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"bound" Definitions
  1. bound to do/be something certain or likely to happen, or to do or be something
  2. forced to do something by law, duty or a particular situation
  3. (in compounds) prevented from going somewhere or from working normally by the conditions mentioned
  4. (also in compounds) travelling, or ready to travel, in a particular direction or to a particular place
"bound" Synonyms
compelled obliged obligated pledged committed constrained required forced made necessitated regulated beholden commanded directed driven governed impelled ordered pressed articled certain sure assured destined fated doomed guaranteed predestined very likely nailed on preordained foreordained predetermined ordained meant inevitable inexorable trusted predicted predestinated tied secured attached chained fettered fixed lashed roped tethered fastened hobbled pinioned shackled trussed tied up made fast in chains in irons restricted restrained connected with linked with allied to attached to tied up with united with dependent on reliant on joined linked united amalgamated allied connected unified combined federated affiliated coupled associated related confederated merged hinged yoked fused purposeful determined resolute firm steadfast unwavering dogged tenacious persistent obstinate intent persevering resolved stubborn staunch unfaltering dedicated set finite limited defined narrow circumscribed determinate measured bounded definite confined delimited demarcated precise specific exact terminable definable affianced betrothed promised engaged plighted espoused contracted bespoke bespoken intended spoken for promised in marriage ringed hooked steady matched going steady certified stipulated warranted covenanted endorsed insured protected undertaken underwritten attested bonded confirmed ensured subscribed clenched drawn entwined furrowed hard knitted knotted snarled tangled taut tense tight cinched entangled tangly sworn avowed affirmed declared confessed acknowledged professed admitted self-confessed accepted open known stated proclaimed self-proclaimed asserted avowedly overt self-acknowledged heading scheduled appointed booked designated designed allotted en route reserved appropriated assigned chosen consigned delegated imprisoned incarcerated gaoled(UK) jailed(US) captive detained interned apprehended caged immured captured held arrested caught inside trapped away constricted cramped small compact incommodious uncomfortable strait inadequate poky confining squeezed meager(US) meagre(UK) enclosed liable accountable responsible answerable amenable chargeable subject blameworthy culpable censurable faulty guilty legally responsible at fault supervised by punishable secure fast immovable stable dependable anchored nailed safe strong unshakeable braced cemented jammed moored riveted rooted pretend fake false artificial sham feigned bogus phoney(UK) spurious pretended pseudo affected simulated assumed contrived unnatural phony(US) strained insincere wired supported strengthened reinforced underwired held together prearranged preset preplanned settled agreed arranged premeditated planned precogitated forethought calculated programmed deliberate encoded hop jump leap spring vault bounce skip hurdle bob caper frisk gambol prance cavort dance frolic lollop lope romp trip border enclose circle circumscribe encircle ring surround frame margin rim hedge in wall in close in cut off fence in hem in lock in encompass edge skirt abut adjoin fringe meet touch join conjoin flank be adjacent to be next to be connected to be contiguous with border on be bounded by be contiguous to lie alongside connect with couple with delimit demarcate define delimitate demark mark determine mark off mark out delineate limit terminate fix outline establish specify confine restrict straiten cramp restrain cap control regulate keep within bounds constrain curb prelimit hurry rush dash race run speed fly bolt shoot scurry hasten hurtle tear zoom zip scoot hare belt scuttle barrel leapfrog overleap clear surmount negotiate ascend mount over rise soar leap over jump over sail over headed broke dashed ran bolted fled rushed advanced darted departed raced scrambled scurried sprinted went beelined careered headed off pounce ambush attack jump on leap on mug spring on strike swoop swoop on take unawares bound at dart dive dive at drop fall on set out setted specified marked off marked out pinpointed identified indicated banded strapped wrapped wrapt laced bound up bandaged leashed laced up hog-tied enchained manacled enfettered handcuffed trammelled trammeled gyved hogtied put in irons homogenised(UK) homogenized(US) melded coalesced composited compounded incorporated adhered alloyed cohered consolidated immingled interfused married immixed hitched clamped concatenated interconnected locked locken paired spliced fastened together dressed drest swathed covered swaddled encased strapped up taped up enfolded enveloped shrouded sheathed clothed clad draped put a plaster on edged bordered trimmed finished hemmed fringed purfled rimmed decorated befrilled skirted surrounded encircled verged adorned lined framed undertook swore sweared vowed committed oneself gave an undertaking given an undertaking vouched bound oneself hampered hindered inhibited handicapped impeded tied down hemmed in kept within bounds obstructed curbed blocked checked coerced pressured prest dragooned impressed sandbagged muscled blackjacked put the screws on pressurized(US) ratified approved sanctioned accredited authorised(UK) authorized(US) formalised(UK) formalized(US) signed upheld upholden validated authenticated cleared became engaged become engaged gave one's hand given one's hand made compact plighted faith plighted your troth tied oneself to impounded jugged cooped barred enslaved quarantined sequestered cribbed endeared charmed attracted captivated drew won inclined cherished prized treasured valued attracted attention bundled packed packaged packeted parceled(US) parcelled(UK) baled folded furled rolled tied together folded up packed together devoted gave given surrendered allocated applied consecrated earmarked saved sacrificed apportioned gave over mortgaged gauged(UK) gaged(US) hocked pawned put up put up as collateral bunched assembled clumped clustered collected gathered grouped begirt begirded girdled girded girt belted encompassed girted engirded circled girthed rang rung enwound tacked sewed stitched basted stifled balked(US) baulked(UK) frustrated hamstrung hamstringed bridled contained controlled concerned involved interested occupied busied bothered immersed preoccupied consumed embroiled implicated mired absorbed absorpt attended cursed curst foredoomed holden remanded locked up pounded put away put behind bars put in prison put inside shut up held in custody capriole curvet lunge buck clearance entrechat boundary perimeter periphery borderline brim end hem skirting verge brink circumference compass confines break charge sprint scramble surge flight gallop scamper spurt stampede parameter framework limitation specification constraint criterion variable consideration factor guideline restriction stricture limiting factor distinguishing feature energy vitality life pep verve vigour(UK) liveliness vim spirit vigor(US) gusto brio dynamism zing drive punch animation in transit coming during transport going in motion journeying on the road on the way proceeding travelling(UK) advancing along the road driving during the journey entrained flying midway on the journey on the move More
"bound" Antonyms
