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"mass" Definitions
  1. affecting or involving a large number of people or things
"mass" Synonyms
pile heap stack collection accumulation concretion conglomeration stockpile aggregation amassment assemblage load accretion aggregate batch block concentration rick band cloud abundance profusion lot quantity wealth plenty bundle loads slew mountain oodles tonne(UK) ton(US) plenitude scads store reams crowd drove group horde host mob crush flock herd multitude army pack swarm throng troop press rabble barrage bunch majority bulk body preponderance brunt core generality chief heft main most weight staple best part better part major part greater number greater part larger number larger part people populace public plebeians commonality commonalty commoners plebs canaille commons millions proles proletariat ragtag hoi polloi extent size volume dimensions greatness magnitude matter measure capacity density measurements proportions scope amount bigness hugeness proportion lump clump blob bump glob hunk mound chunk clot gob wad coagulation knot piece nugget gobbet slab knob clod figure form frame build shape physique stature torso chassis constitution cast outline contours bod silhouette fashion anatomy configuration Eucharist Communion Holy Communion Lord's Supper net tangle web mesh mess entanglement muddle jumble snarl hash maze mishmash clutter convolution collage hodgepodge patchwork medley mixture agglomeration heaviness ponderousness avoirdupois massiveness heftiness weightiness thickness denseness burden solidity ponderosity tonnage poundage gross substance congestion crowding overcrowding clogging bottleneck snarl-up blockage blocking jam obstruction choking plugging stoppage stuffing gridlock cramming crowdedness excess jamming mobbing shock head mane mop thatch bush cascade crop curls foam frizz fuzz chaos halo quiff tresses mat hair sacrament communion liturgy rite baptism celebration ceremony confession confirmation custom marriage matrimony oath observance practice ritual service vow holy orders worship billow mantle pall plume shroud blanket canopy curtain layer puff film sheet shower smoke dense mass column spiral trail swirl jelly aspic gel gelatine(UK) gelatin(US) extract jell pectin preserve pulp balm cream lubricant ointment salve unction petroleum jelly conserve confiture oblation Sacrament holy communion Mass faith creed persuasion religion denomination church breaking of bread reality actuality concreteness being commodity corporeality entity existent individual individuality integer materiality object tangibility thing something bed base foundation bottom footing groundwork support underpinning basis substructure bedrock substratum floor understructure prop seat stay storm rain bombardment salvo volley avalanche battery blast deluge flurry fusillade hail stream torrent blitz blitzkrieg burst plumb anchor bob pendulum sinker plumb bob plummet lead plumb line paperweight hump protuberance bulge swelling projection protrusion prominence growth outgrowth excrescence nodule node tumescence convexity swell hunch intumescence shoal sandbank bank bar shallow ford mudbank sandbar shallows shelf cay sands tombolo reef sand bar ridge spit dune hummock rock stone boulder pebble cobblestone goolie gravel rubble scree sarsen talus stones rock debris stepping stone cairn boondie cobble pellet prill bolus little ball little piece coat lamina membrane overlay stratum coating covering veneer surface lamination skin foil ply slip cover extensive broad sweeping widespread pervasive prevalent rampant rife wholesale wide deep full general overwhelming pervading thorough universal epidemic overall overarching popular communal collective social societal collaborative civil civic democratic representative common comprehensive global total cooperative shared joint combined mutual united concerted pooled conjunct conjoint allied reciprocal unified multiple synergetic large-scale exhaustive expansive vast ample great huge big major hefty intercontinental international out of control unbridled abandoned intemperate uncontrolled unrestrained wanton exuberant pandemic raging rampaging unchecked uncontrollable excessive extravagant proliferating gather accumulate collect amass concentrate conglomerate accrete build up pile up stack up draw together gather together join together round up cluster agglomerate coalesce snowball converge assemble muster mobilise(UK) mobilize(US) marshall(US) marshal(UK) rally call together recruit levy conscript raise draft(US) draught(UK) call up organise(UK) organize(US) deploy convoke enlist summon bring together congregate convene meet rendezvous foregather forgather congress teem stuff fill cram charge brim squeeze wedge stock lade deposit stow place top dump hoard stock up store up corral integrate blend combine incorporate merge amalgamate fuse join unite assimilate intermix meld mingle homogenise(UK) homogenize(US) intermingle mix More
"mass" Antonyms
handful little bit hint pinch sprinkle ounce scruple shade sprinkling smidgeon smidgen speck pittance spot mouthful trace dab touch strain ace minority faction section sector subgroup aristocracy elite aristocrats nobility noblemen noblewomen nobles oligarchy lords patricians patriciate gentry A-list corps d'elite high society privileged class upper class upper crust littleness smallness tininess slightness diminutiveness puniness unimportance fineness lethargy insignificance part powerlessness inability weakness incompetence depression dent dimple dint dip impression indent indentation indenture soul spirit mind personality conscience individuality identity essence heart quiddity pneuma consciousness quintessence anima a few a little not many not much some portion single zero individual loner person member best choice cream elect fat flower pick pink pride entity constituent unit component decumulation dispersal dispersion lessening loss reduction scattering shrinkage subtraction diffusion spreading-out separation trickle whole one organisation(UK) organization(US) order line simplicity peace harmony method tidiness arrangement calm system quiet orderliness lack deficiency insufficiency inadequacy depletion exiguity exiguousness inadequateness meagreness scarceness shortage sparseness unavailability undersupply absence deprivation leanness meagerness paucity scantiness limited number smattering few couple small number lightness weightlessness thinness surface exterior outside exteriority emptiness void voidness vacuity blankness nothingness vacantness vacancy empty space lone lonely solo singular alone solitary unaccompanied sole companionless lonesome unescorted isolated independent only undemocratic nondemocratic exclusive one-man one-sided one-way unilateral adversarial competitive disjoint disobliging disunited divided encumbering hindering hurting preventing separate small-scale minor miniature short small tiny disperse scatter spread diffuse dissipate dispel dissolve dismiss disband break up divide cancel split spread out distribute lose take apart remove disorganize demobilise(UK) demobilize(US) demob discharge decommission release demilitarise(UK) demilitarize(US) deactivate retire withdraw disappear leave unload clear empty unpack evacuate unlade offload rid vacate off-load

404 Sentences With "mass"

How to use mass in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "mass" and check conjugation/comparative form for "mass". Mastering all the usages of "mass" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Yet Hillary Clinton is proposing mass amnesty, mass immigration and mass lawlessness.
What it basically is, is it's mass persuasion, mass influence and mass hypnosis.
