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"more" Definitions
  1. more (than…) used to form the comparative of most adjectives and adverbs with two or more syllables
  2. more (than…) to a greater degree than something else; to a greater degree than usual
  3. again
"more" Synonyms
additional extra added spare increased farther fresh further reserve supplemental supplementary surplus alternative another bonus new on the side other superfluous excess greater augmented expanded extended heavier increasing larger bigger deeper higher superior aggrandized amassed wider grander better ampler largest overabundant abounding excessive in excess profuse boundless disproportionate dissipated dizzying enormous exaggerated exorbitant extravagant extreme immoderate indulgent inordinate intemperate to a greater degree to a greater extent moreso more completely more thoroughly more so all the more so even more so additionally much more all the more all the greater in a finer way to a higher standard finer more competently more ably also furthermore in addition moreover besides again as well likewise what's more not to mention on top of that over and above that then to boot yet into the bargain too forbye increasingly perceptibly gradually more steadily more more and more continuously more to an increasing extent with acceleration over unused beyond left remaining auxiliary left over over and above a greater amount a greater number a greater quantity a larger amount an addition an additional amount an additional number an increase a gain an increment a rise a step-up a supplement a boost a complement an augmentation an expansion an extension an uptick augmentation increase expansion rise growth boost addition increment gain escalation enlargement development proliferation accrual accretion amplification inflation extension uptick hike second a second helping a further helping some more refill replenishment top-up fill-up extra serving extra measure renewal top up replacement some a few a handful one or two an amount a number several any a portion a selection a small number a variety More

989 Sentences With "more"

How to use more in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "more" and check conjugation/comparative form for "more". Mastering all the usages of "more" from sentence examples published by news publications.

More shine, more go, more Manhattan, more summerness, more sweet-peanut vendors, more technicolor, more possibility, more green lights, more smoke, more hope.
More food, more money, more friends, more sex, more stuff, more time, more attention.
There is now more TV than ever before: More dramas, more comedies, more thrillers, more travel shows, more comedy specials — more, more, more.
More straws, more rays; more rays, more energy; more energy, more heat.
But of course: Although tiny, they have more of everything — more history, more religious devotion, more invaders, more dropped bombs, more resilience, more jokes, more parties, more life.
There are more and more channels, more and more sites, more and more voices; we're more segmented than ever.
He has not become more responsible or more sober, more decent or more generous, more considered or more informed, more careful or more kind.
More trucks more gridlock, more double-parking, more noise, more pollution.
More practices, more cheers, more dances, more stunts, more games, more traveling, more cheerleaders on the squad — and much higher expectations.
Yet minds feel more crimped, fear more pervasive, possibility more limited, adventure more choreographed, politics more stale, economics more skewed, pressure more crushing, escape more elusive.
More invested workers means more experience, more expertise, more productivity, and more revenue.
More militarization means more abuse, more corruption, more interior checkpoints, more racial profiling, more unwarranted searches, and more impediments to legitimate trade and travel.
Americans and American lives are so wrapped up in the day to day promises and religion of capital—are so helplessly addicted to the rush of more, more, more, more pleasure, now, more food, more love, more winning, more, MORE MORE!
There are more frequent and more severe weather-related events — more droughts, more floods, more heat waves, more storms.
More weapons, more soldiers, more bases, more ... well, war.
It has more back story, more exposition, more special effects, more (and more graphic) violence.
The more guns there are, the more potential shooters there are; more shootings means more fear; more fear means more guns.
"Clearly, I think Mr. Trump is getting more and more concerned, more and more desperate, more and more frightened," Brennan said.
No, it wants more: More war, more death, more destruction.
You feel more confident, more sexy, more peaceful, more whatever.
It requires more sacrifice, more discipline, more commitment, more energy.
She wants more joy, more pain, more music, more dancing.
Just one more like, one more picture, one more chat, one more Pokémon, one more level.
They've become more centralized, more dictatorial, more control, more central planning, if you will, more socialist.
And there's also been a lot of more is more is more is more is more.
That means more drought, more polar melting, more tidal flooding, more sea-level rise, more forest fires and, yes, more violent storms.
"Overall, our preparation is really about providing more space, more remodels, more inventory, more choices, more exclusives, events, more marketing, more ways to shop and even more ways to ship this season," Tritton said.
When Trump accepted the Republican nomination in July, I noted that he had not become more responsible or more sober, more decent or more generous, more considerate or more informed, more careful or more kind.
Sure enough, it was pure, unflinching excess: more tracks, more violence, more abstractions, more emotions, just more.
More people bring more services, more arts and culture, more energy — in short, a more vibrant city.
Porn is abundantly more, in every way: there are more people, more acts, more clips, more categories.
It just kept tightening more and more, grabbing more and more.
He's more and more outrageous every day, more and more unhinged.
There are more Indians now, more Indonesians, more Nigerians, more Kenyans.
There will be more globalization, more life, more prosperity, more democracy.
More construction, more cars, more people and, most important, more attitude.
More social features built safely, more reassurance, more trading, more revenue.
But he is more intelligent, more prepared, more creative, more resourceful.
More content, more confession, more members of the family, more drama.
Hire more engineers, build more features, hire more salespeople, spend more.
Again, it will mean more heat waves, more crop losses, more water shortages, more inundated coastal cities, more disease and conflict, millions more suffering.
The more startups, the more jobs — the more jobs, the more growth… and the more we all benefit.
On the streets of Milan, more is always more; more color, more pattern, more innovative cuts and styling.
More goods, more travel, more services mean using more fuel and electricity.
No more fear, no more hurt, no more shootings, no more GUNS.
The more money, the more pain, the more tears, the more sorrow.
There will be more pollution, more asthma, more hospitalizations, more premature deaths.
MLB will get more hitting, more base running, more scoring ... more excitement!
M.L.B. will get more hitting, more base running, more scoring … more excitement!
You see more government spending, more entitlements more tax credit, more penalties.
With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful.
Right now, it's getting tougher and tougher to defeat them, because they're in more and more places, more and more states, more and more nations.
"More tweets, more replies, more replays, more retweets, more likes obviously," Dorsey said of the impact of the changes.
But the other option moves to more arms in the area, more fighting, more destruction, more migrants, more refugees.
But we gain so much more: more sunlight, more warmth, more juicy fruit, more days spent in the park.
"I had been exploring why, after the accumulation of all of these things — more companies invested in, more funds raised, more notoriety, more television appearances, more this, more that, more everything — why am I not more happy?" he said.
Sagittarius is all about more, more, more, but full moons are emotional times, so please don't spend more, more, more in an effort to soothe yourself!
And it gets more and more dangerous as people become feeling more and more threatened and their own local political situation demands more and more action.
We did it all: more police, more prisons, more treatment and more prevention.
Hillary has won more votes, more states, more pledged delegates and more superdelegates.
More extreme weather means more severe storms, more lightning and thus more fires.
That means more bad debts, more bad assets, more leverage, and more overcapacity.
It's a little more ... More, yes, more entertainment, more aspirational type of content.
But I also felt more energetic, more alert, more awake, and more alive.
And I'm finding more and more people and hearing more and more stories.
You see more government spending, more entitlements, more tax credits, more tax penalties.
Giving you that takes more hardware, more bandwidth, more resources, and more energy.
More apartments, more shops, more sidewalks, more public spaces for people to socialize.
So Pam became more and more amazing and had more and more skills.
So getting more and more data, learning more and more about our users.
Plein's ethos is completely more is more: More fur, more rhinestones, and more famous faces on (and off) the runway.
" Infantino said that, if it were to be enlarged, "more teams means more stadiums, more venues, more hotels, more transportation.
"More energy production means more American jobs, more American economic growth, more American national security, more American energy security," Sen.
I knew there was more to me than what those pictures showed — more sides, more angles, more depth, more secrets.
More sunlight leads to more serotonin, which (once we're allowed outdoors) leads to more socializing, more skin, more sexual tension.
More performance parameters require more sensors, and more sensors generate more data, meaning there's more sensitive information to be protected.
More candidates means more field operations, more advertising, more canvassing, and more candidates to catch the eye of potential voters.
And in general, women's stories deserve more from all of us: more time, more attention, more respect, and more empathy.
I'm more wiser, I'm more stronger, I'm more focused, I'm not young any more.
The more success, the more opportunities there were to keep doing more and more.
Donald's insults get more and more hysterical the more and more upset he gets.
As people are sending more and more messages, they're sending more and more GIFs.
I have more commercials, more movies, more endorsements, and more viewerships than anyone has.
More hate leads to more hate leads to more hate leads to more hate.
No more jewelry, no more makeup, no more high heels and no more skirts.
" And "more points" means "more fun," which means "more fans," which means "more money.
That means more Riverdale, more 13 Reasons Why, more American Horror Story, more Mrs.
We're going to see more and more fires and more and more dangerous conditions.
Give us moremore letters, more diary entries, more careful curation of the work.
"More love, more compassion, more respect, more equality, more support," Bündchen, 37, captioned the post in English and her native Portuguese.
"More love, more compassion, more respect, more equality, more support," Bündchen, 37, captioned the post in English and her native Portuguese.
"We looked at it, and we would need more corn, more water, more soybean meal, more housing, more electricity," he said.
"As we get more and more jobs under our platform, more and more trucks, it gets significantly more efficient," Lewis said.
They used more prescription drugs, they saw the doctor more often, they got more mammograms, more Pap smears, more PSA tests.
Almost nonstop for the duration of the act, the crowd screamed for moremore skin, more dancing, more merriment, more nerdiness.
He added some more instruments, but then more people came on board who added more and more and more and more and it kept evolving and kept changing.
