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"so" Definitions
  1. to such a great degree
  2. very; extremely
  3. not so… (as…) (used in comparisons) not to the same degree
  4. used to show the size, amount or number of something
  5. used to refer back to something that has already been mentioned
  6. also
  7. used to agree that something is true, especially when you are surprised
  8. (informal) used, often with a negative, before adjectives and noun phrases to emphasize something that you are saying
  9. (informal) used, especially by children, to say that what somebody says is not the case and the opposite is true
  10. used when you are showing somebody how to do something or telling them how something happened

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"so" Synonyms
very extremely remarkably unusually appreciably considerably particularly really significantly substantially astonishingly awfully decidedly discernibly dreadfully especially exceptionally extraordinarily incredibly inordinately therefore thus hence consequently ergo then accordingly and so for this reason thereupon wherefore afterward afterwards as a consequence as a result because of that because of this due to the fact due to this for that reason alike also correspondingly ditto likewise similarly equally in like manner in the same way identically equivalently uniformly too comparably analogously same consonantly closely comparatively then as well assuredly certainly clearly definitely doubtless easily hands down inarguably incontestably incontrovertibly indisputably sure surely truly unarguably undeniably undoubtedly unquestionably without question absolutely in such manner in such wise in this degree in this way to this extent like this thusly like that as follows in that way like so as demonstrated as shown in that fashion in that manner such that in this fashion this way in this wise as equally as proportionately that this that is the case to the affirmative thereabouts approximately circa or so approximately that number approximately that quantity getting on for in round numbers not far off or something like that something like that give or take a few in the ballpark of give or take a bit plus or minus a few accurate correct exact fit just so absolute authoritative bang on bull's-eye certain clear clear-cut conclusive dead on dead-on definitive factual final good irrefutable in order that so as so that with the aim that with the intention that with the purpose that in order for in such a manner with the result to such an extent with the result that with the intent that in such a way that in such a manner that to such an extent that so as to for to with the purpose of indeed at which point in consequence whereat whereupon at which upon which because of which toward which as a result of which with that whereon after which no less than to the same degree the same as in the same manner with identical to functioning as in the manner that just like just as like in the same way as as if by its nature comparatively to similarly as comparatively as serving as anyway by the way incidentally say anyhow anyways on another note I digress moving on on a different note other than that anyroad now then any road up anyhoo apart from that on a related note aside from that on a separate note but enough about that well I mean look you know you know what I mean you know what I'm saying in that case that being the case that being so on account of this on that account on the grounds of this on this account gospel truth truth reality fact verity certainty gospel factuality lowdown skinny authority naked truth honest truth the case whole truth actual fact absolute truth Bible truth chapter and verse hard truth case situation story explanation position circumstance actuality contention event logic God's truth what actually happened fact of the matter More
"so" Antonyms
not a little not very a little bit not exactly not overly not really not terribly a bit barely hardly at all imperceptibly inappreciably inconsequentially inconsiderably insignificantly lightly marginally negligibly slightly nevertheless however yet regardless irregardless nonetheless still despite that despite this in spite of that in spite of this notwithstanding in any event even so that said having said that at any rate all the same be that as it may in spite of everything conversely by contrast contrarily contrastingly dissimilarly in contrast inversely on the contrary on the other hand in a different manner in reverse instead possibly maybe perhaps conceivably feasibly imaginably mayhaps perchance otherwise counter antithetically conflictingly contradictorily contrastively incompatibly incongruously to the contrary vice versa adversely antagonistically au contraire contrariwise discordantly divergently doubtfully dubiously indefinite questionably uncertain indefinitely vaguely unlikely doubted questionable dubious distrustfully doubtingly mistrustfully suspiciously skeptically(US) sceptically(UK) unsuitably adequately sufficiently satisfactorily suitably modestly abundantly decently fittingly acceptably appropriately capably competently nicely respectably serviceably well creditably tolerably passably presentably irrespectively without consideration without regard disputably likely not not likely most likely not that inaccurate unreliable wrong false incorrect unsound imprecise inexact off base amiss askew awry erroneous in error miscalculated off off-target untrue way-off way-out

985 Sentences With "so"

How to use so in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "so" and check conjugation/comparative form for "so". Mastering all the usages of "so" from sentence examples published by news publications.

So, I think so far, so good... so far, so good.
I am so, so, so, so happy for you Tomi.
It's all so cool, so Bolshevik, so 1917, so red.
He was so nice, so nice, so upbeat, so good.
It was so bright, so clear, so crisp, so still.
There's so much noise, so much hysteria, so much hatred, so much pettiness, so much falseness, so much intolerance, so much that's stomach turning — and all of it public!
Just the sight of him—so smart, so powerful, so black—means so much to so many.
I'm so so so so excited and I hope you love it!
This story is so absurd, so mind-boggling, and so, so real.
A bird with so, so many wings can fly so, so high.
Or to make him so self-mortified, so loathsome, so inadequate, so isolated, so self-obsessed, so boring and bored, so guilty that no one could possibly love or desire him.
Answer this: If I didn't pursue this career path, I would be… So so so so so many things.
"I am going to cry so so so so so so so much I love Rey and I love Leia and I miss Carrie Fisher," Nerdist editor-in-chief Rachel Heine tweeted.
It's so, so, so, so, so, so hard to think they'll make the playoffs over five other teams, especially when they already trail by 2.5 games.
Thank you for being so present, so patient, so soft yet so protective.
"Now she's so happy, standing up completely straight and so tall and so confident … I'm so, so happy for her."
It was so spectacular and so fun and so nerve-wracking and so awesome.
So far, I've read 15 books in 16 days soso far so good!
So it's easy to make it seem like it's so, so, so one-sided.
I felt so much joy, and so so so much relief in that moment.
In person, my father is so friendly, so considerate, so funny, and so real.
You get there and they're now like so, so sorry, I'm so, so sorry.
Another afternoon, she tells me she's thinking about something so, so, so, so sad.
No one should be so strong, and so fast, and so skilled, and so smart, and so brave at the same time.
"I love my husband so, so, so, so much," Kunis clarified ahead of the story.
They're both so alive and they're both so talented and so smart and so young.
So what makes NBC's Olympics coverage so bad, so wedded to stupid narratives, so airless?
I am thrilled to be so fit, so healthy and so happy and so hopeful.
So many teams and systems, so many players, so much instability, so many folk heroes.
Why do so few have so much and why do so many have so little?
"I'm so close, so close, so close and yet so far away," Williams told reporters.
"He is so thoughtful and so kind and so much fun, so disciplined," she said.
And yes, this will be so, so, so, so expensive: $6500 when it drops in March.
Just whisper in their ear, so-and-so molested me, so-and-so made a comment.
So far so good, if so depressing, though hardly more so than the world at large.
The whole notion just sounds so trivial, so material, so sexist, so utterly beside the point.
So you know — so many books, so little time.
"Now she's so happy, standing up completely straight and so tall and so confident … I'm so, so happy for her," — and we are too.
So funkified, so groovy, still so below the radar, I think, but still so much potential and just so — we should listen to them for a little bit, because they're so good.
So how would I prepare for so many adventures — so many photo opps — in so little time?
It sees so much, dreams so intently, finds so few reasons to laugh, and knows so little.
The testimonies of radiation poisoning victims were so raw and yet so beautiful, so unsentimental, so pure.
Ronaldo is so talented, so rich, so good, so famous that there is never any escaping anything.
Politics exist here, but so does art, so does culture, so does food and so does music.
So how could so many retail startups with so much important VC money be so ill-fated?
"Never have so many campaigned for so long and so hard for so little," he told Reuters.
So many displaced people, so much suffering, so many contested borderlands, so much needless destruction and death.
She was so very positive, so bright, so out there.
Because it is so, so, so much more than that.
So much fun, so much opportunity, so few tickets left.
So what made Hollywood harassment so prevalent for so long?
So many questions, so little time, and so few answers.
A new Blade Runner could be so, so, so bad.
It's not you, baby — it is so, so, so him.
So what's taking so long when its so popular worldwide?
It was all so fluid, so unhurried and so natural.
It was so honest, so brutal, and so completely crazy.
This is so private and so fresh and so new.
"I'm just so so so happy and relieved," said Jazz.
So much senseless death, so much heartbreak, so much anger.
And she'll reply, so kindly, so expediently: "Thanks so much!"
INGRAHAM: So did Bush, so did Clinton, so did Reagan.
So thank you so much, guys, thank you so much.
She is so caring and so loving and so nurturing.
There are so, so, so many better meats out there.
It was so active and so lively and so transgressive.
It was so beautiful, so powerful, and so terribly sad.
There's so much erotica, so much video, so much webcam.
I feel so, so proud and so loving towards Laura.
It's so shocking, so catchy and so easy to believe.
So why is failure so scary for so many women?
"They are so gracious, so kind, so loving," she said.
So did Google, so did around YouTube, so did others.
They are so delicate yet so hardy, so ingeniously evolved.
It has inspired so many writers, so many painters, so many philosophers, so many visitors from all over.
Yet I've never met a national politician so ill informed, so evasive, so bombastic and, frankly, so puerile.
You fought so hard and you were so tough and you were so smart, you were so smart.
Trust us, if you follow their advice, your strands will go from "so-so" to "so-so amazing."
I wanted to ask him to forgive me for being so young, so thoughtless, so insecure, so naïve.
And instead she came out like a buttercup, so lovely, so guileless, so unspoiled, so nice to waiters.
It's so spicy, so riveting, so empathetic and devoted, so alive in the world as it actually is.
It's so spicy, so riveting, so empathetic and devoted, so alive in the world as it actually is.
