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"no" Definitions
  1. used before adjectives and adverbs to mean ‘not’
"no" Synonyms
zero not one not any none not a bit of not a hint of not an iota of not any possibility of no allowance of little minimal hardly any barely any not much little or no scantly any scarcely any not hardly scarcely noway no way not really not fully never noways nothing nowise not at all not in any degree not in any way absolutely not certainly not definitely not in no manner in no way not under any condition on no account under no circumstances at no time nope negative nah naw nay nae no indeed most certainly not by no means of course not come on my word what well indeed unbelievable why pshaw ah aha come off it fie what the pssh pshht pshh pssht come-on you have got to be kidding me no kidding really seriously wow oh really you don't say is that so yeah right shut up get out I don't believe it there's the surprise of the century you think no duh is that a fact go on whoops oh oh-oh oops oops-a-daisy sorry uh-oh whoops-a-daisy oopsy oh well anyhow anyway in any case I don't think so as if I think not no chance nothing doing not in a million years not likely not on your life not on your nelly no way Jose I suppose not no dice rejection declination denial refusal turndown disallowance nonacceptance objection rebuff veto negation snub disapproval knock-back non-acceptance thumbs down brush-off cold shoulder objector dissenter dissident opposer protester opponent contradiction contrary opposite reverse antithesis inverse converse disavowal repudiation absence denegation disclaimer disconfirmation lack renunciation nix forbidding naught nil nought null nullity sprite zilch zip nowt nada sod all sweet Fanny Adams not a sausage More

863 Sentences With "no"

How to use no in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "no" and check conjugation/comparative form for "no". Mastering all the usages of "no" from sentence examples published by news publications.

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, silly.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, and, of course, no.
No shame, no honor, no conscience, no knowledge, no curiosity, no decorum, no imagination, no wit, no grip and no nous.
JT: No, no, no, no, no-, JT: No, no-, JT: To work-,
"No no no no no no no, you're not understanding," the caller said.
"I said no / No, no, no / A no-no / That's a no no," she sings on the hook.
"No, no, no, no, no, no," she told the Financial Times.
So I'm saying no, no, no, no, no, no to the nines.
No conscience, no guilt, no shame, no remorse, no regret, no apologies.
But that's not any different from ... No, no, no, no, no, no.
We need to stay in constant contact," and Mateen replied, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Mateen: No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Negotiator: Tell me what is going on now, Omar?
No refrigerator, no running water, no toilet, no air-conditioning, no wine cooler, no microwave, no radiant floor heating, no Amazon Alexa.
" And I'm like: "No, no, no, no, definitely no.
" First Commonwealth Financial Corporation: "No, no, no, no, no.
No children, no sex, no messy nights vomiting outside bars, no unintended pregnancies, no fights in the street, no betrayals, no surprises, no broken promises, no promises.
Titled "New No's," it reads: No to racists No to fascists No to taxes funding racists and fascists No mercy for rapists No pity for bigots No forgiveness for nativists No to all those No hope without rage No rage without teeth No separate peace No easy feat No to bounds by genders No to clickbait as culture No to news as truths No to art as untruths No anti-Semitic anything No Islamophobic anything No progress without others No meaning without meaning No means no No means no No means no No means no At its best, art is an essential source of comfort, wisdom and hope — and this past season was no exception.
There will be no drama, no swimming, no sand castle building, no volleyball, no football, no painting, no origami.
No. No, no, NO, no one gets to order this.
No work, no debt, no deadlines, no snow, no worries.
" And the teacher was absolutely, "No, no, no, no, no.
No. That has to be a ... No. No, no, no.
No no no no no — You think this is significant?
No medicines, no bread, no water, no electricity, nothing. No!
No bars, no gyms, no restaurants, no concerts, no parties.
No collisions, no trouble, no spit, no blood, no nothing.
I remember thinking No no no this is not happening no no no not now.
There's no email, no browsers, no games, no music, no videos, and definitely no internet.
No drinking, no smoking, no partying, no late nights, no anything.
I'm like, [gasps], thank God, oh, no, no, no, no, no.
No. No. No. No. No. Wtf is happening with this world.
"No, no, no, no-no," she said in an insistent murmur.
No pounding, no egg, no dipping, no dredging, no deep-frying.
No App Store, no copy-paste, no changeable background, no picture messaging, no video camera, no Siri, no notification centre, and more.
Yes, yes there is: no onion, no ketchup, no mustard, no pickles, no bun, no beef patty.
"No TV, no book, no phone, no computer, no music, no oil paints, nothing," Caity Weaver observed.
There is no ranger station, no information kiosk, no visitors' center, no restrooms, no water, no shelter.
" 'No, no, no, no, no — your mouth is too crooked,' " he recalls.
No touching, no stick, no mess, no fuss, no art project-ness.
"And I think, Oh no, no, no, no, no," Mr. McVicar said.
No Kazakhstan, no Pakistan, no Mongolia, no Saudi Arabia and no Egypt.
No cough, no headache, no rash, no abdominal pain, no urinary symptoms.
"No wife, no kids, no pets, no plants, no mortgage," he said.
No power, no cell service, no road access, no gas, no bathroom.
Without him, there would be no punk, no glam, no post-punk, no hair metal, no goth, no Brit-pop, no new wave, no freak folk, no new romantics, no (as we know it) blue eyed soul, no (as we know it) art-pop.
" However, the group's bio states: "No Racisme ** No Hating No Porn ** No nazi stuff No Selfies ** No Religion.
There was no love, no sorrow, no success, no failure, no history and no names to the faces.
No, well, they-, they-, they-, they clearly are-, BW: No, no, no, no.
And no bread, no fried food, no alcohol, no red meats, no sweets.
No car, no license, no work visa, no friends, and no language skills.
That meant no dairy, no peanuts, no seaweed, no sugar, and no gluten.
There was no past, no future, no "me," no room that I was in, no body that I inhabited, no band, no family, and also no fear or sadness either.
There were no bruises, no cuts, no scrapes, no busted lips, no black eyes.
They have no guests, no ads, no themes, no gimmicks, and no cash grabs.
No video, no scene modes, no focus assist, no shot review, no JPEG, even.
No sugar, no corn syrup, no maple syrup, no honey, no fancy-pants agave.
It knows no ethnicity, no race, no gender, no faith, no sexual orientation, no socio-economic group; it respects no national border or geographic boundary.
Cage wrote this homage in 1953: To Whom / No subject / No image / No taste / No object / No beauty / No message / No talent / No technique (no why) / No idea / No intention / No art / No object / No feeling / No black / No white (no and) / After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing in these paintings that could not be changed, that they can be seen in any light and are not destroyed by the action of shadows.
And so they decided to address the issue by going on a dopamine fast: no food, no screens, no music, no exercise, no sex, no work, no talking, no eye contact.
There's no $17 ticket, no $6 popcorn, no parking structure, no babysitter, no emotional gamble, no accessibility issues at all.
And where there are no insects, there are also no tree frogs, no toads, no turtles, no bats, no songbirds.
" BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust: "No, no, no, no.
No badge, no gun, no handcuffs — and no clothes.
No Dick Cheney, no Donald Rumsfeld, no Condoleezza Rice, no Stephen Hadley, no James Baker.
"No clashes, no weapons, no cutting off roads, no assaults, no disobedience," he told followers.
There was no TMZ, no internet, no YouTube, no podcasts, no photos in your phone.
There's no talking, no eating, no exercising, no making eye contact, no playing with animals.
No speed limits, no inspections, no driver's licenses, no traffic lights, and no parking restrictions.
No Googling, no Facebooking, no Binging, no Twittering, no nothing at all about this, please.
" Oh, also, "no beer bellies, no long beards, no bald guys, no khakis, no Toms.
They have no food, no home, no warmth, no hope.
He had no clothes, no hands, no legs, no hair.
She has no goals, no job, no home, no life.
No water pumps, no gas, no medicine, no drinking water.
No scratches, no discoloration, no bend marks, no fraying, nothing.
No Serpents, no Ghoulies, no crazy moms, no Black Hoods.
No custom means no money, no food and no medicine.
No. No. No. No. Sorry, I didn't hear the question.
No credit check, no lease, no eviction proceedings, no appeal.
No fresh water, no fertilizer, no feed, no arid land.
"No scrambling, no hurry, no tension, no worry," Dash says.
He was like, 'No, no, no, no, this is happening.
Taesung has no gym, no hospital, no supermarket, no restaurant.
KS: Oh, oh, no, no, no, no, that was different.
No, no, no, no, no — I didn't say, 'Have you ever fucked a fat girl, Louie?
"He went down the list, yes, yes, no, no, yes, no, yes, no, no," Mulvaney said.
You will have no ground game, no data, no communications, no research and no legal assistance.
"No fighting, no touching, no slapping, no grabbing, no biting, and no violence of any sort will be permitted," it was said.
There was no science equipment, no computers, no music instruments, no medical supplies, no after-school programs, and no sporting equipment whatsoever.
