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"well" Definitions
  1. [not usually before noun] in good health
  2. [not before noun] in a good state or position
  3. [not before noun] (as) well (to do something) sensible; a good idea
"well" Synonyms
marvellously(UK) marvelously(US) beautifully exceptionally favourably(UK) favorably(US) great magnificently nicely splendidly superbly commendably delightfully fine gloriously handsomely satisfyingly smoothly successfully effectively appropriately accordingly befittingly properly aptly fittingly presentably satisfactorily suitably acceptably adequately decently becomingly correctly decorously sufficiently astutely judiciously prudently harmoniously affably agreeably amicably amiably genially happily respectfully civilly cordially peaceably pleasantly politely sociably cheerfully famously skilfully adeptly competently proficiently capably deftly dexterously expertly ably adroitly dextrously masterfully prodigiously artfully consummately masterly nimbly professionally skillfully considerately fairly kindly benevolently courteously graciously beneficently thoughtfully charitably thoroughly completely rigorously comprehensively efficiently fully intensively carefully industriously conscientiously exhaustively extensively perfectly through and through throughout totally all the way altogether in entirety intimately deeply personally familiarly profoundly genuinely individually like a house on fire detailedly immediately experiencedly intricately meticulously scrupulously closely in depth methodically assiduously attentively from top to bottom in detail searchingly highly approvingly fondly adoringly affectionately appreciatively earnestly glowingly reverently warmly admiringly endearingly enthusiastically ardently dearly devotedly lovingly comfortably in comfort cosily(UK) cozily(US) prosperously affluently luxuriously wealthily expensively extravagantly flourishingly grandiosely grandly immoderately indulgently in ease in luxury lavishly possibly conceivably perhaps potentially feasibly imaginably maybe plausibly presumably probably reasonably certainly credibly hypothetically justifiably mayhap mayhaps theoretically undoubtedly likely substantially appreciably greatly significantly abundantly considerably emphatically far entirely extremely materially plentifully quite rather seriously soundly utterly very much easily readily conveniently effortlessly freely coolly painlessly with ease without difficulty just like that like nothing with no effort without a hitch without trouble easy facilely fluently handily hands down exactly precisely absolutely wholly dead right plumb just squarely clean advantageously beneficially fortunately luckily profitably providentially opportunely advantageous notably remarkably for the best for the better to advantage to one's satisfaction auspiciously suant suantly in good part good-humouredly good-naturedly without offence patiently tolerantly with forbearance not mind not resent not be offended by not be upset by not disapprove of not take offence at take kindly to not be bothered by tight like a baby deep late discreetly confidentially covertly furtively privately secretly surreptitiously circumspectly clandestinely stealthily cautiously conspiratorially privily quietly very well insidely healthy fit in good health able-bodied as fit as a fiddle bright-eyed bushy-tailed chipper full of life hale hale and hearty healthful hearty in good condition in good physical shape in good shape in shape physically fit robust all right in order acceptable satisfactory adequate agreeable good okay proper reasonable as it should be decent fair fine and dandy flourishing hunky-dory OK up to snuff bright advisable expedient judicious prudent sensible appropriate astute practical provident shrewd wise apt beneficial canny pragmatic profitable rational recommended safe unharmed unhurt uninjured unscathed intact O.K. safeguarded undamaged unthreatened untouched alright sound unscratched alive and well in one piece better healthier recovering healed improving looking up making progress recovered convalescent fitter mending progressing recuperating restored cured fully recovered less ill on the comeback trail on the mend happy joyful merry cheerful delighted delightful ecstatic effervescent enjoyable fantastic glad heartwarming high jubilant pleasing pleasurable welcome wonderful cheery contented normal sane lucid balanced together clearheaded coherent stable compos mentis whole mentally sound of sound mind well balanced able to reason clearly able to think clearly able adept capable competent gifted proficient quick skilful(UK) skilled skillful(US) talented accurate clever dexterous(US) dextrous(UK) efficient masterful multiskilled salutary salubrious wholesome health-giving medicinal restorative salutiferous sanative tonic aiding constructive healful healing nourishing nutritious water hole borehole spring springs waterhole bore pit wellspring pool upwelling watering place water source water supply geyser spa billabong mere puddle stank pond reservoir repository reserve stockpile supply cache fountain mine stream surplus allocation fount hoard store storehouse accumulation amount bank cradle vent duct channel flue passage shaft tube pipe chimney tunnel trough column airway chute passageway space cavity drain airduct stash quantity stock wealth fund stack lot pile plenty slew abundance bundle hole hollow depression indentation dent concavity crater dint recess cave excavation trench indenture pothole cavern ditch pocket gulf abyss chasm abysm expanse vacuum void ocean depth depths bottomless pit deep hole gorge bottomless depth crevasse black hole middle flow cascade overflow pour swell trickle deluge discharge dribble flood gush leak ripple run shed spill brim burst intensify amplify augment grow build escalate exacerbate heighten increase magnify mount accentuate advance aggravate boost expand multiply progress raise course roll sloosh sluice disembogue glug race rush surge speed dash barrel eddy churn billow bubble gurgle seethe swish boil effervesce ferment fizz foam froth splash babble so I mean look like you know you know what I mean you know what I'm saying in that case that being the case that being so on account of this on that account on the grounds of this on this account no oh well anyhow anyway in any case wow ooh oh why blimey golly goodness gracious great Scott holy moly woah aah ah aha pshaw gosh goodness gee gracious heavens jeepers hmph good grief are you kidding come on good heavens indeed my word hrmph humph oh come on what you have got to be kidding fie unbelievable y'know shall we say er erm um whew dear me gee whiz gesundheit good gracious gracious sakes oh dear phew oh no here we go again ho hum what the heck what the hell More
"well" Antonyms
badly awfully disastrously dreadfully horrendously horribly horridly miserably terribly abominably abysmally atrociously dismally unfavourably(UK) unfavorably(US) awry deplorably lamentably unbearably wretchedly unacceptably deficiently improperly imprudently inadequately inappropriately unsatisfactorily erroneously incorrectly unsuitably awkwardly egregiously intolerably wrongly ill poorly insufficiently bad disagreeably discordantly antagonistically inharmoniously resentfully tensely uneasily bitterly conflictingly disharmoniously incongruously inexpertly incompetently ineptly unskillfully clumsily gracelessly unskilfully amateurishly crudely incapably inefficiently inelegantly lumberingly unadroitly ungracefully bunglingly defectively disrespectfully harshly contemptuously discourteously disdainfully condescendingly indecently insolently rudely uncivilly crassly curtly indecorously ungraciously belligerently boorishly brazenly coarsely partially partly marginally moderately slightly incompletely fractionally lightly a little halfway in part in some measure somewhat kind of not completely not entirely not wholly on a small scale to a certain degree vaguely detachedly formally professionally dispassionately distantly indifferently disinterestedly neutrally casually thoughtlessly carelessly haphazardly negligently sloppily hastily irresponsibly lackadaisically nonchalantly rashly inattentively incautiously neglectfully aimlessly randomly derisively disapprovingly scornfully unkindly unsympathetically mockingly unpleasantly sarcastically demeaningly frugally economically thriftily stingily abstemiously carefully providently prudently cheaply meagerly meagrely parsimoniously shrewdly sparingly circumspectly conscientiously judiciously meticulously mingily resourcefully not never not likely at no time hardly by no means in no way not ever not in any way not under any condition nevermore barely negligibly just imperceptibly insignificantly narrowly only just scarcely inappreciably inconsiderably minimally scantly superficially faintly just barely little arduously laboriously painstakingly strenuously assiduously onerously tiresomely burdensomely exhaustingly painfully tirelessly troublesomely difficultly with difficulty hesitatingly slowly grudgingly complicatedly meanly nastily callously cruelly wickedly heartlessly hurtfully brutally unmercifully ferociously sadistically pitilessly savagely ungenerously cannily illiberally miserly coldly thinly sparsely skimpily scantily illiberal unjustifiably unfairly remotely half part anywhere even a bit at all in the slightest the least bit the slightest bit in any way in the least disparagingly critically degradingly ignominiously insultingly pejoratively deprecatingly deprecatively deprecatorily derisorily derogatorily slightingly contemptibly loweringly sick infirm unhealthy unwell debilitated indisposed ailing sickly unfit afflicted diseased enfeebled failing queasy run-down unsound weak at death's door below par poor dismal rough unacceptable awful dire inadequate lousy subpar substandard terrible unsatisfactory wretched deplorable direful disconcerting dissatisfactory dreadful lamentable inadvisable imprudent inappropriate inexpedient injudicious unreasonable unwise careless ill-advised improper rash untimely foolhardy foolish harebrained not recommended unfitting unsuitable unsuited in danger vulnerable accessible defenceless(UK) defenseless(US) helpless susceptible unsafe assailable powerless unguarded unprotected endangered imperiled(US) imperilled(UK) threatened violable at risk jeopardised(UK) jeopardized(US) worse consequence result conclusion corollary culmination effect outcome outgrowth pinnacle climax end end result apex completion eventuality finale issue offshoot acme aftereffect ace bit dab dram driblet glimmer handful hint lick mite mouthful nip ounce peanuts pinch pittance scruple shade shadow mound bulge protrusion protuberance camber jut projection bump lump intumescence prominence hump distention excess gibbosity convexity tuberosity absence lack meagerness meagreness scarcity dearth scantiness nonexistence insufficiency shortage want unavailability deficiency drought needfulness inadequacy void non-existence ebb sink recede retreat withdraw flow back subside abate decrease dwindle ease wane weaken decline diminish drop lessen quell settle subdue taper de-escalate disappear fade relent die away be contained be sealed up be stopped up absorb collect gather clean up pick up dribble drip trickle be quiet remain stay land walk suppress drizzle repress halt cease stop pour keep hold develop energise(UK) energize(US) enlarge expand extend grow increase rise

874 Sentences With "well"

How to use well in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "well" and check conjugation/comparative form for "well". Mastering all the usages of "well" from sentence examples published by news publications.

