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"just" Definitions
  1. that most people consider to be morally fair and reasonable synonym fair
  2. the just noun [plural] people who are just
  3. appropriate in a particular situation
"just" Synonyms
fair honest decent upright equitable ethical righteous good impartial unbiased unprejudiced fair-minded moral objective virtuous honorable(US) honourable(UK) principled square right valid justified sound logical reasonable accurate commonsense commonsensible commonsensical correct defendable defensible firm hard informed justifiable legitimate levelheaded normal deserved due fitting merited rightful appropriate condign proper apt suitable befitting competent desirable earned sensible rational wise judicious practical astute prudent realistic shrewd sober intelligent discerning pragmatic reasoned sagacious legit authorised(UK) authorized(US) legal licit permissible kosher constitutional legalised(UK) legalized(US) official warranted statutory established acknowledged accepted recognised(UK) recognized(US) sanctioned approved admitted confirmed declared avowed known agreed confessed true professed mere scanty skimpy paltry scant bare meager(US) meagre(UK) minimal only very nothing more than no more than sparse scarce poor exiguous stingy slender spare exactly precisely completely absolutely entirely perfectly totally altogether really truly wholly positively thoroughly utterly dead directly expressly quite squarely unmistakably barely hardly scarcely narrowly marginally almost slightly nearly only just by inches at a push at most by a narrow margin by a whisker by very little by the narrowest of margins by a hair's breadth by the skin of one's teeth by a nose simply but merely alone purely solely exclusively at best plainly nothing but and nothing else and no one else to the exclusion of everyone else to the exclusion of everything else nobbut sommer recently freshly newly lately latterly a moment ago a second ago a short while ago in recent times just a while ago just then very recently a little while back in the recent past not long ago of late a short time ago in the immediate past late presently currently now at present at the minute at the moment at the present time just now only now at the present moment right now at this moment at this time here and now at this moment in time nowadays today in this day and age at this stage contemporarily indeed one hundred per cent unquestionably unequivocally undeniably categorically certainly conclusively clearly irrefutably somewhat faintly fairly lightly moderately nominally relatively partially vaguely rather kinda obscurely a bit a little pretty a shade on purpose especially particularly specifically specially uniquely notably explicitly peculiarly purposefully purposely singularly with someone in mind with something in mind in specie deliberately fair and square by the book honestly lawfully without cheating aboveboard legally legitimately licitly straightforward without foul play according to the rules honest and aboveboard on the level in accordance with the rules on the up and up within the law More
"just" Antonyms
unjust dishonest corrupt immoral unethical wrong devious dishonourable(UK) dishonorable(US) unfair unscrupulous evil inequitable unconscionable unlawful unprincipled unrighteous wrongful ignoble prejudiced groundless baseless illogical senseless unreasoning foolish implausible incoherent irrational reasonless unfounded unjustifiable unscientific absurd crazy disjointed fallacious ludicrous nonrational nonsensical undeserved undue unjustified unmerited unwarranted unearned incorrect unsuitable inappropriate improper unfitting unseemly unsuited excessive unfit inordinate despicable bad contemptible deplorable disgraceful wicked heinous horrifying irresponsible reprehensible appalling low lowly offensive indecent indefensible unreasonable arbitrary insupportable unsustainable untenable capricious illegal illegitimate improbable inexcusable invalid prohibited unacceptable unlikely inapplicable inapposite infelicitous inapt incongruous malapropos misbecoming unapt unbecoming unbeseeming unhappy unmeet dependent conditional contingent subject depending relative reliant aligned determined provisory tentative tied relying partial controlled related counting nonautonomous based on conditional on inaccurate imprecise inexact inauthentic unfaithful loose counterfactual off unreliable unsound wild distorted false flawed untrue defective faulty imperfect moderately reasonably relatively somewhat vaguely comparatively faintly fairly remotely slightly like kinda in a way kind of more or less sort of to a certain degree to a degree to a limited degree to a limited extent substantially significantly considerably greatly markedly noticeably appreciably seriously vastly remarkably a great deal to a great extent to a large extent to a marked extent well carelessly far entirely emphatically easily together collectively cooperatively jointly conjointly combined inclusively collectedly as a group en masse in alliance in collaboration in collusion in combination in conjunction in cooperation in league in partnership in tandem side by side soon later shortly after momentarily erelong anon at any minute at any moment at any second before long ere long in a jiffy in a little while in a minute in a moment in a second in a short time in a tick in due time afterwards thereafter afterward subsequently thereupon after a bit after that at a later date at a later time at another time down the line down the road in a while in due course in time later on eventually quite partially rather passably pretty about almost borderline near nearly practically probably virtually averagely half halfway incompletely part partly approximately doubtfully dubiously indefinite questionably not at all inadequately uncertain in part certainly completely absolutely definitely fully positively surely abundantly amply indubitably really truly undoubtedly frequently very more than well over by all means beyond indirectly circumlocuitously circumlocutorily obliquely periphrastically circuitously evasively discursively diffusely anciently past long ago before some time ago a long time ago ages ago in the old days many years ago many years back since time began in days of yore back when eons ago roughly around circa close to generally say some loosely round about above exceeding over in excess of greater than upwards not just not only away apart afar isolated elsewhere separated at a distance far afield far away far off out of the way extremely highly heavily awfully terribly especially exceedingly extensively frightfully mightily particularly so super too astronomically

994 Sentences With "just"

How to use just in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "just" and check conjugation/comparative form for "just". Mastering all the usages of "just" from sentence examples published by news publications.

And I just wish that I just could just — you know, just honestly just apologize, not only just on behalf of, you know, our department and their ineptitude in handling the situation, but just — everybody in general.
It's just, they're just gonna, we're just gonna separate you.
We're just asking that they have just sentencing, just treatment.
So it was just literally just us being boys and just waking up and just doing what we do.
Simply put: "Just keep going, just keep going, just keep going."
Just the way it was written, I just thought was just beautiful.
SENIOR WHITE HOUSE OFFICIAL: Just -- actually (ph) just -- just as I stated.
Kim just keeps saying, 'Just eight more weeks, just eight more weeks.
Just to have fun, just relax, just hang out with your friends.
It's beautiful and big—just my type, just my flavor, just my everything.
I just can't even ... I just can't ... I can't ... I just hang up.
It is just as frantic, just as tightly scripted, just as New York.
Make sure you're being just as polite, just as eager, just as ambitious.
Well, it's just — I'm just — it's just so sad to talk about it.
Like just, you know, they just love the culture and just appreciated it.
He was just like, 'It's just so good,' and I was just so thrilled.
It just looks like — just beat us on the dribble, transition, just looking faster.
"It's definitely something different just sitting here, just talking and just eating," he said.
It just looks like, just beat us on the dribble, transition, just looking faster.
I just left one -- they just opened one in Texas; I just left it.
It's just that beautiful terracotta color and it just all blends, it's just beautiful.
That&aposll just trigger me to just starve a little bit — just stop eating.
Everything is just different shots of the female body: shots of just the tits, shots of just the feet, shots of just anal [penetration].
Just like Sonny Rollins was honest, just like Pharaoh Sanders is honest, just like Kenny Garrett was honest, just like John Coltrane was honest.
"I just see Kakuma, I just see it, I'm just inside the hole," she says.
You've just gotta go for it and just keep pushing, and just don't be afraid.
She is just as moonfaced, just as dewy, just as wholesome in her cotton gown.
Just as Riley [Keough] is here, just as Ray Ray's here, just as everyone's here.
People just came together in a way that was just profound, just really, really important.
I just literally just did ... I just said lean in and that's a social policy.
And I just -- I just -- I just don't think that that's what we should do.
It's just ... what's the ... they're just all ... I just can't ... I'm so now over it.
It's just, I mean ... just three inches of just solid concrete between him and you.
And you can accuse whatever because you&aposre just just sitting there just telling untruths.
It's not just about us, it's not just about me, it's not just about Rappler.
