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"eager" Definitions
  1. very interested and excited by something that is going to happen or about something that you want to do; showing this
"eager" Synonyms
anxious hungry impatient thirsty keen raring yearning aching longing antsy greedy hoping hot wishing agog desirous enthusiastic excited hopeful intent ardent avid earnest fervent enthused fervid passionate interested zealous committed dedicated diligent intense motivated wholehearted passional perfervid warmblooded aspiring ambitious determined enterprising driven striving potential energetic purposeful budding pioneering progressive prospective wannabe hearty spirited animated ebullient lively impassioned exuberant vivacious dynamic deep devout emphatic loud curious inquisitive probing questioning quizzical enquiring(UK) inquiring(US) interrogative investigative querying scrutinising(UK) scrutinizing(US) examining inspecting fascinated intrigued tireless resolute indefatigable dogged unflagging untiring steadfast tenacious persevering unrelenting pertinacious unswerving unremitting assiduous unshakeable vigorous industrious alive active alert vital sprightly vibrant spry perky zestful brisk chirpy awake bouncy bubbly insatiable unquenchable unappeasable insatiate quenchless unslakable voracious rapacious inextinguishable edacious esurient prodigious intemperate uncontrollable inappeasable impetuous rash reckless hasty impulsive heedless incautious precipitate foolhardy imprudent overhasty unthinking injudicious precipitous headlong hurried sudden abrupt rushed hotheaded academic scholarly intellectual studious erudite learned literary bookish serious highbrow pedantic scholastic clever cultured educated lettered brainy cerebral donnish vaulting overreaching excessive high-flown opportunistic overweening pretentious trainable amenable apt bright docile intelligent qualified skilled smart able teachable cordial warm friendly genial affable welcoming affectionate amiable gracious pleasant sincere sociable congenial heartfelt hospitable neighbourly(UK) neighborly(US) observant attentive watchful sharp-eyed vigilant eagle-eyed mindful heedful keen-eyed sharp wide-awake concentrating hawk-eyed perceptive quick Argus-eyed aware beady-eyed covetous envious jealous coveting resentful begrudging green grudging invidious jaundiced possessive green-eyed green with envy bitter emulous envying eating one's heart out free generous extravagant lavish giving liberal magnanimous munificent openhanded open-handed prodigal profligate thriftless wasteful charitable immoderate unrestrained unselfish unsparing unstinting breathless enthralled expectant in suspense itching on tenterhooks open-mouthed on pins and needles waiting with bated breath More
"eager" Antonyms
unenthusiastic averse indifferent uninterested disinterested dispassionate listless casual passionless phlegmatic apathetic lackluster(US) tepid bored unenthused lackadaisical nonchalant unambitious disinclined opposed impassive unconcerned candid unmoved emotionless uncurious unemotional heedless uncaring unimpressed unsocial blasé averse to grudging uneager reluctant unhopeful opposed to reluctant for unwilling for disinclined towards indisposed towards loath to unenthusiastic about ambitionless feckless lazy indolent slack unmotivated otiose shiftless workshy unaspiring fainéant unoccupied faineant idle work-shy bone idle unfriendly antagonistic cold cool hostile introverted aloof dishonest false feeble insincere lethargic small unexcited moderate light mild soft gentle reasonable temperate faint minimal weak balmy genial mellow normal controlled fair mediocre benign intermediate measured lifeless quiet dead empty inactive unbusy deserted dull lacklustre(UK) silent spiritless vapid dispirited sleepy static still asleep sluggish unwilling resistant hesitant uninclined begrudging disobliging unobliging unaccommodating uncooperative forced afraid unwishful unprepared loath satiable appeasable extinguishable limited satisfiable fulfilled full pleased quenchable satisfied cautious considered leisurely slow wary calm circumspect considerate reflective sensible thoughtful wise abstemious unschooled ignorant untaught uneducated uninstructed unlearned unread untrained untutored over-the-hill on the way out superficial artificial shallow apparent phoney(UK) phony(US) feigning posturing seeming hollow hypocritical rushed flimsy flippant passing unimpassioned untrustworthy acrimonious antisocial impolite uncordial misanthropic obnoxious rude spiteful disdainful malicious menacing sad sour uncivil uncongenial ungenial incurious

987 Sentences With "eager"

How to use eager in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "eager" and check conjugation/comparative form for "eager". Mastering all the usages of "eager" from sentence examples published by news publications.

And I'm, for one, gonna be an eagereager pupil.
Some people are eager to do what others are not eager to do.
She's eager to try different kinds of American chocolate, and I'm eager to comply.
Such unity requires a leader eager to lead and a populace eager to follow.
He is a son of Mary C. Eager and Robert C. Eager of Potomac, Md.
We're eager to do great work, and eager to engage our (and your) collective curiosity.
CMS officials were eager to discuss a novel payment arrangement — so eager that a Sept.
I was eager to hear his responses, but I was also eager to prove him wrong.
"I saw a group of people who are eager to listen and eager to learn," he said.
But it seemed eager to do so at its December meeting — and eager to signal its intent.
Second, Trump is more eager to be loved (a classic Baby Boomer trait), which makes him eager to please.
"I think he's eager for good news and eager to have this spun in the right way," Carroll said.
Although fans of the franchise were eager to download the game, they are less eager to spend money on it.
Like the mainstream Republican he is, Pence is eager to beat Clinton but not that eager to go full Trump.
As eager as Trump was to go after Clinton, Democrats are equally as eager to have their shot at Trump.
They aren't fire-breathing outsiders eager to tear down the current system, or culture warriors eager to anger liberals and elites.
"I am eager to hear his heartbeat again and I'm eager to hear the breath of life through his lungs again," she explains.
Certainly, the people around him are eager, or at least some of the people around him are eager, for that kind of war.
It wasn't so eager to highlight the $47 billion numberBut the company didn't seem nearly as eager to highlight the other two numbers.
An unprecedented number of developers came forward, eager to build renewable energy and eager to couple it with energy storage, all at unprecedented prices.
Eager Eager: It is challenging, but vital, to read another person's cues — certainly at the outset of what you hope will be a relationship.
The next morning, his parking lot was packed with customers eager to buy a painted tree, and onlookers eager just to catch a glimpse.
Many Democrats are eager to employ him to build a case against Mr. Trump, and Republicans are just as eager to vindicate the president.
Stay curious and eager When you are young, people are so eager to teach you what they know and you are so excited to learn.
Acronym knows how to get eager donors, especially those who are eager to get in on the next big thing, to buy into what it's selling.
Top Democrats, though, are eager to speed the bill to the floor amid pressure from vulnerable members eager to show they're focusing on priorities beyond impeachment.
Kaine was eager -- maybe a little too eager -- to interrupt Pence and pepper him with some of Donald Trump's most damaging lines, daring Pence to defend him.
The movie's heart is in the right place, and it is eager to show that it can update the original when needed—sometimes a little too eager.
He is a son of Mary C. Eager and Robert C. Eager of Potomac, Md. Karyne Constance Messina and Shehzad Syed Akhtar are to be married Oct.
Neither side is eager for war; but Iran is definitely eager to see sanctions relaxed, and has few ways of achieving that end which do not look warlike.
Businesses eager to slash their tax bills and financial services firms eager to reap the benefits have supported the GOP push with millions of dollars in ads and advocacy.
While the candidates looking to break out were most eager to confront others onstage, the better-known and better-financed contenders were less eager to duel with one another.
For those eager to see a van Gogh painting (but not so eager as to steal one), the Vincent van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam currently has a virtual tour.
But she said that on this occasion she'd be willing to perform the piece, which she was eager to play and eager for people to learn about, without charge.
"Chinese companies are eager to learn and expand and develop and they're also very eager to develop football in China which is what we want to do," Le Floc'h added.
