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"typical" Definitions
  1. having the usual qualities or features of a particular type of person, thing or group synonym representative
  2. [usually before noun] happening in the usual way; showing what something is usually like synonym normal
  3. (often disapproving) behaving in the way that you expect
"typical" Synonyms
normal regular average standard conventional archetypal customary ordinary orthodox routine stock representative characteristic common daily general stereotypical traditional usual everyday classic distinctive archetypical definitive distinct distinguishing prototypical quintessential true copybook identifying idiosyncratic illustrative indicative model paradigmatic accepted consistent expected familiar habitual inherent natural prevalent mundane commonplace prosaic humdrum dull unremarkable workaday boring pedestrian uninteresting vanilla quotidian trite uneventful denotative significant suggestive emblematic symbolic symptomatic telltale denoting indicatory revealing reflective signifying exhibitive evocative expressive denotive demonstrative figurative metaphorical tropical allegorical ornate fanciful florid flowery imaginative abstract descriptive symbolical emblematical pictorial poetical extended figural literary unblamable admirable laudable meritorious righteous praiseworthy honorable(US) honourable(UK) virtuous excellent estimable pure commendable good worthy sterling unique exclusive essential exceptional exemplary extraordinary ideal novel singular special ultimate unequalled(UK) unparalleled unprecedented incomparable inimitable instinctive innate intuitive instinctual involuntary spontaneous inborn ingrained automatic intrinsic native congenital inbred impulsive unconscious unthinking unpremeditated reflex genuine real right authentic actual accurate exact precise proper correct veracious factual honest veritable legitimate explanatory expository elucidative explicative illuminative exegetic exemplifying explicatory interpretative interpretive elucidatory exegetical explaining explanative expositive delineative diagrammatic More
"typical" Antonyms
atypical abnormal irregular exceptional anomalous unfamiliar unique curious novel odd outlandish peculiar remarkable strange unaccustomed uncommon unconventional unknown unprecedented infrequent unusual erratic untypical nontypical bizarre eccentric weird aberrant aberrated different queer uncharacteristic unnatural wayward unexpected startling surprising unrepresentative out of character out of keeping extraordinary dramatic exciting ground-breaking imaginative interesting left-field original arcane exotic supernatural wonderful riveting engaging intriguing gripping rare seldom occasional periodic uncustomary unfrequent unwonted casual random periodical episodic semioccasional scattered discontinuous common customary normal usual commonplace ordinary regular conventional everyday familiar general standard established mainstream ubiquitous orthodox frequent resembling widespread amazing astonishing astounding awesome breathtaking conspicuous cracking dazzling excellent fab fabulous fantastic great incredible magnificent marvellous(UK) marvelous(US) literal accurate exact factual faithful nonfigurative nonmetaphorical simple true prosaic real straightforward unpoetical unvarnished reprehensible secondary backup fallback relief substitute unrecognised(UK) unrecognized(US) obscure uncelebrated undefined unfamous unsung anonymous forgotten humble inconspicuous inglorious insignificant irrelevant lowly minor undistinguished unanticipated unforeseen sudden unpredictable unpredicted abrupt unannounced unsuspected inconceivable unimagined unheralded blindsiding unenvisaged unlooked for unlooked-for unplanned for unthought of without notice nonspecific universal generic unspecific indiscriminate broad blanket comprehensive indefinite overall global like mediocre stirring inspiring intense powerful rousing animating arousing arresting bold climactic electrifying emotional emphatic exhilarating thrilling titillating agitative learned acquired voluntary conscious considered nonmechanical calculated deliberate extrinsic meditated premeditated reasonable sensible thinking reasoned false fake inaccurate phoney(UK) dishonest spurious untrue fictitious illegitimate invalid deceptive deviant fallacious inexact misguided nonrepresentative sham unfounded faked forged complicated confusing involved adventitious affected assumed extraneous fostered incidental nurtured accidental cultivated unreminiscent clean meaningless moral unprovocative

918 Sentences With "typical"

How to use typical in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "typical" and check conjugation/comparative form for "typical". Mastering all the usages of "typical" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Typical salary 10 years after entry: $37,103 Cost of four-year degree: $94,388 Typical student debt: $23,250 Typical salary 10 years after entry: $37,000 Cost of four-year degree: $133,020 Typical student debt : $243,126 Typical salary 10 years after entry: $33,400 Cost of four-year degree: $12,268 Typical student debt according to 24/7 Wall Street: $5,6003 Typical salary 10 years after entry: $35,200 Cost of four-year degree: $83,520 Typical student debt according to 24/7 Wall Street: $14,346 Typical salary 1113 years after entry: $35,200 Cost of four-year degree: $117,824 Typical student debt according to 24/7 Wall Street: $21,000 Typical salary 10 years after entry: $6043,400 Cost of four-year degree: $75,676 Typical student debt according to 24/7 Wall Street: $18,500 Typical salary 10 years after entry: $30,604 Cost of four-year degree:$81,840 Typical student debt according to 24/2334 Wall Street: $210,224 Typical salary 2600 years after entry: $2111,2604 Cost of four-year degree: $73,27 Typical student debt according to 219/2500 Wall Street: $19,500 Typical salary 10 years after entry: $26,400 Cost of four-year degree: $69,193 Typical student debt according to 24/7 Wall Street: $15,334 Typical salary 10 years after entry: $24,600 Cost of four-year degree: $111,604 Typical student debt according to 24/7 Wall Street: $19,500
It is turquoise, light blue, pinkish, typical candy colors, typical '80s.
The typical pre-pandemic US worker similarly worked almost six more weeks per year than the typical French worker and the typical UK worker.
But Angie Tribeca is neither your typical cop show nor your typical sitcom.
So ... now we have a typical bad patient covering a typical bad patient.
Keep in mind primary voters are not typical Americans, not even typical voters.
An adorable terrier named Shadow isn't your typical dog doing typical parlor tricks.
The typical woman's total retirement income equals just 70% of the typical man's.
"The smallest gap in raw wages occurs at age 25 (with the typical working man earning $103,600 than the typical working woman), and is largest at age 54 (when the typical man earns $32,800 more than the typical woman)," Payscale reports.
Just your typical family in front of their typical house, nothing to see here.
Alan was not a typical brother, and ours was not a typical sibling relationship.
In each state and DC, the typical boomer earned more than the typical millennial.
The typical 22000-year-old is more likely than the typical 70-year-old to live in an urban neighborhood, and the typical 85-year-old even more so.
As it is, the typical lawmaker is dozens of times richer than the typical American.
"Typical Vegas guy" Shooter's Brother Says Stephen Paddock was a Typical Vegas Guy https://t.
But 22000 is not a typical race, and Donald Trump is not a typical nominee.
But this is not a typical year, and Trump is not a typical Republican president.
The FAQ often mentions "typical tunneling projects," but in complex projects like these, what's typical?
"It's not a typical path, but then again, nothing about what I'm doing is typical."
But beyond the typical obsessiveness over flour and water that's typical of tempura chefs, Masada does something that is definitely not typical of traditional tempura: He adds wine to it.
A typical teenager A neighbor in South Carolina described Mobley as a typical 18-year-old.
It won't be your typical live blog but, then again, this is not a typical election.
The typical black family has just $218,100 compared with the typical white one, which has $171,000.
It doesn't sound like a typical circus, but it's typical there at the Two Bit Circus.
The typical airline employee treats the typical traveler as though he simply is in the way.
Yes, in a typical bureaucracy, staff is power—but the Trump administration is anything but typical.
This was not your typical election cycle, and Hillary Clinton is not a typical female candidate.
Admittedly, this is not a typical election, and it's possible the electorate won't be typical either.
It sounds like a typical role-playing game, but Ring Fit Adventure is far from typical.
It was widest in Alaska, where the typical boomer made 65% more than the typical millennial.
Large surprise medical bills can lead to financial ruin for typical patients with typical medical needs.
If this is not a typical opening shot, this is also not your typical sex scene.
U.K. punk magazines derided them as "Typical Typical"; their singles floundered at home while charting overseas.
