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"inadequate" Definitions
  1. not enough; not good enough
  2. (of people) not able, or not confident enough, to deal with a situation synonym incompetent
"inadequate" Synonyms
insufficient deficient poor meagre(UK) scarce short sparse limited scant incomplete insubstantial measly restricted weak inconsiderable low paltry inappreciable incommensurate meager(US) incapable incompetent ineffective ineffectual inept lacking unfit inefficient inexpert unproficient amateurish unequal unsatisfactory unskilful hopeless impotent inferior lousy substandard unacceptable bad wretched crummy mediocre subpar dissatisfactory suboptimal lame shoddy wanting deplorable pathetic tiny little reduced trivial minimal derisory insignificant negligible nominal minor unimportant inconsequential nugatory petty useless futile fruitless unproductive vain worthless unsuccessful pointless unavailing inefficacious unprofitable profitless abortive bootless empty idle otiose improper inappropriate unsuitable inapt unseemly unbecoming wrong infelicitous inapposite untoward indecorous malapropos incorrect incongruous inopportune unapt amiss untimely faulty flawed inaccurate erroneous false unsound inexact fallacious defective invalid imprecise imperfect unreliable awry impaired confined cramped small compact narrow tight constricted incommodious uncomfortable strait poky confining squeezed circumscribed enclosed pinched untrue out off untruthful unfounded spurious bogus baseless unconvincing unsubstantiated untenable unwarranted pale feeble insipid bland flat puny vapid lackluster(US) lacklustre(UK) tame uninspired spiritless unimaginative unimpressive unfinished undone uncompleted unaccomplished unexecuted undeveloped unperformed bitty incoherent piecemeal rough rude rudimentary unconsummated underdone unpolished scrappy limp-wristed effete characterless frail invertebrate milk-and-water namby-pamby nerveless soft spineless weakened weak-kneed weakling wet wimpish wimpy inconclusive ambiguous indecisive unsettled vague indeterminate indefinite open uncertain undetermined debatable moot unconfirmed undecided unproved unresolved groundless waterish anaemic(UK) anemic(US) ashen ashy blanched bleached bloodless cadaverous colorless(US) colourless(UK) deathlike dim doughy dull faded faint ghastly laughable funny humorous hilarious amusing comical droll comic farcical diverting uproarious entertaining killing antic chucklesome comedic humoristic hysteric hysterical jocose diminished hardly any modest finite immaterial little or no restrained constrained curbed More
"inadequate" Antonyms
adequate ample enough sufficient abundant satisfactory substantial plenty apt acceptable appropriate fair good enough reasonable suitable decent good passable respectable OK competent able capable knowledgeable experienced proficient skilled adept expert fit gifted efficient masterly suited fitted skillful(US) excellent fine first-class first-rate great high-grade marvellous(UK) marvelous(US) superior top-notch wonderful happy magnificent nice pleasant rich wealthy exceptional significant bounteous bountiful considerable generous liberal plenteous plentiful profuse stable steady superabundant tidy voluminous wide major unrestricted innocuous inoffensive admirable commendable creditable laudable meritorious praiseworthy delightful lucky tolerable bearable blessed fortunate venial trivial favourable(UK) comforting proper felicitous becoming befitting correct decorous fitting genteel meet right seemly apposite opportune accurate open roomy healthy liberated unlimited well true valid sound well-founded well-grounded errorless exact factual hard just justified logical precise rational reasoned strong cogent convincing compelling conclusive incontestable incontrovertible persuasive reliable credible dependable influential powerful trustworthy unassailable believable infinite endless immeasurable limitless boundless unbounded countless measureless indefinite indeterminable multitudinous uncountable undefined unending illimitable immensurable incalculable inestimable deluxe high-class classy grandiose high-quality lavish luxurious luxury upscale elegant grand luscious lush opulent pretentious chic elaborate fancy luxuriant punchy interesting colorful(US) colourful(UK) engaging exciting imaginative lively provocative spirited stimulating appetising(UK) appetizing(US) delicious exhilarating original pleasing sharp yummy thorough comprehensive complete exhaustive careful meticulous probing attentive conscientious detailed diligent methodical painstaking punctilious scrupulous analytical deep

955 Sentences With "inadequate"

How to use inadequate in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "inadequate" and check conjugation/comparative form for "inadequate". Mastering all the usages of "inadequate" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Alcee Hastings (D-Fla.) said he hopes the former first lady addresses "inadequate jobs, inadequate housing and inadequate education" in black communities.
Instead, in its immediate wake, it wasn't just reality that felt inadequate; I felt inadequate.
There are inadequate instructions on the scooters' use, but inadequate warnings about the scooters' risks.
This has led to understaffing, inadequate mental-health care, and, in some cases, inadequate meals.
I find the recent YouTube one to be inadequate, the recent Facebook one to be inadequate.
The letter cited specific problems including an oversized distribution system, inadequate staffing or administration and inadequate funding for the treatment plant.
Worse, parts of the system are failing because of inadequate investment, weak and failing federal regulations and inadequate social safety nets.
"Mandatory arbitration undermines the development of public law because there is inadequate transparency and inadequate judicial review of arbitrators' decisions," they wrote.
There's continued funding for Planned Parenthood, inadequate non-defense discretionary cuts, inadequate funds to effectively rebuild our military, and no defunding of sanctuary cities.
Inadequate video camera coverage Video cameras outside Building 12 were inadequate to cover the exterior and other areas of the campus, the report said.
"Nothing really has changed based on the fact that the tools of trade and drugs are still inadequate, and remuneration still is inadequate," Ndoro told CNN.
But differences in access to treatment in Sweden, inadequate use of interpreters and inadequate care can also contribute to higher death rates, said Annika Esscher, an obstetrician.
However the watchdog also makes a point of underlining Uber's problematic handling of the incident, couching this as "inadequate decision-making", not merely censuring Uber's also "inadequate" security.
Although more than 90% of teachers claim they are "comfortable" teaching slavery to students, 58% of teachers found textbooks inadequate, and 40% said their state provides inadequate support.
It utilizes inadequate data, makes rookie technical errors, and includes grossly inadequate documentation, modeling malpractice the administration didn't even use the two existing models it had access to.
Meanwhile, those who have not gotten the memo keep telling you they know what's going on and you're inadequate when the truth is no one knows and they're inadequate too.
LONDON — Put away your woefully inadequate DIY gingerbread houses.
Theranos' response to an inspection was deemed inadequate earlier this year Theranos' initial response to the April report was deemed inadequate, a letter from the Arizona Department of Health Services to Theranos shows.
While Democrats' inadequate plan displays an apparent lack of boldness.
Lesson Five: Inadequate preparation heightens the risk of summit failure.
However, this mindset is inadequate for dealing with trade wars.
Day by day, human beings grow more and more inadequate.
Nobody looked like me, and I felt inadequate being Korean.
It makes us feel inadequate since we haven't had ours.
Some 60 percent believe current border security measures are inadequate.
This is "totally inadequate", says Mieko Tashiro of Saitama University.
Sewers, water treatment and rubbish collection are all hopelessly inadequate.
Inadequate testing, however, is not just the fault of millennials.
Nordstrom's special committee said that the proposed price was inadequate.
If funding cannot keep pace, more will receive inadequate treatment.
The data is messy, spotty, and in many cases inadequate.
In particular, he cited inadequate logistics support and fuel supplies.
Yes, but: Funding and training for demining initiatives are inadequate.
It is, at the very least, fundamentally flawed and inadequate.
That punishment was simply inadequate for Strzok's level of wrongdoing.
Health insurance often provides inadequate coverage for mental health care.
GMO critics could no longer dismiss Golden Rice as inadequate.
It's also possible that patients had inadequate health care access.
After midnight Tuesday, however, the preparations appeared to be inadequate.
But overhauling inadequate infrastructure has only been half the battle.
"It is inadequate," Monette said of the US draft text.
They attribute this to increasingly inadequate high school English programs.
Outside Bolivia's large cities, emergency medical care may be inadequate.
At the same time, inadequate hydration can have debilitating effects.
Their suggestions about dealing with climate change are all inadequate.
Responses from HR have been inadequate, leaving minority communities unprotected.
The report had said that they were inadequate and incomplete.
Schwencke explained some of the reasons the report is inadequate.
Current available treatments are frequently inadequate or unsafe, she added.
Finally, the infrastructure in the U.S. Arctic is woefully inadequate.
Clinton, addressing concerns from Republicans that their infrastructure is inadequate.
But it also seems inadequate to understanding Cruz's strange ascent.
"It's not normal" has become so inadequate to what's unfolding.
Even if vaccinated, people had inadequate protection against the flu.
The report is "an inadequate, incomplete, partisan document," said Sen.
In countries with inadequate protections, health care workers are dying.
But such voluntary policies are an inadequate substitute for legislation.
Democrats said the GOP offer on unemployment insurance was inadequate.
But the Democratic campaign is inadequate to the current moment.
In such a situation, the word would sound ludicrously inadequate.
You critique solutions that you see as bad or inadequate.
Slow and inadequate responses can make it partly your fault.
But the Freedom Act system proved dysfunctional, expensive and inadequate.
But the Freedom Act system proved dysfunctional, expensive and inadequate.
Making matters worse, inadequate supply chain leaves a bleak outlook.
Many abuse survivors have described the church's actions as inadequate.
Yet even those concepts can feel inadequate for some actors.
He also said the cleaning Amazon is doing seems inadequate.
Other patients complained of inadequate medical treatment and unsanitary conditions.
It makes us believe we are inadequate when we deviate.
Taiwan's inadequate infrastructure has long deterred foreign and domestic capital.
President Obama's response — at least until now — has proved inadequate.
