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How to use less in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "less" and check conjugation/comparative form for "less". Mastering all the usages of "less" from sentence examples published by news publications.

To risk less, to hope less, to imagine less, to dare less, to create less, to try less, to talk less, to think less.
And yes, we work to have less and less and less and less.
"[I'm] less scheduled, less regulated, less hustle, less go go go," she explained.
GOP budgets would spend less on nutritional assistance, less on housing assistance, less on home heating assistance, less on Pell Grants, less on disability insurance, and generally speaking, less, less, less, less on everything the federal government does to try to support the living standards of the needy.
Managing immigration must not make Europe less free, less stable, less fair, less united.
They also became steadily less modular, less consumer friendly, less upgradable, less repairable, and, at times, less functional than earlier models.
As individuals, we can buy less, fly less, drive less, and eat less meat and dairy.
"Over time, market forces will make the password less and less interesting, less viable, and less effective."
We've wound up with a society that is less cooperative, less trusting, less effective and less lovely.
It also tasted less meaty, less savory, less juicy, and, overall, less tasty than the regular Whopper.
It's less broad, less balanced, and less about the fans.
Changes are less sudden, incidents less surprising, humans less attractive.
It would be less and less and less, not more.
We will have to fly less, drive less, Uber less.
Is it making us less happy, less free, less connected?
There's less home buying, less furniture buying, less economic activity.
And there is less spotlights, less excitement, less security around.
As we do so, the world is continuously becoming less resilient, less beautiful, less rich, and less sustainable.
He said he had learned to live with less electricity, less fuel, less clean water and less food.
The Republican replacement plans may cost consumers less, but they're also offering less: less coverage, less protection, and less assistance to those who need it most.
Brimelow cast the current wave of American immigrants in dismal terms: less skilled, less European, less assimilated, less law-abiding and less Republican than the previous newcomers.
Agreeable people also seem less interested in sex—they report less desire, less frequent sex, and less casual sex.
Less innocent victims...less rape...less corruption...less drugs and addicts... Finally, Philippines is going to the right direction.
Our elections are becoming less free, less fair, and less trustworthy.
They are less likable, Harvard says, less helpful, less courageous, less kind, not as widely respected, and least positive personalities.
After Ford and Taylor got through with them, most jobs needed less of everything—less brains, less muscle, less independence.
In 2009 the global recession meant that we were driving less, shipping less, doing less, and thus emitting less CO2.
Eat less food and you get less tryptophan and hence less serotonin.
The quality, the price — the price is less and less and less.
That world invariably will be less stable, less predictable and less secure.
It gives us less, we like it less, we trust it less.
Almost everywhere marriage is becoming less obligatory, less coercive and less dutiful.
Because that results in, ideally, less injuries, less hospital admissions, less deaths.
It feels less fun, less interesting, less weird than a decade ago.
These cuts would make us less safe, less influential, and less prosperous.
Residents said they were washing less, drinking less and relieving themselves less.
Residents said they were washing less, drinking less and relieving themselves less.
There were less contracts, less tours, less money, that sort of stuff.
But increasingly, as we looked at the landscape, that became less and less appealing and frankly, like, less and less realistic.
"They're shopping less, they're going on vacations less, they're splurging on gifts less, they're dining out a lot less," says Kinane.
"We saw that over time, their brains reacted less and less and less to lies, they were less sensitized," he says.
So much of life today conspires to make us less free, less alive, less happy, more self-conscious, less other-oriented.
Animals with injuries eat less, move less, and interact with their children less.
Less life expectancy, less money and less advice -- it's not an attractive prospect.
In most scenarios, poor children are likely to have less than wealthier children: less educational opportunity, less healthy food, less-safe neighbourhoods.
Beyond 95, though, the practical point of extending the table became less and less obvious as elements became less and less stable.
The possible advantages of a shortened fight camp are numerous—less exhaustion, less frustration, less obsession—and could arguably offset the disadvantages—less preparation, less malice, less obsession—and the outcomes of those two recent marquee fights could point the way toward a new, less life-consuming approach to fight preparation.
We will have to eat less red meat, drink less dairy, waste less food, and generally buy less crap that we don't need.
I was reading less because I was enjoying it less, which made reading even less enjoyable, which inclined me to read even less.
Built into the very structures of our thinking is the notion of women as less: less lustful, less competitive, less aggressive than men.
This male individual would be less close, less involved, but also less thoroughly vetted.
The good news: teens smoke less, are having less sex and drink less soda.
They also have the appeal of less downtime, less bruising and less aggressive results.
Less revenue means government can do less — and Ryan wants government to do less.
I become less effusive, less articulate, less extroverted when I'm uncomfortable with the temperature.
They appear hell-bent on making it less transparent, less responsive and less effective.
Her version, though, supplies less dill, less sauce and less satisfaction than some others.
Sanders is untainted by the system — he's less corrupted, less conflicted, and less disillusioned.
It's less spacious, less efficient, less safe, less refined and more expensive than crossovers like the Honda CR-V or even Jeep's own Cherokee.
Imagine: less congestion, less pollution, fewer accidents, less roads, and more time spent not driving.
I'm a little less — I think that's a little less credible, less possible, scenario now.
Not only do Chinese workers spend less, they make less, resulting in less purchasing power.
"Students are less and less engaged in class, hence they learn less," says De Rossi.
As time passes, policy debates in Washington become less authentic, less civil, and less focused.
I only shower every other day (unless I get super sweaty/stinky) to reduce some of my consumption...less water, less heat, less time spent, less doing my hair and makeup, less money, etc.
Moreover, compared with larger businesses, small companies are less productive, pay lower wages, export less, do less research and development, and provide less job security.
Those who stayed in their hometown tend to be less educated, less wealthy, and less hopeful.
If manufacturers produce less and people buy less, there's less of a need to move goods.
We all have more and more and more and value things less and less and less.
He has done more with lessless time, yes, but also less money and lower ratings.
They use fewer drugs, have less sex, fight less, and watch television less than previous generations.
The less water you use, the less grass grows, the less maintenance you have to cover.
Trading jobs are much different now — less risky, less glamorous and, most of all, less lucrative.
Less is more, less makeup, less fuss, and just more natural, which I kind of prefer.
I wanted to disperse into thin air ... I eventually spoke less, felt less, physically became less.
Voters are less tolerant, less empathetic and less interested in integrity than many political analysts thought.
But as doctors are paid less — and, therefore, work less — patients definitely would have less access.
"It is do less with less, no longer do more with less" said one MONUSCO official.
Heirs were viewed as less philanthropic, less transparent and less entrepreneurial, as well as less likely to be a force for good in business or society.
After 10 years... One-child mothers make about 10% less, two-child mothers 20% less, three-child mothers 30% less, and four-child mothers 40% less.
Smaller leaks don't just get less press: They get less regulatory oversight, less money for cleanup, and less scientific sampling to determine the spill's environmental effects.
"Trump defeated the most talented GOP field in a generation with less staff, less experience and less money in much less time," said Republican strategist Keith Appell.
"If over time, people have less access to guns, I believe very strongly that you will have less killing and less violence and less death," Dowling said.
The rigs which are still idle are mostly older, less powerful, less sophisticated and likely less productive.
We have far less saved, far less equity, far less stability, and far, far more student debt.
The not noticing seems like less of a hassle, less uncomfortable, and less dangerous for everyone involved.
Its website promises to help couples divorce in less time, for less money, with less conflict. Separate.
Less competition means less incentive for companies to be great to customers, who have less choice.  3.
An undercount means less representation, less federal funding for essential programs, and less protection of our rights.
But rolling into the new century, the giant started to lumber — less relevant, less flush, less gigantic.
Above all, the Vogtians say, we need less: less consumption, less stuff, fewer people, and so on.
That's about to start getting less and less true, but no one exactly knows how much less.
Kids who were exposed to less lead as children were less likely to get pregnant as teenagers, less likely to commit crimes, and less likely to use drugs.
"It's like there are less answers, less quick answers, less momentum, less dynamics in the situation than we had immediately after the ministerial meeting in Munich," he said.
As female bodies age, society views them as less and less desirable, less useful, less attractive; in fact, Schreiber says, people often stop looking at them at all.
It's not that big a mystery how to do it: Fly less, drive less, and eat less meat.
"Less is more, less makeup, less fuss, and just more natural, which I kind of prefer." she says.
Less Markle, less puns, less royal imagery inexplicably in the graphics, but still the same sassy one-liners.
The result will be less local coverage and less viewpoint diversity, which makes for a less-informed citizenry.
Get ready for less fights, but more competition; less crying, but more injuries; less screaming, but more cheering.
In a book that was less mindfully composed, this would be less obvious, or at least less grating.
It will be less wild, less cyberpunk, and less likely to involve the transmission of highly illegal content.
But at a certain point, you don't do more with less; you have to do less with less.
As conservatism has become a propagandistic, partisan movement it has become less vibrant, less creative and less effective.
The city will be less alive and less democratic, its politicians less accountable to the people they serve.
Teachers earn less than computer software engineers, home health aides less than janitors, secretaries less than construction workers.
But whether co-living renters are getting more for less or less for less depends on your perspective.
