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"set" Definitions
  1. in a particular position
  2. [usually before noun] planned or fixed
  3. not likely to change
  4. [only before noun] (of a meal in a restaurant) having a fixed price and a limited choice of dishes
  5. likely to do something; ready for something or to do something
  6. [usually before noun] (of a person’s expression) fixed; not natural

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"set" Synonyms
put lay place position deposit stick leave park station plant dispose settle plonk prop rest situate stand stow dump locate embed anchor mount fix hitch insert lodge secure wedge affix bed bury clamp engrain fasten implant instal(UK) install(US) arrange name appoint designate specify determine schedule choose establish select stipulate allocate confirm decide conclude decree impose ordain congeal harden gel solidify coagulate stiffen cake gelatinize thicken clot crystallise(UK) crystallize(US) freeze jell gelate condense jellify jelly concrete indurate sink decline descend disappear drop subside vanish dip go down dip below the horizon fall plunge plummet dive tumble pitch crash slump founder come down adjust synchronise(UK) synchronize(US) coordinate regulate calibrate correct harmonise(UK) harmonize(US) align program(US) programme(UK) tune collimate rectify put right adapt tweak attune fine-tune adorn bejewel deck ornament bedeck decorate embellish trim array festoon drape garnish beautify prettify furbish grace enrich garland caparison rig prepare spread make ready set up organize(US) prime organise(UK) ready prep book configure plan slate timetable assign allot delegate give prescribe apportion deal task entrust trust intrust charge commission charge with entrust with consign commit transfer apply focus direct turn concentrate address aim fixate devote throw bend send point cast post level present orientate steer train head hold pinpoint slant sight zero in on lie be located be situated be found be perched be sited be placed be positioned institute create provide form start commence effect introduce produce initiate execute begin launch build generate make constitute activate switch on turn on incite foment instigate provoke raise abet stir up whip up put in motion set in motion set on enkindle actuate appear develop materialize(US) valuate evaluate value assess appraise calculate class classify judge assay estimate rate count figure gauge(UK) gage(US) guesstimate compute rank accommodate reconcile acclimatise(UK) acclimatize(US) conform condition acclimate habituate accustom familiarise(UK) familiarize(US) fit pace control limit manage constrain contain monitor administer curb measure methodize overlook temper guide systematise(UK) levy exact demand fine tax collect gather mulct extort call summon wrest wring wager gamble bet risk stake venture hazard chance speculate play punt adventure game go pledge spec hedge pose advance propose suggest submit proffer offer propound tender bounce proposition broach state posit vote extend moot do style shape coif coiffe brush groom preen primp prink comb cut dry wash dress hatch incubate brood sit cover sit on sit upon interpolate inject interpose insinuate intersperse interject add intercalate include incorporate infuse instil(UK) instill(US) enter append inset enact legislate pass sanction ratify approve authorise(UK) authorize(US) legalise(UK) legalize(US) validate order endorse rule quote bid price give an estimate give a figure of give a price of price at rate at valuate at value at make an offer bear proceed journey move travel aim for go towards make for move towards steer for be bound for set out set out for start out for delimit define bound demarcate circumscribe delineate demark mark terminate delimitate mark off restrict mark out set the limits keyboard type input key typeset key in input data record log register write index copy put in list catalog(US) catalogue(UK) perch flop flump seat collapse ensconce hunker squat be seated take a seat plant oneself plump oneself seat oneself have a place have a seat install oneself range orient assemble file marshall(US) marshal(UK) allineate even peg hold down keep down check cap confine arrest inhibit mothball immobilise(UK) immobilize(US) hold up express phrase say word articulate couch formulate convey frame render utter pronounce speak voice clothe communicate verbalize(US) took exacted extracted imposed levied claimed demanded inflicted introduced placed forced wreaked wrought foisted laid about to almost going to intending intending to preparing to ready to all set to fixing to not quite set to soon to willing to just going to on the brink of on the point of on the verge of at the point of within an ace of at the ready in position poised at hand geared up in readiness on deck open out prepared to hand up waiting all systems go ready for action ready for use subscribe grant contribute donate promise pay sponsor subsidise(UK) subsidize(US) back finance underwrite second put up kick in ante up chip in agree assent consent accede comply accept acquiesce come round engage recognise(UK) recognize(US) sign undertake give your blessing say yes give carte blanche give the go-ahead give the nod contextualize(US) view interpret angle consider perceive understand look at think about put into perspective compromise contract arrive at decide on negotiate meet bargain covenant end hammer out emit radiate project shed diffuse discharge distribute emanate expel irradiate issue unfurl unroll sprawl stretch unfold enlarge expand open out outspread overlay roll out match compare contrast test pit follow compare with contrast with keep track of put into competition with juxtapose weigh differentiate balance separate match up submerse deluge drown engulf flood gulf inundate overflow overwhelm submerge swamp bore capsize demit depress dig assure ensure guarantee seal clinch cinch guaranty ice insure complete substantiate verify lock up make certain of make sure of nail down sew up equalise(UK) equalize(US) offset counteract counterbalance neutralise(UK) neutralize(US) cancel counterpoise countervail equate nullify square balance out equilibrize even out fashion manufacture model fabricate construct forge found mould(UK) carve concoct contrive veer curve deviate diverge meander swing wheel wind divert loop redirect shift swerve twist zigzag detour sheer scenery setting scene backdrop decor flats mise-en-scène wings location stage furniture stage set stage setting film set mise en scene backcloth drop curtain mise en scène mise-en-scene background stage group bunch circle clique coterie crowd clan pack crew gang ring camp company league community coven division fold fraternity faction bloc block coalition party sect body side wing caucus cabal schism section assortment collection assemblage batch clump cluster lot number plethora selection series arrangement combination compendium constellation grouping category classification bracket family genus grade kind species tier rubric sort variety breed equipment apparatus kit outfit package gear paraphernalia tackle stuff tools implements hardware materials flat-pack accoutrements(UK) utensils appurtenances accouterments(US) band stream study group degree stratum status echelon caste estate sphere attitude carriage posture bearing hang air comportment demeanour(UK) demeanor(US) deportment inclination mien port presence manner expression look determined expression fixed look box container case canteen service whole unit ensemble piece system outcome product result combo being unity fullness assembly complex amalgamation chain string sequence succession progression line row run course procession concatenation consecution nexus catena catenation trail pattern alternation event competition contest performance tournament race bout clash battle championship encounter fight fixture heat matchup meeting mill playdown surroundings environment environs context milieu situation surrounds ambient atmosphere climate clime contexture habitat ambience circumstances sample sampling sampler slice representation cross section random sample representative sample control group test group transection example subset representative selection decoration ornamentation adornment colours(UK) colors(US) colour scheme(UK) design furbishing furnishing furnishings scheme color scheme(US) furnishing style interior decoration interior design kaleidoscope chain of events chain reaction domino effect web site spot area locale whereabouts locality locus arena tract expanse territory zone province habit practice custom convention routine wont tradition way mode usage drill method modus operandi process repetition couple pair duo twosome dyad twain couplet two duology duplet doublet duad brace twins team doubleton deuce doublets set of two burrow den lair hole cave warren tunnel sett dugout hollow earth retreat shelter excavation hideaway house scrape drey scaffolding platform boards dais scaffold podium rostrum soapbox tribune staging apron stump grandstand mandapam knack gift talent flair bent genius ability aptitude capacity facility forte skill faculty trick art competence dexterity expertise ingenuity quickness tack approach direction tactic policy procedure strategy methodology path recipe stratagem bundle mass pile heap quantity stack wad accumulation armful abundance bag barrel basketful boatload bucket character nature personality constitution make-up temperament disposition individuality attributes complexion persona stamp essence ethos identity mentality psyche psychology spirit established decided agreed arranged specified predetermined appointed determined prescribed scheduled settled prearranged regular usual customary standard defined planned assigned habitual rigid entrenched firm inflexible steadfast deep-rooted fixed invariable strict deep-seated hard hardened hardheaded ingrained stable stubborn unbending unyielding special precise specific distinct especial peculiar particular distinctive singular individual explicit unique personal private exclusive identifiable very organised(UK) organized(US) primed equipped psyched up up for it all set in a fit state adjusted wired stacked standing by stock conventional formulaic rehearsed derivative formal hackneyed stereotyped traditional unoriginal unspontaneous artificial hacky overused stale well worn banal tired lodged stuck tight wedged jammed snug fast frozen fastened immovable anchored rooted secured stiff immobile braced fitted bent on bent upon intent intent on resolute resolved hell bent on hell-bent on hell-bent upon resolute about decisive determined to purposeful dead set on insistent on resolved to insistent about stipulated compulsory