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"important" Definitions
  1. having a great effect on people or things; of great value
  2. (of a person) having great influence or authority
"important" Synonyms
crucial essential critical pivotal urgent vital paramount imperative invaluable best exigent of the essence pressing necessary key significant compelling requisite indispensable required central fundamental core focal intrinsic needed structural basic constitutive elementary meaningful prerequisite bread-and-butter staple precious cherished treasured of substance valuable dear red-letter beloved loved valued hallowed revered venerated esteemed special darling dearest prized adored pertinent relevant main principal germane primary salient foremost immediate operative standout definite emphatic importunate marked noteworthy of concern of interest of note serious consequential large remarkable worthwhile dire especial far-reaching high-priority momentous monumental overriding uppermost acute considerable conspicuous earnest exceptional influential eminent powerful prominent extraordinary great outstanding worthy celebrated commanding controlling dominant eventful formidable head highest highly regarded notorious predominant pre-eminent useful competent talented top able big league big time top-notch big-league major major league major-league of use of value robust strong stupendous top-drawer ultimate big-time arrogant assured authoritarian bigheaded blusterous blustery boastful bombastic bossy braggart bragging braggy brash bumptious cavalier chesty cocky complacent conceited condescending historic material substantial weighty big memorable notable earthshaking much helpful beneficial productive advantageous good profitable fruitful effective constructive rewarding gainful effectual expedient efficacious positive serviceable huge generous gross handsome excessive abundant ample hefty immeasurable lavish plenteous plentiful princely substantive prodigious respectable profuse applicable appropriate related apposite fitting proper apt admissible apropos relative suitable appurtenant fit suited connected instrumental contributory active involved advance conducive forward further help promote auxiliary cause helping subsidiary of assistance upmarket exclusive high-end high-quality prestigious upscale chic classy expensive glamorous high-class posh prestige renowned reputable smart portentous ominous sinister threatening menacing foreboding fateful inauspicious alarming foreshadowing minatory premonitory warning baleful direful doomy topical current contemporary newsworthy popular recent timely up-to-date buzzworthy trendy up-to-the-minute interesting modern nominal subjective thematic up to date full-dress thorough all-out careful complete exhaustive thoroughgoing full entire whole unabridged uncondensed undiminished unbroken uncut replete faultless integral intact unabbreviated iconic quintessential archetypal epochal exemplary archetypical emblematic paradigmatic recognisable(UK) recognizable(US) representative seminal symbolic classic classical ideal prototypical supreme oratorical grandiloquent rhetorical high-flown high-sounding orotund magniloquent declamatory fustian lofty pompous Ciceronian eloquent grandiose linguistic overblown overripe pretentious sonorous stuffy staid conventional old-fashioned formal prim priggish strait-laced impersonal reserved sedate sober stiff conformist conservative fogeyish stilted fuddy-duddy fusty More
"important" Antonyms
unimportant inconsequential insignificant trivial frivolous unconsequential inessential nonessential minor unnecessary secondary irrelevant dispensable unessential uncritical auxiliary meaningless pointless immaterial needless optional circumstantial subsidiary ancillary unsubstantial adscititious adventitious appurtenant not big not worth mentioning undistinctive trifling piddling piffling puerile valueless worthless meagre(UK) meager(US) of little worth of no value negligible uninteresting aimless ambiguous asinine baseless bootless ignorable petty bland daft atomic beside the point nothing exiguous gratuitous inappreciable not worth worrying about picayune nugatory of no account of no great concern of no importance at a low level anonymous common incapable ineffective low-ranking nameless normal ordinary unworthy down-to-earth egoless impotent inconsiderable menial self-distrustful self-reproachful self-reproving uncomplacent useless dull helpless incompetent inept unqualified unskilled unskillful average backup back up below par defective deficient feckless good-for-nothing ineffectual inexpert miniature effacing acquiescent bashful compliant cowering cringing deferential demure diffident humble introverted lowly meek modest mousey mousy overmodest passive quiet reserved flighty giddy goofy silly undignified unheroic unimposing unimpressive disreputable obscure unknown unprestigious healthful life-giving nourishing vital wholesome forgettable undistinguished unmemorable unremarkable mediocre boring commonplace mainstream overworked unexciting unimaginative lacklustre(UK) ornery predictable unnoteworthy abysmal egregious awful dreadful poor appalling low terrible atrocious deplorable disgraceful inadequate rotten shameful dismal inferior lamentable laughable harmless innocent innocuous light nonhazardous nonthreatening safe unserious unthreatening favorable(US) favourable(UK) funny happy little ridiculous unrelated incompatible disproportionate purposeless different differentiable discriminable disparate dissimilar distinguishable extrinsic nonconforming separate unassociated unconforming

933 Sentences With "important"

How to use important in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "important" and check conjugation/comparative form for "important". Mastering all the usages of "important" from sentence examples published by news publications.

IF LEGITIMATE ISSUE: How important is this issue in your vote for president: Extremely important, very important, somewhat important, not so important or not important at all?
"It's economically important, it's culturally important, it's nutritionally important," said Brennan.
This is really important, really important to India, is really important to China.
Electric cars are important, solar energy is important, stationary storage of energy is important.
"Love is important, and joy is important, and the ability to be frivolous is important."
" But he still believes the concept is "important for society, important for innovation, important for entrepreneurs.
"Electric cars are important, solar energy is important, stationary storage of energy is important," said Musk.
"It's important to consumers, it's important to anybody who's raising livestock, it's important to the dairy industry, it's important to refiners, it's important to people who care about the environment," Toomey said shortly before filing the amendment.
What I'm saying is mentors are important, business lunches are important, helping people is important, and looking at things on a macro and micro level is important.
I wrote down the most important things in my life and I'm a spiritual person, so spirituality is really important, family's really important, health is really important.
It's definitely the most important thing I do — more important than sports, more important than any TV appearance.
"It's important for our companies, it's also important for our suppliers, it's important for our subcontractors," McInnes affirmed.
Intuition must be more important that diplomacy, ideas more important than institutions, and ends more important than means.
It's Academy Award season, so we all know about the importance of importance — important movies, important statements, important acting.
And you just have to look at, you know, jobs are important, education is important, generating taxes are important.
For those respondents who say religion for them is only somewhat important, not too important or not important at all, just 11% say Christian identity is very important to being American.
"I think equality is important and protection of rights is important and the rights of religious liberty are important," Gov.
But they are deeply important ones: more important than butterflies, getaways, and mind-blowing sex, more important than grand romantic gestures.
While most respondents said it is not at all important (47 percent) or not very important (27 percent), 9 percent said it is fairly important and 8 percent said it is very important.
The delivery is not important, how they deliver is important.
They'll understand that you're an important person with important plans.
"Experience is important, but judgement is also important," he said.
It's very important to talk about it, very, very important.
It's an important Auburn story and an important American story.
That's an important change in conversation, recognizing it as important.
But they're really important, and very important to my journey.
Impeachment is important, but the climate is even more important.
STEM is important, teaching them how to code is important.
Sometimes, the 'what' is not important; the 'how' becomes important.
So important to me, and so important to our country.
That's very important thing for me, the most important thing.
I think they're as important than ever, not more important.
Judas Priest were important, and they were important to me.
It's important because getting women ahead in business is important.
What a big important day for a big important boy!
Here's another important thing to know: Memorize your important numbers.
But raising awareness is really important, information is really important.
Hearts are important, appendixes are important, but oh, your uterus!
Don't you have more important questions and less important questions?
"Parties are not so important, issues are important," he said.
"If it's important, it's important for all administrations," Cook says.
It's important, but just as important is direct voter contact.
Mainwaring: Bolsonaro and Trump have important similarities and important differences.
Again, the rhetoric was important and the sanctions were important.
The economy is important ... The political solution is more important.
"Experience is important but judgment is also important," he said.
Yeah, because if this call you're getting is more important than this important meeting you're in, then you're a pretty important person.
For those respondents who say religion for them is only somewhat important, not too important or not important at all, just 11 percent say a Christian identity is very important to being an American.
What you need to do is to understand that you are important and your work is important and what you do is important.
I mean, she's an important player, and her relationship to me and to the movie is an important one, so they're all important.
NC voteVoting is important to some not as important to me.
It's more important than statistics, and it's more important than education.
That's a really important storyline, and an important conversation to have.
And again, the rhetoric was important, and the sanctions were important.
Because something that's not important, but feels really important, is happening.
First it's important to ask why 'defeating multiple attackers' is important.
So, you make a table: like tractable, neglected, and important. Important?
But the popularity of the series is important — so incredibly important.
Survival is important and being part of a team is important!
If you're important to me, your offspring is important to me.
Most important, Mr Putin has exhausted an important tool of propaganda.
If it was important to bigots it became important to us.
"Sleep is important, that's an important part of this," Carson said.
What's important — what's important is what's your satisfaction with the experience.
Limited-time items are "very important and increasingly important," Allen said.
Obviously optics are important in politics (because they're important in everything).
Don't jump to conclusions, make important decisions, or hold important meetings.
On the left are two other labels: Important and not important.
Signing your name is important because your good name is important.
What I thought was important didn't end up being that important.
It's important to me that this show was important to people.
It's not only important in China, it's important the United States.
"I am not important, my opinion is not important," he said.
They were very important to the internet, very important to AOL.
Being able to see important information at a glance is super important.
But it's very important — it'll be a very important couple of days.
Smell is more important for lamb recognition, and less important for adults.
"It's the learning that's important, it's the trying that's important," she says.
