = COMMON E.R.A. (Earned Run Average)
Sensing a possible theme, I searched for common phrases of the form [x and y] where [xy] anagrammed to a common word.
We more readily bond with someone who we find we have things we dislike in common than things we like in common.
He echoed a common Sanders line on health care, touted their "common goal" and said they would work together to defeat Trump.
The most common cancers — in men, tumors of the prostate; in women, breast — are not the most common causes of cancer death.
"Here in Slaver's Bay, you had the support of the common people and only the common people," Tyrion points out to her.
He appealed to common religious principles, the creed of our founding fathers and a common language of love to drive out prejudice.
As long as extremists and open bigots inhabit the White House, there is no common ground nor common purpose to be found.
The camera whips around, and suddenly, everything else — better angels, higher ideals, common decency, common sense, beauty, truth — blurs into the background.
"We want to reduce the hate and contention so common today," said the church, which no longer uses the common name Mormon.
The most common symptoms were fever, cough, muscle pain, and fatigue; less common were headache, diarrhea, and coughing up mucus or blood.
The significance was that it was a common man's animal for the common man's king, rather than a more traditionally royal steed.
One species that was thought to be rare was very common, while another fish thought to be common was misidentified, she said.
I hope it will be possible to find common ground and a common framework that will include all of these fundamental targets.
Rather than having policy views in common with Trump, the two men share a common lack of real interest in policy views.
"In confronting common threats, and in pursuit of common interests, previously unimaginable opportunities and alliances are starting to emerge," he will say.
But if we can learn from just a few of our most common mix-ups, and ditch a few common misconceptions, dinner might just turn out OK. Avoid these common mistakes, and you kitchen will function better than ever before.
The deal, expected to close by the fourth quarter, will give Tribune stockholders $35 in cash and 0.23 shares of Sinclair Class A common stock for each share of Tribune Class A common stock and Class B common stock they own.
"Asthma is the most common chronic disease of childhood, the most common reason kids lose time in school, and the most common reason for hospitalization," said the lead author, Dr. Jason E. Lang, an associate professor of pediatrics at Duke.
Preferred shareholders do not get to vote like common stock holders do, but they do get more of a claim on dividends than common stockholders, and in the event of default they are in line to get paid before common stockholders.
Call me hopelessly, irredeemably naïve, but, as a son of America and grandson of Europe, I remain convinced that Americans and Europeans are joined at the hip by common foundational values and common existential threats, and thus by a common agenda.
"" #IHaveADream — COMMON (@common) January 16, 2017 This is our hope, and this is the faith that I go back to the South with.
Juncker said that if Britain wanted access to the European Union's common market, it needed to respect the rules of the common market.
Announces common stock offering * Says offering 5.60 million common shares Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage: (Bengaluru Newsroom: +1-646-646-8780)
They no longer perceive it as their enemy, but as their indispensable ally against a common threat, and the common threat is Iran.
A closer examination of major breaches reveals a common theme: In every "major headline" breach, the attack vector has been the common password.
Many pieces depict ziggurats, in keeping with common interpretations of the fabled tower's assumed shape, though skyscrapers and ruins are just as common.
There is no common -- I&aposm not going to be cutesy about common ground -- but we were talking earlier about different conspiracy theories.
There is a common set of values, a common architecture, to ensure that the research is shared and not monetized by one group.
The group's common Tier 1 equity, a common measure of solvency at banks, improved to 14.5 percent from 14.2 percent at year-end.
Prices offering of common stock * Says offering of 2.20 million common shares priced at $13.97per share Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
Depression was more common among younger caregivers, and it was also more common when dementia patients were younger or had more severe disease.
Common fees in a sales contract include: Common add-ons, such as 'dealer fees,' 'vehicle acquisition fees' or 'advertising fees,' can be negotiated.
Some startups create two classes of common stock with each share of the founders' class of common stock having 10 to 20 votes.
Tusk said he isn't "100 percent sure" the two have "a common position, a common opinion, about Russia," according to The Associated Press.