This scale measures weight, body fat, body mass index, basal metabolic rate, water weight, lean body mass, muscle mass, bone mass, and visceral body fat.
It measures 12 metrics including weight, BMI, water weight, lean body mass, bone mass, muscle mass, and visceral body fat.
" He added, "Mass communications have aroused the mass man.
Various times, at Mass MoCA, 1040 Mass MoCA Way,
Mass incarceration is inextricably linked to mass undereducation in America.
In the first, mass celebration; in the second, mass mourning.
Mass media has long been used to mobilize mass violence.
Mass MoCA, in former textile mills of North Adams, Mass.
Orlando and American Mass Shootings The mass shooting in Orlando, Fla.
Mr. Cave's new installation at Mass MoCA, in North Adams, Mass.
Our mass incarceration regime can mass-produce thousands of Typhoid Marys.
That's not what you call mass production; more like mass confusion.
Within 21.5,216 years of the mass extinction, their body mass had become 2252 times bigger than the mammals living immediately after the mass extinction.
Consequently, NGTS-4b is getting smaller and denser over time as the mass becomes dominated by the core mass and not the atmospheric mass.
"We have mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting," complained Representative Hakeem Jeffries of New York, "yet this hearing has been about email."
Its mass is around 10 thousand times the mass of our Sun.
It would not stop mass deforestation or the mass extinction of animals.
From mass incarceration to mass deportation, our nation remains in deep denial.
The American people are fed up with mass shooting after mass shooting.
Its mass is about 7 billion times the mass of our sun.
"We are a vibrant society that has a long history of mass mobilization and mass organization ... I'm unashamedly encouraging mass mobilization," he added to cheers.
It is figures like these that gun control advocates unsurprisingly latch onto when they demand stricter gun laws in the wake of mass school shootings, mass nightclub shootings, mass outdoor concert shootings, mass military base shootings, and the like.
As you have watched mass shooting after mass shooting after mass shooting play out in the United States, what do people in Australia think about that?
Mass grave of 500 bodies unearthed outside Mosul Mass grave of 500 bodies unearthed outside Mosul A mass grave was uncovered outside of Mosul this weekend.
How many mass murders are committed by non-Muslims, mass shootings, school shootings?
Thousands of Yazidis fell victim to mass executions and disappeared into mass graves.
"It was their mass against my mass," Mr. Packwood said at the time.
"Doesn't fit mass shooter profile" Stephen Paddock Doesn't Fit Mass Shooter Profile https://t.
The goal of the tabulator is not to record mass murder but mass growth.
Leading Mass Transit Operator: BTSC has a strong position in Bangkok's mass-transit sector.
That reduces the hole's mass (because energy and mass are equivalent, by E=mc2).
For the most part, mass-market cars look mass, and luxury cars look luxe.
Why mass-market a lifestyle that lives in definitional opposition to the mass market?
"Pitch," her first museum solo exhibition, currently at Mass MoCA in North Adams, Mass.
Why then do we see mass shooting after mass shooting in our nation alone?
You don't need to be a mass ... sports don't need to be mass anymore.
Based on the Mass Shooting Tracker, 502 of those deaths were from mass shootings.
Weight can equate burdens, seriousness, or mass, but it is technically a gravitational force with which Earth pulls a mass; and a mass is the sum of matter.
There is some evidence that mass shootings produce a copycat effect: Mass shootings are more common in the weeks immediately following a previous mass shooting than at other times.
Competing theories for the mass-generating mechanism predict different values for the three mass states.
This idea that the crime bill generated mass incarceration — it did not generate mass incarceration.
The definition of 'mass shooting' variesThere is no broadly accepted definition of a mass shooting.
Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA), 21500 Mass Moca Way; 216-20693-20683, massmoca.
If there are mass graves, Myanmar shouldn't be doing anything to conceal those mass graves.
The Mass Games Reports of the revival of the Mass Games surfaced earlier this summer.
The scale uses BIA to measure bone mass, water weight, lean mass, and body fat.
However, LB-1 has a mass 70 times greater than the mass of the sun.
The mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, was the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history.
Under the broader definition of mass shootings, America has around one mass shooting a day.
Researchers use this method to determine the white dwarf's mass, and, in turn, the pulsar's mass—which they found to be approximately 2.14 times the mass of the Sun, and definitely more than twice the Sun's mass, according to the paper published in Nature Astronomy.
Mass reading has now been joined by mass writing: frequent, error-filled and evanescent—like speech.
Feeling around the mass, she finds that there's a hardened mass under the soft, squishy surface.
The character-driven structure stands in contrast to both Mass Effect 21 and Mass Effect 22.
One was about 36 times the mass of our sun, the other, 29 times that mass.
Mass production, mass communication—these modern methods were key to the Eameses' holistic approach to revolution.
Nowhere does she address police violence against African Americans, mass surveillance, refugee detention, or mass incarceration.
Until the US confronts that issue, it will continue to see mass shooting after mass shooting.
Mass, to see if they could offer a "show of support" Mass for the beleaguered judge.
And Black Friday will kick off not just mass consumerism every year, but also mass victimization.
Donald Trump went to great lengths Thursday to tie together "mass immigration, mass lawlessness," and crime.
But the US has not solved its mass shooting problem in those 20 years — the country now averages nearly one mass shooting a day, based on one group's definition of mass shooting.
Now watch both of these one-minute videos of mass weddings discussed in the article: Maronite mass wedding in Bkerke, Lebanon Mass wedding in Gaza with 2,000 couples What do you notice?
Second: Because axions have mass, their fluid contributes significantly to the overall mass density of the universe.
A rocket really just needs two things: mass to eject and something to push that mass out.
The potential low-mass black hole is thought to be 3.3 times the mass of our sun.
If there are three different mass states, then they can't all be zero—thus, neutrinos have mass.
Any other year, I'd be happy to play a below average Mass Effect because it's Mass Effect.
Such instruments will help researchers determine the mass of a compound, and differentiate compounds of similar mass.
Before the era of mass media, mass literacy and cheap communication, knowledge of the world was foggy.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) officially announced her 2020 presidential run at a rally in Lawrence, Mass.
Using Mother Jones's definition of a mass shooting, 254 deaths in 2016 were due to mass shootings.
Despite mass shooting after mass shooting, America has been unable to pass any serious federal gun control.
More importantly, this is a straightforward third way approach that embraces neither mass citizenship, nor mass deportation.
In our day of mass news media mass consumption, we have the option to benefit from that.
Here's how the Parkland, Florida, students went from experiencing a mass tragedy to launching a mass movement.
