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"established" Definitions
  1. respected or given official status because it has existed or been used for a long time
  2. (of a person) well known and respected in a job, etc. that they have been doing for a long time
  3. (of a Church or a religion) made official for a country
"established" Synonyms
traditional accepted orthodox official settled dyed-in-the-wool inveterate usual customary time-honored common normal set entrenched fixed general habitual prevailing accustomed well-established well known iconic recognised(UK) recognized(US) acclaimed esteemed prominent respected acknowledged high profile famous premier renowned respectable distinguished familiar illustrious accomplished celebrated eminent undeniable conclusive definite unambiguous accurate categorical clear demonstrable incontrovertible indisputable indubitable irrefutable absolute authoritative certain evident incontestable proven sure unequivocal lasting enduring abiding permanent constant perpetual eternal continuing everlasting perennial undying unending immortal durable endless imperishable continual steady ceaseless appointed specified decided agreed prearranged arranged determined prescribed scheduled chosen designated assigned named allotted commissioned selected decreed solid sound firm strong reliable robust stable compelling steely airtight effective unassailable dependable indestructible infallible toughened cogent reinforced unshakable seasoned expert experienced adept trained competent skilful(UK) practised(UK) skillful(US) consummate practiced(US) qualified professional veteran knowledgeable hardened pro mature placed positioned located planted situated stationed implanted stored allocated based deposited installed lodged occupying quartered rated determinate express final defined positive precise quantified definitive explicit known limited tested confirmed demonstrated tried verified attested authentic certified checked establishable proved supported founded created formed initiated instituted assembled inaugurated incorporated constituted launched started introduced set up started up brought about put in place begun originated classic approved magisterial best classical exhaustive finest greatest standard ultimate superlative perfect legit authorised(UK) authorized(US) legal legitimate proper licit permissible kosher constitutional legalised(UK) legalized(US) valid warranted just statutory rightful justifiable due right appropriate apt correct conventional fitting suitable formal acceptable applicable exact regular fit genuine actual concrete real true existent factual corroborated documented considerable substantial verifiable advanced developed evolved innovative modern progressive sophisticated elaborate perfected revolutionary improved avant-garde cutting-edge state-of-the-art highly developed far ahead far along well ahead well along fast secure secured rooted tight anchored braced cemented embedded riveted stationary immovable unshakeable safe vigorous assured guaranteed ensured sealed clinched impeccable unerring unfailing faultless concluded completed complete finished done finalised(UK) finalized(US) fulfilled over realised(UK) realized(US) closed effected ended resolved primed ready prepared prepped able poised waiting all set at the ready in position in place in order standing by in the wings on the brink equipped connected rigged supplied fitted outfitted arrayed implemented readied put up furnished decorated provided bedecked accoutred fitted out preexisting foregoing preceding previous earlier former antecedent preexistent prior anterior advance precedent preliminary preparatory initial forward erstwhile before past ahead ossified obstinate unbending inflexible uncompromising unyielding stubborn obdurate wilful dogged adamant intransigent implacable headstrong pertinacious mulish perverse opinionated unrelenting logical reasonable convincing analytic analytical coherent consequent good prudent rational sensible weighty credible plausible enforced imposed mandatory compulsory obligatory necessary required requisite forced involuntary demanded unavoidable binding stipulated inescapable exacted coerced compelled dictated enacted built constructed centered(US) ensconced showed indicated signified signaled(US) signalled(UK) displayed exhibited manifested denoted ascertained attested to evidenced substantiated validated innovated pioneered invented designed devised produced revolutionized(US) engineered forged authored found out discovered discerned identified checked out figured out learnt(UK) learned(US) conceived divined double-checked sized up uncovered worked out legislated laid down formulated ratified effectuated passed sanctioned ordained proclaimed chose decided on elected picked agreed on opted for picked out settled on settled upon weighed went for considered sifted out singled out made nominated delegated entitled christened denominated employed enlisted enrolled seen understood comprehended appreciated fathomed grasped perceived got gotten apprehended assimilated construed interpreted cognized conceived of instructed postulated stated conditioned contracted detailed insisted on insisted upon More
"established" Antonyms
