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"main" Definitions
  1. being the largest or most important of its kind
"main" Synonyms
chief leading central head premier primary principal foremost major prime paramount supreme cardinal key predominant critical dominant essential master vital sheer mere pure utter absolute direct downright brute entire plain out-and-out stark undisguised utmost only simple special exceptional extraordinary festive especial historic important momentous smashing superior amazing awesome beautiful exquisite fabulous fantastic glorious grand great happy prevailing common popular general usual standard customary prevalent conventional established accepted normal regular universal ordinary stock widespread current familiar set civil metropolitan municipal town civic urban city interurban intraurban public downtown megalopolitan nonrural midtown burghal citified big-city business community favorite(US) darling cherished dear pet precious beloved favoured(UK) favored(US) dearest fave adored esteemed fond revered sweet treasured admired desired body brunt bulk core generality heft mass staple weight majority preponderance better part best part lion's share most main part larger part main body major part force might power beef brawn effort muscle potency puissance strength thew brawniness muscularity burliness beefiness robustness vigour(UK) vigor(US) lustiness powerfulness cable channel conduit duct line pipeline pipe trough trunk mains supply line tube drain passage canal sewer conveyor gutter leader penstock continent landmass mainland land area island landform region zone shore subcontinent beach landfall dry land coast coastline terra firma sea brine briny deep drink ocean blue foam depths waves seven seas briny deep Davy Jones's locker Neptune surf moana pond high seas water sink mainsail trench ditch fosse cut earthwork entrenchment excavation furrow pit waterway dike foss moat rut sheugh preference ideal choice idol love minion paramour speed teacher's pet apple of one's eye favourite(UK) sweetheart hero celebrity More
"main" Antonyms
trivial minor collateral inconsequential inconsiderable least negligible last auxiliary dependent insignificant lesser secondary subordinate subsidiary unimportant common extra inessential inferior minimal minimum little marginal slight small trifling very little petty incidental lightweight frivolous low paltry lowest bottom bottommost lowermost poorest worst junior undistinguished base lower lower-ranking low-ranking second-rate second-string final associate sub assistant supporting vice subaltern subalternate entry-level second-in-charge adjuvant lowly obscure unknown ordinary regular typical average familiar generic humble mediocre normal plain standard anonymous customary general ignoble proletarian peasant plebeian prole unsophisticated lowborn lumpen low-class simple deputy assisting second ancillary acting helping provisional proxy representative sub- vice- irrelevant meaningless pointless uninteresting aimless ambiguous asinine baseless bootless ignorable bland daft atomic beside the point uncommon nonstandard unconventional unpopular unusual individual limited peculiar private underlying unfixed inconspicuous uncelebrated conventional inexalted inglorious undignified unexceptional usual collective ignorant infamous menial lousiest shoddiest lamest nastiest trashiest crummiest junkiest most abysmal most appalling most atrocious most average most awful most deficient most deplorable most disgraceful most dismal most dissatisfactory most dreadful extension adjunct affix appurtenance supplement supplementary addition appendage constituent division offshoot retrofit section segment addendum peripheral bonus attachment accessory component feature element part piece addon add-on weakness fragility frailty debility feebleness frailness weakliness enervation infirmity asthenia debilitation enfeeblement faintness impotence impotency island atoll islet skerry cay keys archipelago ait holm isle key peninsula barrier reef cape coral reef headland promontory minority fraction smattering small part smaller part tiny part surface exterior outside exteriority idleness inability inactivity lethargy powerlessness puniness skinniness slightness thinness land lack dry land fresh water faction sector subgroup hill hump mound rampart least favorite least liked most disliked most hated

250 Sentences With "main"

How to use main in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "main" and check conjugation/comparative form for "main". Mastering all the usages of "main" from sentence examples published by news publications.

"The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing: tax reform," said Sen.
Australians call a main dish a "main" and an entrée is the dish before the main dish.
"We believe this will be our main commodity, main revenue stream and main profit stream," Becker said.
That to me is the main part, the main thing.
Jeanne Rimsky Theater, Landmark on Main Street, 232 Main Street. pwmattress.bpt.
Jeanne Rimsky Theater, Landmark on Main Street, 232 Main Street. landmarkonmainstreet.
I'm the main or co-main event of every show I'm on.
