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"and" Definitions
  1. also; in addition to
  2. then; following this
  3. go, come, try, stay, etc. and used before a verb instead of to, to show purpose
  4. used to introduce a comment or a question
  5. as a result
  6. added to synonym plus1
  7. used between repeated words to show that something is repeated or continuing
  8. used between repeated words to show that there are important differences between things or people of the same kind

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820 Sentences With "and"

How to use and in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "and" and check conjugation/comparative form for "and". Mastering all the usages of "and" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Diapering and dressing and bottles and coffee and my laptop and my phone and coats and mittens and carriers and keys and my wallet.
New Sentences 'My name is Sherman Alexie and I was born from loss and loss and loss and loss and loss and loss and loss and loss and loss and loss and loss and loss and loss.
There's guns and drugs and fashion and celebrity and parties and muscle cars and heavy metal and DJs and debauchery and darkness.
Analyzing Literary Devices My name is Sherman Alexie and I was born from loss and loss and loss and loss and loss and loss and loss and loss and loss and loss and loss and loss and loss.
His father's name is Patrick something Shaughnessy and his mother's name is I don't actually know and their parents names are andandandand their parents names are andandandandandand.
Black and white and brown and Asian and short and tall and gay and straight.
Sarah and Johnny "Bananas"Camila and Tony Nany and WesJenna and VinceAverey and LeroyJessica and Johnny ReillyAshley and CoryChristina and NateKellyAnne and JamieBriana and BrandonCheyenne and DevinNicole and DarioSimone and Thomas The Challenge: Rivals III premieres May 4 at 10 p.m.
As president of Heroica Films, I pitched and met and lunched and wrote and got optioned and prayed and auditioned and got re-optioned and re-met and cried and rewrote and pitched again.
In homes and malls and schools and synagogues and banks and hospitals and fire stations and hardware stores and breweries and car dealerships, and every kind of office — and outside those places, too — it shines.
They are our brothers and fathers and uncles and friends and lovers and husbands and roommates and sons.
Silk and chiffon and rayon and tulle and cashmere and embroidered sequins and graphic prints and color blocks.
Albert Destrade and Spencer Bledsoe and Tasha Fox and Troyzan and Hannah Shapiro and Ken McNickle and Tai Trang and Sugar Kiper and Sash Lenahan and Mick Trimming and many more players and I welcome you.
Those people just go on and on and on and on and on, and on and on and on and you're like, aah.
And that was horrible and abusive and bad and ineffective and counterproductive and wrong.
Rice and beans and fish and curry and pasta and pizza and shrimp chips.
It happened in 2012, and 2008, and 2004, and 2000, and 1996, and 1992, and 1988, and so on.
We should be developing oil, and gas, and coal, and nuclear, and wind, and solar, and ethanol, and biofuels.
Masculine and feminine, bears and otters, bottoms and tops, muscle and chubs and cubs and twinks, femme and butch.
I learned from Julia and Reese and Bette and Angela and Sarah Jessica and Mindy and Meryl and Dianne.
And Tyrion, and Missandei, and Yara, and Theon, and DRAGONS!
And text messages, and phone calls, and browsing histories, and order histories, and credit card transactions, and bank transfers, and contracts, and medical records.
And then the first car turned in to the gravel yard, and then another and then one more, and out of the cars tumbled young women and men, the girl's siblings, and their boyfriends and girlfriends and suitcases and silk scarves and red lips and laughter and flared trousers and hair and voices.
Here there's Justine and Kevin and Stefan and Gerard and Jeremy and Achilles and Liam.
And kudos and gratitude to the stellar cast and crew and writers and producers and editors and musicians and mixers and shleppers... with whom I have the pride and honor of crafting this show.
"The stock was up and down, and up and down, and up and down, and up and down, and then down and up and up —which inspires neither confidence nor fear, frankly," Cramer said.
But what the U.S. is doing in Niger and Chad and Mali and Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Djibouti and Turkey and Yemen and Jordan and Uganda and Cameroon and South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic and Somalia and Kosovo and Cuba and parts of Syria …certainly echoes Defense Secretary Melvin Laird telling President Richard Nixon the U.S. should "Vietnamize" the battle in southeast Asia.
You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen ... ... and they're all trash.
Rough and gloomy and windy and serious and foggy and dramatic.
Young and old, and fat and thin, and poor and rich.
You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen; Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen.
I'm about doing that safely and with integrity and consent and security and fucking bias and prejudice and healing and forgiveness.
It has waffles and pancakes and French toast and an omelet bar and bacon and sausage and pastries and fresh fruit?
Expansive (easier to make expansive things here) and intricate and ceramic and funny and painterly-sloppy and feminist and curious and rough-hewn and large-minded.
The living room was well appointed and old-fashioned, chockablock with paintings and sculptures and lamps and tables and books and mirrors and bowls and baskets.
We buy strap-ons and vibrators and plugs and whips and clamps and saddles and rabbits and edible lotions and every lubricant known to humankind and items ribbed for my pleasure!!!!
They, along with others from their communities and cooperatives, have dyed and stitched and knitted and woven and embroidered and painted and hammered and thrown and hand printed everything on offer.
There's no one here' and the guy saying no — to being in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and everything in between: rehabs and arguments and children being born and marriages coming and going and ups and downs and different managers and lawsuits and record labels.
The world is a cacophony of screeches and honks and hums and stinks and sweetness and reds and grays and blues and yellows and rectangles and polyhedrons and weird irregular shapes of all sorts and cold surfaces and slippery, oily ones and soft, squishy ones and sharp points and edges; but somehow all of this resolves crisply into an orderly landscape of three-dimensional objects whose qualities we remember and whose uses we understand.
Greyhound canceled service between New York and Washington, Philadelphia and Norfolk, Va.; Philadelphia and Washington and Pittsburgh; Washington and Richmond, Va., and Pittsburgh; Richmond and Fayetteville and Charlotte, N.C., and Knoxville, Tenn.
It believes in people and our stupid brains, and our even stupider hearts and movies, and love and snow and family and pasta and New York City.
The set list features drumlines and spirituals and afrobeat and crunk and classical and dance hall and screw and big band music.
It's copper and iron ore and soy and corn and beef and wheat and all of that.
Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue.
And that's Tim and Mikey and Anna Marie and Cat and Noor.
So three cheers for them, please: reporters and critics and photographers and editors, videographers and designers and engineers and audience shamans, product quarterbacks and marketing smarties, cooks and recipe testers and stylists, alike.
Well here's a list of stuff that's ruined for us: parking, and walking, and Uber, and ponytails, and bathrobes, and night time, and drinking, and hotels, and vans.
The Monkees came out and broke the barrier between television and radio, and radio and touring, and record companies and television and radio.
It is cookouts and heart disease and the prom and white picket fences and bodega cats and gossip magazines and hell and sunglasses.
Tony Perez and Rusty Staub and Steve Blass and Rico Petrocelli and Tommie Agee and Cesar Tovar and Roy White and Mel Stottlemyre.
So that certainly means writing about feminism and women's roles in politics and culture and economics, but it also means covering masculinity and sexuality and gender fluidity and race and class and looking at science and health and parenting and sport all through this lens.
In my case, I'm white and male and straight and American and a journalist and on and on.
So we'll have hoodies and sweatshirts and crop tops and bike shorts and shorts and tights and sweats.
It's every incarnation of outrage and surprise and disappointment and heartache and panic and being plused and nonplused.
It's tender and intimate and scared and shocked and frustrated and mechanical and pro forma all at once.
She was warm and generous and petty and silly and nervous and proud.
We were old and fat and white and brown and lithe and young.
We were excited and melancholy and needy and pissy and impatient and satisfied.
And-- and so-- we've been very focused on supermarkets and-- and-- and grocery.
Think about terror and uncertainty and fear and fear and sorrow and fear.
"They rule the night, those Pintos and Chargers and Gremlins and Checkers and Galaxie 500s and Fairlanes and Sables and Rivieras and LeSabres and Eldorados," writes author Luc Sante in an essay for Cars.
I know Putin and his abs will stir many good associations through 2017: of Trump, and fascism, and homophobia, and nationalism, and despotism, and hacking, and annexations, and Aleppo.
And looking ... and scrolling ... and looking ... and scrolling.
It has Sandra Bullock, and Cate Blanchett, and Rihanna, and Anne Hathaway, and Sarah Paulson, and Mindy Kaling, and Helena Bonham Carter, and Awkwafina!
Because it's everything, inclusive of money and food and sex and things and bad habits and high expectations and low moods and sleep. Everything!
Nostalgia has animated the spirit of Star Wars movies (and books and cartoons and Lego sets and videogames and and and) for four decades.
Comedies and blockbusters with Kumail Nanjiani and Dave Bautista and Issa Rae and Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart and Eugenio Derbez and Jason Momoa.
And so we've gone out and done it in the U.S. and in Canada and all over Europe and Australia and China and Japan.
Still the equation holds— jobs and health and schools and better than before and different from now and enough and always and eventually mine.
For all the horizontal back-and-forth of Rome and Mexico, sex and sport, conquistador and conquered, past and present, text and translation, straight and queer, and light and dark, part of this novel's project also seems vertical, up and down.
Perhaps they were wondering where all the others were, Margie and Matty and Amber and Arnie and Harold and Kate and Gayle, along with their mom and dad, my grandma and grandpa, Dorothy and Sam.
I want it to transition to fall, and winter, and spring, and again and again and again and again.
And now that we are in Bird and Circle and Coinbase and Lemonade and Ro and all these companies.
Squatting and lifting and climbing and digging and kneeling and hammering things in for a payday and nothing more?
And you've watched and reported individuals cope with sniping and shelling, genocide and disease and famine and natural disasters.
They're queer and working class and poor and undocumented;South Asian and Southeast Asian and Filipino and Central Asian.
It appears in film and advertising and media and music and action films and video games and stock photos.
Complicit … it covers Harvey and company, sports and company, workplace and company, and will no doubt, if not already, cover publishing and company, science and company, agriculture and company, manufacturing and company, medicine and company, Silicon Valley and company, travel and company … did I forget anyone?
There are drugs and sex and guns and plots and poisonings and electoral fraud.
I was gay and crazy and infatuated and jealous and lonely and in denial.
We are all Gabrielle and Emma and Chloe and Rajneel and Dana and Carl.
And breakfasts, and luncheons, and teas, and cocktail receptions hosted by celebrities and influencers.
We, too, were old and fat and white and brown and lithe and young.
This distrust of polling and reasoning and rationality and language and conversation and dialogue.
And auditions are insane and stupid and horrible and weird and make no sense.
We can hold both love and wonder and aw and joy, but also frustration and sickness and fear and darker stuff too and it's normal!
We can hold both love and wonder and awe and joy, but also frustration and sickness and fear and darker stuff too and it's normal!
I've been poked and prodded and scanned and strapped to a table and cut open and sewn back up over and over and over again.
And I got to write a part, and Phyllis came and and embodied it so wholly and with so much depth and humor and intelligence.
And suggesting there's any way to separate the strands of social and cultural and business and finance and progressivism and activism and tradition is naïve.
Visionary filmmakers are people like Martin Scorsese and Mati Diop and Bong Joon-ho and Marielle Heller and Christopher Nolan and Jordan Peele and Kelly Reichardt and Ryan Coogler and Lulu Wang and so many more.
Showing up and having to be more and better and give all and defy expectation and stereotype [while] still being loving and brilliant and having something to give and to share.
I do enjoy getting out there and living my life and performing and creating and having fun and being with friends and making connections that are true and lasting and inspiring.
Ballerini: Two years ago it was Carrie and Miranda, and now it's Carrie and Miranda, and me and Kacey Musgraves and Maddie and Tae, and more that are on the radio.
Immigrants and citizens and Muslims and Christians and women and men and gay and straight, altogether, work hard every day to make America work better and better for all of us.
This memoir takes more goat paths than highways as he considers friendships and books and meals and sex and morality and journalism and caregivers and toilets and the music of Bach.
Build housing and transit and jobs, parks and libraries and schools, and the streetside communities and economies will build themselves.
Yes, your ancestors plundered and pillaged and mauled their way though Britain and France and Constantinople and Russia and Ukraine.
And that requires a tremendous amount of toughness and willpower and strength and hope and faith, and they had that.
