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"yet" Definitions
  1. used in negative sentences and questions to talk about something that has not happened but that you expect to happen
  2. (used in negative sentences) now; as soon as this
  3. used to emphasize an increase in number or amount or the number of times something happens
  4. the best, longest, etc. something yet used to emphasize that something is the best, longest, etc. thing of its kind made, produced, written, etc. until now/then
  5. from now until the period of time mentioned has passed
  6. could, might, may, etc. do something yet used to say that something could, might, etc. happen in the future, even though it seems unlikely
  7. yet worse, more importantly, etc. used to emphasize an increase in the degree of something (= how bad, important, etc. it is) synonym even, still

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"yet" Synonyms
still already heretofore hitherto previously earlier theretofore as yet thus far by now so far to date until now up to this time before now even now till now up to now before this earlier on now currently presently at present at the moment at the present time at this moment at this stage at the present moment just now at the minute at this time for the time being right at this time right now so soon straight off this instant here and now further additionally furthermore again also besides moreover along even in addition likewise more then too to boot as well still further into the bargain over and above eventually someday sometime ultimately finally hereafter subsequently in time one day some day in the future after a while after some time at some point at some time in due course in due time in the fullness of time in the long run in time to come all the same nevertheless nonetheless notwithstanding however though withal howbeit regardless anyway anyhow natheless but even so despite that for all that in spite of that still and all having said that conversely instead contrariwise whereas meanwhile while on the other hand in contrast on the flip side by contrast then again au contraire and yet but still on the other side of the coin but then again per contra much more so all the greater all the more to a greater degree to a greater extent although even though just the same at any rate at the same time except only even when except that despite the fact despite the fact that in spite of the fact that notwithstanding the fact that albeit even if altho tho' whilst except for the fact that if it were not for the fact that but then to this day up to the present time More

970 Sentences With "yet"

How to use yet in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "yet" and check conjugation/comparative form for "yet". Mastering all the usages of "yet" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Sparse yet elegant, succinct yet rich, and humorous yet sobering.
The Incessant is personal yet applicable, intimate yet political, blistering yet soothing.
Private yet performative, generous yet stingy, conservative yet rebellious, Swift was a knotty character.
She must be smart yet deferential, firm yet perpetually pleasant, and competent yet self-deprecating.
Her looks are adventurous yet fun, aspirational yet achievable, and daring yet never veer toward shocking territory.
" Schlumberger Limited: "OK, Schlumberger, I told club members from [my charitable trust] ActionAlerts, 'Not yet, not yet, not yet.
Fritz Bauer is a mass, and a mess, of contradictions: crafty yet principled, loyal yet friendless, brooding yet driven.
Swallows up all the contradictions of being enslaved yet being survivors; being oppressed yet being originators; being irresistibly sexy and yet being ignored at times; being hybrid and yet being authentic.
I still search for the wholeness of this seemingly-small yet big, progressive yet rigid, tolerant yet closed, Northern Plain city.
And yet, no one's ready to kick the habit yet.
And Brexit has not yet properly got under way yet.
Yet she soon found herself in yet another toxic relationship.
But society wasn't there yet, they weren't awake enough yet.
Marriage isn't on the horizon yet for the two yet.
She's dramatic yet poised, lovable yet absurd, and impossibly perfect.
Yet the battle for Lagos water is not over yet.
Air sign Aquarius is aloof yet friendly, logical yet wacky.
Louie: You say that, yet you haven't done it yet.
Haven't signed up yet our recaps to your inbox yet?
Yet that awareness has yet to penetrate the public consciousness.
They are personal and yet systematic, fragile and yet nourishing.
It's not too high yet not too low, not too sexy yet not too conservative, not too daring yet not too boring.
He has opened yet another door of possibility, erased yet another myth of inadequacy, expanded yet another plane on which children can dream.
That means building a yet more powerful machine that can reach yet higher energies, and thus generate yet heavier and more interesting particles.
Plus, they've got yet another lead on yet another potential child.
Yet Breitbart still has yet to launch a French-language website.
Except that as of yet, nothing truly bananas has happened yet.
Yet despite this, Toronto is yet to birth a homegrown unicorn.
Yet Superintendent Johnson's appointment is not permanent — at least not yet.
Everything is yet to happen, and as such, yet to disappoint.
Yet many said they knew the worst was yet to come.
" Trump said the mainstream media hadn't yet "figured it out yet.
Yet CDC officials say they're not yet convinced that's the case.
Setsu's perspective renders him yet another man in yet another context.
It is not yet spring, not yet Valentine's Day, in fact.
I've yet to die, so I've yet to go to heaven.
And yet the New Orleans Pelicans still have yet to win.
Yet one thing Facebook isn't — yet — is an e-commerce player.
The fabric can come off as fashionable yet basic, noticeable yet predictable.
Yet most observers think it can soldier on for a while yet.
"Not yet, we still haven't managed to get together yet," he said.
Primates have yet to evolve, and flowers aren't even a thing yet.
Curiously, Mylan hasn't yet said which "additional markets" will be included yet.
Indiegogo hasn't decided yet how it'll represent these types of campaigns yet.
And yet, it's not there yet — or at least not for everyone.
Thus the circle shrank yet again, and yet again, no matter how
Because we're not clear yet on how to do that just yet.
Yet the critical reports continue, and today's was the most damning yet.
Yet a "women's vote" in India has yet to materialize: Women do
But, as of yet, such a fix has yet to actually materialize.
Yet a lasting boom in job-creating investments has yet to materialize.
We don't yet know yet what precise brain abnormalities lead to heautoscopy.
Yet Bloomberg hasn't shown that he has broken through to voters yet.
Yet, none have yet committed to moving species beyond their natural range.
Yet, the weapon has yet to be successfully tested over multiple attempts.
Yet the European project hasn't yet led to a truly shared democracy.
It's not yet clear Trump is yet ready to pay that price.
Yet whatever "this" is, it is not Nixonian, at least not yet.
And yet, and yet, I thought these Knicks offered a rough hope.
And yet, I take solace in knowing Routine isn't dead—yet, anyway.
We're not yet sure what Carol's fate is, or how the survivors will cope with being tossed from yet another frying pan into yet another fire.
There is yet another shooting, yet more false accusations against Reacher and yet another conspiracy that leads from the power corridors of Washington to New Orleans.
His son has not yet been formally charged, yet is now in jail.
So, some of the most exciting data has yet to be gathered yet.
The YSDT dancers move like this often, tender yet aggressive; tenacious yet desperate.
" The tones are described as "compelling yet uncomplicated, rich yet purposeful and restrained.
Yet this year's Sundance lineup might be its most crucial, and timely, yet.
"My year has been the hardest yet most rewarding one yet," she wrote.
We don't yet know why the as yet unidentified officer pulled the trigger.
And yet, we're not there yet — current self-driving cars aren't really smart.
And yet, true racial equality in our education system is yet to materialize.
Yet no Senate Republicans have come out against the skinny repeal plan yet.
Elegant, yet delicious, unassuming, yet flavorful, the poppyseed muffin won't let you down.
Yet programmes aimed at this crucial phase have not yet altered many destinies.
"The company doesn't know yet what it doesn't know yet," the manager said.
Yet Qatar's women's teams have not yet reached qualifying standards for the Olympics.
Yet the primary vehicle, at least in the display business, didn't yet exist.
And yet, the worst of his presidency may still be yet to come.
Yet Mr Prayuth's team has yet to evince a flair for economic management.
Chen's style is easygoing yet analytical, hilarious yet existential, poignant, and always surprising.
Rules have yet to be written, and social mores yet to be established.
Yet among several seemingly motionless sailboats, a shadowy yet distinct shape stood out.
He's on snapchat acting hurt but he's yet to come see Dream yet!
Yet, many public housing authorities across the country have yet to follow suit.
Yet it is not yet clear who at the federal level has jurisdiction.
As of yet, Pope Francis has yet to weigh in on the McVatican.
Yet the real problems for America and the world are yet to come.
Yet there aren't many signs Mr. Sanders plans to do so just yet.
The disease, also called COVID-19, hasn't yet hit pandemic status quite yet.
We don't yet have sufficient data to run any of these models yet.
He delivered a subtle yet important message: Do not commit to anyone yet.
It was amazing, yet also absurd; strangely captivating, yet also campy and ridiculous.
I don't think we're there yet because the fundamentals haven't really deteriorated yet.
Yet it is yet another sign of the turmoil in American politics today.
Yet those concerns have yet to halt the stock market's seemingly unstoppable advance.
Yet history slips past you, right before your eyes yet never fully grasped.
I have yet to see any progress made on that problem quite yet.
Yet the majority of firms are not yet confident enough to plan hiring.
And fast food in Kuwait has not yet reached a saturation point yet.
She was sensuality in its full range: aggressive, yet gentle, forward, yet coy.
In some ways, the finale was a compendium of "Thrones" greatest hits: There was yet another regicide, yet another jailing of Tyrion, yet another scattering of Starks.
Back then, Syndergaard had not yet pitched in the majors, Yoenis Cespedes had not yet played for the Mets and Jeurys Familia was not yet the closer.
He has not gone to court yet and has not yet entered a plea.
Yet relatively simple quantum field theories haven't been demonstrated to be mathematically consistent yet.
Those bills haven't moved yet because there hasn't yet been a threat to DACA.
I mean, we haven't set it up yet, but I would think not yet.
Edwards has not yet entered a plea and not yet been given a bond.
Yet despite their rollout on Facebook and Messenger, they haven't come to Instagram yet.
Yet despite weeks of talks, the officials have yet to come to an agreement.
The remaining donations will go to charities he has not yet picked out yet.
Yet despite this prolonged spree, one long-standing milestone has yet to be passed.
What she felt afterward—rejected yet another time, by yet another man—was regret.
Yet I'm now learning that the world may not be rid of MouseJack yet.
"Last night was yet another test, and Donald Trump failed yet again," Clinton said.
He has yet to appear in court and has not yet entered a plea.
He has not yet hired an attorney and has yet to enter a plea.
Yet it hasn't yet been enough to relieve a shortage of homes for sale.
Yet, despite undoubted promise, bots are yet to take off in a meaningful way.
Yet the bill has yet to be brought to the floor for a vote.
First, as he hasn't even been inaugurated yet, he hasn't separated any families yet.
The report adds "the deals are not yet signed and sealed" as of yet.
We don't understand all of it yet, so I'm just really not sure yet.
Yet the credit market is "not accurately reflecting the dangers yet," according to Kelly.
Yet many countries have yet to build any official framework for coordinating with healers.
I was 28, stuck in yet another manic episode in yet another psychiatric ward.
In yet another visit to yet another lavish estate, Shiv can't stop sabotaging herself.
We have not yet had anyone admit being in IRGC or QUDS forces yet.
Juniac said higher fuel price had not yet been passed on in fares yet.
Yet — and there is a yet — one wonders if Trump can pull this off.
She has not yet entered a plea because she hasn't been formally charged yet.
Ratification is yet to be done and India too is yet to do it.
The freeze itself has not yet been made final, so opponents cannot yet sue.
I can't say who it is just yet because it's not quite there yet.
She was simultaneously virginal yet sexy, career-focused yet domestic, elegant yet approachable; she didn't just "enjoy being a girl" — she presented an uncomplicated, nigh-mythical image of womanhood.
Acutely aware of his situation, he is a man of juxtapositions; he is optimistic yet dejected, patient yet anxious, buoyed by supporters from around the world, yet completely isolated.
"There's yet another record, and yet another record, and yet another record," said Pfister, referring to the increased frequency of record-breaking heat as average temperatures continue to climb.
Nothing show-stopping (yet), but I wouldn't put this on my daily driver just yet.
Yet it's the only one of those locations we haven't visited yet in King's Landing.
Yet even beyond the six-month point, I haven't yet purchased an Apple Watch myself.
"They have not yet been on trial and yet they remain in jail," Stone said.
Yet, Lindsay Jillian (Kether Donohue) had yet to get her own big, emotionally revealing storyline.
So much swelling is yet to go down & so much healing is yet to happen.
Yet many have been returning to work, and plenty more may yet follow (see article).
It might be the only carbon-reduction policy Trump hasn't gone after directly yet. Yet.
Yet the reality is, Canada hasn't yet seen any terror attacks from returnees like Huzaifa.
These new drugs don't yet have generic alternatives ready because they aren't off patent yet.
"You're not big enough yet and prepared enough yet to do them all," she said.
Yet we see another attempt to launch yet another round of investigations into Planned Parenthood.
How well it works I don't know yet because we haven't yet done our review.