It's definitely common for characters to stab each other to death in Shakespeare, but it's even more common for them to stab themselves.
The conclusion is that companies like AT&T are common carriers when they are offering common carrier services, and aren't when they aren't.
The flu and coronavirus share some common symptoms, such as fever and cough, but shortness of breath is a common hallmark of coronavirus.
Today, Europe and America face common perils and common problems — including the rise of ravenous strongmen who want to remake the world order.
Climate change in particular is a challenge that calls us more than ever to make a common effort to defend the common good.
" It's important, he said, to have a "common cultural context and even — and this will be very controversial — a common language of expression.
Common-law crimes aren't as common as they once were because they generally have been replaced by statutes, especially at the federal level.
But in Buttigieg, 2020 finally found its common denominator — and a common target for most everyone else on the debate stage Thursday night.
In March, Greenlight announced a plan for GM to "unlock substantial shareholder value" by splitting its common into two classes of common equity.
According to the Department of Justice, Mam was the ninth most common language used in immigration courts last year, more common than French.
Blacktip sharks are very common in New Smyrna Beach, so common that experts call the area the shark attack capitol of the world.
Finally, we should be wary of superficially appealing notions like a common war on Islamic extremism or a common effort to "contain" China.
Announces a non-brokered private placement * United Hunter Oil & Gas Corp says non-brokered private placemen of up to 1 million common shares at a price of $0.20 per common share * United Hunter Oil & Gas Corp - non-brokered private placement of up to 1 million common shares at a price of $0.20 per common share Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
"Today I'm suspending my campaign for president with the same spirit with which it began: with my faith in us, my faith in us together as a nation, that we share a common pain and common problems that can only be solved with a common purpose and a sense of common cause," Booker said in a video to supporters announcing his decision.
Launches public offering of common stock * Says offering 8.00 million common shares * Says offering 8.00 million common shares * To use net proceeds from offering to repay a portion of outstanding borrowings under revolving credit facility Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
Though thyroid conditions are relatively rare, they're more common than you'd think — and they're up to 10 times more common for women than men.
According to the National Eye Institute, cataracts are fairly common and one common cause is age; some people start developing them in their 40s.
All of us on this stage are because we in the past are all inheritors of a legacy of common struggle and common purpose.
"We share a common geography of the Pacific and we share a common dream of the future between Los Angeles and Tokyo," Garcetti said.
The geopolitical case for working together with our European friends to solve common problems and grasp common opportunities is even stronger than it was.
Now, historically those have been churches—just realistically speaking, the place where most people found their common cause and common meaning was in churches.
Announces 10% common stock repurchase program * Company may repurchase up to 525,200 shares of its common stock Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
ADHD is harder to diagnose in women because while hyperactivity is common in men and boys, inattentiveness is more common for women and girls.
Getting spam in your email is common enough, but getting spam texts and calls on your iPhone is becoming an all too common reality.
Calling out teammates, especially veterans calling out younger players, is pretty common stuff, but it's less common to see a return serve like this.
Talking to each other, he said, would help find common ground and a "common program to stop this slide into the abyss" in Europe.
Common practice Pasung -- the practice of confining or restraining relatives with mental health problems -- was banned in Indonesia in 20143 but remains startlingly common.
To the Editor: Re "Renouncing the Common Core" (Sunday Review, July 24): Diane Ravitch perpetuates myths about the Common Core and doesn't match reality.
"The call of this election is the call to unite in common cause and common purpose," U.S. Senator Cory Booker said on Wednesday night.
Calls for "common sense" are a powerful and insidious political tactic, because the line between common sense and senseless illusion is all too thin.
The social network is experimenting with a new feature called "Things in Common" that highlights details you have in common with your friends' friends.
He exhibited a 104-degree Fahrenheit fever that, while common with many childhood viral illnesses, is not usually the case with the common cold.
That study also found that when people were unfriended on Facebook, their most common reaction was surprise; their third-most-common reaction was amusement.
GS's net income to common shareholders in 4Q15 was $9083 million, which equated to a 3.04% annualized return on ending common equity in 4Q15.
