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"amazing" Definitions
  1. very surprising, especially in a way that you like or admire synonym astonishing, astounding, incredible
  2. (informal) very impressive; excellent synonym fantastic (1)
"amazing" Antonyms
boring unremarkable unexciting uninspiring uninteresting mind-numbing mundane tame unimpressive uninspired ho hum monotonous aweless believable dreary lifeless unamazing vapid blah bummer ordinary insignificant drab dull simple typical average banal common commonplace everyday humdrum normal standard unexceptional unsurprising usual customary familiar insipid bad awful abysmal appalling atrocious dreadful flawed lousy poor inferior substandard crummy disagreeable disgusting poor quality rough terrible unsatisfactory horrible credible logical plausible reasonable possible rational realistic comforting conceivable genuine harmless inconsequential inconspicuous predictable sensible tenable expected imaginable natural execrable pathetic rotten vile wretched horrid miserable shocking lamentable harrowing nasty alarming horrendous loathsome anticipated foreseen foreseeable predicted forecast inevitable probable obvious awaited likely understandable not unexpected only to be expected on the cards par for the course clear comprehensible straightforward delightful wonderful admirable innocuous inoffensive decent excellent fine first-rate gratifying honorable(US) honourable(UK) laudable marvelous(US) marvellous(UK) pleasant praiseworthy satisfying attractive beautiful unfrightening ew ew gross eww ugh blech fail gross lame that sucks well that sucks yech yuck weaksauce bogus dagnabbit for goodness' sake for Heaven's sake for Pete's sake calming boring to death boring to tears disinteresting exhausting fatiguing jading tiring wearing out wearying

932 Sentences With "amazing"

How to use amazing in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "amazing" and check conjugation/comparative form for "amazing". Mastering all the usages of "amazing" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Therefore, please don't write about your amazing party, your amazing girlfriend's amazing dress, or your amazing vacation.
The engine looked amazing, the suspension looked amazing, the brakes looked amazing.
They're an amazing DJ, an amazing producer and an amazing performer. Quest?
We'll be doing some amazing drinking, some amazing pitching, and some amazing networking.
"He is an amazing father, an amazing stepfather and an amazing grandfather," she says.
When she was her true self, she was an amazing wife, amazing mother and amazing friend.
"The service has been amazing, the cleanliness is amazing, food and drinks are amazing," she said.
When amazing players take on the less-amazing, the results tend to be predictable: amazing wins.
They have the amazing boat, the amazing house, the amazing plane — and they want the same from jewelry.
Sophie looked frickin' amazing ... no surprise, but still, amazing.
I think they're all amazing people ... with amazing capabilities.
That's an amazing character; Jeffrey Dean Morgan is just amazing.
Amazing Race got it because Amazing Race was the establishment.
It's amazing, but not as amazing as the ghost sharks.
"The people pulling together is amazing, 100% amazing," Schexnayder said.
He was an amazing person — he's still an amazing person.
We have an amazing relationship musically and an amazing friendship.
He was playing amazing points; I was playing amazing points.
I think they are all amazing people with ... amazing capabilities.
"I had an amazing time, an amazing ride," says Bartholomew.
And so those were an amazing, amazing number of years.
I thought she was an amazing kid with amazing parents.
"The rooms were amazing, the view was amazing," he said.
I think that showing this person has an amazing heart, an amazing talent, and an amazing life we can follow is important.
We still put out an amazing print newspaper, we have amazing apps on the phone, we do amazing things on social media.
There's an amazing energy here, there's an amazing youth culture here.
With Lidl, it's a great collaboration: amazing products with amazing prices.
Poor Boys is amazing because it has an amazing outdoor area.
"They're amazing decorators, they're amazing homemakers," he said about the Kardashians.
To me, they're just goddesses, just amazing women and amazing athletes.
He's amazing, and I think that his music is also amazing.
" The star added, "He's an amazing cook, he's an amazing lover.
The men are so amazing and put out such amazing music.
"Amazing, amazing," Rivera said in an interview on the MLB Network.
"This is amazing, an amazing opportunity, a lifetime dream," Jackson said.
"Ariana Grande's album's amazing, the Justin Timberlake album's amazing," he explained.
"Other than losing, it was an amazing, amazing race," Smith said.
That was pretty amazing because there's quite an amazing crowd there.
"It's amazing, amazing," said Marcia Tisson, 55, originally from St. Lucia.
"She's an amazing human being and an amazing talent," the director says.
Some amazing thing you did, or some amazing character trait you demonstrated.
It seemed amazing then, and it seems even more amazing in retrospect.
We had an amazing, amazing few days putting the whole show together.
Thank you Lord for this amazing girl and these two amazing families.
I think he&aposs been amazing, an amazing addition to the president.
"She's the most amazing person in real life, just amazing," Cowell added.
She's [truly] amazing and such a sweet person this was [truly] amazing!
She's truely amazing and such a sweet person this was truely amazing!
You will be an amazing father like the amazing boss you are!!
It was an amazing, amazing set, and they built it from scratch.
"I've had an amazing life, I've had an amazing career," he said.
Building amazing experiences is one thing; selling amazing experiences is even harder.
He was such an amazing man and an amazing husband and father.
It's so great, and there are these amazing croissants, pastry, amazing coffee.
We drive these amazing cars for amazing teams full of talented people.
Because have you ever thought about how amazing, really amazing, life is?
It was amazing, an amazing outpouring and I will not disappoint you.
"We need to tell them they are amazing for the amazing things they achieve or for the amazing people they are, over how they look."
" La La took the opportunity to share some recent milestones about her son, explaining that, "He's an amazing basketball player, amazing student and an amazing person.
At the end of the massage, I felt amazing — definitely sore, but amazing.
It's not artful, but that was just an amazing, amazing rejection of him.
"There is an amazing inefficiency, amazing inefficiency, in this stock," she told CNBC.
It's such an amazing character and it's such an amazing performance by Frances.
I mean, it's a fucking amazing record but is any record that amazing?
But she's an amazing dancer and an amazing spirit and it's been fun.
The Strip is amazing—it has amazing restaurants—but we're promoters of downtown.
You can see so many amazing things and meet so many amazing people.
"OMG, THIS IS SO AMAZING"Star WarsOh my god, this is so amazing.
Google really needs to package its amazing software in an equally amazing shell. 
I mean, they're an amazing company, they've done a lot of amazing things.
The Lumber 84 ad was amazing — I thought the Budweiser ad was amazing.
So, it's really been an amazing -- it's been an amazing period of time.
"Steve and Shirley raised an amazing family, three amazing girls," the spokesman said.
We're so fortunate that we have an amazing team, we have amazing people, we have amazing investors, and we're actually clever and we're smart and we're scrappy.
So obviously for a number of reasons it's an amazing company that has produced amazing products that have enabled a number of amazing and very good things.
Dyson is famous for making amazing vacuum cleaners that cost amazing amounts of money.
Each and every person here has an amazing story and has done amazing things.
"Travis is an amazing musician, and he has had an amazing year," Morton says.
"They always do such an amazing job and put on amazing events," he said.
Not only are you the most amazing husband, you are the most amazing father!
Hurry before this amazing deal ends (or before its amazing styles inevitably sell out!).
The food is amazing, the daily specials are amazing, and they use great product.
"I do kind of have amazing DNA, and I make amazing children," Kris says.
The response to it would be amazing, her tweets about it would be amazing.
Companies that make really amazing appliances and electronics that really have amazing customer experiences.
"You see these young amazing people doing amazing things," said Rokkan CEO John Noe.
I've been afforded some amazing opportunities and met some amazing people through this journey.
Thank God for these amazing people, and thank you God for your amazing grace.
It's going to be an amazing night, amazing night, because it's a new decade.
"I hope everybody has an amazing turkey day today, an amazing Thanksgiving," he said.
Catherine O'Hara's one of the most amazing, wonderful actress, but she's an amazing improviser.
He said it was an amazing run, one of the most amazing he's ever seen.
"There are so many parks, classes and just amazing exposure to so many amazing things."
It's amazing to win this in this amazing venue in Canada, it's just been awesome.
We do amazing work for amazing organizations within the government that serve the public good.
But modern medicine is amazing; the things it can do to your brain are amazing.
They had all these amazing duels, and they're both amazing physically, both record-setting runners.
It looks amazing and I'm in love with the artist — she's done an amazing job.
Allison has been amazing … this experience is an amazing experience learning to dance with everyone.
"I've found the deepest most amazing healing and peace, the most amazing energy," she said.