faltering hesitant indecisive irresolute undetermined unresolved vacillating wavering weak-kneed allowed free permitted unbounded unlikely unobliged unrestricted weak spineless soft wimpish detached independent disconnected uncombined unrelated apart disparate separated disengaged severed divided separate unattached unconnected discrete freestanding isolated single dissociated ungrateful settled thankless paid unappreciative changeable flexible yielding afraid kind slack surrendering unreliable infinite boundless endless limitless illimitable immeasurable unlimited dimensionless indefinite measureless undefined unmeasured eternal everlasting interminable perpetual infinitival nonfinite unfixed doubtful remote implausible improbable inconceivable unrealistic unexpected dubious questionable beyond belief not likely ingrateful avoidable distant unscheduled unsettled dissimilar disunited estranged unfriendly unfettered uncommitted disloyal unengaged unfaithful inconstant unpledged unpromised unmarried available partnerless unwed unwedded lenient compromising lax relaxed tolerant carefree casual liberal loose obliging open accommodating amenable easygoing forgiving moderate allow permit unbind let go release center(US) centre(UK) face unloose liberate lose loosen increase unfasten help assist aid begin start unrestrict meet set free unwrap reveal reject exclude uncover take out ungird assault assail crawl creep dawdle retard brake decelerate poke delay slow slow down cease check dally discourage dissuade halt hinder procrastinate repress rest trudge stand wait take on compliment flatter hurt injure neglect praise undermine untie weaken let down attach combine connect couple join link unite decline decrease drop fall slump straighten give in descend lower blur obscure cloud blear muddle obfuscate haze muddy smear distort confuse besmear becloud fog make hazy make indistinct make unclear make vague walk tread step lumber plod saunter stroll advance amble ambulate canter meander pace patrol prowl shuffle exceed pass surpass break eclipse overstep transcend beat outstrip cap go above go beyond plummet collapse stumble plunge sink slip trip tumble buckle slide stagger face-plant fall down conceal cover hide pause unbound unbounden untied released unshackled freed loosened undid undone unfastened aided assisted centred(UK) centered(US) disjoined forgot encouraged promoted inside interior middle heart core minimum hub opening midpoint nucleus midsection central point halfway point mid point floor metropolis central landing limitlessness unlimitedness unrestrictedness boundlessness infiniteness infinitude eternity immeasurability immeasurableness inexhaustibility inexhaustibleness perpetuity sempiternity unboundedness

713 Sentences With "bound"

How to use bound in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "bound" and check conjugation/comparative form for "bound". Mastering all the usages of "bound" from sentence examples published by news publications.

BOUND BROOK "5th Annual Artists of Bound Brook Exhibition," local artists.
STANLEY DRUCKENMILLER: Yeah and this whole obsession with a zero bound you know why we're at the zero bound because they put rates at the zero bound.
In photosystem I, the quinones on both sides are tightly bound; in photosystem II, they are tightly bound on one side, but loosely bound on the other.
A bound delegate is only bound as far as the convention accepts that vote.
If we're bound by certain rules and regulations, then they should be bound as well.
The lower bound is currently around 22 TWh while the upper bound is just under 150 TWh.
Mathematicians quickly verified Egan's upper bound, which, like the lower bound, applies to series of any length.
Wiley's proposal borrows from his previous work "Bound" (2014), which shows three women bound together by their hair.
So he took his speech — and you're bound by that speech, just like you're bound by the pledge.
Whereas the upper-bound estimate of existing RPS costs is $31 billion, the lower-bound estimate of air-quality benefits is $23 billion and the lower-bound estimate of climate mitigation benefits is $37 billion.
But the formation of the bound state, and transitions between different bound states, could also produce lower-energy photons.
The anonymous 4chan poster's lower bound, meanwhile, was tantalizingly close to the new upper bound: It works out to n!
TechCrunch's Roman Dillet is bound to be interested in that — or at least if the event is bound for Paris.
We're actually within the lower bound or close to the lower bound of neutral in an attempt to stabilize the market.
It was still not clear if the air marshals would fly on just U.S.-bound flights, Mexico-bound flights, or both.
Odds are, there probably won't be any money bound up in these pursuits, but it's bound to make you pretty happy.
Hanjin still has at least 10 U.S.-bound ships, although Volkov said some ships may not have picked up U.S.-bound cargo.
Sadler explained that Tessian is looking to apply its tech to in-bound email, in addition to its existing out-bound products.
NYACK Pioneers of African-American Cinema, James and Eloyce Gist: "Hell-Bound Train" (1930), "Heaven-Bound Traveler" (1932), "Verdict: Not Guilty" (1933).
But just as President Trump isn't bound by law to continue the program, he's not bound to maintain those confidentiality requirements either.
Yet unlike performance, which often has a useful upper bound in products, the gains from efficiency have only a lower bound of zero.
One cousin was bound for art school, another for music school, and I was bound for nowhere but knew I wanted to write.
But the lower that rates are when the economy is healthy, the more often this "zero lower bound" or "effective lower bound" will pinch.
Would you agree, as a scientist, that an early demonstration of an idea is bound to be reinterpreted in time, bound to be reevaluated?
And we're bound together as soldiers, when we ought to be as a nation, bound together by mutual respect and common commitment to our values.
It is a religious experience of conversion and immersion, a born-again baptism in which people emerge bound to one another and bound to Trump.
The Mexican official said it was still to be decided if the air marshals would fly on just U.S.-bound flights, Mexico-bound flights, or both.
The Mexican official said it was still to be decided if the air marshals would fly on just U.S. bound flights, Mexico-bound flights, or both.
But traffic will be scaled down to four Rockland-bound lanes once the second Westchester-bound span is completed, which is supposed to occur in June.
For one, it was evening rush hour, headed Brooklyn-bound; The New L, as it stands, is a one-way service, going Manhattan-bound in the morning.
There are stitch-bound zines, perfect-bound zines, accordion zines, tiny zines that come in matchboxes, large poster-sized zines that unfurl, and digital, online-only zines.
The brand sent me two styles to try — the Bound Chain Cuff and the Bound Cuff — and they are the most comfortable ear cuffs I've ever worn.
For instance, even if a majority or plurality of delegates are bound to vote for Trump, they're not bound to vote in any particular way on rules.
Another option has been to transfer at Jamaica Station in Queens, and then take a Brooklyn-bound train to Atlantic Terminal or the Manhattan-bound E train.
For instance, even if a majority or plurality of delegates are bound to vote for Donald Trump, they're not bound to vote in any particular way on rules.
Bound By Night is about families that are bound by the time of day and not by blood—how did these trans women mentor and raise gay children?
They welcome immigrants who are here legally, but they argue for a level playing field, where newcomers are bound by the same rules they are bound by themselves.
However, EU officials note that EU texts agreed last year spell out that both sides will be bound by a principle of "sincere cooperation" while bound by EU treaties.
Depictions — images — show lives bound toward their undoing.
Of course, some delegates to the GOP national convention are bound under state law, but some are bound under a state party rules, such as my home state of Indiana.
"It had been bound in Cellophane, bound in all sorts of things," the school's head, Steve Cole, said according to CBS, quoting an interview given to a local radio station.