This is an important day because, you know, all birthdays are important.
You weigh what things are important, and what things are not important.
These are issues that are clearly important to families, important to voters.
Yes, your career is very important—but it's not the most important.
It's not less important, itself, it's just not as important as family.
Elections are important, but the time between elections are even more important.
So eliminating them is an important objective and achieves an important result.
"Quantity is important ... but quality is the most important thing," he said.
This work is important to me, really, because it's important to others.
That is always important but even more important in such an environment.
Cooper: But being factually correct is important— Ocasio-Cortez: It's absolutely important.
All those things are equally as important — if not even more important.
Now it's become important even if it wasn't important in the beginning.
Tax reform was important in 1986, and it is equally important today.
It's important to recognize that lifestyle changes after surgery are extremely important.
That is not just a very important distinction, it is profoundly important.
This is important, foreign policy of the United States is very important.
Gerin believes that government is very important and business is very important.
" Carlson added, "Politics is important, fishing with your son, sometimes more important.
I still believe that it was very important, and important to me.
She's made it a more important — more importantly, a more important position.
More important than coal Analysts said the move was an important landmark.
No one knows what the policies are—what's important, what's less important.
But it's very important – it'll be a very important couple of days.
Just as important, they provided an important counterweight to the executive branch.
"In my district, you've got hunting that's very important; oil and gas is very important — a lot of jobs; trade is very important," he said.
Fuel economy is rated as important or extremely important by a large majority of vehicle buyers, but it is not the most important attribute for purchasers.
Auspicious days are important for weddings, and weddings are important for jewelry demand.
It's important to showcase that, because it's important to encourage learning self-respect.
And the wealthier they get, the more important and self-important they feel.
More important than winning competitions or even more important than finding reproductive partners.
If those questions are important then, why aren't they important to us now?
The invisible primary is important, and it will remain important in future elections.
Genetics is an important component, important building block, but it's not the product.
It is important for these girls to know that they are important, too.
"How I looked was important, but my health was more important," she says.
They thought it's important for them, so it should be important to everyone.
And, strategically, that&aposs very important for us and very important for them.
The idea is that this important foundation has to remain important forever. Yes.
And I'm really understanding what's not important and what's really important in life.
You won't miss anything important, because you decide what is important to you.
It's very important in these (agriculture) states, very important to his reelection bid.
They're pretty much the most important companies, have been the most important companies.
It's important to stay hydrated, but it's also important to drink clean water.
I knew they were important, but I had never really realized how important.
" He said that's "more important than lobbyists and it's more important than money.
This is an important occasion to get serious about what's important to you.
It's an important day for your relationships, Cancer—important commitments are being considered.
Our responsibilities are important, vitally important, to the continued success of our Republic.
From there, Deep Focus marks the message as either important or not important.
Why it's important: Maps is one of Google's biggest and most important products.
"As you get older, things that were important aren't important anymore," he said.
It's very important to me and especially in this position, it's very important.
This is as important it not more important than incentivizing external token holders.
Nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles are important, but borders are just as important.
Is that important to you ideologically, or is that important for business reasons?
But the presidency is important largely because the president is an important policymaker.
We always say the word means "important," but it doesn't really mean important.
KS: So it's an important phone for them, talk about why it's important.
"Measurement is important, and this is why it's important to fund data analysis."
He held the most important professorial chair at the most important university, Glasgow.
For me the name is not so important, the self is more important.
She's very important, and she's just about as important as Billie Jean King.
And it's important, so important, that the team signed Gerardo Parra, they said.
That was the most important thing, more important than what I am making.
And so eliminating them is an important objective and achieves an important result.
"It could be really important; it's likely not to be very important," Sen.
McCraney If going to college is important to the artist, then it's important.
If it's important to players, it should be important to the manager, too.
That was really important to me, and it was really important to Penn.
It's possible your most important hours aren't going toward your most important projects.
" One of the things that's super important is to start saying, "Hey, this is going to be important for journalism, this is going to be important for research, it's gonna be important for history, that we understand how these systems work.
More than half considered religion either "not very important" or "not at all important" as an item on the curriculum, whereas only 12% deemed it "very important".
"It's important during national tragedies, it's important in moments of crisis, it's important in the day-to-day creation of culture that helps sustain us." https://t.
But it's equally important that the services component is an important part of our strategy, and also an important part of an overall solution, again, people healthier.
These are really important decisions, but less important than the really, really important decision of whether the United States should maintain its deep engagement strategy in general.
Also structural policy is becoming more important, trade policy clearly important here and elsewhere.
And we're seeing other important markets like China actually accelerate, which is very important.
It will hopefully give them a flavor of what's important, and why it's important.
Fact is, these things are important—how we talk to each other is important.
Important things are really important, good things are great, and bad things are horrible.
And theirs is the most important film, because they're all our most important films.
"It's important to remember that public education on the topic remains important," he added.
Afternoon tea is an important tradition in England, but it's extra important among royals.
Something that is important to you may not be important to them and likewise.
"I'd much rather make something funny before important, or real before important," he said.
"Clothes are just not that important or as important as they were," he said.
"It fills an important gap in our knowledge of an important crossroads," he says.
Very, very important to everybody in this room, but so important to my daughter.
"It is important not only for Greece, it is important for Europe," Tsipras said.
I just think in this day and time that appearances are important ... transparency's important.
Important ally Israel has in recent years become an important defense supplier for India.
You know it's important to save money — but when is it important to spend?
So this is important for our businesses and this is important for our country.
It reminded me how important movies are and how important critics may actually be.
That's what's important to me and it should be important to other African-Americans.
Which is important, certainly, but not as important as the other problems she mentions.
That's important in the financial sector and it's important in our business as well.
"There's clearly something important in serum that's important for multiple things," Dr. Jansen said.
Start by making a list of recurring expenses, from most important to least important.
The environment is important, but not as important to environmentalists as a large coalition.
Your questions, your concerns, are important to me, as they are important to us.
"If you were ever important to me, you're still important to me," he said.
I just kept saying, 'This work is important, black women and girls are important.
Diana wasn't making that distinction of, 'These people are more important or less important.
It is important for Europe, but it is also important for the United States.
"Water is the most important thing — more important than light," she huffed, sounding exhausted.
Because in order to have important work emails, you have to do important work.
Is it important that we all do the most important thing in the world?
It's more important than ever that we build these important relationships with other women.
"Things that used to be important... are not important to me now," he said.
But it is important not to overlook an important piece of the global landscape.
"Her faith is important to her, and my atheism is not important to me."
In politics, money raised is important, but how money spent is even more important.
Men, in particular, schedule important life events like weddings around (even more) important matches.
WHO classifies medically important antimicrobials as those that are critically important for human medicine.
Stuff that you guys think is important, I don't think it's important at all.
"This is very important progress that's very important not to roll back," she said.
If it is not deemed important by leadership, it will not be considered important.
Experience with winter camping and mountaineering is just as important, if not more important.
Quick non-important question, but I guess it is important, does it taste good?
He knew how important this was to so many of his most important supporters.
I don't know that I could pre-state what is important or not important.
Don't plan any important conversations, do complicated paperwork, or mail any important letters now.
I love being able to say it out loud, that my time with her is the most important thing — more important than work and more important than anything.
It included the most important men in the country, like former Republican President Calvin Coolidge, a Supreme Court Justice, important CEOs and military leaders, and important Democrats, too.
"He believes that it's important to acknowledge history; it's important to look squarely at history; it's important to have a dialogue about history," Rhodes said in explaining Obama's thinking.
"These are issues that are important to our clubs, issues that are important to our players, issues that are important to the communities in which we play," said Lockhart.
However important you think the Stormy Daniels story is, that one is definitely more important.
They are important and wise Very important And oh so wise This is very interesting.
How you respond is just as important — if not more important — than your actual answer.
Even more important is Amazon's recent willingness to play defense in categories it deems important.
These are all things that are important, and just as important as the creation side.
They said it was important to fill important slots on Trump's national security team quickly.
It's important to me because it's going to be important to my children and grandchildren.
It's one of the most important elements in a space, if not the most important.
China is important to bitcoin and by extension the PBoC is very important to bitcoin.
They're important stories that sometimes are a little bit boring, but that are still important.
And for it to be important, the possibility of nuclear war has to be important.
And it's a very, very important process to me, and it's a very important statement.
But it just-- MIKE POMPEO: What's important, Joe -- what's important, Joe, it's not name calling.
The Mac Pro is a vitally important tool for some of Apple's most important customers.
They promise great interactive help for important (and not so important) tasks, questions, and requests.
The president saying something offensive is more important than any other president saying something important.
Maria, this is just so important, it's super important, I'm glad you talked to me.
It's less important to answer everything and more important to just get the conversation started.
The macro is important but for us the micro of our business is super important.
It's important to show the sex work and it's important to show what pornography is.
DAVID SOLOMON: Again, important issues that I think it's important, there's discussion and debate on.
Intellectual property is important to us, but it's important in every country around the world.
While money is always important, a small business owner's most important resource is often attitude.
As important as the visual experience is for a VR headset, audio is equally important.
JJ: Well, what's important to us is that all Americans have access to important medicines.
As important as it is that she's a woman, it's equally important that she's black.
It's important that you slow down today and feel reflect on what's important to you.
"Education is important but climate change is more important," 14-year old Molly Powell said.
Privacy is important, and of course ensuring innovation and competition and research is important too.
This is an important time to figure out what's important to you in your partnerships.
It's important to note the tax also plays an important role in providing tax parity.
Choosing where to go is important, but simply choosing to go is the most important.