Though food stamps help ease the burden, they are inadequate.
But researchers say the limited program has been largely inadequate.
Staffing is inadequate, and medical equipment is in short supply.
Democratic leadership criticized the president's request as "anemic" and inadequate.
And scientists often gripe about inadequate budgets for their work.
The former CEO admitted the company's response had been inadequate.
I have seen how inadequate my own words have been.
However, the bill sponsors argue that online access is inadequate.
Fainting is caused by inadequate blood flow to the brain.
An apology is inadequate, of course, but it's a start.
But inadequate infrastructure has prevented scientists from achieving that goal.
These incidents were troubling, and the official response arguably inadequate.
The Special Committee believed the proposed price was substantially inadequate.
If he feels the Navy's response is inadequate, will Rep.
More than 750 American communities have inadequate stormwater protection systems.
Still, it's evident that "yes or no" questions are inadequate.
But the courts took the view that that was inadequate.
But critics, including some Jewish groups, called such plans inadequate.
Sanders said the USMCA had inadequate protections for American workers.
Your classmate in the honors program can feel inadequate compared with a higher-performing classmate in that program, who can feel inadequate compared with a still-higher-performing classmate and so on up the line.
But the explanations offered for the sudden, unprecedented closure seem inadequate.
I never thought my adult refrigerator would make me feel inadequate.
The senators deemed Google's responses to their concerns to be inadequate.
Sadly, in all four countries, the global response has been inadequate.
" Johnson added, "Clearly, the response from the NYPD has been inadequate.
In an interview, Ms. Murray criticized the manufacturers' response as inadequate.
Condemning terrorism is a woefully inadequate response to a persistent menace.
You get to a point where words are just totally inadequate.
The plywood subfloor was inadequate and incomplete; the floor was sinking.
"The current approach to regulatory oversight is inadequate to protect consumers."
Humanitarian access is inadequate as "needs are so huge", he said.
They know the conditions in their countries of origin are inadequate.
They also tend to come up with inadequate solutions to them.
He let it fail lest fecklessness seem to bring inadequate retribution.
An inadequate formula is not just Italy's problem, but the world's.
The opposition condemned Mr. Amari's response to the accusations as inadequate.
Meanwhile, heroin blankets our streets, as drug interdiction receives inadequate support.
Nevsun rejected the "inadequate" proposal, which is not a formal bid.
That inadequate Senate plan is an improvement on House Republicans' plan.
But in the years before that, employees say, HR was inadequate.
The available response and treatment is woefully inadequate at the moment.
But GI Joe will continue to make gay boys feel inadequate.
In the US, too, environmentalists have criticized President Trump's inadequate response.
While Democrats frequently denounced Price's responses as inadequate, Republicans defended him.
What we go from last night's live stream was completely inadequate.
After midnight on Tuesday, however, the preparations appeared to be inadequate.
"We had one (type of) very inadequate sanitary pad," she said.
That is more than half of Rwanda's current, inadequate, generating capacity.
A year later, the RSS 0.91 specification had become woefully inadequate.
Both studies involved patients with an inadequate response to standard therapies.
When that excuse proved inadequate, they tried to distract with falsehoods.
However, even 214 percent of inadequate leaves something to be desired.
The supply of doctors, especially in some specialties, is woefully inadequate.
World Sports Exchange ceased operations in 2013, citing inadequate capital resources.
These observers cite problems that include inadequate water and inedible food.
Unfortunately, VA's comprehensive caregiver assistance program is both inadequate and unfair.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn dismissed the prime minister's promises as inadequate.
The agreement has been criticized by some ethics experts as inadequate.
It criticized Fabric for having what it called "grossly inadequate" security.
Our current supply, shared with Mexico and Canada, is simply inadequate.
What they saw was thousands of children receiving shamefully inadequate care.
The federal response has been described as both slow and inadequate.
It is woefully inadequate in meeting the challenges of our time.
"Their response was frankly inadequate on almost every level," Warner said.
Technological fixes to biased or problematic AI systems are proving inadequate.
"Their response was frankly inadequate on almost every level," he said.
It's made me see how laughably inadequate individual legal repercussions are.
In 2013, World Sports Exchange ceased operations, citing inadequate capital resources.
Virginia Hospital Association, that providers can sue over inadequate payment rates.
Ms. Harrelson came to view the criminal justice system as inadequate.
At airport screening stations, when there are inadequate resources, queues form.
My answer is inadequate, but I have tried to answer it.
Pierce's care, her family had no doubt it had been inadequate.
Bipartisan, moderate politics feel inadequate for the political moment, liberals argue.
A quarter of the world's children are stunted from inadequate diets.
"I feel really inadequate sometimes when I come to these things."
And now its response to that scandal has been cruelly inadequate.
But the Pence rule is inadequate to stop Weinstein-ian behavior.
"It's a very inadequate firehose on a raging fire," said Zandi.
Some Republican lawmakers worried these high risk pools would be inadequate.
So I would say their process of consultation is wholly inadequate.
In contrast, Darius feels inadequate and alone in the big city.
It's Wilson who lets the camera linger on those inadequate men.
Yet the world's strategy for dealing with pandemics is woefully inadequate.
Lawmakers have also raised concerns about inadequate background checks of investors.
Rand Paul and Mike Lee emphatically denounced the briefing as inadequate.
College for all has resulted in an inadequate education for most.
Second, Trump's competency level has risen from catastrophic to merely inadequate.
And 26% cite "inadequate income" for causing them to fall behind.
There, you see, no Like counter even needed to feel inadequate.
"The security provided to us is totally inadequate," Mr. Turi said.
These measures are inadequate, the Jane Does allege in the lawsuit.
" He called Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty "pitifully, even absurdly, inadequate.
Laquan's family and the Illinois attorney general called the sentence inadequate.
Laquan's family and the Illinois attorney general called the sentence inadequate.
The action from world powers has been excruciatingly slow and inadequate.
Many say the evictions are illegal, with authorities paying inadequate compensation.
Inadequate access The United Nations International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) estimates that more than three quarters of the world population (5.5 billion) have inadequate access to pain-relieving medicine for HIV/AIDS, cancer and even childbirth.
Not only is he emblematic, as a business leader, of the cost of inadequate enforcement, but he's also someone who clearly favors inadequate enforcement as a matter of principle and appoints regulators who make the problem worse.
"[Facebook] knew its data security measures were grossly inadequate by, at the absolute latest, March 2018 when the Cambridge Analytica matter came to light, exposing Facebook's lax and inadequate approach to data security," the court document reads.
"COMPLETELY INADEQUATE" Infectious disease specialist Kentaro Iwata of Japan's Kobe University Hospital, who volunteered to help aboard the ship, described the infection control effort on board as "completely inadequate" and said basic protocols had not been followed.
I even handle his email communication (because of his inadequate English skills).
Staff was inadequate or missing altogether, while performing artists didn't show up.
The idea of limiting direct communication about the business is wholly inadequate.
The bones alone approach, this experiment showed, is both inadequate and inaccurate.
The answer of the European leadership to such problems has been inadequate.
In Clinton's case, she's usually criticized openly for being an inadequate woman.
Kalamazoo County Judge Paul Bridenstine told Pickett that his apology was inadequate.
As a result, any sort of generalization is bound to be inadequate.
Food rations in the transit camp were irregular and inadequate, Mohamed said.
McAleenan added that there was "inadequate capacity" at ICE to detain families.
Health experts are concerned about poor immunization coverage and inadequate disease surveillance.
The phrase "senseless tragedy" certainly applies but is, of course, pathetically inadequate.
The lack of funding may have resulted in inadequate fire warning systems.
I felt inadequate; I believed that I wasn't good enough for anyone.
Critics of the order say the oversight structure is also woefully inadequate.
Still, a PERF 2015 report called police training in many departments inadequate.
Later, they have dinner, where Leo shares that he's always felt inadequate.
Flexing in general is more of an emotional response to feeling inadequate.
He's also fiercely condemned the federal government's inadequate response to the crisis.
They are right that it is in some ways outdated and inadequate.
The presidential candidates have presented plans that are old, vague or inadequate.
Right now federal regulations in all of these areas are woefully inadequate.
It does depress me and causes me to feel I am inadequate.
They are expensive and the infrastructure to charge the vehicles is inadequate.
Mr Morsi's supporters claim that he received inadequate care for health problems.
If your Snap story feels inadequate compared to others, let it go.
The Windows Mixed Reality controller design, meanwhile, feels paradoxically inadequate and overcomplicated.
That's why diversifying a police force alone will always be woefully inadequate.
It's about stress, health and safety, irregular work hours and inadequate pay.
We know the availability of treatment is woefully inadequate across the country.
They were not charged the individual mandate penalty for having inadequate insurance.
It is superficial and ultimately inadequate, not a demonstration of real solidarity.
We send you our most profound sympathy, however inadequate that may be.
If the patient hears through the ear protection, the protection is inadequate.
Donald Trump's proposed so-called paid maternity leave plan is woefully inadequate.
Despite this, awareness and knowledge of air pollution remained low and inadequate.
The budget's inadequate, and this isn't the time to obligate more funding.
Now, even United Airlines has acknowledged that its policies have been inadequate.
Its output has been hampered by inadequate investment, mismanagement and U.S. sanctions.
The rules were so inadequate, they failed to cover wireless networks whatsoever.
The state Supreme Court ruled in March that education funding is inadequate.
Organizers of both events blamed inadequate security measures for their changed plans.
These are inadequate, imperfect options, but they're surely better than doing nothing.
The national response was criticized as slow and inadequate at the time.
The Everytown study quantifies how the CDC's current research is woefully inadequate.
Experts viewed Acosta's reasoning for not telling the victims as woefully inadequate.
