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"then" Definitions
  1. used to describe somebody who had a particular title, job, etc. at the time in the past that is being discussed
"then" Synonyms
at that time at that point at that point in time at that moment on that occasion in those days at one point at one time back then back when before earlier formerly previously at that instant in days gone by in days of yore in the old days in the olden days in the past in times gone by in times past long ago once once upon a time next after that afterwards followed by subsequently afterward following that following this later before long ensuingly finally latterly next off thereafter thereupon at a later date at a later time soon after after in addition also additionally on top of that over and above that as well furthermore along with it moreover another thing too what's more for good measure to boot and besides further in addition to that in addition to this what is more in that case that being the case as a consequence as a result that being so consequently under those circumstances accordingly because of that because of this due to this ergo for that reason for this reason it follows that hence in consequence in doing so in so doing in that event on the other hand at the same time conversely on the flip side having said that that said then again yet despite that however meanwhile nevertheless nonetheless on the other side of the coin whereas at any rate in spite of that instead au contraire by contrast from that time on from that time from then on thence thenceforth from there on thenceforward thenceforwards anon directly presently shortly soon momentarily again immediately tomorrow by and by ere long just now in a little while in a short time in the near future in a minute in a jiffy in a second otherwise else or if not or else or then in different circumstances under other conditions former old ex- previous one-time past prior one time at the time onetime defunct latter early first last late long-gone of old of yore that time that point that instant that moment that occasion that point in time in addition to with along with as well as including plus together with combined with coupled with or also and also apart from being besides being besides the fact that apart from the fact that not only accompanying so therefore thus lest alternatively alternately in contrast as a choice as a substitute as an alternative as another option by way of an alternative or rather More
"then" Antonyms
never at no time not ever nevermore not in any way not in the least not on your life not under any condition no way later at some stage sometime in time later on afterwards at a later date at a later time at another time down the line down the road in a while sometime in the future after afterward thereafter next subsequently eventually future earlier before previously already formerly before this at an earlier time at one point at one time a while ago some time ago a while back back then before now further back in the past long ago without minus leaving out less sans but however nevertheless yet despite that nonetheless be that as it may but despite that that said but for all that but in spite of that but then again on the flip side likewise equally similarly also as well too in like manner in the same way before then prior to that up until then hitherto until then up till then until now up to that point up to that time up to this point up to this time afore ahead antecedently anteriorly beforehand prior former irrespectively without consideration without regard unsuitably exclusively particularly singularly solely uniquely completely entirely fully totally wholly just only simply purely regardless irregardless still despite this in spite of that in spite of this notwithstanding in any event subsequent upcoming forthcoming eventual to come coming imminent impending approaching downstream ensuing following to be consequent subsequential succeeding current new present existing latest recent extant ongoing prospective now reigning regnant ruling present-day up-to-date but not excluding exclusive of

929 Sentences With "then"

How to use then in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "then" and check conjugation/comparative form for "then". Mastering all the usages of "then" from sentence examples published by news publications.

There was DACA, then leaks, then tariffs, then leaks, then North Korea, then leaks.
Then, after she'd rolled over, then babbled, then walked, then ran.
At one time they may be carbuncle stones, then coals, then diamonds, then flint stones, then morning dew, then tears.
Then came "Deflategate," then Adrian Peterson's child-abuse case, then Mr. Kaepernick, then President Trump, then Jerry Richardson and Robert McNair.
It started with overpopulation, then DDT killing all the birds, then nuclear winter, then mass famine, then toxic air pollution levels that would require humans to wear gas masks, then low sperm counts, then peak oil, then a modern ice age, then earth running out of clean water, then species extinction, then loss of farmland, and on and on.
The rebels had Turkey, then the West, then some Gulf states, then al-Qaeda, then (distractingly and damagingly) ISIS, then Turkey again.
I move the hydraulic chair thingy up and then down and then up and then down and then up and then down.
Clifford was first, then Raymond, who was nicknamed "Doc" and died at 19953 of "yellow jaundice," then Pauline, then Earnest, then Maureen, then W.J., then Cora Lucille, the crippled girl, then Vera, and finally Glenn, the baby.
And then Turkey, and then Orlando, and then Philando, and Alton before him, and then Dallas.
First accusations of racism, then sexual harassment, then anti-LGBTQ bias, then more racism, then Russian collusion.
The scream started near us, then below, like the night before, then behind, then over, then across.
The scream started near us, then below, like the night before, then behind, then over, then across.
Tablets got bigger, then smaller, then cheaper, then more expensive.
Then six games the following season, then five, then four.
Three miles to go, then two, then one, then none.
Then it's Christmas, then New Years, then we all die.
I got kicked out, then I came back, then I left, then I came back, then left again.
And the landscape changes, and then it's raining, and then you run out of gas, and then you have passages, and then you're alone, and then you're afraid, and then it's beautiful — and that's life.
One child led to two, then five, then 10, then 20.
The crowd moved west, then north, then east, then north again.
The Chinese protest, then the Sikh, then Mexicans, then Afro-Americans.
To relax, I tried marijuana, then hallucinogens, then beer, then abstinence.
It clicks beautifully, then shatters, then refocuses, and then shatters again.
Then, the unimaginable happened, then was shown again, and then again.
Rest, from the never-ending circle of checking e-mail, then Twitter, then Instagram, then Facebook, then e-mail, again.
The company lost a star tenor, then a star soprano, then a conductor, then another conductor, and then a villain.
It's dizzying at first, then exhilarating, then nauseating, and then, finally, numbing.
The regime has had Hezbollah, then Iran, then Iraqi militia, then Russia.
He would start a word, then stop, then start again, then sigh.
Our drive around town was hopeful, then worrisome, then beautiful, then ugly.
Then comes appreciation, then familiarity, and then we take it for granted.
At once, Trump is insulting Mexicans, and then the disabled, and then prisoners of war and then Muslims and then women.
First it was Obamacare, then it was instituting a travel ban, then it was corporate tax reform, then infrastructure, then tariffs.
And then text and then WhatsApp and then email and then company ... it's like you're being attacked from so many angles.
Solve for X. We've had so many public figures promise their votes, then recant, then repromise, then double down, then recant.
On an iPhone, hit the speech bubble, then the pencil, then hit "secret," then chose the person, then the timer icon.
But then I had to go up to 40, and then 60, and then 80, and then 100, and then 120, which is way over what you're supposed to take.
Dump the flour on top of the milk, then the eggs on top of the flour, then the sugar, then the vanilla, then the salt, then half of the butter.
I had one, then another, then I had a dance, then two more.
Then we embalm, then wash again, and then shampoo and condition the hair.
And then it slows down, then slows down some more, then it stops.
Then we started working together, five hours a week, then 10, then 20.
Then something inside me altered and coffee became palatable, then enjoyable, then pleasurable.
Then I used it before work, then during work, then instead of work.
First it'll be my son, then my daughter, then me, then my husband.
You begin watching by feeling mildly amused, then uneasy, then annoyed, then unsettled.
First she stops and looks back, and then he does, then her, then him, her again, him again, and then, boom, cars.
Then he goes and admits everything and then they say — thenthen they come out and say that he didn't admit enough.
One donor, who works for the same public relations firm as a campaign aide, donated $39.49, then $25, then $5, then $1, then $1 again, then $2 to the Nixon campaign.
"A lot of games fall into the trap of doing 'and then' storytelling, which is: something happens, and something else happens, and then, and then, and then, and then," she said.
But then that phone died, and I got a BlackBerry, and then an iPhone, and then another iPhone, and then a white iPhone, and then a slate gray iPhone, and then a gold iPhone, and—finally—a rose gold iPhone.
Then do four reps followed by a four-second hold, then three, then two, then one, for a total of 15 reps. A4.
Plants literally turning brown, then black, then freezing into solid black ice, then shattering.
Her outgoing call log shows she phoned Wes, then Oliver, then Laurel, then Connor.
You can then head over to the Settings app, then 'General', then 'Software Update'.
What follows is suspenseful, then fantastical, then man versus nature, then almost science fiction.
Well first it was rap, then reggae, then rap again, then rap and reggae.
Then I bought like 20 more, then 40, and then I started printing them.
Then it went up to 50 pesos, then 80 pesos, and then to 100.
Our phones were small then big then bigger then small again ... it didn't matter!
First Fyodor Smolov, then Ignashevich, then Golovin, then Denis Cheryshev — all beat De Gea.
It's a lot of talking, and then waiting, and then talking, and then waiting.
Then that became 15, then that became 20, then that become half an hour.
Once you've hunted a monster, you can just hold down X to send all your loot home rather than pressing X then right then X then right then X then right ad infinitum.
You have to hit Restart, then Down, then either A (to save) or Down again (to then select a previous save), then A again.
Workers' compensation approved six weeks of therapy, then denied more, then approved it briefly in June, then denied it again, then approved it again.
" On showbiz: "It's the bull who ate that shit and then shit it out again, and then ate that shit and then shit it out again, and then ate that shit and then shit it out again, and then ate that shit and then shit it out again, and now it's that bullshit.
And then they get 1,001 convictions and then a pleas and then it&aposs over.
It began with bullets, then with mortars, then with shelling, then scuds and chemical weapons.
After about 20 minutes, the wall turns violet, then green, then dark blue, then black.
And then they started coming off by the tens and then hundreds and then thousands.
Then he went to Thailand; then he went to Vietnam; then he thought about stuff.
