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"but" Definitions
  1. only
"but" Synonyms
nevertheless yet however though although still all the same be that as it may but still despite that even so for all that in spite of that nonetheless howbeit just the same regardless notwithstanding still and all natheless whereas while conversely in contrast contrarily on the contrary at the same time but then by contrast on the other hand then again whilst albeit even though except other than otherwise than save except that only if it were not for were it not for except for the fact that if it were not for the fact that were it not for the fact that excepting saving excepting that saving for the fact that excepting the fact that besides the fact that even if altho granted tho' allowing despite the fact that in spite of the fact that notwithstanding the fact that despite the fact as much as even when notwithstanding that despite being what if let's say say suppose imagine suppose that supposing that if assuming let's assume presupposing presuming in case that granting that allowing that with the supposition that in these circumstances taking for granted that let us suppose apart from except for besides bar excluding aside from barring with the exception of disregarding leaving out not including omitting outside outside of save for passing over short of for in spite of despite regardless of setting aside against even after even with for all in the face of irrespective of with after all to counterbalance after amidst just merely simply at most no more than purely a mere nothing but solely nobbut exclusively alone entirely wholly plainly completely totally absolutely uniquely having said that anyhow at any rate in spite of everything proviso condition provision qualification rider stipulation clause reservation restriction limitation strings contingency requirement caveat article disclaimer prerequisite specification term More
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How to use but in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "but" and check conjugation/comparative form for "but". Mastering all the usages of "but" from sentence examples published by news publications.

But, but, but, but: I said I would never say never.
But, but, but: Trump isn't under investigation now, but that could change.
WALLACE: But -- but -- but you guys used it.
Sassy but respectful, smart but not showy, strong but ladylike, shrewd but always and forever sweet.
" But, but, but ... Haass tells me: "Quite the morning.
RYUN: But, but, but, but, Sandra, I think terrible decisions don&apost make for a good precedent.
But, but, but: The initial report on the talks came in May, but an announcement never materialized.
I was Black, but not Black; woman, but not woman; American, but Jamaican; African, but science fiction.
But, but, but: The propaganda isn't going anywhere in 2019.
But, but, but: Emissions are not falling across the board.
But, but, but: There are all kinds of caveats here.
But, but, but: Other things besides entertainment media are copyrighted.
But, but, but: It's not just the government keeping tabs.
But, but, but: It was a nod, not an agenda.
But, but, but: There are advantages for the disrupters, too.
But but but: Timing can always change on Capitol Hill.
But, but, but: Stock traders are still buying the dip.
But, but, but: Coal is still king in the region.
But, but, but: Martino was on the board of FanDuel.
It's stark, but chic; austere, but casual; serious, but hip.
SS: But-, but-, but then the salaries haven't come, though.
But, but, but: L.A. has a long ways to go.
Butbutbut — it's only a handful of days away.
Shiv: right but thwarted but vindicated but in trouble, whew!
For men, it's like ... I know, but, but, but, okay.
But – FABER: Right, But – KUDLOW: But, but, but my point to Dan Clifton who I have spoken to this morning is we are resuming talks with china.
They're passionate but prac­tical, energetic but measured, decisive but willing tocompromise.
But, but, but: This automated utopia is a long way off.
But, but, but: That won't happen by itself, the report shows.
But, but, but: Science and math don't operate in a vacuum.
But, but, but: Russia was also a hot topic on Tuesday.
But, but, but: This is just an analysis of one skeleton.
It's pretty, but edgy; simple, but bold; and modern, but retro.
But, but, but: Buybacks are a boon for the stock market.
But, but, but: Russia supplies less than 1% of China's soybeans.
But, but, but: Quantum computers are still really hard to build.
But, but, but... Perez picked Ellison to be his deputy chair.
But, but, but: In this case, it's not black and white.
Running on the slogan "a return to normalcy," he said: America's present need is not heroics, but healing; not nostrums, but normalcy; not revolution, but restoration; not agitation, but adjustment; not surgery, but serenity; not the dramatic, but the dispassionate; not experiment, but equipoise; not submergence in internationality, but sustainment in triumphant nationality.
Not open but hiding; not straightforward but crafty; not honest but base; not national but international; does not believe in working but speculates with money; does not have its own homeland but feels it owns the world.
But, but, but: There is still reason to cheer at the news.
But, but, but: Not all the job shrinkage was due to automation.
But, but, but: Some are less convinced that Congress should step in.
But, but, but: Despite the negative trends, there are reasons for hope.
" But, but, but: "The global economy's slowing, business investment has been soft.
But, but, but: The details of the analysis are so far thin.
But, but, but: This spacecraft is still far from a sure thing.
But-- average investors-- but-- but 99% of people are non-professional-- investors.
But, but, but: You can't do good risk management with bad data.
But, but, but.... That doesn't mean there aren't risks involved, Ip writes.
But, but, but: The next guest on Face the Nation was Sen.
But, but, but: This isn't direct evidence of life itself, NASA cautions.
But, but, but ... Don't expect the topline budget numbers to change dramatically.
But, but, but: Not every jurisdiction is embracing AVs in all contexts.
But, but, but: The trouble, of course, is that WeWork needs cash.
But, but, but: Peloton's losses have been rising along with its revenues.
But, but, but: Ad sales can be indicative of a team's popularity.
Not open, but hiding; not straightforward, but crafty; not honest, but base; not national, but international; does not believe in working, but speculates with money; does not have its own homeland, but feels it owns the whole world.
Not open, but hiding; not straightforward but crafty; not honest but base; not national but international; does not believe in working but speculates with money; does not have its own homeland, but feels it owns the whole world.
Not open, but hiding; not straightforward but crafty; not honest but base; not national but international; does not believe in working but speculates with money; does not have its own homeland but feels it owns the whole world.
But -- but, but, but, Chris, I must say this, this president, from day one, wants to reform the world trading system.
But but but ... Compare that to Afghans ($22,000), Nepalis ($25,000) and Laotians ($32,000).
But, but but... The study makes a number of questionable assumptions, experts said.
But, but, but: Bitcoin energy use is growing, and it's just one cryptocurrency.
But, but, but: Despite Iran's deliberate approach, the danger of miscalculation is high.
But, but, but: Fancy analytics alone won't solve the energy sector's looming crisis.
But, but, but: U.S. presidents have limited and indirect influence on pump prices.
But, but, but: The study's authors say this bad news is not inevitable.
But, but, but: The transactions have been criticized by campaign finance watchdog groups.
But, but, but: Another report out today has some better news for Pruitt.
But, but, but: The mistrust is focused on the companies, not on technology.
But, but, but: A controversy over Schlichting's testimony ate up the entire morning.
But, but, but: In most cases, humans are still part of the equation.
"There is always a but — 'But they're passionate; but it's rigged,' " she said.
But, but, but: LED deployment is not the end-all, be-all solution.
But, but, but: Three-quarters of incidents still go unreported, government data estimates.
But, but, but: The demand for delivery comes with a steep environmental cost.
But, but, but: Historically, surveillance hasn't clearly prevented or deterred terrorism and crimes.
But, but, but: Loki isn't like a typical volcano you find on Earth.
He's humble but boastful, sensitive but callous, self-conscious but overly self-confident.
But, but, but: The study is based on computer modeling that takes into account prescribed, but imperfect, scenarios of greenhouse gas emissions.
Know everything but learn nothing, see everything but be blinded, count but not allow someone to matter, hear everything but not listen.
But, but, but: These filings don't capture all the lobbying action around CO2 taxes.
But, but, but: Beverages aren't the only status quo that legal weed is challenging.
But, but, but: The program design, including the emissions pricing mechanism, isn't yet clear.
But, but, but: Remember, these codes typically only remain active for a few minutes.
But, but, but: It's not just the biggest multinationals facing a tough earnings season.
But, but, but: Some economists are skeptical of the degree of angst over GDP.
But, but, but: Not every Trump-is-a-studio-gangster trade worked out well.
But, but, but: Demand growth would be lower if U.S.-China trade battles worsen.
But, but, but: There are ways to curb e-commerce's hit to the environment.
But, but, but: 1 million–3 million jobs could be lost, per the report.
But, but, but: Even Bigelow acknowledges the challenges presented by this kind of project.
But, but, but: The news for cloud forests is not all grim, Helmer says.
It's spooky but funny; nostalgia-inducing but not dated; campy but not overly cheeze.
But, but, but: Boeing isn't the only company working on a lunar gateway concept.
But, but but: Intel says it has been looking around for other, similar vulnerabilities.
But, but, but: McMaster is still proving to be effective in some key moments.
" But, but, but: Per NYT, one idea is "receiving particular attention inside the government.
But, but, but: It all comes down to access, especially among students of color.
But, but, but: The elections are three months away and a lot can change.
But, but, but: Using the phrase "one of the first things" leaves wiggle room.
But, but, but: Experts say America's oil and gas is having big geopolitical consequences, but that's not thanks to actions or pronouncements by Trump.
But, but, but: That all sounds nice, but I still have no idea what Trump plans to do to change the situation with China.
Husky but not a smoker's hack, deep but not masculine, breathy but not gaspy, a trace of New York but not Queens, New York.
And then there are the failed diets she reels off: eating nothing but meat, nothing but raw vegetables, nothing but fruit, nothing but juice.
