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"sensible" Definitions
  1. (of people and their behaviour) able to make good judgements based on reason and experience rather than emotion; practical
  2. (of clothes, etc.) useful rather than fashionable
  3. (formal or literary) aware of something
"sensible" Synonyms
rational reasonable logical sound wise judicious practical astute prudent commonsensical realistic shrewd sober intelligent discerning pragmatic levelheaded reasoned sagacious informed functional serviceable utilitarian workable workaday utility useful effective usable useable practicable suitable appropriate perfect good fit ideal apt applicable acceptable moderate temperate fair modest restrained bearable tolerable non-excessive within limits within reason within due limits abstemious inconsiderable aware conscious cognizant mindful witting alive apprehensive sentient ware attentive knowing knowledgeable acquainted conversant percipient au courant versed familiar perceptive perceptible noticeable visible discernible detectable palpable distinguishable appreciable tangible discernable apprehensible perceivable evident obvious observable clear recognizable(US) apparent distinct unmistakable matter-of-fact unsentimental unidealistic businesslike factual hardheaded earthy pragmatical plain straightforward prosaic unemotional accurate dull justifiable defensible tenable supportable valid plausible justified sustainable just defendable legitimate understandable maintainable allowable right excusable discreet careful cautious circumspect wary politic thoughtful considerate guarded heedful chary diplomatic discriminating alert advisable expedient advantageous fitting profitable beneficial helpful desirable gainful recommended safe trustworthy trusty faithful reliable dependable responsible sane stable mature adult capable competent conscientious calculable old experienced well versed accomplished hardened master practiced(US) practised(UK) professional qualified seasoned tested trained tried pleasant friendly affable amiable nice amicable cheerful lovely civil sweet cheery congenial gentle warm amenable cordial genial kind corporeal physical bodily fleshly material corporal carnal actual real substantial concrete animal somatic earthly human mortal objective anatomical phenomenal equitable impartial unbiased unprejudiced honest dispassionate neutral disinterested evenhanded nonpartisan upright balanced equal honourable(UK) square ethical frugal sparing thrifty economical provident saving canny parsimonious scrimping unwasteful abstinent austere spartan ascetic miserly monastic feeling sensitive tender caring emotional empathetic sympathetic understanding compassionate tender-hearted warm-hearted intuitive receptive responsive soft soft-hearted impressionable susceptible persuadable pliable suggestible malleable influenceable pliant open gullible susceptive vulnerable ingenuous trusting credulous naive exploitable goodly considerable biggish largish sizeable tidy handsome significant large respectable sizable decent decent-sized big boxcar bulky generous grand sensory sensorial sensatory sensational sensile sensual sensuous grown-up full-grown fully-grown developed full-fledged full-size fully developed fully grown grown of age fully fledged matured ripe full-blown full grown in full bloom More
"sensible" Antonyms
irrational unreasonable foolish illogical invalid unsound groundless illegitimate incoherent inconsequent inconsequential nonrational nonsensical nonvalid unfounded uninformed unjustified unreasoned weak blind insensible unmindful unwitting oblivious unaware heedless mindless thoughtless unconscious inattentive incautious unworried absent-minded unwary indiscreet negligent unobservant ignorant seat-of-the-pants impalpable imperceptible inappreciable indistinguishable undetectable unnoticeable invisible slight minute inaudible faint fine small indiscernible subtle indistinct unapparent infinitesimal gradual tiny excitable fiery hotheaded impetuous rash blue-sky idealistic impractical unrealistic utopian visionary airy-fairy emotional excited imaginative lively sentimental dreamy fanciful unsensible inefficient theoretical neurotic paranoid panicky nervous anxious manic obsessive overanxious overwrought jumpy oversensitive phobic hysterical nervy twitchy stressy erratic fearful hysteric naïve credulous gullible ingenuous unsophisticated unwise artless guileless undiscerning idiotic trusting nescient obtuse unintelligent inept naive unclever innocent inappropriate improper inapplicable inapposite infelicitous unsuitable inapt incongruous indecent malapropos misbecoming unapt unbecoming unbeseeming unfit unfitting unhappy unmeet unseemly wrong inexperienced amateur young immature inexpert rookie unaccustomed unacquainted undisciplined unfamiliar unpracticed unproven unschooled unseasoned unskilled ambiguous clouded cryptic dark enigmatic enigmatical equivocal mysterious nonobvious obfuscated obscure unclarified unclear rude impolite nasty unpleasant disrespectful impudent unfriendly crude impertinent insolent brusque curt horrid inconsiderate presumptuous uncharitable boorish crass graceless insulting dishonest corrupt unreliable undependable untrustworthy disreputable insincere perfidious unprincipled unscrupulous crooked deceitful deceiving deceptive fraudulent mendacious sinister treacherous untruthful cheating fickle disloyal faithless false inconstant recreant traitorous unfaithful untrue flighty half-hearted impulsive uncommitted unpredictable bad black dishonourable(UK) dishonorable(US) evil evil-minded immoral sinful unethical unrighteous wicked unbalanced agitated flustered discomposed disorganised(UK) disorganized(US) unhinged troubled bothered distressed disturbed jittery perturbed restless unpragmatic unpractical useless impracticable nonfunctional nonpractical infeasible unserviceable unusable unworkable ill-considered ill-thought-out incorporeal nonmaterial nonphysical cerebral ethereal immaterial insubstantial intangible mental spiritual abstract metaphysical unsubstantial formless imponderable bodiless discarnate disincarnate unembodied adolescent juvenile childlike childish brainsick crazed crazy demented deranged insane lunatic mad maniac maniacal muddled confused unperceptive vague cloudy uncertain capricious dubious insecure equivocating indeterminate undetermined changeable torn volatile hazy questionable romantic inequitable biased nonobjective one-sided partial partisan prejudiced unfair unjust disproportionate intolerable unequitable ex parte parti pris prodigal profligate spendthrift wasteful extravagant squandering thriftless unthrifty excessive imprudent lavish luxurious careless generous spendthrifty uneconomical dissipated reckless intemperate ineffectual pointless ineffective inefficacious otiose purposeless unproductive unuseful counterproductive inutile unavailing extreme harsh inclement severe torrid uncontrolled unrestrained wild disagreeable drunk hateful inebriated violent haphazard hit-or-miss immethodical irregular nonsystematic patternless planless systemless unsystematic

970 Sentences With "sensible"

How to use sensible in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "sensible" and check conjugation/comparative form for "sensible". Mastering all the usages of "sensible" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Boehner, a sensible politician, knew it was a sensible plan.
Leaders make the world more sensible, but never sensible enough.
Is there a number of troops that's sensible, is there a time frame that's sensible?
But no, it was a sensible deal for us, and a sensible deal for them.
"They allow sensible things to be done, and they don't allow non-sensible things," he said.
But either way, sensible regulation of gun sales will still be sensible regulation of gun sales.
" He added: "The American people are pretty sensible, and I think they'll make a sensible choice in the end.
Si fue demasiado sensible para el congreso, no fue demasiado sensible para Laura Ingraham, la presentadora de Fox News.
Sensible views about taxes or any other subject do not reliably triumph over less sensible ones in the short run.
"I have to assume ultimately sensible people do sensible things ... you'd assume he is economically rational," said Garthwaite, referring to Kudlow.
This year's Sensible Days is a weekend-long affair, with the focus on the PC and Amiga versions of Sensible World of Soccer.
Selling food and sensible clothing, most famously underwear, at sensible prices to the middle-aged middle class, it seemed unstoppable, both in Britain and abroad.
On a yearly basis, a passionate selection of individuals come together to partake in the Sensible Soccer World Cup, or Sensible Days as it's affectionately known.
She was in her early 210s, unadorned, the kind of person who wore her professionalism earnestly: a well-practiced posture, a sensible maroon dress, sensible flats.
The Blair-Cameron era saw politicians of all parties conforming to a particular type, wearing sensible suits, spouting sensible views and smugly explaining that "there is no alternative".
I mean, I'm also the head of the financial sector bodies in the U.K. And we've given good advice to government on what is sensible to move, what's sensible to retain and what of the foreign activities in London is sensible to retain and how that should be gone about.
Eddy had a sensible mother (June Whitfield); an even more sensible daughter, Saffron (Julia Sawalha); and a personal assistant called Bubble (Jane Horrocks), whose dress sense made no sense at all.
" The other says, "America needs a sensible foreign policy.
" He also called the ban "perfectly legal, perfectly sensible.
Is Mr. Kelly — a tough, sensible general — being silenced?
Until sensible packaging starts to happen, the United States will struggle to control our waste and find it difficult to switch to the sensible Zero Waste management most Americans want and deserve.
More sensible ways of going global may be emerging, however.
All this is sensible and is already having some effect.
The EU can improve the chances of a sensible outcome.
But doing smart, sensible things is not really Trump's style.
To some extent, "whataboutism" is a sensible tactic in argument.
How do we understand it on a rational, sensible level?
"  IAmADumbDumb says: "The whole family is more sensible than Trump.
Leaving Monte Sacro would be the only sensible next step.
"This is a sensible solution," said Fell's lawyer, Christian Sering.
There are many sensible things languages could do, but don't.