Sanders gets high marks in a cycle of so-so ads By most accounts, the TV ads in Campaign 2016 have been so-so, so far.
Rarely has the world witnessed so much unsettling change so fast in so many nations for so many reasons.
Caroline Framke It's always so frustrating, but so real, to watch her get so, so close to acknowledging it.
He's so easy to talk to and so sweet, so to give him that rose… it felt so good.
When you really think about it, it's so, so, so, so sad that we actually fall for this crap.
And I've come across many words to-night That are so like "Rise" — so like — so vague, so vague.
The show is so great and so beloved for so many.
So, if herpes is so common, why is it so stigmatized?
" She was so inventive, so funny and so warm," he continued.
"They're so young but so brilliant and so strong," she said.
"They're so young but so brilliant and so strong," she says.
It's so much music and so layered and so many styles.
So many baptisms, so many weddings and so many holidays celebrated.
They're so aware and so in control — they're just so fabulous.
It seemed cruel, striking one so young, so kind, so talented.
Right. So ... so ... Just so you know, it's called Tofurkey. Tofurkey?
So we gave it a try and so far, so good.
So in so few years, the advances are happening so fast.
No virus had ever spread so fast, so far, so quickly.
"Scout24 was so so so frustrating," a second syndicate head said.
So why should I be so into that so-called thing?
"Europe has never been so prosperous, so secure nor so free,"
So anyway, so, so we'll see how it goes with Jeff.
So is Germany; so is Saudi Arabia; so is South Korea.
"Betty was so amazed and so, so happy," says granddaughter Miccio.
How are things going so wrong, so quickly, for so many?
She was so able, so good at her craft, so knowledgeable.
It's so pretty, so quirky, so adorably outré, I love it.
So why does everything work out so well, if so suddenly?
I'm so sad, under so much pressure, and I'm so tired.
Benefit/cost analysis: It sounds so scientific, so rational, so impartial.
So compelling, so savvy -- her dress cost $138 -- and so independent.
It's so insane that you did something so barbaric so recently.
Louie, you have been so great, so tough, and so smart.
Trayvon Martin's death was so tragic, so unnecessary, and so preventable.
So, why so much, and why do they take so long?
There were so many rocks, so much power, so much steam.
It all sounds so obvious, so clinically sterile, so effortlessly simple.
"Thank you so so so much for this," one person wrote.
I'm just so so happy, and I'm so proud of myself.
The book is so hilarious, and so sad, and so beautiful.
"The curve is so exciting, so juicy, so full of opportunity."
So much so, in fact, that even Clinton's team thought so.
Jared is so interesting because he's so wealthy but so sad.
It may seem odd that a country so prosperous, so powerful and so free would at the same time be so anxious and angry, so riven by factionalism.
" Kehlani added to the sweet moment saying, "I'm so, so, so, so proud of you, and honored to know you.
If so, how could we have sent so many living creatures, so many people, so many children to their deaths?
There were cliques, and people hated each other, and so-and-so wouldn't dream of talking to so-and-so.
"I'm so close, so close, so close and yet so far away," Williams continued in her post-match press conference.
It was so simple, yet so rough, so aggressive in a way.
It's iconic because it's so effortless, so dynamic, and so perfectly composed.
It was so overregulated and so governed and so punitive for business.
We&aposve had so many pundits be so wrong for so long.
Your voice, your story — it's so important, so original, and so beautiful.
Never have so few words meant so much to so many nerds.
So eerie, so silly, so great for an easy April Fools' prank.
We're so vulgar, we're so full of ourselves and we're so destructive.
" She added that we have "So, so, so much further to go.
"@tobi_pearce has been SO supportive, SO EXCITED and so loving!" she said.
" Taylor sings, "Scratches down my back now/So, so, so it goes.
They're so great, so comfortable, so happy and have a beautiful pattern.
So many fights, so many stare-downs, so much talk of death!
So passionate, so partisan—and, too often these days, so prolifically peevish.
Related Post So, what makes that encounter so memorable, and so controversial?
I want my poems to be so brave, so capacious, so Whitmanian.
" He added: "She's just so compelling, she's so sweet [and] so funny.
His books are so poignant and so resonant and so beautifully written.
Everybody was so injured and so hurt and in so much pain.
You learn so much so quickly, and the situation develops so quickly.
They are just so finely tuned, so expressive and yet so clean.
So if it's so simple, why is it so hard for people?
And being so frustrated that I was so big and so bold.
It's so simple and so hard, so thrilling when it works out.
The story's title alone is so evocative, so creepy … so Stephen King.
That's what's made this final season so crushing, so hard, so exhausting.
Everything feels so fine, and so fragile, and so shockingly worth saving.
And Monica lost so much control, so much cool, so much coolness.
And mine was so territorial, so materialistic, so possessive, greedy and grabby.
After all, its spaces are so lush, so fascinating, so unnervingly empty.
So, why did it take so many people and so much time?
It is so powerful, so meaningful, and creates space for so much.
"We're so, so, so lucky and happy to have you," Wallace said.
"The writing is so good, so strong, so confident," Murphy told Mashable.
People have never before lived so long, so well or so freely.
"At that age, you feel so new and unsure of so many things, and yet so sure and so overly confident of so many things as well," she explains.
Rarely in stockmarket history have so many investors made so much money from so few shares going up for so long.
Every so often, a dress comes along that's so rare, so delightful, so utterly whimsical, it warrants being called a unicorn.
There's so much press, there's so much journalism out there; there are so many restaurants, there's so much food out there.
So "Mosul, Mosul Mosul / So sad, so sad / It's a catastrophe / So bad, so bad" sounds way better than the stream-of-consciousness horseshit that he ran with Wednesday night.
The partisan divide was bad then, but it was not nearly so awful — so personal, so vicious, so apocalyptic, so apparently beyond redemption — as it appears to many people now.
It was so romantic and she's just so excited and feels so lucky.
She's so excited about it, and I'm so excited it arrived so quickly!
"Computing has become so central and so important - and so dangerous," he said.
They're both so smart, they're so funny, they're so kind of really collaborative.
Life is so good and moving so fast, but we are so blessed.
So many connections, so many advances, and so many wide-open cybersecurity loopholes.
So how has the current Republican anti-environmentalism come so far so fast?
It was so loud, so violent, so powerful — it made my teeth rattle.
"It's 'so so' they said, so it's in God's hands now," Sergio said.
We don't know it's going to be so good, so effective, so resonant.
So what went so wrong, so quickly, to compel FCA to pull out?
"This ride has been 'so good, so good, so good' thanks to you."
She's  so funny, and she's so smart, and she's so best friend material.
This ride has been 'so good, so good, so good' thanks to you.
"He was so funny, so bright, so moral," she told PEOPLE of Adler.
No longer a planet, so distant from its Sun, so cold, so lonely.
It's just so wonderful to see her so happy and so in love.
She's so vulnerable, so honest, so interested in other people more than herself.
"Oh my God, they were so beautiful, so happy, so contented," she said.
So sweet, so delicious — and more so because you made it for her.
But CBS has been so generous to us and so nice, so hey.
I'm so, so, so excited about this and I hope you are too.
I picked him up and he was so beautiful and so, so touching.
"Chicago has so much food, so many festivals, so much culture," she says.
It's also I think something so beautiful and so valuable and so exciting.
So what exactly makes Gemini G.E.L. so attractive to so many important artists?
The Beyhive is so much energy, so much joy, so much positive vibes.
So it's like, 'Why doesn't so-and-so just ride away right now?
So we — that's why it's so important to have so many different approaches.
It's so snarky, it's so ad hominum [sic], it's so black and white.
Never have so many consumed so much media and yet been so misinformed.
But the kids wanted to do it so, so badly, so we went.
I live in Florida and I am so, so, so tired of this!
How can it be so simple and so basic but somehow so complete?
"The ads have become so familiar, so formulaic and so predictable," Jordan said.
I'm so excited, I'm so liberated, I'm so completely free to be myself.
KS: Yeah, another geek and so on and so on and so on.
And my girls come from so many walks of life and so much pain and so much hardship and so much story.
How could we be sure that so-and-so, now dead, said just those words to so-and-so, now also dead?
So I believe that this election has become in part soso conflict-oriented, so intense because there's a lot at stake.
This kid was so, so happy, and I was so, so terrified and miserable and embarrassed—because I was thinking about myself.
I never knew it was possible to feel so understood and so seen and so visible and so beautiful, in a way.
Are Democrats hurting themselves by preserving a roster of congressional leaders that's so veteran, so old, so familiar, so caricatured in cases?
"The reason the U.S. is so successful, so entrepreneurial and so on is because there are so many immigrants here," Schrömgens said.
It looks so sad, so boring, so scary, and the people who live there tend to be so weird and self-conscious.
He said it turned out to be "a so-so play" that was turned into "a so-so movie" with Frank Sinatra.
It's brought my team so close in a year that's been so utterly fucked and I am so, so thankful for it.
For TV lovers, never before has there been so many TV shows, so many networks, so many video services, so many streaming boxes.
After having a career for so long, it's so weird that nobody knows [my sound] yet, so it's going to be so good.
The music and visuals are so loud, so concussive, so demanding, and so sharp that you can't think about what's happening off screen.
"When the media is constantly telling you, 'so-and-so is winning and so-and-so is losing,' it impacts voters," he added.
In one emotional scene, "she brought something so real, so personal, so vulnerable, so primal that that's not an acting performance," he said.
Once, I actually cried tears of joy over what any observer would have thought a so-so performance on a so-so wave.
I have been so pleased by so many kind words, by so much love.