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a conscious uncoupling, then comes divorce...eventually.
This tango for three involves JoJo leaning into Derek, then Chase, then Derek, then Chase.
Then we became the Weekly Ukuleles, then the Monthly Ukuleles, and then the Never Ukuleles.
I heard the director cue in Heidi, then Brody, then the dancer, then the paella.
Then there was Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr, and then Saddam, and then Nuri al-Maliki.
The book survived the arrival of radio, then film, then television and then the internet.
Back then, it was snapbacks, then it was fitteds, and then it was snapbacks again.
You might feel it a week from then, a month from then... years from then.
On an Android phone, go to Settings then choose Network & Internet, then Wi-Fi, then Wi-Fi preferences: Tap Advanced then pick Wi-Fi Calling.
GLENN THRUSH: But then-- TIM MILLER: And then-- GLENN THRUSH: --then he backs-- TIM MILLER: --on foreign policy-- GLENN THRUSH: But then he backs off.
First came The Bachelorette, then Bachelor Pad, then Bachelor In Paradise, then Bachelor In Paradise: After Paradise, then Bachelor: Winter Games...I could go on.
Then his son was stricken, then his son's son, then his son's son's son, and then his son's son's son's son, who is my father.
On Windows, open Settings then choose System, then Storage, then activate Storage sense; on macOS, open the Apple menu and choose About This Mac, then Storage, then Manage; on Android, choose Storage then Free up space from Settings; and on iOS, pick your Apple ID from the Settings app then iCloud and Manage Storage.
Sanders fell behind in pledged delegates, then was mathematically eliminated, then conceded, then fully endorsed Clinton.
But then it was a shelf, then it was a bed, then it was a this.
Then Jann tells his story, then Jane tells hers, then the associate photo editor tells hers.
"C" then "B" then "D" then back again, in a loop, until they lose the match.
It started with denial, then shame, then acceptance, and then finally, freedom: the freedom to beliebe.
Our career was an up, then a down, then an up, and then a down again.
She looks at me, then the plate, then me again, then shakes her head in disgust.
He then made his way to Nice, then Paris, and then to Germany for eight months.
Then they became Richard and the Rabbits, then Cap'n Swing, then—finally—the Cars in 1976.
At first, there were just two, then one, then three, then back to one a year.
I like United Continental and then I would go with , then I would go with and then I would go with JetBlue, and not before then.
Then it changed its mind to "other," then to vehicle again, back to "other," then to bicycle, then to "other" again, and finally back to bicycle.
One day you're in Belarus, and then the next day you're in New Zealand, and then Los Angeles and then you're in Toronto, and then London.
And then I would go with Alaska [Air], and then I would go with Delta, and then I would go with American, and then I would go with United, and then I would go with JetBlue.
After dating, then breaking up, then dating again, then getting engaged, then breaking up again, then dating again, then getting engaged again, and ultimately making the ill-advised decision to get full-on married, Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have finally, actually ended their 10-year relationship.
We tried Seroquel, then Lamictal, then Lexapro, then Prozac, then Depakote, to try to tackle some of these symptoms, which, no matter what, continued to get worse.
Then Instagram introduced simple photo ads with no links, then short 15-second video ads, then clickable photo ads, and then progressively increased the video ad length.
I can do a play, then do a movie, then do a play, then do a movie.
It is indigenous, then Spanish, Mexican, then Californio, the Bear Republic, then part of the American one.
To do this, open up Settings then choose Display & sound, then Video output, then 26K TV details.
Then I went to San Francisco, then the East Village… and then moved out to the beach.
If nothing has happened since then...if it's only then Red Bull, then that's where I am.
Then the voters would kick them out, and then two years later, forget and then reelect Democrats.
There were women who were out and then in and then back out and then back in.
"Then you'll experience gender disparity, then you'll become a true feminist, then you'll get it," she said.
" And: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
" And, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
On Android, head to Settings, then Sound, then Do Not Disturb Preferences and then Priority Only Allows.
Since then, Jackson's remakes have produced 17 wins, then 32 and then another lost cause this season.
At first, I thought I could find that in Buttigieg, then Klobuchar, then Booker, then Klobuchar again.
Go to Settings > Security, then Device administrators, then untick the "System Update Service" box, then hit Deactivate.
The deer was condemned to die, then he was not, then he was, then he was not.
Then Marines United 3.0, then 4.0, then local chapters, code languages, closed groups, groups with different names.
Um... then I wrote a play, then I was in a lot of plays, then I started going to the theater when I was 13 at the Fisher Theater in Detroit and saw virtually every single national tour that came in beginning with "Shenandoah," and then very quickly after "Pippen" and then "A Chorus Line" and then "Annie" and then "The Magic Show" and then "Sugar Babies" and on and on.
I like United Continental and then I would go with American, then I would go with Delta and then I would go with JetBlue, and not before then.
"Some races are pretty bad with the changing snow, then it's icy, then you have grip and then you don't have grip, then it all snowballs," Stuhec said.
Then we got to know you, and then you became our brother, and then that became really awkward.
"You design something, then make it, then photograph it, then show the photos to an audience," he says.
I saw one group go Friday, then Saturday, then Monday, and then twice more in the same month.
She had to put in 16 hours on set, then go on tour, then record, then do press.
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then they invest in you.
Then we put it on a network, then we put it on the net, then we integrated mobile.
Many pretenders arrived: cheap Android tablets, 3DTV, then cheaper Android tablets, then cheaper TVs, then cheap Android TVs.
It looks painful, then painfully glorious, then just painful again, and then kind of amazingly goofy TV movieish.
"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win," it read.
Norton, then 23, and Summers, then 22, said yes to then-17-year-old Whittley with no hesitation.
Then replacements blew up, and then those phones were recalled, and then, finally, Samsung issued a global recall.
China flipped to capitalism when it witnessed the prosperity of Japan, then Korea, then Singapore, then Hong Kong.
First it was a few, then it was more, then it was hundreds, and then it was thousands.
She got a flat tire, then stuck in traffic, then saw an accident, then spilled coffee on herself?
He then turned first to the United Nations, then to the American people, then to his military advisors.
Then there was an inferred right of abortion, then of sexual privacy and then of same-sex marriage.
Then Smith ran for a 58-yard score; then Williams threw another touchdown pass, and then still another.
Then the speed will pick up to be around every 15 minutes, then 10 minutes, then 5 minutes.
He visited the recent past, then the near future, then the distant past, and then the remote future.
Judicial Watch picked up that story, then other right-wing media blogs, then Fox News, and then Trump.
This season Kizer was benched for Kevin Hogan, then reinstated, then benched for Cody Kessler, then reinstated again.
Each of these is a bubble, and then it bursts, and then a bubble, and then it bursts.
She was married to you, and then she cheated with you, and then she left you for you, and then she cheated on you with you, and then she had your baby, but then said it was your baby.
Bono's two sons Elijah, then 13, and John, then 12, also attended and were seated at a table with Malia, then 14, and Sasha, then 12, The Telegraph reported.
Breaking Bad, then Pulp Fiction Gilmore Girls, then Dirty Dancing Narcos, then Cartel Land Marvel's Luke Cage, then 13TH American Horror Story, then Mean Girls It looks like the silver screen and the small screen are a match after all. 
On Android, head to Settings then tap Security & location, then Location, then turn the Use location switch to Off.
He thought of a backup response, then another, then ruled them both out, then settled for a final answer.
Michael Flynn, then-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, then-campaign adviser Page, and then-campaign foreign policy adviser Papadopoulos.
Then he learned the saxophone, and then he learned the guitar, and then he had a crisis of faith.
He's obviously Jamie Fraser, then he's an outlaw — the Dunbonnet — then he's Mac Dubh, then he's Mac to Willie.
The couple looked at each other, then at Fred, then back at each other, then outside the carriage window.
But then I sold 10 and then 15 and 20, and then social media hit, and I thought, 'O.
To turn it on, go to your Settings app, then click General, then click Keyboard, then toggle Predictive on.
And I-- I-- JOE KERNEN: Okay, so then-- then your argument--is then it's a race to the bottom.
I go somewhere and gear up, then hold a class hostage, then go ape****, then blow my brains out.
I clutched the railing, then let go a little, then grabbed hold, then let go again, but caught myself.
Some days she managed to stay off the ventilator for eight hours, then 12, then a day, then two.
Danny got in after about a mile, then Carrie got out, then Edward got in, then Danny got out.
It didn't help that in the public imagination, they were coveted, then memed, then played out, then strangely forgotten.
Looking back, I started out feeling reading was an escape, then a chore, then a habit, then a luxury.
Then the gym, where I told myself to do something with weights for 10, then 15, then 20 minutes.
Nuha crossed over, then Shadi, then a cousin carrying little Leila, then all the other adults, one by one.
He and Schuyler moved to a farm in Vermont, then to California, then to Canada, then back to Vermont.
First a warbler, then a chipmunk, then a mouse, then a deer take the gold leaf because they can.
We climb a fence, then another fence, then drop down onto the roof of an ambulance, then we're in.
Then, once I found Brazilian blowouts — one way to straighten my hair without damaging the curl — I would have to wash, then dry, then braid, then sew in the weave.
You encounter one, then you encounter their child or their mother or their friend, and then you encounter maybe a schoolteacher and then her mother and then her work friend.
