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"If" Definitions
  1. a poem published in 1910 by Rudyard Kipling. It consists of a single long sentence beginning with the word ‘if’, giving advice to a boy on how to become a man. It is in the Victorian tradition and now seems rather old-fashioned, but the poem remains extremely popular and is often voted the favourite poem of British readers.

914 Sentences With "If"

How to use If in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "If" and check conjugation/comparative form for "If". Mastering all the usages of "If" from sentence examples published by news publications.

If(legs=4) and if(ears=pointy) and if(whiskers=yes) and if(tail=yes) and if(expression=supercilious), then(cat=yes).
Listen, America, if you are a man, if you are a woman, if you are a teenager, if you are African- American, if you are Asian, if you are Hispanic -- you have the lowest unemployment rate in 18 years if ever.
They are: if you're a college student, if you have a mental health issue, if you want birth control, if you're pregnant, if you need an abortion, if you're trans or non-binary, or if you have an opioid addiction.
If, if Ari wins, if Ari tops the charts, we win.
If you're white, if you're Black, if you have a good education.
I don't know if it's matchups, if it's luck, if it's happenstance.
If was unclear Thursday morning if Democrats have issued such a subpoena — or if Bolton would comply even if they did.
"If, if, if - doesn't exist," he said when asked if he thought the 24-year-old could win a Grand Slam.
People notice if you have manners, if you're courteous and if you're kind.
We don't know if they're murderers, if they're killers, if they're MS-13.
That if we-- if we'll have sound monetary policy-- if-- if we'll-- if we'll continue-- if we'll reelect a Republican majority in the Congress this fall, in the House of Representatives, if we'll continue to build in the momentum that we have we've only just begun to see this economy growing.
What we can know, though, is if they work — if they support us, if they make our lives richer, if they make us better people, if they help us and help others.
Nobody cares if I'm hung-over or if I'm sad or if I'm tired or if I got s—ty news this morning.
"If I'm a franchisee, if I'm an employee, if I'm a supplier, if I'm a customer, none of this pleases me," Kalinowski said.
They have no idea if it's Russia, if it's China, if it's somebody else.
No if it is possible if you hear if you are here if I am someone if it is not an illusion a crazy lens a grim mockery open the hand and give me the dirty dirty crumb as if a god as if the wind as if the hand that opens that distracts destiny were granting us a day.
If you are — if you know, if there is any inkling of trouble, or if the tabloids decide there's trouble, it can create trouble.
If you are – if you know, if there is any inkling of trouble, or if the tabloids decide there's trouble, it can create trouble.
"If it's the Russians, if it's Syria, if it's Iran, if it's all of them together, we'll figure it out," Trump told reporters Monday.
If we seek attention, if we project confidence, if we are assertive leaders, it just isn't looked as favorably as if men do it.
If you're not sincere and you get busted, if you don't reciprocate, if you go back on your word, if others aren't really doing what you say they're doing, if you're not the expert you claim to be, if your compliment is insincere, if there's ample supply of what you've said is scarce.
If, if, and it's a big if, we can keep this level of civic engagement.
I asked if de Swardt if he'd leave Cape Town if the water runs out.
Ask if he's doing okay, if he likes class, or if he has any questions.
What if this was fun, what if I loved it, what if I craved it?
But if you want to talk, if you're hungry, if you need something, I'm there.
It doesn't matter if oil is $55 or if it's $60 or if it's $50.
If it affects them, if it moves them, if they relate to it...Mission accomplished.
Your readings may be off if you're ill, if you work shifts, if you're hungover.
Absolutely. If they are amplifying hate speech, if they're amplifying conflict, if they're amplifying lies.
If she'd laughed more, if she'd married her first love, if she'd tipped waitresses more.
If you go to an opera performance, or if you go to sports, if you go to work if you go swimming, if you go to holidays, you change your watches that you have.
I've never been conflicted on it and there's never been, with any partner, an "if" that made me entertain the hypothetical alternative—if we were married, if we lived together, if we were rich, if our jobs were secure, if the relationship was stable.
No. If you're poor, if you're a working family, if you're middle class or if you're rich, let's all have the same plan for everybody.
Maybe it would have been more popular if it were structured in a different way, if premiums hadn't gone up, if it included a public option, if it worked better, if it had done more.
And then what happens if they screw up, if they hurt you, if you hurt them?
"They have no idea if it's Russia, if it's China, if it's somebody else," he said.
If Ali, if Jim Brown, if Paul Robeson hadn't spoken, what would the world look like?
If you presumably have too much tartar or if you have gingivitis, if you have cavities.
If you are an immigrant, if you are a person of color, if you are LGBTQ+, if you are a woman — don't be afraid, be loud!
If you are an immigrant, if you are a person of color, if you are LGBTQ+, if you are a woman—don't be afraid, be loud!
And if it's a decapitation you've got to work out if the head bounced, and if so, if there's going to be blood in more places.
MA You can't get work done if there's no trust, and if there's no fun — meaning if you can be playful, if you can be vulnerable.
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"It don't matter if you're pretty, you're ugly, if you're short or if you're tall," she says.
"IfifIf I knew this would happen, I would never have become a cop," he said.
I wondered if people wondered if I want to get married again and if they pitied me.
Sometime if the 2020s, if we're lucky, and that's only if a host of problems are solved.
If you say nothing, if you say something, if you don't say enough, you get in trouble.
Hudson said he would come straight to you if, if, if the illness took a grave turn.
I would ask Trump if, as a frequent user o the service, ifif…oh, never mind.
I think what matters is if you're smart, if you're competent and if you get things done.
Our primal tool to communicate is stripped of human affect: if if if if if yes if yes—here's this to worship—hi hi hi hi—hi hi high high— high high not not not not highnot highnot not not—are you ok—next lasts three minutes—ready?
And if one of those strands had fallen apart, like if we couldn't build this new app in time, if we couldn't sell it, if the film fell through, if the design didn't work, the whole thing crumbled.
"If you are an immigrant, if you are a person of color, if you are LGBTQ+, if you are a woman," Lawrence wrote, "don't be afraid, be loud!"
His sexual orientation is indisputably a challenge, but one that's surmountable if opponents stumble, if voters' mood is just so, if his personality sparkles, if his message sparks.
It ranges from €1003 per month if you're 2100, €2000 per month if you're 2250, €83 per month if you're 50, €133 per month if you're 70, etc.
"If it's Russia, if it's Syria, if it's Iran, if it's all of them together, we'll figure it out and we'll know the answers quite soon," he said.
"If Disney leaves, if Sony leaves, if Netflix leaves, the state of Georgia will feel that," Williams said.
If I show him mixes of things, he'll tell me if it's good or if it's bad [laughs].
If they do a single, if they do a double, I'm okay with it if they're both happy.
But if... if it is just another step, and if I'm comfortable in the car, then why not?
If they do a single, if they do a double, I'm okay with it if they're both happy.
Is life worth more if you have children and grandchildren, if you're married, if you're in good health?
If you're not in the shows, if you're not in the galleries, it's as if you don't exist.
If they collapse, if they are not used, if they fail, we will go into a recession immediately.
If your AGI exceeds $22,2000 if you're single or $24,2050 if you're married, you can't take the break.
We don't know if investigators interviewed the suspects, if the suspects invoked their rights, or if anybody confessed.
I don't know if they had been Times readers, if they read A1, if they read Op-Ed.
It's unclear if she deleted the account herself, if it got hacked, or if Twitter took it down.
If true, it is just as invalid if he wins as it would be if Hillary Clinton wins.
If you are eating, stop; if you are having a drink, stop; if you are sleeping, wake up.
If you're burnt out, if you're depressed, if you're feeling weary and lost and paranoid, you're a mess.
"If it wouldn't be speech if it was offline, it shouldn't be speech if it's online," she argues.
I couldn't tell if I'd either forgotten if we'd met before, or if the game had already begun.
If they do a single, if they do a double, I'm OK with it if they're both happy.
See if there are alternatives or if they can be discontinued and how to do so if appropriate.
"I think that it doesn't matter if you're a well-known actress, it doesn't matter if you're twenty or if you're forty, it doesn't matter if you report or if you don't, because we are not believed," she said.
"If people have work, if young people are taken care of, if wages rise, if we don't have problems of family break-ups, if cultural, moral, spiritual values ​​are strengthened, we will calm down the country," Lopez Obrador said.
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Evaluating if someone is at risk means evaluating if they meet all four of these criteria: if people are having suicidal ideation, if they have a means of suicide, if they plan to act in the next 24 to 48 hours, and if they have a specific plan for the process.
All I can say is if Hillary&aposd won, I&aposd be doing everything I could to help her to be a great president, if -- if -- if I can .
The system will notify you if a shot is blurry, if there's a smudge on the screen, if the subject blinked or if backlighting is making everything look crappy.
And do get in touch if anything goes sideways, or if you're super-pleased, or if you need help with the technology, or if you just want to vent.
But the lived experience of "getting along" is only simple if you code as belonging: If you are white, if you are middle class, if you are cis-gendered.
So if we exclude them, if we shout at them, if we condemn them, that completely feeds into that.
Law enforcement agencies recommend escaping if you can, hiding if you can't, and fighting only if you have to.
The Democrats have a chance, if and only if, it&aposs a big if, the centrists like me emerge.
"Particularly if you're older, if you've got children, if you're pregnant, it's really important to get vaccinated," Bucks said.