It was breathtakingly daring yet well-proportioned, divinely sophisticated, yet radiating a distinctly human warmth.
Yet, we see another attempt to launch yet another round of investigations into Planned Parenthood.
The next morning, Bush strolled into yet another public school for yet another town hall.
Mr. Greenberg joined a team that, like him, was idealistic yet pragmatic, deliberate yet unafraid.
The theater slips into intermission, yet the plot darkens yet more in the later acts.
But we haven't seen the results yet — and sadly the worst is yet to come.
And yet not all major Jewish American organizations have spoken up yet about Bannon's appointment.
Yet I sensed that they also felt embarrassed: No solid action has been taken yet.
We don't know that yet, and I don't think the federal government knows that yet.
Not many pollsters have done Trump job approval ratings yet, since he's not president yet.
But the complication with Serena is that she has not yet quite gotten hers yet.
Let's start with the one that doesn't exist yet, or has not launched yet,
And yet Turner served just three months of that sentence, setting off yet another firestorm.
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And yet, the company had yet to make good docks for your iPhone and Apple Watch.
No prominent politicians have raised objections as of yet, but no deal has yet been announced.
The Air Force has not yet ordered the planes, so there are no cost overruns yet.
I know I don't have that caché in this company yet or in this sport yet.
The Press-Enterprise reports both have not yet been arraigned and have not yet entered pleas.
Uber has not yet publicly offered him the job, and he hasn't yet publicly accepted it.
Yet DeepMind's research agenda is not—or not yet—the same thing as a business model.
Lyft's loyalty program  — also announced in November — has yet to make its way to riders yet.
From a logical standpoint, I've yet to get married, so I haven't actually known yet — right?
Yet the kitschy daytime clamor works, while Sadelle's stab at evening elegance hasn't come together yet.
"We can't tell you our expansion plans yet simply because it's not finalized yet," Vacher said.
Yet still, we have yet to see a company in the on-demand space go public.
And yet — and yet — Rosengren and friends seem to really, really want to hike rates. Really?
And yet the president hasn&apost fired any of these folks yet, so we will see.
If you're not yet able to use 3D Touch inside of Facebook yet, just be patient.
However, the company hasn't yet committed to building out an AR "border wall" as of yet.
Here's the catalogue, even if you aren't in a country that has the goods yet yet.
Yet, while Toronto is yet to see any businesses hit that magical unicorn status, Waterloo has.
I haven't yet tried this beast out fully yet but on first blush it's very impressive.
Yet any dent that's been made to its credibility has yet to affect its financial health.
CT: Could one of them be China, because you're not yet in China yet as well?
Yet he had not yet formally joined Canyon Bridge, and had not let Cypress' board know.
Yet, somehow, it has not yet gotten a hearing, let alone a vote on the floor.
And yet for all the hype, none of these bots seem to work that well yet.
And yet this incredible track record of surprises does not seem to be yet priced in.
Google tells the webmasters of sites that are not yet mobile-optimized to not panic yet.
The polls hadn't yet closed and she hadn't yet officially obtained a majority of pledged delegates.
We don't know yet exactly what these crews are creating—because they haven't created it yet.
Yet season four is shot through with some of The Americans' most plaintively touching moments yet.
His wish was to be perceived as more masculine yet not male, feminine yet not female.
Yet. Yet. But even then, there's so much more space than there is on the ground.
However, the researchers don't think their method can yet be considered a replacement for histopathology yet.
Or not yet, at least – a defining performance in the final could yet change that perception.
These cases are the closest yet to Washington, D.C., which has not yet reported any cases.
The space embraces all kinds of contradictions — cold but intimate, remote yet accessible, incomprehensive yet inclusive.
Yet despite those clear advantages, Biden hasn't yet committed to throwing his hat into the ring.
It simply has yet to be fulfilled … has yet to realize its greatest contribution to civilization.
Yet, if you look again, you find a durable past that may just save us yet.
Yet here Ian McDiarmid's nefarious character is, up on the throne and cackling away yet again.
Yet so far, his team has yet to come up with serious proposals beyond vague platitudes.
The events of 1968 were fallout from change that was major, yet incomplete; destabilizing, yet inadequate.
We haven't seen the fruits of his cooperation yet, and he has not yet been sentenced.
It's so absurd and yet horrific, and yet it's strangely not a story that's often told.
On yet another cold day, we once again ignore the fancier shoes in our closets and opt for yet another black boot or athletic sneaker for yet another snow-stomping morning.
Yet now he believes the correction "hasn't trickled down yet" but maybe will by next Demo Day.
Trump's biggest moment yet It amounted to Trump's biggest moment yet in his 11 days in office.
Much of the stolen $101m has yet to be retrieved; the masterminds are yet to be identified.
Zenly doesn't want to become yet another messaging app, or yet another feed-based social network app.
Yet the storm of scandal has yet to capsize reforms or sink hopes of an economic recovery.
" Hannah Ray, a spokeswoman for Murkowski, told CNN, "Senator Murkowski hasn't yet reviewed the Graham resolution yet.
That paper surveyed the largest sample yet of coronavirus patients but has not yet been peer-reviewed.
Yet, there are no easy ways to sell those loose leaves of romaine — at least, not yet.
The nearly impervious door leads to yet another long, dark staircase that leads to yet another door.
Yet politicians in positions of power are apparently intent on waging yet another self-defeating crypto war.
If you don't see the information yet, it might not be rolled out to your location yet.
City officials warned that the crisis was not yet over; the recovery, certainly, has not yet begun.
Though the lineup has yet to be announced, many hope that Wavy will make yet another appearance.
Yet another was built for yet more men, and to provide methadone and mental services, in 1978.
Boeing has developed a fix for the software but regulators haven't yet signed off on it yet.
In yet another outlandish transcript of a Donald Trump interview, the president made yet another outlandish claim.
They're Apple's thinnest and lightest MBPs yet, with the fastest CPUs yet, but you probably figured that.
But because the case hasn't come up in court yet, the question is not yet legally settled.
And yet, it shouldn't come as a complete surprise that yet another school is at it again.
Pricing hasn't yet been announced, and we don't know if it'll be available outside of Europe yet.
We're not there yet, which is why today's bots are merely interesting, but not yet must-haves.
Yet many Arctic cities have not yet implemented monitoring, which could lead to expensive long-term problems.
The new as-yet unnamed company is looking to complementary yet distinct business models to drive growth.
But the car doesn't exist yet, and Dyson has yet to decide where it will be manufactured.
On yet another hand, Russia does have spy whales, although it's not claiming this one just yet.
Clinton has yet to win a state that she needs, and Trump has yet to lose one.
Yet no one is yet sure of how much of a threat they pose to commercial airliners.
Yet, some nine months later, Brunt has still yet to calve, or break off, the looming iceberg.
Apple itself has yet to officially launch AirPlay 2 for iOS yet; it's still in beta testing.
Pricing for the 2018 BMW X3 hasn't yet been announced and fuel economy figures aren't yet available.
And yet Murray surely does not want Kyrgios's tennis game to grow up too fast just yet.
London's Starling, while older yet yet with fewer customers than those rivals, says it's fast catching up.
Dazzling yet shabby, abundant yet decaying, the East London street market is a ramshackle bazaar of contradictions.
The full scope of the investigation is not yet clear, and no one has yet been charged.
We haven't yet seen a single minute of this show, yet we can't help but be intrigued.
Yet, though Quammen shapes a truly fascinating tale, it's clear that this story is not yet finished.
Yet the activism is cyclical, and the issue has yet to be a defining issue in elections.
Yet there was one puzzle he Mad-Hatterly posed Whose solution no one has yet to suppose.
Since Cohen has yet to be sentenced, he is, at least technically, not yet a convicted felon.
It is the most complete survey yet staged of this artist's rebellious, peripatetic, yet profoundly unified achievement.
The conclusion: sellers are not yet exhausted, and buyers are not yet enthusiastic about the lower prices.
The game doesn't have a release date yet, and Sony has yet to show off any gameplay.
Yet, despite the compelling need to build climate resilience, the nation hasn't even mastered the basics yet.
"Can we live the story not yet told, and the possibility not yet imagined?" the chorus asks.
A court date has not yet been set and he has not yet been charged with a crime.
As of yet, L.A.'s city authorities have not yet given Musk permission to dig on public ground.
I think that we simply see in them problems yet to be considered, plans yet to be realized.
Now, Trump hasn't been sworn in yet, so the OGE's rule might not apply to him just yet.
The group was getting pounded on Tuesday, but had yet to break that key level of support yet.
A. We have found property that's of interest, but as of yet, have not yet made the deal.
The reason the Senate hasn't yet approved his nomination is that he hasn't actually been officially nominated yet.
Facebook says it hasn't yet reviewed the organic activity linked to the accounts that bought the ads yet.
Just two weeks after debuting her blondest hair yet, Khloé Kardashian decided to switch things up yet again.
Yet for now, as last week, a health-warning applies: do not write off Mrs Merkel just yet.
Yet Tagami still lost her case, proving yet again why protests like Go Topless Day are so important.
Yet these ideas have yet to make it commercially—one thing OryLab is trying to change with OriHime.
We have not yet even started figuring out who he is, yet, let alone who he will be.
Yet, her most recent procedure, a stem cell transplant while taking high dose chemotherapy, was the hardest yet.
Yet despite its importance to Big Blue's strategy, Watson sales figures aren't yet disclosed in its financial statements.
Carmelo Anthony is long gone, yet this offense has yet to make any honest attempt to modernize itself.
And yet, for all that we know, there is so much more that we have yet to discover.
However, we don't yet know how the user interface to going into split screen will work just yet.
But eradicating it needs Iraqi troops (as yet unprepared) and ground forces in Syria (as yet non-existent).
It doesn't mean that we've found a solution to it yet or even working on the solution yet.
Yet there is an undeniable beauty in the human experience they knew existed, but had yet to pinpoint.
Some aren't even possible yet while others are simply not yet socially acceptable because it's technically still summer.
This combination produced a uniquely American hunting culture that was at once cosmopolitan yet local, patrician yet democratic.
The victims have not yet been identified and family notifications have not yet been made, according to authorities.
And yet, the frankfurter's association with canines has lead to yet another controversy surrounding everybody's favorite tubular food.
Since we aren't done yet, we can't yet go through the different elements of the statement of objections.
Yet, median survival among the study participants who received both immunotherapy and chemo has not yet been reached.
At first, the orchestral music unfolds with alternating chords, bright yet ominous, packed with pitches, yet somehow lucid.
Yet the attacks on Abqaiq and Khurais—if Iran was indeed responsible—are its most serious provocations yet.
I was kidding, really, carrying on like Meryl Streep prepping for yet another scene in yet another movie.
On break point, Federer tried yet another drop shot on Nadal and yet again it did not work.
Yet there is no sign yet that these meetings have altered the president's long-held skepticism of Nafta.
And yet here we are, because stonks yet again did wild things that we have to talk about.
The government though is yet to act on these recommendations and is yet to finalise regulations around cryptocurrencies.
KS: Yeah, when you come back, when you're driving, but not yet, you're not going to drive yet.
The handwriting was on the wall — yet another round, yet another U.S. Open, was going to end badly.
Yet fast-forward to 2020 and polling indicates that full-throated Jewish support for Sanders hasn't yet materialized.
They are not there yet, however, and the format of any such race has yet to be decided.
The exact timeline of the crash is yet to emerge, and most victims are yet to be identified.
Yet Sessions has yet to say or do anything publicly to hint that he's leaning in that direction.
The paper says authorities have yet to interview McGregor, and he has yet to be charged as well.
And yet the future doesn't feel like it's really in the hands of the Cuban people yet, either.
We don't yet know for sure if there will be articles of impeachment because we're not there yet.
But we haven't yet been able to show that we have signs, real signs, of ancient life yet.
And yet quite what that legacy is, exactly who this icon was, is not yet set in stone.
Since 2014, Phoenix increased service by 28 percent, yet its ridership dropped 8 percent; Atlanta increased service 21625 percent, yet ridership dropped 2900 percent; Austin increased service 220006 percent, yet ridership dropped 2202 percent.
MACCALLUM: Yes, I mean, the Mueller report is not out yet, the I.G. report is not out yet and yet conclusions have been completely drawn by some of the people that we&aposre talking about.
" Camping World Holdings: "I think it trades with Thor, frankly, whether it should or not, and Thor hit another 52-week low today, so I am going to say not yet, not yet, not yet.
