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"measure" Definitions
  1. [countable] an official action that is done in order to achieve a particular aim
  2. [countable, uncountable] a unit used for stating the size, quantity or degree of something; a system or a scale of these units
  3. [countable] (especially of alcohol) a standard quantity
  4. [countable] a way of judging or measuring something
  5. [singular] measure of something a sign of the size or the strength of something
  6. [singular] measure of something a particular amount of something, especially a fairly large amount synonym degree
  7. [countable] an instrument such as a stick, a long tape or a container that is marked with standard units and is used for measuring see also tape measure
  8. [countable] (North American English) a written suggestion, especially one for a new law made by the lawmakers of a state
  9. (British English usually bar) [countable] one of the short sections of equal length that a piece of music is divided into, and the notes that are in it

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"measure" Synonyms
quantity amount degree extent level proportion grade scale range gradation scope severity quality size ratio standard strength rate ambit division capacity reach depth dimension measurement volume amplitude area breadth span distance magnitude width proportions dimensions portion quota share part allocation allotment allowance sum admeasurement admensuration ration percentage cut piece slice lot benchmark yardstick barometer test touchstone metric norm criterion mark model par gauge(UK) gage(US) bar canon example method pattern step action act means procedure control initiative course deed expedient maneuver(US) manoeuvre(UK) proceeding move operation program(US) programme(UK) shift agency device bill law statute legislation enactment resolution proposal proposition project rule decree ruling constitution edict ordinance command dictate dictum proclamation intensity pitch compass system units ruler meter(US) metre(UK) tape measure guide specification instruction signal beat rhythm cadence swing tempo time verse accent cadency stress stroke foot melody rhyme throb tune pulse dance caper hop scheme stratagem plan trick ploy ruse tactic machination contrivance artifice stunt plot dodge gambit intrigue subterfuge gimmick temperance restraint moderation temperateness constraint moderateness reasonableness frugality discretion prudence stoicism conservatism moderatism golden mean happy medium composure equanimity balance mildness pace momentum speed clip lick velocity alacrity frequency movement regularity celerity motion fastness swiftness expeditiousness quickness downbeat tot shot nip dram swig slug drink snifter drop finger swallow draft(US) draught(UK) libation toothful thimbleful small measure jigger splash glass metrology calibration quantification assessment evaluation valuation estimation appraisal computation determination metage judgement(UK) judgment(US) estimate gauging(UK) gaging(US) mensuration calculation measuring intelligence quotient aptitude mental ability caliber(US) calibre(UK) compass of mind IQ mental age mental caliber mental capacity mental ratio ma litmus test confirmation proof acid test base test indicator decisive test genuineness analysis trial critical test definitive test experiment crucial test substantiation conclusive test proving ground test of value enterprise venture pursuit undertaking activity endeavour(UK) exercise task affair campaign exploit mission song strain refrain ditty jingle theme number warble air carol lay motif chorus composition aria descant line deal abundance bunch chunk load mass pile stack wealth bulk bundle fistful mountain profusion raft class character classification rank stature status worth condition place position repute standing state station pulsation vibration palpitation beating pounding thump shake ripple oscillation pound quiver surge quake shot glass nip glass shooter glass shooters glass weighing machine scales weighbridge semblance hint fragment modicum shred trace bit smidgen pinch scintilla scrap touch crumb ounce smattering speck dab tad spot aspect attribute characteristic component facet factor feature property side angle element point ingredient detail particular constituent retribution reprisal retaliation revenge vengeance justice nemesis payback punishment reckoning recompense redress repayment requital satisfaction compensation damages penalty remedy reparation inflection(US) intonation tone modulation emphasis timbre lilt accentuation sound tonality pronunciation articulation enunciation rise and fall tone of voice change of pitch change of timbre tapeline tape measuring tape straightedge meterstick slide rule straight edge metal rule steel rule measuring stick T-square folding rule sanction prohibition ban embargo veto proscription interdict restriction injunction boycott interdiction moratorium stoppage barrier writ deterrent limitation exclusion tariff period age era interval phase date days epoch generation instant juncture occasion patch stage term bout chapter deepness base profundity height declination extremity limit lowness expanse fathomage distance downwards deepest part distance inwards vertical extent furthest part amendment qualification rider clause proviso provision stipulation codicil revision addendum addition adjunct attachment clarification suggestion supplement requirement notch rung peg inch tier calculate compute quantify assess determine evaluate judge weigh appraise survey count plumb value figure consider choose reflect on think about choose carefully select with care think carefully about assess the effect of constrain contain check inhibit regulate bridle curb restrain tame govern hold keep pull in rein in moderate repress suppress match compare contrast monitor pit follow set compare with contrast with keep track of put into competition with juxtapose differentiate separate match up manage administer adjust methodize overlook temper adapt organise(UK) organize(US) systematise(UK) systematize(US) admeasure allocate apportion distribute divide divvy divvy up measure out mete allot assign dispense give prorate delimit define bound demarcate fix circumscribe delineate demark establish terminate delimitate mark off restrict specify mark out set the limits calibrate rectify attune standardise(UK) standardize(US) fine-tune bring into line modify tweak alter rearrange change readjust counterbalance heft measure heaviness measure how heavy someone measure how heavy someone is measure how heavy something is put in the balance put on the scale put someone on the scales put something on the scales measure the weight of graduate classify group order categorise(UK) categorize(US) sort arrange sequence arrange in order arrange in a series divide up codify fathom understand comprehend grasp catch divine interpret penetrate perceive absorb assimilate unravel work out decipher decode dig disentangle fathom out get fit shape fashion tailor accommodate suit customise(UK) customize(US) doctor edit acclimate acclimatise(UK) acclimatize(US) More
"measure" Antonyms
extreme ignorance inaction unimportance whole guess estimate lethargy thinness juncture part dishonor(US) dullness dishonour(UK) end debt totality conjecture fancy probability change possibility cessation freedom idleness inactivity inertia permanent repose rest stoppage wildness quiet suspension failure regression stagnation insignificance smallness tininess worthlessness littleness inferiority individual one irrelevance triviality inconsequentiality inconsequence inessentiality immateriality slightness entirety total unevenness all agreement peace apex climax culmination finale finish limit middle peak pinnacle prime zenith high point intemperance excess immoderation excessiveness immoderacy immoderateness intemperateness overindulgence self-indulgence prodigality agitation allowance carelessness gluttony indulgence permission rashness extremism severity height length tallness improvisation spontaneity extemporisation(UK) extemporization(US) ad-libbing stop disorganization(US) disorganisation(UK) lawlessness blockage unbelief chaos disorder hindrance disallowance block veto low bar bottom of the barrel slowness sluggishness lack of pace lack of speed paucity poorness shame fineness puniness diminutiveness crime violation transgression wrong breach infringement wrongdoing misdemeanor(US) misdemeanour(UK) misconduct lawbreaking misdeed infraction illegality criminality felony charge breach of the law infraction of the law unlawful act abstention apathy certainty entertainment fact fun indolence laziness passiveness passivity pastime reality safety surety surrender unemployment silence forfeit loss little ace bit dab dram driblet glimmer handful hint lick mite mouthful nip ounce peanuts pinch pittance scruple shade shadow coin impotence inability incapacity incompetence lack need poverty stupidity weakness stillness still motionlessness directness facing honesty maintenance meeting openness absence unavailability deficiency emptiness shortage scarcity insufficiency scarceness shortness insufficience want leanness exiguousness rarity scantiness letter cost world lot mountain pile tonne(UK) ton(US) bunch abundance heap profusion plenitude plentitude slew stack bundle fistful raft wealth barrel fair amount forgiveness pardon sympathy exact amount exact number exact value precise amount precise number correct amount correct number monotone repeal lose disorganize divide ignore neglect separate subtract approximate surmise calculate roughly guesstimate disregard gather suppose deduce predict intensify magnify boost increase strengthen heighten raise amplify augment enhance arouse reinforce encourage extend deepen expand escalate intensate build up rush hurry hasten force pour on assist help incite provoke abandon aid allow forsake free leave liberate loose loosen misguide mislead permit promote know determine distinguish ascertain discern identify secern decide differentiate perceive remember recognise(UK) recognize(US) discriminate figure out release acquit deliver disenthrall rescue save clear emancipate extricate rid unburden absolve discharge disengage disentangle disimprison dismiss disperse collect hold keep maintain join combine misallocate hoard unite take withhold retain secret attach conceal hide monopolise(UK) refuse complicate convolute confuse obfuscate cloud distort muddle obscure confound disjoint disorient garble hash impede mess muddy perplex ravel misregister misrecord misdisplay mismeasure misdeliver mismark misinform damage deregulate disarrange mismanage waver worsen

646 Sentences With "measure"

How to use measure in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "measure" and check conjugation/comparative form for "measure". Mastering all the usages of "measure" from sentence examples published by news publications.