unfamiliar unknown unusual unrecognised(UK) unrecognized(US) untried different obscure exotic extraordinary foreign unheard of unidentified bizarre fantastic little known peculiar strange uncommon undiscovered new innovative breakthrough original creative cutting-edge imaginative novel advanced cutting edge fresh futuristic groundbreaking modern newfangled nontraditional trailblazing unique avant-garde high-tech undistinguished uncelebrated inconsequential insignificant humble inconsiderable unacclaimed unheralded unrenowned incognito inconspicuous irrelevant unimportant unnoticed unsung disregarded unproven ambiguous dubious questionable unclear unconfirmed undecided unverified uncertain unresolved hazy ill-defined incomplete in doubt undefined undetermined unreliable unsettled unsound vague untrue false incorrect wrong erroneous inaccurate misleading nonfactual untruthful counterfactual fake inexact distorted fabricated nonstandard unconventional unpopular individual limited minor private underlying unfixed irregular abnormal odd rare exceptional unorthodox casual freewheeling informal unceremonious broad-minded large-minded liberal nonconservative nonconventional nonorthodox open-minded progressive eccentric left-field nonconformist short-lived ephemeral fleeting passing transient ceasing ending impermanent momentary temporary transitory brief short short-term tenuous unenduring fugacious flitting cursory disapproved refused changeable variable mutable alterable elastic flexible inconstant shifting unstable changing intermittent wavering indefinite superficial varying unsteady irresolute exterior external shallow slight surface eradicable peripheral skin-deep on the surface disreputable untrustworthy cowboy common fly-by-night notorious ordinary shady unrespected elected chance fragile crumbling decaying precarious decrepit weak compromised deteriorated rickety breakable delicate inadequate ruined vulnerable dilapidated frail iffy tumbledown adjustable modifiable adaptable convertible exchangeable interchangeable unpredictable undependable dishonorable(US) dishonourable(UK) guileful reckless shifty unassured dishonest unsure deceptive dodgy unscrupulous erratic green inexperienced callow novice unskilled ignorant incapable inept unable unpractised unseasoned untalented amateurish jackleg unprofessional amateur inexpert unskillful unofficial unauthorised(UK) unauthorized(US) unratified unsanctioned uncertified unacceptable uncanonical unaccredited apocryphal offstage wildcat indeterminate nondeterminate unstated unspoken unexpressed unsaid silent unspecified undeclared unuttered unarticulated unvoiced unavowed unmentioned inarticulate unacknowledged muted improper inappropriate inapplicable inapposite unsuitable inapt indecent malapropos objectionable substandard unapt unfit unfitting unsuited insensible misbehaving faint-hearted faltering half-hearted vacillating conjectural hypothetical theoretical speculative unsubstantiated postulated putative presumed presupposed supposed suppositious surmised surmising abstract notional theoretic untested groundless possible unevolved backwards backward undeveloped underdeveloped unprogressive primitive traditional traditionalistic behind-the-times old-fashioned old-line old-school dicey faulty flawed imprecise invalid illogical secondary backup fallback relief substitute occasional doubtful unforeseeable fickle hanging by a thread in the balance touch-and-go unsecure answerable arguable contradictable controvertible debatable disputable doubtable moot negotiable problematic problematical refutable loose unsecured unfastened unacquainted uninitiated unqualified untrained unversed unconversant unfledged uninformed diffident insecure self-distrustful self-doubting confused dismayed distrustful doubted doubting feared fearful hesitant infamous scandalous disgraceful seedy discreditable ignominious louche fishy reprehensible contemptible suspect unwholesome despicable unrespectable raw rudimentary basic developing immature young embryonic low unrefined basal half-baked lower relative versatile amenable compromising accommodating discretionary easy forgiving obliging multipurpose open fluid closed down closed disbanded phased out shut shut down shut up wound down wrapped up brought to an end ceased closed up ended wound up abandoned brought to a close concluded demolished dislodged dissolved disproved challenged contradicted discredited invalidated opposed rebutted refuted countered denied disputed rejected undermined confronted counteracted disclaimed negated quashed renounced repudiated abolished annulled abrogated overturned canceled(US) cancelled(UK) overthrew repealed rescinded revoked called off nullified stopped suppressed undid did away with eliminated discarded dismissed cast aside dispensed with disposed of ditched dumped got rid of parted with removed scrapped chucked chucked out expelled jettisoned offloaded threw away theorised(UK) theorized(US) assumed estimated speculated conjectured guessed hypothesised(UK) hypothesized(US) imagined philosophized(US) deduced evaluated intuited philosophised(UK) posited predicted

394 Sentences With "established"

How to use established in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "established" and check conjugation/comparative form for "established". Mastering all the usages of "established" from sentence examples published by news publications.

