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"unknown" Definitions
  1. not known or identified
  2. (of people) not famous or well known
  3. never happening or existing
"unknown" Synonyms
secret unrevealed concealed dark hidden undisclosed untold undivulged indefinite mysterious undetermined unestablished inconclusive obscure unascertained undefined unfixed unresolved unsettled unspecified unfamiliar unprecedented new novel strange exotic fresh original unaccustomed unheard of unheard-of unusual unique different untried odd unconventional newfangled uncommon extraordinary undiscovered uncharted unexplored virgin foreign remote unmapped untravelled alien outlandish desolate distant far faraway far-off beyond your ken unidentified anonymous nameless unnamed incognito undesignated innominate incog no-name faceless untitled unchristened unbaptized pseudonymous insignificant lowly minor undistinguished unimportant unsung humble inconsequential uncelebrated unrenowned unfamous forgotten unhonoured little known unbeknown unbeknownst unperceived unnoted unexplained quiet top secret confidential strictly confidential classified unpublished uncommunicated under wraps unofficial clandestine surreptitious shrouded sub rosa covert bizarre weird peculiar eccentric queer curious funny offbeat quirky abnormal quaint wacky remarkable crazy unsuspected surprise unanticipated unimagined unpredicted improbable inconceived unacquainted incognizant inconversant unconversant new to unacquainted with unconversant with strange to unused to a stranger to unaccustomed to having never met unused unpracticed inexperienced undiagnosed not diagnosed unapt unseasoned untrained not given not used superphysical paranormal preternatural mystic unearthly transcendental metaphysical celestial extramundane extrasensory fabulous fairy ghostly heavenly impenetrable invisible extinct dead defunct vanished gone lost bygone bypast departed destroyed done expired exterminated extinguished inactive nonextant obsolete abolished died out doused countless innumerable numberless myriad uncountable uncounted unnumbered innumerous endless limitless manifold many multiple multitudinous unlimited incalculable indescribable legion numerous isolated secluded outlying deep godforsaken away lonely removed backwoods jerkwater back Barcoo beyond boondocks nobody newcomer stranger beginner nonentity mystery unco random unimportant person unknown person outsider foreigner incomer immigrant intruder outlander visitor emigrant interloper nonnative refugee parvenu gatecrasher newbie arriviste floater nonmember maybe possibility perhaps conceivability plausibility potentiality probability starlet actor ingenue minor actor new talent rising young star star in the making star of tomorrow wannabe imponderable enigma paradox uncertainty puzzle conundrum riddle question problem puzzlement mystification why poser occult head-scratcher question mark if doubt gamble unknown quantity dark horse also-ran long shot sleeper underdog hundred-to-one shot improbability little chance little opportunity outside chance outside shot poor bet poor lookout poor possibility poor prognosis poor prospect slim chance small chance stalking horse unexpected winner upstart nouveau riche parvenue social climber status seeker vulgarian name-dropper non-person would-be new money new rich philistine pretender adventurer lightweight nothing cypher(UK) cipher(US) pygmy zero insignificancy zilch dwarf number insect snippersnapper pigmy morsel shrimp whippersnapper nullity twerp world beyond afterlife hereafter great beyond world to come the unknown the beyond the great unknown next world eternity immortality afterworld heaven paradise to-be aftertime afterward future life hell frontier backcountry backwater bush hinterland outback backlands outlands up-country boonies outskirts sticks back of beyond wilds wilderness hinterlands platteland void emptiness nothingness nonexistence blank naught nihility extinction oblivion non-existence unreality absence unimportance worthlessness smallness pettiness blankness More
"unknown" Antonyms
known noted renowned common well-known famed famous patent celebrated familiar notable established popular recognised(UK) recognized(US) acknowledged avowed overt proverbial declared acquainted conversant introduced no stranger to well up in discovered explored uncovered found identified named determined onymous baptized(US) christened dubbed termed baptised(UK) public marked classified authenticated on the record distinguished acclaimed prominent eminent esteemed reputable illustrious legendary honored(US) honoured(UK) apprised knowledgeable aware informed cognizant abreast conscious mindful savvy across knowing understanding clued notified privy versed enlightened experienced versant hackneyed old time-honored tired warmed-over accustomed average commonplace everyday normal unexceptional usual ordinary regular open notorious prevalent published unrestricted widespread free to all in circulation in the public domain national obvious accessible publicized(US) available aboveboard unconcealed certain settled decided finished resolved definite clear sure fixed unquestionable explicit specific specified precise unambiguous unmistakable conclusive exact determinate unoriginal clichéd customary overused worn cliched banal stale threadbare truistic unimaginative bromidic trite overdone platitudinous predictable forthright blatant noticeable visible apparent brazen candid conspicuous evident observable defined disclosed announced expected glorified predicted limited bounded circumscribed confined finite restricted general generic global mainstream nationwide overarching shared universal worldwide official revealed permanent set unchanging agreed flat predetermined allotted secure arranged firm prearranged stipulated inflexible irreversible native indigenous natural nonexotic unexotic openly seen unhidden untroubled celebrity personality star superstar personage celeb somebody megastar someone celebutante name big name famous name famous person household name public figure VIP bigwig big shot citizen insider local certainty definitive inevitability necessity grandee revelation disclosure divulgence publication announcement disclosing unveiling broadcast declaration exposé announcing divulgation surprise divulging proclamation airing declaring news reporting circulation learned(US) learnt(UK) attained grasped mastered received absorbed absorpt acquired gained got gotten imbibed assimilated comprehended digested pursued calculated observed

745 Sentences With "unknown"

How to use unknown in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "unknown" and check conjugation/comparative form for "unknown". Mastering all the usages of "unknown" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Hard to say whether that's a known unknown or an unknown unknown.
Mohamud's defense team complained about this secrecy during trial, saying that it sought "suppression of unknown evidence […] gathered at unknown times by unknown means by unknown persons and agencies operating under unknown protocols," BuzzFeed reported.
An unknown British businessman sold the remains of the unknown dinosaur to an unknown French fossil collector.
You entered at an unknown location on an unknown date.
They begin as an unknown adventure in an unknown space.
The Unknown of Vietnam was only unknown for a short time.
Since then, it seems to be an unknown is truly unknown.
Don't fear the unknown today; the unknown is bringing you gifts.
Well, it's a big unknown, but it's a very fascinating unknown.
The military has memorials to unknown soldiers; these are unknown citizens.
Defining something unknown with something equally unknown is a big no-no.
The unknown is always with us, but what is unknown does change.
You'd be trying to go from one unknown language into another unknown language.
UNKNOWN: There are voices behind UNKNOWN: (INAUDIBLE) trying to be the news, right?