If you're a farmer, if you're a rancher, if you are small business owner, the death tax is gone.
It's a safe space if you're a woman, if you're gay, or if you're just really bad at singing.
If we ignore technology, or if we treat technology as if it's neutral, we are doing ourselves a disservice.
If the -- if he -- if 'is' means is and never has been that is not -- that is one thing.
If you feel confident, if you feel good, if you feel like you're killing it, that's all that matters.
They're marked green if I'm doing well, yellow if not so well and red if we're not on track.
If I'm presenting masculine, he/him; if I'm presenting feminine, she/her; if I'm presenting in between, they/them.
We can understand if people are trying to bully, if it's hate speech, or if it's just a joke.
And if they shine, if the material plays well, if the contestants do well, people will enjoy the show.
We are here if you want to grieve, if you want to breathe, or if you want to fight.
You're pushing it if: You wait longer than five years if you don't wear glasses or contacts, or once a year if you do, especially if you're nearsighted, Volpe says.
You're not well your neighborhood isn't well, if your community isn't well, if people in your country aren't doing well, if the air isn't clean, if the animals are dying.
If you were a great actor, if you were a great musician, if you were a great cook, if you were a great dancer, that's what got you to fame.
"So if it's Russia, if it's Syria, if it's Iran, if it's all of them together we'll figure it out and we'll know the answers quite soon," the President said.
Quite often, stressful situations, if a female agent comes in, sometimes it's a calming effect, if things are getting out of control, if somebody's upset, if they're considering physically assaulting.
Even if the earthquake never comes, these things will probably be useful anyway, if the power goes out, if there's a snowstorm, or if you're going on a road trip.
If your friend is acting tired, if their pupils are crazy dilated or constricted, if they're sweating insane amounts even if they haven't been dancing a lot, if they're slurring their speech, or if they're fidgeting way too much—all of these are signs they need to be taken to the medical tent.
If only, confused Americans have been saying all year, revisiting the moment of shock with the same kind of cyclical, magical thinking Didion mimics in her late work — if only the campaign had gone another way, if only we'd spotted the trend line years earlier, if only people were more civil, if only someone had said the right thing, given the right money, if only, if only.
"I think that it doesn't matter if you're a well-known actress, it doesn't matter if you're twenty or if you're forty, it doesn't matter if you report or if you don't, because we are not believed," she told the New Yorker.
That's true even if I'm just borrowing it, or even if I'm just testing to see if you're willing to let me have it, or even if I really want it, or even if you're too drunk to realize I took it.
Why are we focusing on the individual attributes of wealthy people like if they are hard workers, or if they are reasonable consumers, if they give back, if they behave in an entitled way, if they are snobby, or obnoxious, or whatever?
We think: If I take all these precautions, if I mind my drink, if I always get a taxi home, if I don't walk late at night, if I do all of the things, then I can prevent myself from being raped.
The feature is designed to alert you if a shot is blurry, if there's a smudge on the screen, if the subject blinked or if backlighting is making everything look crappy.
We have in the physical realm — if tanks move in certain directions, if missiles are fired, if airplanes are in the wrong airspace, if ships are in the wrong shipping lanes.
If you&aposre skeptical about the Paris accord, if you&aposre skeptical about Iran, if you&aposre skeptical about communism, socialism, Venezuela, if you&aposre skeptical about that, you&aposre heartless.
I just buy businesses, how I-- but if I were to guess, if-- if interest rates-- if the 10 year moved up to 5%, I think stocks would be somewhat cheaper.
Take any tank—if you play Reinhardt, if you play Winston, if you play D.Va—and if you jump into a one versus six situation, then you're just going to die.
And if I do improve, even if only a little, and even if it's only because I believe I should…?
If they check back and change their photos, if they don't, if they just keep the ones that Facebook defaults.
Even if they aren't, we'll be better off if all adults know how to intervene if a child is bullying.
I can tell if I like a wine or if I don't like it, if it's good or not good.
If so, check to see if the policy needs tweaking; if not, talk to your insurance agent about coverage options.
If you look at [James] Comey, if you look at [Andrew] McCabe, if you look at people higher than that.
To enter, visit here if you're in the UK, here if you're in Germany and here if you're in France.
If you are ever unsure if a player is a rando, just observe if they create truthers wherever they go.
They know if you stay up too late, if you make it to sports, and probably if you're dating someone.
Instead, Track Trump simply will note if steps are being made, if a policy is enacted or if it's cancelled.
If you're a business, if you're a celebrity, if you're an interest-based account, you can have a giant audience.
Don't assume we can run if we're Black, do math if we're Asian, have drinking problems if we're indigenous… 9.
I would tell her to ask if she was under arrest, and if not, if she was free to go.
If you're an immigrant woman, what if your employer threatens you with deportation if you don't comply with their abuse?
If you -- if nothing happens, you take it back.
If you do … if you do, it all stops.
If what I've suffered — if it's been worth it.
I'm saying if Bernie runs ... Oh, if he runs.
" The French leader told reporters Tuesday he doesn&apost like to comment on "how things went, if that&aposs hot, if that&aposs cold, if that&aposs warm, if that&aposs terrible.
"If we feel triggered, if it angers us, if it upsets us, if it irritates us or disappoints us or scares us, we're not in a great position to intervene," Reichert says.
So rather than just give up I thought I'd come here and just play, and I'll play if it rains, if it snows, if I fall over or if I get arrested.
"We worry that EM might struggle if the USD firms, if Fed surprises on the upside, if the US political agenda moves strongly anti-trade or if China activity slows," he said.
If it's wild, if it sets off your Spidey sense, if it obsesses you, if it's a big story that readers everywhere can't get enough of, it's something we should talk about.
If you work your butt off, if you do the right thing, if you don't cut the corners, if you don't talk behind people's back […] it work wonders in the work force.
Here's the full breakdown of just how much you'd have to save each month to reach $1 million by age 40, assuming: $2,717 a month, if you start at age 20$4,050 a month, if you start at age 303$6,768 a month, if you start at age 30$15,033 a month, if you start at age 35 $2,153 a month, if you start at age 20 $123,421 a month, if you start at age 25 $6,22 a month, if you start at age 2392 $225,24 a month, if you start at age 2841 $230,8063 a month, if you start at age 2806 $235,2401 a month, if you start at age 25 $5,429 a month, if you start at age 30 $13,519 a month, if you start at age 353 $1,305 a month, if you start at age 20 $2,392 a month, if you start at age 25 $4,841 a month, if you start at age 30 $12,806 a month, if you start at age 35 Ready to put your money to work?
If they can, and if you had a defection on the Republican side, if they were to lose a vote there.
I don't know if it's Warren, I don't know if it's Bennett, I don't know if it's Greg Walden from Oregon.
With comedy, if it's real, if it's authentic, if the person is not aware of themselves being funny, it becomes funnier.
She had no idea if the interviewer knew about her past, but if he did, she couldn't tell if he cared.
If that's what you want to know, if I would fight Jon Jones if he goes up to heavyweight, of course.
TRUMP: Well, then, if I can't — if — hey, if I can't beat her, you're really going to get killed, aren't you?
"If Disney+, if ESPN+, if any one of those shows good news, Disney's stock can continue to go up," Cramer said.
If any comments appear, you can check to see if they're yours or if your identity was used without your knowledge.
"If I feel fucking sad, if I feel like shit, if I feel ecstatic the songs tell the story," he says.
If you want to hijack the country; if you want to steal the election; if you want to overturn Roe v.
If it walks like a duck, if it swims like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, it's a duck.
If you're fourteen, Snapchat's user interface is intuitive; if you're twenty-two, it's intriguing; if you're over thirty-five, it's impenetrable.
" She concludes the clip by saying, "If we organize together, if we fight together, if we persist together we can win.
If you don't feel right, if you feel you have a substance problem, if you need a ear to vent to.
For companies like Facebook, they're damned if they do moderate content — if not legally, then politically — and damned if they don't.
It's unclear, though, if Kim actually said that, if Moon embellished the truth, or if Moon is just being too optimistic.
If the founders are attractive, if they have domain expertise, if they're solving a real problem and what their strategy is?
"It's not wilderness if you have structures, if you have roads, if you have motorization," said Gary Macfarlane, Wilderness Watch's president.
As if I would need any of that … As if you could outrun me … As if you could fight me off.
I am often asked if I regret my actions, or if I would do anything differently if I had the chance.
If you assume Jones loses, that number goes to four if Democrats win the White House and five if they don't.
If you arrive here no one will ask if you are Muslim or not, if you are a member or not.
If you work hard, if you believe in yourself, if you believe in America, then you can dream anything, be anything.
And so, if you have been cheated on, if you have ever stepped out on a partner, if you have ever wondered if you deserve better, if you have ever thought you deserved what you received — you still cannot be contained by a simple duality.
"If you look at meat processing, if you look at media, if you look at plagiarism detection software, if you look at baby formula, if you look at pacemakers, everywhere you look you see markets that have been rolled up and monopolized," Ms. Miller said.
There are crises that happen periodically over the decades, and if you're mispositioned, if you've taken on too much risk, if you don't have adequate capital, if you don't make every decision as if the bad thing can happen the next day, if you don't think like that and you leave yourself exposed, there are many people who collapse.
The space that opens between them reverberates with what might have been, if Charlie's thesis adviser hadn't been such a measly and repugnant predator, if Charlie hadn't moved to Los Angeles, if Helen weren't raising a child alone, if they'd both had more time, if Helen had understood Charlie's illness, if she'd asked her all the questions she didn't.