Drake is more broadly appealing, Future is more prolific, Young Thug, more unrestrained, Chance the Rapper, more joyful, Kanye, more endlessly fascinating, and Vince Staples, more chillingly pointed.
There's more and more content available from more and more sources, and so it gets more and more complex for users to actually find all the right content.
Lowering tax rates puts more money in the hands of consumers, which leads to more spending, more savings, more investment, lower debt, more productivity, and ultimately more growth.
Well, my point was, I had been exploring why, after the accumulation of all of these things: more companies invested in, more funds raised, more notoriety, more television appearances, more this, more that, more everything.
Whatever we did, there was more: More washing, more cleaning, more eating, more dishes, more arguing, more fighting and throwing and hitting and farting, and "Hey, Rory, I think you better go to the toilet!" and of course, a lot more denying.
London can offer more of everything to an overseas investor: more lavish homes, more exclusive lifestyle, more international schools for the children, more flights home, more trips to the theater after games and, crucially, more status.
"More singles means more people exercising more frequently, buying more athletic goods, and replacing them more often," the Morgan Stanley analysts wrote.
There have been more 10-point rides, more airs, more barrels, more commitment and more drama than women's surfing has ever seen.
We've become more informed, more sophisticated, more discerning, more capable of assessing risks and more insightful in identifying the next major technology.
Health insurance costs more, housing costs more, food costs more, education costs more, everything costs more and yet wages have become stagnant.
We watch as gold, the promise of wealth, brings more to the camp: more people, more technology, more commerce, more bureaucratic structure.
You know, I've never felt more fit, more strong, more powerful, more explosive, and more hungry than ever in my entire career.
With more heat energy in the system, everything's going to get crazier — more heat waves, more giant rainstorms, more droughts, more floods.
Will more diners lead to more restaurants, and will more restaurants lead to more diners?
The company has added more cones (thus, more cyclones), more powerful motors, and more designs.
With that came more manufacturing, more power use, more travel, and, yes, more greenhouse gases.
The platforms have long demanded moremore trust, more data, more goodwill — from their users.
It means more expansions, more partnerships with other fintech products, more features and more engineers.
One that adjusts to make things more comfortable, more familiar, more festive or more exciting.
I was more alive, more engaged, more present... I suddenly had more love to give.
Why, more importantly, these states instead of larger, more representative, more diverse, more urban states?
That's partly just because there's more stuff to burn: more structures, more cars, more people.
Wildfires are becoming more destructive, floods more damaging, hurricanes more severe and droughts more persistent.
The Iranians undoubtedly would say "more for more" — more from us requires more from you.
No more development, no more expansion, no more deforestation, no more environmental destruction is needed.
The math was simple: More money meant more ads, and more ads meant more votes.
"She offers only more taxes…more regulating, more spending, and more wealth redistribution," he said.
Gray recognizes that women's wrestling needs more airtime, more media, more sponsors — it needs more.
Few artists in any genre inspire more fervor, more devotion, more curiosity, more exuberant joy.
Few artists in any genre inspire more fervor, more devotion, more curiosity, more exuberant joy.
As productions grew more lavish and more complicated, more and more crew members were needed.
More hydrogen stations equal more cars, and more cars equal more affordable fuel-cell vehicles.
More and more clients are looking for a more sustainable portfolio to be more prepared.
No more Supreme Courts, no more martial laws, no more emergency rule, no more suppression.
" He added: "What I would give to have just one more minute to talk, one more hug, one more 'I love you more,' one more text message, one more laugh.
That continues to drive more loyalty members, more market share and more market share drives more investment by owners and ultimately more growth.
But even more than that, we've spent nearly 18 months wanting more from her; more participation, more visibility, more insight into her thinking.
At Kleiner Perkins, "managing partners were always competing for moremore board seats, more houses, more land, and, always, more jets," she writes.
Look, what — what you all just heard out there is more taxes, $2 trillion in more spending, more deficits, more debt, more government.
That the movie may leave you wanting moremore history, more personality, more complicated emotion, more ideological contention — doesn't necessarily count against it.
Dad also prescribed more soups, more ginger, more steaming and less frying, more actual meals and less snacking, and, of course, more rest.
"I believe this will ultimately drive the GDP growth — more consumption, more development, more job creation, more manufacturing, more GDP growth," he said.
It is more women in more leadership positions, on more boards and in more elected offices.
You're seeing more and more female-fronted bands; you're seeing more and more female artists emerging.
More and more of the jobs being created require more and more education and skill levels.
And so merch is more popular, more fashionable, more available, and yet more exclusionary than ever.
There is still more cotton, more copper, more steel and more soybeans than the world demands.
Then it spreads, and more and more people see it, more and more people use it.
"We knew that more media time means more sponsors, more sponsors means more tournaments," she said.
There were no more camels, no more men, no more marvels, and no more stories. Ever.
"It'll only get bigger and more accessible to more people, and more acceptable in more environments."
Other Wilco albums have offered more coherent statements—more polished, more tonally consistent, more easily digestible.
More nonsensical, more crazy, more machines, more breasts, penises, cunts, whatever — make them abound with nonsense.
These were small things, small but happening more and more often, in more and more places.
"What I heard was more, a commitment to more taxes, more regulation, more government," he said.
As more and more Indianapolis factories moved to Mexico, more and more Mexicans settled in Indianapolis.
But they are also more fragile, more flawed, more prone to error, more susceptible to pressure.
Liquid biopsies are a recipe for more health anxiety, more procedures, more complications and more overdiagnoses.
Keep getting after it, and be more and more aggressive, more and more focused every day.
In fairness to Westbrook, Harden has more talent around him: more scorers, more experience, more options.
But this year they had their moment: More and more appeared, drawing more and more attention.
And theoretically, more viewership means more advertising and more advertising means more longevity for the show.
"The more and more you sell shoes, the more and more you dislike shoes," he said.
And so, put in more users, more usage and more inventory for advertising, and also with more usage we have more data to actually allow us to have more targeted advertising.
"The Chinese counterintelligence threat is more deep, more diverse, more vexing, more challenging, more comprehensive and more concerning than any counterintelligence threat I can think of," FBI Director Christopher Wray said.
To have more … to pay more … to owe more?
More people, more power — or at least more influence.
They take a standard BMW 2750i xDrive and fill it with more: more speed, more technology, more comfort, for many more dollars (or euros).
As the shutdown causes more suffering for more people, the drama will become more tense, ensuring that more and more Americans will tune in.
Cyberspace is now where we do more of our shopping, more of our dating, more of our friendship-making and sustaining, more of our learning, more of our commerce, more of our teaching, more of our communicating, more of our news-broadcasting and news-seeking and more of our selling of goods, services and ideas.
Everyday people running means more people of color, more women, more queer people, more first-generation Americans, more allies -- more of the people whose voices have been missing for far too long.
I was born to run a spa … I need more: more to do, more responsibility, more money.
As cars become more and more like living rooms on wheels, they'll need more and more data.
The sudden bonanza was such that farmers bought more and more land, with more and more debt.
And the more dysfunctional it becomes, the more illegitimate it will seem to more and more people.
" She adds that it also makes you "more generous, more human, more understood — and more respected yourself.
The result would be more chaos, more injustice and insecurity, and ultimately more conflict, and more refugees.
The goal is to become more productive, more successful, more nimble, and more notable than the competition.
And the more dysfunctional it becomes, the more illegitimate it will seem to more and more people.
There's more in the shot with Pixel 33 and Group Selfie—more friends, more details, more scenery.
I was getting more and more annoyed at them because they were getting more and more drunk.
The more physics, the more objects, the more mayhem, the more work the server has to do.
"The more people drive, the more accidents there are, the more fatalities and more costs," he said.
The new version will be more crisp, more clean, more clear, more polished, shinier, and better-surfaced.
Now, having a basic understanding of them is more and more important for more and more professions.
But growing the pie will take moremore talent, more students and workers, more entrepreneurs and innovators.
"He'll grow more defiant, more reckless, more anti-constitutional, and more dangerous," The Atlantic's David Frum writes.
"The result of that is more health injustice, more suffering, more illness, more death," Dr. Oletta said.
I got more and more comfortable with actors and more and more secure with working with them.
I wanted to have more: more exposure to music, more critical thoughts, more art to connect with.
Which is a more sustainable capitalism, a more equitable capitalism, a more fair, and more just, capitalism.
Increased investment banking, furthermore, stimulates more loans, more trading, more customer activity and more asset gathering overall.
More jobs means more income for consumers, which leads to more spending, and in turn more hiring.
No more nuclear weapons anywhere in the world, no more wars, no more problems, no more conflicts.
And as North Korean artists received more outside influences, their designs evolved into a more globalized style, becoming more polished but more also more uniform.
I would think similarly of open source licenses to become more and more open and more and more free, but there will be more blips.
All Hillary Clinton has to offer is more of the same: more taxes, more regulations, more bureaucrats, more restrictions on American energy and American production.
Atlanta needs more players—more receivers, more pass-rushers, more linebackers, more everything—and, outside of Julio Jones, Ryan might be their best trade chip.
"This question is an indicator that more is likely coming — more guidance, more rules, more requirements, more oversight and monitoring by the IRS," he said.
" That's because the more you earn, the more susceptible you are to lifestyle inflation, Adcock explains: "The more we have, the more we want, and the more we want, the more we spend.
We thought more glue, stronger synapses, more learning, more addiction.
To know more, scientists need more FRBs, and more repeaters.
More videos will generally mean more ads and more money.
It had more monsters, more telekinesis, and even more kids.
I want to see more empathy, more flexibility, more patience.
The editor wanted something more relevant, more hip, more now.
And people are really doing more and more and more.