K2 is "wholly man-made, made by persons unknown, assembled by persons unknown, under unknown conditions in unknown places," said Robert Messner, the Police Department's assistant deputy commissioner for civil enforcement, during a news briefing at the Police Academy in Queens.
Unlike in 1994, North Korea now has an unknown number of nuclear weapons stored in unknown locations along with an unknown quantity of weapons-grade fissile material.
China's system of government also contains something which is closer to an unknown unknown.
That is what you call an "unknown unknown," in the words of Donald Rumsfeld.
Plenty of films come out with unknown directors that stay unknown with big hits.
On August 24, an unknown book by an unknown author from an unknown publisher rocketed its way to first place on the Times's young adult hardcover best-seller list.
Prukop is an unknown, but he's an exciting unknown, and the stats back that up.
So that's where we are: a power sector trading system, up and running in 2020, with an unknown cap and unknown rules, which will expand further at some unknown date.
If you want to unblock unknown callers, swipe the button for "Block unknown callers" to the left.
"The coronavirus has injected what we would classify as an 'unknown unknown' set of fears," Looney added.
What's unknown As it currently stands, it's unknown how much -- or whether -- Trump has utilized like-kind exchanges.
But the "unknown unknown" is the kind of problem class that can be solved with the next wave.
Space exploration demands the boldness to venture into the unknown, and in SpinLaunch's case, the unknown is vast.
"The key difference is that the SNB was an unknown unknown – you didn't know it was coming," he said.
Employed by Google: 1999 to at least 2005 (unknown)Most recent position at Google: Software engineerCurrent company/position: Unknown.
The great unknown unknown of his presidency was the Arab Spring, which helped ensure that the wars were inescapable.
The materials released by WikiLeaks on Tuesday did not appear to reveal the existence of unknown any unknown programs.
The problem with setting out to explore the unknown is that very often it is not unknown at all.
I have fear of the unknown in general, whereas other people want to go out and explore the unknown.
The audacity of stripping yourself bare and stage-diving into unknown hands, in an unknown land, is heady tonic.
This curiosity about the unknown leads to constant learning, fueled by an ever-burning desire to discover the unknown.
A very, very pregnant June is trapped in an unknown house, in an unknown district, seemingly far away from civilization.
The unknown suspect then fled the scene in a newer model, dark colored four door sedan, with unknown license plates.
The future is always unknown, and many people associate the unknown with danger or being out of control, he says.
And not only is the problem that draftees are unknown now, it's that they're going to remain unknown for years.
However, it is unknown if this incident is at all related to his death as the cause is still unknown.
However, the Cambridge Analytica story highlights the risks of forfeiting our privacy and data to unknown entities for unknown purposes.
Silence unknown callers In iOS 13, you can automatically silence any calls from unknown numbers and send them straight to voicemail.
Often, we read the unknown as threatening, but can eventually discover that within this daunting unknown can lay an unexpected tenderness.
Whereas computer-generated effects are planned out frame-by-frame, the final product for Approaching the Unknown was just that—unknown.
At this time, the type of powder thrown is unknown ... one person requested medical attention, but their current condition is unknown.
St. Louis Cardinals: OF Marcell Ozuna (unknown) and RHPs Michael Wacha ($6.35 million) and Dominic Leone (unknown) agreed to one-year deals.
In other words, all things being equal, contributions from unknown women programmers were accepted less often than contributions from unknown male programmers.
"But this is giving us — if we want to invest the energy — a new tool for surfacing unknown-unknown problems," he says.
As a young adult, I was empowered by this vast universe — it was the unknown, and the unknown can be very intriguing.
Kleiman's petition cites "potential unknown assets," of unknown value, in his brother's estate, which were not counted in the original court filings.
You should also not answer calls from unknown numbers, and if you get a message from an unknown caller, do not call back.
It can be anything from an old Speedy J acid track at Berghain to a new Unknown to the Unknown promo at Bunker.
Two, it's metabolic stability is still somewhat unknown, and it's also unknown how and if animals may acquire a tolerance to the drug.
The Joy Division Museum Digital Maps Inspired By Joy Division's "Unknown Pleasures" Cover The Story Behind Joy Division's Iconic Unknown Pleasures Album Cover
"The thing that police officers hate more than anything else is the unknown, but we have to prepare for the unknown," he said.
"The thing that police officers hate more than anything else is the unknown, but we have to prepare for the unknown," he said.
The purpose of sending a 19463-year-old boy 3,000 miles away to a camp unknown to him with unknown people eludes me.
Source: unknown Source: unknown The obvious impact of this is that you can see the best of Twitter without maniacally checking it all day.
A then-unknown Chazz Palminteri replaced Rohrssen as the club's doorman, and one night Mike Starr, himself still an unknown, visited Palminteri at Limelight.
I do not want to see people being manipulated in a direction which is unknown to them, by unknown people who pay for it.
This unknown can represent the future of our country, but for many, the "unknown" are the cultures that ebb and flow around the world.
The scale of impact is still unknown, and we want to do our part to protect our community especially while testing availability is unknown.
This is the true and still largely unknown story of the flu pandemic of 1918-19, the world's deadliest medical holocaust to date. Unknown?
Joey is accused of killing his wife "by unknown manner and means with unknown object," according to a court record obtained by the Houston Chronicle.
If I try to recap, the FBI is working with an unidentified third party using an unknown method to unlock an iPhone with unknown data.
If you want to receive messages from unknown callers, make sure "Block unknown callers" is turned off by swiping the button to the left.5.
MORE UNKNOWN "More is unknown about ghost guns than known," said Nick Suplina, managing director for law and policy at gun safety advocacy group Everytown.
But Quindlen also allows her characters mystery — and some of what's unknown stays unknown, which burnishes her story with a kind of haunting grace and truthfulness.
While Russia's real appetite for a political solution in the Syria conflict is unclear, it is wiser to test unknown political limits than unknown military ones.
"This (device) was meant to be detonated at an unknown time at an unknown location in Germany to kill as many people as possible," prosecutors said.
But little-understood infections could still be logged as "pneumonia of unknown etiology" — or unknown cause — when the patients did not respond to the usual treatment.
"This (device) was meant to be detonated at an unknown time at an unknown location in Germany to kill as many people as possible," prosecutors said.
Their court dressmaker, who was unknown in the West until recently, and to whom the West was virtually unknown until sixteen years ago, is Guo Pei.
Which is handy, because that's what we've got for you today: DJ Ford Foster's new Unknown to the Unknown Night Demon Trax: The Ghetto Houz Mixtape.