recommended required mandatory obligatory requisite necessary imperative statutory incumbent enforced peremptory nonelective anti averse to hostile to opposed to antipathetic to resistant to unsympathetic to in opposition to congealed coagulated viscid jelly-like viscous clotted gelatinous ropy concentrated heavy condensed mucilaginous syrupy ropey stiffened conscious wilful willful witting deliberate intended intentional knowing purposive voluntary willed calculated volitional studied premeditated done on purpose designed unforced prevailing common popular general prevalent accepted normal universal ordinary widespread current familiar overall stringent rigorous uncompromising severe harsh stern exacting tough draconian brassbound demanding ironclad extreme irrefutable incontrovertible indisputable undeniable unquestionable certain conclusive incontestable indubitable definite positive sure clear unmistakable evident definitive unarguable obvious irrefragable unassailable in place prepped in order in the wings on the brink able hidebound conservative reactionary orthodox unprogressive ultraconservative paleoconservative standpat traditionalistic archconservative illiberal mossbacked narrow intolerant prejudiced inlaid lined ornamented paneled(US) panelled(UK) decorated enchased graced mosaic studded tessellated tiled adorned damascened embellished empaestic enamelled(UK) enameled(US) festooned proposed expected meant advised anticipated envisioned slated due projected promised targeted destined pinned finite limited restricted circumscribed determinate measured bounded confined delimited demarcated terminable definable happy willing disposed enthusiastic inclined eager keen accessible alacritous apt close to ceremonial official ritual stately public ritualistic solemn courtly liturgical dignified celebratory sacramental august grand imposing lofty mannered privileged chosen specialised(UK) specialized(US) prefered choice earmarked designated preferential heading booked allotted en route reserved appropriated consigned delegated directed amenable desirous hungry pining pumped yearning agog avid enthused excited hot unavoidable inevitable inescapable ineluctable ineludible fated unescapable unpreventable inexorable predestined assured preordained impending located positioned sited situated based occupying posted stationed planted parked implanted stored installed deposited ripe opportune timely auspicious advantageous favourable(UK) propitious fortunate felicitous convenient seasonable providential appropriate fitting suitable expedient good promising benign done finished completed concluded ended terminated accomplished perfected realised(UK) realized(US) consummated executed over through finalised(UK) finalized(US) fulfilled achieved discharged inadequate slight insufficient minimal short small deficient insubstantial lean little meager(US) meagre(UK) paltry poor scanty sparse tiny More
"set" Antonyms
remove displace move take clear shift reposition withdraw extract gather relocate budge dislocate transfer unload take out unsettle misplace switch rearrange dislodge uproot pull yank wrest dig out get out pull up root out ascend rise confuse destroy dig up cancel change adjust alter modify amend edit revise readjust reconfigure redo reorder abandon abort scrap defer emendate postpone make adjustments to liquefy liquify melt liquidise(UK) liquidize(US) flux dissolve soften thin deliquesce run thaw dilute go up separate divide ease ameliorate disperse arise materialise(UK) materialize(US) appear emerge climb spring come up pop up rise up desynchronize disengage extricate loosen disconnect free pull out disturb disorder jumble disorganize disarrange disarray discompose disrupt shuffle upset muddle scramble derange interfere with meddle spoil tamper release discharge distract divert sidetrack deflect detract mislead delete stop terminate erase off turn off end cease settle discourage halt break discontinue break off break up bring to an end put an end to put a stop to shut down abolish clear away clean up take away carry away carry off take down take off unclutter cart off clean declutter put away tidy tidy away tidy up dissuade generalise(UK) generalize(US) ignore neglect suggest unfasten detach undo unhook loose unfix unloosen unloose untether unhitch unbolt unbind depart forget leave lose refuse disagree disharmonize repudiate commence mismanage disprove disestablish raise mix up rough pick up energize(US) disbelieve disregard estimate guess hesitate know measure ask disallow implore request rush hurry hasten force pour on hurt weaken let go stay off actors actresses cast performers characters artists roles dramatis personae individual one person personality human entity whole peace single none unity total agreement entirety conformity harmony method tidiness organisation(UK) arrangement calm system scattering organization(US) quiet orderliness order aggregate sum collectivity detention isolation ace dab shadow taste bit peanuts trace nip dram tad lick smidgen glimmer speck strain pinch handful suspicion shade dispersal disorganisation(UK) disorganization(US) keeping retention disarrangement pariah outcast outsider castaway base connection depression headquarters lessening shrinkage subtraction extreme part component constituent element fragment piece portion division ingredient fraction unit segment component part member building block factor interruption rejectee refusal rejection disunion separation partition segregation bisection dissolution partitioning split fractionalization schism departmentalizing disconnection dissection severance fractionation segmentation bifurcation variable changeable changing unfixed unsettled unsteady adjustable flexible unresolved alterable modifiable adaptable convertible exchangeable interchangeable unpredictable irresolute undetermined unarranged unplanned undecided open hesitant indefinite uncommitted unsure ambivalent uncertain dithering indecisive torn unclear tentative noncommittal generic nonspecific general common universal broad basic all-around broad-based broad-spectrum non-specific generalised(UK) generalized(US) nonexclusive everyday unprepared underprepared unready unequipped unfit flat-footed half-baked half-cocked unqualified unsuspecting untrained ill-equipped taken by surprise unsuitable ignorant surprised not ready not prepared caught napping caught off guard fresh original new refreshing creative special imaginative unique innovative inventive novel distinctive ingenious Promethean different groundbreaking unprecedented unusual clever inspired precarious insecure loosened shaky unstable wobbly unsecured movable unsound unreliable flimsy relaxed wonky tottering unfastened doubtful dubious unconvinced wavering sceptical(UK) skeptical(US) distrustful oscillating unprescribed discretionary chosen elective elected wilful unenforced voluntary discretional independent volitional optional uncoerced permissive uncompelled unconstrained unforced willing autonomous pro for supporting all for in favor of supportive of in support of on the side of rooting for melted softened thawed flowing fluid liquid liquefied deliquesced unintentional nondeliberate accidental unpremeditated unintended unconscious inadvertent involuntary unexpected unforeseen unwitting nonpurposive unwilling incidental will-less mutable elastic inconstant shifting intermittent irregular temporary varying mercurial impermanent uncommon nonstandard unconventional unpopular limited minor peculiar private underlying unimportant unfamiliar rare abnormal infrequent aimless faltering vacillating weak-kneed otiose purposeless thoughtless wanton weak chance unknown unrecognised(UK) unrecognized(US) untried obscure exotic extraordinary foreign unheard of unidentified bizarre fantastic little known strange undiscovered lax slack lenient amenable easy easy-going equivocal facile gentle inconclusive inexact kind mild nice pliable pliant yielding afraid surrendering unattached compliant soft supple acquiescent agreeable active energised(UK) energized(US) invigorated lively refreshed unused weak-willed cautious feeble fragile frail helpless pusillanimous spiritless timid apprehensive cowardly delicate diffident enervated fearful gutless mobile inconsistent differing erratic varied uneven casual occasional short-lived transient answerable arguable contradictable controvertible debatable disputable doubtable moot negotiable problematic problematical questionable refutable uncelebrated unfamous unsung unacknowledged unacclaimed undistinguished unfamed unglorified unhailed unhonored unrenowned broken operating nonchalant complacent insouciant liberal informal undemanding lackadaisical unrestrained moderate uninhibited unrestricted tolerant laid-back broad-minded unorthodox large-minded nonconservative nonconventional nonorthodox nontraditional open-minded progressive receptive

615 Sentences With "set"

How to use set in a sentence? Find typical usage patterns (collocations)/phrases/context for "set" and check conjugation/comparative form for "set". Mastering all the usages of "set" from sentence examples published by news publications.

A set of images was set aside for training the system, another set for testing it.
It includes Ultimate Mega Make Up Set, Metallic Hot Pink Glitter 48 Piece Makeup Set, Pink Glitter Cellphone Makeup Compact, Bedazzled Rainbow Heart Makeup Set, Rainbow Bedazzled Star Make Up Set, Rainbow Glitter Heart Shaped Makeup Set, Mint Glitter Make Up Set, Rainbow Bedazzled Rectangle Make Up Set and Pink Glitter Palette with Eyeshadow & Lip Gloss.
Auger-Aliassime saved two set points in the first-set tiebreaker before converting his second set point.
This includes the Pima Cotton Sheet Set, the Premium Soft Sheet Set, and the Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set.
As it relates to the rule set, when the rule set is finalized, we will adjust to the rule set.
In debates, at events, she tells a core set of set pieces and gives set-piece answers to many questions.
FIRST PERSON The wife of a stand-up comedian hears jokes about marriage and relationships, set after set after set.
The play came on set point in the second set against Marcos Baghdatis and Dimitrov already up one set to none.
But one set source says the problems began with Diesel's frustrations over the former wrestling pro's behavior on set on set.
Before you set out on your shopping spree, have the following set in stone: Set a budget and stick to it.
Bertens failed to capitalize on four set points ahead of the second-set tiebreaker, but she pushed the match into a decisive third set with a return winner on her next set point.
Then we get the next set, then the next set.
