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"tiny" Definitions
  1. very small in size or amount
"tiny" Antonyms
massive big large huge enormous gigantic giant titanic great colossal mammoth astronomic astronomical cosmic cosmical monumental prodigious tremendous vast mighty substantial significant abundant ample bounteous bountiful considerable generous liberal plenteous plentiful profuse stable steady superabundant tidy voluminous wide major unrestricted important critical urgent crucial vital exigent imperative paramount essential pivotal serious fundamental consequential profound pressing noticeable discernible perceptible appreciable detectable discernable obvious palpable ponderable sensible visible apparent audible conspicuous distinct distinguishable evident seeable striking unobscured blatant clear glaring overt brazen inordinate open rank stark unmissable unmistakable flagrant manifest pronounced maxi spacious roomy capacious commodious palatial sizable broad sizeable expansive comfortable developing growing large-scale maximum full highest top best greatest max biggest maximal most topmost ultimate supreme largest superlative utmost hugest infinite endless unlimited immeasurable limitless boundless unbounded countless measureless indefinite indeterminable multitudinous uncountable undefined unending illimitable immensurable incalculable inestimable likely good strong certain definite sure anticipated expected foreseeable predicted probable promising adult grown-up grownup woman lady man gentleman grown-up person person of mature age mature person mature woman mature man girl behemoth colossus jumbo leviathan monster titan ettin ancestor begetter forebear forefather forerunner parent predecessor procreator progenitor

934 Sentences With "tiny"

How to use tiny in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "tiny" and check conjugation/comparative form for "tiny". Mastering all the usages of "tiny" from sentence examples published by news publications.

There's also Tiny House Builders (HGTV), Tiny House World (FYI), Tiny Luxury (HGTV), and Tiny House Nation (FYI).
The Nintendo Switch is a tiny console with tiny controllers all powered by tiny batteries with tiny capacities.
"There's a tiny, tiny chance it will hit Mars; extremely tiny," Musk said.
There was a tiny lipstick and a tiny soap and a tiny razor.
Even though the quantity was large, the nuggets themselves were tiny, tiny, tiny.
That's perhaps partly thanks to the variety of shows on HGTV that feature tiny homes, like Tiny House Builders, Tiny House Hunters, and Tiny House, Big Living.
You replace tiny statues and open up tiny gates, unlocking tiny doors with more mysteries behind them.
The network has aired plenty of similar shows, too, including Tiny House Builders, Tiny Luxury, and Tiny Paradise.
She placed them on tiny doll tables in tiny doll rooms and read them aloud to tiny dolls.
He moves his tiny head, he moves his tiny hands, and he makes the most adorable tiny noises.
WAITITI I grew up in a tiny, tiny, tiny, little fishing village on the East Coast of New Zealand.
The people at the inauguration was such a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of the people at the Major Lazer concert.
She made a gift for Stone: a tiny paper boat with a tiny paper rower who held tiny paper oars.
In 2013, the Caravan Tiny House Hotel opened in Portland, Oregon, and reality TV shows Tiny House Nation and Tiny House Hunters debuted the following year, putting tiny living in a national spotlight.
It was a tiny, tiny part to really open eyes.
There was like five people in a tiny, tiny booth.
We're talking about how tiny the Vphone S8 is. Tiny!
There are parks, markets, hidden gardens, tiny houses, tiny cars.
A fully uniformed police officer sitting in a tiny chair, at a tiny table, with a tiny girl -- having a tea party.
And let's put things in perspective, I'm a tiny, tiny part.
Here's how tiny house dwellers make living tiny work for them.
We also had to separate tiny, tiny strands for the braids.
Instead, she bought a tiny cat hammock designed for tiny cats.
Irene went to the tiny IHOP and had some tiny pancakes.
NPR's Tiny Desk The NPR Tiny Desk, which we have noted IS NOT ACTUALLY TINY AT ALL, takes a loss this week after Big Boi performed behind it and said the desk needed a tiny fan.
Each IR sensor has its own tiny, tiny board it sits on.
We're talking about tiny, tiny margins that are keeping us from winning.
It is a tiny, tiny part of all data center electricity use.
Uneasy lies this massive head that wears a tiny, tiny Mets cap.
Like a tiny, tiny wealth taxI made a table for you pic.twitter.
Tiny was tiny, but he had a wife and he loved her.
Here, tiny foods and tiny objects make the cook's hands look gigantic.
There is a whole channel on YouTube devoted to the adventures of tiny hamsters eating tiny food, celebrating tiny birthdays, and having a tiki party.
READ: Why Trump cannot stop the investigation of Michael Cohen Trump, however, said Cohen only worked on a "tiny, tiny, tiny fraction" of his legal work.
She could shrink it a tiny tiny bit and say we have begun but it does not really matter because it is only a tiny bit.
There are many tiny houses for sale on Tiny House Listings right now.
Hospital staff dressed her tiny body in tiny baby clothes, sewn by volunteers.
Tiny competitors, comparatively, but a swarm of tiny competitors can do real damage.
Emulsified inside each mascara tube are tiny fibers that inflate like tiny cushions.
"There is a tiny, tiny chance it will hit Mars," Musk said Monday.
They run the blog Tiny House Basics and build custom tiny house trailers.
His performance, which is quietly graceful, crystallizes in a tiny, tiny, ambiguous smile.
The car has a "tiny, tiny chance" of crashing into Mars, Musk says.
Only a tiny, tiny minority of your fans are enjoying the calculated amusement.
But I'm just a teeny teeny tiny tiny human in this big universe.
Somehow, a tiny shop in a tiny village still has gas for you.
"When I tell you this airplane was tiny, it was tiny, " Herjavec says.
It is good to remember, it is a tiny, tiny fraction that screams.
Bekah Taylor of Tiny Little Life said that tiny living has its complications.
Tickets for the Tiny House Conference ("tiny houses, big conference") in Portland, Ore.
Add tiny eyeballs to your pom pom manicure to create tiny nail friends.
You can still see them in many places today, but they don't often house telephones — instead, some of them have become tiny libraries stuffed with books, tiny cellphone repair shops, tiny cafes and even tiny homes for lifesaving defibrillator machines.
Once that's done, you can gradually grow your tiny, tiny, tiny ownership in T-Mobile by referring friends, family, coworkers, and total strangers to join the Uncarrier.
Operation Tiny Home recently teamed up with Zack Giffin, the co-host of "Tiny House Nation," Sutter Home Family Vineyards, and Wells Fargo for Project Tiny Home.
It's a tiny, tiny island and the size can't even be compared to Ireland!
"Our tiny house really doesn't feel like a tiny house at all," they said.
This tiny, tiny pocket of recent humanity has decided there's something bad about that.
Well, prepare for this tiny, tiny baby to blow you out of the water.
So going with that indisputable fact, tiny gadgets are great, too, especially tiny phones.
Beck, "Tiny Cities" Because of alphabetical happenstance, we're hopping from one "tiny" to another.
And that's also why Apple releases a tiny, tiny portion of macOS every year.
He's just a tiny goat, in a tiny sweater, living the good goat life.
TINY SAUCEPAN TINY SKEWERS ON A TINY GRILL At the end of the prep work, the little dishes are plated to perfection, right next to larger identical versions.
Fewer than 700 cases have been reported in other countries and even within China the epidemic is affecting "a very tiny, tiny, tiny proportion of people," Ryan said.
Fewer than 700 cases have been reported in other countries and even within China the epidemic is affecting "a very tiny, tiny, tiny proportion of people," Ryan said.
"So tiny" ❤️ — Harry Saddler (@MondayStory) February 22, 23 Not "too tiny", but "so tiny" — Dark Satanic Mills (@Bosko_DePompo) February 22, 2018 What is this, a letter for ANTS?!
It was this tiny tiny room just packed with little creatures made out of beads.
They seemed tiny—really, really tiny—when they were supposed to be big and pointy.
Just hanging out with a tiny tree... Almost as cool a being a tiny tree.
" He then held up his hand, pushed two fingers together and said, "tiny, tiny amount.
Tiny needles are then used to poke tiny holes in the skin on your face.
Since wearables are generally tiny devices, with tiny displays, they're not very good input devices.
He added that Cohen handled a "tiny, tiny little fraction" of his overall legal work.
I tried a tiny brownie, a tiny meringue puff, and some sort of shortbread cookie.
When tiny home resident Jenna was building her tiny house, there weren't many resources available.
"He wanted to be a Marine since he was tiny, tiny," she told Boston 25.
Lots of tiny things chew up tiny chunks of time which begin to add up.
It's about having tiny little victories that you use to build tiny little other victories.
Does the tiny man in the stomach also have a tiny man inside his stomach?
Ditto for the tiny bathroom — at least it has a window — and the tiny closets.
Tiny House Siesta is a collection of adorable, tiny homes to rent in Sarasota, Florida.
If you still have nightmares after the election of Donald Trump, you can try to channel your shock by pre-ordering a teeny-tiny doll of the U.S. president, with teeny-tiny hands, his teeny-tiny Android phone and a (disturbingly visible) teeny-tiny penis.
The internet already has a fixation with tiny food (see tiny hamsters eating tiny food, happy Sunday), so it makes sense that people would be fixated by the aritst's videos.
Tiny beetle (Phytotelmatrichis osopaddington)  Location: Peru  This tiny beetle is named Phytotelmatrichis osopaddington, after Paddington Bear.
Wiggan carved the tiny pumpkins using pins and scalpels, and even fitted them with tiny lights.
Watching on video, he looks tiny, but in a still picture, he also looks very tiny.
Miniature Artists Explain Why They Love Making Tiny Worlds Enter the Tiny World of Grandmondo Miniatures
It's instead powered by four tiny propellers, since it started out as a tiny quadcopter toy.
Tim and Sam of Tiffany the Tiny Home bought their tiny home instead of building it.
Sitting on top of my cubicle, I have a tiny dinosaur and a tiny lama, fighting.
Residents let Insider into their tiny homes to show what tiny house living is really like.
Greg Parham owns Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, which designs and builds tiny houses in Durango, Colorado.
Men express themselves in the conformity of the evolution of, or revolution over, tiny, tiny details.
Operation Tiny Home is a nonprofit that helps those in need get access to tiny homes.
Every one of the model's designs are categorically tiny, like blink and you'll miss them tiny.
Mr. Cohen handled just "a tiny, tiny little fraction" of his legal work, Mr. Trump said.