Every sensible incentive pushes the US and China to collaborate.
"Everyone has an incentive to be sensible," Mr Harrison says.
This way of thinking seems sensible enough for specific projects.
Despite his nefarious intentions, Paul actually sounds sweet and sensible.
Could the US Congress ever enact such a sensible measure?
This would be a sensible first step in any event.
On paper, this appears to be a very sensible meeting.
She's awkward, but sensible (except in matters of the heart).
" There's a sensible adage online: "Do not feed the trolls.
From a local perspective that might be a sensible strategy.
"I think that's a sensible approach," Petrocelli told the judge.
And then you've got Keri, who is sensitive but sensible.
"The measures all appear largely sensible," analysts at Liberum said.
So you know it's got to be refined and sensible.
A more sensible foreign policy than was anticipated also helps.
It made me realise how not sensible I'd always been.
Shakes for breakfast & lunch, sensible snacks & a light veggie dinner.
But Brazilian bankers have been sensible as well as lucky.
Kim: Tiffany's character was kind of the most sensible character.
Sensible design adds a sophisticated note to the whole affair.
A proper castle requires a sensible fellow at the controls.
Corporate disaggregation is no doubt a sensible use of resources.
By any sensible market rules, violence should violate property rights.
As far as I can tell, this sounds sensible enough.
Taurus is known for being sensible and down to earth.
But offering to halve the incentives would be more sensible.
The bill's reasoning, and its sensible exemptions, are on target.
Trump is Clinton's principal villain, which is correct and sensible.
"He is in essence a moderate, sensible guy," O'Brien said.
Otherwise, using sensible strategies should get and keep you there.
Sensible as that sounds, it nonetheless makes for some oddities.
I'll give you sensible recipes for weeknight fare, as always.
They might be ready to listen to some sensible advice.
Because that's what any sensible business or governmental agency does.
Kerr, the Warriors' coach, offered a sensible take Monday night.
Indeed, these sensible conclusions jump out of any straightforward analysis.
The sunset provisions simply is not a sensible way forward.
As sensible as these reforms sound, they weren't easily achieved.
Without this leadership, sensible policymaking becomes that much more difficult.
"They seem like quite sensible and serious people," he said.
It's a risk that few sensible people want to take.
Such excesses are illegal in the sensible land of Australia.
Hero D. Protagonist is a bulky, tanned, sensible young man.
"Surprised he's so calm and sensible about everything," Westwood said.
There is no reason to abandon these sensible priorities now.
"Stockpiling" is the sensible option, said Prime Minister Theresa May.
Start by working across the aisle on sensible immigration legislation.
Traditional taxis already have a sensible limit to minimize congestion.
So again, that would seem to be a sensible measure.
The reversal of sensible criminal justice reform doesn't stop there.
O.K., so we know how to set sensible, specific goals.
"I do think the underlying bill makes a sensible compromise."
Chicago's $222 billion in incentives seems sensible only by comparison.
One party — the Republican Party — is blocking sensible gun laws.
" In that light, Davis said, it is a "sensible approach.
Is stockpiling food a sensible idea or a massive overreaction?
We need sensible gun legislation and we need it now.
Bureaucratic agencies must accept sensible restraints on their regulatory powers.
All of these resolutions seem sensible, but not that fun.
It's sensible to be wary of acquisitions and potential overreach.
Confirming Americans, even gun owners, are a sensible, pragmatic people.
Taking a flyer on Trump actually starts to feel sensible.
His sensible mother suggested that he begin collecting baseball cards.
It was a sound and sensible explanation, substance over flash.
"Let's be sensible about what we are suggesting," he said.
Economic growth requires sensible management, as most governments are aware.
We need sensible gun control to help stop the slaughter.
Much of this may seem, on the surface, sensible enough.
I didn't come to Sleepy Jones to be sensible, though.
"We believe this agreement provides a sensible resolution," he added.
It's a bad enough outcome and a very sensible comparison.
The first look is far more sensible than the rest (yes, we're calling her $2690 floral Rebecca Taylor midi sensible) and it's not just because she paired it with comfy New Balance sneakers ($21).
Selling while the European market is at a peak is sensible.
The plan is sensible, but will not be easy to implement.
"We began by being sensible," she told Architectural Digest in 1991.
And any moderately sensible person of any political disposition knows it.
What about the Republicans who pose as sensible on climate change?
Sight Search in a VR world of retail feels very sensible.
Most sensible people have better things to do with their time.
And I think they'll make a sensible choice in the end.
It's sensible for the conceptual end of things to match that.
The more sensible voices had tried to damp down rampant speculation.
So, therefore, we should replace it with something sensible, something practical.
PHILIP HAMMOND'S budget of March 8th was short and rather sensible.
Later, Susan Collins, another potential Republican defector, called the proposal "sensible".
Having motion sensors in the room seems like a sensible alternative.
Sensible and effective election security legislation is vital to this effort.
The most sensible course, then, would be to heed markets' concerns.
All sensible enough, but each prong, on closer inspection, looks flimsy.
This is a sensible and proven approach to reducing gun crime.
In their original, colonial-era form, the laws were relatively sensible.
They are committed, engaged, inclusive, and sensible (for the most part).
MORE than most people the British pride themselves on being sensible.
How could a sensible country get itself into such a frenzy?
Replace "stop" with "reverse" and you have a sensible political strategy.
He speaks softly and in full paragraphs while wearing sensible knitwear.
Sensible earth signs, for one, may be downright relieved come Saturday.
"The designs they came up with were all sensible," Vaitla recalled.
I think would be sensible actually to implement the Juncker-Plan.
In this, they should make common cause with sensible African leaders.
But buying a supercar company is actually a very sensible idea.
On immigration, Sanders said there needed to be sensible, comprehensive reform.
That's all it takes to be deemed sensible on climate policy.
America's stance may seem sensible given China's history of electronic espionage.
Snappy "buy local" sound bites do not make sensible economic policy.
But is it sensible for the state to privilege family firms?
That is a sensible position when it comes to national defence.
Congress will probably not pass sensible gun laws, it is true.
Eat a sensible, balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.
Somehow, the two respective answers morph to form one, sensible answer.
This sensible approach may be followed by regulators in other countries.
Just make sure your inner and actual children wear sensible shoes.
So I think I have a proposal that is sensible, defensible.
Heck, it's so fast it makes Ludicrous mode look downright sensible.
While that's not exciting news for fans, it's a sensible decision.
Wild how this is what passes as a "sensible" hypothesis, though.
Most sensible firms had already concluded they were pushing their luck.
And some of the film's prescriptions are more sensible than others.
The point here is not that Mr Trump's plans are sensible.
Regulators should make sensible exceptions for community banks, as should Congress.
There are, of course, sensible reasons to believe in extraterrestrial life.
Will Democrats and sensible Republicans be able to negotiate with Trump?
Roosevelt advocated for consumers and believed in sensible regulation of industry.
"El ojo humano es muy sensible a la luz", dijo Woods.
No wonder a sensible climate policy fully incorporating oil seems daunting.
The couple live in a modest house and drive sensible cars.
Consequently, some sensible regulations such as altitude restrictions are in order.
"Sensible" isn't an adjective you associate with either man these days.
No one sensible would aim exclusively for a no-deal outcome.
Write, email or tweet your Congressional Representative urging sensible gun laws.
But our toxic politics won't allow for such sensible, professional legislating.
But that doesn't indicate whether the prices are sensible or not.
But gradual and sensible reforms will not be feasible in 85033.
Here's my take: This is a sensible, moderate and necessary plan.
This is a totally sensible way to grieve or remember someone.
All that is needed are three sensible and practicable financial revolutions.
She's in the Sensible Garden, which is a space we reclaimed.
Michael seems sensible, but only in comparison to the other Bluths.
It became sensible to spawn that off to its own branch.
If you can't raise sensible arguments, then what use is weeping?
Huge spending on public health is also sensible under the circumstances.
He's a solid center-left wonk with tons of sensible ideas.
Based on all measures of logic, their predictions were perfectly sensible.
Avoid sneakers and opt for heels, sensible or not, for sophistication.
Now it's a shield to protect behemoths from any sensible rules.
Michelle Obama was both praised and pilloried for her sensible shoes.
That includes savoring your favorite foods in sensible portions, O'Neil explained.
" She added, "The most sensible thing to do is to wait.
But there are sensible ways of dealing with witness safety concerns.
Trump's Fed nominees, have, by and large, been sensible, respected economists.
"This is sensible — I guess," he said of Facebook's new rules.
Moderate voices have long urged compromise as the only sensible solution.
It's sensible for everyone to use a VPN when browsing online.
The Second Amendment allows for regulation and supports sensible gun laws.
Drones buzzed over a crowd of young professionals wearing sensible footwear.
And they are moving the needle on sensible gun control reform.
They are more sensible than I was as a young teenager.
There is no sensible argument for opening the borders to everyone.
We do need to rebuild our infrastructure and enact sensible deregulation.
And she stood with her feet close together, in sensible shoes.
Rules are good only if they are sensible, affordable — and enforced.
American voters were too sensible to fall for his hateful demagogy.
He wears sensible black lace-up shoes instead of velvet slippers.
Players know it is not remotely a sensible thing to do.