Lowest quintile: pays $10 less in federal taxes Second quintile: pays $50 less in federal taxes Middle quintile: pays $360 less in federal taxes Fourth quintile: pays $840 less in federal taxes Top quintile: pays $4,590 less in federal taxes Top 1 percent: pays $62,300 less in federal taxes Top .
Paradoxically, creating an environment in the name of security that makes foreigners less welcome and less likely to visit will make our country less prosperous and, eventually, less secure.
But what really offends liberals—particularly in London—is the thought that Britain is bound to become less tolerant, less international, less diverse and as a result less interesting.
" She added, "There is nothing simple about how to achieve an America with less rape, less sexual harassment, less sexual violence, and less hatred toward others and differences, generally.
" Use "less" when referring to items you can't (or haven't tried to) count, like "less time" or "less money.
Is there any less doubt that with Iran gaining nuclear weapons, that is a less and less remote possibility?
And my parents wanted me to see less, less, less, because I'd kept them awake for like a month.
By the same token, a less healthy workforce will work less and be less valuable in the labor market.
"The industry and experts agree that banning Huawei equipment would leave Britain less secure, less productive and less innovative."
It found that the Impossible Burger used 96% less land, 87% less water and 89% less greenhouse gas emissions.
Remarkably, hypocrites were rated as less trustworthy, less likable and less morally upright than those who openly lied: e.g.
Fewer accounts means less to monitor, less to worry about, and less to check up on during financial reviews.
In doing so, we betray our ideals and make America a less safe, less wealthy and less compassionate nation.
"We don't really believe this Administration is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction-riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept," Darroch wrote in one cable.
"We don't really believe this Administration is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept," Darroch wrote in one cable.
It's less flamboyant than the soon-to-shutter Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey, less warm than the soon-to-revive Big Apple Circus, less lavish than Cirque du Soleil, less disarmingly D.I.Y. than the nouveau cirque clan, less naughty than the cabaret crowd.
Removing the funding will mean less money for responses to outbreaks, less money to fight the opioid epidemic, less money to fight superbugs in hospitals, and less money for vaccination programs.
Research on the Impossible Burger has found that it generates 90% less greenhouse gas emissions and requires 46% less energy, 99% less water, and 93% less land use that beef burgers.
Rope-access inspections can be less expensive, less time-consuming and less likely to provoke the ire of co-op and condo boards because they are less obtrusive than other means.
If the world were to drastically limit food waste, farmers would need less land, less fuel, less water, and less fertilizer, all of which would translate to a smaller environmental footprint.
"Right now he's in a very minimalist phase, so for him it's always like less, less, less," Urbinati told PEOPLE.
They work less, earn less, and advance less compared to their male counterparts, research over the past decade has shown.
Less drug-taking also indicates less willingness to engage in risky behaviour, argues Mr Bateman, which might mean less lawbreaking.
They reinforce the narrative that fat women are less desirable, less important, and less worthy of our respect and admiration.
" Rory, 51, added, "I don't feel one ounce less married or less committed to Joey or less with her, even.
Why not one about a feminist more virtuous than this, more "representative": younger, older, less white, less educated, less rich?
However, in recent years their sway has gradually ebbed as strikes have become less frequent, less disruptive and less successful.
So why use adjectives suggesting that employees are less available, less capable or less real — in fact, just plain lesser?
In "Miss Jane," Watson's design is less elaborate and his intentions less gothic and more naturalistic, but no less ambitious.
This will make Medicare less quality-driven, less cost-efficient, and less sustainable while doing harm to millions of beneficiaries.
For the general public, fewer judges means a justice system that is less efficient, less transparent, and even less trustworthy.
They generally weighed less than men and were shorter, so they would need less oxygen and less food and water.
New York has become a less just, less thrilling, less original place for Moss and many, many people like him.
Before Midnight may be far less starry-eyed than its predecessors, but it's no less honest, and no less beautiful.
The duffel is said to use 45% less energy, 20% less water, and 30% less carbon dioxide than similar bags.
Well, it's less about human nature and more about this neoliberal idea that markets should be less and less regulated.
Spalding's voice has more grit and less warble, more breath and less trill, her band more snap and less drift.
"As conservatism has become a propagandistic, partisan movement it has become less vibrant, less creative and less effective," Brooks writes.
Other participants are less famous — but no less consequential.
Of Gen X respondents, half think they earn less than their peers — 29% think they earn less and have less debt, while around 21% think they earn less and have more debt.
If more rigs are added, they are likely to be older, less powerful and less efficient, and will be drilling less productive and riskier wells in areas that are less well known.
I'm not sober or anything...But on that trip, I took my supply and just took less and less and less and less, so I was down to crumbs by the end.
If we want less child poverty, less environmental degradation, less financial risk, less concentrated wealth, and so on, surely we could distribute, tax, and regulate in the interest of achieving those goals.
"Cardio is more digestible, it's less intimidating, but people also get less and less out of it over time," she says.
Success is spending less on welfare, less on food stamps, and less on Medicaid because fewer people will need those services.
The more water is sprayed on you and poo is shoved in your face, you act less and less and less.
There's an uneasy sense that because she is less famous, her pain and her trauma are less interesting and less valuable.
They're less likely to start a family, they're less likely to own a home, they're less likely to start a business.
Less than 25 percent of the workforce is female and, what, less than 5 percent at the top level ... Probably less.
We as a society, with our inability to accept differing opinions, have also become less stable, less effective, and less predictable.
It is less artistic than "Behemoth" and less emotional than "Hooligan Sparrow", but it no less threatening to the Communist Party.
But even a fact that fails to affect anything or anyone is no less factual, no less interesting, no less important.
Bug farming takes up less land, requires less food and does less damage to the environment than meat or fish farming.
Without the NEA there will be less creativity, less imagination and less freedom of expression and that hurts all of us.
Managers often regard women who are visibly pregnant as less committed, less dependable, less authoritative and more irrational than other women.
She is a little muted, a little dead-eyed, yes, but she is also less aggressive, less condescending, less startlingly terrible.
The new sandwich had just two measly pickle slices that were less green, less thick, and less crunchy than its predecessors.
That's 10 percentage points less than in France, eight less than in Belgium or Denmark, and six less than in Portugal.
They are less likely to drop out of high school, less likely to have sex, and less likely to become pregnant.
The design language gave off a sense of "less is more," but what it really proved was that less was less.
Because she is less lewd than the role calls for, and thus less funny, our complicity in Dido's fate stings less.
They could enable growers to use less water, less fuel, and fewer pesticides, as well as producing less waste, says Tanwar.
The northern border has substantially more train crossings (three to one), substantially less bus crossings (approximately 2900 percent less), less personal vehicle crossings (approximately 220006 percent less) and dramatically less pedestrian crossings (the northern border has 2202,2628, while the southern border has 28500 million).
Households making less than $21,2000 per year would pay $22016; those making less than $103,210 would pay $22000; those making less than $25,000 would pay $98; those making less than $75,000 would pay $164; those making less than $100,20003 would pay $270; those making less than $200,000 would pay $485; and those making more than $200,000 would pay $1,000.
Every few years, a new book is published reminding us that true contentment — or happiness, as we insist on calling it — is achievable only by doing less: less working, less texting, less consumption.
But after several months of harsh criticism and bad press, those daily on-camera briefings are becoming less and less frequent—a break from decades-long presidential protocol—and less and less substantive.
Harvard's lawyers will soon tell the highest court in the land that Casey Pedrick's Asian students are less respected because they are less likable, less courageous, and less kind than all other applicants.
"We don't really believe this Administration is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept," Darroch wrote in one, according to the newspaper.
They spend less on research and development for the next great products and services, less on capital spending to improve manufacturing efficiency, less on employee training, and less on environmental and community stewardship.
Or something less elaborate, and less tested in the courts?
We still talked, but less frequently and less about me.
There's also the smaller, less expensive (and less attractive) Halmstad.
Less capital from SoftBank means less cushioning in a downturn.
Less OPEC and Russian production equals less need for tankers.
"There will be less and less players in this field."
With less coverage, there was very likely less political pressure.
You get less and less every year for the points.
This is less and less true with every passing year.
Or less voices and less agency for the common person?
It's looking less and less likely with each passing episode.
More than twenty, less than… [pauses] less than a hundred.
You got oversupply, you got less demand, and less money.
Is it because they're any less compelling or less popular?
Making real estate less painful, faster and with less friction.
Noah remembers more than he should, Anderson less and less.
The less homogeneous TV is, the less boring it is.
Over time these systems require less and less human intervention.
Sadly, it's also something that's been happening less and less.
We're seeing less and less of that, by the way.
The less threatening the opponent, the less impressive the Emperor.
" This leaves less and less energy "available for net growth.
There's ample evidence of truth becoming less and less relevant.
Those who spend less say they have less personalized attention.
If she got less front page promotion, again, less streams.
Nurses earn less than police officers; cleaners less than caretakers.
Less retail space and less overstock means lower price points.
Or a smidge less than a smidge less than great?
"The fish are less, they are definitely less," he says.
However, they did go on the platform less and less.
The result is less choice, higher prices, and less innovation.
Silicon Valley still actually makes things, but less and less.
In other words, they save less because they have less.
Or are you overall less functional, and actually less happy?
