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"similar" Definitions
  1. like somebody/something but not exactly the same
"similar" Synonyms
alike comparable identical consistent matched matching close equal equivalent indistinguishable like uniform almost identical commensurate congruent congruous cut from the same cloth exchangeable homogeneous homogenous corresponding standardised(UK) standardized(US) complementary duplicate kindred resembling akin to comparable to consistent with on par with alike to analogous to close to congruent with congruous with indistinguishable from in the nature of much the same as near to the same as almost identical to commensurate with cut from the same cloth as equal to equivalent to consonant compatible harmonious correspondent parallel analogous concordant akin accordant coherent nonconflicting agreeing congenial agreeable united amicable unanimous frictionless friendly sympathetic understanding responsive companionable like-minded in harmony of one mind in sympathy reminiscent evocative suggestive redolent remindful implicative mnemonic nostalgic recollective resonant comparable with similar to bearing comparison with evocative of inviting comparison with redolent of remindful of suggestive of bringing to mind faithful exact precise accurate true strict authentic right veracious realistic unerring veridical faultless credible errorless lifelike convincing undistorted verisimilar comparative relative approximate qualified near by comparison modified allusive approaching conditional connected contingent contrastive correlative fair samey boring monotonous unvaried repetitive unchanging dull tedious tiresome dreary uninteresting wearisome humdrum flat stale tiring dry arid old pedestrian such suchlike that the like the equivalent such a person such a thing More

746 Sentences With "similar"

How to use similar in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "similar" and check conjugation/comparative form for "similar". Mastering all the usages of "similar" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Other Bluetooth trackers offer similar options with similar compromises at similar prices.
Both devices feature similar Retina screen quality, similar battery lives, and similar weights.
You drive a similar-looking Jeep through similar-looking terrain, stopping at similar-looking ruins to fight off similar-looking armed soldiers.
Harvard and Yale have very similar academic cultures, with very similar types of professors, very similar student bodies, and very similar intellectual milieus.
They have similar chips powering them, similar amounts of memory, and similar storage levels.
Very similar people, in very similar circumstances, had wronged both writers in very similar ways.
We walk through the same doors every day, eat similar meals, see similar people, touch similar devices.
Bottom LineBoth cards come with similar welcome bonuses, similar introductory and general APRs, and similar insurances and protections.
Their associations all have similar habits, similar mental outlooks, a similar work ethic, and many other shared traits.
The two companies are genuinely similar, so they appeal in similar ways to institutional investors pursuing similar diversification strategies.
" On emerging market debt, Sheets notes it offers similar long-term returns than other similar assets "of similar volatility.
"Trump and Don are two guys who have similar experiences and similar backgrounds and similar thoughts and similar ideas on where the country should be headed," said Greg Thomas, Blankenship's top aide.
Of the four tests, he says, "They all sound very similar, indicating that they are similar types and from similar regions."
Similar origin stories, similar world-ending stakes and glowering villains, similar "Hey gang, isn't this fun?" teasers to cap every film.
I think we just similar as souls, maybe we have the same kind of spirit, or the same kind of musical goals, or similar ears, similar experiences and surroundings growing up, similar life values, a similar passion, a similar intensity, the same love for music, open ears and minds...something anyway, it's something spiritual for sure.
Family members have similar MHCs, and therefore have similar odors.
We've seen similar responses in other similar situations as well.
They had similar experiences and thus gravitated toward similar attitudes.
Democrats later blocked similar a similar measure in the Senate.
Another 119 similar proposals dating to 2005 suffered similar fates.
Other Europeans received similar advice and came to similar conclusions.
I kept seeing girls making similar work, with similar values.
Now in Hungary something similar has happened to someone similar.
" The jacket and his original were "very similar — unmistakably similar.
They wore similar outfits and even have similar facial expressions.
Like-for-like paired comparisons in similar industries, in similar circumstances, over similar time periods, with companies that did not pursue similar efforts, increased employment by 85033,000, an aggregate increase of only 4 percent.
Yet there are also clear similarities: similar alleged sexualized mistreatment, similar last-minute accusation derailing what seemed to be a foregone conclusion, similar male-dominated group standing in judgment, similar strong feelings from the public.
The language used by Islamist and far-right perpetrators is similar; their crimes are similar; the ideologies behind the crimes entail similar components.
And-- this is a similar-- can be a similar type game.
North Dakota and Manitoba have many similar issues, many similar demographics.
Others have implemented similar solutions using Intel technologies, with similar results.
Similar, not totally similar, but ... Where are the people doing that?
All the insiders said very similar things in very similar language.
Another similar map, the Harass Map, reports similar incidents and uses similar vetting, but links to reports of the incidents published in the media.
Both vehicles offer similar technology and creature comforts for a similar price.
Similar behaviour from Roubini's free riders could have a similar impact too.
Similar lots of that sale — and there were many — carried similar valuations.
No. The legacies are very similar, because the technologies are very similar.
In general, voters and non-voters from similar backgrounds had similar opinions.
No similar reversal was found in similar measurements taken in New Zealand.
Think Archer, Frisky Dingo, and the like — similar audio style, similar pacing.
Similar processes happen on Earth, too Similar processes happen on Earth, too.
The basic idea is that similar people should face similar tax burdens.
Several other attorneys general issued similar interpretations, using identical or similar language.
In the pictures, children wore similar outfits and had similar facial expressions.
The three of you write about similar themes and share similar audiences.
Now Lilly, following a similar playbook, is hoping for a similar result.
A similar process on a similar time line seems necessary for degrowth.
It feels like someone looking through our shoulder — similar architecture, similar results.
Oh, and the two groups need to be of very similar age, socioeconomic background, keep to similar diets and maintain a similar general health status.
Over the last couple of months, I've received a few emails asking a similar question, venting a similar frustration, written in a similar exasperated tone.
Unless one has a special weekly promotion in your city, rides from both tend to cost similar amounts, offer similar quality experiences, and provide similar ETAs.
When American officials later offered similar assurances about the security situation in the Mekong Delta in the south, Fall ran similar tests and found similar results.
Several states have similar legislation Legislators in other states have pursued similar bills.
However, with access to similar information, people tend to come to similar conclusions.
During Tuesday's interview, as a similar situation unfolded, Broadwell offered a similar opinion.
He has denied similar allegations similar allegations from more than 50 other women.
They've both got dark hair and similar haircuts, along with remarkably similar cheekbones.
There are countless others serving our country in similar ways with similar stories.
The president gave a similar speech last year with similar themes and issues.
Doyle conducted similar measurements with humpback whale vocalizations and arrived at similar conclusions.
Amazon could find itself having to climb a similar hill, with similar results.
Trump may find himself facing similar pushback if his proposal looks too similar.
It didn't matter that we worked similar jobs with similar hours and pay.
A similar law being drafted Monday in the House may contain similar provisions.
A similar bill was introduced in 22014, then dropped for a similar reason.
They might wear similar masks and have similar jobs, but that's about it.
Similar gangs are operated by Nicaragua's Cuban-trained communist dictatorship, for similar purposes.
Similar surveys with similar results have been touted by the MPAA for decades.
We have been brought up to believe that American political parties are the same — that they are similar creatures with similar traits and similar ways of behaving.
"Most members of idol bands have similar appearance, such as skinny body figure, light skin color, similar hairstyle, body conscious clothes and similar make-up," it added.
The group followed a similar trend as other similar groups targeting industrial control systems.
It was a similar mentality, a similar style and Bora did a magnificent job.
I believe its processes are very similar to ours: fundamentally different, but strikingly similar.
The same report revealed that Apple and Google had similar teams doing similar things.
Both have similar management styles, similar attitudes, starting with absolute superiority over anybody else.
ISM manufacturing was similar, and the unemployment rate adjusted for participation was also similar.
"Many supplement ingredients look similar to illegal ingredients because they are similar," Moyad says.
Suddenly, the other writers at the paper were talking about similar diagnoses, similar battles.
Sometimes we force a friendship when we have a similar background and similar lives.
BuzzFeed News tried a similar experiment with a new account and got similar results.
This despite offering similar equipment, similar power, wagon practicality, and a truly beautiful interior.
They're very similar, I can see a very similar line in your investment theory.
The LAO recently found similar middle-income homeowners in the Bay Area had property tax payments ranging from $2900,220006 to $2202,2628, because owners of similar properties, with similar incomes and similar wealth, who purchased their homes at different times pay dramatically different taxes.
Similar kitchen timers occupy a similar position in each of Chipotle's more than 2,000 restaurants, a prosaic symbol of the company's efforts to prevent similar problems in the future.
I have spoken on similar themes to similar audiences in Europe and faced considerable criticism.
United Airlines announced a similar program back in December, with similar rules about overhead baggage.
The couples are in similar get-ups and in similar poses in the magazine itself.
These are two more words that sound so similar, they must mean similar things. Nope.
Ratajkowski has previously spoken out about a similar issue, in which she's experienced similar judgement.
Wild rhinos in Africa face a similar threat, and conservationists have resorted to similar measures.
On the face, they certainly look similar, but are they similar at the legal level?
From the front: real similar; from the side: real similar; from the back: new hotness.
On May 17th the agency sent similar requests to the manufacturers of four similar devices.
Rewind to Jonas' forearm design, which shows a similar-looking woman in a similar position.
Similar interventions had similar success, like the HOPE Probation program in Hawaii for drug offenders.
But Gregory Clark conducted a similar study of Sweden and had a broadly similar finding.
Though similar studies in 2006 and 2008 had similar findings, no newer data is available.
The longtime department store rivals have made similar missteps and could share a similar fate.
Similar policy changes would drive similar gains in the other electromagnetic network — the electricity business.
Or possibly, the two experiments made a similar mistake, resulting in a similar misleading result.
So, if you have similar production against similar level of competition, pick the younger player.
Two similar efforts to get similar initiatives on the ballot in 2014 and 2016 failed.
They all led to similar losses, and they all led to similar rates of recidivism.
They saw similar co-op units in similar buildings, primarily brick buildings of medium size.
This similar trend can also be observed in similar blockbusters like Pirates of the Caribbean.
Our central assumption is that similar voters will make similar choices regardless of where they live.
"The pricing will be similar to what you see in console PC games," he added. Similar?