A: At that point, well, I just thought well, I just went numb and I just thought here we go again type of thing, and I was just, I just felt like an idiot.
But I just, I just, I just I've felt for about a year and a half now that I'm missing something by just using data.
For God's sake, just let me go just let me talk to my parents just let me have a phone just let me convince, I can convince, I get it, I know, I know you can't, but let me just let me just let's step back from what we're doing what the rules are, just begging I am begging for an exception person to person, just please.
It's not just about the event; it's not just some chronological telling of just that event.
Just spread your arms out wide and just be in the moment and just love it.
Just kidding, my workweek is spent just like you, chained to a desk just like yours.
There were just as many workers, just as many factories, just as many retail storefronts, etc.
In this store, pieces are anything but just a sweater, just a bag, just a dress.
So I just think it's just ... If I understood what fired it, I just don't know.
It's not just kids just running around, we just running around with guns, shooting, shooting, shooting.
It&aposs just as strong, starts off just as inky blue, and fades just as beautifully.
It's not just all FedEx, it's not just all XPO and it's not just all UPS.
Just a visceral — not angry, not sad, just, like, that's all I could express — just scream.
You just can't get out there and just hit it just because that's what everyone thinks.
CONWAY: Well, you just — you just suggested that we're just filled with all these other-isms.
You can choose if you want just the shirt, just a book, just a book and goodies, just a book and shirt, or the whole bunch.
You've never made just one comment; you never abused just one time or just one of us.
"I'm just hoping it will be just as good, and won't just be a competition for fame."
Just because you just noticed she's been wearing a ring doesn't mean she just got engaged, okay?
"He's just stupid, dumb, he just did it, he just likes having control over people," Gutierrez said.
People just expect this to be ultimately just a normal hang, just a normal installation, you know?
We know that we need to be just as organized, just as united, and just as loud.
"He just can't, he just can't, he just can't control his feet," they sang, with some accuracy.
Just needs the bacon just right and the blue cheese not too fancy but also just right.
People say to themselves, But I was just talking, I was just chatting, I was just texting.
Just this week Chrissy Teigen just debuted a polished version and now Selena Gomez just jumped aboard.
And it's just that guy that's just over there constantly just makin' you want to strangle him.
KS: Hm, and they just, you said why did you just, confuse yourself, or you just were?
You could tell ... She just seemed not happy or maybe she was just ... She was just jet lagged.
I didn't know that so I just kind of stood there and just kept healing, just kept healing.
"It was just really important to always just be there to encourage and just be supportive," she said.
It's the knowledge that this will never be just one day, just one message, just one hateful person.
The way medicine is done has no ... even just records, just everything, just doesn't seem to get moving.
TAVERNISE: And she just looked at me, and her face just, like — she just started crying so hard.
And I'll just tell you, it would just seem like if he didn't just get behind the wheel.
Beer gut or no beer gut, Thor is still just as powerful, just as cool, just as godly.
I just want to basically just stack on more interesting problems to solve or just more interesting experiences.
"This isn't just a website and it isn't just a podcast network and it isn't just a show on HBO Go and it isn't just Bill's show," Fennessey said.
"It was just fearless, it didn't worry about me, it just came straight at me and I just videoed it, it just came right past my legs," he said.
I was just really, really happy just to be pain-free and enjoying life, literally just doing normal things.
And they just looked at each other and they were just laughing, and it was this just beautiful moment.
It was just like someone gave the word and they just picked up all their stuff and just left.
In our block language you're just already building it — you can just see it, you can just use it.
I don't really write, I just kind of go in and just say it, and words just start coming.
Not just a phase I was going through, and not just a fad, not just something that was temporary.
It's just stupid, everyone just wants to sleep with everyone, just go to a show and talk to someone!
I was just always out of school, I guess just being a kid, just running around, getting into trouble.
"Old Town Road" was just catchy enough, just new enough, and just weird enough that people clasped onto it.
"Coach Day, he just kept saying, 'Just keep swinging, just keep swinging,'" Ohio State defensive end Chase Young said.
If it takes just one person that's just off the rails on a certain day, it's just not good.
And just how gifted he is as a songwriter and just as a singer and then, just how he much lets it all roll off, like, he just doesn't care.
"What's just for the Scott family is not necessarily just for the Slager family, and what's just for the Slager family is not necessarily just for the Scott family," he said.
And I just tried to stay awake, because Mika just prattles on, and Joe just sits there looking like Joe.
So, I&aposll just have a big giant roll of tape and I just sit there and just unwind it.
They just tolerate things like sexual harassment, or assume they just get paid less and that's just how it is.
"They're just tiny pinhole cameras that are mounted in just about everything—shoes, bird feeders, just about anything," said Dexheimer.
I was just trying to get the right news and just wanted to help somehow, but I just could not.
He'll just go to the studio and It's honestly just like him, just going ham with like and engineer, really.
"I just kept screaming and screaming and it was just so quiet in there, no answers, just nothing," Burrington says.
It just ballooned to the point where we just said 'okay, it'd be easier just to make a new game.
It just says that we just all have to come together and unite, not divide, not separate, just come together.
"I was just shocked and honestly just confused the way it all turned so negative just numbed me," she says.
You could say the encounter just got just a little bit slimy, even if it's just a bit of fun.
"I was just shocked and honestly just confused…the way it all turned so negative just numbed me," O'Neill describes.
It was just one of those prime moments, and it just felt like everything just switched on to something great.
Just a gummy mouth, no teeth, just a big smile, happy that you're alive and you're just looking at him.
"Everyone just gets wild, and you're just breaking down boundaries and barriers and you're really just able to be yourself."
So I've seen so many different ones with him, and it just felt like just, I don't know, just me.
"He was walking down Sand Point Way just firing at anything -- just without any regard, just kept firing," Barrett said.
"He was just flipping out -- just scared," she said.
I'm just 18 — just trying to navigate my life.
He just didn't want — he was just naturally paranoid.
They just -- she just rushed out in a panic.
That's just who she is — she's just very sweet.
CUOMO: Congressman, let's just -- Congressman, let's just remind people.
It's not just, not just ... Yeah, but not enough.
I'm just going to — No, I just want to.
" Instead of just being like, "is this just me?
Just skittishness; just tweets — little annoyances, but no pressure.
Age is just a number — just ask Suzanne Somers.
I think just today ... They just fired Danny Masterson.
Just finished up talking about Just Capital but -- PAUL TUDOR JONES: A day of celebration for great companies doing just things.
And also just share with my audience in a different format that isn't just a post or just an Instagram story.
Asians aren't just one nationality — it's not just Chinese, it's not just Japanese, there are girls from everywhere [in the show].
Because the lyrics are just as impactful, the vibe is just as electric—it's just expressed differently and it's not seen.
I would love to just do it just to go in and fight somebody just because I want to fight somebody.
There are people here just like me, who are suffering just like me, who hurt inside and out, just like me.
I just saw [Arnold] Schwarzenegger at the gym the other day, and he just turned 70 and I just turned 50.
It just seems like, even to me in my position — like is everyone just living this other life that's just fantastic?
So remember — that is 8,000 deaths in just one year and just one part of one state, and just from violence.
She's a woman of color — and is just as Queens, just as New York, and just as American as Donald Trump.
"It's just errors, just bonehead plays, just not being myself when I have the ball, not being careful," Whitehead told reporters.
I just got today the, as you know, the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police, we justjust came in.
I just want to, I just feel ... I think that was not a cool horse to just, oh look at me.
Like they just all just set me on fire, heat spike through the roof, and then they just started punching me!
Not just to endure it, not just to suffer it, not just to pass through it, but to live in it.
And just to have it fall so flat and just be something that I just don't want to use is disappointing.
Then there was bone, just it, it was just shattered into a thousand little pieces, just a million of little pieces.
It's just as good, just as smart, and just as funny, and it's been under the radar for way too long.
Just to broaden the story, so just because this person's black, you don't just assume one set story to the painting.
He would just pop off and just kill the tension.