" The exec called "Rosanne" an "established show," saying, "It's an established family, it has an established character.
The discovery of America destroyed established geography, the Reformation destroyed the established Church, and astronomy destroyed the established cosmos.
"In the Heights" established his career; "Hamilton" established his fame.
In a liberal democracy, it's about shattering the established parties, the established cooperations and the established intellectual forms of power and hegemony.
Plimpton established the Paris Review, a literary journal; De Gaulle established the Fifth
"When Sun established Java, they established it as an open source thing," Page said.
Every society that has established norms has also established mechanisms to enforce those norms.
"I think when Sun established Java it was established as an open source thing," Page said.
Here you have this established firm that's already established a significant treasure trove of personal data.
If one study finds a contrary conclusion to the established research, it doesn't debunk the established research.
Company: Established in 265, SCBAM has a well-established franchise in managing mutual, private and provident funds.
" And the "no such link was established" sort of sounds like "no such link was established, yet.
Most well-established businesses have similarly well-established procedures for developing and bringing new products to market.
Already, ISK has established cells in India and ISIS has established a presence in Sri Lanka and Maldives.
European conservatism evolved in defense of established institutions, orders and hierarchies, often nobility, often monarchy, often established churches.
What if we'd established an absolute legal defense for new market entrants seeking to compete with established monopolists?
As the language is established, as the forms, the way these things are established, the intent is there.
The innovation pathway within biotech is very well-defined, with established business models, established precedent and understandable risk profiles.
Despite major presences from established audio giants like Sennheiser and Dolby, there really haven't been too many standards established.
Established names with established audiences—preferably older audiences, who spend money on things like books—have become increasingly valuable.
The railroad bill established a transcontinental telegraph line and link to established eastern railroads originating at the Missouri River.
" But she established her reputation as a nonfiction writer, and established the characteristic Garner tone, with "The First Stone.
There are established companies creating content in established silos that meet the expectations of well-trained content consuming pros.
They established friendships and then in 2016, formally established the Lucca Biodinamica, capitalizing on the rising interest in natural wines.
"We felt she already has established Rapoport and was established in the community," Tim Knight, the son of the owner, explained.
Here's a quick rundown of what we know about the causes of autism — from most well-established to least well-established.
Meanwhile, the European Union established the European General Data Protection Regulation in 2018, which established a comprehensive approach to privacy protection.
Wade because that would mean to me that their judicial philosophy did not include a respect for established decisions, established law.
More established actresses were fearful of speaking out because they had work; less established ones were scared because they did not.
Fndr says it isn't interested in established companies' old ways of thinking and tries to help established companies refresh their brands.
What they do: Drive truck or other vehicle over established routes or within an established territory and sell or deliver goods.
Wade, because that would mean to me that their judicial philosophy did not include a respect for established decisions, established law.
If any country wants to repeat the experience, a new commission should be established because the commission established in Guatemala is over.
They include the Metuchen Savings Bank (established 1897), the Jewel Shop (established 1945) and a barbershop out of Norman Rockwell called Luigi's.
Without established performance stars like Ms. Abramovic or Tino Sehgal, or an established market, sales were always going to be a rarity.
There is also no guarantee of success in the markets they seek to become established in where there may already be established competitors.
It is also running campaigns to regain trust, including an ad saying Wells Fargo was established in 1852 and "re-established" in 2018.
Because while we've established that women have the power to vote, we have not established that they have the power to be elected.
Christie's New York Post-War to Present Sale, which similarly brings together work by more established and less established artists, achieved $21.9 million.
Well-established research, the study says, has established the existence of Neanderthal DNA in modern European populations, and Denisovan DNA in Oceanic populations.
The Freedoms quickly established a friendly but heated rivalry with the more established Greek American Athletic Association, and another against the Brooklyn Italians.
The staunchly secularist paper was established in 1924 by a confidant of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk just six months after he established the Turkish Republic.
"This successful Brexit is a danger to risk assets if only because it endangers the established politics and the established economic policies," Gross said.