Well well well #Usher – what do we have here?
Well well well, looks like yet another Tity Boi classic.
"It's pretty simple: If you want to look well, feel well and BE well — just eat well," he continued.
"Well-regulated in the 18th century tended to be something like well-organized, well-armed, well-disciplined," says Rakove.
Well well well, it seems like summer is truly upon us.
"Well, well, well, look who's back," O'Leary says in the clip.
They draft well, they develop well, they read the market well.
So is sleeping well and eating well — you have to eat well.
Well well well, looks like Tim Cook's glad-handing has paid off.
Your well being can be part of my well being as well.
Chopra: Well right now in many corporate cultures, there are seminars, I do them all the time on leadership, on corporate well-being, physical well-being, financial well-being, social well-being, emotional well-being, spiritual well-being, all this is becoming part of corporate culture.
Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty)Well, well, well, isn't this Apple rumor just delicious.
And Alexa is a – is a voice-activated interface that that works well as well, thought-through well, well-engineered, interfaces with Netflix.
It was definitely not well thought-out, not well planned and not well executed.
And so, on grimier back channels, a grimier take on Fultz emerges: Well, well, well.
Most of the beneficiaries of Trump's mercy are well-heeled, well-known, or well-connected.
Well, well, well, it looks like scientists have finally figured out who's been stinking up space.
Well well's good to be's been 18 years...I've missed you Marshall.
It was very well thought out and very well choreographed and very well storyboarded, I feel.
They believe they are well made, that pilots are well trained and the industry well regulated.
"Well well well we meet again @realDonaldTrump," Teigen tweeted Wednesday after the judge's ruling was announced.
"It was well thought-out, well timed and well coordinated," he said of the current attack.
A caption beneath the cartoon reads: "Well, well, well... If it isn't Liddle Bob Corker." pic.twitter.
" She said, "Well, it's either going to do very well or it won't do well at all.
Millions of middle-income Chinese families like Xiao Kang's are well fed, well housed and well educated.
Even if I do really well, it's never as well as the people who do really well.
"When things go well for Mexico, things go well for the U.S. as well," Peña Nieto said Wednesday.
"If stores are well-merchandised and well-priced and give consumer a value, they do well," he argued.
"He's serving well, he makes almost every return in play, he runs well, he competes well," Boynton said.
All is well, he thought, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.
But eating well, training well, sleeping well — the older you are, the better those things have to be.
The leaking well was a former oil well converted into a gas well when oil extraction ended in 1973.
"She's well known, well funded and well organized," Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, a University of Southern California professor, told CNN.
It's a super well-thought-out, well-played kind of record, and I think it turned out really well.
Mr. O'Rourke failed to turn a well-funded, well-publicized and well-run campaign for Senate into a win.
You're not well your neighborhood isn't well, if your community isn't well, if people in your country aren't doing well, if the air isn't clean, if the animals are dying.
Sony's 1000X M3 are well-known for all of these things, and Bose offers a well-liked alternative as well.
If you paired him and Ryan together, they would do well because Mac defends really well and skates really well.
Prioritize meaning, show up, do it well, lead well, stay well, and bring all of you to what's most important.
TRUMP: Well, I — I know Diane Foley very well.
Alexander: Well the administration – well it sends a signal.
The landings went well — maybe a little too well.
You had WELL, but you also had ... The WELL.
Well … So, how well does this thing work, anyway?
They are so well produced, so well edited, so well designed that they just sit on the shelf with everything else.
He employs it really well, not well, I don't think it's well, but it's kinda sociopathic, but it works for him.
If you're performing well in Minnesota, there's a pretty good chance you'll perform well in these other three states as well.
Doesn't matter whether you're playing well or not playing well.
This time, well... it may not have worked so well.
INGRAHAM: Well seems to think that he handled it well.
Wind chill factors will be well below zero as well.
Things were going well in his personal life, as well.
The restaurant chain's revenue was well below forecasts, as well.
Well, they've been benefiting tremendously well in the last decade.
Well, we have people in other offices as well. Headquarters.
GUILFOYLE: Well, these are quite gorgeous and made really well.
Well, losing companies don't tend to do that well either.
Well, those could easily be something you're designing as well.
And, well — it doesn't turn out particularly well for anyone.
"Republicans will do well in 2018, very well!" he wrote.
Well, there, she may have broken multiple laws as well.
Well we still can't do that look very well lol!
They're going to do well, we're going to do well.
"Very well, thanks, very well," the dad of three responds.
"Very well, thanks, very well," the dad of three responded.
Well, you know that did not work out so well.
Or why that swing went well or didn't go well.
He got along well with the entire cast wonderfully well.
I think Paper Moon does that quite well as well.
Despite a certain presidency, I am doing well, very well.
I didn't respond well and I didn't handle myself well.
So you might as well ingratiate the public as well.
Well you can see that it didn't go over well.
And then in 2015 I thought, well, that went well.
When it doesn't go well, it really doesn't go well.
I'm hitting the ball well and I'm serving really well.
They will be well armed, well trained and highly motivated.
If patients did well, they did well because of me.
All's well that ends well for old pals, we suppose.
"I played well, but I didn't score well," Mickelson said.
But the things he did well, he did really well.
"When they do well, we do well," Mr. Scanlan said.
Women don't get paid well because they don't negotiate well.
"I've been serving well, really well of late," said Kyrgios.
All's well that ends well to end up with you.
Their physical networks and infrastructure are well established as well.
" I answered, "Well, I don't actually know her that well.
She serves well, moves well, has a ton of power.
The formula works well for lips as well as eyes.
"If you're doing well, you're doing very well," Plepler said.
Well, that would be good information to have as well.
Jean: I think he did well they did very well.
Khalid Robinson might as well soundtrack this summer as well.
LS: Well yeah, no, that's good ... Well done, Satya Nadella.
She is that well known, she is that well liked.
It's out there, it's so well covered, it's well written.
It works pretty well but not ... It works pretty well.
It's not working particularly well, but ... No, not very well.
Well, with the rate things are progressing in commercial space, we may very well see a private Mars mission well before that.
Well, I saw a girl recently who was really nice, and we got on really well, but it was almost too well.
Where he did very very well among minority voters, he did very well among women, he did very well among young voters.
Judge Garland is a well-known and well-respected jurist who could just as well have been nominated by a Republican president.
" And I said, "Well, well," doing my little Paula thing, and said, "Well, this is what we're going to do and everything.
It's warm and human, full of rage and righteous indignation, as well as delight in well-told jokes and well-placed silliness.
Nick Holmes: Well, those bands have been around for a very long time as well, so they are very successful bands as well.
There could well be other uses in grocery, other uses in retail and frankly could well be in sectors well away from retail.
Well, both engagement of the health system, but also engagement of you in managing your health conditions, as well as keeping yourself well.
Free care: If you or someone you know needs help, call 1-888-NYC-WELL, text WELL to 65173, or visit NYC Well.
When people do not have their needs well-satisfied, they report lower levels of well-being and happiness, as well as more distress.
RILEY: Well, it plays well to the base to a point.
It affected their physical well -eing and their mental well-being.
On an individual level people mean well; people always mean well.
Confidence that all would be well – that they would be well.
WILLIAMS: Well, obviously, the trade thing is not going so well.
Ahead, 11 not-so-expected jobs that pay well — really well.
