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"beneficial" Definitions
  1. beneficial (to something/somebody) improving a situation; having a helpful or useful effect

923 Sentences With "beneficial"

How to use beneficial in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "beneficial" and check conjugation/comparative form for "beneficial". Mastering all the usages of "beneficial" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Occasionally beneficial Shu, who agrees with limiting juice in children's diets, said it's sometimes beneficial.
While this "enlightenment" may be beneficial to some, it certainly is not beneficial to schizophrenics.
Maybe that new position would have been "beneficial" to you, but management is interested in what's beneficial for the company.
Meanwhile, the competition is beneficial because it can speed up progress towards beneficial innovation, like AI for UN Sustainable Development Goals.
The proposals aim at making it less beneficial to finance a business with loans, and more beneficial to finance it with equity.
They're often beneficial and at what point they stop being beneficial is something we can test empirically rather than relying just on theory.
"[People] think about what we would like but what's beneficial or stressful to animals is very different from what's beneficial to humans," Crossman says.
"The exchanges are beneficial to world peace and are also beneficial to people from the two sides," said Huang, who attended the conference last year.
David epitomizes the requirements for a lasting and beneficial partnership — one with shared vision and values, and complementary capabilities leading to a mutually beneficial relationship.
Eating less is beneficial in adults and older primates, but is not beneficial for younger animals — in fact, it might decrease survival rates, the studies concluded.
It's a quintessential ingredient in so many aspects of food, yet probably not the most beneficial except for flavor, probably the least beneficial, but it does have its place.
Still, critics of the technology believed the vote was beneficial.
But even when people disagree, that's still beneficial, Coffey said.
That all three cashed in on Saturday night proved beneficial.
It's been as beneficial to me as it was detrimental.
Indoor houseplants can be just as beneficial to your health.
He also said talks with Pompeo were "beneficial and fruitful".
The airplane has been a massively beneficial piece of technology.
We believe rewards would help create a beneficial whistleblowing culture.
"I think it's going to be really beneficial," she said.
The hunt for things to do may sometimes be beneficial.
And getting out of the house can be beneficial, too.
Be smart: In many cases, it's a mutually beneficial relationship.
Krishanmurti said the effect is beneficial for a few reasons.
Ask yourself if your intimate relationships are vampiric or beneficial.
While beneficial, Ryder said the Hollywood escape was also detrimental.
And if they cooperate, it could be beneficial to both.
Industry experts say the deal is beneficial on both sides.
In reality, rather than Marvel, forced beneficiation is rarely beneficial.
K. economic relationship had not been equally beneficial so far.
The falling value of Turkey's currency has also proved beneficial.
Yet, HR 2.0 innovators enjoy a second beneficial competitive reality.
It can be beneficial to keep bills on hand, though.
And the reverse was true for beneficial probiotic bacteria, Lactobacilli.
Don't get the idea that hybridization is always beneficial, though.
No shade, I just know how beneficial breast milk is.
"Apple cider vinegar has a few beneficial properties," he says.
Single people are healthier in a lot of beneficial ways.
"Early studies suggest saffron has beneficial health effects," she says.
That strategy proved beneficial during the five years ending 2014.
Having a mix of different relationships also could be beneficial.
But these efforts are immensely beneficial for tech giants, too.
It's beneficial regardless of what the mind wants to say.
Taxes can beneficial, if they are spent the right way.
Our cooperation is open, transparent, and mutually beneficial and equal.
Being famous, I think, is much more costly than beneficial.
Even a small amount of vegetables is beneficial to health.
Or is it hoping to trigger a beneficial diplomatic response?
We also see that this coordination has been mutually beneficial.
Medical marijuana is also very beneficial to veterans, he added.
Almost all sanctions legislation has beneficial ownership language in it.
To this end, we are pursuing mutually beneficial economic integration.
TB: So, here's where technology obviously has a beneficial purpose.
He recommended that they be broadly beneficial to be effective.
However, there are times when these feelings can be beneficial.
The change seems more beneficial to Nintendo than to Apple.
Higher amounts are even more beneficial, according to the analysis.
In the alternative, a mutually beneficial separation could be negotiated.
On the surface, crossing may appear beneficial to both accounts.
"It's always beneficial to help each other out," she says.
These changes aren't particularly beneficial to households with multiple children.
Will this apology be beneficial to racial healing in America?
Stool is actually beneficial to the lining of the colon.
It's an interesting partnership, and mutually beneficial for both parties.
I don't see that as being anything other than beneficial.
The soft black mold and Tokaj wine are mutually beneficial.
Here are five emotions you can reframe to be beneficial.
But that doesn't mean that the arrangement isn't mutually beneficial.
This could be particularly beneficial to the most disadvantaged groups.
Selective erasure of this type of memory would be beneficial.
These relationships can be extremely beneficial for trade and investment.
But the right kind of stress can actually be beneficial.
Hughes alone shows how beneficial resistance can be within art.
Exercise may be beneficial in fighting the effects of coronavirus.
On the surface, the trade appears to be mutually beneficial.
"I'm doing something beneficial on a global level," Crosby says.
Voting out Chelsea keeps the tribe in a beneficial state.
It's mutually beneficial marketing, a new frontier in social advertising.
But both sides see this as beneficial for each country.
Overall, the challenge was beneficial for me physically and mentally
But they can support the choices with effective, beneficial policies.
Added bonus: Swapping beef for beans is beneficial for environment.
Student exchange programs are beneficial in improving relations between countries.
Collab houses are beneficial to influencers in lots of ways.
But done thoughtfully, and with transparency, it can be beneficial.
Sneaker events and conventions can be hugely beneficial for resellers.
But swearing is beneficial beyond making your language more colorful.
If yes, was this beneficial to your learning and education?
If this sounds like you, a smartwatch could be beneficial.
Amalgamated Bank, Aspiration and Beneficial State Bank are notable exceptions.
For example, "beneficial onsite use" has been incentivized for decades.
Doesn't it make sense to use carbon for beneficial purposes?
Reflecting on a weekly journal can be beneficial, as well.
Still, some say the practice is beneficial as it stands.
Though it is beneficial, prior housekeeping experience is not required.
"Getting in any kind of exercise is beneficial," she said.
"That has been very beneficial to our business," Barrocas says.
Overall, having a class about mindfulness would be really beneficial.
They also wreck the eelgrass and other beneficial maritime environments.
She believes they can be mutually beneficial to both parties.
Enact beneficial ownership legislation Conversely, the TCH's proposal for Congress to prevent the 50 U.S. states to permit "shell companies" being formed without the declaration of "beneficial ownership," alters the political landscape around the issue.
It's sometimes beneficial to be quite generous in these strategic partnerships.
During the Renaissance, exercise began to be more recognized as beneficial.
Only the rare nugget in the mine is a beneficial mutation.
That approach will ensure every exchange is helpful, thoughtful and beneficial.
"There are some fatty acids that are extremely beneficial," says Hotamisligil.
But markets must be well-designed to produce socially beneficial outcomes.
This confluence, it turns out, can be beneficial to cancer research.
So the lack of rehearsal time was beneficial in the end.
But God can help transform it into something beneficial for us.
Turns out, tossed cigarette butts could have a beneficial second life.
I believe future warming will be weak and possibly even beneficial.
Anything regulators can do to foster that outcome would be beneficial.
Expanding renewable energy is beneficial to the economy and job creation.
This transit will be beneficial for all signs of the Zodiac.
Fish oil supplements are widely marketed as beneficial to cardiovascular health.
The results have been beneficial for Facebook, to say the least.
Some extra drilling would be beneficial, particularly for those falling behind.
The deal that was reached proved immensely beneficial to all concerned.
It didn't utilize my skills and wasn't beneficial to the students.
So increasing soccer coverage would be beneficial in two key ways.
Where is the evidence that this is necessary, let alone beneficial?
Minimizing sugar in the diet can be beneficial for these children.
Some people make money by providing mutually beneficial win-win arrangements.
That's not to say she didn't find the original arrangement beneficial.
And there's some evidence that thinking positively really can be beneficial.
I think having more short-term goals would really be beneficial.
"From an economic standpoint, using artificial material was beneficial," Fowlkes says.
