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"had" Definitions
  1. have
"had" Synonyms
found achieved attained acquired got gained obtained understood knew realized(US) won felt landed reached wangled bagged earned hit secured sensed set up tricked conned deceived coaxed manipulated used exploited cajoled cheated controlled disinformed gulled double-crossed duped ensnared entraped fooled framed hoaxed led lived maintained endured enjoyed experienced passed possessed spent underwent got by with subsisted on put up with tolerated suffered sustained beared submitted to accepted undergone took derived drew held assumed gleaned developed encountered received extracted faced allowed permitted leet let enabled empowered entitled qualified admitted of OKed green-lighted green-lit acceded to acquiesced in agreed to approved of assented to conceded to consented to gave a blank cheque to performed completed executed undertook did finished conducted effected accomplished carried out discharged effectuated fulfilled implemented made born delivered birthed begotten bred conceived produced created reproduced spawned engendered procreated dropped formed conceived of given birth to brought about brought forth bought into being threw organized(US) arranged hosted organised(UK) gave put together put on coordinated scheduled planned for orchestrated made arrangements for provided composed forced pressured coerced compelled required drove induced obliged pressed pressurized(US) browbeat caused commanded constrained impelled impressed demanded intimidated obligated owned own bore borne hogged boasted had in hand holden carried counted among one's possessions grasped had in your possession had possession of kept sat on included contained comprised consisted of encompassed embodied involved combined incorporated comprehended featured displayed exhibited presented highlighted showcased showed off shown off sported brandished demonstrated flaunted paraded showed shown spotlighted spotlit trotted out put on view consumed drank drunk ate eaten devoured ingested fed on partook of partaken of chowed on appropriated gat gotten collected got hold of gotten hold of picked up procured accessed gathered got your hands on gotten your hands on grabbed latched on to entertained welcomed accommodated compered invited over put up asked over asked round catered for invited round showed hospitality to shown hospitality to wined and dined gave a bed to given a bed to invited to a meal invited to a party suffered from suffered with had come down with had fallen victim to had gone down with developt fostered harboured(UK) manifested clung to embraced evinced expressed harbored(US) retained assimilated cultivated caused to compelled to obliged to got to gotten to persuaded to requested to asked to coerced to commanded to told to directed to induced to obligated to ordered to pressed to pressured to required to dragooned to letten acquiesced approved condoned countenanced humored(US) humoured(UK) indulged supported allowed to coped with engaged in acknowledged taken admitted adopted affirmed confirmed favored(US) favoured(UK) recognised(UK) believed bought boughten bought into fell for fallen for lapped up trusted accepted as true regarded as true swallowed swallowed something hook, line and sinker took at one's word taken at one's word musted bettered had got to needed to had no choice but to wanted to had a duty to had arranged had organized had scheduled had booked had planned had reserved had listed had programmed had slated had timetabled had penciled in bought off paid off bribed influenced corrupted enticed fixt fixed got at gotten at lured made a deal with paid hush money to persuaded seduced snared baited bamboozled betrayed culled hoodwinked played trapped victimised(UK) victimized(US) saved confined detained reserved restrained withheld treasured held back purchased More
"had" Antonyms
surrendered abandoned forfeited failed abdicated aborted canceled(US) cancelled(UK) deserted discontinued disowned ditched dropped dumped ended forsook halted left quit quitted aided helped assisted guided shunned avoided shied from snubbed rejected shirked refused shrank from steered clear of turned away from turned back on prevented kept forbade forbid prohibited held disallowed stopped resisted banned blocked restrained restricted barred limited precluded constrained deterred discouraged bypassed circumvented evaded sidestepped skirted circumnavigated dodged eluded slipped got around got out of skipped out on weaseled out of weaselled out of escaped averted stayed out of excluded not had omitted discluded left out ruled out needed required wanted called for necessitated had need for had need of had occasion for had to have had use for stood in need of abstained starved starf storven did without done without forwent forgone gave up given up went without gone without passed up refrained from denied oneself relinquished spurned delivered dispatched released sent ceded discarded dispossessed gave given handed over offered passed yielded yold yolden visited saw seen went to gone to paid a visit to called in on dropped by dropped in on dropped over to went over to gone over to went to see gone to see paid a call to popped in to swang by swung by lost lacked squandered ignored neglected wasted brushed off closed your eyes to discounted displaced disregarded forgot forgat forbidden disapproved censored denied outlawed proscribed enjoined vetoed declined dismissed eliminated opposed rebuffed renounced repudiated gave thumbs down to disbelieved questioned disputed distrusted doubted queried challenged contested refuted argued against disagreed with disapproved of discredited mistrusted rebutted scoffed at undeceived enlightened apprised disabused informed notified put in the picture told disillusioned trusted extroverted outgoing disengaged let go unemployed

760 Sentences With "had"

How to use had in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "had" and check conjugation/comparative form for "had". Mastering all the usages of "had" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Just look at the seemingly nonsensical nature of the "James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher," a page with a purpose that takes some grammatical understanding to fully appreciate.
I'd had a serious flood, Butch had had a serious flood, our studio had had a serious flood.
The averaged results show how ubiquitous this practice is: The Financial Times had 19 trackers, The New York Times had 24, The Wall Street Journal had 53, The Guardian had 54, The Washington Post had 58, Fox News had 63, BuzzFeed had 67, HuffPost had 77, CNN had 83, Vox had 95, and USA Today had 100.
Five had had Tommy John surgery, one had had reconstructive shoulder surgery, two more had had bone chips or spurs removed from their elbows, and one had needed six months of rest.
He had forgotten that they had divorced, he had forgotten she had died.
If his account is to be believed, Monica had 198 cups, Phoebe had 227 cups, Rachel had 138, Ross had 188, Chandler had 212, and Joey had 191.
You had Andy, you had Paul Morrissey, you had Fred Hughes, and you had Peter Brant, who had bought half the magazine.
Florida had 257 deaths, California had 44, Arizona had 30 and North Carolina had 24.
We had Versus, we had Horde, and we had Chaos and we had the campaign.
My friend had not yet had dinner, but she had had several glasses of Champagne.
Nearly 29% had had one or more previous abortions; more than 213% had had three or more.
You had quiet moments, you had loud moments, you had tension, you had eerie moments of calm.
Indeed, Mr. Krauthamer had dated plenty and had had his share of relationships, but none had jelled.
Dr Slepian and his team asked the volunteers whether, for each item on the list of potential secrets, they had never had the experience in question (and therefore had nothing to hide); had had it, but had not kept it secret; had had it, kept it secret for a while, but then let it out; had had it and kept it secret from some people but not from others; or had had it, kept it secret from everyone, and continued to do so.
Ahead of Tuesday's contests, Trump had 460 delegates, Cruz had 369, Rubio had 163, and Kasich had 63.
And that we had officers that had been killed, and we had officers that had been seriously hurt.
Facebook had social media, Google had search, Amazon had e-commerce, and Apple had hardware, notably the iPhone.
Kentucky had 35 counties on the list, while Ohio had 30, Indiana had 15, and Pennsylvania had 13.
I had hugged them, I had cried on their shoulders, and then I had forgotten they had come.
About 553 percent had already had a heart attack, and the rest had had a stroke or had pain in their legs and feet from narrowed arteries.
Bankhead had two children and had flipped burgers at Wendy's; Shadwick had a daughter and had worked there, too.
You had Zynga and you had Slide and you had RockYou.
We had a trophy, we had champagne and we had goggles.
We had posters, we had booths, we had debates and meetings.
They had by far the best high I had ever had.
Amazon had nearly 47.8%, Alibaba had 7.7%, and Google had 4.0%.
His slaves and hers had married, they had had children together.
I had South Beached, I had Atkinsed, I had Slim-Fasted.
We had nationalism, we had populism, we had a resurgence authoritarianism.
One room had reggae, one had hip-hop, one had house.
You had Facebook, you had smartphones, you had Google and, boom.
Among 2,794,852 people, they found 132,093 who had had at least one T.B.I. After adjusting for medical, neurological and psychiatric illnesses, they found that compared with people who had never had a T.B.I., those who had had any were at a 24 percent increased risk for dementia, and those who had had five or more had nearly triple the risk.
About 22% of the kids had a common allergy, 1013% had eczema, 12% had asthma, 11% had wheezing with whistling, and 9% had hay fever, the researchers found.
You had the anti-Vietnam War movement, you had the Panthers, you had King's nonviolent movement, you had N.A.A.C.P., you had black power — all this flurry of activity.
Niese said he had been dealing with the injury since June, had had it drained, and had received cortisone shots.
"You had Dodd-Frank, you had health-care reform, you had climate and you had the Recovery Act," Gold said.
Some had children who had been dead for months and had never had a call from anyone in the media.
They had a heart, they had great and they had each other.
New York had 337 companies, Texas had 97, and Massachusetts had 95.
We had solar power, we had hydropower, we had geothermal, and biomass.
But I had heartbreak, and I had disappointment, and I had tears.
They had embraced Obama, which you had too, you had been involved.
JFK had done it, LBJ had done it, Obama had done it.
We had no water, we had no food, we had no maps.
He had a daughter, she had Owen, and soon they had Georgia.
Before, the woman had had a few friends; her husband had family.
We had one, they had one, neither team had success on it.
He had drive, he had ambition, and he had ego — all combined.
Tillis had $1.2 million, Tucker had $691,000, and Cunningham: had $1 million.
And because I had this experience that others had never had before, I had a sense that anything could be done.
