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"that" Definitions
  1. to such a degree; so
  2. used when saying how much or showing how long, big, etc. something is with your hands
  3. not (all) that not very, or not as much as has been said
  4. (British English, informal) used to emphasize how much
"that" Synonyms
because as considering for given since so in order that in such a manner so that such that to such an extent with the aim that with the intention that with the purpose that with the result so as in order for with the result that with the intent that in such a way that in such a manner that to such an extent that what if let's say say suppose but imagine suppose that supposing if assuming let's assume presupposing presuming in case that granting that allowing that with the supposition that in these circumstances taking for granted that let us suppose so as to to with the aim of with the intention of in order to with the purpose of for to as a means to for the purpose of in an effort to aiming to with an eye toward with an eye to with a view to with an eye on that it would be possible to intending to one this such a certain a particular that one that other the one a well known the one in question which in particular that in particular which of a nature that of the kind that of the type that of which that which whom of whom to which to whom whose it her him them this one the aforementioned she he they et cetera whatever whatnot anything etcetera suchlike all etc. others all that all that jazz what have you all this so forth so on the like the rest so on and so forth blah blah blah yada yada yada alike similar comparable the equivalent such a person such a thing achingly almighty archly awful awfully badly beastly blisteringly bone colossally corking cracking dang deadly desperately eminently enormously especially ever exceeding said the aforesaid the assumed the beforementioned the beforesaid the forenamed the mentioned the previously mentioned the pronounced these those dem dat dis the particular the above-mentioned a an each the More

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So, it's just having that hunger, that curiosity, that-- that-- that agility that you can be big and fast.
These are words that start wars, that drive deportations, that set policy, that end negotiations, that empower bigots, that reveal scandals, that represent our country.
That means if that person's that and that person's over there, that means too late.
That boulder, that speck of dust, that atom, that planet.
They do that, that cuts people, that cuts weapons, that cuts research, that cuts military capability.
So, that-, that-, that was the-, that was the combination, the trend, and the people that I bet on at that time.
I know that you feel that that conviction was -- that you were railroaded, that it was unjust.
You said that you didn't think that everything – that there was business that could have closed that didn't.
But you can say that we never hid that that was a possibility that that was being studied.
Be together and have something that gives that that effect and that feeling and that drives more creation.
That smile (that stare), that laugh (that giggle) gets me every time!!
Was that blindside, that betrayal, did that all stem from that comment?
That face and that dress with that scar and that tattoo: America.
But that that did lead to that period ofinstability that, that we certainly wouldn't want to go through again.
That just happened to be the one that on that night—with that preparation—that my body gave me.
It's about being a body that changes, that ages, that loves, that hates, that does all of these things!
Either you take special measures so that after these people appear you have something on air that responds to that, checks that, that undoes the confusion that they just created, maybe that.
I didn't know anyone that was like that, anyone that was that open.
There's something about that script, that setting, those actors, that time, that place.
That was that, that was his goal, was to make that character black.
Actually, I thought that that was interesting that that got so much pickup.
That means that you're experiencing a tax on that [money] equal to that difference.
We grew up doing that, listening to that, moving like that, talking like that.
So, I want a diamond that reflects that and a ring that reflects that.
So let&aposs assume that that&aposs true that he should have known that.
Anywhere that seemed to typify that day, that moment, that chunk of the road.
"It's a shame that they do that to little girls, that they see that."
For that kid that felt that way that didn't know he could do it.
You tell them that you know that they're smarter than that, better than that.
And that means corporate, that means pass-through, S corporations, that means dealing with deductions, that means individuals, that means everything.
That corduroy suit, that slouchy trench, that light diamond quilted puffer, that belted suede blouson, that thermal Henley, that black wool topcoat — aren't they already in the closet?
You think that the one that we're currently in that's, say, seven years old right now is similar to that one in the sense that it could last that long, it could be that-- that rewarding?
"If you fully believe that the world around you is that fractious and that fragile and that tenuous and that frightening, then your body feels that, too," she said.
I feel like there are so many women that give up that thing that they love, that thing that gives them energy.
So I told him that it wasn't ok, that I was sick, that I had a boyfriend, that I didn't want that.
You know, I really, really was maybe hypnotic and under that impression that I had that feeling, that I had that relationship.
Is that the way to go and what does that tell you that they had to do that, to intervene that way?
So that was something that we drew from a lot, that memory and that feeling.
I'm hoping that that sort of eclipses anything that's been recently spoken — that that lingers.
I believe that that gentleman also said that that was happening in the Obama administration.
That kinetic energy, that sense that everyone has something different going on—is that scary?
I'm reluctant to sell a stock that sells that cheaply that has that good management.
So that was homage to that crew that found us that amazing live shot location.
But it was that pause, that deep breath, that step back that changed her life.
Is that a legal doctrine that exists, or is that something that is still forming?
I believe that Director Mueller understands that and that he is running that office appropriately.
"That knee, that foot, that shoulder, that wrist joint — that's what they have," Lustig said.
I think that if you read that piece, that is exactly what that piece does.
And is that even something that exists or is that a notion that we created?
Instead, as with many modern omnibus projects, the books' essential structure is that of the inventory, and their essential grammar that of conjunction: not this above that or this below that or this because of that but this and that and that and that .
"Frankly, to me it demonstrated that the words that he said — that he was going to take this very seriously, that he was going to listen, that he was going to learn — to me, that indicated that he didn't mean that at all," Flores said.
That she laid out how she thought they could make everyone else understand that as well, and that they had that goal that meant that they would take a risk.
"The people that I know that live that life and come from that life, or even used to live that life, there's so much more than that," Mr. Cole said.
That is not information that has to be protected, but that we know that he ate it reveals a source that needs protecting.
It sucked that that was on there and that people like it that much and that Kickstarter doesn't have a problem with it.
And it wasn't just that they'd found that person, it was also that I knew that that person would always be their priority.
RAY: I think that is the judgment that Michael Horowitz came to, that that was correct.
That sounds bad but you don't deserve that and you know that you don't deserve that.
"My response to that is that there's no way that he would do that," David said.
It's that change that they made that means that the Cambridge Analytica thing cannot happen today.
That that judgement is for that man wearing that black coat with a gavel and God.
Because I'm guessing that that is a major reason that Tinder is set up that way.
Harmeet is that a -- is that the kind of thing that would that take the scrutiny?
"  "To say that she thinks that Dr. Ford thinks that she was assaulted, what is that?
You say that he died; that is the part that you saw and that you know.
That was an artist that made that leap to figure that out and put it together.
We're aware of anything that is animate, that moves, that has agency or that looks lifelike.
They told me on camera that that was [Henderson's], so that was just… that got me.
I think that maybe that comes through, that sense that I am not making any judgments.
And I went to church to find that love that I needed, that balance, that mentorship.
They just assume that if you think your character needs that, that you will do that.
I loved that trick that you did, I had no idea that you can do that.
That tells children that they've had experiences, things that they know happened, that they shouldn't acknowledge.
Trump also suggested that that there are communists in Syria and that Democrats would like that.
That camp that you went to jail for, that camp is the one that I supported.
Yes. I also think that that that you should be consistent about about things like that.
You told us that you like that thing, or you posted that photo, or said that.
"That power, that fear that other people had, I got a rush off that," she says.
That is wrong ... that is disgusting ... that is hurtful.
If we have evidence that they are infected, and that there is evidence that that infection can spread by something that they're doing, yes.
You know that surrender that you do to that person to that thing to that energy is part of how I do my work.
And he admits that that it's hard to tell the difference between stories that describe economic behavior and stories that help trigger that behavior.
"The idea is that folks from the local community that are indigenous to that land make those decisions, and those of us that are visitors to that territory respect that," she added.
"We know that we have that in our room, that we're capable of that," Nugent-Hopkins said.
That&aposs too bad that they took that out, but a female would say, that&aposs awesome.
"Alongside this France that reforms, that transforms, that overhauls, we need a Europe that protects," Macron said.
That&aposs an antiaircraft system that Russia builds and that the United States is opposed to that.
But that doesn't change the fact that it makes me sad that it turned out that way.
I don't know that we've seen that in that genre, at least the ones that I've done.
What's notable about that is that it was Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Justice Department that did that.
And we need the feedback that comes from that, we need the support that comes from that.
" She continued, "But I'm flattered that that is something that they think, you know, that attracts them.
JACOBSON: That&aposs my understanding, yes, that that&aposs how they ended up coming to that site.
That reminds me of that study that found that when judges are hungry, they give harsher sentencing.
Vanity Fair is not very enthusiastic about that thing that happens between that man and that woman.
"By extending that coverage, you're basically ensuring that mothers after birth have that access and ... that care."
"We understand that that is a situation that has some vulnerability that should be reduced," Pena said.
Callimachi: The thing that is, that is lost in all of that is that this is strategy.
Because when I called that person she said that said that, they said they never said that.
Thinking that anything that Margaret wrote that hasn't been published, let's grab — that doesn't do her service.
The anxiety that comes with that and the energy that you spend worrying about that is exhausting.
I think that it's nice that there's a supportive audience out there that can help picture that.
And so, seeing that ring, and seeing a ring that has a size that is consistent with other measurements that have been done completely differently, I think that in itself, just being able to see that that ring exists, is huge.
And everything is built that way — that the box is built that way, the OS is built that way, that the graphics drivers and end libraries those are built that way — and our engine is tuned to fit on that.
They cry out : That it is morning That it is war That life is costly That it doesn't fail to run too fast That a storm has come quick That it isn't surprising And that one has said it well.
When I took this job, one of my conditions was that we aim high, that we do big things, that we fashion an agenda, that we run on that agenda, that we win an election, and we execute that agenda.
"This may — may — be powerful corroborating evidence that the assault happened, that it happened that day and that it happened in that place," he said.