These are neither typical poems, nor are they typical poets (if there even is such a thing).
It's typical BMW fare, with exceptional materials, but more spacious and offering more luxury than typical Bimmers.
The typical black family in this country has one-tenth the wealth of the typical white family.
She is a typical member of the Sedaris fan club, meaning that there is no typical member.
And it was clearly not your typical acceptance speech delivered by a not-so-typical GOP nominee.
"I thought that was such a typical braggadocio, typical Travis kind of statement," he joked on stage today.
And her book isn't a typical business story, either — because Moya-Jones believes she's not the typical entrepreneur.
This was not a typical church meeting, but the San Damiano Mission is no longer a typical church.
That's partly why the typical homebuyer is now 44, whereas in 1981, the typical homebuyer was 25-34.
They are, in some respects, typical liberals in a typical suburban enclave, or bubble, or what have you.
The typical American family today has a lower net worth than the typical family did 20 years ago.
The typical 210-something has about $34,000 in their retirement account, while the typical 60-something has $642,000.
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 15.6%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $25,628
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 15.7%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $22,002
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 15.9%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $28,922
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 15.9%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $23,211
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 16.1%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $26,695
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 16.3%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $25,263
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 16.3%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $28,580
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 16.5%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $29,563
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 17%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $24,068
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 17.2%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $23,890
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 17.5%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $27,406
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 17.6%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $22,154
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 17.7%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $29,005
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 18.3%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $24,943
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 18.3%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $22,574
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 18.5%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $27,531
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 19.5%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $27,791
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 19.6%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $27,109
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 20.3%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $32,486
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 21.4%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $27,178
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 22.2%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $22,267
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 23.4%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $26,132
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 24.1%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $33,484
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 26%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $28,797
Change in typical non-mortgage debt from 2018 to 2019: 28.7%Typical non-mortgage debt in 2019: $27,773
The research team, led by psychological scientist Rachel Winograd, surveyed 156 participants on their typical alcohol consumption levels, as well as how they viewed the difference between their "typical sober" and "typical drunk" personalities.
There is not necessarily a "typical Clinton voter" in the sense that an older, white working-class person is a typical Trump voter and a young white college graduate was a typical Bernie voter.
The typical U.S. woman now marries at 27.1 years old, the typical man at 29.2, according to census data.
Levels then rose, which is a typical response in nondiabetic rats, before continuing to decrease in a typical pattern.
In other words, humans generally don't have brains with mostly or exclusively "female-typical" features or "male-typical" features.
The typical chief executive is six feet tall with a deep voice — a typical woman doesn't match the image.
Read more: Here's how much more the typical baby boomer makes than the typical millennial in every US state
This tends to make them more critical of Israeli conduct than your typical American, especially your typical modern Republican.
Losing your faith isn't exactly a typical route to stardom, but Coel is far from your typical comedy showrunner.
The typical American college student today—the typical American student activist today—doesn't attend a tiny, insular liberal arts college.
When you remember Summoning, you just think about the typical music and the typical lyrical concept—not more, not less.
She's the typical age for a presidential aspirant, has the typical qualifications, and has somewhat banal Democratic Party policy views.
Joshua Collins isn&apost the typical congressional candidate, and his path to running for office hasn&apost been typical, either.
Unlike the typical crouton-infested piles of soggy romaine in a typical house salad, this one tasted like real veggies.
It's not the typical Silicon Valley model, but, then again, the typical Silicon Valley model hasn't worked anywhere besides northern California.
Kris Jenner isn't your typical mom, so, why would she ever host a typical Christmas with her ever-growing famous family?
Today, the median wealth of a typical white family is nearly 10 times the median wealth of a typical black family.
Not only does the firm provide all the typical value-add of a typical venture firm — smart partners, large networks, etc.
Dramatically higher prices are partly why the typical homebuyer is now 44, whereas in 1981, the typical homebuyer was 25-34.
That means that even as the Mungins' deaths are typical of mass shootings, they are also typical of domestic-violence killings.
The typical manufacturing worker in the state earns $59,000 a year, about $13,000 a year more than the typical service job.
A typical black family has only one-tenth the net worth of a typical white family, according to the Federal Reserve.
The gap is narrowest in California and Washington, DC, where the typical woman earns 89.1% of what the typical man makes.
This ability to transform a typical family — okay, her first husband was O.J. Simpson's lawyer, so maybe not "typical"— is Jenner's legacy.
The ACT college readiness test provides benchmarks suggesting the probability of a typical student achieving a particular grade in a typical college.
And they're certainly not the typical friend group of a man enjoying his middle age, but Weston's life is anything but typical.
The typical female worker earns earns $45,0003 annually, according to US Census data cited by AAUW, while the typical man makes $55,291.
There were no excuses for Republicans: The candidates were typical, the turnout was typical, and the G.O.P. fought hard for the district.
José lives with his face perpetually buried in his phone — typical teenage behavior, though this isn't a typical coming-of-age film.
A typical entrepreneur in Salt Lake City earns about $60,000, while a typical full-time employee earns $48,200, a difference of 24.5%.
Definitely. American Psycho This might be your typical office holiday party, but we really hope this isn't your typical office holiday party guest.
The numbers are stark — while the typical white household has more than $100,000 in assets, the typical Black household has just over $7,000.
"A lot of people who are supporting Trump are supporting him because he's not a typical — he's not a typical politician," he said.
The typical female range is roughly 1.0 to 3.3 nanomoles of testosterone per liter of blood, about one-tenth that of typical males.
AAUW found that the gender pay gap widens come retirement, where the typical woman retiree's income equals just 70% of the typical man's.
Today's typical American worker earns around $44,500 a year, not much more than what the typical worker earned in 1979, adjusted for inflation.
For all the talk about how the bill would affect the "typical" household, there's really no such thing as a typical American family.
In 1965, the typical American woman first married at age 21 and the typical man at 23, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
And a typical taxi drives 70,000 miles a year, or roughly 4 times the 13,500 miles per year of a typical individually-owned car.
A typical 2009 college graduate could earn up to $58,600 less than a typical 2007 college graduate over a decade, based on current trends.
" And your company avoids the typical shortcomings of a typical bureaucratic system, which, writes Fussell, "would have incentivized [Karen] to keep her head down.
Some were born with differences of sex development (intersex conditions) that mean their bodies have a blend of male-typical and female-typical traits.
Jones said they looked at objects almost twice as much as typical children, and at faces about half as much time as typical children look.
Police shootings are only part of it: The typical white household earns 70 percent more than the typical black household, unchanged from 40 years ago.
A typical private scholarship — the kind made easy to find by a typical edtech startup — features language that sounds like a sweepstakes ("Enter to Win").
A typical Proterra bus costs around $750,000 compared with roughly $500,000 for a typical diesel bus, chief commercial officer Matt Horton said in an interview.
The result is that while the typical Jacksonite is wealthier than the typical American, most Teton County residents can never hope to buy a home there.
In fact, female participants with brain anatomy more typical of males were three times more likely to have autism than females with a more typical brain.
It's got a typical three-hour runtime — outsize in America but standard in Hindi films — and a typical romantic melodrama at the center of the plot.
It's that I identified with the flippant, goofy voice that Vinnie took in responding to the trials and tribulations of typical metalheads going through typical things.
It's typical for presidents to make calls on holidays to thank troops for their service; it's less typical for those calls to include political talking points.
A typical Toyota Prius, for example, uses 25 kilograms (55 pounds) of rare earths, compared to 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs) in a typical combustion-engine vehicle.
The typical household, amazingly, has a net worth 14 percent lower than the typical one did in 1984, according to a forthcoming Russell Sage Foundation publication.
"It kind of feels like they are trying to expand the typical caucus-goer universe by bringing people who are not typical political surrogates," he said.
A typical residential battery will cover a typical home for about a half a day in a blackout, depending on the size and consumption of the household.
It's not typical for an enterprise startup to have such a lofty valuation so early in its funding cycle, but Celonis is not a typical enterprise startup.
