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"left" Definitions
  1. on the side of your body that is towards the west when you are facing north
"left" Synonyms
leftward port larboard portside sinistral sinister left-hand hard to left sinistrous left-handed liberal leftist left-wing progressive socialist anti-capitalist social-democrat anti-war civil rights Socialist neglected deserted forsaken abandoned forgotten rejected discarded godforsaken shunned dumped jilted forlorn dropped stranded ditched outcast sidelined ostracised(UK) ostracized(US) cast aside undone incomplete unfinished uncompleted unconcluded unaccomplished outstanding unfulfilled unexecuted unperformed omitted remaining pending deferred disregarded ignored half-done not done not completed surplus extra superfluous excess spare redundant additional leftover unused supernumerary excessive unneeded dispensable unwanted useless expendable unnecessary supererogatory reserve moved relocated transferred departed emigrated vacated migrated removed changed residences gone away liberalistic advanced avant-garde broad broad-minded catholic enlightened flexible free general high-minded humanistic humanitarian indulgent intelligent interested latitudinarian lenient libertarian loose parked placed planted established halted positioned put standing stored unmoving located sited stationed found settled fixed occupying set situated based gone done past extinct finished over bygone completed elapsed ended bypast defunct expired passed gone by dead and buried no more burned up net final nett clear pure bottom line take-home after deductions after taxes leftism left wing liberalism libertarianism progressiveness progressivism freethinking radicalism open-mindedness latitudinarianism moderation humanitarianism broad-mindedness laissez-faire tolerance radical left-winger allowed set aside allocated allotted reserved earmarked designated spared devoted deducted gave provided remitted afforded apportioned made available assigned allowed for permitted tolerated made allowance for made allowances for bore in mind kept in mind took into account took into consideration considered lost forgot left behind overlooked lost track of failed to keep failed to keep sight of failed to retain chucked junked scrapped shed binned canned tossed tost casted off did away with dispensed with gave up got rid of jettisoned made headed broke dashed ran bolted bound bounded fled rushed darted raced scrambled scurried sprinted went beelined careered quit quitted evacuated flitted embarked escaped exited forsook split vamoosed decamped marooned relinquished renounced surrendered forbore forborne entrusted committed delegated consigned confided handed trusted given referred vested ceded bequeathed bequoth bequethen commended endowed willed demised devised transmitted conferred conveyed bequested donated legated handed down made over caused generated precipitated produced created deposited effected engendered fomented initiated occasioned spurred brought about contributed to culminated in led to resulted in brought on gave rise to given rise to putten rested laid lay stood sticked stuck stowed deposed lodged propped sat postponed delayed rescheduled procrastinated shelved avoided mothballed held off held off on put aside put off put on hold put on back burner put on ice gave rain check given rain check stopped ceased desisted terminated yielded yold yolden waived knocked off backed out of dropped out of refrained from resigned from discontinued retired from bailed stepped down from bagged moved from bowed out of given up stepped aside from forgat mislaid mislay omitted to take let leet letten had suffered let be let continue let stay let go more other beyond further auxiliary supplementary additionally in addition in excess left over over and above More
"left" Antonyms
right dexter dextral rightward starboard right-hand conservative reactionary rightist traditional traditionalist unprogressive conventional alt-right right-wing ultra-conservative traditionalistic established old orthodox nonprogressive historic past historical ancient well cared for finished complete accomplished done fulfilled performed balanced buttoned completed fastened fine sane sound tied untroubled zipped attended to concluded settled achieved insufficient necessary deficient inadequate lacking limited scant scanty scarce essential needing wanting falling short decided determined resolved distant improbable later unlikely cherished beloved supported loved treasured dear precious valued dearest endeared favourite(UK) special favorite(US) adored favored(US) darling much-loved occupied dearly loved doted on remaining resident adopted chaste claimed defended innocent kept maintained moral pure virtuous core main principle temporary conservatism conservativeness illiberalism reactionaryism immobilism conservativism traditionalism unprogessiveness die-hardism preservation ultra-conservatism narrow-mindedness right wing retained withheld held preserved held on to hung on to held onto hung onto held back kept hold of clung to clutched grasped held tight held close held fast arrived came come comen emerged appeared approached showed shown entered materialised(UK) materialized(US) landed reached visited barged in bobbed up busted in checked in came in stayed remained stood waited abode abided awaited bode bided bidden lingered sticked stuck tarried hung hanged loitered rested stayed put continued persevered perdured persisted endured lasted survived carried forward carried on went on gone on kept on pressed on pushed on with persisted with reclaimed recovered retrieved got gat gotten regained retook retaken reacquired repossessed rescued recaptured recouped replevined replevied re-collected got back gotten back regained possession of holden detained screened suppressed concealed constrained covered forbore forborne hid hidden secured took taken watched withholden removed eliminated rid ridded cleansed cleared extracted extraught freed purged stripped stript eradicated erased extinguished abolished banished cut shed cleared away moved relocated conveyed shifted transferred withdrew withdrawn carried hauled transported brought out carried away carried off carted off drew out drawn out acted proceeded reacted responded began begun operated worked wrought functioned was busy were busy been busy did something done something got going gotten going got moving started commenced effectuated initiated instigated kick-started precipitated triggered undertook undertaken embarked on kicked off started off started up tore into torn into stayed in stayed at remained at remained in brought grabbed took possession of taken possession of stopped ceased paused broke brake broken dropped halted adjourned desisted suspended delayed discontinued intermitted interrupted broke off broken off desisted from held up

739 Sentences With "left"

How to use left in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "left" and check conjugation/comparative form for "left". Mastering all the usages of "left" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Her head swings fluidly in a concentrated pattern: Left, left, right, left, right, left.
Thanks for the lift, dear Willis Avenue Bridge. Left. Right. Left-right-left. And-a-left-and-a-right.
The left straight, the left high kick, and the left body kick.
Jeff Mackler is to the left of the left of the left.
TE Zander Neuville (right leg), RB Bradrick Shaw (left leg) and LB Noah Burks (left left) all left and didn't return.
Left," the grad student guides Holden; he asks, "My left, or your left?
Bernie clash is not just a story of center-left versus left-left.
"They've left, they've left, they've left," he said, pointing at student after student.
So this feeling people have of being left out and left behind, it's because they have been left out and left behind.
Seniors have been feeling left out, people of color have been feeling left out, low income families feeling left out, immigrants feeling left out.
"So this feeling people have of being left out and left behind, it's because they have been left out and left behind," said Case.
What they found: 38% of passengers never left their seats during flight, 38% left once, 13% left twice, and 11% left more than two times.
Absolutely, but I've always considered my own politics, in whatever sense you can put them on a spectrum, left of left of left of left.
The 2018 Gillibrand has renounced all of these stances, moving left and left and left again.
Left ankle, left heel was fractured due to a penetration wound coming laterally from the left.
Left guard Lane Taylor started at left tackle, with Lucas Patrick stepping in at left guard.
This, I believe, will be a fixture of the Sanders legacy: Drag a center-left party further left — whether one calls that True Left or Extreme Left.
"Show me the really left, left, left-wingers who beat a Republican," Biden told reporters on Friday.
He sees the American left as split into two camps: the reformist left and the cultural left.
Phillies left fielder Corey Dickerson left the Wednesday game after fouling a ball off his left foot.
Labelbox's team, with co-founders Ysiad Ferreiras (third from left), Manu Sharma (fourth from left), Brian Rieger (sixth from left) Daniel Rasmuson (seventh from left) Labelbox's team, with co-founders Ysiad Ferreiras (third from left), Manu Sharma (fourth from left), Brian Rieger (sixth from left) Daniel Rasmuson (seventh from left) Labelbox launched its early alpha in January and saw swift pickup from the AI community that immediately asked for additional features.
There will be those left-further left primaries in those districts where the further-left nominee will win.
They ranged from left of center to very left of center to the outer limits of left field.
To the left, to the left ... there's Jerry Jones sitting in a box to the left -- OF DEZ BRYANT!!!!
Forward Luis Solignac (left quad) and defenders Kevin Ellis (left calf contusion) and Rafael Ramos (left ankle) are questionable.
After they left (finally!), I noticed that one girl left her phone and a boy left his student ID.
When Jobs left in 1985 he left in a hurry, and this I was left behind on a shelf.
A's left fielder and cleanup hitter Khris Davis left after hitting a padded railing hard on his left side.
Left-hander Matt Strahm, the second Kansas City pitcher, left in in the fourth inning with left knee inflammation.