Still, the government has not established whether Corsi did in fact get inside information or established who he might have gotten that information from.
Even after the constitution barred any established religion at federal level, many individual states retained an established creed during the early years of the Union.
Cleveland has established an event zone adjacent to the convention center, and it has established restrictions on where individuals and groups can assemble and protest.
But in those elections where at least one candidate has an established relationship, getting a new candidate to overtake that established candidate is extremely difficult.
For newer, less established markets, however, TAM is established through third-party research publications (commissioned or otherwise) along with detailed bottoms-up and tops-down analyses.
CMLA (established in 1873) is one of the largest insurance providers in Australia, while Sovereign (established in 1989) is the largest life insurer in New Zealand.
Tea plantations run by larger, more established, and more wealthy conglomerates tended to offer better living conditions than those run by smaller and less established companies.
The first is to set the subsidy to a level established by the market, as opposed to one established by the government, as it is now.
Many of the characters the Saviors have captured by episode's end, including Michonne and Glenn, are in couples either long-established or recently established on the show.
I think the direct approach to understanding [the sharing and influence of other cultures] is working with established singers from that culture, and working with established writers.
The most established example that New York will look to is Amsterdam's "nachtburgemeester," a position established in 2003 when the Dutch capital's night life was in decline.
Start-up banks and established financial services companies such as insurer Discovery Ltd are pushing into retail banking in South Africa, pitting them against five established banks.
Clients of mirror trades told me that the same people who established Westminster also established one of the other counterparties: Cherryfield Management, in the British Virgin Islands.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was established by President Richard Nixon in 1970, and its impact firmly established in its early years by its first administrator, William Ruckelshaus.
"The executive branch's authority to simply rescind a policy, established only by a letter from the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, is clearly established," he said.
Now, as innovators move further into established industries, they have the unpleasant task of convincing policymakers to review legacy regulatory frameworks established to protect these industries from disruption.
Victor Mones Coro, 41, who established ACS, and Alejandro Miguel Leon Maal, 51, who established SVMI, were charged with the same counts as El Aissami and Lopez Bello.
The American government takes the view that there is a difference between a monopoly that is established through its own growth and one that is established through acquisitions.
It has overhauled management and is trying to regain trust, including through an ad campaign saying that Wells Fargo was established in 1852 and "re-established" in 2018.
The policy was established in 2015 as a major development to a rule established in 1983 that banned men who have sex with men from donating for life.
On that front, she plans to put together a subcommittee on diversity and inclusion, which will be formally established when committee rules are established in the new Congress.
" John Bingham, an Ohio representative and the lead author of the 183th Amendment, which included the positive guarantee of birthright citizenship, said that under the terms of the 15th Amendment, "an aristocracy of property may be established; an aristocracy of intellect may be established; an aristocracy of sect may be established.
We created a mechanism — actually my party lost a vote because we established a set of mechanisms that established several rules that you cannot pay for things with cash.
And afterward we established in the high-security prison El Altiplano, a lot of devices microphones, cameras, detectors of sounds, movements, vibrations, all kind of stuff was established there.
The group would be established with the oversight of the US-Russian-Jordanian center established last year in Amman for monitoring the cease-fire in southwest Syria, Maj.-Gen.
It's likely Microsoft is able to do this because it is such a stalwart and well-established business, letting it take risks that less-established companies can't do yet.
Wade because that would mean to me that their judicial philosophy did not include a respect for established decisions, established law," Collins said on CNN's "State of the Union.
"I hope that the contacts we have established or re-established among the two belligerents can bear fruit before the holy month of Ramadan," Salame told a news conference.
"We have agreed that the attorneys' fees will be established by the court," he said, a process that had been established in earlier mass litigations like the Volkswagen cases.
"If that can be established in court, that ought to be established," said Mr. Sharpton, the activist who also hosts a show on MSNBC, which is owned by Comcast.
No precedent = no clearly established law = no liability.
Mr. Pedlikin's parents have established a special needs trust for their grandson, he said, and Mr. Pedlikin has established a trust in his will, so his son can inherit funds.
For new patients, whose visits entail more work than those of established patients, facility fees typically range from $131 to $322 per visit; for established patients, they are slightly lower.
"At present, a commission has been established to investigate the causes and circumstances of the incident," Aeroflot said in the statement, adding that it had quickly established a crisis center.