" Sanders added that Kelly's interpretation was developed by "a few comments that day that weren't part of that speech and weren't part of that video.
Rotate here, shoot off screen, hide behind this door, throw that shotgun, grab that knife, empty that magazine, avoid that window, fire through that window.
And I told the President that our opinion that [Yovanovitch] is badmouthing him, and that she said that he's gonna get impeached, something like that.
The other side of that is that because whites are still so vulnerable to that charge of being a racist, that is the power that the entire - all of the power of the American left is based on that guilt, that susceptibility, that terror of being seen as racist.
"She also had quite a few comments that day that weren't part of that speech and weren't part of that video that were also witnessed by many people that were there," she said.
"The Clinton people ... they spin out, that what he meant by that was, that it was a joke and that what he meant by that was that they would kill her," he said.
The person that said those horrible, vile things, that person was depressed, that person was just angry at the world, that person felt that they were not accepted, that person was seeking attention.
Today scapegoats are sought everywhere for the widespread feeling that something is amiss: that jobs are being lost; that precariousness has replaced security; that incomes are stagnant or falling; that politicians have been bought; that the bankers behind the 2008 meltdown got off unscathed; that immigrants are free riders; that inequality is out of control; that tax systems are skewed; that terrorists are everywhere.
That is sloppy, that is messy, that is not transparent.
Why not that person and that person and that person?
That nobody would believe that anybody could get that high.
I'm happy that some vets feel that we've captured that.
I'm not convinced that there's scientific evidence that proves that.
And he can check that box, that he's done that.
What was that to do that, to give that up?
That was something that was extraordinary, that was probably China.
That upsets me that I missed out on that year.
I think that it's time that we had that accomplishment.
You know that, I know that, and celebrities know that.
And-- and-- and that-- that-- that tends to depress prices.
Oh and that one, and that one, and that one.
Not just that restaurant, but that campus and that state.
That was the first time that I really did that.
That way, we're building our features that drive that number.
I thought that that signified to people that I understood.
It's upsetting that I couldn't do that in that situation.
That kind of sums up that memory that I have.
That was something that was extraordinary that was probably China.
It's feminism that holds that men are more than that.
That doesn't mean that men have been that much nicer.
There's one that has that midnight blue that I love.
Wouldn't that mean that you could conceivably have that acceleration?
That doesn't mean that there aren't days that seem impossible.
That that is the problem that we need to address.
"That spirit, that music, that rhythm should never be erased."
She told herself that if she died, that was that.
That means that I don't want to answer that question.
There's that thread in your characters that thinks that, too.
That was a very terrible thing that happened that night.
There were things that happened that day that were unforgettable.
That doesn't mean that it has to exercise that power.
That is what that group's position has been on that.
But that tells you that that system is broken, too.
Is that a group that network executives ... Yes, that is.
I think that that tension, that debate, is absolutely essential.
I don't know that that means necessarily that they are.
Clinton's answer was that given the emergency nature of the situation, getting to the bottom of that question was a relatively low priority (emphasis added): Johnson: No, again, we were misled that there were supposedly protests and that something sprang out of that -- an assault sprang out of that -- and that was easily ascertained that that was not the fact, and the American people could have known that within days and they didn't know that.
But we know that that&aposs what they wanted, that&aposs what the Russians wanted from that meeting.
I love that conflict between her, that she's so straightforward and transparent in that way—that she's honest.
Affirm that they're not idiots, that they're not dumb, that they're not crazy — that they don't feel attacked.
That had a huge effect on me, that insanity, Gary Panter's design, and that color and that strangeness.
I'm convinced that it was something that we drank, but he maintains wholeheartedly that it was that shank.
Fox reportedly recognizes that competing in that space requires a scale that that Disney has, but Fox doesn't.
There's no strong evidence that I've seen that that won't be the future that we end up in.
If you've found that thing, that purpose in life that gives you access to maximum enthusiasm, trust that.
That-, that connection, that network that we have, has produced fantastic results for us, and will continue to.
You'd just stand there and the customer would say, 'I'll have that and that and that and that.
That they took it seriously, that they wrote it with respect, that they were fair, that they're accurate.
"That was stupid, that was dumb, that was wrong, that didn't sound good, talk slower" it's just everything.
And that was always a problem [for us], that you had to be around that and see that.
That means that creating people moves them from a state that isn't bad to a state that is.
It's that fantastic stubbornness, that fantastic naiveté almost, that is exemplary of so many women of that time.
"You worry that that sets a norm that it's more and more acceptable to do that," Sulmeyer said.
They have that same kind of grittiness that I love, yet that gentle side that nobody knows about.
"That hate and that intolerance that they face is the same that the LGBT community faces," Eskamani said.
I'm hopeful that in the future that stigma or that cloud that kind of hangs over apps that cater to the gay community will have dissipated.
And one of the things that I tell people I appreciate is that -- that spark, that thing that we took a flyer on in 2007, 2008.
"That doesn't mean that you go around insulting people and thinking that that is clever, or that is being honest, or telling it straight," he said.
The numbers back that up: in 2014, FiveThirtyEight compiled data that showed that movies that pass the Bechdel test make more money than films that don't.
Fortunately now, there's a way to get that womanly figure that identifies us, that creates that fabulous, perfect and extreme hourglass figure that all women want.
It's also noteworthy that Variety never exactly reported that Schumer had asked that her pay match that of Rock and Chappelle; that was a reader assumption.
The judge insisted that Flynn concede that he was aware that lying to the FBI was a crime and that he was guilty of that offense.
When you see that, that means that the coalition believed that there was an ISIS fighting position or some sort of ISIS presence in that building.
"It seems to me that that means that this is an undue burden in that instance and that should suffice to invalidate the statute," Kennedy said.
Imgur is very different from that in that it is a community of people, that you don't know, that are sharing these moments of their lives that are these funny jokes that they have.
And I think that, I love the fact that I'm fighting for the freedom to people, that I fought for that freedom that you can believe in any type of Bigfoot that you want.
More specifically, it is important that the people who lose elections recognize that they lost fair and square — assuming that that is indeed the case — and that they convey that truth to their supporters.
And we hope that that unity will spread even beyond party lines so that people recognize that we have a nation that is worth saving, and recognize that nations divided against themselves cannot stand.
I'm pretty decisive and focused on making sure that we drive and deliver that vision that we articulate and we continue to repeat that to make sure that people are very focused on that.
"Kounellis rejected the creation of mere canvases, and turned art into a living object, into something that interferes with life — that smells, that has weight, that has sound, that burns, that changes," says Celant.
With that being said, the down side to that sometimes means that people don't realize that we struggle sometimes, that we need support so we try to show moments that are raw and real.
There's an office of legal counsel decision that says that — or opinion that says thatthat doesn't necessarily have the force of law, but there are a couple of routes that he could take.
I think the thing that we always try to do when we release a product, if we believe that that underlying philosophy, that that reasoning is sound, we're willing to push out a product, knowing that that solution may change over time.
"That is so alarming to me—that we could have a set of medical practices that young people need, that medicine supports, that data shows reduces suicidality, and have lawmakers prioritizing bills that would make that very care a crime," Strangio continued.
There's the Withings smart scale that connects to the HappyScale app that connects to Apple Health that connects to MyFitnessPal that connects to Fitbit that connects to Strava that connects to my TomTom running watch.
"We hope that that unity will spread even beyond party lines so that people recognize that we have a nation that is worth saving and recognize that nations divided against themselves cannot stand," he continued.
Roof became the most visible embodiment of disdain for blacks in a nation that perfected that attitude, in a city that peddled that attitude and that remained at best ambivalent about atoning for that attitude.
It is only in that alternate reality, in that other world, that Gallup could report poll results last week that found that three-quarters of Republicans believe that Trump provides strong moral leadership as president.
Some experts say that the Cambridge Analytica case actually shows that the social media giant violated the subsequent consent decree that resolved that helped settle that matter.
That was probably the first time in history that video cameras were that small and that cheap, and it allowed us to make skate videos that way.
The friends that I made were really where I looked for family, where I looked for that bond, that togetherness, and that unity that we all want.
And so that connection between the work that you do and the people that use that product or service that you provide is very, very close now.
As I had mentioned, the only warning that I had that something was amiss was that -- kind of that cry that I heard at the main gate.
That is the focus of our work — understanding that mentally, there is something that each person is going through that is triggering the violence in that individual.
We wanted to create something that was modal, that was now and then, that was this and that, and turn it into something that was a composition.
Would either of you say that frustration or anger that comes out of that self-curation that you were talking about is something that you personally experience?
"To be able to take that time to do that, I was thankful that I did and thankful that (he was) honored in that way," Robinette said.
It's likely that none of that made up for the fact that at that moment Shawkey still might not have received official notice that he'd been fired.
So we might be worried that people will notice that we're having a bad hair day, that we're fat, that our skin is blemished, something like that.
So, that is absolutely a good thing that anybody that argues against that, I think is just dead wrong.
"It was that wisdom that helped me know that I can make it and that I can stand up."
" He added, "I would hope that when people stand in front of edifices like that, that they remember that.
But if we return to that and stick to that and we do that, you&aposre OK with that?
That is the one variable on that stage that I didn't fucking control, that I didn't spend years practicing!
Now we've learned that there are a lot of things that happen that that description doesn't do justice to.
But that was the first time that Kit Harington had said those words on that platform in that scene.
And in that world, that had become nothing, to dredge from that the kind of nothing that is love.
A version that expresses more, a version that is quieter, a version that fits every situation that is needed.
To think that they're using that -- now they don't talk about that anymore, because that letter was so good.
That&aposs going to knock that out of the park, is that an issue that you&aposre concerned about?