"Show me the really left, left, left-winger who beat a Republican," he said, according to The Associated Press.
Unquestionably and overwhelmingly, they want to go left, but how far left — and how formally left — is another question.
In fact, nearly 38% of passengers never left their seats, while the same proportion left their seats just once; 13% left their seats twice, and 11% left more often than that.
To the left to the left everything you own in the box to the left," quoting the Beyoncé song "Irreplaceable.
What is it that would stop the centre-left kind of collapsing between centre-left and left of the party?
The stranger left — but the incident left her shaken.
He twists right, left, right, left — it's not easy.
The Democratic Party has been moving left — far left.
Starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard exited after taking a comebacker off his left rib cage in the seventh inning, two innings after left fielder Dominic Smith left due to a left groin strain.
Other injuries of note —Cincinnati cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick left the Bengals' game in Baltimore on a cart with a left knee injury, and offensive lineman John Miller left with left groin injury.
Peacock will make his second start this season, essentially filling the void left by left-hander Dallas Keuchel (left shoulder inflammation).
As he moved to the left, Carlos Munoz was left to move left, too, which is where James Hinchcliffe's car was.
That adds up to eight straight elections, with "left" left out — even Obama did not run as left as he governed.
John D. Miller, left, admitted to killing April Tinsley, left.
We feel like we're being left behind and left out.
The two left lanes must turn left and stay tight.
They all promptly left, and left Dave there with me.
I was left in the dark, left wondering and wandering.
OF Aaron Hicks left Friday's game with sore left shoulder.
With one course left, Seth'd left me feeling pleasantly full.
He left unexpectedly, but he left me with a lot.
But this conflict, unusually, pits the left against the left.
Nelson later left the game with a left ankle injury.
Tourgée, Brown, and Harlan left large archives; Martinet left nothing.
And when he left Truevine, the boys left with him.
That is autocracy by the left and for the left.
BRUCE HEYMAN: When Obama left office we left office effectively.
"Left, right, left," it said in time with my steps.
His left leg, left arm and skull had been fractured.
He left to a standing ovation with 216 seconds left.
So people eventually left and their houses were left abandoned.
And that's the center left: Further left, it gets worse.
But that has left some elderly people feeling left behind.
Not because he left, but because he left so soon.
Pirates 2B Josh Harrison (left foot) and OF Matt Joyce (left quad) both left Saturday's game and are day-to-day. 2.
Machida's best weapons have been his left round kick, his left straight, and his left knee, all out of a southpaw stance.
For men and women who feel left behind by the economy, left behind by politicians, left behind by a changing country — left behind, period — Mr. Trump says that "we" can make everything great again.
Party members also approved a proposal to fight against a future national coalition of left-leaning parties, including the far-left Left party, the centrist-left Social Democrats (SPD), and the pro-environment Green party.
Lee scored on a layup off the left side to cut the deficit to 38-53 with 25 seconds left left, but Locke secured the win by hitting two free throws with 15 seconds left.
Swiping left and right with one finger controls yaw and swiping left and right with two fingers shifts it left and right, respectively.
Bend your left knee, and take your left foot to the outside of your right hip so that your left knee is forward.
It blew off his left leg, much of his right one, left his left arm "hanging by threads" and smashed his right arm.
The Cavs remain without PG Derrick Rose (left ankle sprain), SG Iman Shumpert (left knee soreness) and C Tristan Thompson (left calf strain).
"Left on a ship" could mean something one left behind on a ship, but this clue is really referring to the directional left.
Ever since [former CEO] Steve Wynn left, we left with it.
Chicago's Joakim Noah left the game after separating his left shoulder.
There was stuff from the left, far left, right, far right.
You've inspired millions everywhere yet never left home, never left church.
I should've left an hour ago when that guy Brent left.
Feel left behind, left out and betrayed by the status quo?
As the right becomes more extreme the left goes further left.
The incident left him blind in his left eye he said.
Some of her artists left, she left some of her artists.
The right accuses the left of inaction; the left accuses the
I eventually left Brooklyn at 23, but Brooklyn never left me.
And so these guys just left, dropped the mic and left.
Tinsel eels swam from left to right, then right to left.
Here's who left Tuesday night better off, and who left defeated.
I left in 1997, and I left because I was old.
His left-footed shot beats Navas, but pings the left post.
Her left knee was bleeding, and her left wrist was swelling.
But other corrections left us red-faced — and left readers chuckling.
Mr. Macron left empty-handed and Mr. Trump was left hanging.
Left hemiplegics have undamaged left hemispheres and tend to be pragmatic.
That left the family unable to buy what food was left.
They had nowhere left to go and nothing left to prove.
"So this feeling people have of being left out and left behind, it's because they have been left out and left behind," said Case, who before heading up Revolution was co-founder and CEO of AOL.
Mets left-hander Jason Vargas exited with a cramp in his left calf that started after he fouled a pitch off his left foot.
Simultaneously, you touch your left shoulder with your left hand and touch your left elbow with your right hand, forming a 90-degree angle.
G Karri Ramo left the game at San Jose on Thursday with three minutes left in the third period after injuring his left leg.
Holzken throws his left hook against the guard and switches out to his left side into a southpaw stance, throwing a left round kick.
"It appears that there's some tension between the center-left part of the party and the left-left part of the party," Stavis said.
Cleveland starter Carlos Carrasco left after four innings with left knee discomfort.
A second one hit her left thigh and left a flesh wound.
We left our conversation open, but I had so many questions left.
The Colorado rookie left the game favoring his left leg but returned.
That left me feeling left out of both parts of my identity.
Michael Ohoven (far left); Victor Salva, (third from left); Joyce Giraud (center).
Left: Debris left after historic flooding in Niobrara, Nebraska, on March 16.
If you want to move left, you lead with your left foot.
He left his previous start on May 15 with left pectoral tightness.
He never left New Orleans, or rather New Orleans never left him.
His boxy physique and sharply angled left leg mirror her left arm.
Sanchez left the game in the third inning with left hamstring tightness.
Use your left arm to pull your torso to the left. 10.
After this revelation, they left Brazil and Fisher left Simon for good.
I look good on the left — I nailed it on the left.
I left a note on Joey's car the night before I left.
U.S. political left on the left, political right on the right. pic.twitter.
LF Brett Eibner left in the fifth with a left sprained ankle.
OF Austin Jackson left Sunday's game with tightness in his left quad.
I left my comfort zone and then stayed there, and left again.
The bodysuit Bleu claims Kardashian copied (top left, bottom left, bottom right).
And on the left—there is a real manipulation of the left.
Some of the kids who left Orange City left for a profession.
And good, my friends, is on the left, and of the left.
Fitzgerald left St. Paul many times, but St. Paul never left him.
Brissett left the game with 12:41 left in the second quarter.
The left tilt wasn't limited to the left side of the state.
Gyorko left for a pinch runner because of a left groin injury.
I left the pizza on the floor next to him and left.
The victim's left arm, left leg, and right foot were also amputated.
Things are left in the foreground, things are left in the background.
It's like trying to touch your left elbow with your left hand.
Taylor left the game in the sixth inning with left hamstring tightness.
If the matched sticker is left of center, perform the Left Trigger.
The respectable center-left party, like center-left parties across Europe, collapsed.
We want to be left alone and left to live our lives.
They feel that these people have left them and left the country.
Then he left and Emilia was left with her salad in peace.
Leonard landed awkwardly on Pachulia's left foot and reinjured his left ankle.
"Our country needs the left, but a modern, innovative left," he said.
The left has gone so far left that they've lost their minds.
Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, then start.
With two episodes left, mysteries galore are still left to be solved.
Bill O'Reilly gone, Megyn Kelly left for NBC, Greta van Susteren left.
He previously had three other malignant melanomas removed, on his left shoulder, left arm and left nasal wall (removed in 1993, 2000 and 2002 respectively).
The Art Deco-style monogram can be placed on the center of the chest, the left chest, lower left torso, or on the left sleeve.
Cubs OF Chris Coghlan left Wednesday's game with a mild left ankle sprain after crashing into the left-field wall while attempting to make a catch.
Push off right foot and explode toward the left, landing on left foot with knees slightly bent; touch right toes to the ground behind left foot.
Since the bus driver is on the left, and the left is the front, you can assume our non-doomed bus is going toward the left.
Cubs left fielder Chris Coghlan ran hard into the wall trying to run down Rodriguez's double and left the game with a mildly sprained left ankle.
He hit a home run to left Friday night and both of his hits Sunday were off the left field wall, the double to extreme left.