I know Stephen Moore well, I don't know Cain very well.
Ms Macleod was well known and well liked in the constituency.
It turns out he knows Lovato well, but not that well.
And we did fairly well in China, we've done fairly well.
Facebook is very well positioned to do well in that space.
KASICH: Well, Dana, the Heritage Foundation had this position as well.
They are playing pretty well in the defensive zone as well.
What do you feel you do well and not do well?
But not every well-wisher got to wish the winner well.
Yeah, well, I do a lot for Christianity as well, yeah.
Wrong. Things are going well in her professional life as well.
"Well, they didn't go so well," he said of the dates.
Well, we've been doing that well before they were doing it.
Well, that went about as well as anything i do does.
We loved him well, now wish him well on his journey.
I try to do well because I want to do well.
Well, in Sun and Mun's case, fighting leads to, well, forking.
"Well that went well," she joked as she approached the podium.
WARREN BUFFETT: Yeah, well, the acquisition-- just don't work as well.
Well, so far it's a desperation move that's worked out well.
"This was a well planned, well thought out escape," Hallock said.
In some early results, the agent was doing well — suspiciously well.
And for this he might well have been killed as well.
Nate Well, I don't know if I'd say it's done well.
And in classic OITNB fashion, all isn't well that ends well.
If done well, an automatic CR is worth adopting as well.
It doesn't serve disabled people well; it doesn't serve taxpayers well.
"He was a well-known person -- well-known family," he says.
They want to do well and we want to do well.
Well, writer-director Jordan Peele's Us did very well for itself.
A life well tweeted is not considered a life well lived.
Its outlines are well worn and don't wear well on Republicans.
"Well, I started chemo this week so…"  His eyes well up.
Similarly, guards who rebound well often transition well to the NBA.
He is well mannered, well dressed, self deprecating, confident and aimless.
It's a well-deserved honor, for courage that's well documented here.
In other words, to disagree well you must first understand well.
Oh, don't know, don't know, not well, Mr. President, not well.
I thought, well it is wolves, so that works fairly well.
He dressed well, he spoke well, he had a great vocabulary.
The plants are well tended, statues orderly, and flags well stationed.
I've done well before and I want to do well again.
And they are doing well ... President Xi is doing very well.
Well, wood and even some plastics don't mix well with fabric.
Its bright acidity would go well with this dish as well.
I dress well, am well spoken and want to continue working.
Played the par-fives very well ... it worked out pretty well.
Stay well hydrated and well nourished, and wash your hands often.
You've got to have traffic lights-- JIM CRAMER: Well-- well, okay.
Quite well that we use it for other banks as well.
"Didn't coach well, didn't play well," Nets Coach Kenny Atkinson said.
And they are doing well ... President Xi is doing very well.
We are smiling, clean, white, well fed, well dressed, cheerful, bright.
A good case well-argued and well said is inherently moving.
Well, if you drink strong beer, make sure you eat well.
But fans on Twitter weren't as quick to let the moment pass by without comment: Well well well #Usher – what do we have here?
All over this country you have progressive communities like Madison and Burlington, but we've got to go well, well, well outside of those communities.
Last year, financial services firm PwC introduced a program called "Be well, work well" to focus on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.
The well-delivered, well-written and well-argued speech largely reflected the consensus views of the generals and of the American national security apparatus.
They play well, and then they don't recover very well in between games, and over time that can contribute to injury risk as well.
Like Ms. Warren again, Mr. Bradley did well in some predictable liberal enclaves, but had trouble attracting voters neither well educated nor well off.
The curriculum has been well vetted and the classrooms are well stocked.
"His kids were beautiful, sweet children — well-mannered, as well," Gonzalez said.
SS: Well, look, let's take on that topic straight away, as well.
PIRRO: Well, I think that&aposs well said, and you know what?
Of course, boding well and doing well are two totally different things.
I don't really care if I play really well, well, or okay.
He is well dressed, well groomed, tall, slightly overweight, handsome, and white.
Well, China I probably know as well as most of your visitors.
We heard that Trump's employees were well-kept, well-fed, and appreciated.
If it's going well, I'll stay as long as it's going well.
Alls Well That Ends Well: Crossdressing and poems nailed to trees. 1.
On the security front, the Galaxy S10+ is well very well equipped.
All's well that ends well, but I also missed coffee and bagels.
Not well at all, and not well for a long time now.
"I speak Spanish perfectly well, I speak Creole perfectly well," she says.
That served us well and the consumer extremely well over now decades.
The state does well on costs, but not as well as some.
We have a minority partner as well from the U.S., as well.
Yang's total put him well above what Booker, as well as Sen.
Well, well, one, we don&apost know, or, yes, we probably will.
Singaporeans are well-travelled, well informed and some even read The Economist.
General relativity worked super well, so well that it started predicting things.
Well, as Mashable's Angie Han put it... #CaptainMarvel: Well, Thanos is fucked.
Oh. Well, that's not going to go over well with Trump's lawyers.
Maturities Manageable, Well-Laddered Contractual debt maturities are manageable and well-laddered.
Well, we're not doing it very well and we need new models.
Well, the date went so well, he didn't want it to end.
He's moving well and throwing well, but it's a small sample size.
And you've got to be able to cook well to eat well.
Well, that same technique will now serve you well as an adult.
Well, he's well on his way into the internet's hall of fame.
If they do well, then obviously as a landlord, we do well.
Well-matched credit scores also bode well for a long-lasting love.
I think we played well, but obviously not well enough to win.
FRYDENBERG: Well as you say the Australian economy is performing very well.
Well ... Well you know, it may depend upon how the interview goes.
And if I want to perform well, I gotta eat really well.
It's been really well received, even by you guys it's well received.
Well, we have a formula down that seems to work pretty well.
I was hoping to do well in North Carolina, well in Florida.
He knew the game too well; he didn't integrate himself well enough.
The magazine adds that the collection was well received — very well received.
So well done Zuck for being zeitgeisty as well as right on.
"Well, there are certainly pockets where … students are doing well," DeVos said.
What has Silicon Valley done well and what haven't we done well?
It wasn't well received then and it's not always well received now.
It's a strange juxtaposition, and yet, it works well—too well, sometimes.
Entrepreneurs and marketers would do well to listen — as well as watch.
He's staying on the ball well, I think he's seeing it well.
All's well that ends well in the fabled land of the Kardashians.
"Forensic science is very well known but not well understood," DesPortes said.
Most of our companies as well, with technology well run, very safe.
As small businesses do well, the U.S. economy overall will do well.
WARREN BUFFETT: Well-- well-- every single share is gonna be given away.
Well known conservative actor James Woods tweeted about his feelings as well.
Well, it's time to shift some well-deserved attention towards our bags.
If one or both people aren't well, the relationship can't be well.
He was well dressed and well spoken, and they let him aboard.
LLOYD BLANKFEIN: Y-- oh, well, I think-- well, it's not gonna retrogress.
And that was a well-fought -- that was a well-fought battle.
Typically these well-documented official trips offer several well-photographed style moments.
As well as well-equipped bathrooms, the home has its own spa
Almost all of them have been well-behaved, well-mannered, good people.
Revenue and comparable-store sales were well above Street forecasts, as well.
We're doing very well, and we're doing really well in the Senate.
Playing well when you're not feeling well is part of this game.
He does this so well and I plan on doing it well.
Simply put, it's super smart, really well designed and works very well.
This well-to-do, well-connected family of German Jewish origin — Mrs.
Exarks prefer a well-trained police force to a well-oiled firearm.
This is well, well worth your three minutes of time to watch.
Many well-funded, well-executed, logical programs haven't had the desired results.
John Waters — the brand as well as the man — has aged well.
"Knock on wood, the patient did well and continues to do well."
"When base isolation works well, it works very well," Dr. Heaton said.
What's more, Graham's animosity toward Cruz is well-known and well-documented.
You say it's well documented, but do you think it's well represented?
They're funny and well written, as well as unfailingly kind and warm.
Many people at the demonstrations are well-educated and materially well-off.
He said he was well known, and well liked in the area.
And that was a well-fought — that was a well-fought battle.
And feeling well is more important than thinking well for my survival.
Because I don't know English well also I can't speak English well.
But if the station is well-used, it is not well-liked.
The mini storage tubs work well for your smaller items as well.
And then I thought, 'Well, then there's the Turkish influence, as well.
If California doesn't do well economically, the country doesn't do well economically.
Well, that announcement went over about as well as a scorched turkey.
"You&aposre like, well, might as well just make out on Instagram!"
As a group, they are relatively wealthy, well educated and well connected.
You're probably pretty well dressed, and well capitalized, before you walk in.