While your tiny, tiny name lands on another planet, you can frame your souvenir boarding pass.
Humans generate stories full of violence-free conflict, and sometimes it's those stories—those tiny vignettes, in tiny towns, of tiny lives—which are the ones with the most difficult choices.
Like, a tiny little hamburger with, like, flour and water, and they'll make a tiny little patty out of real ground beef, and they'll cook it in their tiny little kitchen.
Built in 1923, it's called Queen Mary's Dollhouse, and it's elaborately detailed, with real electricity running through its wires to light up its tiny lamps, and real water running out of its tiny faucets; it has tiny flowers in its garden and tiny cars in its courtyard.
Hundreds of tiny antennas transmit tiny amounts of power via wifi beams; those beams sync up in a small "pocket" around a cluster of dozens of tiny receivers, which harvest the energy.
She grabbed a sign that said "Keep your tiny, tiny, tiny hands off my uterus" and stood in Lafayette Square outside the White House with women who had taken the day off.
It wasn&apost a huge wave, but rather "a tiny, tiny trickle of small bands," Kolodny said.
Recovering inside the shadowbox, they make — because they're artists — tiny versions of themselves who make tiny artworks.
And it has nothing to do with my discomfort with your child's racism and tiny, tiny hands.
The president also said Cohen has handled just a "tiny, tiny fraction of his "overall legal work.
It looked like a tiny version of Windows, complete with a tiny start menu in the corner.
Restaurants will cram as many tiny tables and tiny chairs on the sidewalk as is humanly possible.
"Tiny, tiny amount," he said, holding his thumb and index finger together to drive home the point.
"  "She pulls it out [and] it has lights all the way around it like tiny, tiny lightbulbs.
I sobbed for the baby we only got to know as Baby B, and for the tiny blue cloth diaper in the nursery drawer, one of three tiny diapers for three tiny babies.
The tiny home manufacturer is renting tiny homes to Airbnb hosts, who will then install them on their land and walk away with 40% of every booking they make in their tiny home.
It took a magnifying glass to be sure, but there they were: on each leaf an infinitesimal creature with tiny black-and-yellow stripes and tiny black faces and tiny black waving antennae.
But last week, IHOP hosted an exclusive tiny dinner series in the world&aposs tiniest IHOP, a tiny house built by A&E&aposs "Tiny House Nation" hosts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin.
This yoga flow is perfect for tiny spaces, whether you're in a dorm room or tiny studio apartment.
The AFGE representative estimated that only a "tiny, tiny percentage" of federal employees agree with the president's tactics.
Tip was in contact with 'Tiny' by phone and 'Tiny' confirmed that Tip should be let in immediately.
The new Arturia MicroFreak is a tiny digital / analog hybrid baddie with a tiny price tag of $349.
Yeah, it slips through a tiny opening, but it's a tiny opening that never should have been there.
This whole Signed Exchanges thing is a tiny step, but it's a tiny step in the right direction.
Business Insider spoke with four tiny house dwellers about how they make their tiny houses work for them.
The tiny bathtub shower crammed into your equally tiny apartment probably feels like a claustrophobic nightmare every morning.
The small man lives in a small cage, where he sips at tiny tea and reads tiny books.
He wears tiny clothes and, before he made it to the cage, he had a tiny family, too.
Tiny house living changes your finances for the better, according to six people who live in tiny houses.
The tiny-home movement is expanding globallyThis tiny-home project is just one of many around the world.
While some don't understand the tiny house movement, I learned that tiny house living isn't all that different.
Some of the tiny homes on Amazon come with extensive front porches, like WNC Tiny Home's Jackson model.
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" —New York, USA "I was tiny, and I was standing in somebody's mouth—just a tiny little being.
That's most of the material of the asteroid—what was left over was just a tiny, tiny fraction.
Singapore was a tiny nation, and dire fates awaited tiny nations that could not take care of themselves.
When you pay with your card, banks generate a tiny, tiny interchange fee of money on each transaction.
On our daughter's fifth birthday, he wore a wig and chased eight tiny people around our tiny apartment.
"Everybody has to be protected ... but it's a tiny, tiny portion of the population," Trump told Fox News.
" He added, "So when we talk about police shootings, we're talking about a tiny, tiny percentage of cases.
But with insects we have the potential to make incredible sustainable products that have a tiny, tiny footprint.
"The whole movement of the tiny house is one that I support because I'm a tiny man," Hart jokes.
The tiny house Hart curated is now part of Tiny Estates resort in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania and can be rented.
The silhouette works on the actress because "she's got great arms and a tiny, tiny waist," Ms. Konteh said.
We need not look further than tiny cooking videos to realize that tiny versions of food are, well, good.
"Schindler specifically claimed the "error rates"—as in the number of ads appearing on offensive videos—"are tiny, tiny.
One of those polls shows a tiny Ossoff lead; another shows a tiny edge for GOP candidate Karen Handel.
Gas is paid out in ether, and currently the value of gas is a tiny, tiny fraction of ETH.
Why it matters: These tiny organisms moving tiny particles of plastic could inspire technologies to clean up the sea.
The tiny Pixel 2.0 is basically an Arduino board wedded to a tiny 1.5″ 128×128 color OLED screen.
If only, preposterously, all those minuscule actions were not tiny inflictions on the environment, but tiny improvements to it.
Allen also dressed her son up as a tiny UPS delivery driver, complete with a tiny parcel and truck.
"It was a tiny little photo album with tiny little pictures," said Mr. Costello, who was born Declan MacManus.
But the flowers I love best are the tiny ones, so tiny they're mostly invisible from a car window.
Since moving into their tiny house, they've traveled over 54,000 miles across the US, documenting the tiny house movement.
Her mouth opened and I saw tiny animals escaping, tiny animals that were trapped inside her all this time.
Tiny homes are fashionable right now, but the Bert modular home isn't like other tiny homes on the market.
You never realize how tiny a tiny home is until you physically try to cram all your stuff inside.
Other, independently operated tiny-house hotels include Getaway, which opened seven tiny houses in upstate New York last summer.
Tiny house also means tiny price, with rates well under $150 per night for most of March and April.
By contrast a tiny, tiny fraction of the cuts goes to poorest fifth of taxpayers, making $220,267 or less.
People are condensing their big homes into tiny ones (the inevitable result after Marie Kondo helped us get rid of all our stuff?); they're moving into camper vans and RVs in cities, of all things; tiny living has even entered our TV screens with shows like Tiny House Hunting and Tiny House Nation.
Read more:35 incredible tiny homes from around the worldA pair of Harvard students have designed tiny houses that could be the future of weekend getawaysI spent 3 days in a 'tiny house' with my mom to see what micro-living is all aboutThese affordable tiny homes are made out of shipping containers
Image: The American Chemical SocietyMany animals are good at healing us emotionally, like capybaras and tiny kittens in tiny hats.
" Sadow added: "Tip was in contact with 'Tiny' by phone and 'Tiny' confirmed that Tip should be let in immediately.
Such is the power of tiny things in the not-so-tiny struggle many face these days in remaining positive.
This pattern is true for most of the traits geneticists study: Each genetic variation accounts for a tiny, tiny difference.
But, but, but: What if you're in a tiny, tiny apartment, the kind that's increasingly prevalent in huge, packed cities?
" Sadow added: "Tip was in contact with Tiny by phone and 'Tiny' confirmed that Tip should be let in immediately.
And sticking out of the device's tiny side is a tiny crank that can control time (in a game, anyway).
A Florida woman witnessed an adorable gang of tiny killers parade from a tiny pond to their new forever home.
What's interesting are the tiny details that we may actually notice in big data, and the effect might be tiny.
Their home was recently featured in Brent Heavener's "Tiny House," a book of inspiration for those interested in tiny living.
The Tiny Life blogger Ryan Mitchell has saved more than $100,000 since moving into his 150 square-foot tiny house.
Tiny houses on Airbnb range in price from under $100 a night to hundreds of dollars, even for tiny spaces.
Her home was recently featured in Brent Heavener's "Tiny House," a book of inspiration for those interested in tiny living.
It also offers consulting services and sells tiny house shell builds, DIY kits, and plans for tiny house DIY-ers.
But within it are what he described as "tiny, tiny flecks" that scientists have recently dated to seven billion years.
This is enough power to smash atoms into tiny, tiny pieces and reveal the architecture that makes up our universe.
"Tiny homes often fit the needs of those who are without housing," Giffin told Insider of the tiny house movement.
Their tiny house even has a full pantry, which helps keep everything in place when the tiny house is moving.
I spotted a few tiny bubbles, but I couldn't believe that these tiny, invisible imperfections made this diamond less valuable.
Fridays are like getting into that tiny, tiny parking space that will save you an hour of circling the block.
T.I. revived the classic for a performance at NPR's Tiny Desk—which, it should be noted, isn't actually that tiny.
After Friday, the house will move to its permanent location in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, to join Tiny Estates, the world's largest community of tiny homes, where travelers can book a stay in Hart's tiny home in that location.
And that's in the grand scheme of things a really benign example, but what are you going to do to make sure that that tiny, tiny, tiny percent of your two billion, that that stuff isn't happening?
Oh tiny Groot, oh tiny Muse, let me haiku for you: Tiny Groot, so small How glad we are you came from Normal Groot, so tall You are a small plant I am a small Plante, too.
To simplify, it sounds like a tiny person has jumped in my ear, stomped on all their distortion pedals, and then put put their tiny guitar next to their tiny amplifier to cause a wall of feedback.
Channel. "Why tiny sunglasses are going to be big in 2018" (spoiler: Kanye), read one Independent headline, while HuffPost published "9 Pairs of Tiny Sunglasses Kanye West Would Approve Of." Kanye West didn't invent tiny sunglasses, however.
AND FINALLY: Why, as a parent, would you want your children — even if it is on some tiny, tiny, tiny subconscious level — waiting around for you to die, so they can inherit money they could use now?
Other tiny house villages operated by Petite Retreats include the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village in Welches, Oregon; the Verde Valley RV Resort in Cottonwood, Arizona; and the Tuxbury Tiny House Village in South Hampton, New Hampshire.
Small!) But if you're going to have a plate of tiny bacon and eggs to start your day (or maybe even some tiny donuts), you need one thing to go with it: a very tiny cup of coffee.
A tiny chef with a mission to complete as many restaurant orders as possible with a team of other tiny chefs.