He echoed a common Sanders line on health care, touted their "common goal" and said they would work together to defeat President Donald Trump.
If we reach that point, we will not be able to come to common purpose, or have any common ground, or solve any problems.
The "common pentad" is really common, the five vowels, and the "addendum" is SOMETIMES Y. 40A: This was an adorbs clue and entry pair.
"But China and North Korea are now finding more common ground than ever, driven by their common adversary: the United States," Mr. Lee said.
Common answers to the question stress the importance of a free press, the rule of law, stable government, robust civic institutions and common decency.
The person who will unseat him must find his or her poetic voice while marshaling the common touch in pursuit of the common good.
Shifting the animals to a low-fiber diet had a dramatic effect, they found: Many common species became rare, and rare species became common.
The common thread of masculine uniforms and standard-issue workwear, always present in his work, was enhanced by a meditation on breaking common molds.
"Italy needs common rules on asylum and we need a common border police," Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, said on German television Sunday night.
People who aren't used to the concept of common good don't know what to do in the face of a common threat—except panic.
A majority of Americans will recognize and rally around a common set of facts, a common truth, and reject Trump's attempt to bend reality.
Minerva said it plans to sell 80 million new common shares plus 15 million existing common shares owned by VDQ Holdings in the offering.
Its symptoms can look a lot like the flu or a common cold, and common tests like checking somebody&aposs temperature are not definitive.
To modify George Bernard Shaw's maxim, Britain and America appear to be two countries divided less by a common language than by common secrets.
The other is to draw us together in addressing common challenges, which starts with understanding how much in common we have in these challenges.
What happens to a democracy whose citizens not only lose common ground but also take a match to the idea of a common reality?
Many common winter hair dilemmas — like dull color, flyaways, and static-loaded split ends that refuse to stay smooth — have one common denominator: dryness.
The stock-for-stock merger has an exchange ratio of 1.082 shares in Rubicon Project common stock for each share of Telaria common stock.
It's the third most common response for women (after high cost of living and low salary), but the fourth most common obstacle for men.
And we just believed that a bespoke common vernacular, common UI, integrating email with messaging, with chat — And people being part of a community.
Here are nine of the most common dark personality traits the team identified, all of which have far more in common than what separates them.
They think they have nothing in common — until they're thrown together for a group project and learn they have a common enemy in Nolan Hotchkiss.
Announces pricing of common stock offering * Says public offering of 1.99 million common shares priced at $26.25per share Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
People can make suggestions to Common on the platform, add bits of nuance that Common can then go on to confirm through its own inquiries.
Dr. Casas: There's really no one common thing, but the most common calls have to do with children who have gotten into something at home.
Campylobacter: A common food-borne pathogen, these bacteria are considered to be the most common bacterial cause of the stomach flu and other diarrheal diseases.
Employees and founders often hold common shares that sit below the preferred shares held by venture capitalists, which have protections not given to common shareholders.
Both companies also signed a common stock purchase agreement in which Total will buy nearly 20 million shares of Tellurian common stock for $200 million.
A Department of Cybersecurity would be built around a common set of skills, people and know-how all working on a common issue and goal.
Laser strikes on planes have become increasingly common in recent years, in part due to the fact handheld lasers have become more common and affordable.
There are three species of dolphins in the Black Sea off Bulgaria: the short-beaked common dolphin, the harbor porpoise and the common bottlenose dolphin.
By and large, communities are more likely to collaborate and find common ground on public lands issues because they know they share a common future.
Laboratory tests have shown that PhoneSoap kills 99.9% of common household germs, including bacteria that leads to E.Coli, Salmonella, Staph, Flu, and the common cold.
Need for common asylum standards in Europe, a common procedure at the external borders, Frontex must become European border police force that can act independently.
PhoneSoap kills 99.9% of common household germs, including bacteria that lead to E.Coli, Salmonella, Staph, the flu, and the common cold — without harming their phone.
That company's shareholders will receive 1.65 shares of Series A QVC Group common stock for each common share of HSNi, marking a 29 percent premium.