But, but, but: Prices are rising this morning after declining in the pre-dawn hours.
Malls are homey but sterile, make you feel inadequate but optimistic; you're alone but surrounded.
But, but but ... The boom has brought growing crime, especially against women, and environmental destruction.
But, but, but: The analysis shows why none of this can be taken for granted.
But, but, but: Economic headwinds are checking oil prices despite the rise in geopolitical tensions.
But, but, but: This is a tough battle, and it's not clear who is winning.
But, but, but: FRBs can be either a single radio wave pulse or repeating bursts.
But, but, but: While the spacecraft's mission is ending, the science from it will not.
But, but, but: The business case for these mega-constellations still isn't a sure thing.
But, but, but: Alibaba is on its tail, with 1.1 billion users, per Retail Dive.
But, but, but: Paul also said that it's unfair to "draw conclusions" from Trump's comments.
But, but, but attracting American users will be a "huge wall to climb," Ho says.
But, but, but: These don't have to be "bad jobs" forever for millennials, Gorbis notes.
But, but but: Sharing the data means it is in more places than just Grindr.
But, but, but: Of about 2 million expats, only around 90,000 are registered to vote.
" But, but, but: "Big Tech's loyal army of fans among Wall Street analysts remained bullish.
But, but, but: More than 90% of taxpayers file their taxes online, according to
But, but, but: These latter possibilities are just thought experiments given where AI is today.
But, but, but: No one thinks it will be easy to devise the compensatory system.
But, but, but: That doesn't apply to Omar and Tlaib's staffers or other delegation members.
He likes winter but not summer, baths but not showers, hardback books but not paperbacks.
But, but, but: The focus on messaging apps and child exploitation adds a new wrinkle.
But but but: The information was used to help tailor which advertising some users saw.
But, but, but: A heavy-handed approach to Chinese firms has a host of consequences.
But, but, but... While lower prices are great for consumers, the agriculture industry is struggling.
But, but, but: It'll be impossible to gauge the summit's efficacy for a long time.
But, but, but, but, I want to take a more optimistic view in the future, saying that the two leaders have agreed to resume talks.
You can read about Alexander the Great but not about Catherine the Great, Kafka but not Virginia Woolf, Clausewitz but not Sojourner Truth, Schopenhauer but not Simone de Beauvoir, Michael Faraday but not Marie Curie.
But, but, but: Home shopping giants QVC and HSN aren't giving up on millennials just yet.
But, but, but: Oil majors are unlikely to take interest in the idea, analysts tell Axios.
But, but, but: All of these features and more have been commonplace in China for years.
"But, but, but, I am not taking anything for granted," Clinton said as the cheers subsided.
" She was quick to hedge, saying: "But, but, but -- I am not taking anything for granted.
But, but, but: The Fed continues to purchase trillions in U.S. Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities.
But, but, but: The authors acknowledge limitations in the modeling and the need for future research.
But, but, but: The political opening for a relatively late-starting Steyer bid is quite uncertain.
But, but, but: It is clear that many of the instances largely serve Russian national interests.
But, but, but: The oil-and-gas industry is bigger than coal and has deeper pockets.
But, but, but: Such startups should beware the competition, says Moody's lead retail analyst Charlie O'Shea.
But, but, but: It may just mean the stock market is pumped full of hot air.
Who is out but not too out, but stands up for things but not too much.
But, but, but: Trump has more presidential moments of lucidity and normality than Wolff's book suggests.
But, but, but: The foil helps Trump keep his rock-solid base, despite his broad unpopularity.
But, but, but: Yes, a number of states, cities and companies have stepped up their efforts.
But, but, but: As of now, even anti-drone technology is still hugely limited, experts say.
But, but, but: Analysts and some Democratic strategists say Trump's team may be underestimating Warren's potency.
But, but, but: "It's the best Republican seat in the country," Roe said of Thornberry's district.
But, but, but: These figures are often quite small compared to the companies' overall lobbying efforts.
It remains true that a great deal of the liability lies with them. But. But. But.
But, but, but: Other Rust Belt states, including Michigan and Ohio saw gains in manufacturing jobs.
But, but, but: Cities across the U.S. and world-wide are struggling with adopting electric buses.
But, but, but: Other experts say space is already being weaponized, and the U.S. is behind.
Per the plan: But, but, but: This is a standing caveat with all these plans, but anything that needs Congress would be a super-heavy lift.
So getting those chemical weapons out was a big deal, but... MITCHELL: But should he — should he have stuck to his... CLINTON: Well — butbut... MITCHELL: ... line?
She was beautiful (but not in an unusual way), funny (but not too funny), relatable (but just glam enough), and, lest we forget, sexy (but also cute).
But, but, but: "Politics is not a vending machine," says Lee Drutman, a scholar at New America.
But, but, but: The way the Russian trolls approached supporting the left and right were extremely different.
But, but, but: A Barclays research note this morning suggests that maybe everyone should just chill out.
But, but, but: Smaller stores will find it difficult to compete with Amazon on speed and price.
But, but, but: It takes a lot of force to change the course of an enormous company.
But, but, but: There's a way to go before the material is ready for the Red Planet.
It's this amazing relationship, but it's over, but I'm happy it happened, but I'm sad it's ending.
Sweet but sexy, crazy but cool, mean but modest and if no one knows [you], I do.
But, but but: A lack of an emergency declaration may work against the fundraising effort, Nuzzo says.
"4 Degrees" is so many things at once: fragile but muscular, sentimental but apocalyptic, chilling but glorious.
But, but, but: There's a tradeoff in using CO2 for producing oil that's later burned in engines.
But, but, but: Tariffs aren't necessarily the only thing disrupting employment in the beer world, per Bloomberg.
But, but, but: You don't need to invent your own cryptocurrency in order to get into payments.
WALLACE: But -- but -- but they did made an Undetectable Firearms Act which passed 30 years ago, Cody.
" But, but, but: "I called Tim Willson, the drug's designer, to ask whether he would take it.
But, but, but: Saudi Arabia remains one of the most repressive countries in the world for women.
But, but, but: Republicans don't just need Americans to recognize that their law is cutting their taxes.
Kushion is ambitious, but not impulsive; it's savvy, but not pretentious; and it's technical, but not geeky.
But what is a PC gamer but an adventurer—a reclusive one perhaps, but an adventurer nonetheless!
But, but, but: Given the volume of Democrats running, it also means many haven't been fully vetted.
But, but, but: Snap will still have prove that it's learned from its own mistakes as well.
But, but, but: If Trump reads the article accompanying the pictures, he'll find a lot to like.
He did come close once: But, but, but hold on yourself, Spicer—what are you talkin' about?
He spoke to me, but not much; kissed me, but not much; caressed me, but not much.
But, but, but: Farage did have time for another American caller tonight, on his LBC radio program.
But, but, but: "Hide Replies has been one of Twitter's more controversial features to date," per TechCrunch.
But, but, but: The Trump administration, which opposes the project, has not imposed sanctions under existing authorities.
But, but, but: Some countries became much happier, and others much less happy, over the past decade.
But, but, but: The league will begin testing for opioids and cocaine, but only players who refuse to cooperate with treatment plans will be subject to disciplinary action.
But, but, but: The growth of EVs more than offsets the rise in fuel use from more traveling.
But, but, but: China's retail giants — Alibaba and — have tackled scale and lines without killing checkout altogether.
But it's an interesting gesture for exactly that reason, something small, but powerful—slow, but never crushingly so.
But, but, but: As we reported yesterday, these quiet, behind-the-scenes developments are transforming modern work now.
But, but, but: It's unclear exactly how the proposed Select Committee for a Green New Deal would function.
But, but, but: The longer view you take, the more you need to think about adjusting for inflation.
But, but, but: There's a good chance charges against Assange will have little to do with press freedom.
But, but, but: "I don't see this as a revolution," says Neil Saunders, managing director at GlobalData Retail.
But, but, but: More work beyond salary transparency is needed to close both the wage and investing gaps.
Get ready for less fights, but more competition; less crying, but more injuries; less screaming, but more cheering.
But, but, but: It's not as if NASA will make a ton of money from this pricing model.
But, but, but: It's not clear yet how much muscle the administration intends to put behind its words.
" But, but, but ... "few if any major plot twists about what happened that day in Dallas in 1963.
But, but, but: Feinstein, in contrast, talks about the Senate vote landscape, noting the absence of GOP support.
But-- but they are selling more ounces of liquid-- they've got more-- but they've got more brands now.
But let me also say... (APPLAUSE) But let me also say, remember... BAIER: But your answer is yes?
But, but, but: Facebook users nevertheless don't seem to trust social media services, including Facebook, with their data.
" But, but, but: Two hours after that tweet, Barr also said: "yes, I mistakenly thought she was white.
But, but but: Even if the government shifted some to Airbnb, it's unlikely to stop using hotels altogether.
But, but, but... while trust in media and platforms is declining, trust in journalism is on the rise.
But, but, but: New peril for moderate Dems in red states — many Americans are happy with Trump's economy.
But, but, but: The U.S. and Israel might each have a reason to hold off on formal recognition.
But, but, but: It's not clear how many drugs HHS could shift into Part D without congressional approval.
But it's fun to pretend what it would be like if they did for a night. But. But.
But, but, but: That's not a synonym for "independent" because the U.S. remains deeply connected to global markets.