Yet careful examination of the data inevitably leads to one possible, disturbing conclusion: A potential adversary of the United States has mastered technologies we do not yet understand to achieve capabilities we cannot yet match.
Yet it doesn't look as though Prince George is likely to join them onto the high seas just yet.
If there's not yet a consensus of observation and experiment, there is no yet established truth in that field.
That scientists don't yet know which microbes affect weight yet doesn't matter; diet fads do not wait for science.
After all, humans will still need to be around — robots aren't smart enough yet to fully take over yet.
Staff have not yet been informed of the closure, yet Mashable Australia understands an announcement will occur next week.
Gays didn't exist yet, so they were totally gay, they just didn't know it was called being gay yet!
If it hasn't been clear yet: Ant-Man and the Wasp is the funniest movie Marvel has made yet.
The universe can welcome yet another entrant into the space race, and yet another company into Richard Branson's portfolio.
Officials have also not yet identified a suspect or potential motive, and autopsy details have not yet been released.
I have yet to see episode two so I'm not sure what to make of this reveal quite yet.
Yet Rousteing doesn't think he's made it yet — at 31, he still thinks he has a lot to achieve.
This location was introduced in season four, but as of yet, Epic has yet to do anything with it.
An Uber spokesperson declined to comment and a Didi one has not yet gotten back to me as yet.
The window is closing — but hasn't yet slammed shut — on buying a policy for the as-yet-unnamed storm.
Company lawyers told him the clause didn't yet apply because it had only been "exploring", not yet implementing monetization.
We're yet to see a real backlash—though that's surely because the problem has not yet reached its zenith.
Now, she's taking yet another crack at the timeless trend with what we think are her best bangs yet.
Top-To-Bottom Tie Dye Have we convinced you yet to upcycle your pit- and sauce-stained clothing yet?
I have not yet set up the technological Bluetooth connectivity yet but will have to give that a try!
Yet almost three and a half years since the conflict eruption, Sana'a remains so close yet doggedly so far.
Shetland sheepdogs are known for being extremely intelligent, yet their wits haven't swayed the judges at Westminster just yet.
Yet it is clear the Russia-US relationship has not been easily reset and sanctions cannot yet be lifted.
Yet this recent period of protest doesn't yet have the common and consistent messaging as the Tea Party did.
The book's spine had yet to be creased; its margins yet to be filled with the mutterings of professors.
Samsung hit with yet another massive recall Samsung hit with yet another massive recall It's not just the phones.
Yet he wouldn't be surprised to see the patient again next year, with results from yet another PSA test.
Yet Microsoft knows that not every company is ready to move to this modern device management system just yet.
And yet, he didn't turn over the man who yet had kept him prisoner for more than a month.
Yet the Trump administration has yet to produce its own evidence, more than a year since it took office.
And yet— And yet despite all my healing I still feel that something important, something vital, has eluded me.
And yet, they remain silent, even though Trump has yet to release his tax returns to the public. 10.
The latter is a term as yet largely absent in popular American political discourse, yet its principles are not.
Everyone seemed to realize we had just heard the "Meistersinger" of our dreams — spacious yet urgent, playful yet profound.
Yet curiously, the Trump Treasury Department has not yet produced a dynamic analysis of the president's pet legislative project.
We're really not there yet with any application so I think there's a whole ground yet to be discovered.
As Atlassian tells me, the new search tools are not yet available in the hosted version of Bitbucket yet.
Yet after just 100 days in power, it is perilously close to deepening its involvement in yet another quagmire.
Yet there remains no obvious successor for Kelly, which is why many believe Trump has not replaced him yet.
Yet here we are, again in a somewhat tighter contest and prepared for yet another swing in the polls.
No hands are held yet, no kisses dared; yet they dream of love, what might grow from borrowed ground.
The SPD have yet to decide how to elect their next leader and no one has yet stepped forward.
Same exact thing, and yet the hospital administrators are saying, 'Oooh, I don't think we can take those yet.
Alaska has not yet taken delivery of any of its 737 MAX jets yet, although the other three have.
Hilarious-yet-heart-wrenching, topical-yet-timeless, this story of thirty-something birdies finding themselves in adulthood is faultless.
And yet -- it seems that Harry and Meghan aren't yet prepared to relinquish quite all of their royal perks.
Prosecutors had not yet said what they'd do with those charges, and Manafort had not yet appealed the conviction.
But with McSally yet to make her plans official, the field might not yet have fully developed. 6. Rep.
It was late afternoon, yet "DAU" didn't seem to have woken up yet, despite being a 24-hour operation.
As I step recklessly into time I have not yet lived, into this book I have not yet written.
There is nobody there yet, and the courts, the grass, is so green because they haven't been used yet.
Yet EU diplomats said there was no appetite around the table to drop the axe on Britain just yet.
Yet now when I call her to talk politics, news, love, and work, she maintains she hasn't voted yet.
But that was a small price to pay for a film that didn't have some mysterious alien creature yet again destroying some planet / world / universe yet again, until our costumed heroes could stop them yet again.
Yet more AI… Yet it's AI-powered platforms that have been caught amplifying fakes and accelerating hates and incentivizing sociopathy.
And yet coming away from the profile, I wonder if YouTube has yet to grasp the challenge ahead of it.
Yet the black students in the audience — peers, yet strangers to me — rushed the stage in tears to congratulate me.
Although there has been lots of speculation, Amazon hasn't yet announced the day of its annual shopping extravaganza just yet.
Technically, Haugland is correct — there are no rules yet for the national convention, so the delegates are not bound yet.
Yet we don't know for sure, as Magic Leap has yet to show off a device in a public demonstration.
Yet Son's main Vision Fund 1 backer, Saudi Arabia, has yet to lend its firepower and validation for the sequel.
Yet a further referendum on the issue is now threatened, so Brussels may have to bend its rules yet again.
Yet in his new autobiography, Not Dead Yet: The Memoir, the "One More Night" singer is totally brutal – on himself.
He has yet to plea to the charges against him and has not yet hired a lawyer to represent him.
If your home is not yet equipped with app-controlled lights or locks yet, there's an Amazon device for you.
In short, it's very, very early days yet for this project, which means all of these details could yet change.
"There's nothing official yet — I haven't gotten into that camp yet — but I pray that that will happen," says Kole.
Kate Sweeney's works are both loud and soft, understated yet decisive, yet anchored by the artist's unadulterated love for science.
The zoo does not know the sex of each red panda cub yet, and has yet to name the trio.
"It's not over yet, and October is not over yet," said Jeffrey Hirsch, editor-in-chief of Stock Traders Almanac.
Yet Republican congressman Blake Farenthold who, like Conyers, settled a complaint brought against, has yet to face the same pressure.
Markle's attendance was yet another a break with tradition, as she has not yet actually married into the royal family.
It's funny, we don't even understand yet what's going on in our microbiome, yet we want to travel to Mars.
We're not a great defensive team yet and this is the best offensive team yet we've played and it showed.
But but that doesn't yet provide relief, simply because these few seed banks aren't yet reliable, complete, or well-funded.
She couldn't find a backpack that checked all the boxes — feminine yet durable, comfortable yet sleek, utilitarian and still beautiful.
Democratic leadership is urging reserved actions about using the impeachment word just yet since the investigations haven't revealed enough yet.
When Klinsmann took over, the Americans were the same as they always were – conservative yet tenacious, limited, yet mentally stout.
It's possible that my hardware was defective, but I haven't had the chance to try yet another loaner watch yet.
Graham referred to Hodgkinson as a "nut job," but as yet, we don't know yet whether he was mentally ill.
But the meeting hasn't yet been publicly announced and Menendez indicated last week he hadn't yet agreed to the meeting.
Yet some of the Republican supporters of the Queen of the Hill rule have yet to back the discharge petition.
A crash report with the DMV has yet to be posted, so all the details have yet to be confirmed.
Yet some digital currency watchers warn of too much enthusiasm for blockchain projects that have yet to show practical application.
Sturdy yet attractive, space-saving yet comfortable, the American Standard Cambridge Integral Apron Bathtub is ideal for families and adults.
It's not yet clear what Schlapp's exact role will be and her hire has yet to be formally announced internally.
Detectives are not yet commenting on what evidence led to Tuesday's arrest of Feit, who doesn't yet have an attorney.
"We have not filmed it yet and I don't know if the person knows yet or not," Nicotero tells THR.
Yet, Google and Yahoo's projects on secure end-to-end encrypted email have yet to see the light of day.
NOT YET: There's no word yet on a Yahoo data breach hearing but we'll let you know if that changes.
Yet things could always be worse; the economy is doing well and Trump has not yet started any real wars.
Yet they have little choice but to chance exposing their yet-to-be-vaccinated babies any time they leave home.
We're talking about how a withdrawal that hasn't happened yet is affecting an agreement that hasn't gone into effect yet.
First, an extraordinary 1905, delicate yet energetic, pretty and fragile yet with a tensile strength that kept the wine vibrant.
The Trump administration is down yet another member, and yet again the dramatic firing seems to have unfolded on Twitter.
There is no rational therapy for it yet because the mechanism for which it occurs has yet to be established.
The billing codes are not yet in place on electronic medical records, so medical professionals haven't been ordering them yet.
Many of us have yet to figure things out for ourselves, have yet to hold our own in the world.
Yet the timeline is extremely ambitious, especially since the key decision over a manufacturing site has yet to be made.
It is not yet clear what caused the collapse and police have yet to release the identity of the deceased.
LG: The Oral-B one has not been released yet, and they have not yet announced a price for it.
With two home games yet on the schedule, for Manning, maybe the final, inspiring chapter has not yet been written.
However, China has yet to be labeled a currency manipulator, and NAFTA is yet to be torn up as promised.
And yet she's never quite managed to cross over into the mainstream: She's adored, and yet somehow still under-appreciated.
Because the results have yet to be confirmed, Kozyrskyj is not yet ready to recommend consumers buy eco-friendly products.
Republicans have not yet released text of a possible skinny repeal plan, so its exact provisions are not yet clear.
Yet she also poses for him, and as her face brightens, it seems she's not ready to vanish just yet.
I think about those bears every time yet another allegation of sexual misconduct against yet another powerful man becomes public.
The yet-to-materialize border wall boasts so much strength in length or height, yet it ends at some point.
Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads CHICAGO — Chicago Works: Jessica Campbell at Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art is an astonishing number of things at once: dark yet upbeat; art historical yet populist; heavily political yet oblique and mysterious.
In September, Facebook announced yet another yet another breach, affecting an estimated 50 million, connected to the platform's "View As" feature.
McConnell's office is not officially signaling their move yet, responding to CNN's inquiries that they have not yet seen Feinstein's bills.
"(Institutional investors) haven't invested in this ecosystem yet because they haven't yet found the right vehicle," said Cedric Jeanson, BitSpread's founder.
The company's new phones aren't yet available to the public quite yet: the Pixel 4 and 4 XL ship October 24.
I'm certain there are ghosts I have yet to find, puzzles I have yet to crack, and secrets worth sussing out.
Grad school was limbo for me, where I didn't want to work yet, and I didn't want to leave school yet.
And yet, despite being completed for nearly five years, Spaceport America hasn't sent any space tourists up to the heavens yet.
Now weighing a little over 120 grams each, they're both yet-to-be-named as their sexes are not yet known.
The app was updated to support Apple TV in 2014 but, sadly, has not yet been updated to 64-bit yet.
I have a lot to be thankful for this year.. My year has been the hardest yet most rewarding one yet.
She hasn't met her daughter and she doesn't get that bond yet because Kelsey doesn't have that in her life yet.
Spencer Cannon said chances of finding DeDios alive were bleak but officials were not yet calling off their rescue operation yet.
It's a dish that seems to speak to the pan-Chinese ethos at King's County: delicious yet simple, ubiquitous yet finessed.
Yet the European members of the international accord, livid at Trump over his withdrawal, have yet to commit to that effort.
" TheBlaze founder Glenn Beck tweeted Saavedra's story and added , "Hey, has anyone figured out yet why people don't trust CNN yet?
Yet, for all of his reach, he has yet to win over another creator very well-liked on YouTube: Ariana Grande.
It looks absolutely stunning in this landscape, fragile yet powerful, forthright yet mysterious, with the sun glinting off its curving surface.
Facebook also has yet to roll out its mid-roll video ads, so it's not fully monetizing its video content yet.
If you haven't yet voted in the presidential primaries yet, choose wisely — your next president may eat pizza with a fork.
A number of states are already wrestling with these regulatory questions and we certainly don't yet have all the answers yet.
Yet patriotic reactions of a less traditional or more intimate sort, while not yet tracked by polling, also deserve our attention.