Pre-9/11, little attention was paid to either in-bound or out-bound border security even though a 1996 law mandated an entry/exit tracking system at our borders.
It centered on the ways women might transgress the social code we are bound by in the same ways that Tony Soprano transgressed the social code men are bound by.
It has been estimated that a little over half of those delegates are bound to Rubio for the first ballot and another nine are bound for the first two ballots.
EditorsNote: updates with playoff matchup Playoff-bound Bengals beat Ravens CINCINNATI — The preliminaries are over for the playoff-bound Cincinnati Bengals who now can focus on ending their postseason victory drought.
But the misbegotten notion that delegates that are expressly bound by the laws of their state are somehow not bound because of the current wording of Rule 22019 is patently absurd.
The post-election turmoil for the heart and soul of the GOP is bound to play out in the leadership elections, and finger pointing over Trump is bound to get nasty.
Seventy-eight percent of respondents said they had bound for over a year, over half bound an average of seven days a week, and 66.6 percent were interested in top surgery.
An attempted revival in 2009 didn't quite come off, though; "Brighton Beach Memoirs," meant to run in repertory with "Broadway Bound," played nine performances before closing, and "Broadway Bound" never opened.
" And his story is inextricably bound up with "Fiddler.
If that unfolds, the key thing to remember is that "bound" Trump delegates are only bound to do one thing: vote for him on the first ballot of the convention's nominating vote.
They are bound for Addis Ababa, the capital, where the following morning they will be sold to qat-chewers in the city, or packed onto planes bound for neighbouring Djibouti and Somaliland.
We're saying, the future of creativity is not bound to the desktop, therefore, it cannot be bound to the file format in traditional sense, therefore it needs to live in the cloud.
To do so it has established a band around the seven-day rate, with a lower bound for lending to banks flush with cash and an upper bound for those in need.
About a quarter of people affected by the condition are severe cases, meaning they are bedridden, house-bound or wheelchair-bound at some point in their illness, according to the ME Association.
"She said, 'I fought and I fought, they tied me, they bound my hands, they bound my feet, but eventually I was able to break free and call 911,'" Ms. Babb said.
I felt like if I say I'm a folk singer then I'm bound to that for the rest of my life, if I say I'm a blues singer then I'm bound to that.
Judges are not bound by those guidelines, just as they are not bound by the suggestions of prosecutors or defense lawyers, but often take the guidelines into account when crafting a criminal sentence.
Non-college bound youth experience unemployment rates (14.8 percent) that are nearly twice as high as those of college-bound youth (8.3 percent) as employers are looking to hire the most skilled teens.
He's bound to land a part in the next episodes!
The third turned us into knowledge workers bound in offices.
That means I can go do Outward Bound in Colorado.
With only females left, the species appears bound for extinct.
But in 2016, the bootcamp bubble is bound to burst.
Sometimes he bound his victims with tape or zip ties.
This shirt is bound to satisfy multiple levels of geek.
The most decorated athlete in Olympic history is Rio bound.
Both are bound to life tracks that neither particularly wants.
There are bound to be misunderstandings in cross species communication.
Bound There just aren't many games that center on ballet.
One of them is bound to look like Wun Wun.
The deceased included a wheelchair bound woman and her daughter.
There are many good people still contractually bound to Breitbart.
Vacuuming is bound to kick up dander, dust, and pollen.
Are some of the media attacks just out of bound?
In the meantime, court fights are bound to take shape.
They're bound by another concern: avoiding the appearance of partiality.
Lower courts remain bound by Roe in the meantime, however.
And nobody is bound by what the Commission has proposed.
"There's bound to be a bit of caution," he added.
Either way, you're bound to have a ton of ideas.
I mean, a sea creature is bound to have flow.
Relationships are bound to disintegrate — but not yours, of course!
Pennsylvania awards just 17 bound delegates to the statewide winner.
It was a place bound by cinder blocks and cement.
Financial services are bound to be harmed, it is true.
She — a serious ballet dancer — was wheelchair-bound for months.
But they aren't legally bound by duty to do so.
This is bound to rub some women the wrong way.
"This case seems bound for the Supreme Court," Katzmann said.
The pope is not bound to respect the synod's advice.
Bach said on Saturday he was bound by those decisions.
The result is that the industry seems bound to consolidate.
China already is near the upper bound of that minimum.
The market is bound to pick up on the similarities.
They can, however, hop on buses bound for nearby countries.
He is now wheelchair bound and uses a voice assistant.
Any Miss USA contestant is bound to sport some accessories.
I'm so sorry we are bound to repeat this again.
To date, 1,970 bound and unbound delegates have been contested.
However, not all groups are bound by the peace deal.
A Chinese company will not be bound by American law.
Their busy schedules are bound to get in the way.
We're bound to plastic, and pods definitely cannot free us.
Meanwhile growth rates for digital advertising are bound to slow.
Japanese society is still bound by elaborate rules and conventions.
Why should Parliament suddenly feel bound to fall into line?
Israel has repeatedly struck Iranian arms convoys bound for Lebanon.
"She's bound to have a few appointments in her term."
It is a virtual museum, but bound to one place.
No longer are we bound by the laws of fashion!
Mr Macron is bound to disappoint some and upset others.
Someone reading this is bound to have Val Kilmer's number.
Candidates, however, are not legally bound to adhere to them.
But that was bound to change at some point, right?
Saudi women are bound to an extremely conservative dress code.
But inevitably, we're bound to screw it up somehow. Why?
It's actually a CBS production, bound for CBS All Access.
It has left a pact that is bound to grow.
"These benefits are bound to help the projects," Eurnekian said.
Simple answers to complex questions are bound to be wrong.
The judges of Luxembourg are not bound by such contraints.
"This stock … looks pretty range-bound," the options expert said.
Mostly bound feet stayed covered up in slippers or shoes.
The appeal of the videos is bound to their silence.
Humans are bound to be a part of this process.
Free trade is bound to sound different to someone whose
The issue was bound up almost entirely in racial animus.
But the Japanese are bound to be angered and dismayed.
Kim was bound and gagged, then the robbers broke in.
They must also not be bound by Uber's arbitration clause.
Civil tax fraud isn't bound by a statute of limitations.
The community is bound mostly online by blogs and forums.
The man's hands and feet were bound with packing tape.
But this data was bound to leak eventually, they said.
What matters is how tragedy has bound these women together.
United's flight 931 left Chicago bound for London on Oct.
Further, two of the family's three children were college bound.
He bound the victims before sexually assaulting the young girl.
She tearfully recounted how Kohlhepp bound her and gagged her.
Smush enough stuff together and you're bound to hit someone.
At the very least, we are duty bound to try.
I was hellbent and bound and determined after that week.
This is bound to be another sticking point among critics.
NORTH KOREA refuses to be bound by any global rules.
In fairness, Mr Xi was bound to meet with hostility.
