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"casual" Definitions
  1. not formal
  2. [usually before noun] not showing much care or thought; seeming not to be worried; not wanting to show that something is important to you
  3. [usually before noun] without paying attention to detail
  4. [usually before noun] not permanent; not done, or doing something regularly
  5. [usually before noun] without deep feelings
  6. [only before noun] happening by chance; doing something by chance

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"casual" Synonyms
accidental chance unintentional fortuitous random unintended unplanned fluky unexpected unforeseen inadvertent incidental serendipitous unpremeditated adventitious coincidental flukey unanticipated unwitting aleatory apathetic indifferent nonchalant unconcerned insouciant offhand uninterested lackadaisical pococurante uncaring blasé breezy lukewarm airy blithe carefree cavalier complacent disinterested easygoing careless cursory desultory perfunctory fleeting hasty hurried passing summary superficial brief irresponsible precipitous quick rash rushed slapdash fast haphazard irregular occasional inconstant intermittent choppy cyclical discontinuous episodic episodical erratic fitful impermanent inconsistent periodical spasmodic sporadic spotty unsteady aperiodic freelance throwaway impromptu spontaneous parenthetical trivial unconsidered unstudied unthinking unguarded ill-considered off-the-cuff ill-judged spur-of-the-moment unprepared improvised informal workaday comfortable everyday leisure relaxed unpretentious normal ordinary plain simple sloppy standard non-dressy non-formal not formal day-to-day loose comfy sportif friendly natural unceremonious open uninhibited easy-going laid-back free and easy easy calm collected serene shallow faint slight vague trifling negligible unimportant inconsequential inconsiderable paltry petty small light insignificant piddling minor minute frivolous promiscuous recreational extramarital free liberated swinging hit-or-miss disorganised(UK) disorganized(US) unmethodical arbitrary aimless slipshod indiscriminate scattered remiss unrequired redundant needless nonessential dispensable gratuitous inessential expendable useless unneeded superfluous unessential optional extraneous surplus excess irrelevant avoidable extrinsic futile self-employed independent consulting consultant external jobbing outside visiting entrepreneurial freelancing part-time non-resident out-of-house self-starting working for oneself your own boss temporary weekend evening sporty snazzy stylish jaunty trendy jazzy loud natty flashy sharp showy smart gay nifty raffish rakish sassy schmick snappy reckless impetuous wild impulsive incautious foolhardy imprudent thoughtless heedless overhasty precipitate kamikaze daredevil detached aloof cold distant reserved unsociable withdrawn frosty antisocial standoffish unemotional offish unclubbable dispassionate unbending asocial standoff impersonal impassive unofficial unauthorised(UK) unauthorized(US) unsanctioned wildcat unaccredited contraband officious offstage unorthodox illicit unlawful illegal outlawed wrongful prohibited banned unlicensed criminal cute facetious flippant flip cheeky mischievous playful clever cocky funny glib inane inappropriate saucy smart-alecky witty fresh humorous idle off unoccupied available disengaged inactive unengaged unfilled untaken unused accessible own unemployed spare not in use on hand at hand outdoor alfresco outdoorsy exterior field garden hilltop envigorating(UK) invigorating(US) mountain patio picnic rustic woods yard common usual commonplace familiar conventional routine unexceptional stock mundane unremarkable accustomed customary dull household mainstream colloquial conversational vernacular idiomatic chatty demotic nonformal nonliterary non-literary popular slangy unbookish unliterary one-dimensional depthless flat simplistic empty basic facile cosmetic flimsy generic lightweight silly sketchy pointless worthless ineffective vain groundless ineffectual hopeless meaningless abortive fruitless hollow insubstantial transmigratory changing drifting emigrating errant gypsy immigrant immigrating itinerant migrant migrative migratorial mobile nomad nomadic peripatetic ranging roving seasonal dawdling crawling creeping dallying dilatory dillydallying dragging laggard lagging languid leisurely pokey poking poky slow sluggish snaillike snail-paced tardy unhurried hypothetical theoretical academic speculative assumed supposed suppositional putative conjectural imagined academical conjectured notional presumed theoretic imaginary unreal assumptive concocted conditional impish devilish rascally roguish prankish waggish wicked naughty puckish sportive arch elfin elvish knavish leprechaunish pixie pixieish pixy knockabout boisterous rowdy rollicking rumbustious rambunctious riotous rough lively slapstick farcical coarse crass crude mean nasty raw rough-and-tumble harum-scarum roisterous temp freelancer part-timer temporary worker part-time worker job-sharer employee ruffian hoodlum hooligan roughneck thug villain bruiser bully rascal scoundrel brute goon heavy hood lout miscreant punk rogue More
"casual" Antonyms
planned arranged premeditated intended scheduled set deliberate intentional prearranged prepared expected organised(UK) organized(US) calculated fixed premeditative prepense designed considered rehearsed passionate determined persistent resolute committed dedicated driven firm unwavering unyielding concerned earnest indefatigable indomitable intransigent perseverant persevering relentless serious steadfast thorough careful punctilious exacting exhaustive fastidious painstaking strict attentive complete comprehensive conscientious finicky full methodical meticulous scrupulous systematic circumspect detailed permanent full-time established extended lengthy long-term regular secure solid stable steady informed sensible cogent intelligent judicious measured reasoned thoughtful weighed advised examined justified lucid rational computed formal elegant classy dressy elaborate chic fashionable noncasual ornate ceremonial smart affected interested involved connected related implicated enthusiastic keen eager responsive avid intimate profound close meaningful deep intense strong torrid in-depth engaged faithful devoted obliged tied duty-bound promised ambitious excited animated energetic enterprising motivated spirited active caring diligent hard-working inspired lively tense edgy anxious nervous uptight restless overanxious stressed uneasy apprehensive disturbed insecure worried agitated jittery panicky wired antsy fidgety official constrained ceremonious conventional stiff buttoned-up dressed-up rigid authoritative authorized(US) authorised(UK) constant changeless continuous habitual periodic repeated unchanging unvarying invariable punctual reliable common dependable usual frequent rigorous stringent controlled intolerant stern tough illiberal inflexible regimented tight particular specific obstinate dead inactive inanimate lackadaisical languid languishing languorous leaden lifeless limp listless spiritless vapid cheerless dismal gloomy glum melancholy miserable unapproachable unfriendly unsociable grumpy reserved inaccessible standoffish bothered unhappy chilly cold frigid hesitant nervy predictable certain definite essential impossible inevitable necessary real sure truthful unconditional hostile antagonistic bitter acrimonious contentious spiteful aggressive angry belligerent combative competitive uncompromising argumentative bellicose disagreeable fierce harsh quarrelsome methodic nonrandom orderly systematised(UK) systematized(US) consistent careworn morose sad discontented upset dissatisfied distressed disconsolate troubled important major significant weighty big consequential eventful material momentous substantial unfrivolous grave relevant urgent useful valuable vehement vigorous impassioned zealous passional fiery fervid allegiant ardent employed in-house staff cautious watchful alert guarded vigilant prudent restrained wary gingerly heedful suspecting tentative mindful cagey provident reticent strange unaccustomed mysterious peculiar bizarre creepy curious eccentric eerie extraordinary mystifying odd quirky spooky unfamiliar unusual weird abnormal atypical queer discreet polite conservative obscure proper ambiguous bland composed cryptic diplomatic dubious indistinct sociable friendly social gregarious outgoing companionable approachable cordial affable amiable amicable accessible genial convivial easy conversable extroverted warm communicative discriminating selective picky choosey choosy demanding critical discriminatory fussy pernickety persnickety select hard to please frenetic frenzied hurried rushed delirious fanatical fevered feverish frantic manic wild chaotic crazy exciting fast furious harried hyper mad beleaguered burdened harassed strained distraught haggard overburdened grim hassled heavy-laden pinched weighed down highbrow highbrowed genuine no-nonsense sincere authentic forthright honest intellectual introspective pensive solemn somber(US) austere work working business occupational professional employment vocational work-related indoor inside interior within labored(US) laboured(UK) uncommon unexpected exceptional infrequent rare seldom sporadic phenomenal surprising preternatural aberrated uncustomary full-timer full-time employee full-time worker

936 Sentences With "casual"

How to use casual in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "casual" and check conjugation/comparative form for "casual". Mastering all the usages of "casual" from sentence examples published by news publications.

They can be formal, business casual, casual casual — you can wear them for just about any occasion.
Is a simple "hey" too casual, or not casual enough?
This more "casual" line doesn't look very casual at all.
My workplace is on the casual side of business casual.
Casual sex, it seems, often isn't as casual as the name implies.
My office dress code is definitely casual, but not bleach stain casual.
Casual and "fast casual" restaurants like Chipotle have been hit particularly hard.
