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"against" Definitions
  1. opposing or disagreeing with somebody/something
  2. not to the advantage or favour of somebody/something
  3. close to, touching or hitting somebody/something
  4. in order to prevent something from happening or to reduce the damage caused by something
  5. with something in the background, as a contrast
  6. used when you are comparing two things

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"against" Synonyms
contra anti counter opposing resisting agin con critical of disregarding hostile to opposed to antagonistic towards at odds with dead set against in contempt of in defiance of in disagreement with in disobedience to inimical to in opposition to versus vs facing challenging v. up against competing against competing with in competition against in competition with vs. with v head to head with matched up with matched up against on across upon by next to over per to in contact with divided by supported by resting on onto atop on to touching sitting on lying on on top of adjacent alongside beside abutting adjoining aligned with contiguous to adjacent to close up to near close to at the side of by the side of flanking amongst amidst as protection from in resistance to to protect oneself from contrary to counter to in contrast to as a foil to in contradiction of not in accord with compared to in comparison with relative to when compared with in distinction to as opposed to in comparison to contrary against the grain compared with in the opposite direction of in the opposite direction to damaging to unfavourable to detrimental to harmful to hurtful to injurious to prejudicial to adverse to deleterious to disadvantageous to inconvenient for inexpedient to inopportune to unfortunate for a drawback for as provision for in case of in preparation for in anticipation of in expectation of in provision for ready for in the expectation of towards in preparation of geared toward meant for used for in order to facilitate for so as to achieve in order to obtain in order to achieve toward aimed at in exchange against in exchange for in compensation for in return for notwithstanding despite although though excluding in spite of regardless of for all setting aside apart from aside from no matter even with in the face of even after irrespective of undeterred by in the context of considering based on based on the idea of in the framework of based around the idea of in light of in the light of giving consideration to in consideration of in view of taking into consideration allowing for making allowance for making allowances for taking into account by contrast in contrast when compared to by contrast with as against contrasted with in contrast with set against rather than instead of as contrasted with as an alternative to more than before in preference to above in favour of(UK) sooner than over and above in lieu of in place of in response to as a compensation for as a reward for into hard into straight into apropos regarding concerning about respecting of re anent with regard to as to with respect to as regards with reference to apropos of in connection with on the subject of antipathetic hostile antagonistic opposed inimical averse unfriendly unsympathetic negative inhospitable adversarial adversary jaundiced mortal allergic nasty ill-disposed down on contradictory conflicting incompatible opposite different inconsistent antithetical clashing incongruous contrasting divergent differing discrepant irreconcilable polar antipodal reluctant disinclined indisposed loath unwilling slow hesitant reticent discouraged squeamish uneager wary cautious disheartened hesitating loth queasy afraid calculating bordering conterminous contiguous joining flush fringing neighbouring(UK) neighboring(US) juxtaposed meeting skirting verging interconnecting repugnant disgusting offensive repellent revolting foul sickening abhorrent loathsome nauseating repulsive vile abominable distasteful hateful objectionable horrid nauseous obnoxious contrariwise conversely contrarily at variance with against the tide in contravention of in the opposite direction in the reverse direction in the wrong direction nay denial no declination disallowance nonacceptance refusal rejection turndown non placet rebuff veto knock-back non-acceptance thumbs down brush-off declining cold shoulder refutation More
"against" Antonyms
for pro with behind backing supporting in favor of in favour of(UK) in support of on the side of rooting for supportive of all for in agreement of in furtherance of allied with in alliance with aligned with alongside in league with in partnership with joining forces with associated with banded together with cooperating with teamed up with united with working together with affiliated with forming an alliance with unified with going into partnership with in tandem with leagued with together with from clear of beyond away from outside past outside of off ahead of in harmony with compatible with congruent with consistent with in keeping with in line with appropriate to commensurate with in accordance with in accord with in agreement with in character with suited to at one with in complement with true to according to as befits befitting compliant with parallel with along with in the same direction as advantageous to beneficial to expedient to favorable to favourable to helpful to useful to valuable to convenient to opportune to gainful to of advantage to of benefit to fortuitous to of assistance to of use to because of as a consequence of as a result of by dint of by reason of by virtue of due to following for the sake of given in the wake of on account of on grounds of on the basis of on the grounds of on the strength of owing to per thanks to through under below beneath underneath at the bottom of at the foot of on the nether side of on the underside of malapropos friendly hospitable nonantagonistic nonhostile sympathetic agreeable kind nice keen eager willing inclined amenable favourable(UK) favorable(US) liking loving caring favourably disposed to supportive receptive approving appreciative compatible congruous consistent responsive open consonant cool welcoming well-disposed amicable cooperative obliging well disposed noncontradictory agreeing confirming equal harmonious reconcilable reconciled same similar vouching accepting susceptible receptive to disposed confident enthusiastic happy prepared ready accommodating anxious bold freewill game in favor(US) in favour(UK) in the mood equally similarly

728 Sentences With "against"

How to use against in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "against" and check conjugation/comparative form for "against". Mastering all the usages of "against" from sentence examples published by news publications.

The rebels against Assad, ISIS against the Free Syrian Army, the Saudis against Iran, the Kurds against ISIS, and Russia against America!
He campaigned against the Iraq War, against unfettered immigration, against bad trade deals, against political correctness.
Not against her, not against myself, not against stamp collectors.
Lannister against Stark; Tyrell against Baratheon; Bolton against, well, everyone.
Democrats are actually arguing against diplomacy, against dialogue, against discussion TAFURI: No we&aposre not arguing against diplomacy.
They are part of a broader crusade -- against political correctness, against liberals, against the establishment, against the unrighteous.
That attack is the continuation of the attacks that he has leveled against women, against people of color, against immigrants, against refugees and certainly against Muslims.
Against that pressure, against the I.M.F., against the O.E.C.D., against all the other sets of incomprehensible initials, we revolted.
"Violence against mothers, against wives, against daughters, against children must be unacceptable anywhere, any time, any place," he added.
These days the Republican Party looks like a direct reaction against this ethos — against immigration, against diversity, against pluralism.
It's a triumph because of the counterpoints: sharp against sweet; crunch against creamy; rich against lean; tart against soothing.
The demonstration was against the government, against Lubrizol, against the local prefect, and against whatever else was deemed responsible.
People want to survive, against reason sometimes, against logic, against fairness.
It is a rightist, nativist, nationalist and, yes, "völkisch" reaction against globalization, against migration, against miscegenation, against the disappearance of borders and the blurring of genders, against the half-tones of political correctness, against Babel, against the stranger and the other, against the smug self-interested consensus of the urban, global elite.
There's been marvelous movements of struggle and militancy against white supremacy, and against forms of xenophobia, be it against Arabs, against Jews, against Muslims, or Dalit people struggling against Brahmin supremacy in India, and so on.
Stand against the wall, put your heels against the wall, your butt against the wall, shoulders against the wall, head against the wall, and open up your palms.
So, they're very attractive, both against interest rates and against-- or against bonds and against other stocks in my view.
It is Republican officials who continually vote against education funding, against jobs bills, against minimum wage increases, against regulating Wall Street.
As Traister writes, that norm is changing, and it's led to an unleashing — against Cosby, against Ailes, against Trump, against Weinstein.
So it was not against ISIS, it was against — it was against Assad.
He has railed against the moneyed interests, against the rigged economy, against globalization.
We spoke up against presidents, against leaders, against institutions that were absolutely untouchable.
They say, 'Spain hates us, we are against Spain, against Madrid, against Rajoy.
It fell behind 21.8-21 against the Golden Eagles, 215.1-22 against Xavier, 238.3-203 against DePaul and 220-268 against Villanova.
Whomever Trump tries to move against first -- against gay rights, against reproductive rights, against immigrants and the undocumented, against Muslims or Mexicans -- we must be ready, as a society, to defend.
Donald is always in a race — in a race against time, in a race against competitors, in a race against corruption, in a race against crime, and a race against terrorism.
Donald is always in a race — in a race against time, in a race against competitors, in a race against corruption, in a race against crime and a race against terrorism.
"This is a group of neo-Nazis who spew hate openly against our country, against our society, against people with different political opinions, against migrants and also against police," said de Maiziere.
"This group is an association of neo-Nazis who openly and aggressively agitate against our state, against our society, against people who think differently, against migrants and against the police," he said.
I would argue rather that we have managed to turn the senses against themselves by pitting overwhelming light against lights, overpowering sound against sounds, intense flavor against flavors, penetrating aroma against aromas.
The fight against anti-Muslim bigotry is the fight against anti-Semitism is the fight against racism is the fight against white supremacy.