The scale measures weight, BMI, body fat and water percentage, and skeletal muscle mass and bone mass.
Greg Abbott, a Republican, has said the status quo of mass shooting after mass shooting cannot continue.
So non-mass murders by untreated seriously mentally ill are six times more common than mass murders.
Go deeper: Las Vegas mass shooting victim's family sues gun makers America's 21 deadliest modern mass shootings
Brands want to do business on a mass scale, but they don't want to dress mass bodies.
The FBI has traditionally considered mass shooting any incident in which four or more people were killed during a related event, but in 2013 a congressional act defined "mass killing" as "three of more killings in a single incident," and labeled mass shooting as a type of mass killing.
Though Chevy has a long history as a mass-market brand, the Tesla Model 3 is a mass-market vehicle in the same way the BMW 3 series is a mass-market vehicle.
Orlando mass shooting More details (and more questions) emerge in the worst mass shooting in modern American history.
You keep the same mass, but the amount of energy in that mass is going to keep increasing.
Things with mass have gravity, and the more mass they have, the stronger their gravity pulls on things.
Go deeper: What the deadliest mass shootings have in common The deadliest mass shootings in modern U.S. history
"Mass affluent" refers to clients who are considered to be at the top end of the mass market.
Mass injustice doesn't result from a "few bad apples," but from the mass of people willfully supporting injustice.
At its mass, it accounts for approximately 3 percent of the total mass of the Fornax UCD3 galaxy.
" Rather, he blames commercialism: "You're selling to a mass audience, and a mass audience isn't necessarily forward thinking.
There are already horrifying reports of mass arrests and mass executions with the worst likely yet to come.
The dream of a disruptive alternative to the mass media is perhaps as old as the mass media.
We know what VIPs are, we know what mass market is, but what exactly is a premium mass?
So for mass production capitalism, it was the mass production system that was the source of value creation.
Noir goes on to claim that all of this attention to mass shootings may inspire more mass shooters.
Similarly, if the goal is to end mass incarceration and mass criminalization, digital prisons are not an answer.
They have almost no mass -- but now scientists have calculated the mass of the lightest type of neutrino.
Mark said he adjusted the mass of the car, but he didn't say what the resulting mass was.
So the mass of carbon would be 2000 times the mass of the tree, or 22.1,210 kg. Simple!
In his book Mass Shootings: Media, Myths, and Realities, he points out this commonality among many mass murderers.
The mass of bacteria is 1,100 times more than the mass of all humans put together, for example.
Now let's try to visualize the mass of dark matter, compared to the mass of stars and gas.
The research was conducted between June 2016 and November 2017, in the wake of the 2016 Orlando nightclub mass shooting, the 2017 Las Vegas strip mass shooting, and the 2017 Texas church mass shooting.
I know that no single action can prevent a truly determined person from committing mass murder, and I am aware of other ways to commit mass murder, such as bombings and mass vehicular slaughter.
The Index scale gives you a deeper look into your bodily health by giving you metrics for body mass index, body fat and water percentage, muscle mass, and bone mass in addition to your weight.
The two monstrous black holes were 31 times the mass of the sun and 25 times its mass, respectively.
It was just mass, mass panic by everybody, because they knew the communists weren't going to treat them well.
As you fall, the mass beneath you decreases as the average gravitational pull on you from that mass increases.
To change the texture of the cell mass, we would have to change the way the mass is produced.
And a rule of thumb states that mass on the wheel is like twice the mass on the frame.
"Mass incarceration is not contributing to mass crime declines, but it doesn't appear Jeff Sessions knows that," she said.
Mass is staged as a traditional Catholic Mass, with the main singer occupying the role of a Catholic priest.
Joe Courtney (Conn.), Niki Tsongas (Mass.), Beto O'Rourke (Texas), Ruben Gallego (Ariz.), Seth Moulton (Mass.) and Stephanie Murphy (Fla.).
Spikes after mass shootings Support for stricter gun laws tends to spike in the immediate aftermath of mass shootings.
He also said that data around mass shootings shows that from 1994 to 2004 there were fewer mass shootings.
"If you're losing enough mass to change the orientation of the Earth — that's a lot of mass," he said.
She called her writings The Mass Strike, and she looks at the interplay between mass strikes and popular unrest.
Since the mass of the products is slightly less than the mass of the starting atom, you get energy.
Dayton mass shooting Police in Dayton, Ohio, provided a detailed timeline in the mass shooting there earlier this month.
The astronomers revealed that the combined mass of both neutron stars is 3.4 times the mass of our sun.
Originally, the trailers were meant to be used for emergency/mass casualty incidents like mass shootings and so forth.
One solar mass is the mass of our sun, which is 2 times 10 to the 30th power kilograms.
Analysis of the shape of the resulting graphs reveals the maximum mass of any of the neutrino mass states.
But there were other people at Mass because they draw — or on that day needed — comfort in attending Mass.
" Sen Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) tweeted, "I'm heartsick for the victims of this latest mass shooting in Odessa and Midland.
Using Mother Jones's definition of a mass shooting — which uses a narrow framework to try to identify the shootings people usually picture when they hear "mass shooting" — 71 deaths in 2016 were due to mass shootings.
There's been at least 1 mass shooting every month this year The government hasn't defined "mass shooting" as a standalone category, but regardless of criteria, the conclusion is the same: Mass shootings are far too common.
This is because the star destroyer is simultaneously rotating about the center of mass and moving its center of mass.
It would be a longer trip for a critical mass of Trump supporters than for a critical mass of marchers.
But opposing all mass-market, mass-produced food is elitist and classist — and in this particular case, it's silly, too.
Alan Ricks, cofounder of MASS Design Group, was inspired to create MASS after a period of volunteer work in Rwanda.
It was a mass extinction, and by definition a mass extinction affects all kinds of organisms in all the environments.
Until that is solved, driverless cars will be a form of mass transit — except without the mass — along predesignated routes.
Mass: Scalia's funeral Mass will be celebrated on Saturday at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.
At the same time, the mass, the critical mass of these people, that will be enough to push consumption higher.
In the history of physics, every experiment has shown that an object's inertial mass is equal to its gravitational mass.
In response, McCulloch proposed the quantized inertia theory, which accounts for an object's inertial mass independent of its gravitational mass.
"It's kind of mass-produced, or a variation of mass-produced, as opposed to one of a kind," Klostermeyer says.
The definition isn't there Reliably quantifying mass shootings requires answering a surprisingly difficult question: What exactly is a mass shooting?
Earlier today at Sony's Playstation event, BioWare showed off its upcoming installment in its Mass Effect franchise: Mass Effect: Andromeda.