And then I thought, Well, it might as well be a phone.
"The prime minister's views are well-publicised and well-documented," they said.
Mueller's indictment, though, characterized the group as well funded and well organized.
Democrats won because they did well in the Richmond suburbs as well.
"I didn't coach well enough; they didn't play well enough," McAdoo said.
In handled well, a genuine apology from Gianforte could serve him well.
Well, there could very well be (Middle Easterners in the caravan), yeah.
We can gain share if we innovate well, and we're innovating well.
Then I said, well, wait a minute, I know Montana pretty well.
It could well doom his presidency as well as his worldwide brand.
That bodes well for Mr. Meilland, and it bodes well for Ferragamo.
If the president does well, every Republican in those states does well.
Russia was already well clear by then, and Saudi Arabia well beaten.
There's usually something well intentioned, there's a well-intentioned spirit behind it.
Carnegie. Well, we try to have a diverse ... Well, that's the goal.
Well, Frank Marshall Davis, 'Well, we don't want to talk about that.
Garcia faced Tahir Javed, a well-funded and well-connected primary opponent.
Well, little Mark must take a share of the glory as well.
The stories of founders and investors as well-known and well-told.
A wild ride, you might say, but all's well that ends well.
All's well that ends well — and in the end of this episode, it looks like all has ended well for four of the Keating Five.
Well-educated people are less likely to smoke, well-educated people are less likely to drink, well-educated people are less likely to commit crimes.
"To establish accepted medical use, the effectiveness of a drug must be established in well-controlled, well-designed, well-conducted and well-documented scientific studies [with] a large number of patients," the DEA said in the quoted passage.
BUFFETT: well I think the consumer is doing pretty well but I can tell you as someone who owns one, the railroads aren't doing very well.
All of those flavours are similar so I think, "Well if this goes well with something, maybe that will as well," and I work from there.
"Well well well we meet again @realDonaldTrump," model and author Chrissy Teigen, whom Trump blocked in July 2017, tweeted Wednesday after the judge's ruling was announced.
I think that he did very well at the hearing, really well, as well as, some people say it was as good as you can do.
Both players spent most of the next year in the offense-friendly Pacific Coast League, where they fared pretty well—not exceptionally well, but pretty well.
Weisberg: Well, you've gotten to know us pretty well over these four years.
Magic Leap very well could be one giant, well-funded performance art piece.
It's well recorded, well written, and there's great dynamic to the track list.
That move was well-expected and well-telegraphed to the market, analysts noted.
BARTIROMO: Well, catch and release, I mean... TRUMP: Well, how about Long Island?
Service went really well, it was very chilled and everything was well prepared.
For the people who know me well, you know my heart well too.
Well, now it's Australia's time to shine bright like a well-lit diamond.
"I got out well and managed to hold it really well," said Warholm.
She's not just well liked in her own party, she's really well liked.
He's not swinging the bat well; he's not seeing the ball extremely well.
Online protest has a well-trod origin story, and Tufekci chronicles it well.
The team would be well-located to work on hardware projects as well.
I got along with Carly [Waddell] very well, and Sarah [Herron] as well.
Octopuses perform quite well in such tests but not as well as rats.
Well, it's changing, there's no doubt about it, but well after it should've.
While in beta, Portrait Lighting generally works well — miraculously well in some instances.
I do not know if she has been sleeping well or eating well.
I've been doing that, so you might as well do it as well.
They act like they're running it well and they're not running it well.
The "Well of Death" is a fairly well-known carnival show in India.
You might be well above or well below the national average of $25,653.
Well, things have been going extremely well for Musk since Trump got elected.
Well done Dave Grohl, this looks like it is going really really well.
Such support works well for manufacturers but less well in knowledge-based industries.
And we want to talk about who's done well, who hasn't done well.
It is important to keep the chicken's well-being in mind, as well.
Moreover, it often features well-off and well-educated Westerners as its subjects.
She's seen the consequences of things working well, and things not working well.
We can play football well, we can organize events of global importance well.
Ones where people probably mean well, but end up sounding, well... just mean.
Right them and you could become not just well, but better than well.
And the health gap between the poor and well-off expanded as well.
Germany will only do well in the long run if Europe does well.
We woke up healthy and well; we went to bed healthy and well.
TRUMP: Well, listen, I think we&aposre going to do very, very well.
"You're doing really well, you've got your moods well stabilized lately," he added.
If Superman is working well, the entire line seems to be working well.
They need mental and psychosocial support as well, and in Europe as well.
They were playing well before they got here and they played well here.
Well, it's uniquely well suited to the kind of game that we're doing.
They're beautiful-looking, extremely well built, perform well and don't break the bank.
" Fowler responds, "Well, not very well, so that's where the CDs came in!
Well "Creed", "Straight out of Compton" and "Beasts" were well over 120 minutes.
Well, the third time is well beyond that and is quite simply, perjury.
Well, here's the problem: Our great story probably isn't going to end well.
Some of them are well-known and there are small startups as well.
Are they scared enough of ... Well, fear can be a motivator as well.
Full moons are exhausting, so make sure to sleep well and eat well.
As well as being isolated, teachers lack well defined ways of getting better.
They did well in the UK charts and the world charts as well.
And when we do well, the rest of the world also does well.
Well, so I can say, I served in the Bush administration as well.
Some funds simply did well because they always do well in volatile times.
But with this performance, he may well have won the Grammys as well.
Todd likes to compare it to a well-choreographed, well-rehearsed dance routine.
Steve Tew: Well, we are open to the... well, we're exploring the options.
No one could deny that the arguments were well-packaged and well-written.
"Emigration" conjures an orderly move, with well-packed luggage and well-laid plans.
I played well; it's great to play well and put up decent numbers.
They really swung the bats well and, of course, they always pitch well.
Well, you could use this time to become a more well-rounded person.
I played really well last year and did well the year before, even.
" Seconds later, Clinton added laughing, "Well I — Well, I'd like to be president.
While many work well, I've yet to find one that works this well.
I think we're really well coordinated, as well as you can possibly be.
It could well be (a fraud) and it could as well not be.
"Drink from the well, replenish the well," Ezekiel says, dropping the episode title.
We played well in the second and third, very well in the third.
"If you treat the horses well, they will treat you well," Dickinson said.
Well this involves Nonfiction too a little bit, as well as this record.
Lola Arias: Both the play as well as the movie worked very well.
They can play well with Tony Romo, but perhaps not quite this well.
It would play well on television, but it doesn't play well with them.
"The economy is doing well, but all Americans aren't doing well," says Buffett.
While still well-regarded in the industry, Miller has his critics as well.
" If you don't feel well physically you won't feel well spiritually," Southwell observed.
I was just playing really well, and she was playing really well, too.
Well, I don't know that there's a government answer for ... Well, Section 230.
Protests about the denial of human rights are well organized and well supported.
However: "If the well is poisoned, the well is poisoned," Ms. Abbajay said.
Nearly there, to the Well of Simeon or Mevlana, the Well of Souls.
These men are generally well past their schooling and well before their retirement.
Emma doesn't match-make particularly well, but Autumn "friend makes" very, very well.
He's very well-known, maybe more well-known than me, I understand that.
Well, it appears we've entered the never-ending presidential impeachment campaign, as well.
All's well that ends well — except the movie is not even halfway over.
SS: And well done getting that oil price call right, as well [laughter].
PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well, I actually think that's – well, if it does, it does.
You're absolutely right: Many of these are well-connected and well-resourced parents.
Qantas does well when the Australian economy does well and you're absolutely right.
"Well, that didn't work so well," Mr. Ashcraft grumbled over the radio channel.
Some of which are well-paying, some of which aren't as well-paying.
"It went well for Milley and less well for Goldfein," that officer said.
Green believed that well-groomed, well-behaved English was an obstacle to expression.
I mean, I thought 'Gone Girl' was a well-constructed, well-written book.
I mean, I thought "Gone Girl" was a well-constructed, well-written book.
"The economy is doing well, but all Americans aren't doing well," he said.
The ramifications are well known by both parties as well as court-watchers.
Well, if we're doing so well, why are we the second-poorest state?
He's well read, very well spoken, but also very easy to talk to.
Well, I think actually to the consumer, it's done well, they won't know.
It may well prove true as well for risk-taking and violent behavior.
"If you look at where the populists have done well, they've actually done well in richer countries, and in the countries where they've done well, they've done well in the richer regions," Ivarsflaten, the University of Bergen scholar, told me.
"We think we're going to do very well in Minnesota on Super Tuesday; Colorado we're going to do well; Oklahoma we're going to do well," he said.
We want vendors to well, the community to do well, customers to do well, and the hope is that everyone benefits from the presence of the organization.