That's because a typical professional receives many client calls after another, and this also makes it awkward to use typical room-based systems like Zoom or
A typical mouse destroys about 50 ticks a week, compared to a typical opossum that will destroy hundreds and hundreds of ticks a week just by grooming.
This isn't a typical first novel, if by "typical first novel" we mean a minor-chord and semi-autobiographical nibbling expedition around the margins of a life.
For example, the book notes that a typical synthetic ingredient might cost $20 per pound, while a typical natural ingredient could be closer to $20.493 per pound.
For example, the maps show that in Ohio, $193,000 is equal to 85033 years of median household income, 49 years of health-care premiums for the typical household, 26 years of child care costs for the typical household and 145 years of electric bills for the typical household.
The typical white household, aged 47 to 64, has housing wealth of $67,000, while the typical black household in this same age group has no home equity whatsoever.
President Donald Trump began Sunday with a tweet typical of his own unfiltered style, but not so typical of a president halfway through a two-week trip abroad.
In my experience, I'd recommend trying your typical size, your typical band size and one cup-size up, and one band size down and one cup-size up.
The typical Vermonter will have a home half the value of the typical Californian, but will pay about $600 more in property tax each year than a Californian.
A typical telepresence robot can't go up stairs and is difficult to navigate in the unpredictable floor plans that are typical of large tech companies, the application says.
Among those families, the typical portfolio is worth $200,000, or about 118 times as much as the holdings of a typical stock-owning family in the bottom quarter.
For Madeline, a typical day could mean running between meetings at a musician's studio or a beauty-brand's HQ — so in other words, there really is no typical day.
Entrepreneurship Businesses started by children contend with challenges that are typical, like identifying a mission, and not so typical, like knowing when someone else gets to be the boss.
A typical citizen of Lesotho produces 110 grams a day, one-fortieth as much as a typical citizen of Iceland (the country with the highest rubbish-generation rate per person).
While it's true that the connections may be slightly faster than a typical LTE connection, AT&T is still using definitively 4G technology and touts speeds completely typical of 4G.
I knew as soon as I stepped foot in Times Square that this would not be your typical celebrity appearance — because Rihanna fans (myself included) are not your typical admirers.
Lowe's has 400,203 items available online and 40,000 in a typical store, Home Depot has over a million items for sale on its site and 35,000 in a typical store.
If there is such a thing as a typical M.R.F.F. client, or a typical abortion-fund client, A. was it: a young mother whose job couldn't support a bigger family.
Precisely because the typical perpetrator of a massive tax evasion or complicated fraud is someone the typical judge can recognize and empathize with, harsh punishment is more likely to work.
The typical US male worker needs more than one year's salary to afford the typical costs of a family of four, according to a new report by the Manhattan Institute.
"The typical female staffer in Trump's White House earns 63.2 cents per $1 earned by a typical male staffer," AEI scholar Mark Perry wrote — a gap of nearly 37 percent.
Any typical leader of a typical democracy, when found with nearly $1m of ill-explained money from an unnamed foreign donor in his accounts, would experience a swift and fatal fall.
This is clearly not your typical Series A and Bright Machines does not appear to be a typical Series A company, feeling its way trying to get a product to market.
In Michigan, for example, there was an 8.3-point gap — the typical low-education county moved more than 8 points in the Republican direction than the typical high-education county did.
A typical Republican in a typical Republican-leaning district will be able to argue to people who normally vote Republican that, whatever they think of Trump, they need to reelect Rep.
The dancing likewise is scaled back, with most of the cast navigating around the folding tables and chairs like one would at any typical impromptu dance at any typical assembly room.
The typical suburban black or Latino child attended a school in 2016 that was three-quarters nonwhite, while the typical suburban white child attended a school that was two-thirds white.
The chart shows that it would have taken the typical black woman worker a total of 598 days to earn what the typical white male worker would earn in 365 days.
Of the professions that reportedly work at least 45 hours a week, the typical employee works over 48 hours a week, about eight hours more a week than the typical American.
Iran suggested that there could be political disruption to the typical international after-crash process, saying it would not hand over the plane's black box to Boeing, as would be typical.
The material living standards of a typical Chinese citizen are only one-fourth as high as that of a typical American, and the equivalent fraction for an Indian is one-ninth.
" James told  USA Today , "It's typical of him [Trump].
In typical Bourdain fashion ... lots of meats and potatoes.
" The confrontation ended with Kierstead loudly saying, "Typical politician.
It wasn't your typical discharge — it was profoundly gross.
It's the typical conversation starter — but with a twist!
" China referred to the tariffs as "typical trade bullying.
His great passion — a typical Hapsburg passion — was hunting.
MONTREAL — For Canada, it wasn't a typical campaign event.
"  "This latest tweet is just so typical of him.
HELSINKI (Reuters) - It started as a typical election night.
Our typical use effectiveness rate of 93% places Natural Cycles in the same effectiveness category as the pill … monthly analyses show that our typical use effectiveness rate has stayed consistently above 93%.
He acknowledges that it is an open question, calling it "an attempt to galvanise action" rather than a "typical politician's pledge" (though this does sound a bit like a typical politician's answer).
That number suggests that the app beats condoms' effectiveness rate, which is 82 percent in typical use, and that of hormonal birth control pills, which are 91 percent effective in typical use.
And students of color typically have less financial support: "The typical white family has 16 times the accrued wealth of the typical black family in the United States," according to the report.
The American people have chosen to replace the typical political head of the nation with a businessman and a populist approach to solving problems over the typical political wrangling with no solutions.
But the league all along has appeared to consider the Patriots' violation a typical game-day violation worthy of typical game-day disciplinary measures, and that does not seem to have changed.
Given that the typical business cycle lasts at least five years and a typical credit cycle lasts even longer, the Chamber's contention that the proposed deferral period is too long is illogical.
In Chicago, participating museums include the Adler Planetarium (its typical fee is $12) and in San Francisco, you can get into the Cartoon Art Museum for free (its typical fee is $10).
The Netherlands is relatively close behind, and when you consider inequality and quality of public services, the typical Dutch person may well enjoy a higher standard of living than the typical American.
Properly measured, the typical household enjoys a higher income than ever before, even though the typical household also contains fewer people and a larger-than-ever share of the population is retired.
Once, when Adele fell in the yard, a neighbor who came to her aid noticed that Tony seemed just as doting as could be as he helped her back into the typical ranch home on a typical San Jose block where, by all appearances, he'd lived a rather typical life for the past 50-plus years.
It isn't his typical crazy flying arm-triangle kind of anger that's typical of most of the kids that train at the project; it's more of a controlled, calculated aggression gained through experience.
It doesn't tell us how much a typical family earning under $10,000 would lose, or how much a typical millionaire would gain, or which groups gain or lose more or less per person.
Scholars attribute a large part of the yawning wealth gap between black and white Americans — the typical white person has 13 times the wealth of a typical black person — to discriminatory housing policies.
That is, there's no guarantee that a typical 25-year-old's income in 2017 will grow over the next decade to match what a typical 35-year-old's current income is, for example.
One group received a typical weight loss management program, with the usual cooking tips and recipes, while the other received a specialized "stigma reduction intervention," along with the typical weight loss management program.
Harvest Moon: Mad Dash is not your typical Harvest Moon.
How much do you get done in a typical morning?
And what was the typical reaction from visitors to Mimus?
Neither do I. It's basically a typical Tuesday night slate.
"It's only typical if you're a big loser," says Rosenthal.
Veiel made a choice to do what typical documentaries can't.
All of them failed, which is typical for shareholder meetings.
And these aren't your typical maple bar and glazed pastries.
This part is a fairly typical machine learning classification problem.
They don't look like typical Legos, though, for good reason.
But Dr. Carole Lieberman is not your typical forensic psychiatrist.
Scaramucci replied, with his typical braggadocio:You know what you did.
I fall asleep on the couch watching, which is typical.
This is not going to be a typical morning post.
In many ways, the school runs like a typical university.
This time around, researchers flipped typical experiments on their head.
The only problem: Donald Trump is not your typical Republican.