Is that going to be enough for you, property taxes that they -- that they will keep that deduction in?
THAT ONE is the one that I wanted, and that one is the one that I would never have.
It's one that you really have to have that opinion and that specific strike and that specific time perfectly.
Or so that we see only the folks that we follow that have this opinion about that, or not.
When he said that and put that into the universe maybe he didn't realize that we started that slang.
In oil and gas, you admitted that the decline may not be that impactful and that that was wrong.
If that sounds insane, I promise you that I've watched this video twice and that all of that happens.
You come here because you want that nostalgia and that tradition and that food that you know and love.
And I get that I push hard against that, that I may be a threat to them on that.
" She also said that she wished Trump would add that declaration but that a "Democratic president can do that.
So they give off this bright signal that you see of that orange that signifies that being a tumor.
Are you saying that the money that was held up, that that had nothing to do with the Bidens?
"It's very, very important that we clarify that that radar, that system is not looking at China," he said.
They want to be linked to that institution, that particular coach, the players that are playing for that school.
Or that there's a sense of decorum that one wouldn't say that to a woman about having done that?...
Facebook's whole business is based on that data, that targeting, specific hyper-targeting of ads that requires that data.
That artist, that song, that hall — it was a transcendent experience.
I told them that it's sad that they think that way.
I almost forgot about that, that we both played that person.
That was the point of that, of putting that in place.
That was the first time that that has happened since 2007.
That was the first that that I didn't think about drinking.
I didn't know that that was a thing that could happen.
That says that there's an opportunity there, that people valued it.
I hope they see pride that pride that comes with that.
Overwhelmed so much that you that you started drawing that night.
And that was the intention of that portion of that conversation.
"He's that person that would do that for anybody," said Adriana.
I never care about that, or that attention or that fame.
To make that happen that that&aposs kind of the focus.
He's that talented and that gifted that he doesn't need drugs.
I mean, that sounds-- I-- think that-- that GE should deleverage.
The power that women gained from that — everything flows from that.
I say all of that in hopes that we achieve that.
You see that wave, that wall of water, and that tube.
I like that it started with that and ended with that.
I think that one thing that you feel is that teamwork.
All that matters is that you do put in that effort.
Does that mean that I should carry that with me forever?
The way that Spock was written demanded that he do that.
Is that something that you've seen or that you've dealt with?
I knew that I could count on that, rely on that.
Is that the timeframe that Geico is looking at that too?
I'm against that, but that doesn't mean that it won't [happen].
It makes me sad that I...that, that you got hurt.
And the people that liked that, I think really appreciated that.
That it's not that it's their minds or anything like that.
That reciprocity, that dynamic, that interplay is how fandom is built.
Whatever, you're that person that gets that pregnancy, good for you.
He understood that their capacity that often exceeds that of government.
I find that insulting, that you would make that comment.""Good!
"I hate that actor that ruined that guy's career," he said.
That they won't write that story or won't cover that issue.
That was the only thing that mattered to us that night.
Is that displacing communities that used to live on that land?
That was shocking to me that they would go that far.
He said that Frazier had insisted that he make that move.
It was that decision that put Amy Acton in that place.
Now that we sort of know that, does that help us?
That was the same day that I had received that information.
It's that rainbow, that shimmer of light that makes us different.
It makes no sense that that number would change like that.
That actor who plays that weird dude in that one thing.
And everybody that was in that life was in that business.
It's nice to think that maybe that could be that way.
That doesn't mean that there aren't changes that might make sense.
That tells you that the investing public is not that impressed.
Sanders, with that damn bill that you wrote, and that Sen.
That means we need trade policies that allow that to happen.
Sanders, with that damn bill that you wrote and that Sen.
They brag that they did this or that they did that.
What did that person do that made you feel that way?
And, I think that-- that was-- I think that was positive.
We know that, our clubs know that, our officials know that.
That actor who plays that weird dude in that one thing.
And I think that that- We can't all agree on that.
It's just that thing that everybody has, that back and forth.
If only we'd all be that courageous, that open, that human.
That was that and that was the rest of our lives.
So that impacts directly the family that that individual belongs to.
Something that extends beyond that and isn't just necessarily riding that.
That means that they're in that lowest band you're talking about.
I can't say that I think that that wouldn't happen again.
To have that, whatever that anger is, to write that memo.
It's funny that you mention that — they did shoot that ending.
I don't want that, you don't want that, nobody wants that.
Get out of my business with that nightmare you call music, with your tears and pleading, the whining of excuses—oh, sorry, that is your music, that crybaby boohoo-ery, that blurt, that diminuendo, that waaah, that large-ass mess, that chicken pot pie all pocked with freezer burn, that coyote hung from a fencepost as a trophy and a caution.
That gets paired with the likelihood that the avatar's phone is working at that moment, that their family members are still alive, and that they haven't accumulated so much radiation that they're too sick to move.
"I think that we like to embrace the gonzo and that Gawker was an inheritor of that gonzo spirit that didn't originate with Gawker, but that they carried that mantle for a little while," Shachtman said.
MICK MULVANEY: Those are the same folks that-- those-- that-- that-- that list that you just ran down, and you could add to that list, are-- are folks who said we'd never get to 3% anyway.
SOLOMON: We know from the testimony of Glenn Simpson that Glenn Simpson set that delivery up, that Glenn Simpson made sure that John McCain&aposs people got that.
But, artists that're in that mix, themselves, and that the work functions in that kind of culture, in that digital culture that it's kind of deeply engaged with.
I know that the work that we do in Washington, people believe in that work and they believe in the people that they are doing that work for.
So that means that in our process of the plant that part of the plant that is treating that waste and residues needs to be much more complex.
Ok. So you don't worry that your credibility, that if you've cited things that later turn out to be wrong, based on anonymous sources that that hurts you.
"There's somethings that happen… that we're really not that proud of that are coming in the show and I'm hoping that it doesn't look too bad," he admits.
So an RTO was the way that we needed to go," she said, adding that "we're very comfortable that that is a clean shell that we now own.
And yet when something like this happens, and there's so many people that are responsible for that, that can be a part of that, that makes me happy.
Games are always telling us that it's dangerous at night, or that isn't safe to go into that forest, or that nobody comes out of that cave alive.
From a technical standpoint, that means that the stock has repeatedly reached that level, but that it has failed to break through and bounce higher from that price.
So are you saying that, because of that, and that behavior, that that alone warrants more of an investigation, more -- more studying because something isn&apost up here?
I appreciate that, but I know that you guys had your own agreement and I honor that, that you guys had an agreement that you guys worked out.
I really wanted to find something that could showcase that, and that could also be very inclusive, and that could show young women that being mean isn't cool.
"We saw people that are desperate, people that are cold, people that angry, people that have almost lost hope that the world cares about their plight," he said.
Is it good that nothing changed up here, that time moves slow like jelly, that familiarity that reminds you of that so ethereal and rare a concept, Home?
And that fact that we went to Harvard together, that was a ballast that kept us steady, that we had this common experience we could fall back on.
"We think that was a big missed opportunity that has led us to that point, but we're hopeful that the Trump administration's able to remedy that," he continued.
It gives that mother who has that abortion and it's botched and that baby survives, it gives her that civil right of action that she ought to have.
If you tell him to leave some of that chicken, that doughnut and that burger weight, maybe his leg will be O.K., that he can field that baseball.
But that does not mean that the etching is worth that amount or that the thief would be able to sell it at that price, Mr. Hochman said.
"I think that is that youthful optimism that things are going to get better, and I think that that's probably what we're seeing, that dichotomy," said Topeka, Kan.
"I told the President that our opinion that (Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch) is badmouthing him -- and that she said that he's gonna get impeached -- something like that," Parnas said.
Think about that for a moment: When people avoid seeking medical care, it means that they don't get that lump or that spot or that cough checked out.
And then the reality is, you've got to find that SKU — that one frame, that one shirt, that one dress, that one whatever — that's going to sell out.
" She notes that "Most people — that general public you're so fond of — they actually can't name one thing that you did in office that wasn't that 'one thing.
"That man in my life, handing me that letter and seeing who I was at that moment, that was grace."
You swore you'd never drink that much again — or at least that you'd never drink that much of that again.
"That I would find later that that was not something that she was comfortable with, really hurts me," he said.
That word "again" suggests that the times were once better and that we're going to get back to that place.
To just show that it exists, that the burkini exists and that people exist and to leave that more open.
Not that it's impossible to do that today,  because there are lots of tools that will help you do that.
As more news emerges that indicates that that actually happened, are you open to walking back some of that rhetoric?
That is, make sure that their pain is well managed, that their symptoms are under control, that they're not suffering.
That plan: "Watch it die, and hope that that then generates the discussion that needs to happen," one source said.
Project Veritas disputes that characterization, adding that its work is for the public and that the policy should cover that.
So that&aposs something that a lot of people will like in that -- in that bracket will like about it.
That doesn't mean that you can't say that there were aspects of the second world war that were not good.
But Hollywood would never give up on a guy that handsome, that tall, that white, with a jaw that square.
And that changes the —­­ that changes the situation in a way that, that may require a change of the rule.
Did President Obama or other well-known Democrat leaders decry that approach, that language, that vitriol, that incitement to violence?
CAVUTO: All right, we will look at that, examine that, debate that, because it is a hot debate, at that.
It's very important that when you do that, that it's not a scripted line, but that I genuinely mean it.
We know that maybe they influence our behavior, that they create communities that block out organisms that might cause disease.
There were some things that were written into that healthcare law that was passed that people don't even know about.
I feel that my movie is about the other side of that, but you can't ignore that that shit happens.
And now I'm always like, 'Yo, I would never wear that, but that is amazing that you put that together.
So [women should know] that you can get that coverage, that it is affordable, and that financial assistance is available.