It's taking Instagram less and less time to copy Snapchat.
"You can only do less with less," replied one Congresswoman.
And she feels less pressure and I feel less pressure.
I look a little less pink and maybe less healthy.
However, that number is increasingly becoming less and less credible.
And after that, I became less and less emotionally present.
People who experience depression aren't less holy or less saved.
The less we spend, the less we have to work.
Many of these locales are less expensive and less crowded.
But by Thursday morning, that seemed less and less likely.
Less notable but no less threatening examples may go unreported.
This means less innovation, less development, and a smaller economy.
You want to work less, usually you get paid less.
But slowly, Gulshan started to show up less and less.
Groceries don't cost us less, rent doesn't cost us less.
Tax software with less name recognition will cost you less.
They want America to be less prosperous and less free.
They go out less frequently and make much less money.
Mainstream artists write less and less of their own songs.
Yet they give a music critic less and less return.
For instance, there's less and less scope for free thinking.
Hence, the deterrence becomes less and less reliable and ephemeral.
And I think it's less and less relevant right now.
Less inflammation occurs in the brain, and so less destructon.
And shocker: the less you spend, the less we earn.
More difficult, more painful, less joyful, less full of love.
And ridership is becoming less and less relevant each year.
They might be less visible, but they're no less crucial.
You identify less and less with emotions and with thoughts.
But this deal makes less and less sense for consumers.
Vision becomes less sharp, with less contrast and depth perception.
Less and less of that goes to actual transit operations.
And that's probably why I'll be working less and less.
"I think that happens less and less now," she said.
So when clients spend less, agencies make less, Shackelford said.
But in adulthood, we reach for them less and less.
Honestly, the speech could be less free and less discursive.
These days, there's less and less money to do so.
Yes, modern medicine makes pandemics less likely and less deadly.
You're watching it less and less on the television sets.
Women are worth less and their contributions are worth less.
They may be less expensive, but they're less trained too.
"Teachers give less attention to less attractive children," Rhode said.
"Less coal will mean a less polluted world," he said.
There's less cooperation, less synchronization, between activists and the mainstream.
Its powertrain is less sophisticated, its gas mileage less impressive.
Voters are less and less enthusiastic about their own party.
If they seem less likely, we give them less weight.
Neighborhoods feel less cohesive and less familiar, Mr. Ma said.
That means less manufacturing and less purchasing of raw materials.
They take the promises of politicians less and less seriously.
Unfortunately, other states have been less active and less effective.
And less air in means less gas to come out.
"Her time is getting less and less anyway," he said.
"Less and less is it just an afterthought," Safoian said.
But there's less and less of a need for it.
It is getting less and less popular by the day.
You see less education among women, less hedonism and individualism.
Which is a less inspiring -- if no less American -- story.
Because less sugar is inside, less goes to the stomach.
Mr. Leedom continued on, going out less and less frequently.
Wilbur writes: A ball will bounce; but less and less.
Those become less and less frequent as time goes on.
The less women could carry, the less freedom they had.
But compared to whites who don't have any college education, college educated blacks still have less income, less mobility, and less wealth.
That's $203 less than a Galaxy S9, $270 less than a Pixel 2 XL, and $420 less than a Galaxy Note 8.
But it's also solar, organic farming and composting, wind turbines, less meat consumption, having less children, driving less cars, and riding bikes.
Sports clothing advertised for girls is consistently less durable, less waterproof and less accommodating of movement than the equivalent for young boys.
Not only does SeeChange allow them to collect and distribute more data, ubiquitous cameras means less crime, less danger, less shady business.
A pinot noir, for example — less tannic, and less physically dark than a soulful cabernet — is also likely to be less staining.
I have actually done a lot less of them lately, partly for that reason, because you just get less and less access.
While women on average are paid 20% less than men, African-American women are paid 37% less and Hispanic women 46% less.
But, in what is perhaps a less-than-shocking revelation, the guys on the show tend to do less — a lot less.
We're producing more food than ever before, with each bushel of grain requiring less land, less water, and less fertilizer each year.
They are less interested in politics and the news, less partisan, and less likely to hold opinions on issues dominating campaign discussions.
Less code means less surface area to maintain, and also means less surface area for new engineers to grasp during ramp-up.
I'm less worried about the U.S. loss of trade than our loss of influence: we're a less and less credible negotiating partner.
K., you'll sell less fish and chips, but I'll sell less prosecco to one country and you'll sell less to 27 countries.
What's undeniable is that the past six months have made stocks less expensive and less beloved — which should make them less risky.
Buddhist women received 91 years less education than men, Christian women received 0.4 years less, and unaffiliated women received 0.8 years less.
The tape is now just a bit less extended and seems less invulnerable — that is to say, less abnormally strong and calm.
The less energy a light bulb uses, the less energy a household demands, and the less energy the United States uses overall.
According to the report's findings, women earn 37% less than men at Bonhams, 25% less at Christie's, and 22% less at Sotheby's.
With these planned menu changes, McDonald's announced that on average Happy Meal orders will contain 20 percent less calories, 50 percent less added sugars, 13 percent less saturated fat and/or 17 percent less sodium.
"We don't really believe this administration is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept," Darroch reportedly wrote to senior British politicians in one memo.
" In another, Darroch reportedly wrote to senior politicians in Britain, "We don't really believe this administration is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept.
They encourage the development of innovative services that rely on less data and are less vulnerable to data breach, less likely to extend monopoly controls to adjoining markets, and less likely to undermine democratic institutions.
And within that serenity there's a glimpse of an art world that is less frenetic, less star-struck, less bombastic and money-driven.
Plant-based meats really do emit much less CO2 and other greenhouse gases than meat does, use less water, and use less land.
It leaves the door open, signaling that it is still okay to value women less, pay them less, and give them less representation.
Women on average are paid 20% less than men in the U.S., black women 37% less and Hispanic women 46% less, says Sandberg.
Overall, however, there is a sense that Malkmus has mellowed with age, that he's less aloof, less disdainful—in a word, less cool.
Employees of private prisons receive less pay, less training, and less frequent salary advancements on average than their counterparts in publicly-run facilities.
"People are travelling less, less often and less far to go to shops," said Chief Executive Guy Hayward in a presentation to analysts.
Younger people, people with less education, and those making less money tended to be less trustful of the government and of each other.
But they weren't less responsible, less talented or less hard-working than their parents or grandparents who had thrived in the postwar era.
I am less inclined to splurge on the hybrid Wagyu raised in Idaho, with its broader, less graceful flavor and noticeably less marbling.
Although less plant life means less photosynthesis (and therefore less CO2 being converted to oxygen) in the short term, vegetation eventually grows back.
For Migos, the opener — with less of the stage to work with, and less time on it — this was less of a problem.
"On balance, it's very likely we will have modestly less growth, less trade and less job creation than the underlying NAFTA," he said.
EMarketer forecasting analyst Oscar Orozco says teens and tweens, seem less engaged on Facebook, logging in less frequently and spending less time there.
I've been eating out less, traveling less, shopping less, reducing my normal beauty costs (cutting out things like manicures and waxes) and more.
Less money for them means less money to pump into programming.
Those guys still matter, although they will matter less and less.
And now I feel less and less like I need that.
Here's the good news: I hear these things less and less.
It became less and less clear, however, what we were for.
This is less violence and has less to do with whaling.
They probably have less to lose and less infrastructure in general.
"In Europe, navigation is becoming less and less safe," Shaw said.
In other words, less and less poop indicates a shrinking population.
It's less structurally secure than his prior work, less thematically consistent.
You weigh less and take up less space in my bag.
As autonomy increases, robots feel less and less like simple tools.
Income taxes cause people to work less or exert less effort.
This often leads to less invasive, less intensive treatments, they say.
If you're less of a presence you're less of a threat.
This has made my girlfriend less ornery and me less defensive.
Unused for agriculture or industry, they "become less and less real".
They made us feel less and less wanted in that gym.
IT IS LESS ubiquitous than Airbnb and less hubristic than Uber.
There is less and less available for more and more people.
People with less conscientiousness are more laid back and less reliable.
I do it less and less as the years go on.
But these days, there's less demand and less cash for influencers.
The less drama you cause, the less screen time you get.
Instead, they become less personalized and, the thinking goes, less creepy.
Germany could do less to help itself, and Lithuania less still.
The feeling of needing to prove myself is less and less.
More academic, less personality-driven issues end up getting read less.
It was less than four years, not less than three years.
These actions make coverage less available and less affordable for consumers.
However, they've had significantly less money to invest and less competition.
They use less unnecessary care, and they use less necessary care.
The less pulling, the less breakage, and the healthier the hair.
The current administration is making us less prosperous and less secure.
He claims that schools make kids less intelligent and less creative.
"There are less and less people eating out," Rojas told CNN.
The less visuals they offer, the less impact something can have.
An increase in supplies could mean there's less demand, less consumption.
Now, there are less and less people that are doing that.
If women are paid less, that means families are earning less.
It became more cookie-cutter and less and less about individuality.
Discrimination leaves people feeling less worthy, and often less than human.
Hit "Show Less" to take up less space on the screen.
The less they make, the less they are required to pay.