Lil Yachty, Lil Baby Tracy - "Like A Farmer" Unknown Mortal Orchestra:Unknown Mortal Orchestra - "Ministry of Alienation"Unknown Mortal Orchestra - "Everyone Acts Crazy Nowadays" Unknown Mortal Orchestra - "Hunnybee" Mike Dean & Dice SoHo:Dice SoHo - "SSP" Dice SoHo - "Snowflake Emoji" Cypress Moreno & Rosecrans Vic:AzSwaye - "Ride With My Glock Remix" feat.
Over the last few years, publishers have deservedly griped over how hard it has become for books, particularly by unknown or relatively unknown authors to gain exposure.
It's not just unknown what is happening but it's unknown what it will look like and how its effects will work their way through the various channels.
The equation didn't generate a clear answer, because almost all the variables were unknown at the time and continue to be largely unknown a half-century later.
According to numerous scientists, the machines were not designed to analyze crime-scene evidence, which often includes an unknown amount of DNA from an unknown number of contributors.
One peculiar catch: For now, calls will come from unknown/private numbers… which, after years of sketchy unknown mystery calls, most people have been trained not to answer.
KNOW YOUR RISKS AND MAKE A PLAN To protect yourself and your family from the unknown, you need to have some idea of what that unknown might be.
He took stock of his situation: He was in an unknown location in an unknown city, being held by officers whose identity and affiliation he could not ascertain.
"'It Follows' abides by a principle that few horror movies have the courage to embrace: The unknown is the unknown," Stephen Holden wrote in The New York Times.
Their bodies, made nonthreatening by comedy and "science," were used to pacify an audience unsettled by the unknown; an unknown that their civilizations were swiftly wiping from the map.
Until collateral schedules are negotiated, this may also be subject to an unknown diversification framework and unknown margin requirements relative to Fitch's market value and closed-end fund rating criteria.
It did not mean that he would, like a lion, return home in all his power, but that he was the unknown in an unknown land, that he was lost.
Much more than the 2010-11 retrospective at the National Gallery of Art in Washington and Tate Modern in London, this show understands Gauguin's sojourns in French Polynesia as just a few stops — and maybe not the most important stops — of a decades-long quest for unknown places, unknown styles, unknown images.
Details of what caused deputies to arrive at the farm are unknown, but on Wednesday evening, Ehrke checked into the Colusa Medical Center for an unknown reason, according to the release.
Libra is still in its early stage, and many details are unknown; some will likely remain unknown until the first half of 2020, when the project is due to officially launch.
The world-traveling culinary pro's show, "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown" and the program's digital component, "Anthony Bourdain: Explore Parts Unknown," snagged several trophies at the Creative Arts Emmys in Los Angeles.
Mr. Franco's memorable photograph of this young woman in fatigues, saying goodbye to her father — the fear of her unknown, of our unknown, conveyed in her eyes — hangs in the newsroom.
"'It Follows' abides by a principle that few horror movies have the courage to embrace: The unknown is the unknown," Stephen Holden wrote in his review for The New York Times.
Season 8Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown: Season 1 – 5American Dad!
" Doherty is hopeful, but also terrified of the "unknown.
What exactly was said — or, perhaps, promised — remains unknown.
" Salzer grunted assent: "Yeah, there's a lot that's unknown.
That unknown lawmaker might very well be John Delaney . . .
And one day about two years ago I archived that (reasons unknown?????) and only started putting up the very best, the very most hand-curated photos of myself (also for reasons unknown
Still, she remains relatively unknown to the larger rap community—but judging by the couple hundred packed the main floor was at Baby's, she might not be that unknown too much longer.
"If Hillary is sort of almost status quo and the devil we know versus complete crazy unknown, I'm not will to risk the country on complete crazy unknown," he told NPR's Aarti Shahani.
"Repeatedly explain what is known, and what is unknown, and when people can get more information about what remains unknown," said Dr. Hana Hayashi, a public health strategist at McCann Healthcare Worldwide Japan.
The unknown timing of these initial public offerings and the unknown value of an employee's stake can be a "double whammy" for their workforce, according Stanford Graduate School of Business lecturer, Robert Siegel.
Michigan's 11th District might be instructive here: It is an open seat, being contested by a relatively unknown Republican and an equally unknown Democratic woman, neither of whom doesn't currently hold public office.
The exact death rate is unknown, but it is high.
How many police departments have adopted these protocols remains unknown.
You change from a known person to an unknown person.
The truth — and what remains unknown — has unsettled them all.
But how much still remained an unknown, according to Ross.
For reasons unknown, Barnard took a look at my application.
Its cause is unknown but symptoms include painless, firm swelling.
Today, Emmy Noether remains relatively unknown outside of math circles.
It is unknown whether he plans to appeal his convictions.
The impact of each of these factors remains unknown, however.
So a lot of the album is about the unknown.
The identity of Claudia's husband (presumably Regina's father) is unknown.
It is unknown at this time what caused the fire.
It's unknown whether the boy's mother has hired an attorney.
It's the need for knowledge because the unknown is scary.
His motivation is unknown at this time, according to police.
Four police officers were killed by unknown hands, it said.
An unknown cenotaph is decorated with flowers, day and night.
"Part of the risk was of the unknown," Reisman says.
"Whether they can get out of that spiral is unknown."
The fossilized trackways made by an unknown, ancient sea creature.
It's unknown to which charity the Trumps plan to donate.
He has been moved from jail to an unknown location.
All of that means this executive order's implications are unknown.
Riggleman is a businessman who is virtually unknown in Virginia.
His motives for carrying out the shooting are still unknown.
Vinny was diagnosed with an unknown form of metastatic cancer.
For some unknown reason, he thought the conversation went well.
For most people, the dangers of higenamine are practically unknown.
As of now, the motivation behind his actions is unknown.
Many of the customers are unknown to the two Finns.
The CDC said the cause of the illness is unknown.
But exactly why or how that happens is still unknown.
Bourdain was filming for an upcoming season of "Parts Unknown."
On Friday, Baldwin paid tribute to the "Parts Unknown" star.
The identity of the deceased is unknown, the spokeswoman says.
An unknown portion of that came from its warehousing operations.
And yet, Arnold is still widely unknown to most moviegoers.
A symbol of hope, it separates civilization from the unknown.
Video can also act as a shield against the unknown.
A ledger, however, is operated by unknown and untrusted parties.
It is still unknown how many homes have been destroyed.
Pricing and availability for the Link 2 are still unknown.
But it may remove a big unknown from the equation.
That's unheard of for a memoir from an unknown person.
Also unknown is nearly any concrete information about the phone.
The degree also seems all but completely unknown among employers.
Bourdain's show Parts Unknown is currently airing its 2800th season.