Now naturally, Microsoft is concerned because it's beneficial to the company.
Another treatment Kardashian West found to be beneficial is light treatment.
Both emphasized how beneficial expanding Medicaid has been for the state.
Not even the Dallas massacre has disrupted this mutually beneficial arrangement.
These are significant, generally beneficial results for a piece of legislation.
Thompson's line both celebrated and resulted from this mutually beneficial vibe.
There are a whole lot of different things that are beneficial.
But what's beneficial for the country not being in the EU?
But eating fish is also beneficial for other reasons, Jarosh said.
There was still a potential beneficial affect of coffee on mortality.
The video snippet of that incident is not beneficial to anyone.
Matt clearly views the lack of LPs as beneficial to entrepreneurs.
Two other regionally beneficial investments rely on the project as well.
People would be much more familiar with the beneficial applications today.
Lewis told CNBC he's not convinced the effect is entirely beneficial.
In many ways, that model has been beneficial to the economy.
Soaking in those beneficial ingredients leaves the skin glowing and supple.
The French government says the deal is beneficial for the country.
The research project looked at how so-called "beneficial epidemics" operate.
Taking time off can be beneficial for a couple of reasons.
Timur began to suffer from obesity due to the beneficial relationship.
LLOYD BLANKFEIN: And still do something that's beneficial to the consumer.
But bilateral deals are simply not as beneficial as multilateral ones.
Whether that is beneficial to the consumer is up for debate.
So higher Democratic turnout in 2018 was certainly beneficial to Democrats.
These kinds of mutually beneficial relationships were common on the water.
And Trump's involvement is not necessarily beneficial to anti-government protesters.
This was the twist that was especially beneficial to Mr. Trump.
I am not sure that is beneficial to everybody right now.
In some cases, hunting can be beneficial for ecosystems and wildlife.
Good analysis can have significant beneficial impacts on public policy decisions.
How beneficial these contributions have been, however, is contested by activists.
This is beneficial to both the job-seeker and the employer.
At times, showing overt influence can be beneficial for an artist.
Kimmy's meeting Andrea also proves beneficial for her relationship with Titus.
In what cases are the social connections made on apps beneficial?
The argument that hunting is beneficial to wildlife is hotly contested.
And this skill is so beneficial to connecting with someone else.
But new research shows the closeness is mentally beneficial as well.
It can often be beneficial to consider outsiders to your industry.
"There are real issues with establishing the beneficial owners," he said.
"Exercise is beneficial for the heart at any age," Wadley says.
Now, these changes can be beneficial for both writers and producers.
It has proved to be beneficial in several randomized controlled trials.
So any type of data regarding the country could be beneficial.
Trust us to decide what is socially beneficial, and what isn't.
Did you know that music is beneficial to cats undergoing surgery?
Something may be harmful regarding one disease while beneficial regarding another.
"It's been beneficial to us as a family," Ms. Dunbar added.
A deal with Amazon, however, is mutually beneficial to both parties.
It could be hugely beneficial to the Pentagon and in sports.
A Sanders presidency likely wouldn't be financially beneficial for Musk, however.
This may be beneficial for big business, but at what cost?
Play gives respite from stress and is beneficial to social development.
Neither. The Grozny-Kremlin relationship is calculated, controlled and mutually beneficial.
For the break to be beneficial, you need to take action.
I don't argue that the cause of free speech is beneficial.
A congressional probe into these ties would be beneficial for everyone.
Conservative activists also said arguing for tax-code simplification is beneficial.
Pelosi's relationship with Ocasio-Cortez has, to date, been mutually beneficial.
"Over time it may be beneficial," said conservative strategist Keith Appell.
In some situations, the practice is innocuous and perhaps even beneficial.
It suggests that naked self-interest is more beneficial than collaboration.
He said he thought the new Oracle circuit could be beneficial.
" Still, he added, "It's beneficial in that you're not spreading poison.
The encounter marked the beginning of a long, mutually beneficial friendship.
Thankfully, they teamed up with HGTV for a mutually beneficial collaboration.
"This is a very beneficial topic for the Russian propaganda machine."
The league's media pact with Turner Sports is also proving beneficial.
Ford said Tuesday it expects U.S. tax reform to be beneficial.
Short-term ones are just as beneficial, according to Pereira Gray.
Hardly any issue is more beneficial to their hold on power.
Blueberries contain many other beneficial compounds as well, Dr. Howell said.
The NHTSA proposal, while beneficial in concept, seems out of place.
They wrote out the things that were beneficial to our workers.
And that's where oil-based cleansers can be beneficial, Rogge says.
How is this beneficial to Mr. Orta's search for valuable garbage?
That's a safe, mutually beneficial community for people seeking one another.
Trance states are a form of dissociating, which can be beneficial.
Wall looked favorably upon a proposal in President Obama's budget for allow the Internal Revenue Service to readily share information about beneficial owners, a Senate proposal that would require states to collect information about beneficial owners, and a House proposal that would allow Treasury to collect beneficial ownership information about entities formed in states that don't take steps to collect it themselves.
Leaving the EU is unlikely to have any of these beneficial effects.
The researchers note that technology like this has many beneficial uses, too.
The stretch IRA is most beneficial to young heirs of large accounts.
More importantly, the kids won't understand why their parents' request was beneficial.
Trump tweeted on Monday this agreement will be beneficial for U.S. farmers.
Moreover, some companies like Facebook are also claiming regulation could be beneficial.
In fact, carbonated water may have a beneficial effect on your stomach.
But sometimes it helps to hear what your peers found most beneficial.
It's possible that this sort of telepresence domestic work could be beneficial.
But only 20193% expect to see beneficial change for working men specifically.
This vaccine could be beneficial for people who are allergic to eggs.
The stretch IRA is most beneficial to young heirs of larger accounts.
Nonetheless, income-driven repayment plans can still be beneficial to struggling borrowers.
"This is beneficial," said Mark Jackson, a meteorologist at the Oxnard, Calif.
Some are beneficial, such as Small Arms (boosts your primary weapon damage).
For a male túngara frog singing has effects both beneficial and baneful.
There are some circumstances in which a sincere apology can be beneficial.
There was a mutually beneficial relationship between the site and the artists.
"We're excited by the possibilities of these mutually beneficial relationships," he said.
He believed that the involvement of more social groups would be beneficial.
Being able to get a 12-month supply is highly beneficial, too.
Sometimes it can be beneficial, but often it can be strongly negative.
Yet the evidence for how beneficial it really is was largely observational.
The Sutherland site was selected in part due to its beneficial geography.
Ketosis might be beneficial under other extreme circumstances, according to newer research.
That's going to be very beneficial and she'll use to her advantage.
No matter who wins, the competition has already had a beneficial impact.
"That could be quite beneficial," said Humphreys of pregnant and postpartum women.
He feels Trump uses veterans when it's convenient or beneficial for him.
This is beneficial to patients with chronic as well as rare conditions.
But they also would have been beneficial for clients Gonzalez had represented.
Payment banks are particularly beneficial to low-income households and small businesses.
The French government reiterated that the treaty was beneficial for the country.
"I do realize these practices remain beneficial to people," Mike tells me.
Few, however, expect Venezuela to see the same sort of beneficial outcome.
On the whole, NAFTA has been beneficial for the United States economically.
And under certain circumstances, it could be beneficial for you, says Haggans.
It offers a beneficial amount of carbs and protein for muscle recovery.
Keynes believed a system of fixed exchange rates was beneficial for trade.
He said he's willing to work with Republicans when beneficial for Tennesseans.
Instead, it is assumed the focus is on making politically beneficial decisions.
It can also be beneficial for people with a rare seizure disorder.
S. trade and business relations should be mutually beneficial and win-win.
Private equity as "business building" is very socially beneficial when done right.
Indeed, a swap could prove politically beneficial to both Putin and Trump.
The non-binding nature of early action is beneficial for two reasons.
"The majority agree that it's beneficial to the community overall," he said.
Enactment of the proposal would be a hugely beneficial change for FDA.
So you have to constantly remind people of how beneficial it is.
Part of that steadfast reliability stems from our mutually beneficial trading relationship.
