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"insignificant" Definitions
  1. not big or valuable enough to be considered important
"insignificant" Synonyms
unimportant negligible trifling trivial inconsequential inconsiderable irrelevant nugatory paltry petty meagre(UK) minor scanty flimsy immaterial footling measly nominal frivolous inappreciable unobservable minute impalpable slight small indistinguishable infinitesimal tiny undetectable fine microscopic indiscernible gradual intangible subtle insensible ephemeral inaudible shadowy inconspicuous unobtrusive muted discreet unostentatious modest quiet unnoticeable unassuming retiring invisible unseen unimposing faint hidden unspectacular backstage indistinct secretive mediocre ordinary average middling common unexceptional unremarkable indifferent commonplace undistinguished fair passable everyday workaday medium prosaic pedestrian vanilla uninspired tolerable venial forgivable excusable pardonable allowable condonable permissible justifiable understandable remissible remittable not serious all right defensible weeny minuscule wee miniature teeny teensy little bitty mini bitsy midget microscopical diminutive weensy atomic impactless unaffecting unimpressive unstirring uneloquent unemotional unexciting uninspirational unmoving unpoignant unstimulating untouching unnotable useless futile fruitless unproductive pointless ineffective worthless ineffectual unsuccessful unavailing unprofitable profitless powerless sterile baulked(UK) misfired abortive inefficacious humiliated diminished discredited disgraced humbled shamed castigated chastened chastised degraded demeaned dishonored(US) dishonoured(UK) condemned embarrassed humble inferior mocked shunned drinkwater backwater jerkwater podunk rural boonies hollow false insincere artificial hypocritical cynical deceitful feigned pretended unsound counterfeit dissembling dissimulating phony(US) phoney(UK) pretend sham spurious untrue hardly any limited minimal restricted poor reduced scant finite little or no restrained constrained curbed inadequate More
"insignificant" Antonyms
significant important material meaningful consequential considerable substantial essential momentous vital appreciable exceptional historic impressive outstanding earthshaking heavy noteworthy sizable deep sensible wise judicious prudent sagacious sage sane sapient sound intelligent rational reasonable useful valid worthwhile logical decent presentable respectable adequate valuable conspicuous noticeable visible bold high-profile obtrusive obvious salient exposed open unhidden blatant clear overt glaring unmistakable stark rank brazen maximum full highest top best greatest max biggest maximal most topmost ultimate supreme largest superlative utmost hugest mortal unforgivable unpardonable indefensible inexcusable unjustifiable discernible perceptible detectable discernable palpable ponderable apparent audible distinct distinguishable evident seeable striking unobscured astronomic astronomical colossal cosmic cosmical elephantine enormous giant gigantic herculean heroic heroical huge immense mammoth massive monster monstrous monumental mountainous aristocratic noble high blue-blooded distinguished elegant genteel gentle grand great highborn highbred lofty patrician upper-class upper-crust wellborn famous glorious celebrated renowned acclaimed famed recognised(UK) recognized(US) notable noted prominent eminent known esteemed reputable illustrious legendary honored(US) honoured(UK) popular likely good strong certain definite sure anticipated expected foreseeable predicted probable promising proud appreciated big dignified gratified pleased respected revered decorated delighted fulfilled highly regarded much

945 Sentences With "insignificant"

How to use insignificant in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "insignificant" and check conjugation/comparative form for "insignificant". Mastering all the usages of "insignificant" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It's very fair to think of "JIMP" as insignificant because those it catered to were so very that: insignificant.
That may seem insignificant, but for anyone visiting five times a week, that's a dollar per week and an increase of $52 per year, which is certainly not insignificant.
Berlin's efforts will be insignificant unless others pitch in, too.
It's one of those insignificant birthdays that you don't remember.
For many, socks may seem like an insignificant wardrobe staple.
But too much of the book feels redundant or insignificant.
Lisinicchia has previously had seemingly insignificant brushes with the law.
She was belittled and made to feel insignificant and worthless.
Bernstein, however, did not dismiss the latest controversy as insignificant.
The effect of these assumptions is insignificant for the ratings.
Today, the singer's troubles have become a little more insignificant.
Now he has turned to another apparently insignificant, indispensable subject.
Nonetheless, all these losses seem insignificant in comparison to Tencent's.
No tip is too insignificant, no suggestion is too trivial.
The overall revenue produced by federal coal is not insignificant.
Ms. O'Hara's age is no insignificant detail at 23th Street.
When is an expense "de minimis" (meaning insignificant) or "incremental"?
The differences among girls by race and ethnicity were insignificant.
The Muse S is available for a not insignificant $350.
D.A.s can be common, and most are small and insignificant.
Though not insignificant, this leaves a lot of unexplained variance.
In short, when is the rate of error morally insignificant?
A thousand seemingly insignificant things change as an organism ages.
Josip and Andrej are insignificant men in an insignificant coastal town in 1980s Yugoslavia who form an improbable relationship as each other's blackmailer in this funny, serious, clever novel by a Dutch writer and director.
You're so eager to forget the truth—that you're that insignificant.
The warm wash of shame makes you feel small and insignificant.
"Even before the introduction of sanctions, deliveries were insignificant," Eremin said.
Relugolix is a smaller bet for Roivant, but it's not insignificant.
"So this is not insignificant [in its reach]," Hursti told Motherboard.
Trump Jr. has said his meeting with a Russian was insignificant.
It's up for pre-order now for a not insignificant $200.
But the sums involved as a share of GDP are insignificant.
It concludes that the overall effect on political knowledge is insignificant.
Your assault wasn't insignificant, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.
Although the man is prominently displayed, he's still insignificant and small.
Hurd said the difference between the two CBD groups was insignificant.
For some, Black History Month is a commercial and insignificant event.
But Selden said these differences in evolutionary placement are pretty insignificant.
The Pixelbook still costs a not insignificant $1,000, but that's okay.
Immigrant-rights groups condemned the new order, calling the changes insignificant.
Everyone's got a little, tiny bugbear that other people consider insignificant.
The numbers are small but not insignificant, particularly in battleground states.
Yet that does not mean it will be insignificant, he said.
Now, imagine where Democrats would be without their seemingly insignificant conservatives.
That's not insignificant on Broadway, which is a fiercely commercial marketplace.
In Tempest's London, no one is insignificant; everyone has a story.
We find out he borrowed $850, which isn't an insignificant amount.
We're just an insignificant conduit and nature is a feedback loop.
If I told them they were unimportant, they would stay insignificant.
"It's probably the most insignificant industry in China today," he says.
Diack's family has called the allegations against him "excessive and insignificant".
Which isn't an insignificant thing -- or one without potential consequences. Why?
However, the heralded innovations of 2019 to 2021 will seem insignificant.
The movement from -2 points to 0 points is statistically insignificant.
Scaramucci's outburst — to a reporter, no less — is insignificant in itself.
It is insignificant in itself; the economy is still growing strongly.
At first glance, each strand of Taliban revenue might seem insignificant.
"Sometimes we feel like our voices are so insignificant," she said.
Every ocean has known us, Mother says, no shore is insignificant.
SCHIFF: Well, but this -- this is not an insignificant distinction, Jake.
Nor was the steady stream of runaways to the North insignificant.
The impact of the derbies on the environment is not insignificant.
Others say the prohibitions on lobbying are too insignificant to be effective.
They're still insignificant in comparison to the costs associated with health care.
And don't forget to follow for more episodes of Insignificant Mysteries here.
If 14 percent of users did cancel, that's not an insignificant loss.
Prosecutors dismiss their actions as "too insignificant" to justify full-fledged investigation.
Thinking back, the stress and heartache of the gaokao seems somewhat insignificant.
The official described Mr. White's record — one misdemeanor arrest — as nearly insignificant.
Both nature and the internet are good at making you feel insignificant.
Few games have made me feel as insignificant as Mad Max has.
Something you may think is insignificant could be helpful to our case.
I paid a not insignificant amount for it, and schlepped it home.
And so the skill of providing a zendo tent is not insignificant.
I also felt my story was insignificant compared to others Ronan described.
Prior to last year, the money raised through ICOs was extremely insignificant.
While it seems insignificant to many, this moment is an important milestone.
They have 48 votes in the U.S. Senate; not an insignificant number.
Essentially, do these minute, occasionally funny, preciously insignificant tropes reinforce rape culture?
In many cases, the forensic trail of cash is small and insignificant.
You guys have taken $200 million, not insignificant amounts of money, right?
Today of all days, this insignificant day, feels like an old friend.
Microsoft's share of the browser and media-player markets is insignificant today.
He just thinks it is insignificant compared with the real problem, oversupply.
But we are not insignificant and weak; we are important and strong.
Best week since FDR That's not to say this comeback is insignificant.
But it's not an insignificant effort, and Ms. Rynecki's cause is admirable.
But it had no employees in the state and insignificant other property.
Differences in sperm shape and blood concentrations of most hormones were insignificant.
One couple even fell in love, an intriguing, though probably insignificant, result. 
But the effect was so small that it was considered statistically insignificant.
Second, disruptive technologies typically are first commercialized in emerging or insignificant markets.
Still, the GOP money isn't insignificant and could reshape closely contested races.
Some may be heroic, others may be smaller, but none are insignificant.
In the grand scheme of things, you and I are enormously insignificant.
But according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the differences are insignificant.
A wager on how much temperatures might rise, however, seems more amenable to Roy Spencer, a meteorologist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville who continually asserts the current warming trend is insignificant and will continue to be insignificant.
Throw enough resources in and content problems can become vanishingly small, even insignificant.
That's by no means insignificant, but still well under what one might expect.
Even the Force, it seems, is insignificant next to the power of nostalgia.
CHAFFETZ: Well, you know, look, Peter Strzok did not have an insignificant job.
Until, just sit back and ponder how small and insignificant we all are.
The price gulf between $329 and $399 isn't insignificant for most of us.
Some of them – like those targeting solar imports – defend economically insignificant U.S. industries.
To those entranced by a vision of utopia, the options may seem insignificant.
" Disputing the verdict, Bone says the video was "overplayed" and "very much insignificant.
Initially, when the Fed raised rates in December, stocks had an insignificant drop.
And every time I think about Dr. Khan, I feel small -- insignificant, really.
" Giuliani suggested that shift is insignificant because "the president is not under oath.
The only deaths that have really happened have either been overturned or insignificant.
And it was just the idea of being insignificant sometimes and accepting it.
As for why you should do it: It's definitely not simple, nor insignificant.
Even if that labor is extremely insignificant, like moving scooters from your yard.
But the push by the Trump administration is not insignificant, according to Smead.
It's becoming less acceptable to pass it off as character building or insignificant.
Considering the excellent quality of the pen, this is not an insignificant fact.
While not insignificant, it will not be the death knell for organized labor.
From cow to your refrigerator, traditional milk boasts a not-insignificant carbon footprint.
Steve Bullock of Montana denigrated the population of South Bend as relatively insignificant.
If you took one, teeny-tiny, laughably insignificant step toward a better life.
Studies tended to be short term, diets unsustainable, differences among them clinically insignificant.
One cannot believe that these critically important stakeholders are insignificant for political relationships.
The number of potential supporters and sympathizers in Singapore is very small – insignificant.
And he lost by a not insignificant margin of nearly 3.7 million votes.
Those contributions average $2,640 per worker — a not insignificant hit to retirement savings.
Even when paired together, the Earth-moon system looks insignificant from deep space.
Telling stories really is a kind of power, and not an insignificant one.
"Our loss due to floods is insignificant compared to previous years," she added.
