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879 Sentences With "as well as"

How to use as well as in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "as well as" and check conjugation/comparative form for "as well as". Mastering all the usages of "as well as" from sentence examples published by news publications.

It is economic espionage as well as traditional espionage; it is nontraditional collectors as well as traditional intelligence operatives; it's human sources as well as cyber means.
He couldn't sing as well as his father, couldn't dance as well as his mother.
AMP also supports paywalls as well as sponsored content, as well as many video players.
Such an admission is hard to imagine because Democrats need to attract support from moderates as well as liberals, whites as well as blacks, the middle class as well as the poor.
Mr Guterres, a man of principle as well as pragmatism, will need luck as well as skill.
And some of these things are fierce technical as well as legal as well as Constitutional problems.
The ship is a setting as well as a symbol, a microclimate as well as a microcosm.
But we should practice nonviolence in ways small as well as large, prosaic as well as dramatic.
THE STONE Images can falsify as well as depict reality; they can mislead as well as inspire.
Only in time do they come to know the spectrum of power in words, that they can wound as well as elate, promote war as well as peace, express hate as well as love.
"Maybe I don't throw as well as I used to, run as well as I used to," Manning said.
But as everyone knows, images can falsify as well as depict reality; they can mislead as well as inspire.
Gab has also launched affiliate marketing with VPN services, as well as its service provider Epik as well as others.
We pay significant attention to small triumphs as well as grand ambitions, to interesting failures as well as astonishing successes.
Dō's dough, unlike most others in the category, can be baked as well as well as eaten exactly as is.
Part of its public service remit was to educate as well as entertain, to aim high as well as low.
The new group, the Immaculate Heart Community, was open to laypeople as well as clergy, men as well as women.
In theory, Waldron said, the audience could contain "soldiers as well as civilians, fugitives and convicts as well as law-abiding citizens, homeless people as well as property owners"—even "bankrupts, infants, lunatics," all with different legal rights.
It is a shot of adrenaline for the party, as well as for that candidate, as well as for other women.
"I wasn't commanding the zone as well as I thought I normally do, or as well as I can," Verrett said.
A sleep score break down how long you sleep as well as well as the quality of the sleep you're getting.
The GOP has faced major pushback for its healthcare plan, from conservatives as well as moderate Republicans, as well as Democrats.
Democracy depends on customs and norms as well as written rules; civility and comity as well as up-or-down votes.
They raised funds as well as children, did the accounting as well as the housework, taught school and cooked the meals.
She was a model as well as an author; a practitioner of numerology and palm reading as well as an astrologer.
MD: No, and we ensure the sites are secluded from neighbors, as well as the landowners, as well as other possible distractions.
Populism comes in a wide variety of flavours, left-wing as well as right-wing and smiley-faced as well as snarling.
Northerners as well as Southerners are now seen as thoroughly implicated in the terrible business of slavery, morally as well as economically.
The snow's weight caused powercuts for 200,000 properties, as well as well as the collapse of several churches, and an airport hangar.
The animated nominees include handmade as well as digital productions, and dark, adult themes as well as child-friendly charm and whimsy.
The tour is an intellectual as well as visual experience: There will be talks about marine biology and diving as well as history.
As well as EU support, Dupre's group also has backing from the French and German governments, as well as insurers AXA and Allianz.
You'd run into hand sanitizer stations every few feet on the ship (as well as on CocoCay), as well as free-standing sinks.
Telegram, as well as its founder Pavel Durov, did not respond to multiple requests for comment done via Telegram, as well as email.
Woman has done her research, and she conversationally folds in evidence that is academic as well as anecdotal, sociological as well as personal.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He is rightly lionized and sanctified by whites as well as blacks, by Republicans as well as Democrats.
She is making objects for a religion of one, as well as well as for a collective that has yet to be recognized.
Annie Hall is a Diane Keaton movie as well as a Woody Allen movie, Manhattan is a Mariel Hemingway movie as well as a Woody Allen movie, Hannah and Her Sisters is a Mia Farrow movie as well as a Woody Allen movie.
"Some of these things are fierce technical, as well as legal, as well as constitutional problems," Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, said.
"I'm thrilled I did as well as I did but I didn't do as well as I have done," the mother of four said.
In response, many investing firms as well as startups have taken steps to improve behavior as well as the diversity of their work forces.
"Some of these things are fierce technical — as well as legal, as well as constitutional — problems," Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, said.
They diagnose and treat problems specific to younger people as well as common illnesses, minor injuries, and infectious diseases, as well as administer vaccinations.
As well as mental challenges, Lecomte will have to endure turbulent and unpredictable weather, potentially freezing cold water, as well as sharks and jellyfish.
Rived by caste as well as class divisions, and dominated in Bollywood as well as politics by dynasties, India is a grotesquely unequal society.
Ancient Egyptian men, as well as women, wore kohl around their eyes, which research suggests may have had antibacterial as well as decorative properties.
From the start it will feature a daily newsletter, as well as two industry summits and a full-day event, as well as digital coverage.
She's proved that she can pull off dark brown hair just as well as bright blond, and bold orange lipstick just as well as none.
The protestors chanted "abolish ICE" as well as "where are the children?" as well as other chants that are hard to hear within the building.
Watch the video below, as well as Drake discussing the meme of tiny, sad Drake, as well as a little of what went into Views.
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, as well as extreme left-wing and anti-police posts, as well as tweets supporting Antifa, or anti-fascist, protesters.
"The Trump Enterprise," would would include the Office of the President, as well as the Trump Foundation and the Trump Organization, as well as others.
A nonprofit designed to engage working artists as well as the public, Grand Arts served as a platform for discovery as well as for production.
We will invest out of all our existing Funds, our Early Stage Fund as well as our Growth Funds, as well as our Mobility 2.0 Fund.
Dhanda is planning the next festival for 2020 as well as pop-up events in the capital, London, as well as the British city of Leeds.
The retailer experienced poor sales throughout 2015, as well as stiff competition from stores like JB Hi-Fi as well as online retailers such as Amazon.
Climate change was a big focus in the two novels as well, as well as the skeptical reaction to it, something that feels very relevant today.
It's an odd kind of reparations, you may object, that goes to fathers as well as mothers, the unattached as well as those with family responsibilities.
As well as Sky, where he was chief operating officer as well as CFO, Griffith is a non-executive director of takeaway delivery platform Just Eat.
As well as longtime competitor Inc, Singles' Day promotions can be found at China's Pinduoduo Inc as well as South Korea's 11thStreet and Singapore's Qoo10.
Planning systems of diagnosis as well as rapid vaccine development could help prevent a naturally occurring infectious disease from spreading, as well as one maliciously unleashed.
Russian bombing, as well as Iranian troop deployments, was absolutely vital to Assad's offensive in Aleppo (as well as similar gains in southern Syria, near Daraa).
The plaque, material that forms on and between teeth, contained food particles as well as microbes from the mouth as well as respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts.
As well as Indonesia and Malaysia, King Salman is visiting Brunei, Japan, China and the Maldives, as well as Jordan, as part of the month-long tour.
YouTube ads leaderboard for the period between between January and November 2015 has been determined by organic as well as paid views, as well as audience retention.
Apple has added a new slow-motion selfie mode, as well as the ability to shoot in wide angle from the front as well as the rear.
The improvements include new team collaboration features, as well as new improvements to its VR video workflow, as well as updates to its beta Character Animator software.
But his memoir shows what was lost as well as gained, for the new world was coarser than the old one, in substance as well as style.
Ford also cut its full-year forecast, pointing to slower sales in China as well as trade tariffs, as well as continued struggles in the European market.
Barry and I, as well as the entire Board, look forward to working closely with them in the period ahead, as well as over the long-term.