Today, more than 80 years later, coyotes are the most common large predators in America, and an increasingly common sight in our cities and suburbs.
Though sensual or orgasmic birth isn't common, the experience of a positive and enjoyable birth is perhaps more common than the usual birth narrative permits.
Knives or other tools that cut or pierced were the second most-common homicide method during that period, while the third most common was suffocation.
CR: Some of the Federalist tendencies that you just mentioned -- a common defense budget or common budget overall -- do you think this will ever happen?
This not only gives a boost to disease transmission, including common scourges like the norovirus or the common flu, but also significantly impairs cognitive function.
In the last few years, however, advances in molecular genetics have afforded scientists insights into the rhinovirus, the most common cause of the common cold.
Yeah, and he has done that brilliantly, and he's really pivoted the company, got everyone to rally towards a common cause, a common architectural framework.
Common I took this picture of Common downstairs in Paradiso's basement after he did a press conference for his album Universal Mind Control in 2008.
Muscle spasm (my dinner diagnosis) is one of the most common diagnoses, but other common causes include nerve pain, skin conditions, low estrogen and endometriosis.
While the infection itself is fairly common, symptomatic mononucleosis "is the less common presentation and occurs particularly in adolescents and young adults," Dr. Razonable said.
Though Bert passed the lab's common-sense test, he said, machines are still a long way from an artificial version of a human's common sense.
Deeper European integration and a demonstration of faith in Europe's common values and its common fate are necessary to keep the populist tide at bay.
Quarrels like the one over the renovation plan are common among experts, and open letters in the press are the common way to express discontent.
The most common symptoms in this group were fever, cough, muscle pain, and fatigue; less common were headache, diarrhea, and coughing up mucus or blood.
Natural selection will have little effect on that mutation, so it will become either more common in the population, or less common, purely by chance.
Mattis is a good man, a modern throwback to the days when allies made common cause in defense of our common values and shared security.
Whether it's a $33 pair of Common Projects or a $50 pair of Chuck Taylors, all sneakers have one thing in common: They get dirty.
" Wei added that Beijing is ready to express with Moscow "our common concerns and common position on important international problems at international venues as well.
Devoting your energies to a "common good" while being conveniently vague about who gets to define the words "common" and "good" is dangerous, he argues.
Petraeus: We are part of an advisory council for Mark Kelly's Veterans for Common Sense, a group that pursues common sense initiatives to reduce gun violence.
" He implored us to "find common ground, to advance the common good, and to cooperate on behalf of every American child who deserves a brighter future.
"The common cold often leads to bacterial and viral ear infections, therefore ear infections are still common, although the incidence is down," Chonmaitree added by email.
"[Since] obesity is common and migraine is common, this is something both patients can actively work on themselves, and doctors can educate patients on," she says.
"As long as I've served Arizona, I've worked to help others see our common humanity & find common ground," Sinema said in a tweet celebrating her victory.
Announces pricing of secondary offering of common stock * secondary offering of 14.0 million common shares priced at $30.75per share Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
They used to be very common, but there are common practices in place to prevent them, and most large organizations have practically eliminated them as threats.
According to Common ... Kaepernick exposed the NFL and its owners through his collusion case and thoroughly highlighted what Common considers exploitative practices over their black players.
Instead, he is reminding us all of our common humanity, that we have much more in common than politicians and partisans would like us to believe.
Relative frequency of the most common common word pair in SOTU addresses, compared to all the word pairs each address; chart shows the top 12 only.
"It's very common to have fears that aren't common," Martin Antony, director of the Anxiety Research and Treatment Lab at Ryerson University in Toronto, told me.
Look for the things you might have in common with someone, whether it's an alma mater, an organization you both belong to or a common interest.
Then we come together across our differences and find ways, solutions to our common problems but we do it from the common values that we share.
He is masterminding four big bills that are designed to prepare the country for its future outside the EU's common agricultural policy and common fisheries policy.
And if we can't find common ground, let's just agree to disagree and move on to some other thing that we can find common ground on.