"In order for me to meet my goal, I'm limiting myself to no bread, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no fish, no alcohol," she said.
Along with No. 5 Ohio State are No. 7 Michigan, No. 14 Penn State, No. 17 Wisconsin, No. 19 Iowa, No. 20 Michigan State and No. 25 Northwestern.
I have committed to carving out an hour each week with no meetings, no phone calls, no email, no Twitter, no Facebook, no mobile alerts and no podcasts.
Drake: No.Drake: No no No No NO NO NO *Drake flings the laptop into the wall* 40: Wayne Gretzky gave me that...PND: Dude relax, what's the problem?
If there were no feelings, he adds now, there would be no art, no music, no philosophy, no science, no friendship, no love, no culture and complex life would not aim to sustain itself.
"Nothing daring or experimental, no genre busting, no avant-garde, no re-enactments, no postmodern mirrors upon mirrors, no animated scenes, no original music, no 20-20 hindsight, no fancy dancing," Mr. Else writes.
I went cold turkey to eat hot turkey: no therapy dog, no weaving therapy, no yoga, no acupuncture, no meditation, no cry-in.
No power, no water, no FEMA, no government above the municipal level, little to no outside help.
There's no USB-C, no waterproofing, no NFC, no wireless charging, and no Android Oreo — yet, anyway.
"No future here, no life, no job, no society, no safety, nothing at all," he told CNN.
My message was that science has no passport, no gender, no race, no culture, no political party.
No eggs, no potatoes of any kind, almost no produce, almost no beans, no cleaning supplies. Wow.
He said 'no, no, no, no, no, I'm going to make sure they pay for your ticket.
"No parking, no waiting, no trading, no hawking", reads one sign.
No cap hits, no buyouts, no re-signing anyone, no compensation.
No breakouts, no wasted product, no stains — no, we're not kidding.
"No no no no fightingggggg," she wrote in a Facebook comment.
"No intermediaries, no media, no officials, no red tape," it promised.
There was no Twitter, no Gowalla, no Foursquare and no Meerkat.
With no measurement, no thinking about it, no metrics, no nothing.
Again: no pictures, no videos, no violence, no political content. Nothing.
There is no work, no illness, no elder age, no childhood.
And no, no, no, no, I mean: It's unfair, isn't it?
No ice , no dry ice , no propane , no charcoal , limited perishables .
He had no map, no food, no water and no plan.
There is no soap, no shampoo, no toothpaste, no toilet paper.
There is no utopia, no Planet B, no salvation, no escape.
No music, no cut-aways, no sad kids, no angry moms.
There's no wheel, no driving wheel, no pedals, no nothing, right?
There is no arguing, no hostility, no judging, and no anger.
No Uncharted, no God of War, no Resistance, no Gran Turismo.
Plants have no eyes, no ears, no mouth and no hands.
It has no brake, no fail-safe, no checks, no balances.
" — Courtney, Massachusetts "Here is what you say: 'No, no, no, no.
It has no sponsors, no hearings, no champions and no advocates.
"No controllers, no buttons, no straps, no external sensors," he said.
There's no power, no gas, no ice and no stores open.
There would be no cooking, no cleaning, no mayhem, no mess.
And it was Michael Cohen who said 'no, no, no, no.
"No Deal … No Hope … No Clue … No Confidence," declares the Mirror.
No jobber means no winner, and no winner means no superstar.
Of the world's most populous nations, China came in at No. 22011, India at No. 118, the United States at No. 13, Indonesia at No. 79, Brazil at No. 17, Pakistan at No. 92, Nigeria at No. 103, Bangladesh at No. 20073, Russia at No. 56, Japan at No. 53 and Mexico at No. 21.
So to recap:  No director, no script, no studio, no cast, no crew, no liquid capital (that we know of), no outside financing ... and no real reason to believe that shooting will indeed begin next year.
Somebody that after you're finished there are like no no no it's done we're done no no no I want to keep on going.
No black / No white (no and) explores that liminality: there's no black or white here, no transparent messaging.
" ANDREW GARFIELD TALKS DRUG &aposSTIGMA&apos When the audience "ooo'd" he quickly clarified, "No, no, no, no, no!
No oil changes, no insurance, no break-ins, no alternate-side street parking, no pains in the ass.
No recent British credit rating, no employer to give references, no cellphone contract, no utility bills, no address.
I have nothing to say: no hopes, no dreams, no fears, no warnings, no insights, nothing, absolutely nothing.
KS: You regret having to write that blog post or what do ... MP: No, no, no, no, no.
There was no Facebook, no Twitter, no Slack and, perhaps most important, no iPhone (and therefore no apps).
You can't trust her, no, no, no, no," it goes, accompanied by snippets of its target, Prime Minister Theresa May, variously laughing, speaking earnestly and, in one heavily edited clip, apparently herself saying, "No, no, no, no.
We had no electricity, no running water, no bathrooms and no heat.
No more fear, no more hurt, no more shootings, no more GUNS.
Even worse, I had no clan, no culture, no language, no relatives.
No coding, no pull requests, no code-review — no engineering intervention required.
There will be no pancakes, no phone calls, no dates, no sleepovers.
There is no electricity here, no toilets, no phone services, no cars.
No phone, no internet, no television, no clothing bought from a store.
"Person of Interest" has no superheroes, no zombies, no ninjas, no direwolves.
There would be no leaders, no titles, no structure, no power dynamics.
Hush, baby, baby, baby, hush, no no no no don't you cry!
With no ambulances and no ventilators and no vaccines and no antibiotics.
There was no phone, no TV, no internet, and no cell reception.
And, providentially, there are no predators: no bears, no eagles, no hawks.
No loss of life, no invasion, no subordination, no thirst for retaliation.
There are no playgrounds, no tourists, no lakes, and certainly no swans.
"In order for me to meet my goal, I'm limiting myself to no bread, no carbs, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no fish, no alcohol," Beyoncé says in the documentary.
"It's no sweets, no red meat, no wheat, no alcohol, no fried food, no dairy except for cottage cheese or low-fat yogurt," she says.
"No serious projects have been completed: no hospitals, no campus for students, no roads, no housing projects," he said.
No, no, no, no, no …" And then the key detail: "With every refusal," Hayek writes, "came Harvey's Machiavellian rage.
When GQ's reporter broached the subjected, Gomez got irritated, saying: "No, no, no, no, no," before explaining her frustration.
" "I was called an Islamophobe and I was like, 'no, no, no, no, no, I'm not afraid of them.
How there had been no communication from the campaign, no marching orders, no liaison, no security protocols, no nothing.
This is when the phrase "No shoes, no pants, no problem" ought to become "No shoes, no pants, pneumonia".
There are no hotels, no bars, no stores, no television and no swimming, plus a daily quota limits visitors.
There is no commute, no dinners out, no travel, no concerts, no blind dates or parties to go to.
What you'll invariably find is that the pristine lawns have almost no insects living there — no bees or butterflies, no beetles, no grasshoppers or crickets, no lacewings, no spiders, no roly-polys.
Almost as often, it would end with several seconds spent whirling around for no apparent reason while muttering "No no god no no no no no," a full minute of nearly fetal crouching, and another, more careful controller swat.
By the time she delivers Georgina's now famous, "No, no, no, no, no, no …" Ms. Gabriel has tipped the part's tremulous, robotic mannerliness into malfunctioning mannerism.
There is no cell phone reception, no transportation, no electricity, no running water.
Super-sexy, but no makeup, no fancy lighting, no retouching, and no clothing.
"No, no, no, no, it does not get rid of insurance," she said.
Buddhism, no more Taoism, there are no monasteries, no painting and no music,
I have no benefits: no 2000(k), no health benefits, no retirement benefits.
No law, no subpoena, no warrant, no ethics guide this woman&aposs life.
No delays, no gimmicks, no loopholes, no shirking of responsibility — the real thing.
Definitely. Just doing music, no press, no promo, no tweeting, no Insta. Nothing.
There are no points, no goals, no strategy, no governing goal besides violence.
No proofs, no clues, no logic, no presumption of innocense, just highly-liklies.
"Wait, wait, wait, no, no, no, no, Donny," the former GOP congressman said.
No new indictments, no collusion, no obstruction charges, but no obstruction exoneration either.
No army, no dragons, no advisers, no subjects: zero leverage to speak of.
There's no screaming, there's no yelling, there's no fist pumping, there's no nothing.
No Chris Weidman, no Jon Jones, no Ronda Rousey, no MMA in NYC.
Now, here I am, no family, no husband, no kids and no money.
There are no miscarriages, no blood tests, no trophons, and no horrible surprises.
There is no aspirin, no gauze, no anesthetic and, most seriously, no antimalarials.
"There is no food - no breakfast, no lunch, no dinner," said one man.
No streaks, no lint, no muss, no fuss — just clean mirrors and counters.
No free college, no free housing, no free healthcare, no free cellphone service.
There is no electricity, no running water, no schools and no public services.