Bloomberg must reject the radicals and find the sensible middle ground.
But even a sensible move can reach extremes and create distortions.
Doesn't she know she ought to be sensible, like her sister?
A sensible bill before the Legislature would restore the old rules.
Sensible people, in this situation, however, will have a back-up.
Captain [Sensible], as he says, got used to running very fast.
Dimatteo: Carmine's probably the only fucking sensible guy [still] around. Really.
While other parts of the world take a sensible approach to cannabis—decriminalizing and even legalizing it—the UK's government continues to plod along, refusing to engage in any kind of sensible debate on the topic.
When presented with the two leaders in the coke trade — the sensible ones (Cali) and the emotional one (Escobar) — he decides he'll go into business with the sensible ones, a decision in line with Felix's character.
But perhaps there is a transcendent reality behind the veil of the jungle behind which the tiger hides, a supra sensible order that touches those hierophants, those believers who acknowledge the invisible and supra sensible world.
So we tried to be sensible: we gathered in our thousands to make the pragmatic case against being murdered as we sleep, even though being sensible in the face of the catastrophe has never done much good.
German public opinion may not be favourable to Mr Macron's sensible proposals.
That backdrop makes it sensible for the company to embrace the competition.
Five-time Sensible Days PC champion Philipp Habermann is one of them.
Ohio governor has taken the role of the moderate, sensible adult in
One, it's another reminder that she's sensible, fun, and oh-so-relatable.
They have to be quite sensible," Jones said on "Squawk Box Europe.
We need a more sensible, compassionate immigration system that doesn't criminalize desperation.
Such calls from the would-be sensible center are a quadrennial tradition.
Preparing for a price on carbon emissions thus becomes a sensible policy.
In Overwatch, Blizzard has created perhaps the most balanced and sensible approach.
"I do not think it is sensible," Greco told the Swiss newspaper.
The new leadership portends a sensible blend of fresh ambition and continuity.
This is an unexpected play by GameStop, but a seemingly sensible one.
But we should do that in a sensible way in that case.
I stan a lady police officer & a country with sensible gun control!
Make purchases of Klondike bars and sensible knee-length dresses at Target?
Leaver tells me it's sensible to try and understand what went wrong.
But what will make it sensible to continue investing in renewables themselves?
These are sensible in principle, though much will depend on the detail.
Far from being automatic, progress depends on wise government and sensible policy.
And if so wouldn't sensible multinationals immediately close down their British operations?
It is that their presence deprives more sensible Tories of their judgment.
And I always wear a sensible coat because I live in Canada.
Two choral singers in sensible dresses perform Henry Purcell's "Let us wander".
The most sensible strategy might mimic that of the acquirer Snapchat spurned.
Photo: Adam Clark EstesDJI just made a weird but ultimately sensible announcement.
The more sensible ones believe he can sell a compromise to Parliament.
For most golfers, ignoring results over six years old would be sensible.
That is the only sensible resolution to Mr Phillips's religious-liberty complaint.
Cutting red tape may thus be a sensible move by the government.
"Binge-drinking" is not a connotation any sensible company would actively court.
Here, it took no special effort for the sensible to stay shocked.
These are the sensible responses to the peddlers of protectionism and nativism.
Many of these are sensible but not especially novel, as he admits.
The President tweets nonsense, and the staff scrambles to make it sensible.
But there is nothing sensible about the regulatory system America has today.
Trump is regularly behaving in ways that are not sensible or rational.
Enact smart and sensible patent law that provides an incentive to innovate.
Another sensible partner would be Grab, which shares a backer in SoftBank.
Maybe you just like a good, sensible family sedan like the Passat.
It's sensible to delay the inevitable; maybe if we sign enough change.
But why should anyone sensible be so keen to validate their boasts?
Supporting a sagging economy with cheap money and tax cuts is sensible.
If neither can be ensured, the only sensible option is to disengage.
Everything's possible in the circus except acting your age and being sensible.
But there are some sensible reasons to relaunch this effort right now.
Declining to ask those questions and deliberately answer them is not sensible.
By his reasoning, this more sensible approach should have shrunk the deficit.
Letting someone else take all the flak seems the most sensible option.
The actions we take must be sensible, impactful and effect real change.
Bearing all that in mind, Toyota's plan seems like a sensible transition.
It's one of the reasons why it's splitting Europe is not sensible.
The only sensible response to those problems is to improve the law.
These steps can be combined with sensible revenue-neutral business tax reform.
"We believe sensible state regulation of these plans is important," Azar said.
This was a sensible and profound point, and something Yahoo never accomplished.
The "Scotty Principle" of deception is as rational as it is sensible.
There are only so many niche brands, however, that make sensible fits.
We appreciate your help in advocating for sensible approaches with the administration.
I can finally see Harry's mom's eyes from beneath his sensible bangs.
These confinements seem sensible, given legal and ethical concerns raised by critics.
Tagging Norman while waiting for an extension to work out is sensible.
However this ends, the only sensible thing is to enjoy the ride.
With one catastrophic exception, Robert registers as a sensible, entirely capable soul.
We need criminal justice policies that are sensible, fair, and evidence-based.
The final draft includes only a pale shadow of those sensible requirements.
Jill, their sensible neighbor, more often than not comes to the rescue.
Instead, it's a sensible way for the park to fulfill its mission.
"It's clever, sensible, technical governance which is really under threat," he said.
The problem, she added, is that not every traveler is as sensible.
"It's a very straightforward and sensible, in my view, guidance," he said.
He likes to do annual personal challenges, and they are normally sensible.
"The focus on building political and economic pressure is sensible," he said.
Young voters also tend to favor sensible and humane immigration policy reform.
I think Trump scares sensible Republicans even more than he scares me.
That sounds sensible enough, but it actually was a highly cynical maneuver.
We will institute sensible, progressive and effective fund-raising policies and limits.
Impeachment is neither a sensible nor a winning issue to open with.
Becoming the sensible third option is the race she wanted to run.
They're sort of classic now — almost 'sensible shoes' for funky old ladies.
For Wozniak, staying in the free housing was the only sensible choice.
Needs to be a sensible deal which unionists and nationalists can support.
To my husband's mind, the only sensible approach to a 20173 p.m.
Successive presidents have found at least three sensible reasons for secret diplomacy.
Ending the death penalty is the only sensible path forward for California.
It needs reliable diagnostics, advanced disease monitoring systems and sensible drug development.
These are sensible, rational actions, and they arguably are protecting us all.
A bathroom that doesn't have sensible storage options could just become cluttered.
The most sensible answer is to have national health care for all.
"I've always been sensible, but not necessarily smart about money," Williams said.
Nor do the courts pose an insurmountable obstacle to sensible gun laws.
She said no sensible boy would have relied on her client's statements.
No sensible person would put a toe in most of the waterways.
In particular, this bill contains the faint outlines of sensible tax simplification.
Can no one have a sensible take on this absolutely ridiculous situation?
"I think it was sensible," Mr. Chung, the Liberal Party leader, said.
Perfectly legal, perfectly sensible, and that's what the ban is based on.
Megan McArdle: Sensible Democrats, don't repeat sensible Republicans' 2016 mistakes Jennifer Rubin: New Hampshire just got more important for three contenders Eugene Robinson: Mike Bloomberg won the Iowa caucuses Karen Tumulty: The most important Iowa result is in.
If voters are well-informed, a sensible debate based on evidence is feasible.
A country that is confident in its sensible centrism goes to the polls.
Britain will go for the latter option, while being sensible with security measures.
And with quality examples to bolster your argument, it is the sensible retort.
It'd be a pretty sensible move, though not an especially Apple-like one.
But more often than not it's a sensible strategy that provides positive results.
But it's sensible policy that both the insurance and hospital industries should support.
" He said he has the impression that Kurz "is interested in sensible solution.
It's no longer controversial to note that the U.S. needs sensible gun control.
While it isn't required, it's more about being sensible should it be needed.
Early Wednesday morning, President Trump tweeted something sensible, rational, and good for America.
However, the sensible simian was apparently not too keen on DeVito's Penguin getup.
Buttigieg and Klobuchar are sensible, solid and likely to unite rather than divide.
Many of Mr Guedes's proposals are vague, but sensible in principle and overdue.
The presidential lineup today is unusually tempting for Mr. Bloomberg, the sensible centrist.
There is no sensible policy that splits the difference between perfectly opposed goals.
Minimum wages have been raised—sensible enough after years in the deep freeze.
Here, 25 pieces to help you get in touch with your sensible side.
When an intense storm's forecast, most sensible people take shelter in their homes.
Like Pigou, Keynes emphasised that individually sensible decisions might be disastrous for society.
I'm putting my phone down because we are debating sensible gun laws again.
All this is sensible enough, but does not seem to energise many voters.
And of course we must -- must -- somehow come together around sensible gun control.
This morning it looks like we were pretty sensible because Sterling [dropped massively].
As the economy ticked along steadily, drivers went for sensible greys and silvers.
It seems sensible to create a more muscular regulator with a clear purpose.
But it would be more sensible to turn a problem into an opportunity.
MORE than 150 years ago, John Stuart Mill put forward a sensible proposition.
