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"regardless" Definitions
  1. paying no attention, even if the situation is bad or there are difficulties
"regardless" Synonyms
nevertheless nonetheless anyway irregardless anyhow notwithstanding anyways all the same in any case in any event for all that just the same after everything be that as it may despite everything either way still and all at any cost at any rate despite this irrespective of discounting disregarding heedless of no matter despite indifferent to in spite of not considering unconcerned about unmindful of without heed of without reference to without considering leaving aside undeterred by without regard to no matter what paying no attention to in spite in contempt in defiance in the face at any price whatever the cost whatever the price at whatever cost cost what it may no matter the cost no matter what the cost inconsiderate heedless insensitive unmindful reckless unheeding uninterested careless derelict inattentive neglectful negligent nonobservant unfeeling delinquent rash remiss blind coarse selfish ungiving thoughtless unthinking uncaring tactless apathetic discourteous uncharitable unkind mean miserly grasping greedy mercenary egocentric blasé nonchalant indifferent unconcerned carefree cool relaxed detached offhand lukewarm bored jaded unmoved weary distant distracted abstracted dreamy absent faraway oblivious daydreaming preoccupied distrait musing woolgathering dreaming ditzy lost absentminded unconscious removed irrespective ignoring whatever impartial disrespectful mindless regardless of irregardless of without consideration of without regard for ignorant incognizant insensible unaware unobservant clueless unacquainted innocent nescient unaffected uninformed unknowing unsuspecting unwitting impervious inconversant when although however but granted instead albeit though whereas conversely in spite of the fact that while whilst yet but then despite the fact despite the fact that More

964 Sentences With "regardless"

How to use regardless in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "regardless" and check conjugation/comparative form for "regardless". Mastering all the usages of "regardless" from sentence examples published by news publications.

I believe in equality regardless of gender, regardless of race, regardless of sexual orientation, regardless of political opinion.
Regardless of race, regardless of party, regardless of gender, regardless of where you are: what do we want our president to look like?
"He knows how to pitch the ninth inning regardless of the situation, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of conditions," Black said.
This is true, regardless of year and regardless of party.
When are we going to get back to having human rights being heard, regardless of the color, regardless of industry, regardless of status?
Regardless, I'd be grabbing these regardless of what coast I lived on.
She advocated that everyone, regardless of gender, regardless of income, was worth investigating.
"Every child has a right to a quality K-12 education, regardless of your race, regardless of your income, and regardless of your zip code," Sanders said.
Regardless of his sentence, regardless of his early release, she won because she survived.
Most researchers believe that regardless of the country, regardless of the culture, that people categorize, right?
You have to focus your attention point by point by point by point regardless of score, regardless of crowd, regardless of where you are in your pool at a given time.
" During his campaign, Mr. Reed talked about bringing about progress "regardless of neighborhood, regardless of ZIP code.
Regardless of gender, regardless of sex, and regardless of where you're from love is love and I think BRKFST plays into that idea in a fundamental way because a kink is a kink.
Because here's the thing: Despite the fact that countless studies have shown that it happens, regardless of industry, regardless of education, regardless of income level, there are still people who say it doesn't.
"Every child has a right to a quality K-12 education, regardless of your race, regardless of your income, and regardless of your zip code," Sanders said in a statement on the proposal.
Regardless of what phase of life we're in, regardless of your career and of your relationship, telling Uproxx.
Wade, people will vote for them, regardless of what they say in other areas, regardless of how ridiculous.
Regardless, my work, my children, and my bills always come before any drug, regardless of how addictive it is.
This pattern endures regardless of who is telling the truth, these studies conclude, and regardless of either candidate's intentions.
"We are happy to welcome everyone here regardless of their ethnic background and faith, regardless of their gender," he said.
Meanwhile, asian faces were perceived as female, regardless of gender, and black faces were perceived as male, regardless of gender.
He's been amazing with his consistency regardless of how he feels, regardless of little nicks and bruises and everything else.
The increased risk was seen regardless of whether the soldiers had combat experience and regardless of the size of the unit.
That has always been the United States, regardless of whether the president was Republican or Democratic, and regardless of individual ambassadors.
Since irregardless means the exact same thing as regardless, it's best to avoid this debate altogether by just sticking with regardless.
Regardless of motivations, regardless of sincerity, the alt-right's white supremacist cheerleading has emerged as a key factor in the presidential election.
Regardless of whether that unborn child is unwanted, and regardless of whether that criminal is hated by his victims, they remain persons.
And this is nonpartisan, every individual has got to care regardless of your party regardless of what you think of the president.
I was going to fire regardless of recommendation… he made a recommendation but regardless of recommendation I was going to fire Comey.
"That obviously shaped my views on the importance of insuring people regardless of their income level, regardless of their profession," she says.
Read more " _____ Ben Shapiro in The Daily Wire: "Good policy is good regardless of timing; bad policy is bad regardless of timing.
Most of the people polled, regardless of race, regardless of gender, believed that Clarence Thomas should be confirmed for the Supreme Court.
"Regardless of the nationality, ISIS will be defeated, and our goal is to defeat them, regardless of where you come from," Col.
Now regardless of who was nominated, regardless of what their qualifications, regardless of their track record, even an adherence to the U.S. Constitution, the foundation of our laws in this, of course, republic that we live in, a constitutional republic.
Regardless of how much it was selling or regardless of how many shades we added to it, it didn't erase how it started.
Airplane food is typically something that we can all agree on, because we all know that regardless of the airline, regardless of the cuisine, and regardless of whether you choose chicken or pasta, it will always taste like bland, preservative-laden sadness.
In contrast, conservatives expressed relatively low levels of sympathy for the poor regardless of race and regardless of whether they read about white privilege.
It will never side with Trump in court, regardless of how abusive congressional committees may become and regardless of how many rights are violated.
Since 85033, every president, regardless of party, has opposed settlements, and every Congress, regardless of which party was in control, has supported this position.
In the heat of battle, soldiers are often ordered to do things that are unspeakable in civil society: kill enemy soldiers, regardless of their age; toss grenades into houses, regardless of whether there are noncombatants inside; burn down villages, regardless of loss of life.
Regardless of where they are, regardless of how much light would be present, they're always lit so that half of their face is in shadow.
"We are in this whole new world where clean energy makes sense regardless of your politics and regardless of the discussion around climate," Holland said.
Under this system, regardless of your politics, some of your money goes to the campaign coffers of all participating candidates regardless of their political party.
"Turk Telekom has invested in every single area in Turkey regardless of the region, regardless of the geographical conditions," he said at a news conference.
I have contended from the beginning that impeachment was important regardless of Republican support, regardless of the chances of conviction and removal in the Senate.
"There is a growing share of people, regardless of the data set and regardless of the methodology used, who are ill prepared for retirement," Weller said.
"It's as if the court was fulfilling a mission to prosecute Muslims regardless of the evidence against them and regardless of rule of law," Smith said.
Regardless of where one stands on immigration, we should all agree that there is a social value in protecting children, regardless of nationality or immigration status.
Yet, what all displaced people have most in common, regardless of where we come from, regardless if we are "official" refugees or "illegal" immigrants, is our trauma.
Most Americans, 68 percent, regardless of party affiliation, say that at least one remaining White House hopeful would make a good president regardless of party affiliation, however.
"I did universal health-care when I was mayor — fully implemented, regardless of pre-existing condition, ability to pay, and regardless of your immigration status," he said.
"Regardless of how he personally feels, regardless of what the supposed teachings of the Catholic Church are, I don't think the bishop represents Rhode Island Catholics," Lazzerini said.
Weight-lifting is about movement and building good, fundamental strength in ways that everyone can use — regardless of age or field, and regardless of your long-term goals.
"Now that it's over, I pledge to be a member of Congress for this entire district regardless of political party, regardless of who you voted for," he added.
Regardless of what obstacles come before me, regardless of what hatred or ignorance or discrimination I face, I will be fine, because I have love on my side.