"The resistance in Lebanon today, in its possession of weapons and equipment and capabilities and members and cadres and ability and expertise and experience, and also of faith and determination and courage and will, is stronger than at any time since its launch in the region," Nasrallah said.
And I could get on TV and I could cry and tell all of this, and just go to pieces and cry, and cry, and cry.
And video games, even in 2018, have the unfortunate tendency to focus on guns and blood and gore and murder and explosions and stabbings and guns.
"Yesssssssss you try and succeed and inspire and create and move people to stop and think and react and your trying causes chain reactions," she wrote.
"What he has said about immigrants and African-Americans and Latinos and people with disabilities and POWs and our military and Muslims and everybody," she explained.
Daddy only ate Skittles, and M&Ms, and Kit Kats, and Reese's Peanut Butter cups, and gum, and the eyeballs, and the Twizzlers, and the lollipops.
For example, the extensive silver collection — we have rings and bracelets and necklaces and shot glasses and whistles and forks and spoons and all these things.
This left only the other chinchilla, and the bearded dragons and the two-foot-long blue-tongued skink, and the ball python and the albino corn snake, and the parakeets and the doves and the leopard geckos and the six aquatic turtles and the African clawed frog, all variously chirping and barking and slithering and blobbing around in their cages and tanks.
"I felt sad and scared and lonely and confused and quarantined and isolated," she says.
"I felt sad and scared and lonely and confused and quarantined and isolated," she said.
We're people ... people with hearts and lives and hopes and dreams and fears and wishes.
I've heard it in 2005 and '07 and '08 and '10 and '12 and '303.
I've heard it in 2005 and '07 and '8003 and '10 and '12 and '13.
I've heard it in 2005 and '07 and '08 and '10 and '43 and '13.
And our nation will forever be safe and strong and proud and mighty and free.
And so did other mothers, and more fathers and brothers and some uncles and aunts.
It definitely makes you twist and turn and jump and run and crawl and sweat.
We laughed and cried, and we agreed and disagreed and we dreamed and prayed together.
HANNITY: And Jarrett, and Rise, and Power, and Ben Rhodes, and the rest of them.
Look around you — at O'Shaunnessys and Riveras and Naccaratos and Goldbergs and Chens and Khans.
And labor and all the usual suspects, and privatizing public assets and on and on.
And our Nation will forever be safe and strong and proud and mighty and free.
He was mellow and sweet and optimistic, and I was angry and cynical and pessimistic.
They're at 29A and 29D, 32A and 32D, 117A and 117D, and 120A and 1203D.
Look at 4D and 24A, 14D and 242A, 298D and 2117A, and 257D and 2117A.
I like to be scared and worried and moved and puzzled and manipulated and welcomed.
Your hostess shopped and rinsed and chopped and basted and stirred and scrubbed for you.
And our nation will forever be safe and strong and proud and mighty and free.
Memos and cables and briefing books and think pieces and reports and foreign press commentaries and official-informal emails are laboriously prepared, rewritten, cleared and then transmitted to be summarized and filed.
The trailer is here, and it's full of Jon Snow and Arya and Daenerys and Cersei and Brienne of Tarth and the Unsullied and all those dragons and whatever, so quit complaining.
With every fiber of our beings, we will continue to vote and speak and write and march and do whatever we can to uphold and uplift justice and inclusion and fairness and kindness and equal opportunity for all.
And you're kind of on this Ferris wheel of just up and down and up and down and up and down.
He died and came back and died and came back and we laughed and cried and joined him on his journey.
That includes IBM and Johnson and Johnson on Tuesday; Procter and Gamble and United Technologies Wednesday, and Intel and Starbucks Thursday.
There were five couples remaining: Josh and Amanda, Grant and Lace, Nick and Jen, Evan and Carly and Wells and Ashley.
It's like The Parent Trap and The Prince and the Pauper and It Takes Two and on and on and on.
Poke rode through East End and Midtown and Downtown and Montrose for weeks and weeks, scanning alleys and corners and shacks.
And yet, Harry Potter and Hermione and Ron and Ginny — in their actions and dialogue, their preoccupations and loyalties — remain themselves.
German and French have du and tu for friends and family, and Sie and vous for unknown adults and formal speech.
We've got many Beatles and lots of Bob Dylan and Crosby Stills and Nash, and Paul Simon, and Simon and Garfunkel.
And it was one of the first stories that integrated photos and videos and graphs and graphics and interactives and maps.
And Dre would listen to it for 30 seconds or so, and then he would stop and go to another beat, and go to another bass line, and another key board riff, and stop and go and stop and go and just keep going man.
The rose ceremony goes as follows: Nicole and Clay, Kristian and Demi, Hannah and Dylan, Katie and Chris, Haley Ferguson and Luke Stone, Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Connor Saeli, Sydney and Matt, Tayshia and John (yeah, she just calls him "John"), and Kristina and Blake.
Because we know it's hard and we know they will twist our words and laugh at us and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie.
Neon orange cheese and au jus dip and white Horsey sauce vats and burgundy glue and milkshakes thicker than your forehead and beef and beef and beef?
Freeways and highways are now shaded in oranges and yellows, hospitals and schools in beige and gray, and parks and water features in green and blue, respectively.
There were modernists and postmodernists; liberals, realists, and neoliberals; communitarians and liberation theologians; Jungians and Freudians; Straussians and deconstructionists; feminists and post-feminists; Marxists and democratic socialists.
I was of wonder and imagination and kindness, and I wanted to give and play and take risks and jump and leap — that is who we are!
Not to mention medical devices, detergents and packaging, paint and modeling clay, pharmaceuticals and textiles and sex toys and nail polish and liquid soap and hair spray.
Herriman will star in the film alongside Robbie, Fanning, Reynolds, and—deep breath—Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio and Al Pacino and Kurt Russell and Timothy Olyphant and Tim Roth and Maya Hawke and James Marsden and Luke Perry and even goddamn Lena Dunham, and so, so, so many others.
And that doesn't even include the individual bloggers who are must-reads if you're following policy: Kevin Drum, and Tyler Cowen, and Brad DeLong, and Paul Krugman, and Ross Douthat, and Ramesh Ponnuru, and Jonathan Chait, and Scott Sumner, and Megan McArdle, and Jonathan Bernstein, and, again, the list goes on.
"You know, getting on a bicycle and being out and coming back for meals, and exploring snakeskins and arrowheads and cliffs and plants and abandoned houses, and having that sense of freedom and safety in the world," she explained.
And when you think about Ron Meyer and his client list, it's unbelieveable, because it was Sharon, Meryl Streep, and Madonna and Jessica Lange and Whoopi Goldberg and Jane Fonda, and I could go on and on and on.
And it is that thing that sets us apart, that ability to imagine and hypothesize, and then test and figure stuff out, and tinker and make things and make them better, and then break them down and rework them.
Brilliant, and funny, and charming, and warm, and empathic, insightful.
It's challenging and exhausting and noisy and joyous and rewarding.
Horror and satire and sex and violence and ... It's great.
They're drunk and angry and victimized (and rich and white).
And No. 2000, and No. 21, and on and on.
Zeros and Ones and Ones and Zeros and then nothing.
It's luscious and sparse and dynamic and scary and bombastic.
Features and reviews and sports and opinion and editorial. Everything.
And then we grew and grew and grew and grew.
Viruses do it, same with bacteria, and worms and wasps and fungi and on and on.
And then Turkey, and then Orlando, and then Philando, and Alton before him, and then Dallas.
We're all multifaceted, many-layered, disgusting and gorgeous and powerful and weak and filthy and brilliant.
We are the home of families and farmers and miners and manufacturers and aviators and astronauts.
It's unexpected and it's extremely heartbreaking and sad and deep and moving and, ugh, it's painful.
So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.
It's screeching eagles and American flag tank tops and explosions and motorcycles and trucks and firearms.
Books and screenplays and profiles and features and lists and short, dumb-as-hell blog posts.
What about drones and aircraft and wind turbines and electrical wires and chimneys and miscellaneous poles?
We all have more and more and more and value things less and less and less.
We sometimes read and studied together, Lorca and midrash and Eluard and Buddhist scriptures and Cavafy.
Rising and cheaper compute power and storage capacity, and rising and cheaper connectivity and data sharing.
That includes Christians and Jews and Muslims, it includes Hispanics and African-Americans and Asians, and the poor and the middle class.
They just went on and on and on, with inexplicable and deceptive aims and so many lives and limbs and trillions lost.
They tell a story, and that story is long and involved and complicated, touching on age and class and race and sexuality.
And if he and the Yankees are so fortunate, he will get it again — and again and again and again and again.
One is social reform, and that means winning hearts and minds, and that happens through schools and churches and television and universities.
It's the social technology that rules your life, from WhatsApp and Messenger and Instagram and Threads and Oculus and Portal and Workplace.
The kids wouldn't get shuffled to and from school and math tutors and track practice and doctors appointments and gymnastics and sleepovers.
They are like lives that go by and millions of people and things and artists and writers and business people and fans.
What has been said and what is being said about women and Secretary Nielsen and Pam Bondi and so many others and Ivanka and Melania and Sarah Sanders.
He's been told that Muslim are terrorists and they want to run the world, and Islam is taking over and al Qaeda, Bin Laden, and and and and.
Such pairings run throughout ancient Egyptian art, theology, and politics: Osiris and Isis, Horus and Seth, king and queen, male and female, Upper and Lower, life and death.
And you know, I come home from teaching yoga and have giant salad and some squid and some weird thing and he's having bread and butter and jam.
There's music playing, and other people will come and join us, and we'll see other people from the neighborhood, and we'll stay and dance and laugh and talk.
The $20 routes are between Atlanta and Houston; Cleveland and Raleigh; Denver and Las Vegas; Denver and Kansas City; Los Angeles and Colorado Springs, CO; New York City and Cincinnati; and Philadelphia and Charlotte.
We have an economy and a government that work better and better and better for a thinner and thinner and thinner slice at the top and worse and worse and worse for everyone else.
The bars and restaurants and parks and coffee shops and rooftops and warehouses and basements of all my romantic adventures and failures have been torn down and had start-ups built in their place.
He and George and Martha and Max and Mickey and Frog and Toad and Oliver and Harriet are like celebrities in an It Gets Better public service announcement, armed with wit instead of condescension.
And that's before you consider TV series like The Flash and Arrow and Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Daredevil and Luke Cage and oh God, we are so tired.
These worlds—rich and poor, urban and rural, privileged and powerless, Muslim and Christian, Igbo and Yoruba—collide to spectacular effect as their paths cross and power shifts hands in surprising and unexpected ways, and then does so again, and again.
It's just a headache and an upset stomach and constant shaking and nausea and panic and regret and anxiety and remorse and fear and a quiet, very quiet, wish for an instant death, but apart from that, hangovers are fine!
They are making repeat trips to big-box stores for flashlights and batteries and blankets and nonperishable food and baby formula and diapers and tampons and hand wipes and over-the-counter medicines, and then they are giving it all away.
And so they tried everything, and gave us Coppola and Lucas and Scorsese and Spielberg, and everything from Annie Hall and Badlands and Chinatown and Dog Day Afternoon and The Exorcist to, God help us, Zardoz, plus a thousand terrible movies that no one remembers any more.
In some ways, the conversation is ongoing, and it's about criminal justice reform and wealth inequality and prison reform and housing disparities and the environment and unequal access to health care and the rights of all minorities and of poor Americans and gay and lesbian citizens.
It's not just the clothes and the bags and the shoes — and the jewels and the children's wear and the sunglasses — it's also the ad campaigns and the image of the beauty and fragrance lines, and the packaging, the website, store displays and lighting, and celebrity relationships.
I fished around tampons and perfume and hand sanitizer and her makeup kit and rolled up issues of Cosmo and Marie Claire and a hairbrush and a toothbrush and toothpaste and her huge wallet and her cellphone and her datebook and her sunglasses and finally found a single piece of cinnamon Extra in the little side pocket otherwise full of old LIRR ticket receipts.
Getting to the place of nothing, where you're not actually doing anything, you're just experiencing real actual failure—it's difficult and you screw up time and time again and you keep coming back and back and back and back and trying again and again and again and you fail and you fail and you fail until you get to that real place and then everybody laughs.
Click here to view original GIFOther than youth and recess and summer vacation and nap time and candy and junk food and energy and fast metabolism and hope and excitement and bubbles and being with your friends every single day and first memories and playgrounds and no worries and probably a million other things, one of the things that you miss about being a kid when you're an adult is the lack of silly science experiments.
