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"open" Definitions
  1. allowing things or people to go through; not closed or blocked
  2. (of somebody’s eyes, mouth, etc.) with eyelids or lips apart
  3. spread out; with the edges apart
  4. not fastened or covered, so that things can easily come out or be put in
  5. (of clothes) not fastened
  6. not surrounded by anything; not closed in
  7. with no cover or roof on
  8. [not usually before noun] if a shop, bank, business, etc. is open, it is ready for business and will allow customers or visitors to come in
  9. if a competition, meeting, etc. is open, anyone can enter, attend it, etc.
  10. [not before noun] open to somebody if a competition, building, etc. is open to particular people, those people can enter it
  11. [not before noun] to be available and ready to use
  12. [not before noun] if a phone line or other channel of communication is open, it is ready to take calls, receive requests, etc.
  13. likely to suffer something such as criticism, injury, etc. synonym vulnerable
  14. known to everyone; not kept hidden
  15. honest; not keeping thoughts and feelings hidden synonym frank
  16. willing to listen to and think about new ideas
  17. not yet finally decided or settled
  18. open to something allowing something; making something possible
  19. that does not have to be used on a particular day
  20. with wide spaces between the threads
  21. (also low) (of a vowel) produced with the tongue in the lowest possible position compare close2 (16)

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"open" Synonyms
unlocked ajar unbolted unclosed unfastened gaping unbarred unlatched yawning agape clear free unsecured not shut unsealed wide open cleared expanded not closed opened available vacant accessible obtainable unoccupied usable handy unfilled employable operative unengaged admissible allowable appropriate attainable empty getable permitted reachable obvious apparent manifest plain evident overt patent visible conspicuous noticeable palpable blatant frank undisguised distinct flagrant pronounced transparent unconcealed unresolved undecided unsettled debatable arguable doubtful ambiguous moot pending unanswered undetermined unsolved controversial dubious dubitable equivocal uncertain indecisive questionable not yet settled candid direct honest straightforward unreserved natural forthright artless free-spoken outspoken plain-spoken forthcoming guileless ingenuous blunt downright genuine susceptible vulnerable exposed liable subject disposed permitting undefended unprotected endangered sensitive unfortified at risk of subject to defenceless against in danger laid bare laid open left open unclogged unobstructed unplugged unstopped unstoppered unimpeded emptied unburdened vacated rolling sweeping unenclosed extensive wide expansive spacious uncrowded airy bare broad uncluttered wide-open vast great roomy huge immense undeveloped unspoiled unspoilt unbuilt-up not built-up unfolded extended unfurled unrolled ringent spread out stretched out straightened out outstretched stretched outspread spread-out fanned out widely spread spread sprawled flared fanlike operational operating running trading active in business in operation live in the market in action open for business open to the public functional working functioning going alive serviceable workable receptive amenable responsive welcoming sympathetic broad-minded open-minded disposed to listen ready to listen willing to listen persuadable swayable acceptive acceptant open to suggestions influenceable open to new ideas impressionable susceptive ready to consider new ideas public across-the-board all-inclusive general overarching universal blanket nondiscriminatory unrestricted catholic non-exclusive non-restrictive open-door unconditional unqualified free-for-all accessible to everyone generous charitable liberal beneficent benevolent bountiful unstinting bounteous kind munificent unselfish bighearted freehanded freehearted fulsome openhanded open-handed prodigal ungrudging unbuttoned undone unzipped loose unbuckled unlaced untied not done up loosened unattached unhooked unstuck lax slack slackened passable navigable unblocked unhindered ice-free snow-free unhampered free from obstructions unlimited unconstrained impartial objective unbiased neutral non-partisan unprejudiced detached disinterested dispassionate non-discriminatory uncommitted uncovered naked disclosed bald stripped denuded peeled dehiscent revealed unsheltered shown exhibited unveiled unshielded approachable amicable agreeable friendly mellow cordial affable sociable congenial hospitable genial pleasant warm convivial obliging amiable outgoing gappy honeycombed lacy porous spongy filigree fretted holey openwork permeable penetrable pervious absorbent leaky cellular sieve-like pierceable informal relaxed casual easy easygoing comfortable breezy cozy(US) cosy(UK) cool familiar leisurely unpretentious simple intimate unstuffy pliable suggestible malleable pliant gullible trusting credulous naive exploitable mouldable unfinished incomplete ongoing indeterminate unconcluded outstanding left remaining pendent hanging pendant in limbo up in the air prone inclined given apt predisposed likely ready tending willing minded fain bent devoted communicative talkative effusive garrulous loquacious uninhibited demonstrative extroverted chatty conversational progressive patient unbigoted understanding accepting forbearing permissive tolerant lenient liberal-minded indulgent flexible voluntary optional discretionary deliberate intended intentional discretional elective volitional wilful conscious knowing non-compulsory non-mandatory planned purposeful purposive set studied sincere true heartfelt earnest wholehearted profound deep unfeigned dear real devout fervent serious upfront ardent full-hearted meant plenary full complete entire whole compleat comprehensive grand intact integral perfect total inclusive quorate thorough fully constituted absolute outright delicate fine frilly gossamer sheer gauzy meshy elegant fancy lacelike lace-like net netlike net-like ornate patterned thin avowed acknowledged admitted confessed declared self-proclaimed sworn professed self-confessed accepted affirmed asserted avowedly confirmed known stated announced self-acknowledged freewheeling undefined unstructured open-ended wide-ranging broad-based no-holds-barred disconnected uncoupled unhitched isolated unbound unconnected not fixed separate discrete single freestanding separated exorheic unclassified public domain released flowering abloom blooming florescent flourishing out blossoming in bloom inflorescent efflorescent in blossom in flower opening in full bloom budding sprouting bearing fruit growing fluid changeable adjustable adaptable variable alterable modifiable elastic versatile not settled open to change vague accommodating acquiescent biddable complaisant cooperative docile tractable compliant compromising convincible nonresistant common free for use furnished omnipresent prevalent provided rentable supplied ubiquitous widespread appropriable gratis between engagements splay splayed splayed-out at home receiving ready to welcome ready to receive showing hospitality utilisable(UK) utilizable(US) practicable useful fit practical applicable current valid advantageous beneficial consumable multicultural multiethnic diverse multinational multiracial culturally diverse desegregated unsegregated non-segregated bicultural biracial nonracial anti-discrimination interracial nonsegregated nonsectarian integrated supportive approving pro favorable(US) favourable(UK) appreciative in favor of in favour of(UK) encouraging of receptive to responsive to cool with down with favourably disposed to in sympathy with like-minded raw nude unclothed undressed disrobed unclad starkers bottomless mother-naked au naturel stark naked in the altogether undraped buck naked in the raw depraved corrupt perverted degenerate degraded debased debauched dissolute immoral vicious vile abandoned lewd profligate sinful wicked evil lascivious licentious unchaste obscure indefinite nebulous cryptic enigmatic hazy indistinct misleading borderline foggy imprecise inexact inexplicit oblique dishonest unscrupulous unprincipled fraudulent bribable crooked dishonorable(US) dishonourable(UK) shady untrustworthy venal amoral corruptible deceitful discreditable disreputable scandalous shameful democratic popular representative republican egalitarian elected populist autonomous parliamentary classless constitutional equal libertarian of the people self-ruling self-ruled self-governing chosen antimonarchist prostrate overwhelmed helpless impotent overcome overpowered paralysed(UK) crushed dazed disarmed powerless speechless stunned defenceless(UK) reduced defenseless(US) dejected depressed desolate desperate spreading extending widening patulous permeating radial interested curious keen fascinated eager excited moved attentive captivated gripped intent riveted absorbed engrossed affected attracted focussed(UK) focused(US) into rapt unfasten unbolt unbar unlatch unlock unblock unclose pop release unclick unshut throw wide undo unseal unpick disengage unchain unbutton split display fissure gap gape give way yawn break up come apart break out part crack divide stretch expand dehisce cleave break jimmy burst penetrate rupture lacerate lance perforate pierce puncture sever slit slot break in bust in kick in begin start launch commence inaugurate initiate kick off trigger instigate kick-start bow convene embark embark on embark upon enter into enter upon get going get under way lead off unfold unfurl extend unroll outstretch fan out flare out stretch out straighten out open out unwind open up flatten untwist uncoil unwrap untie uncover unravel unlace unstrap unpack tear open peel open unclasp loosen unzip unclothe unbind unloosen unknot unloose unstop unfix unclog unplug hole tap vent ventilate sluice clean clean out flush wash out clean off uncork broach crack open decant draw off spike stab bore impale transfix prick reveal disclose expose exhibit show divulge lay bare pour out expose to view unveil unmask unearth flash unrobe bring to light begin business begin trading start trading admit customers be ready for customers be ready for visitors set up shop put up one's plate hang out one's shingle unlock one's doors lead face overlook give access be connected communicate with give on to command a view of bloom blossom flower grow