We're talking more glitter, more shimmer, and way more product.
That means more fans, at more events, having more fun.
More and more companies are harnessing new technologies more quickly.
It means more volume, more anxiety, more profits from trading.
It will cause more distrust, more fear, and more violence.
It's more tears, it's more laughs, it's more of everything.
No more mud wrestling, no more oil, no more stripteases.
They just keep getting more and more and more capacity.
They make decisions more efficiently, more quickly and more reliably.
More people spending more time means more money for Facebook.
More focussed, a bit more jaded, a bit more invested.
Boom: more exports, more U.S. production, more jobs, higher wages.
Men who had more social capital, more clout, more entitlement.
It just gives us more zip, more life, more experience.
No more blood stains, no more summons, no more invaders.
Perhaps you have more roommates, more family, or more space.
Netflix wants to make more and more and more content.
He'll only get more jaded, more brazen, and more immoral.
Scandal sold more newspapers, and more newspapers meant more advertisements.
Their play is more skillful, more intelligent and more sophisticated.
No more mess, no more monotony, no more smelly hands!
He gestured toward something more complex, more inclusive, more sustainable.
This leads to more spending, more investment and more jobs.
No more hurt, no more shame, no more eating disorder.
All the while, there's more smashing, more jumping, more stomping.
It's not fast enough, or aggressive enough. More. More. More.
No more spaceship dreams, no more Azua, no more me.
This Biden was more measured, more magnanimous and more conciliatory.
The result was more infections, more hospitalizations and more deaths.
"They're more Rockwellian, more traditional, more Americana," Mr. Lechner said.
More reflection brings more sympathy, and then some more frustration.
Along with that came more ribbons, more prizes, more rankings.
Still, the South seemed more dangerous, more violent, more unpredictable.
Do you feel calmer, more focused, more present, more awakened?
More competition, more business models and more disruption to revenues.
Leaders emphasized enforcement: more arrests, more tickets and more stops.
You're more calm and more adaptable and more level headed.
Can I state it more succinctly, more vividly, more concretely?
That means more factories, more offices, more residences and vehicles.
"More development means more concrete and more asphalt," Wright said.
There are more YouTube stars, more gardeners, more life coaches.
I couldn't get enough when I drank: more, more, more.
More candidates, more activism, more enthusiasm: What's not to like?
Second, contractors who communicated more professionally and were more responsive had more successful businesses and earned more money.
Slow human population growth It sounds callous, but more people means more food, more land and more resources.
Families wanted more photos, more objects for their homes, and the process of collecting grew more and more.
No more parks, no more games, no more family trips to climb mountains, in short no more fun!
There's more action, more world-building and much, much more Werner Herzog (who could ask for anything more?).
Ejiofor is angrier, more malevolent, and more terrifying than Irons, whose Scar has more charisma and more megalomania.
Note as you add more and more detail, the suggestions along the top get more and more accurate.
Once Weinstein had been booted, more and more accusations against more and more Hollywood figures began to emerge.
"True faith is one that makes us more charitable, more merciful, more honest and more humane," he said.
This, at first glance, may seem desirable: more parties means more choice, more opportunities, less rigidity, more criticism.
One reason is that cars are packed with more and more components, demanding more and more electrical power.
Their voices rang out for more female screenwriters, more female critics, more female directors, and more equality overall.
Having fewer patents means more competition for more generic drugs, which means more affordable medicine for more people.
The more controversy, the more confrontation, the more it works to his advantage, the more people cover it.
I learned that most generals would always ask for more money, more troops, more time — and more war.
Generally speaking, eating more plants means taking in more fiber, more antioxidants, and more nutrients, Davis points out.
"There's more and more data, and the more we look for, the more we find," Dr. Levy said.
But there are other days where I need more: one more minute, one more hour, one more email.
Hiring more guards — and paying guards more to make the job more attractive to more people — costs money.
And with more riders should come more revenue and more long-term political support for even more improvements.
"We have more processed food, more energy-dense food, more intense marketing of food products, and these products are more available and more accessible," he added.
Model S will always have more range, more acceleration, more power, more passenger cargo room, more displays (two), and more customization choices, and Model S, X, and 3 will all have equivalent Autopilot functionality.
Model S will always have more range, more acceleration, more power, more passenger cargo room, more displays (two), and more customization choices, and Model S, X and 3 will all have equivalent Autopilot functionality.
Midterms are theoretically local and state elections, but Tuesday's contests add up to a remarkable snapshot of a quickly changing America: more women running than ever ... more Muslim Americans ... more Native Americans ... more veterans ... more teachers ... more millennials ... and more LGBTQ Americans.
More money for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will allow this agency to build more private prisons, hire more ICE agents, carry out more terrorizing raids, further militarize southern border communities, and separate more babies from their moms without a plan in place to reunite them. More. More. More.
Suddenly, the screen is filled with enemies and explosions, which are causing more chaos, and thus attracting more attention and more retaliations from the Terra Nova leadership, meaning more enemies, more chaos, and more retaliations.
I predict more misses, more missteps, more clumsy communication, more execution failures, more decisions that seem completely baffling to impartial observers not privy to the internal politics.
No more slogans, no more rallies, no more flamewars, no more obsessing over the coming vote like it's the longest, more boring sporting contest in the world.
Kobe does have one more All-Star appearance than Jordan ... but M.J. has more rings, more MVPs, more career points, more career rebounds AND less career turnovers.
Why would we import a car when if we make more cars in the United States we create more factories, more jobs, more revenue, more taxable income?
Lower taxes for employees; full employment by 2025; more money for families; state support for companies; more police; more defense spending; more NATO; and more European Union.
It's more diverse, it's much more open and dynamic, it's much more accepting of traditionally mistreated groups, there's much more immigration, we're a much more diverse society.
Maybe places with more galaxies had more ultraviolet radiation, meaning more ionization, and those areas were therefore more transparent.
"As more and more crime is becoming more and more digital as data is being distributed online," he said.
That equation — more sharks + more people in the water for more time during the year — equals more shark attacks.
China is acting far more intentionally and aggressively than the US — investing more, building more, testing and experimenting more.
People bought 17.6% more Irish Whiskey, 6.4% more bourbon, 18.8% more cognac and 7.4% more tequila than in 2015.
You pay more for tenderness, but the more affordable cuts are, more often than not, the more flavorful options.
And as more and more companies crowd into a few cities, those cities could get more and more innovative.
Firstly, that I will live everyday with more passion, more determination, more compassion and more giving than ever before.
Now more and more people are doing it, and more and more people are seeing other people doing it.
What you are getting now is more goods, more goods, and more production and more output, 3.2% in Q1.
"Usually, you get more and more activation (of immune cells), so you get more and more infection," Goulder said.
This will mean more metal detectors, more guards, more checkpoints and more barricades as part of our daily routines.
He gets that look in his eyes and you know he wants more: more vomit, more gunshots, more wounds.
Ask for more: more money at work, more respect for your time, and more whipped cream on your sundae.
There are more Tomcats and a few Corsairs, more people, more steam, and even more gratuitous graduated tobacco filters.
Each year, the car will make more and more decisions for you and become more and more self-aware.
"The market is competitive and growing more so," she said; fans constantly demand more variety, more polish, more beauty.
There are more people free, more democracies, more economic progress and more hope in the world than ever before.
This means writing with more energy, more art, more conviction, more excitement and a deeper sense of personal investment.
Ask yourself: What can I do to learn more, share more, speak out more and include more in 2018?
Maybe we must all strive to be more egg-like, moving forward—more open, more earnest, more honestly ourselves.
Wine is a much more competitive business today, with more good wines from more places in more diverse styles.
More messages were left in the days that followed; each time he sounded more distraught, more apologetic, more despondent.
We always want more drama, more sex, more fights, more tears — and producers have been happy to provide it.
When workers have more money, businesses have more customers; and when businesses have more customers, they hire more workers.
Just algorithms that seem to manage more and more of the world's work, and make more and more decisions.
No one wins when the system suffers from more delays, more cancellations, more indirect routes and more fuel burn.
"There's more and more independents — a strictly closed primary is going to become more and more uncommon," McGhee says.
"The more code we saw, the more links we could see to more and more attacks," Mr. Beek said.
The stories got more and more extreme and more and more grotesque, and so many of them weren't isolated.
The more positions, the more options, and thus the more entropy.
More abilities, more subclasses, more ways to engage with the game.
There are more terrifying ghosts, more jokes and more Chris Hemsworth.
They cancel more even more noise now, and they're more comfortable.
More eartips sizes, more colors, and more sounds would be ideal.
So, yes, that requires more content, more perspectives and more creativity.
Trump has more funnier memes, and more memes, way more memes.
No more terror, or fear, no more nightmares, no more hiding.
And more data means more data breaches and more financial fraud.
You have far more responsibility, far more power, far more everything.
And no, I don't mean more money, more time, more trust.
We could have puttered more, played more and yes, squabbled more.
They have more, they do more, so they are worth more.
Drugs are more plentiful, more powerful and more available than ever.
We like things more and more the more human they get.
We know they want more depth, more progression, and more content.
So they get more clicks and more eyeballs and more dollars.
It is moderated by more assists, more free throws, more drives.
It's made us more available, more casual, and infinitely more #sextable.
Whatever the reason, Britain became more confident, more vibrant, more multicultural.
While Jupiter wants more, more, more, Saturn loves to say no.
Peru, he said, would be "more modern, more just, more equal".
We need fewer thinkpieces and more justice, more mercy, more love.
It's more pure, it's got more flavor, it's more old school.
Every time there are more lights, more screens, and more crazy.
That means more machine learning, more algorithms, more cloud-based power.