She found herself with less and less in common with those
His analysis is less technical than Mitchell's but no less proficient.
This makes us less confident, and our memory becomes less effective.
When people earn less they will have less money to spend.
America is less feared; less admired; and respected than ever before.
But really it just had less sunlight or less-good soil.
And stronger, more resistant bacteria means less and less effective antibiotics.
It takes less time and less effort than most people realize.
The government controlled less and less of the country every day.
As the plutonium diminishes, the spacecraft receive less and less energy.
The animals had less vegetation to eat and less forest cover.
No administration has used this authority less or to less effect.
But the Warriors are much less, and less exciting, without him.
Sleep-deprived people were rated as less healthy and less attractive.
The public has benefited from buying less electricity and polluting less.
As she does so, Kendrick's character becomes less and less coherent.
Less driving means less money spent on gas and fixing vehicles.
Why not someone less senior and more expert, therefore less risky?
The reason less-invasive surgery is less safe remains a mystery.
Get to more and more households in less and less time.
The less oil on your face, the less acne you'll see.
Part of the reason is that I'm less anxious, less solipsistic.
Would I be less pent up, less frustrated, and ultimately, happier?
If conventional plants are emitting less, then displacing them avoids less.
But as it progressed along, it was less and less doubt.
The less one makes, the less of a benefit one receives.
It's less linear than "Appointments," but no less affecting for it.
But as we watched, that need felt less and less urgent.
The concerto is less overtly theatrical, though hardly less inventive musically.
It most likely will be less tannic, lighter and less concentrated.
When it becomes about numbers, the intent matters less and less.
Sadly, with the incoming administration, that seems less and less likely.
But in recent years, recruitment has become less and less local.
It's a less interesting way to move the requires less thinking.
But each year, the mayor has shown up less and less.
It would be a world with less traffic and less pollution.
A less-famous dish, but no less praiseworthy, is the panade.
That's going to be less and less true in the future.
They will sell less and have less money to buy with.
Their lives, I know, will inevitably include me less and less.
He said coming here would be less disruptive and less expensive.
It's less hissy and a little less echoey to my ears.
ClassPass is paying less and less, while studio overhead goes up.
"You have less energy, less ability to be nervous," Larson replied.
But it also makes Apple seem less special and less innovative.
Plans with fewer benefits will cost less because they offer less.
She would take up less and less room from now on.
Other long-lasting effects are less tangible but no less real.
"Less and less people are willing to train," Mr. Guerrera said.
"There is less and less need for intermediate players," he said.
Without them, fishermen would catch far less, and make less money.
Chileans are much less poor and their incomes are less unequal.
That means fewer lawyers, fewer accountants, less paperwork, less hoop-jumping.
Each deployment, my father came back less and less like himself.
Those clients have been trading less, representing less revenue to Goldman.
Not just less popular than his predecessors but much less popular.
People were having less and less storage space on their devices.
His productive days seem behind him; he writes less and less.
This could potentially make public spaces less public and less equitable.
But the churchgoers and nonchurchgoers differ more in social capital: The irreligious are less likely to have college degrees, less likely to be married and more likely to be divorced; they're also less civically engaged, less satisfied with their neighborhoods and communities, and less trusting and optimistic in general.
Sure, over time, the battery in The Hump will do the exact same thing as the battery in the phone and eventually accept less and less of a charge, lasting less and less of the day.
" Capuano said some players did not want to change routines, but he added, in reference to the optional morning skates, "There have been less and less and less and less who have gone on — for sure.
"We don't really believe this Administration is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept," Darroch wrote at one point, according to the British news outlet.
Appearing well-groomed and well-dressed countered the idea that black people were less capable, less attractive, or even less moral than white people.
Now that people use Facebook less and less, adding birthday information to your contacts could be a way to rely even less on Facebook.
We're warned that we'll make less money, get less respect, that we'll earn less of everything by doing the same — if not more — work.
When women have children, they're penalized: They're considered less competent, they're less likely to be hired for a new job and they're paid less.
Acting up against Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, Slater still manages to enchant as the less pale, lace-less, wig-less reporter Daniel Malloy.
More open domestic markets, fewer hidden subsidies and less dumping, less industrial espionage and less aggression in the South China Sea would all help.
But EU regulators have argued that dark venues tend to make markets less efficient and less transparent, particularly affecting smaller or less sophisticated investors.
With less snow in the mountains, there's less water flowing into Lake Powell, which in turn is delivering less water downstream to Lake Mead.
As we are seeing less and less of our culture in our neighborhoods in the spaces that are forming, we see less of ourselves.
The operative words for State are fewer and less: fewer diplomats, less development aid, and less support for international organizations like the United Nations.
And if we are to build a safer, less violent, less criminal, less incarcerated America, we need to be looking at the root causes.
"We can't go on when the administration and Republicans ask for more, and more, and more for less, and less, and less," said Sen.
Instagrammers who post selfies may be judged as more insecure, less successful, less likeable, and less open to new experiences, a new study suggests.
It is expected to use 15 percent less energy than the previous building and 30 percent less water, and generate 20 percent less wastewater.
One key facet of the Vortex design is that it uses less material than conventional turbines, meaning less maintenance as well as less noise.
He is no less sharp, no less lively, no less fluent: "always in motion," as his one time Spain teammate, Javi Martinez, once said.
She received less than 5 percent of the vote in Paris, less than 6.43 percent in Bordeaux and less than 9 percent in Lyon.
"On balance, it's very likely that we will have moderately less growth, less trade, and less job creation than the underlying NAFTA," Toomey said.
As a consequence, the plants both do less to cool their immediate environment (because less water evaporates) and also make the atmosphere less moist.
It's a pretty deep question on some level: Would we rather have people who know less, are less engaged, and are also less upset?
If ill-gotten intellectual property gets less News Feed distribution, it will receive less referral traffic, earn less ad revenue and there'll be less incentive for crooks to steal articles, photos and videos in the first place.
The study found that from cradle to distribution, the Beyond Burger generates 90% less greenhouse gas emissions and requires 46% less energy, 99% less water and 93% less land compared to a quarter pound of U.S. beef.
Writing about the travel ban feels less raw, and oddly less urgent.
Less risk means less return, but all cash would mean no opportunity.
Those kinds of jobs—and those budgets—exist less and less today.
"The older varieties are less sweet, less like chewing gum," Boon says.
They are generally less expensive than ACA plans, because they cover less.
In that regard, conservatives' ideal legislation is looking less and less likely.
Needless to say, less cash consumption equals less dilution for the founders.
Ari Weinzweig: I'm less and less lapsed as the years go by.
It'll take up less space on phones and use much less data.
We're talking four-bedroom houses for less than $100,253 — sometimes significantly less.
It's one of the reasons the food is becoming less and less.
For example, I get less and less afraid to be a singer.
Like other scientists, forensic researchers also are using less and less DNA.
It remains a poorer, less productive and less innovative economy than America's.
Less taxation, fewer operating constraints and less legal vulnerability are all attractive.
That might just lead to a less liberal, less vocal AI community.
I thought of him less and less and then hardly at all.
As well as being less diverse, they are less keen on diversity.
That still counts for something—but less and less each passing day.
Just simply because they take less space and they are less expensive.
Less inflammation means less skin damage, so in effect preventing skin aging.
Less myoglobin means less iron, poorer nutritional content and a weaker flavor.
There's less of a trail to follow and [authorities] are less suspicious.
They would also be less specialised, and hence less productive, at work.
Now you might learn more about less instead of less about more.
So, now the Saudis have got less market share and less price.
Eat less salt Eat less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day.
But some tech never dies; it just gets less and less secure.
Stars mean less and less relative to a good story these days.
Half-siblings' IQs are even less similar than that; cousins, still less.
The side eye muscles are less engaged, and jaws are less visible.
Low water levels have meant less and less cargo can be transported.
And, they are also spending less and less time disconnected from work.
Specifically, they were less happy and reported feeling less calm and peaceful.
But that does not make me less human, less deserving of respect.
She was doing less than 10K, she had less than 500,000 followers.
During weekday visits, the visiting room was less crowded and less noisy.
As the night drifts on, the performers are seen less and less.
This, says Gabriel Magalhães, one of Curto's founders, is less and less.
Meanwhile, a hard Brexit is looking less and less likely, Beck said.
But "Back to Life" is less worldly and a lot less sexy.
That commitment will bankrupt us while making us less and less secure.
When you buy Chinese for now, you pay less, you get less.
According to players, a bigger ball produces less speed and less spin.
"Over the years, ads have become less and less obvious," Fried said.
Statutes are more and more prescriptive—while yielding less and less accountability.
How can we make the court less important—that is, less powerful?
The less self-worth you have, the less net worth you have.
His thoughtful explanation made the soil less hard, the brambles less thick.
First, youth culture has become less violent, less promiscuous and more responsible.
At worst, this might mean a less desirable — or less lucrative — job.
What is talked about less and less, unfortunately, is the accountability component.
As time goes on, the physical world becomes less and less relevant.
They are less alert and less active at this time of year.
It's less and less common but maybe things are coming back around.
As time goes by, that makes less and less sense to me.
Some light flirting did happen, but it seemed less codified, less bold.
Indeed, polling shows that over time, voters like them less and less.