burgeon sprout develop bourgeon blow effloresce bud germinate fructify mature come into flower be in flower come into blossom strip denude put on show leave unprotected put on display uncloak open to view bring into the open disentangle unsnarl untwine untangle unbraid unweave unlay ravel out remove the knots from unreel draw close shut lower raise draw to pull to fling open pull shut pull together pull back pull open bar fasten seal secure slam padlock lock gain entry enter access get into hack into logon login log on log in read use interface with transfer from gain access to integrate with tap into link to connect to pull up rend rive cut hack slice sunder splinter bisect chop dissect halve quarter rip introduce mention bring up air approach place propose submit suggest propound advance enter on interject interpose move unload vacate void disencumber cleanse clear out free up purge liberate enlarge increase magnify accelerate aggrandize amplify augment boost compound escalate hype multiply pad swell dilate heighten stoke pry lever force disjoin tear force open lever open prize jemmy break open prise open crowbar pick prise blast decompress at the ready in position poised about to at hand geared up in readiness on deck prepared to hand up waiting all systems go ready for action ready for use excavate dig burrow hollow mine trench tunnel hollow out dig out cut through gouge quarry scoop shovel dig up scoop out break into pop open prize open pry open dawn appear arise originate materialise(UK) materialize(US) emerge form actualize spring rise engender arrive erupt call summon convoke assemble muster gather hold order arrange call together corral organise(UK) organize(US) rally sit unite bring together call in call up stage present perform act mount produce carry give offer do execute play render put on bring out put before the public portray depict drill spear riddle punch bore through drill through aerate aerify freshen refresh fan oxygenate purify air out freshen up give air to let breathe air-condition deodorize(US) depollute outdoors nature wild wilderness open air out-of-doors wastes jungle wasteland forest bush barrens backwoods outback outside open-air wilds desert alfresco bundu creation universe world cosmos earth environment countryside landscape scenery country macrocosm wildlife natural world fauna flora More
"open" Antonyms
closed shut bolted sealed locked secured barred secure fastened padlocked restricted exclusive inaccessible moderated unavailable bounded constrained controlled delimited governed limited regulated checked occupied private reduced narrow off-limits personal covert secret concealed hidden disguised veiled subtle inconspicuous cultured agreeable unobtrusive tasteful well-mannered unnoticeable refined dignified quiet soft silent moral resolved settled decided concluded determined fulfilled worked out unlikely later distant improbable discreet reserved dissembling reticent secretive uncommunicative unforthcoming ambiguous closemouthed furtive taciturn uncandid vague cagey cryptic deceitful deceptive guarded hushed mysterious insusceptible immune resistant unsusceptible impervious invulnerable protected repellent resistive unexposed defended safe impenetrable against resilient against unaffected by unyielding against shielded strong clogged blocked obstructed jammed stuffed bunged congested plugged stopped uncleared backed up hindered filled full impassible impeded enclosed confined contained surrounded developed commercial established industrial industrialised(UK) industrialized(US) built-up folded furled rolled bent coiled curled curved involute spiraled(US) spiralled(UK) twisted arched bowed convoluted defunct discontinued inoperative out of business out of service shut down unreceptive unteachable unwilling conservative disinclined narrow-minded traditional unresponsive biased prejudiced unfriendly hostile cool insensitive unconcerned cold unsociable slow adamant inexorable intransigent pertinacious stubborn uncompromising inflexible obstinate resolute firm hardheaded inconvincible steadfast unwavering immovable insistent obdurate pigheaded privileged exclusionary exclusory confidential privy miserly penurious selfish parsimonious stingy uncharitable ungenerous economical frugal illiberal sparing tight cheap close closefisted costive mingy scrimping skimping stinting fixed tied done up impassable unnavigable blockaded unpassable untraversable partial tendentious bigoted discriminatory partisan predisposed skewed slanted blinkered influenced one-sided unfair unjust intolerant small-minded sectarian covered wrapped bandaged blanketed enveloped swathed clothed swaddled sheathed unapproachable antisocial aloof asocial frosty icy remote solitary standoffish detached dispassionate misanthropic snobbish solid solidified dense impermeable ungapped imperceptible clouded dark enigmatic enigmatical equivocal impalpable inappreciable indistinct indistinguishable insensible nonobvious obfuscated obscure unapparent unclarified unclear ungracious ungenial unpleasant bad-tempered disagreeable ill-natured ill-tempered inhospitable unamiable brusque discourteous haughty prickly rude stand-offish surly formal official dressy noncasual ceremonious conventional stiff buttoned-up dressed-up rigid little skinny small thin slender tiny cramped miniature bottleneck trivial attenuated constricted elongated compressed squeezed tightened contrived pretentious insincere fake forced phoney(UK) phony(US) unnatural feigned artful assuming dishonest dissimulating guileful affected assumed counterfeit stilted strained hardened unimpressionable jaded restrained hampered interior certain clear-cut definite exact sure positive solved undeniable incontestable undebatable indubitable accomplished incontrovertible unanswerable invisible sightless viewless indisposed improbably sitting straight unprepared unskilled unsuitable defensible impregnable well protected clandestine underground surreptitious undercover sly underhanded backstairs closet cloaked stealth underhand obscured sheltered enshrouded screened masked covered up classified intimate non-public unofficial dissembled dissimulated undisclosed unpublished unrevealed inside unacknowledged uncommunicated esoteric off the record strictly confidential circuitous mealymouthed diplomatic evasive courteous devious lengthy long polite unfeasible unachievable unaffected unattainable unobtainable ungettable unreachable out-of-reach fasten lock bury combine conceal cover exclude fix hide hold join marry mend unite close up keep gather collect tie bind lash knot do button approve permit validate do up conclude end finish terminate discontinue halt stop consummate culminate adjourn cease come to an end complete draw to a close draw to close finish off wind up wrap up close down fold curl tuck bend contract enfold wrap furrow overlap double wrinkle fold over fold up pack encase package gift-wrap parcel seal gift wrap pull buckle button up pull up zip up zip couple clasp block clog jam obstruct obturate occlude stuff choke congest hamper hinder impede plug bung dam clog up dam up plug up cork stopper cap stopple suppress stifle withhold control restrain smother subdue contain curb muffle quell bridle swallow bottle up be closed be shut cease activity cease trading follow accompany go along with go with check constrain govern inhibit regulate tame enchain fetter tighten rein in attach abridge lessen lower maintain shorten shrink stagnate twist wither fade die droop perish waste wilt decline struggle shrivel decay atrophy disintegrate deteriorate wizen become marcescent become stale shrivel up destroy damage harm hurt blemish ruin wreck annihilate compromise obliterate break corrupt crush decimate butcher demolish devastate eliminate eradicate extinguish abandon desist drop withdraw abolish abort leave quit relinquish refuse reject refrain from indoors

588 Sentences With "open"

How to use open in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "open" and check conjugation/comparative form for "open". Mastering all the usages of "open" from sentence examples published by news publications.

See Open Jobs See open jobs See open jobs See open jobs See open jobs See open jobs See open jobs See open jobs See open jobs See open jobs
They promised transparency for a team that defaulted to openopen source, open systems, open web.
Click here to view open roles Click here to view open roles Click here to view open roles Click here to view open roles Click here to view open roles Click here to view open roles Click here to view open roles Click here to view open roles Click here to view open roles Click here to view open roles
Click here to view open jobs Click here to view open jobs Click here to view open jobs Click here to view open jobs Click here to view open jobs Click here to view open jobs Click here to view open jobs Click here to view open jobs Click here to view open jobs Click here to view open jobs
The project consists of five themes: Open Borders on migration, Open Ideas on free speech, Open Markets on free trade, Open Society on diversity and Open Progress on technology.
Won three titles in 2016, the Auckland Open, Mexican Open and Charleston Open.
"It requires open data, open collaboration, and above all open minds," he added.
The cans open up to requests of "Open can" or "Open sesame," and can be verbally instructed to close or stay open as well.
But as enterprises, startups and public institutions open themselves up, how open is too open?
S.) - Australian Open (2), Wimbledon (7), U.S. Open (5) 12 - Roy Emerson (Australia) - Australian Open (6), French Open (2), Wimbledon (2), U.S. Open (2) Compiled by Hardik Vyas in Bengaluru; Editing by Christian Radnedge
Open core softwareCommercial software built on open source software that also includes non-open source code.
Those events include his home turf tournament at the European Tour PGA Championship, the Italian Open, the French Open, the Scottish Open and the British Open.
"Don't worry about opening gifts — open your home, open your ears, and open your hearts," she urged.
Nationality: Grand Slam titles: 3 (1 Australian Open, 1 French Open, 1 US Open)Overall titles: 16
"We offer an open mind, open ear and open heart and listen to these members," Hagedorn says.
The French Open uses 15 days, while the Australian Open and U.S. Open play on 14 days.
Kuznetsova, the 2004 U.S. Open champion and 2009 French Open champion, also won the Citi Open in 2014.