Regardless of investment strategy and regardless of gender, this formula for reaching financial independence is one that everyone should follow: Working with a financial advisor can demystify the process.
"The CDC accepts those reports regardless of the seriousness of a health event and regardless of whether we think the vaccine caused the adverse event or not," Shimabukuro said.
Regardless, the haphazard collection of countries with the best cybersecurity chops suggests that best practices are within reach regardless a country's financial resources, population size, or any other variable.
"Regardless of how they tell us, regardless of how they do it, there's still a rise in the cost of capital, there's still a drain of liquidity," he said.
It condemns the entire nation of Israel and shuns all of its considerable human and material capital, including academics, regardless of political orientation, and technology, regardless of positive utility.
A. Mental toughness, to me, is your ability to keep doing what you're supposed to be doing regardless of a situation, regardless of whether you're physically or mentally fatigued.
Anti-abortion politicians across the country want to mandate burial or cremation services for fetuses—regardless of gestational age, and regardless of whether they're the result of abortion or miscarriage.
A populist tone rooted in the principles of the Constitution, rooted in the principles of the Bill of Rights, rooted in respect for everyone regardless of color, regardless of anything.
"Regardless of their abilities, regardless of their illnesses, unless it is diagnosed and expected, you really just don't think your child is going to pass away before you," Bolen said.
"Regardless of what obstacles come before me, regardless of what hatred or ignorance or discrimination I face, I will be fine, because I have love on my side," Grimm writes.
"Regardless of what your beliefs about marriage are, or regardless of what your neighbor might believe about marriage, neither you nor your neighbor should ever be discriminated against," Lee said.
"Regardless of what her husband says or has done and regardless of how he perceives women's roles, she's making an unspoken statement of her own feminism," Mr. Sferrazza Anthony said.
But when people put politics aside and put people first, you can get over 60 percent of people to agree on something — regardless of partisanship, regardless of their walk of life.
Ideology is present when the pro-choice person instantly dislikes and insults someone who is pro-life, regardless of their reasons and regardless of what else they may have in common.
Conservatives don't want to see ideas evaluated on their merits, regardless of politics; they want ideas convenient to their side to receive (at least) equal time regardless of their intellectual quality.
One million subscribers over five days is an impressive feat regardless of platform, and it's a strong testament to Blevins' popularity and the strength of his personal brand regardless of platform.
Given that retracement, "there's definitely some resistance here we're struggling against regardless of the China news and regardless if there's new writedowns or new guidance to be moved lower," Baruch said.
" Regardless of what you think of the "Bollea v.
Regardless -- Barr never said "unlawful spying" occurred against Trump.
We ask questions -- regardless of someone's title or rank.
Regardless, viewers roared — and shared her video — with approval.
The results were historic — regardless of the win column.
" Grewal proceeded with legal action regardless. "Terrorists. Felons. Fugitives.
Regardless, as this year's event draws near – on Sept.
" Regardless, Frese said Lockheed is talking with certain "U.
Regardless of what the results are — even last night.
" Mr. Tripp eventually responded, "This applies regardless of time.
I hope and I pray that our new President will lead in ways that earn him the legitimacy every president needs, regardless of the law, regardless of the result of an election.
Regardless, both the news media and gun owners commonly refer to hundreds of different variants based on the initial Armalite design simply as "AR-15s," regardless of a design's origins or particulars.
" The Senate hopeful concludes her op-ed by saying that the U.S. "deserves leaders who take this responsibility seriously, regardless of political party and regardless of who sits in the Oval Office.
These are the stories that have shaped me, that join me to the mass of people who, regardless of our station in life, regardless of educational attainment and achievement, have felt this.
"These requirements apply to those who offer and sell securities in the United States, regardless whether the issuing entity is a traditional company or a decentralized autonomous organization, regardless whether those securities are purchased using U.S. dollars or virtual currencies, and regardless whether they are distributed in certificated form or through distributed ledger Technology," the SEC wrote.
"We tried to run a campaign that was inclusive from the beginning regardless of political affiliation, regardless or ideology under the banner of change," Mello said Tuesday night, according to The Associated Press.
But regardless of where you are in the world, you can always take things away from reading a cookbook that's about a specific food culture, regardless of whether it's Thai, Nordic, or French.
In this pursuit, I share a bond with millions of my fellow immigrants — regardless of whether we're naturalized citizens, green-card holders, visa holders or undocumented; regardless of our race, culture or religion.
"It shouldn't be an issue regardless of who is in the White House and regardless of who controls the Congress," said Alan Krueger, former chairman of President Barack Obama's Council of Economic Advisers.
Anyone can access the playlist, regardless of whether they're driving.
"I was going to take that one regardless," Anthony said.
That's a pretty good birthday party, regardless of your age.
Regardless of what really happened, the conflict soon escalated dramatically.
Regardless, TV personalities like Stephen Colbert couldn't help but speculate.
Regardless, the secret spell is safe, but Sabrina is not.
Regardless, you can't hate on the dedication of these stans.
But regardless of his intent, the effects of behavior matter.
You're alone, regardless of who else is in the room.
Regardless of faith, in fighting against the scourge of terrorism.
Regardless, the cars will make awesome additions to his collection.
Regardless, the reality is that trade wars are mutually destructive.
Regardless of the application's outcome, Omar is a popular pussycat.
Regardless, we'll continue to monitor the landing and update accordingly.
He takes what he wants, regardless of who gets hurt.
Regardless, whatever data Twitter shared with reporters was not complete.
Regardless, the leaders of this struggling village sound absolutely thrilled.
Wells will be marching on Saturday, regardless of the controversies.
Regardless, her husband Avila said he's more confident this time.
But there was no difference, regardless of the light's direction.
These differences were the same regardless of the child's gender.
Regardless of what happens, it should be an exciting day.
But he expects the volume of exports to grow regardless.
We're all human regardless of age, race, religion, wealth, job.
"which is okay" Regardless, fans were ready to sing along.
Making the story fit a bias regardless of the facts.
Regardless, it's definitely their last show with a beer sponsor.
Regardless, we're happy to be on this journey with you.
You'll be welcomed regardless, because that's how black people are.
Regardless, Trump's Twitter fingers are probably tingling as we speak.
He said regardless, he felt the stunt was good publicity.
" Regardless, DeGeneres told the outlet it was "scary as hell.
Regardless of the reason for the change, it definitely slays.
Regardless of the occasion, this is simply a good outfit.
Regardless, Trump has already been nominated by two Norwegian lawmakers.
Aesthetic judgements, regardless of trends or received wisdom, are subjective.
Being frugal with resources is worthwhile regardless of climate change.
Regardless of what Scott held, protesters still flooded the streets.
Regardless, Republicans appear adamant about showing their majority on immigration.
Regardless of the song's politics, its original intent was gratitude.
Regardless of schedules (busy or bored) and living situations (S.
Regardless, the film is set before the events of Alien.
Regardless of any response, I am done with you, Keurig.
Regardless, in bitcoin, things are not always as they appear.
Lam's decision, regardless of its legality, sparked furor among protesters.
Regardless, one party seems more responsive to the industry's demands.
Regardless, Neeley said she informed the agencies on her own.
Still, all Americans, regardless of age, are feeling the squeeze.
Regardless, it has speakers and will respond to voice commands.
A future president can move to reverse the actions regardless.
They must cover everyone, regardless of how sick they are.
Regardless, I think the idea behind Yukimaru is to dream.
Regardless of where you sit, marketing is a team sport.
This is true regardless of the final results in California.
Regardless, your friends at Equity are glad to see you.
Regardless, there could be a big opportunity here for Bellwether.
Regardless, interest in who was responsible and why remains potent.
Regardless, the full unveiling of the Revero is on Sept.
"And we are confident in a victory next week regardless."
Regardless of the consequences, it's what has to be done.
But regardless, it's almost definitely going to be worth watching.
Regardless, Del Taco says it will vigorously fight the allegations.
Stalin signed the convention but carried on slaughtering people regardless.
Young people are less likely to vote regardless of background.
So that's the trend, that's where things are going regardless.