In this one, the frequency of oscillation depends on the mass, so you can use that to measure mass indirectly.
Mass shootings are still relatively rare, but they're becoming deadlierIt's fair to say that mass shootings are still rare occurrences.
This is precisely what astronomers think occurs when stellar mass black holes — supermassive black holes' lower-mass doppelgängers — turn inactive.
I think our current situation — our current mass criminalization, mass incarceration system — has roots in that criminalizing of Black men.
The attack was the US's second major mass shooting in 24 hours, following another mass shooting in El Paso, Texas.
Building 6 at Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) (1040 Mass MoCA Way, North Adams, Massachusetts) opened May 28.
The mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton — like so many mass shootings before them — overwhelm us in their horror.
Potential mass shootings arrests Authorities in three states say they stopped three potential mass shootings over the past few days.
Gene Albanese, a scientist with the conservation organization Mass Audubon, surveyed birds at the Tidmarsh Wildlife Sanctuary in Plymouth, Mass.
Notice that the impact velocity depends on the mass of the planet (mp), but not the mass of the object.
Scientists have been working for decades to figure out whether neutrinos have mass and if so, what that mass is.
Read more about mass extinctions: Earth Is On The Cusp Of A Sixth Mass Extinction Life on Earth will look dramatically different by mid-century Forget being 'on the edge' — Earth is entering a sixth mass extinction
So here's a quick breakdown of weight versus mass: Mass: If you could count up the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons in an object (which you probably can't), this would be a measure of the mass.
Only a few incidents fall under the indiscriminate rampage category, with which we often associate mass shootings in the US.  VICE's crime editor Matt Taylor explains the mass shooting tracker In other words: mass shootings are diverse.
After all, what makes movies a mass art is that they are made on a mass scale for a mass audience, which is true even for work that's largely exhibited on the festival and art-cinema circuit.
Recently, we have been building a mass shooter database of 135 mass shooters, coded on 50 life history variables like family background and mental illness, to be used to create a more complex understanding of mass violence.
" Mirisch writes: "While branding mavens may yet figure out a snappier name or acronym, let's refer to this municipal car pool system in the meantime as MASS (Municipal Automated Shuttle System), which would also have the added benefit of allowing for a variety of clichéd puns such as critical MASS, MASS transit, and MASS appeal.
The mass of the Milky Way has been estimated to be as low as 222 billion solar masses (where one solar mass equals the mass of our Sun) to as high as 103 to 210 trillion solar masses.
Few weeks later, we scheduled a surgery to remove the 25 mm of mass, and sent the mass to the pathologist.
Those ideas suggested that the axion mass should be about 10 keV—that is, about one-fiftieth of an electron's mass.
But 2017 YE5 is special because it's an "equal mass" binary, in which the two objects are roughly the same mass.
Pope Francis led the annual Christmas Eve Mass, known as the Midnight Mass, in a packed St. Peter's Basilica on Saturday.
That mass must be moved by more fuel—which adds more mass to the craft, which thus needs still more fuel.
Officials carry body bags into a mass grave ahead of a mass funeral for quake victims in Palu, in Central Sulawesi.
One planet has half of Jupiter's mass, another was the same as Jupiter and the third planet was twice Jupiter's mass.
Mass graves discovered since the fall of the so-called caliphate bluntly testify to the mass executions that took place there.
The Boring Company's skates haven't been mass-produced before, and this is the company's first attempt at a mass transit system.
But it's losing mass, and scientists want to know why, and how that mass loss will impact the star's ultimate demise.
It was the era of mass production's answer to educating a mass of students to prepare them to enter the workforce.
"The mass of the black hole knows about the mass of the galaxy, which is kind of mesmerizing," Ramirez-Ruiz said.
There were genuine concerns about more mass casualty attacks, weapons of mass destruction and even threats to the continuity of government.
When the cold air mass meets the warmer air mass, Frame explains, an area of low pressure forms at their boundary.
BASF's most celebrated breakthrough was its discovery in 1913 of a way to mass-produce fertiliser, which helped eliminate mass hunger.
This shift to mass transit isn't happening just in cities with established mass transit systems like New York and San Francisco.
We may be entering a sixth mass extinction Over the course of Earth's history, there have been five mass extinction events.
Interestingly, the case hasn't been filed as a class action suit, but rather as a mass action, or mass tort suit.
A menacing disaster that causes mass vomiting and mass nosebleeds in a wealthy, vote-rich community, however, is a candidate's dream.
News: Las Vegas mass shooting Book: "The Goldfinch" by Donna Tartt (2013) It was the deadliest mass shooting in modern history.
Nor does this picture change when you look at just mass shootings and mass murders, not all violence or all homicides.
Foiled mass shootings   The aftershocks of this month's mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso continue to reverberate in frightening ways.
"Our channel checks indicate a decided improvement in mass traffic, a continuation of strong premium mass traffic, and accelerating VIP volumes."
A section is closed off since mass is ongoing but they allow anyone in who says they are going for mass.
The Chinese one lends itself directly to mass repression, while the American one leads to mass amplification, with sometimes horrible consequences.
Unlike normal matter, which has a positive gravitational charge or mass (meaning it attracts other matter), negative mass would repel matter.
Read more:There have been 366 mass shootings in the US so far in 2019 — here&aposs the full listWhich gun control policies could prevent mass shootings, according to a gun violence expertHow mass shooters exploited legal loopholes, data mistakes, and background checksAmerica can&apost just arrest its way out of a mass shooting epidemic, experts say
One possibility is that intermediate-mass black holes grew from  stellar-mass black holes that rapidly devoured gas around them in the early universe , and that mergers of intermediate-mass black holes helped create supermassive black holes, Loeb said.
Mass market win per table per day declined by 38% during this time, which is decent considering the number of mass table games at Wynn Macau increased by 28% and market-wide mass market revenues declined by about 30%.
The Mass Transit Railway Ordinance (MTR Ordinance) grants MTRC an exclusive franchise to operate the Mass Transit Railway, the Kowloon-Canton Railway and to construct and operate any extension to the Mass Transit Railway for 50 years until 2057.
The deputy's false claim followed three mass shootings in the United States this month, and several arrests of people threatening mass shootings.
Mother Jones, which tracks mass shootings that meet specific criteria, counts 46 mass shootings since 153, when the assault weapons ban expired.
Earth is currently losing species at mass extinction rates: we are entering a sixth mass extinction and one species is responsible: us.
Combining the two types of measurements can reveal the value of each mass state, favoring certain theories of neutrino mass over others.