Don't set a quantitative target, set a rate of improvement.
Set goals for yourself You have to set a goal.
She set the tone on set, a warm inviting atmosphere.
Are you gonna set up a narrative with your set?
Third Set Federer's serving dropped considerably in the second set.
Luggage set Everyone should have a good set of luggage.
Somebody set a time limit and that was mistake, I said never set a time limit but somebody set a time limit.
Make it a comfortable spot to sleep with a great set of Twin XL sheets like the AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set, L.L.Bean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheet, Brooklinen Luxe Core Sheets, AmazonBasics Heather Jersey Sheet Set, Andres Sheet Set from Viv + Rae, and Mellanni Bed Sheet Set.
Then it took around five hours to set up the set; took another two or three hours to get the sound set up.
Some fan favorites: OXO Good Grips Smart Seal 12-Piece Set, Rubbermaid Brilliance 22-Piece Set, and Pyrex 8-Piece Mixing Bowl Set.
"His set is a set unlike anything I have ever been on," Olyphant, 51, said of the 56-year-old's on-set policy.
He lost the third set, too, and blew a break in the fifth set, and there he was in a fifth-set tiebreaker.
Stafford's trial is set for November, and Greenhouse's set for March.
How the business is set-up operationally will set its trajectory.
"Once I set it aside, it's set in stone," Callais says.
SET THE TABLE: A set of candle holders by LampLust — $17.99
There's no set thing that it does and no set personality.
Second set Nadal held at love to take the second set.
NEWYES Smart Pen Set: The Coolest Paperless and Digitized Set — $149
A scaffold had been set up to simulate the staircase set.
That set-up was the way CNN set up its summer.
Set-up process The set comes with 21 pieces, plus decals.
Younger users — who often set communication trends — are its strongest set.
Genji set, a $29.99 Dorado Showdown set, a $39.99 D.Va & Reinhardt set, an even bigger $49.99 Bastion model (which fixes the first version by adding a conversion to turret mode), and an $89.99 Watchpoint: Gibraltar set.
We observe one set of characters over the course of a week, another set over a day, and another set over just an hour.
But the skill set to build a self-driving car is a multidisciplinary skill set [and] that broad skill set is just not there.
I set out to make a puzzle around it but couldn't quite get a tight set of theme answers, so I set it aside.
The answer is to set a deadline and stick to it, set a standard and meet it, and set a budget and fund it.
Three-piece luggage set Everyone should have a good set of luggage.
LG: They had VR set up there, VR headsets set up too.
With each new set of technologies comes a new set of terms.
Keys won the second set, 6-4, to force a third set.
If not set in stone, the result is at least set ablaze.
Buses set to evacuate people from rebel-besieged towns were set ablaze.
In the middle of their set, a fire alarm was set off.
I first set foot on the "Sesame Street" set 25 years ago.
Set big, juicy goals You must also set goals that scare you.
I set out to capture that mood, and to set it free.
My first set of acrylic paints was the BASICS set by Liquitex.
The resulting data set is the largest such data set in existence.
And then, when this set dies, she gets to pick her set.
Well, it's quite a set of questions, very exciting set of questions.
The previous record was set in 2014, which topped the record set in 2013, which beat the record set in 2012…you get the idea.
Williams held two set points on Muguruza's serve in the 10th game of the first set, but couldn't finish off the set on those opportunities.
"You have to set aside your ego, you have to set aside your expectations, you have to set aside your personal agenda," she said animatedly.
Fresh off his title on Sunday in Gstaad, Switzerland, Ramos-Vinolas fought off two set points before losing the first-set tiebreaker, then squandered five set points in the second set before clinching it to level the match.
Here are the best cookware sets you can buy:Best cookware set overall: All-Clad D5 Brushed Stainless Steel 10-Piece SetBest budget cookware set: Cook N Home 12-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware SetBest nonstick cookware set: Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick 12-Piece Cookware SetBest cast iron cookware set: Lodge Preseasoned Cast Iron 5-Piece Cookware SetBest copper cookware set: Lagostina Martellata Hammered Copper 10-Piece Cookware Set
Bedsure Bamboo Bed Sheet Set ($60.99, Queen)California Design Den Cotton Sheet Set ($49.99, Queen)Pros:Cons:Buy the Airy Linen Sheet Set from Casper for $250 (Queen)
It's worth looking out for on your next set or set-top box.
Among those who didn't set a goal, only 60 percent set anything aside.
Instead, they played one quieter set, then an interval, then a louder set.
Lego Set Engineering nerds of any age will appreciate a badass Lego set.
Now that you're all set, you can set up the "rule" for saving.
Therefore it would be a very loose set without a completely set script.
Set the batter onto a buttered griddle until bubbling, partially set, and golden.
Most states set the age at 193, while some set it at 19.
They also clearly state that on-set consent does not transfer off-set.
They set the tone; I thought Jeremy and Brook really set the tone.
The mission also set one speed record and is expected to set another.
Set your thermometer to about 60 degrees, and you will be all set.
Saying "Echo, set Honeywell to 80 degrees" set the heater to that temperature.
Some of the protesters set garbage containers on fire and set cars alight.
As a starter we have to set the tone and set the pace.
Instead of a set, it has focused on a peripheral set-top box.
We can get the rhythm back, set the focus, set the right mood.
You can also set messages to disappear after a set amount of time.
Security forces set fire to a few tents set up by protesters nearby.
Is it really fixing if the last set, the deciding set, is legit?
It's a set of rules to protect investors, it's a set of rules to protect consumers, it's a set of rules to ensure a level playing field, among institutions, and it's a set of rules to provide-, to deliver financial stability.
Trailing 24-26 in the first set, she broke Garcia in consecutive games while staving off two set points on her own serve and claimed the set.
So they'd be on set, and when we shot — Jonah and Lisa would be on set no matter who was the director — we set up the scene.
Primary Goods' five-piece Percale Bedding Set ($149-$199) is $200 less than its linen set and right around the same price as Brooklinen's percale sheet set.
Pouille survived a set point in the first-set tiebreaker, then was broken in the final game to lose the second set before cruising through the third.
You should also consider theAndre Lorent PRO Makeup Brushes Set, theUSpicy 32 Pieces Professional Makeup Brushes, theEcoTools 6 Piece Starter Set, and theSHANY Pro Signature Brush Set.
And then I would go to set and our set would be "The Room" set, and then all these actors would show up as "The Room" actors.
Two other cities that set record highs Saturday were Blacksburg, Virginia, (67, breaking 59, set in 2005) and Poughkeepsie, New York (68, breaking 63, set in 1975).
"We are most confident in being set designers, and creating the set," Leinenveber explains.
Please imagine two chairs set up like Dolores and Arnold's to set the scene.
" The star says of her time on set, "Everyone on set was very welcoming.
The man who set up his takedowns as counters off of a set up.
I was on set but what I did on set … maybe I was acting?
How did compiling this box set compare to compiling the Twice Removed box set?
He set up Bobby for the murders and then set up Shawn after that.
The stage was set up like a Philly street corner during Meek Mill's set.
I am set for life, my family is set for life, we are good.
Epic, meanwhile, has set its sights on a new set of rivals: digital shopkeepers.
Their minds were set; their hearts were set; they were happy all the time.
To set one, do this: Now to set Siri to navigate to those places.
The men's set has three pairs of socks and the women's set has five.
Instead, drillers will abide by a set of safety standards set by industry groups.
It's important to set limits on devices just as you set limits on yourself.
Set small goals, but immediately set your next-level goals right after that. 4.
"It may even be more a value set than a mind-set," Zuckerberg says.
Ekaya returned to its typical set-list for the second half of the set.
Federer committed 40 unforced errors but saved five set points in the opening set.
Ideal for the jet set, if the jet set would only learn to chill.
We don't set out to set records, break records or keep track of records.
You should also consider theRiedel Vivant 4 Piece White Wine Glass Set, the2 Piece Riedel Veritas Cabernet/Merlot Glass Set, and the4 Piece Royal Stemless Wine Glass Set.
And it's the combination of using humans to generate basically what we'll call the golden set or the initial set, the set that our machines can learn from.
From the Parents Dashboard, you can set the age filter, set time limits for overall screen time as well as for bedtime, set educational goals, and so on.
In the British data set, 22000 set a record by only a small amount; the margin was larger in the NOAA data set and larger still in NASA's.
LEGO classic large creative brick box construction set — £254.37 (list price £2114.99) LEGO classic bricks on a roll construction set — £2149.99 (list price £2109.99) LEGO classic bricks and gears construction set — £2145.00 (list price £63.973) LEGO architecture London skyline building set — £149.99.97 (list price £114.99.09) LEGO city police command centre building set — £285.99 (list price £39.99) A Halloween essential.
Potluck's complete offerings are as follows: a comprehensive 22-Piece Essentials Bundle ($270), a seven-piece Cookware Set ($160), three-piece Knife Set ($60), and a Utensil Set ($80).