I know that metrics can measure only what they measure, and that they can't measure what one might collectively call immeasurables.
But this doesn't give the true measure of the measure.
Measure New augmented reality app to measure objects and spaces.
In the paper, we measure racial prejudice using a specific measure called racial resentment, which is a very prevalent measure in the literature.
How do you measure life force, how do you measure chi?
"Measure", for instance, overlays a virtual tape measure on the phone's screen.
But you have to measure-- you have to measure 'em against alternatives.
That measure is smaller in scope than the forthcoming economic stimulus measure.
"Everything we could think to measure, we wanted to measure," says Barton.
GURIRA Two years later we did "Measure for Measure" in Central Park.
Measure for Measure challenges us to recognize both their flaws and their humanity.
The Nest thermostats do measure humidity, but they cannot measure air quality, either.
But their intolerance is matched measure for measure by those on the right.
As the aging courtier Escalus says in Shakespeare's ''Measure for Measure,'' ''Pardon is . . .
Using bodies as a measure of merit, casualties as a measure of merit.
"When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure," and this is as true of money as it is of any other measure.
We can measure the mass of the planet and measure things about the star.
It's difficult to measure what Tasker did, because there aren't exact stats to measure.
They are removed from both the workforce measure and the measure of the unemployed.
I measure my life by those trips, as surely as watermarks measure the tide.
The other is validity: Does the test actually measure what it's supposed to measure?
It isn't worth your time, and they don't measure what you think they measure.
Not only should you measure your room, you may want to measure your vehicle, too.
This is a class act, because this is Shakespeare from the play Measure for Measure.
Without a rival that can measure up vertically, Team USA has to measure itself horizontally.
Knowing what to measure and how to measure it both present huge headaches for statisticians.
"Measure for Measure" is one of Shakespeare's problem plays, and its whole setup is bizarre.
She's barely more than three feet long, but her measure-by-measure implications are overwhelming . . .
That measure, however, was at the time described as a "temporary measure" by the Ecuadorian government.
You can't really measure the electric field directly—but you can measure the electric potential difference.
It's basically an additional safety measure to ensure that the original safety measure isn't used inappropriately.
Prop 22573, as this November's statewide ballot measure is called, would extend Measure B's mandate statewide.
By that measure, NIPT tests for anything besides the three major trisomies simply don't measure up.
We are in the process of creating that kind of measure, validating that kind of measure.
Yes, the measure was a success, but why was a measure needed in the first place?
There's a saying that athletes don't measure success by time, they measure them by goals achieved.
This was an enormously hard task: to measure, basically, the smallest thing there is to measure.
They've broken Goodhart's law: When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.
Apple's new Measure app lets you measure the distance between two objects, lines along surfaces and more.
The measure is modeled after a use of force measure that was passed in California in July.
A rootin'-tootin' adaptation of "Measure for Measure" settles in for a run at New World Stages.
There's also a new Measure app that uses augmented reality to easily let you, well, measure things.
But that measure faces the longest odds of any gun control measure proposed after the shooting.  Rep.
Those are the things they can measure and do measure, and they've done very well at it.
There is no single accepted measure of which nation has the most "capacity" to hack other states because there is no accepted measure of which techniques would count as part of that measure.
FIELDS will measure electric and magnetic waves around the probe, WISPR will take images, SWEAP will count charged particles and measure their properties and ISOIS will measure the particles across a wide spectrum.
FIELDS will measure electric and magnetic waves around the probe, WISPR will take images, SWEAP will count charged particles and measure their properties, and ISOIS will measure the particles across a wide spectrum.
Energy: Energy is a measure from 0.5713 to 20.571 and represents a perceptual measure of intensity and activity.
For many, opposition to the ballot measure is more about opposition to Renzi than the ballot measure itself.
Energy: Energy is a measure from 0.0 to 1.0 and represents a perceptual measure of intensity and activity.
"That way, there could be a standard measure across the industry about how to measure the important issues."
Men must measure at least 40 inches around their waist, while women must measure at least 35 inches.
Money may be a good measure of success, but it can never truly be a measure of fulfillment.
"The standard way to measure it is as a measure of G.D.P., and it ranks eighth," Kessler says.
Yet I'm not convinced that a production of "Measure for Measure" should call extra attention to those givens.
In "Left Alone," the tempo oscillates from measure to measure between two speeds that are nearly the same.
"This ballot measure was not a good measure by any means, and I think (the voters) were able to see that," Coos Bay's mayor Joe Benetti, who opposed the measure, told local newspaper The World.
What, did you not think people were going to use the iPhone's new Measure app to measure their dicks?
A better measure of the rouble's value is to measure it against the currencies of all its trading partners.
It's a nakedly anti-consumer measure, rather than a pro-privacy measure, and it can't survive First Amendment scrutiny.
The measure passed in a 64-45 vote over Republican Governor Bruce Rauner's opposition to another stopgap spending measure.
The move would appease defense hawks and conservatives who become increasingly frustrated about passing stopgap measure after stopgap measure.
What makes sense in "Measure for Measure" makes gorgeous sense here, thanks especially to Ms. Ricketts and Mr. Ryan.
Trump had threatened to veto the measure early Friday, but eventually backed down and signed the spending measure. pic.twitter.
A similar measure failed to make the ballot in 2016, and two years later, energy companies defeated the measure.
In "Measure for Measure," it's the women who are unfairly asked to fix the mess created by impulsive men.
You can measure the share of the top 1 percent, or you can measure something called the GE coefficient.
The firm's measure of actual volatility against the VIX's measure of implied volatility is at a record low as well.
Then there's software like the Measure app, which uses Tango to measure whatever you can point the phone's cameras at.
That's because the House measure will have to be reconciled with a $1.1 billion Senate measure that passed on Tuesday.
In effect, that shift altered the Best Picture nomination process from a measure of consensus to a measure of passion.
This technology, which is called RIA (radioimmunoassay) has made it possible to measure things we thought too scarce to measure.
However, sometimes it's just too time consuming to measure out coffee beans, grind them, measure out water, and then brew.
There are too many metrics, too many things to measure and too many useful but incompatible ways to measure them.
But how you measure Uber's pace of financial improvement depends on how you measure its losses and its remaining markets.
The state House passed the measure largely along party lines; one Republican voted with every Democrat to oppose the measure.
Bahr is how we were taught to measure poetry,bahr is how we've stopped trying to measure sorrow, back home.
There is no better way to get a realistic measure than to mimic the attack and measure resistance to it.
A total of 49 percent of the electorate voted no on the measure, indicating few voters left that measure blank.
Tonko's measure is the third comprehensive climate-change measure to surface in the last couple of weeks in the House.
The San Francisco measure passed 62 percent to 38 percent and the Albany measure passed 71 percent to 29 percent.
We're going to be able to measure traditional upper-funnel channels just like we are able to measure digital today.
"We have applied this measure because we have been subject to the same measure from the U.S.," Mr. Karamanoğlu said.
"Measure for Measure" is set in a corruption-riddled city filled with double-dealing politicians and out-of-control hedonists.
And they rejected a rent-control measure by a wider margin than the rest of the state (the measure failed).
What matters here, however, is not that the Senate passed the measure, but that lawmakers debated the measure at all.
Attaching the concealed-carry reciprocity measure puts the bipartisan measure to beef up background checks in jeopardy in the Senate.
While House Democrats overwhelmingly supported the school safety measure, they say the measure falls far short of what is needed.
You might soon be able to use your iPhone as a "virtual" tape measure to measure an item, for example.
The measure now goes to the House, which approved a very similar measure earlier this year, to be passed again.
What to watch next: Utah's measure will be on the ballot in November, along with an expansion measure in Idaho.
"One of the biggest challenges is how do you measure brand and how do you measure offline marketing?" she says.
Nestlé Waters North America said it was disappointed the measure passed, but was pleased that city voters opposed the measure.
From an application layer standpoint there are a few changes you need to do from what media wants to measure to what a healthcare wants to measure, versus what a bunch of other companies want to measure.
And publishers may need to reassess the way they measure engagement — for a streamed instant app, publishers won't be able to measure engagement by time spent using the native app, and so will have to measure by goal.
A locking 23-foot retractable tape measure is the time-tested tool, but you can also get rough estimates with augmented-reality tools like Google's free Measure app for Android or Apple's similarly named iOS 12 Measure app.
Apple also announced its own AR measurement app, Measure, letting users measure things and receive accurate measurements down to the centimeter.
The 6.1-inch S10 will measure 149.9 x 71.6 x 8.1mm, while the S10+ will measure 157 x 75.3 x 8.1mm.
And an app from Google, aptly called Measure, allows you to measure distances and objects by pointing your phone at them.