Google is a pretty important company, offering pretty important services to a lot of people.
"The relationship is important, but our values are more important," Graham told CNN'S Manu Raju.
This is an important matter of principle which affects all prosecutions, it is so important.
"Education is important but climate change is more important," 14-year-old Molly Powell said.
While it's important to be adaptable, it's also important to stay committed to your vision.
And I think it's so important — one of the most important things we can do.
And it really, really unfortunate…about such an important story at such an important moment.
Very important for our defense, coal, very important for our defense, because we have it.
"And I know we have many important things to do, but this is important, too."
To back up, it's important to note how important "optics" are to the alt-right.
Groups can also explain why they selected certain elements as more important or less important.
It's important for Lipslut to get involved because it's important for everyone to get involved.
It was a very important Armando Reverón, who was our most important late Venezuelan painter.
I've said before that football always seems the most important of the least important things.
It's important for Lipslut to get involved because it's important for everyone to get involved.
It's important to stay foolish, but it's also important to know when to stay focused.
"Constitutional recognition is too important to get wrong, and too important to rush," he said.
But the story is an important one— the most important words I have ever written.
Instead, it risks undercutting their most important point with their most important undecided political audience.
Success is really important in campaigns, but the perception of success is even more important.
Our years are so implicated in one another that the least important is important enough.
The action on the screen is important, for sure — but moral clarity is important, too.
This program is not only important to my future, it's important for my children's future.
Most scientists agree that that practice is important, even if it&aposs not all-important
Equally important, and for many companies in fact more important, are their customers and employees.
Physician leaders are important — and the most important leader is the one closest to you.
Delegitimizing the media is important to Trump because delegitimizing certain facts is important to Trump.
It is important to take action, and it is important to be an involved citizen.
And I think it's so important, one of the most important things we can do.
It was important for us to have an opening or premiere for [the PSAs] that was commensurate with how important we think they are for the conversation, how important we think they are in pop culture, and how important they are for shifting the narrative.
"It's important to be here, it's important to build a volunteer network, it's important to talk to voters," said Joe Caiazzo, the New Hampshire state director for the Sanders campaign.
I think that's why, obviously, the trade agreement was important; I think why [state and local tax deduction legislation] was so important, why our health care package was so important.
This is an important hour when we start with our very important breaking news opening monologue.
This is just as important as talking about climate change or any other hugely important topic.
It's just as important to make her feel just as valued and important because she is.
"The ACLU has always been important, but has a particularly important role right now," Altman wrote.
Plus, some other labeling aspects are important to consider — or, in some cases, important to ignore. 
But it's how important Rolling Stone was and how important Jann Wenner was, and those relationships.
This important database has helped expose how ad targeting is being abused, among other important stories.
This is an important distinction to make when talking about such an important precedent-setting case.
When making decisions, people will see what their friends think is important and decide that's important.
"Things that used to be important, Michael, are not important to me now," he told Strahan.
Fitness level is an important indicator of sporting success, but it's also important for your health.
One important question is whether the microbes that these methods find are medically important or not.
But it's important (like, really, really important) to make sure you stay protected by reapplying regularly.
"[The decision] is important today for the same reasons it was important in 1973," she says.
If a particular norm was important in 2001, chances are it was still important in 2015.
I think it's important, but it's not as important as people blow it up to be.
"They were extraordinarily important before the last couple of days — they're even more important now," Sen.
Most important, the Panthers went from charmed to cursed in a perhaps predictable important area: turnovers.
This is important for more than simply monitoring prices and utilization, it's important for monitoring safety.
"Love is important and showing that love to your partners in important," she told the Fader.
It's important to understand that iteration is a necessary and important part of good product management.
But that's really important to us, and you could have a really important part of that.
This is the most important guild in one of the most important games of this century.
If a crib is the most important thing to own, a mattress is second most important.
What's important (very important) is that the moment is now etched in our memory for forever.
The dog is "probably the most important member of their family," more important than the children.
This news is especially important when it comes to our most important new infrastructure: broadband Internet.
He knew that it wasn't just important for me, but it was important for TV viewers.
The loss felt less important than the health of two of the team's most important players.
It's an important question to ask yourself whenever you're preparing to send out an important email.
Those are all important things, almost as important as how closely they align with the President.
Wolfe said it is important for job seekers to negotiate what is most important to them.
"You might think it's not important, you might think you're not important," says Mark Ruffalo earnestly.
While those are powerful and important, Wassenaar argues it's important to expand your network more broadly.
Organization is very important to help manage stress and keep you focused on what's most important.
China might be important to the U.S., but is the U.S. quite so important to China?
"Any golf course straight ball is very important," she said, "but Mission Hills is more important."
It's important to educate yourself on the issues, and most of all, it's important to vote.
"The interconnect technology is as important if not more important than the processors," Mr. Dongarra said.
Materialism is an important trait in individuals, and plausibly could be an important difference between groups.
You realize a lot of things you thought were so important are really not so important.
Equally important to keep in mind — really, more important — is what makes users mad: getting hacked.
I think it's important for leaders, and I think it's important for people around the system.
"Sleep is important to maintain important homeostasis biological processes -- maintaining balance in the body," he said.
"It's important to have the caucus, but it's also important to get it right," he said.
"The peer group is so important, and feeling included and valued is so important," she said.
NP: A level playing field is very important because what is important as a public transport?
"We have a very important trading relationship with China – incredibly important," Dutton told reporters in Canberra.
As CPD co-chairs, we feel it's important to clarify the work this important body does.
While having an orderly environment is important, having realistic expectations is as, if not more, important.
"Resistance is really important — all of the marches and the rallies, that's all important," he said.
This is an important question, and these are important legal minds, so attention should be paid.
He's an important nonfiction writer who may become an important novelist, but he isn't one yet.
This is a profoundly important legal development and marks an important milestone in the commission's history.
Location is more important than ever, in part because knowledge spillovers are more important than ever.
I think obviously it's important to you, but it's very important to me and many others.
Banks are applying a very important regulatory framework that I actually think is important for society.
"Technology is important, but I think some fences and some other things are important, too," Sen.
And the most important thing in the world and most important thing that's ... A clan, really?
It's important, however, to not lose sight of the most important name on those lists: China.
It's important to separate gaslighting from genuine disagreement, which is common, and even important, in relationships.
Creating jobs is one of Beijing's top priorities: More important than human rights; more important than environmental protection; and even more important than projecting China's growing military and diplomatic power abroad.
Seventy-nine percent of the population says that health care and the economy and jobs are either the most important issue or a very important, but not the most important issue.
"The social-emotional component is just as important, if not more important, than the academic component at AltSchool, and that's important to me," says Grehan of her attraction to the school.
We had to figure out what was important about any given object, then how important those important things were to the imagined person who needed help choosing this kind of object.
It's important to me because the success of the show is important to me and as a consumer of visual products it's important to me because I like to access everything.
"Having physicians who view their work as a sense of calling is not only important for physicians but as important if not more important for the patients they care for," Kao said.
And that's really important because -- well, first, I mean, if you were an investor, it's really important.
It's important to tell people what happened to us, and it's important to not let people forget.
Well, it's an important point because it was important to Jamie that the camera was facing out.
Emily: I find myself asking whether the book is more important or the relationship is more important.
The more important thing of why smart watch is important is retention is always a critical thing.
But it's very important to try, and it's important to get everybody in Congress on the record.
It's so important to think positively, but it's also important to acknowledge and feel all the feels.
Health and danger are more important, the residents are 100 times more important, than any economic consideration.
Learning to say no is incredibly important, but it's also important to understand why we say it.
Like some other important health topics that come up in college, it's important to always use protection.
He said that, while it is important to maintain cultural identity, it is also important to connect.
I think that's so important and it's so important to be aware of those friends your life.
"My job was important to me but this is the most important thing to me," he said.
The most important thing in our lives was our softball team -- certainly more important than the show.
Family is so important to me, and I know it's just as important for these four guys.
It helps me have thicker skin, helps remind me what's important in life, who's important in life.
The most important meal of the day just got even more important with pumpkin spice flavored Cheerios.
More than 93% of women said job location is important, with 55% characterizing it as very important.
Everything else is important, but the most important thing is for skin to look dewy and even.
"I think she was so important to girls at an important time in their life," she said.
Scores are important on Dancing with the Stars, but sometimes there are things more important than scores.
"It's important to work and it's important for your kids to see you work," he tells PEOPLE.
So, looking the part is as important (more important?) than being able to do the job. 47.
"Over time, music for TikTok will become less important but certainly today it's very important," he said.
This is a terrible time to make important purchases, do important paperwork (like signing contracts), or travel.
Padilla thinks it is an important reminder of how it's important to be vigilant on the internet.
"The President's track record on issues important to middle-class families and important to Democrats is unimpeachable."
However, you might be surprised to find that what's important to you isn't as important to others.
Fonda's comments are incredibly important for survivors who may feel like their feelings aren't validated or important.
It's important to know what's important to them and what direction their thinking in a global economy.
Payroll, we think, is a really important part, and of course benefits are important for revenue reasons.
It's the most important thing, certainly more important than asking if you are part of the problem.
The team, they say, is just as important, if not more important, than the quarterback in 2018.
"Having this whistleblower law on the books is important, it's an important check and balance," he added.
" "Elmo thinks it's important to know that everybody is the same deep down and that's very important.
You'll now be among the first to receive important information about inclement weather and other important news.
His heart was clearly not in the performance, even in the 'Very important, very important' ad-libs.