Bathel, a German, trailed 0-3 on a double break in the opening set but rallied to force a tiebreaker, staving off four set points before losing the set.
Set in the fridge or freezer to set before storing in an air-tight container.
Set Volume will let you set the volume level to the very lowest point too.
Get a big set of fluffy ones, like the 6-Piece Towel and Washcloth set.
They set precedents no one can tell are set until they pop up years later.
Marshmello set up shop on a virtual stage set up inside the game on Saturday.
Iron Fist is set to debut in 2017, though no official date has been set.
This would also set a record, beating the roughly 2-foot-benchmark set in 1999.
His bond was set at $250,000, and he is set to appear in court Monday.
Reverse and dither should be set to No, with Align with layer set to Yes.
"I prefer best-of-three with a full set for the third set," she said.
If there is a funding winter, we're set; if not, well, we are still set.
They can cook whatever they want, set their own prices, and set their own menus.
A trial date for Greebel has not been set, though Matsumoto earlier set aside Oct.
You can make grocery lists, find restaurants near you, set alarms, or set sleep timers.
Copper bar set Spice up your parents' drinking life with this fun copper bar set.
We want to have a diverse set of voices on a diverse set of issues.
The energy on set was markedly different from any other set I've been on before.
The California Republican's bail was set at $15,000, while his wife's was set at $10,000.
Copper Bar Set Spice up your parents' drinking life with this fun copper bar set.
European interests could take primacy, the invaders set up set up four new city-states
The old dunk mark of 225 was set by Dwight Howard set in 218-222.
I have some advantages in the first set and the same in the second set.
Parents can also set up auto-save to set aside a few dollars each month.
Tap "Add," then "Set up device," and finally "Set up new devices in your home." 
It is set a few weeks after something or other set off a zombie plague.
"Service, maybe" is TEA SET because a full TEA SET is sometimes called a service.
She usually stayed through the first set, sometimes into the second set, sometimes all night.
To manumit is not merely to SET FREE, but to set someone free from slavery.
Chocolate fondue set Skip right to dessert and melt together with this retro fondue set.
With their partnership on The Clearing, they've set out to finally set the record straight.
"The set wants to feel incomplete—like a rehearsal set," Hnath notes in the script.
It comes with no specific set of functions, it is not set out in law.
Troconis' bond was set at $22019 million, and Mawhinney's bond was set at $221 million.
We buy one set of shades for one room and a different set for another.
From Washington to Jackson, presidents set the agenda, set the tone and made the history.
In fact, another set of problems had magnified and come to overshadow the old set.
HUD ordered the dining set in December and it was set for delivery in May.
Dodig and Pavic actually had set points in both the first two sets — at 5-3 in the first set and in the second set tiebreak — only for Bryan and his 26-year-old partner to save them both before taking their two-set lead.
The basic eight stamp pack costs £6.50 ($8.40), a framed set is £40 ($51.80), a BB-8 display set is £10 ($13), and a medal set starts from £19.99 ($25.90).
If you don't want to go with them, here's another alterative, and then a different set of machines, different set of people, a different set of processes, what have you.
Though the Fed doesn't set the prime rate, changes in the rates set by the central bank tend to be closely correlated to the prime rate set by individual banks.
You'll wear three different aligners over the course of one month: the first set for a week, the second set for a week, and the third set for two weeks.
He saved a set point in the first set and stayed close to the Spaniard shot for shot into the tiebreaker, where he had two set points of his own.
Tomic had a set point in the first-set tiebreaker at 7-6 on Isner's serve, but Isner won that point and the next two to close out the set.
Williams closed out the 57-minute set by bludgeoning a forehand down the line, set up by a powerful serve to end a set that took just under an hour.
After needing five set points to finish off the first set, Haase required four match points in the second-set tiebreaker, including two on his own serve, before clinching victory.
It also set a record for the Orioles that they probably would rather have not set.
As a result, Ruby takes Candy to a porn set, which isn't actually a movie set.
Every carmaker has a different set of vocabulary for its set of telematics and infotainment system.
When he got there, we just jumped from set to set and shot all his lines.
Maddox helped Jolie on set and worked as executive producer while Pax was a set photographer.
Earnings are set to be front and center, as big U.S. brands are set to report.
That's where we come in so that they can set a baseline and set that bar.
Instead, it's set to appeal to pro and experienced videographers with a particular set of needs.
They're all set to reprise their roles in Avengers 4, set to release May 3, 2019.
Towel set Give your new grad's bathroom a fresh start with a set of matching towels.
Let's say on the other hand that you've set your sights set on becoming a homeowner.
Regularly $80, get your four-piece plate set or bowl set (or both) for $55.99 each.
Earnings are set to be front and center, as big U.S. brands are set to report.
The complete set which includes all of the attachments mentioned above will set you back $550.
Suddenly, everybody's favorite set-top box company does a lot more than make set-top boxes.
If you've only verified a small set of an apparently much larger data set, clarify that.
And we set a record there and we set a record for upgraders across the world.
Djere dominated the tiebreak but eventually needed five set points to close out the first set.
The set was definitely a low budget set, and was built in the cheapest way imaginable.
We set up all the set pieces before hand, and they would just follow our directions.
Every day is a unique set of challenges, but it's also a unique set of gratifications.
" Later in the set, Chance brought out Future for a brief set that included "Mask/Off.
Chamomile Tea Gift Set For someone who loves plants and tea, this chamomile set is perfect.
Greta Now dressed as Santa and performed a set of Christmas carols before her regular set.
Chamomile tea gift set For someone who loves plants and tea, this chamomile set is perfect.
Set upon a life of leisure, Moondog looks for loopholes in the task set before him.
Set-up processGetting the game set up and ready to play only took about 10 minutes.
Jessica Walter revealed an on-set fight with Jeffrey Tambor on the set of 'Arrested Development.'
Jessica Walter revealed an on-set fight with Jeffrey Tambor on the set of "Arrested Development."
It sounds like a set up, it smells like a set up — it is a setup!
To do a drop set, perform as many reps as you can in your first set.
I was very drunk at the time, and I had set the oven set too high.
Uber was set to report earnings on Monday after Lyft set a high bar last week.
His bond was set at $8,500 and he is set to appear in court March 30.
Set-up Because it doesn't use Wi-Fi, the device was very easy to set up.
Federer broke serve in the first game and took the set on his fourth set point.
In other words, what might be set in one stone can usually be set in another.
A set of tax exemptions are among the ballot measures set to be considered by voters.
"I've always had an engineer's mind-set but also the creative artist's mind-set," he said.
"It's a much deeper set of reasons and longer-occurring set of circumstances," Mr. Vilsack said.
But Bertens saved a championship point in the second-set tiebreaker to force a third set.
The streaming platform is then required to set aside royalties at a rate set by law.
A set of solutions to a set of equations can be represented by a geometric space.
It zips from one set of hands to the next, and the starters set the tone.
Having an agile learning mind-set will be the new skill set of the 21st century.
"We're fine with the way our marriage is set up, just perfectly set up," he said.
Even after he lost the second set, it worked as Jimmy Connors attained 2 set points.
Gameplay-wise the ruins offer a set of puzzle / platforming challenges across a set of rooms.
Dulos' bond had been set at $6 million while Troconis' bond was set at $1.5 million.
Eventually the user is provided with a set of instructions specific to their set of tools.
His bond has been set at $4 million, and he's set to be arraigned Wednesday morning.
Dimitrov saved a set point in the second set tiebreak, before putting away the dogged American.
Once the new February release date was set, McCabe's team set up an enviable rollout schedule.
Rybarikova was down a set and a break in the second set and had to rally.
The new guidelines set a benchmark for the process and set a concrete timeline for approval.
He set up a Joseph three, hit a difficult layup, then set up a Lowry three.
I'll direct you to three ... That skill set, how difficult is that skill set to acquire?
Usually, when you have a set with water in it, you build a large tank, larger than the set, and then build a set inside it, and flood it that way.
A set of key social functions—communicating ideas and information—has been transferred from one set of companies, operating under one set of laws and values, to another, much more powerful set of companies, which operate under different laws and understand themselves in a different way.
But Federer lost in the quarterfinals at Wimbledon to Kevin Anderson after failing to convert a match point, and he lost to Millman in New York after failing to convert on two set points in the second set and another set point in the third-set tiebreaker.
You look at something like TPP, that's with a different set of countries with a different set of rules associated with it with a different set of disproportionately knocking down barriers overseas.
Layering is the key, so you want to use a liquid foundation, then set it with bronzer; a cream blush, then set it with powder blush; eyeliner, then set it with shadow.
The Australian had converted his only break point in the first set and opened the second set with another break, but Tsitsipas broke twice in a row to salvage the second set.
Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum Set, $168 ($253 value)Anyone who loves floral perfume will appreciate this set of Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb lotion and fragrances in a wintry, gift-ready set
After a torpid start, Williams recovered from a 2-4 deficit to take the first set and then opened the second set by winning the first 11 points of the second set.