"If we do get tax reform, if they're able to lower marginal rates for businesses, individuals, but if that's not paid for, if it's deficit-financed, that's raw fiscal stimulus," the economist said.
If it's very, very strong, if the economy's growing, if unemployment continues to fall, if there is a perception that the #Resistance is unhinged, then you're going to see a circle of wagons.
If you like smooth legs for weeks, if you hate bleeding nicks and pokey stubble, if you have sensitive skin, or if you are just really lazy, then you are one of us.
If any-- if you don't, I don't know who does.
If any, if you don't, I don't know who does.
If it was two people or if it was one.
They feel damned if they do, damned if they don't.
But if you don't, if can create permanent developmental delays.
If you work at Facebook — and even if you don't!
You're dammed if you do and dammed if you don't.
You're screwed if he leaves even if you have it!
I was damned if I do, damned if I didn't.
Even if you're afraid, and especially if you feel powerless.
Even if, especially if, it was both roles at once.
And if so, is it okay if I ship this?
What if he wants red, what if they go blue?
And if they do, what if there's a better one?
If you're a CEO-- hang on— if you're a CEO.
Remember, if you're not sure if she's into it, ask.
You're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't.
Republicans are damned if they do, damned if they don't.
If If she gets less, her internal position will weaken.
You're damned if you do and damned if you don't.
Damned if he went left, damned if he went right.
And, if so, when (if?) will we get formal confirmation?
Who knows — if it was good, if it made sense.
If bleeds, it leads, but if it's salacious, it sells.
For starters, we don't know if Agent Cooper if dead.
She's guilty if she did it, guilty if she didn't.
Maybe cool if you're under 30; silly if you're not.
I don't care if he's ugly or if he's sociable.
As if I'd been selected, as if I might win.
If it's Mac, get Mac; if it's Chromebook, get that.
If you move, if you scream I will kill you.
KAINE: Elaine, if I could — if I could jump in.
If it's good, it's good; if it's bad, it's bad.
If you're not sure if it's a reach, read this.
If there is something, see if I can have input.
I asked if it would bother him if people knew.
It's unclear if they knew if they were sharing satire.
If you're achy, if you have chronic pain, try it.
But what if we all behaved as if we did?
If he's good and if he's healthy, all of them.
If Ms. Blasey looks convincing, if Judge Kavanaugh looks evasive.
If so, why and how, and if not, why not?
The only question is if if is minor or major.
What if she died or if I injured her brain?
"Damned if I do, damned if I don't," he mumbled.
But if those plans change, and if the rates for .
Nobody's sure if people would buy it if it were.
You're damned if you do, and damned if you don't.
And if we change that, if we get that right . . .
For a moment, if seems as if you can breathe.
Different if it's cancer than if it's pizza, or whatever.
Even if that's true (a big if), it doesn't matter.
But if he doesn't — if, for example, both Ohio Gov.
If you are going to these protests, if you need health insurance for yourself or a sick loved one, if you are a woman, if you are a person of color, if you are disabled, if you practice any sort of religion, if you care about hte air you breathe and the water you drink, if you showed up to that women's march in whatever city or state or country or town you came from, you need to fight back.
If you're dating someone casually, you can ask them if they've ever tried spanking, and if the'd be interested in trying it.
If so many families would adopt if they can eliminate this financial barrier, then what if we could carry the burden together?
"If you see a child no matter where, if you don't know them, if you see they're being mistreated talk," she said.
If something isn't right, if you don't feel like yourself, and if your gut is telling you something is it.
Imagine if you didn&apost sit -- imagine if you sat, if you were sitting down how much grief you would&aposve gotten.
If you are -- if there is any inkling of trouble, or if the tabloids decide there&aposs trouble, it can create trouble.
If you like dragons, if you like epics, if you can make it through 800 pages, then you need to read it.
Even if the app is secure, we don't know if it worked as designed or if people knew how to use it.
That said, if you want power, and even if you want money, it helps a lot if people think you're a billionaire.
If he committed suicide, we need to know if he did it because he wanted to, or if somebody forced him to.
The world won't change if we don't listen to each other, if we don't have tough conversations, and if we don't vote.
If you needed a place to stay, if you needed a shoulder to cry on, if you were down on your luck.
If one is standing alone, it's lonely; if there are two, they form a couple; if there are three, it means jealousy.
I mean, if-- if-- if you have a lotta money, and there's something you like, and it isn't profitable, you buy it.
"If it's coming off the bench, if it's starting, if it's playing eight minutes or 40, I'm cool with whatever," he said.
Three billion people will lionize them if they succeed; lament (or mourn) them if they fail; mock them if they screw up.
But if he felt their need, if he felt their authenticity, especially if he felt their distress, he would try to respond.
This all may make you wonder if you even need a sponge, if some are better than others and if alternatives exist.
This includes if a user is registered in wallapop, if they have uploaded an item or if they have started a conversation.
If you're from Haiti, if you're Muslim or if you're a child fleeing a genocidal war in Syria, we don't want you.
If the family were Christian, and if they had talked about that before, she might ask if they wanted to pray together.
Listen here if you're on a computer, here if you're on an iOS device or here if you're on an Android device.
Listen here if you're on a computer, here if you have an iOS device or here if you use an Android device.
The question is if Trump will join in on the pressure campaign — or if he'll stick to it even if he commits.
If you're feeling tired or having disrupted sleep, find out if you have a sleep disorder and treat it if you do.
Even if it totally worked for you, even if you think you're being helpful, even if that person is related to you.
But there are some safer bets: +300 if they all have girls +1400 if Kim's baby begins with K +450 if Tyga tweets congrats to Kylie +240 if Khloe's kid weighs under 7.5 lbs.
If that happens, Manchin's position won't be pivotal even if he's chairman — and even that's a big "if" because a more senior member could decide to shove him aside if Democrats regained the chamber.
Your chances of being asked out again increase 35% if you order a cocktail, 81% if you order after-dinner drinks, 64% if you talk about marriage or 80% if you discuss anything political.
If you typically itemize, you can run a quick calculation to see if it's still the right call this year: Grab your returns from 2016 or 2017, and see if your deductions added up to more than $12,000 if you're single, or $24,000 if you're filing jointly.
I can see the appeal if you're in the military, if you're in politics, if you're in sports, if you're in tech and entrepreneurial business, and you would like to imagine succeeding at these things.
If 'if' stacks on top of 'if' stacks on top of 'if,' the Chiefs' offensive line figures to be significantly improved from a unit that ranked 28th in Football Outsiders' pass-protection metric last year.
"If the mayor issues a new ruling, if your property was condemned, if parking fines were raised, if the city raises your taxes or your water rates, you can find it in The City Record."
If you ask people if they support denying Medicaid to people who don't work, the public says no; if you ask them if they support work requirements in order to get Medicaid, they say yes.
If you can do that, if you can listen that well, if you can get that input, if you can synthesize and interpret it, you will have a powerful product to base your coverage on.
Eventually, my dad also started asking me more questions—like if I had a partner, and if so, if he could meet him.
"If you see bigotry, oppose it, if you see violence, condemn it, if you see a bully, stand up to him," she said.
With orthostatic tremor, "if they are sitting, if they are walking, if they are moving, that tremor seems to go away," Gupta said.
So it's a pure thing where you know if something's a hit, you know if something works and you know if it doesn't.
And if they don&apost have -- if -- the only job -- if your job isn&apost purely social, you won&apost have a job.
See if there were any underlying groups that wanted to see if — were waiting to see if anybody was out there in Indiana.
"If you want to change, if you want to evolve, if you want to grow, you have to do something different," she said.
The Chinese did not immediately clarify if they would be launching an investigation -- or if they would make it public if they do.
But what if things go sideways, if the China narrative shifts, or if the economy slows significantly, as many economists think is inevitable?
She says, "If I weren't working, I'd already be pregnant…I don't know if I want to play if I have another baby…"
I look at all the different things, if it's their health, if it's their emotions, if it's what their thinking process is like.
People here will tell you if you are in their way, if you are doing something wrong, if you are being an asshole.
As if it were fun, as if it were innocent, as if it were anything but pure surrender, and as such, totally unacceptable.
But if I were to guess: if interest rates -- if the ten-year moved up to 5 percent, stocks would be somewhat cheaper.
They wonder if the novelty has worn off, or if the reputation now weighs too heavily, if the expectations are impossible to match.
I have a vague memory of it or if at all, if it's the correct memory or if it's not the correct memory.
If enough birds are released, if the climate is right, and, more important, if a proper host is around, the whydah can persist.
If there are tapes, Robert Mueller, the Special Counsel, if not Congress, needs to get them to help determine if Trump obstructed justice.
Get your flu shot (it's not too late), stay home if you're sick, and see if a physician if you develop any symptoms.
I don't care if it's Fox, I don't care if it's CNN, I don't care if it's the White House and the president.
Everything else, though, we talk about [in the moment] and decide if it's better if he does it, or if I do it.
She regularly stops strangers, asking if their children are in day care, if they have found a job, if they are in school.
If you have Face Recognition turned on, Facebook will notify you if someone uploads a photo of you, even if you aren't tagged.
"It seems to be if they're conservative, if they're Republicans, if they're in a certain group, there's discrimination, and big discrimination," Trump added.
She is paid only if she shows up — if her clients are sick, or if she is, less money comes in that day.