You can easily measure angles, check if something is perfectly level, or measure your room dimensions without crawling on the ground.
"Prop 60 isn't a public health measure, it's a public harassment measure for adult performers," Mike Stabile, Kink's spokesperson, told Vocativ.
By contrast, public health groups and advocates opposing the measure had only $100,000 to spend on warning the public the measure.
As we are able to measure things they didn't measure before, this information is both potentially empowering, but also potentially disheartening.
House Republicans in Washington are also considering some measure of tort reform, potentially as part of the ACA repeal measure. Rep.
Several shirts are already on the market promising to measure heart rates, track fitness activities and even measure babies' sleeping patterns.
The measure won far fewer GOP votes than a more hard-line measure rejected last week in a 22019-231 vote.
A person who supports a half measure would be lucky to get a quarter measure passed (see Obamacare, aka, Romneycare). Sen.
You can measure objects on your iPhone using the Measure app, which turns your phone into an augmented-reality (AR) ruler.
"It's just a measure of weight to height, not a measure of health," Kelly Coffey, a certified personal trainer, told Insider.
To measure your inseam, measure the length from the crotch seam to the bottom of your shoe — this is your inseam.
On the data side of things, we are able to measure things we've never been able to measure in the past.
Research revealed that there does not appear to be a national consensus on how we currently measure or should measure recidivism.
To find your size, use a tape measure to measure your thighs, then match the number up with the letter size.
A far-reaching gun control measure was adopted last year and a new measure to arm teachers was recently approved. Gov.
Monday is the deadline for proponents of the measure to turn in signatures to qualify the measure for the November ballot.
What I do is similar to the way you measure length by comparing it to standard markings on a tape measure.
But you have to measure-- you know, you measure everything against-- interest rates, basically, and interest rates act like gravity on valuation.
But you have to measure, you know, you measure everything against: interest rates, basically, and interest rates act like gravity on valuation.
Here's how to do that: Apple's new Measure app uses its augmented reality tools to let you measure things on the fly.
The measure passed in a 228-175 vote, with GOP proponents of the measure arguing Congress needs to reclaim its constitutional powers.
The other measure of earthquakes, the Mercalli intensity Scale, is a more subjective measure of the actual damage caused by an earthquake.
Critics of the narrower measures argue that the import measure, Imports for Consumption, is not as fine-tuned as the export measure.
We also measure revenue growth using the ARR Growth Rate and a forward-looking measure of ARR growth that we call iCAGR.
It's not that we shouldn't measure things, but rather that we should measure different things, have different approaches and iterate and adapt.
As my student's perceptive question revealed, many of the instruments we use in the lab to measure mass actually do measure weight.
The GOP measure sought to add language rejecting the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement and anti-Semitism to the Yemen measure.
After that measure, Ryan announced a new legislative schedule, by which the House would vote on a single measure and then disperse.
Dozens of reimaginings of Shakespeare's work at the festival include "Measure for Measure" in a mesmeric and critically acclaimed Russian-language staging.
Using the "supplemental" measure of poverty that is more nuanced than the official measure, the poverty rate in 2015 was 14.3 percent.
So the primary vote is an imperfect measure of partisan preference, not a measure of how voters feel about a particular race.
Lawmakers will consider a hard-line measure that emphasizes border security and a somewhat more moderate compromise measure, yet to be finalized.
It's hard to know what to do about "Measure for Measure," the kind of play for which Shakespeare's "problem plays" were named.
Sugary beverage intake is an indirect measure of how much sugar we get in our diets, which is difficult to measure precisely.
"It's just a measure of weight to height, not a measure of health," Kelly Coffey, a certified personal trainer, previously told Insider.
But the delivery of audio content is still archaic and hard to measure, so tools to measure its delivery will be crucial.
As in Measure for Measure, Shakespeare's tragedy tempered by burlesque, (see the lines quoted above), Giacometti's sculpture merges horror, pity, and whimsy.
The first measure evaluates how differently a portfolio's holdings differ from the benchmark's while the second measure looks at the difference in returns.
What makes Measure for Measure both timeless and timely is that it engages meaningfully with Isabella's anger, even as it recognizes its limits.
A measure of new orders jumped to 13.5 from 3.1 and a measure of unfilled orders rose for the first time since 2011.
So we now use the natural capital accounting protocol to measure natural capital and the social capital accounting protocol to measure social capital.
"One thing that's integral to our system is we measure the court, but we also measure the undulations in the ground," Irwin said.
In the eyes of the EU, the motivation of the U.S. is an economic safeguard measure in disguise, not a national security measure.
"We can now measure slavery ... If you can measure it, remember it's a human construct, we can now dismantle it," Forrest told CNBC.
In the final moments of "Measure for Measure," Duke Vincentio proposes to Isabella, and she is given no lines with which to respond.
The certification does not guarantee that the measure will appear on the ballot but verifies that the proposed measure meets certain constitutional requirements.
" The first words that the Washington electorate read when it voted on the 2016 ballot measure were "Initiative Measure No. 732 concerns taxes.
Like a foot or a meter is a unit of measure for distance, a gigabyte is a unit of measure for digital data.
Invoca is looking to help companies measure analytics on live inbound calls just as easily as they'd measure page views on their websites.
To objectively measure the pilots' alertness and adaptability to the long flight, each was outfitted with an EEG headset to measure brain activity ...
MEASURE FOR MEASURE Elevator Repair Service ("Gatz") will apply an unusual, Marx Brothers-inspired style to Shakespeare's story about a duke's ethical experiment.
But Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, who sent the measure to lawmakers this week, said he will call early elections if the measure fails.
"This is a favor to Trump because it's a tough measure to take, but it's the right measure to take," Mr. Peters said.
Should the budget pass Friday's hearing, it will be debated measure by measure in parliamentary committees before a final vote on Feb. 6.
The fight over the ballot measure cost more than $100 million, with most of the money spent by drug companies fighting the measure.
The second measure that came up for a vote was a relief measure that passed out of the Democratic-controlled House months ago.
But if you don't already know "Measure for Measure" — and it's an uncommonly hard play to know — you'll need NoDoz to stay engaged.
In QBism, quantum probabilities calculated by the Born rule don't tell us what we'll measure, but only what we should rationally expect to measure.
These will allow MASCOT to take pictures, measure temperatures, figure out the different minerals on the asteroid, and measure the space rock's magnetic field.
Phil Bryant signed a measure into law last month, despite a federal judge's ruling last November that struck down down a less-restrictive measure.
"For each of us, the measure of our work isn t the measure of who we are," Roberts, a longtime friend of Clooney's, says.
Its measure of economic conditions for the next 12 months climbed 0.1 percent, while the measure for the next five years slipped 1.5 percent.
He predicted the House will vote to refer the impeachment measure to committee, and that he supported the referring or tabling of the measure.
I will wager everything I have that the measure will fail, just as such a measure in Texas — which once was indeed a country!
He divides potential disasters into two broad categories: Human institutions are, already, better at maximizing easy-to-measure outcomes than hard-to-measure outcomes.
MEASURE FOR MEASURE Simon Godwin directs Shakespeare's problematic play about repression, lust and hypocrisy — a few human characteristics that never go out of style.
I'm not sure The Conners — of which I've seen two episodes — is the full measure, but it's at least three-quarters of a measure.
Therefore, these data do not directly measure disability, as they measure only physical function and do not consider environmental factors such as inaccessible housing.
The calculator also uses a broader measure of income than adjusted gross income, or AGI, the basic measure used for the federal income tax.
That's true, too, of "Measure for Measure," a strange tangle of a play that Mr. Donnellan and Mr. Ormerod have treated with compassionate insight.
Its net operational earnings - a new performance measure it introduced in the results, expanding on its previous measure of operating profit - grew by 14%.
Dr. Kibble's instrument, invented as a way to measure electric current in terms of weight, inadvertently became a way to also measure Planck's constant.
A theater review on Monday about a production of "Measure for Measure" at the Polonsky Shakespeare Center described one element of the production incorrectly.
In agreeing to a measure that reopened the government, Trump reversed course and signed a clean measure that included no money for his wall.
The measure was approved by a party-line vote of 85033-11, with two key Republicans voting for the measure after previously expressing concerns.
Iran responded by dismissing the European measure as "passive," with Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi saying it "practically" is not a new measure.
Even the way you measure battery life differs from between phones and manufacturers, since there isn't a way to measure the remaining charge directly.
The measure was approved by a party-line vote of 12-11, with two key Republicans voting for the measure after previously expressing concerns.
As it is much easier to measure heart rate than lactate production, heart rate can be used as a surrogate measure of exercise intensity.
The big plates measure 2518-5183/2518 inches, the smaller ones measure 212-247.99/4 inches, and the bowls hold 18 ounces of liquid.
We measure our progress, we talk about this idea of increasing the GDP of the internet, and we measure our progress on that basis.