" McCain then challenged listeners to recall that "we stand for truth against falsehood, freedom against tyranny, right against injustice, [and] hope against despair.
But none of that is likely to matter against Iceland, who had 33.2% possession against Austria, 31.6% against Hungary and 29.9% against Portugal.
He's as good as any guard that I've coached against, or played against, and I've coached against and played against some outstanding ones.
Both irate against Israel, not against any global targets or against the United States.
For centuries—against the Roman Empire, against the Spanish State, against so many things.
There were wars against villains, against dragons, and against an army of the undead.
This debate is not about men against women, young against old or progressives against centrists.
"We are against racism, we are against violence, we are against political mixing," he said.
"It reinforces biases people have against China, against government, against scientific research," Mr. Cohen said.
Allegations ranging from gross harassment to assault have been leveled against Weinstein, against the writer and director James Toback, against the former New Republic editor Leon Wieseltier, against the former NPR and New York Times editor Michael Oreskes, against the former Amazon Studios chief Roy Price, against the journalist and author Mark Halperin, against actors and talent agents, against a senator and a Senate candidate, against "media men" listed in a crowdsourced spreadsheet.
He has a combined 6-9 head-to-head record against them — 2-0 against Djokovic, 3-4 against Nadal and 1-5 against Federer.
Warriors rivalry, they typically pit LeBron against Steph, Kyrie against Klay, or Love against Bogut (RIP).
It's a victory against the big merchant banks, against the big businesses and against big politics.
They're in the front line against this fight against hate and against the narrative of Trump.
Russia continues perpetrating egregious actions against its own citizens, against its neighbors and against America's allies.
The Mets play six against Atlanta, seven against Philadelphia and three each against Minnesota and Cincinnati.
When people were against her, it meant they were against her ideas, not against her personally.
Forty-two senators voted against Justice Alito, 31 against Justice Sotomayor and 37 against Justice Kagan.
You make trade war against China, trade war against Europe, war in Syria, war against Iran.
"There's a lot of online attacks against Matt, against our firm, against our lawyers," he said.
As a result, America turned inward, against immigrants, against racial and religious minorities, against longtime allies.
The Brexit vote pitted young against old, urban against rural, and more educated against less educated.
"It's not against Muslims, it is not against Hindus, it is not against Bengalis," Bhattacharya said.
I think it is going to be to be a Democrat because you have to get against peace, against jobs, against fighting ISIS, against GDP growth.
That's higher than the 43% who see a lot of discrimination against gays and lesbians, 41% who see it against blacks, 32% who see it against Hispanics, 303% who see it against women, 15% who see it against evangelical Christians, 14% who see a lot of discrimination against whites and 13% who see it against Jews.
In 2016-17, the Suns posted more wins against the East than against the West, going 13-17 against East teams, including 6-4 against the Atlantic.
In the next several bars, more dissonances accumulate, sustaining tension: F-sharp against G, A-flat against G, E-flat against D, B-flat against A-natural.
And I will note that in Europe, Margrethe Vestager and others have been much more aggressive against Google, against Facebook, against Amazon, against all kinds of things.
Zink's characters are essentially powerless—powerless against big labels, against environmental catastrophe, against the political-financial complex.
The level of activity is measured against averages, against similar days, and even against dissimilar trend lines.
The dollar's fall against the yen comes against the currency's broader declines against a number of peers.
He effectively uses his speed against slower defenders, finesse against taller defenders, and power against smaller defenders.
They can pit producers against parasites, the devout against the blasphemous, or the heterosexual against the homosexual.
Then sharp mustard against rich cheese; salty anchovies against bright lemon; and biting garlic against soothing egg.
The Democratic divisions pit young lawmakers against old, liberals against centrists and white Jews against black Muslims.
It is the south against the north; the capital against the rest; cosmopolitan glamour against honest toil.
"  "We were torn apart in the Civil War — brother against brother, North against South, party against party.
"Lion against lion, dog against a dog, beast against beast," the All-Pro Norman told ESPN of his matchups in practice against the now-37-year-old Smith.
He name-checked eight games — Milan against Napoli, Schalke against Borussia Dortmund, Celtic against Rangers, P.S.V. Eindhoven against Ajax — but not the one that could decide the title.
He has run against non-whites his entire campaign, not only against Latinos, but against Muslims and against anybody who wasn't already a part of the Republican base.
With violent clashes becoming the new normal, the Hong Kong protests are turning parents against children, friends against friends, the youth against the government, and civilians against police.
Nevertheless, Democratic voters have upheld them, opting against real change—against ending medical debt, against ending student debt, against dramatic action to save the world from climate catastrophe.
They ran a massive cyber attack against the Estonians and then against Georgia in 250 and against Ukraine.
Tesla drivers can either play against their passengers, against their car or watch the car play against itself.
Yet Chernobyl isn't a polemic against nuclear power or against the Soviet Union or against communism in general.
When they come to Michigan to fight against me, they're fighting against me, they're fighting against the crowd.
This tension pits neighbor against neighbor, tribe against tribe, Republican against Republican in a battle over the future.
There are protests against slavery in Libya, against the "Night of the Blacks" in Dunkirk, against police brutality.
The war pitted zealous One-Zers against Two-Zers, encyclopedists against museum officials, historians against the Italian ambassador.
The V.M.A.s had taken a stand against ego, against pettiness, against self-absorption — at least for this year.
But then he seemed to tacitly refer to Trump when he spoke against nationalism, against fearmongering, against isolationism.
I'm against it now, I'll be against it after the election, I'll be against it when I'm President.
The Austria plan was "shamelessly against European rules, as well as being against history, against logic and against the future," Renzi said in a statement posted on his website.
The jury awarded $150,000 against the co-op, $125,000 against Nicholas Biondi, the board president, $60,000 against Richard Appleby, another board member, and $25,000 each against three other directors.
He has also argued against assisted suicide and euthanasia and has at times argued against large lawsuits against corporations.
Rich against poor, the common man against the liberal elite, and anyone they possibly can against refugees and immigrants.
And I think they think that way with harassment that happens against women, against Muslims, and against black people.
It would "appeal to insular prejudice against foreigners, to racial prejudice against Jews, and to Labour prejudice against competition".
Jolene leaned against her car door, her hair whipped against her face, the door wobbled against the powerful gusts.
" Those include, "bigotry against conservative religion, bigotry against rural folks and bigotry against working-class and poor white people.
We had community against community, town against city, families going against each other, we've got to reunite our country.
Donnelly has voted against seven of Trump's nominees, while Heitkamp has voted against six nominees and Manchin against three.
Three types of male violence — violence against women, violence against other men and violence against themselves — are deeply interwoven.
Proportionally, the vote against Johnson was stronger, with about 66% of representatives against him, compared with 52% against Trump.
In the meantime, the internet is now the battleground on which we fight — against hate, against intolerance, against disinformation.
"It goes against the Constitution, against medical experts, and against the rights of women across the country," said Sen.
There, he worked on lawsuits against Abercrombie & Fitch — for alleged discrimination against minority employees — and against a meat processing company in Chicago — for alleged discrimination against black and female employees.
" Mark draws his language directly from the Bible's Ephesians 6:12: "Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.
The complaints have been filed on behalf of (unnamed) individual users — with one filed against Facebook; one against Facebook-owned Instagram; one against Facebook-owned WhatsApp; and one against Google's Android.
It was a vote against, against the whole thing, against life as it's lived, against the slow aching misery of life in general and life in 21st century Britain in particular.
"After all the attacks against me, against my family, against the Foundation and against my husband, he will not step down," Kayla Moore said at a press conference following the rally.
His work is an accusation—against the perpetrators of the cruelty he intimately chronicled, against his audience and against himself.
"In this wide perspective, I was against immigration, against multiculturalism, against notions of sameness of nearly every kind," he writes.
It is Americans today working against police violence, against laws that restrict freedom, against overreach by the government and corporations.
Let Republicans campaign against Social Security, against Medicare and against Medicaid to pay for their tax cuts for the rich.
They used the tools they used against spies and terrorists against their fellow generals and against the prime minister himself.
But Graham on Tuesday endorsed the threat of sanctions against Turkey to safeguard against a military strike against Kurdish forces.
It is a fitting appointment: Ronaldo against Félix, Portugal's past and present against its future, the king against the heir.
We voted against it once, we voted against it twice, we voted against it three times as recently as July.
Mr Harding quotes an old Somali proverb: Me and my clan against the world;Me and my family against my clan;Me and my brother against my family;Me against my brother.