Sounds like a typical Silicon Valley play to win, right?
Now, they're set up like a typical South Florida backyard.
These are not your typical liberal progressive papers or organization.
But in typical M. Night Shyamalan fashion, there's a twist.
But Levitsky and Ziblatt note that this is entirely typical.
They -- this is a typical case of accountability without authority.
What do I end up doing on a typical day?
Fox News: What's a typical day like on the job?
Which was a typical experience for a lot of entrepreneurs.
It has no issues handling multitasking or typical productivity tasks.
I mean, it is not your typical investment banking strategy.
The typical benefits of shooting in RAW remain here, too.
Some have gaps and distortions in the typical emotional repertoire.
Right Side Up is not your typical growth marketing agency.
The menu goes beyond pizza to include typical Italian fare.
Rosberg later described the incident as "just our typical games".
In typical Ponsot fashion, he is going his own way.
Chiara doesn't exactly fit the mold for the typical Republican.
What was not typical was the scale of the attack.
On a typical day, the park sees about 60 visitors.
Resideo says they should last a year under typical use.
"HAIL PEPE, HAIL HITLER, HAIL SCOTT" ran one typical response.
" Reporters' typical questions, according to Cruz: "Please insult Donald Trump.
Merrick Garland is not the typical Obama Supreme Court nominee.
A typical high school senior's day ran from 7 a.m.
Such exceptional disparities in drug prices are typical in America.
This is a perfect portrait of a typical Trump statement.
This isn't your typical obstacle course: Welcome to Ultimate Beastmaster!
"I thought that was a typical career politician response," Rep.
A typical customer asks a lot of questions regarding veganism.
It wasn't just your typical peeling from a sunburn either.
He didn't fit the typical vision of an angry loner.
BERLIN (Reuters) - Marcel Fratzscher is not your typical German economist.
IN MOST ways, it is a typical immigrant success story.
It's basically like a typical day in the White House.
But Uber's adjusted EBITDA figure goes far beyond typical EBITDA.
Intel's requests are all pretty typical for a major corporation.
Precum does contain sperm, though less than the typical ejaculate.
That's a bit longer than the typical wait time, though.
It's just a typical Saturday night for our favorite celebs.
It doesn't look like a typical battery — because it's not.
A typical spice jar holds about 2 to 3 oz.
These stores also stocked more produce than typical convenience stores.
So that would be like 5,000 typical laptops of data.
No. 1, the weak guidance is pretty typical for Amazon.
And that's because Adam Driver isn't a typical movie star.
A typical household in America makes around $58,000 a year.
Instead, she "freed" 503 a bit earlier than is typical.
Decertifying could have an outcome typical of Mr Trump's presidency.
But she says the gesture is typical of her husband.
Recent declines therefore represent a return to more typical conditions.
Even still, the typical western male gaze is overly dominant.
The Realme 213 itself is the typical budget Android phone.
But this zealotry is not shared by typical Leave voters.
The artist isn't playing his typical instrument on this track.
"There is no typical day in Mimi's life," Carey insists.
Typical weather impacts of El Nino during December through February.
We do our typical 63 minutes and then head inside.
Silence after a mass shooting is typical for the NRA.
A typical rocket fairing doesn't have any onboard engines, however.
If you're not one for typical breakfast fare either, rejoice!
I know that that's the way these things typical unfold.
He was so happy and just like a typical baby.
"That was awesome, this typical Brazilian, Rio feeling," he added.
The Chocolate Chair is a typical viral food success story.
But, then again, Noa Mintz isn't your typical high schooler.
But without the typical symptoms, it's certainly much more difficult.
"That's cool, I guess..." he answers in typical teenage fashion.
If Vechta is not typical, it is far from unique.
"This is a typical community in Salvador," he tells me.
Cons: Takes more setup time than a typical travel trailer.
Playing Uncharted 4 is extremely satisfying in typical Uncharted fashion.
All in all, a pretty typical Tuesday night drinking sesh.
But there are also so many episodes that aren't typical.
Can you describe a typical Saturday night with your roommates?
That sum represents about 2% of a typical household's expenditure.
The typical shooting distance for any given sport also matters.
In typical Jersey fashion, it couldn't get its act together.
For a typical kit, 12 or more mics is common.
What is the typical age of onset for cervical cancer?
At first, the dispute seems to be a typical one.
Books like these go beyond your typical science fiction novel.
Typical basket size is around 300 RMB, or nearly $45.
In 2019, meme creators are abandoning the typical resolution for
Meanwhile, Nabobil's business model is a typical online marketplace play.
Noisey: Has Total Control changed since Typical System was released?
I did that to myself when I was 15. Typical.
On a typical day, Sombra is up by 6 a.m.
That behavior is typical for dogs with loud noise phobia.
Isn't that typical of companies as they grow in size?
I grew up in a typical family — mom, dad, brother.
It's the hump of the most typical cow in Colombia.
In typical turtle fashion, these animals are slow to heal.
Yes, in part because this is not a typical school.
Trump, after all, is not your typical contemporary Republican conservative.
This process — typical of large companies — was rife with flaws.
Typical data compares median home prices to average annual rent.
The typical deposit is 2 percent of the purchase price.
That's tens of thousands more workers than your typical strike.
An early Mother's Day hang or just a typical day?
The packet is typical with TV and movies cutting corners.
Brandon is a pretty typical college graduate without special advantages.
A typical iPhone travels the world before reaching final customers.
Neurodevelopmental effects associated with maternal exposure during pregnancy are typical.
The typical ads per click in Nigeria was one cent.
Adame, who recently turned 30, isn't your typical startup cofounder.
Just a typical day in the United States in 2016.
And that margin was typical of most of East Texas.
In typical Twitter form, people posted some seriously hilarious reactions.
Steven Bock thought he was a typical downsizing baby boomer.
They seemed to be a "typical American family," she said.
The figurine is typical of the Canaanite culture, Mazar said.
What does a typical work week look like for you?
Want to know how typical brands make smartphones for millennials?
What does a typical work schedule look like for you?
It is also typical of a kind of monarchical tradition.
It was just a typical calm Sunday at Baikonur Cosmodrome.
In many ways, Trump's rhetoric during his trip was typical.
You hear about it through typical brown gossip and everything.
"This is pretty typical for a strong nor'easter," Donato said.
The typical postpartum hospital stay is less than 48 hours.
In a typical quarter, 64 percent of companies beat expectations.
But it's clear that Cleo's situation is not quite typical.
Ad rates were far higher than for typical news programming.
Your typical TPS recipient will not fall into those priorities.
VICE: What was a typical day like in the wards?
And straight punches were the typical modus operadi of fighters.
Your typical one lobster per person setup might not suffice.
BRITAIN has never been a typical European Union (EU) member.
She refuses to adhere to typical definitions of beauty. 4.
Tay is supposed to mirror your typical, young, millennial female.
This cognitive dissonance is typical of nearly everyone I know.
The typical defense is Trump won't really do these things.
It's just a distraction, and it's so typical of Democrats.
The Chens' home is typical of the area's modest dwellings.
But we did find some less typical products as well.
However, it also sounded like Schumer's typical M.O. of oversharing.
VICE: What's a typical day like on your tobacco farm?
They thought of themselves as a typical Silicon Valley couple.
It's a typical day in the office, it really is.
His speech hit many of the event's typical applause lines.
The act, typical of his show, wilted inside the hall.
This supple sense of richness is typical of good Pomerol.
"  "It was not a typical situation for a UN ambassador.
The typical Wall Street work cycle contributes a tricky variable.
Do you have more financial smarts than the typical teenager?
A typical household gets by on around $26,000 a year.
"There is no typical day in Mimi's life," she says.
Anyway, it was a typical day in the Trump era.
Picture your typical French romance, with attractive, brooding, pansexual characters.
But in Jongsu's case, I didn't want a typical mystery.
"It's much cheaper than the typical American home," Ballard says.
Last season, he looked like a typical Iron Islands lord.
He's easy going and fun-loving — a typical French guy.
There's the typical talk about American exceptionalism and national security.