If it's in the news, if it's talked about, if we hear about it a lot, we confuse that with it being common.
If so, he seeks an indictment; if not, he does not.
If these — if there's, like, toxic fumes, I'm breathing them. Okay?
It's unclear if anything was taken ... or if anyone's been arrested.
Because they're damned if they do and damned if they don't.
You were damned if you did and damned if you didn't.
If you love databases — and you should, if you're a developer!
Smoke 'em if ya got 'em ... if Norway's cool with it.
Skip if: If you think Nick Kroll should stick to funny.
If you want to have a country if you want borders.
If there's a consensus, it makes sense, if not, it's not.
We'll let you know if Joseline complies, or if she's arrested.
If you're braking too hard, you'll skid, especially if it's raining.
And if smooth is you, cool, if not, then it's alright.
If we do, that's fine and if we don't, that's fine.
It doesn't matter if you're a citizen or if you're undocumented.
If can work for us if we get prospective and active.
If the commerce makes sense, they don't care if you're purple.
It doesn't even matter if he's on Mars if that happens.
If not, what might it look like if things go wrong?
If Chevron's courtship looks opportunistic, Occidental's would, if successful, be transformational.
If I had children, I'd shovel s--- if I had to.
This is true if you own Bitcoin, or if you don't.
If NPV is positive, benefits outweigh costs; if negative, the opposite.
My friend asked if we mind if he took the head.
If it's destroyed, or if it's lost, it's a great loss.
Its's a damned if you do, damned if you don't scenario.
If it did, we're very immature, if that was the case.
Retweet this if you're from Maine (or even if you're not).
It doesn't matter if it was Live if you missed it.
If you, if I, can get up, we can do anything.
A short extension if possible, and a long one if necessary.
And, if not, what, if anything, can be done about it?
I also wondered if I'd tumble backwards if she leaves me.
If you're the fucked up one, you got an experience. If
If you haven't spoken to them already, see if you can.
If not, would you do it if Apple facilitated the transaction?
If it floats, the person is safe, if not, they're cursed.
If they apologize, I'm happy; if they don't apologize, I'm happy.
If they're good, they're good, and if they're mediocre, they're mediocre.
If liberal economists keep focusing on these issues, and if Mrs.
If that was Trump's objective, then he won; and if Mrs.
If anyone wonders if Comey will go there, he goes there.
If you need help, if I can help you, why not?
We'll see if Trump gets another invite — and if he accepts. 
If not, you will, and if you have, there'll be more.
As if observation is unnecessary or unbecoming if done without consent.
I don't know if it's about Assange, if it's about Stone.
If so, please explain further:No If flight, when did you book?
If he wants company, if he wants to talk, I'm there.
If not today, then tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, next year.
If we collaborate, if we share information, it can be useful.
If excellence, what (if anything) should we sacrifice in its pursuit?
If you're gonna take, if you're gonna take ISIS to Greenland.
If it's not friends it's family, if not abroad it's home.
If you're drawing, don't fret if you simply want to scribble.
If you're not sure if you're already registered to vote, Vote.
But if last week is any guide, that's a big if.
You are surfing if and only if you are adaptively attuned.
If they're hurt -- if they're bad intentions, I'm angry, not hurt.
" And, if Tyron touches Alvarez ... "If I land, he's going down.
If you solve the puzzle, see if you can find it.
Not sure if it's over or if it never ends. Perfect.
They ask if I like women, or if I'm a nun.
They asked him if he was sure, if he needed money.
If we don't, if not, then we lose those political gains.
If you're not sure if your plan qualifies, ask your insurer.
Hate me if you want to; love me if you want.
So, don't know if he's alive, don't know if he's dead.
To see if I enjoyed it, and if I was competitive.
If Capitalism were religion, it was as if the consumer apostatized.
If so, ask if your daughter's school allows early drop offs.
If they have sculptural appeal, it doesn't matter if they're empty.
And if California falters, or if the experiment proves too costly?
But even if that's the case, and even if Warner Bros.
If we were people of color or if we were fat.
If he broke laws ... "If" being the word there, it seems.
It was more of if it's three months, if it's longer.
But if she brightens, ask if she'd like to see pictures.
If you want more clarity, see if they'd add further description.
If you're Christian, then if you do this, you get points.
We know if you got married or if you love dogs.
I asked him if he would mind if I drew him.
As if you might not be pursued; as if he might not kidnap your children; as if you would not likely be beaten ten times as viciously if you were caught; as if it were easy to drag your kids away from their father and home and friends to live in a shelter; as if love were not infinitely complicated.
See a doctor if the pet appears sick, if the wound is serious, if the wound turns red, painful, warm or swollen, if your last tetanus shot was more than five years ago or if you develop sudden fever or flu-like illness within two weeks after being bitten.
People may decide it's not worth it if the device is permanent, if it requires surgery, if it takes too long to train or get used to, if it's too costly, or if it grants the user simply an improvement on human abilities instead of a new skill altogether.
If it helps relax and calm the nervous system, if it helps manage pain, if it helps your anxieties and depression, if it helps you sleep—to me, those elements right there are the recovery process.
Very honestly, if you did put the pills in front of me, if you really did it, if you said, "If you take this pill, you will be heterosexual," I think I would do it. Why?
If you're in a "specified service trade or business" — that is, you're a doctor, a lawyer or an accountant — you can't take the deduction if your taxable income exceeds $220,700 if single or $421,400 if married.
If something goes wrong with your ballot — if it's challenged, if there are questions about your address, if you accidentally vote in the wrong precinct — there's no mandate that you must be notified to address it.
If anything goes wrong—if the engine doesn't fire, if the flight computer crashes, or if a small piece of dust damages the spacecraft—Juno will wind up in the wrong place, and the mission's kaput.
"If you look for the best in people, if you motivate people, if you praise people, if you don't criticize people — these are all the skills that are needed to be a great leader," he explains.
Imagine if every paid ride were hailed through Uber or Lyft, if every delivery were conducted by Postmates or Caviar, if every transaction took place on Square, if all legal documentation were routed through Rocket Lawyer.
"If they did this, if there was a plant, if there was a spy, if there was an informant put in the other party's campaign during the election, that is as wrong as it gets," Rep.
It's hard to know if it was intentional, or if they even knew it was Denis Potvin they were pouring drinks on if it was intentional, or if they were even Islanders fans, but it happened.
"If it's Russia, if it's Syria, if it's Iran, if it's all of them together, we'll figure it out and we'll know the answers quite soon," he told reporters at the opening of a cabinet meeting.
If you're under 50 and definitely if you're under 40, you have yet to experience how you disappear over the years, especially if you're not a looker and all the more so if you're a woman.
Here's my pep talk: If we come together and if we all tell our stories and if we remain strong and if we all choose one great leader, one great female leader, we would change everything.
"If you're feeling ashamed, if you're less likely to leave the house because of it, or if you're starting to wonder if it's a problem, it wouldn't hurt to speak to a psychotherapist," Dr. Howes said.
At that time, we won't know if he is telling the truth, if he knows the truth, if he understands what he is talking about, or if he is trying to manipulate us or bully someone.
"If we as a country, if we care about the Constitution, if we believe in civil liberties, if we believe in those protections, then the special counsel must be disbanded immediately," Hannity said on his show.
Nylan continues: If the enemy commander is avid for advantage, useit to lure him in;If he is volatile, seize upon that;If he is solid, prepare well for battle;If he is strong, evade him.
But it is not known a) if the basic charge is true, b) how much money (if any) was donated illegally, or c) which NRA officials (if any) knew about the illegal donations if they existed.
It's not clear if she was asking if she was a psychiatrist or neurologist, or if she was a senior figure in her job.
If you're in the same boat, and don't know if you're a neo-Nazi, I've made a helpful guide to determine if you are.
Because then if you do it that way you can knock out three, four tracks if you're on a roll, if you're really flowing.
If you know Harry, ask him if he's excited about the 80s coming back and see if he thinks this album is totally radical.
Business owners can claim it if they have taxable income that's under $2400,22 if single or $213,221 if married and filing jointly in 221.
So if you're in a dangerous situation, you're expected to retreat if you can, and call on the police to protect you if necessary.
I don't know if it's just my school, but you're basically shunned — especially if you're a guy — if you don't wear a specific thing.
Now, if the medical examiners aren't sure if drugs were involved or if the case could go to trial, they perform a full autopsy.
If he gets enough votes, he makes the team ... if he makes the team we'll see if Rihanna is a woman of her word.
If ever there was a rugged individualist, if ever there was someone who embodied everything good about Texas and feminism both — If that's possible!
We discuss afterwards if some scenes are too private or if she doesn't look good or if she doesn't want that in the film.
"We don't know if [the boy] crawled out of the car himself, if he walked away, if he was abducted," Chief Miller told ABC7.
If I get all eight, if I tick all eight, can I have— BECKY QUICK: If he gets all – JOE KERNEN: The lead eight.
But honestly, if Bibi, and if the Palestinians, if Israel and the Palestinians are happy, I'm happy with the one they like the best.
"I think we all will have our time, if we push it, if we do the work and if we make our voices heard."
YOURISH And then for each tweet I went through and determined if it was an attack, if it was praise, if it was both.
I wondered if something had happened that I hadn't seen—if some customer had given him trouble or if he'd fought with another child.
"If they don't catch what they're supposed to, if they're behind, if they lose control of the boat, they will be punished," he said.
