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"took" Definitions
  1. past tense of take
"took" Synonyms
acquired got attained obtained procured secured bagged gained landed snapped up took possession of got into one's hands got one's fingers on got one's hands on got one's mitts on laid hold of laid one's hands on gathered up hauled in prehended grabbed held clenched grasped gripped clasped snared snatched wrested caught nabbed seized snagged caught hold of clung to clutched got hold of grabbed hold of held on to took hold of removed extracted pulled drew withdrew fished extricated retrieved confiscated picked plucked pried dislodged displaced drew out dug out hauled out physically removes plucked out cited excerpted quoted referenced derived recited reproduced abstracted copied parroted parrotted paraphrased rehashed repeated retold chose culled drew on elicited drank drunk consumed imbibed ingested ate swallowed took in devoured downed chomped on fed on gobbled up gorged on gulped guzzled ingurgitated munched on partook of put down captured apprehended ensnared abducted arrested detained trapped appropriated collared conquered entrapped kidnaped kidnapped stole pilfered purloined filched misappropriated nicked pinched flogged poached snaffled swiped hijacked made off with arrogated commandeered subtracted deducted took away took off knocked off eliminated discounted cut back drew back rolled back occupied used filled utilised(UK) utilized(US) monopolized(US) preoccupied reserved adopted book booked engaged monopolised(UK) took up struck rent rented leased hired chartered arranged for made a reservation for paid for accepted undertook took on agreed to assumed tackled agreed to do agreed to take embarked on entered upon signed off on favoured(UK) preferred selected favored(US) elected embraced went for decided on handpicked opted for settled on wanted to cherry-picked decided upon elected to choose felt disposed to fixed on fixed upon considered contemplated pondered thought about examined regarded observed studied checked out chewed over deliberated over looked at meditated over mulled over reflected on ruminated over weighed up cogitated about gave thought to got a load of subscribed to paid a subscription to bought regularly read regularly read every day read every month read every week patronised(UK) patronized(US) determined ascertained established evaluated measured appraised assessed calculated checked confirmed discerned gauged(UK) identified gaged(US) quantified rated verified computed counted discovered wrote drafted jotted noted recorded transcribed documented logged minuted registered scrawled scribbled scribed scripted jotted down noted down set down took down wrote down wrote up brought carried moved transported hauled transferred carted dragged lugged beared packed shifted conveyed ferried toted fetched schlepped towed trawled trucked escorted guided leaded led accompanied saw showed ushered chaperoned directed steered assisted convoyed helped marshaled(US) marshalled(UK) piloted shepherded conducted travelled on journeyed on travelled by went via exploited journeyed by journeyed in made use of travelled in drove took advantage of made your way through piggybacked on proceeded on progressed through developed evolved gleaned originated formulated stemmed assimilated came by picked up sprang sprung accomplished achieved earned received won reached scored collected acted on capitalized on made the most of pursued acted upon maximized(US) jumped at nailed experienced felt had underwent encountered faced knew maintained reacted to coped with dealt with greeted handled met responded to managed contended with grappled with treated acknowledged acted towards came to terms with engaged with reacted toward acted toward regarded as considered to be deemed to be viewed as believed to be classed as held to be saw as thought of as considered as deemed as determined as esteemed as imagined to be judged as looked on as reckoned as reckoned to be adjudged as judged to be supposed presumed expected imagined believed gathered surmised conjectured guessed suspected trusted dared say deduced estimated figured hypothesized(US) reasoned understood divined bought affirmed counted on fell for had confidence in had faith in looked to placed confidence in placed trust in relied on credited comprehended appreciated followed cognized recognized(US) fathomed absorbed absorpt agreed with endured tolerated suffered withstood braved stood confronted weathered shouldered put up with stomached supported sustained performed completed executed did finished effected carried out discharged effectuated fulfilled implemented made majored in concentrated on focused on learned(US) learnt(UK) specialised in specialized in trained in mastered practiced(US) practised(UK) acquired a knowledge of applied oneself to dedicated oneself to developed oneself in lasted necessitated needed required called for entailed carried on for continued for endured for involved went on for kept going for kept on for ran on for used up demanded wanted warranted asked for occasioned challenged claimed concerned comprised encompassed included commanded imposed postulated wore fitted into fitted in donned fit fitted habitually wore fitted out slipped on squeezed in squeezed into had effect took effect came into effect took hold took root bore fruit flourished produced results succeeded worked wrought acted prospered showed results functioned operated paid off did the trick turned out well worked out contracted came down with incubated incurred became infected with fell ill to sickened with succumbed to went down with fell victim to took sick with purchased reaped took home reapt netted got paid grossed pocketed accommodated admitted allowed harbored(US) housed welcomed allowed entry to contained had capacity for had room for harboured(UK) put up beat bested defeated surmounted dispatched licked overmatched topped bettered creamed outclassed outdid outperformed outplayed outshined outshone overcame prevailed over skunked addressed negotiated played fielded maneuvered(US) manipulated saw to took care of hacked manoeuvred(UK) sorted out exacted levied inflicted introduced placed forced put set wreaked foisted laid killed slayed slew fell felled carried off croaked destroyed did in More
"took" Antonyms
gave handed offered presented provided supplied delivered imparted proffered provisioned dispensed passed served transferred yielded yold furnished handed over anted up coughed up released relinquished let go of unhanded released one's hold on placed put dumped laid set left plonked plunked popped deposited emplaced laid down lay down planted plopped positioned put down laid out lay out planked down invented composed created formed coined conceived contrived devised formulated authored designed developed fashioned forged made originated produced came up with concocted initiated abstained from avoided forwent passed up refrained from curbed refused spurned denied oneself of did without fasted gave up not ate starved oneself of went without kept from freed emancipated liberated extricated unbound unchained unleashed unshackled discharged relieved untied bailed out befreed cast loose cut loose let go let loose let off let out returned gave back reinstated handed back restituted restored sent back took back added added up totaled totalled added together increased raised summed tallied accumulated combined incremented summated inserted tallied up appreciated counted up totted up forfeited surrendered abandoned ceded sacrificed lost withwent rented out hired out leased out let hired leased rent rented declined rejected turned down dismissed rebuffed shunned snubbed brushed off passed on said no to eschewed gave thumbs down to turned away turned from turned one's back on denied disallowed disfavored bypassed disliked hated averted precluded shirked skipped skirted abhorred deplored despised detested disesteemed opposed disregarded omitted discounted excluded ignored neglected overlooked discarded forgot brushed aside cast aside did away with dispensed with had no use for left out of account paid no attention to paid no heed to canceled(US) cancelled(UK) discontinued annulled halted stopped suspended aborted cut broke off finished quit quitted scratched terminated finished off put an end to deserted ditched dropped forsook casted off disposed of jettisoned left behind disowned got rid of marooned threw away failed blundered flopped fell felled bombed fizzled floundered folded slipped fluffed flunked foundered missed fell flat fell short lost out missed the mark let slip passed over failed to catch failed to notice failed to see failed to spot lost sight of overpassed dropped the ball glossed over let something slide disbelieved distrusted doubted queried questioned suspected challenged discredited disputed mistrusted repudiated called in question called out confronted denounced gave no credence to misunderstood misapprehended miscomprehended misconceived misconstrued misinterpreted confounded confused misread distorted misjudged perverted miscalculated misknew misreckoned mistook not registered got the wrong end of the stick got the wrong idea circumvented evaded sidestepped circumnavigated dodged eluded got around got out of skipped out on weaseled out of weaselled out of had held owned possessed beared maintained retained had in hand sat on recovered recuperated mended rebound rebounded healed bounced back felt better got better came back pulled through rallied shook off snapped back took a turn for the better barred blocked banned blockaded forbid entry to obstructed froze out kept out ruled out shut out denied entry to limited entry to prevented entry to prohibited entry to refused entry to succumbed capitulated went down dropped a bundle took a beating resurrected resuscitated revived animated reanimated revitalized(US) awakened breathed life into breathed new life into brought around brought to enlivened revitalised(UK) waked up woke up followed accompanied went with tagged along with went along with went together with tagged after kept up with shadowed stayed with stuck to

786 Sentences With "took"

How to use took in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "took" and check conjugation/comparative form for "took". Mastering all the usages of "took" from sentence examples published by news publications.

You're from a people who took and took and took and took.
You just took and took and took, 20163 You took Prince, Bowie, Cohen.
They took demonstrations, they took economic boycotts, they took negotiations, they took freedom riders.
"This guy took the box, he took the cards, he took the tray and he took me," Mr. Jones said.
I took the paychecks, I took the fame, I took the fortune.
This was the homesteading era, and, indeed, ranchers took and took and took.
And they took, and took, and took en route to a seventh consecutive victory.
So they took ransomware, they took an exploit, they took a propagation method, they took a whole bunch of different pieces and assembled it.
"She said that she basically took a frame, took a step, took another frame, took a step …," Ms. Panich-Linsman said with a laugh.
She took time off from school, took odd jobs, took shared rooms in tenement buildings.
I took a hot shower; took a cold shower; took a walk; tried dry brushing.
At first they took my kids and then they took my wife and now they took me.
Many of her friends took bigger deductions, Warren Buffett took a massive deduction, Soros took a massive deduction.
We took brooms, we took dustpans, we took trash bags, and we helped clean up the QuikTrip parking lot.
In that contest, Hyde-Smith took 42 percent, Espy took 41 percent and Republican Chris McDaniel took 17 percent.
When she passed away, her lawyers came in … they took a whole bunch of wardrobe, they took the driver's license, they took paperwork, they took all kinds of movie memorabilia.
It hurts because this racist took my friend from me, took a father from his children, took a husband from his wife, took a dear uncle and brother from his family.
ARISTIMUNO: He took -- he took away DACA, he took away DACA for -- PERINO: OK, but in this program in particular?
Japan's Kohei Uchimura took home gold, Ukraine's Oleg Verniaiev took the silver and Great Britain's Max Whitlock took the bronze.