Alimony payments mandated by divorce agreements could lose their beneficial tax treatment.
They assured voters that Britain would strike a more beneficial trade deal.
There are no failed experiments, so there is no beneficial course correction.
Probiotics are simply beneficial bacteria that live in your dog's digestive tract.
Mr. Kirby argued that the timing was beneficial to the United States.
Historically, the relationship between MTV and Jackson has always been mutually beneficial.
"Mental-health services, drug treatment—sometimes they're beneficial, sometimes not," she says.
It's certainly easy to envision transnational movements that would be enormously beneficial.
Containing the pressure on margins would also be beneficial for the ratings.
Change will be very beneficial though—there'll be more peace and love.
It took me by surprise, but has been hugely beneficial to me.
And that means patients could be missing out on potentially beneficial treatments.
This certainly suggests that time alone might have beneficial outcomes for everyone.
Beneficial effects, however, varied among patients based on their individual genetic profiles.
However, homeopathic advocates believe that these products can be beneficial and harmless.
It could be beneficial to require companies to adopt flexible work policies.
For her, the timing and frequency is essential to a beneficial practice.
We don't know if it's a nice thing or a beneficial thing.
Now there's a weapon — and a mutually beneficial one — in the arsenal.
The attraction turned out to be mutual, or at least mutually beneficial.
Further studies have corroborated these beneficial effects up to fourteen months out.
I think it is actually more beneficial to discipline in this way.
"Something doesn't have to be 100% effective to be beneficial," Fauci said.
And we should also not forget to look at potential beneficial effects.
Advocates argue the policy could prove beneficial during economic booms as well.
Amastris' next marriage, to Macedonian officer Lysimachos, was another mutually beneficial partnership.
But for most young people, everyday stress is beneficial and promotes resilience.
One more fact: Beneficial results from tai chi are often quickly realized.
This is good for the planet and could be economically beneficial too.
Google is billing it as a feature beneficial to families and households.
But if the drug is truly beneficial, then so is the commercial.
In the short term, all this is beneficial from the industry's perspective.
But while the moves might seem mutually beneficial, controversy often clouds them.
The answer is to design artificial intelligence that's beneficial, not just smart.
DACA recipients are largely educated, productive and beneficial to the American economy.
Others filed late or stated they did not have any beneficial owners.
"It's been very beneficial in the transportation world," Shuster told The Hill.
Whether the shift would be beneficial for patients remains an open question.
Just mentally to get away and reset will be beneficial for him.
But the government claims the project will be beneficial for local communities.
The beneficial effects of viruses are much less known, especially among plants.
In addition, data show that MA is financially beneficial for dialysis patients.
Tracking how you spend time at the office can also be beneficial.
And some have found such multitasking beneficial to all the media involved.
"I don't think tariffs are necessarily beneficial to either country," he said.
This is especially beneficial if you have trouble with fine motor skills.
"If you're closing in on retirement, this is particularly beneficial," McBride said.
Salads offer similar satiety benefits and are loaded with beneficial plant nutrients.
"That turns out to be pretty beneficial from this role as well."
It also keeps other beneficial investments like research and conservation projects affordable.
I hope it was beneficial to your constituents and to you personally.
Earlier this month, the style star shared how acupuncture has been beneficial.
Reduced concentration in loans and deposits could be beneficial for the VRs.
Israel's intelligence and expertise will be beneficial to countries across the Americas.
As you know, AGs frequently form mutually beneficial alliances with plaintiffs lawyers.
Book said Toomey's amendment would likely prove beneficial to refiners in Pennsylvania.
Central Asia can also become a beneficial battleground between Russia and China.
Are certain parasites more beneficial to the brain while others are harmful?
Right, if your high-productivity places are expanding, then it's more beneficial.
However, that does not always mean that trade pacts are mutually beneficial.
I wanted to do something that was more beneficial for the sport.
Being flexible for trail running and ultras is a huge beneficial quality.
Those arguments are really valuable, and beneficial for my peers to hear.
If we believe that the statute of limitations is, on balance, beneficial to the justice system and to society — and it has proved to be beneficial for eons — making an exception does not serve justice as a whole.
Still, the NDA system in general should be loosened — with the "semi-confidentiality" Levmore and I have proposed, or something similar — so that privately beneficial information can be kept secret and publicly beneficial information can be made open.
"I felt like my silence in that moment was not beneficial," she says.
For the first time, Axe and Chuck have a very mutually beneficial relationship.
How reduplication helps Word repetition is also beneficial in infants' early word learning.
You'll also hammer out a work schedule that is more beneficial and productive.
And I think so far that relationship and cooperation has been mutually beneficial.
In difficult conditions, finding someone you connect with can be enormously psychologically beneficial.
But you don't have to become a monk to experience beneficial brain changes.
"Even a little bit of physical activity is important and beneficial," Tang said.
Play nice and we can be friends in a mutually beneficial way economically.
This tactic starts your conversation off on a more productive, mutually beneficial track.
The green blood, therefore, has some kind of beneficial value for the lizards.
Do you think New York can be beneficial for a young writer today?
The presidents spoke in favor of developing mutually beneficial trade and investment relations.
First of all, by reminding his administration that the relationship is mutually beneficial.
Depending on where travelers plan to go, waiting it out could be beneficial.
The push-and-pull of pragmatism and idealism had a beneficial final result.
They devour hope, the idea of a beneficial social order, and meaning itself.
In other cases, failure can lead to beneficial outcomes in the long run.
The world can also use its influence to make the BRI more beneficial.
Also, the juicing process destroys much of the beneficial fiber in the produce.
In fact, there's some evidence that marijuana could be beneficial to some people.
It's always nice when their murderous tendencies turn out to be mutually beneficial.
Even if not working and generating clean energy, the panels are still beneficial.
This behavior can be beneficial for advertisers who want to reach young people.
So I think regional coordination is much more efficient, and beneficial for consumers.
If anything, it might be beneficial to them because it is more targeted.
Exercise was most beneficial for women, and it especially seemed to prevent UTIs.
Wilcox: I think it speaks to how beneficial venom is as an adaptation.
Evidence beneficial to McCullough was buried, ignored and perhaps concealed deliberately, he found.
Reduced turnover costs at all levels of employment is beneficial for companies, period.
Big Car's mission is an actual—and mutually beneficial—association with its environs.
This would lead to generations of good will and mutually beneficial collaboration. 12.
Both would be beneficial to Skanska since they have pledged large infrastructure investments.
It is far more beneficial for the team — regardless of their skill set.
Today, economists mostly think that minimum wage increases can be beneficial for workers.
To assuage jittery investors, "It would be beneficial to Snapchat to maintain growth."
"We are seeing larger orders, which are beneficial to our business," Alter said.
We "believe operating expertise and resources of a larger strategic could be beneficial."
In small doses religion is beneficial, but in big doses it's a hazard.
The sandwich delivers 42 grams of carbs, which is especially beneficial post-workout.
"He wasn't that different from us, to think that it's beneficial," Vidal said.
Given the mutually beneficial relationship, I don't see him fighting with President Trump.
However, Japan can increase U.S. imports, and shale gas would be mutually beneficial.
Just the opposite: It should simultaneously feel beneficial, like a deep-tissue massage.
Exercise is beneficial even for women who don't start exercising until after menopause.
A beneficial owner ultimately has significant control of, or owns, a corporate entity.
He was innocent until it was proven beneficial for him to be guilty.
Recognising that stress can be beneficial seems to help in two main ways.
Aries can be stubbornly persuasive, but this is likely beneficial to Gemini Kendrick.
While that's good news for us, it's not always beneficial for Uber drivers.
But, experts agree that investing in your personal appearance can be beneficial professionally.
This results in a profound, though usually temporary, depletion of the beneficial bacteria.
The logic is simple: beneficial bacterial in the gut are damaged by antibiotics.
"While some of the rules are beneficial, many were hastily developed," he wrote.
In two years, India's government has introduced a complex and socially beneficial scheme.
It is dangerous to think of exports as beneficial and imports as harmful.
What is whey protein, why it's beneficial, and how should you use it?
And those changes are unpredictable -- and not necessarily beneficial to the United States.