And for some unknown reason, I decided to have cornrows.
The source and motive behind the attacks is still unknown.
It is unknown what, if anything, the communication has yielded.
Its age, sex, and cause of death are yet unknown.
What's behind us is, of course, fixed; what's ahead, unknown.
It can take unknown games and turn them into hits.
The fates of Craver and Hensley, however, are still unknown.
THREE years ago, he was largely unknown to the public.
Watch CNN's "Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown" Sundays at 9 p.m.
They felt welcomed as they entered this new, unknown country.
Her cause of death is currently unknown, pending an autopsy.
"The cause of the deafness remains unknown," the study found.
The actual release of the TV show is still unknown.
One thing we do know: the unknown is so alluring.
The unknown deaths could be twice that number, he added.
It's unknown how many kittens in total have been killed.
Guglielmi says the race of the offender is still unknown.
"Going into a world of unknown was challenging," Ibrahim said.
Similarly, Buttigieg and Klobuchar are relatively unknown at this point.
Whether it will include Breath of the Wild is unknown.
The cause of explosion is unknown, the news agency reported.
She is sowing fear of the unknown into patriotic hearts.
Another two uncles are still being held, their whereabouts unknown.
It is unknown if they have received them or not.
The unknown killer used sheers, a hammer and a sword.
She was treated for unknown injuries after Monday night's incident.
Of those, the whereabouts of 13 remain unknown, Evans said.
Corruption in public life is far from unknown in Israel.
It is unknown whether Kells has been appointed an attorney.
The purpose of the mission, codenamed Zuma, is essentially unknown.
For now, though, British business marches cheerfully into the unknown.
We are standing on the brink of a vast unknown.
The motive for the killing remains unknown, media have reported.
Mr Etete faces charges in Nigeria; his whereabouts are unknown.
The enemy is unknown and generic: muj, hajji and "raghead".
Surrender to the unknown and you will be rewarded, Libra.
She is 67 years old and her whereabouts are unknown.
Also, the app is unable to block unknown callers altogether.
It's unknown how long the red tide will go on.
"The fate of all 295 civilians is unknown," she said.
"I call it the land of the unknown," Nicole says.
It's unknown if Pelosi's plan would apply to all drugs.
But many lurk unknown until a hacker starts exploiting them.
People make excuses because of the fear of the unknown.
The ultimate cause of human brain expansion thus remains unknown.
Soon more unknown faces entered the room to observe her.
That's part of the visceral thrill — you're facing the unknown!
It's unknown when Maleah may have disappeared or been killed.
It became something strange and out of reach and unknown.
Exit is, in many ways, a leap into the unknown.
It is unknown what companies or activities are being examined.
And even more boarded buses headed toward an unknown destination.
"An unknown is a negative for stock multiples," Munster said.
That's really the big unknown as we head into 2018.
Are we looking at disintegrating stars or unknown force fields?
This is especially true for debut novels by unknown authors.
As a result, his administration is full of unknown entities.
"We're turning Ms. Miller in," an unknown female voice responds.
The results of that test, as of Tuesday, are unknown.
Still no idea what the Great Unknown really is though.
The United Nations says an exact casualty figure remains unknown.
Gore's injury is unknown but not believed to be serious.
But can code from an unknown algorithm really deliver justice?
Parts Unknown season 12 premieres September 23 at 9 p.m.
"This way of trafficking used to be unknown," he explains.
Fearing the unknown is big for you right now, Aries.
Another big unknown with cannabis is the issue of safety.
The unknown will leave you stuck in a bad situation.
Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl!) and largely unknown (Yassir Lester).
He said his attackers threw an unknown chemical on him.
Some of the complaints described fraudulent deposits of unknown origin.
The exact identities of the rari camp's donors are unknown.
His status for the rest of the series is unknown.
ARROYO: How did it turn into a "Parts Unknown" segment?
The genes that encode for coelenterazine are also completely unknown.
The song's title, as well as its whereabouts, are unknown.
The sisters' cause of death remains unknown at this time.
Lacy cited DNA evidence that pointed to an unknown male.
But, for reasons unknown, these 13 individuals were never diagnosed.
It was purchased late last year by an unknown buyer.
The police said the cause of their deaths was unknown.
It is unknown what clothing the girl was seen wearing.
It is unknown if the matter is closer or ongoing.
It's still unknown which prison he'll be serving his sentence.
It is unknown how much China pays for that gas.
All in all, I sent texts to 20 unknown contacts.
The motive for the later shooting remains unknown, Smith said.
Nevertheless, isolated North Korea's true capabilities and intentions remain unknown.
We're told the exact cause of death is still unknown.
"Lidar is great for finding previously unknown faults," Faulds said.
For a chef, the raw food diet is unknown territory.
Why Hitchcock drowned his girlfriend and Onyx is still unknown.
I'd never lived in Florida before — it was an unknown.
Some were shot, while other causes of death are unknown.
To some extent, it's the universal appeal of the unknown.
The circumstances of her fall into the river were unknown.
It remains unknown how the drug got into Alton's system.
The cause of her death is unknown, according to Variety.
A Trump presidency would represent a leap into the unknown.
And Lindsay Lohan was also there, back from parts unknown.
How much water is involved, if any, still remains unknown.
Baghdadi has fled the city and his whereabouts are unknown.
The fate of the troops had been unknown since then.
"Motocross is a relatively young, unknown sport," says the rider.
However, specifics on Trump's criminal justice reform policies are unknown.
To reveal the unknown for the benefits of all mankind.
The details on the death of Guillermina Quiñones remain unknown.
Phone calls and gifts from unknown people are possible signs.
"It's unknown at this time if anything was taken," Sgt.
She barely avoids being raped, fighting off her unknown assailant.
She is being held on an unknown amount of bail.
But restaurateurs must face difficulties unknown in other gourmet locations.
Surprisingly, the functions of 149 of these genes remain unknown.
He was an unknown Illinois state senator at the time.
Why it matters: Lyft's interest in Otto was previously unknown.
Go north, across the enchanted lands and into the unknown.
The status of the surviving victim is unknown, Rushin said.
In the luxury space, the Caddy is an unknown quantity.
It is unknown if he has retained a lawyer yet.
However, the seriousness of his condition was unknown until today.
The number of Rohingya fatalities in the camps is unknown.
But how exactly debt influences overall health is still unknown.
Yet the term itself is still relatively unknown to many.
And his character, to some extent, was unknown to me.
"The unknown is the most frightening part," Edwards tells me.
The fate of dozens of other Mosul journalists remains unknown.
The motive for the shooting was unknown and under investigation.
Is it synthetic, organic, or an unknown dimension of being?