And the landscape changes, and then it's raining, and then you run out of gas, and then you have passages, and then you're alone, and then you're afraid, and then it's beautiful — and that's life.
To Melanie and Don and Ivanka and Eric, and Tiffany and Barron, I love you and I thank you and especially for putting up with all of those hours.
In Colorado, and Iowa, and North Carolina, and Michigan, and Florida, and Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and then we're going all the way to Washington, D.C. View the discussion thread.
Again, I've written stories ... I've covered the economy in Britain and France and Germany and Italy and Luxembourg and Austria and Sweden, and the companies there work with unions.
To Melania and Don and Ivanka and Eric and Tiffany and Barron, I love you and I thank you, and especially for putting up with all of those hours.
They include cocoa and coffee, zinc and copper, wheat and soyabeans, silver and gold, and oil and coal among numerous other raw materials.
C and G have both stop and non-stop ("hard" and "soft") sounds, as seen in "cat" and "cent", and "gut" and "gin".
"They've managed the situation with poise and grace and they are normal and kind and smart and friendly and open," said Mrs. Obama.
They graduated and married and worked and graduated again and had a baby and the baby grew up and went off to college.
It's WhatsApp and Instagram and Messenger and Oculus and election integrity and Cambridge Analytica and the free-speech police all around the world.
After Jerome, she'd loved Cameron, and then Sherita passed through her life, and then Bo and Jo, and Katrina, and De'Andre and Ron.
Dying can be long and bewildering, lonely and painful, frequently undignified, and consumed by pressing and unpredictable and constantly changing and multiplying needs.
I'd have seen evil Asians and conniving Asians and friendly Asians and lecherous Asians and ethical Asians and brave Asians and complicated Asians.
You wanted the money and the cars and the power and the championship belt and the clothing and the jewelry and the recognition.
Population and housing score: 59.7Workforce and earnings score: 52.23Business growth score: 52.5 Population and housing score: 55.7Workforce and earnings score: 39.8Business growth score: 64.2 Population and housing score: 55.7Workforce and earnings score: 39.8Business growth score: 64.2 Population and housing score: 51.2Workforce and earnings score: 46.8Business growth score: 95.13 Population and housing score: 77.7Workforce and earnings score: 41.9Business growth score: 43.9 Population and housing score: 271.7Workforce and earnings score: 284.1Business growth score: 248.3 Population and housing score: 270.8Workforce and earnings score: 279.9Business growth score: 252.2 Population and housing score: 1003Workforce and earnings score: 2100Business growth score: 270.3 Population and housing score: 71.7Workforce and earnings score: 48.7Business growth score: 64.4 Population and housing score: 52.2Workforce and earnings score: 58.3Business growth score: 65.3 Population and housing score: 54.5Workforce and earnings score: 70.33Business growth score: 72.9 Population and housing score: 66.9Workforce and earnings score: 60.6Business growth score: 71.7 Population and housing score: 84.1Workforce and earnings score: 48.3Business growth score: 70.8 Population and housing score: 79.9Workforce and earnings score: 52.2Business growth score: 95.1 Population and housing score: 100Workforce and earnings score: 70.3Business growth score: 93
They talk about our racism and sexism and homophobia and transphobia and Islamophobia, and they're not wrong.
Cream and powder foundation, cream and powder blush, cream and powder eyeshadows and matte and cream lipstick.
SAT prep courses and coaches and summer college essay-writing camps and on and on and on.
As an body, Sam plays everything and everybody: secretaries and teenagers and moms and orphans and prisoners.
We are now, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and he ain't even yesterday anymore.
"He did it over, and over, and over, and over and over, and over," Silverman told jurors.
"I just love being home and listening and singing and drawing and playing and wrestling," he says.
"Everything there is mechanical and designed, and that's chilling and weird and creepy and beautiful," Lantz says.
"There's possible drama and fireworks and insults and horror and disaster and potential enlightenment," Mr. Cavett said.
And tie a necktie and pull on galoshes and pick up a toothpick and comb and cash?
Yes, he could be hysterical, and wet, and hysterical and wet, and in pain, and also funny.
Their lives are filled up with school and screens and friends and sports and siblings and parents.
Men who touch, who smile, who surround and crowd and watch and take and take and take.
More high brow and more complex and higher level and also more democratized and lowbrow and dumb.
Math needs to be done, data read and written and reread and rewritten and confirmed and hashed.
So do men and women, blacks and whites, natives and immigrants, young and old, urban and rural.
There was chiffon and sequins and lamé, gloves and bags and sparkly tights and Grace Kelly scarves.
It is achingly specific and grounded in character, sharp and political and funny and delicate and understated.
And so there was Tumblr and BuzzFeed and Foursquare and Huff Po and youth culture around that.
" Address the immortal truths, he instructed: "love and honor and pity and pride and compassion and sacrifice.
And he's so big, but he's so angelic and lovely and kind and generous and a gentleman.
Each contrada has its own museum and church and public square and fountain and traditions and banner.
Our companies make steel and polysilicon, inverters and trackers, cells and panels, and racking and mounting systems.
He's been doing it over and over and over and over and over and ... Well, just watch.
They're warm and witty and brutal and honest and downright stupid.
And she's great, and talented, and strong, and a little inappropriate.
And we'll hear it again and again and again and again.
And then movies and TV and parents and teachers started repeating.
Life is good and crazy and busy and unpredictable and fun.
You farm families, and teachers, and teamsters, and cops, and cooks.
And I've also experienced joy and compassion and empathy and love.
It featured yelling and condescending and mansplaining and interrupting and bloviating.
And I didn't and it got worse and worse and worse.
Nobody has radio and television and magazine and mobile and Internet.
And everybody was just laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing.
You love Norm and Cliff and Sam and Woody and Kramer.
Black and white, rural and coastal, on and on and on.
It's up and down and up and down and too scary.
Right. And there's tie-dye and crafting and pickling, and ... Yeah.
It's about poverty and bureaucracy and sex and morality and music.
And we just kept calling and calling and calling and calling.
It became skinny and slim and young and introspective and vulnerable.
I think everyone knows I'm an omnivore, and so there are battered paperbacks and 18th-century volumes, fairy tales and a shelf on Buddhism, and a shelf on hope and activism, and books on night and darkness, on butterflies and on bison, on mosses and albatrosses, and a long shelf sloping from Western history to environmental history to walking and geography and cities.
While staying at the El Conquistador, the couples — Briana and Matt, Tonya and Kerwin, Christy and Todd, Tiny Twinz Andrea and Amanda and their boyfriends Chris and Jordan, Lila and Brian, and Jazmin and David — are put through a series of exercises and guided by relationship expert Hasani Pettiford.
Notebook from Sydney Because I'm director of the New York Times Gender Initiative, many people I met on my travels wanted to talk me about women and Trump and women and sexual harassment and women and Harvey and women and the workplace and women and women and women.
"Internet rage culture and Twitter trolls and social media justice warriors want to try and warp and distort you and who you are as a person and take your success and try and minimize it and cut you down to size," he says.
The ability to play Zelda anywhere is good, but the ability to play Zelda and Mario Odyssey and Sonic Mania and Splatoon 2 and Rocket League and Stardew Valley and Celeste and Overcooked and Mario Kart and Tumbleseed anywhere is even better.
Reclaim the selfie stick Because it's our god given right to be totally fucking annoying and narcissistic and distracting and selfish and just generally douchey, and then share it with our equally annoying and narcissistic and distracting and selfish and douchey friends. 210.
It's all here: the Gulf of Tonkin and the Tet offensive, the Perfume River and the Ho Chi Minh Trail, napalm and draft notices and teach-ins and My Lai, P.O.W.s and fragging and Kent State and the Christmas bombing, and much more.
And then you get four and eight and 16 and 32 and a thousand and a hundred thousand and a million and at some point that flywheel's got all this cumulative momentum, it's building, building, building.
And yet, as a NBA fan who looks around the league and envies the Warriors and the Spurs and the Thunder and the Raptors and the Hawks and the Celtics and, shit, even the goddamn Bucks?
That means optimizing our site for clickthrough and recirculation and SEO and sharing, and working with our amazing social media managers Kaitlyn and Dami to share our stories to Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr.
Listen to the people I've grown up with and worked with and played with and coached with and dated and taught and gone to games with and had beers with.
" She reminds people that refugees are "men and women and babies and children, and mothers and brothers and sisters" who want the same thing as non-refugees: "Peace" and "security.
And when the time goes by and I say, Yeah, another year passed, and I'm a hundred and two, a hundred and three, a hundred and four, and then what?
Because it's driven by money and greed — by gunmakers and gun sellers and oil and coal companies, and all the legislators and regulators they've bought and paid to keep silent.
Everything would be out of Lurex, it would be Lurex silver and gold and sparkles and glitter socks and glitter shoes and sequins and everything would be silver and gold.
"We know it is hard and we know that they will twist our words and laugh at us, and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie," she said.
There were blunts and aux cords and hype-y rants about corporations and mile-long merch lines and FUCK NIKE chants and shoutouts to God and Tidal hype and Tyga.
And while we do that, we bring our people, and that is black and white and Latino and Native American and Asian American together.
And so listening to Migos and 21 Savage and Yachty and Uzi Vert and Future and Young Thug, they live in my brain now.
"The aesthetic of it is so pleasing, and so black and so Afro-centric and African and modern and worldly and futuristic," said Bassett.
Because Diaz and Hunt always fight with abandon and artistry and madness and genius and daring, and in the end, that's all that matters.
And hemp will be legal, which means we can manufacture plastic and hempcrete, textiles and shoes, and it goes on and on and on.
After Kanye and Adidas, and Rihanna and Puma; after Questlove and Nike, and Kendrick Lamar and Reebok, it was only a matter of time.
"I wanted women and men to look at them and think they were beautiful and cool and awesome and sexy and strong," said Benach.
"I ended up investing in Ann Arbor and Madison, Wisconsin, and Tampa and Jacksonville and Orlando and Reno, Nevada, and Arlington, Texas," he said.
And when you're out there in Detroit, and Dallas, and St. Louis, and North Dakota, and Orlando, and Birmingham, Alabama, you would know this.
And the Department of Interior has been taken over by the mining and timber and fracking and oil and gas industries, and so on.
There are mothers and fathers and grandparents and foster parents and nannies and children and schools who attend twice-weekly story times I lead.
I applied once and got in and cried and looked at the financials and laughed and never went.
Christmas and Harry Potter go together like Hermione and homework, Harry and Ginny, and Dumbledore and lemon drops.
Tensions among the generations continue, and between humans and Glassmakers, men and women, and Stevland and the residents.
I could be fat and beautiful, fat and successful, fat and smart, and fat and worthy of love.
That mix of old and new, and that youth and wisdom and structure and softness, I really loved.
And-- and interestingly enough, now that's true with Marvel and Pixar and-- and Star Wars across multiple businesses.
The one that will shuttle around Kirk and Spock and McCoy, and later Picard and Riker and Data.
Kendall and I and Tia and I [have talked] and Bibi reached out and apologized to me, actually.
There's America and China and the EU and Japan and Russia and several other important secondary actors, i.e.
Being a dad can be young and cool and hard and complex and beautiful and all those things.
These history books need valor and cowardice and heartbreak and redemption and money and piles of dead bodies.
But I'm also very interested in books and learning and the arts, and education and politics and culture.
She fed them corn and peas and edamame and yogurt and avocado sushi and bits of dark chocolate.
Now we can take care of toilets and showers and beds and security and electricity and everything else.
Princess Kate and coloring go together like tea and scones, George and Charlotte, and especially Charlotte and balloons!
As if aging and loss and cancer and fear and mourning and despair are not species of time.
Characters die from cholera and measles and smallpox, from shipwrecks and scalpings and botched amputations and occult tortures.
The veins of irony and sincerity and pain and joy run very deep, and they cross and tangle.
And then I put all this nice lighting and reflections and reflective materials and rain puddles and everything.
They sell a lot of art and books and clothes and designed objects, and weird pictures and crystals.
Much of "England's green and pleasant land" — and Ireland's and Scotland's and Wales's — is turning brown and brittle.
And on and on until Liz Smith came and went, and The Daily News killed Rush and Molloy.
And you had to remember the steps, and long dress and long hair and makeup and high heels.