His casual cruelty to a Gold Star family, his casual suggestion that more countries should have nuclear weapons, and now his casual inciting of violence.
It is harder to face the problems that others might see in my own ethnic group — casual divorce, casual sex, casual abandonment of the elderly.
Beach/Destination Casual Beach or Destination Casual means it's an informal beach wedding.
I've heard you say that "casual sex" isn't as casual as we think.
Everyone there was struggling to act casual in the least casual of circumstances.
" She added: "His casual cruelty to a gold star family, his casual suggestion that more countries should have nuclear weapons and now his casual inciting of violence.
Is this too casual for an interview, or too precious for a casual coffee?
If they are going have casual sex, things need to be way more... casual.
The move toward more casual clothing means more casual dining, as well, Wallmeyer said.
I abhor most forms of casual attire, even in the most casual of settings.
IHOP is not the first fast-casual chain to try out a fast-casual spinoff.
Emoji, in general, indicate a casual conversation, so be wise about who to be casual with.
Our wedding was obviously casual — a lot more casual than would be comfortable for some other couples.
Also, those who had a preference for casual encounters were more likely to want intimacy from casual sex.
Even if he plays casual — and he really plays casual — this is a man who thinks things through.
Don't just tell your potential fwb that you want casual sex, explain what casual sex means to you.
Eventually, casual Friday bled into the rest of the week with business casual becoming more standard in offices.
It's easy to attribute the act to casual immaturity, but the ramifications of racist cruelty are never casual.
No, you can't wear shorts to work, even if you work in the most casual of casual offices.
Some casual dining chains have tried and failed to make a fast-casual chain work for their company.
He defines the 2115 Degrees approach as fresh-casual, claiming it kicks the new pizza model up a notch by combining the concept of fast-casual with fresh ingredients in a fine-casual setting.
So these are people who tend to eat at casual and fast-casual dining establishments in the first place.
"Fast food" becoming a dirty termChipotle says it's "fast casual"Shake Shack:"fine casual"Arby's: "fast crafted" https://t.
So casual sex is not casual: It can trigger these brain systems for romantic love and feelings of attachment.
Casual dining was down 75%, fast casual dropped 65%, and quick service or fast food dropped by roughly 50%. 
Then went to 'casual Fridays' then casual every day, but with all kinds of restrictions and dos and don'ts.
Quick serve, fast casual and casual dining establishments are all victims in terms of their average share of food spending.
These are perfect for both business casual and smart casual and look amazing dressed down with a pair of jeans.
Really, I think we're just seeing some casual or not-so-casual racism about who is and what isn't country.
The most casual that he could be was a Lacoste polo shirt in the summer — he's become more casual now.
Pedercini and Giles launched an initiative called "Casual Games for Protesters" (based on Giles's Casual Games "for Casual Walkers" and "for City Walkers") in February, in the hope that it would help the spirit of protest endure.
As chains continue to jockey to be the dominant fast casual players in different cuisine categories, Cava is out to make its mark on Mediterranean fare with the fast casual concept Cava and the casual dining Cava Mezze.
An existing fast-casual has theoretically already built up a core of diners that a new fast-casual could tap into.
The newlyweds kept it casual when they tied the knot, with Ford sporting wrangler jeans and Flockhart a casual, white sundress.
Consulting firm Deloitte found that customers who order online at casual and fast casual restaurants tend to spend 13 percent more.
"I know that being in D.C., our version of business casual is drastically different from say, Silicon Valley business casual," Mrs.
MadBox now wants to tackle a wider range of mobile games, from hyper casual to idle games and less casual games.
The fast casual concept, a first for IHOP, is the brand's attempt to break open a new category: fast casual breakfast.
Just like you don't want your wardrobe to be too casual, you don't want your emails to be too casual, either.
Xi'an recently also landed on Zagat's first " 11 Hottest Fast-Casual Chains" list, further proof of its rise to fast-casual stardom.
The trends that once favored fast casual chains like Chipotle are slowly shifting back to the fast food and casual dining sectors.
However, after a strong report from Darden Restaurants, the divide between fast casual and casual dining might be smaller than initially expected.
Even in casual settings, like the tech industry, Drexler says that you should never show up to an interview in casual clothing.
Subtweeting people you have a casual sexual relationship with: Like subtweeting your ex, casual sexual relationships are an amazing place to draw inspiration.
The casual racism and not-so-casual misogyny and homophobia I'd witnessed in the Greensboro Coliseum had left me sick in the stomach.
White tie, black tie, black tie optional, casual, business casual, cocktail, formal, semi-formal — the list of cryptic options goes on and on.
A combined 79% of workers surveyed by Randstad US reported their current workplace dress code was either business casual, casual or non-existent.
I had a casual fling with a Hinge boy for a couple of weeks and realized I'm not good at the casual thing.
The internet is the primary meeting space for same-sex pairings, whether casual or more than casual: 224% of same-sex relationships start online.
While consumers and investors have praised the fast-casual model for years now, they shouldn't be too quick to abandon the casual-dining space.
"Slip-on sneakersBaudoin believes in going uber-casual, too, and recommends a pair of "comfortable, smart-casual suede and rubber sole slip-on sneakers.
The Amiery Casual Lounge Pants are best-sellers in Amazon's casual pants category thanks to over 2,200 shoppers who have left them positive reviews.
He refers to the NoLIta outlet as "chef casual," instead of the more impersonal "fast casual," and trains his people to take the initiative.
Fast casual restaurant Portillo's location on Ontario Street in Chicago, Illinois takes the top spot for TripAdvisor's best fast casual restaurants in the United States.
NPD Group said a spike in menu prices at casual dining and fast casual chains is responsible for the steep decline in lunchtime restaurant visits.
It's common to see fast-casual restaurants brimming with diners during lunch breaks, but for Meraz-Baca, even a casual lunch out is usually avoided.
We're in full swing of a hookup culture, where it's expected that we'll have casual sexual relationships, at least until things don't feel so casual anymore.
My idea of fashion is what I define as business casual: a lace dress (business) paired with a baseball cap for my favorite collegiate team (casual).
However, as employees of an actual Dotcom, we can confirm that the standard dress code around here is business casual (emphasis on the casual in editorial).
"Our main finding is that people's sexual disgust levels and their orientation towards casual sex predict their motivation to use Tinder for casual sex," Sevi told PsyToday.
While casual NFL fans will watch a Thursday night game even if their team isn't playing, that's not something most casual NHL fans are willing to do.
Now, dating is apparently a much more casual endeavor, so casual in fact I find it hard to find the line between dating and simply having a pulse.
But where we landed is that the more you encourage people to showcase something in such a casual way, the more it can inspire casual behavior around that.
LG: I would love to see data on cities that are considered to be more casual or occupations, usage among people with occupations that are generally more casual.
I want to be empathic in saying I do not believe in casual cannabis use in children or teenagers — I am not advocating casual cannabis use at all.
Social media has normalized casual cruelty, and those who remove the "casual" from that descriptor are simply taking it several repellent steps further than the rest of us.
As the restaurant industry in general grapples with sluggish sales (millennials, in particular, have even been blamed for killing casual dining), fast-casual spots have been growing in popularity.
The combatants here are hilariously casual about turning entire cities to rubble, and the film is equally casual about declaring that it's okay, because those cities have been evacuated.
But the joke is on you, fast-casual food snob: when it comes to counting calories, fast-casual restaurants pile them on even more than fast-food restaurants do.
For a business casual workplace: Interviewing for a business casual workplace like a start-up doesn't mean you can dress like a start-up founder, wearing sweatpants or shorts.
Today, though, it's a much more casual experience, with takeout, fast-casual, and delivery being just as common (and growing much faster) than going to a full-service restaurant.
Fast-casual chain &pizza and food-tech startup Zume are partnering to unleash a fleet of mobile kitchens, assisting in the fast-casual pizza chain's delivery and expansion efforts.
It was a topic that made conversation more casual despite the circumstances—as casual as navigating the uncertain terrain of starting a romantic relationship between those walls can be.
It's not a casual enterprise, and I fear some elements in the Trump administration operate on a very casual basis, and that's not consistent with how the census operates.
The casual-sounding "Mom, pop and the kids, say" gets a casual answer like FAM, but people can also use it to refer to their friends or their chosen family.
The failure to solve those issues has inevitably pushed casual players away, as has the game's intrinsic design that prioritizes competitive play at the expense of other, more casual modes.
But any casual fan — in fact, especially any casual fan — knows that the unlikely wins and the stunning losses lie at the very heart of the N.C.A.A. tournament's broad appeal.
What can you get your new partner that is casual enough not to set off alarm bells, but not too casual to make them think you don't care at all?
Though the casual dining space is believed by some to be a weak link in the restaurant industry today, fast-casual chain Fatburger is ready to test the public market.