And he's just an amazing merchant and it was such an amazing time at Gap.
"We have such amazing people in this country: smart, sharp, energetic, they're amazing," Trump said.
"We are robotics people and have created these amazing robots with amazing capabilities," he said.
Lear doesn't find the amazing in the ordinary; he finds the ordinary in the amazing.
What an amazing career he had and what an amazing legacy he's left for everybody.
I have an amazing doctor, an amazing nutritionist who are taking good care of me.
We have chemistry together, and he's got an amazing stable of horses with amazing owners.
That's why I love doing what I do—shining the spotlight on people who feel amazing while looking amazing and inspire others to feel and look amazing in the process.
LOS ANGELES — Critics who were the first to write about Doctor Strange found a lot to agree on: It looks amazing, it looks ... amazing ... and WOW, does it look amazing.
Texas P.R. firms have tried them all: our amazing urban sophistication, our amazing urban diversity and let's not forget our amazing economy — at least when the oil price is high.
"Thank God for these amazing people, and thank you God for your amazing grace," Spears added.
The early internet was truly a technological frontier, ripe with amazing ideas and equally amazing malware.
Click here to view original GIFCeramics are amazing materials—strong, light and with amazing thermal properties.
Yep. A moisturizing hair butter that both smells amazing and makes your curls look equally amazing?
There are amazing girls in our program, but there are also amazing women in our leadership.
So, I'm happy that it has so many amazing women in it, so many amazing actresses.
Here's the original tweet showing Trump's "amazing golf swing": Donald Trump's amazing golf swing #CrookedHillary pic.twitter.
I have made some amazing connections on these apps, and fucked a lot of amazing guys.
Steampunk Carrie is an amazing idea for a costume, and amazing ideas are in short supply.
I got amazing gifts from my whole family and Kanye for me the most amazing bags.
It was an amazing gesture, sure, but maybe it's because Brandon is also an amazing friend.
I love how fierce and amazing they are, and the production, and their videos, and the performances—it's amazing to watch, it's just so fun, it's gorgeous, it's visually and musically amazing.
And you do need to come back at a certain point and just calm down...I'm so lucky, I have an amazing family, I have an amazing fiancé, I have amazing friends.
They did an amazing, amazing job, particularly with Colin and with Colton, because we couldn't reshoot them.
And I feel like that has kept me from working and creating amazing things with amazing artists.
"We do amazing work for amazing organizations within the government that serve the public good," he said.
From first glance, it's obvious Andy is amazing at her job, and amazing at managing Station 19.
Horses and cheetahs and all these amazing animals, nobody sat down and designed this amazing-looking animal.
This year's lineup is chock full of amazing humans with bodies that do amazing things, as usual.
"Thank God for these amazing people, and thank you God for your amazing grace," Spears wrote then.
"When people come to work at Twitter, they obviously have amazing talent and amazing experience," she says.
So: There are many amazing things about the Republican tax pitch, where by "amazing" I mean terrible.
The headline is I saw amazing entrepreneurs, amazing entrepreneurs, but more than that I saw explosive growth.
I know I have something amazing, but I'm still second-guessing that amazingness with an amazing person.
You are amazing, all of you, and it is amazing that all of you are still alive.
She's an amazing, amazing actress who's consistently been in the conversation for years and years and years.
They are an amazing company and they've done some amazing things, but they really mismanaged that business.
She's an amazing, amazing actress who's consistently been in the conversation for years and years and years.
" Added the Spanish model and actress: "[Matt] is an amazing dad and an amazing person, he's so easy.
Yeah, he's amazing, and is now an advisor to Patreon, and is just absolutely amazing to work with.
It was "an amazing moment" — so amazing, you almost forget that it wasn't the finale of the show.
"I got amazing gifts from my whole family and Kanye for me the most amazing bags," she tweeted.
"   Adds the Spanish model and actress: "[Matt] is an amazing dad and an amazing person, he's so easy.
Their amazing tropical vacation is completely filled with drinks, designer clothes, amazing hats, and a lot of dancing.
"I've got this big, amazing extended family — I've got this big, amazing, beautiful life," he says to her.
" Walker called Khan "an amazing leader" and "an amazing man," saying that "he was always there for everyone.
It was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen — so amazing, I was late to work that morning.
We have been doing amazing events and have amazing products with excellent story telling through our marketing teams.
They're both competitor coaches;  amazing eyes, and amazing concepts on movement and how to improve Muay Thai skills.
"We have really something so special going on here in Missoula, this amazing, amazing community support," she said.
" The horse and animal advocate, whose divorce to tennis player Ryan Sweeting was finalized in May, complimented her boyfriend's equestrian skills: "He's an amazing, amazing rider and jumper, amazing equestrian and a great human.
Take a bow and Queen it up - you're an amazing mama and amazing mama's make this world go around.
"[Matt] is an amazing dad and an amazing person, he's so easy," Pataky, who is from Spain, told PEOPLE.
"Today something amazing happened & I got to share it with these amazing women," Holliday, 31, wrote on Instagram Wednesday.
" Alba and Biel weren't the only ones who "modeled" for the brand, @nadabutestrada wrote: "Amazing photos and amazing throwback!
"body shaming at its worst 😤 you're boobs have done an amazing thing& look amazing anyway," one commenter wrote.
And I've got amazing friends and an amazing family to keep me grounded, so I don't worry about it.
They don't have the money to make it look amazing or have time to make amazing home-cooked meals.
"The amazing Veronica Wah Day from Pets & Their People at Fulham Gardens did an amazing job!" says an update.
I was down in the dumps several months before, and then I had this amazing summer, these amazing people.
" The curator says, "Kerry has an amazing knowledge of and makes an amazing tribute to the history of painting.
Everybody knew Elisabeth would be amazing, because she's an amazing dramatic actress, but Melissa and Tiffany wanted the opportunity.
These bras are so comfortable, have amazing support, and best of all they look amazing under a t-shirt!
Some of them are amazing, worthy of a billboard or an art gallery, but they are amazing smartphone photos.
Elmore Leonard has made amazing books, should have made many amazing movies, less successful than you would think, right?
Books are an amazing way to read up about amazing places around the world, and live other people's adventures.
"He's amazing, and she's wonderful, of course, and they're amazing together," TV son Justin Hartley told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday.
After directing the hugely successful Hunger Games franchise, he was inspired to tell stories about amazing women doing amazing things.
She's an amazing, amazing girl, and one of the smartest human beings I've ever met, and also an incredible mother.
"And it's a testament to Kelly because Kelly is so normal and cool … and an amazing, amazing mother," Teigen added.
"And it's a testament to Kelly because Kelly is so normal and cool… and an amazing, amazing mother," Teigen says.
Perhaps it shouldn't come as surprise that the child of two amazing musicians would have the requisite amazing musical skills.
It's also worth noting that the show spawned this amazing movie, this amazing song, and made this guy a celebrity.
Comes with eggs and potatoes and amazing sauce, kind of like a potato frittata with a huge salad, amazing sauce.
Would absolutely not be possible without our amazing Showrunner, Prentice Penny, our dope director, Melina Matsoukas and our amazing writers.
"It's an amazing, amazing experience," said Cece Morken, an executive vice president and general manager of strategic partnerships at Intuit.
Our leadership team puts talent first and is expected to build an amazing cast while they build an amazing performance.
It's humbling in a way because the power that we've been given by all of you, all of our amazing fans, to really expose you and introduce you to two amazing sisters and amazing food like them.
"I grew up seeing amazing movies with amazing men and no one had to drag me kicking and screaming," she added.
"There's this whole community of amazing people who do amazing things — and their bodies are a part of that," Tunis says.
They're amazing at brand building, they're amazing at experience building, and those are things that we have less experience in doing.
Look at the Obama campaign — they had an amazing ground campaign, but they had an even more amazing social media campaign.
Silicone and oil-based lube are your best friends There are plenty of amazing (and not so amazing) lubes out there.
And it's just amazing to see what they have accomplished with him and it's amazing to see what Nick has accomplished.
We have some amazing endorsements, some amazing people, but I'm amazed at the level of animosity toward me by some people.
JH: It's the No. 1 major for women, even right now, which just happened this past year, which is amazing, amazing.
We make the impossible possible… [I'm focused on] being the most amazing father and the most amazing king to my Queen.
There's the place that's amazing for Shanghainese dumplings, and the other amazing place for barbecue pork, or crab towers, or whatever.
"He's amazing, and I think that his music is also amazing," Baldwin told PEOPLE at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last year.