And at last, the union between society and nature, artifice and honesty, and community and solitude is complete.
And I felt lower and lower and lower as I watched her get lower and lower and lower.
Just keep the films coming, and theater, and writing, and art, and cartoons, and every form of expression.
But let's also enjoy domination and submission and hair-pulling and shibari and consensual non-consent and double penetration and more, and rest in the knowledge that what's really feminist is knowing — and celebrating — what you like.
It is an entropy that is stressed out and seething and suspicious, perpetually in conflict and generally without context; it is lying and signifying and blustering and ruled by instinct and omen, idiot affinities and rude whimsy.
The idea of a zombie comedy simply felt fresher in 2009, before Warm Bodies and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and The Dead Don't Die and iZombie and Santa Clarita Diet and so on and so forth.
I saw someone who pledged to take us away from progress and to new walls and more stop-and-frisk and law and order and the post-racial imaginary and to Jeff Sessions and the alt-right.
The initial industries involved will be aerospace, agriculture, automotive, cement and concrete, chemical manufacturing, construction, electronics and technology, forestry and paper products, iron and steel, mining, oil and gas, ports and marine, and utilities and power generation.
Over the years, he's played with Guardian Alien and Zs and Liturgy and PC Worship and Ben Frost and Colin Stetson and Hieroglyphic Being and Man Forever and should just go to his website, honestly.
That means that Google and Microsoft and Amazon and Apple sell music, and Google and Amazon and Microsoft will keep experimenting in social until something sticks, and explains why Google and Microsoft both torched billions of dollars trying to break into mass-market smartphones (Facebook and Amazon have history there, as well), and on and on.
Thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people screaming and cheering.
We do pushups, and pull ups and curls and squats and lunches.
Genuine and raw and wooden barn and hanging photographs and all that.
Sesame Street is black and brown (and yellow and red and blue).
JASSER: And governance and punishments and the inequality of men and women.
You are muscular and strapping and handsome and famous and well-compensated.
A devoted mother and grandmother, and aunt and great-aunt, and friend.
Death — and exile, and between-ness, and alienation and erasure — was one.
And so they are shamans and visionaries and outlaws and, yes, storytellers.
And give people some lasting experiences, and moments, and memories, and impressions.
She's all about truth, and justice, and love, and compassion, and acceptance.
Years and years of trains and planes and buses and gridlocked cars.
Dresses and suits and make up and Tim Gunn and Ken Paves!!!
And who doesn't love macaroni and cheese and some chips and guacamole?
"I'd call, and call, and call, and call, and call," he said.
LONDON — Toast and marmalade, Batman and Robin, and peanut butter and jelly.
And truthful and honest, and not force it and stop manipulating people.
It's pretentious, and obnoxious, and absurd and uneven and probably totally nonsensical.
This includes speeches and tables and merch and silent auctions and such.
And, shockingly it did, and you kept buying and buying and buying.
And he sat and he sat And he sat and he sat.
There was money and hope and giddiness and great music and optimism.
Calling me condescending and patronizing and rude and arrogant and fucked up.
We get seltzer and popcorn and lie back and relax and watch.
We do pushups, and pull ups and curls and squats and lunges.
Despair and hope, coldness and warmth, fear and trust, ugliness and beauty.
And the markets and finance and tech and entertainment all hate Trump.
Liking and commenting on others' tweets and shares and schmoozes and blogs.
And I've tried to be open and fair and transparent and accurate.
Those Warriors ran and ran and ran, scored and scored and scored.
And the furs, and the looks, and the chains, and the metal.
And I thought he was smart, and brilliant, and honest and genuine.
It's just me and him and [dogs] Bo and Sunny and dinner.
She had beautiful granite and walls and ceilings and tile and drywall.
Oh, and Germany and England and everyone, oh, and, my God, yeah.
Venus rules love and beauty, peace and harmony, and money and luxury.
"When a whale shark decides to be ur best friend and reconnect you to your true self and nature and spirituality and magic and beauty and love and gratitude," Kesha wrote.
Listen to the people that I've grown up with and worked with and played with and coached with and dated and taught and gone to games with and had beers with.
Queen Elizabeth II has stayed there and Prince Philip and the Prince of Wales and John and Jackie Kennedy, and countless movie stars and celebrities, honeymooners and lovers on a fling.
Performers include Jennette and Madeleine Cronk; Lorena, Erika and Nora Russi Serna; Liz Migliaccio and Paula Kelly; Eleanor Lewis and Anne Field; Justin and Christine Anderson; and Hannah and Carola Chase.
I have questions, too, things I'd like to ask of you, and Amber and Harold and Arnie and Gayle and Kate and my mom, Margie, and my dad, Matt or Matty.
And we worked really hard at it and I was really excited to do it, and we were very, very tired, and we got some bumps and bruises, because in filming you just do it again and again and again and again and again.
I'm looking around and I'm looking at all these entertainers, rappers, athletes, how they weight fluctuate up and down and how they have problems and they can't deal with it and they suicidal and they this and they that, domestic violence and this and that.
" He contends that the catastrophe of the Second World War caused academic historians to lose confidence in narrative, and to be drawn instead to Freud and Marx and to "semiotics and symbolism and deconstruction and postmodernism and queer studies and African-American studies and feminism.
In those quarters, they see where Ann and Tom Greggs and their children Phoebe and Henry slept; where Dorcas and Sambo Richardson, and their children Charles, Rachael, Victoria, Elizabeth and Julia slept; and where Betsy Crutchfield and her children Thomas, Jane and William slept.
There's so much she's seen and witnessed and been through and lost and suffered and hurt to get here … and Jon doesn't even want it!
Fiat Chrysler and Google; Volvo and Uber; Delphi and Mobileye; and now Daimler and Bosch have all joined forces to better pool resources and research.
Their passengers were Steve and Gina Thelen, John and Mary Titus, and Alice and Dylan Maritato and their mother Ornella Ellard and stepfather Brian Ellard.
Remove yourself and go and grieve, 'cause it does warrant grieving, and get therapy and talk to counselors and your minister, and people, your relatives.
Shop laptops and accessories from Apple and Microsoft, kitchen products from Cuisinart and Keurig, and Amazon devices and tablets for video streaming and home security.
There's The North Remembers, with Scotch and Sherry and pineapple and gomme; it's rich and dark and thick, and it's served in those drinking horns.
Only Tony and Johnny, Joss and Sylvia and Amanda and Zach manage to complete the challenge, and Zach and Amanda walk away with the win.
And she shot them on film as they sat and talked and laughed and leaned and stared with their swimsuits wrinkling and their hair frizzing.
It's small-time thinking, free of the scope and breadth and depth and light and air and enlightenment of the new and improved Demetrious Johnson.
All kinds of details, painful and perverse and deeply droll, cling to her heroine and are appraised and examined and skewered and simply wondered at.
I loved having representation in television and a family that was Hispanic and affluent and educated and smart and resourceful and runs a large business.
"The men go off and fight the wars and fly the airplanes and come back and help design and build and test them," he said.
And we will chat and hang out and chat and hang out, and all of a sudden leap up and have to do our day.
And to Paramount [and the producers] for being the cheerleaders for a movie that is about people, and words, and life, and forgiveness, and grace.
And we obviously have to hold Nevada and Arizona, and Tennessee and then we then we look at states like Missouri and Indiana, Florida, and North Dakota, and West Virginia and those other states that President Trump won.
Billionaires can be as profligate and eccentric as they wish, can acquire, without making a dent, all the homes and jets and islands and causes and thoroughbreds and Van Goghs and submarines and weird Beatles memorabilia they please.
" Ram Dass and Leary wanted to open the mind to a deeper consciousness and conducted experiments that included giving the drug to "jazz musicians and physicists and philosophers and ministers and junkies and graduate students and social scientists.
LaMonte would set up dinners with CEOs and VCs and all these people and you'd meet them and you'd hang out and you'd talk and you'd be able to pass cards and email and do all those things.
The boy punches and kicks and hooks and haymakers the shed, and it sways and begins to fall apart.
They were relaxed and chatty and open and gorgeous, and we had tons of laughs and tons of fun.
And suddenly it&aposs grown to include everything from pork and cheese and apples and cherries and maple syrup.
We think we can either go individually, with food and home and Oprah and Chip and Jo and Crime.
There was glitter and gloss and colorful leather and huge riffs and massive hooks and so, so much hair.
And then we just try things on and gossip and chat and drink coffee and have a good time.
Symbolism and allegory lay bare dynamics of aspiration and limitation, expectation and loss, belonging and alienation, truth, and illusion.
Rodents and rabbits, anteaters and armadillos, bats and weasels, moles and shrews, possums and koalas, could all probably arise.
And I had auditioned and auditioned, and it got right down to Brad and I, and he got it.
It will show us hitting pots and pans and making much noise and yelling and crying and honking horns.
We had this meeting with Blake and Rick, and just discussed art and life and the film and characters.
Those five verticals include communications and media, insurance and financial services, health, energy and utilities and government and nonprofits.
She's just breathtaking in every way, and so funny and quick and clever and so fun and so kind.
This is parenting, then: trying and failing and reaching and missing and sometimes getting it right, and always loving.
We traveled in cars and jeeps and SUVs and buses and planes and just got to know each other.
There are comedies and dramas, documentaries and sci-fi, animation and inspiration, horror and romance, and a lot more.
Jen's angry and cynical and hard-edged, Judy's rueful and apologetic and twee, and we know where that's going.
It's incredibly grueling and dirty and smelly and in tight spaces and losing things and just never feeling clean.
So should McCain, and Corker, and Romney, and Kasich, and Sasse, and the rest of the anti-Trump list.
"Business is filled with crisis and failure and sadness and tension and discomfort and then triumph," Mr. Raz says.
I need blankets and duvets and hoodies and recliners and fleecy robes to keep my body and mind happy.
We are human; I am human, knocked down and flawed and sad and gay and proud and sometimes free.
I've always been the person that goes out there and roars and screams and complains and cries and fights.
He is demonizing and expelling immigrant Mexicans and others, and insulting and threatening allies and adversaries across the globe.
There are camera operators and grips, producers and supervising producers and executive producers, runners and assistants and Chris Harrison.
It's an incredibly lopsided collection of old and new ideas, balanced and unbalanced systems, good and bad UI, intuitive and baffling combat, beautiful and repulsive graphics, and excellent and laughable voice acting.
You keep trying and failing and trying and failing, and you get rejected over and over until you figure out what works and what doesn't, and eventually it all starts to click.
And that's fine, because there's Breath of the Wild, and Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Snipperclips, and Shovel Knight, and I am Setsuna, and Snake Pass.
So this guy, because he's here, now can get the mother and the father and the grandmother and the cousins and the brothers and the siters and the aunts and the uncles.
We know Ike and Celia and Allison and Bonnie and Beulah and all the others with their benign and unforgettable names, and we won't forget what they have done to our lives.
Brian My girlfriend and I were together for three-and-a-half years and had pets and furniture and a lease together and were making plans about the future, marriage, and children.
There'll be staples and perishables and proteins and grains, spices and herbs, dairy products, beverages and all of the middle-aisle goods that make it possible to cook and serve and save.
After decades of debates and doubts and dissertations and settlements and nondisclosure agreements and whisper networks and stasis and silence, all of a sudden, in one great gust, powerful men are toppling.
Bowie was at the very core of believing you can be somebody strange and mysterious and creative and successful and cool and interesting and funny and intelligent all without compromise or contradiction.
And it's not just the china and the fabrics but also the rooms and bars and lobbies; each is a playful, whimsical riot of patterns and colors, fabrics and pictures and stuff.
Trump praises foreign dictators from China and Russia while angering and alienating our neighbors in Mexico and Canada and outraging and alarming our friends and allies in Europe and throughout Latin America.
Sports is not just about X's and O's or wins and losses; it's also about ethics and economics, race and gender, science and technology, joy and camaraderie, and nearly everything in between.
Within their individual compositions, both fought to reconcile seeming conflicts like tradition and innovation; drawing and painting; representation and abstraction; depth and flatness; vigor and poise; order and muddle; grandeur and humility.
Backed with remixes from Scratcha DVA, Tom Blip and Contours, it's got us daydreaming about disposable barbecues and underdone sausages and cans in the park and tennis and 99s and the smell of suncream on flesh and pink-hued tower blocks squinting into the dusk and grass-burns and boating lakes and dew.