"He took $700 from Phelps, he took $600 from Chris Paul, he took $300 from me," Anderson said to laughs.
She took heat ... and then took the tweet down.
So they took the model, the blog model, they took it in the consumer way, we took the industry news way.
All told, Robson's interview took three days; Safechuck's took two.
I took their dog and they took my cat. pic.twitter.
The surgery took several hours, and the recovery took weeks.
He also took medication just before the flight took off.
But I took those bullets, I took all of that.
Donald Trump took second place, while Marco Rubio took third.
It took away my childhood, it took away my education.
The girls took jobs sewing and cleaning and the oldest took care of the middle child who took care of the youngest.
Indirect bidders, a proxy for foreign buyers, took 56.6% of the supply, while direct bidders took 13.37% and primary dealers took 30.02%.
So far, four of those have gone public: Facebook, which took 396 days to earn the unicorn label; Leaf Group, which took 7953 days; Zynga, which took 672 days and Snap, which took 673.
So we took the chat logs, we took the photos, we took the diary entries, all these different things, the social media posts.
Simple utility tasks took longer; signing into the device took about 103 seconds, and opening an app often took 210-to-210 seconds.
At BevMo, the chip payment took 10 seconds; Samsung Pay took four seconds and Android Pay and Apple Pay each took five seconds.
"I took action, I took her life," he allegedly told police.
They put me in handcuffs, took me away, took my drone.
Listen, their ratings took a hit, their attendance took a hit.
Women who took flibanserin generally took 100 milligrams daily before bed.
Justice took Google and Apple, the FTC took Facebook and Amazon.
It took awhile to figure out and took awhile to scale.
Something vast and large took him, took all of my friends.
"But he took it, he took it, man," Mr. Graf said.
They took her as seriously, and generously, as she took them.
He took advantage of them, then took ownership of the experience.
But while hers took just minutes to make, mine took hours.
In the end, Kardashian took 11 shots, while Jenner took seven.
The incident took place weeks before Yang's alleged assault took place.
A recall only took place after Barra took over as CEO.
"It always took effort and it always took talent," Whiteside said.
Here's how these wars took place and why they took place.
Seven million of them took teaser rates or took piggyback rates.
I took a lovely cab there, two lovely people, and I literally got to the airport, took a cab, and then took a cab.
A: It definitely took awhile, it probably took more than a month.
Results are coming in of what took place, how it took place.
I took her to the bathroom and she took her dress off.
Jack Dorsey took a swing at Mark Zuckerberg, and politicians took note.
Sims took more than $58,000 and Graves-Hicks took more than $27,000.
He took me under his wing and took me on the road.
When she took our daughter, she took away part of our lives.
Even if it is wild that it took it took so long.
The cancer took away her breasts, and the treatment took her hair.
Joe took Olivia, and Whitney took their 8-month-old daughter, Jordan.
Ashton took home two gold medals and Brianne took home the bronze. 
Sometimes it took 30 minutes; sometimes it took an hour or more.
"If she took out credit, then she took out credit," he said.
He took on rappers and technology; I took on authors and art.
We took huge deductibles, we took big copays and paid how much?
Half took the Release supplement while the other half took a placebo.
Mr. Macron took 24 percent and Ms. Le Pen took 21 percent.
She always took a seat in the front row and took notes.
My dad took us to museums, my mom took us to protests.
"The disease that took John's life — that took our friend Ted Kennedy's life, that took my son Beau's life — is brutal, relentless, unforgiving," Biden said.
Winslow Homer took a hankering to the light, Rachel Carson took an interest in the ecology, and Ernest Hemingway took trophy fish from the deep.
Kasaya took gold in front of a packed crowd at the Miyanomori site, Akitsugu Konno took silver and Seiji Aochi took bronze in a clean sweep.
"So it took us five minutes, it took Fox 20 years," Goldberg added.
But scores of people still took issue with how long the statement took.
The designer said she took it hard and took a hiatus from creating.
I took some of the loans, and thankfully my parents took the rest.
It took everybody, it took it as a genuine way to do it.
Ive took inspiration from the old stormtroopers, while Kaplan took prompts from Ive.
We always took care of our elders and took care of our children.
We took breaks and took time to write because of our jamming process.
We signed stuff and took pictures with them, it took like an hour.
The bombing took place took place outside the concert venue following the show.
A noticeable number took cameras with them and took photos of their experiences.
I even took even took the look for a stroll down Wall Street.
I took breaks while reading and laid there and took in the scenery.
Insurers took nearly 20.5%, while private banks and pension funds took the remainder.
Flynn's conversations with the ambassador took place before the Trump administration took over.
I took out my camera and captured the wide scene, took some detailed shots, took a minute or two of video, all while tweeting out the images.
We never just took it as entertainment, we took it as a serious philosophy.
"I took action, I took her life," he then told police, the affidavit alleges.
I took a baby hit and P took a big one; we're officially baked.
When he came onstage, Dave took his hand and they took a knee together.
Children reportedly took part in the tradition while tourists looked on and took photos.
We took the subway there, but took an Uber home afterward (about $40). Flowers
Yes, there was the girlfriend / groupie mode, but whoever took the stage, took it.
It took hard work, patience, determination and vision—and it took a long time.
He eventually took lessons for several years until other hobbies took over his time.
Trump supporters took five of eight slots, while Kasich supporters took the other three.
The page took time to gain momentum, but it took off within three months.
Gourriel took batting practice, ran the bases and took grounders at second and third.
It took an hour while the small piece next to it took all day.
But one day, I took a photo of myself and took a step back.
All the pictures I took of him, if I gave direction, he took it.
I took baby steps, and by that I mean I took nude self-portraits.
A police officer took out her phone and took pictures of me while scowling.
Then he took it to the subdivision, then took it to cities across America.
Slightly more than half the participants took supplements, and about a third took multivitamins.
It took forever, so I took out my phone, and I texted Michael Baysmore.
Billy Graham took his message to South Korea in 1973, North Korea took notice.
Well, first it took a total upheaval, and then it took a new face.
"He took it someplace else, and then I took it someplace else," Dylan said.
One took the time to listen to us; the other took us for granted.
I took that lead, I took that coffee and I got to know them.
Back in 1998 when you took out insurance cuts, you took those cuts back.
He took out his phone and started showing Stella pictures he took of it.
The Globe took an extraordinary risk, and it's something that I took very seriously.
They took security cameras down from the walls and took personal belongings, Nikkei reported.
Luis took second place in the riding competition; Bonz took first place for horses.
Even before I took SSRIs, I was self-conscious of how long I took.
Some people took it well, some people took me well and some people didn't.
Eventually, the match finished up (I took a long time with that description), and even though Pavić and Marach took the point, Melo and Kubot took the match.
Facebook invented feed, LinkedIn took on feed, Twitter took on feed, Instagram took on feed, and they all feel very different now and they serve very different purposes.
"But it took time for me to get there, and it took training, and it took long hard nights of dealing with" less than savory people (to paraphrase).
In mid-October, Edwards took 47% of the vote in the primary, Rispone took 27%, and Republican Ralph Abraham took 24%, setting the stage for the events of today.
"The first billion took five years, the second took nine months and the third took seven months," Kelly Galvin, a spokeswoman for GoFundMe, wrote in an email on Tuesday.
I slept in one of their houses, they took me to the clients to do ugly things, they took the money, and then they took me back to sleep.
Indeed, in the days that followed, our legislators took our calls, then took this tack.
Many composers took less than 10 years and even more took longer than 10 years.
Each trick took at least 20 takes, some took up to 50 to get right.
NASA's Aqua satellite took image one, while MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiomete) took image two.
I think everybody feels upset that it took this long and it took this much.
Cruz took his home state of Texas, as well as Oklahoma, while Rubio took Minnesota.
Like someone took her from us, and with that taking took all the good times.
Patch O'Fur: Now, Fur Affinity, they took action because their corporate owner IMVU took notice.
In 2011, Branch took medical leave and a fourth public defender took over the case.
Afterwards, he took her to her first ever sushi meal, and then took her home.
A process that took 20 years as Iranian nationals took us six months as Canadians.
It took several hours before it fully hit me and the emotional breakdown took over.
The crash took place shortly after the plane took off from one of Moscow's airports.
"Whoever took my daughter's life, he took my daughter's life, not her happiness," Hernandez said.
I gently took my hand out of his and took a big gulp of wine.
The Tigers re-took the lead, which Evans took back for VU with another 3.
Coady took Castor and Duncan took Leda, with Westmorland working to keep the two apart.
Tell me a bit about how long it took and what it took to organize.
Jonathan Brooks, Beholder's founding chef, took the news reasonably, and then he took it poorly.
The 103-mile swim took her 53 hours and took place without a shark cage.
Sanders took comfort in a win in Minnesota, and also took Vermont, Colorado and Oklahoma.
They took in Fantasyland, took selfies on Dumbo and then went for a carousel ride.
It took place exactly one week before Americans took to the polls (November 1–2).
Each issue took 6-12 months due to how long it took corresponding via mail.
The Texas senator took 23 delegates in the Wyoming caucus, while Trump took just one.
I wish I took the initiative I took later in places like Haiti and others.
MN: The fact that the first lady took on childhood obesity took my breath away.
The incident referenced took place away from work, but we took the allegation very seriously.
Afterwards, he took her to her first-ever sushi meal, and then took her home.
I took gigs, I took on credit card debt, I was sloppy, I kept going.
Some participants took the drug over a seven-day period; others took a placebo pill.
About 18% of residents there who took the survey said they took time to volunteer.
Aledmys Diaz singled to right and took second on the throw as Grichuk took third.
Miguel took guard over the lower part of the property and Madison took the top.
It took what it took, and that was about three to three and a half.
The attacks took place late last week and took down systems of 22 Texas entities.
Most of them took part in public debates and took questions from the news media.
