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"while" Definitions
  1. during the time that something is happening; at the same time as something else is happening synonym when
  2. used to contrast two things
  3. (used at the beginning of a sentence) although; despite the fact that…
"while" Synonyms
as when at the same time at the same time as at the time that during which during the time during the time that during which time in the time just as throughout the time whilst even as for the period that so long as at the same time that simultaneously as just when at the moment that although though albeit despite being even though even if even when however but granted regardless instead nonetheless whereas nevertheless conversely in spite of the fact that notwithstanding yet despite the fact that as much as despite the fact notwithstanding the fact that much as even supposing granted that granting the fact that tho' howbeit altho in contrast on the other hand but then by contrast contrarily on the contrary then again where as long as if provided provided that providing with the proviso that with the understanding that only if on the condition that on the assumption that assuming presuming supposing presuming that supposing that allowing that assuming that on the occasion that inasmuch as because since 'cause considering for now seeing considering that in that seeing that making allowance for being as being that being as how in view of the fact that given that time spell stretch stint span season interval period period of time length of time duration run phase minute stage term patch second moment time frame effort application endeavor(US) endeavour(UK) energy hard work determination trouble conscientiousness diligence earnestness enterprise industriousness sweat toil work elbow grease exertion expenditure industry instant flash jiffy twinkling jiff heartbeat shake trice nanosecond twinkle eyeblink wink tick beat sec mo bit pass spend occupy use up kill beguile fritter laze employ loiter use fill devote waste shirk expend dissipate idle fill in fill up lounge languish loaf vegetate loll stagnate dally dawdle slack slouch bum chill degenerate dillydally lazy molder(US) moulder(UK) insofar taking into account contrariwise meanwhile on the flip side au contraire and yet but still on the other side of the coin but then again per contra contrastingly inversely More
"while" Antonyms
after before prior to ahead of in advance of therefore hence thus ergo accordingly consequently for this reason so thence as a result subsequently inevitably henceforth thereupon henceforward wherefore then thusly as such that being so and as well as along with in addition to with and also combined with coupled with including plus together with likewise similarly equally just like in the same way as to the same degree correspondingly too as well also to boot in the same way by the same token in like manner in similar fashion until till up to the point that at a different time to when not during the time when outside of when as essentially like identical to no less than similarly to just as the same as like to the same degree as unless except if excepting that because for being considering seeing since given that after all being that for the reason that in that seeing as seeing that 'cause in view of the fact that on the grounds that owing to the fact that due to the fact that laziness idleness inaction inactivity indolence dormancy passivity lackadaisicalness languor listlessness faineance inertia languidness laxness quiescence slackness torpidity slothfulness entertainment happiness fun play pastime recreation eternity age unimportance whole ease leisure rest relaxation repose respite long while moment instant point second minute time nanosecond point in time feebleness weakness frailty debility enervation infirmity debilitation enfeeblement frailness flimsiness infirmness lassitude effeteness incapacity lowness sickliness slave grind slog toil drudge moil labor(US) labour(UK) plug work beaver peg plod sweat move run walk jump scuttle sprint travel traverse bounce climb crawl dance drift glide hop jog leap roll scamper skip

914 Sentences With "while"

How to use while in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "while" and check conjugation/comparative form for "while". Mastering all the usages of "while" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Other entrants include: couponing while black, graduating too boisterously while black, waiting for a school bus while black, throwing a kindergarten temper tantrum while black, drinking iced tea while black, waiting at Starbucks while black, AirBnB'ing while black, shopping for underwear while black, having a loud conversation while black, golfing too slowly while black, buying clothes at Barney's while black, or Macy's, or Nordstrom Rack, getting locked out of your own home while black, going to the gym while black, asking for the Waffle House corporate number while black and reading C.S. Lewis while black, among others.
In the USA the Paris Accord has been declared irrelevant Because there is no Global Warming Because the Earth's average surface temperature has not increased While penguins in the Antarctic are breeding less While the sea level is rising more rapidly While butterflies have moved North While foxes have moved North While rain and snow have increased While invasive insects are chewing up trees While hurricanes and storms are stronger While polar bears are skinnier While leatherback sea turtles are declining rapidly While the Colorado River is losing water While the Yellow River is losing water While the Ganges River is losing water While the Niger River is losing water While there is less fresh water While will be a fresh water shortage Globally While Houston drowns, Miami is blown away, and the President pats himself on the back
I murmured lines from it while riding the subway, while getting my wedding makeup done, while standing at the Western Wall, while waiting for that first ultrasound.
While watching the sunset, while taking a moonlight stroll and while lounging on the beach were all top contenders.
Watch him do it under the guise of the Mannequin challenge:And while shaving:And while making an omelette:And while writing:
For monitors, the commission set a power maximum while they're turned on, while they're idle, and while they're turned off.
He&aposs dangling the carrot while holding the stick, while remaining optimistic and promising, while also unloading flattery on everybody.
Replenishing fluids is key, because you could lose blood while exerting yourself — as Mr. Orr was while walking while injured.
"Some transmissions may have occurred while waiting in the airport, while boarding, or while deplaning," write the authors in the study.
C. does work for a while while I hang out in our room and listen to music while drinking a cider.
The experiences of black people accused of these purported infractions have acquired a panoply of names that capture the absurdity of facing such hostility while innocently carrying out everyday activities: driving while black, barbecuing while black, walking while black, sitting at home while black.
After a while, I thought it wasn't worth my while.
While I feel inspired, and while the demand is high.
And while you're at it, stay a while, and listen.
While overcrowded, it was his best here in a while.
While eavesdropping on these academics, you may be captivated by their exchanges while frustrated by their stasis while curious about their lives.
"I just started growing mine for a while," he said while adjusting his eyeglasses, "and after a while, it grew on me."
They want to create memorable experiences for them while they still believe, while they'll still hold their hand, and while they're still here.
We are standing by to help if something goes sideways while you're signing up, or while you're cooking, or while you're browsing around.
We'll be standing by to help if something goes sideways while you're signing up, or while you're cooking, or while you're browsing around.
The dancers have to pull these strings while they're flying, while they're avoiding the bowling balls, or while they're landing and getting up.
While they were serving salad, or while they were having drinks?
I stumbled upon Galaxy Goats a while ago while browsing YouTube.
Activating "Do Not Disturb While Driving" mode while driving is easy.
He's more expressive while listening than most people are while speaking.
Do not text while walking or cross streets while wearing headphones.
It takes a while to feel anything else for a while.
Nitrate died while copper thrived, killing one town while building another.
It happens all the time while I'm trying to scroll while reading.
The multigenerational household has been around for a while (like, a while).
VICE: What is the significance of the "while" in "depressed while black"?
Spinnerette while smoking rollies and downing energy drinks while walking to college.
While they were easy to find, they took a while to eat.
We stream music while working out, or listen to podcasts while driving.
She's admired while being looked at while over the age of sixty.
Additionally, while CarPlay greatly reduces distractions while driving, it doesn't eliminate them.
People could listen while driving, he said, or while taking the train.
It is Ovechkin scoring goals while falling and blocking shots while diving.
We have built careers while trying not to have children, while deciding to have children, and then while parenting and taking care of our families.
While it's unlikely women are choosing to take oral contraception while pregnant, some women experience what the researchers call "breakthrough pregnancies" while they're taking contraceptives.
While she sits on a park bench next to an old woman, while she's at her menial job as a shoe salesman, while she's thrift shopping, and while she's scheming her way through her last years of adolescence.
Now his Department of Justice is chasing the fairness of admissions at Harvard, which may be worthy of scrutiny, but hardly compares to the criminalization of driving while black, walking while black, holding weed while black, voting while black.
While R. stays asleep, I draw a bath and soak for a while.
"Get the money while you can, while the market still loves your stock."
It's what they do while they cook or while they work or something.
Jessica's face while talking to Danny is my face while watching Danny's show.
Running a mile while boozing is hard enough ... try doing it WHILE JUGGLING!!!
He was playing while doing live commentary, while the matches were actively happening.
Numbness while remembering how the country lit up in red while counting votes.
He voice chatted while live chatting in another window while playing online chess.
These include injuries from texting while driving and walking while looking at phones.
The victims were "all shot while in vehicles while driving," LeBaron told CNN.
That means the corner of books, the tips of pens, the bottom of Coca Cola bottles, toothbrushes (while brushing), razors (while shaving), knives (while cutting), and more.
In Baltimore, the DOJ found, the crime of "driving while black" is joined by similar offences that might be called "walking while black" or "standing while black".
Whether it's acoustics while I work, the pop charts while I exercise, or classic rock while I drive, I love to have something playing in the background.
On Netflix, you can browse other titles while Google Casting but not while AirPlaying.
While that may well be the case, it could take a while to unravel.
In summer, we need to party while we can... while Congress is in recess.
Our power hung on for a while, and then longer, while our neighbors wait.
I just want to feel fancy while also being practical, while also being me.
He got it while breaking into Michonne's home while she was out of town.
The perils of texting while driving are clear, but what about petting while driving?
It's actually safer to daydream while driving than it is to text while driving.
All the while, someone else was getting stepped on and bullied while others laughed.
For a while, WhatsApp was the clean chat app while Messenger sought to expand.
While the kids' tattoos may wash off, Shelton's had his for quite a while.
So while there's hope, the hopeful will have to sit tight a while longer.
Remove from the tin and eat while still warm, perhaps while listening to Bach.
"People say, 'driving while black, walking while black,'" Mr. Scott, the city councilman, said.
All the while, costs for restaurants are rising while menu prices have barely changed.
While New York celebrates the tool while other cities are still waiting for results.
While in his 30s, Mr. Frost became lost while hiking in the Scottish wilderness.
And while it may take a while to yield, everybody wins with this gift.
Where else is this racial profiling going on while we are "living while Latin"?
Tribal members are surveilled while participating in ceremonies and harassed while harvesting traditional foods.
While eating, I half-listen to Law and Order SVU while browsing through apartments.
I read while I brushed my teeth, I read while I walked to school.
For a while, but only for a while, the two families dwelt in peace.
Surveys show we check our work emails at night while watching TV, in the morning while still in bed and at the table while eating dinner with friends.
One sign, "Warning: Using Smartphone while Walking," is for warning pedestrians about the dangers of getting hit by a car while using a smartphone while crossing the street.
The product's durability was tested in volunteers who wore it while running in heat and working up a sweat, while swimming, and while going out in a rainstorm.
The racial profiling of black men and women by white police officers put new phrases into the American vocabulary — driving while black, walking while black, shopping while black.
At least 60,000 people migrating internationally have died since 2000 while crossing the sea, while traveling through inhospitable areas, while being held in detention or under other circumstances.
These included "normal conditions" and three specific distractions: driving while being asked challenging questions (like annoying math problems), driving while being asked emotionally charged questions, and driving while texting.
In its second season, a show must probe its characters more deeply, while remaining true to their natures, while surprising viewers, while being even more entertaining—a big ask.
If this were a movie, we'd complain that it was nothing but a variation on the same old terrible plot: driving while black, walking while black, living while black.
Of those who do choose to check work emails during their personal time, 13% said they check while still in bed, 15% while commuting and 25% while eating breakfast.
So go watch Noah Syndergaard pitch while you can, and while he's still Noah Syndergaard.
He remains incarcerated while awaiting trial on charges he committed financial crimes while heading Nissan.
While some neurotic or hypervigilant people get relief while they're stoned, others' fears are exacerbated.
"While messaging has been around for a while, smart messaging is much newer," said Fox.