Economists focus on workers as well as the businesses they work for, on buyers as well as sellers, and on new firms as much as existing firms.
Special counsel Robert Mueller, as well as several congressional panels, is investigating Russian election meddling as well as potential ties between the Kremlin and Trump campaign officials.
All Mongolia's 21 provincial hospitals as well as the nine district hospitals in Ulaanbaatar have at least five palliative care beds, as well as individual morphine dispensaries.
The project has drawn opposition from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, as well as environmental activists, who say it threatens water supplies as well as sacred tribal sites.
It reinforces this worldview that regards women as public property, as well as underpinning much of the abuse women receive online, as well as sexual and domestic violence.
She praised the task force's international cooperation as singular in provenance research, as well as the involvement of both art and general historians, as well as legal experts.
Rehn's previous posts include Finnish minister for economic affairs as well as a decade working as a European commissioner overseeing the bloc's enlargement as well as economic policy.
U.S. growth is expected to slow as well as the impact of President Donald Trump's $1.5 trillion tax cut package as well as federal spending begin to wane.
The truth is that reducing the number of major carriers will likely have serious and immediate negative effects as well as well as Pai's imagined long-term benefits.
The new film will include archival footage as well as interviews with friends and colleagues as well as chefs who were inspired by the trailblazer, according to Variety.
To do so, it offers a full online IDE, as well as support for Jupyter notebooks, as well as more traditional teaching tools for creating quizzes and assignments.
Democrats as well as Republicans can identify times when they have used the filibuster to stop legislation, as well as cases when it held back their party's priorities.
The group of 11 includes 10 U.S. citizens as well as a permanent resident, and they have the backing of the ACLU as well as the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
As well as the offer of a second referendum, it also contained pledges on workers' rights, environmental provisions, as well as a temporary customs relationship with the European Union.
The prosecutor's indictment covers charges of misleading claims as well as manslaughter and targets 14 people as well as 11 institutions including Servier and the French drug regulator ANSM.
With Cain, as well as economic commentator Stephen Moore, Trump nominated two people who came under fire both for their academic qualifications as well as questionable conduct regarding women.
All tickets get you a Rosé All Day blanket as well as wine glasses, perfect for picnicking and sipping from that day, as well as making a fine memento.
As well as Apple, one of its biggest clients, it talks to credit-card companies such as MasterCard as well as to content distribution networks like Netflix and Disney.
As well as his poetry, which has been published in several anthologies, he has written non-fiction pieces and produced a TED talk as well as a music album.
Google itself knows how well this went with the Pixel 3, which it admitted did not sell as well as expected or even as well as the Pixel 2.
Data from parents' purchases site-wide as well as those items they keep from their boxes will also influence what clothing the company makes, as well as the styles.
We have done-, both the London Stock Exchange group, as well as Deutsche Börse Group, as well as many other exchange companies, are used to doing cross-border business.
Guests included yachting-industry insiders — including superyacht builders, designers, and brokers — as well as wealthy private clients looking to charter or purchase yachts, as well as journalists like myself.
These pieces have literary as well as historical merit, and they will continue to be read for the pleasure they deliver as well as for the pain they describe.
They offer standard fare like burritos and tacos, as well as "Muchachos," which appear to be their take on a gordita, as well as some pretty legit-looking platters.
Currently, supported phones include Google's own Pixel 2 and Pixel lines, as well as the Android One Moto X4 (as well as some of the more recent Nexus phones).
The move was meant to rival Snapchat's payments, as well as those p2p offerings from Square (Square Cash), Google Wallet, as well as PayPal itself, and its Venmo application.
The agency has founded cooperatives in Indonesia as well as Madagascar that provide training for growers - often women - on crop production and management, as well as aspects of financial literacy.
We are looking into IR imaging as well, as well as detectors for x-ray, gamma-ray and custom-built neutron detectors (which are designed to look for dark matter).
As well as being a functional phone, he described a device that could play movies, podcasts, and TV shows, as well as transfer your browser bookmarks and sync your photos.
There's a cloud-hosted graph manager, for example, that lets you track your schema, as well as a dashboard to track performance, as well as integrations with continuous integration services.
The House aviation panel is hearing from Njoroge as well as well as union officials representing pilots, mechanics and flight attendants at its third hearing on the 737 Max crashes.
In case you missed it, Gizmodo wrote about the incredible distance traveled by Opportunity during its time on Mars, as well as well as one of its most mystifying discoveries.
As well as his starring appearance in the Lady Gaga video, Genest booked frequent modelling jobs in magazines like Vanity Fair and GQ, as well as several small film roles.
Contributing to the growth were net income as well as higher unrealized gains on fixed maturities as well as equity investments, for which MKL has a higher than average allocation.
The FBI as well as House and Senate committees are investigating Russian interference in last year's U.S. presidential election, as well as links between the Trump team and the Kremlin.
It happens when the heart muscle weakens and doesn't pump blood as well as it should, and can be caused by narrowed arteries as well as by high blood pressure.
Earlier arrivals often have trouble breathing and digesting food as well as longer-term challenges such as impaired vision, hearing and cognitive skills as well as social and behavioral problems.
Access is complimentary for Platinum card members (as well as those with the exclusive invite-only Centurion card, also known as the "Black" card), as well as a few guests.
Investors will be watching the Fed's views on the outlook for the economy and inflation, as well as well as possible assessments of the impact from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.
They can appear on the MetaPop channel, as well as on the channel of the remixer, as well as on the channel of the original label if the label wishes.
Weiner has also authored a number of books over his career, including Green as Well as Blue as Well as Red and Displacement; he's also produced a number of films.
But even Prada, where Miuccia Prada extolled bad taste as well as good and dabbled in fabrics she hated as well as ones she loved, seems stuck in a rut.
Our goal is to strengthen existing communities by helping us come together online as well as offline, as well as enabling us to form completely new communities, transcending physical location.
The Judiciary Committee, as well as several other panels, are conducting investigations into Russia's role in the 2016 election, as well as possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow.
Henry pushed Pruitt on big pay raises the EPA chief gave to his aides as well as well as that too-good-to-be-true D.C. rental deal he landed.
As well as confirming the death toll at six, the later statement said 53 civilians were injured, as well as 55 federal police officers, eight of them with bullet wounds.
Policymakers as well as academics stipulated that trade should be fair as well as free, with optimism about the benefits of globalisation countered by renewed calls to strengthen the nation-state.
I mean that literally, as well as figuratively: as well as searching for fan art and monitoring the podcast's Wiki, I now donate $5 a month to keep the show running.
Public filings on Mr Ghosn's pay and perks would have been Nissan's responsibility as well as his; any shortcomings should have been flagged up by internal as well as external audits.
A copy we obtained includes investigators' margin notes pointing to key witnesses against Epstein as well as handwritten notes identifying dozens of then-underage girls, as well as their phone numbers.
How much did taking time off of the band, as well as welcoming Clint back, as well as these new members into the writing process, feel like Cursive could start fresh?
It interviewed more than 20 rape survivors, as well as lawyers, doctors and police officials in four states with a high prevalence of rape, as well as New Delhi and Mumbai.
It is suffused with sadness as well as humor, with hope as well as weary despair, and Fishman describes the turmoil of family, parenthood and cultural emotion with urgent, sly detachment.
Even today, the populist label is applied to Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan as well as to Venezuela's Nicolás Maduro, to Italy's Beppe Grillo as well as to France's Marine Le Pen.
The tournament plays host to 20 of the world's finest rugby nations, as well as some of the biggest, strongest, and toughest men on the planet — as well as the heaviest.
It added the check, as well as the implementation of the belt lock fixture, would be free of charge for the affected Polo as well as Seat's Ibiza and Arona models.