Still, Quigley described the funds as inadequate in the interview with CBS.
"Their response was frankly inadequate on almost every level," Warner told reporters.
Democrats argued an inadequate response led to more than 3,000 excess deaths.
The social and political fallout from inadequate heating have prompted official action.
He was left with inadequate proof of his achievement, upsetting his father.
On issues of racial justice, for instance, he was inadequate at best.
I've seen how inadequate words can be in bringing about lasting change.
In terms of substandard schools, inadequate jobs and a lack of opportunity.
Causes include unmanageable workloads, inadequate technology, and a lack of social support.
Siemens is ready to walk away after competition authorities deemed concessions inadequate.
"identity" (a very inadequate, dismissive name for a thorny constellation of issues).
Puerto Rico isn't the only Caribbean country with an inadequate energy grid.
Comparing SpaceShipTwo with Blue Origin's New Shepard suborbital rocket was equally inadequate.
Those findings, combined with the inadequate documentation, has raised concerns among regulators.
The only sensor is infrared, and we have inadequate infrared overhead architecture.
The U.N. says that three-quarters of countries have an inadequate system.
First, Trump's rhetoric has proven so far inadequate to change Kim's calculations.
These transfers to the UMWA have been made with woefully inadequate oversight.
But I am growing more and more convinced that this is inadequate.
He's confident and all-knowing one moment, terrified and inadequate the next.
"Their response was, frankly, inadequate on almost every level," Warner told reporters.
A caveat about that "him": Pronouns are inadequate labels in this production.
The president, his bluff called, immediately declared that the concession was inadequate.
Hundreds were squeezed into one of the government's shelters, with inadequate provisions.
A rising generation, frustrated with the wholly inadequate response, is demanding better.
And the private prisons appeared to provide inadequate medical care to inmates.
Both were woefully inadequate when washing and prepping ingredients for the week.
But many advocates and actresses are likely to find those explanations inadequate.
"The first-blush analysis is inadequate," Ms. Gillibrand said in an interview.
Robert Lepage's production remains supremely inadequate to this deep and searching work.
Educators also complained about unclear state content standards and inadequate curricular resources.
Undocumented immigrants in the United States get inadequate or no health care.
And this leads to inadequate answers to the women who seek help.
Nearly half of women — 40 percent — disagree, saying inadequate time is devoted.
Indeed it is fortunate that the appropriation is so small and inadequate.
For some women, feminism has become another thing to feel inadequate about.
Massimino confesses to feeling scared and inadequate sometimes, and rarely flatters himself.
During the 1780s, many people thought the Articles of Confederation were inadequate.
If your insurance is inadequate, the CFP can help you uncover that.
The Israelis have accused the agency inspectors of inadequate supervision of Iran.
Voters will soon face an unappetising choice between these two inadequate leaders.
For years, the Rams said their stadium in St. Louis was inadequate.
"China's ability to explain itself to the world is inadequate," he said.
Its steering wheel torque monitoring system has been criticized as inadequate before.
Current productivity measures are likely inadequate due to technological factors, he added.
More people grow up with inadequate schools, disrupted families and fragmented neighborhoods.
Critics argue that both the medical care and education provided are inadequate.
Words are inadequate to describe the horror of the Las Vegas shooting.
As for $85033 billion over 10 years, that's "woefully inadequate," she said.
U.S. prevention funding for conflict-affected and fragile states is woefully inadequate.
" This discrepancy led one British parliamentarian to call Twitter's report "completely inadequate.
Democrats worry pilots will receive inadequate training if Thune's proposed changes pass.
Democrats have criticized the bill for being inadequate and not guaranteeing funding.
Thus far, America's efforts to address climate change have been woefully inadequate.
Cruise line:Date of inspection:Inspection score:Violations: Inadequate food storage procedures, dirty kitchen equipment
Inadequate economic justification also afflicted the CFPB's 2017 rule on payday lending.
On Tuesday, Fauci told Congress that testing in the US was inadequate.
But this isn't to say you have to go around feeling inadequate.
Yet "the national investment in public health is woefully inadequate," Benjamin said.
Crumpled, with sweaty armpits and early-morning breath, you feel ashamed, inadequate.
Kocherlakota believes inadequate monetary policy is partly to blame for this shortfall.
Other leaders called it inadequate and vague, especially over the cut-off date.
Many millions of Indians depend on the cheap but inadequate public health system.
Democratic lawmakers, who chided the company for what was called an "inadequate" response.
With many victims likely burned beyond recognition, traditional DNA analysis techniques are inadequate.
We&aposve seen how many inadequate agreements have been struck in the past.
The first half-dozen times," she said, before adding, "Now I feel inadequate.
We have seen how many inadequate agreements have been struck in the past.
And in this, our political leaders and our media have been woefully inadequate.
Without sweeping administrative reforms, the government itself will remain hamstrung by inadequate capacity.
Inadequate social care has led to bed-blocking in hospitals by elderly patients.
The accident report blamed inadequate operator training and a poorly designed computer interface.
But the information provided can be inadequate and, in some cases, downright misleading.
Many of these machines used outdated software on aged machines with inadequate cybersecurity.
This translated into an inadequate indicator for monitoring mortality in the hurricane's aftermath.
He blamed the current situation on what he termed an inadequate U.S. response.
We're not just talking about garden-variety strap chafing or inadequate arch support.
But the other top concern, inadequate vaginal lubrication, affects mostly post-menopausal women.
However, the ACLU and a few local groups say water distribution is inadequate.
Previous complaints over inadequate maintenance and safety measures have surfaced in recent days.
A manager at Trakon, a farm near Chira, denied compensation had been inadequate.
But Lee is hardly the only defendant who received inadequate representation at trial.
Some headlights are inadequate because they are not aimed properly at the factory.
Occidental has attacked Icahn's slate of board nominees as inadequate for the job.
"Overall access to East Ghouta remains woefully inadequate," Moumtzis said in the statement.
Evidence is inadequate to determine its effect on dozens of other cancer types.
They also chronicle Collins' criticism of Twitter's ''completely inadequate'' response to the issue.
Third, insurance companies frequently cover only detox which is a totally inadequate treatment.
"We urge shareholders to reject DNO's opportunistic, unsolicited and inadequate offer," Faroe said.
Butler is a gem, but his supporting cast teeters between inadequate and upsetting.
The residents objected to the planning application on the basis of inadequate consultation.
" Not looking like her peers made Bryant feel "inadequate" and "out of place.
Instead, Japan has cited "inadequate management" of sensitive items exported to South Korea.
Investors are suing him and Parvataneni over what they said were inadequate disclosures.
It's not just that the rule is decades old; it is wholly inadequate.
The inadequate background checks happened between January 2009 and May 2017, FINRA said.
The question is not if the ACA and Medicare and Medicaid are inadequate.
But it said the system does not address the problem of inadequate hours.
The Congressionally mandated duty to assist has served as an somewhat inadequate substitute.
Even for those workers who did qualify for TAA, support was woefully inadequate.
But problems of inadequate governance afflict active managers as well as passive ones.
But Democrats railed against the probe's scope, calling it inadequate and too limited.
But it's possible to attribute other issues, like inadequate facilities, to local poverty.
Inadequate Remedies When a malicious deepfake is detected, remediation should also be implemented.
The Democrats outlined several objections to the prison reform bill, including inadequate funding.
But the government of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull dismissed the apology as inadequate.
The Washington Post: Schiff voices concern that Mueller's scrutiny of Trump is inadequate.
"Your responses to my [Questions for the Record] are woefully inadequate," Grassley wrote.
Last month, a judge rejected the terms of the initial settlement as inadequate.
Mere silent proximity of social kinds seems an ignoble and inadequate social ideal.
The term is also woefully inadequate for describing the complexity of the situation.
They tend to fall into two plausible, if ultimately inadequate, schools of thought.
At best, they have offered solutions inadequate to the scale of the problem.
He said Moore's explanations had been inadequate and that Republicans should consider Sen.
They say that mental health services for Native Americans are often woefully inadequate.
My pathetic effort to console Captain Nguyen had been both presumptuous and inadequate.
Some saw the punishment for the bankers and the trainer as inadequate, however.
Graham called Wednesday's briefing "inadequate" because it lacked a representative from the CIA.
The near term response is not inadequate because of a lack of resources.
But those classifications are also inadequate, so much as to be downright misleading.
Critics of the company have immediately accused the FTC's decision of being inadequate.
They are both pathetically inadequate on foreign policy, but Clinton knows the words.
Image: GoogleGilbody raised concerns about inadequate treatment resources that Google offers its users.
There should only be justice, though it is too late and too inadequate.
An inadequate power network is also preventing the cold chain system from working.
But he also felt angry, envious, inadequate, and hopeless about having another child.
And that's leaving aside falling bombs, chemical weapons and woefully inadequate medical care.
The initiative has been inadequate and underfunded, and cholera continues to sicken people.
But many people do not know they produce inadequate amounts of stomach acid.
Therefore it is unsurprising that Khamenei would dismiss them as inadequate and insincere.
Though barriers have been erected to separate them, many parents find these inadequate.
Experts say the US has conducted an inadequate number of tests so far.
Still, Transnet remained an underachiever, its ports inadequate, its freight rail system moribund.
This is critical and it seems to be receiving inadequate attention so far.
Meanwhile, inside the classroom, education on climate threats remains mostly inadequate, she said.
He argues that the IEA's measures to calculate fossil fuel subsidies are inadequate.
But foreign business groups criticized the new law from the start as inadequate.
At best, it's a very creative interpretation of inadequate research and anecdotal evidence.
But the inadequate oversight of these products hasn't stopped people from buying them.
But in Alabama, abortion critics said that a piecemeal approach has proved inadequate.
