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"still" Definitions
  1. not moving; calm and quiet
  2. [not before noun] a still photograph or image does not move, in contrast to a moving image from a film or video
  3. with no wind
  4. (British English) (of a drink) not containing bubbles of gas; not fizzy
"still" Synonyms
calm peaceful serene tranquil placid smooth stilly undisturbed halcyon pacific restful unruffled untroubled arcadian lown quieted whist at rest deathlike deathly quiet hushed silent noiseless soundless sound-free close-mouthed hushful muted clammed up deathly quiet mute inaudible low soft muffled speechless whispered waveless unagitated flat glassy without waves like a millpond motionless unmoving immobile stationary stock-still unstirring inert lifeless fixed stagnant static without moving like a statue at a standstill without moving a muscle as if turned to stone as if rooted to the spot at a halt standing zephyrless breezeless windless airless dead departed deceased late perished fallen inanimate demised lost insensate insentient slain slaughtered breathless killed murdered cold exanimate languorous enervated lackadaisical languid languishing limp listless spiritless apathetic blah blahs comatose dopey dreamy easy energyless faint feeble flagging heavy noncarbonated uncarbonated non-effervescent non-sparkling no longer effervescent set settled agreed decided established inflexible arranged preset allotted confirmed definite prearranged predetermined specified unchangeable decreed defined determined precise indifferent unfeeling insensitive wooden frigid glazed unresponsive numb dispassionate dull emotionless impassive torpid unemotional unsympathetic inactive idle dormant unused disengaged free latent unemployed unoccupied vacant abeyant mothballed off stopped nevertheless however nonetheless notwithstanding howbeit withal but even so though yet natheless still and all anyway besides despite that even for all that furthermore all the same despite this quietly motionlessly peacefully placidly serenely calmly inertly lifelessly noiselessly silently soundlessly hushedly sleepily casually dispassionately nonchalantly impassively composedly unflinchingly until now even now up until now up to the present time up to this time hitherto thus far so far as yet to date up to now up till now already heretofore previously theretofore earlier by now before now further additionally again also moreover along in addition likewise more then too to boot as well still further into the bargain over and above frozen immobilised(UK) immobilized(US) transfixed completely still much more so all the greater all the more to a greater degree to a greater extent quietness quietude hush stillness peace calmness peacefulness silence tranquillity(UK) noiselessness serenity soundlessness placidity repose restfulness sereneness tranquility(US) peace and quiet speechlessness dumbness muteness taciturnity reticence uncommunicativeness lull quiescence quietus blackout censorship death picture image photo photograph shot portrait snap selfie snapshot frame print portraiture slide impression pic picky proof rendering study thumbnail rest motionlessness idleness immobility inactivity inertia standstill stasis stop halt immovability inertness stagnancy fixity a halt a standstill a stop absence of movement settle soothe subdue pacify allay appease becalm compose lullaby salve alleviate assuage tranquillise(UK) tranquilize(US) balm calm down shut down smooth over quieten quell shush muffle muzzle shut up dumb gag squelch decrease volume extinguish stifle deaden abate lessen moderate subside weaken slacken die down ease off ease up grow less let up fade away diminish dwindle wane decrease decline ebb recede ease arrest stall check catch stay hold up bring up draw up fetch up pull up come to a standstill freeze brake come to a stop come to a halt park pause arrive content please satisfy mollify placate delight gladden gratify pleasure rejoice suit warm bewitch captivate charm when although granted instead regardless albeit whereas conversely in spite of the fact that while whilst but then despite the fact More
"still" Antonyms
restless clamorous rough turbulent agitated boisterous stirred unsettled wild paroxysmal tempestuous blustery disturbed ferocious fierce inclement unstable violent blustering bumpy noisy loud rowdy unruly disorderly obstreperous raucous tumultuous clangorous clattery rackety rambunctious riotous robustious rumbustious uninhibited unquiet rocky moving changing active shifting advancing erratic evolving fluctuating roaming roving vacillating unfixed running walking mobile flowing traversing kinetic lively bustling vivacious busy frenetic animated buzzing dynamic energetic spirited stimulating effervescent entertaining exciting festive full of pep go-go rip-roaring audible clear perceptible discernible distinct vocal hearable aural auricular noticeable appreciable detectable recognizable(US) loud enough recognisable(UK) troubled discomposed perturbed flustered tense unhinged upset uneasy unstrung worried stressed unpeaceful bothered concerned anxious distressed alive live breathing living existing animate responsive kicking awake existent extant going working being functioning alive and kicking therefore consequently hence thus accordingly ergo so subsequently thereupon thence therefrom as a consequence as a result due to the fact due to this to that end as you can see for that reason for this reason that being so no longer henceforth henceforward hereafter thenceforth thenceforward thenceforwards thereafter no nay never nix not exclusively particularly singularly solely uniquely completely entirely fully totally wholly just only simply purely less even less not as much bustle noise excitement hubbub activity pandemonium tumult turmoil clamor(US) clamour(UK) clatter commotion disturbance liveliness ruckus sound stir unquietness unrest clutter troubledness agitate discompose unsettle annoy disconcert disturb irritate provoke aggravate anger discomfort distress fluster perturb ruffle trouble vex alarm bother applaud clap acclaim cheer hail hurray hurrah whistle give a big hand for give a standing ovation for shout at mount increase grow escalate intensify build rise soar arise climb lift swell accumulate multiply get stronger become more powerful build up get up perpetuate continue prolong maintain sustain extend keep preserve conserve propagate eternalize eternize carry on amplify louden raise augment boost magnify strengthen make louder unmuffle heighten sharpen whet aid assist brighten encourage free hearten heat help incite inspirit liberate uplift warm blab disclose divulge expose open release reveal show tell uncover unwrap lay bare let go let loose let out persist resume recommence pick up restart reopen take up return to start begin commence begin again start again unleash vent unbridle voice articulate communicate loose relieve verbalise(UK) verbalize(US) air express aim direct take out acquit deliver disenthrall rescue save emancipate extricate rid unburden absolve discharge disengage disentangle disimprison dismiss disperse inevitably then thusly wherefore as such

967 Sentences With "still"

How to use still in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "still" and check conjugation/comparative form for "still". Mastering all the usages of "still" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"We're still flying, we're still training, we're still shooting gunnery, we're still qualifying our weapons, we're still conducting maneuver training," Abrams said.
The group "still has leaders, still has fighters, it still has facilitators, it still has resources," he said.
But you're still beautiful, you're still hot, and you're still sexy.
People wonder how I can still stand, still walk, still laugh.
You are still beautiful, you are still important, you are still WORTHY.
The world still turns, the sun still rises, and we're still podcasting.
She's still loved, she's still hated, and there are still people attacking her.
We still have real strong profits, still investing in the business, still growing.
It's still dead, still shambling around and still trying to eat your brain.
Journalists are still missing, local business owners are still threatened, extortion still occurs.
Baby is still precious, still powerful, still marching around on those widdle feet.
It is still dirty, still dangerous, and men still die on the job.
These addresses are still ours, still here, and still in the present tense.
Yeah, it still looks totally fine, it's still in perfect condition, nothing opened, brush is still in there, eyeliner's still in there.
It is a cold one, and yet we still are stylish and we still are funny and we still love and we still smoke weed and we still do crab boils.
We are still looking at dystopian and apocalyptic fantasies, still running from zombies, still watching cities erupt, still fighting over basic human rights.
Trump's base still loves him, still believes in him, still wants him to succeed.
And it was still terrifying and I still got bullied and still experienced trauma.
I'm still a good parent, I'm still a Christian, I'm still all of that.
I'm still going, I'm still working and I've still got a process that's happening.
I still stay fit, still watch the game whenever I can, still enjoy it.
"Still play squash, still ride my motorcycle, still lift weights, still do pushups…" "Still listen to Springsteen," I offer, in reference to his review of the Boss's memoir for the New York Times.
"she's still barbara and still this stunning and cute if not more so." we still sing this 🖤 she's still barbara and still this stunning and cute if not more so ✨ pic.twitter.
You see 75-year-olds who are still at it, still building things, still working, still about, and they're sharp, and they look good.
Still real, still gutter, still as bad as she wanna be; Cardi really made it.
The game is still there, still playable, and it still has a significant player population.
"This is still a restaurant, and still high-stress and still demanding," Mr. Speer said.
People alive today still carry that weight, still manage that trauma, still hide those scars.
Balotelli is still box office, still click bait, still a source of fascination and intrigue.
Still relatively trivial, but still bad — that's still a positive, not negative, growth in emissions.
They're still represented if they're still alive, and their paintings still sell for gigantic dollars.
"It's still MacOS, you still have the Terminal, you can still attach four monitors to it, you can still hook up external drives," he said.
"We found that those standards were still feasible, still appropriate, and still cost effective," McCabe said.
But dilettante hiking is still hiking; dilettante yoga is still yoga; dilettante bicycling is still bicycling.