"A tiny bit on the inner corners [or] a tiny bit mixed into a smoky eye is so easy," she said.
"You've got a whole bunch of cannabinoids in cannabis, but most of them are produced in tiny, tiny quantities," he says.
According to the people who created the snowman, he is made up of tiny (I can't overstate how tiny!) silica spheres.
Such bliss can only be topped when said tiny food is eaten by the cutest of all tiny creatures, a hamster.
The creator, Phillip Burgess used a tool called Nanoscreen to downsample and display the game frames on the tiny, tiny screen.
In fact, company representatives strenuously insisted that the keyboard issues have only affected a tiny, tiny fraction of its user base.
You can put a tiny camera in your construction, use an IR blaster and receiver and program a tiny LED screen.
"  As Roxane Gay wrote in Curbed, "When one aspires to own a tiny home, they have a corresponding tiny American dream.
Everybody has to be protected and I feel strongly about that but you're talking about a tiny, tiny group of population.
Six people who live in tiny houses opened up to Business Insider about what they wish they'd known before going tiny.
Tim and Sam of Tiffany the Tiny Home bought their 270-square-foot tiny house, which they live in in Florida.
That makes it, basically, a tiny house in the sky — without some of the amenities tiny houses are most famous for.
Five residents of Orlando Lakefront, a tiny house community in Florida, shared how they store their belongings in their tiny houses.
In a Fox News interview in April, Trump said Cohen handled only a "tiny, tiny little fraction" of his legal work.
Location is also important — a tiny home in a parking lot isn't as whimsical as a tiny home on a mountaintop.
My tiny house had a (tiny) deck out front, which I mainly used for reading and animal watching in the evenings.
HGTV programs like "Tiny House, Big Living," which have helped popularize the movement, often gloss over this not-so-tiny detail.
Tiny chairs for tiny students were arranged in loose lines, barely at knee height, but P.S. 42's students weren't coming.
"I made a tiny comment on a tiny aspect of the case last night, and I regret it," said another lawyer.
There have been plenty of tiny homes on wheels, but F&S Houseboats has created a custom tiny home that floats.
He rails against others because he can't face his own inadequacies (and no, I don't just mean his tiny, tiny fingers).
There is there is an obvious mismatch between a huge company and this tiny, tiny company [that has] suddenly become important.
Brain activity can cause a tiny magnetic field, and thus induce tiny changes to these atoms, decreasing the intensity of the beam.
Tiny home getaways allow travelers to experience what its like to live the tiny home lifestyle without committing to it full-time.
But that still means cramming a lot of tiny pixels into a tiny space, which tends to be problematic for image quality.
I'm athletic and I'm athletic looking and I'll never have tiny little arms and a tiny little waist like a super model.
You always need a bit of complexion, whether it's a tiny bit around the eye or a tiny bit around the nose.
Microscopic lenses have a tiny depth of field, which means they can only bring one tiny spot into focus at a time.
Scabies What causes it: Scabies are tiny mites — so tiny you can't see them — that burrow into your skin and lay eggs.
Not only that, but tiny robots like the Robobee require a wired power connection, and other tiny flapping craft require manual piloting.
Thinking about it, this tiny, tiny thing, it's mind-blowing that that's going on in the universe around you at all times.
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On Monday, YouTube crafter and tiny things enthusiast Happy Abby posted a video of her latest creation: a tiny Hot Ones set.
A Tiny House Resort in the Catskills, about two hours north of Manhattan, and stayed in a tiny house for three days.
Eventually, George says she wants to get recording equipment and start her own "tiny bus" version of NPR's Tiny Desk music contest.
"Tiny is inevitable," says Soren Rose, founder of Klein, which in 2017 began seeking out renowned architects to design tiny prefab homes.
Residents of tiny homes in Florida and California showed Insider what tiny house living is really like — and it's not always glamorous.
Tiny house owners can struggle to regulate the temperature in their tiny houses, with many saying it gets too hot too fast.
Many tiny houses have a compost toilet, but this one was a regular toilet — considered a luxury amenity in a tiny house.
There's limited natural light in the rooms and the entry-level Tiny rooms are just that — tiny, measuring around 200 square feet. 
Ant-Man (Paul Rudd)'s superpower — shrinking himself to a tiny, tiny size — allows him to do all sorts of fun things.
Alex Papachristidis lives in a white brick '60s building with very low ceilings, and the foyer is this tiny, tiny little room.
Kate and her publicist and I sat in tiny chairs at a tiny table in the school library and ate our salads.
A Tiny House Resort in the Catskills in New York and stayed in a 269-square-foot tiny house for three days.
Still, the president said on Thursday that Mr. Cohen did represent him in "a tiny, tiny little fraction" of his legal work.
"I became curious about how these tiny organisms (with a) tiny brain, really bad eyesight, could possibly escape so effectively," he says.
The mystery of Jones's backstory starts to unravel tiny bit by tiny bit so it's a little rough to become invested in.
Read more: Some people choose tiny houses to save money, but they might not always be the bargain you'd expectBut ultimately, all six tiny house dwellers were happy with their decision to go tiny — especially when it came to their finances.
"Tiny House Girl" Jenna writes on her blog, "Tiny House Giant Journey, "Everyone always talks about how easy and fast it is to clean a Tiny House, but they don't tell you that it's even easier to get it totally filthy!
Jews in Israel are a tiny minority in a vast Muslim region, and Jews in other countries are a tiny minority among Christians.
It has a tiny 11.6-inch screen, a huge bezel, a tiny trackpad, a cramped-looking keyboard, and a whole lot of plastic.
He has duly begun distancing himself from Mr Cohen, whom he now says performed "a tiny, tiny fraction" of his "overall legal work".
The tiny cells — plasmonic metasurfaces, you know — can be turned on and off with a tiny change in voltage, like an LCD subpixel.
Here, the spring is replaced with just a tiny bit of sealed gas surrounding a similarly tiny mass affixed to a cantilever beam.
Sources close to Tiny tell TMZ T.I. thinks Tiny has overreacted because they've always gotten through rough patches in their 15-year relationship.
But he's still a giant dog in a tiny hat, who somehow passes for not being a giant dog in a tiny hat.
They make a tiny, tiny squeak at this point, which is enough to make you splutter like a choking pelican at your desk.
When federal prosecutors targeted his longtime former attorney Michael Cohen, Trump insisted Cohen handled only a "tiny, tiny fraction" of his legal work.
"Maybe a tiny, tiny regret that the nation seems to know me from a picture of my backside, but not really," she quipped.
Tiny house owners told me one of the most difficult parts of owning a tiny house is finding a place to park it.
"I see tiny houses with mini-fridges and a two-burner stove top with no oven," Justin, a Tiny Home dweller, told Thrillist.
An architect who built his dream tiny home in Colorado shares 30 photos that go behind the scenes of designing a tiny house
JiffPom is a tiny Pomeranian dog who holds two Guinness world records for his speed on only two of his four tiny legs.
Business Insider talked to Greg Parham of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses for a behind-the-scenes look at designing and building tiny houses.
Business Insider talked to Greg Parham, owner of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, which designs and builds tiny houses with an emphasis on customization.
The custom piece is a tiny angel with broken wings being pulled upwards by doves, and is in the artist's tiny realism style.
Read more:See inside the 300-square-foot tent that a couple transformed into a tiny home for their familySee inside a woman's 270-square-foot tiny home complete with 2 bedrooms and a walk-in closetA pair of Harvard students have designed tiny houses that could be the future of weekend getaways9 surprisingly beautiful tiny homes you can buy right now
If you're feeling particularly zany and your friend is a huge fan of National Treasure or Con Air, or if your friend is just strange AF, take tiny, tiny, tiny photos of Nicolas Cage and put them on everything in your friend's apartment.
From Tiny Kitchen and Tiny Hamster, which make miniature versions of food, to the popularity of Instagram accounts that make teeny vignettes (which is one of those excellent rabbit holes that I'm always more than happy to fall into), people love tiny shit.
As a result, "easily upwards of 2500 percent of tiny-house owners are living illegally, when it comes to zoning," said Andrew Morrison, a professional builder and tiny-house advocate in Oregon who travels the world teaching seminars on tiny-house construction.
What does not appear to be planned are a pair of AirPods that block outside noise or fit in my tiny, tiny ear canals.
If you look closely at the watch's face, you'll notice a tiny dot hidden on the number 12 that reveals a tiny light sensor.
Then, once I was enwrapped in his brilliant and devastating blanket of prose, Ghosh also managed to insert a tiny, tiny bit of hope.
It was a tiny study and a tiny chance, but I latched on to this notion of humor as medicine and clowns as therapy.
The tiny surf pro has been catching tiny, manageable waves for about a year, owners Alexandra Gomez and Krista Littleton tell The Daily Mail.
For the houses they would draw tiny homes on card stock and cut them out with scissors or use tiny pieces of painted wood.
It's easier than ever to shop and buy a tiny home thanks to Amazon's diverse selection of tiny house kits starting at just $3,000.
Marvel Thanos Mineral Wash Relaxed Ladies' T-Shirt — $20 See Details Decorate yourself in tiny little gauntlets with tiny little Infinity Stones in them.
Asteroids are thought to be tiny snapshots of the early Solar System Asteroids are thought to be tiny snapshots of the early Solar System.
If tiny spaces heighten the sense of being left to your own devices, then tiny trees enlarge your relative physical presence in the world.
In a win for all tiny house lovers with a penchant for pancakes, IHOP is hosting a free tiny-house dinner series this December.
With a bit of trial and error, Jenna Spesard of Tiny House Giant Journey built her 165-square-foot tiny house without many resources.
Zoning laws for tiny houses can be strict, and some require you to own the land where your tiny house is built or parked.
It was a fun experience — but honestly, it didn't feel all that different to stay in a tiny house and my tiny NYC apartment.
Microblading involves shallow incisions being made in the skin with a tiny razor—hence the name—and pigment being deposited into those tiny cuts.
The added elements of a deck and a fire pit showed that life in a tiny house doesn't just happen inside its tiny space.
"I used to live in New York City and I had all this tiny furniture in this kind of tiny studio apartment," she said.
There's the pelican that sits under a bridge and gulps up tiny fish that come to feed on the tiny patches of remaining seagrass.
And it was almost certainly shot on the minimum-possible-sized double bed: in a tiny room, in a tiny apartment with no light.