Some said he was shot while charging officers, others that he was killed while surrendering.
Customers get "tripsy" while they enjoy drinks from the bar in the agency while planning.
Every once in a while, a visitor will die while attempting to take a photograph.
All while Florida gets stronger, and while Georgia builds off of its 2016 rebuilding year.
But while experiential traveling increases in popularity, shopping while on vacation is still important, too.
While new technologies have always eliminated some jobs while creating others, that transition takes time.
And this was while the election was going on, while the primaries were going on.
Switch the song while she's driving, check the recipe while his hands are busy cooking.
So while the dumpling is very much on its way, it'll likely be a while.
It's hard enough to parse Olde English while sober, never mind while only drinking ale.
But while women's fortunes have increased while men's have declined, the genders haven't reached parity.
Social drinking while armed -- while not something the agency condones -- may occur under these circumstances.
And once in a while — or maybe once in a great while — things go right.
Presumably while he was harassing her and others, presumably while they were all making money.
While a bit frustrating, it keeps everything from falling apart, especially while you're swapping lenses.
They hold hands while strolling through the grocery store and steal kisses while cooking dinner.
He played for the Nuggets for a while, played for the Bulls for a while.
In Colorado, drinking while horseback riding is illegal, while in Massachusetts happy hour is banned.
While that boosted bonds for a while, those gains have been all but wiped out.
Five remain incarcerated, while the rest have been released while their cases are pending appeal.
While the first vaccine is being tested, it might not be available for a while.
That's all right, I can fan for a little while while you think about it.
Some felt more empowered keeping their costume on while dancing, while others exposed themselves fully.
He had a heart attack while playing on the association's courts, not while playing elsewhere.
All while 'going on a bear hunt' while our neighbourhood has fully have gotten into.
For a while she was functional, working on Wall Street while getting high on weekends.
While out for drinks on Monday night, Artiles included the slur while claiming to Sens.
But in fact, more people have been killed while playing soccer than while playing golf.
T., who gets really tired while driving, asks me to drive after a little while.
I chat with A. for a while and crack open some ciders while we relax.
He appeared to have been shot while in his family car, while holding his grandchild.
Tester added that the allegations of drinking while on duty involve while Jackson was traveling.
Per the policy, players are paid while on administrative leave while MLB officials investigate allegations.
So yeah, while nothing will be official for a while, it's basically a done deal.
There's a fear of falling behind on work while vacationing, which may be why many professionals are glued to their smartphones and sending while emails while lounging by the pool.
Guac while you flop Rock these flops around the kitchen while cooking up some avocado toast.
After a while, we are just sitting with the phone on while he does his homework.
While they were hungry, none of the children died from malnutrition while going to the school.
"Strike while the iron is hot" is out, "legislate while the meme is viral" is in.
And while all of the chaos unfolds, Alexandra is quite literally fiddling while New York crumbles.
" - Erica, 39 "Doggy style while watching The Hills" - Tracy, 25 "Kept thanking me while penetrating pussy.
Now excuse me while I continue doing my happy dance while rockin' out to this song!!!
Japan's Nikkei stumbled 313% while Australia's benchmark index skidded 1.2%, while New Zealand shares dropped 1.5%.
Others found their car suddenly indisposed while at stoplights or even while driving on the highway.
A while later, Grandpa is watching Sara while Marie is at her job as a physiotherapist.
Some work solo, while others work in teams and take turns driving while the other sleeps.
Once in a while it's just nice to hear — even more than one in a while.
While many social services like Facebook and Twitter have supported HTTPS for a while now, WordPress.
The vulnerabilities would let someone extract the data while it's being processed or while in storage.
I give her a call while cleaning the kitchen because we haven't chatted in a while.
Moreover, while both countries do not have many friends, Russia has clients, while China has partners.
All the while, a few people chatted away while lying on the floor in sleeping bags.
But you could at least dress appropriately while you're doing…while you're going about your business.
The family moved away for a while, renting out the house while living in a suburb.
While the show hasn't been on for a while, the cast seems to have remained tight.
As we've known for a while, Super Mario Run It's… going to be a while, though.
You can listen to music in the shower, or while driving, or while typing an essay.
Virtual reality is great for immersing yourself in another world while while sitting on your couch.
While they're on the road, Taccone takes the back passenger row while Compton gets the middle.
Unfortunately the item is only seasonal while supplies last, so get your yogi while you can!
Hammond was injured in a horrific crash while filming earlier this year, while Clarkson had pneumonia.
He jammed it while bracing himself on his dive, and felt pain while throwing and swinging.
Hamilton, from 14th place, won the race, while Vettel crashed out in wet conditions while leading.
Find a routine while incarceratedPaperny said it&aposs important to find a routine while in prison.
While some factories have reopened, Microsoft said it may take a while to resume normal operations.
D. proceeds to fall asleep on the couch while I read my book for a while.
These notes took place while the events were happening, while they were fresh in his mind.
History happens while we're not paying attention, even while we're rehashing the history of something else.
Of the reported shark attacks from 2018, 53% occurred while surfing or while doing board sports.
In one outdoor area, some demonstrators made gasoline bombs while others dozed while wearing gas masks.
I thought of Baton Rouge while they boogie-oogie-oogied, and of Minnesota while they shuffled.
While streaming, a man&aposs voice could be heard, and while he first remained offscreen, Johnson appeared to begin kissing him while the man reached around her and grabbed her neck.
One man was electrocuted while cutting trees to prevent storm damage, two men fell to their deaths while preparing their homes for the storm, and three other men collapsed while evacuating.
So while previous versions of the Glass may have been strong, it wasn't necessarily as durable if you dropped your phone while pulling it from your pocket or while taking a photo.
My dupes have eaten dinner in a clogged outhouse; suffocated while harvesting plants; stress vomited while running on a wheel style generator; cried while ranching because I built the graveyard too nearby.
The buds stayed in during runs, while lying down, while bending over to touch my toes, while shaking my head vigorously, and — sorry — even when I was very sweaty during a workout.
It takes me a while to finish all of that, and then we cuddle for a while.
Some people tend to barf while they're drinking, while others vomit the morning after during the hangover.
Kim and I often talked about the challenges of reporting while being young, while being a woman.
While Hulu's most basic plan is $3 cheaper than Netflix's, it has ads, while Netflix's does not.
So load up on the courses you want while they care still $10.99 while you still can.
While screenshotting this moment, Facebook asked me about how I feel about Facebook while watching this video.
While the SXSW activation filled up quickly, a standby line was available while the activation was open.
All the while, Newton becomes a willing sidekick to the kids, cheering them on while clowning around.
For example, one pair might have helped her see while writing, another while she worked on embroidery.
So what I'm saying is: While you're here, while we're here, feel something and pass it on.
Peck discovered the concept while caring for pets while he was convalescing following a near death experience.
What Adams feels while dressing up as Lara is what many fans feel while playing the games.
The two planned Roose's arrival while undercover, only speaking over the phone while Garrett was at work.
While most of the game is top-down, sketches of the characters will appear while they're talking.
I noticed some lag while moving around apps, and sometimes even just while scrolling through the system.
Consuming adequate protein while shedding pounds protects muscle stores and maintains energy levels while staving off hunger.
And while we're at it, a once-in-a-while social media cleanse probably wouldn't hurt, either.
Then I rot my brain on Facebook while B. plays video games for a while before bed.
While drivers should not be watching TV while driving, that could be some prime TV-viewing time.
Travelers beat estimates on both earnings and revenues, while Verizon missed on revenue while beating on profits.
While there's no official rule restricting PDA, royals usually refrain from holding hands while on official engagements.
Rae says it lasts through shoots while she's filming Insecure, while Musk adds that it camouflages wrinkles.
While everyone else is standing, Jonas kneels on the ground while Chopra perches herself atop his knee.
While in the on-demand library, you'll get recommendations on what to watch while in portrait mode.
PERINO: Or how about ones that disintegrate after a while but not while you&aposre drinking it?
"He should get out while he can and sit on a beach for a while," he joked.
While Blockchain has remained dedicated to bitcoin wallets for a while, adopting Ethereum is an interesting move.
While at lunch, Kourtney, Kim and Khloé play a prank on her while they're all inside eating.
She suspects it bit her while she paused on the stoop or maybe while descending the steps.
While I felt okay while playing, I felt pretty unsettled by the time I took it off.
Some of them had just arrived to the camp, while others had been there for a while.
This makes it easier to locate a network while in an unfamiliar area or while on vacation.
While an investigation is taking place, and while woman feels victimized, Bass is having a televised wedding.
So while it took a little while for Sterling to process the news, he was eventually overjoyed.
I made the line while talking in my head, which is what I did while I wrote.
While their roles will be limited, the reference price will be used while building the order book.
While not all of them beg quite so explicitly, while not all of them cry, most do.
" –while dressed as a hall monitor in ANOES (1984) "No screaming while the bus is in motion.
Every once in a while they clustered to scrutinize a dancer from another team while she performed.
Federal law allows agents to carry concealed weapons while off duty, but not while they are intoxicated.
Donovan Mitchell led Utah with 217 points while Bojan Bogdanovic added 30 while making seven 3-pointers.
While many playwrights continue to revise while rehearsing new work, Wohl tinkered until right before the opening.
Those people are never going to become mainstream — not while I'm here and not while I'm fighting.
Waiters emerged while Richardson was out and is averaging 23 points while shooting 13.03 percent in February.
We each learned this lesson while representing immigrants on a pro bono basis while in private practice.
"Haven't crowdsurfed in a while #YangGang," the entrepreneur tweeted  Haven't crowdsurfed in a while #YangGang @GPSofficial pic.twitter.
And while she's "definitely tired" working while expecting a baby, the gig does have its pregnancy perks.
While in space, the number of gut bacteria called Firmicutes increased, while the gut bacteria Bacteroidetes decreased.
Both followed winding paths to their teams while using secondary pitches that took a while to learn.
Wasn't expecting to burst into tears while listening to roll call vote on phone while food shopping.
It's one way to while away the time, anyway, while you're standing in line at the multiplex.
It's like patting your head while rubbing your belly ... while tap dancing and reciting the alphabet backward.
Last week, an American man crashed into a police vehicle as he got distracted by Pokémon Go while driving, while a university student in Japan fell down the stairs while playing the game.
If you want notifications while you're using the phone, maybe while you're sitting up awake and can't fall asleep, you can turn them on by choosing the "Only while iPhone is locked" option.
" Quotable "Writing a novel while raising children is a lot like trying to defuse a bomb while someone is hitting you over the head with a Nerf baseball bat while complaining about you.
While the siblings rarely get earnest with each other, they often make the exact same expression: a half-cringe, half-pout, while they look up and away, typically while complaining or avoiding something.
While Apple Pay has been around for a while, many people still don't know how to use it.
Don't use your phone while driving You can now get pulled over for texting while driving in Florida.
I squirmed a lot while watching, both times I saw it, and I cringed while also feeling ... seen.
He asks if we can watch her while he's in the bathroom, but while he's gone, she pukes.
We chat for a while and catch up while the rice is cooking, then get started making sushi.
So Joanna makes sure to keep that theme alive while redecorating, while giving it a fresh, modern vibe.
It's just that he hasn't worn one in a while, at least not while being photographed in public.
But every once in a while, he goes off, providing the best dance moves while travelers look on.
While doping in sport is serious business, every once in a while the stories verge on the ridiculous.
E. showers while I make the bed, and then he makes us breakfast while I steam our clothes.
It is fun to watch while drunk, and it is most fun to watch while drunk in October.