Top Celebrity Breakups of 2017: Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell; Malika Haqq and Ronnie Magro; Dutchess and Caesar; Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn; Kylie Jenner and Tyga; Lindsey Stirling and Ryan Weed; Chris Pratt and Anna Faris; Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi; Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch; Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney.
And now, the left is launching an all-out campaign to scream and to yell and besmirched and lie and smear and slander and use character assassination against Judge Kavanaugh, and by the way, his kids will be watching.
The lengthy list includes Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, Affleck and Jennifer Garner, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.
Luca is, and Day is, and so are Pepper and T and Hilde and Willa and anyone who is not just content to accept an invitation but wants more people to join the party, more and more and more.
For maternity leave and affordable daycare and reproductive justice and better health care and less college debt and equality for all and a Listener in Chief.
I would be generous and interested in all the side-roads of childhood—superheroes and princesses and dinosaurs and bugs and minor weaponry and animal rights.
I met the Beatles and the Stones, and this one and that one, and this actress and this actor and all these powerful people through him.
And then, I loaded our three kids and two dogs and presents and food and supplies into the silver minivan and headed east on I-40.
And we witnessed the way hats and T-shirts and sneakers became an ideological battleground for Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, SJWs and alt-righters.
And along one wall is a rail of discreet white and black and marinière striped linen and silk, cotton and denim; culottes, shirtdresses, tunics and cashmeres.
She provides counsel and guidance on the development and implementation of congressional strategies and regulatory environments, including energy, environmental and resource strategies; and telecommunications and media.
Berlin features a large and diverse cast: workers and plutocrats, communists and fascists, bewildered liberals and political activists, Jews and anti-Semites, pacifists and street fighters.
"We are experiencing a great transition for me and Barack and Malia and Sasha and Bo and Sunny and Grandma," she said in Charlotte on Tuesday.
Aaron and I would be working really hard and she would come on and do her day and then leave and go back and be fabulous.
Exercise and love and spiritual connection and complaining and cursin'—all of that—and drinking wine and being able to do that [helped me] let go.
Nicole and I stayed in and watched Netflix and didn't drink, and she brought me food and more frozen peas, and I was moderately doped up.
And then there were the neighborhood churches and high schools with piles of snacks and toys, and the neighbors walking and driving and wading to help.
Top priorities will be private infrastructure concessions to upgrade ports and airports and build roads and railways, and stimulus to small and medium companies and exports.
That and Moss Hart's "Act One," all about New York and Broadway and writing and show business and George S. Kaufman and Hart writing their plays.
Putting a price on behavior and making people think and letting them take risks… From life and death and health to buyers and property and casualty.
It is starkly and beautifully simple—a love letter to her husband and her family and flowers and the universe and weed and everything in between.
It's smart and sharp and funny and incisive, and the sentences are beautiful.
The streetlight reflects fear and forward motion and sadness and loss and gain.
All informed and funny and painful and complex, all intricately and wittily orchestrated.
There's a lot of tape and glue and paint and strings and stuff.
And you talk about space and aliens and the improbable and the impossible.
You get Netflix and you get Netflix and you and you and you.
We had movie sections, and music sections, and on and on, and photography.
And yes, we work to have less and less and less and less.
And anyway, he's told the story again and again and again and again.
It's warm and heartbreaking and hilarious and relatable and nostalgic all at once.
They are used to babies and crybabies and bullies and mansplainers and dickheads.
And sexual harassment and assault and NFL anthem protests and chronic traumatic encephalopathy.
And on and on, as you can see here and here and here.
They are poked and prodded, physiologically and psychologically, and monitored day and night.
And the passementerie and the embroidery and the beading and all this stuff.
And Michael B. Jordan, and Chadwick [Boseman] and Lupita [Nyong'o] and Letitia [Wright].
Forget romance, Mer and McDreamy, Fitz and Liv, and even Cristina and Owen.
And robotics and vision systems and interpretation of images and what's going on.
LUNTZ: Jobs and taxes, taxes and jobs, jobs and taxes, taxes and jobs.
They're crunchy and creamy and fresh and sweet and earthy all at once.
Oh, and they've mixed with breadcrumbs and Asiago cheese and basil and eggs.
There was kissing ... and back rubs ... and kissing ... and sunbathing ... and more kissing.
And then you do that, like, again and again and again and again.
It's funny and dark and moving and true, and I hope you enjoy.
"Sons and daughters, husbands and wives, neighbors and colleagues and friends," he said.
We screamed and jumped up and down and we were hooting and hollering.
The others are Exploration and Production; Marketing and Services, and Refinery and Chemicals.
And I'm finding more and more people and hearing more and more stories.
Dead bodies and knives and over-the-fences and gloves and Mark Fuhrman.
And that place is within our televisions (and computers and tablets and whatnots).
Cops and criminals, actors and athletes, scientists and judges, politicians and other poobahs.
And it is cool and not crowded, and there are flowers and trees.
"We just ate and fucked and slept and talked and talked," Moshfegh said.
I served alongside Muslims and Jews and Christians and nonreligious men and women.
It's complex and funny and sad and joyous and it'll make you DANCE.
Together, my husband and I are French and Chinese and Jewish and Irish.
Delilah and Ursula are English and Jamaican, and Amelia is English and Japanese.
People can be Black and gay and disabled and trans and middle class.
And, when we do, peace and law and justice and prosperity will prevail.
Their job is to poke and prod and text and inspire and motivate.
It's sunny and very hot, and there are birds and bees and insects.
Robots and humans performed tai chi and comedy routines, and sang and danced.
And it was just ... It went back and forth, and back and forth.
And of crisp and starchy yam fries and Agege bread, dense and white.
They want to feel proud and happy and glamorous and beautiful and free.
And [Woolf] deals with it so beautifully and wittily and playfully and profoundly.
And then we get older, and become weaker, and uglier, and we die.
It is creamy and smoky and tart and rich and achingly, beautifully green.
And we all deserve so much acknowledgment and love and support and encouragement.
So did Gilbert and Sullivan, and Simon and Garfunkel, and the Everly Brothers.
CARAMANICA Guitars, guitars, guitars: churning and tangling and wriggling and racing and squealing.
And Elaine, a dancer and baby sitter and house sitter and artist's model.
Do your fingers (and wrists and shoulders and neck and back) a favor.
Fire and brimstone, slave rebellions and insurrections, pirates and buccaneers, hurricanes and earthquakes.
Anderson and Glasnow, Duffey and Skaggs … Lyons and Danish and Pill — oh my!
He jokes and wheedles and begs and tells stories and pledges his troth.
And then get to shaping and throwing and topping and baking your pies.
Why do we write, and paint, and compose, and choreograph, and make images?
And we're getting better and better and better and better at doing that.
And when we do, peace and law and justice and prosperity will prevail.
It's boozy and fizzy and refreshing and tart and herbal all at once.
It's mostly like good vibes and candles and weed and peace and harmony.
Just some of the players include automakers and motorcycle manufacturers and trucking firms and logistics companies and dealership groups and repair shop chains and truck rental companies and car leasing companies and telematics companies and energy companies with big networks of gasoline stations around the world.
You can sign up on a website and you can get "Lauren," and then I will come to your home and install a series of devices and cameras and microphones and locks and lights and stuff and then watch over you remotely 24/7 for several days.
"Vikings" isn't just a diet "Game of Thrones," but if you're craving swords and oaths and gnarly beards and creepy birds and blond ladies being manipulated and everyone being coated in a permanent layer of sad mud and people constantly talking about their fathers and and and … .
The researchers asked about a wide range of foods, including fruits, vegetables, dairy and soy products, meat, fish and eggs, as well as grains and legumes, bread and cereals, flour, oils and condiments, wine, coffee and teas, biscuits and chocolate and sugar, and even dietary supplements.
The first package passed by the Senate on Thursday covers eight government funding bills: labor, health and human services, and education; agriculture; state and foreign operations; military construction and veterans affairs; transportation and housing and urban development; energy and water; interior and environment; and the legislative branch.
Throughout the collection, stanza topics matter-of-factly alternate between light and dark, day and night, life and death, up and down, the one and the many, squares and circles, yes and no, you and me, and other elemental oppositions, without making better-worse value judgments.
Joe was tending bar at Fulk's and the girl came in with a blond boy and said, "This is my friend who just moved here," and the blond boy ordered tequila and Tecate and the girl ordered gin and they went and sat outside and talked and smoked and the girl said, "I want to get drunker," and so she went inside and ordered tequila from Joe and then more gin and pointed outside and said, "I lost my virginity to that mother," and Joe said, "Looks like a nice guy," and the girl said, "Whatever," and Joe said, "Eight dollars," and the girl said, "I love you," but Joe didn't hear her. 227.
"The SVT program and Jesper Rönndahl spread and advocate racism and xenophobia outright, and openly provoke and instigate racial hatred and confrontation targeting at China and some other ethnic groups," the statement read.
And these are artists like Michael Jackson, and David Bowie, and Freddie Mercury, and Annie Lennox, and Prince, and Janis Joplin, and George Michael, Elton John, so many artists — her eyes glazed over.
Thanks for taking me surfing every weekend and driving me to football training and athletics training and to friends houses and anywhere and everywhere and for loving mum and us kids so much.
The same with the production designer, and the same with the cinematographer, and every member of that lighting crew, and the post-production team, and the editor, and on and on and on.
And these nice-looking kids have nifty-looking girlfriends and a sidekick and cars and speedboats, and their widowed father is a policeman and has slick threads, and he'll remarry sooner or later.
We rounded up deals on workout and fitness gear from Fitbit and Gaiam, laptops and accessories from Apple and Microsoft, and Amazon smart home devices and tablets for video streaming and home security.
Afterward, Anna clasped my hand and said "David wants to meet you," and led me through people and round tables with candles and glasses and louder and louder talk, and he was there.
I am a huge, receptive visual instrument with a flexible lens, and I'm taking in the infinitude of all space and time and dragonflies and owls and life and roadkill and hydrogen gas.
The package will include bills covering commerce, justice and science; agriculture, rural development and the Food and Drug Administration; interior, environment military construction and veterans affairs; and transportation and housing and urban development.
Around them there seemed to be an infinite sampling of vegetation: ferns and clover and scrub and bracken giving way to maples and firs and oaks and hemlocks covered in lichen and moss.
Policy objectives include women's and girls' freedom from physical, psychological and sexual violence; political participation and influence in all areas of society; economic rights and empowerment; and sexual and reproductive health and rights.
The remaining roses go as follows: Matt Donald and Bri Barnes, Dylan and Hannah, JPJ and Tayshia, Clay and Nicole, Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton, Demi and Kristian, Chase McNary and Angela Amezcua.
Shonda and our writers opened up a whole rainbow of womanhood on screen and we got to be all of our colors, beautiful and horrible and driven and vulnerable and courageous and terrified.
" — Jen Bronk "You pray for strength and talk to friends and try to not drown and disappear in the diagnosis and almost-dying moments and procedures and tests and the surgical waiting rooms.
To Melania and Don and Ivanka and Eric and Tiffany and Barron, we have got tremendously talented people up here.
These are artists like Michael Jackson and David Bowie and Annie Lennox and Prince and Janis Joplin and Elton John.
There was a lot of interrupting between Ted Cruz and Trump, and Rubio and Trump, and the moderators and Trump.
Kostin and his team at Goldman are also overweight healthcare and consumer discretionary, and underweight energy and materials, and industrials.
Fey and Poehler, Jacobson and Glazer ("Broad City"), Parham and St. Clair ("Playing House"), Lindhome and Micucci ("Garfunkel and Oates").
Women have been raped and abused and harassed and locked in sorrow and trauma and punished for it for years.
Finish getting ready and pack my breakfast and lunch (yogurt with granola and mango and leftover French toast and bacon).
With stretch marks and lose skin and different body problems and mindset problems and social problems and all of that.
Throughout the experiment, the couples will be: Reece and Rosslyn, Tony and Kenya, Bobby and Diane and Charles and Angela.
There's Virus and Threat Protection, Device Performance and Health, Firewall and Network Protection, App and Browser Control and Family Options.
Larry and I would choose posters and records and issues of Hit Parader and CREEM, MAD magazine and Monster Mag.
There would be coffee and tea, and soda and water, and maybe some snacks and someone there to answer questions.
Jews and blacks and Sikhs and queers and immigrants and Democrats generally are on one side of this ideological war.