In others, the amount seems so insignificant the savings effort is abandoned entirely.
We are not uncivilized, insignificant numbers who wouldn't matter as casualties of war.
It wasn't only the not-­insignificant risk that Trump would default on loans.
Charlie Rangel's district, have very small sample sizes, rendering the results statistically insignificant.
In many other cities, domestic violence seems to be treated as similarly insignificant.
Despite this confident and often carefree persona, many teens feel small and insignificant.
In the world of special needs parenting, though, his medical bills are insignificant.
The effect that companies like Uber have on local businesses is not insignificant.
They hold "an insignificant percentage of share capital" in Tencent, the filing added.
This is not to suggest that the many differences between candidates are insignificant.
Inclusivity is commendable, but the fiscal incentive for more shades is not insignificant.
But economists considered Qatar's show of solidarity insignificant in proportion to Turkey's problems.
In dreams, I am often engaged in the sorting of small, insignificant objects.
"You are unremarkable, insignificant," Ms. Vetrano's older sister, Tana Vetrano, told Mr. Lewis.
That's not to say that the outcome of the San Bernardino case is insignificant.
Translating a work from one medium to another is a not insignificant creative challenge.
"The issues that remain between us are not insignificant but not insurmountable," Sturgeon said.
In Mashable's new Facebook Watch show Insignificant Mysteries, we explore just that and more.
If you didn't feel insignificant before seeing this, you sure as hell will now.
When there's a bear involved, being seen as insignificant is probably your best option.  
Godoey and Reich's research provides more evidence that the impact on jobs is insignificant.
That event would replace a largely insignificant annual eight-team tournament played in December.
In among LG's V30 upgrades is the not insignificant addition of MQA file decoding.
Some were insignificant junior ministers in the dog days of Gordon Brown's Labour government.
"North Dakota's case was very insignificant in the larger scheme of things," Jepsen said.
"Those tiny faults we obsessed about were insignificant in the whole dazzling, youthful package."
"I disagree with those who say that Zika is an insignificant issue," she said.
I have invested a not-insignificant amount of money in Lightning accessories and cables.
My notion of success was fairly conventional, and money played a not-insignificant role.
When deciding whether to write this piece, I consulted the cards: Towards the insignificant.
It is a pseudoscience bent on making big to-dos out of insignificant coincidences.
We might all just be insignificant specks in some alien's game of marbles, anyway.
Suddenly it was insignificant — no, unfair — to let one bad play be Buckner's legacy.
And we can't forget that Sanders lost the primary, by a not insignificant amount.
So far, though, the White House has looked to dismiss the video as insignificant.
In a weird way, Rey's insignificant background brings Star Wars back to its roots.
I mean, even Nicki Minaj knows how insignificant this El Clásico meet-up is.
All it takes is a viewing of Cosmos to feel immediately sad and insignificant.
No. No, I know the tiny insignificant luxuries are what makes life worth living.
Yida's insignificant recurring income and geographic concentration in Dalian cap its rating at 'B'.
Those are not insignificant numbers when you consider that the overall numbers are increasing.
Since becoming Snowden's advocate, Wizner has become a figure of not insignificant geopolitical importance.
You might assume categorizing findings as "significant" or "insignificant" results from careful, scientific assessment.
While this may seem insignificant, it actually means you'll pay less for dry cleaning.
Court-watchers have tended to consider Plyler insignificant because the Court's holding was narrow.
Certainly, a 4 percent hike in the corporate tax rate would not be insignificant.
That's not insignificant given how rare it is to find military women in Congress.
How could so insignificant a man have become so potent a force for evil?
A not insignificant chunk of the internet would effectively be taken out of commission.
Mr. Mattis and other military leaders opposed retaliating, arguing that the attack was insignificant.
"This is not a small or insignificant omission," said Kerry Cuccia, a defense lawyer.
I'm thinking, obviously, energy and, to a lesser extent but not insignificant, the banks.
You might think they're insignificant, but they add up and make this big thing.
"It's an insignificant event that has blown up — a mountain out of a molehill."
At times, nature shows us how, in a way, insignificant we are towards her.
In fact, the mortality rate difference was statistically insignificant but still raises key questions.
The plot is insignificant; you know if you want to watch this or  not.
"At the end of the day, marijuana is an insignificant national issue," Sabet said.
The White House on Tuesday dismissed the president's words to the police as insignificant.
TWERP is defined as "a silly, insignificant, or contemptible person" according to merriam-webster.
They aren't entirely insignificant, because they've become such a core part of our communications.
Unfortunately, early indications suggest this pledge may be as insignificant as the last one.
More than 41 percent of these injuries were insignificant enough to not require treatment.
It turns out this isn't just an insignificant feeling, but a scientifically recognized anxiety.
Conversions, or cases where people grow up to reject family values, are statistically insignificant.
No county is insignificant, no community too small, and each person's vote is important.
"The number of women who wear the burqa in this country is still insignificant."
"Statistically insignificant uptick in crime hits NYC subways" doesn't make a very good headline.
His accomplishments as the top prosecutor in the Eastern District of Kentucky are not insignificant.
Plus there's also the not-insignificant fear of being left out of the cultural conversation.
They fear that their efforts to get here will be deemed insignificant after the fact.
Talking about Russia, we estimate the impact on our economy at the moment as insignificant.
But a not-insignificant portion of the app's userbase sees it as a necessary evil.
But, that doesn't mean it's totally insignificant to people who subscribe to nature-based faiths.
Nor was it that the episode featured another poorly orchestrated character death of someone insignificant.
But, in the middle of this insignificant game, someone stumbled upon his date with destiny.
Market estimates, even in their billions, seem insignificant next to the scale of such ambition.
Last year, it made about 1.2 million vehicles, which doesn't sound like an insignificant number.
I've retained plenty of insignificant information about my mother that I never signed up for.
And thanks to rapid, trade-fuelled growth, the drawbacks of opening markets seem relatively insignificant.
Now, 43% see Trump as more honest and trustworthy, 7793% Clinton, a statistically insignificant gap.
Neither estimate is insignificant for a region woefully dependent on imported oil and natural gas.
Per Visa, their fraud levels have actually gone up, by a not-insignificant 11.4 percent.
So, one has to ask, will reviving a historically insignificant organization be a spectacular waste?
True, when dealing with numbers this big, $2,000 seems somewhat insignificant, but savings are savings.
They're hauntingly beautiful reminders of how insignificant we are in the scope of the universe.
I am writing to you because I know that exact dates, exact years are insignificant.
Of course, $70 isn't an insignificant amount to pay to find all of that out.
The very geography of the state is a constant reminder that you are small, insignificant.
The same poll found a small, but not insignificant, chance of a cut this year.
White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders called Cohen a liar and dismissed the filings as insignificant.
Far from an insignificant accessory, that surf-wax comb became a serious request for recognition.
This is not to say that Trump's first few months in power have been insignificant.
"A lot of people see these individual acts as harmless, trivial or insignificant," he says.
Their few hundred billion dollars is insignificant when you look at our $20 trillion economy.
The occasion was obscure, insignificant—what you will: a lost youngster, one in a million . . .
Those chances are not insignificant, but they also suggest that a recession is not imminent.
Considering we have a population of only around 600,1999, we may seem insignificant to others.
"My wish for you is to stop letting insignificant situations stress you out," Kuzma wrote.
Compared to control schools, TV segments alone produced a statistically insignificant increase in vegetable consumption.
The chicken seemed fresh and juicy, and the heft of the sandwich was not insignificant.
"That's not insignificant," said Stan Hilkey, the executive director of Colorado's Department of Public Safety.
The current administration is under the impression that Spanish-language resources are unimportant or insignificant.
The most insignificant controversies get amplified, and there's no way to turn the volume down.
Although Tigger's adventures might seem insignificant to some, they are a big deal for him.
As it turns out, the number is surprisingly low, but not insignificant enough to ignore.
"I felt that my voice to hers was insignificant and not important," Norton told me.
These tiny changes in calorie burn might sound insignificant, but over time, they add up.
Foodborne illness costs two-thirds of the money that diabetes costs, so it's not insignificant.
Critics have said potential travelers to the United States from those two countries are insignificant.
Or is urban farming just a well-meaning but ultimately insignificant hobby for urban elites?
The differences between the two were within the margins of error and thus statistically insignificant.
There's a lot of value in a big enough collection of really, really insignificant objects.
"Honestly, I don't want to make an insignificant person more significant than they are," Rep.
There from the infinity of space was our insignificant little blue and white orb — us!
She finds the human world puny and insignificant, and longs to be back in space.
Bathing is also fine because absorption of PFAS through the skin is slow and insignificant.
Bethesda Softworks' latest trailer showcases Corvo's not-insignificant skills as a sneaky spy and assassin.
While his business is dwarfed by Mr. Trump's assemblage of properties, it is not insignificant.
After some contemplation, I realized why the journalist included this seemingly insignificant tidbit of information.
Remarkably, Congress nailed some of its orderly lawmaking duties this week, and not insignificant ones.
"My wish for you is to stop letting insignificant situations stress you out," she wrote.
"If they're selling thousands of these cars, the amounts are not insignificant," Mr. Topkins said.
Donald Trump has committed crimes and misdemeanors that far outweigh Mr. Clinton's relatively insignificant perjury.
Two recent polls from Elon University and Bloomberg show Ross leading by statistically insignificant margins.
I would have to make the e-mail small and insignificant to accommodate his problems.
And humans, while everywhere, are amusingly insignificant, with only a couple of minor speaking roles.
When it comes to tax cuts, PAYGO appears to be an insignificant hurdle to overcome.
And then to see what they're accomplishing, they make those guys in my room completely insignificant.
There are only so many games left in this season, and none of them are insignificant.
Do you have small, relatively insignificant problems that crop up just often enough to be annoying?
Eventually, she got the chance to pay a not-insignificant amount of money for the houseplant.
You're literally insignificant and that's why you're pulling this shit, because I think you know it.
The danger is that Trump will concede even more US interests in return for insignificant gestures.
His role on the field is largely insignificant until he finds the ball at his feet.
The revision is "not an insignificant amount of oil," says global energy policy analyst, Ellen Wald.
They found that the weather had a statistically insignificant impact on the occurrence of witch trials.
As it turned out, none of those were insignificant factors in my mental and physical health.
Though flies may seem insignificant, Macadam points out that they are important workhorses in many ecosystems.
Even I, with my relatively insignificant 636 followers, think hard about ever little picture I share.
The options range from the seemingly insignificant — the first is: Sugar Puffs or Frosties for breakfast?
None. That would be insignificant in terms of the cost if we did it that way.
I did not have the courage to explain how insignificant being a boy meant to me.
And then the cost of the serum and the materials to grow it are not insignificant.
I learned just how much I can love a person, and how insignificant gender can be.
All we see is a hundred insignificant moments that brilliantly add up to something excruciatingly dark.
The lobbying funds deployed by Christie's and Sotheby's were insignificant compared to their previous political initiatives.
The middle of the Venn diagram between martial arts lovers and Pokemon fandom is hardly insignificant.
That might seem insignificant, but actually the color of the Red Keep bears major lore implications.
That might seem insignificant, but actually the color of the Red Keep bears major lore implications.
But to environmental advocates, the price ceiling and the two sweeteners for Republicans are not insignificant.
Sony's PlayStation 4 is still ahead with a 1.84 teraflop GPU, but Microsoft's increase isn't insignificant.
Purposefully shoot those seemingly insignificant subjects every day for a month, and then group them together.