Of course, the internet being the internet, Howe's success spurred up a legion of imitators, eager to gin up their own adoptive Slurp Juices for eager preteens and their iPads.
"This administration has been too eager, far too eager in my mind, to put sanctions relief on the table," Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the minority leader, said Wednesday.
People waiting in line were eager to share with me why they believe Clinton lost the election, but they were even more eager to learn why Clinton believes she lost.
When I began interviewing for a software engineering position at Uber, I was eager about the possibility of a new job — and very eager to leave my current toxic workplace.
All who gathered were eager to hear out cases for and against the liberal order and, of course, more details on Drag Queen Story Hour, which Ahmari was eager to provide.
Here are few to watch: Born as a research firm in 2009, Jana swiveled into a model that connects advertisers eager to reach mobile consumers with mobile users eager for Internet.
After spending some time in line with eager skaters ...
People, by and large women, were eager to tell me their own orbiting stories and I was eager to listen as it was reassurance that I wasn't alone, none of us were.
The Batuuans, the inhabitants of this planet, are eager to meet new travelers and, of course, eager to entice them to spend some credits, the money of the realm, in their shops.
Upstart candidates everywhere were all too eager to give the former White House adviser credit for Moore's victory, and even more eager to be the next candidate he helped push over the line.
As a president who entered office eager to deescalate conflicts, and to normalize relationships around the globe, deploying American troops to counter Russia has been a necessity rather than an eager muscle flex.
Also, those of us who regard Trump as a menace can be so eager — too eager — to welcome newcomers to our shores that we overlook the polluted seas they sailed to get there.
My first week of dates left me eager and excited.
Luckily for DeFlavio, investors were eager to enter the space.
Insurers would be eager to offer those customers cheap policies.
Instead, she was all too eager to meet her match.
Democrats are eager to capture them in the general election.
In Fresno, I was eager to speak with Darius Assemi.
And Asher is as eager for it to happen, too.
South Korea is eager to begin trade with North Korea.
Eager Lion is taking place in multiple locations in Jordan.
The experience isn't one Ridley is eager to undergo again.
But in this moment, I am eager to see it.
This has become a privilege America seems eager to discard.
And Hogan is eager to leap onto the national stage.
Ahok's political opponents have been eager to exploit mounting tensions.
Many of those queuing for coaches seemed accepting, even eager.
One nation in particular, however, seems eager to try: Russia.
None is eager to talk politics with a nosy reporter.
Yet thousands of women are eager to join the squad.
Uber is eager to promote Eats for a few reasons.
For Potterphiliacs eager to revisit that world, that's enticement enough.
Nonetheless, the group is eager to stress its bipartisan credentials.
She is eager to reach out to other family members.
He was tired but eager, taking me in his arms.
And it's yet another conglomerate eager to shrink its footprint.
Varoufakis is eager to go toe to toe with Bannon.
Their fellow EU members are not eager to help out.
Are you eager to shape The Economist's presence in podcasts?
Two bots hovered in the background, eager to provide assistance.
At the same time, Democrats are eager to move on.
He was eager to protest that the allegations weren't true.
By 2008, Craig seemed eager to pass on the reins.
"Everyone has to type," he said with an eager chuckle.
Tim Allen was eager to bring back "Last Man Standing."
But abroad, the NHS is eager to benefit from it.
They're empathetic, diverse and eager to make a social impact.
You're feeling eager to break away from your everyday routine.
Many voters, however, are eager for something less, well, dignified.
He is eager to pass some kind of DACA fix.
Not every candidate was eager to criticize the former president.
Howerton is ready and eager to vindicate himself in court.
Primitive life, it would seem, was eager to get going.
You're in a curious mood, eager to learn and study.
We're eager to breathe life back into Rob and Sharon.
He's perfect for the job, and I'm eager to cooperate.
Poor Jonas seems a little too eager to trust Adam.
Larry Albukerk has been busy connecting sellers with eager buyers.
That's some phenomenal growth that Roku is eager to maintain.
I watched with eager curiosity, wondering whom he would pick.
With lawmakers eager to begin a holiday recess until Jan.
If you eager for a sneak peek, then continue reading.
Meanwhile, congressional Republicans are eager to debate new tax laws.
They worked quickly, eager to complete their mission before dawn.
Others seemed eager to be a part of the case.
And other states seem eager for data to guide them.
Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump is all too eager to join them.
The opposition group said it was eager to make progress.
Trump, however, was not eager to part with his privacy.
He was eager to make a difference and he did.
"Most [wineries] have been really eager to join," he says.
Beyond that, Below is a mystery we're eager to explore.
Kruse shouldn't have been so eager to grab that phone.
Let them know you're eager to contribute to the organization.
They are highly engaged, highly ambitious and eager to learn.
And supporters are eager to protect a public Trump persona.
And that's something Democrats would be very eager to celebrate.
However, neither Israel nor Hamas seemed eager to seek escalation.
Over the last five days we've learned exactly how eager.
You're taking risks, and are eager to try new things.
Nick, ever the eager younger brother, dropped his tweet first.
They were eager to share their country's culture and history.
But no one was eager to be reminded of that.
Congress should be eager to share credit for this reform.
I'm not eager to see "Kaili Blues" a second time.
They're eager to forge new friendships and create lifelong memories.
European leaders, however, may not be eager to go along.
But not everyone is eager for them to get together.
And both said they were eager to get to work.
Many Republican lawmakers have been eager to recover the exchange.
Your signs are both open, eager, and ready for whatever.
Their words were anxious, but their voices were eager. Initiative!
Hispanic immigrants are lining up for citizenship, eager to vote.
They are ready and eager to step through the door.
Tech companies are eager to beat them to the punch.
Many people were eager for the legal reckoning to begin.
He found people who were eager to join his movement.
After "Dinosaur," Kesha addressed the eager crowd of about 1,000.
It's a position that he's not entirely eager to maintain.
Clinton seemed eager to cite an article she had read.
Snow was falling, and he was eager to touch it.
Republicans, meanwhile, are eager for hearings on Medicare for all.
He is "very eager," said one senior White House official.
Many college graduates are eager to find work — any work.
"I was just so eager for this," she told me.
Then Jan Scheuermann called, eager to be that person. III.
That means many dealers will be eager to unload them.
They're just the guys delegating responsibilities to their eager inferiors.
" We do not want our campuses overrun with eager "see
Most teams are eager to close out 2016 this month.
The two Koreas appear eager to sign a peace treaty.
He was young and eager, like the rest of us.
You're in a philosophical mood, eager to travel and learn.
That's a divine deed I was certainly eager to embrace.
Team Airtree, eager to help grow the Australian startup ecosystem.
My flatmates, fellow tourists, were simply too eager to party.
Naturally, wildlife officials are eager to retrieve the special amphibians.
Today's productive, and people are eager to help you out.
He was eager to slap the little devils on me.
But during a recession, the country was none too eager.
And plenty of employees were eager to change the subject.
After his breakdown, interrogators found Mr. Sawah eager to talk.
I was eager to see them, naturally, but not obsessed.
Many said they were eager for a woman as president.
Democrats are clearly eager for more information on this topic.
"I'm very eager to turn from nominations to legislation," Sen.
They flock to the polls, eager to defend their majority.
I was eager to savor any bit of sunlight left.
Mr. Kim has found an eager partner in Mr. Moon.
I'm eager to make eggs in purgatory some night soon.
"I was eager to make a change," Mr. Thompson said.
Abe is often selfish, unimpressed and eager for the weekend.
None appears to be particularly eager to loosen monetary policy.
Beijing remains eager to see the U.S. remove its tariffs.
"It is not something we are eager to do," Rep.
Despite the optics, European companies remain eager for Chinese investments.
Both men are eager to move on with their lives.
The 2008 Democratic Party was eager to bail them out.
Mr. Lazaro said he was eager to leave the shelter.
Senate Republicans were not exactly eager to cross Mr. Trump.