While on food stamps, Tyrner realized how difficult it was to eat healthy food while on a budget.
While he's been in the biz for quite a while now, he only recently got his big break.
It may take a while — it may take a long while — but we're going to be all right.
For a while, I would laugh along as I watched while everyone tried to understand what 'F57' meant.
A few months later, while out on bail, I was hit by a car while crossing a street.
While war seeks to paint in black and while, good and evil; a child is never the enemy.
He one-upped Leake, going seven innings while allowing one run and six hits while striking out four.
Simply look at your phone while swiping up to unlock, or while verifying Apple Pay, to validate yourself.
All the while, an eye-tracker was logging where they were looking while they worked out the problem.
Williams is seen wearing sunglasses, while Wright bares his legs while balancing a water bottle on his head.
While Lowry didn't mention if their relationship turned romantic while in Hawaii, she was optimistic about the future.
Not sure what boyfriend does while I nap, but he quietly hangs in the studio while I sleep.
While his passing leaves us inconsolable, we are lucky to have had him with us for a while.
All the while, Gomez hums an unidentifiable tune while American Horror Story-esque music plays in the background.
N. and I hang around for a while, chatting on the couch while he plays some video games.
While I eat, I watch an episode of Call the Midwife on Netflix while texting a few friends.
While both die, only the female half of the couple, Tracey (Madeline Zima), is assaulted while completely nude.
He didn't get it while he was making it, he got it while he was looking at it.
While several women have come forward, this is the first allegation against Bush while he was in office.
Later that weekend, I would cry while watching Arcade Fire and shush an arguing couple while watching Bjork.
TThey eat continuously while they journey here's a reason for that: elephant seals don't eat while they're ashore.
While Exxon is boosting spending and production, other drillers are increasing output while still cutting expenditures, he said.
I never drink any alcohol while on shift, nor have I known anyone who has while on duty.
While I was writing, I made a skeleton outline and was reliving it while I was sitting there.
You like to watch Netflix while working (don't worry, we won't tell anyone) or while doing your homework?
Worried about losing her home while she heals, Hunt teaches tennis part-time, even while using a wheelchair.
While we should take North Korea's denuclearization ambitions seriously, we should not forget history while we're at it.
Trump repeatedly criticized trade deals while he was a candidate and has maintained the attacks while in office.
The results: the volunteers used 1.9 times more energy while running and 2.3 times more energy while walking.
While almost all expats say they like the opportunities to travel while living in The Netherlands, it's expensive.
While his favorability ratings are extremely low (11% favorable, 72% unfavorable), they've been that way for a while.
Scott A. Koppenhafer was killed Saturday while while advising and accompanying Iraqi security forces in Ninewah province, Iraq.
While there, she filmed herself singing a song lyric that contains the n-word while watching Saweetie perform.
I lie in it while talking to my children or they lie in theirs while talking to me.
He can use it while camping in the backcountry, fishing at the lake, or even while he's swimming.
He's been set up there for a while now, while filming Thor: Ragnarok on the Gold Coast nearby.
These fuckers fired a scout while he was still in a hospital bed while recovering from cancer surgery.
We did an internship together while I was in grad school, so I've known her for a while.
Stop sending them to me while I'm at work, and get yourself a job while you're at it.
And while those visible, darker roots can be cool, after a while, that two-toned look felt tired.
All while American cops actually give their lives while protecting the very communities they are accused of oppressing.
While he has given up his duties, Archbishop Wilson has refused to resign while he appeals his conviction.
Zachary Knox is mourning his father while in self-quarantine because he visited him while he was hospitalized.
While campaigning, he blamed the IRS audit, saying he couldn't make his returns public while it was ongoing.
My friend will be back in LA for a while during self-isolation/while everything is shut down.
He did not do interviews while on a minor league assignment this month while on the restricted list.
I had this vocal problem for a little while, my voice was cutting out while I was singing.
While each country had its own distinct culture and customs, I experienced many culture clashes while visiting Asia.
And while everything they did while shooting had to be so precise, there was still room for accidents.
While most of his statistics have improved, Porzingis has had an up-and-down season while battling injuries.
The victims were "all shot while in vehicles while driving," family member Alex LeBaron told CNN on Tuesday.
Florida Statute 322.15 clearly states that one needs to be carrying a license while driving — not while walking.
Superman: Dawn of Justice, while slurping up sugary, cereal-colored milk while wearing my favorite pair of pajamas.
You've got to work on those things simultaneously while you're working on diversity, while you're working on hiring.
You can track America's Most Wanted while you're watching TV, keep an eye on AMBER Alerts while you're checking text messages, spot a suspicious package while scanning the subway platform for a late train.
While Magic Pony was young and acquired while still largely under the radar, Moodstocks has been around since 2008, all the while working around the basic premise of improving image recognition via mobile devices.
They showed me VR demos, but put their hands up my skirt while they did so—WHILE I WAS STILL IN VR. The shock and fear of that happening while I was essentially blindfolded.
He held onto the job while he was in high school, where he met his wife, while he got his associate's degree, while he opened a thriving but short-lived food truck downtown ("I got bored"), and while he dumped tens of thousands of dollars into a failing clothing retail store.
I've seen what my dog does while I'm away using my Nest cam, and it's basically just lie on the couch, while raising her head once in a while when she thinks she hears something.
That literally created people who were falling asleep while making sugar in a hot cauldron, while in the field plucking the corn; while doing these tasks, people would fall asleep because there were so tired.
So many of us are guilty of this: We eat while scrolling through our phone, while sitting in front of the computer at work or while watching TV. "When you eat, just eat," Lewis says.
So-- so while they may have been-- while there-- while there definitely was, you know, a question around online education and is it efficacious, Strayer's been takin' their tuition down to make it more affordable.
Furthermore, the vehicle is a mobile charging station able to generate three kilowatts of power while stationary and one kilowatt while moving to keep devices and equipment fully charged while soldiers are in the field.
Greg's wife, Audrey Bayer-Boatwright (the great Holly Hunter), is his opposite — energetic while he's chronically lethargic, controlling while he's out of control, obsessively involved in her children's lives while he barely acknowledges their existence.
And while it's never a good idea to shop while driving, that behavior is especially risky during the holidays.
The project, while still in its nascent stage, is one of the coolest gadgets I've seen in a while.
No issues with the mask slipping while you committed whatever atrocities you committed while needing to obscure your face?
While the guys retrieve a change of clothing for her, they refuse to leave the room while she's changing.
While this move surely came as a surprise to many, it was actually in the making for a while.
Lift the medicine ball over while your head while simultaneously lifting your right leg to a 90-degree angle.
While the gesture wasn't birthed in North America, it has assuredly become its home for the last little while.
She began to struggle with a psychosomatic ailment that caused her to gag while singing — even sometimes while speaking.
While on the massage table, Araoz said, he would turn over and masturbate while she played with his nipples.
With an AVAS installed, vehicles will need to make a sound while traveling under 12 mph, or while reversing.
The center display was great at presenting highly detailed navigation maps while driving and colorful animated tutorials while parked.
While facing mounting pressure to resign, Greitens has vowed to remain in office while fighting to clear his name.
While the IGF has been around for a while, it hasn't been as active as some would have hoped.
While trying out the Drop Shades for the first time, they fall off George's face while he is dancing.
While stopping by The Jonathan Ross Show, Spears showed off her vocal range while inhaling a helium-filled balloon.
But while the method's existed for a while, we've yet to understand the limits of what it could deliver.
While Siri has been available on macOS for a while, it feels like a scaled-down version of Siri.
Waterproof speakers have been around for a while now, so playing Spotify while you lather up isn't anything new.
Only a quarter of them made it to the bathroom, while 80% did it while sitting in coach class.
She does chores and her homework while I make dinner, and then showers and reads while I clean up.
Timberlake wore an all-black tuxedo with a Time's Up pin while while Biel wore a black strapless dress.
While raiding the beauty closet for hair masks a while back, I came across the Nexxus Keraphix Reconstructing Treatment.
It took a while for it to set in, and once it did I cried for a little while.
Kim Has an Appendicitis Scare While Pregnant with North Kim suffered extreme stomach pain while expecting her first child.
While the level of anxiety represents a novelty, automation has been around for a while, as have its critics.
While LinkedIn initially moved quickly, its attention to the issue lapsed while only a broken fix was in place.
Susan challenges herself as a photographer while also traversing the terrain of singledom (and relationship-dom) while living alone.
The struggle was almost always the same—attempting to balance household tasks, while breastfeeding, while attempting to physically heal.
While tooling around in his garage one day, his elbow hit the keyboard while a delay echo was on.
In Europe, while euro area inflation ticked up, credit growth slowed while German retail sales were weaker than expected.
While the instructions say to treat hair for five minutes, Witherspoon likes to treat her hair while she sleeps.
While Maps is getting a gradual update with better mapping data, most people won't notice changes for a while.
While both of these men are sexists, one appears to be evolving while the other appears to be stuck.
While it may seem like a good time to talk business while catching up with friends, sensitivity is key.
He spoke while multitasking, sipping from a can of beer with one hand while spray-painting with the other.
Yount, who had not thrown for a week while fulfilling a military obligation, felt elbow pain while warming up.
Pirates right-hander Richard Rodriguez (0-2) gave up two runs while recording one out while taking the loss.
Between the first and second quarters of 2018, while Fortnite grew 74% in hours viewed while PUBG dropped 9%.
Here, we can still do the right thing, while it still matters, and while lives can still be saved.
But while he is there, while he is on the field, his fellow Portuguese will look to serve him.
US scientist Suzanne Eaton disappeared while going for a run while attending a conference on the island of Crete.
But while the offense was clicking, it took a while for the Bucks to get into a groove defensively.
While he may not be as productive as Murphy, Walker has been a sure-handed defender while posting a .
Last year, many parents were scammed while shopping on digital marketplaces and through Facebook while attempting to procure Hatchimals.
While definitely present, the pumpkin spice flavor was not overpowering and the whipped cream, while messy, didn't taste bad.
In the garage while you're looking for that dang hammer, while going through the car wash on date night.
While speaking to reporters on Saturday, Trump boasted about the effectiveness of border walls while specifically mentioning San Antonio.
Vice host Grant Stoddard explains why some people love having sex while high, while others—himself included—do not.
Tracey's the boss while our narrator is an enthralled lackey; Tracey tells the stories while our narrator takes dictation.
I was hooked on opiates for a while, which were prescribed to me a while back for back pain.
I would love to test out the differences in my blood sugar levels while training and while not training.
While bedside, I wondered how many others struggled to hang onto a job while caring for someone they love.
Maybe trying to best Mr. Trump while encumbered by shame is like diving for sharks while wearing cement blocks.
"I think everybody's a little bit concerned and they're still buying while they can, while it's available," he said.
While shooting Stuck on You in Miami, Matt Damon met Luciana Barroso while she was working as a bartender.
We eat pizza and salad while catching up on all the Vanderpump Rules we missed while he was away.
While he also records podcasts on location while visiting wine regions, the interviews are always conducted face to face.
Serena cradled her little girl -- while rocking matching tennis skirts, BTW -- while Dad settled up with the cab rider.
Clients were calling me with minor issues while I was prepping my speech — even while I was on stage.
While recycling has been practiced in the city for a while, it didn't become mandatory until July 14, 1989.
For a while on Sunday, a brief while, it was possible, perhaps even understandable, to feel sorry for Brady.
For a while Ashkar joined them, free-styling in Arabic while Mahad banged out a beat on the frets.