I might add, the leading tax people on both sides of the aisle, as well as my colleagues in the administration and the Treasury, as well as people on the outside.
Recent offerings include velvety textiles in jewel tones and pale pastels, as well as a range of polished prints, from intricate jacquards to splatter, as well as, of course, classic stripes.
Large majorities oppose mass deportations, because they are cruel, as well as President Trump's proposed wall along the United States-Mexico border, because it will be ineffectual as well as expensive.
Hong Kong as well as other regional markets more generally are also on edge amid a trade dispute between the United States and China, as well as slowing global economic growth.
Besides, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, the Philippines as well as India all enjoyed a yearly return of around 20%, and China as well as Australia were also both kept in the green.
That semi-rogue status helped SoundCloud for many years, as it became a playground for adventuresome listeners, as well as creators, as well as a marketing platform for some music owners.
Lawmakers -- as well as President Donald Trump -- have responded.
As well as via API — to some 1,500 organizations.
That group includes , and Nutonomy, as well as Waymo.
Sharing new discoveries increases knowledge -- as well as bonding.
L) - as well as upmarket players Marks & Spencer (MKS.
José Rodríguez, as well as the House side -- Rep.
As well as Hannukkah, Chanuka ... you get the idea.
"I would like an admission that he was wrong, an admission that, 'Oops, maybe I didn't handle it as well as I should have, I didn't set it up as well as I should have, that I didn't maintain it or oversee it as well as I should have,'" Simpson told AP this week.
The commission provided English as well as Chinese descriptions of their suspected crimes and where they might be living, as well as showing their pictures, in a statement released late on Wednesday.
Some original content on top of that, as well as features like the ability to watch it without ads, as well as to be able to offline any content that you want.
The ministry said the gang had robbed several Egyptians, as well as a Nigerian identified as Rasheed G. and a Portuguese man named Carlos M., as well as David K., an Italian.
Duplex will certainly be a hot topic at this year's I/O, as well as the standard updates to Google Lens, Maps, and News, as well as the next version of Android.
Your genetic coding helps define the timing of that milestone moment, as well as when you first have children -- and how many you have -- as well as your actual functioning during sex.
But Washington had been keeping close tabs on Kislyak, as well as documenting a range of contacts between those around Trump and Russian officials as well as others linked to the Kremlin.
Those IP addresses belong to the World Bank, as well as the central banks of Brazil, Chile, Estonia, Mexico and Venezuela, as well as a wide range of well known global banks.
"In this study, as well as previous studies, obesity may be linked to systemic inflammation that can worsen asthma as well as other obesity related conditions such a sleep apnea," he said.
India aims to showcase its potential as a driver of global economic growth, after China, as well as its soft power, reflected in the popularity of yoga as well as its cuisine.
But even that was enough to rattle investors and economists, as well as European Union officials, and to revive questions about the real intentions of the government, as well as its seriousness.
For this plan, you'll need to know how to do a basic two foot jump, as well as two more advanced moves, "in and out" as well as jumps on one foot.
Hotels, resorts and casinos, as well as retailers like Victoria's Secret and Thomas Pink, depend on ambient scents to strengthen brand identity — as well as to get customers to linger and spend.
Andrew J. Ries is a constructor of standard crosswords as well as PandAs and has provided us with a run of stellar themeless weekend puzzles (as well as a Sunday or two).
Both terms designate a lifestyle — as well as a look — describing a set of political and social beliefs, as well as a hairstyle or a type of glasses (wire-rimmed, of course).
The M.T.A.'s board voted to increase the cost of weekly and monthly MetroCards, as well as most rides on the commuter rails, as well as tolls for its bridges and tunnels.
Because the Chinese system is so different with state-owned companies as well as private companies, as well as you know, more restrictive access to their country typically than we have of ours.
This has been the result of pressure from the ECB as well as a brisk economic upswing in the euro zone, which has helped borrowers as well as luring buyers for those loans.
State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman asked for a list as well, as well as assurances that the Department of Homeland Security and US Customs and Border Protection were complying with the judge's order.
Anslinger toiled endlessly to publicly associate marijuana with immigrants, as well as African Americans, specifically jazz artists, owing to his distaste for the bold musical form (as well as for those playing it).
The film is directed by Jonathan Levine and written by The Post's Liz Hannah as well as Dan Sterling, and produced by Rogen's Point Grey Pictures as well as Theron and Good Universe.
Brian Epstein, who agreed to manage the Beatles in 1962, realized that in an age increasingly dominated by television as well as photography, the band had to look as well as sound good.
Protests spread to downtown Khartoum on Sunday as well as three cities to the south; the southwestern cities of Nyala and Geneina; as well as al-Damazin, residents in these areas told Reuters.
But as well as being a headset that Google is selling, it also acts as a reference design for other manufacturers to create their own headsets as well as Google Daydream-compatible smartphones.
AcadGild offers courses for frontend and backend developers, as well as for those who want to learn about data science and mobile development (as well as a few select tech-centric business classes).
Those two speakers and the soundbar itself shoot upwards as well as laterally, meaning you'll have a somewhat traditional 5.1 system as well as the sensation of four discrete sources from the ceiling.
Since then Trump has been amassing a huge war chest, as well as building out a full-fledged campaign organization that has branches to focus on major donations as well as small donations.
This gives LinkedIn messenger a robust GIF search platform, as well as ways to find trending GIFs, as well as a custom trending stream based on GIFs most often found in their network.
Customers use Plastiq to pay for a variety of services, as well as for recurring payments, like rent, insurance, or car payments, as well as for less frequent needs like taxes or tuition.
Research by, among others, Kathryn Whetten of Duke University found that in east Africa (as well as Cambodia and India) children in such orphanages do as well as in family settings—sometimes better.
Police said they found nine assault weapons as well as more than two dozen hunting rifles, pistols and bayonets at his home in Gallarate as well as ammunition and antique plaques featuring swastikas.
So Mr. Simons shelved some early plans and set about incorporating Mapplethorpe's photography into his collection: the celebrity portraits as well as the self-portraits, the erotic photos as well as the flowers.
It found that, after controlling for the prior drinkers, as well as other confounders, those who drank a moderate amount had a lower risk of death than abstainers as well as heavy drinkers.
Such an arrangement might protect the United States, but it would leave Japan (as well as South Korea) in the immediate danger zone, as well as open to nuclear coercion by North Korea.
The duvet covers, on the other hand, have a button closure as well as twill ties in all corners, as well as a flap of fabric that helps to smooth out the edges.
It features the pioneering chrome-tube furniture by the European Bauhaus modernists Marcel Breuer, Mies van der Rohe as well as Le Corbusier, as well as its less imposing repercussions among American designers.
This super bloom has offered a particularly welcome respite, a reminder that the increasingly extreme climate conditions can produce beauty as well as destruction, wondrous golden fields as well as mudslides and wildfires.
His patience saved my hearing, as well as my face.
A leadership election would be embarrassing as well as bloody.
Qatar Airways employs young men as well as women. True.
The plaintiffs are seeking a refund as well as damages.
Indulging in the high as well as prepping the shot.
Yet the hung parliament brings opportunities as well as risks.
But he offered hope and enthusiasm as well as money.
Bids will be accepted online as well as in person.
It's surprising that they did as well as they did.
Jerry Brown as well as other officials, the statement said.
I hate this guy," as well as, "More blood, Peter.
Microphones don't work nearly as well as the human ear.
It will apply to unaccompanied children, as well as adults.
This series 9 performs as well as I was hoping.
Beto O'Rourke and Booker, as well as Biden and Sanders.
I post my columns there as well as original video.
Neutron star collisions release gravitational waves, as well as light.
It is vulnerable over gas supplies as well as oil.
News as well as a correspondent for red carpet coverage.
They were uncomfortable and didn't work as well as AirPods.