The measure passed despite intense lobbying from the tobacco industry and over objections from Republican lawmakers, who fear the measure unfairly restricts personal choice.
The lander is outfitted with cameras, a seismometer to measure "moonquakes," and a mini laser retroreflector that will help other spacecraft measure the distance to the moon with high precision, as well as instruments to measure the plasma density in the moon's thin atmosphere.
But once people have finished screen recording measurements of their member, they'll still have this handy app to measure things they actually need to measure.
"Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall" ("Measure for Measure"); "To do a great right, do a little wrong" ("The Merchant of Venice").
One will measure the electromagnetic fields surrounding the New Shepard vehicle during flight, while another will test out how to measure rocket fuel in microgravity.
In order to measure ice thickness, most researchers use vessels or submarines, but scientists are working to figure out how to measure it from orbit.
Whereas Leave is a ballot measure asking a single, concrete policy proposal (though one with vast implications), Trump is not a ballot measure at all.
"The other parties will try a permanent blackmail, vote by vote, measure by measure," Sergiu Miscoiu, a political science professor at Babes-Bolyai University, said.
"When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure," she wrote ("Improving ratings: audit in the British university system", Strathern, 22015).
The measure would force votes on four immigration proposals, with the measure that receives the most of 218 votes being sent to the upper chamber.
The measure now heads to the Senate, which is expected to take up the measure next week before senators leave town for the August recess.
After two days of unrest over the measure - including one death and dozens of shops ransacked - Maduro on Saturday postponed the measure until Jan. 2.
A vote on that bill was pushed to next week after a conservative measure failed and lawmakers sought changes to the somewhat more moderate measure.
Doug Ducey then signed a Republican-backed measure that prohibits localities in the state from enforcing local campaign finance rules, effectively gutting the Tempe measure.
This time the title was borrowed from Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure," deemed a comedy, yet considered so much more, as is the latest Empire offering.
One of us is a black activist, an artist in Los Angeles, and an architect of Measure R, the recently passed Los Angles ballot measure.
"I would like your views on the relative advantage of doing assessments and using them to measure proficiency or to measure growth," he asked her.
In other words, people who have economic and political clout — people who are predominantly white — decide what we measure and how we measure those things.
Shakespeare's later (or "mature") comedies often have titles that seem vague and interchangeable: Measure for Measure, As You Like It, All's Well That Ends Well.
The true measure of the measure comes not in the small refunds of the average voter, but in its  huge impact on the American economy.
But they must also reject their personal achievement as the core measure of progress and instead use history as a tool to measure systemic change.
There's not even a single uniform way to measure how often an autonomous-driving system disengages–a critical measure of how safe it can be.
The one-year-ahead measure was at its highest level in five months while the three-year measure was at its highest in six months.
The measure met its fate in the Senate late Friday, as the clock ran out on a short-term measure to keep the government open.
In the eyes of the EU, "the motivation of the U.S. is an economic safeguard measure in disguise, not [a] national security measure," Malmstrom added.
The House passed a stopgap funding measure Friday, but the Senate appears headed toward rejecting that measure late Friday night, leading to a funding lapse.
"The IAT, even though it is by many standards a bad [measure], is still the best measure of a bad family of measures," Lai said.
If the Senate approves the measure, the measure would not likely pass the Republican-controlled House of Representatives or survive a veto by President Donald Trump.
John Lesch, a Democrat who voted against the measure, said lawmakers were using "overzealous intimidation tactics to suppress speech" and argued that the measure is unconstitutional.
Abortion is difficult to measure, much less measure precisely because of the sensitivity surrounding it -- and we carefully test different approaches -- but the pattern is striking.
Google Earth is getting a new Measure tool today that will let you — you guessed it — measure the distance and area of things on the map.
Take it one step further and if you measure how other objects are pulled into those dips, you can measure gravity in a super precise way.
In a similar way, you don't actually ever measure entanglement itself: You measure other properties, like a photon's orientation, to look for statistical evidence of it.
Britain's official inflation measure, which includes a wider range of goods an services than the BRC measure, recorded annual price growth of 0.3 percent in May.
Somerville, MA will be voting on a measure that could ban facial recognition Wednesday night, and Oakland, CA is voting on a similar measure next month.
The OECD said it does not measure illicit financial flows or corruption but some of the development assistance it does measure goes into fighting such flows.
The House passed a measure earlier this year to end U.S. support for the Saudi effort in Yemen, and the measure currently sits in the Senate.
Passing the measure in December, and then again in January, would satisfy the consecutive year requirement, allowing the measure to be placed on the 2019 ballot.
This was initially a temporary measure, but in 2015 the administration succeeded in making the measure permanent as part of a tax deal with congressional Republicans.
Although Hickenlooper, the state's governor, initially opposed the measure, he agreed to implement the publicly backed measure and, eventually, began to support legalization with federal officials.
Polis signed the measure after both chambers of the state's legislature passed the bill last month along party lines, with Democrats pulling heavily for the measure.
Using that measure, Tesla trades at more than six times its book value, while most other automotive stocks usually trade at roughly 1.1 times the measure.
Those that do sign on find it difficult to measure the size of a podcast's audience because, at the moment, the most reliable measure is downloads.
The impeachment measure was ultimately killed in a vote of 332-95 on Wednesday evening, with the majority of Democrats joining Republicans to table the measure.
Eye for an eye, measure for measure — even when faced with an undeniable hot mic tape of him bragging about sexual assaulting women, Donald Trump counterpunches.
Conservatives are split over whether the measure is worth it, and businesses are worried that the measure will come at the expense of reduced headline rates.
According to some calculations, that measure entered negative territory after the bank cut its policy rate to 11.25% last week, below the latest annual inflation measure.
"A tape measure will help you quickly answer these and other questions," said Mr. Deutsch, who uses the 25-foot Stanley PowerLock Tape Measure (about $10).
The study also said the metric used to measure duration is highly sensitive to extreme values, leading to a result that most likely overestimates the measure.
If you're looking for something that can be substituted directly for all-purpose flour, look for those labeled as one-to-one or measure-for-measure.
"Selma is still now!" thundered Representative Terri A. Sewell, Democrat of Alabama, the chief sponsor of the measure, during debate on the measure on the floor.
Rand Paul also opposed the measure over budget concerns, saying the proposed measure would exceed spending caps Congress enacted in 2011 to keep expenses under control.
This year's measure is likely to face the same fate as last year's, which was merged into a larger last-minute spending measure without public debate.
The measure was signed into law last year, but labor groups blocked its enactment through a petition drive that placed the measure on a statewide ballot.
There are a lot of ways to measure the severity of a hurricane season: You can look at the number of storms, the number of days with at least one active hurricane, and a measure called "accumulated cyclone energy" (a measure of wind speeds accumulating over time).
Opponents of the measure, led by pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer Inc, Merck & Co Inc and Amgen Inc , have raised $87.5 million to try to stop the measure.
Taking each other's measure Above all, Merkel is here to take the measure of the successor to Barack Obama, with whom she had a remarkably chummy relationship.
She notes that the state's Senate passed a Medicaid expansion measure in 2015, but the other chamber of the state legislature did not take up the measure.
Measure HHH created a $1.2 billion city bond to build new housing, and the next year Measure H added a new sales tax to fund homeless services.
A measure of export orders also fell and factories reported a decline in hiring, with a measure of manufacturing employment falling to 52.4 from 57.5 in March.
Morgan Stanley said reducing VAT would be an "expensive" measure and there is no need for an "emergency fiscal support" measure given that the economy isn't contracting.
California Assemblymember Ed Chau first introduced the measure through an anachronism in state deadlines, entirely gutting an unrelated bill and replacing it with the broadband privacy measure.
A measure of export orders also fell and factories reported a decline in hiring, with a measure of manufacturing employment falling to 1.83 from 57.5 in March.
In "Measure for Measure" at the Almeida Theatre, also in 2010, Mr Kinnear's Angelo—sometimes a monstrous prig—was a man tragically outmatched by his own feelings.
Probably the most obvious example is a new Apple app called Measure, which uses augmented reality to let you measure the sizes of things in real life.
Douglas W. Hubbard's "How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of 'Intangibles' in Business," and his book with Richard Seiersen, "How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk."
Clyburn said she had previously supported a measure that would exempt internet service providers with fewer than 85033,000 subscribers, but that the new measure was too generous.
Opponents of the measure are asking the court to block the measure from inclusion on November ballots, while the state argues that it should be left unchanged.
We should surely measure indicators of negative effects—blood tests to measure what may be going wrong (or right) with our bodies are very useful for instance.
The Chargers' ballot measure, called Measure C, would raise hotel taxes in the city to fund construction of a stadium and convention center in downtown San Diego.