I, at least, had trouble making do with her alongside Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man, playing Pepper Potts, his assistant then partner then wife then co-Avenger then widow.
I promised myself I'd be thinner for my high school graduation, then for my first day in university, then for a friend's wedding, then for my university graduation, then for my book launch, then my bachelorette party, and now, for the wedding.
Then I stacked my living room, then other spaces in my house and eventually tried with an entire building nearby, then others in the Netherlands (my country), then Russia and Gaza.
We block then unblock then snoop social media then accidentally like an Instagram post from 103 weeks ago and then want to throw our phones in the nearest body of water.
I was a cook, then I became a chef, then I had an investment partner, then I became an owner.
The Trans March is first and then the Dyke March and then the Gay Pride and then the big parade.
It will roll through one competitor, then another, then another, then another, with little respect for the passage of time.
Then we did rollout abs, then pushups, and then we had to finish it off with a hundred sit-ups.
So who actually said "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win"?
The products were originally developed at Celgene, then licensed to Allicqua, then acquired by HLI, then bought back by Celularity.
I laughed at first—then came the uncertainty, then the confusion, then a horrible cold feeling washed over my body.
And then we&aposve got Strzok, and then we got Page, and then we got -- all of this going on.
And then if they did it again it could have been two games then three games then for the season.
Then came a pause, then a repetition of the utterance, equally soft, and then what sounded like a responsive utterance.
"Then maybe a little in Japan, then in Singapore, then in New York, in a very subtle and discreet way."
He had an aide four hours a day, then six, then eight, then one night in January at 21990 a.m.
Predictably, she opened the sandwich and ate the chicken, then the tomato, then the lettuce, and then—unpredictably—the bread.
He looked down at the table, then at the wall, then at the ceiling, and then back at the table.
On this song, the mood is a tug-of-war: breathe fast, then relax, then breathe fast again, then relax.
That it all started with a comic book, then came the TV show, then a film and then a book.
Then again, it worked then ... maybe it'll work now!
She then got up and swayed -- and then collapsed.
Then — and only then — can we talk about drying.
First comes marriage, then comes love, then comes … divorce?
And then there's Trump — and then they wake up.
Like, go over there and put that down and then hunch down — but not too much — and then you look at the camera and then cry, and then look over your shoulder.
" I said, "Well, because if you record it, then you'll have it recorded, then you'll have the search for it, and then nobody else can do it, and then you'll dominate it.
By contrast, in a logarithmic plot, each tick on the y-axis represents a tenfold increase over the previous one: 1, then 10, then 100, then 1,000, then 10,000 and so on.
This whole season we've seen the tall poppy get cut – first Joe, then Eric, then Julia, then David, and now Kelley.
And then that just led to me then releasing my first EP, and then led to the album and getting signed.
And then good times come and then we forget all about them and then we find ourselves in bad times again.
First it's an argument, then it's a repartee, then it gets a little sad, and then it's a big explosion. Right?
At the prompt, press 1, then 4, then 2, then 0 to be connected to an agent and file a complaint.
And then we just started getting into a little bickering and arguing, and then she got upset and then she left.
On iOS, open up Settings then tap Personal Hotspot; on (stock) Android, head to Settings then More then Tethering & portable hotspot.
This may start by mentoring a junior developer, then lead a team of four, then six, then ten, and so on.
In an interview on May 22, Trump advocated against, and then for, and then against, and then for guns in classrooms.
The treatment team thinks it will be best for me to do chemo first, then surgery, then radiation, then reconstructive surgery.
MUSIC TOGETHER And then I spend some time with my kids, reading and then drawing, and then we play music together.
Today, I walked to the White House then to the Press Club, my tailor, then to the market, then back home.
Then the 200-person conference in Milan that had 100, then 50, then 20 attendees before she finally pulled the plug.
"We had the revolution, then we had the Terror, then the return of the Republic, and then the empire," Bouteghmès said.
Very methodically: alphabetically by author; first fiction, then nonfiction, then plays, screenplays, music, film, history, biography — then whatever shelf has room.
She reapplied to the Bauhaus, requesting to be admitted to several departments: stained glass, then carpentry, then wall painting, then metalwork.
It wasn't bad, but it definitely wasn't good either, and the whole experience left me with a weird range of emotions: pity, then intense guilt for the pity, then a deep discomfort and annoyance for the discomfort, then protectiveness, then fondness, then pity again.
They have to crawl, then stagger, then fall and cry, and then eventually climb to their feet under the strength of their own legs and take those first few faltering steps that will inevitably lead to walking, then running, then standing on their own.
Written in Latin, entries are made up of "dense print in numbered columns, subdivided by capital Roman numerals, then capital letters, then Arabic numerals, then perhaps more Arabic numerals, then lowercase letters, then — if you're still on the trail — Greek letters," said Mr. Butterfield.
The owner promised to end implicit bias in his cafe, then in the stores on his block, then in the neighborhood, then in Berkeley, then I guess eventually in the entire the galaxy.
But then New Hampshire was disappointing, then Nevada, then South Carolina, and then you had Super Tuesday which involved a group of states she should've played well in, but it didn't work out.
First the shock, then the smartphone video images, then the online frenzy, then the Al Qaeda or Islamic State claim, then the bristling determination of world leaders like President Trump to defeat terrorism.
It was then rescheduled for September, then again for October.
Just practice now, because then you won't be nervous then.
I go on Instagram first, then Twitter, and then Reddit.
Then Obama comes in and then they have the reset.
Then we have the U.K. And then we have Putin.
Then and only then will I lay out the feast.
Then we get the next set, then the next set.
" And then it was like, "Well, then what's the point?
Airlines are then awarded efficiency points and are then ranked.
But then, THEN, what are those around your ankles, Danielle?
First, water, then air, then a crooked bed of twigs.
Then I-- then after that, I've gotta turn it around.
Then Google announced it had created similar software; then Facebook.
Then they shot him again, and then he fell down.
Then, just imagine, that he then became the new Bachelor.
First some dead, then multiple, then 20 and now 50.
And then another sharp pain, and then it will subside.
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes — what, exactly?
Words were exchanged at first, then pushes, and then punches.
He then shot Kristin and then took his own life.
Then came security and medical checks and then, finally, resettlement.
And then (hopefully) earn that money back — and then some.
In it, you hear dance tracks, then gunshots, then silence.
The cycle was pain, then money, then power over pain.
I ended up driving, then dispatching, then running the studios.
" And I said: "Look, then you've got something wrong then.
I started out in acting, then hosting and then modeling.
Then there were the photoshoots, and then there was this.
The king's children are witnesses, then accomplices, then something worse.
The boy then goes limp again and then loses consciousness.
And then he'd grab your tits and then run away.
Open the File menu, then click Options and then Proofing.
London (then Paris, then Florence), Constance Fenimore Woolson wrote Henry
Then the cameras turned on again, and then he changed.
Then, the then high school senior attended prom by herself.
First a million dollars, then 12 million, then 50. 6.
They then have taken some steps and then they paused.
And then the needle touched 200 and then, maybe, 201.
And then Thanksgiving, and then it would be Christmas again.
They then have taken some steps, and then they've paused.
Then, and only then, will we respect his terrible power.
Then a bit of ecstasy, then all the other drugs.
And then it's a village, and then it's a city.
And yet he survives  —  for days, then weeks, then months.
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes ... combining finances?
Then, and only then, will a dystopian future be avoided.
Soon, there were dozens of students, then hundreds, then thousands.
Listen and then you will learn every now and then.
Then, and only then, I could start playing a game.
Then there's silence... Then there's "Mr Blobby" by Mr Blobby.
Then, then, you might see a trickle down my cheek.
Then, obviously, the European and then the North American culture.
Then it becomes normal, and then things begin to happen.
Then they got bored and left (first David, then Ross).
He darted forward, then held back, then ran forward again.
First to your shins, then your hips, then your elbows.
I have exercised more, then less, then not at all.
Then put more oil on, then put their boots on.
Then came a deafening boom — from him — and then smoke.
Then a deafening boom came from him, and then smoke.
Then use that for 20 more years and then retire.
The effect is at first exhilarating, then discombobulating, then exhausting.
But then the private sector, and then government, came calling.
Browne: Right on the waterfront, then a, then a break.
And then, since then, it's been sort of watching it.
I start simpler and then go bigger, then go smaller.
He took the next day off, then another, then another.
Then it evolved into contemporary photography, and then contemporary art.
We're on top, then behind, then we're back in front.
"But then we heard some sputtering and then a boom."
You're yes, then you're no ... You're up then you're down.
I heard rustling, and then silence, and then more rustling.
They say Switch is most acceptable, then Loop, then Footbridge.
I was in fifth place, then second place, then first.
And then every now and then, they would come back.
And then, of course, then my mother's family were Jews.
And then three was 21, and then Sekiro was 226.
He then went to Amsterdam, and then on to Turkey.
Then you focus on growth, then you focus on revenue.
Then we got Walton, then we got Joel and Nick.
And then you had two and then you had three.
Then everybody forgets it, & then the next woman comes along.
If they don't get it then, well, then they're hopeless.
We'd do a couple takes, then onto the next one, then onto the next one, and then it came out almost instantly.
Some of the time, they gave them sequentially in species groups—4 almonds, then 4 hazelnuts, then 4 pecans, then 4 walnuts.
And then iPads were suddenly going to be huge and then that kind of slowed down, and then those all go mobile.