Kenya's Vivian Cheruiyot took second place, and last year's winner, American Shalane Flanagan, took third.
Her producers took over her music, her father took over legal control of her life.
President Trump, before he took office, took a phone call from the president of Taiwan.
Lastly: Netflix is PETTY AF. Disney took something from them; they took something from Disney.
So then you took time off, then you were sort of ... I took time off.
As predicted, his compatriots took to it, and Marsala took off in England, and beyond.
It took about 30,000 rials to buy $1 when Mr. Seif took over in 2013.
A trip that took Anderson several hours to sail and row took us just one.
But as the film's entourage took the stage and began offering thanks, confusion took over.
By 1974, KFC took the Christmas marketing plan national across Japan, and it took off.
Certainly its being looked at in terms of what took place, if anything took place.
Jess took her time before answering, as she took her time before answering any question.
Michael Keaton took on the role in 1989, and Val Kilmer took over in 1995.
First he took over the party's grassroots, and then he took all of the delegates.
Oprah Winfrey took a very unwanted bath after Weight Watchers stock took a huge hit.
When the balance sheets took a pause on expanding, the stock markets globally took a pause.
In 2010, that task took a world record 541 days until Di Rupo finally took office.
You took that choice away from me, and you took that meaning of me telling them.
You were trusted by so many and took took advantage of countless athletes and their families.
Angel took the celery stalk garnish out of the plastic cup and took a mean bite.
When the agreement took effect, smartly uniformed PA soldiers took over the Hamas checkpoint at Erez.
"He took a big, he took a big defeat and he has not gotten over it."
I took 18 credits per semester, and I even took summer classes to accelerate the program.
The Dodgers took a 43-24 lead and Storen, who has been struggling, took the loss.
Opening up Sunday night's Grammy awards, Kendrick Lamar just took took things to a new level.
He took a big, he took a big defeat and he has not gotten over it.
Both took most of the children's brands I had, and ThredUP took women's clothing as well.
Layman took the image with a remote controlled GoPro, which took three days to set up.
"They took my passport from me, they took everything from me, even my documents," she said.
What I really took away was how quiet it was ... I just took away the peacefulness.
Police took pictures of Amber's neck for evidence, and later the couple took pictures as well.
Whitney and Shannon took their love for music and took it down on the Voice stage.
That's when I kind of took the lead and took care of everybody in my family.
Metro Boomin—he moreso took our sound and took it to the left for his generation.
The first match in that series took place last night, and, amazingly, Russ took the field.
Then I took a deep breath, took Gmail off my phone, and went for a run.
Concert photos that I took years ago — and hadn't seen since — took on a new life.
Mango took the first game and Armada took the second in the best-of-five set.
And then Jesus came and took his hand before he went under and took him home.
During the trial run, close friends took the bottom, and I, rather religiously, took the top.
He took our money, he took my wallet — he left my cellphone, he left my credentials.
He took my arm, walked me to the elevator, and took me to P. J. Clarke's.
Not too long after their company took off, Mitchell died of cancer and DeJoria took over.
"It took me a while because I took some breaks," she said in a phone interview.
The great one took Gee on as an understudy and protégée, and her career took off.
Once Mr. Trump took office, she rode with friends and took Ubers as often as possible.
ISIS then took over and ruled until mid-2016, when the S.D.F. took back the city.
Bill Clinton took one step away from that era, and Barack Obama took a few more.
When you entered the Senate, you took an oath, and you took another one on Thursday.
Why it took so long It took the company five years to develop the new tube.
How long it took: It took four months for Connecticut to pass sweeping gun control reforms.
The legislation took effect on March 21959, 503, when Taft's Democratic successor, Woodrow Wilson, took office.
Team Europe took the gold, while the Polish and Armenian teams took silver and bronze, respectively.
New Jersey sports books took in $21 million in bets, while Nevada took in $317.4 million.
When I asked how long his portraits took, Sundman says the smoking woman took several hours.
Vili took her advice, and instead took a blood test at the station ... 2 hours later.
Nick Jonas took the clapper, Joe Jonas took the banana shaker, and Kevin Jonas took the triangle, while Fallon pulled triple duty on the Casio keyboard, wood block, and avocado shaker.
Later, they took a trip to Place de l'Opera, where Garner took photos on her cell phone while a hired guide took them on a tour of the famed opera house.
It took us, the auto recovery, it took us Dodd-Frank, it took us the Recovery Act, it took us all those God-awful difficult things we had to do, including raising the top rate for the wealthiest America by – so there's 600 billion more income now.
The Appel-Bryant pairing could be one of the more lopsided in the history of the draft, as in 1966, when the Mets took Steve Chilcott and the A's took Reggie Jackson, and in 2004, when the Padres took Matt Bush and the Tigers took Justin Verlander.
This fall, 2017 became the year of exposing the corruption of men in Hollywood — the Times took down Weinstein, Buzzfeed took down Kevin Spacey, and The Washington Post took down Charlie Rose.
The other thing about touring is if you're waiting for your check from your record label, the record store took their cut, the distributor took their cut, the label took their cut.
It only took seven days for Apex to hit 25 million users (it took Fortnite 41 days), and one month to hit 50 million users (it took Fortnite more than four months).
Bannon took this campaign and took a certain tack and it worked, I get that, it worked.
Lyft took three years to resolve, and Dynamex took over a decade to reach the Supreme Court.
The meeting, which took place three weeks ago, is the first since President Donald Trump took office.
Melton, 41, took to Instagram to share a photo of their wedding day, which took place Sunday.
French pair Gabriella Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron took silver and America's Maia and Alex Shibutani took bronze.
Six months ago, he took over the communications team and took inventory of Google's offerings and strategies.
"He took a hit — I know all the lingo, he took a pop off it," quipped Spade.
As this re-framing of the genre took place, the music took on a newly perfunctory status.
A rally also took place on Staten Island where the incident took place, CNN affiliate WABC reported.
Young women in their 20s donned the robes and took mirror selfies as they also took shots.
What took 10 minutes now takes 11; what took three hours now takes three and a half.
Powell then took over shortly thereafter, scoring 16 points as Toronto took a 49-47 halftime lead.
I watched the way my dad took his block starts and took control of the race early.
Trump assumes that because something happened after Obama took office, it therefore happened because Obama took office.
It took hundreds of dead Americans before we took notice and elected to do the right thing.
But things took a turn in the 25th minute as a second injury took out Cristiano Ronaldo.
The investigation, which took place after the confirmation hearing, but before the committee vote, took three days.
Penn State took advantage and took a 30-23 lead into halftime, behind 11 points from Taylor.
The president took six calls and the first lady took nine, according to the first lady's office.
"He took care of his kids and he took care of his girl," Master P tells PEOPLE.
Five "Twilight" films took in $3.3 billion, while four "Hunger Games" films took in nearly $3 billion.
It took a few weeks, but borrowers finally took notice of a drop in mortgage interest rates.
And I do think that actually that transformation took place privately, long before it took place publicly.
"I took a round to the hand and I took some shrapnel to the chest," he said.
"What took me maybe five years to get to, took Laura and Lizzy one year," Williams said.
President Donald Trump took an antagonistic stance with journalists as soon as he took office in January.
Some students took the survey before their class, while others took it right before receiving their meal.
Mukesh took the oil and gas interests and Anil took control of RCom, previously run by Mukesh.
It took me this long to appreciate it, and it took me this long to be good.
Once the idea took hold, it took Putman less than five minutes to map out the process.
After the United States took over the island in 2900, the farm economy took a tragic turn.
No one took a "joke" to be a threat; they took a threat to be a threat.
But the rebirth that took him to victory in the 1968 election took years of careful choreography.
Instead, he took a series of small steps, each building on the next, and he took advantage.
The last program I took through that process took two years to get that signed requirements document.
It took three days to get my personal information taken down, and for others it took longer.
LSU took a 29-25 lead before Williams took over as Alabama went into a scoring drought.
They found that walking up the escalator took 26 seconds compared with standing, which took 40 seconds.
Citigroup was hit hardest and took a US$22bn charge, while Goldman took a US$103bn hit.
In 1950 the journey took two days on foot; in 1966 it took only a few minutes.
Kyle took half and I took half of this speech, and we practiced ahead of time together.
When anorexia took over, even the slightest hint of any disappointment by me took on new gravity.
Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson took 4.6% of the vote, while Green Party candidate Jill Stein took 1.1%.
Interestingly, I took the same precautions I took in Russia, we did almost everything the same way.
The researchers looked into four time measures, including how long it took for ambulances to arrive on the scene, the time emergency responders took on the scene, the time it took to get to the hospital and how long it took to provide care from start to finish.
Some 1,33 of those 2016 voters took the survey between May 10-12, followed by 1,296 who took the July 11-12 survey and 1,195 who took the survey between Oct. 18-19.
It took years of trial and error before markets for gas and power took off around the world.
We'd have done ..." And then he took them off and I remember like, "Oh, you took them off.
It was Bobby who took JFK's death hardest – but it took a bit before it really hit him.
"He took our money, he took my wallet—he left my cellphone, he left my credentials," said Lochte.
I took my medicine and shortly after my nurse took me to go see Kate in the NICU.
David Ayer took that approach with Suicide Squad, and his DC dumpster fire took home $745 million worldwide.
"I knew I took myself to that rally but they took advantage of who I am," she added.
It took a little teamwork, but people got together and took apart the engine, which set her free.
Phelps took notice of Agar's incredible strength and took to social media on Wednesday to wish him luck.
"She took away my life with Rainer the moment she took his life," he said during the hearing.
Figuring out how to talk and play simultaneously took time — and learning gameplay took the squad even longer.
Laura and her friends "took their daughters one year and then they never took us again," admits Jenna.
To another wine glass spotting: "I took it back to the hotel I took it from," she said.
But while other networks took the moral high ground, ABC took the ratings: All that jiggled was gold.
The shoot itself took just a few days, but the video took months to edit and stitch together.