The yen also fell against other major currencies, slipping 0.15 percent against the euro and 0.76 percent against the British pound.
A similar number were conducted against "counterterrorism" targets, including about 50 against al Qaeda and 190 against Islamic State, he said.
Bilirakis voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act in 2013 and against the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009.
Trump was getting virtually the same share of the vote against both candidates—40 percent against Clinton, 39 percent against Sanders.
Chicago has six games remaining against the Brewers and seven against the Cardinals after wrapping up the season series against Pittsburgh.
Administration officials have not publicly discussed military action against Venezuela, but warned against violent repercussions against Guaido and the National Assembly.
Trump was getting virtually the same share of the vote against both candidates — 303 percent against Clinton, 39 percent against Sanders.
You make trade war against China, trade war against Europe, war in Syria, war against Iran -- come on, it doesn't work.
They won all four matchups against Cleveland this season, went 219.7-216 against Toronto, and split their four games against Boston.
You had the Eagles against the Giants, you had the Patriots against the Texans, and you had the president against everybody.
It was better against the other viruses, at 67 percent against H1N1 and 42 percent against influenza B viruses, she said.
He poured in 57 points against the Mavericks, 40 points against the Hornets and 45 against the Grizzlies during that span.
Against all odds and against all reason and against possibly even nature, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor are going to fight a boxing match against each other in Las Vegas in August.
LPR cameras match license plates numbers against against national databases.
Mothers Against Drunk Driving also launched a campaign against him.
In 2013, Sessions voted against the Violence Against Women Act.
He's just running against campaigns that aren't running against him.
One was against regulation, another against the Affordable Care Act.
"He turned family against family, sister against sister," she said.
They're already against us, so we shouldn't be against us.
These atrocities against humanity goes against everything America stands for.
I'm not against Muslims or Islam — I'm against bad ideas.
The real war isn't against the raps ... it's against ourselves.
"Nothing against [Palin] personally but everything against @mtv," he added.
It was right against wrong, the people against a tyrant.
This is against the Turkish nation, against the whole country.
Not against a country, but against bits, bytes, and chips.
Will the fragile regional alliances against ISIS shift against Turkey?
She speaks publicly against honor killings and atrocities against Dalits.
If you're against discrimination, you should be against all discrimination.
Stop the violence, against each other, ourselves, against the land.
We're not unified against Trump, we're unified against social injustice.
Against intelligence and counterintelligence, against the latest developments and technologies?
Today's matches include China against Spain and Korea against Norway.
Everything against black society is also against the Jewish community.
Bonhoeffer faces off against the Nazis like David against Goliath.
That's what we do against strong teams, against strong enemies.
That's what we do against strong teams, against strong enemies.
It's not enough to fight against hate or against her.
"Well, I'm against Europe and against capital punishment," Johnson said.
He also voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.
Not against right or left, but against truth and fiction.
Should outside forces pile in, a free-for-all could ensue, pitting Shias against Sunnis, Arabs against Kurds, and Iraqis against Turks.
He's running against senators, he's running against governors, he's running against former vice presidents, and he's the mayor of South Bend, Ind.
Sometimes I feel like some voice in me is against poetry, against exaggeration, against metaphors — for the sake of sobriety, of realism.
He leads the audience in shouting foul-mouthed invectives against the British prime minister, Theresa May; against the queen; and against Brexit.
"It was the older folks against the younger ones, Easterners against Westerners, the newly arrived against long time Berlin residents," Robert said.
The four runs the Yankees scored against Sale matched their total against him in his three previous starts against them this season.
"This law is against us, against the Arabic language, against peace, against our future in this land, we are the real people of this land, we can&apost agree on this law," he said.
But with Austrian preparations for controls already under way, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said Austria's move was "shamelessly against European rules, as well as being against history, against logic and against the future".
" 1962 "Campaigned ceaselessly, not only against nuclear weapons tests, not only against the spread of these armaments, not only against their very use, but against all warfare as a means of solving international conflicts.
This week alone, the British Parliament voted against her deal, against leaving without a deal, against taking control of the process, against a second referendum and for an extension to the March 29 deadline.
To that end, this year the Taliban launched multiple offensives against provincial capitals across the country: In the west against Farah; in the north against Kunduz; in the south against Lashkar Gah in Helmand province, and also against Tarin Kot in Uruzgan province in central Afghanistan.
Trump, with his tent-revival meetings, is crusading not only against Clinton and against Obama but against immigrants, against Muslims, and, in the end, against every group of voters that has fled the Republican Party, as he rides with his Four Horsemen: Fear, Ignorance, Bigotry, and Smear.
You look across the board, we're seeing an increase in hate crimes against people of the Jewish faith, against black people, against Latinos.
The Case Against Free Speech is not really an argument against free speech, but an argument against the concept of free speech itself.
He spoke out against the Muslim ban, against allowing a culture of violence at some of these campaign events, against the Duke comments.
The dollar resumed its fall against the yen and euro , dipping 0.15 percent against the Japanese currency and 0.25 percent against the euro.
I think they're against ... A large number of the public is against being interrupted, more so than are against the worry about privacy.
"I don't personally do anything against my country, against my flag, against my national anthem," Brown said during an outing in Beverly Hills.
Monday was a day of family quarrelling in the Trump circle as uncle turned against nephew, son against father, and husband against wife.
Previously, they had been 222-28 against the Spurs, 28-211 against the Oklahoma City Thunder and 33-23 against the Cleveland Cavaliers.
"I stand here today as a representation of the racism of the white man against African-Americans, against Jews, against Hispanics," he said.
"We saw that Sadat was working against the Parliament and against the state," said Alaa Abed, a lawmaker who voted against Mr. Sadat.
We're not against Trump, we're not against Republicans, Conservatives or Harper.
Las Vegas shooting victims speak out against MGM lawsuit against them .
Battalions are good against enemy armies but especially helpful against monsters.
Not when he's up against what and whom he's up against.
Against spying and counter-spying, against the latest methods and technologies?
Their presentation is against the law and against all our values.
Shelley had fought against Milton, Whitman against Emerson, Mailer againt Hemingway.
He filed a defamation case against Donald Trump against my wishes.
The fight against terrorism keeps pitting privacy rights against security needs.
I was against it then I would be against it now.
She voted against the Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.
Lawsuits against European firms will frustrate concerted diplomatic action against Venezuela.
We made one against OKC, and they made one against us.
Against this backdrop, Merkel warned against putting up barriers between countries.
Thanathorn denies being against the monarchy and all charges against him.
Consequently, I plan to vote against cloture and against his confirmation.
Wilson voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act in 2013.
It's not just Trump against the Democrats — it's Trump against Washington.
Hate by some Muslims -- against other Muslims and against the world.
He filed a defamation case against Donald Trump against my wishes.
He is dividing Americans against themselves and America against her allies.
" It deemed that the violence against Sikhs constituted "crimes against humanity.
Resentment against Macron could therefore easily turn into animosity against Brussels.
You can play against friends or against strangers around the world.
TRUMP: I was against — I was against the war in Iraq.
Suit against police, campaign against Gliniewicz Then came an explosive accusation.
Against this backdrop, the dollar was generally supported against riskier currencies.
This is not about men against women, or women against men.
Assad has committed horrific crimes against his people and against humanity.
Are they against climate change legislation or are they against democracy?
The case against Cardinal Barbarin stemmed from allegations against the Rev.
On Saturday, it's Italy against the Netherlands and Sweden against Germany.
Paint surfaces also contrast noticeably: glossy against matte, smooth against brushy.
Fighting against mental illness, fighting against racism, sexism, all of it.
That meant Beggs had to wrestle against girls against his wishes.
Federal protections against termination already exist for discrimination against protected classes.
It is the only guarantee against peon laws and against oppression.
Besides, it's better to run against four people than against one.
House Republicans organized against the bill, as they have against impeachment.
In this exchange love is presented against wounds and against time.
He voted against it but didn't fight against it either. Sen.
And I'm not against investing and I'm not against loaning money.
Gronkowski has more touchdowns against Buffalo than against any other opponent.
So I'm not against the media, I'm not against the press.
"If we're against the wall, we're against the wall," he said.
We've got to be against Trump because he is against us.
To take a stand against misogyny — and against the new president.
The verse White cited in her tweet, Ephesians 6:12, states: "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places," according to the King James version of the Bible.
A judge rules against him — that is not unusual; judges often rule against presidents and against legislation — but you don't go around undermining the judiciary and calling people "so-called judges" because they ruled against you.
It means deliberately confusing the lethal herd syndrome affecting most people with a false notion of virtue, allegedly protecting you against the glaring truth, against your human nature, against your critical judgment, against your individuality, i.e.