To have that sense, that you put that record on and you're stuck in that world until the record finishes.
So, that's-- that-- that short-termism, that-- that profit maximi-- profit maximization, I think is creating a less sustainable company.
That is not to say that words cannot lead to action, but that does not mean that civility is dead.
Also that no one else speaks like that and that there is no other person like that in the world.
"It was just shocking that in this day and age, that that happened to us in that place," she shared.
And it's precisely that fragility, that impermanence, that is a precondition of the quality of character that we celebrate tonight.
I suspect that he's going to make sure that that wall is built and that Mexico will pay for it.
Well, there's a paper that came out last year that showed that there was one drug that turned it off.
Are there any songs in particular that really hit that note or that were hard to make for that reason?
"Sean knows that there's nothing better in radio than that shocking moment, that moment that freezes you," Gomez told me.
That we can be bold, that we can be unrestrained, that we can be innovative, that we can be unencumbered.
" Later in that meeting, he said HBO must "build that brand so that it's broad enough to make that happen.
That is the one ingredient that Q.S.I.'s bottomless wealth cannot buy, of course: that obduracy, that strength in adversity.
You know, I think that‑‑I don't think that that was a strategic decision that hurt us in any way.
I'm not saying that that never happens, but I'm saying that I certainly don't see that on a daily basis.
That genius epiphany, that brilliant screenplay idea, that jolt of terror that you'll forget to pick up the dry cleaning.
So I think that there's an influence at the conference of worrying about that, thinking about that, grappling with that.
So I'm not saying that it's -- how the negative that is other than to say that that pro business environment.
That is important because PPP also found that 44 percent of Americans already believe that Trump's campaign did just that.
There isn't a day that goes by that we don't think of those lives that were forever changed that day.
But we want to preserve that very innovative culture and we're going to ensure that that we can keep that.
There is, but there's that kind of yes, I agree with that, except that that scale requires a huge company.
No. It's like, you know that Indian story where the boy that finds that horse, do you know that story?
That shows that they've got enough stuff going on that they are doing well that they are focusing on it.
And that means that men have a place at that table too, because there are gendered issues that impact men.
I'll also have to explain to her that I wrote a book, and that I called that book TRANNY, and that inside that book are a lot of things about me that may be hard to understand.
I know that, you know that, and Jordan Peterson definitely knows that.
I think that that&aposs something that we have to get past.
I look down on that person that would say something like that.
But there&aposs no evidence that we actually-- that he has that.
That is the sign that he's not okay with that beautiful lake.
It's nice when people say that — that they actually see that change.
I thought that -- I think that that would be a great job.
That does not mean that I would not wish that for him.
That&aposs the new mode that the -- that the press operates in.
To listen to that, and not have that thought that stops them.
That chips away at that shame that leads to harassment and violence.
And that&aposs something that that country needs more than anything else.
It's really that era that invents the Atlantis that we know now.
He was very glad that that man murdered that poor, young person.
That was something that was private that I should never have shared.
That means that options covering that period are comparatively cheap, he said.
"I want to think that that is something that helped," he said.
All of that, it turned out, wasn't all that happened that Friday.
Either that, or she's put on a wig that creates that appearance.
We want that ongoing flow, that lightness, that forward rush of jazz.
That was something that I was very clear on that I wanted.
"Now that we have that tape we know that is not true."
That is the thing that obviously makes sense, we can do that.
I think that that rehab business is — that is an undervalued situation.
Based on that information in that manifesto, that's where that came from.
You know, when that was fresh, that probably wasn't all that bad.
It's fascinating that that word always pops up just in that context.
That change suggests that further change can happen, that nothing is indestructible.
That means it's Exxon, that means it's Chevron, that means it's Occidental.
That doesn't mean that you've done something wrong to encounter that struggle.
Do you think that this show contradicts that or represents that idea?
Was that your pitch to LPs, that you'd help fill that gap?
I think that it's important that things are talked about like that.
When that detonates, that building is not going to withstand that blast.
I couldn't believe that I was that person that this happened to.
And thatthat is something that has no socioeconomic thing to it.
Well, that person did that; not going to let that person vote.
That man testified that Guandique confessed to him that he killed Levy.
That is -- that is not something that we can be satisfied with.
Can you talk about that and if that changes, how that changes?
And that you feel that it was wrong that it wasn&apost.
I'm blessed that he gives me that autonomy to make that decision.
Do you agree that that is something that could improve the economy?
Because if you have that, then you can make that that understanding.
He did that and that he&aposs still willing to do that.
Does that make sense to you that they wouldn't go that way?
"  "When she brought up that person that became — I know that person.
Poupyrev says that he believes that Soli has already achieved that demonstration.
All kids that have something that is recognizable should get that opportunity.
But also that that partnership and that chemistry was the right one.
But there's that outside chance, that danger, that something might spark off.
That you were slow, that you had cancer, that you couldn't walk?
The American public has allowed that, has supported that, has encouraged that.
Once that happened for me, that got me thinking about that stuff.
That includes events that were already scheduled for after that date, too.
That was the last time that people really took that stuff seriously.
And I believe that certainly that 40 percent cut jeopardizes that mission.
That was all dumped on him by that crowd that was there.
Is that something that you really like and that resonates with you.
"The residue of that is that things like that occur," Maddon said.
Clapper said that he was able to affirmatively deny that that happened.
The art becomes fishing for that, finding a detail that does that.
But beyond that ... I don't know that it affected me that deeply.
I liked the implication that masturbation could be that baroque, that impractical.
I said we've outsourced that – or open sourced that, in that case.
"Well, that is — that is — that is a question," he told Sotomayor.
Perhaps it was that heavy scent that kept me awake that night.
That includes payers, that includes providers, and that includes traditional NEMT brokers.
Media insisted that that was no proof that Rice leaked the information.
That it just -- it&aposs disgusting that you would even think that.
"That evening I told her that you can't do that," McCoy recalls.
And that was cool, because I'd totally forgotten that smiles do that.
You want to see that they understand that and care about that.
That's what made us want to do thatthat power, that energy.
It is that determination, that character, that has made you world champions.
It is extremely unlikely that that that person will face prosecution themselves.
Do you think that there's any hope that that will actually occur?
Was there something that happened specifically that made you feel like that?
She has that discipline, that work ethic that very few people have.
And so we interrogated that response, that claim that she was hacked.
If that guy's in, then that guy's in and that guy's in.
"That was pretty telling, that he was comfortable doing that," Williams said.
That understanding and that sisterhood is a bond that cannot be broken.
That protest, that was peaceful, and I thought that something would change.
It was at that moment that I knew that Facebook was lost.
That meant that there was sexual harassment and other things like that.
That meant that there were frankly systems that just hadn't been developed.
That was embarrassing, losing like that and having Marshawn dance like that.
And that was something that I needed to see at that time.
So that raises the question — McFEELY Does that screw that other Thor?
That seemed odd, given that I had barely used it that day.
That moment, that was the moment that America began to fight back.
That is a product, that is a show that lives on ESPN+.
There's not much that follows that has the impact of that circle.
Like things that you know that you're going to need that night.
Swoons about that dress, reactions to that speech, joy about that win.
"So that desire, and that willingness to do that, is incredibly important."
"I think that it is time that that stops today," she added.
Once you make that move, there are things that happen that follow.
That is something that we believe that God is going to handle.
I responded to an article that I read, and that was that.
"I just didn't know that that meant that I had a title."
I mean, I get that and you know that I get that.
Yael: Oh, that was me that linked to that, not an editor.
So, it's just that we have that knowledge that we could die.
There's nothing that I can say or do that will help that.
Because underlying all of that is that Reigns just isn't that good.
Ibrahim stressed that that she does not see her job that way.
But it was that visit, that first visit, that was, like, man.
But it's that it has repercussions that cause ... Because nobody does that.
That is the part that really can spiral, and [that] concerns me.
It's true that that comparison, that Karl Rove comparison, has been made.
And that figure averages together households that lose with ones that gain.
So from that standpoint, he should know that that information isn't accurate.
" Hall took a photo of her and "knew from that point on that I wanted to share that happiness, that realness, that positivity for all my years to come.
Because the perception that so many people had from that was that we haven't made any advances in 28 years, and I know that that is not the case.
I was surprised that she made that statement and that she focused that clearly upon the fact that she did not make a dissent this time as a voter.
At the baseline, seeing that their intentions were probably never bad and that they are all flawed, and that it's okay to be that way, that was most important.
"I think there is a much higher bar in a round that involves folks of that ilk, of that quality, of that depth, of that diligence, fortitude," Greenberg said.
But they use a couple of things that are really very characteristically feline that create that perception in the viewer that are characters that are meant to be cats.
Fears that grab us all: that we aren't successful, that we don't matter, that we are working too hard, and that we are letting down the people we love.
But the fact that he viewed it as fairly pathetic that I felt the need to do that and that it couldn't just go without saying, I remembered that.
"What that may suggest to us is that it's important—that the regulation of histone deacetylases is so important that the brain is regulating it that tightly," he added.
Believing that through our efforts — that in whatever part of the world that we live, that we can change the world, that we can carve out a better future.
In that case, an employer may tell coworkers that a colleague might have been exposed but that there is no confirmation that that person has the virus, Conn said.
As you know, that didn't happen that way, and that was merely the first disappointment that I think I had — was that the process got swept up in [inaudible].
Oh wow, OK. And that news was that he believes that by April 12, which is Easter, that that could be when the country and its economy are reopened.
"The interesting thing about Caron is that, in a way, he does represent that generation, that change, that movement, that aspiration to see the world change," Mr. Pledge said.
Think about that: that we have not felt that we could claim our own country as our own, and that people read my essay and felt that they could.
That being said, I think it's important that we right now grapple with the reality that we have in our hands a tool that in principle does enable that.