On the other side of their body, the men used one of three different rep ranges: around 30 reps per set, 15-20 reps per set, or 10-15 reps per set.
When the Metro desk at The New York Times set out to capture what summer in New York looks like, its editors set their sights on an unlikely source — a data set.
You can even set an automatic payout threshold so you only have to set it up once!
CNN is set to host the second debate, set for July 30 and July 31 in Detroit.
Conway and Gibson's team set out to talk to the Tsimane' with an improved set of methods.
Buy for $80 This 7,500-piece LEGO set is the craziest set the company has ever made.
Communication planet Mercury meets dreamy Neptune today, complicating any plans you've set or are trying to set.
I remember when we set up that particular set of shots, we didn't have a setting yet.
In any case, YouTube has a set-top app, which means Facebook needs a set-top app.
You can buy a set of soft, luxurious pillowcases without shelling out for an entire sheet set.
When an AI is given a data set, it analyzes this data set to create a model.
"You can let other people set the limit, or you can set the limit yourself," he said.
Now that Mr. Trump is set to return, Mr. Cruz might have his sights set elsewhere anyway.
Their wedding date is set for January of 2018 — most Bachelor couples don't even set a date.
I didn't set out to prove or disprove anything; I set out to help people feel heard.
I mean, the country was set up as– the U.S. was set up as a republic, right?
You just set the die down, and it'll set your smart home gadgets to some predetermined configuration.
Les Miserables director Tom Hooper is set to direct, and Working Title Films is set to produce.
The entire set is $30, making them much pricier than even a set of designer Tootsie Pops.
" She adds: "During set changes I wanted to run onto Belle's set from Beauty and the Beast.
We'll set the stage, we'll set the example, and whatever Washington thinks, we will change the future.
Diess said Ford would pay VW "set by set" for the use of VW's electric vehicle components.
The Briton finally bagged the second set tiebreak on his eighth set point to level the match.
All week through set back after set back she asked if she would be able to go.
The most recent global record, set in 2015, easily surpassed a record set just one year earlier.
A trial is set for April 5, and a pre-trial conference is set for March 28.
If this case was meant to set the bar, the bar had been set on the floor.
" "Our set is such a loud, boisterous, loving set and everyone's always joking and there's always noise.
Wall Street looked set to suffer back-to-back losses later after Europe had set the tone.
The execution was set for 6 PM. I knew because I set the date and time myself.
Soon after Shaw set up his fundraiser, reporter Yashar Ali set up a separate fundraiser for Shaw.
You can also grab a king-sized set for $35.99 or a full-sized set for $29.99.
The deadline, which set for midnight Pacific time Thursday, was set by a federal judge in June.
Instead, set a smaller goal of having $1,000 set aside for emergencies and work up from there.
Robots can not learn ethics from a data set — even a very large data set, he says.
For example, a bamboo and cotton sheet set will set you back about $65 in US dollars.
He was set to be released in 2023, but Trump's commutation set him free four years early.
In a basic game of SET®, the dealer lays down cards until someone calls out SET!
For more SET®, check out The Times daily SET® feature in the games section here.
Just as we set the table for a meal, we can set the table for a speech.
Fifi Pet Bath Play Set, $24.95Kids can practice animal care with the Fifi Pet Bath Play Set.
States could set rules on registration, licensing, liability, insurance and safety inspections but not set performance standards.
He's just tapping his hand on his thigh, trying to keep time for his set upcoming set.
He faces a separate set of charges in a Washington, D.C., trial set to begin next month.
Everjey Mermaids Shorts PJ Set, $120, available at ShopbopA comfortable pajama set can make bedtime much better.
One set goes around the back of the chair, and the other set fastens around the bottom.
He's taken me on set with him and shown me how to set up a beautiful shot.
This mind-set might set off alarms at retailers that need people to keep buying new items.
That set off a new set of infections in the sheriff's office and the courthouse, he said.
After you set up your streaming device, beaming your photos to the television set is a breeze.
I always set the table nicely because I believe in always having a pretty, set breakfast table.
Let's set the scene: The young pop titans were set to perform "Senorita," their sultry summer duet.
Or is it going to be forever changed, given the set of events he set in motion?
But del Potro saved four set points before he finally won that set with a mini break.
A set of two small ones is $30, a set of two large is $36 from food52.
This is the best data set we have, not the perfect data set we wish we had.
So he was entirely in the set, which was interesting and presented its own set of challenges.
What did they do with the set and set pieces from the show once it was over?
Once you're set up, you'll need to identify your preferred skill areas, set your rates, and availability.
Other officers surveyed the damage and set to work dismantling barriers that the demonstrators had set up.
States could set rules on registration, licensing, liability, insurance and safety inspections, but not set performance standards.
No new date was immediately set for the drawing of lots, which was originally set for Wednesday.
I changed the colors on a set of smart lightbulbs that Kouider had set up for me.
The two were matched set for set throughout, winning points by returning hard-of-reach shots, using trickery and sharp smashes before Li slid behind in the final set, eventually losing 11-7.
These containers are available as a 5-piece set, a 10-piece set, or a 69.493-piece set, each comprised four different sized containers: 2 quarts, 1.5 quarts, 0.9 quarts, and 0.35 quarts.
After cruising through a perfect first set, the 23-year-old Gavrilova needed to save a set point in the competitive second set to hand the 13th-seeded Mladenovic her third straight loss.
One of these axioms, for example, says that you can add a set with two elements to a set with one element to produce a new set with three elements: 2553 + 2800 = 216.
With premium, you can set internet time limits, pause specific users or the entire internet in your home, set off times, set bedtimes, offer extra time as a reward, and use location tracking.
Here are the best dinnerware sets you can buy:Best dinnerware set overall: Gibson Home Casa Stella Dinnerware SetBest all-white dinnerware set: Nevaeh White by Fitz and Floyd Rim DinnerwareBest vitrified ceramic dinnerware set: Fiesta Dinnerware Place SettingBest heavy-duty dinnerware set: Brasserie All-White Dinnerware Place SettingsBest affordable dinnerware set: AmazonBasics Dinnerware SetUpdated on 10/22/2019 by Connie Chen: Updated prices and links.
A chocolate fondue set Skip right to dessert and melt together with this retro Valentine's-themed fondue set.
I try to set my own agenda and not to allow technology to set the agenda for me.
Our hope is that we not only set up ourselves, we set up the next generation as well.
If you tell Siri to set an alarm for 5 am, she'll set an alarm for 5 am.
Once you set up, it'll set one up for you, the owner, and two others: Guest and Household.
The intro to the show we call set destruction, and we wanted to do an underwater set destruction.
You can set up a different voicemail, you can also set your availability to control your business hours.
The American Muslim Community Centers has paid for a set of billboards set up on two Florida highways.
Schumer's gorgeous engagement ring features a round-cut diamond set on a thin band with pavé set diamonds.
I did one set, and it went OK, and then I did another set and it went badly.
In advancing, Mannarino fought off five set points in the opening set in winning the 26-minute match.
The app allows companies to set up challenges, set the rules, and publish the game quickly and easily.
I would just set designated times to check email, or conversely, set designated times to be off email.
Other crime labs set that threshold far lower, at 10 nanograms per milliliter — the guideline set by SOFT.
Twice in the first-set tiebreak against Mr Istomin, he was one point away from claiming the set.
Turns out the Confederados Teddy set loose have set up shop there, and not in a nice way.
Towel set Get the new grad's bathroom off to a fresh start with a set of matching towels.
A new set of suggestions about how you should set your thermostat is causing a heated debate online.
For more secrets from the set, watch the full episode of Notes on a Set: The Crown above!
It also set up a program to screen people seeking asylum before they set off on their journey.
And a diverse set of ideas comes from a team with a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds.
Think: tinsel-wrapped body butters, gingerbread-themed lipsticks, and gift set upon gift set of mini makeup finds.
The debate can have set topics, with each candidate receiving a set amount of time for each question.
The Soroush app features its own set of emoji, which includes a set of women in traditional chador.
" The source described the current negotiations as a case of "you set the price, I set the terms.
I just do what I want to do and if I feel inspired, I make set after set.
The 39-year-old is set to star in the Shanghai-set action thriller Smart Chase: Fire & Earth.
Hacking for a cause is set to explode into a complex set of state and local government challenges.
From there, you can set a "daily reminder," which lets you set daily time limits for the app.
If you prefer to use Google Calendar to set off your grinder, set up an account on IFTTT.
The Pearl Pin Set will only set you back $38, while the Pearl Ponytail Duo Holder is $22.
Also on set was her 6-week-old daughter Kulture, who had her own tiny chair set up.
I can't remember whether Weaver set up the password for me or if I had set it up.
Mayer, who won the tournament in 2014 and 2017, squandered two set points in the opening-set tiebreaker.