Proposition 85033 follows a 2012 Los Angeles measure making the requirement law; more than half a million Californians signed petitions to put the measure on November's ballot.
"For each of us, the measure of our work isn't the measure of who we are," Roberts said in an EW interview with Cagle earlier this year.
The House is now set on Thursday to vote on a measure condemning anti-Semitism, though the measure has been changed to also criticize anti-Muslim sentiment.
The measure faced pushback from House conservatives, who argued they were not provided enough time to review the 2,232-page measure, which was only released last night.
Republicans, arguing that the list of people affected would be too broad and that the measure would not offer proper due process, put forward a competing measure.
A final Senate vote on the measure is expected on Thursday, but it was not clear when the U.S. House of Representatives might take up the measure.
The GOP is expected to push back on the measure via a motion to recommit which would amend the measure at the eleventh hour on the floor.
A term like "nanotechnology" classifies technologies by referencing an objective measure of scale, while AI only references a subjective measure of tasks that we classify as intelligent.
He used his stage at a well-attended Measure H rally here to urge voters not to support the development measure, which he described as economically crippling.
The company said in its prospectus that it views daily active users as a critical measure of engagement — a measure that is tracked closely by similar companies.
And the European troupe Cheek by Jowl, in partnership with the Pushkin Theater, will stage a breakneck-speed take on Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure" (Oct. 16-20).
Devices like smart scales or BMI scanners (which also abound at CES) can also measure body fat, but the Bello team says their measure is more accurate.
This works beautifully with a thorny enigma like "Measure for Measure," where concentrating too much on the characters' warped psychology can strand you in a Freudian wilderness.
I was reminded of this last week at the Public Theater, at Elevator Repair Service's production of Measure for Measure, one of Shakespeare's most perplexing — and powerful — plays.
Whatever measure of unemployment you use it is way down and the broader measures of unemployment have actually recently fallen more quickly than the official measure of unemployment.
Opponents of the California measure, led by pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer Inc, Merck & Co Inc and Amgen Inc, have raised $87.5 million to try to stop the measure.
The closer he pushes to the speed of light, the heavier you'd measure him; at 600 million miles per hour, he'd measure a hefty 895 or so pounds.
The Measure app is one of the new iOS 703 additions revolving around AR for iOS 12, which allows you to measure 3D objects in the real world.
The Measure tool will let you select the borders of an area so it's easier to measure irregularly shaped objects like parks, buildings, or even states and countries.
One way to measure symmetry, or its absence, is through the "efficiency gap", a measure developed by Eric McGhee, a political scientist, and Nicholas Stephanopoulous, a law professor.
Many phones, for example, already have accelerometers that measure physical activity like steps taken, while wearables like the Apple Watch and Fitbits use sensors to measure heart rate.
The Republican governor signed the measure during a ceremony at a Christian boys&apos home outside Wichita, surrounded by supporters who view it as a religious-freedom measure.
The problem was that a number of different instruments became the equivalent of money, and therefore it was hard to measure the right measure of money-supply growth.
The annual measure sets policies and a budget outline for the Pentagon, to be funded by a later appropriations bill that typically follows the policy measure fairly closely.
In the past, Democrats have opposed Fischer's equal pay measure, instead pushing for a more widespread measure to help women use legal measures to fight for equal pay.
The measure would also make it more difficult to seek asylum in the United States — a top priority for conservatives that could stop Democrats from backing the measure.
They argue that the measure will increase crime, as other early release measure have done — property crimes and violent crime rates have each increased by about 7 percent.
In Oakland on Tuesday, voters approved a measure to close eviction loopholes, and in Alameda, voters defeated a real-estate industry measure to preempt local rent control efforts.
Despite the downgrades, the survey's measure of economic conditions for the next 12 months rose 7.0 percent, while the measure for the next five years climbed 3.8 percent.
However, the measure is expected to fall short of the 60 votes needed to advance, with Democrats saying they will vote against the measure over demands on immigration.
The budget deal would be paired with a stopgap spending measure that would keep the government open past Thursday, when the current funding measure is set to expire.
The non-binding measure does not require Exxon to change its bylaws, but its rival Chevron adopted a similar measure last year after its shareholders approved a resolution.
The measure would come in addition to a $4 billion bond measure for parks and water projects already planned for a June ballot, according to local news reports.
The measure was approved by a party-line vote of 28503-22019, with two key Republicans voting for the measure after previously expressing concerns about the tax overhaul.
"A law could be a measure designed for the purpose of frustrating access to pre-viability abortion even if it were disguised as a health measure," Dorf writes.
"While the number of enemy killed is one measure of military success, the coalition does not use this as a measure of effectiveness in the campaign to defeat ISIS."
In Democratic stronghold California, voters rejected a measure to ban the death penalty and narrowly approved a measure aimed at speeding up the court process for capital punishment cases.
Although it's an imperfect measure, the single broadest measure of economic growth is gross domestic product, and by that metric, the US has been performing fairly consistently since 2014.
And depending on the application needs, it may measure just ECG, or it may measure a whole bunch of other things, really depending on the needs of the application.
Late Tuesday, the House opted to delay a vote on the measure and a series of amendments until Wednesday because of an unrelated issue over a separate budget measure.
It is perhaps the most sweeping measure of its kind since 2010, when Arizona passed a measure that came to be known as the "Show Me Your Papers" law.
Every six hours, observers need to check that snowboard and measure how much snow has fallen, then wipe the snowboard clean to measure snowfall for the next six hours.
Capriles responded to the measure in a defiant speech to emotive supporters at a small Caracas sports arena, describing the measure as a desperate gambit of a decaying dictatorship.
Grace undergoes hypnosis as a last measure to prove her innocence – a measure mostly imposed by the men who are in love with her, A.K.A. Dr. Jordan and Jeremiah.
In Democratic stronghold California, voters rejected a measure to ban the death penalty and narrowly approved a measure aimed at speeding up the court process for capital punishment cases.
" IT WOULD BE HELPFUL TO HAVE SINGLE MEASURE OF CONSUMER INFLATION "It would be helpful to just have one public-facing measure of the cost of living for consumers.
A Colorado measure would ban hydraulic fracturing, and a Florida measure would block offshore drilling in opposition to a recent effort by the Trump administration to reopen offshore drilling.
The Utah measure that passed this year is especially notable, Schweich said, because the Republican-dominated state legislature is now likely to take up its own medical marijuana measure.
Saudi Arabia's combative posture — it said it would "respond to any measure against it with an even stronger measure" — left business leaders worried that their companies could become targets.
Uber has so far only implemented the measure in the U.S. and Canada, and will evaluate implementing a similar measure in other countries on a case-by-case basis.
Consumer price inflation, the measure targeted by the BoE, picked up to 2.1% in April while RPI - an older measure which most statisticians view as flawed - rose to 3.0%.
While the Aria Air will measure your weight and BMI and sync via Bluetooth, it lacks quicker wifi, or the ability to measure body fat percentage or lean mass.
Instead, lawmakers will consider a hard-line measure that emphasizes border security and the somewhat more moderate compromise measure, yet to be finalized, that still meets Mr. Trump's standards.
The House passed a measure Thursday night to continue funding the government through February 16, and that measure is the one that failed in the Senate early Saturday morning.
The grade's function for its third-party audiences is to measure the work the student has produced, not to measure how hard she worked or the obstacles she overcame.
In thermodynamics, entropy is a measure of the unavailable energy in a closed thermodynamic system that is also usually considered to be a measure of the system&aposs disorder.
Bill sponsors are still actively pushing to get the measure over the finish line in the House, but it's unclear whether the measure will be able to gain traction.
"Toyota is, 'measure 17 times, cut once,' whereas Scion was more, 'measure twice, cut once,' " said Jack Hollis, group vice president of marketing for Toyota's American subsidiary, Toyota Motor Sales.
"Stripping nationality is a completely ineffective measure – and an arbitrary measure," said Amal de Chickera, co-founder of the Institute on Statelessness, which is hosting the conference in The Hague.
"The highest measure recorded was 0.1 milligrams (0.000003 oz) per kilogram (2.2 lb), or more than 10 times less than the highest measure recorded until now in Belgium," AGES said.
The measure passed the Senate in a 21-17 vote with Rhode Island Senate President Dominick Ruggerio, Majority Leader Michael McCaffrey and Majority Whip Maryellen Goodwin voting against the measure.
To do so, MASCOT will use four instruments: a camera (MASCAM), a radiometer to measure electromagnetic radiation (MARA), an infrared microscope (MicrOmega), and a magnetometer to measure magnetic forces (MASMAG).
Senate Democrats, who blocked the measure twice before Congress left Washington last month, want Republicans to agree on a new funding measure that drops those provisions, a step Republicans reject.
The veterans measure was slipped into a larger bill that passed Congress in 2014; the Hezbollah sanctions bill and human trafficking measure each passed with no opposition in the Senate.