Mednick agrees, but adds that longer early afternoon naps can be beneficial too.
But they do not need to be perfectly reliable to be socially beneficial.
Hicks said the arrangements that Trump decries are beneficial to the United States.
Only a majority of Bosnians feel its work has been some ways beneficial.
Trade theory teaches that exchange across borders is ultimately beneficial to both countries.
I think we will negotiate a deal that will be beneficial to everybody.
They never articulated why these reforms would be beneficial for low-income people.
"The simple addition of technology to a stroller is really beneficial," he added.
Dr. Jaliman says that UVB (or light) phototherapy is definitely beneficial for psoriasis.
It's unlikely that all uses of prescription drugs that ads encourage are beneficial.
Corporations are useful; they concentrate capital, undertake publicly beneficial works and create wealth.
Not all repurchase programs are bad, but the harmful probably outnumber the beneficial.
This is a feature of humans that can be engineered in beneficial ways.
That wasn't the only program beneficial to those with disabilities that Trump trimmed.
I'm hoping we can come to something that would be beneficial for everybody.
And through some tough times early on, a mutually beneficial bond was formed.
How could an arrangement so seemingly beneficial to both sides turn so sour?
This next month is all about working with others and creating beneficial partnerships.
It was so beneficial to do therapy and we've come a long way.
"It was beneficial coming off World Cup, playing high-intensity hockey," he said.
MORE, the Speaker said he believes Trump views the attacks as politically beneficial.
They also know that deep decarbonization is not only possible but economically beneficial.
"Not every financial player or innovation is beneficial to our economy," he added.
"We have a long and profitable and mutually beneficial relationship ahead of us."
Some disruptions end in beneficial social change, and some cause backlashes, derailing goals.
In general, researchers view summer camp as a beneficial experience for most children.
Of course, some Americans hate government mandates, even when they are demonstrably beneficial.
Then the other is I really enjoy making introductions if they're mutually beneficial.
Forecasts for beneficial crop weather across much of the U.S. Midwest anchored prices.
Yet while the relationship is certainly beneficial, it's not necessarily intrinsic or unchanging.
In his victory speech, he said he wanted "mutually beneficial" relations with Washington.
So not a drain, but rather beneficial to others while still being deterred.
As in any endeavor, the very best speculative journalism has some beneficial value.
The tax package, on the surface, appears hugely beneficial to the Trump family.
From my standpoint, I think there's other approaches that would be more beneficial.
Something I learned from The Strokes is that saying no can be beneficial.
But it's also undeniable that in some ways, Trump is beneficial for CNN.
What aspects of the program do you think you would find most beneficial?
"We thought this approach in this patient would be beneficial," Dr. Waldmann said.
This is beneficial because fans use 20 times less energy than air-conditioners.
And I found the jumbo-screen XS Max particularly beneficial in several instances.
State-backed "public information" campaigns shape public opinion in ways beneficial to Fidesz.
"It was hugely beneficial to have a support system with me," Sklar said.
Their meta-analysis of 302 patients concluded that coenzyme Q10 was not beneficial.
He described the company-teacher relationships as mutually beneficial for schools and industry.
"Having a secure border is a sovereign right and mutually beneficial," Trump said.
Are there certain classes where you think textbooks are particularly beneficial to learning?
Weighted blankets have been beneficial for people who struggle with insomnia and anxiety.
Age of accounts — 15% Older credit accounts are beneficial to your credit score.
But some of those mutations are only beneficial if they evolve after others.
Still, if done properly, this process could be beneficial to all three nations.
"We did some things that we thought would be therapeutically beneficial," Vogel said.
It will either work out, or we'll work out some mutually beneficial tax.
Their purported beneficial impact was the very rationale for the rural prison boom.
"Not every financial player or innovation is beneficial to our economy," he added.
Which would be an interesting, possibly logical and probably beneficial turn of events.
The act of spending money on other people could be beneficial in itself.
The Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) required specific beneficial ownership reporting.
Because shareholders are actually only beneficial owners, lots of odd things can happen.
The relationship between development, diplomacy and defense is one of mutually beneficial partnership.
The blockage wasn't a neoliberal ideology that considered soaring inequality just or beneficial.
"That is really beneficial if the surviving spouse is much younger," said Cassidy.
The relationship between the grandmothers and the researchers seems to be mutually beneficial.
Have-- are we making progress-- CHRISTINE LAGARDE: Mutually beneficial-- SARA EISEN: --toward that?
So that ultimately better decisions get taken and technology has more beneficial effects.
Unfortunately, the siren call to Congress is most beneficial to its newest members.
But it could shift gears to "crisis" as soon as that seems beneficial.
This, combined with a reasonably firm cork construction, is beneficial for many people.
But eggs have some advantages — amino acids and minerals — and these are beneficial.
It is most beneficial to corporations and the wealthy, particularly the ultra-wealthy.
Marijuana may be harder on your heart, while moderate drinking could be beneficial.
If they find something beneficial to them, like food, they'll reinforce the pathway.
Being in a healthy, long-term relationship can be beneficial for everyone involved.
"I wouldn't say it was beneficial," he thought to himself at the table.
Obviously, if this occurred, it would be very beneficial for JetBlue and Volaris.
We've toured a lot since 2008, which has been really beneficial for us.
"I would consider distraction from these insights more beneficial than not," he advises.
"If a company has criminal intent, they are probably not going to file that their beneficial owner is ISIS," said Anders Rodenberg, who oversees relationships with financial firms in North America at Bureau van Dijk, a beneficial-ownership data provider.
In the case of Ms. Posin's "Century Rolls," the guest star was more beneficial.
The issue most likely to scupper a mutually beneficial deal is freedom of movement.
Armed with this new strategy, some found it beneficial to hide under rocks. Bam!
So coming to the workshop is hopefully beneficial for them when they become older.
Focus on one-on-one relationship building so you can cultivate mutually beneficial contacts.
But underneath the organization's beneficial veneer lies many secrets and conflicts among its members.
This includes getting to know their LPs, who may actually be beneficial to startups.
Handling money triggers psychological reactions, both beneficial and consequential, that alter how we spend.
And its beneficial effects are only reliably apparent when given through an IV infusion.
It's about having a socially beneficial product at a reasonable cost of great quality.
And the beneficial effects of these sessions aren't guaranteed to last once they end.
These beneficial bacteria, also known as "probiotics," help preserve yogurt and improve its taste.
The increasing popularity of digital nomadism could potentially be psychologically beneficial for the workforce.
Pollard was well aware of how beneficial reality TV could be for her career.
Meanwhile, a fair environment would be beneficial to the overall U.S. economy, Longhi said.
Apparently placenta—human or animal—is very beneficial for stimulating collagen in the skin.
So I think taking steps that affect and improve life purpose could be beneficial.
"For those individuals, suds-free, sulfate-free hair cleansers are beneficial," says Dr. Toombs.
We should seek to address concerns without also deterring the beneficial uses of technology.
The generosity was at least partly deliberate, in order to stimulate economically beneficial investment.
But while beneficial for internet safety at large, losing Flash came at a cost.
Reinventing your look or how you express yourself is beneficial with this lunar cycle.
According to Wasser, a joint statement is the most beneficial, and downplays any drama.
So it can be beneficial to get a couple's counselor in there to assist.
It could only be beneficial to you, then, to sharpen your MS Office skills.
All those experiences, any coach who has gone through it, it's beneficial to you.
A halt in interest rate increases would be beneficial for non-interest bearing bullion.
Yes, she is experienced at doing them but the experience hasn't necessarily been beneficial.
Arps runs Beneficial Insulation, a firm that uses neo-Nazi imagery, according to RNZ.
The more economic activity African Americans can engage with on any scale is beneficial.
Tropical fruits are also loaded with a variety of vitamins, antioxidants and beneficial enzymes.
It's been shown to reduce inflammatory markers in the body and boost beneficial hormones.
Muscovy ducks are also fairly promiscuous, so that is another beneficial thing about them.
Sanders' presence could certainly be beneficial to the devastated U.S. territory and its residents.
Today radiotherapy is considerably safer for its practitioners and more beneficial to its recipients.
"Some nutrients, like capsaicin, may be beneficial, but evidence is still lacking," she explains.