"Microblading is lots of tiny, tiny strokes, but microshading is a dot-to-dot method, giving a diffused effect," brow expert Suman Jalaf explains.
Although he gave me ten solid trips' worth of LSD, it was still just a few tiny drops of liquid inside a tiny bottle.
While early pioneers of the tiny home movement emerged in the '70s and '80s, the concept didn't go mainstream until a few years ago, thanks in part to shows like FYI's Tiny House Nation and HGTV's Tiny House Hunters, both of which debuted in 2014.
And while he may ultimately be responsible for a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of these costs, he and his Republican colleagues in Congress are, as he convalesces, attempting to expose millions of Americans to the kind of financial ruin he has so far avoided.
I've interviewed a Colorado man who designs tiny homes for a living and built his dream tiny house; talked to tiny house dwellers about what it's really like downsizing; and interviewed couples who have taken on a minimalist lifestyle about how it's affected their budgets.
Over the past few years, words like "downsizing" and "living tiny" have entered the common lexicon, as the tiny house movement has been growing in popularity in the US. Tiny house owners are attempting to prove that bigger isn't always better — and it's working.
Read more:Amazon is selling a $7,250 tiny-home kit that can be put together in just 8 hoursFord's Big Nugget is a tiny home built inside a Transit cargo van — see inside the 4-'room' vehicleFree tiny home rentals are headed to cities across America.
Some 2100,2200 people in North America live in these humble homes to shrink both their housing costs and their carbon footprint, according to Ryan Mitchell, founder of The Tiny Life, a website devoted to tiny houses, and the organizer behind the annual Tiny House Conference.
The Canon EOS M5 is tiny, but not so tiny as to drop all the knobs and buttons that make DSLRs so wonderful to control.
Do you change everything in life to satisfy a tiny, tiny block of people who are only demanding these changes for an exercise in domination?
They're just tiny and delicate — they work by popping down and pushing back up "like a really tiny jam lid or Snapple cap," iFixit notes.
The humble beginnings of tiny doors While Tiny Doors ATL isn't meant to service fairies, Singer credits these mythical creatures as a source of inspiration.
The big picture: This new generation of computers, built on measuring the inscrutable activity of tiny, tiny particles, is at a drawn-out inflection point.
Designed by Australian duo Jesse Leeworthy and Jonathan Byrt, these Melbourne-made bottles are based on paper sizes — A5, A19.953, and the tiny, tiny A7.
"My first year here, I lived in a tiny, tiny room in a house full of five people that had no external windows," recalls Horwood.
Gragas became an appropriately sized Snorlax, the tiny, electric ninja Kennen turned into an equally tiny, electric Pikachu and Lee Sin was reskinned as Blaziken.
It's previously created its own version of mobile business simulator Tiny Tower (Star Wars: Tiny Death Star) and endless runner Temple Run (Temple Run: Brave).
Tips for Surviving in a Tiny Home Turning 18 often means going to college, and going to college often means staying in a tiny dorm.
Later, we drove E. to the island's tiny airport and put her on a tiny plane, then took ourselves to dinner at The Kitchen ($50.47).
The living area accounted for one of the biggest differences between my apartment and the tiny house: My tiny house didn't have a living room.
There is now an injectable that's a tiny, little blister pack with a tiny, little needle, sort of like you'd give yourself a diabetes drug.
After staying a few nights at Orlando Lakefront, a tiny house community in Florida, I learned a few surprising things about the tiny house movement.
She lives in a 240-square-foot tiny house that is right next door to her mother, DJ, who lives in her own tiny house.
Book this tiny home for $185 per weekend nightA tiny house seems tailor made for a Catskills getaway, and this sweet home feels especially idyllic.
Also, it's a struggle for many tiny house owners to find a place to park because most zoning laws do not allow for tiny houses.
But with the tiny-living craze having lasted well past the fad stage, pressure is growing for municipalities to embrace tiny houses as legal residences.
But like many of the known objects whizzing around our solar system, Swift-Tuttle has a tiny, tiny chance of hitting Earth at some point.
Together, they created Project Tiny Home, which offers a down payment assistance grant to people in need who are looking to own a tiny house.
It appeared as well among the pasta dishes, along with tiny shrimp from the Gulf of Trieste and the tiny Adriatic clam known as peverasse.
A tiny feeling that justice is finally, at least somewhat, being served, and a desire to celebrate this — however ephemeral — tiny feeling with copious Champagne.
"For an industry with tiny, tiny margins and then having Amazon show up with Whole Foods just was sort of the last straw," he said.
Clinton won the popular vote by about 2.9 million, but she lost the electoral vote due to tiny, tiny margins in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
Mara Teigen not only looks like Angelina Jolie -- she's spending like she has Angie's bank account ... dropping nearly 10 LARGE on a tiny, tiny puppy.
These four have all revealed some tiny snippets of their home life off-screen during Queer Eye, giving us a tiny glimpse into their personal lives.
Just go on Twitter and make jokes about Donald Trump's tiny, tiny penis with the hashtag #mistresstaraforpresident, and you will help me defeat Trump this November.
Congress now spends about $2 billion on its own staff — a decent number, sure, but still a tiny, tiny fraction of the $3.7 trillion federal budget.
To find out what these practices are, we spoke to Jenna Spesard, the tiny home dweller behind the Tiny House Giant Journey blog and YouTube channel.
It's a tiny slice of home for me, as bizarre as that may sound, and a comforting one, for all its tiny pixelated punches and counters.
The Love Grows Here terrarium offers all that, but with one special bonus: A tiny figure standing inside waving an equally tiny "I love you" sign.
NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series is one of the true joys of the Internet, an intimate performance that takes place at Bob Boilen's well, tiny desk.
This has been a problem for the industry, and it's only growing as they're trying to pack more and more battery into a tiny, tiny space.
But if you live in a tiny apartment, with a tiny staircase leading to your front door, it makes wrangling a big fancy mattress a nightmare.
The 2016 Prius is a tiny bit better than the outgoing Prius, and the next generation will be a tiny bit better than this new generation.
"These are tiny, tiny little particles—they're only about the size of a virus," study co-author David Allsop, a biologist at Lancaster University told Gizmodo.
The cover of Drake's upcoming album, Views from the 6, gives Tiny Drake a great view of Toronto, and us a great view of Tiny Drake.
The big reveal was a tiny microchip that could, theoretically, be implanted behind a person's ear with tiny threads containing electrodes fanning out into the brain.
Tiny houses are painted as a minimalist utopia — and while many tiny home dwellers love the lifestyle that brings, it doesn't come without a few challenges.
Currently at the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach, Tiny: Streetwise Revisited is an exhibition of images that pull directly from Mark's lengthy relationship with Tiny.
The tiny sculpting, meanwhile, came about because Lim had tiny bits of leftover clay from a few commissions and didn't want it to go to waste.
This tiny house had not only a charming log-cabin appeal, but a tiny patio that was big enough to fit multiple chairs and a grill.
But earlier on Thursday in an interview with Fox News, Trump said Cohen had handled only "a tiny, tiny little fraction" of his overall legal work.
"If you were at a very fancy restaurant and they were like a tiny piece of human meat you wouldn't try a tiny bite?" asks Teigen.
I just imagined myself as the tiny yellow bird, wearing a tiny outfit, hanging out with my two bear pals and just enjoying a cozy life.
" Sunscreens for kids: Baby Bum SPF 50 Mineral Face Stick, $9.99; at Baby Bum "It's a face stick, [and] it's this little cute thing that's perfect for tiny little noses, tiny little lips, tiny little ears and its really fun for the kids to get involved too.
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A timelapse video shows the monstrosity, a three-dimensional likeness of Stormi's barely-formed hand clutching Kylie's well-manicured thumbnail, being assembled, tiny finger by tiny finger.
When a black key aligns with one of the tiny mallet-like "fingers," the controller fires a tiny motor to make the appropriate finger tap the screen.
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I don't know the exact number, but what I'll say is that the retail cost is a million, and I spend a tiny, tiny fraction of that.
You may have heard of tiny homes, the trendiest way to live and appear on an HGTV show, but have you ever thought about a tiny castle?
A sharp gust of wind blew the tiny portions of tiny food away, shattering the doll-furniture plates and sending miniscule hamburger buns flying across the sidewalk.
This village of 10 tiny houses is actually The Arctic Hideaway, a hotel made up of 10 tiny houses, five of which you can stay in overnight.
According to Thrillist, some zoning laws make tiny living illegal — even if you buy land, there's the possibility it's illegal to build a tiny home on it.
Your beauty stash needs to meet TSA standards, be spill-proof, and condensed enough to tote around festival grounds (tiny cut-off shorts come with tiny pockets).
GPS blamed for sending trucks crashing into this tiny Arkansas town GPS blamed for sending trucks crashing into this tiny Arkansas town This segment originally aired March.
Ryan Mitchell of the website The Tiny Life previously told Business Insider it cost about $30,000 to build his 150-square-foot tiny house, including solar panels.
I think we will regret this tiny sunglasses look But to understand why we hate tiny sunglasses so much, you have to understand how we got here.
Although I couldn't see what Dr. Marx was doing, he narrated as he made two incisions: one for a tiny camera, the other for a tiny instrument.
For a scrap of fabric worn by a tiny, tiny proportion of British women, the face veil has attracted a disproportionate amount of attention over the years.
Read more:See inside a family's 300-square-foot tiny house that somehow fits a walk-in closet and play area for their toddlerSee inside the 300-square-foot tent that a couple transformed into a tiny home for their familySee inside a woman's 270-square-foot tiny home complete with 2 bedrooms and a walk-in closetTake a look inside this tiny home on a boat named 'Heidi-Ho'
TARLOV: That is a tiny piece of what Madeleine Albright was saying and it&aposs also a tiny piece of understanding Madeleine Albright&aposs history in this country.
"Of course, Saint's closet isn't complete without tiny Yeezy 350s," Kardashian West captioned a photo of adorable tiny black-and-white shoes that match their larger counterparts perfectly.
But the experience of being crammed into a tiny seat in a tiny plane cabin for hours on end can be irritating at best, and nightmarish at worst.
It says it received a total of 2,461 submissions — which is of course just a tiny, tiny fraction of the stuff being shared in WhatsApp groups and chats.
They also help the robovac maintain a straighter course—taking the tiny bot smoothly to its tiny charging base, which easily unfolds and sidles up against a wall.