Whether you're planning a NYE look (dressy), looking for a new going-out 'fit (dressy-casual), or just want something chill to wear hanging with your crew (casual), the jumpsuits ahead—organized from formal to dressy-casual—are guaranteed to jump to the front of your closet and make getting dressed easier.
Price-conscous consumers are more likely to turn away from the so-called fast-casual and casual-dining segments of the restaurant industry that they may have frequented in the past.
But ... I got casual, and didn't track the puck.
"  "I'm into smart casual and I like light blue.
Blame Casual Friday, blame Silicon Valley, blame — who else?
The space is divided among six restaurant brands, including established names like Sweetgreen, Junzi (a fast-casual Chinese brand) and Stone Bridge Pizza and Salad (a fast-casual pizza and salad brand).
The space is divided between six restaurant brands including established names like Sweetgreen, Junzi (a fast casual Chinese brand) and Stone Bridge Pizza and Salad (a fast casual pizza and salad brand).
The owner of the Swiss Chalet casual dining chain and Harvey's burger outlets said it would buy St-Hubert BBQ, one of Quebec's largest casual dining chains, for C$537 million ($415 million).
We don't blame you for wanting to keep it casual.
But that logic seems designed to mislead a casual reader.
A navy frock toes the line between formal and casual.
Cancerians are not as into casual sex as other signs.
It was casual and cool: a real soccer girl look.
And he does it in such an spectacularly casual way.
It's this casual approach that gives P. Franco its charm.
They're usable workout headphones, and great for casual listening too.
Three cheers for casual, recreational witchcraft for the busy witch!
Our conversation is more casual and relaxed than last time.
There's a casual, almost candid quality in Ed Templeton's photos.
Their casual fishing outfits were accessorized with orange safety vests.
The pair both sported similar outfits for the casual outing.
It was so casual and so perfect in the end.
" Gabrielle says: "It's casual but dressy at the same time.
In short, it empowers casual interactions to get work done.
Casual use seems to have fallen; heavy use has stabilised.
Before meeting Milo, I was a casual swiper at best.
"So, I decided to keep it pretty casual," he continued.
But there's nothing casual about the food in the least.
I like to be comfortable, so I dress kinda casual.
"In India, their style is much more casual," she said.
It shows us queens and presidents at their most casual.
Something for EveryoneAn Amazon brand of casual clothing and shoes.
It's like the casual game equivalent of an opioid blocker.
Additionally, it showcases a mix of casual and glamorous looks.
It's these casual traders who you can take advantage of.
There's the person who is seeking their next casual dalliance.
I decided to take the plunge after two casual conversations.
But for us, the casual setting is getting it done.
She also doesn't want fame to cramp her casual style.
"It's more accessible to amateur and casual mathematicians," Houston says.
Most of the research on misinformation has mimicked casual situations.
Okay, so it wasn't actually that casual of an entrance.
That is about commerce, not intellectual, public or casual speech.
The casual killing of Yellowstone grizzly bears is equally deplorable.
Casual mobile games bring in a whole lot of money.
Sir Andrew Murray is NOT amused with your casual sexism!
Historically, he says these factors have benefited casual dining stocks.
Regardless, the crew pays the price for their casual ignorance.
News, "Oh God, no!" and cited their casual everyday wear.
I love how Europe just has casual castles standing around.
For men, the move to casual dress seems entirely positive.
Wedbush upgraded the maker of casual wear mainly on valuation.
Casual games like Candy Crush or Wordscapes run just fine.
After all, casual sex can keep you plenty warm, too.
There have been a number of casual hookups as well.
"We need to be calling out casual racism," she continues.
There are no casual fans of That Thing You Do!
" "I'm not looking for someone to have casual sex with.
Do you prefer Matt's dressy hoodie or George's casual suit?
Still, casual fans of the band's hits will enjoy it.
First, it was a casual breakfast at an L.A. café.
I've never tried again with a casual white shirt, though.
The shoes are meant for casual wear, not active use.
Immediate family, extended family, close friends, casual friends, acquaintances, colleagues.
She has that casual, open conversational tone, a slight accent.
Its name doesn't ring many bells with casual football fans.
And its casual nature makes it easier to take risks.
Rihanna's perceived string of casual flings is some women's #relationshipgoals.
It's warm and casual to the point of being seductive.
Instead, the quartet plays a very casual game of pool.
They made the game accessible to even casual sports fans.
In fact, she'd never even been a casual pot smoker.
"I try to ride casual, try to blend," Tim said.
Your "what" and "why" should be in this casual language.
The energy is focused and responsible, not casual and easygoing.
The war for your casual vocal queries has really begun.
More importantly, the software interface for casual browsing is terrific.
It is almost impossible to adequately explain in casual conversation.
"We've seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty," Bush said.
We also heard about the casual sexism they have encountered.
TO THE casual observer the country is calm and orderly.
The pair were dressed in casual looks for the day.
He said he was the only one in casual clothes.
His casual clothes hang awkwardly on him, another deliberate choice.
The relationships between the staff and inmates are more casual.
I first visited brunchwork as a casual observer in 2016.
Jolie's latest look was the most casual of the three.
The clothes on the first floor were mostly business casual.
The clothes: The VSCO girl also keeps her clothes casual.
I am not just a casual bystander in this debate.
He had to force himself to use the casual du .
In "Casual," Valerie tries to befriend the therapist next door.
The casual entrance of these young brands belies their power.
The casual use of the word "triggered" needs to go.
This is my version of a more casual dress shoe.
What separates the casual users from the highly paid designers?
Princess Diana also knew how to style a casual look.
They're probably a bit too casual for the office, however.
The pictures — casual, artless and repetitious — are images within images.
So, super casual in every way ... except for that diamond.
Casual and hardcore fans alike can't ask for much more.
Wow at the casual iPhone dual camera pill shape ripoff.
Bone, of course, has taken it in his casual stride.
My ability to engage casual friends and strangers was enhanced.
"Actually working overtime is a very casual thing," he said.
I try to sound casual, but he's a smart guy.
They're casual and ephemeral: They generally disappear after 24 hours.
In more casual terms, it's The Sopranos meets American Militia.
"Increase casual interactions like coffee with a cop," reads another.
Even your casual friendships have an uncommon depth to them.
Will their casual approach in December cost them later on?
Casual quips about your female peer's body are not okay.
The subjects are Guillet's friends, casual acquaintances, and even strangers.
The company wants to convert casual website visitors into clients.
Elle proves there's nothing wrong with a casual study look.
Residents can also choose between fine dining and casual eateries. 
For a more casual atmosphere, try their shack next door.
A personal account is best for a casual eBay user.
Nevertheless, the crew filmed a last, casual Closer Look segment.
That gesture gave casual snapshots the preciousness of formal portraits.
The Point: Trump's casual relationship with the truth isn't new.
But even in a casual work environment, there's a limit.
It's a wonderful way to serve a casual festive meal.
Acelitt Casual Autumn Winter Long Sleeve Sweater Dress, $33.99; amazon.
There is nothing casual or easy about it for me.
Three days' worth of comfortable, casual clothes for mild temperatures.
It's not a fun, casual experience like ordering new shoes.
As a coach, Ms. Tracey is understated and deceptively casual.
Whether it draws in casual fans is another question entirely.
It has granite countertops, including one used for casual dining.
Even casual cycling fans knew who "Phil and Paul" were.
" That song's casual leering — "How lucky can one guy be?
We wanted it to reflect a feeling of casual fun.
Occasionally these youthful businesses evidenced a casual relationship with grift.
The dress code was tropical casual: florals, linens, Panama hats.
It just won't be as visible, anymore, to casual users.
Last weekend's visit with Bolsonaro was a more casual affair.
There is no shortage of evidence of China's casual racism.
But she still encountered casual ethnic stereotyping that surprised her.
She was small and beautiful, somehow elegant in casual shorts.
Her desserts are an elegant counterpoint to a casual dinner.
They wouldn't have looked like lovers to the casual observer.
It seemed very casual, and nobody's movement seemed strictly controlled.
He has a string of casual flings and dysfunctional relationships.
Behind is a more casual den and a powder room.
POPINA Italy by way of Atlanta describes this casual spot.
Kris Kristofferson struck a casual pose on the red carpet.
A business casual dress code can be confusing for anyone.
The former First Lady's outfit merged casual and glamorous details.
That's a casual 84% off the usual cost of $500.
It's stark, but chic; austere, but casual; serious, but hip.
The ad includes sneakers, casual and workout clothing, and accessories.
The deal includes sneakers, casual and workout clothing, and accessories.
The language is both casual and formal, undergirded by violence.
"We've seen our discourse degraded by casual cruelty" [by Trump].
Her singing is breathy and casual, and in moments, sweet.