That was the hurdle that we were given and the people behind that show, the same people that are behind our show, took that opportunity and ran with it.
"To have that weight, that responsibility knowing that your vote really is that pivotal, it does help to know that there is another kindred soul close by," Murkowski added.
There's no excuse for not knowing that and the most troubling part of that is that I don't believe that there's anybody in this world that can deny science.
Nobody really explained that and broke that down to me, that Uncle Sam, out of that $3 million, Uncle Sam is going to take probably $1.5 [million] of that.
These are the algorithms that talk with us, that watch us, that trade for us, that select dates for us, that suggest what we might buy, sell, or wear.
"That don’t mean that I don’t think that Black Lives Matter, that I don’t mean that I don’t think I believe in women’s rights, that don't mean that I don't believe in gay marriage..." he said.
So my question for you, when you walked in there that night, did you sense that that team was vulnerable, that he was vulnerable, that you could beat him after the hand injury and everything else that week?
That's really interesting that you ask that because I didn't cover that in the paper that was published earlier this year, but the paper that I am submitting for review this Friday is actually asking exactly that question.
That they feel safe, and that anyone that might be a predator or an abuser knows that the mechanism is there and it's encouraged and that there is no shame around it and that there will be consequences.
"I regret that that incident happened with that poll worker because that voter was just trying to get answers that weren't being provided to her in a way that we train our poll workers to give," said Davis.
" Feldman argued that "our answer to that question must be that we followed the guidance of the framers, and it must be that if the evidence supports that conclusion that the House of Representatives move to impeach him.
I feel very regretful that I used to be that way and that, however unknowingly, I made people feel that way.
"If your concern was that Navistar was not a company that can do that, that concern should go away," he said.
HANNITY: -- that had the money that was funneled to Perkins Coie that hire the foreign national and that got Russian lie?
That people will recognize that these events are complicated and layered and that we have to find ways to visualize that.
So that was a moment for me that I realized that I had to revolutionize soca—that this was an opportunity.
So that just means that our agents have to be out there in scorching heat, patrolling that area, monitoring that area.
I think that it would be better to say that that would be the type of person that he might select.
It incredible that that picture that Time magazine used tells a story that isn&apost true in the most fundamental sense.
So, that&aposs the point that people don&apost always understand is that those dollars that are outside of the country.
If we have that, then we know that that, in turn, produces a dividend, and that dividend is stability and peace.
I know this, that the relationship is such that that wouldn't happen under my auspices, but I don't know about that.
You worked so efficiently that I'm sure that you saved me from the panic that comes from an event like that.
But for people that enter a work organization that are facing challenges, that don't have that, it can be incredibly discouraging.
And it may be true that Jay is unfaithful, that Leida is selfish, that Larissa is rude, that Fernanda is immature.
There are so many ways that that could go terribly wrong for him, that there's no way he would risk that.
Do y'all want to leverage that fanbase, that name, the authority, the association, and the values that come along with that?
That is not to deny that both countries have now moved on, and that both have new problems that need solving.
About making sure that you have something in place that is going to offer that stability for the car, that safety.
"There's enough there that reasonable people could agree that if you're going to curate, that, that should be all," he said.
Everybody that knows him that I know, they all say he's not the type of person that would ever do that.
What that means, in practice, is that any study that relies on data that can't be made public can't be used.
There are charities that we donate to that we've recorded and itemized, others that we've donated to that we have not.
You're going to get that mutation, that amazing new way of thinking and that new idea, and that could change everything.
We share all of that and don't think that someone dangerous could see that and do something violent with that information.
When a population deviates from that pattern, you can be reasonably sure that something about that population is driving that deviation.
The point is that it's coverage — that you're the story, that you're squeezing out your competitors, that you're on people's minds.
That includes medical applications that will save lives, cars that will reduce accidents and a general AI that can benefit humanity.
So l abandoned that life, that home, that job, and that future to return to my roots, in the Worcestershire countryside.
"We have to control that border that is ours and they have to control that border that is theirs," Pompeo said.
But having said that, I think that the best way to do that is to make sure that we are prepared.
" He said that it was not that his wife believed that "there shouldn't be tests" or that "there shouldn't be measures.
That means that any contribution to an HSA that was made that year will be subject to a penalty, she said.
One of the things that Gawker did that I think was particularly reckless was that it was indifferent to that agenda.
It just so happens that to comply with the reconciliation instructions that Murkowski has drafted a bill that does just that.
I didn't know I was going to say that, didn't know that I felt that, didn't know that was really true.
You don&apost want to even suggest that that would be even necessary that the president would have to do that.
It's not clear to me that in the private meetings that Trump had with Putin that that scenario is totally invalidated.
There's hope that the country recognizes that too—but with that comes unfortunate reminders that progress is, above all else, slow.
I think that that's important that people give them that credit so that they taken them seriously, and either ... Do whatever.
But, if there's one thing that is worse than that feeling then it's the person that that feeling turns you into.
I need experiences that challenge me, projects that remind me that I'm capable, that I can take control of my circumstances.
I don't think that that is self-evident that there is an ... That it is where they will spend their money.
The report found that there was no evidence that political bias influenced decisions that were made as part of that investigation.
There is no data that suggests that a root cause that drives illegal immigration is people not knowing that it's illegal.
Yeah, because I think that people knew that about him, one, and that a lot of women had men like that.
"That I would find later that that was not something that she was comfortable with, really hurts me," Mr. Meehan said.
There is that fearlessness that was within Neel that I identified that I tried to then bring back in the painting.
And that means damage to wetlands that purify drinking water, coral reefs that sustain fisheries and plants that medicines come from.
If there are other variables that happen that would suggest we can't do that, we'll look at those at that time.
Can I do that thing that seems like a normal thing that my friends are doing, that you're supposed to do?
"That shows that you have knowledge that it's improper, illegal, and that you have intent to evade the law," said Honig.
We are the drivers, you know, of that transformational change that we need, and we need a politics that reflect that.
But that may have created unrealistic expectations among millennials that markets will never go down and that investing isn't that risky.
And that the efforts were substantive enough and serious enough that he felt compelled to tell us that that was happening.
She said that Conner had told her that he hated school, that he was "angry," and that he wanted to die.
And, and I think that&aposs the that&aposs the thing that has been successful for him, that focus on performance.
I'll assume that, that because they have facial recognition on the device, that they can apply that to the raw files.
And if it does that, whether that company intended for that to happen or not, they still designed it that way.
You've got to have leaders that do that and that's really, I think, the problem, is that they don't do that.
But for people that enter a work organization that are facing challenges that don't have that, it can be incredibly discouraging.
""And I think that the hope is that by giving everyone a voice, you're creating a broader diversity of views that people can have out there and that even if sometimes that surfaces some ugly views, I think that the Democratic tradition that we have is that you want to get those issues on the table, so that way, you can deal with them.
I believe that most people are pretty nice — that we're generally a cooperative species, that we're creative, that we like to make our own choices, and that we're quite playful.
That would mean insisting that host countries comply with standards protecting all workers and that it make clear that it could unilaterally cut ties with entities that violated those standards.
Just knowing that you don't have to be that strong, that you can actually just take a second, and that the people around you know that as well, is important.
That was entirely unexpected, and that means that there is something missing in our description of galaxy formations, and there are physics that we don't yet understand in that process.
Unafraid of hyperbole, he said that "after tonight we have seen that our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, that can beat and that will beat Donald Trump."
If a person has such ego that they think that everything that they say is the right way, that person is not a wise person, that person is a maniac.
You know, we've got something that works, and that framework-- wasn't that we were working harder, wasn't that we were smarter, but we had a framework that unleashed human potential.
That would mean that government funds that could go to public schools that serve a diverse population of students would instead be allocated to schools that serve whoever they want.
I think it is important that they understand that plant that people are shifting away from small vehicles and that was a plant that was designed to build small sedans.
Once we recognize that jihadists choose their ideology — that that they're not pushed onto that path by innate or outside forces beyond their control — we can take that choice away.
Sometimes, that means you do get stuck in that image, in that world, in that box, and that's something that you just have to go, 'Okay, I hope I don't.
The reason that we really decided to engage in that sort of thing is that we noticed there were a lot of people that were getting very distraught about that.
"Help be that positive light, help be that person that everyone wants to be around, and help be that energy that takes this world into a better place," Watt said.
Fairly early on, that assumption, that deadly assumption around what a pilot would do in that circumstance when that boundary condition was tested that begin started to come to light.
And it's very likely that the last thing they did see was ... indeed that red truck and that driver that was in that truck, and that's what they remembered last.
That means that when you look in that dangerous neighborhood and you look at the young men in that neighborhood, a very small number of them are driving that problem.
"I think that was pretty misleading to the American people, and I think that it's very telling that that individual had to be suspended because of that reporting," said Sanders.
"We hope that that movie sheds light on that historic mission and will shed some light on some of the other missions that happened during that time frame," Nutsch said.
I think that that doesn't make any sense, but I think for that kind of programming, that kind of content, there is a hunger for that that's not being met.
It just doesn't follow from the fact that someone is admirable — or for that matter, that she is vile — that it is because of her beliefs that she is so.
It's those thoughts that make young women feel that they're not good enough — that their bodies aren't good enough, that they're not talented enough, that they have nothing to say.
But the only reason that they're doing that is because Ted Cruz zeroed in on that idea that there was this quid pro quo here, that this 230 required neutrality.
" O'Rourke said that the shooting shatters "any illusion that we had that progress is inevitable or that the change that we need is going to come of its own accord.
"I decided that I would start my own company and that that way I would have something that I could put on my resume that wasn't my GPA," he says.
Right now, everything that we have is either stuff that people donated, stuff that we found in the trash, stuff that was gifted, or stuff that the volunteers themselves made.