At a time when violence against children, against women, against the displaced and against the planet is so pervasive, I find glimpses of hope in the nuns' conviction that compassion can be taught and forgiveness fostered.
Sunscreen rated SPF 30 protects against 97 percent of UVB rays, SPF 303 shields against 98 percent, and SPF 100 guards against 99 percent.
Goalie Ryan Miller made 24 saves to improve 21-26 lifetime against the Coyotes and lower his career 249 goals-against average against Arizona.
The Turkish government has pushed back hard against any domestic dissent against the war, including arresting some people who have spoken out against it.
" Atienza added that he was against the bill because it was "against the law of God, against the law of man, and natural law.
All of them repeatedly voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, and McConnell voted against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.
Claire McCaskill Danny Tarkanian against Dean Heller in Nevada Kelli Ward against Jeff Flake in Arizona Chris McDaniel against Roger Wicker in Mississippi Gov.
You stood in solidarity against oppression, against a lawless secret police, against a cruel and wicked system that impoverished your cities and your souls.
"We want to hold the usurper Maduro responsible for any violent action against Guaido, against his wife and against their relatives," Trujillo told reporters.
The Cubs' 63 homers against the Reds are their most against any team since hitting 32 in 15 games against Cincinnati in 2005. 2.
"I'm very familiar with playing against Chen as I've played against her so many times, and I've performed really well against her," she said.
"We stand for truth against falsehood, freedom against tyranny, right against injustice, hope against despair," McCain says in the ad, a quote from a speech the Arizona Republican had given at the Munich Security Conference in 2017.
And -- or the people who are against him are really against him.
Reuters has not independently confirmed the allegations against Porter, or against Trump.
Like the threats against Mexico, the move against Cuba also punishes Americans.
They had sanctions against Iran, sanctions against North Korea and they violated.
No, these platforms are not biased against conservatives, but against low traffic.
So why this crusade against guns, but not against bathtubs and pools?
The previous commission decided against proceeding with charges on scraping against Google.
He was political against Saddam and even against the old Kurdish parties.
Let them rally against peace and against American leadership in the world.
A vaccine against meningitis may also protect against gonorrhea, Science News reports.
A vote against Trump will be a vote against Tits Perverts everywhere.
After the allegations against Krauss emerged, Harris warned against rushing to judgment.
Your new CRM platform isn't competing against paper – it's competing against Salesforce.
Some states also have laws against electors voting against their jurisdiction's pick.
Beyond that, he also voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.
The issue pitted the Catholic Church against feminist groups, physicians against physicians.
Again and again, playing against the character we'd created worked against us.
To make any kind of allegation against me and against my friends.
These guys are our allies in this fight against extremism, against ISIS.
"They are competing against the forces of nature, against air," Krause said.
They don't just compete against banks—they compete against credit card companies.
In particular, the Yankees have struggled against good teams: Their record against .
The study comes against a backdrop of new allegations against some peacekeepers.
"We were against hate, that's what we were against," Blair told CNN.
The allegations against Bolling are the latest made against Fox News personalities.
The Putin screed against protectionism is helpless against this form of competition.
Against all odds and against all forms of the establishment, he prevailed.
Obama, when he ran against me, was against the War in Iraq.
Kirk Cousins plays well against bad teams and struggles against good teams.
The lawsuit includes claims against Jackson Lee, individually, and against the CBCF.
It also happened April 6 against Houston and April 13 against Oakland.
Against the , the greenback slid 0.12 percent against the to 106.72 yen.
Against nuclear energy, supporting immigration, against the gap between north and south.
Basically, Boston was great against bad teams, and vulnerable against good teams.
He'll be the reliable vote against the Second Amendment and against life.
"Russia is against the U.S. and we are against Russia," Prophet said.
But commentators weren't judging against June's expectations; they were judging against January's.
American companies have lobbied against the Trump administration's multiple actions against Huawei.
We mustn't be against transcendence but against the wrong kind of transcendence.
Just do it against the rest of the division, not against us.
"I am of course against any violence against these people," he wrote.
Conversely, a vote against the budget is a vote against tax reform.
We know the pitchers we're up against, the odds we're up against.
We worked against NAFTA together; we worked against PNTR together, with China.
It won't be north against south, it will be black against white.
Besides Oklahoma, L.S.U. put up 58 against Mississippi and 66 against Vanderbilt.
Bad arguments against young people voting parallel bad arguments against anyone voting.
That's why the Republican establishment was against him, and remains against him.
There are sanctions against physical murder; why not against the social kind?
They used it both internally, against dissidents, and externally, against Western enemies.
Against all odds, the Olympics are uniting the world—against the Olympics.
I wouldn't bet against James, but I wouldn't bet against precedent, either.
And in 2013 he voted against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act.
To those acting against peace, acting against disorder, we will oppose you.
Udinese against Fiorentina, AC Milan against Genoa, Parma against SPAL, and Sassuolo against Brescia are the four other games to be closed off to spectators, while Inter's Europa League match against Ludogrets on Wednesday is also to be played in an empty stadium, according to the Bulgarian club's official website.
It scored 21 against L.S.U. in January 2012, but scored 38 against Michigan State and then 45 against Clemson's highly ranked defense in this postseason.
"Vladimir Putin himself directed the covert cyber attacks against our electoral system, against our democracy, apparently because he has a personal beef against," she said.
The dollar was also up 0.6 percent against the New Zealand dollar, 0.5 percent against its Australian counterpart and 0.7 percent against the Swiss franc.
Did you view your remarks, in some ways, as a form of protest against Le Pen's presence, against Gorka's presence, against the Trumpification of CPAC?
T.J. Dillashaw against John Dodson, Demetrious Johnson against the same, Dominick Cruz against Urijah Faber, hell it was a common feature of Naseem Hamed's career.
It's also the fourth game in a row the Americans have grabbed an early lead: 12th minute against Thailand, 11th against Chile, 3rd against Sweden.
This is an exhibition against erasure, against idealization; it is for the people who have been disappeared and against the angel that heralds their vanishing.
He should be a very solid RB2 this week against the 49ers, who are even worse against opposing running backs than they are against quarterbacks.
Republicans run against other Republicans, Democrats against other Democrats, and the winners run in the general election against the candidate from the other major party.
This attack is not only against Otero Alcántara, but against all of the artistic and intellectual community, and against Cuban civil society in its totality.
It turns out that Mr. Trump's message of outright defiance — against Democrats, against the news media and, often, against facts — can exist in tchotchke form.
"Join the masses to send a signal against the G20, against the escalation and against meaningless violence," Mr. van Aken said in a Twitter message.
That's why the struggle against ableism, which involves discrimination against people with disabilities, has taken its place alongside struggles against sexism, racism and the like.
We should reject purveyors of hare-brained social constructs that pit Americans against Americans, women against men, or Muslims against the rest of the world.
The president won against Warren 220006 percent to 2202 percent, against Bloomberg 2628 percent to 28500 percent, and against Buttigieg 6900 percent to 2628 percent.
From there, it can be a short distance to anger, or something more intense than anger—rage, even hatred, directed against yourself, against the system, against people who aren't like you and and don't understand you, against everything.
So in recent weeks, the governor has begun to push back — against members of his party, against state lawmakers, against the populist notion of progressivism and, inevitably, against Mayor Bill de Blasio, a frequent foil for Mr. Cuomo.
"It's going to say that we are against bigotry, we are against prejudice, we're against hate, against whomever that is directed," House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told reporters after a closed-door meeting on Thursday morning, according to Politico.
The left-handed batting Reddick, who has more than three times the number of at-bats against right-handers (373) as he does against lefties (103), hit his fifth home run against a lefty, compared to eight against righties.
"He led the fight against the Gang of Eight, against Obama's trade deal, against Obama's judges, and for American sovereignty," Mr. Trump said in his statement.
The dollar was down 0.22% against a basket of six rival currencies but was 0.2% stronger against the yen and 0.41% stronger against the Swiss franc.
There is a war against ISIS, not just against ISIS but against radical jihadists terrorists, and it is a war that they win or we win.
He campaigned against it in his first House race in 183, voted against it as a freshman lawmaker, and has never stopped railing against the deal.
"[With] the anger in this country against big institutions, against government, against business, this kind of strokes it," he said on CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Monday.
So if you're doxxing somebody or if you're calling for violence against people, well then there are laws against that or should be laws against that.
Judges at the court have said threats against witnesses contributed to the collapse of the crimes against humanity case against Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta last year.