So, he's taking a different tack: He's tearing down the number down as an insignificant threshold.
The company said it was "not an insignificant number" of people, but did not share specifics.
A typical system costs around fifty million dollars to install, Gahagan said—not an insignificant investment.
That is a relatively insignificant sum for Verizon, which takes in more than that each month.
"It's not an insignificant amount of space that we've wrestled back from the automobile," she said.
For an international treaty, the half century mark would appear less angst generating, maybe even insignificant.
Cut to wide shot: Hurley, a tiny insignificant leather blip in a sweeping mountainous forest scape.
KUWAIT — No book, it seems, is too substantive or too insignificant to be banned in Kuwait.
It's usually the tiniest, seemingly insignificant moments that can affect you in some kind of way.
" The police want every detail, he said, "no matter how insignificant it may seem to you.
If I don't like myself, it's because there is nothing in my insignificant mediocrity worth liking.
"Maybe color, gender and race will be insignificant when Parker is an adult," Ms. Curry wrote.
Indeed, for someone with a lot of money, the money posted for bail may be insignificant.
But the mining rights that Russia acquired in the United States are strategically and commercially insignificant.
It chronicles and highlights the mundane, utilitarian, insignificant objects of our existence and makes them remarkable.
They worry about being too small and politically insignificant to fight for attention and limited aid.
The Kremlin has shrugged off the protests as insignificant, but supported the heavy-handed police response.
This constant, lowbrow attack on the courts is not an insignificant thing and not without consequence.
And a survey from the Commonwealth Fund showed a small rise, though it was statistically insignificant.
It's the accumulation of insignificant things like this that has made me the person I am.
Most of these changes in the virus are small and insignificant, a process called antigenic drift.
With such a view, it's easy to see how events on Earth would seem so insignificant.
It's not insignificant and I'd add this-- it's not just Asian Americans who are paying attention.
By 12 months, the overall benefit to testing, with respect to lab values, was statistically insignificant.
So the threat posed by North Korea's ICBM program, while not insignificant, is not fully established.
Late last year it collected some images to remind us how small and insignificant we really are.
Meanwhile Amazon is throwing piles of its own (not-insignificant) cash hoard at original programming as well.
It's an insignificant thing, it's a small thing, it's a hamburger, but it's not a good one.
It forces us to sit with those seemingly insignificant moments that become embedded into who we are.
Her pulse slowed to a lazy insignificant beat and she set the phone down on the rock.
" Another macrophile, who asked that I not use his name, told me, "I like to feel insignificant.
And it's not insignificant falloff – moving from 5.1 million a year ago to 3.5 million this quarter.
But he did say to another reporter, you know, that he thought $100,000 wasn't an insignificant amount.
And an apparently not-insignificant number of them are running into issues that they're reporting as bugs.
But in business terms, besides being the ringleader of OPEC, the oil bloc, Saudi Arabia remains insignificant.
The one convenient side effect of watching Ozark is that it makes my daily worries seem insignificant.
While an effeminate vocal register may seem an insignificant quirk, it can be a very disruptive trait.
However efficiency didn't matter for the edges since they are insignificant in size compared to the centers.
The rating impact is insignificant due to the small number of borrowers to which this variation applies.
Rachel Crooks, another Trump accuser, said the alleged attack was because he thought of her as insignificant.
The goal is to stay present and detach yourself from the insignificant tasks and issues at hand.
In the bigger picture, these messages are interesting but insignificant given the crimes Guzman is accused of.
It's important to note that this could just be a coincidence, but a 9% drop isn't insignificant.
"No matter how insignificant the detail or information they think they have, it may turn the case."
From the smallest, most insignificant traffic laws, to the most serious laws, they apply equally to everyone.
"Airlines import insignificant volumes," said Kapil Kaul, CEO and director for South Asia at aviation consultancy CAPA.
He had so much other shit going on that me leaving seemed a bit insignificant for him.
Something as insignificant as a look or a sigh can send you into uncontrollable fits of laughter.
I interpreted my otherwise insignificant encounter with the exceptionally beautiful subway couple as proof of the Pattern.
"You know, we always felt, it's so insignificant, what we do," Ms. Columbia told The New Yorker.
"The incidence of air terrorism is statistically insignificant but psychologically significant because it's so terrifying," he said.
It may represent such an insignificant portion of a family's income that the change is largely negligent.
It just isn't worth endangering everyone's lives over something that, compared to taking a life, is insignificant.
WikiLeaks rejects submissions that have already been published elsewhere or which are likely to be considered insignificant.
Then you have to rack up a not-insignificant amount of sales to get you to profitability.
"We're small people, insignificant," Ms. Olayres said through sobs as she stood next to her husband's coffin.
Rubio managed to triumph over Bush against not insignificant odds, for as much as that's worth now.
The search for Earth twins therefore covers a nearly insignificant fraction of all the outcomes in nature.
Yet that seems largely insignificant given the international successes he would add to the 21956 gold medal.
"We see the likelihood of substantial exchange rate movements in the nearest future as insignificant," he said.
That's not an insignificant fact given that we are talking about the President and four sitting senators.
Wrecking the church was insignificant since the "real" Holy Trinity, Bunyadov abruptly claimed, was located outside Azerbaijan.
But all that aside, one thing is clear: Don't fucking call the police over something this insignificant.
Iris Varela, a minister in Mr. Maduro's government, dismissed the opposition leader's actions on Wednesday as insignificant.
His sweeping recruitment drive turned his relatively insignificant province into the A.N.C.'s second-biggest voting bloc.
"I am writing to you because I know that exact dates, exact years are insignificant," she wrote.
This might seem like a minor, insignificant change, but it would signal a big concession for Apple.
Even the lack of a small, seemingly insignificant part can cause a factory floor to go quiet.
For one, the difference between South Bend and Indiana rates is relatively small and therefore statistically insignificant.
Leadership aides confirmed that Pelosi had sought to change Luján's title, but downplayed the move as insignificant.
But with stakes this high, and facts this difficult to bear, such distinctions among methodologies become insignificant.
A trivial dead end of a purported controversy or overhyped event, too insignificant to bother looking into.
While a relatively insignificant amount compared to all our federal outlays, the return on investment is massive.
"I think Jerry Falwell Jr. plays a very insignificant role in both evangelicalism and politics," he said.
Research has shown that people often overreact to insignificant risks, especially when the risks are so vivid.
"Although displacement affects a very small minority of households, it cannot be dismissed as insignificant," they wrote.
These are not insignificant costs, particularly when added to the burdens so many workers are already enduring.
"I am in a cage, lacking courage, insignificant, flinching and escaping, just like this photo," she wrote.
But in a not insignificant minority of cases, people find out something much more profound and immediate.
I just want to prove that gender is insignificant and it's about how much you want it.
Given Russia's seeming interference with the 2016 election, Trump's closeness with the foreign leader is not insignificant.
Eric F. Phillips, a spokesman for the mayor, dismissed Mr. Ponte's absences from the city as insignificant.
A source close to Oakley tells us, "This is an insignificant matter that will be quickly resolved."
While that's a small percentage of all tweets on the service, it's not an insignificant number, either.
In a large bowl, mix the new demagogic leader of the free world with your insignificant problems.
So strong, in fact, a not insignificant number of people are branding their bodies with homages to him.
But a not-insignificant slice of that criticism can be attributed to internet impatience and NBA group think.
Jackson trial and investigations are not insignificant, a lot about the property has changed since Jackson lived there.
Making me feel like the most important artist in the world when I'm so, so, so...insignificant. [Laughs].
It's there's just this little, tiny, bordering on insignificant, amount of information in each digital footprint like that.
A few times I have offered feedback in a collaborative environment or said something seemingly insignificant that snowballed.
Aside from letting your points expire, the worst thing you can do is spend them on insignificant purchases.
This isn't an insignificant amount, representing about 8% of China's total imports of 1.06 billion tonnes in 2018.
Much of The Game is about Strauss feeling insignificant, and his attempts to build himself up through dating.
In November of 2017, Underwood suffered a fall that was first presented to the public as relatively insignificant.
Although people with disabilities represent a small subset of Apple's total user base, it isn't an insignificant group.
Other than in New York and Chicago, entrance fees as a source of income are becoming increasingly insignificant.
Chris Plante: The squad has shared such significant and astute answers, my irritant may seem insignificant by comparison.
Including Israel on maps may seem an insignificant concession but, argues Mr Vaaler, it would not go unnoticed.
For some of them, his flaws are insignificant next to the One Big Truth: that America needs fixing.
That's not an insignificant number for a startup — even one that's managed to raise $10 million in funding.
On Wednesday, Judge León ordered Beltrán-Leyva to fork over a slightly smaller but hardly insignificant sum: $529,903,000.
On Wednesday, Judge León ordered Beltrán-Leyva to fork over a slightly smaller but hardly insignificant sum: $529,200,000.
The immediate shifting of priorities makes everything other than the well-being of your child seem really insignificant.
And, like any politician with a fast-rising profile, her mistakes (big, small and insignificant) are seized upon.
Outside the elite they tended to involve relatively insignificant groups, such as left-wing radicals and ultra-nationalists.
The economies in question are too small and too insignificant to have an impact each to their own.
Happy End is all brushstrokes, snippets of ordinary lives that seem banal and even insignificant on their own.
Over the past few years, these men have captured a not-insignificant slice of the popular queer imagination.
While trying to get pronunciation right seems insignificant, it means a lot to the people with those names.
Kushner said the meeting turned out to be so insignificant that he accidentally left it off his form.
THE desolate hills east of Jerusalem seem insignificant, a barren stretch of scrubland with few buildings or residents.
But overall, the problem has been that Roblox just seemed like an insignificant story for many, many years.
Mobile games don't capture a significant portion—they don't capture even an insignificant portion of my gaming time.
A vocal and not insignificant number go further still, blaming the victim, and criticizing her for "provoking" Jiang.
Routine and insignificant projects are not likely to be worth reviewing, and current law quite sensibly exempts them.
I don't remember much Pence said, not because it was insignificant, but because it is too long ago.
The RealClearPolitics (RCP) polling average gives Hawley a statistically insignificant lead of less than half a percentage point.
There, like Cady Heron and Harry Potter, Will befriends some socially marginal weirdos who have seemingly insignificant abilities.
And, of course, you get the slight but not insignificant benefit of Android Wear's regular features as well.
Even something as seemingly insignificant as the time at which we eat may affect how we process energy.
No longer was gonorrhea simply seen as a small, insignificant price to pay for a night of fun.
The number looks insignificant if compared with 1.8 trillion RMB in net new bank loans in June alone.
I thought it was so insignificant at the time that I didn't even include it in previous recaps.
But over all, he says that loyalty programs make up an insignificant piece of the airline emissions puzzle.
This is not the first time that small, seemingly insignificant acts have taken on life or death meaning.
But the plight of the sea cucumber shows that even seemingly insignificant shifts can have a profound effect.
It was not an insignificant move, and Russia has indicated it will respond with tit-for-tat expulsions.
Maybe color, gender and race will be insignificant when Parker is an adult — we'll just all be individuals.
That is, your ballot is insignificant, but you should still cast it because what if no one voted?
It's also generally unclear who would shoulder the cost of the burial or cremation, which is not insignificant.
He didn't ask for money; still, I gave him a modest but not insignificant "gift" before returning home.
We're all cogs in the same machine; some of us are just smaller and more insignificant than others.
Each Sunday, she'll examine a seemingly insignificant object, an unfamiliar personality or a subtle trend in the economy.
