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897 Sentences With "in addition"

How to use in addition in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "in addition" and check conjugation/comparative form for "in addition". Mastering all the usages of "in addition" from sentence examples published by news publications.

In addition, the camera can record super slow motion 720p video at 960fps in addition to 4K video at standard speeds.
In addition, the feature is for the first time being made available to podcasters, in addition to Spotify users and Spotify artists.
In addition to that... (APPLAUSE) ... in addition to that, we go ahead and we take the oil from them, their source of revenue.
In addition to denouncing the free press, in addition to threatening to jail political opponents, in addition to undermining rule of law, Trump has actually incited political violence at his rallies, and he's created an atmosphere in which violence is far more likely.
In addition to audio, Axios is in talks to make another news show in addition to its just-renewed HBO series, a knowledgeable source said.
In addition to AT&T, Moffett said Comcast and Verizon are also being punished by investors for having media components in addition to their core telecom businesses.
In addition to all of this, the Azure Container Service will soon gain support for using Docker Swarm to manage Windows Server containers in addition to Linux containers.
In addition to his new role as crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman was also elevated to deputy prime minister, in addition to his existing role as defense minister.
In addition, Fabio Luisi holds the position of Principal Conductor at New York's Metropolitan Opera in addition to his role as General Music Director of the Zurich Opera.
In addition to caring for new children, the proposal would allow workers take leave for personal or family medical issues, in addition to a variety of other situations.
In addition to having 48% more colors, this new Retina display has over four million pixels, which means, in addition to vibrant photo and video, text is super sharp.
In addition, Article II of the Constitution specifically bars the president from earning any emoluments, or profits, from the federal government or state governments in addition to his salary.
In addition, the baby news comes two months after Brennan was named lead moderator of CBS' Face the Nation in addition to serving as the network's senior foreign affairs correspondent.
So the publishing business, the digital business, the travel and expedition business, in addition to the books business, in addition to the television business, are now part of this joint venture.
In addition, one of Kardashian West's friends —  former E!
" She adds, "In addition to that, I educated myself.
" In addition, he pointed out, "the timing is good.
" In addition, family vacations can act as "happiness anchors.
Now, in addition, they want to oppress us more ?
In addition, Facebook Crisis Response now works with WhatsApp .
" In addition he said, "the big problem is us.
In addition to the two newish salons serving Park Slope and environs, there are no less than eight delousing boutiques throughout New York City, in addition to dozens of mobile treatment companies.
In addition to Citi Bike, Lyft also operates Ford Go Bike in San Francisco, Divvy Bike in Chicago, Blue Bikes in Boston, and Capital Bikeshare in Washington, DC, in addition to other cities.
In addition to the Cloud Spanner news, Google Cloud today announced that its Cloud Dataproc Hadoop and Spark service now supports the R language, in addition to Python 3.7 support on App Engine.
The big draw, in addition to "free lodging and meals"?
In addition, the bank has significant access to contingent sources.
In addition, the economy is growing and unemployment is low.
In addition, playing Pokémon Go can fulfill an everlasting fantasy.
In addition, Medicare doesn't pay for dental or vision, either.
In addition, Nashville isn't the restricted scene it once was.
In addition, the city has more empty apartments than usual.
Fidelity owns a piece of Lyft in addition to Uber.
In addition to featuring Cho's signature designs, the Oh Joy!
They have to look fair in addition to being fair.
In addition to her two sisters, Adams has four brothers.
In addition to Mattis, Trump has nominated retired Marine Gen.
There were thousands of other viewers in addition to myself.
In addition to the mobile app, VINA also offers LadyBrag.
In addition, "you solve the problem for them," he said.
In addition to poaching the animals also face habitat loss.
In addition, fans can purchase sweaters, bike shorts and pins.
In addition to destroying lives, sugar production destroyed the land.
" In addition, he pointed out, "access to education is easier.
In addition to her Pioneer Woman blog, she owns tastykitchen.
In addition, the foundation works to publicize safe haven laws.
In addition to Father's Day, Timberlake has much to celebrate.
In addition, Turner will develop projects for upcoming Snapchat shows.
In addition to cremation, what other services does Funeravet offer?
In addition to what Beijing does on or around Dec.
In addition, a group of incumbent Democrats – including U.S. Rep.
In addition, Disney wants to keep guests in lines entertained.
In addition, the app also helps pets find permanent homes.
In addition, U.K. salary offers were among the lowest worldwide.
In addition, the threat came come from inside, he added.
In addition, CWO also is handling their entire fulfillment process.
That's in addition to the roughly 500 authorized in Syria.
That's in addition to a recap of his final term.
In addition to being an early adopter, I'm an idiot.
In addition, there's a wider picture to take into account.
In addition to Toomey, the letter was signed by Sens.
In addition to the Porcellian, there are seven other clubs.
In addition, Sling TV offers the VMAs via its platform.
In addition, Tillerson has large holdings in Texas municipal bonds.
In addition, cells are not as simple as coffee beans.
In addition, Fitch affirmed Viacom's 'BBB' Issuer Default Rating (IDR).
In addition, though not mentioned by Roosevelt, Japan invaded Thailand.
In addition, consumers are now looking for more healthy choices.
In addition, the skirt wasn't the fabric she had chosen.
In addition, some of these movies can be found online.
In addition, attorney Benjamin Brafman left the case in January.
In addition, lawmakers have questioned Google's transparency in data collection.
In addition, Madonna will be on hand to honor Prince.
In addition to occupancy, advance booking may also affect prices.
In addition, they won three silver medals at world championships.
In addition, he'll have voting rights on the stable matters.
In addition, Apple is facing challenges because of the government.
In addition, Travis Scott joined Jenner for the stylish event.
This is in addition to Google Calendar, YouTube, and more.
In addition, economic outlook for Europe is "challenging," she said.
Hence the sweats in addition to the sense of panic.
There are diverting moments, in addition to the Tyson brawl.
In addition, she argued, impeachment would alienate too many voters.
In addition, pay down your credit card and other debt.
In addition to their daughter, they had a son, Mark.
In addition, anyone who is immunocompromised should avoid raw seafood.
In addition, he questions the importance of the Nigerian outage.
In addition to the microphones and speakers, cameras are ubiquitous.
In addition, elites have embraced some nationalists while demonising others.
In addition, he sent a message to Pennsylvania state Sen.
In addition to his sons, Wood has a daughter, LaJuane.
In addition, the Hornets got 51 points from their bench.