Amazon's cameras keep a close eye on customers while they shop, but fortunately not while they're using the restroom.
The Massachusetts progressive vigorously opposed the 27 bankruptcy bill while it was under consideration in Congress, while then-Sen.
While many people think that one glass of wine while pregnant won't hurt, that may not be the case.
Younger workers were also most likely to say they check their emails while walking or while in the bathroom.
Growth, while steady, remains weak by historical standards, and while unemployment is quite low, wage growth remains sluggish, too.
While the government did grant some debt relief while the rule was in flux, it's been a slow process.
While solar power projects can be grand in scale there are some that, while smaller, are no less important.
He was seen looking toward the sky while making strange hand movements, while the woman appeared to be unconscious.
Trump made false claims about NATO while sitting with Stoltenberg, and false claims about Europe while sitting with Macron.
While recent political events have made headlines, the unspoken rules of democratic governance have been fracturing for a while.
He died at a camp near Mount Everest while climbing the Himalayan peak of Nuptse, not while climbing Everest.
But Ferrell never loses his signature naive sincerity, while Poehler — even while high — remains the more realistic harebrained logician.
A similar law is being enacted in Tennessee; it will be illegal to read, write or send text messages while driving, record or broadcast a video while driving, watch a video while driving and so on.
Hunt got called up for a short notice title shot while on a 1-1-1 streak, while Mir headlined a card in February of 2015 while on a four fight, three year long losing streak.
While it'll be around for a while, Google is positioning it as its business-centric service and splitting it up into Chat and Meet (though the legacy Hangouts service will still be around for a while).
While logged in, FHV drivers necessarily spend some of their time either driving while waiting for a hail, or "deadheading" towards the location of their next passenger while no one else is currently in the vehicle.
Make it tonight while listening to Laura Marling, while enjoying a glass of wine, while talking to the children about school or your roommate about how weird the cat gets when the birds return each spring.
"We're still dealing in America with black people being killed in some of the most arbitrary ways, driving while black, walking while black, and now we have to add living while black," he said last year.
While there, Jolie stepped out alongside her 14-year-old son Pax while Maddox rested before embarking on his tour.
While Allie is talking to Will while they're tied up, she mentions that they've started to kinda reflect their parents.
We floated along with this season for a while, and while we say farewell now, we have some great memories.
While vacationing in Italy with Carey in 2015, Packer showed off his svelte physique while lounging around in a Speedo.
Some claims have been debunked, while others have held up over time; some remain unproven while others are partially true.
Although aware that it's not safe to text while driving, pedestrians think nothing of doing so while walking, said Kolosh.
While in the cafeteria I get a coffee ($1) and sit with him while he eats steak tips and rice.
Chatwood started Saturday but got just one out while battling an injury he suffered while warming up in the bullpen.
While the show has started to air in the U.K., Americans have to survive on clips for a little while.
Baroni is serving an 18-month prison sentence while Kelly's 13-month sentence was put on hold while she appealed.
The tiny display is easy to read while walking or standing, but not while running (and it doesn't photograph well).
While the Burns twins brought part of King's horror to life, they told the magazine they weren't scared while filming.
Yet all the while he remained haunted by the assaults he experienced over several years while he was a teen.
It didn't bother me while reading or watching movies, but I could definitely feel it while panning around a page.
Players blindfold themselves and drink from each bottle in turn, screaming "GIN!" while drinking gin, and "RUMMY!" while drinking rum.
While you may lose your appetite while under a considerable amount of stress, your metabolism is actually taking a nosedive.
FEMA Administrator Brock Long will visit areas affected areas Tuesday, while the president while visit Florida on Thursday, she said.
Talking: Even while speechifying nonstop on the campaign trail, Mr. Paul had more to say while on the Senate floor.
Think about listening to music from your Watch while you run, or getting directions while you walk through the city.
Leclerc said Logan had her do kicks while standing when she was completely nude and spread her legs while standing.
While I don't collaborate with other people on projects using Todoist, the service has supported task comments for a while.
I had the option of using the Mixed Reality headset while seated in front of my computer or while standing.
While they had been discussing an impending engagement for a while, Kate was still surprised when the big moment arrived.
So many people think about their family while they're at work and think about work while they're with their family.
While Burr survived the carnage while fighting alongside Roberts at Belleau Wood, he was killed in action in July 1918.
But while they certainly looked close, the Arrow actress evaded questions about her personal life while walking the red carpet.
And it's flexible enough that you use the device while sitting at an easel (or a table), or while standing.
Texas, June 2016They call me constantly while I'm at work after I told them I can't talk while I'm working.
It may involve doing both- continuing to assist people while they go back to school, or while they are retrained.
While Jonathan was deployed, I maintained the home front, taking care of our young son while volunteering with the Army.
" Cuban Doll then added that while she used to be friends with Bunni, they haven't been close for "a while.
I must have collected hundreds of them while I was in fertility treatment, and dozens more while I was pregnant.
Individuals die with alarming regularity while detained (migrants also died while Obama was president), and too often from treatable illnesses.
It's a combination that will leave you asking "why?" while straight, but no doubt makes incredible sense while bugged out.
People have been predicting Sanders's last stand for a while a while now—it started before people even began voting.
I thought about her fans a lot while working on the book and how they would feel while reading it.
However, it's important to note that while Spotify has been around since 2008, while Apple Music debuted in June 2015.
Stage says she is committed to staying fit while pregnant because of the health benefits associated with exercising while pregnant.
All the while, the unarmed Doss darts around the battlefield patching up his buddies while trying not to get killed.
I'm not saying the relationship took a while; I'm saying in my life, it took a while to find this.
Right now, there are women who are shackled while they are pregnant and in some states, while they give birth.
While whips, chains, and gags have been around for a while, they've enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent years.
We kind of got into an argument while playing, and he started getting aggressive with me, while playing, pushing me.
Clinton has formally agreed to the broadcasts, while Trump is avoiding a commitment while awaiting moderator announcements, reports the Post.
We would smash that patriarchy together while the tropical sun sets over the horizon while you're taking a buzzfeed quiz.
Your messages, photos and whatnot are still protected while on your device and encrypted end-to-end while in transit.
Sometimes the bleeding occurred while the young woman was sleeping, at other times, while she was exercising or physically active.
Big events go by unseen while we sweat the smaller stuff; things happen underground while we watch the boulevard parades.
The two allegedly had a sexual encounter in the pool while filming the show, while both were reportedly extremely intoxicated.
PCO does some sort of masochistic workout while screaming, while his greasy manager yells at him to keep going harder.
While backstage — as Disney often refers to its back-lot areas — some characters lounged while wearing only half their costumes.
While impression growth has been slowing for a while, Facebook's eCPM, a popular measure of ad cost, has been ramping.
While we're not sure whether Middleton has a favorite Disney princess, she did resemble Cinderella once again while at the
An 85-year-old man died while falling off a ladder while preparing for the storm, the state's governor said.
While the views were beautiful, the flat landscapes of green fields and forests got a little monotonous after a while.
While the margin tightened for a while, the people voting with money concluded that the electorate would stick with Europe.
Most of those hurt were injured while cutting avocados, although at least one slipped off a stool while picking them.
"If you can take an exam while you have Twitter on, sure, study while you're on Twitter," Dr. Song said.
By the end of "Twenty-seven," we've seen dancers deliver this motif while lifted, while jumping and at different angles.
While Apple's design is potentially more user-friendly and chic, creditors have been offering these services for a while now.
While all that was happening, while Europe's big guns began to show their light, the Copa América faded into darkness.
While there is scant evidence that Breitbart is losing audience to Fox—while Breitbart has hemorrhaged readers this year, FoxNews.
Another version had the gang separated by gender, while another had them completing other tasks while mulling over the policy.
And all the while, Miranda's waiting on his Uber while Quest Love dutifully plays the role of Schumer's colonial drummer.
Get It Girl: Kate Middleton joined a charity cricket match while in India, and dominated — all while wearing wedge heels.
Plus, no more spilling hot coffee all over my lap while trying to sip that sweet, sweet caffeine while driving.
And while winning their past three games, including two at Coors Field, they scored eight runs while yielding only four.
"Their ships pass by our waters while our people starve," Samad was quoted as saying while he met U.N. officials.
While Facebook doesn't monetize Instagram Direct itself, it could get users browsing through more ads while they wait for replies.
While Federer's mercurial shot play brought constant gasps of admiration from the crowd, Djokovic's super power, while less obvious, prevailed.
While it may be natural to unplug once in a while, the persistent pain reminds us that the damage continues.
After a while, determined women shouting Latin incantations while scowling at the camera starts to feel like Harry Potter runoff.
While appeals to narrow self-interest can work for a while, they eventually fall short because they ignore human nature.
While at Davis, she discovered a new photocopier, which she filled with coins while experimenting with a new artistic form.
Essentially, flying while trying to manage your radar, infrared, and electronic warfare is the dogfighting equivalent of texting while driving.
So, while drivers have longer to wait, there's not much to do but sit in the car while it recharges.
While the arrangement was made before he became chief executive, the money was paid out while he was in office.
While most everyone owns a can opener, not everyone likes tuna, while others prefer a bag or even a jar.
He threated to slip it into her bed while she slept, or drop it in with her while she showered.
Co-founder Sarah Wooders encountered this while working on a fashion search project of her own while going to MIT.
And  Bloomberg said he's giving away his own money, while accusing Sanders of having three homes while in Las Vegas.
While neither team's closer pitched in the series, the Diamondbacks' bullpen allowed just one run, while the Rockies' allowed 15.
And while Stanton led the Yankees in home runs (38), runs batted in (100) and games played (158) while hitting .
While the Moscow Project never materialized, Mr. Trump never disclosed that he had pursued the deal while running for president.
And while voting for John Kelly is all right, it'd be interesting to talk about somebody else for a while.
He came across the collection of novellas while studying sexual transgression in the Middle Ages while at New York University.
Sound: Play certain music only while working and not while doing anything else, like Spotify's Lo-fi Cafe playlist, asoftmurmur.
They bear a higher risk to their health while continuing to fulfill supplies Americans need to survive while staying indoors.
He was injured Saturday while sliding headfirst into home plate while playing at Buffalo for Class AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre.
Travis injured the knee last weekend while performing at NYC's Rolling Loud Festival ... landing wrong on his leg while jumping.
Avenatti was arrested while attending a hearing in which the California State Bar sought to disbar him while awaiting trial.
While the government has released some plaintiffs in the four cases, others are being held while the cases move forward.
Once in a while it parts just wide enough for Mr. Lim's face to appear while he scans the tables.
Keep track of any questions you have while watching the video, and look for their answers while reading the article.
"Your eyes start to adjust after a while, and while still hard to see, you catch a wave," McDonald said.
But calling a child "slow" while yelling about the shoes, or "dumb" while yelling about the street, is off-limits.
And, while I was a fan of it in the beginning, I found it to be annoying after a while.
While it can happen during sexual activity, it can also happen while inserting a tampon or during a Pap smear.
I clean the kitchen while I cook since R. did the rest of the apartment while I was at yoga.
While she's been pulling off the move for a while now, it got its biggest audience during the Rio competition.
And because you obviously have to reset horses, it takes a while, and you're in these carriages for a while.
Fernandez de Kirchner while president taxed soybean exports at 35% while taxing international corn and wheat shipments at 20%-23%.
While expanding treatment before and after incarceration, the administration should complete the cycle and provide treatment while people are incarcerated.
They would be perfect to wear while walking around looking at lights or while doing some good old-fashioned caroling.