"We have to work very closely together with the Finance ministries to make sure these transitions are well-planned out, well-executed and well-communicated," Gonzalez said.
It is economic espionage as well as traditional espionage; it is nontraditional collectors as well as traditional intelligence operatives; it's human sources as well as cyber means.
Hesperios contains all the trappings of perfect taste: The store is a banquet set to let you know about a life well read, well traveled, well indulged.
More than 240 million Americans use OTC medicines every year, and these remedies are a trusted and affordable way to get well, stay well, and feel well.
But America would do well to get its own house in order as well.
" Besides, the audience for doomsday preppers is already well served by, well, "Doomsday Preppers.
All is well, and both the Princess Sofia and the baby are doing well.
It's going to do very well, and it will continue to do very well.
In other words, the economy is going well, and people think it's going well.
GOODMAN: Well, you know, as you so well know, this is the entertainment capital.
"He doesn't always do well but I think he always means well," said Bailey.
But -- BARTIROMO: Well you made a -- well you made a bold decision on Iran.
Plenty of well-researched, well-reported information is out there to back that up.
TRUMP: Well, I think we&aposre doing very well with Russia as of today.
This policy was not well-reasoned then and it is not well-reasoned now.
But how well it works will depend partly on how well it catches on.
That's worth a few well-reported pieces and a movie or two as well.
But people can get used to changes that seem well-considered and well-intentioned.
Firms need to treat workers well in order to get them to work well.
I may well continue to work and live well for another couple of decades.
Shakur Davis was a "well-loved, well-respected" member of the community, Pittman said.
It's also uncertain why some messages work well and others don't work as well.
Autonomous boats work well because, well, there isn't much to hit in the ocean.
What Friends From College does well, perhaps too well, is make the viewer uncomfortable.
But used well, individual accounts could improve consumer welfare as well as macroeconomic policy.
It is not a well-trained pooch so much as a well-built one.
If you're going to copy something, you might as well copy it well, right?
They've pitched extremely well against us, but they've pitched extremely well against the league.
And you know that went very well, you know that went pretty well, right?
But well-executed ones can yield critical acclaim as well as millions of streams.
Photo: Victoria Song (Gizmodo)The Active does decently well on battery life as well.
It should still work well for Amazon content as well as other streaming apps.
"Well, that went well," Reynolds captioned a selfie he took with the screening's audience.
Gentlemen, be well-paid, well-behaved and willing to take initiative at all times.
Trump is, as you know, a well-know, a well-known scientist, brilliant scientist.
All of that stemmed from his July arrest, but all's well that ends well.
"We didn't pitch well, and we didn't hit well," Philadelphia manager Pete Mackanin said.
Even the LAPD, in what may well be a first, investigated Simmons' well-being.
It wouldn't sell very well with Democrats but he's selling pretty well with Republicans.
And the well-being of each is dependent on the well-being of all.
They obviously played well, had a lot of guys step up and play well.
Well, that isn't exactly going over well with younger women, who aren't backing Clinton.
As for his relationship with Jo's dad, it seems all's well that ends well.
"It was a well-pitched and well-defended game," said Cincinnati manager Bryan Price.
I don't want them analyzing why the pass went well or didn't go well.
First, it was a game and, well, that's worked out pretty well on mobile.
He moves fairly well in the half-court as well as the full court.
A well-regulated, well-governed internet is in the best interests of its users.
The recent crop of Marvel movies have all been well-hyped and well-received.
Nothing seemed to work particularly well—or at least it didn't work well enough.
Now this...well I can admit we already follow this advice very um well.
Sometimes it works out well, most of the time it doesn't work out well.
They are consistently well-filled, well-clued and really good at tripping me up.
We're doing very well, probably as well as anybody has ever done with Russia.
DARA KHOSROWSHAHI: Well-- well, listen, there's-- there's no such thing as a free lunch.
About as well as you'd expect, which is to say not well at all.
They played extremely well as well, but we definitely made a lot of mistakes.
Nordstrom is known for its personal shopping, amenities and well-chosen, well-displayed merchandise.
"Often we see activities that are well meaning, but not well planned," he said.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, I would have to say, well Trump is closer to us.
"You can still play well without shooting well," Minnesota coach Tom Thibodeau told reporters.
"I think I played really well, putted very well," Koepka said after his round.
But we have to treat people that treat us well, we treat them well.
Well, no, because I know I'm not thinking tribally — Well, that is our disagreement.
Nothing seemed to work particularly well—or at least it didn't work well enough.
DeVos: Well, there are certainly lots of pockets where the students are doing well.
The straightforward Filipino food was well-received, and the pop-ups were well-attended.
Well, I think Facebook has generally played some of their political cards pretty well.
She thought at least well-off, well-educated Republican women would recoil in horror.
Well, my friends, I wish I could say things turned out well for me.
You talk about this as well, right ... Well the campaign was mixed on this.
Everybody seems to be hitting the ball well and playing well and having fun.
But this one is particularly well timed in the sound effects, and well-themed.
Well you've got pods on the way so you might as well use them.
Louisville shot well from long range as well, hitting 12 of 22 (54.5 percent).
Have you heard about the disappearance of this "well-known and well-liked" journalist?
I found a different app that worked well; then it didn't work as well.
We did do very well, and I think we did well for two reasons.
He is one of many in the well-educated, relatively well-to-do category.
The pay-per-view after Wrestlemania, Payback, was both well-booked and well-wrestled.
They're designed for pictures and not for a well-paced, well-designed dinner experiences.
"I didn't play very well, and she didn't play very well, either," Yu said.
"It was extremely well done, and they were extremely well cared for," he said.
We are very fortunate to have a very well-known and well-respected brand.
" Godwin added: "He also has to serve really well, hit his spots really well.
It tends neither to turn out well nor reflect well on the expelling country.
The marriage of convenience is a well-worn, well-loved trope in historical romance.
For now, he is continuing to benefit from being well liked and well connected.
It said Mr. Johnson's views on such issues are well publicized and well documented.
I, too, am part of Pakistan's new, well-read, well-heeled, politically correct patriarchy.
" "We may well end up bringing some citizens back from other countries as well.
Andrew Yang: Well well, part of it is I don't have any talking points.
Ian Davis: Well I think the pay package Warren East was very well received.
"I think that the Border Patrol (agents) are well-trained, well-equipped," he said.
We don't respond well to sanctions, but we respond very well to mutual respect.
These were overwhelmingly responsible, well-documented, long-term, fixed-rate loans that performed well.
As the song says, teach your children well — or better yet, inspire them well.
Men do not get big to play well; they get big to look well.
When parties do well in special elections, they usually do well in the midterms.
Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills is well established and well-loved.
He's doing well as a father, and he's doing well as a football player.
It even wears well under makeup (just make sure to rub it in well).
He was moving well, was reading plays well, he was outstanding out there. Outstanding.
The Public Editor Sometimes the best-laid plans, well, just aren't that well laid.
Does this mean that there are not well-spoken, well, morons, on the planet?
Secretary Clinton was one of the most intelligent, well prepared, well briefed politicians ever.
Alexa works well on the Genie, and the microphone worked well in my office.
Well needless to say, that did not go over too well with the others.
But sounding well-informed and being well-informed are definitely not the same thing!
"Well after awhile I thought, well I could get away with this," he said.
The good teams merge well and jell well, and we need to do that.
We want always to do well by doing good, and good by doing well.
Some people took it well, some people took me well and some people didn't.
Well-meaning clichés, such as patient victims and righteous heroes, are absent as well.
Things are going well, a little too well, for Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy.
He had not slept well, though he had not slept well since the day.
KEY RATING DRIVERS Well-Positioned Operating Subsidiaries: Telefonica's ratings are supported by a portfolio of assets competitively well positioned and geographically well diversified across Europe and Latin America.
They might be well-respected, well-reviewed, and well-read, but that usually means sales in the range of hundreds of thousands, at best, not in the millions.
The retro Happy Days and alien-with-rainbow-suspenders sitcom Mork & Mindy were well-cast, well-written, well-driven vehicles, built to last (with excellent theme songs, too).
We will now pick the well location for our first well on this license and remain on track for drilling that well in the third quarter of 2019.
Verint Systems — Verint earned an adjusted 90 cents per share for its latest quarter, well below the $1.17 consensus estimate, and revenue was well below forecasts as well.
To see if I could get more details, I opened the image in Photoshop and cranked up the exposure, and... well, well, well, what do we have here?
Social jet lag is a well documented phenomenon, and it can have serious consequences on health, well-being, and how well we're able to function in daily life.
"I think this is probably one of the most interesting pieces of this model – what sells well tends to not rent well, because what sells well are the basics, the staple items…what rents well is all of the fashion," she says.