Illness requires more office visits, more hospitalizations and inevitably more bills.
Woods is making more eye contact, signing more autographs, smiling more.
More candidates running equals more voter contact equals more engaged voters.
Beyoncé knows we want more music, more concerts, more media appearances.
More and more homes were signing up for ever more channels.
Election campaigns have just become more violent, more corrupt, more dangerous.
But slowly it began to hurt more and more and more.
Turkey is becoming more religious, more paranoid and more inward-looking.
More medical interventions means more side effects and more potential problems.
Be smarter, more efficient, more technology … still gonna need more people.
Eating more fish was tied to more lovemaking, and more babies.
It keeps you wanting to do more and more and more.
That definitely advantages louder, more provocative, more inspiring, more outrageous candidates.
In reality, people don't want more choices, more possibilities, more information.
They endured more injuries, more uneven pitching and more bad defense.
More wars in more places does not make America more secure.
Stay tuned for more weather, more anger, and heaps more snow.
More to read, more to reply to and more to see.
More people spending more time inside Snapchat means more advertising revenue.
What he witnessed instead was more fragmentation, more nationalism, more tribalism.
I started feeling more and more marginalized and feeling more stressed.
Countless trees and millions of square miles of jungle and forest have been removed to accommodate our desires for more -- more wood, more farmland, more pasture, more meat.
"We're going to see more and more shifts in global weather patterns, probably more extreme events, things that are going to be more and more disruptive," Foley adds.
The more users who turn off automatic updates, the more devices, the more information, the more people put at risk.
More mobility in jobs leads to more choice, more outsourcing leads to cheaper labor, and more automation leads to downsizing.
More customers and more sellers mean more competition for the top search result and more to gain by winning it.
It is not sufficient, so we need more and more factories to be unionized and more and more workers respected.
So, not just people spending more, but a lot more people -- more people coming in and doing more business overall.
That equals more emissions from more distance traveled, and more traffic jams which in turn also result in more emissions.
And antibiotics, used more and more often in American health care, were triggering more and more cases of C. diff.
To remedy that problem would involve hiring more staff, more teachers, more guards, more doctors, and these things cost money.
There's no more doubting it, no more excusing it, no more defending it, no more trying to explain it away.
You see it today: We have jobs that are more and more demanding and we've become more and more sedentary.
You spend more and more of your time following the teachings, more and more time with the other group members.
And as more and more autonomous cars get on the road, that means more sensors — and more data for Samsara.
As the site grew, more and more people with more and more odd sexual appetites approached him about making movies.
But as civilization has become more and more advanced, we have more and more sources of light, including blue light.
In short, less Cousins will equal more Durant — more Durant post-ups, more Durant pull-ups and more Durant brilliance.
Not surprisingly, their solutions were simply more of the same: more government spending, more government intervention, and more government control.
The more I thought, the more I shared, the more I wrote, the more I understood—and the angrierI became.
De Caluwe said that Thunes will work to add more destinations, support for more countries, more partners and more features.
Now, there are more and more treatments coming out that are more specific, that are more tailored to [each] illness.
A more open process could lead to more partisan splits and perhaps more bipartisanship, and eventually a more functional Congress.
More fires don't mean more dire Chiefly, the idea of "more" fires doesn't necessarily translate into a more dire situation.
Google and Facebook still claim more users, but the Chinese heavyweights arguably do more — and more, and more — for theirs.
Kolawole said codependency often happens when one partner requires moremore attention, more validation, more support — than the other partner.
And as more and more people buy TVs with 24K capabilities, more and more game consoles are upgrading to match.
They'll know more, and feel more capable and confident (and therefore more independent), the more you're able to do this.
The upshot will likely be more unintended pregnancies, more abortions, more unplanned births — and more women dying of cervical cancer.
All Americans know what to expect in the 14 months ahead: more calumnies, more lies, more insults, and more ridicule.
That build, build, build dynamic has led to more driving, more suburban sprawl, more gasoline use, and more CO2 emissions.
Less education will more likely land a person in a more automatable job, while more education means more job options.
" Instead, Pastor argues, "What California is stumbling a path to a new American future, one in which the nation becomes more prosperous and more sustainable, more diverse and more cohesive, more engaged and more agreeable.
More patients with asthma received appropriate drug treatment (240 percent more), more patients received appropriate weight screening and follow-up (216 percent more), and more patients with hypertension gained control over their blood pressure (2 percent more).
In my experience, the more blades, the more friction, the more irritation.
They always wanted things like more drones, more sensors, and more cameras.
But Trumpian lies are more brazen, more aggressive, more filled with chutzpah.
He hit more aces, won more points and broke serve more often.
After all, taking more data costs more money and takes more time.
Our reviews are always getting more informative, more impactful, and more helpful.
In fact, they can create more problems, more debt and more inflation.
More miners does not produce more bitcoins, but they consume more energy.
"They wanted more and more and more," a source told the Times.
That leads to more carbon emissions — and more emissions means more warming.
"We got more support, more sponsors, more everything," Fernandez told the ISU.
More people donated more money, and the people who donated gave more.
Stanley encouraging of all of it, more more more, me me me!
Immigrants provide access to more talent, more diverse thinking and more creativity.
Plus, following more creators adds more and more posts to your feed.
Workwear hasn't become bolder, more innovative, more comfortable, or more multi-functional.
New York is more punishing, more daunting, a more pronounced proving ground.
AI is more affordable, more practical and more quickly evolving than ever.
AI is more affordable, more practical and more quickly evolving than ever.
More territory quickly turns into more troops which turns into more territory.
He'll feel more confident once they've taken more data for more time.
Is she talking about more tweets, more projects, or more Sharp Objects?
There was always more to consume, more to admire, more to learn.
Car-free transportation can make us more thoughtful, more connected, more human.
It makes it more consensual feeling, it's more reciprocal, it's more reactive.
That totally frees me up to say to myself: more, more, more.
Drugs are more available, more potent, and more accessible to our children.
Russia's civil society is now more entrenched, more knowledgeable and more skeptical.
A more efficient way would use more energy without emitting more carbon.
Less friction means more time spent, more ads seen, more sales made.
Instead, this episode felt more like more and more of the same.
Essentially, Chris said Rob wanted more freedom, more respect ... and more money!
And you get into it—just saturated, more and more and more.
It often makes people happier, more productive, more creative and more empathetic.
They're creating more of them and I get more colors, more graphics.
Outside, the protesters are becoming more angry, more confident and more numerous.
There were more write-ups, more clicks, more Cloud Appreciation Society members.
More subsidized affordable housing, more market-rate rentals, more high-end condominiums.
That means hotter, sexier costumes showing more leg, more midriff, more cleavage.
I will read more, I will think more, I will reflect more.
With Bill Nelson we get more waiting, more talk and more algae.
More scrutiny, more attacks, and more time on defense instead of offense.
A little more lively, a little more bubbly, a little more colourful.
And we did it for two days, more, and more and more.
More awareness has translated to more donors and, in turn, more diagnoses.
No one read more, knew more, or was more loyal than Bob.
It means there's more access, more people — and more authorities can come.
More people need more places to live and more food to eat.
That means more pitches, which means more relievers, which means more time.
More people are spending more time and — crucially — more money in apps.
No more bickering, no more partisanship, no more criticism or finger-pointing.
But why not strive to be more interesting, more original, more thoughtful?
And there are always more perspectives, more questions, more things to learn.
We're more equal, more just, more honest with ourselves and each other.
She's made it a more important — more importantly, a more important position.
"Volkswagen has to become more honest, more open, more truthful," he said.
Bluetooth speakers are usually always more versatile, more rugged, and more portable.
More triggers means more fingers -- and more likely the chance of mishap.
No. We want more, we demand more, we creative people create more.
Climate change makes these storms more powerful, more damaging and more expensive.
That leads to more sprawl, more driving, and more fossil fuel use.
We need more information, more speech, and more dissemination of differing opinions.
Screens are getting more vivid, colors more vibrant, and pictures more lifelike.
There are also often financial incentives: more engagement, more ads, more dollars.
Like pop music, but make it more radical, more futuristic, more unorthodox.
You get more experience and more talent and you get paid more.
More eyeballs means more incentive for video creators to post more often.
More people ate more crops and owned more livestock—like cattle, pigs, goats, and sheep—which meant more poop from that livestock could be used to grow more crops.
You could begin to see what they got more of — they got more mental health care, more diabetes checks, more medication for blood pressure, more medication for their diabetes.
Experts widely believe this is the consequence of America's relaxed laws and culture surrounding guns: Making more guns more accessible means more guns, and more guns mean more deaths.
With the average person becoming more and more connected to the internet and introducing more and more devices into their network, being security aware is more important than ever.
More destructive weather patterns in various parts of the world mean more famine, more territorial grabs, more refugees and more instability our troops may be required to help alleviate.
Look for more great Recode products as we invest in more writers, more resources, more editorial reach with a more ambitious editorial vision, and expect a relaunch of Recode.
When recycling doesn't work, more finite and virgin resources are used: more oil drilled, more trees harvested, more fresh water and energy used, more materials littered, more waste in oceans, more carbon dioxide emitted, and the otherwise valuable recyclable commodities are buried in landfills or burned.
Some studies (though not all) suggest that more unattached men means more crime, more rape and more chance of political violence.
The more I look inward, the more I see people and the more I see people the more I see me.
I don't think I've ever felt more passion, more elation, more happiness or more pride than I did in that moment.
However, just like meal services, grocery services are popping up more and more, and are available in more and more cities.
The more I play BattleTech, the more violent it gets, and the more violent it gets, the more I love it.
As you start to mature, it gets more complex, and you create more functions, your roles are more and more defined.