But, but, but: EPA, in a response included with the report, pushed back against some of the suggestions.
But, but, but: It leaves a lot of policy details be sorted out later, to say the least.
But, but, but: "Forecasts of a supply gap persist, but they're being pushed further out into the future," Bloomberg reported in late January, and IEA has warned against complacency.
Diana is a tricky character: She needs to be optimistic but not naive, fierce but not frightening, unquestionably good but not tragically boring, intriguingly alien but not totally inhuman.
And -- but -- but, that said, words do matter.
Her character doesn't make a lot of sense—she's a cat lady, but she's also an adventurer, but she's also a shut-in, but she's also calm in crisis, but she's also overprotective and suffocating her children, but she's also . . .
But I&aposd say, I&aposm rather jealous, but -- but I won&apost hold that against you right now.
She is an artist whose work is political but not overwrought, small but not insignificant, gentle but not pliant.
But, but, but: Experts suggest these products make mostly unsubstantiated claims and in some cases can harm unwary buyers.
But, but, but: They also have large carbon footprints from powering data centers, manufacturing and, in Amazon's case, deliveries.
But, but, but: If the ranking included only onsite locations, the top 3 would be Target, Walmart and Prologis.
But, but, but: Federal law enforcement is exempt, so airport authorities like TSA would be unaffected by the measure.
But, but, but: There has been a growing number of people questioning Trump mental stability in no uncertain terms.
But, but, but: There's debate among scientists on when Native Americans' ancestors split into different branches, per the Atlantic.
But, but, but: The physicists are "not quite ready to claim that the puzzle has been solved," Nature reports.
But, but, but, it's easy to have the opinion "nobody deserves favors" after you've benefited from a favor, judge.
But, but, but: A lot of the administration's most significant changes to the ACA weren't in effect in 2017.
" But, but, but: "It's possible that the existing summit could take place or a summit at some later date.
But, but, but: The "60 Minutes" report is largely a rehash of familiar complaints against Google from longstanding opponents.
But, but, but, ESPN's linear channel is included in most skinny bundle packages, which have seen enormous subscriber growth.
But, but, but: Many experts expect self-driving cars to eliminate the need for parking, or greatly reduce it.
But, but, but: The benefits would not extend to those who exercise via paid smartphone apps or streaming services.
But, but, but: If the Trump base shows up in November, Republicans have a chance at holding the House.
But, but, but: Some researchers say there are broader limitations to characterizing the threat posed by radiation in space.
But, but, but: Land-use changes that help stem emissions can come with barriers and tradeoffs, the report notes.
But, but, but: This transition could be logistically burdensome, with thousands of prisoners, resources and staff to be relocated.
But, but, but: When private equity really wants a deal, it almost never lets size get in the way.
But, but, but: The space industry's transition to the future space economy could be overshadowed by an aging workforce.
But, but, but: It's unclear to what extent Bolton's exit may lead to any changes in the U.S. posture.
But, but, but: So far, the lobbying part of the group's advocacy has been pretty modest by Beltway standards.
But, but, but: The majors aren't dealing with the same financial pressures and reliance on capital markets as independents.
But, but, but: It's worth noting that some of the drop is because wind and solar keep getting cheaper.
But, but, but: Krebs added that states would value consistent, dependable funding more than a one-time cash splurge.
But mostly the academy has Marxists but not Falangists, Jacobins but not Jacobites, sexual and economic and ecological utopians but hardly ever a throne-and-altar Joseph de Maistre acolyte.
But, but, but: Don't discount the possibility that Trump has made up his mind — or all but done so — and is simply enjoying keeping everyone, even those closest to him, guessing.
But, but, but: It's less expensive than models currently available, which start at $49,000 and go up significantly from there.
But, but, but: Amazon has said it's determined not to do to its new home what it did to Seattle.
But, but, but: House Democratic leaders signaled a week ago that the select committee would not be granted subpoena power.
But, but, but: via Reuters, Morgan Stanley analysts see pretty good odds of an OPEC agreement that boosts prices again.
But, but, but: Efforts to stymie drilling on federal lands would face vigorous legal and political opposition and bureaucratic hurdles.
But, but, but: It's unclear when it might join Nissan's nearly decade-old Leaf EV as a mass-market product.
But but but…Altered Carbon sounds so good, and is so up my alley, that I just can't help myself!
But, but, but: High school is just one of the moving parts of education that experts say need to change.
But, but, but: "We do have to have massive new investments in the public sector," Inslee later clarified to reporters.
But, but, but: Donald Trump was a long shot to get the Republican Party nomination, let alone win the presidency.
But, but, but: What if you're in a tiny, tiny apartment, the kind that's increasingly prevalent in huge, packed cities?
But, but, but: Tech giants are under scrutiny for their huge energy use and business projects with fossil fuel clients.
But, but, but: The events won't be what climate activists and a bunch of candidates themselves — led by Washington Gov.
But, but, but ... One of the sources "said there was no evidence of Russian state involvement in the latest transfers."
But, but, but: This doesn't necessarily mean Trump is in personal legal jeopardy, much less on the road to impeachment.
" Floyd says he has nothing but respect for Bone -- "nothing but love" -- and he wishes him "nothing but the best.
Our activism is innovative but timid, our anger is burning but contained, our efforts are well-intentioned but altogether small.
I felt pressured to be perceived as intelligent-but-not-intimidating, confident-but-not-aggressive and approachable-but-not-dense.
But, but, but: Even with the pressure on the companies, no proposal has gained the traction needed to become law.
But, but, but: Airbnb still needs to fill crucial executive positions, including chief financial officer, before it can go public.
But, but, but: Despite all of those quasi-mitigating factors, PE firms do have moral obligations to portfolio company employees.
I'm arguing against a constant aghast (but not really), scandalized (but not quite), censorious (but titillated) rehashing of Trump's tantrums.
The meat is juicy but not gushy, the flavor full but not salty, the jus dark but not over-reduced.
What they're saying: But, but, but: Congress is currently on August recess, stalling their ability to act immediately on legislation.
But, but, but: Despite the increasingly sophisticated tactics, some of the kludgy methods used in past election campaigns persist undetected.
But, but, but: This fall has brought a fresh reminder of why the transition to electric vehicles faces headwinds, too.
But, but, but: Several states have independently passed laws matching the standards of the Bush-era rule, the Times notes.
But one of the -- it was, but that's okay.
CRUZ: Butbut Megyn, the bill was 1,000 pages.
Yeah, but it's really ... But it's fun for employees.
ML: Yeah, but we ... But it's not your story.
But - but - I haven't talked to Shonda, my wife.
But then – but bad news does not scare me.
But beyond that, I really ... But that's it. Yeah.
But to think ... Well, I don't, but go ahead.
But, ah, but, ah ... JF: That was a bit.
I understand but — WM: But wouldn't that be something?
But one of the — it was, but that's okay.
But that brings us to ... But wait, there's more.
Well, I could apply, but again ... But they'd know.
Her lyrics in this fertile early 280s era were highly analytical, closely observational, and deeply feminine, revealing an artist both anxious but cool, sensual but standoffish, shy but demanding, confident but evolving.
That combination won it CNET's best all-around scooter award versus the hardcore but extremely heavy Boosted Rev, cheap but weak Swagtron, long-lasting but boring Ninebot and speedy but scary Mercane.
But, but, but: The margin of error in the sub-groupings is ±4.1% for the boomers and older, but nearly 7% for the younger generations, so treat the numbers with some caution.
But, but, but: It's impossible to fully get a handle on the depth of the support for the Green New Deal.
RELATED: RNC delegates launch 'Anybody but Trump' drive But some Republican delegates are still supporting anybody but the presumptive Republican nominee.
But, but, but: "I see Walmart's advantage in food similarly to the way I see Amazon's online retail advantage," he says.
But, but, but: Thill, the Jefferies analyst, tells Axios that he does not perceive any real danger of a forced breakup.
But, but, but: The lawsuit goes one step further, naming technology vendors RelayHealth (part of McKesson) and Allscripts as co-conspirators.
But, but, but: Some scientists are skeptical that small, red dwarf stars are capable of hosting planets that could support life.
The tanky but slow one, the all-around balanced one, the powerful but fragile one, and the fast but vulnerable one.
But, but, but: Trump had a head start, and he still has a far larger war chest than any potential opponent.
But, but, but: If NASA wants to use Lockheed's architecture, the space agency will likely need to start funding it now.
But, but, but: Big portions of the proposal would require legislation, including new mandates, investments and tax credits, clouding its prospects.
Or different, but the same in terms of value and function and everything but framing, or the same, but more confusing.
But, but, but: Steve Bannon has referred to Papadopoulos as a "nobody," and he wasn't familiar to other senior campaign aides.
But, but, but: The source cautioned that the conversations with the president have been relatively loose and open-ended so far.
But, but, but ... Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody's Analytics, tells Axios that less-watched statistics show more accelerated wage increases.
But, but, but: Would the Europeans let Trump win the Nobel Peace Prize if he extinguishes the Iran deal this month?
But, but but: In many cases, Facebook is offering more information to users before they agree to the new privacy settings.
But, but, but: GM has said there are no changes to its plan to roll out a commercial service in 2019.
But, and this is a big but, a substantial but here...the Pitcairn Islands aren't quite a suntrap on the Adriatic.