The fact that she's still around, still kicking, still fighting, goes to show you her resiliency.
Saban, still grinding, still climbing at 64, is an emerging legend whose legacy is still unfolding.
"I still stay fit, still watch the game whenever I can, still enjoy it," Gronk said.
The vindication is that it still works, and it's still growing, and it still makes sense.
I'm happy I'm still around, still healthy, still playing good, giving myself chances, playing the best.
But I still had a mom, I still had a dad, I still had a family.
But I still had a mom, I still had a dad, I still had a family.
It's still a very big business, still growing a bit, and many things are still working.
It still has 50 million people a month using it, it's still big, it's still profitable.
Steve-O is still living that life, still smoking pubes, still piss testing age-old urine.
He's still a jock, he's still a meathead, he's still not that bright and he still uses a lot of the fundamentals that those guys use.
" Prince Charles warned that hatred and intolerance "still lurk in the human heart, still tell new lies, still adopt new disguises and still seek new victims.
Five years later, we're still happily married, still having regular money discussions (sometimes still awkward), and are still very happy with the decision to get a prenup.
Transcending design fads, they are still influential, still contemporary, still common in offices, homes and public spaces, still found in dealers' showrooms and represented in museum collections.
There are still a few things—thank goodness—that we still share, and we still all know.
The cars still go fast, they still turn left, and being first at the end still matters.
"But remember, the economy is still expanding, inflation is still accelerating and the Fed is still normalizing."
Kendrick Lamar is still cool, Kanye West is still annoying and Donald Trump is still fucking scary.
We still are journalists, we still have journalistic ethics and we still understand where the line is.
And, of course, there is the book, still selling, still being read, still moving many to tears.
Vivienne was still the showpiece, still wearing princess dresses and, as Mr. Harr said, still his boss.
My storage unit is still there, still annoyingly full, and still on the down low (until now).
There's still the Senate, there's still a conference committee, there's still a chance to make this better.
Haaland — still only 19, still a touch raw, still learning — is making it all look suspiciously easy.
We still had guys on base, still had the opportunity, still had an inning or two left.
Hours later the air was still thick with smoke, the sky still dark, the storm still raging.
But they're still there, and they're still being modernized, and they're still pointed at each of us.
Please take care of yourselves and each other," Alvarez wrote, before adding, "Still here, still breathing, Still fighting.
Because that's what she emerged doing, and that's what she's still doing, still here, still very much Kesha.
I'm still eating them and I'm still standing, and I'm still ready to go to the White House!
"Everything Now" was still fun and upbeat, the flute line still dancey, the singalong still just about worthwhile.
AgĂĽero had answers, though: Film was still possible, still meaningful, and evidently still important enough to warrant suppression.
I will still come to the building, I will still come to the office, I will still work.
Our lives are still there, our cousin still needs a lawyer, our mother still can't make the rent.
The constitution has still not been implemented, national service is still indefinite and dissidence is still strictly forbidden.
"She's still kind of bent out of shape because I still have resentment towards her for still keeping my son and we still butt heads," she shared in July.
"This month tested my mental health, but here I am, still standing, still grateful, still happy, still a fat covergirl… but I'm also f—— exhausted," she wrote on Instagram.
I'm still trying to get it, still trying to figure it out, still trying to get better, still trying to figure out my place on both ends, defensively, offensively.
And the reality is there are a lot of kids still in those neighbourhoods, still in those hallways, still selling crack, still avoiding the kids that selling crack [laughs].
The Intel Core processors are still slow and sluggish, the webcam's still an upsetting 480p resolution, the keyboard is still bloody flat, and there's still only a single USB-C port (it's also not Thunderbolt 3), and it's still pretty expensive.
You still see my face, it's still my nose, and it's still my eyes — but my skin looks different.
They're still cylindrical, still have the chunky rubber buttons, and still covered with woven material that seals out water.
Facebook's still growing, people are still addicted to it, the checks are still cashing, so what's the real issue?
Whether we're talking about dragons or dresses, you still need systems, you still need scaffolding, you still need purpose.
Apps can still be installed, notifications will still come through, and watchfaces will still work for the most part.
The nerves are still there, but the hope is still there, it's still glimmering, and it's a little brighter.
Here, we can still do the right thing, while it still matters, and while lives can still be saved.
People still wanna fuck, they still wanna listen to loud music, people still need to chase youth and abandon.
Whether we're talking about dragons or dresses, you still need systems, you still need scaffolding, you still need purpose.
I'm right here, I'm still successful, I'm still going, I'm still rising, but he's taking it to another level.
And since I'm still watching and still kind of enjoy Hellsing for all its flaws, maybe I still do.
Look at it this way ... he's still rich, he's still jacked and he's still got 2 Super Bowl rings.
In Biden's day, the Southerners still had the seniority, they still wanted allies, and they were still, crucially, Democrats.
The nightclub could still be a dark, velvet pleasure arcade, the sun might still rise on your glistening bodies still dancing at 7AM, and everybody might still want to fuck you.
The Social Security Administration is still paying recipients, service members are still defending the country, Medicare claims are still being processed and courthouse doors are still open to those seeking justice.
The security apparatus is still largely intact, Mr. Mirziyoyev still exercises authoritarian powers and, as Human Rights Watch recently reported, censorship is still in force and journalists are still being arrested.
Las Vegas still has fountains, California still has farms, and Phoenix is still home to 1.5 million heat-loving lunatics.
The iPad still uses Lightning to charge, and it still supports the first-gen Apple Pencil, which still costs $10.53.
She still goes to the occasional house party or music show, still posts bedroom mirror selfies, still lives her life.
I was still in the room, the walls were still melting, I was still alive, and dead and in hell.
He's still subject to violent flashbacks, still obsessed with his father, still fighting the same past battles over and over.
So Outlaw is still out there, still allowed to make arrests and still allowed to testify against suspects in Philadelphia.
The mosquito is still present, its breeding grounds are still plentiful in our backyards and human travel is still frequent.
"I still love the game, I still love the work, I still love to be with the guys," Backstrom said.
Ratings are still falling, critics are still worried about player safety and some fans are still incensed about player protests.
I still like the characters, I still like the world, I still think repetitively drawing magic has a weird charm.
You still have to father your children, you still have to communicate, you still have to grow your family together.
Gauff is still 15 years old, still a fighter on the court and still a charmer in the interview room.
But she also still gets in trouble at school, still causes her parents frustration, still makes impulsive, self-destructive decisions.
The housing market is still weak, deficits are still too high, and states are still laying off teachers, first responders.
The index still exists — and still gets queries — today.
Right. In a workplace, which is still ... Still suffering.
My life has changed since then, but I've remained, at my core, the same human being I was at 18 — still dreaming, still full of wonder, still pushing and still wanting things.
That's why we're going to create a new worker classification that allows people to remain independent contractors but still get health care, still get workers comp, still get disability, still receive training.
But for more than a decade, through rocky times, Scooter and Justin are still together and still tight and still here.
And being a part of Get Out was... I'm still living in it, still feeling it, still feeling the residue effects.
"I still got my shawty's name still on me — I mean, her initials still on me," he says about his tattoo.
He is still lashing out at his opponents, still receiving his presidential daily briefing and still holding meetings with Cabinet secretaries.
Belle's yellow ballgown is still gorgeous, the Beast is still sexy, and and the Lumiere/Cogsworth banter is still pretty delightful.
However, great jobs are still going unfilled, Americans are still missing out on rewarding careers and many businesses are still suffering.
Mr. Hollande still occupies the magnificent gilded Élysée Palace, still gives speeches attended by important people and still attends ribbon-cuttings.
"He died, but his brother is still there, the government is still there, it's still the oppressive government," Mr. Rodgriguez said.
The macro picture is still very uncertain, things are still playing out and infection numbers in the West are still rising.
"I'd still be in Miami, and Stanton would still be there, and Ozuna would still be there as well," he said.
She's out of the race and he's still in it — still struggling with weak debate performances, still leading the national polls.
" In Hong Kong after 1997, Mr. Deng promised, "horses will still run, stocks will still sizzle and dancers will still dance.
No matter what he does, the movies are still made, the viewers still keep watching and — most important — he still laughs.
You'll still have Apple TV, all those different things, but I still think cable and DirecTV will still be around. Yeah.
But a few years ago, guess what, you made it free, and it's still there, it's still working, it's still populated.
"Interswitch as a company…still continues to do well…Interswitch is still growing, it's still profitable, and it still has significant market share in Nigeria and other African markets…They are still very strong to be the [continent's] first significant tech IPO," Johnson said.
"I still love the game, still love playing," he said.
In other words: she's still sad and it's still glorious.
It's still very sexy while still being modest and stylish.
But it's still a live event, still a big reveal.
You still appreciate humor, you are still a whole person.
"We're still engaged and we're still together," Higgins told PEOPLE.