Now she sees her predicament as having to choose between two inadequate men.
Y., also had criticized the Trump administration's original emergency funding proposal as inadequate.
Some companies are producing these supplies, but those efforts remain inadequate and uncoordinated.
But in television addresses, both countries' presidents said those measures had proved inadequate.
Vox's Ezra Klein and Matt Yglesias analyze the huge but inadequate stimulus bill.
Berle said the epidemiology studies they presented were inadequate to evaluate that risk.
For this reason alone the SEC should reject them based on inadequate disclosure.
Reuters cited a source as saying Axiata viewed the offer price as "inadequate".
Democrats in the Senate blocked the bill, citing inadequate measures to ensure safety.
But in her most recent letter, Slaughter said the May response was inadequate.
Many reporters are using the term "populist," which seems both inadequate and misleading.
They wear ordinary, and inadequate, surgical masks while conducting dangerous throat swab tests.
A statement from the fleet said "inadequate leadership" had contributed to the collision.
"I felt so inadequate," Williams said, a yarn-spinner reduced to a mumble.
In part, I agree ― the state of Michigan's response has been wholly inadequate.
Anietie Ewang, Nigeria researcher for Human Rights Watch, said law enforcement was inadequate.
It would not be the last time Neil would make me feel inadequate.
Xinhua said his departure was a result of inadequate epidemic prevention and control.
"The cruise ship was completely inadequate in terms of infection control," he said.
And Washington's response to Moscow's campaign to destabilize Western democracies has been inadequate.
I have seen how inadequate words can be in bringing about lasting change.
"It's woefully inadequate for most uses beyond those of the DMV," Vogt wrote.
So our loved ones with dementia endure years of inadequate understanding and care.
Even without conflicts of interest, meaningful inspections will likely be infrequent and inadequate.
In these circumstances, democracy results in embarrassing deliberations, inadequate solutions, and disconcerting stalemates.
Chalk it up to (perhaps too much) ambition, inadequate financing and Murphy's law.
Millions already rely on private water tankers because government supplies are often inadequate.
States are facing crippling strikes by public employees over unpaid or inadequate salaries.
Inadequate financing is a primary cause of the agency's failings, the audit found.
I valued his pragmatic approach, never having to fear feeling embarrassed or inadequate.
The Justice Department attributed many of these problems to inadequate training and supervision.
The sentence was widely viewed as grossly inadequate and the result of privilege.
Total computerization along with inadequate software development may cause a lot of troubles.
But his "reality" is a fiction, the product of a morally inadequate doctrine.
The words seem inadequate to him, as they do at times to us.
"Issues identified as contributing to poor results were mainly related to inadequate cleaning and maintenance procedures of the ice machine, poor personal hygiene practices, and inadequate storage of ice scoops," Paul Ellis, the chairman of the WFMF, told the BBC.
I was worried I would feel inadequate, like I didn't give birth to her.
Across the country of 5 million access to quality basic health services remains inadequate.
As Farnborough organisers rued their inadequate weather preparations, order announcements flowed in corporate chalets.
But Scavia suggests that a purely voluntary approach to curbing nutrient runoff is inadequate.
In addition, the coverage offered through a high-risk pool has sometimes been inadequate.
But a federal appeals panel rejected the arguments that the notice plan was inadequate.
Power cuts are often due to inadequate maintenance of infrastructure rather than insufficient supply.
In April, the FCC blamed that false alarm on human error and inadequate safeguards.
So, inadequate fat consumption can lead to infertility and a low sex drive. 210.
" Shaub on Wednesday blasted Trump's plan to avoid conflicts of interest as "wholly inadequate.
They often get stuck with below-subsistence wages and inadequate help from welfare states.
" The agency said the final rule replaces a 2011 policy "that has proven inadequate.
"Key crop growing regions are expected to receive late and inadequate rains," Mwangi said.
But a two-party system is inadequate to represent the diversity of public opinion.
A major concern is that current patent laws are inadequate to protect AI systems.
Of those applicants, 85033 were eliminated solely because their diversity statements were deemed inadequate.
Activists say the funds allocated are insufficient and that the government's response is inadequate.
It implied a blood kinship that was inadequate to the modern, pluralistic nation-state.
Most currently have inadequate 401(k)-type accounts or no retirement account at all.
Critics contend vetting is inadequate and the company never meets potential drivers in person.
Some of the legislators accused of inadequate oath-taking are democrats of this kind.
Inadequate child care options make it difficult for many parents (especially women) to work.
It shouldn't make you feel inadequate, worrying about, oh, is my apartment nice enough?
If the reforms are inadequate, the result could be a long and ruinous slump.
"Looking back, the major responsible departments took inadequate actions and had internal management issues."
Lenders offered mortgages to people with wildly inadequate incomes or down payments or documentation.
Inadequate closed captioning is failing deaf and hard of hearing viewers around the world.
The United States this week expressed "serious concern" over "inadequate registration" in the referendum.
" But Berman, announcing his decision later that week, said Epstein's proposal was "irretrievably inadequate.
But how do we know if the solution to inadequate tech is more tech?
It is also true that our peace operations are often hamstrung by inadequate resources.
" In conclusion, he wrote: "Terms such as 'fireworks' or 'kaleidoscopic' were poor and inadequate.
At a fraught eight-hour meeting in Munich the CSUers deemed the package inadequate.
Simply ignoring America's ongoing struggle with racism, sexism and nativism is an inadequate response.
"Knauf's opportunistically timed proposal is wholly inadequate," USG's non-executive chairman Steven Leer said.
Let's start with the notion that Clinton's problems stem from her inadequate social liberalism.
These include blocked exits, inadequate sprinkler systems, faulty electrical wiring, and unstable support pillars.
In November, researchers found that the MiSafe Kid's Watcher Plus smartwatches featured inadequate encryption.
Inadequate supporting cast: Names floated in news reports include legal stars like Theodore Olson.
But there's no other vehicle to get even inadequate Zika funding out of Congress.
But activists say the program is inadequate to meet a rising need for help.
He has tried to outflank these potential problems with two innovative and inadequate solutions.
Most persons requesting PAS are not actively experiencing extreme suffering or inadequate pain control.
Iran's foreign ministry welcomed the new channel, but said it was "late and inadequate".
However, some farmers said a cap of A$20,000 per farm business was inadequate.
How do even five-star hotel rooms have such utterly inadequate cable TV setups?
The commission also found Broward County Sheriff's Office training on active shooters was inadequate.
Many feel that the tools being used to make the forecasts are simply inadequate.
Just that it was probably inadequate and involved putting a condom on a banana?
More than being dangerous or inadequate, to fail now something has to be unpopular.
" Dorrian said the notice given was "inadequate to ensure the safety of our forces.
Most live like them in rickety tents with no running water and inadequate sanitation.
The open-ended strike is over issues including what the union called inadequate wages.
But as Chinese companies keep listing in U.S. markets, the process looks increasingly inadequate.
Some child-abusers are socially inadequate and fear adults will reject their sexual advances.
In bankrupt Greece, an underfunded asylum system makes rushed decisions based on inadequate information.
But another compelling reason to use "denier" is that the alternative terminology is inadequate.
I wonder, then, why my toolbox often seems so inadequate for fixing my patients.
The lack of specificity in the bureau's environmental assessment made it inadequate, Contreras said.
Levees can also crumble under pressure due to poor maintenance, inadequate foundations, or erosion.
In CNN's investigation, Williams blamed inadequate staffing for how sex crimes investigations were handled.
But smaller pay TV rivals called as government witnesses argued that this was inadequate.
Campaigners say these are inadequate, and that villagers anyway lack the skills to benefit.
Trump considers that money inadequate and threatened to veto the legislation because of it.
Inadequate investment in housing has exacerbated the problem: New Zealand needs 60,000 new homes.
Democrats believe that any bill that doesn't include adequate oversight and enforcement is inadequate.
Yet President Obama himself calls economic progress inadequate, which helps affirm the Republican critique.
That's a political solution to a humanitarian crisis -- and an inadequate one at that.
When those inputs are applied to "speaking" to a computer, they become woefully inadequate.
Her condition was found to be the result of inadequate feeding, the report explained.
"Anything short of the entire report and underlying evidence would be inadequate," Nadler said.
The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development has rejected them all as inadequate.
As questions about restitution arise, the bishops' responses feel inadequate, insincere, or off point.
Somehow, however, our analytic capabilities with respect to an entire continent remain woefully inadequate.
"The current approach is inadequate," the attorneys general said in a letter to DeVos.
There was inadequate vetting of questions from the allegedly undecided voters in the audience.
The services offered to parents in support of reunification are often inadequate or ineffective.
I just cannot recommend a speaker that costs so much and sounds so inadequate.
I don't find what she's said inadequate, but I don't think it's complete yet.
The inadequate documentation was the latest delay to Boeing's 737 Max returning to service.
Previous complaints over inadequate maintenance and safety measures have surfaced again in recent days.
The truth seems too inadequate to explain what they see as a huge betrayal.
But so have rates of readmission for dehydration and jaundice attributable to inadequate nutrition.
President Trump's response to the numerous killings has been inadequate to say the least.
And if you are reading for information, fictional biographies are obviously an inadequate form.
Trump initially said he fired Comey because his leadership of the FBI was inadequate.
He knew words were inadequate and that he would have to use words anyway.
But without a vast expansion of complementary manufacturing or imports, supplies will be inadequate.
But without a vast expansion of complementary manufacturing or imports, supplies will be inadequate.
And industry trade groups say that those benefits, as currently structured, will be inadequate.
The crisis on Pine Ridge is a collision of nature, poverty and inadequate infrastructure.
Yet they continue to allow faculty to leave and continue to provide inadequate funding.