Many elites will move to the Democratic Party because that's the party of the Brave New World, a world of open borders, open trade, open hearts and open minds.
Nationality: Grand Slam titles: 18 (9 Wimbledon, 4 US Open, 3 Australian Open, 2 French Open)Overall titles: 167
Nationality: Grand Slam titles: 22 (7 Wimbledon, 6 French Open, 5 US Open, 4 Australian Open)Overall titles: 107
Nationality: AmericanGrand Slam titles: 8 (4 Australian Open, 2 US Open, 1 Wimbledon, 1 French Open)Overall titles: 60
Nationality: Grand Slam titles: 5 (2 French Open, 1 Wimbledon, 1 US Open, 1 Australian Open)Overall titles: 36
Nationality: Grand Slam titles: 17 (11 French Open, 2 Wimbledon, 3 US Open, 1 Australian Open)Overall titles: 81
Nationality: Grand Slam titles: 20 (8 Wimbledon, 5 US Open, 6 Australian Open, 1 French Open)Overall titles: 101
Souvenirs from major events such as the US Open, French Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon Championships also do well.
Also in July will be the Irish Open and Scottish Open, which attract many pros for British Open tuneups.
There are free recovery meetings all over the world with open doors, open seats and open ears and arms.
Why is a place, one that we're paying for — and the reason we're paying is because open markets means open internet, means open for advertising, means open for Google — [challenging us]?
He has been a champion of open-source, open-government, and, well, just about everything else that begins with "open."
This goes alongside six championships at the U.S. Open, six at the Australian Open and three at the French Open.
They have seen that open almost always beats closed, and therefore default to open APIs and open approaches to partnering.
Amazon's behavior toward open source combined with lack of leadership from industry associations such as the Open Source Initiative (OSI) will stifle open-source innovation and make commercial open source less viable.
Any program you can open with the click of a mouse you can open using the command line (open -a program_name).
He beat Nadal in the 22005 Australian Open and Djokovic in the 219 French Open and the 210 United States Open.
Women's professional tennis includes four annual Grand Slam tournaments: Wimbledon, the United States Open, the French Open and the Australian Open.
The lid also slides open like a door rather than flicking open, making it easy to slip open with one hand.
Maryland: Polls open 7 am to 8 pm (local time) Massachusetts: Polls open 7 am to 8 pm (local time) Michigan: Polls open 7 am to 8 pm (local time) Minnesota: Polls open 7 am to 8 pm (local time) Mississippi: Polls open 303 am to 7 pm (local time) Missouri: Polls open 6 am to 7 pm (local time) Montana: Polls open 7 am to 8 pm (local time).
The showers are open 24 hours, the laundry is open.
How long before open (or at least more open) hostilities?
Doors open at noon, and yes, there's an open bar.
When we had open 3s, we couldn't make open 3s.
There's open table seating and an even more open bar.
Open Most businesses and federal government offices will be open.
Open the app, then swipe left to open the camera.
EFA Open Studios is free and open to the public.
"We're open before we should be open," Mr. Collins replied.
It's open on the left and open on the right.
Open Reg would throw open those gates to the masses.
It is the British Open, not the United States Open.
Tap on "Open Music app" to open Google Play Music.
Some toy box lids need to be held open, propped open, or they only stay open once they reach a certain height.
But for now, the main objective is pressuring the Grand Slam tournaments — the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.
The grand strategy she proposes is an international order based on three pillars: open society, open government and an open international system.
For every open call contract, there are currently 1.19 open puts, the lowest in 3-1/2 years, and a far cry from June 2014 when there were five puts open for each open call.
The biggest problem with the open-closed divide, however, is that open people often aren't as open as they think—indeed, they are open in so far as it serves their interests and no further.
Our partner for the Berlin event is the Tech Open Air conference: Tech Open Air Tech Open Air returns to Berlin this summer.
Nadal reached the final of the 2019 Australian Open, four ATP semifinals, before winning the Italian Open and the French Open this year.
Like all Next Thing Co. products, Dashbot is Open Hardware, its software is Open Source, and of course, Dashbot has an open API.
Nationality: Grand Slam titles: 15 (7 Australian Open, 4 Wimbledon, 3 US Open, 1 French Open)Overall titles: 74Read more:WHERE ARE THEY NOW?
Our partner for the Berlin event is the Tech Open Air conference: Tech Open Air Tech Open Air returns to Berlin this summer.
"They want to have open borders, and open borders mean crime, and open borders mean people drowning in the rivers," Mr. Trump said.
Maria, though, still won the U.S. Open in 2006, the Australian Open in 2008 and the French Open twice in 2012 and 2014.
"The Lacoste Ladies Open de France is our national open," said Patricia Meunier-Lebouc of France, winner of the 21989 Women's French Open.
If I open one store and it works, we'll open four, and if the four work, we'll open eight, or something like that.
When we had open threes, we couldn&apost make open threes.
On what his open mind is thinking today:I'm still open-minded.
Bob Evans: OPEN Bob Evans is open until 8:00 p.m.
It's an open-air venue that's only open spring and summer.
Open Secrets: Open seats in the spotlight for June 12 primaries.
Many cafes open early and stay open late into the night.
The city had a lot more open asphalt than open ice.
Order Building," rooted in a liberal tradition of "open society, open
Go with an open mind, an open wallet, and a reservation.
Tech Open Air Tech Open Air returns to Berlin this summer.
And open data does not mean all data should be open.
He found our doors wide open—blown open by the wind.
"Our phones lines are open — they've always been open," Navarro said.
Wendy's: OPEN The hamburger chain will indeed be open this Thanksgiving.
You have to keep your ears open and your eyes open.
It is the U.S. Women's Open, not the United States Open.
The World War II memorial's open, the [National] Mall is open.
Preparing for open enrollment It pays to prepare for open enrollment.
Australian Open champion Angelique Kerber is out of the French Open.
Open Markets will examine the future of capitalism; Open Ideas will look at free speech; Open Society will discuss the balance between diversity, identity politics and political correctness; Open Borders will focus on immigration and Open Progress will consider whether technology is still a route to human progress.
As of Monday the Badminton World Federation (BWF) is suspending all tournaments until April 12 in light of the coronavirus pandemic — meaning the Swiss Open, India Open, Malaysia Open and Singapore Open will not take place.
He is not far removed from winning Grand Slam titles at the Australian Open (2014), the French Open (2015) and the U.S. Open (2016).
She's open to length or cutting it, open to darkening or bleaching.
This time, she's an open book (because Scheana is an open book).
Keep an open mind—and an open schedule—and don't overbook yourself.
"It was always an open door and open gate," she says, laughing.
Open your phone and leave it open as long as you can.
I agree, though that open ear and open mind has its limits.
Del Taco: OPEN Most Del Taco restaurants will remain open on Thanksgiving.
It cracks you open, in a way – cracks you open to feeling.
All airports and federally maintained ports are open or open with restrictions.
There are currently four open Democratic seats and six open Republican seats.
When you open your hand to give, it's also open to receive.
He's held free open mic after open mic for the city's youth.
I was totally open to that, because I'm a very open person.
This puts him into what is called open guard or open position.
The greats of the early Open era often skipped the Australian Open.
It was the 2800 United States Open, not the 8003 Australian Open.
It is now the Open Society Foundations, not the Open Society Institute.
Businesses that are open to the public should be open to all.
Open the Pages app, and open an existing or new document.2.
Open-air markets are open every day of the week, year-round.
"But he was just an open person who was open to everybody."
So the door was open for the U.S. Open four years later.
It was the 2015 United States Open, not the 2016 Australian Open.
It's an open access network that will be open to all carriers.
Group No. 210 is wide-open skies, wide-open spaces, animal lovers.
It makes us uncomfortable, it makes us open, it makes open up.
They open this door, they grab the key and open their door.
Fleming's Prime Steakhouse: OPEN The chain will be open from 11 a.m.
Maggiano's Little Italy: OPEN The chain will be open until 7 p.m.
An adjacent fitness center is actually open air, and open 24 hours.
When you open Threads, you'll open immediately to the camera like Snapchat.
With open arms and open checkbooks, all of these malefactors were welcomed.
Venus, 36, was the oldest Australian Open finalist in the Open era.
If you don't open your market why should we open our market'.
I want them to open their markets like ... our markets are open.
Open a group chat and tap its name to open customization options.
The new standard, called Open Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (OpenCAPI), is an open forum to provide a high bandwidth, low latency open interface design specification.
All four Grand Slam tournaments — the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon and the United States Open — now pay men and women equal prize money.
AUGUSTA, Ga. (Reuters) - List of the 15 major championships won by Tiger Woods after his victory at the Masters on Sunday: 1997 - Masters 1999 - PGA Championship 2000 - U.S. Open, British Open, PGA Championship 2001 - Masters 2002 - Masters, U.S. Open 2005 - Masters, British Open 2006 - British Open, PGA Championship 2007 - PGA Championship 2008 - U.S. Open 2019 - Masters Compiled by Andrew Both; Editing by Christian Radnedge
Transportation: More than 32.7 miles of roadway has been cleared; 100% of federally maintained ports are open or open with restrictions; and 100% airports are open.