"It's totally unknown what the effect will be," Burnham said.
At this point, it's unknown how widespread the messages were.
The Rohingya are also a largely invisible and unknown population.
This owl has no interested in figuring out the unknown.
The causes of both fires were unknown and under investigation.
Dig in to a new "Parts Unknown" with Anthony Bourdain.
Unknown Girl, a new film by the the Dardenne brothers.
That's an unknown and that in itself can cause stress.
Taylor and Kent are obscure figures, unknown in most households.
Other unknown factors may have affected the results, they said.
The potential those ideas come to fruition, however, remains unknown.
A few minutes later, for unknown reasons, they shot him.
" Guzman's calls would be logged in the system as "unknown.
The whereabouts of the other swimmer, Jimmy Feigen, are unknown.
Enter Ms. James, a relative unknown in British national politics.
Britain had just taken a leap into the wild unknown.
UNKNOWN Phone rings — UNKNOWNagain — mom again, but I'm not answering.
The image featured eight plastic pieces from an unknown source.
"It's unknown territory, in the truest sense," Trump told reporters.
Low's whereabouts are unknown but he has previously denied wrongdoing.
What's unknown is whether the IRS will bless these workarounds.
She's totally unknown beyond the borders of the First State.
" CNN is currently airing the 11th season of "Parts Unknown.
And the future of this trend remains a contested unknown.
L, Dana Schutz and Jordan Wolfson, many are largely unknown.
It is unknown when the full analysis will be completed.
Further details are unknown and a police investigation is ongoing.
"Previously unknown controversial writing can sink nominations," the memo says.
The contours of the North Korean bioweapons program are unknown.
His endgame is unknown, but emphatically not related to commerce.
But unknown to him, Jeffrey had also bought a Glock .
Firefighters have extinguished the fire, but the cause remains unknown.
As with the tax returns, the recording's source was unknown.
The Americans' conditions are also unknown, according to the official.
Let's say your goal is to attract [an unknown] soulmate.
The cause of the crash is unknown at this time.
The unknown to that was quite beautiful in a way.
Quite how the mistake happened is unknown at this stage.
The unknown company didn't succeed in challenging the surveillance order.
While marriage is unknown here, relationships among guerrillas are common.
It went to a virtually unknown writer named Conan O'Brien.
Pete Buttigieg, the relatively unknown mayor of South Bend, Ind.
I preferred to keep my inner terror invisible and unknown.
Guillier was a relative unknown in Chilean politics until recently.
I always want to feature, as players, the unknown bands.
The details: The cause of the spill is still unknown.
Her episodes on Anthony Bourdain's 'Parts Unknown' were also scrubbed.
They were taping for Bourdain's CNN travel show Parts Unknown.
The greatest unknown driving these internal disagreements was the government.
Second, Manafort was questioned about another unknown Justice Department investigation.
That's why I think they were looking for the unknown.
Yeah and then [unknown] artists, obviously that's the next level.
It's unknown why she shared the sweet, affectionate pic again.
Curses: I am easily enticed by the new and unknown.
Some of us fear darkness because it masks the unknown.
We're headed for unknown territory, adventures I never bargained for.
Everywhere it is seen, and everywhere its experiences are unknown.
You want to find mountains, rivers, lakes, unknown to you.
The intrigue: The source of the attack is still unknown.
Unknown. The Beowulf Manuscript's permanent home is the British Library.
It is unknown how the work entered the family's possession.
An unknown number are held by rebel and jihadi groups.
There are still 37 kids whose parents are unknown entirely.
Only the method of confirmation is unknown at this time.
Lucite "coffin" handbag with plastic grapes, maker and date unknown.
"At this time, the patient's exposure is unknown," it said.
"There's that sense of nervousness of the unknown," she said.
The motive behind the shootings is unknown, the police said.
"Unknown virus" got one reference, on slide 2865 of 260.
Whether other people would show similar brain activity is unknown.
The actor's pop credentials are almost unknown in the States.
Back then, HNA was relatively unknown in the United States.
Manson was previously hospitalized in January for similarly unknown reasons.
What is still unknown is who, exactly, won that match.
For reasons unknown, the attempts were unsuccessful, Ms. Maniotis said.
Government hackers were using a previously-unknown vulnerability in Microsoft's .
I knew that leaving for the unknown would be dangerous.
Fears of the unknown combined with desires to start over.
But when Mackenzie led his expedition, this was still unknown.
Still, she remained largely unknown, especially in the United States.
But how the stage will affect both players is unknown.
The cause of the accident was unknown, Colonel Ophardt said.
Two are still unknown, and five have been tentatively identified.
However, most of the time the triggering event is unknown.
The cause of death of the other tourist is unknown.
The remaining invitations are issued according to some unknown hierarchy.
The final unknown in all of this is still Trump.
The precise cause or causes of the crash remain unknown.
Most of the circumstances surrounding the boy's death remain unknown.
And the final episode of "Parts Unknown" airs on CNN.
Initially it was unknown whether Dr. He would face consequences.
Social media users predicted the discovery of many unknown relatives.
But how workouts guard against colon cancer remains largely unknown.
The musicians and audience seem quite open to unknown repertoire.
And still the full scope of the damage was unknown.
"Parts Unknown" often felt like a commentary on foreign policy.
We're not ready for both predictable challenges and unknown ones.
The gunman's motive remains unknown, Sheriff Lombardo said on Wednesday.
"Anything unknown is worrisome, right?" the elder Mr. Learey said.
The Taliban also suffered an unknown number of casualties. Oct.
It is unknown if Ivanka has been tested or quarantined.
But he also wants to be profoundly lost and unknown.
The date is now unknown; it is not Nov. 15.
They gather and squawk, conducting unknown goose business and gossip.
Whether SoftBank has participated in Getaround's latest financing is unknown.
The big unknown on Samsung's horizon today, however, is China.
Could it be some kind of previously unknown sonic weapon?
Authorities said it was unknown whether he had a lawyer.
Nevertheless, it remains a relatively unknown disease among eye doctors.
Then for reasons unknown to me, she made an exception.
Whether this is enough to cause maternal harm is unknown.
Homes were swept away, and the death toll is unknown.
Bottega Veneta has a new — and relatively unknown — creative director.
Thus began their leap into the unknown, and into history.
John later did his own reporting, uncovering previously unknown details.
But the older you get, the less unknown there is.
They may be struggling with the unknown and need reassurance.
More than 2727 years later, the pair's fate remains unknown.
She died at the age of 25 from causes unknown.
I drive up my driveway and see an unknown truck.
Unknown, but we owe it to each other to try.
It is still unknown where she was during this time.
It's that moment when you turn to face the unknown.