Regardless, the work abroad started more than five years ago.
This is all frightening and awful regardless of the source.
Regardless, Gosling is a mainstay — in Hollywood and our hearts.
The user should be able watch what she wants, regardless.
The particles' spin values snapped into place, completely flipping regardless.
Regardless of fatigue, Harden needs to keep attacking the basket.
And we are confident in a victory next week, regardless.
Regardless, Mr. Unsworth and his reputation are no worse off.
"It's a good thing regardless of what your circumstances are."
Regardless of the reason, embrace the journey and share it.
"Cryptocurrency will survive regardless of any one country," he said.
Regardless, Kalanick is not exiting stage left, he's sticking around.
"[Boys] gon' like you regardless," she advises her teenage self.
Young people, it turns out, are underrepresented regardless of generation.
The Sony a21 snaps quickly into place regardless of subject.
And i think that's going to continue regardless of China.
The song is heartbreaking and powerful, regardless of its subject.
Regardless, the messy picture here is probably an appropriate one.
Regardless, the crew pays the price for their casual ignorance.
Regardless, AgileBits recommends users change their password if this happens.
But, regardless, there's clearly no shame in Sarah's repeat game.
Regardless, someone is going to probably ask at some point.
Regardless, it's good news for fans of Jessica Jones worldwide.
Regardless, this deal should be good news for Big Blue.
"I was going to fire regardless of recommendation," Trump claimed.
Regardless, Go will likely remain an alien concept for many.
Regardless, if you get a chance, go for the experience.
Regardless, Mr. Robot's premiere peaks more often than it drags.
Likely women voters support Clinton regardless of their education level.
Regardless, there are many great WordPress hosting services out there.
Regardless of the exact circumstances, protests have rocked the city.
Regardless, it's still just a marketing stunt, and it worked. 
Regardless, the president has been unable to receive Congressional funding.
Regardless of her dog's comedic pose, her "lewk" was achieved.
Still doesn't explain what thisðŸ'º is, but pretty fun regardless.
Regardless, investors kept coming and giving money to the company.
The original Act protected species regardless of the economic considerations.
Regardless ... there are still 11 shows left on the tour.
Everyone loves a good sob story, regardless of political persuasion.
And I accomplished that, regardless of who doesn't believe me.
Regardless of where you live in America, you should vote.
Regardless of what shape it takes, iMessage integration seems obvious.
Regardless of motive, autonomy will be a benefit for everyone.
Regardless of your purchase, both have that sweet Prime shipping.
The drug itself is protective against overdose and relapse, regardless.
Regardless, it's clear that Amazon will know what you're buying.
A majority of people, regardless of age, flunked the quiz.
Regardless, you really should start saving some money for retirement.
We welcome everybody, regardless of religion, race or sexual orientation.
"Regardless of what's happening, this price is unjustified," he said.
But regardless, plant diversity isn't proven to increase carbon absorption.
Regardless, it's impressive and it being an option has value.
Regardless of how much effort you think Democrats should put
And frankly we should be overhauling the clearance process regardless.
Regardless of which one you prefer, it's a close contest.
Regardless of the accolades that have been and will continue
Regardless, he was scratched from Tuesday's start against the Yankees.
Regardless of budget considerations, Medicaid's restrictions are illegal, Waters argues.
Regardless, the president has wide power to grant security clearances.
Regardless, Viola seems to have already captured her dad's heart.
Complaints are later posted online, regardless of a company's response.
" Regardless, Walmart said that it will keep "clear majority ownership.
That number won't change, regardless of rain, sleet, or snow.
But Levin will profit regardless of how it turns out.
Though, employers may continue to underestimate their prior compensation, regardless.
Regardless, everyone was well aware this was clearly a trap.
Regardless, it's promising to see feminist messaging get more mainstream.
Another 928 calories (according to the menu), but delicious regardless.
Regardless, the appeals court said, Ganek's office was fair game.
"Oh, I was gonna fire regardless of recommendation," he added.
This is difficult for all administrations regardless of political party.
Regardless, the ritual's Facebook page spells things out pretty well.
Regardless, Vanity Fair seems to be coming out on top.
Regardless, the Mars is still a weird, fun, goofy gadget.
Regardless, it's easy to fear you could make a mistake.
" Trump: "Regardless of recommendation, I was going to fire Comey.
Regardless: the risk for the markets are to the downside.
Regardless, Tan considers his role on the show a win.
It's beneficial regardless of what the mind wants to say.
Regardless, Teton's horseback riding hobby makes for some great photos.
"This is a security issue regardless of intent," Castellucci wrote.
Regardless of whatever happens, to me that was super fun.
Regardless, those who study the disease are watching it closely.
Regardless, they acknowledged residual effects may have altered the findings.
Regardless, Aaron tells us he just wants to move on.
Regardless of who is fighting, McGregor is less than pleased.
Regardless, McEnroe stood by his patently offensive and annoying statement.
Regardless, wear this and no one will fuck with you.
But regardless of recommendation, I was going to fire Comey.
If this exists, you need to know about it regardless.
We are all good, regardless of our shape or heritage.
The findings hold regardless of how you measure these things.
I treat them all the same, regardless of their prognosis.
It's likely here to stay, regardless of the bottom line.
Oh, I was going to fire regardless of [Rosenstein's] recommendation.
Specifically you, NTP, regardless of what happens with your husband.
Regardless of the motivation, they wanted him in the game.
That's a good look, regardless of how good it looks.
Regardless, I hold no power over that being a reality.
Her tax hikes would hit every American, regardless of income.
I know they'll have the confidence to do it regardless.
Regardless, there's been one ironic silver lining in this story.
Regardless, these new tools aren't driving users away from email.
Regardless of the mix of reasons -- personal conviction, politics etc.
Regardless, their YouTube channel is gold, so check it out.
"I probably would have had the operation regardless," he said.
Regardless, they say Kelly threatens the agenda Trump ran on.
Regardless, Democrats have some reason for optimism from the results.
Aid is fixed, regardless of whatever else is going on.
But the U.S. forged ahead with the new duties regardless.
They're able to deliver content regardless what platform you use.
All communities, regardless of race, are impacted by these problems.
And we are confident in a victory next week regardless.
Regardless of who wins the election, the people should win.
Regardless, people seem to be on board with the idea.
The Vessel is open regardless of rain or bad weather.
Regardless, concern about the extension has been rising among employees.
Regardless of the hype, lots o' famous folks stopped by.
Mr. Christie's time as governor is nearing an end, regardless.
But a hack in this space is a concern, regardless.
Regardless of their origins, they all enter the same system.
But regardless, he feels "safe and confident" about the race.
Regardless of age, there's always the risk of technology addiction.
These armed children, regardless of the occasional smile, look menacing.
Having the summit is a success, regardless of the results.
Win or lose, the public debate had these effects regardless.
Anyone, regardless of race or background, can become a zombie.
The movie stinks, regardless of what she's doing in it.
How much this weakens our own gender, regardless of partisanship.
The men performed the same regardless of what they wore.
And, regardless of merit, Shiller says it's still going on.
Regardless of who you are, do not do this. Ever.
But regardless of how we got here, here we are!
Regardless, we will keep after it because we have to.
Regardless, these independent shops aren't trained to fix everything, either.
The issue is likely to reach the Supreme Court regardless.
Liberians living abroad, regardless of their ethnicity or warring faction.
Regardless of his enemy, the main event was McEnroe vs.
These two steps were helpful regardless of age, Wendel said.
Regardless, I heard a decided murmur go through the crowd.
But Burwell said "delayed implementation" would wreck the marketplaces, regardless.
MedPAC's recommendations, however, slash expenditures regardless of the patient impact.
I love marijuana, regardless of whether I'm studying or not.
But regardless, it will help you live to a hundred.
Regardless, these accounts violate the terms of use of Facebook.
Transparency may be coming regardless of what deals are made.
All of our politicians are corrupt regardless of their party.
That flexibility seems to be true regardless of price. Mrs.