Dipoto is eager for the next phase of his plan.
Nor are any of his friends eager to tag along.
He'd jump out of the car, eager to go inside.
Eager to keep practicing, I want to get back home.
They said they were eager to get their tournament started.
Both powers are eager to show they are strengthening ties.
And the French are eager to give him an earful.
Many Republicans aren't eager to go through that process again.
We're eager to hear what they have to say. 3.
Tampa Bay was eager to get Yandy Diaz, who hit .
The older pilots remembered Captain Getachew as the eager youngster.
He's ready for the spotlight, and eager to seize it.
"I am eager to make myself useful to Yale's mission."
He's also eager to experiment with a new literary medium.
This Fed seems eager to drop Mr. Bernanke's crisis prescriptions.
She's eager to answer questions submitted by you, our readers.
Eager for an explanation for her husband's demise, she agreed.
European officials have been eager to try to help Mrs.
You're meeting exciting people, and feeling eager to take risks!
You're craving freedom and feeling eager to take a risk.
Like her classmates, Kat is eager to grow up — fast.
Politicians are eager to ensure that tourism picks up again.
I'm eager to hear what Judge Klausner has to say.
It's not, however, a theory anyone is eager to test.
"Some even say that we were 'too eager' " to govern.
Ms. Schwarzbaum was eager to dispel any misunderstandings about Tivoli.
But not everyone was eager to celebrate that particular marriage.
Initially, it appeared no campaigns were eager for a recanvass.
When we dropped her off, she was nervous but eager.
Peter has been one of the franchise's most eager participants.
The whole city seems eager about the potential happy ending.
Ms. Coe, a historian, was eager to accept, but couldn't.
Girls who were funny or bubbly or eager or smart.
On Thursday, those traditional Democrats seemed eager to know more.
He said he was eager to return to his family.
" The professor described Ms. Roemhild as "very eager to succeed.
My very favorite book was "Half Magic," by Edward Eager.
Jamie is eager to ask Callie a very important question.
She was eager to learn the methods of pop pros.
We are more eager to act given heightening global risks.
Trump administration officials, however, appear eager to keep speaking out.
For her part, Hillary Clinton is eager to get involved.
If not, the onus will fall on eager House Democrats.
Others may not be so eager to try the vaccine.
What was it we were each so eager to document?
During other meals, the servers were extraordinarily eager to help.
But Francis seemed eager to address one pressing geopolitical issue.
Agnes was eager to learn and she learned so fast.
I was eager to help and gladly accepted the assignment.
Why is he so eager to have this Senate trial?
This has disappointed euro investors, eager to book the paper.
New York and New Jersey are eager to move ahead.
When he answers questions about Italy's future, he's too eager.
The big tech companies are still attracting eager job applicants.
New York and New Jersey are eager to move ahead.
Republicans are particularly eager to avoid putting the vulnerable Sen.
But the serial investor is eager to undertake the turnaround.
He had the tools and was eager to use them.
The government is eager to see how they spend it.
Banks have long been under assault from eager "fintech" upstarts.
Companies are eager to get a slice of that pie.
"They are very eager to be tickled," said Dr. Brecht.
But he is more eager than afraid to find out.
Democrats are also eager to see the fight get underway.
Other European Union members are eager to get those jobs.
Some state Republicans are eager to give it a try.
Her record is one that Republicans are eager to share.
Well, he hasn't because Republicans aren't eager to do it.
Mr Trump is also eager to talk to Iran's leaders.
Workers pushed carts into closets, eager to complete their week.
Some Republican lawmakers are eager to slash where they can.
The Clinton presidential campaign was nonetheless eager for his donations.
It's a priority the GOP hasn't been eager to surrender.
The Deadwood locals line up, eager for one last look.
You'll be eager to see the world on this date.
What stories are you eager to tell as a director?
And the voting public may be eager to hear that.
None of them are Jewish, but they were all eager.
Xu was eager to talk up the city's artistic importance.
Shelby, though, was less eager to talk about Moore's record.
From the start, she was eager to become a homeowner.
I was among those eager to give them a try.
I wanted to explore sex, but she wasn't as eager.
KS: I'm eager to find out how good these sound.
Warner is eager to increase transparency on social media platforms.
The White House appeared eager to resolve the matter quickly.
Steffi is eager to couch it on more positive terms.
Germans are eager to listen, but they will resent instructions.
"The doctor in me is eager to conduct experiments and experience first-hand the effects of microgravity on my body, the engineer in me is eager to operate Canadarm2, the astrophysicist in me is eager to look at the stars while floating in my space suit, and of course, the adventurer in me, he's just eager," he told the crowd of school kids and media gathered inside a theatre at the museum for the announcement, with swooping airplanes just outside.
That particular cocktail—right-leaning extremists eager to speak hate, left-leaning antifascists eager to punch them—has turned First Amendment debate into an all-out brawl in Berkeley's streets three times since February.
Officers are eager to share data about their humanitarian operations and aid delivery in Yemen and even seemed eager to address the criticism surrounding the ongoing civilian deaths as a result of their campaign.
If anything, they were eager to learn from their adopted home.
As other attendees discussed theoretical ideas, EDT was eager to act.
Clinton seemed eager here to bring the fight to the Republicans.
Ms. Powers is eager to dispel any misconceptions about the company.
French President Emmanuel Macron seems eager to play a similar role.
They are all eager to leave and get back to work.
They're eager to see the outlaw country legend take the stage.
That's why astronomers have been eager to find merging neutron stars.
They were pretty eager to hear how things had been going.
Charitable institutions were eager to ensure that their inmates conformed to
But Pence, Bannon and Mulvaney were eager to force a vote.
Navarro couldn't have been less eager to address the President's missive.
Not only were people eager to give, they were also quick.
At age 83, Pat Boone is eager to kiss and tell.
"We are eager to work with her," the Palestinian ambassador said.
You're so eager to forget the truth—that you're that insignificant.
I'm eager to continue the upcoming passage of time dedicating myself.
Eager to expand your kids' cinematic palette beyond Disney and Illumination?
But Sethi says, often, people are eager to share their advice.
And I think the market has been so enthusiastic and eager.
Kopf is eager to have her project travel on Musk's spacecraft.
Now, scientists are eager to pin down more and more bursts.
But I'm eager to hear his explanations in his exit interviews.
It's understandable that Hirst was eager to debunk the paper's claims.
I was eager to see what all the hype is about.
But China isn't eager to get too aggressive with North Korea.
On one hand, the Turks are eager to help eradicate ISIS.
"true" tale of uplift and deliverance, so eager to applaud the
Both bidders are eager to get their hands on its assets.
Slack isn't eager to hand over data to government agencies, though.
He was eager to see where Hiram fit into his tree.
It's an exciting debut and will leave you eager for more.
One reason Gagliardi might not have been eager to court converts?
Delaware Democrats seemed eager for him to get into the race.
Everyone somehow knows each other, and everyone's fodder for eager gossip.
He was eager to give audiences what they want, and succeeded.
So the cast may not be eager to work together again.
But NanoRacks' customers have been eager to deploy even larger satellites.
They definitely made that jump something I was eager to try.
"Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Kai Winding, and Allan Eager, NYC," 1948.
He is eager to find his equal and start a family.
The authorities appear eager to put an end to the debate.
Lawmakers raced for the airports, eager to escape the bigger storm.
Though that doesn't mean Fitbit is eager to diagnose sleep apnea.
US air carriers are eager to jump on the new opportunity.
I'm eager to see if it's more fun to use now.
He leapt at every query, often interrupting Landisio, eager to explain.
Kylie, in particular, is eager to express power in masculine terms.
In 2007, Vásquez was pregnant and eager for her baby's arrival.
Axe, on the other hand, is eager to celebrate with Wags.
That's made people less eager to buy new devices, he said.