It's a way to communicate emotion as well as information.
The stock market is about perception as well as fundamentals.
That includes cars and machinery as well as agricultural products.
They are doing as well as they can right now.
Of course, this doesn't work as well as you'd hope.
This goes for your home as well as at work.
Better yet, it works on phones as well as tablets.
They often denounce racism as well as capitalism and government.
It is nontraditional collectors as well as traditional intelligence operatives.
Margaret handles this about as well as you would expect.
ET: Updated with comment, as well as with additional context.
Strikes were planned for this weekend as well as Dec.
Locals can identify hidden resources as well as critical impediments.
They also met former minors as well as local artists.
That went down about as well as you would expect.
Dinah Sykes and Barbara Bollier, as well as state Rep.
Tom Cotton and Marco Rubio, as well as Democratic Sen.
Each object, as well as his body, was carefully labeled.
The card supports contactless payments as well as ATM withdrawals.
They will need big ideas as well as powerful rhetoric.
So the answer is yes, as well as others things.
But F1 may bring Liberty grief as well as glamour.
Adam Schiff, as well as at least 12 other candidates.
Fanciful nostalgia, as well as crass materialism, drives the slaughter.
If so, Brazil's politicians lack wisdom as well as money.
The two major parties are incompetent as well as divided.
The study found geographical differences as well as ethnic disparities.
And that has ramifications for employers as well as employees.
I haven't figured it out as well as she has.
John Lewis, as well as Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan.
Another trio involving Australia, includes France as well as India.
EST, as well as on Logo's website and mobile app.
And life expectancy can go down as well as up.
John Cornyn and Ted Cruz, as well as Texas Gov.
Revolut supports Singapore dollar as well as 13 other currencies.
Kamala Harris, as well as former Vice President Joe Biden.
Mazie Hirono and Brian Schatz, as well as former Gov.
That should include financial liability as well as medical risk.
Bankers grumble about regulation as well as low interest rates.
Barbara Boxer as well as scores of local elected officials.
What we do is for children as well as adults.
Other selections, as well as the schedule, are at
Both brands offer frozen options as well as refrigerated ones.
"Things aren't selling as well as they should," he said.
O), as well as retailer Wal Mart Stores Inc (WMT.
The letter was signed by Murray, as well as Sens.
Thom Tillis and Lindsey Graham, as well as Democratic Sens.
Chris Coons and Bill Nelson as well as Republican Sens.
That could hurt Republicans as well as Democrats, he said.
My granddad was a bullfighter as well as my dad.
Talk to people offline as well as on digital platforms.
It has the tallest bridge as well as the longest.
It has transformed logistics and finance, as well as retailing.
" As well as, "I [will] leave you in a wheelchair.
The book covers behavioral questions, as well as technical questions.
ET as well as St. Louis Fed President James Bullard.
I mean, you know this as well as I do.
For her, baking was therapy as well as a hobby.
They have smaller app sizes as well as smaller updates.
Armies fight with silicon as well as steel (see article).
But Brexit is a symptom as well as a cause.
The government, as well as the bank, had been embarrassed.
But danger, as well as Bernard, is COB's middle name.
One very talented director, as well as a compelling storyline.
Democracy requires consent as well as the rule of law.
We wanted to have naked men, as well as women.
Not all projects have gone as well as these two.
This is true across economies as well as within firms.
This strategy is working about as well as you'd expect.
Such data can be abused personally as well as constitutionally.
Increased notoriety has drawn fans as well as deterring them.
Alibaba and Tencent, as well as UnionPay, are expanding overseas.
I'm following your argument as well as the audience, right?
Their willingness to suffer engendered sympathy as well as havoc.
These references ground Memory in art as well as poetry.
We're now discussing offsets, as well as certain structural issues.
Wilde hopes to direct again as well as continue acting.
It's a tech challenge as well as an artistic challenge.
Democrats are also targeting Ayotte, as well as Republican Sens.
Yeah, it goes about as well as you might expect.
They were all very sincerely apologetic, as well as surprised.
Points are awarded for being interesting as well as correct.
The law protects the gullible as well as the sophisticated.
Mr Trump is a showman as well as a pragmatist.
N) as well as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV (FCA) (FCHA.
And it worked as well as he could've possibly imagined.
The scandal reverberates through politics as well as the internet.
Kavanaugh has vehemently denied her claims as well as Ford's.
MACCALLUM: -- in war as well as his commitment to results.
The metal frame should work as well as your refrigerator.
They are often marketed to adults as well as children.
Kamala Harris of California as well as other Democratic candidates.
Neither of us slept as well as we used to.
It contributes pollution related deaths as well as global warming.
The song's title, as well as its whereabouts, are unknown.
They were young and old, as well as racially diverse.
As well as commuters' lives, cities will be transformed, too.
And that might have social as well as nutritional consequences.
Rick Scott of Florida as well as law enforcement. Gov.
As well as Koba Prime, from the rap collective, Prime.
The malware DNSChanger attacks home routers, as well as computers.
We need to fight against capitalism, as well as patriarchy.
Because of the football as well as the heatwave. Mad.
In theory, that benefits California's Harris as well as Sen.
ET, as well as mortgage applications, expected at 7.00 a.m.
Become preoccupied with their future careers, as well as appearance.
Exactly. No one has done as well as he's done.
I just don't anticipate them as well as I should.
She has a background in food as well as history.
James Mattis for secretary of Defense as well as Rep.
HARWOOD: In the realm of defense as well as trade.
Currently, he's in therapy as well as Britton's support group.
Ten senators, including Merkley and Franken, as well as Sen.
We enjoy both mecha fantasy as well as dark fantasy.
It's amazing that things work as well as they do.
Authorities have spoken with him, as well as his family.
The American doctor as well as independent experts were consulted.
It's something our society teaches, as well as evangelical culture.
Flirting?" as well as "What are the clear red lines?
That meeting included Ernst and Lee, as well as Sen.
Share political hot takes from women as well as men.
But the move as well as higher expenses dented margins.
"I'm not moving as well as I'd like," Woods said.
High Speed 2 benefits the north as well as London.
But Brazilian bankers have been sensible as well as lucky.
That would lift Americans' spirits as well as their economy.
EST, as well as modified MTA Transit and bus service.
Your next tattoo could be functional as well as aesthetic.
Dan Kildee and Dina Titus as well as Republican Reps.
We have to pay his lawyer as well as ours.
A white undershirt completes the costume, as well as sneakers.
The whole thing goes about as well as you'd expect.
S. Dhoni,' as well as tracks from old Hindi movies.
The club boosts the city as well as Red Bull.
Some departments worked all night, as well as all day.
Scientific progress now brought new fears as well as hope.
Manchin met with Collins and Murkowski — as well as Sen.
Scott Wagner (R), as well as a battle for Sen.
We can look for more economic as well as military
It's freedom, and it works as well as you do.
The boxing superfight that is large as well as pointless.
Genome data have to be stored as well as analysed.
It includes former professionals as well as enthusiastic amateurs now.
She admitted to Googling some, as well as using Wikipedia.
"It's political suicide as well as mass homicide," Beletsky said.
But the office carries symbolic as well as legal power.
Liquidity varies over as time as well as between assets.
But she was a pragmatist as well as a meliorist.
His parents reacted about as well as could be expected.
So let's aim for ideological as well as ethnic diversity.
It's that they worked together as well as they did.
He also runs WarnerMedia, as well, as the company's CEO.
Energy efficiency saves your electricity bill as well as decarbonizing.
Essar operates the chemical plant as well as the refinery.
These, as well as television, require considerable time and investment.
This required crafty thinking as well as slicing and cutting.
Clapper advocated for new sanctions, as well as better education.