Pay less attention to statements, pay less attention to things people say.
"The cookie-cutter approach is less and less effective," Ms. Goodson said.
Their central banks are less independent, making them less capable of intervening.
In women's wear, nerdery is less appreciated and, accordingly, less in evidence.
Whatever the cause, however, abortion is becoming less necessary and less desirable.
But the threat posed by AI is less lurid and less clear.
It's essentially pasta alla carbonara minus the egg: less gooeyness, less guilt.
Less waste and less expensive means of disposal help keep costs down.
"I earn less and less every day," he said at the time.
It's because as I age, I feel less and less like myself.
But Nous has less whimsy than Colette had, and less fashion, too.
More and more Hong Kongers seem to feel less and less Chinese.
Germany looks less and less like the country boomers remember, or imagine.
They purchased less so far this year, but they also sold less.
Less obvious but no less important is the loss of people's health.
Other less dramatic – and less expensive – reforms might achieve the same result.
Employers shunted them off into less attractive jobs and paid them less.
The scale is smaller but no less dramatic and no less tragic.
Executives spoke less and less about non-gaming features of the console.
Families making less also spend less, which impacts our consumer-driven economy.
Whatever the risks, this is one less excuse to ride helmet-less.
Yet we're less and less prepared to take advantage of that opportunity.
Decisions at this level of refinement become ever less scientific, less medical.
My budget is less than $2000; less than $19503 is even better.
Less and less do we expect Olympian detachment on the Supreme Court.
It generates stress and makes us all less healthy and less happy.
Meanwhile, the increasingly tribal internet had less and less to unite us.
That's 45.5% less than white men, and 31% less than white women.
But the country is going to become less white and less Christian.
"People are filling up less, so we generate less revenue," he said.
Fewer airlines mean less competition, and less competition typically means higher airfares.
Impromptu sessions make for less probing questions -- and, therefore, less revealing answers.
"Fetch" uses less battery power because it pings the server less frequently.
Lack of sleep leads to less clarity and less refined motor skills.
However, flat funding leaves them with less and less as decades pass.
But he ate less and less, and days later he was dead.
Over time, I seem to have done less and less of that.
That's less money for the children in school, less money for learning.
The poll defined "less affluent" as earning less than $50,000 per year.
Because it's making less and less sense to be an early employee.
By treating them with respect, you have less problems and less fights.
It also makes eBay less dependent on PayPal, which will still be an option for users — just a less and less prominent one over time.
The federal government can't come in and say, Arizona, you use this much less, California, you gotta use this much less, Nevada, that much less.
In other words, we bought it for a shade less or maybe a lot less, but at least a shade less than it's actually worth.
All the intelligent parts of human production go with the strategy of dematerialization — less and less and less materiality, more and more and more intelligence.
So it's not just that the company is less profitable, but that it's less profitable because Sonos is selling more of its less profitable services.
Iran today is less pious than the mullahs would like, less prosperous than it should be and less engaged with the world than most countries.
Less weight means less struggle for transfers, or for friends who need to lift her and her wheelchair up steps to someone's ramp-less home.
We heard from people that they wanted more friends and family, less video, less public content, less news, so those signals got taken into account.
Well-educated people are less likely to smoke, well-educated people are less likely to drink, well-educated people are less likely to commit crimes.
Not only is it much less affordable these days, it's also less diverse and less interesting to those who aren't totally focused on technology startups.
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A European Union without Britain would be financially poorer, less economically liberal and free-trading, less Atlanticist and less open to further enlargement.
"An intolerant America is a less productive, less innovative, and less competitive America," it concluded, reflecting both facets of the ideology I have detailed above.
Without their free use of the taxpayers' credit card, they would have been much smaller, much less leveraged, much less profitable, and much less risky.
Spending less was a game-changer for Cait Flanders, who wrote her book "The Year of Less" about living with less consumerism and fewer things.
But progress is drastically uneven, suggesting that the future for gay plays may look more intersectional: less white, less male, less wealthy — and more transgender.
According to CNN, the new box uses 60% less plastic than shipping a bottle of detergent and will cost the company less overall to ship because it weighs less and takes up less space in a delivery truck.
"We don't really believe this Administration is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept," Darroch wrote in one particularly damning cable, according to The Mail on Sunday.
Putnam found that students from less-educated homes are less knowledgeable about and interested in politics, less likely to trust government and less likely to vote, and often uninterested in civic engagement, unlike their counterparts from college-educated homes.
To qualify, single household riders must make less than $193,760 per year, two-person households must make less than $17,240, three-person households must make less than $21,720, four-person households must make less than $26,200, and so on.
Impossible Foods reports that its manufacturing process causes significantly less damage to the environment than beef production, requiring 87% less water, 96% less land and 80% less herbicide, as well as releasing 89% fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
She is less of a conviction politician, less politically daring, less consistent in her record, and more beholden to interests that benefit from the status quo.
She's All That was lighter, less angsty than 1994's Reality Bites, less ditz-ily charming than 1995's Clueless, and less cool than Empire Records.
It's a pretty fair approximation of Monte Bello, though generally less concentrated, with less pronounced minerality, and far less expensive, around $50 to Monte Bello's $175.
Conversations with minority chairs in less-urban North Carolina and Michigan suggest that Democrats are missing the mark in less-white, less-urban counties as well.
"All these improvements have happened with less people, less sites and less money," Mene Pangalos, who leads AstraZeneca's Innovative Medicines and Early Development unit, told Reuters.
Specifically, on average, food grown at CO2 levels expected by 2050 will contain 2023 percent less protein, 6 percent less iron, and 7 percent less zinc.
Once-a-week attendees were 26 percent less likely to die, and those attending less than once a week were 23 percent less likely to die.
Published this week, the study argues that getting less sleep makes us less prosocial — less inclined to vote, to donate money to charity, to sign petitions.
Homes are spending less and less time on the market, meaning buyers have less time to secure financing, especially if they need more than they expected.
Cars will continue to look more or less like they do today, but over time you'll have to grab the steering wheel less and less frequently.
The last thing that I said to the orchestra [at rehearsal] is that I don't like to be asking them for less and less and less.
Or, at least, you can behave more like a C.E.O. is expected to behave: more rationally, more wisely, more reflectively; less emotionally, less rashly, less reactively.
Given less and poorer-quality grass, the cows made less milk, and that milk's fat content also declined, making less raw material available for butter making.
Independents tend to be less connected to politics in general, paying less attention to news about public affairs and expressing less interest in politics than partisans.
When considering the lifestyle changes we can make to help the climate, we typically think about things like flying less, driving less, and eating less meat.
It goes with our bookshelf-less future courtesy of Amazon, and giant-fridge-less future courtesy of Blue Apron, and CD-less future courtesy of Spotify.
The result is a home that is intentionally less modern, less open and less "perfect," Mr. Mailaender said, than what many designers are doing these days.
"It's a new trend: we'll need less sour soon, so we buy less Urals and pay less for it," a source at a trading company said.
On the whole, thanks to the advance of capitalism, we live in a world with less abject poverty, less disease, less oppression and greater material prosperity.
This series is defined as real GDP less inventories, less net exports, less government spending and is the best proxy for underlying non-public aggregate demand.
It may also compromise a patient's well-being: Ambivalent providers may visit less often, educate patients less avidly and spend less time devising the best treatments.
Yet we're having less sex than them, which might have more to do with the fact we're settling with just one person happens less and less.
The era that we often hold up as the golden age of American democracy was far less democratic, far less liberal, far less decent, than today.
Many experts and environmentalists agree that eating less meat would help the planet because it would mean less meat production and therefore less emissions and pollution.
Less visible, though no less important, has been the modernisation of government services.
What that means on short flights: you run the generator less and less.
Those of India and Indonesia fell less sharply and bottomed out less quickly.
Having dedicated navigational buttons is only going to become less and less feasible.
"They have less time to train and less time to rest," said Kuo.
As for social media, her posts have been less frequent – and less controversial.
But as the 20th century went on, kids became less and less enthralled.
Hopefully I'll get less and less introverted and nervous as time goes on.
The GOP faction of Congress is also looking less and less pro-choice.
Fast means haste, haste means less care, and less care means lower quality.
Less bravado, more policy In fact, there was less bravado and more policy.
Don't they want less destruction, less shoveling to do and better weather conditions?
The prison labor became less and less important to industry and to corporations.
It also makes the speaker appear less educated, though not necessarily less intelligent.
The less money you have to make, the less you have to work.
They have less defects, less discolorations and are objectively stronger than natural diamonds.
The effects would mean tastier, less healthy school lunches -- more salt, less quinoa.
But it is consistently less and less than it was the previous year.
He's less stridently anti–welfare state, and less socially conservative than most paleoconservatives.
But it feels less and less like what we need as a culture.
Less time at home = less time sinking into a black hole of sadness.
His 2018 persona seems less Yeezy (less ego) and more Ye (more introspection).
The trend is less appreciated by European consumers, who tend to experiment less.
He didn't seem to love me any less, but I loved me less.
It's less than three inches long and weighs less than half a pound.
Intellectual achievement gets less and less recognition in the eyes of the public.
It can make people less tolerant and less willing to engage in compromise.