In addition, the Republican Party generally favors having fewer taxes.
And there's another immigration case in addition to that one.
In addition, there are no irrealis clauses in Mr Trump's.
In addition, profit margins in the US would be thinner.
In addition to being an utter delight, The Marvelous Mrs.
In addition, it is unclear who will win today's battle.
In addition, they killed off all three Washington power plays.
In addition to D.C., Maine and Massachusetts have already legalized.
In addition, backup point guard Tyler Johnson added 276 points.
In addition, information from more remote communities can be scarce.
In addition, manufacturing production and home sales fell in April.
In addition, Bannon has financed multiple movies about Republican leaders.
In addition to Polly, Owen is survived by daughter Kate.
In addition, we proactively offered advice on obtaining additional information.
This is in addition to the $25 million already raised.
She will be producing the drama in addition to starring.
In addition to donations, the Florence Project also accepts volunteers.
In addition, Google's iMessage app offers a GIF search engine.
In addition, we collected statistics about gender and sexual orientation.
In addition, the judge has set his bail at $250,000.
In addition to the paid work, they also receive training.
In addition, it was also hard to find venture funding.
In addition, Issuu allows publishers to test out different prices.
In addition, most of them correctly interpreted the test results.
In addition, the ratio is sensitive to interest rates changes.
In addition, the Japanese league is significantly weaker than MLB.
In addition, he has seen ticket averages jump 19 percent.
In addition, success at summits is by no means guaranteed.
In addition, there's an important primary to identify Republican Rep.
In addition, Chu handled sports business reporting for the network.
In addition, they can leave review summaries and moderate comments.
She's interested in new brands in addition to legacy brands.
In addition to the 22 people killed, 24 were injured.
In addition, early Americans lived next to the Western frontier.
In addition to big capital, Jumia also has extensive reach.
In addition to added jobs, proximity means more innovation potential.
In addition, it's no guarantee that the pain will stop.
In addition, iOS continued to drive larger sales than Android.
In addition, the stigma attached to aging persists even now.
In addition to rounding up the 50 television shows, CableTV.
In addition, migrants can meet violence while moving through Mexico.
I think, in addition, Trump really has exceeded his mandate.
In addition, what moral authority do these vigilante countries have?
In addition, the number of missing people is now 993.
In addition, this picture was taken this week in Honduras.
In addition, Goop's live events — its wellness summits — sell out.
That's in addition to the 4,500 people already doing so.
More than 40 banks are involved, in addition to bondholders.
In addition, mobile phone standards still vary around the world.
In addition to that achievement, there's another cause for celebration.
In addition, RED bolt articles will be prioritized in Flipboard.
In addition to computers, the company noted its peripheral business.
In addition, SKT would face reputational risk should SKB fail.
In addition, there were also numerous wind and hail reports.
In addition, many companies did not provide any demographic information.
In addition to physical therapy, many need mental health care.
In addition, "outright bankruptcies" are also possible, the analyst added.
In addition to today's news, Revolut has shared updated metrics.
In addition, the threat situation can change quickly and dramatically.
In addition, more stimulus may be tough to come by.
In addition to Hamm, it stars the great Geena Davis.
Lillard had five assists in addition to his 50 points.
In addition, outside estimates are typically based on current policies.
In addition to Shayk, Cooper brought his mother, Gloria Campano.
In addition, businesses report having increased trouble hiring qualified workers.
In addition, wheeled drones would work with troops on foot.
In addition, the Marine & Environmental Research Institute had a typo.
In addition, Apple says it's bringing deep learning to Siri.
In addition, Amazon will offer a pair of tablet deals.
In addition to the app, WorkJam is available on desktop.
In addition, Microsoft just announced Insteon smart home device integration.
In addition, there were just 1,63 athletes in Mexico City.
In addition, groups were granted extra staging time between protests.
In addition to the lira stumble, Turkey's markets also fell.
In addition to his daughters, Coker also has two sons.
In addition, Facebook updated its response with an additional line.
In addition, Reddit generates revenue through advertising, including on mobile.
In addition, the group has ordered a further 74 aircraft.
That's in addition to losses in bone and muscle tissue.
In addition, international money transfer and direct debits are supported.
In addition, Kalinowski raised his target price $10 to $146.
In addition, the pair is in production for an E!
In addition to CSX, shares of other rail companies fell.
In addition, I have a very sensitive sense of touch.
In addition to your profile picture, add a background image.
In addition we expect the worries about menthol to subside.
In addition to my raise, freelancing brought in around $22014,000.
In addition to the glamorous portrait of Kris, 60, E!
In addition to this, changes to NAFTA require congressional approval.
In addition, the economics of PBR can work against innovation.
In addition, it will also offer training and other support.
He also noted their security purposes, in addition to entertaining.
In addition, the company sees a big opportunity in international.
In addition, she has been sober for almost two years.
In addition to the judiciary, he's preemptively blaming the media.
In addition, Reuters received four honorable mentions in the contest.
Timing is everything, in addition to product quality, of course.
In addition he won fighter of the year in 1994.
In addition to the hops, beer also has brewer's yeast.
In addition to sleeping, Weyer's bouts also bring memory loss.
In addition, Foxconn has raised doubts over its hiring promises.
In addition to worker benefits, Americans now have higher wages.
In addition to the deaths, thousands of protesters were wounded.
Secondly, in addition to simplicity, the code provides real savings.
In addition to her acting, Plumb is a successful painter.
In addition to being unflappable, he is tall and blond.
In addition to the endorsement, Everytown pledged to help Mrs.
In addition, there's no traditional operating system running on Echo.
Comcast owns a sizable broadband company in addition to cable.
Moreover, there are statutory issues in addition to constitutional ones.
In addition, the message to the Kremlin would be weakened.
In addition to Hudson, Spicer has headlined fundraisers for Rep.
In addition, the tiny remote app includes voice search functionality.
In addition, last month a key official in the Moon
In addition, Seattle provides a supportive environment for union organizing.
In addition, the Nasdaq 100 is a highly concentrated index.
In addition, 129,000 hospitalizations and 61,000 deaths could be prevented.
In addition, home movies are excerpted, as are Gayle's journals.
In addition to Facebook and Apple, Google also registered Google.
In addition, the team is also looking at expanding internationally.
In addition to his service in World War II, Col.
In addition, the proposed sale of online video subsidiary, Qiyi.
This tax scheme is unlawful, in addition to being unfair.
In addition, the Italian political situation is the third mole.
That's in addition to 38 civilians on the Syrian side.