Despite some flaws common to its genre, "Admissions" is an extraordinarily useful and excruciating satire — of the left, by the left, for the left — for today.
Stanton returned to the lineup on June 18 after missing 68 games with a torn left bicep, a strained left shoulder and a strained left calf.
With Murray pulled for an extra skater, Schultz fired a one-timer from the left circle past Lehner inside the left post with 296:262 left.
The Democratic Party is left, though maybe not that left I've noted on a number of occasions that the Democratic electorate is moving to the left.
My left knee I was a bit worried about and my left arm.
Drake was left on the sidelines, clapping, looking left out in the cold.
Ultimately, it left me feeling very comforted, and left me feeling at peace.
I think that people on the left react like people on the left.
Aminu (left calf) and Blazers C Festus Ezeli (left knee) did not dress.
Thiago and his wife left earlier, they left alone, the two of them.
Teoscar Hernandez grounded a one-single to left off left-hander Daniel Coulombe.
Neighbors left and friends left, and all of a sudden you're all alone.
Women not left out Women were not left out of his progressive agenda.
With the exception of Margaret Walker, when [the black writers] left, they left.
"To be left with just the clothes in which you left," she said.
Fiers left the game after two innings with a left lower shin contusion.
When she left that morning, she left me a card on her bed.
" Stipanovich described Graham as "a center-left Democrat, not a left-wing headbanger.
Pro tip: Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, start.
RHP Ivan Nova left the game Tuesday against Baltimore with left knee inflammation.
Do you empty the egg carton right to left, or left to right?
This was a lot pastured by the left and manufactured by the left.
Dean is pictured second from left and Tae Jun is third from left.
Angels right-hander Garrett Richards left after two innings with left hamstring tightness.
He has no light left to shed, no integrity left to sacrifice. Wow!
We don't know when she left her home or with whom she left.
Pujols left the game after the seventh inning due to left hamstring tightness.
We left when [Osho] left India, and after a while I drifted away.
The left-hander exited in the second inning with a sprained left ankle.
Galvis drove Bradley's fourth pitch just left of the left-field foul pole.
When you left, when the press left, we had a fairly long meeting.
Cross right ankle over left knee, and pull left leg into towards body.
But will anger and left-of-left liberalism be a recipe for success?
And because the left is so dehumanizing, it left us vulnerable to violence.
Bernie's left, but there's not really much of a left in this country.
Harrison aggravated a recent left hamstring injury and left for a pinch runner.
The Left Party, Sweden's former Communist party, would also probably be left out.
Antoine Griezmann calmly rolls it left as Subasic dives to his own left.
Followed by another left turn, a sharp left, and then a hard right.
"The Jews left Egypt, but Egypt has not left the Jews," he said.
The young captain shouts, though I can't hear him: left, right, left, right.
Cespedes left a game with tightness in his left hamstring on April 20.
He left so abruptly that he reportedly left his jacket in his office.
He sustained fractures in his left collarbone, left ankle, pelvis and a rib.
He was everything to us ... He left, he left fighting for his country.
Heredia started in left field, moving OF Jarrod Dyson from left to center.
Russell left in the sixth inning due to a bruised left middle finger.
She has gone so far left, and Schumer has gone so far left.
The result left the team 10 points behind Chelsea with 11 games left.
The left-handed hitter went the opposite way to left field against Pomeranz.
He argued that Democrats don't need to be socialists to be progressive and seemed to voice skepticism about candidates to the left of him: "Show me the really, left, left, left winger who beat a Republican" in 22020, he said.
Sergei Roldugin, second left, gives Dmitry Medvedev, left, and Vladimir Putin, third left, a tour of the restored House of Music in St. Petersburg, Russia, Saturday, Nov.
Against Miguel Cotto, Canelo used an inside slip to set up the left hand to the liver, the left hook to the head, and the left uppercut.
Pittsburgh left fielder Corey Dickerson left in the seventh because of what the team termed right groin discomfort after running to catch a ball in shallow left.
Santa Clara leading scorer KJ Feagin left the game with a sprained left ankle with nearly nine minutes left in the first half and did not return.
Because that was literally the worst period of AOL's, there was so much … the disaster of the merger, Lehman left, Case left, Pittman left, John was there.
Disney's 2008 animated film "WALL-E" features the last robot on Earth, left to tidy up the pollution humans left behind when they left the uninhabitable plant.
It runs from left to extreme left; and to the extent that the remaining candidates are trying to differentiate themselves, it's by moving even still further left.
He left Justin Smoak on as he left after 211 pitches in the seventh.
The mouth is left clean, without that greasy feeling left by poor quality chocolates.
And the Left in India is a very different Left than the United States.
Hamlin's left check was swollen, and there was a mouse under his left eye.
Québec à vélo by Para-Sol (left) and ABCyclette by Hatem+D Architecture (left).
He left Monday's game and missed Tuesday's contest because of a left thumb injury.
My father died and left me some, my brother died and left me some.
There aren't many open spaces left online, and there aren't too many playgrounds left.
I left a room I shared with seven brothers and sisters I also left.
I ran to fight for the ignored, the left out, and the left behind.
Harkless, who left the previous game with left hip tightness, finished with 26 points.
Puig showed discomfort in his left arm afterward and left in the eighth inning.
Lean them left and you'll sidestep to the left, tilt right to go right.
Too many people in America are still being left out, left behind and ignored.
When the e-tron bared left, my rocket ship in the game bared left.
Rubio left during the first quarter with left hamstring soreness and did not return.
I wonder how many pieces I have left before there's nothing left to rip.
But before she left, Drake left a sweet and bold mark on Pity Sex.
The left-handed 26-year-old injured her left hand fending off her attacker.
Under left-wing governments Argentina's judiciary convicted military leaders but left guerrilla crimes unexamined.
Once Jean left, I didn't have anything left in me to give that night.
Sacramento forward Skal Labissiere left in the third quarter after spraining his left ankle.
She's left to languish in her mansion, left to become the neglected wife trope.
It's not that they feel left behind, they kind of are being left behind.
If your trusty phone still has life left in it, don't feel left out!
Pittsburgh starter Steven Brault left in the fifth inning because of left shoulder discomfort.
When the British left #India, they left their biggest, and maybe oldest, fan behind.
Patterson lined up wide right, went in motion left and blasted around left end.
My exercise left my eyes sore, my face red, and my left eye twitching.
Toronto's Josh Donaldson left the game with left calf tightness in the fifth inning.
So when I left the gang, I left a family, with all its dysfunction.
This motorcycle was left at the walls, actually left at the Vietnam Veterans memorial.
Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun left in the fifth inning due to back tightness.
All that's left of the far left is a babble of sneers and slogans.
He left me for somebody else, but he left all of his stuff here.
Some of the land they left behind was abandoned and left idle for years.
I got turned a little bit left, and then it shot me down left.
The first star: This very mean left winger – So much for the tolerant left.
The assault left him with deep bruises and a gash on his left leg.
I just left one -- they just opened one in Texas; I just left it.
They also counted 23 cases linked to left-wing extremists, that left seven dead.
The left labeled the right racist; the right accused the left of hating America.
And although I left politics (undefeated and unindicted), political skill hasn't completely left me.
I left in the '21980s, I think most of them left in the '231s.
Royals starter Danny Duffy, a left-hander, has held left-handed hitters to a .
Karlsson's goal came with 1:15 left in regulation, Stone's with 51.2 seconds left.
He had a minute left in the semis and two left in the final.
That is not a hard-left tradition; that is more center-left, very open.
Cespedes originally hurt his left hamstring on April 20 and left that game early.
Some Manhattan artists may have left the city, but many just left the island.
Place your left hand on a chair and stagger your feet, left foot forward.
George left Thursday's 280-214 win over the Detroit Pistons with left hamstring tightness.
NOTES: Nuggets F Kenneth Faried left Saturday morning's shootaround because of left adductor soreness.
I knew that if the train left, I would be left on the stand.
But in the years since he left office, the party has left him behind.
After Gabby was injured [Note: Giffords was shot at a campaign event in 2011] and she left government, I left our space program, and I left the military.
Left winger Max Pacioretty had a goal and an assist, while left winger Charles Hudon, right winger Andrew Shaw and left winger Alex Galchenyuk also scored for Montreal.
After a devastating propeller accident left Lauren Scruggs Kennedy without her left eye and left hand, the 28-year-old lifestyle blogger wasn't sure she'd ever find love.