But but but: Thomas did say that not all cases involving companies that run two-sided markets should assess both sides.
But, but, but: To construct its arguments, the computer dips into hundreds of millions of articles from newspapers and academic journals.
The interdisciplinary art movement, which emerged in the 13s, is funny but serious; indefinite but authoritative; destructive but full of possibility.
But, but, but: Opportunities to experience nature are decreasing rapidly as more and more people move into cities around the globe.
But, but, but: If indeed the field is headed for a dead end, the impasse certainly isn't around the next bend.
But, but, but: North Korean envoy Kim Myong Gil said the U.S. arrived "empty-handed," at the negotiation table, writes Bloomberg.
But, but, but: 39.5% view America as just another country acting in its own interests, up from 33.4% a year ago.
It can't be, but you still but you still have people ... But you have to be entrepreneurial as a worker, period.
It was a real-time mystery but also a biography but also a confessional but also a piece of celebrity media.
But, but, but: This new study isn't conclusive proof that Hawking radiation is happening on a large scale in the universe, but it could help refine these analogue experiments more in the future.
Don't say "but…" This is another one that's used all the time: "Yes, but…" or "I agree up to a point, but…" When you say but you've just negated everything you said before.
But being stuck inside a movie evokes not elation but
But this year Chinese exports have all but stopped growing.
No one but Scott knows yet, but Kendall has leukemia.
RYUN: But I -- But I will point out this, Sandra.
He's got some issues, Modi, but ... But it'll be fine.
But ... But your point is things seem wobbly and uncertain.
But the L.A community has shown us nothing but love.
But -- but that&aposs -- it&aposs -- it&aposs just ridiculous.
But for whatever reason we talk about everybody but Bernie.
They make you look long but curvy, playful but sophisticated.
They are independent but not proud, sensitive but not melodramatic.
But last fall, the company's future was anything but guaranteed.
But raising hemlines turned out to be anything but simple.
It's rich, but light; savory, but packed with fresh herbs.
Right, but in a shorter ... But in a short form.
But the board and Rossello have been anything but aligned.
"I try, but I can't help but laugh," she says.
But these two – and Prince Harry – are anything but traditional.
But "The Last Jedi" is not only terrific but purposeful.
Solvency Strong but Declining ICD's solvency is strong but declining.
" But I was like, "Yeah you do, but you don't.
It's a party, but a restrained one, isolated, but happy.
But perhaps, slowly but surely, that mom taboo is changing.
But now it's like, 'OK … issa bop — but issa message.
Spouses are included, but not fiances; parents, but not grandparents.
But while that may sound fairly simple, it's anything but.
But the most recent figures would be encouraging but incomplete.
But the details of her shirt were anything but ladylike.
But David is stubbornly detached, blind to everything but flaws.
But for some companies it has been anything but smooth.
But they have no choice but to get more expert.
But our fun… it was fun, but then it wasn't.
Hedges' Patrick is sad but not defeated, somber but funny.
The Gear VR felt innovative but clumsy, powerful but isolating.
But I can't help but think that's not the case.
But, as ever, algorithmically driven platforms are anything but simple.
But we can't help but wonder: What took so long?
He's kind of cocky, but vulnerable; goofy, but also sad.
But by then, they had all but conceded the game.
But-- but anyway-- at this stage no-- debt crisis likely.
But-- but-- Jimmy knows-- and the families know each other.
But the-- but generally speaking, I-- I like our products.
But the defense had no choice but to fight back.
But-- but somebody mentioned that now he's talking about financing.
But interestingly, he will leave office but America will remain.
But with home refrigeration, this profession has all but disappeared.
The times are certainly changin', but it's anything but propitious.
The room is anything but crowded, but that's by design.
But sometimes an unanticipated, but useful additional effect is found.
But he cannot help but feel that he is close.
But the response from Beijing has been anything but dismissive.
But when I was approved, I felt nothing but relief.
But the tone of the evening was anything but friendly.
But this isn't a demonstration against something, but for something.
" But after a moment she adds, "I'm skeptical but hopeful.
But maybe she's not the antidote herself, but a catalyst.
But, the signs shown so far are nothing but positive.
But the songs on Guitar Dream are anything but anthems.
But what choice does she have but to react enthusiastically?
But even that was O.K. It was not optimal, but … .
But, but we will see how that plays out. OK?
But touring, it's not easy at all but it's fun.
But I guess there's nothing to do but keep going.
But he takes it as a given — unpleasant but unchangeable.
Yes. But you were a critic but not a critic.
But anyway ... Well, but none of them do that stuff.
Which sounds implausible, but contextually it is all but probable.
But the beachgoers are holding not surfboards, but wooden coffins.
But there is nothing but pleasure in being a neutral.
But at home, Mr. Steyer is anything but a dreamer.
But this year, the Chinese have all but stopped buying.
But in the age of Trump, it was anything but.
I wanted to be anywhere but here, anybody but me.
But the day of the wedding was anything but muted.
But — BARBARO: But, let's focus on the Department of Justice.
But I feel like I'm losing something small but precious.
But the ideals it enforces are certainly anything but American.
But the extent of its influence is anything but transparent.
But the effort did little but deprive Democrats of sleep.
But since then she has all but disappeared from FS1.
But, but we just have a great group of people.
But PDVSA is but a shadow of its old self.
But-- but that may not be particularly satisfactory-- to people.
But we can't help but notice when the markets fall.
How striking, but also seamless; how fresh, but also familiar.
But the people Cole encountered were not guarded but open.
But in one small but significant way, Obamacare flipped them.
But the past few years have been anything but typical.
But Parkland couldn't help but put him in the spotlight.
But they also noted the outcome is all but assured.
But what if the technology is deployed, but improperly configured?
The footage is real, but the story is anything but.
But I digress … this puzzle's theme is clever but straightforward.
Yeah, but you would use the Z, but go ahead.
"But this was not a 'no,' but a 'not yet.'"
But I decided to persevere, armed with nothing but faith.
But it was anything but a tame agreement between GMs.
But Ryan seemingly has no one but himself to blame.
And rightly so in some cases, but ... But, come on.
But again, I agree, but that's not critical, it's truthful.
Yeah, but do it yourself, but do it everywhere. Yeah.
Maybe, but I'd still have somebody ... But you like PBS.
But the health care bill has been anything but quick.
She don't make nothing but hits and I don't make nothing but hits, so how could this be nothing but a hit?
But, but, but: Several Republican officials who have reviewed the latest polling tell me they see an opportunity amidst the gloomy data.
But, but, but: Lazard cautions that the analysis does not include certain costs, such as transmission and grid integration for new projects.
But, but, but: When I spoke to an internal WeWork spokesperson today, she directed most questions about future board structure, appointments, etc.
But, but, but: So far, Boeing has not been charged with crimes relating to the two fatal 737 crashes or the Dreamliner.
But, but, but: There's no line to separate genuine collective action from the "influence campaigns" that these companies promise to protect against.
But, but, but: Count IEA among the mix of forecasters — both government and private — who have underestimated the extent of U.S. growth.
But, but, but: One enormous obstacle stands in the way of people hoping to slide sideways — or uphill — into a technology career.
But, but, but: "The voters in the West clearly became disillusioned with foreign policy failings, notably in Iraq and Afghanistan," he says.
But, but, but: Absent unexpectedly large Democratic gains in the Senate or a change to filibuster rules, major legislation faces daunting odds.
But, but, but: The ongoing crisis in Venezuela has shown that too much money chasing too few goods can still create problems.
But, but, but: Exceptions exist to this rule, just like there are a minority of people who exercise regularly and eat healthy.
But, but, but... It's worth noting that this kind of brinkmanship is fairly typical until practically the day before the government shutdowns.
But, but, but: The labs are easy to replace, the report states, typically taking around three or four days to re-build.
But it is also cleareyed, generous and funny — tart but not sour, sweet but not too sweet, like one of Guy's pickles.
But, but, but: There isn't enough information yet to know whether the orders will assert new powers that will speed up development.
But, but, but: As Axios' Dion Rabouin reports, the U.S. is growing increasingly out of step with the rest of the world.
But, but, but ... And wages — up 2.6% year on year — didn't grow as much as forecast and earlier figures were revised downward.
But, but, but: Less than half of Independents view the SCOTUS nominee as an integral part of their vote in the midterms.
But, but, but: With the talk of smart cities, participants questioned if new innovations are fueling a digital divide and exacerbating inequities.
There are a few mini-revelations, but what lingers are not the parts but the whole; not the life, but the man.
That's the first track, but every single song after that — but not not including Lady Marmalade, but that's the famous LaBelle song.
But, but, but: The move is very likely more of a messaging effort than a realistic chance at altering Trump administration policy.
But, but, but: It's not so clear that carbon constraints or peak demand would be Aramco's enemy, at least not for decades.
But, but, but: The ruling could affect litigants who bring cases with securities fraud claims in other jurisdictions, one expert tells Axios.
Maddie is sort of the whole point of "Big Little Lies;" bad but good, controlling but impulsive, hovering but not really present.
But Hawley has conceived him as noble but flawed, a loyal and trustworthy partner to Emmit, but also devoted to a fault.
But few think of returning for good to Qaraqosh, which once had 50,000 residents but is now all but a ghost town.