For the first time ever, playing the lottery is the mathematically sensible choice.
It does several sensible things, including cutting headline rates to average European levels.
The intent is to ensure "sensible, regulatory frameworks," Peskin said earlier this week.
"Investors can ask sensible questions about this and the non-disclosure," Gardner said.
Even when officials craft sensible policies, this imbalance can knock them off course.
"I think it's sensible, rather than getting us excited for nothing," he said.
Maybe a compromise, you want sensible gun control without infringing on your rights?
It can steer him towards sensible positions on subjects like NATO and Russia.
Of course, such a sensible explanation isn't enough to burst everyone's spooky bubble.
A sensible discussion is hard when inheritance taxes prompt such a visceral reaction.
This may seem perfectly sensible: after all, skilled immigrants are a good thing.
Voters' enduring support for Jokowi can be partly explained by his sensible policies.
I'd have done something much more rational and economically sensible, like dealt drugs.
Would it make you any healthier than any other sensible approach to eating?
GEOFFREY HINTON: Yes, I think a basic income is a very sensible idea.
Facebook might have culled this ranking information in a staid and sensible way.
Mr Trump was sensible enough to get out of casinos in Atlantic City.
Timelines may remain sensible, though, when interest rates are at their lower bound.
No sensible person should be trying to put personal data on a blockchain.
Yeah, that's iTunes from 10 years ago, with a more sensible lefthand bar.
A gun owner and a Second Amendment advocate, he wants "more sensible" restrictions.
WARREN BUFFETT: They're very good investments at sensible prices, based on my thinking.
But I joke that she's too sensible to want to be in politics.
Vote Leave is the more sensible of the two rival pro-Brexit organisations.
"We are very close to an economically sensible solution," he told the magazine.
He was congenial and sensible and his contributions often felt like an afterthought.
Nonetheless, Mr Osborne's political instincts are leading him in a sensible economic direction.
The proposed regulations are sensible and, for the most part, not particularly radical.
In many ways, that's a sensible approach; most deaths occur among the old.
One group of conservative writers and policy entrepreneurs proposed a sensible path forward.
It's thin, yes, and record-breaking — but it's also a perfectly sensible laptop.
I wear sensible shoes and hold the handrail going up and down stairs.
"The reset is sensible," Citi analyst Georgios Ierodiaconou said in a flash note.
It's a sensible argument, but then food preferences are rarely amenable to sense.
Some sensible moderation is likely to be the best tonic to this problem.
Is it sensible reconstructing an entire community that could just burn down again?
For those looking for something more sensible, Hyundai premiered its new Kona Electric.
Ending ineffective nation-building and focusing instead on counterterrorism is the sensible path.
Even for dressier occasions, more sensible heels are increasingly popular, the analyst said.
It's a road that no sensible person would want to go down again.
The powerful #MeToo movement, sensible, patriotic Republicans with spines and the 2018 elections.
The real discrimination comes from Silicon Valley's hiring, not America's sensible country caps.
The most sensible target for American negotiators this year ought to be Japan.
"Governments can take sensible actions to promote more rapid productivity growth," he said.
They got it all out of the way quickly then, she says. Sensible.
It's a set of aspirations that don't really bring us to sensible action.
This is a fairly sensible suggestion, and at the same time deeply weird.
Whatever way you try to process the problem, there's no sensible, grounded solution.
The finale of the episode is just as bloody, if perhaps less sensible.
Gaos, No. 17-961, said the payments to charities were sensible and proper.
Supporters say the scooters are fun and sensible, and will help relieve congestion.
But I don't think I'll ever see the gun lobby accept sensible restrictions.
Let's also work to establish sensible norms for people running for high office.
No sensible society should want to keep arms out of hands like his.
Perhaps turning it into a sentimental cop show was the only sensible approach.
The first shot of Claire features her shoes, but fuck you, they're sensible!
"We don't want further unilateral measures; rather we want sensible agreements," he added.
The other revenue raisers included in the Affordable Care Act are perfectly sensible.
And it's also limited, in a sensible way, by your ability to give.
That is the exact opposite of what a sensible policy would look like.
These are the fans whose rock 'n' roll reverence knows no sensible bounds.
Sometimes the most sensible act of rebellion tastes like a bowl of popcorn.
But it may just be sensible stress-testing, itself designed to allay concerns.
Larger fonts and more sensible layouts make getting around easier on the eyes.
There are both sensible business reasons and Apple-specific reasons for doing so.
It's sensible to be aware of these traps, but sometimes free means free.
None of that will change with "bipartisan outreach" or a sensible Midwestern temperament.
With a finite number of resources, including law enforcement officers, it's sensible policy.
A sensible approach, perhaps, given the relative harm posed by excessive alcohol use.
"Having a period of embedding things is still sensible to us," she said.
We've asked for sensible market access, recognising some things will have to move.
To me, that is a sensible requirement to ensure equal rights for women.
The hyper-dangerous Concussion Rifle sounded awesome, the Imperial Repeating Rifle sounded sensible.
In a sea of khaki and sensible footwear, the oldies were sweated to.
Cement manufacturers look to Congress and the administration to provide sensible regulatory reform.
Now his collection includes risk-free sweaters, sure-bet blazers and sensible polos.
"The great majority of Chileans are sensible," says Patricio Navia, a political scientist.
Defenders of the deployment argue Trump is making a sensible short-term decision.
We need to pass sensible laws to keep guns out of dangerous hands.
It is one of those ideas that sound eminently sensible at first hearing.
But the "three countries" gibberish overshadowed the more sensible part of the answer.
At the time, when gun sales were booming, that might have looked sensible.
But 30 years ago, transformative climate legislation was widely understood to be sensible.
A sensible and natural perspective, rather than an ultra-technical and systematic one.
President Trump has a surprisingly sensible idea: get rid of the legislative filibuster.
I don't condone it, but in a sensible mind, it's ridiculous: The mafia.
Missandei and Grey Worm Two of the most sensible characters on the show discuss one of the most sensible plans of action: Getting the hell out of this frozen death hole as soon as possible and going to the beach.
Tormund tells everyone to run, because he's a sensible man, but it's no use.
The biggest problem of driving this Model S: keeping speed in a sensible range.
"He's done a good job of positioning himself as a sensible Democrat," he said.
It's a very sensible dream to have and one Luca should be open to.
The idea of investing with a keen focus on value sounds sensible — virtuous, even.
What it lacks in luxury, Sensible Days more than makes up for in spirit.
Rick Lindeman and Colin Roll are the official tournament organizers of Sensible Days 2016.
But his questions are always sensible, they're answerable and he does it with fun.
I set up sensible guard rails, but, otherwise, I let people explore and experiment.
Noting that he hadn't yet been briefed, Turner said the new ruling seemed sensible.
Sensible precautions notwithstanding, this achievement bodes well for speedy crewed missions to the ISS.
Alas, the MW4993s also cost an impressive $499, far higher than Sony's sensible $349.
The philosophy underpinning a sensible affirmative-action policy should be that of restorative justice.
This sensible cycle reminds us that, yes, there probably is an app for that.
And if we take that, then his consistency on Russia becomes much more sensible.
Eat a sensible breakfast and light lunch, or you might go overboard at dinner.
Lending which looked sensible one day becomes a danger to the economy the next.
It would be sensible to take the latest bluster with a pinch of salt.
Until now, the only sensible way to probe mesopelagic activity has been by sonar.
Reaching a sensible agreement with the EU would, of course, give sterling a boost.
With industries such as agriculture and hospitality dependent on them, that may be sensible.
But here's hoping the sensible planet's U-turn restores some sanity to our world.
I am reasonably confident that Nintendo has made sensible tradeoffs in the Switch's design.
What they hear is we're going to have a saner, more sensible immigration policy.
Either way, Riverdale takes great pains to make a sensible case for both arguments.
They were conservative and sensible, not the sort to take leaps in the dark.
But it does seem to be taking small, sensible steps in applying the technology.
It's a futuristic-feeling device, for sure, and the trade-offs seem fairly sensible.
"After each tragedy, we Democrats try to pass sensible gun safety measures," Reid said.
The team quickly realized that this wasn't a sensible way of going about it.
That sets sensible limits to any love affair between American and Russian religious conservatives.
Alas, the chances of reaching such a sensible accommodation with China's airlines are low.
Sensible stuff, but hardly enough to meet his target of 300,000 homes a year.
I don't agree, but nor do I necessarily think it was a sensible move.
How does a person become sensible as you are, and as your narrators are?
Consequently, sensible people of Westeros — and not just villains — do not believe they exist.
" Trump said "we have tremendous support for really common sense, sensible, important background checks.
The Frauchiger-Renner experiment generates contradictions among a set of three seemingly sensible assumptions.
Tubal ligation has seemed like a sensible solution, being both hormone-free and permanent.
But the one reason for tree loss that humans can control is sensible development.
So do the sensible thing and make some ramen yourself... and make it cold.
Forget Jar-Jar, this is by far the least sensible detail from the prequels.
Today, unfortunately, a sensible reform to protect women was blocked by one of ours.
So after all this, the MetroCard might be reborn in a more sensible form.
Making the choice that was — in my mind — more sensible, made me feel responsible.
We open ourselves to confusions that any sensible person ought to be aware of.