And earlier this week, Kotaku reported that BioWare is putting Mass Effect on hold following the poor reception to Mass Effect: Andromeda.
Stars lose mass when they become red giants, and that mass gets blasted outward, as part of the so-called stellar wind.
Mass commerce, mass media, and the growth of the department store spurred a buzzing beauty industry catering to a new, empowered woman.
In EA Games' latest installment of the Mass Effect series, Mass Effect: Andromeda, game designers bring a variety of hypotheticals to life.
The eufy smart scale provides 12 insightful measurements of your body's health, including weight, body fat, BMI, bone mass, and muscle mass.
Anonymous online sites have become go-to sites for mass shooters to deposit their statements of purpose before embarking on mass murder.
Another way to define mass is by the object's ability to attract other objects—this is known as an object's gravitational mass.
"You can propel any mass object, but the more mass it is, the lower the speed is going to be," said Lubin.
It suffered a number of mass shootings involving semiautomatic weapons in the 1980s and 1990s, including a horrendous mass shooting in 1996.
Mass graves and beheadings have become common under the Islamic State, with the AP identifying 72 of these mass graves in August.
I told the student that the instrument reports in units of grams, which is a unit of mass, so … it measures mass.
So, if an instrument still gives the same value for mass in an accelerating frame of reference, it is actually measuring mass.
Greg Abbott (R) said Sunday's mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs was the deadliest mass shooting in the state's history.
Meanwhile, more and more US Catholic dioceses and archdioceses have canceled Mass and nearly 20 have lifted the obligation to attend Mass.
The Social Contract was a forum for concerns about the threat of mass immigration (particularly mass nonwhite immigration) to the United States.
James Turrell: Into the Light continues at at MASS MoCA (1040 Mass MoCA Way, North Adams, Massachusetts) at least through through 2025.
Today, many of us in the movements to end mass deportation and mass incarceration do not want to simply resist those systems.
Mass demolitions In recent years, authorities in Nigeria have embarked on mass demolitions of prime waterfront slums citing safety and security concerns.
The attack is one of Milwaukee's deadliest mass shootings and the 11th mass shooting in Wisconsin since 13, the lieutenant governor said.
D-III men: Tufts (Mass.) beat Amherst (Mass.), 2-0, to win its second straight national title and third in four years.
Go deeper: Report: Leaked files show how mass detention of Uighurs was organized Brutal dictatorships defend China's mass detentions of Uighur Muslims
It was not the first mass shooting of 2018, and it was one of the 10 deadliest mass shootings in American history.
The prevalence of mass shootings –– over 1,100 people have died in mass shootings since 2009 –– has galvanized support for stricter gun control.
At present, the mass of their ice sheets draws the seas to them in the same way the Moon's mass draws tides.
A mass shooting in Argentina is a failure of the system, a mass shooting in the US is part of the system.
Dick Sears, a Democrat, to introduce the bill defining all mass violence or attempted mass violence as terrorism as a blanket rule.
Current theories suggest the total mass out there is around one-tenth the mass of Earth, according to the study authors, but for this to work as they described, it would have to be around 10 times the mass of Earth.
These calendars display casualties from mass shooting since 2013, the year after the Sandy Hook shooting: So far in 2019, 60 people have been killed and 14 wounded in 37 mass shootings — again, close to one mass shooting per day.
The incident followed a number of mass shootings and also a spate of arrests of people threatening mass shootings in the United States.
Orlando mass shootings The healing continues, in Orlando and throughout the world, a week after the worst mass shooting in modern American history.
The theoretical particle would explain why certain particles that should be massless actually have mass, and potentially why all fundamental particles have mass.
The city's Mass Graves Investigation Public Oversight Committee is still deciding further plans for any remains found and other potential mass grave sites.
But if we don't plan for this labor shift, it could cause mass hardship for some even while delivering mass convenience to others.
Some, like the Fitbit Aria 2, only track a handful of metrics, like weight, body fat, lean mass, and body mass index (BMI).
The mass took place at Our Lady of Fatima Church in Cappawhite, her hometown parish where her funeral mass was held last year.
Rubio also opposed a bipartisan effort to curb the National Security Agency mass surveillance and promises to permanently extend mass surveillance as president.
This upgraded version measures more than just weight — it gauges heart rate, body mass indexes, muscle mass, body fat percentages and cardiovascular health.
So, the process can be divided into two: The way to produce the cell mass, and what you use the cell mass for.
The combined mass and distance of globular clusters make them excellent tracers, or reference points, for measuring the mass of the Milky Way.
Chariot is also in early talks with the city of San Francisco to officially supplement public mass transit with Chariot's flexible mass transit.
QardioBase watches not just your weight but also your body fat, body mass index (BMI), water makeup, muscle mass and water/bone composition.
One black hole was roughly the mass of 36 of our suns, while the other was slightly smaller, the mass of 29 suns.
Scare stories about mass imports of chlorine-drenched chickens or the destruction of independent bookshops have spread in mass emails and internet memes.
War with either one might require mass mobilization, and the United States never has been able to achieve a mass mobilization without conscription.
LARCHMONT "The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass" by Carol Barnett, and "A Little Jazz Mass" by Bob Chilcott, featuring the David Brandom Quartet.
At the time, Chariot said it was in talks with San Francisco to officially supplement public mass transit with Chariot's flexible mass transit.
"We do social media, we also do bulletins and plenty of announcements at mass and at breakfasts after mass," said Deacon Omar Odette.
So right now, all the conversations are about the mass incarceration of men — and here the mass incarceration of women is also happening.
In East Antarctica the picture has been muddled as the ice sheet there gained mass in some years and lost mass in others.
The newly discovered planet is intriguing because further study could reveal how low-mass planets form around low-mass stars, the researchers said.
Until cities reject the failed thinking that led to mass incarceration, local police and prosecutors will be doing the legwork for mass deportation.
The mere fact that oscillation exists sets a lowest possible average mass of the three mass states, less than 0.1 electron volts (eV).
Often, deniers of mass shootings are also deniers of all violent mass casualty events, such as terrorist attacks like the Boston Marathon bombing.
For particularly heinous crimes like mass shootings and car bombings, it's not enough to simply describe them as murder or even mass murder.
Scientists have estimated that if current trends continue, the mass of plastics in the ocean will equal the mass of fish by 2050.
The most recently observed collision occurred between black holes that were 31 and 19 times the mass of our Sun—and produced a black hole 49 times the mass of the Sun, turning the rest of the mass into pure gravitational energy.