People that voted for him are gonna go on and on and on and hopefully grow and grow and grow.
Think chicken and pillowcases ($14), Big Macs and wallpaper ($47), ranch dressing and fountains ($89) and soda and purses ($9.953).
Now more than ever, standing up and being loud and proud and colorful and sexual and unabashed isn't a choice.
We will build new roads, and highways, and bridges, and airports, and tunnels, and railways all across our wonderful nation.
"It's the stereotype of the woman who works and takes care of her family, and and and and," she says.
And when women and girls are healthy, educated and safe, their countries and the world are more secure and prosperous.
This was followed by Italy and Portugal (15% and 4%), Spain (11% and 4%) and the UK (10% and 5%).
My mom would sit under a tree and read the Bible, and I'd run and play and play and play.
And I don't want them to only get a diet of hate and lies and outrage and attacks and misinformation.
Drag-and-drop is super easy, and it's fun, and it's interesting, and then move up to HTML and Java.
There's such an honesty and a generosity and vulnerability and self-reflection and kindness to herself and her former partners.
Yeah, and a lot of characters and again, the analogies between the NFL and Washington and Silicon Valley and Hollywood.
You're dealing with a much more formulaic set of right and wrong and good and bad and success and failure.
They just kept playing songs over and over and over and over and over and then you had the Beatles.
It is about our individual and collective hearts and guts, and requires vulnerability and a willingness to grow and change.
I have volumes and volumes of almost-completed compositions and stories and poems and collections and all sorts of things.
"It's very aggressive and angular and animalistic and feral and raw, and in that way it's very feminine," Johnson said.
We will build new roads and highways and bridges and airports and tunnels and railways all across our wonderful nation.
And if you had documents and testimony and F.B.I. reports and photographs and so forth, it would be more powerful.
There are girls and boys, and mums and dads, and everyone sits together and you can do chanting on Sunday.
Andand they just surprise and enchant and impress me more and more every single day as they grow up.
Men who did body hacking and rode motorcycles and owned guns and were nonchalant about germs and infection and injury.
We are people in this together: rural and city, middle and coasts, liberal and conservative, senators and representatives and voters.
And waited as he and his wife and others ate lunch and talked to all the local officials and supporters.
And I saw other people going on and sort of having children and getting married and having careers and stuff.
There's a convoluted backstory between them: a surrogate child and souls and bodies and BTs and living and the dead.
Whatsit's love, and her father's, and her mother's, and the real Charles Wallace's love, and the twins', and Aunt Beast's.
On April 24, it will also give out free meals in coach between Boston and SFO, LAX, and Seattle; JFK and Portland International, San Diego, and Seattle; Seattle and Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Raleigh-Durham; and Washington National and LAX.
Wheels and wells, cranks and mills and gears and ships' masts, clocks and rudders and crop rotation: all have been crucial to human and economic development, and none historically had any connection with what we think of today as science.
They talk about how they got the limos and the credit cards and the cars and the houses and Neverland, and one mother talks about the champagne and the wine and the wine cellar at Neverland and how great it was.
After more than a decade of nurturing and feeding and picking up and dropping off and helping with homework and braiding hair and supervising play dates and fighting battles and holding hands to cross the street, you are suddenly shut out.
It calls for hot coffee below the predawn velvet sky, and something sturdy to eat before work and school and projects and appointments and sports and friends and theater and art keep us apart for the bulk of the day.
In addition to delusions and hallucinations, symptoms can be as varied as a flat affect and lack of focus and motivation, disorganized thinking and speech, difficulty making decisions and expressing and managing emotions, and memory loss and other cognitive impairments.
Her mother died when she was sixteen, and she loved to watch people grow up and get past that age, and become stronger and better and wiser and glow bright and soar, like an Apollo rocket, to the moon and stars.
Gone were the untimely outbursts and strange melodramatic claims and the bouts of over-romanticization and questionable technical acumen and overwrought catch-phrases and ungrammatical slips and occasional malapropisms we'd come to expect from UFC pay-per-view broadcasts, replaced by an efficient three-man team that was calm and succinct and appropriate and informative and damned professional, and yet strangely lifeless.
Marilyn Monroe and Celine Liu Martin Luther King Jr and Celine Liu Princess Diana and Celine Liu Andy Warhol and Celine Liu Frida Kahlo and Celine Liu Winston Churchill and Celine Liu Audrey Hepburn and Celine Liu Soong Mei-ling and Celine Liu Grace Kelly and Celine Liu Simone de Beauvoir and Celine Liu Marilyn Monroe and Celine Liu Martin Luther King Jr and Celine Liu Princess Diana and Celine Liu Andy Warhol and Celine Liu Frida Kahlo and Celine Liu Winston Churchill and Celine Liu Audrey Hepburn and Celine Liu Soong Mei-ling and Celine Liu Grace Kelly and Celine Liu Simone de Beauvoir and Celine Liu In real life, Silin Liu leads a fairly pedestrian life as an artist in Beijing.
Motion graphics and coding both have a basis in loops and embedded animations and connected systems and objects and parameters, and really it's all the same thing.
So we will find a writer and a director and an actor and the idea and the IP and try to patch it and put it together.
Teeth placement, and jaw stress, and suction, and gag reflex, and all the while bobbing up and down, moaning and trying to breathe through our noses. Easy?
The hits and runs and errors and wins and losses and heroes will go on and on, but without the best narrator who ever came our way.
Yeah, the culture of Vanity Fair is, I get to write about politics, and Hollywood, and business, and tech, and the Silk Road and everything, and Trump.
He motivates us to celebrate that we each matter, even as we agree and disagree, and laugh and cry, and enter and exist and exit this world.
Life is a journey and it's about growing and changing and coming to terms with who and what you are and loving who and what you are.
All of President Trump's reality-television posturing, all of his hooting and hollering and fussing and foolishness and tweeting and preening is sound and fury signifying squat.
Meghan and Harry, Kate and William, Diana and Charles and even the Queen and Philip -- well, they are supposed to be symbols of perfect women and men.
And the series uses superficially similar techniques, all glimpses and epiphanies and montages and gazes and tinkly music and improvisational dialogue, with the occasional dark comic twist.
Flora and fauna indigenous and culturally significant to Central and Latin America and Palestine are depicted: the condor and the quetzal, the cactus and the carob tree.
They wore brightly colored serapes and headdresses festooned with little balls, and they were laughing and singing and playing tambourines and flutes, and grabbing onto his legs.
And then you wake up one day and you're 17 and you're hungover and your mouth tastes of kebab meat and asshole, and where has it gone?
But on headphones, home speakers, and the radio, God, it's just overwhelming how gorgeous and cool and sexy and fucking smart and physically masculine and melodically feminine.
" There were pickles and preserves and bread and butter and an assortment of cakes and puddings and pies, "yet the pumpkin pie occupied the most distinguished niche.
This swath of central and western Romania is mountainous and beautiful, its ancient towns lively and well preserved and its ethnic and political history rich and complex.
The ocean was our kitchen sink and our bathtub and our washing machine and our toilet and our highway and our accomplice and sometimes, too, our foe.
We had a bunch of graduate students and undergraduates and we took a Humvee and tore it apart and put lasers and radars and stuff on it.
There's no smoke and mirrors, there's no pulling wool over people's eyes—you order hare and bacon and mash and you get hare and bacon and mash.
And I want to speak for a moment to the soldiers and sailors and airmen and Marines and moms and dads who have a child serving overseas.
And Margaret was, you know, so powerful, and so steady, and so determined, and so difficult to beat, and such long range and the rest of it.
I'd stop crying and come down and I'd preach and be really glad and say hi to everybody, and then I'd get home and go to sleep.
It is invigorating and irritating, astute and facile, rigorous and flippant, fair-minded and score-settling, practical and hyperbolic, and maybe a dozen other neurotically contradictory things.
And they're still, on the whole, made by people who really love movies: directors and writers and actors and producers who eat and breathe and sleep cinema.
Mother Nature does not know more patterns than Justin Peck does: circles and spirals and triangles and grids and arrows and rickrack and pearls on a string.
That makes us eat and eat and eat and drink and drink and drink until we vomit and fall asleep on the floor next to that vomit.
Joining the siblings were Bush's grandchildren, including the 43rd president's twin daughters Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush, Jeb's sons George Prescott and John Ellis and daughter Noelle, Neil's daughters Lauren Bush Lauren and Ashley and son Pierce, Marvin's sons Marshall and Charles, and Dorothy's sons Sam and Robert and daughters Nancy and Georgia.
For these corporations, it's, again, devaluing the work and not recognizing this as work and something that takes strategy and purpose and time and energy and investments [and] that needs to be adequately compensated.
Capture your face and your voice and your friends' faces and voices and where you are and what's in your email and where you were when you sent it and... What did you say?
But hairstylists and carpenters and auto mechanics and nurses and nannies and chefs and surgeons and everyone else who makes a living providing locally oriented services also earns a premium in the Bay Area.
And, of course, the guy actually spewing the vile hate that has made women and people of color and the LGBTQ community and immigrants and so many others feel fear and pain and despair.
There were yellow furs with leaping zebras and spiked acid-washed denim; snakes and tigers and turbans and rhinestone shades and platform shoes and decorative brass knuckles spelling "Love" and — well, a lot more.
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation, Cheniere, Total, and Royal Dutch Shell each gave between $65,000 and $20173,999; Equinor and BP gave between $100,000 and $22020,22050 dollars; and ExxonMobil and Saudi Aramco gave between $0000,2100 and $0000,22050.
The tributes could also be seen in games between New York and Brooklyn, Indiana and Portland, New Orleans and Boston, San Antonio and Toronto, Atlanta and Washington, and Orlando and the Los Angeles Clippers.
"Bierstadt presents a certain way of understanding nature as beautiful and unpeopled and full of animals and grain and enduring and static, and Hegarty takes that same image and literally dematerializes it," he said.
I mean, I hadn't forgotten that, exactly; there had just not been any time to devote to it, what with all the traveling and the chores and errands and our busy social life and the increasingly full-time work and our cocktails together after work and — oh, yes — the gym and the yoga and the haircuts-and-color appointments, and, and, and …My husband encouraged me to write.
A bunch of publications will go out of business and a bunch of others will survive the transition and a few will become app content GIANTS with news teams filing to Facebook and their very own Vine stars and thriving Snapchat channels and a Viber bureau and embedded Yakkers and hundreds of people uploading videos in every direction and brands and brands and brands and brands and brands, the end.
Actually, he said reGUUUURGitate — he is given to exaggeratedly grandiose speech — and then he did exactly that, in a chaotic mélange of jacquard and computer-generated prints and metallic threads and feathers and tweed and satin and leather and felted flowers and faux fur (and I could go on, but you get the idea), all of it chopped and changed and morphed together into not entirely identifiable garments.
I kind of knew some tidbits just from talking with Julie [Plec] before, but I just thought it was a beautiful ending to eight years of twists and turns and characters and love interests and heartbreaks and triangles and ships and death and life and all that's in between.
The rot runs deep in American society: in movie studios and in media empires, in television networks and major publications, in churches large and small, in courthouses and statehouses, in prosecutors' offices and prisons, in the military, and universities, and Olympic teams, and Congress, and the White House.
We've got HEM AND HAW, HERE AND NOW, MA AND PA, STOP AND GO, YOU AND I, OUT AND ABOUT and BOB AND RAY, and I especially liked the way the theme entries help create the shape of the ampersand by appearing in every sector of the puzzle.
So a fully clothed man plunged into sapphire waters and swam toward a host of floating barrels — plunged and swam and cleared, plunged and swam and cleared, in an endless loop — as dresses and skirts and T-shirts and sweaters in topographical tiers and organic materials flowed past.
But it also gives you a sense of playfulness, and a sense of tragedy, and let's you hear people's stories and reveals a wide kaleidoscope of the world and a full arc of humanity—humans in their joys and selfishness and generosity, and frustrations and confusions and warmth.
Then think about all the documents, the search queries — by voice, and text, and photos and optical character recognition— the location data and mapping, the ratings and likes and shares, the purchases, the delivery addresses, the phone numbers and contact info and address books and the social connections.
And everything in between: parents and children, old loves and new, animals and humans.
Pluto rules death (and rebirth), and Mars rules war and endings (and passion, too).
I like him on Israel and regulation and taxes and education and Supreme Court.