"I am saddened Pence would be so triumphalistic, so unabashed, so jingoistic," Wear  tweeted .
So much so, her parents are thinking about self-deporting and so is she.
"I am saddened Pence wld be so triumphalistic, so unabashed, so jingoistic," Wear tweeted .
Our country, it's so, so, just so imperative that we have the right justices.
You just didn't realize it would be so big, so loud, or so extra.
And yet so many people feel so distant and so many truths feel unattainable.
I now feel so much more beautiful, so much sexier, so much more interesting.
There's something about [having so many women around] that's so comforting and so comfortable.
It was so good, so note-perfect, so everything I want in a show.
And so planning our wedding with an amalgamation of both was so so amazing.
It is so impressive to me what he did — so funny and so smart.
We worked so hard and we had so much fun, so that's what counts.
Never has the linguistics profession been so badass, so nuanced, so full of intrigue.
" Lifting her trophy, she noted, "He's so pretty and so skinny … yet so heavy.
"She was so easy to love because she loved so easily and so naturally."
That's how an idea so easily parodied became so politically marketable—and so dangerous.
Diane, Goldie, and Bette are incredibly talented actresses: so smart, so singular, so appealing.
Their need is so much, prices are so high and work is so limited.
They're so en-TITLED, so NEEDY, so stuck in their little gadgets or whatever.
"Dearest Evie, I am so so so proud of you!" the sweet letter began.
I love reading and writing so this just seemed so natural and so right.
So this song means so much to me and so much to my parents.
So many Laces, so many ways to repeat the same conversation, so little time.
So it's so juicy, so tender, that you have to carve it by hand.
There is so much ambiguity on Survivor, so many lies and so much uncertainty.
"This information about problem officers is so knowable, so predictable, so clear," Futterman said.
They have been so efficient, so good, so talented, we have thousands of tents.
Barack Obama says so, Kendall Jenner says so, even millennial media companies say so.
So why, given the artistic possibilities, are so many of them so awkward-looking?
Why is Tchaikovsky's music for their grand adagio so unsugary, so imposing, so colossal?
Good thing that DODO, SO-SO, LALA, and SO sound the way they do!
He was so gifted, so proud of his home, so invested in his community.
" I was like, "Whoa, this is so consonant, and so beautiful, and so colorful.
There's so much history to revise, so little time, and so much ongoing injustice.
No: Dear So and So, I was so sorry to hear about your father.
Yes: Dear So and So, I was so sorry to hear about your father.
It's so small and so simple, and yet so loaded with meaning and potential.
"I'm so happy the picture came out so entertaining, but so moving," she said.
We were not expecting it to be so silly, so sweet, and so sad.
"Airports can only scale so much, build so much and hire so many people."
"So ignorant, so fearless, so arrogant," another person said, according to the news agency.
" She goes on, "How can I have behaved so badly, so cruelly, so stupidly?
How could someone so beautiful and so gifted have thrown herself away so completely?
So what exactly is making this year's fire season so devastating—and so widespread?
"I'm so proud to see so many people out here so early," he added.
It's that I find his moral compass so lacking, so disturbing and so distressing.
I've never been so proud, to be so hated, by someone so ignorant. pic.twitter.
Tim Herrera: So, uh, why are so many of us so bad at money?
But there are so many emotions, so much fear and pressure, so much pride.
Our country is so, so, just so imperative that we have the right justices.
You hear so often about their financial system and so on and so on.
As it turns out, the rhetoric, the tactics utilized by the left is so vile, so vicious, so hypocritical, so aggressive, you know what?
Baseball will never see another player quite like Hamilton, who was so gifted and so troubled and so captivating and so damn weird, too.
But so do the pharmaceutical companies, so do the health insurance companies, so do the fossil fuel companies, and so do the defense contractors.
Because we do love each other so, so much and we need to learn it again because we are so, so sad right now.
Being in the Zappos Theater, there's so many historical events that have happened there — so many amazing shows — so there's so much history there.
From a moral, economic, and political perspective our nation will not thrive when so few have so much and so many have so little.
Europe, let's say Holland, has had dance music for so long, so they're so much more used to it, and they're so much cooler.
Outside of politics, there may be nobody in popular culture at this complex moment so divisive and so galvanizing, so scorned and so appreciated.
Yes, but the reason why the U.S. is so successful and so entrepreneurial and so on, it's because there's so many immigrants in here.
There's only so much concrete, only so many service sites, only so many construction workers.
There's only so many doctors, there's only so many nurses, there's only so many hospitals.
He's just so young and so confident and was so open at his first audition.
I am so lucky to be with someone that is so thoughtful and so sweet.
Have you ever heard of anything so beautiful, so bizarre, so completely and perfectly stupid?
This is an orchestrated smear campaign, so predictable, so coordinated, so filled with hate, demagoguery.
That feels so much better, and so much more true, and so much more hopeful.
They evacuated so well; we had so many exit doors that it was so effective.
I am so, so, so lucky to have been given the time I've been given.
The way he did it — so abruptly, so thoughtlessly — is why so much chaos abounds.
Love you so so so much," she concluded the emotional post, adding the hashtag "cancersucks.
I laugh so hard and they're so beautiful, that it's so difficult to leave them.
He's so obsessed with his big sister and she is so sweet and so nurturing.
It's so bad it's kind of fun, but not really, because it's so, so bad.
So does foreign policy, welfare reform, crime rates, unemployment, and so on and so on.
It was a waste of money so pure, so brutal, so punishing in its obviousness.
If the data are so strong, why are so many people so down on China?
Garlic, so deliciously fragrant in so many recipes, is decidedly less so on our fingers.
So, they roll and people write down their scores and so forth and so on.
Dancing Dobby is at once terrifying and mesmerizing—so wrong, and yet so, so right.
He was so vibrant and so fun and so funny, and his English was abstract.
So far, so fast and so remarkable are the echoes in many South Korean chambers.
Could the transition from jihadi to patriot really be so seamless, so rapid, so complete?
Because it is so sweet, and it is so loving, and it is so encompassing.
"Empowerment" wasn't always so trivialized, or so corporate, or even so clamorously attached to women.
Our country is so, so — it's just so imperative that we have the right justices.
"He was so reliable and so good, and she loved him so much," she said.
But it was so ... relaxed, so non-threatening, so... Portland, that I didn't freak out.
The problem was that my colleagues were so fabulous and so schooled and so experienced.
"The piano has been so, so, so significant all through my life," Ms. Lennox said.
"He's done so much and it's so permanent and it's so meaningful," Mr. Berggruen said.
There are so many platforms, so many screens, so much choice facing the cultural consumer.
"You have to be so present, so alert, with your curiosity so intact," Charon said.
Chinese people, I don't like you, you are so bad, so bad and so gross.
Never had war been so uncensored, never so public, and yet never so personal, too.
So those are things that — you know, that is so hard to take, so hard.
"But they apparently didn't anticipate something so sudden, so acute, and so tremendous," he said.
It is so zesty, so lively and so misunderstood, which makes it a great value.
It's why so few Arabs, so few Europeans, so few anybody, rose to Hamas's defense.
"So little to say, so little to do, and the fear so great," she chirps.
And, saying it's so, without proof that it was so, does not make it so.
"But they apparently didn't anticipate something so sudden, so acute and so tremendous," he said.
"This ride has been 'so good, so good, so good' thanks to you," he said.
It seemed so uncontroversial -- so Jewish and so American -- to espouse these ideas, said Nezer.
He was so very much, so very electric in his presence, but so later diminished.
Well, now I can, so so much has changed in so little time, Lisa Dickey.
"I was just so alone, and in so much pain, and so scared," she says.
It has so much labor potential, so much natural resources, so much manufacturing capacity, etc.
I was so sad, so sad, so sad, but I still went to class... And so it continued from when I was 13 to 15.
It is so human, and rich, and so sad, and so weirdly hopeful, but also so crazily funny ... it's just a marvelous work of storytelling.
I'm so very lucky, so deeply thankful to have been part of a show that has brought so much joy to so many. NINE-NINE!
So why had philosophers been so reluctant to write about fatherhood, and so ineptly, if not sexist, in the few cases they had done so?
We can't talk about waterboarding, so they must think we are so weak and so stupid.
It makes you so aware how fast something that is so simple could become so tragic.
"He was so gifted, so proud of his home, so invested in his community," Legend said.
It's so breathtakingly quick, so unbelievably sharp, and so stimulating that it actually tires you out.
Yet we are always hearing about how AI is so accessible now, so flexible, so ubiquitous.
"The spirit of Lu Xun's writings is so, so, so strong," a user wrote on Zhihu.
And yet, the answer is rooted in something so fundamental and so simple — and so evasive!
It's just so easy and so much fun and it's so enjoyable to be around you.
Coming here is so easy, so why not do something so that it will be remembered?
"She was so sweet and so humble, I'm so honored that she came to our store!"
They're so carefree, so fun, and this is so representative of who they are, you know?
It is shocking that they are so brazen, so unconcerned about the repercussions for doing so.
"They're both so elegant, so stunning, so exotic, and yet they're such New Yorkers," Kissane says.
My dad is so introverted, he's so shy so he doesn't like the spotlight on him.
So it's a three by one, so it's a "B" word "buffalo," so that's a bunch.
We really, really appreciate it, so thanks so much for spending so much time with us.
When you're in this business, you're so exposed to so many predators and so many things.
So, I'm happy that it has so many amazing women in it, so many amazing actresses.
Abram Plaut: It's so next-level, so crazy, so different [from] everywhere else in the world.
There's a world that George created which is so unique and so distinct, and so tangible.