Did he just go away, just go off the edge?
CAVUTO: Congressman, I&aposm just -- just curious of the process.
I promise you, not just -- not just on immigration reform.
Just imagine unlocking your iPhone just by looking at it.
It's just like, Why can't we just make friendship bracelets?
Just kidding — but we're just really stoked for this, okay?
You just have to open up ... Kara Swisher: Just Idaho?
"It was just cool to just sit back and watch."
" She continued, "We are never just good or just bad.
I just loved bigger lips, and I just got obsessed.
The cast was just phenomenal, magnificent, it just killed me.
Her characters weren't just white, and they weren't just straight.
So they just say just leave both of them home.
Not just gender, just everything, there's so much toxicity everywhere.
And I just kind of overlooked them and just adapted.
Just rude comments, how you looked or just inappropriate jokes.
Not just for myself; just ask any of my colleagues.
This is just ... this is just a little pit stop.
It was just like, it just was like a machine.
I have to just mentally just keep pushing it back.
" She goes, "Yeah, they just said they're just like us.
"It was just another supposition, just another possibility," he said.
Generally she's just in cars just coming around all day.
Right now it's just puncturing it just to do it.
It was just her personality – just such a sweet person.
Basically I was just kind of just getting these denials.
" I'm like, "Yes, we're just doing this, we're just shifting.
"It's just for TikTok, It's just for fun," she added.
One is just doing more of what we just launched.
That's just what people say just before they buy something.
It was just kind of like, 'Let's just be ourselves.
It's just you and another valet driver just like me.
Just start running and then you will just get better.
So I would just, you just gotta skip this one.
She was just like, 'Just go, create, and be free.
"I'm just sad, I'm just really, really sad," Oxley says.
It was just raging ... It was just going so fast.
She was amazing at ingredients, just as just a consumer.
"Just having children, honestly, just going through labor!" she says.
Just because something is political doesn't mean it's just politics.
I just don't think that ... Just to speed things up?
You've just gotta embrace it and just go with it.
I just don't think ... He's just a little bit awkward.
The secret is just repetition — just doing it every day.
You can just get in the car, and just go.
There's just something so insane about... I just love it.
It just counts as one win, just like this one.
Just because they were just so angry at the time.
Just to have this, it's just icing on the cake.
We are just friends and will always remain just friends.
He joined in just before that, and left just after.
So, yeah, just playing nice man, just crying and praying.
No. CONWAY: Just today -- just today in the briefing room.
"I just automatically scan rooms, it just happens," he added.
It's not just heat waves, and it's not just Europe.
We just looked at each and we were just, fuck!
I saw him recently and just we just sat there.
Is it just institutional sexism that we're just not into?
" Handler answered, "I would just, I would just look up.
They were just – they were just happy I was going.
Just like the boys, she's just here for the payoff.
And it's not just breast cancer or even just cancer.
But just for the sake of discussion, let's just ask ...
If we decide it's just family, then it's just family.
So, it wasn't positioned just to have just the dresser.
We're just releasing [Risk], so I'm just realizing the landscape.
It's not just public policy organizations, it's not just policymakers.
And just generally, we just think people should have insurance.
"We just sit there and just miss him," she says.
I just saw her and she just asked for help.
I just started in, I was just gonna do it.
I just figured it was just going to get better.
Well, sometimes you're just dumb, sometimes you just miss stuff.
This is just a few examples in just one space.
She just loves it and just has so much joy.
Just like my coaches told me, 'It just takes one.
These are just companies that just keep spending and spending.
"I just deleted them, just blocked the people," Joshua said.
The bust came just as hard and just as fast.
She just wouldn't give up, she just wouldn't give in.
It's just a fabulous opportunity and just a wonderful plant.
It wasn't just them, and it wasn't just that night.
I just think that it's just not worth being in.
But many feel just the opposite -- and just as strongly.
Something just ahead, almost at hand, just on the horizon.
There's just something about it that just feels very gratifying.
We just — we just had a conversation about law enforcement.
If you just cut reimbursement rates, they'll just bill more.
TRUMP: Well, let me just say — let me just say.
I'm just so happy, my eyes are just like everywhere.
It's not just astronomy, it's not just science, it's everywhere.
Not just, forget IPOs, I mean that's just timing, right?
I just saw a guy who looks just like you!
I just felt it and just started to pursue it.
Sarah had just turned 22007 and I'd just turned 220.
I don't want to just be known just for Uzi.
I'm just, well, I'm just a little surprised, that's all.
You know, just live life just because it's so fun.
I'm just here for the sites, just for the history.
I don't just write fake news just to write it.
And that's just from reading the words I just typed.
But we can't just stop at, 'Sometimes things just suck.
It's not just The Times, and it's not just Facebook.
It is just about capital; Arsenal is just another corporation.
Incredibly, just a week ago, there were just 21 cases.
It's just a Photoshop template just to make me happy.
ES: Just think about this one, what you just said.
I'm just focusing on not that, just the next match.
Or is it just a circus, just a ridiculous circus?
It's just not our narrative; it's just not my fight.
Because a lot of people just — they just slog on.
But sometimes, I just feel like we're all just animals.
But it was not just Iran, and not just Facebook.
" I just said to myself, "This is just too bizarre.
"It just hasn't gotten to everywhere, just like the coronavirus."
And let me add just one theme ... Just one theme.
And let me add just one theme ... Just one theme.
Now it's just pointless because it just keeps playing itself.
We'll just play, we'll just go right into the chorus.
I just want my sandwich; I just want my coffee.
Unfortunately, the clip is just her just calling someone poor.
When you zoom in, it's just atoms just like us.
"But then again, they're just human beings just like us."
Just a suggestion, just putting it out there for you.
The Ziegfield Follies's is just … well, just look it up.
"It's just not good and just not right," Bryce said.
And it's not just the thing that you just said.
Not just great this year or not just extremely good.
I have just more energy than ever ... I'm just fine.
I just go out there and just shoot the ball.
We just have to keep going and just keep playing.
It might be just inartful, and just a clerical discrepancy.
Not just young women and not just white women, either.
Deception is just a tool; betrayal is just an inconvenience.
I just think she was just nailing and hitting shots.
This isn't a game that you'll just like, just enough.
I'm just saying, it just seems to have gotten worse.
I just laid my bike down and I just rolled.
Is that just born or just people are like that?
Or just assume you're just a big old company, right?
Barter 6 was just like, OK, let's just do it.
"That was just so blatantly, super racist, it's just ridiculous "
Also, just trying to, and it's not just that too.
Just so you know, just giving you some information there.
I just don't, I just think it's not organized well.
I just wish you would just not work collaboratively sometimes.
We just record at one of our houses, and it's just kind of strange that people just rock up to our flat.
"We just tried to be active with our hands and just tried to be everywhere, just like we usually are," Rozier said.
There's just something about being a redhead … that just makes me feel really feminine and free, and just connected … I feel sexy.
Just ask ex-Chicago Cubs hitting coach Chili Davis, who says he just got FIRED because those damn kids just wouldn't listen!!!
That it just comes from the sky, and it's just like most people in this audience are just born with a democracy.
"This is not just about guns, it's not just about school safety, it's not just about mental health, it's everything," he said.
Sometimes I just sit there and just like OK, like I have no idea, my brain is just not thinking at all.
Lindsey: It's more about the brand, so you can just, the excuse would be just, oh they're just using this for promotion.
"She just wanted to be listened [to], just wanted to be heard, just wanted for somebody to say, 'It's okay,'" she said.
DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Can I just say, I just think the whole thing - - all of it is just a real shame.
I didn't even know I was crying, I was just like, "I just… I… ah… " and then it was just so yikes.
" Just cause when I heard the finished product for ["Over"] I was just like, it was just "yeah this is really special.
I was just watching his highlights and interviews about him just before he passed and it really hurts just to see that.
The Dark Ages did not just happen, the Renaissance Era did not just dawn, and the Industrial Revolution did not just spark.