But, but, but: "The biggest obstacle to plant-based turkey is how central eating turkey is to the Thanksgiving tradition," says Hurowitz.
But the metrosexuals were the post-9/11, pre-credit crunch dandies: They shagged around but cared about their skin, watched football but cared about their hair, drank lager but cared about their teeth.
But here's another reason: The tax bill creates diffuse but hard-to-trace costs alongside few but concentrated benefits; Obamacare repeal would have created concentrated easy-to-trace costs alongside few but diffuse benefits.
Sometimes I came close to sleep, but better were the stretches of time that I was conscious but not needed, awake but not being woken, touching parts of the bedding but not being touched.
But he -- yes (ph) but he -- but he&aposs -- he&aposs done really well for somebody who&aposs never been in politics before.
But I heard they were trying to hack the Republicans too, but, and this may be wrong, but they had much stronger defenses.
But, but, but: While finding talented employees and engineers is no longer limited to Silicon Valley, the region remains unique in some ways.
But, but, but: Despite economic agreement behind a carbon tax, the politics around it have long been toxic in Washington, and elsewhere too.
But, but, but: The sweeping effort to remake regulations — which spans dozens of rules — will have consequences beyond the most high-profile fights.
But, but, but: The prospects for the bill are highly uncertain even if Democrats were to gain control of the Senate in 2020.
But, but, but: Wages for these jobs have remained flat, despite the boom, says Saba Waheed, research director at the UCLA Labor Center.
She was gentle, but strong, sweet, but sassy, worldy but pragmatic, a woman of great faith and certainly the love of my life.
She was gentle, but strong, sweet, but sassy, worldly but pragmatic, a woman of great faith and certainly the love of my life.
But, but, but: Despite the tumble, Tesla's overall score remains higher than Ford, GM (see chart above) as well as several other automakers.
But, but, but: The study notes that there are uncertainties involved in what is driving increased ice loss in the 1,8-mile region.
But, but, but: Investors did not seem rattled, cheering Facebook's revenue and user growth numbers with a 7% gain in after-hours trading.
But, no, wait, oh, it&aposs an informant but it&aposs not a spy, but -- I mean, it&aposs verbal, you know, gymnastics.
But, but, but: These policies only target the electricity sector, which emits the second-most greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., after transportation.
But, but, but: Dileep George, co-founder of the AI company Vicarious, said the player is still far from exhibiting genuine common sense.
But, but, but: These conversations have largely left out public transportation, local right-of-way issues, environmental concerns, infrastructure costs and regional coordination.
But soldiers not only receive far graver wounds, but under complex conditions that are not just a barrier to healing but unpredictably so.
But, but, but: The primary goal of the channel was "to recover stolen NSA documents" not to get information regarding the election hacking.
But, but, but: This still doesn't address the bigger issue plaguing the region, which is the continued funding of terrorism by Saudi Arabia.
But this new system is not only visible, but physical: it performs AI-type analysis not by crunching numbers, but by bending light.
But, but, but: As scooter tech improves and costs decrease across the board, it's possible that the vehicles won't be a primary differentiator.
But, but, but: The Atlantic reported on Tuesday that "Pruitt ordered" the raises for the two aides who moved to Washington with him.
" But, but, but: "Movies screened in Saudi cinemas will be subject to approval by government censors, and Wednesday night's premiere was no exception.
But, but, but: The French, Germans and the Brits think the chances of finding a formula which will satisfy Trump are very slim.
He is not Russian but also not not Russian, not smart but also not not smart, not heroic but also not not heroic.
But, but, but: Scientists and environmentalists note that even the Obama regulations didn't fully address climate change's role in the toxic waste threat.
But, but, but: Crude oil prices moved up back up somewhat on Friday, "supported by expectations of more OPEC production cuts," Reuters notes.
There's a lasso tool, but no magic wand; paint bucket, but no gradients; layer masks, but no clipping masks, to name a few.
But, but, but: It's not likely the bad PR Amazon is amassing for its fulfillment centers will significantly dent its profits, experts say.
But, but, but: China will likely use the technical standards to claim a UN seal of approval for its use of its products.
These are juicy but cooked, candied but fresh, bitter but sweet — that's all there is to say and certainly all that is needed.
But, but, but: Thurairatnam acknowledged that an open-source detector could help a particularly determined troll create new audio fakes that fool it.
But this is my dad's favorite day, but I celebrate him.
But again, the application process was pretty … not arduous, but extensive.
But I couldn't help but feel entirely out of my element.
CLAYPOOL: Even is a judge -- but even if -- but listen, Martha.
But teachers and schools didn't have a choice but to comply.
To the untrained ear, it sounds simple, but it's anything but.
PERINO: But I was 100 percent, but only 2.2 percent Italian.
But you couldn't help but feel her sudden appearance is strategic.
LL: But it's a young company, but with a long history.
But in the early 2000s, it was anything but low-tech.
But, it still remains a nice, but not necessary smartphone accessory.
But Yang was still himself, laughing and joking but clearly disappointed.
It's thin but not that thin, powerful but not wildly so.
But now, Theia and Iris are becoming anything but space oddities.
But you can't help but look at it once it's onscreen.
But the evidence shows that many others want to, but cannot.
" STEWART: But they would say, "But what should I tell them?
But we have no choice but to comply with the law.
But her first months in New York were anything but glamorous.
But Kate couldn't help but smile at the sight of him.
But you won't find the recipe anywhere but in the book.
But... but... the design is really only part of the challenge.
Rob was disappointed but understanding — but Chyna's worries weren't over yet.
But it is no longer time to mourn, but to organize.
But the pay gap persists, not only in Maryland but everywhere.
They were full, but not fake; long, but certainly not extensions.
We can't help but ask: But how does it all work?!
But the top is really pretty, but I wanted something exciting.
But I can't help but feel like we knew that already.
But in reality, the kiss is anything but sensual or soft.
But Ed refuses to acknowledge Kiki's disappearance as anything but quotidian.
But they were largely invented not in California but in Canada.
Barnes nearly bled out but remains in critical but stable condition.
But Sanders and his allies can't help but feel some vindication.
But I have nothing but positive things to say about it.
But there is one small but significant silver lining: organ donations.
But -- but there&aposs probably, you know, whatever -- however many more.
But it's nothing but him following what he's seeing in Chicago.
Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and Greece -- but not once but thrice.
But his wife said they have no option but to remain.
Yes, but: This is evidence of correlation, but not necessarily causation.
But, but...weed is for the people, it's the people's weed.
They had no recourse but to be anybody else but themselves.
But the music that accompanied those shouts was anything but utilitarian.
But you're-- so-- but do you think that's on the table?
But again, that may not be true for anyone but her.
But nationalism ... But I'm saying, how do you reclaim that word?
But there are special craft catalogues with nothing but craft supplies.
But it's not just an issue of unemployment, but of underemployment.
But for once, this scene felt not only earned, but empowering.
But -- you could tell there was a big "but" coming, right?
But Hot Fuzz is anything but a standard action movie spoof.
But in true Norm fashion, the joke is anything but cliché.
But the four Caliphs who followed Muhammad were anything but flawless.
These revisions have been described as "sweeteners," but they're anything but.
But I'd argue there's a pretty big but in this equation.
But his examples make it clear that they are anything but.
But most often, they're easily believable but impossible to pin down.
Her death was peaceful, but Victor was anything but at peace.
But not polonium 210 or Novichok, but something new and surprising.
"They are elegant but strong, pretty but fierce," Ms. Hall said.
But Rutgers brought other assets, harder to appraise but still valuable.
But our biggest competitor is, this sounds cheesy, but it's waste.
But Dr. Seeley said the freedom of choice was anything but.
But it's enough to all but confirm that Wolvie's coming back.
Deepwater Horizon is powerful but limited—but there are worse crimes.
Her tastes may have been basic, but Shosh was anything but.
But JPMorgan sees prices rising slowly but steadily quarter after quarter.
But JPMorgan sees prices rising slowly but steadily quarter after quarter.
But in other areas, his presidency has been anything but conventional.
But Cosby was anything but emotionless before and after those moments.
But, as a musician, I could organize concerts…but that's it.
But it's an onstage sugar high; fun, but not genre-elevating.
But I would categorize this as hot garbage but extremely catchy.
But the worst part is, they have been nothing but abusive.
But Johnson demonstrated a very simple but equally beautiful stand up.
But like us, he couldn't help but check out Beyoncé's dancers.
Simple but deepThese mechanisms are simple, but the implications are profound.
But it does impact valuation, but those companies aren't particularly expensive.
And/but: Lots cared, but not enough to vote against Trump.
But I wouldn't let them use anything but my published writings.
But things get awkward when it's not only wrong, but weird.
But the process of obtaining that tape was anything but typical.
But Ms. Merkel's re-election had been considered all but foretold.
But these films show not only rescues but also changing attitudes.
The western is still dead, but zombie movies are anything but.
But all but one of the lawmakers she briefed are Democrats.
Colbert was outraged — but he couldn't help but feel some solidarity.
But art, writing, and culture don't only represent life, but change.
But today, the prevailing interest-rate environment is anything but normal.
I mean, that depends on the term, but ... But they did.
But on Monday, Woodstock 250 appeared to be all but dead.
It's smart but simple; feminist in principle but playful in execution.