Why is this character so special, or that character so driven to do something so difficult?
The necklace is so startlingly heavy, so gaudy, and so overpowering to the average female form.
And it's so easy to see so many different walks of life and so many people.
At the time, the Supreme Court's decision appeared to be so unanimous, so harmonious, so decisive.
I am so proud of him and love this lil' oyster-loving man so so much.
So I need to take ample time to do so so I can move forward correctly.
The description is so visceral, so precise, and so unsettlingly beautiful, it gives the reader chills.
Perfect cardigan I SWEAR so so so happy and hope to buy more in the future.
But there are also so, so, so many plotlines I don't want to suffer through again.
"Everyone was, like, 'You must be so sad and so stressed and so scared,' " Coon said.
Prominent men on the edge of obsolescence have never acted so wounded, so angry, so desperate.
And so we were such a small team, but we were so gritty and so scrappy.
So proud of these guys; so proud of my team; so proud of Joe Gibbs Racing.
The temple at Segesta had never before seemed to me so striking, so timeless, so precious.
That's what has made conservatism and the party so resilient and so appealing to so many.
"Unfortunately, the fire hit so hard, so fast, so big, it enveloped the community," said McLean.
I've been so grateful to see what they do so expertly because I've learned so much.
So we have people work so they repay victims and society so much as that's possible.
The space, so much of it still, so empty, so awe-inspiring, speaks of American possibility.
We can speak from so much pain and so much heartache and so much — still — frustration.
So if the estate tax is so great, why do Americans feel so negatively about it?
This is what other musicians find so compelling and yet so peculiar — so mysterious — about him.
These people were so, so, so wrong; but note that they weren't wrong about the technology.
And they have so much personal, private information about so many citizens of so many countries.
He's back after so many injuries, so it's good to see him playing so well again.
MSG is what makes Doritos so glorious, parmesan cheese so exquisite, and Chinese takeout so delightful.
Its time has passed so quickly, so completely, that it seems impossible it was so recent.
It is less of a case of so far, so good, than so far, good enough.
And how could so much of the medical community have been so wrong for so long?
"It's all so Hollywood, so poetic, so dramatic," Margaret Lyons wrote in The New York Times.
So, I think it's that kind of stuff that's so nuanced that they do so well.
From Arctic Monkeys to Superorganism to Beyonce, so so so many acts sell socks as merch.
There are few things in life so humbling—so virtuous, so innocent, so unequivocally awe-inspiring—as seeing someone blow chunks coming out of camel pose.
So there are ways in which fairs provide so much more, but they're really so terrifying, so prohibitively expensive, and the risks are way too high.
"Shiri is so chill and so comfortable with herself and so at ease it's so not like she doesn't have hang-ups at all," says Urbinati.
I'm so fortunate and so completely — it's so cliché to say — but I'm so completely blessed to have worked with the people that I've worked with.
But the courage that I saw, the courage that invited me to share my own story, was so profound, so moving, so intense, and so powerful.
So when I tell you this, I'm so grateful and so humbled and so honored to announce this ... The good news is, I'm in remission, y'all!!
Salma was my dream girl, from being Latina and seeing someone so successful and so beautiful, so intelligent, so caring, she was always my dream client.
"This breakdown was so incoherent, so random, so ferocious and so thoughtless that it's created a ton of bargains in all of the chaos," he said.
" They'd say, "Oh, well, I've done that work, or so-and-so is has done that work, or so-and-so is part of this group.
Her strokes are so crisp, her forehand so powerful, her movement so purposeful, her angles so precise, that she looks like she's hitting against a wall.
I mean there's just no reason for having so many people so scared and so needy and so distressed and their families as what's happening now.
I grew up in Kenya, and I have never read a novel about my own country that's so funny, so perceptive, so subversive and so sly.
"It is a very dangerous and unjust situation where so few have so much and so many have so little," Mr. Sanders said in an interview.
Such players are now so big, so complex, so indebted and so enmeshed in the economy that the Chinese government is abruptly bringing them to heel.
"She's so kind, so caring, so gentle — those are qualities that I've never experienced to that degree before and that I find so refreshing, that have made me so in love with her," Mr. Alexander said.
So I'm going to use this space to collect some thoughts from writers about why art is important, and why it's especially important now, when so much feels so uncertain and so dangerous to so many.
They are so horrendous, so destructive to the interests of so many Americans, so strongly opposed by so many groups representing major players in the healthcare system and so widely and intensely disliked by so many voters, that they will not become law in any form close to what is currently on the table in Congress.
So worldly, so well-referenced, so eminently quotable, so contemptuous of hummable, assembly-line melodies — and, beneath it all, in a way I was still too young to absorb, so torn by a fathomless fear and yearning.
In "So and So and So and So and So and On and On" (2010), for example, dazzling glazed ceramic and glazed kiln bricks are the pedestals — as thought-provoking as the head-like figures atop them.
They are so entitled, so obsessed with their own unhappiness, so unwilling to take any actions to overcome said unhappiness, so cruel, judgmental and petty and at the same time, so capable of love, compassion and growth.
They are so entitled, so obsessed with their own unhappiness, so unwilling to take any actions to overcome said unhappiness, so cruel, judgmental and petty and at the same time, so capable of love, compassion and growth.
This is how it delivers so many Internet services to so many people in so many countries so quickly, from Google Search to Google Maps to YouTube.
"Living in my world is so dark and so hard," she says, "and so we cling to those stories when we hear them and they're so beautiful."
It's so polished, so well put together, so smartly designed, and so beautiful to look at that it's a joy to pick up over and over again.
So, yeah, thank you for watching and I love you guys so so so much— In fact, would it be going too far to call it TREMENDOUS ?
Depression is so prevalent all over the world and it's so important to do something about it so I am so proud of what we accomplished today.
And Margaret was, you know, so powerful, and so steady, and so determined, and so difficult to beat, and such long range and the rest of it.
Right. Like, I don't know, "so sorry for the fake news, so sorry for the intervention so far, sorry for the bots, so sorry for the …" ultimately.
"We've never had a president who so relishes producing animosity and hate among Americans, and who does it so consistently, so gleefully and so intentionally," he said.
I've always been so so vulnerable online sharing about my past BD, ED talked about mental health and shared so so much but this isn't about me.
Thus, so many House GOP retirements; thus, so much money being raised by so many Democrat candidates; thus, so many impassioned female Democrat candidates running nationwide; 9.
There are so many people who are filled with so much hate, so much sadness, so much confusion…specifically with him, I'm thinking 'god, he's self-conscious.
We're so bogged down in the initial confrontations because they seem so exciting, they seem so shocking.
But there is still so, so far to go, and so many ways American women remain underrepresented.
Rocky had never, ever felt so goddamn good, so complete…and so much like she was home.
Everyone was so nervous, so emotional, so petty, and it was all I could see and hear.
He is so calm, so relaxed, so normcore in his VR skatesScreenshot: USPTOAnd look at him here.
It's like so much growth potential, so many ways to change people's lives and so I'm in.
How embarrassing to have seen this all so partially, while taking ourselves so seriously, for so long.
"A movie is something that so many people work so hard on for so long," he says.
The Samsung Group is so vast, so opaque, and so unknowable that it's impossible to feel anything.
So I just don't understand why things have become so complicated and the logistics are so unsurmountable.
I feel so sad inside and sometimes I feel so sad and so broke inside, especially lately.
It is so, so, so much easier to tear things apart than it is to build something.
Many, Herz says, could get so invested in pushing themselves so far so quickly that they'd vomit.
" Neil finished by saying ... "The ride has been 'so good, so good, so good' thanks to you.
It is hard to believe that at one time he was so wicked, so evil, so violent.
This collection feels so free and so full of different references to so many different amazing women.
I know, it's so over, it's so overdone, there was so much of it, blah blah blah.
" He added, "Your voice already sounds so seasoned and accomplished and so much control, so much range.
"It was so monumental and so well thought-out and so beautiful and soul-baring," Adele continued.
So the organizations need to show that they care and they have not done so so far.
So if asterisk roleplay is so skin-crawlingly gross, why do so many people still use them?
It's so ridiculous, so surprisingly handsome, and so cheap that I almost want to buy it. Almost.
FaceApp. So. The app has gone viral again after first doing so two years ago or so.
Fortnite is so big, so popular, makes so much money, that no one else can keep up.
We're so small and so stubborn, and the challenges in holding back the ice are so large.
"It is so expensive and it is so time-consuming and it is so heartbreaking," Missy says.
THAT China has lifted so many out of poverty and become so powerful so quickly is remarkable.
"Everything is so precise, and the details are so important, so I'm an ant fucker," she explains.
Cara and Mady, I love you so very much and I'm just so so proud of YOU!
Here's someone so brave, so empathetic, and so tough that no feminist could find fault with her.
There's so much to buy, so many options, and only so much money between now and payday.
You talk to any girl who dated me, they'll say 'Gucci so intelligent, so charming, so nice.
There are so many people who have so much power and have done so little personal development.
So many people said to me that I'm a so-and-so, but I don't hear them.
So, what makes this game so engaging and, from what we've seen so far, potentially very addictive?
I have so much going on, so many places to run to, so much to worry about.
The empanadas were so good and so satisfying, so naturally I brought them for lunch again today.
I was so, so nervous and I just felt like crying after because I'm just so happy.
There are a lot of major life changes that I'm so, so, so blessed to have experienced.
But acting is so easy and so well paid and so fun to do that why not?
You know, I am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there.
She doesn't know how one gets out alive against something so swift, so complete, and so awful.
Some of it is so spectacular, so trippy, so ridiculous, I was convinced that it was fake.