Their goal is to sell more dresses to get Anomalie more data, more factory modularization, and more control over its manufacturing.
It has more features, more partners, more customers and more revenue than any other competitor (depending on how you measure it).
They're not getting the effect so they take more and more and more, but there's a point when more is deadly.
In turn, more diverse teams guide more diverse coverage, welcoming new audiences and helping our work serve more people more effectively.
It has produced a Ukraine that is more unified, more nationalist, more anti-Russian, more westward-looking than ever existed before.
"Need to write more / Freedom to fight more / Seek insight more / Ignite more," she says in a tone resembling spoken-word.
He thinks that more and more people are becoming more and more willing to discuss the phenomenon without fear of ridicule.
It happened in very incremental stages, with more and more commitment and more on the line, and more coercion and blackmail.
And more and more people with more and more guns complicate the work of those trained in law enforcement as well.
The enumeration had become more difficult as Americans spoke more languages and became more mobile and their households became more unconventional.
"As you do more and more things in a bomb, you create more and more of a signature," Mr. Klapec said.
"As these apps get more and more specialized, I think more people will work in a more flexible way," Eriksson said.
More and more comedies take this as their style, and more and more comedies turn logy and flat because of it.
Of course more ride-shares on the road doesn't just mean more traffic; more cars also means more greenhouse gas emissions.
They are less educated, more moderate, more religious, more rural, more likely to be nonwhite and to live in the South.
This canvas tote reads, "Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving," from The Rock That Is Higher.
As more people buy Cameos, more people share them; and as more people share them, more people learn about the platform.
We are constantly seeking to learn more about our business, more about ourselves, more about others, and more about the world.
And as Lea saw more and more people narrating, sharing and adapting The Expressionless, he started growing more and more frustrated.
And, quite frankly, in the last year, we actually have seen more and more sustainable products and more and more demand.
The Trump agenda has developed its own internal logic: the more wreckage, the more publicity; the more publicity, the more success.
"As more and more years go by, I think more players will take it more seriously," Reyes said of the Classic.
Every additional degree means more coastal area lost to the sea, more crop failures, more deadly heat waves, more human misery.
Since roughly the advent of Y Combinator, the landscape has seemed to shift by the year, with more startups raising capital every year, more people becoming VCs, more Medium posts, more newsletters, more events, more great founders, more bad behavior, more congestion, and more money from all over the world finding its way to Silicon Valley and a growing number of smaller but fast-growing hubs.
Season two is rife with more of what fans loved in season one: more cheeky and charming preteens, more frantic Winona Ryder, more strange supernatural happenings, and more '22s references.
"In addition to more Tweeting, people who had more room to Tweet received more engagement (Likes, Retweets, @mentions), got more followers, and spent more time on Twitter," the post said.
Basketball never consumes more airspace, more bandwidth, more conversation, more column inches, or more of the nation's hearts and minds than it does during the first weekend of the tournament.
What they leave out is that it's also more capable, more refined, safer, more powerful, more comfortable and more advanced than that old Ranger while still offering extremely competitive pricing.
We were interviewed live on more news stations than I can now remember, and our inboxes were clogged with emails asking for moremore information, more quotes, more of anything.
Politicians are marching to the concealed-carry drum as the N.R.A. beats it to sell more guns and arm more and more ordinary citizens in more and more public places.
Racing games were moving on, and demanding consumers were shifting to a more content-heavy console experience with an emphasis on quantity: more tracks, more cars, more online, more options.
The more and more that people trust the White House is going to come up with the answer, the more and more time passes, and the more Dreamers get deported.
Airbnb is moving more and more into the hotel industryAirbnb, which today has more than seven million listings in 191 countries, is looking more and more like a hotel company.
" What's more, when women are more numerous and therefore more vocal on these topics, men become more vocal too, and "these effects are associated with more generosity to the poor.
He challenged her to do more, to become more daring, more creatively flexible.
We actually enforce those policies more quickly with more agents and more proactively.
Making a plotline more complicated doesn't make it more interesting or more meaningful.
That means more series premieres, more season premieres, and many more new movies.
This is how they measure success -- more welfare, more food stamps, more Medicaid.
They want to eat more food, take more drugs, have more sexual partners.
The media is more invigorated, more profitable, and more trusted since his election.
Everyone's really more vulnerable, more opinionated, we're all more comfortable with each other.
They supported more species, more varied types of species and more individual birds.
More capital, more people or better technology can all lead to more growth.
Already, there's more explicit gore, more gunshots, and more desperation to these characters.
Collect more and more precise information with which to make them more relevant!
"People think less is more, but I think more is more," she says.
Day Four More Pedialyte, more coffee, and more day drinking on day four.
Doing so, he says, is more humane, more convenient, and more cost-effective.
The media constantly wants us to be more filtered, more posed, more flexed.
That melts more ice, which leaves more seawater exposed, which melts more ice.
Ingo came with something more similar to our temperament — more ironic, more joyful.
More and more, the richest Americans are donating more to Democrats than Republicans.
"In the long-term, candidates expect more authenticity, more transparency, more true experiences."
Once you get that phone number you get more and more and more.
More Democrats running means more Democrats campaigning, which ultimately means more Democrats voting.
More shows were added, more celebrities were chased, and more advertisements were secured.
A new era—more fragmented, more political, more fluid—is dawning in Europe.
I hope that they'll be more effective and more efficient and more precise.
It's more farcical than Cheers, with more a more erudite sense of humor.
It's compelling people to do more, to be more, and to become more.
More riders attract more drivers, which will attract more riders and so on.
Flu causes more flu, colds cause more colds, and violence causes more violence.
No more games, no more retaliation, no more picking of winners and losers.
Once I started looking, I couldn't stop finding more and more and more.
The solution can't simply be more regulations and more restrictions and more enforcement.
"We're trying to be more naive, more simplistic and more vulnerable," Bowen begins.
One can feel more scared, more surprised and more connected to the experience.
As such tests become more accessible, more and more people are saying "yes".
But the more and more Drake produces, the more it actually becomes work.
We'll see more wildfires, we'll see more houses lost, more people will die.
She says the resulting product is more honest, more open, and more her.
It's more imaginative, more vibrant, and boasts more variety from episode to episode.
More women and men came forward, with more stories about still more predators.
Large-scale reform is more difficult and more complicated, today more than ever.
He became more intrigued about Japan, conducting more research and posting more videos.
We urgently need more national parks, more wildlife preserves, more marine conservation areas.
"The more cumbersome, the more complicated it gets, the more frustrating to customers."
"They are more meticulous, more patient, and more careful with details," she said.
That makes the work of publishing more complex, more generative, and more exciting.
You get the impression that he's more direct, more raw, and more free.
"They're getting more and more and more extreme on every issue," he said.
There were more singers (five, at times), more percussionists (also five), more horns.
"It made me more creative, more social and more competitive," Corcoran tells Entrepreneur.
His movements are more restrictive, his mobility more limited, his speech more strained.
" He called for more law enforcement, more community engagement and "more effective policing.
It will make this exchange more dignified, more meaningful and even more productive.
We're moving more and more to an endowment model — long term, more passive.
Owning 5,000 MORE Coins or more makes you a MORE Las Vegas member.
Failure could mean more cars, more fumes, and more traffic jams for all.
More variety gives room for more innovation and more emphasis on customer service.
It is becoming more contested, more congested and more competitive than ever before.
Less negative, more natural, more earnest and more on message than his opponent.
This means more data, more third-party validation and more edge cases covered.
More infrastructure spending and more loosening of property market regulations mean more steel.
I wish for policing that is more effective, more judicious, and more empathetic.
That becomes more and more important, certainly as the country becomes more brown.
No more 'spend more to save more,' last minutes deals, or excluded taxes.
Or, more honestly, they somehow became more tiresome as they grew more awesome.
But more efficient offenses are also more predictable, and in turn, more boring.
More offense means more offensive statistics, which has translated into more triple-doubles.
Harder problems require more computational resources to solve — more running time, more memory.
They have more cardiovascular disease, they have more diabetes, they have more cancer.
More concretely, they began saving more money and getting more frequent health checkups.
Something is happening and we need to do more and more and more.
She is American, more independent, more straitlaced, more willing to forgo her urges.
As more women join government their representation will become more and more normalized.
Youth politics was also more tribal, more visceral, and more violent than today.
She helped us feel more connected to each other, more hopeful, more human.
It will also bring more crowds, more noise and, yes, more toilet flushing.
More diagnoses mean more patients can heal but also that more might suffer.
I moved more and more into painting, and the work became more expressionistic.
Their reward for avoiding the shame is more stress, more strain, more pressure.
There are more enemies, more weapons, more elements in the sandbox of combat.
More upwelling means more nutrient resupply, which means more biological activity, researchers say.
He's more incarcerated in Season 5, more shackled, more of a caged lion.
"It keeps you wanting to do more and more and more," he said.
"I felt more energetic, more needed, more useful to the team," Ginobili said.
Each is simpler, more universal, more easily grokked, more exportable than the last.
"I sound more presidential and more diplomatic and more elder-statesmen," Schwarzenegger said.
Mainly, Mr. Ratmansky said, he has added more detail, more steps, more complexity.
And as more and more people come, the neighborhood will become more beautiful.
It was part of him trying to do more, see more, experience more.
More facts, more reports and more data won't upend this unsustainable status quo.
Fathers may be a little more stoic, more reserved and more hands-off.
What's more, many business are emphasizing big data and analytics more and more.
No more boiler-room politics, no more clandestine deals, no more murky patronage.
There undoubtedly is a need for more research, more discussion and more innovation.
Competitive taxes [will lead to] more capital, more jobs, more companies investing here.