And casual clothing isn't hard to come by these days.
These shoppers are not casual, however, about eating or entertaining.
I was kind of casual, hey, how is it going.
I used to do some casual birding with my mother.
There are other overly casual aspects to the Pelosi effort.
Things are pretty casual this first week here in Daytona.
He has the most casual of relationships with the truth.
Everything is intentional, even if it appears to be casual.
Season 3 of "Casual" began Tuesday, May 23, on Hulu.
The casual racism of the period can still be shocking.
"Today's customers are ... looking for casual, fun fashion," he said.
This was my ode to the easy, beautiful, casual lifestyle.
To a casual observer, the decision might have seemed obvious.
"DMs are so casual, so easy to miss," she said.
Sometimes this book is too casual for its own good.
NEW YORK, Jan 25 (Reuters) - Casual dining chain Luby's Inc.
Nelson knows that in certain contexts, no conversation is casual.
Davidson and Beckinsale's seemingly casual fling only lasted four months.
"He is quite casual about me fighting really," Herman said.
Pompeo was "very chatty, casual, and entertaining," the attendee said.
Sure, tumblers are fine for unremarkable wines in casual situations.
The casual dining chain's stock shed about 22.62 percent Wednesday.
Casual vid chat with my friend and his cute dog.
I invited her to get a quick dinner, something casual.
Bukowski wasn't a casual drinker, he was a lifelong alcoholic.
The drawings will be "casual, fast and fun," he added.
We found that most participants are relatively casual conspiracy theorists.
"It's not very intrusive; it's casual," CEO Zi Wang said.
They're casual, comfortable, and cleanly designed enough to wear anywhere.
It's an incredibly laborious task for a fast casual place.
I would no longer have casual sex or romantic pursuits.
Casual dining is being reconceived on the Strip as well.
Your thing is, there's no artifice that it's casual, right?
And from a casual scroll through her Instagram feed, you might be onto something: It seems the singer has been on an all-white kick (from casual tees to sexy dresses) as of late.
We've exchanged sit-down casual dining (Applebee's, TGI Fridays) for fast casual (Chipotle et al.) because if we're gonna pay for something, it should either be an experience worth waiting in line for (Cronuts!
José Andrés opened a fast-casual pop-up earlier this year, and L.A.'s Ricardo Zarate, who was named a Food & Wine Best New Chef in 2011, opened casual Peruvian spot Mamacita in April.
Under Marks & Spencer, which bought it in 1988, Brooks Brothers enthusiastically embraced the casual wear boom of the 1990s, as the store's merchants were told to copy the business-casual look of Banana Republic.
What might seem like a casual and routine untruth, so casual and routine that it has now become the white noise of Washington, is in fact a serious lapse in the defense of our country.
Better burger and fast casual chains started gaining momentum after the 2008 recession, when people were looking for spots that served higher quality meals than fast food chains but were less expensive than casual restaurants.
With a great casual style and quick-drying polyester material, the REI Co-op Active Pursuit shorts work just as well for a casual afternoon out as they do for a day at the pool.
When I was first non-sexually naked in front of one of my casual partners—just doing casual stuff like watering my plants and washing dishes—he remarked and asked if I was an exhibitionist.
It was very short, very casual and a lot of fun.
But everything was inspired by some sporty, street-sport, casual vibe.
Just head down to this super casual eatery for fried everything.
Other times, he dances with other party-goers, all casual choreography.
Felsenthal's casual visit with Benioff turned into a three-hour meeting.
The conversation began as a casual sexual exchange but quickly escalated.
This isn't just a casual one-night stand kind of thing.
The casual yet oh-so chic shoes instantly elevated her look.
He is, after all, rumored to own over 200,000 pairs (casual).
It's casual, and there's a lot less pressure on both sides.
That's where things start to make the casual Switch-owner nervous.
I'd describe my home now as like casual, comfortable, California style.
"On the Reg" for casual T-shirt bras and seamless undies.
Oh, and a hardware vulnerability exposed 900 million Android devices. Casual.
For most them, this will never be more than casual fun.
For people with a more casual approach—nothing wrong with that!
Here's a more casual shot of Joe rocking classic '70s style.
By doing that, he indicates that it's not just casual pointing.
And Grande went progressively more casual as the night went on.
Supposedly they engaged in casual banter — about the game, one presumes.
He talks about these incidents in a measured, almost casual way.
I really do like to be casual as much as possible.
OUMY Women Casual Button Down Office Lady Shirt Blouse, $10.59; walmart.
The audience lingered asking questions in casual conversation with the performers.
And now, even the casual diner chain Denny's is weighing in.
Jason Momoa kept it casual at the Tom Ford runway show.
But their casual nature means safety and labor standards are unregulated.
He's a Tumblr kid, who best expresses himself through casual encounters.
Perhaps it's because the pending election is drawing in casual viewers.
People seemed to be having casual meetings in many of them.
There was something very casual about it; it was low-stakes.
I encountered people of substance, even while just seeking casual sex.
But Bethesda isn't a studio that's targeting the casual gaming audience.
Buttoned DownAn Amazon menswear brand that offers business and casual options.
They engage in casual conversations, hug, then the pairs split off.
Few dress codes are as difficult to nail as business casual.
I don't know if [the attitude was more] casual—or realistic.
But in effect, the policy shift is driving out casual workers.
In a statement Taylor explained the casual vibe of the line.
Holmes, 39, opted for a red shirt, casual jeans, and sandals.
My office is pretty casual, which I am so thankful for.
A casual hook-up has no reason to tolerate my snoring.
The standard ones are: Black Tie, Cocktail Attire, or Casual Attire.
Casual investors often jump in immediately because of the media hype.
This would not be done for a regular or casual dude.
It's sexy, but has a little more of a casual vibe.
"Yeah, I was just keeping it casual," goofs Emily, chief lyricist.
Instead, Trump is casual and nonchalant throughout the 30-minute interview.
I missed dance parties and house parties and casual get-togethers.
What would the casual, non-nerdy viewer make of it all?
The casual-dining sector, however, might fare better, according to Guggenheim.
Instead we go to Fresh Kitchen, a much more casual place.
He paired his casual look with matching tennis shoes and sunglasses.
To the casual user, the topics may not always make sense.
We're guessing this isn't casual banter about the harsh northern weather.
Now how's that for Off-White's new era of business casual?
Davidson, meanwhile, looked casual in a NASA sweatshirt and black sweatpants.
There's so such thing as an casual bystander in this case.
But honestly, I'm happy with my casual relationship to canned tuna.
It's simply a fast-casual take on the Beijing roast duck.
Employees unironically toss words like "sick" and "stoked" into casual conversation.
Rethink t-shirts, lounge pants, and tie dye as casual wear.
Just looking to have a casual, and private conversation in person.
In the Casual Conversation room, users shared their ideas for books.
The last time I had casual sex, it hurt so bad.
Whether they are casual or fancy — well, that's up to you.
This wasn't just casual flirting, which would have been bad enough.
Her red converse added a casual element to her playful look.
And we had a very casual dinner up in the residence.
She was in casual cloths and was extremely nice and courteous.
Only, there's nothing specific about it (looking at you, "dressy casual").
But he still demonstrates a consistent and casual disdain toward women.
Casual observers of clean energy are often surprised by its limitations.
Do you feel that same casual discrimination in the publishing industry?
To the casual observer, mornings at my place would appear strange.
He's wearing "Santa Casual"—a red Hawaiian shirt and Santa hat.
He's wearing "Santa Casual"—a red Hawaiian shirt and Santa hat.
This is one of the best fast-casual places in Miami.
Ask yourself how casual you can be about anything right now.
If your employee handbook tells you to dress business casual, congratulations!
"So let's talk about your aversion to casual sex," I began.
"They were very casual and dined in," an onlooker tells PEOPLE.
When you're Prince William, there's no such thing as casual Friday.
Casual shirt He's not a regular dad, he's a cool dad.
Porowski has plans to open a fast-casual restaurant in NYC.
Yesterday, she continued the casual dining trend with a different man.
I misperceived the casual way the story was portrayed to me.
Her tone was measured to be casual, non-judgmental, and caring.
To the casual observer this may seem to vindicate the doubters.
Most casual fans treat 2001's Laundry Service as her debut.
The Threshold brand has a "casual and classic feel," she says.
This fast-casual eatery takes pride in its locally sourced ingredients.
Hollywood romcoms usually don't even come close to such casual sweetness.
That was the most painful, that casual disregard for my experience.
On Thursday, the pair were photographed spending a casual day together.
But being a survivor isn't about casual strength or innate bravery.
In the Tinder generation, casual sex is a mere swipe away.
"We're seeing casual restaurants doing better than premium restaurants," he added.