Rome, Georgia's main street is the second-widest Main Street in Georgia.
We head down along the main road to the main seafront boulevard.
Three main buildings occupy the space: a main house and two cabanas.
And, you know, I live on Main Street, I work on Main Street, and my entire life is on Main Street, it is my home.
I want to question the main concept or the main ideas we have.
This is their main volume phone, their main source of profits in total.
Much of that was the same, but the main difference or a main
I always said to myself, there's two main, two main things in life.
"Happy Mother's Day to my main squeeze @laurenhashianofficial, holding my little main squeeze, Jasmine Lia, who's holding my tiniest main squeeze, Tiana Gia," he captioned the shot.
On Monday morning, Jeremy Main allegedly called his wife, Holly Main, with horrifying news.
Our main focus was to look at the main places that she does go.
Among Main Street's attractions is the ornate Main Street Station dating back to 1901.
For the main story: Below are the main developments and quotes from the hearing.
"The (investigation board) is currently focusing on the examination of the MRH (main rotor head) suspension bar assembly, the main gearbox and the main rotor head," it said.
The ship was found split up into three main pieces, its main section lying upright.
So I just bring my main food with me everywhere and my main energy source.
We've broadly designed movies four and five, meaning all the main characters and main settings.
China, North Korea's main trading partner and diplomatic backer, is its main supplier of oil.
" As for the main event issue, Chuck says ... "It's a main event fight for sure.
Vincente Fox (VF): Well, I think the main, main challenge to my point of view.
Turkey's main share index BIST100 rose 2.02%, while the main banking index was up 3.1%.
Though there are main streets, and mean streets, there is not currently a Main Street.
It plays into his main narrative that this is the main threat to our world.
The hotel's main lobby is located on the main floor, right off of the portico.
Main Street turns into New Main Street, where small shops sell discount clothes and electronics.
For a main course, she often hosts a potluck with a stew as the main course.
Here's the main page for Tmall deals, and the main page for AliExpress deals as well.
Those are the main species we harvest, and that is the main diet of the lionfish.
This is my main motivation, my main goal, to win a gold medal in the Olympics.
The main character is Kylie, and the main supporting character is her bestie, model Jordyn Woods.
As the Airbnb listing notes, the main bathroom is not actually accessible on the main floor.
"We are the main character even if we're not critically embodying the main character," Unseld said.
Abu Dhabi's main index declined 0.3 percent, extending Thursday's losses, with banking shares the main drag.
"Target's got 1,500 stores on Main and Main of every city in the country," Johnson said.
The company's main fixed cost is a picking and packing centre adjacent to its main supplier.
"We were founded for two main reasons," Brian, the group's main media contact, told VICE Sports.
California 580 Main St. ferry terminal Former military base Oakland 880 Main St. Alameda Central Ave.
A few minutes later we regrouped in the main field, opposite the Israelis' main watch tower.
Being located in prime "Main on Main" retail real estate remains core to MedMen, Bierman said.
The main shopping areas were shut down and many of the city's main roads were deserted.
Jon was clearly the main character, the true main character along with Daenerys, after Ned is killed.
Why it matters: China is North Korea's main trading partner, and coal is North Korea's main export.
Turkey's main share index BIST100 rose 2.11%, while the main banking index was up 3.34% on Thursday.
A bakery and post office stand along the main A 4117, which is not very main here.
Called the Campus 2, the main building has solar panels on the roof of the main building.
Many of the attacks also affected Wikipedia's main page, only the third main-page vandalism since 2016.
It's also the main thing he talks about and the main thing he spends his money on.
It will be with Congress, which represents Main Street, and Main Street is appalled at what happened.
And now suddenly he is the hero of the main stories in the main the TV programs.
"I do think the women should get paid, a main event is a main event," McCool says.
Underworld's set was the main event of the evening, and that really felt like the main event.
A. There are three main jobs, or three main goals, and everything I do falls underneath those.
The main sensitivities are linked to interest rates and spread changes, in line with its main peers.
However the main race pitted the two main parties - the MpD against the PAICV - against one another.
Timbues is one of three main towns that make up Argentina's main grains export hub of Rosario.
He is a son of Bruce K. Main of Germantown, Md., and the late Margaret Hanford Main.
That's the main reason or the main draw about that place for me, is the ping pong.