"It was just so overwhelming for me, everything, just the performance — I missed some cues so I was a little disappointed at that — and just everyone, just the support," he told host Jimmy Fallon.
It just feels relaxing, you know, and I have been unsettled now since February, so I am excited to just get some place and just have my stuff and just relax a little bit.
To just sit there and take a breath and just say, very simply and directly, why you don't agree with something instead of just calling him a name or getting angry — it's just like teenagers.
Just iPhone With Zeiss wide-angle lens Just iPhone With Zeiss wide-angle lens Just iPhone With Zeiss wide-angle lens Just look at how much more you can see in this tiny little studio.
It&aposs not just rolling back abortion rights, it&aposs not just rolling back gay rights, it&aposs not just eliminating affirmative action.
I just remember her looking at me, and she just started smiling, and she was like, 'Well, we might as well just dance.
I just left … I just felt like you were just dying to talk but you couldn't and you didn't know what to do.
It's just a lot of people at the airport — everyone just taking pictures of you when you're just trying to be in sweats.
You can do just as many amazing things, and you can be just as glamorous, and just as much of an ass-kicker.
And I just dump a huge bowl in the middle and everyone just has to roll up their sleeves and just dig in.
"Both of us were just in such a state of trauma and I just — it just poured through on that call," Lyle says.
When you are one of those people that just exude confidence and just believe in yourself, the world just opens up to you.
Disability doesn't just look one way, it doesn't just feel one way, it doesn't just manifest one way in somebody's body or mind.
"It's just bad on my part and I just need to be better ... just gotta be on time," Bamba told the Orlando Sentinel.
So I literally was just laying on the ground, just in my underwear and just sweating as cockroaches are crawling all over me.
"I finally just hugged her and we just held each other for like a solid, probably two minutes, just sobbing," Cleverly tells PEOPLE.
We just feel our taste is better, we feel we've just outgrown them, and just been more advanced with our technique of cooking.
So I was literally just lying on the ground just in my underwear and just sweating as cockroaches are crawling all over me.
For Beyoncé, a song is never just a song; a video is never just a video; a dress is never just a dress.
The video for the East LA band's single is just as powerful, just as inspiring, and just as raw as the song itself.
"I definitely hope to continue not just writing one type of music, or just doing soundtracks, or just doing solo work," she says.
I just read that Form Labs, based up in Boston, they were just, they just got a million dollar, or billion dollar valuation.
I just think it's a genuine — I'm just going to take it on its face and just be like, yes, more of this.
Just five years later, just as Trump was about to be voted into office, this figure had fallen to just under 30 percent.
And if we just let that go and just focus on service, then ... Our magazine's heritage is just so much richer than that.
"I can't just play bad, because nobody's just bad," Montgomery said.
Just watch the walkthrough of all its movements, it's just adorable:
It's just not obvious just by looking at the ingredient list.
So it's just a complicated situation in which we're just waiting.
Now I just saw Rolling Stone just threw something out there.
The rich are just like us -- they just have better pets.
I just want everyone to know we are just co-parenting.
And there&aposs just -- there&aposs just no time left anymore.
And, it&aposs just to me just so obvious and wrong.
I don't fight just because I love it just that much.
Nicolino walked just one, but he also struck out just one.
It's just that this stock is just violently out of favor.
"(I just told myself) just stop the next one," Talbot said.
KEVIN HASSETT: Yeah, it's just like -- it's just like last year.
We just had Jeff Sessions approved and just as an example.
It just got so chaotic, I just did not know anymore.
WATTERS: Juan just advertise that -- KENNEDY: He just sells gold catheters.
"I just think it's a tragedy, just an accident," Haddox said.
I know I'm just a comedian, and these are just words.
"I just think that God just has a plan," she says.
I just assumed that there's just no way I'd be considered.
The whole thing just had me so upset—just not knowing.
Just if you're just a hair off, it doesn't go in.
No, I just don't, I just decided I'm done with it.
I just teach them the parts, then we just keep practicing.
"We just feel so blessed, and we're all just so happy."
The kitchen is a place just for us, just for humans.
Erika: Just like they said: good vibes and just chilling. Yeah.
Innovation in this area doesn't just mean just developing new drugs.
You just grab the kids, the dogs and you just leave.
"Just gotta be fun with it, just call out the idiots."
Just kidding; we all know that the answer is just tan.
But I'm just like, 'Fuck it, I'll just make something else.
It's just one of those iconic things that just seems current.
"Dawn" & "Dusk" — The sky just before sunrise and just after sunset.
Paint wasn't just paint, and repeating an action wasn't just repetition.
This isn't just about the Clinton campaign or just about politics.
Then I started just filming anything — walking around town just shooting.
Just that back and forth, just how Sad For You mean.
They just don't try too hard, and it's just so good.
It's just regular me just trying to be a good person.
I hesitate to say just darker, because it's not just darker.
I would just walk out and just give attitude to people.
"They're just being themselves, and I'm just recording it," Parker said.
To me, they're just goddesses, just amazing women and amazing athletes.
They just hear about your stuff, and they're just very rude.
But we just kind of had to dive in, just DIY.
Do we just say "screw it" and just go for it?
It's just… I'm just chagrined, irritated, cold, wet, tired, and exhausted.
It's just below that X formation just to left of center.
I just wanted it to be just so pure and gorgeous.
I just take my job serious and that's just my approach.
I just remember feeling, I guess I'll just let her finish.
It's just something inside of me, I'm just not done yet.
"I can't just play bad, because nobody's just bad," Montgomery explained.
"You just can't, you just can't cough," Trump told the cougher.
If I'm outside, I'm constantly just looking around, just for mosquitoes.
It's just software, and the Echo Dot is just a computer.
"He's just a nose picker — just like his daddy!" jokes Tori.
They have just the thing for just that, and that's beautiful.
We're just with him, and the fighter jets are just background.
We just listened to some music and stuff first, just chilled.
So it's just not enough to just consider who teams beat.
It just felt like everyone was just a little more comfortable.
Everyone sitting at home just thinking their TV just messed up.
I'd just like to ... Final point, just for the investor guys.
To approach them abstractly, as just words, on just the internet.
It's just a game and I'm going to just play it.
At just 27 years-old, Robbie is clearly just getting started.
Because it's just one group, and it's just a big event.
They vote many times, not just twice, not just three times.
So the FOMC meeting just concluding – the press conference just concluding.
But for me it was just all about just being myself.
"I just concentrate on just me and the catcher," Jorge said.
You're not just proud of guys just when they do well.
The concept of just leaving your life just isn't a thing.
Yeah, I mean it's just ... yeah, it's just rude, you know?
Sometimes it just feels mad claustrophobic and just a little limiting.
It's just one of those things where it just takes effort.
Excellent Jobs Numbers just released - and I have only just begun.
It's just getting over that hump and it just feels unbelievable.
But I just needed a second, and it was just great.
I think everybody just stayed together and we just kept playing.
So, they just said 'Welp, we just got to do it.
So, $20161 million, on just these two initiatives, just this year.
Just an epic penguin wipe-out: Just how curious are penguins?
I'm not mad but just Keebler and just in Spanish. pic.twitter.
You're just able to kinda like just stay in the studio.
The staple is just easy — and goes with just about anything.
So just wait and see, it's just a matter of time.
And they just locked the doors and just kept everyone in.
"Jazz just isn't just about the notes you play," he said.
I'm just Jeff and we're just trying to make something honest.
It's not just the joy and it's not just the power.
And that's because heroes aren't just escapist, and aren't just exciting.
A man would just think it's probably just something that happens.
They were just Lars' band ,and they just grew and grew.
Like all concept cars, it's just mostly just a beautiful dream.
She just said, 'Dad, I just can't watch it right now.
It can't just be organizing and it can't just be politics.
At this point, we're just going to keep going, just because.
"Cespedes just hit a seed, just missed one foul," Mattingly said.
That was just nice... it was just nice to see everybody.
This is just insane — just the history in this one room.
"During the game, I just need to just pitch," Perez said.