Buttigieg had 26.9% of state delegate equivalents, Sanders had 25.1%, Warren had 18.3% and Biden had 15.6%, according to CNN estimates.
According to the newspaper, SocGen had 71 left, Credit Agricole had 54, Credit Mutuel had 11 and BNP Paribas had six.
Seven patients had turned up with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis; four had been cured, two had died — and one had simply disappeared.
"We had anger, we had sadness, we had flirtation, we had sexy, and now we're madly in love," Mr. Tranter said.
They had more plastic spoons than anyone, they had the best response lines, they had people in tuxedos, they had footballs.
Mr. Mallory had claimed that he had cancer, which had also killed his mother, and that his brother had committed suicide.
Provost had lost both her grandmothers to cancer; both had ovarian cancer, and her maternal grandmother had also had breast cancer.
"   "You had the opportunity, you had the presence, you had the authority, you had the backing of the federal government, and you did not act when you had the chance.
He found that about two-thirds of them had had elective or spontaneous abortions, that 24 had delivered normal infants and that 28 had had babies with severe birth defects.
He had had no title or formal position with the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee; he had tried to get one, I had learned from other files, but had been rebuffed.
You had a premium, you had a co-pay, you had a deductible.
"We had Google Ventures, we had Kleiner Perkins, we had Campbell's Soup."OK.
So they had had it before, they had been comfortable with this before?
If we had never had a Queen we would have had a president.
Min had once had a brief schoolgirl crush, but she had never dated.
Samuelson, who had never had a broken bone, thought a knuckle had popped.
We had pastoral care, we had financial care, we had everything in place.
Xavier Sneed had 27, D.J. Johnson had 28 and Wesley Iwundu had 11.
We found we had extra room, we had a kitchen, we had privacy.
"I had bunions, I had callous, I had corns, hammertoes," said Mr. Jackson.
She said she had not had any big breakdowns, as her sister had.
Darrell Brown had 16, Elijah Childs had 12 and Ja'Shon Henry had 11.
Mr. Magowan had liver and prostate cancer and had had a liver transplant.
She had sketches of her clothing line, she had pages of a script she had written, she had ideas for a book.
I knew I had to be better, I had to go higher, I had to be stronger than I had been before.
Kentucky had both types of cases, Michigan had a licensing case, Ohio had two recognition cases, and Tennessee had a recognition case.
I actually had to talk to people, people who had been through the same thing I had, people who had overcome it.
Anyway, Mr. Mac, who had given us almost everything he had and was trying to give us the rest, had had enough.
You wanted to build it on a river, because you had transportation, you had food, you had ideas and you had power.
Nine percent had mild COPD, 53 percent had moderate disease, 31 percent had severe COPD and 7 percent had very severe COPD.
"We had Brexit, we had uncertainty, we had , we had very low yields, we had so many things going on in the markets that were in gold's favor, " the analyst explained.
The AD Club had publisher William Randolph Hearst; the Delphic had Matt Damon, Jack Lemmon, and J.P. Morgan; the Fly had FDR; the Owl had Ted Kennedy; the Porcellian had Teddy Roosevelt; the Fox had Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer, and T.S. Eliot; the Spee had John F. and Robert F. Kennedy.
"You had the opportunity, you had the presence, you had the authority, you had the backing of the federal government, and you did not act when you had the chance," he said.
Among the evidence was that Beatrix Potter had no children, Maurice Sendak had no children, Margaret Wise Brown had no children, Tove Jansson had no children, and Dr. Seuss had no children.
"I had never gone to a co-ed school, and I had never had an experience out of the city, and I had never really had a conventional family life," he recalled.
About a decade earlier than that, some geneticists who had opposed Lysenko had been arrested, some had been imprisoned, some had been disappeared.
Never mind they knew Putin had infiltrated the country and everybody had knowledge of it, the FBI had it, Eric Holder had it.
I had to learn fast, I had to learn about editorials, I had to learn about stories, I had to learn about lighting.
She had had Max at twenty-one, and the motherhood that had come too early had turned into a blur over the years.
Francophone judges had long been employed in Anglophone courts, and the lawyers who had to argue cases before befuddled judges had had enough.
She had just had two patients whose phone hands hurt so much that they had had to take leaves of absence from work.
Of those participants who had ever used cannabis, 31.3% had used combustible cannabis, 21.3% had used edibles and 10.5% had used vaporized cannabis.
It had been months since he had even had a conversation with his wife.
I had what any person would have had if he had asked me first.
A year earlier, Jackie had had a stroke, but she had been recovering well.
I had a connection with Shepard that I had never had with another newborn.
I had no agent, I had no possibility of a job, I had nothing.
I had ICE agents, some people had troopers, some people had local police agencies.
I had not had my license long, and had little experience in highway traffic.
We had the food, we had the music and we had the recording session.
She had been in a coma and had no recollection of what had happened.
Eastern had nine points, Edwards had seven and Boudreaux had six in the streak.
A decade earlier, he had had lymphoma, and she had cooked for him weekly.
"I had a contact with nature that I had never had before," she said.
So I had the foyer, I had the bedroom, I had the living room.
She had a leopard, she had sex scenes, she had so much going on.
How long, actually, had it been since their mother had had a proper bath?
Overall, 11.2% had anxiety, 5.8% had depression and 7.7% had both mental health conditions.
But we could have had many more show up had we had the room.
He announced that he had had a fare to Boston and had made $300.
What had actually happened is that she had had a vaginal tear during childbirth.
Wendy's had in June said the malware, which was a variant of a malware it had found earlier, had targeted point-of-sales systems, but had not said what information had been compromised.
Overall, 864 children developed heart rhythm problems, 395 had high blood pressure, 57 had heart attacks, 67 had strokes and 44 had heart failure.
Stanley: It definitely would not have had the impact that it did had we not had a couple of players that really had success.
"Had we had cleaner lists, had we had not such a transient population, we would be focused more on the volunteer recruitment," he said.
I learned that he had a fear of heights and had had exposure treatment a year before, which he felt had fixed the problem.
Our conversation had the air of a confessional: of Roy admitting that he and his intellectual comrades had gone wrong, had failed, had sinned.
Because all the people who had shown up, who had made phone calls, who had sent emails, who had done Facebook posts ... that's democracy.
It had sex, it had cloak and dagger intrigue, it had the shadowy British spy [Christopher Steele], it had obscure meetings on remote islands.
I told people who wondered what had become of me just what had — that I was bipolar, had psychotic episodes and had been hallucinating.
I told people who wondered what had become of me just what had — that I was bipolar, had psychotic episodes and had been hallucinating.
"We were going the right direction, we had stability, we had a strategy, we had a team, and we had results," Mr. Jones said.
But, I had also invested in enough therapy to decide that I had had enough.
Stirling said the woman had been released on bail but had had her passport confiscated.
"She had the height, she had the beauty, she had the skin, the whole thing."
With Daniel and Charlie, we had fun and we had pain and we had love.
I was stick thin, I had no chest, I had no butt — I had nothing.
I had a notebook, and I had the pictures, and I had all the memories.
He had overdosed, and whatever he had taken had left him unable to recall events.
Whites had their own community, Blacks had their community, and Latinos had their own community.
I had worked for Vogue, I had worked for Glamour, I had worked for McCall's.
The man had discovered his wife had not left her lover as she had promised.
It had been a decade since he had had new work produced in the city.
One had overheated, two had been wrecked in accidents, and two others had broken headlights.
Each apartment, however, had three bedrooms; one had two bathrooms and the other had three.
"She had always had a personal device since she had started using email," Abedin said.
" Hernandez had said Monday that "the stadium had no energy, the fans had no energy.
He had had a major transplant that had given him a head full of curls.
This guy and I had fooled around before, consensually, but we had never had sex.
Had he moved on, had he stopped being a ghost, had he truly forgiven himself?
She had empty nest syndrome because her kids had left and she had no identity.
Accel had 15.2 percent, Pitango had 14 percent and Meritech Capital Partners had 13.4 percent.
I had a family, I had a career, I had a [Registered Retirement Savings Plan].
Steyer had three of his four necessary polls, Gabbard had two and Williamson had one.
He had had a stroke a few years ago and had been in fragile health.
I had no idea the song had gotten around as far as it apparently had.
Algerians had been living under his rule for 20 years, and they had had enough.
Gardner had $2.5 million in total receipts, Hickenlooper had $2.1 million, and Romanoff had $9503,000.
Finally, 15 days after the first texts had surfaced, Mr. Rosselló had had enough, too.
Ping had always had a rigid, critical side, which Ms. Gin had tried to soften.
Emily had $400, the returning champion, Manny Maldonado III, had $1,000, and Stacy had $15,000.
It became harder to pinpoint what had changed and when it had, but it had.
He had a fright wig, he had a lab coat, he had a beatnik goatee.
Barry Brown Jr. had 19 points, Xavier Sneed had 13 and Kamau Stokes had 543.
Barry Brown Jr. had 19 points, Xavier Sneed had 240 and Kamau Stokes had 227.
The cause had not been determined, but she had recently had heart problems, he said.
You had said you started it, because you had had this experience with Chris Hughes.
After analyzing the data, the researchers found that drivers who had slept for less than four hours had 11½ times the crash risk rate of drivers who had slept seven hours or more; drivers who had four to five hours of sleep had 4.3 times the risk; those who had five to six hours had 1.9 times the risk; and those who had six to seven hours had 1.3 times the risk.
BHS had significant net liabilities, had had to make provision for loss-making stores, and had very significant deficits in its defined-benefit pension schemes.