He started off in Bakersfield, California, as an assistant shoe salesman, then a shoe salesman, then an assistant manager, then a manager.
You'd have Chinese opera and then some kind of Russian circus act and then a punk band and then a drag queen.
To set things up, navigate over to Conversations tab, then "Contacts," then "My Profile," then switch the "Send SMS" feature to on.
And then all of a sudden, I hear he tried, he can't do it, and then, boom, and then another one, boom.
For the word "dog," I would think: There's a circle then a line, then a circle, then a circle with a hook.
We're gonna blast beat and then, like, be completely quiet, and then we're gonna have no instruments, and then we're gonna sing.
Then there would be group therapy for a couple hours, and then you'd have lunch, and then you'd have more group therapy.
" In Burns's view, conventional narrative—"and then and then and then "—is "about as good a thing as has ever been invented.
"And then they come back and then they get their back pay, then they're, in some sense they're better off," Hassett said.
Ducks, meanwhile, are cured in salt for four days, then smoked, then slowly roasted, then doused with flaming booze at the table.
A tiny figure in flowing blue fabric ran in front of me, giggling, then another, then another, then perhaps a hundred more.
So you always add sugar first, then salt, then vinegar, and then if you need it, you can also add soy sauce.
Ms. McCallum told us to inhale in three parts, from our stomach, then chest, then lungs, then exhale slowly but not completely.
Reload your Google Doc and then click the "Add-ons" dropdown from the main toolbar, then select "Extensis Fonts" and then "Start."
Then towards LA for Magic Mountain or Hurricane Harbor, San Diego for USS Midway and SeaWorld, then Phoenix and then back home.
"You begin watching by feeling mildly amused, then uneasy, then annoyed, then unsettled," Ben Brantley wrote in his review for the Times.
And in the book's dream-play first you lose words then you lose image, then you lose sound, then you lose everything.
For Ali Fedotowsky, first comes love, then comes a ring, then comes a baby, then comes one postponed wedding, then comes another, and finally, it's time to get the dress for the big day.
But this is how it begins: first with a playground or two, then grants for instructional buildings, then church maintenance, then vouchers for tuition, then direct grants — and pretty soon you're a public school.
High and low are getting smushed together – first they're an animal, then they're a volcano, then they're making songs, then they don't finish the song and they're screaming, then they're playing with their cat.
His daughter Renée, then 20013, lived with him; Richard, then 15, lived back in Peoria, Illinois with his mother, and Elizabeth, then 10, and Rain, then 8, both lived in L.A. with their respective mothers.
Ladle the meat sauce onto the bottom of your casserole dish, then lay down noodles, then another layer of meat sauce, then layer your cheese, then noodle and so on until your dish is full.
He was against the Trans-Pacific trade deal, then for it, then against it again; for gun control, then for arming teachers instead.
"Make sure expenses are covered, then have a buffer, then an emergency fund, and then, after that, invest for time horizons," he said.
For example, for the "Dat Boi" pattern, I started with the head, then did the arms, then the body, then the legs. 4.
The smoked tomato sauce (made and chilled) goes on top, then a flurry of brined-then-poached-then-tossed-in-citrus-zest shrimp.
"Then she got pregnant again with Tyreanna two years later, then Timia a year later, then Jimarrion a year later," her mother said.
"Then 10 more people wait, and then 20 more people wait, and then, lo and behold, we have a slowdown," Mr. Jacobson said.
Under the law, the decision is subject to a hierarchy of people: first the spouse, then surviving children, then surviving parents, then grandparents.
Clinton (they rank her first, then Mr. Bloomberg, then Mr. Trump), and 20 percent for Mr. Bloomberg (they place him first, then Mrs.
Then I come back to New York and it's the Met Gala, and then the Cannes film festival, then London, Paris and Berlin.
She had to report the intrusion to local police, then file an affidavit, then contact the credit bureaus and then the Ohio government.
That's when the public rollout began in earnest, then dipped, then spiked again on October 3 and then dropped for almost a week.
To show it, open the Safari menu then choose Preferences, then Advanced, then tick the box marked Show Develop menu in menu bar.
Then the water in the village well began to disappear, turning cloudy, then red, then slime-green, but the villagers kept drinking it.
Then I screamed and then my dog jumped on the bed.
Then I would do what she wanted, and then fly back.
Yes, yeah, again, lawyers first, then chefs, then home health care.
And then the body language followed and then the costume followed.
Then you do another show, it airs, and then it's gone.
First it was a revolution, then the annexation, then the war.
First it panders then it polarizes then it pushes us apart.
Colton hands out roses to Hannah G., then Tayshia, then Cassie.
Then, this year, a third—then a fourth, fifth, and sixth.
And then she said: "We had good Black people back then."
My husband put on Oasis, then The Stone Roses, then Pulp.
The Palestinians rejected it, then embraced it, then dismissed it again.
Then 30 starting in September, then 60 as of last month.
And then the next day another store called, and then another.
Waves, then a foghorn, then wind—they bleed into one another.
Some then switched to raising poultry, which then had bad returns.
Then we went back to Kansas, and then returned to California.
First comes Snapchat, then comes marriage, then comes...well, scratch that.
Teens used to try alcohol first, then tobacco, and then marijuana.
To locate it, tap on Settings, then General, and then About.
He then kills said bear, then turns into a bear himself.
In the ensuing minutes, Khloe cried, then whimpered, then became unresponsive.
BARTIROMO: And then -- and then go to Israel by the way.
Things were working normally, then Pie came, and then something broke.
First comes love, then comes marriage, then, well, time will tell.
Then the moment of glory came—then Wannabe entered the room.
Then this is my first layer, and then moisturizer with sunscreen.
KS: Yeah, and then they get stolen, and then it's gone.
It had been promised in 2015, then 2016, then early 2017.
More data points surfaced in China, then Europe, then all over.
Then Trump then says -- you can hear him say a check?
Her words rushed out, then stopped, and then started again, abruptly.
They're strangers first, and then acquaintances, and then comrades and friends.
A few months later it was Liverpool, then Leeds, then Arsenal.
One of us picked it up, then another, then two more.
And then you shoot it in Chicago, and then that's over.
CNN, then MSNBC, then Fox News, and back to CNN again.
We are "leading with education, then discovery, then community," Silverman said.
Then, and only then, will we finally probably not forgive her.
He sees another classmate, then his school nurse, then the janitor.
Then the eastern Europeans coming up…Then you get the Asians.
Then you see the good-old curated playlists, and then Connect.
But then how do you differentiate then when you're doing investment?
They are cherry, and then lemon, and then blue raspberry. Delicious.
First fire struck, then severe teacher cuts, then everyone got creative.
First Huey, shortly after that lecture, then me, and then Bobby.
They report being in Ecuador, then Costa Rica, then the Philippines.
Then if I don't answer, then it's another front-page story.
Then the memo became public, and then its author was fired.
I don't know if it came before then or after then.
Then, we had one kid and then we had another kid.
Then Moebius, and then, my big shock, Tanino Liberatore with RanXerox!
Then, it would only last one hour, then only 30 minutes.
Do you think then the education system isn't doing enough then?
The sky is blue, then yellow, then a perfect navy dusk.
What can a formerly edgy, then mainstream, then beached writer do?
Then butter went up, and then I got a cockroach problem.
And then once you're done then what is there to do?
From the menu, choose Settings, then General and then Restricted Mode.
Mills: And then, and then we sat down and started talking.
Then they recorded another take of the video, and then another.
First, GK: Then MS: Then GK again: I can't keep up.
She started slowly, then rounded the first curve, then the second.
They were nervous, then welcomed and then amazed by that welcome.
He signed up for it, then canceled it, then went back.
We make progress, then we regress, then we make progress again.
The camera focuses on her, then her portrait, then her again.
Then I take a nap, and then the grind happens again.
But drag turned them into mutual admirers, then frenemies, then friends.
Then the raccoon reached the 15th floor and then the 20th.
The game was delayed once, then twice, then a third time.
To wit: make nice with the enemy, then retreat, then attack.
So, we've seen $120, $30, then we've seen $50, then $70.
It is baffling, then funny, and then quite poignant to witness.
I got featured on CNBC, then Thought Catalog, then Business Insider.
Then another, then another, for a total of thirty Democrat senators.
Until then, black performers did their numbers, then had to leave.
But then she nodded at them, and then they nodded back.
After Columbine, there was Virginia Tech; then Sandy Hook; then Parkland.
This is where the story becomes heated, then claustrophobic, then explosive.
Then he made a section for nine, then one for six.
We tasted victory, and then defeat, and then victory once more.
I felt loss and then relief, or relief and then loss.
If they can't, then, and only then, there are real problems.
" He continued: "Then it went to 60,23, then hundreds of thousands.
But then they get amplified, and then real people see it.
"Then, and only then might this testing be reimbursed," she said.
His 30-minute route became 20, then 10, then even less.
Officials remind teams when 10 minutes remain, then five, then two.
Today, a clemency application has to make it through seven major steps: a staffer at the Office of the Pardon Attorney (in the Justice Department), then the pardon attorney, then a staffer for the deputy attorney general, then the deputy attorney general, then a staffer at the White House Counsel's Office, then the White House counsel, and then, finally, the president.
I was born in Palo Alto, California; quickly moved to Indianapolis; after a few years me and my mom moved to Boston; then Chicago; then Mobile with my dad; then back to Chicago with my mom; then Philadelphia for college; then back to Chicago; and then to the Bay Area where I've been since (minus a two-year "sabbatical" in New York).