In the short, she mentions it twice, but it's very casual.
Meyer told CNBC that he "loves" the fast-casual Mexican chain.
Lately, Middleton has been wearing more casual outfits for her appearances.
Capital One's chat bot is not about casual, meme-filled conversation.
It's estimated that he made a casual two million paddle strokes.
It's made us more available, more casual, and infinitely more #sextable.
The Queen did some casual tree planting to mark the occasion.
That kind of casual happiness has no place in this world.
Garçons's history must be its commercialization into streetwear, via the casual
Everything he said was not in secret, no problem, just casual.
In India's Kelambakkam, the Rohingya work as ragpickers and casual laborers.
He added that it offers casual dining but makes food fast.
Still, for casual photography or newbies, it's a very good price.
Adriana Lima kept it casual for a day on the beach.
"She's Casual" - The HunnaThis is like The 1975 but not good.
It should have been a casual moment they had to themselves.
I played it on a casual level when I was younger.
That's another reason everyone is moving towards these fast-casual concepts.
Long enough to learn that casual Fridays meant khakis, not jeans.
That's just a casual conversation that may turn into a deal.
It's suitable for casual fans who just want to know results.
Now they're more casual because you can find out other ways.
Her new husband was casual in jeans and a blue pullover.
Eventually, though, Mr. Casual had to let go of the note.
As American fashion has slowly become more casual, so has footwear.
They ate at a casual restaurant, eating noodles and grilled pork.
In 2015, Rihanna said she isn't a fan of casual sex.
He wore a turtleneck sweater, his casual uniform for cooler days.
They're killing casual dining chains like Applebee's and Buffalo Wild Wings.
The casual atmosphere is something you can't replicate at a restaurant.
And Sigmund Freud was more than a casual user of cocaine.
Dining choices also skew to the casual and the family-friendly.
And this is considered something that's more of a casual blazer.
What makes it more casual is just by the look itself.
His curled hairstyle gave the outfit an overall more casual look.
The Tie Bar Casual Shirts, $55 or any three for $140
Here, Johnson opted for a dressier, yet still semi-casual look.
So they had casual dress and cubicles and all this stuff.
Even a casual effort to scrutinize his claims shows their weakness.
While some fans love underdogs, casual fans prefer the recognizable names.
She plunges her scim into his heart with a casual brutality.
"It's perfectly done, but it's a casual gesture," Mr. Sachs said.
The result was amazing — imagine sushi, only more accessible and casual.
They gave away their business-casual clothes and sold their car.
Sometimes I like to have sneakers and a very casual look.
This is unfathomably difficult, but somehow Lowry makes it look casual.
But the casual selfie-taker doesn't have to go that far.
It's much more casual, like party banter instead of therapy talk.
I kind of think of casual sex as junk food now.
Both have a slyly casual way of verbally needling their prey.
It is not the turntable The Wirecutter recommends for casual listening.
Ten lounge visits a year is usually enough for casual travelers.
His religious instruction was casual, and he did not study Hebrew.
At least one V.I.P. has voiced casual support for the idea.
She changed into casual clothing and moved on to a wheelchair.
And not just like casual fans, they really know their stuff.
That means it's easier to have casual contact with their excretions.
In general, casual dining chains like Red Lobster are in trouble.
It was both a casual consultation and part of their courtship.
They have become popular casual meeting spaces and places to linger.
I do my makeup and change into my business casual clothes.
To the casual pedestrian, Denver doesn't appear rich in street art.
She was wearing the same casual attire as the day before.
It's unlikely that the casual museumgoer knows that the job exists.
I was inadvertently rolled into a cinnamon bun of casual bribery.
Casual friends of Mr. Kraft think the public reaction is overblown.
Much of the uptick is seen in casual gaming among amateurs.
It's as if that casual elitist cruelty is spurring Buñuel on.
Boat shoes are casual shoes meant to be worn on yachts.
"We relaxed and were very casual," Kings Coach Dave Joerger said.
For the casual action camera user, this is the perfect choice.
By November I was the speed demon overtaking the casual riders.
Then when I moved to the Valley, it's decidedly more casual.
Children of long-ago casual sperm donors are finding their fathers.
Critic's Pick It took a remarkable effort to sound so casual.
This might be the most casual I've ever seen you dressed.
Midosoo Women's Casual Puff Sleeve Pencil Dress with Belt, $19.99; amazon.
SODA Clip Casual Espadrilles Flatform Wedge in Mustard-Glor, $24.50, amazon.
SODA Clip Casual Espadrilles Flatform Wedge in Cream, $25.98-$27.99; amazon.
She explained that she and Cameron had been keeping it casual.
He was looking for a casual pair to wear around town.
In another, the two are wearing casual clothes and laughing naturally.
She's aware that I'm a casual porn viewer, as is she.
Treat it as a casual update, rather than a formal meeting.
But sometimes casual fans and sports radio callers are absolutely right.
Casual encounters with strange men are discomfiting to many Saudi women.
It flows into a casual eating area connected to the kitchen.
The restaurant appears casual, understated, but everything is done with intention.
Neighbors clucked in casual pleasantries as the night listlessly stretched out.
Hilary Duff went for a more casual maternity style that year.
It is a conversation between two presidents that's casual in nature.
The couple kept things sporty and casual for their afternoon activity.
For me, a self-described casual gamer, it was just annoying.
It can be applied to casual joggers and elite athletes alike.
The swipe is about as casual a gesture as it gets.
You don't need to invite every distant relative and casual neighbor.
Instead, you'll find everyday machines that are ideal for casual users.
A casual date night with his close personal bro Barack Obama?
Goldman Sachs (GS) already permitted more casual dress in some divisions.
The women kept a casual pace, listening attentively to museum officials.
To her, there is nothing casual about putting on a show.
Ambrosia BYOB is known for its homemade pasta and casual atmosphere.
Can I just have the occasional fling or a casual affair?
It was a casual hair look from Dakota and Brie Larson.
We've long known of President Trump's casual disregard for the truth.
"There's a casual sophistication to the West Village," Mr. Anderer said.
You are wearing weekend casual, even though it is a Wednesday.
The Gentlemen Rated R for language, casual slurs and gun violence.
CNN listened to the calls, which ranged from casual to threatening.
More casual lifestyles took their toll on lace tablecloths and handkerchiefs.
Xi'an Famous Foods is a fast-casual restaurant based in NYC.
Casual and approachable makes a lot of sense in this town.
I seem to have a great collection, from tuxedos to casual.
I get ready for work and am thankful for casual Fridays.
For most users, switching browsers isn't a casual thing, after all.
But it does nothing to mute her tendency towards casual cruelty.
He fights racist organizations, casual bias and the prejudice of friends.
Source: Kurtis Productions Greg Meffert has perfected the cool, casual saunter.
It arms even the most casual traveler with some powerful information.
I change into business casual and head to another recruitment event.
Spell check isn't always your friend — more like a casual acquaintance.
The family went for a casual look in the 2019 photo.
"It's the fastest growing of the 'better burger' fast casual players."
You know, just casual, normal, very legal and cool president stuff!
Obioma is especially good at exposing such instances of casual racism.
More than a few, and some that might surprise casual fans.
Casual fans seem less likely to show up at watch parties.
Adam: I'm a casual fan, but nothing as much as Chaz!
CASUAL DINNER Sometimes we have a few friends over around 8.
But what does the ruling mean for the casual sports bettor?
The intellectual virtuosity on display is somehow both ostentatious and casual.
It's casual but homey and the food is yummy as well.
But immigration scholars will tell you the casual interaction does matter.
We have a close working relationship and a casual work environment.
It's uptown, downtown, trendy, and as classically casual as the Gap.
"Casual drinkers aren't spending enough on booze to care," Kleiman explained.
Casual play looks similar to competitive but it's a lot sloppier.
I love all the casual lying that entrepreneurs have to do.
The two have had a casual relationship for about 2 years.
"These people are not casual participants," Kwong said about his interviewees.
Both Ginsburgs, for instance, were Jewish, and they were working in a midcentury culture that harbored casual (and not so casual) anti-Semitism, something they'd have had to deal with both at Harvard and at work.
United said the payment would reduce the financial uncertainty facing its casual workforce and would be made to all matchday and non-matchday casual workers who have worked for the club in the past three months.
More often than not, it can lead to standing in front of an overflowing closet wondering what the term "business casual" even means — and whether the particular occasion or job leans more business or more casual.
What might seem like a casual and routine untruth -- so casual and routine that it has by now become the white noise of Washington - is in fact a serious lapse in the defense of our country.
What might seem like a casual and routine untruth – so casual and routine that it has by now become the white noise of Washington - is in fact a serious lapse in the defense of our country.
While fast casual and casual dining restaurants are usually insulated from wage hikes, since these establishments tend to already have higher wages, many of these chains have had to pass rising food costs onto the consumer.