After all, compared to Red, she's so fully human, so powerfully emotive, so loving and caring — right?
It comes from Ms. Adams's gift for making her characters so changeable, so vulnerable, so universally familiar.
First, how was he able to do so many different things, so early, and for so long?
There are meals so gluttonous, so meaningful, so caloric, that they imprint themselves on your personal history.
This show is so frank and so unlike anything else out there, so I feel pretty naked.
The tech, music, style, books, trends, rules, films and pills that made Gen X … so so-so.
"I wish you were here so badly so we could have so many more memories!" she wrote.
The shortcoming is a pity, because this troupe can be so original — so contemporary, so idiosyncratically itself.
He is so tiresome, so self-indulgent, so full to bursting with nonstop me-me-me-ism.
They maybe saw so and so committed a crime, so now you've got to watch these guys.
The kennings are out there waiting for you — so beautiful, so different and so very, very old.
Let's prematurely accept the apologies for being so famous, so rich, so slim-seeming in a suit.
Constance: In order: I am into it, I hope so, I hope so, I don't think so.
Never have number ones dived so far, so fast, so frequently, as the ones in Sensi do.
So the booking file doesn't really work and so on, so we try to help them, actually.
But what do you do when politics get so chaotic, so vicious, so seemingly warped beyond recognition?
CRUZ: So -- so let me -- let me .
A friend involved in a group text chat, when asked if so-and-so had done such-and-such, tried to respond that so-and-so "probably" did.
And then you're auditioning in another accent, and the language they write is so beautiful, so you want to stick to it, so there's so much going on.
Today a man who has meant so much to so many; a man who has given so much to so many; has had his constitutional rights trampled on.
I'm so very lucky, so deeply thankful to have been part of a show that has brought so much joy to so many," Lo Truglio said. "NINE-NINE!
At a time when so few have so much, and so many have so little, we must reject the foundations of this contemporary economy as immoral and unsustainable.
Ovenly has been so different for me than any other job I've had, how the community is so huge but also feels so intimate and is so giving.
They will not, of course, say anything of the sort, not to a woman so regal, so formidable, so unbending — and so charming when she chooses to be.
"I wanted to make this as personal as possible, so that people can understand why so many of us are so hurt and so angry," Ms. Thomas said.
It is so emotional, it's so funny, it's so big, the idea they've come up with, I'm startled.
Making me feel like the most important artist in the world when I'm so, so, so...insignificant. [Laughs].
There's a quality to the Chicago-based guitarist's work that is so thick, so ethereal, so distinctly... his.
I was so pumped that he came out, because it was so unplanned, and I was so excited.
"He's so affectionate, so lovable and so docile," Slater said, adding that finding his owner will be bittersweet.
The venue is so incredible and culturally it's so different and to be here I feel so fortunate.
So much personal fantasy, so many rectangles slathered on and sentimentally worked over, so many fascinatingly indecipherable methodologies.
If physical touch is your language, it is so soothing, so warm, and so assuring to be touched.
"Never before has one man given so much to so many but asked so little," the whitepaper states.
They were so kind, going so far as to buy me lunch so I wouldn't be left out.
" She admits, "That was so intimidating, but he was so unbelievably supportive and encouraging, and he's so funny.
So they always expect a little bit more of me because they accomplished so much with so little.
"I am so grateful, I am so humbled, and I am so honored to announce this," he shared.
"So far, so good," said analyst Shukor Yusof of Endau Analytics, describing growth so far as 'a feat'.
We're blessed to still be doing this for so long and be so prosperous for so many years.
I used to be called giraffe and it just makes you feel so, so alone and so scared.
I'd spent many years wanting to express myself like this so to finally do so felt so freeing.
I didn't know that it was so annoying to so many people, so now I don't buy it!
"The world is so extreme and so over the top and so vast," showrunner Sam Catlin told Mashable.
I love that Rihanna is so true to herself, and so open about her sexuality and so confident.
I am so happy, so in love, and so beyond excited for this next chapter of our lives!
There are so many in town, and I am so amazed and it makes me feel so good.
So it was so fragile and it was so easy to destroy it, the beginning of the system.
So you get all these people to do it and then you and so on and so forth.
So why, then, do we so freely give away our time when it's so critical to our performance?
Let it sit so that it can finish producing, but not so long so that the crema disappears.
So why is giving birth in America so dangerous for so many and getting worse instead of better?
It felt so insular, so time-consuming and yet so meaningless, too, in the grand scheme of things.
So exactly how did we get a system in which so few determine the fate of so many?
So these companies have gotten so large, so influential, that they've distorted competition in the markets they touch?
I find so much joy in so many kinds of music, so there's no reason to pigeonhole anyone.
He exuded love and kindness and will leave an indelible mark on so, so, so many lives. Excelsior!!
Never have so many incompetents of the present been so critical of so few geniuses of the past.
There are so many studies out there showing that things we touch every day are so, so dirty.
And so it's almost been a revitalization of democracy in a way that's so powerful and so profound.
"People can say, 'Netanyahu will win anyway, so maybe I'll vote for so-and-so,' " Mr. Rahat said.
Because we work so hard, so long, so late, the mythology suggests, we don't ever cook at home.
There are only so many reporters, so much space on the front page, so many minutes in primetime.
"They're so evocative, so romantic and so easy to live with," Offer Waterman, a London-based dealer, said.
It is so pent up, so built up, it is so ready to go in an upward duration.
" It goes, "Here we go, yo, here we go, yo/ So what, so what, so what's the scenario?
I love you so so so much and we will have a life filled with love and happiness.
Joseph HolmesBrooklyn To the Editor: When did Martin Scorsese get to be so grumpy, so elitist, so judgmental?
"Los Angeles is the home of so many immigrants, so many creative people, so many dreamers," he said.
That's why that new world's Elliot is so happy, so successful, so surrounded by friends and by love.
It was not "so grateful to be here tonight accepting this award," as so many so often are.
The smartphone alone has broken war's barriers: Records of crimes are now so graphic, so immediate, so overwhelming.
I countered that a tree in our living room felt so unsettling, so out of place, so unbearable.
So are the Druze, so are homosexuals and by the way so are lesbians....and, shockingly, the left.
I just wanted to thank you so so so much for agreeing to be in my bridal party.
So how do you fuel a ship and its crew that is going so far for so long?
A hyperobject is so vast and so saturated and so immense that our brains can't fully engage them.
There's so many channels, there's so much space on the internet, there's so much information, so many people, that it's kind of gotten very defused, and in some crazy way sort of silent, because there's so much of it.
"So I really think this election, they're so disheartened, so down and so tired and discouraged, this may be their Kent State or their Edmund Pettus Bridge," he said.
They have two children, so they will inevitably be in each other's lives for the rest of their life," says Eubanks, adding, "so I hope so — I think so.
Many people are outraged a technology that has been around for so long and is still supported by so many hardware vendors was "taken away" so abruptly, so prematurely.
"I just wanna say to the fans … you have been so nice to me and fun, and you're so funny and you're so cool and so loyal," she said.
Only someone who came from Oklahoma, the land of diner booths and wide open parking spaces, could feel so entitled to wear something so loose, so basic, so . . . comfortable.
No wonder our versions of the sacred texts should be so interlineated, so discursive, so likely to refer back and forth among other texts—so enmeshed in literary commentary.
So Tony's job is to read him the complete works, over and over, until one of them dies: 'So many characters, so many changes of scene, so many words.
Or are tensions so high, worldviews so different, issues so complex, and hostility so deep that real reconciliation — that would have to involve Iran's Sunni neighbors and Israel — impossible?
I've been hung up on how all this happened: How did so many people put so much money into something so many were warning would end up so badly?
" - Andrew, 33 "So many improv classes, so many.
" So I said, "Uh — I don't think so.
" But it is so, so beautiful ," Kiril said.
" Or, "He was so, so anxious — always worrying.
Thompson is so luminous as a striker, so quick and subtle, so in control of distance and range, so masterful with movement and angles, so at ease, that even greatness on the level of Rory MacDonald's was laid low by it.
Now that there's just so much stuff on Netflix — so many comedies, so many dramas, so many dumb movies, so many smart movies — it has become not just another premium cable channel but something like a replacement for TV itself.
But I've been speaking to so many men who are like so appalled and so over it as well.
It's so, so hard, especially living so far away from my family and not knowing very many people here.
That selfless act was so unexpected, so grand and so full of care, it has really stuck with me.
Ahead, discover $10-and-under buys that are so cute, so chic, so luxe, they are damn near priceless.
"The conduct at CBP is so substandard, so cruel, and so sadistic that the linkage isn't there," Frye said.
So yes, it needs to be brought to the table more—not so literally and very much so literally.
So, getting back, so email was a problem, it was a really big chance, so you started this company.
So much so that she actually changed her Emmy voting status so she could vote in the acting category.
"Thank you so much, there are so many people I feel so indebted to," she said during her speech.
That song in particular is so difficult because it's so honest and so insincere at the exact same time.
Poor Princess Margaret: so fun, so funny, so trapped in the terrible job of being the queen's younger sister.
"Yesterday he was playing so, so good, hitting the ball so hard that I couldn't do anything," Pella said.
If anything I just feel ... So it made you more so, rather than ... Yeah, more so, I would say.
You can serve a purpose, because information is so fragmented and so unclear, and there's so much bad information.
I'm so full and so happy and there's just so much love, I feel like my heart is exploding.
It's an option that works, especially in a culture with so many options, so much availability, so much Tindering.
The look on their faces was just so happy, so shocked that someone cared for them, and so grateful.