With Fitbit's apps, tap the profile icon to the top right, then your account name, then Personal Stats—similar options are available on the Fitbit website via the cog icon (top right)—then Settings, then Privacy.
Then there's this awkward meeting between then-Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Qishan (R), then-US Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner (L) and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (C), on May 24, 2010, in Beijing, China.
It thought about banning Alex Jones, and then decided not to, and then held a meeting where it debated the nature of "dehumanizing speech," and then banned Alex Jones, and then asked users for their input.
Then they&aposll run a poll, and then they&aposll do a few deep dives and some think pieces, and then they&aposll maybe book the opponent, and then they&aposll have a debate on CNN.
During the heated floor fight, Paul used his leverage to kill off McConnell's repeated attempts to reauthorize the expiring NSA programs — first for two months, then for eight days, then for five, then three, then two.
JON CARAMANICA "Third of May/Ōdaigahara," the radiant new song from Fleet Foxes, soothes, and then roars, and then caresses, and then pounds, and then gestates quietly, a digestive tract in repose after a rich meal.
And then I go for a run and then I, like Dana, I read everything I can read and then come in to work.
Then, I think we met then, and then the next time we met was in 2006, after I ... KS: I did a crazy video.
On the latest version of stock Android, you need to open up the Settings app, then choose Apps & notifications, then Advanced, then Default apps.
And then there's Bieber's egg-throwing and his DUI, then Gomez moves on to another heartthrob, and then reveals she had a kidney transplant!
It feels like it went up and then it went sort of down and then in a straight line and then went up again.
You could try to have an avatar learn from scratch: First to stand, then to walk, then to run, then to manipulate a ball.
Leaving it all behind with nothing else to go to can feel right, then wrong, then right, and then seventy-nine shades of blue.
But Gandhi had showed them the pattern: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win.
At first, I was playing in front of 10 people in a park, then 1,000, then 10,000, then 80,000 and you are on television.
MORE, immigrants were shunted to the side in favor of economic stimulus, then health care, then banking regulation, and then the president's re-election.
"And then they saw the tail breaking off, then wings breaking off and then subsequent smoke before the airplane impacted the ground," she said.
But then, all of a sudden, I feel a tingling, then a sort of buzzing current in my right and then my left arm.
Then came the disciples, the dancers and choir, then the musicians, and then the designated performer at the smallest and highest point of elevation.
Kelley, had knit the thing for her daughter's sixteenth birthday, the yarn alternating black then white then black then white, "Like piano keys," Mrs.
Then there's this awkward meeting between then-Chinese Vice-Premier Wang Qishan (R), then-US Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner (L) and then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (C), on May 24, 2010, in Beijing, China. 10.
Things are in his hallucinating world and then in the real world, and you never really know where he is until you do, and then you don't again, and then you do, and then you don't again.
In fact, if you could rank the teams by quality, you'd put the Cubs first, then second, then third, then maybe fourth, and then probably the Washington Nationals or the Giants or the Texas Rangers or whatever.
It feels good to be in the water, but the contractions are painful and intense — after the tub I'm on a ball, then on the bed, then standing, then on the toilet, then back on the bed.
It has a great aria to introduce you to Roméo alone; then you see her; then there's the kind of longing to reach each other; then she comes in below; and then they're interrupted by a chorus.
Then the multiplex takes its share and then we get our share.
And then and only then, OK, the Democrats will win something too.
Then came the Louisiana Purchase, a bid to entice then-Louisiana Sen.
We are asking clearly -- NICHOLS: So then what is your point then?
And then when Congress doesn&apost act, then they do executive orders.
Then Strutters, the Limelight, War Room, and then Limelight again, and since.
Then, in May 1987, Sheldon shot her husband, and then killed herself.
Then it's on to some other completely different pairing, and then another.
Well, she's got it right here and then there and then here.
If so, then why is absolutely everyone in the industry here then?
And then he&aposs going to then say, well, you know what?
And then he couldn't save her, and then he couldn't save himself.
Barker, then 27, headed to the home of her then-supervisor, Sgt.
Do it first for yourself, then for the kids, then for her.
She booked another cab, then another, then another, she told BuzzFeed News.
From Bari he moved to Milan, then to Genoa, then to Ventimiglia.
KS: Protected, and then it was then transferred to the new company.
You had to deep press on your watch, then scroll, then select.
Then the wasp then lays its egg in the huntsman spider's stomach.
It will then go to the lower house and then the Senate.
Since then, Shalvah moved from C++ to Android development, then web development.
My manager was then a VP and I was then a director.
So do people then go to their sites and then you- Yep.
And then a one-shot looking at Jon, then looking at Dany.
" Trump then responded, "Because then you won't give me what I want.
Then his mom got scared, and then she shipped him out West.
She then went into his room, where he then made his advances.
Open Settings then All settings, then choose Kinect & devices and Devices & accessories.
Then there's no more you, and then what will the world have?
But then, I guess chamomile tea won't be that trendy by then.
But then I felt her little ear, then I pulled her out!
He becomes a man, then a ruler, then the redeemer of mankind.
Then it was memories there, and then the disintegration of this marriage.
Tap Settings, then Routines, and then the "+" button to create a routine.
And if that's received, then great, then it means we've achieved something.
The surgeon then pulls the camera out and stitches then patient up.
She then did a couple of companies and then retreated into academia.
Then things kind of wrapped up, and then cue the Beastie Boys.
"First comes my family, then my village, then Kuwait," was the reply.
We&aposre supposed to get it in March, then April, then May.
He has half health, and then a quarter, and then he's dead.
And then he put on this persona and then he blew up.
The lights around me are flashing bright white, then blue, then purple.
We pay cash money to use them and then… well, then what?
But then we joined 500 Startups in 2011, and then raised funding.
Lolo says "then do it"Tamar says "then say it"Etc. etc.
Then came golf, and then Korean, Turkish and Japanese B.League basketball games.
The crowd looked confused, then uncomfortable for the hapless musicians, then worried.
Then we resurrected for about three/four years, then we went down.
But then it was fine because then it got into little memories.
He then introduced Trump and the then-president of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili.
Head over to the Settings app, then hit General, then Software Update.
Then the ref would stand us up, then I'd take her down.
First comes Christmas, then New Year, and then what do you know?
He laughs again, then says, "I shouldn't laugh," then tells more stories.
Then you can then turn your attention to achieving the next task.
Then, 50 years later it resurfaces and then 50 years after that.
"Then, and only then, you can work on standing out," she said.
Then he said, 'Well then, get the f--- out of my bar.
He began to circle, passing by our door, then disappearing, then reappearing.
Our differences would burn hot, then smolder, then fizzle to a détente.
Our six-hour chat sessions dwindled to five, then four, then three.
Then I'm finished with that — then I just have to do life.
Then came LeBron James, first in 2003, and then again in 2014.
Then the hardware is not there, and then digital education isn't there.
At one point she wasn't, then she was, then she wasn't again.
"Pennsylvania takes the first investment, then Ohio, then West Virginia," Brinley says.
And then pour it over ice into the juice, then shake it.
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes … a screening of Elf!
Then there is some sort of conflict with the nasty giants, then
"It's point A to Z, then Mars — then we'll get to B."
Then, and only then, could a caliphate have a chance of surviving.
Then the goo, called GAR, learns about religion, and then loves humans.
I guess number one is Obama, then Little Richard, then Kanye West.
And then I was senior domestic violence counselor; and then I retired.
Then it was sort of labor racketeering, and then it was narcotics.
Then I tried facials, and then drugstore acne products, but nothing helped.
I made a Xanga, and then a LiveJournal, and then a MySpace.
Then I won one, and then the Olympics obviously came straight afterward.
First we focused on public transportation, then voting rights, then fair housing.
Start with your toes, then feet, then calves -- you get the idea.
Still, Congolese arrived by the dozens, then the hundreds, then the thousands.
And then it eventually went up to 1.3 and then to 1.8.
Okay then, Lucky, you're going to keep the family in money then.
What was your impression of him then — and then as it ended?
Yeah, and then looking around for help, and then waiting in line.
If it's Belfast then it's Belfast, if not then so be it.
So Tyree, then 239, was married to her rapist, then age 103.
The line went down to 5½, then 4, and then even 3½.
From 100-200 per day down to 15, then eight, then none.
Buoy and anchor in the water, then the net, then the wait.
NGOs came after, then the media, and then government in last place.
He sits on a stranger's egg for days, then weeks, then months.
Research first and foremost, then friends' books, then whatever catches my eye.
First there was one prosecutor who had withdrawn... then two... then three.
At first I was in complete shock, then disbelief, and then anger.
And then I thought, 'Well, then there's the Turkish influence, as well.
If "yes," then stop; if no, then move to the next question.
First there was sixdegrees; then there was Friendster; then there was MySpace.
Oh, and "Dante" for DONNE and "ceci," then "c'est," then TRES BON.
She's unhappy, and then the song comes on, and then she's happy.
Then he went on Facebook, then back to skipping around the Internet.
Then I think about it, and then I wanna talk about it.
"Well, then I don't know what I'm responding to then," Kavanaugh replied.
Since then, the stock made up for those losses and then some.
Then we had a throttle issue and then again a brake issue.
Then and only then will things change and change for the better.