Similar incidents reported There have been a number of reports of similar incidents involving e-cigarettes.
With pressure systems similar to planes, and land systems similar to trains, regulation still remains unclear.
Were people who committed crimes similarly, with similar modi operandi, likely to be similar demographically, too?
That's how convergent evolution works—similar evolutionary pressures could lead to unrelated but similar-looking animals.
Board sports share similar movements, which mean they often share a similar fan base as well.
Hall estimates ideology by using candidates' donors, assuming that candidates with similar donors have similar viewpoints.
The idea is that movies with similar sets of labels will attract similar sets of people.
The firm's performance seems similar to those of other funds of a similar vintage and approach.
A similar kind of crowd, incensed by a similar kind of trickery, engulfed Armenia's capital Yerevan.
This would create an experience similar to Snapchat, which also recently simplified to a similar system.
In fact, women actually won more money than men who rode similar horses in similar races.
Both sides of the investigation have similar world-views, and even similar past (and future) employers.
"He would have to have similar educational and probably class background, similar aspirations," she tells him.
Various state supreme courts have used similar logic when evaluating similar programs under their state constitutions.
I notice that Paul Tudor Jones had a similar view, Steven Cohen had a similar view.
A similar study done in Kenya and published in The Lancet in 2015 had similar results.
A similar rise was also recorded among the "Selbstverwalter" - "self-administrators" - who indulge in similar activities.
"They are all in similar keys and similar arrangements, so they work together," Mr. Kjartansson said.
Other central banks have relied on similar policies in recent years, and have reached similar conclusions.
He executed tens of thousands of similar transactions, and had similar email exchanges, with other dealers.
A similar campaign to promote the social unacceptability of driving while distracted might yield similar success.
What are the chances of a similar jump in the coming years, with similar beneficial results?
Humans can arrive at similar behaviours via biological evolution, and also through reinforcement learning or by imitating success, processes that are mathematically similar to biological evolution and lead to similar outcomes.
And since it recognizes imagery similar to what's put in, it can also warn trademark holders when a suspiciously similar trademark appears, or just one that's similar enough to warrant a look.
Andre: When you work at it long enough, you find the people that are on your wavelength who have a similar aesthetic or a similar way of thinking or a similar worldview.
So I have Scruff on my phone, which is a similar app and it has similar issues.
This happens when species find themselves in similar ecological niches, and they stumble upon similar survival strategies.
This tool enables a view from a similar distance with similar lighting and magnification, for easier diagnosis.
Similar changes could occur with other fish, including herring, blue whiting and mackerel, which have similar diets.
Hurricane Florence could cause inland flooding similar to Hurricane Floyd and coastal flooding similar to Hurricane Hugo.
They all have a similar origin story, all came to it in a similar kind of way.
Even though it's similar, you're talking about it being similar, it does also ... it's a different experience.
Wyden stressed that their systems were similar to the others, with similar safeguards (that were similarly eluded).
These are all similar-looking phones, with similar specs, but they each come in a different size.
And similar to the Link, a similar product called the Hot Band debuted on Kickstarter in February.
This personalization moat can leave rivals with similar features unable to provide a similar level of service.
This is similar to a companies' use of any similar technology, such as HTTP or Wi-Fi.
Many at Texas public universities expressed similar dismay after the passage of a similar law in 220006.
The USPTO says that there's already a similar trademark from a company that provides a similar service.
This story will sound very similar in a little bit because Jamal and I have similar backgrounds.
For that, you get similar equipment but better styling, even more impressive dynamics and similar interior room.
Consider the discrepancies in jobs requiring similar education and responsibility, or similar skills, but divided by gender.
Like similar products, Cerebri Values also allows marketers to create cohorts of similar customers for marketing campaigns.
Soon enough, you get a new position at a new company doing similar work for similar money.
Boehme said the windows share similar motifs and similar glass, but they have different types of designs.
And despite similar names and what purport to be similar strategies, their actual holdings can vary widely.
The latest model is very similar to last year's Series 4, with a similar design and size.
Some "new" antibiotics are similar to existing compounds — so similar that bacteria are already resistant to them.
"We think investor should think of the basic business similar as being similar to Starbucks," Lane said.
He pointed to five similar drops and subsequent recoveries "of similar magnitude" since the middle of 2016.
The Education Trust's research also found that similar institutions serving similar students can produce dramatically different results.
Kleven's research uses Danish data, but similar studies conducted in the United States have found similar results.
The two projects have such similar goals that we should expect them to look similar in execution.
"We have to understand that the pay gap is happening to women and men with similar jobs that require similar skills and similar educational levels — and that has a real impact," Sandberg said.
This is similar to how you might ask a driver to take you to the White House (similar to a DNS name) instead of to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (similar to an IP address).
The upshot is that the two pandas do indeed seem to have similar genetics underlying their similar peculiarities.
In 2013, we were doing similar things - both Myntra and Flipkart were selling fashion in a similar way.
So in 2014 Kogan simply made another app, offering similar features to myPersonality, with similar data-scraping technology.
It's very similar to -- I don't know if you ever saw "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" -- very similar.
"And suddenly people are describing things that are very similar and feelings that are very similar," she said.
Retailers monitor the products all customers view before making a purchase, and recommend similar products to similar customers.
Artistic representation of the snake by Jim RobbinsThis study suggests that other similar fossils may yield similar clues.
Facebook pulled a similar Android app as well, but recently launched a new, similar program for Android users.
The early galleries, with similar objects from similar periods, if coming from very different places, are very effective.
So everybody says, well, maybe it's true because they all give similar stories and they draw similar aliens.
FDA issued similar warnings in 2013 In 2013, the FDA placed similar warnings on extended-release prescription painkillers.
So we knew each other just by attending lots of similar events and being interested in similar issues.
So will the current EPA chief, Scott Pruitt, whose agenda is similar to Burford's, face similar public scrutiny?
A similar show has been running in Ottawa, and similar exhibitions are planned for various United States cities.
They found that doctors viewed most of their patients' health with similar seriousness and would advise similar responses.
Wedren: I think we have similar tastes but I don't think our personalities are that similar, you know?
Since "NotGet" features similar themes, Du Preez and Jones wanted to inject a similar aesthetic into the project.
Sanders and Warren have similar policy agendas and would face similar political constraints and challenges if elected president.
It has the similar name, obviously, but it also has similar branding complete with the slogan and all.
The cases are not that similar, but the way the Judiciary Committee is handling them is eerily similar.
Similar laws exist in a dozen other states, including New Jersey, which passed a similar measure in December.
Another systematic review that looked at interventions focusing only on drug ordering found similar results, with similar caveats.
The lethal blaze four years ago took place 60 miles west, under similar conditions and on similar terrain.
Sure enough, when rural whites faced a similar loss of economic opportunity, they experienced a similar social unraveling.
States with similar laws If the bill becomes law, Alabama will join several other states with similar laws.
That means they got viewed on devices similar to the one that made them, and in similar circumstances.
Facebook shows us more people and pages similar to those we know, Twitter recommends people similar to who we already follow, and Spotify makes playlists of music similar to what you already listen to.
ProCam 4 ($4.99)With a similar name, a similar price, and a similar feature set to ProCamera, ProCam 4 also gives dual-lens support to mobile photographers keen on taking manual control over their shots.
"We have to understand that the pay gap is happening to women and men with similar jobs that require similar skills and similar educational levels — and that has a real impact," Sandberg told USA Today.
Dogs not only develop similar types of cancers as humans, but their cancer responds to treatments in similar ways.
Similar withdrawal experiments by others also report behaviour similar to depression in tasks such as the forced swim test.
Despite those issues, prosecutors haven't had trouble pinning similar charges on defendants faced with similar facts in the past.
These are similar to the iPhone X's Animoji, but look more similar to Bitmoji than they do actual emoji.
Do you think that if a conservative made a similar joke, would there be similar outrage on the left?
A computer and a Cintiq display with similar capabilities and less remarkable colors would run for a similar price.
Arzeda, based in the Interbay district of Seattle, has a similar business model and is based on similar technologies.
The P9 is visually very similar to its predecessor, the P8, which is visually quite similar to the iPhone.
It explores similar issues of sexuality, art and friendship with a similar tone of gentle humor and wry retrospect.
A judge might issue similar decisions to his or her colleagues because they subscribe to a similar judicial philosophy.
The Mexican airline VivaAerobus drew similar outrage for posting a photo of a similar lightning bolt on a plane.
"Marlena and I were two people who came from similar backgrounds and had similar experiences growing up," he said.
If you notice that tech writers are writing in a similar way about similar themes, what do you do?
The SmallCap World Fund made a similar-sized pre-IPO investment and saw a similar return, American disclosures show.
Everything would counter everything else, running parallels and harmonies, similar voices saying similar things but never quite the same.
An eccentricity close to 1 means the ellipse is similar to a line (high width and low height), while an eccentricity close to 0 means it is similar to a circle (width and height roughly similar).
"We were really surprised how similar the symptoms were across people and how trigger signs were very similar," he said.
The Pierre Hardy shoes marked most similar to hers were priced at $377, and other similar options hovered around there.
Since then, the fear has been that Washington would do something similar if Saudi Arabia's government faced a similar threat.
It's this amazing system of convergent evolution, when the same or similar traits evolve in response to similar selection pressures.
To that end, the Tarah Pros look similar to the entry-level $99.99 Tarahs, with a similar barrel-shaped earbud.
In future, similar motivations could help robots and other autonomous devices navigate and explore their worlds in a similar manner.
Surveying the continent, Mr Macron spots similar dysfunction to that he observed in France and wants to apply similar remedies.
The compact view is the most similar to the existing Gmail design, allowing existing users to keep a similar layout.
Within the past two months, angry mobs have bludgeoned 22 people to death in similar fashion and for similar reasons.
News Tracer analyzes tweets in real-time, filtering out spam and grouping similar tweets into "clusters" based on similar words.
In the summer of 2015 Sony launched a similar service in Japan called First Flight that offered a similar service.
Walmart and Target are getting in on the Prime Day action with a ton of similar deals on similar products.
He said he would have used similar language to describe a team of men "if they had similar physical traits".
A similar request by ETF firm VanEck for a bitcoin ETF that would hold derivative instruments ran into similar problems.