Such a deployment, although inadequate for a full-scale war, is more than foolish.
Anything less than a death or natural life sentence, I knew, would seem inadequate.
Such patients are likely to insist that the medical care they received was inadequate.
Now Cornell administrators have rightly called for diversity training, but that alone is inadequate.
I get it; words are laughably inadequate when it comes time to express ourselves.
Houston's challenges include inadequate infrastructure against flooding, the report noted, months ahead of Harvey.
Transit advocates have long derided the subway information officials provided as inadequate and misleading.
Squeezing refunds from outfits like this seemed inadequate: They should have been shut down.
Judge Boasberg rejected that idea as inadequate, and the appeals court upheld his ruling.
Homeland It may well be the most inadequate utterance in all of human history.
The company's responses have been "patently inadequate," Becerra said at a Wednesday press conference.
"Their response was frankly inadequate on almost every level," he said after the briefings.
"His reaction to Charlottesville, which was clearly inadequate, unacceptable, inappropriate," Jeffries said in part.
Traditional methods to reach consumers, such as mailings, are inadequate, spokesman Bryan Thomas said.
This tossed-off sympathy is inadequate, but it will have to suffice for now.
She did godawful things with him, and I believe the punishment is woefully inadequate.
Having such inadequate and poorly justified rules in that role isn't quite as scary.
"I felt so inadequate," Williams recalled, the loquacious yarn-spinner reduced to a mumble.
And while other nations offer generous subsidies for child care, ours are woefully inadequate.
Yet many Payless stores had inadequate Wi-Fi for the tablets to be used.
It leaves too much undone, and what it attempts to address is woefully inadequate.
Congress has shown little interest in the idea, and opponents call it woefully inadequate.
There's little doubt that all four of the Court's liberals find this explanation inadequate.
But the reservoirs proved inadequate, with water overflowing from federal lands into neighboring properties.
He said inadequate responses from the telecoms group compelled it to publish its finding.
For anyone who wants a tablet for work and play, the Fire is inadequate.
In many cases, the CPSC can't act until the voluntary standards have proved inadequate.
That brings enormous frustration because local government schools are wholly inadequate to the task.
Investigators cited safety shortfalls and pilot inadequate training as key factors behind the accident.
What's clear is that the traditional data—measurements, materials, even dates—will be inadequate.
Congress has asked oversight questions, but the bureau's responses have been inadequate at best.
But experts view that existing patchwork as inadequate to manage ecosystems in international waters.
"The cruise ship was completely inadequate in terms of the infection control," Iwata said.
" Julian Bell, leader of Ealing council, said the process was "chaotic" and "wholly inadequate.
They often require people to make decisions despite inadequate information and lots of uncertainty.
It is a noble sentiment, but appeals to responsibility and genuine patriotism are inadequate.
Yet programs like the federal Trade Adjustment Assistance are woefully inadequate to the task.
Simply to say so — to make an abstract, triumphalist claim — is easy, but inadequate.
These days, inadequate resources, recruitment and training of inner-city police officers are bigger problems.
Even though Barcelona is kind of an advanced city, the sex ed is still inadequate.
He cited unfair law enforcement, arbitrary inspections and inadequate supervision as loopholes in market regulation.
Overshadowing the meeting is the fact that the government response following the fire was inadequate.
The investigators said the response to the 2014 warning from the engine-makers was inadequate.
Democrats have called that plan inadequate, and it likely will not get through the Senate.
I felt inadequate at times, in the way that women are often condition to do.
"I myself realize that my response at the time was inadequate," Barbarin told the newspaper.
Any shot less than spectacular is due to user error or inadequate grinds/bean quality.
"Facebook's answers to our reasonable questions were inadequate and do not inspire trust," they said.
A preliminary offer from the companies was considered inadequate to resolve the Commission's regulatory concerns.
Ho Chi Minh City continues to struggle with periodic flooding due to inadequate city drainage.
Many Kenyans don't have birth certificates; the system for issuing them has long been inadequate.
Department efforts to deal with racial issues are woefully inadequate, according to the task force.
Malls are homey but sterile, make you feel inadequate but optimistic; you're alone but surrounded.
Mr Izumida argues that evacuation plans for people living close to the plant are inadequate.
Protestors complain of Poland's inadequate sex education programmes and the government's failure to promote contraception.
Inadequate food frequently goes along with housing insecurity or outright homelessness in the student population.
The city's teachers union, however, called the package approved late Wednesday inadequate and politically motivated.
With inadequate revenue and no ability to borrow, Puerto Rico's cash has been drying up.
They say the compensation offered is inadequate, and they do not want to move again.
The criteria it uses to identify currency manipulators are regarded by many economists as inadequate.
They note that even taken on its own terms, the block will be woefully inadequate.
Every so often, research suggests that social media is making us feel anxious and inadequate.
But as its scope has increased, this approximation has been found to be increasingly inadequate.
In the end, the students were foiled by inadequate lab equipment and too little time.
I felt very inadequate; I felt like I'd made the worst decision of my life.
They include inadequate infrastructure, poor-quality schooling, badly designed taxes and regulations that hobble business.
But this is wholly inadequate for a culling operation that takes place over several weeks.
A rider is an addition you can tack on if your original policy is inadequate.
Most were because of inadequate disinfection, and the worst violations were in kiddie pools. Gross.
Lopez said she was verbally abused by detention center workers and health services were inadequate.
Last week, DCFS received another hotline call alleging neglect and inadequate supervision at the home.
Higher costs are the result of improved longevity, poor investment returns and inadequate past contributions.
Instagram acknowledged the hack, but many people felt the security advice it offered was inadequate.
India's rising consumption of LNG, however, lags demand due to inadequate regasification and pipeline infrastructure.
Inadequate reform and incompatible visions of the euro's future are a poisonous and unsustainable combination.
Natural disasters can hurt officeholders too, if their leadership is seen as inadequate or insensitive.
Poor childhood nutrition leads to stunting—inadequate bodily development, including the development of the brain.
At the same time, they acknowledge that their traditional tools are inadequate for the task.
Inadequate oversight of the pharmaceutical industry and unscrupulous doctors hamstrings efforts to stem the epidemic.
But now Ms Millett and two fellow judges have ruled that its response was inadequate.
Women are credible, criminal legal system is inadequate to address sexual violence #webelievesurvivors #Ghomeshi pic.twitter.
Closer to home In my opinion, the Australian response to the refugee crisis is inadequate.
FINA later issued a warning letter to both swimmers, saying they had displayed "inadequate behavior".
However, Senator Mark Warner said Twitter's initial briefing to the Senate Intelligence Committee was "inadequate".
To borrow a term from sociologist Charles Tilly, this was an inadequate repertoire of contention.
Ask the therapist Q: How do I cope with feeling inadequate around my significant other?
Experts say they're inadequate to prevent a far-right domestic terrorist attack before it happens.
Unfortunately, the federal response to the crisis on the island has been inhumane and inadequate.
He also said erroneous ballots were counted and the number of polling locations were inadequate.
However, poor drainage systems and inadequate urban planning have compounded the effects of the downpour.
With its favorable demographics and inadequate financial networks, emerging Asia presents opportunities for fintech players.
"It's not that we believe the [Gordon] investigation was inadequate," says AMNH spokeswoman Anne Canty.
Inadequate protection of intellectual property had contributed to the decline in private investment, he added.
Yet, according to startup ColdHubs, 45% of this food spoils due to inadequate storage methods.
Detroit teachers have pressed their case against what they call deplorable conditions and inadequate funding.
Workers there say they are concerned about safety issues, inadequate pay, and unreasonable hourly quotas.
It's like laughing about the dire consequences of inadequate health care, or the opioid crisis.
Villagers complain that the government-built houses are crumbling and that their compensation was inadequate.
Villagers complain of crumbling government-built houses, inadequate compensation and their distance from the river.
Drug culture exists at the club and the management has been inadequate at controlling it.
Thousands of Mexicans have protested against official impunity; now Chileans are demonstrating against inadequate pensions.
Earlier, the company got itself into hot water under Conrad's control for inadequate compliance procedures.
There were also inadequate measures in place to identify and purge historic data, it added.
Consider road congestion, which is merely one of the symptoms of our increasingly inadequate infrastructure.
In its 3-1 decision, the board said King Soopers's back pay policy was inadequate.
Senate Democrats earlier on Tuesday blocked a Republican funding proposal that they said was inadequate.
Prison-to-work programs over all are "desperately inadequate," said Devah Pager, a Harvard sociologist.
The narrow track will be woefully inadequate when the neighbourhood fills up with car owners.
Historical limits on state power have proven inadequate for the internet's torrent of individualised data.
Yet inadequate practices and insufficient tools have contributed to the exploits slipping by the developers.
Accidents are frequent in the province's mines and are mainly due to inadequate safety measures.
Moving to find work is increasingly difficult given scant savings and inadequate government safety nets.
A man who feels inadequate succumbs to his malicious instincts towards a beautiful female friend.
Inadequate packaging, storage and transport can cause vegetables or milk to become degraded or spoiled.
The causes of burnout include unmanageable work loads, inadequate technology, and a lack of support.
The law was characterized as inadequate by lawyers representing school districts that sued the state.
Then, we all saw just how inadequate and cruel the bill would be if passed.
Budget cuts and inadequate funding from state governments has strained public schools around the country.
These goals are achievable, but the policy structures currently in place are outdated and inadequate.
Simply put, explanations that put the focus on individuals are inadequate explanations for social problems.
In places like Florida and the Caribbean, those sources are most often inadequate wastewater infrastructure.
Democrats were rejecting the GOP's Zika response plan as inadequate even before its formal release.
The area's existing water supply is inadequate to meet the needs of the transferred troops.