" And then: "That data can then be resold, copied, pirated and abused.
Voters gave Republicans the House, then the Senate, then the White House.
That prompted a blackout, then an apology, then lots of pretty pictures.
Then they start to laugh, and then I snap the photo again.
Its system would then notify the breeder, who can then prescribe treatment.
And then if all the publishers are doing this, then I'm in.
If the work is not an 'artwork,' then what is it, then?
Then, like the music, the machine began undulating — first slowly, then faster.
And then I moved to Mac, and then I moved to Logic.
And then they ended up almost going public, and then getting acquired.
And then who they hire who then can afford to live here.
So why did these people back then ... Talk about the system then.
Then Snapchat, then Instagram I guess in some order ... I can't pick.
Then I came back to L.A., and then I dropped him off in Lake Tahoe, where we're living right now, and then came back to L.A. Then I had to come back to Lake Tahoe to celebrate his birthday, came back again to L.A., and then tonight I'm going back again.
Then he had a stickup cam and then he sold a solar charging unit, and then he sold a sign that went outside your house.
You know when you have SOOOO much to do you laugh at yourself then start to cry and then laugh again and then cry more.
Then you move to the next one, which is the speakers, and then that gets eaten up, and then you move to the next one.
Whoosh it went by and then something with Stormy Daniels, and then Michael Avenatti was around, and then I don't know what happened, something else.
Then you pour chili over it (vegetarian in our case), then comes cheese, and then the family secret is a dash of mustard on top.
Step 3: Gently pull apart the braids to loosen then, then lightly iron each braid until strands are hot, then allow each section to cool.
He became a manager, then a supervisor, then a field consultant, then a professor at Hamburger University, where McDonald's trains new franchise owners and managers.
"First it was Kourtney and all of her kids, then me and all of my kids, then my mom, [then] Kylie," the reality star said.
Cohen then called Hicks, then got a call from Pecker and then called Trump, with that final call lasting eight minutes, according to the documents.
Every morning I descend from the sky and then do this thing and then go back up in the sky and then become a crab.
The patient is pre-analysis and then post-analysis; the Buddhist is the unenlightened and then the enlightened; the Christian is lost and then found.
The jailers tortured Ali and then brought him back upstairs to face the boss, then back to the basement for more torture, then back up.
Listen to "Arrows" below, then listen to more of their music, then pre-order their new LP, then tell all your friends about their music.
In Facebook Messenger, for instance, open a conversation, then tap its name at the top, then Receive Notifications (iOS) or Notifications (Android), then Mute conversation.
That some concepts actually have to be talked about and processed, and then fucked up and then practiced some more, and then talked about MORE.
This progressed to talking, then drinking, then shouting about Metal Gear Solid, then finally deciding to make a podcast about the contents of their DMs.
The drive through the desert is a sublime and winding trail that goes up and then down and then up and then down seemingly forever.
He gave a speech in front of fifty people in 1920, then it was one hundred, then three hundred, then five hundred, and so on.
And that was once every week, and that turned into once every two weeks, then once every month, and then once every now and then.
Actually I'm feeling, there's that old saying, first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they get mad at you, then you win.
He also believes that he can lie, and then lie differently, and then lie another way, and then finally tell the truth, and nobody minds!
A longtime rival of the man's family, now operating under the Taliban banner, had killed one of his uncles, then another, then another, then another.
So I'd do, like, 50 or so at a time, and then I'd stop, and then 15 more, and then I took a little break.
And then you'd get in, and then you'd have to launch another client for your mail and then set that up with your SNTP server.
Outlaw King is one of those historical dramas that takes the Wikipedia approach to storytelling: This happens, and then that happens, and then that guy dies, and then that battle takes place, and then this other thing happens.
It's a slow process, it starts off as a script and then the script gets commissioned, you make a pilot, then you make a series, then maybe you make another series, and then it gets developed for television.
The first level might be to look at a picture of an elevator, then to look at an actual elevator, then to get inside without going anywhere, then to go up one floor, then two, and so on.
And then Harvey Weinstein happened, and then #MeToo happened, and then there were more women running for office in the United States than ever before, and then it was impossible not to wonder what Pirelli would do next.
Lying words were a first step in a chain that would undermine commerce, and then lead to economic collapse, and then the disintegration of high culture, and then the rise of political tyranny, and then — inexorably — anarchy and violence.
First, it was "all about" rising bond yields, then it was the implosion of "short volatility" funds, then a flat yield curve, then trade-war fears, then the War on Big Tech and now worries of peaking profit margins.
There was my damaged body, and then there was the rest of me, desperately trying to hold that body together, thinking: I hate you and then I need you and then thank you and then please don't fall apart!
We start to use the signs as this repository to put everything in, and then it becomes a mishmash, and then there's no clarity and then there's no specificity and then the real art of the craft is lost.
The goods then cross to Crimea on the ferry, then trucks disembark at Kerch, then deliver the goods to the Metro and Auchan stores in Crimea.
Then Russia claimed they were bombing elsewhere, then that the aid convoy had been followed by militants with mortars, and then that the trucks caught fire.
Basically, you take your number, square it, then add your number to the square, then square that, then add your number to that, continuing on forever.
KS: I didn't have records — records was high school — but then mixtapes, and then CD-ROMs and then ... every era of kids gets a new thing.
If I fire with the AK47, the first bullet will go straight through the crosshairs then a little bit higher, then higher, then to the left.
She's stunned, then panicked, then nervous, then excited as she bolts from the bedroom to the nearest bathroom, where she takes stock of what just happened.
You know, we had this huge fight where Brian was our friend, then he was our enemy, then he was our friend, then was our enemy.
See we should use our economic power to have them disarm — now then it becomes different, then it becomes purely economic, but then it becomes different.
We started it off with Kenny Carpenter, then we started booking David Morales after that, and then Frankie Knuckles, and then it became a regular thing.
I was fast-tracked—normally you compete first at regional level, and then go from English, to British, to then European, and then to world competitions.
He said one daughter was instructed to report to the auditorium, then rotate to the lunch area, then to the gymnasium, then to the outdoor field.
Then there will be chaos, then there will be local organizing, and only then will we be able to raise the question of a possible confederation.
Then when the police reaction was so strong and then when the government started justifying their acts, then it becomes ruthless and no rules at all.
If you're writing an "if, then" statement and you write the wrong then — than instead of then — the program has no idea what you're talking about.
It's not just that Trump's claims about the number of jobs at stake — first it was 40,000, then 450,000, then 600,000, then a million — are lies.
Then came "Brexit," and then came Trump, and then the 16-, 14- and 12-year-olds began to regard their passports in a whole different light.
By then, had a family to think of — his wife, Sandra, then 8-year-old daughter Rylee Annabelle and then 3-year-old son James Albert.
He lost the use of his muscles one by one, first in his fingers, then in his toes, then in his arms, then in his legs.
Here's the SparkNotes revelation: You feel bad; then you feel really really good; then you want to die; then you Hoover up whatever's in the refrigerator.
The tone was there were these aerospace guys, and then there were the hobbyists, and then over at Stanford there was an AI community back then.
This family is affected, then this family&aposs affected, then this family affected.
So, it always really was and then ... TB: And then the celebrity interview.
We had computers on our desks, then our laps, then in our pockets.
First Marco Rubio, then Ben Carson, then Donald Trump, and now: Hillary Clinton.
First came reality TV stars, then came YouTubers, and then came Summer Mckeen.
Click the Filter button on the right, then choose Sort by, then Size.
From Settings, click System then Battery, and then select Battery usage by app.
To do this, click the Apple menu, then About This Mac, then Storage.
Then I do a really long outline, and then we write it together.
And then Kushner bought it, and then went through a succession of editors.
We both cried and then we video taped it and then we laughed.
And then if he still doesn&apost do that then it&aposs contempt.
Then, make yourself a little roux on the stovetop, and then add milk.
Since then, Bloom posted an apology on Twitter but then deleted his account.
And then somebody lights a match, and then they set me on fire.
But then other walls started cracking, and then the floor started to incline.
According to her, she likes the name North best, then Saint, then Dream.
Open the Insert menu, then pick Import from iPhone, and then Take Photo.
Then a fee that you ... Then afterwards, the member bills their hourly fee.
First comes love, then comes engagement, and then comes the red carpet debut.
And then I responded, and then we just sort of hit it off.
And then we didn't work for seven years and then we've done tons.
We require Facebook, then LinkedIn, then we put everyone into a waiting list.
He lost all his carpentry tools, then his job, and then his house.
Then we get some kind of feedback and then we do it again.
And then, if both families have approved it, then we would get married.
"Premium subscribers select "My Collection," then "Added to My Collection" and then "Podcasts.
Until then (and probably past then too), I'll crack open cans as needed.
The deliveryman then called one of the homeowner's relatives, who then called 911.
Accept all your flaws, then no one then can use them against you.
Instead, they played one quieter set, then an interval, then a louder set.
Republicans ignored Trump, then laughed at him, then fought him -- and he won.
Some have been busy since early summer, picking strawberries, then raspberries, then apples.
Then I have to add to it and then I'll pass it on.
Dip each oyster in the flour, then the egg mixture, then the panko.
Then there's a bunch of midsized chains and then there's all these independents.
Then, turn it into a single sentence, and then down to three words.
Snapchat had it first, then Instagram got it, then WhatsApp, and now Messenger.
Now, if she then gets framed for murder, then we'll believe she's psychic.