To be bound to music was sexier even than freedom.
If you stay at the zero bound, it's very unclear.
He's not so bound by the views of the nominee.
The women in her shows trespass, bound around indecorous and
These people are bound to speak up, speak their mind.
They were bound for Paisley Park, Prince's estate outside Minneapolis.
The South and religion have always been tightly bound together.
We were bound to make a podcast about podcasts eventually.
Never insure anything whose value falls below your lower bound.
"This case seems bound for the Supreme Court," he said.
Maybe it's Frances who is extraordinary, bound for great things.
The plane had departed from New York, bound for Dallas.
Such rules are bound to be gamed by tax planners.
Nor is China bound now by any arms limitation agreement.
It was bound for Pangkal Pinang on Indonesia's Bangka Island.
A third line of attack is less bound by time.
Bound only lightly to the past, it floats in time.
Bound by three yellow ties, it slumps against the wall.
And companies are bound by market regulations to be truthful.
And success or failure is closely bound to the checklist.
The Boeing 220 beside them is bound for Guatemala City.
It's all very Sliding Doors, and bound to be complicated.
And oh, what a finale it is bound to be.
That's bound to make Trump's Big Oil cabinet members cranky.
Topping and bottoming are bound up in relations of power.
Wagner never agreed to and isn't bound by those terms.
It's bound to create a 'forbidden fruit' aura around Santa.
With this sensitivity achieved, more detections are bound to occur.
The printer uses tubes of powered metal bound with plastic.
Nashville bound for my father in law Jeff's 60th birthday!
His muted approach is perhaps bound up in his experience
Some have significant injuries and are "wheelchair bound," Young said.
It's also bound to be good for some future entertainment.
Geologists agree that another large earthquake is bound to occur.
The Fed is not powerless at the zero lower bound.
It's 100 percent Mexican, just not bound by any rules.
You can respect the past without being bound to it.
Where it goes, other large charities are bound to follow. ■
Yet my friends are still bound together by our village.
And with one great bound, it disappeared through the window.
Hopping off my bike, I bound through the shed door.
If you're looking for bliss, you're bound to be disappointed.
All of us, bound by something we could not name.
His contract bound him to Pittsburgh for years to come.
I would not brine a turkey bound for the fryer.
Well, really good key results are strategic and time bound.
And that is bound, sooner or later, to have consequences.
Naturally, a new system of status was bound to evolve.
The news was bound to leak out, as it has.
"Other man" awaits his debut, but it's bound to happen.
But his career was also bound to the nation's prejudices.
As Zelda explained, the Satmar world is bound by rules.
This was bound to gain him enemies from all quarters.
Some of our business is bound to change as well.
Moore's success is bound to encourage more candidates like him.
Individual issues are not often bound to their original covers.
They were reportedly bound for the Greek island of Lesbos.
But he added that it should be more range bound.
In the meantime, scrutiny of Jackson is bound to intensify.
Any good tale is bound to change over the years.
Men can't leap tall buildings in a single bound, either.
But Mr. Kim would be bound to respond, analysts said.
It's that movements fueled by alienation are bound to fail.
More events that test Trump's character are bound to come.
He's able to bankrupt tall buildings in a single bound.
Well, this is bound to bring some of you back.
The bodies of the boys had been bound and mutilated.
What if you're flying internationally but not bound for Europe?
It is bound in statute and founded on common interests.
And it's somewhat of a range bound commodity, as well.
They are bound to happen, just part of the sport.
The job of camp counselor is bound to attract pedophiles.
The zero bound, however, is not the issue in India.
Fred Harris's feet were bound and his pants were unbuttoned.
Governments, she said, are bound to face even more problems.
For the moment, the mystery seems bound to linger. Capt.
She was bound at the hands and feet, police said.
Doing so is bound to weaken an already faltering regime.
They bound my hands and feet, straight upright at mast.
But under the circumstances, it is bound to raise eyebrows.
For starters, the devices are bound to be prohibitively expensive.
The Supreme Court is not bound by the Haldeman decision.
The decision is bound to be painful, however she chooses.
These days, big swings are bound to become more common.
A: The ceremony started after they bound and gagged me.
Such a recognition is bound to be painful and confusing.
There were two others, bound and manacled as I was.
Triton became bound to Neptune when it ventured too close.
So we're bound to see some weakness down the road.
Play it enough times, and you're bound to get hooked.
We are bound together by our affection for our place.
Are our public selves bound to be our best selves?
I'm almost sure hair mascara is bound for a revival.
And they're no longer reading bound objects, or printed objects.
My activism is really bound to this election and administration.
Asia-bound shipments, which account for more than half of overall exports, also fell 5.5 percent, down for a fifth straight month, reflecting declining exports of items such as China-bound steel flat rolls.
The United States isn't legally bound by the ICJ opinion or the new UN treaty, which it has stated it will not join, but it is bound by the global legal norms they express.
It will carry four lanes of Westchester-bound traffic, while the first span returns to four lanes of exclusively Rockland-bound cars as well as having space for a separate bicycle and pedestrian path.
Couple sustained injuries from being bound or cuffed Pappas told the court during his opening statement Field's hands were bound behind his back and he, like Bolanos, was found in a pool of blood.
Phase 1 saw Trump unhinged but boundbound by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, Chief of Staff John Kelly and National Economic Adviser Gary Cohn.
You're bound to lose and pick up fans along the way.
If you do, you're bound to save money along the way.
Canada says it does not feel bound by the latest deadline.
Republican Party officials insist that the rules say delegates are bound.
They had been trying to get onto boats bound for Europe.
"It was bound to happen," the British Airline Pilots Association said.
While civil disputes can be bound by arbitration, criminal cases cannot.
Of course, you shouldn't feel bound by JJ's list of ingredients.
Comets are small, loosely bound agglomerations of ice, dust, and rock.
INGRAHAM: With a name like Raymond, anything is bound to happen.
The grandmother is wheelchair bound; her new-born granddaughter equally vulnerable.
More recently, the startup has begun addressing in-bound email, too.
She tutored college-bound kids for money, and did small parts.
Even then rates may be not far off the lower bound.
At least one of the teenagers had their hands bound together.
It's a smaller, more traditional magazine size, and it's staple bound.
Originating in Nigeria, the shipment was bound for Vietnam, they added.
When McCartney hits the road, good things are bound to happen.
The domestic flight was bound for Hangzhou, China, reported People's Daily.
The other four suitors were bound by a May 1 deadline.
He accepted that modern democracy was bound to be thoroughly mechanical.
With over 2,000 positive reviews, you're bound to learn something new.
Their heads are shaved and their hands bound behind their backs.
That was bound to provoke a harsh reaction from the centre.
If you do that, you're bound to put out some duds.
It's just bound to happen, sometimes even in a public place.