He also won the 2017 US Open as well as the 2019 French Open for the third year in a row —  his 12th French Open title.
"We may have to pull back the rhetoric for open borders, open capital flows, open trade," said Eswar Prasad, a professor of trade policy at Cornell.
This includes Indian Wells, the Miami Open, the men's clay court championship in Houston, the Grand Prix in Marrakech, the Barcelona Open, and the Hungarian Open.
And yet the practice continues with the Australian Open, French Open and United States Open exchanging singles wild cards (Wimbledon, to its credit, has not joined).
She won two titles at the Australian Open, reached two finals at the United States Open and was a semifinalist at Wimbledon and the French Open.
Some activists are challenging this definition, saying the Open Source Initiative, or the body that approves open source licenses, represents the "old guard" of open source.
Their minds were open, their hearts were open, their arms were open — to the Willie Nelsons, the Beyoncés, the Junot Díazes, to all kinds of excellence.
He encouraged his audience to travel widely with open hearts and open minds.
And here they're basically creating an open self-driving system or open SDS.
"I started the open relationship and I stopped the open relationship," she said.
He spent half his set saying 'Open it up, open that shit up.
Breaking open the language barrier will blow the potential of AI wide open.
It's  basically the open source community, now with an open-source funding mechanism.
An open question is how much appetite Europeans have for more open banking.
Nine spaces will be open for this weekend's South Brooklyn Open Studios event.
"Be open with the person, so they can be open, too," she says.
S. Open), Jordan Spieth (British Open) and Justin Thomas (PGA Championship) last year.
He has also lost five Australian Open finals and a French Open showpiece.
All commercial airports and federally maintained ports are open or open with restrictions.
You have to be open to it, and I was open to it.
Fourth is the definition of "open" as in the FCC's Open Internet Order.
I'm hoping, though, that they open their books to CBD, open the rules.
She missed her chances at the United States Open and the Australian Open.
You can't, however, open the character sheets if you have the inventory open.
Make sure to keep an open mind and open schedule on August 18.
Open source and DIY electronics open up opportunities for home automation and invention.
Tidelift and Open Collective are two different ways to open up those channels.
If they can open it up on McCarrick, open it up for everybody.
On its path moving through the road, it's open, curious, receptive, insatiably open.
This will be Federer's seventh Australian Open final, a men's Open era record.
Fox and her group have no plans to open a second Open Book.
She lost in the first rounds of the Australian Open and French Open.
An open-air terrace is open to fliers in all classes of travel.
"The factories aren't open and we don't know when they'll open," Kavesh said.
Fogo de Chao: OPEN The Brazilian steakhouse will be open on Thanksgiving Day.
And the door's open — or the tent flap is open, I should say.
Cut open a baguette or roll and spread it open like a book.
Very open and very honest — except it's not open to the media yet.
PC: Well we're leaving our options open, we're always leaving our options open.
It was slated to open in November but will now open this summer.
In prison, Sarah was open to abuse, open to anything in her condition.
Right, on an open platform presumably, a platform that aspires to be open.
In Jim Crow-era America, the open road was not open to all.
Carney on Thursday promised libra "an open mind but not an open door".
Open roads will remain accessible and back country toilets will also remain open.
Great passers don't just find open guys—they actively help teammates get open.
"We have been on a journey with open source, and today we are active in the open source ecosystem, we contribute to open source projects, and some of our most vibrant developer tools and frameworks are open source," Nadella said.
"The challenge is to take a place where people were closed in, where it was dark; transform it into an open space, open to ideas, open to culture, open to dialogue, and this is our mission," Ms. Della Seta said.
The other three—the U.S. Open, the P.G.A. Championship, and the Open Championship (known as the British Open)—are organized by various governing bodies and rotate among an evolving roster of courses, some of which are open to the public.
Here are 10 jobs that pay over $100,000 with the least competition: Median base salary: $100,000Number of open jobs: 12,447 Median base salary: $100,250Number of open jobs: 000,298 Median base salary: $101,502Number of open jobs: 21,2048 Median base salary: $2200,2000Number of open jobs: 21,2629 Median base salary: $0003,2000Number of open jobs: 24,2613 Median base salary: $134,917Number of open jobs: 1,051 Median base salary: $137,000Number of open jobs: 43,108 Median base salary: $159,000Number of open jobs: 1,048 Median base salary: $200,000Number of open jobs: 1,629 Median base salary: $210,000Number of open jobs: 4,613 Psychiatrist is the highest-paying job that Glassdoor identified as having minimal competition, with organizations like the US Department of Veteran Affairs posting hundreds of openings for these roles and offering six-figure salaries.
Financial spreadbetters expect London's FTSE to open 40 points higher, Frankfurt's DAX to open 88 points up and Paris' CAC to rise 22.8601 points at the open.
Open Control Panel and SettingsYou can get to various areas in Windows 10 too: tell Cortana to "open Control Panel" or "open Settings" to do just that.
Annistown Elementary School NOW OPEN UNTIL 2628:28503pmAnderson-Livsey Elementary School NOW OPEN UNTIL 22019:30pmHarbins Elementary School NOW OPEN UNTIL 7:14pm FULTON COUNTY POLL EXTENSIONS.
He had won three of the two players' four meetings during that time, in the finals of the Australian Open, the French Open and the Madrid Open.
Ovechkin gets open, you scream at your TV that he's open, he somehow stays open, and then it's a one-timer laser beam into the top corner.
It involves an open app store so developers can create their own stores on the headset, an open web browsing model, and more open APIs and drivers.
Of the stateside Trump Hotels where folks can rent a room for Sunday night -- according to the front desk clerks: -- Trump International Hotel Chicago ... Open for business -- Trump International Hotel Waikiki -- Open for business -- Trump Int'l D.C. -- Open -- Trump Int'l Hotel and Tower Vancouver -- Open -- Trump National Doral Miami -- Open Trump hotels in Nevada and New York -- Closed As for international properties, the hotel in Turnberry, Scotland is open.
"Have fun, go in there with an open mind, an open heart," he said.
It&aposs an open building, open doors into a reception desk at The Capital.
No drama at the pre-open, the open, during the day, or the close.
"Customers love that we're so committed to open source and open APIs," Greene said.
They're open to working with us, and we've been honest and open with them.
The watchdog algorithms can be like open-source software — open to examination by anyone.
An end to marathon fifth sets at the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon.
The moderates Islam that is open to the world, open to all the religions.
IHOP: OPEN IHOP will be open on Thanksgiving for all of your pancake needs.
And I want to move forward with an open heart and an open mind.
Open-Legged Spoon: This is like a regular spoon only, you know, open-legged.
Our borders are not currently open, nor were they open under George W. Bush.
They tend to be less open to other cultures and less open to immigrants.
U.S. OPEN Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth among U.S. Open favorites with $21969M at stake.
Inside Apple Park, he said, are large, open stairways, with lots of open space.
Nationality: Grand Slam titles: 4 (3 US Open, 1 Australian Open)Overall titles: 41
Nationality: Grand Slam titles: 2 (1 French Open, 1 US Open)Overall titles: 18
He also failed to make an impact at the Madrid Open and French Open.
Common rooms open to one another through French doors, creating a bright, open ambience.
Everyone has to sit down and open their minds and open up a dialogue.
"We need to have an open platform, with an open-source approach," he said.
His career story illustrates how doors open to those who keep an open mind.
Who challenges me to open my mind, while promising to let me open his.
" But, she says, "If you want the door open, you have to open it.
Teaching us that, whether rich or poor, open borders give way to open hearts.
"North Koreans are fairly open in saying they want to open businesses," said Bennett.
And yet I've said I'm open, I'm open to be persuaded this is real.
" Voice: "Tell her to open her door, have her open her door right now!
There's former Maryland governor Martin ("keeping an open heart and an open mind") O'Malley.
Let your house be wide open, and open on all sides to welcome wayfarers.
Earlier this year, Tencent joined another open source industry body — the Open Compute Project (OCP) community — as part of a push for open source in the hardware space.
Be open to new kinds of opportunitiesOne of the best ways candidates can keep the door open, said Ghermay, is by being open to new kinds of possibilities.
Women's U.S. Open Records In 1979 Tracy Austin won the U.S. Open at 16 years, 8 months and 28 days old, making her the youngest Open champion ever.
"Let me be clear: America is open for business, America is open for travel and open to the millions of international visitors who wish us well," Ross said.
You must have at least $500,000 in liquid assets to open a McDonald's, $750,000 to open a Taco Bell, and $2 million to open a Wendy's, for example.
At the time, Djokovic had won four straight major titles — Wimbledon and the United States Open in 2015 and the Australian Open and the French Open in 2016.