Among the participants who had severe CTE, 85 percent had signs of dementia, almost 90 percent had behavioral symptoms, and 95 percent had cognitive symptoms.
The Sooners had a 49-39 advantage at halftime, as Hield had 5.43 points, Woodard had 13 and Lattin had six blocks at the break.
"It's hard to answer that because he had the spring he had and he's had the career he's had up until the injury," Cashman said.
Vander Meer had injured his shoulder, been ill, and had had a small tumor removed from his ear even before the 1938 season had ended.
Trump had originally said he had raised $6 million, but on Tuesday, said $5.6 million had been raised, and much of it had been disbursed.
The women in the study had triple-negative breast cancer that had been newly diagnosed and had become metastatic, meaning it had begun to spread.
But Mr. Gámez maintained that Heydi needed to stay in America, where she had won asylum and had educational opportunities that he had never had.
Over the last five weeks, Anthony and Jackson had probably had nearly as many meetings to clarify things as the struggling Knicks had had victories.
Among these owners, 248,249 had 256–5003 employees; 2500 had 237–2000 employees, 243 had 10–49 employees and 128 had 50 or more employees.
The two had been friends for years and had never had a romantic relationship, she told police, adding that Hachiyanagi had a long-term boyfriend.
By this measure, 44 percent had ever used marijuana, 40 percent had consumed alcohol, 23 percent had gotten drunk and 30 percent had smoked cigarettes.
By midweek, most of the people who had been evacuated had returned home, the hydrogen bubble had dissipated and the reactor had begun to cool.
As of Wednesday morning, the U.S. had more than 7,300 confirmed cases; Mexico had 92; Guatemala had six; Honduras had nine; and El Salvador zero.
"My aunt had died from it, my mother had it, my niece had it," Bates said.
They had their own distribution systems, they had their own awards, they had their own stores.
They had the vision, they had the message and they had the national enthusiasm and support.
Now she had learned that he actually had leukemia that had caused his heart to fail.
When they had more, their kids had higher cognitive test scores than when they had fewer.
Meanwhile, the man she had had in mind for a husband had been commanded to leave.
But, Clinton also had harsh words about Lewinsky who had said she had seduced the president.
She worried that Latulip, who reportedly had developmental delays, had killed himself or had been killed.
I had not been out at all, had not had a drink in a year plus.
We never had cream sodas, we never had cherry sodas, we never had anything like that.
"My aunt had died from it, my mother had it, my niece had it," she says.
Salvaggio said the man had had a horn shark of his own but it had died.
On TV, broadcast had 17.1% female directors, while streaming had 11.8% Screenwriting had similarly low results.
Graham had a career-high six threes while Evans II had five and Holder had four.
I don't think, we've ever had -- we've always had people -- we haven't had an empty seat.
In the crucial demographic, MSNBC had 611,000 viewers (CNN had 589,000, Fox News only had 497,000).
He never had any money; he never had a car; he never had a driver's license.
Many of these folks had had an extremely different experience of opioid use than Helton had.
Kate, for example, had a dog, Randall had a girlfriend and Kevin had broken his leg.
The partner had married and had children, but had never told his family about Mr. Dwork.
She had her friends, she had her work on the memorial, and she had the showerhead.
The police said Mr. Woods had had a knife and had refused to obey police orders.
The U.S. had had a big bean crop, and then South America had a fantastic year.
Alboreto had had problems with gear selections and had dropped back to let the oil cool.
Some had lost three, some had lost six, one woman had lost nine out of 12.
"I've had things pop off, I've had things rip, I've had my zipper break," she says.
They had leaders, they had grievances, and they had been shouting for a very long time.
They had had their "moment," and they still cared little for the lives they had ruined.
I've had friends be like, 'I wish I had your folks, I wish I had that.
Manson had been to the house many times and had been there since Melcher had moved.
Mr. Mathurin had said that a man who had assaulted him in jail had been released.
The three other houses we had owned had a garden, but previous tenants had designed them.
The Cardinals had a formula, the Red Sox had a formula, the Yankees had a formula.
They'd say we had to do it, because they also had rules they had to follow.
While she had been in several committed relationships, Mr. Sze had never had a serious girlfriend.
I had high hopes for the mochi, especially since Robert had never had the frozen treat.
They had been together as long as we had, and I had thought they were happy.
Her mother had had a life-threatening miscarriage, and Elaine had been forgotten in the panic.
She'd had the radio on a lot, Jeb had noticed, since the boy had left her.
Grace: I had never thought about that, because Dave had never had a problem [with erections].
But I still had a mom, I still had a dad, I still had a family.
But I still had a mom, I still had a dad, I still had a family.
It had snakes, it had Indiana Jones, it had Patti LaBelle dressed as a temple goddess.
She had had to use her lunch break to make court and only had 45 minutes.
Here, members had had a prep session for the next day and had left for votes.
The team said Durant had made good progress in his recovery and had had no setbacks.
"He had seven kids who all had kids who had kids," ImgurIsSensitiveLately explains in a comment.
I had wondered whether the baby had made it, whether they had survived as a family.
But we had, 'Drain The Swamp,' we had, 'Lock Her Up, we had, 'Build The Wall.
The man had been to eight doctors, had three M.R.I. scans and had tried multiple medications.
I had never had a peony before, nor had I ever smelled anything so sweetly fragrant.
I had never had a peony before, nor had I ever smelled anything so sweetly fragrant.
You had Fox, which you had, you had ABC, and then there was Time-Warner, too.
RIVERA: He had Trayvon Martin, Fergusson, you had, you know, Charleston, you had so many awful things that had happened, you know, and that were racial.
Two hours after we had started drinking, I'd only had one shot—but he had had nine, and soon enough he was puking in the kitchen.
Wickremesinghe dismissed any suggestion that the rift with the president had hampered coordination on security, saying although they had had differences they had been thrashed out.
The lawyers had said in court that they had been seeking testimony about Mr. Condit's sexual habits from other women with whom he had had relationships.
Social pressures had forced her to abort a child she had wanted, and then the doctor who had performed the procedure had shamed her for it.
" The US economy versus China's "They've had the worst year they've had in 453 years, and we've had the best year we've ever had by far.
Seventeen had gunshot wounds, five had suffered blunt trauma such as from kicking or beating, three had wounds from explosions or burns, three had penetrating injuries such as from stabbings, and two had suffered sexual violence.
Still, they offered prevalence data from this big group: 14.8 percent had sent sexts, 27.4 percent had received them, 12 percent had forwarded a sext without consent, and 8.4 percent had had it happen to them.
It wasn't news that the two industries had collaborated, but most people had assumed that the strategy had spread the other way—that Big Tobacco had pioneered the plan, and Big Oil had run with it later.
" He admitted that he had not had time to go over everything that had happened on counting day, but it was clear that "the people had won.
The various events had been well-organized, the game itself had been surprisingly fun, the crowds had been enthusiastic and the watering holes had been well-stocked.
Given that our common ancestors had that ability, our common ancestor of Neanderthals had that ability, then obviously Neanderthals had it as well as we had it.
And as far as whether or not he had a heart attack, people have had heart attacks they didn't know they'd had until they had an EKG.
They had raised already billions of dollars, they already had a multi-billion dollar evaluation, they had had this profound impact on taxi systems in many places.
He told me he had had no energy for a few weeks — first he had thought he'd just had the flu, but the symptoms didn't go away.
Mr. Greitens had acknowledged the night before that he had an affair in 2015, but denied he had threatened the woman with whom he had the relationship.
Officials said that Aboubakar had had at least eight previous encounters with the police and that he had had an outstanding arrest warrant on a robbery charge.
If I had sneezed, I wouldn't have had a chance later that year, in August, to try to tell America about a dream that I had had.
Visco said that the policy had so far had a "neutral" effect on banks' profits, explaining that margins had been reduced but loans had increased to compensate.
According to the FBI report, there were 695 hate crime offenses against Jews, gays had 758, lesbians had 85033, mixed had 235, and African-Americans had 2,125.
By Sunday, however, McDonnell had announced that Angel had offered his resignation and he had accepted it.
Early on, President Obama had declared that Colonel Qaddafi had lost his legitimacy and had to go.
Han had the cool; Luke had the courage; but Leia, as played by Fisher, had the smarts.
Nine percent had a land line only, 23% had only a cell phone, and 28% had both.
It seemed that there had been a reality there which had not had any expression in art.
He had been serving his country for 13 years and had to leave because he had ptsd.
My previous job had been a freelance contract position that had ended when Lucy had been born.
"I had already transitioned, I had already had surgery and was years away from that," she says.
The proper HR channels had been swum, records had been made, but nothing had really been done.
Private investments had suffered while banks had been hobbled by loans that had turned sour, he said.
I had to stay out, I had to keep drinking, I had to keep the party going.
Thybulle had 15 points, guard David Crisp had 13 and Noah Dickerson had 11 points for Washington.
But he had assumed from what had transpired and the fact she had never told him no.
The company had partnered with India's TeamIndus, which had built a lander and had a launch contract.
" When McKearney asked if she had any regrets, Zamora had replied, "No, it had to be done.
The women had diarrhea and nausea, and some had so much lung damage they had difficulty breathing.
We had nobody above that level, we had nobody in the statehouse, we had no statewide electeds.
Media Networks had a good quarter, Parks had a great quarter and Studio had a stellar quarter.
Homes and businesses that had been on grid power had to restart generators if they had them.
After Tuesday's voting, Mr. Trump had 739 delegates, Mr. Cruz had 465 and Mr. Kasich had 143.
They had a lousy offense, they had a lousy defense, and they had a lousy special teams.