Google itself knows how well this went with the Pixel 3, which it admitted did not sell as well as expected or even as well as the Pixel 2.
That will allow heavy mud and liquids to be sent down through the relief well and into the existing well in sufficient quantity to shut the well down permanently.
We are also in a unique position to assert why these assumptions are worth challenging, well beyond issues of semantics, well beyond research quibbles, well beyond academic flag planting.
"(It has) the potential to have catastrophic costs well beyond the walls of the Old City, well beyond Israel and Palestine, well beyond the Middle East itself," Mladenov said.
The well-chosen, well-qualified and well-intentioned Democratic choices on the left and the current stable of inexperienced, obsequious and sycophantic Trump administration cabinet members on the right.
Around three-in-five say they understand the current Medicare system well, including 29% very well, while 35% say they understand it just somewhat well or really don't know.
But I thought, you know, there are things Disney does well, and there's things Disney doesn't do well but there are things Disney shouldn't even try to do well.
And the characters aren't developed well enough for their well-being to become a concern.
" And they said, "Well Donald Trump said he would." and I said, "Well, he's lying.
We didn't defend too well, we didn't rebound too well, but we just drilled shots.
I hit a lot of really good shots, drove it well, did everything really well.
We&aposre doing very well, probably as well as anybody has ever done with Russia.
The films did well at the box office, but not quite as well at retail.
Snailfish are well suited for deep waters, featuring well-developed sensory pores on their heads.
FRED BARNES, THE WEEKLY STANDARD: Well, he doesn&apost think it&aposs playing very well.
And I think both Chelsea Handler, as well as the filmmaker loves America, as well.
I love that Miraval puts emphasis on sleeping well and eating well, unplugging and relaxation.
That's all good and well until you end up on a well-designed phishing page.
It isn't how well you handle your successes, it's how well you handle your setbacks.
Trump can expect Kim to be well informed and well versed in his talking points.
Let technology do what it does well and let humans do what they do well.
" Julianne Hough added: "To me, that was well done to Moana, well done to Simone.
Well, here's the best way, I think, to frame ... well, take a step back, right?
Aaron is happy and doing well, and he hopes that she is doing well, too.
This deal is not going well, and it's not going well for really important reasons.
He couldn't sing as well as his father, couldn't dance as well as his mother.
Warby Parker is doing really well at retail; Reformation is doing really well at retail.
My Warcraft books have sold amazingly well, the Star Wars books have sold incredible well.
But alcohol promotes conviviality as well as drunkenness, and that relationship is less well explored.
That profit time is well out, but I think the growth is well worth it.
Quinoa, we all know it well — perhaps, for some of us, a bit too well.
It's also an excellent read: well-written and well-researched, powerfully argued and perfectly timed.
Once again, he has begun his night at the table, well sated and well surrounded.
That spurred a realization that well, if Bieber wants it then others might as well.
Well, now you could have that chance to eat pizza for a living as well.
The Corbynites may well have history as well as the British constitution on their side.
"I played really well this week, hit the ball well tee to green," he said.
While exchanges have generally worked well for consumers, they have worked less well for insurers.
Square's doing really well from everyone I've spoken to and it's being run really well.
The graphics chipmaker's revenue was also well above estimates as its new products sold well.
And inflation could well run above its target — as well as above short term yields.
Compounding the stiff competition from well-funded early stage competitors there's another issue as well.
Longer experimental times and comprehensive follow-ups well after the experiment would help, as well.
A well-known, well-liked figure will be in a better position to defeat Trump.
The coroner also found a collection of scars on Otto's "well-developed, well-nourished" body.
BARTIROMO: Well, I want to get the latest on the DOJ-FBI situation as well.
Well, he might as well blow up Delaney's boat, just to make himself feel better.
However, it does well as a feature-focused premium car that happens to drive well.
BILL MILLER: Well, that's pretty well reflected in the price of under $2 I think.
CHARLES MCCULLOUGH, FORMER INSPECTOR GENERAL: Well, it&aposs gone on for well over a year.
BORELLI: -- anything they could come up with identity and that as well, socialism as well.
It's a well-worn struggle for Google, as well as platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
They threw the ball well ... but we're just not swinging the bats well right now.
There's nothing modern in that – it's just well-tried logic of a well-organised system.
You might well know some of its most famous names, as well as their exploits.
And if all goes well, she will find someone who treats her well this time.
There are two moods that Star Wars movies — well, most of them — do extraordinarily well.
He has run Schlumberger's software units as well as its well-completions and offshore businesses.
I mean, it is-- American business has done incredibly well, and America's done incredibly well.
"If we do pretty well — just pretty well — we're at 1400," he told NBC News.
Our Parks crews decided that we might as well engage in restoration work as well.
"At that time, transsexuals weren't that well known and weren't that well understood," he explained.
AMP also supports paywalls as well as sponsored content, as well as many video players.
I am striking the ball well and feeling well so I am happy with that.
Paleontologists know it did so because one particularly well-preserved fossil has, well, four legs.
"We do believe this was a well-planned, well-thought out escape," Hallock told reporters.
The most literate and well-educated and well-informed family, they can't do it either.
And I have never done well at cutting out, well, anything from my life altogether.
Well I think, CAA was a departure in the sense that it wasn't well-known.
But as you can see, President Trump's schtick plays well on Staten Island as well.
Even though Clinton is well ahead in recent polls, perhaps this strategy worked too well?
The lecture was interesting, well structured and well reasoned, and I totally disagreed with her.
Sport's great when it's going well and when it's not going well, it hits home.
This worked well when Eisenhower did it in 1950 and it can work well again.
" And it added, "Jordan's economic well-being is… tightly linked to Arab Bank's well-being.
Steve Tew: Well, the overriding emotion is to get the job done and done well.
"I think we played very well this week and played well again today," Wu said.
Generally, the artworks that would have done well without Brexit will do well despite it.
If he thinks things are going well, he just tells you how well it's going.
Again, it's the right thing to do – when our clients do well, we do well.
I have seen cases from counties with well-funded and well-organized public-defender services.
The well-known phenomenon of closet tracking may well be related to the pay figures.
Silicon Valley's war against paying tax on revenue as well as profits isn't going well.
This technique has worked very well for me in big companies as well as startups.
We would return home well-dressed and well-spoken, products of the North's unbroken promise.
Should we even care if well-educated, well-off workers are unhappy with their jobs?
Well, you might just as well assume that you could repeal the law of gravity.
Fans saw it as either a well-executed novelty hit or a well-aimed prank.
Research confirms tech founders are already well-off and well-educated before starting their companies.
Metal is represented by objects made of, well, metal, as well as the color white.
Well, his honestly may as well be a lie because Washington did not say this.
PENCE: Well... (CROSSTALK) QUIJANO: Well, we're going to get to Russia in just a moment.
Revenue beat forecasts as well, and the company increased its full-year outlook as well.
WILLIAMS: Well, I thought your point was well taken, though it had no statistical basis.
Here is Livid, greeting his sons, Richard and Anthony, called Tonto: Well, well, he cautioned.
Well Spaced was about a certain time in history and of our lives as well.
It's a mix of elation and fatigue, a kind of well earned, well deserved tiredness.
Well, the criticism is, well, these things have to be delivered by the public sector.
HOLT: Well, we're well behind schedule, so I want to move to our next segment.
Passively managed green energy funds track well-known indexes as well as obscure, proprietary ones.
There's a casino in the hotel, as well as well-appointed indoor and outdoor pools.
Well I don't think — well, obviously we are going to find out more about that.
"He pulled up very well dressed, very well groomed, very polite, respectful," Mr. Haig said.
His tendency for "well, actually"-ing is well-known online, and something he's long defended.
MUIR: I'm asking, well, on day one you ... TRUMP: Well, you just brought it up.
I wish her well, I hope she does well, I'd love to run against her.
They were sophisticated, well educated and well traveled, they just didn't talk much about themselves.
Well, he's gotten the Democrats involved as well, but maybe not so much for him!
Andrew M. Cuomo, and well before her extended and well-documented bouts with breast cancer.
"I'm playing pretty well, and I've always played well at this event," he told PEOPLE.
Well, so one, I would ... Yeah, well I'll come back to the making it attractive.
You can see how well people did last week and how well they're doing cumulatively.
Well, if you're reasonably well up on your history, you probably recall a few facts.
Sanchez was not hitting well, and he certainly was not hitting well at home: just .
"Well, I think it's the state that I'm going to do well in," he said.
Ian Davis: Well there's always reason to be cautious but there's huge opportunities as well.
He is a polite, well-educated, engaging, important psychiatrist as well as a true gentleman.