Mass killings: While Republicans were split over whether U.S. citizens (36%) or people from other countries (48%) were a bigger issue in mass shootings, an overwhelming majority of Democrats said mass killings caused by people in the U.S. was the bigger problem (88%).
Scientists use a mathematical equation called the stellar initial mass function to determine how different mass stars are distributed in a given starry place.
People have lumped together mass shootings of families—domestic by definition—with public mass shootings like the one in Las Vegas, or school shootings.
Over a century later, that company has built an empire around fundamentally rejecting the mass-market, mass-produced business model of the Detroit automakers.
Australia drastically changed its gun laws in 1996 after a mass shooting killed 35 people, and there haven't been any mass shootings since then.
Every time, I keep wondering if this mass shooting will be the last mass shooting, and I've come to accept that it won't be.
The images from the two mass shootings this past weekend — in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio — were, as with all mass shootings, devastating.
The mass of this black hole fits quite nicely between the mass of the black holes inferred from heavier and lighter waves measured previously.
"If you have the right mass of planet and the right mass of gas, you can damp the orbit and circularize it," he said.
A 2015 study suggests that a mass shooting increases the likelihood of an additional mass shooting in the two-week period following the incident.
The Eufy smart scale provides 12 insightful measurements of your body's health, such as weight, body fat, BMI, bone mass, muscle mass, and more.
The man who stopped a mass shooting at a Waffle House met Saturday with Parkland, Florida, students who want to prevent mass shootings everywhere.
But it's also incredibly important to study what happened during the fifth mass extinction because many scientists believe we're entering the sixth mass extinction.
I will accept that black children will not recover from economic inequality, housing discrimination, sexual violence, heteropatriarchy, mass incarceration, mass evictions, and parental abuse.
While Trump's nationwide mass raids have not materialized, arbitrary policy changes and mass deportations will almost certainly have economic and societal costs, writes professor .
Nearly 20 years ago, astronomers discovered that the mass of a supermassive black hole is tightly correlated with the mass of the entire galaxy.
We don't have anything of much that's cool, but, to us, enabling mass shootings so people can protect themselves from mass shootings seems dumb.
A student who survived Wednesday's mass shooting at a Florida high school is pleading with Congress to take action to prevent another mass shooting.
Since the vertical acceleration also depends on the mass, free-falling objects will all move with the same acceleration—no matter what the mass.
Researchers measured obesity in five ways: body mass index, waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio, waist-to-height ratio and percentage body fat mass.
Victims: Mass burials began as details about those killed began to emerge — including a celebrity chef, a mother at Mass and a fifth grader.
We also reached out to three of the participants in a recent residency for Puerto Rican artists at Mass MoCA in North Adams, Mass.
Mass shootings are horrifying beyond words, but suicide by firearm kills many more people in our country than mass shootings, or even gang shootings.
On Thursday, the Archdiocese of Washington, D.C., canceled Mass until further notice and the Archdiocese of Newark said Mass could be canceled this weekend.
People with a higher body mass index tend to run hotter than thinner people (as people with a higher body mass are more insulated).
There is, however, currently a major focus on omnichannel and experience, and we are moving from a mass culture to a mass of niches.
This most recent limit on the mass halves the maximum mass determined in other experimental setups and comes from just one month of data.
"There is not going to be a mass migration, the critical mass is still going to be here," Davis told a conference in London.
Netflix and Starbucks are niche products with mass appeal It's something of an oxymoron, but Netflix and Starbucks are niche products with mass appeal.
The Sixth Mass Extinction Will Be Like Nothing In Earth&aposs HistoryThe sixth mass extinction—the one that seven billion humans are doing their darnedest to trigger at …Read more ReadSadly, we are in the midst of another mass extinction event, one of our making.
These calendars display casualties from mass shootings since 2013, the year after the Sandy Hook shooting: So far in 2019, 115 people have been killed and 318 have been wounded in 14 mass shootings over 109 days — again, nearly one mass shooting per day.
Neutron stars form from the decayed shells of stars between 2921 to 2618 solar masses, where one solar mass equals the mass of our Sun.
Then, by comparing this measured mass with the measured curvature of space-time, the team found what general relativity predicts for this mass, or galaxy.
Notably, the suggestions that the EU should ban AI-enabled mass scoring and limit mass surveillance are some of the report's relatively few concrete recommendations.
Like Everytown, two other major efforts to track mass shootings include incidents that go beyond the FBI's active-shooter and Mother Jones' mass shooting definition.
That machine is called a liquid chromatography mass spectrometer, and very crudely put, it separates out all the different parts of the plasma by mass.
Time-of-flight mass spectrometers, which can measure a particle's unique mass-to-charge ratio, are yet another detection tool that'll be used in Rio.
The researchers detected 10 active galactic nuclei that they suggested were intermediate-mass black holes, ranging in mass from about 36,000 to 316,000 solar masses.
They include low sex drive, fatigue, loss of muscle mass, decreased bone mass, increased body fat and mood changes, including irritability or lack of focus.
Previous research has put the size of stellar mass black holes between 10 and 100 solar masses, similar to the mass of the largest stars.
A body mass index of 30 or more qualified as obese, and a body mass index of 40 or more qualified as class 3 obesity.
But while these scales usually weigh one mass against another, the Kibble balance weighs mass against an electromagnetic force which can be measured extremely accurately.
Based on those sluggish speeds, the team figured out that the mass of the galaxy was basically the same as the mass of the stars.
That refers to the fact that we're constantly losing muscle mass, so just because synthesis is elevated doesn't mean you are netting any muscle mass.
That's enough to infer some of the black hole's properties—researchers calculated its mass, for example, at 6.5 billion times the mass of the Sun.
However, this effect, in theory, does little to mitigate the risk of, say, mass shootings inside clubs or domestic violence–related mass shootings in homes.
By decoupling an object's inertial mass and gravitational mass, McCulloch claims to be able to explain the observed galactic rotations using only their visible matter.
There's a virtuous cycle between mass market devices producing the biggest profit and that profit being reinvested in the development of further mass market devices.
"Being physically fit leads to more lean body mass, less fat mass, and less obesity," Arnett, who wasn't involved in the study, said by email.
These devices measure key metrics like body fat, BMI, bone mass, muscle mass, and more, to give you a clearer picture of your overall health.
Before the kilogram came into being, the unit of mass was the "grave," equivalent to the mass of a liter of water at freezing point.
Soon after, a mass artifact, a thousand times the mass of a gram and a much more practical size for a base measurement, was created.
What can the growing frequency of high-fatality mass shootings, with four of the biggest mass shootings in five decades happening in 85033, tells us?