Thousands of people took part in Saturday's march, which took place on President Trump's 100th day in office.
"I took it off her right away but she cried when I took it away," she told Metro.
United offered passengers $800 if they took a flight the next day, but nobody took up the offer.
It took some trust away…It took years for me to regain a sense of confidence in myself.
However Michel defended the arrest and rebuffed critics who say Belgian authorities took took long to apprehend him.
My dad took it very bad and our relationship took a downward spin for a number of years.
The games took the dark humor of games such as Atari's Smithereens and took it to absurd heights.
They don't think that the people who made it took it seriously—but they took it very seriously.
Obama shared that her husband often took pleasure in how little time it took him to get ready.
A departure ceremony took place before Bush took his last trip by train to his final resting place.
My drive took me to Manhattan's West Chelsea neighborhood where I took the opportunity to explore some art.
It took four months then to get a vote on background checks; after Orlando, it took four days.
The amount of time it took to have that conversation, that was how long that took to produce.
They dressed in a spacious home clubhouse, took batting practice first and took the field before the Yankees.
Frank took his own leap ... more of a cannonball -- he took out a whole section of the crowd.
When Northwestern took over on the next possession, Green took over as quarterback and immediately made an impact.
One big difference: It took Hawaii nearly 40 minutes to correct the mistake; in Japan it took five.
My sister took her life soon after two of her celebrity friends took theirs — in the same way.
So he took out his pen, signed his name to an order and took action on his own.
Then the officer took Dakhil's phone, which he was told to unlock, and took it to another room.
They took us through some of the outfits in the 22 suitcases they took to Pyeongchang, South Korea.
The devil even snuck into her cell, took took the form of a dragon and swallowed her up.
Government data shows that last year almost a million people took powder cocaine, while just 11,000 took meth.
As his wife's career took off, Antoine took a step back and became the main caregiver at home.
Pundits and news watchers took notice, and quickly took to social media to offer their (mostly derisive) thoughts.
As the protests took place, Bolsonaro took part in a ceremony in Brasília to mark International Women's Day.
On Saturday, the reality star brother took to his Snapchat to claim Blac Chyna "took the baby, took the whole nursery we built" while sharing footage of empty rooms in the couple's shared home.
At Walgreens, after I inserted a chip card, the transaction took eight seconds before a receipt started printing; Apple Pay and Samsung Pay took three seconds; and Android Pay (Google's service) took seven seconds.
Now, you can take it any way you want, and it took — it took Jeb Bush, if you remember at the beginning of his announcement, when he announced for president, it took him five days.
The amount of time it took me to figure out how to eat a tablespoon of clay was far longer than it took me to actually swallow it, and that took a very long time.
Yet, states took action in 2675 cases; the EPA took action in just 26 cases, according to NRDC's report.
That's the take Patrick took with the book, and that's the take Jacques took as an outsider to America.
What was the factual predicate upon which they took whatever actions they took and against whom were they directed?
But remember, he took his orders from Comey and McCabe and they took their orders from you know who.
I eventually took a UCB class and I took a Groundlings class later on, and I'm glad I did.
Honestly, it probably took him longer to sign his illustration than it took to conceive of and execute it.
Replicating the credit score engine took just 1,150 queries, and copying the steak-preference predictor took just over 4,000.
When she took a break from the bunny filter, she and Kourtney took the kids for a helicopter ride.
"He was with my purse and he took off and I took off after him," she told WLOS-TV.
They took the opportunity to be resettled and it is unfortunate that they took the chance of bonified refugees.
Corrine rebuts this line of inquiry by pointing out that Michael Jordan took naps and Abraham Lincoln took naps.
In one case, they took billions of dollars — during the Clinton regime — took billions of dollars and nothing happened.
So it was almost like AIDS took out a whole generation and then crystal meth took out another generation.
Issue one took three and a half years to put together, issues two and three took two years each.
The HDD took 5.5 seconds to open Google Chrome, but the HDD with Optane took less than two seconds.
Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu said in a tweet that he took took "moral responsibility" for the spate of accidents.
They have deleveraged last year quite a fair bit, took some gains while some of them took some losses.
In fact, Google took 30 percent of the total, and then Facebook took 30 percent of what was left.
The Freedom of the Press Foundation, which took over SecureDrop, reports that Dolan, age 36, took his own life.
It took a little longer for public executions to die out; the last outdoor hanging took place in 10.83.
Pete: Once Junior Vasquez took over things took it was an altogether darker and edgier vibe at Sound Factory.
He did not dispute that he took the cash, or give an explanation of why he took the money.
Prince Harry took the same dive at Disney World he took 23 years ago with his mother, Princess Diana.
Chris and Katherine shared a kiss, she took off alone and he took off in his Tesla with Jack.
And then when they took us to the lockup and took our pictures and fingerprints, everything got much heavier.
They took on the credit risk of mortgages so long as Wall Street took on the interest-rate risk.
The Hunt took three years to film; the beautiful sequence of a blue whale eating krill took two years.
Mayer took silver in the decathlon with a score of 8,834 and Canada's Damian Warner took bronze with 8,666.
He took a few pictures that day, and took more over the next six months, documenting the cleanup operation.
I estimated it took me half an hour to bike what I mentally estimated took 10 minutes to drive.
At one point during the tournament, when CNN's Jeff Zucker took the court, Blitzer took over the umpire chair.
Musician iLe took to Twitter to comment on the demonstrations that took place in Puerto Rico on July 16.
"What took me 40 minutes to walk up took me nearly two days to crawl back down," he said.
"The surfing board alone took two days, and the miniature figurine of Jason took a day and a half."
While Microsoft took the custom, amateur approach to esports on its platform, Sony took the professional approach to esports.
Bands like Suicide, artists like Bowie, they took over the stage and took you to a whole new world.
At the same time, you have to respect those who took this practice and took it to the street.
Bob Simpson (311) took seven years to reach the landmark and Sir Gary Sobers (365 not out) took four.
In a statement summarizing a preliminary investigation, the military spokesman said the incident took place took place on Dec.
Trump took the podium Saturday in the White House Press Room and announced he took the test Friday night.
We took care of our investors, we took care of the team, and we're taking care of the company.
Joey Pedroni Stables took in the animals from Chocolate Horse, and Sonoma Horse Park took the ones from Estancia.
Rock and grunge took an inevitable dive when hucksters like Bush and Live took over alt-rock in 21998.
Even before the Nazis took power, Schmitt advocated for dictatorship and took part in court cases that advanced it.
A similar closure took place when historic planes took part in a flyover of the National Mall in 2015.
Traders took further solace as the Trump administration took up a plan to send stimulus checks to all Americans.
"My last sugar baby took care of all the details which took pressure off of me," he told her.
So her mother took her to school by bicycle, then her father took her once on the city bus.
As for Kyle ... burglars took everything but the few items she took to Aspen, where the family was vacationing.
"I was one of the first ones who took offense when Colin Kaepernick took a knee," Villanueva said Monday.
Although the haircut reveal was subtle, his fans took notice — naturally, they took to Twitter to air their grievances.
What took Wallace nearly a month, took us — traveling from India, where we live, to Indonesia — about nine hours.
And in 2018, we took back the House; we took back statehouses, because of women candidates and women voters.
It took less time than the bus, took me through Central Park and reduced my need for the gym.
German's Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Massot (215.66) took silver while France's Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres (214.37)took bronze.
They took a quick detour Then, the pop star took Corden to her family home where it all began.
So, Ullmann took me there, replicating the walk she took from this house nearly every day for six years.
"He took me and threw me on the chest and took hold on my privy parts," testified one man.
I broke into their homes and took possessions they worked hard for; took their wallets out of their pockets.
I took a couple days of vacation here in the States and then I took a flight to Croatia.
We took an oath not to try to protect Donald Trump, we took an oath to protect the Constitution.
"GSA took control of the inventory in May 2018 before I took over the agency's functions," said Chavez, who took control of the Puerto Rican GSA, known locally as Administracíon de Servicios Generales (ASG), in July.
About 24 percent of the women who took NSAIDs had miscarriages within the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, compared with 16 percent of women who took acetaminophen and 17 percent of women who took neither medication.
Last year, 22019,000 high school students took the AP computer science exam, while almost 10 times as many took the AP English Language exam and more than five times as many took the AP psychology exam.
HANNITY: That took you to -- evidence took you to this mosque where this guy had attended at this point, right?
The Nets took advantage of Dallas' struggles and took as much as a nine-point lead in the second quarter.
We took out layers of management and we took out the vertical silos that were effectively gumming up the works.
Maybe it took you twice the amount of time to get home without your GPS, or maybe it took half.
Schröder stepped down as chancellor, Merkel took over, and Schröder's successors in the SPD took up seats in her cabinet.
Eventually, the terror group ISIS took advantage of instability wrought by the civil war and took over swaths of Syria.
Pheu Thai took 136 seats, according to official figures released Wednesday, while the pro-military Palang Pracharat party took 115.
I took it to my editorial team and we put out some stories, and then I took it to Facebook.
An additional 20 percent took place during morning and evening rush hours, and 22 percent took place during work hours.
Local parents Rachel Sullivan and Colleen Wright took notice, and took it upon themselves to make his dream come true.
In a follow up story posted Thursday, Politico additionally reported that Price took took private jets at least 24 times.
On map four, Misfits took the point quickly, but EnVy put on a lot of pressure and took control quickly.
Last year, comedian Amy Schumer took home the honor and in 2015, DJ Armin Van Buuren took the top spot.
Gulliver took a bus back to her neighborhood, and took a shortcut through the park where she died, PEOPLE learns.
A Hazardous Area Response Team attended the plane, took affected passengers to a holding area, and took three to hospital.
They took cover in an improvised wooden tower, dodged them with ease, and effortlessly took out a few more hostiles.
Each layer of the scan took up to 10 minutes, and each dissection took a day in total to complete.
The company was, in fact, reliant on locals reporting the content before it took action, a process that took days.