But Denmark became, not a banana republic, but a butter republic.
But the meeting at the police station was anything but comfortable.
But we can't help but get distracted by the whole charade.
But 70 years ago, the wedding celebrations were anything but muted.
But there were other, less memorable but still important leak episodes.
That may sound like a simple revelation, but it's anything but.
But in the end I couldn't help but get swept away.
JW: There was some Alice Coltrane, butbut no Betty Davis?
But I saw the two as touching each other, but separate.
But in this case, the court leveled not up, but down.
But the process here in Nevada has been anything but smooth.
But the campaign so far has been anything but fairly contested.
Someone smart but not potential competition, someone attractive but not threatening.
But the host insisted they've seen names but don't have verification.
But eventually, you can't help but smile when she says it.
But in other important respects, the class was anything but typical.
But he said the team was welcomed with nothing but friendliness.
But to those whom the cases impact, it is anything but.
But with each other, they have no choice but to listen.
But today his primary painting goal was not art, but life.
But the woman who causes problems will find nothing but rejection.
That Soleimani was a bad person, but — there is no but.
It's sticky but not too sticky, strong but not too strong.
But, this year is shaping up to be anything but average.
But-- but I don't think I'm subtracting value, by the way.
But-- I'm a Democrat, but I'm not a card-carrying Democrat.
But with this setup, such a message is all but muted.
But this year, he said, the relationship has all but unraveled.
But the local community has been nothing but receptive, they said.
But yoga with cats has gained a small but cultish following.
But another take is that Trump isn't just uninformed but unformed.
I consume nothing but sausage sandwiches and drink nothing but beer.
But Gerwig's "Little Women" is, at its heart, anything but angry.
But Google built them into not just prototypes, but actual products.
But he has—and financing, but nothing to do with me.
But the rest of Latin America is not ideological but transactional.
But today, virus scanning still happens, but nobody's worried about it.
But the concept of "reasonable fear" is anything but value-neutral.
But we learned quickly, and all but two of us survived.
But don't worry — these last-minute presents are anything but boring.
But that's OK. But the choice could not be more clear.
But when Mr. Hayakawa moved here, Tomigaya was anything but hip.
"But but I'm trying to be responsible and sober about it."
But there is no evidence of anything else but false statements.
His face is appealing but not handsome, firm but not unkind.
The dish is substantial, but not heavy; crisp, but not fragile.
But for now it remains an untestable, but mathematically elegant, speculation.
But I, but I, I actually didn't say it that way.
But Steve can do funny, but he can also do scary.
But hopefully, hopefully … But they're pretty strong when they rage. Yeah.
But he also, but Nancy Pelosi's also not doing bad herself.
But that's different, not that particular thing, but I don't know.
But they couldn't help but think of 9/11, she said.
But as Shanley's story suggests, getting there is anything but easy.
I know that last but sounds scary, but don't worry, Cancer.
But, but, but: That projected mid-22040s peak doesn't mean that overall global demand for crude oil is reaching an inflection point anytime soon.
The state had no choice but to stand behind failing banks, but it took the ill-judged decision to all but abandon insolvent households.
But, but, but: Any actual oil exploration and production would happen well into the future, and the intensity of industry interest is not certain.
But, but, but: The most recent CNN poll suggests none of this has been insurmountable and that Trump's efforts on Ukraine may have backfired.
But given the choice between a dynamic but unfamiliar society and a static but familiar one, older countries tend to opt for the second.
But, but, but: Launching small satellites using a small rocket may not actually be the best or cheapest way to get them to orbit.
But, but, but: ZipRecruiter, unlike Glassdoor, found a big overall jump in data science salaries, which in February 2019 matched the all-time high.
But, but, but: While the specter of U.S. cyberattacks against Iran might bring to mind Stuxnet, we don't know what form these attacks took.
But, but, but: The White House said it will work with other producers to offset the loss of Iranian barrels in the global market.
Last but not least — we've written that cliché before, but here it is absolutely necessary — Teigen picked up not one but two sweet cereals.
But, but, but: Dessa hasn't published any technical details about how it made the voice — it promises a follow-up in the coming days.
But, but, but: The story did not play well in the security community, where the evidence is seen as insufficient to the central claims.
" But, but, but: "[S]uch start-ups are entering a market where companies have long been hesitant to spend big to prevent bad behavior.
But, but, but: "There is still some way to go ... before this becomes the 'go-to' manufacturing technology for aerospace applications," the researchers wrote.
But, but, but ... Two problems with this: We've written before about how advisers talk openly about Trump as if he were a naughty child.
We put up profiles, trying so hard to appear smart but approachable, passionate but looking-for-something-fun-and-light, goofy but also sexy.
" But before that I'm saying, "We're making a thriller, but it takes place on a computer screen, but it's going to be really good.
"Rotten Tomatoes critic score (Season 3): 100%What critics said: "It's gross, but not without purpose; painful, but rarely cruel; heartfelt, but never cheesy.
But, but, but: The PLO's executive committee secretary-general Saeb Erekat said he saw Abbas in person and stressed he is "in good condition".
But, but, but: If history is a teacher, it is still not clear that companies — even presented with the McKinsey map — will respond quickly.
But but but ... wages are also rising across the country, which will register in the economy as inflation, especially as interest rates tick up.
But, but, but: By taking itself out of the running, Kairos is guaranteeing that police won't have access to its potentially less-biased platform.
But, but, but -- Bloomberg was just as wealthy (if not slightly wealthier) the day after the debate than he was the day before it.
But, but, but: Bloomberg, which notes the projects would roughly double current U.S. export capacity, reports on "doubts" that they will actually be built.
But, but, but: Health care is the preferred focus for Democratic officials because of the margins they see in polling, especially with swing voters.
But what happens when you're grown and you still hate vegetables but there is no one to force you to eat them but yourself?
But, but, but: This is an art project, not an academic takedown of ImageNet, which is mostly intended to detect objects rather than people.
They have carefully crafted their biographies and resumes (and often their clothing choices) to appear tough, but not too tough, confident, but not too confident, ambitious, but not too ambitious, family oriented, but not too family oriented.
Men thought the ideal woman was beautiful but not vain; sexy but not slutty; game for pizza and beer but skinny; willing to comply with her partner's sexual desires but not seek her own with other men.
But what happened last week in the Oracle case is anything but.
But ultimately, they maintain that the problem is not money, but management.
That's not apologizing but yes it is but in a different way.
It's Friday the 13th, but these Amazon deals are anything but spooky.
MC) was also shortlisted but has since withdrawn, but Denmark's Orsted (ORSTED.
But top Republicans in Congress took Trump's budget seriously but not literally.
But they&aposre trying everything, Dick, but none of it is sticking.
It's fundamentally empty but frequently entertaining — dumb but pretending to be smart.
But, again, the issue is not the potato itself, but its preparation.
Slowly but surely stores are stocking more products, but at a cost.
But you were just pranking really, essentially, but it wasn't bullying, correct?
But regardless of what constitutes Slytherinhood or Hufflepuffery, but here's the kicker.
But a trans activist just won a small but significant Rio election.
But look, not for nothing, but I shouldn't have taken the bait.
But take heart, because the days are slowly but surely getting longer.
But maybe wights just aren't really interested in killing anything but humans?
But believe it or not but this isn't baby Revel's first trip.
But in Aleppo, too, fear was ever present, but so was defiance.
But I just can't help but wonder when did this shift happen?
But at the same time, we can't help but ask, WTF Ben?
But it is tough, but we're gonna take care of that too.
But the New Jersey Housewife couldn't get help but break into tears.
But Colbert couldn't help but be a little distracted during their interview.
But the left -- Obama can make those jokes but conservatives can&apost.
Be friendly, but not a friend; be helpful, but not an assistant.
That all sounds great, but you know that there's a "but" coming.
But if you feel-- SH: But what do they say to that?
But Duff admits when she sees it, she can't help but laugh.
But to describe these faux pas as anything but intentional is lazy.
But that information came not from the FBI, but from McCaskill herself.
But the company's capitalization on these new opportunities was anything but accidental.
But in terms of the delegate math, it was all but irrelevant.
But once the investments stopped, the storied resort was all but dead.
But that result appeared all but impossible after Trump's strong Indiana showing.
But we need to... (CROSSTALK) CAVUTO: But your district covers what, Congressman?
HANNITY: But wait a minute, but this was signed long before that.
Okay, but why isn't my "a dude, but rich" narrative more popular?
Granted, I am but a mere muggle, but that doesn't add up.
But clashing egos at the top now make it seem anything but.
But what a voice it is, slow but happy, warm and clear.
But what if love is not just a feeling, but a verb?
Yeah, it would be easier, sure, but it's ... But it's not you.
But, but, thus far their response has been unsatisfactory to our asks.
But Domino's has never acquired anything but other restaurants, FactSet data shows.
But I had a million jobs, not only catwalks but everything else.
But this was 5,000 startup people all dressed in lederhosen but me.
But then he took like the slant but these are big operations.
Yeah, but any ... I know it doesn't matter, but it does matter.
But since getting engaged, they can't help but rave about one another.
They might be empty, but our reviews of them are anything but.
But Pocket Premium was actually designed not for monetization but for distribution.
But now, consider the same day, but you've just had a haircut.
I cringed, but also knew there was nobody to blame but myself.