In addition, prices are often lower than in other neighborhoods.
In addition, the family also has a cat named Cheeto.
In addition to skating, the show features complex aerial choreography.
This is in addition to existing plans to boost apprenticeships.
In addition to Popeyes, Still, the hype has its consequences.
In addition, four international deals were made in recent months.
In addition to dialing 2628 callers can also dial 28500.
In addition, multiple people tend to pick the same password.
In addition, they must have type O or A blood.
In addition to McSally, several Republicans said they backed Hyten.
In addition, there have been a handful of other cases
In addition, many radio shows are repackaged in podcast form.
In addition, a reporting credit for Joe Coscarelli was omitted.
In addition, the bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.
In addition, the survey directly reveals North Korea's military readiness.
In addition, some of the support staff have been furloughed.
In addition, most major medical groups have opposed the proposal.
In addition to donations, The Florence Project also accepts volunteers.
The $21 million would be in addition to that sum.
In addition to diversity, a focus on inclusion is imperative.
It encompasses 2,400 square feet in addition to extensive decks.
But in addition to PlayStation Plus, there's also PlayStation Now.
In addition, invest in local organizations, associations, churches and movements.
In addition, Apple has tremendous brand recognition and customer loyalty.
In addition, Noble Audio doesn't skimp on the technical side.
In addition, SGMB shares the same branding as its parent.
In addition to providing safety, we must provide economic opportunity.
That's in addition to having to pay for internet access.
In addition, we must tackle our nation's foster care crisis.
In addition to 3 kids, they wear really gaudy clothes.
In addition, the government owns a 1308% stake in QNB.
In addition, it also analyzes the audio of the call.
" In addition, "you've got all the hype around the phone.
In addition, all federal agencies must implement this standard, too.
In addition, the actress has surrounded herself with loved ones.
In addition to Backdrops, Snapchat is also launching Voice Filters.
In addition, Egypt and the Philippines dialed back their ties.
In addition to the deaths, another 36,85033 civilians were wounded.
In addition, a series of import tariffs came into effect.
In addition, The Upshot provides political analysis and data visualizations.
In addition, there are little loopholes that accrue over time.
Making the work involved 40 women in addition to Goodman.
In addition to increased stabilization, videos also play more efficiently.
In addition, HBO and TBS will guarantee Historic TW Inc.
In addition, positive energy flows around work and money today.
In addition, the Federal Royalty Policy Committee has been reestablished.
But everything else has to happen in addition to that.
In addition to its environmental effects, the NRDC and Stand.
In addition to sculpture, Tufino works in prints and photography.
In addition to that, you also have the federal judiciary.
In addition to being profitable and international, Yao notes Kitt.
In addition to the possibilities of cash rewards, users accrue .
In addition,  there were 4,020,893 spam reports from Twitter users.
In addition to those winners, 15 photos got honorable mentions.
In addition, the bacterium cannot be cultured in a lab.
Seeds and nuts provide healthy fat in addition to protein.
In addition, the system was intuitive and easy to use.
Today, Scudamore runs three operations in addition to GOT JUNK?.
In addition, the N.F.L. operates under a "hard" salary cap.
In addition, you always run the chance of being wrong.
In addition to competition from online retailers such as Amazon.
In addition to guides, Places also offers audio walking tours.
In addition, courts have found that IPR issues quality opinions.
In addition, another smaller caravan is reportedly moving through Guatemala.
In addition, Mr. Selyem posted an altered photo of Mrs.
That is in addition to stricter oversight by the Fed.
In addition, Russia's participation is likely to come relatively cheaply.
In addition, using only three distinct funds eliminates potential overlap.
In addition, it has advocated for cuts to the CDC.
In addition to creating confusion, this dynamic sparks funding battles.
In addition to broad prosperity, there's technology, defined very broadly.
In addition, the ideological environment justices operate in is different.
In addition to a drink, she was having vivid flashbacks.
In addition to regulating immigration, ICE does contain counterterrorism units.
In addition, watchOS 6 will be released on September 19.
In addition to wanting fair wages, they want back pay.
Zeitlin remains as chairman in addition to assuming CEO duties.
But what if it affects children in addition to adults?
In addition to governance reform, the M.T.A. requires more funding.
In addition, the supposed limpet mine was above the waterline.
In addition, normal temperatures tend to vary among certain groups.
In addition, the US contributes to South Korea's missile defense.
In addition, Belichick is almost completely absent in the series.
School photos, in addition to a meme, are a scam.
In addition, taxing carbon moves energy markets toward cheaper renewables.
In addition, 87 percent said their training had been compromised.
In addition to her acting, Ms. Le was a restaurateur.
In addition to Netflix, executives from Apple Inc and Amazon.
In addition to bail reform, we also need discovery reform.
In addition, I feel like the bike lanes are ageist.
In addition, the contact tracing has not always been effective.
In addition, the headline with the obituary misstated his age.
In addition to their daughter Laura and granddaughter Jenna, Mrs.
In addition to her son Stephen, also an author, Mrs.
In addition, providing support for unemployed workers is also expected.
In addition to social justice, what else guides your collecting?
In addition to hundreds of booming genealogical resources like Ancestry.
In addition, these corals could prove to be biomedical resources.
In addition, combined Board fees will be reduced by 75%.
This would be in addition to what state governments offer.
In addition to a dog walking ban from 7 a.m.
In addition, 43 indirect deaths were attributed to the storm.
In addition to murder charges, Porter is facing weapons charges.
In addition, there were different ways to interpret the specification.
In addition to him, she is survived by four children.
In addition, the officer overseeing Navy surface warfare, Vice Adm.
In addition to financial challenges, foreign educators face instructional ones.
In addition, managed care slowed growth in the private sector.
Boosters are used in laundry in addition to regular detergent.
In addition, as life expectancy rises, people have longer retirements.
In addition, he may owe other excise taxes and penalties.
In addition, there are two oil sketches never before exhibited.
In addition to those four, he is chasing five others.
In addition, Facebook found 470 affiliated fake accounts and pages.
In addition to these, I own Hearphones, manufactured by Bose.
In addition to Sandberg's two children, Bernthal has three kids.
In addition to Buttigieg and Sanders, other candidates including Sen.
In addition to the aforementioned trio, they'd need someone else.
In addition, political organizations pay tax on any investment income.
In addition, I took some of the real estate courses.
In addition, different states have varying rules on paper documents.
In addition, Trump was masterly at diverting us from substance.
In addition, editing tools are coming to videos on iPhone.