In "Captain America: Civil War," Peter is eager, awkward and jovial.
The bikers say they're eager for the chance to defend themselves.
On occasion, the government itself seems equally eager not to offend.
It's clear the Bond producers were eager to get him back.
Centrist Democrats are eager to take on the party's ideological left.
Feminists are eager to dismantle these stereotypes, in all their forms.
I am very much eager to be your new best friend.
I've talked to all-white audiences eager to ask me questions.
That's why I was so eager to give Lashed a try.
Some judges appear less than eager to wade into scientific matters.
Hipsters were falling for it, and chefs were eager to oblige.
Hundreds of people responded, eager to help the young college student.
Elder Sign lands our eager investigators in hot water once more.
Still, Zuckerberg was eager to discuss how the company is changing.
For all the bluster, no one seems eager to start shooting.
Mars enters fellow water sign Cancer, finding you eager to party.
"Scientists were eager to get this high resolution data," said Kramer.
Some of my fellow reporters are eager get a little shuteye.
You're eager to travel and try new things—go for it!
"I'm always eager to take photos wherever I go," Hilton said.
Trump said earlier both he and Kim were eager to meet.
In any case, no one is eager to show it off.
Eager to offer brokers some protection, the SEC capped transaction fees.
The streaming company was apparently eager to work with him again.
One concerns Sharon, who is carefree, innocent, and eager to please.
"Your teammates are all eager to meet you," he says politely.
Only 100 people were selected from among the eager car-ditchers.
Especially if you're eager to upload your own confident derrière post.
Now with 1.3 billion users, Facebook is eager to monetize Messenger.
Ghana borrowed heavily, eager to cash in on future oil revenues.
But that isn't the whole story, as she's eager to explain.
So I never want to be too eager to dismiss something.
Why is Beijing so eager to trash its trade in rubbish?
And the commercial space industry seems eager to jump on board.
Greece is certainly eager to please China, a deep-pocketed friend.
But neither Hamas nor Fatah seems to be eager to acquiesce.
That's why he's eager to launch his new special alongside Winslow.
But Stone and colleagues are eager to exploit an additional wrinkle.
And let's be honest— who isn't eager for election night returns?
The colorful landscape dazzled him, leaving him eager for fall's return.
Many Green Party supporters thought Realos were too eager to compromise.
Cheryl finds an all too eager teammate in cruelty in Chuck.
Kyle, though, seemed less than eager to aid in the search.
Bad news for eager fans; good news for next year's Grammy's.
HBO's Lenú is dutifully quiet, studious, empathic, and eager to please.
Tuesday's speech shows how eager he is to embrace this role.
They don't seem eager to take on avoidable, potentially controversial cases.
Despite long days and headwinds within the field, Noronha remains eager.
Abe is eager to see the threat taken off the table.
And-- that's not only-- and companies are eager to buy, too.
The Moon in Virgo finds you eager to connect with friends.
So she understandably wasn't eager to go back to the beginning.
Few companies are eager to go head to head with Comcast.
He seemed focused, eager, and not the least bit bummed out.
I am eager to initiate dialogue with Bravo regarding their investigation.
But Democrats were eager to bring up the news, as well.
What are you most eager to wear again after giving birth?
Gamers are eager to keep up with Kendall and Kylie Jenner.
Perhaps as a result, Trump on Thursday seemed eager to talk.
Egyptians are eager for economic revival after years of political upheaval.
People are eager to work for companies that reflect their interests.
But lawmakers are eager to show they're doing more than that.
Residents of Colorado Springs also appear eager for Trump to visit.
Many Republicans were eager to echo and amplify the president's words.
They've always been eager from day one to keep getting better.
But he isn't eager to vote on impeachment at this point.
Plenty of athletes in those sports are still eager to compete.
Over-eager is a bad place to be in any negotiation.
Twitter users were eager to know more about Crews' yogurt preferences.
The Friends star is eager to change her life once again.
Citizens can report language culprits anonymously, and many have proven eager.
But lawmakers close to the matter remain eager to address it.
Public health officials are eager to get more people on PrEP.
Wheel spin is eager and often launching front-wheel drive models.
So I returned — eager, but unsure of what might unfold next.
But the Warriors are still eager for their star to return.
But Trump himself is reportedly eager to build golf courses there.
Cardinal said he was eager to engage in that process immediately.
"They were eager to start laying down suppressive fire," Williams said.
Locals were especially eager to glimpse inside their mysterious neighbor's property.
We're eager for some smart guesses about the British royal family.
Both seemed eager to embrace celebrity status with an unprecedented vigor.
Gianforte appeared eager to put the incident behind him on Wednesday.
I was going to the workshop, eager to get scammed myself.
People started posting on social media, eager for the drink's return.
Mr. Trump seemed eager on Monday to move beyond the episode.
With 2020 fast approaching, Democrats are eager to revive the issue.
There are many in the audience eager to hear Khan's answer.
"We're ready, we're eager, we're active and we're hungry," he said.
"I am eager to loosen up the capital rules," Slavitt said.
An eager paterfamilias at home, he remained sexually active with men.
An overly eager hiring manager might indicate trouble at the company.
Quarterback Sam Darnold looked eager to target him on both plays.
She felt sluggish, and was eager to get back to exercising.
Still, some entrepreneurs are eager to test out the new market.
"I am eager to join the team in October," Jones said.
And the Arctic states are eager to keep it that way.
The team's fans are eager to shed their "lovable loser" moniker.
Republicans are eager for Norquist's seal of approval on tax issues.
But Mr. Sweat, a convicted murderer, was apparently eager to talk.
And she was eager to start a new project at Stanford.
And Tai's over-eager defense of Caleb should trigger alarm bells.
His sidekick, Hank, was eager to please and almost completely clueless.
Either way, you're hungry for more independence and eager to experiment!
Many husbands were eager for their wives to learn valuable skills.
So what makes people so eager to hate the do-gooder?
No wonder so few Republicans are eager to defend it honestly.
Indeed, many congressional Democrats are positively eager see him do it.
That's why insurers are so eager to operate their own PBMs.
You'll be eager to take a trip or learn something new.
Given this, both former contenders were eager for a big win.
As we look down, we see eager passengers beginning to disembark.
A handful of Democrats were eager to challenge Heller, including Rep.
Cuban scientists have been extremely eager to collaborate with American groups.
So just why are you so eager to be an asshole?
Not every foreign leader is eager to play hardball with Trump.
The pair starts making some calls, eager to find a solution.
As the frenzy intensified, eager suitors pulled out all the stops.
Pakistan seemed eager to play down any tensions in the area.
And it's not just the leaders who are eager to travel.
Rae (Melanie Lynskey), Sadie's mother, isn't as eager to see him.
Even hulking linemen seem eager to bust an end zone move.
Despite the disappointments, participants often remain eager to join other trials.
"I'm eager for the grant to become better known," she said.
We are always eager to dive back into its bracing stories.
Researchers have been eager to test this type of T-cell.
For one, Democratic voters are much more eager to defeat Trump.
She's in excellent spirits, too, and eager to hear about me.
We are eager to understand how women are viewing this moment.
Are we guests at an orgy, eager participants, or inadvertent witnesses?
Climate campaigners are eager to see a transition to renewable energy.
China has generally been eager to capitalize on Trump's protectionist tendencies.
Mr. de Blasio, the more eager suitor, chose to overlook them.
He signed his name and left, eager to tell his wife.
This is an experiment, and we're eager to hear your feedback.
Which books were you most eager to introduce to your children?
Mr. Russ said he was eager to begin building his team.
The apartment's peeling paint was easily overlooked by the eager travelers.
Once he assumed the payments, he became increasingly eager to move.
Uber's backers are eager to put last year's troubles behind them.
Saudi Arabia is most likely eager to move past Khashoggi's death.
New this week: PRAY ME STAY EAGER By Ellen Doré Watson.