"The typical Whole Foods buyer is more affluent," Jones said.
She began her typical hunt for the dusty forgotten things.
Musk's situation is even more complicated than a typical CEO's.
Here's exactly where my money goes in a typical week.
That's way higher than the typical Hispanic family's 2.6 children.
Sanders' comments are typical rhetoric designed to "influence" the uninformed.
This is typical of many workplace conflicts, Professor Adams said.
Uma's is much more cosmopolitan than your typical beach shack.
This effect is typical of the work of Christopher Howe.
"Who gets that?!" asked one man, in a typical response.
A typical stay is a couple of months, sometimes shorter.
Chinese fried rice with seafood is typical hawker center fare.
I may change my mind, but I think I'm typical.
That quiet street out there was not typical, he realized.
The typical American home has changed dramatically since the 1960s.
The lawmakers say the subpoenas are typical of congressional investigations.
"Typical," she said, glaring at me as she walked out.
On a typical weekday, 2358,22015 pedestrians and 2185,213 cyclists cross.
Wireless gadgets are now commonplace in the typical American classroom.
"He didn't look like a typical student," Mr. Albee said.
But typical crooners can be bought for a few dollars.
The typical uncertainty about when pay will arrive, if ever.
For reference, I got them in my typical size 9.
" Lutz said threatening a 25 percent tariff is "typical Trump.
A typical elimination period is 30, 60, or 153 days.
Typical renters and homeowners' insurance does not include flood coverage.
Unlike typical plea bargains, these agreements are not made public.
And in typical Trump fashion -- the President broke from tradition.
In typical political fashion, Dr. Carson's statements were completely overblown.
A typical Earthling absorbs about three Sieverts (mSv) every year.
On a typical day this doesn't cause any issue whatsoever.
Quick lunch while writing, followed by the typical afternoon snackfest.
That's less than the price of a typical Mac app.
My mother's side of the family was much more typical.
It is not your typical cinema or indie art house.
That sounds like the makings of a typical Lifetime movie.
Lawyers tend to work these hours that are more typical.
But the R. G. Steel bankruptcy was far from typical.
These orcs aren't your typical video game NPC cannon fodder.
What does a typical day's training look like for you?
And how does CT differ from a typical record label?
They get a kick out of the typical Neanderthal behavior.
Injuries to oral cavities, throats, and tonsils were most typical.
Inside the largest piece fits the typical East Berlin Plattenbau.
Fortunately, West Virginia's Bob Huggins is not your typical coach.
In typical Kourtney style, she's unconcerned about her sisters' concerns.
Costa Rica also didn't provide game balls, a typical courtesy.
Its content, however, is anything but your typical news show.
VICE: Describe a typical day for you at Lake Point.
There are many other problems with typical Google Analytics data.
That assimilation is typical of many communities in New Mexico.
The latter is more typical of coloring enthusiasts, Jenefsky explained.
And I guess black beans and rice is typical. Yuca.
The welcome Jarallah and Ghaniyya extended was typical in Yemen.
Here are some very typical examples from last night: pic.twitter.
Hasen said the circumstances surrounding these payments are not typical.
Gillibrand's backers like Warren 24 percentage points more than typical.
In a typical quarter, 26.1 percent of companies beat expectations.
They produce light about 10,000 times stronger than typical sunlight.
The typical personal assistant earns less than $30,000 a year.
That's less than the length of a typical city block.
They sell typical things you'd see: hamburgers, fries, chicken tenders.
This willfully narrow perspective made him typical of Republican politicians.
However, do not treat it like a typical ad channel.
In a typical quarter, 49 percent exceed analyst EPS predictions.
According to Pichai, a "typical Android user" installs 50 apps.
TiKa Wallace is not your typical New York Times photographer.
That's considerably higher than what a typical Mexican autoworker earns.
For the typical noncompetitive district, it was just under $57,000.
Mr. van Zweden leads the orchestra in its typical configuration.
A typical emergency room doctor sees three patients every hour.
That painting has far more than a typical four layers.
The typical household FEMA grant is a few thousand dollars.
What's a typical night out for you like in Manchester?
Yet the typical wearer is "definitely a trendsetter," he said.
The typical home care worker earns only $15,100 a year.
The typical student would be 26, 27 years of age.
The typical size we see is usually less than 20.
In typical fashion, he refused tedious cliché or cheap existentialism.
The typical treatment, he said, is 12 to 16 sessions.
CAFFEINATE On a typical Sunday off, I sleep till 10.
It's worse than what happens in a typical economic downturn.
In some ways, these are typical of Lu Guang's images.
The school has about 100 students in a typical year.
The typical Rwandan had an income of $206 per year.
Unlike typical "important" plays, it doesn't announce itself as such.
My comfort zone is very different than the typical contestant.
The contract in Mr. Byrd's case, from Budget, was typical.
On a typical night, Mr. Sylvestle collects $120 in tips.
"He was a typical, serial pedophile: charming, powerful," she said.
NOTTAGE We didn't want to create the typical jukebox musical.
The conservative pricing was typical of Pinterest's avoidance of hype.
She spent an inordinate amount of energy to appear typical.
It's a lot better for you than typical white salt.
The typical Indian bookends to a meal are very appealing.
That's why bankruptcy works perfectly well in typical business failures.
In a typical week, the phone line gets 50,000 calls.
"This case is very typical and very vicious," he said.
Mr. Musk heralded the change in typical fashion — on Twitter.
A typical game in the North End goes like this.
Tucker, a physicist, did not have a typical athlete's body.
Shutterstock Stoakley walked me through a typical Blue Jays game.
But elsewhere the errors were more typical, or even nonexistent.
And as we know, this year is anything but typical.
But then, Finau is not your typical PGA Tour member.
Typical attendance for the event is more than 60,000 people.
I was into role playing games like the typical nerds.
One knows it isn't typical right away, with its epigraph.
Here's what my typical day looks like:Get the kids up.
What amount of capital raise is typical for comparable peers?
Though we did go earlier than the typical brunch crowd.
In typical Trump faction, he sometimes overreached in the specifics.
Jackson noted leniency isn't the department's typical policy toward defendants.
The center sees about 10 patients on a typical day.
The interest rate for the typical U.S. savings account is .
The winner's identity was not disclosed — typical of such auctions.
The screams at BroadwayCon's "Six" singalong weren't typical theater cheers.
The typical retirement age for an IBM CEO is 60.
There's no obvious front or back, like a typical car.
He is not a typical of Presidents of the past.
That should've been the end to a typical childhood illness.
Cramer said Trump's speech was not typical of American leaders.
And Mr. Webster, now 48, was, in many ways, typical.
Such stray pleasures are typical of this often frustrating book.
"Media in Hysterics Over Russian 'Scandal,'" read a typical chyron.
For a typical student, a degree is worth about $500,000.
My typical breakfast would be eggs, veggies and turkey bacon.
For the experienced runners, this was their typical training speed.
Mr. Porgo would take home $503 in a typical week.
This is, sadly, typical of soccer: We have a problem.
She strays from the narcissistic triumph of a typical striker.
Here's what the rest of Sharapova's typical morning looks like.
It's typical for cancer drugs to cost $22017,22017 a month.
A typical Lord & Taylor store is around 120,000 square feet.
And we also know that he's not your typical politician.
But it's not exactly your typical celebrity photo shoot pick.
"It's a typical urban bias in the system," he said.
It's typical of my summer correspondence from fellow scientists. Depressing.
"Oh, he doesn't like to fly," was a typical excuse.
On a typical day, she comes in at 5 p.m.
This isn't typical; I try not to work on weekends.
It wasn't a typical primary season event, in other words.
Most typical warranty limitations still apply despite the longer period.
There's also a more typical set of smartwatch features included.
I guess not typical for an airline to be there.
Calle speaks of the logistics of death with typical pragmatism.
A typical day on set will start at 7 a.m.
That's typical in advance of operations like this, experts said.
She loses all the typical things: friends, boyfriends, apartments, jobs.
"It's more heartland than our typical network skew," she said.