They're still a necessity and they're still annoying to remember.
Still, he said, an overdose or drowning are still possibilities.
I've still got limbs, and my mind is still there.
Still, the stakes are still high, as are the risks.
They still don't like Chad, and Chad still doesn't care.
If he was still asleep, they were all still asleep.
Hoverboards are still a thing, apparently, and they're still terrible.
Today, the Daily Stormer is still available and still disgusting.
We're still a Playoff player, so we're still in this!
Still, "There's still a long way to go," Barjatya admits.
These girls still look great, there's still stories to tell.
Ray is still powerless, still under the control of another.
"They still go out, they still talk," says the source.
I'm still, we still write about them all the time.
But you are still here, you still have your life.
After all, they're still married, and they're still out there.
Britney: I must confess, I still believe Me: STILL BELIEVE!
Still, his work on the disease was still highly sexualized.
They're still buying ads, same way, they're still doing it.
The law still stands, and it still protects trans Americans.
I still listen to it, still go back to it.
If he is still fighting, then we are still fighting.
Still, Republicans have many major decisions still to be made.
More shockingly, Kobo still exists and is still producing hardware.
Merrill's "A Scattering of Salts" — still deliciously unfinished, still reading.
I still dabble on occasion, and I still enjoy it.
I still do try to be actually still and quiet.
It's still a prototype, and the research is still preliminary.
Still, the report highlighted several areas of improvement still needed.
The animals are still trapped, the cage is still full.
Still, bitcoin was still up nearly 346 percent this year.
Still photos are lower at 10 megapixels, but still respectable.
Clearly his base is still with him and still excited.
Well, they still have Chartres, and they still have Goethe.
These guys are still walking the streets, they're still walking.
CAPEX is still up, hiring is obviously way still up.
Because she's still right: the star was indeed still there.
Still, one thing is certain: other franchises won't sit still.
But we were still in control, I was still aware.
Those obstacles still remain: We still have not seen Sens.
Her shots are still flat; they're still big, quite deep.
You're still here, you're still making cool TV. That's good.
The car is still there and still full of evidence.
They saw a world that was still safe, still stable.
And with still higher temperatures will come still greater damage.
Koo was still quite spry, and evidently still thinking positively.
The margin was still too fine, catastrophe still too close.
Hospitals are still being targeted, and innocents are still dying.
" "Still ain't gon disrespect you...still praying for you Demi.
But we still need parking, we still need greater wages.
Where the cryptocurrency will move to that's still open still.
But still, many races and runners still call them lotteries.
"The truth still exists, the truth still matters," Jackson said.
Baird, for his part, is still mad as hell, still
Still the shares are still priced near recent record highs.
Most people are still using bottled water, still experiencing symptoms.
That's still very mysterious to me and still very juicy.
And I was like, you're still awful, you're still awful.
But they are still surgically implanted, and still quite experimental.
He is still just 13 years old and still talented.
Still, transgender people still face challenges to acceptance in France.
Still House: Still House offers some of the best geometric-inspired pieces in the fine jewelry space while still remaining relatively affordable.
Still Assad is on a winning streak, still the opposition is weak, and still ISIS is losing because of the American strikes.
Because 28 years after that fateful Christmas, I still love gadgets, I still love Nintendo, and I still love those classic games.
It still has to prove itself, it still needs a killer app, and the equipment is still unwieldy or expensive or both.
Tim Cook is still stilted, Phil Schiller still sounds like a car salesman, and Craig Federighi is still full of false bonhomie.
We walk out, still looking for that perfect nook but this part of the city is still up and people still working.
The Punk, an old guy, hunched over, still collecting, still playing the ancient games, still living in a house full of Nintendo.
People are still using Facebook, they're still using Amazon, they're still using Google," Hobart told host Jamal Simmons on "What America's Thinking.
The chairs are still here, the house is still here, I am still here — but sometimes I blink and wonder what happened.
"It's kind of like he's still there, still waving, and it just makes me feel like he's just still around," she said.
But as it turns out, they still transmit plague, they&aposre still a nuisance, and they&aposre still incredibly difficult to kill.
The technology is still expensive, the resulting gadgets are still fragile, and the concept is still a long way from mainstream adoption.
Because she was at ease, Oma could still joke, she could still laugh, and she could still make light of the situation.
It gets smaller in year two, smaller still in year three, smaller still in year four, and smaller still in year five.
It's helped me lose weight in a very healthy way where I'm still eating and I'm still enjoying and still living my life.
You cannot stand still on innovation, you cannot stand still from a cost standpoint, and you cannot stand still from a communication standpoint.
The frontman of the wildly influential proto-punk band Suicide was—at 78 years old—still playing shows, still doing interviews, still working.
The story remains locked in place, with the Farrells still up on the mountain, Wade still worrying and the coal company still fuming.
They want to create memorable experiences for them while they still believe, while they'll still hold their hand, and while they're still here.
We still have to get the mail, we still have to go to work in the morning, we still have to go on.
"I still love Nicole, I still would love to marry Nicole, I still would love to have a family with Nicole," he said.
It's an excellent movie that's still fun to watch, the dinosaurs are still scary as hell, and the visual effects still look spectacular.
"The investigation is still ongoing, the search warrant is s still being conducted and evidence is still being collected," Ramirez said Tuesday afternoon.
"I still walk, I still talk, and I still drive," Overton said on camera, before hopping into his Ford F100 Custom pickup truck.
I still had cellulite, I still had back fat, I still had jiggly arms, and I decided to love every part of it.
He was still skirting around this very direct question, still giving excuses, and ultimately still not telling me what I needed to hear.
"Even in the hardest times that I went through, there was still effervescence, there was still joy, there was still happiness," Franklin said.
But Wade is still capable of revving up his basketball time machine, still capable of rescuing his teammates, still capable of roasting defenders.
He notes the yield curve is still positive, credit is flowing, the economic backdrop is still favorable and earnings are still trending higher.
Although few producers in Champagne still use this on labels today, the Swiss still call some still rosés made from Pinot Noir that.
"She still loves me and she's still right there with me."
Cartels are still fighting over Cuauhtemoc and people are still disappearing.
GO:OD AM still fire still in stores gone head treat yoself.
Yes, it's still snowing, and yes, it's definitely still worth it.
We still got the swag and we still got the confidence.
Still, they were important experiments that physicists still talk about today.
You see, wired internet still exists and it's still going strong.
I still get messages on LinkedIn, still have people call me.
It's still here, and Microsoft is still adding features to it.
" Still, "the magnitude of passing a constitutional amendment is still there.
" Sager showed his resolve, saying he was "still kicking, still fighting.
But there was still the one, and she still looked great.
It's still important to make music, it's still what we do.
"It's still Hollywood, everyone's still scared about their image," Kaufman said.
And the economy still sucks, and we still can't find jobs.
Still, there are some French regulations that still bug start-ups.
Still, in some situations, certain types of trusts may still work.
We're still immigrants, we're still out here on the streets cooking.
Alas, they're still rigidly themselves; they still want what they want.
Still, there are still unknowns that could bog down the talks.
It still reflects: it's still by the hand, and the eye.
This is still pretty fresh, so we're still working things out.
Still, struggles remain for unbinding Still, the unbinding effort faces hurdles.
The schools are still good and the streets are still safe.
I'm still alive, and I'm still me, with or without breasts.
Still, the Kodak boss said there is still room for growth.
Nor the employees still there and still protesting its 'ethical' choices.
It's still growing, it's still up about 4% within the quarter.
I still have friends in the Bay that still do graffiti.
The party is still firmly in charge, and ideology still matters.
America still has thousands of banks, with new ones still arriving.
Our hoodies are still up and the movement is still strong.
Finding Dory is still Pixar, and it'll still get to you.
EB: I'm still a realist, but I also still have hope.
"We still have water still rising in the east," he said.
Still, I'd still prefer that over seeing a million wedding pictures.
She's still pretty silent, and we still don't know her name.
I still have the welcome letter, I still have the box.
I'm still me, and I'm still beautiful, and it doesn't matter.
You can still be happy and still be your authentic self.
Still, he said there's still significant upside potential for smart clothes.
If you're still in school, remember how you still do that?
Still, the United States still appeared unwilling to declare Shishani dead.
We're still reaping the blessings," she says, but "I'm still conscious.
"But no — he's still funny, still making sense," Lynn has decided.
Worse still, he said there is still no end in sight.
The Warriors' core is still quite young, and still very good.
It's still around now and people are still using them live.
E3 will still be big, and it will still be fun.
Microsoft is still there, and still puts on quite a show.
I'm still recovering and still re-teaching myself how to walk.
" Or, "I mean, I'm still alive so I'm still above ground.
Still, shares are still off about 60% so far this year.
Still there, it still looks like I have long luscious lashes.
Still, he believes a wave of massive selling is still ahead.
I can still keep going and I can still win medals.