And at present, it's the only such measure — especially when compared to the other measure of audience opinion: the audience grade collected by sites like Rotten Tomatoes, Metacritic, and IMDB.
Recently the notion that all teachers should be armed as a preventative security measure has been advanced —unfortunately, this is a reactive measure that does nothing to address this issue.
Take a simple swing arm balance—you can picture the ones they use in old Western movies to measure gold nuggets—and a spring scale to measure a particular mass.
" Producers in Australia, Mr. Wright said, are "glossing over the details, and the consumer is getting ripped off, because you can measure all those honeys and measure the antibacterial effect.
A year ago, a common measure of expected future moves for the FXI as determined by options prices ( "implied volatility") was at double what the same measure is at now.
HOUSE DEM TO OFFER MEASURE BACKING PARIS CLIMATE DEAL: A House Democrat is working with his colleagues to introduce a non-binding measure to support the Paris climate agreement. Rep.
The University of Michigan's measure dropped by 1.7 points to its lowest level since January, while the Conference Board's measure surged by 5.5 points to its highest level since 2000.
While the distillery employs a chemist to scientifically measure the alcohol content of its products, they can also rely on Ignacio to measure it himself using a more traditional technique.
The measure has been left out of a government funding bill this week because of the abortion dispute, taking off the table perhaps the last chance to enact the measure.
So it makes sense that when its artistic director, John Collins, decided to direct his first Shakespeare, he decided on "Measure for Measure," perhaps Shakespeare's most problematic of problem plays.
"This export control measure by Japan is a measure that is banned in principle according to WTO agreements," Park Tae-sung, a senior South Korean trade ministry official, told reporters.
Democrats can block the stopgap spending measure in the Senate, and Democratic votes could also be needed to get the measure through the House if enough Republicans rebel against it.
More than that, when evaluating police reform, reductions in crime are not a sufficient measure of success because they are not a full measure of the lives that need protection.
There never was that level of equipment in parks that could measure all things the system is trying to measure, from the pitch delivery to the conclusion of the event.
Any such measure would be considered privileged -- if, for example, the House passed it then the Senate would be required by law to vote on the measure within 18 days.
Part of why advertisers are still willing to invest heavily is they can reliable measure TV consumption across networks via Nielsen ratings, but streaming is proving much harder to measure.
The Democratic-controlled House Judiciary Committee voted in November to approve a measure that would retroactively remove the ratification deadline, but the measure has not advanced in Congress since then.
The U.S. Senate is primed to vote on yet another measure to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) This measure has a new name, the Graham-Cassidy bill.
Frustration and even defeat are not unusual responses to "Measure for Measure," which is set in a medieval, vice-ridden Vienna in which fornication before marriage is punishable by death.
This kid seems to hate his school lunch, but if it's federally subsidized, that subsidy counts as household income for the Supplemental Poverty Measure — and not for the official measure.
The statewide ballot measure, called Proposition 51, was the largest municipal bond measure nationally to go before voters on Election Day and will finance new school construction projects across the state.
This was hugely exciting as a detector because you can measure precisely the energy of a particle, and you can measure the location of the interaction, and you can do tracking.
As a cyber-defensive measure, the Russian government will reportedly perform a trial run of a measure that would effectively cut off the country from the rest of the world's web.
The tags were fitted with several instruments: pressure sensors to measure depth; magnetometers to record orientation with respect to Earth's magnetic field; accelerometers to measure movement; and microphones to record chatter.
From there, the device gets a measure of the heart's maximum output, or its systolic pressure, before releasing to get a measure of the heart's resting output, or the diastolic pressure.
Management and the Company's Board utilize this non-GAAP measure to make decisions about the use of the Company's resources, analyze performance between periods, develop internal projections and measure management performance.
The government's reasoning for the measure kept changing: One day, it was a measure to fight untaxed wealth, the next, to force Indians to abandon cash in favor of digital alternatives.
But I'm saying, if it doesn't measure up, and it goes to Jim's point, if it doesn't measure up, the United States will stick to its guns, believe me on that.
Both chambers of the Democratic-controlled General Assembly approved the measure, sending it to the desk of Governor Jared Polis, also a Democrat, who has indicated his support for the measure.
Some conservation groups said using the CRA to revoke the measure was a "knee-jerk" and unnecessary measure, and that the land planning rule could have been revised by the BLM.
Because House Democrats are introducing the measure as a "privileged resolution," the Senate would "be required by law to vote on the measure within 18 days," CNN's Michael Warren points out.
Trump's comments come as the Senate passed the final GOP tax bill early Wednesday morning, with the measure expected to pass in the House after it votes on the measure again.
"It would be progress just to get that one measure passed, pass a Republican bill, and do something, not just engage in finger pointing on this measure," Doggett told The Hill.
The short-term measure postpones final decisions about funds for a border wall, a contentious issue many lawmakers believe will force another stopgap measure into the new year (The Hill). Sen.
Ohio lawmakers have passed a measure that would represent the strictest ban on abortions in the nation, a measure that could limit the procedure as early as six weeks after conception.
And while it's true that you can't measure all the impacts of volunteering, the fact that you can't measure something shouldn't give you the right to simply declare that it works.
Michigan's Board of State Canvassers had approved the measure, but conservative challengers argue that changes to the state's constitution should not be decided through a ballot measure — only a constitutional convention.
Since a key component of addiction is craving—the urge or desire to use the substance—they modified an assessment designed to measure alcohol cravings to instead measure cravings to tan.
In his comments on Wednesday, Mr. Cuomo said the strongest measure of ethics reform would be to bar state officials from earning outside income, a measure that state legislators have rejected.
The measure to abolish the death penalty was losing 20123 to 44 in a recent poll, while the measure to expedite executions was behind by a larger 42 to 35 margin.
Lacking the votes to approve the temporary spending measure paired with long-term military funding, the Senate could strip out the military portion and send the measure back to the House.
It's true that many people argue that the unemployment rate has become a misleading measure of labor market slack, that the job market isn't as good as the standard measure indicates.
Bansal says a traditional management maxim says that if you can't measure a process, you can't fix it, and Continuous Insights is designed to provide a way to measure engineering effectiveness.
We don't measure the boys' height on the inside of a closet; but amid the blur of family life we can measure their progress by the lake and recall it distinctly.
These metrics measure both real economic value in our internal economy and serve as a proxy to measure trust: People only hire, work for or make referrals for people they trust.
Notably, Bloomberg also wants to change the current measure for Social Security's annual cost-of-living adjustment to another measure that more closely measures inflation and the higher costs seniors face.
We don't measure the boys' height on the inside of a closet; but amid the blur of family life we can measure their progress by the lake and recall it distinctly.
Economists and regulatory agencies, such as the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission, use a measure called the Herfindahl index to measure the level of concentration in different markets.
Grandmas never measure anything though — they just do it.
The new measure – which was introduced by Republican Reps.
Each deployment brought honor – and a measure of pain.
Kirk registers to lobby MORE (Ill.) — supporting the measure.
DENVER — By nearly any measure, this city is booming.
And to measure a lion, you dangle something — meat?
" Mr. Danza tweeted, "No words can measure my love.
Stephanie MurphyStephanie MurphyOn The Money: Lawmakers hammer Zuckerberg over Facebook controversies | GOP chair expects another funding stopgap | Senate rejects Dem measure on SALT deduction cap workarounds House committee advances measure taxing nicotine in vaping products Lawmakers set to host fundraisers focused on Nats' World Series trip MORE (D-Fla.) joined Republicans in opposing the measure.
A separate measure in the first ballot question would extend the time between when a special election is announced and when it takes place to accommodate early voting, a common-sense measure.
That in itself is very interesting: it could be a measure of how nefarious people were hijacking dormant accounts, or a measure of the long game that the most malicious groups play.
In addition, it would replace the current measure for providing annual cost of living increases (the CPI-W) with a more accurate measure, the Consumer Price Index for the Elderly (CPI-E).
He was filmed diving out of an airplane to advocate for a statewide ballot measure to suspend an anti-tax measure passed in the 1990s and allow the state budget to grow.
The measure passed the House and Senate with veto-proof majorities earlier this year, meaning even if Trump had vetoed the measure, he likely would have been overridden by the executive branch.
Anchía said police at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport had directly asked for the measure, with the Houston Police Department and the Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas also endorsing the measure.
If the measure is no longer considered privileged, it would no longer move on an expedited path and GOP leaders would have more power to deny the measure from getting a vote.
The supplemental poverty measure—which, as The New York Times noted on September 13, is generally considered a more accurate measure of poverty than the national poverty rate—actually increased last year.
These include a seismometer to measure movement within the Martian crust, a probe reaching about 16 feet down to measure heat and environmental sensors to collect more data about the Mars atmosphere.