Eager to find out more, I went along to Arsenal vs.
Like anyone starting a business, I was eager to find clients.
He interrupted guests and seemed eager to demonstrate his own knowledge.
People were eager to establish themselves as allies, united in solidarity.
We share an eager skepticism and a wry sense of humor.
Boosters for each neighborhood have been eager to make their cases.
Eager to prove himself, Mr. Neiss got Reebok to donate gear.
On Thursday, he sounded eager to remove the debt limit altogether.
However, we found business owners who were eager to help us.
Mr. Kim glanced over his shoulder as if eager to leave.
"We're more eager to get money put to work," Schweighauser said.
By contrast, I feel surprisingly eager, and fully in the zone.
This time, African leaders are largely eager to court new suitors.
Few states restrict Eager Student Voters (students without a specified ID).
And many ticket buyers are clearly still eager to see theater.
You're eager to get organized but you also need your rest!
This afternoon finds you eager to reflect on health and wellness.
Stanton's teammates were also eager to get a word with him.
Democrats are not eager for legislation that they deem too incremental.
"I like this hill," he said, eager for his next flight.
He does not seem eager to discuss it at the moment.
It was after 8:30, but he seemed eager for conversation.
We are eager to hear your feedback and answer your questions.
Shadd Cary, a woman eager for change, demanded action, not rhetoric.
Both Biden and Sanders are likely eager to receive her endorsement.
Others waved their hands in the air, eager to make observations.
Equifax is eager to play the hapless victim in all this.
Millions of viewers eager to pay to see a pugilistic confection.
Opposition parties are unlikely to be eager to trigger another election.
With half-off rides, mytaxi seems eager to corner the market.
Arthur said she's just eager to work with her new colleagues.
And so we lean forward, eager to hear what happened next.
But neither side appears eager to strike a deal anytime soon.
Ra'ad Lalqaraghuli said he was initially eager to call it home.
But the two are also eager to greenlight new energy projects.
States eager to grow jobs are likely to offer generous sweeteners.
But the ambassador no longer seems eager to embrace the part.
But he was also eager to establish some libertarian street cred.
Everybody was so damn happy and friendly and eager to help.
That was a question he seemed less than eager to answer.
McIlroy is eager to embrace a format he says he loves.
Trump's allies are eager to see more Trump loyalists in office.
The Trump administration is eager to insert provisions addressing currency manipulation.
As time went by, I became increasingly eager to do so.
And Mr. Bannon appeared eager to move onto his next fight.
They were eager to feed him updates on the rising prospect.
He'll also be eager to hear from all of you too.
Ceferin is eager to make sure that does not happen again.
Lamb ran as a moderate eager to work across party lines.
Eager ambition is cannily used as the production's revved-up motor.
This has left a vacuum that China seems eager to fill.
I approached the booth, eager to try out what I'd learned.
But Reed said the group was eager to aid its allies.
Naturally, VCs are plenty eager to invest millions in the technology.
These college freshmen are not eager to start ironing and vacuuming.
He was prepared, eager even, to dirty his hands birthing it.
And despite that speed, those involved are eager to get started.
Undaunted, Mr. Trump appeared energized by the confrontation, eager for battle.
But Republicans do seem especially eager to face off against Sanders.
Critics of the Murdochs have been eager to draw the connection.
Consider the options available to eager political news consumers in 1995.
He was eager to pitch later this month at Dodger Stadium.
American firms were eager to work on the projects, he said.
"Fifteen months outside of the octagon, a little eager," McGregor said.
Mr. Henry was an eager participant in "Saturday Night Live" sketches.
It was no mystery why Microsoft was so eager to appeal.
They are also eager to reciprocate when the tables are turned.
You're eager to break free from a rut in your partnerships.
You're thinking about travel or even school, eager for new experiences.
For his part, the president appeared eager to do just that.
Perhaps the participating schools were unusually bad and eager for revenue.
Americans are eager to spend on clothes, toys and home decor.
Courtney Lee did not seem eager to talk about them, either.
Shareholders were eager to lock Musk in, long term, at Tesla.
Stone, a famously flamboyant political flamethrower, has been eager to testify.
The two were eager to own a restaurant in their neighborhood.
Bartenders are eager to credit Mr. de Soto as their inspiration.
In her response, Raimondo too said she was eager for hearings.
Others in the group were less eager to declare their intentions.
Why were people so eager to pay for takeout through Snackpass?
But regulators have so far proved eager to accommodate SpaceX's plans.
Republicans are eager to cut the 35 percent corporate tax rate.
Republicans, though, were eager to deliver on a central campaign promise.
Be eager to hear about how they got where they are.
This time, many seem eager to stay out of the fray.
These challenges have made millennials eager to create their own opportunities.
You're eager to beautify your home as lovely Venus enters Sagittarius.
Many who had been invited are eager to divulge details, however.
In these performances, Mr. Bennington's vocals are scraped-up and eager.
Justin Upton was eager to get back into a playoff race.
He was a young adviser eager to impress campaign higher-ups.
Agnelli was not eager to take on the role of housewife.
By Sunday night, the president seemed eager to heal any rift.
That's why the Poles are so eager to have him come.
Senate Republicans are eager to address their gender diversity issues. Sen.
Ultimately, though, Mr. Trump was eager to see the document released.
Hamas is also not eager for another war, according to experts.
Howard, unlike many college athletes, is eager to discuss his experience.
And he has a lot of ideas he's eager to discuss.
White House aides say Trump is eager to take on welfare.
"Local governments are eager to encourage innovation and investment," he said.
She appears both shy and eager to win over the viewer.
Suddenly, he felt eager to be away from the old woman.
And many white Northerners were eager to buy into the myth.
You'll be eager to get something off your chest this afternoon.
The moon in Capricorn finds you eager to connect with friends.
I was eager to get reacquainted with her and my siblings.
Obama is clearly eager to get on and make that case.
The business has the eager backing of the Googleplex, Greene argued.
The researchers are eager to observe waves coming from different stellar remnants Now that LIGO has measured two black hole mergers, the researchers are eager to observe waves coming from different stellar remnants like neutron stars.
Candidates are eager to contrast their rhetoric around Puerto Rico against Trump's.
He was eager to take part, but quickly ran into a problem.
The three countries have not been equally eager to seize the opportunity.
And I'm eager to see how Marvel's epic crossover will play out.
I admit I was eager to click on these stories at first.
Madrid, eager for unionist parties to score a clear victory on Dec.
One Japanese source said Beijing was eager to resume the swap arrangement.
Senate Republicans said they were eager to learn Comey's accounting of events.
The selections have worried environmentalists but cheered an industry eager for expansion.
We humans have proven eager to escape the tyranny of light switches.
Girls are very ambitious and very eager to enter the job market.
Neither Israel nor militants in Gaza have appeared eager to seek escalation.
One candidate eager for the debate to turn to the world stage?
The American people are more eager than ever for a dank democracy.
And they are eager to hear competing theories about what's coming next.
"That's why lawmakers haven't been eager to support her yet," Garcés continues.
It launched in 2011, eager to take advantage of Singapore's own NBN.
The moon in Gemini finds you eager to network and socialize today.
And I'm eager to see the fair grow over the coming years.
"Those are all indicators that people are interested and eager to grow."
They appeared proud of their training and eager to fight the Taliban.
But unsurprisingly, Republicans seem more eager to close the deal than Democrats.
But she's eager to one day feel comfortable in her own skin.
Citizens are more eager to see this happen than scientists likely expect.
The children crowd to the front, eager to see how they're done.
Some of them are teenagers, eager and deferent or full of bravado.
Of course, fans on social media are eager to hear more details.
I'm also eager to try the new Sony Master Series for myself.
The itsy-bitsy spider that was eager for 15 seconds of fame.
Gronkowski is also eager to talk about his new TV hosting duties.