I love using it in the morning it smells amazing and isn't sticky, Ingredients are amazing plus it's clean and organic?
"It was kind of an amazing exercise and amazing that they could accomplish something like that by hand," Mr. Krakoff said.
"We have a bunch of amazing black staff, and we have amazing teams on the ground in South Carolina," Rocha said.
So they&aposre the questionable things, I would say, but however, an amazing job, and amazing things that snipers can do.
I was hoping to make some more amazing memories this weekend — and they were amazing — just not the way I expected.
"Congratulations again on your amazing comeback and your amazing life and for giving sports fans everywhere a lifetime of memories," Trump said.
It was an amazing moment then, and I guarantee it was an amazing moment for everyone in Hall H who watched it.
"  He ended with, "Take a bow and queen it up - you're an amazing mama and amazing mamas make this world go around.
If Carter has just half the amazing traits my father-in-law did, he will turn out to be an amazing man.
"I like Mike Bloomberg, I know him, I think he would be an amazing president, he was an amazing mayor," Barrack said.
Everyone was like "you look amazing" and I was like, "I know"—I paid good money for this, I better look amazing.
We have a lot of runway in terms of investment, we have an amazing team, we're hiring more amazing people every day.
It's amazing how many products one girl can accumulate, and even more amazing how few are actually used on a daily basis.
"In an amazing field of 85033 talented, amazing candidates, we beat 15 of those candidates," Cruz said, referring to the presidential primary.
"He was an amazing, amazing father," says ex-wife Sarah Blevins, 36, of Columbia, Maryland, and mother of the two youngest kids.
"I think for them to say that I was disoriented is an amazing, amazing flinging of mud," Mr. Walpin told Mr. Beck.
Snapchat truly built an amazing product and an amazing community and anybody who knows me knows that I'm very active on it.
"He's amazing, and I think that his music is also amazing," Baldwin gushed to PEOPLE at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in March.
And they often boast gigantic, amazing performances to support that declaration, the sort of gigantic, amazing performances you can't see anywhere else.
It was one of the most amazing things I have ever been a part ofMy Native American heritage was an amazing discovery.
If they're going to go in a store they want amazing service, amazing expertise, insight, navigation to the right product right away.
I know that those are amazing feelings and I consider myself blessed and fortunate to have felt them for 31 amazing weeks.
"Our labor brothers and sisters are amazing organizers and exceptional volunteers and adding their gusto to our operation was amazing," she said.
I thought that, though it's a beautiful country with amazing people and an amazing culture, there is this trauma and trouble there.
"What we're really trying to do is show kids that the key to making school amazing, the key to making learning amazing and life amazing is learning to value and express your own inner world and share it," Overtree said.
You become aware that it's all the little things that make the day an amazing day or make the year an amazing year.
I get to work with this amazing cast, these amazing writers… I get to work with Julia Louis Dreyfus who makes this easy.
"My experience on the show was amazing, and her eyes really are that blue, and she smells amazing," jokes Owen to Changing America.
These are amazing, talented actors and amazing writers who give their all and don't have to do this, and it's clouding the conversation.
Some species sprouted amazing spines from their backs, particularly later in the geologic timeline, which make for amazing conversational pieces for your home.
All in all, it was an amazing trip ... and it felt even more amazing since we knew that it didn't break the bank.
Still, sometimes fakes make it through to consumers who end up disappointed that their amazing watch isn't quite as amazing as they thought.
They will be joining me on this stage in a little while and I look forward to introducing, these are amazing, amazing people.
"Zuckerberg is "an amazing creator of an amazing company and if he himself put action behind his words, we would see change rapidly.
For example, at 22A, if you try to watch the show "AMAZING RACE" when seeing double (adding another G), you get AMAZING GRACE.
They will be joining me on the stage in a little while, and I look forward to introducing -- these are amazing, amazing people.
Data is amazing, and the seemingly simple, intuitive systems we've come up with to deal with that data are amazing too (and underappreciated).
In some cases the investigators learned from the media, so I think it's been amazing, it's been amazing rallying for just good journalism.
And then the top is like, okay, if we're generating revenue from all the amazing things that we've done off of this foundation of the consumer apps, how do we reinvest that to build other amazing consumer experiences or other amazing enterprise experiences?
It was amazing, and honestly a bit emotional, to see the incredibly smart, curious, interesting, amazing people who make up our audience made flesh.
Kevin Garinger, the Humboldt Broncos' president, remembered Hinz as an "amazing young man" who had an "amazing mind for stats," the Saskatoon StarPhoenix reported.
"So, you guys want to know how I manifested this amazing life and have an amazing husband and six healthy, beautiful children?" she said.
"This time, we're putting our big boy pants on with some amazing talent and amazing creatives and a lot of my friends," he explains.
"Epstein, after raping Ms. Araoz, told her that 'she was amazing, that she felt amazing, and that she did nothing wrong,'" the document alleges.
In the process, she realizes that there are other girls in the world who she's also judged who are actually really amazing, amazing girls.
This has definitely been the most amazing experience for me in all of my Olympic experiences because of how amazing the team has been.
Neo Geo Pocket ColorThis list is full of embarrassing devices that companies claimed were amazing, but SNK's Neo Geo Pocket Color was actually amazing!
FIGARO: It&aposs amazing that they continue to keep pushing Nancy Pelosi on people, and it&aposs amazing that she won&apost sit down.
Everyone that comes understand it's just a really healing experience with an amazing choir, and amazing messages about love to start off your week.
You can watch Katharine Hayhoe's amazing "Global Weirding" video series or be stunned by the amazing stories about climate change here at The Times.
"  "Number two, judges routinely issue orders that apply nationwide so there is nothing amazing about that except that our constitutional system is really amazing.
We've been really amazing by the things we've been able to do, like Cancer Bats and Rock the Park– that whole lineup was amazing.
AR is an amazing as a teaching tool, but I think a better way to describe it is it's an amazing tool for discovery.
They can be amazing or horrifying (and sometimes both.) You obviously want to make sure that your listing is one of the amazing ones.
"They're amazing, just amazing," said 19-year-old Albanian student Plator Gashi, who said he had been to every Gipsy Groove gig in Pristina.
Frank's been amazing and has taken us backstage lots of times to meet Nat, and we've been incredibly lucky and have some amazing memories.
Because it's all about amazing technology, but it's also about the amazing content that's going to be brought to life with this great technology.
Those amazing cultures, the energy, meat-free is just one example, but so many other amazing things this company has done and is known for.
I want to see trans women on runways not as a token, but as the amazing models with amazing walks that many of us have.
So you just say thank you to all the supporters, but it's something that you want to work out, because it's an amazing, amazing story.
"In the second film, there's some really incredible musical numbers and amazing dance moments choreographed and directed by the amazing Kenny Ortega," reveals the actress.
One guy will be like, 'Wow these are amazing, I love guns,' and next guy will be like, 'Wow these are amazing, I hate guns.
"It was just a little shocking because Meghan had an amazing, amazing childhood growing up and she had a lot of family," Markle Jr. said.
It looks amazing, it sounds amazing (I recommend playing it with headphones), and is in my opinion easily the best Gears of War game yet.
"It's amazing, every day is amazing," she tells me, with the help of a translator, when I ask her what the experience has been like.
"This is an amazing, amazing discovery," said David Reitze, executive director, LIGO Laboratory/Caltech, told reporters at a news conference in Washington, D.C., on Monday.
There's girls like Farrah Moan and Aja, who are Instagram-famous, who look absolutely amazing and can have huge followings just because they look amazing.
Guardiola drew attention to the "amazing, amazing" performance of Kevin De Bruyne, scorer of City's first goal and creator of the team's ultimately decisive second.
It's been amazing coaching this group, and for us, we got a lot of good memories, we accomplished a lot of amazing things this year.
The iron to sharpen me," she continued, before noting how their date night was filled with "amazing food and even more amazing company and conversation.
You got to look at the arc and the journey of her character — this is the most amazing of amazing stories, in my humble opinion.
We recorded it in Dave Matthews' studio just outside of Charlottesville, Virginia, and it was this amazing place out in the forest and an amazing experience.
"Everyone that comes understands it's just a really healing experience with an amazing choir, and amazing messages about love to start off your week," she said.
There's so much footage that's not in the film, so many amazing characters and amazing scenes that broke my heart to take out of the film.
Thank you for being an amazing, Godly father and husband, and because of that, I want to promise to be an amazing, Godly wife to you.
Sometimes we want to see the future because it's terrifying and amazing, and I think Mankind Divided does a really amazing job of fulfilling this fantasy.