Sometimes you've got to do more with moremore resources, time, or money.
The voices were telling him to buy more watches, more diamonds, more cars.
"Consumers are certainly becoming more savvy, more skeptical, more discriminating," Mr. Sorofman said.
More money meant more money, but sometimes it also meant more to lose.
Instead of "one more thing," Apple's event was more like none more thing.
More health care, less immigration, more infrastructure, more family-friendly tax policy, etc.
Violence against Trump supporters has spurred more, more coordinated, and more aggressive protests.
More people means more consumption, and, specifically, more consumption by the working poor.
Chips with more computing power could run more complex applications, complete tasks more quickly, and run more applications at the same time.
It asks regular consumers to be more vigilant, more ascetic, more considerate, and feel more guilt than the brands selling to them.
It's more imaginative, it's more creative, and it's got more artists' hands in it so it makes it more original to me.
Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9 provides more of everything that fans of big phones want: more battery, more screen, and more power.
"As the match kept going, I just felt more and more confident, more and more like I belonged," said the 24th seed.
As these blunders by the House became more and more obvious, all the efforts to excuse them became more and more absurd.
As we drink more and more wine, we're also becoming more and more casual about how, when, and why we drink it.
Meltdown is a more specific thing, so it's both a more present danger, but also more easily solved because it's more specific.
"But even more significant is that we have more freedom with the design... parts can look more organic, more skeletal," Sevcik said.
As workers earned more money, they bought more goods, which meant the factories got more orders and needed to hire more people.
Spending more on armaments for most of the allies means more arms purchases from American industry, more revenues and more American jobs.
They're delusional in their belief that their views are more important, more valid, more ethical, and more patriotic than any other groups.
"If there's more information in the phone — more contacts, more communications, more of anything — that's a success for the F.B.I.," he said.
Stock owners are also more likely to be more affluent, and more affluent people are more likely to have voted for Trump.
More and more cases were taken to court, working with federal authorities, and more and more crew leaders were put behind bars.
A more decentralized Congress will likely produce more cross-partisan coalitions, and probably more legislation, but also more uncertainty and possibly chaos.
What sound is more primal, more wrenching, more vivid, more capable of cutting through the noise to connect us to something deeper?
Antetokounmpo clearly wanted moremore of a lead, more winning plays, more of everything that has made him so special this season.
Iceland played a more direct style, while Nigeria built from the back, possessing the ball more and passing more and more accurately.
The obvious argument is essentially "the more the merrier," since more articles get more readership and therefore more chances to convert users.
He can appoint a more qualified, more objective, more credible, more distinguished and less controversial director of the FBI to replace Comey.
As more and more of the U.S. population ages into Medicare, more and more physicians will be needed to meet the demand.
More books, more music, more films and more art are being produced on digital platforms than at any other time in history.
"With more money comes more promises, and more pressure to fulfill those promises, which leads to more exaggerated claims," says Bermejo-Vega.
We should work toward giving consumers more choices, more options, more competition, and as a result lower prices that are more affordable.
For its new trailer, Thor: Ragnarok gave fans more of what they want, namely more Thor, more Hulk, and more Cate Blanchett.
I have been trying to bring more color into my life because that light brings me more happiness and more joy, and it makes me feel more youthful and more childlike.
"We value men more than women, straight love more than gay love, white skin more than black skin, the rich, more than the poor and adults more than adolescents," she said.
To that end, the heroes have been made more laid-back and down-to-earth – there are more smiles, more jokes, more humanizing fumbles, and lots more Joss Whedon-y quips.
More platforms means more places to publish; it also means more places to reach that community, more places for those discussions to happen, more opportunities for amazing connections to be made.
"While the league has been getting more and more stuff — more velo, more ridiculous breaking stuff — we've been regressing toward more average stuff," said Epstein, the Cubs' president of baseball operations.
As a wife, I cleaned more toilets, arranged more dinners and social events, laundered more clothes, paid more bills, picked up more socks off the counter than my previous unmarried self.
Unlike MDMA, it is more compulsive, kind of like cocaine: you just want to do more and more, so it ends up being more peaky and users end up tweaking more.
"Yes, it&aposs going to be fuel-efficient and better for the planet, but it&aposs going to give you moremore stuff, more space, more performance, more capability," he said.
The more he fails as president, the more Trump will deepen U.S. military involvement around the world—deploying more troops, wasting more tax dollars, and killing more civilians in the process.
"The more and more birds she cut open, the more and more plastic she found, especially in the sick birds that were then more likely to develop a parasite," Brandon adds.
So, while screaming from the rooftops about the need for more readiness funding, Congress has instead decided to buy more M-1 tanks, more F-35 combat aircraft, more Apache helicopters, more KC-46 aerial refueling tankers, more Littoral Combat Ships (LCS), an extra aircraft carrier, and much, much more.
I wish you more blessings, I wish you more love, I wish you more health, I wish you more wealth, and most importantly, I wish you more life to 2017 as well!
Yes, machines can do more and more things, and their logic becomes ever more complex, so they are able to respond appropriately to more complicated situations, and handle more parameters of variance.
A school or public housing project operates in a more complex space where everything becomes negotiable, which I think is more creative, more difficult, more challenging for an architect and more rewarding.
"In pursuing economic globalization, we should make it more open, more inclusive, more balanced, more equitable and more beneficial to all," the Chinese leader told the gathering of political and business leaders.
"We have more processed food, more energy-dense food, more intense marketing of food products, and these products are more available and more accessible," the lead author, Ashkan Afshin, told The Times.
If Congress approves the funding, it will only mean more raids, more detention facilities, more ICE officers in our communities and more deportations leading to the separation of yet more immigrant families.
If you've come this far, we assume you want to see more: more treasure hunters, more puzzling through the clues, more epic wilderness.
That, in turn, leads to more weapons, more vehicles, more "Homies" to call on when you need back-up, and more story missions.
"When you have more open conversation with more countries involved you tend to have a more productive and more cooperative conversation," he said.
Trump was able to keep making more and more money and becoming more and more famous acting this way, and so he did.
The more awards you have, the more lauded you are, the more No. 1's you rack up, the more value you have.
The consequence of all those different orders, shipped separately and returned for free, is more cars, more trucks, more planes, and more cardboard.
In H3N2 seasons, there are "more cases, more visits to the doctor, more hospitalizations, and more deaths, especially among older people," Jernigan says.
First, cloud computing is more available and more cost-efficient than ever, giving more people and companies more power with which to innovate.
As cars become more connected, more technology-focused, and more autonomous, it was only a matter of time before they become more branded.
The more people vote, the more mainstream our politicians become because they have to start representing the views of more and more people.
People recognize me everywhere I go and as more and more pictures are published of me, more and more people become my friends.
So we expand the role that we play in our customers' lives by deploying more and more technology inside more and more things.
We need more words, we need more gray areas, we need more confusion, and we need to get more comfortable with being uncomfortable.
I know that as more people take GIF art more seriously and collaborate more with gif artists, that it will be more diverse.
Why it's a big deal: As more and more drones and satellites get sent up, more and more data is being beamed down.
"Every day that went on he grew more and more, and every day that passed, we had more and more hope," Robert recalls.
Almost three years later, Barrett's videos have gotten steadily more and more elaborate, more heavy on the special effects and even more ridiculous.
Kate took it even deeper than that — not just more doctor's visits; you had more operations, more emergency room visits, more hospital stays.
And he will push to use data and technology to give low-income residents more choice, more services, more support and more hope.
This could set off a vicious feedback loop whereby more warming thaws more permafrost, which releases more greenhouse gases, causing ever more warming.
As America is saddled with more and more debt, it becomes more and more vulnerable, less ready to act and certainly looks weaker.
There are several contributing factors, but it boils down to this: more people, carrying more devices, using them more often, for more purposes.
"The more and more we learned about it, I think the more and more it appealed to the governor's business sense," Kimble said.
So we can have more and more people, so it could be more portable, and we can have more people go through it.
More variety is required as well … but I would say far more non-alcoholic drinks, far more coffee and more food in pubs.
After all, here we are, almost a century later, and America has become more powerful, more tolerant, more wealthy, and even more democratic.
As time passed, more and more detainees disappeared — but at the same time, it became more and more possible to corroborate survivors' stories.
"I started going around and filming more and more and more and more," she told me as we stood on the Naples pier.
Giving the police more of anything — more numbers, more money, more liberties — to quell violence is still a reactionary, and thus limited, posture.
He's more of a conceit to rethink 18th-century art — too often dismissed as dainty — as something more worldly, more swashbuckling, more free.
He's more of a conceit to rethink 23600th-century art — too often dismissed as dainty — as something more worldly, more swashbuckling, more free.
"His centrism is nothing more than a more economically liberal right, more respectful of human rights, more polished, less vulgar," Mr. Sternhell said.
The more unmoderated content, the more users on the platform; the more data shared by users, the more fine-tuned the ad targeting.
"As they get bigger, and as these companies affect more and more people, they're going to get more and more scrutiny," Kurzweil said.
Older adults are thus more susceptible to infections — more likely to get sick, more likely to require hospitalization and more likely to die.
"I'm hearing more and more of them say privately that they are more and more concerned," said Senator Sherrod Brown, Democrat of Ohio.
Gascony is more open, more soulful, more deeply French, and, in its un-self-conscious devotion to tradition, more pleasurably frozen in time.
"For others, the effects were more nebulous: I heard phrases like 'more alive,' 'more clear,' 'more myself,' and "like a fog had lifted.
As more and more women come to positions of power equal to those of men, however, it's being called out more and more.
As we think of more and more things as war, we also think of more and more things as jobs for the military.
More people are more comfortable with more money here than anywhere else on earth.