Tiny House, Big Living premiered on the network in 2014 with a focus on houses smaller than 500 square feet, while Tiny House Hunters debuted that same year.
The tiny console is everything you want it to be, but it does have one tiny flaw that isn't related to limited retail availability: incredibly short controller cords.
Fans of the actor can stay in Hart&aposs cushy abode at its permanent location in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, at Tiny Estates, the world's largest community of tiny homes.
It ain't easy being an angel: travel, tiny outfits, tough training and liquid diets to fit into said tiny outfits — not to mention all the attention and pressure.
Biebs, potentially unaware that he has brought a teenage fan onstage instead of a professional hairstylist, is picky about the look and feel of his tiny, tiny ponytail.
B-Rad hanging out on a fluffy stuffed sloth, the little squeals he makes, the part where he eats the leaf, his tiny hands scratching his tiny body.
However, searching "tiny hands" on Twitter will bring you to Trump's profile, as well as a cute store called Tiny Hands Jewelry that makes mini scented food jewelry.
Harris has been featured in two reality shows that follow T.I. and his wife's life: VH1's T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle and T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle.
After Bieber, 22, posted a photo showing a tiny black mark next to his right eye, fans were quick to assume that the teeny-tiny mark was permanent.
They are a nomadic tribe, so they are used to traveling a lot, but they are there on this tiny tiny strip of sand, very far from anything.
"Yes, there might have been Nazi spies, but a tiny minority," he said, just as there might be spies among Syrian refugees today, but again a tiny minority.
Ross told CNBC on Tuesday that Americans wouldn't notice price differences on the affected Chinese imports, arguing the tax is but a "tiny, tiny fraction" of U.S. inflation.
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With its tiny, tiny bench of exclusive games to lure people in, Microsoft is going to need some other way of enticing consumers, and it needs it desperately.
It's a tiny, tiny event compared to PAX events (four annual events with up to 70,33 people for the biggest one) and the Gamescom (345,000 people last year).
When his granddaughter, Melissa Juszczak, age 29, asked him to finance a tiny house for her, he sold "Think Big!" and opened the tiny house resort in 2017.
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Mr. Nunes' tiny farm is the largest plantation in Europe, with 700 plants yielding approximately 19203,600 pounds of coffee annually — tiny when compared to major coffee-growing countries.
She wanted a tiny "R," her father's first initial, behind her ear, which would be her third JonBoy tattoo (like Happy Meal trinkets, tiny tattoos encourage a collection).
Making the Most of a Tiny Kitchen on a Tiny Budget Even if you have no room to expand, there are ways to make your kitchen feel bigger.
And the trend has gained some serious traction with consumers — shows like HGTV's "Tiny House, Big Living" and FYI's "Tiny House Nation" are fueling the compact houses' popularity.
Everyone loves a cute little goat on the Internet, but we can't just stand by while one goat lords it over us with it's cute tiny hooves and it's tiny horns and it's tiny upturned nose stuck in the air like it's got something better to do than entertain us.
We posed these question to two tiny home builders and designers, Brian Crabb of VIVA Collectiv and Paul Beckmann of Wind River Tiny Homes, who, thankfully, obliged in answering.
Scharer and her fiancé just moved into the site's first tiny home, a one-bedroom, 400-square-foot property she's renting until her own customized tiny home is complete.
Tiny House Hunters is so rage-inducing because the contestants on the show manage to pick the worst houses and be in the worst circumstances for tiny house living.
None appeared on the six-course tasting menu on offer this week and the only available accoutrement: a tiny dish of sea salt, set with its own tiny spoon.
Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life spent $30,000 on his 150-square-foot tiny house, but didn't realize just how positive the effects of that decision that would be.
Because most banks don't consider tiny houses as "homes," many tiny-house buyers can't take out a mortgage and instead pay for the home through personal loans, they said.
But there's one place in the US that is attempting to get ahead of the curve: Orlando Lakefront, a tiny house community of 34 tiny homes in Orlando, Florida.
Unlike keeping a goldfish in a tiny bowl, this is a fully-functional aquarium that even has a miniature CO2 system for keeping a collection of tiny plants alive.
The reason he likes animation, he says, is because it forces you to slow down, to make tiny adjustments, and to expand a minute into a hundred tiny flashes.
Believe me, I've done the teeny-tiny-movements-with-teeny-tiny-weights thing, and while I did notice a bit of definition, I could barely lift my cat.2.
To see what it's really like inside a tiny house, I visited Think Big: A Tiny House Resort in upstate New York's Catskills region for three days in October.
The cost of building a tiny house is about $300 per square foot, Zack Giffin, the host of the TV show "Tiny House Nation," told Apartment Therapy in 2016.
A Tiny House Resort in the Catskills in New York for three days, and the mother-daughter duo who run it pinpointed three reasons why millennials love tiny houses.
Not just because many designers are off the schedule or out of the city, though many are both, but because the ones who showed displayed such tiny, tiny ambition.
Stay tuned after the reading to learn what makes a compelling Tiny Love Story from Miya Lee, the Modern Love projects assistant who selects and edits Tiny Love Stories.
He always told Tiny that her liver was in bad shape, that her drinking was going to kill her, and that Tiny had to stop buying it for her.
"When you think about how you drew houses as a child, they look like a Tumbleweed tiny house," said Steve Weissmann, the chief executive of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company.
The problem is that even a tiny amount of response error among the 38,000 respondents could have been enough to contaminate the results of the tiny group of noncitizens.
YouTuber Madmora bought a tiny GameCube controller keychain from GameStop, looked at it, and asked herself: can I turn this tiny hunk of molded plastic into a functioning controller?
It is the case that I think people have been, you know, kind of the tiny little cuts on people's privacy have been visible but they've all felt tiny.
" - Mady, 232 "Dick was so tiny I laughed.
Williamsburg is a neighbourhood where a store's sole offering is hot sauce from Japan, or Californian pressed juice, or artisan chocolates, or kale salads, or tiny hats for tiny dogs.
New Zealand builds tiny underpass for tiny penguins These creatures are so small and precious and now they can cross under roads safely and maybe mankind is good after all.
There's only one way to make a picture of a tiny hedgehog in an equally tiny canoe cuter than it already is, and that's with a well-time Photoshop Battle.
To do so, you can start with either the included print plates or use whatever non-porous objects you have lying around (tiny keys, Legos, marbles, tiny toys, loose change).
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Behind where the book is propped, a wall of windows is bisected by an LED strip; marching up that strip of light is a single line of tiny, tiny words.
It means that if you buy one bitcoin and if you sell one bitcoin, there will be a tiny gap between those two prices because of the tiny order book.
I didn't want to drop out because, and everyone has their own journey there, but mine was lead role, tiny part, lead role, tiny part, lead role for four years.
After four years of tiny house living, she moved into a 500-square-foot cottage with her husband and now uses the tiny house as an Airbnb and vacation home.
A recent video shows him making a workable tiny emulator of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System using only a tiny Raspberry Pi Zero computer, a USB hub, and some clay.
In what is known as a Mercury transit, the tiny planet passed between the Sun and Earth, appearing as a tiny black dot moving slowly across the Sun's bright disc.
" Trump added that Cohen handles only "a tiny, tiny little fraction" of the president's "overall legal work" but "represents me on some things ... like with this crazy Stormy Daniels deal.
William Bret Baier began his career like most grunts do: Small market reporter out of college (DePauw) in tiny Beaufort, S.C., followed by a stint in equally tiny Rockford, Ill.
Before Ryan Mitchell of The Tiny Life moved into his tiny house, he was spending about $1,500 a month on rent, utilities, insurance, and the like, he told Business Insider.
While some people have downsized into tiny homes to save money or as a means to travel the world freely, the movement is also spawning tiny-home resorts and communities.
When greeted by a line of U.S. military servicemen, this tiny 2-year-old waddles over to (almost) everyone for some adorably tiny handshakes before returning back to his family.
WeeCasa, the self-proclaimed "world's largest tiny house resort," is located in Lyons, Colorado (near Rocky Mountain National Park), and features a number of different tiny homes available for rent.
One man in a tiny Irish town could derail Apple's plans for Europe One man in a tiny Irish town could derail Apple's plans for Europe ATHENRY, Ireland — It was a sunny Monday in August 2015 when a trio of Apple executives rolled into this tiny town in the west of Ireland.
"The laser evaporates tiny microscopic zones of tissue, almost like it drills tiny holes in the skin in a microscopic fashion, and that allows the scar to remodel itself," Rokhsar said.
They did, however, see a tiny amount of thrust while testing a Mach-effect thruster, which involves crystals with applied electromagnetic vibrations that lead to tiny mass shifts and small thrusts.
Look, I appreciate that ZTE really went for it, especially in a year when the hottest trend has been making screens a tiny bit wider and bezels a tiny bit smaller.
We've seen Dossi pull off some seriously incredible stunts before, but these really take the cake — particularly when she emerges from a tiny, tiny container to start her set. What. How.
Meghan Panu of St. Louis has spent the last two years — and an estimated $20,000 — building a tiny house and documenting the process on her Facebook page, St. Louis Tiny Living.
Luckily his owner Andrew Muse has the web series Tiny Home Adventure, a show all about hitting the road in a traveling tiny house in search of natural beauty and thrills.
But if Apple allowed for third-party watch faces on its wearable, this tiny Macintosh could even be made to look like it was running an equally tiny version of MacOS.
Tiny appendages stick to a surface giving it the friction and traction it needs to move forward, but release their grip when the tiny robot moves and changes its weight distribution.
And what if you could collect these tiny, rotund old men, or befriend them by spraying them with some kind of mysterious perfume the tiny, rotund old man guardian gave you?
"The participation in such schemes was very lucrative for the banks ... tiny, tiny movements in the Euribor rate can have a huge impact because of the volumes of trading," she added.
"There was a small little tiny bite on Tuesday, a little tiny bite on me that by Tuesday night grew to about a nickel size," Atkins told KPRC-TV in Houston.
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The tiny purifier, which looks like a tiny version of Google's OnHub router with more vents, can detect and automatically filter out dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution wherever you take it.
Delivered with help from two midwives and a nearby country doctor named A. R. Dafoe, the quints ranged in size from a tiny 1.7 pounds to a still tiny 3.4 pounds.
You can actually purchase tiny homes on Amazon, which has dozens of build-it-yourself tiny-home kits that provide the basic materials and tools, shipped directly to your front door.