And then I realized why: Though it was a casual encounter, how that man reduced an American classic gave me a first-hand glimpse into the casual ways that women are marginalized and written out of history.
Cracker Barrel announced in October that it planned to scrap Holler & Dash, the fast-casual spinoff it launched in 2016, after it acquired Maple Street Biscuit, a fast-casual chain with a focus on breakfast and brunch.
Most of the time, you can get away with keeping it casual.
They were pretty casual about it, they didn't even show any responsibility.
A casual listener wouldn't know it wasn't composed or performed by people.
Then the fashion maven makes an excuse for her casual get-up.
In my experience as a casual-yet-passionate player, Super Smash Bros.
BKV: Cliff has an obsessive attention to detail that somehow looks casual.
Celestron SkyMaster 25X100 ASTRO Binoculars — $6223 See Details Looking for something casual?
Far from a casual observer, Jude Blanchette is an astute American sinologist.
Read: Imperfect, slept-on, casual, DGAF — whatever you want to call it.
Nothing wrong with that, of course, but what about the casual user?
Keeping things simple, she accessorized her business casual look with two necklaces.
Photolemur is a great image enhancement tool for the casual photo editor.
I think I'm more, recently especially, into the casual kind of thing.
Trump's casual use of the word "treason" is a relatively new development.
And it wasn't a phone call — it was just a casual text.
Markets team out, although a casual reader would be unlikely to have
Musk's casual Twitter use has gotten him in trouble in the past.
Like every fast casual place in the area, it's packed during lunch.
Cosi is the latest casual dining chain to file for bankruptcy protection.
Just a casual stroll with the Queen of England, or, err, Grandmum?
It is difficult, these days, to be a fast-casual pasta restaurant.
Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone kept things casual for their latest outing.
Mainstream fast food and fast casual chains are also noticing the trend.
Liam Chatterjee, a senior, said he has begun to observe casual sexism.
Jamie Bell and Kate Mara like to keep their date nights casual.
They're just trying to make casual conversation and engage in societal niceties.
Meanwhile, her new husband paired a gray suit jacket with casual pants.
"For a fast and more casual dinner I love Sugarfish," she says.
They have a nice casual relationship that has blossomed into a romance.
Shoppers increasingly are opting for comfort and casual over fitted and formal.
I am not positive that casual acquaintances will be remembered as well.
Yes, Khloé's home was busting with birthday love for her casual event.
Freshlook Long Sleeve Casual Button Down Swing Dress with Pockets, $16.99; walmart.
Few casual listeners on Spotify have paid much attention to recent records.
I have to admit: I am relatively casual about the flu shot.
Check out Rihanna's fringe jumpsuit, Ariana Grande's casual denim overalls and more!
The fast casual burrito chain is officially adding queso to menus nationwide.
Earlier this week, Cyrus took a much more casual approach to fashion.
If any player in the fast-casual space is executing, it's Panera.
He's made casual threats about starting a war, seemingly without much forethought.
Maroney kept it casual in a gray hoodie and a camouflage jacket.
For women, the business casual uniform is much more open to interpretation.
How can we survive business-casual confusion while still feeling like ourselves?
The casual public reaction is almost the most telling thing of all.
This was casual, not something said while sitting, fascinated in my presence.
Perhaps we're being a little too casual when it comes to STIs.
Phil is a Noisey Canada staff writer and casual laser tag player.
What do you think of Kylie's business casual looks for Marie Claire?
The movie includes allusions to casual, even institutional lesbianism on Paradise Island.
Here's a video of the casual pitch in case you missed it: .
" Alex O'Neill, digital editor for The Whitechapel Gallery "I'd go kinda casual.
This is what privilege is — to have a casual conversation with gatekeepers.
At the same time, my body is unruly in "business casual" wear.
We particularly discourage casual dress code, intoxicated customers, and male heavy entourages.
Super-elaborate sex parties do exist—as do super chill, casual ones.
The 53-year-old's tone is notably casual given Guzmán's notorious criminality.
But a casual scroller may not be able to tell the difference.
The iPhone has progressively become more resistant to casual exposure to water.
It means no kissing at all, even casual cheek or family kisses.
That being said, $900 is a lot of money for casual riders.
NET is a much-loved Windows image editor for more casual users.
Ahead, some of the casual wisdom and fun tidbits she shared. 216.
It's focused on casual players; the whole thing is self-consciously silly.
Zach: I play a lot of PUBG and Fortnite for casual stuff.
It has spread from partygoers to casual labourers, not always by choice.
And it's going to blow Star Wars fans, casual and involved, away.
Casual measurements taken by doctors overestimate blood pressure by about 19 mmHg.
And his smart, casual chemistry with Roberts is still on the money.
You may prefer long-term relationships to casual dating or occasional hookups.
Obviously, this opens the door for more casual daters to prowl eHarmony.
So you flirt your way into a casual and fun summer romance.
Who knows, but removing or changing content is never a casual conversation.
Maybe Nicole is going to be a more casual, laid-back Santa?
Both traded in their casual gear for more formal attire on Sept.
"A casual, 'I love you; this stuff is not you,'" she says.
To casual observers, it would seem like an open-and-shut case.
The pair kept it casual in matching baseball caps, sunglasses and sneakers.
Casual woman inside a cafe downloading or sharing information with a smartphone .
The mother-daughter pair arrived at the terminal dressed in casual clothing.
At this point in my life, I'm not a casual sex person.
Casual snoops will have a harder time seeing what you have purchased.
Urban CoCo Women's Casual One Button Office Blazer Jacket, $28.86-$29.86; amazon.
Jameel kept things casual in a gray t-shirt and black hoodie.
It wasn't a particularly formal affair, but it wasn't super casual either.
Coolidge was a casual but adventurous eater, counting Vermont country pickles, Mrs.
Is there anything more head-spinningly confusing than the moniker "business casual"?
She paired the casual-chic look with some black leggings and sneakers.
The pair have vacationed together in both Monaco and Australia, because, casual.
Zoë Kravitz is keeping it casual-chic for her pre-wedding festivities!
This creates a bottleneck that likely discourages most casual users from reporting.
They started out more like friends, and then it was very casual.
For a long time, politics, especially for women, weren't for casual discussion.
In a way, it feels like the future of fast casual food.
Royals don't do summer casual — at least not when they're on duty.
In my defense, the trend toward more casual office apparel predates me.
Typically, a playdate between two tots is a casual, low-key affair.
I'm sure many other casual football fans are in the same situation.
We fell into a comfortable routine of casual dinners, sometimes a movie.
They just may become the next  great fast-casual chain in America .
While he appeared casual and conciliatory, his words were laced with passion.
Being too casual, on the other hand, can be a red flag.
You can rename the assistant, and BMW encourages conversation and casual chatting.
For the outing, the famous family opted for casual, beach friendly outfits.
It's loaded with functions that both advanced and casual photographers will love.
When a casual listener thinks of Prince, they think of this aesthetic.
Emma Bunton sports white disco style shoes with a casual denim look.
This approach enables casual users to choreograph biped robot walking without expertise.
Shop here for gifts, jewelry, totes and wallets, and casual women's clothes.
Both Foster and Elson were dressed in casual looks for the day.
He satisfies everyone, the knowing smark crowd, casual fans, and kids, alike.
The update protects the casual user from seeing controversial or NSFW material.
Miley's no stranger to tattoos, as even the most casual fan knows.
Imagine trying to make casual cocktail conversation if that is your job.
"Candy Crush Saga," ranked fifth last year, remains the leading casual game.
We put this to a casual real-world test during our shoot.
"I totally understand people who want to have casual sex," he added.
It's an important resource for journalists, musicologists, and casual music fans alike.
Meanwhile, the terms "fast casual" or "fast service" have totally different connotations.
The meetings below include formal appointments, casual pull-asides and phone calls.
The Method Jacket looks like any other fleece jacket—comfy and casual.
All that brings Sheindlin to a casual net worth of $400 million.
It's going to look casual but be made to real military specifications.
As Panera's fast casual business has grown steadily, its stock has risen.
She wore her hair in a casual, loose braid for the occasion.
It makes any outfit look more put-together, including a casual dress.
She opened Petit Crenn, a more casual San Francisco eatery, in 2015.
Pippa Middleton didn't exactly have a low-key, casual wedding on Saturday.
Immediately I was taken by his decidedly casual approach to seasonal decorating.
Vast reserves of calculation went into that illusion of relaxed, casual cheer.
We tend to think of them as casual daywear, breezy by nature.
Liz Tigelaar ("Casual") will write and serve as showrunner and executive producer.
I actually watched two episodes of a show called Casual last night.
It was very casual and my family is super accepting and supportive.