Have you ever been away from your phone and computer for a while, perhaps while traveling or away at camp?
While both are economically vulnerable to Brexit, the republic has grown strongly in recent years while the North has faltered.
It managed to seem something like a speech you'd give while running a presidential campaign while still sounding like Trump.
While a judge found the policy likely violated immigration law, it remains in place while the administration appeals the ruling.
So we started walking on foot carrying our children, sitting every while for rest while the Apaches hovered above us.
He says while shooting in Norway ... Teti threatened to "bury" him on a mountain while waving around an ice axe.
While some Americans are early adopters, it's important to remember that new technology can take a while to become commonplace.
While Biden remains a dominant frontrunner, Sanders's support has slipped in recent weeks, while Warren has risen in the polls.
While these friendly little pieces indeed provide excellent accompaniment while going about one's day, they stand up upon close listens.
And while Venus is in Scorpio, don't be surprised if you bump into a crush while you run your errands!
But while Cuban held a lot of different jobs — from selling garbage bags as a kid to working in a bar while at while at Indiana University — the billionaire says one still stands out as the best.
"The party allows progressive faces to sort of be their figurehead for a little while, but while it does that, while it sort of fakes left, the party continues to march toward the right," Stein told CNN.
While some Tesla drivers say they are able to avoid holding the steering wheel for extended periods while using Autopilot, Tesla advises drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and pay attention while using the system.
So, while dominance solely concerns the desire to have control—it is entirely possible to desire control while wanting to receive the sensation, or want to give the sensation while having someone else control what you do.
And while authoritarianism rises in Hungary and Poland, while Brexit is about to break Britain, while Donald Trump undermines every institution of American government, France has so far largely escaped the worst of populism and its discontents.
The research team measured each subject's levels of physiological distress and brain activity under several conditions, including while holding the hand of the friend or partner, while holding a stranger's hand, and while facing the shock alone.
"We're still dealing in America with black people being killed in some of the most arbitrary ways, driving while black, walking while black and now we have to add living while black," co-counsel Benjamin Crump said.
He beat and kicked her, including while she was pregnant; bashed her head against a wall; threatened her with death while holding a knife to her throat and while brandishing a gun; and threatened to hang her.
While water protectors were being shot with water from cannons in freezing temperatures, while dogs were set on Natives protecting their ancestors' graves, and while Natives and allies were locked into "dog kennels," Warren's silence was deafening.
He has worn them while throwing water balloons around the yard, while we're out on the Long Island sound in a kayak, and while playing at the beach, too, and these durable, comfortable trunks have always performed perfectly.
If you do end up standing in a line, snack while you wait While long wait times can sometimes deter hungry customers, food hall explorers should dig into a dish from a separate kiosk while they're in line.
I've been a registered voter since 2002, and voted absentee while in college in North Carolina, in graduate school in Boston, while studying and teaching in a foreign country, and most recently while pursuing a doctorate in Chicago.
While the Terrapins have piled that up with a committee of tailbacks, it has been the explosive Ty Johnson leading the way while averaging 15.1 yards per carry in the opening two games while piling up 256 yards.
LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Londoners were moved to tears while watching a virtual reality video in which they were spat on while sleeping rough in a tunnel and stared at by shoppers while begging on a busy street.
It takes a while to figure out how to move your head super slowly while scanning a landscape, and you have to hold your head steady while walking to ensure the video doesn't violently bounce with each step.
You're trying to relay a president's message while also disseminating little actual information; you're taking abuse from the press while trying, theoretically, to assist them; you're selling the president's agenda while not stealing too much of his spotlight.
Imagine if you could register to vote while filing for taxes using H&R Block or TurboTax, or while enrolling in a retirement plan at your new job, or while signing up for courses as you enter college.
In the past, he had been convicted three times for driving while intoxicated and for operating a boat while drunk, E!
And while you may not accomplish everything overnight, "you can create a budget while setting clear financial goals" for the future.
I could hear my coworkers chatting while wearing the Surface Headphones, while those others would block out something like that completely.
That's because stem cells can be collected while they're young, Frayne said, while human blood has cells of all different ages.
While she announced her nuptials on Valentine's Day, her reps told People that the wedding actually took place a while ago.
While the contestants are all about finding love, but Devlin admits he wasn't always feeling it while filming the new season.
It's been a while since FaceTime has gotten a substantial update, and it's been rumored to be arriving for a while.
And, um, for a while… for a while, I mean, I really got a sick pleasure from sleeping with Alec's friends.
While the aim is sincere, you would be wise not to grab too much popcorn while watching them in the theatre.
Maybe they'll love rubbing on their smartphones while watching some fragmented storyline on a big screen, probably while drooling a bit.
It took a while for those guys to get back up and running, and it took tourists a while after that.
Previously, Depp assumed his alter ego while visiting the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane, Australia, while filming the latest movie.
The review found that 174 people died in provincial jails while awaiting trial, compared to 80 who died while serving sentences.
I've uncovered shrines while waiting for my daughter's dance lessons to end, and I've climbed gigantic mountains while lying in bed.
Now, six months after the storms, while fund-raising remains active, travelers are increasingly being invited to volunteer while on vacation.
Cole and Poitras's dialogue already begins sort of one-sided: Cole frequently sends photos, while Poitras replies once in a while.
The state sang of its reputation while financing little, while Indian studios knew art awards abroad did not fill home theatres.
Shkreli, while free on release bond before his trial, had played snippets of the album while streaming video of himself online.
The pen, while specialized, is still a normal pen, and the paper, while smart, still looks and feels like normal paper.
It was a struggle for a while, paying bills and loans while also supporting my family and living check to check.
While speaking with PEOPLE, the 50-year-old singer revealed that he first learned of the phenomenon while being pranked himself.
And while I was gone, my whole house got robbed while on the Super Bowl trip and I just got back.
While Starship's robots have been operating for a while around the world, the company's not the first to trial campus deliveries.
While the keyboard could use more travel, it's evenly distributed, with practically no flex while being easy to get started on.
That's while a PowerPoint presentation and a Windows Store instance hovered in the background, and while mirroring to an external monitor.
In the past, he has been convicted three times for driving while intoxicated and for operating a boat while drunk, E!
While they realize this approach probably won't be sustainable forever, they want to control access while they build out the platform.
While Schumer has been having a bit of fun of late while with child, her pregnancy hasn't been an easy one.
To Bresch's credit, she tried to answer questions, while just Shkreli smirked in his Congressional appearance while taking the Fifth Amendment.
While the right matchup can help a team prevail, it also forces fans to wait while reliever after reliever warms up.
Apple's "Do Not Disturb While Driving" feature isn't a tool to fully prevent texting or alerts while in a moving vehicle.
So, while it's possible, it's not common enough to warrant avoiding sex while you're pregnant just because you don't want twins.
While this position is quite difficult, it can be extremely thrilling to have your entire body weight supported while being penetrated.
In 2014, over 3,000 people were killed as a direct result of texting while driving, while another 431,000 were left injured.
Some 16 exchanges are currently registered, while another 16, including Coincheck, were allowed to continue operating while their applications are checked.
While I can't confirm it's theft-proof, I am happy to report that no one robbed me while I wore it.
Anyway, "Boy Wonder" opens with Cordelia's experience while unconscious... Cordelia sees a few things of note while she's still knocked out.
Eating lunch while catching up on email; G-chatting while writing a work proposal; scouring social media during a corporate meeting.
However, while GrubHub still dominates the market, its market share is declining while DoorDash says its share has been steadily rising.
While remote work might get you dreaming of traveling the world while earning a steady paycheck, the reality might surprise you.
According to WYFF4, troopers say that while doing so, While doing so, Knox's BMW hit another car driving south head-on.
While he cooked, I realized that this wouldn't be the first time I'd tasted something perspiration-themed while in the country.
Yeah, Spicer didn't even flinch while getting into a shouting match while arguing the nuances and syntax of statements and accusations.
While both candidates are deep underwater on favorability, Trump continues to sink in popularity, while Clinton appears to have leveled off.
Just last week, a Malaysian woman died from being electrocuted while talking on her mobile phone while it was plugged in.
Jones has been teasing the release of this tape for a while now, while also saying extremely sexist things about Kelly.
They're also studying other tasks, including having children wear the sensor while playing with bubbles or while speaking and being interrupted.
While on patrol, my eyes were peeled because of a conversation I had overheard while on radio guard the night before.
So the platforms may be shaking out a bit while new ones spring up, but that will continue for a while.
While boxers and Pankration fighters wrapped their hands in leather, they wore nothing while competing in the Olympics and other games.
While her father worked as a stonemason, the family was forced into crowded accommodations while settling into a life in Switzerland.
Redick went 289-of-280 en route to a 22010-point half, while Rivers was 3-of-4 while scoring 13.
He has found that while living there was expensive while he was working, New York is much more affordable in retirement.
After a while you'll want to introduce some novelty, but since it's been a while this could come off as desperate.
One order banned immigration from Syria while pausing all refugee admissions while a memorandum called for a rebuilding of the military.
It's a program that provides a paycheck while you're still in training and doesn't rack up debt while you're at it.
While they will be paid for work performed before the shutdown, paychecks will not be cut while government agencies are closed.
Also, while it's water resistant and survived just fine in my tests, it kind of went bonkers while it was wet.
While the American public was getting in the mood for grace, Republicans seemed to be kicking Clinton while he was down.
"  Pelosi declining to criticize Trump while at Normandy today: "I don't talk about the president while I'm out of the country.
The FN would scrap migrant family reunification while Sarkozy would suspend it while European Union open border agreements are re-negotiated.
Muskoxen utilize the coastal plain year around, while in winter, polar bears descend upon the plain to give birth while hibernating.
Comey is said to have found out about the news through media reports while while addressing bureau agents in Los Angeles.
Strong is supposed to recruit, and stay relaxed while coaching, while hearing things like this, from top Longhorns booster Red McCombs?
Now, this girl can dribble with both hands while doing the splits, dribble while catching tennis balls, and hit three-pointers.
While certainly not likely, especially while effectively medicated, I remember the urgency and persuasion of that inner voice all too well.
While Trump frequently visits his golf properties, the White House notes that he often takes meetings or does work while there.
The show is unscripted, and while Rapaport said he&aposs not acting while hosting, he plays an exaggerated version of himself.
And while Westbrook had a league-high 18 while still playing with Durant, he is on track to beat that handily.
But he said it while trying to get Sanders supporters to vote for Clinton, not while offering an endorsement of Sanders.
Police arrested her after she was involved in a one-car crash while allegedly driving while intoxicated, Hanover Township Police Capt.
He has denied the charges and, while normally based in Devon, he remains in the US while he fights his case.
People born blind have no visual impressions while dreaming, while people who have lost sight later in life do have them.
While Newton is used to throwing the passes, this time he performed all the catches while Hallow tossed him the ball.
While reiterating that effective negotiations cannot occur while violence is ongoing, the city's government this week made vague gestures towards reconciliation.
While deGrom is signed through 2023, Syndergaard, Matz and Zack Wheeler might as well be traded while they still have value.
While tensions between the US and North Korea have calmed in recent weeks, it had gotten pretty scary for a while.
While New York is by some measures bigger, it is more centred on American markets, while London focuses on international trade.
While the Philae lander has languished on the comet surface for a while now, it won't be reunited with its mothership.
While people might excel at creative tasks while working remotely, "the sharing of ideas is extremely important for creativity," Dutcher says.
Critics say the president is emboldening a dangerous regime, while others say his strategy — while morally repugnant — is a pragmatic one.