In the present day, the United States, with its open wallets, open universities and open society, has been by far the most important foreign enabler of China's rise.
She stumbled at last year's U.S. Open semi-final, faltered in January's Australian Open final and yelled out in frustration after falling in last month's French Open final.
By comparison, there will be 66 days between the end of the Masters and the start of the United States Open, 25 days between the United States Open and the British Open and 11 days between the British Open and the P.G.A. Championship.
But after an 0-15 start, he's gone 5-6 since, including defeating Andy Murray at the 2017 French Open semifinals; Djokovic at the 2015 French Open final and 2016 US Open final; and against Nadal at the 2014 Australian Open final.
On Android, you can open apps by saying "open..." then the app name, and "open settings" goes to the Settings app on Android and the Assistant settings on iOS.
The victory earns him spots in next year's Masters, U.S. Open and British Open, while runner-up Augenstein will be consoled by invitations to the Masters and U.S. Open.
What happened: Just 18 years old, Maureen "Little Mo" Connolly won the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbeldon, and U.S. Open, perhaps the most dominant single season in tennis history.
Microsoft announced today that it's joined open-source patent group Open Invention Network in an effort to help shield Linux and other open-source software from patent-related suits.
Err, rather… it's 30 seconds of fully-open mouth smashing against fully-open mouth, lips flapping open like four fish out of water, tongues dragging on each other's chins.
"While it's great to hear that the doors of Kroger are being open [to local brands] now, they're probably going to be cracked open, not wide open," McDevitt said.
Spreadbetters expected Britain's FTSE to open a shade lower and France's CAC to open flat.
Stay open to that, and you'll likely open yourself to greater pleasures—and more orgasms.
Open your preferred browser on your Mac or PC and open the Amazon Assistant homepage.  
They won major doubles titles at the 2011 French Open and 2013 Untied States Open.
Their model was Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) — free self-paced courses, open to everyone.
And when taking a bathroom trip, it's: belt open, belt closed, belt open, belt closed.
Here are some questions and answers about marketplace open enrollment: Open enrollment runs from Nov.
Legal Open Access activists like Suber have disagreed with this limited interpretation of Open Access.
"My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders," she said.
For a complete schedule of events and participating artists, visit
We are just open about it and the people of Israel are open about it.
"Those open public WiFi networks open you up to a lot of risk," she said.
This year, CVS will open about 100 stores and next year will open about 50.
I heard the fridge door squeal open, heard him open a new can of Monster.
"We in Morena are open to investment, we are open to the world," Nahle said.
The stocks are set to open at HK$2, the highest open since Aug. 17.
Trump would open with a statement slamming that plan and vowing to keep Guantanamo open.
The least you can do is when you open your legs, open your fucking mouth.
TIM is open to buying Open Fiber, the source said, but not at any price.
For the first time, open-source project creators can directly monetize their open-source network.
Djokovic defeated Andy Murray in both the Australian Open and the French Open this year.
The times of the open houses are not specified, and 16 open houses seems ridiculous.
The Open Internet Preservation Act will ensure the internet is a free and open space.
In 2009, Family Sports bought the Dutch Open and turned it into the Serbia Open.
This open air ship can ferry tanks, bulldozers or hundreds of troops across open ocean.
Open weekends only through June 2130; open Tuesdays through Sundays from June 21619 through Sept.
Open weekends only through June 26; open Tuesdays through Sundays from June 133 through Sept.
Open weekends only through June 2130; open Tuesdays through Sundays from June 218 through Sept.
Keep an open mindOnce you sit down to talk, remember to keep an open mind.
They won the Australian Open and the United States Open among three titles in 2016.
Some are open only to students of that institution; others are open to all students.
Open weekends only through June 26; open Tuesdays through Sundays from June 28 through Sept.
The stock was set to open at HK$6.65, the lowest open since Jan. 4.
The club hosted last year's Women's British Open and is in the British Open rotation.
Although Sailfish is an open source, alternative OS, you're not limited to open source apps.
"The success of the EU relies on our open societies and open economies," she said.
Nadal won the French Open and United States Open, raising his career total to 220.
But Open Carry Texas' experiment suggests that their new open carry policy is largely toothless.
The United States Open is held in June, followed by the British Open in July.
"I think it's really open, the Australian Open or any other slam," he told reporters.
Murray won Wimbledon and reached the finals of the Australian Open and the French Open.
Kerber captured the Australian Open and the United States Open and reached the Wimbledon final.
Although open offices are common today, Wright's open-floor concept was revolutionary at the time.
I'm trying to keep an open mind but there aren't many minds open right now.
It broke open something that had needed to be broken open for a long time.
The interior is open, with walls of windows, open-beam wood ceilings and wood floors.
"Neither Mr. Soros nor Open Society is funding this effort," Open Society tweeted on Tuesday.
If this is the "rookie treatment," we open it with open arms and empty stomachs.
The decision kept open 425 stores open and saved the jobs of about 45,000 employees.
It is scheduled to open later in January; it did not open in December 2800.
It is scheduled to open later in January; it did not open in December 2556.
Merchants think it sounds like a free and open market finally starting to open up.
Microsoft Azure supports open source technologies, which is a crucial part of Open AI's mission.
Take a look below to see which other roles rounded out Glassdoor's top 2000 list for highest-paying entry-level positions: Median Annual Base Salary: $68,600 Click here to view open positions Median Annual Base Salary: $70,000 Click here to view open positions Median Annual Base Salary: $72,000 Click here to view open positions Median Annual Base Salary: $953,000 Click here to view open positions Median Annual Base Salary: $73,000 Click here to view open positions Median Annual Base Salary: $85,000 Click here to view open positions Median Annual Base Salary: $85,000 Click here to view open positions Median Annual Base Salary: $89,000 Click here to view open positions Median Annual Base Salary: $90,000 Click here to view open positions Median Annual Base Salary: $95,000 Click here to view open positions
S. Open 20, Australian Open 26) 23 French Open performance: Third round Best French Open performance: Third round (22016, 13) A nervy Osaka flirted with a first-round exit on Monday as she recovered from an opening set bagel to beat Slovakia's Anna Karolina Schmiedlova.
Keys, a 23-year-old American who was the runner-up to Sloane Stephens in singles at the 2017 United States Open, last year reached the quarterfinals of the Australian Open, as well as the semifinals of the French Open and the United States Open.
India allows market participants to have open position of upto 15 percent of the total open interest, or $100 million gross open limit for USD/INR pair, whichever is higher.
And while most people think about open door policies in a practical sense – with the boss leaving their door open throughout the day – they transcend physically propping a door open.
"Because of our supporters, and the will of the American people, our doors are open today, and they'll be open tomorrow, and they'll be open for the next 100 years."
Swede Norman has worked with Wawrinka since 2013, and under his guidance the 32-year-old won the 2014 Australian Open, the 2015 French Open and the 2016 U.S. Open.
Among those who have beaten him are Borna Coric (second round, 2017 United States Open), Dan Evans (second round, 2016 U.S. Open) and Fernando Verdasco (first round, 2017 French Open).
We have a chance to correct this mistake by reinstating Chick-fil-A and sending a message that we are open for all, open for faith and open for business.
Williams reached the final at the Australian Open and at Wimbledon, and the fourth round at the French Open, and has now advanced to the semifinals at the U.S. Open.
Mostly, we face those differences together with open dialogue and open gates—not intimidation and threats.
"Markets that were open have remained open, while those that were closed, remain closed," he added.
In early 2013 he relaunched his startup as an open source project called Open Whisper Systems.
Brooks Koepka has won the 2018 US Open, his second US Open victory in a row.
But Sony and Nintendo have since welcomed indie developers with open arms (and sometimes open wallets).
Artist-in-Residence Open Studios at Studio Museum 127 is free and open to the public.
A user can open up the app and a map shows which local facilities are open.
We should be able to just use it, because it's open and that's what open means.
So when I did Sochi I was able to open the door and open their eyes.
"I would say go into it with an open mind and an open heart," Elizabeth says.
Use File then Open to open up your app, and select the project on the left.
"She really went into our season with an open heart and an open mind," Martinez said.
Open source is not a philosophy or a business model: open source is a software feature.
Democrats are open to talking border security, but only after Trump agrees to open the government.
But it is not conducive to sustainable open-source communities, and especially commercial open-source innovation.
Critics argue that the law will open up the floodgates for open discrimination against minority workers.
The best part might be the ability to browse and open tabs open on other devices.
I wanted something more open, and more open in the type of music you can play.
Stones have also been used by chimps to crack open nuts and cut open large fruit.
More importantly, though, they also stressed that the Open Data Initiative is indeed open to others.
Open Access Risk Remote: Open access is a risk that could potentially affect the STM division.
I have something to say to his supporters though: Just open your eyes, open your heart.
This weekend, Bushwick Open Studios brings a three-day, "open to all" arts festival to Brooklyn.
SMITH: Speaking of open dialogue, Senator Rand Paul thinks an open dialogue with Russia is important.