Put options are a contract to sell a specific security at a set price and a set date.
Each of the girls has a heart, a set of arms, a set of lungs and a stomach.
You build the set, you can photograph the set, and you know the look and feel of it.
On Friday, Asher brought her talents to Stormzy's Glastonbury set, where she translated his entire set into BSL.
Presto and Zesto set off to find the perfect gift, a set of bagpipes from a Limboland monster.
The Cinemood features a set of set of silicon covers shaped like cartoon characters that contain NFC-tags.
After losing the first set, Sharapova attacked Siniakova's serve to seal an early break in the second set.
To contemplate that question, Crunchbase News set out to assemble a data set of top late-blooming startups.
I set him up exactly how I wanted to set him up, but I got too much plate.
As Ronald Reagan set his sights on politics, Nancy Reagan set her sights on helping him reach success.
It would complement a set of standards for newly built aircraft that ICAO is also set to approve.
"It's time to set aside bullying, to set aside belittlement and appeal to higher aspirations," Ryan told CNN.
That equaled his record for a best-of-three-set match, set the previous day against Kyle Edmund.
This year's Presidential Inaugural Committee is set to break the fundraising record set by President Obama in 2009.
But even still, I'd never set or stuck to a budget or set a monthly savings goal before.
Set up alerts if you need to, and you can even set some bills up on auto-pay.
I tried to set the type in the way I imagine someone who doesn't set type professionally would.
"She played unbelievable tennis in the first set until the end of the second set," Halep told reporters.
He owns a set of $15K rose gold grills, and once splurged $50K on another set of grills.
It supported the clock mechanism, a set of old, simple gears the size of a large television set.
So they set about creating a new set of criteria to define the most promising life-promoting planets.
The drop set group, on the other hand, performed a single set, reaching failure at around 12 reps.
Analysts have informally set a basic pass mark of 5.5 percent, the threshold set in last year's test.
In Nintendo's presentation, three orbs costs $2, while a set of 140 orbs would set you back $75.
Earth's temperature broke the previous record set in 2015, which, in turn, set the record the year before.
Peacock is set to debut nationally on July 15, a week before the games were set to begin.
U.S. and Chinese negotiators are set to meet in September, though they have not set a specific date.
This year, the pair are set to reunite for a drama set in the 1950s London fashion scene.
Set boundaries If you work closely with a neverending complainer and must meet frequently, set some clear limits.
"A road map has sort of been set but nothing has been absolutely set in stone," he said.
"So, mentally, I'm all set for Bernie — communist, I had everything down, I was all set," he said.
The S&P 500 is set to open down 2.2%, while the Nasdaq is set to drop 3%.
Konta fell a break behind in the second set before raising her game to avoid a deciding set.
In other words, if you hire someone, set their salary, and set their hours, you're that person's employer.
Along with a small crew, he also did the sound editing, set design, and assisted with set construction.
If your iPad has Touch ID, set up Touch ID now or choose to set it up later.
This year is widely expected to set a new annual temperature record, breaking the one set last year.
To set Firefox to clear your history automatically, access the "Preferences" menu and set up custom clearing settings.
Bencic won the first five points of the tiebreak and took the set on her second set point.
The set was originally $134.40, but this five-piece set can be yours now for $99.99 (25% off).
With that in mind, the authors set out to identify a set of social tipping elements (STEs), i.e.
Or, screen everything and call her on a set schedule at set times when you're at your strongest.
Nadal lost the first set on Wednesday despite having a set point on his serve at 313-231.
Nami Chef Knife Set Slice and dice your way through any meal prep with this elite knife set.
Set aside until cool enough to handle, then shred the meat and set aside in a large bowl.
And once that's all set up the animator is left on set by themselves to animate the scene.
So I set to work to find other change-UMB-to-UMP words and created a workable set.
Silence is set in a world we can imagine; First Reformed is set in a world we know.
The set has a sleek, midcentury modern look that differs from the more sumptuous set of the film.
Stephens, 25, saved five set points serving at 5-4 down in the first set, and then came back from a break down in the second set against Parmentier, ranked 122 in the world.
Fortunately, there are some great online learning paths like this set of online classes that can help set you up with an entire skill set that employers like Snap will pay generously to hire.
After taking the first set with relative ease, Osaka stormed backed from a 3-0 deficit in the second set to win 6-4 and end the match before a third set was necessary.
Bertens saved one set point on her serve in the 10th game of the first set, but could not do so in the 12th game, double-faulting at 15-40 to surrender the set.
Here are the ankle weights you can get from Amazon: Gaiam 5-pound ankle weight set — $17.98 CAP Barbell 20-pound adjustable ankle weight set — $32.99 AmazonBasics 10-pound adjustable ankle weight set — $20.49
"In terms of what the government has done to set direction, set targets, set policies, I think they are doing the right thing," Alvin Lin said from the United Nations climate conference in Bonn.
But things suddenly went awry for him when back-to-back double faults put the set back on service before another error set up a break for the Frenchman to win the third set.
Despite facing four set points in the second set, the Spaniards managed to close out the victory, 7-6 (3), 7-6 (8), with Nadal playing spectacularly to save two of the set points.
Tsonga took the first set in 33 minutes and went up a break in the third set, but Paire responded by winning the final five games of the deciding set, including three on Tsonga's serve.
Hexa Drink Coaster Set (set of 6), $22.75While coasters are a pretty basic household accessory, there are plenty of ways to make them more fun — like this unique set that is made with geometric designs.
The stopgap government funding measure on which the House is set to vote Tuesday would give Congress more time to debate a set of controversial government surveillance provisions currently set to expire by Dec. 15.
Federer broke Medvedev for a 5-4 lead in the first set, fought off three break points to close out the set in the next game, and got another break to open the second set.
He squandered five break points in the second set and then had match points at 8-7 and 10-9 in the tiebreaker before Thiem forced the deciding set by converting his sixth set point.
She built her mosque like a set of nesting dolls: the square sanctum set in a circle set in another square, its walls made from screens of angled bricks that allow air to filter in.
Cilic wasted four set points when Pouille battled back from 24-24 down at 25-20163 in the second set but with his own serve rock-solid he calmly moved into a two-set lead.
Buy the Threshold Jovita 20 Piece Flatware Set on Target for $19.99 Cookware Set: The T-fal Simply Cook Nonstick C518SC Dishwasher Safe Cookware 12 Pc Set has everything you need to cook at home.
That's set to come with the big announcement arriving later in Q2, when the acquisition is set to close.
Prosecutors are asking his bail be set at $1 million and he is set to appear in court Tuesday.
Lucy Reading-Ikkanda If you shade the region bounded by the Julia set, you get the filled Julia set.
We need to fix immigration&aposs complex set of problems and it will require a complex set of solutions.
Brown's bail was set at $1 million and Dandurand's was set at $500,000, according to records obtained by PEOPLE.
Lee set up shop in front of the net to set the screen and deflected Nick Leddy's point shot.
The set-top box maker just announced a new set of speakers that work exclusively with Roku TV televisions.
This recreation of the original Franklin Mint Tri-D chess set from the 1990s will set you back $275.
The freighters that set sail after the 10th are nearing America's shores, with many set to arrive next week.
I was there not on a set visit but as a set extra, playing a reporter in the 230s.
The first round of disembarkment is set to begin on February 21, two days after the original set date.
U.S. arms sales generally set out specific terms that limit pricing and availability for a set amount of time.
The S&P added to the record high set Monday and the Dow also set a new closing high.
We turned that into a set of three files, which then, we turned into a set of 23D wheels.
The first popularized dial telephone was a desk set candlestick model; the smaller, more familiar desk set came later.
And the tabletop gift set ($23) includes a perfect plate to set out snacks at any princess tea party.
Luggage set Get your graduate ready for any post-grad vacations or trips home with a hardside luggage set.
Adding to the negative set for stocks, oil prices are set to fall, again, in the fall, as well.
European stocks are set to follow in Asia's wake with key indices set to edge higher in opening trades.
But in the fourth set, the Serb broke early on and set up a match point at 5-3.
A GoFundMe page has been set up to help pay for Charlene's funeral, which has been set for Saturday.
Her bail, which was set in Texas, is set at $1 million and must be paid in that state.
Grenades were set off and more than a dozen vehicles were set on fire as the robbery took place.
Brown's bail was set at $1 million and Dandurand was set at $500,000, according to records obtained by PEOPLE.
The court set a status hearing for May 15 and set the beginning of a trial for June 5.
Each twin set shared how they often confuse friends and family — I still have trouble telling one set apart.
Toronto set a franchise record with 103 goals from rookies, breaking the previous record set in 1943-44. 3.
Finally, set designer David Korins told us there are 40,000 red roses as part of this year's set design.
He took a medical timeout after the first set, then played three points in the second set before retiring.
Ferro needed just 26 minutes to win the first set and got up 2-433 in the second set.