We know that he did much of his composing while in motion and liked to recite poetry out loud while strolling.
One cover was used by Thoreau while he lived at Walden Pond, while another he kept until his death in 1862.
While Beckinsale was joking about her coping mechanisms, Strahan seriously asked if Lily checks in with her mom while at school.
Compressive asphyxia can also occur while co-sleeping, when a parent rolls over onto a smaller child while sharing a bed.
Holt was struck while out on her lunch break while working the overnight shift at her job at Hillcrest Hospital South.
Still, while the taste wasn&apost as bad as I feared, I hope to never eat one again — especially while sober.
While I've now had my first Big Mac, it was hopefully the only one I'll ever have — at least while sober.
In the past, Eggeling had been convicted three times for driving while intoxicated and for operating a boat while drunk, E!
Amazon is currently offering $50 off the listed price while is rare to see, so snap it up while it's available.
Then, in 2202, while on assignment in Cairo's Tahrir Square, she was sexually assaulted while surrounded by a mob of men.
But racism experienced while traveling, including while staying at hotels, has been well-documented, and undoubtedly affects LGBTQ businesswomen of color.
While studying design at Newcastle Polytechnic in the northeast of England, he had an epiphany while designing on an Apple Mac.
A total of 80 journalists were killed in 2018, with 49 murdered or deliberately targeted while 31 were killed while reporting.
Most of those injuries came while people were distracted; they were driving and texting, or walking while looking at their phones.
Three Thunderbolt ports provide plenty of I/O while a 90Whr battery should keep it charged, fora little while at least.
While the statement may cause you a world of trouble, while it may not be precisely true, it is substantially true.
The officer radioed for backup while walking toward Scott, whom he handcuffed while the wounded man was lying on the ground.
"I noticed that while some clients send me their friends once in a while, they [were] not really consistent," Schnitzler said.
And while smoking weed while pregnant can lead to legal problems, there's no punishment for smoking cigarettes or other harmful behaviors.
Predictably, "women experienced greater desire while interacting with a responsive partner than while interacting with an unresponsive one," the study says.
He hosted the show in 2004 while he starred in NBC's "The Apprentice," then again while running for president in 2015.
While I get what happened was a long while ago and that people can change, I still think he should resign.
While there, she teaches guitar lessons and eventually finds romance — all while struggling with her mother's nonacceptance of her sexual orientation.
Some even wore them inside the building — while others even went as far as accepting their awards while wearing their specs.
Sometimes a CPU is cheaper from Amazon, while RAM is cheaper from Newegg, while a power supply is cheaper from Walmart.
My anger, while easy to feel, and an eye-roll, while easy to execute, is maybe not so totally, universally fair.
" Pelosi declining to criticize Trump while at Normandy today: "I don't talk about the president while I'm out of the country.
And while it might have taken them a while to pass on their baton, a decade later, some successors showed up.
It can be the thing you listen to while you're cooking, while you're taking care of the kids, picking someone up.
There are plenty of shows where the common use cases aren't what anyone involved in the creative process intended—like binging Grey's while sad, zoning out on Planet Earth while stoned, replaying Office episodes while trying to fall asleep.
"We're still dealing in an America where black people are being killed in some of the most arbitrary ways: Driving while black, walking while black — and now, we have to add living while black," Merritt told reporters on Sunday.
I was also fascinated by the people who reported orgasms while experiencing a lot of pain, such as while getting a tattoo or body piercing, or even while being in severe pain from a kidney stone or dental procedure.
So while he was in the middle of the ceremony, he would enlist his best swordsman to cover his back while his attention was focused elsewhere or hold off an attacking party while the new couple made their getaway.
Clinton defended the Affordable Care Act while offering a blunter critique of the law than the Obama administration typically does — while Trump mostly attacked Obamacare for its costs, while offering an Obamacare repeal proposal that would leave millions uninsured.
One spin around the socket while donning the coat and the girl advertises her resistance while doing as she intended all along.
In the photo, Fanning sported an oversized white T-shirt and gray sweatpants while singing into a microphone while Minghella looked on.
She hugged a box of Kleenex to her chest while sharing the cascade of emotions she'd felt while glued to her television.
"I first became interested in sake brewing while browsing a magazine in a convenience store while I was unemployed," Furuta told me.
All of the victims were hospitalized; Elder died while undergoing treatment while, as of publication, the remaining victims were expected to survive.
Some of these settings can be in the TV's main audio settings, while others can only be tweaked while you're watching something.
Considering that moms have also pumped breastmilk while running and worked and done yoga while breastfeeding, we can't argue with that one.
We do this while we eat the best doughnuts and chips in the world, and (these days) while we drink Fred's alcohol.
While Unicode made the new emoji official in March, it may be a while before they show up on your favorite device.
Something to scroll through while waiting for your Hot Pocket to finish microwaving or while you're driving down a super-boring highway.
He said of the skiers who fell some were thrown from their chairs while others landed while still sitting in derailed chairs.
Qualcomm, while no slouch, competes with chip heavyweight Intel (INTC), while Juniper Networks has to contend with the significantly larger Cisco (CSCO).
While that might be the perspective from some institutions, the reality is that regtech, while a new term, is not really new.
While monogamy works for some, others spend their lives serially cheating on their partners while trying and failing to adhere to it.
While we're not really juice people, we'll definitely be opting for a discounted smoothie to slurp down while we do some shopping.
But while the declassifications have been trickling in for a while, companies still don't seem quite sure what to do with them.
While they will dissipate for a while, forecasters said they expect winds to pick up again on Tuesday and last until Wednesday.
And everybody sort of trying to tilt the narrative in their direction while they can, while there is that vacuum of information.
While Topshop and Topman have been available at Nordstrom for a while, this collection is one that we're just seriously obsessed with!
Also worrisome is the fact that 27.6 percent thought driving while under the influence of marijuana was safer than driving while drunk.
While Hawkeye may be able to do death-defying stunts with ease, Renner suffered a little bit while attempting some crazy moves.
You get to compare the actual difference between striking while the iron is hot versus striking while the iron has cooled off.
While neither offers any comfort, they do give helpful names to phenomena I expect will be with us for a long while.
While the priciest points of the market have been chilly for a while, now the bottom end is catching a cold, too.
While it's sad that Thomas hasn't really spoken to Meghan in a while, his antics haven't exactly made maintaining a relationship easy.
"Usually celebrities will stay in their barricade of their security while they're out at clubs," he explains while mingling at the office.
A. gets home while the potatoes are still in the oven and we chat about our days while finishing cooking and eating.
While they can't lull you into a glorious slumber, they can give you a way to pass the time while you wait.
While it might be difficult to get in the mood while you're having a panic attack, it may help extinguish said panic.
G. goes to bed while I stay up and watch an episode of 90 Day Fiancé while eating some (okay, six) cookies.
The AFP added that while incredibly serious, travelers should not be concerned about their safety and security while visiting the Melbourne area.
It provides lighting while using the smartphone's frontal-facing camera, while also acting as a protective case to the actual phone itself.
Kelly and her family were visibly emotional while the verdict was read, while Baroni stared at the jury before hugging his family.
While Mercury may be direct this week, it's critical that we watch how we treat each other while Mars is still retrograde.
If you want to go for a quick drive, pricing is 41 cents / minute while driving, and 30 cents / minute while parked.
She said she made the call while the other women were asleep, from the upstairs of the home while Roberts was downstairs.
Lateral Lunge While keeping your right heel on the glider, bring your foot out while moving your body down (a lateral lunge!).
But while a season-long fad might be fun while it lasts, there's nothing quite like a classic to fall back on.
The pair were spotted soaking up the sun — and packing on the PDA — while enjoying themselves while vacationing in Mexico on Sunday.
Melee hordes are best for confronting the enemy head-on, while archers can take potshots while the boats are still coming in.
The two shared a smooch while the man laid on a chaise and later showed adorable PDA while walking around the beach.
While he was nervous that someone might rat him out while she was there, Jen's trip to Miami actually went surprisingly smoothly.
While YouTube still works on non-Chrome browsers, it often loads far slower while you wait for the page elements to fill.
While many of the companies trying to commercialize personalized nutrition — or "nutrigenomics" — are new, the idea has been around for a while.
If you typically make a lot of sound while you orgasm, see how quiet you can be while you climax, Battle says.
And while it'll be a while before Port and Conrad give birth, we're sure that Patridge is already sharing some great advice.
There was often quiet for a while after a crackdown, but battles had a way of breaking out again after a while.
" Selma Blair, 46, praised the pair, writing, "I tumbled while trying," while Sophia Bush, 36, said, "I am v here for this.
Truth be told, I was cringing while watching Kate and Toby fling important questions at each other while shopping for flamboyant suits.
While Drag Race is about drag, do you feel there's also an awareness of the show's reality television format while you're filming?
Noctis is a great fisherman, for instance, while Gladiolus is a survival expert, capable of scrounging up useful supplies while you explore.
But Spencer's bill would go farther in preventing women from wearing head coverings while driving or while walking down a public sidewalk.
While recording 1999's Dark Side Of The Spoon, Jourgensen claims R. Kelly urinated in his grand piano while recording at Trax.
"You should have just quit while you were ahead, you really should have," WWE's Lio Rush said while berating wrestler Finn Bálor.
While Haddish made some new friends with Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres, she's also met Beyoncé while backstage after a JAY-Z concert.
CSI300 is down roughly 1.5 percent so far this week, while SSEC is about 1 percent lower, while trading volume is thin.
Sixty-five of the 97 are being held in detention, while the other 32 have been released while they face deportation proceedings.
While they're both in-home devices that offer on-demand instructors, Peloton targets cardiovascular exercises while Tonal is a strength-training machine.
All the while, she worked as a teacher and collected African masks, fabrics, and historical ephemera while traveling during her time off.
While these methods are questionable while interrogating an adult, the thought of treating a 14-year-old in this manner is unconscionable.
TO: Keep having a blast while creating, continue to be a goof on the internet — while also doing some good every day.
Much of China is not accessible for people with disabilities, as the Wilsons discover while trying to push JiaJia's wheelchair while sightseeing.
Los Angeles clinched while winning for only the seventh time in 2167 games and while snapping a nine-game home losing streak.
While Richard made bail, Mildred was forced to spend the weekend in a jail cell — while pregnant with the couple's first child.
And while it's not streaming-related, we had to talk about the accident Darrell was in while testing out automated driving tech.
First, women who had delayed having children while they studied and started careers hurried to the maternity wards while they still could.
Honestly, I took less time in grad school than most, and worked while I did it, and taught while finishing my dissertation.
While 99% of my fishing is #catchandrelease every once an a while you have to bring home dinner... and it was delicious.
While all of these stores offer a price-matching feature of some sort, some policies are more lenient, while others are stricter.
" Gesing said while it was an "incredibly painful" decision, she cannot continue to lead the organization while condemning Trump's "racism" and "sexism.
While you'll still receive texts, you won't see an alert for any new ones that come in while the feature is enabled.
I love the convenience of these — it's easy to use them while watching television or while sitting at your desk at work.
And while Mr. Oyelowo often adopts a method acting approach to his roles, he hasn't felt any particular marital jealousy while rehearsing.
While blindfolded, Weld would play three games of chess at a time while in college, according to a New York Magazine profile.
Last year, many parents were scammed while shopping on digital marketplaces and through Facebook while attempting to procure Hatchimals for their children.
While the men wrestle with their impulses, Dr. Dibs performs her own rape, sedating Monte and "extracting" his sperm while he sleeps.