Yet still, these players' professional performance is still their personal responsibility.
Still, Kompothecras said he's still received death threats from critics online.
BB: I still love them and would work for them still.
But if it's Hillary, I'm still voting and still voting Democrat.
The rain will still fall, and the sun will still shine.
I still own pairs from 2011, and I still wear them.
Women are really still feeling it; they are still pissed off.
I'm still young and still have a lot to work on.
Is anybody still there?' and they're like, 'Yes, we're still here.
But I still feel this is still a very awesome community.
We are still angry, and the world is still fucked up.
For me it's still an experiment [...] I'm still figuring it out.
I still felt sick and I could see Klimt laughing still.
There's still a character [to the town] that's still the same.
Still, the acquisition was always, and still is, incredibly low risk.
Still, the possibility of inadvertently smuggling who knows what still remains.
But the message is still there; the skills are still there.
Still, many advocates are still hopeful that bitcoin could become mainstream.
Will dining halls still be open for those still on campus?
"There are still men, and we still laugh," Mr. Stone said.
So those germs are still in there, and I'm still contagious.
The bar was still open and I was still on duty.
"She still says that, and it still feels just as good."
But it's still got that background, it's still got that backdrop.
Even so, these companies are still here and they're still growing.
Russia was still a monarchy then, and Nicholas II still ruled.
Children are still being killed in schools, still watching relatives overdose.
Andy is still unattached, and I'm still living paycheck to paycheck.
I think Ted was still around, Ted Leonsis was still around.
I am still Mommy after all, and she is still 5.
There's still not enough housing, still jarring inequality on the streets.
He's still spry as can be, but still — he's almost 97.
But ESPN is still a ratings behemoth and still highly profitable.
First, the economy is still O.K., still creating jobs and growing.
Inventories are still increasing and order books are still thinning out.
He still loves his work; he's still not ready to retire.
I'm still rooting for Annie, and I'm still glad Shrill exists.
Still, there are still many royal friendships that may surprise fans.
He still has the apartment, though, and he still has Brescia.
You could still see that he is still a nurturing leader.
Still, there are still some steps companies are reluctant to take.
They remind us we're still optimistic, still capable of being awed.
BRIAN SULLIVAN: But you're still operating, you're still producing in Iraq?
Those feelings are still there because you still love her, man!
Israel is still a young country, still in a genesis phase.
The rates are still low rates and are still being normalized.
Still organized, still believe in the method and reasoning behind it.
"The person is still here and they're still around," she said.
Still, analysts say there is still space for both cloud giants.
"We're still struggling and it's still fresh to us," Korr said.
"But I still love the car, it's still beautiful," Wozniak added.
I still find the majority of the refusers are refusing still.
Still, Blumenthal insisted a much more comprehensive look is still needed.
Her husband can still make her laugh, still make her think.
She was still calling herself Michael, still dressed as a man.
Hogan's still a workout fiend -- and his arms are still massive.
Luckily, I'm still 23 so I still have time to learn.
Worse still for Republicans, it left the race still largely unsettled.
Coventry fans reliably inform me he's still class, his presence in the West Midlands still surreal, the touch of old still very much there.
Katie is still torn between Coop and Andy, Beth is still fighting to save camp from extinction, and Courtney is still obsessed with theater.
Both are filmed head on, but Taylor, who's still angry, still emotionally hollowed out by what happened to him, can't seem to sit still.
Still, it will still be a while before travelers can board the plane – the C919 still needs to undergo other safety and certification checks.
It is impossible to do that on our first still, which is the kind of still most places have, which is a pot still.
Focusing is still manual, the film is still Fujifilm's Instax Mini format, and you'll still be able to use a range of accessory lenses.
Officials argued the regulation is still legal and still meets the definition of "short-term" because there is still some cap on the length.
An EF-4, most of the home is gone, but you'll still the refrigerator, you'll still see a closet and you'll still the bathroom.
Those were the days when televisions still had tubes, cameras still used film and typewriters, not computers, still sat on desks in most offices.
I'm still in the plus; I still have my bitcoin, I still have my family, and we wake up happy and healthy every day.
Shows there's still great people inside this world, still humane people that are still thinking about others so I just wanna say THANK YOU!
Telefon Tel Aviv returns — still haunted, still cavernous, still elusive — with the album "Dreams Are Not Enough"; its track titles trace a narrative themselves.
There's still a gas station, still a hot-dog stand and still a liquor store with a bulletproof screen between customers and the cashier.
It still feels great in the hand and it's still super slippery.
It would still be short, but will the results still be sweet?
"The god is still here, I'm still in the game," he says.
And I'm still hoping that Chad Radwell (Glen Powell) is still alive.
"We still have water still rising in the east," he said Monday.
Divers are still searching for 17 people still missing from Sunday's fire.
He still feels responsible for the end of Pizza, and he still
I can still be there for myself, I can still support myself.
He acts like he still thinks the cold war is still on.
I'm still with the same production company and still on Food Network.
Which is still what a lot of my extended family still think!
They don't stand still, even if you want them to stand still.
Still, the retail hub still expects to continue with business as usual.
The stones are still there, and our people still go there today.
They&aposre still demonizing and they are still insane in their comments.
But she is still my student and I am still her teacher.
"The house is still smoldering, there is still a danger to officers."
"Still scheduled," Barr said when asked whether the measure was still on.
Still, there is still little known about Clinton's medical history before 2012.
You can still be figuring things out; you can still be juggling.
So Carole, are you still a tech ... Do you still love tech?
More than three decades later, I'm still scared — and still in love.
GIFs and still images still dominate and I've hardly seen any videos.
Still, his community's tacit acceptance of the store's violent characterization still does.
Still Writing is about the writing life, but is still very personal.
" Still, Baier pressed, saying Kim has "still done some really bad things.
"We're still really good friends, and we're still in contact," he said.
We've been seeing strong consumers, still weak manufacturing activity, still weak investment.
Still, two source tells PEOPLE that Disick and Richie are still together.
You still get a budget, and there are still priced-out traits.
So while ISIS is weakened, it is still around, and still dangerous.
Mitchell's group is still regrouping, and the events could still go ahead.
Still, Dash buttons are largely still an experiment for the time being.
It still kind of belongs to me, because I'm still in it.
All the sanctions are still there, all the pressure is still there.
Still got a lot of growing to do, still new to this.
Still, there are many sites out there that, unfortunately, still use Flash.
But I'm still here — we're still here, closer than we ever imagined.
Worse still: it happened on a plane (thankfully still at the gate).
"We are still fighting, still trying to find our rhythm," Rose said.
That still leaves the developing world, which is still using HFCs heavily.
Bad news: there's still a cap, and you still can't bypass it.
I'm still drawn to an ascetic lifestyle, still struggle with social anxiety.
The financial wreckage is still real, and I'm still cleaning it up.
Kids still share personal information, and they're still broadcasting from personal spaces.
"Our characters still exist and they're still in New Zealand," he said.
I'm still old school and I still very much believe in authenticity.
Racism is still a real issue and we still must oppose it.
Those who attended who are still with us still talk about it.
Exactly. Addiction is still taboo, and just mental health is still taboo.
It still lights up, and you still get the menu-bar icon.
It still knows, and it still comes back with the right docs.
Question: is true wilderness still possible or should it still be possible?
"It's still descriptive because I still need to land somewhere," Alsarah said.
But this is still a race, and Cruz is still close by.
We STILL don't know, so the following suspects are still in play.
Kobe still was out there he still was hoopin', he was balling.
It's technically still summer, so North still gets a pass on curfew.
Still standing and still making Risotto," he wrote in one tweet. "2.
He's still very nervous about it, but he's still gonna do it.
One is still on fire, but Kaman's dog still has the extinguisher.
My boys still going forward, and my family is still in tact.
I still loved policy, and I still love how we move ideas.
Still a media moment, still monetizable, and possibly more exciting for fans.
In China, it's evolving but still nascent and still rife with opportunities.
The lessons I learned still apply and the memories still guide me.
Still, I'm still intrigued by the product, for a few reasons: 1.
The past, in other words, is still with us and still evolving.
CNN still telecasts; the New York Times and Washington Post still publish.
Still, regulations preventing women from covering their faces with veils still exist.
There are times where, hey, I am still good, I'm still strong.
Still, he doesn't have everything yet — he still hasn't met the queen.
And they're currently still suffering and dying and still in terrible need.
The movie is still relevant because consumers are still getting lied to.
I still use my little tape recorder, and I still write longhand.
It's still to be fought and regrettably it can still be lost.
But the internet is still the internet, and Reddit is still Reddit.
Most are still in business today, and still prepare most new teachers.
Women still love parties and good weather, and they still have breakdowns.
"It still unnerving to know he is still at-large," he opined.
So all these guys we still get to see, they're still rockin.
Still, over 12,000 petitions for sentence commutations are still awaiting a decision.