When Obama took office and Jon Wellinghoff took over FERC, one of his priorities was to further boost demand response.
"I don't know what was in my head when I took took that picture, and it doesn't matter," he said.
I took my reserved seat a few rows back from the stage, while she took hers in the front row.
Sudan's military council, which took power after former military officer Bashir was deposed, has previously denied any rape took place.
They took the idea to "Shark Tank," and the company took off after a deal with Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O'Leary.
You know, I don't know what took our security detail as long as it took them to start exchanging fire.
I'm not saying the relationship took a while; I'm saying in my life, it took a while to find this.
The Forum said its "engagement" with BT took place between February and July last year - before du Plessis took over.
"But the story took an unexpected twist when Trump took office," one of FCTRY's content strategists told ITK on Monday.
The avid baker also took took the opportunity to try out her edible painting skills along with a new recipe.
Neige: It took them a long time for them to take me seriously as a musician—it took some years.
It took a such a large crowd, it took our Border Patrol folks a couple times to get them all.
Against Professor Carroll's judgment, I took an Ambien and then, when it did not seem to work, took another one.
Against Professor Carroll's judgment, I took an Ambien and then, when it did not seem to work, took another one.
"It took his father 40 years to build it and it took him 40 minutes to blow it," Slott said.
It took The Times longer to print "The Second World War" than it took the Allies to win the conflict.
Kunis joked, "It took me five months to lose 20 pounds, and it took me hours to gain it back!"
However, his tone softened after he took office, and he took time to praise Yellen even as he nominated Powell.
After the downturn of 1973, it took five; after back-to-back recessions in 1981 and 1982, it took seven.
"We took penalties in the second, we just took ourselves out in the second," Team Canada coach Willie Desjardins said.
South Asians took offense to her characterization, but took the extremely high road by reclaiming the phrase as their own.
Trudeau took office in November after his Liberal Party took control of the parliament, ending 10 years of conservative rule.
I took the El, the train system, from Chicago O'Hare International Airport to the Loop, which took about 22018 minutes.
" That took me to this new book, which took me forever and a day to write, called "Forged in Crisis.
"I took about 25 French classes after the first season, and the next year I took longer classes," he continued.
"This wasn't a concerted thing — it just took off and took on a life of its own," Professor Glickman said.
It took over 20 years for me to get here, so let me explain why my conversion took so long.
It took a man an average of 60 seconds to connect a call, while it took a woman only 10.
Because I was desperate, I took the first job I was offered in January 2018, and took a pay cut.
It took a lot of brainpower, it took a lot of trial and error and you know, mad scientist stuff.
The governor of Ohio took 24 round trips in the state plane; the governor of Michigan took nine round trips.
The marriage collapsed as Golda took lovers from among her political colleagues (and she later took the Israeli name "Meir").
The pope took his name from St. Francis of Assisi, who took a vow of poverty in the 13th century.
He took one photo of us together, asked if he could get Welteroth alone and then took approximately 20033,000 more.
"They took only the sable coats; they took nothing else," Dennis Basso, the owner, said by phone from Aspen, Colo.
The biggest took place in Srinagar, Kashmir's main city, where thousands of Muslims took to the streets after Friday prayers.
We took a gut punch in Iowa," Biden said in New Hampshire, adding: "The whole process took a gut punch.
Koni's grandfather took out his knife and gingerly took out the quill, which would have kept the lion from hunting.
Lastly, we took a trip to Miami for this year's Pwn2Own competition, where hackers took on industrial control systems software.
"I took a set of individuals one way, and Kristofer and Shyism took them the other way," Mr. Murphy said.
By Sunday evening, a rally for transgender rights took place in New York; another took place on Monday in Washington.
I went to work, took off a little early, took my exam, went home,wondering why I felt so bad.
But before they took him off life support, Mr. Francis said he took a few moments alone with his twin.
Spain's Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who took office two weeks ago, took the opportunity to show a more liberal stance.
I took this test the same way I took the SATs, which is that I didn't study for it once.
A military council took charge, overseeing a turbulent and sometimes violent transition during which Egypt's first democratic elections took place.
"We took the chat logs, we took the photos, we took diary entries, all of these different things, and we put together a database where we could cross-correlate everything by time," Bilton said on the podcast.
It took him knowing me, it took me trusting him, it took us being honest with each other — all elements of a great friendship — to understand what the best version of our relationship can be right now.
Eileen took Murt to the dole to sign on, took him to the cineplex to watch the feature they mutually adjudged the dumbest-looking, took him to the pharmacist for his refills, into town for new shoes.
"I apologize often womanize / Took for my child to be born / See through a woman's eyes / Took for these natural twins to believe in miracles / Took me too long for this song / I don't deserve you," he says.
In a briefing that took place in October 2017, Kelly took to the podium and erroneously claimed Wilson took credit for securing "$20 million" in federal funding to build a new FBI field office in Miami in 2015.
"I took six," Jenner says, before Kardashian West informs her that she received the invoice and knows she took 10 slabs.
But here's -- here's just one little anecdote so in 2010 Americans took I think or globally took 300 billion pictures. Okay.
The Pacific leg of the cruise took the carrier and its escorts past Japan and Taiwan, both of which took notice.
I believe the Congressman took that back, so I don&apost think that&aposs (inaudible) ... (CROSSTALK) PIRRO: He took it back.
They were followed for 10 weeks; half took a daily dose of the probiotic Bifidobacterium longum, and half took a placebo.
"Alcohol took my grandfather and it took his youngest son, and weed has taken no one from me ever," he said.
Took this when we made it out of storage room,ran downstairs,we took shelter with others,blood everywhere #istanbul pic.twitter.
It took a while for those guys to get back up and running, and it took tourists a while after that.
Young Anderson took a train to New York, and took her place among 300 other hopefuls in a large, muggy hall.
Marlon Robinson took cell phone video of the altercation between him and the pizza chain employee, which took place May 5.
The U.S. team would go on to win bronze while Canada took gold and the Olympic Athletes From Russia took silver.
Ever the dedicated friend, Turner took to Instagram to share her unfiltered thoughts on the moment that took Twitter by storm.
Vaudreuil took the custodian's job after his plastering biz went under in 2007 and took most of his life with it.
Moviegoers certainly took notice, catapulting the film to $780 million worldwide at the box office, but awards voters took notice, too.
The two officers took up positions in a hallway and took on Pagourtzis while he was in a classroom, he said.
For however long it took, even if it took all night, I could wait for a lull in my interior monologue.
Except that PhishMe took 240 years and consumed $28 million of capital, while Phantom took 240 years and consumed $24 million.
A final tally showed Kuczynski took 50.122% of the vote, while Fujimori, daughter of disgraced former President Alberto Fujimori, took 49.878%.
High-yield "junk" bond funds took in $342 million, while bonds that invest inflation-protected government debt took in $156 million.
Broken down, 14,681 girls took the AP Computer Science A test, and 15,028 girls took the AP Computer Science Principles exam.
While the prosecution took four and a half days to present its case against Cosby, the defense only took six minutes.
Kenyatta took 54.27 percent of the vote, and opposition leader Raila Odinga took 44.74 percent, said election commission head Wafula Chebukati.
OF Yasmany Tomas (groin) ran the bases and took batting practice Saturday, and took batting practice in the indoor cages Sunday.
The duo took their usual seats courtside as the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Golden State Warriors at Staples Center.
My friend took the bedroom, I took the sofa bed, another selflessly accepted the boot room, and the last stayed out.
When we come back, incredible footage of a U.S. missile that took place and took out a senior Al Qaeda terrorist.
It took some time for this error to be detected and when it was, the transaction's rating took a substantial hit.
After you took Instagram off of your phone, that was the last thing I had, I took it off my phone.
She took a two-year break from acting afterward, but told Variety it took her about seven years to fully recover.
But if it took me two years or it took me 20 years, it does not invalidate what happened to me.
The desk took almost three months to get here because the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) process took forever.
Like that photo Mom has on the fridge, from that summer trip I took—I mean, you took—in high school.
And when my career took off, it took off in such a way that it almost didn't seem real to me.
She also took time to celebrate pals Little Big Town, who took home the award for vocal group of the year.
Then, he took it and walked down the aisle, turned around, walked all the way back, and took another one instead.
S. flights took us over eight time zones, and it took several days at each end to re-establish sleeping patterns.
That strategy took all of nine seconds, and even after McDaniels took his customary seat on the bench, Houston kept fouling.
The aerospace industry took flight with ambitious civilian and military projects over the course of 23, and private investors took notice.
I took him overseas, took him around the shit we was doing, so I got at him to get the footage.
Before Kristen Bell took the podium in January, the presenters rotating throughout the show took the place of a traditional host.
It took seven years for COS to arrive physically (e-commerce launched in 2011); for & Other Stories, it only took one.
It seems like you took the model that Zay took with you as far as really believing and investing in someone.
He came over to our pool table and took/asked for one of my mates' sticks and then took a shot.
Markle's security team was also heavily criticized for the precautions it took to ensure no fans took photos of the duchess.
It took a beating in May and August as the U.S. and China took their trade battle to the next level.
In November, O'Rourke took to Medium with a post that was literally about running through Washington, but that many took metaphorically.
"He took a woman that went into a church truly looking for God, and he took me for himself," she said.
The recent drone delivery took place earlier this month in the U.K. near Cambridge and took about 13 minutes to complete.
Following the nuptials, Davis took to Instagram to officially change her profile name to Hannah Jeter, then took it down later.
It came, grabbed the bag and took it away, then they took the guy, put him in a car and left.
The original attempt took three days to complete, he wrote on his blog, so it's likely this attempt took even longer.
Some policymakers took the mistake in good humor, while others took the opportunity for a dig at the White House. Sen.
So it was one of these 10-year uphill climb, but then once it took off, it really took off. Right.
The movie took in $532.5 million, knocking Star Wars: The Force Awakens (which took in $529 million) from the top spot.