This has left Chile unable to craft a sensible trade strategy in the region.
A sensible policy would limit the amount of health insurance that is tax-exempted.
The cap sounds like a sensible move toward medical cost control, but it's not.
This logic might seem sensible, but, in fact, the opposite could well be true.
Instead, its Republican Party voters did the sensible thing and stuck with the incumbent.
Yet this is the result of policies judged sensible for Britain as a whole.
The reductions spending will be sensible and rational, but they will also be tough.
Civil society, however, can and must work to generate sensible responses to this problem.
Although the idea seems sensible at first glance, its appeal fades under closer scrutiny.
"He seems sensible, not going to promise something that he cannot deliver," says another.
Most members of Congress want to see a sensible solution on the immigration debate.
Certainly, there's one response to this hypothetical that feels immediate and sensible: the Beatles.
However sensible its starting point, the idea rankled civil-liberty and privacy-minded groups.
Creating the future we all want will take strong, sensible voices finding common ground.
Sensible federal rules for such things are the better answer, other things being equal.
It's about having sensible environmental and regulatory policy that properly assigns costs and benefits.
The idea that sensible policy might sometimes emanate from Washington, DC is frowned upon.
But it must come back into the family of sensible democracies, where it belongs.
So we might as well get used to the interference, and take sensible precautions.
Here are three millionaire athletes who celebrated their good fortune in a sensible way.
Over the past few years, operators have generally taken a sensible approach to acquisitions.
The cringeworthy performance of the news media in recent weeks rightly troubles sensible Americans.
If Sanders is sensible, he'll realize this and bring his campaign to an end.
This was eminently sensible, but the way he implemented this policy is another matter.
Sensible they may be, but they are not, as some academics suggest, mere platitudes.
The personality Jane, a pleasant and sensible young woman, became manifest during her therapy.
But Trump still pitched his proposal as a moderate, sensible solution to the deadlock.
It's simply time that we demand legislation that puts sensible gun laws in place.
The good news is that some sensible reforms are finding their way into legislation.
Among the myriad of sensible reforms, fixing REMS misuse would be a great start.
Spending $999 for a phone you can unlock with your face hardly seems sensible.
More and more of them are sensible enough to realise that they have overreached.
It's a sensible policy goal to preserve foreign investor demand for our government bonds.
We are unable to draw sensible statistical conclusions from a sample size so paltry.
If you're like most and want to be a bit sensible, we get it.
There are no moderates, or for that matter, sensible people, anywhere in this story.
These sensible principles would make for a strong, consumer-oriented approach to this problem.
This ketchup-packet-hoarding approach sounds sensible, given the current lack of systemic support.
I think it's a very sensible strategy that has a good chance to succeed.
"Look, there's only one sensible way out of this," Carol tells a distressed Maude.
But at 23, it's sensible to have reservations about how much explosiveness he'll recapture.
The Juul, despite all the teenage Instagram feeds I've seen, feels clinical, sensible, virtuous.
Their plea for scientific objectivity may have sounded sensible, but it masked nefarious aims.
Public and businesses need to take a "sensible, levelheaded and responsible approach," he added.
So what is a sensible approach to air travel in response to COVID-19?
" What they hear is, "We're going to have a saner, more sensible immigration policy.
When it comes to personal health, a basic plan to cover up seems sensible.
His great, unfulfilled political ambition was to create a party of the sensible center.
She abstains from bras onstage, but this afternoon she wore a sensible black one.
As partner for a bowl of polenta with truffles, broccoli pesto was unexpectedly sensible.
Perhaps the most sensible decision on Samsung's part was not to change the price.
Over 500 national and community groups have proposed sensible approaches to do just that.
On the surface, this apparent expansion of free speech may seem sensible, even exciting.
The allegations make both our national situation and the sensible course of action plain.
The solution suits Beijing's ambitions to take the lead; it's a sensible one too.
But I feel fine at the moment, and we are taking all sensible precautions.
This is a sensible approach, and in relation to Buddhism it is almost mainstream.
They are sensible but nothing that other shareholders haven't called for in the past.
The mayor and other officials say yes, and any sensible person hopes they're right.
Sensible, pragmatic, and well-funded programs are required that can prevent instability and extremism.
As the daughter he seemingly forgot about years ago, it's a bleakly sensible request.
It's only sensible that antitrust wonks are finally erring on the side of caution.
The city's marijuana enforcement system is more sensible than it was five years ago.
She adds nothing to the debate, and sensible Democrats should cringe when she speaks.
People can make well-considered decisions that may not seem sensible on the surface.
This, of course, is the sensible answer regardless of the wine you are discussing.
We need sensible policies that provide the best possible results for every dollar spent.
This is not about saving taxpayer dollars or about sensible social safety net policies.
I've seen many pieces by sensible people on the violated rights of accused rapists.
It's time for everyone — everyone — to go out and fight for sensible gun regulations.
"They started with a very sensible set of criteria," Dr. Lovins said of Ionic.
Ian didn't leave me, because he thinks I'm the most sensible person he knows.
How can it be sensible public policy to let the wolves guard the sheep?
What's even more troubling is that the administration is not seeking sensible advice elsewhere.
Image via WhoTracksMe That doesn't mean these safeguards aren't sensible for everyone to follow.
It's a sensible, efficient, and effective way to guarantee excellent health insurance to everyone.
Only pride, honor, and terribly wrong ideas about diplomacy prevent a more sensible approach.
To be fair, there are other reported candidates who would be solid, sensible choices.
I'm just saying it's a sensible reaction to life in a fundamentally senseless world.
No sensible person would want to be on the receiving end of this record.
Many have great stories (some sensible, even visionary), but it's tough to value stories.
Small businesses understand that sensible regulations are needed to protect the public and themselves.
" Next, they argue that this sensible and much needed law will "kill the Internet.
The pair's first project will offer "sensible products for people's beloved pets," Stewart added.
While that may seem like a sensible investment, it actually represents a missed opportunity.
But every sensible choice includes chief of staff John Kelly leaving the White House.
LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - Giving young shoppers easy credit to spend online doesn't sound sensible.
A sensible approach for undecided Democrats, then, is what might be called radical agnosticism.
What they hear is we're going to have a saner more sensible immigration policy.
Of course, parents have to know their children and be sensible in their choices.
It also forced A's Manager Bob Melvin to make a sensible but unusual decision.
"It will not be six years, believe me, between sensible gun laws," she said.
What atheism has never seemed to me is a sensible point of political organization.
The first is that the only sensible response is to persuade all those conservatives.
After years of partisan warfare, a sensible compromise isn't going to just sell itself.
Though it should have some sensible ideas, it is unlikely to upset the unions much.
Petraeus: Well, it was sensible to put that plan on hold, as the President did.
Left to adjust, the surplus might take many years to fall to a sensible level.
"I think risk-tolerance assessments are useless," said CFP Dana Anspach, CEO of Sensible Money.
"New issues are now coming at sensible levels rather than ECB compressed levels," he said.
The responses of the two dark horses in Hong Kong's leadership race are quite sensible.
This shit is sensible, affordable and one dig deeper into the grave of your relationship.
The kinds of sensible typefaces you typically find in newspapers, or your email—not alleyways.
"We will as a culture lead the courts back to something that's much more sensible."
But the vast majority of Americans already agree with the president on sensible background checks.
Slavery isn't a necessary evil, he argues, it is the only sensible strategy at all.
Farage called his appointment "pretty much an act of war on any sensible negotiating process".
So when Alec approaches Nick, it seems sensible; when Angelina approaches Elizabeth, it seems rash.
Perhaps less ambitiously but no less importantly, it may also lead to more sensible workflows.
Another EU source said the proposal was very sensible and would create predictability for operators.
There is no punch line; these people do not belong together in any sensible way.
A sensible but certainly more expensive approach entails replacing track with more heat-resistant steel.
Bradley was making the sensible choice: He needed Vela to be healthy for the playoffs.
Yet sensible thinking does not inspire activists, especially given new competition south of the border.
These changes are sensible, but may not raise as much money as Mr Hammond hopes.
I poured a sensible amount into my hands and applied it to my hair first.
This is not the year of the petite, fast sportscar or the sensible station wagon.
Still, the document shows that nationalists are taking an altogether more sensible approach to economics.
Like any sensible teacher, young Luca Pacioli aimed to make his lessons memorable and clear.
Big Pig is loyal, sensible and stately, whereas Little Pig is scatty, selfish and lazy.
America is paralysed, France is in flames and even sensible Sweden cannot form a government.
He added that a sensible strategy to phase out this policy has to be designed.
It might therefore seem sensible that the deal's architects are only counting on Democratic votes.
From here, you can tweak how far away the network roves from a sensible baseline.
With sensible spending habits like that, the couple's plan to not raise assholes, seems achievable.
On the one hand, this understanding of AI as an idiot savant is perfectly sensible.
A sensible system taxes a judicious mix of income, spending and assets (property and estates).
Governments need to encourage people to live in cities; sensible planning regulation is thus vital.
Nationalising British Steel is no more sensible an idea than taking over Mr Oliver's restaurants.
I thought John Cook sent a very good memo, I think that he was sensible.