Boxing promoters, looking to get in on the action, orchestrated matches that pitted different ethnic groups against each other: Irish pugilists against Italians, Germans against Greeks.
Georgia has recorded the same number of assists as turnovers in each game this season – 14 against Clemson, 17 against UNC-Asheville and 10 against Furman.
The vitriol against his film may be misogynistic, but the vitriol against him personally cannot be of the same nature as that against his female leads.
I've been competing against the players and won matches against some of the best players of the world and competed pretty well against all of them.
There was a history of such slips against outsiders, too: In 2004, the French faltered against Greece, while in 1996, they skittered against the Czech Republic.
Another problem for the case against the government is that Correa has taken a hard line against corruption, including against Pareja, rejecting Pareja's plea for clemency.
It was a proxy fight for a larger cultural battle—against Barack Obama, against technocratic elites, against progressives—of which gun rights are an integral part.
TILLEMANN: Which means effectively, Congressman Hoyer, I'm running a campaign against Crow, and against you, and against the DCCC, because you guys are on Crow's side.
More recently, he was one of just two House Democrats who voted against Democrats' gun background check legislation and against both articles of impeachment against Trump.
So far this year the dollar is up 26% against Brazil's real , up around 11% against the Korean won and up 19% against the Indonesian rupiah.
So far this year the dollar is up 26% against Brazil's real , up around 8% against the Korean won and up 15% against the Indonesian rupiah.
San Francisco is definitely weaker against the run than it is against the pass, and the team seemed to have a particular deficiency against mobile quarterbacks.
Modern Italy, he asserted, was forged in bitter conflict, with elites pitted against elites, church against state, north against south, and the great powers pulling strings.
For the year, it's up more than 3.5 percent against the euro, 3 percent against the yen and more than 2.5 percent against the British pound.
Certainly, I had no pressing desire to watch Crystal Palace against Bournemouth, or Southampton against Norwich, or even Leicester against Watford, the ultimate in foregone conclusions.
Very much in the American tradition, he rails against the rich, he rails against billionaires, he rails against people who make money from other people's money.
We may also be seeing a backlash against the backlash against strong women.
Liu also warned the West against imposing anti-dumping duties against Chinese steel.
Wade, but he also voted against federal protections for reproductive clinics against violence.
Last year, the senator from Kentucky voted against a sanctions bill against Russia.
The fight against corruption must become central to our broader strategy against terrorism.
The public is turning against Mueller and it&aposs turning against this investigation.
By 2005, another lawsuit against Smith Barney was citing discrimination against female brokers.
Nevertheless, Trump argued his executive order was not against Islam, but against terrorism.
My parents were against me, all my friends from church were against me.
That sometimes pitted him against the generals, other times against Obama's utopian strains.
Trump said he'd rather run against Democrat Hillary Clinton than against Vermont Sen.
He will continue to fight against sexual assault, harassment and violence against women.
Black abolitionists transformed their struggle against slavery into a movement against racial discrimination.
We've talked a lot tonight about what we're against — we're against income inequality.
When we got there, I shoved against them all in the Against Me!
Lynch will be headlining WrestleMania, against Ronda Rousey, maybe against Rousey and Charlotte.
This promotes an "us against them" mentality, pitting the kids against the industry.
It is not extreme to protest against unjust state violence against innocent people.
Verlander has 21 career wins against Kansas City, his most against any opponent.
The story is rigged against him, because the story is rigged against everybody.
They also made allegations of abuse against against their mother, father, and brother.
Tory "wets" plotted against Margaret Thatcher there and Tory "bastards" against John Major.
People rebel against it, and they can rebel against it in different ways.
They weren't waging a war against Islam or against me as a Muslim.
Because the daughter was making threats against my family, making threats against me.
One activist filed a lawsuit against members of the campaign against the group.
The dollar gained 0.52 percent against the euro and 0.88 percent against the .
That man decided to bring a lawsuit against the company (not against me).
Gibson is 4-0-1 with a 1.19 goals-against average against Edmonton.
Plus, he went on the offensive against Trump instead of against Marco Rubio.
I was against that and I was very vocal in being against that.
Russia has unleashed its repressive machine against those who protest against the occupation.
While the dollar slipped against the yen, it stood firm against other rivals.
Discrimination in housing and employment is against the law and against our rules.
Sherrod Brown who voted against it: "Just remember that, he voted against you."
It's not us against them, it's not even us against the hotel industry.
"Violence against women is often against our voices and our stories," Solnit writes.
It was central to Cleveland's campaign against Harrison and to McKinley's against Bryan.
Yet he remembers pupils began rebelling against him whenever he spoke against Wahhabism.
A tariff discriminates against foreign labor, the income tax discriminates against American labor.
In shorthand, it's the "security relationship" against human rights; money against due process.
It pits neighbor against neighbor as readily as it pits buyer against seller.
Data showed fewer attacks against Muslims and Arab-Americans, but more against Latinos.
And his moves against Moscow pale against those of many of his predecessors.
Suddenly he is against something he was for, before he was against it.
Rubio was injured Saturday against Sacramento and did not play Tuesday against Memphis.
Democrats are against pollution killing children and Republicans are against regulation killing jobs.
Fullerton's only win against a D-I school this season was against Monmouth.
And a vote against the budget resolution is a vote against tax reform.
Rampant violence against transgender people and often against lesbians is enacted with impunity.
The center had goals against Calgary and Edmonton before scoring twice against Colorado.
There is academic ferment against it — not majority, but academic ferment against it.
To construe a misdeed against one as a crime against half of humanity.
Kirk Cousins plays well against bad teams and plays badly against good teams.
Now, she talks tough, she talks really tough against Putin and against Assad.
It has won previous appeals against injunctions issued against its plants, including Takahama.
It's not against North Korea but it's happening against the sovereign world citizen.
Countries weaponized social media against the world in a war against truth itself.
Like the Duke game, against Virginia Tech, against Carolina, I saw his eyes.
"Hillary Clinton is not running against me, she's running against change," he said.
No matter what action he takes against Mueller, the case against Cohen remains.
A Wutbürger rages against a new train station and tilts against wind turbines.
There's still massive institutional bias in all institutions against women and against diversity.
We should stand united against Putin's past and planned future attacks against us.
After finding success against Harper, Wheeler was not as lucky against Matt Adams.
The charges once lobbed against Christians — atheism, superstition — were turned against pagan people.
You're not just competing against other TV companies, you're competing against the internet.
It turned culture writer against culture writer, healthcare reporter against fellow healthcare reporter.
He said his party is "against war," not "against the war" in Syria.
We're here to say that we're against rape and that we're against racism.
He played first base against left-handed pitchers; Ed Kranepool played against righties.
These demonstrations don't pit elites against one another but citizens against the state.
Hillary was prepared to have a policy-against-policy matchup against a politician.
The accusations against Weinstein fueled the #MeToo movement against sexual abuse and harassment.
Politicians driven by self-interest turned tribes against one another — neighbor against neighbor.
The president has repeatedly railed against judges who ruled against his travel ban.
That's why there are constitutional prohibitions against unreasonable searches and against self-incrimination.
You do not use your military skills against Russia, against the Soviet Union.
He raged against democracy and egalitarianism, but also against nationalism and anti-Semitism.
He endorses his racism against Muslims, Paul Ryan endorses his racism against Mexicans.
Gardner has 20 career home runs against Toronto, the most against any opponent.
The president has more sizable leads against Warren, 2023-44, and against Sen.
They did it twice in Houston, twice against Cleveland and once against Boston.
Many law enforcement tactics used against criminals can be effective against domestic terrorists.
That he alone can fight for them against the forces aligned against them.
"But that cannot be an ultimate shield against transparency, against accountability," Castro said.
The successful campaign against Yovanovitch is central to the impeachment case against Trump.
It becomes us against them, against those who want nothing of us — everyone.
I played two super intense matches against Rafa and now against Sascha (Zverev).
For instance, he once voted against a measure allowing lawsuits against firearm manufacturers.
But he decided against it after an adviser persuaded him against the plan.
SS: So, you're in a race against time, against these people, aren't you?
The dollar rose slightly against the Japanese yen, but slipped against the euro.
Indeed, Musk has railed against short sellers, who bet against a company's stock.
Democrats may decide against taking concrete steps against the high court for now.
Dikötter's originality is that he counts crimes against civilization alongside crimes against humanity.
"He was so against gang violence, so against violence towards anyone," she said.
The Fox poll has him at 38 against Biden versus 40 against Harris.
Stopping violence against all women starts with opposing any violence against any woman.
Sixteen Republicans voted against the continuing resolution, while 51 voted against disaster aid.