This is the case with ESTAs for all U.S.-bound travelers.
You're bound by the outline and the story that you're producing.
Cielo may not be sky-bound yet, but it's edging upward.
There is bound to come a point where that becomes dangerous.
The problem is the zero lower bound on nominal interest rates.
But he's bound to them, mostly thanks to Beatrice (Angela Bundalovic).
There's talk that a revival of "Cats" may be Broadway bound.
SpaceX has never launched a vehicle bound for the Moon before.
Even then, many people thought she was bound for bigger things.
But this season, the league appears bound for a shake-up.
Even economic reforms are bound to prompt resistance from entrenched elites.
But right now, the dollar is back in range-bound territory.
AI is bound to suffer some troubles—how could it not?
This is bound to be true with the rumored Siri speaker.
In the meantime, the jihadists are bound to mount further attacks.
First relationships are like tornados — they're bound to do some damage.
Venal governments are bound to reject the authority of international courts.
This looks like irrationality in action, bound to end in tears.
Pachulia's game is best described as fundamentally sound and ground-bound.
"Some pause in this trend was bound to happen," he said.
Still, a viral success like that is bound to be copied.
The couple's hands were bound and their throats had been slit.
So they're bound to catch something out of the ordinary, right?
Kardashian was reportedly held hostage, bound, and threatened during the robbery.
In fact, expectations of a range-bound market are wide spread.
U.S.-bound exports decreased 11.2 percent, posting an eighth falling month.
Vivo has announced the V11, a new phone bound for India.
However, there's a very specific way I'd like to be bound.
Tall, regal, exuding elegance, she was bound to catch Nelson's eye.
The menu-bound credits screen was clearly built for this update.
Read more Leonardo DiCaprio's 'The Revenant' debuts: Brutal, gory, Oscar-bound?
The S8 was bound to be a tightrope walk for Samsung.
It's always bound to provide some exciting performances and surprise appearances.
Those numbers are bound to be lower than the second quarter.
One way or another, she ended up winning, bound for Cleveland.
Being so bound up with identity, language is also deeply political.
We're bound by these issues to make life easier for investors.
From there, they escorted him onto a plane bound for Mexico.
The plane, bound for London's Stansted airport, was grounded on Thursday.
True or false, the men's rival claims have bound them together.
He bound the family in the bathroom, but not very well.
That is bound to be disruptive to their habitat and breeding.
Berman, the U.S. attorney, said he was not bound by it.
Thursday bound for Richmond, where he checked into a downtown hostel.
You can carry your laptop/tablets onboard US bound #PIA flights.
And there are bound to be some big surprises in store.
With hemp's legalization, CBD is bound to become even more visible.
So EPA is now bound by law to regulate greenhouse gases.
You're bound to find a winning combination with so many options.
And he stressed that the two nations' futures were closely bound.
We are bound to have 19 elections every now and then.
The ephemerality of Tsypin's time-bound performances echoes his studio's destruction.
This study is bound to initiate a flurry of similar work.
Luckily, he won't be bound by those rules for very long.
I know in my mind, we're bound to make (a run).
But the balance of coverage is bound to shift over time.
It doesn't always have to be the muscle-bound butch guy.
Its post-2013 tax returns are bound to show additional expenditures.
But there's nothing glamorous about her ensuing office-bound bed rest.
The plane was bound from Qatar to Germany, the official said.
President Obama bound America to the Paris Accord by executive fiat.
The canceled domestic flight was bound for Fukuoka in southern Japan.
Her naked body, beaten and bound, was discovered two days later.
Delaware-bound Biden narrates the mystery guilelessly like a Wilmington Watson.
Q: But aren't you still effectively at the zero lower bound?
Most policymakers had therefore assumed that zero was a "lower bound".
When she departed on shipboard, bound for Alexandria, Egypt, on Jan.
It's bound to set off long stares and start potential fights.
However, going back to the moon is bound to be expensive.
Stone's donations, however, are bound by no such measure of accountability.
As a therapist, you are bound to an oath of confidentiality.
The police didn't say who was bound in the man's vehicle.
But today marks the last ever flight 666 bound for HEL.
SA claimed they were bound by a confidentiality agreement with ASADA.
That means it can't be used on some U.S.-bound itineraries.
Despite that, he said lawmakers are duty-bound to implement it.
Thirty-five nations claimed passengers on a flight bound for Kenya.
She was gagged and her hands and feet had been bound.
Chopped grounders that bound high into the air elude the radar.
Williamson was bound to Rubio before the Florida senator dropped out.
HOMEWARD BOUND We can drive back home in two hours flat.
Sandberg brings a spiral-bound notebook with her to every meeting.
Disney has dismissed the director of its Broadway-bound "Frozen" musical.
It's also bound up with a great transformation in human life.
Lucky for Trump, Florida delegates are bound through the third ballot.
Congress is not bound by the Mueller investigation or its findings.
We are bound by those rules--I don't have a choice.
Gentrification has already begun, and it is bound to get worse.
Cable television networks are not bound by the same federal policies.
Our nation's infrastructure is bound inextricably, or even "glued," to cyberspace.
So much was bound to get worse before it got better.
The South Korea-bound plane had to return to the gate.
Cuban state media originally reported the flight was bound for Guyana.
Forensic scientist Allan Allday said the tongues were bound with twine.
Once the truck-bound panel was ready, Friesen invited me out.
It is bound to win the pair new attention — and brickbats.
Flight was bound for Miami from Columbia Diverted to Tulsa. pic.twitter.
Judges are not bound by the guidelines but must consider them.
You're bound to have a lot of new faces come in.
They tend to have disagreements, especially when bound in a couple.
And when cooking for 50,000, there are bound to be leftovers.
This, unsurprisingly, is bound to sting quite a bit for Kennedy.
It proposed listing of railway PSUs in a time-bound manner.
"Homeward Bound" opens with Shosh at the airport in New York.
That sentiment is bound up in the branding of the business.
Beyond Malkin, who is Hall of Fame bound from the Penguins?
Beam us up, Scotty, because this is bound to be otherworldly.
Europeans and Americans are bound by history and their shared values.
Their faces wrapped in packing tape, their hands tied and bound.
Whichever technique you choose, the results are bound to be beautiful.
Carrier-bound versions of the phone will become available this summer.
If you like "Homeward Bound," you'll enjoy the Disney Plus remake.
It's disturbing, stylish and sexy, and it's New York-bound now.
Many people deal with being home-bound in the disability community.
That totals only about 5 percent of Australia's American-bound exports.
Perhaps, without stewards or moderators, this was always bound to happen.
" "Every citizen is bound by the existing law of the land.
Which is bound to happen sometimes, even with the best filmmakers.
And he reportedly thought the news was bound to leak anyway.
They boarded a bus packed with other recruits bound for Pardubice.