Other research concludes that increasing the minimum wage has an insignificant impact on employment, or none at all.
If you want change, you have to initiate action, even at a personal level that might seem insignificant.
On Monday, however, White House officials described him as someone who played an insignificant role in the campaign.
And at a moment when people are worried about the literal death of American democracy, that's not insignificant.
That is not an insignificant threat for Germany, which sells a lot of BMWs and VWs to China.
They also had slightly higher satisfaction rates with their private schools, though researchers deemed that gap statistically insignificant.
And any event, no matter how small or insignificant, seems liable to produce its own community of truthers.
However, on closer examination the viewer can observe how small and insignificant the person casting the shadow appears.
The senator has a tendency to negotiate haphazardly, giving away key policies for the sake of insignificant votes.
She apparently has her hands in nearly every aspect of her business, from the immense to the insignificant.
Trilobites About 540 million years ago, our ancestors were insignificant creatures no more than a millimeter in size.
Massachusetts also has small but not insignificant black and Hispanic populations, while Colorado has a number of Latinos.
The totals already announced by Sanders and O'Rourke "are not insignificant, but they are not determinative," he said.
The World Animal Health Organization maintained Brazil's status as a country with an insignificant risk of the disease.
We were being drawn into this national debate over something that was really insignificant from a financial perspective.
Press secretary Sarah Sanders said on Friday that Cohen has lied repeatedly and that the filing was insignificant.
That's a not-insignificant amount of money — a little under 8 percent of GDP (currently about $26.2 trillion).
"Their responses made me feel insignificant, as if I wasn't trying to have a healthy lifestyle," she says.
With donations to candidates from PACs capped at $5,000, these entities play an insignificant role in these elections.
Apart from price (Automotive News said FCA's board deemed the offer insufficient) there's the not-insignificant matter of politics.
India is the second-largest wheat producing country though it consumes its entire product and is insignificant for exports.
An ABC News/Washington Post poll released on Sunday showed Clinton with a statistically insignificant 1-point national lead.
Amazon's move into content that sells—however insignificant in scale right now—could push it further into that arena.
The percentage of people who got their initial information about the Mueller report from Fox News was not insignificant.
She is an artist whose work is political but not overwrought, small but not insignificant, gentle but not pliant.
Kirk Cumpston, a toxicologist and medical director of the Virginia Poison Center, noted that the risks are probably insignificant.
As long as I can remember, I've always had this fear of forgetting things, even small, seemingly insignificant details.
An ABC News/Washington Post poll released on Sunday showed Clinton with a statistically insignificant 1323-point national lead.
"The curatorial lift for parents is not insignificant, it requires thought and time to make those selections," she said.
But those 99-cent purchases are utterly insignificant when compared to the largest in-app purchase of all time.
If you previously viewed mansplainers as an offensive, if insignificant, evil, let this film disabuse you of that notion.
Having drivers perform this seemingly insignificant but deliberate action could help auto manufacturers shift legal liability to the driver.
"Compromise has not been reached yet on an insignificant number of remaining questions," Peskov said, giving no further detail.
This task seems insignificant for a new president, but the effect of its failure has reverberations felt throughout government.
And yet, my hurt and sadness seems insignificant to that of what their wives and families must be feeling.
Not necessarily, but when you look at a huge volcano, it just shows how tiny and insignificant we are.
The fight ended when Mayorga hit Zepeda with a fairly insignificant looking body shot, causing him to turn around.
A small but not insignificant 224 percent of Republicans also support the plan championed by Democratic Presidential candidate Sen.
An ABC News/Washington Post poll released on Sunday showed Clinton with a statistically insignificant 21.09655-point national lead.
Our immigration system is rife with pressing problems Congress must address, many of which may seem insignificant and tedious.
How about one for each and every player in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, no matter how small or insignificant?
It also isn't free in terms of power consumption, and its impact on the iPhone's battery life isn't insignificant.
In 2013 that number was 19.7 percent, but, as the Denver Post points out, that difference is statistically insignificant.
Aviation accounts for 23 percent of global emissions—a figure that can seem insignificant until it's put into context.
Ms. Dumanois said her first graders were having "extreme" reactions to insignificant issues, knocking over desks and throwing chairs.
A not insignificant share of the news now revolves around horrifying imagery distributed across the planet at dizzying speed.
As a result of BCC's repayment of NBK's funding recently its non-deposit funding sources fell to insignificant levels.
Others, particularly those attempting to look months into the future, are less legitimate news and more insignificant conversation pieces.
Electorally, the tax cuts were losers, because for the average American they were insignificant enough to go largely unnoticed.
New characters, who later turn out to be insignificant, are described in what feels like a fuss of detail.
The reduction in food being offered in many instances in first-class and business-class cabins is not insignificant.
Martin swears for the first time in the band's career, employing "fuck" not an insignificant amount of times throughout.
It turns out a not insignificant number of these sugar babies actually spend part of their day teaching children.
Analysts said that suggests the unit, which was put up for sale a year ago, fetched an insignificant sum.
Since China depends on energy delivered across U.S. Navy–owned oceans, the marginal increase in its vulnerability is insignificant.
Plenty of said women, however, might lose their shit at any one of these insignificant details because they're human.
What you need is something so overwhelming that it effectively blocks out Andrew Cuomo temporarily and makes him insignificant.
The World Animal Health Organization has maintained Brazil's status as a country with an insignificant risk of the disease.
However, Juul and similar products may generate a not-insignificant amount of e-waste, as they're onerous to recycle.
The strong reactions and discomfort around something so small and seemingly insignificant was the call to action to me.
While this mistake may seem insignificant to some, the two are totally different spices and aren't similar flavor profiles.
It's the little slights, even those that liberals shrug off as insignificant, that really play right into this narrative.
" After the killings, he would write, in a tone of satisfaction, "They finally obtained their insignificant deaths (sus muertitos).
Given that there are approximately 7.7 million eligible voters in the entire state, 2 million isn't an insignificant number.
"Corporate and government officials are most at risk, but don't assume you're too insignificant to be targeted," Evanina added.
" The actress further states: "I also know these things may sound like first class problems or small insignificant moments.
To a not-insignificant number of Democrats, of course, Mr. Sanders's populist agenda is exactly what the country needs.
Still, I was intimidated — scared of being insignificant in a city of so much talent and so many cultures.
He was a pillar of finance and a giant in the world that I was an insignificant part of.
Or, as was the case on Tuesday, it could be something as insignificant as a poor Wi-Fi connection.
Like desire, it burned, burned, burned, and it made me feel puny and insignificant but also ablaze with life.
In the months after the attacks, the harried Penttbom teams logged more than 219,2111 leads, most of them insignificant.
Frodeno said his record time of seven hours, 42.23 minutes and 13 seconds was insignificant compared to the victory.
There were 74 live births among the acupuncture group and 72 in the control group, again an insignificant difference.
While interactions with cashiers may seem insignificant, or at times even a nuisance, they also foster sociability between strangers.
Moreover, prior-ranking debt is represented only by insignificant finance leases, accounting for around 0.3% of the company's EBITDA.
You may think the cost is high: purchasing a card reader and paying service charges are not insignificant expenses.
They're now fighting about the most insignificant subjects, from Baby Yoda to the concept of the argument meme itself.
"The Klan in California is insignificant except for efforts of people like him," Dr. Levin said of Mr. Hagen.
That all three are Brazilian — as are the P.S.G. defenders Thiago Silva and Marquinhos — is neither coincidental nor insignificant.
He ruled in an earlier phase of trial that companies hadn&apost shown the threat from the chemical was insignificant.
He also holds a statistically insignificant three-point advantage over Warren and Harris in the CNN poll, 20% to 17%.
Personally, I'm wondering whether there's a space for Diggle in the marketplace; $1,000 per month is a non-insignificant expense.
The photos are insignificant scandals compared to the trio's maternal uncle Gary Goldsmith's recent sentencing in a physical assault case.
Either it's insignificant compared to Seacrest and his peers, or it's so monumental that Harrison doesn't want it slipping out.
A majority of them are insignificant, so I keep them to myself because I know that my emotions will pass.
We analyze the small, seemingly insignificant decisions we make every day with technology, and how they impact our social lives.
On average, for every 20 pairs of shoes donated, people bought just one fewer pair locally—a statistically insignificant effect.
The airline went from being an insignificant Irish operator to Europe's second largest carrier after Lufthansa, regularly reporting juicy profits.
But that experience comes at a cost, and the price difference between the Invoke and the others is not insignificant.
In the face of concerns like North Korea and neo-Nazis, Mr Trump's rift with the art world seems insignificant.
Clinton holds her narrowest margin on the issue in Arizona, where she is ahead by a statistically insignificant 1 point.
In a regional election in Andalucia in December, Vox, a previously insignificant far-right party, won 11% of the vote.
Lightness states that, in fact, eternal return is impossible, that existence is unburdened, and that everything is fleeting and insignificant.
It turns out these small, seemingly insignificant interactions were enough to lift my mood and help me feel less isolated.
Africa's middle class, measured broadly as an index of wealth rather than income, is a small and insignificant consumer demographic.
Recording everything will provide a new awareness of how easily expenses can add up, even the seemingly insignificant "little" purchases.
"Not an insignificant number," he admitted, compared to the 5,000 American soldiers who are in the war-torn area today.
"She couldn't believe that so many people could care about —in her words — 'a insignificant freak like me,'" Kali wrote.
People who settle Mars, where the Earth is viewed as an insignificant blue-green dot in space, will become Martians.
"If you're under attack from a UAS, even if it is militarily insignificant, [it] leads to mission degradation," Brig. Gen.
How can you leverage that seemingly insignificant conversation to your advantage to make an even better impression on your interviewer?
Her only injuries are two "insignificant fractures" on her tailbone and skull, both of which will heal on their own.
So it made sense to talk about something as insignificant as heartbreak and frustration through something as extreme as gore.
Analysts expect BHP to be able to claw back any shipment delays and the impact to operations to be insignificant.
There is no victim too insignificant for Diana to care about, and no mission too daunting for her to attempt.
Shortly before the meeting, Johannes Benigni, chairman of JBC Energy Group, argued a nine-month extension would be woefully insignificant.
This isn't insignificant, given that November imports were 22015 million tonnes, a number that was the highest in 22017 months.
In most contexts, this would be a fairly insignificant snafu, but in this case it underscores a larger epistemic folly.
Though the small number of cases may appear insignificant, the committee said the trend is noteworthy because it shows stagnation.
Even though his throat was painful, the sore throat seemed insignificant compared to the shaking chills, the fever, the headache.
On the playlists: 'Before You Accuse Me' and Louis C.K.Epstein's Twitter presence was insignificant; he never tweeted or followed anyone.
But not letting the small moments pass me by gave me memories I could keep forever, no matter how insignificant.
A not insignificant portion of the visitors who post pictures from the room appear to have dressed to match it.
"It's not nice for any town to be criticized for being insignificant by a world famous celebrity," Mr. Hollobone added.
He argued that Trump viewed it as insignificant because it was only an unfunded letter of intent at the time.
Business Insider talked to master graphologist Kathi McKnight about what the seemingly insignificant details in your writing say about you.
"Yawns receive little attention because they seem insignificant," says Andrew Gallup, PhD, an assistant professor of psychology at SUNY Oneonta.
Some, looking on the bright side, noted the departure from the usual Kremlin policy of dismissing Mr. Navalny as insignificant.
In fact, the term originates from astrology, a pseudo-science that tends to make big deals out of insignificant coincidences.