It was as if they were testing to see if the ball really was solid, or if the toy car really did defy gravity.
WARREN BUFFETT: You don't-- you don't get-- if-- if-- if Coca-Cola were to buy-- they've got the-- the-- the world's greatest distribution system.
The diamond-shaped necklace turns white if you're standing north, green when you face south, red if facing west and blue if facing east.
If the chihuahua looks like me, if it acts like me, if it can do that role then let the dog do play role.
"It wouldn't be no Wayne if it wasn't me, if it wasn't the Hot Boys, if it wasn't the whole Cash Money," he explained.
"If you're looking for lyrics, if you're looking to cry, if you're looking to think about life, don't listen to hip-hop," he said.
He'd wondered if these patterns were unique to him, evidence of some specialness or damage, or if they were universal, if everyone saw them.
If you don't have on green, if you don't play for that team, if you don't bleed green, they've got no love for you.
Not if you're a household name, not if you're a proven agent of ratings and not if you're likely to deliver more of them.
If I think, I end up censoring myself, but if I think less, and if I embrace stupidity, then the pictures come out better.
So if a character is divorced, if she is a sex worker, if she had a baby out of wedlock, she's treated as inhuman.
I've wondered if my mother is still alive, if she ever tried to get in touch, if she thinks about me on my birthday.
If the awards can be shortened, if they can reward bigger movies, if awards season itself can be shorter — maybe they can be salvaged.
The second is, if you have been under-risked and if you have a long-term perspective and if you have lived through Sept.
But if you are pregnant, if you have been pregnant, if you have resulted from a pregnancy, you will probably find it very funny.
A percentage change is positive if the values are increasing over time, negative if they are decreasing, and zero if there is no change.
If I were slightly off, if it were, if I was off by two factories, there'd be a headline: 'Donald Trump told a fib.
But if not, or if you don't want tacos, see if you can't find inspiration in one of these 18 easy weeknight salmon recipes.
But honestly, if Bibi and if the Palestinians — if Israel and the Palestinians are happy, I'm happy with the one they like the best.
Lisa: They say, if you ask a Swede if they know what Fabrique is, they&aposll ask you if you know who Beyoncé is.
If you think about human performance as a spectrum, if you're fixing deficits, what if you apply the same techniques to a normal person?
The Furbo app notifies me if Finn is moving around a lot, if he's barking or if it spots a person — usually my husband.
If you confess, someone can absolve you — even if they're not the one who was wronged, and even if they're not particularly religious themselves.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If you are LGBTQ, if you are a person of color, if you are a woman -- so basically, if you are not a straight white male in America right now, you are probably freaking out.
If you don't live in an urban or suburban area, if you don't have reliable transportation or mail service, if your work is transitory, if you haven't voted in every election — it's never been easy to vote.
"If you're gay, bi, trans, two-spirit or questioning, if you're confused, if you're in pain or you feel you're alone, if you aren't or you don't: You make the world more surprising and bearable," Jessup wrote.
All other things equal, I would disclose if you think your symptoms will be visible at work, even if they don't affect your work; and if you think you'll need accommodations, even if you don't right now.
I started with a "what if" question: What if plants were intelligent?
If you emit, if you pollute, you have to pay the price.
If stocks go up, that's good; if they go down, that's bad.
But I'm curious: if the cat's ugly, what if the boyfriend's ugly?
If the Internet were to disappear tomorrow—if the "end of Twitter"
If you know, you know, and if you don't, you're not baby.
If their economy becomes unglued, if – and I'm not saying it will.
Preheat smoker to 113°F if propane, 275°F if electric. 2.
If you don't, you'll always wonder what would happen if you had!
If they have a detainer they were missed, if they don&apost.
If it comes in strong, will he look disingenuous if he boasts?
But if we're being realistic here, it's a necessary, if cynical, step.
"If if he did, she hasn't told the family yet," Kendall said.
If you have a budget, check to see if you're on target.
If they don't advocate dating, then what happens if you meet someone?
If it works well, I think there's a real, if niche, audience.
If if there wasn't, I don't think anyone would like the movie.
If it goes well, it's a miracle, but if not, it's hell.
We're sort of damned if we do and damned if we don't.
If me & mines ain't safe, if me & mines in danger.... Guess what???
If market caps are rising, they're bullish; if they're falling, they're bearish.
Let us know if you agree — or if we missed your fave!
If you're from California or if you're from Massachusetts, OK, that's great.
So, you know, you're damned if you do, damned if you don't.
If you have the shot take it, if not just move it.
"If you're a Republican, if you're liberal, it doesn't matter," she says.
If there's no return, if it makes me crazy, why do it?
So if you guys do what ... If you show off any clips?
Lankford asks if Trump could simply kill the probe if he wanted.
If so, that could be you if you accept the job offer.
I wonder if he'd have kept it even if Romney had won.
If they move, they risk losses if there is a China-U.
If they move, they risk losses if there is a China-U.
If you weren't planning on voting this election — and if not, really?
If not, then Lemkin justifiably wonders if they can do as well.
Its okay, if you fall you fall, if you drop you drop.
Unclear if cops are investigating or if the matter is considered closed.
It doesn't matter if you have more choices if they're all unaffordable.
Seems like it's damned if it does and dammed if it doesn't.
We decide if we populate the Earth, and if so, with whom.
If you're there, if you're around, they know that you are around.
One partner asked if it would help if he left the room.
If you wanna come, if you wanna bring it, I'll be there.
If you're wondering if the Hamilton buzz has died down, it hasn't.
You never if [know] if somethings gonna catch a spark or not.
" The problem, of course, was that the "if" was a big "if.
If you're into it, you're into it; if you're not, you're not.
If he does the latter, great, if not, call him on it.
If so, how big of a cut (if any) will Apple want?
If so, why on 7/11, if not for the free Slurpee?
Can you be misunderstood if you don't care if people understand you?
If so, who was coordinating their coordinates, if you will, and how?
If not, the population will become racist, even if they are not.
"Let me see if you—if you hurt your neck," she said.
And if we can that's great, and if we can't that's fine.
To just hide away and see if anyone cares if I'm gone.
If they dance they are happy, if they stop, they are bored.
If you do, it helps if you're not wearing five-inch heels.
If you don't go, if you don't show up, it won't work.
If I want to buy something, I'll ask her if it's okay.
If she loses MPs, she will have to resign even if she
She asked if Brown if she could write about the lipstick collection.
Dr. Torres asked if that would be enough — if Motrin would suffice.
If you're poor, if anything goes wrong, you can still make it.
If they initiate meeting up, and if they make a genuine plan.
If you do, please let me know if it's actually any good.
If I wasn't in it, they would've had 3m-4m, if that.
Damned if you say something about it, definitely damned if you don't.
We'll see if this works well, and if people take to it.
I wonder if anyone would notice if I slept under my desk.
See if he's in here or if he's actually moved somewhere else.
It doesn't matter if he's your only son or if he's studying.
I'm lucky if I get one, and that's if my Mom remembers!
But if it's willful, if it's intentional, it can be handled criminally.
What matters isn't if you're too old, it's if your ideas are.
I wouldn't be surprised if those soldiers, if the cash wasn't there.
Bonus if you like Broadway, extra bonus if you like amazoterrible costumes.
If you need dental or vision coverage, find out if they're covered.
She wonders if Annabelle cried or if she called for her mama.
I don't know if I'm Arthur or Martha - If one is confused.
And what happens if they lose interest, or if Dieter Mateschitz dies?
If something happens great, if not we can live with that too.
"If you're good, you're good; if you're bad, you're bad," she said.
"If you feel concerned, if you feel apprehensive, that's okay," says Keckler.
If you do, don't be surprised if you're audited by the IRS.
If you forget someone, it is as if that person never existed.
If anyone speaks English, I will act as if I don't understand.
It was "damned if you do, damned if you don't," Cramer said.
If you're wondering if that's worth the extra $100, it definitely is.
We ask him if he will miss his leader if he resigns.
I don't know if he'll ever play again, if I'm being honest.
Who cares if something is free or affordable if it's not available?
I mean frankly, if it's done properly, if we had proper leadership.
I felt failure was certain if I left and if I stayed.
Call ahead to ask if they have treadmills and if they're working.
If it leads to resignation, or recall if you're in political office.
If it leads to civil penalties, if it leads to criminal responsibility.
Swipe right if you like the style and left if you don't!
Find out if you qualify for coverage, and enroll if you do .
If you don't, you can't love anyone else, even if you're fat.
If and when you do grill meat, buy local if you can.
If you like "progressive," you like Trudeau and ditto if you don't.
If you don't, bad -- if amorphous -- things will happen to the country.
Even if they look uncertain, even if you're worried, darkness never prevails.
If people like that, good, if they don't, I guess I'm sorry.
Women can sext if they want, men can sext if they want.
If you have seen "Black Panther," what, if anything, resonates with you?
In effect you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.
"If you're asking me if I'm biased, 'Yes, I am'," he said.
I wondered if he regretted his decision, if he had been angry.
Read the book if you haven't; reread the book if you have.
It's moving stuff, even if the sound itself if a little familiar.
If not, what limits, if any, should be placed on its use?
If nominated I will not run, if elected I will not serve.
Even if — especially if — you have nowhere else to go but home.
If you are using a Mac If you're using macOS Mojave 10.14.
If anything, it feels to me as if the anxieties are increasing.