Three main reasons explain why North Korea has failed to achieve its main goal over the years.
Turochas Fuad (T): So it is, you know, the heart of CBD, it's the main of main.
Hariri's main patron is Saudi Arabia, Iran's main regional rival, which has also intervened in regional conflicts.
"Make the main person someone that looks different then the person that's always a main person," Ansari said.
I was not the main event on the card, but I was the main event in the stadium.
If the main motion is amended by any or all amendments, we will oppose the amended main motion.
But, it's more fluid, I think, than your main thing where it's, you know, your main Instagram account.
Assad's main ally Russia also said on Wednesday the main battle with Islamic State in Syria was over.
But the main challenge is that the hanger is about 40 kilometers [25 miles] from the main road.
Here's a list of the main contributors to the main one of these, the launch of the AWRI:
At the city's main airport, several destroyed planes still sit on the tarmac next to the main runway.
Chang'e-4 includes two main parts: the main lander weighing about 2,400 pounds and a 300-pound rover.
Manicured lawns and stone paths separate the main house from a guesthouse that was once the main residence.
Yellen's speech outlines the main causes of the crisis, as well as the main legal and regulatory changes.
There aren't only main characters of color, but it's important to me that it be as normal to see a main character that's black as it is to see a main character that's white.
It was still in Peckham, but it wasn't the main—well, it was the main bit of Peckham, but for Peckham men, they wouldn't say that's the… the main men would be on the Frontline.
"The controlling stake is located in the United States, because the main companies that order and pay for television rights, the main sponsors, the main advertisement buyers and so forth are located there," he said.
The insurance sector dropped 1.6 percent and was the main drag on Riyadh's main index, which fell 0.4 percent.
The blast occurred on the city's main boulevard, Ataturk Bulvari, close to Ankara's main square, Kizilay, and a park.
The 1,000-seat theater sits outside of Apple Park's main ring on a hill that overlooks the main campus.
Germany may be Italy's main competitor, he accepts, but in and around Vicenza it is also the main customer.
Accelerating infrastructure projects is among the main focuses of Indonesia's government and project financing is one the main hurdles.
Sure, turkey might be the Thanksgiving main event, but you don't achieve holiday greatness with a main course alone.
The arrest of his main rival and a threat to ban the main opposition party have provoked Western condemnation.
Authorized users aren't the main account holder; instead, they're using a credit card that's tied to the main account.
This is the main attraction of the Zenfone 6: The selfie camera is actually the main camera, flipped around.
The main Democratic Unity coalition — Maduro's main opposition — launched a boycott of the vote following the snap election announcement.
This is just antithetical to the main currents of black opinion and the main modes of black political engagement.
"One of the main differences that sets momos apart from other dumplings is that I've always eaten momos as a main meal, whereas you might just have a few gyoza before the main meal," Lobsang explains.
The main unionist party, the DUP, opposes liberalizing abortion laws, while the main nationalist party, Sinn Fein, backs some changes.
Caller: It's going to be in the main building, section (is) the transit center, just outside of the main campus.
Its main advantage is that WeChat, the main entry point for people using Tenpay, has more than 1bn active users.
The main rowing centers are Rio, Sao Paulo and Porto Alegre and the main clubs are linked to soccer teams.
The main Turkish-backed rebel grouping said they were rushing extra fighters to the main fronts to face all "possibilities".
When the main challenge of a campaign became getting on TV, the main task of the candidate became raising money.
They are screened again in the main lobby before entering the main building, and escorts accompany visitors throughout their appointments.
"It's hard to imagine a digitalized economy when the main decision maker, the main policymaker, is not digitalized," he said.
Hudson's historic Main Street leads into First & Main, an upscale shopping center featuring a mix of local and chain stores.
Main Street hosts the annual Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival with 18 blocks of concerts, food, and art displays.
That's Main Character's Sister, and that's Character Whom Main Character Used to Date Years Ago but Now They Work Together.
The main commercial stretch of Main Street runs from Melbourne Avenue slightly more than a mile south to Union Turnpike.
Accommodating 13 guests in 7 cabins, the yacht features a large main salon on the main deck with a piano.
It is one of the main urban centres in the province and lies on a main highway held by rebels.
I think for a lot of people, it is the main way, their main representation of themself on the internet.