In 2019, there have been more mass shootings than days: Sunday was the 216th day of the year and there had been 251 mass shootings.
There would be mass flooding from sea level rise, severe weather changes, deadly chemical release, and mass greenhouse gasses that will leak into the atmosphere.
Facebook did not invent propaganda or misinformation; mass media has been used to spread hate and violence for as long as mass media has existed.
LARCHMONT "The World Beloved: A Bluegrass Mass" by Carol Barnett and "A Little Jazz Mass" by Bob Chilcott, featuring the David Brandom Quartet and bluegrass.
The mass shooting in Orlando is yet another example of an emerging global political and cultural climate of violence fed by hate and mass hysteria.
For as much controversy as Mass Effect: Andromeda has courted in recent days, nothing compares to the backlash over the endings to Mass Effect 33.
Areny, who believes current electric cars are overpriced, hopes to scale up his efforts and mass-convert, or mass-produce, his gas-to-electric vehicles.
If both balls have a mass of 400 grams (around official mass), then the horizontal momentum before the collision would be –2.74 kg×m/s.
"The Olympics are not just a mass gathering, but a mass gathering from all over the world, while COVID is a global pandemic," Iwata wrote.
"The other bears either scavenged or they fasted, and they all lost mass," as much as 10 percent of their body mass, Mr. Pagano said.
In "What Explains U. S. Mass Shootings," the number of mass shooters (vertical y-axis) is plotted against the number of guns (horizontal x-axis).
Liz Glynn's The Archeology of Another Possible Future will be on display at Mass MoCA (1040 MASS MoCA WAY, North Adams, MA) through December 2018.
Other Resources: How to Buy a Gun in 16 Countries How Australia, Canada and Other Countries Responded to Mass Shootings What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings?
The mass media has focused on the risk of more mass killings like Toronto and others before it, and that is indeed a serious concern.
In the system, there's a low-mass star like our sun and a black hole compact object that's six times the mass of the sun.
"The Olympics are not just a mass gathering, but a mass gathering from all over the world, while COVID is a global pandemic," Iwata wrote.
What it measures: weight, body fat, water, muscle mass, BMI, basal metabolic rate (BMR), visceral fat, bone mass, and protein Price: was $54.99, now $42.99
""Our advice is that all indoor mass gatherings of more than 100 people and outdoor mass gatherings of more than 500 people should be cancelled.
The discovery of these cannabinoids is thanks to advancements in mass spectrometry, a tool scientists use to weigh the mass of atoms and identify compounds.
Although the star was at least eight times the mass of our sun, it only ejected one-fifth of the sun's mass during the explosion.
Since 85033, the number of mass-shootings has ballooned by 183 percent and the number of deaths in mass-shootings rocketed up by 239 percent.
Mass Effect: Andromeda It was never a question of if Mass Effect was going to make a return but when, and that when is 2017.
Comparisons with copies have also revealed that the mass of the kilogram (or the mass of the copies) has slightly changed, albeit an incredibly tiny amount.
Virginia Beach mass shooting The city of Virginia Beach starts the workweek on a list nobody wants to be on: the site of a mass shooting.
Gas chromatography is used to separate and identify compounds in a mixture, then determine their purity, and mass spectrometry is used to measure a sample's mass.
"This idea that the crime bill generated mass incarceration -- it did not generate mass incarceration," Biden said in an earlier swing through New Hampshire in May.
The study authors ruled out a mass psychology event, or mass psychogenic illness (MPI), as an explanation, offered by the Cuban government in a recent report.
But, being cold-blooded, they convert more food into body mass than warm-blooded mammals do and, being boneless, more of that body-mass is edible.
The different elements are sorted by their mass, and counted by a very fast mass spectrometer—the more counts, the more of the element is present.
First, the idea goes, two supermassive black holes spun around each other and fused, their combined mass creating the three billion solar mass quasar 3C 186.
Depending on which definition of mass shooting one uses, there are anywhere from a dozen to a few hundred mass shootings in the US each year.
A billion brains seem a more economically potent force in an era of mass education, in contrast to the mass illiteracy that prevailed in the past.
In men, a greater body mass was associated with increased muscle strength, whereas muscles didn't respond and get stronger in women with a greater body mass.
As bad as things are, they're evidently not bad enough for a broad enough base of people—yet—because mass discontent hasn't translated into mass action.
Cafferty, who's a chemist, teamed up with researchers at Northwestern, experts in automation and mass spectrometry, a technique that sorts molecules based on mass using ionization.
Depending on the church, a special Thursday Mass may be held for Ascension Day, or the weekly Sunday Mass will address the events of the ascension.
Fells was charged with three counts of manufacturing a weapon of mass destruction and one count of possession of a weapon of mass destruction, police said.
This doesn't change the fairly random nature of mass shootings, according to James Fox, a professor at Northeastern University specializing in mass murders and gun violence.
The Department of Justice (DOJ) has reportedly drafted legislation to expedite the execution of convicted mass murderers as a response to multiple recent deadly mass shootings.
We need to understand that even if all mass shooters have said X, the vast majority of people who have said X don't become mass shooters.
Steber, of Boston, is one of dozens of suspects arrested over mass attack threats since mass shootings this month in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.
Yes, they measure your weight, but they also do a ton more like show you your body mass index (BMI), muscle mass, water weight, and more.
With Saturday's mass murder in the West Texas city of Odessa, Texas has now had more casualties from major mass shootings than any state except Nevada.
In the US this year there have already been more mass shooting deaths, and more individual mass shooting incidents, than there are days in the year.
Experts said such incidents are common after mass shootings, and authorities take them seriously, especially because some researchers believe mass killings can lead to copycat attacks.
According to Vox's mass shootings tracker, this incident is the 52.83th mass shooting in the United States this month, and the 402nd such incident this year.
Her grandfather, Charles Cohen, survived a mass shooting by a lone gunman, who was considered to be the first single-episode mass murderer in American history.
When the world learned of mass arrests and mass graves in early 2016, both the United States and the European Union withdrew funding for Burundi's military.
According to Mass Shooting Tracker, the shooting in San Bernardino, California, on December 2, 386 (14 dead, 17 wounded), was the 355th mass shooting of 2015.
The Mass Effect series, up to a point, seems to want to be the former, but Mass Effect 23 seems to want to be the latter.
In that context, it becomes clear that mass shootings, of all sorts, are the problem, and that mass shootings inspired by Islamic terrorism are a subset.