First, everyone supports an open Internet regardless of political affiliation.
Regardless, please don't throw your money away on this site.
Biya has condemned "acts of violence," regardless of their sources.
Regardless, Torres left early and the game tipped toward Barcelona.
Regardless of the subject, each is packed with microscopic consideration.
Regardless of Falwell's personal theology, his political decisions remain clear.
Love your children regardless of what gender they identify as.
TRUMP: Oh, I was going to fire regardless of recommendation.
Regardless, the big question always remained: was Wayne any good?
Regardless, the phone will be a breakthrough and a novelty.
Regardless of gender or age, Larry is who you are.
Regardless of language, culture, immigration status, you belong to Framingham.
Regardless, this is a great pin from a great shop.
Regardless of where we stand, Hillary is such an icon.
Regardless, everyone I spoke to was buoyant after the roundtable.
But it doesn't matter, the tears fit the circumstances regardless.
Regardless, it's clear that Hulu is continuing to redefine itself.
"You win, you win, regardless of sex," Wilkins told me.
Regardless, it's going to be on all my 2016 playlists.
Communication is so important though, regardless of who it is.
Just be true to yourself regardless of your hair style.
Regardless of who Arizona signs, Edmonds will be the workhorse.
Experts, however, say changes are afoot regardless of the semantics.
"And that's regardless of Miri," a colleague of his interjected.
Regardless, they plan to keep playing "This Land" next season.
Monday through Friday, regardless of whether they are turned off.
Elon tweets: Would the window have cracked regardless of order?
Many players now use goggles, regardless of what Kershaw thinks.
Regardless, until Democrats win more elections, it's a hypothetical concern.
Regardless, this is a man whose brand is absurdly strong.
And regardless of what happens in June Medical Services v.
Challenge yourself to do more regardless of whether you succeed.
Regardless, none of these products are safe for our youth.
Real leaders stand for their values regardless of the politics.
There are many meaningful tasks that must be done regardless.
For Aspen Dental patients, Invisalign costs $3,999, regardless of diagnosis.
There any voter can cast a ballot, regardless of geography.
Wouldn't you do that regardless of whom she was dating?
Regardless, once the rice is cooked, the dish isn't finished.
Regardless, here's what we got through this week: Listen here!
Regardless, the effect of the alcohol ban has been pronounced.
Eighteen countries grant prisoners the vote regardless of their offense.
But the rest of the league will be watching regardless.
This would be dangerous regardless of Mr. Trump's legal shortcomings.
Clearly his mind was already set regardless of any testimony.
Plus I like comedies in general, regardless of their genre.
Regardless, the indictments have put the president on the defensive.
Regardless, the number represents a substantial jump from previous years.
And it shouldn't be acceptable -- regardless of your partisan views.
But plenty of students have a hard time paying, regardless.
Regardless, the Bryan case has already spurred forensic science reform.
Never before have all Americans, regardless of income, gotten checks.
Regardless, be sure your podcast is discoverable on those platforms.
Regardless of what that means, I don't think it's true.
Just 41% of moderates, regardless of party, said the same.
Regardless of speed, most of us are not that original.
And many of those come into play regardless of geography.
Regardless, the messy picture here is probably an appropriate one.
Regardless of age, size or shape, we CAN be healthy!
Regardless of the official ruling, the internet has remained divided.
Regardless, the argument implies a staggering expansion of presidential authority.
I'm constantly filled with doubt, regardless of what I've accomplished.
Regardless, addressing them can inform your actions for the better.
Outsiders thought we were freaks regardless of what we did.
Regardless of party, such proceedings negate important means to deliberation.
Regardless, Europcar has issued a refund for the extra insurance.
Regardless, there aren't nearly enough of those to meet demand.
Regardless, overseas investors also appeared inspired by the trade data.
Regardless, there's a trend towards more government influence on wages.
That's good to remember regardless of whom you're talking to.
Regardless of political affiliation, Latinos must support the impeachment inquiry.
These systems produce patterns that usually repeat, regardless of context.
They permit the dumping of rubbish over the side, regardless.■
Eloquent people sound smart, regardless of how intelligent they are.
Regardless, it remained clear at 10x zoom and 30x zoom.
Regardless, each creature has an entire history attached to them.
But regardless of the outcome, one conclusion has become unavoidable.
Regardless, she sent it with the intention of having fun.
"This is regardless of where people travel," Dr. Hyle said.
Regardless, people are allowed to vote the way they want.
She's also clever and kind, regardless of her perilous circumstances.
Regardless, unmanned aircraft could be potentially vulnerable to enemy defenses.
The Islamic State is in retreat regardless of Mr. Trump.
Regardless, we're all in need of some good charging accessories.
Regardless, Trump's still the President and will continue to be.
Couture, it seems, takes all forms — regardless of the rules.
The silicone is a dust magnet regardless of the color.
It can lead us to make judgments regardless of facts.
Regardless of preference, belonging is a human need for everyone.
But Coffman's discharge petition is unlikely to go anywhere regardless.
Regardless, it makes for good lore and a cautionary tale.
Regardless of gender, everyone has a different relationship with money.
"I think our base is energized, regardless," the official said.
Yet regardless of who's doing the guessing, I suspect it
Every Senator, regardless of party, should ask themselves that question.
Regardless, the wonder of eggnog remains in its bizarre decadence.
Democrats generally vote against rules, regardless of the underlying legislation.
Regardless, some student activists are seeing it as a victory.
Regardless, followers sometimes still tag her in customer service complaints.
Hate clicks still pull in money, regardless of their intention.
Regardless, the Lenovo Smart Display 7 delivers on its promises.
Regardless of her status as a longtime Washington insider, Mrs.
And tech could keep gaining ground in the city regardless.
Regardless, flying right at the defenders was no easy task.
Regardless of the outcome, much of the attention on Nov.
Regardless, it would likely be up to Congress to act.
Regardless of City Hall's response, our independent investigation will continue.
Women require access regardless of where they live or work.
Regardless, Zuckerberg's (now frequent) apologies and missteps are getting old.
Samberg: Regardless, he wasn't there, and you snooze, you lose.
The mainstream Syrian opposition may end up losing out regardless.
Regardless of its apparent popularity, PokéPorn isn't without its controversies.
Regardless of which Republican wins, he won't come out unscathed.
Almost everyone, regardless of gender, charges for their empath services.
"We're going to defend all of our people regardless of where they come from, regardless of their immigration status," New York mayor Bill de Blasio told media outlets after the executive order was signed.
Avenatti told reporters after the hearing that he wanted to make sure that the evidence seized from Cohen were secured, regardless of who reviewed them and regardless of who was allowed to see them.
"Regardless of the political party, regardless of the administration, ... there is no other alternative to make Pemex successful," Zepeda said, adding Pemex "will keep deteriorating" if it did not raise capital in the market.
Regardless of how Brexit affects us, and regardless of what Nicola Sturgeon and chums try to enact, just remember: Suvi Anwar is cast-iron proof that it all ends up alright in the end.
They also have little incentive to respond to the labor market, since they often get the same subsidies from the state regardless of whether students complete any credential and regardless of what they study.
A Teva spokeswoman said the company is committed to increasing access to Ajovy regardless of formulary decisions and is still offering discounts that allow patients to pay nothing in some cases, regardless of insurance.
For instance, the study points out that women in general leave the STEM workforce at a higher rate than men, regardless of whether they are parents and regardless of measurable performance levels or ability.
"We're going to defend all of our people regardless of where they come from, regardless of their immigration status," Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York said at a news conference with other city officials.
That's because regardless of how good affirmative consent is as a practice, and regardless of how deeply affected Grace was by her night with Ansari, affirmative consent is a really bad standard for levying punishment.
This is regardless of whether they're currently in employment or not.
Regardless of one's politics, there's a need for balance on SCOTUS.
Not in 1D anymore, but hey, let's enumerate his exes regardless.
Regardless, Duterte sold himself as the man who cleaned up Davao.
Kim will continue to do her thing, regardless of people's opinions.