And it can be so sad and so bleak and so dark, the Carver version, what's under the surface.
Even so, it could fly so high or so far out that I could literally lose sight of it.
When they found out they were having an American cheese, they were taken aback and so, so, so surprised.
"It's so youthful to have a heavier brow, it makes it look so clean and so retro," she said.
So it was just neat to see something I've never seen before work so well and be so collaborative.
For months after, I found myself unable to articulate why I felt so small, so stupid, and so alone.
" He then said, "Our laws are so weak, there's so pathetic, given to us by Democrats, they're so pathetic.
She was stretching off in a corner so I came up and said, 'So how'd you get so flexible?
"Climate change is so huge, so uncomfortable, and so overwhelming, it's hard to talk about it," Mr. Nicklen said.
What makes these ten swing states so uniquely competitive, so swingable and also so representative of the national vote?
"It&aposs so difficult to put in so much work and see so little outcome," Dronyayeva told Business Insider.
So we're kind of in the thick of it, and so far I'm so incredibly impressed with my kids.
I've watched them play so many times on TV so it's so incredible to play against them and win.
One can take only so many surgeries, so many bodily betrayals, so much rejection, before wanting to give up.
So that they can start their own business or sell personalized product or service so on and so forth.
So I took singing lessons and then I sang with Mandy, which was so intimidating because she's so incredible.
EM: There were so many, because the scenes were so well-written and the other actors were so great.
So it's not so much a matter of hangovers getting worse, more so the fact that the debauchery lessens.
Some Christmas songs are so catchy, so jolly, and so deeply embedded in pop culture that they inspire revulsion.
She's just breathtaking in every way, and so funny and quick and clever and so fun and so kind.
How could a country assumed to be so morally advanced by so many elect a man so overtly foul?
For a film that everybody thinks is so sad, or so divided, that ends so positively, that's a rarity.
Tejal Rao: It's torture because there's so much ground to cover: So much good food and so little time!
It is one of the hallmarks of Messi's greatness that so much of it is so serene, so peaceful.
There is no other business so closely held by one family that is also so big and so diversified.
So the following fall, when I posted a so-so SAT score, I went into Super-ZIP-kid mode.
So many jokes, so much body comedy, so many surprises and awwws, and squeals of live-studio audience excitement.
Costello's music has always been so omnivorous, so prolix and so beyond the margins that defining it is difficult.
So my question to you is what makes the Monarchy in Liechtenstein so successful, why are you so popular?
It's a Revolutionary War battle, so a less vexed one, and the colonists lost, so it's not so macho.
We had such an amazing time here with him last year so thank you so so much for this.
So yes we do run into that, but not so that it's so significant that we can't do well.
Clues are allotted only so much space, so they must be tight, and can only provide so much information.
So why, as they head to a vote today, is the bill so disliked — and the party so divided?
"I just am quite shocked — it affects so many people, so many families, so many generations," Ms. Feigenbaum said.
How many humans have been so blessed that so many would come so far to honor him like that?
So I was like, I'm going to be his right-hand man, soso no one else got hurt.
This one is so tragically, numbingly and predictably the same as we have so sadly witnessed so many times.
That's why criminal justice policy became so harsh, and that's why it's so hard to make it less so.
So with designs so formulaic and industry events similarly uninspiring, why are people still so obsessed with new kits?
So if these jobs have so many downsides and so little clear benefit, why do people keep taking them?
"Physically we're so removed from so many people and this place looks so different, but mentally I feel like we have so much support and love behind us," she said.
I came in so heated because I didn't want to be there, yet my teacher was so kind and so compassionate and so sweet to me that I felt safe.
Then it was so successful and so great, and I'm just so grateful that it's become this classic film because it's so lovely and it does continue to stand up.
He genuinely seems so happy—so happy to know these people, so happy to have a cool job, so happy to wake up every day and do something he likes.
"Sometimes the act is so traumatizing, or you're so ashamed of it, or you're so confused by it, or you're so scared of your perpetrators, that you're silenced," Wood said.
"At a time when so few have so much, and so many have so little, we must reject the foundations of this contemporary economy as immoral and unsustainable," he said.
So, what I suppose I'm saying is that some songs have a nuclear half-life so enormous, so heart-crushingly heavy, so unfathomably titanic that we can never outlive them.
Next Stop There is an island so perfect — the skies so blue, the beaches so smooth, the water so tranquil — that the seaweed off its shores is protected by Unesco.
"But then in the same breath, it's like, and so is Ray Lewis and so is Lamar Odom and so is Christie Brinkley and so is Hannah [Brown]," he continued.
She looked out the window at a place that had felt so familiar for so long, and which now looked so different, so accepting of cruelty and racism and vulgarity.
"So so SO much excitement to have my sweet Ri immortalized forever in the Star Wars universe that he loves so much," Lauren Westmoreland, Mr. Howell's girlfriend, wrote on Instagram.
The Islamic State was so aggressive, so bloodthirsty, and so defiant—so fast—that Al Qaeda severed ties and disavowed it in early 2014, shortly before the caliphate was declared.
We also had to take a minute to express our heartfelt sympathies for — and total bafflement about — Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve debacle: so uncomfortable, so funny, so, so her.
Try as I might, for so many years and in so many ways, in so many shows, in so many interviews, and so many commentaries, price level stability and a steady dollar is what the Feds should aim for, in my view.
So because we had Demetrius, who looks so much like Pac, acted so much like Pac, sounded so much like Pac, moved so much like Pac, I wanted to give people the experience of being with Tupac, as close as I possibly could.
Amazon has so much data on so many customers, it is so willing to forgo profits, it is so aggressive and has so many advantages from its shipping and warehouse infrastructure that it exerts an influence much broader than its market share.
I came to believe that because these physical and chemical enterprises take so much longer, are so much more expensive, are so much messier, and so they're less attractive to investors.
To tell so many different stories and have the canvas to do so is one thing—to remain so fair, so insistent to capture the larger truth, feels like a miracle.
And his rhetoric on this subject was so insistent, so compelling, so flamboyant, so quotable, that he led not only his ideological compatriots, but numerous ordinary Americans, down the garden path.
"Today a man who has meant so much to so many; a man who has given so much to so many; has had his constitutional rights trampled on," he went on.
It's just so exciting and I know everyone's just so anxious, so when you have the best of teams supporting you, there's just no other… It makes me feel so happy.
Leicester City will never make the world swoon as it did last year, never make so many so weak at the knees, never capture so many hearts, captivate so many minds.
So I think, for me, the main frustration was the agility of a team of 12 people was so fast, so agile, so responsive, compared to this behemoth of a machine.
This felt so much more interesting to me, so layered, so sophisticated, and a beautiful story I wanted to tell.
Miller knew he wanted to continue the series after that, so why did it take so long to do so?
It was also so, so, so much harder to watch, in a way that maybe sort of broke the show.
With so many options, so many recommendation engines, and so many streaming services, it's hard to pick where to start.
Really, the work is so seductive, so inviting, so suffused with imagery, that commentary fades, as it should, into background.
"So, so, so many people my age are completely rude and disrespectful to Uber drivers," she told me over Slack.
Newton's 'Cam-isms' are just so catchy, so inviting, so authentically him, people just want to take part in it.
So that's where he was doing his meditation, which is so funny on so many levels, the concept of it.
The Brits loved Barack Obama because he spoke so eloquently, he seem so intelligent, he seem so kind and caring.
No, thank you, okay, because ... And, so anyway, I've been obsessed with it so that ... so I was doing Broadway.
So, why is Owens so passionate about the 49ers considering he played for so many teams during his NFL career???
Sedaris is so at ease, so ready to laugh instead of cry, and so happy living in an alternate reality.
It was always to hide it, so that it wouldn't seem so bad, so that no one would be upset.
"I was completely dismayed that there was so much poverty and so much homelessness, and so few resources," she said.
That formula is what made the Comet story so quick to spread, so hard to kill, and ultimately so dangerous.
I am so so so insanely touched and grateful for how much people have done for me in this process.
"So did B.J. Novak, so did Mike Schur and so did Paul Lieberstein," she said, as Kinsey hyped her up.
"She teaches me so much, and I teach her so much, and we're both so close that it's just funny."
"Everybody loved Aaron because he was so good, so caring and so giving," Ryerson tells PEOPLE during a Tuesday interview.
The show was so strong and so solid and so amazing, then we had all this behind-the-scenes drama.
"Amy is so sexy and so gorgeous and so delicious," Seinfeld, 44, told PEOPLE while promoting her line with HSN.
It's so dense, and it's so embroidered, or it was more so back in the day than it is now.
The problem was so clearly cultural, so pervasive, and so few stakeholders were willing to speak up about the problem.
How can half the world have endured so much for so long, and be so good at what they do?
How did it feel, reporters asked breathlessly, to have won so many gold medals, to be so adored, so admired?
I think he's hilarious, I think he's so sweet, so charming," he added, "so I'm very excited about our friendship.
So how did Apple screw up Siri so badly when it was released so far in advance of the competition?
Yeah, so you have ... KS: So you want healthy people coming in there, so they don't bug you that much.
It is so good and so profound and so enduring that it is natural to wonder where it came from.
So are children, so is your cell phone and so is your desire to see the world before you die.
We always make so many excuses for ourselves – 'I'm so busy, I'm so tired, I don't want to do it.
All of that authority, know-how, gravitas, good posture and moral rectitude — it seemed so important, so adult, so American.
But Sittenfeld writes so well — her sentences are so good and her story so satisfying — that you don't really care.
And so he was named, and so he was celebrated, and so it came to pass — at least for awhile.