But the National Association of Home Builders, Jerry Howard, said he really couldn&apost do that, that the mortgage interest deduction, treated like it is right now, just makes this unworkable, and a credit going away that would have addressed that, and the fact that Speaker Paul Ryan and others were opposed to that, well, that&aposs that.
"At this time it is so important that we show that it is our values that will prevail, that the terrorists will not win, that we will go about our lives showing that unity of purpose and the values that we share as one nation going forward and ensuring that the terrorists will be defeated," she told parliament.
And you look to your parents as being the thing that protects you, that guards you, and she didn't do that and I don't think that it even dawned on her that it was something that we both needed.
I hope that we have proven that to enough of a degree that we have lessons that we can push back into the industry because I really do believe that journalism is an ecosystem that needs to rise collectively.
They put out that African Americans were uppity, that they were claiming rights that they shouldn't have, that they were moving too quickly, that they were riddled with communists, and that they were trying to undermine the American system.
Sometimes that seeking for understanding your own place — that one song, or that one voice, or that lyric that someone's choosing to put into the world … it can be the message or the hope that keeps you on track.
Their value relied on speculation that they could achieve a certain monetary premium that allowed them to transcend utility for just that network – or enable that network to grow so large that that value could be sustained over time.
They're going to make sure that their mortgage or rent gets paid, that they have groceries, that they keep their lights on, that they can buy broadband, that they can obey the quarantine measures that might come in place.
That they were that unprepared, that they put forth such a complicated process, relied on untested technology ... There is very little doubt that what happened on Monday night — that complicated process, that is never, ever going to happen again.
The fact that a search warrant was issued means that a federal judge also concluded that there was good reason to believe that a crime was committed and that evidence of that crime would be found at Manafort's home.
And at that moment, the side that wants America to go backward, to include fewer people, is in the ascendancy, and it's important that we recognize that and realize that we've been here before, and that nothing is inevitable.
Well, I learned that being in a Midwestern heartland state, I learned that there were people — and Hillary was strong on the farm bill and things like that — but I learned that there were people that weren't hearing that.
That they want the safety, security, and privacy that goes along with that.
That was very obvious that I needed to make that my top issue.
The thing that I love about this film, is that it normalizes that.
I've always been that way, and I like fashion that makes that statement.
That's the focus that we have, on that console and hitting that specification.
"So does that mean that that individual knew the software was there," Rep.
Is that an indication that you have, Terry, that people have the script?
I hope that they see that this is a family that is trying.
That means even people that we disagree with and people that we dislike.
That seems to be the pricing for that right now, for that application.
That requires an executive wardrobe that isn't flashy – I think she's doing that.
What's not that and not this, that is not this and not that.
That being said, I don't think that everybody should feel that same pressure.
That feeling that we all get whenever we've done something that changes lives.
How did you think about doing that, and why that, in that format?
That he would go through an experience that would do that to him.
That encourages child trafficking and that is not something that compassionate people do.
That was that big on your … that was on Reddit, more than anything.
So how does that strike you that that&aposs what&aposs being pushed?
That means that they're left with fabrics that they just don't need anymore.
That was an engaging article, that article brought in that many more readers.
"We had that conversation, and that was that," he said with a sigh.
"That brings me much pleasure, knowing that I'm giving that to an actress."
Now that that has happened, it's possible that Mugabe could remain the leader.
Police recognize that, prosecutors recognize that, medical and mental health professionals recognize that.
So, to me, that doesn't say anything – that I wasn't in that situation.
"Having a moment that was that intense documented, I appreciate that," she said.
All that feedback's great, all that feedback's great, all that feedback is paralyzing.
So that you can solve that problem without having to have that intermediary.
Rucker: That was notable that he didn't thank Rudy Giuliani in that speech.
See that girl, watch that scene, digging that Dancing Queen wall decal. £14.50.
And we're now gaining understanding that we think that that will be possible.
Anything like that to get me out of that zone, that TV mode.
So when I project that, that is the moment that I can't explain.
That is too hard for me to think that Suncoke can maintain that.
I know that people know that I work hard, and I like that.
Apps that are supposed to do just that are much smaller than that.
Our goal in that is that we're not replacing that last human judgment.
I mean, that&aposs -- that&aposs your background, that&aposs who you are.
That was in 2015 that you gave that speech and sparked this conversation.
Namely, that intense color scheme, that glaring green snake logo, and that name.
Things that I never considered, that they were aware of, that were opportunities.
I think that any designer that isn't interested in that is a problem.
That would be -- that would be very -- that would be a big disaster.
And it's only through awareness that and deep discomfort that, that change happens.
That effectively means that the earliest a trial would begin is that day.
That means recognising that perfection is impossible and that trade-offs are inevitable.
Horses have always been that peaceful place — that place that feels like home.
Isn&apost that like -- that&aposs anarchy by people that we are electing.
Importantly, it shows that it's not OK that she had to do that.
I just like didn't know that that meant — that I had a title.
But that, it was not overturned that the charge with relation to that.
Look at it: I assumed, naively I realise now, that that was that.
Not in that way that was shown on Iraqi TV on that day.
I like doing silly stuff like that, that can break down that barrier.
In response, Sanders said that she hated that a colleague felt that way.
"That was the moment that I knew that it was possible," he recalls.
If you find that design, that does that, that's like the unicorn design.
I've seen no intelligence that would indicate that we're in that place today.
Assuming that Barack and Michelle split that $60 million, that doubles Clinton's paycheck.
I think that the sound that comes out is very conclusive of that.
Swisher: That you have, that they, that your apps get information from. Yes.
How can you make that argument that it's coding that is the answer?
That night, in that dark back room, I didn't feel that same confidence.
I think he realized some of that: That he needs more than that.
Finally, it also turned out that Paul Krugman wasn't that all that wrong.
"We believe at that time that that area was underwater," he said Tuesday.
But to me that was really striking, that things could change that radically.
I'm really honored that we're able to do that and that people listen.
Anything that puts that next generation at risk is something that deserves attention.
There are other rappers that aren't like that, that are only one thing.
It mattered that he was there, that he could step into that role.
That day, I learned that—whatever that figure meant—it did not belong.
I think that is clean and clear that that would be a violation.
That means that many of his own supporters agree that he sometimes lies.
That said, Inhofe also predicted that Trump "probably won't" resort to that step.
Well, that would be good, that would be good, that would be good.
And-- that-- that-- that would have been smarter than what we've done, Becky.
There is nothing that can replace the survivor voice — that power, that authenticity.
These are young ladies that work, that have parents that work for us.
So that if you handle that, then you're gonna be freed of that.
There are things that I've done that I think, 'Oh, that was flat.
It's that it was important that he was the one having that conversation.
There's no amount of political contractors that people hire that can fabricate that.
That was an affirmation that that was a moment because it felt good.
Is that something that you worked on, or is that a separate team?
It's the police that become that body that defends whites in their homes.
They'd show it once and that was that, so that was the end.
I don't know that there's anything here that holds a candle to that.
Pour that over that and then the Nestles And that was a look!
Do you feel like that worked, that that interview then extinguished those questions?
" And that was the basic gist, and Mike said, "Write that, write that.
That brings me much pleasure, knowing that I'm giving that to an actress.
"I want that, Senator Murray wants that, the president wants that," he said.
I don't have anything available to that many people that are that vulnerable.
Owning a sliver of that, having that sense of custodianship, heightened that involvement.
But again, having said that, that by far doesn't mean that anything goes.
I guess that was another hopeful sign, that Senators are grappling with that.
Now that it's pretty much out, do you feel that you've achieved that?
On an institutional level, that means creating a culture that cultivates that empowerment.
And it is that empathy that you bring in that makes it unique.
I think he deserves that and I'm glad that he is getting that.
That made them seem that much more real, and that much more believable.
That they are exhibitionists, that they're pathological, that they must have questionable motives.
"I felt that energy, that promise that this town would work," she said.
That I'd never have to smell that place again or eat that food.
Does that feel like an unfair advantage — that Facebook isn't properly monitoring that?
I'm so inspired by that passion and that drive and that self-awareness.
After that, I didn't have scenes that were all that complex or critical.
And that led to things that led to things that led to things.
In that moment, the only thing that mattered was that we were mammals.
That means that short poems are best, so that I can use several.
And, I think that we've forgotten that that's okay that we're all different.
But we've got a lotta products that use technology that-- that-- at Berkshire.
That is different than saying that governments occasionally do things that are good.
I hope that there's a ceremony at one point that goes with that.
You'll think that because you failed at that, that your life is over.
I&aposm so grateful that in my heritage that there was that practice.
So I can see that that is a model that works really well.
And I don't think that that campaign's doing a good job of that.
"That don't mean that I don't think that black lives matter," he said.
That someone did take us seriously meant that we touched something that resonated.
What is important is that people think that it's OK to do that.
You've said that you don't think that there that that's possible in Colorado.
People tell me that I am exaggerating and that it's not that bad.
That was a privilege I had—that he could do that to me.
"That $500 was something that I had already sent him a couple times for graphic designing, for graphic things, and that specific time that he's saying that I supposedly sent that to him for nudes, that's never been, it's never been concretely shown that that's what happened," he said.
It is also a function of the reality where we get hit again, and again, and again, with reminders that fundamental assumptions about the society we live in (that you can't say that, that you can't do that, that you couldn't have hid something like that) aren't really true.
Instead, Brahms's Piano Concerto No. 2 (with Emanuel Ax) and Symphony No. 2 had all that familiar, staunch certainty that Mr. Haitink has in the classics: that firm warmth of sound, that lucidity of argument, that length of line, that gentle guidance, that imperturbable onward tread — calm, resolute, on.