One of the main businesses run by the Bdoul is horseback and carriage rides to the main sites in Petra.
An email sent to Mobile Stars main address bounced back, and a call to the company's main line went unanswered.
"The main challenge is terrorism," he told us in his fifth-floor office at the main government building in Aden.
The main source of red meat provided by the researchers was beef, while chicken served as the main white meat protein.
For main story click The following is an overview of the main reforms France has carried out over the past decade.
The main argument for an Izzie cameo is the growing importance of Alex Karev, her former husband, as a main character.
The main beneficiaries of Mr Trump's self-defeating course, Mr Mattis implied, will therefore be the main challengers to American dominance.
Protestors descended on the main entrance to the school's main building Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings with bullhorns and picket signs.
Scroll down for a rundown on the main and co-main events, and quick results for the card's remaining 13 fights.
Mullin said reports from Dominica indicate the main hospital and police station had been damaged, along with the main communications networks.
The partners of Davis & Main vote 2-1 to fire Jimmy, but Clifford Main opts to give him a second chance.
The main crux of the opposition lies with access to Mexico City International Airport — the country's highly congested main international gateway.
Anderson: The main run of questions on citizenship was from 1790 through 230, when it was on the main Census form.
Main Street is lined with shops, restaurants and art galleries like Matteawan (436 Main Street), promoting notable midcareer and emerging artists.
The variety of kosher restaurants includes Chinese (Soysauce Glatt Kosher Chinese, at 68-22 Main Street), Mexican (Carlos & Gabby's, at 8603-11 Main Street) and Italian/Japanese (Benjy's Kosher Pizza Dairy Restaurant & Sushi Bar, at 72-72 Main Street).
The main installation is entitled No Water In, and it features work (lining the main gallery walls) from Nonas's Crude Thinking series.
A display panel with an error can be seen at the main railway station in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 13 May 2017.
The main stock index fell 0.14 percent to 70,846.29 points, lagging well behind the main emerging markets index, which rose 2 percent.
The thermostat on the main floor was beyond fucked up, and it refused to heat up any part of the main floor.
The main crypto-currency on the NEM platform has a market capitalisation of just $4bn, compared with $61bn for Ethereum's main currency.
FRANKFURT - ECB chief economist Peter Praet delivers Speech by at 11th Frankfurt Main Financial Centre Breakfast organized by Frankfurt Main Finance e.
Of the main large-scale in-memory OLAP databases, Pinot out of LinkedIn and Druid out of Metamarkets are two main players.
Goldman meets Main Street Goldman Sachs is making a big bet on Marcus, as it pushes further in to Main Street businesses.
The facility acts as the main trauma center -- and the main lifeline -- for Rohingya who have been injured fleeing violence in Myanmar.
The protests are being led by one of the country's main conservative religious parties, with the support of the two main parties.
The main beneficiary of Obama's plan was therefore the citizen taxpayer, who is also the main victim of the Supreme Court's decision.
The UK government designed a trip whose main ambition was one of damage control, even if its main policy priority was trade.
It's not only the main news source for 40 percent of Trump voters, but it's the main news source for the president.
Once again, Clinton's main argument was about Trump's character and temperament and Trump's main argument was about Clinton's honesty and insider status.
The main thing is no longer the main thing — and this should be a warning to the rest of American civic society.
Vegetarian Main Dishes For those of you not eating meat, here are more than 20 vegetarian main dishes for your Easter feast.
At the center of a courtyard framed by the main house and an attached guesthouse is the entry to the main house.
Outside the main cities on Friday, the military set up roadblocks on main highways, apparently to thwart any attempt at organized resistance.
Damascus intended "to control our borders with Turkey, because Turkey is the main source of terrorists, and the main crossing for them".
The S10e has two rear cameras: a main and ultra-wide camera; the S103+ has three cameras: main, ultra-wide, and telephoto; and the S10 5G has four rear cameras: main, ultra-wide, telephoto, and time of flight (ToF) depth camera.
The state, historically, has been one of the main aggressors, main perpetrators against journalists ... but we're seeing, especially in places where the state isn't really present, [that] there's a much stronger presence of organized crime that's becoming the main threat.
The stated purpose was to protect Main Street, although it was obvious that Wall Street and not Main Street was being bailed out.