Regardless of these issues, it's clear that algorithms like this could be incredibly beneficial.
Some people believe raw milk is healthier, however, because pasteurization also kills beneficial bacteria.
"This might be the most beneficial item to many of our clients, " Stinnett said.
But it's also true that in some circumstances providing people with information is beneficial.
Both Google and Huawei have spoken glowingly about their mutually beneficial collaboration around Android.
Going into talks, both sides said they wanted to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.
Are there any kinds of wildlife tourism that are beneficial to the animals involved?
Integrating mental health and drug treatment services in the UK would also be beneficial.
One quote from the leak could actually be beneficial for her among progressive voters.
But are they as safe and beneficial for everyone as the product description insists?
When fully utilized the digital age is especially beneficial for artists on the rise.
But they also believe that there are plenty of beneficial applications to be discovered.
" Laundroche added that the Democratic mayor "decided this was not beneficial for our community.
Free trade requires fair trade, based on a common set of mutually beneficial rules.
Reuters identified 9563 funeral operators that have struck mutually beneficial business arrangements with brokers.
Our bodies are teeming with trillions of beneficial microbes that we need to live.
The trend in regional trade connectivity has been "beneficial for China overall," Tait said.
A couple of my little games are arguably beneficial to the world at large.
The major league at-bats will be beneficial as the team looks to 2017.
"Globalization and trade have been hugely beneficial to people around the planet," he said.
This means that unfavourable traits should have been weeded out, while beneficial ones spread.
Avoiding stocks when the VIX is about to spike, then, could prove highly beneficial.
So you know, I think it would have been hugely beneficial for New York.
How beneficial are essential amino acid (EAA) supplements, and what should I shop for?
While you're catching your ZZZs, the mask plumps up your skin with beneficial ingredients.
Ten said they didn't require any proof of identity for companies' ultimate beneficial owners.
Good arms control agreements are those that exchange stabilizing, verifiable, and mutually beneficial reductions.
But experts aren't convinced it's all that beneficial for the elephants at these places.
But Azzopardi said the currency game can be as risky as it is beneficial.
But separate of that, a lot of these jobs would be beneficial to business.
Tourism is unquestionably beneficial to both economies and anyone seeking to visit new lands.
The ultimate goal of producing outcomes beneficial to the United States will remain unchanged.
The relationship proved to be mutually beneficial, explains Hayneedle's head of Engineering, Benjamin Dekarske.
I think it was probably more beneficial for them than it was for me.
The kind of politically painful but economically beneficial reforms the I.M.F. likes are pointless.
Creating a separate agency, they say, could hinder the development of beneficial digital services.
At 37, it's been beneficial for Federer to use that time to restore himself.
Not all immigrants are beneficial, and sure there are bad apples in the bunch.
And the supposed cost—migration—is actually beneficial, as Leave campaigners themselves have said.
Sometimes unhappy Cabinet officials can have a beneficial effect by staying on the job.
Financial officials in Britain have already started to trim beneficial treatment for carried interest.
Improving the system would prove beneficial not only for immigrants, but also for Americans.
The technology looks on balance beneficial, but it may be wise to debate it.
The Task Force found no evidence that screening low-risk adults would be beneficial.
Beneficial as the arrangement has been, Putintseva said it would not necessarily be permanent.
That would be even more beneficial for regional banks than large ones, Elfenbein said.
While I eventually received beneficial health services, it was largely because of my blindness.
Fracking also has been broadly beneficial at the national level too, Greenstone told CNBC.
At the highest rhetorical level, freedom and equality coexisted in a mutually beneficial partnership.
Not all immigrants are beneficial and, sure, there are bad apples in the bunch.
"It's an investment that's mutually beneficial," Lidl US Chairman Roman Heini told Business Insider.
"Those types of interventions were found to be very beneficial during Ebola," Adalja said.
CONCLUDING THOUGHTS I believe that my model is simpler, more logical, and more beneficial.
While real-life community has beneficial effects for health, virtual community has the opposite.
"He has the view that free trade is good and beneficial," Mr. Savage said.
If pursued thoughtfully and from a place of knowledge, it could be very beneficial.
The rise of artificial intelligence made a potential relationship once again seem mutually beneficial.
Its new cash payment option, while beneficial to cash-paying customers, took too long.
A credit card should be a mutually beneficial relationship between you and your bank.
The report acknowledges that animal agriculture can be beneficial to ecosystems in some contexts.
Barclay suggests those emotions are there for a reason—that can ultimately be beneficial.
Our project will be beneficial to innovation and employment, whilst respecting sovereign strategic technologies.
"It's beneficial to a larger population if you have this (drone) technology," he said.
I think that one-night stands can be very beneficial to understanding yourself sexually.
"A microbe that's beneficial to one person may be dangerous to another," it explains.
Do you think practicing some kind of personal writing can be beneficial for everyone?
He told reporters the project was "not beneficial" given the cost, per CNN Money.
Having that space in the middle of nowhere is beneficial for finding this perspective.
The duke and Claire pretend to not recognize one another, which is mutually beneficial.
So, how do we determine which ritualistic behaviors are beneficial to our mental health?
Spending dollars to help other nations is ultimately beneficial to the U.S., he said.
Any free time I got, I tried to do something beneficial for my body.
The key is to suspend your belief in victims until your believing is beneficial.
Sometimes it is beneficial to believe even if you actually do not believe accusers.
American investments in global development have proved to be beneficial to us as well.
This also explains why rest is also beneficial before learning, as well as after.
"Once you are home, walking is beneficial for the first 4 weeks," she adds.
Employees believed Etsy could be equally beneficial to buyers, sellers, staff and the planet.
"It was beneficial having a visible female presence in emancipating women," Dr. Kokobobo said.
"With the U.S., we want to have a mutually beneficial relationship," Mr. Khan said.
But officials started to realize that the carpet could be more harmful than beneficial.
Weeding (to allow easier access to food sources) and avoiding pesticides is equally beneficial.
She said the constitutional change would be beneficial to the stability of the nation.
Le Pen and Russian politicians have been forging their mutually beneficial friendship for years.
There's nothing wrong with kids being put into competitive situations, in fact, it's beneficial.
Some biohacks are backed by strong scientific evidence and are likely to be beneficial.
Are classes like Psycle and SoulCycle really as spiritually beneficial as they make out?
The Big Four are looking to partner with startups to create mutually beneficial relationships.
"In retrospect," he said, "it is the one that's more beneficial and more practical."
The xenia of Homeric times implied a mutually beneficial relationship between host and guest.
If not, that's fine, too — it doesn't need to be performative to be beneficial.
Do you think e-cigarettes are more harmful or beneficial to teenagers, and why?
" The doctor replies: "The dogma of beneficial motherhood has been handed down by men.
People with such skin types usually find a water-based product the most beneficial.
Many fear that Chinese investors will snap up the zones' beneficial, long-term leases.
What can new mothers do to ensure that their babies have this beneficial bacterium?
Anything we can do to provide more PPE will be hugely beneficial as well.
Avoiding inflammatory triggers like concentrated sweets, fried greasy foods and alcohol is also beneficial.
I believe that my traveling this way at an early age was tremendously beneficial.
Has it hit the point where they're more detrimental than beneficial to your bank?
Offering a 401(k) is not only beneficial to employees, but also to owners.
DiClemente says that the relationship between baby boomers and tech will be mutually beneficial.
" She has said excess carbon emissions are "beneficial," an "essential nutrient for plant growth.
They are also beneficial for dogs that have anxiety or shouldn't exercise post-surgery.
Any lingering pests would be dispatched by beneficial insects like ladybugs and praying mantises.
Such people, confronted with a collective problem, reach naturally for cooperative, mutually beneficial solutions.
Since DNA can be both beneficial and dangerous, experts agree that screening should happen.
S. trade and financial cooperation is mutually beneficial, Geng told a daily news briefing.
Having the Leafs and the Canadiens in the postseason is particularly beneficial for Rogers.
"Legislation in Washington on community banks is extremely beneficial to the XHB," said McDonald.
In fact, there's plenty of evidence the lower taxes on their own were beneficial.
Drugmakers are still required to confirm that the drug is beneficial through later trials.