But Mr. Mattis and other military leaders adamantly opposed retaliation for the Baghdad attack, successfully arguing that it was insignificant.
Born long before the Communist revolution, Guo's grandmother was a child bride considered so insignificant that she lacked a name.
Voter ID laws pushed in Republican states have created not-insignificant barriers to voting for many black and Hispanic voters.
E-cigarettes are also relatively new and not as ubiquitous as cell phones, so 11 cases isn't an insignificant number.
"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it," Mr. Boulton said, quoting Gandhi.
His recounting of a relatively insignificant incident shed light on his unusual and, some say, ingenious methods of resolving disputes.
"This is not the first time that small, seemingly insignificant acts have taken on life or death meaning," she wrote.
"It would not have been an insignificant amount, but we walked away from that because that's short lived," Levy said.
The department's new stance contrasts that of President Trump, who has repeatedly dismissed white supremacy as an insignificant fringe movement.
Bone and joint scans also showed no significant differences, except for a clinically insignificant cartilage loss in the steroid group.
That's puzzling, even if insignificant, and it's not clear why there should be any correlation at all with college grads.
Some colleagues in Parliament describe him as corrupt, untrustworthy or simply insignificant, but he appears to have amassed considerable wealth.
The crucial and not insignificant difference is that Peugeot has a Marchionne-like chief executive at the helm: Carlos Tavares.
What they are worried about here is a very insignificant amount of people when it comes to revoking a permit.
The sartorial choices of these two women may seem like an insignificant matter, but gestures matter on the world stage.
Second, Britain regarded the island as too small and insignificant for settlement, so very few English speakers ever settled there.
"It's definitely too early to be declaring victory, but the progress we've seen is not insignificant for sure," Keiser said.
According to the Bureau of Land Management, the rules would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by a statistically insignificant 0.0092 percent.
" No gesture of good will is too insignificant, she added: "A small nod to recognize someone's humanity can be monumental.
But because start-ups look insignificant today, there's relatively little attention paid to the impact that tariffs have on them.
The entry TWERP is never a pleasant one, but calling someone "insignificant" goes beyond what I think of as twerpy.
And he has a not-insignificant chance of securing the Republican nomination for Senate in West Virginia in two weeks.
While it may contain higher trace amounts of some minerals, the amounts are insignificant and afford no additional health benefits.
Start a diary which includes all the details of each incident, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem.
For now the size of the venture is "insignificant compared with SoftBank Corp's enterprise value," said Dan Baker, analyst at Morningstar.
Clinton's campaign was ready with a memo explaining why the loss was insignificant given the upcoming contests in less-white states.
Image: TwitterTwitter has made a subtle, but not insignificant change to the way it counts emoji in its 280-character limit.
In the scheme of things, missing a sales target by 1,300 vehicles over a three-month period should seem relatively insignificant.
And so the problem is not just the seven countries, although they're not insignificant," Chopra told CNBC's "Squawk on the Street.
Analyzing the most popular songs from 2012 to 2018, the study found that women are still statistically insignificant in many areas.
Registration is now live on the site, costing a not insignificant $1,599 — the same price as the last couple of years.
And, yes, that bears a not insignificant resemblance to the career trajectory of Gaga, the artist formerly known as Stefani Germanotta.
A not insignificant number of people had access to this plane in four countries including airport personnel, passengers and flight employees.
Aspects of the care and feeding of mice that were previously seen as insignificant are turning out to matter a lot.
It stings, and then you feel humiliated that something so insignificant, something that isn't an insult by itself, can bother you.
These details may seem insignificant but they still underscore Bey's enigmatic nature and push us further into her orbit of mysteries.
You ever get the feeling that you're just a tiny, insignificant speck floating free in the vast ocean of our universe?
After calibrating the device to be more sensitive to measures that seemed statistically insignificant, the system's accuracy jumped to 97 percent.
Toilet usage figures were from a study conducted in 2014—the sample size of which was very small and statistically insignificant.
Cobalt is an insignificant-looking grey metal that risk consultancy Verisk Maplecroft says may be the next so-called conflict mineral.
Hardly a fashion statementAnd that's a shame, because aside from the bulk (which isn't insignificant), these things actually sound pretty good.
And you only recover that sense of astonishment if you realize how small and insignificant we would otherwise seem to be.
"They think no one should be imprisoned for an act they see as so insignificant," he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
Individual actions may seem small, #moggmentum may seem trivial, a RT, insignificant but together, small steps can have astonishing impact. pic.twitter.
Overall income was no higher in the treatment group, and earnings were higher by a small (4.6 percent), statistically insignificant amount.
Where Malick sees people as insignificant in the face of nature, Lowery sees humankind as a fascinating, integral part of nature.
"To have this stadium named after Arthur Ashe is not insignificant," Martin Blackman, the USTA general manager of development, told Reuters.
Today is the one of the few times you have a say, however statistically insignificant, in how the government is run.
The growth of online streaming services has steadily increased year after year since 2011, and not by insignificant single-digit percentages.
Moebius What I like most about Moebius is his ability to make you feel small and insignificant within a vast universe.
He claimed he will not know what they are doing, but Trump's close relationship to his children means that is insignificant.
No. I will receive no damage to my body that will be long-lasting for a small, insignificant amount of cash.
Ms Derbyshire of Stockport council agrees, but adds that "just because it is delegation does not mean that it is insignificant".
All I remember are frustratingly insignificant details, like how one clip featured a garden gnome and a song by Belle & Sebastian.
The lesson here is not insignificant, and illustrates the kind of practical life choices disabled people face on a daily basis.
Although the office described the increase as statistically insignificant, the report immediately assumed political importance as the June 23 referendum approaches.
These hasty structures were militarily insignificant, but they had a symbolic value, making Parisians feel they had contributed to their liberation.
His tiny border with Kim is insignificant when measured against the thousands of miles and myriad nations the Russian Federation abuts.
Previously small and insignificant agencies will have the power to fine offending companies up to 4 percent of their global revenue.
Hughes said the prospect of backlash from steel-producing customer countries was "not insignificant," adding to the risks around increased costs.
Buying planes from the United States, opening a Boeing office or having American representatives at an international airport might seem insignificant.
But if this issue calls to mind frivolous spending on wasteful and insignificant budget items, that impression is only half-correct.
Over the past year and a half, more urgent matters came up, making the scandal increasingly look like an insignificant sideshow.
In this scrum, details have been lacking, including the not-insignificant one of what precisely buyers would get for their investment.
In 1998, after 50 years of saying that leaks from the tanks were insignificant, management admitted that was not the case.
It was also eye-opening to see how quickly cash can disappear with what I always imagined were small, insignificant purchases.
It's also eye-opening to see how quickly my cash can disappear with what I always imagined were small, insignificant purchases.
"In a neighborhood where the homes are priced anywhere between $2 million and $4 million, this is not insignificant," he said.
That might seem like a small, insignificant detail, but it fits into the larger theme of Fitbit’s newest wearable.
"It's ridiculous how little that dam is, how insignificant in the grand scheme of things," said Paul Rosenberg, the village's mayor.
So, it felt like such an important story that we wanted to do it, even though the risks were not insignificant.
The "who's who of Silicon Valley" market is only so big and may be insignificant to Snap's growing ad-supported business.
An ABC News/Washington Post poll released on Sunday showed Clinton with a statistically insignificant 1-point national lead on Trump.
Which, when you're playing a game like Bloodborne—a spiritual sibling to From Software's Dark Souls series—is no insignificant task.
If he was wholly insignificant, then I think it would be ethically questionable why you should do a movie about him.
Since more than one million Texans had become naturalized citizens during the time frame of the list, this was not insignificant.
Particularly, "Pile of Coal" has something about it that cannot be rendered insignificant by the immensity of the Anthropocene surrounding it.
He said customers were checked against international sanctions lists and described the number of e-resident customers of SEB as "insignificant".
And, most standard rechargeable AA batteries are rated for 2,000mAh and AAAs are 800mAh with slight, generally insignificant differences between brands.
And a not-insignificant aspect of John McEnroe's relationship to it — and other major tournaments — is now as a glorified spectator.
Banking sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the price would be insignificant as BHP is keen to seal a deal.
Its exports of precious minerals, including gold and silver, were relatively insignificant however, totaling $2000,2300 in the year to March 21990.
Yet our actual lives go on, like insignificant characters left by the wayside as the author pursued a more engaging plot.
But last month, its impact was relatively insignificant, with the worst of the outbreak confined to China and the surrounding countries.
Human beings share more than 99.9 percent of their DNA; what makes us different is vanishingly insignificant in terms of genetics.
Fallout from nuclear tests, which began in the mid-20th century, is insignificant in Antarctica, Mr. Koll and his colleagues concluded.
Fallout from nuclear tests, which began in the mid-20th century, is insignificant in Antarctica, Mr. Koll and his colleagues concluded.
It pelts the ground relentlessly, rendering everything else insignificant and giving the film an eerie atmosphere and a sense of foreboding.
"Seoul is tiny and insignificant!" the sign read, according to a photograph provided by one of the students, Liu Guomengchen, 21.
Ross used a can of Campbell's Soup to stress his point about what he calls insignificant price increases from Trump's tariffs.
Changqing said the company exported an "insignificant" amount of 5050 extrusions - in response to customer requests between 2013 and early 2015.
It's not an insignificant calling card when millions of Americans are convinced all politicians lie and don't hold any real beliefs.
What these three clouds imply for Mexico is a protracted period of insignificant growth after a long period of mediocre growth.
"Corporate and government officials are most at risk, but don't assume you're too insignificant to be targeted," Evanina told the agency.
The issue at stake is whether one millisecond is insignificant - or as the SEC terms it, de minimis - to electronic markets.
Microsoft has become a largely insignificant player in the mobile space, with Windows Phone commanding just 2 percent of global market share.
While some may dismiss "doge" and "smol" as insignificant, others know the internet is changing the fabric of the English language daily.
"The amount was very insignificant and we wanted to focus on meaningful investments that benefit the members of the SMRS," Leix said.
According to The New York Times, the options range from the seemingly insignificant — the first is: Sugar Puffs or Frosties for breakfast?
That means the seemingly small claim numbers are not insignificant, argued plaintiffs' attorney Mark Lanier, and the attorney fees are well deserved.
Fitness Instagrammer Kelsey Wells is proving that weight and size is insignificant when it comes to being fit in a viral post.
That's 32 years of unbroken White House rule by graduates of schools that educate a statistically insignificant number of all college students.
"This is an insignificant matter that will be quickly resolved," a source close to the former NBA star told the gossip site.
The actual islands — seven major ones and dozens of smaller rocks so insignificant that they are left unnamed — have limited natural resources.
Nitrosamines, a carcinogenic family of chemicals, have been found in e-cigarette vapour, albeit at levels low enough to be deemed insignificant.
Plus, a decade into his tenure, it's safe to say he's the definitive Bond for a not-insignificant proportion of younger moviegoers.
This might seem completely insignificant in the grand scheme of the film, but it's indicative of a larger issue in the industry.
A recent study of nearly 200,000 children found an insignificant correlation between autism and mothers who received the flu vaccine while pregnant.
Then, in the latest quarter, Tesla only "recognized an insignificant amount of ZEV credit revenue," according to a letter to shareholders Wednesday.
A small percentage even show up on Airbnb, though Vacasa dismisses it as an "insignificant channel" compared to its other listing sources.
Suffolk found Trump with the support of 2751% of likely North Carolina voters, a statistically insignificant three points better than Clinton's 2775%.