That is in addition to extra matchday revenue and sponsorships.
In addition, their chipset business provides further leverage over competitors.
In addition to Mr. Pinckney, the victims were the Rev.
In addition, 5.5 million people are currently living with Alzheimer's.
In addition, the renewable energy industry is sending mixed messages.
In addition, treatments were sometimes at odds with existing guidelines.
In addition, House progressives introduced their Medicare for all bill.
In addition to 34 home runs, Napoli has 100 RBIs.
In addition, Congress should raise the minimum wage, he said.
In addition, Sime Darby has better brand and geographical diversification.
In addition, specific films might lend themselves to particular activities.
In addition to their skills, they may also bring malaria.
In addition to clothes, fragrances and electronic products are sold.
In addition, the headline referred imprecisely to Mr. Clark's work.
He is not president in addition to being a celebrity.
In addition, the article misstated the results of the test.
He was foolish, in addition to acting in bad faith.
In addition to the deaths, another 36,245 civilians were wounded.
In addition to his wife and son, they survive him.
And that was in addition to a combined 35 turnovers.
In addition to losing your policy, it's against the law.
In addition to his wife, his survivors include four children.
In addition to her husband and her son Eric, Mrs.
In addition to new partnerships, there have been new hirings.
In addition to a prison sentence, he was fined $430,000.
In addition, Carson's campaign has been beset by profligate spending.
In addition to acting and directing, Wilde is an entrepreneur.
In addition, there will also be more variety of styles.
In addition, the information he disclosed may even be classified.
In addition to the nine people killed, two were injured.
In addition, Ford is attempting to improve its financial fitness.
That's in addition to the Army Corps' Blue Roof program.
But in addition, Kosovo must overcome unique and challenging obstacles.
In addition, Iran itself is not immune to potential insecurity.
In addition to her, she is survived by three grandchildren.
In addition, Musk himself has been criticized for erratic behavior.
In addition, Trump's proposal provides for a six week leave.
In addition, serious side effects to vaccines are extremely rare.
In addition, flooding damaged the school building, creating financial strain.
Ted Cruz during the presidential campaign, in addition to Trump.
In addition, Allergan's moving averages recently flashed a bullish sign.
In addition, it integrates with a user's existing banking app.
In addition, soy is among the more common food allergies.
And in addition, I own a bunch of index funds.
In addition, there was no mention of balance sheet normalization.
In addition, he proposed lowering corporate taxes beginning on Jan.
In addition, it looked at preventing depression, not treating it.
That's in addition to 41 potential Senate candidates thus far.
In addition, a strong U.S. dollar has hurt coal exports.
In addition, the proposed gateway theory does not hold weight.
In addition, 55 percent blamed last week's shooting of Rep.
In addition to being an actor, Colfer is a writer.
In addition, the House adopted amendments late Wednesday from Reps.
In addition to Paul, supporters of the bill included Sens.
In addition to this, they found documentation of "accidental" releases.
In addition, VIX futures volume reached 939,000 contracts, another record.
In addition, these orders are reviewable by the federal courts.
This makes good fiscal sense in addition to ecological sense.
In addition, Nassar's boss also faces charges of sexual misconduct.
In addition, the U.S. isn't locked into any specific actions.
In addition, Mexico's national team coach is Argentina's Gerardo Martino.
Suppressors have many added benefits in addition to hearing protection.
His father owned a cycling shop in addition to competing.
In addition to Pelosi, it won the support of Rep.
In addition, a number are low cost or even free.
In addition, the model runs the latest MacOS X Mojave.
In addition to serving on the Intelligence Committee, Democratic Reps.
In addition, more and more jobs require a college degree.
In addition to Biden, Abrams has held meetings with Sens.
In addition, emails were destroyed after Congress had subpoenaed them.
In addition to the studio apartment, there is a workshop.
In addition to clothes, there will be footwear and handbags.
In addition, I am doing a lot of business ones.
In addition, the pricing of the facility has been reduced.
Those are extremely strong pressure points in addition to investors.
In addition to the triplets, they also helped raise Mrs.
In addition, some other big organizations are now making apps.
In addition, nicotine affects the developing brain of young people.
And there's always rent to pay in addition to that.
In addition to her son, from her third marriage, Mrs.
In addition to obviously a lot of strong reporting, also.
In addition to writing fiction, Mr. Baumbach was a critic.
In addition, he said at least 36 had been detained.
Many of them work long hours in addition to school.
In addition to groceries, Lidl sells appliances, furniture, and clothing.
In addition, a tighter labor market is boosting wage growth.
In addition to tiki staples, there's mezcal and Branca Menta.
In addition to its efforts to combat domestic terrorism, the FBI is tackling several other priorities like cybersecurity, counterintelligence and counterproliferation, in addition to its traditional focus on a range of important criminal issues.
In addition to having weaker proposals, Clinton often has a record that suggests she's even less with us than she professes to be, in addition to having cultivated donors whose interests diverge from ours.
In addition, Apple has six drivers permitted to operate the vehicles.
Mr Obama has several unusual strengths in addition to his celebrity.
In addition, he will donate $2,000 a month to the charity.
In addition, there are plenty of sensors, microphones and a camera.
In addition, economic growth in major economies appears to be stuttering.
In addition Skarsgard appearing in the teaser, Sissy Spacek also appears.
In addition, Twitch will host two events ahead of Prime Day.
That's in addition to everyone who'd lose coverage through ACA repeal.
In addition to weakness in China, Apple blamed slower upgrade rates.
In addition, the ad campaigns will reflect the runway offering immediately.
In addition to Katie and George, Ella joins an older brother.
In addition, borrowers must attend — and pay for — a counseling session.
In addition, Berenberg, Gossler, Commerzbank, UBS and UniCredit are joint bookrunners.
In addition, the polyhedron has 20 vertices where 6 triangles meet.
In addition to 5% back on all purchases made on Amazon.
In addition, over 40,000 local professionals were already using it, too.
In addition to the 12 people killed, several victims were wounded.
In addition, December recorded the least murders in 2016, Cotto said.
In addition, America's openness to foreign investment is increasingly under scrutiny.
In addition, reporters were told to stay in their media vans.
In addition, the latest Apple iPad is only $249.00 at Walmart. 
Then, in addition to that, he is a magnificent visual storyteller.
In addition, I've never forced my students to fight or compete.
In addition, the bank's NII is well diversified by business segment.
In addition, Mitchell wants to further dismantle the social safety net.
They say in addition to terrorism this is a hate crime.