Sensible regulations, they argued, would pave the way for faster growth of the industry overall.
Switching to a single, unrigged exchange rate would allow a more sensible allocation of resources.
In terms of pure utility, of political pragmatism, it is a sensible appeal to reason.
It has said that defending the currency with foreign exchange reserves does not "seem sensible".
Uninstalled your app and hope everyone else will be sensible enough to do the same!
A responsible approach to ride-sharing services is probably a sensible way to handle this.
Trump could even learn a thing or two from her concise and sensible interview answer.
That Jana wants, among other sensible recommendations, a product upgrade hints at a profit motive.
It is a tribute to their activism and advocacy that this sensible plan will continue.
FLOTUS, meanwhile, has stored away all her sensible pencil dresses and stilettos and embraced — gasp!
A more sensible approach would be to introduce caps only for customers identified as "vulnerable".
In fact, the Republican candidates have vowed to roll back all of these sensible measures.
Retirement at 67 is a sensible and necessary measure given the demographic development in Germany.
This is not a sensible approach for preparing our future workforce and strengthening our economy.
A spare set of sensible shoes to change into once the photo ops are over?
Which is incredibly sensible advice and, when it comes to sex, generally we all comply.
Buying Sky at a sensible price never seemed front of mind for Murdoch and Fox.
She looks good, she's sensible, she always solves everything by the end of the program.
But I was really sensible of many artists, and Marc Séguin was one of them.
Before he ran for president, Rubio advocated a sensible and humane solution for immigration reform.
That was more sensible probably, because you have more time to work on the car.
Smart, sensible regulation of AI applications is needed to ensure that uses are socially beneficial.
Delay will also give EU politicians time for reflection, raising the chances of sensible compromise.
A sensible economic agenda for America would please—and annoy—both sides of the divide.
In other words: these were sensible social democratic types who already opposed Labour's current leader.
Assume Dialog instead raised debt worth a more sensible 1.5 times the enlarged group's EBITDA.
Donald Trump could not construct a sensible sentence about either (or at least, has not).
Regrettably, many members of the Trump administration are deeply hostile toward sensible marijuana policy reform.
America's Food and Drug Administration is aiming for a sensible combination of stick and carrot.
Head-turning quotient: It has a cute exterior with a well-tufted, ergonomically sensible interior.
The meat-and-potatoes quality of the show is, at a minimum, a sensible approach.
On its face, laws like Ohio's seem sensible enough — why shouldn't doctors follow federal guidelines?
He never deviated from his daily uniform: blue jacket, khaki pants and sensible black sneakers.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that the U.S. needs "more sensible people" in Congress.
Her tentative steps made it seem as if she were in need of sensible shoes.
There's a sensible reason you wouldn't want to weight a single respondent by too much.
Some previous changes in sentencing would also be made retroactive, a sensible and fair step.
On the other hand, some Nigerians were pleased that she'd said something sensible for once.
But others argued that a carrier deployment is a sensible step to show American resolve.
Still, it shows a sensible desire to forestall possible tension with investors down the road.
Yet in this case, the middle ground of sensible economic regulation is the best path.
Yet these sensible policies become emotionally untenable, for different reasons, from one place to another.
It has said that defending the currency with foreign exchange reserves did not "seem sensible".
Trying to slow the revolution down with a robot tax does not seem very sensible.
Coveney said negotiators were working to find "sensible wording", drafts of which were being exchanged.
Andrew Cuomo, which includes a strong and sensible provision to raise the state minimum wage.
Congress needs to support the COINS Act and make these sensible changes to our currency.
But that possibility should not be an excuse against taking sensible steps to reduce waste.
Someone showed up at the Met Gala in actual, honest-to-god, sensible camping attire.
Although changing your password is always the sensible thing to do in such a situation.
The Moon enters sensible Earth sign Capricorn late this evening, reminding you of your responsibilities.
But Orson Welles wasn't eating two steaks a night because he wanted to be sensible.
The generation sensible discourse is forced to ignore so much in order to make sense.
Someone so overcome by anger that he or she ceases to communicate in sensible English.
They asked if I wanted to stay, but I decided to be sensible and left.
She doesn't charge you anything for the visit, and she gives you basically sensible advice.
There are sensible arguments for legally prohibiting drugs, given how dangerous these substances can be.
The U.S. administration's new approach to the war in Afghanistan is both necessary and sensible.
Which I suppose makes it sensible for us to review it as a tag team.
As yet, there is no sign that Republicans are prepared to take that sensible path.
That does not mean the days ahead will be easy or sensible for our democracy.
Klobuchar delivered a powerful speech, touting her grit and sensible solutions to America's many problems.
"His statements make him sound extraordinarily sensible, compared to other Trump nominees," said Dr. Caldeira.
Both have A ratings from the N.R.A.; both have opponents supporting sensible gun security laws.
Soon enough, though, she put her own sensible stamp on the fashion featured in Glamour.
Schütz's parents, intent on having their son follow a sensible profession, resisted, before giving in.
Some doctor's diet books are more sensible than others, like Yoni Freedhoff's The Diet Fix.
There is a sensible and common solution to get out of this jam: a settlement.
I loved that place long after we bought a perfectly sensible house with good bones.
In places where this seems impossible, lawmakers could consider sensible compromises, like a sunset provision.
In some places, he added, it might even be sensible to curtail certain aid programs.
It begins not with a spark of passion but with a sensible, if unusual, proposal.
Yes, like most sensible weight-loss plans, they involve healthful eating and regular physical activity.
Until President Ronald Reagan, most presidents chose the sensible option of simply eating the birds.
Europeans pay through taxes to support unnecessary land destruction by agriculture -- hardly a sensible policy.
Every one of those phones is a more sensible purchase than the Note 10 Plus.
PRESIDENT, PLEASE ACT," with the subtitle, "We need sensible gun control to stop the slaughter.
"I thought I should take some sensible steps to reduce my exposure," Mr. Monk said.
" The new museum, he added, "has the sensible beauty of a hand-cut crystal tumbler.
I had asked a Dutch doctor friend to be my corner man, a sensible precaution.
There will be a search for sensible candidates to reunite the party — and the country.
"Reliability means being sensible with how you treat the money of the citizens," she said.
This achievement makes it more important than ever to adopt a sensible approach toward detainees.
In fact, of course, its authors were merely advocating a sensible reduction in meat eating.
My temp agency is an uptown pleasure dome of powder-scented women in sensible shoes.
What sensible person, or judge, would want to allow it to flourish inside a prison?
Almost everybody, it seems, agrees with Mr Slane that this is an eminently sensible idea.
No sensible adult would be foolish enough to adopt this completely black-and-white view.
To expect Greece to commit to such fiscal masochism for four decades is not sensible.
One side was sensible and organized, good at math; appreciative of order, achievement, authority, rules.
"What's good for the goose is good for the gander" makes a pretty sensible argument.
When their father called Gillian his sensible daughter, it had sounded like a consolation prize.
Después de todo, ese es un tema sensible en lo que a trama se refiere.
Without oversight, however, even the most sensible hurricane packages morph into reckless, pork-filled endeavors.
While I love these holiday specialties, they don't constitute a coherent, let alone sensible, meal.
Sensible mergers and acquisitions should be part of what chief executives are already paid for.
Mr. Barrow, a security expert, is considered a sensible, intelligent and safe pair of hands.
The response to the challenging operating environment is sensible, although somewhat late in our view.
After her husband goes missing, the title character in "Claire in Motion" takes sensible action.
Americans are a sensible people on the issue of guns; their political leaders are not.
The resulting music can sound at once naïve and visionary, maddeningly eccentric yet eminently sensible.
Lawmakers from both parties should strongly encourage him to make that sensible and necessary decision.
But some critics question if the caps are sensible and have warned of negative impacts.
They are remarkable for how completely they turn sensible immigration policies upside down and backward.
That leaves Newt Gingrich as the most sensible pick to serve as Trump's running mate.
Identifying the trade-offs is only a first step toward a more sensible immigration policy.
If you like occasional snippets of sensible conversation amid torrents of automated abuse, try Twitter.
"Setting the maximum price at an international standard and then negotiating is a sensible approach".
He doesn't seem to regard it as a metaphor for a more sensible immigration policy.
Sensible social policies are necessary to protect the lives, livelihoods and safety of all Americans.
As an artist, it's inspiring but also productive from a sensible standpoint, like meeting people.
Inevitably we have found governments from both sides to eventually come up with sensible policies.
But a few weeks is probably not enough time to put together a sensible plan.
A rally to celebrate sensible policy goals is fine enough, but it's hardly a revolution.
It is unacceptable that we haven't found the political courage to pass sensible gun legislation.
Some of these were about as sensible as things said by certain candidates for president.
On the other hand, Krikorian is articulating a perfectly sensible point about appointments in general.
I hoped that my sensible-with-money wife wouldn't scold me when I got home.
And he needs to be able to personally sort out sensible ideas from ridiculous ones.
The House recently passed a modern, sensible framework for ridesharing with an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote.
Clad in sensible work attire and in possession of an even more sensible attitude, she presides over her staff of young twenty-somethings with compassion and understanding, while firmly reminding them that "this is a family place," not to be mistaken with a strip club.