Overall, I give the President high marks for a speech well-crafted and well-delivered.
Emma may well be inconspicuously keeping tabs on my welfare as well as her child's.
"We advocate well designed, well implemented, socially balanced reforms," the fund's spokesman, Gerry Rice, said.
The abusive customer is well aware of their demeanor and might have it well practiced.
Well, for one thing, there's the well-documented incentive to hoard resources and maximize profits.
Well, according to Dion, she didn't think the image would age well on Drake's skin.
Well, their attitude, what they had said, and one of their leaders said, well, look.
And we must create a unified Somali military that is well-trained and well-equipped.
Right now, we live well, and then we don't live well, and then we die.
The supercarrier is well suited for that task and will be well into the future.
And that disadvantages, not the well-educated, but the people who aren't as well educated.
Traffic moves well on Kentucky's well-maintained roads, though the bridges could use some attention.
Well, as well as donning badges stipulating "Nigel" or "Not Nigel", there were activities aplenty.
There's no question that the name Kardashian was extremely well-known — and fairly well-compensated.
She will now help train other dogs, as well as enjoy some well-earned rest.
He's a real byproduct of his upbringing — a well-rounded kid, a well-read kid.
And that's one of the reasons we gel quite well with Harebrained Schemes as well.
All crew members, as well as the cargo, are "safe and well," the company said.
We're trying to (make) golf here well known, so it's great to be playing well.
"It's knowing what I do well versus what they don't do as well," Newman said.
There are several rebel groups, but none of them is well-funded or well-armed.
Zuckerberg, well-coached by his team of advisers, did well, at least by investors' standards.
"Well, I think I have to do really well in it, but right," Biden said.
"They were always well groomed, well taken care of, good-natured children," Mr. Zsebedics said.
"I know the U.S. very well, and I know Australia very well," Mr. Farquhar said.
She's a well-qualified candidate who showed up well-prepared for an important job interview.
They're considered family on the set ... well-known and well-liked by cast and crew.
Well, well — Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has a thing or two to say about that.
Well if you say Pull-itzer, you're a Pulitzer Prize winner, you win. Well. Congrats.
You know, journalism doesn't pay really well, so ... Well now it's raining money, it's great.
As you notice, we did pretty well in 2006; we did pretty well in 3653.
But, for now, the Focals are well-crafted and well-supported smart glasses that work well now and give us a preview of a future where smart glasses are ubiquitous. 
KEY RATING DRIVERS Well-Positioned Operating Subsidiaries Telefonica's ratings are supported by a portfolio of assets that are competitively well positioned and geographically well diversified across Europe and Latin America.
Chaffetz is coming in for tremendous mockery, and understandably so... POOR PEOPLE: we would like healthcare tooGOP: well well well, look who could afford to go to applebee's last april!
All will be well all will be well and every kind of thing shall be well, yet I could not even write a lying note to console my children. ♦
And the map of white liberalism lines up quite well with where Democrats do well — except in the areas where Democrats do well because of their strength with nonwhite voters.
The Well team will be here for you, continuing to provide accurate virus information, tips for staying well and advice for you and your family about living well every day.
But maybe it's time we start holding accountable those who bear the responsibility for providing the resources — and for keeping our military forces well-trained, well-armed and well-fed.
They're not paid well, and today, wanting to have everything immediately doesn't fit well with culture.
So you need sentiment to be broadly positive for them to price well and trade well.
And if doesn't do the smart stuff well, you might as well get a regular speaker.
These are doing extremely well, as well as fast fashion companies like Zara and H&M.
Still, Cruz's victory indicates he's well-positioned there; Trump's second place suggests he'll do well too.
"I could still see well and hear well and drive my car," Ochs, now 218, remembers.
But when they say, well, we need the investment side, well, that is the spending side.
Well, I didn't know if it would work and Joanne was like well, here we go.
SS: And the second point, Mr. Tillerson knows Russia very well, you know Russia very well.
DAVID FABER: Well, an interesting time to talk to well-known hedge fund manager, Kyle Bass.
The only thing is, these AR games performed pretty well on my iPhone 7 as well.
Austin, let me go to you first you know Chicago well, you remember this story well.
They&aposve been incredibly well vetted by the Federalist Society, by the Heritage Foundation as well.
The service will feature the four major networks as well as additional well-known cable channels.
Well is an adverb that describes how something was done; you can do your job well.
Well, because they know how easy it is for them to destroy each other as well.
Doing wet cleaning well requires substantial knowledge of fabrics and fibers, as well as more effort.
Well, the states, obviously we'll be involved in and we'll try to do it as well.
WARREN BUFFETT: Well, some were managed well in some respects and they could be dumb financially.
"They put in a lot of effort, and they ate really well as well," says Braganza.
Well, start here: In 21984, Trump won 21984 states as well as Maine's second congressional district.
DAVID FABER: Yeah, well, we may see some of a bounce in M&A, as well.
For well-known developers working on well-known open source projects, this can be quite lucrative.
Berlusconi's Forza Italia party is polling well enough that it may well lead the next government.
People remember stuff you didn't do well, and people remember the stuff you do really well.
It's going to be well received in Tehran, it's going to be well received in Moscow.
And it's so well directed [by exec producer Greg Nicotero] and it's so well played out.
This story turns out well for everyone — well, at least the ones who aren't on Alderaan.
You'll do well on the test, very well, don't worry — you weren't educated; you were trained.
We didn't start well, they pressed us well and we weren't able to cope with that.
If the service is well run and well priced, she sees no reason it cannot compete.
He deals with pressure well, he reads pre-snap well, and he's a good anticipation passer.
The brewing company says the brew pairs well with cheese, smoky barbeque and, well, more chocolate.
JACK KEANE, FOX NEWS MILITARY ANALYST: Well, first of all, that was really well said, Martha.
"I'm driven by the desire to do things well — not perfectly, but well," Solowow tells me.
KASICH: Well, I mean, well, I was in Congress for 18 years on the Defense Committee.
The so-called "ouzo effect" is a well-known phenomenon, among mixologists as well as physicists.
No matter how well-trained and well-behaved your canine is, they can have unpredictable reactions.
The Surface Book does this, the Book One as well, but it doesn't work as well.
Well, the Anniversary Update extends this to apps as well, if they want to use it.
Well, we'll clearly be finding out who got killed by crazed Negan, a well-kept secret.
Gerry: Well I know him well I mean with some people I mean he's very popular.
"We're doing well, we're doing really well and we took off all those restrictions," Trump said.
They can't be relied on to deliver a well-turned observation or a well-timed quip.
LARRY KUDLOW: Well, now, it does matter because, first of all, it may well get passed.
Russia has a strong crop of teachers, as well as a talented and well-educated population.
I was playing really well in the tie-break, returning really well and serving really good.
Tatum's dad apparently did not handle the news very well: "Really, really not well," said Tatum.
It's funny because the automotive market isn't that hot, but they're well-run, it's doing well.
Well, I think a lot of people, a very well-known reporter I know was ... Who?
The reason this scene works so well is because the Crains are already well-drawn characters.
Well, that's actually not true because the election was ... well, yeah, it still is pretty true.
While mushroom tea sold well in Europe, it did not sell well in the United States.
A number well above consensus (currently 210,000) might very well be met with a negative reaction.
So it's a peace building initiative as well as a community building development initiative as well.
Would do well to steer well clear of LGBT politics in his post-match press conferences.
I knew I was playing well and putting well and made the most of my chances.
Well, that's one less familiar facade we can expect at our local (or, well, any) mall.
"According to Thompson, Trump continued, "Well, you know, I think we would get on very well.
Whereas South Dakota scored highest in purpose well-being, Vermont scored highest in social well-being.
I-- Howard Schultz-- if he-- well, he-- well, he says he's gonna run as an Independent.
Things didn't bode well for Max ... but ex-NBA star Rip hung in there surprisingly well!
He creates chances, he defends well, he can absorb distances and he's very committed as well.
Larry Hogan: Well, I know Rod Rosenstein very well, have a lot of respect for him.
Many people were typically [in their] late-20s to mid-30s, well-educated and well-balanced.
RUBIO: Well first, I think - well, I'd be open to it if it takes a pause.
"I'll tell you what: I didn't know him well, but I knew him well," he said.
And I think it was misquoted as well, so I was like, 'Well fuck this shit.
"But this is a really excellent study — it's well-designed and well-carried-out and exciting."
It worked well for the skyline in NYC, as well as for group shots of friends.
If things don't work well in the bedroom, they won't work well in the living room.
Boies has been a longtime supporter of Cy Vance, both well before 2015 and well after.
We think that bodes well for the stock, we think it bodes well for the metal.