Some but not all trans people require but can't access medical care.
But then, slowly but surely, the conflict everyone expected began to emerge.
But what if your partner isn't human at all, but artificial intelligence?
"The composition is chaotic but interrelated, non-linear but cyclical," notes Walker.
They're drinking but not drunk, in the same place but not together.
You pretend that you're patriots, but you are anything but a patriot.
But if there's nothing but air, how do you guide the user?
But with no deal in sight, that now appears all but impossible.
But Puerto Rico is a political problem, but can become an opportunity.
But even those that registered but weren't approved could continue to operate.
But it's caused me some stress, I would say, but that's all.
But of course, those fights are not only fun, but flavorful too.
But even with neighborhood support, La Revo's future is anything but certain.
But the Giants couldn't help but gravitate toward his weirdness, his energy.
They have become Maxim magazine: present but invisible, popular but not cool.
But I'll tell you ... PK: But Jamie Lee Curtis is in it.
I don't want to play favorites butbut fill in the blank!
But, but ... Amazon has helped, or even made possible, other small businesses.
But in this election year, these few Democrats are anything but forgotten.
But I can't help but feel like we could have seen... more.
But then he insinuates they promised him money but it never arrived.
But it would bring not one, but several, dread diseases under control.
But I'm slowly getting better, but I still get up very slowly.
But I do believe they are leaving—but not without a cost.
It's anything but a perfect ending, but it's something Stauskas can use.
But the president has all but told the Saudis to grow up.
But in virtual reality, it's not just empty marketing, but positive inspiration.
But there, too, I heard some quiet but telling voices of dissent.
But here's something they're rarely called but ought to be: anti-democratic.
But the school did nothing but pour something on the tracks' surface.
But, and this may be wrong, but they had much stronger defenses.
But not one conference but the Ivy League has taken that step.
But the circumstances at Viacom, a media conglomerate, are anything but normal.
But the administration sees confirmation as anything but a sure thing. 5.
But locals say the national government has all but abandoned them otherwise.
Murtaugh's plan may be too blunt but I can't help but agree.
But it was also, I can't help but feel, a missed opportunity.
Greenland may be cold, but its real-estate market is anything but.
"This talk is really silly stupid, but dada, but profound," she says.
The economic recovery may be durable, but it is anything but dynamic.
But still he stands—not just for his freedom, but for yours.
But when you open Instagram or Snapchat, Mr. Trump all but disappears.
But his legacy is not so much in looking back but forward.
But soon, I realized I couldn't help but eat everything in sight.
But suddenly the word, "lie," sounded wrong — not distasteful, but simply untrue.
But they have little choice but to offer some kind of defense.
Working on a superyacht sounds glamorous, but it can be anything but.
The songs were slight but polished, restrained but melodically and structurally advanced.
He's talking, but it's like the lights is on but nobody's home.
But don't think of leaving it out; it's pretty, but not expendable.
But it's not hatred—we love each other, but I annoy him.
" He said, "But I can take it elsewhere, but I feel defeated.
I ain't that old, but I'm old, but I ain't that old.
But what appears to be a simple exchange has become anything but.
But -- and this is a critical "but" -- there's still room for hope.
It is dressed, but it's never overkill; chic, but never too glamorous.
Retweeting recruits is new, but the reason behind it is anything but.
But 2016 has shown itself to be anything but an average year.
But the vast majority died not by AR-15, but by handgun.
But a lot of people didn't like it either, but that's alright.
Some of those numbers are meaningless, but Monroe's passing is anything but.
But officials say nothing is different about the year but the numbers.
But then, not only did Mr. Trump win, but American stocks rose.
But it also means that Trump's got nowhere to go but up.
But he but added that the pitch selection was not the problem.
But too many of the grandchildren of Brown have known nothing but.
But in battling the coronavirus pandemic, he has been anything but resolute.
But you can sort of see the, how the ... But, you're right.
But after his unceremonious firing from the company, he all but disappeared.
But for now, the Democrats have no choice but to walk it.
But they can play that game, but we can play it better.
But I can't help but think of another of Dr. Kushner's suggestions.
But a small but growing body of research suggests there are limits.
But for now, investors are effectively treating Trump as crazy but harmless.
" But you immediately add: "But we can't escape at least partial asphyxiation.
But even the Democrats say it's nothing but flirtation at the door.
But the authorities in Scotland closed down construction of everything but hospitals.
They're aggressive but realistic, but most of all, they're measurable and verifiable.
But what woman is certain that the problem isn't her, but them?
But on Tuesday, Facebook revealed that the unremarkable post was anything but.
But today we have the chance not to rebuild, but to build.
But maybe, right now, we're not craving something new, but something honest.
But an agreement, she quickly added, is all but assured on Friday.
Always candid but never cynical, Gates gives some heartening but realistic advice.
But in all but the smallest cities, it is in free-fall.
Certainly "puppets, but dirty" has been done before, but never this stupidly.
The president is weak but public; Congress is strong but often ignored.
But the World Cup, I just can't help but feel so invested.
"But in reality, I don't see anything but the opposite," he added.
But in the second, I tried everything, but I'd just lost it.
But, surprisingly, most of them made it through battered, but largely intact.
"But dealing with deepfakes is a step but not enough," he added.
The guanciale was deliciously smoky but not salty, fatty but not greasy.
But allowing everyone but politicians to run political ads can't make sense.
But the Yankees built their lead not with power but with placement.
But the collateral on that loan, the building, was all but gone.
But from my perspective, their civility was not only welcome but smart.
But its progress has been anything but smooth since its 2013 breakthrough.
TT: But-, but I think the-, the exit is being well-managed.
But for the records, the building has become anything but cutting edge.
But it's not just a problem generated locally, but in America, too.
But Spurs coach Gregg Popovich had nothing but praise for the Grizzlies.
I've never voted anything but Democrat, but I believe in this candidate.
But in 19183, not everybody died, but everybody knew somebody who died.
But in 211918, not everybody died, but everybody knew somebody who died.
But in 3003, not everybody died, but everybody knew somebody who died.
But she said, 'Yes, but in English it doesn't work that way.
Patrick: But not even just culturally, but on the Democratic party. Liberalism.
But what if you like the iPhone but cannot stand the Mac?
But not only now your son, but has always been your son.
"But my emails," Clinton replied, then added, "(Thank you.)" But my emails.
But in the years since, her dreams have all but fallen apart.
But too many preliminary bids have proved nothing but preliminary of late.
But he knew the case very well, but he knew it later.
But it is not in the "separate but equal" design he wanted.
But I think that it's pretty unlikely, but you know, who knows?
But why not try something else, something subtler but with more pop?
The ratings may have been stellar, but the response was anything but.
But it's hard to be anything but TERRIFIED OUT OF MY SKULL.
This writer isn't out for blood, but deaths are all but guaranteed.
But her poll numbers have lagged behind not only Sanders but Sen.
But I'm going to try to be more declarative, but not argumentative.
But this year's race is turning out to be anything but simple.
But the network is apparently larger than anyone but her really knows.
How fitting but surprising to discover not one but six half-siblings.
""The site name will linger, but RedState is all but dead now.
I've always dabbled in it a little, but but not too seriously.
They're concerned about China, but not Russia, but that's a different story.
It's not easy, but Trump has a fair but of leeway here.
MH: No, he did but ... He did, but not ... MH: He did.
It has thighs but no visible joints, a head but no neck.
KS: You do know, but actually there's ... But that was texting, right?
But the real divide between Sanders and Clinton isn't gender, but generation.
Four percent were female, but women of color were all but unrepresented.
But yeah, I may do another board but I'm gonna wander around.
The program's dreamlike, foreshortened and haphazardly disobedient rapport with chronology renders not only his present but his past almost unbearably poignant: not a midcareer professor but a dying professor; not a newlywed but a dying newlywed; not a student but a dying student; not a child but a dying child.
But, but, but: The Washington Post reports that some in The West Wing thinks he still tunes in for the top of Morning Joe's program.
Sander has elevated them, literally, but also figuratively; they are no longer commonplace but exalted, not things to be summarily consumed but studied and admired.
But they like his message, but a lot of people don't like that particular message, but there is a group that probably agrees with it.
These are perfumes that smell pleasant but not obvious, are easy to wear but not boring, that make their presence known but also somehow don't?
But, but, but: The report will undergo peer review, and it's sure to face scrutiny for its controversial conclusions — which could change in that process.
She's physical but rarely commanding, a fighter but not really a warrior, a rebel who fronts a social cause but is often unwilling to lead.
Where it stands: Anadarko said in a statement Monday morning... But, but, but: The new twist doesn't necessarily mean that Anadarko is going with Occidental.
It also inspects food, with jurisdiction over pepperoni pizzas but not cheese; liquid eggs but not whole; open-faced meat sandwiches, but not closed-face.
But, but, but: IPOs are just a moment in time, and Uber has still managed become a $76 billion company in less than a decade.
But, but, but: It's not yet clear exactly how much demand there will be in the private sector for human spaceflight to low-Earth orbit.
But, but, but: Klobuchar is among the Senate sponsors of the Green New Deal resolution, so there's one template for the "sweeping legislation" she mentions.
But, but, but: Anadarko said in a statement last night that they're not ready to switch horses, while pledging to carefully review the revised offer.