Much of what France and other European countries have done since recent attacks is eminently sensible.
Snoop's wearing a scarf and a onesie; Martha, a pair of sensible and tasteful silk pajamas.
He said he supported "sensible" legislative proposals to tighten gun control such as universal background checks.
There is one organization that is advocating against it: Floridians for a Sensible Voting Rights Policy.
I've been pretty open about saying we have to have a conversation about sensible gun laws.
The problem Perry and Trump face is that no sensible, market-friendly reform will help coal.
"It would be sensible to put a huge effort into this, from my perspective," Pollard says.
It's worth noting that you do have to opt in to this feature, which seems sensible.
"It was the game of my youth," says Rafal Nossek, veteran of the Sensible Days scene.
They argue it's not radical but sensible and humane, in the mold of Northern European countries.
You can pick all sorts of sensible or sci-fi furnishings, like art, seating and toys.
For months, almost every sensible political scientist and pundit was sure that Donald Trump would fade.
Wilbur Ross, the United States' commerce secretary, talks of making a "very sensible" agreement with Mexico.
Bureaucrats in the rest of the country should learn from the delta's sensible, market-oriented planners.
That's because it's sensible, it's safer, more people are participating in it in a safe way.
I hope we might reach a sensible compromise that sees stronger collection without jeopardizing small business.
"It's not sensible or reasonable for any person to be completely mindless about investment," he said.
When the next downturn comes, politics could well get in the way of a sensible response.
Whether releasing wax moths on the world's surplus plastic really is sensible is not yet clear.
Some of the most sensible people in the world will find themselves making questionable sexual decisions.
One answer is that the British have never been as sensible as they like to think.
The app icons (and thus the cards for each app) are a far more sensible size.
This is a sensible reaction for two people paranoid about the safety of their loved ones.
In contrast, a sensible government reaction to Florence probably helped limit damage and loss of life.
That would have been sensible: much of the green belt is not very green (see Bagehot).
Governments routinely bat away sensible policies that lack a champion when the money is handed out.
That's sensible; one wouldn't want to attempt even a single flip after eating a whole pizza.
Reasonably, he thought that Britain should be run by the best-trained and most sensible people.
That might be economically sensible (some think Britain may choose to continue in this limbo forever).
Last week Messenger revealed a redesign that refocuses on… messaging, giving the app a sensible roadmap.
That would again be a sensible course correction: the policy looks like a general-election loser.
He also said that "sensible" lawyers in the White House and Justice Department agree with him.
The $500 price the black and white models are currently being sold for is more sensible.
He's sensible, he's responsible, and perhaps most important of all he's not hungry for the limelight.
We need to have more sensible rules, and patients need better mental health and vocational services.
A government that pursued sensible economic policies could probably service the debts within a few years.
It's possible to quibble with the details, but the big-picture proposals strike a sensible balance.
The old, sensible FBI rule book apparently has been thrown on the trash heap this year.
This makes the huge sums of money flowing into the ridesharing market a bit more sensible.
We know from the experience of states like Connecticut and Missouri that sensible regulations save lives.
It's a sensible capstone to Lemonade and 4:44, which both dealt with their marital issues.
But it is conceivable that by then they would be readier to pick a sensible successor.
The question is whether there will be enough money to back up the law's sensible proposals.
A kid calling for sensible gun reform has outnumbered the entire NRA—in just 10 days.
But if they did, then meaningful, sensible reform of our gun laws might finally be possible.
Lovely Jeremy Corbyn and his sensible manifesto that is actively trying not to kill poor people.
He said a better solution would be mutual recognition and reciprocal equivalence, with sensible notice periods.
That's a sensible strategy, given Trump's inexperience and unpredictability, but the downside has become apparent lately.
A previously sensible, minimal, and rational bed sofa transforms into a moody, dark, and tactile animal.
Americans agree we need sensible rules to preserve our environment, protect citizens and promote public safety.
"They are allowed to do that, but we don't think it's a sensible arrangement," Woods said.
For every bit of sensible dialogue or clarifying moment, Twin Peaks also provides a bewildering tidbit.
This is a sensible point, and one espoused by many with progressive views around drug legislation.
The sensible ones among us will be stocking up on cream cheese and digestive biscuits ASAP.
But as so often happens, what middle America views as sensible strikes Washington as deeply concerning.
It's wrong because it's irresponsible, passing the buck instead of offering sensible solutions for immigration reform.
This system of centrally imposed exceptions is an odd compromise between two sensible but incompatible goals.
It sought peace with the Kurdish minority, and the economy grew healthily thanks to sensible reforms.
Modernising the sales tax would be sensible, as would taking a second look at property levies.
For now Brexiteers will congratulate themselves for unleashing the inner anarchist in a normally sensible nation.
Thankfully, the world has at least one sensible commentator capable of shutting all this nonsense down.
This sensible policy is good for law-abiding businesses, good for workers, and good for taxpayers.
This sensible bill should draw bipartisan support because it is feasible and what the country needs.
"I did all the logical, reasonable, sensible, pathological things people do with anxiety," he told me.
But what makes Oliver the most sensible climate journalist on TV is his approach to denial.
Getting a tattoo is arguably one of the most insane decisions a sensible human can make.
Sub Pop tote bags and sensible fleeces provided relief from the neighborhood's edgier nighttime fashion norms.
You have to make guesses to each of those in order to make a sensible thing.
In a relatively uncharted area of the law, that seems like a sensible line to draw.
But without regulation in place, companies were sensible to act on their own accord, she added.
If that situation would arise, Bloomberg would present himself as successful, sensible, and, most importantly, seasoned.
But Gabbard has advocated for sensible gun control similar to the positions Bernie Sanders has taken.
Unfortunately, the notion of a "sensible center" appears quaint to many in today's hyperpartisan Washington environment.
When he wrote that Howard Dean was "non-ideological, sensible, solidly mainstream," he was being nice.
He, like Giuliani, was hailed in some quarters as a choice more sensible than stringently ideological.
This sounds sensible, perhaps, but first of all, "whole woman health care centers" do not exist.
And people support her: She's seen as a firm hand on the wheel, a sensible pragmatist.
Women shouldn't have to spend hundreds of hours getting their companies to implement sensible leave policies.
As an American I'm ashamed that our country has repeatedly roadblocked any sensible gun control legislation.
If he does not do this, his sensible federal budget plan will not be taken seriously.
The answer's simple enough, and sensible too: The studio needs to make sure that Hemp Inc.
We have to get out of this overly simplistic framework and create more sensible policy proposals.
"But viewed correctly, sensible safeguards are part of freedom, not a retreat from it," he said.
It's a sensible realization, and it wouldn't be surprising if it came from anyone but Zuckerberg.
You can't follow a sensible plan if you are always frantically managing your daily cash flow.
Had polio been a hantavirus, transmitted in dried mouse urine, that might have been sensible advice.
She urged people to contact their elected officials and ask them to support "sensible" gun laws.
It may be frustrating, but against the alternatives, it is the only sensible course of action.
At first their surprise might seem sensible: A few weeks ago, things looked bad for Trump.
But by that point, she had already kicked off her stilettos and was wearing sensible flats.
The Moon enters sensible Earth sign Capricorn at 3:33 PM, creating a mature, practical mood.
We lack the will to elect people who understand that sensible gun laws will save lives.
In short, the most sustainable and sensible solutions place plants at the center of our plates.
We trust the providers to fill them with sensible stuff, otherwise the viewers will not view.
"More spending could be sensible if it revives Italy's economy," Mr. Giegold said in a statement.
He has also moved to fire Mr. Mueller, only to be thwarted by more sensible aides.
" At the bottom of the screen flashed a chyron: "Dems Walk Away From Sensible Wall Debate.
The paper has two main ideas: Sensible wonks would also be interested in seeing proper experiments.
For too long, a few very loud voices drowned out any sensible conversation on this issue.
Which leaves it to sensible Democrats and sane Republicans to repel and defeat the president's demagoguery.
Nothing seems to inflame him more than partisan grandstanding interfering with his idea of sensible policy.
Perhaps something sober and sensible was what you felt you needed after Mr. Bleckmann's dazed set?
You believe there is truth in everything, but will usually still make the most sensible choice.
Thatcher had said collecting teddy bears was a "very sensible hobby" for a member of Parliament.
Social media tends to empower the loudest and most extreme voices over the more sensible ones.
Promising to intervene in cases where there is serious harm isn't just sensible — it's also scalable.
Governments have plenty of scope to boost output by pursuing sensible policies and abandoning foolish ones.
People with a legitimate need for them should not balk for a moment at sensible controls.
Women in the capital are generally more associated with sensible pumps than teetering patent leather numbers.
It would be more sensible than some of the other chants that occur at these events.
Wouldn't it be sensible to drop him for the F.A. Cup and some Premier League fixtures?
"He should be sensible in terms of provoking the streets," Mr. Caiado said of Mr. Temer.
Opponents of stronger background checks and other sensible measures are betting on our children to fail.
A procession of epiphanies and expanded thoughts that settle into a different partition of the sensible.
Companies frequently offered only the medicines they wanted to sell rather than the most sensible choices.
The sun clashes with taskmaster Saturn, your sensible planetary ruler, finding you making a responsible choice.