She kept deleting it, then putting it back in, then deleting it again.
He then left for the United States, where he has lived since then.
And then, we had a loose wheel and then contact on a restart.
Since then, it has added another million to its then 2 million users.
If so, then the two populations then migrated separately into the New World.
"It's going to happen", then "come tomorrow", then "come the day after tomorrow".
Then you add audio on top of it, and then to edit it.
Downer then alerted the Australian intelligence agency who then told their U.S. counterparts.
Dust chicken breast in flour, then egg wash, then seasoned bread crumbs. 3.
So we see the largest use of portables, then iMac, then Mac Pro.
The pilot and then security then decide to take them off the plane.
Then I take the dog out and then do freelance work in bed.
Then, and only then, will the fruits of Bacchus flow in your favor.
Then they would call my work, and then my cell over and over.
Then we make them available to everyone and then we never look again.
When we data, then we have the cloud, then we have other business.
Then someone else wanted one; then they needed a printer and some software.
And then you decide not to do that, then you are an asshole.
Tap the menu button, then Settings, then Auto-reply and compose your message.
Then days later, the same people, well then they went after Donald Trump.
They made some sort of deal, first Putin, then Medvedev, then Putin again.
And then, not to be a downer, but then my mother died, right.
And then we can have sleepovers and then I'd zip line to hers!
It connects then stops working then I have to disconnect and reconnect again.
Then go back another day and see how people feel about photos then.
Then you lose one match, two matches, three matches, then you lose confidence.
I think it was Jerkwater, they opened, then it was Slapstick, then us.
On an Android it's within Settings, then Location, and then Google Location Settings.
Then in the afternoon you have a little snack, then you have dinner.
Republicans said they cared most about immigration, then health care, then foreign policy.
She was then recruited by the CIA to assassinate then-Prime Minister Castro.
I also recommend maybe starting with one finger, then two, then maybe three.
The goal was then upped to $50,000, and then upped again to $75,000.
Books, then second books, then book proposals that would never go to print.
And then every now and then, I think, 'Gosh, no wonder I'm busy.
"Then we doubled in February and then we doubled in March," says Bouton.
Then global warming and then, when it quit warming, now it's climate change.
And then he created this mask, and then Peter Mayhew wore the mask.
And then I'll have another baby and then hate that previous one again.
Then I moved up the ranks to the lieutenant, then chief of police.
Then Taylor appeals once more to Axe's logic and then to his emotion.
The taste of salt, then algae, and then, finally, the taste of butter.
Then, and only then, will we realise the true might of Tony Pulis.
So he reroutes to the Rillo, then to KC, then to Des Moines.
And then your house is a mess and then you treat people disrespectfully.
And then ... And then you realize you're arguing with the Russian boss, right?
Up ahead, missiles hit: a whistle, then a crash, then a dark plume.
And then they pay us down from there, and then it spikes again.
The contract will be awarded in September, then companies can then file protests.
I then go through some typical VR calibration, and then.... the Esqape begins.
The coalition was briefly added last year and then removed by then-U.
Soon one of them joined us, and then another, and then several more.
At first it was religious, then social, then it was racial and political.
"Right then, my hands are tied," said Gibson, who then issued the warning.
Nell is a sweet child, then a glowing bride, then a grieving widow.
The light from the projector turns their bodies white, then black, then marbled. . . .
Then, only then, after the election, will I ask people for their support.
And then the Chinese wanted selfies, and then the Orthodox Jews wanted selfies.
That individual then reported the incident to the company, which then contacted police.
"The FBI focuses on case and then case and then case," he said.
Then somebody says, 'He meant to say—' and then he disagrees with that.
The traffic led to one sale, then two, then nine by day's end.
She felt outrage, disbelief, then suspicion that the outcome was legitimate, then ashamed.
Wallace lived there alone, then with a girlfriend, Juliana Harms, then alone again.
And then I start my day really early, and then by 10 a.m.
Both Ducati riders then fell a lap later, first Lorenzo and then Dovizioso.
Sophie and the BFG becoming friends and then … well, then they stay friends.
I would watch it and then cry, cry, cry and then start over.
"It's cheese sauce, and then Savannah's sourdough, and then a vegetable," says Edwards.
These crispy mashed potatoes from Sandy Ho are boiled, then roasted, then mashed.
And then I started thinking, Well, if it does, then that's too bad.
Over the coming years, $50 will turn into $39.99, then $29.99, then $19.99.
The praise bestowed on him back then by Democrats — including by then-Sen.
" Then, "That elk my dad killed," then, "Why are you so dressed up?
I headed first to Wall Street, then Soho, then the Upper West Side.
Day by day, the formerly unthinkable becomes merely unusual, then debatable, then routine.
Then they say no, and then he goes away, and he comes back.
Until I told the Thompsons, then a therapist, then my friends and coworkers.
If we can't get the local, then we go Canada and then America.
And then another a couple hours after that, then a 3 PM dose?
After that, it would have fallen to Stannis Baratheon, then Shireen, then Renly.
Then Maggie would wander in and say something pithy and then wander out.
If they give me something sooner then great, if they don't then great.
Then, and only then, will you see Ted Cruz smile with his eyes.
Every question you get in economics, you should then say, 'And then what?
"I'm so turned on and then… and then I killed him," Phoebe notes.
Then the administrative department and then commercial and marketing, press, communication, presidential offices.
Then I'd lift it and walk another block, then I'd set it down.
And then he just brought us here, and then we really enjoy it.
I had my first migraine when I was 12 — then another, then another.
Into this base, you then can build body as desired, and then season.
After the Romans came the Vandals, then the Goths, then the Romans again.
But then that's been the pattern for weeks, markets bounce, then resume falling.
And then he brings me in and then the fun starts for me.
"Then I become a foreigner, and then my perspective is different," he said.
He then stumbled out of quad No. 2, then stumbled on another triple.
But then you go to class, and then you do your clinical placement.
" And then I said to Isaac, "Please don't smile because then I'll smile!
I have hunted for possible cures more, then less, then not at all.
I flew to California, then to Hawaii, and then the tropics of Palau.
Then and only then can America live up to its potential as well.
She circles a word and then another, then suddenly picks up another newspaper.
Then something like this happens to Matt, and you then worry all over.
Then again, it would have been a fantasy for her back then too.
Gradually, the landscape changes to snow-covered mountains, then tunnels, then chilly rain.
She brought the papers to a lawyer — and then another, and then another.
There was no important difference, then, between outside and in, then and now.
Then answer the questions that follow, first by writing and then by discussing.
And then there's dialogue, and then behind that dialogue there's sometimes background sounds.
NIGHT OWL There's a quick bath, then read stories, then we're in bed.
There's obese, then there's morbidly obese, and then there is super morbidly obese.
It progressed to cheese and crackers, then to cake, then to Easter candy.
That was extra weight, then the ring walk, then going up the stairs.
He then increased his speed and then plowed into the crowd, they said.
And then all of a sudden there was one spot fire, then another.
We're seeing that data then taken by other services, duplicated, then breached again.
The question would then be whether he was lying then or lying now.
He played a single note, then another, then three together and held them.
I had GAS "lines" instead of LEAKS and "Wilbur," then "Oliver," then OLIVIA.
Then, and only then, did I finally find what I was looking for.
Then there's a Bieber event for two months and then that goes away.
Insiders whispered that a deal was close, then far away, then close again.
Yields first fell, then recouped, then fell again to end the day lower.
Then what: The House would vote on Wednesday, the Senate would then follow.
ET, when they started to peel away — CBS first, then NBC, then ABC.
Ohioans take their lives primarily by guns, then by hanging, then by poison.
JIM CRAMER: Well, then let's understand that-- this was sprung on you, then.
But that means something, then you're dissatisfied for a long period then, right?
They move to Japan, then the Philippines, then back to the United States.
" Then came her allegation ... "And then I was physically assaulted for saying NO!?
I saw that it was on and then off and then on again.
Those were the kinds of things that were needed then, were done then.
And then it escalated to breasts, and then eventually to more hardcore stuff.
"If we don't listen, and then it keeps occurring, then what?" he said.
First the head ... then the body ... then the rest of the gnarly stuff.
It was supposed to end last December, then in February, then this month.
It looks and feels like us, and then doesn't, and then does again.
Treanor and Dennehy moved to Luton, then Milton Keynes, then Wisbech in Cambridgeshire.
" Then it was, "You have a point," then it was, "Okay, you're right.
Then we come by sea, lose our lives, and then we are accepted.
You're left not knowing what to feel—uplifted, then agitated, then uplifted again.
Roll each ball lightly through the flour, then the egg, then the breadcrumbs.
"And then a third country will come and then the extreme forces from Europe will come and then we'll soon all be closing our borders again and not having any freedom at all and then that's no longer Europe," she added.
And then the moment you add, let's say, additional dimensions — let's say you have X dimension and then Y dimension, and then let's say you to go 100 of them — then it's impractical for our heads to think it through.
It has to be quite simple and accessible, but then it has to have a modern "know how," but then you have to take something from the past and then you have to inject your personality, and then a weird twist.
People started to wonder whether these suddenly lucrative investments were worth what they were supposed to be worth; then they started to worry, then to panic, then to demand their money back, then to riot when they couldn't get it.