Automating Inequality, as well as other books like them, are
Every Republican on the panel, as well as Democratic Sen.
Elizabeth Warren, as well as more seasoned campaigners like Biden.
Furthermore, Trump's expressions lacked intellectual rigor, as well as conviction.
Ruben Kihuen and actress America Ferrara as well as Reps.
John McCain as well as the family of Khizr Khan.
Clinton strongly criticized Mr. Trump, as well as his supporters.
There is good news in that as well as bad.
Could it work as well as other masks I've tried?
The Rosetta mission has inspired artists as well as scientists.
Toxic masculine values poison inwards as well as outwards. #InternationalMensDay.
Keep tabs on what you're sending, as well as receiving.
Like, it's a lifestyle as well as an incredible cuisine.
He could take votes from Trump as well as Clinton.
The cobbled streets of the picturesque neighborhood, as well as
The watch automatically called 211, as well as his wife.
Martin Luther King, as well as for Clay and others.
Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, as well as former Rep.
She was charged with "terroristic threats" as well as assault.
Being vice president brought political baggage, as well as benefits.
Mr. Duggal was an inventor as well as an entrepreneur.
Twitter as well as Google and Apple declined to comment.
Last year, it issued 11,492, as well as 22,753 diffusions.
Clinton is portrayed as morally, as well as legally, blameless.
Johnson is attending as well as Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.
Sting is still releasing new music, as well as touring.
Plus they can save you money as well as time.
The revelations prompted the lawsuits as well as congressional investigations.
The widow -- Myeshia Johnson -- as well as Florida Democratic Rep.
James Risch of Idaho -- as well as three Democrats -- Sen.
Flirting is important for couples as well as for singles.
Customer cravings include emotional needs as well as rational ones.
On February 22, 1884, thousands of citizens as well as
As well as a WAGs spinoff, untitled Nat & Liv Project.
That is a double standard as well as double taxation.
Spring has arrived on Broadway, financially as well as seasonally.
It's a scary time for artists as well as fans.
Milosz knew the reasons for skepticism as well as anyone.
DE) and Boehringer Ingelheim as well as carmaker Daimler (DAIGn.DE).
The anecdotes describe frustrations with Trump as well as lawmakers.
As well as the one fatality, another Guard was wounded.
Why not use our skills as well as our wallets?
These typically take place during intermissions as well as postgame.
Theron thanked director George Miller, as well as Warner Bros.
And you wind up shortchanging them as well as yourself.
Ted Cruz and President Trump, as well as from Sen.
In MEPAN, comprehension is intact, as well as cognitive development.
As well as being exciting it was equally as scary.
As well as running your bars, you're also a sommelier.
As well as saving lives, transplants save money, she says.
They offer standalone graphics as well as responsive HTML5 images.
It's a fantastic day for romance as well as travel.
This was the case for men as well as women.
As for cartoonists, I liked MacNelly as well as Oliphant.
It is optimal to eliminate overpayments as well as underpayments.
Ginsburg had memorized the argument, as well as the cites.
I ordered a classic cheeseburger as well as Tuscan fries.
Mr. McCain is a survivor as well as a hero.
But O'Rourke had serious momentum, as well as prominent fans.
A metaphor for life, as well as for this issue.
N), as well as electric car maker Tesla Inc (TSLA.
You will need to have whites as well as reds.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were provided, as well as snacks.
That includes Apple, for example, as well as semiconductor companies.
Ralph Northam's signature, as well as Delaware and New Hampshire.
Alinejad, stubborn as well as rebellious, is not terribly bothered.
We hang together in sickness as well as in health.
He includes metanarratives as well as letters, emails and speeches.
That included Time, as well as Sports Illustrated and Fortune.
Even among conservatives, each has critics as well as supporters.
Offers tastings and tours, as well as lunch and dinner.
In union, inevitably, there are fissures as well as strength.
They describe movement and subtle motion as well as disappearance.
DC: Phizz has applications for sport as well as travel.
The most productive engineers as well as the least productive.
None of it worked as well as he would like.
It is miserably regulated in California as well as nationally.
As well as the pure air there is also camaraderie.
Here are seven other takeaways, as well as video highlights.
As well as, of course, more appreciation of Hot Jafar.
I think we've played them as well as we could.
We discussed her memoir as well as her larger career.
The challenges are diplomatic and economic as well as military.
Today, girls are doing as well as boys in math.
Rosters must be note perfect, as well as constantly updatable.
Such is the case in life, as well as literature.
"We will have tenderness as well as grief," she added.
The answer (as well as the solution) is pretty straightforward.
It is a delicate moment politically as well as militarily.
Donham's confession prompted Till's family, as well as Illinois Rep.
It's a hobby as well as part of my job.
These are scary times, for women as well as men.
Both strategic buyers like ours, as well as other investors.
Jeni James Arndt and Adrienne Benavidez, as well as sens.
Districts cut support staff as well as regular classroom teachers.
Her performance was courageously exposed, emotionally as well as vocally.
Neural networks can generate believable sounds as well as images.
They challenge their peers' presuppositions as well as their own.
Leeds knows as well as anyone the power of decluttering.
Obviously, we're not sailing as well as we should be.
Mr. Sessions apparently seizes up as well as clamming up.
That includes David Chang's Fuku, as well as Shula Burger.
Of course, this includes all meals, as well as transfers.
Their words were aimed at Jews as well as blacks.
At first, I played about as well as I felt.
The exemptions apply to international as well as domestic flights.
Va.) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) — as well as Sen.
There is inevitably anger, as well as love and grief.
This instinct comes naturally to mayors as well as veterans.
It was doing as well as ever, he assured me.
For businesses, the plan offers uncertainty as well as promise.
Few authors do male vulnerability as well as Richard Russo.
It is used in hunting as well as shooting competitions.
KS), as well as Jaguar Land Rover and Ferrari (RACE.MI).
Sanders handled it as well as anyone could have expected.
Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, as well as Virginia Rep.
Congress should think wisely about today as well as tomorrow.
Few companies appear to do this as well as Amazon.
It was signed by 30 Democrats, as well as Sens.
Ted Budd and Patrick McHenry, as well as Republican Sen.
This is their story as well as Ron and Nicole's.
Many said the program was confusing as well as unaffordable.
Pat Roberts as well as those of North Carolina Sen.
As well as larger windows with dimmers instead of shades,...
A Political Overture" as well as his "Symphony No. 2.
Wall Street, as well as consumers, clearly beg to differ.
We have spent vacations together as well as many holidays.
This attracted two telephone bidders as well as its guarantor.
"Master of None" shouldn't work as well as it does.
The formula works well for lips as well as eyes.
We emailed Marsanico, as well as Teen Vogue for comment.
We see his forms as well as see through them.
John McCain as well as his father and his grandfather.
I'm the primary nurturer as well as the primary breadwinner.
Her kindness eventually extends to herself as well as others.
And by "discuss," I mean listen as well as talk.
The government needed budget discipline as well as low inflation.
But the approach brings risks as well as potential rewards.
It has no business working as well as it does.
A website hosted by GoDaddy as well as a Change.
Ron DeSantis and David Jolly, as well as Lieutenant Gov.
Some scents add monetary value as well as historical interest.
Firstly, Google Play pass includes apps as well as games.
We have other challenges as well as carbon dioxide: 1.
But other efforts don't stand alone as well as Waymo.
Intelligent media consumers, as well as policymakers, can become confused.
DE), as well as with U.S. firm Cummins Inc (CMI.
Andrew M. Cuomo, as well as state and city lawmakers.
I can rebound as well as any of the bigs.
Kennedy to Mr. Ormsby Gore, as well as other papers.
The U.S. provides logistical support, as well as some intelligence.
Luck, as well as judgment, has facilitated Mr. Dimon's supremacy.