Although you have no porch, no lover, no rug, no underwear, you understand.
In numerical order, Billy Martin wore No. 1; Babe Ruth No. 3; Lou Gehrig No. 4; Joe DiMaggio No. 5; Joe Torre No. 6; Mickey Mantle No. 20173; Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey, both catchers, No. 8; Roger Maris No. 9; and Phil Rizzuto No. 10.
As of late summer, the list looked like this, but, as we know, it is tragically subject to additions at any time: #PhilandoCastile = No Conviction #TerenceCrutcher = No Conviction #SandraBland = No Conviction #EricGarner = No Conviction #MikeBrown = No Conviction #RekiaBoyd = No Conviction #SeanBell = No Conviction #TamirRice = No Conviction #FreddieGray = No Conviction #DanroyHenry = No Conviction #OscarGrantIII = No Conviction #KendrecMcDade = No Conviction #AiyanaJones = No Conviction #RamarleyGraham = No Conviction #AmadouDiallo = No Conviction #TrayvonMartin = No Conviction #JohnCrawfordIII = No Conviction #JonathanFerrell = No Conviction #TimothyStansburyJr = No Conviction These lists, and Baby Suggs's sermon, capture the physical peril of existing in the United States in a body that is black, of the deep and long tradition of black hating and black murder.
Also advancing were No. 8 Dominic Thiem, No. 13 Roberto Bautista Agut, No. 15 Grigor Dimitrov, No. 33 Richard Gasquet, No. 24 Alexander Zverev, No. 25 Gilles Simon, and No. 32 Philipp Kohlschreiber.
Others advancing included No. 3 Milos Raonic, No. 6 Gaël Monfils, No. 8 Dominic Thiem, No. 11 David Goffin, No. 13 Roberto Bautista Agut, No. 15 Grigor Dimitrov and No. 18 Richard Gasquet.
Tide has unleashed none other than teenage kids' favorite big kid, Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patriots, to tell them, in language they can understand, "No, no, no, no, no, no, no."
The first two weeks I had to be extremely diligent: no booze, no carbs, no corn, no sugar, no dairy.
Notably, there are no annual fees, no late fees, no hidden fees, no international fees, no over-the-limit fees.
"No reps, no one answering their phones, no one answering on Twitter, WhatsApp, no website, no TC app," he said.
That means no salary, no cash compensation, no health benefits, no bonuses, no long-term stock awards. Nada. Zip. Zilch.
There would be no doctor networks to worry about, no premiums, no deductibles, no co-pays – and no private networks.
There is no scene, no sound, no movement without musicians, but they have no union, no centralized self-care resources.
There's no slang, no fashion trend, no musical innovation, no theme, no sound, no movement that this group of boys created on purpose and willed into existence.
I keep no archives of my own, no sketches, no photos, no clothes — nothing!
There are no artifacts, no clear photographs, no captured aliens, no alien bodies -- nothing.
No, no, no, no, but you've explained why it's not a fancy tip jar.
No bells, no whistles, no shiny logos, no 'make-up' to entice the customers.
There is no literature, no ongoing research, no conferences, and certainly no specialist clinics.
No ads, no lockout timers, no in-app purchases, no always-on internet connections.
"There was no fraud, no intentional misreporting, no plagiarism, or no misappropriation," he wrote.
There's no Jackie Collins, no Jennifer Weiner, no James Patterson, no hard sci-fi.
There's no fitness tracking, no heart rate monitoring, no gesture controls, and no app.
There are no gimmicks: no 213K display, no touchscreen, no detachable or twisting body.
No need to download anything, no in-game fees, no updates, no data sapping.
I had no nausea, no sensitivity to light or sound, no dizziness, no anxiety.
No texting during your date, no complaining, no general fuckboy behavior, and no attachments.
"No, no, no, no, doesn't throw rocks!" he could be heard urging the crowd.
There will be no boneheads, no ass-kissers, no punishers, and definitely no Nazis.
I had no Russian contacts, no Russian intermediaries, no Russian clients, no Russian money.
There's no conversation happening, there's no change, there's no thinking, no understanding is happening.
There were no lift tickets, no lines, no trails and no trees to avoid.
"No Billy Reid, no Public School, no Michael Bastian, no Tim Coppens," he wrote.
So that means, for two weeks—no reading, no TV, no internet, no emails.
I practiced living in the middle — no highs, no lows; no hope, no despair.
No more jewelry, no more makeup, no more high heels and no more skirts.
That means no minimum wage, no unemployment insurance, no benefits and no workers' compensation.
Mastodon got some things right: No nazis, no gore, no excessive advertising, no harassment.
Of course, there is no such place — no home, no job, no genuine friends.
"No number, no food, no medical care, no five euro weekly stipend," Biancoshock says.
There's no doctors, there's no hospitals, there's no schools, there's no teachers, there's nothing.
That means that his impact recognizes no continent, no language, no color, no ocean.
As in, NO NO NO NO NO. One conclusion is that the Canadian star is poking fun at those relationship rumors.
It has no browser (so no Googling "boobs"), no apps (so no social media or video games), no Bluetooth or AirDrop.
The person is simply turned out, with no bus pass, no money, no ID, no social security card, no meds, nothing.
The supermodel, who alongside her husband Tom Brady follows a strict no-white sugar, no-white flour, no-MSG, no-caffeine, no-fungus, no-dairy diet, told WSJ.
"I don't think the vast majority of Hong Kong wants independence, and there are no means—no arms, no rifles, no planes, no food, no water," Lau said.
No. 63 Dominika Cibulkova, former No 1-ranked Caroline Wozniacki, No. 14 Elena Vesnina, No. 21 Caroline Garcia, No 28 Alizé Cornet, No. 30 Ekaterina Makarova also advanced.
Its extensive use of superimposed multiple-operative optic perception presents the viewer with no single point of reference, no orientation, no top, no bottom, no left, no right, and no separate parts to its whole.
"NO NO NO NO NO NO. I refuse to go to a school in a state that lets teachers have guns in the classroom," tweeted Parkland survivor Lauren Hogg.
Most of that space is occupied by farms and ranches; there is no bank in town, no A.T.M., no grocery store, no fast food, no medical clinic, no pharmacy.
There was no vision, no inspiration, no idealism, no expression of hope, no promise of change, no spirit of mission that would persuade undecided voters or inspire base voters.
The Bunyadi, for instance, is inspired by a simpler time in human history, promising no chemicals, no artificial colours, no electricity, no gas, no phone, and, naturally, no clothes.
So no EU means no single market, no customs union, no free movement and no regulation by the European Court of Justice.
AUDIENCE: Nooo -- THE PRESIDENT: No, no, no, no, no -- the peaceful transfer of power from one freely elected President to the next.
There was no falsity, no pretense, no guile, no spin, no art to Barbara Bush, who died on Tuesday at age 92.
Until then, though, she's sternly been told she must relax: no moving, no talking, no coughing, no reading, and absolutely no sleeping.
" "We're just supposed to fall in line and go with what the party wants and we went, 'No, no, no, no, no.
We have no corporate income tax, no personal income tax, no business inventory tax, no personal property tax and no inheritance tax.
There are no bodies and no smoking guns, no polonium trails and no easy answers.
No, no, no, no, this had become the Party of Maxine Waters and Nancy Pelosi.
His stoic output often features no musical soundtrack, no people, no dialogue, and no camerawork.
" Asked whether she considered resigning during the recent crisis, Merkel replied: "No, no, no, no.
"These refugee athletes have no home, no team, no flag, no national anthem," Bach said.
"They are under siege with no food, no water, no electricity, no medicine," he said.
There will be no immigration, no multiculturalism, no global elites—but also no global war.
No one is buying our product no more, and we have no markets no more.
"No, no, no, no," Dawson implores the responding officer when he begins talking with her.
Me saying, "it literally takes 15 minutes—no equipment, no setup, no groomer, no stylist."
I didn't have anything or anybody: No hairdresser, no makeup artist, no stylist, no assistant.
" "During this time, we disconnect completely -- no emails, no TV, no phone calls, no Internet.
We had to leave because there was no electricity, no water, no money, no work.
There are no boundary lines, no signs, no walls, no border agents on either side.
No one is buying our product no more, and we have no markets no more.
There is no Vietnam War, no draft, no Weather Underground, no spate of political assassinations.
No more development, no more expansion, no more deforestation, no more environmental destruction is needed.
Which does not represent anything, which has no history, no soul, no meaning, no coherence.
As he puts these messy parts into play, I kept thinking no, no, no, no.
That means there should be no hacking, no scraping, no metal tools, and no pain.
Having no money, no contacts, no actors, and no equipment never stopped this film enthusiast.
"There is no, no, no, no place like New Orleans for music," Mr. Bartholomew said.
There is little to no diversity, no change, no adaption, no thinking outside the box.
Israel, according to this document, has no rights, no history, no connection and no future.
No more Supreme Courts, no more martial laws, no more emergency rule, no more suppression.