Those clients been trading less, and therefore delivering less revenue to Goldman Sachs.
I try to go out less and less around that time of year.
Every time we spoke, she seemed less and less interested in coming back.
So we wound up using them less and less as we went along.
"The reasons to not complete it are getting less and less," Boucher said.
Millennials tip less than Gen X-ers, who tip less than Baby Boomers.
When everything is going up, things are less exciting, and perhaps less worrying.
We trust the establishment, with their suits and business wear, less and less.
With all of these uncertainties, that 2020 "goal" seems less and less likely.
Know Your Worth was less helpful for those in less straightforwardly corporate jobs.
LG: We've read a lot about it being dock-less or kiosk-less.
Less inflammation means less acne and puffiness, and fewer wrinkles — a triple win.
But we've seen less and less of her as the series has progressed.
That's because the policy is no less complicated, nor the politics less complex.
Or in a less Realer Than Real world was their ending less triumphant?
"The Senate was meant to be less populist and less partisan," Zelizer says.
But the controversy now strikes me as much ado about less and less.
You're paying less at the pump; industry's paying less on the big bill.
She actually gained weight even though she continued to eat less and less.
All the same, millennials are either less able or less willing to buy.
Are we prepared to endure lives with less comfort and maybe less safety?
These are two big headlines that could turn into less consumption, less growth.
And they use much less water - 90 percent less than open-field farming.
Researchers found that people who ate less gluten generally ate less fiber, too.
The math tests less geometry, and the reading tests less vocabulary, he said.
With less disposable income, these families will spend less in their local economies.
More weight means less acceleration, longer braking distances, less agility and more inertia.
A country home might be a less healthy home, a lot less healthy.
It would make New Yorkers less safe, it would make Americans less safe.
But it is getting less and less, not just with me, with everyone.
Skilled people will move to jobs in less productive places, thus earning less.
Because of this disconnect, workers are seeing unions as less and less worthwhile.
Hence, the net outcome likely becomes less security and less privacy for all.
They were professional, to be sure, but there was less life, less anticipation.
Britain would become at once less useful as an ally and less predictable.
Or to become chairman of the Fed, which looks less and less likely.
I believe the less you have the less you need to worry about.
For that matter, they'll need less refrigeration because they're less prone to spoilage.
"Less information begets less liquidity begets bigger gaps [and] more volatility," Thompson said.
When this day rolls around, people buy less stuff and travel less frequently.
Work pays less and less, except for the elites represented by Mr. Macron.
They're both less likely to be registered and less likely to turn out.
Certainly, over time, it seemed to serve our relationships less and less well.
Attendance will be capped and probably at 100,000 or less, maybe way less.
As the months passed, I felt less and less fine about the miscarriage.
If we eat less beef there will be less deforestation in the Amazon.
But over the same period, adulthood has become less responsible, less obviously adult.
Today, we face more and more development and less and less open space.
They touted it as the less restrictive and less costly solution to ObamaCare.
Similarly, The Last Jedi could have used less characters and less shit happening.
Suddenly, it felt like the tight-fitting garment was seen less and less.
The less overlap, the less tension between one full-time focus and another.
And so pitchers have steadily thrown him less and less in the zone.
You need to make cigarettes and smoking combustible products less addictive, less appealing.
It's just less likely, and we are even less likely to remember it.
Cut it less, you'll make less money, but you'll have that returning trade.
This was Alex Jones-style radio, that was less serious and less dangerous.
Sometimes, the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason: it's hard.
Trump's people, working, middle or upper class, want less, often much less, state.
He talks far less and in far less explicit terms about racial injustice.
Less than two weeks ago, the Crescent City recorded less than 100 cases.
The result has been less hiring and less investment in innovation, Riley said.
It was less than a billion years ago, not less than a million.
The rents are higher and higher so people can save less and less.
But her often opportunistic brand of politics has become less and less popular.
The Röntgens wanted a lifestyle that would be less hectic — and less expensive.
The accuracy of recollection seems to matter less and less in modern life.
That's going to mean less choice, higher costs, and less coverage — right away.
The rejection of Mr. Poroshenko today is less thrilling but no less momentous.
The disruptions to livelihoods will mean less income, less spending, and fewer jobs.
It's even going to have less fee income because there'll be less transactions.
The good news is this requires less effort and less money from you.
The flyers became flashier and, in my opinion, less artistic and less idiosyncratic.
Obviously a less ambitious agreement would reduce global warming by less than that.
As The Happytime Murders unwinds its plot, it makes less and less sense.
The less you leave to the last minute, the less frazzled you'll be.
He says, 'Those NATO nations are going like this: less money, less money.
But that's become less and less true over time in the United States.
Diagnostic tests that are less accurate can lead to less optimal treatment decisions.
If you have less, your investments will be less susceptible to market fluctuations.
Younger and less experienced teachers can make far less than the state average.
Just remember that with fried rice, less is more: less stirring, more crunch.
However, it's no less crucial to stop less technologically advanced deceptions as well.
"Less sea ice arriving means less ice algae brought with it," Kobayashi said.
The less stuff you bring, the less space you need to keep it.
Less force put into the ground means less pop back into the air.
Unsurprisingly, the less obvious and intrusive advertising is, the less people mind it.
His reasoning: As technology advanced, people would need to work less and less.
But, as machines learn more and more, will humans learn less and less?
But the true story of Crispr, while less fantastical, is no less dramatic.
They're not just making less; they're made to feel they are worth less.
With less sunlight, the plants produce even less protective oxygen to begin with.
"They are less apocalyptic and less apoplectic than non-college evangelicals," he says.
Before smart speakers, we feared our speakers less and demanded less from them.
They are less beholden to art history, and often less cognizant of it.
That's faster than the M3, and the Tesla costs less — roughly $10,000 less.
The less air they take in, the less water vapour they let out.
Mr. Wooley's playing was less demonstrative in this piece, though no less notable.
Those who stay make less, or less daring, work than they might have.
Women earn less money, a lot of people of color earn less money.
You still get those incredible heroines, but you get them less and less.
Doesn't make it any less fun to look at, or any less impressive.
Facebook is less white and less male than it was a year ago.
The Western world isn't becoming less democratic, but it is becoming less liberal.
However, ISPs are investing less and less per year in getting it done.
The less obvious reasons for all this are less obvious, but also legible.
I do less and less now that I have more of a catalog.
Those taking medications at bedtime were also 34% less likely to have a heart attack, 40% less likely to need a procedure to widen clogged arteries, 42% less likely to develop heart failure and 49% less likely to have a stroke.
" For example, Beyond Meat on its website (in a section titled "our impact" no less) touts that its burgers use "99 percent less water, 93 percent less land, 90 percent fewer GHGE (greenhouse gas emissions), and 46 percent less energy.
Of the two, Morgan Stanley came out of the crisis the more tarnished, less for what it did than for what it was: less profitable; less connected, through its former employees, to political power; and less respected for having evaded disaster.
It wasn't that I was an asshole but I just was less and less able to figure it out, and less and less able to effectively solve the variety of problems that face a person who's trying to do that job.
Among writers who are "comparables," as they say in real estate, Mr. Bass is less earthy than Larry Brown, less arch than Barry Hannah, less randy than Jim Harrison and less sleek with guile than Richard Ford and Thomas McGuane.
Unsurprisingly, it somewhat disappointed its perpetually disappointed leader, who felt that the France he forged was less than he had hoped — less conservative in its culture, less ambitious and effective in its policy, less glorious than the France of his imagination.
"Young people who receive good relationship and sex education are less likely to form early sexual relationships, less likely to have an unwanted pregnancy, less likely to get pregnant early, and less likely to get a sexually transmitted disease," she said.
Survey respondents were more likely to say that black girls, compared to white girls, need less nurturing, less protection, to be supported less, to be comforted less, are more independent, know more about adult topics, and know more about sex.
Assuming that people in 1950 felt the same way about particular jobs as people do now, workers today are less sad, less tired and in less pain.
It also sends a clear message to the rest of society: Facing the possibility of being spied on, we will say less, do less, and publish less.
Every individual, by driving less, eating less meat, and producing less consumer waste, can help reduce local/regional air and water pollutants and improve local/regional ecosystems.
What I'm hoping for in the second season is really less of the parents, less of the church, less of the romance, and more of the Runaways.
By contrast, the ISIS of the present is more violent, less controlled, less selective about recruits, and less interested in whether the attacker adheres to its ideology.
They consumed much less news, and were thus less aware of events but also less polarised in their views about them than those still on the network.
They are believed to be less competent at their jobs and are less likely to get hired—even overweight or obese doctors are seen as less trustworthy.
From that point forward, if there was a conflict, I would go with the less dramatic, and the less shocking, less sensationalist versions, because I had enough.
"Studies show that those lacking access to reliable local news—especially newspapers—are less informed about politics, less civically engaged, and less likely to vote," Pickard said.
There will be less work in manufacturing, less work in call centers, less work driving trucks, and more work in health care and home care and construction.
As a community gathering spot, the rink felt less classist than a shopping mall but less intimidating than a church, and much less soggy than a park.
Instead, turn it over to someone a little less personally invested, a little less prone to outbursts, a little less, shall we say, loopy and self-destructive.