In addition to the 14 dead, another 17 Iraqis were wounded.
The minimum wage, in addition to providing some workers with a
In addition, some 60,000 animals would also receive high-nutrient feeds.
In addition to competing with Amazon, Google is competing with Apple.
This is in addition to its campaign to remove VPN apps.
In addition to the mortgage, there's interest, taxes, insurance and upkeep.
In addition to saving your relationships, there's a bonus prize here.
Update, May 12th: Frinkiac now offers GIFs in addition to screengrabs.
That is in addition to the 83,000 the animals navigate already.
In addition, Cowboy plans to offer remote troubleshooting and software updates.
Each offers video calls in addition to a litany of features.
In addition, the company made the Data Science Workspace generally available.
In addition, Turkish exporters faced anti-subsidy duties of 16.21 percent.
" In addition, the actor said "the contacts themselves are not very
In addition, Kudlow expects progress on technology transfers and intellectual property.
In addition to astronomy, he was a capable mathematician and biologist.
In addition, plasma lenses like the ones he proposes are dynamic.
And I always said, in addition to that, keep the oil.
" In addition, he worked opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in "End of Days.
In addition, a profit warning from Asos shocked investors on Monday.
In addition, tribesmen remain divided over feuds and other local issues.
In addition, OAG is seeking restitution for consumers, penalties, and costs.
In addition to his animals, James posts photos of his travels.
In addition, 80 IT jobs are to be outsourced, he said.
In addition to footwear, there are also Love handbags and clutches.
In addition, the city also is focused on attracting needed talent.
In addition to more transit and more mobility choices for people.
In addition to Huffman, 13 others in the case pled guilty.
In addition to Luann, Barbara knew Dorinda before joining the series.
Losing election by more than 3M votes and in addition this.
In addition, Cole shared images of family members holding the newborn.
In addition, Lauletta pled guilty to a few minor traffic violations.
In addition we have received updated information on lower asset margins.
In addition, no major deals have been announced since Khashoggi's murder.
In addition, inventory levels and order books appeared to be stabilizing.
In addition, Khloé's daughter True is 10 weeks younger than Stormi.
This is in addition to six incumbent scientist-politicians 29 endorses.
In addition, Microsoft is turning Cortana into a more proactive assistant.
She already speaks more than passable English, in addition to Arabic.
In addition, they are notched down twice for non-performance risk.
In addition, I fully expected (and encountered) bugs during my tests.
In addition to the wall easel, I work flat on tables.
In addition to facing criminal charges, parents could also be deported.
In addition, retirement accounts cannot be split without a divorce decree.
In addition to Loki, a pineapple was along for the climb.
In addition, we also found amazing deals on Udemy online courses.
In addition to deliveries, they'll be juggling a surge in returns.
In addition, several structural constraints make drastic changes in Mexico difficult.
In addition to this, the technology industry has to Trump's order.
But that's in addition to her long-standing support for Harris.
In addition to tying the knot, he's jumped into royal life.
In addition, Starbucks is also leaning into its cold brew beverages.
In addition to arresting him, the DEA seized his family home.
In addition, CBK maintains an intraday liquidity portfolio of EUR8.6 billion.
That's in addition to the six other regional titles she won.
In addition, most apps have a sign up flow that's painful.
In addition to offering a payment method for transactions on Konga.
And in addition to being good politics, it's also smart policy.
In addition to her bikini, Jenner also sported square-shaped sunglasses.
In addition to currency exchange, for example, this could include mortgages.
In addition, there were no unusual absences from school at Karnes.
In addition, KitchenAid's 2-Slice Toaster is going for just $55.99.
In addition to the inventive toasted marshmallow ice cream, Gimme S'more!
In addition to a 3D printer, this contains conventional machining equipment.
In addition, he oversees New Mexico's $500 million deferred compensation plan.
In addition, Zojirushi's rice cooker and warmer is going for $119.99.
In addition, transaction fees for closing intraday positions will be lowered.
In addition, adding venting shafts risks additional incompatibilities with noncritical systems.
In addition to his time on the Warriors, the 6-ft.
In addition, YouTube will be making a donation to the organization.
In addition to factual differences among cases, venue can affect outcomes.
In addition, the exchange business is a technology business, he said.
Do I need to be cute in addition to everything else?
In addition, members of Congress must hold the Trump administration accountable.
In addition, CareerCast says the average salary is only about $20,000.
In addition, Pratt has developed a friendship with his girlfriend's family.
In addition, Gee is developing an app while on the road.
But in addition to that, we have to have fiscal discipline.
In addition, the pressure-driven extrusion system can be somewhat inconsistent.
In addition, Kansas, 31, faces child abuse and hindering prosecution charges.
In addition, department store chains such as Sears Holdings Corp SHLD.
In addition, he pleaded guilty to making false statements to investigators.
In addition, Renteln advises entrepreneurs to employ full transparency with customers.
In addition to the vice presidency, it holds six cabinet posts.
L Brands, in addition to Victoria's Secret, owns Bath & Body Works.
In addition, Robinhood supports cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin, and more.
In addition to the financial compensation, the city rescinded Boykin's termination.
In addition, there are incentives for referring others to the platform.
In addition, Myers pointed out potential health hazards with reusable bags.
In addition to his wife, he is survived by three children.
In addition, rain may last longer than we were earlier anticipating.
In addition, Madeline's liver has some thickening, a sign of cirrhosis.
In addition to this, make sure people care about the differentiation.
In addition to that, it's about women making the first move.
Depop's 10% cut on transactions is in addition to PayPal's fees.
In addition to better sound, the Echo can provide smarter sound.
In addition to the cancellations, customers should also expect flight delays.
In addition, five toilets have been built for the differently-abled.
But in addition to cervical cancer, pap smears screen for chlamydia.
In addition, he has been charged with sedition and computer crimes.
In addition to being practically starved, Garland was also sexually harassed.
In addition, all mention of mandatory arbitration has also been removed.
In addition, Trump's repatriation incentives will bring home trillions of dollars.
In addition to starring, Harington will co-executive produce the show.
In addition, we have been slow to switch to renewable energies.
Small dogs, in addition, are threatened by hypothermia in the pool.
In addition, you can save 15% on great mattresses from Casper.
They gave some of them quarterly injections of canakinumab in addition.
In addition to the demo table, you get four attendee tickets.
In addition to her lavish lifestyle, Bhabie's music career is blossoming.
In addition Qatar National Bank, the largest lender, slid 2454 percent.