There are no clubs and bars and Michelin(-rated) restaurants and conferences and coffees.
And lots can and will happen in Florida and nationwide between now and then.
Desperate and reserved, straightforward and insistent, and finally just snapping and losing his patience.
The staff were Chinese and Japanese and Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern and Danish.
It's being used by Facebook and Google and Apple and Snapchat now and others.
He's made sculptures that move and speak, and reason, and do abduction and deduction.
Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan, and tons and tons and tons of Aretha Franklin.
"We were amazed and shocked and blessed and excited and scared," Valentine tells PEOPLE.
She is bold and loving and a little mean and feisty, and just perfection.
But we do swimming, and classes and language class and flash cards and reading.
There are commercials, and sharks, and bandannas, and lots and lots of famous people.
I will have more to say and experience and share and love and do.
Peter Frampton and I did that, and Fleetwood Mac and I, and the Eagles.
Last night she fell asleep, and again and again, over and over and over.
"We're awkward and weird and funny and sometimes sad and sometimes happy," she says.
You laugh and cry and swoon and yasss and grab the couch in suspense.
I have to thank my wife and Laura and Eric and Vanessa and Don.
Their goals and desires and hopes and dreams are tangible and easy to explain.
Grace and Frankie adds age and class and race and drugs to the mix.
And they added talent and interview and evening gown and all these other things.
And then there's Trump Magazine and Trump Vodka and Trump Steaks, and Trump mortgage?
And then there's Trump Magazine and Trump Vodka and Trump Steaks, and Trump Mortgage.
It's deluded and grandiose and silly and hopeful, and it is world-historically petty.
And then there's Trump Magazine and Trump Vodka and Trump Steaks, and Trump Mortgage?
It can also import and export PDFs, and record and play audio and video.
It affects young and old, rural and urban, and every ethnicity, gender and creed.
It will eat apples and pears, raspberries and blackberries, apricots and peaches and nectarines.
He is hero and villain, victim and murderer, lover and killer, leader and follower.
They read and write and work on computers and study English, Spanish and Portuguese.
John Culberson and officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection.
And then there's Trump magazine and Trump Vodka and Trump Steaks, and Trump Mortgage?
It was frigid and dark and smelled like blood and mulch and USB cables.
And then there's Trump Magazine and Trump Vodka, and Trump Steaks, and Trump Mortgage?
So Dice goes on and does and hour, and it's filthy, and he destroys.
Chad and Romania, Indonesia and Monaco, Ireland and Ivory Coast, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.
And der's our pure and holy and good and true Adam, the Toe Adam.
Conference topics will include motherhood and career, entrepreneurship and fundraising, and diversity and inclusion.
There are cheers and groans, again, and often shock, and occasionally hugs and tears.
And everyone groans and hems and haws and says how they just couldn't possibly.
And you just go and recreate those, and go and manipulate the whole environment.
Nonsensical, inexplicable disappearances and deaths leave you shattered and scared and angry and confused.
Not just Torah, secular books too, and movies and paintings and philosophies and constellations.
And I run the other two product groups and sales and marketing and design.
A meme works across Instagram and Twitter and TikTok and Snap and the web.
"He was alternately generous and supportive and championing, and punitive and bullying," she said.
And out of that love comes humor and comes teasing and intimacy and smiles.
"Yes!" he said and hugged Mia and then Toby and then Kate and me.
Keyboards pulse and shimmer and a dance beat surfaces and disappears, again and again.
She has an infectious personality and smile and warmth and personality and true nature.
It's funny and dark and gross and full of visceral detail and soaring metaphors.
The whole point is robots, and guns, and explosions, and computers, and more explosions.
She was, and she was, and she was, and she was, and she was.
We talked about time and enduring, music and phrasing and failing and getting up.
Peanut butter and jelly, fish and chips, and milk and cookies come to mind.
And each one gets bigger and bigger and bigger and feeds after each other.
She's flamboyant and fun and sparkles and glitter and that sums me up perfectly.
And it takes into account masses of elements and data and numbers and comparatives.
It's just me and him and [the family dogs] Bo and Sunny and dinner.
Dark and milk chocolate, hard and chewy candy, tea and cookies, granola and truffles.
But it's really about everything: poverty and bureaucracy and sex and mortality and music.
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, and talked bluntly and critically of colleagues and others.
It's dissociative and strange and weird, and that leads to anxiety and weird feelings.
I go live almost everyday and do a show and get high and take and make fun of myself and laugh.
I have eaten frozen pizzas and lasagnas and Chinese; I have tasted frozen breakfasts and fish sticks and macaroni and cheese.
I got to go on assignment and cover royal weddings and royal births and Olympics and film festivals and fashion week.
Me and my whole family support him, and we are Hispanic and Mexican and Native American and we support Donald Trump.
There's going to be a convention somewhere, and my suit will be made and primped and pressed and plucked and ready.
We could go through rabbis, priests, stepfathers and boy scouts and athletic coaches and choir directors and politicians and Hollywood directors.
I get strawberry, kiwi, and honey in mine, and they order raspberry, lemon and Nutella, and coconut, Nutella, and strawberry, respectively.
Scooters and bikes are lighter and slower than cars and trucks, making them simpler and cheaper to automate and operate remotely.
Together we've done that, and so much more, by balancing profitability and social conscience, compassion and rigor, and love and responsibility.
Matters of body autonomy and choice and pleasure and consent and negotiating and communication, whether you're kinky or vanilla or not.
I have The Four Tops and Skeeter Davis and Delfonics and Fleetwood Mac and Olivia Newton-John and The Beach Boys.
"She was encouraging me and snapping her fingers and nodding and swaying and kept saying, 'more' and 'more,&apos" he recalls.
I have never known that particular feeling: a mixture of loss and shock and sadness and pain and anger and emptiness.
One thing I know is they feel loved and secure and happy and needed and necessary and a part of something.
After 103 years, they're all still there — Seth Bullock and Al Swearengen and Trixie and Charlie Utter, and on and on.
I mean, everybody loves a good story about kings and queens, princes and princesses, swords and lords, and castles and banners.
Syd's cries and whispers and whimpers and confessions project an aura of exclusivity, and one feels lucky and excited to listen.
It lasted for years and they even secretly married and lived together, both as master and slave and husband and wife.
And we're responsible, we're responsible for our Earth, and our world, and our neighborhoods, and our communities, and respecting each other.
The update is available for iPhone 4S and later and iPad 2 and later and iPod touch (fifth-generation) and later.
The president and his Cabinet accomplished it and sent more people and continued to send more trucks and drivers and resources.
There's YouTube and Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and Snapchat and Glizznork, all but one of which are very real things.
Where there used to be corals and whales and sea lions and seahorses, now there's mostly bacteria and archaea and viruses.
We do it to free more of our communities, and plants and animals, and species from wildfires and droughts and displacement.
And there are people who like and respect Hillary Clinton and people who like me and so forth and so on.
She talks about kindness and respect and the social and emotional, and physical wellbeing and how-- (CROSSTALK) HANNITY: It&aposs horrible.
It's these big mink coats and the beautiful cars and the diamonds and the restaurants and the money and the shopping.
And my boyfriend and I got engaged and married and had a baby and he cheated on me with the nanny!
We all have beliefs about good and evil, moral and immoral, sin and punishment and redemption and all of those things.
And then I spent a long time after that just being adequate and serviceable and panicked and nervous and tic-y.
And she's also just a delightful person, and really fun and hilarious, and was really quotable and fun to talk to.
All signs point to Hillary Clinton losing Florida and North Carolina and Ohio and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and maybe Michigan, too.
"He was talking potholes and trash and sewage, and I was talking about education and environment and other issues," she says.
She displays a wide array of moods and emotions and is convincingly vain and generous, manipulative and gullible, brave and frightened.
Men and women, black and white, Latino, Native American, Asian American, gay and straight, young and old, native-born and immigrant.
He talked about being there for his family and family first and front and center, and I respect and admire that.
"We've interdicted drugs on buses and planes and ridesharing [sic] and taxi cabs and vehicles and on bicycles," he told me.
Many couples and groups still suffer discrimination and oppression for their gender and sexual identities and expressions, intimate arrangements, and lifestyles.
I found my parents and my sister and we hugged and talked, and then I saw my uncles Monty and Tim.
Early thousands emo music, like Something Corporate and Dashboard and Thursday and Bright Eyes and Brand New and Jimmy Eat World.
And it was pretty simple: White meant light and daytime and good and safety; black meant night, darkness, bad, and danger.
Soldiers and police joined emergency workers and volunteers to search for survivors and victims, clear debris and restore power and communications.
Nearly everything else is Ms. Grande: lead and backup vocals, melodies and asides, teasing and yearning, motion and afterglow and togetherness.
In all of these movies (and lots more), Ms. Sciorra is steely and luminous and game — fragile and feral and fierce.
My best stories come from people at The New York Times and CBS and NBC and ABC and Time and Newsweek.
The remaining couples going into the finale are Dylan and Hannah, Kristian and Demi, Clay and Nicole, and Katie and Chris.
As they squeeze and crowd around me, I feel love and joy and fullness at the noise and color and chaos.
And pet turtles and frogs (and occasionally dogs and cats) can carry salmonella bacteria on their skin and in their feces.
And the topics run the gamut from innovation and technology, politics and policy, investing and the economy, to food and medicine.
White and black, gay and straight, men and women, religious and secular, antiwar protesters and hard-hatted patriots all faced off.
Extreme confrontation and polarization cannot seize common conscience and peace, constituting borders and barriers to understanding and peaceful and democratic coexistence.
This budget ignores the needs and priorities of Americans: Republicans and Democrats, rural and urban communities, and citizens young and old.
In addition to sadza and beans and rice and chicken, they had pork pies and corned beef, cake jelly and custard.
You&aposre constantly cooled down or heated up ... and you cannot escape chips and sodas and pizzas and burgers and fries.
And the big guy comes in and-- and offers the moon and the stars, and-- people are-- are latched onto that.
Back to a different future and a life filled with hope and joy, not death and war and hangings and beheadings.
Watching African American and Arab and Jewish and gay and people with disabilities and everyone working together -- I just love that.
And we're on a planet, and there's other planets, and there's animals, and they're looking at us, and they're judging us.
But as far as manhood and life and Islam and music and creativity and art, there is no limitation to that.
An affordable and interdisciplinary program where students work across Painting and Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture and Installation, and Photography and Related Media.
His filmography is a catalog of his interests and obsessions and neuroses about relationships and self-image and right and wrong.
And then it'd be swirling in inks and dyes and glitter and dust so that space itself was viscous and present.
Y.) Subcommittees: Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration and Related Agencies; Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies; Defense; Energy and Water Development, and Related Agencies; Financial Services and General Government; Homeland Security; Interior, Environment and Related Agencies; Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies; Legislative Branch; Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies; State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs; Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies Members: Hal Rogers (R-Ky.), Nita Lowey (D-N.
"We all grew up in twos: Kourtney and Kim grew up together; Rob and Khloé; Brandon and Brody; Burton and  Casey, and then Kylie and I," she added.
Ministers and aides and generals and the United Nations all get involved, and personal relationships — friends, enemies, allies, and current and former sexual dalliances — get in the way.
It costs $399 (the package comes with the aforementioned mat and three attachments) and comes in premium finishes: iron and fuchsia, white and silver and nickel and silver.
JARRETT: People like Rosenstein and Comey and Strzok and Lisa Page and McCabe and the whole gang are a symbol of corruption and how absolute power corrupts absolutely.
By juxtaposing a flattened and abstracted body with visceral feelings of immediacy and tenderness, she creates tensions between closeness and separation, familiarity and estrangement, and calm and chaos.
And they talk about his entire career, which is The Byrds, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash, and then Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, and then a solo career.
Mr Haidt divides political morality into pairs of opposing instincts: loyalty and betrayal, authority and subversion, liberty and oppression, sanctity and degradation, care and harm, fairness and cheating.
"We all grew up in twos: Kourtney and Kim grew up together; Rob and Khloé; Brandon and Brody; Burton and Casey, and then Kylie and I," she adds.
You can abolish slavery, get rid of Jim Crow, and vote, and be broke and impoverished without access to capital, industry and technology, and deal flow and relationships.
"We all grew up in twos: Kourtney and Kim grew up together; Rob and Khloé; Brandon and Brody; Burton and Casey, and then Kylie and I," she added.