The Morning Consult/Politico poll results were similar to findings from a similar survey before Neal formally requested the documents.
Exactly, and find like-minded people, or people with a similar ailment, or people trying to tackle a similar problem.
Comey faced a roughly similar quandary with respect to the Clinton email investigation, and extricated himself in a similar way.
Christie's request follows similar ones from the governors of California and New York, who issued similar statements after Zinke's announcement.
Supercapacitors are three times more powerful than batteries of similar weight and three times lighter than batteries of similar power.
We shared similar backgrounds, family situations, and despite our size differences, we looked similar enough to be confused for siblings.
The second Democratic debate, on July 30 and 31, will be a similar two-night affair, with similar qualification rules.
"America First" and "leading from behind" may sound very different, but they can reflect similar impulses and produce similar results.
Officials said a similar effort is underway to make sure other materials similar to the training camp application are examined.
In a separate, yet similar case, the same court said Starbucks did not have to pay back a similar amount.
As I wrote back in 2018, the alt-right appropriates the philosopher Nietzsche in similar ways and for similar reasons.
They're similar in many ways, since they both have pools, common areas, and communal kitchens, and are located in similar neighborhoods.
But Mr. Zuckerberg faced a similar challenge when he built Facebook's global computer network and is now following a similar playbook.
At least six other states have similar rules in place, and Monday&aposs decision could lead others to adopt similar procedures.
The 54-year-old is due back in another Michigan courtroom Wednesday for sentencing on similar charges in a similar case.
We made a similar plan, a similar proposal, to end bloodshed in Yemen, almost immediately after the fighting escalated in Yemen.
Shortly after the accounts were banned, we found 12 pages, groups, and Instagram accounts using similar names and posting similar content.
Officer Daniel Hernandez, who is Hispanic, claims that a white officer wasn't subject to similar restrictions following a similar shooting incident.
They may not be representative, although accountants and industry executives say all shipping companies have similar structures and face similar costs.
It's quite an amazing accomplishment, and hopefully it will spur others with similar ideas to create similar devices of their own.
Holen also compared the fractures to bones found at similar archaeological sites in Kansas and Nebraska, once again finding similar patterns.
Millar and his colleagues at the Open Roboethics initiative have conducted surveys posing similar situations (and garnering similar results from participants).
The idea was that if you found a molecule that looked similar, maybe it did similar things and was related, evolutionarily.
Google has already demonstrated similar image recognition in its new chat app Allo, so it's exciting to see similar functionality here.
" For his part, Mr. Williams said, "We've always had very similar spirits, similar life views, whether they're social, political, family values.
" Lemon's comments were largely similar to those of Sciutto, who earlier used similar language around the Rice story being "a distraction.
The politically appointed officials surrounding Pruitt all support similar policies as Pruitt, and any potential replacement would likely hold similar values.
You need to know where you sit amongst your peers who have similar experiences or who have been in similar jobs.
However, if Zume provides fast-food giants with similar tools, it is nearly impossible to guarantee similar care will be taken.
Reflecting a standardization of style, the owner of shrine 31 and his wife have similar features and sit in similar positions.
Fourteen states have such "red flag" laws, and similar legislation is before Congress to achieve something similar at a national level.
Privacy is starting to look like a problem similar to climate change — and in past eras, something similar to food safety.
And, while similar research in the United States is scarce, anecdotal evidence suggests the effects of unreliable access is similar stateside.
My husband, raised in similar circumstances, with similar expectations, somehow flouted conventional notions of what was worth holding onto or jettisoning.
All quagmires seem to require a similar culture of bureaucratized dishonesty, a similar mask of optimism with the death's head underneath.
Jase Harley released a song called "American Pharaoh" in 2016 that has a similar message and, to many, a similar sound.
Under the leadership of Hideki Tanimura, researchers at the Institute of Space Astrophysics took a similar approach—which yielded similar results.
FiveThirtyEight and NPR both did similar analyses on word count and speaking time and found relatively similar results to the Post's.
A lot of those technical influences are going to affect approximately similar numbers of genes—around 10 percent—in a similar way.
Similar offenses should result in similar punishments – regardless of whether the vile racist or sexist attacks are directed against conservatives or liberals.
Other companies, such as Sony, Bose, Philips, Samsung and Jabra offer similar devices with a smaller form factor at a similar cost.
The images prompted others to share similar works of art: I have a similar can we should create a collection 🤣 pic.twitter.
The two pairs launching today, the Canfield Over-Ear and the Canfield On-Ear, have a similar look and a similar sound.
He usually reliably responds to similar stimuli in similar ways — which is why Clinton could bait him so successfully during the debates.
He back in court in another Michigan courtroom Wednesday for sentencing on similar charges in a similar case in a different county.
Scratch a Silicon Valley nerd and chances are you will find similar influences, and similar ideas about how the future should look.
A similar anti-Trump petition prompted a similar debate last year, but there is little prospect it will genuinely sway the government.
SF Motors, another company from China with similar ambitions (and backed by Chinese automaker Sokon), will be in a similar price range.
Last October a similar attack on Myanmarese security officers led to a similar, indiscriminate, and horrifying crackdown on the general Rohingya population.
One final addendum: the two iPads may be similar today, but there's a good chance they won't be this similar for long.
It's worth noting that Google recently went to into Alpha with a similar tool (with a similar name) called Google Cloud Functions.
Why it matters: Several over-the-top TV packages have recently popped up, with most charging similar price points for similar content.
Miratorg has similar credit metrics and a similar vertically integrated business model to the largest Ukrainian poultry producer, MHP S.A. (B-/RWP).
There is a reason why, historically, reactors have grown bigger and bigger: similar solutions to similar problems can be exploited more efficiently.
"It is difficult to assess when 'similar' is 'similar enough,'" said Olivier De Hon, manager of scientific affairs for Anti-Doping Netherlands.
He also speaks in a similar pitch and cadence as Barack Obama and has a similar lanky, slightly goofy handsomeness to him.
New York Times contributing writer Rachel Swarns put out a call for people with similar experiences, tweeting a thread of similar anecdotes.
However, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Nelson had written a similar letter to the EPA at a similar time, in 2010.
Snapfish has a similar model and similar offerings to Shutterfly, so we'd recommend checking them both out to see which you prefer.
More than half experienced depression; one-third said they avoided caring for similar patients afterward, for fear of making a similar mistake.
With similar syntax and semantics, it's very similar to JavaScript, but with more powerful features that help developers build large-scale applications.
It has previously filed three similar complaints asserting similar underpayment of workers at the company's call centers in Kansas, Louisiana and Virginia.
Police were not able to find the operators, and a similar situation occurred a few months later with similar results, BBC reported.
If this sounds somewhat similar to how the subsidies for the Affordable Care Act marketplace plans work, it's because it is similar.
Connecticut and Maine have passed GMO labeling laws similar to Vermont's, but those are on hold until other states enact similar measures.
When China's Xinjiang region faced a similar national security threat a few years ago, the Chinese government responded with a similar strategy.
Due to similar fluoride sources, regulations and diet, Canada's findings of urine levels are probably similar to those in America, Bashash said.
Flight attendants at Alaska Airlines made similar complaints in 2012, and American Airlines employees began complaining about similar health issues in 2016.
It's more likely that his own independent reading of our situation led him to similar conclusions and to similar ways of thinking.
It's also similar to Airtime, Sean Parker's chat startup that was revived a year ago to offer a similar group chat experience.
Trump and Navarro share similar hardline views on trade, and people close to Navarro have described them as similar in temperament as well.
It sounds pretty similar to a Microsoft patent from earlier this year, which detailed a similar trigger system for a future Xbox controller.
Similar people once had similar views about Irish culture and Catholicism, back when the UK was the target of the Irish Republican Army.
They've confirmed it is not caused by the poliovirus, but since symptoms are similar, it is thought it could be a similar virus.
It's difficult to imagine a similar response in the United States, when there has been a spate of similar incidents across D.C. restaurants.
"We connected very quickly, but I only found out over time how similar we both were, how similar that we are," she said.
The following day, she told authorities she&aposd found an ad offering an iPad similar to hers for sale on a similar app.
He noted that a similar study done 25 years ago found similar results–meaning that in the past quarter century, nothing has changed.
However, far from fearing a similar reaction from Trump, other European countries are now moving to take a very similar position to Johnson.
Its competitor WorldFirst has a similar deal, for £700 million ($915 million), and will cease U.S. operations entirely to avoid a similar fate.
"Other companies, or even Moon Express, would have to undergo a similar payload review if they wanted to do something similar," Gabrynowicz said.
Kathy matched both of her daughters wearing a similar blue shade to Nicky and similar dress style to Paris with the ruffled skirt.
Factor 1 outlines the importance of consistency and certainty in enforcement actions, meaning that similar offenses should incur consistently similar penalties and sanctions.
A similar search on American Airlines for a trip from Miami to Chicago to San Francisco and back to Miami yielded similar results.
Open playlists can actually work really well in a similar way if you have a friend who has a similar taste in music.
In addition to similar names, the similar appearance of the drinks creates confusion within the market, the coffee shop noted in the suit.
He is likely to stand firm on similar doctrinal commitments, to reach similar outcomes, and be an articulate defender of conservative judicial theory.
Now, if we see 10 similar houses in a nearby area where there's no survey data, chances are that it has similar wealth.
An online form helps match users to bras bought by similar women with similar preferences, minimizing the need for returns, Ms. Hashay said.
Nadler introduced similar legislation in the last session of Congress, though his bill and other similar proposals did not advance in either chamber.
Moderate Standalone Profile: COAMI shares a similar client base with its parent, and its standalone credit profile is similar to that of COAM.
Yet family caregivers don't receive similar tax treatment for the similar cost of living expenses they incur on behalf of their loved ones.
Across the Atlantic, similar goals are in place in Britain, where the Design Council, a similar nonprofit, is using design to reduce obesity.
Although some of the false positives were similar in looks, Snow said, the bottom line is that similar does not mean the same.
In a similar lawsuit against Lyft, Uber's chief competitor, U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria denied that company's request to keep secret similar information.
Much like how earthquakes are likely to appear in similar places, the papers argue, crimes are also likely to occur in similar places.