Let us also be realistic about how inadequate these sexual harassment training courses can be.
" Chilcot concluded that the planning and preparations for Iraq after Saddam Hussein were "wholly inadequate.
Consumer Watchdog testified at the hearing that the checklist is inadequate to protect public safety.
Inadequate storage ruined DNA samples and the failed investigation cost the UN more than $1393,2139.
A shortage of medical staff and inadequate theater space made errors more likely, Oluga said.
What interventions and alternatives do exist, however, are often inadequate—or haven't been properly vetted.
But this narrow frame is inadequate for assessing the constitutional significance of last weekend's events.
But still, many do not get off the ground because of inadequate resources and opportunity.
It is the only way that such an inadequate instrument as our brain can function.
We can't afford twenty years, or even twenty months, of uncertainty and inadequate consumer protections.
It has been proposed that this inadequate searching is what led to the recent deaths.
I always felt inadequate, and it led me to find an escape from that feeling.
But it felt inauthentic and inadequate to the level I wanted to bring myself to.
That is certainly inadequate, but helped prevent even more desperation triggering an even larger exodus.
Inadequate school spending over prolonged periods will leave many students behind, especially low-income children.
We demand our employers follow the precautionary principle, rather than the inadequate, unscientific CDC guidelines.
The problem is that the supply of houses in the region's core remains wildly inadequate.
People are often held in unhygienic conditions and health services are inadequate or even nonexistent.
The image resolution still appears to be inadequate to create a sufficiently high-resolution reproduction.
The problem is that significant but achievable solutions like this one will soon be inadequate.
In a few introductory paragraphs, he dismisses economics, racial tensions and tribalism as inadequate answers.
In dealings with labels, as with venues, the Art Ensemble resisted manipulation or inadequate compensation.
Reuters also reported that congressional aides described the reports documenting inadequate medical care at Cibola.
A major caveat: The federal compassionate release system is simply inadequate to handle these releases.
Shurmur disputes this, arguing that blocking technique and inadequate slide protections were more at fault.
The standard toggle-switch model of consent seems inadequate to the reality of such disabilities.
Many Zambians have been angered by what they perceive as an inadequate response by police.
A deal, however inadequate, would have been more agreeable than the chaos that now reigns.
Anxiety about radiation levels, lack of jobs and inadequate infrastructure all prevent residents from returning.
Public sector spending for mental health care is still inadequate to meet the growing need.
Yet the report notes that these programs may be inadequate to deal with certain situations.
Address irrefutable problems like inadequate sleep by requiring phones out of their rooms at bedtime.
Stanford said it's investigating, but some said they found the university's response to be inadequate.
The decision comes a week after the Supreme Court said the administration's rationale was inadequate.
My major problem, inadequate or inappropriate love from my parents, was as common as dirt.
JOE KERNEN: Steve, the fixes that were suggested at the time were inadequate, I think.
There was inadequate evidence for coffee to be classified as either carcinogenic or not carcinogenic.
Spokesmen for both Pelosi and Biden were quick to blast Facebook's policies as being inadequate.
But all too often, the blueprint for action is incomplete and stymied by inadequate funding.
Manufacturers and distributors of non-CDC-approved masks have emerged, selling masks that are inadequate.
They also pointed out that the "services" offered by these intervention courts were inadequate to
"The Trump administration's response to the destruction in Puerto Rico has been wholly inadequate," Rep.
Shaub panned the arrangement, calling it "wholly inadequate" in resolving any potential conflicts of interest.
But resources remain inadequate, one medical dispensary supervisor, who declined to be identified, told CNN.
For generations, poor, minority children have received inadequate education from their segregated traditional school districts.
Passengers are cramming their luggage into inadequate overhead space; harried flight attendants are urging cooperation.
It is these places that pay the highest price for inadequate water supply and sanitation.
For example, there is often inadequate assessment of, and cultural adaptations to meet patients' needs.
If they received any compensation for their land at all, it has often been inadequate.
Today's growth is simply inadequate to fund solutions to the nation's overall challenges, especially security.
Sánchez said the Republican plan was woefully inadequate when it comes to the child credit.
Loesch said the problem isn't guns, but inadequate enforcement of existing federal and state laws.
President Donald Trump&aposs ambassadors have been consistently inadequate, Gifford says, including his own successor.
But that was inadequate, said Blumenthal and Hawley, who said the FTC should go further.
The report also warned that inadequate support for caregivers places families in dire financial jeopardy.
That "being responsible" means allowing millions to languish with low wages and inadequate health care.
No single country can tackle these threats alone, and existing international institutions have proved inadequate.
Suspending visas to immigrants from parts of the world where screening procedures are deemed inadequate.
"With continued inadequate maintenance, our property will not withstand a 50 year lifecycle," it wrote.
These readings were not so much wrong as inadequate to the complexity of his evolution.
Critics have said the federal government responded poorly to the disaster and provided inadequate aid.
But even those can be inadequate, when faced with an especially strong hurricane, like Irma.
Experience has shown that without a robust federal minimum, state minimums also tend to be inadequate.
Policy in Asia is largely moving in the opposite direction, with drug rehabilitation underfunded and inadequate.
They died, in short, from the storm, and ultimately from inadequate disaster prevention, preparedness and response.
Personal electroshock weapons, such as Tasers, would likely be inadequate and inhumane for this purpose.2.
The performance was appalling, of course, with the team looking completely inadequate in almost every department.
"The funding of rural environmental treatment is inadequate at every level," he was quoted as saying.
She says the animals are treated inhumanely, housed in cramped conditions and receive inadequate veterinary care.
Interior Minister Nohad Machnouk has said he is concerned about inadequate safety procedures at the airport.
However, inadequate logistics and electronic payment methods have hampered it from gaining a significant foothold. Amazon.
But that raises the question of where the Trump campaign thinks visa screening is inadequate now.
Lawmakers used their stage to repeatedly savage Facebook, Google, and Twitter's representatives for their inadequate responses.
The first had to do with Ziegler's appearance, and the relatable teenage tendency to feel inadequate.
The culprit, instead, was poor husbandry: ''poor nutrition, inadequate veterinary care and lack of fly control.
The fact is that current ethics laws and other accountability mechanisms are inadequate for the task.
This amounted to $1.2 billion to $1.3 billion annually, significantly less than Mississippi and grossly inadequate.
"I realized then how inadequate shelters of the poor are," he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
I felt inadequate, out of place — and the world around me only confirmed my proportion distortion.
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate," Williamson writes in A Return to Love.
Dogs were together in stacked inadequate, wire-bottom cages and crates caked in excrement and filth.
Their training at St. Joseph consisted of an orientation and online instruction, which investigators found inadequate.
Ofsted considered the school "inadequate", but acknowledged that parents approved of the way it was run.
That they would be split up, placed in separate homes, if the state deemed her inadequate.
Last week, DCFS received yet another hotline call alleging neglect and inadequate supervision at the home.
A coroner last month criticized "inadequate" opposition to the gunman's application for bail in that case.
Now, in seeking a new trial, Labrie's attorneys are arguing that his defense team was inadequate.
You either come away feeling inadequate or with a sense of being better than someone else.
Human Rights Watch, a pressure group, alleges that the diabetic ex-president received inadequate medical care.
This brings up the New York Philharmonic's plans to renovate its inadequate home, David Geffen Hall.
Germany's rail system is "completely inadequate" for moving troops at scale, says Ben Hodges of CEPA.
"There are problems with inadequate supervision and reform in central enterprises," the anti-corruption agency said.
GOP leaders grilled Rosenstein at a hearing in June for what they called his inadequate transparency.
GOP leaders  grilled Rosenstein at a hearing in June  for what they called his inadequate transparency.
It also points out that many venues have inadequate plans, if they have one at all.
Scout24, an online marketplace for the real estate and auto markets, rejected the offer as inadequate.
But regulators could demand fixed rules for the banks' models if they thought they were inadequate.
Unattainable pricing and inadequate battery life consigned the UMPC to the status of a historical footnote.
However, in order to invest, working people need more than subsistence, unstable wages and inadequate benefits.
Montgomery, who's hired attorney Tim Tomasik ... also has beef with the hotel for having inadequate security.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has even called inadequate sleep a public health problem.
But that's made more difficult in a city with inadequate resources and without a grocery store.
Among the many injustices women face globally, inadequate health care is one of the most serious.
Some have criticized the last farm bill for having inadequate agriculture risk protection for cotton farmers.
Spain's economy grew by an estimated 3% in 2015, but the recovery remains fragile and inadequate.
The groups argued the denial was inadequate because it did not contain any new safety findings.
However, there are fears that such an increase in population could cripple Nigeria's already inadequate infrastructure.
The bank also contravened its financial services obligations through "inadequate procedures and training", the judge added.
One thing is very clear: our policies are totally inadequate for dealing with these existential dangers.
Well, narcissists, almost by definition, tend to avoid therapy for fear of being seen as inadequate.
Bank of America promptly lost or deemed inadequate roughly 20 different applications for a loan modification.
As I've said before, and I'll say again, the security of these devices is often inadequate.
Tens of thousands of people protested against Chile's pension system, which they say pays inadequate benefits.
It could be that Trump feels inadequate when it comes to making hard decisions about war.
But because of low transparency and inadequate auditing, we can't actually tell if this is happening.
Poor public transport and inadequate housing is a bad combination if you want to retain youngsters.
Even worse is restaurants that don't trap their grease located in neighborhoods with inadequate sewage piping.
He revealed inadequate access to heath care, deteriorating facilities and desperation among the men housed there.
The efforts to remove Nazis and white supremacists from social media platforms have largely been inadequate.
But those alternate straws are often inadequate for disabled people, who need safe, sturdy, flexible straws.