How well he dilutes the level of toxicity may well be the measure of his success.
"Mexico had been well through Colombia and it is now well behind everyone," said the banker.
Well, my aversion to things like the outdoors, and in particular "rustic" toilets, is well documented.
Other stars, including Rosie O'Donnell and Christina Applegate, as well as fans offered their well wishes.
Universities, whether private or public, as well as state legislatures would do well to remember this.
If it worked well 50 years ago, it's gonna work well today, and they're absolutely right.
Many well-intending faces do as well, for reasons that have nothing to do with militarism.
But generally speaking, a single primary day would favor the (already) well-known and well-funded.
"Our country is doing so well, possibly as well as it's ever done," the President declared.
He termed the latest core inflation number as "well within the range" and "pretty well behaved".
He then made clear that if they don't, well, perhaps they shouldn't sleep well at night.
Here are a few of my thoughts on what has gone well — and not so well
But they're going to run well, we have good managers, they're going to run really well.
Nate Well, Trump is definitely doing worse among well-educated and moderate voters — that's for sure.
His pedigree of service to this nation is well documented and all approbation is well deserved.
But the first time he butchered a cow, well, he knew perfectly well what to expect.
The senator has worked hard, and succeeded, in becoming a well-known and well-liked name.
If you want to do something well, it's hard to do a number of things well.
"The economy is doing very, very well, and in general it's doing very well," Trump said.
JK: Well, if we're looking at the reality, Europe is doing well, in terms of trade.
It'll track sleep patterns as well, and it will try to qualify how well you're sleeping.
Well, lower your expectations, because In the Aeroskank Over the Checkered Pattern is not well done.
It won't end well for Republicans, and quite frankly, it won't end well for Donald Trump.
RUBIO: Well first, I think — well, I'd be open to it if it takes a pause.
"Oh, well usually the chickens are live as well and they'll butcher to order," she muses.
We did well with Liturgy, so it started to make sense to other people as well.
Well we've solved that cookie conundrum — as well as how to save yourself from popsicle hands.
Once games are well in hand, attacks from the losing team's nation spike well above normal.
"Well, of you take too much coke you're probably drinking too much as well," says Winstock.
"Picture Day" shows how well-calibrated this team is, and how well they know each other.
Other investors as well as analysts have been giving the company as hard time as well.
Well, I guess this ended up being a drill for media outlets as well. http://bit.
Well, my well of excuses has run dry, but only because my prayers have been answered.
"He added: "My job is to coach well and the players' job is to play well.
Our Student Opinion prompt "Should Graffiti Be Protected?" garnered especially well-written, and well-argued, comments.
I think we're doing well ... We'll do very well either way, with or without a deal.
And it may well be -- it may well be that something positive comes out of that.
The political uncertainty could well do serious damage to the Catalan and Spanish economies as well.
Everyone who's a reporter, we both know this media very well, this job area very well.
For the future head of the company, she's doesn't seem particularly well-informed or well-received.
We like to do what we do well, and most of us don't do pain well.
Obviously, when the airlines aren't doing well, then Boeing is not going to be doing well.
Well, I wanted to travel and do specials and the problem is, specials don't do well.
Social engagement is a well-established benefit to the well-being and longevity of senior citizens.
Yet his music came to be perceived, unfairly, as well made but a little, well, professorial.
"A well-diversified portfolio, from a positioning perspective, is performing well during this environment," Hyzy said.
That may well be the case for David Tanis's new recipe for farro salad as well.
The beer splashes down again, into the well of Simeon, Mevlana, into the Well of Souls.
If poor kids have to suffer, we may as well make poor seniors suffer as well.
Mr. Trump predicted Republicans would do well in the House and "really well" in the Senate.
Yeah, and we just think that things like Spotify has done so well, Pandora as well.
"My customers ... understand the difference between meat done well, and meat not done well," he said.
You can use those light bulbs outside, but they could work particularly well indoor, as well.
But not everyone conforms to that model and, well, I want to be well, wellness aside.
At this important time, some candidates did well, while others … well, they had a rougher night.
"Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies score well on some, and not so well on others," Blanch said.
The results Thursday don't bode well for AstraZeneca's approach, and they affected other stocks as well.
So, if the U.S. consumer is doing well, we know the economy will do pretty well.
"Well, I didn't hit the ball very well," said Woods, a two-time champion in Dubai.
If it doesn't go well, those companies will be on the hook for that as well.
He's a horse, and most nights, if he's going well, we're going well as a team.
That bodes well for healthy, young people, but not so well for people who are immunocompromised.
What path they choose could well determine their chances not just in 2020 but well beyond.
He's going to do well in Nevada, he's going to do extremely well in South Carolina.
Nonetheless, that doesn't mean all those efforts are necessarily well-scoped or well-executed in practice.
It blended darkness and joy so well, and the romance felt well-earned and appropriately paced.
Well well, the vaunted New Year rally didn't last very long — one day, to be precise.
And writing well is a two-stage process: (1) write not so well; (2) fix it.
KELLY EVANS: Well, one thing that's interesting as well are your views on the cruise industry.
The Dubai government is well aware of the well-financed efforts a few hundred miles away.
Like anything, how well you manage your money is determined by how well mentored you are.
There is a variety of publications online that offer well-written (and well-edited) short stories.
Some of Amazon Music&aposs holiday originals are performing well on music charts worldwide as well.
"Markets have worked well and markets need to continue to work well," he said this month.
Some of these work well, some of these won't work well, but it becomes a tool.
The same or very similar workshop model was common well before the Renaissance and well after.
It's great, because it really holds up well, it's well-written — obviously, because you wrote it.
Well, I'm very pro-Arnold at the moment because he very kindly ... Well, Donald is not.
They're actually accelerating progress in AI. Well, it may be a guilt-oriented thing as well.
It served Smits well and seems to be moving Kaminsky in the right direction as well.
The thermostat did well, and was followed by a smoke alarm, and that did well too.
Pompeo may be an unfamiliar name to many Americans, but he is well-known — and apparently generally well-respected — among intelligence professionals and well-liked by his colleagues on Capitol Hill.
Uber Freight, which competes with other well-funded startups including Transfix and Convoy as well as public companies like XPO Logistics, is now bringing Uber's well-known tech to the space.
That Neolithic Britons held feasts at Stonehenge and Avebury, as well as at less well-known sites like Durrington Walls and Mount Pleasant, is well established thanks to previous archaeological work.
The firm's annual compilation of accident statistics stressed that aviation needs to keep its focus on the basics of having well-designed and well-constructed aircraft flown by well-trained crews.
Furthermore, his cautious stance on growth and inflation, as well as his preference for reduced regulation, are well known and have been well established by his public comments over the years.
It was well-acted (both Hopkins and Jodie Foster won Oscars), well-directed (Jonathan Demme won Best Director), well-written (Ted Tally got an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay) and overall well-done (it beat out even crowd-pleaser Beauty and the Beast for Best Picture).
"ADNOC is very well positioned to serve the Asian market, our assets in Egypt are well-positioned to serve East Africa as well as Eastern Europe, our assets in Algeria are incredibly close to the Western European markets as well as Latin America," the CEO added.
His approach inspired John Lennon, whose screaming can be heard on the tracks "Mother" and "Well, Well, Well" on his first solo album; Yoko Ono's music, too, features plenty of guttural sounds.
Such an admission is hard to imagine because Democrats need to attract support from moderates as well as liberals, whites as well as blacks, the middle class as well as the poor.
Those IP addresses belong to the World Bank, as well as the central banks of Brazil, Chile, Estonia, Mexico and Venezuela, as well as a wide range of well known global banks.
As Eleven approaches him, he actually says, word for word, "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" like a Wicked Witch of the West who got dressed at Sex in 1975.
Well, the one that ... What Uber did well from the outset was a core tenet of what Apple did well, which was to be laser focused on as few things as possible.
Everyone has to do their job well, because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if he does well and others don't; or if others do well, and he doesn't.
Another thing is that it works really well with some assets, and not so well with others.
The guys played well, we had some timely hitting, great pitching ... we played well the whole series.
It gets pretty specific: Does a job require mapping well-defined inputs to similarly well-defined outputs?
Well, I meant more stuff that's so obviously not ... Well, the stuff that's obviously bad is gone.
Everybody's gut reaction was 'well, this won't work,' but then afterwards they just said 'well, it works.
You need to be well-versed in industry concepts and terminologies as well as top design software.
So if 41% is "phenomenally well" then I did "phenomenally well" in Calculus in high school. 25.
And the following day, the actress reacted to the well-deserved praise as well as enormous ratings.
Well, I didn't really do that very well either, so then I got demoted to running food.