Once again, no details, no plan, no timelines and no indication of the resources required.
LG: No, no, no, no, but to support what Casey's saying, I think I would.
But Ewing had no Scottie Pippen, no Reggie Miller, no Tim Hardaway, no Clyde Drexler.
No fine, no court cost, no nothing spent. . . . . .
No precedent = no clearly established law = no liability.
In electronic music, events are usually called "safe spaces" when they promote a set of values best summarized by a banner that hangs at Brooklyn's Afropunk festival every year: no sexism, no racism, no ableism, no ageism, no homophobia, no fatphobia, no transphobia, no hatefulness.
As a part of standing next to their product 100%, Bombas upholds a "no matter what, no questions asked, no holds barred, no ifs, no ands, no buts" happiness guarantee.
"Ghost Town" debuted at No. 16, "Wouldn't Leave" at No. 153, "Violent Crimes" at No. 27, "I Thought About Killing You" at No. 28, and "No Mistakes" at No. 36.
When love goes into action, it prefaces no color of skin, no ethnicity, no religious beliefs, no sexual preferences, and no political persuasions.
"There is no work, no crossings, no food, no water to drink and also there is no electricity," he says in the video.
No tractor, no thresher, no motor car, no locomotive, no new industrial device has ever been developed unless the people paid the expense.
SWALWELL: He called many of them -- and he has turned this... CAVUTO: No, no, no, no.
No, I mean, no, no, I'm saying, this is like ... No, I know that, of course.
There were many rules during the treatment programme: no visits, no smoking, no drinking, no sex.
She has no -- she just has no ground, she has no soul, she has no heart.
Among the rules are no drugs, no smoking of any kind, no alcohol, and no weapons.
No matter who you are, there is no growth in that, no fun, no true happiness.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We&aposll have to -- UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (inaudible) -- check -- UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, no, no, no.
There were no more camels, no more men, no more marvels, and no more stories. Ever.
There are no pictures in my mind, along with no textures, no smells, and no tastes.
There was no dressing up this time, no photograph of them together, no cake, no ceremony.
There can be no tolerating it, no accepting it, no excusing it, and no ignoring it.
There was no ardor or ethics or conflict—and therefore no style, no virtue, no taste.
I have to say no, no, no, no to everything for two and a half years.
"We have no ice, no butter, no ranch, no lemon," a sign behind the counter warns.
No "I Went to Burning Man" T-shirts, no posters, no food trucks, no corporate sponsors.
"No, no, no, she is no one here," the owner told investigators, according to Ms. Idrovo.
To wit: No cellphones, no running, no handwritten signs, almost no media access to players, etc.
"No cursing, no drugs, no alcohol and no fighting at all," the elder foster son said.
There is no nuts, no seeds, no soy, no wheat, so it's free of common allergens.
We have no Yellow Vests in Italy, no Brexit-like psychodrama, no shutdowns and no walls.
Six seeded players lost Monday: No. 23 Ana Ivanovic, No. 25 Irina-Camelia Begu, No. 17 Gaël Monfils, No. 20 Kevin Anderson, No. 21 Philipp Kohlschreiber and No. 29 Pablo Cuevas.
No. 15 Karolina Pliskova, No. 17 Elina Svitolina, No. 20 Sara Errani, No. 22 Jelena Jankovic, No. 30 Caroline Garcia and No. 32 Andrea Petkovic also lost in the second round.
Guidelines in the U.S. should establish who should deliver at home, including no prior cesareans, no obesity, no twins, no first-time babies, no breech and no older women, he added.
WILLIAMS: No, no, no, he has -- he has managed.
Maybe abandon that lazy strategy ... PIRRO: No, no, no.
"No, no no," Obama said as the crowd cheered. .
" They said "No, no, no, you've got the role.
" Boston Scientific Corporation: "No, no, no, [don't buy more].
But you and Mr. Yeats —— LANGE No, no, no.
No Heyward, no Stanton — and no David Price, either.
"No, no, no ... it's coach Wade's team," Benford says.
No, no, no — not that kind of third party!
Are we talking about UberEATS or ... No, no, no.
But in getting here, Michigan was compelled to defeat teams with the following seeds: No. 14; No. 6; No. 7; No. 9; No. 33.33.
There&aposs no wars, there&aposs no borders, there&aposs no countries, there&aposs no sovereignty, and then ultimately they&aposll be no freedom.
What we have here is no such thing from president -- no guarantee, no method of verification, nobody on the ground, no assurances, no details.
The wines were typically made with organic grapes, using no added yeast, no filtration, no chemical additives, no new oak barrels, no mechanical manipulations.
There is no defensible IP, no technology, no regulatory moats, no network effects, and no flywheel effect (the ancillary businesses are stupid, just stupid).
No mic stands, no platforms, no drums, no monitor wedges, no water bottles even, which is a little tough on me, but that's fine.
I was released with no secondary education, no job training, no credit, no savings, no health insurance and no way to explain to future employers the ten-year-gap in my resume.
"There's no burglary, there's no break-in, there's no tapes, there's no dress, there's no sex, there's no Monica Lewinsky," said Bill Bennett, a former secretary of education and Fox Nation host.
From most places within Grand Staircase, there is, in all that distance, no visible or audible sign of human existence: no roads, no cars, no power lines, no cell towers, no buildings.
It also means no natural gas, no nuclear power, no carbon capture and sequestration, and no biofuels.
"I had a sundress on, I had no shoes, no blanket, no water, no nothing," she recalled.
The only posting guidelines are no illegal porn, no threats of violence, no terrorism, and no doxing.
Oh I think we can get ... I could think furniture, I could think ... No, no, no, no.
No sneaking off, no secret rendezvous and definitely no questions when it comes to yes or no.
No. But you're subvocalizing enough or there's enough of a read of– Mark Zuckerberg: No, no, no.
"I don't know how I had the moxie to say no, no, ugh…nono," she said.
And you have to do all that with no background, no skills, no degree, and no references.
The family was so poor there was no telephone, no television, no radio, and no indoor plumbing.
We not talking about no contract for no 4 years, or no contract for no 5 years.
No exercise, no alcohol, no heavy lifting or taxing activities in general and, most alarming, no screens.
I suppose I could put the computer and Vive in the bedroom, but no, no, no, no.
I asked her if they might get back together, and she just said, 'No, no, no, no.
WHEN Christine Ortiz imagines her ideal university she sees "no lectures, no classrooms, no majors, no departments".
No, no press, no other camera people, no access-all-areas badges or anything of that sort.
No shirts with words on them are allowed at MCI-Norfolk; no tissues, no jewelry, no anything.
No bars, no barbed wire, no pulping of books, No sentence of banishment can prevail against it.
We have very simple rules for our articles: no sexism, no capitalism, no racism, and no homophobia.
"There's no power, no water, no lighting, and the roads have no lights at night," he said.
His tests were fine: There was no anemia, no elevated white count, no kidney disease, no diabetes.
She had no supportive family, no insurance, no source of income and no education beyond high school.
Google fell from No. 8 to No. 11 and Apple's sank from No. 71 to No. 84.
Performing was the only time she felt liberated — no bullies, no fights, no peer pressure, no doubts.
Only two No. 3 seeds, seven No. 4s, one No. 5 and two No. 6s have advanced.
I had a lot of rules: 'No piercings, no tattoos, no "gay clothes," no this and that.
There was absolutely no one like him in the Arab world: no Saudi, no Syrian, no Egyptian.
A trial with no evidence—no existing record, no witnesses, no documents—isn't a trial at all.
There will be no rules of evidence, no rules of criminal procedure, no judge and no jury.
A very different outcome would have happened with no facts, no due process, no evidence, no nothing.
I had to stop eating fatty foods, red wine, no tea, no coffee, no juice, no fruit.
No more nuclear weapons anywhere in the world, no more wars, no more problems, no more conflicts.
On a totally unrelated note: No collusion No collusion No collusion No collusion No collusion No collusion No collusion January 11 Trump's FISA tweets throw Washington into chaos Trump decries 'people from shithole countries' coming to US, report says Missouri Gov.
We are still dealing with four million U.S. citizens who have no power after sixteen days, no medicine, no water, no baby formula, no diapers.
"This is a moment that we humans understand as just simply seeing no color lines, no judgement, no race, no hate, no shades," she added.
Mr. Trump had no political experience, no real campaign operation, no ground game, no fund-raising apparatus and no institutional support within his own party.
Duluth is No. 13 this week, with Minnesota at No. 7, St. Cloud State No. 12, Bemidji State No. 13 and Minnesota State No. 15.
"NO NO NO NO NO." What better way to begin the story of one of the world's most iconic buildings than with such emphatic disapproval?
And we're only looking at venture rounds, so no post-IPO action, no grants, no secondaries, no debt, and no private equity-style buyouts. Ready?
"Gambia has no prestige projects, no grandiose spending projects, no political prisoners, no army and no defense budget," The New York Times wrote in 1977.