C-SPAN took calls from Republicans, Democrats, and Independents as the Senate Judiciary Committee took breaks from its questioning of Ford.
So this is the record where I took over writing more of the music, and Scott took over writing the lyrics.
She was the avatar of a new century — unmarried and independent, a woman who took lovers and took off her corset.
McCullers Sr. took a hard-hat tour during construction, and once took Lance Jr. to meet the players in the clubhouse.
But several trends for which Mr. Trump took credit were underway — and in some cases more pronounced — before he took office.
Retro took what worked about its own reboot—excellent level design and a crunchy challenge—and then took those extra steps.
The House took its bill through an abbreviated debate — far shorter than the year it took for Democrats to draft Obamacare.
Once Trump officially took office, the panic that took hold of Colbert on election night evolved into anger, and then flourished.
The researchers took helicopters to find the bears, tranquilized them to put on the collars, and took weight and blood samples.
Crutsinger told me he took 10,000 photos overall, and it took two days to process a rough stitch of the map.
He took a breath, painted a 2, took another, painted 3 — and died, 46 years later, after painting the number 5,607,249.
I took a seat on one of the white pews and tried to imagine the services that once took place here.
Reluctantly, I took a leave of absence from my poetry program and she took a leave of absence from her job.
He then took off his pants, took her hand and forced her to "touch and massage his penis," the complaint said.
He took a ride through the Magic Kingdom to celebrate, but we aren't quite sure why Mickey took the back seat.
It took me two weeks to get the abortion the first time, and the second time it took me three weeks.
There, they took in the sights of the Amalfi coast, took pasta-making classes, and soaked in the sun, per People.
For some sequences, that fine-tuning took as long as 12 months; rendering a Junior shot alone took hours or days.
In addition, 86% took at least one vacation or leisure trip in 2019 — and almost one-third took four or more.
After her brother took Davis to Upton, and he took to the sport, "people really started trying him more," she said.
"He took them to the hospital, and then the guy took me to my house to get my gun," he said.
In all, right-wing or right-leaning parties took 21990 seats, while left-wing or left-leaning ones took just 250.
"[This] took place over the course of four years and it took a lawsuit to hopefully stop these processes," Golin emphasizes.
The Cards took a 3-1 lead in the sixth after Paul Goldschmidt doubled and took third on Ozuna's infield single.
These guys laced them with lavish gifts and took care of them just like my dad took care of my mom.
"Breast cancer took my grandmother's life, and it nearly took my mom's," the candidate says in a new ad released Thursday.
In the studies, two-thirds of the men took one of the androgen receptor inhibitors, while a third took a placebo.
" JAY-Z raps, "I apologize, often womanize/ Took for my child to be born/ See through a woman's eyes/ Took for these natural twins to believe in miracles/ Took me too long for this song/ I don't deserve you.
"Look, I apologize often womanize / Took for my child to be born / See through a woman's eyes / Took for these natural twins to believe in miracles / Took me too long for this song / I don't deserve you," he rapped.
Went from its base and took over the capital, took over the government, moved south, took over Aden, surrounded the Presidential palace in Aden, and was on the verge of either kidnapping, imprisoning or killing heaven forbid the President.
You don't want to be their scold, but on some levels it's that they took the money, they took the fame, they took everything else and they didn't fix this one thing that is causing all kinds of pain.
Only half the senior class of about 400 took the ACT college admission test in the 2015-16 school year, and only 30 students took Advanced Placement tests, a measure of college readiness (though many more took the classes).
The newlyweds took to their joint Instagram account on Saturday to share photos from a sunset ride they took together on dirtbikes.
They took her photo, took casts of her feet—collecting mementos that her parents might spurn now but want to have later.
Mariachi El Bronx really took on a life of its own and you guys took it further than I think anyone expected.
Just weeks after the historic Woman's March took place worldwide, women took to Twitter to share their stories of 'persisting' through sexism.
We snuck on the stage started snipping microphones with some pliers, I took the bass amp, I took some of the cymbals.
After overhearing what took place, Williams took a picture of the BFFs and sent her family a text message describing what happened.
Larson took his first lead of the race when he got by Edwards on lap 118 and took command from lap 144.
While Short's film and TV career took off, Dolman took a break from acting to stay at home to raise the kids.
Both have said that they took the action they took because otherwise nothing would be done by the Army or local authorities.
Even her ex, actor Joshua Jackson, took to social media to congratulate her, quipping, "Only question is what took 'em so long!"
One Reddit user took it took upon himself to eradicate this oversight, creating a colorful, Pokémon-themed Switch fit for the '90s.
Two years ago, the actress took her kitty to the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, where they took a selfie together.
Slim tells us Keef's never seen the kid, and never took a paternity test ... which is why she took him to court.
While the observations took just one week in April 2017 to gather, actually sorting through the vast amounts of data took months.
"Four days is all it took at school" before he took his own life, said Pierce, whom PEOPLE could not independently reach.
"The people he loved he took care of, and as he was descending into hell he took care of her," he added.
Days after Cunanan, 27, took Versace's life with two gunshots, he took his own on a local houseboat as authorities closed in.
I was very impressed with how much time he took with the interns and he took time with the logistics staff. Everybody.
Before Skrillex and Diplo took the stage, the Jack ü took a shot of tequila together, probably to toast their Grammy win!
I took a Simple Contacts test in the middle of watching Real Housewives of Orange County and it took 10 minutes tops.
Sometimes these fights took place standing up, sometimes they took place with the two men sitting on opposite sides of a barrel.
The initial attack took place in the evening, but it took the female 21 hours to finish the job, bite by bite.
Naturally, the Twittersphere took notice of the Canadian's gear, and many took to the social site to comment on the athletes' attire.
"We were aware of these allegations when they took place in 2016, and took them very seriously," CBS said in a statement.
"Finding this self-love and loving the skin that I'm in took time and it took effort," she said about her journey.
Brown said she took money from Allen's wallet and took two guns before driving his truck to a nearby Walmart parking lot.
Republicans just took a huge step toward repealing Obamacare Republicans just took a huge step toward repealing Obamacare Let the debate begin.
Additionally, he says the restaurant took 30 minutes off his timecard for his lunch break, whether he actually took one or not.
The investigation is said to focus on why it took until September 2016 to report a breach that took place in 2014.
The investigation is said to focus on why it took until September 85033 to report a breach that took place in 2014.
Centrist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron took nearly 24 percent of the vote and far-right candidate Marine Le Pen took 21.5 percent.
When Sterling took his hands off the hood, Lake tasered him and both officers tackled Sterling and took him to the ground.
We couldn't have been the only ones who took a double take when Miles Teller took the stage at the ESPY Awards.
Wawrinka took an early lead in the tiebreak thanks to a Berankis double-fault and an ace took him to 6-1.
But Messi took a slow, solitary walk across the grass and took a seat on the far end of his team's bench.
And when the Taliban took control of Yousafzai's town, it got even harder: they took away her ability to go to school.
He took one pitch from that side, switched helmets, took another pitch, and then belted a fly ball high over right field.
Washington took a 3-2 lead when Tom Wilson took an Alex Ovechkin pass and scored 13:55 into the third period.
"The Color Purple" took best revival of a musical, while star Cynthia Erivo took the Tony for best actress in a musical.
Walton said it took three men to carry it into a trailer before they took the live hog to a processing center.
The next flight I took, I made a point to use my Truffle clutch — going through security took all of five seconds.
Databricks hired the CFO who took Splunk public"He took them public, and has taken other companies public," he told Business Insider.
She took local adult education classes and socialized in a halfway house until the Mans family took her in three years later.
But it took on special meaning when I took my first bite of the world's most expensive cheesecake – at $53,25 per cake.
A bullet took out 30% of his left lung, damaged his diaphragm and his stomach, and it took out his entire spleen.
I took my doctor's advice and switched to an IUD, but that's when my migraine problems took a turn for the worse.
When she took the crown an era ago in 1953, the person who was Liz Windsor died, and something else took over.
One by one, Democrats and Republicans alike took turns ripping apart Mr. Stumpf and what took place at the bank he leads.
I took a trip with my family to Disneyland last week, and over two highly photographable days, I barely took a photo.
Richard M. Nixon took Valium, and during his final days advisers took precautions intended to avoid any rash orders for military action.
Bloomberg Businessweek took a look at Larry Culp, the former Danaher C.E.O. who took over as G.E.'s chief executive in October.
At the Battle of Arnhem he took his tank behind German lines and piled 23 grunts on it, and took them home.
That resistance made itself visible literally the day after Trump took office, with the huge women's marches that took place on Jan.
Occasionally these afternoons took a bizarre turn — such as the time Wilensky took Weiss and her playing partner into an erotic bakery.
Since taking office, President Trump has praised Mr. Sisi as "a fantastic guy" who "really took control" when he took over Egypt.
The Japanese Coast Guard is trying to determine why it took the cargo ship took almost an hour to report the incident.
Sorry, Queen — the Academy Awards just took the surprise performance concept to a whole new level when Eminem took the Oscars stage.
Forgers took note, and took advantage of the murky situation, in part because the stakes in this market have grown so high.
The robot took 5.5 hours to figure out walking backwards and forwards on the mattress, while the doormat only took 4.5 hours.
Her work took her all over the country and she took on more and more responsibility as she rose through the ranks.
The Japanese Coast Guard is trying to determine why it took the cargo ship took almost an hour to report the event.
Like those who took on subprime mortgages, many people who took private student loans may never earn enough to repay the debt.
"It was the first time I took a I took a very unconventional path that everybody told me was crazy," he said.
Lucy Knight, Gunning, New South Wales I took shelter on Rosedale Beach with my three young children as the fire took hold.
I took notice and I took action, a majority of my 48 law clerks over the last 12 years have been women.
The grief took up all the space, until it took up residence inside Mr. Elverum, and began to announce itself via songwriting.