In fact, many big companies have what are known as "compensation bands," which means that people in similar roles make roughly similar amounts.
And we must have a similar interest in a show about love and have a similar wish to be funny, make people laugh.
The so-called Lebac bonds are down to a 35-day yield of 33.25 percent, similar to a similar fall recorded last week.
Similar congressional legislation has had bipartisan support, and previous administrations, both Democratic and Republican, have taken similar actions to prevent hate and discrimination.
Blue Origin is promising customers a similar amount of time in space, though in a spacecraft that's more similar to SpaceX's Dragon capsule.
If a company has 50 white male workers who do similar work and make a similar amount, then they would group them together.
Dr. Elliot Tapper, who has used the same data working on similar studies that show similar results, said the new research is strong.
A 85033-year-old man in Oregon filed a similar lawsuit against the retailer and Walmart, which institute a similar policy, on Tuesday.
Under the president's order, all federal agencies are required to undertake similar regulatory reform initiatives similar to the EPA's public notice in April.
The product looks very similar to what Facebook does with its own trending topics section, and is somewhat similar to Twitter's Moments feature.
"When we were small we were totally similar, then in our 20s we did everything we could not to be similar, and now we find it's really cool to have a best friend and be similar in what we do," Mike says.
To say that intelligence is heritable means that, in general, people who are more similar genetically are also more similar in their IQ. Identical twins, who share all their DNA, have more similar IQs than fraternal twins or siblings, who only share half.
All 273 of these phones would offer similar internal hardware and even similar screen sizes in many cases — this year's allegedly 28-inch Note 210 would actually be smaller than the 210-inch S103 Plus — with similar camera systems and hole-punch displays.
So, in a sense, Jupiter's lightning is more similar to Earth's than scientists thought—it happens about as frequently, and produces similar radio emissions.
Moderate Standalone Profile: Dong Yin shares a similar client base with its parent and its standalone credit profile is similar to that of COAM.
Similar messages generate similar codes, so the phrase "Hey, how's it going?" might come out as 11100110, while "How's it going, buddy?" is 11100011.
Bose also continues to come after Sonos with similar products like the Portable Home Speaker, which is very similar to the recent Sonos Move.
Helo, for example, is a similar product aimed at India with support for 14 local vernaculars, and TopBuzz does a similar thing in English.
Toronto, hit by a similar tax in 2017, is showing a similar pattern, with detached sales swooning but the condo market showing more strength.
This led to a slew of similar articles advising parents what to do if they feared their child could be suffering from something similar.
The new app looks and feels very similar to existing Android TV and PlayStation 4 Spotify apps, and it works in a similar way.
The Astros database was similar to one the Cardinals used, but many teams have similar systems and Luhnow said the Astros created their database.
No matter how great their app is, Chick-fil-A will likely see similar a similar trend, especially after customers claim their free sandwich.
Courts have required agencies to go through a similar process before suspending compliance deadlines — precisely because postponing deadlines can be similar to a repeal.
A double attack is two attacks which look very similar or at least start with very similar motions and so play into each other.
Toronto, hit by a similar tax in 2017, is showing a similar pattern, with detached sales swooning but the condo market showing better strength.
When I made a similar declaration (and conducted a similar test) in The Wall Street Journal in 29, the process was painful and expensive.
A 2015 study of school shootings in the United States had a similar finding: Attacks tended to follow similar ones within about two weeks.
Why should two people with similar incomes and similar life situations who live perhaps miles apart near a state line be treated so differently?
Since they're similar in style to Converse, I thought that the sizing would be similar as well (Converse usually run a full size big).
This story contained a clear prediction — namely, that if whites were to face a similar disappearance of opportunity, they would develop similar behavior patterns.
As clichéd as it sounds, it is immensely helpful to know that there are others out there suffering under similar burdens, carrying similar crosses.
Children often grow up to have similar interests with their parents because they spend so much time together and develop similar ways of thinking.
It comes amid a long Google queue of similar prognostications from economists and other critics echoing similar themes, amounting to a collective doomsday book.
Similar large-scale studies like this have been hamstrung by too many participants coming from a similar background, oftentimes only those with European ancestry.
Heaven Hill claims in the lawsuit that the Heaven's Door name is too similar and that the logo has similar stacked, block-script letters.
Several other states have a similar problem Two other states that have conducted recent audits of their sex offender registries have discovered similar issues.
Rather than sticking to Goldilocks planets—not too hot or cold, similar size to Earth, with a similar distance to a star, and a similar atmosphere to allow for liquid water—we could consider stars with no atmosphere, and even bodies with no star.
The basic premise is you can't use a business name if another company is already using the same or similar name in a similar capacity.
Other similar services include AWS Fargate and Azure Container Instances, both of which are attempting to bring together these two technologies in a similar package.
While Alibaba's AliExpress app sells similar goods to Wish and has a similar target audience of Western value shoppers, JD doesn't have such an offering.
It's an evolution similar to how new devices like cell phones or music players eventually look pretty similar as companies figure out what people want.
But, even though a similar geology might increase the chances of similar exploration success, there are no guarantees, and luck is always a big factor.
A Connecticut woman later made similar allegations about Biden's behavior at a 2009 fundraiser, and multiple women detailed similar allegations to The New York Times.
The Libra keyboard looks very similar to a Brydge keyboard, and it attaches to the iPad in a similar way, using a U-shaped clamp.
But for two similar consumer-based economies, their core inflation rates, at least so far, are forecast to also remain similar and historically very low.
At the same time, two other similar cases led to similar injunctions against Trump's ban — one in Maryland and another in the state of Washington.
Postmates offers a similar subscription service in the US. Updated January 20th, 2017: Updated to mention Postmates, which offers a similar service in the US.
And there's no doubt, it occupies a similar amount of real estate on her finger and has a similar vibe (the vibe being, absurdly large).
He cited Photoshop's Face-Aware Liquify, Document Cloud's ability to find similar documents and similar tools as examples of where Adobe already surfaces Sensei's capabilities.
However, a similar effect can be achieved by injecting, in the form of RNA, a molecule similar to DNA, genes that encode the relevant protein.
A similar set of documents appears to have been leaked to the Wall Street Journal's Deepa Seetharaman, who reaches similar conclusions in her own story.
The carrier pulled a similar stunt in 2012 when it added 4G labels to its 3G iPhones, while using similar reasoning to justify the change.
Similar disputes in the country have been settled in six months or less, Voorhees said, though a similar outcome in this case was not certain.
It's an approach that sounds similar to Microsoft's Garage program, which offers developers at the Redmont company a chance to create similar smaller, experimental apps.
The movies, released only seven years apart, are very, very similar – so similar that the executives at RKO, the production company behind What Price Hollywood?
A check of a similar size is expected to go to the Congressional Leadership Fund, a similar super PAC focused on the House of Representatives.
It would have been much simpler he said, for the bees to learn a "similar to" rule—a strategy he says would've produced similar results.
Hero's app will also connect users to a private community where you can find people who take similar medications and may have similar health issues.
On December 29, the USPTO responded to Sony's application saying it was too similar to a trademark from a company that provides a similar service.
It opens with Barry Allen investigating a murder that is eerily similar to that of his own mother — perhaps more similar than Barry can sense.
This is a bit more similar, situationally speaking, although you will notice that it is also not remotely similar to whatever Tim Tebow is doing.
Lawmakers have cited similar concerns recently as they have pushed for similar government bans of Chinese-made telecommunication products from firms like ZTE and Huawei.
It didn't take long for her to see that she and Tucker had similar interests, and a similar vibe, when it came to making work.
In other words, try to recall a time when you struggled in a similar way and with a similar set of difficult emotions and mood.
To sync up, I had to place my hand in a similar position and at a similar angle to the resting position of the hand.
There's another person who's a stay-at-home-dad who has similar concerns, with a similar personality, and we can process that with each other.
Jungwirth's pictures with Freddie look similar to another famous blogger's baby pictures and Freddie himself looks eerily similar to other babies on the internet.7.
Similar to how things were with Hulu, new TV shows from FOX, ABC, NBC, and similar networks will be available on demand after they air.
In a similar test, using pictures of guns and knives instead of words, a group of white college students exhibited a similar shift in attention.
" Mr. Kotlikoff's model commits several of those sins, Mr. Furman said, including Sin No. 2: "Use estimates from 'similar' tax plans that are not similar.
You see clips of Felder placed beside clips of All-Star guard Isaiah Thomas, doing similar shit in a similar self-made bubble of untouchability.
It reasonably makes sense that children would have similar character traits because of this, and thus be suited for a similar job as their parents.
So similar to, it's different, because it's not a workplace, but similar to your workplace, there are certain ideas that you don't want to encourage.
His order follows similar orders from states and localities across the country, including Nevada and New York City, which both announced similar measures on Sunday.
"It was continuing to grow the team in a kind of similar trajectory, or at a similar pace, to the natural pace of the business."
"Under similar conditions, we would expect a similar behavior, with most of the pressure concentrated on (the Korean won) and (Chinese yuan)," the analysts said.
First, the number of cases must be higher than typically observed in a similar setting -- in a group with similar population, age, race, or gender.
The parts for the monitors are impossible to find; if something breaks, Ms. Müller will have to forage for similar parts from similar antiquated machines.
"If they have peers that are having similar experiences or similar feelings, then that gives them license to also experience those feelings," Dr. Scott said.
It is used as a "growth-to-fear proxy" as both copper and gold are mined in similar ways and have similar production cost structures.
If the court hands down similar rulings in four more similar cases, it would create jurisprudence that would force changes in the current prohibitionary laws.
This research is preliminary, and has not yet been peer-reviewed, although a smaller study (also still not reviewed) using similar methods reached a similar result.
The unnamed man in the photo and Hawking may have similar glasses and a similar physique, but there are plenty of ways to tell them apart.
Samsung recently released a powerful chip that hints at similar facial-recognition technology (although Samsung debuted a similar, if less secure, tech in the Galaxy S8).
Whether or not Rory would like to admit it, her and Logan come from similar worlds of family money, and are on similar trajectories in life.
Brewster told the jury that both the Taser and the gun were similar in weight, had the same look and feel and similar laser on them.