One is Poulter because he has been so successful — and so annoying to so many Americans — in the Ryder Cup.
Voting, to which so many aspired for so long, has become a burden or has been forgotten by so many.
So why is it so important to take up the issue right now, with so much else on our plate?
She thought it was just like eating trees:the rye so woodsy and so earthy, the butter so green and sweet.
How had something this colossal found and trapped them, Jiayu thought, when they were so ordinary, so unambitious, so inconspicuous?
But for the DNC to structure so many debates, with so many candidates, guaranteeing so much infighting, was a mistake.
"Oh my god, Amal and George were so beautiful, they were so happy, so contented," says the London-based journalist.
"So exhausted, so many memorials, so many protests," the 30-year-old songwriter writes of his mindset at the time.
These are two great actors with so much "dark undercurrent" potential, so I think that's where I'm disappointed so far.
She teaches me so much, and I teach her so much, and we're both so close that it's just funny.
It's only difficult with the sweet chili gherkins because they are so hot, so you don't taste so much afterwards.
It was so funny because everyone was so nice to them and they would be like, 'They're just so polite.
Why do you think your work resonates with so many musicians, from so many backgrounds, working in so many styles?
"So many things are changing so quickly, so we have to be able to keep evolving and learning," she said.
How was it possible for something so monstrous and so nearby to be, at the same time, so utterly invisible?
The mix of classicism and vernacular motion is so smooth here, so casual and so classy that it's almost dull.
Maybe I read so much as a child because I had so much free time, and so much to learn.
"There was a time when newspapers were so powerful and so meaningful and so influential to the community," Reynolds said.
Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there is something so compelling and so overwhelming and bipartisan — bipartisan?
" In another, he wrote of the female voice on his navigation system: "so cool, so low, so scrotum-tighteningly thoughtful.
And so in retrospect it seems odd that we gave the lake so little attention, afforded it so little care.
These knots get soso thick and so tight, that you don't even know where to begin to unravel them.
I was never so happy now that I was learning to be a mother, so why so much self-criticism?
"It's so difficult to get in and so prestigious, when players are elected, they are just so thrilled," he said.
But we nevertheless understand that there are some places so unique, so wild, so irreplaceable that they must be protected.
So massive objects like stars create gravity by denting space-time, so much so they'll bend light right around themselves.
By the spring of 2020, as the Democrats choose a nominee, it will seem so clear, so obvious, so inevitable.
But is obliviousness so wrong, especially in a world where so many are so stuck on getting it just right?
I had fallen in love with the authors who stirred something so big, so deep, so eternal, in my children.
That's a pretty large move, so I think so goes Micron, so goes the rest of the group near term.
So the industry is strengthened so much so that now it's the greatest time we've ever had to raise money.
Driver is so different, so consistently surprising, so exceptional, that he reorganizes the standards of (white, young) male stardom today.
But Trump's conduct here is so flagrant, so lawless and so abusive that Pelosi is now changing course on impeachment.
" In an accompanying tweet, Freitas declares he has "never been so proud, to be so hated, by someone so ignorant.
I mean, you were in so many G20 meetings, met with so many governments, been to so many crisis areas.
He has earned so much, spent so much and, in doing so, insured that he and everyone else have lost.
So, there are so many different ties and so many different things that I can continue to do to help.
" Adds Matt, "They are so loved and so wanted.
BARTIROMO: So -- so size up the Senate for us.
So -- so much for stability and rules of order.
So when people go ... so what do you mean?
And so -- SARA EISEN: So who are you shorting?
I just -- he was so droll and so hilarious.
I didn't want this … It was so, so painful.
" Adds a separate Grande source, "It's so, so sad.
So agricultural productivity in Britain ... So technology fixed it.
"Usually I'll have a shake" — so far, so good!
So far so good — then it got even better.
MICHAEL HSU: Yeah, so -- so far we're making progress.
So, is there any — Okay, so, the good story.
Her reason makes her so unlikable ... and so watchable.
" Zach replied, "I know!" and "I'm so so sorry!
So far, so good, in Tweetbot at least — t.
Soso, Crooked Hillary Clinton, leave this race now!
So -- and so does my family, by the way.
So ... so: Crooked Hillary Clinton -- leave this race now!
" So it's not so simple as "plan in advance.
So, I guess that's right, so ... DD: Yeah. Exactly.
What was so scary — and so therapeutic — about it?
" She also said, "He gets so angry, so fast.
So you've now gotten — so you land in Istanbul.
We didn't say so — the attorney general said so!
It's so different but so good — he elevated it.
Oh my God — it's so pretty, but so cold.
" CNN, he said, is "so bad and so pathetic.
""Just -- and so -- so I was successful, successful, successful.
And so —— so that was how it came up.
Right, so it gives us ... So open your cupboard.
" So they said, "Okay, so who else is sex?
I got so ... I went so internal on that.
It has been widely accepted for a decade or so — at a rough guess — that it is what happens in spring that makes the Champions League so appealing, so addictive, so lucrative.
So think about it, we're giving him a loan so we can ... so those shares were pledged, so those shares can move back to Adam and then we can basically get repaid.
It's such a big world, and you see so much destruction and so much creation and it's so overwhelmingly imaginative, and so much has been created and established in this future world.
It was so fascinating because it was so old and so relevant at the same time, so you felt the age of it because it felt old, like what you're talking about.
So long to social mobility, so long to life-saving medical care, so long to any illusion of equality: Republicans will accomplish what the eugenics movement sought to do so long ago.
It has felt like a justifiable response to a system in which the crimes perpetrated against women — so intimate, so humiliating and so unlike any other — are so very difficult to prove.
"The news has been so depressing, quite honestly, and what makes it so difficult is the departures are so noticeable primarily because there's so few women CEOs to begin with," she says.
He was so kind, so intelligent, so unusual, so sensitive—such an outlier in the Eddowis family that his aunts had paid him the modern compliment of assuming that he was gay.
I've never seen so many people in masks or seen the sky stay so dark for so many days on end.
Motherhood only sharpened this need — there is so much to do on so few hours of sleep, and so little time.
Macaroons, however, use shredded coconut to provide the structure of the cookies — and they're so, soso much easier to make.
"It was so glamorous and so fashionable and so wonderful that I always remember it with great pride," said the designer.
I'm so so sorry, I hope this hasn't occurred too often, and thanks so much for the incredible and hilarious card.
"When I read for Molly, it was so exciting because she's so strong and so fierce," explained Feldstein of her character.
So what is Theory of Mind, and why is this topic so rarely discussed if our brains are indeed so obsessed?
I get so invested in it and care so much that it feels so intense, important, and a little bit scary.
They want people to know you're trans, so they can include it in press releases and so on and so forth.
Truly am so proud of you, so beyond blessed to have you in my life, and so in love with you!
"So, it's nice to have these tips in mind so you know what to do, so you know you're not alone."
Dance is so nuanced, and so incredibly complex, and the best dancers are the ones that make it look so easy.
But the secret sauce that makes the memes so good is that Alma's solution is so very absurd, so completely extra.
So you have to have so many ground stations in a certain area so it can be seen by an aircraft.
Science is truth, which is so important in a world where we know so much, yet still so little, about life.
It was a bad one: They fought so loudly, so long, and so late that it woke a neighbor next door.
"I've had a fairly easy pregnancy considering so many women go through so much worse, so I've been very, very lucky."
LAS VEGAS — Why do the payoffs of Captain America: Civil War ring so resoundingly, satisfy so completely and hew so true?
They are so comfortable with the camera and they put so much of their emotions into it, it's just so beautiful.
The attacks I experienced were so personal, so vicious, and so clearly obsessed with the fact that I was a woman.
"Drag makeup is so elaborate and so difficult and so hard to start doing," Lord said before putting on makeup himself.
But it jibes perfectly with the image of Palmer that so many sports fans have held so dear for so long.
Yes, business has had a major role in this, but so have consumers, so have voters, so have all of us.
I call my parents, who live in the States, and then we watch Money Heist (so, so, so good!) until midnight.
"What's so impressive to me is you can make so much money out of something so… no offense, banal," he says.
That's what makes this country so unique and so special, and so we want to make sure that we're protecting that.
So, Guadagnino thinks, maybe I'll edit a small computer-generated fly into the movie, just so that frame isn't so placid.
At first, I found myself putting it on repeat because of Lovato's voice; it is so strong, so unapologetic, so defiant.
So this is a spot of good news for the press, which has been painted so partisan and so anti-Trump.
So what is kratom doing, and why does it seem to be working for so many people across so many ailments?
"[She] has given up so much so that I could achieve my dreams, and I'm so appreciative of that," Adam said.
So far, so good, so they stop at the dinosaurs in Cabazon and have a Pee-Wee's Big Adventure flashback moment.
It's a shame that a country that is so powerful, so good, that has so high potential is in this situation.
For a large swath of America, it was probably not a surprise that so many people became so vulnerable, so quickly.
Suffice to say, rarely in the field of recent global diplomacy have so many relied on so few for so much.
"I'm so, so, so upset and posting this in hopes whomever bought it might see this," she wrote in her post.
They are so well produced, so well edited, so well designed that they just sit on the shelf with everything else.
It's not dark because the snow is so white and it reflects so much light, so you can see the hills.
There are so many reasons why this computer is so important, so I just had to write a song about it.
"There's so much craziness, so much stupidity, so much insanity everywhere you look," Marchinke said, reflecting on the Las Vegas shooting.
This company shot a series of ads so distinctive, so memorable, so popular, people are still referencing it two decades later.
We have done so much in so short a period of time ... and yet are planning to do so much more!