They thought I was amazing because I knew how to make a Thanksgiving dinner, and I thought I was amazing because I had pulled it off.
So I was free to tell my own story: that I was amazing, and that if I fancied girls, then fancying girls must be amazing, too.
"We have an amazing slope and we have an amazing course and it's really fair," said Gisin, who went out just behind Veith and finished ninth.
It happens that a few of my friends are in the fashion industry and get to be around such amazing people, and bring me around amazing people.
Beer has gone through an amazing last 10 years, an amazing assortment, a widening in terms of styles, varieties, and the mature markets has really clicked with.
"She already created an amazing successful jewelry line and all the pieces are things that I love and she also has an amazing fashion sense," says Blige.
This alone would be amazing news for just about anyone, but what made it even more amazing was when Caroline found out exactly why she was accepted.
"Miss Universe was a dream, every girl wants to be Miss Universe ... the stage is amazing, everything is amazing," she said, beaming throughout her victory news conference.
I've highlighted those in this landscape that exhibit the qualities of an amazing company: a great team, an amazing product and the potential for a huge impact.
For "Amazing Grace" I remember playing acoustic guitar and I sang the chorus 'When people sing 'Amazing Grace' and I have no idea where that came from.
The last four years have been the most amazing, challenging and beautiful years of my entire life and it's all thanks to this amazing woman right here.
He's very salt-of the earth, great guy, so for us it's been an amazing addition to our family and an amazing addition to my life, personally.
You look at all the work people have done in Hollywood; even when they look amazing, everyone wants to say, 'Well, it looks amazing, but it's fake.
The Thai Tourist Office internationally promotes the exotic kingdom as "Amazing Thailand," but for Brit visitors, like Jordan from Scotland, shouldn't that be amended to Amazing Dieland?
"We're having a great time, she's an amazing, amazing girl, and one of the smartest human beings I've ever met and also an incredible mother," Rodriguez said.
Our logic: If thousands, or tens of thousands, of our peers are obsessed with something, it must be amazing — and we need to know about what's amazing.
It's also introduced me to an amazing community; I've met so many amazing female investors and founders whose humor and shared experiences have been a huge relief.
"Claudio was amazing, the players who scored their penalties were amazing, and I think we deserve to be in the final," said Juan Antonio Pizzi, Chile's coach.
" The vid is so amazing ... a bunch of MLB stars weighed in, with JD Martinez calling it the "best reaction ever" and Ian Kinsler saying, "That's amazing.
It's also nice sometimes to remember that while there's a lot of bad stuff, there's also a lot of amazing people doing amazing things in the world.
Sailor has been amazing for him, Karamo has been amazing for me, and so I think we're super fortunate to be where we are with our partners.
Now all gone out to sea. Amazing. . . . . . .
Truly amazing , GRACE , POWER , and UNBELIEVABLY FAST!!!!!
We have an amazing board of directors . . .
"Honestly, all celebrities have flack and stuff around them, but what it all comes down to is that they're all amazing musicians that all write amazing songs – to even have someone think about comparing me to someone like that is just truly amazing," Vanderwaal told reporters after her win.
Being a member of this community has been amazing, it has meant so much to me and I look forward to getting to know even more amazing people!
Trump says agreement is 'an amazing outcome' Trump called the agreement "an amazing outcome" and said he was hopeful that the ceasefire would last more than five days.
We were given amazing bits of it on another amazing Shonda show, Grey's Anatomy, with Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey, but she wasn't the lead of that show.
"People look at the media and just be like: 'She's like this' — but Chyna is an amazing mom, she's an amazing person, and she's extremely loving," said Rose.
"Today something amazing happened & I got to share it with these amazing women," Holliday captioned her Instagram post, which has already amassed nearly 6003K likes at press time.
"We've got an amazing lineup, an amazing roster of riders to select from, but nothing is decided yet," Froome, who won his last title in 2017, told reporters.
I think it's amazing that now it's changing and you can be any size, any height and any size jeans you can be and I think that's amazing.
He beat Christopher Daniels in a good but not amazing match, after which he delivered a good but not amazing promo about how he was now the hunter.
It's amazing in pretty much every video that exists of this tour, but the idea that something so personal and intimate aired on national TV is pretty amazing.
"I think they agree with me that the idea of it was amazing — and it is amazing," Curry-Lee, a former college volleyball player, said of her parents.
On a much lighter note, I encourage you all to watch the amazing finish of this 400-meter relay, which includes an amazing call by some Irish dudes.
And so I inherited this amazing brand, amazing group of people-- and a brand that has grown very, very quickly and where the investments had-- lagged behind the growth.
"She's an amazing, amazing girl and one of the smartest human beings I've ever met — and also just an incredible mother," the former Yankee said of his new flame.
"Everyone that comes understands it's just a really healing experience with an amazing choir, and amazing messages about love to start off your week," the reality TV star said.
"There are so many amazing jewelry brands who offer amazing pieces for daily use, I want to offer something that is bold, new, and borderline ridiculous," he tells Refinery29.
"Now what I'm starting to learn is, even though things look amazing on the hanger, it doesn't mean they're going to look amazing on me," she told the magazine.
"Everyone that comes understands it's just a really healing experience with an amazing choir, and amazing messages about love to start off your week," the reality TV star said.
They have no desire to protect the mechanisms of stability that have engendered our ability to create these amazing global inter‑connectivities and this amazing structure that we have.
So while I know all these amazing devices can't really be all that amazing, or even necessary, all too often, I find myself wanting one (or two, or three).
"That was amazing, I'm tearful but it is amazing," Russell, whose partner and assistant at their Arlary House Stables in the Kinross countryside, is former champion jockey Peter Scudamore.
Even the jockey Mike Smith had to agree it was "an amazing, amazing race" after Songbird, his 25-year-old filly, lost for the first time in 22 races.
Irving, of course, is an amazing player, and he was amazing in the first game of this series, finishing with 23 points and 27 assists in a lopsided win.
Okay. This is pretty amazing ... Arian Foster's home security cams were rolling while he was watching "Game of Thrones" on Sunday ... and his reaction to the ending is AMAZING!!!!
"It&aposs been amazing seeing so much support from my fans and I&aposm so happy that I have such an amazing group of people supporting me," Conner said.
Because that touring cycle, everything changed—we went from the majority of tours playing a few shows where we'd be like, "That was amazing" to every show being amazing.
"It's just Freddie and piano and it really shows what an amazing performer, an amazing range he had," Clark, who found the recording after years of searching, told Reuters.
Guac + turkey burger + wheat toast = amazing makeshift dinner.
" — JIMMY FALLON "But Disney Plus is pretty amazing.
" Anstead added that given their "two amazing kids . . .
The filming in Alcazar Palace [in Spain, the setting of Prince Doran Martell's Water Gardens] was amazing, just pretending to be this powerful woman in this crazy family is amazing.
That's why the Oz book was amazing, because I felt like I could always go back to it and find new things, and he just has such an amazing mind.
In the UK the future for the City looks worrying short-term but after the noise has died down it will still be an amazing place with amazing global talent.
So yeah, I mean in my head I think, like yeah, we are together and we have this amazing chemistry, and we live together and we have these amazing babies!
"The baby turned out to be a superstar, just a superstar, an amazing child, an amazing person, and that had a huge impact on me for some reason," he said.
Redditor dwboso made an amazing discovery at a Target store—or at least it's amazing if you grew up playing computer games during the '70s and '80s and 90's.
They get to work with all these amazing artists and go to all these amazing places and they actually get to see them, because they're not working the whole time.
"Amazing to be around, amazing to see it happen, especially over here what we were all used to with the football and this and that and the other," he says.
We don't need great writing to tell us that obviously amazing things are amazing, just as we don't need high-powered telescopes to tell us that the sun is warm.
As a black woman, I thought it looked amazing but then everyone wore it, and it was slightly less amazing, like we were all trying to dress like someone else.
Or are we to believe professional gamer Hovac One, who wrote, "Omg #burgerking new #macncheetos is freaking amazing my 2 favorite comfort foods in 1 looks amazing I love you"?
"We focus on really amazing people within the community, where their trans aspect is really just a lens through which they do all of this really amazing work," he explains.
Here's the thing: when you go on a fancy amazing Passover program, you feel a bit cheated out of the matzo experience because there is soooooo much other amazing food.
"It's really been this awesome, interesting, fascinating balance between an amazing, beautiful 15-year-old who teaches me, to [her] amazing, beautiful [sister], [an 11-month-old] baby," says Johnson, 44.