Suddenly, I had, uh, diabetes one and two, I had obese legs, and I had chalky deposits.
He had been thinking about a raindrop he had seen at home before he had been admitted.
The data showed that neither man's phone had been near where she had said they had been.
It had been 10 years since a South African golfer had won and nobody had come close.
By spring we had our papers, the house had heat, and I had started a new job.
Of the remaining candidates, Elizabeth Warren had eight, Mike Bloomberg had four, and Tusli Gabbard had one.
LeCompte had a glass of Sancerre, McDormand had a glass of viognier and Valk had a smoothie.
The ship had wired ahead that 10 passengers had taken ill and three had died at sea.
We still had guys on base, still had the opportunity, still had an inning or two left.
In terms of total receipts, Shaheen had $2.3 million, while Bolduc had $303,000 and O'Brien had $81,000.
He told her that he had burned out and had had to cut down on his services.
The Pilgrims had been desperate and sick and dying but had finally had some luck with crops.
It had raised about $2250,27 by Tuesday night and had not had a contribution in a month.
Her grandparents had been sharecroppers; one of her grandmothers had 11 children while the other had nine.
Travelex said it had contained the threat and had no evidence that customer data had been removed.
You had urban riots, you had Richard Nixon and Watergate, you had political assassination after political assassination.
It had been years since Lucy had seen her; she had never before come to New York.
Cheick Diallo had 16 points, Mikal Bridges had 15 and Cameron Johnson had 12 for the Suns.
Since then, the government had repeatedly delayed elections, and Egypt had had no parliament for three years.
The previous night, a French climbing instructor had raved about a multicourse meal he had had there.
She had longed for the unpredictable, haphazard quality that other people had, which she had found beautiful.
You had up there on the stage Amy Klobuchar, you had Cory Booker, you had Pete Buttigieg.
I didn't know what had been in it, if it had been contaminated, who had touched it.
They had blamed me when he was born, had never inquired about him, had forgotten about him.
Yet after just 17 months, sales had plunged, losses had soared, and Johnson had lost his job.
We had no job, we had no health insurance, and we felt like we had no choice.
Patrick said Betsy had succeeded where he had not because she had found passion in her work.
Ford had 37.1 percent share of that total, GM had 36.8 percent and FCA had 26 percent.
Patients were excluded if they had tears that locked the joint, had a body mass index (BMI) in the obese category, had issues with the ligaments supporting the knee, had a prior knee surgery or had severe arthritis.
We can look at the different phases of different music genres as they matured: Funk had Roy Ayers, the blues had B. B. King, soul had James Brown, rock had the Rolling Stones, and pop had Paul McCartney.
We all had completely separate relationships; my husband and I had a relationship, my boyfriend and I had a relationship, and my husband and his wife had one.
She had just had her 3-year-old son tested after he had run a fever for three months, and doctors had confirmed that he was H.I.V.-positive.
At some point, Nas had it, Biggie had it, Jay maybe had it, Eminem had a reasonable claim, and some of us like to argue Wayne did too.
That left four controlled clinical trials, people actually drinking the water—one had 12 patients, one had 15 patients, one had 20 patients and one had 60 patients.
What had happened was I had done my L3 and L4 disks damage and the L3 had kind of mushed up, but it had entangled around a nerve.
"Jack had a few surgeries — he had a few hernia surgeries, he's had a few eye surgeries and he had a little heart issue as well," reveals Faris.
BHS had significant net liabilities, had had to make provision for loss-making stores and had very significant deficits in its defined-benefit pension schemes, the FRC said.
We had not recovered from the market crash of 1929, assets values had fallen dramatically, taxes had risen, and the citizenry's ability to pay those taxes had fallen.
He had a feeling that Goldsmith had headed to the parade field, where trees had been planted for every soldier in their unit who had died in combat.
One patient had recently traveled to Italy, while the other had no relevant travel history but had "significant underlying conditions" and had been in the hospital, DeSantis said.
They had President Obama, they had Michelle Obama, they had Oprah Winfrey, they came in, and all he (Republican Brian Kemp) had was Donald Trump, and we won.
In fact, in January we had this big legal bill we had to pay, and we've had a bunch of frivolous lawsuit threats we've had to fight off.
Chen had very little social media experience and had previously had links to China's military and security services.
This was the first negative reaction I had had to telling a coworker that I had bipolar disorder.
You had the strike, you had digital filmmaking being cheaper and easier to access, and you had YouTube.
Lincoln made sure we had railroads; FDR made sure we had electricity; Eisenhower made sure we had highways.
It had 70 sensors, it had three processors, it had 54 battery cells, and weighed about 15 kilos.
I knew I had to do the work, and I had to be where I had to be.
One woman had presented a doctor's statement saying she had epilepsy and had three seizures since her arrest.
Love had 33 and Irving had 20 through three quarters, but no other Cavalier had more than six.
He had seen the first season or at least had heard of it or pretended like he had.
The father admitted that the assailants had not had a gun, as he had initially told the police.
That's why he had a home in Malibu, he had horses, he had a condo overlooking central park.
ELLEITHEE: It had been widely reported that Democrats had paid for it after Republicans had paid for it.
They had to go to school, they had to listen to their dad, and they had a bedtime.
And the reason we had the housing bubble is we had the laws and you had the regulations.
Those campaigns had their own people in place, just as Bush had Fleischer and Obama had Robert Gibbs.
And the cycles we had, we had cold winters growing up and we've had mild winters growing up.
I think a lot of the women reporters had had similar experiences, many of them had been harassed.
Clinton carried 2628 percent, while Trump had 28500 percent, Johnson had 6900 percent and Stein had 2628 percent.
Serge Ibaka added 22 points, Fred VanVleet had 15, C.J. Miles had 13 and Delon Wright had 10.
He said he had had conversations with a number of people, but nothing had resulted in an offer.
Korslund assumed that she had been so traumatized by the murder that she had forgotten what had happened.
Kamm had a few policeman friends who had worked on the border; his doctor, too, had volunteered there.
I've had success, and some of our players have had success elsewhere, but we haven't had it here.
And a former colleague of mine had had an appointment with Van Nierop, which had gone over well.
Britain had about 48,000, Germany had about 35,000, and Australia, France and Canada had between 22,000 and 27,000.
At least Satya had a ship that had kind of stalled and he had to get it going.
He said she had learned that she had lymphoma several months ago but had chosen to forgo treatment.
He knew they had one from the only other time his father had had this sort of reaction.
She had recently moved, and said she had never received a notification that her license had been suspended.
Fairris had moved to Maryland in 1999 with two young children she and Horridge had had in Texas.
He had had so much time to take the applause, and now he had no time at all.
Five more examined patients who had stable angina or ischemia but had not yet had a heart attack.
It had been damaged, but it had found a way to accommodate that damage, and it had lived.
He had to twitch, he had to tweet — and then he had to offer to testify under oath.
Mr. Serhal had known vaguely of the idea, but had no idea that hima had existed in Lebanon.
Homes had been flattened, vehicles had been tossed like Tinkertoys and trees had been ripped from their roots.
Initially, 17 percent were found to have had an S.M.I. and 10 percent had had a recognized attack.
Montrezl Harrell had 19 points for the Clippers, while Landry Shamet had 11 and Amir Coffey had 10.
The local government said people who had had contact with the man had shown "no abnormalities", Xinhua reported.
"In spite of the tough moments we had, we had the best conversation we ever had," Santorum recalled.
She had never been married or had children, and we had been close since I was a teenager.
Then he claimed he had once had an appointment with Cummings, but that the lawmaker had backed down.
And that seemed fair also, since Violet had won in the beginning and had had the better years.
The two men had talked about reading, and Soto had learned that Cox had never read J.D. Salinger.
Also, Obama and his strategists thought Biden had hit his ceiling, had his day, had too many gaffes.
I think I had a lot of ability but I never had what those guys had, that confidence.
I had never heard that kind of language, had never had that kind of hate directed at me.
"I had decided that this had happened because I had settled, once again, for someone who had never once pretended to value me," she wrote in the Facebook post.
" Mr. Meyers added, "You'd save them so when you had a bad week, you had this proof, according to a legend, that something you had written had played great.
So then we sort of had bigger conversations about it, and I had dinner with Chris and Tom in New York, and they had also had conversations with Gail.
"You didn't have to speak Spanish to see how much pain they had over what had been done to them, and what they had had to do," remembered Bradley.
So much of their lives had changed in 15 years: Children had grown up and left for college; some who lost spouses had remarried; some families had moved away.
He had lived in California for 13 years without immigration papers but had married an American citizen, had three American-born children and had worked as a security guard.
I had auditioned for a film early on in the summer holidays, had heard nothing for two months and had long since concluded that I had not been successful.
F-Secure, a Finnish cybersecurity firm, has confirmed that some of the 200 individuals that it had identified, who had paid the ransom, had successfully had their files decrypted.
He had been practicing for 23.89 years, but until then had never had a pharmacy tell him he had to prescribe a brand-name drug instead of a generic.
Had he done that shot, he wouldn't have hadhad he done something dramatic, because if you remember, they had a tremendous gas attack after he made that statement.
KH: Initially I had planned to do posters, as I had done before, but the more we saw what an ambitious project we had here, we had to push ourselves; our work had to be ambitious, like the project itself.
Before the Florida cases, the virus had been found only in people who had traveled to Puerto Rico or Latin American countries that had an active epidemic, or who had sex with a partner who had been in those regions.
"You had to write that 30 percent of the weapons had been removed, and the next day we would say that 32 percent had been taken out," he said, adding that he had no idea if any had been removed.