The three mutations 23andMe will test are the most common for those of Ashkenazi Jewish descent — but not the most common mutations in the general population.
If you have a common name or want to buy a domain that includes common words, you'll have make an offer through a domain name brokerage.
Inadvertently swapping digits in your Social Security number or other figures are common tax-return missteps, and they are also common on the FAFSA, said Levy.
Baazov currently owns 24.6 million common shares of Amaya, representing about 18.6 percent of the outstanding common shares, and has options to buy 550,000 more shares.
Tasha Robinson: It's becoming more common to see well-known film directors doing TV, but it's less common to see film directors doing entire series runs.
He has more in common with Trump than you might first think -- or at least less in common with the Democratic establishment than might be apparent.
I think that people have common hopes and common dreams and I think that America is at its best when we are unified and working together.
But, in today's reality, it is a positive record of common ground, common interests, consistent communication and engaged dialogue in what is now a globalized Arctic.
" Discovering, at last, the salvation of Wordsworth's poetry, Mill felt himself reconnected to natural beauty, and to "the common feelings and common destiny of human beings.
"In America we have a common pain, but what we're lacking is a sense of common purpose," Booker said in an announcement video posted online Friday.
For high school students who are applying to colleges soon, Love advises them to apply through the Common Application as well as the Common Black Application.
There have been several crowdsourced projects to learn facts or acquire common sense, among them Mindpixel, Never-Ending Language Learning (NELL) and Open Mind Common Sense.
Announces pricing of common stock offering * Says public offering of 2.75 million common shares priced at $15.25 per share Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage:
Coronavirus causes several symptoms, but diarrhea is not that common among them — at least not common enough to need a lot of this in a hurry.
The protracted negotiating process "has shown that the four partners have no common vision for our country and no common basis of trust," Mr. Lindner said.
Lamb often mentioned John F. Kennedy, who spoke of America as "the great experiment" — a country trying to form a common bond without a common ancestry.
The point of that is to really live together and bring the best of whatever we know and do to this common endeavor of common life.
Just because it's common to emerge from bad sexual encounters feeling bruised doesn't mean we shouldn't question why it's so common and what needs to change.
Childhood sexual abuse is much more common than parents may think, and more common than many of the most prevalent childhood diseases, Clark said by email.
This shaving gel is dye-free and contains none of the perfumes common in many shaving products and which are the culprit behind common facial irritation.
Let's call these places ours, the solid earth, the actual world, held and revered and looked after in common, as common members of this magnificent country.
A French presidential official said should identify the common enemy, priority areas and a common modus operandi in the face of growing losses among local troops.
Breast cancer is the most common cancer among U.S. women and the second most common cause of cancer-related death, according to the American Cancer Society.
And the most common way that people would hear about Pinterest, and the most common way they hear about it today, is somebody would do something.
It's designed to plug into common tools like Salesforce, the Salesforce-owned Tableau, Microsoft's Power BI, and Atlassian's Jira, and automate common tasks with that data.
"A closer examination of major breaches reveals a common theme: in every 'major headline' breach, the attack vector has been the common password," he told CNBC.
To treat them, Biden "takes three common prescription medications [Eliquis, Crestor, and Dymista] and two common over-the-counter medications [Nexium and Allegra]," the doctor wrote.
Thus, Kroton could end up offering 1.20 common shares per each share of Estácio, higher than the original offer of 0.977 common share, the report said.
Trump is known for casting associates out of the fold, but also for bringing them back, particularly if there are common political interests or common enemies.
Subject to completing due diligence, we propose an exchange ratio of 0.122x to 0.131x shares of Tesla common stock for each share of SolarCity common stock.
I don't mean any disrespect to anyone in Latin America, but I have way more in common with Jamaica than I got in common with Chile.
Organizations need a "marketplace that allows a common philosophy, that allows common security — particularly around personal identity information — that puts in a framework of scale and resiliency around design, and begins to impose a common philosophy around what is a huge amount of intrepreneurial endeavors," Moss said.

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