More, it was established to show work by artists on and off the island, younger artists needing a more flexible space in which to experiment, exiles, and even established artists.
Today, my mom and I have established a consistent routine with a healthier lifestyle and newfound friendships established at caregiver support groups and the adult center she attends every week.
When Congress established the E.P.A. in 22015 and passed the Clean Air Act later that year, California was granted a waiver to follow air pollution rules it had already established.
These efforts create much greater-than-typical security in addition to showing what you already knew: Unikrn is an established company with an established product looking to include reputable purchasers.
"The executive branch's authority to simply rescind a policy, established only by a letter from the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, is clearly established," he said in a statement.
But as many established corporate players have learned, simply acquiring data doesn&apost mean the established systems will be adept enough to learn from, use, and evolve with the newfound information.
The bureau, which was established in the wake of the financial crisis to protect consumers from predatory financial practices, has been mired in legal and administrative challenges since it was established.
"If Daesh (Islamic State) became established in Libya and sought to use that established base to infiltrate terrorists into Europe, that would be a threat to all of us," he said.
PK: Big established companies that people ... CN: Or Merkel.
Performing alongside the biggest established singers / artists across Asia.
Correa-Cabrera, Romero, and others familiar with how coyotes work said there's now an established system whereby cartels charge coyotes hefty fees to use the "crossing lanes" they've established for drug smugglers.
And because the more established Seattle high school programs had equally established head coaches, Roy was hired by Nathan Hale, a suburban high school in North Seattle with very little basketball tradition.
But investors are starting to look past the well-established industries within space, such as development of satellites and launchers, and into less-established ventures like space mining and tourism, Goldman wrote.
The international institutions that were established soon after the war, such as the United Nations, NATO, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, were certainly established with American interests in mind.
The Advocate Health Care Network opinion raised the question of whether an ERISA exemption for retirement plans established and maintained by churches extends to plans established and maintained by church-affiliated nonprofits.
With a disparate range of artist studios, established galleries, "curated" real estate buildings, DIY studios stressing community education, and traditional non-profits, it lacks the cohesion or established reputation of other arts neighborhoods.
One of these terminals will be established in Dubai next year near the area where Expo 2020 will take place, the group said, adding several rotorcraft terminals may be established in other geographies.
But Tabitha is an established author in her own right.
Even established migrants are sometimes baffled by the British system.
The Trump campaign's mastery of Facebook advertising is well established.
He's grooving in the comfort zone he established decades ago.
"Ballet companies change, established institutions tend not to," he wrote.
Comedy is a weapon to destabilise the established political order.
"We have established proprietary algorithms," said Prosper spokeswoman Sarah Cain.
He established the National Guard for his own personal protection.
SUBTITLE: The Courtauld Institute of Art was established in 1932.
The Vatican and Russia only established diplomatic ties in 2009.
There are hierarchies and threads reserved only for established members.
CFE was established to develop growth strategies for the country.
He established a new policy to separate families from children.
Sullivan, that established modern standards around libel of public officials.
Established democracies with highly developed economies have proven surprisingly resilient.
Or a flexible complement to an established mass transit system.
Radiohead has previously established a fondness for nontraditional music releases.
The potential effects of loneliness on health are well established.
Wade ruling that established a woman's right to an abortion.
Wade ruling, which established a woman's right to an abortion.
So this is a significant relationship that they have established.
The most established is the Barton Street Battalion in Hamilton.
He believes community can only be established face to face.
The Indian constitution established the country as a secular republic.
China established the zone despite objections from Tokyo and Washington.
A breach could scare customers away to more established brokerages.
Both new and established manufacturers present futuristic concept cars regularly.
The report also said ISIS militants have established a presence.
All of those deals established CVS as a national retailer.
Increasingly popular and already fairly established are the legal marketplaces.
He did not say how that claim would be established.
"I think we've established ourselves that we're good," Miller said.
The established tyremakers have advantages over the industry they serve.
Wade, in Blumenthal's words, was "less well established" than Loving.
Can become this tsunami and has overturned established industries. Sure.
And they have established members of our nation's larger community.
They play moves that established poker literature considers really bad.
The facts of the Ottoman campaign have long been established.
The Supreme Court case that established that rule, Brandenburg v.
It was unclear, however, what specific guidelines would be established.
Those songs boosted the profiles of two already established artists.