In addition to the physical requirements, fencing is also very cerebral.
In addition, Target Partners, Shortcut Ventures and BayBG are also investors.
In addition, CBS is benefiting from other streamers' needs for content.
In addition to beauty, you've also written a lot about pornography.
In addition, many areas around Europe are trying to farm eels.
In addition, Berenberg, Gossler, Commerzbank, UBS and UniCredit were joint bookrunners.
In addition, reforms will only last if they respect public opinion.
In addition to being bothersome, it also becomes monotonous after awhile.
In addition we readily gave over one million pages of documents.
In addition, new rules will be difficult to negotiate and monitor.
So in addition to sales, retailers have to factor in delivery.
In addition, the European Union removed milk production limits last year.
In addition to the impact, there's the added risk of electrocution.
In addition, undercover officers and border police will patrol the route.
In addition, many voters who are independents are not necessarily undecided.
In addition, save $78 on the Apple iPad Pro at Walmart.
In addition to traditional car dealerships, CarGurus competes with TrueCar, Cars.
In addition, 99.98% of Baoshang Bank's institutional creditors were fully repaid.
In addition, we learn more about Jack's life as a soldier.
In addition to starring, Banks also executive produced the TV movie.
In addition, he's dealing with respiratory issues that demand constant care.
Moore is representing three of those states in addition to Ohio.
We have these other indicators, let's start using them in addition.
In addition to the big news that a new Smash Bros.
In addition, staffers are not allowed to photograph private park areas.
In addition, a toxicology report confirmed her death was a suicide.
In addition to bacteria, scientists have also discovered plastic-eating fungi.
In addition to the tides, Shigokus are shaped by the wind.
In addition to selectivity, another key to reducing violence is legitimacy.
In addition to the climb being sacrilegious, it is also dangerous.
In addition, women are disproportionately affected by this problem, notes Bloch.
In addition to this project, Robbie's plate is already extremely full.
In addition, they want an employee representative appointed to the board.
In addition to printers, HP makes computer monitors and other devices.
In addition, her father was then mostly absent from Winter's life.
In addition, Blenheim Chalcot has made an equity investment into Liberis.
In addition, a private jet was arranged for Scott's travel accommodations.
And in addition to that, we provided 3 million wireless sessions.
In addition to being a computer it's a 360-degree speaker.
In addition, she hadn't yet met her in-network insurance deductible.
In addition, the star shared some sage advice to aspiring singers.
In addition to the fatalities, 30 people were injured, some critically.
In addition to Vikander, it stars Dominic West and Walton Goggins.
In addition to a science teacher, Seaman is a football coach.
In addition to that, these devices can explode causing major harm.
In addition, the China trade uncertainty is clouding the road ahead.
In addition to, like, some of the more traditional, classical scholars.
In addition to meditation, Calm has found a niche in sleep.
In addition to his hairstyling journey, Justin is also a musician.
In addition, bacteria have ruled this planet since nearly the beginning.
Bonus: You'll get great definition in addition to knot-free coils.
In addition to supporting monitoring devices, UAVs can take measurements themselves.
In addition, advertising is essential to the functioning of democratic capitalism.
But in addition to that, interviews/deposition will begin over August.
In addition to the Coffman and Lance events Wednesday night, Rep.
O) content available on its platform, in addition to Netflix (NFLX.
In addition, healthy ingredients like acai saw a 19 percent spike.
In addition, there's already a hashtag devoted to the cause: #XtinaDeserveMtvVanguardAward.
In addition to profanity, the tirade included racial and homophobic slurs.
In addition, deGrom reached 200 innings pitched for the first time.
In addition, 93 percent of participants experienced at least some improvement.
"In addition, they're facing criminal charges of tax evasion," she states.
In addition, Borders had seen many pictures of the school's chapel.
In addition to government agencies, DHS also assists in investigations abroad.
In addition to Trump, she was one of his biggest supporters.
In addition, you can't charge your phone when you're using them.
In addition, a sale would make Barclays' existing capital go further.
In addition, she serves as executive producer of the ABC revival.
In addition, job growth in April and March was revised lower.
In addition to the pen, every user has makeup base powder.
In addition to monitoring the products – AiFi monitors the people, too.
In addition, NBCUniversal is the parent company of NBC and E!.
Pell still writes for film and television, in addition to acting.
In addition, Audible content now ties into Amazon's Alexa business, too.
In addition to the search functionality, Gboard also offers word tracing.
In addition, a further more than 100 beds are under construction.
Two other individuals were involved, in addition to McCoy and Brinkley.
In addition, Fossil Men's Nasher Backpack is on sale for $116.81.
In addition to Hatch, Vestager also met with Lew on Monday.
In addition, only 13 percent of residents over 65 are employed.
In addition to being an atheist, O'Hair was an outspoken feminist.
In addition, the current dividend yield is an attractive 2.4 percent.
In addition, some executive orders do not end up being signed.
In addition, left-hander Caleb Ferguson was optioned to Oklahoma City.
In addition, it's great that these two are open about everything.
In addition, the cars will include redundant steering and braking systems.
In addition to Sanders, Ellison has also been backed by Sens.
In addition, drivers must possess a vocational license for public transportation.
In addition, she hosted the Miss Teen USA Pageant in 1997.
In addition, NXD is high relative to the 'A' peer median.
In addition, Betaworks will receive 8 percent common stock from each.
In addition, there are commitments for US$4bn of bridge financing.
In addition to Joe's engagement, the Jonases have plenty to celebrate.
In addition, there is the issue of the heat wave's duration.
Stoner was fined $10,000 in addition to the 3 year ban.
The fee comes in addition to a delivery fee and tip.
In addition, sustainable world large stock funds also outperformed last year.
Zola is a registry company in addition to a website provider.
In addition, in 2015 employers spent $85033 billion on health benefits.
In addition, proceeds from the gate go to the chosen charity.
In addition, he is the most decorated Olympian of all time.
In addition, Malik, 23, also got two tattoos on his neck.
In addition, they don't detect substances you're not already looking for.
In addition, Brandenburg and Saxony will have regional elections next year.
In addition countries where corruption is high attract less foreign investment.
In addition, the proposal does not specifically protect funding for children.
In addition, the iPhone XR's portrait mode only works on people.
In addition to the holidays, Guthrie's own birthday is Dec. 27.
In addition, Diablo II's Mac players now have a new installer.
In addition, the central bank is discouraging lending to buy gold.
In addition, Air includes a collaborative video editing feature called Reels.