Republicans are not eager to get in the way of that progress.
Dating apps, eager to differentiate themselves, are quick to try new trends.
Yangon is filled with international advisers eager to help the country modernise.
Keddle is eager to assure people that Elba is the real deal.
To be sure, Trian was eager for a win at P&G.
But it's not a vote they are especially eager to take, either.
Jamie (Beau Mirchoff) is eager to ask Callie a very important question.
Not everyone, however, is eager to see an O'Hare Express plan die.
Its claims are testable and it is eager to have them tested.
This is one plate we're eager to have at the dinner table.
Ayman Jamal, the director, is eager to promote the story's universal message.
The market appears eager to embrace the medical device cohort, he said.
"We are not a rental company," Niu is eager to point out.
They received an eager welcome from Tumblr; they were perfect for Vine.
Apple and Disney have historically been eager to partner with each other.
Apparently eager to get their message out, they seemed happy to chat.
Government agencies in America and western Europe, in particular, are eager customers.
Australia is an eager accomplice, and British and French navies supporting actors.
Lisa and Michael stumble around each other, eager and willing to please.
But also: more eager than anyone to see his name in torchlights.
He is a frequent texter and often eager to engage with reporters.
Would this charmed October make him eager to stay for an encore?
They'll also need to be eager to try new and "inventive" products.
Not every video game company has been eager to appease Chinese censors.
When Trump and Xi met, both sides were eager for a deal.
MacLean told BuzzFeed News she is very eager to get the job.
And there are already signs that he is eager to move on.
As the march finally gets underway, people seem eager to be moving.
It doesn't waddle; in fact, it appears eager for a good sprint.
Why is the media so eager to paint him as a victim?
He's eager to see the world discover these hidden figures of NASA.
But that nuance is irrelevant to a President eager to discredit him.
With apartheid crumbling, its white rulers were eager to renounce illicit weapons.
Some are eager to make up for the deficit-busting tax cut.
And the expecting dad is undoubtedly eager to welcome baby No. 3.
And we know the news media will be eager to cover it.
At any rate, money is eager to leave by any route possible.
You'll be eager to make some changes around your personal spaces today.
Eager to declare a victory, governments glossed over many uncertainties about HFCs.
You're in a curious mood, eager to explore and expand your mind.
Astronomers have been eager to try out something known as a starshade.
Will Tinder users really be eager to switch to a transactional system?
I am eager to get to see her graduate and get started!
As his emails show, Trump Jr. was eager to talk to her.
Despite these concerns, even hardened securocrats are eager to strike a balance.
It sounds like she is still eager to be his future bride.
One improvement Pegatron executives were eager to share was increased income transparency.
The former Army captain, 31, is eager to bring Invictus to America.
I'm eager to impress — the ad said compensation was $50,000 a year.
Or, you may feel more outgoing and eager to share with others.
Smaller consultants, however, remained eager for a shake-up of the sector.
Wilson said he was eager to hear about this type of sale.
He was always very open to critique and eager to improve himself.
Are you eager to tell more of the story with these characters?
"Local Hispanic businesses are eager to sponsor our digital efforts," says Bastidas.
Having finally experienced the chain's fast-food glory, we're eager to return.
Officials in Ramallah describe Abbas as hopeful and eager to engage Trump.
I know that she was eager to live closer to her daughter.
Hardiman said she is eager to get back into the news business.
He's a damaged soul eager for anything other than failure and hardship.
Latinos away from the Republican fold, Democratic groups are eager to take
Needless to say, people were eager to get in on the action.
She was eager to gain experience on the world's most prestigious stage.
Eager fans will have to sit tight for the time being, however.
Beijing is also eager to develop its own fledgling commercial aircraft sector.
Oculus told CNBC it's eager to respond in court to the suit.
You're eager to get to work as the moon enters Scorpio tonight.
Eager to get to work, Starr immediately threw himself into the project.
HBO scattered another few breadcrumbs for eager Game of Thrones fans today.
Sometimes, boosted T-cells can prove too eager for their owner's good.
You're feeling especially flirtatious and charming, eager to socialize and meet people.
Romney is described as eager to campaign in the midterms as well.
People are eager for families to be like they used to be.
Democratic leaders in the state are eager to get the race going.
I'm honestly eager to try macOS High Sierra on this big rig.
Shady new kingpins are always popping up, eager to make their fortune.
You're in an optimistic mood and are eager to learn new things.
So why is Elon Musk so eager to colonize the Red Planet?
Lewis said she is eager to help make history by supporting Clinton.
People eager to sponsor refugees find themselves waiting years to do so.
That's another reason the US is eager to establish a space force.
But Llamas adds that he's eager to see what Fitbit's investigation uncovers.
A younger generation, eager to blaze a new path away from the
But Trump appears eager to use any sanctions as a bargaining chip.
You're ingesting and spitting out information for an eager, Apple Fan public.
Labour unions are eager for pay increases after two years of freezes.
Denisof and a disgraced Nikolai rejoin the regiment, eager to kill Frenchmen.
Neither company is eager to discuss the exact terms of the deal.
Not everyone is trying to milk eager fans for all their worth.
Already the roads and inns sparkled with throngs of eager village visitors.
Yet they are also eager because these events are opportunities for radicalization.
Maybe I was too eager and shouldn't have used two exclamation points.
" She "had limited success"; yet was "not frightened" and "eager for advice.
At the moment, Trump seems more eager for a deal than Kim.
Gulbis and her husband, Josh Rodarmel, are eager to start a family.
When we're done, John's eager to rush us out of the restaurant.
Congress is seeking clarification from Sessions, with Democrats eager for an explanation.
Whatever this "Bad Liar" film is, we're all eager to find out.
No one is more eager to talk about those positions than Mrs.
Democrats [are] much more eager to come to the poll than Republicans.
But federal officials had seemed eager to accommodate, or even reward, Gilead.
Still, that has left Democrats eager to challenge him again next year.
The Trump administration appears eager to rip out much of Dodd-Frank.
Lawmakers are more eager to pursue policies that could benefit both industries.
The White House is not eager to call attention to this practice.
Reportedly, Disney has turned down large sums from people eager to stay.
Leaders like Pelosi contort themselves to appear moderate and eager for compromise.
Democratic presidential candidates are unusually eager to discuss political reforms this cycle.
Biden was, and in some weird way remains, a boy eager to
Now, two years later, Trump is eager to tear down the generals.
Finally—each eager couple leans forward—the young parents score the finale.
Not all graffiti artists have been eager to participate in that process.
He was nearly 40 and eager to enjoy a summer without baseball.
Itskovich is eager to do her morning power walk in Central Park.
" Amber Dach, a government intelligence analyst, said he "was eager to help.
It is clear that foreign leaders are very eager to avoid them.
It is the most hopeful, eager, childlike smile a person can imagine.
Mr. Hurt is eager to get the book out before the election.
But Weiner was eager to engage on all manner of other matters.
"We are very eager to have him come and testify," Schiff said.
In fact, people were so eager that the UT shop's website crashed.
Those eager for a biodiesel windfall can't wait for the next bill.
He is a social animal: an eager collaborator, a convener of groups.
They are eager to contribute but doubt their ability to do so.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority does not appear eager to tackle the issue.
It is not the discussion Mr. Trump is eager to have, either.
All of this matters because there are other countries eager for influence.
In Mr. Trump, General Flynn found someone eager to hear his opinions.
It comes down to timelines that both parties seemed eager to construct.
In interviews, Liu is eager to emphasize the humbleness of his origins.
She looks to hire people who are eager to keep moving forward.
When she graduated, she was eager to wipe out her education debt.
I was eager to meet them to learn some of their secrets.
The country is eager to cash in on tightening supplies of lithium.
Target is also implementing a few strategies to potentially mitigate eager crowds.
You're eager to travel and connect with people who have different perspectives.
I'm eager to put this matter behind me and continue my career.