Instagram: 9.3 millionYouTube: 279,000TikTok: 19.4 millionFacebook: 1.4 millionJiff Pom is a tiny Pomeranian dog who holds two Guinness world records for his speed on only two of his four tiny legs.
I recently visited Think Big: A Tiny House Resort in the Catskills in upstate New York, about a two-hour drive north of Manhattan, to try out a tiny house myself.
Read more: Here's what living in a tiny house is really like, according to people who traded their homes for minimalismSo how much does it cost to build a tiny house?
In a harrowing early scene, the reluctant child is taken to see her, "her tiny face ashen, her tiny body lifeless, as though already no longer really here," a living ghost.
Instead, he suggests, the tiny island hominins had tiny ancestors — perhaps small hominins in Africa that expanded to Asia and wound up on Flores and Luzon, taking refuge from bigger hominins.
A gravitational wave would distort space-time over that by "a tiny, tiny fraction" of the size of a proton, Gonzalez said — but enough to be picked up by the system.
Jones, a onetime geneticist with a skill at working on tiny objects, has become perhaps the best-known practitioner of microsoldering, the process of repairing the circuits on very tiny devices.
Prince Harry and Prince William — world's cutest tiny cops?
" Tiny responds, "I love you, too — from a distance.
TMZ has learned ... after Tiny filed for divorce Dec.
The pressure has changed the business — a tiny bit.
"Goes for a walk" = STROLLS, and "tiny" suggests WEE.
" - Annie, 30 "Perceived every tiny thing as an insult.
Tiny homes are the newest environmentally friendly living trend, with tiny-living communities popping up all over the U.S. In fact, there are more than 30 tiny-home developments across the country, but in North Carolina, homeowners are concerned that community of such homes may decrease property values and cause an increase in traffic.
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In recent weeks, Trump's been under scrutiny for just what he uses his campaign funds for and how some of that money may be winding up back in his tiny, tiny hands.
In an interview with Fox & Friends Thursday morning, Trump said Cohen is one of his many attorneys and that he only represented "a tiny, tiny little fraction" of the president's legal work.
She runs into their tiny house, picks up a found can of teal house paint and begins to draw tiny blue trees on the wall, humming to herself in a meditative state.
These are just a few of the tiny house kits you can buy online from Amazon: Read on to learn more about each tiny house available on Amazon and their unique features.
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Tim and Sam of Tiffany the Tiny Home bought their 270-square-foot tiny house, which they live in in Florida — but they wish they had transitioned to a minimalist lifestyle sooner.
Couple Bela and Spencer cut their housing costs in half when they downsized to a tiny home — and they earn income of it by turning their tiny house into a vacation rental.
You'll press a tiny button to talk to Alexa via two tiny microphones, and can also use the Loop to make phone calls (you'll have to hold it up to your ear).
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Just tiny, tiny team, but that was great because I got to see life outside of the American lens and we experimented with Nokia on mobile stuff, and language and translation software.
For the purposes of this article, we're illustrating the tiny house design and build process with photos of Parham's own tiny house, which he often uses as a model for trade shows.
My grandparents spent their lives in a tiny house in a tiny West Virginia factory town, walking the same sidewalks, sitting on the same porches, their parents only a few houses down.
It would release the movie into a tiny amount of theaters, and then you don't get hired again because your last opening flopped because it opened in a tiny amount of theaters.
Next, Mr. Trump called in to the television program "Fox & Friends" and tried to minimize the legal work that Mr. Cohen had performed for him — "a tiny, tiny little fraction," he said.
It's simply a nice place to eat and drink, wedged into a very old, very narrow brick building with a tiny bar, a tiny kitchen and a few tables on two levels.
That&aposs not to mention the tiny house itself, which was well stocked with amenities — a hair dryer, soaps, towels, cookware, heat, and a regular toilet (most tiny houses have compost toilets).
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Read more:Before-and-after photos show how a woman transforms vintage RVs into chic vans fit for glampingThis luxurious tiny home was built out of a trailer for traveling, but looks like an upscale apartment 17 photos that show the ingenious ways tiny house owners store their belongingsThis $55,000 floating tiny home can be assembled in one day
If you're an over-waterer, even in that tiny garden in back of your Brooklyn apartment building, that same tiny yard could be guzzling as much as 75,000 gallons of water per year.
She takes out her phone and she presses the button – I've never seen this anywhere else She pulls it out, it has lights all the way around it, like, little tiny, tiny lightbulbs.
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Using CT-scanning, they examined the tiny monsters' tiny teeth up close, counted the von Ebner lines, and learned that each of the embryos was several months old at the time of death.
The InSight launch earlier this month had a couple of stowaways: a pair of tiny CubeSats that are already the farthest such tiny satellites have ever been from Earth — by a long shot.
She takes out her phone and she presses the button — I've never seen this anywhere else… She pulls it out, it has lights all the way around it, like, little tiny, tiny lightbulbs.
It's on a trailer, and when she is done, she will tow it away, possibly upstate, where a tiny house colony for techie types and a left-leaning tiny house collective have appeared.
"Our focus is to get as broadly adopted as possible as opposed to being specialized on specific use cases that are then going to be used by tiny, tiny subsets for the workforce."
Best of all is a cold salad in which tiny cubes of custardy tofu make friends with tiny cubes of crisp, slightly sticky Japanese mountain yam, topped with a numbing spicy chili paste.
Besides being less scenic, Tiny Little Life zoning laws"I wish I had known that it would take a lot of work to find a place to park a tiny home," she said.
So tiny that when you look at it in its display case, what you see is an almost imperceptible black speck in the middle of a tiny circle inside another, slightly larger circle.
I finally was able to save up a couple of dollars and move into the city, a tiny, tiny studio apartment where if you walked in too fast you'd fly out the window.
Tiny houses have three tiers of tiny-ness, each of them offering their own benefits to offset the hurdle of living in such a small space, like lower bills or learning skills faster.
The screens are quite small; fortunately the simplistic visuals don't really lose any details in the downsizing, but the tiny objects on a tiny screen can be a bit straining to stare at.
They're about which tiny slice of the 2 million books published every year I've chosen to give my attention to, and which tiny slice I've chosen to point your attention to as well.
Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads You might want to bring your reading glasses to The Tiny Picture Show at Pavel Zoubok Gallery, because some of the suckers on view are really tiny.
This tiny house has one bathroom and a lofted bedroom. 
For sale in South Carolina, this tiny house costs $25,900.
Priced at $39,000, this tiny house is 135 square feet.
Priced at $44,870, this tiny house is 224 square feet.
This tiny house is 210 square feet and costs $45,599.
Although tiny, they were crispy enough and not too tough.
In a sweet video, the tiny infant kicked his feet.
Sahin's tiny "evaporation engine" sits on the surface of water.
This includes tiny particles of dust, soot, dirt, and smoke.
The company has launched six different tiny bottles for now.
Or maybe you have a tiny notebook with important quotes.
All are abstract, with whimsical titles suggesting tiny, mysterious narratives.
Jordyn got the baby a pair of tiny Air Nikes.
Never before has a tiny talking tree been so divisive.
But what about group shots where the faces are tiny?
So don't expect to find it in really tiny laptops.
Congratulations to this tiny soul for breaking down musical barriers.
These are tiny improvements, and again, probably not incredibly noticeable.
Their fights filled up the walls of their tiny home.
Beckham was tiny, his head the size of a kiwi.
Say goodbye to tiny particles, dust, pet hair, and dirt.
Here's why that tiny Easter egg reveals some big clues.
And she's tiny enough to make it down anyone's chimney.
While that may seem tiny, the numbers add up quickly.
So, he wore this tiny eye cover to protect them.
She was a special, wild, rambunctious little thing. Tiny. Sweet.
And it's just reaching a tiny slice of Chinese consumers.
A tiny but perfect homage to Michael Crichton's other masterpiece.
Some things are just too tiny to be sent alone.
It's not about asking for small reforms and tiny improvements.
Its premise is simple: Everything is made of tiny strings.
It's a tiny device that you clip to your glasses.
Potts (Emma Thompson) looks particularly delicate as a tiny teapot.
Forget floral arrangements decorated with tiny balloons and teddy bears.
Now I have a tiny scar, but it's not bad.
Primarily because these things are too damn tiny for that.
The path to greatness is paved with tiny consistent rituals.
The outfit showed off her tiny waist and curvy derrière.
For Your Friend That's Out Of This World Tiny trash!
Tiny stalls for long hours are not great for them.
Christy thinks the tiny bathrooms on airplanes are no accident.
EVs are still a tiny fraction of the vehicle market.
Google and IBM use tiny pieces of supercooled, superconducting electronics.
A huge victory for a tiny girl She's a fighter!
Of course, dispatchers do have a tiny bit of control.
Janet Thome helps sell tiny homes on her website TinyPortableCedarCabins.
The hotter the area, the more expensive the tiny home.
Even with a huge force, you have a tiny torque.
It all started with viral videos of tiny adorable monkeys.
But then, fans got a tiny peek behind the curtain.
Like a tiny snowy mountain of bottarga and juicy sungolds.
This tiny sticker on the buzzer is the only giveaway.
It's super tiny, which is great for hiding the sensor.
Hope your holiday cheer remains larger than your tiny crowds.
I think that's four tiny steps away from being Offred.
"It's a tiny baby!" she said as she jumped around.
There were some evacuation in the tiny town of Hornbrook.
Like, how can any sound come out of these, tiny.
It doesn't exactly look tiny in his arms, after, all.
MJ also recommends listening to Paramore's NPR Tiny Desk Concert.
When I shook her hand, it felt tiny and frail.
Some people are really small with a tiny little face.
It was a tiny spark of light in the darkness.
That's exactly what Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie hopes to explore.
Chips are made from transistors, which are tiny electronic switches.
Plus, I constantly worried I'd lose them because they're tiny.
Con: the amount of data it can transfer is tiny.
Some tiny colleges rely on donations to save the day.
To do so, they turned to the tiny house movement.
The Sound remote is tiny and made of cheap plastic.
Tiny sunglasses come in a variety of colors and shapes.
It's encased in tiny threads of red, white, and green.
The house was infested with gnats (they're like tiny mosquitoes).
One weekend can stretch out into a million tiny universes.
This Google Doodle's file size is tiny — like bug-sized.