Meredith insists she's still her patient, and she's still on the case.
However, links will still count, and these rules are still confusing. 5.
But love can still survive and the human spirit could still triumph.
People are still giving you standing ovations, and they're still buying tickets.
It's still factual and still journalism, but disguised as a game show.
He still slurs his syllables, and he still leans heavily on assonance.
It's still to be fought, and regrettably, it can still be lost.
Still, it can be hard to sit still as stocks march lower.
It's still possible he's infected with the virus, despite still feeling fine.
There would still be market competition, and inefficient firms would still fail.
An economy that is still growing, an economy that's still adding jobs.
I think you're still looking at a screen, but you're still reading.
They still suffer from diseases, and they can still hurt each other.
They're still dating, and she still lives in town with her parents.
"I definitely still think the Eurocentric beauty model still dominates," she said.
But you can still disagree with someone and still love a person.
Still, the memo noted some workers would still need to come in.
Still, some scholars say the word terrorism can still be used objectively.
"It's still early, and there's still a lot of skepticism," he said.
Your wife is still angry with you, still feels aggrieved and mistrustful.
It still takes courage, and so many women still suffer the consequences.
Still, bonds can still serve the role as cushion against equity losses.
But I can still take pictures; I can still do my job.
He's still a millionaire — and one who's still getting booked, at that.
The Earth will still be here; systems will still be in place.
I still have fun, and I know I can still get outs.
Are you still the parent, still partly responsible for your daughter's choices?
He still leaves the seat up, and it still drives me nuts.
He was still caked in dirt, and his eyes were still bloodshot.
Still, he cautioned it could still affect the way information was shared.
"Cinema is still very young, you can still push it," he said.
I am still young and I am still hungry for more titles.
JAMES GORMAN: I think there's still -- Wilf, I think they're still interrelated.
I'm still riding the wave, still feeling like I'm on cloud nine.
" He added: "It still motivates me; it still drives me, for sure.
We still think that culture, and therefore cinema, still has a say.
Still, experts caution that the climate is still on a dangerous path.
And still she let her dog out, and still it bit me.
They still print them and you can still read them on planes.
Even now, the Pope is still saying, 'Oh, yes, it's still terrible.
J. is still in his room and I assume he's still asleep.
The items I still have are threadbare but still soft and comfortable.
"Still some good, still some not so good," manager Kevin Cash said.
He still walked everywhere, and he still worked eighty hours a week.
Still, however small, a self-inflicted wound is still an unnecessary hardship.
"It's still the city of neighborhoods and still the city of segregation."
Still, I still felt as if a part of me was wandering.
Still, I still felt as if a part of me was wandering.
It is "A Realistic Still Life," not "A Less Realistic Still Life."
Yeah. Yeah. I still like Apple products, they still make me happy.
Both these cases are still unwinding, and new developments are still happening.
Still, Jessica still can't help but feel slightly on guard around him.
The key was that it was still an outlier, it's still gerrymandered.
I still believe that local and social and mobile is still untapped.
I think it's still ... LG: Tap to pay is still pretty great.
"We still have to run the economy, we still have to turn on the lights, we still have to make sure businesses operate,"  Clinton said.
"I'm still me — I'm still a regular teen girl who still has her problems and is going through puberty," Martin tells me over the phone.
But there's still sources of exposure, like contaminated drinking water, lead piping and other sources that still exist and still can adversely effect children today.
Interest rates are still low and tech is still the one place where there's growth in the world and investors are still looking for growth.
Still, echoes of the mounted style can still be found here and there, because some of their posts were left behind and are still standing.
There are still no easy happy endings: Her father is still in prison, and she is still working through her feelings of betrayal and anger.
"But nevertheless the problem remains that the oil supplies are still there, the overcapacity is still there, the stocks are still quite high," he added.
When you had that kind of responsibility, you sleep like crap, with your eyes still watching, still listening, still on alert, even when you're asleep.
We still disparage the outsider, we still rant against invisible enemies, and we still keep our friends close and fear what lies beyond our door.
"That market is still emerging — there's still a lot of regulatory work to be done, there's still a lot of safety work to be done."
Our spirit is still young; the sun is still rising; God's grace is still shining; and my fellow Americans, the best is yet to come!
I'm no meteorologist, but if there's still slush on the ground and teeny dogs still need sweaters, it's still winter... even if it's late March.
Our spirit is still young, the sun is still rising, God's grace is still shining, and, my fellow Americans, the best is yet to come.
The stoplights still work and you can still buy avocados at the supermarket and life is still as mundane and tedious as it's always been.
"I'm still kind of getting over it I mean I'm still kind of you know, still a little bit shocked by the whole thing really."
So -- but it's still a war, and there are still going to be tragedies and things are still going to happen that we're unhappy with.
But people can live for years and still contribute to society, still often work in the early stages, and still have meaningful and profound experiences.
But if you still gotta come back to Detroit, you still gotta look at us face to face, and you still gotta be a warrior.
NICE, France — Georgia Stanway was still wide-eyed with adrenaline, still trying to catch her breath from the game, still wearing her purple substitute's bib.
"It's undocumented workers that are still in the fields, still in the factories, still the janitors in the buildings, still looking for work as day laborers," says S.G. Sarmiento, campaign director for the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.
It mattered, too, that all present, awash in the perpetual 1926-ness of boxing, had been reminded that the eternal verities still applied: Styles still make fights; speed is still power, and ring generalship can still be both; and a good big man still beats a good little man, except when he doesn't.
Brown women are still the lowest paid women in this country [according to the Pew Research Center], we're still fighting for reproductive rights, we're still underrepresented in media, we're still fighting for better access to health care and education.
It's about watching Veronica still working at her dad's PI firm, the way she did when she was 17, still solving seedy mysteries, still furious at the world, and still refusing to let anyone ever get close to her.
The mugshots still aren't being removed, yet police are still taking photos, thus still accruing biometric data on scores of people who haven't committed a crime.
"The law is still on the books, and people still get sick and hit by cars, so having insurance is still a good thing," Pollitz said.
"I still love Nicole, I still would love to marry Nicole, I still would love to have a family with Nicole," he said on the show.
Then I see that car and I'm, like, I think I'm going to stay... I'm still competitive, I'm still hungry and still driving at my best.
In countries with strong democratic underpinnings, the courts still function, the opposition still speaks, the media -- despite attacks by the powerful -- can still do their job.
After all, the Hotel would still be publicly associated with the President, would still bear his name, and would still financially benefit members of his family.
"Our studio is still in New York, our lives are still in New York, so all our references are completely still New York-centric," said Hernandez.
It will still slash the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent, still cut the top individual rate, still roll back the estate tax.
DD: Robotics kits are still ... So there are still all these robotics companies, which are still are seeing ... like Google's selling theirs, but ... DD: Right, yeah.
And then when I came to the difficult part of my fame, the music still saved me, because I still worked, and I still made records.
Instead, I remained untransformed, still grieving, still plump and full of curves, still exactly who I had been during the most difficult spring of my life.
"China is still China, the economy is still the economy, the consumers are still consuming," said Frank Lavin, CEO of Export Now, a digital solutions company.
But still, because the consumer's strong and we still expect some stabilization, we still think we can grow 2, 2 and a quarter percent in 2020.
It still has off-road credo, it still sports a V8 engine and it still has the refrigerator-box shape that has defined the G-Class.
The windows on West 11th Street are still impressively wide; the tablecloths are still white; the chairs are still black, high-backed and convincingly Secession-ish.
The winters are still bitterly cold along Lake Superior, the cross-country trails are still refreshed daily with falling snow, and the ice is still there.
Katy Perry is still with her, and Hillary Clinton is still with her.
Still, most Fed officials still expect to raise rates again before year end.
Still, even back then, we still frequently talked about our favorite TV shows.
There's still a family of survivors left behind, that is all still there.
Still, it's still worth remembering just how good these repeat title-holders are.
That still rounds to 260, and the runway would still be called 26.
You're so mature and also you're still 24 and still figuring things out.
You still play as Scrooge McDuck and you're still after all the treasure.
"Our hearts still ache in sadness and secret tears still flow," he read.
There still must still be some bad behavior that takes place around here?
Oh, and many e-cigarette products still contain nicotine, which is still addictive.
I still haven't been scouted; I'm still not a queen, prom or otherwise.
He's still lying to you, no doubt because he's still lying to himself.
The adaptation is still about group-think, and it's still a horror show.
Some of these piglets are still growing, says Yang, and they're still healthy.
But there is still growth, and there is still the emerging middle class.
You walk away; he still has his car, you still have your ÂŁ5,000.
People still conduct exorcisms and some parts of the world still perform lobotomies.
And it still is, even though Republican voters still want to repeal it.
I know she is checking if I am still there, still watching her.
The industry is still very powerful, and Congress' ideological differences are still real.
There are still trees hanging over power lines all over this area — still!