Typical dosing is one vial per week for six weeks.
Consider two typical ways traders divide the stock market: 1.
The typical Volkswagen is built using up to 8,000 parts.
But the past few years have been anything but typical.
Meet the Breeds would be a typical tabby's worst nightmare.
Qin's problems are typical of those facing millions of families.
David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter offered a typical reaction.
Others are more typical crimes, such as obstruction and fraud.
It was "typical Louis CK stuff," Dworman told the Times.
Today's puzzle, for instance, presents as a typical difficult Saturday.
The Chris Gethard Show is not your typical talk show.
In some ways, he seemed like a typical AfD supporter.
The original Thronos felt like your typical trade show stunt.
Consider for a moment a typical American investor, age 211.
The difference between Como's product and a typical smart speaker?
Nest Cam Outdoor will come in Nest's typical smart packaging.
This was typical of the approach, Capitol Hill staffers say.
I suspect the response will be the typical Russian response.
The typical millennial still receives financial assistance from a parent.
The typical volunteer was single and in his late twenties.
He was living a typical life when stardom found him.
"Just typical," Gohmert responded as the witnesses began to exit.
Bair doesn't have the typical profile of a regulation hawk.
A typical hypnosis session lasts about 20 to 25 minutes.
"Don't forget the uniform, it's important" is a typical postscript.
It was not a typical situation for a UN ambassador.
Typical options include cash accounts and a variety of funds.
"This isn't a typical reelection campaign," the senior official explained.
This should make your iPad louder than its typical volume.
It is so typical of the way you conduct yourself.
Ms. Boysen saw the reaction as typical of Ms. Merkel.
The typical student at the university is 28 years old.
Such advice is typical of client notes from banks globally.
The typical themes of such speeches are perseverance, teamwork, toughness.
Despite my typical apprehension, I decided to take a chance.
Blanket ID took the typical ID tag a step further.
It was typical of rising repression and stalling democracy worldwide.
That was typical of the ambitious projects Ms. Pesle embraced.
There were no typical big deals, not many chances taken.
A typical smartphone might be covered by some 250,000 patents.
The ceremony was typical of royal weddings in many ways.
And the rain in recent weeks was anything but typical.
The two welterweights are not just your typical veterans, however.
Was the Oregon Trail depicted in the video above typical?
This is typical of a population under a ruthless dictatorship.
Like a typical cookbook, this one is divided into categories.
This failure to disclose provenance is typical of private collections.
They are not the typical cat images but creative works.
Although it's not typical for the family members of high-level government officials to do fashion ads, Linton isn't a typical politician's spouse – for example, she recently acted in a movie starring Charlie Sheen.
Battery life is the most important feature a phone has, and until Apple puts real effort into doing better than incremental gains you can expect typical iPhone performance followed closely by typical iPhone deterioration.
For 50 percent off the pro's typical rate and an additional 50 percent fee paid to Groupon, take-home income for the pro can be as low as 25 percent for the typical job.
Campaigns can now do a lot more targeting based on individual-level characteristics or even neighborhood-level characteristics, as opposed to thinking generally about what the typical American or the typical constituent wants to hear.
Toyota envisions these serving a variety of functions, from typical mobility services like ride-sharing and carpooling, to less-typical purposes like serving as mobile office and retail space, medical clinics, hotel rooms, and more.
GoodRx, which tracks drug prices, ranked the most expensive drugs available on an outpatient basis, based on the wholesale acquisition cost that a typical patient in a typical case would typically use in a month.
That is, Thursday marks the day when the typical black female worker would have earned as much in 2018 and 2019 to date as the typical white male worker would have earned in 803 alone.
Toyota envisions these serving a variety of functions, from typical mobility services like ride-sharing and carpooling, to less-typical purposes like serving as mobile office and retail spaces, medical clinics, hotel rooms, and more.
The enduring legacy of this unconscionable history is reflected in the fact that, despite progress in closing education and employment gaps, the typical black household remains almost 10 times poorer than the typical white household.
At a glance, Nate Hendrick seemed like a typical Twitter user.
It comes with pre-configured solutions for many typical use cases.
In a typical match, these factors do not matter as much.
Downpours and frequent lightning typical of such storms will also occur.
Typical time for capturing a room scan: less than a minute.
"The Evoque and vehicles like it represent today's 'typical" luxury vehicle.
Jedediah, I think this approach is innovative, but it&aposs typical.
The Sopranos begins with a typical few days in Tony's life.
JACK BARSKY, FORMER RUSSIAN KGB SPY: This is typical Putin nonsense.
A typical subscription charge comes to $3,600 a year per doctor.
President Trump had a typical Twitter meltdown and appealed the judgment.
"It's typical of him," James said of Trump in June 2018.
She doesn't like high heels, she's not your typical girly girl.
It's entirely typical for the president's party to struggle down ballot.
Consumer Reports says that&aposs typical for a compact luxury car.
Blankenship's post-conviction entry into electoral politics is also not typical.
Colt Ford, left, and Tyler Farr, right, in their typical garb.
It's for a typical backpacker job, direct sales disguised as marketing.
In typical fashion, the news so far is based on leaks.
As is typical of showers, a registry has been set up.
Nick says, in a typical week, they do about 100 moves.
Are these egg people as fragile as your typical chicken egg?
And in typical Marvel fashion, it wasn't the issue's only twist.
The absence of typical defensive wounds suggests total surprise and helplessness.
Just a liberated feeling from the typical mundane shit in life.
It's a typical Aussie BBQ: sausages, grilled onions, bread, and ketchup.
Well look, come on that&aposs a typical left move on .
Mama grew up like any typical suburban teenager of her generation.
Here's a breakdown of everything Ilieva spends in a typical month.
Here's a breakdown of everything Klee spends in a typical month.
The typical monthly payment is between $200 and $19883 per month.
Typical design software tends to be overwhelming, overstuffed, and staggeringly expensive.
"A typical speech platform has three high-level components," he explains.
But other festivals have broken away from your typical EDM rotation.
Not your typical love story but I wouldn't change a thing!!
Using phrasing that is appropriate to the occasion, but not typical.
But it's not the typical family gathering you see in commercials.
By the way, it&aposs a typical election year for them.
In the meantime, Trump's family weighed in with their typical subtlety.
Typical axion models have interactions that are both weak and attractive.
There are about 22-25 pages in your typical comic book.
Cohen's celebrity could make his experience different from a typical inmate's.
Elizabeth can't do anything and Churchill gets away with everything. Typical.
The typical routine is this: Hoover dog, dunk bread, eat bread.
Now let's consider a typical sex difference inside the human brain.
Some 43 percent call them typical growing pains for new presidents.
The space is more like a greenhouse than a typical office.
" "It's not gonna be typical of what you know as reggae.
In typical Luke fashion, he's got the ring ready and waiting.
The x360 doesn't skip a beat when performing typical productivity tasks.
"It looked like a typical Halloween decoration," he told the outlet.
Take the recent prominent case in Australia as a typical example.
Hers was a typical experience for a middle-class Athenian woman.
Other patrons chalked the situation up to a typical Kickstarter experience.
Maybe because they don't have this typical, prissy, perfect ballet body.
That's typical for Apple, which charges a premium for their devices.
Don't expect a typical rendition of the J. M. Barrie classic.
That's below the 50 percent beat seen in a typical quarter.
Revenue beats at 57.3 percent however are above a typical quarter.
In his typical irreverent fashion, Legere made some predictions for 2017.
Jay Duplass: The typical fan experience can be fraught with peril.
What is clear, though, is that this is typical Uber behavior.
The result is something more than your typical drug redemption memoir.
This is typical of Mezrich's style, which often includes composite characters.
Delinquencies on such loans tend to be lower than typical mortgages.
"This is typical for a government-funded new aircraft," he said.
In typical H&M fashion, there's pretty much something for everyone.
I think the market shooting up and back down is typical.
An impatient patron in an orange gingham shirt started whining—typical.
Mr Macron is two years younger than the typical French person.
Her bandmates, in typical '90s fashion, are staring off into space.