Inactives for Dallas were Dorian Finney-Smith (left knee tendinitis), G Seth Curry (left tibia), F Josh McRoberts (lower extremity injury) and C Nerlens Noel (left thumb surgery).
Both starting offensive tackles, left tackle Kelvin Beachum and right tackle Chuma Edoga, left the game with injuries, though Beachum later returned with his left ankle heavily bandaged.
He had returned to the lineup on June 18 after missing 68 games due to a torn left biceps, a strained left shoulder and a strained left calf.
Getzlaf received Perron's pass from the left boards, stickhandled toward the left post and shot the puck into the upper-left corner of the net for his ninth goal.
The Dodgers have three other starters on the disabled list: Clayton Kershaw (left biceps tendinitis), Rich Hill (blister on left middle finger), and Hyun-Jin Ryu (left groin strain).
The SPD's left wing, the left-leaning Greens and the radical Left Party all want to bury Schaeuble's black zero budget by financing more public investments with new debt.
Last July, Alexander Wang left Balenciaga after three years; in October, Raf Simons left Christian Dior after the same amount of time; and in February, Stefano Pilati left Zegna.
Take the far left corner of the blanket and fold it over the baby&aposs left shoulder across his or her body tucking their left arm under the blanket.
Joshua was left in the parking lot with four gunshot wounds in the chest, one in the left hip, two in the buttocks and three in the left hand.
Daniel Oppenheimer's sequence of biographical essays about six left-wing defectors, "Exit Right: The People Who Left the Left and Reshaped the American Century" (Simon & Schuster), begins with Chambers.
It's not enough to push liberals to the left; you also need to help left-liberals beat the right and muscle broadly left-wing policy ideas through actual legislatures.
The bullet (left) went through the pup's left eye and was lodged in his throat.
Deputies from the left-wing anti-austerity party Podemos left the chamber during this time.
He left in the eighth with a left shin contusion and is day-to-day.
Acton left Facebook in 2017, and his WhatsApp cofounder, Jan Koum, left earlier this year.
The surgeries left about a foot-long, 3-inch-wide hole in her left leg.
After getting the final two outs, Triggs left the game with a left calf contusion.
Start from a lunge position with left leg forward and left elbow resting on knee.
I don't want them to think I left them and left them out to dry.
It was army golf — left, right, left, right — as they say in the United States.
In fact, the few things I had left over when I left at 5 p.m.
Although the family has left Disney World, Snow White clearly hasn't left Jack Jack's heart.
The forward left with 8:42 left in the second quarter and did not return.
So, we are left in limbo: Who will get Clay's rose, now that he left?
Tigers left fielder Justin Upton departed in the fourth inning with a left calf strain.
Left: The Rho Ophiuchi star formation region at a distance of 450 light years (left).
Jarreau left the game with 2:14 to play after he injured his left ankle.
Left-hander Luis Avilian relieved Chris Hatcher with Gonzalez, a left-handed hitter, coming up.
That evolution is most readily apparent when Gregorius, a left-hander, faces left-handed pitching.
I hope the left goes more left and realises that Bernie Sanders' successes were important.
Rays left-hander Ryan Yarbrough left after three innings, allowing two runs and four hits.
The nurse "left the room and left the mother and son unattended," the suit alleges.
He left Saturday's game with a bruised left quadriceps and pinch-hit Sunday and Monday.
Reynolds led off with a single to left and scored on Marte's double to left.
The next round, Vargas' blows left Salka with a nasty cut under his left eye.
Heredia got the start in left field, moving OF Jarrod Dyson from left to center.
He left to become a preacher; she left to sink back into her old life.
Teymur's use of the left kicks to set up his left straight was also important.
Mets SS Asdrubal Cabrera (left knee) left Sunday's game and is day-to-day. 2.
C Francisco Cervelli left the game after the fourth inning because of left thumb discomfort.
The chemical strike left scores of civilians dead — including children — and left many others wounded.
He left the game on June 14 with left hamstring tightness and missed two starts.
I left the Museum of Broken Relationships feeling like I'd just left a therapy session.
So many single mothers left to raise children alone, left to bury those children alone.
Meanwhile, Nationals left fielder Jayson Werth left the game due to tightness in his hamstrings.
Farr, who scored seven points, left late in the game with a left leg injury.
And in a party that is shifting left, Sanders was left before it was cool.
Afterward, she had so little left, even though his ouster left so many problems unresolved.
RHP Zack Greinke left his Tuesday start after two innings due to left oblique tightness.
He left alongside almost the entire cast when creator Lorne Michaels left in the '80s.
She cried as she left the green and cried as she left the scoring area.
Services tax was left unchanged and long-term capital gains tax fears were left misplaced.
Betts left with a sore left wrist and Nunez after aggravating his right knee injury.
SS Chad Pinder left the game following the fifth inning with a strained left hamstring.
The left hand rubbing the right wrist, then the right hand rubbing the left wrist.
CTO Brian Pinkerton left in August, and head of communications Brent Colburn left in December.
Once this algae has left, corals are unable to grow and left vulnerable to damage.
This means that men button from left to right, but women from right to left.
The southpaw double attack is simply this: the left straight and the left round kick.
"I still have some sick time left and some vacation time left," Officer Delgado said.
Her left side was very weak, and she couldn't hear out of her left ear.
"What's left of my rivers, what's left of me," she said when she was 96.
She had left her job at The New York Post; Eileen had left her marriage.
After he left office, the centre-left Labor government began holding refugees on Christmas Island.
The girl's left leg was amputated and she lost two fingers on her left hand.
Left box, clockwise from left: Silvia Furmanovich wood marquetry, pink tourmaline and diamond earrings, $5703,2570.
" When Bercow left his chair, a sign was left in his placed that read: "Silenced.
Williams is stocky, with a bulge on his left forearm and a prosthetic left leg.
People would always say that I left Studio too early and Steve left too late.
The left, right & center left me hanging out to dry regarding the Trump mask photo.
"My message was left out, and my photo was left out as well," she said.
He left the game with left thumb discomfort and is listed as day-to-day.
Carolina defensive end Vernon Butler left in the first half with an injured left knee.
"There's nothing I would change about when I left or how I left," he said.
Democrats' left flank left dissatisfied Still, the shutdown revealed some schisms within the Democratic Party.
They have shifted to the left on some issues, but remain center-left on others.
Collins called on left-hander Josh Edgin to face the left-handed-hitting Kyle Seager.
REBOUNDS Celtics guard Shane Larkin left with a left shoulder injury in the first quarter.
The biggest employer had left, and much of the middle class had left with it.
He had left Catholicism almost five decades before, but Catholicism had not entirely left him.
And in the last few days, both of those incumbents left their left flanks exposed.
After he left office, the center-left Labor government began holding refugees on Christmas Island.
The surgery left Ksenia's left side weak and she was no longer able to walk.
"It's a radical left -- a radical left," Trump said last week in the Oval Office.
Turner twisted his left ankle on the play and left the game but later returned.
We planned that out first, and then what was left would be left for work.
Mr. Comey left Bridgewater's executive committee in 2011 and left the firm in early 2013.
The environmental left must come to grips with that or it will be left behind.
And in fact, I think migration needs to go from lower left to upper left.
Many teachers have left the state to teach elsewhere or have left the profession altogether.
"Labour is now a left-wing party, with a left-wing membership, with support from the trade unions and an institutional structure that is shifting to the left," he said, predicting that left-wingers would probably control Labour for the next decade and a half.
If you turn left, for example, the words "turn left" will come from the left speaker, and the closer you are to your turn, the louder the volume will get.
Newt Gingrich: "What you have is a coup being orchestrated by left-wingers in the bureaucracy, left-wingers in the news media, and left-wingers in the House Democrats." pic.twitter.
His 3-pointer with 59 seconds left cut Ohio State's lead to 60-56 with 59 seconds left after the Bearcats trailed by 16 with six minutes left. C,J.
But with the shot clock about to expire with 3:228 left, MTSU's Potts drained a 215 from the left side with 236.4:15 left, putting MTSU up 66-60.
In 2019 alone, he dealt with a left biceps tear, a balky left shoulder, a left calf strain, a sprained ligament in his right knee and a right quadriceps strain.
He keeps his left arm parallel and pointed to the target, which stabilizes his left shoulder and allows it to rock up and down in concert with his left elbow.
But her role has left her open to fire from both the right and the left.
President Trump, center left, blasted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, left, as "indignant" on Twitter Thursday.
Prosecutors say one child was left with brain damage and permanent blindness in his left eye.
He takes fly balls in left field, even though I haven't used him in left field.