He's present, and attentive, and in the moment, and athletic—he can do things that I can never imagine doing—and loving, and patient, and sweet, yeah, yeah.
You don't plan a wedding, have a wedding, and the cheating and the cheating and the cheating, and then have it crash and burn and not be affected.
And you can't believe it, and you've changed inside and you're better and stronger and calmer and more fun than you were before you journeyed merrily in2 hell.
You can abolish slavery, get rid of Jim Crow, and vote, and be broke and impoverished without access to capital, industry and technology, and deal flow and relationships.
By nature, it's a global market, with hubs in Montreal and Vancouver and Seattle and the U.K, and the Nordic region and Seattle, L.A., Austin, and San Francisco.
It's kind of strange because fashion was all about beauty and expensive clothes, and then I went to crime and the sadness and loss and victims and punishment.
The diets were made up of 20% carbs and protein and 60% fat, 40% carbs and fat and 20% protein, or 60% carbs and 20% protein and fat.
Whole brined, rubbed and BBQed chick with eggs and THE BEST ceasar salad dressing with anchovies and parmesan and Rosemary and garlic croutons and then EXTRA CHICKEN CRACKLING.
Beat Maker boasts a 32-step sequencer and arpeggiator, and lets users trigger and tweak kick and snare drums, open and closed hi-hats, toms, and a shaker.
Noah and Josiah are Nordic blond and fair, Nariyah and Maliyah olive and deeply brunette, and their four brothers — Jonah, Jeremiah, Isaiah and Makai — run the gamut. Octuplets.
He would pull off his cap and run his hand through that thick shock of hair and then ready himself and rear and toss and rear and toss.
We'll go out and pick dandelion and mugwort and burdock and clover and all of these wild greens in the nearby woods and that's what we're feeding them.
I signed her book and then I went out and drank beer and woke up and ran along the lake and read for hours and ate takeout Thai.
But the established hierarchy and formality that permeated relationships between teachers and students, parents and children, bosses and workers, and ultimately even politicians and citizens, had been upended.
Acts will perform for five minutes each and include Korean drummers, cellists and violinists, Celtic and baroque harp and guitar players, and hammer dulcimer and musical saw players.
They went to Bond Street for tweeds and suitings, hats and coats and shirts and ties and scents; to Chelsea to seek out Carlyle's house; and to bookshops.
There will jets and pyrotechnics and Gladys Knight and Big Boi and Maroon 5 and commercials that cost $5 million for just 30 seconds and also some football.
Johnson "is always perceptive and brave; his lines always sing and strut and sizzle and hush and wash and blaze over the reader," our reviewer, Lauren Groff, wrote.
It's all Trump, all the time, and as such, is taking us further and further away from freedom and liberty, and closer and closer to authoritarianism and fascism.
"It's three meals and two snacks a day, and each meal has protein, fiber and fat, and snacks are protein and fiber or protein and fat," he says.
He went out and recruited the candidates, and gave them the language to use about how disgusting and despicable and horrible and immoral and unpatriotic the Democrats were.
People, generally, don't want to go and get on an exchange and buy and sell, and worry about how do you custody and hold this, and so on.
Britain is taking tea seriously and taking the Queen seriously and being in a sincere kind of love with Peter Andre, and it is half-glossy televised singing and dancing competitions, and it is villages that pride themselves on their hanging-basket competitions, and it is the RAF, and it is cavalry soldiers, and it is voting Conservative, and it is driving to France just to buy a truck full of wine, and it is the QE2 and Heathrow needs a third runway, and it is a damn good roast dinner after a damn good hunt, and it is Barbour jackets and grisly weather, and it is the Antiques Roadshow, and it is pomp and ceremony and class and classlessness; it is the most unoriginal cuisine in the world defended as though it is Michelin-starred, and it is a green-gray island that is small and inward-looking but gigantically ego'd and self-important, and it is brilliant, and it is terrible.
Both of my younger sisters were struggling with addiction, which was manifesting itself in needles and bottles and pills and lies and pawn shops and stolen money and cold, blank stares of narcissism and indifference.
Humanity developed art and fire and burned and ate and created and destroyed its way through the world with such swiftness and such efficacy that the progression of life took a sudden and permanent swerve.
I am coming out of this kind of 1960s and '70s magic realism of Garcia Marquez and Cortázar and Borges and Calvino and even the American writers like Robert Coover and Pynchon and so on.
And the connections between big money and the corporate interests and the donations and the lobbying and the revolving door between Congress and the private sector and the way that all ends up influencing policy.
In honor of that, this is a Lil Wayne song that Natalie Portman and Cam'ron and Ashton Kutcher and Hell Rell and Ludacris and Jim Jones and Greta Gerwig and Juelz Santana can all appreciate.
"We're heard and we're seen and we're listened to and we are sought out and sought after for our opinions and our judgment and our ideas and our insight," Conway told Business Insider on Sunday.
Even when we lived in the same city, everything was dissected and torn down and built back up and then rearranged and turned inside out and fucked with and fucked with over and over again.
I think a lot of the studies and the concern over people in general and their phones, and then certainly teenagers, is about social media and comparison and anxiety and depression and all this stuff.
With the N and R and the 4, 5 and 6 to the east, and the A, C and E and 1, 2 and 3 to the west, residents have a lot of underground options.
But that means that every day and literally twice on Sunday, it's more incendiary tweets and rage-filled tweets and appalling tweets and reckless tweets and misleading tweets and inaccurate tweets and really inaccurate tweets.
The story of the course is this: War involves all of us, soldiers and civilians, men and women, young and old, and it emerges from, and reveals, our enduring and inextricably intertwined humanity and inhumanity.
And we give them crowns and titles because symbols have weight and meaning, and because fairy tales and hallmark movies have trained us to believe that precious metal headgear and titles confer prestige and desirability.
He looked up at Miss Lewis and she looked at him, and it was as if, from inside that hair, he were acknowledging sorrow and solitude and fatigue, and also routine and expectation and quietness.
Ask others about their most memorable, pleasant, or addictive phone experience and you'll hear many familiar names: Angry Birds and Clash of Clans, Instagram and Instapaper, WhatsApp and Snapchat, Netflix and Spotify, Infinity Blade and Monument Valley, and, of course, Twitter and Facebook.
The seven consortia are Atlantic Rim and Royal Dutch Shell ; Eni and Lukoil; Murphy, Ophir , Petronas unit PC Carigali and Sierra Offshore Exploration; PC Carigali and Sierra; Statoil, BP and Total; Total and ExxonMobil; and Chevron along with Pemex and Inpex Corp.
When we mourn for Frey, are we mourning our lost selves and a time when we all thought we could live hard and stay free and surf and bike and run and jump and love and never lose because we were forever young?
"I was awkward and nerdy and shy and uncomfortable in my own skin and really, really sensitive, and River was cool and really smart and passionate and even at that age kind of like a father figure to some of us," Wheaton explained.
One of the things that really interested me about the story is that it centers on a girl, and it deals with technology and science and love and darkness and light and time travel and breaking time and space, all these concepts.
My life is very structured at home—kids and homework and dinners at 7 PM, and driving the kids to school and picking them up, and organizing rides and baseball, bass lessons, and five hundred fuckin' playdates, and all that kind of stuff.
From the link between jazz and heroin in the 1960s, to mushrooms and psychedelia in the 1970s, to disco and quaaludes, to reggae and weed, to punk and speed, to hip-hop and lean, to rap and coke or shoegaze and acid.
And it involves that you take this film, and you figure out what's wrong with it, and it's largely, as I say, damaged from 1003 years of use and neglect and just general wear and tear, and to try and correct it then.
The flowering trees — dogwoods and redbuds and serviceberries, the crab apples and peaches and cherries — are in full glory, and the woody shrubs, cascading with blossoms, are like something out of a fairy tale: forsythia and quince and lilac and bridal veil spirea.
Along coastlines and lake shores and riverfronts across the country, tenants and homeowners, regulators and planners, private developers and public institutions are embracing the accumulating evidence of climate change and fortifying buildings and infrastructure against rising sea levels and ever more intense storms.
And then I had a different order and I sent it to Gramma, and they had another idea for an order and I would print that out and sit with it and read it four times, take note of what transitions worked, and what didn't, and then go back and edit it and send them something.
But, hell, we all sense this monstrous, noble, tragic, wonderful miracle in different ways, and I respect and admire your genius and that of Tom Wolfe and Faulkner and O'Neill and Malraux and Joyce and even Odets (I'm Jewish don't forget, and I can sense things in his work that hit me directly) and ten other great men.
Despite political and cultural resistance, the nation is becoming more urban, less about manufacturing and, within the coming decades, less about oil and gas extraction and distribution, and more about distributed renewable power generation, electric and self-driving cars, greener and smarter cities and maybe companies with distributed workforces, massively changing where and how we work and live.
For more than two decades we have fed one another's dogs and watered one another's tomatoes and seen one another through every struggle imaginable: infertility and childbirth and postpartum depression and infidelity and divorce and troubled teenagers and dying parents and medical crises and, by far the most devastating of all, the loss of a child.
Frumkin calmly laid out black sturgeon caviar and red salmon roe; three kinds of salted, pickled and smoked fish; home-pickled green tomatoes, apples, red peppers and quinces; salads of eggplant and beets and potatoes and mushrooms and cucumbers; stuffed eggs and cabbage leaves and eggplant rolls; sliced beef tongue, jellied calf's feet and cured pork loin.
Jay anticipates the suspicion in an afterword: He does this, and he does that, and he shows these, and he plays that, and those, and he made these, and invented this, and wrote that, and he wrote that ten times smaller, but he didn't have these, and he didn't have that, and he had fourteen of those. . . .
People from a range of genders and ages were still gathering in Spain, South Africa, India, and Pakistan, marching in the streets wearing school uniforms, office clothes, lace and leather, nuns' habits, fishnets, and denim — flashing skin, drumming, dancing, holding babies and signs, and sharing stories of rape and assault and trauma and songs and jokes.
Try to avoid these ultraprocessed foods: ice cream, cookies, pastries, cereal bars and cakes, pre-made pies, pasta and pizza dishes, poultry and fish "nuggets" and "sticks," cocoa and "fruit"-flavored drinks, "health" and "slimming" products such as powdered or "fortified" meal and dish substitutes, powdered and packaged "instant" soups, noodles and desserts, sausages and hot dogs.
Joe was tending bar at Fulk's and the girl was drinking Guinness and smoking alone and talking to a jerk and the jerk went home and the girl switched to drinking vodka and lost her voice and the moon went down and the sun came up and someone was saying, "I'm a photographer" and someone was saying, "You have good hair," and the girl said to Joe, "I want to drink more," but Joe took her glass away and went outside and pulled the metal gate down halfway and came back inside and said, "Go home, everybody," and the girl suddenly looked around at all the stupid people and grabbed her coat and ducked under the metal gate and stumbled off into the street. 228.
There are stories about women who follow all the rules so well — who are the right amount of thin and curvy and smart and nonthreatening and sexually appealing and chaste and accomplished and vulnerable and white and blonde, the Serena Joys and Ivanka Trumps of the world — that they are crowned the Best Woman and get to be held up above other women as an example.
Everywhere there are bins of free bike helmets, and free green umbrellas for the two days a year it rains, and little fruit salads, and nap pods, and shared treadmill desks, and massage chairs, and random cartons of high-end pastries, and places for baby-clothes donations, and two-story climbing walls with scheduled instructors, and reading groups and policy talks and variegated support networks.
You post goofy shots all the time, because you're adorkable, and confident, and sexy, and professional, and tough, and cute, and thin but not too thin, and curvy but not fat, and chesty but not like a porn star, and all of the other things a human woman should be!
Sex has always been something that happened at rest stops, and public bathrooms, and malls, and abandoned buildings, and piers, and those sites where queer folks would gather for illegal or dangerous or secret sex would also be potentially grounds for coming together, and community, and building, and power, and resistance.
About five minutes later she remembered who I was and that we'd met and had this nice conversation and talked about hobbies and whatever, and called back and profusely apologized that she'd forgotten my name and when we met and whatever, and felt so badly, she booked me on air.
So much of the talk these days is of millennials and Gen Z and how much everyone is trying to appeal to their evolving tastes and how they have changed the face of retail and restaurants and human interaction (and killed napkins and fabric softener and so forth and so on).

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