Apparently eager to help the President out with the wiretapping nonsense, Rep.
They're eager to secure a sale from the couple they're showing around.
Nor is the administration eager to hear what research has to say.
You're eager to take risks and are in a thrill-seeking mood!
Yet he was eager to talk about the music with his musicians.
Four eager undergraduates, all women, were there to film and quiz her.
We were reckless and eager for an excuse to bust some heads.
Hopefully she replies to their eager tweets and debunks this for good.
You're in an amicable mood today and eager to take a risk!
The moon in Pisces finds you eager to connect with friends, Taurus.
No longer is 4K solely for the most eager of early adopters.
Scientists have been eager to unravel the region's history of human habitation.
Jon, still eager to prove himself, spies Ramsay running back toward Winterfell.
The big picture: Google is eager to tap into the Chinese market.
They anticipated a fight, with Mr. Kalanick often eager to instigate one.
Does that explain why Mr. Duterte is so eager to fight methamphetamine?
Regardless of the political machinations, some legislators were openly eager for raises.
That's not the only love that Mr. Offerman is eager to share.
Residential, and told him he was eager to invest in a home.
But Ms. McCaskill was not eager to press the Supreme Court issue.
This time around, Democrats are eager to distance themselves from Wall Street.
But the company is also eager to tout its tech bona fides.
Two years later, the same fate may now await her eager successor.
Few, if any, are eager to share performance metrics with the public.
There's likely to be a large and eager audience for the novel.
Indian media, however, appeared eager to fill in a government-friendly narrative.
As a result, Scorpios are eager to learn more about untapped pleasures.
"Yeah, O.K.," he said, gently prying the tablet from my eager grasp.
It seems like American Jews have been eager to hear from you.
Behind a garden wall, a wiry, older man was eager to vent.
Those from poorer European countries are eager to find better paying jobs.
But Moscow has been eager to include Kurdish groups in peace talks.
But few in classical music seem eager to discuss these issues publicly.
Still, he is not so eager for the bridge to be discovered.
When the fighting stopped, Abdel Rahman was eager to resume his work.
Democrats have been eager to enshrine into law protections for those immigrants.
We stand behind Xarelto and are eager and excited to move forward.
It helps to look pulled together and seem eager to have fun.
Now, there are Republican women who are eager to champion these issues.
The Trump administration is eager to let businesses police their own behavior.
But like everyone else they were eager to discuss the rumors privately.
Tuberculosis specialists are eager to find safe, effective shortcuts to cure patients.
But, he said, companies are eager to see that effort move forward.
Mr. Trump has said he is eager to sit for an interview.
All are staying in Manhattan hotels that they seem eager to promote.
But SAP, eager to catch up with Salesforce, pursued Qualtrics for months.
She pulled out a still from "Johnny Eager," an old [1941] movie.
But Mr. Meadows was eager for a fight over the military funding.
But these Democrats are eager to see how Buttigieg's next moves play.
I'm eager to see what it's going to do for us both.
You were very eager to gain, cement, a place in the campaign.
It is a scenario Chancellor Angela Merkel's government is eager to avoid.
And no one in the country appears eager to contemplate a fourth.
It's a cool spot with a friendly and eager-to-please staff.
Legislators are eager to avoid any controversy ahead of this fall's elections.
European officials are now eager to paint Greece as a comeback story.
The government is eager for such successes, because they benefit public health.
Bankers and accountants, once so eager to help, now shun the family.
Name another president who was such an eager, audacious agent of disorder.
He's always been ready to speak, but now he's eager to listen.
"He always had this eager, earnest way about him," she told me.
They anticipated a fight, with Mr. Kalanick often eager to instigate one.
The country is eager not to be viewed as a rogue nation.
Sephi's sister, Nana (Nelly Tagar), a magazine editor, is eager to investigate.
He is eager to grant favors but is ashamed of receiving them.
Cramer said people were too eager to get back into the market.
And, for whatever it's worth, tech companies seem eager to come along.
Their white counterparts, meanwhile, were eager to reject Roof's overtures to them.
Are you eager to help shape and improve The Economist's digital presence?
American and Indian officials are also eager to ink a trade deal.
British diplomats say they remain eager to soothe Iran with continued trade.
So, always eager to learn, I looked around for a new challenge.
We see students and faculty eager to operate in this intersectional space.
I sensed that he was cooperative and eager to talk to someone.
Researchers can still improve these vaccines, and are eager to do that.
Still, some opponents of the pact remain eager to see it ended.
Mr. Bannon seemed eager to pursue anyone who has crossed Mr. Trump.
Patients have been eager to join, and advocacy groups enthusiastically signed on.
" Yummy is so "eager to go viral that it almost certainly won't.
That makes scientists eager to better understand the North Anatolian fault line.
Nevertheless, both sides appear eager to resolve the protracted crisis over Brexit.
But no governments are eager to join it in an outright war.
You're in the mood to travel and eager to learn new things.
Emma was a naïve fiancée, eager to be a traditional, supportive wife.
Some seemed guarded, but all were eager for a White House ear.
It's spring break, and he's eager to escape recent trouble at school.
People as far away as Alaska and Hawaii were eager to enroll.
But Trump on Wednesday seemed eager to further push back the conversation.
He's just not eager to explain why he changed his political position.
Mr. Battista added that he was eager to continue transforming Time Inc.
That's because he's eager to move on with his life, he said.
The World Bank is eager to give the new regime a chance.
But GOP lawmakers are most eager to hear from Trump on taxes.
But not every company is so eager to do the right thing.
Democrats are eager to wrap up the inquiry as soon as possible.
He met his second wife through friends eager to marry her off.
Trump though is not eager to punish Russia as some in Congress.
He was a goofy kid, eager to be liked, not remotely tough.
Democrats, who'd been eager to see her testify in public, erupted again.
But Roper's eager to move their work out of the experimentation phase.
Some have been eager to take advantage of China's low labor costs.
The charter networks are eager to share how they are doing it.
We just may not be as eager to speak up about it.
Both Apple and Google are eager to displace Windows in the enterprise.
But ECB chief Mario Draghi will be eager not to disappoint markets.
It's filled with googly-eyed rabbits, sheepish owls, eager squirrels and birdsong.
Mr. Stone said he is eager to provide the committee with information.
U.S. officials have been eager to negotiate with Baradar, according to Reuters.
Since then, Mr. Gianopulos has been eager to rewrite his Hollywood ending.
And the market for eager buyers is there, in stores and online.
Trump has appeared increasingly eager for an early U.S. exit from Syria.
Mr. Trump seems eager to help unravel the rules-based international order.
Many people are eager to touch him, which our dog doesn't like.
They stood with Ms. Hernandez's sister and her wife, eager to wed.
For several hours on Wednesday, the eager little pests descended on Wimbledon.
And it's eager to take the mantle of a global tech leader.
She was eager, for instance, to participate in a performance about feminism.
And Dr. Harris is eager to share his knowledge with new generations.
It is preparing guidelines for Portuguese companies eager to kickstart mask production.
The pope is less than eager to receive questions about the issue.
I'm as eager as anyone to see what's in Trump's tax returns.
" The club describes them as "happy, self-assured and eager to please.
The government is eager to hold the vote in May if possible.
And video publishers are eager to see some return from their efforts.
Candidates at all levels were eager to prove their support for women.
Retailers and manufacturers are eager for Ms. Buerkle's promotion to commission chairwoman.
Cass is eager to place himself at the disposal of both parties.
The DoD, in contrast, was eager to replace its clunky existing system.
American business leaders were eager to exploit the potentially huge Chinese market.
But charities are not merely empty vessels eager to take your junk.
Are you polite to the interviewer and eager to join the staff?
Middleton was "tired of losing," Arrieta said, and eager to raise expectations.
They were eager for information but barely read the sometimes technical labels.