RHP Matt Harvey left early Tuesday night after having his left hamstring cramp up on him.
The Lakers were without Brandon Ingram (left hip), Channing Frye (appendix) and Josh Hart (left hand).
Miami G Rodney McGruder left Wednesday's game with a bruised left quad and is questionable. 3.
Step right foot forward as you flex left knee, bringing left heel up to touch butt.
The Yankees also placed left-hander James Paxton on the injured list with left knee inflammation.
LF Brock Holt left the game with a left ankle sprain after sliding into second base.
"They are my family and never left Ray, and they've never left my side," Caryn says.
Mets second baseman Robinson Cano left in the fourth inning because of a left hamstring strain.
Bulls G Kirk Hinrich (left quad contusion) left Friday's game and is day-to-day. 2.
He was still a drunk, and you still left and went back, left and went back.
American politics is moving to the left precisely because American voters are moving to the left.
Callaway then called upon Blevins, his left-handed specialist, to face the left-handed hitting Harper.
Acton left Facebook in 2017, and his WhatsApp co-founder, Jan Koum, left earlier this year.
And much of this Israelisation of Jew-hatred originates in the centre-left and the left.
With no one left to control them, the fighting continues until there's no one left alive.
Atlanta catcher Brian McCann left the game in the fourth inning due to left knee soreness.
This caused San Diego to assume a run-left; the Chargers' defense reacted by overshifting left.
She sustained second and third degree burns from her left wrist down to her left hip.
Most important was the share of the combined left bloc, including the Green and Left parties.
Before he left for the hospital for the last time, he left a note for Ruth.
And there are lots of reasons why Americans today are feeling left out and left behind.
Hurricane Michael, now a Category 1, left the Florida Panhandle to assess the devastation left behind.
Northwestern went ahead 7-3 with 9:19 left when Bowser raced down the left side.
The hard-left activist world she springs from mainly exists to shunt Democrats to the left.
When I'd left Birmingham eight years earlier, I cut all my ties and left them behind.
Similarly, the lights could blink in sequence towards the left if the car was turning left.
The left wasn't in the position to do that—we saw the left as the establishment.
For instance, if you want to move left, you slowly tilt your hand to the left.
Stand up straight, left hand on chest, then, bending your knees, present your left hand forward.
A photograph of the impression (left), a 3D perspective (top right), and cross-section (bottom left).
Washington's Hirshhorn Museum (left) and Chinatown train station (left) as featured in the Brutalist Washington Map.
Sam Travis doubled to left and rode home on Sandy Leon's RBI single to left-center.
The left controls the right side of our bodies, basically speaking, and the right the left.
"I don't even know anymore what center left or center right and left mean," said Rep.
He pointed to his left knee and then left the bench area for a further examination.
Carter-Williams has missed 18 games with a left knee bone bruise and left wrist sprain.
Like Sanders, Trump is connecting with parts of society that feel left out or left behind.
If something happens on the left, it'll feel like the sound is coming from the left.
" And then he left and I left and then I called him and said, "Remember me?
Spain's left-wing Podemos moderated its policies in recent coalition talks with the centre-left PSOE.
Grichuk had a bloody nose and a swollen left eye socket when he left the field.
Y.), who left for Financial Services, and Dina Titus (D-Nev.), who left for Foreign Affairs.
Cars still drive on the left, and signs still instruct you to walk on the left.
Officials said 210,2000 customers were left without water and hundreds of thousands were left without power.
Hanigan's 364-foot drive to left barely cleared the glove of Padres left fielder Jabari Blash.
Mr. Smith is considered "soft left," but even he is to the left of Mr. Miliband.
The Royals summoned a rookie left-hander, Matt Strahm, who allowed McCann's sacrifice fly to left.
Tigers 1B Miguel Cabrera (bruised left knee) left Sunday's game and is day-to-day. 2.
He took our money, he took my wallet — he left my cellphone, he left my credentials.
The left—whatever exactly the "left" in America is—must rise to, and seize, the occasion.
What Sessions left out is that liberal and left-wing speakers are often targeted as well.
Gonzalez's single to left field off Baltimore left-hander Tanner Scott (3-23) scored Jake Marisnick.
She came in unable to move her left arm and with a severely dislocated left shoulder.
They also were missing starting left tackle Tyron Smith and left guard La'el Collins, both injured.
A crime did not occur so the officers left the scene and left a business card.
She is left to choose among Warren and other left-of-center Democrats such as Sens.
The accounts left no room for compromise: Senators were left to choose which one they believed.
What's left over — and there will be a lot left over — is pressed around the ham.
PATRICK: But too many people in too many places are still left out and left back.
Two years after the Picasso left the Four Seasons, the Four Seasons left the Seagram Building.
" He added: "Be yourself because that'll carry you further than trying to out-left the left.
That's when Buttigieg said that merely being to Obama's left doesn't make somebody extremely left-wing.
First I sketched my left hand with my right — and then my right with my left.
Oladipo punctuated the spurt with an impressive left-handed dunk over Kurucs with 2:01 left.
Also, they left finger prints on the car door when they left it back with us.
The Heat rolled even without Goran Dragic (strained left calf) and Hassan Whiteside (strained left hip).
Ruthless economic liberalization has left many people materially insecure; relentless cultural liberalization has left them unmoored.
Do you think that we'll have two candidates left after Nevada, one candidate left after Nevada?
M.O., which I did for a while, they're just left out in left field, I guess.
At age 6, Ms. Kahlo had polio, which left her right leg shorter than her left.
After Marshalls and Sears both left the mall, Macy's was left as the mall's only anchor.
Trevor Thompson left for the NBA Draft; JaQuan Lyle, the most recent defection, just plain left.
Smoker's left shoulder was fine, but "loose bodies" were found in his left elbow, Alderson said.
Social media has also left me feeling left out and more discouraged about my own life.
The incident left him bloodied and disheveled and left United facing widespread calls for a boycott.
The Democratic party is a center-left party, not an ultra-liberal or far-left party.
First baseman Lucas Duda left the game with a hyperextended left elbow in the fifth inning.
Repeat three times (for a total of four), alternating the starting arm (right, left, right, left).
When there was an expansive economy, the left was strong, because the left offers you jobs.
Garver, the catcher, left the game after the play as Ohtani slid into his left foot.
Crutcher's driving layup from the left side put Dayton up 76-75 with 10 seconds left.
"Documentaries have been the almost exclusive playground of the Left, often the far left," he wrote.
He has pushed the right further to the right and the left further to the left.
As time went on, the atrophy spread from Jeremy's left thumb to his left pinky finger.
In the rural areas, many, many people feel left out and left behind by our country.
Arizona left winger Tobias Rieder also left the game in the third period after taking a David Schlemko shot off the inside of his left leg late in the second period.
His left elbow shielded his body, his left forearm could be pushed into the opponent to stifle right hands, and his left shoulder could come up to deflect from his head.
Lowry left the game with 1:23 left in the first quarter after taking the elbow of teammate Terence Davis in the left eye on a play beneath the defensive basket.
Before the last buses left on Thursday, the Red Cross said that 34,000 people had left the city, including 4,000 fighters who had left in their own vehicles the previous night.
Khalidov throws his right hand, Narkun takes it on the left forearm, Khalidov is left leaning well off to his left—refusing to close the door with the left hook or get back to his guard—Narkun lands the short counter right straight to his right side.
Complete these sentences:-If I had one year left to live, I would…-If I had six months left to live, I would…-If I had one month left to live, I would…-If I had one week left to live, I would…-If I had one day left to live, I would… Read over your responses and answer these questions:-How did your priorities and activities change as the length of time you had left decreased?
He's added to his tattoo collection, getting a hyper-realistic camera inked on his inner left bicep, a very detailed eagle on his left hand and a compass to his left forearm.
" And perhaps best of all, Danielle quoted Beyonce in a parting shot at her sister's estranged husband -- "To the left to the left everything you own in the box to the left.
MCA (left), Mike D (second from left), and Ad-Rock (right) of the Beastie Boys pose backstage with DJ Hurricane (third from left) at the Reading Festival in Reading, Berkshire, on Aug.
The Braves played without left fielder Matt Kemp, who left Friday's game with left hamstring tightness, while New York's Travis d'Arnaud and Amed Rosario both returned Saturday after missing the series opener.
He's added to his tattoo collection, getting a hyper-realistic camera inked on his inner left bicep, a very detailed eagle on his left hand and a compass to his left forearm.