Regardless of the timing, Trump's declaration marks a radical turning point.
Regardless of validity, we're now in prime Apple rumor silly season.
Regardless, Twitter is a massive platform that is impossible to police.
But violence and airstrikes have often continued regardless of those declarations.
Regardless, he's already made a difference by inspiring others to donate.
Regardless, 2013 is when the term "fatberg" first entered public consciousness.
The combination allows for treatment regardless of level of PD-L1.
Regardless, Dorsey appears to have proven himself right in some regard.
But this was an interesting eight minutes or so regardless. [TNT]
Regardless, Goodman, 66, said he was devastated by the show ending.
"That's the big question, regardless of how you move it around."
The 6.4 percent monthly move was unusually large, regardless of direction.
Regardless, time is running short for Cox to close the gap.
Regardless of the other hurdles, where you put your router matters.
Regardless, the new Kindle Oasis is there if you want it.
Regardless, I unload the dishwasher to give him a head start.
Regardless, the article had no statement or claim from any company.
Regardless, I will be attending the SF and Berekley (sic) rallies.
Regardless, this news is, indeed, a step in the right direction.
And if you prefer Android regardless, stick with official downloads only.
And if you prefer Android regardless, stick with official downloads only.
Regardless, this hopefully means we'll get an Asahd merch line ASAP.
The technology to let everyone play together regardless of system exists.
Regardless of public perception, Leikeli couldn't be happier of her upbringing.
Regardless, I'm craving either an unreasonable milkshake or a $99 steak.
Anyone, regardless of age, can be a person out of time.
These protections apply regardless of any contrary state or local laws.
He will likely forge on, regardless of the allegations against him.
It's a dreadful blow to all workers regardless of their grievance.
Work with what you've got—we love you all equally regardless
Many studies tend to favor the single class of stock regardless.
But regardless, one thing all these tiny spaces have in common?
Every American, regardless of their politics, should be outraged... 2/2.
After all, a bad leader is bad — regardless of their gender.
Regardless, we're just admiring her commitment to an outfit color palette.
Regardless, the image will remain a permanent fixture in astronomy lore.
Their commitment is to deregulation itself, regardless of context or circumstances.
Regardless of how you're feeling, it'll almost certainly cheer you up.
We both kept it clean regardless of what happened last game.
Regardless of the answer, be fearless and real about your needs.
Regardless of what the reason is, it is not your fault.
Regardless of who is in the White House, sport marches on.
Regardless of class divide, an interesting constant runs through the images.
I think it can maintain its anonymity regardless of the movie.
Interested parties would learn how to create misinformation regardless, he argued.
Regardless if I gained a few pounds back I'm still beautimess!
Regardless, there are a couple of important caveats in LeBlanc's statement.
Regardless of our identity or our ethnicity, we are all Americans.
It stays in one position, regardless of the gear you're in.
Regardless, it's Cheetos-flavored popcorn, so you really can't go wrong.
But, this is excellent regardless: This article originally appeared on
"Regardless of what they build, they're still coming in," he said.
Materials also fell, regardless of a strengthening in iron ore prices.
Regardless of their target, they dealt a blow to Mr Trump.
Regardless of the motive, this is when boundaries come into play.
Assessing the risks associated with air pollution can be difficult, regardless.
Regardless, I saw C.K. live at the beginning of the year.
Firefox Send is available now, and is available regardless of browser.
Regardless, it makes sense to me that device usage would increase.
But regardless of your occupation, daytime grogginess can influence your performance.
Regardless of the controversy, though, Rihanna definitely slayed her carnival look.
Regardless of the wait time, you will be connected with someone.
"Regardless of their body 'choices,' repercussions will follow," Dr. Mann says.
Their fuckability was the currency he wanted, regardless of their consent.
Regardless, she needed patronage, and she was successful in getting it.
Microsoft is still recommending that affected users change their passwords regardless.
Regardless of gender identity, I guess she identifies most as 'uninformed.
India's constitution guarantees equal rights to all citizens regardless of faith.
"Moms should support moms regardless of how they choose to mother."
Regardless of how much storage you have, you always want more.
Regardless, back in 2004, the company's Dutch auction was big news.
Regardless, Bass does not think a deal is anywhere in sight.
Yet the consensus is being redefined, regardless of Mr Corbyn's incompetence.
The good news is that the Spark integration will work regardless.
We do say that we did not rely on it regardless.
But regardless of the reasons, the end result is the same.
"Regardless of what you might believe, you cannot judge," Jordan said.
What if I just "fell out," regardless of who was around?
Regardless of what happened with the trade war, Sloven felt covered.
Regardless, Grande's unpredictable evolution is the gift that keeps on giving.
Regardless of the epidemic's cause, Central Appalachian miners are in trouble.
That's regardless of race, gender, sexuality, ability status and so forth.
Ok, regardless: How do you prevent weight gain from weed munchies?
Regardless of how badly you purge, that phase shouldn't last long.
Other countries have pledged to press on regardless at the Nov.
"As a competitor, you always want the ball, regardless," Jansen said.
Regardless, he didn't tweet about it, but had this message:27.
First, flatly deny everything, regardless of how conclusive the evidence looks.
And regardless of the veracity of Brown's claims, that's an issue.
But, each of those successful niches will create additional value regardless.
Regardless, Caplan is worried about the damage done by Neides' article.
Regardless, I can't wait to get into it with you all.
This last result was unexpected, but the team carried on regardless.
The ads will also be displayed regardless of ad blocker use.
" Regardless, Wilde said, "Broadway was something I always wanted to do.
Regardless, you can't get a 360-degree camera or automatic parking.
Regardless, they have specs that might make them great wireless headphones.
But that could change after the election, regardless of who wins.
They're still gonna be there, regardless of whether you tell people.
Regardless, it's great this is all out in the open now.
Spotify needs to remove The Who regardless, just to be safe.
Look: Some things matter regardless of whether they change anyone's mind.
"He's still fighting regardless and I love my dad for that."
Regardless, Republicans are fighting back with their own barrage of ads.
Regardless of their unequal merits, neither candidate is a shoo-in.
Regardless, Gal saw the move as smart, "and real," he said.
Regardless, it looks like Lovato is getting the help she needs.
Regardless, "both parties said, 'hey we should do this,'" recalled Lewin.
You know I'ma stick through this regardless of what's going on.
When you die, your assets become your estate, regardless of value.
Regardless, I felt cancer had stolen my identity of a woman.
Altmaier said the Europeans should discuss this regardless of any exemption.
But I'm here to help you regardless of what you decide.
I want men to have the same, regardless of their sexuality.
Regardless, the petition is not expected to lead to a redux.
She needs to know the people who are supporting her regardless.
Regardless, Seattle and Silicon Valley are now joined at the hip.
I think either way, regardless, I'll be ready for either opponent.
It's very cool and nice and works regardless of the weather.
Regardless, Kwiatkowski says he doesn't have any regrets about his post.
Google will not display payday loan ads regardless of the query.
Regardless, the move is certain to deepen distrust of the authorities.
But, regardless, Dr. Fleming suggests keeping the affair out of it.
Regardless of the election's outcome though, the political landscape is shifting.
Roncal says everyone should avoid translucent powder, regardless of skin tone.
Most winners, regardless of location, would be subject to federal taxes.
Regardless, most options make her a major ringer for Team Coven.
Anyone, regardless of background, can submit an application for a grant.
Regardless, an integration directly into the Watch seems easier to use.
VC partnerships simply don't turn over too often, regardless of gender.
Regardless of the truth, the messages went out in a deluge.
Regardless, we don't argue there is some "problem" with conservative Americans.
Regardless, though, it is knocking on the gates of the capital.
Regardless of time period, the Pinocchio tale is a dark one.
But it does not impose sanctions if Iran carries on regardless.
Regardless of what caused Friday's plunge, further losses are certainly expected.
Smoking is not the healthiest choice, regardless of what you're smoking.
Police cannot confirm any relationship but are searching for information regardless.
These guidelines are applicable to all booth staff, regardless of gender.