But hopefully it'll be someone just as qualified, just as strong.
Even now just talking about it, my heart is just broken.
Just being around Bill is an inspiration, just his whole presence.
Just be warned: It feels impossible to have just one slice.
She just looks me dead in the eyes and just smiles.
It's just plants—no more, no less, yet just as splendid.
That is retweeted just 134 times and liked just 320 times.
It's just... I just came inside, and it's raining out. What?
Maybe just around the house, maybe just for a special occasion.
You just want it to feel just like it's supposed to.
The Just Runners cost $95, while the Just Toppers are $115.
Life isn't just about money, and jobs aren't just about income.
Dries: I was just watching dailies today, just staring at them.
We're just all here to work, and that's just the goal.
I just hope it's soon and I just hope it's gracious.
Prince Harry: … just wagging tails and I was just like argh.
They just do it effortlessly, and it's just amazing to watch.
I was just like, 'Yo, I just want to train, man.
But he's just being a freak, I mean, he's just terrible.
I'm just saying: I just don't feel like shopping right now.
"Parties are not just labels, they're not just ideas," she said.
Oh wait, you just learned it by reading this just now!
I guessed that it just got over the "chicken" line. Just.
I just wanted to recharge my body and mind, just recuperate.
It's just like they always say: "University heads just don't understand."
Bad guys need to fall just down the stairs just so.
Leigh Bardugo, she's just a fucking genius, she's just so brilliant.
It's not just them and it's not just the sports writers.
Just make a joke just so ... because they can move. Right.
If you're just flirting then take a bunch just for them.
Unless they're just crazy, everyone talks about that, they're just geniuses.
Generally, it's just stuff that's ridiculous, weird, or just not possible.
It's not 'just being straight' or just a 'special snowflake' syndrome.
We just got into that old way, just laying it down.
And then I just said, Fucking do it, just do it.
Not just two men It wasn't just Boyd and Brooks complaining.
"It's just words, folks; it's just words," he said about Mrs.
We were just looking at each other like, What just happened?
We just are, we just be, like rocks beside the road.
The conditions were just different, and I just wasn't well adjusted.
I'm buying mine here just because we've actually just run out.
We'd just show up and we'd just rock out their faces.
It's just that the language of it all has just changed.
I had just left the work force — not retired, just tired.
That was just awful, I have to tell you, just awful.
Anyway, you just think it just doesn't seem like a radical ...?
I was just beginning the piece, just working on the music.
But I was just taking photos, I was just taking pano.
He's just the cutest, he just makes me happy on Instagram.
"It was just blood all over, just leaking out," she said.
"Well, it's just the first round, just started it," she said.
I'm just judging on just the purest human level, you know.
Eliot's own writing was just as funereal and just as wry.
It's just so suspicious, someone's got to ask, 'What just happened?
"And then just to basically rip them away, it's just wrong."
I just remember just wanting to melt away into the bleachers.
It was just a couple thousand people just making crass jokes.
" But they're just like, "Just hang in there, hang in there.
I just want to win, just to see what it's like.
By just floating it, just a better chance for a tip.
It becomes "just what Washington does," and just what they hate.
It just takes much more, I think, than just your game.
For some reason I just thought science fiction was just fascinating.
I just miss him, and I just want to love him.
And they just build you up to just break you down.
"We could just open the doors and just go," Evans said.
"What did you just do?!" just kept repeating in my brain.
After just a couple of days my review unit just… broke.
"Instinct just kicked in, I just grabbed that leash," he said.
Like stuff they were just making up just to violate me.
It's better than just sitting on the sidelines and just watching.
"Kevin is just like a cow, he's just smaller," Trump said.
" She added: "I just kept saying 'I just want to die.
I sat down, everyone just swooped in, and we just started.
Al Qaeda was just a badge, just like Islamic State is.
Just as important, the benefits don't just accrue to students themselves.
I just don't — I just, I never thought it was necessary.
These aren't just any standards, and this isn't just any fight.
It just takes much more, I think, than just your game.
He just has to become the superstar Freddie Mercury was. Just.
Innovation on antibiotic resistance doesn't just mean just developing new drugs.
And it just seemed to me that that was just wrong.
Well, you just got Breitbart, and you can just generate outrage.
But Carson is just... just... out there, tumbling around the universe.
We only have just a few minutes, just two more minutes.
Well, many think it's just women who have just had it.
And they get sold, just recently, just this year to Spotify.
Nobody just goes through life and just win 100 percent nonstop.
Ah, Bill Gates, just ... you know what, just scroll through Twitter.
I was just freestyling for 15 minutes, just random cow stuff.
SD: Can I just insert myself for just one little thing?
SB: It's just like a comedy bully and that's just fun.
Just now, Nancy Pelosi just declared we're in a Constitutional crisis.
Most of us were just going crazy just from being there.
It's this "just music, just for you" approach that I miss.
Like I just can't do ... I'm just not good at that.
Ah, Bill Gates, just you know what, just scroll through Twitter.
Yeah. Mallun: Or just a commentary, or maybe it's just cathartic.
"I want to feel just a little / Just a little, just a little / Put my heart in the middle / In the middle, in the middle / Wanna live just a little," the band sings on the track.
"I kind of just have an assumption that there are some things about college facilities that are just bad, like dorms are never just amazing, food is never just amazing," said Ms. Cuccia, the Georgetown sophomore.
"I kind of just have an assumption that there are some things about college facilities that are just bad, like dorms are never just amazing, food is never just amazing," said Ms. Cuccia, the Georgetown sophomore.
But Equal Pay Day is not just an American advocacy day, just as the gender pay gap is not just an United States phenomenon.
"We used very simple hair clips just to keep it really fresh just so it was about nothing except just for her," says Saltzman.
To win Eurovision is to find the sweet spot between camp and sincerity: just enough politics, just enough eccentricity, just enough pan-European appeal.
The month closes with not just a super moon, not just a full moon, and not just a blue moon— but an eclipse, too!
"The issue isn't just in metro centers or just in rural centers, it is not just in for-profit or non-profit," Morrison said.
And I think you just read— it just came out minutes ago— the small business report, small businesses as of just now are booming.
SH: It's just so inspiring to see them just be their best selves just be brave enough to share yourself in this ungrateful world.
"Space is another musical parameter just like pitch, just like rhythm, just like timbre, and it's something that's often kind of neglected," Herndon said.
But we hope that stuff just disappears, and people just remember the creature's performance, and remember Sally's performance, and just focus on that part.
I'm just saying, it's just another example because I just noticed you tweeted about it, which then attracted a lot of hate, I noticed.
You have to make the right choices, not just once, not just twice, not just one day, or even a week or a month.
We all just put our hands together and then just closed our eyes and just vibrated, felt each other's energies and vibes and shit.
"I'm not just a child star and I'm not just someone's sister and I'm not just a teen mom," she says in the trailer.
It was the kind of moment that you witness but your brain just rejects; you can't believe you just saw what you just saw.
He just stopped for me and was just so happy and thrilled to see me, just as I was so thrilled to see him.
Because he has no shame and he just says anything, and it's just continuous fodder and you can just continually make fun of it.
Sometimes you're really struggling to just, like, fake-act, which is just the grossest feeling on earth, but this one just felt almost easy.
And we just wanted to start in a place that was positive and it was just not even positive, but just, I lack the word, but it was just like don't overthink, you known what I mean?
Sometimes people are just having really bad days maybe they just got fired from a job, their boyfriend/girl friend just broke up with them, or they just woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
"I just wanted to check in on …""Just wondering if you&aposd decided between …""If you can just give me an answer, then …""I&aposm just following up on …"I started paying attention, at work and beyond.
Not just hip-hop culture, not just black culture, but American culture.
JULIA ROBERTS: I just thought it was really clever and just funny.
I just needed to be just a hair better than I was.
We'll just say ... bubbly flows just fine where the sun don't shine.
"I just fell to the ground and just started bawling," she said.
I don't want just a white dress or just a wedding dress.