"They left the raccoons, they left the horses, they left the goats, and there were some birds nesting in the tree that they didn't see because it was pitch black," Robert said.
Semien sent a deep fly to left-center left fielder Angel Pagan misplayed for a three-base error, and Burns drove him in with a double to left that got past Pagan.
Altuve smacked a leadoff shot to left-center before Bregman followed a homer to left as the Astros ambushed Rangers All-Star left-hander Mike Minor (33-5) in the third inning.
He left the field on his own with a towel over his left eye and was replaced in the lineup by Teoscar Hernandez, with Billy McKinney moving from left field to right.
But it only gets the job half-done if it only works to help clarify what's real or fake on the left and mostly for the left and to benefit the left.
The Oakland Athletics placed left-hander Brett Anderson on the 10-day disabled list Saturday after he left his start against the Toronto Blue Jays on Friday with a left shoulder strain.
New York played without Kristaps Porzingis (left knee), Allonzo Trier (left hamstring) and Mitchell Robinson (sprained left ankle), but reserve Damyean Dotson returned to the lineup after missing a sore right shoulder.
" According to Bloomberg's doctor, Stephen Sisson at Johns Hopkins, "Bloomberg's left ventricular ejection fraction was 'normal' at 60-65%; his left ventricular cavity size and left ventricular function were also deemed 'normal.
But AfD also drew from the political left, with support from nearly 500,000 voters who had previously supported the center-left Social Democrats and 400,000 who had voted for the Left Party.
Clockwise from top left: a display inside the club; TK Wonder Quann, left, and Cipriana Quann; the scene on the dance floor; the D.J. Mia Moretti, left, and the artist Cleo Wade.
Whenever the left-liberal coalition in the United States is forced to choose between a concern of workers and (for lack of a better word) the activist left, they choose the left.
He's left Winterfell in Sansa's hands, but unfortunately that also means that he's left Sansa with Littlefinger.
And frankly, the Left concerns in India are different than the Left concerns in the United States.
Left with mere signs, he is only left to keep looking, knowing that's all he can do.
Push into left foot to rise to standing as you lift left knee and right arm up.
"They want the radical left -- they want the left movement -- and he probably isn't there," Trump added.
Let&aposs turn to a story that left many on the left totally embarrassed over the weekend.
Why UPS trucks almost never turn left In other news, apparently UPS trucks almost never turn left?
My left femur went thru my knee joint and fractured my tibia, and tore my left MCL.
The Sharks countered with an empty-net goal by left winger Patrick Marleau with 52 seconds left.
Liufau left the game with a twisted left ankle with 22:27 remaining in the first quarter.
Jeimer Candelario hit a bloop to left that third baseman Miguel Andujar and left fielder Gardner chased.
Gabrielle Reublin (front left), Jordan Erickson (back left), and other Cal Lutheran theater students after the shooting.
The second man, Cle "Bone" Sloan, was left with a badly mangled left foot and head injuries.
That left it in second place, behind the Left Party but ahead of Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives.
DETOUR- NB RT1 right on Hassett St, left on Old Colchester, left on Gunston Rd to RT1.
This is what happens to a man who is left completely alone, with nothing left to do.
By definition, groups are exclusive entities where some people are left in and some are left out.
It left 250 people with no jobs, no severance, and only days left on their health insurance.
He's not even the only left-wing economist vying for the role of savior of the left.
For some reason, Siera left Howard ... according to Jessica, and left belongings behind in the storage unit.
And, even if you left his office to pursue other interests, you never really left Team Cummings.
And I know that people are frustrated, a lot of people feel left out and left behind.
Foligno scored with 4:52 left in the second on a bad angle from the left circle.
Philip had left England the very month that Mary left her first confinement and only rarely visited.
Alt+left cursor key (or Cmd+left cursor key) - go back a page in your browsing history.
But strike the same beetle with left-polarized light, and its left-handed chirality is instantly revealed.
NOTES: Mariners SS Ketel Marte left the game in the fifth inning with a left thumb sprain.
A left-handed dunk by Cauley-Stein gave Sacramento a 77-74 edge with 3:31 left.
His left leg was snapped through the bone, and his left wrist and hand were badly mangled.
Love briefly left the game after falling to the floor, clutching his left knee under the basket.
She left, and I found her hiding out in the hotel bar later, after Jake had left.
For though he might have left the world of news, it, like The Economist, never left him.
Last year, Orianne underwent spinal surgery that left her with a partially paralyzed left leg and stomach.
As this suggests, Portugal's left-wing government is thriving partly because it is not especially left-wing.
He walks towards her, and then with his left shoulder and left foot he leans in slightly.
It puts you guys in 1994, you went way left and you went way left in 2010.
Johnson left after stopping the only shot he faced, Andrew Cogliano's wrist shot from the left point.
Top left, a Cataglyphis desert ant; bottom left, the Australian desert ant Melophorus bagoti; right, the AntBot.
Tampa Bay 1B Logan Morrison left Sunday's game with a strained left wrist and is out indefinitely.
Generally, left and left-leaning Christians seek religion not so much in expressing faith in social justice.
By that point, much of the crowd had left and there weren't many bracelets left to throw.
Patterson left the Raptors game in Phoenix Thursday in the first half with a strained left knee.
He left the game in the bottom of the seventh after colliding with left fielder J.B. Shuck.
Justin Pugh moved from left guard to right tackle, and Brett Hones replaced Pugh at left guard.
Notice their heads going left, right, left, right, following the tennis rally (much like in Wii Tennis).
Smith, the complaint says, was shot through his abdomen, left shoulder and left side of his head.
The Hawks were without Taurean Prince (left ankle), Omari Spellman (right hip) and Alex Poythress (left ankle).
After being left homeless and losing her child, she is left desolate and alone on the streets.
However, Andersen used his glove to deflect left winger Evander Kane's wrist shot from the left circle.
Kuhl collided with Vogt, who left the game with a left knee strain and a neck strain.
Mason missed a 3-pointer with 803 seconds left and Miller was fouled with 5 seconds left.
Two Rangers — Guzman (concussion) and right fielder Nomar Mazara (left hamstring tightness) — left the game with injuries.
"Before we left Paris, this was the issue of the left in any political sense," he continued.
But that's the thing about economic booms, there's always someone who's left out or feels left out.
Unfortunately, that has left us with a silly argument that the left wants to eliminate air travel.
"Step left, step left if you know what's best for you," Urbanski said, according to court papers.
Demeritte tripled down the left-field line with one out in the seventh but was left stranded.
And so, I left the pavement, pressed the button and then turned left up that steep trail.
Left wing Anders Lee also left the game after the first period with a lower-body injury.
When Spacey left for the bathroom, the busboy left the bar and went home, the complaint states.
RHP Carl Edwards Jr. left the game in the seventh inning Wednesday due to left hamstring tightness.
However, just because the probes have left the heliosphere doesn't mean they have left our solar system.
I didn't feel that I had left my body; I felt that my body had left me.
Granny and I both left it, though I see now that we left it in different ways.
When defenders left him to converge on Westbrook, it left him open for dunks or 3-pointers.
NOTES: Boston 2B Dustin Pedroia left the game in the fourth inning with a left shin contusion.
And then one day, she left her home, not knowing she had only moments left to live.
This has left many observers, Afghan officials and regional leaders left to wonder what Trump will do.
He is making the transition from left tackle to left guard and may not start the opener.
Clinton has spent decades working to lift up Americans who have been left out and left behind.
He got around Gostisbehere at the left point, moved in and beat Stolarz over the left shoulder.
If Harris, or a Democrat like her, moves left, then that is a victory for the left.
Philadelphia OF Michael Saunders left Thursday's game with a left groin injury and is day-to-day.
Notice the long left hook to left round kick, one of Swanson's weirdest and most interesting combinations.
For example, a left-aligned value will stay in the left side of the fully merged cell.
However, just because the probes have left the heliosphere doesn't mean they have left our solar system.
Auburn's Anders Carlson missed a 52-yard field goal attempt wide left with nearly 13 minutes left.
You'd have to ask them why they left, okay, but I think they left for different reasons.
Indians catcher Roberto Perez left the game before the sixth inning due to a left foot contusion.
Why do these left-wing politicians see the decidedly left-wing protesters as agents of the right?
They were also without the rookies Allonzo Trier (strained left hamstring) and Mitchell Robinson (sprained left ankle).
The left side for all other students has been left with chipped bricks and peeling yellow paint.
When Saban later left for Louisiana State, Gase was the only staff member who left with him.
"When we started working together, Kevin released his shot left of his left eye, too," Thorpe said.