Reached the semi-finals at the U.S. Open and the quarter-finals of the Australian Open.
WhatsApp: WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted by default through Open Whisper's open-source Signal protocol.
But then she lost at the United States Open, at the Australian Open and now here.
Supporting your heart might mean recognizing it wants to open, but it needs to open slowly.
I think older women are more open-minded and we're much more open about our bodies.
" Elsewhere, Clinton said she dreams of "a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders.
"Really," he says, and pulls the door open wide, as open as it can be. ♦
While most of the island's features are now open to passengers, some will open in December.
In Classical architecture, oculi were left open to the elements, and these skylights can open, too.
Nationality: Grand Slam titles: 5 (3 Australian Open, 1 Wimbledon, 1 US Open)Overall titles: 43
Nationality: Grand Slam titles: 3 (1 Australian Open, 1 Wimbledon, 1 U.S. Open)Overall titles: 12
Nationality: AmericanGrand Slam titles: 14 (7 Wimbledon, 5 U.S. Open, 2 Australian Open)Overall titles: 64
The major championships include the Masters, the U.S. Open, the British Open and the PGA Championship.
Give you perks when you open an accountLooking for incentives when you open up an account?
Not open borders, which is something the United States hasn't had since 1875, but open minds.
No, Nordstrom will not be open on Thanksgiving, but it will be open on Black Friday.
"We're as ambitious for the Women's British Open as we are for this Open," Slumbers said.
It was at an event a week before the United States Open, not at the Open.
They'd prop a door open for a smoke and I suspect someone just left it open.
The purpose of open records laws is to protect democracy by ensuring an open, transparent government.
To see the map, open the Photos app, tap Albums, scroll to Places and open it.
Those who believe in open trade, relatively open immigration, an active foreign policy and racial integration.
Their tragic history does not exempt them from reciprocating with open ears and, perhaps, open hearts.
Most of Gustavia's 213 stores were open by Christmas, and all were open by early March.
New York City's 53 outdoor public pools open today and remain open daily through Sept. 8.
Mattermost is pretty open about what it is: an open-source, self-hosted alternative to Slack.
"It's an open mostly flat marshland, where you are open to sniper fire," Mr. Gani said.
Roger Federer, who won the Australian Open men's title, is not playing in the French Open.
Nadal won an unprecedented 10th French Open in June and has now taken the U.S. Open.
Steve Earle will open on Tuesday, not Wednesday; JJ Grey will open on Wednesday, not Thursday.
Osaka now holds the US Open and Australian Open titles, while Barty triumphed at Roland-Garros.
Finally, on Snapchat, with the camera open you can pinch the screen to open a map.
And soon, the Western Hemisphere&aposs highest open-air observation deck will open in Hudson Yards.
"The trial was held in open court, open to any member of the public," he said.
When they blossom, when they open up, they open up completely even, from the inside out.
In other words, the field is wide open — though Mr. Biden did keep his options open.
The Hong Kong Tennis Open and Hong Kong Open squash championships were also canceled last month.
Open Slack on your iPhone or Android device open the channel you want to leave.2.
Berlin&aposs Bradenburg Airport — which was supposed to open in 2012 — is finally scheduled to open.
Open Photoshop CC 2020 and select "Open" and then select the file you want to flip.
Morris is senior counsel and director of Open Internet policy for New America's Open Technology Institute.
Morris is senior counsel and director of open Internet policy for New America's Open Technology Institute.
The Hong Kong Tennis Open and Hong Kong Open squash championships were also canceled last month.
John Kennedy I'm not open to borrowing more money and I'm not open to raising taxes.
Nadal had a triumphant 2017 season, winning his 10th French Open and third United States Open.
OPEN Stores and restaurant chains are likely to be open on July 4, but it's always good to call ahead Target -- Open regular hours Walmart -- Open regular hours Kroger-- Open regular hours Trader Joe's -- All stores will be closing at 5, so don't procrastinate Movie theaters -- We can't think of a better way to ring in America's birthday Liquor stores -- So, this depends.
Wawrinka, the 33 Australian Open winner and 23 French Open champion, broke Nishikori in the last game of the second, third and fourth sets to reach his first U.S. Open final.
"The worry is that this is a crack open of the door and it's about to swing open," says Mr Irwin—a rare case where closed might be better than open.
Because various open-source projects use various open-source licenses, when releasing software using Commons Clause, one must specify to which underlying permissive open-source license one is attaching Commons Clause.
We hope others will rally to the cause, so that open-source companies can make money, open source can be viable and open-source developers can get paid for their contributions.
Current open-source licenses allow them to take open-source software verbatim and offer it as a commercial service without giving back to the open-source projects or their commercial shepherds.
Financial spreadbetters expect London's FTSE to open 0.1 percent higher at 7,553, Frankfurt's DAX to open 0.02 percent lower at 12,13 and Paris' CAC to open 0.2 percent lower at 5,530.
Open (water) minded Because most open-water swimmers don't necessarily live near open water, they tend to train in pools, refining a technique (such as minimal kicking) that works for them.
Nadal, a three-time U.S. Open champion, had lost to Thiem in the quarterfinals of the Madrid Open in May, but pummeled him in a lopsided French Open final in June.
He has come back from a wrist injury to win four tournaments, including his 10th French Open, and to reach the final of the Australian Open and now the U.S. Open.
Financial spreadbetters expect London's FTSE to open 9 points lower at 7,722.5, Frankfurt's DAX to open 2 point higher at 13,561.5 and Paris' CAC to open 1 point higher at 5,536.3.
Easy Open Link can quickly open links embedded in text documents, while Open Link With lets you choose which apps handle which links on a case-by-case basis (so you can open one YouTube URL in your browser and the next in the native YouTube app).
Federer is the second-oldest man to win a major singles title in the Open era, behind Ken Rosewall, who won the 1970 United States Open when he was approaching his 36th birthday, the 1971 Australian Open at 36 and the 20183 Australian Open at 37.
Since taking over, Nadella has pushed Microsoft to embrace open source technology, going so far as to make the company a sponsor of the influential open source advocacy group Open Source Initiative.
The U.S. Open is the only one of the four Grand Slam events to have a final-set tiebreak in singles, though the Australian Open and French Open use it in doubles.
He has yet to beat a top-50 opponent at the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon or U.S. Open and has still to venture past the fourth round at any of them.
Augusta National handles the Masters rights, PGA of America negotiates the PGA Championship, the USGA is in charge of the US Open, and the R&A manages The Open (The British Open).
The United States Open, one of four Grand Slam tournaments — the others being the Australian Open, the French Open and Wimbledon — was not always in its current spot at Arthur Ashe Stadium.
I don't like to use the term "open borders," because as far as I'm concerned the country has always been open so long as white people get to define what open is.
Camp Santanoni's grounds are open year round, though in winter, buildings are open only on certain weekends.
"Our phone lines are open, they have always been open," Navarro told reporters on a conference call.
Frogmore House became open to the public on Tuesday in support of the National Open Garden Scheme.
The novel was left on an open-ended note, leaving open the possibility for a sequel novel.
You just keep your ears open, your eyes open and see what it tells you to do.
Mandlikova was also 19 when she claimed the French Open, having already won the Australian Open title.
But if you have an open heart and open mind, you'll get the most out of it.
If you leave it open to conspiracy theories and anecdotal, then you leave yourself open to this.
For every open call contract, there are 5.2 puts open, according to options analytics firm Trade Alert.
Unlike a whitehead (a closed comedo), a blackhead is open at the skin's surface (an open comedo).
Everybody is talking about a Republican open convention (but) the Democrats are going to an open convention.
"Salafistes" had been scheduled to open in 30 theaters nationwide but will instead open in just three.
That means remaking the case for open society, open cultures and a basic commitment to moral pluralism.
Hoda Kotb is stepping into the next year of life with open arms and an open heart.
Sumner: Yeah, the door is open when you're making a record—that's when you open the door.
If open-source deployments go well in leading jurisdictions, it will open the floodgates to widespread adoption.
Compared to the average 23% email open rate, Locent claims a 95% open rate in three minutes.
Next, you have Thaïs, also 15, whose Parisian aesthetic cleverly contrasts her open ears and open mind.
If you're going to be open to online dating, be open to meeting anyone in any capacity.
S. Open), 19943-year-old Jordan Spieth (British Open) and 24-year-old Justin Thomas (PGA Championship).
And when you're funding open border politicians, you shouldn't be surprised when they fight for open borders.
"If we can find a good place to open a branch, we'll open a branch," he said.
The Pennsylvania native won the Masters four times, the British Open twice and the U.S. Open once.
Open an app, swipe left from the right side of the screen and a tray will open.
An analysis of George Soros's Open Society Foundations leaving Budapest George Soros wanted to spread open societies.
Sometimes I'll open these reminders from beyond unwittingly, but sometimes I'll do it with one eye open.
Yes, some people have mentioned that to me, but, well, this is open, and open-ended book.