You had the steak, you had the wine, I didn&apost have any wine, I just had a salad.
Just weeks before, he had had emergency surgery for a blood clot and then discovered he had brain cancer.
We had worked with a couple of the same people and had some mutual friends, but had never met.
She had trouble getting out of her car, which Dewhurst had witnessed, and had to maintain a strict diet.
I had tried to work with other partners that I had been with, and that had gone very poorly.
The group had not had any legal problems during the previous years they had conducted their workshops, participants said.
Bezos had announced an investigation into how the Enquirer had obtained texts and photos revealing he'd had an affair.
It had no electricity so we had to plug into the restaurant next door, and it had no heat.
"I had a dream that someone had a pebble, then I learned mom's tooth had fallen out," said Harden.
Around a dozen authors invited had had difficulties and most had only been resolved after a lengthy, complex process.
She had an affair, she had a cubicle, she had a best friend with whom she got casual coffees.
" Berlusconi said he had never met her, but had seen her on television and had "heard many favorable opinions.
They had Andy Hertzfeld, they had Bill Atkinson, they had Joanna Hoffman, all veterans of the original Macintosh project.
We had some ideas that were not executable in the time that we had and the staffing we had.
I had my pecs done, I had my shoulders done, I had my biceps done, my hips, my ass.
I had this horrible dream where I had kind of done what my family had expected me to do.
Almost 30 percent had no injuries, 65 percent had only soft tissue injuries and 7 percent had broken bones.
At the time, DHS had said the actors had not had any impact on the outcome of the election.
"I had the fame, I had the girls, I had the money, and I threw it away," he said.
"I had no idea my mole had turned cancerous, I'd had it all my life," she told The Sun.
Within a couple hours, knives had allegedly been drawn, blood had been spilled, and ten arrests had been made.
Maybe content creators were afraid, maybe they had been hitting brick walls, maybe they had had their spirits broken.
I had six tumors in my brain, I had them in my sternum, I had them in my pelvis.
A large percentage of women who had abortions in 213 had had abortions before, according to the latest study.
Ford had said explicitly she had three issues to clear up and had only gone through two of them.
Morgan Stanley had denied any wrongdoing and its lawyers had argued that a civil court should have had jurisdiction.
Mr. Mahmood said he had spoken several times with Mr. Daleel and had never had any problems with him.
Clinton had been told she had pneumonia last Friday and that she had been overheated and dehydrated on Sunday.
" Traveling to Luzzara, Shore — who had had his first retrospective at MoMA in 1971 — said he had "no expectation.
"Had Hillary and the Democrats gotten in, had she been president, you would have had negative growth," he said.
Molly Bedford, a news designer on the daily Sports section had had a similar thought, as had Mr. Blair.
Mizrahim had—they had extensive experience with Arabs, and so knew how harshly they had to be dealt with.
Bush had no idea who had sent the photographs, and he had no evidence that Elliott was behind them.
I had recently had a baby, and she had some minor medical issues and a major aversion to sleep.
He had left his phone in his S.U.V. and had no way to tell his girlfriend what had happened.
She had had them for as long as she could remember, and nothing before had made them go away.
I remember one time, we had a kid who had O.D.'d, and we had him in the ambulance.
After I had Olive, I had "menopause" dryness and had to be prescribed estrogen to help heal down there.
Some of those cities had had high-profile police shootings and protests (Baltimore, Chicago, St. Louis); some had not.
During follow-up, 4,570 participants had events like heart attacks, 5,119 had heart failure events, and 2,862 had strokes.
I had assumed I wasn't going anywhere, had completely forgotten that I had any schools left to hear from.
He had had a number of relationships with no such conflict, but they had not worked out so well.
Jason had learned the day before that his dad, Joel, at 46, had been told he had colon cancer.
The opinion side of Fox News, which Shine had run, had won out, as had his friend Sean Hannity.
One had a cousin killed in the bombing, another had a brother-in-law, a third had a neighbor.
When I had interviewed the wife about her infidelity, I had inwardly judged her for what she had done.
"I would never have had that memory if I had had some magical remedy to jet lag," she said.
By the time he had completed it, I had had several minutes to ponder the ideas he was expressing.
They had never had any choice in the matter; being different was something that had been foisted upon them.
Daytime TV had turned deeply emotional, powered by Oprah Winfrey, who had tissues, and Jerry Springer, who had security.
Kevin Knox had 20 points, Noah Vonleh had 15 points and 11 rebounds, and Enes Kanter had 15 points.
"The next time we went, she had her leg bandaged because she had had a tibia fracture," said Haney .
France had 2,19573 cases last year, according to the World Health Organization; Italy had 2,686, and Britain had 953.
Mr. Jalali, who had three children, had been a regular police officer but had shifted to the traffic force.
We just had crazy lives: we were touring and had a baby and I still had my day job.
And though I had no symptoms, I had to be treated like that patient we had hypothesized weeks ago.
Most had no choice — they were workers whose visas had run out or pilgrims who had completed their tour.
Mr. Gluski had not had much occasion to celebrate since he had taken the AES reins five years earlier.
The allegation was that I had had a boyfriend who had been in contact with Cuban diplomats in Washington.
From his friends who had stayed, he had heard that the prisoner had driven an ambulance for the jihadists.
In the entire group, 323 men had sleep apnea only, 37 had insomnia only and 47 had both conditions.
Four of the guys had just graduated from Southern Illinois University and had had basic at Leonard Wood together.
Had he had a personality transplant, or had something happened between 28500 and 6900 to make him really mad?
Actresses may have had more freedom, but they no longer had the power that great female stars had commanded.
Austin: Outer Worlds had one, multiple of the Fallout games have had them, Elder Scrolls games have had them.
Lederman had apologized, saying the car had honked at him and he had not known the ambassador was inside.
It had had an up-and-down life for many days and had no idea what was coming next.
He said that he had consulted doctors, not fortunetellers, but that the experts had concluded he had a chance.
But by this stage, terminals had been closed down, people had been evacuated and hysteria had overtaken the airport.
SoftBank had already agreed to buy 70 percent of Sprint, and Sprint had had a deal to buy Clearwire.
Boatwright had five rebounds and Metu had four, as the Trojans had a 36-26 edge on the boards.
English said he had been aware "from early on" that Dr Yang had had "military training, including military intelligence".
"We had an instant connection, even though I had never even had Sichuan peppercorns before meeting him," she said.
For today's hearing, she just had to determine whether Mueller had demonstrated probable cause that he had committed crimes.
Newspapers have always had comics, they've always had light fare, they've always had ... as well as deeply reported stories.
However, Goodlatte said he had asked the Justice Department to brief the committee, and had not had a response.
KS: Well, you had Campbell's Soup, you had $120 million, you had a cool-looking machine, you got juice.
"I was vomiting, I had diarrhea, I had a fever, I had everything," one student, Kacie Johnston, told CNN.
When they originally got into streaming they had one service, they had one service that had two labels and one service that had three labels and those were non-starters.
The first couple of years we had to do homework, we had to cut the fat that we had put in, we had to put in a clearer performance culture.
Their outpost had been overrun, Army soldiers had been killed, remaining fighters had been unable to get to ammunition supplies and Taliban fighters had breached the front gate, Romesha explained.
Of all the patients choosing alternative therapies, about 44% had breast cancer, nearly one-quarter had prostate cancer, just over 18% had lung cancer, and nearly 12% had colorectal cancer.
Daniels told "60 Minutes" that she and Trump had had sexual relations only once, but that she had seen him other occasions and he had kept in touch with her.
She wondered if her father had been all that he had seemed, wondered if the man she had admired and loved for sixteen years had made use of her affections.
During cross-examination, she conceded that she had never seen any drugs, had not had a rape exam performed, and had not been tested for pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.
We had fallen into this trap where every song had to have a major guitar riff, had to have a verse, it had to have a chorus, middle eight, coda.
She had tried to convince them to leave, but they had told her that in all the years they had lived on the island, the water had never crossed it.
The boy had been raised by extended family who had not gone to college, and the father, who had an arrest record, had not been part of his son's life.
By the time a crowd had gathered and the youths had run away, he had a fractured skull and possibly permanent hearing damage and she had a fractured left arm.
He said the tanker's captain had said it had been carrying kerosene and had offloaded, but added that samples had been sent to the NOC laboratory at Brega for testing.
He had been practicing for 23.89 years, but until then had never had a pharmacy tell him that he had to prescribe a brand-name drug instead of a generic.
They found that those children who had had measles at less than 24 months old had a much higher risk of developing this fatal complication than had previously been reported.
One study by Reidenberg and Lowenthal found that only 19% of healthy people who weren't taking any medicines had been entirely problem-free for the previous three days; 39%, however, had experienced fatigue, 0003% had had a headache, and 5% had felt dizzy.
Though the black population had roots going back centuries — some people were the descendants of slaves who had fought with the British during the American Revolution and had resettled there — the black community was never large and had never had much political power.
Inequality had increased, but middle- and working-class Americans had enjoyed gains nonetheless; even when wages had stagnated, tax cuts and transfer payments had helped boost most Americans' incomes, and they had shared in the benefits of lower prices and ample consumer goods.
"At least so far, it's important to know that in the New York area, we haven't had checkpoints; we haven't had sweeps," he said, adding that he had had to quash rumors all day about where immigration officials had conducted their activities.
She had 2 Duck Goose; Mr. Chou had Orbital; Ms. So had the charter school; Mr. Ch'ien had his high-protein Asian-inspired snack packs; and Mr. Yorke was at Google.