These activities funded its operations against Israel and against American forces in Iraq.
We will continue together with full force [against] our common battle against terrorism.
This goes against a recent narrative that has been building against Head Start.
Liberalism's respect for diverse opinions and ways of life has whittled away much prejudice: against religious and ethnic minorities, against the proposition that girls and boys should have an equal opportunity to attend school, against same-sex sex, against single parents.
In addition to Barclays and Credit Suisse, other cases include the one against Citi's LavaFlow, another against Liquidnet, one against UBS last year, and a more recent one against ITG, which held the previous record for a dark pool fine.
MACCALLUM: As we look around the world, you know, what we see is sort of a very broad spectrum of tariffs, of sanctions that have been leveled against, as we were just discussing, against Turkey, against Iran, against Russia, also China.
His head-to-head record against them is impressive (2-0 against Novak Djokovic, 3-3 against Rafa Nadal, but 1-5 against Roger Federer) and it seems to be generally accepted that he has the talent to win Grand Slams.
It will be Halep against Elise Mertens; Kerber against Caroline Garcia, the last French player left in singles; Garbiñe Muguruza, the 2016 French Open champion, who looks like a woman on a mission, against Lesia Tsurenko; and finally Williams against Sharapova.
Pop the champagne and grab your scorecards: It's time to pit Westworld against Westeros, Reynolds against Gosling, John Lithgow's glowering Winston Churchill against John Travolta's eyebrow wig.
That is the way that our lord and saviour JD Wetherspoon intended, and anything else is an abomination against God, against Harry, against England and St. George.
According to Customs and Border Protection data, law enforcement actions against Guatemalan migrants fell by 41%, against Salvadorans by 21% and against Hondurans by 16% in July.
"It's more for us a story of positive euro, not just against the dollar but pretty much against all currencies... even against the commodity bloc," he said.
Candidates compete against bots or against each other in timed competitions, or against themselves in the self-paced CodeFight Arcade where they brush up on their skills.
"The government has public opinion against it, a majority of the labor unions against it and the youth movement against it," CGT union leader Philippe Martinez said.
Among them are a $62 million settlement against Lockheed Martin, a $27.5 million settlement against Ameriprise Financial, and a $31 million settlement against Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance.
"We're demonstrating against the Islamisation of Europe, we're demonstrating against immigration, against an invasion," Robert Winnicki, leader of Poland's far-right Ruch Narodowy (National Movement), told demonstrators.
Seal is making the most epic stance ... against people who think he blasted Oprah, against people who call him an "Uncle Tom" ... and against Stacey Dash. Naturally.
The aftershocks of the new case against Epstein could lead to charges against employees who, according to the federal indictment against him, helped him prey on victims.
The taboo against nuclear weapons rests on three pillars: policies to prevent proliferation, norms against the first use of nukes (especially against non-nuclear powers) and deterrence.
One dose of the measles, mumps, rubella or MMR vaccine is 2628 percent effective against measles, 28503 percent effective against mumps and 22019 percent effective against rubella.
He has played mostly against right-handed starters this season, but Collins admitted Conforto could be an option against left-handed pitchers despite his struggles against them.
He has struggled against his father, a brutal alcoholic; against his childhood shyness and his teenage angst; against his wandering eye while in an apparently solid marriage.
In the next 25 years, she argued, a view of Germany evolved that demeaned the country, with policies against families, against nuclear power and against German traditions.
On Monday, the U.S. dollar advanced more than 6% against the Russian ruble, over 4% against the Mexican peso, and close to 1% against the Indonesian rupiah.
"It's more for us a story of positive euro, not just against the dollar but pretty much against all currencies...even against the commodity bloc," he said.
Subway World Series: 1923, 1936, 83 and 1951, against the Giants; 1941, 1947, 1949, 1952, 1953, 1955 and 1956, against the Dodgers; and 2000, against the Mets.
Murkowski, by contrast, didn't address the allegations against Trump directly; she instead said the House's case against the president was "rushed and flawed" and railing against partisanship.
So, stay tuned to this unfolding drama, but remember that prosecutorial tactics used today against President Trump may tomorrow be used against Democrats — and even against you.
The greenback also strengthened against emerging market currencies, hitting three-month high against the South African rand and 1-1/2-year highs against the Brazilian real .
So late-73th-century Alaïa may be juxtaposed against early-20th-century Vionnet; a 1920s chemise against a 1960s minidress; the excess of the 1880s against the excess of the 1980s; one bias gown against another; the elongated silhouette of a princess dress against the elongated torso created by an Alexander McQueen bumster trousers.
Fewer Brazilians turned out to protest against Mr Temer than had against Ms Rousseff.
The crown rose 1 percent against the dollar and 0.9 percent against the euro.
Such gestures are often votes against change, against the natural evolution of pop music.
Remember the protest against Reagan and against Bush, we have some of the video.
Against other humans, he started winning more—including four straight games against top players.
The toy's warning label cautions users against poking or swinging the toy against anyone.
She tweeted, she used her power and tweeted against the restaurant, against an owner.
Iran can never have nuclear weapons, not against the USA, not against the world.
Obama's White House has spoken strongly against any sort of discrimination against Muslim immigrants.
"Supporting them against Iran is akin to supporting Hamas against Al Qaeda," he said.
The prime minister said the allegations against him and those against Hehr are different.
First month in office, President Trump extended broad economic sanctions against Putin, against Russia.
Both homers came against left-handed pitchers, giving him four against lefties this season.
I bind you, Whaboom, from Whabooming, Whabooming against other people and Whambooming against yourself.
It awarded punitive damages of $105 million against J&J and $50,000 against Imerys.
You see that with police violence against racial minorities and government violence against women.
Stanton looked lost against Chris Archer, against whom he is now 0 for 9.
He has 13 career homers against the Marlins, his highest total against any opponent.
But he is not against immigrants; he is against Sweden's failure to integrate them.
Here women are the ones who commit violence against one another and against animals.
Lastly, Mr Najib is running not only against the opposition, but against the economy.
His greatest bias is not against Labour or the Conservatives but against party grandees.
Violence against animals is a well-known indicator of potential violent crimes against humans.
He believes that Brexit was as much a revolt against Westminster as against Brussels.
"Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice," she said.
His 24 career homers against the Reds are the most against any one opponent.
He had success against the Rangers in his last start against them on Aug.
He now has 14 career home runs against Baltimore — his most against any team.
They've pitched extremely well against us, but they've pitched extremely well against the league.
Even a house divided against itself can at least be united against your fiancé.
He should have spoken out against Mr Putin and protected America against Russian hostility.
It was the first run against Garcia since June 13 against the Red Sox.
That's what the NCAA is fighting against, because that's what all cartels fight against.
Charges against another Islamist politician stem from his call for violence against the police.
The coming debate about infrastructure spending is a fight against diversity and against urbanization.
Diangelo says he holds nothing against his replacement worker from Infosys, nothing against immigrants.
The dollar was weaker against the euro, but emerging currencies fell hard against it.
In most cases it's against the law to pee on someone against their will.
Short sellers have lost $1.5 billion betting against Apple, $1.1 billion betting against Amazon.
He's 0-2 against the Rays this season and 4-1 against everyone else.
There was no law against it, no rule against it, nothing of that sort.
It was down 1.16 percent against the euro, but was gaining against the yen.
And will the fight against ISIS lead the US into a war against Assad?
It was a brutal war against their own club and against the other fans.
" Trump "should have spoken out against Mr Putin and protected America against Russian hostility.
"It's the battle against the system, the politicians, the media, against immigration," Eveno says.
Foreign policy: Tougher approach against radical Islamic terrorism and re-implementing sanctions against Iran.
"I've lost in five sets against Rafa, five sets against (Milos) Raonic," he said.
The EPA is still defending that rule against ongoing litigation against it from industry.
He testified against Manafort in the special counsel's first trial against his former mentor.
The euro, while rising against the pound, has fallen against the dollar and yen.
Carson in his opening remarks explicitly pushed back against charges of racism against Trump.
The transcripts show that she defended the FBI against allegations of bias against Trump.
Some monks rail not against perceived external enemies, however, but against cankers within Buddhism.
"We are not running against anyone ... anything ... or against a political party," O'Rourke said.
Iran has backed the Taliban against not only American forces but also against ISIS.
The regime's backlash against these celebrations even rivals its backlash against explicitly political demonstrations.
Kelley pleaded guilty to aggravated assault against the child and assault against his wife.
Meghan Milloy: When he started spewing out this rhetoric against women and against minorities.
They feared a war of Republican against Republican, conservative against conservative; they have one.