"Hence, women and men should be advised that physical activity is beneficial," said Gill.
Though these have been enormously beneficial for society, the benefits have been distributed unequally.
The company tries to make its feedback to denied applicants as beneficial as possible.
The true owner, also known as the beneficial owner, doesn't have to be disclosed.
Steyer is also co-founder, with Taylor, of the Beneficial State Bank in Oakland.
At least half of the laws call for some form of beneficial ownership reporting.
Some of the interventions I have tested had beneficial effects, and others did not.
"It's been very beneficial in the transportation world," Shuster told The Hill on Tuesday.
Equal Pay Day is beneficial because it brings awareness to the issue, said Wilson.
Officials at FinCEN are sure that beneficial ownership legislation will exponentially increase conviction rates.
But debate remains whether it's beneficial for candidates to align themselves with the President.
But studies suggest that diets other than the fertility diet may also be beneficial.
Democrats, meanwhile, slammed the bill as disproportionately beneficial for big companies and wealthy executives.
The government is getting more familiar with all the ways that mangroves are beneficial.
Among his recommendations will be to improve transparency around the beneficial owners of companies.
"The nature of China-US economic and trade relation is mutually beneficial," Geng said.
"It's been very beneficial in the transportation world," Shuster told The Hill this month.
"Being more thorough in development, rather than trying to find the shortcuts, is beneficial."
The hope is to find out which strategies are most cost-effective and beneficial.
There is no denying that mindfulness can be beneficial, bringing about calm and acceptance.
While this process should recognize their feelings, it should also be beneficial to you.
"The identity of Northern Trust clients and their beneficial ownership is confidential," he said.
We've got an inkling of a signal there, that there may be something beneficial.
After all, I am, in ways both beneficial and detrimental, an obsession-prone person.
Moreover, Mechelli adds, moving from a rural to an urban environment can be beneficial.
Therefore, as to whether Trump will be beneficial for the broader economy — I'm agnostic.
A lot are also actively in AA, and its structure is beneficial to them.
"I hope that the two teams will meet each other half way, work hard, and strive to reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial and beneficial to the world as soon as possible," Xi said, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency.
But leave it to Katy Perry and YouTube to find another mutually beneficial promotional opportunity.
What could be more fun for political journalists — or more beneficial to their employers' ratings?
It and the two other similarly beneficial finalists presented today at Microsoft's Build developer conference.
Judging by the season premiere, the Shepherds had forged a mutually beneficial relationship with Francis.
Conversely, a healthy economic environment of steady growth and low inflation is beneficial for stocks.
Alas, many users still had their doubts that such a change was necessary or beneficial.
Eidinger said he's passionate about the legalization of the plant because of it's beneficial properties.
And there's no hard and fast rule about what kind of music is more beneficial.
Setting up a budget earlier on in life can be beneficial in the long run.
In this sense, having too many other choices is likely not beneficial for relationship longevity.
"The data is slowly accumulating that cost discussions are actually probably really beneficial," she said.
Thus, from a purely aerodynamic perspective, an unsupported cape is detrimental—not beneficial—to flight.
Best time for intense training: afternoon workouts Hackney says afternoon workouts can also be beneficial.
If you only have principles when it's beneficial to your wallet, you don't have principles.
"That's where having capable advisors to help you think it through can be extremely beneficial."
Cross-alliance deals have become increasingly common as airlines seek financially beneficial bilateral tie-ups.
Taking into account the economic impact could prove beneficial to the 48-year-old Lee.
And the short-term effects on the rest of the world have also been beneficial.
That response is normal and, provided it switches off when the danger has passed, beneficial.
However, Bris added that the jump in competitiveness is also due to beneficial domestic policies.
The move could be especially beneficial in Europe where auto sales overall are under pressure.
"It is going to be hugely beneficial to what happens next." editing by David Stamp
Reuters asked Intesa whether it knew who the beneficial owners of the Cayman company were.
This, he adds, could line up with sex being cognitively beneficial and helpful with focus.
"This [study] confirms that you can give these extracts to have beneficial effects," said Borgwadt.
The Kurds have been helpful in the ISIS effort, and it has been mutually beneficial.
In other words, as beneficial as breast-feeding is, it can also be hard work.
So, while the card might seem beneficial, it's hardly the same as, say, health insurance.
" The company says that its main focuses for AI research are to be "socially beneficial.
Not having those real and mutually-beneficial relationships is as damaging as high blood pressure.
And its size, though beneficial in many respects, makes it harder to trade and manage.
But there are certain habits that are beneficial after a workout that you shouldn't ignore.
While some groups advocated against the scene, others have questioned whether excising it is beneficial.
While beneficial to people with disabilities, it risked helping authoritarian governments surveil people, he said.
What's less known, however, is if these damaged cells are somehow beneficial to our health.
This means it could be beneficial for publishers to experiment with a variety of platforms.
I'm aware that Rossi is beneficial for the brand, both on and off the track.
Instead, they needed to encourage healthy, beneficial knowledge that promoted core socialist values, it said.
But the tests may not be all that beneficial for the general population, experts say.
The U.S.'s embarrassment of oil riches may not have been that beneficial after all.
Still, minimum wages, set carefully, are beneficial—perhaps even for the firms who pay them.
"There are many biological pathways that would explain why whole grains are beneficial," he said.
Plus the deathrattle is pretty beneficial for fellow early-game cards out on the board.
Moreover, even if NHTSA sticks to applying its existing regulations, it could restrain beneficial change.
Ultimately we did, and I think it was very beneficial because researchers could use that.
Every little thing that we can get to help us do our jobs is beneficial.
Putin added that positive developments in relations between Russia and Britain would be mutually beneficial.
While many may be content with the fact that the drugs have a beneficial effect
"It is a mutually beneficial arrangement, and the benefits have overridden their animosity," said Malhi.
Companies not considered power-related are even getting involved to find mutually-beneficial feasibility solutions.
The officials presented the rezoning plan, which would affect incoming kindergartners, as beneficial to everyone.
Smart, sensible regulation of AI applications is needed to ensure that uses are socially beneficial.
It said companies should seek compromise solutions beneficial to all shareholders and protect their rights.
And in fact, recent research has found that music can have beneficial effects on creativity.
HONG KONG (Reuters Breakingviews) - A dose of Chinese biotech could be beneficial for Big Pharma.
A study published last year suggested that they could be beneficial for gut health, too.
Swanby adds that parental leave is not just beneficial for parents but also for companies.
"Potentially, we could find some compounds that could be beneficial to humans," Dr. Næsborg said.
The few planned funding increases under Trump may not be as beneficial as they appear.
Ms. Warren and her campaign see their rage as more beneficial than any monetary contribution.
Proponents of multiple guarantors argue it will bring more competition that is beneficial to consumers.
The latest data showed a "beneficial effect" in cognition for patients with pre-Alzheimer's disease.
Two business leaders that testified at the hearing agreed that Wyden's approach would be beneficial.
Extending the negotiation period would have been seen by trade hawks as beneficial to China.
The United States and Turkey have demonstrated the benefit of a mutually beneficial economic partnership.
And this is beneficial because you don't just have to be in large urban areas.
Otherwise, the ruling will go far in deterring new job creation and beneficial business relationships.
Wall Street analysts agree that the growing segment could be beneficial to Uber's bottom line.
It is also very low in dust, which is beneficial for your cat's respiratory health.
That would be especially beneficial for those later in life when health problems often materialize.
There is a technologically feasible, financially beneficial, and necessary middle ground for fixing our infrastructure.
IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said he agrees that simplifying the tax code would be beneficial.
Many bacteria are beneficial — even essential — to the survival of humans and other mammalian species.
There is always a mutually beneficial relationship between candidates and news organizations during presidential years.
Randomized studies are being designed, for example, to test whether sodium restriction is actually beneficial.
Simple list apps like these can be beneficial, but BrightNest offers a more robust experience.
Having both partners attend contraception-related doctor's appointments can be beneficial in a few ways.
This combination is beneficial for all parties, providing unparalleled access to the Russian consumer base.
Here are 10 ways giving back can be beneficial to your mental and physical health.