Casual when a plane lands on the freeway #LA #55 #CostaMesa pic.twitter.
What's lovely about the piece is the way it is earnestly casual.
When women initiated casual sex, they were less likely to regret it.
It was as if the blouse knew that I am business casual.
We suddenly had more to say to each other than casual greetings.
Even the most casual air traveler knows our airports are woefully underfunded.
She went for comfortable clothes for a casual game day on Saturday.
People may get annoyed that you keep correcting them in casual conversation.
Taylor Hill went for a natural-makeup look in a casual selfie.
But that doesn't stop the casual foodie from dipping fries in milkshakes.
Tronjori High Waist Casual Wide Leg Long Palazzo Pants, $23.99-$33.99, amazon.
And the market for casual clothing is viewed as much more competitive.
Others say a casual conversation can quell fears of the unknown flier.
Over the years, Mays and her husband were casual about retirement saving.
Most are casual and well-priced, with big portions and bigger flavors.
This is a girls' game & casual game & fasion [sic] game & kids game!!
Friends, casual acquaintances, and YouTube celebrities rotate through the Witness branded house.
"The casual thing is not a leaderly thing for women," she says.
In June 2015, the hotel added a pier and casual lakefront restaurant.
Peter Fogel, the costume designer, appropriately dresses the characters in casual clothes.
DJ Khaled went casual in a button-up shirt and gray pants.
It works perfectly, however, as a casual day-to-day activity tracker. 
A casual, regal wave as the ball arcs through the summer sky.
My family and I love the $82 Casual Home Wooden Dog Crate.
"It showed 20-something models dressed in fashionably casual clothing," he added.
They offer casual styles, workwear, outerwear, intimates, formal dresses, and even swimwear.
Even casual observers have likely noticed that sneakers are everywhere these days.
Set up a casual meeting with your boss to show your interest.
In fast-casual pizza, three things are key: speed, taste, and customizability.
Here's what many casual observers of our politics may fail to realize.
That was clearest on Saturday, the more casual of the two nights.
Snowshoeing is also a casual activity that many novices can learn easily.
Sarah Silverman wore one of the most casual looks of the night.
Students have always offered one another casual swipes, and even sold them.
And who can forget one of Princess Diana's most famous casual looks?
Cole Haan has long been my go-to for business-casual shoes.
Checkmate. Competitive and casual chess players alike now have a new foe.
Olive Garden topped the casual-dining sector with a score of 18.6.
You've never had more things to talk about with your casual acquaintances.
Having great speakers matters for communal viewing, casual video watching and more.
KEEP IT CASUAL At home I shower and dress for the day.
The head of New Zealand's government likewise has a floppy, casual charm.
Most casual Facebook users have a sense of what Zuckerberg looks like.
Standing groups are casual, for the organization of chores and small grievances.
Sun and Moon take a casual stroll, gazing up at the sky.
They make insane vibrators these days, and casual sex has its perks.
Ask for that exclusivity clause if you're over the casual-dating thing.
Then it feels casual, like this is a part of my life.
First, her casual attitude towards other people's intellectual property is less sinister.
"Just looking to have a casual, and private conversation in person."—Noisey
The mood at first was casual as Bill assessed his new ground.
The cafe marries a fast-casual dining experience with the cereal brand.
David Wallace-Wells was good at reaching millions of casual magazine readers.
This list includes everything from casual-chic cookeries to upscale grub hubs.
CCGs have always had a hard time keeping the casual player interested.
And her voice offers a casual, easy emotiveness that draws listeners in.
A casual attacker may have your social security number, but probably won't.
They can go on Tinder and have casual sex at any moment.
We're launching Locale, which is gonna be a health-focused casual concept.
It can be a casual hookup, a fuck buddy, or a relationship.
Added the Bellroy Slim Work Bag as the new best casual pick.
I attended eight elementary schools, with some casual home schooling in between.
It doesn't protect casual talk about the "need" to assassinate the President.
Casual dining chains have become pretty ubiquitous with generic menus and interiors.
"The works are for sale, but it's very casual," Ms. Cole said.
But the casual, unstaged nature, he said, is part of the charm.
The couple were casual friends at the same high school in Washington.
That at first seems casual, but the music has a subtle change.
As the world and workplace get increasingly casual, so, too, the footwear.
It is all very casual, but the camaraderie is important to him.
We've gotten so casual in the workplace that we're basically wearing loungewear.
The next day they went to a Casual Corner at the mall.
She was only a casual acquaintance until we connected over being pregnant.
Casual observers wonder why these blustering, nattily dressed bombasts can't stay cool.
And there is the constant, casual assumption that Oliver has a girlfriend.
Casual sex [also] isn't as taboo as it was 20 years ago.
The choice of the word "facilitates" in this document is not casual.
We no longer engage in casual contact at church and other places.
But you can enjoy the Hogwarts spirit in more casual settings, too.
The only fighter most casual sports fans are familiar with just retired.
And above them are casual pants and jeans that can be folded.
I don't wander into casual sex expecting it to yield a relationship.
It was couture for the casual, everyday era, without pandering or gimmicks.
"A casual thing from one Jewish person to the next," she said.
We no longer engage in casual contact at church and other places.
SODA Clip Casual Espadrilles Flatform Wedge in Natural T, $26.63-$32.50; amazon.
Keeping things casual, Pitt wore a T-shirt, jacket and newsboy cap.
In the desert, there is a casual distance between story and truth.
I am glad Ms. Swift took a stand against casual sexual assault.
Then came restaurants like Krispy Kreme and the fast-casual chain Panera.
And even casual Democrats began to feel the urgency around her candidacy.
One brought homemade lunches to work instead of splurging on fast-casual.
This casual yet neverending form of communication is particularly fitting for couples.
Wear it with a T-shirt for a casual yet refined look.
"Soda" is the local term for a casual eatery and sandwich shop.
I arrived in a casual oversized sweatshirt and giant winter fur boots.
The walls and shelves held casual portraits of Mr. Howard with presidents.
BALEENkitchen services the pool bar, which offers a smaller, more casual menu.
Somebody you accidentally invited in a casual moment and then forgot about?
"They had a casual celebration and seemed very happy," the source added.
But this is a case where our casual intuitions can be misleading.
But Mr. Nelson knows that in certain contexts, no conversation is casual.
Judge John Hodgman Arielle writes: My office hosts a casual baking contest.
The talks would come later, casual and nonchalant, conversations instead of lectures.
For casual fans, Shenmue is remembered as a sort of game-changer.
Federal pension law is not something that comes up in casual conversation.
For casual movie fans, the annual Oscar race starts with the Globes.
Message to Donald Trump: do not f*ck with fast casual pizza. 
Chen says that includes offering casual games, live streaming, comics, and music.
Cometa Pla's interior, which comprises two floors, is casual, warm and contemporary.
I avoid the subject of my mother with strangers and casual acquaintances.
"We always do buffet because we feel it's more casual," Jackson says.
"It ain't that deep," she shrugs, but it's not exactly casual, either.
I'm rather casual here, but I'm typically more eccentric with my look.
"It was real tight, real small, casual, low-key," Mr. Mickens said.
If this is the new business casual ... go get that MBA, kids!
At Mashable, casual talk about sex is often part of the job.
"We talked trash, were casual and let our hair down," she said.
Men hug more, men and women touch more just in casual conversation.
Supreme's casual disregard for appealing to mainstream tastemakers only strengthens its appeal.
We are constantly applying real, high-level technique to a casual experience.
"Portland is this city that's really serious about being casual," he said.
It's just a casual shortening of Lieutenant, one of the higher-ups.
In a more feminist world, such casual misogynist cruelty would be rare.
And Peter was just that casual and hippie-ish all the time.
A spirit of civility and liberalism is evident even to casual visitors.
And often, the detectives' blind spots are informed by casual social prejudices.
Teigen explained that she'd already had a casual dinner prepared for Legend.
Firebirds Wood Fire Grill is a "polished casual" restaurant, according to Dalton.
A different insider told PEOPLE that Cameron and Karanikolaou's relationship is casual.
It is a new restaurant specializing in Japanese fast-casual comfort food.
But the city's abundant food scene includes more casual offerings as well.
Mountain Paraphernalia blossomed into a casual-wear clothing company called Royal Robbins.
But at other times, a more casual attitude prevailed inside the company.
A second insider tells PEOPLE that Cameron and Karanikolaou's relationship is casual.
Society also is more casual than it was a few decades ago.
This story was not about a casual comment tossed off without thinking.
There was casual sex on campuses from the minute there were campuses.
The overall vibe is casual, and the ships employ a BYOB policy.
Even casual Stephen King fans should get the significance of Spacek's casting.
They had some pillows backstage, he said, but the event was casual.
His casual treatment of their struggle may come back to haunt Republicans.