Procedural justice has become one of the most important strategies for changing direction — perhaps the most important.
So I think image is very important today and the way people look is very important today.
For me, Hüsker Dü was a really important band and a really important part of my life.
What's obvious is that it's not just important to open cases, but important to close cases, too.
While it's not important that J.K. Rowling deleted a politically charged Tweet it is important that Rep.
Don't sign any important documents or buy anything important or expensive, like tickets to travel or electronics.
In interpreting the PPP poll, some have combined the "very important" responses with the "most important" responses.
Scale and material, for example, become super-important—even more important than when creating a new image.
It says 'we are very important people and we are burying one of our most important people'.
"Sincerity—in music, in life—is very important to me, perhaps the most important thing," Vassalotti says.
But against anyone it's one of the most important shots, if not the most important, especially tonight.
Sometimes the most important facts, the single most important details, are not filled in until years later.
That was important to do and it was important to recognize that our citizens responded to that.
It's really important for us to play music, but it's also important for everyone to be healthy.
That's an important question, but the most important question is what story is the Democratic Party telling?
But fairness to her, while important, is less important than moving the courts in the right direction.
Cheese is an important part of what makes America great, but not as important as, uh, democracy.
We feel like reading is incredibly important, more important than ever, and almost therapeutic in a way.
"One thing that is really important to me is diversity on the channel ... Representation is very important."
Thirty-nine percent do the same for important legal decisions, and 46 percent for important medical decisions.
Clyburn's endorsement was really important, frankly more important than I even thought it was going to be.
Some are more important than others, and the most important are the ones whose status is threatened.
"HBO is a really important brand, a really important property for us," he said at the conference.
It's the most important holy site for Jews and third-most important for Muslims around the world.
Sure, big banks are important, but running this economy for American families is a lot more important.
That'll be important for Oppo's bragging rights, but I am not sure it'll be important for users.
Still, it's important to have it, Hall says, the same way it's important to eat your vegetables.
"Maybe if they are not the most important, they are at the second most important," he added.
"China shares important responsibility for this development and has an important responsibility to reverse it," Carter said.
Competitive taxes are important for business and business growth, which is important for jobs and wage growth.
It's important to all my clients, it's important to the industry and the people that we support.
A supermajority of 113% say Pelosi will be moderately important or not that important of a factor.
"Resiliency is important, and it's an important life message that we all have to learn," Smith said.
National security is very important and we're fighting over — a very important element is the southern border.
She's prepping because the debate is important, and preparing for important moments is what sensible people do.
That's an important reason why they opposed the Affordable Care Act, it's an important reason why they want to repeal it, it's an important reason why they can't replace it with something better, and it's also an important reason why they may end up just dropping the whole thing.
The Phase One deal has certain important aspects that have been addressed such as IP protection and enforcement, which of course, is important for the semiconductor industry and certainly important for Micron's business.
But the most important thing I learned in my yearlong journey was why voting is important for me.
And not only is clear communication important between the customer, it's also important between you and your jeweler.
Of course, what voters say is important to them is partly what campaigns have told voters is important.
Sorry, that's not one of the most important thing that happens, that's the most important thing for me.
Among those who do believe it is only somewhat important or not important, Sanders takes in just 11%.
Astronomers, biologists, archaeologists and even particle physicists found important new things with important implications for their respective fields.
China 'important' for India's economy Another important issue for young voters in Cyber City was competition with China.
Representation is important, and it's important for other Black women and girls to see us get our recognition.
Like that's always going to be true because we want to do important work, and some important questions.
He taught us what was important and he taught us never to lose sight of what was important.
When it comes to important dates for sales, July features an increasingly important calendar event: Amazon Prime Day.
"Water is important, moisturizing is important, and occasional exfoliation but not anything that is too rough," Rihanna admits.
My unwavering potency and tenderness is among the most important, if not the most important, reasons for that.
Battery life is an important checkbox for any flagship smartphone, but it's especially important on a gaming phone.
Here's what you didn't hear in that answer, and this is important guys, this is an important thing.
Obviously that's important in the UK national interest and I believe it's important in the U.S. national interest.
Humanitarian issues are extremely important to me [and] I don't understand why they are not important to everyone.
I think it's important for us given how important the market is and how many users there are.
On an emotional level, you might find that what's important to you isn't so important to your friends.
Important cultural and racial discussions turn into internet fodder as the meaning of important social terms get diluted.
So, as I argued in a recent feature, the Iowa caucuses are important because everyone believes they're important.
As important as it is to embrace learning through listening, it's equally as important to pass it along.
"It was important to some corporations, and it was very important to the security community, obviously," Wallenstrom says.
But in between very important segments (and sometimes during said important segments) they did make each other laugh.
That was true for us as his employees even when we were covering important stories with important sources.
This could be the most important factor — or the least important — depending on whether you carry a balance.
He understands what's important for American business and what's important for every country where he has done business.
"It's very important a very important fight for me, for the fans to see me here," Usyk said.
VICE: Obviously nurturing youth culture and gig culture is important, but tell me why it's important to you.
It's as if all the important guys have fled to Raqqa, leaving the less important ones to die.
And the vegetables are important and also boring, while the fluff is engaging and interesting but not important.
In recent weeks, our subcommittee took an important step toward reauthorizing these important programs by advancing FDARA unanimously.
"It's important because families are important, and being able to care for loved ones is essential," Bolotsky said.
And that's really scary because subculture was so important to me growing up and still is really important.
I also don't want to blow this off as something that is not important, because it is important.
On the other hand, this offers the global important funds a new important channel to invest in China.
Additionally, it's important to check that your doctor or other important provider is part of any new plan.
Those are important virtues — important *progressive* virtues — that seem woefully absent on the other side of the primary.
"While today was an important victory, and an important vindication, the road is far from over," he said.
The part of community is equally important, if not more important, than the commerce part of the art.
Your social life is also an important theme—you'll be able to make some important connections this evening.
It seems average high schoolers capture every important and not-so-important moment of adolescence on their phones.
Heather Ann Thompson: There are some locally important things about this, and there are some nationally important things.
It's important that you act maturely today — an important realization or conversation will arrive late in the afternoon.
VIP is an abbreviation for "very important person," but your goal is to be the most important person.
Personal Health Listen, men, this is important, important to your current and future health and perhaps your life.
Discussions of diversity in Hollywood are incredibly important, but it's also important not to mistake smoke for fire.
This is a subtle but important distinction, and arguably, it's a more important measure of quality of life.
Many of these problems, in fact, are important for the exact same reasons that health care is important.
Be clear about what's important to you, but signal that you also understand what's important to the company.
"This proves that MC4R is an important, if not the most important, controller of weight," Dr. Farooqi said.
Coding is important, but understanding the data handling that is the reason for coding is even more important.
Isn't all of this important for the lifeblood of the largest and most important city in the country?
"This provision is super important — maybe the most important," said Derek Klock, a financial expert at Virginia Tech.
KC Streetcar is important as a transportation option for my residents, but it's also important to our economy.
"If a policy is important enough to enact, it should be important enough to pay for," Peterson added.
That was an important lesson about why it's always important to do the work and to be prepared.
"This is a very important speech at an important moment," World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab said afterward.
"Cost is important to the customer at the bottom, but risk is even more important," Helgesen told me.
Nearby, on the roadside, a paunchy, important-looking man was addressing a group of thin, less important men.
While I agree that nunchi is important, I don't find it quite as important as the author suggests.
"His voice was important, has been for years, but never more important than the past year," Flake said.
For them, the gun range is important for community and sport, but it's also important to stay sharp.
For decades it has been the Caribbean island's most important tourism market and is an important economic partner.
"The Lobster" is an important movie because love is important, especially, in this movie, staying out of it.
It's also important for governments to continue playing an important role in building an entrepreneurial society, Zuckerberg said.
It is important to mitigate the risks of proprietary trading, but just as important to understand its value.
Still, cookies are important — if not as important as they used to be — to web companies and advertisers.
He alpines about the philosophy of why privacy is important and why internet privacy is important and useful.
We have our values: it is important to us, the participation in decision making; it is important to us to have our freedom of expression; it is important to us to have human rights.
"Battery technology is very important to Dyson, electric motors are very important to Dyson, environmental control is very important to us," Dyson, aged 71, said at his company's flagship shop on London's Oxford Street.
So I've always spent a lot of time here and committed a lot of time here because it's going to be important for the region, important for the world, but also important for Honeywell.
"It's important to convey the message that blood donation is extremely important, but it's important to do it regularly throughout the year," said Lozada, an assistant professor of anesthesiology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
Aside from the basic finding, I do think the results can shed light on two important points — one important to the future of the US grid, one important to politics and policymaking in general.
This is the 14th-most important issue for independents (83 percent in favor), the eighth-most important for Democrats (92 percent in favor), and the 27th-most important for Republicans (69 percent in favor).
Meanwhile, 45 percent answered that it would be "very important but not the most important factor," and 37 percent said it would be "one of many factors" or "not an important factor" in their votes.
Me and my siblings were the most important thing to my mom and still are the most important people to her, the most important, the top of her list and the center of her heart.
"After the accident, it became about understanding my family is important, my faith is important, my friends are important and [I could] still put a ton of energy and effort into my career," he says.
Yes, her looks are important, in the way that we make them important: toned arms, clear skin, curvaceous figure.
The majority of registered voters, 59 percent, said Pelosi is less important, while 43 percent said she's not important.
Don't make any important decisions or sign contracts during the retrograde—you'll miss an important detail if you do.
Ensuring that important federal officials are separated among places has always been an important part of safeguarding our democracy.