In addition, Armarium offers a more hands-on approach to styling.
In addition to speakers, featured attendees include: Ben Tompkins, Eden Ventures
In addition, each Constellation camera has an activity light on it.
In addition to Phil, Bieber has a Yorkshire Terrier, named Esther.
In addition, airlines took their own measures to address the crunch.
Today, in addition to being an MC, he's also a barber.
In addition, there is plenty of junk food at the ready.
In addition, walled gardens inhibit innovation in favor of profit margins.
In addition the CFPB funding did not come under Congressional control.
In addition to their aesthetics, the shoes are highly eco-friendly.
In addition, the reach of the program has been greatly reduced.
In addition, Benchmark's Peter Fenton will be joining the company's board.
In addition, Biegun was the top foreign relations adviser on Sen.
In addition, midelfart capital hold trs agreements with exposure to 1.000.
In addition, Republicans are hopeful Haspel will win over Maine Sen.
In addition, China's influence inside the house of Kim is limited.
In addition to the four people killed, four others were injured.
In addition to their son, she is survived by four grandchildren.
In addition to the fatalities, 20 others were injured, CONRED said.
In addition, her husband, Sajeesh, will be offered a government job.
In addition to rising prices, Americans are struggling with stagnant wages.
In addition, the child tax credit will go up 65 percent.
In addition to Enzi, sponsors of the Senate bill include Sens.
In addition to his wife, Mr. Valvani left behind two daughters.
Those exports in turn support many people in addition to farmers.
In addition to those killed, at least 58 people were injured.
In addition, opioids appeared to provide a quicker and cheaper solution.
In addition, after nearly four centuries, the canvases sorely need cleaning.
In addition, North Korea has pursued other avenues for obtaining cryptocurrencies.
In addition, many foreign leaders have publicly rebuked the president's policy.
In addition, China could — and likely will — retaliate at any time.
In addition, you can also mark alerts are "read" or "unread."
In addition, 2.0 also lets you share video clips on YouTube.
In addition, a number of Cera's seed backers have followed on.
SGT Google has launched Hong Kong availability, in addition to Singapore.
In addition, Turkish exporters face anti-subsidy duties of 16.21 percent.
In addition, the notes also include an optional interest deferral clause.
In addition, Suzuki is not bothered by lefty pitchers in general.
In addition, the survey showed 76% of independents supported the surtax.
In addition, Fuentes's sports medicine license was withdrawn for four years.
In addition to McMaster, the letter was signed by Alabama Gov.
In addition, it has a lifespan of more than 20 years.
In addition, the bank's Short-Term IDR was affirmed at 'F2'.
In addition, Takata faces a criminal investigation by the Justice Department.
Specific actions, in addition to centralizing risk assessment, should be taken.
In addition those constraints, most of countries have too many banks.
Survey respondents included 102 business executives in addition to 1,500 consumers.
In addition, Biegun was the top foreign relations adviser on Sen.
In addition, WHO is considering a similar proposal, called Biological Qualifiers.
Four states, in addition to Pennsylvania, have primary contests next Tuesday.
In addition to Mozambique, the rains also affected Zimbabwe and Malawi.
In addition, flows reversed direction in Greene County in southwest Pennsylvania.
In addition to defending and extending President Obama's achievements, however, Mrs.
In addition, white oak goes into flooring, cabinets, furniture and more.
In addition to the master cabin, there are two twin bedrooms ...
In addition to Grassley, the bill is backed by GOP Sens.
In addition, he shows no evidence of delusional thinking at all.
In addition to Peters and Gillibrand, seven House members spoke: Reps.
In addition, Amazon was able to demonstrate a massive flywheel effect.
In addition, the center's landscaping was designed with fires in mind.
In addition, all global value chains are becoming more knowledge-intensive.
In addition, we do our own creative work — art and writing.
In addition, the F.B.I. receives tens of thousands of terrorism tips.
In addition to the money that goes to traditional lobbyists, Saudi
"In addition to my job, I found side work," he says.
In addition to Ankeney Weitz, it was organized by Melissa Walt.
In addition, Kentucky expanded Medicaid under Obamacare, and Utah did not.
In addition, I've noted a few multi-product lending firms, e.g.
In addition, the Fed has already started winding down its portfolio.
In addition, there are downside risks to Iranian crude oil exports.
Tuesday's cancelations were in addition to 200 flights backlogged from Monday.
In addition, legislation passed on Thursday gives the government new powers.
In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors of IAC.
In addition, about a half million people arrive on immigrant visas.
In addition to everything else, billions of dollars will be saved.
In addition to organizing, producing, directing and performing, Ms. Atkinson teaches.
In addition to the deaths, there's also evidence leptospirosis illnesses increased.
In addition, their blood pressure, blood sugar and lipids were recorded.
In addition to her son, a high school guidance counselor, Mrs.
In addition to her son, she is survived by two grandchildren.
In addition, the F.C.C. cannot intervene in state laws, they said.
In addition, women would be given free sanitary pads and tampons.
There is a closet in addition to the sofa's storage compartments.
In addition to Collins, Democrats have also drawn attention to Rep.
In addition, a bustling tech scene in Seattle offers high salaries.
In addition to everything else, billions of dollars will be saved.
In addition to Booker, other potential White House hopefuls include Sen.
In addition, keep in mind the express route stops after midnight.
In addition to those killed, about a dozen people were hurt.
In addition, the service includes all of Hulu's on-demand content.
In addition, it has an exterior finish of custom Cordova gold.
That's in addition to two hearings previously scheduled for next week.
In addition to Sasse, the letter was signed by Republican Sens.
In addition to reading, wealthy people tend to wake up early.
In addition, the current dividend yield is an attractive 2.2 percent.
In addition, he spent 85033 years at investment bank Goldman Sachs.
In addition, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called for Franken's resignation.
In addition, an accompanying map misspelled the name of a beach.
In addition, our businesses are not just taxed once, but twice.
In addition to her research work she is also registered nurse.
In addition to him, Ms. Hamilton is survived by a granddaughter.
In addition, the patient resource emphasizes healthy sleep, nutrition and exercise.
In addition Bloomberg is suspending the "Charlie Rose" show as well.
That's in addition to the Rock Angel Rosé from Château D'Esclans.
In addition, he manages Facebook marketing for a handful of clients.
In addition, we have very active minority recruitment and hiring efforts.
Now, in addition to individual developers, people can also sponsor teams.
That's in addition to the 47,000 apps Apple removed last fall.