In Taiwan it's like that, in Vietnam it's like that, in Thailand it's like that and emerging markets, mainly, are like that.
And I'm hopeful that that person, that that Michigan lesbian, would feel a little more validated and not necessarily down on herself.
It's that guilt, that feeling that it's his fault, that he didn't detect the darkness in him until it was too late.
In general, the fact that legal liability could apply doesn't mean that it will, or even that users will fear that result.
It was just that it took us a moment to realize that we should take that, and then ... ... Build everything around that.
But I think there's enough there that reasonable people could agree that if you're going to curate, that that should be off.
That will make better use out of the real estate that exists, but it'll require that that real estate change pretty dramatically.
" Clinton added that Sanders "finally acknowledged that he doesn't really believe that" and that the back-and-forth is "all pretty silly.
Given that there were at least a couple of dozen deaths that we found, is that something that you plan to investigate?
You're just praying that they move into the area you're hoping, and that there's a gesture that then works at that moment.
But that doesn't detract from the fact that we are convinced that it will be AI that will be doing this entirely.
When I saw that video of the CEO berating that taxi driver I was astounded that he would even speak like that.
Chances are that it will be a virus that lurks in birds or mammals, or one that that has not yet hatched.
And that process — the things that didn't work, the things that worked — that was a joy to be up close to witness.
Do you recommend that Colin Kaepernick go to that and is that something that you would want to be a part of?
It reminds me that I'm alive, that I have things that I want to say and things that I need to do.
There was a poll that just was released earlier that showed that I was the only candidate that could win in November.
That was really the first time that I realized that my family wasn't happy with the direction that I was taking them.
It's a game that knows it's a game about a game, and knows that you know that it knows that you know.
He soon realized that not only was that not a realistic possibility but also that the problem went much deeper than that.
There are things that are exciting that are not important, and there are things that are important that are not particularly exciting.
There's a phenomenon that exists that is called populism that we really don't know very well, that it existed in the 73s.
That does not mean that no questions are asked, but it does mean that the ones that are asked are fair ones.
After that, I followed people that these people retweeted, people that interacted with their tweets, and people that interacted with my tweets.
And that wasn't in the script, that wasn't planned, that is because LA was getting the most rain that it had ever.
I think what he meant by that is feeling that adrenaline, feeling that whatever you want to call it, feeling that emotion.
Is that even if he&aposs saying a line that he&aposs been given, that people think that he feels their pain.
I think both sides understand that and agree that it's not yet clear that they'll find a way to actually resolve that.
Now, you can say that that is okay and Hillary can say that that is okay, but it's not okay with me.
It's very important to him that he clearly understands that the person that he's in contact with knows that he is underage.
I think that that is exactly ... you're right, that it was always what we're against, and I think that that's the problem.
It was very liberating to see that and realize that I wasn't that different or abnormal, that I could just be myself.
That was the most intense force that I've ever felt in my life — the way that that line tightened around my ankle.
I mean that in a way that says, 'Hey, that could be my buddy that I hung out with in high school.
That stuff just really makes me mad that I've been through it and that so many people are still doing that stuff.
That doesn't mean that it doesn't exist, but it hasn't been seen and that means that astronomers cannot assume it is there.
I'd like to think that he misspoke and it wasn't really meant the way that that sounds and hopefully he's clarified that.
That would be an example of a local company that I work with that was born out of that sort of DNA.
"And that may be many things, but I would argue that one thing that it is not is that it's not American."
The administration has said that they want to-- that-- that you guys want to reduce that trade deficit by-- what is it?
I loved that milk that's like, mixed in with that Tahitian vanilla and that sugar, and I just wanted more of that.
We definitely had to work up to that in order to do that, in order to gain that feeling and that strength.
Is the whole album trying to be like that or is it just that one song that ended up being that way?
Many of them know that they are chasing that "first high," that first time that opened the door to heaven and hell.
Seeing Kittie on stage that day showed me that there were ways to channel that energy that are both chaotic and creative.
Nobody imagined that my show would be so influential, that the stakes would be that high, or that the risks would change.
"That level of self-esteem and confidence that comes from knowing that you're looking and feeling your best — that crosses gender lines."
" Dabbiere said that it was Barday who first brought that sensibility to light, and "that is something that we have evolved from.
There's a lot of sad things that happen in that game, but I mostly think about that plant that I messed up.
A place that is fitting the constitution that we're proud of, a place that honors the people that we love and respect.
It's meant to do that to people that listen to it and it's meant to do that to people that execute it.
That gives the state more revenue, so that next year we can have that conversation that me and you probably agree on.
So that feeling that my creator could hear that, and wanted to give that space to be said, was just incredibly satisfying.
Deciding that you want to take the time for yourself, that you're important enough, that it's not optional, that kind of thing.
And we've found and we believe that that increases safety because you're teaching me and reducing that risk on that first ride.
Facebook tells The Verge that not all of that content is considered "violating" and that only about 29.2 million met that criteria.
You must take away that Trump is brand obsessed — his own brand — and that anything that besmirches that brand must be blunted.
That means that white people — men in particular, even Google engineers — must make room in that narrative and space on that stage.
The voters that do have that time are the ones that don't work that much and they are the old-school voters.
That makes me think that the actual naiveté is to think that nothing that crazy will happen because nothing has happened before.
That suggests that if Congress were to decide that the ERA was properly ratified, the courts would be bound by that decision.
It isn't that I'm single; it's that society believes that black women are not beautiful, and so maybe I believe that, too.
" She added that "he knows that LGBTQ lives matter, he knows that vets lives matter and he knows that blue lives matter.
"You can never recapture that magic, that energy, that goes into that first Stanley Cup run with a new franchise," he said.
There are certain things about Pharus that have happened to me that I feel, that I know, that I grew up with.
They were so marketing driven that they had a formula, that there were certain things that they did and that they knew.
Was that something that it was in your head that you wanted to get out, or that just came with the book?
But I think there's enough there that reasonable people could agree that, if you're going to curate, that that should be off.
But that core of humanity, and being mindful of that nobility that first brought him into that [legal] world, it's still there!
What was that like at the Times when you were going through that, when that was happening, when that was being discussed?
And when we told everybody that we want to be called boys and that we preferred the pronoun 'he,' people told us that that wasn't possible and you couldn't do that.
I certainly didn't always feel that way on every show that I've worked on, so that was important to me that they knew that I don't take this as a joke.
" GW Pharmaceuticals: "I know that that was a great speculative one that we were involved with because I do think that they have the pure cannabis that doctors want to prescribe.
"It is a kind of a neural signature that shows that you feel that you are actually causing something to happen, that you have the agency to do that," she says.
"I knew once I saw that light that we had an emergency with the booster — that at that point we weren't going to make it to orbit that day," he said.
I am a queen, and I am stately, and that is the way that I present myself so that dress was the epitome that everything that I have ever dreamed of.
I am absolutely certain of that from everything I know about that investigation, including the things that Rosenstein said to President Trump himself, that he&aposs not involved in that investigation.
But I also think it's more bad-ass if that is all that you got, that is all that you saw, and there is something that feels complete about her story.
That for me was a really good case; a lot of people didn't understand that the line that was used was actually a quote, that it was said by that team.
I do believe that with the right safeguards, there are cases that the government on our behalf, like stopping terrorism that could get worse in the future, that that is valuable.
You know, obviously, we've made some trades that people could view it as that; I don't view it as that, and they better not view it in that room as that.
BARBARO: Do you worry that this book tour that you're on, all the interviews that you're doing, all the things that you're saying, will inevitably contribute to that perception of politicization?
One of the things that was deeply surprising was that they could see the systems that they were caught in, that they were concerned about, and that were disadvantaging their partners.
The problem that overshadowed the search process — the one that changed Dinnage's mind, that cost Howe the job, that Masters now must solve — is what happens when that no longer works.
And I really think that I came away from that experience really thinking that this is a humanitarian crisis that we don't acknowledge, that we don't talk about in our discourse.
Most of all, it becomes apparent that what's missing is Leia's essential Leia-ness — that fearless attitude, that dry wit, that sly sex appeal, that sparkle of mischief in her eye.
There's never been a successful campaign that had that much staff turmoil, that many gaffes, that many falsehoods, that many women coming forward to say the candidate assaulted or harassed them.
"You could say that could — that the motivation for doing that would be the same for killing Cersei, but I haven't seen anything yet before Season 7 that would make me believe that he was capable of doing that," he added.
"He wrung [Emily] out, and whether he did that by mistake or by the fact that he didn't really notice that, he couldn't really put together that she was that nervous, or that he was just playing a game," Miller said.
I know that there were lots of things that should have been in that application that was presented to the judge that were not, and I know that they decided not to charge her before they interviewed 20183 fact witnesses.
"I have decided that that almost religious experience, that thin line between birth, the first breath that she took, was when the soul, the spirit, that special thing that separates man or woman from animals + plants entered her little body," Mrs.
" — 15-year-old "Showing older generations that we are more than kids that are just attached to their phones, that we do have opinions that need to be heard, and that we have skills to offer that older generations never had.
I mean, that is probably a less controversial piece, but we open-source a lot of the basic stuff that runs our systems, and I think that that is a– that's a contribution that I'm quite proud of that we do.
I just wanted to make sure that we all agreed that we wanted to make a film that would have two characters that felt modern and felt at time conflicted and that we would focus on a relationship that felt real.
Seeing that ring, and seeing a ring that has a size that is consistent with other measurements that had been done completely differently, I think seeing that ring of light and being able to see that ring exists is huge.
There's a lot of things that have happened to me in my career that I love, some that I don't; there's a lot of stuff that hasn't happened to me in my career, some that I love, some that I don't.
I think that I have learned in the past that I have to enjoy more, and to be thankful that I am in that position and that I have the possibility to give everything I have, so I will do that.