I became familiar with certain user names, eager to see their commentary.
She is eager for news from the special counsel — and from you.
Indeed, many residents are eager to leave the camp's often squalid conditions.
But, he says, Comey seems eager to dish dirt on Hillary Clinton.
Bolsonaro could turn out to be an eager partner in this campaign.
You're always eager to try something new, however, things are shifting dramatically.
Fox News and the New York Post have been eager to pounce.
Smith was eager to explain why that idea is so patently false.
A glance over the shoulder—dead eyes now eager for fresh meat.
They were not eager to see the council's intentions put into practice.
The website was unveiled last Tuesday, August 7, to an eager public.
But for every sceptical 30-something journalist, there is an eager recent college grad with an engineering degree, en route to San Francisco for a high-paying job and eager to see what the city has to offer.
For congressional reporters of even a moderately long vintage, Stephen Miller was known as an eager press aide to Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, eager to talk ... and talk ... and talk about policy, especially his views on immigration.
Mr. Manafort, for his part, was eager to join up: At the time, he had told another friend, who was also close to the campaign, that he was eager to get back into the game of presidential politics.
Trigger laws "send the signal that the legislature is very eager to ban abortion but not eager to take on the financial cost of a court case," said Elizabeth Nash, the senior state issues manager at Guttmacher Institute.
I know that the Congress is eager to pass an infrastructure bill — and I am eager to work with you on legislation to deliver new and important infrastructure investment, including investments in the cutting edge industries of the future.
But no matter what the media ecosystem does to stop uncorroborated conspiracies and false information, they will continue to live on as long as there are people eager to spread it and viewers and readers eager to believe it.
I know that the Congress is eager to pass an infrastructure bill -- and I am eager to work with you on legislation to deliver new and important infrastructure investment, including investments in the cutting edge industries of the future.
However, not all young investors are so eager to embrace the new technology.
I was ready and eager to see what else this team would do.
The eager-to-please Annie we met in the series premiere would never.
A young, eager, hopeful girl, unable to sit still in my parents' bedroom.
No organization is going to turn you away if you're eager to help.
The heavy underdog, Melendez will be eager to prove all the doubters wrong.
That might make the U.S. side more eager to cut a trade deal.
At first, Gary was friendly, eager to show a new hand the ropes.
Adults are just as eager to get their hands on the new products.
Buffett suggested that Berkshire was eager to do more in China as well.
Why is Donald Trump seemingly so eager to have a summit with Kim?
She was kind, and eager, and stared at me solemnly when I spoke.
"He is eager to come in and pitch in this environment," Farrell said.
Single people seem pretty eager to find people who share their political views.
Michael struggled with fear about his mother's condition but was eager to help.
Like any university student, Saoudi was eager to make friends and go out.
She knows she can do it and she's eager to get started, too.
Drake liked the idea, he was very eager to make fun of himself.
I was a fresh out of theater school and eager to rub elbows.
She is eager to return home and send her children back to school.
Bernie Sanders It's clear that Sanders is eager to differentiate himself from Biden.
The protesters have been eager to play up the air of civilian rebellion.
"I was eager to go and see what was happening there," he said.
They were still eager to be paid, of course, if anyone was down.
Fans eager for the electricity of Springsteen's stadium shows should readjust their expectations.
Cities like Berlin, Amsterdam and Lisbon are eager to attract more tech startups.
Also on the radar: Investors are eager to get more clarity on Brexit.
The film centers on three eager applicants seeking to expand the pictographic corpus.
As eager as people are to assist, they also seem reluctant to receive.
In Homeward Bound, Chance, Sassy, and Shadow are all eager to get home.
Cosima, of course, knows the truth, and everyone else is eager for answers.
To move past the disastrous investment, Symantec will have been an eager seller.
Rather than learn from this mistake, some communities are eager to repeat it.
But mostly, the group is eager to expose more women to their industry.
The country is eager to experiment with other ways of reducing greenhouse gases.
I'm as eager as you to see how aggressive those other teams get.
I came with a rough cry and an eager thrust of my hips.
She's also eager to avoid any posts that market potential cures or treatments.
Field has been less eager to share details about her own romantic history.
So instead, McDonald's is turning to a demographic eager for jobs: baby boomers.
After she recovered, Pace was eager to return to coaching...and also tanning.
They were eager to learn about Karl Popper's thoughts on the open society.
I'll also include further reading suggestions, in case you're eager to go deeper.
Jade (Roper) Tolbert could not be more eager to meet her baby girl!
Even in these tough times, they have approached and they're eager to partner.
She's a pop star, a former Disney Channel darling, and an eager activist.
In Seoul, he sees a dovish liberal leader who&aposs eager for rapprochement.
We're still eager to indulge in them any time, especially when they're free.
This is a searing message, but one that audiences seem eager to hear.
Now that it's gained an international following, celebrities are eager to get involved.
She twists her fingers: they tell you she is eager, waiting for something.
A long tail of smaller FOs are eager participants in more modest deals.
In fact, it seems that people are quite eager to hand him jobs.
With such a daunting in-tray, Mr Ramaphosa is eager to court popularity.
Many companies are eager to heed the call to build landers for NASA.
The Rams were the new hotshots eager to swat down the mighty Seahawks.
Russian officials, eager to see the sanctions lifted or eased, welcomed Trump's election.
The hopefulness that pervades this track has got me eager to hear more.
Whatever that means, the western city of Xi'an is eager to cash in.
Other EU leaders are almost as eager to move on as she is.
Eager to try out Chrome OS, but not ready to ditch Windows entirely?
The people at those local vape stores will be eager to answer them!
Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is eager to seek vengeance against her former captors.
House Democrats are eager to sue, but whether they have standing is unclear.
Investors will be particularly eager to hear when the grounding will be lifted.
Arizona, Utah and Wyoming, all eager to attract startups, are building their own.
Mosqueda says she is eager to tackle the challenges facing USC head-on.
It shows how eager the tech world is to find patterns or trends.
Miguel Díaz-Canel, Cuba's president since April, is eager to boost his popularity.
"No, they don't fly!" answered an eager boy with a neat crew cut.
Or are both couples just uber in love and eager to settle down?
You're looking for the truth and you're eager to make some solid plans.
Hillary Clinton was understandably eager to give her reaction to the reports Monday.
The eager stand at the kerb, craning their necks to search for cars.
Even with the free upgrade, people aren't eager to move off Windows 7.
I am so thankful, excited, nervous, eager, overjoyed and scared all in one!
He was all too eager to exploit terrorism and uncertainty for political gain.
We're eager to do things our own way—Uranus is all about independence.
I mean, he is definitely, definitely eager to go fisticuffs with the press.
O'Rourke is a professional surfer and eager to get back out in water.
None of the journalists in the room were eager to try these things.
Cramer's eager to find out when Activision issues its quarterly results Tuesday evening.
I plodded downstairs to my building's community room, eager to start the yoga.
Senate Republicans looked eager to avoid the second partial government shutdown since December.
But Kenyan society has not been as eager to embrace same-sex relationships.
Commanding deference from everyone, whether they're eager to dole it out or not.
The authorities said they were eager to talk to him, if he survives.
The result was a more empowered membership eager to put pen to paper.
Neither seems particularly eager to let the opportunity of a lifetime slip away.
Naturally, though, we're eager to see when Musk will achieve the same success.
Lord Thomas is eager to make greater use of technology to settle cases.
The Fed is likely not eager to ease the printing of dollar bills.
So now I'm totally confused, but also eager to find out what's next.
Venus opposes Jupiter, and you're eager to take a break from your responsibilities!
Especially if you're healthy and eager to enjoy all that new free time.
You're eager to connect with your loved ones and to beautify your home.
People are so eager to talk about themselves, especially because of social media.
He is surrounded by men eager to get their hands on his product.
We're extremely excited and eager to partner with the investors that we did.

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