That's a resource of value to everyone, from Dines to casual consumers.
So if a girl likes casual stuff, then that works for me.
Accusations of misconduct and casual sexism have engulfed British politics as well.
The proper way to win is accidentally, with a casual, effortless superiority.
I even called my dad, a more-than-casual player to check.
How casual, on the ten-point dressy-cazj spectrum, is this office?
These days, Beckham prefers knits and casual patterns, like this tweed suit.
It's been a minute since we heard Kanye drop a casual verse.
"Every time I wear something more casual he likes it," says Michael.
In 1992, Levi's Dockers brand, known exclusively for business casual-wear, sent out a guidebook to Human Resource directors across the country, encouraging them to adopt business casual as a way to make their employees happier at work.
But the brown leather strap was meant to evoke Africa, as "we wanted a watch that could fit different styles — formal, casual, smart casual — so we have a wide range," said Gabriel Mothibedi, 22019, the brand's co-founder.
For a very casual workplace: If you're interviewing for a position in a work environment that is more casual, for example a local restaurant, kids' camp or retail store, Yannetta suggests you still put your best foot forward.
However, in the restaurant industry, Chipotle is considered a fast casual restaurant, meaning that it offers up a mashup of the convenience of a fast food chain and the quality and atmosphere of a casual, sit-down restaurant.
Here, a few ideas from Hakim:"Best wishes, Joe" or "Cheers, Joe": This is a casual and upbeat way to end an email, and you might choose this type of closing to promote a light or casual dialogue.
They actually find it extremely expensive to dress in a business-casual function, so we also did research with the Lean In organization and we found out that around the year 2000, businesses around the country went business casual.
And while most community groups might advocate for an independent full-service restaurant or a locally owned fast-casual spot — or a balance among the two — landlords aren't so much concerned about saturating a neighborhood with fast-casual concepts.
"Partners will have different sexual interests," says Dr. Zhana Vrangalova , an adjunct professor at New York University and founder of The Casual Sex Project , an initiative that encourages people to anonymously share stories and experiences related to casual sex.
The factory has also started making its own line of leather casual shoes.
These incredibly comfortable merino wool loungers are perfect for a casual day out.
I still wear the same casual athletic clothes I wore in my 20s.
To the casual observer, three weeks of drawn games may sound excruciatingly boring.
There's hardly a sentence that isn't emphasized, a gesture allowed to remain casual.
Her partner, Jerome Tisserand, is a superb dancer: He modestly embodies casual elegance.
The video feels so light and free and casual at the same time.
One is that a tolerance of casual sexism can inflict real commercial damage.
Sex-induced hormones connect us more than "casual" sex would seem to allow.
The question just—it's not something my people usually ask in casual conversation.
A tailored vest over jeans is a sleek look for a casual gathering.
The Baguette bag is soft and can play as both casual and cocktail.
I wanted something casual, but something that would have a hook to it.
One bite in, I couldn't believe I was eating a fast-casual pizza.
It's a "mustsee" for everyone from the professional trader to the casual investor.
D.C. Rainmaker, shares his picks for everyone from casual walkers to Olympic athletes.
Rumoured to be of Serbian origin, the leggy brunette was in casual denims.
But you soon realize this casual style is either camouflage or wishful thinking.
It's not something you learn from casual, friendly conversation with a person. 224.
There isn't enough out there to keep casual users putting on a headset.
With the bizarrely casual references to child molestation, domestic violence, and sexual harassment?
This made the app a great option for casual photographers and pros alike.
There's nothing wrong with a casual game, but more options are always better.
Now you have to be a fast-casual pasta restaurant fit for influencers.
What was originally intended as a casual hookup blossoms into something like love.
Jay kept things casual, in a baseball cap, black t-shirt and jeans.
Nice and casual with the added benefit of a question at the end.
After three weeks of casual tapping, I'd gained over a thousand new followers.
She said Watt seemed casual about their absence and didn't show any emotion.
But Pastor Seibert's comments aren't casual opinions on current issues shared over dinner.
It lies in some middle ground between strategic and casual, abstract and specific.
Till You Drop has more up its sleeve than casual misogyny and homophobia.
I'm a little more casual and comfortable and laid back with my fashion.
"Our work aims to make robotics more accessible to casual users," said Coros.
The attire business casual, but some people are dressed in their Sunday best.
For starters, never go in cold, no matter how casual the meeting seems.
The same thing is most likely happening at the casual level, Kokkinakis said.
"Business casual," Girardi captioned the post of her nonchalantly bending over completely naked.
A casual browser might think this all seems extremely vulnerable to law enforcement.
For Black women specifically, casual sex is almost always pathologized in popular media.
The window is open to upgrade a casual connection into a solid relationship.
But there's a cyclical nature to chefs jumping into the fast-casual scrum.
Yes, there's plenty of casual "no strings" sex available on Tinder and Grinder.
The shorter, more casual nature of email was at odds with this tradition.
His fame and talent quickly attracted casual and amateur builders to the group.
Casual dating situations could turn into something more official in September's final quarter.
"Around the year 2000, businesses around the country went 'business casual,'" she said.
Still, these garments have the same street-wise quirk as more casual items.
Society New YorkAn Amazon women's business casual wear line featuring dresses and purses.
In part, this trend is due to the rise of hyper-casual gaming.
Both father and son attended the event in black pants and casual sneakers.
Thankfully, this season's latest business casual trend may solve all your style mysteries.
The problem wasn't casual sex, or the fact that it's what they wanted.
Are they a casual, social user or is their story one of dependency?
Not only did he go fast casual, he did it clear across town.
Just months after making bail, she started a casual clothing line—Heidi Ware.
The Casual Vacancy effectively dulled my appetite for grownup books from J.K. Rowling.
It's built for running, but it's also great for walking and casual wear.
Pros: Lightweight and breathable upper, super comfortable, serves as a great casual sneaker.
This is definitely more for the fishermen and backwoods campers than casual commuter.
"I've been wanting to do a fast-casual for forever," she told PopSugar.
In short: casual chivalry, urbane charisma and just the slightest hint of cheek.
We're very casual about it, both in the professional and the amateur level.
To be clear: Trump's casual sexism isn't likely to change many voters' minds.
Each one is staffed by neurotics, casual drug users, and short-fused curmudgeons.
But thanks to their casual beachy vibe, they can really kill an outfit.
This whole information-overload issue is more critical in a more casual context.
So he decided to make a casual little joke about it this morning.
Looks like it was a pretty casual family weekend ... based on her wardrobe.
To the casual observer, the scenario sounds a lot like modern day China.
Best of all, it's acrylic (read: perfect for both casual and upscale haunts).
Watch the casual demolition of Giuliani he delivered while walking to a car.
It seems clear that Niantic always had broader plans than simple casual gaming.
It's the second time in a week that they spent casual time together.
Google Assistant even dropped in a super casual "mmhmmm" early in the conversation.
Gay covers many of the same issues, but from a more casual approach.
The relationship between the unlikely pair is new and "casual,"  according to People.
Undoubtedly, girls will spend their winter breaks selecting "snappy casual" outfits to wear.
The brand is also reworking its aesthetic, by channeling a "casual luxury" vibe.
Pocket Edition feels infinitely smaller and far more friendly for the casual player.
So, hypothetically, a mention of Jill should feel pretty casual at this point.
"That makes Twitter's casual dismissal of concerns around this all the more unsettling."
Scott Disick and Sofia Richie played it cool and casual in Beverly Hills.
It's clearly a store designed for casual browsing and impulse purchases, not efficiency.
The spacious chef's kitchen and casual dining area seamlessly connect indoors and out.
For example, machine learning models require relatively simple casual chains to make predictions.
Many important dinosaur discoveries are made by nonexperts in just this casual way.
At his fast-casual chain Bobby's Burger Palace, the check averages around $11.
I'm an extreme lover... I don't like casual sex; I've never had anal.
The mayor's remarks also reignited a debate about casual sexism in German society.
Casual office Look for fridays with a white jackett made out of linen.
According to Fast Casual, 3-D printed pizza could be on its way.
Some years, with a big crowd, that's been a casual touch football game.
Lewis refuses causal, casual, transparent notions of relations between concepts, people, or situations.
Despite the "casual white supremacy" on display, minorities aren't going anywhere, Ansari said.
Seasoned longboarders will love the extra power; casual skaters deserve a learning curve.
It felt fun to sing it that way, kind of casual like that.
Tass, was jailed in 2010 for his casual research into the online child
The Polar Ignite is a casual fitness smartwatch dedicated to splitting the difference.
Could I mitigate the harms of casual alcoholism by drinking more celery smoothies?
How do they just get to be casual crystal users and not me?
"My second Pap smear came out okay," I said, trying to sound casual.