Skincare set This set includes a cleanser, moisturizer, and mask to keep your guy's skin feeling and looking radiant.
Lloyds has set aside £17.1 billion, Barclays has set aside £8.5 billion, RBS £4.7 billion, and HSBC £2.9 billion.
The U.S. steel tariff was set at 25 percent, while a separate aluminum tariff was set at 15 percent.
Users also can set their location to be viewed by all their friends or a specific set of people.
Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs is set to deliver the same experience on a smaller set of screens.
If you need a whole new set, the Better Homes and Gardens furniture set is $499, down from $679.90.
You set up the whole set and run through it with one model, and then swap out the models.
It's almost as if, having set up a great set-piece, Raghavan doesn't know what to do with it.
Well, just a couple days ago, another food-related record was set, and it was set by Gordon Ramsay.
On set, Benedict Cumberbatch and director Scott Derrickson between takes in the set for Strange's residence: The Sanctum Sanctorum.
And the set up experience, and tweaking of features post-set up, can take plenty of time and effort.
The film is set to begin production in October, with Gary Ross (Seabiscuit, The Hunger Games) set to direct.
But first let's back up and set the scene, just as it is set for Wayne's verse to arrive.
And then he had an entire team below him who worked on props, set decoration, set building, and wallpaper.
Terror suspects have no set profile, no race and no static ideology or hard line prescribed set of beliefs.
He faced a set point at 5-6 in the first set and survived it with a massive ace.
Skincare Set Guys need a proper skincare routine too, and this set from Jack Black is a great start.
Kerber's loss of the second set was the first time the entire championship that she had dropped a set.
Google is reportedly set to announce a new set of ethical principles regarding its use of AI next week.
Parents can curate hundreds of hours of screen time, set education goals, and set filters for age-appropriate content.
Set-up process:The set-up is intuitive and a breeze — I had everything ready to go within five minutes.
Bath Bomb Gift Set Get mom up to speed on the bath bomb trend with this set by ArtNaturals.
We were trekking in the sun and it was just one set of slopes to another set of steps.
Because of that, Walmart had to set its visit prices at the rates set by Medicare, which were $78.
"On other apps, the owners set your wages, but we set our own wages," said worker-owner Esmeralda Flores.
In the first set and the second set, it was the same — it was on and off, my level.
Minnie Mouse Flower Cart Play Set, $49.95Help raise a future gardener with the Minnie Mouse Flower Cart Play Set.
Phoebe Waller-Bridge wants to set a record straight that she never anticipated she would have to set straight.
Yet the overarching trend is towards a self-reinforcing set of shocks, set off by the great financial crisis.
We stop at Academy to buy a set of ear protection for D., since A. already has a set.
Why take the time to learn a new set of cards, a new set of rules, a new meta?
All these make for a considerably broader set of measurements than any other publicly available facial recognition training set.
The second half of that scene, there's a relentless energy of it, and it's set piece after set piece.
Highbrow artworks are referenced in scenes set in chaotic kitchens, gossipy salons, and secret rooms set aside for liaisons.
If you don't have a passcode, tap on "Set Screen Time Passcode" to set your 4-digit code.4.
Jeffrey would drive him to and from set every day on his motorcycle and watch over him on set.
This set from Tarte has two of everything so they can keep one set and gift you the other.
Miniature Bulb Set, 100-count, $38With 100 bulbs, this ornament set has more than enough to fill their tree.
That is, money is the means by which you swap one set of stuff for another set of stuff.
After you set it up through the Kasa Smart app, you can control brightness and set schedules from anywhere.
It was tough to find a new set of symmetrical theme entries, but I'm pleased with the current set.
He hit two as he fought to force a second-set tiebreaker in the 12th game of that set.
Her opening band took the stage and completed its set and the scene was set for Wynonna to appear.
Set aside on a rack set over a sheet tray and season all over with salt and the oregano.
The bill would set up another possible showdown in mid-February, with government funding set to expire Feb. 16.
Halep had a match point in the second set tiebreaker, but Bertens fended it off and won the set.
The roller coaster continued in the second set, with Osaka saving three set points to make it 5-5.
Schwartzman ended Nadal's 37-set French Open winning streak, hitting 20 winners to Nadal's four in the first set.
You can also set time limits if you want to have a set schedule for your kid's TV time.
"I set up opportunities, break points, and I just didn't convert them today," she said of the final set.
On Tuesday, with the matchup set and the Finals set to tip off Thursday, Smith released an updated pick.
In the fourth set, serving at 5-6, Coric fell behind, 0-40, to give Zverev three set points.
With the oil it receives set to skyrocket in the coming years, the PPSA is also set to grow.
Castlevania is set in Wallachia in the 1400s and the bloody events that ensue are set off almost immediately.
They are examining whether the American strike might have set off a larger blast from explosives set by militants.
"I couldn't believe that set — that I lost that set — because I had many opportunities to win," he said.
Because when we work in technology, we understand that a broader data set is a more powerful data set.
Katy Perry collapsed on the set of "American Idol" following a gas leak on the set in Sunriver, Oregon.
It was the Party Animals Needlepoint Coaster Set, made by Smathers & Branson, not the Table Tiles set by Bower.
The PFC user fee should be set to respond to airport infrastructure needs, not old rules set by Washington.
Costco set a new all-time high on Tuesday, while Target set a 52-week high in mid-June.
Identifies three trends set to shape payments in 2020 and evaluates what changes the ecosystem is set to undergo.
The mayor is set to announce a new plan, and a new set of goals, in the coming weeks.
A hearing in that case is set for October 1, weeks past the permitted date set by the state.
As the Silicon Valley libertarians set their sights to more specific cases, leftists should set them a bit wider.
If another nation's platforms set the rules, our discourse will be defined by a completely different set of values.
Pushing a button on the chest unveils a champagne set for four guests, complete with a serving set-up.
It set an all time record with 32 eruptions in 2018, besting its total of 29 set in 1964.
Paris set an record temperature of 2195 degrees, crushing the previous record of 2215 degrees set in June 22017.
Fuzzy Duck Men's Ginger and Lime Best Beard Kit Gift Set — £26100 (list price £299.993) Fuzzy Duck Winter Wonderland Luxury Candle Gift Set — £2299.99 (list price £289.99) Men's Citrus Lime and Mint Grooming Tin Gift Set — £2169.99 (list price £20) Skin Spa Men's Wash Bag Gift Set — £8.13 (list price £25) Men's Black Pepper and Ginseng Grooming Tin Gift Set — £13 (list price £20) Reduced to £89.99 from £89.993.
MAC Up Close and Personal Travel Size Brush Set, $31.88 (after sale $42.50) [You save $10.62] Clinique Moisture Surge Deluxe Set, $39 (valued at $49) [You save $10] RMS Beauty Luminizer Set, $57.62 (valued at $86) [You save $28.38] Dermaflash Glow in a Flash Set, $128 (after sale $225) [You save $97]
If I'm thinking about, 'I hope I do a good set and people like me,' and all of that shit—then it's like, I don't have a good set if I wanna play a good set!
Pick up the 5-piece set on sale for $24 (list price $70), the 10-piece set on sale for $50 (list price $100), or the 15-piece set on sale for $69.49 (list price $160).
Dunbar started lobbing back, yielding a two-set match that lasted more than six hours and culminated with a record-setting 643-shot, 29-minute rally when Hepner had set point during a second-set tiebreaker.
As that set began, he said he had further learned that the score of the set would be 6-0.
The rapper reverts to his usual self on "Set Set," which has a hook punctuated with onomatopoeias—Big Shaq style.
The core is about what you stand for in a set of values as distinct from a set of practices.
The researchers set up two cards, each of which had a set of symbols on them, like triangles or circles.
This gives the Stargazer and whole set of features that set it apart from other webcams on the market today.
The second seed then claimed the opening set with a volley into an open court on his fourth set point.
The following year, after TaylorMade gave Trump a new set of clubs, Lombardo asked his boss for the older set.
Surround ourselves with a more diverse set of experiences and maybe we will prioritize a more diverse set of things.
Houston set a new franchise record with its 21th win, besting the mark set by the 210-23 NBA champions.
I rarely set an alarm since my schedule allows me to wake up naturally, but I begrudgingly set one tonight.
That set off a two-year timeline to reach a Brexit deal, with the deadline set for March 483, 2019.
Set peaches next to each other around the top of the mold, then refrigerate until semi set, about 15 minutes.
Many do not simply set up their platform and sit back, letting all-comers join and set about striking bargains.
I'm not saying that you'll definitely set off the fire alarm, but you will probably set off the fire alarm.
Since the bonds set for asylum-seekers start at a minimum of $1,500, they set a fundraising goal of $1,500.
FineDine Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls (set of 6), $24.99, available at Amazon It never hurts to have a basic set.
After breaking serve twice, the Croatian needed only one set point and 25 minutes to wrap up the first set.
Users can set iOS 13's dark mode to turn on automatically at either a set time or at sunset.