We value high performing products, as well as the environment.
Earnings per share, as well as revenue, topped analysts' expectations.
Y.) and Amy Klobuchar (Minn.) as well as Washington Gov.
These include many recent movies, as well as classic titles.
Darrell Issa and Ed Royce -- as well as Arizona Rep.
Eric Swalwell and Val Demings, as well as GOP Reps.
Stocks, bonds, and commodities trading, as well as investment banking.
This could mean using biological as well as chemical catalysts.
And they did just as well as with the lights.
At first, things did not go as well as hoped.
But China sees enemies abroad as well as at home.
This would help rich countries as well as poor ones.
Jerry Brown, as well as their own past personal indiscretions.
It's a lurching turn as well as a missed opportunity.
I.O. and the United Steelworkers, as well as some Democrats.
There are moments of domination, psychological as well as physical.
As well as Italian railway group Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane.
Several described their struggle as intergenerational as well as political.
About as well as she knows how to govern America.
The athlete's impact within, as well as beyond, the sport?
You're talking about heat related disease as well as cold.
I practice shibari in private, as well as on stage.
But the spiritual life requires action as well as contemplation.
International distribution, as well as the internet, is changing that.
Black audiences, starved for entertainment, listened as well as whites.
With age as well as gender and race, diversity matters.
Options include popular cocktails as well as some unusual concoctions.
The Tariff is about stopping drugs as well as illegals!
We're not doing as well as we think we are.
The picture evokes classic Hollywood as well as Renaissance portraiture.
That didn't work out as well as they thought. Right.
Schiller handled this about as well as you could imagine.
Your title is president as well as editor in chief.
Not all works of art age as well as others.
I kept him in front of me as well as I could, kicking and striking him in front of me as well as I could, kicking and striking him whenever I got the chance.
The podcast, as well as the TV series, explores how Meehan used manipulation tactics to convince his girlfriend (and later wife) Newell that he is a doctor as well as overall stand-up guy.
Wolfe uses a huge lexicon of historical words, as well as cobbled-together Latin and Greek, to create a context for Severian that is both thrilling and new as well as ancient and resonant.
Mahindra, which manufactures cars in India as well as a range of commercial vehicles including tractors, as well as aerospace technology, would provide Ford with key expertise in operating in the potentially lucrative market.
That may have implications for doctors as well as athletes, because the metabolites and electrolytes that the human body secretes in sweat can be used to determine muscle fatigue as well as hydration levels.
It includes more than 80,000 soldiers on land, sea and air as well as the ongoing campaign to defeat Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (or ISIS) as well as the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Merkel's interview on Sunday with her nation's leading daily, the Frankfurter Allgemeine, hit every major hot button for trans-Atlantic as well as pan-European relations -- migration, finance, as well as defense and security.
For Twitter, the deal may bring a number of new users to its service, as well as well as give it a way to test out original content, and the advertising potential surrounding that.
I built this EP with software and plug-ins I built myself, as well as samples from games, citing my time as an emo-obsessed teen as well as my background in classical music.
ARKit 2, part of iOS 12,, will support improved face tracking as well as support for shared AR experiences among multiple users as well as objects that persist from one AR session to another.
Among men, increases in mortality rates were recorded for oral and pharynx cancers, as well as cancers affecting the soft tissue of the heart, brain and other nervous systems, as well as pancreatic cancer.
Lime, meanwhile, said in a statement that it is pulling its fleets in Miami as well as in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale ahead of the storm, as well as reducing its fleet in Tampa.
While we don't report on those polls for a slew of reasons, it does suggest there is a universe in which Biden isn't doing as well as well as some other polls have found.
Asiana Airlines is reducing flights between South Korea and Thailand as well as South Korea and Vietnam, the Bangkok Post and The Star reported, as well as suspending a route between Jeju and Daegu.
Both campaigns are heavily focusing their buys on the hotly contested state of Florida, as well as Pennsylvania, which is currently leaning in Clinton's direction, as well as the battlegrounds of Ohio and North Carolina.
Agha and Dardar even used these email accounts, as well as their Syrian IP addresses to conduct several Google searches both to prepare their attacks, as well as to search for the subsequent news coverage.
Madewell, Anthropologie and Free People tops (priced around $25-$35) as well as dresses from trendy brands ($45-65) and as well as a scattering of designer and less expensive items fill Gibb's digital closet.
As well as large, private spaces for bigger companies (like Starbucks and HSBC), the perks include free coffee, craft beer on draft, and fresh fruit water, as well as the use of a WeWork app.
The company offers its clients managed services for building their infrastructure on AWS (as well as VMWare), help with achieving security and regulatory compliance, as well as services for running modern DevOps and container architectures.
As for why the Model X was selected in the end, the Basel-Stadt cited its ecological benefits, as well as cost savings over the life of the vehicle, as well as its storage capacity.
Kroger has been growing its online business with both its ClickList online grocery ordering service as well as providing grocery deliveries through third-party providers, including InstaCart, Shipt as well as conducting tests with Uber.
Disney and Comcast and Fox (as well as CBS and Viacom and Discovery) get a cut of the monthly fees that distributors collect from subscribers, as well as the advertising it sells to that audience.
This way, they found thousands of open OneDrive folders with potentially sensitive information, as well as Google Maps links that could be used to identify the people who created them, as well as their identity.
The Pentagon is looking into whether Russia participated or assisted in the April 4 chemical attack in Syria, as well as well as an attack on a local hospital, senior U.S. military officials said Friday.
Vaping industry groups, as well as some of Trump's political allies and campaign officials, have been urging the president to exempt mint and menthol flavors, as well as carve out vape shops from flavor restrictions.
More than 250,000 drivers, take passengers on motorcycles or by cars as well as carry packages and food from place-to-place as as well as massage therapists, according to Piotr Jakubowski, chief marketing officer.
Russia's role in the election, as well as possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow, has become the subject of a special counsel investigation, as well as probes by at least four congressional committees.
Like his predecessor Yasser Arafat, as well as the other current senior leaders of the PA, they have long taken for granted the financial assistance from the United States, as well as the European Union.
In November 2019, 19 of Mexico's 32 states as well as the nation's capital, Mexico City, issued a gender violence alert that triggered emergency measures to address the problem as well as to raise awareness.
The program will focus on the 48 counties with the highest HIV rates, as well as seven states with high HIV rates in rural areas, as well as Washington, DC, and San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Advocates say that smart guns could be a key way to reduce accidental shootings, especially by children, as well as teen suicides (often committed with a parents' gun), as well as crimes with stolen guns.
The Babylon team is providing mobile health services in Rwanda as well as the UK, with plans to extend to other countries on the African continent, as well as North America and the Middle East.
As well as battery makers and recyclers, electric vehicle producers will also be required to participate in the scheme, and must provide online recycling services to customers as well as detailed information about recycling practices.
Community Action also provides 35,000 lower-income residents with housing and energy assistance, as well as education programs, and receives funding from all levels of government, as well as from the private sector and foundations.
She is a jovial figure, as well as an intellectual individual.
As well as providing infrastructure, StarTimes also produces and distributes content.
The account showcases popular, perennial favorites as well as seasonal products.
Food and transport for students, as well as education, are free.
He's a photographer in real life, as well as a painter.
KS), as well as Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings Ltd (0700.
Philosophy helps us do so every bit as well as psychology.
Many are violent as well as poor, or have oppressive governments.
Hollywood is in a battle for attention as well as dollars.
Mr Sarandos buys quality as well as quantity with his billions.
It also works with Amazon's Alexa as well as Google Assistant.
There's a greater risk of outliving assets, as well as spouses.
Mall Security responded immediately as well as the Bloomington Police Department.
This has benefited big cloud providers, as well as smaller firms.