The cars won't actually drive themselves yet, though, because they require software that is highly regulated and not yet publicly available.
"We are not there yet," he said, and no work is yet under way to develop drugs targeting the identified mutations.
Yet the tax-cut has yet not sheltered Republicans as much as they once hoped in the gathering 2018 campaign storm.
These different modes are designed to scale across a variety of hardware, including hardware that has not yet been released yet.
"There's no meeting yet, and frankly, the White House isn't even needed yet," John Feal told CNN's "New Day" on Tuesday.
"The market is not yet saturated and there are all kinds of niches that have yet to be filled," Fiorani said.
Yet the longing for a benevolent yet useful form of "people-sorting" would spur the invention of the Myers-Briggs test.
And if I move to yet another state, sales tax issues might yet be in my future, given this new ruling.
MUFG has yet to finalize the plans, the sources said, declining to be identified because the information was not yet public.
Opponents argue that CRRC does not yet present a significant threat in Europe, where it has not yet won a contract.
Yet Alfa Development, a firm that jumped on the green bandwagon early, does not seem ready to jump off just yet.
Behind its thin cloak of democracy, not yet 30 years old, the region nurses traumas that have yet to be treated.
No Zika vaccines have been approved yet — and what vaccines are in development have not yet made it to human trials.
Yet more than five years later, legislators have yet to take the bold actions necessary to make that guarantee a reality.
There's no new Affordable Care Act yet; the House passed a very bad bill, but the Senate has yet to act.
Do we have a sense yet of how they're going to decide who's actually going to be called, if anyone yet?
But there are many patients who have not yet been diagnosed, there are many patients who have not yet been treated.
The editor, Ethan Barton, said the outlet had not yet been served with the lawsuit and therefore could not respond yet.
Fox-Disney hasn't yet signaled if it will let Roberts take Sky or will fight back with yet another higher offer.
It is pacifist and environmentalist, yet protectionist; socially liberal, yet wary of immigration; keen on Putin's Russia, but only intermittently Eurosceptic.
Even people who could never afford a Lamborghini get upset by the idea of yet another automaker making yet another SUV.
And yet here was something that seemed, in an oblique yet attractively obvious way, to capture an important aspect of 2017.
Christie is America's most hated governor, with a 15 percent approval rating, yet legislators have not yet overridden his outrageous veto.
But then came perhaps the worst environmental catastrophe yet: the dual blow of a little ice age and yet another pandemic.
Tesla said it had not yet received car data and did not yet know the facts, including whether Autopilot was engaged.
"Sport has been that change agent, and yet when we come to these issues, we're not ready to go there yet."
I cannot comment on the accuracy of it yet based on my own tests, because I haven't done those tests yet.
Such sanctuary resolutions could face legal challenges but backers say they have yet to face a lawsuit, in part because the Washington initiative has yet to take effect and the Illinois and New Mexico legislation has yet to pass.
Typically, this involves a figure who resembles — well, Bob Dylan: a countercultural, bookish wanderer who does something involving words, and who is eloquent yet mysterious, wise yet innocent, charismatic yet elusive (and also, perhaps not coincidentally, a white dude).
Apple has gotten considerable flack for equipping the MacBook with just one port and, worse yet, one that almost nobody uses yet.
Reed and Denen have yet to enter pleas to the charges against them and records show they've yet to retain legal counsel.
Rory is about to face one of her biggest challenges yet, and we don't yet know how Lorelai will feel about it.
He said that the country had not yet shared any information with any country on the Khashoggi case yet, however, Reuters reported.
I haven't made anyone pay me with Apple Pay in iMessages yet, because it apparently doesn't work yet, but I will soon.
Now the Nuffield Council, after conducting an independent inquiry, has approved yet another controversial fertility treatment, albeit one that doesn't exist yet.
CEO Elon Musk hasn't tweeted about the delay yet, and the company has not yet responded to a Gizmodo request for comment.
The actors themselves don't yet have access to the season 8 scripts yet, Uproxx reports, so we've got no intel on that.
Yet all the fact-checking by all the news organizations hasn't yet produced even a shudder on the dial of public opinion.
Staring into the glass cases, I was immediately struck with the impossible, yet stereotypical, wish for something timeless, and yet completely unique.
We don't have kids yet, so we're in no we both love our short commutes too much to leave yet.
Yet the overhang of gloom about weaker corporate earnings and the risk of increased downgrades and defaults has yet to lift completely.
As their debt grew, they promised grain not yet grown and calves not yet born, along with a farmhouse and other property.
If you've not yet listened to My Dad Wrote a Porno, you've not yet truly experienced the full range of your emotions.
" In a press conference Thursday morning, Clinton told reporters that the forum was "yet another test and Donald Trump failed yet again.
Despite all the attention, Ronaldo has yet to put her on his Instagram page -- so, it's not official ... at least not yet.
That hasn't happened yet, but when it does, it would add yet another layer of voice integration for compatible home theater gadgets.
Medical examiners have yet to reveal a cause of death in this case, and investigators have yet to comment on a motive.
"We're yet to get clarity around performance benchmarks and have yet to see significant improvements in performance and user experience," Rio said.
Yet another duplicitous captain betrays Burnham, who gets yet another chance to choose a path other than the most violent, destructive one.
Yet, that doesn't mean virginity doesn't still have an effect on the world, because everyone hasn't gotten this very important message yet.
Yet what such resistance might amount to, as the Trump administration enters yet another worrying new phase, is open to significant doubt.
Mike Lee, but Lee hasn't seen the bill yet and is not yet sure whether he supports it, according to his office.
It is not yet clear whether the case has any links to terrorism and the man has not yet been formally charged.
With group calling, Messenger is even more powerful, yet it still can't yet compete with Google Hangouts or Skype for video calls.
Rimsevics, whose term of office ends later this year, has yet to face trial and no trial date has been set yet.
Small wonder that yet another group of Republicans has mounted yet another long-shot effort to deprive Mr. Trump of the nomination.
President Trump is back from Europe and back on his phone, with some of his most disturbing (yet properly spelled!) allegations yet.
But some health experts say that it's not yet time for Bright Health to pop the proverbial champagne, at least not yet.
"We felt we needed to make things official because we weren't yet citizens, and yet the kids were American," Ms. Coles said.
While Kemp has declared victory in the contest, Abrams has yet to concede and national outlets have yet to call the election.
"I'm not convinced on the deal yet and I think there are a number of folks who aren't convinced yet," said Sen.
Grisham has yet to confirm the two leader spouses will pair up on Friday, yet the British press has widely reported it.
But it's Ms. Davi — whose Julia is sensual yet sensible, feminine yet flinty, embodying poise and intelligence — who generates the star power.
Moncrieff has yet to be developed with streets and houses — so don't expect to be playing your air guitar there just yet.
Despite announcing his resignation, Zarif had yet to officially tender it to Rouhani, who had yet to accept it by Tuesday afternoon.
His work has a streamlined intelligence, attention to detail and austere beauty that make it seem transparent yet mysterious, straightforward yet perverse.
Voter anger boils over at yet another Republican town hall Voter anger boils over at yet another Republican town hall Republican Sen.
And you know it's bad—you know it's going to be bad—when you open your eyes, but not yet, not yet.
As student debt grabs headlines at "crisis" levels, senior debt has yet to attract notoriety — yet we have reason to be concerned.
Yet this message was strikingly clear: Britain is bound toward trouble, with only the extent of the damage yet to be determined.
Hulu has yet to launch a truly terrible original series — but it also has yet to launch a truly essential original series.
Yet policymakers are acting on their own, and there's not yet a unified global response to the economic threat posed by coronavirus.
Yet during more intimate passages, she pulled the night together by delivering a Cio-Cio-San full of subtle yet fascinating changes.
Yet in his closing remarks, Mr. Booker reminded viewers of a curious truth: He has not yet qualified for next month's debate.
Yet 10 minutes into the episode, one survivor reveals that the conflict hasn't happened yet, setting this sci-fi drama in motion.
The only issue here is that Grand Hotel has yet to be renewed for season 2 — yet another crime to be solved.
Yet there's more drama, even darkness, to the same ballet's "The Man I Love" pas de deux than she has yet discovered.
Yet Coover's sardonic revulsion toward the often profligate, prodigal nation his literature has lampooned for 50 years has not yet grown absolute.
Brent futures had yet to be traded yet after settling down 43 cents at $50.92 on Tuesday, the lowest finish since November.
Workers across the country deal with a myriad of commutes; ranging from the short yet traffic-congested, to the calm yet lengthy.
The mezzo-soprano Serena Malfi, singing the pageboy Cherubino, has an unusual yet appealing voice: focused and radiant, yet tinged with graininess.
Basically, a bunch of earthly yet very real shit you've yet to hear on a rap record that sounds so fucking wholesome.
In some cases, people may have survived but not yet notified the authorities, or relatives may not yet have reported people missing.
And yet how much do we really know about greyscale, the plague that citizens of Westeros fear but do not yet understand?
"Studio Windows" is a finished painting, but it depicts a process that hasn't started yet — an empty pane, not yet a window.
The delay in the Senate vote represents a failure -- that could yet be temporary -- by the GOP that has a monopoly on power in Washington yet can't yet honor the fundamental promise it has made to its voters for years.
Yet however much Hong Kong has matured under Chinese rule, it is clear that the motherland does not yet trust it to behave.
As Downs explains, the new age restriction policy is not yet in place, so we're not yet sure how well it will work.
If you haven't seen it yet, 'transversal' biannual style magazine C★NDY's latest issue is probably its best, most poignant edition yet.
Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic is selling seats aboard its SpaceShipTwo for about $250,000, though that company hasn't yet started flying customers yet either.
The Asian lion cubs haven&apost yet been named, and keepers believe — but aren&apost yet sure — that two of them are male.
Yet if Trump rips up the Iran deal, as he threatens to do, he risks igniting the most serious regional flare-up yet.
Republicans do have ideas of how to handle those with pre-existing conditions even if they haven't yet committed pen to paper yet.
Wilson has not yet been booked into jail, according to the Austin Statesman, and it's not even clear if he's been arrested yet.
"No evidence yet... But we're not out of the woods yet," he said, noting that the incubation period is up to 21 days.
"There's no meeting yet, and frankly, the White House isn't even needed yet," John Feal told CNN's Alisyn Camerota on "New Day" Tuesday.
And yet this still lasted for eight or nine months, so you realized right away it's terrible, and yet you still did it.
We don't yet know who, exactly, the vast majority of this year's 2,13 Republican delegates will be — most states haven't finalized them yet.
His promise for sexy, attack-oriented soccer was yet to be realized before the tournament, and it is yet to be realized now.
We weren't yet rich, so we couldn't yet live in our own house, but at least there were no cockroaches in this apartment.
Yet none of these countries have yet to actually extend a hand to exasperated Americans who really, really don't want a Trump presidency.
The holidaymakers haven't yet descended upon the southern beaches, and the weather, though warm, dry and sunny, hasn't yet reached its blistering apex.
While Bieber has yet to explain the story behind the new tattoo, arguably his largest addition yet, we are sure he has one.
And if you weren't quite convinced on this hat style yet, Karlie's chic yet unexpected Parisian look is sure to shift your thinking.
Other developers, including Blizzard, the publisher of the massively popular competitive shooter Overwatch, have yet to release any information on loot drops yet.
Yet Democrats face bigger challenges today than they did back then, to which Mr O'Rourke offers a possibly flawed yet perhaps unrivalled answer.
Yet none of these platforms are anywhere near perfect yet, which is why many people are sticking with the wait-and-see approach.
We've yet to see if West is taking the bait, but one thing's for sure: Drake's not done with this beef just yet.
Beijing may yet be waiting to see if Japan makes its biggest move yet — actually amending its antiwar constitution for the first time.
Yet that is where "England is Mine" succeeds: it recuperates the self-regarding yet vulnerable young artist from the 58-year-old contrarian.
Having been on the road for her biggest headlining tour yet, Elle King hasn't had much time to plan her pending nuptials yet.
There is yet another way retailers can alleviate the pressure on their margins, which many are not yet using, Kurt Salmon's Ehrig said.
By Sunday afternoon, the accusations had increased, yet nothing has yet been judged serious enough to qualify as a breaking of the truce.
The new dating service has not yet rolled out on Facebook, so you won't be able to connect with anyone else just yet.
Yet despite the drought there are not yet scenes reminiscent of the famine of 1983-84 when as many as 1m people died.
This simple yet clever mandate forces even an active regulator into a deregulatory mindset, a shift of attention that may yet prove effective.