Apple's iPhone 7 Plus offers something similar: two lenses, one wide-angle and one telephoto, with a similar gauzy, out-of-focus effect called Portrait Mode.
In an epidemics when a huge number of person are attacked by acute and similar sufferings from similar cause, Homeopathy can be of great prophylactic help.
That was perpetrated in part by a fake ABC News website that has a similar web address and similar look to the real ABC News website.
"Love", Judd Apatow's Netflix series, took a similar approach—originally, it seemed when the show first aired, rather too similar—only with a somewhat sweeter tone.
The robot's concept is similar—its color depends on tuning the electric field in a similar fashion to how the chameleon's body adjusts its guanine crystals.
Nonetheless, policy-controlled interest rates tend to follow a well-defined cycle as policymakers confronted with similar economic data tend to make similar choices (
IPF also said it expected a similar decision from the Polish Tax Chamber for the 2009 financial year, which would give rise to a similar liability.
White's note follows a similar report out of Apple's supply chain earlier this week, which also suggested the iPhone 8 will be delayed for similar reasons.
Additionally, since each post-acute care setting collects its own data, it is impossible to determine at what cost similar patients receive similar levels of care.
In the past two years, five states have enacted similar transparency laws — despite intense industry lobbying and court challenges — and 20 states are considering similar bills.
With interest rates, the effect is similar in that countries need to offer higher rates to attract foreign investment and similar to inflation in asset prices.
Both companies have similar development property scales, with similar levels of recurring cover and comparatively high degrees of diversification across their portfolios relative to Indonesian developers.
These are pretty similar sizes, the coloring is fairly similar, I'd say maybe the coloring is a little bit better on this one on the right.
He added that he was unaware of any similar cases in Tennessee in which adoption agencies may have felt pressured to shut down over similar issues.
I joined a few feminist groups in London and I'd encountered people with similar politics to me for the first time and had similar world views.
Liveops will adjust that prediction, using its own data showing how many calls similar ads have produced from similar audiences during a comparable time of year.
Two hundred miles apart, the cities anchored metropolitan areas of just under one million people each and had a similar number of jobs paying similar wages.
We can expect to see some shifts in the industry as companies with a similar contractor model implement changes that will alleviate threats of similar lawsuits.
Investigators have found 75 buildings across Britain that have similar cladding, and hundreds of apartments were evacuated on Friday amid fears they faced similar fire risks.
Participants can also benefit from having a community of people around them who are working toward similar recovery goals and struggling with similar issues, he said.
Samsung&aposs rumored Galaxy Z Flip looks very similar to the Razr, and TCL has a prototype of a foldable phone with a similar form factor. 
The bank has work to do, even though it pays "women and men in similar roles with similar performance equally," Solomon and his team said Monday.
The rules of delivery against the No 11 previously had a similar rule that applied to any similar preferential agreements for sugar into the European Union.
It's hard not to immediately size Ford's EV up against the forthcoming Model Y, which has similar specs and will be released on a similar schedule.
It was also extremely similar in tone to the manifesto attributed to the Christchurch shooter, NBC News reported, and followed a similar "Q&A" style format.
Gastric chief cells in the stomach and mature acinar cells in the pancreas, which both perform secretory functions in their respective tissues, undergo similar changes in response to injury: They lose the same markers, express similar genes and become smaller and more similar to embryonic cells.
Since I have friends who are very similar to me in terms of personality, interests, appearance, and educational level, I have expected that a person's friends would be similar to the person in personality or backgrounds, but I never knew that friends have similar brain activities.
So far, looks like the Pixel 3 XL will have a design similar to the Pixel 2 XL, except for a notch at the top of the device similar to the iPhone X. The standard-sized Pixel 3 will likely look similar to last year's Pixel 2.
There are other similar cases close behind, including one by a florist with similar concerns who declined to make a floral arrangement for a same-sex couple.
The simultaneous walkouts echo similar protests in West Virginia and Oklahoma, and they stem from similar gripes that plague most public school systems across the United States.
"Their similar behavior and similar reaction functions to events such as falling house prices run the risk of amplifying the downturn in the housing market," Debelle added.
While treating patients in a similar way is still science fiction, this is a step towards one day using robotic implants in humans to induce similar growth.
And here, you have similar incentive deals and similar conflicts over them playing out in this smaller town where the factory was actually going to be built.
A: There's a few players doing similar tech in a similar space… There's Meta and a few others, and Sematic Scholar working in the scientific paper space.
She put the estimated cost of such changes between $5 million and $10 million annually, similar to what other cities have spent on similar changes, she said.
Zuckerberg turned down a similar request from European regulators last week, in which they asked him to appear before a UK Parliamentary committee undertaking a similar investigation.
DMT is similar in structure to the neurotransmitter serotonin and the chemicals found in shrooms, and has similar effects in the human body when it's not impeded.
They have the same number of employees (about 100,000), make similar-sized profits in their networks business (gross margins of 30-40%) and have similar market capitalisations.
Despite similar tests and presumably similar applicants (especially in Texas), the departments' pass rates are wildly different—and these rates have varied little over multiple recent years.
So, it's been a little while in the making, but similar to what you've seen with Spotify in music, you're actually seeing a similar trajectory for news.
Facebook's Watch is similar to YouTube, and will likely face similar controversies YouTube seems to regularly deal with controversy over the videos users upload on its site.
Stringer has pushed through similar measures at other companies and made a similar proposal last year at Chipotle, citing what the fund saw as excessive executive compensation.
In February, Bill Gates came out in favour of introducing similar measures, saying that working robots should be taxed at a similar rates to their human counterparts.
From the start, the similarities to the deadly crash of Lion Air Flight 610 in October were striking: same type of plane, similar flight profiles, similar timing.
Amazon has so far avoided a similar backlash, but it has had a similar impact on local communities, say mom-and-pop retailers, manufacturers, and industry observers.
Another similar service, the Mobile Alliance for Maternal Action (MAMA), is a similar service delivers health messages to expecting mothers in developing countries through their mobile phones.
Some Republican senators have floated the possibility of such a deal, but similar appeals have fallen flat in the House, where similar deals were floated last summer.
Flint's lead levels are now comparable to levels in cities of similar size and with infrastructure of similar age, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder said in a statement.
Homes of similar quality in neighborhoods with similar amenities are worth 23% less in majority-black neighborhoods, compared to those with very few or no black residents.
This made the Brexit referendum eerily similar in emotional content to last year's bailout referendum in Greece, which encompassed a similar psychodrama of World War II refought.
They shared a a similar aesthetic vision and a similar biography— like Lopez, Ramos was born in Puerto Rico and emigrated to New York as a child.
His well-connected father got a pardon in 2009 after being convicted on similar charges, and other senior business leaders have gotten similar favors from the government.
The CW's Flash and Arrow have a similar stylistic relationship, which is understandable to a point: Since these shows share the same universe, they should look similar.
Even though he was younger than me, we were similar; we made the same jokes, we thought in similar ways, and we'd been through the same pain.
Otherwise, it will not be long before we face a series of future transactions posing similar threats to our national security — and similar benefits to the Trumps.
"It's nice when somebody you know, being similar to you and has a similar background, just sits in a room all day and watches stuff," Shanahan said.
There a 14% chance of what is called a doublet, which is two large earthquakes of a similar size occurring in a similar location, the USGS said.
Similar to Cigna-Express Scripts and CVS-Aetna, the deal is an example of vertical integration, where the firms' businesses are similar but do not directly overlap.
People have also pointed out that Bran and the Night King wear a similar costume on the show, and their face shape is even a bit similar.
In other words, despite the fact that the two sets of meta-analyses would presumably look for the same papers, using similar search criteria, over a similar period of time and from similar databases, only about a third of the papers the two sets had included were the same.
The biggest changes are two-tone fabrics (similar in style to last year's Boom 3), a more prominent center button for play / pause and pairing (also similar to the Boom 3), and a new flatter bungee cord loop (which, you guessed it, is similar to the Boom 3).
He and I talked quite a bit and we had similar tastes in filmmakers and a similar approach to this, and so I chose him to collaborate with.
"Similar studies have been performed in schizophrenia, depression, OCD and Bipolar, and similar sized differences were found, some in overlapping regions and some in different regions," she wrote.
Popular online dating website eHarmony settled a similar class action in January 2018 for more than $1.3 million with an additional $1 million in restitution for similar claims.
The national backlash led to huge resistance against measures similar to North Carolina's across the country, including in Texas, which failed to pass a similar bill last year.
To create continuity within the series, I selected common backgrounds and similar lighting/composition styles and chose to photograph all my subjects at similar times of the day.
The glimpse of the interior, behind-the-steering-wheel display looks similar to Tesla's Autopilot, which offers similar functionality through its Autosteer and Traffic Aware Cruise Control features.
LastPass, though, contends that any service that uses Chrome Extensions and similar kind of user-prompt pop-ups could be vulnerable to a similar kind of phishing hack.
A deep investigation into Simmons' disappearance, similar to the podcast, came out last year from the New York Daily News and uncovered similar themes, theories and research findings.
Uber may come up with something similar beyond POOL soon (the two seem to come up with very similar offers right around the time the other announces something).
Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio were fierce rivals during the GOP primary, but their administrations would have had very similar people doing very similar jobs had they won.
Coincidences happen – art experiences cycles and trends that can popularize similar aesthetics at the same time – but these pieces are way too similar for it to be random.
Like, if there's certain behavior that Younes [Bendjima] will do that's similar to things that my mom would do, just subconsciously, it will just bring up similar issues.
Samsung is expected to offer a similar screen on the Galaxy S8, which it will announce next week, and Apple may adopt similar technology for the iPhone 8.
He must, in turn, demand a similar degree of accountability from the President of the United States, who, at minimum, should adhere to similar ethical and transparent standards.
Yesterday, a magistrate judge in New York denied a similar order in an unrelated case, referencing both the San Bernardino case and other similar cases across the country.
Xiaomi shipped a similar sensor in the Mi5s Plus last September and, if you believe leaks reported this week, Apple may have similar plans for its next iPhone.
" In response, Arreguin compared those fears to similar concerns over the Styrofoam and plastic bag bans that were met with similar outcry, but then "it happened pretty seamlessly.