"We're having a great time, she's an amazing, amazing girl, and one of the smartest human beings I've ever met and also an incredible mother," the former Yankee player, 41, shared.
I feel so blessed for this amazing opportunity I've been given to meet 13 amazing men – with the potential of leaving with a life partner – with the man of my dreams.
The company rebooted the character with a new story and lead actor Andrew Garfield for a pair of films — Amazing Spider-Man and Amazing Spider-Man 2 — which earned mixed reviews.
A resident of Big Sandy, Tennessee, Melton was remembered by those who knew him as "a great guy to be around" and "an amazing person and amazing nurse" on social media.
"You're sensitive and amazing to all these new people in your life, you're just not so sensitive and amazing to the family that you left behind," Kris said at one point.
"You're sensitive and amazing to all these new people in your life, you're just not so sensitive and amazing to the family that you left behind," Kris says in the clip.
"Being with an older guy isn't always amazing, but I got lucky—I have an amazing guy who's super supportive and loving and is just an all-around wonderful human being."
He threw the most amazing surprise party and made me feel so special and loved and I will forever be grateful for this man, my family, and all my amazing friends.
This is no disrespect to Nigella – I absolutely love Nigella, she's amazing – but if you see the way her situation was portrayed, it was like, 'She's amazing and she's overcome everything.
"We were so lucky to have such amazing success, as well as an amazing management team and label who facilitated that," writes Karis Anderson, one-third of the band, over email.
Not least John Turturro — it has been amazing getting to watch you up close, and I share this with you, brother; it has been amazing going on this ride with you.
"Their history was amazing, their food was amazing, their people were warm and friendly, it was not at all like I had expected it to be," she said, speaking of Russia.
Aretha Franklin's star-studded funeral has wrapped up in Detroit, and Jennifer Hudson gave an amazing rendition of "Amazing Grace" to give the "Queen of Soul" a final, fitting send-off.
Like there's still so many unrecognized girls that are fucking amazing performers and have amazing looks that don't have the platform that some girls have, and don't do anything with it.
" Another adds: "Honestly you're amazing and such an inspiration.
It's amazing – we met oncologists, real estate developers, bankers.
Elon Musk's futuristic tunnel system looks amazing — and impossible.
And now I have and I'm here — it's amazing.
The people did not lie — this place is amazing.
Our future hubby's obviously both have amazing & similar taste!
Announce you're not running for president — it's amazing, boom!
" The second was: "This is going to be amazing.
She's amazing – I've just been watching her Netflix documentary.
"We're starting out with brushes — they're amazing," she shared.
A lot of people have small, beautiful weddings — amazing.
I mean, last night – last night it was amazing.
Blue telling Jay & Bey to chill is amazing pic.twitter.
" As for their own brief romance, "He was amazing.
There's just no way to overhype this — it's amazing.
" Another follower chimed in, "What you're doing is amazing!
Seriously ... Snoop absolutely loses his mind -- and it's amazing.
There's video from all angles -- it's pretty amazing stuff.
I'm very happy – an amazing season, we've won trophies.
"A Life Beyond Amazing" - David Jeremiah (W, $24.99) 5.
Can we discuss all these amazing WOMEN nominated tho ?
Check out the gallery ... Rod's model is pretty amazing.
Amazing — One couple went humble with their new monikers.
Gabrielle Union [on "Being Mary Jane"] — all amazing shows.
" He told her to "do something amazing with it.
"The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay" by Michael Chabon
Check out the gallery ... Taron's villa is pretty amazing.
" Van Niekerk, 24, described Botha as "an amazing woman.
Those aren't needed — the process alone is amazing enough.
Very sad day... amazing actress &, authorRIP Carrie Fisher pic.twitter.
Some are doing amazing things — others, not so much.
" Morris wrote, "This was amazing to read this morning!
Julia Michaels, so amazing — a win for pop music.
Tillerson, Kelly and Sessions refuse to take questions -- amazing.
She's brilliant — so sweet and a really amazing actress.
It's an amazing commercial for the game show ... maybe.
Photo quality is not terrible — but not amazing either.
It is so amazing to see how ... From zero.
" Sasha was more succinct: "This place is pretty amazing!
"I think she'd be amazing — totally objective," he said.
Firefighters, paramedics, first responders - what amazing people they are!
Let's together make 2017 amazing (!!!!!!) for every American. Love!
Three months and the virus is gone — it's amazing.
Phoenix crowd last night was amazing - a packed house.
And for good reason — Katelyn Ohashi is pretty amazing.
"I'm still in Billboard — this is amazing," he said.
There were hundreds of drawings – some amazing specimens, really.
Which was just a ... It was amazing an accomplishment.
"It's amazing and such a blessing to look back on an amazing career," says Aguilera, who's a doting mom to her 11-year-old son Max and 4-year-old daughter Summer.
The discovery was "both amazing and terrifying," Chatterjee said—amazing, because "everyone knew that FRBs don't repeat," and terrifying because of the gargantuan energy required to produce even one of these bursts.
She's such an amazing soul and a radiant woman it's not a surprise at all," he says, adding, "She was blown away with the finished look, she said she felt absolutely amazing.
"It's an amazing, amazing, unique, special, incredible, first-of-its-kind data set," David Reich, a geneticist at Harvard Medical School who was not involved in the study, said in an interview.
At the end of the day, we love that Peoples Product doesn't just want women to feel amazing in its clothes — it wants them to feel amazing while shopping for them, too.
I have an amazing support network (and let's be real, an amazing dentist) that supplied me with all the hand-me-downs I truly needed, and none of the junk I didn't.
"She said yes 💍 My life has changed in so many amazing ways this year but the most amazing has been meeting and falling in love with you," Braison wrote on Instagram.
That Federer does — that we're sold, in some semiconscious way, on the idea that he is partly made of light — is of course another amazing mark of his more-than-amazing career.
For companies that talk all the time about the amazing things they've done for the world, the amazing things they can do, mostly what they tell me is they can't do stuff.
The amazing tamale you had one night out of the back of a truck under the elevated train could never be as amazing as the story of the person who made it.
So I wrote the spec screenplay the summer of 2016 and by amazing, amazing fortune it wound up on Amy Pascal's desk and she bought it around the last week of October.
He may be off on tour, but Stormzy manages to plan a VIP night out for Maya's b-day with guestlist for her mates, champagne on her table and most importantly this extra heart-melting message: "I hope God blesses you this year/ And I hope you're havin' an amazing, amazing, amazing birthday/ Lots of love/ Love you always".
The momager previously spoke highly of her "son" on his 40th birthday, sharing on social media, "You are an amazing Dad, amazing son, amazing brother and a beautiful soul who I love so very much … you bring such joy and are such an inspiration to all of us and we are beyond blessed to have you in our lives."
"Being with an older guy isn't always amazing, but I got lucky — I have an amazing guy who's super supportive and loving and is just an all-around wonderful human being," she continued.
My goal is to be part of one of the most amazing comebacks in history and to build, jointly with you guys, one of the most amazing companies that has ever been built.
How can we be selling an amazing ... WeWork is going to be a place where your companies are going to live through an amazing culture when we don't have that in our house?
If you're seriously worried that flirting with an old boss could harm your career, then don't chance it — there are plenty of other amazing people to have amazing sex with, date, or marry.
"HARPER happy birthday I love you so much you are such an amazing little girl have an amazing day Harper ❤️," her other brother, 14-year-old Cruz, wrote to his younger sister.
Building a great startup requires more than genius and a great invention Powerful tools, amazing talent and endless dollars flowing from eager investors makes today an amazing time to start tomorrow's technology companies.
Wordplay WEDNESDAY PUZZLE — Have you ever been witness to something absolutely amazing, like those people who can spin plates on sticks, and wondered just how long they could keep this amazing thing going?
It sounds like the most amazing scenario ever, we know.
I thought that was an amazing thing the owner did.
"The second line was an amazing experience," Peruyera told Insider.
Protective styles are amazing for numerous reasons, this we know.
Keep dreaming, ladies (and keep posting the amazing throwbacks, Simone).
She's an amazing person, and I favorably recommend her consideration.
"I'm still living my dream, and it's amazing," said Williams.
"I feel amazing," he said, giving her a little smile.
Where he attacks the New York Times constantly ... Maggie's amazing.
"It was an amazing group of people," Mr. Bush said.
Once I did have a separate office, it was amazing.
And the universal feedback was 'This is an amazing product.
But her landmark albums are still as amazing as ever.
The recording is amazing, especially with Zeke playing the piano.
The live streaming looks amazing, and is easy and clean.