I think media coverage is important because it's important to shed light on different cases to help raise awareness.
Mobile is today as important, if not more important, than desktops when it comes to the internet and apps.
I think the most important thing when putting your look together for something really important is to be comfortable.
That is important, because Dr Ohsumi's work has wider ramifications than merely illuminating an important piece of cellular housekeeping.
Moreover, experts agree this is one of the most important — if not the most important — electric car ever released.
How can every meaningless thing be not just very important but exactly as important as every other meaningless thing?
That just proved that team was important, too, and winning was just as important as his own personal achievements.
Only 2% admitted that it was "very important", and 20% that it was "important", for them to become rich.
Nevertheless, it's an important marker in what is a major ongoing intra-Democratic clash — with some very important implications.
"The U.S. is a hugely important market for BP and it is hugely important for Lightsource BP," Boyle said.
Today, young girls are taught that their right to exercise is not important, that their health is not important.
It's important to us, it's important to our customers, including Mac Pro users, all Pro users, including Mac Pro.
It's important to us, it's important to our customers — including Mac Pro users, all pro users, including Mac Pro.
Summers are incredibly important and summer programs, especially summer programs for kids from low-income families are really important.
That's important because, in some suburbs, a pleasing aesthetic is more important than saving the world or saving money.
Don't expect to get your way right now—what's important to you may not be important to everyone else.
Remember: During a Mercury retrograde, it's best to avoid making important decisions, signing contracts, traveling, and making important purchases.
If you ask them if privacy's important, they'll say yes, but their behavior doesn't indicate that privacy is important.
"Terroir's important to chocolate in the same way that it's important to wine, or apples, or grain," says Hodge.
Avoid making important decisions or signing contracts, traveling, or buying important equipment until Mercury retrograde ends on December 22.
Detecting traits like confusion could be really important to educational and training apps, preventing important concepts from escaping users.
Software is "very, very, very, very, very, very, very important" to Samsung How important is software to Samsung overall?
Also important was Alexander's ability to strike important deals in Asia for the car-hailing company for the pair.
"For some people [surgery is] very important and for some it's not important at all," she told USA Today.
We got huge ratings for that hour, and it was a gripping, important hour on a very important topic.
The most important (or, based on some of the arguments in this video, possibly the least important?) is voting.
"There's pressure from the U.S., which is important, but there's pressure from Russia, which is also important," said Morse.
That's why it is important to protect the Mueller investigation, that's why it's important to do our own inquiry.
"I think it is important for the entire region and it is important for the United States," he said.
"Fresh water is important for cats so it's important to change the water in the bowl daily," he said.
It was very important to me to open up in this episode, because Mobile is very important to me.
And this was particularly important on the eve of an even more, a far more important summit on Korea.
"Getting the results is the most important and it's an important two points here," Flyers coach Dave Hakstol said.
More than half said they felt it was very important or somewhat important that others view them as masculine.
The time to decide what you do with the tender, important, beautiful, savage, passionate, most important part of yourself.
It's a great sign, the first important step for a process that I think is important for our sport.
In terms of going forward, I think that that's as important, if not more important, than the parties itself.
As important as the World Cup is to Putin, it's even more important to England's people and commercial interests.
This is not the important part of this video because the important part of this video is nipple lasers.
Convergent and divergent thinking are both thought to be important for creativity, and intelligence is important for analytical thinking.
After he said Manafort was an important client, Ellis asked Katzman if all of Alan Couture's clients were important.
It's not always clear why the presidential vote is more important in some districts and less important than others.
This often repeated and important public health messaging is critically important as the nation seeks to contain COVID-19.
Professionalism is indeed an important job criterion, but there are two that are far more important: integrity and ethics.
It's too important to the Navy's mission, too important to our sailors and marines, for us to change course.
Most important, Trump and his advisers have ignored the most important cause of de-industrialization and income inequality: automation.
Those actions have harmed one of the most important — if not the most important — trade relationship in the world.
It's important to learn about the history of George Washington, but it's also important to learn about Toussaint L'Ouverture.
"They have an incredible eye for an important story, particular ones that are important to conservatives and Republicans," Sen.
We think it is important not to lose sight of other factors that may play a more important role.
"We feel like reading is incredibly important, more important than ever, and almost therapeutic in a way," she said.
It's important to become a master in your craft, and rounding out your experience first is much more important.
McLaughlin notes that reviews are important for trust, and trust is important for pulling the trigger on a purchase.
It made me realize that money wasn't important to us anymore; it was important to be with my family.
The gym and meal prepping are very important to me, but living a balanced lifestyle is way more important.
Reminders to take breaks to connect with yourself are just as important as reminders for important calls or tasks.
New York (CNN Business)The 737 MAX is Boeing's most important plane, and China is Boeing's most important market.
United States, another important digital age case, Congress would be wise to act now and pass this important legislation.
"Clearly, the Russian military thinks this system is very important, important enough to break the treaty," Mr. Miller said.
It tells them that they were important enough to dress up for — and we all want to feel important.
"Cultural optics," so important to Mr. Trump during his reality-television days, are equally important in the White House.
And we view taxes as the most important policy issue — more important than immigration, education, crime and health care.
A whopping 85033 percent said a candidate's ability to beat Trump was important or extremely important to their thinking.
Is post-election grassroots activism as important or more important than grassroots groups coming out at the ballot-box?
While portions are important for weight loss, Alpert said the quality of food is more important than the quantity.
"The United States is a very important partner and will continue to be a very important partner," Palacios said.
I don't want to say they're not important, but they're not as important to me as those core questions.
It is important to move past this isolated incident and focus our attention on the important work we do.
Moreover, a significant portion of the polling shows that issues important to Trump are not necessarily important to voters.
"I believe it is important to speak up, and it is important to tell my story," Washington told POLITICO.
This is not a great time to plan trips, shop for anything important, sign contracts, or have important conversations.
If anything, it's important to get angry at them for continuing to stagnate a vital and important musical subgenre.
Obviously it's important, but Procter & Gamble and Unilever are very important for Walmart and other retail businesses as well.
Making Mr. Percoco seem more important than he was, Mr. Bohrer said, made Mr. Howe also seem more important.
But then you realize how important your year is, like how important three months out of your year is.
You can tell that it wasn't actually important because the people most invested in pretending it was important — Republicans — clearly do not actually think government email protocol or Freedom of Information Act compliance are important issues.
The most important light of the day, the Sun, gets blacked out by the most important light of the night.
Here's a guide to the report — its most important findings and, in particular, the new and important disclosures it contains.
If contemporaneity is not important for Congress' pay, then why is it important for something as fundamental as women's equality?
It's still important to me, though because being confident in your clothes is an important step to shaping your identity.
I think the conversations are important, but I also think taking time to reset your brain is important as well.
The things that seemed important to me before my son came into the world just didn't feel as important now.
Part of Clegg's job is to keep important politicians happy, and it's clear what important politicians want, in this case.
We made important decisions with the puck coming through that neutral zone, which is an important zone for our team.
While the user interface isn't the only important aspect of a phone, it just happens to be the most important.
While eating healthy meals is important, Goglia says the order in which you eat them in is even more important.
The streaming service has long been considered the most important (and for some people, the only important) streaming service available.
Since the holidays are here, it's important to remember that open communication with your roommates is more important than usual.
That's due to several important factors, the most important being that many millennials came of age during the Great Recession.
So to me, it's important to think about your mom and how important she is—not just on Mother's Day.
While it's important to know all the latest tech, it's also important to remember the past (lest you repeat it).
Touching is an important part of reading, the hands of the reader are for me as important as the eyes.
This group of proactive go-getters is not just important for the economy, it's also important for the next president.
Puns, visual puns, are an important part of political cartoons, and they're an important part of the way dreams work.
A new company's most important strength is new thinking: Even more important than nimbleness, small size affords space to think.
Although trajectory is arguably the single most important factor in valuations, another important factor in the short term is expectations.
"It's important to play well against everyone, but they are in our division, so it's even more important," Brantley said.
It's important to talk about style and how things like that are not ok and how representation is so important.
Money's important, but it's no more important than a lot of other factors when it comes to plotting your career.
Whether you need to prep for a presentation or an important meeting, consider studying up on important points before bed.
Nearly 90 percent of respondents say it's "very important" or "somewhat important" for the media to hold public officials accountable.
The four most important things are priming, foundation, highlight, and contour , and then setting and baking, very, very, very important.
Twenty-three percent said it is "very important," while 46 percent said that it is "somewhat important," the poll found.
Saving Morris Brown saves an important part of our history, and it also saves an important choice for our students.
It is far more important to bring those countries (and the EU) along in his more important confrontation with China.
And militarily, and in every way we look at it, as very important and very important to the United States.
The Speaker of the House is an important job in our system of government, more important than in parliamentary systems.
If work-life balance is as important as we say it is, surely it is important for men as well.
Albania, on the Adriatic coast of the strategically important Balkan Peninsula, is a small but important nation in Southeast Europe.
This is important not only for women - it's important for the larger academic enterprise and what we achieve in science.
"I think this is an important moment and an important conversation for people to have," said IWF President Carrie Lukas.
And what that does is it makes scale even more important in a media business where scale always was important.
Protection became more important to parents than independence, more important than giving children the freedom to choose their own futures.
While pursuing an education in a specific academic discipline is important, the final degree is not the most important product.
"The pictures in the mind are just as important as the pictures on the wall; perhaps more important," he said.
According to pew research 77% of Americans believe that religion is either very important or somewhat important in their lives.