Murray made a comparison to Roger Federer's recent split with a male Grand Slam champion coach, which had drawn little scrutiny despite similar results and a similar conclusion.
Front-end reforms have been successful at the state level, and there is no reason to believe similar changes in the federal system would not produce similar outcomes.
He also said the government had said it would not allow the defense access to any other evidence of a similar kind, and would instead use similar substitutions.
The uncanny resemblance Kim Jong Un bears to his grandfather has reportedly been exaggerated even further with the younger Kim modeling a similar haircut and wearing similar clothes.
In a 14-day pilot study examining the effects of in-store marketing, researchers selected two similar grocery stores in the same chain and with similar customer bases.
I wouldn't say we were very similar people—she was much kinder —but what was similar was that we both dreamed ourselves out of our suburban, peripheral existences.
The ability to react to messages with hearts and thumbs up signs are similar to the social media platforms we spend hours on already—similar to Facebook likes.
"We found states with similar [income] demographics and similar health outcomes," Sommers says, but they responded differently to the offer of extra money to help insure their poor.
Native Eyeware ($81.75-$109): A similar, more affordable on-the-water option is Native Eyewear's Sightcaster, which is similar in design and profile, but about half the price.
Wedbush argued that Grubhub would be a nice compliment to Whole Foods because the food ordering company has a similar geographic overlap and similar customer and diner demographics.
Still, veterans must meet very specific criteria in order to be prioritized for testing, placing similar restrictions on those who have access to tests similar to civilian patients.
Amnesty remained skeptical, however, highlighting that the Pentagon made similar comments in a 2007 Government Accountability Office report on similar problems with tracking equipment given to Iraqi forces.
This way, you and other people know how much you should be getting paid for a job if you all have similar backgrounds or are doing similar work.
California and Washington use similar red flag laws even less than that, though a similar law in Maryland is enforced six times more often than the Colorado estimate.
"People question why I need money, but they don't bat an eye when a white man from a very similar district" makes a similar request, Ms. Bass said.
"We would not expect to find life forms in similar environments on other planets, at least not based on a biochemistry similar to terrestrial biochemistry," said López García.
The two Democratic presidential candidates recently tested by Gallup who had similar name recognition among Democrats as Ocasio-Cortez had similar, if not slightly better, net favorability ratings.
They also compared papers with similar approaches to investigating similar topics - such as clinical trials for cancer treatments - to account for differences in describing different types of research.
Indeed, the House plays a role similar to that of a grand jury in the impeachment context, and the Senate plays a role similar to the trial court.
"If I had a make a specific comparison, LA and Dallas are quite similar culturally, while San Francisco and Boston are similar in many ways," said Li Xuo.
At this stage in the digital content game it seems both Apple and Google have access to very similar libraries and have very similar deals with the bigger studios.
Researchers at the University of Michigan found that ultrasound-producing spy gear can interfere with similar devices and produce an audible sound similar to what American diplomats reported hearing.
The various strategies for charging different customers different prices for essentially similar products with similar cost of supply are long-established ("Characteristics and types of price discrimination", Machlup, 1955).
If anything, the data should be reason for other nations to consider similar laws to protect and inform players in games that increasingly rely on incentives similar to gambling.
Similar robots have been used in an improvised manner similar to how Dallas police employed theirs in this situation in a few instances on the battlefield in combat situations.
BS: If you take Boeing's latest airplane and put it next to their airplane from the 1960s, they look pretty darn similar and their capabilities are pretty darn similar.
Canadian refineries are very similar to U.S. refineries, which means they will have to make similar upgrades if they want to continue to sell gasoline in the U.S. market.
It could be bolstered with some different vocal arrangements — she leans heavily on a delivery similar to " Boo'd Up" throughout that makes some of the tracks feel too similar.
Filing in Pennsylvania three days after she filed a similar request in Wisconsin, Stein's campaign said she would file a similar request in Michigan by its deadline on Wednesday.
It's built out of a similar aluminum, has a similar camera bump (albeit with two cameras rather than one), and has an identically positioned fingerprint reader at the back.
There's no technical white paper describing BTZ yet, and so it's unclear how similar its blockchain will be to existing projects, or if it will come with similar guarantees.
For Broad Strokes, Beshue chose to talk to Oakland-based painter Muzae Sesay, because he tackles similar aesthetic themes and employs similar color combinations, but through a different medium.
PayScale's Salary Survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete and generates a free salary report with a pay snapshot of similar roles at similar companies in your area.
Last year, he drove more than 1,000 miles to Orlando with 49 similar crosses for a similar reason -- to pay tribute to the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting.
This puts us in the position of "do as we say, not as we do," insulating us from similar challenges and denying us the opportunity to begin similar challenges.
"The only reason I'm / Singing you this song now is 'cause you may know somebody in a similar / Situation, or you may be in a similar situation," Guthrie explains.
Amazon agreed not to work with other student lenders in similar deals, though Wells Fargo would be able to offer similar incentives to customers of Amazon competitors, Rasmussen said.
Two other states, Kentucky and Arkansas, have seen similar projects approved since then, and at least ten other states are lining up to secure permission to implement similar projects.
If the reported vote share or turnout differs from our initial expectations, the needle will assume that similar outstanding areas will differ from our expectations in a similar manner.
At first, the problem was a lack of access: Minority applicants for mortgage loans were rejected at much higher rates than white applicants in similar neighborhoods with similar incomes.
The drought has also severely hurt production of the iconic Scandinavian bilberries (similar to blueberries), cloudberries (similar to raspberries and blackberries, but often yellow or orange), and red lingonberries.
The U.S.T.A. would like to start a similar program for girls, Blackman said, but needs to find another leader of Lendl's stature who would make a similar time commitment.
And he has been vindicated by what happened to much of the American heartland, which suffered a similar disappearance of good jobs and a similar surge in social dysfunction.
Despite Graham&aposs claims that a Republican would also be investigated for similar activity, members of Trump&aposs family and inner circle have been accused of remarkably similar behavior.
It has, however, the same A13 Bionic chip, the same starting storage (64GB), similar battery life and similar photo capabilities (sans the zoom, which requires the third, telephoto lens).
Other places are considering similar measures Chicago is among other cities considering a resolution to decriminalize certain psychedelics, and efforts to enact similar measures are underway in some states.
A similar coalition of Attorneys General representing New York, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, and Washington, DC, commenced a similar antitrust probe against Facebook last week.
Earlier this month, Google chief executive Sundar Pichai made a similar journey to Brussels and published a strikingly similar call for regulation in the Financial Times's op-ed pages.
So if you look at a cross section of the conference, they have similar positions about similar provisions — preexisting conditions, guarantee issue and medical underwriting are components of that.
" Others had similar sentiments, writing, "P is missing !!
Cults — religious and political — work in similar ways.
This feature works similar to Google Images' "Search by Image" feature in that you simply upload an image and Adobe Stock will try to find similar images in its library.
Second, fish have attributes that are in many ways similar to humans — the way fish hearts work, for example, is remarkably similar to how a human heart works, Whitehead said.
Competitive Markets: The Durable Medical Equipment (DME) market is highly competitive, including a large number of competitors of similar or greater size that compete directly with DDV with similar products.
Trump and Tillerson possess similar dealmaking business backgrounds and similar views of the world, sources said, and there was a level of comfort that Trump hadn't found with anyone else.
The OX case looks similar to most plastic iPhone 7 cases, but an added protrusion on the bottom similar to Apple's official battery pack provides space for the extra ports.
That's particularly relevant because we're likely to see very similar systems in cars as part of the push for self-driving tech, which will be vulnerable to very similar hacks.
Aetna's decision follows similar moves from UnitedHealth and Humana, which have cited similar concerns about financial losses on these exchanges created under President Barack Obama's national health care reform law.
"There's a similar mechanic [to nukes] in similar-looking survival game Conan Exiles where you drop a God on other people's bases," said video game fan Phil Hartup on Twitter.
"It cannot be excluded that the same applies to vessels of a similar design delivered by Navantia, or that the design concept continues to be used for similar vessel models."
Though the city is not infrequently hit with similar conditions — 2016 saw a similar disaster — a legendary flood in 1910, during which the river reached 28 feet, holds the record.
The Atlantic published a similar defence of Ansari yesterday with its article "The Humiliation of Aziz Ansari," and triggered a similar stir on social media which continues to rumble on.
Flirtations with entrenched political and military power have, in most recent instances, been met with similar backlash from the company's own workers, often in the forms of similar open letters.
The core functions are similar and the design is similar in look and feel, though with the addition of cameras and cellular connectivity, the Roav Dashtop could have more functions.
The lacing placement can vary, but lines at similar price points (such as True Religion) as well as far cheaper fast-fashion takes (Forever 21; Topshop) offer somewhat similar jeans.
In Germany, a similar new law will compel companies with more than 500 employees to reveal their pay gaps, and Australia has recently made similar reporting compulsory for most companies.
The shot looked similar to scenes from Beyoncé's "Formation" video and Super Bowl 21989 performance, in which she donned a similar look with an army of fierce female backup dancers.
Could we see a scenario of similar "high-tech" supermarkets open in the UK, where the Asda brand is used in a similar turn with subsequently greatly reduced retail footprints?
A study of a similar program in Arizona found that outdated systems cost almost 2628 times more than electronic registrations and we expect findings to be similar in our state.
If that's the case, then it would imply that if black and white women worked at similar rates, a gap would open up similar to the one seen among men.
"If this hypothesis is correct, then we may eventually see similar outbreaks of C. gattii, or similar fungi, in areas inundated by the 2004 Indonesian tsunami and 2011 Japanese tsunami."
TBT - Me and Amy - mad coincidence the print number is similar to the date we took this and similar to the date she left us 5 years later RIP AMY.
The new report's top line is similar to last year's — BNEF forecasts that 55% of new passenger vehicle sales will be EVs in 2040, similar to last year's 54% figure.
But in a new study in Science Advances, researchers report that liverwort contains a substance similar to THC that might act in similar ways, but without some of the downsides.
But the country with the highest percentage of elderly people is Japan, where it's 28 percent of their population, and they didn't see similar sickness rates and similar death rates.
Pompeo did take part in an on-the-record briefing with the traveling press en route to the Middle East, where he was asked similar questions and provided similar responses.