That version has not yet received a "score" from the CBO as the other two versions have because it is not yet finalized.
Neon signs can be more than nostalgic symbols floating between periods, not yet belonging to the postmodern digital era, yet already beyond modernism.
Yet Turkey has not formally requested Mr Gulen's extradition; the file, over 1,000 pages long, has yet to be fully translated into English.
And yet we are having yet another political debate about a policy that would restrict access to medical care for millions of Americans.
"Until I have tens of thousands of additional documents that we don't yet have, I can't get to the conclusion yet," he added.
Yet Lockheed continues to use job creation, as well as its employees' present jobs, as political pawns to get yet more taxpayer money.
In a moment, she'll lead Keystone up the steps, through the living room, and into the back bedroom, but not yet, not yet.
"You want to be new, you want to be eye-catching and yet elegant, but yet crazy, because you're onstage," Mick Jagger said.
Petersen also hasn't yet discussed the matter yet with Trae Stephens, a Flexport director (via Founders Fund) who worked on the Trump transition.
But all of this music is raw yet refined, familiar yet otherworldly — whether the songs are full of commentary or rife with nonsense.
Pablos hinted Netflix is working on another 2D animated project that hasn't been announced yet, but couldn't officially speak about it just yet.
Two anti-suffrage senators were defeated in that election, yet when the Senate reconvened in early 1919 the amendment was yet again rejected.
Yet no one who hopes to become the nominee has yet come up with a larger vision that would animate such worthy ideas.
It's not yet clear whether Didi's investment in 99 indicates the Brazilian ride-hail player is part of the larger alliance just yet.
But outside of reporting the fact that it happened, no high-profile politicians have yet tried to use this as political leverage yet.
Yet, while we can envision a safer, more livable utopia, we can also imagine a dystopia, clogged with yet more cars and congestion.
Nearly two dozen towns have yet to report their results, and other areas have not yet reported a count of write-in votes.
And yet, and yet, amid the bewilderment and despair, there are lightning flashes of wonder and hope — glimpses of the possibility of redemption.
The cause of the fire has not yet been determined and the names of the deceased have not yet been announced, Tyner said.
" However, Buffett made a point to say the money is not in the bank yet: "We haven't really gotten cash yet from this.
Relatives, neighbors and acquaintances prefer to think that I haven't yet met the right man, or that I don't yet have the funds.
Yet, if Mr. Trump is looking forward to his presidency, he has not yet left the past behind, as was clear Wednesday morning.
This is a tough fight, and it's by no means over yet, and no one should be dancing in the end zone yet.
After all, the union has yet to crumble into ashes and his Twitter tirades have yet to push us into an impulse war.
I think it'll be huge and yet it's not really an investable asset class yet because there are no pure play Blockchain companies.
We're not there yet, but Vanguard Group is making a major move related to ETF fees that no other firm has yet made.
Westmoreland's bankruptcy has not yet been settled, and McKinsey has not yet been approved to work on the case, much less been paid.
It is just one of many memento morimoments in the bleakest (yet somehow still extremely fun to watch) season of the show yet.
Yet Mueller has not yet brought any charges from that part of the investigation, and has charged Manafort with other matters instead. Why?
By the time Bregoli returned to Boynton Beach in January 2017, the internet knew her as the Cash Me Outside Girl — yet another disposable star, or yet another victim of a stage mother, or yet another white girl getting famous off black culture.
Nobody wants to wake up every morning hearing about how yet another drone slammed into yet another building or took a person's eye out.
Investigators have not yet determined the motive for the attack and, despite speculation, prosecutors have said no evidence of racial motivation has yet surfaced.
Kennedy told the Daily Mail that he's "stoked" about the result, although we're yet to see Kennedy gorge on a meat pie just yet.
Yet again, the episode is all Chicago-related drama between him and Kim Kardashian, and yet again, Kim feels blindsided by her husband's behavior.
Disney World has not yet announced an official opening date for the park yet, but needless to say, summer 2018 can't come soon enough.
Preordering the game will also gain players access to an early beta period sometime before launch, although Bungie has yet to announce dates yet.
It reveals the inspiring yet complicated story of one of the nineteenth century's most lauded, yet often misunderstood American women, born Araminta "Minty" Ross.
We're told the 24-year-old, who has yet to be identified, has not been arrested or charged with a crime as of yet.
Remember that Daenerys doesn't know yet that either Tyrion or Varys (or Arya or Sansa, for that matter) know the truth about Jon yet.
Tomorrow, it is reported that she will announce yet another turnaround plan, with yet more staff cuts — but Wall Street is out of patience.
Yet while ice and snow reflect sunlight, vegetation soaks it up, so more greenery in the north will eventually lead to yet more warming.
The company has yet to disclose revenues and is not yet profitable, but has seen its price tag grow astronomically in just two years.
" When asked if he was out to his colleagues in the military yet, Houston said, "I'm not yet, but now I am so, congrats.
At a "future dialogue" in Berlin she once circuitously theorised: "Everything that hasn't yet existed is the future—if it does not yet exist".
Maya Bhandari, Multi Asset Fund Manager at Columbia Threadneedle Investments said it may yet be while yet before Japan sees tightening of monetary policy.
Yet at the time it was written and adopted, scientists had not yet fully evaluated the benefits of a 1.5-degree target, Jahn said.
The Maryland attorney general's office told The Times that the office had not yet received the filing and did not yet have a response.
Yet his work still looks adolescent — all ambition and youthful energy yet plagued with undeveloped talent and a teenager's infatuation with symbols of death.
Yet the Commission on Presidential Debates has yet to select a single Hispanic-American academic, journalist or political figure to moderate a presidential debate.
The sixth installment in the franchise sees Ethan Hunt and his team in yet another race against time after yet another mission gone wrong.
But it's also not clear yet that Trump is ready to pull the trigger on any changes just yet, the senior GOP source said.
Center said it's not yet clear what is behind the increased risk of dying and there are likely mechanisms that are not yet clarified.
Don't get too excited just yet These changes, which haven't been formally locked in yet, but are essentially there, are not a silver bullet.
We may not have a name yet, but the next Star Wars: Battlefront adventure looks like it focuses on yet another strong lady warrior.
"This is yet another failed Taliban attempt to seize terrain, which will result in yet another eye-catching but strategically inconsequential headline," he said.
The bridal store's website has yet to reflect the closures and, according to Time's Money, Alfred Angelo has yet to make an official statement.
And yet, considering how Senate Democrats challenged Pruitt during his confirmation hearing, there hasn't yet been much public outcry from Senate Democrats about Wheeler.
There are hundreds of children whose parents have yet to be accounted for, aside from the 71 whose parents have not yet been identified.
It is colloquial in tempo yet nerdy in content, divinely detached yet intimately casual in tone, impossibly learned and improvisational at the same time.
There's also a batch of accounts that Facebook has revealed that it has not yet attributed to a country or any other actor yet.
And yet, 67 years later, Hollywood has yet to make a movie about four women in bikinis who are members of a horse gang.
Simons hasn't yet had enough time at Calvin to show us yet, but unlike Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, and Altuzarra, Simons is already comfortable here.
Facebook and Google are two big ones that have yet to sign on, but names are still being gathered and others may yet join.
Yet Bernie Sanders has not dropped out of the race, and Biden has yet to secure the delegates necessary to claim the nomination outright.
Roy Cooper of North Carolina said the worst might be yet to come and urged residents who had evacuated not to return home yet.
The collection, his strongest yet, revealed remnants of Jeffrey's Scottish background (tartan and heavy knits) mixed with his peculiar yet masterful approach to tailoring.
Clearly, this is not a good situation, but is it better to have the child ripped from yet another home and placed yet again?
Yet there are some who have yet to start fundraising solely for the former vice president as they were backing or advising multiple campaigns.
Instead, we will just have to wait for yet another headline to tell us of yet another horror unfolding within America's 6,215 penal institutions.
Tesla said it did not yet know the facts and had not yet received data from the car, but was cooperating with local authorities.
Despite their age, the crew members believe they aren't done yet, and they're determined to make this part of their lives the craziest yet.
It it a feeling that cannot be replicated — a conspiratorial giggle in your soul, both diabolical and innocent, conniving yet straightforward, obnoxious yet affectionate.
Yet ambiguity on key issues suggests execution risk remains for 2020, meaning this 'uncertain progress' is not yet a 'game changer' for our outlook.
Brave, fierce, determined, I'm stuck in my human prison Yet you've never understood confinement, I need you for life, Yet you need no one.
First: while I do prefer higher-refresh rate screens, I am not yet convinced they're worth the trade-off for battery life just yet.
Yet her data was for a long time the strongest evidence that something was awry, even if she didn't yet know what was responsible.
In other words, don't get to mourning the loss of Baby Groot just yet – who knows, he could yet stick around after Vol. 3.
I haven't even been back to the office yet since the Supreme Court ruling, so how that may affect our analysis is yet undetermined.
No description of the suspects has been put out yet, and police say they haven't found any video evidence yet of the reported attack.
I finally found what I was looking for: a soup that tasted vegetal yet rich, tangy yet creamy, spiced to just the right point.
To many Americans, Philando Castile will forever be known as yet another hashtag; yet another black man shot by a police officer this year.
But to engage with it is to ignore the overwhelming context of the case: yet another unarmed black man killed by yet another police officer.
The couple had yet to confirm the news, yet  made an appearance  later in the month to attend  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle&aposs wedding.
Yet despite an orders "blowout", those numbers revealed "disappointing yet explainable lower organic growth and low free cash flow", said Evercore ISI analyst Chris McNally.
There is much yet to be explored, and given that there is no singular avenue to Afrofuturist art, there is much yet to be reclaimed.
Sanchez-Milian and Montano have not yet been assigned public defenders, according to the county public defender's office, and neither has yet entered a plea.
Kardashian hasn't officially announced the launch of her latest business venture yet, and her agent's office hasn't yet returned a call and email requesting comment.
The Trump transition has yet to indicate that the revelations have put Crowley's job in jeopardy, but Trump himself has yet to weigh in. 9.
We don't really have a good explanation yet for where these pulsars would have come from, and we haven't yet confirmed that they are pulsars.
It's early yet, so the tide may yet turn in their favor, but at the moment most analysts say the House is up for grabs.
It's important to note that SpaceX has yet to fly actual people to space yet at all, though that could change in the near future.
Since the court has yet to give its final approval in the Pixel microphone case, the link to submit a claim form isn't yet live.
The S8 isn't even on the market yet — it's slated for release on April 21 — so there's no way to confirm that vulnerability just yet.
The box doesn't yet support all DVR features (partnerships with Dish and DirectTV DVR are in place, but other services have yet to sign on).
A part of me isn't ready to switch to pumpkin spice coffee yet because I haven't had my fill of yummy summer coffee drinks yet.
Bening is fast becoming the premiere "wait, she hasn't won an Oscar yet?!" actor, and she's uncanny embodying Grahame's fragile yet formidable movie star aura.
Yet, among all this purposeful inclusion produced by Shonda Rhimes, TGIT has yet to give us a show with a Latina leading the soapy proceedings.
Yet that, in turn, risks triggering yet more of a backlash, as Facebook and Google, which have both got into political trouble recently, can attest.
Riggins has not has his arraignment yet and has not yet entered a plea, court officials say, adding that he has not retained an attorney.
Yet balancing community standards with free speech for 2.2 billion people is a monumental task—one we don't yet know can be done at all.
Yet such an election poses unique problems that go beyond normal politics, and Clinton's team may not yet appreciate how difficult this fight will be.
Yet it winnows employees' hours who need them, justifies attrition, and serves to amplify the erosion of yet another precarious job in the retail sector.
A new strategy toward Afghanistan, due this week, has yet to be unveiled, and Pentagon officials have yet to say when it could be released.
The result: a Labour Party yet further alienated from ordinary voters and a Britain yet further deprived of the effective opposition it so badly needs.
Yet despite a profile in the Los Angeles Times and an excerpt on The Daily Beast, it has yet to gain a single Amazon review.
Yet, like its predecessor Freedom 2251, Docoss X21 has raised suspicions of being yet another scam by an unknown company to make some quick money.
As Russia's economy show signs of improving, its Finance Ministry remains positive on the outlook yet doesn't expect to let its guard down just yet.
The flooding was America's worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy, and yet, President Barack Obama had not yet interrupted his vacation to tour the damage.
The moon is in powerful—yet sensitive—Scorpio today, and you're feeling similarly: Bold, yet careful as you are facing situations that make you uncomfortable!