That Comey would be the main witness or a main witness in any obstruction of justice case against President Trump is fatally flawed.
He's very consistent in that, saying that Russia and Russia's people's prosperity and their national interests are the main objective and main priority.
"We are likely to see this as a main possibility and the main risk of confrontation -- direct confrontation -- between the US and Iran."
The researchers found that about 85 percent of the asteroids in the inner main belt belonged to the five main asteroid families there.
"Our main issue and our main concern is trying to minimize the impact to our customers and sellers in India," he had said.
Of course you can also set the swipe actions to archive or delete messages from the main folder list in Mail's main settings.
When: Sunday, December 9, 12–7pm Where: The Main Museum (114 W. 4th St., Los Angeles, California) More info at the Main Museum.
The aloe gel samples analyzed by Bloomberg News all listed aloe leaf juice as their main ingredient, or the main one after water.
The United States is one of the main providers of aid and has overwhelmingly been the main destination for those who are resettled.
Since her decision came just hours before the fight, we're told the co-main event is now the main event -- Yoel Romero v.
The main difference is that while the main chain will likely support 2 megabyte blocks, Bitcoin Cash would support up to 8 megabytes.
We're like two characters in an old western movie in which the main element, the main audio element is to be very laconic.
Italy's main opposition party rejects traditional left-right ideological labels and so has no natural home among the main political families in Brussels.
There's the main compartment — 42 liters, if you're curious — and a cleverly hidden laptop compartment between the main one and the back pads.
Taking on YouTube: Facebook's main interest in music comes from its focus on video, and on that front YouTube is it's main rival.
Arguably, Mr. Rajoy's main advantage is that the long period of deadlock has left his main rivals even more weakened than he is.
"There are governments in Europe whose main party need not to be the main political force — and they work out," Mr. Sánchez noted.
Its main export partners are Germany, Italy, Croatia, Austria and France while main exports include cars, car parts, pharmaceutical products and household appliances.
Angry protesters took to a main thoroughfare in Pakistani Kashmir's main city Muzaffarabad on Thursday to condemn the bifurcation into two federal territories.
"Our main enemy is not our political opponents," she said, "our main enemy is physics and we cannot make a deal with physics."
"As long as you have the main kitchen and the main restaurant and rooms (ready), you can normally welcome guests," he told Reuters.
The robot enters and exits the main through a "launch tube" from which oxygen is expelled before the robot slides into the main.
Citigroup said its main overweights are South Africa, Russia, Ecuador and Sri Lanka and main underweights include Mexico, Peru, El Salvador and Croatia.
Main cabin interior panel Where found: Rodrigues Island, Mauritius When: March 2016 This particular interior panel is from the main cabin, Australian officials said.
The main beneficiaries of the swing against the two main parties would be the political parties that took unequivocal positions for or against Brexit.
The last time (in a main event) it didn't go my way, but it's awesome to be a main event over here for me.
"The main job for politicians is not to make laws, the main job is to go to social functions," he said, a little wearily.
The prayers are likely to be held in neighbourhood mosques, and not the main mosque in the region's main city of Srinagar, media said.
And in the middle of the main crater lake is another island which is called the main crater lake island or the Vulcan Point.
Artists are invited to submit proposals for a signature sculpture that will occupy an elevated plaza at the main entrance of 50 Main Street.
The cards include information about the main weapon included in a weapons system, the range of that main weapon, and the weapon system's nomenclature.
The Main Card: Jedrzejczyk Survives Adversity to Retain Title The main event of the evening pitted strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk with challenger Claudia Gadelha.
Then we pivot to a 30-episode-long flashback that comprises the main story arc, set roughly 18 years before the main character's return.
Mr. Netanyahu's main challenger was Mr. Gantz's centrist Blue and White party, whose main campaign issue was that Mr. Gantz was not Mr. Netanyahu.
Once the main Allegro section started, with the assertive minor-mode main theme, the music had engrossing ambiguity, the mood both rousing and unsettling.
Rachel Maddow: What do you think is the main inaccuracy or the main lie that's being told that you feel like you can correct?
Back at the main stage, check out a space, autonomy, investment and defense-related talk with Lockheed Martin's Marilyn Hewson at the main stage.
It is also temporarily suspending a main display panel plant funded by Apple and closing one of the lines at another main panel plant.