If it's Belfast then it's Belfast, if not then so be it.
If majority agree, minority should follow them, except if it is discriminatory.
Ifif Hillary gets to put her judges—right now, we're tied.
It's unknown if Chrissy was specifically targeted or if this was random.
Wear a rain jacket if you can, especially if venturing out late.
If it seems as if they're always campaigning, it's because they are.
You're a hero if and only if you serve The Leader's interests.
"We'll see if we make progress, if that makes sense," he said.
You're sort of damned if you do and damned if you don't.
I feel damned if I tell her, and damned if I don't.
If something can't be measured, it's as if it does not exist.
If not, how do you think you would feel if they did?
"If anything, it cheers people up even if they think it's silly."
"You ask me if it's good if I made it?" she bristled.
Does it matter if an emotion is real if it sounds real?
So we can track that ifif you're really interested in it.
"And if we can that's great, and if we can't that's fine."
If it means leaving work, if it means leaving school -- be there.
If you don't, don't be surprised if TfL take action against you.
But if you're asking if there was, like, P.S. I'm gay, no.
If "yes," then stop; if no, then move to the next question.
The woman is damned if she does and damned if she doesn't.
If I took a week off, I didn't miss much, if anything.
Because if we don't, if we lose focus, we could have problems.
If you're wondering if this is a big deal — yes, it is.
If you are guilty, or if you only feel guilty, please continue.
Davidson if it beats Rhode Island; Oklahoma State/Oklahoma if Davidson loses.
If the situation changes, if there is demand, we may use reserves.
"We often asked, If only this, or if only that," he said.
If it happens, if it's appropriate for our shareholders, we'll do it.
Even if, especially if, it is just the freedom to fail. ♦
Public anger will grow if we deliver Brexit and if we don't.
If it fails, it's uncertain if there will be another bipartisan push.
If you're wondering if that's worth the extra $2249.99, it definitely is.
If she were alive, I wonder if she might rethink that statement.
Samsung's damned if it does something different and damned if it doesn't.
If something breaks or if you have a leak, that's on you.
" He joked, "I don't know if Trump if going to say, 'Mr.
And if so, what is the plan if that deadline is missed?
If they do that's great and if they don't, that's great, too.
Stand up if the threat is real, shut up if it's not.
But if you're asking if there was, like, P.S. I'm gay, no.
If this isn't overachieving, what would it look like if she were?
I'll ask if it's had its proper shots, if it's been spayed.
If climate change hasn't destroyed this, if the environment hasn't become that.
If they are awake, they may ask if they're going to die.
"If you forget a part, if you fall down, just keep going."
If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing.
We're as happy if somebody laughs as we are if somebody screams.
But I'm not sure if that's true, or if that's what happened.
But I wonder if that's too easy, if I'm missing something deeper.
If my editor said something as passive aggressive as, "Adjust the opening if you want," I might be sent into a tailspin — If I want?
Half of respondents think you're financially set if you're debt free, or if you don't have to worry if there's enough in your bank account.
It doesn't matter if you don't want to dance—even if you're a GANGSTER, if you're going to the Movement festival, you're going to dance.
If you're going to a hotel, if you're going to a game, if you're going on a commute, whatever it is, they travel with you.
We also don't know if this'll be sold or if it's just for her, but if it's the latter, Snapple's missing a major business opportunity.
"It was as if he was sort of waiting to see if I was changing my mind, if I would sleep with him," she said.
I don't know if we're going to be "Black Panther" or if we'll be "Moonlight," but if we're either of them, we've done something great.
If Manning's problem was an injured foot that has been corrected, it feels as if Denver can win easily, especially if Roethlisberger is not ready.
If I was in perfect health — if I had won my last two fights — if I had no problem, people would be afraid of me.
"Just ask yourself if your clothes are fitting you better or looser, or if you have more energy, or if you feel healthier," Olson says.
" Breen doesn't care if the story is true: "What difference does it make if it's true, if the story breaks, they're gonna run with it.
If there is no agreement then or soon after, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to hold the referendum before September, if not later.
"Do you know if Wilson likes chocolate chips in his pancakes," Stout asked, before asking Jones if she'd be mad if he gave him some.
If there's fraud, if there's betrayal of students, if there's profiteering, a single school may suffer in the short term but eventually it'll hurt everyone.
If there's someone out there she can inspire — even if it's not her best girlfriends, even if it's just herself — she's happy these videos exist.
Understanding if I need a trim if there's a couple... God forbid, it hasn't happened to me much, but if I ever have split ends.
And if you don't vote and if you don't participate and if you don't pay attention, then you'll get policies that don't reflect your interests.
I never know when I'm writing if it's for Savages or if it's for something else or if it should just stay in my notebook.
They'll want to know if you use dildos (sometimes), if you cuddle a lot (c'mon) and if you've ever tried dental dams (almost, surely, never).
According to her supporters, if you don't vote for her you are anti-feminist, if you are female; if you're a male, you're a misogynist.
If the President goes to jail, Congress will potentially consider articles of impeachment — if and only if it prevents him from signing their executive orders.
So if Mike Pompeo gets fired in the next five minutes, I don't know if it's Nikki Haley or if she'd want to do that.
I don't care if people think it's pretty, I don't care if they like it, if they don't like it, I just want to win.
If the rich grew too rich, if workers became impoverished, if women were subjugated, society fell out of balance, and the whole of it suffered.
If her life looks like a never-ending party, it's difficult to tell if Ms. Goddard follows the party or if the party follows her.
"If he's able to play, you've got to treat him as if he's 100 percent, even if you know he probably won't be," Collins said.
Now, if you're a working person, if you're a single mom waiting tables, if you're a factory worker, seven grand a year is real money.
If you think deep enough, if you work hard enough, if you smartly select ... I think it's not only high return but could be good.
He could play classical music if he wanted to, he could play jazz if he wanted to, he could play country if he wanted to.
Let the people tell you if it's something they struggle with, if the product solves their problem, and if they'd be willing to buy it.
Another mother told us how agents did not ask if her children had allergies, if they were sick, or if anyone had ever abused them.
You'll save $350 if you buy the phone unlocked, $23 if you order through Verizon, and $2128 if you order through Sprint and activate immediately.
But if people don't hear them, and if the networks of disinformation are disrupted, if the bad stuff cannot crowd out honest reporting, there's hope.
If tenants didn't pay rent, if I unintentionally discriminated, or if someone got hurt on my property, I could be dealing with serious financial repercussions.
If you were championing something totally new, if you are outside of the norm — the outliers, if you will — you need to prepare for underestimation.
Now I must wonder: If Pittsburgh isn't safe for Jews, if Squirrel Hill isn't safe, if the Tree of Life isn't safe, what place is?
It's not a part of your lived experience if you're not a deaf person, if you're not a gay person, if you're not a woman.
To this end, then, let the man be volatile, depraved and abusive, duplicitous if not hateful, creepy if not a rapist, feckless if not heartless.
I wonder if Sal changed it, or if you changed it, or if he was just saying that so we tried to make it happen.
But if things don't go as planned, how do you know if it's time to give up or if you just need to push through?
If skies clear, which is a big if, we could see highs in the upper 70s but more likely lower 70s if clouds remain plentiful.
"If you have your health, if you have your life, you can accomplish pretty much anything if you get the right mind-set," he said.
If you are smart, if you do your homework, if you care, and then you have decades of experience, those are the things that matter.
I'd be curious to know if any of you have read it and if it has interesting puzzles throughout or if it's just a story.
With comedians, though, we talk about success; if they're getting more successful, or if they're not successful, or if they're stuck in the status quo.
More insurers could flee the ObamaCare markets if payments to insurers aren't funded and if the individual mandate isn't enforced — or if the uncertainty continues.
But he thought of her even then, wondering if she was all right, if he should stop fishing and go see if she needed anything.
If Jonathan Safran Foer went by Johnny Foer, if Isaac Bashevis Singer had gone by Izzy Singer, if Doris Kearns Goodwin were known as Dotty Goodwin, their reputations would be less even if their work were the same.
Women are eight times more likely to ask Google if their husband is gay than if he is an alcoholic and 10 times more likely to ask Google if their husband is gay than if he is depressed.
And if you guys really — if you knew anything about it, if you have kids that were there, or if you had any relatives that were there, you wouldn't be on that side of the table right now.
But if I didn't -- if we did not have the power of what we have, and if we weren't the bank – well, if we weren't the bank, we wouldn't even be talking about it because nobody would care.
If there is real -- I mean, if there&aposs real FISA abuse, I just can&apost imagine if what&aposs it -- if it what&aposs in that these stories is true, how can any Americans stand for this?
"If you're talking about partisan histrionics, if you're talking about politics of personal destruction, if you're talking about being intimidated, if you're talking about outrageous smears, you are really accusing Dr. Ford of all those things," Schumer said.
There's so many other diversities, there's faith, there's cultures, there's age, there's disabilities, there's sexual orientation, there's if you're introvert, extrovert, if you're a business person, if you're an engineer, if you're someone coming from an unprivileged geography.
"If children cough after exercising, they have asthma; if they have trouble reading, they are dyslexic; if they are unhappy, they are depressed; and if they alternate between unhappiness and liveliness, they have bipolar disorder," the doctors wrote.
"It's consider adjusting or postponing large gatherings if you're at risk, if you're in communities where they're spreading, if there's a science and evidence-based reason for doing that, or if you're a particularly vulnerable person," Azar said.