Above, we profile one of those amazing athletes, Jessica Long.
Nothing's changed on the OnePlus 3; it still feels amazing.
Being an amazing parent has nothing to do with DNA.
I thought the suede coat with silver fringing was amazing.
They were so amazing, they were cheerful until the end.
He's got a really, really amazing idea for a movie.
"The quality was the most amazing thing," says Ms Helal.
"The kids were amazing – it's really their show," Ryder said.
I've gained this amazing community that I never had before.
Moira's outfits are amazing, but David is my favorite character.
It was an astonishing sight, followed by something equally amazing.
"It was pretty amazing, but I was stunned," he says.
Again, this doesn't mean that Frida isn't doing amazing work.
It's really quite amazing, this meeting spot between two languages.
The deal we're announcing today with Atlassian is pretty amazing.
And having this universe to play in is pretty amazing.
"Happy Birthday to my amazing wife," he captioned the picture.
Release Date: May 5 Guardians of the Galaxy was amazing.
It is kind of amazing how much horses do pee.
" Smiling, Cole gasped and told her, "That would be amazing.
"It's an amazing feeling," New York manager Joe Girardi said.
I think it's amazing that Elana has my back now.
Joe Papa has orchestrated an amazing comeback at Bausch Health.
They have this amazing rose hibiscus spray for your face.
Photo: University of Cape TownPee contains some pretty amazing stuff.
A lot of bands, especially back then, weren't amazing musicians.
"Game of Thrones really is an amazing series," he says.
He's an amazing man always on the side of justice.
Amazing opportunities in faraway places will make themselves known today.
Here's another amazing sea turtle hatchling moment to marvel at.
Whatever the case, it's resulted in some seriously amazing television.
It was amazing that they wanted to get it right.
This is about taking amazing photos that will impress everybody.
And the ghost visual effects in that movie are amazing.
My amazing coworker spots me for my drink ($12). Yay!
"[Letty Raines is] an amazing character to play," she added.
"It's amazing," Harry said during his visit to the café.
Thank you so much to my amazing team and family!
This is, as the tweet says, just an amazing moment.
Showing him how much I appreciate him, it's been amazing.
"It was so amazing to work with you," she gushed.
The amazing photo shows his Gaston opposite Emma Watson's Belle.
It's an amazing example of doing more with less resources.
"All that matters now is my amazing family," she said.
Which is why it's so amazing to do the scenes.
It's the most amazing motorcycle rally you've never heard of.
Once you are used to it, the result is amazing!
Especially amazing because I would bet Trump doesn't read online.
Isn't it amazing to see this reckless but beautiful thing?
"Jill has been amazing during this whole process," Bliesner added.
They are absolutely amazing and dedicated to what you're doing.
The new moisturizer smelled amazing, like a mango piña colada.
But Rebecca had an amazing time with all three people.
It would either be unforgettably amazing or a total nightmare.
"It's amazing that we ever ship a product," quipped Adams.
"There's such amazing press on this launch party," she gushes.
This demo, created by Abhishek Singh, really is amazing, however.
"I've just experienced the most amazing 24 hours," Delph wrote.
"There are amazing stories about Freddie Mercury, crazy," Cohen said.
I brought in an amazing new health and fitness guru.
We purchase the chocolates at Costco, and they are amazing.
I think she's amazing, and we'd love to publish her.
Brilliant jurist, has had an amazing career on the court.
Thank you all for sharing these AMAZING Milky Mama results!!!
AMAZING primary article to use for the Gizmodo story pic.twitter.
He's amazing and is making my life so much easier.
It's amazing what a difference a few days can make.
It's not just some crazy, amazing life all the time.
"It's awesome, it's amazing," Union, 46, says of Mandel's feat.
It's amazing because he's just doing what he wants innit!
Then, the new Philosophy Amazing Grace Dry Shampoo came along.
" He continued: "It's gonna be awesome, it's gonna be amazing.
"I'd clock in an amazing number of miles," Gingrich quipped.
Basically an amazing opportunity to get messy, create and imagine.
"She's doing amazing," Meghan's friend, Priyanka Chopra, recently told PEOPLE.
Ahead, see the amazing transformations and prepare to rethink fringe.
" And of course I thought, "Yeah, that would be amazing.
With #PeterKraus in the lead, it's going to be amazing.
It's also amazing how scary these games can still be.
Not great, not amazing, not best in class, but usable.
"That was a pretty amazing surprise for him," she said.
It's just so amazing seeing them from beginning to end.
I couldn't have asked for anything more amazing than this.
The kitchen is open and bustling — and amazing to watch.
WIRED has had some amazing guest editors over the years.
Amazing touchdown dances Cam (the man) has got the moves.
The restaurant has an amazing variety of people in it.
It's not quite amazing, but it is fun as hell.
The scientist comes with her dire warning and amazing discoveries.
This would be an amazing opportunity, so I'm really hopeful.
One man, one boy, one axe, and one amazing adventure.
"This is the most amazing experience ever," Hadid told PEOPLE.
Its promises made, promises kept and this president is amazing.
I'm going to be cliché, but Hawaii would be amazing.
It gave me an amazing foundation, definitely not knocking it.
"I had such an amazing time," she tells PEOPLE exclusively.
Even more amazing than the main house were the grounds.
Unexpected conversations could lead to some amazing opportunities today, Libra!
I think there's people doing amazing stuff otherwise as well.
The presidential inauguration blessed us with many amazing, hilarious memes.
Would the loud booming overwhelm my vagina, or feel amazing?
We saw him two weeks ago and it was amazing.
I can't stop remembering amazing parties we had all together.
At the world's biggest gadget show, everything is always amazing.
It was a very influential season of The Amazing Race.
That's what a lot of amazing companies are doing. Right.
"It's great, it's amazing," point guard Chris Paul told reporters.
Three weeks ago, I married an amazing woman from Florida.
And it's amazing how much is known about their properties.
It's amazing how much people want to buy this stock.
"There's so many amazing things to see there," she says.
Every great performance has to start with an amazing audition.
She's just the sweetest, most amazing person in the world.
"We shared a really amazing experience together," she tells PEOPLE.
Bonus: The food is amazing and comes in large portions.
You walk around and see all these amazing visuals too.
" She adds: "It's amazing that we ever actually do it.
And his preferred tool for pinning down those amazing moments?
So I think she would be an amazing Housewife, actually.
I thought that it was an amazing laboratory for creativity.
"It gets amazing light and has great flow," Metcalfe says.
This place is amazing – every item is exactly $2 (+ tax).
"It's amazing how easily people share their sexts," Yaghoobian said.
It was crazy and amazing and everyone was going nuts.
Lisp was an amazing language, I would like to say.
To see so many people dressed up — it was amazing!
I think it was mostly Kanye, but it was amazing.
It's amazing, so I hope we end up making it.
You're about to show the world your amazing GxTH collection.
None of that is to say that Alan isn't amazing.
"Life feels much more normal, and that's amazing," he said.
And this could be the start of an amazing relationship.
It's a show of big, amazing displays everywhere you look.
It was really amazing to even be photographed with her.
Thank u to this amazing cast for such incredible performances!
My stylist is amazing and always up for an experiment.
It's amazing that you can buy one without a permit.
Gone Girl is amazing, and Fight Club is a classic.
Kylie had rainbow braids at Coachella, and it was amazing.
The oral histories of food that I heard were amazing.
The AirPods are amazing for people who have short hair.
It's ridiculous and hectic, and it's also kind of amazing.
They're also recommending the amazing lingerie to shop for each.
I'd like to be like them making these amazing products.
He thinks it is a great company with amazing prospects.
An amazing display of how powerful these big creatures are!
"This family was amazing," Jennifer Hart's friend wrote on Facebook.
At one point, we enjoy the amazing sunrise in silence.
"He's doing great, he's really doing amazing actually," says Ashman.
It's a small part, but it was amazing to shoot.
And that's more than enough to plan an amazing getaway.
"You're amazing," a devotee yelled; "We love you" shouted another.
This is an amazing speed by which this has transitioned.
Already, you are becoming an amazing steward for the park.
His amazing answer kind of came out of left field.
Kira didn't see his amazing shirt until after the ceremony.
What an amazing interview you did with that celebrity whoever.
"Wyoming is amazing," Kardashian said on the Emmys' red carpet.
I made it through, and so did my amazing son.
Joe: It smelled amazing when we first walked in here.
As one would expect, Amal has "amazing hair," he shares.
Every dollar will help show love to an amazing man.
It's amazing to watch a kid score that many points.