It's also clean (unless there's an accident, of course, in which case it's very unclean); nuclear plants release insignificant amounts of CO2.
And I wonder if that clashes with this idea that we are wildly, infinitesimally insignificant compared to the size of the universe?
Today's human society learns via Wikipedia, blogs and social networks, which is why so-called insignificant changes are in fact quite dramatic.
By contrast, European and U.S. bond markets are dominated by big institutions, such as pension funds, while individuals own an insignificant percentage.
The new white paper from Anna Godoey and Michael Reich at Berkeley provides more evidence that the impact on jobs is insignificant.
He has repeatedly shown a willingness to weaponize the racial animus that he knows drives some not-insignificant number of his supporters.
The guy still has a proposal to do, but his tears seem insignificant now that we know who's headed for The Bachelorette.
But when they meet, Tori annoyingly disqualifies Ryan based on one insignificant detail: his name, which is the same as Tori's ex.
That's not an insignificant sum, even for a large company like PwC, but McEneaney believes it should pay for itself fairly quickly.
All of a sudden, insignificant actions of ordinary life take on a somber shade, and we feel that darker times are coming.
It's an insignificant story and shows why the press isn't trusted to do their jobs by an overwhelming majority of the public.
Robinson herself tries to remain constantly cognizant of checking privilege, aware that her platform, while she calls it small, is not insignificant.
A new white paper from Anna Godoey and Michael Reich at Berkeley provides more evidence that the impact on jobs is insignificant.
"I was losing my true self as I let my character become more and more insignificant in the grand narrative," CarlEmilia said.
It's not clear exactly how much time Ne-Yo will spend working with Holberton, but it sounds like it won't be insignificant.
The number of people who die without family or friends each year is not an enormous one, but neither is it insignificant.
When the smaller, seemingly insignificant things don't get done or get done poorly, it has a ripple effect that's felt for miles.
No piece of space debris is insignificant, since each one travels at speeds high enough to inflict catastrophic damage to vital equipment.
In an interview, Mr. Duncan said that individual merchants would ultimately end up with an insignificant amount of money from the deal.
Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) lead by a statistically insignificant 85033 and 1 percentage points, respectively, and Sen.
The two-week setback was insignificant compared with the nearly five years her fans, affectionately known as the Kash Bratz, have waited.
That's not an insignificant number, and undoubtedly includes some Trump supporters, especially those whose enthusiasm is more kindled by his domestic agenda.
Kent Jones, the director of the New York Film Festival, singled out "D'Est" and "No Home Movie" for elevating the seemingly insignificant.
The rhetoric of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propagandists has taken the clear stance that Poland is a small and insignificant country.
As we work toward our larger professional objectives, no gig is too "small" or insignificant to shape the course of our careers.
It might sound like an insignificant subject matter, but r/Frisson has over 0003,2000 subscribers, making it the 2100th most subscribed subreddit.
"Because caves are 'out of sight, out of mind,' they are often considered as unique but insignificant features of nature," Brankovits said.
This means he might just take a small detail, perhaps insignificant to most, and use that as the basis for a piece.
I always started small, plucking out seemingly insignificant details and stretching them to seem like they meant something about a person's character.
Elon Musk took a flamethrower to his company Facebook pages after going on a mischievous Twitter riff about how insignificant Facebook is.
"WHOSE SIDE ARE YOU ON?!" belts frontman Riley Gale to pretty much everyone who'll hear, which is probably not an insignificant number.
But thinking about it later, from a distance, after time had passed, it came to feel insignificant, not worth getting upset about.
Some of Trump's advisers have sought to distance themselves from Papadopoulos and continue to insist his role in the campaign was insignificant.
Today, you can get her look (in any color) for a not insignificant 25 percent discount at this rare Réalisation Par sale.
Over two decades from 21.6 to 22050, this proportion rose to 226 percent, from 6.2 percent, not insignificant but not particularly noteworthy.
With real estate commissions and carrying costs, it looks like she gained what is probably an insignificant amount of money for her.
While he added that "it's relatively insignificant in the scheme of things," he said it does send a bit of a message.
It should come as no surprise, then, that marine biologists long ago dismissed jellyfish as an insignificant item on the ocean menu.
None of the states will be competitive in the general, but a not insignificant chunk of delegates will be up for grabs.
Removing barriers to job flexibility and growth will benefit individual employees and small businesses substantially, while state revenue losses will be insignificant.
While it's clear that WikiLeaks was trying to coordinate, Trump Jr. only bit a few times, and mostly on relatively insignificant issues.
A Castleton Polling Institute survey released over the weekend showed Scott leading Minter by a statistically insignificant 39 percent to 38 percent.
But here, Carlson is parroting Trump's own true thinking—that Ukraine is altogether insignificant beyond helping him stick it to Joe Biden.
But for women the incidence was 198 per hundred thousand in 2010, down from 217 in 1993–94, a statistically insignificant change.
Francis acknowledged the Church had to win back many young people who see it as insignificant in their lives or a nuisance.
Maduro's previous plans to raise gasoline prices have either been abandoned or resulted in insignificant increases that were quickly overtaken by inflation.
But there could still be not-insignificant consequences for airplane design and airport infrastructure, not to mention passengers being booted from flights.
One of his favorite pieces of work is found late in the game and, at first glance, is insignificant: a power switch.
Birthdays aren't happy occasions, after all — they're merely reminders that we're all insignificant drops in the ocean, no more unique than anyone else.
Do you realize how much I spent on Ubers this weekend now that I think $165 million is an insignificant amount of money!
The study found mostly small or insignificant associations between each serving of butter that people consumed and total mortality, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.
But whatever sentiments you harbor toward the late Eddard's eldest daughter, there's one seemingly insignificant detail that's worth paying attention to: her hairstyles.
It may not be enough to drop your 9-to-5, but it's not insignificant if you know your way around travel sites.
In the past couple of years, Microsoft has bought a not-insignificant number of studios, including Obsidian Entertainment and Psychonauts developer Double Fine.
And as the revelations about the Koch Foundation clearly show, the conservative resources being poured into political initiatives on campus are not insignificant.
"We have an insignificant amount of data to see who makes the CFP, because there's been two of them," economist Andy Schwarz said.
"Rock on insignificant Liberals … you will not be missed," wrote the person who shared it, whose profile says she is a registered nurse.
Mitchell said minors' revenue contribution was "insignificant" and that the measures are not expected to have a major impact on spending by adults.
Since that movement formed in reaction to anti-queer ordinances remarkably like the ones we see today, this is not an insignificant oversight.
Benson adds that even something as insignificant as a sample-size beauty item can influence spending behavior because the messaging is very specific.
So, the issue of productivity is not insignificant as we assess the short- and long-term outlooks for corporate profitability and stock prices.
"I just don't understand why someone would be so filled with rage to hit someone over something so insignificant," a neighbor told CBS3.
The goal is to deny adversaries the outcomes they seek -- in this case, by rendering cyber election hacks insignificant to our democratic process.
However, journalizing my detailed thoughts around each spending decision exposed how I sometimes expensed a disproportionate amount of mental energy on insignificant savings.
However, the plant&aposs senior director said any emissions or damage resulted from the plant would be insignificant compared to the volcano&aposs.
Righteous heroes were bested by craftier villains, intriguing storylines were nipped in the bud, and ambitious plans were undone by seemingly insignificant decisions.
MOSCOW, Jan 24 (Reuters) - Russian bank Gazprombank said on Thursday that risks for its business due to recent developments in Venezuela were insignificant.
Entrance fees are not an insignificant source of funding for the parks; they brought in about $59 million in 2014, according to CBC.
Even if Cambridge Analytica did affect Donald Trump's election in 2016, everything we know about political microtargeting suggests that its role was insignificant.
Things that are appealing to and popular with young girls are still coded as bad and insignificant, regardless of whether they actually are.
As Dr. Ford explained, traumatic memories such as sexual assault end up "locked" in a person's brain, while other details may be insignificant.
This time, America&aposs professional Trump haters are spinning in circles over a totally insignificant audio recording between Michael Cohen and Donald Trump.
"(Apple's) contract manufacturers may make some form of partial payment, but initial indications are that any payment would likely be insignificant," Qualcomm said.
At a glance, these details may seem insignificant, but they're the handful of childhood memories that bring with them a semblance of normalcy.
There was also the niqab "debate," which looked set to decide the federal election for a depressing but not insignificant chunk of time.
And as that smug conference photo from February suggested, Mark Zuckerberg will presumably wield full control over our most insignificant thoughts and feelings.
It reported that China's manufacturing cost advantage over the U.S. shrank from 14 percent in 2004 to an "insignificant" 1 percent in 2016.
Plus, an Apple car would almost certainly look cool and be both fun to use and a status symbol — not insignificant selling points.
Hathaway and Shapiro acknowledge that one reason the Kellogg-Briand Pact is regarded as historically insignificant is that it provided no enforcement mechanism.
The brainchild of a young New York transplant, the brand-new electoral event seemed insignificant enough that the local papers barely covered it.
"We're talking up to $20,000 in premiums" for a year, which is not an insignificant amount for the couple's household budget, he said.
"Depending on the response that you provide to this question, this court could see a not insignificant increase in its work," Marin said.
In the end, lawmakers must make sure the best possible treatments are equally available to all, regardless of one insignificant number: their age.
For a not-insignificant fraction of my earnings, a mother's helper took my toddler off my hands for three glorious hours a day.
A not-insignificant proportion of the British voters who support leaving the European Union expect significant economic pain if it were to occur.
This is 0.1 percent higher than the first quarter of 10 before the drop, but it's a statistically insignificant increase year over year.
There has been a small rebuild over the last couple of months but it has been insignificant relative to the tonnage being imported.
And if we zoom in on all animal life, we again see how insignificant humans are compared to everyone else in the kingdom.
It all feels so silly when we admit that we are all nothing—insignificant creatures floating around looking for something to hold onto.
This is my little piece of heaven, where all things insignificant and great alike can have their place in a piece of art.
While "individual comments or likes are insignificant," as those accumulate they collectively produce the values and behaviors that the group then adheres to.
"It was fantastic when we first plotted the results and saw how the small, and seemingly insignificant, differences were population specific," Owen said.
A white paper from Anna Godoey and Michael Reich at Berkeley in July provided more evidence that the impact on jobs is insignificant.
He raised their hopes, briefly, by arguing unsuccessfully for a "boutique" fishery that would have allowed shrimpers a small but not insignificant catch.
This may make them think they are insignificant and then they won't do the best they can and it will be a cycle.
"It may seem like an insignificant or easy change, but it's really ingrained and it is a significant change in culture," Mejdal said.
Is it too much, Mr. Vice President, to ask that we also remember the now seemingly insignificant matter of why the protests began?
Thousands of dispossessed, down-trodden and oppressed were strangers in their own city, as they had been made to feel diminished and insignificant.
A symbol of this strategy played out in her home state of Massachusetts, which voted Tuesday and has a not-insignificant 91 delegates.
Just for context, the average download speed for fixed broadband in the US is about 140 Mbps, so that variation is pretty insignificant.
Not when something as small and insignificant as a careless cigarette can send a pack of savage red hounds racing toward your home.
These spots benefit from the funneling effect of the Wasatch's Cottonwood Canyons, which squeeze significant amounts of snow out of insignificant weather systems.
Regardless of how insignificant you think your information might be, we strongly encourage you to come forward and welcome your information and assistance.
They gave me the power to make my disability as invisible and insignificant to my identity as I had always felt it was.