"We think that's just that just means that it's better for gamers."
Even when just, no matter how just, war is state-sanctioned violence.
LG: "I just need a tablet, I just need my phone," right?
I was just like, &aposGod, can we just get this over with?
But yeah, I just think, I just think … It's an interesting idea.
Just sharing the wealth over here… just sharing this really great advice.
BENSON: I just think when you are -- BAIER: Let me just interrupt.
Right. Because it's just you, it's not just free-floating out there.
"Oh God, just my health, my family, I'm just grateful," she says.
" Adding, "I would find myself just sitting alone and just being depressed.
Some days it was just names, other days it was just bruises.
We'll say it's just one more week, it's just a few women.
Could she just say, 'Dorinda, you're hearing rumors, just say you're sorry.
You just try to stay low to the ground and just believe.
"And just under those lights, just sweating, you drop off a bunch."
So I'm just asking you, just try to be kind to yourself.
WATTERS: And just to listen, I didn&apost speak, I just listened.
We wanted readers, not just visitors; artistic appreciation, not just social likes.
It's just part of the thing, and I just let it go.
HANNITY: When we come back, Newt Gingrich, this just breaking, just in.
No one can possibly just have something just hanging in the air.
A lot of mayors they just just didn't want to do it.
Just ask Apple, which was just called "boring" by a former employee.
It just was so sad and funny, and I just started giggling.
Well, let's just say the products ring in at just under $1,000.
Just like I'm not a bad person; I just made bad choices.
"Just going out there and battling and just really concentrating on pitching."
I was just like, 'Just come follow us around for a day.
And it was just fun, it was just such a good energy.
Really, they deserve just as much love, and just as much swag.
Not just in certain places and not just on a certain day.
Just keep your wits about you and you should do just fine.
"I'm just a regular guy that just listened to the right people."
That's just how it goes in Isaan, it's just what you do.
Just last week, UiPath just last week expanded its own imaging capabilities.
STEWART: He's just learned how to -- he's just doing judo against them.
My first thought was just bewilderment, really—I just stared at him.
I just think it was just the way the game played out.
I just think that she is just such an incredible role model.
It's not just for Halloween It's not just for Halloween any more.
Maybe, just maybe, our bread has just been a little too fresh.
So we had all just celebrated something we hoped had just happened.
I just got to the point that I was just shutting down.
And it's not just going to be just a Pixel 3 feature.
And this isn't just happening in July or just for the summer.
Also, she'd be just as kick-ass of a Betty (just sayin').
But I just need that time and so I just take it.
And just the lottery system just doesn&apost make sense to me.
"So, now I just have a new motto: 'Just let it be.'"
I was just in tight and just tried to stay with it.
Just to see, just because it was important to them to know.
We&aposre just reading -- we&aposre just reading stories like you are.
Right now, I just can't believe what is happening … I'm just dumbfounded.
If you just look at the charts, it is just not true.
I just knew that relationship just wasn't progressing romantically like the others.
We just held each other for probably two hours and just cried.
I just thought ... You know, I couldn't believe what I just heard.
It turns out it's just dramatically better to just have people ask.
They're still just websites, just with better caching, notifications, and background functionality.
However, don't just give up the quest for train travel just yet.
"He's just so handsome, I just love him," the Empire star gushed.
"I feel just as married and just as in love," he said.
It's just one of those things where we just couldn't fight it.
Midge isn't interested — she just just wants Rose off of her back.
This one was just in such perfect condition… It just felt strange.
Here, I just think that our guys just feel comfortable and good.
Some people are just dance crews and some people are just acrobats.
I just was online with him, we just did an online thing.
You're just letting go of all worries and just rolling with it.
"Just take it, Geoff, just in case," he asks engineer Geoff Emerick.
Trump supporters just go out and they just say how they feel. . . .
No, just kidding, let's just watch this panda eat a popsicle instead.
"People are just nice — they're just nicer to you," she told Fallon.
Just like, 'Okay, this is happening, just breathe and go with it.
This is not just our future, this is not just their future.
I just thought, Oh, let's just have a bomb on the bus.
Back then it just seemed like the smaller towns were just crazier.
And just the deflation argument in Europe, it just isn't there anymore.
I was just like, they're not just zombies, they're actually functioning people.
The mental picture is just fascinating, but the reality is just . . . no.
And just relaxing with my kids, my wife, and just have fun.
Let's just cut to the chase: Your mornings just got infinitely better.
It's not just the place, because it's just any old dive bar.
And the march was just completed this Friday that we just had.
Just keep in mind that "more money" doesn't just come on demand.
That cushion fell to just five days of spending just before payday.
Any mother, just a s— mother, just a not-even-trying mother?
Just tried to make a strong push and it was just desperation.
It's not just a job board, and it's not just a community.
I just remember sitting at lunch with them and just laughing hysterically.
I guess that's a major factor just because it's just so real.
I just want to be white, I just want to be white.
"Let me just say, the boys are just as objectified," she promises.
It's not just alcohol abuse The study didn't just track alcohol abuse.
"We were just really giggly, we just got the giggles," she recalls.
We can't just say 'Oh, just because we like this particular restaurant.
Some people just don't sense that, or they think it's just them.
That is just life, and you just have to deal with it.
Much like Chinatown isn't just Chinese businesses, Seoul Plaza isn't just Korean.
Just for New York, just to see how New York supports me.
They just built a business over time that just does things better.
We're just as lazy; we've just been conditioned not to admit it.
But eating lobster is just that: an experience, not just a meal.
Or why not just go ahead and just swim with some sharks?
It cannot just be a pledge, it cannot be just an incantation.
That's why I just said filling because I just had a filling.
It's like a party outside, just walking up the street, just everybody.
We just kept it because we're just kind of fascinated with it.
Jalynne had just found out she was pregnant just four days before.
I just like walking around the show floor and just seeing craziness.
" The story just just gives in: "I felt things I cannot express.
I've just got to learn from it and just go from there.
"Now it's just talk, now he just says it," Khaled told PEOPLE.
I was just too tense, I just wasn't me (at the Commonwealths).
So I just literally just refresh and send her on her way.
He just tells the best stories and he's just the greatest guy.
Some would just "come crying, just wanting help," volunteer Bobba Bedri said.
So talk just very quickly, we just have a few more minutes.
"My heart was just racing, it was just crazy," Hasenjaeger tells PEOPLE.
Barack Obama just arrived in row just behind me for Broadway show.
We just played a great Tech team and they just outplayed us.
It's not just tags, and it's not just beautiful or prestigious brands.
Just look inside and you will find just what you can do.
First, just like rumors said, it looks just like the Galaxy S8.
You should, because you'll always just be ... It will be just you.
"It wasn't just all just blond, blue-eyed muscular people," she said.
And you just say, oh man, it's just, I mean it's tragic.
I'm not going to just do something where you're just playing notes.
I just know that we wouldn't have had to just chicken out.
That's just too much stress, and the arm is just too important.
The costs have gone [down], they're just dropping every decade just radically.
It's not just Pokémon walking around and just those types of things.
Just every time we face them we just have to be aware.
I just-- he just buys-- BECKY QUICK: --about-- JOE KERNEN: --cool things.
I just woke up and just saw it and was really shocked.
I just hope we're not just trying to will it into existence.
More than just aesthetically appealing, these dining bowls cost just $1.99 each.
Just something about it just cranked it up to 11 for me.
I'm just gonna break it down and just get into the ratings.
I just thought, 'Forget about it all and just go with instinct.
Not just two times, not just three times … It's a rigged deal.
But just because China can intervene doesn't mean it will just yet.
You just go in and quit, and then you just go travel.
Actors can help, just a little, by just doing what we do.
He just played very courageous tennis and was just smacking the ball.
For leisure, I actually just like to just keep my mind going.
I was just chopping up drums and shit, and just reversing samples.
So this thing is just a political standstill in just New York.
Well, meet or just to have cyber relationships, maybe sometimes just cybersex.