The angrier and more fearful partisans are, the more of a market there is for media that makes them yet angrier and yet more fearful.
By mid-day, shares were about flat, after yet yet another report questioned whether the high-end iPhone X was competing well with other models.
The proportion of false accusations of murder and theft is the same, yet that contingent has yet to suggest we reduce sentences for those offenses.
Yet, caregiving for the dying is different from parenting because it does not yet have a formally recognized role within the care of the patient.
Yet the newest iteration, with a smaller 1080p webcam at the top of the display instead of at the bottom, is perhaps the best yet.
It's not yet available—and not clear yet what analytics will be included—but the company says they expect it to arrive later this year.
This means that our stories, our books yet to be written, are rich with potential for freshness, for telling stories that haven't been told yet.
Yet it nods to traditions ranging from August Sander to Diane Arbus in its use of a serialized, yet empathetic approach to study a community.
Of the nine locations Williams asked HiRISE to observe, six have published images, two are not yet published, and one has yet to be imaged.
Yet that's exactly what India's government did this week, meaning the prospect of a third war has become a distinct — yet still relatively low — possibility.
Ms. Dinh-Zarr stressed that the crew members — all of them hospitalized — had not yet been interviewed, and most of the evidence not yet analyzed.
You'll start to note how one piece seems to 'fit with' another, and how peering properly at yet another provides a window onto another yet.
" The Lab isn't yet sure where they will take their immersive displays next—according to Holtzman and Candler, their ideal venue "hasn't been built yet.
We don't yet know how the 2016 election has turned out, so we can't have a final verdict on the "party decides" thesis just yet.
They're intrigued by the barrage of fresh faces in the political scene, yet don't completely know what to make of these determined yet inexperienced newcomers.
And yet for all the destructive potential of cyberwarfare, there are precious few norms regarding how such conflict should be conducted — or better yet, avoided.
The statement is the clearest yet from the Turkish authorities about the fate of the Washington Post journalist, whose remains have not yet been found.
Yet that's surely not the whole story, because Obamacare isn't the only social insurance program that does great good yet faces incessant right-wing attack.
But free trade advocates are not yet cheering, and the President's supporters in the manufacturing sector -- while sorely disappointed -- have not yet given up hope.
Liberman, the Israeli defense minister, has not yet announced whether he will stop the fuel transfers yet again in response to the latest border protest.
"BC hasn't had to come together with lenders yet, so the test of their mettle is yet to come," the first capital markets head said.
"The first two episodes do not yet prove that this new drama has captured that very crucial aspect of the Nancy Drew legacy quite yet."
Many of them either don&apost have a product yet or, if they do, haven&apost yet shown that there is market demand for it.
And yet Jeremy Corbyn remains in firm control of his party, is reshaping it in his image and may yet become Britain's next prime minister.
Yet even as a barrage of surprising stories plays out, many of us have yet to come to grips with the permanence of this chaos.
And if Assad then launches yet another chemical attack, Trump could feel obligated to respond yet again in order to ensure he doesn't look weak.
While Gerber clearly favors dainty designs, this tattoo appears to be her biggest yet — even though we have yet to figure out what it is exactly.
Yet congressional advocates of Social Security "reform" never mention these simple solutions, insisting that any remedy include harmful benefit cuts or — worse yet — privatizing Social Security.
Yet Hollywood is sleeping on all of it, to instead give us yet another $200 million remember-when-Geek-culture-was-only-for-dudes nostalgia trip.
Yet the truth is that traditional media moguls who cling on to their empires have yet to show that their business models can survive the internet.
Yet Mr Macron, who was born in 1977—the year Mr Juppé first entered politics—could yet make him and Mr Fillon look like political relics.
Or is it dangerous in a way that a teenage girl who is not yet attuned to the way the world works can't quite yet understand?
Authorities said while they have not yet classified the attacks as domestic terrorism or hate crimes, they have not yet ruled out the possibility of either.
In this way, One Sings was at once ahead of its time and yet remains inherently tied to a history we have yet to fully grasp.
I must lift today's undead curse so that there can, in Dark Souls 3, be yet another undead curse for yet another doomed hero to lift.
Yet, somehow, it is even harder to believe that, in the ensuing almost-two weeks, a replacement Oscars host for Hart has not yet been found.
Not much was yet known about the mother's death, the paper said, because the son was in "bad condition" and could not yet be interviewed extensively.
"There isn't a company yet who has launched a bug bounty program and has not identified new vulnerabilities that they didn't know about yet," Rice said.
This was the moment it usually went wrong, where our hard work and patience and luck resulted in yet another "so close, yet so far" moment.
The combination of a sprawling, yet also delicate and subtle, art installation; a historic yet now largely ruined building; and the powerful ocean is altogether compelling.
But she also reasoned that since the jurors have not yet been picked and no deliberation on the case has yet begun, there is no conflict.
Some have tried with all their might, and yet the relationship has fallen apart in their very home for their children to undergo yet another disappointment.
At $499, this is a pricier, yet ultimately more powerful option by itself or, better yet, along with a few other Sonos speakers in your arrangement.
I knew that this was yet another terrible image for Black women on television, yet here I was — a Black and Latina woman myself — enjoying it.
"By and large, his rollbacks have not yet passed the proposal stage, and some of them are not even at the proposal stage yet," Doniger says.
What's next Trump has not yet been interviewed by Mueller or his team yet, but questions investigators have wished to ask the president have been leaked .
Aside from Joe Biden (who isn't running yet) and Bernie Sanders, many Americans haven't yet formed their opinions on the various Democrats seeking their party's nomination.
"My first initiative as first lady will be cyber bullying, because I have yet to see any progress made on that problem quite yet," she said.
No one's really pulled this off just yet—major companies like Uber and AirBnB have yet to go public and pay out big for their investors.
So, I suppose 2016 is going to be yet another year in which we replace that wheat-ground carbohydrate manna from heaven with yet more vegetables.
People recently reported that Paltrow's café, 3 Green Hearts is about to open yet another location, and this one promises to be the best one yet.
So maybe it's not so easy for somebody yet to go out and approach making a VR piece yet, maybe it's still a little bit cumbersome.
Yet the reality of Trump -- once again capitalizing on the economic uncertainty driving anger and uneasiness in yet another state -- has set in in recent days.
The latest growth comes on the heels of the app's biggest year yet The latest growth comes on the heels of the app's biggest year yet.
On this occasion, perhaps, the Russian fury over what was seen as yet another unfair result of yet another unfair competition may have had some basis.
Yet lawmakers have yet to work out crucial details of the plan, including which income levels would be framed in what way by new tax-brackets.
Clearest sign yet Mueller's court filings are the clearest sign yet of potential coordination between Flynn and a top Trump advisers regarding contact with Russian officials.
"We don't have all the information yet, and we can't give all the information yet, because this is an active crime scene and investigation," Hogan said.
Yet, despite past promises, there is as of yet no indication that the DEA is serious about following through on this pledge in an expeditious manner.
Finding a body so badly decomposed and yet intact is unusual, according to the medical examiner's office, which had yet to determine a cause of death.
This feature has a lot of promise, but I haven't actually found it all that useful yet, mainly because most developers have yet to support it.
Live 360 broadcasts aren't yet embeddable on other sites, however, and they can't be viewed via Apple TV or Chromecast for big-screen playback just yet.
I am not sure whether I can take my axe with me—my lawyer asked the UFC and he is yet to hear a response yet.
China has not yet responded with a retaliatory tariff for Trump's tariff on $60 billion of electronic goods, which has not yet been brought into force.
The authorities have not yet announced formal charges, aside from a probation violation, and Sheriff Gonzalez said the motive in the killings was not yet clear.
All-or-nothing energy extremism based on technologies that don't yet exist, that countries and consumers can't afford, or electrical grids can't yet support, should end.
An exact time for the Senate vote has not yet been scheduled and it's not yet clear when the House will vote to approve the measure.
This is a team setting a record-breaking pace, yet again; it is an achievement in itself that City has not yet disappeared over the horizon.
"A Bronx Tale" has not yet recouped its $10 million capitalization costs, but is close, and may yet do so before closing, according to a spokesman.
And yet they can hope to influence that conversation around the edges, especially early in the awards season, when nobody knows much of anything just yet.
Monmouth's pollsters, for instance, found 15 percent of likely voters hadn't yet decided on a candidate as of last Tuesday and weren't yet leaning toward anyone.
And so it goes, as the playful yet competitive first section segues into the ruminative yet anxious second, followed by a jerky episode with fractured rhythms.
Absurd yet bold, lurid yet a tiny bit touching, "Come to Daddy" drags poor Norval from hopefulness to horror to a wickedly literal form of closure.
Yet in this particular case, while the Norwegian fare was cheap, it wasn't the absolute cheapest because of a promotion from yet another low-cost carrier.
The senator said that he was not sure yet who the witnesses would be in the hearing and did not believe they had yet been selected.
So it's technically but the U.S. The US markets are not yet are not yet looking at it in terms of HG: What's the timeline there?
As yet, there is little sign yet of Afghanistan becoming more secure and stable before a parliamentary election next month and a presidential election in April.
On Sunday they stumbled onto their biggest score yet, as well as yet another car-based walker trick, this one less successful both narratively and aesthetically.
Martinez has not yet entered a plea, and she declined to talk in any detail about her case, noting she has not yet gone to trial.
There is reason for hope, but there is so much yet to be done to protect the not yet born and those born into broken systems.
But it's not clear yet if the Senate bill even has the votes yet to clear its own chamber, where Republicans can only afford two defections.
Mr. Nounou said the document, the result of four years of work, is not yet final and has not yet been approved by Hamas's governing bodies.
"At this stage the UK is yet to even agree to a transitional deal and we haven't yet started talking properly about future arrangements," he added.
And yet it doesn't matter if season five is BoJack's best season yet or not quite as good as last season or [insert your ranking here].
It was yet another bump in the rocky road for the company, which had failed in yet another turnaround attempt, this time by CEO Marissa Mayer.
The latest version of the AHCA hasn't actually been evaluated yet by the Congressional Budget Office yet, and it probably won't be before the House votes.
But no one is saying it yet amounts to a platform for a possible third term in 2019, which the mayor has not yet ruled out.
We haven't yet gotten any kind of reports yet from Hawaii for those disasters to be declared so we can move in, but SBA guarantees loans.
The Atheist Muslim By Ali Rizvi The Atheist Muslim offers the most sophisticated and nuanced (yet also compelling and readable) answers yet published, to questions critical to humanity's future: how can one consider oneself Muslim by culture and heritage, yet embrace a nonreligious and progressive worldview?
They have yet to write a hit song, yet to unite the world with the power of rock or whatever, and yet to usher in a glorious future full of wrap-around sunglasses and Clarence Clemons—and the pressure of that unfinished business is weighing on them.
And we have yet another -- this one&aposs probably the best one yet, amazing economic statistic, yes, all in a hundred -- and 501 days of Donald Trump.
And yet as we've seen a number of means of exchanges have been closed to Bitcoin […] yet it's still spoken of as perhaps a means of account.
There appears to be only one reason the tapes haven't yet been released for international inspection yet – that President Erdogan is holding them for even greater leverage.
Moreover, Pompliano's attorney issued a statement which read, in part: Snap has not yet responded to today's motion, saying that the company has not yet been served.
The UK may not yet have hit the same tipping point as the US where activism has become mainstream, yet it is rising up the boardroom agenda.
The current "big short" is the biggest yet seen and the only surprise is that copper has not yet cracked under the weight of all this money.
The Daily Bag Only The Row could make a piece of lustrous chartreuse satin without straps or hardware the most simple-yet-desirable handbag we've seen yet.
"We have yet to see the 21990 pages that have not been yet released about the 29/211 report, and that may well be instructive," he said.
And yet, surprisingly, there's one role the Big Little Lies star and longtime David Lynch muse has yet to step into: the face of a beauty brand.
Both sisters were exceptionally intelligent, yet it was Elizabeth whose brilliance shone in the spotlight, who was flirtatious yet resolutely virginal, whose poise and regality were unmatched.
Yet, despite his apparent failure, and despite a snap general election, Mr Kuroda may yet stay for another five years when his term runs out next April.
"I know there are other things that we put in there that nobody has figured out yet or haven't put the pieces together properly yet," Richmond said.
As the full documentation of the insurance isn't live yet, we don't know yet if there will be some sort of ski insurance and rental car insurance.
While it's not yet clear exactly how Foster will play into Ant-Man and The Wasp, he's yet another significant figure from the world of Marvel comics.