The European Commission is, of course, bound to defend its rules.
My Keats volumes aren't gold-bound; they're yellowed and embarrassingly underlined.
My Keats volumes aren't gold-bound; they're yellowed and embarrassingly underlined.
As president of China, Mr. Xi is bound by few rules.
The acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.
This means needed qualifiers and nuance are bound to be omitted.
You know how when D'Angelo plays, someone's bound to get pregnant?
Benjen seems bound in service to the Three-Eyed Raven's mission.
They weren't bound to God; they were scared of the revolution.
My stop was Saratoga Avenue on the New Lots-bound train.
And the model is bound by some assumptions about what's realistic.
However, if you work with humans, mistakes are bound to happen.
In unprecedented situations, everyday models and predictions are bound to fail.
Israeli Jews do not want to be bound by diaspora sensitivities.
I was put on a Kindertransport from Vienna bound for England.
Travelers board Amtrak trains bound for Los Angeles or St. Louis.
Continued moves like that are bound to get the Fed's attention.
In practice, airlines are bound up with ideas of national prestige.
These kinds of pro-discrimination rules are bound to cause harm.
But I have learned that grief and gratitude are bound together.
Peter Manson remains implacably opposed to his son's outward-bound ambitions.
Even if it's an empty performance, it's bound to win applause.
When Lundy met Herman The two were bound to meet eventually.
The last China-bound Delta flight from the U.S. leaves Feb.
Airlines recommended U.S.-bound travelers arrive at airports earlier than usual.
We are karmically bound to tigers as few animals on Earth.
With a friend like him, Trumpers are bound to be disappointed.
Internet obsession with Baby Yoda was bound to happen—it's science.
That would put an NFU-bound America in an invidious position.
" But, he went on, "we cannot accommodate a wheelchair-bound patient.
We can develop concepts together without being bound by personal taste.
We've discovered a free-floating planet not bound to any star.
It has been barn-bound most of the time since then.
A nude woman was bound to a chair like a mummy.
All of your character choices are not bound to a gender.
Why risk it — when someone else is bound to speak up?
It's spiral-bound, so it'll lie flat on your desk easily.
"It bound us together and got people fired up," he said.
Over the years, bed-bound, she'd gone increasingly blind and deaf.
It is now breaking higher after trading range bound since then.
Their country is bound by its nostalgia, not its common future.
And so they are bound to shape the nation's political discourse.
The island is bound to disappear completely in the coming years.
Demand for gasoline will also drop because of storm-bound drivers.
Good results are specific, time-bound, aggressive and realistic, Doerr noted.
Her life story has always been bound up with her country's.
If Paul's vision is right, the damage is bound to worsen.
A similar calculation is bound to be running through Trump's head.
We are bound by those rules — I don't have a choice.
More importantly, everyone starts somewhere, even the muscle-bound alpha dudes.
Mistakes are bound to happen when you're working on a resolution.
Turkey and Iran are bound by their opposition to the Kurds.
But on Saturday, he no longer appeared bound by that deadline.
It looked handmade, with a wooden cover bound with a shoelace.
Not only that, he's bound to do so again in 2020.
Get that price wrong and unpleasant things are bound to happen.
This story was bound to fade, just like any other story.
Nike has clearly pushed the technology on in one big bound.
The United States, they argue, won't be bound by these constraints.
LONDON (Reuters Breakingviews) - It's easy to mock faceless, rule-bound bureaucracies.
As private businesses, they are not bound by the First Amendment.
Lawsuits like these aren't necessarily bound by ideology or partisan politics.
Now, he is bound for the Nets and his next role.
Pennsylvania will also choose 54 delegates not bound to any candidate.
Those ideas were bound to collide with the America First movement.
O'Neill boarded an American Airlines jet in Nashville bound for Dallas.
He seems uninclined to challenge that ignorance, either because he's the sole Kelpien aboard and doesn't want to give his people an even worse name, or because the show simply hasn't gotten around to fleshing out the cautious Kelpien culture the way past series have with the Vulcans' logic-bound society, or the Klingons' honor-bound one, or the Ferengis' profit-bound one.
We're all hell-bound, sinful abominations Best Soundtrack: I have to thank the fire-and-brimstone preacher who lurked on the street corner near the trailer for repeatedly assuring us we're all hell-bound, sinful abominations.
Slater was one of only two openly transgender people in the area, Hurst said"She was bound to face hostility""She was bound to face hostility," said Hurst, who lived in Clewiston for about 10 years.
Sixty million employees in the United States — at places from Buffalo Wild Wings to Facebook to Goldman Sachs — are now bound by mandatory-arbitration agreements, and of those, 25 million are bound by class-action bans.
Picking a favorite bagel on National Bagel Day is bound to get any New York City mayor into trouble with some portion of his 8 million constituents, who are bound to have differing hard-held opinions.
The man, surnamed Chen, said the vessel was bound for Hong Kong, despite knowing it was bound for international waters to traffic oil products, the prosecutors' office in the southern city of Kaohsiung said on Wednesday.
Once a "season" of any given story is complete, after 10 to 16 episodes, it's bound together into a book, the way an arc of a comic book is bound together and sold as a graphic novel.
Under the west-bound leg of the scheme, Shanghai-listed companies can raise new funds via London's stock market while the east-bound leg lets British companies broaden their investor base by selling existing shares in Shanghai.
Male replicants, for their part, are also bound to their programmed obedience.
For all the current protest-fatigue, those struggles are bound to continue.
I think the concerns about ownership and culture are totally bound up.
It's a historical transformation that is bound to raise very legitimate concerns.
Those lawyers are bound to represent all claimants, not just their own.
Like an overworked balance ball, the athleisure bubble is bound to pop.
That afternoon, Melania took off from Joint Base Andrews bound for Florida.
But the RNC isn't just bound by the law against voter intimidation.
Cohen initially set out to create an Outward Bound for queer youth.
Anytime you combine companies of this size they're bound to be challenges.
Mannie was also spotted on a Metro train bound for Los Angeles.
Increasingly, the parties are bound together less by class than by culture.
He's bound to have a little ebb and flow to his game.
Pruitt, however, argues the order is not bound to the international agreement.
Get those pages refreshing, these are bound to sell out like that.
Anyone who visits the academy is bound to be inspired and impressed.
His hands were bound behind his back with a plastic zip tie.
As we keep asking, we're bound to get a few things right.
Health care linen services are bound by Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council standards.
The fascination with the characters' apartments isn't bound to New York City.
Superdelegates are delegates who are not bound to follow the voters' will.
That's the best part, this music is bound to bring you together.
Flight attendant Renaud Fenster poses with Darcy on the Massachusetts-bound flight.
Only if you're grabbing a basic spiral bound from the student union.
The whole weekend is available for you to be bound and bind.
"Bound 2" and "Only One" are on here as sentimental picks, natch.