Slovakia has a tiny Muslim community of several thousand people.
The Fishy this week goes to the tiny Staphylococcus germ.
This tiny brake that created this house and my legacy.
No factory would produce toothpaste for a tiny new player.
The world felt big and scary, you tiny and defenseless.
Again, imagine a tiny Bluetooth speaker playing on a desk.
It had an email client and a tiny hard keyboard.
The bubbles might also resemble tiny water droplets, Chaiyasit says.
In her pocket were two tiny and expensive radio transmitters.
Because you tiny baby like the sound of the water.
Tiny states that sell lots of passports face another risk.
Tiny letters attached to someone whose face you can't see.
Jamie Otis is putting her tiny baby bump on display!
I mean, look at that tiny waist and big breasts.
But today it is still tiny compared with life insurance.
Myriad tiny clues communicate the speaker's attitude to his subject.
Cities like Portland, Oregon are experimenting with tiny homes already.
Jessie James Decker is starting to feel some tiny kicks.
In terms of deaths, the tiny island takes first place.
She smoked cigarettes and loved tiny airplane bottles of alcohol.
That tiny, precious thing was also an incredibly slow eater.
Greenland lacks basic infrastructure for its tiny population of 56,000.
But nobody used it except a tiny coterie of hackers.
She put a tiny bottle in front of my nose.
China's weight is tiny because its market is less accessible.
One is the tiny but growing movement of "imperial citizens".
With traditional DLC, it's like you're releasing another tiny game.
The woman mowing her weeds in tiny Glenrio, New Mexico.
Keep scrolling to see the sleek tiny home on wheels:
There's more to tiny houses than what meets the eye.
They document their tiny house life in their blog, thisxlife.
And even though we're a big growth story, we're tiny.
These are a tiny but growing part of the market.
Videos show paan makers shoving tiny fireballs into people's mouths.
Wait — you mean Big Ricky's son or Tiny Ricky's dad?
International revenue, too, represents a tiny fraction of its business.
I flinched as her tiny, translucent hand reached for mine.
She's Asian, so I'm gonna have tiny little Asian babies.
Tiny, profound changes like that are happening the world over.
From houses to animals, there's something charming about tiny things.
A moth's eye, close up, is covered with tiny bumps.
You can't spot it in a reproduction because it's tiny.
And it's tiny, with a maximum capacity of thirty people.
In 2013, Tiny reached his "goal weight" of 16 lbs.
Lamas also has three daughters with whom Tiny was close.
So, why the heck am I talking about tiny factories?
And finally, Dell is announcing a tiny portable Thunderbolt SSD.
Cooking in a tiny New York City kitchen is stressful.
That honor goes to the very tiny, $24 Nvidia Shield.
That cannonball was fired from Rwanda, Congo's tiny, turbulent neighbour.
The digital purists ooze confidence, although they are still tiny.
Before you ask: Yes, there are even tiny home influencers.
How should you integrate tiny skirts into your day wardrobe?
This tiny cottage on Lombardy Lane in Laguna Beach, Calif.
You'll see tiny feet shuttling into offices, meetings -- and newsrooms?
As a proportion of those with mental illness, it's tiny.
In the market for a new tiny tattoo for fall?
Well, the answer is obviously a teeny, tiny, fluffy Pomeranian.
To me, PDA feels like a tiny act of rebellion.
"We're not afraid of your tiny baby fists," they joke.
Not some other joke about tiny hands or marketing tricks.
Just ask Tiny Jane herself, Bold Type star Katie Stevens.
A teeny, tiny percentage of the population is born royal.
But Intel has grand plans for the Vaunt's tiny display.
After exploring a few options, we pick a tiny restaurant.
It was a tiny role, but the production was great.
Basutoland, a tiny enclave surrounded by South Africa, became Lesotho.
All the chairs are tiny and super modern and sleek.
They thrust a tiny camera at you and shout Please!
His tiny Liberal Party may also merge with Koike's party.
Summer brings all kinds of tiny nightmare creatures with it.
That's where a tiny wearable by VERT comes into play.
He told Hollywood Life that tiny weights won't cut it.
Tia, Raven's friend from Weiner, Arkansas, brings a tiny wiener.
Eventually, you're left with a mixture of tiny, nanoscale grains.
These local, indigenous communities represent tiny minorities in their countries.
Like their tiny bundle of joy Max, it's a girl.
It was a tiny meal, but a relatively balanced one.
They're tiny, they weigh nothing, and they hold a terabyte.
Inside each heart muscle cell are tiny structures called microtubules.
Oh, and they fold up to fit tiny babies, too.
That every plan is a tiny prayer to father time.
A mermaid trapped in a tiny fish tank.  6. Breasts.
My penis has always been tiny since I can remember.
But that business pulls in a tiny fraction of sales.
There's also a tiny sliver of bezel on the bottom.
I put the tiny triangle of paper on my tongue.
Kendall Jenner likes tiny fish chomping at her callused feet.
Which is a problem in a tiny apartment like ours.
Give a tiny French boy a baseball and boom. Done.
For such a tiny device, Palm's got a heavy lift.
This tiny ferris wheel is giving us major desert flashbacks.
Apple held that tiny, overpriced hill all on its own.
That's a lot of power in this tiny little box.
I meet T. at a tiny seafood place in Chiado.
We've also seen a tiny glimpse of the phone's prototype.
We're told Tiny actually went with Zonnique to buy the .
This tiny robot will help you reduce your caffeine intake.
There is nothing wrong with a tiny, perfectly crafted show.
Practice means greatness is doable … one tiny step after another.
Shares used to be held in tiny lots by individuals.
Just a tiny moment to say: This one was special.
I'll take a tiny bezel over a notch any day.
In tiny Uruguay, sandwiched between them, it is old hat.
When given a tiny sip of this water Kingsley vomits.
The first Echo Dot's speaker emitted hollow and tiny sound.
Well, alright: My desk would be a tiny bit tidier.
Minimizing data collection should be a headline, not tiny subtext.
For now, however, we're just dealing with some tiny prototypes.
Astrocast's satellite is a tiny CubeSat just 30 centimeters long.
Tiny Uruguay, with just 3.4 million people, has no messianic
Especially with the Switch's tiny launch lineup of nine games.
GoldLink is uniquely suited to an NPR Tiny Desk Concert.
Tiny Love Gymini Deluxe Activity Gym Play Mat, $47.99;
" The warning was, inexplicably, followed by Elton John's "Tiny Dancer.
There's nuance to the tiny details and seemingly random numbers.
As I've said before, these are tiny works of art.
"I would get hysterical over something very tiny," she says.
The incident affected a tiny portion of FedEx customers globally.
I'm already picking out a tiny hat for the wedding.
So are these tiny pieces of plastic damaging our bodies?
A tiny Idris Elba you can take with you everywhere.
Perfect for creating a tiny silent disco experience, I suppose.
The tiny tyrant furiously took after her, set to attack.
Kyrsten Sinema took a tiny lead Thursday over Republican Rep.
Many cyclists already have tiny computing devices on their handlebars.
Don't let a tiny little tragedy ruin a great party.
Here is a bell and inside is a tiny Buddha.
"Throw your little tiny sunglasses into the ocean," she deadpans.
How does someone hurt a little one so tiny & fragile?
These tiny, pudgy animals are no longer than one millimeter.
And no, those IoT owners aren't just a tiny minority.
It's a tiny change on a relatively small social network.
But at truly tiny scales it begins to break down.
There's something wonderful about tiny custom items in video games.
Barney Artist: I mean… I'm… I'm a tiny bit disappointed.
But tuna has made his tiny nation an economic player.
Dozens of tiny orange parasites are scratching at the bone.
The tiny Central American country's fragile institutions just couldn't cope.
Who knows — but tiny computers certainly dream of bitmap horses!
She had a tiny cameo in a John Waters film.
Instagram missed it and Snapchat caught just a tiny snippet.
Trump wears baseball mitts to hide his tiny hands. 503.
The other accessory is a pair of some tiny sunglasses.
We read those tiny labels, so you don't have to.
Most of Hopkins's songs were written in tiny, cramped spaces.
A tiny wooden rabbi, with a coin in his hand.
Tiny fish swim around a goliath grouper in Jupiter, Florida.
Become intoxicated by the chemicals released by the tiny loops.
I would use only a tiny sliver of the internet.
Unlike Stéphanie Kilgast's adorably tiny food sculptures, Anton's are gigantic.
Exports rose a tiny 0.2 per cent to $192.9 billion.
You see this tiny little vulnerable helpless thing come out.
Receiving an adorably tiny letter in the mail, of course.
Opera has a tiny market share compared to its competitors.
And that made the iPod my tiny act of rebellion.
They both live in the same tiny neighborhood, after all.
It's like tiny and all contained in a small space.
It's also a tiny company, with just about 450 employees.
Maybe it's a tiny dog attempting to pedal a bike.
Tameka 'Tiny' Harris, 41, filed for divorce back on Dec.
Tiny layers then stick together to form a solid object.
The battery has a tiny (for today's standards) 2,000mAh capacity.
They even made a fake trailer for the tiny pickup.
Slovakia's tiny SAX index is up 2011.09 percent this year.
Visitors have to charter tiny planes to begin their stay.
T.I.'s wife, Tiny, wants out -- she filed for divorce.
They're a lot cheaper, tiny, comfortable and easy to carry.
He cited the success of Tiny Kitchen as an example.
The Starks are generally tiny, bearded and obsessed with trees.
It's a tube sock cut into a tiny kitten sweater.
For example, Tiny Trump plays a beloved Trump pastime, golf.
Kylie's not the only KarJenner loving the tiny tattoo trend.
They start to brown and then smoke a tiny bit.
In 2015, Imogen Heap released "Tiny Human" using Ujo Music.
Their tiny size and remoteness are obstacles enough to prosperity.
Tiny Rwanda contributes 6,140 military personnel but almost no money.
You can also build tiny computer chips in this way.
Jacob Tremblay's next great role is a tiny, adorable detective.
How a tiny endangered species put a man in prison.
Again: The shadow cast by the black hole is tiny.
A tiny 0.2% of vapers did not previously smoke tobacco.
But he never stopped thinking about those tiny glass bottles.
It's still online today, and it's a tiny Brutalist gem.
The Tiny Love Gymini Activity Gym passed the baby test.
This man and his impossibly tiny dog deserve a medal. 