GUTFELD: We&aposre just, you know, we&aposre just worried about her.
It was just magic, and boy, it just didn't stop being magic.
"Health-care expenses, just like taxes, just keep on coming," Meehan said.
And just so you understand, just again, this is a legal process.
Just a few Manhattan blocks away, Trump's party was just getting started.
Sometimes they're just baseless claims, sometimes they just don't make any sense.
I just kept thinking, Shit, just play the music and get out.
The Broncos rushed for just 99 yards, and threw for just 176.
" He went on: "It's just so dull...Sadly, I just, ugh, God.
And that's just if we were doing scenes with just my torso.
Just like on a bicycle, you just have to keep moving forward.
I want Mark Leibovich on my ... I'm just saying, just an idea.
But for now… just for now, just for a calm little minute.
It's just a game, just a ploy, a strategy for winning votes.
It just gets formatted, or whatever, or just discarded with the server.
Just shut up and can we please just listen to Radiohead instead.
It was just the six of us, just the family hanging out.
The stamp was just one of two the government has just introduced.
Things just happen in Afghanistan, and you just put it all together.
It just so happens that practicing drills can do just the trick.
We've just been talking about work, and you just visited Silicon Valley.
I can't just float around on the offensive end, just being passive.
I just feel like I'm in a really good place just now.
"It truly just goes to show that age is just a number." 
You just keep looking at yourself and you're just, what is that?
They're just a distraction from the audience, which is just as interesting.
It was just one flower on just one ordinary day in September.
"There's just so much turmoil everywhere, it's just sad," Mr. Pfeiler said.
It's not just abstract, it's not just something on the television screen.
We just need love, and we just need to be listened to.
It just gave me a moment to breathe and just calm down.
There's just one question: what happened to just trying the decriminalization part?
But we shouldn't focus too much on just honeybees, or just imidacloprid.
"Honestly, we just got enough stops, just barely enough stops," Dinwiddie said.
He just flipped on me, and I just can't get past that.
G-strings ain't just for chicks ... just ask golf superstar Brooks Koepka!
This isn't just about foreign policy, and it isn't just about Kristol.
It's not just about the numbers; it's more than just the food.
And it's not just health care, nor is it just the courts.
"He is just somebody who didn't just dabble in anything," Tepper said.
It's not just how we do it, it's just things happen. Right?
Therefore, McMaster had just helped confirm that Trump had done just that.
I just want to say, I just got a thing from WeCroak.
And I just think that Joe Biden just needs to be himself.
They're just going to have more babies and be just as poor.
One of the things, you just, congratulations, you just had a baby.
That's why the music is geared just so, the lights just so.
Every wound he has is just self-inflicted and that's just hard.
Let me just, who do you work, let me just say something.
It's not just the elderly, and it's not just those in hospitals.
So, we don't just create something just because we can develop that.
Just like Androcles and the lion, just more neurotic and less swashbuckling.
Just like any plan, financial ones are just guesses about the future.
It truly just goes to show that age is just a number.
"I was just like, 'Dude it's just a penny,'" Herrig told us.
"I just kept thinking, 'But I'm just a ballet teacher,'" she said.
Mom will just, like, bring in food, because we'll just keep going.
"Just interacting with these calls is just generally a mistake," he said.
GC: Just-, can we just get a response from you on this?
They just kept systematically emailing me and I just kept systematically deleting.
Amazon isn't just a retail platform, and Apple doesn't just make phones.
"Just understanding that there's more than just our one country," she says.
He was just really — he was just a really funny, sweet kid.
We just accepted everything they told us and just did our jobs.
MARON: It just — like, they just voted for — who you voting for?
Or maybe you just think it's just time to get some help.
"I just remember sitting there, just like any other night," Hedge said.
"It's the process, it's just unprecedented and it's just unfair," Capito said.
" So the zoo just doesn't bother: "We just measure and count them.
JW: It's basically just interest on whiteness, you just collect the checks.
A: I just froze and I just looked off and that's it.
It's not just about being promoted; she really just wants to dance.
This is a guy -- he just -- he's just a very special guy.
So just the hardest part is just getting started and showing up.
Let's just say, I wouldn't start making any vacation plans just yet.
But you don't just have to learn just how to ride it.
"Do they just get the application and just approve it?" she said.
So, just who is this top Iranian general the U.S. just eliminated?
And just observe those sensations without any judgment, just acknowledging what is.
I just prepare for them just like I do any other game.
Just a regular guy, who just happens to be super, super talented.
Now, just 320 acres, or just over 1 percent, remain above water.
There are just all these ways I think stuff has just shifted.
"They just have a chemistry that just clicks on air," LaPlaca said.
This new mob is just as angry and feels just as righteous.
In these communities, it's not just black folks, it's not just Democrats.
You just make adjustments, you set goals, and you just keep going.
So I am just excited about competing against everybody, not just Justin.
We say: 'We just can't reach Billy, we just can't reach Joe.
Because I refuse to believe that people just can't just live together.
Life is just easier when you can just compartmentalize people into labels.
But there are times it's just not good and just not right.
She just devours everything, and I think it's just who she is.
It would just come from nowhere, and it just wasn't very fun.
Just more drama for "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" ... which Raz just joined.
They just run it then, they just have to ... They run it.
It's just that thoughtlessness can just have the same amount of damage.
Like I'm just saying, I just want them to understand the implications.
We're not just a blurb and not even really just 140 characters.
Obviously have character, which you were just saying just a second ago.
TRUMP: So just so everybody knows, this deal was just about done.
But consider just this low-hanging fruit: That's just the obvious stuff.
They were just asking me how I'm doing, just a normal conversation.
Boogie: Oh no, it was just that we just didn't work out.
Just to hold people, and just to hear them tell their story.
The pressure got hard to where I just remember just collapsing completely.
It's just so binary — it's just good, bad, red state, blue state.
It's just like ... Was it your mother or is it just genes?
They just played constantly and they just bigger and bigger and bigger.
The dad character, we would just have a line, but I would just go off, almost all the time, and just go on and on.
"We were just blocking, and we're the only two in it, just kind of rehearsing the scene, and out of nowhere, I just started bawling."
All it is, is just like-- NP: Just waves of-- Just waves... the signal coming back and we try to figure out what it is.
"I had just finished a longer project that was just totally time consuming, and I just wanted to make something that was fun," he said.
But for a lot of addicts' lives, it's just business as usual... The way I saw Ford is he just kept going, just tunnel vision.
The JP-08 sounds just like a Jupiter; the JU-06 sounds just like a Juno; the JX-993 sounds just like a JX-3P.
When I travel and do my regular job I can just look in someone's eyes and I can just tell, you can just see it.
"Just the things he said, it just wasn't like normal everyday human beings, it just seemed like there was some mental issues there," Aimone said.
"I just seen two people walk by, I looked outside, next thing I know they just ran in and just start shooting," the man says.
At the beginning we just did it just to show people what we can do, and just to show our patience and what we achieved.
It's actually just finding this little secret key into this portal of energy where things just line up, The eye, just like this magic spark.
But would it be so bad, I wondered, if I just tried it out—just for a minute—just to see what it felt like?
"I just remember clicking that video ... and just watching her twirl around that ice and just crying in the middle of the newsroom," Cahalan said.
What started as a terrible betrayal, not least of the stricken Reigns, became just another feud, with just more promos and just the same moves.
Flow is not just words and it's not just melting those words down into the beat and it's not just the timbre of the voice.
It was not just the South that was morally flawed; the North was just as racist, just as antagonistic to black people, as the South.
I just wanted a game to play with my neighbors that wouldn't have to stop just because we just lost the only baseball we had.
Let's just leave it on the 22nd — just in case I'm wrong and one of you is, like, the anti-Garfield and just loves Mondays!
We just wanted to make some stuff and just bash it out with no press, no nonsense, they were just going out on 12 inches.
Those athletes and others displayed how football is more than just football, basketball is more than just basketball, and baseball is more than just baseball.