There is no established constitutional doctrine on referendums in Britain.
And this leads to the predicted jockeying by established players.
This mandate is established by the treaty by European law.
Heye left the RNC before the separate accounts were established.
Netanyahu remains caretaker premier until a new government is established.
That idea became established doctrine in exercise science and sports.
It was established by Kurds afraid of the old market.
They have also caught the attention of established financial players.
We've already established that Halloween is a fashion girl's holiday.
Nvidia reckons it has already established its own computing platform.
It's established a financial incentive for Beahm to be controversial.
But we've got to have some commonly established rules first.
It established the director as a master of tonal shifts.
Just consider how Uber and Amazon have overturned established industries.
It established the egalitarian ideology that continued to inform abolition.
The link between dinosaurs and birds has been well established.
Also notable is a $2 million fund established by Google.
Mouawad was established by their great grandfather David in Beirut.
Casey, which established and reaffirmed Americans' right to an abortion.
Throughout the competition, Rahannah established herself as a fierce competitor.
And it is looking much less established, in any case.
He has also established a scholarship program in Newcastle, Australia.
Bocom Leasing was established by Bank of Communications Co., Ltd.
We've established that anything is possible on Game of Thrones.
But established political families will continue to wield great power.
The numbers released Friday included deaths outside established war zones.
The world's established carmakers are getting into the electric game.
The cause of the crash has not yet been established.
And in more established industries, companies feel pressure to upgrade.
Mao held the country together and established the communist state.
Fox Corporation was established as a stand alone company Tuesday.
They have various established workflows that we need to respect.
These alert the body that an infection has been established.
The NLST established CT scanning as the route to take.
But the menace to the world's established carriers goes deeper.
It's established that the Chimera is the definition of overkill.
Over in one world, established news organizations reported the news.
Established brokers in many states complained to state regulatory bodies.
Those plans may backfire, however, by infuriating established cannabis businesses.
The firms tend to be established, with dominant market positions.
Wade, the Supreme Court case that established modern abortion protections.
Volker noted NATO has no established way of ejecting members.
The Fifth Republic's constitution established a particularly strong executive presidency.
Once established, ZEDEs can seize land to expand the zones.
Established under French rule, it is actually two distinct currencies.
In 2010, he established the Liberian Visual Arts Academy (LivArts).
SurfSafe's leans heavily on the expertise of established media outlets.
"Under established law, you must lose," Judge Sykes tells Nirider.
If trust has been established, then open up the vault.
Populations of albopictus and aegypti are established in both states.
The rodeo was established in 1929, according to its website.
Dumornay is charged with burglary and violating established emergency measures.
They pride themselves on poaching, with said funds, established talent.
And once they're established, they can live a long time.
Roosevelt established the War Production Board to oversee the mobilization,
A habit must be established before it can be improved.
Al Qaeda and ISIS have also established footholds in Afghanistan.
There were a lot of established companies in the space.
Wade, the decision that established the right to an abortion.
A similar operation would be established in Lebanon, he said.
Starboard's strategy for targeting MGM could not be immediately established.
The court was established by the Organization of American States.
Several shelters were established for people forced from their homes.
VR is launching into a huge, established PC games marketplace.
This year Austria has established a ceiling of 37,500 refugees.
The government has established an office to find missing people.
Instead, it's partnering with established firms to launch new funds.
It's not just going to be established career critics, though.
Puerto Rico established 11 regional staging areas around the island.
But Congress never established such rules, effectively prohibiting the practice.
Predictably, the statements so far stick to established party lines.
Established drivers could use one to solidify their championship chances.
Wade that established abortion as a constitutional right -- has died.
In 1993, he established Tent City -- the infamous outdoor jail.
More established hoverboard companies have hit back, new, safer devices.
The identity of the victims had not yet been established.
The cause of the fire has yet to be established.
And some of them, we established very good relationships within.
The technology is established and performance has consistently been strong.
He also announced the family had established a website, VanessaMarcotte.
Yet Sanders voted against the bill that established this system.
And those that do rarely happen outside of established franchises.
Kelsey Grammer plays Pat Brady, a more established Tinseltown producer.
Local rival UBS established a new Swiss subsidiary in 2015.
Visitors mostly use the CUC, which was established in 2004.
And it established programs to support those students through graduation.