It&aposs more goods, more services and more reversed mortgage catheters made of gold.
But as we emit more and more CO2, we keep trapping more heat overall.
And the whole thought about, 'Is there more, is there more, is there more?
I can think of nobody funnier, more clever, more original, more real than him.
Indigenous groups have become more assertive, courts more sympathetic and the government more responsive.
Professional investors are more informed, more highly educated and more competitive than ever before.
More police officers, in particular, doesn't need to mean more arrests and more incarceration.
Doesn't sound like it: "I feel more intense, more confident, more sassy," she said.
"This will ultimately create more jobs, more employment and more economic growth," he said.
We need to hear from more players, more coaches, more coverage of the WNBA.
I believe the more the better, the more the cooler, the more the fresher!
For that I give you 'One More Dawn, One More Day, One Day More'?
Is there anything more exasperating, more anxiety-inducing, more enraging than this haunting number?
"There will be five more years of this, more and more states," she said.
It could lead to more followers, more fans, and more respect in your industry.
Soccer is indeed more scientific now, more coolly professional, more dismissive of the intangible.
Inbox has more color, more symbols, and more sections — and therein lies the problem.
" It's a call for "more law enforcement, more community engagement, and more effective policing.
"It's more complicated, but it's also a lot more honest and it's more interesting."
Much more ... posh isn't a word for communist Poland, but more educated, more cultured.
More potency meant more intoxication for individuals, which meant more negative effects among them.
Over time, the recipes grew more complex and connected to more and more services.
They require a little more sophistication, a little more glamour, a little more chic.
That happens more and more often as smartphones become sleeker, faster, and more capable.
Each film just makes me love what I do more and more and more.
Hurricanes intensify more rapidly; wildfires grow larger and more threatening; rainfall is more intense.
His smile is more sinister, his crow's feet more shadowy, his pores more gaping.
The wine-investment market is fast becoming more transparent, more diverse and more mainstream.
And it's gotten more and more complicated—more complicated than it used to be.
That means more people are online, conducting more searches, and looking at more ads.
Cotton wants more drones, more troops in Afghanistan and Syria and more military spending.
It's always our relentless desire for more –  that destroys more and more of us.
Noises became more abstract, more convoluted, experimental, fighting, shedding and ultimately... just more unapologetic.
All the while, I'm forced to listen to more insults, and more, and more.
"You have more new equipment to launch, there's more programming, more maintenance," he said.
Democrats, appalled by his victory, have grown more fearful, more vocal and more disgusted.
Customers who love the products and who uses it more and more and more.
Generations of heroic Americans have made America more inclusive, more expansive, and more just.
As a result, there are more guns, in more houses and more public places.
That means more clothes, more parties, more money, and less losers holding her back.
There's more to figure out with this platform, more to learn, more to create.
I wouldn't say I've become more liberal or more conservative; I'm just more pragmatic.
I hope to go to more events, text more invites, and trust myself more.
This symbolism is simple yet powerful — she's becoming more real, more tangible, more human.
More lenses in more places only makes it that much more appealing to advertisers.
They, like Raven, expect more and get more by being willing to gain more.
I will have to be much more conscious... much more careful, much more sensitive.
She was way more beautiful and way more talented, because she had more experience.
It's more dramatic, maybe even a little more pained; its movement is more sudden.
No more buffering, no more grainy photos, no more videos that simply are unwatchable.
It has become more and more difficult to translate more transistors into faster apps.
But they were willing to take more risks than us, more violent, more brutal.
The only sorcery effective against him is solidarity: more magic, more craft, more witches.
The answers were almost always tactical in nature:  more weaponry, more money, more training.
More money in elections means more data, more math and wider margins for error.
I need a little more — pour me a little more, a little more. Perfect.
On average, they're more interesting, more stylish and more entertaining than their domestic counterparts.
"And the more you do it, the more and more you learn," he added.
"Some states are more progressive, more understanding and more educated than others," she says.
Adopting a more hawkish tone moving more aggressively or moving more faster in 2018.
There could be no more isolationism, no more tired resignation -- no more 'America First.
They have more money, they have more resources and they have more brand equity.
More law enforcement, more community engagement, more effective policing is what our country needs.
As AI systems become more powerful, this dynamic will become more and more destabilizing.
And so they want to make more sales, more famous, more influential on Internet.
As time goes on, poachers are becoming more sophisticated, more dangerous and more ruthless.
"We are committing to learn more, to share more, and create more," Sadoun said.
Others in his friend group were more powerful, more intelligent, or just more thoughtful.
That means more voters, more young voters, and — crucially — more nonwhite voters, especially Latinos.
Our culture depends on us constantly wanting more, constantly buying more and doing more.
But more and more voters seem to think the country needs more radical change.
That means higher quality recruitment, more volunteers, more money, more attention, and higher turnout.
More players are beckoned over, more impromptu huddles are held, more ground is covered.
Ms. Rachvelishvili's last teacher built her technique but always wanted more, more, more voice.
They have more instructions to decipher, more tests to schedule, more decisions to ponder.
But it would help more extremely poor families, more seniors, and more disabled people.
"But now we've experienced more of life, it's more meaningful, more spiritual," she said.
That means more sugar and more alcohol, which, of course, translates to more pain.
"There are more momentum shifts and more exciting plays and more passion," Lawless said.
Better support for more languages means more users, and ultimately, more money for Google.
Coaches have access to more data, more analysis, more knowledge — and so do players.
Having more junior additions on the team could make more senior advisers more productive.
There is more money, more freedom and more attention to social rights, he said.
The more and more I push him for information, the more he gets upset.
The authors offer something more sobering, more analytical and, at this point, more revealing.
More symptoms, more impairment, can mean more complex regimens, combining different kinds of drugs.
" More agents, more expansive power, more of "what we now call 'stop and frisk.
What is their explanation for giving him more power, more salary, and more prestige?
Diners from the Instagram generation might want more crunch, more adventure or more spontaneity.
Her singing is more measured, her phrasing more deliberate, her emotional keen more even.
In those cases, "there&aposs definitely more tension, more conflict, more unease," Uzzi said.
Instead, they have found more losses, more injuries and more frustration on the field.
But reconstruction comes with its own challenges: more surgeries, more cost and more risk.
The more you don't play, the more they like you, the more they're impressed.
"I think it leads to more interaction, more cultural exchange, more empathy," he said.
Though the more controversial ideas will likely invite more criticism and, potentially, more failures.
Such an investment would mean a more equal, more just, and more prosperous society.
However, the event space is getting more and more crowded and also more niche.
In the years since, supercars have gotten more livable, more reliable and more comfortable.
Teachers should be armed with more social services, more counseling and more community support.
A: I would hope there will be more automation, more transparency, more people saving.
There's more and more households that make $100,000 or more, which is our business.
Just 1 more day I wanted okay 1 more year aw 1 more decade.
More people see family; more packages are delivered; more babies are lulled to sleep.
To put it simply, the PRC is bigger: More people, more land, more money.
It's more consistent, more thoughtful, and more confident in the scope of its story.
It's going to be more comfortable, more intimate, more special and less commercial-looking.
That acceptance of less paradoxically allows him to generate moremore work, more subject.
You guys have done more, we've done more, but there's still more to do.
"We have talked a lot about this over the years and our belief is that broadband and Wi-Fi become more and more ubiquitous, available in more and more places that you are, more and more minutes of the day," Sarandos told CNBC.
So, and when I say that, what I mean is that we invest in more drones, we invest in more bombs, we invest in more weapons, we invest in more ammunition, we invest in more guys to go out and kill more guys.
If outrage gets that more often, then we polarize people more often; more polarization means we're more isolated, living in our own chambers; when we're more isolated, we're more vulnerable to conspiracy-theory thinking, and so these things sort of self-reinforce.
But the reason CHIP's having trouble is because we don't have money anymore, and to just add more and more spending and more and more spending, and you can look at the rest of the bill for the more and more spending.
Historically the U.S. could dominate the global scene and check a rising power like China, and set the global rules, with just our sheer physical mass — more money, more troops, more naval ships, more top-10 companies, more scientists and more universities.
I took more tours with more brokers, climbed more stairs, poked into more closets, combed more listings, explored more neighborhoods I'd never heard of and, finally, I found a two-bedroom apartment on a block in brownstone Brooklyn across from a subway stop.
Big cities are becoming younger, more ethnically diverse, more educated and more socially liberal, while smaller towns are ageing, are less diverse, more nostalgic and more socially conservative, studies by political geographers show.
But on the basic question of whether more guns create more safety or more risk, the evidence seems clear: Most gun owners use firearms responsibly, but with more guns there are more tragedies.
She says a fentanyl high fades much more quickly than heroin's, which means she has to find more money to buy more drugs and inject more often, which exposes her to more risk.
Indeed as more consumers become accustomed to using more on more on-demand services, this is leading to a natural transition for Blacklane to pick up more services business, and in more regions.
Perhaps they were just better people than the current lot: more patriotic, more honest, more averse to hypocrisy, more committed to our republic and its institutions, more willing to put country over party.
Rotten Tomatoes described the merger as "a win" for Marvel fans since it'll give them more X-Men, more Fantastic Four, more Silver Surfer, more Doctor Doom, and more crossovers with these characters.
One thing that made the trustees squirm was Moses' insistence that the museum needed to be more democratic, more entertaining, more popular, more representative of the community, and more responsive to its needs.
It is seen more as a gestural technique, more mechanical, more fleeting, more frivolous, and not the result of inner struggle and emotional search.
We encouraged more minors to be trafficked, more deaths in the desert, more illegality, and yes, more strains on you, the American tax payer.