The first time both of them are seen wielding a lightsaber in "Revenge of the Sith" and "The Force Awakens," respectively, the two wear similar expressions in very similar stances. 
"This meant that I ended up almost accidentally doing very similar work with similar types of clients and that wasn't actually what I had wanted when I quit," said Lundberg.
And lawsuits similar to the ones in California and New York are under review in the District of Columbia and Maryland, meaning more similar injunctions could surface in coming months.
But if for every Facebook there's a dozen failures that wanted to stake out similar ground, we shouldn't be surprised to see Snap break out from a host of similar firms.
Let people add a similar timer to specific messages they send, or set a per chat thread default for how long your messages last similar to fellow encrypted messaging app Signal.
The researchers did point out, though, that because results were so similar between humans and monkeys, it's likely that the results would also be similar between humans with and without epilepsy.
Hope's owners had seen photos of Merlin in his new wheelchair and thought a similar cart could help their own pet, who was born with a leg deformity similar to Merlin's.
An ICE official confirmed Atlanta had conducted a similar surge this week, and roughly 200 arrests were made in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina in a similar routine enforcement action.
Both said they often think of the same joke at the same time or find they are in a similar mood, or having a similar kind of day, even when apart.
The owner then set up a similar school in Florida that was exempt from licensing requirements because of its religious status and used punishments similar to River View, like writing lines.
Twins can read each other's minds not because of a magical connection, but because those minds have been exposed to such similar things and are hardwired to react in similar ways.
Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of my batch in action but essentially the vessel is very similar to the V-Vessel, a winemaking system that has a similar racking solution.
"Even the same government entities fail to draw links across similar technologies; drones come up little in discussion of driverless cars despite presenting similar issues of safety, privacy, and psychological unease."
Because these shipping conspiracy theories tend to follow such similar patterns, the ways in which fans who subscribe to them respond to real-life events also wind up being very similar.
Later in the year another senior Qaeda operative, active in planning attacks in the West, was killed along with several lieutenants in a similar strike that resulted in a similar reaction.
That gives biologists a tool with which to explore the phenomenon of convergent evolution, in which unrelated lines with similar ways of life evolve similar adaptations that help them to thrive.
"So if you look at the cross section of the conference they have similar positions about similar provisions -- preexisting condition, guarantee issue and medical underwriting are components of that," McHenry added.
Nor can structural correlations provide a reliable bearing: Odors with similar chemical structures can be perceived as very different, and odors with very different chemical structures can be perceived as similar.
"Buffalo Wild Wings should instead be compared to its casual dining peers — companies that are similar in service delivery and business model and that compete for similar consumers," the company said.
Perhaps there's a similar version in aquatic environments—as the seaway dried up, it might have left "islands" of water where similar evolutionary forces could have generated large snakes and fish.
It comes days after a similar attack in the Spanish city of Barcelona killed 13 and injuring more than 100, and follows a string of similar vehicle attacks around the world.
Although it's too early to know for sure, people with similar mutations in this gene could show a similar response, resulting in spontaneous hair graying after a viral infection, they write.
Transport minister Chris Grayling said in a tweet that the military were preparing to deploy equipment similar to that used at Gatwick last month during similar disruption if it proved necessary.
"   Josh, 34, said something similar to Forbes in 2017: "It is no secret that liberal values have guided my life and that I have supported political leaders that share similar values.
When such students do venture beyond the line, they often do so with other study-abroad students in similar programs from similar schools, further insulating themselves from interaction with local residents.
Similar economic uncertainties surround the latest generation of reactors, the Westinghouse AP1000, a design that is similar in many respects to existing units but has safety improvements and cost-saving features.
Important to note that these results were relative to industry peers with similar opportunities, operating in similar markets, so this is not simply an exercise in picking winners from secular change.
Trump said the US could use a measure similar to its 23% tariff on light trucks, known as the "chicken tax," to prevent factory closings similar to General Motors' recent announcement.
Though these cookies probably tasted similar to Oreos or other similar snacks, there was something charming about this Trader Joe's packaging that made us want to give these items a taste.
That is to say, people used to believe that as women and men enjoyed more equal opportunities and earned similar pay, men and women would see the world in similar ways.
It's important to note that Brazil is far from unique in this regard: A number of other Latin American countries, for example, have similar corruption problems, sometimes owing to similar factors.
The only players of a similar size who have sustained a similar injury and come back are Mehmet Okur and Maurice Taylor and both of them essentially had their careers ruined.
You would not, necessarily, have expected it to show a documentary that highlighted how similar Liverpool and Manchester United are as teams, and how similar Liverpool and Manchester are as cities.
"It is important to determine whether their own similar conduct was a factor in not focusing on and developing evidence of similar violations by Secretary Clinton and her aides," Grassley wrote.
With similar problems appearing elsewhere in the world, that argument will probably gain steam, as Cuba is unlikely to have the capacity to engage in similar attacks elsewhere in the world.
All we can say is that there are numerous third-party products which perform a similar function to the AirPower, so perhaps Apple will do something similar to one of those.
These days, more businesses with similar branding and similar packaging are competing for clicks, which means paid customer acquisition is becoming more expensive as it becomes less effective as a strategy.
Now SEC is analyzing data on trading in equity markets during volatile periods, and has noticed "similar trading behavior among some high-frequency trading firms, raising similar stability concerns," she said.
Grover Norquist assumed she was talking about their similar hairstyles, but no, the second-grader was referring to Jackson's 'Indian Removal Act,' which she believes is similar to Trump's immigration policy.
If their tax rates are similar, by definition that means poor people in these nations on net lose a similar proportion of their income to the government as do rich people.
"Crocodile" contains numerous echoes of Fargo and A Simple Plan, similar morality tales set against similar desolate landscapes, and both stories of the totality of desperation and the futility of fate.
Funny enough ... Cardi gave him something similar last year.
SoundSense only costs $113 — significantly lower than similar devices.
She's pretty similar to Bernie Sanders — but more intense.
Symptoms are very similar — not that I want it!
" Tomsic had a similar answer: "I don't think so.
Our future hubby's obviously both have amazing & similar taste!
" Brown's advice is similar: "Be patient with the company.
A piercing — especially double or triple piercings — is similar.
A similar critique can be made of Apple's ResearchKit .
Canada, meanwhile, resettled 1.13,21.1 — a similar total to 21.1.
Amazon ... and other companies are vying for similar approvals.
It's similar to ... my reaction to the actual campaign.
Similar -- but more secure -- technology is used in cars.
Shoppers will find similar styling in the men's department ...
Luxembourg hasn't — though they intend to pass something similar.
It wasn't just me — my coworkers had similar experiences.
Nova recalled a similar story — with a different outcome.
The underbelly of the internet -- trolls -- use similar tactics.
TEEPS warms tobacco in a way similar to IQOS .
The similar Chrysler Town & Country minivan is not affected.
Here's hoping Apple opts for a similar — or cheaper!
Kendall & Kylie (another Glu creation) followed with similar success.
Of course Facebook itself faces a similar risk — i.e.
There's also a Chase club with a similar structure …
Another startup — Bangalore-based Instamojo — offers a similar functionality.
Carpenter & Company, in staid Boston, is following similar thinking.
Explain. — Would you consider trying a similar experiment yourself?
Perry's review is ... unlikely to reach a similar conclusion.
" He goes on, "athleisure attire can have similar effects.
A similar proportion -- 2903% -- are extended families, like Banlog's.
She has made similar comments before — and has backtracked.
The story was similar when it came to rugs ...
" Something similar is true of the English word "privacy.
" atlas " gives a briefer glimpse of a similar horror.
LG: Do you see the similar ... the Facebook approach.
While the topline numbers are similar — 313 million vs.
While the topline numbers are similar — 23 million vs.
Similar incidents, different endings Although it was the first incident of its kind at Cincinnati Zoo's Gorilla World exhibit since it opened in 1978, similar cases have occurred with very different outcomes.
It's not hard to see A.I. as a similar kind of turning point for computer scientists — and if it is, the Google-Pentagon issue might be the first of many similar fights.
The way artificial intelligences create models is similar to the way scientists use theories to generalize from a particular instance of a phenomenon to all instances of that phenomenon in similar contexts.
KZ: Yes, he's a populist and that makes them similar to Trump ,but it's it's too tempting to draw strong comparison and there really isn't that much that is similar between them.
The latest creation features a speckled dark chocolate shell and white chocolate filling, similar to an Oreo (the stack of treats on the packaging looks spookily similar to the famous sandwich cookies).
In a similar analysis we ran with Bernie and Biden against each other, the race was much closer, even though Buttigieg and Biden's policies are largely viewed as similar compare to Bernie's
Olympus has specifically designed the button layout to work with similar placement in both portrait and landscape, so actually using the camera should feel pretty similar no matter how you hold it.
The SEC ruling in the Tesla case suggests that for the CEO and his or her phone to qualify for a similar safe harbor similar controls and cautionary statements would be required.
The whole holding-money-hostage model is actually pretty similar to how PayPal has always worked, and as time goes by, the two separate services are starting to look even more similar.
University of Richmond Law School professor Carl Tobias said Hawaii's complaint seemed in many ways similar to Washington's successful lawsuit, but whether it would prompt a similar result was tough to say.
The pad's surface is replaceable, so you can switch between a hard surface similar to the original Firefly, or a soft surface, similar to the mousepads most of us are accustomed too.
Jerry gave a shirtless lap dance at a similar event in Tahoe back in 2016 ... and shook it skin-on-skin with a thong'd out model at another similar party in 2015.
Asked whether her Moroccan celebration will be similar Saturday's royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Trading Spaces and HGTV vet, 43, replies, "I mean, similar," before cracking a smile.
Sony wants to do it, Samsung wants to do it and Toshiba and LG. They all have slightly similar, or actually very similar, but slightly competing visions of what that future is.
If an investment's loss passes a specific threshold, it is sold and replaced with a similar asset (though not too similar, so as to stay on the right side of IRS rules).
Details: Jeff White, the researcher at Unit 42, started researching the network of sites more than 2 years ago when he noticed spam messages that looked visually similar and used similar language.
The FDA has warned consumers not to use kratom because it appears to affect the brain in similar ways as opioids and could expose users to similar risks of dependency and addiction.