American, the Southern, the white Protestant, or simply the established
Four years later, Congress established the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
So it's different from stopping a pregnancy that's already established.
They established a government dispersing power between three coequal branches.
Even some more established companies see their jobs that way.
Yet Turkey also showed that technology is challenging established formulas.
Previous research has established the hidden health costs of caregiving.
IBM and Cisco have established huge offices in the region.
Instead, county officials had established a new memorial cemetery nearby.
Trump has established himself as a proponent of nuclear weapons.
Lillard's career high is 59, established last April against Utah.
But other tech companies have established minimum standards for contractors.
Wade, the landmark 2628 decision that established abortion rights nationwide.
KAF was established by the KAF Law in November 2015.
He has established councils to study European integration and China.
As a result, Central European University was established in 1991.
It also established the first nationwide rules for carbon emissions.
Some may be recognizable as established artists; others are emerging.
One year before that, Congress established the Federal Trade Commission.
He also taught there and established a visiting journalist program.
Together they established a "gents' furnishings" store in Kansas City.
Established in 1997, the program covers nearly nine million children.
We think that's not appropriate given the value we've established.
Obamacare established 23 of these Consumer Operated and Oriented Plans.
The White House established deregulation teams at various federal agencies.
Religious freedom was formally established in the Constitution's First Amendment.
There are always new observations and data challenging established ideas.
If I wasn't careful, my trajectory would soon be established.
But that's not why the country established the Postal Service.
It has established a research laboratory in Palo Alto, Calif.
We have startup incubators and investment funds are being established.
We simply lack the ability to agree on established facts.
A date for the trial has not yet been established.
California, Illinois, Oregon and Massachusetts have already established such programs.
"We want to follow process established by Congress," he said.
Koechner established himself as a comedian on TV and film.
The store's presence in Texas, however, is not as established.
The results, however, established a close, though not exact, match.
Britain established the world's first postal savings bank in 1861.
The criminalization of political difference was established by Chris Christie.
Negotiations are at an early stage with no timescale established.
How dare you challenge somebody who is already so established?
Even the enormous 1999 demonstration reflected a certain established protocol.
No independent body for overseeing the NYPD's activity is established.
Graham himself established a standard that demands Trump's impeachment. pic.twitter.
Less well known than Yellowstone, Lassen Volcanic, established on Aug.
He established secret contacts with France to obtain nuclear technology.
South Africa recently established a legal framework for licensing growers.
But the schools and communities that he established quickly failed.
Even the most established firms aren't immune to the pressures.
Homeland Security, established just 85033 years ago after the Sept.
Established players in both finance and tech are taking note.
Jurors often treat such charges as easily established by prosecutors.
Wade, which established a woman's right to abortion in 1973.
Stated plainly, there are already crimes that have been established.
Both forums were established during the first half of 2016.
Wade that established a woman's right to terminate a pregnancy.
You have established a new regulatory pathway for digital health.
By January, we had already established weekends for our son.
AstroNA has also established pilot programs with four food companies.
Someone more established could make you swoon after the 20th.
And did you successfully established this context in the book?
"It established the idea of British house music," says Brewster.
Small rivalries developed, and the best and brightest established themselves.
The Vatican and Israel established full diplomatic relations in 1994.
Expanding the network always puts pressure on your established line.
The Fairs Cup was becoming the continent's established second tournament.
Once I've established that, you can move onto other things.
"We wanted to show established artists alongside Kurt," Roth says.
It was established as a National Historic Landmark in 1999.
He encouraged intermarriage between clans and established equality among soldiers.
This is the church that's been established on his Word.
In many cases, they have established relationships within particular communities.
Ford is using an established brand that resonates with buyers.
Wages are "sticky" and tough to claw back once established.
Three businesses — two established, one emerging — move in new directions.
Its first offering, the Balanced Fund, was established in 1931.
But established players would typically get no reward for that.
We showed up and established a presence in the neighborhood.
If you haven't established one, you'll need to do so.
At the same time, the partnership established a website, Cleanet.
By the early 1900s, he had established 2,509 of them.
Among the 10 regional economic development councils established by Gov.
Terminology, at least, has been established for varied construction methods.
Workers at more established retailers aren't safe from layoffs, either.
Meanwhile, a number of impressive benefits have been well established.
More established huts have well water pumped through interior sinks.