"Gambia has no prestige projects, no grandiose spending projects, no political prisoners, no army and no defense budget," The New York Times wrote in 1977.
It mirrors what some other bars and organizations are doing, and boils down to no racism, no homophobia, no sexism, no ableism, and no transphobia.
The music and art festival centers on black performers and organizations, and its rules—"No Sexism, No Racism, No Ableism, No Ageism, No Homophobia, No Fatphobia, No Transphobia, and No Hatefulness"—encourage a space that fosters meaningful connections, bolstered by a powerful, profound soundtrack over Brooklyn's Commodore Barry Park.
Bringing some semblance of decorum to hip-hop toilet room rules, we're also informed how the Biz's throne is a place of quiet and peaceful sanctuary, as he mandates that "no girls, no guys, no dogs, no cats/ No parents, no nieces, no nephews, no brats" are allowed inside.
Here are those final eight: No. 1 Alabama (123-0), No. 2 Clemson (11-0), No. 3 Notre Dame (11-0), No. 4 Michigan (10-123), No. 5 Georgia (10-1), No. 6 Oklahoma (10-1), No. 7 Washington State (10-1) and No. 13 Ohio State (10-1).
At the time we were like 'Oh no, no, no.
No. No. No. It was Marisa and Susan. Susan. Susan.
No giant folding maps, no fanny packs, no eye contact.
"No, no, no, that is not the case," Pettine said.
No paper waste, no post office trips, no illegible handwriting.
I had no formal help, no instruction, no real support.
"No funeral, no memorial and no [grave] marker," Bashara says.
There are no wings, no fly space, no orchestra pit.
A world where there's no crime, no victims, no pain.
No one more thing, no wireless charged AirPods, no AirPower.
No, no, no, hold up… Is this a good idea?
"I can't keep quiet, no no no," the song protests.
This was 2008: no tools, no bioinformatics formats, no standards.
"No no no, I'm not in the zone," protests Ross.
They had no military, no government, no means of transport.
Now we have no jobs, no hope, and no sun.
No phone calls, no music requests, and no direction suggestions.
There's no closure, there's no order and there's no meaning.
"No, no, no — don't ever change that," she responded emphatically.
No summaries of stories, no headlines or pictures — no nothing.
And that's finally done, no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing.
No kindness, no empathy, no attempt to reach common ground.
No morning sickness, no swollen ankles, no heavily swollen belly.
TRUMP: OK, no, no, no — a deal is a deal.
That means no diploma, no college, and — ultimately — no career.
No job, no money, and now no place to live.
"No, no, no, that would be the worst," Case said.
His mask has no mouth, no nose, and no eyes.
Luke was just given a light saber ... No, no, no.
No, no, NO. How could they get this so wrong?
As the saying goes: no shoes, no shirt, no service.
No Uber napkins, no Uber condoms, no Uber cookies. pic.twitter.
There are no albums, no labels, and no extra fuss.
There's no hard feelings, there's no animosity, there's no grudge.
No cable package, no HBO GO, and no HBO NOW.
No more mud wrestling, no more oil, no more stripteases.
Have you traveled when these people -- INGRAHAM: No, no, no.
The only rules are: no drugs, no alcohol, no violence.
We had no collusion, no obstruction, we had no nothing.
It has no defense, no verve, no sense of identity.
I had no tearing, no swelling, no complications as all.
"We have no words, no answers, no nothing," Felmly wrote.
In doublethink, there are no contradictions, no evidence, no objectivity.
No, no, no, though we were on that tour too.
That means no cell phones, no laptops and no tablets.
And folks, everybody tells me, 'No, no, no, that's naïve.
"No, no, no," said Brazilian gold medal favorite Alison Cerutti.
BECKY QUICK: No. No way-- JOE KERNEN: No, you can't.
We're told there was no screaming, no yelling, no anger.
No more blood stains, no more summons, no more invaders.
There will be no apocalypse, no savior, no magic hugs.
There are no visions, no sense of self, no thoughts.
No veto power, no secrets, no rules about emotional attachment.
No government funds — meaning no risky mortgages — thus, no payments.
Three years, we study — no drugs, no drink, no women.
There's no trend, no given shape, no definitive singular statement.
There is no cheese, no pasta, and no tomato sauce.
No, no, no, that's not going to work for me.
There was no plasticky jacket, no author photo, no blurbs.
No categories, no points values or conversions, no redemption minimums.
He had no connections, no inheritance, no strings to pull.
JACK MA: No. No. No. Wisdom is from the heart.
No more mess, no more monotony, no more smelly hands!
You know, I stripped down completely naked … no, no, no!
There was no library, no office space, and no staff.
There is no audio guide, no map and no store.
No more hurt, no more shame, no more eating disorder.
There are no filters anymore, no restraints, no cultural guardrails.
There's no billion dollar payoff, no fame, no Nobel Prize.
There's no splashing, no screaming, no frantic pleas for help.
You've given no human characteristics, no human qualities, no flaws.
There is no baby milk, no diapers, and no nutrition.
"There was no TV, no music, no nothing," she says.
No drop of drinking water, no fertile land, no trees.
JW: No no no, we're in the millions per episode.
No. No. No. He laughed at how scared I was.
"No, no, no -- don't do it," Isabelle remembered her pleading.
No more spaceship dreams, no more Azua, no more me.
"There was no tennis, no track, no anything," Smith said.
JOSEPH ALTUZARRA We had no lighting, no sound, no heating.
"I just screamed, 'No, no, no,'" the family member said.
There is no escape from it, no perspective, no release.
They had rules: no unprotected sex, no sleepovers, no kissing.
No phone lines, no internet, no access to main roads.
Mr. Trump: No, we're going to be passing — no, no.
No leaking, no unraveling, no fumbling with a tricky applicator.
He had no commitments, no debts — and no connections, either.
Including, yes, a No. 16 beating a No. 1. no.
Pruitt's goal is simple: No studies, no data, no rules.
"No contingency planning, no UN presence, no dialogue…" she wrote.
There's no Netflix, there's no YouTube, there's no web browser.
"No, no, no, it's not rabbits, it hares!" she insisted.
Barbara's school had no laboratories, no gym and no cafeteria.
A. CUOMO: No. No. C. CUOMO: No, you won't answer?
There was no internet, no cellphone service, no potable water.
"There's no signal delays, no traffic ahead, no unruly passengers."
" And she's like, "No, no, no, he's taking a nap.
There is no competition, no other options, no consumer protection.
You were like, no, no, no, he can't do that.
"No, no, no, I want to be protected," Manning said.
There is no cushion, no second chance, no helping hand.
There was no day care, no night nurse, no weekend.
No essays, no test scores, no right or wrong answers.
No application fees, no participation fees, no giving up equity.
She said no, no, no, she didn't want any procedure.
Rules like no hitting one another, no stealing, no excluding.
There was no Israeli missile, no explosion, no lightning strike.
There are no metal parts, no batteries, and no paint.
You can tell him Judge McMahon says 'No, no, no!
No love, no compassion, no mercy ... nothing vaguely Christ-like.
There's no veggie crunch, no pungent onion, no leafy lettuce.
It needs no introduction, no embellishment, no fancy technical effects.
No going through a court system, no appeals, no nothing.
There was no internet, no personal computer, no color TVs.
They include no crimes, no misdemeanors, and no offenses whatsoever.
No scarring childhood, no early struggles, no blaze of revelation.
There is no north star, no guiding light, no nothing.
"No, no, there's no explanation," he asserted, shaking his head.
I had no plan, no internet, and no direction whatsoever.
No knock-off = no damage = no need for a repair.
No PA system, no elaborate effects rigs, no fancy electronics.
Everybody's over, no rules, no real questions, no real goal.
There are no meetings, no places to be, no disruptions.
DC: No one makes, no, no one comments on it.
KS: No. LG: No. KS: No. What about messaging apps?
It's not just can we get along, no, no, no.
No more parks, no more games, no more family trips to climb mountains, in short no more fun!
There were no suspects, no witnesses, no surveillance footage, no sign of robbery, and barely any physical evidence.
So there will be no single-payer health care, no national carbon tax, no free college, no reparations.
"I dropped to my knees and cried and kept saying, 'No, no, no, God, no,&apos" Meagan recalls.
No parties, no cooking together, no watching TV together because no one in the house has time to.
No glitter, no too tight pants, no wonderful, wonderful haircuts (and therefore no Nick Cave or Robert Smith).
"Also, there are 'No High Crimes & Misdemeanors,' No Collusion, No Conspiracy, No Obstruction," Trump tweeted earlier this month.
Without that second analog stick, there's no Medal of Honor, no Call of Duty, no Halo, no fun.
No. No. No. No. You can go, my secrets are there, it's because it's an absolutely safe place.
RIO DE JANEIRO — There were no missteps this time — no falls, no stumbles, no alarming moments of insecurity.
There's no transmission, no clutch, no big motor, and no after-treatments or differentials in the Tesla Semi.
To which the answers are very clear, according to Game of Thrones lore: No, no, no and no.