"It's been crazy and it's been amazing," Bowman tells PEOPLE.
You really have this amazing ability to prioritize what's important.
Taylor was an amazing example of a child of God.
There's more amazing yet to be had. Bring. Back. Vince.
We have this amazing team of Rick and Morty [artists].
She's amazing and gorgeous and SO cool to talk to.
We've had so many amazing memories over all the years.
That doesn't mean, however, that it's anything less than amazing.
It's amazing, but most important AR makes learning really fun.
Her version of "Carol of the Bells" is positively amazing.
Shout out to all of the amazing dads out there!
"It's amazing you've already done the other stuff," he said.
The human body is a weird and amazing thing, ya'll.
The world is full of amazing places to travel to.
"It was amazing that they were all there," he says.
It's a smallish museum featuring an amazing outdoor sculpture garden.
"It's amazing the things that Kepler has found," Thompson said.
This AMAZING video will hit you right in the feels.
Visit the magazine's website for more from the amazing publication.
Today we are celebrating my amazing middle son's 13th birthday!
"Social media is an amazing platform," Jenner told the magazine.
But then, seven days later, something even more amazing happened.
It feels amazing to have some of my salary saved.
"When I started training again, I felt amazing," Rowland recalls.
It's amazing how nice and neat your cable organizer is.
"The performance on this device is absolutely amazing," says Panay.
"We are on Ultima's doorstep, and an amazing exploration awaits!"
Vlad Savov, for instance, makes for an amazing Doctor Strange.
Black Panther was a amazing movie in its own right.
She never gave up, and it was amazing to see.
"How amazing is this?" she said in an Instagram story.
My friends (who were amazing and supportive) wondered the same.
I had the Beach Boys on, like 'This is amazing!
Including having an amazing family AND a career you love.
My mom [Marla Maples] thinks Melania is an amazing person.
Seeing that growth and being part of it, it's amazing.
This has been the most amazing experience of my life!
Jeff Goldblum is amazing at riffing and doing this stuff.
Amazing networking We're also shaking up the awards dinner itself.
It's amazing and it's under threat now for coal mining.
"The love and support that Petey has received is amazing!"
The sound quality is amazing and the wearability is superb.
"It's amazing how much you can still do," she says.
But the police in this country are absolutely amazing people.
It's hard to believe the amazing collaboration almost didn't happen.
Naturally, the dates for this amazing deal are pretty limited.
"I have something AMAZING," Howard wrote to Weinstein, Farrow reports.
I brought an amazing, intelligent little boy into this world.
It sounds amazing, and will be available in early 2017.
Another Throwback Thursday, another amazing Instagram post from Princess Eugenie!
It's amazing people still support him for the long term.
Chef Leah Chase is amazing; and Julia Child, of course.
It's amazing what a little bit of makeup can do.
"Steve displayed an amazing amount of fatherly love," he said.
Then, something amazing happened: I barely noticed it was there.
He told me I looked amazing — and he was right.
"Evolution can do amazing things given enough time," Austin said.
It's amazing to be by your side through this journey.
The man does amazing things with space and conceptual art.
The amazing and unexpected event happened near the bear exhibit.
"Social media is an amazing platform," she told the magazine.
"You're going to be the most amazing Mom!!" he wrote.
She's also going to look amazing in a finger wave.
It's been an amazing season, and I love this team.
He's amazing, I have so much love for that boy.
The journalist at Amazing Grace radio had pleaded not guilty.
I am so lucky to have such an amazing partner.
We pay her $113 per hour and she is amazing.
"She's so amazing because I'm such a dip—-," he added.
Thinking of your amazing family and sending our deepest condolences.
We are going to do amazing things together little girl !!
Lisa Vanderpump's been nothing but amazing to all of us.
"The Amazing Nina Simone," documentary by Jeff L. Lieberman. Feb.
My job is amazing and I love my fucking life.
Thank you to my four brothers for this amazing gift.
"You're going to be the most amazing Mom!!" he said.
" Kauffman says Working with the two screen legends is "amazing.
"This was an amazing and productive meeting," said Mr Trump.
One of the most amazing things I've ever experienced. pic.twitter.
"It sounds scary, but the results are amazing," says Lopes.
I have an amazing husband and family that need me.
Just to be in her presence today is amazing. 107?
If you do an amazing job, you will get opportunities.
"Diana Ross and her family are amazing," one person tweeted.
They were soft, and [we thought], 'Oh, this is amazing.
I just wanted it because of the amazing cover art.
Sitting outside in the sun in early December feels amazing.
It's such a romantic, amazing story, but it is mine.
Cooking definitely brightens me up, and the food tastes amazing!
"This is the most amazing experience ever," Hadid tells PEOPLE.
Amy is an amazing storyteller — a crafter and a creator.
"Everything about working with Gal was truly amazing," she says.
Im very blessed to have amazing people in my life.
It was an amazing day despite the miserable British weather.
"It's amazing," says Pattinson, who began volunteering five years ago.
"The Cuban people have an amazing spirit," said Marcus Lemonis.
He lied so many times it was amazing to watch.
He also got this amazing response from their press staff.
Some amazing things: She hit 1M followers on her bday.
Akin to ... There is no akin to, that's what's amazing.
Coachella means good vibes, love, energy, amazing friends and family.
I get a really amazing chicken pesto sandwich and latte.
"Kylie, you look amazing," Khloé Kardashian, 34, reassures her sister.
Proud to have been a part of such amazing history !!
"It's all on paper, but it looks amazing," Palihapitiya said.
"It's really an amazing experience to keep working," she said.
These two amazing women are definitely helping us navigate this.
"#AvengersEndgame is an astonishing, amazing film," Brandon Davis of ComicBook.
Speaking of Amazon, it does have some amazing Lightning Deals.
And if that is encouraged and fostered, then that's amazing.
I'm learning a lot about kids and it's really amazing.
Thank u for the amazing music & for inspiring us all.
I feel like our relationship this week has been amazing.
What's more amazing than a cat doing a trust fall?
You are an amazing friend and we celebrate you today!
She was amazing at ingredients, just as just a consumer.
"An amazing linguine with fresh tomatoes and squash," says Williams.
There are so many more amazing women in this history.
These games weren't all amazing, though many of them were.
"It's a trilogy of three amazing books," Golding told Refinery29.
"The response so far has been pretty amazing," Zuckerberg said.
Chinese food is fucking amazing too but way less accessible.
It was an amazing day that I will never forget.
"This was really an amazing find," Kellner tells The Verge.
It's amazing what a powerful driver human curiosity can be.
"He's an amazing big brother, he really is," Williams praises.
There's another album that I can't talk about … that's amazing.
" "My amazing children and my beautiful grandbabies are my everything!!
We look forward to seeing the amazing work they do.
It's not always the case and it's an amazing gift.
"Everyone had the most amazing time," the source tells PEOPLE.
Working with Kendrick was an amazing time in my life.
But you know when you just want to feel amazing?
My heart is heavy today reflecting on this amazing woman.
There are so many amazing kettlebell workout classes on YouTube.
But hot dang the views are actually sort of amazing.
HANNITY: the most amazing thing is, you are torn back.
I know Scott is going to be an amazing parent.
There's no doubt the Pixel 2 has an amazing camera.
It looks pretty amazing, and Obama has serious chopstick skills.
Our casting director, Gilleon Smith, always does an amazing job.
It's friendly, it's amazing, people are very open to you.
"My father and I have an amazing relationship," he said.
But honestly, the scale of waste here is pretty amazing.
My dog Chip loved the amazing Boo — the stuffed version.
I think that everybody can look amazing on any budget.
This story, this amazing show is very much about that.
"It was just an amazing surprise," Markle told the BBC.
"Working with him has been amazing," she told MTV News.
Japan is an amazing market -- it's a big supply market.
"That is just an amazing amount of moisture," he said.
The menu looks amazing and the staff is very friendly.
"It was so amazing what Nicole did," Delerme told KHOU.
This response started to flood in, and it's been amazing.
The day will be packed, and it will be amazing!
And I found that it was such an amazing culture.
You've done all of these really amazing and interesting things.
We decided to go and it was a amazing concert.
"I've just gone full meat, and it's amazing," she says.
But it also has an amazing way of solving debates.
Both are amazing and offer different stimulation based on preference.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I am here because of this amazing day.
I think it would be amazing to see that happen.
It was an amazing moment to share with the team.
"Qantas is an amazing company," he said in a statement.
Thank you for being an amazing wife, mother, and friend.