"I was joking recently, saying, maybe I'll finish 'Veronica Mars,' and then 'The Neighborhood' will run five years and then we'll do a reboot of 'New Girl' and then a new 'Veronica Mars' iteration and then 'The Neighborhood' revival," he said.
" (She makes this request on the way to school.) Or even, "Tell me about something that was going to be bad but then it was good, but then it was bad, but then it was good, but then it was bad . . .
Then, you have to get the zoning permission, make sure you've got all that, then you have to get your architects, then you have to get your tenants, then you have to get your contractors, and they're all in a boom.
First they drive the broad, sunny streets of Phoenix; then highways; then in more complex situations, such as airports and downtowns; then in heavy rain; then amid detours and road closures; then in rough, winding country roads prone to landslides and flooding; then (some considerable time from now, says your Canadian correspondent) in snow and ice… And even then, how can a truly self-driving car handle anomalous situations, when the car doesn't know what to do and screeches to a halt?
I cut to her shoulder, then the chin, then the cheek, then the pixie — mainly to gain her trust and just in case we changed our minds.
This arrangement forced us to be creative with how to fit five (and then six, and then eight, and then 10) people into a pretty tiny area.
Even then, they only work well in certain blocks, and even then, you need line of sight, and even then, you will still have LTE upload speeds.
I was a distribution person, and then I was a buyer in [the] boys [department], and then a buyer in womens, and then a divisional merchandise manager.
From iOS Settings, tap Music then Mobile Data; from the Apple Music app on Android, tap the menu button (top left), then Settings, then look under Playback.
First came the song, then came the video, then came the behind-the-scenes, and then came these bloopers that feature Kris Jenner in full mom mode.
On the iPhone, when an annoying notification comes in, you have to dismiss it, then go to settings, then find the app, then change the notification settings.
Click here to view original GIFHave you ever heard the phrase, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win"?
I would write it all out and then I would shoot it and then I would edit it and then I thought of putting music behind it.
If sleep is an arc—drifting off, then sleeping, then rising out of slumber—then light plays a huge role in the parts before and after sleep.
Blood lead levels once believed to be safe — 30 μg/dL in the 20133s, then 25, then 15, then 10 — are now known to cause irreversible damage.
I started off on codeine, then over the years it's gone up: It started with a little bit of codeine, then a lot of codeine, then Tramadol.
And then when people realized there was no punchline, they would get really annoyed with him, and then they would get angry, and then they would boo.
You start off wondering what you could have done better, then you are angry, then you are sad, then you are reflective, and eventually... you're feeling sassy.
This has led to some hilarious contradictions in newspaper archives, where journalists first claim that heroin, then crack, then meth, then heroin again is just the worst.
Then a video of a live spider, then a small spider in a box, then a tarantula in a box, until you end up holding the spider.
"In the US and Japan people played the NES, then the SNES, then maybe the N21, then through the PlayStations—there was progression and lineage," says Yang.
But from sad, to an utterly funny moment, back to sad, then to angry, then to insecure, back to sad, and then comedy—all in 50 seconds?
Top the bottom half of each piece of bread with the eggplant, then the mozzarella, then the prosciutto, then the tomatoes and peppers, and finally the arugula.
These fans will then go online and read reviews, and then share their own thoughts, and then buy up every single piece of branded merchandise on offer.
There's a line ascribed to Gandhi that is really useful here: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
When all you know is that he said and then she said and then somebody did something and then there were tears, try this: Treat them equally.
People who follow the success sequence first receive at least a high school degree, then get a job, then get married and then have their first child.
When presented with an obvious opportunity to condemn the evil that was and is Nazism, he first waited, then equivocated, then read from a teleprompter, then relativized.
Nevertheless, the Kurds became a bloc on which Americans could rely in the fight against Hussein, then the Baa'thist insurgency, then Al Qaeda in Iraq, then ISIS.
"If that happens in a year, then we'll start it in a year, and if it happens when she's 16, then we'll do it then," he said.
Abbott named several similar incidents: the Dallas shootings that killed police officers, then Sutherland Springs, then Santa Fe High School, then El Paso and now Odessa/Midland.
The room was full of high-profile U.S. leaders who have since left the Trump administration: then Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Joseph Dunford Jr., then deputy defense secretary Patrick Shanahan, Vice President Mike Pence, then Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, then White House chief strategist Steve Bannon and then Director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn.
Then, they took some photos [of me] and then he whipped off his clothes.
But then I wrote them back, and then I started to get really nervous.
So they buy them and then wear them once and then return them. Yeah.
Brussels is then left to adopt unpopular measures and is then blamed for it.
If so, then purchase the voucher, but if you're uncertain, then skip the deal.
If they then choose to want to buy through other intermediaries, then that's okay.
RT for: bread then peanut butter, jelly on top on peanut butter then bread.
And then we stumbled home, and then Spotify was going to announce this morning.
I prefer Agco, and then I like Mosaic, and then I like yours, POT.
Then, I sketch the image onto the canvas and then I start to paint.
Then I go for my workout and then I come here for the shows.
And then work with the private sector and then the not-fo- profit society.
The night from then on just consisted of Netflix, leftover carbonara, and then bed.
Sequels were promised and delayed, then delayed some more, then some more after that.
Then he then felt he had to correct the record, there might be more.
" via GIPHY "My story starts awesome, then gets awkward, then goes back to awesome.
Then if we have our hands slapped later on, then we'll deal with it.
And then, and only then, can America live up to its full potential, too.
On Android, choose Display, then Advanced, then Sleep in Settings to set the delay.
There have been widely announced meetings, then delays of meetings, and then more meetings.
" [and then you] talk about whatever drama, whatever thing, whatever gossip, and then, "Action!
First, the ominous clouds, then a foreboding wind, then an unrelenting torrent of rain.
I show my mother, and then the grocery clerk, and then my mother again.
She did at first, but then we had her cracking up ... then just baffled.
Then it was the AC for another $500, then the dishwasher was another $900.
I wash my face, put on toner, [then] serum, and then a face cream.
First it was LED, then OLED, then Quantum Dots, and now it's Micro LED.
He graduated to trading cars, then to selling medical instruments, then to building houses.
She hadn't minded Gary's Buddhism, and then his Janism and then his Orisha-ism.
If collected, then added to a power washer, then maybe it could be worthwhile.
The difference is that Alabama conservatives then were mostly Democrats, most famously then-Gov.
And then you receive bombs coming from his serve, and then he doesn't miss.
Hot wax was then carefully poured into the mold to avoid bubbles, then removed.
They get to know each other texting, then over the phone, then in personal.
" Then I would ask her the same question a week later: "Then what happened?
The singer, then 32, then began a phone and mail correspondence with the teen.
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes signing up for Domino's baby registry.
If you can't do your best even then, then something is wrong with you.
It was then that he allegedly shot Fricker and Kuhn-Fricker and then himself.
What if they actually change or ... It then becomes reflected, then it becomes reflective.
" And then you go, "Male venture capitalist without a name," and then, "Male founder.
Michael, respond to that and then I want to read this to you then.
Then I Met You The Cleansing Duo, $68, available at Then I Met You.
I made the beat first, then I wrote it, then we made the dance.
He then walked up, grabbed my hand, and then walked me into the bedroom.
Then, she would've then gone out with her friends and told them the story.
"Did life start and then get obliterated and then make a comeback?" he said.
Traditionally you selected your phone, then your carrier, and then you made your purchase.
Barker, then 27, headed over to the Kiln home of her then-supervisor, Sgt.
Then we were in Toronto the week after that, and then it just exploded.
First you pick up one ("onesies"), then two ("twosies"), then three and so on.
On Windows, choose Add Bluetooth or other device, then Bluetooth, then Xbox Wireless Controller.
It made him text me and then we reconnected and then we had breakfast.
And then he went back to Harry and then gave him another big cuddle.
The creature moved quickly and stealthily, then settled for a while; moved then settled.
Then you cook it and out it comes again, and then you eat it.
Police believe Dugbor then put the pistol under his chin and then shot himself.
And then we sold the place, and then now its just short loops again.
Companies then give a small percentage to publishers like Wixen, which then pays songwriters.
And then came their onslaught of catchy pop hits, and then came some more.
And Secretary Clinton was in the Senate then, I was in the House then.
Then it became a YouTube company, and then it became a news app company.
He started doing that but then continued on to his hair, then his head.
The gunman then went on to kill nine people in Munich, then shoot himself.
I'd go to school, then to the shop, then do my homework and sleep.
It starts in elementary school, then middle school, then high school, and so on.
The repetitive beat spread to my feet, then knees, then hips, shoulders, and head.
Instead, Faehn notified then-USA Gymnastics president Steve Penny, who then hired an investigator.
"First report, then block, and then take down," Pillai told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
Then he says a nonsense word, and then they shoot at the same time.
And then once we get there, then we can talk about a space force.
They recommend that you simplify your routine to face wash, then Curology, then moisturizer.
Then came some words between the two, then the overhand right to Bautista's face.
MORE, assisted by then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and then-FBI Director Jim Comey.
Early in the year it was U.S. politics, then French elections, then North Korea.
Then you'll do Frieze, then Miami, maybe with a couple of biennials mixed in.
Then the ape repeats evolution and prosperity, then humanity comes to the fore again.
Then you saw the pictures—and only then did you actually hear some music.
Then my neighbors found it and almost threw it away, and then kept it.
People want big, then they want small, then we'll go back to big again.
It's then, and only then, that we can share our policy, plans, and legislation.

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