Regardless, Corinne's plans for approaching future partners is pretty damn smart.
If he's #1, #2, #3 ... regardless he'll be a good player.
Melanie is beautiful regardless of standing in the rain or not.
But regardless of the state of sexism in American politics, the
Regardless, it is indisputable that Omar did not say "evil Jews."
Not a churro fan (not sure if you exist, but regardless)?
Regardless of who had won the election, Obamacare required some fixing.
We still have a good sex life, regardless of my size.
Regardless, Mielekamp insisted that Bolt joining the team is not guaranteed.
Patients can participate in the program regardless of their income level.
"I was going to fire regardless of recommendation," Trump told NBC.
In all three cases, Hinrikus says the company generates revenue, regardless.
This has been part of our U.S. history, regardless of ethnicity.
It's about the number of shares traded, regardless of market cap.
That should be the goal for any lawmaker, regardless of party.
Regardless, some observers say there are more than taxes to consider.
He gets to fly into New Hampshire regardless of the outcome.
The report was being prepared regardless of whom won the election.
But regardless of the CEO's positive outlook, the stock still plummeted.
Regardless, Wahlberg and his agency are now donating the $2 mil.
Regardless of which president says it, I believe in us too.
Collins said she will continue to work on the issue regardless.
"I was going to fire regardless of the recommendation," Trump said.
Regardless of partisan leanings, all districts have both workers and employers.
Regardless, this new study is a great excuse to get away.
Why it matters: Regardless of the reasons, the optics look bad.
"Write your own fairytale, and, regardless of your gender, empower yourself."
Regardless, the "pause" has vexed scientists trying to explain erroneous models.
Regardless, tie votes aren't nefarious attempts to skirt the agency's mission.
Regardless, Jordyn's fallout with Kylie has only made her more popular.
Regardless, the bullishness is confined to a few, for the moment.
Regardless, it resulted in a reset password and a locked device.
But that's regardless of whether you swallow or not, Herbenick says.
Regardless of its reputation, this isn't a sound line of reasoning.
Regardless of what they did on the field, two good guys.
Apparently, we were going to get one regardless of who won.
Regardless, Trump's comments have drawn fierce criticism from our closest allies.
And with Martin's name attached, it'll probably pull in viewers regardless.
State parks and trails already remain open regardless of the shutdown.
Which is what Henry is, regardless of his waffle house skills.
Regardless, my internet friends got me and so I felt okay.
Regardless of what came to pass, we commend your quest, Britney.
Wiggins likely will keep shooting, and scoring, regardless of his efficiency.
Regardless of all that, she won't be attending the award show.
Regardless, Trump needed a campaign-altering moment, and it didn't happen.
Also, you'll match with the people you would match with regardless.
Regardless, this "bot vs bot" approach is a short-term solution.
But regardless of what I feel, this is not about me.
We meet on a weekly basis regardless of the performance schedule.
Regardless of what coast you live on, be prepared to evacuate.
Regardless of its origins, fried chicken always plays well with others.
Regardless of when these incidents happened, they are appalling and unacceptable.
Regardless of who becomes the next resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Regardless of his gregarious personality, he is not a hardline ideologue.
This technology is accessible to everyone, regardless of age or gender.
Regardless of your politics, this is a historic moment worth celebrating!
Regardless, it's a good time to be a DC Comics fan.
She stood up for what was right, regardless of popular opinion.
Everyone is a designer, regardless of their position in the business.
Regardless, and pleasantly, there is no need to rush the preparation.
"We must practice our religion, regardless of the obstacles," he said.
This bill collects a fee regardless of the sender's immigration status.
The new president would be reviewing these activities regardless, Thornberry said.
But the party may be susceptible to cranks like Blankenship regardless.
Regardless, the career arcs of Kavanaugh and Schumer are now intertwined.
He's still fighting regardless and I love my dad for that.
Regardless, neither confirmed an actual romance and nothing came of it.
Regardless of the reason, the drivetrain's output is ruthlessly well-managed.
These people continued to vote regardless of particulars of the election.
Regardless, some say the stakes are too high for government inaction.
Regardless, their priority is to prevent an acrimonious rupture with London.
Regardless, Google's actions here suggest that some boundaries shouldn't be challenged.
Regardless I refuse to conform to the mediocrity of Hillary Clinton.
Those binoculars are privilege; they are status, regardless of your class.
Sweden mandates generous parental leave for all parents, regardless of gender
Regardless, he's a solid receiver coming off of a career year.
A kind of topless nudity prevails, regardless, it seems, of age.
Regardless of my training, qualifications or dedication, I may be discharged.
Still, more money for workers is a win regardless of optics. 
Regardless, he won the second set, the third, and the title.
Bringing these profits back would be enormously costly regardless of tax.
There's beauty in that sentiment regardless of your view of God.
Twitter isn't "shadow banning" anyone, regardless of its alleged political orientation.
This is regardless of size or 'best if used by' dates.
Regardless of age, millennials are working hard to catch up financially.
In fact, the summit has one benefit, regardless of the outcome.
Regardless of the verdict, the case has rocked Menendez's political career.
Regardless, there still is a best execution obligation to customer order.
They knew it was going to happen, regardless of their support.
But regardless, they used Mueller's legal framework in making the determination.
However, reactions to the independently-funded initiative have been mixed regardless.
Workers: Offers 18 weeks of paid parental leave regardless of gender.
For this, Trump deserves lasting censure, regardless of the investigation's outcome.
I also think everybody, regardless of religious beliefs, loves good music.
Regardless of party, Americans simply feel that politicians can't be trusted.
Regardless, a move to reverse the mandate could stir a backlash.
Regardless, it was great having Lesley back in our world again.
Simply put, black magick (regardless of your interpretation) isn't for beginners.
Regardless, Hollow Man was recognized in the Best Visual Effects category.
"Regardless of recommendation, I was going to fire Comey," he said.
Regardless, Roland Emmerich is a delightful person and a great interview.
It's brave, regardless if you are deemed conventionally attractive or not.
Regardless of the outcome, Miller is prepared to take the punishment.
Regardless of what happened, the ring was back in his hands.
Regardless, he signed to both Rizin and Bellator in the meantime.
But the Warriors would have had ample opportunity to recover regardless.
Regardless, cause and effect may only be determined from randomized trials.
Regardless of how many misses, but we played hard all game.
Regardless of the geopolitical fallout, the environmental effects could be devastating.
Wade should remain in place regardless of if Kavanaugh is confirmed.
But regardless of who had won the election TPP was dead.
Sexual attraction happens between basically any willing parties, regardless of gender.
Regardless, Vernon didn't have much interest in bearing that torch anymore.
Plants are resistant to such toxic metals and continue growing regardless.
Regardless, maybe Charlotte (or whoever) doesn't know about rabbit nail care.
We've been friends, I support her, regardless of what's going on.
These foods are popular, and people will take flattering photos regardless.
What's clear is that Murray has NBA talent, regardless of position.
Regardless of how you do it, you still committed the crime.
Regardless, a condensate spill of this magnitude has never happened before.
"Great companies get started at any time regardless of the macrocycle."
Kavanaugh would be confirmed regardless of what either of them did.
Regardless, having an animated adventure with a celebrity never gets old.
But regardless, they all have a fresh, bright, newly minted appeal.
It should have just been something they sent to everyone regardless.
Regardless, why has Ashley Sims cashed in all of his chips?
Regardless of any meta-contributing factors, each team has preferred playstyles.
Regardless, the free content is still available, just in another place.
Regardless, practice/rehearsal is essential for both songwriting and social reasons.
The others made similar progress regardless of how often they trained.
But regardless of the reasons for the strategy, it didn't work.
But regardless of the law, women's sports were far from equal.
Regardless of what he may disingenuously say now about Roe v.
He felt it was a novel, and regardless, readers could decide.
Our hospitals take care of them, regardless of ability to pay.
We tend to make judgments more quickly, regardless of the facts.
Regardless of how it happened, the inning quickly unraveled for Cecil.