Their genders are unknown; both are over 60 years old.
The number of people leaving the city is currently unknown.
I'm afraid of the pain, and the unknown is frightening.
The whereabouts of more than 100 Chibok girls remain unknown.
It is a mourning piece, for those known and unknown.
The cause of the blaze is still listed as unknown.
ALTERNATIVE SPACES illuminated new or unknown art in invaluable ways.
The case is FNU (First Name Unknown) Tanzin v. Tanvir.
What Trump and Zuckerberg discussed at the dinner remains unknown.
Photographer unknown, A battlefield on the Somme front, France, 1916.
I see a battery, an antennae and some unknown chips.
It also helps people deal with unknown and unfamiliar situations.
The reason for this dark pigmentation has long been unknown.
Three of their older sons died from an unknown illness.
Three of their older sons died from an unknown illness.
And "Expedition Unknown" returns for another season on Discovery Channel.
Little is more terrifying than the unknown and the inevitable.
A phone app that can send unknown callers to voicemail.
The CDC said we had first case of unknown origin.
I was drawn to study cancer because of the unknown.
Unknown films have been discovered; lost dances have been revived.
The source of the rocket is unknown, the sources said.
For months, declines of 22006 percent or more were unknown.
It's unknown if the court would have approved corrected applications.
Back in the United States, personal embellishment is not unknown.
An unknown arm marks three slips with a "yes" vote.
But for unknown reasons, they did not pursue that route.
It's unknown what the hackers may have found, if anything.
They were unknown to me but they were human beings.
There are unknown thousands of residents still trapped in Mosul.
But Ms. Saye was still virtually unknown, Mr. Bailey said.
Unfortunately, a large number of issues remain unknown or understudied.
Kavanaugh's views on the court's abortion precedents are largely unknown.
Stop fearing the unknown, you're more than capable 👊🏼 ⁣⁣ 3.
The house was evacuated but it's unknown whether it survived.
Heavy hurricane activity across the South also remains an unknown.
It's still unknown how quickly China can contain the outbreak.
Pratt is currently a wanted fugitive whose whereabouts are unknown.
All of the parameters of the bill largely remain unknown.
Police added that the horse reared for an unknown reason.
"They were surrounded and their fate is unknown," he said.
Mr. Simons, though by no means unknown, is not Calvin.
Mr. Toledo's whereabouts was unknown, and Peruvians have been captivated.
Also torturous: if the music is unknown to the prisoner.
"There are definitely unknown letters from Hamilton here," he said.
The exact number of detainees across Iran is still unknown.
But that didn't happen, and it's unknown if it will.
Then there is the "big unknown" with the Federal Reserve.
Fracking, Fukushima, Tesla – these were virtually unknown a decade ago.
Prosecutors said the full scope of Buck's conduct remains unknown.
The cause of the FCCU explosion was unknown, he said.
And, it's unknown when personnel will be able to return.
It remains unknown what caused the bus to catch fire.
"She was violently killed by an unknown assailant," Sims said.
In 2000, the cell phone was virtually unknown in Africa.
As the trial begins, there are still many unknown variables.
For friends I have one price, for unknown customers another.
Some of the trademarks hinted at previously unknown foreign forays.
The paternity of the fetus was unknown at press time.
Their condition is unknown at this time, the affiliated reported.
The motive of the crimes is still unknown, Ziegler said.
The monetary value of the Stasi Museum haul is unknown.
"But it was unknown who the mother was," Raborn says.
Whether Mr. Trump would consider scrapping it is another unknown.
The musical program that the orchestra will play is unknown.
Much about the circumstances of the boy's death remains unknown.
But for the next 22016 years "November" was virtually unknown.
Among them are an unknown number of Islamic State fighters.
It was unknown which group the infected patient belonged to.
It is unknown whether Mr. Mueller will go that route.
The hunt for an unknown number of missing people continues.
Horses were unknown to the Incas until the Conquistadors arrived….
Why is all the fruit taking off for parts unknown?
It's unknown who Azar may want in the job next.
The effect, then, of "confounding diseases" is "unknown," he added.
Go to Settings > Phone and turn on Silence Unknown Callers.
It is unknown whether Latunski met the man through Grindr.
It is unknown how much an SLS launch might cost.
The cause of death is still unknown, the official said.
It's unknown whether the couple ever signed a prenuptial agreement.
They are our gates to the glorious and the unknown.
The biggest unknown, potentially, is the risk to psychiatric health.
Still, how exactly Republicans "do better" is a big unknown.
Williamson told CNN the unknown male DNA originally found in the crotch of JonBenet's underpants matched or "was consistent" with the unknown male DNA that was found on the waistband of the long johns.
A second case of COVID-228 with an unknown origin was identified in Santa Clara county, California on Friday, and two other potential cases of unknown origin were identified in Oregon and Washington state.
"Users of Excel's 'rand' function have been using random numbers from an unknown and undocumented RNG of unknown period that is not known to pass any standard tests of randomness," he said of the process.
The true power of Falling Man, however, is less about who its subject was and more about what he became: a makeshift Unknown Soldier in an often unknown and uncertain war, suspended forever in history.
The outbreak has revealed the existence of a vast, unregulated, shadowy marketplace of illicit or bootleg vaping products that are essentially a stew of unknown chemicals concocted, packed and sold by unknown manufacturers and sellers.
After unsuccessful attempts to recover furniture and art works, the family in 1984 approached an American businessman, Danny Douglas, who then applied secretly on their behalf to retrieve an unknown object from an unknown location.
But the long-term health effects of vaping are largely unknown.
It is unknown if China still sells crude oil to Pyongyang.
" Chapman tells PEOPLE: "I have a healthy fear of the unknown.
Unknown what the champ's eating today leading up to the fight.
"He was still unknown to us at the time," he says.
It seems what exactly triggers the kernel panics is still unknown.
As of earlier today, the whereabouts of the robbers was unknown.
"The real status of the bees is still unknown," said Wyman.
They were hospitalized, although as of publication their conditions remained unknown.
Raza Khan is on the run and his whereabouts are unknown.
The exact number of phones the company is manufacturing is unknown.
Watts says that suggests other, uncontrolled factors are having unknown effects.
The whereabouts of the 10, all South Sudanese, were now unknown.
What evidence Turkish officials could gather at the consulate remained unknown.
A major contributor is from a man, his identity is unknown.
The complaint was filed against unknown persons, a judicial source said.
Even today, the precise molecular causes of many cancers remain unknown.
It's unknown how much money Verizon has put into the company.
And it's the unknown that Joy thinks people are fearful of.
It's still unknown how ingesting plastics affects human health, noted Mendenhall.