Federer took time off to celebrate and heal a sore leg; Wawrinka took time off to regroup and heal an ailing knee.
In 2009, she took over day-to-day management when the inspector general at the time took on another government oversight role.
It took 10.5 hours of work at average wages to buy a bicycle in 1979; it took just four hours in 113.
It took her three years to return to a Grand Slam final, and she took the title again at Wimbledon in 2014.
We took a look back at some of the most dominant players in league history, who although deserving, never took home MVP.
"I apologize often womanize / Took for my child to be born / See through a woman's eyes / Took for these natural twins to believe in miracles / Took me too long for this song / I don't deserve you," JAY-Z, 47, says.
But women who took four or more years off work made 65 percent less than women who never took time out; men who took the same amount of time, meanwhile, made 2016 percent less than men who worked straight through.
According to Wheeler, there were 53 vacancies on January 1, 22018, just before Obama took office; 210 vacancies on January 229, 2200, just before George W. Bush took office; 230 vacancies on January 2068, 33, just before Bill Clinton took office.
According to Wheeler, there were 2298 vacancies on January 21, 2457, just before Obama took office; 24 vacancies on January 22, 231, just before George W. Bush took office; 20193 vacancies on January 22019, 22, just before Bill Clinton took office.
According to Wheeler, there were 53 vacancies on January 1, 2009, just before Obama took office; 19723 vacancies on January 1, 2001, just before George W. Bush took office; 107 vacancies on January 215, 253, just before Bill Clinton took office.
Hüfner, whose first run took 56.734 seconds and whose second took 56.275, won a second straight race and a third for the season.
Classmates she'd previously called friends took Labrie's side, isolating and bullying her until she left the school — which itself took an adversarial position.
He took his severance money on a trip to England, where wine with dinner woke the sleeping demon, and alcoholism took hold again.
These parties took advantage of European cultural anxiety, of fears of difference, to build entirely new political movements that took Europe by storm.
Garrett Matthias took on his cancer in a unique way and the plucky 5-year-old took the same approach to his death.
Then in Civilization VI it took an average 188.7 milliseconds to render frames on high at 1080p, while the Dell took 22000 ms.
And it took development and it took people giving him opportunities at various stages before he became the big star that he was.
Alex Rodriguez took his time making sure the ring he picked out for Jennifer Lopez was just right — a process that took months.
Police took the 39-year-old man into custody and emergency responders took him to an area hospital in serious but stable condition.
The two dated from 2002 to 193, during which time Kunis' career took off and Culkin took a self-imposed retirement from acting.
And then, she went to the bathroom, took the four or five pills she usually took at noon, and swallowed them with water.
Florida sits at the bottom of the volunteer rankings: 22.8% of residents there who took the survey said they took time to volunteer.
But remember he took his orders from Comey and McCabe and they took their orders from you know who -- Mueller/Comey best friends.
Then it took around five hours to set up the set; took another two or three hours to get the sound set up.
Reddit user Snailsentrails, took to the platform Monday after catching a man in Walmart who took a photo up her dress, Bustle reports.
I'm not necessarily proud of the work within the comic itself, but I always took pride in the reason I took the assignment.
One staffer took my credit card for incidentals, another offered a bottle of water, and a third took my bag to the room.
She has made efforts to reconcile with Trump since he took office, but they were insufficient — she took just 39% of the vote.
The threats took place in December 2017 as the FCC took up the vote to roll back net neutrality regulations under Pai's leadership.
Activist groups have been pushing for Trump's impeachment since he took office; a few Democratic lawmakers took up the call not long after.
Renault's Jolyon Palmer and Nico Hulkenberg took 15 and 10 place drops while Toro Rosso's Carlos Sainz also took a 10 place hit.
And I took on the drug companies and I took on the insurance companies to try to get us universal health care coverage.
After realizing it was a piglet, the family took it back to their hotel, where they took turns wrapping it in warm towels.
When I campaigned in Iowa, I took on the lobbyists, took on the corporate welfare and said we should have no ethanol subsidies.
Beauty and the Beast took home the award, and stars Emma Watson and Josh Gad took to the stage together to accept it.
The Psych actor and Ballers actress both took to Instagram on Thursday to announce their engagement, which took place on April 14, a.k.a.
But things quickly took a turn for the worst when doctors took Cora for a CAT scan and discovered she had brain damage.
People suffering from depression who took part in three exercise sessions per week felt better than those who took antidepressants, one study found.
Details: Trump took the opportunity to praise the continued strong performance of the job market and the economy, for which he took credit.
When ISIS took Mosul in June 2014, it also took control of more than 2.5 million people, whom the group subjected to horrors.
They then took Interstate 95 South to Charlotte, North Carolina, and drove west to Tennessee, where they took Interstate 75 into south Georgia.
On May 15, Lucas took to Twitter to speak out about the incident for the first time and confirmed the altercation took place.
When another pair of teams took the field, Lee took a break and helped Kassy cover herself with a blanket to breastfeed McKenna.
The lobbying took place before Republican President Donald Trump, who was known for his pro-Israel campaign rhetoric, took office on Jan. 20.
Photographer Ana Topoleanu took a stroll around the city's parks and took some beautiful analog shots of naked Berliners on their lunch breaks.
His mother took him home, kept an eye on him over the weekend, and took him to see his psychiatrist the following Monday.
But then, within five years, Barack Obama took the oath of office, and George W. Bush disappeared to Texas and took up painting.
When the man tragically took his own life in 2016, his wishes were reportedly ignored — so the mother took the texts to court.
Hoplite Capital also took a new position in Netflix, buying 236,1573 shares, while Blue Ridge took a new position, buying 1.4 million shares.
Sullivan had such an impact on culture that Mason's career took a big hit, and it took many years before it fully recovered.
Myrick: Artisan took our website conceit that this was sort of a real incident that took place in Maryland and ran with that.
After Trump took office, Vizguerra decided to skip her scheduled check-in, and instead took sanctuary at the First Unitarian church in Denver.
Stone took down the post, republished a modified image without the crosshairs-looking-symbol and "hitman" reference, and then took that down too.
" In response, CBS released this statement: "We were aware of these allegations when they took place in 2016, and took them very seriously.
Clay demands he destroys the photos he took of Hannah, and Tyler shows him one that he took of Clay walking with Hannah.
The camera took okay, but not great photos I found that the 13-megapixel camera took okay, but not great, photos and videos.
Nicole Kidman took home an award for best actress for her work on 'BLL' and 'THT' took home the hardware for outstanding drama.
The police took Kuenzel in for questioning, but he emphatically denied any involvement, insisting he was at home when the murder took place.
So after class one day, I took the train to the ferry terminal and cleared immigration customs and took the ferry to Macau.
They took a long walk on the beach together, and at one point, Agron took a photo of just the two of them.
The 2010 report included 101 women who took the drug for two weeks and 86 women who took a placebo, or dummy pill.
The construction of the swings took a month and a half to make, and took a large team to install over three days.
Of those people, two-thirds took the medications for more than two years, and a quarter took them for at least ten years.
As the premier took questions from legislators, opponents of the opposition Kuomintang Party (KMT) took the opportunity to express outrage about the outage.
The vigilantes took Ms. Ali to the marketplace in the town's center, the same place a suicide bombing took place earlier this year.
During their stay in Nashville, Chrissy took advantage of the house's chef's kitchen while John took the stage in the country-music capital.
Cambodia maintains that almost half of its exports during the period covered by the EIA report took place before the ban took effect.
Finally, some happy news: The People's Choice Awards took place last night and Avengers: Endgame took home the prize for Movie of 2019.
Hoplite Capital also took a new position in Netflix, buying 236,456 shares, while Blue Ridge took a new position, buying 1.63 million shares.
In the seconds it took to walk to an open table, her glasses fogged, and she took them off before removing her coat.
In studies, people who took vitamin C daily were no safer from common colds and other ailments than people who took a placebo.
At Monday's rally, Ocasio-Cortez took again took aim at a "middle of the road" approach but did not mention Biden by name.
China took gold, silver, and fourth place in the women's middle-distance orienteering race in Wuhan on Monday, while China's men took silver.
On the Vassar College campus in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., hours before they took the stage at the Powerhouse Theater, the Wolves took the field.
It took a bit of an imaginative leap to picture the scene; our conversation took place between a nail salon and a pizzeria.
Former Diesel Chief Executive Alessandro Bogliolo in October took over as CEO and longtime Ralph Lauren executive Roger Farah took over as chairman
At the end of the Games every athlete took their custom Rio Olympics bed comforter with them — mine took up half a suitcase.
"We all, everyone in uniform, we took an oath; we took an oath of allegiance to the Constitution," Army Chief of Staff Gen.
They took her to the sisters, who took her to the doctor, who sent her home on the 31st of August of 1998.
Without the risks OZ took, and they way in which it took them, television would not be the same as it is now.
On Thursday, the President took back hold of the reins, re-centered his message and took a small step towards victory in 2020.
The eviction movers took her stuff to their storage unit; after Larraine was unable to make payments, they took it to the dump.
Don't get me wrong –– the classes you took and endless nights you had are still very much worth the loans you took out.
Yung Berg finally took care of business in his weed case ... took him 9 years to get it done, but IT. GOT. DONE.
It's like, King For A Day really took a twist and took us to this post-modern, angular, more rhythmically challenged weirdo rock.
When my nephews took their first steps, my sister took photos and videos on her phone so she could send them to us.
It's a painstaking process: he first took their blood samples back in 2010, and it took three tries to nail down the mutation.
He took his doctor's advice and took the next few weeks off work, trying to relax and acclimate to a normal sleep schedule.
The match took place at Estadio Hernando Siles in La Paz -- where a team called The Strongest took on the Jorge Wilstermann squad.
I took this picture 12 and a half years after that cancelled show, and it's the very last photo I took at Paradiso.
I took as many people as I could, hundreds of them, I took them out, but I couldn't take the whole nation out.