Similar but much smaller protests ensued during the passage of the right-to-work measure in Wisconsin, which made it the 25th U.S. state to have such a measure on the books.
Trying to combine the health measure with the spending bill was a demand of Collins when President Donald Trump and Senate GOP leaders secured her vote for the party's tax cut measure.
The researchers couldn't measure how many cell divisions separate the bits of fungus spanning the length of nine football fields side-by-side, and so they couldn't measure the mutation rate directly.
Unlike the Elevator Repair Service production playing downtown, almost nothing remains of the "Measure for Measure" text — not the names, not the setting, not even much in the way of moral argument.
The double-dealing Duke in "Measure For Measure" and the ever-conniving Richard III are among the other Shakespeare Machiavels to have prompted more than the occasional chuckle in Mr. Rylance's playing.
In 803 he staged "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Measure for Measure" in repertory at the Ahmanson Theater in Los Angeles, then brought his acclaimed revival of Peter Shaffer's "Amadeus" to Broadway.
Now they have Amazon that is going to come in and measure every single transaction and measure the impact of it and really think holistically, the same way they do on Amazon.
The funding measure will also include money for a House-passed school safety measure designed to help train personnel to spot signs of potential gun violence and to beef up school security.
On the negative side of the ledger, California has the highest poverty rate in the nation, 22007 percent based on the census measure most widely preferred by experts, the Supplemental Poverty Measure.
The measure was defeated 50 to 40, ensuring that the measure would not get the 60 needed to pass the Republican-majority Senate as an amendment to an annual defense policy bill.
Stephanie MurphyStephanie MurphyOn The Money: Lawmakers hammer Zuckerberg over Facebook controversies | GOP chair expects another funding stopgap | Senate rejects Dem measure on SALT deduction cap workarounds House committee advances measure taxing nicotine in vaping products Lawmakers set to host fundraisers focused on Nats' World Series trip MORE (D-Fla.) joined Republicans in opposing the measure. Rep.
I'm also very confident I couldn't measure it so don't think I'm ever going to say -- but I know that we have all these free products out there that don't measure in GDP.
" Former Illinois Representative and Thomas More Society Vice President Peter Breen slammed the measure as "the most radical sweeping pro-abortion measure in America and makes Illinois an abortion destination for the country.
"We typically measure the orbits of stars and gas that seem to circle around very dark 'spots' in the sky and measure how much mass is there in that dark spot," Psaltis says.
Although Apple originally said that "Error 53" was a security measure, many users questioned why the company would take the measure of disabling an entire phone and not just the Touch ID features.
While much of Measure for Measure is complicated, convoluted, and often psychologically difficult to parse, it also reads in part as a meditation on the power, and limits, of women's justified moral anger.
Google refused to comment on whether the measure was due to a new password breach, but it said that it plans to use the measure on an ongoing basis as information is compromised.
Apple has also tinkered with sensors which gauge stress or measure blood oxygenation, and is reportedly working on ways to measure blood glucose through its watch, helping it get a handle on diabetes.
A preliminary vote on that measure was supported by only 34% of the shares — better than the amount of support a similar measure received last year, but still far short of a majority.
This NASA technology could help measure Arctic ice melt more precisely than ever before This NASA technology could help measure Arctic ice melt more precisely than ever before This segment originally aired Jan.
By voting against killing the measure, 95 Democrats effectively voted to move forward with the impeachment measure — more than the 66 who did so when Green put forward an impeachment resolution last year.
It's worth noting that many researchers prefer to gauge accuracy with a different statistical measure known as AUC-ROC—even using this measure, though, online survey respondents managed an AUC-ROC value of .
Although Google Measure boasts greater compatibility after today's update, the augmented reality app is still clunky and impractical, especially compared to its iOS counterpart — also called Measure — which is built into iOS 12.
Passing the measure through the House and Senate would provide key procedural help for the tax measure because it sets the stage for follow-on legislation that can't be filibustered by Senate Democrats.
The barometer is the thing that allows a phone to measure altitude, and Apple points out that on the iPhone 7 it can measure even minor changes like climbing a flight of stairs.
The hunting and fishing measure, the voter identification measure, capping income taxes and Marsy's Law are all "policy initiatives with broad public support," said Dallas Woodhouse, executive director of the state Republican Party.
The measure is considered the fifth and final piece of a legislative package that started moving through Congress last summer and included trade promotion authority and, earlier this year, a customs enforcement measure.
There are actually two surveys of employment conducted each month, the headline measure that comes from a survey of firms, and an alternative and less reliable measure from a smaller survey of households.
When it comes to catering to girls and women in equal measure as consumers, it's only rational to ensure that women are also placed and positioned in equal measure in the industry's ranks.
A lack of consensus regarding what to measure implies a lack of consensus about the goals of university entrepreneurship: It's hard to measure success when you don't know what that success looks like.
The health and labor measure has always been a magnet for polarizing votes on abortion and is likely to be the same this year, leaving the leadership challenged to move the measure forward.
The House on Thursday passed a measure that would continue funding the government for another month, but opposition from Senate Democrats and some Republicans make it unlikely that such a measure can pass.
In the full court's 6-to-3 decision on Wednesday, the majority said that removing the powerful Mr. Calheiros from his position was an excessive measure and sought to find a compromise measure.
The measure passed 63-21625 after a group of disgruntled Democrats backed away from their threats to block or delay the funding measure because of a dispute over healthcare benefits for retired miners.
Massachusetts' ban is creating a divide among those who praised Baker's move as a needed public health measure, and those who argue that the sweeping measure will drive consumers to other dangerous products.
Consumers can measure, automatically record and save their health data to the cloud using a wide range of devices that measure health-relevant indices like weight, blood pressure, physical activity and sleep quality.
Once the legislation attracts bipartisan support, moderate Senate Republicans, who may otherwise waver in their support, will find they can support the measure without the electoral risk that accompanies a strictly partisan measure.
Along with the constitutional amendment, several other high-priced measures — including an affordable housing measure, a consumer privacy measure and an effort to repeal the recently raised gas tax — are all gathering signatures.
That minimalist aesthetic has worked just fine in recent takes on "Cymbeline" and "Measure for Measure" — and, for that matter, "Into the Woods," also by Mr. Sondheim, with a book by James Lapine.
That's just not how you should measure diversity in film.
The consequences of failure are profound, if hard to measure.
A good measure is the free cashflow of corporate firms.
It was a stark measure of the gulf between them.
Do they measure you to make sure the coffin fits?
For years, Nielsen deployed its paper diaries to measure viewing.
Technically — really, by any measure — I was one of them.
Additionally, Census said the supplemental poverty measure was 14.0 percent.
Using a different inequality measure leads to slightly different results.
This is the second time this measure has been defeated.
These underwater behemoths measure nearly two football fields in length.
To be sure, the measure may be subject to change.
When the measure was brought up again on Tuesday, Rep.
By this measure, I'm surprised not everyone is an insomniac.
It is unclear how much support the measure could draw.
Did they measure the same mass for the Higgs boson?
We sought a better way to measure and control it.
Sam: And the problem is, it's really hard to measure.
Even in a fair contest, the voice didn't measure up.
For Khloé, that includes happiness and a measure of privacy.
Late Monday, Ryan unveiled his final changes to the measure.
One will measure how heat flows out of the planet.
How do you measure all of this in the book?
The underweight measure was a BMI of less than 18.5.
On any objective measure he is qualified for the job.
Neither has a comprehensive and conceptually correct measure of inequality.
They're really nice headphones no matter how you measure them.
I think the key is maintaining a measure of privacy.
Amazon ranks number 4 on Alexa's measure of Web traffic.
Because it's hard to measure, and it's hard to predict.
Throw in a couple of exclamation points for good measure.
Our data shows that it ranks 113rd in this measure.
BILA: But how do you -- how do you measure that?
So, how does that measure up for these two situations?
It is influenced by Asia and America in equal measure.
Thus, they measure the direction of change, not the degree.
Opponents of the measure conceded Tuesday, CNN affiliate KDVR reported.
Ricketts, a Republican, quickly vetoed the measure, but was overridden.
The Senate also rejected a measure proposed by Connecticut Sen.
Longer term, the RBI's measure will benefit banks, he said.
The measure would keep the government open through Dec. 21.
That would provide some measure of success for both sides.
The House of Representatives approved the same measure on Monday.
Ontario is considering a similar, smaller measure, as is Finland.
The measure funds parts of the government through Dec. 255.
A similar measure was vetoed last year by outgoing Gov.
Nearly all of them measure around 21995 x 21164 inches.
The measure disappointed the president's conservative base, including traditional allies.
The pendulums measure the force of gravity in two ways.
Four liberal Democratic freshmen voted against the House measure: Reps.
Addiction is powerful beyond measure, but you can defeat it.