The tensions between them are insignificant compared with their shared interest in propping up the Bashar al-Assad regime and eroding American influence.
The deal, for a not insignificant $35 million, to take him to Paris from his former club, Everton, went through on July 30.
Jilsén and his team appear to want you to feel lost at times, even insignificant when dwarfed by all of the surrounding machinery.
Trump and his allies quickly dismissed the contents of the call as insignificant, painting Democrats as overeager to remove the president from office.
Most of their owners recalled that getting their dogs involved internet research, rounds of interviews with breeders, and not-insignificant amounts of money.
In 2014 the average wait time in V.A. hospitals was 22.5 days, compared with 18.7 in the private sector, a statistically insignificant difference.
The reality is they have tiny, insignificant populations, and economic contributions, so how is it possible for them to topple the Eurozone economically?
Gazprombank said on Thursday it was not currently involved in any investment projects in Venezuela, so the risks for its business were insignificant.
Using her talent to inspire women who are confronted by a patriarchal society every time they leave the house is no insignificant feat.
There are plenty of EU citizens resident in the UK, but a statistically insignificant number of them were able to vote in the referendum.
From November 18, the HTC Vive headset will be sold at the two national retailers for the (not insignificant) price of A$1,399 ($1,073).
Writing with it is like chiseling with a sharpened stone: It requires a not-insignificant amount of effort to produce marks on the page.
The absence of "grace" might seem insignificant, but take into account how much of a role Justin's other tattoos play in the issue's spread.
Image: NASA/Voyager 1The universe is very good at making us feel both extremely insignificant and lucky enough to be part of something huge.
The FBI does not categorize cyberattacks as "significant" or insignificant, the agents said, adding the bureau only cares whether a crime has been committed.
Crowded House may not have achieved the same global success as other big Australian acts, but the band's popularity at home is not insignificant.
Each housing type is broken down to the smallest detail — practically no cornice, window frame or brick pattern is insignificant to the field guide.
There it was: a variance, almost insignificant, probably just the overlay's augmentors working to enhance the little they could make out through the interference.
Though many investors will have been burned in January, the overall fallout from a complete bitcoin collapse would be pretty insignificant, Capital Economics argues.
This shift isn't insignificant in Lepofsky's view, who likens it to when Box moved from a point solution to a broader enterprise platform play.
But if you were to put that cash in a retirement account and give it some time to grow, it wouldn't feel so insignificant.
Given that the pre-money valuation of a YC company is over $10 million out of the gate, this is not an insignificant pledge.
Despite this, a not insignificant fraction of Americans, even today, see the equal treatment of women and people of color as a bad thing.
"There have been some isolated incidents of stone-pelting," the Home Ministry said in a statement, but added they were of an "insignificant level".
A significant part of demand for the deal has come from Russian investors, with European and British interest but "insignificant" Chinese buying, Brodsky said.
Philip Klinkner, a political scientist at New York's Hamilton College, found that factors like economic pessimism and income were statistically insignificant to Trump's support.
Focusing on smaller, insignificant orders that their well-heeled competitors wouldn't bother with, these two guys fatten their bank accounts feasting on military crumbs.
Though it may seem like an insignificant gesture, practicing gratitude in your daily life can benefit your health and relationships in a big way.
He indulged in profanity-laden fits for the most insignificant reasons—if he dropped something, say, or if he forgot to complete an errand.
But let's be real: It's easy to look at Earth from a distance and find humanity's troubles insignificant in the grand scheme of things.
That's not because terrorist attacks are insignificant to their targets, but because the chance of being the direct target of an attack is tiny.
But as it turns out, this seemingly insignificant bias is partially responsible for turning colleges into institutions that reproduce wealth and exacerbate structural inequality.
The similarities between Playdead's Limbo and their followup, Inside, aren't insignificant, but the latter feels like such an important evolution of the first game.
"So far, the office has charged more than 30 individuals and has secured a number of guilty pleas, which is not insignificant," he said.
There was also a not-insignificant possibility that one of those men would say something offensive to Ford or about sexual assault in general.
The change — although not insignificant, especially given the complaints about MacBook battery life — is not mentioned in the official release notes for Sierra 10.12.2.
And it's a necessary reminder that despite incredible human advances, we are very tiny, insignificant and, ultimately, existing at the pleasure of Mother Nature.
The findings this year yielded the biggest gap, due to higher emissions stemming largely from fossil fuels and insignificant measures to address the problem.
Everything else, including the object of those desires remain fluid and almost insignificant, assuming importance only when they come in contact with our heroes.
That may mean our lies are not always deliberate, or we may rationalize our falsehoods by believing they relate only to small, insignificant matters.
On May 25, previously small and insignificant agencies will have the power to fine offending companies up to 2023 percent of their global revenue.
A possible 22019 percent tariff is "not insignificant" and would hit every vehicle sold, including trucks and autos along with auto parts, Lusk said.
The question is what would be achieved beyond a better working relationship, which is not insignificant, but is an insufficient reason, at this time.
Even here, though, Ms. DeLappe shows her sophisticated grasp of exposition by indirection and of the telling, seemingly insignificant detail that wrings the heart.
Regardless of how people choose to define their sexuality, though, Hammack said it's important to recognize one term doesn't make another insignificant or obsolete.
"The presence of this warship is insignificant to us," Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari was quoted as saying by the semi-official ISNA news agency.
And the FSD price hike will likely be quite big — and that's on top of the existing FSD price, which isn't exactly insignificant either.
In the sprawling business empire of Donald J. Trump, the real estate classes that bore his name seem to occupy a tiny, insignificant corner.
That position is not insignificant: The top wild-card team would avoid the league-leading Washington Capitals in the first round of the playoffs.
A flat 10-15 percent is not insignificant, but it's not really big enough to get initial priority when developing a new web app.
And you can't forget the 2973 million arrest warrants floating around the city for crimes as insignificant as walking through a park past dark.
Banning single-use plastic straws is often seen as a quick fix to reduce waste, but for some it isn't such an insignificant loss.
That's because I will use these items frequently, and since they will likely last for a decade or longer, the cost is relatively insignificant.
The revenue brought in by the estate tax is only $23.1 billion; not an insignificant amount, but less than one percent of government revenue.
Philip Klinkner, a political scientist at New York's Hamilton College, found that factors like economic pessimism and income were statistically insignificant to Trump's rise.
With the tap of a finger or the click of a mouse, social media users perform these actions so often they might seem insignificant.
"Cold Takes" is a column in which we express our passionate beliefs about insignificant events and Internet discourses at least several months too late.
By contrast, watercress maintained nearly 60 percent of its vitamin C content after 10 days of storage, and arugula lost a statistically insignificant amount.
For Mr. Trump, who has squeezed drama out of every step in his improbable overture to North Korea, that is not an insignificant asset.
Megan Markle is an insignificant popularity hog who cares too much about the spotlight and not enough about her impacts on her in-laws.
For those of us who've never had to think about which restroom to use, it's tempting to dismiss the Trump administration's actions as insignificant.
But by her account, after marrying Mr. Kazin less than two years later, she indentured herself for nearly three decades as his insignificant other.
Still, the final stage certainly wasn't insignificant, as SpaceX illustrated to potential customers that it could send payloads to orbits beyond the red planet.
"He made everyone feel like they were the center of the party, no matter how insignificant they were," John Dickerson wrote in an email.
In a hypothetical matchup between Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and Trump, Clinton holds a statistically insignificant lead of 41.4 percent to 40.8 percent.
In other words, over the years some European leaders have bought into the Iranian propaganda that portrays the leading Iranian resistance organization as insignificant.
Even in August, when Judge Balkman arrived at the higher award, the company's stocks performed well, suggesting that shareholders considered the amount relatively insignificant.
" It speculates that 21st Century Fox was invested in shielding their identities and that they were "not Latino, and not financially insignificant to Fox.
While not insignificant, the figures suggests that Canadians should be mostly looking at themselves as they search for the people behind rising housing costs.
Two generations of European leaders allowed the former without requiring the latter, and then airily dismissed public discontent as politically insignificant and morally illegitimate.
Since we've lived around the world and my French Canadian husband likes to spend money on food experiences, that is not an insignificant claim.
Perhaps he has done the math and realized that the emissions of any single rich person are insignificant to the big picture on climate.
Frequently, he's this tiny, insignificant speck at the bottom of the frame, as if he's been ported over from an episode of Mr. Robot.
To that same point, sometimes relying on social media posts to share your feelings during a tragedy seems insignificant, or like it's trivializing the situation.
However, it's important to note that a not-insignificant chunk of those 1 billion devices includes Android smartphones that come with Google Assistant pre-installed.
It's all happening, only it's happening on Homeland, and the way in which it's happening reveals both how relevant and utterly insignificant the show remains.
"Some industries that are economically insignificant have enormous public resonance," said Bronwen Maddox, director of the Institute for Government, an independent think tank in London.
"The presence of this warship is insignificant to us," Iran's Navy commander Habibollah Sayyari was quoted as saying by the semi-official ISNA news agency.
While these are not record-breaking numbers by any means, they are "not insignificant for a new product," notes One Click Retail in its report.
Uber's automated systems gather small and seemingly insignificant details persistently over time, material that would otherwise be forgotten or bore a human surveillant to death.
Why it matters: Drugmakers often invoke their research costs as they try to fend off any limits on their prices, and that spending isn't insignificant.
And for a moment, we almost missed one tiny insignificant detail that will surely ignite a tidal wave of trends starting now: her baby bangs.
Night time in the ocean really should make you feel this small and insignificant in the face of these beautiful, svelte, but wicked-grinned animals.
A study from 2017 by the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research found that the impact of tax incentives on state GDP was statistically insignificant.
In that sense, it's why sharing updates from the runways wasn't a bad thing to do, even if fashion seemed particularly insignificant in the moment.
In fact, over the last year (since his 18th birthday), the celeb offspring has accumulated over 20 — and though many are small, none are insignificant.
Which is nice ... but also kind of confusing, when you realize the rest of the world still sees Wakanda as an impoverished and insignificant nation.
"Cold Takes" is a new column in which we express our passionate beliefs about insignificant events and Internet discourses at least several months too late.
Omkar Joshi, portfolio manager at Regal Funds Management, said the additional capital requirement was insignificant for a bank with an A$800 billion balance sheet.
When this approach is employed, it seems apparent that foreign aid spending— even when it comes in at less than 21625 percent— is hardly insignificant.
I like volcanic eruptions for the same reason I like a lot of things that make me feel insignificant: they evoke a sense of wonder.
So get ready, cause this new photo of central Australia's stunning Uluru, as seen from above is about to make you feel small and insignificant.
On a more serious note, one of the reoccurring themes of the comic is wanting to feel significant in a world where you're terminally insignificant.
A majority of the studies find that subsidies either have a mixed or insignificant effect on the economic welfare of the communities that offer them.
In the Armory's enormous Drill Hall, her presence seemed nearly insignificant, especially when standing in front of the huge screen, which thereafter showed more videos.
Cohen dispute the receipt of nearly $85033MM from Columbus Nova, Korea Aero, Novartis or ATT (as opposed to insignificant amounts), they should state it NOW.
Here we see how seemingly insignificant differences in ways of killing a fish create noticeable distinctions in the way it tastes once we eat it.
"There are examples where the loss of one seemingly insignificant species eventually, through a ripple effect, can lead an entire ecosystem to collapse," she says.
If NATO and the G-7 survive, it is not because Trump's attacks are insignificant, but because leaders in the alliances might work around him.