She left no note (most don't), and we are left with the greatest mystery of our lives.
To me, the marks left in skin are less important than the marks left in your mind.
She doesn't have many valuable allies left, while Dany and Jon are accumulating them left and right.
Carpenter hit a one-out double to left and scored on Bader's base hit to shallow left.
I left the modeling industry, I left New York City, and I totally switched my career path.
And the far-left Left Party has its roots in the party that ran the Communist East.
"The day I left home I left you a warning," Ms. Azrene, his stepdaughter, wrote on Instagram.
It was a disaster that left America humiliated — and left the hostages stuck for nine more months.
After the women left, our waitress was dismayed to see that they had not left a tip.
But Boone left him in the game and Chirinos hit a long fly ball to left field.
Nine coaches left Scotland on Friday and four left Cornwall on England's western tip early on Saturday.
Being friends is also how they left things on Paradise — or at least how Kristina left things.
Sanders isn't just running the most economically left campaign; he's running the most unapologetically left campaign, period.
PRESIDENT MAURICIO MACRI'S thumping presidential-primary loss in Argentina left the markets fearing a left-wing resurgence.
Childs left with leg cramps with 21:259 left in the second half and did not return.
He subsequently was slowed by left shoulder and left calf ailments before returning to action June 20183.
Gorka left the White House in August shortly after Trump's chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, left his post.
He subsequently was slowed by left shoulder and left calf ailments before returning to action June 18.
Edwards didn't score until he canned a 3-pointer from the left side with 403:43 left.
Eleven engineers reportedly left the team in the summer after group leader Stuart Bowers left in May.
Phil Kessel, from the left circle, got a pass through to Crosby, stationed at the left post.
If you want to kickflip, you'd just flick to the left or right [on the left stick].
If a left-handed immigrant commits a crime, no one would propose banning all left-handed immigrants.
Yet, left to their own devices, employers and the financial sector left half of the population uncovered.
Left-handed people do not like that the word left is so often associated with negative things.
Pirates OF Gregory Polanco left Friday's game with left hamstring tightness and is day-to-day. 2.
Kanter scored on a left-handed drive with 11.4 seconds left to push Portland ahead 100-94.
The men cannot be left to suffocate; the things they have left to say are too important.
Of the 33, six have died, eight have left the priesthood, and one had left the order.
He had a year left before retirement, and wanted to talk about what was left to do.
YAMAZAKI When you're running it's never the same, even though it looks like right-left, right-left.
Roll your feet to the left, shifting your weight onto the left arm until you're facing sideways.
The Nuggets played without guard Gary Harris (left shin contusion) and forward Paul Millsap (left knee contusion).
Mr. Wald is left-handed, and the cut was found on his left hand, she told jurors.
Yet far too many people feel left out or left behind, stripped of dignity, identity and hope.
This left one insurance plan, Medica, as the only insurer left in 94 of Iowa's 99 counties.
They're really dots on the left cheek, right under the left eye of each of his children.
In 2015, he was rushed to the hospital following a "high energy bicycle accident" in New York's Central Park that left him with a facial fracture in his left eye socket, three separate fractures of his left shoulder blade and a shattered left humerus in his upper arm.
I kissed his ankles next, at three points, moving from the outside in, from right to left on his right leg, from left to right on his left, which would remain my pattern.
NOTES: Houston SS Carlos Correa left the game with left thumb discomfort after sliding into home in the fourth inning and ramming his left hand into the shin guard of C Tyler Flowers.
Halak preserved the lead with diving stops on Jesper Fast and Brady Skjei with about five minutes left and then made a left pad save on Artemi Panarin with about three minutes left.
Harambe being left on the rocks to bleedmight be worse then the Warriors blowing a 3-1 leadBritain left the EU leaving Europe in dismay,Assad and the rebels left Allepo in disarray.
Here are all the moves affecting power conference schools that have happened since signing day: ●Derrick Ansley left Kentucky for Alabama ●Jim Turner left Cincinnati for Texas A&M ●Diron Reynolds left Oklahoma for Stanford ●Mark Hagen left Texas A&M for Indiana ●Daronte Jones left Wisconsin for the Miami Dolphins ●Larry McDaniel left Indiana ●Randy Hart retired at Stanford ●Hank Hughes was let go at Nebraska ●Jemal Singleton left Arkansas for the Indianapolis Colts Again: there's no shame in taking a new job to advance your career, but there is shame in a system that doesn't allow players the same options.
He left Sunday's game in the sixth inning after bruising his left knee diving for a ground ball.
He left Monday's game in the second inning with left ankle inflammation after spraining the ankle Aug. 3.
Left-handed DNA is known as "Z-DNA;" the rungs on its ladder structure lean to the left.
This decision meant the town was left without a major industry, and 400 people were left without jobs.
Once Kim and Kaia left the plane, the doors closed and the aircraft left the gate, she said.
Fridays are tough, depending on what's left in the fridge, but I still have some salad ingredients left.
He's in Stars Hollow because he doesn't like the way they left things, but he hasn't left Odette.
However, he left with 4:54 left in the fourth quarter due to cramps and did not return.
One downside for the Phillies was that shortstop Jean Segura left the game due to left hamstring tightness.
PIRRO: All right, he left the left behind and he has some very compelling reasons for doing it.
"He took our money, he took my wallet—he left my cellphone, he left my credentials," said Lochte.
We know there are many other Flints out there, communities that have been left out and left behind.
Naylor then grounded a single to left, and Manuel Margot followed with a run-scoring double to left.
Graf's 3-pointer with 33:49 left cut UC Davis' lead to 64-63 with 1:49 left.
Withdrawing her left foot, back and to the left, Jedrzejczyk went into a side step to her right.
"I wrote a letter, left it on their bed and left the house fearing the worst," he said.
But look on the bright side: He's still got plenty of bare skin left on his left bicep.
They point out that most Americans are either far-left, center-left, centrists, center-right, or far right.
According to an event page, Griffin was born with amniotic band syndrome, which left his left hand damaged.
Keeping arms straight, rotate torso and arms to left as you pivot on left foot; return to center.
They both want to shore up their left wing bona fides even though the left was for this.
"If we had left 10 minutes earlier … that lady would have left in a body bag," Paul says.
With 20 seconds left on the power play, Ovechkin took a pass in the left circle from Kuznetsov.
Their rival on the left, the socialist Left party, slightly increased its share of the vote as well.
He will fill the gap on the desk left by Jennie White who recently left to join Blackrock.
But this contest between left and far-left was of little help to two-term Democratic U.S. Sen.
Harris left Friday's game against Orlando with left ankle soreness and has been inactive the past two games.
Tigers 2B Ian Kinsler left Saturday's contest for precautionary reasons due to tightness in his left hamstring. 3.
Tampa Bay 3B Evan Longoria left Friday's contest in the sixth inning with a left thumb contusion. 3.
They also have been playing without center Joakim Noah (left shoulder strain) and guard Jimmy Butler (left knee).
The image on the left is the first portion of the statement, with the remainder on the left.
Physically, I left to go to college when I was 19, but even before that, I left emotionally.
Altuve left the Sunday night game against the New York Yankees due to discomfort in his left foot.
When the left pendulum swings left, it kicks the wall and the other pendulum rightward, and vice versa.
Grosjean was left with a cross-threaded rear wheel nut after pitting due to a front left puncture.
"We will need several bridges ... to voters on the left, not to parties on the left," he said.
His touchdown left New Orleans with a 21-10 lead with 5:56 left in the first half.
When MacDonald left his wife for Stone, screenwriter Joe Eszterhas left his for McDonald's, causing tension on set.
Die Linke ("The Left," or Left Party) has long been the most popular in the district, Germany's 264th.
My ex left it at mine, and I found it later on my bed, after she had left.
My greatest achievement is everything that I left behind: I left a wonderful new repertoire and wonderful dancers.
This presumes that the left, broadly defined, will be the ones writing it, because the left will prevail.
They wrongly predicted that Podemos, a radical new left-wing party, would overhaul the centre-left Socialist Party.
As he left the platform to the left, he joked, "that's not my normal direction" to laughter. Sen.
Miami's Luol Deng left midway through the third period with a sore left wrist and did not return.
After the stroke, Mr. Gass lived independently although his left arm was useless and his left leg weak.
Royals center fielder Lorenzo Cain left after pulling his left hamstring in the seventh while running to first.
"There's nothing left for them to enjoy because their kids are consuming most of what's left," Thompson said.