The ATSDR concluded, however, that the EPA's standard is woefully inadequate to protect from harmful impacts.
Quigley also faulted both the Obama and Trump administrations for an inadequate response to Russian interference.
But critics accuse the government of inadequate investment, corruption, inefficiency and failure to diversify energy sources.
Violations from last year included inadequate supervision and lack of timely medical care, the AP reported.
The Dutch case, brought by adults and children, invalidated a national climate change plan as inadequate.
The conditions in the rapidly growing camps are squalid; the humanitarian response is slow and inadequate.
Now, on this awful morning in Italy, seeing things and knowing them seemed an inadequate defense.
Many of the Americans interviewed by Hayes moved because of divorce, job loss, and inadequate pensions.
They were criticized for what the politicians said was an inadequate response to Russian online activities.
He said that the stopgap measure was inadequate, and that the plane should have been grounded.
In that context, the Virgin Islands objection said, a $130 million settlement with Citigroup is inadequate.
And it exposes the incredibly lax enforcement of even the inadequate laws against foreign lobbying abuse.
This is what is happening in humans when heavier people are given inadequate doses of antibiotic.
The massive deficits result from excessive benefit promises, inadequate contributions, and playing politics with workers' savings.
EU data protection law prohibits personal data being transferred to a country with inadequate privacy protections.
But why is increased access to Medicare, which is solid but inadequate, the obvious first step?
But even that picture is inadequate—there are always reasons none of us will ever know.
The structures set up to maintain Big Data are woefully inadequate, and even more, they're unnecessary.
These inadequate investments threaten future generations, and taxpayers across the nation are beginning to recognize that.
Qureishi said if there is inadequate rainfall from next month, firms will face a tougher situation.
It was no doubt the right thing to say in the circumstances, but also massively inadequate.
These manic episodes were just a byproduct of inadequate caloric consumption, but knowing that didn't help.
Nursing assistants are often taught to read slides instead, but inadequate training can lead to misdiagnosis.
The Trump administration's response to the damage cause by Maria has been harshly criticized as inadequate.
But Jimenez has also called out inadequate data collection as a barrier to new pricing models.
One younger consultant told Business Insider that the inadequate pay was a key reason they quit.
It suggested that the stories we tell about our lives are inadequate to their real complexity.
And inadequate vision care is associated with difficulty dressing, bathing, walking and increased risk of falls.
But both of these methods are inadequate at identifying the typical school shooter: a current student.
Even when treatment is in theory available, it tends to be hard to access and inadequate.
But it is also an area where deindustrialization and inadequate public transit have taken a toll.
That day, as I met with student after student, our efforts to help them seemed inadequate.
"We have serious concerns about the potential inadequate protection of classified information here," the letter said.
Incrementalism — minor tweaks to our political and economic system — are inadequate to the tasks at hand.
Rhodes also repeatedly highlights how the adoption of new technologies can be hampered by inadequate infrastructure.
This is why the Senate bill solely exempting sexual harassment cases from forced arbitration is inadequate.
So far, the international response has been woefully inadequate to address the scope of the problem.
This was true of the White House's catastrophically inadequate response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.
About a quarter of Americans – 78 million people – have either inadequate insurance or none at all.
We also have a healthcare system that is as thin and inadequate as you can imagine.
Such inadequate fueling unleashes RED-S, a web of metabolic, endocrine, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and additional complications.
Many residents said they had virtually no income and that subsidies from the government were inadequate.
The remedy that Equifax has offered — one year of free credit monitoring — struck many as inadequate.
But because of flawed tests, inadequate funding, and limited testing capacity, widespread testing hasn't been possible.
She said they were too much for her modest lunch, and she felt inadequate accepting them.
But Dr. Farid, the professor who helped build the detection technology, said that would be inadequate.
Northern Ireland's Finance Minister Conor Murphy called the proposed financial package "woefully inadequate" in a statement.
An IHS Markit report said recycling's technical capabilities, logistics, and economics were inadequate to such ambitions.
He knew the network of highways running across the country was inadequate for a growing superpower.
But the Fair Housing Act was inadequate to undo the damage our government had previously wrought.
I felt inadequate to cope with the emotional fallout of giving a child up for adoption.
Here's how inadequate sleep can seriously damage your health and significantly lower your creativity and potential.
But material alone may be an inadequate descriptor of the breadth of the contemporary Chinese canon.
Other information has revealed inadequate cybersecurity requirements in our weapons systems and in other infrastructure systems.
This has encouraged a culture of lethargic and inadequate application of scientific findings to helmet safety.
But let me present to my fellow inadequate hair-doers a solution: the Adagio Blower Brush.
Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota was so inadequate that it could fit on a "Post-it note." 
" She said the number of tickets made available was inadequate, adding: "It shouldn't be like this.
"I've seen how inadequate words can be in bringing about lasting change," he said in Dallas.
Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) condemned the "seemingly inadequate, unconscionably delayed, and historically hollow result," while Sen.
Previous efforts to rein in spending or to remake the bank's culture of recklessness proved inadequate.
Unfortunately, faulty reconnaissance and inadequate observation allowed an undetected North Vietnamese force to ambush the Marines.
Redstone's lawyers could argue it bolsters their case that his care was inadequate under Herzer's supervision.
She graduated from Vicksburg's all-black high school at 14 but knew her education was inadequate.
Indeed, "amenities" seems inadequate to describe how transformative the improvements could be for performers and audiences.
"  The policy analysis also alleged that VAWA had inadequate "safeguards to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse.
But the resulting investigation, including by the internal affairs unit, was "wholly inadequate," the report said.
Complaints about unsanitary conditions and inadequate medical care were made months before the two children died.
There are still plenty of other social media platforms out there to make you feel inadequate.
The investigation found a pattern of "inadequate" inspections that culminated in the fire, according to Reuters.
Instead, the researchers tied its existence directly to the inadequate care available to the average American.
Up to now, the systems the body has used to police itself have repeatedly proven inadequate.
Democracy, the great diluter, slow and compromised, was inadequate for the expression of the soldiers' emotions.
Pilots who had successfully flown the 737 Max criticized the inadequate training on the new system.
Fifty-seven percent said so, compared to just 2628 percent who blame inadequate gun control laws.
Add to that inadequate development, and the dynamism that has underpinned Silicon Valley's success could stall.
In the inevitable fight over the distribution of grossly inadequate resources, services would be severely rationed.
Trump has long railed against what he says are inadequate contributions from allies towards defence costs.
Where the opioid crisis has affected nonwhite communities, the response has often been slow and inadequate.
They also expressed uneasiness about what some saw as inadequate Chinese safeguards against intellectual property theft.
The events of 1968 were fallout from change that was major, yet incomplete; destabilizing, yet inadequate.
A source familiar with Land & Buildings' thinking said the hedge fund considers Baker's offer significantly inadequate.
Investigators suggest that law enforcement's response failures in those events foreshadowed their inadequate response in August.
States would be forced to raise taxes or restrict eligibility when federal funds inevitably prove inadequate.
His political opponent, former Prime Minister Mekere Morauta, had called the government's response "tardy" and inadequate.
This evidence raises concerns about the potential for inadequate UVA protection in marketed sunscreen products — particularly in high SPF sunscreen products that either do not pass the current broad spectrum test or (though they pass our current broad spectrum test) have inadequate uniformity in their UVA protection.
Two were shut down after subjecting families to unreasonably cold rooms, substandard food, and inadequate medical care.
The companies could not cope with the extra demand because of inadequate infrastructure and insufficient domestic output.
It was the "best of inadequate justice" that civil rights cases get, he said recalling that moment.
"I love strong, smart woman, but I feel inadequate to them," Pryor admitted to PEOPLE in 1978.
But that doesn't earn the industry a free pass to justify bad behavior or inadequate privacy practices.
A U.N. official close to the issue, who declined to be named, said the proposal was inadequate.
Nigeria depends on imports for consumption of most goods including petroleum products, due to inadequate refining capacity.
Hong Kong, China and Singapore were faulted for inadequate efforts to prevent sex trafficking and forced labor.
"The management board of Scout24 AG has rejected the proposed offer price as inadequate," the company said.
Without mentioning Thailand, the notice said some cruise companies exercised lax management and maintained inadequate safety measures.
These are the unseen scars, and too many states pay them inadequate attention, or none at all.
Those seeking access to #warmingcenters, a bed or experiencing inadequate heat should call 3-1-1. pic.twitter.
About 22020,000 educators and staff walked off the job to protest an inadequate 1 percent pay raise.
The institution has been criticised for inadequate supervision as several Italian banks have collapsed in recent years.
Some privacy and human rights groups say Israel's controls on the sale of cyber weapons are inadequate.
Political parties, along with woefully inadequate campaign-finance rules, have helped the rise of the thug-candidate.
Then the thought hit him: He had done something wrong at his job—or just something inadequate.
Where are men supposed to go to become whole when they feel inadequate and society shames them?
The disease is highly contagious and spreads rapidly in areas with poor sewage infrastructure and inadequate hygiene.
Baby boomers heading into retirement may find themselves struggling because of inadequate savings and high health costs.
U.S. Representative Adam Smith, the chairman of the House committee, said the Trump administration's report was inadequate.
"He has been in an out of the inadequate mental health system for years," he tells PEOPLE.
" Albright further admits that, in the past, it was actually "other women" who made her "feel inadequate.
Regulators are also grappling with scooter infrastructure - both sidewalks and bike lanes seem inadequate - and helmet laws.
The film's operatives openly question inadequate security measures at the diplomatic compound in advance of the attack.
Unsurprisingly, Mr Macron's political opponents have already lined up to dismiss the measures he announced as inadequate.
Let's face it: poetry and opera are two art forms that tend to make people feel inadequate.