After deciding, "Oh yeah, this is good" she goes back for more of the sweet, fluffy stuff, and then more, and more, and more.
"Migration continues, only that now, it costs a lot more, it's more difficult, more dangerous, and there's more money for human traffickers," said Figueroa.
The more outrage they provoke the more money they can raise — and the more money they can raise the more outrage they can stoke.
Clothes should make you feel more empowered, more beautiful, more sophisticated, and more free — not sloppy, bland, weak, or (and, yes, this happens) racist.
They want moremore of your money, more of your data, more influence on your daily life, and the way you go about it.
Tebow and the Rumble Ponies hitting coach, Valentino Pascucci, say he needs more reps, more at-bats, more games, more time in the outfield.
But as the book continues, and it becomes more and more intense and more and more graphic, you do start to become desensitised somewhat.
"More action, more speed, more tough miles and more host venues, but a shorter race – it's an evolution in the right direction," Turner said.
So everyone said, not only did he have higher quotes, but he worked more days, more hours, more weeks, and it's more to do.
More taxes, more debt, more government and more leading from behind on the global stage will not deliver the turnaround our country desperately needs.
The study determined that the Air Force needs at least 6900 more tankers, 2628 more bombers, 28503 more fighters, and 22019 more refueling aircraft.
Scaling can mean hiring more employees, opening more locations, or taking on more inventory, which results in having more to manage and keep consistent.
The more-trusting people only seem more gullible because they're entering into more situations overall and, therefore, opening themselves up to way more pranks.
The more different tests you run—the more parameters you monitor, and the more often—the more likely you are to be caught out.
It's a matter of how we turn the work of all this into something more redeeming, more human, more us, and more like play.
Users now have more devices, shoot more 4K video and share those files with more family members, who in turn also have more devices.
While the possession is 24-211 today, Brazil has had more shots, more shots on target, more corners and, most crucially, one more goal.
The more people we have, the more love, the more sex, the more friendship and hugs and kisses, the safer we would all be.
Amid our enthusiasm for more efficient care settings, we should be cleareyed about the limitations: Sometimes less is more, but sometimes more is more.
The hatred toward her would have bloomed forth unchecked: more obstruction, more mudslinging, more investigations, more vile would have been in store for her.
It has made their arguments more simplistic and more emotional at a time when they ought to be growing more subtle and more complex.
In their eyes, achieving this requires building more engaged, productive, innovative, customer-centric and ultimately more productive, more profitable, and more socially aware organizations.
As people gain wealth, they consume moremore energy, more water and usually more meat, all of which intensify the pressures on the environment.
"That will lead to more cynicism, and less participation, and a downward spiral of more injustice and more anger and more despair," he said.
"More assets like machines let workers produce more, and when workers can produce more, businesses can afford to pay their workers more," he said.
" The evidence shows, he said, "the more you spank, the more aggressive behavior; the more aggressive behavior, the more you spank — there's a cycle.
I mean, as time passes since I was in college, I feel more and more feral, more and more back to my earlier roots.
The coming wave of robots will need to hear more, see more and feel more.
It is more than just a single market, more than money, more than the euro.
More forces in the country means more firepower, but also more scope to take losses.
Most importantly, more vehicles will lead to more infrastructure which will lead to more vehicles.
Would I have to hide this symbol of my latent desire for more, more, more?
A little more -- tighter appraisal, a little more conservative appraisals, a little more conservative income.
"She helped us feel more connected to each other, more hopeful, more human," they said.
Before I had kids, I worked more, but I learned that more work ≠ more success.
Within 50 years, the document declares, Africans will grow more, earn more and eat more.
To add more delay and more uncertainty will just push more species to the brink.
After all, there were more expensive, more artisanal, more white options just down the street.
But every second of delay makes the challenge more expensive, more difficult, and more dangerous.
As that dynamic has become more prevalent, more and more college conservatives have reacted strongly.
Slay The Spire tells us that more knowledge, more moves, more strategic options is power.
More smoke, more flames, more noise, but celebratory this time — jubilant, a hymn of praise.
The more you win, the more credits you get to buy more in-game gear.
And since then, I've gotten more comfortable, showed more confidence — I have more experience now.
Sachin is a lot more intuitive, a lot more creative and a lot more visionary.
And healthcare is even more difficult, because it's at once more complex and more personal.
I'm trying to be more present, more friendly, more aware of the world around me.
It gets smarter, faster, and more useful as third-parties add more and more skills.
They have more staff, they can have more tools, they can have more training, etc.
More characters to explore, more ways to play, and even more story to dig into.
In the end, it will lead only to more resentment, more turmoil and more terrorism.
But as those bugs affect more companies and more products, the dance becomes more complex.
That means more local shops and small businesses, more shared spaces, and more vibrant communities.
A better algorithm means more time spent, more ads from Snapchat and, thus, more revenue.
Snapchat tends to be more and more popular, and more importantly they understand their user.
Consequently, beach reads are more gripping, more powerful, and more fun than the average book.
On one hand, cars are coming with more and more sensors and more sophisticated ones.
A more robust single-player mode, more customization options, and more characters than ever before.
There are few, if any, more innovative, more daring, and more iconic health care executives.
"Streaming has made me more interesting, more quick witted, more outgoing and extroverted," MaverickRPDM says.
A hitherto hidebound place is turning into something more informal, more open and more varied.
I could get through more ideas, I could get through more songs, investigate more sounds.
I slowly branched out, started listening to more classical music, more metal, more ambient music.
They're giving themselves more in buy backs, more in pensions, more in dividends, as well.
In Return of the Jedi, she gets to be more feminine, more supportive, more affectionate.
What is more radical, more spectacular, and more "holy fuck yes"-inducing than that twist?
The result would be more tension, more volatility — and, in the long run, more Trumps.
I'm not sure why, exactly; it just felt more laid-back, more elegant, more ... French?
The magazine today is more premium, more global and on more platforms than ever before.
"What is more personal, more permanent, and more meaningful than a tattoo?" the site asks.
They are poised to make this world more peaceful, more prosperous, and more just. pic.twitter.
Expect more hordes of zombies, more bizarre combinations of weapons and more gore-soaked comedy.
Every January at CES, I witness Sony launching more devices, more things, and more promises.
What happens when you want more, more, more, but people want to take, take, take?
There's more in the pipeline: at least five more for next week and possibly more.
Just 1 more day I wanted okay 1 more year aw I more decade pic.twitter.
Once players have the basics down, the game steadily introduces more, and more, and more.
That could mean more shootings, more victims and more tragedies in America's safest big city.
I mean, really — I'm just more on my game, more present, and more clear-headed.
They want her to be more feminist, more independent, more strident than she already is.
"We definitely need to hire more people, rent more warehouses, buy more trucks," he said.
It makes the case more complicated, more open to question and more difficult to plead.
The hustle seems more insidious the more time passes, the interactions-as-transactions more freighted.
They will have staff, more offices, more money and a more influential voice than ever.
Maisel a more real, more tangible, more likable as a whole because its heroine isn't.
Hawk: More skateparks, more support for women in skating, and more countries getting into it.
Read more: Trump thinks more fuel-efficient cars would be more expensive and less good.
Overall, the aim is to inspire more people to play more badminton in more places.
We are one step closer to making America more competitive, more productive and more prosperous.
The more she meets people, the more they become engaged, the more they like her.
Children composing text by hand generate more words more quickly, and also express more ideas.
It's all upside: more jobs, more revenues, more wealth, higher wages, and lower energy prices.
Hurricanes are becoming more sluggish, allowing them to drop more rain and cause more flooding.
In recent years, the sport has seen more riders, more races and more racetracks built.
"It's faster, more aggressive, more athletic and more energetic," Colaco says of short-form cricket.
You aren't going to get more and more powerful, get a better weapon, more health.
Environments will become more expansive as plots become more riveting and characters become more vibrant.
And other climate disasters are likely grow bigger, more intense, more expensive, and more frequent.
At halftime, we challenged them to come out with more physicality, more energetic, more physical.
Today, there are many more targeting opportunities, and more diverse targeting can be more effective.
Walk more, stand up more often, maybe sleep a bit better and drink more water.
I've been in more relationships, I've just seen more things and I've dealt with more.
They spent more time on the task, attempted more questions and produced more correct answers.
Now, more than five years later, more and more people are investing in the city.
More processors crunching data from outer space means a more sensitive analysis of more signals.
Instead, we give it this simplistic view of more, more, more, and heavier, heavier, heavier.
"Therefore it creates more fear, more paranoia, and more hype," Bhargava said, according to AP.
"Marnie" is more streamlined and straightforward, its pacing more assured and its characters more focused.
Heroin is generally more potent, so it's more addictive and more likely to cause overdose.
Nikolai—more pragmatic, more logical, more Russian—struggles with my things-will-be-ok approach.
More Eddie, more crazy shit, more amazing Chinese food and wild adventures around the world?
And the democratic world, over time, has gotten more stable, more wealthy, and more tolerant.
"It will be more murder, more Volvos, more frowning Luther," Variety quoted Elba as saying.
You're telling the aviation industry to run more flights, build more jets, expand more airports.
We are far more engaged, far more politically informed (and, yes, far more misinformed, alas).
It may well make care more efficient, more accurate and — if properly deployed — more equitable.
There's also money — there's just more of it than ever, more dollars and more donors.
" Their conclusion: "Experiencing more anger triggered more optimistic beliefs; experiencing more fear triggered greater pessimism.
Now, more than 25 years later, they have not grown more alike, only more tolerant.
Your soul explodes in a rush of happiness and a longing for more, more, more.
I've got more fuckin' shorts, more sunglasses and more fuckin' trainers than fuckin' JD Sports.