Open enrollment still starts on November 1, and financial help is still available.
We're still in a bull market, there's still a buy the dip mentality.
This is still OVO and I am still the 9 GodSkepta: 9, fam?
There is still a long road ahead, and there is still much uncertainty.
Coates is still around, and Doggett's still struggling with her feelings for him.
Yet data still shows that it still dominating in the traditional hardware sector.
CES is still happening, and we're still doing Circuit Breaker Live on Twitter.
It's imperative that they feel like they're still involved, that they're still participating.
Still gluten free, still whole grain, but now with that pumpkin spice flair.
Still, I am glad to hear that people still have screens at home.
We still need to pound those streets, we still need to be visible.
Still image Earlier this week, police released a video still showing the incident.
Still the service still has some holes, especially when it comes to DVR.
Kevin & Astrid Still in love, and still actively discussing potential future salad dressings.
The cloud business is also still unprofitable with the focus still on scaling.
Men also still out-donate women, just as they still outnumber female candidates.
She's still there, so cops still don't know the extent of the heist.
Still, it's out of control and I'm still paying off my credit cards.
They're still having them; they're still jumping into the pool in the dark.
I still have yet to meet Andrea Constand but will still support her.
The final vote total still must still be certified by Denver election officials.
They uncovered 29 complete vessels; one even still had the spoon still inside.
And yet, they&aposre still -- Bruce Ohr is still having conversations with him.
The currency is still trading down, and the sector is still selling-off.
The still lifes, which don't sit still, look like computer viruses made flesh.
"I still cry and I'm still coming to terms with it," Prever says.
As long as there is still some hope, I will still pursue it.
Well, they still make fake Facebook profiles and still get on it. Right.
Still, it's a new app and publishers are still figuring out the format.
All of those channels still exist, and the government still promotes them aggressively.
If Carter's actions still contributed to the death, then she is still liable.
"Our hearts still ache in sadness and secret tears still flow," Blankenship said.
He's still holding on to Claire, he still sees her in the shadows.
You think that he's still in power, that he's still pulling the strings?
Still, she concluded that, "He's still better than the rest of the choices."
It's still the same, it's still finding queer worlds by any means necessary.
"Our hoodies are still up and the movement is still strong," she wrote.
The fact is we still have one deliciously long episode still to go.
I mean, we still are: toys are still marketed heavily through gender stereotypes.
Tribeca is still a teenager itself, and still undergoing its own growing pains.
I still have a-ha moments all the time; I am still learning.
Will you still need me, will you still feed meWhen I'm sixty-nine ?
Will you still need me, will you still feed meWhen I'm sixty-nine?
I'm just happy to still be alive and still be safe through everything.
Still, the specter of the garage lab juice factory still haunts the industry.
It's still a disappointment on wages still with the unemployment rate this low.
In parts of Africa autocrats are still in power and wars still rage.
So long as these men are still commercially viable, they will still work.
Still, many critics of Twitter's policies say it still has not done enough.
Still, worst chain snatching ever might still be that Steve Francis incident. Brutal.
Given how popular Trump still is in West Virginia, Blankenship could still win.
Still, studies have shown that these devices are still primarily used as laptops.
Still, I applaud Apple's still-in-beta algorithm for some pretty good work.
He appears to be still reconsidering the pattern, still seeking the vital detail.
Still, things are still looking good for health care, according to firm analysts.
Still, the prospect of a future probe could still affect their business strategies.
The series is still funny this year, and it still features deft storytelling.
"I'm still losing and I'm still waiting," she added with a wry smile.
"When LeBron won, I was still a bit sick; still recovering," Monfils said.
Infuriated by his presumption—the man still looks old, still looks fat—she
Six books and twenty years later, we are still writing and still married.
But they're still no bargain: the average sale price was still $4.3 million.
We still have to find a way and we're still fighting for consistency.
The above rules still apply, and will still make a deeply pleasing gratin.
God still flourished in our society; He was still welcomed in our schools.
Still, when it comes to high valuations, Shafir still sees windows of opportunity.
But the visa, which they still hope to get, is still being processed.
Still, they certainly sandgage a sculp following as long as they're still sanding.
Full 22019G is still years away while 6G is a still undefined standard.
As catch wrestling was still wrestling, the pin was still of primary importance.
But it still works like a charm, and I still play it regularly.
The music is still country and blues, and still played by true musicians.
Here we see the artist in 1998, still still warily looking at us.
At 10:59, though, Cormier reappeared, still naked and still holding that towel.
But also lots that are still really questionable that are still being used.
"They can still, and they still do, make money off of every sale."
They're still enormous and they're still growing like crazy, but there's something off.
Still, after today's experience, feminist porn is still not an option for her.
Most are still without electricity and my family's phone lines are still disconnected.
"We're still the champs right now, so I'm still enjoying that," Siakam said.
It still amazes me how you still see things that you just shouldn't.
His knee still ached; there were still sensations to interpret; everything was fragile.
But my Amazon shipments are still arriving, and Americans still need to shop.
It's still going to be big and it's still going to be expensive.
The technology industry is still exciting; it still packs the capacity for surprise.
Like I said, I'm still a student, still learning every day from it.
"We still defend, and we still rebound at a high level," Reeve said.
There are still votes to be counted, of course: Still good old Mississippi.
Read: After 25 Years, the Twin Peaks Festival Is Still Wonderful, Still Strange
But her mother, Elizabeth, is still around and still making Bonnie generally uneasy.
Still wonderful and worth every penny, especially with Ms. Hall still inhabiting Yitzhak.
It was still very much the same when I still lived in Colorado.
The case still hangs so I still potentially face 14 years in prison.
Still not perfect, still missing that G sharp nine out of 10 times.
But, still, even after all that's happened, the president may still like him.
No, but also I was still at Reddit, so I was still working.
If some expired respirators are still in storage, they may still be usable.
Still, we're told cops will still get in the mix when it's necessary.
"Though Ron's been sick for 2 weeks, he's still working"I'm still working.
Still, there are early signs of a crisis that is still gaining steam.
And the smoke was still really bad, the fire was still actively burning.
James Franco still plays two parts and Maggie Gyllenhaal still steals the show.
Snowflake still needs to growTo be sure, the Snowflake's platform is still young.
Still, Ms. Rello-Anselmi acknowledged the challenges students in the city still face.
Ms. Halprin, Ms. Forti and Ms. Rainer are still working — and still contentious.
Still, Malvo still faces separate life sentences related to the killings in Maryland.
Those readings are still not super cold, but a reminder it's still January.
There was still much unfinished work to do on tariffs still in place.
There was still much unfinished work to do on tariffs still in place.
Beijing's message is still the state's message, perhaps not perfectly but still audibly.
"I still follow the team, and I'm still a hockey fan," he said.
And the authorities still aren't commenting, so this case is still a mystery.
They still have their collections, and their public still comes through the door.
Still Buzzing Steve Almond: There are two questions in your letter, Still Buzzing.
It's still too expensive and there are still too many app-based compromises.
"I still want to start; I still think I can start," Romine said.
"I'm still an abolitionist because my people still are not free," Pressley said.
He is still sitting here, still the front-runner, despite everything — despite himself.
But the IRS and Microsoft are still in court, the clock still stopped.
Still, after Friday's gains the shares were still down 262.9 percent this year.
Still, as Counterpoint shows, the situation is still bad for most phone manufacturers.
Art Basel is still Art Basel, and Miami, mis compañeros, is still Miami.
Companies are still confident that the economy is strong, companies are still hiring.
Yes, I still have my Italian accent, and still struggle to some extent.
Instagram will still be Instagram, and the same people will still have influence.
"We still have tight labor markets, you still have growth industries," Finke said.
ALLIGOOD Because I'm still a minor, I still have a parent on set.
If some expired respirators are still in storage, they may still be usable.
Many of these programs and comedians are still around, still making jokes today.
From The Beatles, there's still — the drummer and the bass player still alive.
Two extraditions are still pending and three fugitives are still on the loose.
I think we're still right there, in fact, probably still leading the world.
It's still maintained, it's still populated — how do you guys use it now?
Lorelai is still running the Dragonfly Inn, with Michel still serving as concierge.
The coalition held a "Still Here, Still Strong" rally in DC's Freedom Plaza.
Brahmins still have an outsize presence in intellectual life; the armed forces are still dominated by the martial castes; a majority of rich businessmen and industrialists are still of the mercantile castes; the lower castes still do the least desirable jobs.
Here's a look at what you can expect during the Government Shutdown of 2018: The mail is still being delivered, Social Security checks are still being processed, the Medicare and Medicaid programs are still running, and veterans' hospitals are still operating.
On Tom Brady still excelling in the N.F.L. at 39 or Jaromir Jagr still playing in the N.H.L. at 44 or Serena Williams still capable of dominating at 35: I love seeing and hearing that these guys are still doing it.