Jim made another comment that struck me as important – and illustrative of why studying history and current events is important.
The regime of violence that Hotline Miami was released into might have been important, and therefore Hotline Miami felt important.
"Abduction is a very important issue for me because it's very important for your Prime Minister," Trump said in Florida.
Important news arrived with yesterday's full moon psychic Water sign Scorpio, and important conversations continue to take place today, Virgo.
"However important the work of truck drivers is, the health and security of Canadians is the most important," he said.
"It's such an important day for other reasons, but I'll make it an important day for this, too," he added.
But you need to have a coaching mind looking at them to figure out what's important and what isn't important.
Budget deficits topped the list of problems they considered "very important," with a third considering them the "most important" problem.
The same might be said of Coates's ascension as an important critic, if not the important critic, of our time.
"Those supply chains are very important, and it's important that this not devolve into a bilateral agreement," Mr. Doggett said.
"It's important to help someone else and make someone feel special on a day that's very important," Mr. Catanese said.
Its significance is that it was where important ideas hatched in one important owner's mind in the mid-19th century.
White identitarians are conservative, but their white identity is quite important to them, sometimes even more important than their conservatism.
If your wallet or any important documents do get stolen,  it's important to know exactly what's missing, the report said.
Windows customers are important in the cloud raceConverting Windows Server and SQL Server customers is important for any cloud provider.
" The study of degradation may be increasingly important to buyers, he added, as "condition is something that's ferociously important now.
Below is an important wig for an important audition with Schitt's Creek's all-women a cappella singing group, the Jazzagals.
"We recorded important songs by important musicians," José José said of his lasting appeal in an interview with Billboard magazine.
Most important, Oman is along the Arabian Peninsula near the Strait of Hormuz, the world's most important oil choke point.
Fifth, Rosenstein would be an important — perhaps the most important — witness in any investigation of the reasons behind the firing.
"I can't tell you how important our relationship is, and I knew that this must be important," McCain told Esquire.
"The ACLU has always been important, but has a particularly important role right now," Altman wrote in a blog post.
Duff's First Rule of Instagram Posts says that the caption is as important, if not more important, than the picture.
It's a conference game, so it's an important game, and it's an intra-division game, so it's an important game.
Having low fitness is an important risk factor for premature death and improving fitness is important to health, said Brawner.
This is especially important leading up to Election Day when we decide who will make important decisions about government spending.
For us, it was very important to win nine times here, but eight, seven, six or five was also important.
"It is important for our economy and also important for our soul that the immigration system functions well," he said.
The insurgents are directly threatening important provincial capitals and have again made important roadways hazardous or impassable to government forces.
Choi: I think the preserving economic ties is important because both countries are you know important players in global chain.
This was an important discovery, a big step forward, in my career: Just be simple and focus on what's important.
"Staying underground is partially important," said P.J. "But if it were totally important, we wouldn't have a website," he laughed.
Still, it's important to realize that among Democrats, purity versus pragmatism is as important an axis as left versus right.
I'm similar to her in the sense that having full creative control is really important, because being unique is important.
"Retention comp is important, but that money is less important than real commitment to make this work," said one person.
For filmmakers, I think making films that expand an audience's sphere of empathy is important—making films that are personal is important, and thinking about how to use film to challenge dehumanizing rhetoric and actions is important.
"If it was important enough for him [Kushner] to know that it was important to talk about people around him, wouldn't it have been important enough to disclose on your national security clearance form?" she followed up.
We write on this topic of activism a lot—because it is important, because justice is important, and having an athlete deliver that message makes it no less important—but that does not make us lesser sports fans.
Among registered voters, global warming ranked 17th on a list of 29 important issues — but it was the third most important issue for liberal Democrats and the eighth most important for moderate and conservative Democrats, the report found.
Among registered voters, global warming ranked 17th on a list of 29 important issues — but it was the third most important issue for liberal Democrats and the eighth most important for moderate and conservative Democrats, the report found.
Self care is really important and it's important for all of us — we really run on all cylinders, all of us.
Similarly, the Smart Inbox view puts newsletters and less important emails in separate categories so you can focus on what's important.
It was really important that there weren't spoilers in the reviews, and really important that people didn't even get a hint.
That's why one of the most important, if not the most important upgrades to the new iPhones focused on their cameras.
It&aposs not only important for these two countries, but it&aposs important for the peace and security of the world.
Today Kanye West took to Twitter to deliver important words regarding what song he thinks was the most important of 2015.
The most important thing is that all the suffering and loneliness will go away and that is the most important thing.
That's not important to me, and to have something be exact isn't important — it's more about the essence of the place.
"I think it's quite important to recognize that bread is such a hugely important staple in the world today," said Richter.
I have a lot of hip-hop and alternative influences as well, so drums are really important, bass is really important.
The other thing that's important there is most research shows — and we've done a lot of it — bundling is important. Right?
Family has always been the most important part of both their lives and played an important role in their intimate Dec.
But it is important to state clearly two important facts that are illuminated (yet again) by this latest Trump administration move.
He said the acquisition marks an important milestone in laying out Fosun's globalization strategy of being present in important emerging economies.
Now, important questions to a 4-year-old may look a little different from the important questions that adults get asked.
I've been a queer activist for a long time and trans issues are important to me, and important to the world.
It was very important — excuse me, excuse me — it was very important to me to get the facts out and correctly.
The Ukrainians saw this meeting as critically important in order to solidify the support of their most important international partner. Amb.
Twitter is getting the important devices on board, but it still needs to put forward a product that actually feels important.
In these use cases, accuracy is important to a deliver competitive experience, but arguably speed is even more important to Facebook.
While the Cohen hearing was important for the United States, the Netanyahu decision was orders of magnitude more important for Israel.
This video and the ads that follow are going to be just as important — perhaps more important — than the hardware itself.
You still feel important, of course, just not like the most important orc, night elf, dwarf, or troll in the world.
That kind of thing, that was important to me and now I realized, 'Oh, it is important to me as well.
GUTFELD: But, you should also say, well, if they think this is just as important, then it&aposs just as important.
And, as important as it is for the women to open up to me, it's important that I do the same.
The content of your photo is important, but as any serious Instagrammer knows, the hashtags you attach are equally important (#postitfortheaesthetic).
While sales efficiency is important, there are plenty of other meaningful benchmarks and KPIs that are important for businesses to monitor.
"(Player safety) is a very important subject on the agenda, or maybe the most important ... regarding concussion, regarding travel," Pichot said.
In fact, being aware of your gastrointestinal issues is important to your health long-term, so it's important to speak up.
So, when you take that force away, you all of a sudden lose a really important stimulus that's important for health.
Or realize that you don't know what's important to you, which is an important thing to know about, if that's true.
Astrologers talk a lot about home and family being important to Cancers, but your career and social life are important, too.
The Government's most important tool for implementing feminist policy is gender mainstreaming, of which gender-responsive budgeting is an important component.
"(The pipelines) will get built because they are important for Canada, they're important for Alberta," Finance Minister Joe Ceci told reporters.
Eleven percent said terrorism was most important, while immigration and climate change were both rated most important by 10% of respondents.
The Federal Reserve plays an important role here, too, as it is the most important financial regulator in the United States.
"These findings are important because they point to the important role social policies can have in health," Kershaw said by email.
Passing good policy is important, but it's equally important to make sure that the laws Congress passes are being implemented effectively.
Although these are important considerations, many professional money managers believe that asset allocation is the most important decision for the investors.
What they want and what they need is important to them, and the people that they love are important to them.
Windows Holographic is an important part of Universal apps Windows Holographic will be an important part of Microsoft's Universal apps push.
Far more women (63%) say it's extremely or very important and only 36% rate it as moderately or not that important.
While it's important that employees share your core values, it's also important to look for people with different stories and experiences.
AFSCME is one of the most important Supreme Court cases this term and perhaps one of the most important in decades.
While polling provides important insights into how states will vote, there are important implications that should be considered when examining them.
At the forum, Pinault said it was important for companies to be leaders and to take decisive stances on important issues.
While each report is important on its own, it is important to be able to follow progress (or regression) over time.
Are you convinced that this is an important show that will address the important things happening in our current political climate?
Immigration was the most important issue of the 2016 presidential election, and is arguably the most important issue of our age.
If the most important relationship you have is with yourself, we'd argue the second-most important one is with your skin.
It's death by a thousand paper cuts, and I think that is important, because it is important to think about humans.
This means it's important to practice with caffeine during training sessions or friendly fixtures before using it for an important event.
They may think independent repair is important, but not important enough to forego having an iPhone or a John Deere Tractor.
"there were a few really important cases in which [Scalia] created new and important rights for criminal defendants" In Apprendi v.
It's an important thing to focus on right now, because times are changing, but it's also important to highlight what hasn't.
With all the stress and animosity going around from this election, it's important to remember what's really important in our lives.
All of it designed to tell Trump how important he was, and how important their relationship with him was to them.
The vast majority of Ukrainians — 86 percent — say it is "important" or "very important" that Ukraine become a fully functioning democracy.
I think there's a trend going on which says clothes are just not that important or as important as they were.
They're such an important part of our lives, and that also has helped this become such a huge and important space.
Can you think of jobs in which it is extremely important, and jobs in which it isn't very important at all?
Mr. Martin tried to walk a thin line of presenting Turner's sports and entertainment networks as important but not too important.
The Iowa caucuses are important only because the media treat them as important, like celebrities who are famous for being famous.
Democrats also prioritized increasing the number of judges handling asylum cases (58% very important) more so than Republicans (1753% very important).