The new modes of transport won't just be beneficial for larger cities and their inhabitants.
So, her visit could well have been a means to establish a mutually beneficial alliance.
The current method of applying antibiotics kills all facial bacteria, whether they're harmful or beneficial.
Masks are an easy way to give your skin a major dose of beneficial ingredients.
This approach may actually prove more beneficial for the company's customers in the long term.
It was a huge culture shock but I think, in an experimental sense, it's beneficial.
Dogs and humans evolved alongside each other for thousands of years for mutually beneficial reasons.
Just as in a marriage, a mutually beneficial alliance almost overnight could become divorce absolute.
JOHN ZIMMER: I don't think it's beneficial for me to comment specifically on that law.
Exercise, weight loss, a healthy diet and good sleep are certainly beneficial to your body.
"It's not beneficial to spend marketing dollars on products about to go out of stock."
Wireless charging isn't beneficial in an office environment, assuming you care about speed and productivity.
Estate agents are not asking the right questions — or any questions — about the beneficial owners.
And in some way, leaks can be policy related and they can be beneficial. Right.
Schöffer's glitzy cabaret is particularly beneficial in scrutinizing all art that uses feedback (aka interactivity).
Genetics is helping us find those beneficial adaptations and bring them to the broader world.
I think it's beneficial; a warning siren that something is wrong and needs our attention.
So some analysts think re-financing would certainly be beneficial to the United States government.
The hope is that, if done correctly, this asset class can be beneficial for everyone.
The hope is that, if done correctly, this asset class can be beneficial for everyone.
It finds that exercise does not have to be prolonged in order to be beneficial.
The authors point out that these geek traits are particularly beneficial in a knowledge economy.
One would imagine that a lack of compliance specifics could be beneficial to a company.
"There is a potential for mutually beneficial better cooperation, and that remains untapped," he said.
The catharsis of crying over these people had been very beneficial to me, I explained.
But to be truly beneficial, the plant foods you choose must be rich in nutrients.
Longer sessions can be found in the app, as well, and are just as beneficial.
In your opinion, is this influence mostly beneficial or dangerous to our society, and why?
The Dolphins quickly learned what Harbaugh already knew: It is beneficial having Michael Thomas around.
Having a large network of friends rather than relying mainly on family is especially beneficial.
Our goal is to enable our creators to create valuable content that's beneficial to society.
"I don't think it is beneficial to go around shaming people in general," he said.
I've learned how beneficial and great it is to put things in a filing cabinet.
"Her phenotype is only beneficial in an environment where there is no danger," Hill asserted.
Whereas outdoor cameras are typically used only for security, indoor cameras aren't as obviously beneficial.
In fact, Wong thinks her tweets can be beneficial to executives like Bosworth and Mosseri.
But games aren't just entertaining, they're developmentally beneficial, an educational lesson disguised in playtime's clothing.
Indeed, complaining less might be more beneficial to your health then a new gym membership.
"We made a deal with Jujamcyn that was beneficial to both parties," Mr. Reitz said.
Such small yet beneficial reforms are now the best hope to improve American health care.
Although NUA can be a very beneficial strategy, it is certainly not right for everyone.
"A weaker dollar is beneficial to international investments relative to the U.S.," said Mr. Paulsen.
Q. What are some of the dietary interventions that are especially beneficial for older athletes?
Oftentimes, it can be beneficial to have an intermediary between you and the artist. Why?
Some dance, and some provide advice about mental health, but the relationship is mutually beneficial.
It's true that time walking in a forest can be beneficial to our mental health.
While the repetition was exasperating to Republican senators, it may have been beneficial to Democrats.
We think it could be a combination of these things that has the beneficial effect.
These streaming bounces show how financially beneficial a Grammy performance can be for an artist.
The experts said that these were not essential to democracy, but that they were beneficial.
The effects of exercise may be even more beneficial than the study suggests, Savitsky said.
Now, even in the world's preeminent financial system, beneficial owners are quite easy to mask.
These drugs can be beneficial for people with certain conditions like bipolar disorder or psychosis.
Based on this analysis, he is likely still the beneficial owner of all three sites.
These talks have been so beneficial they even brought me closer to my own father.
The brokers hold the shares on behalf of customers who were the ultimate beneficial owners.
Then came zapping chestnuts with gamma radiation, in the hopes of producing a beneficial mutation.
Both have championed deregulation on the grounds that freer markets are more beneficial to consumers.
This is a beneficial physiological adaptation allowing athletes to exercise at higher intensities for longer.
Russia did so because they believed a Trump presidency was more beneficial to their interests.
Research on the credit rating industry shows that increased competition isn't always beneficial for investors.
That attention could be politically beneficial for Amazon as Donald J. Trump assumes the presidency.
And if that's not enough to get you moving, take heart: Even fidgeting is beneficial.
This is precisely the kind of globalization that economists have long told us is beneficial.
Russia did that because they believed a Trump presidency was more beneficial to their interests.
Those laughs you're allowing yourself are deeply beneficial for both your physical and mental health.
Hence, one must be very careful about recommending high-flavonoid foods as beneficial to health.
It's been beneficial for me to see things from another perspective in an altered state.
In retrospect, was it beneficial to you not to be seen as part of it?
The authors have a few hypotheses for why living in these cities might be beneficial.
And buyers can hide behind shell companies, so the beneficial owners might never be known.
And through these mutually beneficial partnerships, students can have access to a job after they graduate.
No doubt, these links to the broader European ecosystem will be beneficial to British founders, too.
The big picture: Although a massive undertaking, this energy transition is technologically feasible and economically beneficial.
However, global warming had been beneficial for the likes of English sparkling wine producers, Jago added.
Celgene's got both, which is why this deal will be so beneficial to Bristol-Myers' shareholders.
However, high volatility on the back of uncertain market direction could prove beneficial for active management.
It's addicting to users, perfect for Internet news consumption and beneficial to news organizations' bottom lines.
So he and his regal God-like way could do the right thing, the beneficial thing.
A recent regulatory clamp down by the People's Bank of China has proven beneficial for bitcoin.
Weapons sales are beneficial for both sides, particularly in kleptocracies such as Sudan and North Korea.
The counterparties involved were always closely related, often linked by common beneficial owners, management or agents.
While that device arrived to mixed reviews, that sort of deal is beneficial to both parties.
In this case, the leeches and their host – the human body – are beneficial to each other.
Schaffelhuber was hopeful therefore that a traditional winter sport setting would be more beneficial to athletes.
"It is beneficial to resolve this matter as quickly and as smoothly as possible," he told .
A rising interest rates environment is typically beneficial for banks because it boosts profitability on loans.
Instead, more focus will be placed on grabbing specific series that are beneficial to Netflix subscribers.
Without question, mass manufacturing is ideal for creating large quantities of products where standardization is beneficial.
But prunes are power-packed with nutrition and antioxidants, and are beneficial for your digestive tract.
It was a very typical period of young person's cognitive development and, frankly, it was beneficial.
" He added that the incident would be "beneficial to the peaceful development of cross-strait relations.
Both the Payan and Alkenny remain steadfast that their uniform blindness is a sacred, beneficial trait.
An FTT might disrupt some high-frequency trading, but such activity is not highly socially beneficial.
Another thing that is beneficial to consumers, year over year, gas prices are down 2000%, 2200%.
Breaking up these companies, and their control over the online advertising marketplace, will undoubtedly be beneficial.
In the first instance, the focus on drone development should be on publicly beneficial use cases.
Temporary copies produced as part of a legal, beneficial service aren't the target of this law.
Other countries are rivals competing for the same spoils, not trading partners enjoying mutually beneficial exchange.
Taylor outlined his impression that Trump was demanding politically beneficial investigations in exchange for security funding.
And yet, that's exactly the kind of card that would be most beneficial for many millennials.
Sometimes, refinancing itself might not save you much money, but could be beneficial for other reasons.
"It could be beneficial for everybody, but we don't have the evidence for that," says Sampson.
" The company also said its AI research would primarily focus on projects that are "socially beneficial.
Finding ways to test for this inflammation is therefore likely to be beneficial in treating patients.
"We're trying to say that done the right way, homebuying can be beneficial," Mr. Farner said.