The biggest unknown, at this point, is how his supporters feel.
Earlier this year, unknown assailants destroyed Ebola treatment centers in Butembo.
It is unknown how far along in the pregnancy Jones was.
The combatants are unknown as Servais declined to reveal their identities.
Amazing. The pilot, she was pretty much unknown outside theater, Carrie.
Conservatives, fearful of a nominee with an unknown record, were alarmed.
Because in any business, especially shipping, there's a lot of unknown.
He's perhaps unknown outside technology circles but is an outspoken figure.
The whereabouts of the helicopter and its crew are still unknown.
That said, whether this suit will amount to anything remains unknown.
Based on unknown behaviors (b/c she's not saying) from 2015.
Why this happens in some people and not others is unknown.
Whether that increase in surgeries will continue remains unknown, Schechter says.
The frequency of individuals' "contribut[ing] to national interests" is unknown.
"It's the difference between known unknowns versus unknown unknowns," she said.
The identity of the angry woman remains unknown at this time.
The reason Lion Air Flight 20133 went down is still unknown.
Its effectiveness in protecting humans from the virus is still unknown.
The outcome of the bid was still unknown, the company said.
The series is currently in production and its release date unknown.
They elicit empathy, make familiar the unknown, yet remain refreshingly unpretentious.
"The unknown unknowns are something that really concern me," he said.
Sacramento authorities said Friday the victim's cause of death was unknown.
The police have blamed many of the killings on unknown assailants.
The relatively unknown former mayor of South Bend is generating buzz.
It's unknown if the actors will also take a plea deal.
Social media invites strangers, and thus the unknown, into our lives.
Despite this revelation, the identities of her former fiancés are unknown.
The exact price that Google has offered for Fitbit is unknown.
It's unknown if the students are now being held in jail.
Many urban Chinese grow up with advantages unknown to previous generations.
"There's a pleasure in being both known and unknown," she writes.
Johnson and Brownlee Although they're largely unknown, City Girls feel familiar.
What we're more interested in is throwing people into the unknown.
Gargantuan tech companies enjoy market shares unknown since the Gilded Age.
Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is a product of that shift.
" He added: "His positions on many key issues are still unknown.
This event is unprecedented & all impacts are unknown & beyond anything experienced.
The unknown sender may have been reacting to this recent coverage.
How many new ones can survive, that's (also) an unknown number.
It is unknown who fired the four shots that killed García.
But I wish to beat a path to an unknown future!
He was spirited out of the territory to an unknown fate.
"Making your unknown known is the important thing," Georgia O'Keeffe wrote.
Why whale fossils would accumulate in this particular spot is unknown.
Walton said a lot was still unknown about the Kansas attacks.
This story originally reported they were spam bots of unknown origin.
It's a great day for sharing secrets or exploring the unknown.
It said "the precise means of attack or sabotage is unknown".
Activists say the number of people affected by them is unknown.
Amount of beer thrown around unknown despite what Rovell said. pic.twitter.
To the unknown eye, the content didn't seem at all unusual.
At present, unknown individuals are having an outsize impact on politics.
Whether it was fully grown or still a juvenile remains unknown.
Many established Democrats consider Jordan a wild card: untested and unknown.
Upon further examination, scientists confirmed it was a theretofore unknown species.
It's unknown whether Putnam will be able to return this season.
What causes this and what effects it could have are unknown.
Her cause of death, at the time of publishing, remains unknown.
The final count is still unknown, but it's more than that.
Still, where exactly that pharma company could be located is unknown.
Wright resigned in 2012 for an unknown reason, according to CBS.
The other two live in Vietnam, but their genders are unknown.
The thing that is still an unknown is how it races.
The capture took place Sunday at an unknown location in Libya.
The size of the hole in Otkritie's balance-sheet is unknown.
It's just that he's an unknown, and the legends cluster quickly.
Share your deranged feelings about the unknown in the comments below.
Precise numbers on the boat - and who organized it - are unknown.
All of those are now in the hands of parties unknown.
"Often the best superhero experience comes from the unknown," he said.
What will be of the band after Drake's departure is unknown.
The vice governor says the cause of the accident remains unknown.
The shooter fled the area in an "unknown vehicle," Gonzalez said.
Those are the two most defined powers in the unknown universe.
"At this time, the location of Mariah is unknown," they said.
Even his age is unknown; estimates range between 35 and 44.
I was a mystery, a complete unknown to publicists and photographers.
Tyrion, Unknown Tyrion's birthday is also never revealed in the books.
It is unknown if the suspect intended to commit a burglary.
The man he sued for libel recently died of unknown causes.
Both were filming an upcoming episode of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.
However, the duo quietly split two years later for unknown reasons.
Before that, the research was backed by an unknown Republican client.
The big unknown is what will happen in the competitive stage.
But, despite years of research, his name and age remain unknown.
Outside Myanmar, Burmese metal is still something of an unknown quantity.
Malaysian authorities are seeking to arrest Low, whose whereabouts are unknown.
Microsoft is trying to address the fear of running an unknown .
This appeared to be a previously unknown titanosaur species, yet unnamed.
Part of it can be explained by fear of the unknown.
SpaceX alleges the unknown proposal was misread by the Air Force.
And like anything new, the unknown can feel a bit scary.
Sixteen soldiers and an unknown number of civilians also were injured.
How long could I survive this dizzying trip to the unknown,?
Sadr was virtually unknown outside Iraq before the 2003 U.S. invasion.
Subaru said the cause of the potential defect was still unknown.
This may be the biggest unknown variable of her VP pick.
And unknown to the Queen, Hartnell added a good luck charm.
It's still unknown whether TheShadowBrokers have real NSA tools for sale.
The nature of the offer made by Enterprise Products is unknown.
Fear has historically been a by-product of separation, the unknown.
"Both individuals' affiliation to UC Berkeley is unknown," the university tweeted.
Low, whose whereabouts are unknown, could not be reached for comment.
Fascinated by this particular unknown, Donovan began studying Steve last year.
The mechanism causing these failures, however, has remained unknown until recently.
"It is unknown if the victim will survive," reads the complaint.
The reason for both of Chris' most integral activities is unknown.
Anthony Bourdain's journey on Parts Unknown is coming to an end.
How accretive that will be to those people is an unknown.
He died in Witchita, Kansas, in March 20123, of causes unknown.
The exact origins of the infamous secret society are still unknown.
Some unknown animal is also vandalizing property in the Bay Area.
The unknown frightens me more than Elizabeth Warren or [ Joe ] Biden .
But whales may also harbour tumour-fighting genes unknown to science.
As Payne noted, the reason for the sinking is still unknown.