The main culprit is the drying up of the Jordan river, its main tributary, as communities upstream draw on it for farming and drinking.
The calamitous countdown to the last event on the island saw both the co-main event and the main event pulled at the eleventh hour.
Elizabeth Shelley's Uncle, Alexander Whipple, Is The Main Suspect In This Case A Logan City Police Department Facebook post described Whipple as the main suspect.
Not only is it the main source of news for 19 percent of 2016 voters; it's the main source for 40 percent of Trump voters.
Unlike Google, Apple's main business isn't advertising and it doesn't need to sell your main data to companies in order to keep the lights on.
Often, wood is the main element I use due to its organic and ever changing quality, and the main one I chose for this project.
The main rocket will have 31 main Raptor engines and be capable of sending up 150 tons to low Earth orbit, according to that presentation.
Turkey, long one of Assad's main opponents, has meanwhile suggested it agreed its assault on Afrin with Russia, the main foreign military backer of Assad.
The main Hulu app is organized into five main sections, accessible from the bottom of the screen: Home, My Stuff, Browse, Search and Profile (settings).
As in the main game, there are several valid approaches to any given problem, not just a couple of main tech trees, Deus Ex style.
Where: Printed Matter, New York (Main Hall, Main Building) I really appreciated this book, because the patterns are funny, snarky and unapologetically political in sensibility.
A 2015 analysis by novelist Nicola Griffith revealed that novels featuring a female main character have won fewer awards than novels with male main characters.
The Old Timers The main event and the co-main event were the least compelling match ups for most heading into this pay-per-view.
Europe is the main audienceDespite skyrocketing tensions between the U.S. and Iran under Trump, the main audience for Tehran's nuclear moves right now is Europe.
I'm dying to hear what you thought of Recent Episode, when Main Character and Secondary Character Who Knows Main Character's Secret finally have it out.
The main camera sensor is a simple 12-megapixel sensor, though it's apparently 28 percent larger than the main sensor on last year's Galaxy S10.
The main camera sensor is a simple 12-megapixel sensor, though it's apparently 28 percent larger than the main sensor on last year's Galaxy S10.
A large main compartment, main pocket expander snaps, and 10 total pockets make the Freshly Picked Classic Diaper Bag our top option for over packers.
Venezuela's main agricultural association, Fedeagro, estimates the area planted with the country's main crops, corn and rice, will shrink by about 26.50 percent this year.
Critics said, however, that Mr. Putin's main goal was to prop up President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, his main ally in the Middle East.
The one main street is called "Main Street," and there's a street named after the town's train station—though there's no longer a train station.
Main goal: Like Mexico, Canada's main goal is to stop the United States from slapping tariffs on the goods they've been trading freely for decades.
"The main battle is about cutting the road between Aleppo and Turkey, for Turkey is the main conduit of supplies for the terrorists," Assad told AFP.
The main source of the meteorites that strike Earth is the inner main belt, which holds about one-third of the belt&aposs asteroids, they noted.
Corrine — our villain, whose main crimes are being overconfident, making fart noises with her mouth, and napping — was the main and only event of the episode.
It already has bases at the main airports in Brussels and Milan; last week it announced plans for another in Frankfurt am Main, home of Lufthansa.
I think that subject is something that it's been my main — this is a really vulnerable thing to say for me — it's been my main struggle.
Even the outside of the packaging that the main box will ship in has a loop that can be peeled away to reveal the main box.
But we did think that for the main and itis the main component of variable compensation we shouldn't pay anythingto our senior most people in here.
The plan calls for merging all six main pension funds into one and foresees cuts in future main pensions that could reach up to 30 percent.
As it has over time rivalled coal as the main source of power generation, it has helped lower emissions of the main source of global warming.
"The money will go right into local main street businesses... It will help rejuvenate American main street businesses and give us all a path forward." pic.twitter.
The new Amuck Cupcake is a tribute to the Disney movie "Hocus Pocus" and can be found at Main Street USA's Main Street Bakery for $7.99.
Greece, the migrants' main gateway to Europe, would initially be the main beneficiary of the emergency scheme for "tackling wide-ranging humanitarian crises within the EU".
It means that your main guy is struggling, or hurt, or (worst of all) that you never even had a main guy in the first place.