"The fact that you're angry is all about the passion that you feel for this place, that love that you have for this place, that commitment that you have to this place, and I wouldn't have it any other way."
There were other cases that had no contact with the market, and that simply suggests that they may have been exposed either to other people that were sick or to animals that were sick perhaps somewhere else besides that market.
"We did see that there's slither marks that are in that, that ventilation system that goes out to the roof," Steinbarth told WBAY, adding that the school plans to take apart the ventilation system to see if Kai is hiding inside.
The consensus, he says, is that IQ exists; that it is extraordinarily important to life outcomes of all sorts; that it is largely heritable; and that we don't know of any interventions that can improve the part that is not heritable.
It has been suggested, variously, that the key to understanding Hitler is the fact that he had an abusive father; that he was too close to his mother; that he had a Jewish grandfather; that he had encephalitis; that he contracted syphilis from a Jewish prostitute; that he blamed a Jewish doctor for his mother's death; that he was missing a testicle; that he underwent a wayward hypnosis treatment; that he was gay; that he harbored coprophilic fantasies about his niece; that he was addled by drugs; or—a personal favorite—that his anti-Semitism was triggered by briefly attending school with Ludwig Wittgenstein, in Linz.
"What I said last week is that these are folks that have fought with us and that it's important that we do everything we can to make sure that those folks that fought with us are protected and Erdogan has made commitments, he understands that — I think he uses the language that he has no beef with the Kurds — we want to make sure that that's the case," he continued.
"That fear that Donald Trump, the man in the White House, who holds the highest position of public trust in the land — that fear that he's trying to use against us, that fear that he directed and drove down to El Paso, Texas, that fear that claimed the lives of 22 Americans — we, those of us here together, standing to be counted, are the answer to that fear," Mr. O'Rourke said.
MORGAN BRENNAN: With that this accelerated strategy that you've just announced-- the fact that you're  going to be funding it in house, this real-- reallocation of resources, et cetera-- I can't help but think that after you announced the shift in some production of motorcycles destined for the European market to overseas, that that move, in light of the tariffs in that market, that this played a part in that?
"There's certainly a number of different funding sources that we've identified that we can use that we can couple with the money that would be given through congressional appropriations that would help us get to that $5 billion that the president needs in order to protect our borders," Sanders said.
"That would be one of the issues that I certainly would want to make sure, and that he recognizes that not only that Mr. Mueller has to be allowed to complete his investigation unimpeded, but also that prosecutorial decisions that are made by the department need to be independent," she said.
But now that we are with you, we are eager to learn and see first-hand the work that you're doing, the vital work that you're doing, and that everything that is being done on the ground is making the great change that you not only need but that you deserve.
So to this question of why is he a conservative, I think that part of his view is that you shouldn't be able to do that, that you shouldn't be rewarded for that, that there shouldn't be something that catches you too much if you just refuse to take the job.
I sensed that what he was trying to say is that all the artists at that museum at that time who were Palestinians were part of the museum's mission at that time.
" She added: "It was at that point that I knew that I had to try to help these other people that were suffering from this and that I needed to get involved.
I believe that you should be judged on physical fitness because that tells you that you have discipline, that you get up in the morning and you run and you do that.
Society says that if you are a female fighter, you have to show that sexy side, because that is the only side that people like — it doesn't have to be like that.
It makes sense for us to have policies that reduce emissions, that reduce the pollutants that are in the air, that reduce the particles that cause massive health problems around the world.
You can get that through just not being that well known, but I think that as soon as you get that to a certain size, it becomes impossible to maintain that feeling.
"There are things that people do that you can pick up that are cues that are indicative of the fact that they may not necessarily there for the right reasons," he said.
Being anything less than [that] in the court of public opinion opens her to criticism that she's getting old, that she's slipping, that she's lazy, that she's no longer the best, etc.
"I think that disqualifies him, if it's found that he knew, that he recalls it, knew that it happen and lies about it, then I think that would disqualify him," he said.
And to get to that 22, to finally win that, imagine the sense of relief when that comes—and I think when that comes; I'm not going to say if that comes.
And at that point, I realized that this is a character that I see myself in and that was probably the first time I ever felt that way with any fictional character.
It's so easy to think that way when we have movies that show us that, so I feel that it's important to show the other half for women who don't need that.
Now, that doesn't mean that they don't think that we should delight our customers, that we should treat associates well, that we should behave well in our community, both local and national.
It's like where are all the things that trip up minds, and then where are the products that we make doing that or allowing that to happen or encouraging that to happen?
He found it so plausible that he was in that ugly, racist photo that he initially said he was in it, before announcing Saturday that he no longer believed that he was.
I didn't think that a country that elected Barack Obama twice, that in that country so many people would vote for someone who has been that openly bigoted,nationalistic, xenophobic, everything else.
"We're again reminding everybody that the point of all of [developing technology] is cities and places that are good for people, that are sustainable, that are equitable, that thrive," says Fillin-Yeh.
That doesn't mean that we shouldn't recognize that there is a serious problem within Islam, as that is obviously where Islamic extremism exists.
Turkey accepts that many Armenians were killed at that time but denies that hundreds of thousands perished or that they constituted a genocide.
You can explain every good thing that ever happened to me based on that starting condition of that day in that coverage group.
They're coming from countries that don't have that, that kind of environment where they can excel and have the opportunities that they do.
And that doesn't speak for everyone who goes to that school, because I go to that school and I don't fit that storyline.
One of the first things that Doria said was that graffiti was honest, that it was art, and that pixo was a crime.
But it's everything that follows from that moment that pushes the movie to another level entirely, one that left me a little gobsmacked.
I read one account that said that Andrew McCabe demanded that something be changed, but that is all total speculation at this point.
He said that people that support Donald Trump, people that are running for office that support Donald Trump are in a cult. Listen.
That was John McCain, that was Richard Burr, that was Ted Cruz—I think the party would have coalesced around that very quickly.
There is no evidence that that is happened in the past or that there are instances in which that will happen this time.
There&aposs no evidence that that has happened in the past or that there are instances in which that will happen this time.
"I&aposm convinced that surfing is something that makes people feel free, and no one needs that more than people in that country."
I know that that camp thinks that way, and I think they're gonna ... That doesn't necessarily mean they're abandoning the label. Mm-hmm.
You stay true to that emotion and hope that it is a nice thing to remember, that it used to be like that.
I think our experience has shown that progress is possible, that more is necessary, and that I've identified the things that will work.
That, in turn, means that companies that want to hire tech workers like to operate in cities that other tech companies operate in.
So that you can identify with a cause area that you are passionate about, and find a charity that actually meets that need.
But the most significant part was meeting that family that lives in that unique house and the tree that stands in their courtyard.
In that time-frame, I knew that my team would still be working and that we'd still have payroll and stuff like that.
There's a weight to that decision that demands that we, as doctors-to-be, acknowledge the trust that has been placed in us.
But if you're a regular person, that sounds like a reasonable thing to assume, that Facebook is that smart that they're doing it.
There was some stuff they said in that Billboard interview that was totally unnecessary—all that "17 inches" stuff, that wasn't the best.
Assure them that they are breathing, and that they are present and that they are beautiful and that they are full, you know.
We saw people that are cold, people that are hungry, people that have almost lost hope that the world cares about their plight.
It's unclear how realistic that will be, given that that pad is a flat bed with little pistons under it that exert pressure.
I felt that many thought when I said that, that I meant I treated my viewers poorly or that I didn't care them.
That is that, if you do, you drag them into things that, really, is, in a way that is not fair on them.
That creates the short squeeze, that brings in the momentum guys, and that should get us up to that $442 target, he said.
You become all that stuff, so I wasn't truly afraid to do that action because I felt all that emotion at that moment.
And to do it in such a way that you raise a question that would help protect that company from making that blunder.
The idea that there are certain kinds of gamers that deserve to take pride in that name, and others that should be ashamed.
It doesn't mean that the 1% that have been sitting around and all hate Trump don't really realize that, but isn't that true?
And I&aposm wondering about the polling on that, because they must see something that makes them think that that is the key.
CAVUTO: Is it fair say that all that debt that you have, close to $80 billion, that&aposs held back for a while?
Because that would suggest that you do not have, that this company does not have a standard operating procedure for when that occurs.
"From the moment that you plug in that cable to the moment that you unplug, that cable is exposed and recorded," he said.
It's like recognition that this is working, that people care and that it's a tool and a medium that people want to use.
That&aposs the way that you can make it safer, and that&aposs the way that this war zone mentality can go away.
The cells that make muscle don't do that in the brain; the cells that make bone aren't supposed to do that in muscle.
There is no evidence that that has happened in the past, or that there are instances in which that will happen this time.
People that have this condition seem to have difficulty in controlling that move between that person and me, and me and that person.
It's also possible that there is no unified Trump, that he's just a walking collection of impulses and that his tweets reflect that.
We try to build systems that are survivable, that can recover from attack, that actually mitigate attacks, and that adapt to changing threats.
Myrick: There's a lot of things that we intended that didn't happen, and there's a lot of things that we intended that did.
We think that the reverence we have for this place is based on the fact that it's a democracy that, that involves everybody.
When they see the documentary, I hope that they see that if farm workers could do that, then I could do that also.
I mean that in that I had very strong concepts and presentation that I wanted to push, and I didn't have that before.
She says that Cheetos HQ gets bombarded with photos from consumers saying that they've found a Cheeto that looks like this or that.
I think that the city getting rid of that plaza and that type of atmosphere... They never realized how important that place was.
He said that he only had contact with a single source and that he was confident that that source had not been arrested.
That would be the answer to that and the letter that I signed represented my views that had been formulated for some time.
For starters, there's that Politico story that claims that a member of the White House staff referred to the president using That Word.