But, as you'd imagine, this is not your typical cover story.
This winter has been anything but typical in the far north.
And it's much more complex than typical red versus blue politics.
Typical algorithms tend to exploit known preferences more than encourage exploration.
It was typical, mundane evening, something I'd experienced many times before.
This compares with the typical one notch for standard B20310T2852 instruments.
Out of safety to each other, there is no typical intimacy.
So why is Sudeikis forgoing the typical romantic candlelit dinner plans?
This sort of move is not very typical for the networks.
Nothing about what he's describing suggests a typical licensed story game.
The arrangement, she tells me, is typical in the Virgin Islands.
Washington sceptics may dismiss Ms Harris as a typical Californian progressive.
The typical Norwegian workday lunch break is only about 30 minutes.
Justice Anthony Kennedy, in typical fashion, was the Court's swing vote.
In those states, Sanders will be competing without his typical advantages.
Accordingly, typical paint colors were dark: purple, red, maroon, or black.
Interestingly, our result didn't match up with typical assumptions about diversity.
The typical gestation period for giraffes is 14 to 15 months.
They may also have stronger winds, overall, than typical storms today.
" The typical August trade "is going to be muted this year.
But despite their hold on the imagination, these examples aren't typical.
Maria's story of discovering ASMR seems to echo the typical experience.
A typical operation involves a ship being beached at low tide.
But Garcia's life with her daughter, Aryanna, is far from typical.
Most of the brain images were pretty typical, the study reports.
The typical DC metro-area household pulled in $93,294 in 2015.
She feels like she missed out on a typical college experience.
Now, Giuliani added a few flourishes typical of a defense lawyer.
I thought his oafish, buffoonish manner was the typical politician's shtick.
It's a pretty scary place for the typical white-collar guy.
Watching you play, your anticipation isn't normal in a typical rookie.
Or, of course, the mood board of your typical New Yorker.
A typical trip starts on a Tuesday around 7:30 a.m.
That's a much more typical seed size for socially responsible ETFs.
That's far less than the 10 billion of a typical laptop.
And he handled his most pressing task with typical Obama grace.
YouTube is diverging from the typical Stories formula in several ways.
It's not typical for most retirees to have large required withdrawals.
And, in typical Rihanna form, the rubric is anything but standard.
This is a typical day in the life of one artist.
Are the shows here more intimate than your typical festival show?
It is a quiet optimism that remains typical of modern China.
Being a typical younger sibling, Ledecky wanted in on the action.
VICE News followed him along his route during a typical day.
" He added, in typical Trump Twitterese, "Her mind is shot—resign!
But the way this unfolded was not in any way typical.
"It was your typical nightmare New York City apartment," she said.
A typical recipe for making cell-free protoplasmic gloop is this.
Pocket-Run looks like typical eight ball pool at a glance.
In typical solar eclipse fashion, it'll only last a couple minutes.
He says his own personal beliefs are quite typical of Quakerism.
The Legacy Edition brings the typical $59.99 price up to $79.99.
That means productivity grew six times faster than typical worker pay.
Because that does seem to be the typical argument, Willingham said.
A typical day for Bieber is as follows, he tells PeopleStyle:
As for the clothes, they weren't your typical bikinis and caftans.
Al Franken, Giant of the Senate inverts the typical political memoir.
And he likes the controversy — he's a typical Wall Street guy.
When Typical System was being put together we had three guitarists.
She describes herself as a "typical American—I like to eat".
But, in typical Abrams form, expect no detail to be spared.
Hinge says spikes like these are typical for big snow days.
I therefore give this app an A+.  Just your typical office.
But Trump's statement goes beyond just the typical Trump-brag tomfoolery.
It's also got your typical IR sensors, magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope.
Comics critic Heidi MacDonald's response was typical of many of them.
A century ago, the typical American's salary was $21910 per year.
The subtle move is typical of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star.
The Lightcycle smart lamp ventures furthest from the company's typical products.
Typical symptoms include diarrhea, oftentimes bloody, severe stomach cramps and vomiting.
And this is typical of what goes on in this country.
I really wanted to party and have that typical university life.
Mr Rhodes may be typical only of a fairly small fringe.
Not exactly a huge dent in the typical $63,000 down payment.
But Young Elites isn't a typical battle between good and evil.
For the typical renter, this means about $400 more a year.
The poster sees Vikander striking a very typical 'Badass Lady' pose.
Temperature projection showing that March 2016 temperatures become typical by 2034.
For these reasons and others, FAIR isn't your typical Facebook team.
In typical teenage rhetoric, the girls exchange affection masquerading as insults.
Cogito has effectively modeled typical conversations in various contexts and industries.
As a black, queer woman, I'm not your typical financial regulator.
But this formalist treatment of inanimate objects isn't Winogrand's typical mode.
That's not something you can do with a typical instant camera.
And we're not the typical non-profit organization; we're open source.
Eleven feet is an average size for a typical American alligator.
Plus, it stays on theme with Justin Beiber's typical dietary leanings.
What has been the typical efficacy of an average prison strike?
We've also transformed (almost) every typical Mexican dish into a taco.
The study was structured to reflect typical employer workplace wellness plans.
These are typical kinds of changes and moves to pass legislation.
One Direction weren't your typical boy band—and so they flew.
My penis isn't straight (I guess think of a typical banana).
A typical location would have three kiosks, The Columbus Dispatch reported.
A typical bank's current account usually earns no interest at all.
Anna's exhausting day is typical in many parts of the world.
WASHINGTON — For once, Donald Trump sounded like a pretty typical politician.
Jose was pretty much typical Jose, right around six innings there.
In true J. Peterman fashion, it won't be a typical store.
Attacks like this have become all too typical of American life.
The typical 210-year trailing return since 211 is 9 percent.
That's about half of what a typical written test might be.
Alex phoned the director, knowing it wasn't a typical wedding venue.
On a typical day, Cohen wakes up at 4:30 a.m.
The success he achieved over the month of March isn't typical.
As is typical with Marvel, there's more than meets the eye.
In typical European fashion, the site is available in 17 languages.
Thursday was a typical day in the lame-duck Trump administration.
Typical Blackson, though, he found a way to laugh about it.
Typical diplomatic protocol involves phone calls on highly secure phone lines.
A typical meal clocks in at an affordable $4 to $6.
Around Portuguese food, though, his appetite ballooned to "typical Yank"-size.
It generated 1,000 patents, a typical number in any given year.
In typical Knife fashion, it's extremely unsettling and maybe about boning.
The typical homeowner earns $70,800 a year, according to the report.
As a standalone movie, the movie is a typical superhero story.
The Secretary of the VA is not a typical cabinet position.
In typical Hermione fashion, Watson came prepared with a researched list.
Visualize the typical honeycomb structure: lots of hexagonal cells of wax.
This was not the typical gaggle of rowdy South Florida tourists.
She wears a wide grin, typical of a beauty pageant winner.
Never mind that it added up to a typical $60 game.
The typical cost after grants at Princeton for that year: $16,793.
Clinton, Mr. Trump unleashed a typical tweet, mocking the senator's heritage.
But, in typical Denton fashion, his silence did not last long.
The installation is typical in its blend of confrontation and playfulness.
A typical Romanian meal with lamb, potatoes, and some pickled vegetables.
Women don't just have to balance the typical expectations of politicians.
In other words, hers were the typical freshman's hopes and anxieties.
Mr Butterfield is not the typical leader of a striving startup.
But True's decorations were far from the typical helium-filled affair.
The FAA said the dangers warrant waiving the typical bureaucratic process.
Officer Richards and Officer Francis are your typical squad car duo.
This eruption, while typical for Hawaii, doesn't look like that picture.
But a typical Mexican boda is smaller than it might be.
Hangout shows placed friendship above family, obviating the typical economic ecosystem.
It was also above his typical results in pre-election polls.
But as is typical, there was significant mission creep in Afghanistan.
We've placed ourselves in a more typical world of Hollywood stereotypes.
"I don't see the excitement typical at market peaks," he said.