But, but, but: Berkshire Hathaway's vice chairman Charlie Munger said former Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan was a "casualty," and wishes Sloan was still there.
But, but, but: Republican Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune still hopes Pai's move to roll back the rules will get Democrats to the table.
But, but, but: It does not stop providers from establishing fast lanes that would give priority to some types web traffic or content over others.
" But, but, but: "That may not be true in the future: If market dominance means fewer competitors and less innovation, consumers will be worse off.
But, but, but ... The trouble with dancing on the grave of ISIS is that it fails to understand the history of fights with Islamic extremists.
But but but: Given the tightness of the labor market—unemployment is at just 4.1% — why aren't wages higher for switchers from the get-go?
But, but, but: Persistently low oil prices make new, expensive offshore drilling projects a lot less attractive to the industry than if prices were high.
But economists argue that his latest tariffs are all but canceling out the effects of the tax cuts for everyone but the wealthiest American families.
But-- but-- but it's just-- it's a question of-- of whether-- the stockholders should determine what-- what they think the value of the company is.
But economists say that his latest tariffs are all but canceling out the effects of the tax cuts for all but the wealthiest American families.
" But, but, but: The IMF's policymaking committee said "a strong world economy is threatened by increasing tension over trade and a heavy global debt load.
But, but, but: Trump's apparent reversal on Syria wouldn't be the first time he's backflipped on the foreign policy instincts he trumpeted during the campaign.
He is in control, but not explosive; he can shoot, but he is not lethal; he can dribble, but his driving is perfunctory and harmless.
But, but, but.... White House officials are well aware of Jackson's lack of experience running large organizations — the VA is the second-largest federal agency.
But, but, but: There's no strong evidence that the people who created and operate the major social media platforms built systemic political bias into them.
But, but, but: The paper's arrival coincides with emerging White House plans to intervene aggressively to halt closures of coal-fired and nuclear power plants.
But, but, but: The Constitution only explicitly prevents the president from pardoning himself in cases of impeachment, so any other instances are an open question.
But, but, but: In order to identify the 1,475 children they previously acknowledged, McClatchy reports the administration would've contacted only 7,635 children and their sponsors.
" But, but, but: "There are, however, still an elevated number of Americans who are stuck in part-time jobs and would prefer full-time work.
But, but, but: These estimates are still considered conservative, according to the study, as there are significant gaps in the data, particularly for Arab States.
The album has a duality that some of Ms. Swift's past work lacks — it's bold but subdued, brash but beautiful, deliciously fierce but equally vulnerable.
But everything is subdued — everyone knows it, but no one really speaks about it, but of course whatever happens is in regard to this situation.
But, but, but: Basic improvements wouldn't be enough to meaningfully expand accessibility — and municipal governments in some cases already struggle to make basic infrastructure repairs.
But can we recommit ourselves to the low but steady process of politics, bartering and exchanging, which is incremental about means but radical about ends?
But, but, but: Other environmental groups advocating for aggressive action on climate change are nonetheless concerned about — and sometimes outright opposing — reactors operating 80 years.
But the true measure of authentic compassion is not only good intentions, but good results — not only feelings of personal satisfaction, but meeting high standards.
But, but, but: While the U.S.-China trade war is hurting other parts of the Chinese economy, its rust belt is actually benefitting, Attrill says.
But, but, but: Trump can, however, claim a measure of credit for pushing the Saudis to boost output last year, which put downward pressure on prices.
" She had plenty of other fun answers: It's heresy, but BLANK is overrated … "This is controversial, but chocolate It's good, but people go crazy over chocolate.
But in Boston it would be people with green cards but lots of categories of people who are illegally in the country but not yet citizens.
Not a danger but a joke, not a human but a meme, not a president but a harmless ol' covfefe, here to make you laugh again.
The price doesn't yield just a room in Midtown, but rather, an overall experience that is indulgent but elegant, sleek but tasteful, and welcoming without pretension.
But just as Marc Antony didn't come to praise Caesar but to bury him, they won't be doing so to support Trump but to defeat him.
But when he used aversion factoring — like goal factoring, but focused on what makes you avoid an unpleasant but important task — he made a surprising discovery.
But, but, but: As robots' capabilities expand, they could come for those and other jobs Walmart says it is setting aside for humans, says Brookings' West.
But, but, but: There are many "ifs" in this study, from the possible flaws in climate models to assumptions about how solar geoengineering would be conducted.
But, but, but: The U.S. is not rivaling the Saudis when it comes to crude oil exports anytime soon, even as the U.S. crude shipments grow.
But, but, but: The existence of a pricing system is no guarantee of emissions cuts (though pricing can also help indirectly by funding climate-related programs).
But, but, but: These sectors — clean energy production, efficiency, and environmental management — are "dominated" by men, skew older, and some lack racial diversity, the study finds.
But, but, but: The select committee is unlikely to be anything more than a messaging machine on both sides because it lacks subpoena or legislative power.
I appreciate what Google was trying to do, but I'd rather start with something hard to use but powerful, rather than easy to use but limited.
But, but, but: "Like the invention of dynamite, something created with pure intentions has had ramifications that its creator never intended," writes Casey Taylor for Deadspin.
It is a semi-convincing gothic about modern America — urban but fatally tied to a rural past, prosperous but insecure, intellectual but campy and incredibly violent.
But really, backs against the wall, he came through again, but he's really done that so much this year, but never in a game like this.
But, McCarthy also cast Spicer as a figure of real pathos -- someone desperate to please Trump but who met with nothing but opprobrium from the boss.
But, but, but: Even my most pessimistic sources tell me they think the political urgency to get something done will override the concerns of the holdouts.
But Borensztein says his movie is not political but reflects a general discomfort with institutions, not only in Argentina but in other parts of the world.
But, but, but: Berin Szoka, the president of TechFreedom and a witness at Thursday's hearing, noted the right "isn't a monolith" when it comes to Facebook.
But, but, but: The data show this not to be true for the entire global economy: Globally, energy consumption and GDP growth go hand in hand.
But, but, but: Much of what China is doing isn't directly transferrable to the U.S. context, because of the Chinese government's more direct control over research.
But, but, but: In the actual game of musical chairs, eventually the music stops and there is only one chair remaining, and one child the winner.
But, but, but: The achievement of carbon neutral status at airports is controversial because it is virtually impossible to attain without the purchase of carbon offsets.
These statements amount to tacit acknowledgments that Woodward got it right -- but, but, but he didn't include all the nice stuff I said about the President!
But the President gave us no choice, so we're not going to say, 'Well, we would -- we would honor our oath of office, but -- ' But what?
But, but, but: Many of the economic and demographic trends that are shaping the future of American cities are working against Detroit and cities like it.
But, but, but: Since DACA recipients had to have arrived more than 12 years ago, the program has no clear magnet effect for those migrating today.
It is placid but not moneyed, vivid but not glaring in any way.
But, but: There are two big differences between Stitch Fix and Blue Apron.
But Wolfhard all but steals the show as the gang's cheerful antagonist Richie.
But now we have no option but to make the best of it.
But the conversations are at least happening -- because they can't help but happen.
But -- DALIO: Yeah, but – KERNEN: -- to go all the way down is crazy.
But we can't help but wonder, what happens after the cameras stop rolling?
The special also documents Pilar's birth — which looked blissful but was anything but.
But it probably has no choice but to act sometime by mid-year.
But we have other people&aposs names mentioned, but what&aposs going on?
Are they sensitive but not too sensitive and aggressive but not too aggressive?
But hope remains for podcasts that have cultivated a small-but-mighty audience.
You know the drill: Act surprised, but not shocked; pleased, but not ecstatic.
But also looked at companies, you know, this sounds cliché, but like Apple.
But to Republicans, this information is but mere proof of Clinton's dastardly ways.
But the actress admits the couple's journey to conception was anything but straightforward.
But you will have a device, once again, but you'll give it away.
But she couldn't help but share a couple of sweet mother-daughter selfies.
But the Modern Family's real home life was anything but a Hollywood fairytale.
But millions in the developing world have no choice but to do so.
But they're great within their audience, but then outside they don't have it.
WILLIAMS: Yeah, but they -- but Canada didn&apost burn down the White House.
I haven't made a decision yet, but I'll consider anybody but Ted Cruz.
But -- but, guess what, let&aposs go back a little bit of history.
But there's something ... I mean, but it's definitely tilted towards the franchise. Right?
But - but it's possible I won't be able to get along with Putin.
But the moments that resonated felt, even as they entertained, like anything but.
But I can't help but think this is Instagram's first truly massive misstep.
Both of these doctors seemed trustworthy, but in the end were anything but.
But seven months on, the region's markets and economy look anything but welcoming.
But, but: No one wants to feel uncomfortable at such things, or hypocritical.
But Roy Moore was a Republican candidate -- Q But you stood by him.
" But he went on, telling me, "But I think we shouldn't kid ourselves.
But you know ... But again, the difference is I don't think it's unfair.
But the problem was either I'd say my lines smooth but not act.
But thanks to my favorite show, that anxiety has all but melted away.
But to do that, we wanted not just the technology but the team.
But few video game publishers invest in flawed, but ambitious projects like Ubisoft.
Kind of rude, but also kind of true (but also kind of expensive).
But I still think it's true but there are responsibilities that writers have.