"There was inadequate regulation and no serious oversight," says Arthur Caplan, a bioethicist at New York University.
While many have prospered, many others have been losers—for instance, from land appropriated with inadequate compensation.
This is sensible as far as it goes, but it still seems woefully inadequate to the task.
Just anybody that feels 'other' in any capacity of feel inadequate — they can relate to the characters.
But that noble mission may be jeopardised by inadequate preparations for the next census, due in 2020.
After the Parkland shooting, mental health resources to survivors and students at our school were woefully inadequate.
But critics insist the state is also responsible for inadequate preparation, investment and diversification of electricity sources.
AJ was reported missing and DCFS received a hotline report that alleged environmental neglect and inadequate supervision.
"I feel inadequate and humbled, especially when compared to past winners," Liu says about receiving the award.
And they're facing some big challenges, from high rates of child marriage to inadequate health care access.
Teachers in other states, including Oklahoma and Arizona, are also planning strikes over inadequate pensions and benefits.
"That is the very definition of an inadequate remedy," the judge wrote in the 109-page ruling.
They warned the judge that Epstein's "woefully inadequate" bail proposal does not mitigate his potential flight risk.
"We're the first to say that the situation is inadequate," said Francesca Del Giudice, a Baobab founder.
Spike Lee's lifetime achievement award feels like belated and inadequate compensation for a career's worth of slights.
The FATF's evaluation report (PDF) stressed that FINTRAC's enforcement regime was inadequate, especially in terms of penalties.
The deaths of immigrants because of inadequate medical care are not the only issues plaguing the agency.
The ratings are issued on a five point descriptive scale of 'Highest Standards (tha)' - 'Inadequate Standards (tha)'.
Siri on HomePod is embarrassingly inadequate, even though that is the primary way you interact with it.
While that kind of training is a necessary step in the right direction, it, too, is inadequate.
Kennel was issued two warnings and one citation in 2016 for inadequate, unsafe housing and other problems.
What's more, this new transition was hobbled by inadequate vetting and preparation, falling woefully behind in nominations.
" He found that the care of mentally ill prisoners housed in regular outpatient facilities was "dangerously inadequate.
But clearly I am not the only one who finds that inadequate justification for the FCC's behavior.
"We didn't get it right," Crook said in June, citing inadequate staff-retention incentives among the factors.
But the ways that scientists have gone about trying to find out have, it seems, been inadequate.
After years of inadequate treatment, I swallowed an entire bottle of Gabapentin, a type of seizure medication.
The answer does not lie in abandoning these commitments, but rather in addressing our inadequate revenue base.
Newly installed fixes to the building ignited, rapidly spreading the fire and overwhelming the inadequate fire protection.
He said they didn't need to apologize, and instead just admit their proposed solution had been inadequate.
Yet regulatory oversight, and the environmental and social monitoring of these projects is often inadequate, he said.
So far, however, inadequate global plans to cut emissions suggest temperatures could rise 3 degrees or more.
Those beliefs can be brought into the profession and lead to inadequate treatment, the study points out.
While progress has been made in providing more resources to activists, these efforts are inconsistent and inadequate.
It's also great for illustrating capitalism's failures by capturing the inadequate minimum wage or your lackluster salary.
The agency has inadequate and inaccurate ammunition inventory logs, according to the office of the inspector general.
Alarms frequently go off for various reasons, and this time it was met with an inadequate response.
The House bill replaces Obamacare's subsidies with tax credits, but they're considered inadequate to help those groups.
NATO has previously criticized the Netherlands for inadequate military spending, notably on ground forces and operational support.
Problems include inadequate town planning, construction blocking waterways and littering of drainage systems, he said by email.
Yet he decided he was "not going to be complicit in the injustice" of providing inadequate defence.
To be clear, the Sciabacucchi case was not an M&A class action alleging inadequate proxy disclosures.
Nowhere is this more evident than in their frighteningly inadequate response to Trump's joint address to Congress.
His lawyers argued he was in shock and felt unqualified to perform CPR due to inadequate training.
The Trump administration's initial response to the damage caused by Maria has been harshly criticized as inadequate.
"The sentence... is woefully inadequate and ignores the needs of general deterrence", said prosecutors in their appeal.
"Brazil still has an inadequate transportation matrix," he said at an industry conference in the United States.
McGowan deleted the tweet and apologized, but Kent argued that her apology was inadequate and poorly considered.
" Zimmerman warned this is particularly risky "in countries where there is inadequate civilian control of the military.
The tariffs are unfocused and inadequate and unlikely to re-create the golden age of American manufacturing.
But to gauge risk of re-denomination rather than just default, nominal yield spreads may be inadequate.
There's no indication that this prohibition has been inadequate to protect Americans from misuse of Section 702.
Such things, she said, left her able only to pray, and then feeling inadequate in her prayers.
For Klapfenberger, however, the problem was that the same safety net had proved inadequate for many Germans.
This is a bit like objecting to the iPhone 6s because your flip phone had inadequate functionality.
The response to this whole episode on behalf of the White House was wholly inadequate at best.
Her class learned what it was and what some consequences of sexting are, but it felt inadequate.
For almost a decade now, the government response has been profoundly inadequate and at times simply misguided.
"Lyft's response to this sexual predator crisis amongst Lyft drivers has been appallingly inadequate," the complaint says.
Democrats also criticized the GSA, stating that the agency "provides a completely inadequate explanation" for its decision.
"Lyft's response to this sexual predator crisis amongst Lyft drivers has been appallingly inadequate," the lawsuit states.
His action seemed particularly spiteful given the heavy caseloads and inadequate resources the defender office struggles with.
Specifically, they consider whether the information in question can be classified as inaccurate, inadequate, irrelevant or excessive.
I hold it against the court's skimpy and inadequate rationale for affirmative action in the first place.
Then there are the demonstrations and the frustrations with the inadequate governance and some ongoing civil wars.
Most complained that the compensation Volkswagen is paying is inadequate or the company wasn't being punished enough.
Most of the plants it sold were gas-fired, operating below capacity due to inadequate gas supply.
We know the security of the systems controlling our electric grid are inadequate and out of date.
The region was poor, irrigation was inadequate—the family often went hungry—and there were few roads.
In essence, they walk down the same inadequate path year after year, magically expecting a different result.
They say historical and cultural reviews of the land where the pipeline will be buried were inadequate.
But police have faced scrutiny as well for what activists call an inadequate response to the problem.
There is little doubt that the current medications are inadequate for a significant portion of the population.
We are sad to report that most of these governments are still doing a shamefully inadequate job.
"It's widely known the U.S. is doing an inadequate job of testing and regulating chemicals," Helm said.
However, Senator Mark Warner, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said Twitter's response was inadequate.
A good teacher encourages and empowers, while a bad teacher can make you feel stupid and inadequate.
Layla's premature orgasms continue to make her feel "inadequate and insecure" and amplify her fear of rejection.
Last month the European Parliament's civil liberties committee approved a resolution saying the Privacy Shield is inadequate.
The agency's cost-benefit analysis, documentation required for new rules like this, is also inadequate, they argue.
Sauytbay also described horrific conditions during her detention, including inadequate health care, crowding, and almost nonexistent hygiene.
Preller was suspended 30 days without pay on Thursday, an inadequate response to a serious ethical breach.
"The available research at the moment" related to athletes and menstruation "is woefully inadequate," Dr. Rogers says.
But the jump in demand and inadequate storage and pipeline networks led to a severe supply crunch.
Inadequate testing scheme In Japan's northern island of Hokkaido, the governor has declared a state of emergency.
The women said the state's monthly public assistance was "grossly inadequate" and far below fair-market rent.
This is true however this only really applies to old and infants who have inadequate immune systems.
A solvency level below 100% indicates inadequate capital reserves, though regulators prefer to see a higher number.
The juxtaposition exposed just how fundamentally inadequate our president is to the crisis we find ourselves in.
And those existing safeguards had already proved inadequate protection against physical abuse, sexual assault and emotional torment.
"There are so many dark, dreary days where you feel incredibly inadequate, and completely lost," he said.
It erodes our confidence and makes us feel inadequate and question our capabilities, despite our previous successes.
So what are we to do if the legal, political and economic efforts have been so inadequate?
They are also more likely to feel that the amount of attention they are receiving is inadequate.
Until then, if an anesthetic was inadequate, the patient would start to wake up and to move.
While wealthier people can afford private hospitals, the staff and facilities at government hospitals are woefully inadequate.
Even with inadequate support, the Baltimore Symphony has managed to punch above its weight in recent years.
Mr. Cora has been a critic of what he sees as inadequate relief efforts in Puerto Rico.
Result: Gaza's already inadequate sewage plants are often offline, and waste goes untreated straight into the Mediterranean.
Experts say their distress is driven by too much competition, strict export rules and inadequate government purchases.
The biggest medical risk with any menstrual hygiene product that sits against your vulva is inadequate absorbency.
In many cases those failings have been exacerbated by a manifestly inadequate response to the abused person.
Much of this has to do with an inadequate power grid that can't transmit the additional power.
And people who can't afford cars and live where public transit is inadequate have a harder time.
But there is inadequate funding to train the young physicians who want to treat addiction like cancer.
The country's woefully inadequate health system would undoubtedly be overwhelmed if the virus were to take hold.
Federal officials were faulted for an inadequate response in providing food, roof tarps and other emergency needs.
More than 700 people fell ill, and the company's response has been criticized as slow and inadequate.
More than 700 people fell ill, and the company's response has been criticized as slow and inadequate.
America's inadequate health care system, far from increasing liberty, is poised to make death panels more likely.
Spotify only suggests 20 new artists that resemble your current favorites, which we think is woefully inadequate.

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