Donaldson had given the bag to the co-worker to hold while he left the restaurant for a short while, Dugan said.
And while the Queen appeared to inspect her watch while waiting for the Trumps, they were not late, arriving at 5 p.m.
The fan held it above his head while other spectators danced and cheered, the sparks licking the air while the smoke rose.
Jon James McMurray died Saturday while performing a music video stunt that involved rapping while walking on the wing of a plane.
"So many countries around the world have watched in silence while people have been killed, while rights have been eroded," she said.
While Johnson said she's " been through the ringer " -- she underwent a single mastectomy and chemotherapy while pregnant -- she doesn't regret her decision.
The company focused on sales and pricing — something at which it excelled, at least for a whilewhile others did the development.
You can now watch and listen intently while an app captures the entire lecture for you to play back later while studying.
While they may not get as ridiculous as Amy Schumer's "Sleep Gym," Korean primp-while-you-sleep treatments do some impressive things.
While hopes and rumors about her coming on board had been swirling for a while, the news still came as a surprise.
Trump brought up "Russia and the hacking" while fielding questions, then referenced messages that Clinton deleted while she was secretary of state.
For a while, I photographed slaughtered animals, like chickens and doves and even a calf, lying on the streets while returning home.
This is the best pillow I've ever used while sleeping on my back but it was pretty terrible while on my side.
Part of the time, he did so while working on Donald Trump's campaign and while Rubio was still in the presidential race.
Would you rather be perceived to be pretentious, while actually being authentic, or be perceived to be authentic, while actually being pretentious?
Azealia Banks exposing Elon Musk for tweeting while on Acid.. while she was waiting for Grimes at her home ... whewwww lord pic.twitter.
While they do not fit the Western definition of drag queens, they dance and sing at public ceremonies while wearing women's clothing.
Iron ore contracts on the Dalian Commodity Exchange gained as much at 1.8%, while while Shanghai steel futures added a similar 1.9%.
One difference, of course, is that in politics it's a lot easier to look good while you're winning than while you're losing.
Pussy hat co-creator Jayna Zweiman learned to knit while in architecture school and returned to it while recovering from an injury.
While Harding landed the historic jump axel at Nationals in 1991, she never managed to land it while competing at the Olympics.
While the tone between the men was conciliatory, the former vice president stood by his remarks Thursday, while his allies defended them.
You've got "The View" on while you're doing some work around the house, or you're watching "The Daily Show" while you're unwinding.
I'd say that while Amazon associates did get overtime, they are still severely underpaid while being on their feet for 12 hours.
"While we know a lot, we're still in the position of, you know, flying the airplane while we're building it," Poland said.
Huzayfah: And, you know, when, while I did that, while I was just at home, this is when they started coming in.
While Elizabeth was in Ciudad Juárez, the shelter operators asked her if she could watch the door while they ran an errand.
While he was suspended from his job, state rules allowed him to continue collecting his $121,000 salary while the case remained open.
Brockman threw an annual dinner during TED, for a while called the Millionaires' Dinner—and then, for a while, the Billionaires' Dinner.
Harper's Bazaar also published an article last week about the hurdles new mothers face while trying to pump breast milk while working.
While Brooklyn and Queens have been known beer destinations for a while, Staten Island now has a scene to call its own.
While Brooklyn and Queens have been known beer destinations for a while, Staten Island now has a scene to call its own.
Because I find peace and clarity in nature, I did this searching outdoors, sometimes while walking, sometimes while out on a run.
In the study, students wrote more positively about their qualifications for a job while sitting upright than they did while hunched over.
While there are few major issues where the two disagree, Messer's approach is seen as more congenial, while Rokita is more aggressive.
While laws vary by state, drivers are urged to refrain from using their phones while behind the wheel to prevent distracted driving.
The stretchy leggings help lift and shape your body, while the thick waistband helps prevent them from falling down while you move.
You can also switch between lenses while in video, or switch into video while taking a photo (a feature called QuickTake mode).
For a while he succeeded, if success means preserving some of your dignity while steering clear of Trump's wrath and surviving politically.
She dazzled spectators by walking on the wings while aloft or parachuting from the plane while a co-pilot took the controls.
He acknowledges that while Manafort was lying, he had multiple motivations -- even while Gates had given the Special Counsel's Office other information.
While working on "Jesus Is King," the rapper even asked collaborators not to engage in premarital sex while involved with the album.
My pro athlete clients commonly use this technique to release tension while lying down in bed or while seated during long flights.
While the home had been deserted for a while, the caged big cat had several packages of meat, CNN affiliate KTRK reported.
While we've known that Biden is running for a while now -- see No. 2 -- it's been less clear how he will run.
Because they believe it doesn't generate clicks and ratings while not allowing themselves to be the story while playing the victim. Again.
While in Saudi Arabia, Perry was spotted barefoot in the desert, posing at one point for a photo while holding a falcon.
Some were executed by night, while others died doing heavy labor at the prison's quarry while eating meager rations of rice porridge.
While my parents had branched out in their youth, they&aposd mostly worked at home while we were kids, researching and writing.
One was electrocuted while trying to connect two extension cords and the other while checking on his dogs outside, emergency officials said.
While it still isn't cheap, this might be the best deal you find on one for a while — so get to it.
Are there any sort of like safety considerations that you have to take into account, while you're trying to eat while skydiving?
While we can certainly bracket these failings while emphasizing the practical aspects of Aristotle's overall view, a little intellectual honesty is needed.
While everyone overthinks certain situations once in a while, some people are plagued with a constant barrage of thoughts all the time.
While "men only" spas have been in existence for a while, they often have female employees and offer facials, massages and manicures.
While there is no legal consensus on the matter, Justice Department policy says that a president cannot be indicted while in office.
So get your hands on some of those Alba's while they're "cheap," and live a little while we watch the world burn.
Other examples of what the tech could do include auto-scrolling of text while reading or sheet music while playing an instrument, and the ability to pause or control a video player with your eyes while your hands are occupied.
While six of the cars are stunt cars, Craig explained how two are "pod cars," built so an actor can sit in the driver's seat while stunt driver actually does the work while sitting in a "pod" above the car.
Rockism means idolizing the authentic old legend (or underground hero) while mocking the latest pop star; lionizing punk while barely tolerating disco; loving the live show and hating the music video; extolling the growling performer while hating the lip-syncher.
We did tricep curls while holding chair pose, rows while in a crescent lunge to work the back, and a high row in warrior pose to work the obliques, all while the heart rate is still up from the cardio section.
Starting now, Microsoft says that you'll be able to call or chat with friends while using its cloud storage service, OneDrive, both while viewing the contents of online folders or while editing documents directly in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
And while the implementation is cool — the demo videos make it look properly futuristic, as people activate GoPros while riding, adjust music volume in a shower, or flip pages on a tablet while cooking — for some reason, I'm still not convinced.
"We can't sit around for 100 years while climate change destroys our planet, while corruption pervades every nook and cranny of Washington, and while too much of a child's fate in life still rests on the color of their skin."
Wholesome American families from the 50s laugh while catching on fire, an eager young boy's head flies off his body like a bloody rocket while opening Christmas presents, a lamb smiles wryly while getting stabbed by a dozen steak knives.
Israeli forces clashed with protesters while evicting residents from a West Bank settlement Israeli forces clashed with protesters while evicting residents from a West Bank settlement Israeli forces clashed with protesters while evicting residents from a West Bank settlement on Wednesday.
I said then, and I say now, that while there is a lower class, I am in it, and while there is a criminal element, I am of it, and while there is a soul in prison, I am not free.
"This you can do while watching TV, while waiting for potatoes to boil, while on a rainy day inside your home without leaving, and it's all thanks to the new and improved Shake Weight," the QVC host said back in 2012.
It lets subscribers adjust the quality of their video streams while on a cellular connection so they can stream while using less data.
He's the ultimate voyeur: He watches you all the time, including while you're sleeping—and, presumably, while you're masturbating and having sex, too.
While everyone saw the huge smiles on their faces while they were performing, the cute PDA really started when the cameras turned off.
And while DOJ policy may spare him an indictment while in office, it should not spare him altogether from any form of accountability.
While listening intently to an email from a coworker, I accidentally grab the balsamic vinegar instead of the olive oil while preparing breakfast.
It's like everything else—the Irish will have it good for a while, tough for a while, and then it'll come good again.
Gyllenhaal, 38, played a round of "Burning Questions" while promoting Spider-Man: Far From Home while on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday.
Similarly, while Uber is integrated with Paytm in India, users were unable to use their Indian credit cards or Paytm while travelling abroad.
All while Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho are being best friends, or Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi are embracing while confetti rains down.
Drink and be merry, but keep your phone and "accessories" in your pants while doing so   Sexting while drunk is a precarious endeavor.
While lending has slowed, inflation has remained in a comfortable level while the Federal Reserve has held off on raising U.S. interest rates.
The two appeared happy while cozying up to each other while at the Venice Film Festival just days after they renewed their vows.
While driving in a 1957 Chevy convertible, the girls take in the Cuban countryside while their driver Armando acts as a tour guide.
While I've worn the vibrator in my underwear before, while running errands, I'd never properly tested one of its main functionalities: sound activation.
Azealia Banks exposing Elon Musk for tweeting while on Acid.. while she was waiting for Grimes at her home … whewwww lord 😳 pic.twitter.
Drogon did disappear for a while at the end of season 5, so it's possible that while he was gone, he laid eggs.
While some cities may only require a check-up and a few sessions of therapy once in a while, others need invasive surgery.
Plumes of black smoke billowed on the horizon while on the ground, mothers coddled their children while searching for cover behind parked cars.
While it may be too early to say goodbye to Twitter, we all know it's struggling while Facebook and Snapchat continue to grow.
It's Overwatch that I can play while binge-watching the latest Netflix show or while watching an afternoon of football in the background.
While this pilot is clearly bored while flying an airplane, for those stuck at a desk there's a simple answer to workday doldrums.
And while it's sweet to see so many familiar faces return, it does start to feel after a while like Marvel showing off.
While Kaine has become more vocally pro-choice as a senator, he identified as personally pro-life while running for governor in 20033.
LA fitness trends I could get behind: Zustified (Zoomba while you're watching Justified) and Tredsparent (running on a treadmill while you watch Transparent).
While the news might make you feel closer to your dog, don't expect to be recognized if you FaceTime them while you're away.
One feels turned away from while being spoken to directly, and nonetheless compelled to continue while a rueful form of emotional complexity develops.
Butler scored 22.1 points on 10-of-19 shooting while Teague made 9 of 14 shots while adding 23 points and eight assists.
A 39-year-old woman and two girls were shot and wounded, while an unarmed man broke his arm while trying to flee.
And Kardashian may have offered another clue while sharing his look, too — she wrote "that's daddy" while showing off Thompson's Halloween costume. E!
While speaking to an officer, Cleary admitted to writing the Facebook post while he was "upset and not thinking clearly," the affidavit said.
Nine states bar felons from voting for life, while 32 prohibit felons from voting during their sentence and while they are on parole.
While Geiger has not been in the public eye for a while now, you've probably been listening to his music without knowing it.
While De Niro has kept his private life out of the spotlight he did show his softer side while speaking about his family.
Of course, Annovera isn't perfect, and it can be accidentally expelled while removing a tampon, during sex, or while passing a bowel movement.
He said that while no one has to eat or workout like him, people can't expect to get stronger while eating junk food.
LG: While we're all waiting for hyperloop or the self-driving car to show up for real, that might take a little while.