Yet evidence of a more cataclysmic shakeout in tech hasn't materialized yet, and until it does, the commercial real estate market is likely to keep humming along.
Yet amid all this austerity, she became a kind of global TV celebrity, delighting viewers with her discerning and yet digestible ideas on the history of art.
We have yet to actually try this thing yet but rest assured a pedometer for your peder seems fairly interesting if you're really into the quantified self.
Twitter declined to comment on the specifics of why it hasn't yet reinstated many of the locked accounts, and why a long-term solution hasn't happened yet.
" The Atlantic's Spencer Kornhaber wrote, "Sonically novel yet viscerally moving, gorgeous yet terrifying, it is the sound of Radiohead returning to do what it exists to do.
Funding for the First Step Act had not been budgeted by lawmakers for this fiscal year, and appropriators have not yet established funding levels for 2020 yet.
Yet, as Twin Peaks reboots itself and Pretty Little Liars unveils its final A, the world has become fascinated with the biggest twist on the genre yet.
Yet after three investigations into the charges — the third is reportedly just now wrapping up — the AMNH has yet to make its final decision about Richmond's fate.
Police have not positively identified the body yet, pending DNA and fingerprint tests, and the Fulton County Coroner's Office would not yet confirm the body was Joughin's.
It has yet to be confirmed if the object is actually from space However, it has yet to be confirmed if the object is actually from space.
Yet nearly 63 percent of the local jail population are being held under pre-trial detention, even though they have not yet been convicted of a crime.
His hands were bruised, his knees are bruised, his face is bruised, and yet he had two shots to his back, and yet they never took anything.
Yet, the divisive race-based affirmative action policies show no signs of going away, and as a result, Malaysia's communities are yet to come together as one.
Screens on foul poles weren't a thing yet, and of course instant replays were as yet undreamed of, so the fair-foul call was just an opinion.
Kaepernick's resounding, yet silent, on-the-field protests drew support from many and outrage from others, bringing into focus important yet long-neglected issues of racial justice.
But NASA isn't done with the vehicle quite yet Just because the capsule is leaving the station doesn't mean NASA is done with the vehicle quite yet.
Profitability in Europe is only now gradually recovering, FCA has yet to make any significant inroads in China and Alfa Romeo has yet to turn a profit.
Herrine: We want a crispy wing with a juicy inside and a sauce that is decadent, yet still tangy, yet still has a bite and a kick.
There are still funny limitations, and Google Assistant may tell you she "doesn't know how to help with that yet," but "yet" is the operative word here.
Yet we will also see the Marketplace risk pool strengthened by robust outreach efforts to young adults not yet taking advantage of the opportunity to get coverage.
The company has yet to smooth over relations with Apple, whose antitrust lawsuit against Qualcomm was filed early last year and has yet to go to trial.
A Dish spokesperson says the spectrum is intended for "our 5G future," but it's not yet using the spectrum because TV broadcasters haven't yet vacated those frequencies.
The global economic cratering of 2008 hadn't occurred, Wall Street hadn't yet been Occupied, and French economist Thomas Piketty hadn't yet reinvigorated the ideas of Karl Marx.
And yet—and yet—I definitely, just on Tuesday, watched The Shins perform their first new single in five years on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
An above-average point guard may eventually ease the burden he's yet to assume—those low assist numbers are quite bad—but we aren't there yet. 18.
Clean yet uncompromising, intricate yet accessible, Porter's debut is a true tour de force, a modern classic that represents the very best of LA's thriving jazz scene.
With the caveat, of course, that Viv has not yet launched — making it impossible to tell how it will hold up in real-world usage just yet.
The US isn't there yet, but there's a chance masks may soon become yet another recommended tool to slow the spread of the virus in the country.
In addition, more state-level lawmakers from California to New York are expressing interest in the system, though it is yet to be successfully implemented just yet.
Christine Blasey Ford faced yet another Senate Judiciary Committee in 2018 considering yet another Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, whom she had accused of sexual assault.
There may yet be a more significant slowdown or even a recession in the months ahead, but the good news is that it certainly isn't here yet.
Yet until Thursday night, Ms. Warren, who is rising in the polls, had not yet faced serious scrutiny on the debate stage from her most prominent rivals.
China has reported some human-to-human transmission, although that has not yet been seen in the U.S. Scientists don't really know how contagious it is yet.
In January, he told Business Insider by email, "Investigatory work still proceeding, nothing new to update as of yet, no decisions made yet, still looking at options."
The companies themselves have not yet seen any marked weakness in paint sales, and Amazon simply announcing a new partnership should not yet weigh on their stocks.
But the S.E.C. has not yet obtained the misappropriated funds from the defendants and so has not yet created a plan to return the money to investors.
Yet, there is no clear, serious articulation — backed up by evidence and analysis — of ambitious yet feasible reductions that the U.S. seeks to achieve, and by when.
Freedman said her team has used yet another new method to make a not-yet-published Hubble measurement that agrees with their number from the TRGB stars.
Yet sporadic artillery fire and shelling occurs daily, Eubank said, and approximately 200,000 people have yet to return to their homes in the territory occupied by Turkey.
Yet several Russian analysts also noted that the Trump administration had yet to settle on a Syria policy and that previous cease-fire agreements had not stuck.
The reason is because the necessity spending of the largest adult population group has not happened yet — so they haven't bought the houses and the cars yet.
Manafort has not yet entered a new plea before the judge in DC and prosecutors have not yet revealed the terms of any deal reached with him.
Yet Joel Wit, a senior fellow at the U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, told CNBC that all was not yet lost.
"There's no reason to unwind a hedge yet," said Busch, adding the observations do not support yet some traders' view that crude prices should start recovering soon.
Wallace was driving a prototype version of the Chiron that is not yet available for you and your billionaire pals to scoop up — at least not yet.
Yet, unlike their European rivals, American juggernauts ExxonMobil (XOM) and Chevron (CVX) have not yet made large-scale investments in solar, wind, electric cars or energy storage.
"I think no one is driving the issue yet in part because the person who usually would isn't in the race yet," Shahid said, referring to Sanders.
Yet, Grassley also scolded Trump and other Republicans for attacking the whistleblower earlier this week, suggesting he isn't going all in as a Trump defender just yet.
Yet Thomas, a former track cycling Olympic champion like 2012 Tour winner Bradley Wiggins, has yet to prove he can handle the pressure of a grand tour.
That's because Hornsby's heartfelt portrayal of a man who is strict yet loving, flawed yet sincere, forces viewers to confront cinema's deep-seated stereotypes of black masculinity.
She is a bundle of paradoxes that naturally occur all the time in real life but less frequently on the big screen: damaged yet strong; prickly yet vulnerable; brilliant about so many things, yet apparently clueless when it comes to human interaction; both a victim and a conqueror.
Netflix is gifting us with an animated comedy about teenage hormones, Gucci Mane is writing a book, and yet another insanely talented actress (Edie Falco) will get yet another wild hair treatment (pile of blonde ringlets) in yet another glossy retelling of a familiar '90s trial (the Menendez brothers).
W23 "wallpaper" Series2999.9955-inch W28: $22,2999.99-inch W28: Price not yet announced E83 "picture on glass" Series28-inch E255: $28,499.9955-inch E8: $3,499.99 C8 Series77-inch C553: $9,999.9965-inch C8: $3,999.9955-inch C8: $2,999.99 B8 Series65-inch B8: Price not yet announced55-inch B8: Price not yet announced
This debate is instructive because it's so abstract, yet so familiar, and it happened within a community that tends to view its hobby as historical yet profoundly apolitical.
King has yet to enter a plea to the charges, and court officials tell PEOPLE she does not yet have an attorney who could comment on the allegations.
Yet they took the roughly $22017,000 loss in stride — something that comes with the territory when one bets on a new, exciting technology in a yet unregulated market.
Yet a videotaped demonstration showed how Alexa could soon be able to arrange a whole evening out for you — something Google's Assistant and Apple's Siri can't yet do.
The deadline for recounting ballots in three contentious statewide races in Florida has passed, yet the outstanding races for governor and senator have to yet to be decided.
If you don't know Lachlan Watson yet, it's time to start paying attention, because the 18-year-old actor is on the brink of their biggest year yet.
The dead wood of the old governments has yet to be cut away, and Sarraj's GNA has yet to dominate the militias that must sustain and protect it.
Venus opposes Saturn on July 17 and connects with Neptune on July 18, and the mood is as complicated as you are: lonely yet crowded, mundane yet dreamy.
She may not yet be a household name yet, but Venezuelan Internet sensation Lele Pons boasts 21 million followers on Instagram and almost 8 million subscribers on YouTube.
Yet most large life science enterprises, from pharma to providers, have yet to fully adopt genomics as part of their toolkit for clinical trials, development, commercialization and diagnostics.
Why big data isn't paying off for companies yet (Fortune) The promise of big data hasn't yet been fulfilled, and some executives say it's hurting more than helping.
While no one has yet taken me up on this amazing idea, the monochrome devices that do exist have improved, yet are still frustratingly limited in their capabilities.
We have not had the kind of violence, the hundreds of bombings, yet, or the removal of a president, yet, that the Vietnam War era was characterized by.
But the projection dome thing (it's so experimental Sony apparently doesn't yet have an actual name for it yet) was by far my favorite of all the demos.
Some smart home integrations are not yet available with routines, so although you'll be able to turn on lights and thermostats, Logitech accessories and others won't work yet.
This breathable, not-quite bootie, not-quite open-toe shoe is ideal for when temperatures start warming up, but its isn't full-on sandal-weather just yet yet.
The feature has yet to be introduced on Android phones yet, but if you're on an iPhone you're just a quick copy and paste away from GIF domination.
Yet they took the roughly $2224,29 loss in stride - something that comes with the territory when one bets on a new, exciting technology in a yet unregulated market.
New Jersey is one of 10 teams that have yet to allow a short-handed goal and one of 11 yet to score while down a skater. 3.
The company just came out with yet another innovative peanut butter treat, and this one might be the most exciting yet, especially if you're an ice cream lover.
It's not over yet, but Republicans' tax plan had a good day yesterday — and that means the Affordable Care Act's individual mandate is, yet again, in serious jeopardy.
It's also the perfect example of the Assistant's as-yet unrealized promise: for as much as Google knows about me, it's not using all that information effectively yet.
The major tax legislation passed late last year is about to turn a year old; yet, the real impact is yet to be determined for many small businesses.
Yet the ups and downs this week suggest investors are not yet convinced the dispute will mushroom into a full-blown trade war that threatens global economic growth.
Trump has often said drug companies are "getting away with murder," yet the administration hasn't taken much action yet to address the sky-high cost of some drugs.
Defense Secretary James Mattis has not yet made a decision on the certification required by the NDAA, and no fiscal 2017 funds have yet been disbursed to Pakistan.
Yet the Mr. Chows in Los Angeles and New York are still thriving, drawing celebrities and other customers who weren't born yet in 1968, or 1974, or 1978.
"What you see in Israel now is yet another wave, which is extremely important, as it is in the [United] States, but it's not over yet," Michaeli said.
RYAN: I haven't even - It's not even 2018 yet so that's something my wife and I always discuss later in the campaign year, something we haven't discussed yet.
We are not victims, not yet, because our thinking and our culture remains passionately independent; we are ruled by the Islamic Republic yet we are not of it.
Vertical AI is so new as a category that many companies are not yet tracking these metrics, so we don't yet have enough data points to establish benchmarks.
And since gifting season is a few months away, some retailers have not yet released their holiday return policies just yet — we'll update this list when they do.
These thieves and murderers are not yet his friends; Sam hasn't even been introduced yet, and there's certainly no Red Woman to bring him back from the dead.
But Cleveland has yet to face any of the four best teams in the Western Conference, and the Clippers' visit will represent their biggest test yet this season.
Yet even the city is now looking to the private industry to handle a possible overflow of the deceased, though that has not yet happened, the person said.
We haven't seen a huge slowdown yet so we're not super-worried yet, but I'm sure in the next couple of days it'll definitely hit us pretty hard.
Dominion's data does not yet reflect Tesla's introduction of a $2000,23 version of its Model 23 sedan, its lowest-price offering yet, which is likely to lift sales.
And no one knows yet what the death rate of a Covid-19 pandemic would be — mostly because we don't yet know precisely how lethal this disease is.
Many experts believe we've not yet reached pandemic levels, due to the current spread of the outbreak but also because we don't yet know enough about the coronavirus.
U.S. forces have not yet reached the site of the crash, and it is not officially known yet how many people were on board or whether any survived.