We left everything behind on the pitch, there's no percentage left in the batteries in the dying minutes.
Early in the third quarter, Rudolph left the pocket and made a throw while running to his left.
Braves shortstop Dansby Swanson left for precautionary reasons in the sixth inning due to a sore left wrist.
Both experiences left her frustrated by coaches, and the time in Puerto Rico left her homesick and exhausted.
I want you to send me to any place in America that feels left out and left behind.
Officials believe the fire was started by incense that the mother left burning when she left the house.
JPL: I think the Republican Party has left us in this case; we haven't left the Republican Party.
It left behind swollen rivers and downed trees that damaged roads, snarled traffic and left millions without power.
McCollum scored on a left-handed runner to push the Blazers ahead 5373-109 with 1:13 left.
The pitch fractured his left cheekbone, dislocated his jaw and severely damaged the retina in his left eye.
Mugabe's harsh rule has left the military as one of the few opposition forces left in the country.
Sotomayor underwent surgery Tuesday morning following a fall last month, which left her with an injured left shoulder.
The goal came with 5:08 left in the third, finding an open left side of the net.
"They used to tell people the political left was somehow linked to the illegal armed left," Borda said.
The Knicks were also missing Kevin Seraphin (sore left foot) and Lance Thomas (sprained left medial collateral ligament).
Breaking the left-right-left pattern is a hard thing to do because if anything it seems unscientific.
Women are left to raise their children alone and children are left to wonder who their fathers are.
But that left a vacuum that provoked merciless coverage, increased lawmakers' suspicions, and even left some employees demoralized.
Under the circumstances, it's little surprise that he left his political party in ruins as he left office.
I got kicked out, then I came back, then I left, then I came back, then left again.
The bottom-left part of the sidebar features settings, but the top-left portion features your user profile.
In Portugal, the kissing usually progresses from left to right, but in Strasbourg, France, it's right to left.
And we can do it in a way that means no one gets left out or left behind.
Hendricks left with one out after Starlin Castro beat out an infield hit and Judge singled to left.
"There's energy on the left, there's anger on the left and there's some signs of organization," said Gov.
These nominees are mostly center-left, with several who are more strongly left-leaning, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
The reformist left dominates from 1900 until it is supplanted by the cultural left in the mid-1960s.
Meanwhile the left is basically united against Trump, except on the far left, which is still thinking independently.
As the right pulverizes the left, the left feels the need to pulverize back, and on and on.
The upper left quadrant of that chart — which depicts economically left-leaning lower-income Republicans — is notably busy.
That left the agency to assume more responsibility, like delivering supplies, a job typically left to the states.
It's probably sitting in your pantry, where you left it, if you even left it there at all.
She left behind a life of being repeatedly bred, neglected and left outside in the elements 24/7.
Didi Gregorius then singled to left, and the ball bounced past left fielder Dixon as Wade trotted home.
Brewers third baseman Mike Moustakas left the game after two innings with a sore left palm and wrist.
And unlike most people who have left Trump's administration, Haley left on very good terms with the President.
The ball fractured his left cheekbone, dislocated his jaw and left him with retina damage and blurred vision.
Didi Gregorius then singled to left and the ball bounced past left fielder Dixon as Wade trotted home.
I left the modeling industry, and I left New York City, and I totally switched my career paths.
With four seconds left, Wilson threw toward Ahmad Wagner in the back left corner of the end zone.
Gardner often sits against left-handed pitchers, and the Red Sox are scheduled to start three left-handers.
The bullet passed through Mr. Diaz Cruz's left hand and into his left cheek, lodging behind his ear.
He appeared to have gently touched the child's left elbow, as the boy lifted his clenched left hand.
Mayweather continued to move forward, firing off peppery left-right combinations that left McGregor swollen in the face.
Not long after she left Moscow, he had a stroke that left him unable to care for himself.
Rojas, who was struck on his left hand, left the game immediately and was replaced by Yadiel Rivera.
That accident left Blue with a left skull fracture that put her in a coma for 10 days.
He hobbled off the court with 211:237 left with an apparent left ankle injury before later returning.
You've been counting for 10 days, bottom to top, top to bottom, right to left, left to right.
His proposal is supported by opposition parties left from the political center, mainly The Greens and The Left.
Hill and Morrison have both left government, and Morrison's successor, Andrew Peek, abruptly left the NSC last month.
Congress left Washington in the early hours of Friday morning with a long list of items left unfinished.
Schultz has said he would be a prime center-left alternative as the Democratic Party moves further left.
"We left after that — a lot of us left after that," she said, sitting at her kitchen table.
"Step left, step left if you know what's best for you," Mr. Urbanski said, according to the police.
Five left the hotel December 24, and two left Christmas Day, headed to Tennessee, he told the station.
When he and Tillerson left, you knew the only one left to speak truth to power was Mattis.
Will they be the center-left party of, say, FDR or will they swing to the far left?
Miles Latimer's 3-pointer from the left corner pulled Stony Brook within 72-543 with 55 seconds left.
Adrian had plenty of samples left in the vault when Bian, the original Bian, left Karnak for good.
He left the game after just three innings when he aggravated a blister on his left middle finger.
But today, as an adult, I'm left wondering how to fill the empty space those ruined dolls left.
Cain doubled down the left-field line with one out and scored on Eric Hosmer's single to left.
I left a glass of piss on the bedside table, told him to drink it all, and left.
Ross hit a 3-pointer with 1:52 left, and Vucevic added a jumper with 32 seconds left.
After the interview was over and she left, I saw that she'd left her phone on her seat.
They are super talented, and if they all left, if we all left, then Hello Games is nothing.
While Stevie insists he left unscathed, his pal and blogger FreddyO left with a gash in his head.
Santana hit a solo shot to left-center field off Orioles left-hander Josh Rogers in the eighth.
But without war taxes, the country is left with mounting debt — and left, too, with wars without accountability.
Nor does she spare the online left: Kill All Normies can be categorized alongside Jarrett's Kobek's 2016 anti-novel I Hate the Internet in that both titles attack the online left from the left.
"Many times in my life I tried to go up against this deviant, this criminal who assaulted me and left me with shame, left me with humiliation, left me with rage," she tells PEOPLE.
But Mr Hollande will leave behind him a French left that is electorally fragile and has failed to decide between two future paths: a reformist centre-left programme and a far-left socialist one.
As clumsy and ugly as Marciano's left handed work was, he landed plenty of telling blows with simple, left sided combinations like the jab, level change, and return to upright with the left hook.
She went on the record right after she left the White House, specifically talking about how she left the White House, why she left the White House, and what she thought about the president.
They selected left wings Anatoli Golyshev and Otto Koivula in the fourth round, followed by left wing Collin Adams in the sixth and left wing Nick Pastujov and defenseman David Quenneville in the seventh.
James Monsees and Adam Bowen, the co-founders of Pax, have left that company as well: Monsees' LinkedIn page says he left Pax in July, while Bowen's profile indicates he left a month earlier.
In the docs, Ryan claims the pro skateboarder's attack left him with a broken nose, which required reconstructive surgery, and a cut above his left eye, which required stitches and left a noticeable disfigurement.
The Greens, who have 74 seats, and the European United Left–Nordic Green Left (GUE-NGL), with 41, decided this week not to back von der Leyen, making support from the center-left crucial.
"My fellow citizens, I left my home, my family, all that I left for my country," Mr. Modi said, pausing to compose himself as he raised his left arm skyward and pounded his chest.
Nesmith's fast-break dunk made it 36-19 with 2:48 left, and Lee's 3 from the left side stretched the lead to 19 at 39-20 with 2:11 left in the half.
After Davis' jumper, Nikola Mirotic hit an 18-footer with 3:31 left, Davis hit two free throws with 2:50 left and another jumper with 88 seconds left for a 135-613 lead.
Ohtani followed with a double into the gap in right-center, and scored on a single to left by Justin Upton, who left in the sixth inning because of tightness in his left quad.
People on the left were annoyed with me because they thought I portrayed a very small subculture on the left as representative of the left in general, but I don't think that's the case.
On the other hand, advanced defensive statistics rate Cespedes as a good-to-exceptional left fielder, so the Mets are left with a choice of playing an ideal offense, with Cespedes in center and Michael Conforto in left, or an ideal defense, with Lagares in center and Cespedes in left.
Popular suggestions include that women riding side-saddle with their legs to the left would be more shielded from the breeze with right-to-left, or that women holding a baby in their left arm would find it easier to unbutton a shirt right-to-left in order to breastfeed.

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