"They took on this task, and damn it, they had the same attitude as pioneer women who took wagons to Oregon," he said.
One time they took a helicopter from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, had lunch and took a boat down the Colorado River.
To improve those outcomes, CDC officials took a much more active approach to tracking down patients and making sure they took their medicine.
Here's what we know: Where the shooting took place The shooting took place at the Walmart near the Cielo Vista Mall, said Sgt.
Reciting the oath to become a member of the court took a fraction of the time that it took me to be sentenced.
He took over on the same day that a new separatist administration took office in Barcelona, the Catalan capital, led by Quim Torra.
Despite the dark time for the overwhelmed monastery, the care they took with burying the dead suggests how seriously they took their duties.
Korkmaz also said that Halkbank's then-general manager, Suleyman Aslan, took bribes from Zarrab, but that there was no evidence Atilla took bribes.
In a tweet, the president took aim at McCabe's wife, Jill McCabe, who took money from top Clinton ally and former Virginia Gov.
My Lai took place soon after American troops took over control of the area from the Second Brigade of the South Korean Marines.
Most of Mr. Trump's statements were made before he took the oath of office, formed a government and took advice from cabinet officials.
Those high expectations took the joy out of the game, and she took a break in 228 and '26, playing professional cricket instead.
Took away all his property, sent him to jail, and then took pity on him and gave him back one of his apartments?
It took him 11 years to graduate from college — he took time off four times, including once to learn how to make guitars.
Finally, when the helicopters carrying the commandos and their haul took off, they "took an identical route" back to friendly territory, Trump revealed.
Only after Mr. Clinton dishonestly denied any sexual relationship with Ms. Lewinsky, Democrats took some heart and took a wait-and-see attitude.
It's essentially bobsledding but by yourself (they took away your friends) and on a tiny little sled (they also took away your car).
So she and her husband took out a loan, and took a week off of work to make the several-hundred-mile journey.
Bey took home Best Urban Contemporary Album and Best Music Video, while Rihanna took home nothing but visible shots from a personal flask.
The volunteers were divided into three groups: people who took 100 micrograms of LSD (a typical dose for people who want to trip), people who took a placebo, and people who took the LSD along with an acid-canceling drug called ketanserin.
Nakajima took the role, and took it seriously—studying up on how a creature like Godzilla might move at the local zoo, where he took hints from elephants and apes (in the same way animator Willis O'Brien did when he created King Kong).
If you took all that energy, if you took all of that expense, if you took all of that focus, and shifted it slightly ... To running a business where you sell something and then make money from that sale of that thing.
According to the prosecutor's statement, Lukic's group stopped the train, seized the victims, took them to a school in eastern Bosnia where they were beaten, tortured and robbed, and then took them to a place where Lukic took part in their murder.
Some 1.7 million students took the SAT in 2014, the most recent year for which data is available, and 1.8 million took the ACT.
In its first year, 15,53 young women took the new Computer Science Principles final, several hundred more than took the original course this year.
His AK Party took 42.5 percent in the parliamentary polls, and was boosted by its nationalist allies, which outstripped expectations and took 11.1 percent.
The witnessing agent took the note to the senior agent in charge that night but the senior agent took no action, the emails said.
Production took me down to the medical tent and gave me an IV. They took a skin sample and sent it to a lab.
The job that I really wanted, I just took my resume and went in and they took me in for an interview right away.
"If you took care of the varroa mite, you took care of these eight or nine different viruses in one fell swoop," he says.
"Well, I took my responsibility exactly as the Constitution defines it and as the oath I took requires it," Romney told local station KSL.
They were randomized into two groups: one group took 20 mg/kg of CBD per day for 14 weeks and one took a placebo.
In one experiment, they took successful college athletes — the type already winning championships — and took videos of them running using high-speed motion analysis.
The 21-year-old parkour instructor told Mashable it took a day to shoot the footage, but post-production on sound took several weeks.
The Targaryens' remaining dragon stock took its last major hit during the Storming of the Dragonpit, which took place during the Targaryen civil war.
"It took seven hours of makeup, and I took an hour and a half to take the makeup off," he says of the transformation.
Poulter was safely on the green as Hossler took his penalty drop, chipped onto the green and took two putts for a triple bogey.
According to Dr. Gonzalez's website, his cancer patients took 130 to 175 capsules daily, and his noncancer patients took 80 to 100 each day.
Notably, the Mexican campaign took place before that patch took effect, so all of the iOS vulnerabilities would have been exploitable at the time.
Scientists compared the results for people who took their pills at night versus those who took them when they got up in the morning.
Officers took him into custody and took him to a hospital for a mental health evaluation, also impounding his vehicle, the news service reported.
I took it in in two hungry sittings, which I'm guessing is how long it took Andy Offutt to dispatch his bottles of bourbon.
Many Pakistanis took to social media to express outrage at the slaying, which took place during Ramadan, the holiest month in the Muslim calendar.
As commentators have put it, his voters took Mr Trump seriously but not literally, even as his critics took him literally but not seriously.
But at the same time, the entire Mac universe took a back seat, and in particular desktop Macs took a back seat to laptops.
"The representative said, 'Well you have to understand it took years of organizing around Dr. Luke [and #FreeKesha] before we took action,'" Collins recounted.
It took Mosul, announced a caliphate and became a major US target In June 2014, ISIS took Mosul, a major city in northern Iraq.
"We were aware of these allegations when they took place in 2016, and took them very seriously," CBS said in a statement in December.
They took it down, because they said, and they send us a confirmation that they took it down because it was fear, hate speech.
Almost every participant took a longer route to increase the number of steps they took (22018%) and amount of weekly exercise (95%) they did.
Phillips took a quick photo, and "the cat took two steps and was on top of me … It came for my face," she says.
It took a while—it took getting to the Finals—but I think he was happy for me that it happened in the Finals.
The FBI's investigations took on new urgency after Trump took office, and the Trump administration kept stepping on rakes when it came to Russia.
During Mr. Kogan's later work for Cambridge Analytica, his Facebook app took data from people who took his questionnaire and from all their friends.
"It took a bit of time to write because I took breaks," Bourlier said of her 400-page thesis, some of which was handwritten.
The younger Mr Naughton took time off college to help his father and then took over the family business in the rolling Wiltshire hills.
"Wildstein essentially took the stand and took the oath and said, 'I swear to tell you the truth: that I'm a liar,'" Baldassare said.
The Hawkeyes took advantage by scoring 217 unanswered points to go up 212-25 and they ultimately took a 47-36 lead into halftime.
"I get home, and Chyna took the baby, took everything that we built for the nursery for baby Dream," he says in one video.
When he was the best brother ever and took his sister to the Oscars … and then took his other sister the next year. 15.
Lee Zeldin (R) on Monday took a swipe at National Football League quarterback Colin Kaepernick after authorities took custody of the Chelsea bombing suspect.
Meanwhile, stocks in Russian firms took a nose-dive as sanctions imposed by the U.S. on seven Russian oligarchs on Friday took their toll.
Once upon a time, in a "grittier" New York, residents took to the streets and took over buildings to reclaim the city for themselves.
According to city records, eight group call-ins took place from 22017 to 2014, but only three took place in the following three years.
His father took him to the field to play baseball; if it was time to do something else, his father took him there too.
In December, the group took responsibility for a slew of cyberattacks on Turkey's Internet that took down hundreds of thousands of the country's websites.
The pair ended their ski careers in 1984 following the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, where Phil took gold and Steve took silver in slalom.
The Belgian took four stage wins on Saturday, stretching the lead he took on Friday in the only full winter event on the calendar.
One took an evolutionary approach, upgrading the capabilities of conventional vehicles, while the other team took a more radical approach to the car's design.
He noted that in one police report, she said the assault took place in March, while other reports said it took place in January.
It took around 7.5 gigabytes of space and the wide shot, which was sized at 8000 x 4800px, took over 50 hours to render.
Lady Gaga took Beyonce's place on one of music's biggest stages, while "La La Land" took a hard L thanks to one Oscars employee.
There's a selfie he took of himself holding a "FUCK OBAMA" pint glass, and a shirtless mirror selfie he took in a hotel bathroom.
The photoshoot, which took place at Trump Tower, only took a half hour, and it was Little's idea to have Trump hold the lobster.
When the Kent State massacre took place in the US, it took the general public a while to acknowledge that the protesters were victims.
It took effect briefly but was again blocked by a court challenge, and when President Clinton took office in 1993, he suspended the rule.
The change to 16:9 took a few years; Apple took the leap with the iPhone 5 in 2012, Android devices just slightly earlier.
Hamilton, who took the title in Mexico last month, is the same age (19733) as Michael Schumacher was when he took his fourth crown.
Candy Crush Saga took over 200 days and Clash of Clans and Puzzle & Dragons took over 400 days to rake in that much money.
But Twitter, which once took a purist approach to free speech but has since revised its rules, took action much more quickly this week.
While the collection took around six months to pull together, the logistics of this runway show took around five days from start to finish.
Yet only 23 percent took all of the time they were entitled to — and nearly 10 percent took no paid time off at all.
Hours before the purge took effect at midnight, Poles again took to the streets in more than 60 cities and towns around the country.
"A fantastic guy" who "took control of Egypt, and he really took control of it," Mr. Trump said when he first met Mr. Sisi.
The gang rape in Brazil took place just after interim president Michel Temer took over from suspended president Dilma Rousseff pending an impeachment trial.
Writing in the Guardian on Wednesday, Alastair Campbell — who was director of communications for Blair when invasion took place — took Chilcot's report as vindication.
After she abandoned her car, the raging current took her to Mr. Corl's car, where she took shelter until it started filling with water.
The pope took his name from St. Francis of Assisi, who took a vow of poverty in the 13th century to serve the poor.
We talked to him about how he captured that moment, and took a look at the photos that he took immediately before and after.
The only reason it took longer than most was because I took two beats and I put them into one – I really went in!

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