So what are different compounds that people are taking if they have high anxiety, if they're socially awkward, if they can't sleep, if they're lethargic — ALG: You didn't just want to dose Xanax into some kind of mixer?
"If you tell a joke, if you're sarcastic, if you're having fun with the audience, if you're on live television with millions of people and 25,000 people in an arena," Trump said, before re-enacting his 2016 comments.
If conflicting visions arise between designers, editors, marketing, authors, agents or publishers — the odds being decent that they will — the design process is helped along if the typography is easily readable (if not huge), if an accompanying image is clear (if tastefully ambiguous), and if the synthesis between the two can be reasonably expected to appeal to a total stranger's sense of visual order and logic.
And if it&aposs true, again if, if, if, old practices and old prejudices, you saw with that script translated under Kim Jong Un, if that&aposs really where we are, that could be the beginning of something really great, for not just the United States, the Korean Peninsula but for the world.
If you look at the export controls, if you look at the sanctions, if you look at the number of people that he kicked out of the country, if you looked at the bombing that the president has done.
And in the same vein, if there was, no truce, if there was continued escalation, if there was tit-for-tat, and if the whole business was actually under 25% tariffs, then you're talking about much more than that.
If you look at the export controls, if you look at the sanctions, if you look at the the number of people being kicked out of the country, if you look at the bombing that the president has done.
Well if you look at Germany, if you look at Saudi Arabia, if you look at Japan, if you look at South Korea—I mean we spend billions of dollars on Saudi Arabia, and they have nothing but money.
There are exceptions if the pregnancy isn't viable, or if the pregnant person faces irreversible damage to their health, or if their life is in danger, but no exceptions if the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.
If I have easily portable health insurance, if I have retraining, if I have mechanisms that facilitate search and relocation, if I have these things in place to ease these transitions, then I'm not going to be so opposed.
Now that doesn't mean I'm pessimistic over all, because if you look at certain regions that have been able to turn around, if you look at Pittsburgh, if you look at Charlotte, N.C., if you look at Birmingham, Ala.
The current system works fine if you're eligible for Medicaid, if you're a lower income working person, if you're already on Medicare, or if you get enough subsidies on a modest income that you can afford your health care.
I could care less if it's a B-33, if it's a B-1 bomber, if it's an F-16, an F-15, an A-10.
Consumers "will go to the store if the store has an experience, if they are going to learn, if there's something special about it," said Torres.
If you believe in the ACA, if you believe in Dodd-Frank, if you believe in the stimulus bill ... how can you not respect Pelosi's leadership?
If you're committed to deep cleaning, if you want to do the bare minimum, or if you're somewhere in-between, we've got a checklist for you.
If Obamacare repeal/replace takes longer than anticipated; if a trade war begins to brew; if tax reform is stalled, the market might start to sell.
But you should immediately update those designations if you've gotten married or divorced, if one of your beneficiaries has died or if you've had a child.
If imprisoned, if conscripted, if serving in an unending war in terrible conditions, there were enormous pleasures of imagination in dressing up and becoming someone else.
I get it if you're on the subway, I get it if you're in a park, I get it if you're at your desk at work.
Where I've had to let people go is if they are not vigorous enough, if they're not productive enough, if they're not following through on instructions.
If you think someone has hacked into your account, check App passwords and Authorized Logins to see if there's anything suspicious, if there is, remove it.
Even if Jio eventually gushes cash it is not clear if RIL will pay bigger dividends, or if Mr Ambani will instead pursue another grand project.
The listing notes that app store owners will have to register if they're setting up a storefront, if they make changes, or if they shut down.
There's also another option if you love that robe: Call up the front desk and ask if you can have it, or if it's for sale.
"If something good happens or something bad happens, if it is a fail or if it is a success, treat it the same way," she says.
So, if you're religious and wondering if God could really love you as you are, if you can be LGBTQ and faithful — the answer is yes.
Its eyes will change color to indicate its feelings (red if it's mad, purple if it's hungry, orange if it needs to burp, and so on).
First, entrepreneurs, regardless of industry, may take the 20 percent deduction if they have taxable income that's under $157,22019 if single or $220,2250 if they're married.
"Ask if there are scenarios under which they would consider getting help and if they can commit to it if those scenarios play out," she adds.
If you go to Haiti, if you go to Cambodia, if you go to Kenya, the challenge of feeding humanity relies on the shoulders of women.
It remains unclear if Simon's posting restrictions are temporary or if his account could be restored if he deletes the tweets in violation of the rules.
The deduction is also subject to income limits and phases out if your income exceeds $65,000 if you're single or $130,23 if married and filing jointly.
If something really alarming, if indictments come out of there, if it leads to impeachment, I mean, things are a lot different than they are today.
" At the performance, he sang, "Take part in democracy / They decide for you if you don't / If you don't / They decide for you / If you don't.
Procrastination helps if you want to keep your options open It's OK if you're slower with choosing and RSVPing to events if you're doing so intentionally.
"It is written that 'if you owe debts, pay debts; if honor, then honor; if respect, then respect,' " Pence wrote in a piece for Fox News.
If this is a pattern, you have to ask if you're really helping them or if you're just enabling them to stay right where they are.
Its IDR could also be upgraded if synergies increased or if it assumed a greater role in the UBA group, or if UBA's VR was upgraded.
He did ask people around me, like my teachers, if rock music was good, if it was safe, if you could make a living from it.
If all goes well, it will be determined if he needs one more minor league start of if he is folded into the big-league rotation.
If you're outside or if you're not protected inside, if you're hit by a 140-mile-per-hour two-by-four, you're going to be killed.
If I like the guy's look or if it seems as if we have a lot in common, then I'm happy to send a message first.
I think the worst of it was, if you're in jail, if you're in the military, if you are a prisoner of war, you have allies.
If your health plan covers prescription drugs, such plans often charge a lower copay if you buy generic than if you buy a brand-name drug.
You know, if you demonize groups of people, if you demonize Hispanics, if you demonize gays and lesbians, that's immoral, that's not what I'm referring to.
You'll especially feel this combination play out if you're traveling or if you're in school, but also if you're doing anything related to publishing or media.
If you're convicted of a federal offense, on average you will serve more time — for the exact same crime — if you're black than if you're white.
If wolves spent more than 20 minutes without moving, researchers went to the site to see if they were eating and if so, what it was.
But if we grow numb, if we disengage, if we go crazy or rush to normalize just to get our sanity back, Trump will have won.
If it's worth the love, if it's worth the relationship or if it will just continue to make me more calculated and more unsure of myself?
Even if they did, if they found what we wrote lacking, the only way we would know is if they wrote a letter to the editor.
It's a black tag if you're dead; it's a red tag if you need to be seen immediately; it's a yellow tag if you can wait.
I don't want to know if my father wasn't my father, or if I'm German and not Irish, or if the future holds some hideous disease.
What would have happened if we were better rested, if our energy was better preserved, if we managed our time and said what we really mean?
If you don't have access to anything like that, you can at least approximate the "what if" math yourself if you know what's in your portfolio.
If the individual player matchups don't appeal to you—if you never cared what might happen if Koufax pitched to Bonds—know that in these Jeopardy!
If you feel yourself becoming sick, remember to cover your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, and if you are sick, stay home if possible.
It's not clear if the state's Republican-dominated legislature would honor the expansion if it passes, or if the Trump administration would approve an expansion plan.
Asked earlier this season if there might be some acknowledgment of the moment — even if it was unspoken — if he stepped in against Chapman, Davis laughed.
" He continued, "If an elder comes into the shop, even if he's not in the business, he'll sit down here as if he owned the shop.
If Democrats vote as if it's a midterm election and Republicans vote as if it's a primary, Mr. Ossoff will have a real shot to win.
Ask for generic drugs if available, or see if your doctor has samples that you can try if they'd like you to start a new prescription.
Even if a person has done nothing wrong, even if they have the wrong address or if they're dropping off a package, they will appear suspicious.
If I'm not playing, if I'm DHing or if I'm playing third, so I'm just going to do the same thing every day and enjoy it.
When was the last time you asked yourself if you would be sad if some work didn't get done, or if a possible project didn't happen?
I don't remember if we got fired first or if he closed down.
If you're one of them, you should stop if you can help it.
If a toxin is injected—if you're bitten, or stung—it's a venom.
Companies trade up if they are good and down if they are bad.
And if at some point if the president wants to pardon, he can.
If so, I followed up to see if there were any restrictions attached.
BILA: I wonder if you&aposre smarter or if you actually seem smarter.
If you conformed it was fine, but if you didn't they whipped you.
If you kill them, they're dead, obviously; but if they escape, that's it.
What if they didn't like me, what if they weren't attracted to me?
I thought even if Trump didn't prevail if he didn't win the election.
Well, if ranch dressing if wrong, then we don't want to be right.
"If we stand and say nothing, it's as if we're agreeing," Cook said.
But Clinton is "damned if she does, damned if she doesn't," said Rade.
If you're wondering if it can get any better, the answer is: yes.
Enjoy your company, but enjoy yourself even if especially if it's just you.
If my ex-husband, if their dad isn't posting pictures, why is she?
But it was Michelle, asking if… basically, if the game could read Facebook.
He'll tell me if it's funny, but he'll tell me if it's not.
I will spend £300m if I find the player, if I have £300m.
He couldn't tell if the suit was expensive, if the watch was designer.
If you got game, if you know the game, we gonna accept you.