As well as the 18 dead, 18 more people were hospitalized.
Putin, as well as certain policy differences, most especially on trade.
Job coaches know each person's behavior, as well as their abilities.
Ownership issues as well as tariff and nontariff barrier type issues.
That adversely affects physicians as well as the patients they see.
Bubbles make pricing irrational going up as well as going down.
Even better, the technique works just as well as regular contouring.
Minnesota, Garrison Keillor, as well as superdelegates Governor Mark Dayton, senators
You can find them in local stores, as well as online.
It's not rocket science to celebrate women as well as men.
Rihanna is reportedly seeking an injunction as well as unspecified damages.
And, guess what, he moves every bit as well as them.
For Mackie, as well as Bill, that's a big no duh.
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, as well as New York Sen.
N) as well as other financial companies such as BlackRock (BLK.
And Duolingo does keep expanding, as well as launching new features.
Corruption scandals rocked Petrobras, Petroecuador and Pemex, as well as PDVSA.
He's done almost as well as you did, Darrell, in college.
So the Kennedy brothers – as well as President Lyndon Johnson; Sen.
Joni Ernst has met with Trump, as well as Indiana Gov.
ASDs can affect behavior as well as social and communication skills.
This could prove a problem for automakers as well as customers.
After that, Genesis, as well as her entire family, went vegan.
Air-conditioners can protect people, as well as make them sick.
Sanctions can include a travel ban, as well as financial measures.
The purchase was motivated by emotion as well as by practicality.
As well as her alleged lying at a Democratic primary debate.
The surrogate is better protected as well as the intended parents.
These posters needed to be portable as well as attention-grabbing.
Jackie Spier as well as her partners in the senate, Sens.
No amount of brand-building works as well as finding hits.
Rashida Tlaib, a freshman Congresswoman from Michigan, as well as Reps.
It's available in Apple's App Store as well as Google Play.
Affected voters are required to provide identification as well as affidavits.
We didn't know it as well as we thought we did.
He hires clerks across the board, women, as well as men.
This is a practical concern as well as a philosophical one.
The sanctions ban natural gas imports as well as textile exports.
The answer could save you a headache as well as cash.
Arms shipments as well as joint training and research and development.
Johnson herself tested positive for that drug as well as opiates.
AS), as well as the more recent entry of Amazon (AMZN.
We haven't seen anyone else do this as well as vArmour.
Chapo understood the power of his mystique as well as anyone.
He was fired by that network as well as CBS News.
Ron Johnson Tuesday, as well as Democrat Brian Schatz of Hawaii.
O), as well as smaller optical component makers Acacia Communications (ACIA.
Republicans currently control both chambers as well as the White House.
The Gates foundation is experimenting with carrots, as well as sticks.
That very human inclination can motivate machines as well as man.
There is immense value, as well as great pleasure, in this.
Investigators are seeking more information as well as other potential victims.
The Ravens restock and reload as well as any NFL team.
Regionalism is a political construct, as well as a social construct.
As well as Ellen Degeneres, John Mayer, and Demi Lovato. 8.
Often this is for political reasons as well as regulatory ones.
As well as setting cars alight, militants opened fire on worshippers.
In a joint statement later Wednesday, Schiff, as well as Rep.
From it radiated the emperors' cosmic as well as terrestrial power.
Soldiers and terrorists were killed as well as an Egyptian prosecutor.
The value of investments can go down as well as up.
N) and Cerberus as well as Canadian asset manager Brookfield (BAMa.
N) and Cerberus as well as Canadian asset manager Brookfield (BAMa.
American presidents can hand out favours as well as harsh words.
We need to grow organically as well as do strategic acquisition.
Hence the country cottage, as well as a duplex in Chelsea.
The piece refers to both new medicines as well as generics.
It's a personal epic as well as a space-opera epic.
Through two tracks, as well as a design track in Code.
Did the third one do as well as the first two?
This event drew large crowds, as well as the local community.
The participants included Collins and Murkowski as well as Republican Sens.
However, contract performance and renegotiation, as well as refinance, risks remain.
The city's metro system remained closed, as well as its airport.
As well as being speedy, the process needs to be transparent.
Sourcing is an issue in Switzerland as well as in Detroit.
As well as one piece of reality: Who has the job?
A few of the campers, as well as Buckley, recognized her.
The new government has to tackle investment as well as consumption.
No one has ever done ugly as well as Rocky Marciano.
These chemicals can harm human health, as well as the environment.
Your kid will remember the closeness as well as the story.
He understood PFOA's history as well as anyone inside DuPont did.
Patania II will collect nodules as well as traverse the seabed.
Mrs May turned out to be ruthless as well as ambitious.
Mr Issaias mulled eventual political union as well as economic integration.
The launch went down about as well as a dodgy drumstick.
Mr Grant recognises that Bagehot had weaknesses as well as strengths.
Asia's beleaguered waterbirds might be diplomatic as well as zoological treasures.
Creditech can manage loans as well as advise on their sale.
This went down with snowboarders about as well as you'd expect.
That's why the livestock program worked as well as it did.
But, for Booker as well as the likes of Colorado Sen.
It interprets the constitution as well as statutory and administrative law.
As well as the hardship, there was a loss of honour.
Mike Lee, Lindsey Graham, and Richard Shelby, as well as Reps.
The Genie accomplishes this goal as well as the Echo Dot.
The waterfront boasts restaurants, as well as boating and water sports.
The ban would cover social networks as well as traditional media.
He responded to the questions and as well as he could.
Those areas include smaller, secondary cities, as well as rural areas.
No one has done Bluetooth quite as well as this before.
Chuck Schumer, as well as 2020 Democratic candidates New Jersey Sen.
The earthly stakes, as well as the heavenly one, are high.
That helped drive bond yields higher, as well as bank stocks.
Firms have better access to talent as well as to money.
It's crunching up your blood pressure as well as the pavement.
My dream is still to dance as well as you ha!
They handle the ball screen as well as anyone I've seen.
He and Versace become partners in work, as well as life.
Indeed, the farrago signalled his strength as well as his weakness.
It can cause pain as well as fatigue, headaches and insomnia.
There's a small café as well as healing and massage rooms.
Contemporary as well as ancient ethnic Congolese art is handsomely displayed.
Lead Stories specializes in hoax debunking as well as fact-checking.
We both cried like babies, as well as everyone in attendance.
This impacts women and their families as well as our economy.
It works your glutes and quads, as well as your core.
So "Autumn" leads into the bathroom as well as the forest.
Mr Backhouse looks at Samuelson's personality as well as his ideas.
There was a revolution of variety as well as of quantity.
As well as marketing, there were sessions that discussed the risks.
I grab five pairs as well as two tops for her.
She spritzes lavender on her pillow as well as her skin.
Do you see what's above you, as well as what's ahead?
This often causes excruciating abdominal pain as well as irregular periods.
The action takes place online as well as in the stadium.
As well as baseball hats, beach bags, backpacks and body jewelry.
But that may not work out as well as she hopes.
The French like to educate taste buds as well as minds.
We certainly thank you for volunteering as well as your service.
You should know them just as well as the presidential candidates.
There are ways they can be misused as well as used.
She also likes consumer staples and discretionary, as well as technology.
We'll need breakthroughs in energy storage, as well as energy generation.
Berlin is trending among hipster circles, as well as Chinese dissidents.
It abolishes the Obamacare marketplaces as well as employer-sponsored coverage.
There is a complex structure in space, as well as time.
She joins us as well as Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz.
"It is some part art as well as science," he said.
Twitter didn't finish 2016 as well as investors hoped it would.
So the beneficiaries are the parents as well as the students.
The original lawsuit asserted patent claims as well as trade secrets.
As well as the currency and Brexit, they have another concern.
They have to be role models – internally as well as externally.