So I check my pockets, and there's no wallet and no camera, plus no skateboard and no Joseph!
" He claimed to have no business ties to Russia: "No loans, no dealings and no current pending deals.
There are no vague promises on the bottles, no fancy masking fragrances, no celebrity spokespeople, no glossy ads.
But there was no proof — no picture, no text message and most certainly no voice on the phone.
" Other folks, that are weird to me, say, "No, no, no, no, we're going to go really big.
There are no boundaries, no limit to the number of participants, no real tactics, and almost no rules.
There are no soft criteria for admission: no interviews, no favoritism for legacies, no strings to be pulled.
This card comes with no annual fee, no late fees, no foreign transaction fees, and no other fees.
Because you're no longer an employee, but a contractor with no benefits, no protections and no real security.
She controlled no committees, commanded no voting blocs, owned no budgets, was the key vote on no legislation.
There would be no somersaults, no flipping, no spinning without permission—seriously, no horsing around of any kind.
What he does is again, 'Michael, there's no Russia, there's no collusion, there's no involvement, there's no interference.
The Democrat Party, the American left, the American professorate, those who work in academia, no, no, no, no.
It was meant to cultivate "wordless awareness," which meant no speaking, no phones, no music, and no books.
There was no cocktail hour, no chicken dinner, no teary-eyed mothers and fathers, and no beaming grandparents.
No, no, we can't ... No, no, I can remember the one time I was jealous of the Zune.
HAMAS' 'TERROR KITES' AND 'ARSON BALLOONS' LATEST DESTRUCTIVE WEAPONS IN WAR AGAINST ISRAEL "No, you can't do that, no, no, no, no," Macron told the teenager.
Right now, there's no water, there's no electricity, there's no food, there's no medicine, there's no diesel for the generators that will make the hospital work.
Prince, who died on April 21 at the age of 57, occupies No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 6 and No. 53 on the chart.
There were no man-made objects in the vicinity that might indicate an obvious cause of death: no gun, no knife, no rope, no drug paraphernalia.
It had no visual component, no tactile component, no person with hopeful or embarrassed face to read, no scent wafting, no acid collection in the mouth.
Yes, pizza in the city has been accessorized with toppings from crayfish (not bad) to Buffalo chicken (hmm) to Caesar salad (no, no, no, no, no).
Without Roxy Music there would surely have been no ABC, no New Romantic movement, no Goldfrapp, no Pulp, no Human League, no Siouxsie and the Banshees—at least not as they are known now.
"But there was no budget for luxuries — that meant no cinema trips, no nights in the pub, no takeaways or restaurant meals, no new clothes, no holidays, no gym memberships, not even a KitKat or cheeky cheesecake from the supermarket," she writes.
The FDA requests that Claire's recall the Claire's Eye Shadows (Batch No/Lot No: 08/17), Claire's Compact Powder (Batch No/Lot No: 07/15) and Claire's Contour Palette (Batch No/Lot No: 04/17).
And for reminding her daughters that there's no race, no religion, no class system, no color, nothing, no sexual orientation, that makes us better than anyone else.
From now until election day in November, there will be no DACA deal, no comprehensive immigration reform, no infrastructure package, no border wall funding, no entitlement reforms.
People buy romance novels, sci-fi and other genres because they know they will encounter no unhappiness, no depression, no angst, no killings, no family conflict, etc.
Most workers in the gig economy have no minimum wage, no unemployment benefits, no paid sick days, no pensions, and even no maximum or minimum working hours.
The truth was that Quichotte had almost no friends anymore—no social group, no cohort, no posse, no real pals—having long ago abandoned the social whirl.
Almost too many to list: no crippling hangovers, no unspeakably terrible 3 AM decisions, no missed flights, no hotel room misery, no 43 AM teeth grinding insomnia.
No. No. No. No. No, because these kinds of features take a long time to do, but the individual magazines tend to get made the month of.
The fear of having no job, no savings, no investments and no option to retire early kept me motivated.
No protracted negotiations, no Parliamentary hand-wringing, no Article 50, no blaming one campaign for not having a plan.
Peru came in at No. 3, Chile at No. 5, Brazil at No. 6 and Argentina at No. 7.
No collusion -- and the facts that led our great attorney general to determine no obstruction, no collusion, no obstruction.
There's no app support, no touchscreen, no scroll wheel, and no heart rate or motion sensors hidden away inside.
Holes in the investigation, including "no body, no autopsy, no forensics," meant the prosecution had no case, he said.
"There was no documents, no emails, no phone calls, no nothing," Lowell said, adding that prosecutors even "invented witnesses."
No. 1 Virginia will face No. 10 Syracuse, and No. 1 North Carolina will face No. 843 Notre Dame.
A guide joins each group and provides strict instructions: no talking, no phones, no bags, no touching the art.
No one there knew who he was—he had no credentials, held no academic position, and had no appointment.
"They showed no remorse, no apologies, not anything, no 'sorry for your loss,' no condolences," Bush told the outlet.
To his surprise, there appeared to be no record of William Powell—no phone number, no address, no mortgage.
Of course there was no backstage, no toilet, but also no running water, and, the most unique: no law.
"No, no, no" German ambassador says there's no feud between President Trump, Chancellor Merkel over NATO commitments https://t.
But the one thing we have done: we have no testing, no missiles going up, no rockets, no testing.
Not just Ryanair, but no-frills Ryanair: no priority boarding, no checked baggage and no option to choose seating.
"There's no pill, there's no spray, no drop, no puff [that] can completely solve this problem," Sulak told Gupta.
There's been no rust, no warping, no shape shifting, and no loose screws since I got it in 2015.
This could even include the distraction of your mind — commit to no daydreaming, no emails, no phone, no Netflix.
It's just that now he has no vehicle, no staff, no platform, and no major donors funding his ambitions.
There's no ripped clothing, no DNA, no security camera footage, no witness, just that person's word against the defendant's.
There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear.
Because we all say oh, no, no, no, no government censorship, you know, that's an anathema to free speech.
" About negotiating the sexual encounter itself, Olivia from Illinois writes: Here is what you say: "No, no, no, no.
Apple says its card has no fees including no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees and no late fees.
U.C. Berkeley was No. 1, with U.C.L.A. at No. 2, U.C. Irvine, No. 8, and U.C. Davis, No. 9.
There was no run on the dollar or American treasuries, no hyperinflation, no double-dip recession, no China crash.
No one wanted to touch "The Boys in the Band" at first: no producers, no theater owners, no actors.
No discrimination, no playing favorites, no giving someone a better rate.
RA: No, I-, RA: No-, RA: No I don't think so.
There's no surprise reveal, no after-credits sequence, no champagne room.
It has no annual fee, no limits and no rotating categories.
No secret timeline checking, no tweets, no clicking the bluebird square.
" She continued, "I told him 'no, no no,' but he insisted.
"I have no sponsor, no lawyer, no court order," she said.
No debate, no debate allowed, no diversity of opinion tolerated ever.
And I'm like, no, no, no, you're not touching that bag.
There was no curse, no apocalyptic scenario, no Alexander the Great.
Does that make the music scene less——No, no, no, man.
Imagine a factory with no humans, no downtime and no errors.
She had no wardrobe budget, no style team, no glam squad.
So, no Michelle Obama, no Beyoncé, and no prime time special.
" Asked the following morning to comment, he responded: "No, no, no.
We have no diplomatic relations, no trade, no cross-cultural exchanges.
No hugging, no high five, no helping her if she tripped.
No more terror, or fear, no more nightmares, no more hiding.
I had no door, no walls, and by extension, no privacy.
No complicated makeup, no battle scars, and definitely no magical interference.
No annual fee, no late fees, no foreign transaction fees, nothing.
There are no inferences, no modeling, no assumptions based on browsing.
The bathrooms don't work — there's no gas, no lights, no water.
You know, I think I went to ... Oh, no, no, no.
FOWLER: No, no, no, that is not what leader Pelosi said.
But, Ivanka, no, no, no, she was just messing things up.
There's no combat, no experience levels, and no collectibles to find.
There are no resources, no distractions, no chance for personal improvement.
Here, you'll find no bullshit, no calorie counts, and no spritzers.
There was no rally, no cause that united us, no legislation.
There was no running water, no electricity and no sewage system.
The group chanted "no justice, no peace" and "no racist police."
No client, no commission, "no site, "Oh, it's just an idea.
That was it: No press release, no white paper, no FAQ.
No Tyrannosaurus rex living today; no Triceratops prorsus, no Edmontosaurus annectens.
No no no, my parents are way too nice to me.
If the answer's no, the answer's no, not no with excuses.
There's no resentment, there's no anger, there's no jealousy, there's gratitude.
"NO NO NO!" she shouted, as he went to embrace her.
There were no missed sessions, no forgotten assignments, and no excuses.
There was no prevaricating; no ifs, ands, or buts; no maybes.
No conspiracy, no election-law violation, no misprision of a felony.
No secrets, no laughter, and no details of their history together.