Justin Peck — still not yet 30, yet resident choreographer at New York City Ballet since 103 — makes ballets both with apparently complete assurance and as if conducting experiments.
Yet Mr. Trump's push to revamp health care has faltered in Congress, and the White House has yet to present a detailed plan for his promised tax cuts.
Yet, there's a rainbow over the ranch when Leslie (not yet named Lulu) first arrives, as if to suggest that charisma is in the eye of the beholder.
The cruelty of his Communist captors ensured he would never raise his arms above his head for the rest of his life, yet he survived, yet he endured.
A current delivery employee said she has not yet received formal sales training, and a current sales employee said she has yet to deliver any vehicles this quarter.
There's no evidence yet that any of these tests have directly contributed to unjust rulings—though Neal thinks that may be because nobody has scrutinized this issue yet.
But the leaks and innuendo so far don't have the air of inevitability that often accompanies Apple rumors yet, so I wouldn't block off your calendar just yet.
This week, the images of dead children after yet another chemical weapons attack captured the attention yet again of lawmakers who have long pressed for intervention in Syria.
It included all the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, save for Kendall Jenner, plus all of Kris Jenner&aposs grandchildren at the time (Psalm hadn&apost yet been born yet).
"It just shows that there may be medicines yet to be discovered and we shouldn't turn our eyes up at traditional medicine just because it's not tested yet."
It is very early yet in this presidency — though it sure doesn't feel that way — and Mr. Trump may yet keep some of his proliferating commitments to Americans.
The cruelty of his communist captors ensured he would never raise his arms above his head for the rest of his life, yet he survived, yet he endured.
We have no answers just yet, and any photos or videos he recorded on his iPhone, protected in a pink case, have not yet emerged on social media.
But the White House has yet to formally propose a legislative package because Trump has yet to indicate his preference, according to lawmakers and aides in both parties.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has yet to send the articles of impeachment to the Senate, and Senate parameters for the trial — including witnesses — have yet to be determined.
But the White House has yet to formally propose a legislative package because Trump has yet to indicate his preference, according to lawmakers and aides in both parties.
Truex is in a contract year and has yet to re-sign with Furniture Row, which in turn has yet to re-up its manufacturer deal with Toyota.
Yet by the time more details had emerged a few hours later, the most terrifying scenarios Democrats had imagined hadn't come to pass — at least not just yet.
Trump has not yet issued the order, and two senior administration officials said the issue is not yet being discussed at a high level in the West Wing.
Yet a fleet of right-wing think tanks, which for decades have enjoyed considerable sway over Republican environmental policy and have made a name for themselves railing against the scientific consensus that human activity is warming the planet, aren't yet willing to recognize the reality of human-caused climate change yet.
Yet despite the delight I took in my sister's sons, the way my stomach lurched whenever yet another pal with that telltale glow would say, breathlessly, I have news!
The exact reasons for the stay are not yet known, as the order has not been made public yet, but is expected to be uploaded on the court website.
But there's still that nagging feeling, that itch in the back of your mind, insisting quietly yet forcefully that you haven't escaped Mark Zuckerberg's data-slurping maw just yet.
Congress had not yet approved the TPP -- its fate was bleak on Capitol Hill no matter what the White House did -- and the deal had not yet taken effect.
"It's kind of one of those things, you don't really know if it has set in yet," Carter said about the Growing Pains actor's death not yet setting in.
The series, currently in its second season, is yet another show about yet another group of relatively affluent Los Angeles friends, slowly spinning apart under the hot California sun.
"I have no idea, I don't think he's committed an impeachable offense yet -- at least that we know about yet," but said bookmakers had the odds at 50/50.
Sorry, fans, Swift has yet to drop hints about a new album (...yet) but she does have something in the works that will provide fans even more Swift content.
It feels like Cyrus is working to discover herself and include us in her journey — she has yet to realize the sum of her often extraordinary parts quite yet.
Refinitiv data on 373 million outstanding shares does not yet take into account the dilutive effect from an as-yet unspecified capital increase that Elanco plans to carry out.
That in and of itself doesn't guarantee Klobuchar anything, but it gives her another crack at impressing voters who have yet to pay much attention to her just yet.
The pop-up will also sell meals that aren't yet available on the site or app, yet, and if they sell well it may add them into the mix.
I think the internet in its current iteration is a confirmation bias machine... So we don't know the solutions to these problems yet but we'll figure them out yet.
Yes, but: Congressional committee assignments haven't been decided yet, so the full picture of who tech will tangle with for the next two years hasn't yet come into view.
The United Kingdom is due to leave the EU on March 29 yet Prime Minister Theresa May has yet to get her Brexit deal approved by the British parliament.
Conversely, a fourth of the way into Titans' 12-episode first season, the team isn't even together yet, and the threats they'll be facing have yet to be defined.
Jeff deGraaf, chairman and head technical analyst for Renaissance Macro Research, believes the bottom in yields is not in yet, so investors shouldn't sell their dividend stocks just yet.
Technics has yet to release any official pricing information, yet Gizmodo is reporting that the price should come in around $2,000 (compared to the $14351733,000 model announced last year).
In the penultimate question of the last presidential debate, Hillary Clinton, while discussing Donald Trump's tax payments, was yet again interrupted by the Republican nominee with yet another slur.
Yet another black woman, Redel Jones, had been killed by police, and yet again, the city had ruled that the police officers who killed her had done nothing wrong.
Yet because the infrastructure required for its wide adoption is not yet in place, the company will also offer plug-in hybrid and fully electric versions of the car.
Yet, Eric didn't want to wear women's clothing in public just yet, opting to wait until she and Verbeeck moved to South Carolina after graduation for a fresh start.
Infants are more at risk because their immune systems are not yet fully developed, while in children under five they have not yet developed effective resistance to the disease.
What we've said all along, and the way these kinds of things are done, is it affects things that are have not yet closed, have not yet taken place.
Andrew M. Cuomo, a Democrat, has not yet signed it into law, so New York City has not yet authorized their use in any of its other four boroughs.
Yet it's on that last area where frustration has been most palpable in recent months, particularly in the wake of yet another failed effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.
It was not yet known whether Mr. Yelchin had been aware of that recall or the issue, for which the company has not yet come up with a remedy.
It was yet another bitter reminder that Trump has yet to pass a major piece of legislation, but Moran and Lee didn't seem to care about that at all.
Yet for all the limitless potential positive impacts IoT may yet have on our world, there are also intelligent but malevolent actors who imagine leveraging its potential darker side.
The judge in DC District Court who received the update Monday night has not yet weighed in, and a sentencing for Manafort's guilty plea has not yet been scheduled.
Yet as you watch that production, which Mr. van Hove has set in a sort of timeless (yet oh so familiar) world, you don't think: Oh, this is Salem.
You may think you already know everything there is to know about your partner, but there are inevitably stories you've yet to tell and secrets you've yet to spill.
The sad reality of autonomous car technology is that the easy parts of have yet to be proven safe, and the hard parts have yet to be proven possible.
Johnson has repeatedly insisted that as-yet-undefined technological solutions would remove the need for an Irish backstop, despite warnings from officials that such solutions do not yet exist.
"I don't want to make a judgment on this yet because we don't know the facts yet," added Mr. Braizat, who is now chairman of NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions.
Yet Hans Swildens, CEO and founder of Industry Ventures says they still have plenty of capital from existing funds and they aren't ready to deploy this next fund yet.
The argument on corn versus maize seems to come down to the question: should the title of an article on Wikipedia be ambiguous yet recognizable, or specific yet obscure?
And yet, instead of stopping just there, or nearly there, Johnson has the audacity to jump ahead a couple years to deliver yet another unforgettable scene, in another hospital.
We don't yet know the full circumstances and motives behind this criminal action, and we don't yet know if Planned Parenthood was in fact the target of this attack.
Unquestionably, the elevation of yet another man to the highest office in the land is more evidence that full equality for women in politics has not yet been achieved.
Ford may yet capture its share of the $1T+ market for autonomous rides, but in our view, the company isn't a leader in this market — at least not yet.
Yet, if one widens the aperture, the drivers of anti-Americanism in Turkey — and the corresponding changes in how Americans thinks about Turkey — have yet to be truly addressed.
The company on Wednesday clarified that the bill was not yet law as it had yet to be reconciled with a version passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.
Her conscience was ultimately assuaged by the thought that Monday's vote would most likely end in yet another stalemate, and yet another chance to vote later in the year.
I once traveled to a wedding and spent much of the trip in a funk because I wasn't married yet and wasn't sure yet if I wanted to be.
Bottom Line For a taste of one of Southern California's most storied yet charming beach towns, Hotel Joaquin works hard to evoke a glamorous-yet-grounded experience, and succeeds.
There's a lot we still don't know about how this is going to work, either because it hasn't actually been worked out yet or because details aren't yet public.
"These catsharks live on the ocean bottom, yet we don't see any biofouling or growth, so this could help explain yet another amazing feature of shark skin," Gruber said.
But that hasn't happened yet and there is no indication that inflation is out of the bottle yet and until that happens I'm not going to get too cautious.
Not yet a public health emergency of international concern The Wuhan coronavirus does not yet constitute a public health emergency of international concern, the World Health Organization announced Thursday.
No one is yet promising them free Rolexes, but Britons grumbling about enduring yet another general-election campaign can at least look forward to some handouts whatever the outcome.
Then I have to remind myself, yet again, that he currently holds the highest office in the nation and yet is still tweeting in this unhinged performance-art way.
Yet with the population still growing and the human species not yet mastering photosynthesis, the federal government was faced with the question of how to keep American farms afloat.
We are trying to persuade and organize the large swaths of voters who haven't made up their mind yet or who haven't yet committed to voting in this primary.
We don't yet know if contact with feline microbes also helps prevent immune disorders; there have not yet been large enough studies to provide reliable data, Dr. Gilbert said.
Yet, if you look again — through obfuscations foreign and domestic, beyond the noise of the social media mob — you find a durable past that may just save us yet.
Lawmakers only have until February 15 before government funding will once again expire and it is not yet clear they will find a deal to prevent yet another shutdown.
Britain is leaving the European Union in seven months, and yet more than two years on from its public vote for Brexit, a deal has not yet been reached.
It's not entirely clear yet what Manafort has shared with prosecutors, and if his interviews check facts that haven't yet come to light outside of the prosecutors' own notes.
Yet we do not yet know nearly enough to conclude or speculate, as a flood of news stories and tweets do, that this shooting was motivated by racial profiling.
You can argue that it's not yet time to panic, not yet clear whether Trump will launch a war on science to rival George W. Bush's or Stephen Harper's.
However, the House candidate has yet a key endorsement from key progressive groups like Justice Democrats, who has yet to weigh in one way or another in the race.
Taylor ... the real one ... wasn't even onstage yet.
Yet somehow — don't ask me how — it works.
Yet by then, skepticism — and anxiety — was spreading.
And yet — somehow — she vanished along the way.
And yet KJ — Kenneth Gross Jr. — seldom complained.
Yet he can't — he won't — do it alone.
" — with a note: "Are we having fun yet?
Yet they still need to — and do — campaign.
Yet he made a good — often wonderful — dance.
It's short — 40 seconds — yet crowded with incident.
Among schools reaching bowl games, the University of Oregon realized $194 million in athletic revenue, yet also charged students $1.8 million in sports subsidies; Oklahoma State realized $110 million in athletic revenue, yet also charged students $4.4 million in sports subsidies; Florida State realized $103 million in athletic revenue, yet also charged students $8 million in sports subsidies; Ole Miss realized $71.9 million in athletic revenue, yet also charged undergrads $1.9 million for subsidies.
The telescope was not yet finished, with only a quarter of its light-capturing capacity up and running, yet already the image made him jump up and down with excitement.
Johnson has yet to reference the tattoo or reveal its meaning, but it wouldn't be all that surprising if it was yet another matching couple tattoo with boyfriend Chris Martin.
But Commission spokeswoman Mina Andreeva noted that the new law signed by Duda had not yet been published in Poland's official journal, which meant it was not in force yet.
These work as advertised, but your phone will have yet another step to go through before getting to the web, and you'd be putting your trust in yet another developer.
The two sides have yet to agree on any power-sharing agreement, and South Sudan&aposs government has rejected the idea of Machar returning yet again as Kiir&aposs deputy.
Yet indigenous-owned businesses in Canada - of which there are about 43,000 - are yet to feel the benefits, according to research from the University of British Columbia and Purpose Capital.
But its own investigation was not yet complete and it had not yet been informed by the government of its probe, according to a timeline described by a Tesla spokeswoman.