"What you earn is important, but what you spend is even more important," There are a number of apps like mint.
Fleury took over and has been one of the team's most important players, if not the most important, through the postseason.
For Republicans and Republican-leaners, just 27% cite health care as extremely important and only 8% consider climate change that important.
The most important comments of the day McConnell's most important words of the day happened before the trial gaveled into session.
I'm reminded of the acting coach's dictum that it's not important that the actor cry; it's important that the audience does.
" Trump described the wall as "the least important thing we are talking about, but politically this might be the most important.
This divergence among the "three Americas" may continue unabated, as what's important to one may simply not be important to another.
All these interventions are not only important for building and maintaining muscle, they are important for optimal health as you age.
The money funded initial monitoring that culminated last week in the release of important new research that provides some important answers.
The authenticity of just doing what you feel is important to the brand is the most important thing about being independent.
The Max is important in that regard because there's a 15% reduction in fuel burn and carbon emissions, so that's important.
"Manager selection is always important and especially important in alternatives," said Lawrence Restieri Jr., an executive at Goldman Sachs Asset Management.
They grew up in parts ofthe country where navigating religion was not important socially and not important to their political careers.
It already has removed systemically important insurance companies headquartered in the U.S. from the global list of systemically important insurance companies.
"Growing the female fanbase is extremely important to the PGA Tour, but it is also important to me personally," said Tyson.
"It's important for us to have the returns on tax reform, it's important to have it on the Russia investigation," Rep.
Nearly as many said a prospective new employer's travel policy was as important as or more important than pay and responsibilities.
The important work involved in striving to eradicate diseases offers a small window into how important USAID and the CDC are.
"It's important to be among the first, but it is more important to do what is right," Morales said on Sunday.
It's important to figure out where American jobs went, but even more important to figure out how to get them back.
The sun meets Venus on October 26, delivering an important insight about your social life and what's truly important to you.
Courting the favor of the establishment media isn't nearly as important as it used to be, but it's still somewhat important.
She is perhaps ESPN's highest-profile baseball voice, one of the network's most important employees on its most important baseball broadcast.
"As CEO, my compensation is much higher than the average warehouse employee; however, we shouldn't be distinguishing whose newborn child is more important, or whose sick parent is more important, or whose bereavement leave is more important," Hyman said.
PD: Diplomacy is important too and it is important for the American president to understand the complexity of the world because the whole world is not exactly like the US. And it is important to get into this complexity.
Pick some things that seem important to them but unlikely to happen, pick some things that seem likely to happen but less important, and threaten to scuttle the likely things unless they get their way on the important things.
"Sheryl is a really important part of this company… She's been an important partner with me for 10 years," Zuckerberg told CNN.
What's important to you might not be important to everyone else—will you try to convince them of your point of view?
However gross they might seem to some people, it's important to recognize that dung beetles are super important to many healthy ecosystems.
They're about us, what we think is important, and what we want other people to know about what we think is important.
" When I ask Williamson what she means by "many," she responds, "I understand that polio is important, I understand smallpox is important.
And I think what I love the most is the way it makes me think about what's important and what's not important.
So, these two, people, and also efficacy, are the most important barriers, and then I think that's also very important for education.
"What to make important and what not to make important," Goff, who is only in his third year in the NFL, replied.
There's really important issues of privacy, and these are important policy issues that the legislative branch and the executive branch should consider.
They grew up in parts of the country where navigating religion was not important socially and not important to their political careers.
It's not important why everyone disappeared; what's important is which emotions the characters foreground for themselves, as they embrace their new circumstances.
Increasing our speed and efficacy is important, but it's equally important we do this the right way, and don't restrict legitimate speech.
"Engagement on climate is important, but working on solutions through fundamental research and development for new technologies is also important," said Woods.
We've gathered the important facts and what to know about why Turkey is so important and what was at risk last night.
How they sell advertising on it is important, but I wouldn't say it is as important as acquisition and development of content.
Hearables will be just as important to the computer interface of the future as head-mounted displays — and more important than watches.
The wage number is important and as important as the jobs number but this month it isn't causing us too much concern.
It will be just as important to work Joshua's body as well as the head, and my speed will be important too.
Anderson agrees that training is important and that officers should treat people with respect, but says there is a more important issue.
All of these cyber-issues are important to address, but it is also important to give equal focus to forward-looking matters.
Shah's promotion takes care of at least one of those openings — an important one made all the more important by Systrom's departure.
Every year is important, but this year is even more important because after this, we have the June 9 [anti-extradition protests].
The CNBC study and others included data about the criteria Amazon had deemed most important, including infrastructure, economy and, most important, workforce.
The first two years are incredibly important for children and their early foundation of language is important for academic success, she said.
Yes, smartphones are important, but to create a natural extension to other connected devices like wearables and virtual reality is more important.
You're told that it's important to have a manager as well as an agent, and for a guy that's not as important.
There are things that are exciting that are not important, and there are things that are important that are not particularly exciting.
It is commonplace at many of Greenland's largest and most important glaciers, which is why research in these regions is so important.
For me, it's important because of my faith and my religion, but it's also important for me to represent those other officers.
That's important because speculative execution has proven to be an important technique for making the best use of a chip's processing power.
Perhaps Mnuchin doesn't think it's terribly important because he knows that White House policy will, indeed, not be terribly important to Treasury.
In times of rapid change, it is important to remember that well-planned and executed plays are important in trade as well.
Nuñez: For me, it's that this idea of inclusive space is important, but then it's just as important to know your place.
"I'm not comfortable talking about politics, but voting is undeniably important and I wanted to know why it was important," she explains.
The president also participated in a very important session today on trade and an important session on the environment and the economy.
So those are important issues, but I'll tell you what else is an important issue, and that is the criminal justice issue.
At the same time, it's important to note that, while important, the CBO's analysis is not data that exists in a vacuum.
More important though, he was able to focus on the two most important assets he was building in each of these experiences.
I think it's important to highlight the specificities of this ecosystem — taking risks is important when you are an entrepreneur for example.
Sorry—I know the baby is the most important thing in your life, but it's the 1,184th most important thing in mine.
It was very important that -- excuse me, excuse me -- it was very important to me to get the facts out and correctly.
While this is an important criticism, it's also important to realize that with our current election laws, no third party can succeed.
Archbishop Hart said it was important the church's "story" continued to be heard on important debates that shaped society, including marriage equality.
Leading the CFPB is an important job, which makes it all the more important to have the right person at the helm.
"It's important to note here that poison control data provide an important but very incomplete measure of nonmedical stimulant use," Alexander said.
Drake had the very important job of being the award show's inaugural host — and fittingly, he brought along a very important date.
So there was the attitude that people recognized that corporations were important, but that they were important for business and making money.
I believe it is important to bring awareness to this important issue, and to help those in our communities who are affected.
"When spending time with the people who are most important to you, make them feel important and valued by listening," Branson said.
"Him being out there is going to be important, just like her being out there was important for [Barack] Obama," Elleithee said.
"What's just as important, if not more important, is how you talk to folks in red states about these issues," he added.
That is an important level it would need to test and break to reach 3.047 percent, an even more important technical level.
She said it's important to "distill the most important points that would really resonate with investors" before putting together the pitch deck.
In the week ahead, there will be some pretty important data points, with the most important ones centering on the inflation outlook.
Silverstein: How important is brand purpose to how the consumer looks at a brand, and why else is it important to WarnerMedia?
"It's important to the [financial services] industry, it's important to the American people to be assured their data is secured," Neugebauer said.
"It's important for us to have the returns on tax reform, it's important to have it on the Russia investigation," Doggett said.
Patriotism is still widely perceived as important by Americans over the age of 2900, with 220006 percent saying it was very important.
"I think safety of the public is incredibly important — safety of our kids, safety of our family is very important," he said.
" Tusk also urged European NATO members to spend more on defense, but noted: "Money is important but generating solidarity is more important.
I think it's really important to connect education and the challenge of jobs and I think it's important to talk about it.
Sampurno said it was important a new chief executive was named soon because important long-term decisions were waiting to be made.
"Any initiative is important, and this is a very nice project, but it's equally important to constantly remove the marks," he said.
This will find you making important but unexpected changes in your relationships—what's important to you is shifting, and quite suddenly so.
This has many pernicious consequences; most important, it prevents important vacancies from being filled, and it discourages qualified candidates from accepting nominations.
In Japan, we bought the rights to the two most important domestic leagues and we are arguably the most important service there.
It's important to be well aware of the limitations and risks of new technologies, and this is a subtle but important one.
The reality isn't important: what's important is your belief, and believing the lie is the only way to avoid a waking coma.
So you see his work is not just personally important to me and my career, it's important to everyone in the theater.
I really want you to reflect today on how important it is that you get your way—it's probably not that important.
Because I want to get on to things that are very important to me, and that are very important to the country.
This is super important: When one reads a lot of diverse stuff, it's important to have access to one's notes and highlights.
And I knew how important it would be to inhabit that emotion, and more important, to inhabit that relationship in that moment.
Whenever I have an important event or important date coming up I usually write them down so that I will remember them.
So the most important thing, like I said, the most important mistake I see smart people making is assuming that they're smart.
But using the keys required sacrificing an important feature — Apple's V.I.P. alerts, which notify you when people you deem important email you.
Other people in Hollywood applauded Ms. Ellison for giving substantial backing to an important filmmaker who wanted to tell an important story.
Maybe what they thought was important — the big yard and the birds singing out the windows — was not so important after all.