Researchers typically estimate the total visible mass of the Milky Way by extrapolating outward from the midplane density; if there's a pinching effect, then this extrapolation leads to an overestimation of the visible mass, making it seem as if the mass matches up to the stars' motions.
The newest gravitational waves came from two black holes, one 31 times the mass of the sun and the other 25 times the mass of the sun, colliding to form a black hole 53 times the mass of the sun according to a LIGO press release.
Take a Number Astronomers have arrived at what they believe to be the most accurate measure yet of the mass of the Milky Way: about 4.8 x 1011 times the mass of the sun, or "solar masses," to use a standard unit of mass in astronomy.
The charges against Ullah include supporting a foreign terrorist organization, using a weapon of mass destruction and carrying out a terrorist attack against a mass transit system.
The positive way to look at the arrangement is that Fanatics sells mass-market merchandise that it needs to get in front of a mass audience. Walmart.
The researchers attributed their results to a planet around three-quarters the mass of Jupiter orbiting a brown dwarf 46 or so times the mass of Jupiter.
Slovic is a psychologist at the University of Oregon, and for decades he's been asking the question: Why does the world often ignore mass atrocities, mass suffering?
The biggest reason we can't put a clear number on the frequency of mass shootings is that nobody can agree on what a mass shooting really is.
Meanwhile, Europe suffered zero mass shootings over the same period, leaving the continent's mass shooting tally so far this year steady at 46 dead and 158 injured.
There are few franchises that made as much impact last generation as Mass Effect, which may help explain why there's so much anxiety over Mass Effect: Andromeda.
But in order to fragment, the disk has to have a large enough mass relative to the mass of the star (or stars) it is orbiting around.
The new survey has revealed a treasure trove of low-mass objects, suggesting this stellar expanse is probably forming more low-mass objects than star formation regions.
Whereas the mass extinctions of the past tended to target organisms in certain environments, the sixth mass extinction is poised to hit the biggest animals the hardest.
" John Fisher of Human Rights Watch said that North Korea had "horrific" forced labor camps, public executions, and a history of mass malnutrition and even "mass starvation.
Celebrant: Father Paul Scalia, Antonin Scalia's son, will be the celebrant -- the person who will lead the mass -- for his father's funeral mass and deliver the homily.
The inertial mass of an object is no longer coupled to its gravitational mass and is instead explained by the effects of Unruh radiation on the object.
Plant munching crocodyliforms appeared almost immediately after the end-Triassic mass extinction and they hung around until the end-Cretaceous mass extinction, according to the new research.
Three people with family ties to the two San Bernardino mass shooters who killed 14 people in a mass shooting last December, have been arrested, PEOPLE confirms.
On Monday, Moore tweeted "#endgunviolence" in the wake of the Las Vegas mass shooting that occurred late Sunday night — now the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.
While the dataset included mass shootings, and many notable mass shootings took place at schools, the majority of these events did not take place on school campuses.
Finally, there's the issue of fairness: Drivers don't bear the full cost of roadways, so why should mass transit riders bear the full cost of mass transit?
Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) and the unlikely special election of Scott Brown (R-Mass.) to fill his seat which significantly weakened the leverage of the Democratic majority.
But Webster argued that although the ban's end in 2004 may not have resulted in more mass shootings, it might have resulted in more mass shooting deaths.
Read more:America can't just arrest its way out of a mass shooting epidemic, experts sayDozens have been arrested over mass shooting threats since El Paso and Dayton.
The Dayton, Ohio mass shooting occurred less than 24 hours after a mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, that claimed 22 lives and left 24 others injured.
He also said that Health IQ will look at traditional metrics like body mass index, but it will offer more leniency for bodybuilders with large muscle mass.
The pope, who presided at the Mass in the Vatican's Sala Regia in the Vatican's Apostolic Palace, was due to speak at the end of the Mass.
To me it seems like like an analog is how we report on mass shootings—how are we supposed to cover a mass shooting without getting copycats?
The charges against him include supporting a foreign terrorist organization, using a weapon of mass destruction and carrying out a terrorist attack against a mass transit system.
And with the polls on their side and mass shooting after mass shooting grabbing national headlines, they feel confident that the public is really on their side.
Kara asked earlier about mass distribution in grocery stores, and how challenging is that to make this heme component a reality on sort of a mass scale?
After this horrific mass shooting, the hope was, as is the case after every mass shooting, for the federal government to take meaningful action on gun reform.
And there's a distinction between incidents of domestic violence that also become mass shootings, and mass shootings by people with a history of domestic abuse or misogyny.
I'm going to say it again; the mainstream media love mass shootings…and you, the #MSM, just put out the casting call for the next mass shooter.
To keep costs low, mass-customized products often combine bespoke components with mass-produced ones, with the bespoke elements added toward the end of a production run.
Around 3 billion years ago, a black hole 32 times the mass of our sun crashed into another black hole 19 times the mass of our sun.
The magnitude of the wobbles indicates that the planet is at least 1.35 times the mass of Earth but could easily be twice the mass of Earth.
The movements that have arisen to honor the dignity of both women — movements to end mass incarceration and mass deportation — are separate streams feeding the same river.
Numb to mass shootings It now takes not one but two or more mass shootings to jar the country into new calls for action on gun control.
Fortunately, a growing number of scholars and activists have begun to connect the dots between mass incarceration and mass deportation in our nation's history and current politics.
She is currently a physician at Mass General and serves as the Associate Director of Partnerships and Global Initiatives at the Mass General Center for Global Health.
The team used this subtle time delay to estimate the mass of the white dwarf, which in turn enabled them to calculate the mass of the pulsar.
Some of the tourists take advantage of this and say they're going for mass and go on to take pictures of the church while mass is ongoing.
Until the US confronts that issue, it will continue to see mass shooting after mass shooting — including some that may be hate crimes or acts of terrorism.
The Higgs Boson is nicknamed the "God particle" because it gives mass to all other fundamental particles in the universe that have mass, like electrons and protons.
Elizabeth King: Radical Small continues in Building 4 at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA) (1040 Mass MoCA Way, North Adams, Massachusetts) through January 22. 
Both sides in the war have been accused of atrocities by rights groups and the U.N., ranging from mass killings to mass rapes and ethnically targeted violence.
Every time there's a mass shooting, gun rights activists — including Republicans and the NRA — argue that the real problem behind mass shootings is the shooter's mental health.
Mass Effect 23's reception illustrates the series' identity problem: Does Mass Effect want to be a video game power fantasy, or the deconstruction of power fantasy?
In Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, Paragon/Renegade morality system gives narrative and gameplay based rewards based on consistent decisions, regardless of what those decisions are.

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