The measure approved on Tuesday would make that amendment permanent.
Without the US veto, the Security Council passed the measure.
The answers measure current life satisfaction and future life optimism.
By one measure, you sniffed 93 times in 90 minutes.
It's not enough to measure only access or simple enrollment.
They measure it on GDP growth, not the stock market.
Those entities measure fires in all vehicles, not just Teslas.
Pennsylvania Republican Pat Toomey is a cosponsor of the measure.
President Barack Obama signed the measure into law early Saturday.
Because her skills in the kitchen don't exactly measure up.
If it passes, the measure would go to the Senate.
It's a gently written sentence, but it's damning beyond measure.
First, she explained how one can actually measure physical awkwardness.
The measure prohibits the deportation of those meeting certain requirements.
Devin Nunes, who called the move a "useful" temporary measure.
That overall exposure may not be the key measure though.
And how do you measure the value of a rocket?
Experts, however, say it might also be a preventive measure.
The measure rose by $12.51 billion in the previous report.
Achievement is an objective measure about what you've actually done.
The 503 Max was, plain and simple, a stopgap measure.
That's the lowest reading for that measure since December 2000.
Angela: People love to find the "objective" measure of perfection.
Although you can always cover the lens for safe measure.
The measure has not been marked up by the committee.
I just love that for Hollywood, reality doesn't measure up.
Still, he deserves a measure of respect, but no praise.
But we don't all feel those effects in equal measure.
Or, this could be a measure taken just in case.
NOAA's balloons carry "sondes," which can measure the ozone layer.
There are basic disagreements over how and what to measure.
One is a measure to require absentee ballots in caucuses.
Aleppo is a measure of how that policy has failed.
Just two Democrats voted against Lee's measure: Lamb and Rep.
Another moderate, Susan Collins, also said she'd oppose McConnell's measure.
The measure also elevates the stigma that already surrounds abortion.
The government plans to create parameters to measure exploration activities.
Maybe throw in a "shut up, moron" for good measure
The measure, according to McConnell, is backed by Republican Sens.
One recently approved measure was first tabled 30 years earlier.
The measure, according to McConnell, is backed by Republican Sens.
That measure received the support of 61% of California's voters.
Accelerometers are not the only way to measure vibrations, though.
How do you measure when it's time to level up?
By any measure, Facebook has won the social media war.
Opinion polls show that most French people support the measure.
What measure are you gonna use to track "Hit Makers"?
But how do you measure the value of good governance?
LGBT campaigners say the measure does not go far enough.
The president's office later said such a measure isn't finalized.
Anthony Portantino said in a statement after introducing the measure.
For good measure, the poll is not a reputable one.
Knowing this gives me a measure of peace and comfort.
The Honest Ads Act, a bipartisan measure championed by Sens.
We can now measure dozens of points within a cycle.
You tell me, on what scale do you measure those?
The measure has already cleared the U.S. House of Representatives.
One way to measure this is to compare credit ratings.
I -- I've never seen -- no-- no measure of honeymoon whatsoever.
Republican appointees at the Federal Communications Commission applauded the measure.
Critics say the measure may increase violence in the countryside.
Ebitda is a measure of profit that excludes some expenses.
A measure of consumers' attitudes was slightly lower this month.
We measure population within a day's drive of each state.
So how does your income measure up to your neighbors'?
But on one measure the rally may have some justification.
The measure is scheduled to go into effect in 2023.
They needed 178,21625 to officially qualify as a ballot measure.
Four microphones measure ambient noise and block out unwanted noise.
Crowd size is a famously unscientific measure of candidate strength.
One was designed to measure the sugar content in fruits.
By that measure, Clegg would seem to fit the bill.
The measure also includes some level of paid sick leave.
By almost every measure St Petersburg is a haunted metropolis.
By any measure, Tesla has had a very bad year.
"Today, we can measure so much more," Mr. Baskett said.
The measure has now moved to Virginia's House of Delegates.
That kind of modular solution is a cost cutting measure.
Trump said the measure was necessary to prevent terrorist attacks.
And how, exactly, does one objectively measure contentedness or happiness?
" He previously called the bill "a comprehensive pro-life measure.
The mission of LIGO was to directly measure gravitational waves.
The measure, however, would not come into effect until Sept.
Time, for him, is merely the measure of tragedy's expansion.
They measure support for trade barriers, globalisation and free markets.
Four Democrats opposed the measure, while three Republicans backed it.
Perhaps the capital's environmental shortcomings are unusually hard to measure.
Users can tap an object to measure them in 3D.
The Senate is expected to debate the measure this week.
On that crude measure, the latter would seem more important.
An Indian government panel last week recommended a similar measure.
So it's only ever going to be a temporary measure.
It fuels him and tears him apart in equal measure.
Its sole goal was to measure workload on the UCL.
I see them as a yardstick to measure myself against.
The new measure will go into effect starting on Oct.
Agricultural productivity is not the only measure of environmental health.
BY ALMOST any measure, America's economy is in fine fettle.
He then tries to measure the size of the problem.
Traditionally, endorsements from party insiders were a measure of strength.
Could the US Congress ever enact such a sensible measure?
Cities will do well to measure the festivals' financial impact.
A new academic working paper tries to measure this effect.
U.S. officials said the strike was purely a defensive measure.
Its ability to measure indoor air quality is unique, however.
The survey's measure of raw material inventories contracted in October.
By this measure, the study in Manchester was extremely efficient.
There's even some Zach Galifianakis thrown in for good measure.
A similar measure was adopted by the Senate last week.
Wristbands measure footsteps; apps can track sleep patterns and sex.
A similar measure was passed in Texas earlier this year.
There is no simple objective measure of a politician's competence.
The measure was earlier approved by Georgia's House of Representatives.
At age 16, the average measure of victimization was 0.38.
Yeah, it's hard to measure your impact as a writer.
By this measure, liberals may have won the upper hand.
The measure will now go to Trump's desk for signature.
There's a degree of measure that the chimpanzees don't have.
He added for good measure that Marx's thinking is "nonsensical".
EITC is a proven poverty fighting measure with bipartisan backing.
My family has experienced its own measure of gun death.
The measure was reauthorized in 85033, and again in 2014.
Peres was in equal measure a hawk and a dove.
One common measure of income inequality is the Gini coefficient.
First Amendment advocates say that measure unconstitutionally restrains free speech.
Trump said the measure was necessary to prevent extremist attacks.
By comparison, tweaks to the headline measure seem fairly trivial.
This measure was also approved by the House on Thursday.
This unfunded liability measure is called Social Security's fiscal gap.
WINNING 38 Emmy awards is a good measure of success.
Unfortunately, chronic pain isn't easy to diagnose, measure, or treat.
But were those benefits reflected in a narrow GDP measure?
One inch too short (you brought a tape measure, right?).
However, the Macroeconomic Advisers measure was taken from the Sept.
The standard of education they deliver is hard to measure.
Congress is expected to vote on the measure this week.
Set up complicated, random quantum circuits and measure the values.
How would you measure clarity of thought for a dog?
Scientists can measure that distance down to a few millimeters.
But that isn't a great measure of the tactic's success.
The measure faces an uncertain future in the Senate, however.
What does the current measure include to address that problem?
How to measure the unwritten book against the unborn child?
You have potentially intensified an entire family's grief beyond measure.
Kelly was among the GOP members who opposed the measure.
But they were able to measure passing trucks and trains.
"That's harder to measure, but much more interesting," Benesch says.
By that measure, it should serve most people just fine.
Ron DeSantis -- proposed such a measure before Trump took office.
There are many ways to measure the partisanship of gerrymandering.
The U.S. has yet to formally respond to the measure.
And then he'd cut all these programs for good measure.
It also comes with a better camera, for good measure.
And if so, was it possible to measure how much?
The measure needs only a simple majority in both chambers.
To me, it's just clearly the worst by any measure.
The measure is expected to easily pass the state Senate.
Baghdad also quibbled over how OPEC would measure production cuts.
Financial markets like visibility and being able to measure risks.
Former President Obama also opposed the passage of each measure.
That's the highest the measure has been since September 2012.
What matters is that Putin's got the measure of Trump.
The border adjustment measure was not in previous tax proposals.
If you can't measure it, how can you evaluate it?
Political websites have been reaping the whirlwind in equal measure.
And for good measure ... the presidential seal covers Trump's ass.
Whichever measure you look at, the story is the same.
This measure is cruel and heartless, worse than any machine.
But a number of centrist Republicans still opposed the measure.
A vote on the measure is scheduled for October 16th.
That measure has drawn criticism from prominent entertainers and corporations.
The measure now heads to President Donald Trump for approval.
By nearly any measure, Netflix has had a ridiculous year.
But we've seen similar measure in Hong Kong as well.
Both were interested in taking up the measure, he said.

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