I suspect this will go about as well as Boaty McBoatface.
The lawsuit seeks damages and penalties as well as an injunction.
I consider him a good friend as well as a client.
This information included eye scans as well as general medical data.
In Connecticut, too, schools as well as factories are being upgraded.
We didn't rebound as well as we like down the stretch.
Also, how much should smart speakers see as well as hear?
There is bad Roth as well as good Roth, of course.
N), which are global banks, as well as U.S. Bancorp (USB.
It works on text boxes as well as images and shapes.
The incursions were encouraged by unscrupulous politicians as well as drought.
I made the glasses, as well as the goggles from scratch.
"Fishing" is a valuable book as well as an interesting one.
Oversized blazers are my go-to, as well as biker jackets.
Mr Xi, however, is state president as well as party leader.
Medics found 35 corpses as well as body parts, he said.
I could see their names, as well as their profile photos.
Maybe your penis won't work as well as it used to.
Almost as well as it handles these creep shots of coworkers.
O) and other chipmakers, as well as Ford Motor Co (F.
Each has two secretaries as well as a car and driver.
That helped drive bond yields higher, as well as bank stocks.
Politically as well as commercially, the Trump brand is in trouble.
She knows as well as I do where we stand financially.
It offers integration with Paypal as well as several other companies.
Just way more determined to do everything as well as possible.
Executives are being paid for returns as well as rising output.
I, as well as so many others are here for you.
He would administer pain in verbal, as well as physical, ways.
The group's Twitter and Facebook profiles as well as the maga3x.
VEB, as well as the Russian Agricultural Bank and Gazprombank GZPRI.
Bailey will become president as well as retaining his creative role.
We know these trees as well as we know our children.
Such a decision could provoke popular as well as prosecutorial fury.
Meals get more elaborate, as well as more dependent on tradition.
There are also sunbathing decks, as well as an outdoor bar.
It does the job as well as a see-through burqa.
The trade group includes financial institutions as well as ATM manufacturers.
And it empowers the Communist Party as well as enriching shareholders.
As well as making games, he was brilliant at playing them.
Gone are the Russian smileys, as well as the Russian metadata.
These apps can expose dating habits as well as religious affiliations.
"Some days he doesn't do as well as others," she said.
We have openings for analog as well as digital ASIC architects.
Two worked as well as the gold standard [for ALS treatment].
Al-Jubeir speaks German as well as fluent English and Arabic.
GOP Representatives Andy Biggs and Thomas Massie, as well as Rep.
Those are risk factors for heart disease, as well as cancer.
That's a risk factor for heart disease as well as cancer.
We apologized to the parents, as well as to the community.
The Bucks haven't done that as well as last year, either.
There's the essential OpenVPN protocol support, as well as older methods.
He was a friend of Stefan Zweig, as well as other
Suu Kyi is foreign affairs minister as well as state counselor.
That could attract more audiences as well as more ad revenue.
You're managing your heat source as well as managing your product.
Well, that went about as well as anything i do does.
Ruffles came on dress and skirt trims as well as jumpers.
Latina women, as well as immigrant women, are also disproportionately represented.
Elizabeth Warren, angry former Sears' workers, as well as retail pundits.
There are practical concerns as well as philosophical ones for advocates.
AS) as well as discount retailers such as Walmart Inc (WMT.
John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson, as well as equally
These can include your driving style, as well as the terrain.
Guaido's team is wielding a stick as well as a carrot.
Facebook may face repercussions with Europe, as well as at home.
The interior includes race-inspired elements as well as handcrafted details.
The reform abolishes those two agencies, as well as the SAIC.
In some cases, it works just as well as static stretching.
So it'll be mid-level jobs as well as graduate ones.
Smoking cannabis can open your mind, as well as your stomach.
"These include breastfeeding, sugar water, anesthetic creams as well as distraction."
Qassem Soleimani, as well as the increase in funding for defense.
It will include senior security officers as well as other lawyers.
It will include senior security officers as well as other lawyers.
I played with Barbie as well as Spock and GI Joe.
But as well as hitting Russian entities, Western firms also suffered.
You prefer to connect with people emotionally as well as physically.
For Coulibaly, there have been economic as well as housing benefits.
Open borders ease the flow of exports as well as individuals.
HSBC's shares are listed in Hong Kong as well as London.
His upbringing shaped his global outlook as well as his morality.
Xiao Pi's fanbase includes fans from China as well as Thailand.
They also hiss, mimicking more dangerous snakes, as well as strike.
Mr Najib heads the ministry, as well as being prime minister.
Uma was booked for the amphetamines, as well as the shrooms.
People think they know you, as well as the performer you.
Northam also swept Richmond as well as its suburbs and exurbs.
The idea is that residents share services as well as spaces.
But Wolf's reelection bid, as well as that of Democratic Sen.
There is a rational, as well as a moral, approach here.
N) and Bain Capital, as well as Fujifilm Holdings Corp (4901.
As well as my diet, frugality also starts affecting my relationships.
MORE's climate change agenda, as well as many federal environmental regulations.
As well as NewsPicks, it also runs financial data provider Speeda.
I think it's going as well as we could have expected.
Refugees in Brazil face falling wages as well as rising unemployment.
The how question, of course, divides economists, as well as politicians.
And the printer now supports PNG files as well as JPEG.
The aid consists of blankets and medicine as well as food.
It's an adventure for the heart as well as the mind.
It's very diverse in its congregants as well as its ministry.
JP: It didn't do [as] well as we wanted it to.
America First helps the world as well as the United States.
Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris, as well as tech ally Sen.
This portion — as well as the lap — didn't need to change.
Be ready to share problems or inefficiencies, as well as solutions.
We had to be their friends as well as their parents.
It caps prices paid by private as well as public plans.
I just haven't been putting as well as I've liked to.
This year they will intimidate the police as well as voters.
Here's full broadcast info, as well as how to watch online.
She thinks it was by her father, as well as others.
Yet even these works command embodied as well as intellectual engagement.
Discount retailer Deb Shops didn't fare as well as Wet Seal.
As well as food and shelter, they need schools and jobs.
We're growing as you mention in aero as well as auto.
LARCs include intrauterine devices (IUDs) as well as implantable birth control.
Because it turns out, Republicans get cancer as well as Democrats.
As well as enjoying some support, IS commands expertise and recruits.
Concerts, sporting events and lattes, as well as travel and vacations.
The big ears are there, as well as the sad eyes.
The total figure includes issuance of notes as well as bonds.
This of course has huge economic as well as political consequences.
Race was fodder for private vendettas as well as official discrimination.
France's Total is developing renewables as well as oil and gas.
Eight hoverboard manufacturers are issuing recalls, as well as two retailers.
Things can go backwards as wellas we're seeing with America.
And without vigilance, we can go backwards as well as forwards.
Ms. Morgan is interested in isolation personally as well as literarily.
Numerous Republican lawmakers, as well as some Democrats, support the plan.
Southall said Fudge loved his family as well as his dog.
Last, the form of inversion matters as well as the fact.
Ashton's characters have pathos, vulnerability and sweetness, as well as ebullience.
This includes services like Spotify, as well as digital radio formats.
Mikhail T. Kalashnikov, as well as the year the prototype appeared.
Van Garderen's wife, Jessica Phillips, knows this as well as anyone.
Paints faces on invisible characters outside it as well as inside.
It comes in a standard queen size as well as king.
Eni and Shell, as well as their managers, deny any wrongdoing.
Good tools can enable both productivity as well as increase morale.
CRUZ: Listen, I understand frustration with Washington as well as anybody.
Indeed, demographics can present a threat as well as an opportunity.
And the bail-out funds have benefits as well as costs.
Rookie publishes good fiction as well as "sex and love" content.

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