Once inside the VR environment, Favreau and his crew set up their shots like they would on a real set.
To set-up VPN, you need to download an app and then follow your smartphone's steps to set it up.
Harry Potter Collectible Quidditch Set - £17.00 See Details Running Press presents the first officially licensed Harry Potter Collectible Quidditch Set.
The second challenge is just the way that delivery systems are set up is that they're set up in routes.
Apple set its sights set on the American heartland in the latest country-heavy commercial for its music streaming service.
"Why have one set of rules for judging [nutrition] and another set of rules for some other area?" he asked.
The two apparently had a meeting on the set on Tuesday to resolve whatever it was that set him off.
Prior to the announcement, the Mexican government set the prices at the pump; soon, they'll be set by the market.
Such emulators let you set your GPS location, and she set it to mimic the area around her local park.
As the sun set over Sydney, Australian protesters set on the prime minister's house to draw a rainbow in chalk.
" Save $130 on a 10-piece All-Clad stainless steel cookware set – say, "Alexa, order an All-Clad cookware set.
Rogers and Vandeweghe won the first set 6-3, but the second set went to a tiebreaker at 6-6.
Why did Brennan, if it was Brennan, why did they do this set up, why did they set the trap?
Bath bomb gift set Get your mum up to speed on the bath bomb trend with this set by ArtNaturals.
Could it then look at a set of photos, and draw on those same aesthetics to reproduce a different set?
The set up also allowed drones to hover at a reasonable distance from the birds they set out to observe.
Think it's tough to add details from a movie set in the desert to one set on a tropical island?
Manafort's lean years set in, and he set out to find another way to raise cash, according to Mueller's team.
The proposal comes just two days before Harris is set to debate Biden in the second set of Democratic debates.
The Wimbledon winner scored the first break of the opening set in the eighth game and served out the set.
The space and equipment is expansive, going from a makeshift set inside AOL's offices to a three-story, expansive set.
Rosanna's porcelain drink rests ($48/set of 4) set the mood for a backyard tiki party or living room limbo.
Alternatively, states can set a policy for all school districts to follow, or set guidelines that local policies must meet.
Set closely together, they also appear almost as a continuous set of impossible staircases, deceiving like an M.C. Escher vision.
"In one battle scene we set more stuntmen on fire than have ever been simultaneously set on fire," Benioff said.
In 503, she set off for Algeria, where she helped set up schools and tended impoverished families and Sufi mystics.
This is roughly the same set of priorities that U.S. adults set in a similar poll taken in July 2017.
Wells Fargo and BlackRock are also set to report next week; JPMorgan is the only Dow component set to report.
But starting just after World War II, America's community/membership mind-set gave way to an individualistic/autonomy mind-set.
You should also consider the2 Piece Riedel Veritas Cabernet/Merlot Glass Set and the4 Piece Royal Stemless Wine Glass Set.
A unique set of circumstances set Khan on his journey, some he could control and others that he could not.
"I won first set, 6-3, and he won second set, 6-4," he said in his abbreviated Euro-English.
In the pop-up window, set the date each month that your cellular plan's billing cycle starts and tap "Set."
Chef'n Smoothie Set, $34.95, available at Williams SonomaThis set has all the little prep tools they never thought they needed.
"This is a very unique set of circumstances, and it requires a unique set of extraordinary efforts," Lujan Grisham said.
Cocktail Bitters Set, $35, available at Uncommon GoodsTurn their living room into a cocktail bar with this set of bitters.
But a Democratic House has a formidable set of requirements to set the country right and the stage for 2020.
A cafe sells lattes, sandwiches, gelato (popular with the child set) and wine (popular with the chasing-the-child set).
The auction didn't only set a record for the museum; it also set an auction record for the entire Midwest.
A confidential hearing on the matter is set for October 15 with a jury trial set for January 28, 2020.
The Damasukasu 3-piece Japanese AKUMA master chef blade set — a knife set that is precision-balanced and impressively sharp.
She carries with her a mind-set that tries to anticipate the next shot, the next point, the next set.
Mafia III is an open-world, third-person action game set in 603 and set to release on October 7.
Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise A ceiling fan isn&apost a set-it-and-forget-it appliance.
In my modest San Francisco apartment, I set up the system in the living room next to my television set.
The first fire was set at a car dealership, where the arsonist is said to have set a banner ablaze.
With levels, creators can set up to five different price points for memberships, each with their own set of perks.
It was very much set in the real world, in the here and now, and set in the present day.
Fucsovics wasted two set points in the second set and three match points in the third before ultimately clinching both.
After being broken herself midway through the set, Osaka rallied, played disciplined tennis, and took the first set with ease.
In a conference room by a set of stairs, the engineers laid doors across sawhorses and set up their computers.
Within hours, a hotline MISA had set up had received hundreds of calls asking how to set up the tools.
She would have everything set up for a scene so when LaBeouf was called to set, cameras would start rolling.
Actor John Krasinski was set to host the March 28th episode, and musical guest Dua Lipa was set to perform.
Each player is allowed three incorrect challenges per set and is awarded another should the set go to a tiebreaker.
In response, institutions have begun to set up task forces to examine their histories and set standards for the future.
Al Sharpton, are set to interview each of the Democratic presidential candidates from a set constructed inside the convention hall.
And I will just say this: It set the stage — from 1991 — set the stage for what happened in 19913.
Zavala showed Alex the rest of the campus, a set of buildings without windows or chalkboards set amid banana trees.
" In this age of accelerations, "the new killer skill set is an agile mind-set that values learning over knowing.
For comparison, Humana Inc has set aside $77,282 per policy, while Unum Group has set aside $123,614, Audit Analytics said.
Isner needed to save three set points in the second set in order to advance in one hour, 211 minutes.
And some policy updates: Zuckerberg also unveiled a set of new set of policy changes and tools for election security.
Once tolerance levels are set by EPA – if they are set high enough – the residues are no longer considered illegal.
Violent offenders or those who otherwise did not meet the criteria set out by the Justice Department were set aside.
The set has 1,097 pieces and featured the entire gang (plus Gunther) in the Central Perk set of the show.
The 16-time grand slam champion stormed through the second set to set up a meeting with Briton Kyle Edmund.
Greater Union was set on fire on April 2 and Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church was set ablaze on April 4.
You can set different limits for each employee, create as many cards as you want and set up spending rules.
On Sunday, protesters set up barricades and broke glass railings inside one downtown station, and set a fire outside another.
Cramer thinks the stock is set to break through its all-time high of about $107 it set in June.
The meeting is tentatively set for Thursday, but a White House official said nothing is firmly set on the schedule.
Public figures often set up political action committees to retain or set up infrastructure in preparation to run for office.
When the ingredients were all set, I let him press the course button to set the machine for white bread.
You can set a sleep timer on Spotify to automatically turn off your music after a set amount of time.
C-suite executives set company policy, make leadership decisions, set the cultural tone, and serve as role models for employees.
That allowed her to set the tone on the set and to make decisions about hiring, creative direction, and production.
The news world has changed one set of gatekeepers (legacy media) for another set (digital search engines and social media).
Trial set for November 2020 You's bail was set at $5,000 cash, and she was ordered to surrender her passport.
TLOU is also set in a grim, lawless world where this type of behavior is supposed to set the tone.
Select "Output Device" and set it to "Headset Connected to Controller," if it isn&apost already set to that option. 
Fisher-Price&aposs "Snacks for Two" play set is a realistic charcuterie snack set for kids ages 3 and up.
Set a target number and then figure how much you need to set aside each month to reach that target.
Set up your side hustleSome people like to set resolutions that will get them stepping out of their comfort zones.
"This new type of consumer has a different set of expectations and a different set of places where they're going." 
Set a zero-emission deadline for the US Ten states have set full zero-emission goals for automobiles by 2030.
Lego:Today, save up to 30% on select items like the Disney Train set or the NASA Apollo Saturn V set.
Thames set a franchise record for most home runs in April, surpassing the mark set by Carlos Lee in 22.
Poorna Jagannathan: While Harvey set off outrage, Aziz has set off thought First of all, thank you, "Grace" and Aziz.
Tomorrow, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is set to repeal net neutrality rules set in place just two years ago.
In another set of studies, researchers found that when criteria were set beforehand and applications were gender-blind, discrimination dissipated.
TRAFIGURA * Set up first power and renewables division in 2019 * Intends to set an emissions intensity reduction target this year.
They could set a precedent for other cities seeking to rein in Uber and potentially set off a ripple effect.
"In the interest of justice, Cyntoia should be set free and she should be set free immediately," Ms. Gilmore said.
You really need to set it up when you set up your device, or when you get a new computer.
But he set forth — this is Ajit Pati — he set forth a proposal to roll all these back, these laws.
As a rule, stories set up conflicts that must be resolved, so when stories set up questions, we expect answers.
I don't really want to watch a movie on my VR set or my Oculus set, but maybe I would.

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