If you think someone is overdosing, call 911, even if you administer naloxone.
We're incapable of love if we're too beautiful or if we're too successful.
"You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't," he said.
Avoid conference calls if you can, but use them if you have to.
If they fled, fine; if they had to be expelled, so be it.
It's terrible if you are single, and it's expensive if you are not.
The French are damned if they do send troops, damned if they don't.
I can't decide if Euron is too campy or if I love him.
Does it matter if you're being transparent if you aren't really saying anything?
If the two companies succeed—a big if—their products could become pervasive.
So we worry if we could afford this house if something bad happens?
If I was outside, I'd be wondering if I was going to fall.
Funny if you're a bored teen, but not if you're YouTube's ad department.
If it did, I didn't know if I could trust myself to resist.
If you don't ask for it, how will you know if it's possible?
If you dream something up, it'll probably happen if you keep dreaming it.
Well Trump is damned if he does and damned if he doesn&apost.
If he spends a day, if he spends 10 years, time is irrelevant.
If I didn't come, or if no one came, then we'd forget it.
Galifianakis also asked if Clinton will lead the civil war if Trump wins.
I asked if the band recognized if your hand is open or closed.
If clothing doesn't fit women, if they're not into it, companies go bankrupt.
If you're not set on dinner, check if your selected restaurants serve lunch.
If you're wondering if this is all legal, it turns out it is.
He gets so frustrated if he makes her mad or if she's feisty.
If my pay hasn't gone up lately, if I can't afford a house.
Sometimes I question if I'm doing enough or if I'm doing it right.
Does it matter if a thing is alive if it convincingly mimics life?
But if -- if you look at it in the big picture... BARTIROMO: Yes?
If you're starting out, don't listen to your peers if they're beginners too.
We don't know if they're armed or if they're going to attack us.
If I can do anything, if I can give her anything, I would.
It is unclear if she opened the door or if it wasn't locked.
I'll decide if that's something I want if and when it becomes real.
If you want me, call me, if you can't get me, call Morgan.
If so, will it still be valid if you are not with Breitbart?
If you're sad, you can be sad, and if you're angry, be angry.
If your options for work are mostly in the service industry, and if
If I have empathy toward you, it will be painful if you're suffering.
If you care about them, great, but if you don't, life goes on.
They act as if #NorthKorea would act different if he used nicer words.
If I was questioning if I was "that woman" before, I wasn't now.
If you just buy something from me, I don't care if we're friends.
Unclear if they're dating or if they were just having a fun night.
If they hacked into the Democratic Party, if indeed they did, who cares?
Now, if you ask me if I could keep the devices completely away?
If they win, great; if they don't win, they had fun doing it.
I mean, if you-- if you pay too much, you pay too much.
"If you're unsure if it's real or not, call your bank," said O'Leary.
If it happens, that'll be wonderful, if it doesn't, that'll be okay too.
Click through if you want to know if Harry & Meghan really got married.
" Daqneesh has the caption "If you stay" while Kurdi has "If you leave.
If you don't, you will never attract ownership if you don't issue guidance.
I don't know if he knows himself or if he's thought about it.
It's unclear if she's vacationing with anyone, but if so ... they're damn lucky.
Maybe, if I wait long enough, if I'm patient, I'll just ooze out.
And if you're wondering if she does it herself, the answer is no.
If Trump proves to be a disaster — or even if not — please run.
I don't know if it was me or if it was the shoe.
If you work, you should be better off than if you don't work.
If the characters do not live, we do not care if they die.
If we come in with full expensing, if we simplify the tax code.
How can I tell if I'm being annoying if no one tells me?
I can't determine if it's from hydrating or if it's actually the celery.
They're damned if they do confirm him, and they're damned if they don't.
It's going to get worse if you leave and if you do nothing.
No matter if you're a biker, no matter if you're a church group.
And if you have proof, you know, tell me, and if not, stop.
"If you're disabled, if you're mentally ill, fine, I get it," Monna said.
If you live in Venezuela, North Korea, if you're a criminal, great product.
If you hit mush, you keep going; if you hit steel, you stop.
Check out the pics ahead, and if you book it, if you dare.
If you don't try, you'll never know if you have it in you.
It's not clear, for instance, if Porter was fired or if he resigned.
"If it rains, I will plant again, if God lets me," she said.
It remains to be seen if the curve inverts and if recession follows.
They are damned if they stick with him, and damned if they don't.
"Cuba won't change if another administration comes, if another president comes," he said.
No matter what they do, even if it's willing, even if it's consensual.
If you're not sure if you have financial need, you should still apply.
I've often wondered if the blood just leaks out or if it gushes.
It's not clear if he shot himself or if the neighbor shot him.
If you're not a snitch, it won't offend you if I search you!
If he wins, conservatism could be dead for a generation, if not longer.
If you perform, if you do well in tournaments, you climb the ranks.
If it sounds as if we're living in a dystopia, trust your instincts.
She even asked if I would go to him for help if needed.
If it seems as if misconduct plagues every industry, that's because it does.
It doesn't matter if you don't have documents, if your world fell apart.
Defend the dissenters, even if — perhaps, especially if — you disagree with their policy.
He asks me if I have a boyfriend and if I work out.
Obviously, do this if and only if the text-receiving partner welcomes it!
I don't know if everyone has access, or if it's just certain classes.
If someone needs something, you get it, if someone's hungry, ya' feed 'em.
Like, if it gets too much, if it's too painful, there's the finish.
If you're paying back the loans, what if you are a budding entrepreneur?
I don't know if there is security around, or if there are cameras.
Like, if you're a professional athlete or, like, if you're on your period.
I'll read it if it has significant "likes," I'll read it if doesn't.
If they give me something sooner then great, if they don't then great.
I don't care if you do, or if you don't think I can.
Basically, Sandberg wanted to know if Soros would make money if Facebook failed.
No. If anything, I find myself wondering if I have gone deep enough.
If you're not into it, you can go home tomorrow if you want.
If we need 'em, we need 'em; and if we don't, we don't.
As if she were trying to punish herself, as if she enjoyed suffering.
If we're going to try it, let's see if we can measure it.
And if you have proof, you know, telI me, and if not, stop.
But it's not clear if he will testify even if he is served.
But what if it's important, and what if the person could take offense?
What, if anything, would you change about your social life if you could?
It's as if exposure is only acceptable if it's revealing a male voice.
Prepare well if it's hot, prepare if it's windy, not to get frustrated.
That will happen only if it remains expensive and if the technology stalls.
But it's unclear if the plan will work, or if it's even feasible.
It's like if right now if R. Kelly wrote a book on babysitting.
Even if Planned Parenthood were to be completely defunded, or if Roe v.
If they pause, if they let themselves be broken, they might lose everything.
If we didn't do it today I didn't know if we ever would.
If we can get those things done, if these tokens work out, amazing.
Even if you wanted to, even if you tried, and yes, she's tried.
If there's two there, if there's one there, people will just take one.
If anything, the numbers are worse if you just limit yourself to NIH.
But if you're asking if it was meta, it was way fucking meta.
If convicted, he could go to prison even if the president pardons him.
If it wins, though, if it lifts Messi's scowl, it will not matter.
If that gives you pause, then ask if it's really worth the money.
If I don't, I'll go hear my D.J. friend P.U.D.G.E if he's
How will justice come if it is not reported, if no one cares?
If you can, see if a colleague can step in to assist you.
There is a feeling of damned if you do, damned if you don't.
If so, then I would expect minimal, if any, residual effects on turnout.
If I go home I don't know if there's flying debris or what.
I'm not sure if it's to save water, if it's to save money.
If they need a coat, I'll give them mine if I have to.
If not, it's time to start worrying, if you are a Booker backer.
It's unclear if the killers knew XXX or if it was a robbery.
"It's terrifying if, like, if you let them see the terror," he said.
If you're married, find out if you can jump onto your spouse's plan.
If so, a contract promised $1 million if the book hit sales targets.
If you're a client, if you're eating my food, you'll have my respect.
If not, what might you do if you were in such a position?
If that wasn't already bad enough, the technology doesn't work if you're trans.
If schools close, what if you don't have ready access to child care?
"If everyone stays healthy, if you're producing, you're going to play," he said.
If you're a Nike fan, if you're a sports fan, invest in Nike.
If the Senate disagreed, they could overrule him if they had 51 votes.
And the candidates are damned if they do and damned if they don't.
"I don't know if being left behind, if he was traumatized," she said.
If he does not do well, I would be surprised if he continues.
And again, if circumstances change, we'll evaluate and course correct if we can.
If indeed it's him — but why would he post it if it wasn't?
McNamee wonders if Soros's perspective would be different if he'd worked in tech.
If that-- if that doesn't happen, it's a statute you can live with.
We'll see if that happens, but it would be exciting if it does.
After a pleasant meal, he asked her if she minded if he danced.
He declined to say if he would quit the race if he lost.
Believe this if you don't believe that: He isn't listening if you disagree.
You learn if you're in shape if you can do that, believe me.
If updates are available, you'll be asked if you'd like to install them.
"If evidence was planted, we'll certainly take assertive action if that's the case."
From conception until death, damned if we do and damned if we don't.
Wondering if part of you disappears if you're in a straight-passing relationship.
If I was sick… wouldn't it be best if he left me alone?
You minimize the damage if you don't — if you don't lose your patience.
"If they fit in, if they are American, they can stay," he said.

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