They have a hard time against some techniques and an easier time against others.
Pujols has 54 career home runs against the Astros, his most against any club.
She opposed launching an impeachment inquiry against Clinton and supports starting one against Trump.
He favored impeaching Clinton and swung against the idea of impeachment proceedings against Trump.
It's like when Lincoln was running against Douglas and Jefferson was up against Adams.
He simply isn't reliable, even against a Washington defense ranked 25th against the pass.
Progress against NTDs is intimately tied to progress against nearly every global development goal.
They encountered the same situation against Washington last year and against Pittsburgh in 03.
Tillerson said Tuesday U.S. will stand up against anyone who commits crimes against humanity.
She married a man against her parents' will, then divorced him against their will.
Having veterans themselves speak out against Mr. Trump carries extra weight against the candidate.
Course cloth pushed against his lips when he inhaled, grating against his tender skin.
And she did it by running not just against Screnock but against Trump too.
Galician folk music became the music of people against the empire and against oppression.
Ninety-nine percent of people are against that because it's a crime against humanity.
I felt like we were going against Trump, but we weren't going against injustice.
Clinton's attacks against Sanders sounds strangely similar to her attacks against Obama in 2008.
Biden now is effectively running a two-track race: Against Trump and against Sanders.
She campaigned against a logging concession, which also implicitly meant campaigning against martial law.
Kato couldn't strike effectively against Gracie, and Gracie could not grapple effectively against Kato.
Soldiers want to revolt against their officers, servants against their masters, and so on.
He also voted against the Defense of Marriage Act and against the Iraq war.
He wanted to isolate Alba against Mohamed Salah, and Sergi Roberto against Sadio Mané.
Strikingly, the same claims made against Clinton are now being made against Elizabeth Warren.
Everything against the gay and lesbian, LGBTQ community is against black and Jewish communities.
The U.S. has threatened action against Myanmar over its violent campaign against Rohingya Muslims.
"All of the forces were against us and certainly mounted against me," Turner said.
The dollar was up nearly 1.8% against the euro and 1.5% against the yen.
There's no vehicle-borne suicide, no attack against U.S. forces, no attack against coalition.
Any American military strike against North Korea would likely trigger retaliatory measures against Japan.
Trump has vowed potentially disproportionate attacks against Iran if the country retaliates against Americans.
They do things that are extremely against, very much against our national security interests.
Mr. Trump kept up his tough talk against Tehran and threatened sanctions against Baghdad.
Most complaints by residents against the police do not result in discipline against officers.
Business groups are already speaking out against the rule and promising action against it.
" Nadler: "This is a crime in progress against the Constitution and against American democracy.
John McCain to pronouncements on the fight against ISIS to a diatribe against windmills.
A demonstration against Moscow's effort to block Telegram became a protest against Vladimir Putin.
His grandfather fought against British colonialists and was imprisoned for sedition against the queen.
Nor will scare tactics work any better against Sanders than they did against Trump.
She exhibited intense hostility against Trump and his associates and protested against the administration.
Trump cannot act against Mueller the way he acted against Bharara, Yates and Comey.
"But she's not running against John Kasich; she's running against Donald Trump," he said.
The articles of impeachment against Clinton were bipartisan, and the ones against Trump aren't.
"You can defend against (paramilitary forces), but you can't defend against this," said Capt.
The charges against Mr. Ghosn — and his against Japan's courts — deserve a closer look.
He ran against the Republican establishment as much as he ran against Hillary Clinton.
Charges against Manafort include money laundering, tax fraud and conspiracy against the United States.
You can't vote against him in 28500, but you can vote against his party.
Snowden: No. What he's actually arguing here is not against me, it's against journalism.
I've sinned against God, against women and the people who I love the most.
The Norwegian crown was up 0.1% against the dollar and flat against the euro.
Edwards filed a defamation lawsuit against three individuals, who deny the allegations against them.
She also pushed back against claims of racism against Trump over the profane comment.
Nunes is getting ridiculed for his legal filings, first against Twitter, now against McClatchy.
"They're against it before the election and against it after the election," Podesta said.
While the change didn't work against the Jayhawks, it paid dividends against Kansas State.
Susana Martinez (R) against Trump, saying "he doesn't get" the billionaire's attacks against Martinez.
It was 2.2% higher Thursday against the euro and up 2.4% against the yen.
He struggled and fought against himself and also against the standards of his time.
Two Democrats voted against the first article, while three voted against the second. Rep.
"While our farmers fight against #ClimateChange, #USDA is shamefully fighting against #science," he wrote.
Senate Democrats aren't mobilizing against Sessions in the way they mobilized against Bannon. Sen.
Arguably more dominant against them than any male player has been against his peers.
What if you're someone that's arguing against it, what is your argument against it?
But something can be against a police department's policy without being against the law.
Brownback described the campaign against the Rohingya as "ethnic cleansing against a Muslim minority".
"We will stand against misogyny, we will stand against hate, we will stand against vice, we will stand and be strong, and we will stand together," he vowed.
And, predictably, this software has not been deployed only (or perhaps at all) against the likes of terrorists and spies, but against citizens acting against the government's interests.
Dating to November 2015, Kansas City is a staggering 27-2 against division foes: 9-0 against the Broncos and 9-1 against both the Raiders and Chargers.
Shortly after the allegations against Caldbeck surfaced, several claims of sexual harassment came out against 500 Startups co-founder Dave McClure, as well as one against Chris Sacca.
In the course of the 20th century, Greece saw a lot of internal conflict, for example pitting liberals against monarchists, communists against pro-Westerners, colonels against democratic politicians.
Just like Trump's campaign, the political debates in those countries have often pitted elites against populists, older voters against younger voters and white voters against non-white voters.
Trump's case against his accusers could go farther than his case against the media — but his accusers could also use his own boasts about assaulting women against him.
Essentially, she appears to have been betting against #MeToo, figuring that the power of public outcry against sexual misconduct would be too weak a weapon against the nominee.
The greenback also strengthened against emerging market currencies, hitting three-month highs against the South African rand and a 21-22/275.20-year top against the Brazilian real .
The Buckeyes have just one win against a top-50 team and two against teams in the top 100,but have eight losses against top-100 teams. 3.
Daesh is also responsible for crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing directed against these same groups and in some cases also against Sunni Muslims, Kurds and other minorities.
Mr Putin has framed his intervention in Syria as a battle against terrorism, calling for other countries to unite with Russia against IS, as many did against Hitler.
Lewis also pointed out that there tended to be more violence by blacks against other blacks, and also more violence by blacks against whites than whites against blacks.
Tomlin has had his issues against the Twins, posting a 2-4 mark and 53 ERA, while struggling against Joe Mauer, who is 7-for-16 against him.
"There is a war against the Taliban, against Daesh (Islamic State), against Al Qaeda and this year we will have more forced deportees than last year," he said.
The two Manchester rivals were then paired against each other in the fourth round draw that also pitched Liverpool against Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United against Chelsea.
Iowa roared through the toughest part of its schedule with one loss, picking up two wins against Michigan State, two against Purdue, and a home victory against Michigan.
Those who profess to love Ali but despise current black protest—against police brutality, against voter suppression, against environmental racism—fundamentally misunderstand his political vision and moral sophistication.
The Lightning, who play their next five against Atlantic Division opponents, have won nine straight against the Atlantic and own an 11-22-247 mark against divisional foes.
"When they want to build a wall to segregate populations, or when the word 'foreigner' is used to insult, denigrate and discriminate against our fellow human beings, it goes against humanity, it goes against intelligence and against history," Mr. López Obrador said.
He is 2250-271 with a 281 ERA against San Francisco, 2120-22010 with a 1 ERA against Colorado and 2244-2320 with a 2350 ERA against San Diego.
Eight of those goals came against Tunisia and Panama, and slim wins against England and Japan have cast some doubt on whether they can impose themselves against better teams.
The Bluejays are now 3-3 in history against teams ranked No. 18, having won their past three — Saturday, in 2014 against Oklahoma and in 1998 against Oklahoma State.
"Fighting against femicides led us to fight against all forms of violence against women — and not letting us decide over our bodies is a form of violence," she said.
In the group stages at the beginning of the tournament, the team is scheduled to play June 11 against Thailand, June 16 against Chile and June 20 against Sweden.
Pomeranz might not be doing well against the rest of the league, but he has a 3.21 ERA against the Dodgers, compared to a 9.00 ERA against everybody else.
The homers are tied for the most against any opponent (he also has eight against the Los Angeles Angels) and the RBIs are the most against any other team.