Liberty, while important, was for him only one important value among others like community and solidarity, order and decency, honor and faith.
Exit polls from Tuesday showed just how important this issue has become: Guns were the second most important issue to voters overall.
I should mention three important caveats: But even with these caveats there are important costs associated with our widespread misperceptions about crime.
"For us, it's very important to work together — one of the most important things we talk about is shared creativity," she said.
He's funny because he sticks to his guns about what's important, and what's important is whether Cate Blanchett was snubbed this year.
Tax policy already has an important role: Tax policy plays an important role in redistributing money from the wealthy to the poor.
The second paradox is that the most important political topic is not being discussed by the most important political parties in public.
They failed in smartphones ... So it&aposs strategically important, and more important for them than for Google and Apple, to be successful.
One important bias of news audiences is a preference for simple soundbites, which often fail to capture the complexity of important problems.
While finding a school that works for you is important, it's perhaps not as important as finding a school you can afford.
The fact that the president believes Cuba is important enough … it's confirming for everyone in the western hemisphere that this is important.
"Not any one of us is important enough to hold up a trade agreement that is important for American workers," she said.
"Not any one of us is important enough to hold up a trade agreement that is important for American workers," she said.
Food safety is important to U.S. consumers and it is also important to the U.S. farmers, suppliers and manufacturers who supported FSMA.
"Coming from the U.S., we've obviously been through an important moment and it's important to remember it's a democratic process," Pichai said.
But the delivery — the HOW — is just as important IF NOT MORE IMPORTANT than WHAT you're doing or WHY you're doing it.
While fewer arguments and feeling close with parents are particularly important for girls, friends are more important for boys than for girls.
Scientists keep seeds from important crops locked in seed vaults, but most vaults lack seeds from the wild relatives of important crops.
Fourteen percent of people surveyed said it is either "not particularly important" or not at all important that the report be released.
Right now the most important dog in my life is this dog that has no idea that it's so important to me.
The reality isn't important; what's important is your belief, and believing the lie is the only way to avoid a waking coma.
And whether press conferences are important or not, it's clear that journalists think they are important and want her to have some.
A Monmouth University poll released last week showed that a majority of voters—62 percent—think the fact that Trump has not released his returns is either very important or somewhat important, while 36 percent say it is not important.
I mean...this is an important thing that I think is maybe like the fourth most important thing, or the thing that has been deemed fourth most important in the way this presidency is being covered in the last week.
Other issues that have been at the forefront in the Democratic primary, such as climate change, were ranked less important: 55 percent of Americans called climate change important for determining their 2020 vote, while just 26 percent called it extremely important.
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We have to reckon with our humanity and reconcile ourselves to our humanity and we have to understand that although identity is important, who we are is important, the most important thing about who we are is that we're human.
"The most important thing isn't necessarily that we're losing ... 2100 million species -- although that's important, don't misunderstand me," said Watson, a British chemist.
Length is important (14 characters is a good minimum to aim for), but keeping your passwords hard to guess is even more important.
Vlcek says that the most important thing Avast learned from the CCleaner infection is also an important takeaway for the industry at large.
To the settlers of Beit El, it is less important who sits in the White House -- what's more important is who lives here.
Preparing for storms was always important, and the harrowing fallout from Katrina, Sandy, and Harvey remind us it's now more important than ever.
"Understanding age is pretty important important when you think about the development of planets themselves, and potentially life on these planets," Burgasser said.
A concession speech can be more important than a victory speech, and this concession speech was more important than any in recent memory.
But there are also important areas of agreement, where a flip in the partisan control of government would have predictable — and important — impacts.
When I started doing and saying things that I thought were important, and were important to me, that's when I truly became brave.
Perhaps several most important things: But even more important: These episodes about motivation and persuasion are my most popular episodes of all time.
Controlling the inflammation isn't just important for the joints, it's really important for the entire body to bring it back in balance again.
And while it's an important conversation to have, it's equally as important to remember people like Bourdain and Hurtubise for how they lived.
That's a big and important story, don't get distracted by story B. Story B can also be a big and important story, right?
Trade is important to the U.S. economy, but it's much more important to the Chinese economy, just as a share of its economy.
I feel like this is such an important election — there are so many things out there that are important to the American people.
It is important that service dogs are comfortable helping their humans in every kind of situation and surrounding, making early socialization extremely important.
This is particularly important because they happen to be both a cause of global warming, and an important means of adapting to it.
Shrinking the balance sheet is important for AIG, which is currently labeled a systemically important financial institution, or SIFI, by the U.S. government.
Representation is important for a variety of reasons, but it's important to know that someone that looks like you can accomplish great things.
On the other hand we have the "exposure is important" writers who feel that getting the word out is more important than obscurity.
But the authors of the critical letter that came out on Wednesday aren't just important economists, they're important figures in the progressive movement.
All of that is important for preserving memories, but it's also important for documenting the things — good and bad — that happen around us.
"The number one thing to take home is that it's important to talk about this and important to ask about it," he said.
I think the most important takeaway was how important it is to just have one person around, someone who's really in your life.
When I was a younger man, my career was very important to me, my life as an artist was very important to me.
And when we go through these things together as a family, I realize, these are the important things, these are the important moments.
" The Constitution says if you're still an important person, but not quite as important as principal officers, we call you an "inferior officer.
" He adds: "Those things aren't very important and it isn't important whether or not you view me as somebody you should take seriously.
Your email is important to me but not nearly as important as striking for women, which is what I'll be doing today. 8.
Diversity is one of the most important issues in modern business, and it's more important that we fight harder for it than ever.
With the Mister Rogers documentary headed to theaters this summer, it's important to remember that American hero's most important lesson: neighbors are good.
"We are one of the pockets of growth of J.C. Penney, we are important to them, they are important to us," Guiony said.
Communication is very important, Pisces, but be real with yourself: How often do you mentally check out or physically flake on important talks?
The color of the guinea pigs, earrings, and necklaces, he said, likely conveyed important symbolism, as color coding was important in Inca ritualism.
For example, frequency of sex became less important with age, and the amount of thought and effort invested in sex became more important.
The important thing is that it brings you to a place where you can clearly assess what's most important, and manage priorities accordingly.
But even if doing so feels less important right now, it won't stop being important, because that's the way it has always worked.
New information will come your way, an important conversation will go down, and it's likely that some important paperwork will finally get done.
You'll also learn important databasing with MySQL, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra, and more, all while learning to debug and understand important version control technologies.
As the world starts to comprehend the important changes of the Internet and mobile revolution, Oath's vision and strategy are becoming more important.
Providing wide access to higher education is an important—possibly the most important—role of a state system, but not the only one.
Nearly a quarter (2023 percent) says it is somewhat important, while around a fifth (21 percent) think it is not important at all.
"This is an incredibly important nomination, and it's the president's most important campaign promise," Carrie Severino, the organization's chief counsel, told The Hill.
Personality is also important: "[A] nice smile and a nice attitude is important, because we will be stuck on an island," she says.
But to have someone, and in this case someone very important in this case, say, 'I believe what you're saying,' is very important.
"You can buy an important piece by an important artist at a fraction of the cost of a contemporary painting," Ms. Kluk said.
Paid social media endorsements have become similarly important to celebrities and other popular personas, for whom they are an important extra income stream.
Discovering and drilling for the important minerals used for industry and the technology sector remains incredibly important as existing mines are becoming depleted.
"The president feels that bringing up important issues of our time like extreme violence and terrorism are important things to do," Sanders said.
Cooking oils are important components of a heart-healthy diet, but it's important to choose the right ones for the dish you're preparing.
And when we go through these things together as a family, I realize, thess are the important things, these are the important moments.
Many important stories – some of the most important, in fact – could never have been written if their sources had not been kept confidential.
Venus opposes Saturn on July 17, finding you facing blocks in communication—what's important to you doesn't seem to be important to others.
It's very important to protest, but it's also important to know that populists are going incorporate protests into their own culture war narrative.
" She continued: "This campaign is so important because it is a reminder of how important it is to live life on your terms.
That's going to be important as website usage becomes less and less important over time and people access the Internet in different ways.
Peanuts are an important crop in Haiti, not only because it's an important source of protein, but also a very promising cash crop.
You'll not only remember important things, you'll also signal an important message to your boss, says Margaret Buj, interview coach and career expert.
"Every state is terribly important, and I think coming Tuesday, maybe Michigan is the most important state," Sanders told reporters Friday in Detroit.
Your team is one of your most important resources, which is why it's important to be cautious when going into business with friends.
"Theoretical" is an important word here, as it is nearly impossible to do experiments that would directly reveal anything important about quantum gravity.
You know, painting is very important too, but in my everyday work music is more important because it's there, it's in my room.
Step three: Here, we ranked our chosen goals from most important to least important using the prioritization tool — a simple drag and drop.
This is a real and important change, and whenever real and important change happens, you would expect some people to dislike the change.
Cleaning may not be as glamorous as cooking, but it is just as important, if not more important, at least for the hosts.
Saving face may be important to the Chinese government ahead of the important national anniversary, but that is not Beijing's priority right now.
"These players in our league, our coaches, are speaking out on issues that are important to them and important to society," he said.
No other film has had this much of an impact, or been so important to so many important movements, in a long time.
"We back Hinkley Point project, it's very important for France, it's very important for the nuclear sector and EDF," Macron told the BBC.
"Our historic fabric is important around here, and it's important to us," said Pieter Roos, the executive director of the Newport Restoration Foundation.
"It felt like I was honoring one of the most important people in my life, on my most important day," Anderson told Insider.