"The Southern Ocean is so incredibly wild, and the wind and the seas are so strong and so high," Reeves said.
It's mind-blowing that a guy who wanted something so badly for so long did so little to prepare for it.
I love a memoir and a true story, and he is so smart and knows so much about so many things.
"Really, I was really so crushed, I felt so little, I felt so powerless," Leones told local outlet Click 2 Houston.
"  "And if Trump is elected ... the opposition of the government employees will be so hostile and so direct and so immediate.
And that so many of its constituents interpreted her actions so uncharitably, so swiftly, reflects poorly on evangelicalism as a whole.
She assumes her audiences are so angry or so naive or so poorly informed they will not look beyond her words.
So all kinds of, like, funky and not-so-good things happen to your body in space, so we fight it.
You may be heartened to hear that the mystery of life — so brief, so cruel and so infinitely cherishable — is explained.
The answer to both questions is yes, but we keep asking because he's so internationally in demand, so impressive, so prolific.
So Vestager's values may be relevant in Europe, but not so much in Asia and certainly not so much in America.
"I wasn't here last year because of injuries, so it's just so, so nice to be back in Shanghai," Federer said.
We have done so much in so short a period of time...and yet are planning to do so much more!
With so much data coming from so many sources, so quickly, errors are inevitable (especially if you have a common name).
"We had so many bad teams and things were so awful for so long that we developed a shell," Fitzpatrick says.
It's been used for so many years and you hear it so often, I feel like there are so many connotations.
It frustrated me that so many people (over 6,000) could feel so joyously carefree while I felt so uneasy and afraid.
For me it was a real joke, but it's been taken so much out of proportion and I'm so, so sorry.
The greens seemed greener than green, the blues bluer than blue — everything in Switzerland appeared so clean, so fresh, so... clear.
" As for her friend's involvement, Cruz says that "making this video with her was so natural, so organic, and so true.
And I think of that Colombian man, so certain and so wrong and so protected from his errors by his wealth.
It was my first encounter with death and the first time I had ever failed so miserably, so publicly, so completely.
This Gen X Mess The tech, music, style, books, trends, rules, films and pills that made Gen X … so so-so.
And it's more important now, in part because these companies are so much bigger, so much ... have so much control. Pervasive.
Except that Seaver was the immortal, the forever young, so composed and so fiercely competitive and so analytical about his efforts.
It became so obvious, and it became so blatant, and it became so obviously a crime that it helped to reframe.
We have the same brain, we have so many things in common, so it was so easy to work with her.
Michelangelo's library is so rational, so resolute, so majestically realized that not in my wildest dreams could I imagine working here.
How could her work be so observant, so detailed, so responsive, when she herself seemed incapable of empathy, of real connection?
So far so good, say banks, noting ESTR was steady, meaning there's no upward pressure so far on short-end rates.
There are so many expenses to come, including surgeries and more documentation of my identity, and so on and so forth.
That's why the French elections were so important, why Brexit is so painful and why Poland and Hungary are so difficult.
What you see is what you get, and you've seen so, so, so much of it over the past four years.
"So someone will hear it, so people will pay attention, so they will know that there is a problem," he said.
The way there are so many different kinds of people from all over the world — I'm so, so grateful for that.
And because it's written so carefully, arranged so deftly, and bound up so completely in fully realized emotion, it seems limitless.
How can a dish so young and of such singular origin be so iconic and so representative of an entire cuisine?
"Because racism is so bad and so historic and so entrenched that we tend to look for things, anything," Andrews said.
So, I believe that this election has become in part so conflict oriented, so intense because there's a lot at stake.
So I thought, Why I am giving so-and-so vineyard over in Italy that I've never heard of so much publicity by sharing these photos when I could have my own wine?
There are so many vested interests and so much public aversion to rapid change, so many governments to be coordinated, so many economic and technology trends that must fall just the right way.
In a 45-minute "Storytime" video, she said Thorne's house is "so so so so far in the hills" that drivers often think it's too far for the trip to be worth it.
There is always something new to mock — so much seriousness and silliness, so much sound and spectacle, so much strenuous novelty and lazy cliché, so many anthems and earworms to sample and subvert.
"They work so hard and are attacked so often, so to stick it to the mainstream media, and CNN in particular, it meant so much because of what we'd been through," Marlow said.
I've learned so much, I've met so many cool people, I've acquired so many valuable skills, and I've been able to experience and enjoy so many awesome things that I never thought possible.
I acknowledge that some stars are so creative, bring in so much money, attract so much attention, or win so much that it is difficult to resist recruiting, tolerating, indulging and celebrating them.
But it is Poland — so large, so rich, so militarily powerful and so important geostrategically — that will define whether the European Union's long effort to integrate the former Soviet bloc succeeds or fails.
Because the tragic hero is so very human, so likable and so compelling, so very much like all of us, this play will, I believe, remain a classic for a very long time.
What's incredible is to see Ms. Daniels embody so many human extremes — so much boldness, so many flaws, and so many taboos broken — and to see her story nonetheless believed and acted upon.
It's so weird, because the technology's so advanced and what they can do is so unbelievable, so when you watch it, you almost forget for a second that that's not what we shot.
"PTSD is so different for so many people," Jukes said.
And so on, and so forth — you get the picture.
"We owe Native Americans so, so much," Mr. Sanders said.
So so much for killing people based on metadata, eh?
So how did the movie get to be so good?
So, Truffle, thank you so much for your infectious enthusiasm.
His smile is so contagious and his laughter so precious.
There has never been so many lies, so much deception.
There's so much of it out there for so cheap.
Who knew something so practical could also be so thoughtful?
If humans are so smart, why are they so destructive?
The other stuff won't be so easy, or so fun.
It's a work chat app that's so simple, so delightful.
So you're welcome to invest, but do so with caution.
It's so powerful and so much more creative and freeing.
So there was just so much going on in there.
So, why would investors ... So ... Go ahead, keep going. Sorry.
I am so damn picky, so it's a big challenge!
There's just something so human about it and so brave.
So smart and so aware of his strengths and weaknesses.
Reduce carbon emissions, but not so fast or so much.
So what's in the pizza that makes it so special?
Government is so important and so part of the solution.
"   She added, "Yesterday was so unreal on so many levels.
"I was so gutted, it was so disappointing," she said.
It means so much to me, thank you so much.
Recently it's been H.E.R. She's so real and so authentic.
We thought that disconnect was so funny and so real.
How can something feel so right but look so wrong?
So what makes music so important down on the Bayou?
Doing so preserves your battery's health so it lasts longer.
And so on and so forth, the tower grows vertically.
So the courts need to force them to do so.
If so, then doing so probably OK, according to Llarena.
So much so, I will be replacing my ENTIRE wardrobe.
So why are so many opening up about this now?
"She suffered so much and was so brave," Moss said.
So many great mixes, so many regretful feels over Jelena.
"So so smooth" likely refers to the game's frame rate.
So why, then, has so much malware slipped through lately?
KS: Why are so many prominent people so worried then?
It's just so stupid, but it brings so much joy.
So then why was I so unsurprised by the arrest?
So, there are so many fun examples,'' she told CNBC.
So, why was shopping for my big day so … unsatisfying?
So many others have tried to do so as well.
So you will remember me and not be so sad.
So we are scratching our own itch, so to speak.
" U.S. Silica Holdings: "The oil patch is so, so hard.
So you must really be enjoying the elections so far.
Repeat step four and five and so on so forth.
So far, so good, especially since the cast is killer.
Holy fuck, how did I get so old so fast?
So why was the response to Puerto Rico so slow?
When did the singer's hair get so dark, so fast?
You've fought so hard and deserve so much more. #Timeless.
So she started laughing & said 'This is so funny mommy!
So much so, says her mom, that she sometimes vomited.
It was only one game, but so far, so good.
It was so casual and so perfect in the end.
They flatten out the brackets so it's not so complicated.
So why has there been so much focus on fat?
I've made so many mistakes and had so many triumphs.
"It was so beautiful and so well received," she said.
He's just so hot, and so deeply, deeply one dimensional.
So you can think about ... KS: So, comedy in that.
The two are so adorable, and Kate is so happy.
"It's so, so sad," a Grande source told PEOPLE Tuesday.
I'm so, so glad that you guys are both here.
Now here's the full video, because it's so, so good.
So why does it seem so much like a conspiracy?
That's so shocking!' so I'm pretty straight up about it.
And so there's so many things that we can platform.
So she won't always follow behavior protocol, but so what?
So nice little -- PERINO: So it&aposs about -- GUILFOYLE: -- diversity.
So much so, that the internet had a field day.
And so is my family, and so are our partners.
His opinions are, you know, so well written, so brilliant.
I think they're so fun, so I'm open to that.
But Mojave, so far, is so much more than that.
"He's so thoughtful and he's so intentional," he told VICE.
Tamerra Griffin's report on this story is so, so good.
So why is one so much worse than the other?
It's not illegal, so why does it feel so gross?
"Those kids are so good, they're so pure," he said.
I'm so so sorry you haven't had a great experience.
"So much of television now is so specific," Zicherman said.
It was so wonderful, it was so thoughtful of them.
So why has it taken so long to pay attention?
So what exactly makes a journey to Mars so perilous?
I don't know why I'm so raw, so goddamn frayed.
"We've learned so much about so much stuff," says Schur.
Scaling up so broadly and so quickly is risky, however.
You are so strong, you made that look so easy!
That's why they run so hot and degrade so quickly.
So what do we know so far about what's cooking?
So much love in the midst of so much pain.
""What did he take to get so drunk so fast?
Doom runs on so many things — so many safer things.