The diagnosis forced Wozniacki to overhaul her routine to include more massages, less (or at least smarter) tennis, more rest, less sugar, more stretching and less jogging.
It doesn't make my opinion any less important or my voice any less heard.
Mr. Trump has tended to fare best with less educated and less religious voters.
But in less prosperous areas, there was much less enthusiasm, and turnout seemed lower.
Second, their teachers are less prepared to teach and less satisfied in their jobs.
Less health coverage means less Medicaid and insurance subsidy spending by the federal government.
What's not-so-good: Organic farming typically yields less product -- about 19-25% less.
All of that means less money in … and less money in the bonus pool.
It's fun, but I know my morning workout is looking less and less likely.
Less explosive style welcomed His less explosive presentation style was welcomed by many lawmakers.
Yet voters consistently poll as feeling less powerful, less heard in Westminster than ever.
People of all ages are drinking less beer, while millennials are drinking less overall.
If you repay early, the rate is actually less, because you pay less interest.
Ergo, Lord Snoke is a less interesting and less terrifying reincarnation of the Emperor.
JF: We know a certain amount about who they are, less education, less skills.
To my less experienced self I would say to think less and do more.
But as these photos show, there's just less and less interest in winter sports.
Less traffic means less revenue, so no legitimate ad-supported website would want that.
Eat better, not less: Stanford argues that eating less isn't always the solution either.
Over time, I think, in South Africa that became less and less [the case].
This was especially true in populations that were younger, less affluent, and less educated.
Not being able to overpower him made me feel less black and less manly.
As technology advances, a world partitioned into nation-states makes less and less sense.
Israel has become more ethno-nationalist and less universalist; more Jewish and less Israeli.
But it seems that each day, those reasons are becoming less and less pronounced.
The public will cheer: less carbon spewed into the air should mean less smog.
We're a country that loves visual entertainment, and we're reading less and less anyway.
As tattoos permeate the mainstream, though, being ink-free may mean less and less.
For Oehlerking, the path was a little bit less circuitous, but no less impressive.
"Chicken is less demanding and requires a different and less ­challenging technique," he said.
For auto traffic, this can mean less noise, better fuel efficiency, and less pollution.
This seems to be less and less the case when it comes to sexism.
It's no less of an extreme extraction, but there is a little less pus.
But before long, I grew up, and I found myself praying less and less.
A Kennedy-less court would probably be less hospitable to all sorts of regulation.
But what if the promises were less extravagant and the repayment intervals less tight?
In fact, the less good you do, the less likely your success will last.
Just because we're spending less time eating doesn't mean that we're eating less food.
That meant less water going to farms, and less runoff flowing into the sea.
If you feel that our democracy seems less and less representative, you are right.
As they are less trusted and less liquid than official currency, their value slumps.
I think in society these days you're seeing less and less of these traditions.
I think it is 12 times less than London, 20 times less than Beijing.
Plays would look similar: just looser, less linear, less rigid, more open to improvisation.
They tend to be less open to other cultures and less open to immigrants.
We spent less time on specific policies, because he seemed less interested in that.
With new set ups, there's less and less discussion about implementing aggressive tax structuring.
Officially, that equates to less than 100 parts per million, or less than 0.1%.
Even with structured and leverage deals it is less and less needed in Europe.
That would make make the car less exclusive, and therefore less valuable for resale.
I've demonstrated better mood and less avoidance of the offender, more joy, less vengefulness.
"It was more meditative, more minimal, less structure-oriented, less pop-structured," she says.
It did make photos taken with the nova plus a lot less less blurry.
And every year, the actual presentation of Grammy awards becomes less and less important.
The whole enterprise becomes less and less excusable, which becomes clear with Seoul 1988.
With one or more, their heart health was rated as less and less favorable.
There will be less shivering agony on train platforms, plus less salting and shoveling.
The migraines haven't disappeared, but my attacks are less severe and somewhat less frequent.
This only made the centrists seem less distinct from the FPÖ, and less forthright.
For the Latino community, these regulations are making jobs less available and less rewarding.
And I think it's making us less compassionate, making us less able to love.
But that doesn't make those audiences any less genuine, or any less ideologically driven.
Another Italian descriptor, "condimento" (aged less, and less expensive), is similarly not currently regulated.
And Gorman has put more emphasis on less risky business that requires less capital.
Those short-term plans are less expensive and less comprehensive than Obamacare health plans.
They were also healthier, less likely to smoke and less likely to be arrested.
Dar es Salaam's new suburbanites are less secure, and less free, than they believe.
That his form of tyranny is less boastful makes it no less rigidly hegemonic.
It is less and less financially possible for even a woman without a child.
It means people shop less, corporate profits are pinched and stocks are less valuable.
The idea is to make excess reserves less desirable as they become less available.
It's less thrummy here than in the XC90, less noticeably a small-displacement engine.
There are also less tangible but no less important reasons to release the returns.
For many in the community, the snake charming life holds less and less appeal.
That means less fun and less learning, so pay up for the real deal.
With biotechnology, producers can increase yields using less land, less water and fewer chemicals.
The exporting of our energy resources is no less beneficent, and no less momentous.
Europeans are far less religious than their American counterparts, and they work considerably less.
The economy has simply shifted, and older, less-educated workers are less in demand.
Without an appeals court, the global economy will become less predictable and less stable.
Belize's relationship with Simone Biles is less entrenched so far, but also less complicated.
These beverages tend to have less calories and less caffeine than their coffee counterparts.
Astronauts would be subjected to less radiation and less time in microgravity using NTP.
Does it make you less likely or less interested in going abroad right now?
It's not doing less, we're just going to pay less for what we're doing.
Evangelism is less and less about programming and institutions, more about relationships and authenticity.
That means less time in the batting cages and less recklessness in the field.
I think it needs more cinnamon and less ginger, to make it less bitter.
A new landscape appears, less jungle-like, with grassy areas and less pronounced slopes.
If you wait, the voice becomes more and more impatient, less and less playful.
And less investment in drugs would mean less research toward new and innovative cures.
Less artificially inject water in the ground probably placed less pressure on vulnerable faults.
As the night goes on, the precision of my look matters less and less.
Your friendship is a burden that less and less people are willing to carry.
Woodcock found that chatting about making work less terrible actually made work less terrible.
In the meantime, Spicer has spent less and less time in the public eye.
And the less food, water and shelter these workers got, the less they cost.
Yet nowhere has contemporary art been given less notice or looked less at home.
But as time went on, I found myself reaching for it less and less.
I felt less embodied than ever, less able to gather myself into one person.
Without workers, businesses will produce less, and workers who aren't working will buy less.
It is far less poor, less unequal and far more tolerant, diverse and enlightened.
"I think uniques are less and less a standard-bearer of success," he said.
As legalization continues to spread, this is going to become less and less defensible.
If the bus system were less dysfunctional, it would be less of a problem.
If the less optimistic forecasts were correct, the government would collect significantly less revenue.
Christopher Martin and Tosha Stimage pursue a less nuanced, but no less powerful approach.
What's more, her agents communicated less and less with her as time went on.
"Start pivoting into other topics that are less opinionated and less divisive," said Salemi.
Less time spent usually means there is less money coming in as a result.
You become more compliant or less compliant, and I think I became less compliant.
It wasn't until after 1875 that partners started to become less and less related.
New production techniques mean the cans can be made with less and less aluminum.
Today's digital age puts less and less value on the art of the past.
Across the United States, pregnant women's lives, rights and dignity matter less and less.
Parties are further apart from each other, and less and less willing to compromise.
It's also made unemployment less and less useful as a measure of job security.
I think I'll give less of a fuck, even less than I give now.
Open offices, it's told, are making us less productive, less active, and more miserable.
As prayer candles have become more mainstream, he has that problem less and less.
Homegrown attacks are often less deadly, which in some ways makes them less scary.
Well, I'm not so sure we're going to continue doing it less and less.
Single parents making $1.13,000 or less, or couples making $500,000 or less, would qualify.
Recently, I've felt less religious and less interested in going than I used to.
Without a head and neck, SpotMini is perhaps less menacing — but also less charming.
Over the last decade, the music itself has become less political, and less macho.
Just keep reminding yourself that less is more: Less mixing makes a flakier biscuit.
France is less export-dependent than Germany and so less vulnerable to trade turbulence.
That lack of spending power will mean less revenue and less growth for companies.
In this tournament, Stephens's road has been slightly less arduous but no less satisfying.
She wakes up earlier, watches less TV, exercises regularly, and eats less junk food.
Of course, they prefer less red tape, lower taxes and less involvement from Washington.
We have a fake democracy, growing less responsive and less representative by the day.
Yet even as they age, the word retirement is becoming less and less clear.
More government involvement in the economy means fewer choices, less innovation and less opportunity.
You need less and less specific cultural context or connoisseurship to appreciate these works.
It is a far less lucrative business than hog raising, yet no less risky.
But I wanted to do something more modern and less conventional and less clichéd.
All will combine to make housing less and less affordable in the new year.
But it's no less capable at running games, and no less fun to play.
That's a full for less than $400 or a queen for less than $480.
Googlers have said that they became less and less a presence inside the company.
The government in the US is less responsive and less nimble than New Zealand's.