When offsetting losses, gains of each type are first netted against the same type — short-term losses against short-term gains, and long-term losses against long-term gains.
In 32 tests against the big three since Gatland became coach in December 2007, Wales has won just twice: against Australia in 2008 and against South Africa in 2014.
Many of the emblems of identity seem to recur, built on the notion of an island nation pitted against superior forces, fighting against the odds, swimming against history's tide.
"It is a war against terrorism, against jihadism, against radical Islam," Manuel Valls, the French prime minister, said after a terrorist attack in the Paris area in January 2015.
Anger against the foreigner, against the outsider and against the other may offer some passing consolation in times of difficulty or dread but they lead America away from itself.
Working the body is a favorite of both men, and both men have also shown that the strategy can be effective against them: Alvarez against Cerrone, McGregor against Diaz.
It's a less-good team against a good team, but it is also Hope against Likelihood, or a scratch-and-win ticket against a proprietary Wall Street trading algorithm.
The last three matches went three sets, and Collins overwhelmed her opponents in those final sets (6-1 against Vandeweghe, 6-1 against Vekic and 6-2 against Puig).
According to Amnesty International's latest annual report, violence against women has become increasingly brutal, attacks against human rights defenders persist and violent crimes perpetrated against indigenous communities go unpunished.
Already in these playoffs they lost the first two games against Columbus and the opener against Pittsburgh, and staved off elimination twice against Tampa Bay in the conference finals.
She votes against fair pay for women, she votes against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which is just basically protecting us from domestic abuse and stalking.
According to the NLRB's website, there are two open cases against Trump companies — one against Trump Corporation and the other against Trump's presidential transition team, Trump for America Inc.
I'm against Botox, I'm against injections; I think it's damaging your face, damaging your nerves.
Each game is played against an AI, with your rankings tallied up against your friends.
It now calls for "robust" defenses against complex threats rather defenses against a "limited" threat.
They're angry, they want to throw something against the machine, against the establishment, as well.
Branstad has actively campaigned against Cruz because of his record against ethanol and renewable subsidies.
The US-led coalition against ISIS has also been carrying out airstrikes against the city.
The US-led coalition against ISIS has also been carrying out airstrikes against the city.
Warnings against possible 'false accusations' Others within the government caution against making such bold accusations.
Regardless of color, people should say something against it and anything that's harmful against anyone.
Marte has 80 hits against the Cubs, the most against any opponent among active players.
This has been the basis for EPA action against Volkswagen and now against Fiat Chrysler.
We love the drama of business, of Uber against Lyft and Airbnb against city governments.
Fighting against a 'post-values world' We must also fight against a post-values world.
He rails as much against Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as he does against Trump.
The rules sparked death threats against MEPs and a million-signature petition against the proposals.
In response, Republicans peddled false attacks against the Democratic frontrunner, including attacks against Muskie's family.
Sterling traded near a six-week low against the dollar and fell against the euro.
And we did have sex against my will, but I'm not pressing charges against it.
Williams had only one assist against UTEP after recording eight against Cal Poly on Sunday.
Hillary doesn't want to run against me, but I cannot wait to run against her.
President Donald Trump rages against the first Republican to call for impeachment proceedings against him.
Last week, Schiff was one of 137 Democrats who voted against pursuing impeachment against Trump.
Against Milos, the only chance you have is to get into a rally against him.
If you push against an industrial robot arm, it's like pushing against a brick wall.
The lawsuit includes claims against both Jackson Lee individually as well as against the CBCF.
In contrast, the dollar lost ground against other major currencies, falling 3% against the yen.
Stein argued against "voting against someone," despite the concerns she has about Trump as president.
The revolt against a moribund political class has transmuted into a revolt against governance itself.
Barletta was running against a former mayor who himself had talked tough against illegal immigration.
And to me, that would be a big hit against New York, against my constituents.
They had gathered deliberately to protest against a recent spate of acid attacks against riders.
He previously voted against imposing penalties against JPMorgan Chase & Co over its "London Whale" trades.
The result is pressure against all migrants, and also against ethnic minorities, British or otherwise.
Goldschmidt now has 32 home runs against the Dodgers, his most against any single team.
Prop your wand against the pillows so you can lean your vulva against the top.
The case against Little Free Library is not necessarily a case against little free libraries.
Trump has doubled-down, even launching attacks against those who have come out against him.
The war against flip-flops is a war against the most proletarian of virtues: comfort.
The euro gained almost 1 percent against the dollar and 2 percent against the yen.
"If you're against globalization, you tend to be against global agreements on climate," he said.
These conspiratorial Russian attacks will someday be targeted against you, and very possibly against Trump.
Lula characterized the verdict against him as part of Brazilian elites' backlash against his legacy.
As a result, foreign casino operators have been cautious against speaking out against specific rules.
Tillerson said Tuesday the U.S. will stand up against anyone who commits crimes against humanity.
Here are the House Republicans who are either against the bill or leaning against it.
Graterol started Wednesday against the Cubs and was in the lineup Thursday against St. Louis.
And you know, I made an extremely good showing against Senator McCain against all odds.
"He struggles against guys who're quicker and a little bit smaller against him," Morey said.
It was his sixth career homer against LHP David Price, his most against any pitcher.
It was steady against the yen and 0.2 percent lower against the euro at $1.1062.
Against that backdrop, companies are eager to hire cybersecurity experts to guard against those risks.
That sentiment, and the heavy turnout against the proposal may have worked against mushroom advocates.
After the game against the Bulldogs, Southern Miss has road contests against Marshall on Dec.
Thousands of Mexicans have protested against official impunity; now Chileans are demonstrating against inadequate pensions.
They were hardened by war in Darfur against rebels who rose up against the government.
And it goes against the Constitution, and it goes against what the American people want.
Before even finishing the job against ISIS, the Iraqi forces turned their weapons against us.
There are over 403 cases pending against India, among the highest against any single nation.
Some splits erupted within religious communities themselves, pitting Christian against Christian, and Jew against Jew.
The original Cards Against Humanity has begun taking legal action against copycats, according to Kotaku.
"Aggression against Iraqi security forces means aggression against the country and its sovereignty," he warned.
Johnson was all about applying pressure — against his friends, sure, but definitely against his opponents.
Batts determined that Bernstein could file another suit against O'Reilly, but not against Fox News.
The controversy has divided small, seemingly placid communities, pitting farmer against farmer, neighbor against neighbor.
He's spoken out against intervention, yet authorized military strikes against Bashar al-Assad in Syria.
The dollar was flat against the yen at 112.26, and against the euro at $1.1673.
Over 2016, the ISK appreciated by 13% against the USD, and 16% against the EUR.
"Any woman who voted against Hillary Clinton voted against their own voice," Obama said Wednesday.
He won the count against Mr. McCain, as he did in 2012 against Mitt Romney.
The strikes are a retaliation against Assad's forces using chemical weapons against civilians this week.
The charges against them included espionage for Israel and spreading propaganda against the Islamic Republic.
The dollar fell against the euro and rose against the British pound and Japanese yen.
In 103, she spoke out against the way police handled violence against the transgender community.
The resolution comes against the background of widespread disrespect for norms against attacking health facilities.
He spoke boldly against racism in the '60s as well as against the Vietnam War.
But this is not really a parable of black against white, or red against blue.
She pressed against me more insistently, rubbing the top of her head against my jeans.
Congress took a courageous stand against the Arab League boycott against Israel 40 years ago.
Trump's "Pocahontas" attacks against Warren are an illustration of his relentless jabs against his opponents.
The Hungarian forint shed 0.99 against the dollar and dipped 0.1 percent against the euro.
They will play three games against Eastern Conference opponents, against whom they are 2-10.
The decision, and the supporting analysis, goes against decades of research on violence against women.
He later filed a class-action lawsuit against the company alleging discrimination against white males.
Thirty one patients, nearly 74 percent, had IgM antibodies against Zika, but none against dengue.
"When you're playing golf, you're just playing against yourself, competing against the score," Hicks said.
The ruling against Apple has been followed by EU action against other American tech companies.
Rather than running against a generic Democrat, he is running against an unusually unpopular Democrat.
To root against the Jaguars would be like rooting against your coffee table or wind.
The Predators had only eight opportunities against Chicago, while the Blues had 15 against Minnesota.
It's as impossible to root against Lynch as it is to root against Daniel Bryan.
Adam Jones had invested in himself, fiercely and unapologetically, betting against odds stacked against him.
Jordan has been accused by other wrestlers of failing to act against accusations against Strauss.
They seem to show up against good teams and come out flat against bad ones.
Even greater than the discrimination against Italians was that against all children from New York.

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