"It felt amazing to finally be reunited," Jenelle told E!
We have 12 global offices with over 1500 amazing Dropboxers.
And that's kind of what's amazing about the whole thing.
My female costars are always amazing and I love 'em.
It was a great match … The crowd was just amazing.
Sixteen of his amazing works are featured in this exhibition.
Even the simplest recipe for dried beans yields amazing results.
Maybe there will be all new kinds of amazing discoveries.
"The level of enthusiasm people have is amazing," he said.
It's just been amazing to see what everyone has done.
Amazing. Premium denim under three digits up to size 24?
He's a perfectionist and wants the music to be amazing.
So here I played the Long Center, which is amazing.
That one moment when you did this, that was amazing!
Who knew that procrastination could have such an amazing payoff?
For example, "seltzer" is boring, but "La Croix" is amazing.
At the end of the day, the formula was amazing.
"He's been amazing for us," Baertschi told reporters of Dorsett.
"I've worked with a lot of amazing women," she says.
And it's amazing that people are cheering for the robot.
We had an amazing run, but it was killing me.
"She's got an amazing boyfriend, and she's content," he said.
Last year's event was amazing and we can't stay away.
"It was really amazing to discover these bacteria," he said.
And someone was like, 'Man you're in an amazing space.
The swim top is AMAZING, but I hate the shorts.
It was amazing to stand there and feel that again.
Cannot wait to see all my amazing #OITNB cast mates.
I had an amazing glow and super smooth looking skin.
I love them both dearly, and it's an amazing time.
He offered Kachepa and 11 other boys, an amazing opportunity.
But we have this amazing commitment to diversity and inclusion.
Simone Biles racked up numerous gold medals while looking amazing.
No photoshop here – Khloé Kardashian's abs are seriously this amazing.
She was the best, she was glorious, she was amazing.
And then I just reached out, like, 'Your show's amazing.
Kris has proven herself to be an amazing business woman.
For Biles, her time in Rio has been especially amazing.
So the fact that he's like that is pretty amazing.
To be at this place today with an amazing man?
In the words of Kris Jenner: "You're doing amazing, sweetie."
It was this amazing gift to me as a filmmaker.
Q: First of all, congratulations on an amazing game played.
And all the million other amazing things that you do!
She has nothing but amazing things to say about him.
Root veggies are especially amazing when roasted in the oven.
So it was amazing to me how well it worked.
There's too much to be said about this amazing man.
I have to admit that he is amazing, my dad.
We're constantly applauding amazing, dedicated women who work in tech.
The 12MP sensor on the iPhone SE takes amazing photos.
"What an incredible job by an amazing team," Musk wrote.
To be a part of her last journey is amazing.
Burlington, on the other hand, has an amazing music history.
You can see a lot of amazing things from space.
" Adds Melina of her husband, "He is an amazing dad.
She idolizes her mother and is secretly an amazing student.
He looked amazing when he came out of surgery, actually.
"She was an amazing person," Andi Kameradt told CBS News.
She has the most amazing '70s and '80s swim collection.
That struck me as either sincere or an amazing facsimile.
For real, just for being alive and being amazing people.
"So excited to celebrate this amazing couple tonight," she wrote.
She said, 'I came up with this amazing story idea.
Is it because Satya [Nadella] is such an amazing engineer?
"I was so stoked, that was really amazing," said Gremaud.
It's amazing that we can offer him such cool things.
Amazing workouts, entertaining trainers and an all around awesome time.
One that's kind of super tacky but also really amazing.
"Hollywood Boulevard was an amazing mix of things," she said.
So I think we have some pretty amazing sexual behaviors.
Now, you have grown to be such an amazing girl.
It was totally fashion at an amazing moment in fashion.
Woodstock 50 will be an amazing and inspiring festival experience.
"It was amazing tonight to see your dances," he says.
Firstly I'm being shown some pretty amazing equipment and experiments.
And then when the box finally opened … it was amazing.
An amazing mother, an awesome friend, a loving human period.
"Being the first female winner is really amazing," says Smith.
" Concluded the host, "The world is full of amazing people.
This is their opportunity to be part of something amazing.
"It's an amazing move and it's classic Putin," she said.
He had an amazing eye and a really interesting aesthetic.
"I would like to thank Chris for an amazing experience."
They do amazing stuff, but I don't think they can.
" The actress adds of Gomez: "She's the most amazing human.
She was also a quilter, an amazing artisan and artist.
"If this app can stop revenge porn, that'd be amazing."
"She wanted to travel the world and do amazing things."
"He's been very romantic, it's been very amazing," she said.
Your vagina is pretty amazing just the way it is.
Founders are amazing at bending the world to their will.
I think it's amazing we're getting new music from her.
This kid's gonna grow up to be an amazing lawyer.
It felt amazing, all down the sides of my vagina.
"It was just amazing that he wrote it," he said.
Or the most amazing, most perfect — you get the idea.
The fact that we're able to do that is amazing.
Andrew Martin is a (so amazing) writer based in Ohio.
It's amazing how quickly he fell back into podium mode.
"Amazing birthday thanks to this one!!!" he wrote on Instagram.
"This Aretha Franklin tribute was AMAZING," a different fan tweeted.
"It was an amazing week together filming it," he wrote.
"It's amazing, we've had a great run here," Cook said.
But it's TriBeCa and at least the coffee is amazing.
But the most amazing event by far is tram bowling.
Is it as amazing as a trip to rural France?
"The response has been amazing," reads the ADOT's press release.
The next few weeks are amazing for speaking your mind.
And to have this opportunity, I mean, it's just amazing.
Hopefully there's another amazing dating show coming up for me.
It's amazing, and they keep stealing all of my fish.
"The flu can be an amazing diet," Kardashian West wrote.
Matt Levine and Bloomberg is another one who is amazing.
"The wedding day was amazing," photographer Alex Neary told Mashable.
"It's amazing for so many reasons," Renee Barry Barfoot wrote.
"We have the most amazing little boy together," Faris says.
Well Rhys Thomas, who directed it, did an amazing job.
What's even more amazing ... Jimmie's never completed a marathon before!
Again, we're so proud of him and it was amazing.
And how did Weiner discover this amazing piece of comedy?
" She adds: "He's pretty amazing — hopefully he will 'stay' around.
Read the whole amazing essay over at The Hollywood Reporter. 
No, I mean I think Mike has done amazing work.
Dylan's article is amazing and I love her to death!
But One Kings Lane I think is an amazing brand.
We stop for brunch downtown at the most amazing place.
"Reince is doing an amazing job," Bannon told The Hill.
In life, it's amazing how often people will say yes.
They won't sound amazing, but they will do the trick.
"This young man was just amazing," Carson told Fox News.
Trump thanked Palin, calling her a "special" and "amazing" person.
I love you and hope you have an amazing birthday!!
"It's just amazing when you think about it," he said.
The cast is every amazing comedian who has ever lived.
Keep up good work, you are doing an amazing job.
But I just want you to know that you're amazing.
They learned charity and empathy, and it was really amazing.
Really treat it like an amazing opportunity and delve in.
Obviously Shake was amazing carrying us in the first half.
"I want to create something amazing and make a difference."
E.l.f is known for having amazing sales on the reg.
"This is an amazing time to be alive," says Gates.
"We came back this was amazing," said Spain's Marta Xargay.
Rasual was an amazing teammate and an even better person.
And, annoyingly, my classmates were pretty amazing at this move.
He's the father of my kids, he's an amazing father.
It was just so amazing and gratifying to see that.
"This is an amazing time to be alive," he writes.
It's amazing that things work as well as they do.
It turns out that, 20 years later, they're still amazing.
Now, can you honestly tell me that doesn't sound amazing?
This avant garde New Twitter is quite amazing, I'd say.
I appreciate all the amazing woman in my life. pic.twitter.
The possibilities of mixing data, content and communication are amazing.
The women were really, really amazing out of the limo.
Kodak sent the gift of Chai 10x which is amazing.
The retailer's ridiculously amazing selection of boots and booties. Why?
You might be surprised at how amazing you really are.
She was an amazing journalist and will be truly missed.
And it was pretty much as amazing as it sounds.
HERE'S THE RUNDOWNLamar Odom Resurfaces with Khloe... and Looks Amazing!
It's insane and amazing that we've made it this far.
Amazing prison escapes When did guards know they were gone?
"She's a good sport and Joe's amazing," Van Susteren says.
She's wearing an amazing powder blue tracksuit in the photo.
You know all that amazing food the contestants are cooking?
When I finally consummated things with her, it was amazing.

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