No. No. No. Matthews is not going to do that again.
I have no loans, no dealings, and no current pending deals.
He looked around but saw no mother, no sister, no car.
There was no notification center, no Siri, and no control center.
" And he goes, "No, no, no, I mean at the convention.
But if he's not, Jay will be like, 'No, no, no.
There was no tally book, no receipt, no ledger, for me.
There are no yammering newsroom panels, no countdown clocks, no hashtags.
" As if there were no doors, no walls, no houses. "Open?
I don't remember saying a whole lot besides 'No, no, no.
And Patient No. 2500 had no connection to Patient No. 1.
There were no low blows, no head-butts, no rabbit punches.
For that reason, there is no game — no winner, no loser.
Sexual violence knows no race, no color, no gender, or class.
There were no objective norms, no establishment rules, no journalistic sanctity.
"No, no and no," Sandi Tibbetts Murphy posted on Facebook Friday.
The Malizia has no showers, no kitchen, and no air conditioning.
No flow, no rhythm, no concentrated push, either early or late.
" Trump: "No, because the report said no collusion and no obstruction.
There were no production quotas, no economic plans, no infrastructure projects.
No legislation, no votes from Congress and no presidential signings required.
No one is allowed to talk—no crying out, no sound.
No Muslim Syrians, no Christian Syrians: no Syrians of any kind.
You didn't really want to know what I ... No, no, no.
No calories, no artificial sweeteners, no contributions to obesity or diabetes.
There was no editing, no reshooting scenes, no swapping out sound.
And he's just like no, no, no I'm a policy guy.
No subtext, no shade, no generalizations, just I looked him up.
"No, no, no," she said before grabbing her own love handles.
Rich people are different than you and I. No, no, no.
It was simple, but severe: no tv, no computers, no phones.
She is no longer young, no longer sweet, no longer 17.
No growing older, no eating vegetables, and no becoming an adult.
That means no pain meds, no sitz bath, no breast pump.
I didn't reach out, no calls, no texts, no emails, nothing.
Hear no evil, see no evil and there is no evil.
They get "no goo, no gel, no sports drinks," he said.
So no resuscitation, no reattaching to the ventilator and no antibiotics.
" He doubled down moments later: "No bruising, no scrapes, no cuts.
No violations meant no ineligible players, and no vacating of titles.
There were no rallies, no in-person campaigning, no victory parties.
He allowed no music, no ringing phones and no idle chatter.
He scored no goals, had no assists and received no penalties.
Rules are: no bottling, no attacking the teeth, no major injuries.
No rehabilitation, no retraining in a new profession, no unemployment benefit.
There are no glib asides, no social ironies, no otherworldly respites.
Mr. Pruitt's goal is simple: No studies, no data, no rules.
There's no atmosphere on the moon, no wind and no water.
No offer, no purchase, no link to anywhere at all. pic.twitter.
No ophiolites, no blueschists, no evidence of subduction or plate tectonics.
There's no door charge, there's no bottle service, there's no food.
There are no desks, no chairs, no toilet, hardly any books.
There will be no church convention, no lobbying and no election.
There is no soup, no noodles, no tofu and few vegetables.
No. No. No. Lesbian wasn't even going to come into it.
The race has no costumes, no man-made obstacles, no music.
"There was no sympathy, no empathy, no nothing," Mr. Scannell said.
GIOVANNI RUSSONELLO No choruses, no catchphrases, no memes — Tariq Trotter, a.k.a.
No shoutouts, no "thanks for the memories," no good vibes — nothing.
There was no happy talk, no mixed messages, no self-pity.
No press, no record release show, no supporting tour or anything.
The regular Republicans have no story, no conviction and no argument.
There was no epiphany, no burst of clarity, no white smoke.
His résumé is very light — no clubs, no sports, no nothing.
Eyeson's website touts 'no downloads, no lag, no hassle' video calls.
Tables like this have no counter, no security, no itemized inventory.
It's about saying, 'No, no, no, just go ahead and vote.
Brands No. 27 Ace Hardware No. 28 Wakefern/Shoprite No. 29.
If that was everyone's picture, you'd be like, 'No, no, no!
They have almost nothing: no electricity, no paved roads, no sewers.
Here in Hungary, you get no money, no food, no work.
Our cruise company has no water slides, no casinos, no kids.
There are no sidewalks, no streetlights, no on-street visitors' parking.
Dubai (CNN Business)No books, no whiteboards, no markers or pens.
"No, no, no," the policeman said, Beck recalled with a laugh.
It's not your fault… no, no, no, it's not your fault.
There is no Abreu, for instance, no Gurriel, Chapman, no Cespedes.
Meaning there's no glue, no special skills and no professionals required.
That night, there were no rapes, no theft, and no brawls.
There is no real governance here, no justice and no order.
There was no decoration on the outside, no roses, no arabesques.
Whether "Twin Peaks" pushed the boundaries of TV. No, no, no.
No, no, no, I'm here to serve my country every day.
There were no metaphors, no Nabokovian special effects, no authorial introspection.
It didn't have anything to do with your ... No, no, no.
"No, no, no, we're doing some business here," the president said.
"No, no, there's no need," replies a French-speaking American operator.
There was no curfew, no martial law, no stability and order.
There's no real thought, no real intellectual process, no historical memory.
But Kichijiro, he just has no knowledge, no hope, no salvation.
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If this disruption continues over the next few months, it could mean no campaign rallies; no town halls; no meet and greets at Iowa diners; no candidates eating local delicacies on a stick at a county fair; no door knocking; no slogan-emblazoned tour buses; no rowdy crowds at televised debates; no appearances at midtier sports games; no cross-country campaign planes; and no handshakes, autographs, or endless selfies.
The Trump voter hates to hear that there will be "no deal" on a Supreme Court nominee, no deal on the federal budget, no deal on taxes, no deal on trade, no deal on immigration, no deal on economic policy, no deal on health care.
Thus, no on Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, no on Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, no on CEO Reed Hastings, no on CEO Marc Benioff, no on Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield and no on Dropbox CEO Drew Houston.
Well, it's clear he's got very little left to live for by the time he flies to Minneapolis—no Madson, no Blachford, no Trail, no money, no success.
She had no family or friends here, no place to go, no money, no bank account, no credit card, and her immigration status was dependent on her husband.
Then I pointed to the liver dumplings, but she gestured as if to slap my hand and shook her head, with that "no, no, no, no-no" again.
Federer, ranked No. 3, is sidelined along with No. 1 Andy Murray, No. 4 Stan Wawrinka, No. 5 Novak Djokovic and No. 6 Marin Cilic, the defending champion.
"When you say 'no,' it means no, but when there is no 'yes,' that is also a no," she explains.
"No, no, no, no, it does not get rid of insurance," she said of her support for Medicare for All.
There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, and no room for fear.
Facebook is No. 21 and its Messenger app is No. 40.13, Instagram is No. 240.1 and WhatsApp is No. 227.7.
The building doesn't remotely resemble a movie theater — no ticket window, no lights, no Art Deco design elements, no posters.
No long checkout lines, no price or brand comparisons, no coupons or rewards programs, and no carrying heavy grocery bags.
In his videos, there are no red-yarn conspiracies, no cats taking bubble baths, no unboxing videos, no partisan rants.
Without Heroes, no U2, no Coldplay, no Arcade Fire, no blessed and absurd grandeur to get us through the prosaic.
No running, no pictures, no laying down on the grass and certainly no boorish or ill-timed comments are tolerated.
"I have no credit card, no money, no cellphone — I felt like I had no choice," she told 20/20.
There's no more doubting it, no more excusing it, no more defending it, no more trying to explain it away.
Other examples include Patrick Kane's No. 226, Vladimir Tarasenko's No. 2137, Evgeny Kuznetsov's No. 173, and Jesse Puljujarvi's No. 217.
There are no mounds of uncollected garbage, no unpaid police officers, no shuttered ministries, no public trains or buses halted.
"Our golden rules are no incest—we allow stepbrother, stepsister—no beastiality, no minors whatsoever, and no nonconsent," she says.
These people lived in a lab for for 37 days with no windows, no clocks, no phones, and no internet.
Unlike in the Gebhardt case, there was no physical evidence from Moore's property -- no knife, no thick chain, no clothing.
"We have no, no, no, no interest whatsoever in protecting anyone who has done harm to an ally," Biden said.
In other women's matches, No. 7 seed Elina Svitolina, No. 15 Elise Mertens, No. 19 Anastasija Sevastova and No. 23.
There is no retirement, no pension, no job security of any kind, no reverence or respect paid to our elders.
Here's the rule change I propose: No more women refs, no women announcers, no women beer venders, no women anything.
Because the American creed of denial — "I'm not a racist" — knows no political parties, no ideologies, no colors, no regions.
I have no dealer networks, I have no dealer contracts, I have no service contracts, I have no I.T. contracts.
These children had nothing — no books, no toys, no games, and no sense of what their futures might look like.