Similar ordinances have passed in nine other cities, and in Santa Clara County, CA. Next month, Oakland, California will vote on an ordinance that could enact a similar facial recognition technology ban.
Newsday used a paired-testing approach, sending two undercover testers using hidden cameras to 93 Long Island agents to gauge whether their experiences differed, presenting similar financial situations and requesting similar housing.
PtoPOnline itself previously showed similar tactics used for footage of Intrepid's canceled B.C. game, and the channel notes that Bungie admitted to using similar tactics for its Halo 2 footage in 2003.
With similar problems appearing elsewhere in the world, that argument will likely gain steam, as the Cubans are unlikely to have the capacity to engage in similar attacks elsewhere in the world.
Puerto Rico has become a cautionary tale for states and municipalities facing similar strains, like Illinois and Philadelphia, and many will be watching to see whether others will take a similar path.
That would almost certainly plunge Huawei into a crisis similar to the one suffered by its smaller Chinese rival ZTE (ZTCOF), which was crippled for months by a similar ban last year.
A similar hunt is brewing in Iowa, where presidential hopefuls hope to recreate a winning coalition similar to former President Barack Obama's that launched him into an upset win in South Carolina.
But besides that button on the front, and a rougher surface on the back that prevents slippage, it's very similar to the P9, which is in turn very similar to the P8.
Black creatives like Waithe and Issa Rae, who saw similar success with Insecure, deserve to create from shows that mirror their individual experiences, regardless of how many shows share a similar DNA.
But strikingly, even though Biden's proposals on this front are much more moderate, they are almost identical in their orientation — raising money from a similar group of people for mostly similar reasons.
Researchers have noted that BPS, a compound that is structurally very similar to BPA, has similar effects on aquatic animals, but using BPS means manufacturers can claim their products are BPA-free.
Apple's rumored $400 iPhone is expected to feature a design that's similar to the iPhone 8, but with internal components that are similar to 2019's iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.
"Very ardent Trump supporters will see Ward being similar to Trump and they'll see Arpaio being similar to Trump," says Thomas Volgy, a professor of political science at the University of Arizona.
Similar to how Twitter and Facebook have argued for years that their products don't compete with the media companies who use them to spread their content, Snapchat is preaching a similar message.
Two teams in similar places in the standings with similar hopes of going deep in the playoffs acquired somewhat similar players, but Ottawa paid a lot more for the inferior player while Toronto exercised—sigh—prudent judgment, because it knows this very young team is slightly ahead of schedule and a playoff trip isn't worth overpaying for.
Melisandre has not done anything similar yet, but as she is also a Red Priest of the Lord of Light with magical powers, many have long speculated that she could have similar abilities.
A similar incident reported in Texas While crane collapses are uncommon, experts said the Seattle incident was similar to a collapse that took place at The University of Texas at Dallas in 2012.
Sure, beauty companies might not love that other brands are trying to low-ball them, but the formulas tend to be different, offering some overlap of ingredients with similar textures and similar results.
Somewhat similar to Trump&aposs North Korea experiment, Netanyahu is taking a "we&aposll see what happens" approach to Iran, trying to lower the temperature by appealing to similar human needs and desires.
While most critics thought Mr. Robot's first season was a bit too similar to Fight Club, it seems like we're edging dangerously closely to a similar philosophy as the one behind The Matrix.
Robinson said that roughly half of the people responding to his group's regular surveys said they heard noises or voices similar to the reports from diplomats in Cuba, and reported similar cognitive symptoms.
Last year, a study from from Aston University in the UK used nearly identical parameters to our study and found similar results testing contact times of three and 30 seconds on similar surfaces.
But because we both went through so many similar effects of the global financial crisis of 2008, the mood and collective experiences of the electorate in both countries is more similar than usual.
Similar algorithms have also found their way into consumer devices: Last week, Google unveiled a similar function for Google Home, allowing the device to identify who's speaking based on a locally stored voiceprint.
In a new digital ad released on Friday, he puts a little extra oomph into a chest bump with a man of around the same age, similar build, similar hand motion — oh, yeah.
"Posting duplicative or substantially similar content, replies, or mentions over multiple accounts you control, or creating duplicate or substantially similar accounts, with or without the use of automation, is never allowed," it says.
According to this theory, a pair of friends could have similar genetics because they're both members of a community, or students at a school where people tend to come from broadly similar backgrounds.
"You have similar personalities and similar interests, whatever that connecting factor is, chances are you'll click with them just because you have someone in common who you both really care about," Maynard says.
In spirit, this task is similar to image classification: The network has a collection of images (which it represents as points in higher-dimensional space), and it needs to group together similar ones.
And when we applied those kinds of multiples for companies that have similar growth rates or similar margin profiles, we came up with a valuation that was pretty close to within striking range.
"That made us wonder if there was something similar shared across these different breeds, or if we were seeing two different diseases that just looked very similar," Schoenebeck told Gizmodo over the phone.
Adero, for example, competes with Tile and a plethora of smaller brands selling tracking dongles that are either very similar or fulfill a similar purpose, and that in turn commoditizes the core product.
Rose said ordinary listeners "would reasonably find that the songs are substantially similar," and at times so "strikingly similar" that they could not believe U2 came up with "The Fly" on its own.
Flipagram has been compared to Snapchat and Instagram, in part because they all target a similar demographic, but also because Snapchat Stories and Instagram offers a similar kind of very visual-first experience.
Some of their participants may have been inspired by America, but there is scant evidence here to suggest the uprisings would not have happened anyway, at a similar time and in similar forms.
At the most basic level, recognition algorithms compare two facial images and produce a measure of how similar they are — the more similar, the more likely the images are of the same individual.
A similar negative shock to the typical family's wealth — perhaps from another similar economic downturn or from the negative effects of climate change — could greatly delay wealth growth for the median American family.
Another theory I don't really want to discuss is that maybe Chance's decision to make this cover aesthetically similar to his other two means that the mixtape will be sonically similar as well.
Synthetic marijuana, also known as K2 or Spice, is a chemical that is different from naturally occurring cannabis, but binds to similar receptors in the brain, and can sometimes have similar psychoactive effects.
I recognize that the two movies aren't really similar at all, but long-time Oscar observers know that for better or worse, they'll occupy similar space in the minds of many Academy members.
We can't prove it, but what we can do is show what happens when a similar airplane hits a similar building, and that's going to educate people about what happens in that situation.
In all of these cases, the reviewers had either written books with a similar voice or broaching similar themes, or they had publicly voiced their interest in the corresponding author or topic area.
Although he identified the start of the dreams with the beginning of touring, I would bet that in past times of stress he would have faced similar dreams, and made similar life choices.
Today, China relies on similar missiles for 95 percent of its ground-based fleet, and Iran, India, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and Taiwan are among the 10 states with similar, fast-growing arsenals.
Similar reproductive and sexually liberating advancements that target men—Viagra, for instance—have not led to similar debates on what it means to be a man, or to have an "unnatural" hard-on.
And when the regime carried out similar chemical weapons attacks back in 2013, President Barack Obama seriously considered taking similar action, though he ultimately opted to try and pursue a diplomatic solution instead.
I've long been into blogging and made friends with similar interests on forums, Tumblr, music blogs, and the various other places where random people with similar interests (who aren't gamers) might meet online.
At the bargaining tables in Detroit, the issue of how temporary employees are treated is based on the union's principle that workers at the same plant should get similar wages for similar work.
They went through every case, every call for service to see if there was anybody that was similar in nature, similar in name and stature that would match the suspect and the victim.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's new son will have similar wall-to-wall coverage as he grows up -- and most of us will develop a similar attachment to him as he matures.
Depending on the question, you likely have some experience either working in a similar role, using a similar software or have some information about the required skill or program that you can discuss.
Even as Uber has become a huge business whose brand is synonymous with ride services, it remains vulnerable to price competition from competitors like Lyft, which offers a similar service of similar quality.
The iPhone 11 Pro is very similar to the iPhone XS, which was very similar to the iPhone X. Radical changes are rarer, and fewer people are buying smartphones for the first time.
If it's commonly accepted that bereavement imitates the conditions of depression in some ways, that it feels so similar, then perhaps it should be considered in a similar way, however temporary it is.
We also have very well documented cases of twins dreaming very similar dreams and knowing that they just dreamed a similar dream and being able to finish the dream of the other person.
Negative tweets have corresponded to declines of a similar magnitude.
It's similar to splitting a fare in the Uber app.
UBS Economists Tao Wang and Ning Zhang had similar forecasts.
A similar watery eruption on Europa has been observed before.
NPR reported that Washington, DC, was weighing a similar bill.
Some Internet users said they had witnessed similar corporate events.
Security threats had caused a similar event to be cancelled.
ArtLifting is building a sales force to fuel similar growth.
I wrote a book, Saving Normal, about a similar issue.
It matches a similar increase for state employees last year.
"But the instruments of death were so similar," he said.
Recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau showed similar findings.
Now a similar conversion may be under way in banking.
Facing no similar budget crisis in his state, Missouri Gov.
Now how about a similar gadget for frying and candymaking?
Clinton's plan, announced in July, has a similar structural design.
Now it looks like Foodpanda is following a similar approach.
That's similar to HBO Now, which is $20133 per month.
Could PrEP help prompt a similar decline in other STIs?
Our own calculations to that Standard Chartered are very similar.
A similar dynamic may be in play in Evenwel v.
A similar bill was introduced in the Assembly on Monday.
Microsoft did a similar trick for its Windows 10 naming.
" A similar rule applies to depictions of "tragedy and conflict.
One of Mexico's most successful industries faces a similar challenge.
This built on previous research finding similar effects in California.
She tried to find a similar one online, but couldn't.
Mr Maduro could exploit Mr López's homecoming in similar fashion.
But there was no similar pattern across all six countries.
This is not the first time something similar has happened.
The Misfit Vapor's navigation is similar to Android Wear 2.0.
There are plenty of similar examples in the full article.
In the end, the two characters have pretty similar personalities.
Some individuals look almost creepily similar to Wild's best interviewees.
Kate's design was similar: a brown flower and a swirl.
A similar lawsuit has been filed by Democratic U.S. senators.

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