Woods&apos body was found, wrapped and bound, in a fresh grave.
Douse all that with enough wine, and it's bound to catch fire.
As a result, any sort of generalization is bound to be inadequate.
By contrast, the banner on the top of the Northern Bound page?
Her major weakness was having her golden bracelets bound by a man.
Everybody is sort of bound to this supercool, supermature, superperfect, superconsistent image.
The lawyers and accountants he hired were bound by promises of confidentiality.
After that, though, it seems increasingly likely Kerr is bound for Europe.
Unfortunately some fighters seem to feel honor bound not to throw them.
"Finally homeward bound after the best month of my life," she wrote.
A rocket bound for the International Space Station had burst into flames.
Late Tuesday, Conyers was also seen on a flight bound for Detroit.
A rally like this was bound to have some powerful, clever signs.
College-bound athletes and NCAA players cannot be paid to endorse brands.
But given the size of Disney, it was bound to happen eventually.
Germany is legally and politically bound to remain a non-nuclear nation.
An engraving of a horned, bound figure assumed to be Loki IRL.
But China has said it will not be bound by any ruling.
I know you're jealous, but don't be because they're bound to expand.
That same discomforting entanglement—beauty bound up with suffering—characterises the South.
Instagram shoot done, they bound down the hill, teenage-boy limbs jangling.
But the methods—and providers' prospects—are bound to improve with time.
The band shockingly played 23 songs, despite its chair-bound lead singer.
The Nairobi-bound craft, Flight 302, took off at 8:38 a.m.
Federal district judges aren't bound by orders issued by other district judges.
This involves two algorithms, an in-bound algorithm and an outbound one.
A more recent example is Georgetown-bound recent highlight machine Mac McClung.
He covered half his distance from me in one great big bound.
Ministers can't fill the void because they are bound by collective responsibility.
But it is carefully selected and bound to inform, if not shock.
As his troubles mount, he will become less bound by institutional machinery.
Law and the blockchain are bound to engage in a shifting dance.
As expected, the panel said that it was bound by Cetacean v.
From sneakers to clothing, there's bound to be something that they love.
You can be bound by the format or having to sell drinks.
More than 90 percent of patients become wheelchair-bound by age 15.
Often, a female person is bound to a role and an identity.
Whatever your level, you're bound to find your best costume yet ahead.
He unwinds the bound length and lets it rest against my back.
It was bound to happen eventually, and it's actually exciting to watch.
The modern man is not bound by rigid, outdated definitions of manhood.
Mulder and Scully's quest is a fundamentally lonely one, bound to fail.
Estimated at $100,000 to $150,000, that is bound to fetch much more.
"We are all bound together, and I see this today," Trump said.
Mr Mattis has called his countrymen "an idealistic people bound by pragmatism".
Inside, officers found Faith Green bound with duct tape and zip ties.
Manager Andy Green said Solarte might be bound for the disabled list.
This royal wedding is also bound to be full of celebrity guests.
These words are bound up with American identity and the American Dream.
In fact, some believe Mueller is now honor-bound to do so.
COMMUTE All lanes on the Staten Island-bound Gowanus Parkway have reopened.
This is stamp porn presented at its finest, beautifully bound and presented.
Online, humanity seems bound to sink ever deeper into a Hamiltonian hole.
It depicts a Trump lookalike bound by rope to a forest tree.
It is clear that increased electrification is bound eventually to cause upheaval.
Faye Dunaway was fired from her Broadway-bound play Tea at Five.
Our thought bubble: This type of marketing is bound to cause confusion.
Similar devices for hearts, lungs and kidneys are bound to follow eventually.
The government is not bound to pay attention to these indicative votes.
Can't wait to celebrate today with 200 college-bound high school seniors!
In China, economic clout and patronage are bound together with political power.
The uncertainty kept the dollar range-bound on the euro around $1.1004.
An artist's rendition of the two Mars-bound cubesats flying through space.
She collected fire stories and published them in a spiral-bound book.
It's bound to be the most talked about performance of the night.
He portrays a Mars colony as a hedge against Earth-bound extinction.
The cargo was bound for Singapore from the Taiwanese port of Kaohsiung.
But security researchers are bound to be excited by this upcoming release.
As more of life moves online, status symbols are bound to follow.
You can do lower and upper bound projections and do basic arithmetic.
Her outstretched legs are bound by tights to create a yonic triangle.
You've no doubt created a fantastic widget or gizmo bound for market.
Cameras bound for other countries will continue to be produced in China.
Defying its conclusions is bound to lead to delusions and dangerous choices.
The agreement is stable and the U.S. is still bound to it.
I watched him bound over to the car with an outstretched hand.
You're bound to make mistakes if you're not accustomed to this style.
Was that enough to wake Elena up from her magic-bound nap?
He expects stocks to remain range-bound over the next few months.
College-bound vloggers are increasingly uploading "college decision reveal" videos to YouTube.
It was auto-bondage, basically, as he bound his wrists and ankles.
Burkini-clad and ocean bound, Lohan's vacation has been full of activity.
New Girl is still bound by the conventions of a network sitcom.
They later hopped on the same private jet together bound for NYC.
Looks like we'll be bound to the brand's website, as per usual.
But the door in this video is bound to make you pause.
To be religious means to be bound to some god or thing.
The Beijing-bound plane had 239 passengers and crew members on board.
In 1976, the rules committee bound delegates by citing the Cousins v.
Doug Stamper, obviously, is also done, and almost certainly bound for prison.
The saying goes if you forget history, you're bound to repeat it.
Iran has not loaded any oil bound for South Korea since July.
Once the opportunities are there, women are bound to prove Coogler right.
Fiscal stimulus can boost AD when not at the zero bound, because . . . ?
That's bound to happen at some point in a six-game stretch.
Its cover is soft, black, and leather-bound, almost seductive in sheen.
Social capital is bound to remain of critical importance for some time.
As an independent agency, the CFTC is not bound by the order.
"I have a contract that I am bound to fulfill," he said.
Most are bound by large debts, spiritual ceremonies and intense social pressure.
Even with the best intentions, this transition is bound to be volatile.
Several others were bound and given electric shocks, the rights group said.
Once they sign, however, they're bound to the school no matter what.
And the key to that is science and innovation, bound by research.
Our society treated black bodies as disposable, if not bound for eradication.
So at the zero lower bound that makes a lot of sense.
Mr. Meszaros's fortune, by contrast, is tightly bound to the prime minister.
Once my ankles were bound together, I leaned back and looked. Pretty.
But he says it was always bound to surface in other apps.
Even I have a leather-bound notebook to hand, and I'm nothing.
And even then, another F train was bound to come sometime, right?
According to religious tenets, every Muslim is duty bound to visit Mecca.
Families of college-bound students can now file key financial aid forms.