Certainly not your typical comedy special, Hannah Gadsby's Nanette transcends comedy.
For healthy people, 10,000 steps a day is a typical goal.
A typical Tuesday: hip-hop, mountain biking, and walking the dog.
Typical moments for a first lady, except this experience was different.
And they don't look too far off a typical Palmer season.
Typical activities in the area include heli-skiing and salmon fishing.
Mr. Weberman, with typical New York insouciance, shrugged off the episode.
This is your typical belted, double-breasted silhouette with zero frills.
But Bergdahl was a different breed of your typical Army guy.
Hannah Kim and Natalia Piland are not your typical labor organizers.
Economic conditions were against us, Nichols said, listing off typical excuses.
The typical American household has a net worth of about $250,210.
There's little need to explain behavior that is typical and expected.
It doesn't sound like a typical college or university curriculum, right?
"They're just not typical bunkers in so many ways," McIlroy said.
One catch, though: they're not looking for your typical human reviewer.
In fact, temperatures will be more typical of January than November.
So a typical 40 year old will hold 60% in equities.
At least one study placed the typical weight at 22010 grams.
A typical flavor, the spokesman said, contains 25 to 30 ingredients.
A typical Tuesday morning on #2 wing starts at 9 a.m.
The typical Iowan will pay a higher rate than most Americans.
Not like a typical regional distribution to urban distribution center move.
Typical fare from a press corps considered hostile to the administration.
Ronsel do Sil is typical of many of the godello producers.
Biden's fans like every other candidate less than your typical Democrat.
"I think this kind of adversarial relationship is typical," he added.
But what's typical here is a man of extremes, a nonconformist.
That my experience is typical doesn't make it any less disturbing.
I live a simple life, very different from typical startup people.
Typical symptoms include a stuffy or runny nose, cough, and fever.
They were typical macho, conservative cops, but they enjoyed Manu's company.
As they head north, they build ponds in typical beaver fashion.
A typical Cape Verdean lunch on the tour costs 7.50 euros.
It was a typical Saturday night at the playground, neighbors said.
Among all respondents, Harris is on par with your typical Democrat.
Yes, waves of post-crisis regulation are typical and often necessary.
The costs don't end there, particularly for the typical small business.
The message was written in broken English typical of the group.
Can you describe what a typical Modafinil study session looks like?
Miscommunications, delays, and issues with electronics are typical of Mercury retrograde.
The typical GM assembly plant builds 200,23-300,000 vehicles a year.
It was in many ways a typical Bernie Sanders stump speech.
How does your spending compare with that of the typical American?
Her work suggests an antic self-awareness typical of standup comics.
Typical Suárez: One day he bites, on another he exhibits love.
"Don't mess up a wildly successful program," read a typical statement.
It goes beyond the typical, partisan reaction to a political crisis.
In short, it is a fairly typical American house of worship.
"My inspiration," went a typical comment on one of his posts.
Routledge noted that there are two types of typical nostalgia triggers.
I got very drunk, which is something very typical of calçotadas.
And yet, Side isn't a typical job board or temp agency.
The Elsewhere Museum in Greensboro, North Carolina isn't your typical institution.
The typical stint for the role has been about two years.
A typical scenario is they're shipping products to a Staples store.
Black hair is noticeably absent, as is typical of video games.
Obama did crack jokes about other players ... typical dad humor stuff.
For him, decaying barns and rusty silos were pretty typical landmarks.
How does she break the mold in terms of typical heroines?
There are, of course, more typical Weeknd cuts on the album.
Miya's in New Haven, Connecticut is not your typical sushi restaurant.
How does the typical Japanese person feel about this potential revision?
Anvyl charges brands a monthly fee using a typical SaaS model.
Renewable energy is one area where that typical dynamic is inverted.
Typical customers include accountants, payroll bureaus and employers of various sizes.
Typical for a full moon, the energy is exhausting and emotional.
A typical workday for Sam Ushiro begins at 6:30 a.m.
Typical malware tends infects systems to cause damage or harvest data.
Crystal City, population 7,138, isn't your typical sleepy southwest Texas town.
Typical of children, they bombarded him with questions about his condition.
Typical-type Greinke game where he located the ball, changed speeds.
I don't think my diet is very typical of a developer.
Typical putting their nose and opinion in when it wasn't asked!
Lee claims that you'll wake up without the typical effects expected.
It's not a typical chain and has a lot of personality.
Many tiny houses do not have a typical four-burner stove. 
"It was just typical stuff," he said of his dugout talk.
"It was the typical process of blaming yourself," he told me.
In typical Giertz fashion, she apparently also made an inappropriate joke.
"He is not ... typical of presidents of the past," said Tillerson.
In some respects, this was a typical summer for Bill Gates.
Contrary to the popular narrative, marijuana is a burglar's typical prize.
"How to Raise Successful People" isn't your typical instructional parenting manual.
But the process of obtaining that tape was anything but typical.
Watt was engaged with a blocker in a fairly typical fashion.
Hermit Tech has made my (definitely not typical) life wildly efficient.
She said she had a more or less typical American childhood.
The typical Caribbean getaway is all about ONE thing: unadulterated relaxation.
This is typical of all manner of sexual violence against women.
Half the family is into eating meats that aren't typical meats.
"Being a typical Aries, I like being the first," he said.
It was a typical Trump week with myriad things to cover.
It begins to flatten into a more typical hetero dating show.
Employers with below-average use had a typical fee of $30.
But certain tribes face unexpected challenges that go beyond the typical.
In typical power plants, fuel is mixed with air and burned.
A typical Sotomayor public appearance combines personal narrative and legal argument.
Typical values for women are 0.5 to 3.0 nanomoles per liter.
That hints that something else is happening here, beyond typical vaping.
But this is entirely typical for a Democrat of any gender.
Typical, except our dates span two time zones and 1,800 miles.
"Safety Blanket" was commissioned as a typical portrait of a musician.
"We expect it to take longer than a typical kid," Mrs.
But he's also been subject to the typical rules of politics.
"This is just typical of Geckolepis," Scherz said in a statement.
It was the typical, 'Oh you're too old for that now!
In many ways, Angelica represents the typical American home care worker.
Under other circumstances, it would be typical Trumpian anti-media bluster.
Frugal Traveler That's what a typical resident of the city earns.
That wasn't so much more than the typical team at Microsoft.
Mr. Carter is uninterested in presenting a typical politician's varnished image.
Lumberjills earned, on average, significantly more than a typical Land Girl.
Studies have found that the girls behaved more like typical boys.
Mr. Gallup's brain was typical for an elderly patient with dementia.
"Action — Not Pity Can Save Millions Now!" was a typical headline.
Schoonheid is a word that is both beautiful and typical Dutch.
"That is not your typical set of approvals," Ms. Konon said.
Dr. Hoffmann told me that this is typical of weed use.
What does a typical day look like for your media consumption?
It was moderately comfortable, and not unlike most typical hotel beds.
It had been typical traffic for a New York City afternoon.
In typical fashion, Santelli didn't care enough to make it explicit.
Conservative media's typical response to Trump's crises is to invert them.
And second, that sector is not typical of other public workforces.
For the typical worker, wages have barely kept up with inflation.
It's a typical thing of how elections are run and conducted.
In a typical game, an umpire makes 140 ball/strike calls.
The typical cost of replacing lines is between $5,000 and $10,000.
As is typical with these types of showers, your mileage varies.
Snakes, birds, and trees are typical to these kinds of shrines.
Still, I didn't encounter any issues with typical suburban-hauling duty.
The 15 US cities where the typical house is the oldest
By comparison, a typical flu season results in about 400,000 hospitalizations.
The opinion of the court was punctuated with typical Communist rhetoric.
To the typical atheist, all this looks irrational, and therefore unacceptable.
The typical price for Comcast's Essential service is $9.95 per month.
The Rockaway Summer House is not your typical Buddhist retreat center.
The 0.85-acre property is typical of the neighborhood's large lots.
It was not one of his typical tirades against political foes.
That generally means it has to be "typical" for its neighborhood.

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