Not all main streets in the US are named "Main Street," but every state has a beautiful thoroughfare with historic buildings, funky shops, and scenic views.
As the founder of Libre, the main party in the alliance, Mr. Zelaya campaigned with Mr. Nasralla and was widely seen as the alliance's main strategist.
For instance, Reuters previously reported that Millennium Management's main Millennium International fund gained 227% in 2015, while Citadel gained 14.3% in its main multistrategy hedge funds.
Everyone was greatly relieved, including me, but my main concern, the main thing on my mind, was when I might be able to resume performing Hemingway.
It was fodder for conspiracy-minded Iranians who believe that Islamic State is the joint creation of its main Sunni adversary and its main Western adversary.
The Main Card: Waterson Chokes VanZant in One The main event of the evening pitted strawweight star Paige VanZant with former Invicta atomweight champ Michelle Waterson.
It's not about some kind of prestige in position, the fact is that the main event sells the card, the main card is the appetizer, and anything earlier than that only affects a small core of fans who start preparing for their main course at midday.
The SDF is an alliance of the main Kurdish groups in northern Syria, with the main force made up of People's Protection Units known as the YPG.
Click here to view original GIFGIF: GoogleAs a recap, for Android 9 Pie, Google's main focus is on improving three main areas: intelligence, simplicity, and digital wellbeing.
The backstop is the main objection raised by pro-Brexit British lawmakers who voted against May's deal, including the main Northern Irish unionist party, which supports May.
Or if I was, it was as a joke, or as some anecdote that explained something about the main character without the main character looking like me.
As I recall his main point, we sort of went back and forth, if he had one main point it's that making something great is one thing.
"While some of us, yes, it's a main goal, but it also should be our main goal to protect the health and safety of women," Shippy said.
Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, the most practiced debater on the stage and Mr. Trump's main rival in Iowa, is almost certain to be the main target.
Residents said the main eastern gate had been damaged in air strikes by coalition warplanes and that fighting was continuing on secondary streets off the main road.
Putin said the United States was home to "the main companies that order and pay for television rights, the main sponsors and advertisers" of major sporting events.
Miller is one of Trump's main speechwriters and is widely viewed as the main person behind the 2017 travel ban on people from several predominately Muslim countries.
The cupcake is a tribute to the classic Disney movie"Hocus Pocus"and can be found at Main Street USA's Main Street Bakery through the fall season.
Defending Main Street, the political arm of the Republican Main Street Partnership, also has gone in big for Balderson, buying $250,000 in TV ads to support him.
Crews were working for Columbia Gas in Lawrence, a city northwest of Boston, to replace an aged cast-iron main with a new plastic distribution main line.
Trump's main problem in governing is not going to be some fascistic ideology; his main problem is going to be his own attention span, ignorance and incompetence.
The 24-year-old is one of the group's main songwriters as well as a frequent choreographer, its lead dancer, and one of its three main rappers.
This Southampton, New York home is nicknamed "Twin Peaks," either for its symmetrical main house's design, or for the second pool house off of the main residence.
BAIC has been Daimler's main partner in China for years and operates Mercedes-Benz factories in Beijing through the two automakers main joint venture, Beijing Benz Automotive.
The main issue here is retirement savings — the 401(k)'s and other plans that are Americans' main source of retirement income over and above Social Security.
The TCL 10 Pro has four main cameras: a 64-megapixel main camera, an ultra-wide-angle camera, a macro lens, and an ultra-low-light camera.
Explorer shut two main lines carrying fuel to the Chicago market Tuesday, and the main Colonial Pipeline to the U.S. East Coast was running at reduced rates.
"Outside of the beaches, the main thing to see in Mykonos is the windmills that sit above the Hora, or main town of the island," Jacobs wrote.
"Lissu has suffered multiple gunshot wounds and is being treated at the main public hospital in Dodoma," said Tumaini Makene, spokesman for the main opposition CHADEMA party.
BAIC has been Daimler's main partner in China for years and operates Mercedes-Benz factories in Beijing through the two automakers' main joint venture, Beijing Benz Automotive.
The main problem with, say, the main food aid program is that officials and intermediaries appear to misreport official disbursements and skim off some of the aid.
The main sources of immigration — and the main occupations likely to employ immigrants — have changed over time, but the story has been the same from the beginning.

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