The real unknown left here is price, which will be crucial.
For reasons unknown, "Mr Brightside" is currently in the UK charts.
Facebook has reposted 14 of my photos for some unknown reason.
The identity of the model who posed for Payne is unknown.
To be clear, the actual risks of this structure are unknown.
The pair were working on Bourdain's latest "Parts Unknown" TV series.
Then there are the missing: those whose fates are entirely unknown.
It is unknown if the deceased are employees of the company.
But the timeline and when this might happen is still unknown.
But this relationship between the two was mostly unknown, Atasoy says.
Something that for some unknown reason are not called Boba Fettlebells.
It's unknown whether the dog also belonged to the snake-owner.
He is still on the run and his identity is unknown.
Other details, such as the project's cost and funding, are unknown.
Things always work out, but the unknown is a little scary.
Insinuated TV heads and critics should be investigated for unknown reasons.
The cause of death in this die-off is still unknown.
Girl Scouts has helped me branch out and do the unknown.
Much remains unknown about Zika, for which there is no vaccine.
In this debate, the decisions are difficult, they are not unknown.
But their whereabouts remain unknown nearly 17 months after their disappearance.
The duration and impact of the outage were unknown, it said.
Investigators believe the catamaran hit an "unknown submerged object," Lally said.
Estimated completion date of the new steel hub is also unknown.
It is unclear how the unknown hackers initially found Hanson's bug.
"The gender of their new child is unknown," the lawmaker said.
According to CNN, the cause of the fire is still unknown.
There's even a Trump stand-in – whose identity, though, remains unknown.
I'd rather keep trying to explore unknown spaces, just for myself.
It is what is unknown and the possibilities it may contain.
But unlike Shakespeare, it remains virtually unknown outside its home country.
Whereabouts unknown The five missing soldiers were identified by the Army.
Deep decarbonization is a journey with known goals and unknown steps.
Trollope remains largely unknown in America, which Mr. Fellowes notes regretfully.
Ms. Vilardell seemed energized by having thrown herself into the unknown.
The South Bend, Indiana, mayor was a virtual unknown months ago.
It is unknown whether the Supreme Court would hear an appeal.
A key unknown is whether Social Security benefits will be reduced.
The cause of death is unknown and something of a mystery.
Cookie Monster was born Sid Monster on November 2 (year unknown).
It's unknown how often the phones used for calls are changed.
Her vocal range is stunning, though the precise parameter is unknown.
Those not taken back by their families face a frightening unknown.
The whereabouts of most of the survivors was unknown, it added.
The FIRST STEP Act is not a venture into the unknown.
The fate of Mr. Patten's apartment is unknown, Mr. Foreman said.
Also unknown: why some patients recover and others have prolonged effects.
It's unknown whether they talked about Trump's remarks to the NRA.
Then there's the arguably the biggest unknown of them all: Apple.
Whether Russians were responsible for Trump's success or not is unknown.
Whether it works is an unknown, but there is a plan.
The show's digital extension, "Explore Parts Unknown," also scored a nomination.
Gene editing could reshape society, but the side effects are unknown.
Emil Rivera-Lopez is listed as "whereabouts unknown" after the Aug.
If and how Scalia had ruled in this case is unknown.
But for the 49 other states, the market numbers remain unknown.
And he has remained largely unknown in his native Knoxville, Tenn.
Ms. White, 20, died on March 12, 1923, of unknown causes.
But this creates a real unknown factor to the USMCA debate.
The fizzy, fermented tea known as kombucha was once relatively unknown.
Vanguard is the second-largest shareholder, though its vote is unknown.
Gerry Ferraro is nominated in 1984 and she is almost unknown.
Riot's stock closed up nearly 12 percent Thursday for unknown reasons.
Parliament remains divided and the outcome of the negotiations remain unknown.
He is unknown precisely because he is unwelcome in mainstream stories.
After all, the exact nature of the alleged weapon is unknown.
"My good deeds go largely unknown," he said in an email.
Whether the federal government will support the project is still unknown.
The fate of others aboard the aircraft with him was unknown.
In 2010, relative unknown Tim Cook was serving as Apple's COO.
This deal is available now, but the end date is unknown.
So Miller's testimony may relate to a still-unknown criminal case.
UNKNOWN: What do you make of the website he ran, Breitbart?
Finally: there's probably another, previously unknown planet in our solar system.
The timing and location of the reported planned attack is unknown.
It's really fear of the unknown that has given investors grief.
Six days after the military takeover, her whereabouts were still unknown.
There is an investigation into two suspects and further unknown persons.
An unknown none of Americans sit in their drip all day.
How Trump would react if pushed in that capacity is unknown.
"There are so many variables that are unknown," Spicer told reporters.
Worse, Mr. Bowen was coughing up blood from an unknown malady.
Ncube confirmed there has been casualties, but the numbers are unknown.
"This canyon was somewhat unknown," he said, according to Lonely Planet.
One victim was taken to the hospital; their injuries are unknown.
A few months later, yet another died from an unknown illness.
Katie Herzog was a largely unknown freelance journalist living in Seattle.
No Reservations/Parts Unknown was my way of exploring the world.
Though how many units were expected to be shipped is unknown.
You'll also be saving a poor cat from an unknown fate.
She was twenty-one and completely unknown in her own country.
The shooter's whereabouts remained unknown, adding to the chaos and uncertainty.
The unknown can be frightening, which is what's truly bothering you.
Nicholas Jaar and TLC and Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Kali Uchis!
What's unknown is which came first: the estrangement or the ideology.
The potential long-term risks are more of an unknown quantity.
That said, there's a lot that's still unknown about this virus.
They're marching into the unknown and putting their trust in me.
But funding for the research halted, so current distributions are unknown.
Today, Andrade is a relative unknown in the English-speaking world.
And her personal connection to this history was unknown to me.
Nights like World Unknown and Rhythm Section have been big influences.
First responders to the scene began sickening with an unknown virus.
But what is unknown is where the new administration is going.
Oftentimes when they're casting actors, they like having relatively unknown people.
But today is not the day to travel into unknown territory.
The only big unknown was the undecided: around 15% of voters.
As protests continue here, much remains unknown about Mr. Castile's death.
It's the known that the artist should fear, not the unknown.
He said the gunman's motives are complicated and remain largely unknown.
There can always be an unknown quality to the person's thinking.
Mills said the impact of the final legislation is still unknown.
Much about the origins and biology of ovarian cancer remains unknown.
The long-term effects of marijuana on children are still unknown.
But the unknown TV might lack important features like local dimming.
The cause of death is unknown, but researchers suspect rodenticide poisoning.
Theaters in other cities will follow, although how soon is unknown.

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