Only later did I realize that the Mall of Louisiana had played a not-insignificant role in the continuing struggle over segregation in Baton Rouge.
And it's meaningful that he arrived as a small, insignificant child, one born not from a wealthy or powerful family but, indeed, a refugee family.
"Undoubtedly, if these rules are implemented, the clinics are forced to pass along the costs of this unnecessary regulation, which is not insignificant," she said.
But in lead it represented a not insignificant 17 percent increase in total LME stock levels relative to the 6793,225 tonnes that were already there.
China's steel exports to the United States are statistically insignificant, with a value of only $272 million in cold-rolled flat steel product in 2015.
Some of this, of course, is because they won it all last year and a not insignificant amount of that national championship team is back.
After about 22 years, diabetes appeared at a rate of 22016% per year with vitamin D supplements and 22% with placebo capsules, an insignificant difference.
I prefer to think of the emotion as 'awe' versus 'horror' emotion that comes from recognizing your insignificant place in the universe around you.
This meant that Beijing could continue to receive North Korean coal — not an insignificant development, since coal makes up 40 percent of the regime's exports.
But the contribution from the federal coal lease program on global emissions, let alone on global temperatures, is so insignificant as to be almost unmeasurable.
At the same time, it cannot be discounted because she thinks it's the case, and no one thinks it was an irrelevant or insignificant factor.
The novelty of social media and rolling news help to make relatively insignificant terrorist attacks in Britain and France seem more terrifying than they were.
At the end of 12 months, the opioid group scored an average 3.4 on the function scale, and the nonopioid group 3.3, an insignificant difference.
But when Roodman replicated this other study with some tweaks to the methodology, he again found problems — essentially, the findings seemed to be statistically insignificant.
The BMKG said its closest tidal gauge sensor, about 200 km (125 miles) from Palu, had only recorded an "insignificant" 6 cm (2.5 inches) wave.
Questions about the A.P. program's purpose are complicated further by the fact that it provides a not-insignificant amount of revenue for the College Board.
Bolton has called for bombing Iran in the past and has publicly condemned North Korea's recent missile tests, which Trump has brushed off as insignificant.
Price also echoes the early statement regarding hacking and insists that, in spite of reports of insignificant testing, the system was vetted by security experts.
"It was rather sobering to see that for businesses, it is quite insignificant what we get out of this," said Joerg Wuttke, the chamber's president.
Officials estimated that a weekend visit costs the township about $42,000, which, the mayor said, was not an insignificant sum for a municipality this size.
Sure, that may sound easy, but be careful: Most preparers tack on an extra fee for this method of payment, and it&aposs not insignificant.
While the Koch network super-PAC spent a relatively insignificant amount last year, its spending for this election year is expected to ramp up significantly.
The rule at the heart of this case is the very sort of gun restriction that the consensus framework is likely to treat as insignificant.
We'll leave aside the not-insignificant question of how so many other developed nations manage to pay for their citizen's education, and stay in America.
But Mr. Mattis and other military leaders adamantly opposed retaliating, arguing that the attack was insignificant — a position that ultimately won out, these officials said.
Seemingly insignificant sources - tiny brooks, nameless rivulets - are vital building blocks supplying water to tributary streams that in turn feed some of Brazil's largest rivers.
The amount of carbon stored in the Everglades may not make a dent relative to the carbon emissions from fossil fuels, but it's not insignificant.
No matter how small or seemingly insignificant a blister looks, it seems like when you get one, you can't walk, work out, or deal at all.
And a not insignificant amount of that money is going toward building what the team hopes will be the most technologically advanced sports arena ever built.
Laverne Cox may not have had a lot of screen time in Orange Is the New Black's fourth season, but her storyline was anything but insignificant.
Finally, the hypothetical person intent on spreading HIV is a straw man, or at least such an insignificant minority that it's an untenable basis for legislation.
In the Arctic, cooler and cloudier than average weather patterns during the summer melt season helped keep loss of sea ice to a relatively insignificant level.
Ireland, Cyprus and Malta are major net importers of U.K. goods, but are almost insignificant in U.K. imports, according to the Centre for Economic Policy Research.
That gives it a small-yet-not-insignificant lead over The Avengers, which ended its May-September, 2012 run with a domestic take of $623.3 million.
The 2020 RX won't deliver anything quite so dramatic, but it is, nonetheless, more than the generally insignificant midcycle "refresh" that might once have been expected.
That was down by 6,052 contracts on the previous week but the week-on-week change is insignificant relative to the overall scale of bear positioning.
That was down by 6,53 contracts on the previous week but the week-on-week change is insignificant relative to the overall scale of bear positioning.
Tracey McDermott, acting chief executive of Britain's Financial Conduct Authority, which polices the EU's biggest financial market, said MiFID II would regulate scores of insignificant contracts.
With every new national horror, I feel increasingly aware that my own situation is insignificant, and that I still have it much better than most people.
It's simply the nature of the internet in 2018 to assign random connections and meanings to things that would be uneventful or insignificant in real life.
Foreign Policy has an excerpt: Such online skirmishes may appear insignificant compared with real fights conducted with real weapons, but they have become just as important.
The All Writs Act is a 1789 "gap-filling" statute that authorizes federal courts to issue miscellaneous insignificant orders that aren't explicitly addressed by other statutes.
However, following their pregnancies, the mothers had fewer correct responses on the verbal word list learning task, though to an extent considered insignificant by the researchers.
The text will teach you something you (probably) didn't know, and the image will remind you what an insignificant speck you are in the larger universe.
Win there is entirely insignificant except reinforcing Rubio's amnesty agenda To the untrained eye, these tweets are equally objectionable ways of saying the same, wrongheaded thing.
And it's a game where every element you see—down to the tiniest, most seemingly insignificant props—can be a useful tool to mastering your environment.
The Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 points, so Trump's lead over Cruz is statistically insignificant.
Yet on such insignificant tonnages turns the global alumina price and with it the operating margin for a significant part of the Western world's smelter system.
If you want to feel infinitesimal and insignificant, you need only look at a galaxy-clogged night sky—or a small, magnified slice of brain matter.
When it comes to our profit-driven economy, the body is seen as insignificant collateral damage to be used in whatever way is most cost-effective.
"We believe, based on surveying consumers and our experience using digital assistants, that the number of consumers making purchases through voice commands is insignificant," they write.
Android users are already enjoying the benefit of such features, so it was obvious that Apple had to catch up, but that doesn't make it insignificant.
Petty Joe Biden is proof that petty has already begun to define circumstances past "making something insignificant into something bigger," like its Urban Dictionary definition says.
The tricky thing about the version of Reflection that's available for purchase from most music retailers is that it's an insignificant fraction of the entire piece.
But I prefer not to let literalness get in the way of remembering how small I am, how insignificant in the flow of history and time.
At the hearing Gustafson said he disagreed with IRS arguments that Fidelity and its partners faced insignificant downside risk on their investment in refined coal facilities.
In New York, I've come to learn it's always the small, seemingly insignificant things that we can find that feeling of being home away from home.
While legalisation did somewhat improve access to employer-sponsored health care, it had an insignificant effect on the number of children in gay and lesbian households.
That's an insignificant number compared with its almost 139,000-strong overall workforce, but there are several strategic reasons why Oracle might want to tout these jobs.
Thus far, with the exception of The Washington Post, which is owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, investments in journalism from techno-capitalists have been insignificant.
Factors as seemingly insignificant as bad weather or long lines at the polls could easily dissuade unenthusiastic voters from making the effort to cast a ballot.
For all that, the Events of May seemed to exhaust him spiritually; he resigned only a year later, after losing an insignificant referendum on regional reform.
If retired Supreme Court Justice Bill Waller runs as an independent, Hood would cling to a similarly insignificant 40 percent to 38 percent lead over Reeves.
Though 16 or 18 points may seem insignificant by present standards, McDermott usually accounted for the bulk of the scoring on any team he played for.
But when it comes to making emerging treatments available to the public, especially drugs with a not-insignificant amount of cultural baggage, research alone isn't enough.
The exception was the narrower category of murder; there, the researchers determined that any effect on homicide rates by expanded gun-carry policies is statistically insignificant.
We tend to focus our energy on little, insignificant problems and bury down the deep-rooted issues, and we also get very defensive towards each other.
Young people are going to contract the disease, a not-insignificant percentage of them are going to get very sick, and a smaller number will die.
And for a fledgling league, even a small, somewhat semantical triumph such as being able to maintain the old Big East record books is not insignificant.
The map crumbles in the face of black sites and black sights that it can never wholly capture; that its flattened cartography threatens to render insignificant.
Such re-evaluations occur regularly after playground tragedies, even if they are statistically insignificant, said David Yearley, of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.
He accumulated debt and treated his spouse and children terribly; and besides, who even remembers that the real Constance had not-insignificant accomplishments of her own?
During that process, they faced pushback from other scholars who believed that some artists weren't worth their time and claimed the art was kitsch or insignificant.
Most of this is insignificant: Just like it's a defense lawyer's job to defend murderers, it's a civil lawyer's job to defend companies accused of discrimination.
Less public money has flowed to Hudson Yards, the development, than to Battery Park City, but the amount spent in the neighborhood has not been insignificant.
The protection of these leaders — and the insignificant effort to bring their assassins to justice — is linked to the protection and recognition of their communities' rights.
Seventeen of the obstetricians in the saline group stopped the infusion to speed labor, compared with 21 in the epidural group, again an insignificant statistical difference.
I still have to borrow money for various odds and ends, but it's insignificant compared to what I'm saving living at home, about $25,000 per year.
These variations are not insignificant; states differ, for example, on when vehicles must stop for school buses and how cars should make turns across bike lanes.
Since 1974, it has done its pretrial competency evaluations on an outpatient basis, no insignificant matter given that elsewhere these can take six months or longer.
On Soccer ST. PETERSBURG, Russia — They were only glimpses, fleeting and flickering and ultimately insignificant, but they were so tantalizing that they were impossible to miss.
" He then veered into the preposterous, explaining that the Daniels payout was too insignificant to bear mentioning: "Like, I take care of this with my clients.
Then again, it's the wise ones who know that in hard times, you grab your people, have one drink too many and obsess over insignificant things.
Subsequent tests, Daley said, had shown signs of pluripotency so weak as to be insignificant, not even close to the gold standard of embryonic stem cells.
There will always be those who say that such progress is insignificant because it doesn't eliminate violence but only displaces it with new forms of violence.
That's not insignificant, given the rising political power of the Hispanic community -- particularly in Democratic politics -- and the centrality of the immigration issue in Trump's presidency.
However, in your twenties, the downside is so insignificant in the grand scheme of your life, that it's almost riskier to stand still and do nothing.
The number of patients who had heart attacks was 276 in the stent and bypass group, compared with 314 in the medication group, an insignificant difference.
It has spurred the emergence of a white lower- and middle-income Republican party while simultaneously invigorating the formerly insignificant alt-right and white supremacists generally.
Still, the evidence underscores a not-insignificant weakness in the Republicans' longstanding economic platform: Tax cuts are not the secret sauce to power the American economy.
Perhaps Jones really did want nothing more than to dress his friends, but he has nonetheless participated in a much broader and far from insignificant change.
As a result, Mr. Persico never spent more than a day or two in jail in those years; most cases ended with his paying insignificant fines.
In some countries, handing a stranger a microphone and allowing them an uncensored minute of speech is a relatively insignificant action, but in others, it's revolutionary.
Giuliani told American voters that $130,000 was such a small, insignificant sum that his client could have paid it from his own funds at any time.

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