He had shown some items, photos and a very distinct walking cane that I believe his grandfather had used and had brought with him from Constantinople and I had photographed those.
I had also already reached many levels of career success: I had two graduate degrees in curriculum and leadership, had become a school administrator, and had increased my salary by $50,000.
For example, according to 2300 end-of-year data from the UNHCR, Sweden had 210 refugees per 22008,22012 inhabitants, France had 203, the UK had 220 — and the US had 21990.
Forward Vitto Brown had 21 points, guard Bronson Koenig had 16 points and five assists, guard Zak Showalter had 11 points and forward Ethan Hagg had a team-high 10 rebounds.
Other chronic health issues were also prevalent—33 percent of participants with mood disorders had respiratory issues, 10 percent had heart disease, 9 percent had arthritis, and 7 percent had diabetes.
Suddenly, a band that had never planned on being a band had an album they had never planned on recording out on a label they had never planned on signing to.
The presiding judge, Erwin Djong, said Fox had received a lighter sentence than prosecutors had asked for because he had been cooperative and polite in court and had no prior record.
It wasn't until later, after a neighbor had come running to help and the paramedics had arrived, that they began to realize what had happened -- Jaime had been struck by lightning.
It cited a medical source at Hama Health Department as saying that 20 bodies had been brought from Akareb, many of which had been beheaded and had had limbs cut off.
During this interval, I heard that he had had a difficult operation for cancer, that he had to use a cane all the time now, and that he had stopped drinking.
It also uncovered evidence the housing authority leadership had systematically thwarted federal officials during routine inspections and had falsely certified that mandatory lead checks had been completed when they had not.
Mr. Cox said that he had never heard of the Hapsburg Group, had never been paid by anyone for his efforts in Ukraine, and had had no dealings with Mr. Manafort.
They noted that Mr. Sessions had gone from saying he had none, to saying he had none that were campaign-related, to saying he had none about interference in the campaign.
When Brienne showed up to avenge Renly, Stannis had nothing left — his wife had committed suicide, half his troops had deserted him, and he had lost the battle with the Boltons.
Mr. Obama once said that he had visited 57 states and had two more to go — and everyone but his craziest critics understood that he had simply had a brain fart.
He said that Ms. Oliveira had also contended that she had been battered by her husband, but that authorities had not found any indication that she had pressed charges against him.
The woman had lived a rough life—she had been a junkie and a prostitute—but she had found A.A. and found religion and had been trying to lift herself up.
I would say you have 2000 times two, so you had 2700, and then you probably had another 2000 or 15 people, you had Christine Lagarde, you had some others also.
Her family had presumed she had just left home because she had come from a dysfunctional and difficult family life.
Mongold later posted on Facebook that he had recently had a conflict with the family that had since been dropped.
I had interest in helping an entrepreneurial company grow again, and the company had had some financial setbacks in '98.
"I've always had a voice, a singing voice, but I've never had a voice like I've had before," Perry said.
I looked up names of people who had died, of landmarks that had been bombed, of leaders who had vanished.
You had you had-- Congress telling 'em what to do and you had Wall Street telling 'em what to do.
You had you had-- Congress telling them what to do and you had Wall Street telling 'them what to do.
Some faces had long hair, some had big eyes, some had glasses, and others just looked like a plain emoji.
When he came back, the cabinets had disintegrated and his wife had passed, perhaps from hypothermia, perhaps she had drowned.
Their fans had been great, the craic had been great, but things on the pitch had been lacklustre at best.
Tiger Brands said it had apologized for the incident but said the inspectors had not had a letter authorizing entry.
Corey Kilgannon reports: Monet had his haystacks, Van Gogh had his sunflowers and Mari Lyons had Broadway and 80th Street.
West had always had an ego, but had demonstrably put himself into a bubble and ceased to empower his fans.
I had only ever had friends who were broke, I never had friends who could afford to splurge on things.
So you had handmade paper, you had painted Styrofoam, you had molded silicone, and constructions of lots of different material.
It had nothing to do with Apple itself, which had had huge success at the time with the Macintosh line.
Mavs guard Deron Williams had 23 points, Nowitzki and guard Raymond Felton each had 17 points, and Matthews had 16.
I had in my head that my dad had lost everything, and I had lost everything with Silicon Alley Reporter.
Rodney Hood had 15 points, Trey Lyles had the same amount off the bench and Rudy Gobert had 11 rebounds.
"Jack Kennedy... had that same confidence, he had that same intelligence, he had that same will and strength," Minow said.
Had that happened, had they had their pets spayed and neutered, they wouldn't have that problem in the first place.
" "He had people sleeping on his couch, he had people living with him, when they had no place to go.
We had to leave Bernier in the net because (goalie John) Gibson had diarrhea and had the flu all day.
McFarland responded to accusations that he had misled his employees into believing Comcast had invested money when it had not.
The Commission, it turned out had misidentified how many injuries lawn darts had caused and had to update its statistics.
Ben Simmons also had 14 points with nine rebounds, James Ennis III had 11 points and Jimmy Butler had 10.
Elaine had stage four ovarian cancer, which had metastasized throughout her abdomen and had even entered her lungs and brain.
She had memorized the Quran, and her uncle had a library of Islamic books, most of which she had read.
Today both boys had granola, fruit, and yogurt, Peter had oatmeal, and I had granola with fruit and almond milk.
"Listen, the studio had anxiety, Pete and I had anxiety, every one of us had anxiety," Mr. di Bonaventura said.
If she had grown up differently, if she had had other opportunities, it may not have ended up that way.
Not only had her skin softened and her cheeks filled out; she had developed breasts, and her hips had widened.
" Admittedly, he says, some of those people who had come before him had "screwed up," while others had been "heroic.
Portland had won 10 in a row when it had had two or more days off leading into the game.
I had finally had enough of earning 0.01% on my money with the savings account I had used for years.
The watchdog had also said there had been irregularities in a capital increase the company had launched early in 2016.
The crew had had no contact with Moscow for days and didn't know whether World War III had already begun.
Lakshman remembered this and remembered when his mother had had two black eyes because she had fallen down the stairs.
She had two brothers and a sister who had been born in the US. She had not yet met them.
And she drove me home and had the conversation I had never had with my mom about my gender identity.
Later, doctors at the hospital said they had verified that Omran's parents had survived, though their home had been destroyed.
Some news reports said that he had died at his home in Los Angeles and that he had had leukemia.
Persian, Uzbek, Pakistani — these were cuisines I had never before had a desire to explore, let alone had access to.
He had crashed but had amnesia, recovered and found my mother, and eventually I had siblings who looked like me.
Mr. Davis told The Oxford American that he had been married twice, had two children and had helped raise stepchildren.
Toward midnight, the fires had become fewer, the songs had all been sung and the sleeping bags had been unrolled.
While Chinese-Americans had Bruce Lee and Italian-Americans had Rocky Balboa, I had Ayatollah Khomeini and the hostage crisis.
In earlier public remarks, Mr. Williamson had called for women who had had abortions to be punished, perhaps by hanging.
The eulogist at Larson's funeral said Larson had had a child who had died, but no other details were offered.
Agents had been following the abductors' van since the money had been picked up, and had pounced only after Mrs.
I had my own practice times and they had their own practice times and then we had the band slots.
He had struggled for a decade with ventricular tachycardia and had received four catheter ablations — but still had rapid heartbeats.
Some said they had run into Mr. Trump through work, while others said they had had chance encounters with him.
The English had the St. George's Society, the Scots had the St. Andrew's Society, the Germans had the German Society.
Vocations Paul Williams had nowhere to sleep, had been addicted to drugs and had been in and out of jail.
She had worked for him in Petersburg, Va., where he had been a pastor, and had followed him to Atlanta.
Mr. Remsburg, now 21, learned his finger, which had turned dark blue, had developed gangrene and had to be amputated.
"We had to leave everything we had out there," said Minnesota's Rebekkah Brunson, who had 18 points and 13 rebounds.
"He told me he had some family problems, and that his grandfather had had a heart attack," Mr. Darwish said.
He said he had no symptoms but had been in contact with someone that had tested positive for the virus.
"JetBlue had no prior indication that this customer had or may have had coronavirus," the airline said in a statement.
That suggested the mother had had an earlier infection and that the baby had absorbed protective antibodies through breast-feeding.
Moreover, Bil­lington continued, he had a remarkable coincidence to reveal, given where I had been and what I had seen.
The women had anger, had pride, had their health, and so they wanted to join with the soldiers to fight.
We had lost the powerful Miles, but we had also lost the sweet, damaged Miles we had fought to protect.
" Mr. Clapper said that he had not, and that he had "had many encounters with the media over my career.
Since my father had also had Alzheimer's, Walt had reached out by telephone to my mother for advice and commiseration.
Queens followed with 44.4 percent; Brooklyn had 49.1 percent; the Bronx had 52.3 percent; and Staten Island had 67.3 percent.
She had a colonoscopy and learned she had advanced colorectal cancer that was inoperable and had spread to her lung.
You had -- clearly, you had an attorney general who has had to recuse himself because of untold contacts with Russians.
The detectives had informed him he was a suspect and had told him he had the right to remain silent.
It was the first time he had seen a college dorm, had slept away from home or had a roommate.
Lowell had writing, and he had friends, all of whom thought of him as the greatest writer they had met.
But Salieri had already had several major successes in Vienna, justifying the faith that the Emperor had placed in him.
Competition among insurance companies had diminished as many carriers had either failed or exited markets where they had lost money.