I believe that less is less, fat fat, thin thin and enough is enough.
It was less than a second after impact, not less than a second before.
You know, they got their 1 percent or less; most of them got less.
His movies are now far less Spanish, just as Spain is far less Spanish.
In other cases, the potential for corruption is less obvious but no less dangerous.
The Emilien is a little less dense than the Barthélemy and no less pleasing.
The higher you go in the atmosphere, the less air, and the less resistance.
With less air in the tank, there's less moisture for the alcohol to absorb.
Now, the Met will probably carry out a less ambitious — and less expensive — renovation.
It gives them less to get excited about but less to get nervous about.
The less of a challenge it presents, the less enriching it becomes over time.
Because, first of all, it takes an awful lot less capital intensive, less investment.
Technically they were taking up less and less space, but somehow they intruded more.
There&aposs another reason, too, one that&aposs less pragmatic but no less important.
"To make matters worse, Senegalese have less and less money to spend," he said.
And then there's less and less around you, and then you're in the swamp.
But if you are trying to buy, it makes homes less and less affordable.
"If you deal in less cash, it is less of a problem," he says.
Moreover, each new generation of the order made these statements less and less material.
If Noah were making less money, his lack of production would be less alarming.
Her other accomplishments may have been less high-profile but were no less important.
Obama won by less than 2100% in 22008 and less than 215% in 20163.
" She found that she was kinder, more patient, less resentful, "less of a bitch.
"Some can start with eating less red meat or drinking less alcohol," Melamed said.
With less debt and more in savings, they are happier and much less stressed.
Businesses are talking less and less about President Trump, according to Hamilton Place Strategies.
Because companies and people are paying less taxes, the government is receiving less money.
And unfortunately, in recent decades we've prioritized this less and less in our schools.
" And, he said, "that means less respect for each other, and less mutual confidence.
Americans are cooking less and less and eating away from home more and more.
These modern carvings are less weathered and less detailed than the older Fremont carvings.
And with less trust likely comes less willingness to call the police for help.
It wasn't just that blogging was becoming less and less of a viable business.
"Consumers are going to face a less stable, less competitive individual market," Lucia said.
The less stringent OFAC's guidance is, the less the new sanctions will hurt Iran.
In lots of families with political divides, politics might come up less and less.
The truth, it turns out, is a little less fantastical—but no less personal.
"When there's a downturn, you have less shipping and you have less business travel, and FleetCor's payment network is just going to have incrementally less activity," he said.
Young people are more likely to live in countries that lack basic medical care and clean water, are less safe, less free and less tolerant, the index showed.
Perhaps they know that the less we talk about it, the less impact it has—that the less attention we give to the bully, the smaller his power.
Black patients were also 20% less likely to receive prescriptions for oral antibiotics, 32% less likely to be prescribed spironolactone and 61% less likely to be prescribed isotretinoin.
Disney is itself worth less than $150 billion, reporting less than $8 billion in revenue over the past four quarters, and boasting less than $12 billion in assets.
Home cooking is still a deeply gendered pursuit, and writers whose work centers on home cooking are still perceived as less professional, less valuable, and less worthy voices.
I know that I ate more, but I ate better and spent less on junk food, and ate out a lot less simply because I had less time.
That has looked less and less possible, however, after the House GOP missed its budget deadline, leaving less time in a session already shortened by the fall elections.
It's dispiriting to see a movie about interesting real-life characters reduce them to clichés, making them less vivid, less fascinating, less charismatic than they must have been.
Allowing Britain to cherry-pick its membership rules would encourage these separatists, greatly undermining the European project and making the region less stable, less prosperous and less tolerant.
"Truly still tastes a bit medicinal, but it's a lot less noticeably bitter, the alcohol is a lot less stringent, and the flavors taste a lot less artificial."
The fact that Rohingya Muslims live in a remote part of the world doesn't make their lives less valuable, their experiences less painful or the situation less dire.
Because of the vote, people are already less willing to come to the U.K. as it has become viewed as a "less welcoming place" and less guaranteed, financially.
In other cases, the man has to divide his little resources further between all the families, and there is less money, less food and less everything for everyone.
Nicky is not kept on a pedestal, as we might imagine, but remembered as less remarkable, less talented and less promising than he was, even by his mother.
In other words, Millennials are no longer feeling ashamed if they leave less than the standard 20 percent—and less and less human interaction is a major facto.
More concretely, he has reshaped the College of Cardinals, making it less white, less Italian and less representative of the Roman curia, the bureaucracy that governs the church.
Some women work less once they have children, but many don't, and employers pay them less, too, seemingly because they assume they will be less committed, research shows.
Compared with white patients, black patients were 30% less likely to get cardiac rehab, while Hispanic patients were 143% less likely and Asian patients were 20% less likely.
And, if inventors are less likely to invent and investors are less likely to invest, the net effect is less innovation, fewer startups, and damage to the economy.
When the president's chief strategist, Stephen K. Bannon, called for ''deconstruction of the administrative state,'' the idea was a government that collects less, spends less and does less.
It's a lot less, you know, again, it's a lot less talk and it's a lot less sort of setting a very fine plate at a dinner table.
But depending on how these technologies develop, a digital ecosystem that demands less of our eyes could be better for everyone — less immersive, less addictive, more conducive to multitasking, less socially awkward, and perhaps even a salve for our politics and social relations.
"For a given population of pilots -- aviators -- the less they fly, the less training missions they get, the less training the aviation maintenance personnel get, the less money we have for spare parts, the less money we have for training exercises, the higher the mishap rate will be if everything else is held constant," Harmer warned.
Interviewed by The New York Times in 1998, she said that writing and thinking in another, less familiar language changed her style, making it less flamboyant and less complex.
The fact that people are pulling their money out and not using it for productive uses at home means there's less investment, less spending, just generally less economic activity.
In 21977, Americans ate 22007 percent less beef, 10 percent less pork, and 1.4 percent less chicken than they did in 2005, according to the US Department of Agriculture.
Fourth, an instant runoff is both less costly for governments (one election costs less than two) and for voters (one visit to the polls takes less time than two).
Remember, streaming is more or less the death knell to the iTunes Store, which has increasingly become outmoded as people are less and less concerned with "owning" digital files.
Eligible applicants must earn less than €23,87 ($2827,210.6) a year, have less than €210,000 in the bank, and cannot own a car that is less than six months old.
"The less we talk about the human mission, the less diversity we'll have, and the less diversity we have, the more likely the technology will be bad" for humans.
He's simply told leaders from the Middle East to Europe to do more, spend more, take on more -- so we can do less, spend less and take on less.
To try to make sure that this violence becomes less socially acceptable, less normal, less commonplace, and to try to make sure that fewer people suffer in the future.
"Each central bank action is becoming less and less impactful, it seems, on the real economy, and less impactful, in many ways, on financial markets as well," Mather said.
People are becoming less active and more overweight, which means they are becoming less fit and less able to tolerate the activity and loading for which we were designed.
The other 10 million or so illegal aliens are even less skilled, less educated, less English proficient, and older than those who would gain amnesty under the DREAM Act.
Having less data could knock two percent off overall revenue since Facebook would know less about its users and advertisers would pay less, Gene Munster of Loup Ventures estimated.
In short, the less you know, the less able you are to recognize how little you know, so the less likely you are to recognize your errors and shortcomings.
When the increase in cases begin to level off, the secondary effect is less hospitalizations, the next effect is less intensive care, and the next effect is less deaths.
The Age of Antibiotics is coming to an end, after less than a century, as American capitalists invest less and less in developing new antibiotics to treat resistant bacteria.
In discussing the consequences of allowing bias to impact policing, a mantra is repeated: Those who fail to manage stereotypes will be less safe, less effective and less just.
They can't get things from us that they would normally want from a feminine body, so our value is less than — it's less than male, it's less than female.
"Compared to a pork-based sausage, a soy-based sausage can account for roughly 90% less CO2, 90 percent less water and 80% less land use," Nestle said Friday.
According to the United States Geological Survey, in 2015, America consumed 15 percent less steel than it did in 2000, 40 percent less copper and 44 percent less gold.
Her solution, of course, is Medicare-for-All, as if a complete government takeover of health care will somehow result in less bureaucracy, less red tape and less complexity.
"Deregulating some of the largest banks in the country will make the financial system less safe, less stable and less protected from another crash," said Kelleher in a statement.
It suggests that no matter how strong and smart and compelling a woman might be, she is still less important, less vital, just less, than any vaguely competent man.
And that will actually help them commercially, too, because there's less and less of that.
Under Obama, America has become less free, more regulated, and less bound to constitutional norms.
"We need more civility and less civil war; more discourse and less coarseness," he said.
As the concept of hyperloop evolves, it's looking less and less like Musk's original idea.
Simply put, banks are making less money on lower mortgage volume and less profitable loans.
Or maybe, having typically faced less adversity than minorities, white people are simply less resilient.
At the same time cannabis is getting less and less potent for the same reason.
They're less likely to smoke, more likely to exercise and less likely to be overweight.
The nighttime stars shining start to seem a little less extraordinary, a little less new.
It can make you less reactive, more reflective, less buffeted by unexamined emotion, more equanimous.

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