Tim Hortons: OPEN Select Tim Hortons cafés will be open on Thanksgiving, for all your doughnut needs.
Launch programsTry "open Photoshop" or "open iTunes" or anything else that's currently installed on your local computer.
"Our office remained open throughout this period and will remain open without interruption (Saturday) morning," said Caplin.
The extended family members have all welcomed him into their hearts with open arms (and open paws).
Doors open at 6pm on Thursday and 6am on Black Friday, but you know what's always open?
By comparison, there were 19 Democratic open seats and 22 Republican open seats in the 2010 election.
Besides, being open with your partner paves the way for your partner to be open with you.
"And when you're funding open border politicians, you shouldn't be surprised when they fight for open borders."
If critics are open to critiquing other people, then they themselves should be open to being critiqued.
It said Enel Open Fiber remained open commercially to all retail telecom operators and their client base.
"It really blows the women's draw wide open," twice U.S. Open champion Tracey Austin told the BBC.
The Open Championship (also known as the British Open) is played on a roster of British courses.
The island is open from May 1 to October 20, but Villa Milocer remains open year-round.
He earned $3.7 million from the 2017 US Open and $3.8 million from the 2019 US Open.
The suite also connects bank with open banking APIs — which could help them streamline open banking adoption.
We must continue to fight for journalists and for open media, the building blocks of open societies.
Sarah Morris is the director of Open Internet Policy at the nonprofit New America's Open Technology Institute.
Safarova won the Australian Open and French Open titles in 2015 with the American Bethanie Mattek-Sands.
He won the Masters and U.S. Open and came close at the British Open and PGA Championship.
NEXT WEEK: CP Women's Open, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada Champions Tour THIS WEEK: DICK's Sporting Goods Open, Aug.
To "open up" libel law would mean open season on Trump himself, to be sued for defamation.
They have met 22019 times, an Open era record, but only once in an Australian Open final.
" And, as Dan Savage summarizes Dr. Fisher's position on open marriages on his blog, "Open relationship failed?
Big, open fields and big, open Suffolk skies is not a bad place to be is it?
Historically, technology has evolved from closed to open, back to closed, and then back to being open.
Despite the growing popularity of open-source software, though, many open-source companies are not financially healthy.
Let's open it up because we have more questions but we'll open up to you guys first.
For our society to remain free and open, kids need to learn the value of open disagreement.
That includes control over borders, which are partially open to refugees but fully open to other Europeans.
The agencies need to open new doors with progressive standards, with arms extended and eyes wide open.
Some people open a restaurant and then it fails, and then they never open a restaurant again.
Auger-Aliassime, 18, failed to qualify for the Australian Open and was injured for the French Open.
Those 44 empty open houses represented 13% of all open houses, up from 9% two weeks earlier.
The workaround process means the Shortcuts app will open quickly before the app you've selected will open.
It may be open for a long time, or it may be open for a short time.
"I'm open to talking about it, but I'm unlikely to be open to doing it," Blunt said.
She won the Miami Open and reached the French Open final, where she lost to Simona Halep.
If Ms. Merkel gives up on open borders, she will open the way for others to follow.
In contrast, a more relaxed, open boss is likely to lead to a relaxed, open workplace. 3.
Open Google Slides on your PC or Mac computer and create or open a Slides presentation. 2.
McIlroy had previously committed to the Scottish Open the week before The Open and the European Masters.
Only a tiny handful of states do not have interdistrict open enrollment, intradistrict open enrollment, or both.
Rafael Nadal, finishing No. 1 in the world, won the French Open and the United States Open.
Open Microsoft Edge on your Mac or PC and open the page that you want to print.
Open Google Sheets on your Mac or PC and open the spreadsheet that you want to copy.
Open Google Docs on your Mac or PC and open the document you wish to edit.2.
Another LF Energy project focuses on open standards that can't be defined through open source software alone.
Meanwhile, U.S. stock index futures implied a positive open ahead of the U.S. market open on Monday.
Mastery begins when we approach familiar challenges with new questions, an open heart, and an open mind.
Where to open a Roth IRAYou can open a Roth IRA at most major brokerages or banks.
She was the United States Open junior champion and a finalist at the French Open junior event.
Open your mind, open your arms, and welcome more kinds of people and ways to express yourself.
Pennsylvania: Polls open 27 am to 230 pm (local time) Rhode Island: Polls open 83 am to 28 pm (local time) South Carolina: Polls open 27 am to 27 pm (local time) South Dakota: Polls open 7 am to 7 pm (local time) Tennessee: Poll times vary by municipality.
Though the French Open will no longer be played before the British Open — and lost its Rolex Series status as a premier event — the BMW International in Germany and Andalucia Valderrama Masters in Spain give players four solid European stops between the United States Open and the British Open.
European stocks were broadly expected to open steady with spreadbetters expecting Britain's FTSE 100 to open up 0.4 percent, Germany's DAX to open 0.2 percent higher, and France's CAC 2121.38 to be unchanged.
MongoDB switches up its open-source license When we originally penned this article on open source four years ago, we aspirationally hoped that we would see the birth of iconic open-source companies.
Nishikori has had a strong year so far, having won his 11th Tour title at the Memphis Open and reached the Australian Open quarter-finals as well as the U.S. Open semi-finals.
Kasmin is showing three examples from this series: "Open No.60: In Mottled Brown and Green" (1968-70), "Open No.97: The Spanish House" (1969) and "Open in Gray with White Edge" (1971).
West Virginia: Polls open 6:30 am to 7:30 pm (local time) Wisconsin: Polls open 7 am to 8 pm (local time) Wyoming: Polls open 7 am to 7 pm (local time)
During 13 years as a venture investor, I have invested in the companies behind many open-source projects: Open source has served society, and open-source business models have been successful and lucrative.
Then, Nadal rebounded to win the U.S. Open a few weeks later, rolled into the following year by reaching the Australian Open final and went on to claim his ninth French Open title.
He reached three Grand Slam finals this year, losing to Roger Federer at the Australian Open and winning a 10th French Open title before clinching the United States Open for the third time.
At CERN, Dr. Gianotti is a passionate promoter of the "Open Science" movement, in particular the publication of scientific works in open access journals and the development of open access hardware and software.
Financial spreadbetters at IG expect London's FTSE to open 71 points lower at 5,375, Frankfurt's DAX to open 122 points lower at 9,579 and Paris' CAC to open 65 points lower at 4,178.
In the battle between open and closed, Mr Macron is broadly for open in both trade and immigration.
You can't open it yourself — instead, you're meant to send it to a friend for them to open.
She was on a Grand Slam winning spree, notching wins at the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon.
Schools in Atlanta will be open, Mayor Kasim Reed said, but city offices won't open until 10 a.m.
It's really hard to write open meetings laws or open records laws that really get the balance right.
Then losses in finals to Kerber at the Australian Open, and to Garbine Muguruza at the French Open.
"AUD and NZD are lower at the open as we await for Asian markets to open," he added.
If you simply press "open," it'll only open 75% of the way in order to minimize wind noise.
Presently the Davis Cup World Group rounds take place immediately after Australian Open, Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.
U.S. Open and Australian Open champion Osaka appeared close to tears when she spoke to the media later.
Osaka won the U.S. Open, while Kerber won Wimbledon and Wozniacki clinched the Australian Open title this year.
Disneyland's expansion will open this summer, while the Disney World expansion is expected to open sometime this fall.
Two of those open seats are for nominees from Texas, and they've been open since 2012 and 2013.
A hydraulic pump whirred, a lock clanged open, and a metal door about a foot thick swung open.
We are committed to transparency; therefore, everything we release is open and our development happens in the open.
The exhibition will be open seven days a week 10am–7pm and is free and open to everyone.
Users simply open these files directly in AutoCad, and they are pulled from Dropbox, and open as normal.
Applebee's: OPEN Select Applebee's restaurants will be open on Thanksgiving, and hours may be reduced in some locations.
But I was also sad that it's now gonna open up wounds that they probably didn't want open.
"I would like [an] open adoption or at least semi-open," DeJesus, 23, told the adoption case worker.
"Everything was blowing open, the closets were flying open, glass was breaking," one woman told NBC New York.
Less than a month before polls open, the GOP nominee is in open political warfare with his party.
It was hard to get the door open, but he finally got it open, kicked in the door.
When Durant finally did get a beer open, you found yourself wishing he actually hadn't gotten it open.
If you have open lines of credit, consider keeping them open, even if you're not fully using them.
The tourists, meanwhile, open cans of beer—except for the Brits, who open bottles of rotgut Thai whiskey.
For example, I set my "I" to open Instagram with a short press and "G" to open Gmail.
An open secret It's long been an open secret that Russia employs private contractors to advance foreign policy.
It's like the toaster to the bank that gets-- tries to get you to open -- open a deposit.
It was open to women only but we realized after that that we needed to open it up.
If a window is open to curb North Korea's nuclear ambitions, it may not stay open for long.