Nobody can move from there, and every activity has been suspended: no schools, no meetings, no carnival, no public events.
But this time it's just the four of them in a van — no roadies, no trucks, no buses, no drama.
Many deported migrants fall into a vacuum when they return, with no connections, no work history, no home, no papers.
She used to chant under her breath when she ran, No halftimes , no time-outs; no halftimes , no time-outs .
The Flash died in Issue No. 8003, not No. 2800, and Supergirl died in Issue No. 2698, not No. 24637.
There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence and no room for fear.
Sarah was not putting up the fight that was written in the scene and I'm like no, no, no, no.
If you die there's no question in front of you, no interpreter between you and God, no immigration, no Australia.
Other states bringing up the rear are No. 46 Maine, No. 47 Alaska, No. 48 Mississippi and No. 49 Hawaii.
He left prison with no money, no relatives who could help him financially, no official identification and no career experience.
As such, an interesting format to consider would be no moderator, no panelists, no studio audience and no prepared questions.
We have no revenue targets, no financial goals other than to be profitable, and no growth goals, no user growth.
Read the other chaptersChapter 1: No peace Chapter 2: No rescue Chapter 3: No refuge Chapter 4: No certain future
No face paint, no green hair, no twisted smile from behind a painted maniacal clown grin, no terrible facial tattoos.
There's no alcohol, no meat, no DJs, and no drugs (although "sacred plants" like weed seem to be an exception).
No women meant no food on the table, no mysteriously emptied trashcans, no one to change diapers or type letters.
"We have to think of this as societal collapse: no power, no water, no food, no nothing," the official said.
That means no heart-rate monitor, no speaker, no LTE, no GPS, no barometer and no NFC support either (so you can't use it to make payments, which is one of the marquee features of Wear 2.0).
Since this is a 19th-century survey, it stops short of what we call modern times: no Dreyfus Affair, no World Wars I and II, no Soviet Union, no Nazi Germany, no Holocaust, no State of Israel.
One of the few festivals to try tackle this effectively is Afropunk (which came to London for the first time last year)—fair enough, its "No Sexism, No Racism, No Ableism, No Ageism, No Homophobia, No Fatphobia, No Transphobia, No Hatefulness" mission statement is printed on 30-foot banners and hoisted above the stages.
Others drew on surprising sources: an audio clip from Cecelia Condit's art piece " Possibly in Michigan ," from 1983, went viral under the track label "oh no no no no no no no no silly" after a sixteen-year-old found the film on a list of "creepy videos" that had been posted on YouTube.
There are no Hispanic people in leadership, no black and no multiracial.
There is no manager here, no booking agencies, and no endorsement deals.
In that job there are no agents, no publicists, no media training.
And, yet he showed no humility, no regret, no contrition for that.
Single-Serving Handheld Games: No flicking between apps, no options, no distractions.
We had no political organization; we had no money; no name recognition.
Sex where there is no communication, no tenderness, no mention of love.
I think that ... I can see you going, "Uh ..." No, no, no.
No one else is allowed in the room -- no clerks, no aides.
No, there was no tailor, and sadly (if understandably) no moonwalk glitch.
No freak winter storms, no striking baggage handlers, no collapsing computer systems.
So I have no loans, no dealings, and no current pending deals.
Minnesota — No. 248 in opportunity, No. 249 for infrastructure — ranks No. 250.
No no no, that's an inaccurate read of what was going on.
It's so convenient — no cleanser, no water, no mess around the sink.
" But they were like, "No, no, no, we want you to stay.
No sensors, no Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi, but it feels goddamn glorious.
No. No, no, let's ... I'm enjoying my life as a has-been.
"I knew he had no sympathy, no empathy, no compassion," she said.
No, no, no — to Ms. Tharp, 78, that is a losing proposition.
No swimming pools, no cross-fit classes, no fun weekly field trips.
And that was where they jumped in and said 'no, no, no.
There were no walkways, no straw put down, really no consideration whatsoever.
I told him 'No, no, no, we call it Hampton water now.
" In response, the model demurs, "No, no, no, I love my husband!
That means no comedy, no bright colors, and definitely no meta references.
"There's no booze, no drugs, no girls," Rzeznik says with a laugh.
"No, no, no," Trump told the crowd to tamp down their boos.
No one saw it, no one listened to it, no one cared.
"[N]o computers means no records, no prescriptions, no results," he said.
No. KS: No. I'm giving a no on that one, too. Yeah.
"We had no light, no heat, no water," said Hepburn years later.
No pins on a map, no coordinates, no turn-by-turn directions.
No extraneous information is necessary, no option list, no follow-up questions.
That means no shellfish, no pork, no mixing of dairy and meat.
Without the van, there would be no fingerprints, no hair, no fibers.
There are no blemishes, there are no moles, there are no growths.
And then Cohen says no, no, no, and the president says check.
There will also be no chairmen, no manpower, no policemen or policewomen.
But the goal is the same: no waiting, no gasoline, no traffic.
Again there's no nuclear testing, there's no missile testing, there's no nothing.
There were no venues, no bands and no audience ready for us.
There are no cashiers, no lines, no fumbling for a credit card.
"There's no water, no electricity, no services," said the grammar school teacher.
If no laws have been broken, no FBI, no Department of Justice.
No Photoshop, #nofilter, no additives, no preservatives—all organic and all REAL!
This year though ... no police, no guns (visible, anyway) and NO arrests.
" Asked if he had to make compromises, Ramaphosa said: "No, no, no.
" I think, "No, no, no, don't tell me my heart is fine.
No government, no Congress, no Senate — nobody can guarantee you financial security.
No money, no working capital, no raw material supplies, people on strike.
"We had no collusion, no obstruction, we had no nothing," Trump said.
There were first-round talents, but no no-brainer No. 1 receiver.
KS: No. No, there's no cuddle puddle going on in my house.
No retreat, no surrender and no more bad deals with the left.
There are no villains, no heroines, no triumphs that are without struggle.
No deep state, no Democrats hiding in FBI cubicles, no secret societies.
I watch no reality television, have no Facebook page, tweet no tweets.
We had no water, we had no food, we had no maps.
" And they will say, "No no no, we're just a shoelace company.
Islam had been his recovery program—no cigarettes, no booze, no narcotics.
The departure lounge has no toilets, no food and no queuing system.
Beyond that, little else ("No contouring, no highlighting, no color," Philips said).
No checking my email, no talking to my wife, no social media.
Scroll through his feed: no hot dogs, no Wonder Wheel, no boardwalk.
There are no American characters, no American themes, no particularly American sensibility.
"No family, no city, no hamlet will be left alone," he said.
"No flowers, no beads, no bouquets," Wang said in a press release.
There were no witnesses, no fingerprints and no hair or tissue samples.
There are no shops in Falter Way, no bars, no breakfast cafés.
The three strict rules include no drinking, no smoking, and no violence.
It meant no drama and no Chris Christie and no Newt Gingrich.
No colors, no symbols, no branding – nothing but Soviet-style government labels.
There is no relationship, there is no familiarity, there is no trust.
No, no, no… It's not the tropical storm hitting Thailand, either. Wait.
There are more rules, too: no intoxicants, no loud music, no sex.
It got worse in the playoffs: no goals, no assists, no points.
And then Cohen says, no, no, no, and the president says check.
There's no grand conclusion, no moment of grand revelation, and no catharsis.
Before me was nothing but ocean — no ships, no airplanes, no buildings.
And most famously: no No. 16 has beaten a No. 1. Yet.
Riosucio has no paved roads, no drinkable water, and no health infrastructure.
There were no fire alarms, no sprinklers, no emergency or exit lighting.
There is no Gmail, no Google Maps and no Google Play Store.
"No, no, no, I wasn't used to this life," Ms. Halidou said.
We have no market, no manufacturing really, no experience creating electronic labels.
There is no noise, no color, no riot of blue and white.
They have no lungs, no gills — no organs for breathing at all.
" I showed them my party face, and they said, "No, no, no!
There was no song, no album, no core material to draw on.
No more bickering, no more partisanship, no more criticism or finger-pointing.
There was no infrastructure, no power and no space appropriate to rent.
There was no Arthur Ashe Stadium, no retractable roofs, no South Campus.
There are no hospitals or patients, no sickness or injury, no healing.
"There was no worry, no fright, no kind of rush," he added.
There was ostensibly no God, no private property and no political pluralism.
"He said, 'No, no, no, we're going to do this,'" Brown said.
The united Arab position was: No recognition, no negotiation and no peace.
" So no texts, no Post-it notes, no telling yourself, "It's fine.
"No, no, no," Hultcrantz interrupted, before the translator could relay the question.
There is no self-dealing or double-dealing; no collusion, no obstruction.
There is no electricity, no water, no connection with the outside world.
Stand up, fight back!" and, "No racists, no KKK, no fascist USA!
While incarcerated, I had no bank statements, no bills, no credit history.
We had no air conditioning, no relative humidity, no controllable heat whatsoever.

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