Clinton had given on Wall Street, as well as hundreds of private exchanges he had had with other close aides.
Johnson denied rumors that filming the gory "Suspiria" had sent her into psychoanalysis, but admitted it had had some impact.
The donor had been living with HIV for 30 years, and the recipient had had the virus for 25 years.
I had worked so hard for what I had and yet, that hard work had broken my body and mind.
Like a poacher who had become a game warden, Ponceano had begun working for Torres, and had made himself indispensable.
A White House official said he had had a light schedule during the day and had been monitoring the deliberations.
"Those who had given and those who had bought and those who had intervened have committed a crime," he said.
Some had brothers and sisters who were protected under the DACA program; others had parents who had once been undocumented.
The world they imagined had not yet come to pass; if it had, they wouldn't have had to imagine it.
Mr. Bissonnette, he argued, had showed signs of remorse, had cooperated with the police and had surrendered after the attack.
They had also had relatively healthier metabolisms than the men and women who had exercised intensely all those years before.
My parents had trouble understanding how independent my lifestyle had become and kept remarking on how much I had changed.
It had ... It's a scoop ... It had Hillary Clinton, and we had the first interview ever given about Monica Lewinsky.
So we had a Navajo elder who had been voting since she had been allowed to vote in the '70s.
It had all the weapons, it had all the locations, it had all the interesting events … and it was unexplored.
How many people had you investigated - had you interviewed.
You had been at these ... you had left ABC.
I've had 50 years here — she's barely had five.
" Men had neither cocks nor balls; they had "loins.
She also had Mattis, who had just ... General Mattis?
You had WELL, but you also had ... The WELL.
They had track records — they had all that stuff.
We had 25,000 — We've never had an empty seat.
Had I — good Lord — had I been to heaven?
Eisenhower had 28503, think about that — Reagan had 22019.
I had to ... Oh you had to turn it?
He then allegedly told her he had killed the boy, that the son had "666" on him, and that he had "built an altar like they had talked about," the documents state.
Reid Travis had 23 points and 10 rebounds, Dorian Pickens had 23 points and Daejon Davis had 211 for Stanford (210-215, 24-26), which had a three-game winning streak broken.
There, Moonves told the actress that he had long had a crush on her but had not said anything to her because she had been in a relationship with a mutual friend.
Altogether, 53,25 had mothers who hadn't gone to college, 5,22019 had mothers who completed vocational or 2-year college, 695 had mothers with bachelor's degree and 193 had mothers with master's degree.
I was aware that I, as a woman who had had a drink or two, shared a joint, had gone to his house willingly and had a sexual past, would be eviscerated.
Of those, nine were perfect—they had done exactly what they had said they would do, or if they had changed their measurements, they had said so plainly and given their reasons.
But he had no time to consider what he had done or, more important, what he had not done, because Brother Infirmarian had decided that it was time for Finn to go.
Last week, Stanford announced that it had expelled a student who had falsely claimed in her application to be a competitive sailor and had vacated the credits that she had already accumulated.
Those who had cut calories and walked had dropped far more weight, about 20 pounds each, while those who had dieted and weight trained likewise had lost about 20 pounds per person.
Before the plea deal, the Alabama Ethics Commission had said it had probable cause to find that Mr. Bentley had committed felonies before he resigned, and had referred its findings to prosecutors.
Mr. Roy was depressed and had tried to kill himself before; Ms. Carter, who had an eating disorder and said she had been cutting herself, had been treated in a psychiatric hospital.
He told them that he had arrested 6,000 people in 28 years and that Kaia had "broken the record," because until that day the youngest person he had arrested had been 7.
Before Hicks had come to the plate, Sabathia had suggested that Hicks — who at the time had five home runs to his name this season — had not hit one in a while.
The weekend had come, and the American workers had gone home; the North Korean hackers had either gotten very lucky with the timing of their operation or had planned it remarkably well.
"We had nosebleeds, we had headaches; I had rashes, I had all of my fish die and my fishpond, and they just kept telling us everything is great," one resident told KTVI.
We found that Mr. Smith and his team had spread more money around than anyone had previously told us; in particular, they had paid two women who had helped find alleged victims.
In the latest NBC/WSJ poll, 64 percent of women had had a negative view of Trump, while 53 percent had a 'very negative' view, and 24 percent had a positive view.
"We've had some summers where we've had no bear and some summers where we've had tons of bears," Hawes told KTLA.
She also discovered she had 10 siblings she never knew existed -- who had grown up 40 minutes from where she had.
I had seen the footage before she had the chance to release it herself, however, as had thousands of other people.
However, among those who had never injected heroin, 32 percent had heard of naloxone and 2 percent had access to it.
If la Grande Inter had Helenio Herrera, Barça had Johan Cruyff and Nottingham Forest had Brian Clough, then Atlético have Simeone.
It's important for me because, you know, my life would've been different had I not had the education that I had.
Local police questioned whether she had been victim of racism, saying there had been similar assaults that had targeted white locals.
"For years, people would stop by and say their grandparents had met there, had danced there, had drunk there," she recalled.
With 86 percent of precincts reporting, the Vermont senator had 25.7 percent, Buttigieg had 24.4 percent, and Klobuchar had 19.7 percent.
I had two major requirements, however: it had to be a computer, and I had to be able to wear it.
In fact, only one person on our team had ever tried it before, and even she had only had it once.
All the roads I had never hitched, all the chances I had never taken, all the lips I had never kissed.
"She had confessed she had been using drugs and that she had been using drugs for quite some time," Samya said.
The sources said crews from both vessels, which they had said had been struck in international waters, had been safely evacuated.
Coylyn's own mother had 13 children; Mother Charlotte, as Coylyn calls her, had 16; Mother Elaine had 15: 44 in all.
The book had details about trips he had taken and people he had known – things that Arun didn't know about before.
Even though they all broadly had the same footage, each had a different soundtrack, therefore each had wildly divergent emotional cores.
She was not a person who had to come up from nothing, and she had had a very good art education.
Flynn had admitted during his plea hearing he had lobbied on behalf of the Turkish government, something he had previously denied.
Ardern told the briefing that she had been contacted by Facebook operations chief Sheryl Sandberg who had acknowledged what had happened.
"We've had quiet years when we had an early storm and we've had busy years with an early storm," he said.
She didn't know she had the strength, but she says, "When I had no choice, I found I had a voice."
It was meant to be empowering for people who had had their own experiences through their teenagehood that had been muddy.
The Scarecrow always had a brain, the Lion had courage, the Tin Man had a heart, Dorothy knew the way home.
Many people in Jackson County had worked there or had family who worked there or had a business serving the school.
Kawhi Leonard had 23 points for Toronto, Serge Ibaka had 12 points while Marc Gasol had eight points and 10 rebounds.
Earlier in the movie, Woman had told Daughter that she had been adopted by a couple who had survived the apocalypse.
He had visited mosques, but it was not yet clear whether he had been radicalized or had any accomplices, police said.
However, all witnesses interviewed said mining operations had halted because the workers had all fled and had not yet come back.
Nine percent of those surveyed had breast cancer, 21 percent had suffered from gynecological illnesses, and 2000 percent had experienced miscarriages.
Barbour, meanwhile, had said all the right things, but had never had those positions tested by actual legislation crossing his desk.
The doctor said no, that my evaluation wasn't alright and that I had recently had surgery so I had to wait.
While 98 percent of households had a television and 69 percent had a mobile phone, only 19 percent had a computer.
The defense pathologist had stated that Kolman had died of a heart attack—that is, that there had been no murder.
The Fort Lauderdale, Florida, resident had taken photos throughout her life but had had little success making money from her hobby.
Of those, eight patients achieved remission, five had partial responses, two had stable disease, and four had their cancer get worse.
Lavrov, who had said he had "no special expectations" for Saturday's meeting, said ministers had discussed several "interesting ideas", without elaborating.
Those who had heard about the shootings were angry, but none had thought to protest them or knew anyone who had.
It had been suggested the boys had been engaged in an initiation rite, or had been celebrating a team-member's birthday.
He had pulled back from his friends, too, which wasn't much of a job, for he had never had close ones.
He had read about Falter Way in the newspaper report of her death and had wondered why she had gone there.
RTBF said that Canadian trade minister Chrystia Freeland had left the talks and announced that they had ended and had failed.
Nineteen percent of respondents said they had fully recovered; 51% had persistent but improved POTS symptoms; and 16% had intermittent issues.
Romi had had a sense that something was wrong and had tried to call, but I hadn't picked up all night.
The city's working age adults had also become better skilled, while housing had become more affordable and carbon emissions had fallen.
Dr. Rosenberg had a hunch he had just witnessed an extraordinary case in which a patient's immune system had vanquished cancer.
For the Dodgers, Turner had a hit with two out, Gonzalez had a hit with two out, Grandal had a hit.
It had been entertaining enough, but essentially meaningless: Both teams had been eliminated from the competition before the match had started.
She had to be carried here; she had to be carried to the toilet; she had to be carried to bed.
But we haven't had ... When it comes to data we haven't had ... we've barely had the Exxon Valdez, let alone Chernobyl.
DeMarcus Cousins had 19 points and 18 rebounds, Darren Collison had 19 points, and Rudy Gay had 18 for the Kings.
Most women who had had such surgery reported substantially higher quality of life scores, whether they had single or double mastectomies.
What he had hoped would be a movement had been cast aside as an electoral tool that had served its purpose.
They had given the woman C.P.R., but someone had called 911 and suggested that they had supplied her with the heroin.