He still can't find our submarines, he still can't take out 400 missile fields across the country, he still can't do anything about those so our deterrent capability is still unquestioned, unchallenged and can dominate and can respond to any threat.
Klay Thompson would still be running around screens, Draymond would still be swarming opponents' pick and rolls, and Steph Curry would still be a generational offensive talent.
It's still got a super-smooth 90Hz refresh rate, it's still super crisp, colorful, and bright, and it still curves elegantly around the edges of the device.
"Yes I still have a lot of loose skin, I may still feel insecure at times, and yes I may still get made fun of," she wrote.
"We still love each other and we still live in the same house, and we're still going to do that until the house sells and it's fine."  
In technical terms, we're still at Level 2 or 3 automation — still a long ways from Level 5: There's still a lot of work left to do.
I still have flashbacks, I still get nightmares, I still jump when somebody touches me unexpectedly, even if it's my best friend tapping me on the shoulder.
My room is still messy, I still hit snooze 11 times in the morning, I still think my butt looks fat when it's naked and weirdly dimpled.
Her schools are still avoided and her housing still substandard and her neighborhood still feared and her personal and professional outcomes disproportionately linked to her zip code.
Bryan, along with the artists who have emerged in his wake, are proof that this is still the case, that country is still mutable, still in flux.
Still, huge numbers of those watching the parade still remember a destitute China still struggling with the consequences of the devastating policies of the Mao Zedong era.
Profound bravery exists alongside profound ordinariness; friends still gather for dinner, they still tell their children bedtime stories, they still have to cook and clean and sleep.
Profound bravery exists alongside profound ordinariness; friends still gather for dinner, they still tell their children bedtime stories, they still have to cook and clean and sleep.
The last couple of years it hasn't gone the way we wanted it to go, but the fans still come, they still support us, they're still loud.
Still, Booker is right, most places with national health insurance programs do still have private health care and many such countries still allow private insurers to operate.
With Trump still bent on gutting Obamacare, and Republicans still smarting from their failure to repeal it, dealmaking with Democrats could still prove too much to swallow.
It's still loud; it's still fiercely poetic; it still captures the burning sensation that comes from being a human being who often cannot dictate their own life.
But the soldier was still a soldier and the officer was still an officer.
But its Facebook page is still bustling with posts, and its website still beckons.
You're still perpetuating our ideas—even if you steal it, it's still our shit.
This is still an early report and the acquisition talks could still fall through.
We still had a lot of good times, and we're still having good times.
Still, Turkey's biggest cities and border provinces still host hundreds of thousands of refugees.
It is still a new technology and the system still needs improvement and regulation.
And we still don't understand why that is, researchers still don't know about it.
Still, when I tried to play along in a demo, I still sounded terrible.
Statistics likely bear that it still is, and Nike still crushes in gear sales.
CHARLES LANE, WASHINGTON POST: We are still around, we are still on your border.
Don't panic: The image grid is still there, and it's still three by three.
All the other resale exemptions are still in place and still available to use.
We know that the company is still constructing, it's still their intention to drill.
Still, Archambault believes protesters should still continue to defend the land by peaceful means.
There's still a large uninsured population much smaller than it was but still substantial.
It's still unclear whether there are still enough moderate holdouts to block the bill.
"It is nice to still see that her things are still here," she said.
Honestly, the band still flying the flag is still The Cure, despite their age.
The story still isn't over, and the charges have slowed, but are still coming.
Would she regret it if she still had friends, still had a writing job?
Still, creams and oils are still on the table while they figure it out.
Because your stories *still* make me believe, and they still make me feel seen.
Eight months after I arrived, I am still in Tehran, still taking Farsi classes.
But those two still were "still being questioned by our investigators," Birmingham police Sgt.
There are still things — excuse me — there are still things that people don't know.
Still, same-sex marriages or civil unions are still not recognised in the country.
Still, Prince insists the most difficult questions raised by the ban are still unanswered.
Still, Collina refuted the idea world soccer's ruling body was still testing the technology.
Fortunately you can still buy stuff, though, since Amazon's own site is still up.
"We're still crazy, we're still teenagerous I guess we have to say," Symoné explained.
"There's still a pretty long period of winds still to come," Mr. Swain said.
Others still theorise that they were evolutionary fashion statements, as many still are today.
This is a time when children are still developing the capacity to sit still.
The draft is still subject to discussions and could still change, the report said.
" Kim said her wild side is still there ... "I still can do crazy things.
Still, with "patent-pending" technology and "proprietary" algorithms, the exact science still seems unclear.
We still haven&apost put it all into words yet, still feeling very overwhelmed.
Still, 25% of a huge number is still very large, and China is huge.
The "victims" are STILL lying and their only motivations STILL are money and attention.
It still has a 5.5-inch 720p display, and it's still running Android Nougat.
Still, Facebook is still a massive platform, with its more than 2 billion users.
Google MapsApple Maps still exists, and it is still miserably inferior to Google Maps.
Would they still be considered different Groots if both of them were still alive?
At that point, I think they were still thinking, and I was still thinking.
I love him, he still did a bad thing but I still love him.
There are still goals to be accomplished, there are still challenges to be met.
There are still witch hunts; people are still being killed, especially in different countries.
After all, P.S. I Still Love You still has a nice ring to it.
"My love for the art was still there — it is still there," she says.
Still, the family still mourns the loss of the vivacious, bright 18-year-old.
Even so, a tendency towards overcapacity still lurks, and Chinese officials are still fallible.
You can still judge me, you can still hold me accountable, that's fair game.
They're kind of in denial still about how much still needs to be done.
There's still no clarity on [free movement] and it's still my number one concern.
It's still a big market, and the dollar is still the world's favorite currency.
But this is still a great shoe that I still wear all the time.
Still, general police booking procedures mean most phones are still seized in locked form.
It's still not a touchscreen and it's still hard to see in the sun.
I'm still just Dad and she's still just Mom and [performing] is our job.
Still, a greater share—16.5 percent—still expect fewer jobs in the months ahead.
And I really wish she was still around, I wish she was still alive.
That could still be Faraday Future, and it could even still be Lucid Motors.
Thousands of years later, we are still reading them, and they are still relevant.
But Chuck's still Chuck, and he's still a quirky character and that's not gone.
Still, if you're partaking in 4/20 elsewhere, make sure you're still planning ahead.
Pods are still selling like hotcakes, and teens are still eating them like hotcakes.
There's still majesty in the world, just like there's still majesty in Attenborough's voice.
"If Charlie is still fighting then they are still fighting," said the parents' statement.
He still wants to play football, and he still wants to play for Nebraska.
As of Friday, his mother was still at home in Mosul, and still unconscious.
"I could still smell that place, I could still hear it," he says now.
MK: I still don't have bad knees yet so I can still wear heels.
Two hotels on Grand Bahama are still closed, leaving many residents still without work.
"You still want to be simple, you still want to be capable," Raggio said.
The hallways are still vibrating and the dish-ware is still clinking, some say.
There are still things -- excuse me -- there are still things that people don't know.
"We can still be serious student journalists, but still have more empathy," she said.
Payne still watches 'The Walking Dead' and still stays in touch with the cast
Still 4:27: I still appreciated the fact that I was sitting up front.
Still, much about a 2115 household would still seem foreign to a modern visitor.
Is he saying that it's possible that June 12th could still -- could still happen?
I am still here, still alive and in awe of the life I'm living.
We are still an incredibly young country, still learning how to make democracy work.
Still, Bridgestone still saw record growth for the first half of the 2017 year.
He still liked the stock of Tyson because the company's fundamentals are still improving.
"You still have 2,999 that are good and that still have growth," Weiss said.
"But I do still think there are still some really good buys within technology."
We still haven't even talked about it, you still haven't done anything about it.
He still dominated the space, still held the light on his impossibly subtle musculature.
The Sun can still call an election correctly, can still elicit outrage and comment.
Surtur is still alive meaning the MCU could still do Beta Ray Bill's backstory.
I'm still on the same mission, still with the same restlessness I've always had.
The homeowner still insisted on transporting the building — while still full of its contents.
"The stakes are still high, 37 million people still have HIV/AIDS," says Dugan.
It's clear that LGBTQ discrimination is still a thing, and it's still fucked up.
Meanwhile, the court still held Abush's passports, and Gunn was still entitled to visits.
But that other stuff, we're still finding about 10 percent still contain controlled substances.
Who knows if they're still in New York City or if they're still homeless.
That lawsuit is still pending, and the EPA methane rule is still in effect.
"It is still Argentina and it is still high-yield," the DCM banker said.
Even still, I mean my dad's crazy, but I still think he's super cool.
Snapchat's business is still new and evolving, and advertiser interest is still very experimental.
Maybe you still watch reruns regularly, and are still rocking your original Rachel haircut.
The French, it seems, still love techno, and we're still very fond of Weather.
Frank is still fretting about gas prices and still dreaming about fighting with Claire.