Sometimes I think it's too tiny and not worth anything.
Gets an apartment that's tiny — the size of that bathroom.
In tiny Doha, no one was able to find him.
I stopped the car and entered a tiny tailor's shop.
Genetic analysis revealed that Andrew was in this tiny group.
In recent months, however, bigger shades have replaced tiny glasses.
But the truth is far from that and the tiny
How can you encapsulate yourself in tiny tidbits of information?
You never know which tiny clue could unravel the truth.
So, the key is tiny bits of buprenorphine and coke.
Similarly, you can load tiny widgets from the home screen.
The number of games that actually use Kinect is tiny.
The tiny island is still deep in "junk" ratings territory.
Plants that look like tiny, floating squids dot the sky.
Her slaying drew swift denunciations in the tiny EU nation.
It is bleeding to death by thousands of tiny scratches.
In addition, the tiny remote app includes voice search functionality.
" Imagine: "China's Cryptocurrency Plan Has a Powerful Partner: Tiny Brothers.
Then, imagine a tiny corner of calm amid the chaos.
She was wearing a tiny blue dress and white heels.
Five out of five tiny femurs, would not play again.
Easter eggs are just a tiny portal into their world.
Now you can add another: a really tiny fart detector.
We landed at Kiruna's tiny airport on a Sunday afternoon.
"Those are tiny bodies; they are the same," she said.
An extra inch of leg room is a tiny victory.
Here, you can get a tiny prawn for five dollars.
All you know is the tiny immediate area around you.
A tiny home built from a container in Hamburg, Germany.
Under Mr. Ortega, 70, the country's tiny economy has grown.
Homebuyers are less sensitive to these tiny, weekly rate moves.
It sits alongside this impressively tiny, lightweight reflective sleeping bag.
And farm tours bring with them their own tiny risks.
Burger said her children love living in their tiny house.
These tiny larvae are briefly arboreal, feeding on tree fluids.
Getaway may sell tiny homes, but it has big dreams.
There's almost a party going on, a tiny, fun revolution.
Weymar unintentionally began the Tiny Pricks Project in January 2018.
The Tiny Tower in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is 38 feet tall.
Only a tiny handful of companies could fulfill those mandates.
Tiny houses are basically New York City apartments on wheels.
The kitchen amenities were far bigger in the tiny house.
This was the only closet space in the tiny house.
And in New Hampshire right now every tiny movement counts.
Outside the tiny terrarium of their creation, they shrivel up.
Tumbleweed Tiny Homes is a Colorado manufacturer facing massive issues.
Orlando Lakefront is a tiny house community in Orlando, Florida.
It was a tiny hole, and the darkness was overwhelming.
He started a tiny bank amid the USSR's rubble: PrivatBank.
It was a tiny glimpse at a vastly different future.
There may be a tiny nod to Batman villain Scarecrow.
The tiny home on wheels has an MSRP of $198,614.
Keep scrolling to see the inside of this tiny home:
In reality, it's gonna be a tiny little gentle push.
Even with its brisk growth, WOW still a tiny player.
O.K., I know: It's just Iceland, remote and adorably tiny.
Worried about those tiny specks of dust inside your lens?
That's not because the aptly named Space Monitor is tiny.
Most people don't live in tiny Fifth Element style apartments.
Tiny figures move about the landscape, barely formed, like larvae.
I catapulted from the bed, still clutching the tiny thing.
Inside, though, are tiny motherboards, chips, batteries, memory and wires.
Every tiny strand of grass is depicted in four colors.
Trump and his family, however, are among that tiny percentage.
A spray of tiny red veins spreads across the petals.
Don't like a tiny aspect of an otherwise perfect design?
Ticks are tiny, hard to kill, and carry devastating diseases.
And the toll on the donor is tiny in comparison.
In the second quarter, it had posted a tiny profit.
And despite that tiny scale, PSP had millions of users.
And not just tiny shot glasses either — eight full glasses.
The tiny abrasion tingled and throbbed sporadically throughout the day.
From a distance, all the artists look like tiny ants.
With a tiny bit of planning, you can save big.
The Trump administration and Congress can still make tiny cuts.
Well, it was a pretty tiny little industry then, Kara.
Like, for instance, the tiny fireflies that buzz around lights.
Watch out Sir John — you might have some tiny competition.
In other words, Instagram now feels like a tiny Facebook.
Yet photos of NPR's Tiny Desk tell a different story.
My whole office would probably fit [behind the Tiny Desk].
Our history in terms of stellar evolution is absolutely tiny.
Her tiny paper works take the material of paper seriously.
It would be done laparoscopically, or through a tiny incision.
The device essentially turns your thumb into a tiny trackpad.
We're really excited about this tiny but powerful little unit.
He takes notice of Bob's frail, ill son, Tiny Tim.
At one point, it started sounding like little tiny helicopters.
Editorial You is available from Tiny Engines on September 8th.
Hearing the same tiny tune about 30,000 times a day?
We're hitchhiking in tiny miniskirts, and wearing black fingernail polish.
Moment after moment hits the reader in these tiny beats.
But the underside of tiny home trailers isn't always pretty.
Tiny homes can be a great way to save money.
There are eight tiny houses on the property in total.
With tiny house living, everything happens in the same space. 
Think Big: A Tiny House Resort consists of eight houses.
Clearly, this tiny house was designed with convenience in mind.
A tiny blood spot in an egg renders it inedible.
Russian pancakes are tiny, thick griddle cakes fluffed to perfection.
The Volterra station was pretty tiny and not very crowded.
Creating a customized tiny houses is anything but small work.
She passes her a lipstick, which contains a tiny dagger.
You can either buy a tiny house or build it.
"Even a tiny sip will burn your throat," he said.
How the tiny park fell into such disrepair is unclear.
"Mugwort," she said, smiling down at a few tiny leaves.
A Pomeranian made for a tiny interpretation of King Tut.
Behind it, my mother looked tiny and sad and brave.
Andrea Zittel's "Wagon Station Encampment," a series of tiny dwellings.
Born in 1942 in the tiny hamlet of Blackwell, Ark.
Then watch the footage of her NPR Tiny Desk Concert.
I wrote a tiny story about his love of nature.
They're arguably a tiny bench by themselves, a septuagenarian sofa.
We were just another tiny little band on the scene.
So males are better off making lots of tiny sperm.
Valdez gave Ky her first tattoo, a tiny red heart.
For now, though, Tiny Baker has company in Dustin Fowler.
Sounds nicer than the tiny Lunar Gateway NASA has planned.
There's also some tiny differences on the actual AirPod earbuds.
It happens when there's a tiny rupture in the lung.
"Tiny little boats of information can be dangerous," he said.
Some tiny something, some soft scream, some pith of silence.
These tiny, shrimplike creatures filter algae and microbes from water.
You sip your piña colada, moving aside the tiny umbrella.
This tiny intervention had a striking effect on their outcomes.
To witness tiny humans grappling with the immensity of grief.
Check them out when you need tiny doses of hope.
And this is just a tiny fraction of our lineage.
In restaurants, they'll order a tiny portion, the cheapest food.
The tiny beach at the base of the towering cliff.
She has her tiny hand around her brother Miles's arm.
It encompasses sprawling vistas, urban conflagrations and tiny, tender dioramas.
To be fair, his tiny head bore evidence of fuzz.
We're seeking all the (tiny) love that's fit to print.
And he's so sensitive, look at that tiny white dog!
A spiral staircase led to the tiny attic, with skylights.
Phan makes tiny mochi and poaches them in duck stock.
You pointed us to Broadway and some tiny theaters beyond.
Clear glitter looks like tiny pieces of a dead jellyfish.
Hanging from the trees were orbs covered in tiny lights.
Bezos, I think they're making a tiny bit of money.
Then the scientists implanted tiny capsules into each rodent's abdomen.
Now we can trick tiny bugs into eating our clothing.
But many gains have been captured by a tiny elite.
She held herself completely still except for a tiny shake.
Tiny Iceland, for the first time, made the World Cup.
Tiny drones have already shown the possibilities of autonomous flight.
Johnson, who lives on a ranch outside tiny Ucross, Wyo.
But a tiny victory in Ukraine shows a way forward.
I just happened to see one tiny part of it.
And everything has to work on a tiny screen, instantly.
LS: It's like a tiny ... PR: It's a fiddle stick.
These tiny meteors pose no threat to us on Earth.
Even tiny quantities can slow or stop a person's breathing.
Tree branches are the tiny sticks you've seen scattered around.
Atlantic Records was in a tiny office on 54th Street.
That tiny bit of sacrifice we make will create jobs.
And a reminder of how tiny the automaker really is.
The tiny camper is 2,960 millimeters, about 9.7 feet, long…
Most of the tiny fibers are aligned in one direction.
Bathroom was really tiny, sink in shower area was outdated.
Under the microscope he saw sheets of tiny, needlelike crystals.
What Do I Do if I Have a Tiny Kitchen?
I was on a tiny regional jet from Knoxville, Tenn.
And yet, inevitably, there is that tiny moment of uncertainty.
Other areas were covered with tiny flakes of scaling skin.
Then she felt a tiny cyst below her left ear.
A tiny demand from me sent him into a meltdown.
While the tiny accessory is cute, it's just not practical.
The first tiny home went to Kevin and Shanice Inniss.
Now they are tiny, the size of her little finger.
A gorgeous tiny golden cup that depicts Diana and Acteon.
From their cells, inmates can look out through tiny portholes.
So do the world and your wallet a tiny favor.
A calendar of tiny fur creatures in mini human sweaters
At the moment, the market for meat substitutes is tiny.
Meanwhile, Mulan's tiny house would be inspired by Japanese architecture.
There's also a zen garden adjacent to the tiny house. 
The Cashio kids had a good time living tiny, too.
They destroy old proteins inside tiny housekeeping machines called lysosomes.
Maduro has also been smart enough to allow tiny reforms.
A few tiny steps and my entire perspective had changed.
These are still tiny numbers compared to the big platforms.
It has tiny foldable wings that pop out after launch.
The entire loop is tiny, the length of 192 atoms.
At 30W, it packs a punch for its tiny size.
The cherubs stroked His back with their tiny, chubby fingers.
I even imagined tiny cocktail versions, topped with quail eggs.
No one ever suspects the tiny dog with big eyes.
You could buy it a tiny bit at a time.
Dotted lines formed by tiny white lights suggest a tunnel.

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