It wasn't about who had the bigger breasts and who had the bigger hips and who had the bigger all that.
Recode had received the same email as Huffington and had contacted Uber about it this week, as apparently had other reporters.
The split in the Democratic Party had been music to the Republican Party, which had not had many good tunes lately.
We definitely wanted someone who had left a family behind, who had kids who had grown up while they were incarcerated.
Misty's delusions were that she had been raped or had had some sort of medical procedure done while she was unconscious.
Marissa, who had worked in retail, had lost income because she had no maternity leave benefits; she soon couldn't afford rent.
By contrast, 99% had heard of Justin Bieber, 86% had heard of Steph Curry, and 84% had heard of Elon Musk.
"We had thought about leaving, but we had just had the fires ... we didn't take it serious(ly) enough," he said.
We had no idea if our result was anything like what Barbare had intended, but we enjoyed what we had made.
On Saturday, city officials had said that there had been three reports of dirty water before the ban had been issued.
The brothers had grown up playing together, they had been in the newspaper business together, they had built an airplane together.
" But he also said Miller had not had a deal in place for months, so the linebacker had not been "fired.
Later, at the wheel, I had a breakthrough; because I had absorbed the online potters' tricks, centering had clicked for me.
His son-in-law Andrew Lampert said he had fallen last year and had had a series of health problems since.
I wanted to say I was sorry if anything I had done, or any way I had behaved, had hurt him.
The Health Ministry said that 200 patients and staff had been evacuated, 34 had been rescued and three had been hospitalized.
She told Dr. Dubin she had been depressed for months, had lost weight and had futilely sought help from her church.
MS: I never had been involved with any kind of publication, which Susan had, and she had experience with small magazines.
Conduct that would have had conservatives up in arms had it been exhibited by our political opponents now had us dumbstruck.
Our district had never elected a woman, had never elected a person of color, had never elected a young person. Right?
By the time he was 2000, he had had at least 278 different addresses and had attended five different grammar schools.
He had been living in the Netherlands since the 1980s, had obtained Dutch citizenship and had been working as an electrician.
One had been shot in Alabama, one had been dragged behind a car in Florida, one had recently arrived from Iran.
But defense experts argued that this was not proof that she had been raped, or even that she had had sex.
The Spanish border guards, who had no telephone, had not yet received word from Madrid that the border had been closed.
BILL CLINTON: Everyone knew I had to admit that I had made an awful mistake and had tried to hide it.
She had been taking her young son on tours with her and had had little money with which to raise him.
She had suffered a stroke in 2007, had severe vision and hearing problems and had moved into an assisted living facility.
He said he had received more votes than the company said he had, and that his loss had actually been narrow.
You had the Eagles against the Giants, you had the Patriots against the Texans, and you had the president against everybody.
She had helped me connect my phone, but had disapproved of the slippers I had brought with me to the hospital.
She said she had had the same thing the day before and liked it so much that she had it again.
Their allegations had mirrored hers: that Hadden had fondled and sexually assaulted them during examinations, after nurses had left the room.
You had the construction of Brasília [in the late 1950s], you had bossa nova, and you had concrete art and poetry.
During the delay, Democrats and Republicans squabbled over Trump's status because he had been impeached, but had not had his trial.
Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota; 11 had endorsed Warren; nine had endorsed Joe Biden; and five had endorsed former South Bend, Ind.
Kisenosato had long been ranked one notch below yokozuna, and critics had wondered if he had the mental toughness to advance.
Ms. Gomez had a warm relationship with her father, although he had previously had two other wives, and children by them.
In New York, suppliers had complained that they had not been paid, and employees said their paychecks had been frequently delayed.
He had had some success in Hollywood as an actor, and he was a really nice guy who everyone had liked.
He explained that he had been "accused of sexual coercion," by a woman with whom he had had a brief relationship.
He told lawmakers that his staff had just received the Amtrak proposal and had not had a chance to assess it.
I had no right to be jealous — I had put us in this situation; I had reached for someone else first.
Lawyers for the government had argued that the courts had no jurisdiction, an argument that an English lower court had accepted.
He had argued that the humanitarian situation in Syria had improved dramatically and that the council had to recognize that change.
Lonzo Ball had 23 points and Brandon Ingram had 262 for the Pelicans, who had their four-game winning streak snapped.
Lonzo Ball had 23 points and Brandon Ingram had 22 for the Pelicans, who had their four-game winning streak snapped.
I couldn't believe it, but I had just had one of the best bites of poké I'd had in recent memory.
Five days earlier, police had determined Schaup-Werner, who had a history of health issues, had died of a heart attack.
The Washington Post had reported four days earlier, and Flynn had admitted, that he might have had conversations with Russian officials.
By then, her position had changed, and even she had to admit she had secured a spot in contemporary art Valhalla.
Ann had had Theodore with one man, Annabelle with another, and now she had spat out two more babies with Christopher.
When investigators contacted him, he acknowledged that he had "fallen in love" and had had a sexual relationship with Ms. Barahona.
A lawsuit had been filed in Dallas, alleging that a priest had molested children and the church had covered it up.
Reuters had reported of Nine West's plans on Thursday and sources had said the company had about $1.5 billion in debt.
They had been married 55 years but she had no idea that her husband had kept her letters all these years.
The opening speaker had sixty minutes, the second speaker had ninety minutes, and then the opening speaker had thirty more minutes.
Teaching had become more rigorous; parents had focused on things that mattered; and children had bought into the promise of education.
I've had a great life, I've had a great career, and I've had a career that most actors would die for.
Now, suddenly, here was the feeling she had never had on the court, a feeling she had nearly forgotten was possible.
She had lost her job as a custodian, her unemployment checks had run out, and her job search had proved fruitless.
In every business I had ever started, even ones that had totally failed, I had kept good relations with the investors.
You've had chicken salad, and you've had egg salad, but when was the last time you had a great ham salad?
Thursday, Harris noted that the exchange had generated headlines and said she had "reliable information" that there had been a conversation.
All of the participants had experienced at least one sexual relationship, and about two-thirds of them had only had one.
He noted that he had been injured and had not been able to prepare for the tournament as he had wished.
His son, Curt, told The San Diego Union-Tribune that he had neuropathy in his legs and had had several falls.
Kisner had to get past Molinari, who had never had to play the 18th hole in five previous matches this week.
"Had we had Johnny, who knew the horse and had confidence in him, I'm certain he would have won," Ward said.
It had the money from Alibaba, it had someone who had a lot of credibility and great PR, by the way.
Who had died in Vietnam, who had worked for the mob, who had gone to prison or ended up in politics.
He had not only held on to his job but had been promoted and, rumor had it, continued to pursue students.
"No one had ever had another job, they had no life experience, not one of them had ever read a novel, not one of them had ever read any philosophy, I'm not kidding, this is not an exaggeration," said McNamee, to laughter in the room.
"He said he had nothing to do with Russia, had not been involved with hookers in Russia, and had always assumed he was being recorded when in Russia," said Comey, who had briefed Trump on "salacious material" that had arisen in a counter-intelligence investigation.
I had a Scooter doll and I thought he was kind of a nerd, which I was, and he had glasses, I had glasses and I was convinced like me, he had asthma.
Only Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon and Kobe Bryant had postseasons with more 30-point games — Jordan had 16 of them in 1992, Olajuwon had 16 in 1995 and Bryant had 15 in 2009.
I. had a hit with "Bring Em Out" and Lil Wayne had "Go DJ"—but neither had had a single like "Soldier," which climbed as high as number three on the Hot 100.
In at least Texas and Oregon, cases of Zika have been reported in women who had not traveled, but who had had sex with male partners who had recently traveled to affected countries.
Officials had had enough of the eyesore: in October they had sent in demolition crews which, within two months, had evicted some 80,000 migrants and flattened buildings with a total of 6,000 rooms.
All the other patients had either traveled to Latin America or the Caribbean, where Zika had been raging for months — or they had sex or close contact with someone who had been there.
And finally consider if the assassin had had silencers in his lethal toolbox, there had been no alert from the 31st floor, and reaction by the crowd of innocent victims had been delayed.
"I had this moment of heat where I got upset because I had to give up a job I had been looking forward to and had been chasing for a while," she said.
Cindy:  We had books and magazines that we had taken and just never had a chance to read so we did some of that On the ship, they had increased all their movies.
On my trips I saw kids who had been shot, women who had been gang-raped, a man whose eyes had been gouged out, an old couple who had been set on fire.
He had had brief notoriety earlier that year, because the only other boy he'd been close to, a volleyball setter called Takura Gumbo, who had also been in Middle House, had killed himself.
Our families had given us to the Jesuits as boys, and now, as men in the world, we had achieved what our Founding Saint had commanded: we had set the world on fire.
I wouldn't be so blessed had some acute physician not listened carefully to my heart, had I not followed up when symptoms worsened and had I not had access to top-notch care.
Almost six percent of the kids had one of these four signs of oral infections, while 17 percent had two signs, 38 percent had three signs, and 34 percent had all four signs.
They had been down the same mine shafts he had.
It barely had any structure and never really had punchlines.
Boys had Flight of the Navigator and girls had… Splash?
They've had Microsoft and they've had a bunch of companies.
Deese only had one shoe on whereas Fowler had none.
" And later: "Some dancers had graduate degrees; some had never
You had to be out, you had to be public.
He said he had no idea he had been invited.
But at least he had had a moment of happiness.
Unlike many infected with HIV, Chonco had never had sex.
Giuliani had earlier denied Trump had an affair with McDougal.
He had fun, he had games, he was silly, goofy.

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