We still get surprises and we're still obsessed with finding out what they are.
Granted, Dev onica was still trying to raise money for a vacation, but still.
But they might still be around so probably still The Smiths to be honest.
There are still trans people being murdered; there are still trans people being harmed.
Plus: The jury's still out on whether or not Vetements is still cool, anyway.
It's still the very beginning, and there's still a lot of work to do.
Although Lemonade is still keeping us afloat while the jury's still out on Views.
It still wasn't very expansive, but its residual influence is still being felt today.
The music is still country and blues, and it's still played by true musicians.
Although you're still redirected to the Open Table app, it's still a time saver.
When he came to, he still had a job, he still had a visa.
The power is still flickering, and food and gas are still lacking, she said.
My structure, what I am doing, still shaking hands, still going through the process.
But beer still belongs to us, and we can all still gather around it.
Still, some are still failing to react with the seriousness that the pandemic deserves.
I'm still an Israeli: I have an accent and my diet is still Mediterranean.
The faith is still there, it's still being challenged, but its song is unwavering.
At the same time, it was still that one match that was still hurting.
Biosphere 2 still stands today, and science is still going on inside its walls.
Too far out and your hair is still growing and your skin still changing.
But SaaS highfliers are still just that, and the whole category is still expensive.
Still, Tedros said there is still a chance at isolating and containing the coronavirus.
Still, Tedros said there is still a chance at isolating and containing the coronavirus.
Justify stepped into the gate and stood perfectly still, almost too still, Smith said.
Luckily, I could still get refills on my Celexa, which I still take now.
Three decades later, Maná is still making music and still reaching for the sun.
And he still has that energy and he still does it to [this] day.
Others are still experiencing it, still mad; some of them are mad at you.
Lives can still be saved, and the worst-case scenario can still be avoided.
"It's still hard," said DeView, whose truck still has a bullet hole in it.
Still, it makes no sense and he still doesn't know what play he's in.
The last month that still held images of Jim — Jim still breathing — was June.
"I still feel like I'm still fighting as being an undrafted guy," Williams said.
"We still had stomach pains sometimes, diarrhea, the food was still bad," he added.
The Predators still had more shots and more chances, and they still controlled possession.
Owners still look a certain way, they still come from a very old background.
Still, Mr. Zuckerberg said he still wanted to spur change at a national level.
"He was still searching, still trying to mold this sonic clay," Mr. Harris said.
My brother and sister still live here—all my childhood friends are still here.
Still, it still hurts when people assume I can't be both Asian and Caucasian.
Everything is gone, but we still persist & we still know how to laugh & cry.
They still need to be represented and their voices still need to be present.
Those advantages still exist, and the Republican House majority could still survive a wave.
It's still the case – it's still the reason I get turned down [for] jobs.
The rush I felt is why I'm still playing (and still loving) Manifold Garden.
I'll still watch the British Open this weekend, and I will still be intrigued.
Still, some questioned if they&aposd still be monetarily supporting her in some way.
Kavanaugh may still end up on the court; Flake may still vote for him.
Still, even if investors were disappointed, Amazon's long-term growth story was still intact.
But I still exist and I am still working — and that is so affirming.
They're still currently married today and at age 69, Anne is still incredibly busy.
Still, still policies don't address the disproportionate gun deaths of transgender women of color.
Flags still flag on their poles, and bunting still hangs from the ticket booths.
You can still buy a crocheted tampon holder, and you can still sell one.
I wonder if she was still alive whether that would still be the case.
Still, for all its differences and potential advantages, Novel still faces some significant challenges.
"I still like it, that's why I'm still here and doing it," he said.
Afrin residents are still sending their children to school and are still visiting marketplaces.
It's to demonstrate a presence, to say we're still here, we're still with you.
Still, many people still do not appreciate the crucial role that volunteer firefighters play.
But the law still does not mention consent, and judges can still suspend sentences.
So, you were still out here or did you ... I was still out here.
And even still, Rodriguez is still cautious about who he shares his status with.
To be sure, the labor market is still strong and wages are still growing.
A hate click is still a click, an angry comment still counts as engagement.
There was still art culture, there was a lot of different industries still there.
Liberals still want, or believe they still want, to make a more perfect union.
He's still getting those tremendous jumps in right field, still showing off his tremendous arm, and still ranging far beyond what can reasonably be expected of an outfielder.
Even at the height of the plague, youth still vanishes, parties still get down to ash and wine-spills, and we still seem to care about it all.
Yet it concluded that without GPS, delivery drivers could still use road maps, aircraft could still use terrestrial beacons, and ships could still use radar, buoys, and lighthouses.
"I still wonder, wonder beautiful story/Still wonder, wonder best part/I still wander, wander next story/I want to make you mine," he sings on the track.
But here we are, in 2018, still humming along, still the most influential country in the world, still the richest and the most dynamic economy on the planet.
And no matter how much Ossoff shrank the Republican margin of victory, he still lost — he's still not a Congress member, and Democrats still don't have that seat.
There are still feminist thinkers who question commercial surrogacy, and still states that restrict it; in Europe, a feminist critique of commercialized reproduction still shapes law and policy.
Still bratty, still unconscionably loud, still impossibly fun: This California rock band has been igniting mosh pits and crowd-surfing sprees across the country for nearly 10 years.
Students still walk in single-file lines, lunches are still sometimes silent, and swift consequences are still viewed as essential to learning, especially in high-poverty communities. Why?
Now "successful" is a relative term: Our president is still deeply unpopular, still under investigation and embroiled in scandal, still unable to push a substantial agenda through the Congress, still likely to see his party lose the House of the Representatives in November.
"I know that LGBTQ+ people still struggle, are still facing discrimination, are still facing abuse and still fear that their hard-won rights are going to be taken away by people who hold views like I used to," the Hawaii Democrat wrote online.
The people, who requested anonymity because the negotiations are still confidential, cautioned terms of the deal are still being negotiated and could still yet fall apart or be delayed.
"Markets are still very cautious and the sentiment is still quite fragile because there are still so many potential crises looming," said Teeuwe Mevissen, senior market economist at Rabobank.
It still performs all of the same tasks, can still hear its wake word from across the room, and still doesn't have great audio quality for listening to music.
"Because the lava intrusion is still active and earthquakes are still occurring, we still think there's a decent chance of new eruptive activity at the surface," Steven Brantley said.
Yet and still there are still some pitiful souls, who all these years later, are still waiting for a Chris Brown redemption story that is never going to come.
"In a post-Brexit world we will still do this, we are still a member of NATO, we will still help our European partners," said British Major Stuart Lavery.
It's the fight for people and planet against power and profit—a vision that begins with a simple truth: Indigenous people are still here, still strong, and still fighting.
Sanders as a candidate may not have the opportunity to be president, but Sanders the movement orchestrator still has power, he still has a voice, he still has influence.
But environment minister Chen Jining told reporters that the new law still needed more teeth, with too many companies still behaving illegally and local governments still hampering enforcement efforts.
Boosted still recommends against riding the new board in the rain because you can still do damage the bearings, and extended exposure to water could still harm the electronics.
"It's still golf, it still drives you crazy, and I still have a bit of a perfectionist in me that I don't like to settle for mediocre," he said.
It would still end the generous Medicaid expansion funding, still cap Medicaid spending, and still likely lead to millions fewer Americans having health insurance, according to the CBO's projections.
Still, Cashin said it has been a reasonably successful first half of the year and investors are still hopeful that President Donald Trump's agenda still has life in it.
And a successful lawsuit still might not address the underlying problem of greenhouse gas emissions, which are still rising in the US and still need a comprehensive policy solution.
Mr. Bannon still has his security clearance, still has Mr. Trump's ear and still apparently is running a policy shop that is viewed as a competitor to the council.
The police arrived at the parking lot more than two hours later, and Lomanto was still in his car, still streaming porn, and he still had his windows down.
His marriage is still broken, an internal investigator is still breathing down his neck, and Axe, the elusive Road Runner to his Wile E. Coyote, is still at large.
Under all regulatory frameworks I can imagine, customers are still going to want low prices, they're still going to want fast delivery, they're still going to want big selection.
The manager of the R.V. park, though, said this month that Mr. Bearden is still there, still in Panacea, and like the rest of the Panhandle, still holding on.
They're still there and they're still a problem and as I used to say at news conferences, they still use baseball bats and extort people and terrorize other folks.
Still, with all the progressive privacy moves Apple made Monday, it still could've done more.
Still, Cramer warned viewers not to be too bullish because the environment is still volatile.
I still get those butterflies and those nerves, and that means I still want it.
But we still have China — we still have a quarter of the world to go.
More importantly, he's still the PM and Martine McCutcheon's character is still by his side.
Arizona authorities were still searching Monday afternoon for a hiker who was still missing Monday.
Still, for all of the catastrophe of the war there are still some positive legacies.