While Bin Golamrabbi did not call his relatives back, his younger brother eventually contacted a family member while police were at his house.
As a teenager, Goettel used cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to cope with social anxiety, while Beermann learned mindfulness techniques while dealing with insomnia.
While you may be ready to get your perfect s'more on like, now, you'll have to wait a just a little while longer.
But Kevlar is also super bulky and limited to protecting only the torso, while dragon silk retains strength while being far more flexible.
Then, the scientists scanned the memory athletes' brains while they were just relaxing, and also while they memorized a list of 72 words.
The powers without the tech become anxious, while those with it feel pressured to use their "decapitation strike" advantage while they have it.
While Twitch and YouTube have offered live broadcasts for a while, social media companies have followed along with their own live-streaming products.
While I didn't test it, I'm sure the blades are plenty sharp, and I would advise keeping your hands away while they're moving.
And while most people are concerned catching them (all while avoiding traffic), others are wondering why the hell is this game so popular.
He kept going, learning from his previous steps while constantly moving forward, cutting a human profile while seeming beamed in from another dimension.
That's where he was while I was a freshman, redshirting while I watched Charlie Whitehurst and Willie Simmons take the snaps at quarterback.
Days prior, while still on the trip, the teen was reportedly buried in sand with his friends while hanging out on Pompano Beach.
The Spymasters give one-word clues while their teammates try to guess the identities of the secret agents, all while avoiding the assassin.
While in London, Mr. Ramaphosa addressed investors' anxiety about possible land reform in South Africa while acknowledging some constituents' demand for radical change.
Spider-Man got a big cheer when the clip showed him getting his Spidey Sense while in class, while Thanos barrels toward Earth.
While talking to Motherboard, regulars simply referred to Goldshire Inn as the "Rape Tavern," while tossing around the occasional and telling winky face.
While it took a while for consistent results to show, fundamentals appear to have turned (highlighted by +4% org sales growth in F1H2.03).
We will be civil while boarding and exiting Guy on plane complaining about people wearing backpacks while boarding and turning & hitting his head.
While that is certainly true in some instances, there are exceptions — and this could be the biggest one we've seen in a while.
But while Chung was prepping his famous jerk chicken dish -- Tsai challenged him to do some squats while carrying him on his back!
The two have been friends for a while -- and while there have been rumors about them dating, neither side ever confirmed a relationship.
You shoved Jay Leno's phone up your ass while you were sober—I can only imagine what you did while under the influence.
In 2014, a mom in Beverly Hills claimed that she was escorted to a bathroom while shopping at a department store while breastfeeding.
My fantasy is to watch the game on the sidelines while eating the turf off the field, whinnying while my team is winning.
Many more parents — 74 percent of them — say they worry more about their teens using their phones while driving versus driving while drunk.
Isaac lets us in on the importance of taking it slow and enjoying a beer while cooking, while expertly formulating his savory stew.
While users can't hear their own voice, since people often detest doing so, while you can't save messages that are received from others.
Eddie's smiling while holding his daughter he shares with Paige, Izzy Oona, while Paige introduces their newborn son, Max Charles, to the world.
And I don't think about work-life balance because for a while it's out of balance and for a while it's in balance.
Some of the drugs were reportedly pure, while others came back with a while others had been heavily diluted with a cutting agent.
If you would never forget to do something while you're in the office, you really can't afford to forget while you're working remotely.
My sister was shot to death while she slept and my two nephews, aged 2023 and 12 years, were shot while they slept.
While doctors don't deem it necessary for all people to watch their heart rate while exercising, they certainly recommend that specific groups do.
However, she said, men often put a higher value on their skill sets, while women tend to ask for lower figures while negotiating.
Women aren't given sanitary napkins, women are shackled while giving birth while they're incarcerated; there are so many needs that just aren't met.
"Always wore my kid while cooking but I had her in a BACKpack... Too many things could go wrong while cooking," said another.
Stagg started the novel while in graduate school in Arizona, then moved to New York and finished the rest while looking for work.
The Americans were not ambushed while advising local forces behind the front lines or struck by rocket fire while manning a fortified base.
While Chevy is still a major player in NASCAR, it has been a while since the Lumina was a star in their lineup.
Humanity had a fine run while it lasted, but perhaps the time has come to let the rats run things for a while.
Yes, I had an incredible time—and saw 13 different cities while doing so—but my mental illness didn't magically disappear while traveling.
And so while carbon taxes are nice, while things like cap and trade are nice, it's not what's going to save the planet.
In farming, for example, while fertilizer and combines boosted growth for a while, a finite amount of arable land has kept production bounded.
While the president claimed he met with "a lot of good friends" while he was abroad, tensions were apparent among the G7 partners.
She said that while then-President Barack Obama supported the stenographers' work, she found Trump bristled at the concept while she was there.
They're going to know that, while driving home, they can ask Google or Amazon to deliver a product, all while sitting in traffic.
"Morale … has been on a steady decline for quite a while, this was just an additional 'kick 'em while they're down,'" she said.
Bush's daughter struggled with addiction while he served as governor, while Fiorina's stepdaughter died at 35 years old after her battle with addiction.
Every once in a while -- every once in a while I look at it, I mean, it's so boring, we don't want it.
While it was comfortable throughout, I felt a little exposed as the dress rode up while I did high-knees and other moves.
A few days later, Franken also posed for a photo while groping her breasts while she was asleep in a military transport plane.
I can stream David Tennant's "Hamlet" online while I nurse, or play the "Hamilton" cast album while I rock the baby to sleep.
"While they are keeping up with their payments, and while an economist will say 'things are fine,' they are not fine," he said.
While their combined sales lag the segment-leading Toyota Tacoma, GM has picked up valuable sales while Ford has been slow to respond.
Many members split costs by sharing homes together while they're in Washington, while others sleep in their offices to avoid D.C. rent entirely.
Last year, many parents were scammed while shopping on digital marketplaces and through Facebook while attempting to procure Hatchimals for their young ones.
While Wheeler did not lobby the EPA while he was under consideration for a job at the agency, his lobbying firm's colleagues did.
The famous New York street performers, known for playing guitar while scantily clad, supported Trump throughout the campaign while out on the streets.
Now, you can do that while you're walking to work or sitting on the train, just by saying "Alexa," while wearing the headphones.
And while we are on the subject of problems, while that field where we landed was beautiful, it was also filled with snakes!
Growing up during the Depression, in which her father suffered while my family prospered, she became a skeptic while I emerged an optimist.
This mode will only be active while parking, though (which may be a good thing, given how distracting this could be while driving).
While Jell-O's just now taking advantage of the Slime Boom, parents have been making edible Jell-O based slime for a while.
It was important that we take up as much space as possible while [the cannabis industry] is new and while there's still room.
Campbell's latest foray into fresh food has faltered while Wall Street has questioned an acquisition strategy that increased debt while costs are increasing.
While mic'd up on the sideline, Darnold said he was "seeing ghosts" on the field while the Patriots pressured him from all sides.
While the bathrooms themselves are beautifully-tiled, some have walk-in showers that, while comfortable, are not perfectly designed and flood the room.
While generous in surface area, the armrest pillow is cumbersome and not the ideal pillow to hold to your face while shrieking expletives.
All the while, she modeled how to emphasize issues like constitutional overreach and the "alarming march of communism" while playing down racial segregation.
While Weber advanced to the next location, some were "iced," while others traveled with GoPro cameras to "maximize reality," as she put it.
While he sings, percussion pecks at offbeats before settling into 4/4, while piano and pizzicato strings continue to pelt him with syncopation.
While it would not provide a pathway to citizenship, it would allow migrants to apply for citizenship while working legally in the country.
It means that playing golf while Americans die during an uncontained epidemic makes you look like the Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned.
The cooler you can keep your battery, either while charging it or while it's in use, the more you can prolong its life.
Drinking while driving is already a huge problem and driving while high will definitely become a large problem if it is made legal.
Some drowned in the Aegean Sea, others died in vehicle crashes, while many froze to death while trying to cross borders on foot.
While jailbreaking was still doable beforehand, it's been a while since you could do it on iPhones running the latest version of iOS.
While they are at it, could they also ticket pedestrians for walking in the designated bike lane — fines doubled for walking while texting?
In one photo, the couple shares a sweet kiss, while in another they snuggle up to each other while posing for the camera.
No more texting while driving You really might want to think twice before sending out that text while you're stopped at an intersection.
While -- before we let you go, Larry -- while we have been talking, industrial production for negative year on year, first in three years.
But while you may happen on these short clips while scrolling through your NewsFeed, Watch shows are meant to be tuned into regularly.
A few years ago, while living in London, I dated married men for companionship while I processed the grief of being newly divorced.
In fact, 311 reviews claim that it "fits perfectly" while hundreds more mention that they received "many compliments" while wearing the popular piece.
They hung out for a while, and eventually ... we're told Miley ended up leaving with her ma, while Cody split on his own.
While apologizing for that image, Mr. Trudeau also admitted to dressing up in blackface while performing a Jamaican folk song in high school.
She took other odd jobs, selling Avon for a while, working at a soap factory for a while — whatever would pay the bills.
While Mohammed Zarif is the titular foreign minister, his job is more representational while Soleimani served as the true executor of external affairs.
While Americans seek leadership, vision and substance, Mr. Trump indulges his personal ambitions while flailing from issue to issue with ambiguity and incoherence.
While she opens her purse to find her ID. So he's holding the plans for the bomb while she's fishing around in there.
Lori herself was sitting down on a chair while talking to cops, and had a light being flashed on her while being questioned.
Van der Zwaan awaited his sentencing for the last month while gripped with "boredom and anxiety" while living in a hotel, Schwartz said.
But while air is important to making ice cream, Malek stops the machine from spinning while the mixture still looks a little soupy.
I like taking calls while I'm walking Lenny, but it's always awkward, trying to juggle a phone while picking up after your dog.
"It's a good time to make moves right now while unemployment is low and while you have a negotiation advantage in the marketplace."
" "And so while carbon taxes are nice, while things like cap and trade are nice, it's not what's going to save the planet.
Garlic, she said, is a rarity, while avocado, a treat she enjoyed once in a while, is all but absent from her table.
Some changes will be directly related to your job, while others will just be ways to increase happiness or reduce stress while there.
While she doesn't keep her makeup like that all day, she does FaceTime her sister while wearing the wig, much to her surprise.
While a UIR is typically based primarily on public information, Fitch analysts may ask questions of an issuer's management while preparing the report.
His grandmother was assassinated while in office and his father was killed by a bomb blast while he was campaigning in Tamil Nadu.
Unemployment is now close to 4 percent while inflation remains stuck below the Fed target range while the central bank brings rates higher.
Countless Amazon warehouse workers suffered injuries while trying to meet production quotas set by AI systems, while those who fell behind were terminated.
While some buyers strip out all prewar details, others find ways to maintain some of the original features while adding more contemporary finishes.
The researchers reached this conclusion after asking 176 college students to complete a set of tasks while sitting, and then again while walking.
President Trump earlier Thursday dismissed the Post's report as "another Fake News story" while defending his conduct while on calls with foreign leaders.
His story lives for a while because of its memorable turns, its strange moral fervor, while the others'— merely accurate and true—disappear.
In fact, millennials have admitted in surveys they check their email while they walk, talk, workout, socialize and while they sit in bed.
While some information suggests that it&aposs important to avoid all medication while pregnant, Martha Rac, MD, says this is not the case.
One clip shows the sailors eating kebabs while in detention: Footage of #US marines having Iranian #food while they were held in #Iran.

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