This structure holds the asset on your behalf (you effectively become the SPV's beneficial owner/shareholder).
More from Tonic: Being able to access calm when you need it can be physically beneficial.
Those families prove the idea that integration, and more open housing opportunities, can be incredibly beneficial.
And second, Matthew suggests that serious and regular devotion to acquiring such knowledge is especially beneficial.
It might be beneficial to them in that they wouldn't have to worry about the hangover.
In some instances, it's beneficial to expose troll-y bots — especially if they're spreading political lies.
Certainly it's easy to see how such a strict structure is beneficial in a classroom setting.
Below you'll find the best products, memberships, and more that are not only beneficial, but necessary.
They start with the most powerful arguments, the most beneficial reasons why someone should continue investing.
Growth is a prerequisite for almost all beneficial advancements, and free trade is critical to growth.
Already, he says, long-established Muslims like himself have a mutually beneficial relationship with the authorities.
The phrase stigmatises the beneficial cultural exchanges that happen in art, music, dance, cooking and language.
VPNs are also beneficial for frequent travelers as a secure connection regardless of country or policy.
It's more beneficial to your career to address when pessimism, or speaking negatively, is actually needed.
Some cheese also has beneficial bacteria that may be good for the microbiome in your gut.
He said Twitter could be beneficial to the company as a way to strategically reach consumers.
"For emerging and existing analgesics, it would be beneficial to explore two other areas," he writes.
Klum also shared with PEOPLE that being back on AGT has been beneficial to her costar.
AI, like other forms of modern technology, can go on to become incredibly beneficial for us.
Do you really think that harassing the harassed for calling out harassment is beneficial to anyone?
Professional trainers and doctors agree that the practice can be beneficial if participants respect certain boundaries.
Letting go means freeing yourself from something that is no longer beneficial to your personal growth.
" Khamenei reportedly said of the US that "they know a war wouldn't be beneficial for them.
"There's a lot more risk to it than it actually being beneficial so we…" Carmen begins.
Dr Hojman began her work by verifying that exercise truly does have beneficial anti-tumour effects.
"This is absolutely not beneficial to the long-term development of cross-Strait relations," it said.
In the 2016 video, Yiannopoulos says relationships between older men and young boys can be beneficial.
In fact, cocooning your face in bird poo can actually be seriously beneficial to the skin.
In short, open source provides a way for companies to collaborate on technology that's mutually beneficial.
Increasingly closer EU-China economic relations will continue as a result of mutually beneficial business transactions.
Hopefully more trade will be beneficial, but there may be one other, less desirable, side effect.
The financially beneficial relationship between Planned Parenthood and the Democrats who protect the organization is scandalous.
In fact, most of them come from your own body, and some can even be beneficial.
There's are just zero benefits, whereas weed has a lot of qualities that can be beneficial.
Mariners manager Scott Servais said it would be beneficial to Cruz to get another day off.
But first, how about some much-welcome — not to mention financially beneficial — diversity on The Bachelor?
But there are a lot of unknowns, and scientists are still debating whether napping is beneficial.
Have tried other PD medications – such as entacapone, tolcapone, selegiline,apomorphine or amantadine – without beneficial results.
Even studies of older, hospitalized patients show a beneficial effect from multidisciplinary interventions that include exercise.
"Bad" habits like showing up late and gossiping may actually be more beneficial than people assume.
It took me a long time to accept other people's opinions and see them as beneficial.
Even when globalisation has been hugely beneficial, policymakers have not done enough to help the losers.
It needs to be under circumstances that are beneficial to the whole artistic expression as well.
This begins with setting aside U.S.-managed regime change as a plausible or beneficial policy goal.
Of course, rattling one's neighbors is hardly a new phenomenon, but it rarely produces beneficial results.
Jeff King also said that Sanders's visit to the district is beneficial to his father's campaign.
I have had a couple of different calls with him and I think that's been beneficial.
It promotes respect and understanding between the genders, she said, and it's beneficial for the fans.
The African Space Agency will be beneficial in the long term but is a little premature.
However, having a stable and predictable schedule is more beneficial than having a modestly higher wage.
Sometimes she was aggressive, sometimes she realized it was more beneficial to go back to defense.
For much of his political career, Trump has cultivated a mutually beneficial relationship with Fox News.
Being a Priebus ally, however, might not be beneficial if the GOP gets routed this November.
Stress may counteract the beneficial effects of a healthful diet, a study in Molecular Psychiatry suggests.
Democrats, meanwhile, argued that the law has been more beneficial for corporations than for American workers.
In his resignation letter, Okpaleke said remaining bishop in would not be beneficial to the Church.
Tax reform done correctly can be very beneficial for the United States and the American people.
It is the higher concentration that makes CBD beneficial in the treatment of various health disorders.
The outcome should be mutually beneficial and win-win, Hua said, speaking at a regular briefing.
Not collecting and disclosing beneficial ownership data creates major problems for the country as a whole.
A gap in a resume can be an extremely beneficial time, so take advantage of it.
Q&A Q. Is a night's sleep physiologically beneficial even if it includes emotionally disturbing nightmares?
Couples therapy can be beneficial to many, even those who are in fairly healthy, stable relationships.
They also can be sprayed onto flowering plants, which take the beneficial microbes into their seeds.
My career has been incredibly beneficial to my family, but it's also been hugely fulfilling professionally.
Having a friendship that extends beyond 9-to-5 can be beneficial back in the office.
Lee continues to work to make the CTC as beneficial as possible to American working families.
Several intense therapeutic interventions have been shown to be beneficial, but they are far from curative.
It's no surprise that taking a step away could be beneficial, albeit very difficult to orchestrate.
We identified a mutually beneficial opportunity to maximize the utilization rates for the Zeel Massage Therapists.
But given the enormous popularity of buybacks nowadays, those that are harmful probably outnumber the beneficial.
Now polls regularly show Republican voters more skeptical of such policies and even trade's beneficial impact.
Which parenting techniques do you think are most beneficial to bringing up a well-balanced person?
But apparently classical compositions are also beneficial to condiments—or at least they seem to be.
In a statement, AT&T insisted this kind of behavior was innovative and beneficial to consumers.
Some amount of it is beneficial, and can keep pilots tuned in and ready to go.
It helps a lot that I like to ask questions, because it's beneficial to my work.
So again, if you could change your genome to make more hemoglobin, that would be beneficial.
I might not have noticed but it's so beneficial to have a third set of ears.
One of the most beneficial practices I've adopted in pursuit of productivity is ketamine infusion therapy.
In other words, the change was positioned specifically as beneficial to current and prospective male scouts.
That will be beneficial for all us of us, Latinos, blacks, whites, Muslims, all of us.
" In an email, Ms. White said she found ERDI to be a "beneficial professional learning experience.
With H.I.V., coinfection with the two main types, H.I.V.-1 and H.I.V.-2, is actually beneficial.
"This is mutually beneficial cooperation for who?" asked John Fisher, Geneva director of Human Rights Watch.
In addition to qualified coaches, there was another change that proved incredibly beneficial to U.S.A. Gymnastics.
This could encourage the worker to consider options within the current company, which might prove beneficial.
Certainly, this data can be used for beneficial outcomes: reducing traffic, improving infrastructure and saving energy.
These formal innovations were singular, which in today's market is often a beneficial role to occupy.
It's usually more entertaining to other people and beneficial to you to have a hot take.
As part of their application, manufacturers must prove that their products are beneficial to public health.
This movement may change big businesses for the good and it will be beneficial to everyone.
Even if individual conversations take a little longer, the ultimate effect on the clinic is beneficial.
This seems to be beneficial for not only promoting bacterial diversity, but also preventing chronic diseases.
"It's hard to know if it's the swimming lessons themselves that are beneficial," Dr. Taneja said.
Debelle noted a depreciating Australian dollar was supporting the economy, saying further falls would be beneficial.
Having at least some Roth funds is beneficial for a few reasons, according to financial advisors.
Duff is clearly unhappy with those changes and figures Hulu can be a mutually beneficial solution.
The longer the term of the trust, the more beneficial the gift is to the beneficiaries.
But if the program has been good for business, it's been less beneficial for British Columbia.

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