With trust established, the patient looked at me and smiled.
Experts say there's no established path to helping them quit.
As she became more established, she started to wear colors.
Madison, which established its power of judicial review in 1803.
Because we fear not being citizens of something more established.
The structure he has established resembles that of previous presidents.
Casio was established as Kashio Seisakujo in 0003 in Tokyo.
Trump has established his independence in new ways, of course.
His ability as a shot blocker is already well established.
In 1996, Howard established a professorship in Dr. Leffall's name.
Casey, not Roe, is the established precedent that matters here.
He said that the cause had not yet been established.
Moreover, Yeldegirmeni felt established and welcoming, and utterly lacking pretension.
Ramabai built a church and established the Mukti (Salvation) Mission.
The chief learning officer is well established at large companies.
Popcaan has already established himself as a Jamaican cultural icon.
Engagement with Brexit has coincided with disengagement from established politics.
Israel was established as a home for the Jewish people.
Membership in these institutions is not established by rational choice.
In fact, it began before the agency was even established.
The Affordable Care Act established health insurance marketplaces, including Healthcare.
Physicians established a particularly elegant model: the prepaid doctor group.
He established a Baptist church and Amazing Grace Christian Radio.
Today the importance of title sequences has been well established.
Hawley, 52, has long established himself in more expansive mediums.
In 1718, San Antonio, Texas, was established in the southwest.
But it worked really well once a connection was established.
The first hima was established in southern Lebanon in 2004.
They weren't losing to their established competition in Hollywood either.
Those targets were established in 2011 by the Obama Administration.
There is no identified cause or established treatment for Norse.
That was how it established a lucrative relationship with Berezovsky.
More terrorist safe havens have been established than ever before.
John and I established a working group on the recovery.
Kylie Jenner established herself as a trendsetter in the 2010s.
The Germans established the camp after invading Poland in 1939.
Way to the south, Egypt already is an established producer.
Legal defense funds are usually established for individual federal employees.
This was true for both trainees and more established doctors.
"Few real new businesses are being established," Mr. Shane said.
The bodyguards were convicted, but no motive was ever established.
In 1798, a public landing was established to boost commerce.
He established Feral House after returning to California in 1989.
Their physical networks and infrastructure are well established as well.
The City Council established its special commission in May 2016.
The two men established the nonprofit foundation in January 2015.
Most of the institutes were established or authorized by Congress.
It soon established footholds in Shanghai, London, and Buenos Aires.
And how would residency be established at the front desk?
By that time, Mr. Frank was established as a master.
Last year, the city established a designated feces cleanup crew.
Plus, he has established himself as a savvy tech investor.
This year, Missouri established a program that excludes the group.
But we established a relationship, and I keep going back.
The Standard Time Act established time zones and daylight saving.
I try to showcase new artists with more established artists.
After his capture, Mr. Khaybar's identity was not immediately established.
The same holds true for more established tech companies, too.
The park was established as a national monument in 1939.
An earlier version misstated the year the company was established.
For most established industry leaders, dynamic opportunities are yesterday's story.
A small consolation: The established premium brands prefer premium gasoline.
The inflation targeting regime established in 103 is gaining credibility.
More formal debate follows established rules and standards of evidence.
For established brands, he said, the rate is much lower.
But perhaps he has established a branch operation in Finland.
What's been established as best practice and handed to you?
DNA established "hardness" and survivability standards for all weapons systems.
Republican President Dwight Eisenhower established the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
Felix is a solid and established member of his community.
Those sponsors often weigh an established following in making endorsements.
Trump's track record of mishandling classified secrets is well established.
He has outlasted much more established political figures like Sen.
The NCAA has established a committee to fix college basketball.
HIPAA in 1996 established continuous coverage requirements to build on.
"The precedent for backing away is established," Mr. Windley said.
Liang established the Fed's Division of Financial Stability in 2010.
Trump also established new rules about his room and possessions.
Communes were established with different orientations -- religious, artistic and agricultural.
The truce established in the church hall had been broken.
Repeat, over and over, until a groove has been established.
We're trying to disturb the established rhythm of the blockbuster.
Off the record: Ideally, terms are established at the start.
And C.F.B., established in 2001, is one of its subsidiaries.
Wade, the case that established a constitutional right to abortion.
And stay as close to established paths as you can.

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