In addition, each hurricane posed different threats and caused different problems.
That was in addition to 46 stories already pegged for closure.
In addition, the article misspelled the name of a Turkish club.
In addition, early in the campaign, Wasserman Schultz unilaterally suspended Sen.
In addition to celebrating the peace, Jay's response was two-fold.
In addition to the jewelry, the crooks also took her laptop.
In addition to that, there's some who are just not there.
In addition to the newbies, the rest are all familiar faces.
In addition to monopoly power, a monopolization case requires exclusionary conduct.
In addition, "dual use" of cigarettes and e-cigarettes is troubling.
In addition, it recommended avoiding markets, festivals and crowded shopping areas.
In addition to his wife, Gadsby, who lived in Southfield, Mich.
In addition, four townhouses in the complex have 288-foot ceilings.
In addition, the UConn athletic department faces a big financial hole.
In addition, Wright was also convicted of lying to the FBI.
In addition, two-thirds say Clinton is neither honest nor trustworthy.
In addition, Trump's supporters face an intensity gap with his critics.
They will be deployed in addition to a sizable police presence.
In addition, improvements in physical strength didn't correlate with less depression.
Beatie Wolfe – Artist In addition we'll have: Ruth Anderson – Director, KPMG
In addition to working for Trump, his firm has represented Enron.
In addition, members can block other users, if they are uncomfortable.
In addition, identified cobalt resources are much larger than existing reserves.
In addition to that, uncertainties over the global economy are increasing.
In addition to that, he also administers a jackfruit WhatsApp group.
In addition, SpaceX's satellite imaging technology could help with location tracking.
In addition, there are intriguing match-ups like Jake Ellenberger vs.
In addition to the pizza, veggie burgers are a popular order.
In addition, she's failed to achieve, really, any of her goals.
In addition to Drive, Google Classroom is also suffering an outage.
In addition, there's a clues in the title of the piece.
In addition Mark Raddan has been made global head of turnaround.
This is in addition to passwords and a physical computer key.
In addition to that sell off, other assets are being offloaded.
In addition, not all forms of remote therapy are created equal.
In addition, she says this subjective process could lead to problems.
In addition to the weak dialogue, the characters are paper thin.
In addition, the GoPros tend to overheat and can be unreliable.
In addition, medicinal use is legal in around twenty other states.
In addition, I want the books to be written by women.
In addition to classes, we do private and semi-private training.
In addition, it's easier to highlight key elements of a procedure.
In addition, many sexual harassment cases are filed in state courts.
In addition to the subsidy payments, government funding expires on Dec.
In addition to horse racing, Lexington is known for its basketball.
In addition, China's maturing industrial sector increasingly makes its own parts.
In addition, they are a season-high 12 games over .500.
In addition, we will improve the Department of Defense's cyber capabilities.
In addition, there are 1003 states that already permit medical marijuana.
In addition, he has a reputation for integrity and straight dealing.
In addition to gorgeous looks, the Surface Studio is crazy powerful.
In addition, Fitch views the company's patent expiration risk as manageable.
In addition, the registry is limited in how it can help.
In addition, misinformation here often travels in the form of memes.
In addition to being fueled by uncertainty, anxiety is also contagious.
In addition to influence, Heritage offered something the government couldn't: money.
In addition to his five children, his survivors include 11 grandchildren.
In addition to being painful, the surgery often results in complications.
In addition, 584 other workers will shift to part-time jobs.
In addition, wartime quilts were sometimes a means of behavior modification.
In addition, the grapes can be handled more delicately than usual.
In addition, this is a second generation story, not a first.
In addition to Mr. Parsons, the board added two other men.
In addition, I was always supported and encouraged by my mother.
There are boys in "Upstate Girls," in addition to the girls.
Turnberry Solutions has a number of clients in addition to AEC.
In addition to "MM," many of Wayne's paintings reference other artists.
That's in addition to nearly 500,000 Syrians killed countrywide since 2011.
In addition, infighting over leadership and ministerial posts further frustrated supporters.
In addition to getting his M.F.A. at Rutgers in 1981, Pope.
In addition, the company announced a middle tier aimed at SMBs.
Zeitlin will remain as chairman in addition to assuming CEO duties.
In addition, a few hundred people received violations for being unvaccinated.
In addition to monetary donations, the foundation is also accepting goods.
In addition, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) would be privatized.
In addition, Catholic priests respond to pressure from their own bishops.
He said in addition to feeling stronger, his sex drive improved.
And in addition to hatred, you also need money and desire.
In addition, she is constantly complaining and indifferent to her projects.
In addition to improving the software, more computing power was added.
Sarah: But that kind of behavior is, in addition, financially rewarded.
In addition to her daughter, her survivors include her son, Luis.
In addition, clearing the sample of potential contaminants can prove difficult.
In addition, last year's winner automatically qualifies — in this case, Sweden.
In addition to her son Seymour, her survivors include a granddaughter.
In addition to her sons, she is survived by three grandchildren.
In addition, London dominates Europe's 5.2 trillion euro investment banking industry.
In addition to prison time, Mr. Sharif was fined $25 million.
In addition, each of the answers relates somewhat to the clue.
In addition to Milad Alami, Ingeborg Topsoe contributed to the script.
In addition, most banks can no longer fail on "qualitative" grounds.
Flies are actually prolific muses, in addition to their other qualities.
In addition, Apple on Monday launched Live Lyrics on the Mac.
In addition, Google searches for each hotel yield no relevant results.
In addition, it said the purchaser, Ye Olde Time Keepers Inc.
In addition, there are presently no rules for someone getting pregnant.
In addition, the stock market turmoil is seen reducing household wealth.
She was, in addition to a fantastic colleague, a great friend.
In addition, the U.S. has no monopoly on these security measures.
Two other votes, in addition to McCain, look almost certainly gone.
Venezuela has 115,000 troops, in addition to tanks and fighter jets.
In addition to its namesake brand, the retailer operates Hollister stores.
In addition to the laughs, Glimmerglass's production doesn't stint on nostalgia.
In addition to being talented Gus was a very caring person.
In addition, some types of antibodies tend to weaken over time.
In addition, the shock of being stranded evokes a stress response.
In addition to that, there is the pedigree of the startup.
In addition to their daughter, he is survived by two grandsons.
In addition, the theme didn't immediately clonk me on the head.
In addition to Elsie, now 4, they share son Charlie, 2.
IDShield works in this area, in addition to providing identity monitoring.
In addition, agents interviewed a lawyer of one of the friends.

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