Senators would no longer be bound by allegiances to these special interests.
STAMFORD Interactive show inspired by "Union Bound" (433), directed by Harvey Lowry.
STAMFORD Interactive show inspired by "Union Bound" (2016), directed by Harvey Lowry.
Made it clear that nobody possessed rights he was bound to respect.
Its genetic material exists in a nucleus that's bound in a membrane.
We have been unable to observe dark matter in Earth bound experiments.
Certificate to gain access to a Portuguese fishing boat bound for Lisbon.
And mortgages remain tightly bound by a web of Dodd-Frank rules.
Many components of the American Health Care Act are bound to resurface.
In the real world, of course, there are bound to be frictions.
It is a consultation, and they are not bound by the results.
Creatine GluconateThis is creatine that's been bound with a molecule of glucose.
The position of the hands suggests her wrists may have been bound.
Japan imposed export curbs on high-tech materials bound for South Korea.
Agreeing that they were bound by last week's decision in Arthrex v.
In the beginning, papyrus scrolls gave way to bound pages of parchment.
So, when people score this, you're scoring against the bound of zero.
Even with 34-man rosters, deserving players are bound to be snubbed.
Motorcycles bound for European countries will now be produced in overseas factories.
This combination is bound to leave his ego threat sensors permanently inflamed.
White House It's bound to be another exhausting week in Washington. Why?
NEW ENGLAND BOUND: Slavery and Colonization in Early America, by Wendy Warren.
That means they should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.
With earnings under pressure, such acquisitions are bound to become increasingly necessary.
Surely at the top of Africa we were bound to meet God.
"We will be duty-bound to destroy Mr. Shkreli's credibility," Brodsky said.
But from the perspective of founders, there's bound to be some confusion.
Plus, there's bound to be some incestuous intrigue, Daenerys-Viserys style. 6.
Glamour reports that Clarke is wheelchair-bound due to a leg deformity.
Ulfr was currently being held at the Seminole County Jail without bound.
Mr. Trump's relationships have also, historically, been bound to his business deals.
Its last victory over a tournament-bound team had come in January.
Though either way, it's bound to be a BFB (Big Fucking Blockbuster).
Financial institutions are bound by a regulation called KYC (know your customer).
One (1) laminated, spiral-bound instruction manual for EMERGENCY FINAL DE-ARCHIVE.
All this time, Milkin is still on a plane bound for Talinn.
The Chinese textbooks are double bound in the American style, with glue.
Palhares lost with a 45-second TKO against UFC-bound Emil Meek.
The U.K. government is bound by the result of such a referendum.
When Selena Gomez gets in your car, anything is bound to happen.
Furthermore, Trump's delegates are only even bound for the final nomination vote.
And then there's Piper, who's bound to be as annoying as ever.
The country was bound to Moscow by something called the Warsaw Pact.
La Mirada Punks were a diverse crew, but what bound them together?
She would then, of course, be bound to live by her words.
Not all of the poll's choices were bound to help Mr. Trump.
"It's just as rates rise, they are bound to feel some effect."
If they get back, Lindor is bound to be a breakout star.
Lower volumes may simply reflect recent low-volatility, range-bound price action.
But one key distinction is whether delegates are bound or unbound.  Explain.
Because in many states, delegates are bound only for the first ballot.
We can't be silent on another holocaust that is bound to happen.
The gender chasm is bound up with class and confounds easy categorization.
He watches a recording of the space-bound billionaire Adrian Veidt, a.k.a.
Mr. Qaisari was bound and detained, then transferred to the capital, Kabul.
Regardless of your good intentions, your bid is bound to be divisive.
Police officers found Mr. Thompson inside sprawled on the floor, still bound.
The virus is bound to force Supreme Court justices into new territory.
Ask three New Yorkers, and you're bound to get four different answers.
I feel like being bound to that is not what Xicanx is.
Because what is the lower bound at the end of the day?
The Health Ministry said the trains were both bound for the capital.
So late last year, he crossed the nearby Mexican border, U.S.A.-bound.
Walk around the city, and you're bound to find something else, too.makemusicny.
A School With No Heat or Computers but Many College-Bound Students.
So parsing out the key jobs was bound to prove more complicated.
Now that Durant and Irving are Brooklyn-bound, the spotlight is moving.
I was bound for kombucha — the home-brewed kind — from the start.
Nineteen barges bound for nowhere were tied up along the swollen riverbank.
Parties, too, are no longer bound together by creeds but by enemies.
American warplanes rumbled overhead, bound for battle zones in Iraq and Syria.
One smelled of urine and industrial cleaner with wheelchair-bound, despondent seniors.
"It's simple, it's nothing," Ms. Kraft said of the Westchester-bound presents.
Instead, within days, they were loaded onto a flight bound for Guatemala.
Protestant priests, likewise, are not bound by priestly celibacy, and can marry.
But many of the same emotions are bound to be dredged up.
Interestingly, our anxiety around certain events is bound to our ancestral evolution.
Increasingly, though, it feels as if Solskjaer is bound by the past.
When we finished, we were bound in a friendship born of adventure.
But at some point there has to be an upper bound, right?
I turned onto the 65th Street transverse, heading west and homeward bound.
The FDA is not bound to disclose that information to the public.
There are bound to be tensions, but civil war can be averted.
Clothing subscriptions provide a utilitarian uniform for cubicle-bound automatons, people said.
As the crisis wears on, she warns, it's bound to get worse.
Like the hungry, disease is bound to come knocking sooner or later.
It's located in Oslo, but its tradition-bound type is disappearing everywhere.
Here, we're on an adventure — and something interesting is bound to happen.
Any sufficiently big problem is bound, in some ways, to be unique.
That was bound to create divisions between Trump and the other leaders.
When that happens, prices for the old models are bound to fall.
"She was bound and determined to get on that property," Rolando said.
Increased testing, particularly in the US, is bound to boost those numbers.
No one is duty-bound in the ways they used to be.
That provides a reliable diagnosis, but it depends on lab-bound machines.
And Kavanaugh indicated that he believes he is bound by that text.
The transformation of familiar sites is bound to take a psychic toll.
Bartenders sling drinks to hooting patrons as musicians bound around the stage.
Trump's employees are also bound by strict non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements.
Auctioning players is a relatively new concept in the tradition-bound sport.
But expect longer waits and more thorough screening on U.S.-bound flights.
What bound us together was not that we always liked each other.
Are officials legally bound not to disclose their conversations with the president?
Getting to know Chopin doesn't mean being bound by the city limits.
He is bound to face an avalanche of attacks from his rivals.
It's a hard-bound Netflix limited-series situation, television on the page.
The former, as the hero of Aeschylus' "Prometheus Bound" declares, is unconquerable.
Brown was booked on the Amsterdam-bound flight, according to the airport.

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