Most important, though, regardless of the technique, is tone of voice.
The regime will appropriate it regardless, in one way or another.
Of course, these fears haunt all of us, regardless of demographics.
Regardless, what should a theater's role be in engaging with politics?
Regardless, the discovery was another success in a continuing hopeful trend.
Regardless, they're a breakthrough: a novel way to prevent heart disease.
His music, regardless of being my nephew or not, was knocking.
Regardless, the iPhone X design will look super outdated by 2020.
But it's a bold claim to make regardless given past precedent.
"The pressure of the situation will be there regardless," he said.
Caucuses seem to cause problems regardless of what state they're in.
Regardless of the setbacks, Infantino retained enough support to stand unopposed.
Regardless, Puig was not on the Cienfuegos roster for 2011-12.
Regardless of the outcome, much of the damage is already done.
Regardless, Rajiv and I moved in together, and we were happy.
Regardless of my middle-aged status, I was still his son.
Regardless of the exact figure, it's enough that Youtubers Life OMG!
Regardless, he won't get any pass along those lines in 2020.
Regardless of the reason for returning home, it can be devastating.
This trend persisted regardless of the socioeconomic status of the school.
Many high-achieving people, regardless of gender, have an Icarus complex.
Jell-O, regardless of color, is the single most delicious dessert.
Everybody, regardless of where they are on the spectrum, wants civility.
The GW100s sound utterly fantastic, regardless of what you listen to.
Regardless of party, everybody knows the first kids are off-limits.
Regardless, the ruling was a hard-won victory for Jehovah's Witnesses.
Regardless of what it takes, they just want to live free.
Manager Aaron Boone called the loss "disheartening" regardless of the opponent.
We can demand that trial results be published, regardless of findings.
Regardless of what I did, the dog would have been euthanized.
But regardless of its origin, it's clearly a completely imagined image.
What it means to you is yours, regardless of anything else.
Regardless, he was charged with possession of stolen property and trespassing.
Regardless, whoever is shooting these videos likely needs to be rescued.
That should infuriate everyone, regardless of their personal feelings about guns.
And I'm disturbed that others (regardless of gender) would think differently.
Regardless of discharge type, they served their nation out of patriotism.
I'll be dead soon, regardless — it's all going so damn fast.
Ambition should be perceived as a positive attribute, regardless of gender.
They deserve our courtesy, not our rudeness, regardless of our annoyance.
Another loophole is closing for hedge funds regardless of tax reform.
Regardless of which show you'll be watching, we're here to help.
The plants are paid to churn out steel — regardless of demand.
The best banks are committed to this work, regardless of CRA.
He calls out injustice regardless of creed, gender, or religious background.
It's unclear who was there first, but regardless ... it got heated.
Regardless, it's the final stretch of an incredible run for Puri.
It makes compliance with detainers mandatory, regardless of the circumstances. Consequences.
It's creepy regardless, but it might be demystified at this point.
Regardless of how it happens, science knows the association is real.
Regardless of whether Bulleri was afraid, this is a good question.
This legislation guarantees citizens the right to vote regardless of sex.
So regardless of — I understand you have a job to do.
Regardless of what they have done or not done to me.
Global warming is inescapable, affecting everyone regardless of race and class.
Was it traumatic, regardless of who decided to end the relationship?
Regardless, she said, the government could easily let the public know.
Regardless of how this series turns out, LeBron is top three.
These findings held true regardless of the gender of the victim.
Regardless of how we feel, we're not going to change it.
We are all human beings, regardless of racial or ethnic background.
That effect held regardless of global warming from greenhouse-gas emissions.
People will have something to say regardless of what you wear.
Conversely, Mr. Obama owns his failures regardless of Mr. Trump's actions.
Regardless of the warning, Broner showed up at the weigh-in.
Regardless, there was nothing to indicate that having Medicaid worsened health.
Everyone, regardless of gender, is a surrogate; we mother each other.
Regardless of the verdict, Weinstein's legal problems are far from over.
This should be visible regardless of what page you're on.3.
However, regardless of its leadership's claim, China does have that ability.
Such a presidential pardon certainly looks possible, regardless of Thursday's sentence.
Regardless, you wind up with another line item on your budget.
Regardless, Oracle says that NetSuite one of its flagship growth stories.
Equity awards, regardless of their form, are subject to vesting schedules.
Regardless of reliability we would not support genetic screening for fitness.
Regardless of who owns them, they are going to be affected.
Many Germans -- regardless of their personal politics -- dislike Turkey's absolutist leader.
Republicans say that Democrats are obsessed with impeachment, regardless of facts.
Regardless, John McCain's history as a senator is not in jeopardy.
DAVID FABER: Regardless of -- JONATHAN GRAY: And there's still a legacy.
Regardless of its title, at least "Kiwi" is still a jam.
Any member of the House, regardless of party, can propose charges.
It is regardless a balm, a gift to yourself and others.
Where there is a market, it will thrive — regardless of legality.
Yet, the polarization will continue regardless of the party in charge.
And that's what I told her, regardless of where I go.
And inflation is always — regardless of sociopolitical outlook — a monetary phenomenon.
Regardless of Wall money, it is being built as we speak!
There's personality, regardless of whether you're a man or a woman.
You may be asking everyone you meet, regardless of their appearance.
Regardless of how a country reacts, technology does not understand boundaries.
The original Ghostbusters was beloved by many, regardless of their gender.
"Regardless of recommendation, I was going to fire Comey," Trump said.
Regardless, Holland told Zendaya that the mean comments "toughened me up.
"I was going to fire regardless of the recommendation," he said.
Regardless, Swagway had to start over to reenter the U.S. market.
Regardless, you're likely to feel out of sorts for several weeks.
Puerto Ricans, regardless of party or political leanings, are historically patriotic.
Regardless, many economists say it's American consumers who pay for tariffs.
Regardless, it was a unique way to experience the bustling city.
Regardless of the tradition, it is a terrible glass for sherry.
The police offered the team an escort out of town regardless.
Warehouses are inspected regardless of whether they are empty, he said.
Regardless, I sure hope Gregg Popovich continues to speak his mind.
It's a total value of $186, so you'll be saving regardless.
"Regardless of what they decide, we're ready for them," he added.
Regardless of the outcome, these voters will loom over American politics.
Regardless, it would represent a significant provocation on the North's part.
Adults from higher-earning households are more confident, regardless of partisanship.
That has raised security concerns, regardless of when the changes occur.
But when love is true, you embrace all the unknowns, regardless.
There is power in the message, regardless of who delivers it.
The story most likely would have resonated with young women regardless.
Some drugs seem to be taken about equally regardless of income.
Very, very few will become agents regardless of gender or race.
It's fine without being remarkable—rare for Gagneux, regardless of genre.
We call each other every day regardless of where we are.
Regardless of expectations, the ruling will jolt politics across the country.
Regardless of what they find ... things are looking up for Jitterbug.
Regardless, support for the junta was stacked even before voting began.
But numbers mostly register as an abstract, regardless of how dire.
Regardless of how you feel about it, there's always something happening.
Regardless, the update is in line with Twitter's live video push.
Now, Trump won whites overall handily, regardless of education or income.
Regardless, the letter has given the Authors Guild cause for concern.
Regardless, this temporary dropping of a long-standing grudge is welcome.
But regardless of [the] recommendation, I was going to fire Comey.
It's undeniable that Brazil has a crime problem, regardless of Uber.
This food wasn't meant for me but I consumed it regardless.
Regardless, we need more non-pharmacological solutions for pain, Goldstein says.
But regardless of the company I kept, I was really trying.
His show was aimed at all voters, regardless of political affiliation.
Live music is great regardless of where you're taking it in.
Regardless, it was more interesting than worrying about the Y2K Problem.
Regardless, she will need to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.
It's okay to walk away from toxicity, regardless of the source.
New York isn't likely to struggle with empty Obamacare counties regardless.
That matters regardless of your broader views on the primary system.