Though Pella, who just turned 29, is just 2-5 on hard courts this season, he has 20 clay-court wins against just eight losses.
We'll work hard in exchange for yours, and not just in our kitchens, not just here at the keyboard, not just on Facebook and Instagram.
This isn't just about Trump, and it's not just about sex or hush money or even just about collusion with Russia or obstruction of justice.
Just as you can't relax when told "to just relax," you can't become pain free just by telling yourself your brain is exacerbating your pain.
Just having the Fed just focus again on monetary policy and recognize that their job is to essentially manage that and watch inflation because you just – Eamon, you just don't see any inflation in this economy right now.
"Just getting to hold little Henry is already just getting us really excited for the birth of our little boy pretty soon here, so we're just super excited for y'all and just want to say congratulations," she added.
And it's just because I know that your body is a temple and honestly I'm just thinking of you holding him, bare-skinned and I'm just thinking in my mind it just pissed me off, it really frustrated me.
"They were cowards just like we are, they were greedy just like we are, they showed fear just like we do, they lost just like we do, and they also were capable of heroics and great things," he says.
I mean, it was nobody there but just me and him, so to me I just took it as my word against his, so I just blew it off — as best as I could just walked away from it.
With regard to NAFTA, we just had just -- just for your audience to keep in mind, Sunday, we had -- yesterday, we had the elections in Mexico.
But a lot of it was just them freestyling, so a lot of those moves are just who they are, it's just them, which I love.
I wish I could just have a trailer with all the fucking new girls just killin it, and that would make just as strong a point.
I just hope that we can introduce other characters so there's not just one type, not just one shade, because we're all a little bit beige.
If you think fat people just haven't tried hard enough, just don't know what to eat, or are just too unmotivated, you are simply, categorically wrong.
But, I just feel like wow, this is such an incredible opportunity for me to engage with music just in my smartphone and it's just fabulous.
Amanda Crew: Oh god, I don't know, I'm just an actor, I'm dumb, I'm just a puppet, I just say what they tell me to say.
"I'm just so grateful to everyone and I'm just happy to be free and I just need to see my boy," Headley said following her release.
Flower crowns are the style of choice (just ask Jaden Smith), but cat ears, jeweled headbands or just an entire dream catcher work just as well.
"It's just crazy to think how wide that gap is, but Chip just loves hanging out with the kids and it's just such a sweet thing."
And everyone's just naked and building fires and drinking beer… I mean, it was just pitch black at night with just the moon and the stars.
"The camp just kind of shrugged and thought it was just inevitable, like a hurricane; it was just part of being in the outdoors," Ham remembered.
Batalon: I assume Ned was just building, some Lego Death Star or just playing some games and stuff and he just happened to turn to dust.
"I was just lying, just lying through my teeth, because I was dying inside, but I just have too much pride to say it," Delaveris said.
It's just hiding on 19th Street, and it's a great place if you want to just pop in some headphones and just listen to some music.
I just had this incredibly naïve attitude, like, oh I'll just be myself and I'll just keep doing what I've been doing and it'll be fine.
"It's just talk, just threats," said Salim Abu Hassan, 48, a worker who had just delivered a shipment of baby scales to a medical supply store.
The other major lesson is about the complexity of these disease cycles—that it's not just the virus, or just the birds, or just the mosquitoes.
"Just getting my degrees has helped me immensely, just within the game of football and with people, just making me more educated in general," Dak says.
I think that just calling out exactly what's happening, you can't really get in trouble for just being honest and just saying exactly what's going on.
It just made me realize that I spent a lot of time just chasing the night and just trying to be around and stay out late.
Seeing him just for just somebody who is a snake oil salesman, essentially.
"I just heard the gunshots and I just took off running," he said.
It just made me realize that really great people just get caught up.
"I was just kind of numb just running around the bases," Taylor said.
Over all, the poll included just 260,25.5 respondents — and just 25 Hispanic respondents.
They're just regular people, but they [just happen to be] so damn pretty.
I also just try not to focus on it, because it's just fear.
But it's not making you look just nice - just like having a serum.
They literally just drop these kids, they just drop them on the ground.
Just we all agree no amendments – just let it go up or down.
Are you here to just -- you&aposre just here to have a party.
I have just have President Putin, he just said it&aposs not Russia.
But even if you just stick with the above, you'll be just fine.
It's a muscle, so you just have to treat it just like that.
"He would just race around the house, like just take off," she said.
I just got a notification on Facebook that my ex just got married.
" No release date has been announced for Project Porg just yet, just "soon.
Can't we just use all this footage and I could just bow out?
You could tell she had just straightened him up just enough for me.
Just like bobby pins and socks, this is just a fact of life.
But also just the jurisprudential approach that we really just care about results.
It just didn't downsize when it needed to, and some things just die.
I just hope they think artist—and not just, like, some public figure.
" Khloé suggests, "I just feel like let's just make Kris Jenner so uncomfortable.
And it really -- it&aposs just, it will just take your breath away.
"I just don't know if he can just stop [competing]," Debbie Phelps said.
I think that women just need to get, just make the freakin' move.
And as she proved just a day later, that was just the beginning.
Just one second while I update the paramedics, just stay on the line.
She has no shame and it&aposs just sad, it&aposs just sad.
But there's just one hitch: In real life, James had just turned 25.
But a lot of them are just like, 'I just love being Santa!
But we're shooting for just as long, so there's just as much content.
They are not just haters, and this is about more than just politics.
ARMO: Well, meaning, just like Gary just said, corporations haven&apost even filed.
I am just so happy, so grateful, such emotions I just can't say.
So employees will just roll up their sleeves, dig in, and just work.
"I just can't give you my blessing, just like this," Vanessa's dad said.
"Just 30 solid years of just partying too f****ing hard," Harrelson said.
He was just able here -- he was just able to walk right in.
But I want to just change the -- the direction just a little bit.
Just to look at Tibau's body type, the muscle definition is just unnatural.
Because when Michael connected, he basically just came through, just like anybody else.
WILLIAMS: I just -- I just can&apost get over the deceit and lying.
It's not just like I'm there and I'm just doing things for him.
Working with Ryan, who's just such a champion of women, it's just amazing.
It's just a random name and I just reblog things that I like.
But this just isn't true, and Poosh is here to prove just that.
I was just freeballing, just dropping songs, doing whatever the fuck I want.
Just from my perspective as her friend, I've just never been more proud.
I was just like, 'I just have to sit down for a minute.
I think you just have just different-- you have a different consumer today.
I'll just stick by I just don't see them much out there. Yeah.
Just having a house like that alone just brings a lot of attention.
You can just imagine how you just want to bring your child home.
We just went and built ... We've just kind of gone step by step.
You just know what you feel, and sometimes, you're just feeling the stoke.
This just makes the most beautiful, creamy sauce — it's just out of control.
It just goes along way in itself: just keeping good music alive, period.
A puppy isn't just for Christmas, and LNT isn't just for Burning Man.
A policy like that didn't fall under just gender or just race discrimination.
Politics is just politics and there's much more to life than just politics.
She just thought in a rather earnest way, just give them the facts.
Sexual harassment isn't about sex, just like pay discrimination isn't just about pay.
The report we just delivered has 2,979 references just on the footnotes page.
Not just the hacking of OPM, but that is — that is just shameful.
Effectively, Dubai just enabled a big IoT network just by using people's phones.
It's just such an insane story that I'm just shocked it actually happened.
Because it just...It just like shows up at every single person's doorstep.
You just have to think about something sad, and then you just cry.
"Just no fail-safes." just no fail-safes A klaxon filled Ray's ears.
The kuwa is just a hoe, and the eku is just an oar.
Just being outdoors and around them is just as important as actually riding.
They're not just attacking you online with just a bunch of rude remarks.
You can't just be talented, the world is filled with just talented people.
African folklore is just as rich, and just as perverse as that shit.
It was more just like a stunning moment — just dead in my tracks.
Spotify just released a fresh new feature just in time for your summer.