Expect Philadelphia's famously frenzied fans to react to their team's first-round pick with sensible detachment.
It gave me some hope that the sensible center can hold this country together after all.
Trump's decision to flip the table and storm away is predictable but in no way sensible.
"Cada vez que nos acercamos, decían: 'Bueno, no podemos hablar de eso aquí porque es sensible'".
She gave solid, compelling answers and conveyed herself as the sensible pick among her Democratic challengers.
The Canadians will just keep telling you about their terrific, sensible, well-adjusted young prime minister.
"It's a sensible strategic move for Best Buy," according to Charlie O'Shea, Moody's lead retail analyst.
That may sound sensible to conservatives who, contrary to evidence, believe that Medicaid receipt discourages work.
A sensible way forward has been suggested by Secretary of State Rex TillersonRex Wayne TillersonState Dept.
Paul Johnson, director of The Institute for Fiscal Studies think-tank, described Hammond's changes as "sensible".
"Take risk off the table," said CFP Dana Aspach, CEO of Sensible Money in Scottsdale, Arizona.
And so when ample warnings went unheeded by some, the county took sensible -- not radical -- action.
Invest in sensible gun reform laws that allow us to do our job without lockdown drills.
Let's instead focus on a sensible economic plan to help those Trump voters who are hurting.
Hence, the large increase in scholarship support, which acts as a sensible form of price discrimination.
It is important to consider sensible cannabis policy reform as a states' rights and federalism issue.
When your bathtub is nearly full, it's usually a sensible idea to turn down the spigot.
Last year, while still a senator, Sessions voted against a sensible bipartisan bill sponsored by Sens.
Any sensible individual, at this point, would've taken control of fate and promptly shaved his head.
The sensible response to this unnerving series of developments is to do pretty much anything else.
Yet despite the constraints and pressure, some workers managed to strike sensible compromises between various demands.
His report, published on Wednesday, offers a clear analysis of the challenges and some sensible remedies.
But a sensible approach to reform would look something like this: keep capital high and rules simple.
This is the real reason the "rich" are frequently seeking out countries with sensible CRS-implementation policies.
Sir Tim Berners-Lee doesn't issue too many proclamations, but those he does are usually quite sensible.
BASF's crop protection business is the third-largest in the sector and would make a sensible target.
Until then, all those who fight against sensible gun legislation have no business simply expressing their sympathies.
Then, as now, any responsible and sensible federal prosecutor would recognize this agreement as a major mistake.
For doing all the incredible feats of bravery that we (or any sensible person, ever) never would.
Like any sensible pundit looking back on 2016, I am getting out of the political predictions game.
"It's doable and sensible but it would be complicated," said Marchel Alexandrovich, European financial economist at Jefferies.
Nobody sensible would have watched Gavin Newsom in the early evening Wednesday, but he's really good, too.
The planned British increase (aligning the tax rates of the employed and self-employed) was perfectly sensible.
But it also proves that the company doesn't yet know how to differentiate itself in sensible ways.
It's a sensible evolution of its all-metal flagship phones with a back camera that doesn't suck.
However honeyed and sensible Mr Mnangagwa's recent words, his record of evil-doing cannot be washed away.
These golden moments alone would earn "The Lion and the Rose" a place on any sensible list.
But Trump's speech was sensible and plausible, a middle course between George W. Bush and Barack Obama.
Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook would adopt sensible frameworks for returning cash to shareholders as their profits soar.
The only sensible legal interpretation here is that the writing is on the wall for cookie walls.
Speculation focuses on Mr Jobim and Tasso Jereissati, a sensible PSDB senator from the state of Ceará.
To achieve sensible, long-lasting reform, Mr Trump needs the support of some Democrats in the Senate.
IT BEGAN as an apparently sensible innovation to help Northern Ireland's farmers and the environment in general.
"No one sensible is saying that we should go back to the old system," Harry Holzer adds.
Plenty of them see the focus on individual firms as a politically canny (and thus sensible) substitute.
CHRIS COONSUS SenatorWilmington, Delaware* Your recent article reaches some sensible conclusions but via an error-strewn path.
Presenting a long-awaited white paper, Mr Javid presented a few sensible policies to boost housing supply.
"The timing is always very important and (company) valuations must be in a sensible range," Degenhart said.
If nothing else, Ricky seems a lot more sensible than everyone else, at least for a while.
Sensible Saturn — which has been retrograde in Sagittarius since April 17 — corrects his course on August 13.
We Greens also want to secure the EU's external borders and build a sensible database of fingerprints.
For this reason a test route across the Arabian desert would be a sensible place to start.
Even if you believe that Brexit is a sensible policy, linking Brexit to Mr Trump is foolhardy.
For almost two decades, Democrats have slowly built up the rhetoric about wanting "sensible gun control" legislation.
This is sensible as far as it goes, but it still seems woefully inadequate to the task.
Still, Elrond Burrell, an architect based in New Zealand, questions whether the zero-energy standards are sensible.
It's a Frankenstein device that no sensible smartphone maker like Apple or Samsung would ever bother making.
In the following years, as the economy ticked along steadily, they went for sensible greys and silvers.
The best results are those that lead to formalisation as a by-product of sensible rule-making.
It's a sensible mistake: You're required to withdraw the money and pay income taxes, so why not?
Of course, that's no sensible way to work, which is why Pixar has an incremental rendering technology.
He makes the plan seem like a sensible strategic discussion between two allies plotting their course together.
To achieve the right balance, regulators must find sensible answers to three questions: what are crypto-assets?
The current front-runner is Laurentino Cortizo, the sensible but bland nominee of the Democratic Revolutionary Party.
Philip Hammond, the chancellor of the exchequer, is saying some sensible things about solving Britain's housing shortage.
Trump's biggest defenders will then try to explain how his comments weren't racist but actually incredibly sensible.
If these were sensible grounds for a bail-out, any failing company would be entitled to one.
The US has reached a point where sensible policies, that the nation needs, are off the table.
Some plotters point out that they are well prepared for the conference, with lots of sensible delegates.
In other words, currently there is no sensible theory of quantum gravity that people could agree on.
We thought it was a sensible thing to do, although we were not ordered to do it.
Many of the more sensible solutions take time and start with diagnosing what lies behind the numbers.
Zellner is an awfully assured lawyer, so much so that she can end looking left of sensible.
"Let's just go for it, like Thelma and Louise!" the supposedly sensible Bolt EV seemed to scream.
And that begins with demonstrating an ability to pass a sensible replacement to the Affordable Care Act.
For the last 25 years, WAGV has worked to make California a leader in sensible gun legislation.
"This is an entirely sensible decision and probably an overdue one," said IDC technology analyst John Jackson.
Yet, Republicans won't even consider sensible gun measures because the NRA owns and controls the Republican party.
All of which sounds eminently sensible and feasible but don't hold your breath in terms of timing.
I decided instead to get rich, that it was the only sensible but senseless thing to do.
Zielke said Commerzbank had a clear idea of how it could develop business in a sensible way.
" In a statement, Uber's Queensland general manager Sam Bool praised the government's "sensible, safety based ridesharing regulations.
"It is a very sensible policy move," said Neil Shearing, chief emerging markets economist at Capital Economics.
Meanwhile, shorts could pop the volatile crypto bubble and push prices to more sensible and stable levels.
The underlying objectives—defeating ISIS, countering terrorist threats, punishing the use of chemical weapons—seem sensible enough.
Buff the entire shoe with a buffing brush for about five minutes longer than you think sensible.
Yet, however painful for investors, the sensible goal is ultimately to create slimmer, safer, more profitable outfits.
Russell said that was not a sensible option, and sectors like agriculture could emerge as "big losers".
We find these characters so compelling because they seem to reject the sensible, responsible way to live.
But the upside is that it has finally led Congress to adopt a sensible approach to cybersecurity.
We wear textiles every day, so integrating electronics using fabric was the most sensible thing to do.
The fact that she never once pauses to take the sensible approach doesn't surprise me at all.
We would much rather be at the table helping them to make sensible decisions in our interests.
But these studies are important because they reiterate the importance of general hygiene and taking sensible precautions.
Unfortunately, structural problems in our politics have frustrated the sensible center from solving these and other issues.
Within the context of civic-republican thought, Bobby's apparently disparate political stands become perfectly sensible and coherent.
"I think it's just a sensible decision with the current situation," he said in a text message.
After all, if you're eating healthy, do you make yourself a "minimal" dinner or a sensible dinner?
Even when the final regulation is sensible, the intervening confusion has dampened investment enthusiasm and delayed deployments.
That is far too large a group to deport, even if it were sensible to do so.
I know that there's some people who believe, as do we all, that sensible regulation is good.
It became clear as he started going down that path that he had a pretty sensible plan.
"Most sensible people parked over somewhere and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee," Flynn told Business Insider.
These are timely, sensible ideas, echoing recommendations made by President Obama's task force on 21st-century policing.
Tim Kaine is totally sensible, mostly safe and a bit of a snooze: the aspirin of aspirants.
"I'm very happy that all the parties have been adopting a very sensible attitude," Mr. Chan said.
Blom does the sensible thing and dodges a final verdict on what caused all those vicious winters.