DNI COATS: What we see is the Russians are looking for every opportunity, regardless of party, regardless of whether or not it applies to the election, to continue their pervasive efforts to undermine our fundamental values.
Republicans legitimately hold a bare majority of the Senate, which legitimately gives them the power to confirm any judicial nominee Trump appoints, regardless of that nominee's popularity and regardless of any objections raised by Senate Democrats.
Regardless of the polemics around black creative production, the notion that art produced by white artists (regardless of medium or conceptual intent) is somehow not inherently political or concerned with whiteness is more than a bit absurd.
"Pollutants were there in every single sample, regardless of depth, regardless of species," said Alan Jamieson, lead author of a report in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution by a team mainly from the University of Aberdeen.
"We hold our executives to high standards regardless of the regulatory environment, and if something was done that was improper, that would have applied regardless of the scrutiny that we're under," he told Reuters in a statement.
" Obama went on: "I believe that it is important to all of us, regardless of party and regardless of political preferences, to now come together, now work together, to deal with the many challenges that we face.
However, with a personhood amendment in place, a pregnant woman is legally compelled to provide her body to preserve the life of a fetus, regardless of it's gestational age, and regardless of the physical harm to herself.
Regardless of whether we think the current situation represents one of "unified government," the reality is that regardless of who is in the White House, the congressional Republicans have remained largely unchanged over the past few years.
Regardless, people were just stoked for the return of the battered snack.
Regardless, it's a cool idea that Google can hopefully quickly iterate on.
" She added: "Regardless of what happened, I was always going to Gucci.
It guarantees that everyone gets free K-212 education regardless of income.
Back-filling these spaces will be costly, regardless, and can take years.
Regardless of what happens afterwards, though, those winning streaks are always remembered.
He's really everything, regardless of this part which he inhabits so beautifully.
Regardless of their sector, U.K. businesses are demanding clarity from the government.
Barnett disagreed with Bojowald, and said the effect would have appeared regardless.
He does what he does -- regardless of what people say about him.
"We expect sterling to extend its fall regardless of any Brexit deal."
Regardless of what Horowitz says at the end, because he&aposs afraid.
Regardless of your point of view, you'll look fly in those Nikes.
Some patients would have been transferred regardless of Thursday's earthquake, Suver said.
Regardless of your relationship status, it's important to be your own valentine.
There are still only 24 hours in the day, regardless of gender.
Paterson doesn't give answers, but it holds a lot of wisdom regardless.
Regardless of what Trump says, the loss in the House was devastating.
But regardless of who delivers this next phase of sharing, it's coming.
Regardless, it was still a pretty interesting find, Argentine Township police Sgt.
Next, they are obsessed with their idea — regardless of what others say.
Yet Bannon would likely have a place in the White House regardless.
Regardless of his intentions, James Comey's letter had given Trump a gift.
Who knows if that's even true … Regardless, the camping theme was out.
It's just enough pop to be pleasantly eye-catching regardless of gender.
Cabinet appointments will matter, but some things will happen regardless, said Wallenstrom.
We enforce our user guidelines consistently and fairly regardless of political ideology.
But, regardless, we had savings and were able to make it work.
Regardless, companies are designing a new generation of toys in deliberate ways.
Regardless, Stamos said the gang had a good time getting back together.
He waged countless battles for innocent victims regardless of ethnicity or creed.
Regardless, it's continued to drive me nuts over the last several months.
But regardless of what constitutes Slytherinhood or Hufflepuffery, but here's the kicker.
The fallen victims of our history should be celebrated regardless of race.
Regardless of who wins this is a turning point in our nation.
Regardless of whatever other good he's done, Gore doesn't fit that bill.
Regardless, the night before the Super Bowl was won by T-Swift.
Regardless, the actress said she's saving special Chanel items for her daughter.
Regardless [of] whether he was in pain or not, he always delivered.
We value everyone regardless of race, political affiliation, career or what not.
It's about leadership, entrepreneurism, startups, regardless of what size organization you're in.
Every female character regardless of role, age, or race has this hair.
Regardless, Boyden's group decided this week to part ways with the startup.
And I think friendships and friends are really important to keep regardless.
Regardless, it is clear that this was a campaign of great mystery.
Regardless, this guy probably needs to cool it with his Hurricane coverage.
Regardless of what anyone else says, I will only stand for love.
However, regardless of Trump's agenda, Levie remained bullish about the company's future.
Everyone here gets along regardless of their worldview, faith, and so on.
And it remains unclear whether Trump would support the increased funding, regardless.
Regardless, Thompson told me he didn't think he had anything to confess.
Regardless of the changes, the travel restrictions will likely spark immediate controversy.
They champion talent regardless of experience or networks, from the bottom up.
Regardless, I still felt like a jerk the rest of the night.
Regardless of federal laws, companies have already started rolling out CBD products.
The states appear committed to their lawsuit regardless of what DOJ concludes.
Regardless, those are pretty vague responses to a couple of serious allegations.
Regardless, he said the Ice Free Corridor theory is far from dead.
Everyone stares at your beauty, regardless of what room you're placed in.
Regardless, it's impressive to see inside-out tracking doesn't feel obviously compromised.
Regardless, he said the attorneys asked him leading questions — Didn't you say…?
These monsters are yours, regardless of what your intentions might have been.
The algorithm must guarantee condition (1) regardless of what the traitors do.
Regardless of what Trump said, a cut was never on the table.
Regardless of your financial circumstances, there is a way to get tested.
They're also frankly what many people, regardless of gender, aspire to become.
Regardless of what happened, at least they'll always have those sweet memories.
He seemed to be 100% Truman all the time, regardless of circumstance.
Regardless of whether Rousseff is convicted, the political climate will remain murky.
No one deserves to die, regardless of previous arrests or allegations.6.
Regardless, China is off to a strong start in the 5G race.
And regardless, the trigger replacements won't begin until the settlement is finalized.
Manufacturers know that their models will appear in films regardless of sponsorship.
The love our children need is the same, regardless of our paycheck.
States will get a fixed amount of money, regardless of outside circumstances.
Turns out people like simplicity, regardless of how much money they spend.
The Cardinals are not far behind, regardless of a Week 43 loss.
He was the most recognizable face in the world, regardless of sports.
People still get heart surgeries or undergo chemotherapy regardless of the economy.
Regardless of race or gender or class, everybody needs to fill up.
Yet the report spins the evidence as harmful for the administration regardless.
Dubnyk was laying down regardless trying to cover it with his pads.
Adele: Regardless of sound issues, the star's style was completely pitch-perfect.
Fiscal stimulus would also attract political opposition, regardless of the economic arguments.
Regardless of your choice, you'll definitely be entertained for hours to come.
Regardless, 2018 is still a damn good time to be a model.
People who are ill often improve regardless of the treatment they receive.
Regardless, the donation is a strange move for a number of reasons.
Or is this something that it would develop regardless of this merger?
Regardless, I know who I am and what happened in our relationship.
Regardless of who she's dating, don't expect Watson to share any details.
We categorically condemn any sort of hate speech, regardless of the source.
Regardless of your personal style, everyone needs a pair of white sneakers.
My children will always come first regardless of my own personal feelings.
"I'm a people person, and people are people," regardless of their politics.
In the end, voters – regardless of party – look for optimism and hope.
Regardless, the White House found the target, and is hitting it again.
The agency says it remains independent regardless of its source of funding.
Now, any spouse can sue regardless of their gender or their partner.
He made some unbelievable saves, regardless of what the shot clock said.
But regardless, may Sansa do what she must to continue to slay.
"Donald Trump, regardless of the economy, is bad for bonds," he said.
Politicians in Brazil, regardless of party or ideology, must play the game.
Spending wisely should always be an objective regardless of the economic conditions.
He made me feel beautiful regardless of whether I got the rhinoplasty.
But regardless of the intra-party fight, these kids aren't going away.
Regardless of the cause, buybacks remain a popular way of pleasing shareholders.
Brexiteers cite these as evidence that the industry will rumble on regardless.
The researchers found that this led to more applications, regardless of gender.

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