Together government and business could more effectively prevent hacking by agreeing to use open standards and open software.
Nationality: AmericanGrand Slam titles: 23 (7 Wimbledon, 7 Australian, 6 US Open, 3 French Open)Overall titles: 72
Open the document you want to work on, or open a new Google Doc and begin typing. 3.
That's when he performed at international festivals like Sonisphere (UK), Wacken Open Air (Germany), Bloodstock Open Air (U.
I realize that yes, he can open doors, but I have to work hard to keep them open.
Still, I knew I needed to go into this week with an open heart and an open mind.
Roundup Angelique Kerber, the Australian Open champion, crashed out of the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, Calif.
But the Arctic is open territory — and, in a time of melting ice caps, open sea as well.
The open class is so open, you don't even have to be on a paddleboard, though most are.
Android is nominally "open source," but it is far from "free open source software" in any meaningful sense.
"When moneymaking time is not time spent on open source, then it competes with open source," he said.
Open Collective was launched in late 2015, and since then has become home to 647 open source projects.
Open shelving in kitchens, especially in a galley or small kitchen, can make the room feel more open.
She lost in the first round of the Australian Open and the third round of the French Open.
Grounds open daily; home open Tuesdays through Sundays; 5720 State Route 9G, Hudson, N.Y., 518-828-0135;
Mattek-Sands has also won mixed doubles Grand Slam titles at the Australian Open and the French Open.
He also was a quarterfinalist at the Australian Open in 2007 and the United States Open in 2013.
"All you have to do is open the can and slice open a bag of saltines," Thurman said.
At 12, Hingis won the French Open girls tournament, which was open to players as old as 18.
The China Masters and Polish Open were both postponed while the Indian Open will be played without fans.
The main room is large and open, with windows that let in light and open up the rooms.
And just because the college admissions office isn't open to you doesn't mean it's not open at all.
They've been going back and forth, schools open, schools not open…We're not going to be enforcing that.
They've been going back and forth, schools open, schools not open ... We're not going to be enforcing that.
And when you look at open borders, how about the open borders, where everybody can just come in.
Ontario schools, which were supposed to open on April 6, likely will not open that early, Ford added.
Nastase won two Grand Slam titles: the United States Open in 1972 and the French Open in 1973.
Her career straddled the amateur and Open eras, and the emphasis today is increasingly on Open-era achievement.
In those spare seconds, he assesses when and where he will get open, because he will get open.
The door was left open the whole time so as (the shooter) walked by, the door was open.
El Alto's commercial heart is the vast, open-air 16 de Julio market, open on Thursdays and Sundays.
"The window of opportunity is open," she said, "but there is no guarantee it's going to stay open."
It's the same job to open a Côtes du Rhône as it is to open a Chateau Latour.
With Gmail open on your Mac or PC, open an email from the unwanted sender in question.2.
Open Firefox and click on the three lines in the upper-right corner to open a menu.2.
Open the Oculus app on a device that&aposs paired with your headset and open the "Settings" menu.
Futures fell sharply before the open, with the Dow tipped to open 300 points lower at one point.
The door to my office is always open, especially now that we are in an open-plan building.
After defeating Djokovic for the Italian Open title, he won the French Open for a preposterous 12th time.
Instead, brutal dictators, despots and war criminals are granted an open ear and open mind from President Trump.
Our corporate offices and contact centers in China are open, and our online stores have remained open throughout.
Media day: On Friday, U.S. Open media day will be open to the public for the first time.
"DAU" is to open in London in April, but its showing in Berlin is still an open question.
Open the app, search for a recent virtual Star Wars video, and flip open the viewer in seconds.
It's to open one store and then open thousands more if the first one is a big success.
You're a vocal advocate for open borders — do you see elites as a useful ally for open borders?
Two, they have to just get ... open up and invite new ideas and criticism and open themselves up.
Rain delays start of some U.S. Open Day Three matches U.S. Open order of play on Wednesday Kyrgios accuses ATP of being 'corrupt' after U.S. Open win Former champion Stephens ousted by Russian qualifier Kyrgios keeps mostly calm and carries on at U.S. Open Mass exodus opens up bottom half of men's draw Pospisil stuns Khachanov with first win of season Fabulous Fabbiano stuns Thiem in U.S. Open first round Nadal sends Millman to U.S. Open exit Gauff delivers on the hype in first-round U.S. Open thriller Uninspired Tsitsipas lashes out at umpire during U.S. Open loss ATP fires chair umpire Steiner Reporting by Rohith Nair in Bengaluru; Editing by Jon Boyle
Texas: Polls open 7 am to 7 pm (local time) Utah: Polls open 7 am to 8 pm (local time) Vermont: Polls open between 73 and 10 am (local time), depending on the town.
Financial spreadbetters expect London's FTSE to open 2 points lower at 7641.6 points, Frankfurt's DAX to open 16 points higher at 13430.5 point and Paris' CAC to open 1 point higher at 5496 points.
She ascended to No. 1 in 2005, won the U.S. Open in 2006 and added the Australian Open in 2008 before completing the career Grand Slam with French Open titles in 2012 and 2014.
A majority of these startups are founded on the basis of decentralization and open-source principals, meaning their code is open and they release it under the Apache 2.0 or similar open-source license.
After winning a 12th French Open this year and the U.S. Open and reaching the final at the Australian Open and semi-final at Wimbledon, few could deny him his trophy celebration on Friday.
Open interest for Brent and WTI crude futures hit all-time records this month of over 2.5 million contracts open for front-month Brent, and over 2.3 million contracts open in front-month WTI.
Financial spreadbetters expected Britain's FTSE 100 to open 6 points lower, or down 0.1 percent, Germany's DAX to open down 4 points, or flat in percentage terms, and France's CAC 40 to open unchanged.
The original name of the song was 'One Horse Open Sleigh' Originally named "One Horse Open Sleigh" when written in 1857, Pierpont later copyrighted it as "Jingle Bells, or the One Horse Open Sleigh."
The amphibian needs isolated, ephemeral ponds in an open canopy forest to breed, as well as open non-breeding land close to the ponds and open land covered with herbaceous plants connecting the two.
The amphibian needs isolated, ephemeral ponds in an open canopy forest to breed, as well as open non-breeding land close to the ponds and open land covered with herbaceous plants connecting the two.
His wife, Flavia Pennetta, won the 20213 United States Open, and was part of the golden generation that included Roberta Vinci, who stunned Serena Williams and finished runner-up to Pennetta at that U.S. Open; Francesca Schiavone, the 2010 French Open champion; and Sara Errani, the 2012 French Open runner-up.
Many open source licenses, including the popular General Public License, prohibit additional restrictions in open source licensing, meaning that any additional software integrated into a suite of open source programs must have a conforming license.
At the risk of oversimplifying: those in favor view this as a logical and positive evolution in open-source licensing that allows open-source companies to run viable businesses while investing in open-source projects.
"There are massive opportunities for UK companies to open up, to prise open the American market," Johnson told reporters.
Starting when stores open on Thursday (the majority will be open on Thanksgiving day) through Friday at 9 a.m.
"We are open, and remain open, to a dialogue between us as shareholders of TIM," an Elliott spokeswoman said.
"The Democrats want open borders, which is basically saying, &aposWe want open borders, we want crime,&apos" Trump said.
The exhibition Charles White: A Retrospective will be open during the event, and there will be an open bar.
Patrick tells us he's game if he feels he can better the country, so the door's open ... wide open.
But not all locations are open, so check locally to see if your nearby Applebee's is open or closed.
Tapping "open" twice opens the sunroof fully, but you can also press "vent" to open the sunroof just slightly.
But then, being here in this open space has made me realize how 'not open' those other spaces are.
He left open the possibility that he could return as a singles player in time for the U.S. Open.
Fans snap open and flutter, replying to Madrid's warmth and the scent of open flesh wafting from the slaughterhouse.
"I think the UK government has an open mind on this and will keep an open mind," he said.
Cabot Saint Lucia is set to open in 2021, and a 50-suite boutique hotel will open in 2022.
The open house is open to the public, but it's definitely a good idea to RSVP at [email protected].
But the mindset of a police officer changes when they hear it's an "open structure" or "open door" call.
Baum then allegedly cut Otteson's throat open and dumped both their bodies into the open mine shaft, Henderson said.
According to its website, WeWork has 856 office sites in 123 countries that are open or about to open.
Applications for the Robotics and Digital Marketing Nanodegree will open on March 8th and remain open until April 17th.
Open warrant The Rowan County warrant remains open, according to the report, and Meyers is liable for a fine.
Startups like Oui Open and Storefront have helped brands like Google, Samsung, Target and Etsy open pop-up stores.
If losses hold until markets open, the Dow would open in the red for the first time in 2500.
The plan mirrors Facebook's Open Compute Project for open sourcing server designs and Telecom Infra Project for connectivity technology.
And the open-air memorials on the National Mall in Washington, DC, will also stay open to the public.

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